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The Cumberland Islander Nov 30, 1928

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"The Big City"
w^iberland Islan
uiih wiiieii is consolidated the Cumberland Sena.
at the Ilo-Ilo
this week-end
with which Is consolidated the Cumberland Sena.
Cumberland Birds Gifted Juveniles
Cop Many Prizes   Are Greeted By
Capacity House
Variety Concert Presented Reflects Credit on Teachers
The Variety Concert  presented ai
the  llo-llo on Tuesday  was a pronounced success, and the teachers of
the  young  children   performing  ar.'
to be congral ulated on  the success
. attained.   There was not a dull mo-
| ment   throughout  the   lengthy   programme which took two houra and a
halt, and considering the late hour,!
the youngest of tlie artistes stood up
magnificently under the heavy strain.
The concert was the outcome of a con-
■ Eerenc between Mrs. J. Carey, who Ik
j training a number of young children
in  ilie district  In the use of musical
instruments, specializing on the violin
; and Miss Gwen Noel (Mrs. Vat. Dalby)
; who has had a dancing class tor quite
\ a long time.    The  result  was a var-
I iety concert by a number of highly
i trained children,   The following was
i the programme submitted:
|      School    Orchestra.    March.   "Our
'Songs of the South'";  A P
Honors Even      {Happenings Of !Prince.andBrother|Girl Teachers
In Crib League       Local Interest
Public  Invited   to   View   Local
Messrs. Frank and J. Bond returned from Vancouver this week are
congratulated ou the success of their
canaries at the .North Pacific Rollers
Club contest held in the terminal city
lust week end. In this annual contest Messrs. P. and J. Bond hud six
birds entered and were successful It)
obtaining two firsts anil the cup, two
seconds and two specials, one fourth
and two filth prizes. The Homls have
been in the canary business for a
number of years nnd have made a
deep study of the Roller variety, meeting with a great deal of .success
Their birds are largely sought and n
cordial invitation is extended to anyone interested to visit the avaries in
the New Townslte.
Welsh Society's
Successful Drive
I Boyd.
Interest in Popular Socials Con-; ,ite Pierrette. Popular, Doris McDon-
tinues aid;    Violin   Duett,   "Barcarolle,"—
  ! Willie Merrlfleld, Leslie Ball. Frank
The Cumberland Welsh Society held    Hurford, Douglas Inglis; The Fairies"
a most successful whist drive In the   Revel, Heller—Peggy .McGregor. Ho-
Crib Club Extend Sympathy to
Family of Dead Member
Two games in the Cumberland and
District Cribbage League were played on Wednesday night when the
Cumberland Literary and Athletic Association team defeated Union Hay ut
the Athletic Club und tho Veterau'B
won from tlie City team. The standing of the clubs at present helng a
win aud a loss to each team, honors
being very even. Following the games
the visitors from Union Hay were entertained ni the Union Hotel, but on
account of the recent death of a valued member of the Hay team In the
person of Mr. David Renwick, no
sing-song took place. Mr. Seymour
Abrams was Instructed to convey
a message of condolence to th? family of the hie Mr. Renwick.
The City learn was also entertained
by the Veterans in the Memorial Hall
following the games, a most enjoyable
time being had.
Memorial Hull on Saturday evening
when twenty-three tables of cards
were in piny. Mrs. S, Robertson and
Mrs. E. Johnston tied for the ladies'
first prize and on a cut of cards Mrs.
S. Robertson was awarded ladies' llrst
and Mrs. E. Johnston. Indies' second
prize. The gentlemen s prizes were
won by Mrs. W. Marshall (sub.), flrst
and Mrs. S. Davis (sub.) second. The
ladles" travelling prize was won by
Mrs. E. Johnston and the gent's hy
Mr. B. Brown. After the drive dainty
refreshments were served by the ladles ot the Welsh Society and dan
Baxter, Muriel Maxwell, Dorothy
Malpass, Cherry Aitken, Doreen Henderson, Dorothy Brown, Thelma Glover, Jessie Inglis, Ethel Handlen. Gwen ,
Ellis, Kathleen Ellis; Panpipes Jun-,
ior—"Lightly Row", "Oh Susannah";
Russian Court Dancer—"Prince Igor"
Borodin. Sheila Allard; Pianoforte
Duet;—"March Mlliuire". Schubert.
Olive Anderton, Margaret Inglis; Powder PutY. Drigo-Auer—Doris McDonald; Pianoforte Duett—Margarel Galloway and Alice Hurford; Violin Solo,
"Berceuse", Gounod—Frank and Alice
Hurford;    Vocal   Duett.    "Song and
Mine Safety
Association To
Meet in Nanaimo
Competition to Be Held in Cumberland in March
Mrs. J. H. Robertson entertained
at two tables of bridge on Wednesday
evening, the prize winner being Mrs.
.Matt Stewart, the consolation prize
going to Mrs. W. Hutchinson. Among
tliose present were Mesdames J. H,
Cameron, W. Hutchinson, M. Stewart,
A. Sommerville and the Misses Nettle
Robertson, Laura Robertson, and Jo-
sie itulugno.
• •       4
Miss P. Partridge of the staff ot the
Cumberland High School was a visit-.
or to Victoria this week. While IU
tbe capital, Miss Partridge attended
the Shakespearian plays put on by
die Stratford-on-Avon players.
* *   *
.Mrs. H. E. Murray had as her gue:'t
this  week  her cousin. Miss Crockett.
of Grantham.
• • *
Visitors of note to Cumberland tills
,,veek end. will be Mr. Peter Carrlck,
of Vancouver, a prominent Seottish
speaker and president of the Burns'
Fellowship at Vancouver, and Miss
Jean Carrlck and .Mr. George Mclnnes.
The three visitors assisted by local
mists are putting on a grand conceit
on Saturday under auspices of the
Cumberland  Cronies'  Bums'  club.
Tbe many friends in the district will
he sorry to hear of the serious Hlnes1?
of Mrs. Harllng, a prominent member
3f the Cumberland United Church.
Speeding Home     To Be Guarded;
Minister Acts
Cruiser Ready to Take England's
Princes Back to Sick
From press
despatches we
learn that the
Admtraltty has
ordered t li a
Enterprise to
proceed from
Aden to Dares-Salaam and
there hold herself ut the disposal of the Prim
London, Nov. 27—Anxiety over Kliif
George's illness was not greatly re
lleved this morning when his physic
ians issued what might be charcter
ized as a non-committal bulletin.
The physicians. Sir Stanley Hewitt
and Lord Dawson of Penn. informed
the public tlie king had passed the
night more resifully, and that his feverish condition hud abated somewhat
The bulletin did noi actually give tbe
Kings temperature and summed up
everything else liy slating condition.,
otherwise  were  unchanged.
tie   Weisn  DocieLi   mm  .......   , ---■
Ing was enjoyed until midnight, the j dance number "—The Moore Sisters
music being supplied by Mrs. Hud- School Orchestra—March, "Flag Day'
son's Orchestra. ! and "Scottish Airs"; Tbe Blues. Pop
 ; nlar -Sheila Allard; Tbe Toy Shop—
JA • Cirtffoisff        shopkeeper,  Mary. Stewart, his wife,
iltin&iniO   tjlUgCrS        Beryl Bell, customer. Ruth  Pidcock,
customer's   husband,   Sadie   Trotter.
is    | ft*Q|     PliiirrWI'^*'1 UUle queen- wilda Hamllen- f[lirv
Al   LOCal     VUUrCll ; fi'nesn.Jiorothy Brown, dolls—Cather-
x    '  ^n7f*»*»r»tn.    Mamie    Aitken,   Thelma
Imperial Quartette in Pleasing
The Imperial Quartette of the First
United Church Choir, Nanaimo, attended the service at tlie United
Church, Cumberland, on Sunday evening and rendered tbe following selections: "Beyond the Dawn"—Sol j,
Mr. T. Lewis; "Calmly He Sleeps"- j
Imperial Quartette; "Open the Gat»s
of the Temple"—Solo, Miss Jean'
Smith; "Just for Today"—Solo. Mrs. j
Wm. Brown; Mrs. Gabriel Brown accompanied by Miss Laity rendered
two violin solos, "Ave Maria'' and
"The Rosary"; "All In the April Evening"—Imperial Quartette; "I Have
Heard the Voice of Jesus Say"—Duet. Miss Smith und Mr. Lewis; "lu
Faith Shall 1 Arlse"~Solo. Miss Jean |
Smith; 'One Sweetly Solemn Thought'
Solo, Mr. T. Lewis. The selections
rendered by the visitors from .Nanaimo were deeply appreciated by all
and It is hoped that they will make
another visit in the near future.
Glover, Marjorle Hayman, Hazel Gordon, Dorothy Malpass, Jessie Inglis.
Valda Frelone. Elsie Ricksnu. Elaine
Eakln, Sheila Haggarty, Oracle Stevenson, Phoebe Walls. Irene Simister,
Cherry A'ttken, Gwen Ellis. Kathleen
Ellis. Maragaret Haggarty, Muriel
Maxwell, Dorothy Thompson, Edith
Altchlson, Betty Malpass, Bessie Cam
ey, Doreen Henderson. Janet Ste
house. Peggy McGregor. Helena Baxter. Ethel Handlen. Betty Cope. Doris
McDonald. Helen Morrison; Violin
Solo, "Loch Lomond"—Douglas and
Margarel Inglis; Tootle and Rootie-
H. S. Baker and Sid Williams; Moonlight Ballet. Berger; Ballet Girls,—
Ruth Pidcock, Peggy Steele, Margaret
Inglis. Jean Cliffe. Florence Ogilvie.
Sadie Trotter, Margaret Brown. Marion Ball; Premier Danseuse, Sheila
Allard; Panpipes Juniors—"Pop Goes
the   Weasel."  "Goodnight   Song";   A
The   Vancouver   Island   and  Coast
District branch of the B.C. Mine Safety Association will bold their second
indoor meet of First  Aid contests in
St. John Hall, Nanaimo. on Saturday
Dec. Sib.   Prizes are being competed
for  senior und Junior  ladies'  team;,
senior and Junior men's teams, and
the McKenzle Novice Cup (presented
by the Hon. W. A. McKenzie, Minister
of Mines), will be competed (or, for
the first time.   The Novice Cup is only
open to teams who have won uo prizes
in open competition, and is a beautiful
example of the silversmith's art. It is
Intended to offer it for competition ai
all of the contests held by the Society.
A similar competition will be beid
in  Cumberland  some  time  early  in
.March   of   next   year.     Tbe   contests
start at G p.m., followed  by a  buftVi
supper und dunce.   It Is expected that
the Minister of Mines will he present
and present the priezs.
All entries for contests should he
in the hands of the secrtury by Fri
day, December 7th.
Mr. Sam Williams. Sr. wus presented this week with a magnificent fishing basket, donated by Mr. Joe Reese
of Puntledge Lake for the biggest
(rout caught in the Lake this season.
Tlie fish weighed exactly six pounds
and tlie diligent follower of Izaac
Walton is receiving tbe congratulations of liis many friends.
The Christmas drawing to be held
hy the Cumberland Cricket Club Is
meeting with a good response from
tlie public of Cumberland. The local cricketers are endeavoring to wipe
off.tha debt standing against tbe cluo.
Preparations are being made for next
season's play. Improvements are being made to the outfield at the "Y"
and the club have received a very
nice offer from a local resident to put
the playing pitch U good shape in
time for next season's activities. The
secretary reports that an effort is
being made to get games with Vancouver and Cowichan teams in addition to the games with their Courtenay friends and Nanaimoites.
etlus      of
last    few
subjects over the
the attack,  which has  now
progress nearly a week.
days, which
bud indicated
the King was
very ill. toil ay's report
did not tend
greatly to relieve tbe anxiety among his
,'utual outcome of
been   in
ltuys til' Anxiety
Cumberland Lady
Mourns Relation
Brother-in-law of Mrs. D. Hunden Passes at Nanticoke,
Mrs. D. Hunden hns received the
sad news of the recent death of her
brother-in-law, Mr. Jas. H. Goodwin,
j at Nanticoke Pa. Mrs. Goodwin will
i be remembered by former residents of
Nanaimo and Wellington, where as
Miss M. Griffiths she resided with her
sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and
Mrs. Hunden, some years ago. Following Is a clipping from a Nanticoka
"lu the death of James H. Goodwin
.Nanticoke loses one of its most prominent and influential citizens. For
many years he has held tbe position
of Mine Foreman of the South Shaft
of the Susquehanna Coal Co., where
di  Bcnoois in me prov- i lle was admired aud respected by the
g   instructed  bv  tbe de-    mlne   workers   as   wel1   as   tne   mine
' officials.    Born  in  Highland Pa.   Mr.
