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The Islander Sep 26, 1914

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 jbgMUtion Ubnrj
Largest Circulation in the Comox District.
VOL. V., No. 28
Subscription price, $2.00 per year
Zeppelin Air Ships Active on
Belgian and French
Belgian and French coast,  and    TROOPS LEAVE FOR THE COMMISSIONERS HOLD
have dropped bombs at Ostend                   FRONT ENQUIRY
and  Boulogone,   without  doing    Valcartier Camp, Que., Sept. A special meeting of the Lieen-
any great damage.   Thev have 24.-The major part of Canada's sing Board was held on Thursday
not ventured across the channel, contingent for service in Europe evening in the Council Chambers.
but are fully expected to do so is already on its way to the front; His Worship the Mayor presided, j
when conditions are favorable,     in transports heavily armed and there also being present Commis- '• Great Enthusiasm Displayed on
Excellent  Rendition cf
Ostend, Sept. 25.-A Zeppelin
airship today dropped three
bombs in this city. Not much
harm was done.
Bordeaux, Sept. 25.—It is officially stated that Gen. Stenger, I
commanding an infantry brigade
issued an order of which the fol-,
lowing is the translation: "Take
no prisoners; shoot all who fall j
into your power, singly or in |
groups; and despatch the wounded whether armed or not, as|Ger-
mans must leave no living French
men behind him."
Bordeaux, Sept. 25.—It is officially announced that the Germans have resumed the bombardment of the Rheims cathedral.
Perronne was captured by the
Allies and good progress has been
made on the Allies* left wing.
At the battlefront via Paris,
Sept. 25.—French and British
troops not only held their own,
but caused the strongly reinforced
German right wing to reel backwards near St. Quentin yesterday and today and imperilled the
German line of communication
towards the frontier of Belgium,
The German centre has been
weakened by the rush of troops
from that position to meet the
threatening movement of the
Allies on the German right wing.
Two strong forces were engaged
at close quarters today near St.
Quentin. Military authorities
refuse to permit disclosure of the
exact location of the fighting, but
it is generally known that the
battle now progressing is of prime
importance. Meanwhile at other
parts of the battle line which is
120 miles long, fighting continued
today in dogged fashion. The
commanders of the Allied forces
have found reasons for wonderful
precautions taken by the German
force against attack in a spy who
was discovered inside their lines
signalling to the Germans. He
was arrested and immediately
The British and French Navies
have annexed the Island of Lissa
in the Adriatic. The object of
this capture according to Italian
reports was to induce theAustrian
fleet to come out and accept battle^
The Australian navy also has been
busy again and has again added
another German possession to its
list of captures. This timo it is
Kaiser Wilhelm Land with the
portion of New Guinea, one of the
Emperor's most valuable colonies
in that part of the world.
German airships and areoplanes
have again been flying along the
  ' guarded by British men of war sioners MacDonald and McLean.
LADIES' PATRIOTIC SOCIETY in sufficient force to prevent any ',   *]*iie meeting was called to en-
The Boy Scouts were most sue- attack by German cruisers. quire into the fracas which oc-*
cessful in collecting for the above     A fleet of war vessels consist- jcurred last Saturday evening.
Society, and the executive beg to ing of battleships, cruisers andj The mayor said that all hotel-* During the past few months
tender them and their helpers destroyers, had been gathered at i keepers in the city must under-1 we nave 'la(^ several good con-
heartiest thanks for their labor j Quebec by Admiral Weymss, and stand that better order and be- cel's 'n Cumberland, but nothing
of love.    The following amounts {other warships collected at con-1 havior will have to be kept among
were collected; | venient points.
Bevan  $ 29.00    More  than  a  week ago the
Cu^befl^d"     ^'^I transports at Quebec commenced
_ —!.__ j taking on war stores, and since
Total..  $131.80 then there has been a steady flow
the habitues of the hotel bars.
