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The Islander Mar 29, 1913

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 Pongee Silks.
50c, 65c, 75c. and $100 per
yard. Extr • heavy Coating
Pongee at 4.SO a y ird.
Ladies, Princess
'- .. \    Dresses,
$i* Iftjyn,   M irnuesette,   and
Muu/flfAri 13.80 lb 18.50,
VOL. III., No. 52 <^$g^>
thp: islander, Cumberland, b.c, Saturday, march 29,1913
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
Very Good Combination Play by
Home Team, but Weak at
the Net.
One of the events of the season
was pulled of at the Cumberland
Hall Thursday night when our
boys went up against the Btrong
Victoria team of basket ball players.
The game waa very fast, and
while the score ended 28 to 12 in
favor of Victoria, the score is not
a true indication of the gome.
The hall is a little on the small
side to allow much combination
play as the players get bunched
together, but our boys pulled off
sdme very pretty combinations
and then fell down when it came
to putting the ball in the net.
Here is the whole story of why
we didn't; but just wait until the
next time.
The Victoria team was well
balanced and very fast, the star
of the team being Brown, who
seemed to be able to score from
any angle. He was well support
ed by Russell and Keppock. Bannerman held the Cumberland
players well in check.
In the home team Clinton and
Wilson showed up specially well.
The other boys put up a steady
game but, as we stated before,
were away off on their shooting.
If they will get busy and practice on the nets it will take an
extra strong team to" beat them
the next time out.
The hall was well filled and the
game was thoroughly enjoyed by
all who witnessed it, and it is
safe to say that when the next
game comes off it will be played
to a crowded house.
The Victoria team, champions
of B.C., are making a tour of the
Island in an automobile and will
be in Cumberland for a game on
Thursday, April 10th. They will
be up against a much harder proposition in that game as our team
will be strengthened by two Victoria players who are now residing here. The teams line up as
. Bannerman
The official timekeepers for the
game were: W. E. Lawrence and
E. S. Vandervoort. Mr. E. B.
Cale, editor of The Successful
Poultryman, V uicouv.er, acted as
official scorer.
After the game and immediately before the dance the local
team' entertained the Victoria
players to a sumptuous repast in
the dining room of the Cumberland Hotel. All the luxuries of
the land were aeon on the table.
The Victoria boys seemed highly
elated at their reception and appreciated the way in which they
were being entertained.
After the banquet dancing was
indulged in, the hall being comfortably filled. Messrs. Parnham,
Roy, McMillan and Monte supplied the music, which as usual
was delightful.
A few of the Liberals woke up
from theirlong dormant condition
this week and re-organized the
Liberal Association. The officers
elected were: John Bruce, president; Richard Dowdall, vice-
president; P. P. Harrison, secretary; James Stewart,   treasurer.
The Ladysmith Chronicle says;
Capt. Montagu Yates, who is look
ing after the interests of the
Vancouver Island Aydro-Electric
Company, arrived in here Friday
afternoon. Capt. Yates has spent
several days in Victoria and Van
couvei, and has already ordered
the material for the proposed
power plant, which.will be located
near the city, his engineer having already reported on a site
which has been under consideration. The first order for ten cars
has been given to a firm in England, and will be here as soon as
the plant is in operation. Ladysmith has been decided upon as
the centre from which the service
will radiate, the territory to be
traversed being for the present
eighteen miles on either side of
the city. The company now has
a provincial charter, which will
give .them power to use the highway from Chemainus to Nanoose
Bay. In the meantime the agreement between the council and the
company has already been drawn
up and a by-law will be presented
to the ratepayers for ratification.
The agreement has not yet been
made public, but the members of
the council state that the rights
of. the city have been properly
safeguarded. It is stated that
the company asks for nothing but
a franchise for running through
the city, and in return promises
a service that will make a vast
farming territory tributary to
In order that there may be no
confusion between Union Bay,
the shipping port of the Cumberland Collieries, and Union Bay,
toward the end of Saanich Peninsula and the prospective ferry
terminus of the Canadian Northern Pacific's Island division as
well as of the British Columbia
Electric Railway Co.'s Saanich
system, it has for some time been
felt that it would be advisable to
re-name the southern port, letting
it be known hereafter as Deep
Bay or some other and more original appellation. This step has
now been taken and it is understood that the geographical board
will shortly announce the formal
christening of Patricia Bay, nee
Union Bay, Saanich Peninsula,
the short line of the C.N.R. connecting Victoria with this ferry
terminus being known from the
first as the Patricia Bay branch.
Mr. Joseph Boudin has just returned to Penticton after a visit
to Europe, bringing back with
him between five and six hundred
Silver Campine poultry, to be
distributed among members of
the Provincial Poultry Association, who had intrusted him with
commissions. On this journey
the most adverse conditions of
weather were met with, and 75
of the birds succumbed. The
Silver Campine is an ancient Belgian breed, of small size, with
pencilled or cuckoo plumage, and
are noted for laying white eggs.
They are at the present time enjoying immense popularity both
in the United States and Canada.
Lord   Wolsely,   Commander - in
Chief of British Array for Ten
Years, Dies at Mentone.
WANTED—Lots or acreage for
which will trade some stock in
one of Vancouver's leading flnan
cial companies that is earning 12
per cent. Property must be unencumbered. Address "B-46,"
The Islander,
London, Eng. March 25.—Field-
Marshall Viscount Wolsely, one
of the most famous of modern
British soldiers, died to-day at
Mentone,France, in his 80th year.
Viscount Field Marshall, Sir
Garnet Joseph Wolsely, K.P., G.
C.B., G.C.M.G., D.C.L., L.L.D.,
was born near Dublin, in 1833.
He entered the army as ensign in
1852, Lieutenant in 1855, Major
in 1858, Lieut.-Colonel in 1859,
and Colonel in 1865. He served
with the 80th Foot in Burma in
1852-3, gaining a medal for that
war in which he was wounded.
He served with distinction in
the Crimea and at the taking of
Sabastopol with the 90th Light
Infantry, and was severely woun
ded, after which he received the
Legion of Honor, the Fifth clasp
of the Medjidi, and other distinctions. He was present at the
capture of Lucknow, and at the
defence of Alumbagh. In 1860
he seved in China on the staff of
theQ.MG., throughout the Chinese campaign, again receiving a
medal with two clasps.
He was appointed D.G.M.G. in
Canada in 1867, commanded the
Red River expedition in 1S70, in
this country, and then went to
headquarters as A.A.G. ki the
following year. His next active
service was in command of the
troops on the Gold Coast in 1873
during the war against the Ash-
antees. Sir Garnet received the
thanks of parliament and a grant
of $25,000 for his conduct of the
Ashantee war, and was presented
with the freedom of the city of
London, and a sword, also the
freedom of the Clothworkers Co.
He was appointed to command
the auxiliary forces in 1874 and
the following year was Governor
of Natal for some months. He
became quartermaster-general of
the forces in 1880 and adjutant-
general in 1882-5.
In 1882 he was made command
er-in-cliief of the expeditionary
force in Egypt, for which he received the thanks of parliament
and a peerage. He again commanded the expedition for the
relief of Gordon in 1884-5, and on
his return was accorded the
thanks of parliament and a viscounty. He resumed the appointment of adjutant-general to
the forces until the year 1890,
when he was made commander-
in-chief of the army, and held
that appointment until 1900. He
was colonel in the Royal Horse
Guards, gold stick in waiting,
and colonel-in-chief of the Royal
Irish Regiment and the Royal
Canadian Regiment.
Lord Wolseley was the recipient of honorary degrees from the
universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Dublin and Edinburgh,
and the holder of the Grand Cross
of the Red Eagle of Prussia. Under special remainder his viscounty passes to his daughter, the
Honorable Frances Garnet Wolseley.
Naramata Bible Class, of St.
George's Presbyterian Church,
held a very enjoyable supper on
Thursday evening in the basement of the church. A large
number of visiting friends of the
Class sat down to the sumptuous
Indianapolis,March 28.—Never
since the dark day dawned on the
Johnstown disaster has the States
been so moved as by the terrible
catastrophe of Dayton, Ohio, the
sad news of the latter only leak
Ing through slowly by wire owing
to the interruption to telegraphic
communication by reason of tin
storm fiend's deadly hand. The
telegraph office today received an
appalling message which stated
that 3,262 persons had been
drowned at Dayton, Ohio, by the
bursting of a large dam, the
waters rushing through the
streets carrying death and destruction everywhere, whilst
hundreds of homes are washed
away, only the strongest buildings being able to withstand the
inroads of the gigantic flood.
The Hooded district comprises
a circle with a radius of a mile
and a half, and nowhere is the
water less than six feet deep. In
Main street, in the downtown
district, the water is 20 feet deep.
The horror is heightened by
more than a dozen fires, which
can be seen in the flooded district
but out of reach of lire-fighters.
Most of the business houses
and nearly all of the residences
have occupants. Downtown the
offices are filled with men unable
to get home and on upper floors
and on some of the roofs of the
residences are helpless women
and children.
Three rivers, the Miami, the
Stillwater and the Mad, and another stream known as Woll
3reek, join here. The city lies
on a level flat with the four
streams meeting almost in the
heart of the city, and is protected
by levees twenty-five feet high.
The levee protecting the Miami
river broke about six o'clock this
afternoon, and the flood was augmented by the rapidly rising
waters of the other streams, and
finally made uncontrollable by
the breaking of the Laramie reservoir, fifty miles above Dayton.
The electric light plants were
put out of business early in the
day and total darkness, coupled
with a torrential downpour, added to the horrors of the night.
A Number of   Families  Arrive
During the Week  From all
Parts to Settle.
Several miners, arrived this
week from the British Isles and
commenced work in the local
mines. The assortment of baggage arriving at the Cumberland
railway station shows that coal
miners throughout the known
world are heading for Cumberland. Upon their arrival they
do not lose much time; as a rule
they are at work the next day.
Quite a number of families
reached Cumberland this week,
having been sent for by husband
or father, as the case may be.
No. 5 mine jumped up another
notch on Thursday when 417 tons
was hoisted in eight hours. This
mine now keeps around the 400-
ton mark every day.
The total output for the local
mines this week shows an increase of 266 tons over the pre-
week. The figures for the week
commencing Saturday, March 22.
up till Friday, March 28, inclusive, are 8981 tons of coal.
Idlers and agitators, read,
mark, learn and inwardly digest!
All who are qualified are urged
to have their names placed on the
voters lists at the earliest possible j bank   on   April   21st, and
moment.     Some misunderstand- j progress is being made at I
Arrangements are being made
for the construction of ocean
liners one-half as big again as the
Olympic. The mayor of Southampton recently proposed that
the Harbor Board of the port
should vote a sum of $500,000 to
be spent on further widening and
deepening the navigable channel.
He declared that within the next
three years there will be vessels
50 per cent larger than the Olym
pic crossing the Atlantic, with
the port of Southampton as their
base. The keels of these ships
have not yet been laid down,
but preparations are being made
at Queen's Island, theHarland&
Wolff headquarters, for them. On
May 28 next the Hamburg-American liner Imperator, of 50,000
tons, will begin her maiden voyage; the Cunard steamer Aquit-
ania will be launched at Clyde-
ing seems to prevail as to the
need for registration. All the old
Provincial and Dominion voters'
lists have been cancelled, so that
all who want to vote at the forth
coming elections, either Federal
or Provincial, must register anew.
Those who fail to do so will have
no voice in the public affairs of
the country.
Registration forms can be secured and filled in at The Islander
office during any hour of the
business day, from now until
April 7th, when the lists close.
with the construction of the
White Star liner Britannic, which,
when completed, will be the larg
est vessel afloat.
A quiet wedding took place on
Saturday, March '22ud, at 1976
Fourteenth avenue west, Vancouver, ll. (.'., when Elizabeth,
youngest daughter of Mrs. W. II.
G. Murdock, of this city, and Mr.
Herbert Vaughan, of
were married by Rev. A. O. Pat-
erson of Kerrisdale Presbyterian
Church. Mr. and Mrs. Vang'" in
left immediately for a short r 'p,
after which they will resid in
Messrs. Cameron & Allan have
received instructions from II. S.
Porteous, Esq., to sell by public
auction al his ranch, Courtenay,
B.C., on Wednesday, April 16th,
1913, the whole of his stuck and
implements. The live stuck includes one young heavy team in
splendid condition, weight 1500
pounds; several other horses and
two rows. Also a quantity of
farm implements, including a
manure spreader, wagon, buggies, carts, mowers, etc.
The sale shonld he well attended as the stock is of the best and
the implements, etc., are all
\ictona, ; practically new.
Messrs. Cameron & Allan have
shown that they are callable of
handling auction sale-1 to everybody's satisfaction cutting the
best, prices. Sale "<9JUn©DCe
at 2 p.m. prompt,
Macfarlane Bros. Curtain Sale
closes today.
The output for the local mines
yesterday was 1585 tons.
Thos. D, McLean left for Van-
, c'ouver on Tuesday.
Wesley Willard left on Sunday
I last for Vancouver and Victoria.
John Newton, Inspector of
i Mines, arrived on Friday  night.
A. II. Peacey, who went to
i Vancouver on business, returned
on Tuesday.
W. Willard and T. D. McLean
returned   from   Vancouver  last
For bargains in curtain muslins
try Macfarlane Bros., the Corner
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lawrence
returned from a visit to Vancouver on Tuesday evening.
J. W. White, a brakeman on
No. 4 coal train, met with an accident last Monday while coupling some cars.
The funeral of the late Bernard
Farmer took place on Tuesday
afternoon, under the auspices of
the U.M.W. of A.
Mrs. John Piket is now tho
owner of a new Ford car, purchased from E. C, Emde, general
agent for this district.
The Public Schools will re-open
on Monday morning. The night
school, under Thomas Mordy's
supervision, will reopen on Tuesday evening.
Miss Hazel Frame, who is finishing her normal training at tho
Vancouver Normal School, spent
Easter holidays here.
Miss Dot Burns and Miss Irene
Dunn spent Easter vacation at
Dove Creek, the home of the
former, returning yesterday.
Cumberland basket ball team
will play Comox team on Monday
evening at Comox. We expect
our boys will put them in the
shade as usual.
Shortage of fuel at San Francisco is expected to be somewhat
relieved by shipments of coal
from the Comox mines to the
Golden Gate city.
Mrs. Thomas Bickle, Miss
Louisa and Rhoda Bickle, also
Miss Edith Lockard, were passengers on Thursday morning for
A Chinaman was accidentally
killed in No. 4 mine on Tuesday
morning by a fall of coal. The
inquest has been adjourned until
this afternoon-.
Mrs. J. W. McKenzie, of Comox, has purchased a new Ford
automobile, and is making a record as being the first lady to run
a car in this district, and in the
hire business.
The City Hall Picture Show,
the most popular place of amusement, still holds its own, judging
by the crowds that attend every
evening. The pictures this week
have been exceptionally 'good.
Last Saturday evening the proprietor put up three shows. Mr.
Anderson has certainly become,
an expert in the moving picture.
business. ,
In the matter of an application
for a fresh certificate of title to
Lot 210, Comox District;
NOTICE is hereby given of my
intention at the expiration of one
calendar   month   from  the first
publication hereof to issue a fresh
certificate of title in lieu of the.
certificate of title issued to   Andrew  Lewis Galarno on the 9th
day of June, 1897, and numbered
3693C, which has been lost.
Dated at. Lar ■   Registry Omen.
Victoria, H.t ., this 12th day o'
March, V."      : V. WOOTON.
Hegist. i.. U iianU of Titles,,
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward, Lock A Co.. Limited
London, Melbourne A Toronto-
Easy  WJoney For You
We Have a Proposition In North Winnipeg—KINL&CK PLACE
Fronting on Main Street which i.s 133 feet wide with nn electric car service,
close u* new Exhibition Site, on which $1,000,000 wlll bt- Invested in permanent
buildings, also close to Ktldonan Park. There is a greal movement starting in
North Winnipeg, u will develop Into a boom this summer, ltuy nuw ami
gel ridvanttige uf the raise.
Write for booklet und price list.   Choice lots from fi5o up.   Terms J.r. cash
ami (id per month.    Any one can handle one or more.
Send us particulars of farms for sale or exchange,
Get our list uf choice investments.
1! Canada  Life  Bulluln,       Winnipeg,  Mm.
