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The Cumberland Islander Sep 27, 1929

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 See - "The
Duke Steps Out"
9r,'tfy ^ V It ft which Is consolidated tli
Willi which Is consolidated the (utnl-crland News,
At the Ilo-Ilo
This Week End
City Council
Reject Offers
For Property
Tenders Far Too Low Declare
City Fathers—Vancouver Engineer Appointed as Arbitrator for City on Electric Light
Declaring that the offers received
for tho property advertised tn the
Cumberland Islander last week were
fnr too low, the city fathers unnnl-
moualy rejected the offers made. Tin
properly In question consisted of twe
houses built under the "Helta
Housing Scheme" andthe one Iatel>
occupied by Mr. Whycherly received
a hid from Mr. C. Spooner for the
sum of $500, whilst the other house
nt present occupied by Mr. J. II. Rob
ertson, and a smaller house than tin
Whycherley one, received a tender ot
$575 from Mr. L. IJ. Geidt. Wlthoul
further comment as to whnt action
Is contemplated in tho future, thr
tenders  wore Inid to one side.
A communication was received from
Mr, McDerrutd, the solicitor acting
for the city in the Klectric Light
question stating that after consultation with Mr. Mulrhead and after due
consideration, recommended Mr. A.
D. Creagh, an engineer of great ability, ns tlio city representative on the
arbitration board. In the event of
Mr. Creagh accepting the appointment, tho city clerk was Instructed to
no.ii'y the Cumberland Electric Lighting Company of the appointment.
A little discussion followed tho
reading of a communication from the
Fraternal Order of Eagles .asking
the boulevard In front of the Eagles
Hall be removed. In his comnmniri
tion. Mr. Tappin, secretary of tbe
Eagles, poinled out that when an
entertainment was in progress at the
Memorial Hall, traffic in front of the
Eagles' Hall became congested. The
council could not see their way clear
to remove tlie boulevard nnd suggested thai parking of cars on Fourth
Street, past the Islander office would
be permitted and the city clerk instructed to so notify the secretary ol
the Eagles.
Reports of tho various committees
submitted were satisfactory, but In
the case of the health committee, Alderman Williams reported three new
cases of chicken pox since last meeting.
Under the heading of new business.
Alderman Mumford started thnt he
hail bcen approached by Mr. It. Filberg with reference to the stand of
timber on the lnnd donated by the
Comox Logging Company to the City
for park purposes. Mr. Filberg stated
that this stand of timber was well
protected from the weather and might
reasonably be expected to stand for
all time and it would be a decided
asset to the city park to keep tills
timber intaet.and that fn the event of j
It being logged off would spoil the
beauty of the park. Mr. Filberg suggested that the council take up the
matter with the local member in an
effort to get the government to compensate the Comox Logging Company
for leaving tho timber standing, either
by a money grant or an equivalent
stand of timber elsewhere.
Thc Mayor was of the opinion tha;
the Hoard of Trade and the general
public be approached and their help
obtained in an endeavor to have the
timber lefl  standing.
Alderman Mumford asked permission to introduce a Parks Bylaw al
Uie next regular meeting of the council.
Bills nnd accounts to the amount
of 099.55 were referred to the finance
committee nnd tf found correct ordered to be pnld.
In addition to the Mayor. Aldermen I'a riiham. Mumford, Henderson,
Williams and Bannerman were present
Behaviorist Expert In|AtT! om   A* W* NEILL' MR N0T
M   /, ,       A   , , VerdictOf Jury   OPTIMISTIC ABOUT PARK
Notable Address
The jury empanelled to enquln
to the death of Chew Gail Ken, a I
Chinaman, injured at No. 4 on Mon-
■ day night. September 23rd, returned ;
:a  verdict  of  accidental   death,   with
no blame attached to anyone.
I    Evidence was  given  by  Dr.  B.  II.:
j Hicks, who attended the injured man,
i Mr. Robert Struchan. mine surveyor,
jd a plan of the locality j
and showing the spot where deceased J
Interesting Talk On Hidden
Members of Canadian Club and Teachers of District
Enjoy Talk by Well-Known Professor
A most enthusiastic audience greet-   school system of Vienna, whore they
ed Dr. Blntz, M.B., Ph. D., at the din- ( have  thrown  over  the  autocracy  of I who prep
ner   of   the   Canadian   Club   held   at j education,    whore    children    left    to [and showing the spot where doi
the Union Hotel on Wednesday night,   their   Initiative  are   doing   very   re-   \m$   found,     Mr.   S.   Horwood
After the meal had been served, ad- j markable things.    He also spot:e of J buss, Mr. Stevenson, driver bos
inurnment   was  made  to   the   large the work of Dr. McGee of Orllla, who i Mr, Tom Brown   a drive,-, whi
lining   room,   when   the   teachers   of  makes a  special study  of the ehhild   enllnd In an offor! to renter fii  i mri ■, , ,  . .....     i
» • * -» laiuo ni .in mon io ic.hki  hi  i am, *(V years Ot acquaintance With  Indian land
.he    Cumberland     and     Courlenay ■ of sub-normal mentality rating below  to the Injured man and Mr. II. pnv-1 alV.,fn.   L]irew
ehools attended by special invitation | sixty per cent.   This school in-n-iimou I • ■..  —.-    manager also gave evidence.
Mr.  Thomas  Jackson
Interesting and educating v
address given by Jas It. Motion al
the business men's regular iveokl;
luncheon, held in the Good Eats Cafe
on Monday, Mr. Motion had been an
Invader of the "Forbidden Plateau,"
and that was his subject. Previous
to describing the trip nnd Its attractions,  tlie  speaker,  who  Is  qunlllled
Inspector of
j mines for the district, was present at
the Inquiry, representing the Depurt-
i meat of Mines.
fxty per cent.   This school produces   ijn
f the executive of the Canadian club. I skilled plumbers nnd mechanics.   He
Ir. William Eadie presideni of tbe J again startled a number of his au-
,ucal club In a few words. Introduced j dieuce when he declared "you don't
Mr. D,  M. Le. Bourdals, director of; have to have a high Intelligence to
.he  Division of Education  of Cnna-1 become  a  doctor,  or a   lawyer, and I	
Han  National  Committee  of  Mental you don't have to have any Intel It* \\TLT    Q    C
Hygiene, saying that Mr. Le Bourdals j gence  nt  all   to  become a parent.1'I VV . JT.  OyiTlOnS
was In a much bettor position to In-  So much  for  intelligence,  which  lie i
troduce   the   speaker  of  the  evening j stated  only showed  five  per cent  of
than he was. success.    Maturity  showed   live   per 	
Mr.  Le Bourdals said  his task of I(;ei" 1)E success and the other ninety      The Cumherland Men's Bridge Clul
third j met at the home of the president. Mr
historic  sid<
on his subject.    He said.
"What a name to give this Wonderland—Forbidden Plateau?'—A name
lo provoke the human :n n* lo enquire   why   it   should   be   forbidden,
Heads Bridge Club
introducing Dr. Bltttz was made very  Per cent he attributed  to tb
much easier by the very compllmeu-1 tootor, perseverance.
:ary  remarks of the  president.    He      Tllc  attribute  of  maturity   is   th
really did not know what Dr. Blntz | second   quality   of  success.    Ment
was going to speak about, but what- j activity 1
ever it was. he assured the audience  on
hey would go home with something I moment of existence Is dependent on
to think about. He would like very I every single moment before. Matur-
much to tell them of the magnificent i lty °r thought directs the judgment
3Chool of which Dr. Blntz was tha ' of what to do under certain clrcura-
head, the St. George's School of Child stances. Interest drives us lo ma-
Study, in the city of Toronto, but no j turily.
! Rupert Shaw,
on Tuesday night, an 1
after enjoying a tew round-; cf
bridge, refreshment were served and
 1 onuge, rerresnment were served tin.
tlvity Is lined up with everything officers" elected for the coming winter
e has ever done since birth. Every   ^r< VY.  P. Symons was duly electei
thg, i Ither hiking or with n ■■■
so as to arrive at your destination
early in tho evening bo that all or-
rai g me its i an be made for camping for th nig l We vore fortunate in meeting Mr. Skittles in Courtenay, ond he was our guide to the
plateau. Part ol his pack was placed
on our pack horse, bul I hi i y . four
dozen In all   « p u I   I  them
Ii   u.i ■  aboul   I   p m,   «In      v ■   U;
Ward's  ranch,  with  one pari;  horse
a iddle  horse  a d   fl ■   peo
Iiie hi oni' partj. U eluding  Mr. Skit-
"Our provision list Included two
dozen eggs. Tho rider,of tin saddle
horse tin | ehargi ■' one do-■■ i, and
one   of   the   hikers   had   tin*   other.
Local Residents
Are Bereaved
Former Colliery  Employee  Instantly Killed ai Coalmont
and the call to the able bodied to In-  Owing to early Irainfi p  I lui I to trj
doubt the Dr. himself would say few
words about that.
Dr. Blatz said his topic for thai
evening. "The Mental Hygiene of
Success" was an ambitious one. There
are three factors to success, ho said,
•'Intelligence." "Maturity." and "Persistence." It was not his intention,
ho said to be a reformer and he rather startled a number of bis audience
when he made the statement that
"Intelligence had very little to do with j
.success." The records of the mosl !
successful people show very little ol !
the accepted ideal of Intelligence. My
work said the doctor does not lie
with the adult. One can do very little for thorn, but all my interest lies
with thc child.