Goodwin settled in Nanticoke in 1899
and made a host of friends aud acquaintances who will regret to learu
of his death. He wus a devout member of the Presbyterian Church where
he also was a trustee and elder and
superintendent of tbe Sunday School.
Surviving are his wife and two
sons. James and Walter at home, two
daughters, Mildred attending .Normal School at Bloomsburg and Ruta
at home. Five brothers and three
sisters also survive.
Tbe funeral took place from the
family residence, services being conducted by Rev. Francis M. Dowlln.
Several favorite hymns of the deceased were rendered by tbe Peerless Glee
Club of which Mr. Goodwin was president. The last rites of the Masonic
Order were conducted ut the graveside by A. F. and A.M. No. 541 of
Action Taken by Provincial Department Sequel to Tragedy
at   Nixon Creek
Step-; will In- immediately taken io
Investigate the conditions surrounding
teaching in rural sections of the pro-
dnrc in assisted school districts. Hon.
,1. Hlnchllffe., Minister of Education
ha- iu Mint I'd an Investigation to secure the safe guarding of young girl
teachers in district schools and to
prevent their assignment to unsuitable localities.
Tbe action  is  traceable  to the recent unfortunate occurrence that took
place at Cowichan Luke.
Inspectors of schools in the prov
partment at the instance of Mr.
Hlnchllffe, to muke reports upon all
the schools in their Inspectorate.i,
classifying them under three headings, designed to assist in the safeguarding against young girls being
assigned lo schools where the conditions are not thought to be suitable
for them.
Tbe Idea is to get exact information
as to the environment of the different
schools in the country, which will al
low of ihe pulling Into force of some
rules us to whether these schools
shall lie managed hy young women, or
whether male teachers shull be
Three Classifications
Thethree classifications which will
be required to be made by the Inspec-
tors will include one division where
in the opinion of the inspector lt i.t
amply convenient for u young girl to
obtain a choice of suitable boarding
places and which will not muke her
position  mii  embarraBing one in any
011 :
HI WorldofProvincialPolitics j
London. Nov. 27. -"These are day
of anxiety for the people of all the
Empire," said Tlie London Evening
News In an editorial publlshe I tins}
afternoon under tbe caption o:' "The!
All minds are turned to tin room
at Buckingham Palace where tbe King
is lighting un illiless of unexpected
severity. A week ago there was no
alarm at the announcement thai Hit-
Majesty hud a feverish cold and Hint
the Queen would fulfill certain engagements for him while he rested.
Hut what seemed to be an ordinary
chill has showed itself tu he something more serious. '
VICTORIA. B.C., Nov. 2S.—The
purchase of the Canadian Pacific and
Canadian National Railway jointly of
tlie Edmonton. Dunvegan and British
Columbia Road, und tbe committment
of the two transcontinental systems
to provide a coast connection for the
fast expanding Peace River areas
constitute in Importance the event
not only of the  week  but   of many
ipeclal dunce by Miss Wildn Handlen , weeks.   Apparently the agreement b.
"The Garland Dance" was loudly ap
plauded and greatly appreciated;
"God Save the King."
Nanaimo Youth Causes Anxiety
to Friends
Henry Bool .of Nanaimo, who was
thought to be lost in the woods near
Campbell River, emerged trom the
wood's after two nights and a day being fog bound. Tlie young hunter
on coming out to the road wus packing a deer he bud shot during his trip.
Although tbe weather was not very
favorable for camping in tlie wood*)
without Shelter, the young hunter was
none the worse lor his experience,
tween the C.P.R. and C.N.R. relieves
British Columbia of the problem of
the Peace River connection in its
relationship to sbuping the future of
the Pacific Great Eastern.
Whether tho announced policy of
During the past week the S.S. "Wai-j the national roads muy be enlarged
runa" arrived from Vancouver and i to include lhe taking over of British
after coaling sailed for San Franciso. i Columbia's provincial railway. Its
Tbe S.S. "Chatham" coaled on Sun-   reconditioning   to   carry   continental
day and cleared for Everett, whilst
the S.S. "Canadian Importer, loaded
with lumber, bunkered on Tuesday
and stilled for Phlladephla.
Mr. and Mrs. ('. J. Parnham entertained at dinner on Sunday evening
Silver Tea Success
A silver tea was held on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. (I.
K. MacNaughton, under the auspices
of ibe Ladles' Aid of the Cumberland
United Church.
Acting us joint hostesses with Mrs.
MacNaughton were Mrs. C. While,
Mrs, O'Brien, Mrs. Strachan and Mrs.
Tea was served, from a table
traffic to Vancouver, and its futur.'
operation by the powerful transports
ion servers of be Peace country remains to he disclosed.' Such action
would primarily necessitate virtual
.  rebuilding   of   lhe    British   Columbia
line for betterment of alignments lo
i and reduction of gradients, or its
! electrification so that those formidable
Impediments to successful steam op-
j oration would in- much less dertlmont-
i nl.
Fulling utilization of tlie P.G.E. as
| a major link in Coast-to-Peace con-
j nectlon,  the   B.C.  Government   must
! seek to prove the profitable Utility nr
i tlie line It bus on its hands as u
| major factor of service iu settlement
ind utilization of tiie Industrial po
talned at dinner on S > ^ ^^ ^ ^ cut.glasfJ 1)0W, contain-1 tenttalttles of the vast virgin areas
when covers were . • ■ ^^ cliyBanthemuma and bear-j ,ravcrs0li by the Pacific Great Eastern
Brown. Mrs. Brown, Mr.  loin  be    .   holders., uatwoan »niMmtail and Prince George.
and Mr. Robert Husband.
ing bronze candles in siIver^holders,| between Squamlsh and Prince Georg,
by tlie Misses A. Mann. H. Harrison, admHtemy ..j,.,, jn a],lll|tl am] ^^
The Ladies' Aid met at tbe horn. Lillle Banks. Jessie Baird. Norma ,amJSi (!l mlllPraK ,n merchantable
of Mrs. J. R. Hewitt on Monday eve-, Parnham and Sadie Brown. Mrs. G.I am, mil.)ll]R tlmh(ty^ m ,fl unh(|r_
•ning. The usual business was dis- McLean and Mrs. Henderson presided! n(lf,stJ(| ffaterpower8 for comprehen-
cussed and  it  was decided  that  the. at the urns. slvp ,i|1(| aC|entiflc development  „f ;,
Aid will hold a silver lea at the home      During the afternoon a musical pm-' very extensive portion of this Pacific
of Mrs. E. R. Hicks on January 23rd.   grnn.me was rendered to which thc
*   *    * following   contributed:    Piano   Selec
Miss Evelyn Carey entertained th J  tions, Mrs. Hewitt; Piano Selections
Gedunkers at her home on  Wednc--   ji(ss  Sheila  Conway;   Piano  Duett
Gaddes to the new post, to make a
scientific survey of the land settlement problem, tbe government Is
merely carrying out pledges given
to nnd accepted with favor by the
electorate In July last.
As for the appointee, so little Is
Mr. Caddes known in Conservative
circles that party workers still are
asking one another who he Is—for
.Mr. Caddes is distinguished as an expert on western colonization problems, not us a minor politician.
The rich, ripe plum of the official
administrator's office in Vancouver.
to the consternation of the faithful
was bestowed not upon any of them
hut upon Deputy Attorney General
W. 1). Carter K.C., whoso qualifications for the work are unimpeachable
and Who will serve on salary—and
no increased salary, which means that
that $6,120 a year will be paid as contrasted with $17.5iiii last year!
The deputy Attorney-General Is
filled by the promotion of Departmental Solicitor C. ('. Buss, who will
henceforth combine the duties of tbe
two offices at the single salary of
$5,000, producing u further saving
of $4,000 odd n  year.
Deputy Provincial Secretary John
L. White also Is retired, with a fair
gratuity thai Is satisfactory to him,
hit) superannuation allowance, than
which nothing could be more fair His
place Is filled by tbe automatic advancement of Chief Clerk P. DeN
Wulker, twenty-two years in Hie office
ami admittedly one of the most efficient officials in the provincial service.
Not much room for legitimate eom-
plai; or criticism when the facts are
Aided by NM.il-
"The King's long years of exerclhs
ln the open air and his very simple
mode of living have fortified him well
and bis healthful constitution enabled
him to make tough resistance to this
attack on bis lungs, yet the Bitapi
is very  trying
The noxt class of school will li
elude those thai arc the opposite, and
where in the opinion of the inspector
it is unwise to have a young woman
teacher seal to lake charge , The natural result where such schools ar?
so designated hy the Inspector will be
In have the school trustees of these
phncs Informed that they will have to
secure ;i male teacher for the school.
The third class ot school district
that will lie reported upon is that on
the border Uue between these classifications. Tlie e will he schools where
it will be deemed wise that if a young
girl Is teaching, there should be provision made for looking after her to
some extern. Tin- measure of care
to be exercised in these latter schools
win form the subjecl of consideration
hy the department, but the minister
believes thai one method under whlcii
sonic little assistmice may be rendered
a teacher so placed would be to have
the co-operation of the Provincial Police, who would be Instructed to tnak
"It must be very bard for the n
family to bear this suspense.     The
dinnry citizen, anxious and perturbed1
himself,   can   readily   form   sonic
of what   the Queen, the   Prlr.i   ■ -     nd
the   Princes   are   feeling.     They   have.
the deepest sympathy and affection of
all the King's subjects in  these sad
and critical hours."
London. Nov. 2". Th.
iciuns issued a bulletin
Tbe   King  spoil I   u  i|
some  sleep.    Olherwl
was unchanged,"
London.   Nov,   211,
King    George
j's ph
, c ills ;ii ihe schools while carrying
1 out other duties 0f their office, and
, take note of any complaints that tbe
I teacher might have to impart.
The detail? of the nssisinnce that
will he given teachers situated in out-
of-the-way places will, of course.
have io he worked out, but the Minister of Education is a resourceful
man. and there is no need to doubt
that he will find suitable solutions
for all the difficulties faced.
day  wl'ii
Prompt  lotion
The ocllon i iken hy Mr. Hlnchllffe
!...   Optimism   over haa   l)eon   'irm'""     wl,on   ll,e   s"'
londltlon    prevailed  occurrence   "»•>•   P'»<*  al   Cowichan
Lake he ut once Instructed Inspector
Bride Is Feted
Miss Dolly Waterlield entertained
at a miscellaneous shower ut her homo
in West Cumberland, iu honor of Mrs.
Mrs. Harry Tarr (nee Miss Blodwyn
Williams) on Thursday evening.
Cards were played during the evening and the winners at whist wero:
first Mrs. James; second. Mrs. Hatfield;  consolation. Mrs. Bennett.
Alter cards the small Misses Moua
Spence and Lily Waterlield dressed
as (lower girls presented the guest of
honor with an imitation rose of pink,
which contained many beautiful and
useful presents.
Mrs. Tarr lu a few well chosen
words thanked those present for their
lovely gifts.
Mrs. Waterfleld was assisted in
serving hy Mrs. Robertson. Mrs. Mac-
Mitlan. Miss Waterlield and Miss Williams, Those present were: Mrs, S.
Brown. Mrs. Mossey. Mrs, Derbyshire,
Mrs. Graham, Mrs. Hatfield. Mrs. Bell,
Mrs. H. McMillan. Mrs Slaughter,
Mrs. Spence, Mrs. Tarr. Mrs. Scbralt,
Mrs. Hobbs, Mrs. Edwards. Mrs. B.
Williams. Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. M. M. Brown
Mrs. W. M. Brown. Mrs. Robertson,
Mrs. Stant, Mrs. Harvey. Mrs. Lewis,
Mrs. T. McMillan. Mrs. Freeburn, Mrs.
