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The Islander May 3, 1913

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Navy and White One-piece
Dresses, piped with white
and have Robspioi re collar and tie, in all sizes at
'(Af    Misses and Children'*
J     IRsiaaywto-Vf^iir, Dressfs
I Made in tlie Newest Sty)cs of
'-tfrWAltist Seasqaalffi?'. fabrics
VOL. IV., No. 5   «^.o-
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
Nanaimo Mines Idle Yesterday
and Today. Advantage taken
of holiday to make trouble.
Tho agitators are evidently
satisfied that their efforts at
Cumberland are a failure, and
find it impossible to continue the
trouble any longer, the output
having almost reached its normal
ondilion. They have decided lo
make Nanaimo their camping
ground; and il is reported that
the U. M. W. of A. have posted
notices there to the effect thai a
strike has been declared and calling upon the men to unit work.
It is said the agitators managed
to secure a, holiday at Nanaimo
on May 1st, then took the mean
advantage of declaring a strike
without giving any notice to the
Western Fuel Company what
their demands were, and the
union requested the men to quit
work. We understand that
the U. M. W. of A. have but Tlw
followers in Nanaimo and are
very much in the minority, which
is sho\yn by the fact that a joint
ommitteo called a meeting asking the U.M.W. of A. lo explain
why they bad called a strike,
and arc anxious to know of their
authority. At a meeting held in
the skating rink last night, when
there were about 1,200 satisfied
employees present, who refused
admittance to the leaders of the
U.M.W, of A. and rough necks,
and decided to take a ballot today
on the situation, which it is expected will result in the men returning to work.
The rough necks, we understand, held a meeting outside
and issued Orders that their members were not allowed to vote or
take a secret ballot as a strike
had been declared, and those who
voted for work and those who
went to work would be branded
by the U.M.W. of A.
Everything is quiet at Nanaimo and the result of the ballot
will not be known until Monday.
The question is being asked what
are the demands made by the U.
M.W.ofA. upon the Western Fuel
Company. We have been for
almost eight months trying to
find out what the demands wen;
against the Canadian Collieries,
and so far have failed.
Now is the time for Nanaimo to
lake a decided stand against the
U. M. W. of A. for all lime and
inform them their organization is
not required on Vancouver Island.
The was a large attendance at
the enthusiastic meeting of the
various committee hold on Tucb-
day evening lo further consider
(he yith of May sports. The
meeting was unanimous in saying
that the Empire Day celebration
this year would by far excel any
previous efforts. All the committee are now at work to make
the coming 24th a red letter day
for Cumberland. A detailed report of the meeting will appear
in oor next issue.
The following are the customs
collections for the undermention-r
ed towns for the month of April:
Cumberland ... $532fkll
Courtenay  1      i*5.68
Comox   '17.10
Union Bay    186.16
Ladysmith    224.42
Nanaimo   9968.03
Hlberni...      52.28
Port Alberni     863.38
Edward C. Emde left for Victoria by auto on Wednesday
\ Mrs. John Gillespie was among
the passengers on Thursday
morning's train.
Dr. D. E. Kerr, dentist, will be
at Union Bay. May 8th to 14th.
and after that at Cumberland
until 24_i.li,
Wesley Willard, .1. 1'., was a
passenger by Thursday morning's
train on a business trip to Victoria.
.lames Abrams, judge of the
small debts court, left by Thursday's Charmer for Victoria.
Mr. John Newton, inspector of
mines, arrived by Sunday's train
and returned to Nanaimo on Tuesday.
Mr. aud Mrs. Hugh Tliornlcy
were passengers by Sunday's
Cowichan, returning on Wednesday.
Thos. D. McLean, the lead'ng
jeweler, left for Vancouver by
Sunday's train and returned
Wednesday evening.
FOR RENT - Furnished cottage, containing live rooms, hot
and cold water. Apply Islander
A new Ford Touring Car arrived by Tuesday evening's Charmer for Thomas Poarce of Happy
Found, a sum of money. Party
claiming same mustgivo description and pay cost of advertising.
Apply W. C. Fairy.
Dr, R. E. McKcch-nie, of Vancouver, arrived on Tuesday, and
performed two operations, one
upon Mrs. James Hood, the other
upon Mrs. Arch Milligan, at the
Comox and Union District Hospital, Both patients are reported
to be doing as well as may be expected.
The employees of the Canadian
Collieries have decided to hold
their final dance for the season
on Friday, May 9th. The committee in charge will not send out
invitations on this occassion, it
being understood that all those
who received invitations to the
previous dances tlie same holds
good for May 9th.
Gun licences are now ready for
distribution to the public.
Sportsmen, who must comply
with new regulations,may receive
these on application to Came
Warden Dawlcy at Courtenay or
Government, Agent John Baird
at the Provincial Court House.
All those carrying firearms without a licence will be prosecuted,
The executive of the Cumberland and Courtenay Automobile
Association have decidved lo hold
their grand ball in Pechncr's
Hall, CoiirU'ii.'i\, on Friday, the
20th June, The. docoratjons are
expected to be superb. A six
piece orchestra will supply the
music, while Ibe price of admission 1111-111111111; -supper will be $7
a couple with: $2 extra for additional lady. The members of-the
association will furnish transportation to '.hose attending the ball,
using tb eir own automobiles for
that prjrposc.,
In the matter of an application
for a fresh certificate of title to
\tovt 210, Comox District;
NOTICE is hereby Riven of my
int bntion at the expiration of one
cal rndar month from the first
pul Wication hereof to issue a fresh
cer itificate of title in lieu of the
cei -tificate of title issued to An-
dr iw Lewis Galarno on the 9th
da y of June, 1897, and numbered
36 93 C, which has been lost.
Di ited at LanJ Registry Office.
Victoria. H- this 12th day of
March. Jc*p « Y WOOTON
Registrar General of Titles.
Judge Dayton Charges U. M W.
of A. with Conspiring with
Rival Cob! Operators.
Wben the United Mine Work*
ers of America, some live or six
years ago, were carrying on lhe j
campaign of disruption that end- j
ed in the difastrous strike of-
1909 at various Nova Scotian coal
mines, the coal operators were I
greatly laughed at because Ihey j
stated their belief that thcactivt-
liesof tbe U. M. W. of A. were
not entirely unconnected with the
desires of the American coal i
operators to control the markets
where Nova Scotian coal came
into sharp competition with coal
from, the United States. Later
developments proved that the
suspicions of the Nova Scotian
coal owners were very well
founded, and an interesting sidelight on the local situation is
given by an important judicial
decision recently handed down in
West Virginia in connection with
an injunction again1'! tho U. M.
W. of A. asked for by the Hitch-
man Coal and Coke Co., of
Wheeling, West Virginia.
In 1909, Judge Dayton, of the
District Court for lhe Northern
District of West Virginia, .granted a preliminary injunction
against the U. M. W. of A. restraining Ihem from picketing
the mines of the Hitchman Coal
Co. After legal proceedings extending over the whole of the
intervening period, Judge Dayton
in December, 1912, confirmed the
injunction and made it perpetual.
The reasons actuating the decision
are so apposite to the conditions
that existed in Nova Scotia previous to the strikes of 1909 as to
be well worth quoting. Judge
Dayton sums up as follows:
"I conclude, therefore, that
this organization, known as tbe
United Mine Workers of America,
is .an unlawful one, because in its
constitutions, obligations for
memberships, and rules which
(1) requires its members to surrender their individual freedom
of action, (2) seeks to require, in
practical effect, all mine workers
to become members of it whether
desirous of doing so or not, (3)
seeks to control, and restrict, if
not. to destroy, tho right of the
mine owner lo contract with its
employees independent of the
organization, (1) to exclude his
right to employ non-union labour
if he desires, (5) to limit his right
to discharge, in tho absence of
contract, whom he pleases,and for
any cause or reason which to him
seems proper, (0) assumes tho
right on its pari, by and through
its officers, to control the mine
owners business by shutting
down bis mine, calling out his
men on indefinite strike in obedience to their obligation to the
union, whether the men desire to
quit work or not, whenever the
union's officers deem it for the
best interest of lhe union, regardless of the rights and interests of
the. mine owner, and regardless
of his direct loss and damages
and such indirect loss and damages as may be incurred by him
by reason of the resulted violation
of contracts by him with others.
"I further conclude that it is
an unlawful organization because
of its procedure and practices in
that (1) it seeks to create a monopoly of mine labour such as to
enable it. as an organization, to
control the coal-mining business
of the country, and (2) has by
express contract joined in a com-
Meeting held in the Council
Chamber, Monday evening, Present : His Worship Mayor Camp-
pell in the chair. Aid. Maxwell,
Beveridge, Coe, Richards, Miller,
and A. McKinnon city clerk.
The minutes of the previous
meeting were passed as read.
There were no communications.
The following accounts were
submitted and referred   to lhe
Finance Committee: -
Canadian Collieries Co.
Electric Lighting Co. -
A. II. Kerstead	
O. A. Taylor       .     .
Alterations and addition to the
City Hall were discussed and Mr.
Anderson   appeared   liefore the
council and offered to finance the
Aid. Maxwell mo
Output for Local Mines for April
41,553 tons, an Increase of
4,312 tons over March.
Comparing the output from
month to month in a coal mining
centre generally gives the outer
world an idea of lhe advance
made in that particular district.
The Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir
Ltd., in addition to the enormous
development work which is being
carried on at Bevan nnd No, 8,
have produced from their local
mines during the month of April
41,653 Ions of coal being an increase of 4,312 tons over the
month of March, and an increase
d, Aid. Coe 0f 12,012 tons over the month of
seconded, that the rent of the January of this year.
city hall bo reduced to $30 per
month from the lime the lumber
was on the ground.
Mr. Horbury appeared before
the council on behalf of the U.
M. W. of A. to ask for the use of
the city park on May 1st to hold
sports etc, The request was
Aid. Beveridge moved, Aid Coe
seconded, that the Fire Chief be
asked to submit a list of citizens
to act as fire brigade.
The council adjourned without
transacting any important business.
bination and conspiracy with a
body of rival operators, resident
in other states, to control, restrain
and to a certain extent destroy
the coal trade of the Stale of West
Virginia. It has spent fourteen
years of time and hundreds of
thousands of dollars to accompT'sh
this unlawful purpose. The rules
of law relating to the responsibly
of individual members concerned
in such a combination are plain
and well defined."
The coal operators who are
joined with the U. M. W. of A.
in this injunction are the unionized operators of Western Pcnn-
Indiana, Ohio, and Illinois, known
as the "contracting" States. The
leaders of the U. M. W. of A.
have undertaken, at the request
of the coal operators of these
four states, to unionize West Virginia, hence the strike af Cabin
and Paint Creek that have been
distinguished liy the anarchy
which seems lo be inseparable
from the methods of lhe CM.
W. of A.
From a strategical point of
view, it was no doubt very good
business on the part of the U.M.
W. of A, leaders and ihe Pennsylvania operators to attempt to
absorb ami control I lie mine
workers of Nova Scotia. Had
these gentlemen succeeded il is
beyond doubt thai last year, instead of lhe Nova Scotian coal
mines producing their record output, and thereby netting Ihe
Provincial t.easury lhe largest
sum for royalties yet collected,
they would have become caught
in tbe maelstrom of American
labour politics, and would have
been laid idle by lb" leaders of
the U.M.W. of A. in "sympathy"
with the strikers in Illinois and
other places in the States. From
their actions in the past it is
evident lhat the toiighlful miners
of Nova Scotia do net intend to
sacrifice themselves to the inordinate ambition of the labour
oligarchy in the United States,
particularly when it is seen that
the effects of the U. M. W. of A.
smooths lhe path of the sales
agent of tie United States coal
operator.—The Canadian Mining
On April 30th No. 4 Mine
hoisted 720 tons of coal in 8 hours
making it the largest output in a
single shift in the history of tbe
mine. No. 5 Mine on the same
day produced in eight hours -10(1
tons. The output for No. 6 on
that day was 303 tons, while No.
7 hoisted 339 tons, making a total
of 1762 tons for a single shift of
eights hour?.
The output for the weekending
Friday May 2nd total 8,954 tons.
These figures, which are absolutely correct and wc defy any member of the U. M. W. of A. to contradict them, say a great deal for
this district. It almost places
Cumberland in a normal condition
such as existed previous to the
so called holiday.
Popular Manager Resigns.
W. E. Lawrence, -general manager for Simon Lcisor &■ Co. in
this city, has resigned his position
and expects to leave for Harrison
Hot Springs about tbe 15th of
May, where he will recuperate
for a few weeks.
Mr. Lawrence, during his stay
in Cumberland, has taken an
active part in all public affairs
having for their object (he progress and prosperity of Cumberland, and is now vice-president
of the board of trade. His numerous friends will regret to bear
of his departure, and we wish
Mr. .and Mrs. Lawrence every
success wherever Ihey may
decide to locale.
,1. I.. Sutherland, successor to
W. E. Lawrence, arrived by,
Wednesday evening's train.
Fatal Accident.
Thomas Smith was accidentally
killed in No. 5 mine on Saturday
morning while taking dotvn some
cap rock.
CoronorAbrams held an inquest
at the Provincial Court House on
Monday. After hearing the 1 vi-
doncc of Henry Loightun, a lire
boss, and Arthur Herb, Tt, u mule
driver of No. 5 mine, also Dr. G.
K. McNaughton and (i. N. Bertram, the jury, who tad visited
lhe scene of the accident, returned the following verdict:
Wc, the undersigned jury cm-
panelled to investigate tli" cause
of the death of Thomas Smith,
do find in the evidence, produced
lhat the deceased met his death
by a fall of rock in No. 5 stall,
on the west side of No. 2 incline,
No. 5 Mine, of the Canadian
Collieries (Dunsmuir) Ltd.',which
we consider accidental. J. W.
Cook, foreman, B. C. Emde,
William Jones, Harry Wii'--on, A.
0. Slaughter and Jofjeph Shaw.
1 untlnusd ftoui l.ist n-rek.
In generating power for colliery
installations an important consideration is one of economy;and
large horse-powers generated at
a central station will be morn
economical Hum small ones scattered all over the place. In the
case of a central generating plant
it can easily be split up, and
transmitted to any desired point
of application and a central electrical plant will in this respect
prove more economical than power generated al a number of small
stations, i'he cost of maintenance and supervision will he. less
if the work is properly concentrated. The question consists
chiefly of adaptability of machinery, concetration and distribution
and the form of power which
lends itself to this combination
claims the advantage over other
forms. A combination of electricity and compressed air has
proved useful for operating machinery about a colliery. The.
more we ran simplify these varied
operations and actuate each from
a common source greater economy
will be realised. In dealing with
any system of power transmission
the whole matter boils down to
one of dollars and cents. In dealing with colliery installations it
is best in all cases to provide for
li,e plant being of very ample
size, because if it works satisfactorily il is generally found that
extensions are quickly made, and
the severe usage to which colliery
machinery is subjected make the
more costly plant the cheapest ill
the long run.
In the last article it was stated
that an electrical horse-power
was equal to 716 watts. The output of a dynamo is usually expressed in kilowatts; and 1000
watts equal 1 kilowatt, therefore
the power of any given output
equals r"„ equals electrical horsepower. The brake horse-power
necessary to give this electrical
horse power is found by proportion from the commercial efficiency of the dynamo, and this
brake horse-power is the power
that is actually required at the
dynamo pulley and is equal to the
power left for actual work after
the power absorbed by the friction of its own parts has been
deducted, and tbe effective horsepower (which is tbe power imparted by the steam iii the cylinder to lhe piston), necessary lo
give this brake horse-power must,
be calculated at about 20 per cent.
lo 25 per cent, more than the
power required at the dynamo
pulley, 'recalculate the amount
of energy expended lake the
amperes, volts antl time in hours.
multiply those together and divide the product by one thousand
'7,!.;1 equal kilowatt, hours.
TO RENT Ten acres al Happy
Valley, four acres cleared, new
dwelling house. $10 per month
For further particulars apply
Hardv and BiScoe, Courueniiv,
WANTED -Lots or acreage for
which will trade some slock iii
one of Vancouver's leading-finan
rial companies that is earning 12
per cent. Property must be unencumbered. Address "B-46,''
Tbe Islander.
that thirty days alter date application will be made to the [superintendent of Provincial Police for
a Hotel Licence to sell liquors by
retail in the hotel to be known aa
the Hotel Bevan, situate at Bevan
commonly known as No 7, in the
Furnished Rooms. toRcint, stove district of Comox.
heated.   For particulars applv at' HUGH THORNLEY.
this office. Dated April 4th, 1913. THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND.   R. C.
One Calls Him an Amateur Sailor, Unable lo Command a Fleet
Berlin, Germany.—1 he kaiser's act-
[vines ao a auoor were uttierljj aituca-
ci uy lue soiialists in tho reUiis.ug
discussion ut Uie uaval
I ptoves the quality o£ breast milk
I —it supplies the material for bone
t and muscle—if scanty nr thin, Eg
it mokes it rich and abundant.
For bottle babies a lew drops
I of emulsion with every feeding
produces marvelous effects-
makes new, lin.i flesh ami ruddy
I cream of tlie. purest cod liver oil
delicately emulsified into liny
particles resembling maternal
j milk snd each particle is coated
vvjili glycerine—no alcohol er
stimulant—a wholesome, nourish-
I ing, strength-making fond.