Constable McLellan was called
as a witness in regard to Monday
night's affair at the New England j
,      ,   .  , hotel.   He said that he got notice i   ,
Please remember that the com-, in the direction of Quebec from I*rom Mr \f/a^er   proprietor 0f talent Cumberland feels proud of
that would equal the one given
in the new Ilo-Ilo Theatre last
night, held under the auspices of
the Cumberland, Bevan andUnion
Bay Patriotic Association, Every
piece produced by purely local
mittee attend on each Tuesday, the camp. As the transports
afternoon from 2 to 5 o'clock to loaded they steamed seawards,
collect finished garments and give and the convoying war* vessels
out fresh work. Anyone in town \ picked them up, forming a suffi-
or neighborhood will be supplied. I ciently strong force for various
A parcel containing 2 pairs of: groups,
socks, 5 flannel bands, 6 pillows-, All the transports carrj heavy
cases, 1 pair of puttees, 3 flannel guns. A large proportion of the
shirts and 3 nightshirts, has been j infantry and all the artillery,
forwarded to Vancouver, whence! with much equipment, has already
it will be sent to the front imme-*' departed,
diately. The departure of the remainder
Young girls are especially in-! will quickly follow.
vited next Tuesday, when they j   	
will be instructed how to make
"housewifes" for the soldiers,
and be given the necessary
Directions for making "housewifes:"   Outside to be made of
coarse linen,   chintz,
duck or other
The city council held their reg-
the New England hotel, there
was a disturbance there. When
he arrived there the parties who
had caused the disturbance had
gone out. Mr. Walker said the
men had been there all afternoon
and had had a row amongst
Mr. J. Walker was next called
and corroborated the statements
of the previous witness. The
men had several times been told
to behave themselves or get put.
He asked the mayor what charge
was laid against him.
The mayor said there was no
its talented musicians. The Symphony Orchestra of ten pieces
established their name of second
to none in this province, in the
able manner in which they rendered "Invercargill," "Bohemian
Girl," and "Sounds from England." The Gleemen, composed
of twelve voices, as usual always
good, sang "Comradesin Arms,"
and the "Soldiers Farewell,"
Miss Rushford, a child of 8 or 9
years of age, dressed in Highland
costume, danced the "Highland
Fling" and the "Irish Jig." in
such a way as to astonish the
ular session on Monday  evening I charge laid against Mr. Walker, jwhole audlence*    Answering to
last with a full board present,    i As chairman of the licencing the encore she came out in a
Minutes of the previous meet-; board, however, he had the power "butterfl**' dance" with the Unlon
ing were adopted es read. i of holding an enquiry at his own Jack* There is credit due to some
cretonne,;   A communication referring to discretion.     In this case there'one for the pains they must have
or other smooth, strong ;the exten8ion  of the corporate had been a row in the New Eng-;teken in trainingthelittlegirl to
material.   Size 5 1-2 x 13 inches; liraita of the city of CumberIand *and barroomi and he considered |such Perfection.    The tableaux,
"Rule Britannia," and "Britan-
interior to be lined with flannel
and signed by J. R.  Lockard, it ought to be looked into.
or any fine woollen material, and Generai Superintendent of the! Ml, Walkel. sai(] there were; ma Mourns Her Loss," and "God
to contain two small pockets, one Canadian Co„ieries (Dungmuir); rows going on in most barrooms Save the King." deserves special
at the end and one at the centre: Ltd _ stated that the company j mwe or ]egg> , mention.    Mr. J. H. McMillan,
also attach two loose  squares,' wou*d consent to such ljmjts be.|   Ml. P. P. Harrison intervened;one of the most noted violinists
stitched  loosely,   for pins  and ing extended so as to include all! and  said  he   represented  Mr,'
needles, etc.    Each should con-; that ,and owned by the We„ing. mkcr_   Ag a maUer of fom he
tain safety pins, sewing and darn-!tonColliery Company *ying bc.
made a formal objection to witnesses being called, and asked
Mr, Walker when the row started
council proceeds to secure special what steps did he take.
ing needles, small straight scis-1 tween Fifth and Eighth streetSi
sors, buttons (ordinary shirt and | with the understanding that the
bachelor), black darning wool
black and white  linen  thread,. Jegialation at the next session for
! small  package of court plaster tbat pU,.p0Se>
:and footease powder.    Sew tape;   This was handed over to the
on end for ties. | committee having the matter in
■ charge to investigate and report.