Everyone Is born with a certain
intellectual capacity and no method
ot shown can Improve or increase j
that capacity. Environment, physical
conditions, tonsilities, syphilis, and
other diseases may influence the direction of Ihat capacity but no known
force can make It less or more.
The intelligence Tests.
Our present school system said the   Tuesday  t
speaker endeavors to pour all  clitl-' fr
(Iron   Into  the  same  mould   and  tin
teacher who is ambitious loses am
bitlon   trying   to   force   children  ti
something   that   is   ve
beyond their reach.
Intelligence, maturity of thought, ot
physical endowment has very little
to do with success. If it had there
would never have been a Nopoleeon
or a Darwin.
Children are taught to read a hook,
word for word and many adults take
a book and they don't think they
have read it unless they go through
it word for word. All that Is necessary Is for a person io read the table
for the coming term, with Mr, U H.
Finch as secretary.   Owing to several
of the  members  not  being able  to
j guarantee to keeping Tuesday night
' vacant  for Bridge, It was decided to
J change   the   night   of  meeting   from
Wednesday, consequently | reduced to between fifty and s
ii.   Wednesday  night   will | number,   but   at   time   a   larg
f tne ! powerful   tribe,   whose   terrlto
eluded Sproat Lake aud Centra
to the divide and along tho ba
vestlgate and see for themselve
"When we hear the name of 'Forbidden Plateaeu' we think of Indian
legends and no doubt the name was
given to this wonderland by reason
that it was impossible in the early
days to induce Indians from the Comox district to accompany partios
into the interior of the Island. They
could watch their enemies from the
north approaching from the sea, but
were powerless, when Attacked at
night by enemies who came from the
interior of the Island, they knew
not  where,
"No doubt these attacks came from
the Opitchesahts of Alberni,a tribe
now  living  on  the  River  Re
! oul   t
1 advan
■ saddle horse, which ,< as an
ige. After a while one nf our
who had never ridden a horse
ling along nlcel , tnklt ■■■ good
,li(' eggs, when the hon e wa
I liy hornets and immediatel)
1 Itself Into various antics
dy jun ped ofl and m irlyall
B wore scrambled.    X.. arally,
i hi
d i
the horn.
and   whi]
Him egg
Four i
I  remained
Offered, so tli
On Monday afternoon, Mr. Watkln
William.-, a well known resident of
Cumberland, received word of tbe
death nf his uncle, Mr, James Morgan,  of  We I   Vancouver,
The    late    Mr.    .Morgan    was    well
known  lit  B.C. musical  circles as *a
pt ofl     or Of music  and   choir leader.
Bom   in   South   Wales,   he   eauie   to
Vancouver twenty-two years ago.
During liis residence in B.C, tbe do-
ceased conducted the Metropolitan
Church choir at Victoria and the male
voice choirs al Victoria and Nanaimo.
Later In Vancouver he wns conductor
of the Welsh Male Choir. Oa the
occasion of the first visit of the
Prince of Wales to B.C. be was in
charge of a Bpeclal choir of 100
voices, During the past eight years
he had conducted the male choir of
the Wesi Vancouver Choral Society.
He also con-ducted the West Vancouver   organization's   women's   choir.
Mr. Morgan is survived by his wife
and a nephew, Wtttkln Williams of
Cumberland, other relatives reside
iu South Wales
Tho late Mr. Morgan had many
friends In Cumberland, being a frequent   visitor  to his  relatives here.
■ Mr
oni  now
be the recognized meeting night
club.   The seqBon wil] open on
. nesday, October the 2nd nt th,
ry   often, deuce  of  Mr.   Wing.   Royston.
I and | incidents of
sty in j to rec.ch ou
* and j arid camp i
v    111-   how   it    rain
I. I). Davit
.Mrs. .1. I*   Da
Tuesday of tl
Nexl   m
United Church
Badminton Starts
October First
the Stamp
remains of
be found,
farthest  south   they
ind Somass rivers where \
their houses arc still to !
Lupsle   Cupsie   wa -   thp
*. and  theii '
ning was
md we soon mad,
>ver Ihe In it bill to the pla
mndi a side itip in Gob*
tinned on page three)
(Continued on page three)
Honor Paid
At the regular meeting of the Junior K°st' Court of Review Xo. IT.
W.B.A., Mrs. S. Davis, president ol
the senior order presented to Mrs.
Kale Marocchi, the president of the
Junior order, a case of silver flat ware,
In honor of her approaching marriage
lu   making   thc   presentation,   Mrs.
Dr. IJlatz described very minutely
the intelligence test brought to America In 1014 by Dr. Terman of Stanford University which was evolved by
Drs. Chas. Ulnel and Simon of France
and stated that by it3 use it was now
possible to gauge the intelligence of
children at a very early age. Problems of adoption can be solved by
these tests said the speaker and cited
cases that had come under his own
observation In Toronto, where a child
was to be put out for adoption, taken
from one of tho clinics or orphans'
home. If the child put under the
test did not measure up to standard,
ho or she was not allowed to be
adopted. Several very amusing case-*
also came to their knowledge during
these tests. On one occasion a rather
silly sentence wns given to a boy,
something like this, "lhe police found
the body of the girl cut up into eighteen pieces nml decided it was a ens?
of suicide." The boy replied, "the
police would." Needless to say said
lho doctor, the boy passed.
Declaring be had no uso for the
present, standardized rules of living
ami education, the speaker said these
rules only tend to stifle Imagination
and initiative in tho child and only
an occasional one became n Bites
Carmen or a Kipling, What we should
Parents Of Local
Lady Celebrate
Golden Wedding
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. M'Glnnes, of 211
Quarry Street,  Hamilton   (Scotland).]
The Cumberland L'nltod Badminton Clul) will commence play for thi
winter season on Tuesday niglu next,
October lsi in the Lulled Churce
hall. A full attendance of members
is desired as a business meeting will
be held  following play.
Pulverized Coal
As A Fuel
By William N. Kelly, R.P.E.,
Vancouver, B.C.
homes were there In the early days,
In tbe sixties, when the first sawmill
operated iu Port Alberni. I' war
there, also, that a chief and his Bon
were shot to death by the head chief.
Konlwtsh, and his son (still alive),
owing to a superstitious belief that
they were responsible for the death
of another son of thc dead chief.
"The Forbidden Plateau was iruly
forbidden :o many previous t" tins
year, the only way being lo hike tn
with a pack, and tliis usually took
from three to four days. This year, I
(lie Provincial government built a
pack trail, so that it is now possible
to go from Ward's ranch lu the morti-|
"Noah's Ark," the long heralded
War er Bros ' ip ci ti le co m ■ to the
Ilo-Ilo Tit ire, Mot day, Tue iday and
Wednesday, "> tob< i : h, 8th and Bth
While  the  tttl ■   would     uggi st   that
lu otale from \ e Bible,
. ;: story of modern life
ground  of  tho      tedllu
an da
Tho question of puvetized coal for
have   just   celehrnted   thefr   golden j steam-raising
wedding.     Married   on   7th   AttgUi
ISfifi,   "
nd industrial purposes
- has within recent years stirred up a
by the lato Cannon Dnnaher. j great deal ol interest in Ureal Brit-
they have five sons and a daughter, j Hfu and the Continent of Europe and
the daughter being Mrs. Henry at the present moment, might well
Thompson of Cumberland, Vancouver Ibe called "A Burning Question." This
Island, 20 grand-children, and 6 great interest bus had u two-fold cause (1)
grand-children. The worthy couple j To re-establish the coal business on
were honored recently when they a better basts, and (2) to take advan-
were the guests of relatives and j tage of the higher efficiency In the
'"ends, consumption of coal as fuel, over the
Mr. McGhmcB Is 75 years of age old liand-iirlng method. There has
and his wife JI. The worthy couple been a particularly strong effort to
have enjoyed'the best of health and . develop the system for marine pinup to about one year ago Mr. M'GIn- poses also. Due to the large Increase
nos followed his occupation ns a tall- within recent years of Diesel powered
or. In addition to a daughter living j vessels in the merchant marine, there
In Cumberland, one son resides In \Uiii ben a large falling off in the
Vancouver ami is a well known mu-' building of steam-propelled vessels,
slciau. Tbe tragic death of young amj it i8 believed that pulverized fuel,
Robert Thomson, grandson of Mr. and | in conjunction with higher boilet
Mrs. M'Glnnes who was killed In n pressures, and single reduction tin-;
logging accident a few months ago bine engines, will halt the invasion i
at Deep Bay was not conveyed to the of oi* engines to a large extent. Tlie I
worthy couple until after the golden I burning of coal In the pulverized I
wedding celebration. iorm   ia   scarcely   recognized   when j
  [compared   with   the  older  method   ol
burning it on a fire-grate, with hand-
tiring. The nevor-endlng labour ol l
stoking, cleaning flres, removing
ashes and clinker, tho quenching of
same, and the cosily disposal, by the|
various  typog  of ash-ejectors,  made
The annual whlst drive anil dance
of the Cumberland Centre St. John
Ambulance Association aad preB'
tat ion of prizes to successful ci
tees la ills in the recent first aid m
held at Nanaimo will be held in ;
Ilo-Ilo Hall on Friday. October I
commencing at 7.no. Dancing co
tuences at 1" o'clock and will con!
ue until 1.80 a.m. Refreshments u
be served and for the dance a li
class orchestra has been engag
Admission:   gents.'  $1.00,   ladies.  .\
\ ca il of more Mian ten thousand
iple w ns employed i i ' Noah"
k," and Warner Pro;-;, allotted
rty-ol act tract to construct
settli .- i>n whicli ' i <■ irn
ough     ihe    tremendous     projec'.
a I orecelved word
death of her neice,
tli.' twelve-year-old girl of her brother. Mr. Frank Etchells of Colorado.