1 t^tygk 123 Esslnciihsicrffl «^T5
■i^S'SfM""*" Mf*-r"™ 8sJ-
\^2^'fefvY' ordered to^etlisr.jn«/•-.- • ■.■?-■*
(b»» ■  lass*!
OMttlMB     ih-m. SHdtUll I
■*x 2<Q     R^clno. Wtl.. J. 5. C.
At a meeting o( working men a u>
;cal preacher was giving an address
[entitled: We bave all j:ot something
:o be thankful fur. On seeing u '
happy-looking young man in the front
row. he said:
M> good man, I perceive you h».ve
got something to be thankful for.
I have that, air, replied the, man. '
My mother-in-law fell downstairs this
morning and had to be carried home.
Nell kept his hand carefully hidden
in  his  ''oat   pocket   us  if  lie  carried
something  which  he  wished  to hide, i
and led the way for some time In silence down the street.
After looking at several simps which '
they passed, he Btopped   at last   In
irout of a confectioner's, and enti ring,
©merged in a few minutes, holding a
nmnll cardboard box of chocolates.
The sweets he poured callously out
on to the pavement, to the great delight of a couple of lit lie boys, and
taking a small brass object from his
pocket, he placed it carefully iii the
Further along the street they came
to a chemist's shop, and here Nell,
entering, coolly demanded, to i> ton's.
amazement, a stick of lip-salve which
ho took himself and paid fnr after
some argument as to Its quality. He
smiled a little al Easton's surprised
countenance as lie left the shop with
his purchase, hut he said nothlng( and
they continued their way.
And now for sortie distance Neil \
seemed at a less. But, al las;, turn-:
ing down a few side streets, he en-
tered'a locksmith's, and looking round
the shop for a few moments, picked
out a plain brass door-knob, which he
purchased and put Into his pocket.   '■
And now that's all. he said with al
smile to Kaston. 1 want to try a!
little experiment. Can we go back to I
your rooms for a moment? We shall j
be quiet there. '
Certainly, returned the Major, inter-'
eated.      Make any use of them that
you like.     Have vou discovered anything?
I think so, replied Nell. But we j
will see.
The two had but a llltle way to go,
and they were soon back again in ihe
Major's smoking-room, where Nell
shut the door carefully and, taking
his purchases from his pocket, placed
them on the table.
Experiments are doubtful things, he ■
said, his    black eyes sparkling a lit-1
tie; but 1 think this one of mine will
be a success.      Let us see whether |
I am right or wrong.
So saying, he took up tho stick of
lip-salve aud tore off the outer cover..
Will you  give  me your  hand   for a
moment, he said to the Major, with!
a little smile
Kaston wonderlngly complied, and
Nell) taking the Major's lingers in hla
own, passed the lip-salve over ihem
Slowly and carefully.
Now press your fingers on this brass
knob, he said, handing the object tn
tbe Major.
Easton did as he was hid. leaving;
five greasy Imprints of his rather1
square finger-tips clearly printed on ;
the brass.
Neil looked at them for a moment
closely. Now tell me one thing, .
Major, he said. You remember grop-;
Ing round for the gas-burner on the
night when you found Eda Brooke ly-1
ing dead with the gas escaping every-1
Perfectly, answered the Major,
Yes.      Now can you recollect—and
It   Is   important.—if   when   searching;
in the darkness for the tap and finding It at last, you caught the tap hy |
the ends or fairly nnd squarely with a
thumb and finger on each side, as you
would have done had you   been   attempting the operation in the light? j
Think carefully, now.
Easton |tbought a moment.  It is a
strange  thing,   he  said  at.  last,   and i
seems unlikely, but I can remember!
every second of that evening as plain-1
ly  as if it  had  happened  just now,
and now you ask me, I seem to feel!
my fingers grasping that, tap at this
moment.     My hand struck against it.,
in the darkness, my fingers gra-sptng
each end of. ihe tap, and I 1 timed it as
they were.      No, 1 am  sure 1 never'
touched tho sides.      I am absolutely,
sure of it.
1 didn't think you did, said Neil, his
eyes sparkling, but some one before
you did hold the tap properly, for he
was In lhe light. Look. And he1
opened the cardboard box. Within
it lay the brass tap from a gas bracket,
and Easton, as he peered down at it,
gave a little shudder, for on each side
of its flat sides was a finger-mark like
those he had made just now on Ihe
brass knot,  Nell  had  handed him.
Nell took up the lap and ih'e knob
and stood for a moment looking at
tbem closely, The science of finger-prints Is a wonderful thing, he said I
at last, and yon can thank your stars
Major, thai yours are not the least
like these, for these, unless 1 am mis-,
taken, belong to a murderer.
flood heavens, yoy, to ihe person
who turned on the gas.
To tho man who turned on the gas.:
or shall we say to Mr. Odo Uiivington, ;
eald Nell calmly.
And they have lasted all ibis time? j
asked Easton.
Nell nodded.     With the grease I he.
Ileve tbey  would  last  till they were I
nibbed or washed away.     But we will
test that on this knob.
But the lip-salve? asked Kaston. at
last.      How do you account for ihe,
grease, and why did you buy tlie lipsalve'.'      Vou   say   it   was   Itlvlngton
who turned the tap.
Yes, They are a man's fingerprints—look ai the size and coarseness. The Up-salve? Well . I win
tell you. Lip salve Is a thing that
man) ladies use. It soften the lips
and also reddens them. These Imprints on the gas tap have a reddish
tlnco, quite different from those whlcb
ordinary grease could have him.-'. I
discovered them a: once in looking
round Eda's room. The maid ha.l
been glad probably to do the room
hastily and get oul nf it, and she had
not troubled to clean the gas tap. No
.me had examined ihe tap very carefully—nor mighl I hey huve noticed the marks if they had. 1 only
saw tbem myself when I turned oil the
electric light, and 1 might have given
little weight to tbem. had it not been
Tor this reddish tinge, for the murks
might have come tliere long since the
murder, but the reddish tinge gave
me an idea, and that idea has grown
upon nie since; for it explans things
which otherwise are inexplicable
Listen. I don't think Eda Brooks com-
mitted suicide. She would not turn |
on the gas and then lay down t.» die
—I never did Ihink so. Nor do 1
think thai a stranger could have entered her bedroom, turned the electric
light out, turned on the gas, made:
his way out of the room again and j
shut the door without disturbing her |
as she lay there dressed, not even in I
her bed.  *
And placed the note  in he:  band,
added   Easton.
Nell nodded.     And placed the note
In  her  hand.      No,   unless  she  had
been drugged she would have woke. |
But she was not drugged.
Then, what do you think? asked the ;
Major,     She died of the gas?
Yes, she died of the gas. The doc- ^
tor swore that. But suppose some'
one who knew the girl and the flat
makes his way into the apartment—
remember the front door may wave
been unlatched—and enters the bed-.
room. He wants the girl out oH the
way, he comes Intending to quarrel j
with her, to part, with her. to get rid (
of her and be finds her lying there
asleep and at his mercy. Now murder is a dangerous thing—-a revolver
makes a noise, a knife makes blood.
Wha' is silent and safe? He looks I
round the room. Charcoal? stiffoca
tion? Gas—ab! the gas! But before the gas can do its work she may
awake, already she moves, she is wak-
Ing. Tbe thought, of suffocation Is I
running through his brain. Quick as ;
lightning he presses his band across |
her mouth and nostrils. He is a
powerful man, and 'he girl is half-
asleep. She hardly struggles, perhaps she faints, when her eyes open
and she sees her fate and realises who ,
is her assailant. Her breathing grows
fainter, her limbs relax, she ceases to ;
breathe, the murderer removes his
hand. Is she dead? She will be
still enough now at all events. And
then he begins to think rapidly, fur-
lously. He is a murderer; hence-1
forthforth he is in danger. If he is !
suspected, the whole world's hand
Will be against him. lie must not be
suspected. Swiftly he goes to the
gas and turns it on. It will lie
thought she has committed suicide.
There is only one person whom he
fears, one person who might doubt—
Violet. Then an idea comes to him.
He seizes a piece or paper and writes
upon it. He knows Eda's hand only
too well and lie can imitate It. He
has something in his mind we do nol
know something that will lend color
to lhe acctiEatlon be writes, or turn
suspicion, if suspicion ihere should be.
Quickly be scribbles the few words
andslips the paper in the band of the
senseless girl. But the gas is now
lilling the room, and turning out the
electric light, he Hies, closing the bed
room door behind him. No one In
the Hal is disturbed the night porter is
absent and the murderer makes bis
way out unnoticed. Did Eda wake?
or did she pass from unconsciousness
to dentil" Who can say. but almost
certainly the latter. Al all events
Bhe is dead, and the murder r has accomplished bis task. And accomplished It to all appearances in Bafety.
|<'or time passes, the body Is discovered, thi re is the publicity, the Inqudsl
and verdict and then all bj qulcl
(To be Continued!
Prosy Person—1 suppose my dear
Mr. Gotrox, that yon used: "Make
bay while the sun shines" as your
life's motto.
Mr. Gotrox—Certainly, sir, certainly.
But that's only half of it. You
should add that 1 made Hie hay from
the grass oilier people let grow under
their feet.
Dr. Morse's
Indian Root Pills
exactly meet the need which so often
arises in every family for a medicine
to open up and regulate the bo welt.
Not only are they effective in all
cases of Constipation, but they help
Kiatly in breaking up a Cold or La
ippe by* cleaning out the system
i   »nd purifying the blood.   In the same
way they relieve or cure Biliousness,
I   Indigestion, Sick Headaches, Rheum*
j   attsin and other common ailment*,
In the fullest sense of the words Dr.
Morse's Indian Root Pills are        47
A Mfunshold   Retnndy
Young Man—I should like to ask
your advice, sir. as; to whether yon
think your daughter would make me
a suitable wife?
Lawyer—No, I don't think she
would.      Two dollars, please.
Winter Sport Accident
Lucerne.—A serious accident occurred at the big curve on the bobsleigh
run at Andermatt. A bobsleigh with
four persons on hoard capsized at Ihe
turn. A woman and man. who are
said to be from England, but whose
names have not ye; been clearly established, were badly hurt.
W.   N.   U.  937
Monument to a Composer
A marble siatue of Verdi and brofize
figures representing M mes. Pattl,
Stul/. and Arnoldson In various operatic roles. Is bring erected In St. Pet*
ersbura at a cost ot f its.ouo.
" muck broking business? I want a Hv*
imblttoUR representative In every clt;
ind town to hanu!» stocks, bond* inn
mortgages; applicant must furnish references nnd have from SlOrt to JSftii person-
nl capital. Wilts or call M. R. Edgw
ft Co., 34 Victoria Street, Toronto.
Wanted—Agents for Hall anf. Windstorm Insurance. Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, (Dominion License), Winnipeg, Man.
After Hhe busy season Is over, pack
up and come east and spend three
months iu one of our schools. Business education will help you to win
out. It costs but little to get it.
Write us for our new curriculum and
elan to let us help you. Address W.
H. Shaw, President, "Shaw's Schools,"
Toronto. Canada.
A Prior Claim
The lovely girl, having lingered a
minute in her room to adjust her
transformation, change the angles of
her Grecian bend, and make sure that
her skirt fitted like the skin of a
plum, descended to the parlor to find
the family pet ensconed upon the
knee of the young man caller, her
curly head nestled comfortably against
bis shoulder.
Why Mabel, the young lady exclaimed, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Get down this minute.
Shan't, retorted tbe child. I got
here firs*.
She—But how do I know you love
Ho—Why, 1 can*t sleep at nights
thinking of you.
She—That proves nothing. Pa
can't sleep at nights thinking of you;
but 1 hardly think it is love.
Miner's Leap to Death
It is reported that, a miner named
Bregeart, living at Lambusart, near
Charlerol, committed suicide in an unusual manner* Knowing that he was
suffering from an incurable disease he
deliberately jumped Into a pit 1200
feet deep and was dasned to pieces.
Pole of Twenty Years Acclaimed by
Critics as Marvelous Player
| Daniel Melsa, an exceedingly clever
young  violinist, who is acci...med  by
' competent critics as possessing supreme talent, has arrived in London,
and will raako ins appearance at Stein-
■ whv  Hall.
1     There Is nothing or the conventional
j musical genius about Melsa   He looks
| older than  bis years,  which  are not
; yet l!u, but that is usual with bis race
Ills  black  hair  is  close cropped,  bis
.eyes have a rather dreamy expression,
but be is Interested in everything and
\ quite  devoid  oi   affectation.      ut   a
singularly modest demeanor, he does
not  care to  talk  aboui  himself and
career, though be is full ot gratitude
toward  those who    hate    befriended
I him.
His early life was singularly sad and
overshadowed bv a great tragedy.
I Horn at  Warsaw in !{>:>„. .\ieisat- par*
I ents removed to Lods three years
| later.      The boy,  when quite small,
■ had a passion lor music, ane bis lather
j bought him a violin, on which he
I taught himself to play melodies. He
| had no lessons until he wus about 7
] years of age, when a professor of Lodz
i happened to hear him play, am", was
i so astonished at the talent he display-
1 ed that he advised his father to bave
the boy educated, and prophesied a
I great future for him.
j After receiving instruction from
minor musicians, the boy, at tbe age
I of 9. entered the conservatorium of
iP.rofe.ssor Grudzinski, where he re-
| maiucd two years.
Misfortune came in June 1905. One
afternoon Melsa's lather, accompanied
by his little daughter, went out Into
the streets and never returned. This
was tbe time of tbe Jewish massacres,
and it was only aftei a week's search
thai the child's body was lound riddled with bullets, in a deserted cemetery. OT the father no trace remained. During this awful period tho
boy and his mother were in imminent
danger, but the Cossacks took pity
on young Melsa, whom they remembered * as having often delighted them
with his violin playing, aud thus his
life and his mother's were spared.
When the last echoes of the Pogrom
had died away sympathizing friends
enabled tbe boy and his mother to go
to Berlin, where hia rare gifts soon
won him a free course at the Klind-
worth-Scharwenka Conservatorium.
The lad studied bard, and with such
success, that in 1909, when but 16,
he caused something of a sensation
by winning the prize violin at a com-
i petition.
[ Mrs. Hill, wife of the American ambassador in Berlin, took a great Inter-
I est in the boy. and it was chiefly
through her influence thnt a fund wns
raised, to which many wealthy Germans and Americans contributed, to present Melsa with a violin and to placp
the family beyond want. A Berg-
onz! of 1THT was bought at a cost ol
[$6250. and is now the cherished pn=).
: cession of the youthful virtuoso. He
! received further lessons from the well
known master. Prof. Karl Flesch, and
Ion December 7 last Meter, made his
I debut in Berlin. His playing made
! a deep impression and met with a
j popular success nuite nut of the nr
dinary. Since then be has given two
performances in Paris.
The young genius will make hla
home In this country until he coos to
America In November, and will give
some forty concerts.
Whether the corn be of old or new
growth, it must yield to Holloway's
Corn Cure, the simplest and best cure
offered to the public.
They tell me ynu have hal some
money lef; you, Bit id Bloom.
Yes, replied Smith; it left me long
Woman, said the delected young
man. is a disappointment and u
Indeed! replied one listener.
Yes.      I saved u.p all
money and  lived    on    banana
weeks to treat. Mtsa Truelovi
opera and a supper.      'I hen
her to marry me and she .-n'd
afraid I was too extravagant
a good husband,
.-J      I w
to   r'.i
SEiti SIXTY frllLEo
FOR m FillS
Mr. Sid. Castletnan of I,;mk r l^ke,
Oit. needed Gin Pills badly* llej*nys>
"I had been suffering some tan- wttii
my Kidneys and Urine, The p.iii wn*
bometllluff awful, and no rest at nigh*..
I heard of your Gin Pills and sent my
chum 6o miles to get tbem, aud in mt
than six hours I felt relief, lu two
days the pain hnd left mc cttthcly—'
mid to-day I feel as well as ever".
50c. a box, six for $.1.50. Sample frte"
if you writ e National Drug and CucnUciV
Co., of Canada Limited, Toronto,      ***"
Traveller—Ah, Miss Society. If you1
want to see Nature at its b«t you1
should take a trip through the p:fl*'
woods of Norway.
Miss Society—Wouldn't it he grand?
