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The Islander Aug 17, 1912

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For .the announcement of our
Within the next few days.
Ir^Mi^ >w-
JnJ»*M^faiioy Pall Oooili
have arrived during the |>a»t few
days, and will be open foi'liifpaotion
No. 117
If Gnd* it Changed in
Front of Poet
The city council held their regular meeting in the council
chamber last Monday night, with
several of the citizens present,
who, during the proceedings of
the evening, gave vent to their
feelings in no unmistable manner.
While some of the aldermen seemed to take it in good part, others
were offended at the unparliamentary sayings of those present, and
for a few moments it seemed as
though the mayor would have to
bring down his gavel and call for
order. There were present: His
Worship the Mayor, Aid. Banks,
Beveridge, Campbell, and Willard. The mimutes of the previous regular and special meetings
were adopted as read by the city
clerk. The following accounts
were presented and referred to
the finance committee.
W.S.D. Siddall, two uniforms for
City Police  $80 00
Dominion Goverment  for
Telegrams    2 75
Vancouver Rubber Co4ooft
of hose for Fire Dept 516 oo
Frank Dallos, Waverly Hotel, Supplying meals to prisoners    7 26
The following communicatians
were read by the city clerk:—
From Vancouver Rubber Company enclose invoice for 400 feet
21-2 in Eureka hose which had
been shipped direct from the factory at Toronto.
Alberni, B.C., Aug 8th, 1912.
Telegram-If any grade changed,
corporation must pay all costs and
will be held responsible for any
damage to entrance to building:
that is, if any more steps are required to entrance which would
cause inconvenience to public.
Wm. Henderson
Resident Architect.
Vancouver B.C. Aug 8th. 1912.
Your telegram received and I
am taking same up with Mr William Henderson, per this mail
and it ought to reach him this
afternoon. Will do what I can to
comply with wishes at your point.
H.S. Clements.
The Chief of Police reported
the following collections for the
month of July, 1912.
Scavenging ....$113 00
Night Police    42 60
Hall Rent    40 00
Police Court    15 60
City Road tax    14 CO
Dog Tax —   10 00
Pilsener Brewing Co.     6 00
♦ 240 00
Aid Willard, asoneof the committee on Finance, reported that
at the request of the Royal Bank
they had circulated a second petition for the cement pavement,
which had been signed and forwarded to their head quarters at
The sidewalk in front of the
Post Office was the next question that came up for consideration under the heading of deffer-
red business. The city clerk
stated that he had received no
further communications than
those already read from W. Henderson, the Resident Archetect at
Victoria, and the Dominion Representative for this district.
Aid Beveridge suggested that the
correspondence be dealt with
when the council received further information,   but he pointed
1 ' "!"■»—mmm^A—Amm^p^m^mi^AsaaW&ma
B.C., SATURDAY, AUO. 17, 1913
Subscription price ll.liO per year
put to the committee having the
pavement in charge that there
was nothing to stop them from
tearing up lho sidewalk in front
of the Post Offlice. Aid Willard,
said it was only :i point as to who
should pay for tearing up and replacing, the city or the Dominion
With reference I" tbe wiring of
the City Hull, the citj clerk reported that the cost was in be
divided between lie City and P.
Anderson, the proprietor of lhe'
moving picture show. The cltj V,
portion of the cost \vas referred j
to the finance committee!
Aid Campbell reported that hei
had not seen the chairman of the'
board of woiks during the I;si
week, and up to the present they
had done nothing1 in the matter of,
purchasing a horse for city use.!
Considerable discussion tookl
place concerning Dr McNaugti-
ton's account for attending an in-l
digent patient amounting to $10.1
This patient was taken to the hospital some time ago through an
illness caused by excessive drinking. The mayor stated that somebody had informed him that .he
man was sick and ordered him tc;
the hospital, but 1 at! oi der d no
doctor to attend him. The aldermen thought the best way to
settle the case would be to refer
the account back to Dr McNaughton for further explanation,
Others said the man was an invalid and could not work and
should be sent to the Old Mans'
Home or some place where he
would be taken care of. It was finally decided to refer the bill back
to the doctor. The mayor remarked
that seeing there was quite an
audience present, which is something unsual at a meeting of the
council, he would ask if any one
wished to say anything. Acting
City Engineer Kennedy said he
understood the contract for the
pavement had not been signed by
the contractor and thought it
should be signed before any more
work was done on the street. The
mayor informed the city engineer
that the matter would be attended to.
James Smith asked the
council if they were going to allow the contractor to work his
men.nine hours for $3.oo per day.
Smith thought the council should
see the men worked eight hours
only. The mayor informed him
that he did not know the circuni-
of the case, but they would consider it.
Albert Pifikard addressed
the mayor concerning the sidewalks, that they were torn up
from 5th. street to 2nd. street,
and asked if the public had to pul
up with such Inconviqnces as ex
isted on Dunsmuir avenue to-day,
Rotten planks were strewed u-
round, with no approaches to the
various places of business,
A heated discussion ensued in
which some very impleusant remarks were passed.
The mayor stated lo lay a
new sidewalk we must tear up
the old one flrBt.
The board of work.", were instructed to dispose of the planks
from the old sidewalk as they
thought best.
It appeared that Frank Dallos
had paid a widow's taxes into tin
city treasury who was unable to
pay them herself. The city cler
was instructed to refund the a-
mount paid by Mr Dallos.
Aid Banks informed the council that the Edwards property on
Dunsmuir avenue should be drained. When tearing up the old
sidewalk the odour therefrom
was something awful and nothing
but a cess pool. Aid Beveridge
stated that there was no drain to
Kilpatrick's stable and that ii
was nothing but a cess pool in the
I middle of the city. The Sanitary Inspector said these two
! places should be attended to at
1 once.
| The board of works were instructed to put in drains and
charge the costs up to the prop-
R. Grant &Co'i. Sawmill
ii prncrically a
Total Lou
Last Monday, about midnight,
the lire bell rang out and locomotives blew their whistles which
gave the alarming information
that Grant and Mounce's sawmill
was on tire. In a short space of
time crowds were seen running
from all directions. The Volunteer Fire Brigade responded
promptly and poured two streams
of water upon the burning building. The fire however made
headway and the firemen directed their energies to saving the
surrounding building and piles of
lumber, in which they were successful.
The origin of the fire is not
known but it is supposed to have
started in the boiler room.
The suw and planing mills are
totally distroyed. $25,000 is the
estimated loss, with no insurance.
The destruction of the sawmill
by fire at this time of the year
will retard Cumberland's progress. Several buildings under
construction are waiting for
material. Even when the mill
was running it was not able to
keep up with the demand.
Mr Peters, of The Warn Land
& Financial Co., of Nanaimo, was
successful in placing the Bently
double chemical lire engine, complete with fire tools, in Courtenay..
This is undoubtedly the finest
piece of machinery for its size
and purpose ever imported to the
Island. It is double chemical
and can keep a continuous stream
cn the fire at ISOlbs (minimum,)
up to 3001bs (maximum,) for
towns up to 1500 in population,
and the material and workmanship of this engine is of the very
Courtenay has surely shown
that the town is progressive, and
alive to the fact that fire protection is of paramount importance
in attaining the end that all public spirited citizens are working
for, viz: a good sized and up-to-
date town.
Harry Wilson will be the new
resident manager for the B. C.
Telephone Co. at Cumberland,
H.G. Young, the present manager, residing at Courtenay, has resigned, his resignation to take
effeel on 81st of August,
The trustees of the Cumberland public school wish to remind
the public that school opens on
Monday, August26th, and would
request a full and regular attend
ance during the coming term.
They also wish to ask parents
who have scholars entering the
primary division to send thc
children as early as possible in
the term. A new room for prim
ary work will be opened and they
wish to give both teacher and
scholars the best chance possible.
Nick Doct.a Belguim, appeared
before Judge Abrams, charged
wilh being drunk and incapable,
he was fined $5.00 and costs.
At the City Hall picture show
to-night; Film 1, A Brothers
j,ove;   Film 2, Pathes  Weekly,
I showing, London, England, and
Washington D.C.; Film 3, The
trail of the Pomo's Charm; Film
(4, The be'ated Bridegroom,
Desmond Roe of Union Bay has
accepted the position at the Royal
Bank, vacated by W.P. Thompson
John R. Kennard, of the Home
Bakery, Union Bay, visited Cumberland Wednesday.
Miss Nellie Walker, saleslady
at he Big Store, returned by SS.
Cowichan last Sunday, after enjoying a two weeks' vacation.
The first car load of cement
for the concrete pavement arrived last Thursday, consigned
to Thos. E. Bate.
Miss E.B. Bate, of Victoria, is
spendinga two week's vacation at
Camp Daisy Dell, the beach, with
her father, Mr T.E. Bate.
Miss Maggie McKenzie returned Sunday after spending a pleasant holiday at Victoria, Vancouver and New Westminster.
John Newton, Inspector of
Mines, arrived by Tuesday evenings train on his usual tour of inspection.
MrWilliamB, operator for the
Dominion Goverment returned
Tuesday evening after a two
week's vacation.
Miss Bertha Banks, of the central telephone office, returned
from a two week's vacation to the
Sound cities, last Sunday.
Mr. J. P. Watson, accompanied
by his family, returned by Thurs
day evening's train from a two
weeks' trip to Vancouver and
Sound cities.
Mr. T. A. C. Collin, manager of
the dry goods department at
Campbell Bros.' store, is confined
to his room at Mrs.Syd Horwood's
with muscular rheumatism.
William P. Thompson, of the
Royal Bank at this point has been
transferred to a similar position
of the same bank at New Westminister, and left for that city
yesterday morning.
What is expected to be an exciting game of football will take
place on the Recreations Grounds
next Sunday afternoon, between
No 5 Thistles and the Cumberland Mixtures.
The first term of the Courtenay
Ladies' College will commenc >
on Monday, Sept 23rd at Courtenay B.C. The principals will be
Mrs. Hardy, of Courtenay, and
Miss Glenny, from Cheltenham
Ladies' College,   England.
H. C. Lane, District Commercial
Superintendent of the B.C. Tel-
phone Co. Ltd., of Victoria, B.C..
arrived in Cumberland last Tuesday evening and returned by Fridays boat. While here he looked
up several matters rffecting tha
company which he represents.
A. H. Peacey has removed his
stock from the Vendome Building, into his new store on the opposite side of the street which
has just been completed for his
own use. He will now be able to
show his stock of stationery drugs
and leather goods off to advantage.
No 5 Thistles Football Club recently held their annual meeting
at which the following officers
were elected for the season 1912-3
Hon. President, W. E. Lawrence;
Hon Vice President, J Gillespie
sr; President and Manager, J L
Brown; Secretary, J Harvey;
Treasurer, J M Gillespie. The
general committee will consist of
Messrs, W Brown, J Clark, sr. J
Scougall, T Hynde, A Orr, G.
Shearer, J Gordon, N Bevis and
B Farmer. Assistant managing
trainer, J. Dickson; assistant
trainer, G Brown.
Mr. T. Holt to be interviewed regarding
The Cumberland BoArd of Trade
held a special meeting in the
Council Chamber last Wednesday
night. His Worship the Mayor
occupied the chair, and there
were present about twenty of the
most prominent business men in
The secretary read a communication from the Saturday Sunset
of Vancouver offering to give
Cumberland a write-up. After
careful consideration the Board
thought it advisable to defer
action until a later date when the
sidewalks would be finished and
the buildings now under construction completed, which would
give the city an improved appearance.
The commitee, appointed to
draftrules and regulations governing the board, reported that
they had completed the by-laws
and were ready to present them.
They were read and finally adopted with minor amendments.
The following officers, who
were elected pro tem at the first
meeting, were confirmed:—
President, Mayor J. McLeod
Vice-President.. W. E. Lawrence
Treasurer D. M. Morrison
Secretary Edward W. Bickle
Council: W. T. White, Thos. E.
Bate, Wesley Willard, Alex Maxwell and A. E. Shepherd.
W. S. Lawrence gave a report
of the interview he had had with
H.S. Clements, M.P,, Dominion
representative for this district,
witah whom he was asked to continue his good work. He was
called upon to make arrange
ments for a deputation of the
board^to interview Mr. Thomas
Holt, executive agent of the
Canadian Northern Railway, as
to the proposed route for that
railwayi through Cumberland.
After receiving several applications for membership the board
What might have been a terrible disaster occurred on the
lake when the S.S. Silver Tip, in
charge of Skipper Barney, was
proceeding on her usual week end
fishing trip to Cruickshanks.
When in the vicinity of Pie
Creek the Silver Tip refused to
go, and on the skipper investigating he found that the S.S.
had sprung a leak and the water
had put the engine out of commission It was at this moment
that the skipper showed his
British courage. We have read
in history what Nelson said at
the battle of Trafalgar, what
Colonel Mathias said to the Gordon Highlanders at the battle of
Dargai Heights, what Captain
Smith said to the passengers and
crew of the Titanic, but it remained for the skipper of the Silver
Tip to show that we have men in
our midst who have that same
courage when he shouted: "Get
out the oars, boys, we are sinking." The crew sprang to their
posts but, alas to relate, before
they reached shore the boat began
to sink. As the crew sprang for
a log and left the skipper on the
sinking S.S. it was then that
history repeated itself; as the
"Tip" was disappearing out of
sight, the band playing "Why
did I leave home?" the gallant
captain gave his last order (to
the crew) "Save ME, to h—
with the boat" Dick got the
skipper by the silvery locks and
pulled him to safety, for which
he is entitled to the Carnegie
Hero Medal. A wrecking" crew
has succeeded in raising the Tip,
which is prepared to make her
week end trips; but is not going
to carry any more bug juice nor
anyone who buys their boots in
theoid country, but Diver Hardy
will always be welcome.
The board of trade has at least
obtained some results. We understand Muyor McLeod, has received a conmunication from Mr. R.
B. Mickiag, the executive agent
for the B.C. Telephone Co., that
commencing ■ on the first day of
September an all night service
will be established, at Cumberland and Courtenay, with a resident manager at each place.
A very pretty wedding took
place at the home of Mr. James
Peacock, on Monttay night 12th
when Mr John Nicholson, of
Nanauno, was united in marringe
to Edith Thompson, aiso of Nan
aimo, Miss Hazel Let wan attend
ed thei bride, and Mri7rank Chad-
wick performed the duties of
best. man. Rev B. C. Freeman
Afber the wedding ceermony the
guests sat down to a sumptnous
breakfast. There were m »ny
useful and beautiful presents received which testifies to the po<p-
ularity of the young couple. Mr
and Mrs Nicholson will take up
their residence in this city.
Mr R.H. Travers, the contract-
the cement pavement, arrived by'
Thursdays evenings train accompanied by Mr. Cia'y, who will have
charge of tbe work on the street.
Tomorrow evening a sacred
concert will be held in the Cumberland Hall, at which some of
the best local talent obtainable
will take part. A collection will
be taken up at thc close of the
concert, for the benefit of the two
widow's Mrs. Logan and Mrs.
Berewskie whose husbands were
recently killed in the mines here.
The following programme will be
Congregation  Praise God
Solo       Selected
Miss Lawrence
Violin solo I'll Travator
Mr McMillan
Anthem (Jod of Israel
Solo . Harbour Light
VV. Williams
Quartette .   Vital Spark
Solo    r   Wonderous Cross
Miss iliiiidi.ii
Recit Selected
Mr. Parkinson
Solo There   is a Flower tbat
Bloometh. Mr. Menzies
Air Varie ...Siinoen
Solo...  Selected
Miss McKenzies
Solo  Selected
T. Lewis
Violin Solo Schubert
Mr. McMillan
Sole Man of Sorrows
Miss Henderson
Quartette Before J ehora's
Awful Throne Band
Solo Selected
Miss Lawrence
Anthem Cry Out and Shout
Congregation.. Lead KindlyLight
Accompanist, Mr. C. Parnham
Chair to be taken at 8-15 p.m.
Come in crowdB. THR   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   R. C.
Daddy's Bedtime
His Chance
Whnt iin you in,mi know or women's
work? fleroeiy quorled the Indy orator. Ih there a man here, sli.' oou-
tlnued, toldlng hor nrms. lhal Mas
day after day not up in thr morning
nml gone quietly downstairs made
the lire, rooked his own breakfast,
sewed the missing buttons on the
children's clotbos. cleaned iho pots
nnd kettles, and swept tlio kitchen?
If then1 Is sueh a man In Mils audience, let him rise up: I should like
to see him. In Ihe rear ol' Ihe hall
ft mild-looking man in speetaeles In
obedience to the summons, timidly
arose- He was the husband of the
eloquent speaker. it was lho flrsi
time he had ever had a chance lo
.issert   himself. '
"When going away from home, or at.
any change of habitat, lie Is a wise
Tiie Song
-'  Ol the First
Whippoorwill yhlAs°'n°'.''?'„t^'
rr , .    (    Whippid Will.
\CR nnd Evelyn told daddy thnt Dinah was n Rood deal upset.
"Shu snld ttie cbiiekwlll's widow wns calling round here Inst nlgbt,"
said Ihey.   "lmdd.v, do you know the cliiiekwlll's widow'f
"Ibere," snld duddy; "just listen.   1 think you eau bear It colling
Over In the wends beyond the house cojld be beard a voice wblcb seemed I
to say quite plainly:
"Whlppoorwllll   Whippoorwill!" |
"Wbnt Is It, daddy?" the children cried. "Wby does It want Wlll whipped?"''
"My dears. It yuu eould see over unions those trees yon would very likely
seo a little bird no linger thnn n roblu and wltb mottled, blown, blaok, butf,
grny nnd wliile tenthers-n llttlo bird tluit Is so nearly the same color ns the
branch ur the stone on whlcb he sits that you would scarcely notice blm.
"livery now nud then be opens bis montb aud gives tbe cry wbicb yoa
have Just heard.
"'lho whlppourwllls (ly about nt nlgbt ditching Insects tbnt would otherwise annoy us. The cbuekwlll's widow and tbe whippoorwill ure birds tbnt
look so much alike and nuike so nearly tbe same cry that une sometimes Is
mistakenly cnlled by the other's mime.
"When I wns u boy 1 asked grandfather wby tbe whippoorwill was so
down on [lour Wilt. j
"llrnndfutlier suld: 'Once there was « hnd hoy named Will who stole tbe I
eggs out of tbe nests of birds, and one dny he found two dull white eggs on
the ground. Tbey were tuiirked wltb lilac nnd hnd grny spots on them. The j
bey picked them up nnd started home wltb them In Ills hnt He bad not gone
fur wben a hlrd caught up with blm nud cried so plteuusly tbnt be could not
help knowing the eggs were hers. He only hurried nlong fnster. The futher
bird soon Joined tbe mother, uud both of tbem begged film tu give tbem back
tbe dggs.   Hut no wouldn't.
" 'All that night outside the house in which he lived voices were henrd saying whippoorwill till ull the neighbors wondered whut particularly uuughty
thing uuughty Wlll bad been doing.
" 'And nest dny nt school Wlll did not know his lesson, and the schoolman,
ter whipped him, and thut night his father whipped him and so on till he
man who numbers among Ills belong-! wished be had never seen tbe bird's eggs.   The whippings came so thick and
fast tbat tbey did hhn good.   He let the birds' nests alone after that.'