Mothers every where are enthusiastic about Scott's Emutsioh.
Ittcht on getting SCOTT'S.
Sa.ii & i>. wu-.-. Toroulo, ouumo 12-64
A  Near Thine)
Dolan met (Inncy.
Good morn-ng to ye, Clancy, said I
k>olaa. Oi hear that your .huh Dinny
fe&S j;ne;l the police force.
No, not exactly, answered Clancy.
3ie hasn't jlnfd them, but he goes
Wong wid them a grcal deal.
u ir.ng uif discussion ui me uaval esu»j
alt 3.
U was proposed by ihe government'
that 52,500.000 should be spent on rebuilding ihe royal yacht Hohenaollern, I
rn the ground that the vessel, which
wits bull: in 1890, is nuw old and not
luxurious, fast ur safe eu-ju^ii Cor pre*!
sent purposes.
Herr Ledebour, the socialist, oppos-l
ul the proposal, declaring that :he'
naval estimates took into considers-1
lion only warship^ and not pleasure) nervous. 1 just rollowed the direct-
yachts tor the kaiser. If ths kaiser, ions, and 1 can tell you thai nothing
as commander-in-chief requires an of-11 know of i3 surer to cure croupy
ficlal vessel said Herr l.edebour, ev- colds than Nervillne,
ery battleship has special suites of "In our home we use NervtHno fre-
rooms for that purpose. If the kills- nuently. For cold in the oh est, pleur-
er wants a private ship let him pay ton lay, hoarseness, etc., it is simply won-
it himself. [derful,     My husband uses it for rheu-
\ n other   Socialist    member    went; in at ism, and" 1 often employ it for n euro Iglu and sick headache.      N< rvlline
For Croupy Children
Keep 'Nerviline* Handy
It   Positively  Brings Children  Out of
Linger and  ReUtvea at Once
A   Mother   Tells   Her   Experience
"Bringing up young children has its
resputi&.o.ii.its uuuer lih* beat of circumstance's," writes Mrs. K. c. Kuban, of iiu lines* Corners, "but croup..
colds add considerable to the worry.
My little family of four all went
through the croupy era, but 1 always
had NerviKne on hand and never felt
I further, declaring iii t the kaiser was
utterly  uufll  to enmmoud  any nawil
| maneuver, never having passed any
examination or test. Me was merelj
..ii amateur sailor.
Admiral von Tirpltz, Che naval piln-
later, proto 'e.l warmly against the
last Bpeei h,      li- d clared thai  th
ka'ser's knowledge of nuvnl  matters  faj0
■was complete,  .'is  he  had  often  had:
reason Lo ascertain pTsonally during
the las' twenty-five y-^ars.
The gnvprnnient's proposal "its fin
ally adopted In spite of the Socialist
has ho many use- that no mother can
afford tu be without it."
The large family size bottle, whieli
sells al 60c, Is the most economical;
trial B.26, 86c. Vour storekeeper or
druggist sells Nervlllne, which is prepared hv The Catarrhozone Co., Bur-
N. Y.
ll'r-l]   Man—1
daughter just
on Id
don t wi
--Why. certainly!
man—Thai   is ^sufficient,
int any idiots in my family
Geneva.—The women nf Chaux-de*
9Pontls. Swltaerland, who have formed
». league to demand tlie vote, do not
iifce the word suffragettes, and they
!&ave substituted suffragines, which
4hey say is more harmonious.
The Reason Why
DobbinF—I Fay. old fellow, you are
ap-eRins thin since you retired from'
Tobbins (ex-coal-dealer) — That's
WWCfit. You see, I don't weigh as
touch as 1 did.
Mlnard's Lln'ment Relieves Neuralgia.
Candidates for the Flitch
London. —The   com tn i t tee   of
JDur-mo'Y  Flitch of Bacon  trials have
fiecided to hold 'he ancient court on
(august  Bank holiday.      Already one
.'jouDle bave written asking to be al-1 Kidney
fowed in stand their trial for tlie ma-1 Tablet
Wmoni.il prize.
Remarkable Costumes Turned Out by
Paris Dressmakers for Racing
Season's Opening
Paris, France.—Auteuil    presented
s much if she had no, a most brill.h-h appearance tuiu week
on the occasion oi the opening of the
Paris   racing     season,    .Mannequins
were conspicuous hy their absence, as
the fashionable dressmakers have apparently  agreed not to send any for
the present in pursuance of their new
policy of Strict secrecy until late in
the a-'ason.
But tho public In general were nevertheless afforded au opportunity ot
viewing what will he worn this spring
by smart women. Never before at
such an assembly had colors so startling been seen nor such bewildering
contrasts, two, three and even four
different shades being worn at the
same time.
These flaring colors appear to have
absolutely superseded the sober blue
serge so popular during thp last few
years. There waB not a single costume of the latter color to be seen,
i well-] Another feature which will nndoubt-
known resident of this place, whose ■ odly form a keynote of the spring fash-
Ill-health had been a matter of much, ion's is the exceedingly elaborate skirt,
concern to h<r friends, is telling of! both in cloth and in silk, fully draped
the cure she found for all her troubles from the back and narrowing to al-
in Dodd's Kidney Pills and Dodd's Uya- most hobble skirt dimensions ln the
pepsia Table-is, hem.     An ingenious and picturesque
"My health h fine now," Mrs. Sa- arrangement of the .drapery of the
voy says, in an interview. "The j skirt, which Is cut up in front almost
pains are gone from  my  side    and | to  the knee  In  the  shape  of a
New Brunswick Woman Tells How
She Was Rescued from III Health
By the Twin Remedies, Dodd's Kidney Pills and Dodd's Dyspepsia
Tablets. /
Neguac, Allain P.O.,  N.B.   (Special).—Mrs.-Joseph G.  Savoy
Pilgrimage by Motorcycle
tendon .—Several Irish priest!, propose making n pilgrimage to Lourdes
S>y motorcycle, says The Motor-Cycle.
*Riey intend to land in France, ride
to lhe Pyrenean town and return to
tbe coast via Paris.
ami when 1 go to bed    I    ran
Before I started using Dodd's
Pills  and   Dodd's   Dyspepsia
I could   net    eat   anything
heavy such as meat, but now I can
versed V, assures perfect freedom of
Low shoes, mostly of bronze color,
but in some cases matching the dress
and almost invariably with red Moroc-
At. the close of his lulk before a
■Sunday school the bishop invited
A tiny boy with while eager face
HZ once held up his hand. Please
far, said he, why was Adam never a
Tbe bishop coughed In doubt as to j 	
what answer to give, but a little girl. J Explorer Covered by the  Rifle of an
the   eldest   of   several   brothers   audi    Arap Fanatic While He Did it
Misters, came promptly to his aid. London,    England.—Lecturing    at
Please  sir, she answered, smartly,
■.'here \v:is nobody to nurse him.
eat practically what I please with uoj co heels, are worn with the new skirls,
ill effects." As to coats, they are usually of Ihe
Mrs. Savoy was In a gencrnllv run- si"lle color as lhe skirt- but always
down condition and lier cure came! a brilliant hue, in shape Ihey are gen-
about, hv using the natural remedies. I crally short ant cut away. Some of
Dotlds Kidney Pills cured and Invlg- the more popular shades seen today-
are grass green, Da Barry red and
practically every other shade of red.
sky blue and bottle green—the latter
being generally si-en in velvet—orange. bulT and brilliant mauve.
One of the most. startling models
was that nf a coat of extraordinary col
ored cloth, cut away In front, over a
skirt of large check cinnamon taffeta;
the skirt revealed very low velve' slippers antl embroidered silk stockings
The costume was completed by a collar of brilliant yellow fox fur. Another dress which attracted much attention  was of bright orange  velvet
orated her kidneys, tints purifying bet-
blood and improving the circulation.
Dodd's Dyspepsia Tablets insured
proper digestion of her food, thus furnishing the body with the nutrition lt
required. Women with healthy kidneys and soanrl digestion can afford
lo laugh at the minor ills of life. '
What sort of a chap is old Squallop?
Well when you hold out two cigars
to him   to  offer   him  his  choice,  li
takes both.
the Camera Club upon his travels iu I trimmed with skunk, and with a mult
Egypt and Arabia Julian Grande Stat-1 to match. Small ha's, generally
>d Umt he succeeded In entering the: very simnlv trimmed with either tiny
shrine called Aaron's Tomb on the topi slnpl" nuill or lancer plume, appear to
of Mount 1 lor. which is jealously I be most favored,
iltuai'utd by Mohammedans, and In The general imnression gathered bv
taking a photograph of the Interior, I observers of the first fashionable meet-
though he was covered by the rifle of
Arab fanatic
ImiMWli! Jew«"had'be.
I mm i-&,
Ing of tbe new season is that the
spring modes will he calculated to Increase by a good deal the yearly expenditure of well-dressed women.
"2S WJBandta Have Been Help cd
3y Common Sense .
He found there not only some Arabian inscriptions but also certain Hebrew letters which had evidently been
cut at a remote date, as for ages nol    Llltle Joe (reading)—What is a Been permitted to approach tltious character, aunty?
lie was unable to copy      Atmty—niv that is made nn, d"ar.
cms in    the    brief   time      J,<t!le Joe—Then vou are a fictitious
available, hut  i,0 believed  lhat  they character, aren't you. aunty?'
would yield remarkable Information.  I '       	
Mount liar, where, according to tra-l     ^,_^ „ow Uo , Unow you love
_ It. tradition, Aaron died and was buried,
rises sixty miles lo the south of the
Deatl sea to a height of 47Su feet, The
shrine on Us summit Is famous, but
has never been examined by a competent archeologlst, If the Hebrew Inscription Is mi ancient dale, as Mr.
Grande suggests, its importance may
be great.
Tlie'oldest Hebrew that remains Is
found on the Moabite stone about 850
B.C., now In the Louvre, nnd In an
inscription In the tunnel of the Pool ol
Slloam, discovered in 1S80 at Jerusalem, six lltms In length and dating to
.ihutit 700 B.C.
A Hideous Fix
a bideoUB pickle.
"""/omen cufferin;; from any form of f e-
Rf.uu'o ills are Invited to communicute
promptly with the woman's private corre*
•ooadence department of the Lydia E.
S*Sai.-fa«jn Medicine Co., Lynn, Mass.
XeKir letter will be opened, read and
suunrered by a woman anil held in Btrict
sJMfldence. A woman can freely talk of
*cr private illness to a woman; thus has
♦«■& established a confidential ccrre-
KpMidenco which has extended over
'au.'iy years and which has never b"en
tooiea. Never havo they published a
testimonial or used a letter without the
Nwitten consentof the writer, and never
i-rM the Company allowed tiicie conftden*
«&>! letters to get out of their possession,
'» «b« hundreds of thousands cf tiem ia
Mfcair files will a'.'.cat.
Out of tho vast volume of experience
Whiri they havo to draw from, it i3 more On the train out Medford way. Sub-
■&.-an possible that they possess tbe very ; hubs got into conversation with c
i't.MJwledfo needed iu your case. Koth- j stranger, who remarked: I see you are
beta askedin return except your good  f111"'"'" "I1 a good many new build-
Yes, answered Subhubs; new build-
| lugs are the only kind we p'H up.
A--I am
it—How so
A—I havo not got anything lo eat,
and all I vc got to pawn are my false
teeth, ami if I pawn them and
buy something to eat then I can't eat
it. I never was in such a hideous
:i:: Iu all my life.
me T
He—Why,  I  can't sleep  at  nights
thinking of you.
Site—That  proves    nothing.        Pa
can't sleep at nights thinking of you
but I hardly think it is love.
Only the uninformed endure the
agony nf corns. Tbe knowing ones
apply Ilolloway's Corn Cure and gel
Well Named
What's that you call your mule?
1 call him Corporation, answered the
old colon il man. ,
How did you come to give hum such
a name'.'
P um slttdylu' de animal and' readln'
de papers. Dat uiulu gits mo' blame
an' abnso dan anything elso in de
township, an' goes ahead bavin' his
own way jest de same.
A Different Matter
I ever get hold   of   Binks   111
Twelve Drowned  in Wreck
Hull. England.—The   trawler,   Admiral Togo, was wrecked off Reykjavik, Iceland.    The   crew   of   twelve
were drowned.
wM, x.d their advico has helped thou-
ICtuuk.   Surely any
•BKr.ssia, rich or poor,
5*i«w.J be glad to
ta!;-,* jdvnntcce of
this generous offer
at assistance.   Ad-
iimu Lydia E. Pink-
C-.UU Medicine Co.,
'{araAden 'ii!,1 Lynn,
-:<£aj!c\. ~**v£a g~7iJiAK5f4
>''fery woman ought to havo
vjy-dljj,   E. Pinlfhr.m's   SO-paso
' T.e.it Book.  It ta not a ijooU for L°na Ransi* A|rships
■tftf^j-al siijtrlbution, 'as lt Is too      Berlin -Great   radius   of   action,
'je-^rmivfl.   It is free aud only I r'i""<'r 'f" ^ ,,s', a,I,;cor.llini; l0,a
SSStoMa by  mall.   Y/ritO  fol I *-^|"'-"tb.v Admiral  Tlrpiu  In the
^ttknji , *        ii--." '»i   reichstag to be the chief requirement
.ttoaay. | o! |m, (j,.rm;in admiralty in their plain
"" — — " for the development of the naval air
W. N. U. 942 'fleet.
Vnni. ,l.i,,—!>-| will refill!
OINTMENT fails to cure
ins*. Ul ml, Bleeding or
... 0 lo 11 days,    50c.
I money If PA30
any case of Itch.
Protruding Pile*
thrash blm so that his mother wouidu't
recognize him.
What's tho matter?
He's been slandering me. He says
that 1 did him out of $-o in a poker
Not at all. I heard the remark
What did he say?
Ho said that you did him out of
$25,000 in a cotton deal.
Oil, well, then, I suppose it ls all
right. I hardly thought, he was the
kind of man to go round telling stories
that reflected on my character.
Help to Suppress Opium
Pekin.—The National Anti-opium
congress, with a view to assisting
China to suppress the opium trade.
will appeal to the Young Men's Christian and Missionaries societies
throughout the world to open funds
for the purchase of as large a portion
as possible of tbe opium stocks a: the
treaty ports. The stocks will be
Extremists     Say      That
bhould  Have Attacked
Years .-.jo
Paris, Prance.—i-iuu^ea
the luciea^e  uf  lUu uuftuttU u.
QstiCUaSsiQ not olli}  iu milUaO  I
uul ui4o overs vvucfe uy iue luum
street,    'me   news  i..ai   me   i
government proposes iu sy^uu
uou.ooij ou luvreoscd arinaiueu.s Uas
given the country reasou to iu.uk tur>
t.u-iiiuuy is filled with confidence
ilbuut tne superiority ot uer army over
all others, and has. pruuuly declared
that su long us sue wus all powerful
on laud she eo.ild well aflorJ lu leuve
Great Britain Hie command uf the
.Now however it ts becoming clear
that Germany's claim is not to go uu-
challenged, and that the defensive and
olleusiie value ol the Triple La:eille
is about to be fundamentally caanged
for tha better.
It Is realized here that the united
power of ilre.it Britain, France, and
itua.--ia will in a few years become the
mightiest In the world,,both un laud
und sea nnd in the air, and that Uer-
many Is faced after Jill with a very
heavy task.
Tlie adversaries of the Triple Alliance are now busy showing that lt
ought never to have been renewed, as
the association with Austria aud Italy
is bringing nothing bin difficulties for
'I lie bill for increasing the German
peace army to 866,000, a; an additional
cost of $40,iHi0.mili a year is be ng discussed by ihe federal council, and will
be passed without dltllcully by lhe
reichstag. I! must be stn'ed that
public opinion is not over-enthusiastic
about this new expense, and that any
further development would meet witii
Aniong tlie wildest of lhe pun-Germans Prance's reply to Germany's armament has caused only .fury. AJer-
many ought tn bave attacked Prance
several years ago,.they say, when the
French army was in a riiore unfavorable condition. Germany missed her
chance, but it is urged tbat even now
It would be better than two years
hence, when Franco has reached the
maximum of her defensive strength.
Fortunately for European peace the
government holds a more reasonable
view of the situation. S'lll, the war
party Is hard at work and ' nobody
knows where it may lead Germany.
"Wormy." that's what's lhe matter of 'em, Blomaoh and
intestinal worms. Nearly us L;,d as Uttleinper. L'ust you
too much to feed 'em. Look bad—aro bad. lion't physio
'em lo death. Epohn's Cure will ri-ioove tin- worms. Impt-ova
the appstte, and lone 'em up u 1 round uud don't "physic."
Acts on glands snd blood. lull directions with eaeli bottle.
and sold by all druggists.
SPOHN MEDICAL CO.. Chemists. Goshen, Ind., U.S.A.
Court and Society   In St.    Petersburg
E**tcltcd by Sensational Crime
Berlin, Germany.—A St. Petersburg telegram to ihe Taegllohe Rundschau gives details of a sensational
murder mystery which has shaken the
Innermost court and society circles.