And I do so dote on plneuppje.
Mlnard's  LLnment Cures Diph'.hifti.
Mother—Why, Lola, aren't you
asleep yet.
Little Lola—Not quite, mamma; but
one of my feet is.
Eure euro nnd positive ni-evtntlve, "» mutter hn«  hon««
.,. "m- nite nr" lifleXrti or "cxponetl." Until*. bIvmi on Uw
longtto. acts on Hie Hloofl nnd Glands, expels tne poisonous
u. n,i*. from   ili.>   Irndv.      Cures   Distemper   In   Dogs  MM
MM sheep, and riml.™ in Poultry. Largest soiling llvo stooKr*.
/V/ medv.   Cures Ln Clrlppo umong human helngs ma Is n fine
.■**/ kldnev remedy,   ''ut thin out.     Keen It.     su..v.- u to you,
druggist, who will get It for you.     Free Booltlot. "Dlstotn-
SPOHN   MEDICAL   CO..     Chemists,     and     Bacteriologists. Goshen.   Ind..  I'S A.
reports time 1M2 lias lu'en by fur the
moat successful of twenty successful yearB.
The Applications received make a new record. ...,..<«.
Total for 1912  nffiS
Increase for the yenr  • '.'"».'""
Largely Increased Assets nnd Income evidence the Company's
expansion. «.«or«»«,
Assets December 31st 11)12   J12.251.fl81
Income for 11)12 !    ™H«
Increase In Income for the year *    WSfiw
Greatly  increased Gains  indicate well-satisfied, persistent
Policy-holders .„„„..,.„»
Business in force end 1912 583,978.7*3
Gain for the year     J16.009.307
Increased Gain over 1911   * 4.96T..002
Interest-carninss are the highest yet recorded.
The Average Gross Rate for 1912 beins J    7.95p.c.
Increase for the year ■  t    0\23p.c
The Mortality has never been so favorable.
Net Death t'lalms 1912  $    328.1115
Decrease for the year J        6,651
Low Expense  Rates betoken due economy, and with the
two preceding items, find tangible expression in
Surplus Earnings for 1912 $    573,460
Greater than amount earned in 1911 by  $    131,386
The Great-West Policies in force now number $      40,506
I ncrease for the year  $        6,242
Again proving that for low rates and high returnB—the public increasingly choose tlreal-West Policies.
Magistrate-rAre you aware of miti-
gating circumstances in your case'.'
Criminal—Yes, your worship. This
i« lite fifilelh time I have been arrested for vagrancy, and 1 thought that
perhaps we might get up a little Jubilee.
You can have a taste of
the summer sunshine of the
corn fields by serving a dish
These crisp flavoury bits of
toasted white corn make an
appetizing dish at any time
of year.
Try them in February
and taste the delicate true
maize flavour.
A dish of Toasties served
either with cream or milk,
or fruit, is surprisingly good.
'The Memory Lingers"
Grocen     everywhere     sell
n   Postum  Cereal
Windsor, Ont.
Latter Hesitates to    Use    Gun    and
When   Captured   Bursts   Into
A   daring     attempt     recently     to
escape from the Sante prison made by
a  20-year-old convict, was frustrated
owing to an appeal to his feeliugs.
I    Marcel Kckerlon is under sentence
of five years' imprisonment for theft.
1 lis cell is next to tlie room of one of
the jailers, and tliere la a spyhole between the two, so that the jailor may
watch tlie convict.
lickerlin can also watch the jailer,
and on Wednesday he saw the jailer
in lhe next room chauge Into civilian
clothes and gu off for a day's lease.
i As soon as he had gone tho convict
broke away part of the wall round lhe
spyhole and climbed through. He then
tli'tssed : ini* If In the jailer's uniform
and stole u revolver and S-10 aud start*
ed  to leave  the prison.
Fortunately ids disappearance was
nol iced In lime. The head warder,
n mnn named Mallard, ordered a
search for hi in In the prison, and
found Hie convict in a workroom on
Hi- top lloor.
When tint chief warder opened tlie
door of the workroom ho was faced
by the convict In warder's uniform anil
with a revolver. Tho warder in his
hurry bad not taken a weapon with
hint. He stood perfectly stlli, opened
his arms wide and said: Surely you
won't shoot the father of a family!
The convict hesitated, the chief warder rushed at him. and he was overpowered, and burst Into tears.
It was rumored In Paris that Kck-
erlen's attempt at escape had been tol-
, lowed by an attempt to set free a
I number of the ringleaders of the Bon-
! not-Garnier gang, who were consigned
to lhe Sante prison, hid Ibis story is
! contradicted by the authorities.    .
:' Bones—What makes you so downhearted?
i IBinka—My employer's wife lius endowed another mission.
j    Bones—What of that?
I    Blnks—-Every time she does it the
'. old man cuts down our salaries to gel
j even.
Hammerless Repeating Shotgun
Tbe lightest, strongest and handsomest repeating shotgun made. It weighs
only 5?4 pounds, yet, all metal parts being made throughout of Nickel
Steel, it has wonderful strength. In grace of outline and refinement of
detail and finish, it is unapproached by repeating guns of other maker.
It is exceedingly simple to load, unload and take down, and shoota
with  Lhe strength and accuracy for which Winchester guns art noted.
Aik your dtottr te sham y§u tne, er und to Winchester Repeatins Anns
Ce., New Haven, Cenn., for handsome, illustrated circular describing it
y   There are no vegetables just like yonr
*   own trowing.    Provide for a good table,
eat vegetables, and throw away medicine.
We not only anpply yon with tbe Finest Tested
Seeds for this Country, but we also show yon
Told in our booklets, 153 pages (copyrighted).
. Tlie first of the kind printed in Canada.     Tb«y
contain  the   best   Western experience   of  export
Market Gardeners.   Sound, practical aod sensible—
just what you want to know In preparing the aeeil
bed, manuring, starting the seed, transplanting, forcing,
ripening, storing, destroying  insects, etc.     The price
is 10 cents per booklet (St.00 for tbe full set of U,
including vegetable and special field crops), but FREE t*>
purchasers of our seeds. .    See our catalogue, page 2.
gSTffip.BRlflOS^pp,|Cfl^ Sg;
./•  l''v;J;-.WJI«ilNI1i'E'C-    CANAD'A'      "» SEED Ii Gil$£■
1 It la reported that a man of Ver-
: vlers, states the Brussels Patriots, haa
j undergone a term of six months Im-
I prlsonment for an offense committed
1 by his brother, whom he strongly re-
! nembles. Despite the man's protest
tlie error was not discovered until he
I had served the sentence.
A police-sergeant reported an outrage to a superior officer and was told
to take steps to find tlie perpetrator
and make his report in writing.
The steps 1 have taken are 15,38(1,
equal to 16,531 yards the distance
from the barracks to the scene of Lhe
I Two Mysterious Murders*
| It is reported that an old .woman-
' who was reputed to be a inlaei waf
i round murdered at her lodgings In %v
1 suburb of Brussels this morning. $hr
> had beeu gagged aud strangled. Tm*'
' ls the second case ot the kind tbat
! has occurred ln Brussels within a
week. A former gendarme has beeu?
: arretted on suspicion of havlbtf cviu-
i mined the first murder.
Call no man happy until yoa have
seen his wife.
Consciencp  doesn't  make  cowards
of us as often as a bigger man doejj.
Gardens for Poor Children
London,   Feb.   1.— Stepney  council:
j proposes  to  let.  vacant   land   at  the ]
; rear of the Ratcllff baths to poor chil-1
dit:n lor gardeu plots. |
from all over U.S. and Canada.
<■"  •■ in  lo usv  Vou  wftf
soonor nr latr-r.    Bend for pric#
M.   F.  Pfaelzer & Co.,
ii Warn Kill St    <Dwk 7M>
Now  York City *>
arfl  entirely  different  ircm   S
others both in their composh
Hon and their effect—complete
evacuation without purging or
2\z. a box at your druggist's.
■ATtONAb O-Od A*JD CMt«ic»l CO
ar uNint. iiM.Tfo
How would you like to bo o»v Selling
Agcnte and make BIQ ft.ONEY in
w ew^rw your Spare Hours?
"#pvlj     \\vhuvo lhl1 r,olHis!
{,&*-**»       Sl,mi post Cnrj toHlny
fort>strUculnrstand "Got Into Business,"
M. O. DepU P. O. Hex iz$6, Montreal* Can.
Vital, offers a splendid opportunity
for great profits. We are spend*
ing over Thirty Thousand dollars
in Improvements.
Buy now, before prices advance,
Plans nnd price?, free.
Sterling Bank Building, Winnipeg
200 |
Visitors Will Shortly See the Wild
Animals In One Vact Panorama
London, England.—A new leuture
whtcu suouid prove cf great attraction
:o visitors is to be provided at the
Zoological Gardens by ihe generosity
of J. Newton Mappin, head of the firm
of mappin i: Webb, Limited, it will
he an installation for the panoramic
display of wild animals.
.Mr. Mappin announces his gift In a
letter to :he council, In which he says
that the installation would be an im-
portant step in your successful efforts
to make the London Zoological Gardens the host in tho world from ihe
; point of view of the animals themselves, and the visitors.
If my offer be accepted, he adds, it
would be very agreeable '.o me if the
oouncl] were to arrange thnt It be asso-
elated with some special benefit to
London shop assistants, nn for in*
Btance, that Uiey be admitted to the
gardens at the ra:e of sixpence, Instead of n shilling on an afternoon
[each weekday convenient to them.
The Mappin terraces will occupy nn
I area shaped like Hie quadrant of a
circle with a ten pavilion opening on
In wide terrace on the low ground at
; the apex, so as to afford a general view
rf the successive tiers of Inclosurea for
I animals.    The highest portion will lie
m orescent*8hnped curve of rock work
I rising i'lto four peaks, nnd suitable for
goats, sheep nnd chamois.
I At the foot of this will be a terrace
for visitors, giving on one side, a near
I view of the g'^at hills, and on the
olher a view from above, through
openings In the masonry, of the lower
crescent for hciirs. . For the bears six
large in closures will be provided, each
containing a pond, rockwork and shelter raves.
The inclosurea will be sepirated
from the p°eond terrace for visitors
by a deen ditch, across which th** nni
mala will he seen wi'hout ihe Intervention of bars. Below the bears'
dens will be placed four lor<re paddocks fnr ruminants, such as deer, and
a large pond and lawn.
The hills will he modeled fo rnnre-
sent natural scenery, and the '.nclos-
urrs for bears ftnd rumtnnnts and th/
two high terraces for visitor* will re
present massive Roman architecture.
Sir .Tames Caird Ins sent th? co>r-
ci! $5000 to be used in buMdlng an ad
dltlonnl Insect, house In the gardens.
Tn addition, the council announces that
by the kindness of the proprietors, a
special matinee exhibition of the series of Paul J. Rainev's moving pic'
Mires of .African animals will be given
at the Molhorn Empire, thn profits tc
be devoted to provifling open-air ac
commodatlon  for the animals.        ,
II }uu Jet-i ,ui ot sons"—"run down
sr "got the uluus," bi.iTt-r from kidney.
WAdJrir. nervous diseaM*. chronic we«k>
j»*t>ttt.'», ulcer*, ukln eruptions, piles, &c
Write for my FREE boo!;. It li th*
won Instructive medical book ever written. It ttlii all about theur- riineaac-i
and the remarkeblb cures effected *»y
th* tier/ French Remedy "THERAPION"
No, 1. '.-o. 2, No. 'i. and you run tfecld*
•for yourself If it Is the remedy for your
ailment. Dan't send h cent. It> ab*
(Hiluu-ly FREE. No "follow-up" clrc*
VOU. Dr. LnOtero Med. Co. Havir
•rtork   Rrt..   T-Timnnt -nd,   London.   Eng.
! ZsnvBuk Waa Then Tried and Work-1
ed a Cure
Writing from Poplar. B.C., Mrs   C.
Hanson, wife of tbe proprietor of the:
Commercial  Hotel, says;   i suffered
for years with bleeding    piles.    The)
pain was so bad at times that 1 could '
harriW  walk,  and  ordinary  remedies |
seemed utterly unable to give me any \
easy.      finally 1 decided to undergo
an operation, and went to the Sacred!
Heart  Hospital in    Spokane.    There]
they performed an operation and did
all they could for ine.      For a time
I was certainly better, but within 12 j
months the    trouble    started    again j
and   the  piles  became  as  painful  as {
ever;,     I tried liniments, hot poultices, ;
various 'pile cures', and indeed every-!
thing I eould think would be likely to
do any good,.but still I continued to
suffer, and    the   shooting,    burning,
stinging pains, the dull, aching and j
wretched  'worn-out'  feeling that the
dlBease causes continued  as  bad  as |
"One day I read about ZnnvBuk and
though' I would try It. The first on*1
nr two Boxes gave me more ease than
anything else 1 had tried, so 1 went
on with the treatment. In a short
Mme T heean to feel altogether different and better, nnd I saw that 7.»m-
Bnk w»r (reins to cure roe. Well, I
went on us'ng It, and by the t'me T
h^d used °!v bnXP<l f'was deli,vhle1 to
ind myself entirely cured. Thnt wns
three veal's ago. and from then to
the nr*"*°nt time *hnr>e has been no return of the trouble."
Kam-Buk Is a sure cure for piles,
ef/ema. ulcers, ar^cpsses, cold sores,
ohsnoed binds, varicose sores, burns,
■wialds, bruises, Inflamed nsitch.es. aid
"tl skin ininries and diseases. Dmg-
g'sta and stores everywhere. Fine. box.
nr Zam-Ttnk Po., Toronto, for price.
Refuse harmful substitutes.
Engineers and Boilermakers
Boilers of   all    klLds— Engines,
Pumps and Heavy Plate Work
Write us for Prices
14 Strachan Ave., Toronto, Canada
Deafnecf Cannot by Cured
I by local applications, aa they cannot
I uacli the UiaeaieU portion uf the ear.
There i.i only one way to cure deafness,
anu that la o constitutional remedies.
Deafneai le caused by au iniUmed condition of tlie rrucoun lining of the Eue-
tachlan Tube. When this tube Is In*
flamed you n*ve n rumlilintc wound of
Imptrfect beaitnur, and when It la entirely ok Bed, Deafness Is the result, and unless tbe Initanmatlon can b« taken uut
ai.rt this tube restored to its normal condition, hearing will be destroyed for evtr;
condition  of  the  mucous  surfaces.
We wilt st 'o One Hundred Dollars for
any case of Decmess (caused bv catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Cat arm
Cure,      Send lor circulars,  tree.
F.    . CHKNEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
Sold by Druggists, TBo.
Jake Wait's Family lJUls for constipation.
■ II Uric Acid Dlar.ii.ra. Including Kidney Trouble. Bladder Stonea Gail
Stone*. Gravel and Lumbago are rap
Idly relieved and permanently cur»d
by SANOI,. A remedy that haa an
enviable refutation throughout Canada. We wlll aend lettera from
■core* of r.eople, who have been cured
of one or mora of them uoinplalnta,
Write for full Information.
Price (ISO I*er Bottle at all Leading
Tram-Driver (After a great E'orm)
—Ah, and I've been out ln all of It.
Cabby—No you ain't! I've been out
Is some of lt!
Many niotherB have reason to bless
Mother Oraves' Worm Exterminator
jWcause It has relieved the little ones
ot suffering and made them healthy.
A gentleman was walking through
Hue negro portion of an American town
wben he came across a woman unmercifully limiting a little boy.
Here, my good woman, he said, seizing ber by the arm you must not iln
(Ittt.      What hns be done any way'.1
Mustn't, do that! What has he
alone? ejaculated Ihe enraged negress.
Jf you want to know, he's been and
lef de thicken hous' do' open and all
(em chickens got out.
Well, lhat is not so serious, said
(he gentleman, soothingly; chickens
gjwoyti come home to roost.
Come home! snorted lhe woman;
tern chickens will all go home.
We. a box or alx boxes r*r I2.S0,
at (II alttlant, or Th* Dalit's Meal-
Hll* Company, Limit**', Tararrta,
The Best Figure
Bennett was no beauty. He was
too shapeless lu tbe nether regions for
Cavalier costume; the sticky quality
of his arms precluded a Viking dress;
and his countenance was assuredly of
too humble and nondescript a character to fill an heroic part at the forthcoming fancy-dress ball.