"And gin ml fui her said he was only sorry there wasn't a whippoorwill like
that for every bud buy who robbed birds' nests."
ings a bottle of Dr. .1. D. Kellogg'!
Dysentery Cordial. Change of food
tnd water in some strange place
vhero lliere are no doctors may bring
nn au aiiack of dysentery. lie Ihen
has a slamlard remedy at hand with
vhich to cope wllh the disorder, and
Forearmed he can successfully light
ilie ailment and suhdue 11.
Worthy of Sherlock Holmes
Tommy's mother had taken him lo
church to hear the evening sermon,
and they occupied seats in tin- gallery. Tommy tried not lo nllow Ills
attention to wander from the preacher, but It did. lle seemed to he particularly interested In a family who
sat In front of lilm. and when the
fcrmon was ahnut half over he whispered to his mothei—Mamma. I never
taw those people hernre. but I know
Iheir names. Hush dear! But I
do. persisted Tommy- Their name's
Hill. How do you know? Kvery
time the preacher says his text. "I
■will lift lip mine eyes to the hills."
those two big girls look at each olher
and smile. Subsequent Inquiry
proved that Tommy was quite correct.
Fnther Bernard Vaughan gave snme
ndvice lo young men in a humorous
Popularity, popularity among the
ladles, is a great help to any young
man. said he, nnd Ihere is nothing
like generosity to make a young man
• heard ft lady praising a young
man the oilier evening-
He ls so generous, she snld. He
takes mother nnd me out tn dinner
nearly every week. We dole on
Then she smiled and  added:
In fact, we table d'hote on him-
For nreulng that, our world Is only
one of many. Giordano Bruno was
burned to death ln Rome In 1000.
Not Always
What Is your name? nsked the new
teacher, as he was taking a roll call
nf her new clnss, before disbanding
for the summer.
It's .lule.
No, not .lule. but Julius, said lhe
teacher, for she disliked abbreviations.   Next boy what's your name?
My name's Bill, hut I suppose 1
Miglu to sav Billions.—Brooklyn
Put Off
Borrows—Sny. old man, I'm badly
In need of a V nr two.
Hold) lie -Well, you'll And plenty of
Ihem in the dictionary.
K Perfectly Digested Breakfast Makes
Nerve Force for   ths Dav
Everything goes wrong If the
breakfast lies In .wnn siuuuch ilk, a
mud pie. What, you ent does harm
If you can't digest It—It turns to poison.
A bright lady teaeher found Ibis
lo he true, even nf an ordinary llghl
breakfast of eggs and tooat, Bhe
"Two years ago I contracted a vert
innnylng' form of Indigestion My
stomach was in such condition thai
a simple breakfast of fruit, toast and
egg gave me great distress.
"I was slow to believe lhat trouble
could come from such a simple diet
but. finally had to give it up. and
found - great change upon a cup of
bot Postum and Grape-NutB wllh;
cream, for my morning meal. Fnr
more than a year I have held to this
course and have not suffered exeept.
when Injudiciously varying my diet.
"I have heen a teacher for several
years and find that my easily digested
breakfast means a saving of nervous
force for the entire day. My gain
of ten pounds In weight also causes
me to want to testify to tho value of
"Grape-Nuts holds Ilrst rank at our
Name given hy Canadian Postum
Co.. Windsor, Ont.
"There's a reason." Read Iho liltle book, "The Road to Wellvillc," In
Ever read the above letter? A
new one appears from time to rime,
"fhey are genuine, true and full of human Interest.
Rate ot Growth Studied In Canada and
United States
Tha aspen poplar, frequently spoken of as the wliite poplar, is one of
the most common trees all over Canada (at any rale in that portion'of
tlio Dominion east of the Kocky
Mountains). In many parts of the
Dominion it forms quite extensive forests (especially In districts that have
been burned over). This fact gives
,t a place of some importance in the
forestry of lhe Dominion, although it
is one ot the inferior woods.
Some years ago (in lHOfil the Forestry Brunch of the Department of
I'te Interior made a careful survey of
the Turtle Mountain forest reserve in
Southern Manitoba, on which this
poplar is by all odds the most plentiful tree. As u result of investigation
on the basis of data collected during
Mils BUrvey, it was estimated that, if
the poplar were allowed to grow to
lbo age of forty years, tliere wpuld be
an average growth, for the whole of
that time, of one cord per year on a
fully stocked acre. At the end of
that timo lliere would be standing on
each acre about 850 trees, of an average height of if, feet and an average diameter, at tVi feet above the
ground, of 6 inches; these would yield
some 40 cords of wood.
Recently the Dulled States Forest
Service published their Bulletin No.
98, entitled "The Aspens." and It is
interesting to note that their results
come closo to the ligures made out by
Ihe Canadian survey. Volume tables
given at the conclusion of this bulletin show that trees of the height and
diameter given above will eacli yield
between one twentieth and one twenty fifth of a cord of wood apiece. Thus
the 850 acres would give somewhere
between thirty-four and forty-two
cords of wood. Tho average of the
two amounts gives thirty-eight cords,
a figure nearly the same as that obtained by the Canadians.
As there are 55,000 acres In the
Turtle Mountain reserve that are callable of growing timber, it is a reasonable Inference that the reserve
may bo counted on to produce 55.000
cords, or thereabouts, of wood per
year. At the low rate of $1 per cord
on the slump, this would mean an annual revenue to the stato uf $55,000.
Or. to take unolhor point nf viow It
would give to each Inhabitant of the
elecioilal disirict. of Sourls almost
two cords of wood per yoar.
For a Late   Crop
Rev. John 11. Craft was conducting
a series nf meetings In a rural neighborhood of southwest Virginia. One
nlghl In' WM Irving lo bring Ihe ne-
oosslty of early embracing a religious
hope to bear upon Ills congregation,
Said be. "We'll Just. Illustrate: You
begin In February or March tn pre-
pare ihe ground for planting out your
spring erop. You plant In April to
be on time. Suppose you neglect this
work. May will be late hul perhaps
u 111 answer. Lot the work go undone
lill .lime, then what will ynu do?
Tito late, too late! will be tho cry.
.lust sow lt in buckwheat, called
out an old farmer from the rear seal.
The preacher sat down.—National
Monthly. >.
Mark Cole, the flrat hatter In Montgomery County, Missouri, made a hat
fur William Logan which served Logan 20 years. lt was composed of
20 minces of muskrat fur mixed with
13 ounces of ,,ccoou fur. and held an
even half bushel. The crown was
18 inches high and the brim six
inches wide.
My mare, a very valuable one, was
badly bruised and cut by being
caught in a wire fence. Some of
the wounds would not heal, although
I tried muny different medicines. Dr
Bell advised me to use MINARD'S
LINIMENT, diluted at first, then
stronger as the sores began to look
better uutll after three weeks, the
sores have healed, and best of all. the
hnlr Is growing well, and ts NOT
WHITE as Is most always the case In
liorse wounds.
A  Financial  Limit
Bobby had worn his mother's patience to the limit.
Yon are a perfect little heathen!
she remarked, giving way at lust;
Do you mean it? demanded Bobbie.
I do, Indeed, said his mother.
Then say, ma, said Bobby, why
can't 1 keep that penny a week you
gimniit for the Sunday school collection? I guess I'm as hard up as any
of the rest  of 'em.
What la Faith
Faith ls believing the dentist when
he says It isn't going to hurt.—Detroit Free Press.
Pessimistic '
What a pessimist that new basehall writer Is.
Why so?
He doesn't think that every new
playor ln the training camp Is going
ti lead the league this year.
The Orphans
A clergyman was once asked to a
farmhouse  for  dinner.      Some  time
Thnt makes thom neuter, crisper, dalntior, nuirn uppolizing;
Tho ono biscuit good enough to lake tlio placo of your own baking,'
Fresh aa tlio biscuits from your own oven,
Think what that means! Freedom from a broiling kitchen—leisure on the porch
or iu the parlor.   Time to do the littlo knick-knacks that have been neglected.
Are thc creamiest, crispest crackers made.
They aro baked in the big sanitary factory in Winnipeg—
right at your very door.
Uso MOONEY'S and  be suro  of a  biscuit  that  ia
absolutely fresh; a biscuit that will satisfy the family,   -
Conductor (to countryman)—lf you
saw him picking the gentleman's
pocket, why didn't you Interfere?
Countryman—I saw that sign up
there. Beware of Pickpockets, and I
was afeared to!
And so this ls the end, said the:
hero, as ho bent over the form of
thi dying heroine, whllo tho orches- j
tra piuyed soft, sud music.
Thank heaven ror that!  exclaimei'.
a pathetic voice from the gallery.
Orator—I thought your paper was
friendly to me?
Kditor—So it Is. What's the matter?
Orator—I made a speech at the dinner last night aud you didn't print
a line of it-
Editor—Well, what further proof
do you want?
Do you keep football requisites
here? asked a gloomy-browed young
man the other day, as ho entered a
sporting-goods  store.
Then you may wrap me up a bottle
of arnica, u paper of court-plaster.
and au arm-sling. I am going tn
play lu a match this afternoun.
You'd better fumigate these bills'
before you go home. They may bc
covered with microbes, said thc druggist one Saturday evening as he i
handed a few faded, worn and soiled
silver certificates to his clerk.
No danger from that source, responded the latter, a microbe could
not live on a drug-clerk'a salary.
A Pill That Lightens Life.—To the
during the evening, he overheardI one) ^ who lH a vlctlnl of |ndlgestlon
When   Greek   meets   Crook—what
then? asked the teacher.
Wise Hltle Johnny promptly replied:
Ono says to the other, How Is the
fruit business?
W. N. U. 908
Good Renson
As  the  train  whirled  llirougli  the
beautiful valley, the inquisitive trav-
| eler persisted In stirldng his head out
nr the window to get a better view of
lhe scenery.
Keop your head Inside can't ,5'ou?
shouted "the conductor.
So'b you won't damage nny of the
ironwork on thc bridges.
Mistress—Jane, what do you mean
by having six blouses out drying on
the llt.o? It ls quite absurd. My
daughter can do with two a week.
june—Well, you see, mum, Miss
Matilda ls courtln' u bank clork, and
1'so courtln' a sweep.
of the children of the houses talking
to a brood nf chickens crying outside
tho door, and saying- Poor wee things,
poor wee things. The minister eat
your mother.
There were some questions In ge»
grapby required In the preliminary
examinations for law students who
aspired to admission to the bar-
Among them was—"Name ten animals that llvo In the Arctic zone.
One ynung nianv wrote: Hve polar
boars and five seals. N.B.—Permit
me to call your attention to the fact
that tho question does not specify
Hint tho animals should bo of different varieties.
His Real Name
In snm» of tbe country districts of
Ireland il Is nnt. nn uncommon thing
to see carts with the owuer's names
chalked on to save the expense, nf
painting. Practical jokers delight
In rubbing out these signs, to annoy
tho owners.
A constabulary nergennt one day
accosted a countryman whose name
had been thus wiped out unknown to
Is this your cart, my gond man?
Ot course It Is! was the reply. Do
you see anything the matter with it?
I observe, said the pompous policeman, that your name Is d-bllthorated.
Then ye're wrong, quoth the countryman, who had never eome across
the long word hefore, for mc name's
O'Flaherly, ond I don't care who
knows lt.
the transaction of business becomes
uu added misery. He cannot concentrate his mind upon his tasks and
loss and vexation attend him. To
such a man Parmelee's Vegetable
Pills offer relief. A course of treatment, according to directions, will
convince hiin of their great excellence. They are eon lid ently recommended becauso they will do all that
ls claimed for them.
Anyone, even a
little girl, can
make toast on the
She will not bum the toast, and she
will not bum her lingers either, if
she uses the New Perfection Toaster.
For toast or roast)
For boil or broil
For fry or bake
there is no other stove that il ai
quick and ai handy as lhe New
Perfection Oil Cook-stove — the
convenient stove for all purposes,
all the year round.
Every dealer hu it. Handsomely finished in nickel, with cabinet
top, drop shelves, towel racks, etc Long chimneys, enameled turquoise-blue. Made with I, 2 and 3 burners. Free Cook-Book with
every stove,   Cook-Book also given to anyone tending 5 cents to covet
mailing cost
Kulalla (elderly heiress)—Do you
think the Huron regards me seriously?
llosa—Seriously? Why, my denr
every timo I mention you ho looks
positively sad.
Aren't you afraid you will catch
cold on such a night as tbis, my boy?
No, sir- Soiling papers keeps up
the circulation.
Prom a height of 3.000 feet a man
In an aeroplane cnn see a submarine
gliding 18 feet below water.
Tread softly -
Step safely, fe
tabody Ihe patented features
of Cafe Ppw Heels.    „0
Real Estate Agenl— You'll have
some very flno neighbors here?
Buver—ls that so?
Real Eslale Agent—Yes; with your
auto you'll have no trouhle getting
tlicra to ride with you.—Chicago News.
Bllllngcr seems to have great confidence in his wife.
Yes. H's really extraordinary. He
would even be willing to stay In the
yard while sho was manipulating the
iiose.—Chicago Record-Herald.
Pigs Galore
A well known judge, when he flrst
went lo lho liar, was a very blundering speaker. On ono occasion, when
lie was engaged In a caso Involving a
right to a lot of pigs, he said.
Oentlenien of the Jury, there were
Just 24 pigs in that drove; Just 24,
gentlemen, exactly twice as muny as
there :.ro ln that Jury box.
The Northern Trusts Company
This company acts In the capacity of
and wo shall bo glad to forward copy ot    our    Hooklet   "Something
r.hout Trusts, Trustees and Trust CompnnloB." on request.
Sick headaches—neural gie headaches—splitting,
blinding headaches—all vanish when you take
Na-Dru-Co Headache Wafers
They do not contain phenacetln, acetanilld,
morphine, opium or any other dangerous drug.
2i>.. a box at your Druggist's. 123
National Dmjo a Chemical Co. or Canaba, Limited.
Investigations made over Europe
seem to justify tho belief that the
damage by lightning, in the cities particularly, hns decreased to a very
marked degree in recent j'ears, and
it is explained by the presence of
cleclric wires, which act as a protection in diverting the electric bolts. As
the wires nre put underground it is
expected thnt thero. will be noticed a
great increase In the amount of damage by lightning and a return will be
generally made to the use of lightning rods.
She Was Wise
He—I handed In my resignation at
the club last night.
She—If that is how you wish mo to
believe you came out ot the place
you should have brushed a lot of tho
dirt off first.—London Opinion.
Had Quite a Few
Have you any children, Jones?
Oh, yes.   You know Robinson?
Whioh Robinson—Jonathan?
Know him very well. What's that
got to do with it?
I'm going to tell you. He and I
have fifty-one between us.
What are you talking about? You
mu«l be crazy.     Whnt dn you mean?
Oh, he lives on one sido of the orphan asylum and I'm on the other.
An   Oversight
J. Barker Sourface—See here, you.
I just now paid my poll tax and your
young man gave me a receipt for a
dog tax.
Tho Man at the Window—And forgot to give you a tag to wear. How
careless ot blm. nf
,U'«MJH5fi.WJ'J   "'■' ! i_K.l?\    Hi!'!'
Fog Lady.
.   She Came lo the
""-       ' Rwctie ' '■'-■ &*
""> .AlHrAHT H3
It en
■ throat-pnd almost •tra»i
aw und penetrating was It'
ired bla
HteO bjm. ao raw aud penetrating
e» Soihiettilug dark loomed pefoi
Ifjtl Sth* same Instant*! "
cioseTlt band. a
i   A big sound steamer rusbtd pul
him, a menacing death Irom wblcb
ttwmn&atiiilWQS•'}S .dl
-i The,. hiKliiuru hv l|nd tlrst beard hai
[bo? MA tteVthimU'lighV It waa tbi
1 stenmer bearing dowu upon him.
I    Where hnd be drifted? Be could nol
; 'feii; eifcvpt thut It must *» In tbe pall
: of the eastward bound steatnera.
fi lie lieiolMid; W «»*■ to'tbif flreottoi
! where he believed Bell Harbor to
| Ue would go very slowly and cautloui
•"Tflrrtnd when be drew near enough t|
It had beeu a wurni'M0J, day with-   «?U "arbor brenlfjvaler bt cot|ld
out a breath or m»W Q you.* ffl P8M ^JMBSfffe
rnr> -
m1 wis toY^nairVw. the™
has been quite a little dlsenmluu aa iu— ■—The milk utensils must be free
llxiMnft/<ei-dfag-Tnliif»Wic|tbe pro- ', ' {.opkwWM,.nn4crin
portioSre plSee^PshbWWife in the *f'l
ration, suya K. M. Little. Neb
green leaves ou the elms and maples
tbat bordered.the vllluge streets.  '",'*"'
Late iu the afteriioou there stole over
and thus hnd  bis way  through tt
tortuous cbaiiuel into.tha harbor	
--But lb* dootor waa au amateur. Tbe
launch  waa a new diversion .and •
 n  y(ta,-an  ardent
nd he lind planned ttady da-
llfelitftil'tHViH'Ib'Uhe boa* wblcb al
. .     ..,._.■-.,':   ituuen   wa* n   new   umw-iuu
| bill und harbor » fflnltiltVKhhasi time IQ^fty «, pul i, and, beot<*«. hi wa.
wm.said was amok, from distant for. .,„.„, |>b„Hic.no ,Uon be was
est Urea. Tb. weHtperwIaeprfdlMefl* L'OTAlfttW bel-xbligged helplessly
"May fog." j uj'mm j trowed-It two hours before b. ud-
"Oolng out. doc?" asked ouTftlmon h .J,   tht tot
Way. the WMMlffj|a|Z£ hoti pis A tiftl&W
physician pained *'^;<*. «?. «*« ^^and ftw5f*XPt
Wharf. "   '., '      , .      ~*     blare of the ahoala light foghorn, hut
"Km, mm iMsf^LftMMil .IrlgnorAnoeoftbe *a(et**jbout bar.  I
breath o   »£"M t^>tt[r n i mad. It, Impossible .*r. jM«,to ealeJ-,
there. It's deacid h0'^r*j, ...'.';  1st. dlsinuc!-;.1 or direction*, ke laugh-  '
"Ye won'  Itt WMfglfflPfe «Wl *,   ftfoflo ^6pnfnlly"l«flil.   foollsb  '
day." predicted Blinon, ^ an  .^e,; M   ^ „,,!,
toward the channel. "1 been pnt there i    ' » „...  ._   ..^.^ f
If. hot as thunder .on* $f>Mj ^udi^H tf&PffiUhffl
"tou.thtnk w^ :«ave/r»'VWlJiJg*S,i-. •»     ^.rf T|
Tbt doetor brtlt*t« at the«OB>(WlW *»«««»    J     ...  Sii ;j ,
tteps that led.dpwn to tbe t»tM WW Jj ^t?rh.W8" dfl.'SSBfaSsfA
hi. dory wa. fastened. HI. ipeedy lit'''»«« tbrf night on ttft'UbiW 'BdHatt
*w.y" '   •'■''""'"- *^sa ^,i^i^mpr«a*nc*»f otter waft lp.hli
"wiree tb.» * wall for getting 'neighborhood;   He concluded-that all
._,„h M.. -- --.-». .«•■        ri-e<ber boats muat be anchored, watting
"XV* thatf-"      I    "   \    f * tft'»?• n iW«*i* "•d,d
1 -Ahw' - '£'%i V-^     ^'^    iA^^ArttgrM ««!«»■ .Wtll.