The output for No. 7 mine of, The Canadian Laco Phillips Co.
the Canadian Collieries at Bevan wrote stating that the Cumber-
today was 730 tons. ! land Electric Lighting Co,  were
The  Bevan   patriotic  concert their agents for this district.
and dance held at that thriving    Certain •'ePai,'s t0 thc Fil'° Ha"
little town on Tuesday tvening:;vas|eft with the board of works
m, .     : for their attention,
was a huge success. Therece.pts!   pete,.  Ander80n-S, request to
for the evening were $175, with have the City Hall building ex-
a collection of $17 for little Miss | tended 30 fect was turned down.
Rushford, whose father left for
the front some time ago.
The young  ladies'  basketball
team of Grace Methodist Young theTaxpayer. ""   ;" * .' '", V*   "   "   ,  "'"'  and in comfort.    The   acoustics
People's Society, under the man-! J.L. Brown and Len Cawthorne Mr* mcl)mM asku'* wtiy he 0f this new playhouse was proof
agementof Mr, J. W.Wearmouth, j requested the council todirect its w°nld arrest him nextday. |n a** ,*ts detaj|8 0f everything
held their first practice game of,! attention to a number of cases of Constable McLellan said he that was said about it at the time
the season on Wednesday even-!des'''",;'on'n "le e'*'y and'°''n(' ■*new the men and could get them of erection. The singing and
ing September 23rd     A  large' wa-*'sancl means to Provicle fo1' at any time.     . speaking could be heard very dis
number of members were present I fami.liel w.ho are in want   . As a     Mr. MacDonald said there had
Mr. Walker said he phoned for
the city police.
Constable McLellan said he
received a call about six o'clock
to go to the New England hotel.
When he arrived there the row
was over and one of the combatants had gone out at the buck.
By Mr. Harrison: Did you talk
with Mr. Walker? What was his
Witness replied that Mr. Walker gave a thorough explanation
on the Pacific coast, deserves the
thanks of the community for the
able manner in which the concert
was conducted and carried out to
a successful issue. He also gave
a violin solo entitled "Bercuse,"
the audience refusing to cease
their applause until the encore
i was answered, although it was
understood at the commencement
of the concert that there were to
be no encores on account of the
length of the programme.
Miss Louisa Bickle, Miss M.
McKenzie, and Messrs. J. Gallagher, S. Jones, and J. Taylor
also assisted in making the pro-
j gramme such a success.
The new Ilo-Ilo Opera House
was appreciated by the people of
The Superintendent of Educa- of the whole matter. Cumberland at last night's con-
tion will be reminded of his pro-     Witness  said   he   knew   the cert.   The building affords the
mised visit to investigate the cost; 1)artjesand t0*d Ml. vValker he citizens the privilege of hearing
of our public schools as it affects | wol)|d arros(. thcm the next day .a good concert to an advantage
Mr. MacDonald asked why he
' result of this request a resolution
tinctly  throughout   the   entire
i , , , ,      ...,       building.    With the opera house
been several rows lately.   There
and  an  interesting game  was! will be forwarded to the Premier:
played in the Recreation  Hall, j asking the government to appoint ha'' bt'cn' to° """W men served
kindly lent by the West Cumber-' a commission to look into  suchjwith  drink when they had had that would cause Victoria, Van-
land Band. | cases of destitution, if any. (Continued on last yagc)       couvcr or Seattle feel proud.
and the local   talent combined
Cumberland can put up a concert TWO
k %$lanbex
Vancouver. B.C., Sept. 23.- [
.Mayor Baxter's reply to a recent
letter from Premier McBride in
regard to the liquor traffic is that
it would be common good to the
people of British Columbia to have
all the bars in the province closed
at'six o'clock in the evening during the present crisis. This the
mayer pronounced at a public
meeting of the Grand Lodge of
Bri*ish Columbia of the l.O.G. T.
held here this evening. Rev. C.