The eventful evening dawned. But
alas! What is this? Around the
walls loll despondent Cavaliers, Oliver
Cromwclls, Bluebeards, the history-
book kings and many others.
Intently their hitler gaze is riveted
on a group of charming Ophelias, Rosamunds, Geisha girls, and petty peasants who cluster in an excited group
round a short and Insignificant little
It's—yes, It is—no, it Isn't—it la-
it's Bennett.
He haa come as a bargain, marked
down at 75c. -and every girl In tbe
room is fighting to reach him.
That ia LAXATIVE   BROMO   QUININE.   Look  lor the signature ot  E.
W,   GROVE.   Cures a  Cold   In  One
Day. Cures Grip In Two Days.  25c.
Mystery Seems to Attach to Preparations by Germany
London. — Sir .loll" D, Rees
put a remarkable question in the
house of commons, regarding the conversion of German merchant ships Into
lie asked the first lord of the admlr
ally if he would slate what steps the
government had taken to countervail
tlio privilege of allowing conversion
of merchantmen into   warships,   conferred on Germany by the ratification
ln 1909 of The Hague conference of
1907, whereby  128 warships,    <r>    of
which were over 10,000 tons, and all
of which  were specially adapted  to
I conversion, would be added lo the Ger-
j man fleet when the empire was at war.
!    Doctor Macbnamara, who replied for
lhe government, said he could not accept the figures of Sir John Rees.
f    The question of the protection  of
I British trade and commerce   is    one
| which has constantly lhe attention of
| the admiralty, he said, and 1 am not
prepared lo make any statement as to
j what steps will be or have been taken
in tbe matter.
"   Internal  parasites In the shape of
< worms in the stomach and bowels of
I children sap their vitality and retard
| physical development.       They   keep
I the child in a constant stale of unrest
j and, if not attended to, endanger life.
The child can he spared much suffering and the mother much anxiety by
the best worm remedy that can be go!,
Miller's Worm Powders,    which    are
sure death to worms In any shape.
W.. N. U. 837
- |    It Is common enough to find fault
[if you want to be original, lose lt.
The Wretchedness
of Constipation
Gin quickly be overcome by
Purely vajitablo
—act surely and
gaatly on ita
Rvaft Cute
aesa, and Indigestion.    They do their duty.
Small Pill, Small Do*.*. 5ra**i) Price.
Genuine mustbeai Signature
*w mwmm
Mrs. Winsluw'b BooTHINQ Svhcp lias bee*
nsedforova sixty years by millions of
i* the liest remedy lor UIARRHOJA, Ii « al*
iolutely harmless; Be sure and a»lt for "Mrs.
Winslow's Soothing Svnip." and take ao other
kind.  Twenty-live cents a bottle.
All new arrivals ore washed, explained a warder to some visitors who
were beine; shown over a model prison.
And if they make a fuss? asked one
of tbe visitors.
Then they are ironed.
Pills of Attested Value.—Parme-
lee's Vegetable Pills are the result of
enreful study of the properties of rer-l
'a'n mots and herbs, and the action j
ot such as sedatives nnd laxatives on
the digestive apparatus. The sue-j
(.pijh the compounders bave met with j
tttes's the value of their work. These
oills have been recognized for many
vears as the best, cleansers of the sys-1
tern that can be got. Their excellence was recognized from the first and
they grow more popular dally.
■£u- ruy-i&Mtnii^i,
me. - Jt& MniftA
DYE, on* can buy—Wlijr you don't even have to
know what KTNDof Cloth your Gooda aro nudn
of.-.io Mlitakaa ar* Itnpoaalbl*.
Send (or Free Color Card, Story Booklet, and
Booklat clvinf remit* of Dyeing over olhrr colon.
Women are Drowned Trying to Res
cue Their Pet
London. England.—Two women lost
their lives, following an attempt to
rescue a oolite dog from a rouyh sea
at llhos, near Colwyn bay.
They were Miss Elizabeth GiiPkell.
aged 54. and Miss Jennie Robinson,
aged 20, cook and maid io Miss Richmond, of Kendal, who ia spending the
winter at Rhos.
A tremendously high sea was running and the two women, accompanied by the dot;, went to watch the
waves dashing over the embankment.
The dog ran down some steps leading from the promenade and was tn
difficulties immediately it entered the
Miss Robinson pluckily followed the
dog, with the object of rescuing It,
but she was caught by the backwash
of the waves and carried Into the
sea. "Miss Gaskell went to her assistance, bul she slipped and was
washed Into deep water.
The woman's cries for help worn
heard by Scoutmaster Butler and Police Constable Roberts, who enterod
the water at great peril and succeeded
!n bringing them to shore. Both women, however, wire dead, artificial respiration being tried on the younger
one for three hours without success.
Mlnard's   Liniment   Cures   Garget    n
The occasion was the regimental
ball. The band was there, and the
palms and the refreshment buffet ami
everything   was   lovely.
But in one corner, behind a beautiful green rampart of palms, the young
lieutenant and the colonel's daughter
were trying to occupy the same chair,
and were giving other evidence of the
fact that their heart's had been pierced
by some of Cupid's darts,
Suddenly an intruder appeared—a
tierce intruder in the uniformed personage of the young lady's father. In-
. stantly the chair was abandoned, and
the youthful swain stood at atention.
Sir, he said lu sharp, sUiccato tones.
I have the honor to report an engagement at close quarters, in which I have
been entirely victorious. Now Bir.
ft merely remains for you to give your
official sanction to the terms of surrender.
Affsrany Sickness
nothing so rapidly restores health
mid vigor as SCOTT'S EMULSION.
It is tlie essence of natural body-
nourishment, so medically perfect
, that nature immediately appropriates and distributes it to every
organ, every tissue—feeding,
nourishing and restoring them to
normal activity.
patent medicine, but is nature'*
body-nourishment with curative,
upbuilding properties and without
a drop of drug or alcohol. It contains superior cod liver oil, the
hypophosphites of lime and soda
■ with glycerine, and is so delicately
emulsified that it enters tlie system
without digestive effort—builds,
tones and sustains.
After croup, whooping cough,
measles and other child ailments it
Is nature's ally in restoring health.
I After grippe or pneumonia it
Imparts strength and health, and
for colds, coughs, sore, tight chests
ind throat troubles SCOTT'S
EMULSION gives the greatest relief
Scott * Bowse. Toronto, Ontario       IH»
Dominion Exprsss Extends Service
The Dominion Express Co., ls extending Its service over thi Intercolonial and Prince Edward Island rail
ways, with direct connection with
Newfoundland, and over the following
ether roads in the Maritime Provinces:
The Moncton & Buitonelie. Kent
Northern, North Shore, International,
Cariiquet, Temlscdtlta, Quehec Central and Atlantic, Quebec & Western.
This gives the Dominion Express Co.
a totnl mileage of over 18,000 ln Canada, which Is practically two-thirds of
the entire railway mileage of the Dominion. 	
Muriel said the old gentleman
sharply, that young man you had In
the parlor last night Is dull of comprehension. All I had to do was
cough when the other chaps remained
too late, and they would take the hint
and depart. Did this one say anything when I coughed last night?
Ves, replied the beautiful daughter,
he said the next time he called ho
was going to bring you some cough-
To start In profitable business of hlsownselllnjf our Pfor Line of
Necessities dfreet to furmers,   Contract given lor exclusive territory. Mao must
be  honest,  sober  and  industrious.   Two
Thousand Rawleigh salesmen now malcine
$100 to $300 Per Month
Experience   not   necessnry.   Wa will teach you.
.*. iiiw choice Territories dtlll open.   If you enn fur-
ntoh team nnd a   litiio expense money, write ui
BtHi„, - age, occupation, etc.
tht W. T. Rawleigh Medical Co., Winnipeg, Man.
•mp*rtara- Chemists   Manufacturers
Mlnard's  Liniment cures Dlstompsr.
Extra Time Called for
Late again this morning, Murphy!
said the head clerk, aa the office-boy
crept into the office almost half an
hour after his appointed time. This
awon't do! You'll have to go, unless
you can manage to he more punctual,
Shure, sor, I'm sorry, the boy re-,
plied. But the truth Is I overslept
myselt dreaming 1 was a replayed
Cup tie football match.
Well, what's that got to do with it.
Faith, sir, one side played folne,
and the other was just as foine. So
it was a draw, and that blessed foal
of a referee ordered extra time, and
I had to slay and see the finish!
MaUIe—What is tho seat of war?
Pansy—That must   lie   the   place
where the standing army sits down.
It Paid This Man to Change Food
What is called good living eventually brought me to a condition quite
tlie reverse of good health," writes an
Eastern merchant.
"Improper eating told nn me till my
Btomaoh became so weak that food
nauseated me, even the lightest and
simplest lunch, and 1 was much depressed after a night of uneasy slumber, unfitting me for business.
"This   condition   was  discouraging,
as I could find no way tn Improve it
Then I saw   the   advertisement   of
Grape-Nuts food, ami decided to try ii,
and became delighted with the result.
"For the past three years I have
used Grape-Nuts.and nothing else for
my breakfast and for lunch before retiring, lt speedily set my stomach
right and 1 congratulate myself that 1
have regained my health. There is
no greater eomfnrt for a tired man
than a lunch of Oraoe-Nuts. It insures restful sleep, and an awakening
in the morning with a feeling of bouy-
ant courage and hopefulness.
"Grape-Nuts has been a boon to my
whole family. It has made of O'tr
2-year-old- boy. who used to be unabl >
to digest much of anvthinw a robust,
healthy, little rascal weighing 32
pounds. Mankind certainly owes a
debt of gratitude to thn exnort who invented this perfect food." Name
given by Canadian Postum Co.. Windsor, Ont.      "There's a reason."
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true and full of human
Tramp (entering taxidermist's) Do
you stuff all kinds of things here?
Taxidermist—Why, yes.
Tramp—Well, I wish you would stuff
me with a good dinner.
Mlnard's Liniment Co., Limited.
Some time ago I had a bad attack
of Quinsy which laid me up for two
weeks and cost a lot of money.
Finding the lump again forming in
my throat, I bathed freely with MINARD'S LINIMENT, and saturating
a cloth with the liniment left it on all
Next morning the swelling was gone
and I attributed the warding off of an
attack of Quinsy to the free use of
St. John.
By name Bill Brown, ho was a Londoner bom and bred, but he sallied
forth into the country in search of
work. In due time he met a farmer, and into his sympathetic ear poured forth his request for a job.
All right, said the man of acres, just
round up those sheep, and get 'em all
into that fold. When you've done
that I'll find you another job.
Two or three hours later a weary,
tattered form presented itself at the
farmer's door. It was the Londoner,
wet with perspiration and weak from
You've been a mighty long tljne,
thundered the farmer. What have
you been doing?
You come and see. sir, requested
Rill Brown, at the fold. Looking
over the high, close fence, he noticed
a hare penned up among the sheep,
and asked the reason.
What, that little 'un? asked Bill.
Why he's the beggar who gave me all
the  trouble.
A Foe to Asthma—Give Asthma
half a chance and it gains ground rapidly. But give it repeated treatments of Dr. J. D. Kellogg's Asthma
Remedy and it will fall back oven
faster, There is no half way measure about this remedy. H goes right
to work and drives asthma out., tt
reaches the inmost breathing passages
and leaves no place for the trouble to
lurk.   Have it by you for ready use.
Mrs. Jnnes had just called upon
Mrs. Brown the sexton's wife, who waa
sitting beside the ftro in an attitude
of deep dejection.
Mrs. Jones—Well, Mrs. Brown,
what news.
Mrs. Urnwn—Oh things is very had,
Mrs. Jones. Would you believe it,
as true as I sit here my husband ain't
buried a living soul fur a month.
By the side of a penny-in-tho-slot
machine stood a youngster weeping
What's the matter my boy, asked
a man.
I put a penny in this slot, blubbered
Uio boy, and the machine won't work.
Is that all, my lad? said Ihe man.
Well, here's another penny for you.
And wheu the sympathising cftiw n
came back from his office two hours \
later the hoy  was  still  standing hy
the side of his machine with his pocket full of pollutes and still blubbering.
Natural Enemies
j On a bench in the park sat two
I tramps. They were strangers, but
i because of the fellowship which ex-
i ists among their kind they exchanged
! views freely.
Well,  said  the  first. I haven't aJ-
l ways been a tramp.     I used to be a
j lino, operator.
i    Is that so? queried the second. Why
I used to be a proof reader.
J    The policeman who separated them
said it was the worst fight he eve*
Gibbs—Stout people they say. are
rarely guilty of meanness or crime.
Dlbbs—Well, you see, it's so difficult for them to Btoop to anything
700 Years a Market
London.—Rochford (Essex) Market,
which has been in existence for nearly
700 years, is to be discontinued.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds. Ett„
Prince's Horse Runs Away
Madrid.—While the Infante Ferditv
and, brother-in-law of King Alfonso,
was riding in the gardens of the royal
palace recently, his horse reared and
bolted. Fearing that he would not
be able to control it and that they
would fall into a ditch, the m:ante
Hung himself out of the saddle, breaking his left arm.
The Housekeeper
Eddy's Wares
Eddy's Indurated Tuba allow the water to retain heat longer
and never rust. Being made In one seamlesa piece cannot splinter
and ao the danger of snagged fingers and torn clothes is eliminated*
Used in conjunction with
Eddy's Washboards
Washday  Loses  Half Its Terrors
The Best
Farm Lubricants
Harvester Oil
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery
Clings to the bearings and insures the least
possible friction and wear. Moisture and
changes of temperature do not affect it.
The choice of the most successful farmers.
Gas Engine Oil
Used and recommended by the leading engine builders all over the country.
Keeps its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
El Dorado CaAor Machine Oil     Silver Star Engine Kerosene
Capitol Cylinder Oil Imperial Motor Gasoline
Thresher Hard Oil Mica Axle Grease
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehouse
stations in Weitern Canada. For addresses,
price lists, etc., write any agency.
Main   Office:
Refill,   Mooie Jaw.   Saikatooa,    Edmoitts
Calguy,   Lclherbridgc,   Vucoorer inr.    i-)i.\-t /-;-i      <; l1('lijl»U,,6.«
Published   every   Saturday   at   Cumberland,   B.C.,   by
Islander Printing & Publishing Company
W. H. Dunn, Manager.
Edward W. Bickle, Editor.
Advertising rates published elsewhere in tlie pnjior.
Subscription price 91.5U |>er year, payable in ttdvunce
The.  editor tioen  uot   hold   lliiosulf  responsible  for   views  expressed by
What the Editor has to say.
Tin-: childish tactics being employed by tlie Liberals in tlie
Utilise of Commons in their opposition tn the Naval Bill have
retched the verge of absurdity, linn. 11. 11 Emnurson, former!) Minister of jRailways in the* Laurier administration, who
Was mice the centre of some scandalous proceedings which were
a'red in the courts, raid led to his forced resignation fr    the
cabinet, deliberately stated on the floor of parliament that
revolution would come if the bill to increase the effective naval
forces of the Empire became law. He even quoted the Declaration of Independence to bolster up his argument that the
people of Canada Would be quite within their rights in secedinr/
from tha Empire. Such a spectacle has never been witnessed
iu a Canadian legislature. Here is a man, a King's Privy
Councillor, and a member of Parliament, who has broken his
oath of fealty to His Majesty, by openly preaching sedition and
treason. It is worthy of note that Mr. Einniersoli's remarks
in thin connection were loudly applauded by the Liberals in the
House. The Liberal*1 have at last come into the open. They
are ready to strike a blow for the independence of Canada.
They cheer on one of their leaders who preaches Revolution,
and boasts of a second Boston tea part//. The spectacle is humiliating to a people who believe that Canada must work out
her magnificent destiny as part and parcel of the BritishEmpire.
Of Curtains and House Draperies
Regular Price SALE PRICE
Art muslins...    15 and 20c. lOc.yd.
tasseled borders. 45c. 25c. "
light shades  20c. 2 yd». for 15c.
assorted patterns 35 and 40c. 25c. yd.
Madras  50, CO, and 65c. 35c. "
"       85c. 50c. "
Cretonnes 15c. 2 yd§. for 25c.
 ...17and20c. 15c.yd.