Bennett. .Mrs. James. Mrs. Gillespie,
Miss Laura Robertson and Miss Gwen
letters for New Service Will
Be Accepted Mere
Although    His   Majesty    rem
seriously III with pleurisy, bis physic
bins   announced   that   spread   of   tli
in feci ion   was   being   prevenl
those   at   Buckingham   Pnlai <■   were
cheered considerably.
The King has passed a mjlet thougn
rather sleepless night. Th,. Infecllvi
process Is helng held in chock."
lined  ^'iiy' °' ,:"' department to proceed t .
the place and m t for the department
in carrying out  an Investigation an I
I   ,(,((|   In  watching  the proceedings al   the
were    ill.im-.!
W!;"ii   inc   report   Of   Mr    May   was
ibtalned i took the prompt-
-i in Hon allowed under th ■ act. and
trusp    ' board to ceai»e
Entertain at Bridge
.ml Mrs. Hicks entertained
mi  Friday evening, when the or ntiy other unfortunate
connection   with   thi
Vancouver-to-Montreal mull will be
expedited hy more than twenty-four
hours liy the experimental ;iir aervlco
between Winnipeg nml Calgary via
rteglnn, nml  botween   Winnipeg  and
Edmon  via Regina nml Snskatuon,
which will bv in operation between
December m ami ■:'■'. according to an-
nounoemenl by .1 F, Murray, dletrlct
BUpurlntendenl „t pom il »enrlo«.   The
ph s, which win liy fniiii Winnipeg
■I   reph I  'bu   '""'y I n, Canary In ele.ln ami "ne half bourn
■" "'     and trnin Winnipeg '" Edmonton In a
little over nine bourn will mnke eon-
neCtlOUB Willi  fast  Mains.
Pint-class mail prepaid at air mall
art   as   the
A few more chnnKCs In the person-
nel of the Provincial service, probably
following were prize wlnnorg, Mr
0, K. MacNaughton, Mrs .1 ll Cam
eron. Mr. T. II. Mumford am! Mr. IV
Dalby. Those present Included Mr,
and Mrs. J. II. Cameron, Mr. ami Mill. W, Clinton, Mr. ami Mrs .1. Cm
way. Mr. ami Mrs. I'   Dalby, Mr. and
  I Mrs. .1. Dick, Mr ami Mrs  (1   K. Mac
The pitiful trufieily of the harassed Naughton, Mr. ami Mis. A Nunns. Mr.
young teacher of nn Isolate rural Und Mrs. h. R. Stbvens, Mr nnd Mrs
school whose mind and nerves nml j Williams. Mr. ami Mrs C Wing,
mental poise were so cruelly played Miss Sehl. Miss Qnlllvan, Mrs Shortt,
upon by malicious gossip that, taking jjr». \. iic,ss. Mr. Mumford ami Mr.
their back-blttng anil Intriguing 'lis-| It. Shaw,
proportionately   seriously,   the   priori 	
young girl ended her wretched life,      Following   lhe  church   service  on
by  naming   Insr	
sul,. im ne "I  the district,
\,,w follows . lion "' 'be part of
ll  ihat l« i tided to prelude t!"' recurrence of such a thing
""ll""" '"    ounce ami in censl for each additional
bonis   of   the I 0U|1M or fraction    will be carried on
I this service.    Registered  letters and
i special   delivery  matter   bearing  the
Thi  I mill  ' Bridge flub mol at the   requisite amount nf postage will also
hiimc  of   Mrs   Conwni   nn   Tuesday   be accepted.
ovenlng.    Tho club bail  as  Its  guest j     Letters must be plainly murked 'Via
Air   Mall  Calgary  '"  Winnipeg,'   or
•'Calgary to Regina." as ibe case may
club bad
Mrs    Wing   nf   Royston   and   Mrs.   .1.
Hick won tin' prize for ibe evening.
Tbose present were Mesdames E. R,
Hicks. I, R, Stevens, ,1 II. Cameron,
.1 Shortt, T Oraham. T. II Mumford.
Wm. Eadie, .1   Dick. Wing, A. Nunim,
0   w  ciin  II   Bryan, II   B. Mur
ray ami the Mis-"s !•' Sehl and 1'
..,,    ... i   ,..,   „irin„   h„   Hon   minister   Hint   shows   lion.   Mr.
.IMC- llrlve
loclety will
"6011"  drive   In   tb"  O.W V A
,a  Wednesday night, December
Welsh Sneleiy I" Hold
The Cumberlan i Wels
ver tea will be hem ni me m,me „,   uie unice u, „ M>,	
Mrs. E. R. Hicks on January 23rd.    I er   and   thc  appointment   of   W.   H. I
Parnham and A. Blatchford.
Ir.tb    Admission, 36'
erH who desire tn have tlielr envelopes
bear an Impression "f the special
cachet prepared m commemorate the
Inauguration of tbe first official air-
mall service, may hand letters to their
postmaster, win, will forward them
to the postmaster at the point where
the letters   will   r night.
Residents nf Cumberland desirous of
their mall sent by air mall are asked
to get In touch with tbe local post-
mnster. *m*
The Cumberland Islander
ADVERTISEMENTS are beginning to appear
wuli decorations of holly, mistletoe and faces
of Santa Clans. To the observant these ad.
frescos tell their own story, give their own warning, hint at the important business from which
none is barred and in which sooner or later everybody will be engaged.
In other words, Christmas shopping. The holiday is little more than three weeks ahead, only
twenty shopping days left, In no time these days
will pass, Tehe natural procrastinator will wait
until Christmas Eve when stores will be jammed
by other procrastinators, stocks picked out, clerks
weary, customers in a flutter, clocks ticking time's
rapid pace, all because tlie reminders of today
have been neglected.
Every year more sensible persons do their
Christmas shopping early. They reap all the
advantages in variety of selection and leisure of
choice and when Christmas eve. comes they can
proceed about their last-minute holiday tasks
orderly, while the others fume and .sputter.
The postmaster has urged early posting of
Christmas mail, but the last days will probably
be bigger than ever. Tlie train leaves at 5.15 but
the cars do not fill until 5.14 always that last
mad minute rush. We get there, even if we are
a last-minute nation, but it is at tremendous cost
of physical energy and mental upsets. Thu Christmas shopping season is merely one phase of a
national temperment.
LAST VEAR the tuberculosis Christmas Seal made Us
how to the public, it rael with Immediate mid enthusiastic acceptance. Thousands of people iu British Columbia bought and used tlie seals on their Christmas mail. Not only that; hundreds wrote the Tranquilly
Tuberculosis Society commending the Christmas .Seal and
urging ihat Us sale be made an annual event. Many
mildly rebuked that organization for not having adopted
the seal years ago so that the public might have had the
opportunity of using on their Christmas mail a purpose
seal, a seal that tarried a message of health as well as
iif Christmas.   So they are being sold again this year.
Not infrequently the question is asked: "What percentage of 'cures does the sanitarium turn out?" The answer
if given in figures, would probably shock the averagt
enquirer because the general public looks to the sanatorium 10 cure practically every patient admitted within Us
doors. It is not generally known or realized that 70 per
ceni of those admitted for treatment cannot hoped to be
cured because their disease has advanced beyond the
i urable stage.
What does this tell us? It tells us ihat a very special
and urgent need exists in Iiriiish Columbia today—the
need to search out people clelinitely infected with tuberculosis bin not sick enough io complain or think of
examination, And this is what the Tranquille Tuberculosis plans to do in fact is already doing. A fully
qualified nurse with special training and long experience
In Til work has been engaged io work in conjunction
with the provincial Travelling M.H.O. who visits ull parts
of the province, travelling the year round. An x-Hay
machine has been purchased so that pictures of chests
may be made whenever necessary and this service, together
with expert nursing care and follow-up service, will be
free to all who are deemed In need of ii.
This is (he work that is being done b> the funds derived
from the sale of Christmas Seals—hunting out curable
cases of tuberculosis, seeing that they are given the
proper treatment aud care, and reiurning them to their
homes and loved ones, no longer invalids but strong and
well and able lo take their places in a busy world.
The work made possible by the Christmas Seal constitutes what is probably tbe most forward step in Lhe prevention of tuberculosis yet taken in the province of British Columbia. When this fact is realized by the people
the response to the Seal will be better than ever.
lain variety oi labour on the harvest; !
an Englishman out since the war,,
and another who had only come in
1927. one Canadian, an ironworker
from Newcastle who arrived with the!
miners, and a Ukranlan who had very,
little English but a sense of humor
thai beat everything I met in Canada. \
We worked LO acres a day. stooking
and were fed extreemly well—three I
huge meals a day, with lunch brought
out  In  the  middle of the  afternoon.
(Continued on rage Five)
Big Type
ltlirht I'rice
Right Length
From  Local Logs
Orders   Taken   at   Mrs.   Aleii
King's Store
The recent announcement ol tbe
Family Herald and Weekly Star to
give a year free with a two year subscription appears to us a move in
the right direction. Not that the
Fumily Herald Needs to reduce Its
price; it is recognized that at one
dollar per year it Is the greatest value In Canada today. The "year free"
offer, therefore means this—the subscription is still one dollar for nn"
year, but for two dollars you receive
a subscription for three years instead
of two years.
Hundreds will literally leap at this
big offer and well they may. When
one considers that for a two dollar
bill you can have a paper of ihe calibre of the Family Herald and Weekly
Star coming lo your home for three
full years—it goes without saying i:
js a somewhat tempting offer.
In Canada
Undergraduates'  Experience;
Rewards of Good Will
(From a Correspondent)
"Wilh a fellow undergraduate I went
out in August of this year lo sample
harvesting tn Canada as a way of
spending a long vacation. Neither
of us knew much about farming, and
our knowledge of conditions in Canada was limited to what we had picked up from people who hail been there
last year. On board the boat, however, we began to learn a little more
from Canadians who heard what we
were, doing and showered good advice on us. "Canada Is all rlghl so
long as you come out prepared to
work." "The farmers in the West I
will give you.u good time and they j
feed you wonderfully; the work is not;
so bad so long as you stick to it. but j
there is no room in Canada for anyone who won't work." That was thi»
kind of thing to be heard from a dozen people, all of whom were eager tn
discuss emigration nnd lhe dole, and
why Englishmen are not always successful as Bottlers . We landed at
Montreal, therefore, a little doubful
about the actual amount of work  a
Canadian would expect done in a day.
but otherwise cheerful.
"We were two days going up in the
train to Winnipeg and fouud a good
many harvesters travelling West,
though il was loo early for the rush.
As most of the passengers spoke a
French which we could not understand, there was very Utile to do except sleep, eat at the stations, and
watch thc scenery, which being a succession of lakes and woods all verv
much ihe same, grew monotonous alter a few hours. We were glad to
reach Winnipeg at S o'clock on a Tuesday evening. To a certain extent we
were being looked after; that is to
say, we presented ourselves to an
office In the Canadian .National Station and were offered the choice of
two or three districts labelled Britlsh-
speaklng, where the agents of the
Hallway said that they could place
two men. There was on this occasion
some slight hitch in the organization,
and il was two days before we left
for a small town in Western Saskatchewan. During that time we saw
a good deal of Winnipeg from the ou:-
side. and I decided that no city can be
interesting when you have got no
money to spend ami are in a hurry ;
to get on. To cut down our expenses
we slept those two nights tn the emigration hall, and were amused a fortnight later to Hud it famous over two
continents as the place where British!
harvesters were imprisoned behind
iron bars and threatened by a mount-
ed police-man or a soldier wilh ai
rifle. As there are three of these halls
in Winnipeg, we may not have used
the one so celebrated. Hut it onlv
struck us at the time as a singularly
easy pluce In which to get a night -
fro lodging,
The Westward Journey
"Leaving Winnipeg for the West, |
we travelled for V» cent a mile, and
this time in a real harvesting crowd
composed of a good many nationalities. The I rain emptied as we went
nn 'hroiigh Regina and (Saskatchewan! Saskatoon, because, while we had
chosen the most westerly point offer,
eii, ihe harvesl hud naturally started
beyond Halileford We left Ihe train
after some W hours, a little before
midnight, and found the C.N H. agent
and Iwo fanners on lhe platform. One
Ladies' Coats and
new consignment
Just Opened
with Fur Collars   	
1 ADIES' CLOTH COATS in Blacks, Blues and Colors,
Fur Collars and Cuffs 0MA AA
prices varying from $19.75 to tD4:U.VV
■ARTY  DRESSES—A  nice  assortment  of evening
i-esses, no two alike and prices range fl»-J ff A A
A Full Line of May Belle Lingerie
of them had a look at us and walked
away; the other offered my friend a
job after asking whether he had done
any stocking before. I went to the
hotel with the promise of a place in
the morning. The next day I was Introduced to a farmer, who said that
lie would take me on stooking, pay ni.*
what 1 was worth, and find me some
sort of work until cutting started in
a day or two.