Last summer, M.r Etchells and his
family wen1 visitors to Cumberland
and dining their stay here made
many friends. The daughter of Mr.
Etchells underwent on operation on
Saturday losl for appendlclties, and
died on Monday.
,1 anies XcWhlrter Killed.
Mr. James McWhli ten, a former
resident nf Cumberland and at one
time an employee of the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir), Limited, met
instant death last week end whilst
following his occupation at iho Coalmont Collieries. During his resi-
ence herei the deceased resided al
tin' Lake and waa exceedingly fond
of itie outdoor life, patronizing the
lake on every possible occasion. He
left Cumberland a few years ago
for Coalmont and during the Lime of
Iii- employment al the interior mines
allied  himself  with  several  societies
gantlc In 11 ■ proportions, and to possess a story of Intense Intel i   I
The moving and human Dry o
"Noah's Ai:;" waa written I j Dai
ry] Francis Znnuck, and in It he ho
soiinde I all the liuinnii ■■■ utlon
Michael Curtla i im I ■ I om ■ an I
abroad, an I etc    if great spec
* li » i in i ,i ge ol production.
The ivork i ivered a period ol more
than three roaers ind ';;,- ,■ i n a
over two million  dollars.
The i asl   in ed only  lx   tint ■ it  :
the patrons of the theatre to under
Btnnd   It ■   ■ xi   y m ii   i|it illt:      Pol
on    Cfl iti Un Is tli- star «i li George
News of W.B.A.
Review No. 17. W.B.A
enjoyable party nl Ihi
II. li. Brown In aid ol
: li" organization. Whit
,;\ by the members «
tables being In  piny.
lis oi
Leaves To Reside
In Victoria
Myrna   !.
colm  Wa
i■'.ml        '. ■■
in  V   Mo
Nolilu  .1
i    Wil
I   Ji
teach  »nr children  la  bow  to live.i    u.   nl„i  «,..   mnii.«  n    , I —  '"""   "  ■
live every minute or tbe day.    Ule Sr    vh'   L n   """"'"/"",'»"••">' Production ,„ sen anything but
tor the present ,ald Dr. Bl.tr. Is nn i I ",„n„ ,'   ,1 ?',     """"" '" """'." "'»»""« ""' »" '■""•-''"'■    P""»
.tan >dl*ed thai I. Is the same old ! r     ,'      ''VJT™, "T  '""rly   """"   "'"" ";,i    ■""""»   "
route day alter day, everything sin,.! "'     '""A" """" "c"' "°"R' '" "**-  coal wns taken on  ird at some Mr
make their horn
'jtoria. For a groat many yours Mr
durdlzcd. You get up in the morn- Hendgribn w«* an employee <>r the
Ing from astnndardlzed bed, you eat| Canadian Collieries, afterwards goto?
fnto the confectionery business, now
operated by his hou, Mr, Alex Hen-
street   car,   sit   in   a   standardized, demon.
chair at a standardized desk, go out     Mr.  and  Mrs.  Henderson   will  be
to a lunch counter and eat a stand- i nuirli mis:
ardlzed meal and ut the end of thfl
i standardized break fast, you travel'
lovvn to the office In a standardized
day go hnniti to u standardized news
pavlg expressed the good wishes of) paper and then retire to your stand-
the juniors tothclr president for a; ardlzed bed again, starting the fol-
happy and prosperous future.
Mr. Watkln Williams and Mr. Jus
Mr. Williams.
id by their many friends in
Cumberland, bul they will be glad to
know that Mr. Henderson enjoys
much better health In the capita',
hence the urge to reside there. Previous to their departure they spent
a few days at Comox as the guests
j lowing day In tho snmo way.
He advocated that children bo
: lowed to use their Imagination, let I or Mrs. Len Plket ,11 daughter, when
Wilcock wero visitors to Vancouver thorn draw whflt they like, write' a small family gathering was held
for the purpose or attending the fun- what they like nnd the result. In tlnu' ag n surprise, nnd Mr. and Mrs. Mon-
erul  of  Professor  Morgan,  uncle ol I would  be  most enlightening. ' dersoii presented with a magnificent
He also spoke of lhe revolutionized   electric  coffee  percolator.
olgn port.   Of course, there still remains   the   Inconvenience  of  bunkering vessels, but   tlie cleanliness and ,
efficiency of this method of ini-wlng
eoal is so enormously advantageous'
that the Inconvenience of putting coal j
on board is losl sight of.    Pulverized
fuel  has  been   used   Industrially  for
many years. In heavy and light forges
plate-healing furnaces, reduction or |
ores, and cement burning lit rotary
kilns. At tho Mond Nickel Works
In South Wales, three ions of pui-
orized fuel only Is required to mell
eleven tons of nickel slag, against
four tons of fuel hand-ilred, melting I
only nine tons of the same material.1
g in  plny,    Refreshment*
were  Berved,   followed   by   a   pleasant
social  hour.    Winner- at  cards  were
! Mrs. ft, D   Drown, first;  Mrs. A. Max
i well,   Sr..  rsecond   ond   Mrs.   Moyer
consolation.   A vory amusing contest
j took place during the evening, Mrs,
i Carney winning the prize,    Mrs. Rell
: added   enjoyment   to  the  ovonlt g   foi
the   guests   by   fortune   telling   with
1 cups and a nice little sum wa   raised
in ibis way.   Mrs. Rrowu  assisted bj
Misses viola Reese, Hilda 1 Itll r  A'
. uie ami  Alice  Drown  served  a  Very
enjoyable supper.    Everyone  p  ■ e
voted the evening n real good one md   ,\,   :
a handsome sum was realized for Re    !:,,]h,
view   funds
The officers and members of Cun;
in Hand  Review  No,  it.  W.U.A.. heb
a very nejuyahle meeting  on  '1 hut
day evening when four new in   nbei
were Inl lotod  Into this  Bre ■'  ord ■
of women  and  three appllcntlo
celved,   Following tho buslne ■ mi
mg refreshments were served, and t
social   lime   enjoyed.
In  view  of her approaching  mar
rlngo, Mrs. K
member "f t'11' Review, w
with a pair ol lovely candlestick
"Noahs Ark" said to be truly gl ' l'ormed there. He wasa member of
the medical committee, secretary of
the i mploj i e ' dch relief association,
ii mi m ior of the Caledonian Society
and a drummer In Ulakoburn Pipe
Rand and by liis great interest In
tlii' welfare of his fellow workers,
!h i ..-ii, . sceedlngly popular. Resides
liis widow, he leaves to mourn hU
loss i"1"' children and three brothers.
Good Sum Raised
At Benefit Dance
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the F.O.E.
benefll whlst drive nnd dance held in
the G.W.V.A. Hall on Friday evening
proved to b a greal success when
twenl i en iblt oi whlst were In
i: .    i    ht lovely prizes were won by
     : -tit b;  I.id.es' first, Mrs.
Wm, Davis; .second, Mis. Westfleld;
travt lllng, Mrs. Moyers; lucky. Mrs.
A. Clark; gent's first, Mr. Sam Miller;
second, Mr, Schmidt; lucky, Mr. Sid
Hunt. Jr.
Alter the cards dainty refreshments
wi ro r i ■: bj 'i.' committee, after
which a pair ol Iji.iiii.hi1 pillow slips,
donated bj Mrs J, Marocchi, were
Mrt Murray, with ticket
no, 311 won these This raffle brought
In um ol $35.40.
A nlo i rowd th red upstairs
foi the dance, the Maple Leaf orches-
the music
nd the dance a
nil i    um ol •"""< was rati i d and this
mom ■   made a
total oi ;■'.   i to b   donated to Mrs.
The ladli. ol the auxiliary wish to
extend a i.' I   ol thanks to the
Veteran    loi   their donation of
Ithe hall, to the Maple Leaf orchestra
1   The Cumberl nd Cronies Burns club tor the music, to Mr. Blckle for adver-
held the Becond ol their whist drives Using  *     ;     Marocchi for tho pillow
'on Saturday evening at the Memorial d to all the public who helped
ti II thii   en   tables   oi   cards to make tht al    r a great success,
were tn n        lucky al  cards     Thc evening was brought to a close
were; ladies' flrst, Mr.   Balagno; sec- al one o'clock, everyone having a real
■ ■mi, Mrs, Morello; rents lirst, Mr. W.   good   time,
Brown;   Becond, Mr. Thoburn.    After!
the  can;:-!  refreshments  were  served
Loch! Big Game
Hunter Bags Dtter
Moose a>!c! Bear
•  w
1   ll
1   .,
Ot   III
|C    |. :    ■
I    tfll
Lollnti     'i
li-l'   ;.    llll mil
Ii nil I. M ,i lln.ii
||0|K'fl     III     I '       !
torioy     " ■ ■ In pull
Marocchi, ., piomlnnn    li ytln   ladles followed by a dance for United Church
Review, wan presented ] which  thc  Byng  Buys  supplied  the   u/oilni do)    ,\\
the dale oni n
I {Continued on Page Two)
Made to Top any Picture Ever Made
aid   in   Cunbe.laml
Vill   IliiM   ;i    li;i/;i;lr   nil
rember   18th.     Keen
"NOAH'S   ARK" The Spectacle of the Ages.   SEE IT!