"I  sball bt back  before It .but.   launch and sleep,
down."   The docter tlrtlgbUatA-Jilal—4t»U ■«•»„* Jtrsa»t  lound. o*j
■boulder, and took a deep breath.       ' enough beard tbere In tb. fog at W
Pit feel .hut InSbetween tbeu high   fVloek Jhr-tt. tvtnlng, .mote ppon hli.
■'«»«•'?• MketfSi^n curl^lff ^:- iM?.^^S»-     IO
v.. 'flM.-but under, tpt rlghtAiailtBW
I wonld not-«-Uiere ire certain things
tbat might change It all-bring IU own
breath of paradise wKh4fctt~.—™,^4ll*da«tafcturaed hla craft and head.
Simon Way went bome Md told bl. j I" tb. direction of tbe yolct.
wlft tb«t bt gue««d Dr. Morton_w.« I    To hi. (delight It m* louder ad<|
getting tlr*. of.Sn, BWbot) ln»lt.t©flW<WR ^iWJtT0"™!^"''1
of tht .pfendld practlct ht bad actiulr-; now lie could distinguish th. word.
ed.   Mrs. Way tjirtw aahawl^iTefJttr
head and ran «crt|a that. >t>M.tcMI
Mra. Clarence Baylea .nd tbat lady ....
Morton wa. going to leave town. i to peer through tbe fog for tbe H
Olto Adam, heard tbe «*{4tfr»«("f'&.!»„°!J*umfttt']oM, *}?*"; ■.,.
■be »t down to tb. .upper tabl?. i    W>t8kd by the voice of the .Ingefc;
In tb. meaotlmtDr.M«toa>l,«ocbT»"»-__$___i-T! '«", T"" Z   B
had chugged oatW ^h^al'ttor-ln^'<*<*4i*'*w*o*itb   tlreles.   patience
tbt .ound.    Tbe wblte bow,cut,-the   "»w tb^ tbt flrst tremolo bad heeir
s ls not the case.
mm of com
pounds ofia4uleJiiieM,ernllI *i!in-tr» |^e| My^ieift!in_|i the silo
mended for the ration, but Its palate- i "  the bigger the milk flow will be
Ulliiy twJDsiiMliJietk* »(Uh^ni^.j(f-jaJB;:jjfrt»g(Jli9il^gfrf'it<>l*I033A
larger au)oi|ut|belng fed,,even lu.con- i ' ■      Prqvldml your cow.ls a good^ •
mtU, ,with"«fi(i<Alt,<u^fiieK4ofo'JB'i ?<% aw ammw m mm ■
atiurh.. jiltbwih'njbltiipWoi^B^Wftyll glKfefciiflrtttiefflsrfiJfl'JiB'il'iliitaBa ^
upun tbe alimentary tract,. The .ex-_ ■.     No nnluiul llmt gfts uulv food  . ■•
trWieiy ik*TOMlRfMWwfiSpitf?eW ! (Bfflo^WkupjwW'liM'** M6& :'.
,wjtb othetIffj9»9ttJ WfliW IWu^itr^fU'ftil'ryftKWsclsilca st; <<iiw
dncem^pf to fLilrijmanjtivu'^.lt.to the L        Hjtnha»|», "ffiM'S'll/ffrfi'*8'
Jiiduslou-ntilte UiuW JiUUdBl-M. kUuls....: ■  inr' niA-eV |Ai'..'wiiii ililli-t- e||f,t|e,   ;
From a scientific basis aud where th.     ! Tbe best herd bull is miue too
tones  came   trethulouslj-
and  Involuntaril:
feed ls tbe fnct that It not ouly
WMftH 'Vfi^"H>Ws"#lth   more
uiolstiu-e^^iA Vh#*M«ffi<ll*i- Is
With a record nf I.0U.34 pound* ot
butter fat produced In mio dayt,
Banoitlne Bella Do Kol, a fl va-year-,
old Holii«tn|Fi(hiaiJi» i cdw I ulvnfdl
by Dan Dlmrnlck A Bra. Kast
Clartdon, o., bacomei thi .(SiawOI
"queen of tht dairy world." Thla
wonderful cow produced during tha
year XUWA4»H^^«(Ml^^S
1.86 per cent t%L Thla meana over
nine gallona of milk per day. or
each  wltn a quart of milk dally.
nation wmH4 ____^_____f_9____t$ gfeg
Abutter, or *ver three and one-half
poundi per day for 866 daya.    Thla
la all tha mor* remarkable becauea
It waa madaTaWMut fTll^l^fhK drff
at all beforeU'rtelenln*   ^« jrUiajJ
cow In the aTirlft Ttmw enr prtfaucMT
auch an anormoua amount of butter
fat In a yearly teat, and onttpon*
other haa ever exceeded Bauoain^l'*
actual nutrient Ingtwjjfn
mtmw imtm_m'
"'Befi-fffiSIS'W weWrel
pound than would be possible
ed to grow slowly.
J-'TwhV'tMpBfcre three weel
is they ail lw|l£J look around
and If when the sow la out
shelM corn I. thrown QlfM^*t*tl
pig..   The pig. wlll aee her pick
[d-* kttDgHConKy V#e<J*&
tipsiifh flhrtrtiii
] fAlMKIHr nutnei
'with lot* of rock e'xpoi
. jItatoMi'rfnilP WgHw/ilnrhbrtiVil'l;.
"of sluioe hoxsi and pans for wasn   .
Mi'ioltiitkaigolAi tij.nJji lum jooilo8aHrfiW^i*iiMfftf^»ilf«ttj(rfhll,«
'    "tiie    jfjipeditjon    should    reach   contribution boi, a haunting feat of
leulPoMl'sAlMsfiiUiiln •tlitifl'i'»n'^.«i.rt,,[«h,r^Mhle',»(^«ll<i|i|ti»iifrf'!f»l(j#*».
bulM   csmps   and   winter   -f  poor nepple.   because tbey  won't
bow cut the   now tnat tot nrst iremoio oun nvca
placid water and brokt' tipi Vhe-iWa»««*3 Dr Morton drew nearer to
colored retlectlon. IntoWpplIng wave.   " " "*" "    ' """	
of rose and 8ll'»ef fleckedyonmsf )
All .book hltn Waa ajwnli-'of.fog.
now .not with * qu*eriilnkl«h.|ilow.
Aa he abut off the power and  tbe
engine cea»d .throbbing ha.. Uatenea._%-feH,k5?.Hr-'. _..
for wm* iound to bnmk .the..Iluct He.held to bit course with.the light
that wa. upoo tbe waters.    _   _,0iUilaj£fLJUul>.to.biaJeJlBhU.ieft 1^
Bt (tared nnaeelngly Into,
hli  thoughts   revolving  around
episode of laat Bight
Dr. Morton bad wooed Cleo
ia the «hy way that laphartdfeftlitl. of
many men of bis profession, and whea
tbe time came when be could no loUgc)'
withhold bla confession «f hnt, be bad
done in nnusunl thing. 1   J   ,,   .
It waa 9 o'clock thtprealoui atrtlne   »l">Tlng off from the rock befoit It
whtn bt had entered bla little o8lc^ groped to a seat beside him.
and tank wearily Into a chair before
fi *» Ts»» «wHr
Sl'.if ,     tli' .upply tbe maintenance requirements   grain,
Sr 'X*- "*'""'• ,uU '" ~M»t tht antmat and- meeting the de-      Wben the tow 1. out place a
mand.^tbe milk fow by ^tjpg ag-   shallow trough where lt will be
k fVVtf Irs^W tbe-plgf difiML
l»ki*(r ft>t» tWge tfiei^ |(|u|'M«ndllln|faH| I pf I. .ci
1.4 pw' 4t*"^lf tdM4ie«railw Jieetei
y.ammrlW.Jt'*!.''*''* '•"botiy-    mess ,'<UiJ_l}',___,
draw attl,i7j:r«R««rint .*sctu^U|)H and put ft IB ^s^^h _WWli
to Haecker. tbe nutrient requlreu eut«   wnrm.   Drive the pig. over'thi
a eow weighing 1.000 pounds I. .1   They wlll smell tbe molnaaei
undt  piw<«i*.-«..|M»uxl» lariobj.,., the Vgdit Tinrt ftetgaasag'
dratea and rf-pounds fat    If wt.fead aata if" " *-.'- "' ■""h tMj tttag"l"   twilight- will prevail [or   	
dfty pound, of silage per day to thll   eat all they can hold. J: ■illda(i(vfn*jW8ltlWll<l.*'.)ili)l<l-,'ft.)wK|lj, [MfMlffl " ^^Jlfe-fe-tLffn
cow omnia nutrlema are furnished, to      Thejdg».should be fcdljLthe mltl lie   practically  ull   the  time.    When  we   fs tlfe devil's creed,lOf CWd»,
supplf-thfqRd%|erKotfjfldj^p^SftJ^ftuoop^ndkli''l?mlddl. kfritKaii Iwirf'tdejIiriatHipf)t)Wi^Oa>l|Wi,W*nl)e|lrttlW'?^Wti^fe>tfW)*'
her 3ll|pMhMaJin regiafl qi^*   jfceWTteruoon. ^iftil h&e desire! Ito, ahould be ns ,flne asi .11 ever gels so   coniei a   passion   that  dehdenJ,- de-
tlon. for this amount of slljge?ootalni   crowdplgs to .rSTeuff tiie growth i oiu r/nr.mfllth.-)l(Ji>i|eoi|i)tty, ^TWfPWTOvjtaaiJ add-dmuda,   li. th* hlynllP1'
;irbt?:p.r.Babfife.f te^^^ lntanq'at ,hp bot^<,(
the sound until a peculiar orange glow
Iftllcated tt» nearnessjISTTs light ' j
l'(^.I.~|. ■& *ha'>4Wan™ to Bed
HhrWr cbnjmel.t )lf..^ <no wu that
singing there on the black rock, of
Party oi Twenty-Two OH to Prospect
In Baffin's Land.
A ps.tlMlof fciiitltimhrit.'>'tliti,''V*1
for St. .lehn's. Newfoumlbind, wTtercy
they were joined by eighteen others,
ami the whole parly bit lor,nji iittb-L
teen montli!{tWIJpi«KRi^Hlf8HlllMlll y. yttl t;i
search for and work placer cold min
ing dicgiii'Js.rind engage in lur tradt
with the K^TOIW,,,,,/]    rvnwk, & llttXHOOt Itf/ALL EVIL
The  Inltia   SWl.narfion of tW W] -J ^
dition will  be  Pond .  In ft. on the     . ..u.evii,';-! Tim. vi. io.
northern eons   of   led «HV.jiii.iiMiiT||Stt,( I   JI     fj ,,,,-..
from   Greenland.    ReifSTT Sf plicT"*M»»y»fc the chief sign of clvlUm-
aoltL Held*   in   tbnt    vieinilv    were   t'on-    "°* " cause, but an etreet.  Mun
^'BrAnffP%W.hBy,%HlltiWI'l|Wiffi'W''f<iffWilg WW WWHHWW  IlliWOa
medium oi
Hut instend
,.f   lu.l,,|T  -In.j.l}-  m,   ll.ili,     ll '   Mf"*
tninsrerred. a convenient fllgtl of lnte^
ner    Arctic vlu.4    (all. 'it^rluic-,l«'llea »ud1|nu«'<|. «lb-eliv
•rt..!apc«, tm'ffAinfl'/lIliWiMlW-1 ViebilnlVlhlthMn'ih'iiuui.
old difPiiViTM's iiy'il   .., i™i|Mt ttiuslf. ""■'"■"ti
• h snniplcs.   •'«"'-   transferred, n convenient
hu Present ex ped b   jhfpm  n. )s |low';i„ nhimt for pu^
mnt^?^ISSmB t?»?*'"»:i%*Ml«lJWlW'lt li
having secured  rich  «nmpl
is to nccompany Ihu present
tion as   guide   nnd
lived for   eiuht   .
Rlklmoa   nnd   .peaks  tlieir  languuge   bow n  bloated god.    Men.  ^'getting
.-   „  I.,.- „i-.i i,, »  .■  T   fluentlv. «>uav>„i nTeBfafaq ,t«^ir<qiitairi»!mf .b^Witeititafebnt
OA-V-, f-^;^- »-»-<»-»-» ♦ + ■*-«■. ..      The   party  expect,   to   bring   bnek   tbey ure Unit makes them  happy ol
The mnn who cnn double th,, '. 'i&tiltiWSl^ M M' $$. i'T "
,-rfuviiveuess ot l*..ia«ii min   "'lnl,,t    "f    ™'   J"™    ITWKW'tW   |Vm gelling of AioW-iina mor?iVioncy,
^douXit.OTT5T ':: v"u'rmi Ar<',"' m.]'""r'::h" ?Ml,m '*»<•>■ »<***|wo«m't»**+t*»mimt*,
^doutj^iti tfist^j ,f I     ::  men, the crew, of two Britlih s|ilp»;  „„, olhHr t0 ge, rtcqeri  F„„„ ,he lov.
■H-H-i-H-H-w-H-H-H-^-4^HF^Hnn^hiV'''.ul£J";1!'','''n'"fl^ tn liiiiiin wtnm hihip mar TtrWto
to the North Pole 70 year. ngo.   The . ,    ,k..        .
where  so-' of the   records   ol   the   root  of all  evil,..the  Bible declares.
Franklin expedition were tinned-.and. U'lint love displaces the love of God.
substantiated their   tnle   with   relief   The dollar god Is godless.    He stamp.
bile yAnU<!!tt*'«!*ro5Vdl^;i'«),r')li ffr/l!lHii,l|i|i|l*^toliPPi,rtflmuili«i>e»Hf|!>ls tene-
much dMftmtfMN do as the, a, - -,SSSCdlJSlii2Si^ ,"T '    ' " '
proach mature age.   If fed all tbey .-a. ",'f M*BTO'lf,-n „     . ,_,   nwMll,„.
consume and assimilate while yo ni:%)lkfl,^i;gw|, ^,tl..«iitmhi«,.™u.lititll.a ,*WQHii.flR?»..t?.»i«",J.*?.™1*____V*
th<ty-«equire the thrlfw bablt and »i   of p?	
)Kk6nliderttQn?rfr}<(;Wkirket welgtl ! I d-jfithrH.<<tefllAlMlf "l^nuiii-al iMldsuirh .M!Il«>«il-.¥I>.». t.hS.nqH.y.cnlvfiWHIIfJl1"
V^unait»1SiSh,Vi;M-B^.t.ib.r.lly F*^ Uf
. Sscura.B.it RetuIt..
Vitti' MivM «.«Wft   while   .      .    ,.   ......
ments, upon the mamnioth iltan of tb.
'Mjatai Mpt)ailthfc'':eBaiiJilt.lt'«*i«rjrf(>ol
. ,   fth»H.Ato»«»lMti,&witf MAfrm -^ST^-Jm 'M^'il,^,..-..,
less expense for feed than tf allow. 11 o being taken In litniteil qunnhliei of the one'-goVorhnrebt on eirnrtllai
id'td'e'VilonBIn the usual manner, w lttriiienllftuiC'i^jJflfi*t^l..t[iWMIl'li)llilWuPl'll<»|4|tft/W tftWl f^rMfflMMtt-*
N. A. Clapp ln Orange Judd far ta-.l'-ff' .0,™w» Oovernment (Pcnclie con- \,„„ democracy. It \* a maddening
^V^,iP\g. ^j-e;j^berally fed thii' "•-"'•
)WII| the atomaeb is expanded ra >
JZ/. a"d they can j-onanine,and ut 111 4
SSSgSS5^S!sffi"Ji»t,dTO*;hPnMj<Atm*mtiHiA*m\ «jii-,i.iUifflM'*aW,iir,W'Vi1ikI.ui
<jUIM to MIUUIh^e^rniieniDli■   upon if necessary.   The extreme cold:    Any 0M ""a ^ rt(,h |( §p ^n fa
""" ' "  t,,^'l»w»f^mfw»v^.^l9r,W
ia-    for an  a most   indefinite    length  or _-,„'_, ,__ .,_,„  ,.«„„-, f™ sulk™
' P(l!»nifonrtiai*iil cowMfnii ptdn_tA}_oMm» nlH«rt'lh%ltl'fl«.Wta,hlBl'
:lt| tlon.      Cnpt.  Janes found  the gold   _„„ t0 Ket IL    A million'la broken
hei ^iiiiWa«b:)«»ri4 dtaiti»*rar*fllMt{vA')ttUmiiblim>'ii I»*)J*ffn»*U mMlwMpn,
hs they had no   miners, n ong   they   jMg ^ aucl-, enjoyment. deprlv,tloB
fnrmatiofi or the country is much „,.     . ..... „„._.,.„«. . u.i„j .„
,'lqnlrltid iWm«l»l»d'»r. ,flftw«!»»liT''^lil[kp)tlutiWii»Jirztiglt4iit"llttllt>ll|pin
return Mme time in November   and   benevolence tbat ls worse than none;
,JU4»i»- dfiltofWorfclWlr O'l}*'**.'^, ^),l'WH'tierll*'tt yJ#u*WWInf
uad." (bat
■o Adam.
"Here!" returned Morton quickly,
"le tbnt Dr. Morton J''  ■ ■ ■•
"Yes.   Can 1 take yon off T   Ami
needed?"   ■"     n       *if8
'Com* .citefUllyr-foUow my rolo»f
eaten from
or  more coamw,i|
aklmmllk nib-
A good feedi
corn chop and pat
fectly lw.91ch.nt    It «e»nwd to meet   chop with the'Imlls s^ted out with! an ' \l\fc
.of whelh -i
bate desire! Ito   should be ns Che as it ever gels so   ,
the growth i tU Vfnr.mfllt)i.-jlUi)sleoili»t'iy, qtiYMffl ISCTOvj
I b lire   lowers    and . game   in ' abundance.  of p„-,e-i turernq. at tne oou
every requirement of, tbe anljn.ls apd;, equal .quaqtltji ■ of wbeH^sihldllngaj   I
kept them In a good thrifty condition,    like  to  feed' a  little  ipdwes alppg
Soma of the largest denier. In dairy , wltb the warm feed te t*.l* It moi
cowa use no other feed thnr
there!" aa the boat Jarred against a   yWi^ttfrollgtibJ'tW'itilea
Hr^+ocfc. "Steady a Uhiebt!1'':   |   ! I '■ P"of of It. worth In keeping
A pale fprrn ibived'ont of the foil   condition of cowa without
and without effort entered bla bd»t,.„ mentary feed. of the plga to eat Increases.
1-WnHi.Wl'inW W Willt.Willi.f»wl.'f « t'lwiu uuiujU <tw*S
the tremendous cold.
'li'll     If'lliP.I'tj"!      'Jill   ,        -   ...
.Iniulted Thsm. '  ! .Uver be idld
'HfM.'to.w BvdW.w^rtW!ifjaM*«'T 'i'''1 *v^_8mt_fri&*&.\
Expanding 8t.r«d Pewer.        '<t, -4
'. MoVey-«arued i 'mone/^tiVTBiair/ lows,
•elf   expressed   In   medium   of  coin.