Mine. Tletue, tho wife of a wealthy
Russian engineer, was iuund murdered
in her homo near St. Petersburg a
few days ago. She bad received several visitors but at the time her body
was discoiered the house was empty,
The police arrested two prominent
members of   tbe   aristocracy
charge of killing Mine, Thleme.
Huron tlelsmar. was   appreh
Prochrajensk, near   St.    Petersburg,
and  tnnde a confession  whlc  in   i
lated M. Halma'ow,
of the foreign ollice.
taken Into cus'ody.
Honors at Eighty-Five for Man wha
Lived for Years in Poverty
Paris, 1-ranee.—At the age ot 85
and leading till lately a life of penury,
M. Charles Tellter, the inventor of a
system of cold storage, was decorated
recently with the cross of the legion
of honor and entertained at a banquet
bv the International Cold Storage Association.
A few months ngn It was found that
the inventor was living almost ln want
and a subscription was raised which
provided for his simple wants.     His
story had been like that of many In-
ventors before him.    lie sacrificed his
n   a j life to science and  thirty years ago
Une,, found a method of freezing food by
t j means of two new chemicals—methy.
lie ether and   trlm-tbylamlne.      He
developed bis theories, built laborator-
former official   les, perfected his success, and In 1876
He   was   also  constructed n shin.   La,  Frlgorlfique,
I which tool; a cargo of  frozen    meat
Both men ar<- widely known ln so- from Itoucii tn I
ctcty. und their nrrest causes one of, with Ihe llrst car
the greatest sensations In St. Peters-, become an article
burg In recent years.
Plata and returned
of wha: has since
world-wide trade.
Attacked by a Tame Lion
Rome.—The young lion which Princess Radzlwill recently took to a factory fancy dress hall in a chariot was
being taken out fer exercise ou a
leash in the Zoological Gardens recently, when it got loose. Tbe animal sprang on the infant son of Count
Uachl, a former Italian minister at
Huenos Aires and Inflicted a serious
wound on the boy's forehead with Its
Fair .Maid—I   wonder  what
the flight of time?
Brilliant Young .Man—It Is probably
urged on by the spur of the moment.
Sure Proof
Elsie—What Is the matter with
your little sister?
Oracle—Chlckenpox, I believe.,
Elsie—What makes you think that?
Grade—Cos I found two feathers
in her bed this morning.
Marlon Bridge. C.R., May 30, '02.
I have handled MINARD'S LINIMENT during the past year, lt Is
always the lirst Liniment asked lor]
here, and unquestionably the best sell-j
er of all the different kinds of Lini- j
incut   1   handle.
Most Deadly Insult One Can Offer to
Paris Policeman
Paris.—The most deadly insult oue
cau oiler a French policeman is to
say to hltn: Heath to the cows.
A few days ago iu the Reunes appeal
court M. de Savlgnou Laromblere, the
judge explained io a policeman that a
cow was a noble and beautiful animal,
and therefore its name could not be
considered a term of opprobrium. The
next day a,vagabond who came up on
appeal before ,M tie Savlgnou Laromblere had his original term of imprison-.'..-in doubled. On hearing the sentence lhe prisoner called the judge an
old cow.
Immediately the judge, forgetting
his philosophic defense of a few days
before, ordered the vagabond s term
of Imprisonment to be further Increased by live years for Insulting
Given Sw.-ts to Keen Them Quiet
During the Ceremony
Bombay.—Four hundred weddings
were celebrated simultaneously at Sur«
at among members of the Lewa Kun.
hi caste.
None of the brides were over 12
years ef age, the majority being from
1 lo 7 years old. while the bridegrooms
varied from il to 0.
Most of Uie contracting parties sat
or lay on lhe laps of their parents during the ceremony, and were given
sweets to keep them quiet.
The caste only celebrates weddfnga
every ten or twelve years.
Small boy (to porter)—I say, mister,
want me to help yer?
Porter (contemptuously) — Bah!
What kin you do?
Small Boy—Me? Oh, I'll grunt whllt
you lift.
A   Remedy  for  Earache.—To have
i lhe earache is to endure torture.    The
j ear Is a delicate organ and few care
I to deal with lt, considering it work
! for a doctor:     Dr. Thomas' Electric!
Oil offers a simple remedy.     A few
i drops upon a piece of lint or medicated  cotton  and  placed  ln the ear
will work wonders in relieving pain.
Prisoner Escapes by Answering
Name of Another Man        \
Paris.—A clever escape from prison
has just been made by a man named
Cliarnpeau, who was detained at the
Sante Prison.
He was placed ln a cell with other
prisoners, including a man named
Bruteau, who was about to be released,
A policeman went to the cell and called the name Bruteau. A man stepped
forward, was taken to the ollice, and
after signing a paper ln the name of
Bruteau, was set at liberty.
Next morning the real Bruteau applied for his release, and the ruse was
then discovered, But instead of getting his release, Bruteau has now
been charged with helping his cell
companion to  escape. |
London.—Applications for increases
ot wages by carters and laborers made
nearly twelve months ago were dealt
with by the Macclesfield towu council, recently.
She gave  me back my heart,  but
It was a different thing
When I requested her to send
Me back that diamond ring.
Do not be misled —
Ask for "PERRIN'S" Glove,
and look (ot the trade-mark.
PerrinV Gloves
are famous for their
Style, Fit and Finish.
Cloves that are MOT stamped
with either the trade.mark
or the name "Perrln's Make"
are not Ihe genuine.
The Home on lhe
A Story of General Wash*
ington's Secret Service
There still stands un the Hm-kensnck
river, lu .New Jersey, ufter weathering
the poll I Ira I and atmospheric storms of
lieiirly two centuries, n Hue specimen
i»t the homesteads built by the early
Dutch settler* in America, #t wns forty years old vvheu the Uevolutluunry
•war opened, and Iiu original owner h-ul
then lung punned a way.
When It was huilt the country round
about It was infested by Indians They
stole it son ef the owner, and so ions
us lie lived there he and Ids family
were in terror nf other depredations,
A recent investigation of a historical
society bus repealed au ingenious contrivance whereby If besieged hy savages those who lived lu the house
might make their escape.
When Washington wua en Med to the
chief commnnd uf the American armies
his tlrst duties were ut Ronton, then
New Vork city, then New Jersey.
While opera ti UK In the latter field the
old Dutch house on the, RnckensticK
lay between him ami Manhattan Island nu ground belonging to neither
Itritlsh nor Americans. The homestead
was nt the time occupied by John Old-
ersha w, a n ti rlstucra t It* Kngl Ishtnn n
who had turned what means be hnd
into cash and emigrated to America.
His family consisted of a wife nnd
two children, the latter having been
burn in America. The mother was ill
suited to the rude life of a new country aud lived lu the hope of some day
returning to Kngland. Both she and
her husband were hitler Tories, but
their children, who had never been in
tlie mother c.iuniry, sympathized secretly with tht? patriot cause. They
■were a young man, Edgar, aged twenty-two, and a daughter, Anne, aged
One evening -General Howe, commanding nt New York, with certain
ipeuibers uf his staff, rode out over the
Jersey Hats between the city and the
rising ground beyond on a tour or re-
connofssam-e aud at nightfall stopped
at the Oldershaw innnslou. Too late
In the day tu return tu his heudipnir-
ters, he suffered himself to be persuaded to remain all night, with Ills attendants, and was entertained by Mr. Old*
During the evening he and his host
■at over a bottle ut port wine, and the
general, warmed hy the juice or ths
grape, became enntidemial as to his
plans fur gaining an advantage over
■General Washington. Above the apartment in which they sat was Anne Old-
en-thaw's bedroom Though the timber
with which houses were built in those
days was far more durable than nuw,
It wus rough hewn and nut so carefully
•elected. In the floor of Anne's room
was a knothole, nnd In the wooden
celling of the room below was n crack,
Anne, who had gone to bed. but uut to
sleep, hearing voices below, was desirous of learning what the general
might have to say to her father. Sn
•he arose from her bed and. slipping on
a warm wrapper, put her ear to the
hole In the floor. She was enabled to
bear a plan the general was stating lu
her father for capturing s large American force then located near Trenton,
Indeed, the Britisher's reconnolssnnctj
wus on business connected with the
projected exploit.
The next morning Anne relnted what
•be bad heard to her brother. He tool;
• very different view of the matter
from that of bis sister. He wns desirous that General Washington should
be warned, but was deterred from betraying his father's guest by giving the
Information. Love of country, however, triumphed over otber considerations,
and he determined to carry ft to General Washington, whose headquarters
at the time were In the Kurd mansion
at .Mnrristown. Letting his sister luto
the secret of his Intended move and
telling his parents that lie was going
lu New York to see a friend, be set out
en foot Ou reaching the town he ascended Ihe incline west of it nnd arrived At a tavern In Orange, whlcb was
then a stopping place for postboys
traveling between Morrtsfown nud lln-
hoken. There he secured a horse, passed over the heights lying west or the
town and In a couple of hours rode up
tu Washington's headquarters. He was
received by Colonel Alexander Hamilton of the staff and Immediately introduced to the commander In chief.
Upon receipt of tbe Information he
brought Washington gave orders which
would block his enemy's game and
asked Edgar Oldershaw what be could
do to reciprocate the favor he had received at hia hands. The young man,
feeling loath to return to his father's
roof, begged the general to secure him
a commission in the army, and. his request having heen granted, he openly
took sides with the patriots.
It wss not long after this tbat Wash
Ington,  being desirous of Information ■
•s to the enemy's forces In New York, '■
•ent a yonng man, Lieutenant Harold !
3Yavers.  wbo  bud  done some  secret ,
■work for him. to obtain tt.   Travers j
(was  to proceed In citizen's dress to ;
(New York, learn what be could and re- i
turn    Before be departed the general
called upon  Lieutenant Oldershaw to
Instruct Travers as to tbe routes by j
•which he might travel.   Among otber
things Oldershaw told Travers that If j
i* -seeded aid and comfort to apply ■■-
secretly, of course-to his sister Anne,
giviug him a bit of paper un which
was written au Introduction,
It was about a week after this that
a  young   man   rode Up  tu  the Oldershaw uiausiun aud asked if be might
beg a meal.    The request was not uu-
lisiml,  for taverns  were not  plentiful   J  Hie farm I
along  tbe   route,  and   hospitality   was
the  rule of  the  co till try.    Oldershaw
asked the traveler whence he bud come
and   was  told   (hat   be  had   left  New
Vork ii few hours before; that be was
traveling   ou   business   tor   General
Howe and wns on ins way to Trenton,
Ki-lug   left   lor  a   tew   minutes  alone
with Anne oldershaw, bis expression
t-hanged to one of terror, nud, handing
her a slip ol paper, he begged her to
liide him.    Anne glanced nt the paper,
saw that It tmre un Introduction from
her brother nud beckoned Travers to
follow  ller.
Tli eal for tlie traveler had been
prepared and Mr. Uldcrshaw was opening a   bottle ot  wine  with  which  to
regale   his   guest   wheu   a   clutter  or
horses' hoofs was heard without, aud
a dozen British troopers rode up to the
house.     All   otlieer  dismounted,   cattle
in und asked Mr Oldershaw if a ,-iti
l.eti,  lii'MTituiig   'I ravels,   had   stopped
at the house    Oldershaw sulci that he
had und thought he had gone to make
a toilet: be wns expecting Him to come
In at any moment.    The ottlcer 'asked
ir Oldershaw wns a loyal subject of
the king ur n rebel and when assured
that he wus tbe former told him (lint
he was  harboring a spy or General
Washington's  whu  had  been  to  New
York and wns carrying information of
the British forces.
The house wus at once surrounded,
that  the spy   might  not escape, and
oldershaw  went through the Interior
looking for hi ill.    Neither Travers uur
Anne could for some time be found.
but presently Oldershaw met the latter   coining   through   a   hull   on   the
ground dour.
"Where Is the stranger?" he asked.
"The stranger:    Why, isn't he with
"No,     We   must  find   him.     He's  a
spy of the rebel, Washington "
It was with difficulty that Anne wns
able to maintain her equanimity, but
her   father   was so   eager   to   catch
Travers tbat he wus not as observant
as he would have been otherwise,   in
recti ng her to help hunt for the spy,.
he ran  back  to  report to  the officer
that the young mail bad disappeared.
Anne Oldshaw had at times wondered at a certain part of the flooring Iti
the basement, or cellar, the wood of
Which seemed to have taken on a dif  :
feretit color from tbe rest.  'She bad i
spoken  to  her brother of it. and one
day  they   had  examined   it  together
Kdgur found a  way to lift this bit of
tlooring.    The  two descended  Into  11
siibcelhtr aud  entered a  passageway, ,
at tbe end of which they came to two |
wooden   gates,   like  those  of a   etiUal '
lock,  though   but   five or  six   feet   In
height   and   two  or  three  in   width
Through seams in these gates water
This  tunnel  had  been  built by the '
original owner of the house, after he ;
had lost his son. as a means of escape
from Indians. j
The   discovery   occurred   affpr   the j
family had become divided on the sub-
Ject uf loyalty to King George, and it j
occurred  tu  Kdgar that  this passage |
might afford means of escape, for he
had heard the stories of troubles wtth
Ihe Indians thnt the former occupants
, had suffered. He told his sister to
■ say nothing about It, for the present
I at any rate, till he could explore It fur-
I titer; But before he could do sn the
; episode that bad taken him to Morris
; town had occurred and the matter re
j mained as be bad left it
i -When young Travers asked Anne to
J tilde him she nt once thought of this
i place, known only to herself and ber
i brother. She led him down a pair or
j stairs. Together they lifted the trap.-,
| and he went into the passageway. ^
There could be nothing better en leu-
j lated to draw two young persons of op-
j posite sex together wltb magnetic rapidity than this situation     Before tbe
trap  was  lowered  a  look  passed  be-
j (ween tbem that annulled their Individ- j may  be
j mil natures aud made Ihem one.   After i finished.
i a pressure of hands the trap wns per
rait ted to fall, and a few moments Inter {
| Anne met ber father in the hall
I It was ma n I Test to the troopers thnt i
! the spy wus hiding Home where In the i
! house, so they maintained their watch :
1 without und hunted within. Kortu-
uutely for Travers, Anne wns not sus- '
Senator John Sharp Williams, $
a    practical   agriculturist,   bus S
banded out a tew words uf ad ,;*
vice to the hoys.    "My won) tu %
he says, vwould -j
...  be  that  the  three elements  of a
9 success are industry/ persever- t*)
& mice aud Intelligence     industry ...
X without   Intelligence   dues   not x
$>  win, intelligence without  Indus- <•>
|JJ tr.\ dues not win, anil ihe two to ;*j
•> get her must be coupled with per- <•>
% severance, and to this must tie J?
r added-that degree of honesty In j>
.;. dealing with one's neighbors that "**l
£ makes friends for life." T
a-Q | *$*p &$>$-$9o>-$4$$ >$$®$'&6$-S ■ 31*-**
Australian    Method    ot    Manufacture.
South AnnTicani Use Cactus Juic«.
The Australian* nso a whitewash
which it |s asserted wlll not rub off It
is prepared -n -p,, ruilnwJng manner:
Dissolve two pounds id ordinary glue
in seven pints ot water and wheu all
Is dissolved add s,x ounces ot bh-tiro-
inute oi pom-sunn dlssnived in a pint
ul hot wnter Slir the mixture up
well and then mid mi Hide nt whiting
to in,ike it up to the usual consistency
end apply with a brush in the ordinary
manner as quickly as possible. 1'hls
dries in ,-i very short nine uud hy ihe
action ol llghl hcenuies converted into
ii perfectly insoluble waterproof sub.
stance which does not wash off even
with hot water und ut the snme time
does not give rise to mold growth, its
whitewash made up with size often
docs It may be colored to nn.v desired
shade by the use or n trace of aniline.
dye or powder coloring, while'by the
addition of a small proportion or calcic
sulphite its antiseptic power is much
A recent consular report states that
a traveler in the rural districts of Uruguay will he struck by the tine while
color nf the farm buildings even during the wet seuson. This tteitt effect
is secured by the use of n white wash
prepared by macerating the sliced
leaves uf the common cactus In water
for twenty-four hours, producing a
liquid of creamy consistency, to which
lime is added uud (he whole well mixed It is suggested that in sections uf
tbe Uulled States where the cactus is
abundant it might be utilized with ml
vantage in this manner. The effect is
These whitewashes, like all those
which contain milk. hour, glue or other organic matter, are not recommended for use iii damp, interior places.—
Hoard's Dairyman,
*    Roller Gate.
A  farm gate sixteen feet lung, ns it
should be to get through easily With a
hayrack, is too heavy to slide wisily.
There is a cast iron  roller made for
the purpose und sold
in   hardware  stores.
The cut   shows  bow
it Is fastened to the
posts    so    the    gate
is   always   a   center
piece  up and down,
with   a   dia go n a I
brace   running   from
"OM.BR QATE.    the    center    to    the
front end of the gate.    The posts are
mortised to let in a two Inch block,
und tbe casting that  holds the roller
Is let into this block and an iron washer slipped over tbe bolt so the casting
will turn easily.—Karm Press.
Excellent Horse R-iles.