The Cumberland Islander
! from  the  United  States  will  open   the  coal  market   tu j PULVERIZED  COAL
Welsh eoal. then the Welah coal industry will be that'
much bet ei
settle tbe c
and  tlio  ad'
al pr
IJin   the new  duty  will  do nothing  to
in ol the  Dominica  to the benefit
;age of the Canadian  coal industry.    The!
t  Ottawa, have simply  allowed thu coal I
i verlzer,
j for the
20    h.p.    is    ampK'    power
;arae amount of coal per hour
(Continued from page l
I Pre-hented air is now generally u td
In the pulverizer for the primary air-
blasts which also bus ihe adviui  ig
Industry on Vancouver Island to be swamped by American I It Is Bpecially suitable for water-tube:'1   ,     ,™ .       . ,      .   !    ',,
,    .,       ,    , , ,        ,, „       ,   ,       ,.       „ ' coal.    It   litis   been   fomn!   in   flrest
mel oil. and al  least u can be said taut  their policy of   boilers   nlthnnizli irivlti" evepttenr  re.L it i        u i     >    ,        ,  .
•*        uuneru, aitnougn giving excellent re- Britain, whore pulverized con I Is in
suits In tbe Lancashire aud  Scotch} use, that it tends to raise sligh ly 'he
marine types.   Owing to the radiant ! price of low-grade fud  and  re luce
IT  I! \.S  BEEN : rl that thi   Pi li i  |  Governmenl
is-considet m of a duty of fifty ci ats
' m ial   coming  into Canada   from
:      ' : '        ■    ' ";iil1 X]M "ie Oovet iment|ci ■ .  .1 i ■■■ tb.
'■■ P i ull of the visit of the
i;' am      .     m ut In the
I .'ii is that the British
Ith a dul    of iii y cents n
'■'■•■       Canadian t larke    ■ mid
i coal,    Wa  ■:... .     tund  that   Wei ih
coal has a! i   ho SI  Lawn nee ports -
eoal from United Stati
tst that mu      aorc m ir
the coal Indu   ry ot British I ed In this Proi Im .   ■
ts.   The Federal Govi rnrai nt  In
*:    ■ ■■■-   :. I   try
ty i Itural iou
coal United       tea     it   ts
:ty  benefit
.  ■■    i hei n a b indi-
cap to tl i L'mlet thi   For I ■
or an Amei I-
can artli i   tl tty automatically
goea tig  Into tho
at :  Nanatmo
going into ind i liington, or to any othi r
[States, Ua-: to face
this hand cap ut duty.   As we understand the
■  :..:: lie and ett tet n pro*i It ■
.:     . lied racite coal from thi   Unite I
Statea I ! lie Atln i le Coast an !
on Vancouver 1      id on I rifle I !a   ' cannot get their
producl   Into of the cosf of trans-
p        lon.   If, therefore, this new duty on antrhacite coal
laissez-faire has found ample support from such munii-t
palltles as Vancouver aad such transportation companies
as the C.P.R. And. as we have had occasion to point out
in tlie last few weeks, the Canadian National, the Canadian people's railway, is following the example of the
C.P.R. For yeal i now wo hive bad Canadian Pacific trains
driven through coal towns by oil-burning locomotives.
ns have become deserted villages, be-
which it  was theii  business and their life to mine.   We
9tiil have C.P.R. steamers 'joining into Nanatmo ever so
i many  times  a  day and  Mi-y are  all,  without  exception,
di Ivi n   with   fuel  oil,     If    lie  Canadian   National   should
decide to go after a part o.' this Nanaimo business It is a
certnlntj  that  i,j steamers will also bo oil driven.   The
Dominion is being ail stir ed up with campaigns to en-
couruge  the  buying  of produced   In   Canada  goods  and
lals,   ■ ui     i       campaigns,   whether  Intentional  or
tint, always stop short of Canadian coal.   The big tuanu-
■■■  u..■;■; .mil  transportation companies, which are such
i: nerous and ardent: uppoiters of these campaigns In the
Bast, ore the  i       cm omors thc United States have in
i u   vi  I    TI o proi    ed duty on anthracite coal is a very
I Insignificant part of the real coal problem of Canada.
- -Nanaimo Herald.
heat of the incadescent solid particle!* j 'he price of better grade.   \ vo
the effect isapt, In a small commuslon
chamber, to bo damaging to the refractory   lining,   but   the   application
of  water-jaclicted   ftn-tuhes  haa  et-1 pu.lverized coal In all boiler
■sful Installation has been (
the  Blue  Star  "Stuart   St
vessel has been running i
voyages to the River Plato, with tht
most complete success.   Another ves
ml Ci
Success! It's found in thu soul of you,
And not in the realm of luck!
The world will furnish lho work to do,
But you must provide the pluck.
You can do whatever you think you can,
It's all in the way you view it.
It's all in the start you make, young man;
Vou must feel that you're going to do it.
factually remedied this trouble.   Tlie
coals of British Columbia are particularly suitable for burning in pulver- J sol partly fitted la tht  S.S,
izod form.    They run  In the neigh-  of tho New  Zealand  dhljipl
borhood  of  12,000  to   13,000  B.t.u.'s  Pany, and a new vessel "It.
'per  pound   with  an  ash   content   of. built for the Derwid Moor C
i nine to fourteen per cent.   They are pany, of Liverpool, by  Mes rt
| low in moisture and high in carbon  MlUan and Dunbarnn, lias j'i-
lit is not to be gainsaid that the mo-i Pleted most satisfactory trials, giving
jchanlcal stoker. In conjunction  with  an  average of  1.27  lb.  ni   ro.']   pet
[economizers and the necessary coil-   1 h-P- which is extremely low. Tli -
; handling   plant,   overhead    bunkers.; vesBOta   have   been   fitted   with   the
i and ash-conveyors, CO.2. apparatus, Woodeson  syBtom,  manufactured
I are   practically   smokeless,   but   this I Messrs.    Chapman    ft    Company    a
j entails a large capital outlay, which Gateshead-on-Tyne,   Tin
i Is not within the reach of all steam-  Acuity   whatever   in   n
users.    Pulverized coil  Is comparu- botler-efflclency of from
j lively cheap to burn, as the apparatus | ce°t.    The efficient hurtling d pend
Is not costly, does no'   require any pn the degree of flnaness of the ftiel
great change In the boilers, takes up and i'  is customary to have 3(1 per
little space, is not Intricate—-can be cent, pass a 180-mosh screen.    The
run by the usual personue! and does area  exposed  by  one  cubic  fuoi   ol
not require a great deal of power to coal reduced to this fineness Is 1250
operate.   Sooner or later the City of uteres, so that is Is obvious thai com-
of the
Canadian Medical Association
Courtenay Locals
Vancouver must adopt strong measures to abate tbe smoke-nuisance,
and the use Of pulverised fuel will
materially assist in this much desired
direction. From observation ono is
led to believe that the oil-fuel plants
are about tin* worst offenders In this
respect With this form of coal-burn-
ing. where the combus.'on is so com
bustion must be very near the ideal.
Powdered coal lights readily with d
torch and Is entirely safe, a; ei :y
thing is enclosed. It I* usual to lint
the underside of Marino & Lancashtrt
boiler-furnaces with refractory li-.
ning for the length of the flamo, which
varies from four to six feet. Sing
forms  on   this   lining  more   or   less
f   §   ffl    jf f W
f  $   f  f  { $
Questlo i concet,::::' II inlth, ad-
dri : ■•-■{ to the Canadian Medical
.:. ; !. C 111 St., Toronto, will be ;. 1 : ■■ rsonally
bj con i  pondi nee.
food Fads
Tbe In desires to llv i
a healthy 1 ioul-1
proper  Eooil he  number
nl .... I from tl
housetoi ■ striking
an ]■>.:■■
slhle evi n to mentl
fads in a
tempi to •■ .'■;■■■
of  the if  th
el .'.ill b
■■ n.
I ■ '      lit)
That    i i;: t    appare
i     :■ inn ual  >li. t   11
■ ■■■ to      e pa tlcu
lor in considering thi ■ oni
those who use meeat. It has been
1 out that two of tho most re-
ilo recent medical dlscovcrios
extract as atreatment for pi ■■
i auaemia and Insulin  for thu
nil    ol    diabetes   are    two   •■::-
of meat which are life-saving.
There    is    no    scientific    evidence
which supports tlie idea that cancer
.' lything to do with tho use of
'   foods,   such   as   white   lire:!'!.
i atl •; of meat.   Then   I ■
ion   tor   what   is   called   tin
oug   food   combination,   which
!  upon  ibe  idea  tint  certain
ti -I.    bould  not be eaten  together,
one interferes with thc digestion
■ other.   There is no need to eat
food in order to sei ui'd
itltuent,   such   as   iron   or
ilclum.    There  is  no  objection   to
ods. bul Itis a variety of food*,
Ing   milk,   green   leafy   vege- ■
so minimized, In comparison with tho paratus considered against hlghet
advantages, that they may bo entirely! evaporative efficiency; (2) Facility
disregarded. There have been break-; to renew wearing parts quickly; (3]
downs of the crushing plant or ex- Ability to handle the varying grade)
cessive wear through the use of | of coal (this applies to marine prac-
unsuitalilc   grades   of   coal,   but  the j tice mostly);   (4) Degree of finencs
plete, little more than a blue hnzo rapidly, depending on the grade ol
Is visible at the stack. It must not coal used. Summarizing the Import-
tor a moment be accepted that the ant points to he considered in i winll-
burnlng of pulverized fuel has no! ing pulverized fuel, the following
Mr. and Mrs. Walter cliffe have re- disadvantages; to say so would be may be looked upon as generally ap-
turned home from their honeymoon j misleading, but the disadvantages arej pllcable: (l) Cost of pulverizi
trip and are residing on Courtenay
; Avenue.
j' Mr. Wallace Eaikie is visiting in Se-
■ attic.
j   Mr. Harper Balkie left on Saturday
on a motor trip to Los Angeles.