Laboring ihan.|l2' .'day? "StftAttlaj' ^
nlgbt you  hare $12 worth  of your
Clerk, $20 tt'
lepr-you hava
'Hit envelope.
machine, cast a tube under a deep
frirar..'yduE rheoWls.'JSlb.fWiyt) "Btrtji t.
gray,matter expressed In linukimtes.
, (Ontario , (iov,etii|nent.
jm-'tw. ■ mMi'tiil
best relates to an incident whloh followed the general election ot December last, when the Whitney Govern-
hli dealt. HI. housekeeper bad left a
aupper for him and gone to prayer
meeting.   Tbe bouse wn. quiet.
Suddenly he picked up the telephone
receiver and beld lt to bl. ear us ht
called Cleo'a number. He felt rery cool
and professional a. be waltad for .
reply from the Aduina home.
It eaqw at laat In Cleo'. low, citar
tolct: ■      . , <v,, .. --..,-
"Te»r tht Inqnlred.
•Ii thla Mlwtilttr a.ked the doctor
ealmly. _ 7.    ;
"This 1. Mln Adio.," iha replied to
hla satisfaction:     '        ■'.  A
"Cleo," ht almost whl.pered, flgbllng
b.ck tbt shyness thee nhn«A cltoked
hi.'utterance of the Important wot-iis—
"Cleo, 1 lore you, dear; conldi you.
marry me?" |
Then had come an Instant's hesitation. Ht wa. prepared for tbati but
her light; .tinging laugh wa. a etun-'
nlng surprise to blm. "No, think you!" '
abe had aald airily and hung up tba
receiver wltb a little (tenant clatter.
—"TrjwrwnrKiw me the-»b»eVTcani
rteer you directly to the wharf." said
tbe voice of Cleo Adams calmly, anq
without,; a*; wond tiie asronlsbed phvsfj
Clap (faV. the wheel Into her bands nnd
'lllld oloiig tiie sent to inakt room fot
her.   ,-.,,.    ■   .    .....:. !■!
""How' came you there?" he aaked l
curiously, after ha had related tb»de.
telle .hftili Wtfig! !<»? <?ttb».'fPt,»nd
bow her singing hail guided blm aafely
«» P«rt ..     n       ,   1
Her voice trembled efightlyf '"SUnotJ
Way told father you had gone out In
the fog against jll. advlceind that ymi
hnd not returned:   ihtther'worried be"
cause Ida lameness prevented him from '•
corning IA yodr rescije)  I .aid nothing
to Ihem. Gut came out In my boat to
look for you.   H--.pr.ng ■ leak, and I
abgndhned If and climbed on the rock.. '
1 waa anr* you could bear my volca:
"  she
T nmer-niTe the ■ -8„b jet of Iii8rlnterest'iirdiichBtg^f 'f™
Ing I. slmpllflpd by gTvfe- enough al-; plga a chanco to run fn fhetteld{and, convi«t...,.(\y,hi|e,,Japprovi.g,jol   <lie„ ,„     - • ,      ,    , ■    ..  .    ,   .   „,
Inge for malutenpnce an    ftirolsl|lng ' .eat. grass,   If fed and handled In th.' StTtarm™M ff ffilaupSIsWktiW'i M«"«* "nan. Wain rtiirt'.-filai-olrKffilus.
enough other feed to directly meet the   manner  deecrlbed   the   nig.   cart be.!,eata>\IBaiinall*.afralgii«d.tlie<.DrQnrJ» iea'.'h geta the nmoiiut-ovf his hiboryex-
demahd.bf her milk flow1.' I^or exnin-
pie. the requirement, fe- thirty pounds
of 8V4 per cent milk are: 1.30 pounds   At two month, old they should wjelgh . ....... ............
protein. /,.9J-p<«p|a ea«fch.vi|«Va«djTr%5«y?t«ifcty P^d- each ai(d be'   1Hfe,W»»i(*i \\H'^f\^'&^_\ W**m^pPMl^l$lffl>m,m
&iSfurm:*i!^WJti"irefl lt*;4djCiwa^S»»'hood.    I have   the  Minister walked down  town, he   boot, aud 8ve for Y. \i. C. A. due
manner  described   the   pig.
wearied  when  eight  weeks
can!  be. ,^tfcVUepiaSlj,»tr»iglied,l.h«,,ljr,qnr.lpr iSftJMSJ fSSIjwmoAjiSlr *$£{*
old, land   ty of a toini&r li'f "flie'Crowii'^ciJ 'V^W«A'li' Inon^'lf ht.atw.AWv,
there wlll be no check In their groh-th,,; hprtipg Iwity^sptt^ fifttHfiiH* ai.d,'ftaw,wlU yotl ,i|Mi|(. *)0 };oti ha^ald
old thev should wtlgh   cniBiiiaU. ! asldf by'the "I'miVth?" HiW*ks
.44  poupd*..fiHj.'/usii
fmdstnirs"to"'.",wly"niHrlent. foVthl.   frequently" bad" pig. weigh 80 to] iWfftfffiftf? ^i$^-F.ffi&!^*'*:hv'*n'v ,»lw!'Tl» «»'*«*""
amount of milk we qin, enslly-^iilntfet, poundji eaoh
".n^nridkW *!•'--   -i'-O.
wben three month, cid.
. eager hand by a constituent   bllt.k ,„ jollr 0|,| n)0thiT for some lus
,i       ,i.i...ta«1.,,,nH.l.'-     ..,■...,, \ whoia frequent lapses  Irom. fylTO'ty; «rws and' »r u*wv dress. ift-wWrtlijih.
the ration by using-ten Tmnridk oT hl>.   ]h d „,„„ thUI1 once landed lum be-     .,   -,..•       .i,,,.,,,,-,    \,„„ev   "hlnwu
falfa bay and three rfotfnd.'.of gfdund ~ "t ttiring For Her...' Sheuld.ri       : hind the bsr,, „„d whom lie knew to, ?™, '    "fc*   .'!,'.„•,      for  t,Z.
corn ln getting the .hoiilders ready bifor.   be an ardent Liberal , In.    money  stored  sua.    for future
Cnrn.llngeUioneoftbemo.tpalata-   oue  start,   working  be elionld Jl.-aa.!. ,."^grgti|laHoirs,..Mr.',Ha.ina.". lie...«'''" :-"!u"l'A i'Sl'v)/,       Jmtt
We foodatiiffl we have, and If It 1. lo   them well, 'wa.hlng and briAunt to' aiZmeS.-t 'voted"n.y'fei' vote'for' '"<"" *"'**. efr^ ItVit>«k   money
proper condition the animal wlll ent   remove the dandruff.   One ahould keep fifSfkW_f*#My&,:.>• -.,;,   )«'V^JUrfi&W4l*^^'t»ftIai!!flSw^
LA. k . T^ 1-^^^.h.^  ejinr       'Ami how was tliall" queried   he!  uonty   for    lie   eft-t s„u, W* a
and would And the way back."
suuk.'practically and, except- for-the whlcb no farmer can afford. e«peclally
tJembie lh her vnln, appeared' quit* ao If he feeda and eares for that cow
unmoved by tiie heroism of her deed. for dairy purposes, lf the cow Is
;,'V6ti 'came-1 out hWe'' to Bi'vt'Imf   worth keeping*he Is worth .11 the feed
Dr. Morton eat In Us chair, motion- „IU,ejr_!l.tJi».'tal.il9J!.rselj:.„ „_„  .
len and whit*., until, hla..acandailsed       "You aaved my fnther'. life Inst wlo-
houukeeper bad arisen from her bed   Iter," aht retorted, adding, "Ydu art
and eomt dOWnBtalHrttr"lhf»nr"?llra   peeh a good deetor-thet-w-oannot- af-
tbat It waa past 2 o'clock. Thereupon   iforji to lone ..you, although I hear yon   again that .. a
he had ahaken hlmptlf ^ogftbef hnd   artghlnfe .way." -    9j  ,. ! : cow Is not ao p
retired, oniy to spend a sletplwsnfeht   ' •""•*-L  - ■■•-^ —■ —•" >-"«i» «—»—-•...«-»««
before be aroae to fuldll the.(|utl«t of
aaother day', dull routlrik- r "; I "Uatt .night? ,l did opt eee yon law   until .he haa had  nrore^, »«,^_ yvr-ry-i
Now he b.d left It all bthla*.-lathe   h'ltbt-   In fact, 1 waaln Clo^erton.   proper feed.    We rijint (h1i.t| np'op^fef
Mlltude afforded, by. tbe fog hy would   [I'bey bad aiek'nes. tn Unclt Joe'^ fam-   onr feed and care, thereby giving the-
_...,'- .—A.L.—l- ^2—IS..— Lid L'.Uiu li II* " aalK-l-lM. .1 m«    u     kKriim      MM,    tt    aha    Sam     not
Chanoei    1 j   ll P'tf"}*!*' " lBff ff j "', iBd   ■"
ttflwawi fnsS--0MlJlWil m*,h f*
lya»Uo*Ur.   Dissolve
(Ulfn { if  rn Inw. ter
ter's conduct, "liqiitWHite(l-#*>'."':
h'tfrsbs' "s'hrfulders Ttttf tilgbt They
muat rjot be brushed too hard, for (bat
would Irritate the akin and cause It to
get sore. I
.he'can consume and gnod etabllrig, '   "ft .liould never iclean hofsc'Jiol-
and If ahe..<hie. not return, a profit op> l«s. In the morning, but clean then) nt
aucb care she ought to tie replaced
a better cow. - We bave?atkt time a
rule tbe average farm
rwor aa our method,
j "AftWKlast night yon' conld barmr-ftwrnimmd WW tHltlBlf. IITItB* K«H--i ■— "repot- "'*■*"'„" wlth ' *"llft 0I
hrofess to car».f:heMld-bltterly.        -'■mr^iuiw." Wa-wiiiiHif iiiugt'i' iW" I «»rqf.'W™'V%»!Ui.'r':».TfJ*JM-J'',''
! "Us?,nlgn"t?; 1 did opt eee yoji laat   until  .he  haa had. proper, rarfs. Md -t*™ of the collar, and tbe result will
.-.tjilWh,<-i»>o,i<si>end lliat'.toCtbtHjjou
_   . would spend lbo whole.
Th.  Grniroui Bl.ikr.
. In the rotunda of,U.e Chateau Lau- , "Th* *lml«"" D»""'" „ ,
'H»f,-'(Htai*'a.tf'c*tftl/. aYariyoI-tiltl-1' "»"WWe W » *P'V.<w<|t ^'.^r- It )•
time newspaper mon were assembled powerful-wo cull It the nhMghty doU
Kiid!'tli*''tal'lt'''itnttfrally:')vV.rl.d'-IW''(liH-1 Wr. -.-Bufa dollar iHiaimighty#nly
political cl-angcs that bad taken |ilac« when It Is. Rod's. The bud duller I.
'fn fiie-'digital-dUritfg tlw'kst'Kv/Hfr'pofetit-'th'e gOO^HOIIW l.'*»naliwit«nt
buy. a.leglsinture.
battlt with bl. troubltjand master.H.
But bt did ntt reckon wltb the fog.
While ht eat ther* thinking bitter
thought! about Cleo Adam., who now
appeared to be .hallow, and heartless
whtn once h* hid believed htr to be
earnest sincere and far abort coquetry
In any of Ita forma, hli boat wai drift,
lag Idly with th. tide. Littl* by llftl.
he wai floating away from tht ahert,
and not until ha hoard tha blaat of tht
foghorn ef the ahoala Ugbthtua* did
ht rtillit fil." pbilBoh. "Tinrc. h.
etarted tb. anglaa aad turned, toward
Ml Harbor.        , ;.■.:. \)   ;/
l|i waa grtwlng lark aow, aad the
Ml elans motetly t* hi* fae* and
piy," .al^Clfo.     ■  - ,   , , ,   .   I cow s  .-dance,  and If sh. does not
| 'Then wi)o talked with,me ovef yonr   make good replace her with aometblng
lelepbiine'?",he, asked quickly.' I 'better.
"It muat hav* been Stella  Morrii., .. —;—..M, ■;'         . .
She wat-«»-rtmalinvtth father and i Silage 'Per C'attte Peedfna.'       "
mother all nlgbt What did *-* «»yf Silage .houia be too.efl upon e. »•
She le .ucb . giddy, thongtleas girl"— j rougbagt in cattle feerllng operatlona
L'leo faltered' Into silence a. hla jword. when l» t. known that ibe averagl
umbled'forth brtathletaly'la'txplaMa- .amplt of silage contain, but four ti
Hon. ,.-,. --     ,r, I i six bushels of corn per lon of silage il
Wb.t would you bay. aald?" be de-, wlll be aeen tbat tt cannot he rellet
— A.— —   .—   A..—..U   ...•   ..- — .—.......A   ...A   nl
eorj ahoiilder. /
hau, whioh oonstltppiyy the, HJiift/i-,
ous Libe.-al rtpreseiileiJ W'soiii*'
years.  "Kvery Janusrv he scut mo a
theft, starvation or prostitution: It may
buy -ganagee, -racing .tables.*nd.,.]u|.
vate yachts, but In the end what shall
lt Jtrofit a-man?-,tt mar, be auld Ijiat
digestibility and compoaltlon of thk
food fed. The more palatable the fain I
the, greater quantity a cow will cot •
•ume.   'Variety often tncreaaea palnti
on to ftirulsh tbe roncentrstwl part ol |
Ye.." whtaptrnl Cleo ae tb.tr; face*bfc AttlofT If fsVtenf.g «t<ii 'WW rJ"te^,c!}°P, lP%\^SKiT" i
touched. >ww^r«*rh..wtfdJoi«ifa,roi}gfc1^i«i'^»W«l«'& ■f,B*'-*W* ,nl
-mn tfiey'"3SSSrt~ JoeThrW-ho. *.*, thprt li ao quettion-thit ltd. e,m 1 \__»*t*)« «"• «nlf |A AM>«,^',
terbo«t tbey ealed her the Fog Lady, Ml ln fattening eattle. eaped'ally whei Mnfphrt of the food .upply 1. w.teit
■ed nobody kaew mt* Dr. Mortoa aad | nppiemented with broken tar or Mall   *^ ofttn this li nut f»T*u proper con.
J   Jt -mS  ,. A.K ... J.
tt^eeimttWf,-*lutfi§tMsjanwt% j Mi wtt* tee ***. *mu* 'i^^itettm.ne j*»mw« ■»>■ yt^
Rations For Dairy Cattla. ' more of those psy-ln-advance kind ol  consecrated dollar la-th»oiffy-«BMhnt
Th. following genernl fact, .houljl   •#f#!irJfP*fiftri'BJ'Tit'^_ffl__to\__HP_&W__V_   "l"'1
ill tbat ah*will eat and dlgaat wel       Coronation, on* of the baby'towns   may he clinched when' you are h rn,
giving due consideration to the coa j I °" »h« V'»i'\* !• ojl» eight"Wtinth* tfitrit Ih open when you die.   The c aly
* old and is a lo^('U(tUe.b^g^. It./^tls/.iiion^.y'Mtcitnttnke with you Is w in!
its main .treeC by royal ha'uics. -„y   hiive' sent   liefore   vou   to  i od.
!    Another infant city is Alls,%nd''ft't'hHst'«'.'tHWide'ro Wkittfinrt met of
I Is making a record start.   H h.a. .l.Kl   wta«h   !»• tremeadouslv..-■.impresi re.
J municipal debts yet It has Improved   «•_ ri1,,1,_i.j .. „. „ „,„.„ i„,.irt»„, 1 u«
blllty.    A part of'the ration should h  ! iti   ,tr,ets  and.«ilf>oiipdlligiuy Aljk   IK»a .A. J£ iZ nil    n. «a -!
•ucculent In nature. •• such food stlnji. hs. th. ,\elf^_WWf-'2£Kri« *,  at^-Wlth the rtbh and poor.   He near
"Ulli" Hi
\m,y n
"«tii all,'"
_a,l Wlf,
Tree.  Per Pralrls..,
Indian Htad, Bask., haa n forestry
l«;flmed,.i)ar.ale\|, J'.ttb ,.^t)» rich mi n'l
wealth or ashamed of tU* boor mat's
poverty.  'M>ll«h ttiOUey hilifht not sjiut
established ln   IMS.   16,000,00(F' tree.  »">»«• Ifaa difficult ef icceaa a. th*'
have been distributed. camtl't attraac* tbrougb tbt needle's
lie ■p
Published   every   Saturday   at  Cumberland,  B.C.,
Islander Printing & Publishmg Company    .
W. It. Dunn & Company, Proprietors.
W. R. Dunn, Manager.
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Subscription price $1.50 per year, payable in advanoa.
The editor doea not hold  himself responsible for view, expressed by
ipondenta. . ,
What the Editor has to say.
The very unfortunate fire whioh occurred at R. Grant 4
|A>.'l sawmill on Monday night has caused considerable coin-
went among the residents of this city and district during the
last two or three days. The fact that the Canadian Collieries
(Dunsmuir) Ltd. have their powder magazine situated just out
•iide the city limits has been brought more vividly before the
eyes of the public than it ever has been at any time before, and
judging from the statements that one hears on the street, the
time has come for its removal, or otherwise some day we may
Jiave to chronicle a terrible disaster. Within one hundred yards
of, the scene of last Monday night's terrible fire, is the company's magazine where there is stored a quantity of dynamite
io supply the demands of the various mines. Immediately
•cross the tracks from the scene of the fire stands the company's
mnc shed, where the miners receive their daily supply of pow
dfer. Four hundred yards from the former, which is the maga
line proper and where is stored an untold quantity of dynamite,
itands the Cumberland Public School, and about six hundred
yards from the same magazine is the centre of the city. In the
ttent of an explosion at this magazine, which is liable to
^eeur at any moment, for we have read enough about
the treacherous nature of this powder, its effects would be beyond description. Imagine the effect it would have upon the
•iehool, which, if such explosion occurred during school hours,
might be disastrous to the lives of many of the little ones. We
do not know how much dynamite is stored in this magazine at
one time, but we understand the Company receives it in car
load lots, which may be twenty tons. The explosion which
j occurred here some four years ago was the result of one case of
.dynamite exploding. What would be the result if twenty tons
of it were to explode?
The citizens of this city have made repeated attempts to
remedy this grave menace to the safety of Cumberland. At
'■ the time Mr. Frank Little was general manager here for the
Wellington Colliery Co., he was asked over and over again to
have that magazine removed from our midst, but it still stands
there, seemingly impregnable. The Development League a I
one time made an attempt to have it removed, then at the Citi
sens' League meetings and the dty Council the matter was
threshed out, yet without any avail.
We understand that the provincial authorities have the
natter in hand now, and we hope that measures will be taken
•t once to have it removed. The Attorney-General should be
made acquainted with the facts as they exist, and bis department would undoubtedly relieve the situation.
We are told there were men at last Monday night's fire
' with stout hearts and ready to face danger at any time who
- were apprehensive lest the excessive heat might cause the boilers to blow up and the concussion explode the powder magazine. It is hoped that after the lesson given the Colliery coin
pany from the fire they will realize the immediate danger
of having their magazine in such close proximity.
SIR EDMUND WALKER. C.V.O. LL.D., D.C.L.. Pre.ld.nt
General Manager Assistant General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian
Bank of Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the
same careful attention as Is given to all other departments of the
Bank's business. Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this
way as satisfactorily as by a personal visit to the Bank.