   25c. 2ydt.for35c.
Art'Sateen..-. ...25 and 30c. 20c. yd.
Alio Some Interesting Special*.
March 26th to 29th Inclusive.
Macfarlane Bros.
"The Corner Store," Cumberland, B. C.
The Liberals are boasting of their ability to keep the
Union Jack flying over Parliament Hill, hut they evidently
object to helping to keep it flying over the pathless sea.
A NEW version of the National Anthem has sprung into
being during the course of the blockade of the Navy Bill:—
" God save our Gracious King;
For the Empire not a thing."
Unless it concerns you.
Comox Co-operative Society
Purveyors of Meat, Fish and Farm Produce.
ox beef BEST QUALITY ONLY dairy fed pork
Home Cured Bacon (unsmoked)    20c. per lb.
Best Smoked Bacon.      25c.      "
Genuine Wiltshire Bacon    28c.      "
Very Best Desert Apples Obtainable    $1.65 per box
Hams, best (Fresh every week)     23c. per lb.
Home Made Mincemeat  .'...   25c.
FreshCabbage _      5c.      "
Best Onion  per 6 lbs.   25c.
Potatoes Al Quality     $1.00 per sack
Carrots       1.50
English White Turnips.__      1.50
Halibut and Salmon, best fresh, lowest market prices.
Local Fresh Eggs, 35c. per doz., 3 doz. for $1.00.
Orders by phone promptly attended to.      Phone 25.
Reciprocity in 1911, Separation in 1913.     Verily the
Liberal party has fallen upon evil days.     Sir Wilfrid Laurie
S"eins determined that his epitaph shall not he "A British sub
ject I was born, a British subject I will die."
The last thing the Liberals want is an appeal to the
amntry. They know that the rod of mil is still in fickle aiv'
the Canadian people are British to (he core. Canada has long
realized that she owes it. to her self-respect to come to the aid
of the Motherland in naval defence, and the proposals of the
Borden government are the first step in this direction. We
have too lout/ been singing "Rule Britannia" without helping
her to rule.
The abuse being heaped upon lit Hon. Winston Churchill,
t First Lord of the Admiralty, by the Liberal party, because
th Bnglioh statesman had tile cournge to declare that the at-
te | t to build warships ;'i Canada ' would he wholly unwise,"
iN merely another sign of the desperate straits in \\ hich Laurier
" I his associates find themselves, Thev held up the proceedings of Parliament until they got the opinion of Mr, Churchill,
and then havilir/ obtained it they abuse him |*r giving it. How
ever, it hashing been the policy of the Liberal party to sneer
■ Englishmen, and this latest out pouring of abuse upon one ol
tin   Empire's leading statesmen is iu a I'dauce with  the well
recognized practice of Laurier and Gompnny.
Display Advertisements
75 cents per column incli per month.
Special rate for hulf page or more.
Condensed Advertisements
1 cent I word, 1 issue ; minimum charge 25 conts.
No accounts run for 'his class of advertising
The Store of
The Store of
The Big Store
NewGoods arriving
by every boat
We are showing some exceptional values in many
staple lines.   See our showings of
Towellings, Towels-special
Shaker's Flannels and
Flannellette Blankets
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are offering them to you
at Bargain Prices
We want your Grocery Order, and guarantee satisfaction,
aa our Grocery Department is stocked with nothing
but the cleanest of fresh groceries.
Phone 38.
iser &Co, Ltd.
Successor '„:> A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKinneli's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND
L UNO, Hix acreH cleared. 'IVhp
acres in Market Garden enn tain ing
Ka^plierries, Strawberries, etc.
Edward W. Bickle
Ice Cream Sodas
Candies of all descriptions—The
Very BEST.
Fruits of all kinds—Best quality
Tobaccos of all strengths.
Cigars—The best variety of the
choicest flavors.
'V'OTICE is hen-liy given that (lie
"^ reserve existing liy reason  of
the notice published in the British Columbia Gazette of lJecember 27th,
1907, is cancelled in so far as the snme
relates to the following described lands
so as toprrmitof 1 he sale of the timber
standing thereon:—
Commencing at the northesst corner
of of Lot No 2849, Redonda Island,
New Westminster district; thence east
18 chains; thence north 4 chains; thence
east 19 chains; ihence south 25 chains;
thence west 32 chains, more or loss, to
the east boundary of Lot No. 2849;
thence northerly along the enst lioun-
dary of suid lot. to the point of coin
mencement; containing by admeasurement 7.i acres more or less.
Deputy Minister of Lands.
Department of Lands,
Victoria, B.C., December 11th, 1911
Dec -i 1 Hm
TIMllA'A' .S'.II.E X29
*\VElA\J!D TKAVJEA'S will be receiv
" ed not later than ii""ii on the
35th ilayuf April, [918, f ■■• the pur-
ohoseiif Licence X29 to cut780,000
feet of timber on Lot 1431, Aange 1,
Coast District (Cadero Channel),
One year will be ail iwcd for the iv-
nioval "t the tinier,
Particulars uf Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C. Mh29Sis
B'ORSALE- Four Sows, one
year old, each expected to have
litter of pigs in one or two months
Will sell for $20.00 each. Apply
to Arthur Dumaresq, Denman isl.
Change advertisements For
Saturday mornings issue must
be in this office not later than
LO.tt. m. on Thursday.
Barrister,   Solicitor    ami '
5 Notary Public.
Grocers  & Bakers }
Dealers in nil kinds of Good
Wet Goods
Best Bread and Beer in Town
Agents for Pilsenei- Beor
For absolute protection write a Policy in
.Liverpool, England.
TOTAL ASSETS, S26.788.93
Local Agent
Mrs. Sim ma will give lessons on tho
piano at herhnuse in Jerusalem, formerly
owned by Mr. jamea Stewart, at any
time by appointment, except   Tueadaya
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Invention le iirolmHy iu>!H<.!>li\ Coimrimilr •..
MontiHlrtctlyrmiil.lvinhil. KAiifHiDOK OH l'utc:»t«
mint free, oldest net v fort "rii.n::; pimmis.
fulfills t liken liiroin.'li IWunn .v Uu. revive
tptClal notice, without cliinvi}, in tlio
Scientific JiracrlcaM.
A Imndsomriy illiiwtmtoi weekly. Lnwit clr«
citUiiitm nt iniy Mem Hla [ourmU. Ttritis It
Ciitutoa, $8.76 ii year, postage prepaid. jmjhI by
all newsdealer!,
Branch onico, (Go F St.. WiiHiiluuiou, 1). V,
^OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the List of Voters for the
Comox Electorial District has been cancelled and that application to be placed on the Voters' List will be received at my office
at Cumberland where printed forms of affidavit to be used in
support of an application to vote will be supplied. The list of
persons claiming to vote will be suspended from and after the 7th
day of April, 1913, and a Court of Revision will be held on the 10th
day of May, and notice of objections to the insertion of any names
on the Register of Voters must be given to me thirty clear days
before the holding of the Coufa of Revision. • >
Dated this 3rd day of March, 1913.
Registrar of Voters,
Comox Electoral District. " The Magnet Cash Store"
Phone 31 Cumberland, B.C.
Ladies' Slippers, Men's Boots
and Shoes, Boys Lecky Shoes
Mondays and Fridays
K. ABE   &  QemPRNY
Dunsmuir Ttveniie
Cumberland, B. Q.~
Full Stock of Wheat, Corn, Barky, Oil Cake
Meal, Oats and Crushed Oats, kept on hand
all the time at the Lowest Market Prices.
Made from No. 1 Hard Wheat, First Quality Family
Flour $1.65 per sack
Leave your orders at
A. B. Crawford
Corner Dunsmuir and First Street
The Depot
Barber Shop
Opposite tho Hotel IXiuun ninl
adjoining the Railway Station
OPEN Fill!
The finest. Cigars nnd the best of
Tob iccoa always on hand.
j Cumberland, B.C., March 8, 1913
This is lo certify that J. New-
| bury holds my power of attorney
; to receive and sign all documents
'and cheques.   HENRY Haluday
J, Newbury, Attorney.
VOT1CK i.s Jienhy «iven that ifteet-
*     ings of the Provincial Agricultural  Commission   will be held  at tho
following phitTS :—
Nanaimo—Apiil ilth, 10 n.m. and
-.:-)•! p.m., City Hull.
Parksvillo -April 12th, 10 a. m.,
Alberni—April 15th, 10 a.nr. and
2.30 p.m.; April ICth, 10 a.m., Court
Courtenay—April 17tli anil ISih,
]U a.m, ami 2.90 p.m. of both dilye,
Agricultural Hall,
Duncan—April 21st nnd 22nd, 10
a.ni ami 2.80 p.m. of both days,
The Ciiimliission will hoar evidence
un nil matters affecting agricultural
conditions in the Province. All persons
interested are invited lo he present.
W. //. //AYWAKU, M.L.A.,
gEALED. TENDERS addreaed to the
unriorsiirmsd, and endorsed uPublu
Building, Union Hay. BO.," will be r -
chived at this «ilioe until 5 p ni. Tut- •
day, tho 22nd April, 1013,/or tlieerecti n
and completion of a Public Building >t
Union I3ny, B.C.
Plans nnd sp6ci6cations can be seen at
the Post Office, Union Bay, and at thi-
oiKce. Tenders will not be considered
unless made upon, and in accordance with
the conditions contained in forms furnished by this otlice. Forms of tender can
be seaired upuu application to the under-
sii ned.
Each tender must be accompaned by
an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,
payable to the order of the Honourable
bhe Minister of Public Works i»f Canadw
for a sum enivalent to ten per cent of the
amount of th.- tender.
H-stdent Architect.
Dept. Public W.rk- of Canada,
Resideivt Architect's Office,
Victoria, li. 0,
Synopsis of Con) Mining Regulations
CO \L mining liylns of the Dominim
in Mm jtuba, Sahkntcliuwun ann Albert*,
ihe yuk"iiTerritory. th«N"rthweat IViri
i-ine-* 'mo in a portion f-f tho Province ol
British Qi'luiiihin, may be leased for a term
■ if twutiiy-oiiu years at mi annual n-nhil ot
81 tin acre. Nut mora than 2,600aoreo
will bt*leased tnomiapplicant.
Applionii"ti fur u lease must be made b>
-he applicant in person to the Aireiit or sub
Aganl of the district in which the right!
applied for me situated.
In surveyed territory the* land muat bo
described by sectiotia,or IcqHl subdivisions
of bcciiwiB, »nd in utiuuiveyed territory
the traotapplied for shall be staked out b)
theapplicatit himself.
Hitch application must be accompanied
by a f( a of ?5 \\ hich will be refund, d if tht
i i j hi k Hppiied fnraru not hv n bible, but not
otherwise A i. y ilty bImII bo paid on thi
i nt* rob an tabic output of the mine at the
rate of live tents pur t >n.
The person operating tlie mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns ao-
ouniing f'-r the full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
1 hereon. If tho c al mining rights are
nob being operated, such returns shall be
furniahod at least once a yoar.
Tlie lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but thei Bseemay he permit-
led to purchase whatever available sur
face rights may be considered nocessarj
f r tho working of the mine at the rate of
$10 00 -macro.
For full information application slmuld
be made to the Secretary of the Depart*
men! of the Interior, Oftawn,   or to   any
A"ent or Sub Agiti' '•fDnmtninn Lands,
Deputy Minister of the interior.
N.B— Unauthorised publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
Victoria Land District
District of Saywsrd
Pake notice that Morgan O'Brien, of
Xaoainm, B.C., occupation hotel proprietor,   intends  to apply for permission to
purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a poit planted at the
N.W, Corner of P.R. 3795, thence north
40 chains, east 40 chains, south 40 chains,
west 40 chains to point of commencement,
containing ItiO acres more or less.
Morgan O'Brien, Applicant
M. J. M. Keown,   Agent.
Dated December 20tb, 1912. 22 .i
Sayward Land District.
District of Sayward
Take   notice   that James  Affleck,   nf
Nanaimo, B.C., occupation agent, intends
to   apply   for   permisssion to purchase
the following described lands:—Common-
ing  at a   post planted at the southeast
corner  of   Pr.   3795,   thence north 40
tains,   thence   east   40 chains, thence
auuth 40 chains, thence west 40 chains to
point of coiiimuucemeut, and containing
1U0 acres more or less.   James Affleck.
M, J. M Keown, agent.
Dated December 20th, 1012,
District of Sayward.
Take notice that Fred Booth, of Nan-
mo, occupation bookkeeper, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—Commencing at
-i pout planted at the northwest corner of
T. A. Toombs' application to purchase
(of (iiu acres), thence north 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence south K0
chains'; thence west 80 chains to point of
commencement, and containing 640 acres
more or less. Freij Booth,
M.J,MKeown, agsnt.
Dated December 20th, 1912.
Take notice thatT. A; Toombs, of Nanaimo, B.C., occupation broker, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described lauds:—Commencing
at a post planted at the northeast corner
of TL 37483, thence weBt 80 chains,thence
>rth 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains to point cf commencement, containing 640 acres more or
less. "'. A. Toombs,
M. j. McKeown, agent.
Dated December 20th, 1013.
Take notice that Hilton Eaton,
of Nanaimo, occupation a broker,
intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at the
northwest corner of TL 4521, thence
north 80 chaina, thence east 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thenoe west 80
chains to point of commencement, and
containing 040 acres more or less.
Hilton Eaton,
M. j. MKeown, agent.
Dated December 20ih, 1912
Take notice that A. E. Toombs, of Nanaimo, occupation broker, intends to apply for permission to purchase the follow
owing described lands:— Commencing at
a post planted at the northeast corner of
TL 37483, thence north 80 chains, thence
uHst 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains to point of commencement and containing (140 acres more
or less. A, E. Toombs.
M..T. McKeown, agent.
Dated December 20th, 1912.
Take notice that Charles Ruddy, of
Quebec, P.Q.i occupation clerk, intends
to apply for permission to purchase the
following described iand^:—Commencing
at a pout planted at Iho northwest corner
of Hilton Baton's application to purchase,
thence north 80 chains, thence east 80
chaiiiH, thence s >uth 80 chains, thence
west Hi) chains to point of commencement
and containing 040 aures more or less,
Charles Rkddy,
M. .1. MKeown, agent.
Dated Docombor 30th, 1912.
"~"T*~,T"r.;..Tinj_'i i«r
Agent lor tlii>
Al.-v lloluloison, Proprietor
EaUniatca and Design, furnished
on Application
GOLDEN OAK DINERS, leather padded, six-piece
sets, ranging from .    $22.00 to .*35.00
Golden Oak and Mahogany Eockers,  $5 t« *10
Parlor Tables ....      $3.50 to £7
Curtains, 20% Discount for cash during March
Lace, Tapestry, Muslin, etc.
We carry a full line nl Furniture ami House-furnishings,
Ranges, etc., etc.
The Furniture Store
McPhee Block
A.   McKINNON      Cumberlan    B.C
Victoria, B.C,
Pliuiit) 304
Sidney, B.C., Plume K 38.
Cumberland, B.C
Phone 83
S.NAKAN0& eo.,
Head Oepick: 818, Fisguard Street,
un 111 mm HOTEL 1
Auctioneers.      Fire and Life Insurance.
rnn  QII C   Farms, Bush Lands, Desirable Lots and
lUll UrilX Bungalows in Courtenay, B.C., V.I.
Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture,
etc., conducted on the shortest notice at
reasonable terms.
t Courtpnay, B.C.
Phone 10
Capital Paid Up $11,500,000
Reserve Fund, 112,500,000
Drafts Issued in any oUrrenoy. payable mil over ths world
highest current rates allowed on deposits of $1 and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   -   _     OPEN DA!''
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
Wm. H. Hoff,   Manager.
Real Estate and Insurance
Licenced Auctioneers ami
Valuers,   Notary   Public
We have a large number of enquiries for Acreage in
Comox Valley, If you hare anything to sell list with us,
We are Auctioneers, see us if yon want a sale and ire
will arrange one at the shortest possible notice and get
the. best prices, THE   ISLANDER    CUMBERLAND.   B. C.
All Over Dsiy
Hectors Ssi-d incurable, But How
There .3 K3 Sign Of B.soaGe(
Thanks to Or. Chase's
Mde, X Massey.
ranrln^ls la one of the most dreaded
•#f Itching skin diseases, It ls a sort of
•chronic eczema, The Itching it cruises
is almost beyond human endurance,
•jkxnd doctors are accustomed to give lt
'up as Incurable.