Wellesley Whittaker produced
, statistics to show that five times
as many deaths in one year were
No man who has thc opportunity should fail to acquire the ,.esult of the ,iqU01. traffic as
title to the property in which he is to reside.   Until one casualties in any of the great
owns his own home, his life is not as complete as it should wars in history.
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, Vancouver Island, B.C. by
Subscription: $2.00, payable in advance.    Advertising Rates furnished
on application.
To Correspondents : The Editor does nol kohl himself responsible for
views expressed by correspondents. No letters will be published in the
Islander except over the writer's signature.   The Kdilor reserves the
right to refuse publicationof any letter.
Grocers and Bakers
Agents for I'ii.sknkk Hkkk
Cumberland   Couhtenay
Even if a man must go in debt to secure his home, it is Mr. Alex. King, of Nanaimo,
the thing for him to do. Paying for a home is as good a. and Mrs. John Jack, who recent-
game as one can engage in, and the difficulties attending it ■■*' returned from Scotland,, were
but lend zest to the struggle. Those who enter the lists
almost invariably come out belter for the effort.
Agent for III,*
Ale* Uomlcrson, Proprietor
Ksliiiiiiu-s mul IK'sinu**! fiunislail
on Application
Call and See
for McKenziu's Ice Cream,
Exclusive Astent,
Is now open for
business in the
Willard Block
Dunsmuir Ave.
united in marriage on Sunday at
St. Andrew's Church, Sandwick. '
J. H. Cameron acted as bestman, FIRE   INSURANCE
Really, the chances taken are not formidable. In almost Whiie Mrs. John Lockner acted      For   absolute   protection
any city, purchase of real estate at a fair valuation is a good as bridesmaid. I     write a pottey in the Lon-
* _ _ __^^_^___^^__^____       don & Lancashire Pire In-
business investment,
Notice to All Subjects of Germany
Land values in and around Cumberland are going up all the while and they will continue to go
up.   In cities like ours with desirable influence and every        ■»»» AuSlila-illlDgarj.
advantage as a residence city, there is not even the prospect
of a reversal.
surance Co., of Liverpool.
TotalAssets - *526,788,930,
Notice is hereby given that all LOCAL AGENT
persons who aro subjects of Germany and Austria-Hunirary, who; '
If there did not exist the commercial argument in favor | fi^S^K^ IE.   L.   SAUNDERS
of owning ones home, there would be plenty of other to present themselves to the thiei
, ,.      *,     n , ,   , i of Police of the City'of Cumber-
reasons tor recommending it.   home one has remarked! ian(i, b. C. to there leave their
that it is like reaching the state of parenthood.    When one; ™mes a"d addresses and descrip-
° I tions and make such report and
acquires a home he has something worth living for—fighting | give such other information and
Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Repairing a Specialty
It makes him a better citizen and a better member of |g'^S 0f fitod "b/KI We8t Cumberland
boarding houses  and   rooming,Migg B4an(,]iai.d
society.   It gives him a substantial interest in the great;Chief of Police.    All keepers of
. ! boarding  houses   and   rooming
organization known as government. ; houses in the City of Cumberland
And while it increases a man's sense of obligation to i aJe required to submit the names    wishes to announce that she
... ,.     *,   •       ,* er     i       of all persons of German or Aus- •   js prepared to do all kinds of
society and his countiy, it gives him a new sort of freedom. tna-Hunganan nationality dorm- n.4*,«m„i,i.x t, i „ji«„. m-aii,,,,!..,.
ir.. , \*   i     ,ii     *.    ■   a   *u-       u   a       died on their premises to the: DreSSMMgfi LadeS TW Or Hg
tn his own home a man feels at liberty to do things he does chief of iWof the City of    at reason°bleprice8. Fit and 6
not feel like doing in the homes of others.   He expands and Cumberland, a. L. : writ guaranteed,
developes his energy.   Perhaps he establishes a talent for LtsuchTers^ Block' DunBinuiy Ave
mechanics.   Perhaps he makes a garden and satisfies an in-1 fn *" Tmnile^fiS,r?^Z™ <
! do not comply with the above jj^ the COUNTY COURT OF
herent longing to dig and plant. He may never become an! requirements forthwith, will be NANAIMO HOLDEN AT
inventor or a successful grower of plant life, but he can have pi0(;ee wmTmcLELLAN, CUMBERLAND.
the fun and satisfaction of trying without feeling that he is    ^""^ScJSSri^acs. lN THE MATTER  0F Charles
imposing on someone else.   If he wants to have a work £J!£ER!?N deceased, intest^e.