Miss   Marguerite   McLennan   spent
j the week-end with her mother, Mrs.
G. G. McLennan.
I Miss Muriel McPhee left on Mon-
jday for Seattle where she will attend
| the University of Washington.
j Miss Isadora Sutton returned to
Vancouver after spending a week's va-
I cation with her parents Mr. and Mrs.
! John Sutton.
' Mi*. James Inglis left Monday morn-
] ing for Vancouver to continue his
studies at U.B.C.
modern machinery la made practically Indestruetablo, so that with the
i provision of a few spare parts it is
! only a matter of minutes to make a
replacement. The development of the
system has tended almonl entirely to
the unit pulverizer rather than the
central typo. This tend** to much
greater flexibility in operation. Tbe
power required to crush oi
fuel per hour is about fourteen kiln-
watts, where motor-driven pressures
are iu use.   With a turbo-driven pul-
nf fuel;   CO) Dealing with slag from
low-grade   fuels;   (?)   Initial   capil
cost of Installation.
lt would undoubtedly be a very important factor In restoring the British Columbia coal industry to a men
sure of its former prosperity if the
colliery owners would Instal a unit
In a colliery steam plant. It would
ton of j be a good advertisement and would
demonstrate enteerprise on the pari
of steam-users who may not have to
consider  the  cost  of  fuel.
Cups and Saucers   2 i'or 25c
Fruit Dishes   (j for !J0e
Tea Plates, small size, each   10c
Tea Plates, medium size  2 for 23c
Oatmeal Liishes   2 for 25c
Plain White Cups and Saucers   2 for 25c
Clover Leaf Cupsand Saucers   2 for 25c
English Pink Band Cupsand Saucers 3 for 50c
Fancy Cake Plates, each 5Uc
Glass Table Sets, 1 large bowl and li nappies $1.95
Fancy Tea Sets, 21 pieces at per set.... IJ2.95 and $u.i)5
Water Sets, Crape Design, 1 jug and (i glasses... $2.05
-British  Columbia  Mine , i ,
Is gem      '■    ■'      li      iy n        that
.ill men
i n n e
o well on  that   type ■
There        no  evlde
n8   enjoy  better
d   fruits,   which   ensures   a
lie it   quantity  of  minerals  and
vitamins for the adult.
foundation of health is raoder-
. '.    Do  not  eat   too  much.    Eat
' ■ Eat   regularly.     Use   milk
and milk produce, green leafy veg ■-
Intercity Rapid Transit
Cumberland to Victoria and Way Points
o*s :rs*» 29« Z'iimiizi.eascsasi :•*-.■ •♦- :~satz
Leaves Victoria Tuesday Night—Leaves Cumberland
Wednesday Noon.
Furniture Moving a Specialty—let us quote you a price      l
Full Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season    Ati
Full Stocks of Fruit Jars, Caps and Rings, etc.
4J-0.              eetj^              ^^              ^^               ^fi.               <J^              ^}f                ^^.               ^^. ^f?~t
health, or that '       live longer than  table   and fruits regularly.
■^>=lA^A^^^^^»^^ i^l j
in every sorts of building materials.
i    .      DOOHS
.   !.:.  . I   . iDLE CHARGES
Royston Lumber Co.
PIIOM-N ' '' :,''   :i"': 1:''^ Courtanay
"   I O :   169 Cumberland.
Never  Before
Such Low Prices on the Quality
Electrical Appliance
The New Hotpoint Iron	
Waffle Iron 	
sold by
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Just place «
glass or cup
over the opened tin nnd thc contents
will keep perfectly, Engle
Bruntlhas been the leading
baby food since 1857.
Write The Borden Co., Limited.
Ilniiicr ArcadeU1J;-., Vmumivir
Dept. U -lij.for Baby Welfare
II ' it
The Central
barber Shop
A. GATZ, Prop.
Ill     Next to Shorty'B Pool Room n. u.ii*,, rruy.      h
For Ladies and Gents.                             Q
. jl     Moderate Prices Cumberland, H.c\       {
■ i: ti
M.I'.X MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
1" atti nti ...   Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 1 and ill
Cumberland, B.C.
.. ,.!!.:,:.:.:,.:':";.':'I, Ai. .ii, ii,.';;. .ui;uiiutiLfrln.^i,^,f^^i',^i^i^^u:ii.Iu, ly', iii, ;i:. iiy.itiS.:.:,
Cumberland and Union
Waterworks Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
A. B. CLINTON, Manager.
•The lee Cream Parlor Serving
Comox Jersey Ice Cream
Imagine yourself in the cool, spotless interior of one of
the district's refreshment parlors—asking for COMOX
Comox Creamery Association
Courtenay, B. C. FRIDAY, SEPTEMDEH 27, 1112!)
7 and 9 p.m.
Ilo-Ilo  Theatre Cumberland
Friday and Saturday, Sept. 27-28.   The Best Selling Novel and
Stturday Evening Post Serial—Now a Film Hit.
William INTheFLJ
haines "     uuiw: dtepS
Step out with the Duke for Entertainment.
Startling!   Real!
Beyond Description!
Monday - Tuesday
Sept. 30, Oct. 1 & 2 gS
Praised the World
Thrillingjfeaantic mid
Children 25c.
Adults 50c.
A New KT&^roc/vct/on -s
sesatSSfcS tsxstttritz&tztsa&llttitzssszt
Oct. 3, 4, 5
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday, Oct. 7th - 8th - 9th
Blazing Love Flaming Through All Eternity!
with   Dolores Costello and George O'Brien
W. NEILL, M.l\
(Continued from page one)
Lake, then  came back  and   went  ti)
Mr. Skittle's camp at Towler Lake.
"There are blazed trolls to several
of the  viewpoints,  the Alpine  Club
having visiieil the plateau last year,]
; no doubt  coming to the plateau by I
the Mount Beecher route, which
j understand Is a much harder climb
I Now as to the plateau itself, a beau
' liful undulating plateau, lightly tlm-
I bered, open enough tn ride through
| almost anywhere, at an altitude of
j over 3,000 feet and with altitudes up
| to 7,000 feet for those interested lu
that exhilarating sport. Lakes, lakes
everywhere, some large, some small
but hundreds of them, of every conceivable shape and size. It Is Inter-
eesting io note that Borne of the larger lakes are being stocked With Kam
loops trout.
"As inthe flora, whal n gorgeous
scene must be thero, when the heather Is In bloom -md the mountain wild-
flowers. At tho time of our visit mo9t
of tho bloom had passed, but the wild
cotton showed everywhere. We were
partclularly favored with beautiful
ence, the child Is taught to taste tht
pleasure of success. Children should
noi be helped for help robs them o!
the Incentive of failure. If one doe*
not learn to fail, one cannol learn to
succeed. The speaker attacked the
method of teachers giving the child
homework. Homework Bhould be
given as an Incentive to learn not as
the burden so many pat ems and
i children regard ll as. If the home-
i work is not done correctly and the
child has only say two of the six
problems done correctly, ihe same
problems should be given ihe child
he next night and so un until tbe
■liild has actually mastered the given
p.oblems, even though it takes six
Encouragement figured largely i:i
he success one makes of life bin how
nany teachers, how many bosses say
'well done," a little encouragement
it the right time will go a long, lung
vay ln helping the child to make a
High School
clear weather and good  v
"What   a   sanctuary   for
saw   geese,   grouso,   and
traces  of bear.
"After lunch  Mr. Skittl
to a precipice 1.500 fee;
overlooking   the   Crulckali
timber everywhere.    Acroi
ley of the  Cruiekshank,
self high  tothe  west
bert Edward,  and  to
the Dome could easily
followed  the  precipice
a Ion
a short distance und lying south was
the valley of the Qrulckshank  river
wending  its  way  to Comox  Lake, a
i beautiful scene indeed, this view
j was well worth the trip.
"Forbidden    Plateau   compri
understand  an   area   of   100  squaie
miles within the Esquimau and Na-
I naimo Hallway Land  belt, and  if it
j were possible to acquire this territory
j from the railway company for park
purposes and develop this vast are.i
! as a national  park, what a wonder-
f land this would be, not  only to tli i
| people of British Columbia but to tho
• western provinces of Canada and the
j western   states   of   America.    On *   of
; its great advantages Is, It Is so easily
! accessible.
!    "One word as to tho men who found
| this  wonderful   plateau.    Firs-,  outstanding  must   be   Clinton   S,   Wood,
; secretary    of   the    Courtcnay-Comov
j hoard of trade, whose one hobby, outside of his  duties  as  city  clerk  o;
j Courlenay, Is the development of th1..-
j wonderland.   He, with three companions,  arrived   on   the   plateau   while
we were there and  it   was easy to
see his enthusiasm for its  development.   He, It was. who. with on: oi
two companions, hiked into this area,
and found this wonderland, and who
blazed the trail so that a pack trail
became poss'ble tin's year.
"Gentlemen, I have no hesitation
In recommending for your consideration, In your next year's vocation
programme, a trip to the Porbitlijen
A. W. Neill, M.P,, who was present,
was not optimistic about prospects
of either the government or the Canadian Pacific Railway Company taking much stock in the park proposition. He had taken the question up
with both and had met with no en
couragement. The CP.R.. he snid.
had enough mountain resorts for Its
use, but he saw a possibility of thu
railway company becoming Interested
in an ocean beach resort, and stressed the value of keeping Long Beach
to the front as British Columbia' i
greatest attraction  in this line.