"Two days later I met my friend
again. He was already out of work,
after the first and only experience
either of us had what, may be called,
I believe, a certain type of Canadian
humor. The farmer who had employed him had asked him on the station
if he had ever siooked wheat, He said
that he had done a little and was taken on. as he imagined, to help with
the harvest. He arried at the farm
lo llnd that the complete crop had
been hailed out a month or so before,
and that he was expected to try the
ordinary farm labor at 25 dollars a
month. There was not a sheaf of
wheat on the place at all. As we had
hoped for three or four dollars a day,
and as ploughing with six horses turned out to be a Mute beyond him, he
left after a day aud started to carry
his bag back 12 miles to town. The
parson picked hlra up, and within
two days he had another job stoou-
ing al a decent wage, which he kept
the rest of our time there. The whole
episode, and especially tho ploughing
were amusing enough to look back on,
but he was unnaturally rather annoyed at the time. However
"green" Englishman is always
game to some Canadians.
Working Conditions
"Once we were settled down, the
time slipped hy unnoticed. Where I
was working there were 600 acres to
cut. and four, five or six of us were
stooking for a little over three weeks.
The farm was run by three brothers
who had come over from England
over 20 years ago.   There was a cer-
i     at $15.00 and
Arrivals this
week in
Misses' and
Kirronas in
fancy cclcr-
ed patterns
satin trimmed.
LADIES'  KIMOXAS—in  Newest   Styles
all sizes from §4.95 to	
2, 4 and G years, Special Value	
Special Value in Heavy Kimona Cloths
Per Yard  -y
36-inch Striped and Check-     ":
ed   Wrapperette   Flannelettes, good quality, K A«
per yard     OV/v
Extra Heavyweight 34-in.
Whits Flannel- (J>1 AA
ette3yards for «J>1.UU
Men's Department
New Arrivals in Men's an>
Young Men's Suits and Overcoats. Special Value in Men's
Blue Chinchilla (POT AA
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Men's Jumbo Knit Sweater and
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Newest Styles in Men's Kimonas
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Jacquared Kimona Cloths and
Silk Rayons j^ gQ
A Good Time
assured it' you attend the
Dance Saturday
Best of Music
First-Class Floor
ILO-ILO HALL, Cumberland
Dancing 9 to 12
Gents.,  50c Bargain  Prices Ladies, 25c
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
If You Knew
How tasty and delicious are
Bread and Muffins made from
FLOUR, you'd be telling your
neighbors instead of us telling
It's Nature's own remedy for
stomach disorders, as It contains
"All the Good That's in the
Phone 8
Cumberland Supply
The CASH Store
Fur Your Xmas Cai\es and Puddings
Sunmald Puffed Raisins, 2 pkgs. for   850
Suumald Nectars Seedless Raisins, 2 pkg8. for     !J5o
Hulk Tbompsen's Seedless Raisins, 2 tbs. for  250
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Shelled Almonds, per lb. (150
Mince .Men'  in Hulk, per lb. 20c
Dronedary Dates, per pkg. 250
Glace  Cherries,  whole, per  lb. 600
White Star Vanilla, 2 oi. 2501 -l oz  450
Crisco, 3-lb tin   930; Crisco Is   1,20
Burford  Pears, per tin   150
Singapore Sliced Pineapple, per tin   170
Pure English Mall Vinegar, nl   hottl,,          25c
Regal   Table  Salt.  2  for  250
white star Baking Powder, 12 oz 25o; 2% lb 850
Magic Hiking Powder. 12-oz. tin        . 8301  2'4-Tb. tin .... 950
Cow Brand linking Soda, ' = -in  150
Phone 155 Cumberland
Thc Only Toaster in the
World You Needn't
Automatically Toastmaster makes toast just as you
want it.   Toasts light brown, medium or crisp—and
PHce $14.50
Sold by the
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
This is a '/i-in. valve for use on domestic hot water
supply systems tor relief of damaging pressures caused
by ranges and tank heaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., and by State and Municipal Bureaus of Water and Boiler Inspection.
G. W. CLINTON, Managing Director. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 11128.
Fresh baked for everyday needs.   If they were homemade they couldn't be any better.
Mann's Bakery
•Tlie Home ot High Class Cakes & Pastries"
of the
Canadian Medical Association
Mutual Life of Canada
If interested in a sound investment studv this result
of policy in Mutual Life
Gross Cash Paid
Policy No.    Plan    Age    Premium Amount    by Mutual Lite
38,191)   Butlowni't 29        fiHAu $1,000            $1,371.02
30 years
Questions concerning health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, 184 College Street,
Toronto, will be answered by letter. Questions as to diagnosis
and treatment will not be answered.
The Open Bed-Room Window
One of the really striking changes
in personal habits which has occurred
within recent years is the habit of
unc-ning the bed-room window at
nigh i.
It Is not so many years ago since
the windows were closed, wit i the
coming of cold weather. Indeed, many
persons stuffed the few cricks around
the windows to make sure that no
air came In from outside. That was
tlie time when a sick person was
protected from cool, fresh air. as if
one mouthful of it would cause his
We may forget that tuberculosis
was the first disease which was fought
by education. Other diseases had been
fought hy police measures, by compulsion. People were forced to improve living and work-places; they
were obliged to install sanitary conveniences; if they suffered from a
communicable disease, they were isolated whether they wished to be or
j The flight against tuberculosis has
i not been along this line, ln place of
i force, persuasion, by means of education .was used.   The educational work
Death Claims
James S. Matheson
The death of Mr. James S. Matheson occurred at St. Joseph's Hospital
on Thursday night after an illness oi
some months.
The late Mr. Matheson wns born
February, 1881, at Ladykirk. Scotland, j
In 1910 he emigrated to Canada, first I
settling in Ontario but one year later
he came to Cumberland. After a j
short while tn Cumberland, he joined
has not been limited to those suffering j the staff of the Comox Co-Operative
from tuberculosis, but has extended i in Courtenay in whose employ he con-1
to all.   Prom the start, the value of' tinued until joining the Forestry Bat-,
King George Hotel j
reasonable  charges.
Centrally Located; j
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. of Dunsmuir Ava.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
fresh air was stressed nnd we were
advised to open our bed-room windows In order to benefit by and enjoy houra of sleep in fresh air. thus
lessening the chances of the occurrence of tuberculosis'
It is true that fresh air, day ami
night, Is good. We know that the old
idea of night air being bad is not true.
At night, we miss the sunshine; that
is the only difference. Those who
sleep with bed-room windows open
do so because they like it, because,
when the windows are open, they
sleep better, they feel better and they
are better.
The window Is. of course, opened
with consideration for the temperature
and the wind. If a fraction of an inch
on a cold, windy night allows a slight
current of cool air to pass through
the room, that is sufficient. Fresh air
is one of the valuable things thai may
be had simply for the effort of taking
Keep the bed-room window  open!
Net Cash Paid
Amount Received
by Assured
tor Each {100 Invested
Regular   Dividend   Allotment   tor   1928—13,400,000
In addition io this a special Cash Dividend ot $700,000 la now
being distributed  to  policy  holder.s
Phone 83L Agent Cumberland.
World Of
Provincial Politics
(Continued from Page One1
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor j
Autos for Hire.     Coal ami Wood Hauling given very •
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano |
Storage if desired. :
Phones 4 and lil
Cumberland, B. G.
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 144
Mill St., Courtenay
Agent in Courtenny: Mr. A. B. Ball
Service and promptness still our motto.
Powell River, Alert Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday.
Courtenay, Comox and Way Points every Wednesday.
Tugs and Scows for hire.   Boats tor charter.
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, foot of Bidwell Street, and
Courtenay. B.C.
For your Xmas
The time is getting shorter—
Don't leave your Christmas
Cooking needs until the last mad
minute. Our stock oi' dried
fruits etc. is complete and prices
are as low as city prices,
Phone Your Wants—We Deliver
Dunsmuir ave. Phone 122 j
!       14 TELEPHONE       WO        ;
1  TAXI  I
1 Charlie Dalton j
Liquifieation of Coal Must Solve
Approaching Problem
Ottawa—That the day is not far
distant when the supply of natural
oil will he exhausted and oil will
have to he derived from solid fuels
Is ihp considered opinion of B. F. Ha-
anel, chief engineer of the fuel branch
of the department of mines, hack from
flie world fuel conference in London,
where he represented Canada, and at
the outset replied for all the British
\etv Source Wanted
By way of illustrating the tremendous use of natural oils. Mr. Haanel
estimated that it takes ten million
horsepower to run the motor cars now
in daily use in Canada. A new source
of supply, lie says, Is necessary, and.
lo that end. the most exhaustive research Is in progress all over the
world. Forty-eight countries weie
represented at the conference. Thoy
discussed the more efficient utilization of fuels, their mining and preparation for the market, special emphasis being laid on the need of
smokeless with the recovering of tar
oils and the production of oils in general from solid fuels. Mr. Haanel
presented a paper on high anil low
temperature carbonization as applied
to Canada's fuel problems.
No Secrecy
"1 would say the outstanding feature of the conference was the getting
away from the erstwhile secrecy, and
everyone laying their cards ou the
table," he stated. "While no process
has yet actually been evolved for converting, on economic lines, fuel into
liquids, much progress in that direction Is being made and resenrch is
From Solid Fuel   ■
"The opinion of outstanding authorities is that when the crude natural
oils are exhausted, liquid fuels will be
derived from solid fuels by llqulflca-
Hon of the conl Itself, or by the combination of low temperature, carbonization and the hydrogenation of tar
Incidentally his course of action is
unanimously applauded throughout
the country, and his,personal capital
in politics has gone up with a rush.
Fair-minded exponents of Liberal
thought, to their infinite credit, are
first in outspoken praise, as instance
J. Edward Norcross' tribute on tho
editorial page of the Vancouver Star,
in the course of which he says:
"The school trustees who by their
unjustifiable, unfeeling and underhand criticism so worried poor Mabel Esielle Jones that she tooU her
own life, have been promptly put
out of office and the .N'lxon Creek
School. Cowichan Lake. Is now under the sole jurisdiction of the Department of Education, acting
through its inspector. Mr. .\. 0.
Stewart. .Nor is this all? .Mr,
Hlnchllffe is taking under advisement the whole question of the position in which too many young
teachers find themselves when they
arrive, somewhat forlorn strangers,
in remote communities. For while
it is seldom that one of them breaks
down so terribly under the strain
as Miss Jones did. there Is no qujs-
tion that many young women, fresh
from normal school, are made miserable by the gossiping tongues and
petty jealousies of the small settlements where they gain their first
experience In their avocation."
The Labor party in the new provincial parliament, which will speak
as one man with the reverberant
voice of Tom Uphill hereafter, has
announced its policy for development
during tlie coming Session, to open
as per schedule, ft now is understood,
no the 8th January. The agenda of
Labor Legislation ns approved by
the Party in conclave assembled, Includes agitation for tbe eight-hour
day for firemen, application of the
Industrial Disputes Act to civic employees, cancellation of the $f> fee
for taxi drivers, application of the
Minimum Wage Act to nil Industry,
nnd creation of legislation requiring
that at least two men he employed at
every power station.
Attorney-General Pooley has a fixed
habit of sticking to bis guns. He very
strongly advocated when lu Opposition
the punishment of the lash for dope
peddlers, Becoming llrst law officers
of the Crown in British Columbia ban
brought no revision of his opinion
and no retreat from bis former position.    He  now   is  officially   pressing
upon Ottawa the use of the whip for
the narcotic-vending wreckers of humankind, as the most effective deterrent of the practice of their abhorrent
The inaugural program of lhe Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. has been set
for Monday evening, December 3rd.