No horse should stand on u cement
floor.   This is an axiom Insisted on bj
all    who   know    much   about    breeding.    Following are others, und they
are   excellent;     Kvery   horse   should
hnve clean bedding aud his feel picked
out and  kept clean.    There Is no excuse for thrush.   Have no mangers and
feed hay off the ground.    I'Ved grain
out of a pall or portable feed box that
removed  when the* horse has
Keep lhe horse eleiih and be
Rare lie has feed, light, rest and exer
Blue or Gray Eyed Parents Cannot
Have Brown Eyed Children.
Since blue aud probably gray eyed
parents hate no brown pigment In the
outer surface o( the Ins they cannot
transmit brown tu lhat portion uf their
children's eyes. This absent characteristic uiuy be one that has been lost or
it may never have been acquired, It
is known in heredity laug*unge us a recessive. Hence, to repeat, two recessive* produce In tbelr offspring only
their recessive condition.
The hereditary hehav lor of brown eye
color, however, is very different In
brown eyes actual pigment occurs in
the iris. Here there is something au-
ctitmilated to hand on down to subsequent generations Tlie amount that
can be transmitted, however, depends
on one's own hereditary history ns well
as thut of one's consort. If both of
Smith's parents belong to brown eyed
Ktrulns, then Smith can nave only
brown eyes. And since Smith has been
given, us it were, a double dose of
brown lus eyes will he dlll'k brown.
Smith will have. In his turn, only
brown eyed children, whatever may he.
the color of his wife's eyes. In the language Of hereditary. Smith's brown eye
color dominates over blue or gray.
When Smith's brown eye color lias
lieen derived from one parent only,
then h,.-; own eyes will tend to be lighter iu color and only half or his germ
cells will have the potentiality for making brown eyes. Heme, it he marries a
blue or gray eyed wife, only hair of his
children Will have browli eyes, and a
light brown, tut*, because nf two generations of dilution, In case Smith's
wife also bus brown e.ves derived from
one of her parents only, then three out
of four of their children will have
brown eyes, but only one of the three
will get a double dose of brown; hence
Smith's brown eyed children will not
all transmit brown in the same degree.
Thus it is possible for a brown eyed
parent to have one-half or one-quarter
or his children blue or gray eyed. But
It is never possible for two blue or
gray eyed parents to have brown eyed
children— Independent
Conditions That Cause the Bunting or
Cracking ot Ice.
Ice never bursts from freezing. As
soon as the liquid of which it ls composed is ftir/eii sulid expansion ceases.
The cracking or bursting of lee la
brought about In this way: When water Is subjected to extreme cold ice
crystals will gradually form on its surface until the same are covered with a
thin coat of what appears to be wet
mow. l-'rntn this outer coating of ice
crystals all subsequent free/sing goes
downward, the ice thickening according to the degree of cold. Tbe water
which Is being couverted Into ice now
begins to expand, creating a pressure
upon the unfrozen water below. This
pressure is both downward and outward, uud hi case the water under observation is iu a vessel the sides and
bottom of the receptacle supply tbe resistance.
As the freezing process continues the
pressure upon the confined water and
air iu tlie interior of the bulk increases
until something yields. If the vessel
he .stronger than the ice stratum that
lias formed over the surface the layer
ef ice will be bent upward ut tbe center, thut being the weakest point, on
account of the fact that tbe outer
edges of the congealed mass are frozen
fast to the sides of tbe vessel in which
the experiment is being made. In this
condition the center of the ice continues to rise ur bulge until It bursts
from the resistance of the water below.
Could the vessel be tapped from below
and tlie wnter drawn off no amount of
freezing would be sufficient to crack
or bulge tlie ice layer ou the surface.
The   Old   Time   "Twisters"   Were    In-
struments ot  Torture.
It *l In the Aeiietd that we hud the
tnst reference to the hillldeUff Vergil
informs us that Proteus was. hy menus
ot such a device, lettered uud rendered
helpless by ArUtueiiK
li is nt* record tbut about 4tKi yean
before the Christian em an arm) .-t
victorious (.reeks came upon several
chariots ot L'urthugiuhius which.
among other things, cuutulned a large
number of handcuffs
Our term "handcuff" Is derived from
the Anglo-Saxon "lumdeop' in the
Saxon days these humlcops were used
in the case oI nobles, while "fnojeops
were reserved for kings 'I he terms employed in the fourteenth century were
"shack holt" and "swivel uiaita-'ie,"
and tbe specimens thereof whi'-h have
comedown io us show thai the Itisiru
incuts were as cumbersome as their
Only two kinds of handcuffs were em
ployed previously to ihe nineteenth
century One, Ibe flexible, wits very
similar to (hat now in use. and the other, which was culled "the figure
eight." was Utilized In re-train violent
prisoners    Tins   "hgure   eight"   was
greatly dreaded. Hltice seven- pa In was
occasioned Ibe fettered person did be
attempt to move a limb,
There used to be -t form of handcuff,
now happily abolished, called tbe
"twister." Tills consisted of a chain
with handles ut each end This chain
was placed about the wrists; the handles were brought together and twisted
until a linn grip wns obtained The
least struggle ou the part of the unfortunate euptlve resulted In the greatest suffering, for the chains hit deeply
Into his flesh. A similar form *»t handcuff wns that culled by the French "la
In some parts or Europe tliere Is still
used an exceedingly primitive tortn of
handcuff It consists nt a V-shaped
piece of tnelal, wherein the wrists ure
inserted, the open ends being drawn In-
yet ber hy menus ot a cross hook,
which, however, must be maintained
taut during tbe whole time the cijptlve
is held.
The most tngeiilus and effective of ait
hiitidenffa is that used In the United
States and, Indeed, adopted by the po
(lee or most civilized countries. It i-1
much lighter and much less clumsy
llian the old flexible handcuff and Is
not painful to the wearer.—Harper's
I.     v> man ha
lp  s.pi
a pel ter rlghl to
rely and  look  the
At a  Disadvantage.
"A newly married mnn always has
great confidence lu the superior wisdom of his wife."
"Naturally," replied Miss Cayenne.
"A man who has been accustomed to
eating with plain knives, forks und
spoons is likely to feel pretty humble
and subdued while he Is being Instructed in the use of all the silverware tbat
came with the wedding presents,"—
Washington Star.
Lord   Brougham   Bided   His  Time  and
Repaid   George   IV.
With nil of his knowledge and talent
l.ord Brougham was eccentric and slov
enly in his personal habits While he
was a young ami comparatively uu
knowu barrister fie was asked to a din
uer at which tlie prince regent pre
siiled. Mr, Brougham's hands needed
washing. The regent's keen eyes rested on them. He beckoned to a waiter
and gave him an order which the mnn
heard with a scared face, und then
L-olng out he speedily returned with .a
ewer full of water, soap and a towel.
He carried them to Brougham, presenting tbem with the prince regent's
compliments. Tbe biirrlster Instantly
withdrew and never or ter word referred
to the insult.
Vears later, when the prince, now
king, tried to divorce bis wife. Brougham us her defender so vehemently sus
tallied ber cause that she triumphed
The king's name was not mentioned
during the trial, though the nation
knew that be was secretly the prosecutor. Brougham iu his speech declared
lhat he saw In the distance the nameless persecutor of bis innocent client,
quoting with terrific effect Milton's
The other shape,
If HhHpe It might be called, * * • blurk tt
stood an night.
Fierce as ten furies, terrible ss hell.
And shook a Oreailfut dart;   what seetn'ri
tdK head
The likeness of a kingly crown had nn
(leorge IV. felt seriously this savage
attack. The nation sided with tlie
queen, und her defender had paid M*
debt with interest.
ii arm and
Attempts  to  Crew   Fruit  W'tnout  Fs
tihsur Are  Not  EncOUfAgLDfe,
The hboois agi'i-'ttliurni v&ptteftmvt
Ftattoii has conducted lertiliavn «xi«-r«-
luellls    With   UlUsUtuelUUS   :.'.    AtHMh.   \*%
t mon intnity, ami al Kiomttudjy, m
Marion county, tui several years \\tn
clod objects of the experiments wvt*
to determine the relume Mllctett-ej  »*
difleiviil uluounts of lu.iuui-   and IMrtfc-
odsul applleulion ul muitilre, tbe eVev*
nt supplementing manure with eoi*
liieivlul tonus uf pftosVbonis, tbe b-ttn-t
t>r using a complete commerclni leru-
li/er In connection with lu.inuTe mid
tne effect ul suhstltuthiK couam»trtM
fertilizer fui maulire iu ihe prodm-llm
ut tieui melons. In both Iocs lit lew t.-o
experiments were conducted on i»s*uh
melon soil ot tlie region, thut at A mm
being uuglticliiled yellow .sin louu* » 4
thut ill Kinuiuudy gray silt hmiu.
Attempts to grow melons wiMemt
manure were pot verj enco»»»giug.
When Ihe complete eoinmerrht'l ferii-
h'M'V was used In the bills In ptm-e of
manure the yields were greatly reOueed,
This was especially marked in the u-ckl
Illinois agricultural expcii
fill   SlUtlUti.
planted crop, where many plants wcr»
killed mil right by the fertilize! and ih*
maturing uf the melons was greally
delayed on those that survived* Steamed hottc applied to the hills gave (air
results, but the yields were smailH*
than Iroiu the use or mauiiie in ih»
hills, nnd some years the (Hants we*r»
"burned" hy the fertiliser, especially
In the licld planted bron, The che-fk
plat without manure or fertilizer produced small yields, especially iu 1h»
Held planted crop, where tile rmiorei
eiso ripened very late.
The results of the experiments referred to iu this bulletin indicate thni 1K»
Influence ul different methods ot fertilizing tbe muskmelon are more iitsrtt-
ed upon a Held planted thuu a i-nns*.
planted crop, but that 'lie most Balis-
factory results iu either crop are Viiifiy
to he secured from a moderate ainunnt
of well rotted manure in tbe hills.
Let a youtb whose sympathies
are naturally with the land f.n.1
out tmw best to get enjoyment
out of it. and that boy will remain ti farmer The day will
come. In now at hand, in fact,
when buys wlll not be rushing to
the cities, hut will be hurrying
back uut of lhe cities to the land,
answering the voice within them
which insists and certain that
they can achieve a comfortable
living ufler they have done sa
■ Ita.vmoiid A I'earson. I "resident lowa State Agricultural
fleeted As soiin as she left him he
threaded tils way through the passage
to the gates. Seeing u clunk above
through which a ray of sunlight came,
he managed to raise himself to it and
saw tlie river. Its surface about a foot
and a half below the roof of tlie tunnel.
If he could open tbe gates he might get
out nnd escape. The tunnel would only
be tilled to within eighteen indies of
Its top. and he ueed not be drowned
Me tried to open Ihe gates, but could
not do so.
It was not till the next morning thnt
Anne dared visit the captive, when she
slipped away with some food Travers
asked her If she could get him a crow-
bar or a large Iron poker, or, better still,
a saw. She brought him a saw and aft-
er a brief Interview left film, and he
went to work on the gates, sawing
through a wooden bur that held them
shut. When nearly finished he riecid- i
ed to wait till dark, when he opened
the gstes^Mid the water flowed In, and
after It had found Its^ level he swam
out under a starlit sky. Ry morning he
was nt Washington's headquarters
The Britishers never solved tbe mys- \
tery of Travers' disappearance In- !
deed, lt had never lieen solved until
recent explorations led to the discovery
of the tunnel. After the war Oldershaw and his wife went to Kngland.
Anne married Travers. and they weeu-
-*<   world  squarely  in  the ey
x  the farmer    lie is the creator
*> this nation's wealth Stlfnd up so Z
'Z the hack of your neel; will touch *j
ty your collar,-Kansas Karmer,       %
The Hive In Winter.
Either the hive entrance should be
too shallow lor a mouse to Intrude or
it should be protected by wire cloth
having three meshes to the inch,
The essentials ot successful bee
wintering ure good stores, warmth and
hives, lai not place, bees in ciuiupp
upon iow ground where the bottom
hoards will heroins dump and remain
Breaking  It Gently.
"Whom have you there in tow?"
"This is  Hip  Van  Winkle,    lie Just
woke up."
"Why guard him so carefully?"
"Well, we're letting blm see the women's   styles   gradually,   don't   you
know."—Louisville CourlerJournal.
Not Encouraging.
"Madam, do you think yuu can use
your influence with your husband tu
Induce him lo support me iu the com*
ing campaignV"
"I don't know, sir. I've never yet
succeeded In inducing hltn tu support
me/'—Hattluiure American.
so all winter,   I'lace the hunches upuu -
dry  gi ud  raised  up on M by 4's ur i
upon hive stands, A southern slope
Willi shelter from west and north
winds is (uglily advisable.
(-Tactically  nothing can be done at
this season of the year that will he ot j
any advantage to the bees.    It is gen
eraMy best lu leave them strictly alone '
at this time.    However, a slight eicep- j
Hon   might   be   made   In   connection '
witli  iiees stored  Iii  cellars or other
winter refsisltorles. iu which case It Is
well occasionally (o ventilate tlie eel
Itirs and sweep up tbe dead bees that
accumulate un the floor.   This Is a pos
Itive advantage to the live ones and in
large  measure prevents the air ot
"She's tho cheapest woman 1
"Why do yon sny that?**
"The other dny we got on s car together, and I insisted on paying my
own fare, and she let me."—Detroit
Free I'ress.
pled the mansion on the Uackeusack   tbe> <i-tlura from becoming fvui.-Purui
Car WAuj yean.
Pecan  Nuts.
Try cracking pecan nuts by placlnc
them uu end III the nut cracker.   t)t**
vigorous crushing of th" cracker wIP.
split tlie nut open through the center
Giving Advice.
Sllllens-Do   yon   ever   glre   ndv1i»**
Cynlcns—Not unless pm pretty *ur* It
won't be fulluwed.-Pblladelpbhi  llec-
Correcting a Quotation,
In his hook. "A Wanderer In Flor
ence," K v, Lucas furnishes n new
reading for that quotation about tin
leaves on the brooks or Vallomliruni
though he credits it to a cousin aim--
the pond. Mr Lucas visited V a I In in
brosa und, describing the extoi'tfoiuilt'
rales of (he hot ids there, fella Ihe
(dory: A departing American was
eying his hill with a rueful glance ---
we were leaving. "Milton had it
wrong," he said lo uie. with Ihe free
masonry of the plucked, for I knew
him not "What he meant wus 'thick
us thieves.'"
It Did, It Did!
There was u time, years ago, when
■school authorities were not afrn!d lo
be grimly humorous.
tinder Ihe head of "Instruction" the
New   Vork   Daily  Times of  Aug   in.
l.st>M, printed this announcement:
kJear Boys—Trouble begins Sept. IS
li. A. FA1R0MIM)
A Rude Little Girl.
Maiden Amu (lending) - In heaven
there is no marrying oi giving iu marriage. Small Mazle- It must seem like
heaven to you here on earth, doesn't it.
■ untleV-Chicugo News
"Say. Karl, what do you think of our
new papa?"
"Haven't we bad blm once heforeT-
ITIgende Blatter.
Skill and issursnce an an tovin- Ible
Co up It.- Dutch 1'iyrero,
Gease   Like  Grazing   Land
flees-' inc almost entirely by graft*
In:: Mitrsh lands Hint grow u pU-niifu)
supply ol succulent grasses ntt* exc«4*
lent for Hit-in. provided such lands nr*
adjacent fo higher places where otber
grasses grow. A tnlxiure Of the gnUM
glowing in the marsh lands ai il 'ii.it
nu the rough hillside makes u Uiier
ration for ihem Mian either kind ftlQMfc
In nluio-ht every locality there nr»
rough or waste lands thut cannot i.u
cultivated These might be made pfef-
itahle if used tor pasturing gees**
Marshy lauds furnish a stippl> not only
ttf rich, juicy grasses, but of snalltt.
wafer beetles, worms and bugs iL.-t
grow lit such places. Small Hah, to-]<1.4
iind frogs are nil eaireriy eaten by
fcecse.—Country Oeutleman.
Good Time to Paint.
An open spell, when It does not thru*
urn! freeze much. I< a first rale time tn
paint the- house or bnt'u, Tbe paint
will dry in more slowly, there are uu
tiies to bother, nnd thu job will be a
good one nil around.
Season For Repairs.
Pullrt a snop, got some tools and IHt
jroiU boys learn how to use them During bad went her. when work ciuiDot
he done In the fields, repairs enn be
made nnd lhe Implements kept In good
Working urdei
Cement Caution.
Before laying a cement stable floor
rare   should   be   taken   to   bave   tbe
groiind below properly drained and Usv
tuundntloD well cuusiructeO. Till-:     ISUXIlKt!    el'MIIEHLAStl   ll.l'.
Published   evwy   Batui-duy   at   Cumberland
blauaeriVmtiug&Ful'lisbiiigt' |**i.J
Edward W; Bickle,Editor.
B.C.,   by
S«l,,,-n,.l i-1. Pl'i« 61 ..VI |.'-r .«'-«" I'"-''"1"'  '"'".    •■■
Tha editor do
nut  hnlH   liimsi'H iwpouMbk' foi
,1  l,v'
Ladies' Poagee
Silk Coats!