CUMBERLAND BRANflH.      W, T. WHltfE, Manager,
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Machine on the market to-day. Sold on
Easy Terms which places it within the
reacli of all.
JepSOn BrOS.,  District Agents
Nanaimo, B. C.
W. Ji. iDitnn, Loeal Jleprescalative
Centre of Town I
T @f minal
Subdivision ****»
The Island Realty Co.
I Fire, Life, Live Stock P. L. ANDERTON.
I .. Accident. - Phone 22.     Courtenay, B. 0.
The 'STAR' Cafe
ADAM JaeK. Proprietor.
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the King's taste give us a call     ....
Victoria, B.C. THOMAS' CK0S8IN0, CumherUwl, B.O.
Phone 964 Sidney, B C„ Phone F 36. Phone 83
S. NAKAN® & Co.,
Head Ounce: J18, Flaguard Street,
Ice!   Ice!   Ie
The Pilsenar Brewing Co  are prepared
to supply the Public with ICE.
Orders to be delivered the same day
must be in NOT LATER THAN 10 A.M.
Pilsener Brewing Go..    Cumberland, B.C.
"VeriMte Vcnoil" Furniture Polish
Until further notice we will give the following cish
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Furnishings is complete in all lines.
The Furniture Ston
A.   McKINNON      Cumberland, E.o
McPhee Block
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Beadnell & Callin
Real Estate Agent
Offices: Comox & Courtenay.
:fo:r sale
Agents for E. & N. Lands,
Comox District.
Beadnell & Callin
—BMH I.,-!
"Leading Tobacco King."
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Notary Public: 9.
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P.O. Box 179 NANAIMO, B.C. Phone 439
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Courtenay, B.C.
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Decorator, Paperhanger
All Wark  Promptly
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Cumberland,   B. C,
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be in this olHco not later than
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Cumberland it Union Waterworks Co.
Sprinkling will Iw allowed only two
niglita a week, viz., TUKSDAY and
FBI DAY, from 7 till 9 o'clock in the
Leaky taps must ke attended to at
An}' changes or additions to existing
piping must he .-.un-iinned hy the company. Hy Order,
L. \V. Nuxsa, Soc
Cumbei'land, ll.C, J une 29th, 1912.
Mm. Simma will give lessons on tho
piano st her house in .lerti.aloni, formerly
owned hy Mr. .tames Stewart, at any
time by appointment, except  Tuesdays
Cleaning Pressing and repairing done at
Plain Sewing;.
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Phone 52
mi    ii i
FOR SAI.E-Two-story house, containing 9 rooms, od full sinxl lot,
Cleared, fenced, Mid planted with (rait
trees. A hsrgain. . Part, caah and
terms lo suit purchaser.' Apply E. W.
FOR SALE-68 Mrn aouth { of sec-
tion 82, Nelson Distriot. adjoining the
Minto School house. Also • Cemeat
Block-making machine, with brick in
tachtnent. The chance of * lifetime
for anyone desirous of going into the
cement block and Wick-making bust
ness, See BICKLE, tbe Real Estate
Capital $6,200,000
Reserve 17,000,000
Drafts Issued In any ouppenoy, payabla all over tha world
highest current rates allowed on depoelu of SI aad upward*
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   —   -    OPEN DAI*'
D. M. Morrison, Manager
Wm. H.Hoff,  Manager.
Notioe To Contractor!
■ ". '. o '
Ouubkrlani) Softool*
Sealed TeiiUui s i,u| emo ibeii "Tender
(nr bohool-houae, Cuitilxulaiid," will
be received liy lmn<>nralile the Min-
isieiof Public Worka up io i'i u'ulurk
noou of Thursday, tint* di.y of Aug-
mt, 1012, for tbe election mnl twi.<
pletion of a four room frame achiml
building at Oumlierhiiiil, in me Lonto.v
Uleotoral District, B.C.
Plana, epecitlontioiis, conl ract, and
forms of tenders may la) seen nn and
after the Ul. day of August, 1912,
at the office of tlii'Uoveitimeht Agent
at Cumleiland and Nainiinin, and
the Department Puhliu Worki-, Parliament Buildings, Victoria.
Eaoh proposal muat be accompanied
hyan accepted bank uheijue or eerufi
cate of depoait ou a chartered bank
of Cniisua, made payalile to the Honourable the Milliliter of Public Work-,
for the turn of |fi 0, which shall Im
forfeited if the party tendoring decline
10 enter into contract when called up
on to do ao, or if he failed to complete
thu work contracted for. The cheques
or certificates ot deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned lo them
upon the execution of the contract.
Tenders will uot be considered unless made out on the forms aupplied,
signed with the actual signature of
ibe tenderer, and enclosed iu the envelope* furnished.
Tile lowest or uny tendea not necessary accepted.
Pubtits Worka Engineer.
DapartmnU of Publio Worh,
Viatoria, H.V. July 319th, 1912
Synep.ls ol Ciul Mining Regulation
COAL mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta,
the Yuktui Territory, the Northwest 1'erri
torie* and in a portion of the Province nf
British Oiilunibis, may be leased for a term
oi twenty.one yean ai an annual rtiutal ff
Clan acre. Nnt more lh.ii 2,500aoria
will be leased tot ne applicant.
Applicatiiiuforalease must be made hy
thn applicant iu psrmn tu the Agent or sub
Agent ut the district iu which the rights
aooiiud for are situated.
In surveyed territory rhe land must be
ituburibed by sections, or legal subdivisions
nt sections, sud its uusuiveyed erritory
i he tract Hppliwl for thsll be staked uut by
tlieapp'icaut himself.
Kiilia|i|ihe>'inii must he soeim.psnied
li> a fee of ft a hich will be refuudeu if the
i. hts applied fnrare not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be psiil on the
iiierciiaiiiahle output uf the uiine at the
rain of live cents per t ll.
The person operation the mine shall
furnish the Agent wuh swoin returns so-
counting for the full quantity of meroh-
ainablecoalmined snd pay the royalty
iliereou, If the coal miiiisg rights are
not being operated, such returns ahall be
fun Uhed at least unoe a year.
The lease will include the coal minim
rights only, but the li ssse may hi permitted tn purchase whatever available sur
face rights may be considered necessary
I r the working of the mine at Uie rate of
810 00 an acre.
Foi full information application should
lie made to tbe Secre'aiy of the Depot
ini-nt of theliiteiitir, Ottawa,  or to  any
AuentnrSub Ag. nt of Dnmi uion Lauds.
W   W, CORY.
Deputy Milliner ut the Ii.tenor.
N 11- Unaudioiiz.d publican, n of this
idv.-riin iiiein »ill nut n ■ paid for.
Kinq George Hotel
\ Dunsmuir   Avenue,    Cumberland,    B.C. ',
New iiiid Modern, Firat Class in every respect,
Fifty  ItoiittiN, Hot ami Cold  Water, Heated
Throughout with Hot Air.
Splendid Trout. Fishing at Comox Lake two
miles distant.     Beautiful Scenery.
- Proprietor
CKALE0 TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed
Tender for the Construction of a
Breakwater in Victoria Harbour,B.C."
will Iw received at this office until 4
p.ni„ on Thuraday, Septemlier hth,
1912, for the construction of a Breakwater at Victoria Harbour, Victoria,
Plana, specifications and form nf
contract can be seen and forms of tender obtained at. this Department and
nt the office of W. Henderson, Rod
dent Architect, Victoria, B. (.'.: 0. C.
Worsfold, Esq., District Engineer,
New Westminster, B. C; J. ti. Sing,
Esq., District Engineer, Toronto, Out.;
J. L. Minhaud, Esq , District Engii.nnr,
Montreal, Que.; A. Ueeary, Esq, Dis
trict Engineer, Quebec, Que.; and on
application io the Postmast r itt
Vancouver, B. C.
Persona tendering are notified that
tenders will not by considered unless
made on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures,
slating their occupations and places of
residence. Iu the case of Arms the
actual aignature, the natu-e of the
occupation, and place of residence of
eaoh member of the firm must lie given.
Each tender must be accompanied
hy an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank payable to the order of the Honourable the Minister of Public Worka.
equal to ten percent. (10 p.c.)of th.
amount of the tender, which will In
forfeited if the person tendering declin
lo enter into a contract when called
upon to do so, or fail to complete the
work contracted lor. If the tender be
not accepted the cheque wil) lie re
The Department Joes not bind
itaalf to accept the lowest or am
By order
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa, August 8, 1913.
N wapapers will not lat p itl for
this advertisement if they insert ii
without authority from tbe Depart
m«nt.-23U63 .11-8
0"» 18
Lifer! Me
Third St A Penrith Avenue
All kinds of hauling done
First-claw Rigs for Hire
livery and team work prompt! >
attended to
B.C. Garage
For Auto and
Gas Engine Supplies
Distriot Agent for the
Rusfiel, Ford Chalmers
and MoLaughlin-Buick automobiles
Fairbanks-Morse   Stationary   and   Marine    Engines,
Oliver Typewriters, Moore's Lights, and Cleveland,
Brantford, Massey.Harris and Perfect bicycles
Good Meals Comfortable Rooms
Fragrant Cigars    Choice Liquors
Courteous Treatment.
Dunsmuir Ave.
»«»*>•♦•» »•••»»•»*••<»»»«« w
"VOTICE ia hereby given tlmt Hit'
■^ Comtnissioneis Appointed to in-
quire generally into tiie question of
the uie of milk, and the management
of dairies, cowsheds, and milk-simps in
the Province will hold their meeliiiga
on Vancouver Inland at the places ami
no the dates mentioned hereunder,
it the City Hall, Victorin, nn Turn
day, 20th August, at 8 p.m.
Al Duncan ou Friday, 23rd Augui.,
at 8 p.m.
At the Court-house,   Nanaimo, on
Tueaday, 27th August, at 8 p.m.
At G'tuox un  Thursday, 29th Au
gust, at 8 p.m.
Deputy Provincial Secretary.
Provinclnl Secretary's Oflice,
Victoria. 13th August, 1912,    21 8
Cement Blocks, Concrete
Chimney Blocks a Specialty. Samples can been
at McKean & Biscoe store,
For Estimates  and  particular*
J. Lawrence,
(Late Mennie &iPotter)
Horse-Shoeing and
General Blacksmith
Wheel-wright, Repair Shop and
Rubber liit Ectthg.
THIRD ST.  Cumberland
Plastering  Contractor,
Cement   Work.
Ssy sard Land District
Dim let ol Sayward
Take  notice   that Ethel   Hardy,   of
Uaiciiiiigt h, Knpleitd, oorupa>tuii a.nti.
Woman, intends to apply for permission
t • purchase llie folio*ingdescribed Linn.:
Cuiiuuenoitig at. a pum planted at llie N
B.  oorn.r Timber Limit 38102. Ihniii'u
i.uth 40 chain, j thencu eas 80. hailis
theuce north 20 chain.; thencu iu hii ir-
egular line u .nh and  weal  h\.;,_   tl.e
beach 80. hains to puin-   nl cmnnim cement, con aining auo acres mure or leu.
Kihil Hardy, n. piiu..ut.
ltagiual.1 Uarkiibeii, agent
Dated May 28ih, 1912.
Sayward Land District.
Disirict ul Say ward
Take notice that Annie Hardy, of
M.rchin .ton, Eimland, single *oui..n,
intends to apply lur permissilon tu
purcbue the fulluwing described iands:-
Ui'iiiuiencing at a post plained on the
beach about 40 chains in a north wesle'ly
dirsction from the northwest mer
jinst if Timber Limit 38I0H; t ence
west 40 ohains; than >- nuilli 40ci..ins;
thence iu au lingular line along lln
b, ach south aud ess 60 chains to oni .tof
commencement, and vuntaiog 100 acrva
more ur leas. Aunts llaaov,
Reginald 0.mill.un, sgein.
Dated Hay 28i.li. 1012.
satwarii unn MSTRICT.
D strict.ui S.)W>rd.
Take tiolicii that F. R. Fraser Biscoe,
of 0 iirbo>ay, li. C, i coapHtion real estate agent intends to apply fur permission lo purchase the iulluwiiig J*.
scrib. d lands.-— 0 iiiiiienrine '.' a pos
piautwi near Hie batik and about 40 rhains
south fr in Ihe most northerly end ufDuuk
latKe, thence west 80 U ml a, tlie.ee imrtli
HOchaits, ihence nS' 40 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thenco east 40 cli ins,
thenc* s"Uth 40 chaii.a t" p i ,i ,f colli'
mencement, cnlaii inr 480 acres more
or less. Framiis Rahnkt i h«ki;b Ittmiii
Kigni.l Virwithru Anion
Dated Hay 30lh, 1912
Hai ward Lind District
Diainci "f ha) ward
Take notiou that Thomas   Holme*, of
Tniluty,  Eng..   iicupatton gentisiuan,
inleiida to apply for peruiisaion to pur
rhase the following ilcscritkd   lands; —
Oomuno cing at a post planted at the mo. t
southerly end nf Duck Lake, thencesoutl
80 chains. Ihntce in an triegular easteily
mreo'i'.n 80 chains, tbence at right angl
north 80chains, thence  at right angles
west 80 chains,   io   point, ol commence
ment and containing 800 acres more or
lata. Thomas HoiMia,
Ri-uinsM Carwithen, agent
Dated Har SOth, 1912.
Dialrirtnt Sayw.nl
Take notice lhat Witliaio II.   H< ft, ol
Courtenay, B C, occupation bo k ma at -
er,   Intends   tn   apply for   pirinissii-n
to purchase the f •ih-wiuu de»crlb,d laim
Commencing   al   a pi s'   planted al tli
most souterty end o Duck Lake, theneo
ami fillc min. tlionco s tttli  80 ohatos.
thetn e .uss' 60 chain.,   thence north 80
chains io point of  cxinmeneetneiit,  an<
Containing 480 acrna mor- or less.
Wti.iiAX H. Horr,
Kego-a d Carwithen, Agenl
Dated Ha) 3Uih, 1012.
baynaril Land Dlttrtul.
Dislri tof S.yward,
Take notion that U.'rths II Ittimi, of
Tutbury, Ehdlaod; ni'arrieii woniati,
intends.to anpiy for permission in.pur*
unase ih* foil >i%ing ilusi-.iintd lao,ls:—
C iiitneiictiig at. u post pl.ineil one mile
.a.t and 201 haius n'ori ti Ir- in l,e .uuen
west corner |iih ..f T L H.'I7.")0, ihei.iie
nasi. 80 cliains. 'hence a lltli   Ml   ohniim,
'hot'C wes  80 cliai s, thonce t > Ht I
chains to pntol,   of c»iiiiiieuiisiiieiit,  and'
'.oiiiailiio^640 Moro. m ..„ ur l>>as,
BtKriiA Hoimks,
Kkiilnaui Cakwitiibn, sgent.
Dited 11) 30tn, Ilil a
District uf Sayward
Take nnuco that  K.I ward   Watson, of
NewcastleonTyne, England, occupation
land surveyor,   intends to api'ly for per-
niiari'-n to  purchase the ...iIhwiuk described   lands:—Comnieioing  at a   pust
planted 6 chains fr ni ihe northwest corner   of   T. L   311702,  lhenco   north 211
chains, thenco oast 8o chains, Ihrnee south
30 chains, ihencn arst 80 cliains is point
oi c mtnenccmeiit, snd  c o'sinin/ ligl
acres more or less.      Enw»Rn Watson,
Regtiiald   CaiwiUieu, Agent.
Dited Hay 31-t, 1012.
Taku liottc ttiai K..iic Watsen, nf
Newcastle on Tyne, Kng., t«cii|iatioii
married woman, iutbuds t. appli for per-
tuisaii n to purchase tli • following dew-rib
«d lands,—Commencing at a post p aided
20c.<»ills south t.i.ni Iheaouthwes imrill r
nost of T I. 30760, tlnnce east Mil chains
tlieticu   onli  2ll oha   theuce weat 80
chains, thenee south fOuliiios lopointol
ii'.iiiiiiiiiceiiient, ami i: niaititoii 1 f 10scree
more or less. Katik Watson.
Reginald Carwithen, Agent,
Dated Maj 31st, IIII2.
sa¥« auu t.ANti piNTwier
Ulstrlvl nt Kayi.dO,.
Taki noo   umi .i    ii.  Johnson, ol
C .nrienny, B.C , neotfp.tion lioteikeei.sr,
llllellds lo apply lor periutsai -ii to
purchase the fulluwing described lands —
Commencing at a posi nUuliil on the
nasteilv batik or si oof Dunk Lake ami
about 80 chains north fr in the in ai south
erly end of sai.l Hm k Like.J iteoee oast.
80 chains, thence soot ti Hi) on .ma, i hence
weat 80 chains tu the sai.l southerly end
of Dui k Lak-, thence in an ii-r.guUr line
nort.li BOohaitis to point of oointneiieunteut
and ouniaiiiing K00 seres more or less,
•>    It. .IoHN'iOR,
IU jiuai'i Csrwithen, agent,
Ds'ed May SOth, lal2.
DIM i In ef Niys-sitl
Take uotice thaiWiiliatull t'eKmn,
of C .urtiii.y, B 0., occulull,in metchsiit
inleiidsto apply (oi permLslon Io purohase
ha«o the following ilescr.lnil lauds: Pnn'.
menciogat a poai planted st ihe mut
iiotiherty end id Dink Use, and „n th
eieeli fl -wing . u' of soil Puck Uii, ,
hence oiMili K0 chains, theuce ea.t 4o
i'Iihiii", Iheiibe N-inh 40 nlmii", ihenre
east 40chains, thenc- south 40 chains,
weit fO ohains, to poini i.f coniiiieiic,--
meiit, aud uiintainiiig 481 acrea mote or
less.        Uim.'am (J. M. Kuan.
K.I.III.IO I'aiaiihilii, sucnt
Dated May 30th,- 1UI2. MH
--,:i BiE.m J&h*\ Nl3ER,'iu CBMBERI,,ANQ,„
us common sense, o^tu w'mci
no iiieiii.s dtupossibl6fof Eruiti
tlic..iivdc.vs,,,'iviion cdrbnetiKgsse
'., VK-.-i-A.ot'ys,.iv,ieii i-oroiit'is&ii-
| mn.m vui* by wotlilin .j*e
'-..' millions   ".i/iil.Uiiiaite
sgp to;
a Winn
i-i. miili<»a-'-'-|/ii..uiiiairc.an.'^u.- we•■ mars
WILL    FIND   -PIpKERINQ", li-.   |AniJ|Fd  to ttlfc&ttph de l^toH
rccDirwT fcrintui munnu       ! much to expect tltut the residence in
earers of tha
near may hav,
Illl^' to tlios.
it'.fin lact, ye
Lerd  Hyde   and   Lord  $i
Have   Come   to   ths
i one's  midst  of two  wearers ot  that
; rtire, ii unlovely, headgear may Iiu
: Its   own    pVcuniiiry    villflj
nmers, -Who iliui,|(.st wli(,iii  it'Kilo!.
Domi'nipr*. to U-ouil,. in lay,  Mwurn'lJOtu-
Live: Near to Nature, An Members
of fhe Most Exclusive Society |n
Great Britain, But They Are Thoroughly   Democratic.