The broadcast will be over 41 leading
stations, associated with the .National
Broadcasting Co.. with short wave
transmittal linking up every country
in the world.
This will be Uie greatest event in
Industrial radio history because of the
fact that ii will be world-wide and
because of the number aud rank oi
the artists taking part in the program.
Franklyn Bauer, famous tenor, who
heads the program, will be beard on
ihe air exclusively as "The Voice of
Firestone." Bauer is well-known as
a former principal of the Ziegfield
Follies and a Victor recording artls'.
Miss Vaughn De Leath. noted contralto is widely known as the Original
Hadio Girl. Her unusual voice has
earned her an international reputation.
Supporting th
talion in HUG with which unii he went
overseas, He afterwards transferred
to a construction corps with which he
saw active service ln France. No doubt
the illness from which he died can be
traced to his overseas experience.
He leaves to mourn his death, his
widow and two small children.
The esteem with which the late Mr.
Matheson was held in the community
was fully attested by the very large
number of people who turned out to
the funeral on Sunday afternoon at
the Sandwick United Ccmctrry. The
little church was packed for the service, many having to remain outside.
In addition there was a large number
of comrades of thc Canadian Legion
standing to attention outside the
church during the service.
Union Bay
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bennie left on Sun
day for Ladysmith, after spending a
few days in town, the guest of Mr. and
Mrs. D. R. Haggart.
The ladies' Sewing Club met at the
home of Mrs. S. Abrams on Tuesday
evening, in honor of Mrs. E. Hirst, a
recent bride. During the evening Mrs
Hirst was presented with a love.y
framed picture on behalf of those present. Those present included Mrs. E
Hirst. Mrs. J. Fulcher. Mrs. M. Thomas.
Mrs. A. Kay, Mrs. A. Horne. Mis. J.
Hobbins. Mrs. W. Marshall, Miss M
Abrams, Mrs G. Harwood. and Mrs. S.
A very enjoyable evening was held
in the old school hall on Tiusday
evening honoring the Misses Lenr. and
Olivine Kirkwood. who are leaving
town shortly to make their home in
Nanaimo. During the evening Miss
Florence Jones, on behalf of the Girls'
Sewing Club, presented the guests of
honor with lovely framed mottoes.
Dancing was enjoyed until midnight.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Abrams. Mr. and
Mrs. F. Brown, and Mrs. E. Hicks
motored to Alberni over thc week-end.
an application will be made ut tbe
next Session of the Legislature oi the
Province of British Columbia for an
Act to incorporate a company under
the name of Provincial Telephone
Compnay with an authorized capital of
five million dollars with its luad office in the City of Vancouver and with
the following powers:-
To operate telephone, wireless telephone, radio-telephone and simtlat
; services,   including   services   for   the
„„„,„, „.,    ,.    'transmission     or     sound      pictures.
e soloists will be the   w,.1Ung ur 8,gna|s.  ,0 M(, £nd  (,(s.
finest radio nrchostrn-35 pieces --pose of lauds, tenements ami heredlu-
ever assembled. ' meuts of any description;  to provide
«„„.., j... . nnd    maintain   all   such    buildings
Further variety Is given  the  pro-; wurks    pIant|   apparatU8|   ma(L.rials
gram by a wonderful octette made up; office* and exchanges as may be tie-
by combining two great quartettes.    I cessary for its business; for the pur-
„ ,        ,,,,,.     ..pose  of  its  business  to  provide  and
Every member of the family should operate steamships and other vessels;
"stand by" for the opening Firestone to acquire aud use any privilege
program on Monday night. December  granted by any Federal, Provincial or
3. at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, and tol-] ^"KPi u"l'1",'ilJ': l0, acqUlre aml
,' '  ,       , , | use patent rights; to advance monej
lowing Monday nights at the same,i0 any corporation, company or per-
tlme. These concerts are being spon-1 son for providing building ur operat-
sored by the makers of the famous i IuS ull>' telephone system; to do uny-
pipOU)n.,«   r>„„, nirm  i   -rr „ thing as contractor for others  which
Firestone  Gum-Dipped  Tires. | ft mlgbt (lo tor its mvn purp03ea. tll
| invest and deal with its surplus fund
i to enter upon and break up highways,
streets, ami public bridges aud to construct telephone lines along, across
or under the same, or in, under or
over watercourses, rivers and .akes,
subject to tlie approval of the city or
, municipal council where the proposed
Sunday evening with a nice buck each. I works ure to be situated within ;>
city or municipality, and in other cases
Bill and James Hutton and Spencer
Morgan spent Saturday and Sunday
at  Campbell  River  and  returned oni
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo and family are
moving to Headquarters at the beginning of December.
oils   derived   therefrom.
"Pretty nearly all the authorities
agree Ihat the life of our natural oils,
while problematical, is ending, and
thnt we will be forced to meet the demand for liquid fuel. Few have any
conception of the Immense consumption in motor enrs alone, the paper i
at the conference discussed this subject, ln all Its aspects.
Siimlic Nuisance
"Great Britain is particularly alive
to the necessity of preventing the
smoke nuisance because of Its Injury
to health through obscuring the sun
nnd creating fog. They believe that
the sixty million tons of coal used for
domestic purposes In the raw stage
can be converted Into fuel oil, while
recovering sufficient tar oil to reduce
by half tb" present Importation.
"Scelnttflc thought of the world Is
now being directed to the production
of liquid fuel from solid fuels and the
exchange of opinion at the conference
was most helpful. Canada has a great
interest nt stake because of our immense coal areas and the potentialities of producing enormous quantities
of liquid fuel from them."
subject to the approval of the .Mini:
ter of Lands; to construct works on
its own property; subject to obtaining consent under the Navigable
,   9   t I Waters   Protection   Act  of  the   Do
minion of Canada, to construct,  lav-
Archie and Mrs. Marshall are  the and operate submarine telephone ca-
proud possessors of a bouncing boy.      Ijle  ur  cables  in  any  lake,   river   or
,    „    , w-ater to which that Act applies, also
between   any   islands   In   British   Co-
Mrs. G. Smith and baby are visiting; lumbia and between such Islands and
her sister, Mrs.  Davies, for a short the mainland; to cut a passage for Its
time. I lines where such lines pass through
#   ,   9 I woods  subject to compensating  tha
owners   thereof  for  damage,   and   to
Mr. and Mrs. T, Pearse were visitors trim trees on or extending over high-
Per Box 	
IVr Iiox
Per Basket	
— •— t—*—t—*—
Guaranteed for 1 Year, each 	
Guaranteed tor 1 Year, each
10s, 15s, 25s, 40s, 60s, 35c or 3 for ...
at a snap price, complete for	
It's a sift that money cannot
buy—your pprtrait—aiid it is a
gift that will be treasured by
those dearest to you—a gift that
will always recall the donor.
We are in a position now to give
your order our usual conscientious attention.
Have that sitting NOW. The
December rush will soon be on,
which sometimes means inconvenience to those who wait.
Union St.
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
to Comox on Monday.
•   •   •
Mr. Ed. Williamson left Wednesday
morning for Vancouver to attend the
Winter Fair of Live Stock, etc., being
held there for the next week.
For the Week
ways lu order to prevent Interference
with  good  telephone service;   to  purchase ihe whole or any part of the un- I
dertaking of any other company hav-'
ing objects iu whole or iu part similar
to those of the company, or to amalgamate  with  such  other company,  and
to transfer io the company or to the j
amalgamated  company, as  Die  case
may be, all or any of bucIi frani tileea
or statutory powers as may in   possessed   hy  such  other  companj;   to j
enter Into and carry oui   any  ngreo-
ment with any company whose undertaking Is purchased as aforaald in the
nature of assuming the payment of o.-:
guaranteeing the payment of princi-'
pal and Interest, or either, on bonds, j
debenture stock or debentures, or assuming or guaranteeing the carrying:
out  of  lis  obligations   or   any   pa it I
thereof; io enter Into agreements for
connecting its system or lines  with
those or other telephone operators; to
expropriate lands under the powers of
the Lauds Clauses Act; to make n'gu
lattona for lis internal management;
| to fix rrom time to time a tariff o!
; charges for its services, ami to collect sue for and recover the same;
I to borrow money, io issue preference
I shares,,     debentures     or     debenture
] stock, either redeemable or irrldeem-
ahle; to Issue shares with or without
j nominal or par value; to change lt>
l niuiic pursuant to the Companies Art,
In ran,, paper,, the Famlty Hera,,.! ^EDThimC'oSS  .928,
ami Weekly Star, Montreal, leads them McPHlLLlPS, DUNCAN *
all.   One dollar a year or three years*46-50 McPHlLLlPS
for |8, ami with it u superh magazinei ;'^\S!Z1'.'!",l.li'.r'''''-
, VANCOln Kit. H.C.
1       Solicitors tor tho applicants,
30.-8:54 a.m. nnd 0:18 p.m.
1.-9:40 n.ni. and 7:08 p.m.
8.—10:38 a.m. nnd 8:10 p.m.
Dec. 3.-11:21 a.m. nnd 10:04 p.m.
Dec. 4.-0:04 p.m. and 11:51 p.m.
Dec. 5.-0:44 pm.
Dec. 0—1:30 u.m. and 1:22 p.m.
Low Tides for the Week:
Nov. 30.-1:15 a.m. and 2:29 p.m.
Dec. 1.-2:03 a.m. and 3:41 p.m.
Dec. 2.-2:52 n.m. and 5:01 p.m.
Dec. 3.-3:43 a.m. nnd 0:15 p.m.
Dec. 4.—4:30 n.m. nnd 7:18 p.m.
Dec. 5.-5:33 n.m. nnd 8:07 p.m.
Dec. 0.-0:34 n.m. nnd 8:40 p.m.
In every Bnrts of building materials,
winnows, noons,
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES ' NlKl" cn"',: I34x Courtenay
I Olllce:  169 Cumberland.
FRN1AY, NOVEMBER 30. 1928.
The Hunchback Of
Notre Dame
Coming to the Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Thurs., Frid., Sat.
December 6. 7, 8
Friday and Saturday, Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st
'in the omayng underworld romance
the big crry
vivid dama of an unseen city- -
The Underworld!
LON CHANEY gives his most effective performance
now as the underworld leader in this irobbing film
production.   A spatter ol bullets in the dark .... a
battle of crook against crook and the flowering
of a beautiful romance in this amazing setting.
Thrills - Mystery - Terror
as a setting for a
glorious love
When a girl upends a whole hour
putting mi rice powder and lip rouge
before the minor .certain catty per
sons, whose names won't be dslclosed.
tire likely to accuse her ot helng i
little bll vain. Bui Lon Chaney, who
I ia.. s "Quasimodo.' in "The Hunchback of Notre Dame." coming to the
Ilo-Ilo Theatre for w return engagc-
moni Thursday, Friday and Saturday
December Bth, 7th and 8th, spent six
months "prettying up" for tbe part,
and he is the mosl modest of men.
ihough far from the prettiest.
If there aro eight hours in n working day, and If four and a half hours
is a good, liberal half day then
Chaney Bpenl an entire year of half
days donning his complex makeup for
tbe strange role of the misshapen bell
ringer of the Cathedral of Notre Dame
for the film took twelve months solid
to produce, and ll
took over four hour
And after all thi
n't pretty at all: h
dressing room one of the most distort
ed and hideous creatures ever catalogued as human. But this didn't
keep him trom "looking good'* to
theatre-goers for Alan Hale, the distinguished dramatic critic of the New
York American, said of his characterization, "This bit of work is art of
ibe purest ray serene, it cannot die
It will live forever."
makeup  always
3 to put on.
i trouble ,he was-
came out of liii
Monday - Tuesday, Dec. 3rd - 4th
Sally O'Neil and Owen Moore
The first chapter of the new serial
s_ Heroism — Thrilling Adventures
-Animal Com-
the Castaways — "TARZAN"
Who Ruled the Wild  Beast:
Primitive Passions-
the Captive Maiden -Voodoo Dances
l);ils — Witchcraft
easts and  Defied the World.