Successor t> A. McKinnell,
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKiiinell's Old Stand,
♦ Dunsmuir Ave., CUMBERLAND
At $17.50
(urnlull liis
IV'n, IbeOorres* ^ut of Him wueli kimlij
stature, not necessarily for publication,  when  wo w.
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Ladies' Panama Coats
Lodies' Linen Coats. ... __
Children's Pongee Silk Dress.
Children's Pongee Silk Coats
from $2.75
from 3,25
pleased to pu
whicb we know to be Uut'
VVe take the priviledse of reprinting on our fronir<W>\
 cle that geared in tbe Canadian Mining -lourna o ¥
,5th, giving tbe M status of tbe United Mme \Aorke.so.
A.nierica. .,,.-,„„u 1,,
Dm.iDg  tbe p«s1 few months ith«B been my.t«.o«hU.|
.uaivy of tbe residents of Ibis city and district
-,av&ade the attempt to ascertain tbe reason, why UiolLM  J
Ladies,' fancy Collars, Collarettes and Jabots
in the latest styles.
Dress Goods of all Description.
Macfarlane Bros.
CEALED TENDERS will be re-
il ceived by the Minister of
| Lands not later than noon on the
26th dny of May, 11)13, for the
purchase of Liconco X83, to cat
2,660,000 feel of timber on a parcel of land nt the south end of
Haslam Lake, adjoining Lot 913,
4 Group 1, New Westmininstor
f1 District. Two years will bo
allowed for tho removal of this
; timber.
Particulars of the Chief For-
I ester, Victoria, B,(
sin ml,
W. of A. should be so anxious and pay such special uwum  ,
t» tbe coal mining' industry on Vancouver Maud. Tallin,'/ into
consideration tbe statement made by Judge Dnt/luu in the]
District Court oi West Virginia it gives tbe coal miners on
Vancouver Waaid some food i'nr tlumi/lit: to rtej* themselves
tbe question, are tbe conditions siniilffi  Vancouver Island
and in lhe State of Washington, or, in other  H-'occIs, are  tho
eoivl operators of tbe State of Wasliington joined with the 1;
M'.XV. of A, to destroy the real trade of Vancouver '-*'■"*
Lust September grave doubts were entertained hy the loci'
members el' the V, M, W. ul'A. themselves us t" wlietlii-r 'In
fiiternafcioiialEseciitiveof tbe Union would support Ihem with
iunds, knowing that they hnd made  a hasty und ill-advised
move in taking  tbe so-called holidn//   Their local hnd not
lieen established long enough in warrant lhe l', M. W. of A.
coming forward with the thousands of dollars, as tliey have
done, miloss the-re were in,pure motive's behind ii.
In tlie past it has Hindu no difference whether 11 innii was
a Hiounbci- of the local union or not, or even a resident of tile
district at any time, all he hnd In do wns I" come hove nnd
make an sdluinpt to secure work, the uniuii  wns then  very
anxious that the -would be employee should receive tlie union
allowance of 84,00 per week or have, his Ihre puid  lo some
o'thei'//m't of the world.    Some of the local miners were induced in accept this while others refused. These conditions existed
for some time but are now almost n thing of the past.
'   There must be some reason for this activity on tlie part of
the CM. IV. of A,    It is not because they love the Vancouver
Island coal miner'a tbal tbey are anxious to improve bis conditions. We are agreed tlicit the privileges of the c 1 miner on
thi* Island, both in the laws governing lhe mine, work and
pay, are the best on the North American Continent,    It may
. . . .
Impossible tbey could map out considerable improvements iu
tiieii own place of abode if what we hear in correct, There
must he some impure mol ive on the part of the U.M.W, of A.
in spending thousand's of dollars in attempting to keep lbe|
[..land coal minea idle.
U- ii possible thai tho) aiv prompted to do this by thu
eoal operalora across tho bound ry line, knowing lhat Vnucouvei
Island has a superior quality of coal '," tbal of ll'asliiugton
and can al all tunes command lhe hulk of ibe trade, leaving
the mines in irashington to work two 01 tbreo days n week
while the Island mine..- wi re working full lime, If such he the
ease then the coal minors oil \ ancouvi r Island makes a sejy<lus
mistake in allowiu,-/ tin representatives of the U, Al, W. of.I.
to .dietate-rto tbem as to when they shall ivurk and where liny
shall work.
We think the /'. M. II'. of A, musl have had some axe fo
grind in declaring a holiday without even c/iving the m.anago-
weiit of the Canadian Collieries notice of their intention ninl
to'allow the holiday to'eonliiiiue uuiil lhe miuiiigemeul wercy
compelled to notify their then employees to takeout their fools?i'
and then taking out the tools v itbout giving the luanageiiieutjj
any notice'of their demands.
Theve"is a reason for these  hasty actions and ill-advised
tactics.     Could if he to alio-,.   i|„- ,.,„,} tu-iner's of Washington'
to work foil lime and tbe Vancouver Island miners to remain!
idle, or is il C give lhe noK/hboiuiiigoperators a heller chanci
to do busiuess ttU'l secure   the trade of the Vancouver Islam
The Coiner Store,"' Cumberland, B. C.
Unless it concerns yen,
Comox Co-operative Society
Purveyors of Meat, Fish and Farm Produce,
ox nKt'i
Home Cured Bacon (unsmoked)
Best Smoked Bacon.
20c. per Hi,
ttKvllsBZ* TEAT'E/f'S, superscribed
~ " Trader for Sand wink School,''
f'W to iqcoival liy lira Hon. lira Min<
*8toi' ol Piililio Works up lo noon nf
liVilncHilny, tlio 2 hi day of May, 1818,
for lira Creation anil completionof a
iurgu one room BcliouMioust) at Snnd-
wiuk, in lliu Coinos Electoral District
I'laii", »|iotllk'»tion», contract, ami
I'oiiiH uf tender imiy tto aecn on ami
iiflur the 23rd of ylpiil, [813, at thu
otlloo of Mr .). Itairtl, Qovei'MiiOnl
Aguiit-, Ciimhoi'liuidi ll.l'., Mr. It. I..
ciill'c, Heerelniy of tin: .School Hoard,
Nundwie.li P.O., Sandwick, 1'.. ('.; and
tlis- Dopnrtmciit uf Publio Works,
Victoria, B;C,
llilclicling Icudi'icrs can, lo   applying lo tliu uiidortiigiivd, obtain u copy
of ih,- plaiisatid s|»'cilicitlions for the
sum of leu dollars ($10), wliic.li «ill Ira
refunded on tlicir return in good order.
Each proposal niinil Ira accompanied
tiy uu decupled blink eltuipiu or oertlfi-
ealu of deposit, on a eluiricrcd ti'auk of
Canada, make pnyablo to Iho lion, lira
Minister nl' I'ulilic  Works, for a,sum
eipml io le pur cent, uf tender, which
-.hull lie forfeited if the party tendering
lecliuc to enter into  contract   when
railed upon tn do sn, nr if he fail lo
complete llu work contracted for. The
cheques in eortiltcatod of deposits of
uiitu-cussfiil tendorers will he returned
lu ihem upon l'ie execution of the Contract.
Tenders »ill not he considered ttu-
less made uut on forms supplied, signed
with tho actual signature of lhe tenderer, and unclosed in lira cuvebpes
The lowest uritny lender not necessarily accepted.
./. h\ GRIFFITH,
I'ltl/lic Works Knyiueer,
Departmanl ni PvMlic Works,
Victoria, 11. U„ April 2\st, 1813.
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Orcle"*-? by phone promptly attended to.      Phone 25.
$1.65 per hex
23c, per lb.
5c.      "
$1.1)0 per sack
*^   ceived hy the undersigned
up In noon of Saturday, May 10th,
1913,  for the  erection and com- ———————	
Bletion or the seats in  the new ^ooooooooooooooooooooooo^
Four-Boomed   School   House  at
Cumberland, in the Comox Electoral District,
For further particulars apply
Board of School Trutitees,
Ilic Store of
The Store of
The Big Store
Doalors in all kinds of Goad
Wot Goods
Beet Bread and Beer ln Town
Agents for Pllsener Boor    I
1 Barrister,   Solicitor   and '
Notary Publio,
For absolute protection write a Policy in
Liverpool, England,
TOTAL ASSETS, 826.78b.93
I Local Agent
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Synopsis ot Coal Mining Regulations
COAL mining lights ol the Dominion
tu Mar.itoba, Saskatchewan and AlWta,
tho Yukon Territory, the Northwest Terri
tnriea and in a portion of the l'rmmce ol
British Columbia, may be leased for a term
of twenty.one yeara at an annual rental of
$1 an aore. Not more than 2,500 aores
will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be made by
the applicant in person to the Agent or sub
Agent of the district in which the rights
applied for are situated.
In surveyed territory ihe land must bo
described hy sections, or lrqHl subdivisions
tif sections, and in uusurveyed territory
the tract applied for shall be staked out by
theapplicaut himself,
Ktch application must be aceompanied
by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the
rights Applied foraro not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall be paid on the
merchantable output of the mitio at the
rate of five cents per ton.
Tlio person operating the mine shall
furnish the A^ent with sworn returns ac-
ruuming fur the full quantity cf uierch-
an'ablocoal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal minisg rights are
not being operated, such returns shall be
furnished at least once a year.
Tho lease will inolude the coal mining
rights only, but the lessee may he permitted to purchase whatevor available aur
face rights may be considered necessary
fnr the working of the mine at the rate of
For full information application should
be made to the Secretary of tho Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to  any
.Went or Sub Agent nfDrnmnlon Lands
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N It— Unauthorized publication of this
idvuri isement will not be paid for.
Vakksvilix School
GEALED TENDERS, superscript
° "Tender for Parksville School,"
will bo received hy the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works up tu noon
of Friday, tlio Kith day uf May,
1913, for tho erection and completion
of a one-room school-houso at Parksville, in the illherni Electoral District,
Plans, specifications, contract, and
forms of tender may be seen on nnd
after the 21st, day of AoxW. 1913, nt
Iho office of Mr. G. W. Ponsford, See-
retaiy of School Board, Parksville,B.C,
Genrgo Thomson, Government Agent,
Nnnaimo; Mr. J. Kirkiip, Govern.iscnt,
Agent, ^lhcrni, B. (.'.; and at tho l)o-
|imlincnl of Works, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B. (',
Tnteuding tenderers by applying tu
the undersigned can obtain a copy of
tho plun^ and specifications for the sum
of ten dollars (?10), wwich will bo
refunded on their return in good order.
Each propositi must be accompanied
by nn accepted bank cheque or certifl-
csto of deposit ou a chartered bunk of
Cnnniln, made payable to lhe //onour-
ablo the Minister of Public Works, for
a sum equal to 10 per cent', uf the
tonder, which shall l.c forfeited if the
party tendering decline to enter into
contract when called upon to do so, or
if ho fail to complete tho work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposits of unsuccessful tenderers
will bo returned to them upon tho
execution of the contract.
Tenders will not he considered un
less made out on tho forms supplied,
signed with tho actual signature of
tho tenderer, and enclosed in the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Public Works Engineer,
Department of Public, Works,
Victoria, B. C, April \Htli, 1913.
Mrs. Simms will give lessons on tho
piano at her lv use in .lerusslem, formerly
owned by Mr. .times Stewart, at any
time by appointment, except Tuesdays
Cumberland, B.C., March 8,1913
This ia to certify that J. Newbury holds my power of attorney
to receive and sign all documents
and cheques.   Henry Halliday
J. Newbury, Attorney.
Beurdy & Bi.»»3@©
Auctioneers.      Fire ana Life Insurance.
Farms, Rush Lands, Desirable Lots and
Bungalows in Courtenay, R.C., V.I.
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Cumberland, B. Q.
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Acreage cleared or uninproved.
Write us or Phone22Courtenay.
Fire and Life
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward, Lock  & Co., Limited
London, Melbourne A Toronto-
* —/
At il School of Anns, of ;ill places
In tne world; it fencing and boxing
place, and gymnasium, run by u Professor Wicks, a retired middle-weight,
in the Buston Road here, replied Nell,
A School of Anns'.' queried the .Major.
Yes. And not n bad sor: of hiiiiiiB
place, when yon come to think oi it,
But, to my story. Ynu can't mistake a tiling of that kind, and Coombos
turned In there like u inuii who lias
finished lus day's work. 1 watched
for Borne time, on the chance that
he might come out, and then 1 telephoned for my man; but while I wus
watching 1 saw something that made
me pretty certain I was on the right
scent, said Nell with a smile.
What was that?, asked Easton.
A boy from Harborow's with a box
of shirts addressed to Professor
Wicks, School of Arms, ICuston Road.
The boy looked as surprised us I did
when lie saw the place he wus to
lea\e tils parcel at, and while he was
hesitating 1 took a look at the label.
Now. you know the Professor wears
about one shirt a week und stands up
to be knocked about by any one whoi
likes to pay ten shillings un hour for
a spar, and It Isn t probable he goes!
to Harborow's for his linen. Bui Borne
one does wbo has things sent under
cover to the Professor. And, taking
that into conjunction with the tact i
that Mr. Coombes has found bis way I
there after trying to follow us, it!
really looks as If we were getting on. |
The Major rose to his feet. Come j
he said. Let's tackle the rascal and
get it over.
Neil put bis hand, sooty as lt was. |
upon the Major's cuff. What do you I
propose lo do? he asked calmly.
Go to the place and rout that blackguard out, and make him tell us
where Violet is, said Kaston, enthusiastically.
You can't do it thnt way, said Neil
There are probably a dozen bruisers Ihere, or within easy call, let alone
the Professor, ami we should get|
thrown out before we got past the
front hall. Aud very likely quite
right too, for we don't know Rlvlngton s there, after all, do we?
What do you suggest then? asked;
Easton,'biting his lips, a little disap-l
We must wait till It's dark, and have I
a look round the place. I've an!
Idea tbat there's more [ban Rlvlngton
Swift Current, Sn*u.. situated in tin- centre of the largest grain growing
area In tbe umlfti Knu.ite. lt Is new an established Railroad ntnl Banking
c. im-,. ji-hj sun building fast. Hav|ng tbe largest Amount of building permits
for the first month of this year of any city wist of Toronto except Winnipeg,
leading such cities us Vancouver, Calgary, ISdmonton, Saskatoon, etc. Huy a
lot now at ground floor prices in Mount Royal, situated s...ith of and overlooking tl-.e station. Prices $125 .neb. tin cash and sin per month. Use ibe
knife today, cut ont the coupon ami enciose deposit,
SCOTT, HILL & CO.. 22 Canada Life Building, Winnipeg, Man.
Messrs.   SCOTT, HILL & CO., 22 Canada  Life  Bldg.,  Winnipeg.
Dear Sirs,—Enclosed llnd 5I'> for which please reserve tne the best remaining
lot  in  Mount  Royal,  Swift Current.
to do the other part. I've go; a,
plan, but It's only ohnnoe if it comes
off, of course. Ami perhaps it's bot-|
ter than waiting aboul and eating our;
hearts out. Well try for it. in any
Wha! is it? asked Huston.
'Ibis. 'ou shall go across to the
school, and ask if the Professor is In I
and disengaged. If he is not, come
out again and we must think »f some-!
thing else. If lie Is In, ask for a;
boxing lesson a;  onee, but  whatever i
Violet! exclaimed Kaston, wondering.
Why not? Think what a place to
Hide her. Who would suspect it?
Should 1, but for our friend Coombes?
She, Violet, in that place, among
those men!
We don't know that she Is. We
must find out. If we do, we'll soon
have her out and safe, hut we must
go to work quietly, said Neil.
Easton groaned. Oh, I cant wait,
he said. I feel 1 must know if she
Is there or uot.
Nell did uot reply, but beckoned to
A waitress, who advanced indignantly
with an eye on his sooty linger. Bring
a draught-board, please, he said.
The damsel returned with the object
demanded, and placed it on the table
with a sniff but a mollified glance at
the Major, who smiled slightly under
hia moustache.
Oat) yuu play? asked Nell. The
Major groaned again. Oh yes, he
•aid, a little, but good heavens,
lt won't be dark for three hours
at least, said Nell, arranging the
pieces, quite callously leaving a black
smudge on most of the white ones;
but while we play I'll try and think If
we can do anything sooner. i can
always think with a draught-board
before nte better than in any other
way. I
It was possible he could, but it was
eertaln Easton couldn't at, all events1
In the present circumstances, and the i
game rapidly developed Into a rout of
the latter's men.
It's no use, said the Major, at Instj
gazing at one small king, an oasis
In a desert of rival monarens, I can li
play a little hit.
Vou cannot, I am afraid, said Noll j
irtth a sigh. Never mind, it can't be J
helped, we must take a risk, I suppose
and go ahead.
What have you thought of? asked
Easton, relieved.
This. But It's a risk, mind you.
Are you a boxer?
Only very average. Haven't had;
the gloves on for half a dozen years. ;
I could hold my own In a rough and '
tumble,  I  hope,  though, even today.
Nell shook his bead. That wouldn't;
do, lie said. However, fortunately j
I'm fairly good myself, and you 11 have
you do, If you can help It. don t gel
I caught  by Rlvlngton.   Give the Pro-
.lessor something handsome   in   the
! way of fees and tell him yon haven't
got'any shorts or shoes with yon. He
will   lend   you   some;   these   fellows
always keep tbem ready, and he wlll
show you somewhere where you can
Kaston nodded.       Very    well,    he
said.     What then?