The amall agricultural Village ol
Pickering, distant eoitie twenty-live
miles ffom Toronto, can boast of -a
distinction thut is unique in Canada
—unique, in fuel, in all Uie British
dominion* overseas, snys The Toronto
fctur wei-kly. There arc many poop
in Canada who hnve never seen a
lord. Inhere are even many who hnve
no desite to sec une. lint Pickering
ha* lafflly become the nhude out merely ot ttoe lold, Imt ol two, su lavored
is it—|wo real, live lnl'ds, whu liitvti
come lliere nut to "lord it" over, hut
to franrnhle wflh* ^id'simple, smdll
Cominilliity. Two lends whu hnve e.y
chango^ the ermine for the overalls,
the cukonet for thc widenwuke! One
ot these—the elder—ts a lord hy courtesy merely. But he bears uu historic
pa me. "Tor the Villierscs—Lord Hyde's
family* nume is Villiers—hnve. ere
now, pluyed prominent parts nn the
BritislHpolitical stnge. And he himself occupies thu important nud diglli?
fled position uf Deputy Lieutenant of
Hertiuftlshirc-kil which fair Ktiglish,
county,, iis futher, the Iiarl uf Clarendon, iVihis Majesty's Lord Lieutepgut
—and Its a "Justice of Peace in his
own county; simple as he stands" at
Pickering. Ho is, tnbredve'r, a first'
cousin ot thn Karl of Derby and also
of Lord Amptliill, and is a slightly
remoter kinsman of the Marl of Lytton. But the younger of the two Pickering lords—Lord Somers—is a full-
fledged hereditary legislator; and a
descendant.of-one of tiie most famous
of Lord Chancellors. He. is duly entitled taothi to speak and to vote itl
the Houae of Lords. However, if,
when the Home Rule bill reaches that
bourne whence so many' Liberal travelers, in the shape of contentious bills,
return rejected, his voice or vote is
required in connection with it, he will
have to be fetched, like Cincinnatus
from the plow. But he'will probably
go leas willingly. Kor Lord Hyde told
the writer that both of them meant to
giut in eighteen months, at all events,
on their term at Pickering before they
went home to England for a holiday.
It should, perhaps, be mentioned,
for the benefit of those interested in
niceties of etiquette, that,. although
Lord Hyde ts merely a -courtesy peer,
.while Lord Somers is a Lord of Par-
thiuking, si the moment, of the diiei
cash henelit whi|h the aljl'ivul ol t!
aii^u^t ftfhtdiS|Ai%s ^"-V* portend
of the' iii'fliitiiary consequences which
it will very likely bring iii its train,
We have our pwn tuft-hunters in Ontario.   After all, ihnt sport so splendid   as   hunting   the   "tuft"—It   has
none of thia dancer of fox hunting,
and it holds out- higher hopes of helng in at the death  (pfobnbly  Irom
boredom!!.    AjkI   may .fynt' aopm   of,
theso be suddenly aakeiTwith the. idea
is  ny j    .dfAY OF THE-UGHTNING ROJ>
iug  IjBj     I     - ,',asi!\v       _■'''■ '"''•'■    ,
'thei^, Once Indispensable to Farm Buildings
£       Now Seldom Seen - '-'
'Ijjie aniioilfncemetit Of. the dealii-ftv
Missouri recently of John Colo, inventor of tho llghtning-rod.'TeeKllii-tW'
spodtucuhii- career.of that formerly in-
tcr^fcting figure in the world ot coni-
uiejfe tmd'ot science aa'science was
unilfrsuiud by the laymen, of earlier
duy*. , ... -'j .di i
N'£ lloubt thoro are hii If grown-boys
nit j nnd^glrla In plenty now who have
nevqr soon a''lightning rod, yet-a quar.
ler of ii century ngo noi build ing was
conjtfderedisafeif-roin a. bolt or lightning unless, it was surmounted uy the
iruafei'. .(.eel. point, which wa* expected tb attract the fluid and convey It.
harmlessly,Into the earth.
ljlb;.|<) (glib In lhe .clllcacy, of the
llgltuilng i;o().wiis so grout Uiat.il wns.
lifllmllt for, t|ie|OWUer,nf a building to
la   that there are less  salubrious spota   Set[» "™ Insurance policy unless, he
  ' Ilrst.1 provided  a  lightning  rod  as u
uliltilfl iriiin tl'an'gSr I'rpm lnt) elemonls,
in the world .than flickering? -Atlprei
ent, there is innd in its roads aplenty,
Bui thc mud will disappear, ami why
should imt fancy summer homes
spring up almost ns rapidly us will the
mushrooms which tlieir owners will,
happily, he ahle to buy from the nris-
tocrn^ic farmers "f that happy Vtl-
Ihit"? All .this wilt mean increased
pvosprrhy* Hi BMreWnK 'whicli' Inly
shortly become what Crome^—or rather Harrn^ate-Hs to London. ' i ' '.i
' At any rate, "far from the madding
crowd'1 oti'r two lords' liaye'tlit' Utitls1-
faction, unless, and until,,., their soli.
tudes ar'ti' invaded ny our 'nfewly-ric h,
of leading that "simple life," which
seems to appeal with spelt force,ty
many tp whom it ill hoi'a sheer'nCeeS-
•eity, with a vengeance. It'will not be
MaltrttKo^t.   ni.   tlmt,, ' iA*i -. 'aoorii' -d'e-
in'cuiiibent   oi*t   them ' 16'
lights"—for "delights," save i
most  elementary  form,  will
and far between in 'their new abode
p their
W  few
. does the 'itvoijigp negro depend up-
i his IVt'tie b;ig proyldi'd by the lioo-
doojnred'oel'!     V' ',
'1'hq former was the especial eaqy
murk; selcrled, by 1,1)0 siih-o(1i light-
lllnfiloif pedlar, for the'reason, that
the'Harnier usuiilly owntjtl ,1ns home,
ntuliJbt'siijIes-V'tioitiK less'Importuned by
trat Bllrig "ii^cnls, he '(vas" more ! sua-
teplhletp (heir Wiles, but 'in the
towts! 'a'tid 'ChdiS no reslileiice'wiis
oo'n Idered quite colnpldte"until It Was
onilpljlshed'bi' a llghtiiltig.fod.
T|^ peillar. who- was iin tb Iils job
wouitl d'rfvd up to tl prosperous ap-
neaufg fiirrii residence and,'equipped
with,: stiiU'll tiforttge battery, would
prodei d to demonstrate to the family
theiVw'fu! "faw which awaited If the
.hon^e was I not, -prbtected by a light-
liiug iSod.- Harrowing tales of the dd-
struCllon of houses, consuming all tbe
But tliey can oertainl»^i<llvelab«rlbmf,*'infrthly possessions of the occupants
daya," and enjoy the peace of the
long, calm evenings. Lord Hyde is a
member of three of thV most" exclu-
eive clubs in London—the Turf, the
Marlborough, and the Bachelors',.
'The.jfcma^B •Mwniitfie. I-?'-. '
A ,kind J(earte(iJ ihan in'iKewSwa.
land had iv suddeji alioo,1i a little time
ago. He was' standing on a railway
platform giving apples to a circua
elephant caged, in a cattle truck as
the circus was ou the move. The
train started, and tha elephant, no'.
to lose the laat apples in tbe basket,
prompUy seised tbe man in hia trunk
and carried him along.witlr the train,
The train had to be stopped and the
kind hearted man rescued from the
trunk of'the traveling elephant.,     '
,-■ i A Learned Prleit
The present dalai lama of Tibet is
thirty-seven yeara old and is learned
in Sanskrit, Tibetan and Pali. He
is said to be very devout ip.theeg.
eroise of his priestly functionj. Ris;
,, . iug between 3 and 4 a.m.I he de'voE
Lament, yet the former, as the eldest ^ msjor ortion „j hiB time .to his
eon of an earl, has the advantage of j prlj.er8, 0n 8n average he sleeps
the latter in the table of social pre- five hour8 out o( the twenty.four. He
tedency. So that, at social functions _, 6aid to be ptt8Bionate]y fond 0, ani.
at Pickering, it will be Lord Hyde msls purticular of dogs-,
first, and not Lord Somers, who wlll i -.^^^-^	
.*«,.*J-S5£SflJii.the lsd>' "Lh[«hest\ Ireland'* Peet Wealth.
rank prjMnt.^aK»i*aaa«        ■   ,   Ireland hM 3>0oo,ooo acre, of peat
t^Hjjg,- do   the   aristocrat*   impress Itfpppsita.
Filtering?  Very favorably, "so far as j ■
W* have seen them," seems the pretty , Oceans ef II
general"village verdict, as given, witli | , "c ."_,',',    n .   ,
characteristic rural caution, to The i The illicit l.quor trafllo In Ontario,
fitar Weeklv. "They will talk to any- '• especially in the north country, con-
body," the' writer was told, "just as ""ie" to increase. The half-yearly
if it was you and me talking togeth- r?l«>rt recently issued by the provin-
sir." In fact, tliere seemed a good ' «'»' Pohce department recently, shows
deal of surprise that they were so af- *hs' there were 226 prosecutions,' au
fable and unaffected. There. seemed i increase of 59. There werej186 convic-
to be an idea that a lord would neces- ' tioI>8. fn increase of 46, andl7 charges
aarily expect the populace to prostrate : ]*«« dismissed and tnree withdrawn,
themselves before him. And this was | The liquor seiied by provincial co'n-
couple with not a little kindly feeling ! »'ablee would equip muny hotels f.>r
for these particular peers, inasmuch ■ ■"J}?)' oiontha. ■ • ' ■ ' "', ,
aa they do not Beem to look for this j There were 5.334 bottleB of whisky
aervile, if graceful, posture ou thc »n<| 111 1-i gallons in yanoua recep.
part of those whom they encounter, i tades, taken by the police, and 14,290
Possibly,  also,  there  is  some  slight ,. .-,..,       , .,„ ,   ...
resentment at the fact that, as tbey do ! " beer, 48 bottles of -wine, 38 'bottles
not. seemingly expect this attitude, <?' brandy, 88 bottles of gin and 48
of obeisance, 'it is impossible to dis- gallons of wine in- all kinds of reotp.
appoint them by withholding it.   Bbt
The    Real   Thing
g a
' When Hetiry Ml.
new play h • wor_
lemainlng somefJ(li^*rj
twoniy-lour hours at a
Urnlly. such a strain makes him nervous, and tlft'6iftrblfi«tl6ht>f fKWtiJl
hoss and artistic temperhmetit oc.Ous-,'
tonally produces nu outbur-st-,"»'.ll':*ie-
pn. .a blow-off. During the rehea.^i
sals for his Inst play, several "things
had Kiine wrong and Mltler'hii'd'bithlU-'
Ited hi. Impatience in geslut'e1'nitd f
words. ,   ,.     .. it   ."  .. I i^.
He went, on with.tbe work.and .was '
In the midst of ii scene In,jvhklicllfl 1
had lu pick up a teapot, ' .Kb hb illd I
so. tlu hitndlp etiine'off. the' jVot' fell','
to the table: and the tea—'real'ton—'[
trickled down on the ndtor's legs. IThe
stitge manager Immediately ...war,. Beten!
ed by a lri;|iihllng dt, and every -infi)); \
ber of lhe compnny heg(iii to.Vl'ffl]1
for n cyclone cellar. TOW kricW the
etar wns uliout to cut l/iose. '       -1' ' [
'Ilul; thla lust 111 of I'lirtniie'lind beeni"
too much toil, hhn. Holding,, .thp.l
Handle In his liam) and-regarding,|h?,i
prttporty man with sorrow', he saliti,
gently:        "" '' " '■
Caii'l'yiiu Ilx thls'toapol?' l'vfe gtfti
li^ scrub th or Hours. I     -    ..    t|i   lift t|
Mlnard's   Liniment   rurea   Garget  In
|,ml:'   , Cows.      ■■.£      a .
and frequently resulting In the death'1
of the1 entire family were told so eloquently and pathetically that a tract
was usually signed without delay and
the lightning rod man proceeded to
Mi the house and the barn with
the slender metallic rods, implanting
•the lower end (irmly Iti the earth and
terlictlng at, raa^y Shafts- a^ove tlje
roof as IiIb conscience would permit,
with a rooster or an arrow or some
other ornament* surmounting the
Bhaft.. w -,,- :,.■■.    ,-- . ' *r
When the ^uildlhga had been w«ll
covered In Ihla'way yie pedlar left jn,
M\ way to peKaivide others tot allow
hlm to rod theft Tiulldlngs, and a few
,montliB later, often, the farmer wa'B
itiotified by a bank that he was expected to call and pay the amount called for In the contract, a sum which
usually surprised the- debtor, but' as
the contract, was generally In the ria-i
ture of a Hen oh the' buildings the
owner had no option but to pay tl>q
bill....      i   -T..,.-        1       . !
But .he passing of the lightning rod
haB been going on for many years and
now It is practically unknown except
when lt ls seen on eomb of the older
buildings where it has been for perhaps 25 or 30 yearB, and the people
havo come to look upon It with about
as much respect for |ts virtue as they
have for the left hind leg of a graveyard rabbit. The lightning rod
served Its purpose. It made several millionaires, and It calmed the
feelings of thousands of nervous persons during thunderstorms, but It has
gone, and soon lt will be recalled only
by tradition.—San Antonio Express.
yet, one feels that Pickering—or a
oortion of it—has another idea in its
fcead with regard 'to it new arrivals—
isn idea. too. which argues well Iol
Eight Years of Bad
. Eczema on Hands
Army of Men Employed and No Seek-
'■'■"■■    ti'lift Wofkjla Riefdaed-   .
Tramping to the Holy'Land the way
the ItMBslan pilgrims go I came lately
to Nejw  AthoB.  the  most  wonderful
mopaiftery of the Russian world. New
Ath.os, or Novy Afon. as the Russians
call it, is an establishment resembling
.   ...       . .      -   ,.„ ,        , , ,       , what the beBt of English monasteries
bottles of beer, 172 barrels and kegs I 'mu9t have been prior to 1536.
„.   !„...    .a   I....H,..   .r „a .!.,.„ .... ^ ^  ^  ^^  .       -^   example|  a dp.
fenCe of all monasteries, a place to
which students Bhould Journey If they
wish to understand all the possibilities for good In institutions once condemned aa essentially evil. There
once more armies of workmen are
employed every day and building never
ceases. No one seeking work ls
ever refused, not even the criminal or
the passportloss tramp;.
There all comers receive the monks'
tacles, were also seiied.
Tobacco Growing In B.C.
The   tobacco   planting   district   in
British  Columbia  comprises  a  hon*
dreJ acres ol cropped Havana seedlings, and the  year promisee'-to, be
i most prosperous in the B. C. tobttcco
j industry,   lt is the intention to erect!
warehouses and factories in Kelowna, I hospitality of bed and board, and worn
with every modern appliance to care I out pilgrims are furnished with clothes
i tor and cure leaves and manufacture
ct high grade cigars.
Cured by Cuticura Soap and Ointment
Jibs Mary A. Benlley, 0.1 University fit.,
, Montreal, writes, 111 a went letter: "Somo
nine years afio I noticed small pimples breaking lint on ttie back of my liauils. They1'
became very Irritating, nnd gradually became
worse, so that I cu'ild lint sleep at night. I
consulted a physician wlm treated ine a lonn
time, but it net .worse, ami 1 could not put
Ey hands In water. I wan treated at the
stpllal. and It wai Just the same. I waa
tolu that It was a very had ease of eczema.
"Well, I just kept on using everything that f
could for nearly eight years until I wa-i
advised to try Cuticura Ointment. I did so,
tnd I found afler a few applications the
burning sensations were disappearing, t could
sleep well, and did not bave tny itching
during tbe night. I began after a while to
use Cuticura Soap. I stuck to the Cuticura
treatment, tnd thought If I could use other
remedies for over seven yeai. with no result,
tnd after only having t few applications and
finding ease from Cutli'iira Ointment, It
deserved t fair trial with a severe and stubborn esse. I used the Ciillcurt Ointment
tmi Soap for nearly six months, and I am
clad to ssy that I havo hands as dear aa
tnvone. It Is my wish thsi you publish this
letter to ill thn world, tad If tnyone doubts It.
let them write me."
Cuticura Hotp tnd Ointment tre eold by
Sniggllts tnd dealers everywhere. For 1
bertl free ssmple of etch, with 32-P. book,
•end to Potter Drug le Cbetn. Corp., M
Columbus Ave,, Buatea, U. 8. A.
Thirty Thousand New Canadians.
The British Uovernment returns of
emigration during thc month'of April
show that over 50.00(1 jieople left the
old country. Ol these, nearly 30,0110
CBiiie to Canada.
Tin; chief feature nf the returns is
the large numlier * proceeding trotn
Scotland.. Taking into consideration
the difference batween the populations
of Scotland and Kii. Intnl. the -report
shows that tho emigration rate fr.im
FjeuU'lI"l i* twice as high ss from
Canadians who have recently arriv
ed in Loudon from Palestine and Hy-
ria, soy that the present unsettled
state there has started a ..rest tide
of emigration. Thousands ol people
are emigrating to Cauada. The majority .aro young men, who are escaping frum military service, but many
are travling with their fnmiliep.
In Palestine some ot the Christian,
villages 'are, hctng depleted of tlieir
male population. , .Mpre than 0(1 per
cent, of the. young men in many
places have emigrated. . The square
in front of the "Tower of David"
has been piled up with carpets and
furniture belonging to ofllcers whu are
leaving the country.      ,
W. N. U,
Advance Australia.
The' Education "Department ol Victoria, New Bouth Wales, lias issued n
circular to its teachers embodying a
list of words that must be taught n
Iuture on "nu spelin" pr hciples. The
"u" is to be dropped otit of all such
words as honor and fav;or. Plough l(
to become "plow," and centre'ts ti
become "center."
Tbt cm* wortk of a man la to be
sectored by tut object* M puroune.-
and money to take them home or to
tako them further on their journey.
The monks nwn vast estates, where
thoy urow their own corn and cultivate the vine and the olive. They
have orange and lemon woods.
Tliey grind the corn In tbelr mills
nnd make their own breed; they presB
the crape and the monastery tallica
tell how generous Is the supply of
wine. In Gogol's "Dead Souls,
among all the liuinordlis accounts of
decaying States Is one serious story
of a vast property where everything
was done well. Such among monasteries ls New Athos.-f'onntry Life.
• • Arc you slill looking for your dog?
Why don't you put an ad. In the
paper |
"What's the use?
read. .
Thc dog can't
Making Muslc'Utefut
Economical Host—Alice, lust play
some popular song ' that our guests
cdn ai! Join in singing. They aro
doing nothing but eat and drink!—
Pliegen.le Blaetter.''  • •
Merely cn Hla Job
.Missionary—Why do you look at me
so lnt ntly?
Cannibal—I am the food inspector.
—Buffalo Commercial.
What became of that Httle kitten
you had? asked a visitor of the smnll
Why. haven't you heard?
No, was It drowned?
No. i . ]
'Ihen whntever did become of It?
said the visitor.
II  growed up Into a cat, was the
, reply.—Chicago Examiner.	