™ Tuii- mi-MTV cntTDT ni? And in the matter of the   Official
ijench in the cellar or tear up the lawn for his experiments 1N l*r»x,i*H.«   u«V^r-.vr V™ Andministrators Act."
MAWAiun   umraM   AT r|*.AKE NOTICE that by cider of
in gardening, it is his own business.
It costs money to keep up a home, but what of that ?
His Honour Judge Barker,
made the 9th day of September,
1914, I was appointed Administrator of the Estate of the above-
mentioned deceased, and all
parties having claims against
the said estate are hereby re-
much to a man as does this first home.
In the matter of John A. Bell
It costs.money to enjoy any of the pleasures of this life, and deceased; intestate,
,,.,,.,,,. ,. ,      , ,.  And in the matter of the   Official
;here is nothing that gives so big a return for the expendi- Administrators Act,"
t ure as does an abode wherein one can exercise his own will.' TA15 u*N2TICE''M bD °rder;~. ----  -■ .-- - *• --
.     , . of His Honour Judge Barker,: quired to furnish same, properly
No other possession he may acquire ever means quite so made the 9th day of September, verified, to me on or before the
1914, I was appointed Official 1st of November, 1914.
Administrator of the Estate of AN D all parties indebted to said
the above-mentioned deceased,; estate are required to pay the
and all parties having claims; amount of their indebtedness to
against the said estate are hereby [ me forthwith.
There is no manhood mill which takes in boys and required to furnish same, proper- Dated this 15th day of Septem-
u-L , ii  .a        i ii i ly verified, to me on or before, ber, 1914.
turns out men.  What you call    no chance    may be your the lst day of November, 1914.   I    w. WESLEY WILLARD,
' only chance.   Don't wait for your place to be made for you, AND a11 Parties, indebted to said! Official Administrator,
,    ., .,    ^.   „ ,    , . ' estate, are required to pay thei Cumberland, B. C.
make it yourself.   Don t wait for somebody-to give you a amount of their indebtedness to
lift, lift yourself.   Henry Ward Beecher did not wait for a m^wtJ.with
...       ■ ,      .     ...       , .        , tI ,   ,  ,.        Dated this 15th day of Septem-
call to a large church with a big salary.   He accepted the 1914.
first pastorate offered him, in a little town near Cincinnati.      Wi WESLEY WILLARD,
He became literally the light of the church, for he trimmed ° cSbeffSo*
lhe lamps, kindled the fires, swept the rooms, and rang the1 '
bell.   This salary was only about $200 a year—but he knew! 0.    |»  1   l\yi!ll!r,pv,7
lhat a fine church and a big salary cannot make a great OlyllSIlrlVllIlinCry
man.   It was work and opportunity that he wanted.   He       __________
felt that if there was anything in him, work would bring it;
The average boy of today who wishes to obtain a liberal
education has a better chance by a hundred fold than had,
Daniel Webster or James A Garfield. There is scarcely one
in good health who reads these lines but can be assured if
he will he may. Here, as elsewhere, the will can usually
iind the way, and never before was there so many avenues
of resource open to the strong will, the inflexible purpose,
as there are today.
First Class Work Guaranteed
at Low Prices.