I shall wait just round the corner.
j If  you   don't   corn*  out   in   two  or
I three minutes I shall know all is well,
I and come over myself.      You  must
pretend   Hie   shoes  don't  fit  you    or
vou want another sort, or something,
and gel the Professor to send out for
you,      The less people there are in
the house the better.      1  shall  tell
1 some yarn or other to Wicks and get
< hint to give me a spar while be Is
waiting   for   you   to  get   ready.       I
will keep him busy somehow or oilier.
' I'm in good training, and 1 know some
'of these men's Iricks; and while I'm |
i trying not to give him time to think
about anything else, you must havo
a look round the place.      If you are
caught, you have lost your way, that
lis all;  no one will suspect anything
unless  you  hit  up against   Coombes
* or Rlvlngton.
|    Bill Coombes is there, said the Ma-
lor,  doubtfully.
!    Yes.     I know it's a pretty big 'un-
! less,' but we have got to take a risk.
Hullo, here's my man.    What's hap-'
■ pened? .
A broad, soldierly-looking man had
entered the tea-room, and after looking round  made his  way  up  to  'he'
table where the two friends were sent-
Nell signed to hltn lo speak freely, j
soring that he hesitated an dlookedl
doubtfully ut Kaston.
lie's gone, sir. Went nut just now.!
1 should have left lhe sign for you
and followed him, but someone came
down to the gate with him anil Ij
heard them arrange that he should
come back In a couple of hours, so I,
judged it right to come across and1
tell you, said the man.
By Jove, that s a bit of luck, said j
Neil. That's all right Dart, youj
couldn't have done belter. Come
along, Major, we'll go across now,!
and nart shall wait for us outside.!
He may perhaps be useful.
Easton jumped up, and paying their,
bill at the little pigeon-hole as tbey
went out, they made their way Into |
the street.
A little way along the Euston Road,
Neil halted and, pointing to a house
some distance along the street with a
garden running down to the footpath,
he said: That is the place, Major, the
one with the board in the garden.
1 will put my man here somewhere,
where we ran get him quickly if we
need him, and come on after you, if
you nre more than a minute or two.
if you should come across Rlvlngton
dodge him if you can, but if you
can't, come straight back to us. and
we will decide what must be done.
Don't, in any circumstances, have a
row with hitu now. It might upset
Easton nodded assent and, leaving
the two men, crossed the street and
made his way towards the house Neil
bad pointed out.
He stopped a moment on reaching
it to glance at the large sign-board
planted in the shabby front garden,
and decorated with much gold-lettering, together with half-tone reproductions of the Professor and other box-'
ing champions in full war paint, and
to ren-1 tbe announcement of 'Special;
Evenings' it contained, and then
striding to the pathway, be rung .he]
It wus ovident that, in spile of the;
sign-board and bis loud appeals to
Ibe passing public, Ibe Professor wusj
a more modest man Unit hi' appeared,
for the Major's first ring brought forth
no reply, and al lhe second, only a;
little square irnp opened In ihe heavy
door, about on a level with Kaston's
head. Prom this lhe face of an old .
woman peered curiously and suspiciously out.
I'l'o be Continued
The Sweetest Story ever
told is to tell you of
the purity and
sweetness of
Just fresh picked fruit and
granulated sugar
You can get  them  from
your  grocer
tt I If If liMsslHiffilil MMIMMMlfctf
i German Crn-ict-ilcr Would H?ve His;
Country *in Armed Cnmp in Petes !
j Berlin, Germany.—At a i*rtn<iuet nf;
j the German Agricultural Council held
I recently, the Imperial chntu-ellor. Dr. ■
| von Beth-**a*--Uol.v.e;; made a ■speech,'
j in which he said:
t    The desire for peace wh'ch   I   be* I
j lieve animates all the great power?.!
, and which I hope, will help us over
j the Balkan crisis, has its soundest ha-1
; sis In the universal ami vital neceasl-ty
fnr developing the strength nf the nations in every progressive labor. We
shall   be   compelled   this   year   to
strengthen our land armaments.
It is the will of the people, if I understand it right, that every able-bod-
j ieil man shall be a vnklier.
Tho empire, the stole, our hearths
I and homes are too sacred for ns not
| to be resolved upon the adoption of
' 'he oxtrt'tueot measures to secure aud
defend them against war and the danger of war.
I In this the nation is united, and it
j will remain united when wa discuss
j tho bills in the reiclistat; tu l-'aster
All in, Too
!     Mrs.'Hacey las the hunter returns)
—Were  you   in  at  the death.  Jack,
: dear?
.Tack (who has met with an accl-
|dent)—ln? No! Ira out a sixty-guinea
[ horse, a inn-pound suit of clothes und
| four front teeth.
Wa nffor One Hundred Dollar* Reward
for any en-*-** of Catarrh that i
cured by Hall's Catarrh cure,
K.   J.   CHENEY   &  CO..   Toledo.   O.
We,  the undersigned, hava known P,
J. Cheney for the last IB years, nnd lie-
lleve him perfectly honest In ail business
transactions and financially able to curry
out any r.blinaiinns tunci*.* by Ida firm.
Wholes-ale DniKKtPtf-. Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous eurfaces <*f the ftyatem.'Testimonials
sent    free.    Price   7F>   cents     per   bottle.
Hold by 'ill druggists.
Take Hall s Family Pills for constipation.
Golden   Emblem   of  Auir.or.ty   Stolen
From   Mayor's Office
Naples.—The mayor of Naples is
endeavoring to recover the great golden keys of the city which are at present lying in a pawnbroker's shop.
Some time ago a baker named Circo-
lo obtained a verdict of $1250 damages. The court of appeals decided
against the municipality. in default
or prompt payment the man's bailiffs
dropped into the mayor's office one
"m" be | morning during his worship's absence
and seized the ancient gold key and
some fine oil paintings and marble
busts of Italian sovereigns. He put
the lot in pawn
Victim of Man Who Mistook Him for
Another Against Whom he Had
Berlin, Germany.—Father Wcnger,
a Roman Catholic priest, was shot
dead while sitting in his confessional
at St. Engelbert'8 Church at Mulheira-
ou-Ruhr, in Rhenish Prussia, early one
morning, The assassin was a Dutch*
man named Weiuard, who is evidently
The murderer was at once arrested.
From his statements it appears that he
intended to kill the parish priest, named Welter, against whom he apparently had some grudge, but the man actually shot was another priest who was
conducting a special mission at the!
Since last Sunday a party of about
twenty .Jesuit fathers have heen con-'
ducting a mission in Muelheim, and
the murdered priest, Father Petrus
Wengeler, S. J-, was the leader of
the mission,
Father Wenger was hearing the confession of a girl when Weinand stnl
up, drew hack the curtain shielding
the priest from view and without a
word, shot him through the heart. He
afterward told the police that he killed Father Wenger in mistake for another priest. Father Welter, who the
murderer claimed, had stolen his
guardian angel.
Ten Times Best Man
London.-—Harvey Stapleton, of Market Peeping, Lincolnshire, who lias
acted as best man at ten weddings, has
been presented with a gold medal by
his friends as a memento of these occasions.
Bombay Railroads Consult Expert
About Big Scheme
Calcutta.—Charles ll. Mera, air
electrical expert, while on hjs way
from Australia to England at the
end of December, was invited to visit
Bombay, where he was consulted by
the authorities of the Great Indian-
Peninsula Railway and the Bombay
Barpda and Central India Railway wltb
regard to the proposed eleciriflcatioo
of the Bombay railways. lie was al«
so consulted by the Karachi Port Trust
Railway and the Northwestern Railway and he conferred with the railway
The details of the proposed scheme
Recognized as the leading specific
for the destruction of worms. Mother Craves' Worm Exterminator has
proved a boon to suffering children
everywhere,     It seldom falls.
Mlnard's Liniment Curea Dandruff.
A Coincidence
Black—Told our laundress this
mornlsg that It was to be a great day
for us, because my daughter comes
out today.
White—Was she Interested?
Blacli—Sure. She said. You don't
tell me, mister? So does my man;
he's been tn for a month.
Domestic Exchanges
Say, Snlbbs, let me use your phone
will you?
Certainly. What Is the matter
with yours?
It's all right, I want to telephone
to my wife that I'm going to bring a
man from out of town to dinner.
He's sitting in my room now, and
I hate to have him watch my face
when my wife tells me what she
thinks of lhe proposition.
Uwtll dean your handsthoronjihly and qulrk-
ly no matter liow soiled tliry
areand leave thrm smooth
and soft. ink. iraiiit, oil or
grease .tains, off they rome
with Snap. Gets Can To-dss.
San tha Coopaas.
Is,, Canny Ua.t.a. MMrtal
A voting gentleman with a very
plain face was rather annoyed because
bis view of the stage was obstructed
by the hat of a very pretty girl who
was silting in front of him in the gallery.   •
Wishing lo get a glimpse of bite performance, he plucked up courage, ami
In a nervous voice he exclaimed:
See here, miss, I want to look as
well as you.
Oh. do yer. she replied ln a rich
Cockney accent, as she turned round
and looked at him square in the eye.
Then you'tl better run home and
change your face.
W. N. U. 942
Something to Avoid
My wife has lost the oower of!
Weil, just see that she doesn't receive any sudden fright.
Would that make ber disability per-j
No, it might restore her voice.
He—Do you tliink kissing Is as
dangerous as the doctors say?
She—Well, it has certainly put an
end to a good many contirmed bachelors, at any rate.
Inveterate Tea Drinker Feared Paralysis
Steady use of either tea or coffee
often produces alarming symptoms as
tho poison (caffeine) contained In
those beverages acts with more potency in some persons than in others.
"1 wns never a coffee drinker,"
writes an 111. woman, "but a tea
drinker. I was very nervous, had
frequent spells of sick headache and
heart trouble, and was subject at
limes to severe attacks of bilious colic.
"No end of sleepless nights—would
have spells at night when my right
side would get numb and tingle like
a thousand needles were pricking my
flesh. Al times I could hardly put.
mv tongue ont of my mouth and my
right eye and ear were affected.
"The doctors told me I wns liable
to become paralyzed at any time, so
I was In constant dread. I took noj
end of medicine—all to no good.
"The doctors told me to quit using!
ton, hut I thought 1 comd not live
without it—that lt was my only stay. |
I had been a tea drinker for twenty-'
live years; was under the doctor's care
for fifteen.
"About six months ago, I Anally quit
tea and commenced lo drink Pos'.um. j
"I have never had one spell of sick j
headache since and only one light attack of bilious colic. Have quit having those numb spells at night, sleep
well and my heart Is getting stronger
all the time." Name given upon request.
Postum now comes in concentrated
powder form, called Instant Postum.
It Ir prepared by stirring a level teaspoonful In a cup of hoi water, adding
sugar to taste, and enough cream to
bring the ooior to golden brown.
Instant Postum is convenient;
theres no waste; and the flavor Is
always uniform. Sold by grocers
A 5-cup trial tin mailed for grocer's
name and 2-cent stamp for postage.
Canadian Postum Cereal Co., Ltd.,
Windsor, Ont.
Flowers by Air for France
Brussels.—A bunch of llowers was
carried thirty-one miles in his aeroplane to his sweetheart at Louvain,
Brabant, last week by Lieutenant Demand of the Belgian army, who flew
there and back from Brassehaet, near
Antwerp, where he Is stationed. He
made a flight over Louvain with his
English  People  Beginning to  Realize
Importance and Need of Aerial
London, England.—The publication
ot the king's telegram to Mr. Gra-
harae-White. congratulating him upon
building a biplane strictly for military
purposes, sent a great many people to
the aero show at Olympla to see what
the new war machine is like.
To begin with, its very large inclosed body filled them with surprise.
The public in England has not followed the recent development of the aeroplane with enough attention. Comfortable seats (the army bllane haa
wicker chairs), wind screens (as in
the Vlckers monoplane), self starting
devices as In the Short (faterplane,
which abolish the tedious process ol
turning the propeller to make the engine Arc; electrophones to magnify
the sound of the pilot's and the passenger's voices and so enable them to talk
freely in spite of the motor's roar. (as
in the Handley-Page exhlb!t)-rall these
Improvements are making flying more
attractive and foreshadowing the day
when it will be a recognized and favorite method of travel.
Another feature of this Grahame-
White biplane which struck those who
have some knowledge of aircraft, was
the smallness of Its wing surface.
This it may be necessary to Increase.
It wlll almost certainly be found also
that Its no-horsepower motor (Austro
Daimler) Is too weak for it. It was
designed for a motor of 120 horse
power and that power is none toe
The idea (fr the construction Is that
the machine shall be used both foi
scouting and for attack. To give the
ohserver a clear field of vision the pro
nrller Is put at Ihe back and driven
from the motor in front hy shaft and
chain. On the nose of the machine
is mounted a Colt nnlfk-flrlng gun.
ivhlch enn be fired either up or down
or in a straight line. In a brush between air-scouts this would be nn awkward enemy to meet. The machine
can enrrv enough petrol for a six-
hour flight
Other nritlsb machines designed for
war. which are on view at Olympla
include tbe Poyal Aircraft Factory biplane, the Tlrislol Company's R0-horse
nower monoplane, and the Vlckers' 70-
tiorsopower. nil steel biplane, with
Wolselev engine, which is also fitted
with a gun; In this case it is a Maxim enn. There is space for 1500
rounds of ammunition and for a man
to work the gun. sn It could conceiv-
ably do n vast amount of damage.
The controls pen so arranged that If
anything hnnnens tn Ihe pilot the passenger eould work them without
changing his position.
Another verv interesting war machine '« |t»e new merle' S0-hnrsenow-!
or armored monor-lnne, of which photo-
trranhs ar° exhibited at the Rierlot
stand. It hos not vet been shown
In nubile hut the secret trials are said
to hn,-e alven eve°llent results. Thif
machine is dos'e-neri to be n destrover.
Tust ns one object of torpedo-boat
destroyers Is to blow tin'battleships
so the task nf the Blerlot destrovet
will be to seek to annihilate airships.
Fair Visitor—Why are you giving
Fldo's teeth such a thorough brushing?
Fond Mistress—Oh! The poor darling's just bitten some horrid person,
and, really you know, one can't be
too careful.
The mayor Is now suing the bailiff.! have not heen mnde known.    Possibly
 [a trial will be iirst made on short su<
ART   TREASURES   FOH   AMERICA ' bitrban lines.
  ;    Mr.   Merz   was   also  consulted
Superb Collection of Chinese Porcelain I 'he authorities In Ceylon.
to  Find  Abiding Place  in This 	
London, England.—Another highly
Important collection of art treasures
Is about to leave England for the
United States. Mr. Gorer, the Bond
street dealer in Chinese porcelain,
lurough whose hands have already
passed the Alfred Trapnell and the
two Bennett collections, has now acquired the superb collection of Chin-	
ese porcelain formed by   George   R.|~   - -     •
Davios, and has arranged to send it Mill B6y to Town Clerk
across the Atlantic before December     London.-Siuith  Terry,    who    ha*
£,' ,, „„. been appointed town clerk of Keigli'
The collection comprises some GOO;, . ,lt'a 6lUarv 0, nm l » gj.
pieces, without exception of the finest:. '■ , $.,-w) . • ' , . .',. ",' ■"
quality. Among the numerous great i m'l ad io to "•" In o nilll a i
examples Is what Is acknowledged to Salt- mer when, 1 t^ ot age.
1 ■■■   '■•■ finest known famille-verte vase i  - bv'
be th
ovoid In form, Ihe black background
decorated on either s'de with a large
panel containing birds on flowering!
trees.     It Is vnlued nt about $25,000.
An even more preclcils piece, valued
at ?!)2.ri00, Is the largest known piece
of reticulated porcelain of the early
Kantrhe period. It Is in the form of
a circular 'noense box and cover decorated with figures of the eight Immortals, very brilliantly enameled in
colors of the neriod
Tbe collection also Includes many
evamnles of whnle-color porcelain.
amon!T thorn what Is nerbans one of
the finest Snna:-o>-hoe!'f vases In exist-
ence. and certainlv one of tbe most
superb and Important apple-greens.
London.—Complaints     have    been
made ot the disreputable appearance
of the gravediggers present at funerals
i at Fulham Cemetery and they aro to
b   provided witli a suitable uniform.
Chlltren's Walking Feat
London.—Linda Benton, aged 6;
Farrow, aged C;'nnd William Farrow,
aged 6, walked from Peterborough to
Whaplode Drove, a dlstauce of sixteen miles, on Sunday, to see their
Tnke LAXATIVE HROMO Quinine Tab.
lets. T>rug!ilsts refund money If It falls
to cure. K. W. GUOVE'S signature la
on   each  box.       2Ec.
15 Victims of Mad Dog
Berlin.— Considerable excitement
has been caused In Berlin by a mad
dog wTilch bit between fifteen and
twenty people and two horses In the
streets before it was killed by a policeman's saber. The police are
searching for the victims, only eight
or nine of whom have so far reported
themselves for Pasteur treatment.
Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
Military   Enthusiasm   of   Lads   Ends
In Tragedy
Paris.—Four boys, whos* ages run
from 12 to 13, left. Sedan one morning last week to follow a regiment of
Infantry on the march.
Their enthusiLsm for the army and
the regimental hand tired their youthful patriotism and kept them marching all day, until one of their number,
Andre Lenniou, a boy of 12, fell ont
Munich.—Two young waitresses*
employed at a Munich cafe .fought »
duel with revolvers to settle the qties*
tlon of tbe ownership of a $2 tip left
by a wealthy guest.    One was killed.
1 understand you went o«er to Crlm'
son Gulch anil lynched Ihe wrong
No, replied Three-finger Sam, Yolf
can't lynch the wrong man ln Crimson Gulch. We just got Piute Pet*
a little hit ahead of his turn.
Baby's Own Tablets are just th*
medicine for little ones. They sweeten the stomach and regulate the bo*'
els, thus breaking up colds, curing
colic, expelling worms and making!
toothing eaBy. Concerning thenv
Mrs, E. J. Ayer, Westmoreland
Point, N.B., writes: "I have been using Baby's Own Tablets some Mm*
and find them just thP medicine baby"
needs." The Tablets are sold by1
medicine dealers or by mall at 2fr
cents a box from The Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., Brockvllle, Ont.
Whooplng-Cough Vaccination
Paris.—A protective serum against
whooping cough is claimed to hav*
been found by Doctor Nlcolle, dlrectof
of the Pasteur Institute at Tunis, say*
the Petit Parlsien, Virtually every
case in which vaccination with th*
serum has taken place is said to hav*
been cured.
The Pill That Leads Them All.—•
Pills are the most portable and corft'-
pact of all medicines and when easy"
to take are the most acceptable oi*
preparations. But they must attest
their power to he popular. As Parme.
lee's Vegetable Pills are the most pop-
ular of all pills they must fully meet
from "the ranks' and."colfa'psing"by the!"11 r('<iuirements. Accurately corn-
roadside, told his companions that he  pounded and composed of Ingredients
could go no further
Thp boys were penniless, and their
pride prevented them from begging.
They went into a wood and dragged
themselves, footsore and weary, to a
hut among the trees.
There they spent the night, and London's companions did what they
could for him. It was not until next
morning, when they could got no reply
from blm, that Ihey went for help*.
Then It was found that the boy was
proven to be effective In regulating
the digestive organs, there is no suref
medicine to be had anywhere.
Wounded Girl's Appetite
Paris.—A 19-yenr-old Alsatian girt
Mile. Adele Bartl, was run over by a
train at Rosny-sous-Bols, on the-way
to Paris, and had a leg and two arm*
cut off. When the doctor arrived.
says the Matin, he was amazed by hef
first words; I am very hungry. Hav*
you got some bread and a sausage.
That Wonderful Event
IF THERE is a time above all times when a
woman should be in perfect physical condition
it Is the time previous to the coming of her babe.
During this period many women suffer from headache,
sleeplessness, pains of various description, poor appetite,
and a host of other ailments which should be eliminated In
ju*tke to the ww life about to be ushered into this world.
ii a scientific medicine carefully compounded by an experienced and skillful
pnyiclan, and adapted to the need* and requirements uf woman's delicate
system. It has been recommended lor over forty yean u a remedy for those
peculiar ailments which make their appearance during the expectant"
period. Motherhood Is made easier by iu use. Thousands of women have
been benefited by this great medicine,
Your druggist can supply you in liquid or tablet form, or you can send
50 one-cent sf"  -*-■--*-=-"-—-'•*    "' —»-*>**>      -•"■- j   ■
Tablets, ti
r druggist can supply you ln liquid or tablet form, or you can send
tnt stamps for a trial box ot Dr. Plorce'e Favorite Pr«ecriptloa
>, to Dr. Pierce, at Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Institute, Buffalo.
It ts your priviledge to write to Dr, Pierce for edvice, end it will be gladly
given free of charge.   Of course ell communications are confidential. r
|     Overheard in it Street-Car.
There's a lesson right there!
Little blemishes of complexion, small seres, eruptions,
spots, nre not only unpleasant
to the person afflicted, but are
the first thin; noticed by other
A little Zam-Buk applied at
night to spots, eruptions, sores
of any kind will do wonders.
Zara-Suk is not a greasy
preparation which will go rancid on your dressing table.
It is made from healing, herbal
extracts and essences. Always
pun>, fresh and ready fnr use.
Doesn't lose its power. Keeps
indefinitely. Healing, sootLing
and antiseptic all the time.
Try it I
10c. box all druggists and stores.
New Type of Ship. Which it Is Said,
Will Revolutionize tvival Warfare
London, March i.—A 'disclosure of
supreme importance affecting the uav
Blind Scientist at Work,
Siocknclm.—11.  Utisiaf Dalen, the   ,
youj.s   Swedish   eiw.ueer   wao   w..s ! European  Residents Wondering How
awarded the Nobel piiae for physics 1        bong Town Can Hold Out
trim lb "ow, totally Wind, us lhe | OonEtaatlnople,   Turkey.-The
rtsuli of an explosion  wbJile he was
j written sheets of the Agence Ottomane
al position of Great nntuin is made in j making an experiment last September. . „™ dal|.. Dinned ud on the green
the Engineer a technical paper of the **•Oajen, however returned to work ba)M board* ol the &lrop(,an Club of
highest reputation, -viuch does not J"**" as a thank_ offering for his es.l uonstauttnople. Even- dav streams
make statements w.tnout reliable,uu.  cape »'"" his i.fe he cave his work-, 0. members     shertiilnV    u-'nui.    nnd
This journal gives details of a tor-j to about Jli.50. | „„„ ,i,„.„ _,.„;". ....... • ,...,_,, _, '
midable and entirely new type of war-J 	
ship  which  is being constructed  for e. Different Matter
If I ever get hold    of    Binks    III
C&h&U'nXry -*Lo 7TULs/&, s0^r*-£ UnrT-tf.
the German admiralty, lhe. design
was first offered to the British government, but beyond a b.ue acknowledgement, no further ' action was
The now type Is described as speller than any dreadnought, lt lies
lowr in tlie water, not much more tiiau
awash, and It fights end on. The only
target it presents to the enemy's tire
is a bow shield sloping backward and
of such shape and thickness as to be
thrush him so that his mother wuuldn t
recognize him.
\i nat's the matter?
He's been slandering me. He says
that 1 did him out of %'iu In a poker I
Not at all. I heard the remark'
What did he say?
He said that you did him out of' vested-city'haI"fc«n''ano'w'eirto*iea'k i «"■"'■■ >' «
The Last Man In District to be Suspected of Crime Was Criminal
Paris,   France.—After    being    ter-
Wanted—Ageuts for Hail and Wla*.
Apply The Can
storm Insurance.
pass those sheets with a br:et glance |	
of the masterly vagueness of their
contents, and always on the subject
most   important   to  all   people   here,
they find the same bland, UuinstrucUve, •    - -     „.     . ....--. 	
statement: , rorHed for live yens by a mysteriousi "eather Insuiance Company, (Domli
Le bomhardenient d'Adrinople con-: hamdlt,  ibe inhabitants of a district I Ion License), Winnipeg, Mau
tlnue. 1 "ear Grasse are able to breathe free-1         	
There are fifty theories about  the I '>' again.    The bandit has been cap-
slate of Adrianople, but uu sure know-   *-"r.e" ''*■ 'ast.     His   name   is   Paul
ledge.     Never was a selge more rigor-1 CWapaU, and he ls a
e begin-  ™ allcl 'he vary last
(26,000 111 a cotton  ileal.
farmer,   aged
ously conducted, for since the begin-   zo al,cl tlle very last man the people
ning of the war no single scrap of  w0,",l<1 nave suspected.    ......
reliable Information concerning the In- ■     ' '*° "in.es win which he Is charged; "!;kt' fru'   ; •■ '" »« P" «Kn Pleasant
         ' least seventy.    The series! wor','-  Armour  Art   to.,  Dept  N,  43
LADIES WANTED—To do work at
home;   decorating cushion tops;   cua
, out  into tbe  walling  world.    Not
began with tires at farms nnd private
virtually Impenetrable.
It serves as the carriage ot a single!   .Oh,  well, t'len, I suppose It is all I fugitive" from "wtthtS   baa "liia-ie" his   houses, and later on oilier place's were
sun of maximum    power,    furnished   right.     I hardly thought h.; was thei wav  throimh  the  Bliliarlan  cordon I ransacked and horses and cattle were
with projectiles thai play the part ot I kind of man to go round telling stories
aerial torpedoes, and the gun remains; tbat reflected on my character.
perpetually  screened,  except  at  the —	
Steele Illk.,  Winnipeg.
moment of bring
The vessel can he kept at sea in al!
weathers and ran light effectively at
the longest ranges. Twenty of these
destroyers can be built for the cost
of a single super-dreadnougljt antl the
Gorman naval experis hold, wMh Hin-
ple reason, lhat a super-dreadnought
must inevitably succumb If attacked
by even live of such small craft.
It is staled liy the writer of the arl-
Icle In the Engineer that the attention
of the British government was drawn
lo tli is type in a letter sent to Mr. As-
quith some four years ago on behalf
group of eouii'.l'iitb'l engineers,
Tourist—I say, guide, it's about time
we were getting near tile fulls, Isn't
Gulder-Ves, sir.     .May I request the
ladies to stop talking for a moment,
and ,,'ou wi
thunder e
way  through  the  Bulgarian  cordon. , .
So far as is known, n.i one from with-   1<iI'ru-
out lias ever made his wav In. it I At "'S1*1 P«*°*"le were tired at and
Is said that wireless communication "n,mf "*"<* ■•«*lpu«ly Injured. The
Is maintained with the beleaguered «""""lmil always left notes In the places j
garrison, but a good many people Ms- h8 ransacked, anl fn spile of the ut-
believe this most  vigilance on  the part  of sixty
I do not doubt that there have been! 3P"ci,-il Police he hns only just been J
attempts to communicate wltli   \dri-'^Pured.       Three   detectives   from,
1 Paris Identified the handwriting   left!
rmer Chia-iall.
ivlll then he able to hear the anople bv wireless, because I have a''!s 'd'-ntiiied tlie ha;
t the waters quite distinctly, seen the operators busy at worn m behind as that of the fa
  , ! the wireless Elation at  Hadcm-keul.   Ile Bas confessed.
Oholly—He w
with me,     In fact he said he would
blow my brains out.
Ethel—Did it hurt much?
Smallpox on a Warship
London.—Au able seaman ot    the
who had been made acquainted with a I new battleship Conqueror, now at Dev-
certain design prepared conjointly by : ouport, was found to bo Buffering from
the laic Sir Edward Heed (a former  smallpox*, and was removed to an iso-
weally very angry i E"t il Is very doubtful whether any
answer has been received. It was
said before the llrst defeat of the Ottoman army that the wireless apparatus in Adrianople was defective, and
that once cut off from the world, the
city would have no means of cuminuiii-
catlon. Of course the pretense that
messages are daily received is brave
Miller's Worm Powders destroy
worms without any Inconvenience to J
the child, and so effectually that they
pass from the body unperoelveil. They I
are not. ejected ln llielr entirety, bu'
are ground up and pass away through \
[ the bowels with the excreta. They I
thoroughly cleanse the stomach anil j
Dint, on* nn buy-Why yuu don't even hive to
k***w what KIND of Cloth inurGoodi an mad*
•1"S« Mlitahat ara Impomi! v.
((fad fnr Fimi Color Card, Story Booklet, and
BookUl living raeults of Dyeing i.ycr othtr colon,
Montreal. Canada.
tfiraafre] OUl'OF*UitS'i8"l*UHllOWrt,Qr,001 Mtr lira KS1
Cvi'tjiii "'■■Jin r;ri>-'r.v, bi.adukk. skiuius IH'ikasj1-
etHV.-*NIt*WF(tK',J-sSI-S.ri.Ci:Hrl.SK[Sl.'|-|-l-|HJ.S'51PII KS
■trrtt* far my TRtlE liLh.li.   tub H»sr   lNSrHL'CTIVI
atKtiiL-Ai.booki.vri: wn, irs.ir \yli.sa
pisr.«fv.i a«n thn Hi.'iM-kMii.K ci i'i-s
Iy  kept up;   but It Is at least  prob-l howels nnd leave them In a condition
able that this Is only a pretense.    ,\t| I"0' favorable to worms, and there wi
chief constructor ol the navy) and thei latlon hosni ul.    The origin of the in-   an„ rate, if the hcainuariers staff and   ue nn revival of the pests.
...hIi^h   ..P   sb.    ni>l1„li. '   t?t,tt I !....    line   nnf.knnl.   ^hhi.a.1 I " '.'
K.C I HI  l-f
N«2. Ne-%
■ a 1 ilrrlde
P.tn'I .l<-ii.';ii-*(it.
s. I>ll l.RCt.-ERG
', Li'.-.ij....,i::io,
The Heart of a Pinno is the
Action.   Insist on the
Piano Action
Book Free.    A iis.pL
Berne   treatment removed
limp from this l.dy'.bi-east
Old tores, ulcers and
drowtha cured.    Describo
lfm*r trouble 1 we wlll seud book and tealiuiooiala.
Happy In His Misery
Dear me,  I  think  I  am  Ihe most
.miserable creature In the world.
What's the matter?
I'm trying to follow this magazine's
.advice on how to be happy.
Please don't bother to see 1110 to the
/Joor, I'lo.arjeil tlie departing visitor.
RorJly; its no bother at all, the
tiostess assured ber. lt is a pleasure.
, Nothing Left
And wliat are we to understand by
(the Biblical expression, the four
.corners of the earth? asks lhe In-
i3*rud:or In theology.
Ibociifeller's corner in oil, Ilavenvcy-
.er's corner In sucar, Carnegie's corner
fn fiteol, and P:ttt."n's corner in wheat,
iina.wes-8 tbe new suid' nt.
Doc.3 he aim at realism In the stor-
.Jes he writes?
Wf may aim at It but he doesn't
(lit within a million miles of It.
How's that?
The hero of hla last story Is a
stp-pndfbrli.t Scotnhman!
writer of the article
The design was prepared In 1881
and the engineers alluded to had elaborated the design in accordance with
the progress of naval architecture an I
armament between 18S4 and 190ft, and
had r.'.so taken part In the development
of submarine vessels for naval purposes.
Mr. Asnulth formally acknowledged
the receipt of the letter, snys ihe
writer, and there the matter dropped
so far as England was concerned.
A different fate, however, awaited an
analogous communication addressed
hy the same group of engineers to a
high quarter In Germany. Action
thereupon was at onee taken un Ier
conditions of a most profound secrecy
which have been successfully maintained for nearly four years.
Matters have now readied a development of such magnitude, however
adds the writer, that certain particulars ot what Germany is doing have
begun to leak out.
He considers that in view of the
astute attitude lhat has just been
taken up by Grand Admiral von Tirplf-
It seems desirable for the British public to be given an inkling of the true
state of affairs. The German dread-1
noughts he declares 10 be a ruse.
Thev luom large In popular estima-1
tlon—and, it Is feared, in that of the
British admiralty also—as the first j
line of battle: but in reality they are]
intended to play a secondary part. The
stress of conflict will lie with the Ger-,
man destroyers and submarines..
In regard lo submarines, the writer!
makes the equally startling assertion
that a German physician of eminence'
has Invented a way of bottling up light
and redistributing It round a submerg. 1
ed submarine.    In the
feetion has not been traced
of the Nerves
A Distressing Symptom of Nervous Exhaustion Cured by
Dr. Chase'9 Nerve Food.
one or two ministers really do know
the actual state of affairs in Adrian-1 Useful Suit of Clothes
oplt?, thfy have contrived to keep that '    London.—A resident of ToweaFtrr.
knowledge to themselves with, a tie- Northatlts. has worn the same sul! of
gree of secrocy unheard oHn Turkey, black clothes at 287 funerals aud a
Of Europeans here, even among the wedding.
oldest  and   best  Informed   residents,! ' .
there are hardly to he found two
whose opinions as to how long ihe
town can hold out agree. Some
know, with a very positive knowledge
that. Adrianople was the one spot in
Turkey on which military funds Mere
properly expended. They declare
that, however unsound the army may
be, the defenses of Adrianople are
worthy of the strongest, military;
power in Kurope; that the town is
amply supplied with stores and ammunition, and can hold out for months.
The Stomach Mutt be Toned and
".trtngthentd Ibiou^b the Blood.
• j 111 •
■ 1   (el   I   I   B
It keeps your "White Clothes" looking
Just like Hew,
It dots not Spot o,* Strealt tho clothes
as there Is nn settling.
It ts tho 'MinntllasTKhid" to use.
It LsGunrantei d togivn Perfect Satisfaction or money CheurniUy Refunded.
and Frctv»i ll
tor Yourself.
A to cent package lasts about
6 muii" hs, as it
blues  15  Good
"J-R Bluets much better
thai* any other." Miss
Thomson) Belmont, Man.
"J-R Blue Is an Excellent
Blue, Supei or to other
Blues." Mrs. Frank J.
Muore, Conn, Ont.
"J-R Blue is the best
Bine I ever used." Mr-.W.
Switzcr, Braiulo.i, Mail.