But here iH u case that was given
*ip und prenounced Incurable, The r<;-
'3u!t prove;; th.it Ur. Chase's Ointment
la!mnst works miracles to curing the
'worst form of Itching skin disease
Mrs, Nettle Massey, Consecon, nnt.,
writes:—"For live years I suffered
**vith what three doctors called
tapsoriftsls. They could not help me, and
'mac «f them told me if anyone offered
to guarantee a cure for 550.00 to keep
toy money, as I eould not be cured.
Tht' dise.iso spread all over rue, even
•un my face and head, and the itching
'and burning was hard to hear. I used
bright boxes of Dr. Chase's ointment,
"and I am glad to say I am- entirely
•cured, not a si&n of a sore, to be seen.
\ can hardly praise this ointment
The soothing, healing Influence of
9Dr. Chase's Ointment is truly wonder-
*fful. Eczema, salt rheum, barber's
•itch, ringworm and scores of such tor-
Varing ailments are relieved at once
<»nd as certainly cured if the Ointment
Sa used persistently. Mothers find Dr.
•Chase's Ointment invaluable in pre-
'venting and curing the skin troubles
"Ut bablef, such as chaflns. Irritations
*»f the skin and baby eczema.
th*. Chase's Ointment, 60 cents a
'tooic AH dealers, or Edmansou, Bates
J4fc Co., Limited, Toronto,
Unauthentica'cd Statement in Vienna
Newspaper Says 25 000 Have
Been Massacred
Vienna. —The Relchspost which
publishes u report from a reliable per-1
tonality whose name is not mentioned, J
stating thai 25,000. Albanians have j
i, ■ u slaughtered by Servians and com-'
Itadils in old Setvia nnd along the
routes taken by the Servian forces in
the inarch to the Adriatic.
At Uskub the writer of the dossier
counted thirty-eight wells tilled with
Albanian corpses, ihe Servians Hurling the frozen ground too hard to uis
graves. At Ferlsovltch, where tho
Albanians resisted, more than 1-00
were killed, only three Mohametan Albanians over ifi years of age being
left alive.
Five thousand Albanians were killed
at Prlahtina. The writer admits thai.
the Turkish officers here misused the
white Jlag, and the Servians in revenge
slaughtered hundreds of families down
to children ln Lhe cradles.
There was no resistance al Priz*
rend, tut 400 persons were killed in
the first few days after the entry uf
the Servian troops.
General Vankovitch, In his march
to :ho coast, destroyed twenty-seven
villages, exterminating the Inhabitants to the youngosi children. Here
the women and children, wrapped in
straw, were burned alive before their
husbands and fathers. Pour hundred
men who gave themselves up were
taken to Prtzrend nnd shot in batches
o< from forty to slxly.
The journal concludes Us accouu*
with au appeal to Europe lo send a !
commission of Inquiry,
Theso revelations would have carried more weight if the Reichpost aad !
published the name of its informant,
but there is no doubt that much of the
report Ls true, owing Lo the hatred existing between Albanians aud Servians,
E. J. Fitiin. John Kennedy, William Moffat.
...    -.   A.   Crerar   John   Kenntuy.   Win.   Mottat.   K.   MelCiiuls.   B«,katchawan—U*».
l.nm:l»y,  J.   A,   MnhRis.   F,  W.   Green,  3.   Morrtaon.   Alberta—E.   J.   Fream.
ir you ensign yuur grain 10 u, 11 wlll he io- It.-., e.tter In ilie beat ooaalbla manner.
To i,-|.»r t*» condition of the farmer and cut uut tha apread betw»«n tha producer and tba.
consumer. .-     	
A.n American gentleman wns in-
■srtted to a ball In a district where the
vowels were sounded rather loan. Just
before supper ho came to Ills hostess,
who waa in dance with him Shortly.
She said lo him. however: Oh, Mr.
Foster, 1 really can't dance any more,
li'oi danced ont.
Eton'i say that, replied lhe gallant
Mr. Poster; not darned siout; just
ni«* and plump.
Norwegian Government to Send Rescue Party to Arctic Seas
Christiana.— It ia said the Norwegian government has sent a wireless
message to the station at Advent Bay,
Spitzbergen, instructing a well-equipped expedition to be sent to Widje
bay to the relief of the imperiled members ol Lite Scliroeder Stranz expedition.
The government guarantees all
costs, and the German legal ion is also
making every effort to send assistance.
The relief expedition, it is declared,
must wait till ice lias reformed in the
The last direct intelligence from
theat'xpedition was a postcard written
front Mngdulena bay, in the northwest
corner of the west of Spitzbergen, dated August 12. The original plan of
Lieutenant Scliroeder Stranz wns to
take a sleigh journey dear through
'.Ipitzbergen from the oast, through
the so-called Northeast Land.
Vour druggist will refund money ,t
J»AZO OINTMENT tails to curt any
oue ot Itching, Blind, Bleeding o-
tProu-udlng Piles In 6 to 14 days. 60a.
lady—Why, you naughty boy, I have
avercr heard such language since the
«Jay ■* was born.
Small Boy—Yes mum; I s'pose dere
Matte » good deal of cussin' de day
gran wua bom.
KMney Stones and Gravel are qultk-
in ex i** lied from th© ■yiteni by Uw
UIKl   ut
wtucri nasi been e. algnat ane-wes
th.-rur.hout Canada, aa a complete
cur* of Kidney Trouble and all Uric
Acid niaeaaea. W. will aend lett-ra
telling of many cures to all who will
write ua. i
Price £1.(0 Per Bottle at all Leading
I  Slave
'17. '^^<^^;«iJ>__ v    ««l d
I. X. L.
I  Dsn't
Narrow Minded and Set
DRUDGERY price $3.50
That Washes Anything and Everything from a Horse-blanket and
Overalls to  the Finest Laces Absolutely   Perfect   Without   Injury
Washes a FjM Tub of Clothes in 3 Minutes, No Rubbing
whatever Required, Consequently No Friction or Wear and
Tear—Your Clothes will wear 3 Times asLong
You Can Wash a Full Tub ot Clothes As Quickly and
Perfectly as you Can a Single Garment
All Accomplished With no Severe Exertion Whatever-JOIN THE ARMY OF DELIGHTED HOUSEWIVES
TODAY.   \ou Take No Risk
Delivered to You All Charts,  Pre-Paid Under a
Money Back Guarantee
Thousands Mow ir. Use and
Present or mull this Coupon and $1.60 to Dominion Utilities Mfg. Co..
Ltd., 4S2M; Main Street. Winnipeg, Man., and you will receive ona
All charges prepaid anywhere In Canada on condition that your money
Is lo he refunded it the Washer does not do all that Is claimed.
Februr, 15, 111]
Made her Kidneys right with Dodd's
Kidney Pills and all her troubles
vanished speedily and completely.
Eel Cvcok, Cumberland Co., N.S.—
Suffering from Female, Kidney and
Heart Trouble, so run down, nervous
and depressed that all the brightness
had gone out of her life, and never-
expecting lo be a healthy woman
again, Mrs. .1. W. Leadbelter of tills
place tried Dodd's Kidney Pills, and Is
once more iu lhe best of health. Her
simple statement Is the best evidence
that no case of Kidney disease is so
bad that Dodd's Kidney Pills will not
cure it.
"I was treated by five doctors," Mrs.
Leadbettor slates. "Four of them
did me no good. The fifth operated
on me aud that gave me relief for a
lime. I had Komale, Kidney and
Heart trouble. 1 was so nervous
anil inn down that my friends did not
think 1 would ever get better.
"An advertisement led me to use
Dodd's  Kidney Pills and  I  found In
| Litem a cure for all my troubles,     1
cannot praise Dodd's Kidney Pills too
i highly."
Female Trouble nnd Heart Disease
] are caused by Kidney Disease.     The
| natural way to cure ihein Is to cure
the Kidneys by using Dodd's Kidney
; ['ills.
Gertie—1 wish you to know that 1
don't .-and on trifles.
Helen I glancing ill her feet)—N'o.
dear; 1 see you don't.
Children of Two Victims Lockeo af,
in Room and Almost Starved
The bodies ol a farmer and tax official named Kaliss and his wife were
found su burned thut they were almost unrecognisable, at the fool ot a
burning haystack. Their two daughters, aged 16 and 6, were missing,
hut chey were found locked m <m
upstairs room in the parents' dwelling.
A servant who was also missing, was
found strangled in a barn. The little girls, who were half-straved, having been kept prisoners in tnelr uwn
home for two days and nlgflts have
made statements which implicate a
Pole employed by their father, the
head of a band ot four or Ave men, who
apparently committed the murder for
the purpose of robbery. The farmer's safe was found io have beep
It Is supposed that the farmer was
killed while at work In nlB cowshed.
His wife, it Is thought, went there
later to Inquire why uer husband v.as
so lale for supper, when she too was
attacked nnd killed. The Pole was
seen driving from lhe farm a: a lii.-ali-
nf-ck speed and shortly afterwards a
haystack near the farm was s.-.-n to
be burning.
The Pole was arrested at a neighboring village.
W.   N.   U.   937
Intrenched Shed to be Built for Ger-
Man Dirigibles
Berlin.—The newspapers have announce lhat an airship shed Is to bo
buill on Heligoland, and that its construction will be begun in the spring.
The shed will be of lhe revolving lype,
p,, lhat il can be used whatever lhe
direction ot the wind.
It is to be built In a deep depression
railed the Sapsltuhle, and when nei d-
ed for the exit or entrance of an airship it will be raised to the level of
the surrounding surface.
At other limes It will res' on th"
bottom of Ui" depression, the roof
bridging the sides of the gap so that
the situation ot the shed will be scarcely perceptible.
This Is a precaution against the
dropping of bombs by aeroplanes sent
out from hostile warships,
The knot was tied; tbe pair were wed,
And then ihr- smiling bridegroom said
rata the preacher: Shall I pay
To you the usual fee today,
Or would yen have me wait a year
And  then give you then a  hundred
If 1 should find ibe marriage stale
As happy tis 1 estimate?
The preacher lost no time In thought,
To his reply no study brought,
There were no wrinkles in his brow;
Said he, I'll lake the ten spot now.
It Testifies for Itself.—Dr. Thomas'
Electric oil needs no testimonial of Its
powers other  than   listdf.    Whoever 1
tries It fer coughs or colds, for cuts '
or contusions, for sprains or burss,
for pains In the limbs or body, well I
knew that the medicine proves Itself
and needs no guarantee,    This shows
why this Oil is lu general use.
Brussels.—A workman aged r-4, of
Courcejles, who bad thirteen children
by lils first wife, married a widow with
several children. The eldest son of
tbe workman fell in love with his
stepmother and eloped with Iter, taking six of her children. He grew
tired of the children, and two months
later took four of them hack to bis
father's home. The father shot the
son. wounding him, and was arrested.
ONCRETE watering-troughs and
feeding-floors help to keep your
live-stock healthy.
HORSES and cattle watered from a concrete
trough are less likely to contract dUease.
Concrete is sanitary, easily cleaned — does not
rot or leak. Once built, a concrete watermg-
trough will last forever. Vou need never
waste lime "patching it up." _ Like all
concrete improvements, its first cost is its final
\/fA^!Y diseases of hogi are directly due to
l'l feeding from the filthy, unwholesome mud
of tlie barn-yard. This manner of feeding is also
wasteful, because the grain is trampled into tlie
ground, in such a condition that not even a hog will
eat it. Concrete feeding-floors, with concrete swill-
troughs are clean, sanitary. They keep hogs in
better health and save feed.
ATERINU-TROUGHS   and  frcding-flonrs  are   only two of scores of valuable,  every-day
Improvements that may be   made  of concrete.   All are  fully  described in  our 160-page,
illustrated book,
to any farmer upon requeit,   This book has shown thousands of Canadian farmers how to
elr farms mere profitable.   In asking (or it, you do not place yourself under tlie slightest
igntion to buy cement, ot tn do anything else for us.   Simply ask fur the buuL, by letter
lost card, and ii "ill be mailed at once.   Address,
Be sure «
that this '
label is on
every bag
Publicity Mansaer
Canada Cement Company Limited
H-   Herald DuiMini, Montreal
/'.! E fit HER. when tn ,loaht. that ear
'armors'Free Information linreau
wilt mi.^cr any UtteSttans
on the n.se ft/ concrete Ihut
you desire tn ask.      This
service tales* of charge.
Geneva.—At I.a Praz, in Ibe Canlo'i j
of Valitls, the local authorities have'
taken n drastic moasiiro. ordering all
children under 10 years of age lo remain at bniiie alter 7 p.m., and not
be found In lhe si reels,  where they
will be arrested after this hour. The-j
parents who neglect to conform with
the regulations will bo fined 4S ccui>
for each child.     The order, which is
approved by    parents,    is likely    io
spread to all Swiss villages and towns.
JlmtnT—Ah, my pa's gone to Kama-
gate for a month.
Willy—Pooh, that's nothing to rrow
about. Why my pa's gone to Port-1
land for ten years, and it ainU going
to cost him nothing, and he's sosas
to learn sculpture work, too..      . _,
The  Snowdrops Sold
Sweet blossoms while, 'mid leaves of i    Willldns  came  into  tih,>  club   tbe
litt.'u. .otber night with a premonition of up-
T-hey coma wheu flow'rets scarce have   proao'hing  triumph  in his  face,  bill
be* ti, ; it* concealed It us well us he could
ht early munUis each year aro seen  and  waiked up to tht! crowd in the
The nnowdrops. .window.
Such virgin's whiteness pure and rare      nuv., you  beard  about  Mr.  Lloyd
I- seldom Been' in Bowers fair, Oeorge and bis band? he asked intlis-
And rapture fills my heart where'er       crimlnatoiy, wiih a face ot simulated
Are snowdrops  concern.
Dill little rapture do 1 show, !    \-0|    came    the    startled    chorus.
When slaiiiiiii! roofs bear failing snow .What's the .nutter?
And ou my startled form below !    why, answered Willklns, holding up
The snow drops ; the   first  and   second   finirors  of  his
—  ' right band,  he can't use these two
Good advice Is usually as desirable I fingers,
as quinine In your whisky. I    What's the rrason? queried Dumb-
A liar is often  much more amus-      Because they  belong  to me,  said
las than a truth teller. i Willklns.
) > Poor Bairn!
I Which did the baby resemble the
| more—Us father or mother? I's parents were, lo put lt charitably, not vury
I prepossessing, nor was Ibe baby; so
] io settle the matter they finally resolv-
! ed to refer It to arbitration.
i I'll ask old Farmer B. to step in and
j see ba-by. raid Us proud father. He
I never spoke a flattering word In his
' lire, and we may trust his verdict Im-
So farmer B. was called in. and after
pinching the baby to see what It look-
I ed like when crying, he wrinkled his
Well, he began, while tho parents
j listened eageriy It's the will o1 Providence, no doubt, but it's hard ou ths
i nipper for ail that.      It. has a look
lof bath of you—poor buirn. r^
Three Old Maids
i Widow
And the Prize JThey Set Out I
I to Capture. 1
I TT ♦
I By C. P   LEWIS. g
There are lewlt»*ns of I.".*m» |mpu-
Intlnu tlml run/ Mjnst ot Wree old
maids und u widji vjlivtug nit the smut*
street, hut thut was tin* nine Willi
Cllfluu,    Miss Vtiiiuii wus un on) Miuiil
Ih>c||I|SC    Hilt'    Ill'Vel'    hud    tlll't    Wit.I    "
mnn gtHid enough f»r her. .Miss Hopkins wus nn ultl inn mi hem use 'he
young uium she would htiv*» married ut
eighteen wrtn unwed in two In n saw-
ndli, uud she hud vowed to lie true to
His memory. Miss Warner wits un old
maid because Hilt* was determined to
uuirry none hut » odnlsier, nnd un the
minister* win* came were already pro-
vldi'd fur. Tilt* Widow Curler wns «
widow because part of h bouse lliltl
fallen on her hnshnni).