In   speaking  of  his own  school   at
Toronto, Dr. Blntz said he had  1400
liildren   attending   there   from   two
ears of age up to live years of age
ind he assured his audience that he
'ound the work very pleasant  Inde h
md   could   tell   them   amusing   tale
tfter tale of ilie Inctdenfl thai  arise
n the sudy of the chhlld and Its be
lavior.    if we want our children tn
lucceed  and   I   really  think  that  is
vhat  we all   want,   we  must   guide
"   'hem   to   success   by   failure      Leas
han five per cent are successful.    1
.   look   ns   i;  because they are  unintelligent,  or
height,   not   old   enough.    Xo.  he declared,   i   .
: k    river,    was   because   they   b id    not    had    a.!
be val-  chance during the first five years of i
ring  It-  their life, to taste success and  fail
was Mount  Al-   ures   and   are   willing   to   accepl   ;■ ,
e southwest   standardized education, a standardlz i
We ed mode of life, a standardized pay 1
b'   tor   and a  standardized  ideal  of success
Adresslng   the  "teachertj,   he   said,
you who are teachers and endeavor
to  follow  the  ideals  of education   1
'*'  have  outlined  you   will   endure  di-t-l
' comforts   and   disappointments.     You j
•- j will be up against your inspector and J
may lose your Job, but there must be ,
pioneers in every field.   Canada s ed-,
uc.itionnl system will compare favor- J
ibly   with   any   in the   world,   bul   if
will  be a  much  better  world   when
education is made something thai thc
child wants.
Concluding he snid he would tell
hem a little story, the only story he
had told them that night with a moral.
U a small one-room school, one of
he boys was a regular tough, he
knew hc was tough and he was the
"jane of the teacher's life. One day
the' inspector was expected. The
'ougli hoy on this particular day decided himself thai he would tr.. and
be a better boy, probnbly thinking
that he had not been quite fair to his
teacher. As is usual, the had boy*
and girls were lM" "L t*10 back of
the class and the good ones at the
front. The Inspector arriving and
having heen a teacher himself, went
at once to the back line. Pointing
to the tough boy he said, "now my
boy, what does nine and five make?"
All the class expected the boy to give
the wrong answer, he had never yel
given a correct answer to any of
teacher's questions. Looking straight
at the Inspector he said, "fourteen", j
"Good", safd tho inspector. The tough |
boy was taken by surprise, "flood," J
he said, "hell, it's perfect."
Mr. Oeorge E. Apps, principal of
the Cumberland Public School, in n
very able manner proposed a vote
of thanks to the speaker of the eve-
nlng nnd thanked the executive of:
■he Club for their kindness In inviting the teachers to be present
hear tbe wonderful address of
Subscription LM
34th May Sports Committee
Canadian dollierh s
Royston   Lumbei   Co.
]■:. w. Bickle
Mr,   Shenstone   ...
Gen.   E.   Apps
H. E   Murray
Mis,  Galllvan
Miss   I.  McFadyen
Miss  C.   McKinnon
I!   Hoi bury
spc.y    '
Mi Fad-fen
.  Carej
12.    lb	
.  Hunden
trld a
C   Lang
C   Brown
L   Browu
Ii.   Finch
M i ■
M r.
M r.
Mr.   Wilcock
Mr.   M.  M    Hrown
Mr, Qeon el      ell
Mr.   E,   I.   Saunders
Mr. C   W. Spooner
Mr.  F.  I)   Pickard
Mr.  A   It.  Nunns
Mr, M. Iwa i.i
Mr   T    Ripley
J. ll   Robertson
John Stewart
II.  Tn bo'
Chas,  Dalton
T.   K.   Hanks
Dr.  E.  II.
J.  Idletu
[•lenders in  M
Win   Mi
O.  Cavin
J.   Marocchi
Louis  Frelo ie
Thos. Armstrong
Mr. Mann
W.  Douglas
Royal Candy Sto
■ 2.00
r. A.
'Union   .
II. Cop,.
■ Mr,
j Campbell   Bros.
j John   Nlshlnattl
j W. McLellan, Sr.
K. Naknnlshl
■' Waverley  Hotel
; Jos.   A ipeel
1 r.   Watanabi
I lir.  Cordon	
j Cumberland Motor Works
I M.  Shlozakl
! 10. Alda
T.   II.   Miitiilori]
II.  Brown
T.   il.  Carey
, W. McLellan, Jr.
1 W. Eadie
, l>r. MacN'aughton
; Mr. A. Henderson
Henry   W Laon
Boys and Trainer
Firsl Aid Kli .
Canvas   Qrlp
Balance in Bank
1 00
i .oo
Telephone men
friends in
When an automobile skidded and overturned on the
highway near Prospect Lake,
IU driver, a Victoria lady,
was severely cut and pinned
down in tlie car. Bleeding:
profusely and unable to el-
trlcate herself from the
wrrckase. she might have
died had not a couple of telephone   linemen   come  along.
One of the linemen admln-
l.lered First Aid, while the
other climbed a pole and
uied his test set to notify
tin victim's people ill Victoria, who in turn arranged
lor medical assistance.
"i congratulate you on
having men ot this calibre
In your organization," the
lady's   husband   wrote   later.
Charlie Dalton
Meets Boat at L'nlon Bay Every
Sunday .Morning
j   QnifbeH'iiMl
| I'nmmwl.l    il/.f,>l Ralu
| Headquarters   |  I'/CV-I    Iteaionabls
I lloonis Steam Healed
P. P. He
f 110.7
Miss   P.
Sports Committee,
Partridge, Secretary.
Behaviorist   Expert
In Notable Address
(Continued from Pago One*
of contents and read jUBt the portion
ho wauls. Outside of tho bible, said
Dr, Blntz, I only know of one 1«.'k
..ou shoiritl read word I'or word, and
wiih a big smile said " and thai la
tlie book i wrote nay olf,"
Success, when contributed to by
nne'H efforts I* plea ant, failure I-*
unpleasant.     Therefore   by   perslBt-
Mrs. George Smith and baby from
Vancouver are vlaltlng with her sister
Mrs. William Davis.
Miss Morgan has gone to Vancouver
for a holiday.
Miss Grace Horwood who has been
[spending a holiday with her parents
Ithe last two weeks, left on Thursday
'for Vancouver to resume her duties
j there.
Silo filling und potato drying Is the
order of farm business in the Valley
at present.
Miss Harrlgan lias gone to Read Island to teach school there. Although
it Is an out of tlie way location, we
wish her success In her particular
Automobile Side   Curtains  Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Orders lefl at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
;,-        PROMPT ATTENTION       -v;
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
iys of the Higli School Olym
truly grateful to their train-
Waterlield, an to tbe above
subscribers who so generously enabled them to participate In tlie High
School Olympiad, hold in Vancouver
on Augusl Hih and 0th.
Consldi ring tbe high calibre ot the
contestants, Bom0 of them world-
beaters, gnthero I from moBi of the
Ilinh Schoola of the Province, the
Cumberland boys and their trainer
are to h co gratulnted on the Bhow-
i: g made
The boj ■■   ipeak ■ nlhusln itfcally of
•In-  ex] i !   training   gained
ai 'i are hi p ng for the privilege of
!  In tin   ol inplad  uexl  year,
when ii i- expei ted tu '"' of Dominion wide Inlere il
In tli,. reconi olym pi >d, Harold
Conrod, Douglas Baird an t Takeru
Kawaguchl (lualtfli d foi the setnl-
• n ' di thi 140 880 ;i ■! : iiie re
Oi o go Drown and
Norma! (Ull reached the final* of lhe
■■■>,,   „ |   |,     . ,. |    respect I vol j
Mr. and Mrs Herman Dlllman ac-
oompanli d by' B tl " have been spend-
j ing a week around the old home They
hi' Thursday morning (or their home
In Portland, Ore.
Mr  Oh I '■' I ' 0d, who bus been
I locomotive   and    engine    fitting    for
ii and Clark at Home Lake,
;   was a Visitor to his sister, Mrs. J. W.
■   Stalker on  Monday  morning,  on  his
;   way to Portland. Oregon.
j      Mr.   Alan  Adams,   from   Winnipeg,
:   spent thi week-end with Mr and Mrs.
' stalker, leaving Monday for Vancouver. Mr. Adams left Mr. Stalker's employ to go to work in the shipyards in
• England where he wns formerly em-
! ployed Ho was .i passenger on the
; I ill-fated LousiUmia when she was tor-
• , pedoed by a German sub. and was one
;  of the six survivors, but tlie nerve-
• i wracking Incident is not forgotten yet
: i
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtenay             Phone  258
Local Offlco
Cumberland  Hotel   In  Evening!
Telephone llfilt or 24
J Margaret R. Mitchell
fi L.A.B.
Il     Teacher of Pianoforte
B and Theory
H        SEPTEMBER !llh
fj Telephone
■ Reside
ice 207
Opposite Ilo-Ilo
It. c.
Practical Barter & Hairdresser.
Children'! hair cut any stylo 35c
Ladles' hair cut any  style  60c
first class wnrra
Drtrl and lirj CltftneN
Special    family    laundry    rale.
Orders   left   nt   the.   ltltz   Cate.
'phone 100. Cumberland will receive prompt attention.   A trial
order will convtnoa you.