Enlarging a
Films Developed for Amateurs
Synopsis of Coat Mining Kegulatlons
COAL mining rights of tlm Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan nnd Alberta,
tho Yukon Territory, the Northwest Terri
torien and in a portion of Lho Province of
British Columbia.,, may bo leased fur a term
of twenly-one yours At un annual rental of
$1 uu Hero. N.it more thuu 2,000 acres
will be lewd to one applicant
Application for a lease must bo made by
the applicant in person to tho Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which tlio rights
applied fnr are situated^
In surveyed territory tho land must bo
described by sections, or Icqal subdiv ipiuns
of sections, and iu unsurveyed territory
the tract applied for shall bo staked uut by
theapplicam himself.
Kick application must be aconmpanicd
by a fee of $5 which will bo refunded if tho
rights applied forare not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall tie paid on the
merchantable output of the mine at thu
rate of the centa per ton.
The person operating the mine Bhall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns accounting for the full quantity ui merchantable coal mined and piy the royalty
thereon. If the coal minim,' rights aru
not being operated, such returns shall bu
furnished at least onco a year.
The lease will include the coal mining
rights only, but tho l-ssee may be permitted to purobam) whatever available surface rights may bo considered iiooeasHry
fiirthewcirkiuuiifi.hu mlueat tho rate ui
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ottawa,  or to  any
Agent or Sub Aaf* nr "f])--uimimi Lauds.
W. W. OOftY,
Deputy Minister nf tho Interior.
N.It- Unauthoriitud publication of this
advertiheuiunt will not lu paid for.
Mr. John Gillespie
West Cumberland
\l philips garrison
Barrister, Solicitor
A Notary Public
Magnet Cash Store
Enamelware, Crockery
Wallpaper, Paints, Oils,
Edison & Columbia
Novelties, Toys, Etc.
P. O. Box 279
Phone 31
J_ rt
Recent arrivals of goods that
are much in demand include :-
Alloa   Wheeling   Yarns
Shades in stock are: White, Black, Cardinal
and Heather.   Imported direct from Alloa,
Ladies' Waterproof Coats
Two lines,—-Plain shades.
Waterproof    Coats   and
Capes for School Children
All Sizes.
P. S.--Have you ever tried ROBIN HOOD
FLOUR? You will probably receive this
week a letter from the millers of this • high-
grade flour, and we ask the favor of your
consideration as to its contents. This is a
personal matter between us. The list of
names is furnished by ourselves. Try this
flour. It is guaranteed to be the best on the
market at any price.
Phone 10  P.O. Box 100 Cumberland, B.C.
Ca»e of Discrimination Against
Der Kaiser and the Owners
of the Jingle Pot.
Holding th,it the coal from thc
Jinple Pot mine, which is handled
by Messrs. Hanbnry & Co., is
worked mostly on German capital,
the board of school trustees, at
their meeting last night turned
down their tender for the supply
of coal for the coming season,
says the Vancouver Sun of Tuesday, Sept. 23rd, although they
were the lowest tenderers. Han-
bury's figure was $6.75 for lump
and $6.25 for No. 1 nut, while
the contract for 400 tons of lump
was let to Macdonald Marpole Co.
at $7 a ton. For 400 tons of No.
1 nut the contract was awarded
to McDowell Mouat Co. at *!?6.50.
Evans, Coleman & Evans were
also successful with their tender.
They will supply 400 tons of No.
1 nut at $6.50 per ton.
Trustee Stewart was anxious to
know why the contract was not
let to Messrs. Han bury & Co.,
their tender being the lowest. It
was explained to Trustee Stewart
that the mine from which Han-
bury & Co. get their coal is practically run on German capital,
and. while England is at war,
nothing German should be accepted by the board. '' Does the ]
coal come from Germany?" asked
Trustee Stewart. He was in-j
formed that this coal came from
the Jingle Pot mine, and that;
Germans played a very important
part in it.
Trustee Stewart retorted that
he knew a lot of British subjects
in Vancouver who are receiving
dividends from this mine, and;
saw no reason for turning down
the tender. The board, however
decided as above stated,
Dry Goods, Dress Goods, White Wear
Hosiery, Silk Goods, Boots and Shoes
C. Sing Chong
CHINATOWN,   West   Cumberland j
"You'll Not be Happy Till You Get Tliere"
If you would like* to buy a lot or acreage
on easy terms' to suit your purse
these liaril  times, •
RING   UF  36.