Tin* old UillIdH und the widow were
on visiting terms-in fnet, thev rather
liked earn other. Where there are no
mule candidates tor iniilninonv concerned old'limidrt uud widows enn sit
down together on the mime veranda
without quarreling. Afit*r the widow
hail solemnly assured tin* uld maids
thnt iioiliittK uu the face of this earth
could Induce her to lie false to the
memory of her crushed the quartet
loved each other even more.
One dny one of the merchants In the
town sold out, ninl n stnmeei cam** to
take his place. If he had been h mar
r'ed inim the dove of pence would have
continued to hover over Hose street,
but us he wus single, only thirty und
a "cntcU" tbe dove saw a hot time
The widow let nn (trass prow under
her feet in calling at the store nnd Incidentally mentioning her name und ordering four pounds of sugar nil ut
once She whs one of the Four Hun
dred of the town, and on the port of
tbe other 'Ml ««he bride Mr. Strong wel
come to their midst. When he hnd
thanked her she ordered two nutmegs
and u paper of starch, in addition to
the aiiKtir, to let him understand thnt
ahe wasn't obliged to pinch pennies.
and then departed.
An hour Inter her re pre he nsl hie conduct was known to the three old maids,
and up went three pairs of binds; sis
eyes were turned upward In horror und
three mouths opened to exclaim in chorus, "How shocking!"
Then, during the next twn dny a, encli
of the old maids made un excuse tn
coll ut the store und follow the program curried out by the widow. lOnch
thought she wus sly nud slick, hut they
found each other out, and from that
moment the bund of friendship stum
ped asunder like an old clothesline left
out In the storms of v year.
When women make war nn each other they doh't use fence rails to pound
each other on the head, lu most cases
they go right on treating each other as
nicely as they can to their races, but
using daggers nnd the darkness to assassinate. The three old maids and the
widow gathered together as of yore.
hut the dagger wns used whenever
there wus the least show.
Mr. Strong proved a social success
The widow gave a little dinner und
brought him out. hnt the old maids
really monopolized blm for the evening. Then Miss Warner gave an exhibition of her own paintings, whleh con
sisted of n cow apparently llilrty-six
feet long nnd of a river running up
stream Instead of down, nnd the widow held Mr. Strong's attention fur an
hour while she talked about her crush
ed and departed.
At the end nf sli weeks the man.who
ran the sawmill and had a mortgage
ou the mill dam figured it out to his
"There nro three old maids to one
widow, hnt ir the widow gels left she'll
be the first one I ever heard of."
Even the small hoys nround town noticed how glrly the old maids were becoming. They giggled; I hev uttered
rute little screams when they turned a
corner and found themselves face to
face with a cow; ihey tillered when
they nsked for gum drops at the grocery. As fnr the widow, she set her
Jaw und walked into lhe store two or
three times a week to ask the mer-
chnnt If he thought the Seventy-seventh National hank or Boston was perfectly sound and to sigh with relief
when he assured her of his confidence
ln the institution. Sly reports were
•oon admit that Mr. Strong was paving
bla attentions to this or thnt one of the
four. Then tbe other three would reply aa one:
"Well, may be he Is, but what on
earth be can see in her Is more thnri I
ran make out. She grows more homely and dowdliled every dny. Of course
I'm telling you this in confidence, and.
of course. It won't go further."
One futpt evening tragedy after traced? happened, and the light went out
of several* happy households Mr.
Ktrong hoarded with n family IWng
half r mile from the store, [le wanted
the walk. He hud to cross the bridge
over the river and ascend a hill covered with woods, nnd there wasn't «
house between his hoarding place and
the town.
The three old maids and the widow
had bnd their eyes on thla road from
the first They bad soon begun walking for exercise. They didn't wnlk nt
the hours the merchant might be expected, and If they encountered ench
atber  they  made  an  manner  of ex-
man, bnt each one understood what
tbe otber waa at and determined to.
baffle ber In tbe end.
Mr. Strong had been given three
months in whlcb to declare hfs Intentions, nud he hadn't declared. Time
was too valuable to be wasted. Hid
habit was to return to his store nfter a
U o'clock supper und remain thereuntil
8. .lust before S o'clock, then, on this
awful night four human ligures might
have heel I seen stealing nut Of the
town and over tie* bridge.
Knell and every one ot them would
have paused on the bridge t" listen to
the musical plush of the river it they
hadn'l seen eucli other. The first, second und third were obliged lo go on to
avoid the last one. she wns tUe willow, She knew the value ot a bridge
and a river nud u ntnsn-ui plash*, and
she determined lu stick.
one old tramp and a dog were responsible for most ot wtiut followed. The trump entile humping along
through the town, bent m finding a
country straw stack as soon as possible,
and ii" the widow on the undue heard
his f(adsteps bltu began to look artless
und coy.
It wns labor thrown nwny. The
tramp was nearsighted nod bum ped
up ugiiiiiKt her, uod iu her fright sue
wenl over (he low raiting and down
into lhe wilier, It sue couldn't swim
I'ke n duck she could ul least scruuibM
like n ml, and she mummed to uer.
ashore. Her condition wns dripping,
also drooping, uHo indignant, she realized thai no dripping.'drooping woman stood the shuttles) show in that
contest, nnd she drily lied herself home.
ward ami was not improved In look-*
or temper bv having to wade tbrougu
u couple td mod puddles.
Miss Viotou came next She waa
sauntering up the hMI wondering bow
"thai Widow" dared be so boitl and
brassy when the tramp, who was now
Oh the run for bis lite, overtook her.
ln his nenrsigiitediipss be took her tor
a horse and wagon and tried to siiv
out. She shied to the right ut the same
time nud wns sent sprawling hv Ihe
collision. She uot out of the roadside
ditch to run into a patch ot briers and
scream for help, lint mere was nn
help. She hnd to extricate herself ami
follow lhe bedraggled widow.
Tbe dog alone was responsible Tor
what happeued to the other two old
maids. Miss Wuruer hud discovered]
one woman ahead uud two behind her,!
and. suspecting then- fiendish inteii-1
tions, sin* had almost meite up her I
mind lo abandon her object wben the
dog, who bad been calling ou his brother out in ibe country, cuuie along and!
set up n bulking nud growling lrug«!
edy wus the result, lhe old m^ld nev- j
er bad encountered a big huhtalled dog]
ut bight mii a hill, uud she at once,
scrambled over the fence Into the
weeds und ran for ber life, She fell]
down nnd roiled over, nnd she rose up
again ana struggled on, and when sue'
reached borne two hours later she iiu-
medhileiv went Into hysterics, and Dr. I
KmiiMii got ins first night call for tour-1
feeu years.
lhe dog had met with such success
thai lie was encouraged lo persevere,
lie came upon .Miss Hopkins obt yt the
shadows like n I risking buys'tick, nud;
us sin* screamed out and spread tier
wings to fly stie tripped ana went!
down, The fad might have lujupjd(uef j
hut for the fact Unit she leti upuu unit
mud. She couldn't go back to lowti
looking like tlie mortar mixer lor il
skyscraper, una she continued ou to J
Hie merchant's boarding house to pes
Ihe use of hoes ami scplhers. They:
were furnished, but while *be win.
using litem she beard Hie ten-yenr-md
daughter wDtsijenug t» her mother tnati
shed net a cent tbat .Miss Hopkins had
cuuie "lit there to giggle lor Mr.
lhat was au awful night In Clifton,!
though only tour femiuine hearts knew
Just bow awful it was Morning
dawned with a tunruy sky overhead.
it seemed to three out mauls and it]
widow as It snmetbing inure wus still
tu Happen, They were right When
tlie butcher boy called tor his'orders I
he repealed the same winds at every
house on ins route: ■
"Say,   yuu   h^urd   the   news''     Mr.1
Strong tins gone to I'hililpsviiie to ^'it
Uiumed mdiiy. and he* nolo' tt* tiring [
tne   nnde   Home   bought.     Htilu I   it i
greiit V"
The Young Lawyer Made the Court Sit
Up ana lake Notice.
Several pi-Mtiitneut attorneys were
discussing tbe peculiar nud rather im-
luurous questions, put to witnesses by
young attorneys entering upon ilicir
legal work, mid one of the uu inner
vuuehed tor the authenticity ot this incident:
"I went up to lhe superior civil court
oue day lo hear u young trieud ot mine
try his first case. All his relatives and
friends were Ihere. and lhe novice woie
u most serious expression as be started
to quest loll a witness. He did uU'l'ty
until tie asked lhe man:
'"Hid you nave a contract with ins
*• 'W*.' replied tile witness.
••■What kind ot a eoutmel was ifv
•"All oral one,' replied lhe witness,
"'Will you please produce IO*
"The witness -Hind -lock stiu staring
nt ihe attorney mid then looked ui tne
Judge luipdrlugly. 'Ihere was a ripple
of laughter throughout ibe courtroom,
but still the youiig attorney did uot
'catch ou.' and. looking toward Hid
judge. It iritetl,
•■ ■Vour liuiior, I a>k vim to give tbe
witness until *-' o'clock tu produce iliac
"The court could tint longer withhold
and joined In the biugbtei I hen the
young lawyer saw his tuWtitke and
will) reddened lace a,so nnd u good
laugh."-lJustuti Itecotd.
Turkish Landscapes.
Sir Charles Kltol gives, a dreamy Im-
pressloii nt the regions nn whlcn in*
world's eyes are now fixed. "Whether
one goes through Adrluuunie to Salon-
lltl. the sides 01 1 lie runways look desolate and lifeless Hills overgrown
with dwarf oak alternate wiih plains
whose bareness Is hall covered With
Kcrubhy grass. There are tew signs
uf cultivation ti"d fewer or human,
habitations, Oriental railways have
a way of only skirling the edge of
Cltlew, und stations are sometimes several miles from Ibe places whose
naHies tbey henr. The deserted ap-
peurance of the land is Intensified by
♦he Turkish habit of constructing
towns lu depressions ot the omhiiutt"g
plains, where tbey mv Invisible at a
short distance."—Chicago News.
An Old New York Landmark.
Another .New .t>ru landmark is miss.
Ing the Mott Memorial siirgicm a»d
Med ha I library (irnperrv, it win n*
altered for business purposes. The library was e.-mbilsiied in I St HI by l»\
Valentine Mott, father of, American
surgery, as tie was later called At
that period he was one ot the 'oretuust
surgeons. There were no medical libraries In New lork then, and lo help
along students Or. Mott gave his private library, which was .me nf the best
In the country. Mesides tils nooks,
medical Instruments of the different
periods were on exhibition there TUe
books and tbe Instruments of Or. Mott
have now been taken by the New York
Academy of Medicine.
Present Day Methods From tne View-
point ot a Cynic.
The piano is one ot our best known
musical instruments. It wus invented
several hundred years ago and iu Its
earlier Incarnations was known as the
spinet or the hurpslctinrd ami afforded
eminent artists many opportunities lo
portray lanyulshlng ladies seated before It, says the Chicago I'ost.
The [ilatio comes either ns an upright or a grand. The grand is a
large, fiat proposition tbat tulo-s 11 (>
several hundred doinrs' worth of room,
while the upriuht tuts a nice summit
top on which brie a brae may ue
The piano is usually played by young
ladies uiilll the young man proposes.
It Is also played hy young men 111 Hti
pan song shops. In those places tbe
youth, who has flowing hair ami a
discouraged necktie, allows 11 cigarette
to hang from one corner nf bis uioiitu
while he shoots a song from tbe 1.titer
corner and uses the loud pedal exclusively.
In tbe old days, before women became advanced as tbey are now. it
was considered ipdte some doings to
play a piece mi the piano which required the hands to he crossed. Nowadays the piano Is titled with n self
playing attachment, nnd the young
'man caller feeds a porous piaster
Into It-
Four Great Sauces.
A frenchman mis declared (hnt
"man has created me culinary art
He does not eat tike an miimal-lie
breakfasts, dines nnd sups."
The French are particularly eloquent
on the subject of Minces. Among
1 heir famous chefs nre recognized
four great sauces- Spanish. * eloute,
Bechamel and Herman. Tbe Spanish
and V'eloute were known as tar back
as the seventeenth centurv. lu tho
eighteenth they were modified by th*
musters of cookery, particularly by
Cnrente, who was called "ihe Kaphael
of the kitchen."
The Spanish sauce is composed of
juices extracted from a ...ixtnre of
ham. veal, chicken Utld pheasant. \ e-
loiite Is similar, but is not colored.
hechaiuel Is velnuiu to which cream
has been added, and the (ierumn sauce
Is Veloitte plus ttiu yolks ot eyg>—
Wrat Hurt Him.
"Did you near about. Hie accident to
HJ inks';"
"Why, no,   vViu.it happened?"
"Oil, the darned fool was serluusly
hurt this aflertionu."
"In his automobile. I suppose?" '
"No, Unit s the trouble.'1
"What do ,i tteudV    I know he's H
luckless driver, and" -
"And vou think he was hurt In his
car. Well, lie wasn't, lie was hurt
by a tree about t,.;, feet ahead ol the
car If He'd been able tu stuy in the
car he'd never tinve been hurt-"—
Cleveland I'lalu Ueiller.
Than Note the Effort It Requires to
Keep  It  From  Closing,
Many thousands of yeiirs bave claps-
:*d since the ancestors of man lived In
trees, lit is never to be forgotten that
though ii|>e-like forms, they were uot
Hpes.i Yet. hi spite or these tens of
leiifuries that nave passed by, man has
not yet forgotten the iiistliict of self
preservation In the forest. 'As he was
a tU 11 less creature he was eompefled
lu depend for his safety on the grasping power ot his hands and feet. Kur
many ages, however, he had gradually
been going on the ground more uud
more und Iu the trees less and less so
that nls feet became more 11 da pied for
walking uud Ids hands exclusively for
prasping, with the result that the grip
und muscular slreugth of his hands tie-
en me immense. This Is sttti most powerfully evidenced in 11 young baby,
which, without muscular development.
Will within a few days of birth hang
by both hands to a stick tor its much ns
five minutes al a time ami by une baud
only tor two or three, a task beyond
the power ot any adult except 1111 athlete and gymnast.
Kilt :t tact which Is stilt more remarkable Is that to the present day
(lime is not one of us that can hold his
ha ml open without discomfort and
absolutely ho one whose hand will stay
open at all unless the will is exerted to
that end. Try It! Hold your hand
open for three minutes by the watch
and see bow tired you will be: Kay
vour hand on the table, the palm on
the wood, the fingers over the edge, and
see how, in spite of yourself, they will
rurve round and grasp tt. Look at the
hand of 11 sleeping person and think If
the fingers are ever shown to be out
When the anatomy of the hand Is
taken up tt will he found that on the
palm aud on the under side of the
fingers are numbers of nerves sensitive to touch which respond as readily as the nerves of the eye do to color
or the nerves of the ear drum to
sound. These were ihe principal pro-
lection of our tree living ancestors, for
an immediate dutch at a brunch was
necessary In rapid travel In the lower
branches ,of great forest trees. The
sensitiveness ts being lost, but It Is
being lost slowly. Yet even today we
can no more preveni responding to tbe
stimulation of the sense of touch In
mir hands than to tbe sensation of
light In the eye nr sound In the ear.
Disregarding the thumb, ibe human
hand Is really nothing more than au
adjustable hook. It ts at rest only
when In the position of a hook. When
tiny oue loses ti hand the best substitute Is 11 stout metul book.—New York
P-ivelrits of the Mohocks In London In
the Old Days.
Some curious particulars of the dangers of Loudon streets in tbe uld daya
jure given in au article uu "The Scow-
; rers and the Mohocks'' in a Hritisli
' magic-ine. The favorite practice ul the
■ Scowrets  was  to  invade some   tavern
I In   the   evening,   drive   out   the   eus-
II turners, ill treat the proprietor and ids
I itteiidants,   wreck   it*   premises   uud,
II hove all, "roar." Steele tells ot ihe'
Mohocks, one of Whose pastimes was
lo "inclose Women tu casks and roll
Ihem down the street." In 1711. a royal proclamation was issued offering a
reward of tluu lor the apprehension ot
liny Mohock.
Soon ufW the accession of (Jeorge
1 IV. lo the throne in l*-'u there was a
recrudescence, though III a milder
form, of Mohock rowdyism, uud attacks on the watch-"bo\liig the Charlies." as the phrase went—once mure
became fashionable uuiuiig the wilder
spirits  of   London.    These   revelries.