Telephones:   Courlenay, 226
Cumherland 150
Cood Service
Hcnsonnlile Clinrgea
C K N T ll A h I. Y   LOO A T E D
Dental Surgeon
office Cor. of Dunsmuir Ave.
Opposite  Ilo-Ilo Theatre
CUMIIElll.AM). ll.C.
 ■ ••■•■• 'j
All   uly the tang of Fall is with us, anil warm clothing
order, wc have a great many new lines sttit-
r die colder days and nights.
I.tidies Fall Coats—We invite your inspection of our
a   we have a fair assortment of lines that w-
I will meet your approval.
Fall Underwear—We have just received our Fall as-
if warm underwear, and can give you a
lid assortment of garments that will give
real pleasure and comfort.
Boys' Sweaters—We have a very large variety of boy
sweaters, just what you want for the
is  will meet  the approval of tin
ill sure appeal to the parents.
Infants' Underwear—Our new goods have just arrived
and we have some of the cutest coats and hats and
other accessories required by Baby Bunting, that all
inspection of the new lines.
.Men'-. Shirts and Drawers—We have put in a line of
al Underwear in all sizes from 84 to 11 and
alue will sure appeal lo you. Price $1.00
eel sure we can fill your requirements
irella line  Our stock is a large one, and our
-   will suit meet your approval, the
n    -1 7.", up.
i I    ii.. hi! Comforters—An extra pair of blankets
w comforters will
Cumberland Personals
colder days, our
boys, and our
Dr. nml Mra. W. firuoe Gordon,
; after Bpendlng the liast ton days vis-
; king relatives and friends In Pori-
; land. Seattle and Vancouver, retum-
■ ed to Cumberland on Tuesday night.
•B • " •
lU1     Mr. and -Mrs. G. J. Richardson, who
■ |i have   been   spending  the  past   week
I in Nanaimo and Vancouver returned
lo t!it> city on Wednesday.
Tlio Misses J. Steven and G. Carter
' after   Bpendlng   a   week's   vacation
wiiii   Mr.  and   -Mrs.   Robert   Yates  nt
the  Union   Hotel  left  for their home
in Vancouver this week.
'rile Cumberland Centre of the
Si. John Ambulance Association Intend holding ii monster whist drive
und dance mi Friday, October 4tb,
when prizes fnr the successful competitors in the recent first aid meet hehl
in Nanaimo will he presented.
1 Mr end Mra. James Francis Hough
i nre visiting Mrs. Hough's mothc.
j Mrs.   Harrison,  before  going   on   lo
_t ^ -Victoria where they will make their
...... j ]ion]e    Mr mi M|,s n0Ugi, i,avl; just
The ladies' bridge club held their! rotuI.nej from a month's honeymoon
flrst party of Iho season on Tuesday trip, which took them to Eastern
night at the home oi Mrs. W. Hud.- united states points. Ten days waa
son when throe tables of bridge were BpBnt |n New York and Washington. I
in play. During the serving of re-. fhtcago and Patterson, N.J.- were also
treshments, prizes were presented to vis|j0(t
the winners us follows, first. Mrs. C. | ...
Whyte, sccoinl. Mrs. A. Olnrko, con- j    ltr9   Wrieht of South  Wellington. I
BOlation, Mrs. Monks.   Mrs. K. Drown I |5   t|]e   gues(  of Ml.   nm|   urs   q   j.
and  Mrs. Gear were each  presented I jtiohardson, motoring up the  Island
with  a   hcaniiinl  bouquet of  flowers   m}  fluirsday.
in  honor of not  having missed any ,   ,   .
club meetings during the nasi  sea-;    Mra  Tll0m.ls Grnll.im .„,,, ,u,r Bls.
s0" ' ter. Mrs. II. Davidson  left  on Weil
present  Included  Mesdames, ^^ m a Wp (o VonconTer, vlo
i-   .    Mr. Edward W
j day   i lornlng   fi
business trip
Hlckle loft on Tiles-
r   Vancouver  on   i
make all the
itch  Blankets
■ lei  :i pair of Skeldon Si
From §10.50 per pair.
— If you are intending to cover your
our linn ol' linoleums, quite a number
Price $1.1)0 per square yard.
New  Linoleums
Ilo,,i'. rail anil sei
of new patterns.
Dry Goods Store
• A Mr. and Mrs. Frank Tellord. after
■n a week's visit with Mrs. Telford's par-
Ill'ent s. Mr. and Mrs. C. Dando, returned
;|I  to Vancouver on Monday.
• U1 Miss Norma Parnham left on Sun-
; jj day for Vancouver where she will at-
■ Hi tend the University of British Colum-
■tt •  •  •
;jr    Mrs. James Baird, Mr. Wm. Baird,
11^'and Miss Bella Baird motored to Na-
; naimo   on   Friday  returning  Sunday
• * •
j     Tlie many frlneds of Mrs. J. Franio
I will be very sorry to bear alie is a
[ patient in  tbe Cumberland Hospital.
Those present Included Mesdames
K. Brown, li. Parkinson, Clear. .1.
Watson, C. Whyte, Ouy, Abrams. A.
Davidson. J. Quinn, Devlin, J. .1- Potter, Monks. Davies, A. Clark and Miss
E. Conn.
Mrs. P. Acton of Denman Island has
„ _ <^..^-^^;i^;i;^>3>^rt£^^^
Short Notice
been spending
guest of Mrs.
Tbe Sacram
per will lu* i
United Chu -c
tho 29th, elovi
Mrs. James
ina; a few day
t'd io tlie city
Mrs.   F,   WI
1 on  Wednes(hi\
a   short   boil
; Mrs.  F.   McCn
| Mrs. II. Wi'
turned to Ci
after spending
naimo visflinj
Mr. Arch!
week ln  town,  the
t of tin' Lord's flup-
irved ai Cumberland
Sunday. Sepiember
•     *
Hrown. after spend-
n Vancouver, return
n Tuesday.
.Mrs. W
Abraham, M
vill sell liy i
ami Effects
:> Table, Six <
id llockor; K
Lino Hug; U
y Mantel Ck
Two 9 x 1' i-ii
izL- 2-lneh |n
15  P.M.
ild   Furniture
iiiiinl 13xt< nsii
J  O  .    .nn Chairs a
i. ig, 10 x 72;
i   Mal;  s-ln
i Ul 111  Hi'-.
.   full
;   i foot  Walnut Ca
ie   i louble   Bedstead  am
Kitchen furniture:   Five
; Part Dinner Set; Tc;
Cri     erj ami Qlasswan
; . 50 ft. Hose and Spray; Tent
Clubs;  Eli ctric iron aixl Toaster.
Electric (J-Tube Itailio Set, cost $325
yport Avneue, .New Towti-
.uction  all  bur nearly new
is   follows; -Dining   Room
liairB ami Handsome Buffet;
oehler Oak Davenport; Re-
ctiuer Table; Climax Heater
sk;   Mountain  Sbeep  Head;
o Itugs; Two very fine Wnl-
^t   Walnut Finish Simmons
ne Panel Simmons Bed Com-
I  Spring;   Several   Reversible
rhairs; Kitchen Table; Rock-
i Set; Usual Kitchen Sundrh a
■; Mirror; G-Hole Beach Range
ick left ior Nanaimo
where she will spend
iy   vlsillng   Mr.   and
itklnson and children re-
uraberland on Tuesday
t; a short holiday in Na
ig relatives and  friends.
> Dick left on Monday for
vhere be will attend tbe
toria and Seattle. Mrs. Davidson
will leuve Seattle for ber home In
Jolllet, Illinois, after spending au
extended  visit   in  Cumberland.
Mrs. J. Newton left for ber borne
In Victoria on Sunday after Bpendlng
a three mouths' visit with Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Qraham.
Miss lone Morgan of Minto
Tuesday   for  Vancouver.
lefl   on
Mrs. (
Parnham accompanied he
Norma,   to   Vancouver   o:
Miss Grace Horwood, who has he";,
visiting ber pnrents, Mr. and Mrs. F
Horwood of Minto returned to Vancouver Thursday morning.
•    •    *
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Piper who
have been visiting with Mr. and Mrs.
.1. Bennie left Thursday morning for
Ihelr  home  lu   Vancouver.
When Winter Conies
you need a
Why Wait!
$1.50, $2,25, $2.50, $2.75, $3.75
-   -    // is Indispensable    -   -
Lang's Drug Store
"// Paus to deal at Lang's"
University of Hritish Columbia.
Pair of
Radio  Table.
!'. C. I'KAIM
deuce Phone :
Government Radl
Car in Dlstrli t.
Interference ] whole of  the Island and visiting all
| the larger centres where they will en-
Radio Tans will be interested to notejdenvor to locate and remedy and radio
that the i mcnl  Radio Interior- j troubles that might be bothering those
ence Car maintained by the Govern-
menl   I tment   of   Marine
with  hi  i in Vancouver and
in chai ■ Basil Irvine and Mr.
a   i    t li di partment, was
that wish to listen in.
. I
in   the   d ■■■<-<v.   passing
thi Its   way   to;
Oam i ir is specially'
cquippi d ing radio Interler-
enci rial and receiving
. covering  the
b.  J.
Anderson of
on Saturday for
spending il two
Mrs.   Anderson'r
BEADED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Float Extension, Port Alberni,
B.C.." will he received until 12 o*cIock
noon, Tuesday, October S, 11*29, for
Ihe construction of Float extensions,
at Port Alberni. Comox-Alberni District. B.C.