British Columbia Investments Ltd. c™rt™aZ
HARRY   IDIENS,   Manager.
St. George's Presbyterian
Services, 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Bible Class, 1.30 p.m.
Sunday School. 2.30 p.m.
Prayer    Meeting,     Wednesday
evening 7.30.
Choir Practice, Wednesday evening 8.30.
Pastor, Hev. Jas. Hood.
Methodist Church.
Services, 11 a.m. and 7p.m,
Bible. Study (Sunday School),
2.30 p.m.
Young People's Society, Monday
7-30 p.m.
Choir Practice, Friday 7,30 p.m.
Ladies' Aid Society, First Tuesday of each month at7.30 p.m.
Rev. Wm. Elliott, B. A., Pastor.
Holy Trinity Church.
(Church of England.)
Services for Sunday, Sept. 27, '14
16th Sunday after Trinity.
Matins, and sermon at 11 a.m.
Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
Evensong and sermon at 7 p.m.
Subject:   "And  there  was  no
more Sea."
Week-day   Services:    Tuesday,
September 29th,   (St.   Michael
and All Angels Day.)   Matins
and Litany at 11 a.m.
Wednesday, Sept. 30th: Evening
Service and Sermon.
Charles A. vr. Vere White,
Clergyman in charge of Parish,
The Ideal Store
Children's Rompers,  Wash  Blouses and
Suits, Dresses, Cashmere Coats, Ladies'
Waists,  Nightgowns, Underskirts,
Combinations,   Corset    Covers,
Aprons, and House Dresse s
The Ideal Store
Dunsmuir Avenue.
Phone 72.
First Class in every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
Wben in Ciui.beiliuid make t lir Union your baulqiiarten)
Joseph Idiens
Get your Hay and Feed at the Barn,
Eoyston, Fifty Tons just arrived.
Gasoline $2 80 per case. 30c. per gallon
When visiting Cumberland stay at the
Cumberland   Hotel
Dunsmuir Avenue
First Class Hotel at Moderate Rates
Guests have every comfort.
Excellent Cuisine.
In Watches, Clocks & Jewelery,
Books & all the latest Magazines
all going Cheap for Cash Only.
Capital Paid Up »11,500,000 Reserve Fund $13,500,00 0
Drafts issued in any currency, payable all over the world
SPECIAL ATTENTION paid to SAVINGS ACCOUNTS and Interest at highest current rates allowed on deposits of Sl and upwards.
Cumberland, B.C. Branch D. M. Morrison, Manager
Courtenay, 'B.C.       "       R. H. Hardwicke,   "
Union Bay, B.C.       "       ._   F. Bosworth, .
New Fall Suits
and Overcoats
Some of the very newest
and smartest Suits, made of
good reliable Tweeds in tlie
best shades of Browns and
The Fit and Style of
every Suit is guaranteed to
give you satisfaction. Do
not miss seeing these. The
price is
In good wearing Tweeds,
bloomer pants, sizes 24 to
28, for
Just about forty or fifty
suits in this lot, and the
price will soon sell them.
Sizes 29 to 33 in Boys'
Suits, good Tweed, and will
give good satisfaction for
the pi ice.
Men's and Ladies
Rubber Coats at
Popular Prices.
Simon Leiser & Co.
"The Big Store"
Phone 38
Mrs. B.G. Crawford
Warehouse, Courtenay
Phone Y91 and R99
IMPORTANT TO CUSTOMERS*-*No Orientals, Agents, or Solicitors
Novelty Glassware3 """^S^Sc.each
Toilet Warene3?ecte1rsom$3 to $8.50S
A full line of Furniture, Stoves, Ranges, etc.,
always in stock.
Mr. McLean said people from
the outside seemed to make Cum
berland their drinking place, and
came here solely to get drunk.
From this out when a man was
charged with being drunk the
hotelman who served him last
would have his license cancelled.