S:<:e Washings
Tbe Jnlimon.
Kkiiksriitun Co.
' iruiltil,
Montreal, Tin.
The    victim
wants to eat a
of   indigestion    who
;ud nieai, und he will
Mrs, John McKellar,
What sympathy you feel for anyone
whose   nerves   twitch   and   Jerk,   and
what resolves you malts to never allow
your  nervous system  to  become exhausted, until paralysis of some form
claims you as a victim.
The only way is to watch the warn*
aytime, when | ins symptoms, such as sleeplessness
the surface of the water If absorbing headache,   Indigestion,   tired   foelhiL
light these rays can he caught up anil', and irritability.   By the prompt use ol
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food you can feed
the    feeble, %vnsteel    nerves   back   to
reconverted into light under the sea
to enable the commander of the submerged submarine to see h!s way
fairly well. This means, he claims,
that'German submarines can he employed for relatively distant expeditions without detection, as they need,
not show themselves in the daytime
health and Vigor, restore the vitality
or the body, and prevent serious disease.
Mrs. John McKellar, 11 Harton
street oast. Hamilton, Ont., writes : —
"I was Injured some years ago, and
that left me with a broken-down ner
Others are equally certufn that the &uu6r t£ ne LilLS 0Uti. lmUd iitJ0V con&°-
garrison Is inadequate and must have 1Ullon lU PWking una choosing a diet,
been on short rations ever since the Aa a matter ot lact you cannot get
beginning of December, and that it: r,?liel- •-■>' cutting down your diet to a
cannot possibly have enough ammunl- starvation basis. The stomach must
tion to tei-d the big guns uu the forts,! be strengthened until you can eat gi>jd
which are the key to the defenses.    | nourishing   food,    'lhe  only   way   to
The Importance of Adrianople strenstben the stomach is to enrich
dwarfs all else here. We have al-; lhe blood and thus tone up the nerves
most ceased to expect an attack ou j that control it. The only way to tu-
the Tehataldja lines. Turkish scouts j rich the blood, and tone up the nerves]
recommit-ring the positions held by and give strength to the stomach—'
the Buljgars at the time of the Bign--strength that will enable it to properly
ing of tlie armistice report that tbe digest any kind of food—is through
enemy, having burnt Izzedemkeul and ■ a fair use of Ur. Williams' lJiuk Pills,
one ar two villages which they form- i'he one mission of these Pills Is to
eiiy occupied, have  wlthrtrawu e\en: make  rich,  nd  blood,  mat  reaches
Sold by dealers everywhere
ktml.   Twenty.five cetita'. boLt'e.
*uid can wait, for night before oomlnglvous uystem, I could not sleep, and
tn tho surface to ij!!k'->p their stocli i suffered from twitching of the nerves
> .1. ! ""d disagreeable nervous sensations.
0L u'r- j     "I   then   bee.an    using   Dr.    Chase's
Nerve Food, and can say that 1 never
Asthma Doesn't Wear Off Alone, used any medicine that did me so
Do not make the mistake of waiting much good; in fact, I am entirely
for asthma to wear away hy itself, cured ol my old trouble. The Nerve
Willie vou are waiting the disease is Food not only strengthened the nerves,
surely gathering a stronger foothold b"■*!» built ur, my^m ia every
and you live In danger of stronger and •*,«>• MSiard writes, earning'her
yet stronger a.-tacas.      nr.    J.    "•   oure, and states that she has had in-,
Kellogg's Asthma Reraody taken early i t,uir|es ,,.„,„ many pe0ple who   had i have lied wonderfully well, Drake's ex-
will  prevent Incipient conditio!!  from   u — ...1   „. .u,.  n..t  t.nm.ma .Via    ^v,_ i r,In't« v.inir fhrmich Rnelnnd: Ibe nnm.l
becoming chronic and saves hours of
awful suffering.
mh». Wiwst.ow'a Sooththo Bvytlp ins be(«
further north. Evidently they are; every part and every organ of the! ^^^f«Xu!fdr?CHl&H«^HM
concentrating 'heir whole force j bodv, bringing renewed health ami: thktiiVw, with i-kri-'i-ct mxchss, rt
against Adrianople. As tor such,1 activity. The following case illus- KT^vKnPA^pfeMwmocwip0!!!!
fighting as  may   lake  place  in   the Urates tiie value of Di. WiHiam»'Pink TO
Galiipoll peninsula,  no one considers  tills In !urilae«.i'oij. solutdy lwrniless. Be sure and aik for "Mr*
it likely to affect the ultimate issue.;     Miss Lottie Carr, of Letpiille, N.S..I -v''m.sl0^'s 8?°,!J1b* *y™v" a?d uike»ooth«
It is upon AclKanople that everythingUays: "For eeveray years I haw- been!
depends. a great sufferer from chronic indlges*\*
Europeans here are wondering rath* tmti. At times I dbnoat loathed tooi,!
er uneasily, how t.*e Constahtltaople an' no matter how hungry, 1 found
populace will lake the news of the fall i:n-. l0 eai eVon llfc'htly was fbtliwed
of Adrianople. when that new? arrives, j by gj.eat distress and offtn nausea. 1'
Hitherto the apathy cf the people of tried many so-called cures, hut did not!
this town has been astonishing. No get more than temporary relief, ami1
one could possibly Infer from the con- naturally i was going down both in
duct of the people in tne streets that t hectUli and strength, and was greatly
their country is at war, that, their pol!- discouraged. While in this despondent  condition   1   was  advised   to  try i
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills.     I doubted
mat   they   would   cure   me   after  so i
many other medicines had failed, but j
as 1 wanted health and thi* pliln were
highly recommended I decided to try
them.     I am thankful now that I did)
so, for after taking Dr, Williams Pink
ticiana are lighting among themselves,
and that the enemy'is lets than thirty!
miles from the olty,
interest in the affnirs of ihe nation:
seems to be confined exclusively to
th" governing classes and to Euro-
pean residents, This is not simply
due to the Ignorance of the masses, j
There must have heen in England at
the time of the coming of the Armada as great a proportion of Illiterate
people as Ihere are in Constantinople! y'nnHh
today.      Vet unless our    historians'"'''"'
PlllS for five or six weeks
tige of the trouble
was  again   bl"
had left me, and I
wiih   the   best  of
awful mistake the
The man he operated
what  he thought he
* box er six boxet r»r 12.30,
tt ill -Jetl-tr* *r Th« Doddt MelU
nine Company, Limited, Tarcnu,
That was a
surgeon made,
on didn't bave
Dkln't have appendicitis at all, ch?
Oh,  ho  bad appendicitis nil  right,
but lie didn't have any money.
heard  of the  great benefits she
tained from Dr. Chase's Nerve
Dr. Chase's Nerve Food, 50 cents
box,  C t'or $2,60.    All dealers, or Ed
manson,   bates  &  Co.,   Limited,  Toronto.
Prom my own experience 1
believe th^re is no cas* of Indigestion
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills will not cure,
ofa-l i.lo.ts rang through England; the com- ^uI-VtETJ / 1
Pood I ing of thi Spanish galleons was dta- " glven a fair'nal.
■nta a i (:llHsed in every  alehouse and  hedge      V°u. can, «« the«8  p« ■
W, N. U.JM2
Minard's Liniment Cures Burnt,  Etc.
tli-gss—He was very unpopular before I'he game but. after he scored two
goals ho made many friends,
fttggs—I suppose he made friend.;
by tho s-core, eh?
What an extraordinary curve your
horse has got In tho spine, sa'.d a
gentleman to a tanner. Call you ac-1
oouivt for it?
By the powers, sir, and to be sure
I am nhl<->. I have heard, sir, that
before the beast was my property he,
vox* backed against another horse/
which beat him hollow, and 1 daresay
It's the reason that his back never]
got straight again.
How did you get along when you
told your father of our engagement?
asked the timid young man.
Oh, dear, she   answered,   lit   was
dreadful,     I'm so ashamed of papa
1 don'l believe he has a heart.
Was I;.' unfavorable?
Thai's no name for ii. When I
talked to him .about our living on love
in a cottage on seven dollars a week
1 couldn't make him listen :o reaenn
at all.
It was evhlenl that the orator's wife
was not. present to hear him express
his sentiments,
tavern; and the unlettered mob were
as keenly alive to the nation as waa
Queen Boss herself.
The  means of disseminating news
In Ellzabethian England were infinitely scantier than they are in  modern
Stambotif; for though the hulk of the*
people   may   be   unable   to "read   for
i themselves ihere is no lack of Turk-
i ish, Greek and'Armenian newspapers,
j which are read aloud in the cafes by
' the one or two educated persona who,
: in the East are always to bo found
j in any gathering.
No it is not Ignorance which prevents the Turkish people from mani-
, testing  any  Interest  in  tlie  fate of
: their country.     The desert Arab Is
1 hist as illiterate as the avenue Turk-
ess   ish peasant.      Yet barely n year age
in   Tripoli,  1
My friends, Im shouted, there ought   whom  patriotic enthusiasm  had  sent
to be only one head to every family. I against the Italians from i>wry corn-
from any
medicine dealer or by mail, post paid,
ir iiu cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50 from Tlie Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont.
to Clip
HflTiM, Mulaj und Cowi. Tboj ara
i Mithtet and rtpdor better lerriee.
V. lieu tlit) ln'ivy (Hint that boldi tbe
**i.t RweataDdalrt in removed, tbe/
•romorociniij kepi •li.-an. tool, luetivr
- get more lood from tLuir iv-ii and
tin' ratter in every way.   InM*: ud
""■'The Stewart
Pall Boarlnt
Clipping KSachine
mcr.    Ut
li from •<
ellptf fa*tgrand clot
-ihiiri'   Ion (lor tliun any
:.i- m- nil liiu :..u ! and
ill.) -dri-l bar.      ptnsc
Key aro eoeiof..'il, |irc-   *» f^ltZ
EH-ted ami   nn In ulli   f|179
Al'itl- frlcii.in.iiittcwHir.      **#****>
"HiutHiMci'tiifiit'.. f.j'i'-.'iio' ri'nninr
tifxttiio riiait nnd tba calabnud
Me«art Rlni;).! Urd-imi "i'[ip]n2 Imad,
in/iii -t iranB.  c>t *■•. 'i*.»«iu-i "<• ■■;.•!)
every iiij.-iiiii.. jim, .tfi-.i .■ i tu t< : -mx
tVrttoforeantpletonewestaJORne ibowlm frortd't
ifn:'i "t niut itioitmodfrn Huetii bant i-tiru-imr -.n.i
i!.,-,',) :<tn-arlii( n«i:|i||ii'ii. mailed fit.mm rr.jmpt.
Had  no  Right to    Disregard    Magistrate's Warrant by Releasing
New Firebug
London.—Mr. McKenna's   troubles!
with the BUllragetlea are    two-edged,
for now il is miggeftted that the home
secretary was guilty of a serious crime
in ordering the release or the suffragette, Lillian Lenton, who was arrested for the liew Gardens outrage,  a
A person who knowingly assists a prisoner to escape is liable to a sentence
an army^ of men;0r 86ven  ytars penal
it. is pointful out that MuKenuas act
tlon was a breach of it justice^ war
y the world la round and yet
1 often thin!, it stpiarr,
So many little hurts we get
From corners here and there.
But nim rad truth In life I've found
While journeying east and west
The only folks we really wound
Are iho.se we love the best.
We (latter those we scarcely know
We pi.-ea.ee the fleeting guest,
And deal full many a though ties a blow
To those we love the best,
Quite right, replied the nt rvous and i er of north Africa.   The Italian war  rant, which
worried looking man In the front row,
You agTee with  me, sir? said  the
!   do, replied  t!-n  worried  ln>*kinn
man.      I've just  paid  for  new  bats
for nine daughters and one wife,
was discussed by hooded desert statesmen from the western Sahara to the
Yemen. Camel drivers, shepherds,
caravan riders from as far away as
Darfur and Wadal were ns keenly Interested in the fte of Tripoli as though
it   lay   three   hour?'   ride   from   their
Why Did He?
Daughter of the House—Is it ri.yht
what motlu-r suy«—that you    are    a
ryftude, and  self-made man?
Visitor—Yes, my dear.     Bui what
makes you ask?
respet t.
Woman Paid to Act as Bride's Parent
at Wedding
Paris.—With tho help of her uncle
a girl named Bouehes has married
a farm hand with whom she fell In
love, anbough her mother had refused
to give ber consent to the marriage.
Mile. Bouehes was a favorite of her
uncle and lived with Iiim at La Cains,
in the Department of Aveyron. The
uncle gave the wife of bis estate agent
$."-,00 and two fat oxen to represent
at the ceremony the girl's mother.
wbo lives in Paris. The estate agent's
wife gave her consent to the marriage
and the ceremony was performed,
Mme. Bouehes now threatens to
hrins an action against the uncle and
the woman who acted as her substitute.
' ; tents, Ins
j away.
i ad ut' three months march
Would  Detain  Her
You used to wan: to hold my hand
before   we   w re   married,  she  complained.
I'll like to now. said he easily, but
it would keep you from vour house*
work, my dear.
ministers Daughter of the House—I wae only
j wondering What made you give your-
' tielf sucb a funny face.
Wife—What do yon mean hy telling
Mrs. Crewsn's husband you never ask
my advice about anything.
Husband—Well, my dear. I don't.
Yon don't wail to be asked.
Father Instead
*r    (after    relating    pathetic
Now Reggie, wouldn't you like
your bunny to thai noor HtHe
i saw  today  who  hasn't  any
'!,' rabbit)— Couldn'l
er Instead?
Beat ;t
Doctor.   Raid   tii '   convalescent
; mind
I m n poor man. so would you ,
taking out part of your bill In I
"Sample tree >t you
Drug and Chemical  Ui
Llntlted, Toronto."
V! right, my man, that sounds talr.
NationSl'-What Is yourtradoV       .
Canadu,       I m  bass    drummer    in    a    street
[ baud.
Invention Rampant
W'o are li\in# in a grand and wondrous ano, remarked a railway passenger to a stronger who occupied tho
scat beaide him, Invention is rampant everywhere.
Yes, said his companion, that la
about what I observed to a witness In
a lawsuit ai.ninst me'recently: there
are more liars tn the square yard now
than there used to be *o the acre.
In the Same Boat
Employ. ...,.-iu I ke more salary j
ns I am coiii^ to get married.
Kmploye-r—Sorry, but I'll have to
riduc.e it. 1 am going to gat married
myself. |
Don t wait until you havo some ailment caused by poor digestion,
biliousness, or by inactive bowelj
which may lead to a ;?rioui r.icknc.-s--.
Immediate rciief is afforded bf
that best corrective and preventive
Sold •▼■irwberv.   in bone*, 25 cm inr, IMjAJNUKi:!, ». U.MIil-.Hi.A.M'
People are Learning to Fly
To the Builders' Supply Co, for their building materials.        Our boast that we have
Everything for the Builder
and Everythinq of the best
[s amply justified by our rapidly increasing business and our satisfied customers. It" you meet
a person who has used Kiln Dried in li is house, you can be sure he is oue ol' the satisfied ones.
If you contemplate l»ui!<liiijL>'. pay us a call uud let us show you our stock and quote you prices.
AVe have n large stock of Hot-bed Sash on hand for Delivery.   Door Frames and Window Frames
made to vour order.
Kiln Dried Lumber, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Lath, Plaster, Lime, Cement, Paint and Oils,
Plumbing Supplies, Builders' Hardware, Building Paper, Roofing etc.
"Not Better than the Best - but Better than the Rest."
Box 230
Phone 66
l.-'aiins and
Special's Is
V. I.. B e
I -Inn.I
i'ui'ins nnd
TR listings togiillier will) Ilic -I. I acres wc linvp
actual]- y bouglil in tlm Cumo.x District amsislm-j
of cleared aiKl iiiiclcm'tcl I'uVins, sen iiml river iVonlngr,
enables us to give iuteuditis; Imyevs u good choice.
G.A. Fletcher
Music Co.
iuiios, Player Pianos,
Col ii in Iii a Graplift-
iillOllCS lUIll   Hoi!"iiIsi
l-Mismi  lU'cmxls uud
M'M'lllllC.-.   a-********  -
The McK'uil-v Edition of Ton Cent Music
n Specialtiy.
Nanaimo,   B.C.
First Class in every respect. Perfect Cuisine
Headquarters for Tourists and Sportsmen
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
ni„ ii li, i mnlnnliiml mnkc lllc I nlim mill liRi'hil is
"The Magnet Cash Store"
SIR r.liMI'Mi WALKER, C.V.O., I.1..II., D.C.L., rrcsidtnl
Grncwl MotlnRrr
A*air.itini Gctirrat Miuingcr
CAPITAL, $ 15,000.000 REST, $12,500,000
This Bank offers unsurpassed facilities lo those doing business
with foreign countries, h is specialty equipped for lhe purchase nnd
sale of Sterling and other foreign exchange, drafts and fable Transfers, nnd for lhe financing of inipoils and exports of mcrrhandisc.
Commercial credits. Foreign diafts, .Money Orders, Travellers'
Cheques and Letters of Credit issued and available in all parts of lhe
Collections effected promptly at reasonable rales. aa
S     Phone 81 Cumberland, B.C.


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