What a girl. Becky! You can't
hely yourself — you'll just fall
for her brave, whimsical, happy-
go-lucky outlook on life.
Prom a department-store counter, she works her way to the
stage, along a path of excitement, suspense, laughs, love.
The millions who read "Becky"
as a serial will go crazy over
this picture!
New   Serial,   "Tnraaii   The   Might)'"
Commences  This  .Monday
and Tuesday
, "Becky," the Cosmopolitan picture
i coming io the llo-llo this Monday and
j Tuesday, is a film adaptation of Ray-
nor Selig's famous Cosmopolitan
newspaper serial which has held millions of readers spellbound during tlie
last tew months.
The picture which was filmed by
Metro-Uoldwyn-.Mayer with Sally O'Neil in the title role, Isone of the most
interesting stories of the American
stage that has ever found its way 'o
the  screen.
Little Miss O'Neil plays the title
role of a little Irish-Jewish shop girl
with an ambition to become a grand
opera singer, discharged from tbe department store, hy an irate floorwalker, she meets a young roan of
doubtful character—In fact a very
crooked crook.
Through his love for the girl he is
regenerated anil it is not until after
the heronie's adventures on the stage
and in society that she spurns the
baud of a rich man to wed tlie now
regenerated pickpocket. Owen Moore
plays the role of thc crook.
Commencing this .Monday and Tue:
day, a serial "Tarzan the Mighty" will
shown. Without a doubt this is
l e best nnd most thrilling serial we
h.ive ever had the pleasure to present
to tbe serial fans of Cumberland and
; ■ certain that it will please old and
young alike. It is an original serial
produced by special arrangement with
Edgar Rice Burroughs, author of
Tarzan of Ibe Apes" and "The Cave
Cincinnati University considers offering a course In janitortng. Graduates will li" swarded bhe degree oi
D li.   Doctor of Oust.
A total of ME pa:1'els of land In
Victoria went to the tax sale this year,
| as compared with 253 In 1027, Of the
I total that went to the sale this year,
nlnety*nir.e pa:i la were bought by
! the city for t> upset price and forty
j six were bought privately, as com-
I pared wiih 214 parcels bought by th".'
; city la.-i year aud thirty-nine sold
I [rrlvotely.
! ( Duncan Utilities Ltd. of Duncan has
! j undertaken a survej of the South
• Cowichan area lo ascertain the fon-
I sablllty of extending their transmit*
;    -ion lines hit othat section.
; K01I AM) GDN
I tn view of the increasing Interest
;   In tiie farming of muskrats an article
• ] in the December issue of Hod and Gun
\ ami Canadian Silver Fox News on s
; I new muskrat ranching venture on a
I ' large scale is of special note. In
I ; addition to this, the latest issue na-
; tional sporting magazine carries its
\ '• customary acceplnble collection of
; I hunting, fishing and outdoor yarns
I   hy well known authors.
I Among the contents are a narrative
■ i of moose hunting by N. H. Roberts, u
! prominent shooting expert and one
;   on lish hatchery work by Jack Doyle,
• ] and many other timely articles on
I deer and duck hunting, trapping, atig-
j ling, guns and ammunition, dogs, and
: the silver fox Industry by thoroughly
;   cnpnble writers.
• Hod and Gun nnd Canadian Silver
I ] Fox News is published hy W. J. Taylor
" j Limited.   Woodstock.   Ontario.
Merritt Expects to Have
Coal By-Products Plant to
EmployLarge Force of Men
Merrltt—A coal by-products plant
to cost, for tbe first unit alone, between $125,000 and $175,000,and employ some hundreds of men as the
industry expands, is in prospect for
English capital is behind tiie enterprise. The company, of which H,
N. Freeman, until recently acting-secretary of British Columbia Chamber
of Mines, has been appointed managing director, is fully financed and
no stock is available for sale to tli"
The plans call for the Installation
of by-products plant in each Canadian province, with the British Columbia plant in Merritt.
The site in prospect, and for which
tentative arrangements have been
made, Is the Pacific Coast Collieries*
property, also known as tbe Blair
Nicola Pine Mills plant, and immediately adjacent to the Mlddlesboro Collieries, one mile from the city.
In brief .the aim of the company
Is to turn into protlt the most valuable of the 250 by-products of coal
now being discarded in British Columbia coal-mining, such ns gas. oils,
tars, ammonia and other rich units.
There will be no lump coal mining
but it is planned to make pulverized
and smokeless coal fuel, briquettes
and other forms of coal now being
developed throughout the world in
competition with water and eleetr'c
Wednesday, (only), Dec. 5th
! KV/r.VJbfVAVir&'VjMV
He had captured the leader of
the outlaw trappers—and found
a pretty girl In his arms! And
then she had tricked him and
You'll revel in this picture of
Tim McCoy's toughest battle.
Struggles between Indians and
trappers—a fiery romance with
action galore! Something different In westerns!
Double Feature Programme On
Wednesday  Only
Picture fans wso like fast-moving
comedy Itlleil witli laugh-Tirovoklng
situations nnd complications that lead
to romnnce will nml tliese Ingredients
in "Powder My  Back."  Irene Moll's
latest   starring   i
which   comes
to   the   Ilb-llo
in   W,
Incsday   only
along with  Tim
in  "Spoilers
of the   West".
Irene Rich  as
Foy. musical
comedy     queen.
marries the man who had closed her
show because of its nudity, gives a
characterization that proves she is
just as much ii home In a comedy as
in a more serious part,
"Powder My Back" was directed by
Roy Del Ruth, The scenario was
written by Roborl Lord from a Joseph
Jackson adaptation of a Jerome King'
ston   story.
"Spoilers of the West"
Admirers of Tim McCoy, Metro-
Goldwyn-Mayer (11m star, and William Fairbanks. Western star of his
own productions, will have a chance
to see both of these actors in "Spoilers of the West." McCoy's newest
American frontier film drama. McCoy has the stellar role of an American army officer while Marjorle Daw
is seen in the featured feminine role
With Fairbanks in the villainous role
of her brother.
"Remember it? I should say 1 do!"!
The big man's face beamed with happy
Someone bad. in more or less of a
business way, spoken of The Youth's
Companion. And just th ementlon
of its name—so far as business was
concerned—broke up that meeting.
But what fun those busy men bad
swapping recollections of days when
the arrival of the Youth's Companion
was tbe high spot of the whole week.
Rare, indeed are the pleasures that
we remember so warmly over half a
century of years. But tbe Youth's
Companion  is still among them.
Isn't there some boy or girl whom
you would like to make happy With a
gift subscription?
In its new large and Improved form
as a monthly magazine. The Companion has more to offer its young readers than ever before—a full book-
length novel complete In each Issue;
short stories and serials so thrilling
they will never suspect them of being
a "good Influence" or the "right kind
of reading" articles by outstanding
men and women that will lire their
young ambition —comments on current affairs- -puzzles, poems, guides to
the best books and moving pictures
special departments for both boys and
girls covering their own favorite activities.
You may give some boy or girl a
truly line gift by accepting the following offer.
1. The   Youth's  Companion,   12   big
monthly  numbers, and
■    2. Two extra numbers to new subscribers ordering within Si) days
|     3. A   copy   of   "WE"   In   12   colors,
framing size 13 x 24 Inches, All
I for  $2.
1 S.  N.  Dept., Boston,  Mass.
Subscriptions  Received at  this  Office
Has Been Produced With Fidelity for Scenes of "The
Big City"
One of New York's most famous
night clubs was reproduced on an
elaborate scale al the Metro-Goldwyn
-Mayor studios as a setting for "The
Big City," Lon Chaney'a new vehicle
which come to thc Ilo-Ilo ihls week
end. The club is practically a replica
of the famous tavern of Texas Cuinan.
actress and night club hostess, who
startled the metropolis with her dating  Innovations.
The  club,   with   spectacular  ballot
' Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
i Cumberland, Ii. C.
; Practical Barber & Hairdresser
; Children's hair cut any style 35i
I   Ladles' hair cut any style 50c
She had fought him tooth and
nail—and then the outlaws she
led, thirsting for his blood, had
him in their power.
A terrific climax—a surprising
ending— in Tim McCoy's finest
outdoor romance! You'll love it I frAVASeZ-E.'^W^ig
"Powder My
Irene Rich and Audrey Ferris
He shuts her show!
She shows him up!
Fritzi pities the earnestness of the boy who is pleading
that she marry him .... the boy's father has shut
her show and she has schemed to be injured and cared
for in the home of her enemy . . the boy's sweetheart
h;ts pled with her to cast off the spell she seems to
have over him .... so sho decides to make up as a
really old woman .... the boy amazed at the change
.... holds out .... insists on marrying her ....
then ... out of the .... See "Powder My Back"
starring Irene Rich.
Thur., Fri, Sat.. Dec. 6, 7, 8
It's Here Again! Don't Miss It!
TH Gealest Scroen Attraction of tteAr^!
and other features, was used ns the
scene ror a thrilling holdup iu tlie
new picture, which Chaney plays a
gangster leader. The story is a mystery romance ot' tho New Yorfc underworld, and Marceline May as the heroine, a shopgirl enmeshed in one of
his plots, .lanes Murray plays her
sweetbeii'l. n young gangster, and the
casl includes Betty Compson, Virginia Pearson. John George. Mathew
Hetz. and others of note.
The story hinges mi a love between
the young gangster, ,liH sweetheart,
aud the gangster chief, with the holdup, a sensational police battle, and a
gangster war as thrilling Incidentals.
Tod Browning directed the play from
his own original story, scenarized by
Waldemar young.
n oTTc E
Municipal Elections loan
A court of revision of parties entitled to vote in the Municipal Elec-
] tion  ot  tin-  city of Cumberland  lu
j January,   1029,  will  he  held   iu  tho
council Chambers on December, lOtli,
H>.!,S nt  7:.lil p.m.
W.   II.   COPE,  C.M.C.
Iffa frvfak   $
^m^j CHANI*
|  G-jiuberlarid
•Cnmrncrviiil    LI,vf(>]        H"t«'
'Headquarters  rl Wtvl   Hi>HM>nnhic
Uncoils  Strum   Heated
To PI; mouth, Havre London.
TUBCanla Dec. 1".     Alaunia Dec. 2
To Belfast, Liverpool, Glasgow.
I.etltla Dec. 14.
To Deltas!, Liverpool, Glasgow.
I.etltla. Dec. 13.	
Also   weekly  sailings   from   New
York and Boston to European Ports
:  ~
I Money Orders, Drafts and Travellers'
', Cheques, at lowest rates. Full Information   from   Company's   Offices.   622
1 Hastings  St.   W.,  Vancouver.   B.   C.
Mass against class.
A Throne rocked to lis cenlrc.
A city sacked and horned.
A  Mother irrlcf-dislractcd.
—A iinlilemun In peril ol life,
funic and fortune.
—A hopeless lover Inspored to
rightful vengeance. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER BO, 1828.
■■ii— iii—i   iwii - wif atKfflwswgBaw!  maasmmtmaaam
What Scouting Is and Does
Vancouver Artists
will appear at the
Scotch Concert
to be held in the
Veteran's  Hall
*C»       -*0'       ■*►■
„*.- -»;> «Jf.
<f>      •«*■     •♦
December 1st at 7.45 p.m.
sweat*;   ♦   ♦   ♦   ♦■ ♦   m. ♦   ♦.,.♦...♦•♦ ssmsrama
Genral Admission    - Fifty Cents
tj    Dance to follow Concert
zm   -♦•    ♦    <*-   wBZisaBgzsm   ♦ . msL   wtssarnkx ■♦■    ♦    <«sas««:
The chief aim and object of the Boy
Scout movement is to develop good
character In the boys and to prepare
them to be good citizens by training
them in habits of observation and
self reliance ami obedianee, Inculcating loyalty and thought fullness for
others, teaching them services useful
lo the public and handicrafts useful
to themselves; development in moral
aud physical statue by creating true
conradeshtp and by healthy outdoor
Karnes and pursuits, It leads the boy
lo play the game of life in spirit of
lair play under n service of honour,
It Is a fascinating healthy anil manly
game. The chief scout. Sir Robert
Badenu Powell says, "play up and
play the game." The left-over in the
boy. thus becomes character- -good
character. To the citizens ol this
district, let nie remind you that scouting Is not a military training, far
from it, it Is a peaceful recreation of
good comradeship and it is worldwide. Beyond our empire scouting
lias been introduced in many other
countries, France, Belgium, Poland,
North Russia, Holland, Denmark and
last but not least to take up scouting
Is Perslu nnd North Afghanistan. A
letter reached me some few days ago
from Provincial headquarters In
which they quote that even In the
leper colonies they have started
couting. For India last year a jamboree was put on and 20.000 scouts
'if all creeds anil denominations were
represented. Scouting has been going on now 21 years next march and
its growth Is outstanding; take the
scouting in the U.S.A.. talking to one
of the Scout executives there. Mr.