The mayor asked Mr. Walker
if there was a room in the New
England Hotel kept for a certain
purpose, and on Sunday, between
8 and 10 o'clock a.m., was there
not a party in the said room the
worse for drink.
Mr. Walker said he met the
party near No. 7. He got no
drink in the hotel. There were
three sitting rooms in the hotel.
He never saw the party take any
liquor and they had none at his
bar. . i**^SS^»
The mayor asked if the man
was drunk.
Mr. Walker did not consider it
a fair question. The men came
in to settle about the payment of
the hire of an automobile. They
naturally went into the sitting
room. With a house containing
forty to fiftyjmen you could not
tell|what state any particular'one
might be in. ,..-.,.,.
The mayor said the present circumstance was merely a supposition. It was up to the hotelmen
in the town to avoid suspicion,
and they should do what they
could to keep order among their
customers and see to it that there
was as little trouble as possible.
Mr. MacDonald said the law
was very strict and they would
have to enforce it.
Mr. Harrison said his client did
not serve liquor to drunken men,
neither did his employees. An
ho'elkeeper cannot act as wet-
nurse to a grown man. The only
place for a man who did not know
when he had enough was the
lock-up. As regards arresting a
man, it was a matter of discretion.
He did not believe in wholesale
arresting. A man was supposed
to be arrested when there was
any question of his being found
when wanted.
Aid. Maxwell wished to ask
Commissioner McLean a question
but Mr. Harrison objected while
his client was on the carpet.
CommissioneV McLean considered there was no blame attached
to the New England hotel.
Commissioner MacDonald concurred.
The meeting thereupon closed.
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $13,500,000
Issued by The Canadian Bank of Commerce, are a safe, convenient
and inexpensive method of remitting small sums of money. These
Orders, payable without charge at any bank in Canada (except in
the Yukon Territory) and in the principal cities of the United States,
are issued at the following rates :
$5 and under       ...       3 cents
Over 5 and not exceeding $11     .      *   "
"    lt      " " 3»      .      !•   "
"   3»     " " SI     .      15   "
•honM be made by means of our SPECIAL FOREIGN DRAFTS and MONEY
ORDERS.   Issued without dtlij* at reasonable rates. S28
Plumbing, Heating, Sewerage
also Shingling, Roof Repairing
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland, B. C.
i :
Every  Reader of  The Islander May
Have a War Map Free.
An afternoon tea wlll be held
in the basement of St. George's
Presbyterian Church on Tuesday,
Sept. 29th, under the auspices of
the Women's Christian Temper-
ance Union.   This should been-]
couraged as it is for the purpose
of raising funds to enable the!
ladies to award the prize of $25
for the best kept garden in the
City of Cumberland during the;
year 1914.    It is not decided yet
who will get the prize but we:
understand   there   are   several
gardens under consideration by
the judges.
FOR SALE - Four - roomed
house situated on a full-sized lot.
Apply James Williamson, Courtenay Road.
A Map, 31-3x2 1-2 feet, showing clearly every boundary, every city, every town, village, hamlet and river in the
whole European War area. Each map in a neat folder of
convenient size.
The Family Herald and Weekly Star of Montreal has secured
exclusive rights for the War Map prepared by the celebrated map j
firm of E. W. Bacon & Co., Ltd., of London, England. It is j.
beyond question the most comprehensive map printed.
The Islander has completed arrangements by which our readers *
can secure a copy of this excellent map free of charge.
Here is Our Offer Good for
30 Days Only.
The price of The Family Herald and Weekly  Star,   Canad,1'
Greatest Newspaper, is one dollar a year. :i
The price of The Islander is two dollars a year, I
We now offer both papers for one year each, including a copy
of The Family Herald's War Map, sizes 40 x 30 inches,  in a neat'  J
folder of convenient size for only $2.00. B
This offer applies to all subscribers, new or renewal, who pay   I
for the two papers inside next 30 days from this date. I
To follow the war situation intelligently The Family Herald,. 1
War Map is necessary.   It should be in every Canadian home.       Y
New England Hotel
JOSEPH  WALKER  Proprietor.
Lunsmuir Avenue


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