I however, were rudely disturbed by the
'establishment lu IVJP by Sir Hubert
I'eel of an efficient body of police
Yet   again   lu   early   Victorian   days
there   was   another   Mohock   outburst
, under the auspices of the Mat'ipiis or
Water ford, and once more knockers
nhd hell handles were wrenched uff,
public  monuments  injured,   lights ex-
'. tingulshed and crockery smashed. This
form of humor, however, was unite
wasted upon the local authorities, the
marquis being promptly knocked down
by a watchman nud taken up half
dead. The same authority tells us that
hi the following year he and some other men of fashion were convicted at
Herby assizes of trying to overturn a
caravan, screwing up a toll Innkeeper
and   painting  houses  and   people  red.
, For these recreutious tbey were bued
1 £100 apiece.
East Indian Theaters,
Many* fclust Indian tbenlers keep
their perturituiiH'es uufng until 1 or .S
o'clock iu me uinrtilnu, These dramatic
orgies are not. says the rimes of India, however, due lo lhe length of Ihe
plays, iiK in Chinese theaters, hut to
tbe fact that the truincurs do not begin running uu f* o'clock. As the
s|K*ctators gather from distant vllliigea
and have strong objections to paying
gharry litre, they expect to be entertained until ibe trains start.
Pleasant Punisnment.
Pastor- I hear that the lightning
struck your house, Hubeiihituer. 1'hut
Is n punishment tor your Wickedness.
Peasant—Well, sir, it's a pnulshment I
wouldn't mind having again, tor | go|
4,0"li murks insurance from it.-~LiiMtigtf
Its Class.
I    "tlnhnMnn a rival In th*» old dnvs of
j rbfvairv was very much tike a modern
; holiday in 11 busy life."
I    "How sn>"
(    "It was inking a knight off."-Haiti-
more Amerlcnn,
I llpmemripr lhl« thnt r> rery little la
i p-vdod lo mnke a liapp* Ufa.- Marcus
I Aurpihia,
A Phenomenon That Was Commented
Upon by the Ancients.
Tbe appearance ot u green light ut
sunset was noticed and commented
upon by the ancient Egyptians aud
mote particularly so because 111 the
clear air of Egypt the tints of sunset
are peculiarly distinct.
As the sun there descends nearer
aud nearer to the huri/.ou and Is Immensely enlarged and tlmiilug It suddenly becomes lor an instant a brilliantly green color, and Immediately a
series of green rays suffuses the sky in
many directions, well night to the zenith The same phenomenon appears at
sunrise, but lu a smaller extent. Sometimes, just as tnc iast part or the sun's
disk vanishes, us color changes from
green to blue, and su also after It has
disappeared the sky near the horizon
often is green, while toward the zeuith
It Is blue.
'Ibis was alluded to In Egyptian
writings Otiy was lhe emblem of lile
and night that ot death, mid the nocturnal sun. being Identified with Osiris,
thus rendered Usli'ls king of the dead.
The setting sun was green; therefore
Osiris, as the nocturnal deity ot Ihe
dead, was painted green The splendid
cofHlis of the high priests of Amnion
frequently Uepiut tin* gieeii &uu, uud
the funeral deities aie an colored
There are Innumerable Instances In
the Egyptian relics of representations
relative to death being colored green
The practice undoubtedly arose from
the green tints ot sunrise mid sunset.
The green sun disk is referred to fi.OOU
years ago lu Egypt. This is the earliest known "it ll mil tl record ot uu as-
trutiuiiilcai phenomenon.
Horse Butchers In Franca.
(Aerieh horse butchers me obliged
(u display 11 sign board showing the
kind of meat they sell and are Uut allowed to trade In any other sort of
meat except that of mules and donkeys. They sometimes try to puss off
ImrseUesh as that of donkey's ou unwary customers, because the latter la
considered to he more delicate In flavor and therefore more choice. — Ex
Ratner One Sided.
Mr. Piffle- What's yonr idea of the
Initiative nnd referendum'/ Mr. Pee-
wee—It's lhe rule of our household.
Everything Hint's done must originate
with iny wire, and everything that occurs to me mils! be referred to ber tot
disapprove I.- Chicago News.
Indefinitely  Postooned.
"Pnp. what's tne millennium?"
"Ifs n  tlniM coming,  my  soo.  when
Ihere will dp Jobs enough In every nd-
mlhtetrntlou ti go around among those
who want 'em."-Baltimore American.
K««w It by Heart.
IXInrk   Wn your w1f> rpnri jfnn n 4^.
hit* when yon got home tn*t night.
Klnhmnn   llcnd It?    Nn. It  wns quite
Impromptu -Hoston Transcript
{ Its Rapidity of Motion as Shown In a
1 Solar Eclipse.
]    Probably the fastest motion that man
! enn perceive with his eyes Is that of
I the  shadow  of  the  nioou  across tbe
I earth tn a solar eclipse.   This rate is
! practically that of the moon In its or-
| hit. which Is about 2.UUU miles an hour.
I This is roughly hair a mile a second.
Now, if a person were to he stationed
on  a  mountain  whence  he could  see
for some miles he could actually watch
the approach of the shadow and keep
his  eye  ou   Its edge.    Ot  course  the
shade would cover the whole landscape
for any one person.
Eroiu   the  testimony  of many  men
who nave witnessed the phenomenon
1 lu such circumstances It Is a terrible
[ and   nwe   Inspiring   spectacle.     Thus
I Forbes uf Turin: "I confess it was tbe
I most terrifying sight  I ever saw.    As
[ always happens in the case or sudden,
silent,    unexpected     movements,    ttie
spectator confounds  real  and  relative
motion.    I felt almost giddy fnr a moment, ns though the massive building
I under  me  bowed  uu  the side of the
I coming eclipse."    Another view Is de-
! scribed by Eangtey: "The bright cloud
! I saw distinctly put out like n candle.
j The rapidity ot the shadow and the m-
; tensity produced 11 feeling lhat sotne-
; thing material  was sweeping over the
j earth at a speed perfectly frightful,    I
j Involuntarily  listened  for the  rustling
noise of a mighty wind."
j    There ure. of coarse, mnny velocities
j greater  than   this  that occur  on  the
■ earth, whlcb, too. are measurable, such
. us the speed of light, which Is ISU.lsto
1 miles a second, and the speed or mole-
I cules of hot gases, but they are not directly perceptible to the hummi vision.
■ —Lawrence Hodges in Chicago Hecurd-
, Herald.
Transit nt Venus.
j    The transits of Venus came in pairs.
I with  an  interval  or  eight   years  between them.    A  pair occurred In 17111
; and  I7UU aud again in  ISi 1 and \tW*l,
\ The  whole ot   Hie  twentieth  century
' will pass without another transit.   Not
1 until the years iflW4 and 2011. will pos-
j terlty have the opportunity of witnessing   It     It   was   long   supposed   that
transits of  Venus over tbe suns disk
Afforded  the only accurate method or
determining  the distance  ot   the hi in.
j but latterly the speed uf light lias.be-
■ come the more favored method tor that
purpose.—New Vork American.
How He Lost His Dog.
"I've lost me mine dachsnund." said
a Herman resident ol Brooklyn
"Those dog catchers got him "
! "Meybe dey have got htin by der
pound How did they come to took
him?" asked his friend
"They look blm by der yard,'*, re-
ailed the loser .uidly.—New Vork Press
Perhaps She Wat Skeptical.
"Just my luck."
"What's the matter*nowr
I    "1 promised my wife I'd be home at
10 o'clock last night"
I    "And couldn't make it, I suppose?"
I    "No;  I  pot In nt just fl:4ft,  but she
; wns sound asleep, and  I  fulled to get
! credit for it"—Detroit Free Press.
The Other Way.
"If I were younger." snld the rich
Md mnn. "1 believe I might win you
for my wife."
"Yes." replied the eold beauty,
dreamily considering his siity venrs.
"or, lay, fifteen or twenty years old-
sr."-Phli«delphln Preaa.
Continuous Performance.
Wigwag—My  wife Is n  suffragette
Hhe Is going on the lecture pintfnrm
Hen peek kp— Hnnl My wltVrtoean't need
tny platform-Philadelphia Itecord.
;   This world belongs to the energetic.
, - (Ctnertou,
Problems For Parents to Decide.
Pew ijucsttuns perplex the conscientious parent mure than the one presented when 11 sou ur duilghter reaches
Hu* marriageable age. ln some Instances, of course, there Is no ruum lor
perplexity, because the chni e suits al.
parties, but lu Hie UlUjuTll.V uf case*
Ibe parents have much tu tuluk abouL
Probably the mother is mon perturbed;
than the father, but all parents who.
have lhe welfare ol' their children at
heart must feel some uuxlety wheu
tbey arrive at a utarrlageiibic age.
The llrsl anxious feelings arise over
(he choice which the soli or daughter
may make Then comes the selection,
ami the parents wonder whether tha
future partner is or wlll prove suitable-
lu the best sense of the word.
Suppose that (he child he a daughter.
The future Intsbund is subjected to the
menial process often called "taking
stock of hi in' and certain ipiestiuu&
The parents, not blinded by love. u&
they tire Inclined to think their dUUfftls
ter   Is.   are   not   altogether   satisfied.
I-iOVlng   their   daughter,   they   set   up.
ideals, aud this young man Is not (111110.
what they expected; they are not abb*
to explain exactly why. but somehow
be falls short.   His Income Is smaller
: than they think it should be. or be ia.
very fond of sports, and they feur be>
j will neglect his wife tu favor of nth-.
; letlc pastimes; be is. perhaps, clever*
I but (like so many clever personal rath*
; er   erratic,  nud   that   means   emu ing,-
{ home to dinner ut any time nnd tnak*
: Ing Ids wife unhappy  by a constant
series of little vexatious.    They may
object to his avocation, und they may
also fancy that he Is not really iu love-
; with tbe girl or that she herself ls aim*
, ply    infatuated   aud    will   regret   It
j quickly.
j So they endeavor to exercise their
I right, ns they say. The girl disputes
1 their right, saying tbat she is the best
judge: they cannot know as much about
. bur sentiments as she does It Is she
j wbo has to fake the cou-^etpiences.
I good or bad; she believes thai she wlll
] he happy with him and that she haa
i the right to decide.
Who shall decide?   Cnn flic parents
do more tlitiu endeavor to reason calm-
I ly with her, or have they any right ta
exert their Influence or their autocratic-
j power. If ihey possess any. to prevent
Ihe marriage?   If we examine similar
Instances  wc shull  tliid that  the parents have been right at times and that
tbey   have  spoiled   the  girl's   life   ut
I others.
Surely ihe situation is disturbing
enough to make both sides ponder
gravely. "The trouble is that the girl
is not old or experienced enough to be
: able to reflect properly," the parent*
would retort
What is to be done? The best sug-.
gestiou that can be made is that Hm
: young people should be asked to wait
awhile before thinking of marriage or
even of a fixed engagement If that can
be managed, and then let the girl see,
more of other men. If It Is mere la*
fatuutlon It will wear off.
The School Headache.
The brain Is such a delicate organ, sa
easily hampered in development, that;
when headache, which Is. in a sense,
pain in the brain, is complained of It
should receive Immediate ullcntloil.
It may result from defective sight.
It may he adenoids. In such a case
the growths hi the nose and IhrOttt prevent the child from breathing in a suf.
lieietiI (planlily of oxygen, and the
brain is Irritated by the defective quality ol' the blood The tidctioiils should
be I rented or removed, Overstrain 01
bniln fng ran he countcra-leil by regulating lessons mid providing more rest
and sleep
Headache due to digestive disorders
or iiuaemin is treated by direful diet,
exercise Mid plenty of fresh air.
Sweets, rid. dishes, fatty, greasy foods,
tea and coffer should be given up, at
least un lhe child's health equilibrium
is re-established Meals should be light
and easily digested ll may be neces-
sary to pill Hie child on a mill; diet for
a lliue. in which case a tumblerful of
milk should be given at each meal,
with such a simple dish as custard, soft
boiled eggs, a little lish With thin bread
and butter, until Hie dlgcstjve system
ls restored to its normal working tone.
The teeth should not be overlooked lu
Investigating the cause of ill health In
the school child. Not only should they
be carefully examined and attended lu,
hut can* should be taken tha' the child
tburougjily chews every bite uf food.
Exercise For Children.
Children should be encouraged to
piny games that exercise every mus-
cle They should have jumping ropes,
seesaws, swings, battledore and shuttlecock, tenuis and basketball Parents and burses should play with
them.    I'at hers who form hall  teams
! ur football elevens ilUloug lhe hoys
of the neighborhood will have healthier
: children and will feel better themselves
Amateur track meets under the parental eye, even In a buck yard, nre
good ways of helping children to exercise. There can be Jumping foments,
weight lifting, tropew and swings and
punching hag.
: Children can be formed Into walking
clubs, and even small boys and gfrla
may be encouraged to do a certuia
amount uf daily sprinting. I'HK'ISI.AMIKK. CUMRKKLAJKD
■ ■
■       sf
To investigate our goods and prices any time you care to call. We shall be
glad to show you our goods and quote yon prices for any job you may have
on hand. Buying our goods as we do. in carload lots, we are in a position
to quote you the lowest prices consistent with quality. Our chief aim is to
he Builder and  Everything of the   Best:
Paint, Oils, Varnishes, Plumbing
Supplies, Builders' Hardware, Doors,
etc., etc.
Kiln Dried Flooring and V-Joint,
Mouldings, Pannelling, Lath,   Plaster,
Brick, Cement, Lime, Sash, etc., etc.
Stock Size Door Frames and Window Frames Always in Stock for Immediate Delivery.
Box 230
¥   T
" Not Better than the Best - but Better than the Rest."
Phone 66
S3 rSSB!S3r.r^irE3El'i^DS3ZH£Z;i
Karma and
y, i., b e-
Farms and
.UR listifigg ; together with tlie 4,000 aces we have
I   V^   actually bo .ught iu the Comox District consisting
■f cleared ar,J us cleaved farms, sen and river  frontage,
enables \y ^Q u\*f L. intending buyers a good choice.
' Courtenay lots on the main Union llnud and abutting
\   right on the new   station  when built, also Il.wyston sub.
I  division acreages an.d lots are jusl now g 1 bui/s.
Come in and see us before prices advance
Telephone 36
■HHssisHMIBsasJ   ltt*WSm****mmt*m*
First Class ln every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
When In Cumberland inakti the Union jrour lieadqimrUrt
Centre of Town |
Prices: $200
and up.
The Island Realty Co.
! Pire. Life, Live Stock P. L. ANDERTON.
. Accident. Phone 22.     Courtenay, B. C.
Dry Goods, Siikwear, Ail kinds of
Fancy Crockery (Xmas Goods)
Japanese Goods
Lowest Prices in Town.
Terms Cask
s. s. "eowieHAN"
Will sail as under
Vancouver—Nanaimo—Denman Island
Union Bay—Comox Route
Lenve Vancouver, Monday, at 8p.m.   Arrive Nanaimo at 11-30p.m.
Arrive Union Bay, Tuesday, at 6 a.m. Arrive Comox at 8 a.m.
Leave Comox, Tuesday, at 11 a.m.        Leave Union Bay at noon.
Leave Nanaimo, Tuesday, at 6 p.m.  Arrive Vancouverat9-30pm.
Leave Van r.ouver. Saturday, at 8 p.m.  Arrive Nanaimo at 11-30 p.m.
Arrive Union Bay, Sunday, at 6 a.m.   Arrive Comox at 8 a.m.
Leave Comox, Sunday, at 4 p.m. Leave Union Bay at b p.m.
Subject to change without notice
Own  your car—don't let  it own
you.    A new },lr.  Dooley rises to
remark   that  time  are  only   two
Kinds of cars—" the Fords nnd the
can't affords."    You'll want a Ford
when the season is ou.   Then buy
it todav.
There are more than 220,000 Fords on
the world's highways—the bestpossi
ble testimony to their unexcelled worth
Prices — runabout $675— touring car
$750—delivery car $775—town, car
$1000—with all equipment, f.o.b.
Walkerville, Ont. Get particulars from
E. C. Emde, Cumberland, B.C., Exclusive Agent for Comox District.
Beadinell & Callin
Offices*. Comox & Courtenay.
A gents for E. & N. Lands, Comox District


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