Walsh, president of Washington Scout
Vssoclatlon said that the Labor bur-
»au, lias supported scouting and havi
jubscrlbed at least one and one-half
million dollars in the last few years,
This speaks well of a movement that
trains the boys  in habits of cleanli-
less and manliness.
Mr. Mark t>ate, 68 years of
age and an employee of the
Western Fuel for the past 55
years died al Nanaimo this
morning at 3 o'clock. The late
Jlr. Bate was a son of Mr. Mark
Bale, Nanaimo's grand old man,
who died on a visit to England
a short time ago. A brother,
Mr, Tom Bate used to be in the
hardware business in Cumberland, at the location now occupied by Tommy Nakanishi.
e-»?3t3«eM3CTr'ri—.cm^^; ■  •♦•   ♦ ' ♦ " ■msr^mms
by Moirs
What  coud  be  nicer,   for   your jj
Bridge Party, afternoon ten or !|
for any occasion, than a pound ;|
or so of fresh Moirs Chocolates, j]
Our Chocolates are Guaranteed Jj
Fresh as we have n rapid turn- a
over.    Why  should  you   make \\
Candy when you can buy Moirs, j
the world's best chocolates  at fl
a reasonable price. U
A. Henderson's
Union Hotel
Cumberland, H. C
Electrically  Heated
Our Service is the BEST
? R, YATES, Proprietor
,   P. 0. Box S09 Phone 15
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Otllce
Courtenay             Phone  258
Local  Olllce
Cumberland Hotel In Evenings.
Telephone   115K   or   2*
KcoiHimlcal Pudding
2 cups milk
h   tsp.  salt
1 tsp. vanilla
2 tbsp. rice
\(\ cup sugar
1 cup raisins
Wasli rice thoroughly and drain;
place In a buttered pudding dish and
pour fn milk. Bake In a slow oven
for about Ha hours, stirring occasionally; add remaining ingredients
and bake from \(, to 1 hour without
October Cocktail
4  tablespoons  lemon  Juice
ti   tablespoons  ginger  syrup
4 tablespoons orange juice
\<> cup mineral or ice water
Few grains salt
Add remaining ingredients to syrup
from Canton ginger and mix thoroughly.      Put    crushed    ice    in    cocktail
glasses, pour in  ginger  mixture  and
serve at once.
{Ail-.-* ■''■••mjeaa^'Gmttk&tiTlt 4 U     ) P X**■•'" *K
cat. ..-,-*.     ,..., li.-Jl-.. JV.I I JkWtmyr~3l
■> ;tii !■■"< :,■ 1:
rHRlSTMAS     -
»—Seems to
hold a meaning of
mirth, ot hnppinetn,
of jay ami <>t pleasure
II> picture to ourttetm the
feasting ami the revelling    but
such has an empty meaning to
thane "tiwiii/ from home."
not enjoy any thin
we my-mad-: it .su..
*■!.» mi ( FASILV H»OM
Vntir relatioes airf (newt
..Nov. 23 to Glasgow, Belfast
and   Liverpool
..Nov. 23 to Plymouth and
LAURENTIC Nov. 24'to Belfast, Glasgow
and  Liverpool
PENNLAND    Dec. 3 lo Plymouth
ALAUNIA Dec.   3 to Plymouth nnd
LAPLAND Dec.    !» to Plymouth
BALTIC    Dec. 10 to Liverpool
TUSCANIA Dec. 10 to Plymouth and
FREDERIK VIII.Dec. 10 to Christian Band, Oslo
LETITIA Dec. 14 to Liverpool and
REGINA Dec. 15 to Glasgow. Belfast
Through SltMpinA Cars foi Pothwini Saihnlla
5,5."WJOl •rNINU.lOlM,' N.»«n.« Ml'.|3S.     MIVSiOI.il.     mnofm  Slti   -m
.JfflLlSK.H'»Q«Htm,W« I«1Im o   nthen'iUK
SS."OSC-.R  H"N.T*n'i*. Vit • i m 'a.i!..i    S.S "POLONIA " Utftm'i). Hh Iron. tUWll
I*Chf-riiainitn ,q,i, Con-n .;.n I     oCopsn*«(tH D*niilindHtlilntlori
E. W. BICKLE, agent, Cum lierinml,  B.C* Telephone 35
•r write C. F. Enrle, District Passenger Agent, Victoria, B.C.
The telephones
needed most
were restored
The lire which resulted
in the loss of four buildings
at Abbotst'onl, B.C. on November 15, also destroyed
Hill feet nf CD-pair telephone
cable. Telephone men were
speedily on the job to make
I lie necessary replacement.
Tboy knew thai they would
not be utile to have all tele-
pinnies affected buck ill order by night, so a selection
was made of telephones
which mltrht  bo needed In
an   emergency Including
tlie hospital's nnd a doctor's
Work on these was doiio
llrst, and lliev were back
tn service Unit afternoon.
AH linos which bad been
"out" Here buck to normal
the following mornlmr.
i For Swollen Joints
j     .Most   remedies   fall   but   Joint-Ease
i succeeds,
I     II'h for joint troubles only, whether
! in  ankle, knee,  hip, elbow, shoulder,
j finger or spine -whether rheumatic or
it limbers up stiff, Inflamed, painful,
I creaky joints so quickly you'll be as-
■ tonlshed.
Two seconds'  rubbing and awny it
, goes   through   skin   and   flesh   right
down   to  the   bono  nnd   ligaments
[that's why it succeeds.    Ask any reliable druggist.
In Canada
(Continued from Page Two)
'Always Reliable    baking (
"Sd&by'qll Grocers      Poll)deV i
Dr. Kati Mulli r. a German scientist,
has perfected a process to make steel
fo inftnitesimally thin thnt it is ns
transpan nl i flass Silver, nickel.
gol daftd other metals enn be similarly
treated, bw. scientists foresee thc greatest future for transparent steel.
No   Instrument   made   is   powerful
It, Yet there arc many scientific purposes to which this remarkable substance can be advantageously put.
In radio work it can be used in microphones and loud speakers because It
transmits and reproduces tones much
better than any material yet discovered.   In thc electrical field it can serve
enough to measure the actual thick- many purposes, for it Is a fine con-
ness of Dr. Muller's steel. It Is so thin ductor, can be magnetized and will
that it "ripples" when one blows upon transmit rays of all sorts.
I -:>-'
?5.ni)  n i j|)
On Thursday last, a number of children invaded the home of .Mr. and
Mrs. Thoa, Baird and declared a surprise party in honor of Mr. and Mrs.
Baird's young daughter Elizabeth, tho
occasion being her ninth birthday,
Little Miss Elizabeth waa the recipient of many beautiful and useful
gifts. The evening was spent !n
games, dancing and singing, after
which dainty refreshments were served by Mrs. Baird assisted by Miss
Bella Baird and .Mrs. James Irvine.
The guests were: Elizabeth Baird.
Bessie Carney. Rita Baird. Cleo Gibson, Sister Wycherley. Jessie Robertson. Coral Lewis. Annie Brown. Dot
Hassell, Margarel Armstrong. Rostn.i
Deconink, Kathleen Watson. Helen
Robertson. Norman Tweedhope, Reno
Bono, Kenneth Gibson. George and
Oswald Wycherley. Reginald Lewi.--.
Peter Mitchel, Allan Mitchel., Bobby
Weir. Willie Irvine, Freddie and
Franklin Smith, Courtenny. and other little tots.
The work was hard at lirst .hut one
soon gol used to it. The two things
l appreciated most were the size of
the meals, for my appetite bad about
doubled, and the way everyone w;is
made to feel at home. There is no
"mistering" in the West; the flrst
thing which you exchange is Christian
names, and the farmers treat you liko
one of themselves, in fad the only
time 1 fully realized that ! was a
hired farm hand was on the last da,
when 1 drew my wages. "v"
"Before I left I should have had y:
a week's threshing, but the weather j r^/
interfered, and 1 only did two half-
days and a full day of 12 hours. It
was harder work than stooking, but
more interesting, aud I was sorry to
miss the rest of it. After five weeks
on the farm I met my friend ,and we
returned via Winnipeg to Montreal
:,nd England. I hud been paid $2.00
a day for tlie first two days' stooking
and after that $4.00, with
day for threshing, und n smaller wa
when, owing to the weather. I had | Ja
been doing other work about the \ ~.-:
"At Winnipeg on tlie way home we j rS
saw the man who had fixed us up go- j is
ing out. He looked a little careworn, anil when we told him how we
had got on, he said "Well. I hop,, you
will tell them all about that at home,
because there are Incredible stories
going back to England now about the
behaviour of ihe Canadian farmers,
What with Miners and M.P.'s
The sentence hardly needed finishing.
We may have been lucky in the farms
which we got on to, but 1 Baw something of other fanners, and heard 3
good deal from people working with
me. and one thing was obvious enough
—Ihat in the harvest an inexperienced J
man can get work at a good wage
and under good conditions if he will
go out west and look for it. Sixteen
shillings to £1 a day seemed to me
pretty high pay tor a man who had
never done farm work in his life; yet
there were farmers in Saskatoon offering $0.00 or 2!> shilling-; a day just
before we came bome.and yet were
unnble to get labor. Of one thing 1
am certain—that, for the few Cant-
"1        ,0\
mm m
As a gift
(/Beauty and Value
Campbell River
oi rare beautyand of extreme utility, silverware ranks among the highest. For the young couple
it is especially welcome, as it forms the basis of future
addition to lhe family plate and endures indefinitely.
Jeweller and Silversmith, Cumberland.
dians who may play tricks
"green" Englishman, there ai
whose attitude could hardly
At a meeting of the Campbell River
Conservative Association on November
19th, the following officers were elected
for the coming year: Hon. president,
Hon. Dr. Tolmie; hon. vice-president,
Dr. G. K. MacNaughton; president. Dr.
Richardson; vice-president, Dave Van-
stone; secretary-treasurer, John Brun-
ton; executive committee. Messrs. Perkins, Forbes and F. Masters. Any Con-
servative supporters who wish to join
the associntion mny send in their ap-lwhc
Courtenay Locals
Mr. R. U. Hurford and Mr. Hugh
Morrison were passengers on Friday
morning's train for Victoria.
Mr. Dan Kilpatrick left on Friday
morning for a visit to Vancouver.
Mr. Schwarze was a visitor to Nanaimo. returning to town on Friday
Mr. W. P. Beavan has been spending
a few days in Vancouver
Mr. C. W. Slllence, who was preceded
by Mrs. Slllence and Miss Peggy Slllence, has returned after two years'
absence in Alaska.
""Mr.  Ernest   Fletcher  is  in  Seattle,
he Is under the doctor's cure.
plication by letter to the secretary, accompanied by the membership fee of
SI.00. Such applications are considered
at the next general meeting of the
A shower was held in the Community
Hall, Grantham, on Monday eevnlng,
ror the recent bride. Mrs, Widen. About
..ixty people gathered to meet the
young couple, the ladies serving re-
lrcshmcnts. Thc music was ably supplied lor dancing by Mrs. King. Walter
Parkins and Mr. Oscar Berkenstock
played the accordion. The bride was
the recipient of many pretty and usc-
iul presents. Dancing was kept up
until a late hour.