Plans and Torm of contract can be
seen and specification and forms of
tender obtained at this Department,
a: tho Offices of the District Engineer,
Posi Office Building, Victoria, B.C.;
! Victoria Builders Exchange, 2600 Prior
| Street. Victoria, B.C.. and Tbe Bundling and Construction industries Ex-
! change, 615 West Hastings Street,
i Vancouver, B.C., also at the Post Of
i flees, Nanaimo. B.C.,and Port Alberni,
| B.C.
Tenders will not be considered un-
! less made on printed forms supplied
by the Department and in accordance
' with   conditions   contained   therein.
Each tender must be accompnnled
liy an accepted cheque on a chartered
I bank payable to the order of the Min-
j later of Public Works eiiual to in per
I cent of the amount of the tender,
j Bonds of the Dominion of Canada or j
bonds of the Canadian Nationnl Hail-
i way Company wilt also be accepted
as security, or bonds and cheque If
required to make up an odd amount.
I NOTE.—Blue prints can he obtained
■it thi.-. Department hy depositing au
Inceepiud cheque for the sum of $10.00
payable to the order of the Minister
of Public Works, which will be re-
I turned if "ie intending bidder submit
a regular bid.
By order,
Department   of   Public   Works
Ottawa.  Sepiember 13,  1929.
From Montreal
To I'ljiiii-iili-ILnrc-LondiMi
Alaunia Oct, ■!. Nov, 1
Auranla Oct. ll, Nov. 5
Ausonla Oct. 18, Nov. IB
Ascania Oct   25. Nov. 22
From y\ mil real
- To Belfnsl-LiYorpool-Glasffoiv
Letitia Oct. 4, Nov. 1
Antonla Oct    11, Nov. 8
Athenia Oct.  18, Nov.  15
Andania Nov. 12
From  Halifax, N.S.
To Pi.vniiiiiMi-lln-.rc-Lomlnn
Tuscanta Dec. 9
To Bolfast-Llvcrpool-Glasffow'
Athenia   Dec.  II
From si. John, N.It.
To licltifst-Llventool' Glasgow
Athenia Dec. 13
Fanny Bay
Miss Blanche Swan, of Vancouver.
is visiting her s'ster. Miss C. Swan
*     *     a
Mr. Welsh, of Victoria, is the guest
of Mr. and Mrs. It. Rogers.
Mrs. Williams, of Kerrisdale, spent
a few days with her daughter and
son-in-law. Mr. nnd Mrs. R. Curran
last week.
with  si
Mrs.   E.   O.   Robathan   entertained
! tlie Talent Club at her home on Friday  when  a  very  enjoyable evening
was spent ln playing bridge.   During
the evening it was decided to hold a I    Mr. J. McLauchlin has returned to
bridge drive In October as a means of'Vancouver after spending n few days! tl
raising money.   After the cards, light here visiting his brother, Mr. A. Me- h'
refreshments were served by the host-1 Lauchlln. ' ■
ess.    Those   present   inchyied  Misses'
.able stories and
the Ocioner Issue of Rod and
:i Canadian Silver Fox News,
'a .ad i's national outdoor magazine,
list to hand, will prove of great iu-
erost to those devotees of hunting
vlio are packing away their fishing
ackle and getting oul their guns at
his time.
Gwen Emily, P. Partridge, Johnson,
Marshall, M. Tarbell, Cannon and C.
Pioneer Doctor of
Parksville Passes
Dr. L. T. Davis Was Very Well Known
Having Resided at Parksville
for thc Past 12 Years
tnts.   Mr,  and   Mrs.   Littler     Mr.
I  Mrs.  Littler,  Hilda  and  Wilfred
Hinpanied ihem to Victoria return-
Mouse, furnished, enataining five
rooms, garage and outsiode buildings and other modern conveniences. Rent, $20.0ft per month.
For further particulars apply Mrs.
Robert Grant, Royston, B, C. 38-39
First in the Field
-once more
We aro very pleased to be able to announce that we
have received samplea of the most-up-to-date t'hri.sl-
ni s Cards In our business career. We cun truthfully
say Ihat we are tho very flrst In the district to receive
l hem—proof conclusive that the WE LEAD ALWAYS
Sample Booths will be
cheerfully submitted
Fhe CumberlaDd Islander
Just telephone 86 or call at the office
Regular sailings every week from
New York and Boston to Londonderry. Glasgow, Liverpool, Cobb
(Queenstown i, Plymouth, Southampton, London, Cherbourg and
Money Orders, Drafts & Travellers'
Cheques at lowest rates. Full Information from Local Agents or Company's Office, 022 Hastings St. W.,
Vancouver, 11C.
Notice oi Application for Consent to
Transfer Deer License
Notice is hereby given that, on the i
28th day of September, next the un-1
derslgned intends to apply to the Liquor   Conrtol   Hoard   for   consent   to!
transfer beer licence No. 12511 aud is-
BUed   In   respect   of   premises   being |
part of a building known us Waverley |
Hotel,   situate  at   Dunsmuir   Avenue.'
Cumberland, upon tbe lands described
as lot Xo. '2, block No. It, Map No. 522. |
Laud   Registration   District,   In   tho |
Province  of  British   Columbia  from
Executor  of  the  lato  Frank  Dallos |
to George Speucer of Courtenay. B.C.
Dated at Cumberland, B.C., this 4th
day of September, 1920.
(Slgnod)   George Spencer.
SH-lii       (Signed)    Domenlca   Dallos.
Parksville. Sept. 24.—We regret to
have to announce thc passing of Dr.
L. T. Davis, which took place at the
family residence early Monday morning. The doctor had been in poor
health for .some months, never fully
recovering from a very severe illness
in the Spring time.
Deceased was sixty-seven years of
age and leaves a widow, one daughter, f
Mrs. Doyley, Rockfort, and three sons.
Gerald of Stewart, B.C., "Bunly" of
Nelson nnd Herbert now at home, to
whom the sympathy of tlie whole district is extended.
Dr. Davis practised for many years
in Nanaimo Hospital and was keenly
interested in the new one. He was
government physician for the Nanoose
district, making Parksville his headquarters, where he has rcsdicd for the
past twelve years.
Ever of a bright and genial disposition, lie will be very much missed by
all who know him.
The funeral takes place today
[Thursday) at 3 p.m., at St. Anne's
Church, French Creek, The ceremony
will be conducted by the Concord
Lodge, A.F. & A.M., of which he was
a member.
Mr. and Mrs. Pound and son and i
some friends stopped to hunt at Fan-'
ny Bay a few days while touring the'
Union Bay
i    Mr.   A.  Kay  motored   to  Nanatmo
over the week end.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Stasek motored to
Victoria on Thursday where they will
spend a few days visiting with the
latter's sister, Mrs. F. Wintcrburn.
The many articles by well known
ttdoor authorities cover a wide field
moose bunting in Quebec, fishing in
o maritimes and Ontario, goose
lining iu tlie western prairie lands,
li horn   h   iithig in  tlie Rockies and
applng in Northern Ontario. In
iditton are many practical articles
mling wi:h the handling of nnii-i
id phases of life iu the wilds. The
anadlan Silver Fox News depart-
ent contains interesting inforina-
uii of latest developments and prac-
ces in ihe Bilver fox Industry.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Abrams spent the
eek end in Alberni.
Mrs. D. Renwick is
In Vancouver.
The family of the late Mr. W. C.
tilling lender heartfelt thanks to all
lie t    friends,   who   by   tliolr   ready
elp and  sympathy did  so  much  In
I a   time  of  trouble,    Special   thanks
are also extended to all those who so
visiting relatives  kindly  sent  flowers and  for loan  of
'cars on the occasion of Lhe funeral.
P.D.Q. Daily Freight Line
Courtenay to Nanaimo
Leave Courenay i) a.m., returning from Nanaimo Ihu
same day.   Connections made at Nanaimo with
Victoria and Port Alberni Stages.
—Furniture Moving a .Specially—
Courlenay   178;   Cumberland  TT;   Qualicum  64R;   Nanaimo  3
For men and women who become
competent printers. Work is pleasant and can he mastered In ns short
a time as business course; It possesses great opportunities for advancement,
Linotype operators trained In from
three and one-half to six months.
Hand compositors in from 12 to IR
months. Cost is within reach of all.
write for particulars. NORTHWEST
SCHOOL OF PRINTING, N. 824 Division Street, Spokane, Wash.     87-40
Specials if
S   Dollar
WE wish
to challenge Milady's attention by
offering to her shopping discern-
mein  tho must  wholesome, tas'.e-
ful assortmenl ol moats that have
oyer heen displayed  In  the opon
market.     You   will   lie  pleased   hy I
the correctness nf urn" salon depart- ||
meni and the rapidity ot nur delivery,
Phone  111 Wo  Deliver
at the Dairy
1 lb. Canadian Cheese
1 25c box Sodas,
lHnttle Tomato Ketchup
2 cans King Oscar Sardines
all for
1 doz. Peaches
1 doz. Oranges
1 lbs. Apples
1 lb. mixed Fancy Biscuits
2 lb. Tomatoes
all for
Every housewife wants to make her dollar stretch as
■   Thrifty women know that their dollar
ihis store than elsewhere, and that
>f the same uniform quality.
as posi i
s more
Mann's Bakery
Custard Pies Baked to Ordor.
Lemon Tarl,
i Pies
Cumberland     i
Quality - Service - Value
Our Policy Protects You
We shield yon against ill-health by selling yon only
the purest, most wholesome foods—against annoyance
giving prompt, good service—against loss by charging
the lowest prices in town for quality goods.
If You Get It at Mumford's, It's Good
Phone 71 Deliveries Daily


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