Mothers wbo keep a bpx of baby's'
Own TabletB In the houke'MlAy feel"
that the llves^of their little ones nre
reasonable sate -during -the hot. weather. Stomach trouble?, .cholera,,,,liv.,
fantum and diarrhoea .carry off thou-,
sands of little ones eviry stnmhet-jjln'
most cases because' the mother odes
not huve a safe medicine at Hand 'to
give promptly. Baby's Own Tablets
cure these troubles, br If given occa-,-
stonally to the well child wtll prevent
tholr coming ofl. The Tablets are,
guaranteed by a government analyst
to be absolutely harmless even to' the
newborn babe. They are especially
good ln the summer because they
regulate the bowels and "keep the
stomach sweet and pure. Thei Tablets are Sold by medicine dt --tiers' Of
by mBll at 25 cents a box from1 The
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. ', Brockville,   OUt.     .. .,  ,,'     .;    •./..-
A gentleman once said.: .,,. ...mi i
It is. delightful to tffivel, |n„Ampr.
lea, but 1 tlllnk that A.met'leaii- port:
ters handle' the' ItiggAg'e a tittle -tmi
roughly. ■ ' "• ' • '■ ■ i '■ * ■■'■'''
Once, at a certain--station. 1'was'
amazed and pleased tp, hear, a-.-unh
formed oflicial shout to,,a,bui^ly Povtt
.. HI, jwhdt'ar'e ytn) ! knbck'lh' "tHehi
trunks about like that1 tor? iJ "!,'<
, The porter had ;beeii" lifting great
trunks above his head and..burling
them down onto Hie Joor fMlOUajjlj
but now he stood stock-still tii astonishment. '"''I ' "•'
What's that,'boBS1,''he said'. '■
What do you, mean, by • knoekin'
trunks about like that,? .repeated, the,
official. I.pok at the ioof., ',Look
at the de'ntB you're' mkkln In'the
copcrete. Don't you know you'll: lose
your Job If you damage the company's
property?           ..:'.,   el        »:S't,
The. hunte|>bfl•^ls6ien#!JByf■.*,
gulie.    WhKMkiSTtitffbrfterBaiidX
Ini; down e^«/ertt;..f^.'ygSr,;.nam(i|.E ? _S L
> "Snillh, gasp«rth* IHttWvMW*r BliF
last breath.     The hup,ter's fuce lell..
And 1  came up h'fere. he exclalmer
ruefully, In purshlt' of"rar*"gath'4.-
Euck.     "•■ >  '• ii  -.':''-
Read 3feM Drink
..',, This.Is the; fate which awaits hundreds and hundreda
of m^n whi are now perhapa only moderate drinkers.
The demon la getting Ita   hold upon   them.   There   la
only  one  way to beat drink—leaye  It alone.    If you
.   ■ ptejT Witli 'it  Griijik; always wins. ; Already  perhaps  It
haa got some hold on VOU.     Fight It by the only successful  meant avallabls^TH* NEAL    THREE    DAY
,,OJlRE./( "I(ila>l|l /jdiBCyour a^atem to the  normal
'   again and.restore ycu tO'Vtfur original condition before
' you ever pasted liquor.   lt%ill do lj In THREE SHORT
bays. ' it wiii do it' Without hypodermics,    it
V»UI .do it'While you ;-ijoy-the privacy and comfort of
our homelike lnstl(utp. Don't delay—every day lost
mean . more power to' the Demon. { For full particulars
and confidential Information address the institute near-
.. ''estiyoii.'.t  ,1   C       '.'- JA'I < '•'<
wmammsxiwum .umii ..a uuuiimnHMm
^eal Institute Co., Limited
■ . 11        ..      405 Broadway, V. innipegr
i . ^2'l^mitb St., jjtegiiy gask, ^13111 Ave,W, Calgary, Alta,
isIlfiT slt!i»n©iil8r*1
The Commercialism of the South,
Stuart C. Leake, the railroad. man,
had to wait for a truln in Coluuihus.
tleorgia, 011° day and he put In the
time; by hiring a carriage foi1 a drive
through the town and Its ' neikh'bor-
hood- Naturally, he was anxious to
learn .11 he could about, the place.
and,! to do this, he addressed many
questions to the old.colored man who
was driving him. "
Uncle, he said Anally, wbat. are' the
principal linos, of. business -here, the
chief products of the town?     .    .
I cal'lates, boss, said the old, man,
dat ile prlncipul prodticks ln dese
parts Is pedigree an' tie preliminary
spring practizing ob.de big-long ball
teams. '
Gas Engine Oil
I ;ives the best lubrication possible, alike in kpfosene,
^asolihe kn'd gas fehgitt«s. Keips its body at high tem-
p^ratiirts.. Eqilally ^»d^ external bearings,
,,«l«vesT)ower^and-fnel"iB~yo«Mf tractors.   1>e best
'l ;nwvi«m6st liked iale >&t&t! made.     Never rubs
'„&:' 'Ntivfef'gti'msi"
-il I-
Sily^tar ;, Engine
Engine Kerosene Oil  Gawline
Lo.«)   J- aiu'-r .-'-.-'r 'i.i    .1.1 !.'■   HOI !„ . '.   „
Granite Harvester Oil^-The-short cut oil; specially
prepared for ^use on i reapers, binders and threshers.
Greatly traduces friction and wear. Body not affected by
; moisttoe- or change of I climate.
Capitol. Cylinder Cjil — the very best oil for steam
' . pl^qniheiann-; ,,|L?sts longer.artd gets more power
', ,',from the engine," with less we<tr. .than any cheap substi-
. Atlantic fted £ngine: Oil—Strongly recommended
' fdV-^tof'ant'jYiedifn speMi icnglnes and machinery.
- tEM WWriW__?kd lifltltlnjt 4e load.. J
The Irnp^j
lpany, L«m>ted
A Thing Worth Knowing
The beech tree Is said to he a nonconductor of lightning. So notorious
Is ilie fact, tbat the Indians, \yh*iieVer
tho sky wears the appearance' of *
thunderstorm, leave their pursuits
and take refuge under thej nearest
beecli tree,
111 Tennessee the people consider it
a complete protection, i A learned
authority says that the beech tree ts
never known to be. Btruck by atmospheric electricity, while, other ktrees
are often shattered Itito splinters. May.
not a knowledge bf this fact afford
protection to many whe^ exposed.
 = s-zEJSfe:
TheOld Reliable
Horse Remedy
of (armors
and liorsrmen
by using Ken*
for Spavins, Curb, Ringbone, Splint, Bony
Growth! and Lameness from many other v
causes. These men kno^ that Kendall •
Is a money mver and a hor«e saver. w«
can prove It by thousands ol .' • ' 1 -
OraUlul Uttws rrtn Veer*
I.ANUHAH. 8AS^.,,UEC, Ijth,,I9U.
"I have a tarn ulock of horett and am a
user or KendalU Spavin Cure. I must say
that I always had the best satisfactlofl from
its uk, and can reconimrtulod it to any
horseowner." tjOSfiWI PFUKIJ. '
I'ihrow I.AKK, Man.Dbc. s<th,i9ii.
*'I hnve used Kendall's Spavin Cnre for-*,
five years. 1 find lt a sure cure for Spavins."
Price |t per bottle-4 bottle* $$\ Ade ,
dm?i;iHt for free book "Treatl.* on tJM-,
Horse" or write to,tis. '     73
Dr. B. J. Kendall Company '
Uwwtmt Falls. Vennewl. U. i. A,
ombination to Assure Good
.Feeling in Western Canada.
Clinton Delivery Cars are as Useful
1.11 .    "'
to the Busy Farmer as to the Town
or Village Storekeeper.
Let Vh Send You Catalog.
Tjie ClintonMotorCarCo., Limited
* " ^Wlilft^ OlHce:«-507 Sargent Ave.
(If--Ar-^A.-Afi. ..i-Alr -^t-^.-s,—r'J—-5*..dr- -tr.  v\ ■■.:,.-.,   ..,,■■-j.-     ■
STERNS    A    BURTON,    Saskatoon
1 -. TBMeVlAgdnts i«K   paikatchewan
if. JjiijTni^_^i_:.
His Handicap
xh^yo,ins w"e-refu8e,i a new hsti
BUtcm complained that she had a
}ot,to«put up with.
, Yes| repllej ter, husbsliid,;inil lf ;you
Itfiewfio^ llttlo 1 have to Ilut-up Vltb
you would not ask me to put, up. for.
a ne* hat.—Boston Transcript-.
. Different Now
Chlif Cletk (tri oHlcis bpy)-Why on
e'arthT don't you laugh when the boBS
'tells SM«>»«i-i*"<>'"*» l*"**l» *"-*•"
Office Boy—I don't have to. I quit
on Saturday.—Satire.
- < >     Unexpected Flippancy
We hardly look for humor In a
medical dictionary, yet one recently
published defines 'shout' as an unpleasant noise produced by overstraining tho throat, for which great singers are paid well and small children
are punished.—Boston Transcript.
Qrabbleton—Edison declares    that
four hours' sleep a night la enough.
Kidder-W' Jove!' That I* exact!*-
what my baby thinks!—Judge. m
Hands Cracked, so Could not Work
—Cures Effected by
It does not take long for Or.
Chuse'B Ointment to prove Its magic
hiating power. A single nlglit is
often sulllclent to produce the most
startling results.
Internal treatment for skin diseases is nearly always disappointing.
By applying Dr Chase's Ointment to
the diseased parts relief Is obtalued
almost Immediately, nnd gradually
the Bores heal up and disappear. Here
are two letters which will Interest
Mrs. Chas. Gilbert Haystack, Pla-
centia Bay, Nfld., writes:—"I was a
sufferer (nun Salt Kheum for ten
-years, and had about despaired of
ever being cured, so many treatments had failed- Heading of the
wonderful cures effected by Dr.
Chase's Ointment, I commenced using
it, and was entirely cured by eight
boxes. I want tu express my gratl
tude for Dr. Chase's Ointment, nnd to
rc-ommend It to all sufferers."
It.-T- Stanley Morrill. Delaware, Ont.,
writes:—"For yenrs I was troubled
with iny hands cracking, often becom
Ing so sore that I could hardly do any
work. I got somo of Dr. Chase's
Ointment, and happily find that one
or two applications of same to the
affected parts mnke them well. I
have had no trouble since using the
ointment for sore hands.
Dr. Chase's Ointment, 60c. a box. at
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to. Limited, Toronto.
The Cool Stranger
Business was brliik In the village
store when th^stranger entered.
Any of you drive In a trap? he asked casually.
Yes. 1 did, Bald Farmer Turnpike
disinterestedly.     Why?
Gray liorse. and an old lady inside.
Yes, that's right.     But—
Can she manage him all right? said
the st: .nger.
I sh, uld think so, replied Turnpike.
Why. my wife's drove that horse ever
since lu was a 3-year-old.
That's all right, then, said the
strangt r. I merely asked because
lhe gruy has Just gone down the
street like a mad bull, and the old
lady's hanging onto the back of the
trap, screaming murder! Still, If
she cnn manage him, there's nothing
to get excited about. How's the
price o.' 'laters down your way?—
London Answers.
The Oil of Power.—It,Is not claimed for Dr Thomas' Klectrlc Oil that
It will cure every ill, but Its uses are
so various that it may bc looked upon
ss a general pain killer. It has
achieved that greatness for Itself
and any attempts to surpass il have
failed. Its excellence is known to
til wle,have tested Its virtues and
learnt by experience
Had Hli Doubte B^
Harry Lauder once scored with a
neat Impromptu at a Scottish theatre.
lie had Just finished his third song,
nnd the audience were vehemently de
mending more. Some of his admirers were calling out the names of the
songs they wanted to hear. One enthusiastic young man in a prominent
seat, was particularly Insistent,
love a lassie, I love *a lassie, he kept
ahoutlng. The genial comedian looked him over, shook his head, and remarked gravely: I hae ma doots, my
laddie, lf you did you'd ha' fetched
hcr wltb you.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Colds, Etc.
Among the coffee-drinkers a high
place must be given to Bismark. He
liked coffee unadulterated. While
with the Prussian Army in France he
one day entered a country inn and
asked the host if he had any chicory lu the house. He had- Bis
mark said, Well, bring it to me; ail
you have. The man obeyed and
handed Bismarck a canister full of
chicory. Are you sure this Ib all
you have? demanded the Chancellor.
Yes, my lord, every grain. Then,
said Bismarck, keeping the canister
by him, go now and make me a pot
of coffee.
Somo friends were talking of success. A certain man who had made
a fortu.ie was mentioned.
Whon that man enme to New York
a few years ago, one said, everything
he possessed was tied up In a hand-
kerchle'.     Today—
The speaker smiled and stroked his
close-clipped mustache.
Today everything he possesses ls
tied up ln his wife's name, he atlded.
A poor woman was telling a kind-
hearted visitor how the doctor came
and said she had a sluggish liver.
What beats me, Bhe added, is how
them slugs get Insldo the liver.
v PI LLS ,4
New Zealand Believes Women's Votes
are Responsible for Island's Record
New Zealand is proud ot its modern
legislation—far in advance of moBt
o'.her lands of tho globe—and Its results, particularly regarding Infant
mortality. The votes of women are
deemed a valuable adjunct In thiB
Here are the figures denoting tho
comparative infant mortality per thousand in various nations for one year.
England and Wales ..109
France      .....120
German Empire   170
Commonwealth  of Australia    72
Norway 72
Provinces of Ontario, Canada,  ..131
Sweden  72
New Zealand   62
The only country which attained
to really low death rate without holp
of the women's vote Ib Sweden, and
there women has a great Influence,
and take a great interest ln politics.
In the German empire women ure
not even allowed to attend a political meeting, and they tuke no part In
Why should Australia, with its
burning summers, bo able to keep its
babies alive better than Ontario? If
It Is the cold that kills them, Norway
has as severe a climate aa Canada.
Did Not Ring Out Independence, Says
Joseph JnckBon, Philadelphia historian, comes forward with a statement
that the old cracked bell which is
treasured as an historic relic iti Independence Hall was not used ln proclaiming liberty throughout the land
Jackson declares that the thousands
who came yearly to Independence
Hall to view the old alleged mouthpiece of newly-born liberty were imposed on. Mr. Jackson then takes up
the alleged ringing of thc bell nnd the
claim that it proclaimed liberty on
July 4. 1776. So far as he has been
able to discover after years of re-
ssarch, this misleading statement Ib
directly traceable to "Watson's Annals
of Philadelphia." which was published
In 1830. Prior tn the publication of
that work the bell was known as the
State house bell and not Liberty bell,
and nothing had been said about its
use in proclaiming independence. Even
as late us 1830 it was known as the
State House bell even after that building had ceased to be the assembly and
title had passed to Philadelphia.
W. N. U. 90S
Body Cells and Foods
The cells of our body never learn
what the character of the food which
we eat really Is." With this sentence delivered at a recent meeting
of Swiss men of science, Professor
Emll Abmen has concisely defined a
modem viewpoint of nutrition which
ls rapidly becoming prominent. Before
they leave the alimentary tract the
foodstuffs which we eat arc broken up
Into fragments thut serve as the real
food of the body. Complex carbohydrates are resolved Into sugar; fats
are spilt Into glycerol and fatty acids;
proteins yield an aggregation of char
noteris.lc substances simple "building
stones" at the disposal of Uie Internal
tissue cells so that they can select
or further rearrange tlieiu as the
special functions require. Whether
It Is meat or cereals that we eat is,
after all, largely a matter of indifference, for they all furnish similar digestion fragments, so long as the digestive processes perform their duty.
The Dangers of a Great City
A young man who had been born
nnd reared in the backwoods went to
Chicago and made a lot of money.
Then he returned to his native village and asked his father to take a
trip to the Windy City. The old
man. however, was not enthusiastic
over the proposition He had read
of the fires, automobile accidents, and
other catastrophies In big cities.
Finally, after much argument and
persuasion on the part of his son,
the father reluctantly agreed to undertake the Journey. At the little
country station he was panic-stricken
and tried to get permission to go back
home. Once on the train, his nerve
began to revive, and all went well
until the train dashed into a tunnel
black as night. When this happen
ed, the old man grabbed his umbrella, hit his Bon a whack ou the head
and cried out:
I knew something would happen-
I've gone blind.
Good and Bad Humor
Slnco both are very much under our
own control, we cannot escape the
responsibility If we more frequently
display the latter than the former.
There Is no disposition more comfortable to oursolves or more agreeable
to others than good humor.
It ls to the mind vhat good health
Is to tho hotly. II. gives us the capacity to enjoy everything that is
pleasant in life and of using every
faculty without impediment. Good
humor disposes us lo contentment
with our position, to sympathy with
the distressed and to kindness to nil.
I cannot concelvo a person naturally
good-humored being unkind.
Good humor enables us to look at
things in the most favorable light and
to avoid giving or taking offence. Had
humor Is ciuite suflicient to mako anybody unhappy; it tinges everything
with Its own dismal color, aud, like
a sore place on one's arm it is hurt
by everything thut touclies it. It
takes offence where none was meant,
and creates a spirit of general discontent and unhappluess.
If He Didn't
The nervous gentleman was perfectly certain he. was ln the wrong
train. He had asked many, many
times, but then, porte'-i are not "'■
ways reliable. There might bo a mistake. For the last tliuu as the Haul
steamed slowly out, he shouted to a
porter standing by: Porter, does this
train stop at Glasgow Central? The
porter hesitated an Instant, then, running alongside tho moving train, he
gurgled—Woll, lf It doesn't, look out
for the biggest bump you've ever had
1 ln yer life!
A Double-Barreled Escape
Miners are among the most heroic
people In tho world. Danger ia always beside them, and they are
schooled to believe* that at
any time they will come face to face
with death. The result of this is
that they are humorous ln tbeir boldness.    1
In one of the mines of Pennsylvania tliere was a cave-In which imprisoned a miner named Jack Thornton. The accident happened on Friday afternoon, and the fellow laborers of the entombed men set to work
nt once to dig him out. It was not
until Sunday morning, however, that
thoy reached his prison chamber, and
by thiB time they wero wondering
whether he had been suffocated or
starved to death. One of them
stuck his head 'through the aperture
made by the picks of the resucers
and called out:
Jack, ho you all right?
All right, came the reply, and then
after a pause, What day is this?
Sunday, answered Ihe friend.
Gee! exclaimed Jack. I'm glad nf
that. That was one Saturday night j
when those saloon keepers didn't get
my wages!
Examination Time
The eagle-eyed examiner was sure
Jones *\a cheating. Twenty times
durlnf. -.he last hour that Individual
hnd polled out his watch and examined it closely. ' Jones, suddenly
roared the master, bring your watch
to me! Jones reluctantly handed
over the timepiece, but all the disgusted examiner found was a small
Blip pasted to the dial on which was
written "Fooled!" Jones was allowed to resume. his work, but he still
referred to his watch so frequently
that the examiner again grew suspicious. Suddenly an idea struck him.
Jones, he shouted, I'll see your watch
again, please! With eager hands
the examiner seized the watch, but
this time lie devoted his attention to
the buck of the case. Sure enough
there was a scrap of paper Inside.
for it bore the inscription—"Fooled
again!" Then Jones was allowed to
work In peace.
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward
tor any caae of Catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F, J. CHENEY & CO.. Toledo, O.
, We the underslBned have kne<wn F,
J. Cheney for the last IB years and believe hltn perfectly honorable In all business ttansactlonH. and financially able to
carry out anv obligations made by his
Waldlng,  Klnnan & Marvin.