Mrs. Happin of Northcys Lake ts
visiting Mrs. W. Duncan,
Miss Kathleen Cooper is visiting in
Victoria lor a few days,
At Tsolum nnd other schools tape Is
being given to the children of each j
class to bring nnd stitch in dimes (one
dime each) towards the Crippled Children's Hospital at Vancouver, thc Ideal
being to raise $6,000 before Christmas
for that institution.
Thc Courtenay Post Office is now |
equipped with an electric stamp cancelling machine capable ol handling
400 letters per minute.
Miss Kathleen Cooper lefl on Monday morning for n few days' holiday m j
Mrs D. M. Morrison of Comox left on,
Monday's train for a few days In Van-1
Mr. E. V. Ness, oi Everett, Wash., isj
a guest nt the home of Mr. and Mrs. |
Geo. Van Hemert.
Mr. w. A. Mnthewson lefl for Vancouver on Wednesday,
Mrs. W. J. Hagarty has received the
snd news of the death oi her mother,
Mrs. Margaret Foran. at Eganvtlle,
Out., on November 15th. Mrs. Hagarty spent three months with her
mother last winter.
Get set
Summer Oil and Grease will not
do for Winter Driving. Urint;
your car to us and we'll steam
out the old stuff and put your
car in lip-top shape for the cold
months. Yes sir, we do expert
motor work, too. Satisfaction
Henderson Motors
"Repairs to All Makes of Cars"
e  125 Cumberland
Nothing Like
It to Relieve Colds
rIn formula mnd actiun, liin-ki-.',
MUtur* ii cl.lTfr.'H! trom all i>U>r
rcmedln. It HtL-rally " arti like L
flul)" In congucritiff couifhi and
.icallng thi* inllain-il juirta. Thi- \n-
■tant relief that followi tlm flrit
doee la multlplif-il 40 lin.ru in a 78-
e*nt bottle I "Uuckley'ii" ihould l»
In evcrj' homn. Your druioiiat ibU>
It under a money-back guaranti-a,
W. K. Ilueliler, l.-railrd. ■
112  Mutual  St..  _
A whist drive and dance
nt thc old school house In
December 4th, in aid of the
Tree fund for thc children of St. Mary's
Sunday School.
I    k 112   Mutual   BU.   Toronto  3 j
Merville on     BissV   *"■'*•«»«•">-  y—IH
e Christmas i    ttCI^'"**^)^      :
75C  and 40c
Get a NEW SUIT for
Union Tailor
Satisfaction Guaranteed
r ci  mix us
Kill HAY. NOVEMBER 30, 1928.
Mine Inspector in
Automobile Crash
Mr. Thomas Jackson, district mine
inspector, whilst proceeding to Cumberland last night, and when near
Sable River bridge, collided wtih another car, considerable damage being
doue to the Inspector's car. Fortunately, Mr. Jackson did not receive any
serious injury, but is said to be Buffering from shock.
A whist drive and dance was held'
in the Lazo Hall on Friday. Nov. 23rd,
for the benefit cf the children's Christ -
111..- Tree. Seventeen tables were
ployed. Mrs. Birchall won first ladies'
prize; Mrs. T. Bambrick. 2nd and Mrs.
■\ . Br„ 3rd. Men's 1st. Mr. A
Pt k, 2nd, Mr. Thorimbert; 3rd. Mr.
LI <(\. A very nice fruit cake made
and rallied by Mrs. Pratt, was won by
Mr, J. E. Vogel. Danciny was enjoyed
until 1:30 a.m., the music being supplied by the Erickson Bros.
Cumberland Personals
When ymi think of Ch Gi lb, think of SUTHERLAND'S
you will iinil a wonderful collection of Gifts suitable far remem
bran* > a for this season,
Silk Underwear for Ladies
and Girls
Our stock  ut Rayon  Silk   underwear comprises a  very large
tion of useful  garments, wc extend an invitation to you
;o see our varied selection, of Night Gowns, Bloomers, Vests,
Princess  Slips,  Teddys,   Bobbette   Bloomers,  and   Pettmickera.
We have a fair assortment of Ladles' Dressing Gowns, which
are most acceptable for tht.' sea on,
Ladies' Handkerchiefs
As usual wc again offer you sonic really smart handkerchiefs
in snappy I>ox<>h and designs, the choice i* easily made from
tbe splendid collection we have on view.
Ladies' Scarfs
A Scarf is a gift that is always welcome, and our variety
Includes  an  assortment of winch   wc are well  pleased.
Ladies' Gloves
What Lady does not require an extra pair of Gloves? We can
give you a choice of Gloves in th-; latest styles, and we specially
stress   our   Dollar   line   of   Gloves,   which   are   splendid   value.
Ladies' Umbrellas
Our Christmas Range of Umbrellas Includes a selection of really
worth while umbrellas, the handles arc very smart, the coverings
will give you satisfaction, and the assortment is good.
Ladies' Hosiery
Our Christmas Stock is daily arriving, and at present we have
a splendid choice of our Leader in Circle-Bar Full Fashioned
Hose. Lhe kind thai Is urc to please, tho Price is only $1,50
per pair. Kayser Hosiery, -"id Holeproof are both Lines worthy
of your attention and you can buy them here just us cheap as
you can by sending away for them, so why not purchase them
Wc are Carrying a goodly assortment of other goods suitable
for Gifts, and will be only ton pleased to help you to choose.
NEXT  WEEK   Men's  and   Hoys'  Gifts  will  be  specialized  hi.
Hut  for CHRISTMAS GIFTS Think  of
The Most Asked  For  Batteryless Radio in Canada.
1 ['miii years' hnlterylena experience.
- Rogers. Tnlics.  longest   guarantee.
" .x iit ,.i)i;, iII- voltage control.
i Phonograph jaclt cm every model.
6 Output niter cm every model.
t; More sulci than nil other electric
let    eonlhlned.
Hi B H'i
«&S£& t
Model "400 lllirhboj"
Plionoffrnpli Combination
Price complete $340
.Model  400
Prlco complete .SUT*)
Mrs. II H. Conrod announces the
engagement of her eldest daughter.
Alma Grace to Mr. Alexander Gray,
eldest son of Mr. A. Gray. Minto. the.
wedding to take place tbe latter part
of December.
Mr and .Mrs. J. Sutherland left on
Tuesday lor Vancouver where they
will spend a few days.
Mr. Johnny Gray of No. 1 Fire Hall
Vancouver, spent the week end in
town visiting relatives.
The Christinas season will soon be
here. Get your private greeting
Christinas Cards at the office of the
Cumberland Islander. We have the
linest sample book in the district,
i'hotie :!;, nr call at the office any time
between S a.m and II! noon and 1 p.m.
to '» p.m.
The Midnight Syn.opators are holding another of their popular dances
in the Ilo-Ilo dance hall this Saturday night. Last week's dance was a
pronounced success. Popular prices.
Gent.. TiOc. Ladies, 25c.
Inspector Cruikshanks ot the Provincial Police was a visitor to Cumberland during thc week.
* #   *
Mrs. W. Gray and Miss Alma Con-
rod motored to Nanaimo on Sunday
returning the same day.
* •    •
Mr. Earl Fletcher of the Fletcher
Music Co., Nanaimo. accompanied by
Mrs. Fletcher spent the week end in
Mr.-. W, Gray returned on Tuesday
after spending a few days iu Vancouver.
.Mr. Furnlval Wilcox was a visitor!
to the city on Wednesday. Whilst |
in Cumberland he was the guest of
his sister Mrs. E. O. Robathan.
Mr. W. Clarksoii of Vancouver was
a business visitor to the district on
Monday and Tuesday.
• •   •
The members of the Cumberland
Men's Rridge club met at the residence
of Mr. Wing. Royston, on Tuesday
• *   •
Irvine Hanks who was accidentally
shot a few weeks ago by a school
chum has returned home from thc
Cumberland   Hospital.
1 C. De Coeur who was tbe victim
i of a bullet accidentally discharged by
hts brother-in-law last week is progressing  very  favorably.
Capt. G, U. Bates of Sandwick has
been appointed a .lustice of the Peace.
At St. Joseph's Hospital on November   28th.   to   Mr.   and   Mrs.   Thomas
Patterson, of Bevan. a son.
Mrs.. D F. Renwick aud family of
Union Hay desire to thank their nianv
friends, ar.d take this means of doing
so. for the many expressions of sympathy extended to them in the loss of
a loving husband and father and also
for the many floral tributes received
on the occasion of the funeral.
Listen In Monday Nights
Starting December 3rd
The Voice of
5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time
Hear something new—surprising—different
—35 piece orchestra—internationally known
soloists—male octette—the latest and best in
radio entertainment.
Sponsored by the makers of
Firestone Gum-Dipped Tires
Get your
!3ft   for that
*7     Xmas
We have
it and
it's the
City Meat Market
We Deliver I'hone 111
We do not ran a
THE programmes you want—musical comedy
—grand opera—drama—famous orchestras
and bands, or thc big events of the day—
play by play reports of your favorite sport—conventions—political speeches, just as they happen.
A Westinghouse will give you your choice of
this great variety of entertainment from near or far
with true-to-life reproduction that will amaze you.
There's a model to suit every requirement at
prices the lowest in radio history.
Come in and hear these perfect receiving sets.
lie will gladly give you a demonstration.
For Batteryless, Battery and the Full Line of Radiol
Batteryless Compact
8170.00    Complete
Cumberland. Phone 23 Courtenay, Phone 26 Evenings
srland, Phone 23 Courtenay, Phc
Let us prove Westinghouse superiority by a demonstration in your home.
Mrs. Hunden, Mrs. O'Brien, Mra.
Strachan. Mrs. White and Mrs. MacNaughton wish to thank all those who
attended the silver tea on Wednesday or who sent donations, and also
lake this opportunity of thanking
those who helped to serve.
Fanny Bay
The Fanny Bay school teachers held
a candy social, whist drive and dance
in the new school room on Friday
evening, which in every way wns a
success. The proceeds are to be used
tor the Christmas Concert.
*   *   •
The young men ot Fanny Bay ire
organizing a basketball team. They
had their first practice on Monday
night in the Fanny Bay Community
A party consisting of Messrs. Sutton,
Brackett. E. A. Cliffe and R. Cliffe. left
last Thursday with Captain Brackett
and Engineer Hall on the "Joker B."
for a fortnight's hunting up Knight
Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Ellis returned on
Saturday after a holiday spent in Vancouver.
• •   *
The Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Corker returned home from Vancouver on Saturday.
• *   •
Bishop Schofield of Victoria took the
morning service at St. Peter's Church
on Sunday.
Mrs. D. M. Morrison, with her young
son Ion,, paid a short visit to Vancouver this week, going down on Monday
and returning on Wednesday.
• *   •
Mrs. M, G. Fairbairn spent a couple
of days in Nanaimo the latter part of
last week.
Mr. E. Crotcau spent the week-end
with friends at French Creek.
Mumford's Grocery
Phone 71 1'hone 71
Dried Fruits of all kinds. Fresh stock includes the
Rest Procurable. The stock we purchase has to be
First Class to enable us to say:
Cigars, Cigarettes in suitable gift boxes, in great
Mumford's Grocery
ary ci.il stock of seasonable  fruits and vegetables.
■$m 4$g*s«w
Santa  has just
sent    word    that
he will be at Cav*
Shoe   Sto/e
on December the
20th, as arranged.
G. A.
FLETCHERS. |jf   "Royal Confectionery
R   A. Robertson, 47M  Cumberland, for Demonstration.
He   says    he    ia
coming as fast as
he   possibly   can
f'WHt WJ>. \     andowtng to their
Sfett    jpv      being no landing
^5|lSf' fields   he   cannot
travel by airplane
| hut is using a fast motor-cycle.   The
roads are good and he should be at
< Gavin's by 4 p.m. on December 20th.
| Bring the kiddies along to meet Santa.
Only 25 days—then Xmas
Come in und let us show >ou our complete line of
,    buuable Christmas Gilts cor all.
Here are just a tew suggestions
C10ARS,   ETC.
W      Rhone 25
Y. P. S. to Hold Tra
The Young People's Society will
hold n len. home-cooking nntl candy
sale on Wednesday. December nth
In the United Church Hall from 3
lo  I   p.m.
Have you thought of giving records as a gift this year? Our
stock of Xmas Records will arrive within a few days. Come
In and reserve any number you desire.


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