Wholesale   Druggists.   Toledo,   O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the blood and
mucous surfaces uf the system. Testimonies sent free Price 75c. per bot.
tie.     -olil by all Druggists.
Take Hall's Family Pills   for   Constl-
P»"°"'  .-»■-' ■ -~a„).
The Solution of a Mystery
Job Hedges, the New York lawyer,
wit, and after-dinner speaker, was
called upon on one occasion to give
advice to a young man who was
thinking of taking up the study of
My young friend, said Hedges, I
was once standing outside of a big
music store in the city of New York,
and was lost in admiration of the muscles and slaews of the men who lifted the piano on and off the drays. I
was joined by a middle-aged man who
looked like uu Irishman.
1 Ime to watch those fellows, I remarked casually. Their strength is
Yes, agreed the Irishman, and they
are Interesting for another reason.
Whenever I see a lot of piano movers
and hack drivers, I am reminded that
every year the colleges turn out a lot
of graduate lawyers who never lrac-
tlce their professions.
The female house fly lays from 120
to 150 eggs at a time, and these
mature in two weeks. Under favorable conditions the descendants of a
single pair witl number millions in
three months. Therefore all housekeepers should commence using
early in the season, and thus cut 08
a large proportion ef the summer
Best Interests
demand that every woman should
■pare herself unnatural suffering
by obtaining safe and proper help
when physical ills and nervous
depression occur. When ailments
and suffering come to you remember there is one safe, effective
gentle and  well-tried   remedy—
of special value to women.
Beecham's Pills remove the cause
of suffering; they clear the system
and by their tonic, helpful action
. relieve you of headaches, backaches, lassitude and nerve rebellion.
Try a few doses and know the
difference—know how Beecham's
Pills will help your feelings;
how they strengthen, Invigorate
and Protect
Every woman should be sure to res4
the special directions with every box.
SaM Marrwbara,     .      .    U buss, 25c.
should carry a stock of the Wonder
Fly Killer, a little device ot seamless
metal, unleakable, and the sure exterminator of tvery kind of fly and
mosquito. Retails at 15c. General
agent, Joseph R. Wilson, 204 Stair
Building, Toronto, or Nicholson &
Bain ln Alberta, and Escott & Harmer
for Manitoba and Saskatchewan.
A safe and sure medicine for a child
troubled with worms is Mother
Graves' Worm Exterminator.
The Simplest of Remedies
John Drew was interviewed by a
newspaper man ln a hotel ln Chicago ou. night, and at last realized
that he would have a hard time getting rid of the visitor. The writer
seemed determined to sit forever, ln
spite of the signs of sleepiness exhibited by the actor.
I suppose I seem like a night owl,
said the visitor when the clock pointed to nearly three o'clock In the
morning- As a matter of fact, I'm
Just that. I suffer intolerably with
Insomnia. I wonder what's the bes.
thing to do for lt.
Go to sleep, suggested Drew
smoothly. If you'll step Into the
next room while I undress, I'll show
you hew to do it
Why He Wanted Milk
A clergyman had been displeased
with the quality of the milk served
hint. At length he determined to re-
monstrato with his milkman for supplying such unworthy stuff. He began mildly, I've been wanting to see
you with regard to the quality of
milk with which you are serving me.
Yos. sir. uneasily answered the tradesman. I only wanted to sny, continued the minister, thnt I use the milk
for drinking purposes exclusively and
not for christening.
To Reform Fashion
Fashion ls a shy bird, and nn observant critic has noticed that tailors
are not advising tho frock coat'and
fancy waistcoat, which are becoming
unpopular becauso Mr. Sneddon was
io dressed In the dock. The passing
of the frock coat will be welcomed by
many, and by many who do not remember the execution of Mrs. -Manning In 1849, who swung in black satin, and made that material unfashionable for many years. There is an
opening for reformers who wish, to
change the fashlous and are willing
to go to the stake for tlieir belief.
One can forsee a woman who will
commit a murder iq order tn be hanged ln a hobble skirt, so that tbere shall
ho no more hobble skirts In tho fashionable world. And the enthusiastic
vcgetarlati might kill some other
donkey and die in leather boots, with
the Idea of bringing vegetablo boots
into fashion. There nre many possibilities for the reformers whn will
consent to wear the wrong clothes on
the right occasion.—London Chronicle.
Every houKwile nwds a 	
™""\ Spin! Iron. Rum, mciliyl.lt.il
I Double ni .l«l finish—nov.r Urn- m
1. never ecu out ot onii-r. (.-u.r.imccit m
LCoitl I cent an hour to use. Price- in- I
Include, ,kl,very. Send lot ftoular I
\Asentf wanted. 1
V.ACME SPECULTT CO., _ll____t_f_a2
What It was Worth
A Scottish lady, who was spending
her holidays In London, entered a
bric-a-brac shop in search of something odd to take home to Scotland
with her. After she had Inspected
several articles, but had found none
to suit her. Bhe noticed a quaint Ugure, the head and shoulders of whicli
appeared above the counter. What
Is that Japanese Idol over there
worth? sho Inquired of the salesman.
The salesman's reply was given ln a
Ruhtlued tone. Worth nbout half-a
million, madam- That's tho proprietor.
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
Gracious! exclaimed Mr. Swell-
man. '.<> baby has just eaten a lot
of that dog-biiscult-
Never mind, replied Mrs. Swell-
man; lt Just serves Fldo right, for
he hus often eaten the baby's food.
Yes. remarked the telephone girl
as she gazfd out at the waves and
wondered what their number was. I
am connected with the best families
In our city.
Little and Big Religion
This story comes from Australia,
where all conversation turns eventually to matters educational, because
overy parent. Is painfully anxious thnt.
his sons Bhall pass Iho standard which
will free them from certain years of
military service. A visitor was conversing wltll his host's small son, anil
opened, as a matter of course, with
the words, "Do you go to school, now?"
And what do you learn? Reading,
writing, sums?
Oh, ves, and I lenrn religion, too.
Yes, I learn the little religion, which
teaches that we all come from Adam,
But mv elder In-other Is In a higher
class; lie le.-irns thfl big religion, and
thnt teaches that wo all como from
Hearing a noise at midnight in one
of his roomB. a gentleman tiptoed to
the spot, thinking to take the burglar
iinavares. Slkes, liowever, wus not
«o bt. caught napping, and beforo tho
owner of the bouse fully realized
what was happening, he was looking
down the muzzle of a revolver. You
realize that you are at my mercy?
Yes, replied the house owner. And
also realize that I could shoot you
dead if I wished? Another trembling
affirmative. You did uot hear me
enter the house? No. Well, If
you had your window's fitted with
one of Ketchums new patent burglar
alarms, this wouldn't havo happened.
1 am an agent for the— But the
house owner had swooned.
Asthms Is Torture. No ono who
hasn't gasped for breath In tho power
of asthma knows what such suffering
ts. Thousands do know, however,
from experience how immeasurable
Is the relief provided by that marvellous preparation, Dr, J. D. Kellogg's Asthma Remedy. For yenrs
It has been relieving and curing tho
most severe cases. It you are a sufferer do not delay a day In securing
this remedy from your druggist.
After the plumber had finished
some repairs about his office, the
kind-hearted business man .*aid to
You will find soap and clean towels
In there when you are through.
The plumber spruced up atter he
had finished his work, but, to the astonishment of the business man, he
appeared a few minutes later with
bis face daubed with dirt and grease.
Why ln the world did you blacken
your face up again after you bad
washed yourself? the business man
Grinning, guiltily, the plumber re-.
piled, If I went back to the ofllce wlth^
a clean face, the boss would think I
had been loafing on the job.
Labor Lost
liL-ddy was taking his father's dinner, and on the way Ue saw a workman emptying a drain. Tbat drain,
said Freddy to the workman, ls the
one father lost a shilling down. Oh,
said the workman, and his face
brightened. Now then, youngster,
hurry on with that dinner before It
gets cold. When Freddy returned
half-an-hour later the workman was
still working on the same drain. His
face was Unshed and excited, and his
hands were black, with mud. Are
you sure, he asked, that this ls the
drain your father lost the money in?
Quite sure, piped Freddy, because I
saw father get It out myself.    ,-'''
Mlnard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria.
DOCTORS' BILLS ARE Expensive. The constant use
of drugs ls expensive,
and likewise unnecessary. Nature Is
the only reliable doctor. Get closo to
Nature and bo your own physician.
it Is not liiit-d to do. not ditlicult to
It-iii-ii. Nuture's laws are simple.
When tlin fire burns low. you don't
run for the doctor of drug store ot- tha
patent medicine bottle: you simply
put on more fuel. 80 when diseaso
or sl.-kness attacks the body of yourself or any member of your family,
go to Nature's vast storehouse of vitality and draw thererrom the revitalizing forces which banish disease
'..ill  make  you  well.     S^^^^^^B
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Good Health With
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superstition and
fear which bind
you. Be master of
your own health and
tin. health of vour
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points out the way.
If you aro sick, you
know it better than anybody else,
and you know where you are sick.
You don't want drugs, you don't want
to be doped and enervated by useless
drugging. Write for our freo book
togay. Specify book No. 19. We
pay  the  postage.
364 West St.   Catherine St.,
Montreal, Canada
Polite Commissioner—If you were
ordered to disperse a mob, wbat
would you do?
Applicant—Pass around the hat,
Police Commissioner—That'll do.
You're engaged.
Warts on the hands Is a disfigurement that troubles many ladles. Hoi-
loway's Corn Cure will remove the
blemishes without pain-
Chinamen are Great Savers
The Chinese never waste anything.
A shopman puts up parcels with half
the paper and string used by Europeans. Servants collect and sell
match boxes and things which seem
to Ub to be useless. In the country
you will see a boy ln a tree beating
down a single leaf with a stick for
fuel. Women, when too old for any
work collect dry grass for the same
purpose. A man collects his fowl
and th?n. Jefits gld damp mats or mating! Cockroaches and other vermin
jump out, and the fowls have a meal
that costs nothing. You give a coolie
an old coat that you are ashamed to
wear and he will probably get a tailor to transform |t for 30 or 60 cents
into two pairs of excellent trousers
for himself.—Detroit Free Press.
Got What he Liked
The present King ot Saxony 1b a
stout, florid person ot democratic
tastes, who likes nothing better than
to be taken for one of his own subjects. One hot afternoon, while he
wub riding, accompanied by but one
attendant, he came, lt is said, upon
a butcher who was trying to repair the
broken axle of his curt.
The.King at once offered his assistance, and for over an hour the three
men—butcher, King and attendant—
worked iu silence beneath the blazing
sun. ..
When they hnd finished, the butcher stared stolidly at the King for a
moment. Then his phlegmatic countenance lighted up ns he thought
that ho saw the explanation of the
Oh, he said, you also are a butcher?
No, replied the King regretfully, I
only look llko one!
Going Up
Aviators nppear to be a modest set.
' They      probably    appreciate      the
truth of the adage, 'Prido goes before
a fall.'
Botany v. Mercury
The sick and  ailing  wlll find a aura
restoration to health and vigor in
The  Eclectine Botanic Tratment
The wualt, nervoud and debilitated ara
made strong and robust by Botanla
Treatment. Skin and blood disease*
syphilis, lost vitality, emissions and gen*
ito-urinary., ^cormilalnts, chronic and
9ombHc£ted diseases of men and women
yield (o Botanic Treatment when all
oiher means have failed. Our preparations were given the gold medal as high- j
est award at thi International Exhibitions in Brussels 1909. London 1910. Paris
1911. Consultation free, personal or by
litter.      Open   13^8.30. "<      r
The £cle£tine Botanic Remedy Co.
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Hot and cold water In *v»ry room
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all dealers, or send us 26 cents stating style and size required. fi
The Arlington Co,, of Canada, Ltd,,
58 Fraser Ave., Toronto, Ont.
Mai. WmaLoWn Soothing fivftup hai bef■
•Kd (or over SIXTY YEARS bv MILLIONS ol
MOTHERS for Ihelr CHILDREN Will .11
ia the beat remedy for DIARRHdtA. It la ab-
aolulely liarmlens. Be ante and ask fer "Mra,
wtailow'a soethlag syrup," asd uke ae ecker
kind. Twcitfflvt cents ■ MUle,
One Thing Lacking
The letter I gave you this morning,
did you post lt? asked the wife, look'
lug at her husband out of the corner
nf her eye. No, dear, I did not, Bald
tho man boldly. Of course you didn't. And I told you it was import,
ant that It should go to-dny. Yes,
dear And of courso you forgot tn
post 1. If that's not just like a
man! But dear— Don't but me. I'm
angry. But. dear, look here at the
letter.     Ynu forgot tn address it.
Zangwlll's Name
Israel Zangwlll, the well-known
writer, signs himself I. Zangwlll. Iio
was once approached at a reception
by a fussy old lady, who demanded:!
Oh. Mr. Zangwlll, whnt Is your Chris,
'thn name?
Madam, I have none, he gravely am
stired her.—I.ipplncott's.
That is the nature of Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription—the one remedy (or
wimei whieh contains eo alcohol and no habit-forming drugs. Made from native
medicinal forest roots. Dr. Pieroe tells its every ingredient on the bottle-wrap*
per. Prominent physicjans and some of the best medical authorities endorse these'
ingredients as being ti:'- very best known remedies for ailments and weaknesses
peculiar to women.      fl
^^^^ tiThiR Is what Miw. (.hnktti E. Coffin, of Longstreet,
KyTsays: "I f«el it my duty to write and tell you what
your medicines Imve dono fnr mo. I was a great sufferer
for six yours from a trouble peculiar to women, but I am
thankful to say, after taking four bottlus of your 'Favorite
Prescription' I am not bothered with that dreadful disease
any more. I feel like a new woman. When I first wrote
you for advice I only weight IIS |>ounds—now I wolgh iS8,
"I thank you very mueh for your kindness. You have
been as a father to mo in advising me what to do, so may
(Joil bless you in evory effort you put forth for good.
"I hope this testimonial will be the means of some poor
Una. Cutfet.        suffering woman seeking health."
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser, newly revised up-te-date edition, utwers hoat*
•I delicate yuestions about which every woman, single or married ought to knew*. THK ISLANDER, CtTMBKRTiANI)
Men's Blue Serge Suits
Sizes 35, 36 and 38.      Regular $27.50.      Now $21.50
" Tweed Suits
Sizes 35 to 42.   Regular $15.   Now $10.50
" Fine Worsted Suits
Sizes 35 to 42.   Regular $21.50 to $35.   Now $17.50 to $27.50
" Negligee Shirts
In plain stripe and dot patterns. Sizes 14J tol6J. Reg. $1.50 now $1
" Shirts with soft collars
Assorted colors and patterns.   Reg. $1.25 to $3 now $1 to $2.50
" Ties in the newest shades
Regular 50c, to 75c.   Saturday Special 35c.
" Leather Gloves and Gauntlets
From 50c. to $2.50
" Half Hose
Black Cashmere.   Sizes 9J to 11.   Regular 50c. to 35c.
*■ Working Socks 15c. to 65c.
We have the largest and best range
of Men's Hats iu
town and it will
pay you to inspect
our stock before
buying elsewhere
Men's Overalls in black, blue, & khaki
Regular $1.50.   Now $1
Men's Shoes at cut prices
942 Men's Patent Leather Blucher  Regular $6, now $5
182      " " "      Button Regular $6, now $5
966      "    Vici Kid, wide toe  Regular$9, now $5
963 "    Box Calf Blucher, leather lined, Reg. $6.50, now $5.50
950 "    Gun Metal Blucher, leather lined,  Reg. $6,50, now $5.50
02      "    Box Calf Blucher, leather lined, water proof soles
Regular $6.50, now $5.50
973      "    Tan Calf, button Regular $6.50, now $5.50
896      "    Tan Willow Calf Blucher _.._Regulaa $6.50, now $5.00
943 Men's Gun Metal Oxfords  Regular $6, now $5
49      ''    Patent Blucher Oxford  Regular $6, now $5.50
947      "    Tan Willow Calf Blucher .' Regular $6, now $5
78      "    Tan Oxford, button. Regular $6, now $5
PIT SHOES, size7toll,..__ .—from $2.50 to $5.50
CHIPPEWAN LOGGERS, size 7 to 10 Regular $12, now $10
552   Little Gents' Calf Blucher, size 8 to 10 ..Reg. $2.75, now *2.25
0209   Boys' Box Calf, size 11 to 13.. Regular $3, now $2.50
0222   Boys' Urus Calf School Shoes, size 11 to 13, Reg. $3, now $2.60
0122   Youth's Urus Calf School Shoes, size 1 to 5, Reg. $.50, now $3
Phone 10 Corner ist and Dunsmuir P.O. Box 100
The Big Store
The very newest in Bungalow Net,
Reversible Scrims, Madras
and Spot Muslins.
These are all strong meshes
and the daintiest of patterns
REVERSIBLE SCRIMS, from 20c. to 40c. per yard.
BUNGALOW NETS, (rom 30c. to 75c. a yard.
MADRAS MUSLINS, in white and cream, from 20c to 35c.
per yard.
SPOT MUSLINS from 15c. to 30c. per yard.
WINDOW CURTAINS, in ._, 3, and 3£ yd lengths, correct
patterns and almost every material, from $1.50 to $10 a pr.
BRASS CURTAIN RODS, in all sizes, from 15c to 65c.
A few SNAPS in W/iite-
wear still left.
Mrs. Wm. Logan and family
will leave next Wednesday morning for Scotland. Mrs. Logan's
husband was killed in the mines
here sometime ago.
The Cumberland city band have
decided to have a picnic at Comox, next Tuesday, stages will leave
at 9 a.m. All supporters of the
band are cordially invited to the
The Ideal Store have moved
into their new commodious quarters in the Dallos block. While occupying a portion of the Siddall
Tailor shop, the firm carried
groceries, pit shoes and overhalls
only. They are now branching
out into dry goods and general
merchandise, with men that understand the business, a beautiful store, and a new stock, they
should do well.
iThe Japanese of N61 Jap Town
laid an information before Judge
Abrams; against two colored
gentlemen for keeping a disorderly house. Apparently the grap-
hophone annoyed the Japanese
and disturbed their sleep. The
colored gentlemen proved to the
satisfaction of the judge that the
instrument had only being used
twice during the last two weeks.
The case was dismissed.
Constable Stephenson received
a phone message yesterday from
Nanaimo saying that Provincial
Constable George Hannay had
shot a Chinaman in that town.
An order was received at Headquarters that a Chinaman had
gone insane and was roaming the
streets with an axe in one hand
and a revolver in the other threatening the lives of people. The
constable shot him whilst making
the arrest. It was a question of
either a dead, constable or a dead
E.W. Bickle, Real Estate,Cum berland
T ......
J>urnishinJ Establishment
We have moved
Into our new premises in the
Dallos Block and have opened
np our dry goods. Although not
complete we have mostly everything in staples, the balance of
onr stock will arrive in a few
You are all invited to come and
have a look at our new quarters.
k inn it «
McRae, Acton & Hayman
$axbt} anb ^Si^coc
(gourtcnuj), $. <E.
FOR SALE—Farms, Bush Lands, Lots and Bungalows.
Auction Sales'of Real Property, Farm Stock, Furniture etc.
conducted on the shortest notice at reasonable terms.
$<u-bij anb Uiscoe, $Lc»l (Eetate Agents Courtrnntj, $. i.
Phone 10.


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