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The Cumberland Islander Sep 20, 1929

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The Trail Of 98
.^nbeirland Islander
H'Hh nlilch Is ciinsolldnti'd Ihe I umlirrlund Nens.
S   At the Ilo-Ilo
I This Week End
Largest Water Power On
Vancouver Island Will Be
Examined for Development
Of Power for Industries
Application Granted for Island Power Company to Make Survey
of Watershed
The fight for the power rights on A great denl of Interest has been
the Campbell River watershed is now aroused throughout the whole of Van-
in a fair way to be settled, with the couver Island in connection with tide
B. C. Electric Railway Company, power question, principally through
through Its subsidiary company, the the various Boards ol Trade, with the
Vancouver Island Power Company, Victoria Chamber of Commerce doing
being given the opportunity by the what they could to boost the case for
Provincial Government to make a sur- , the B. C. Electric and practically all
vey and submit plans of their develop- other Boards of Trade on tlie Island
ment scheme, such permission allow-:>" opposition to them. The reason
Ing eighteen months within which to Slven for tills opposition was that lt
conduct the examination. And so ™s generally felt that should the B. C.
endeth the first chapter. Electric   be   granted   thc  rights,  the
An article in Sunday's Daily Colon- Power would be conveyed by a high
TENDERS addressed to the
undersigned will be received by
tlle Medical Board till lo 5 p.m.,
Thurschiy. September 26th, 192:'.
for clearing 11.45 acres, being
addition to tlie present Ctil iber-
liiml Cemetery, and for feuelng
entire cemetery grounds. For
maps, particulars and specifications apply to tlie undersigned at the office of the Canadian
Collieries  (Dunsmuir}  Limited.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted.
Secretary, C.C. (D.)  Ltd. Employees' Medical Fund, Cumberland, B.C.
Athletic Club
Preparing For
Winter Activities
Checkers and Cribbabe to Stan
October lst
Police Court News Ambulance Assn.
Hold Jolly Social
1st reads as follows, ln part:
voltage transmission line to the south-
The Importance of this project to ern end of tlie island for its develop-
the industrial development of the Is- ment and  the  territory adjacent to
land   Is   that   the   company   stands the  source  of  the  power  would  be
pledged to develop the undertaking ln neglected.
the interests of the whole island, at The decision has now been handed
an estimated  ultimate cost of $19,- down and thc rights to proceed with
000,000. the examination of the locality from
"The great cost of the project is ap- the standpoint  ol" development falls
predated when it is recalled that the to the B. C. Electric Company,
installation of  o  single  transmission The  latter  company  will  have  in
line from Campbell River to Victoria vtew the carrying out of plans that
is set down at $1,750,000. look to the supplying of energy to all
"The fourth unit of the hydro-elec- w|,0 may be in a position to use that
trio development at Jordan River, now |,owcr i„ connection with their busl-
in process of installation, will carry ncss.  H win oe tne object of the com-
the    development    there    to    42,000 „,mv t0 scck consumers both In the
horsepower.   This will give an addi- f01.m „r municipalities, and also in the
lional 13,000 horsepower.   When It is llne 0[  industrial concerns.    In  this
completed the limit of hydro-electric way the is]and wlll be „ galner by th6
development from  the Jordan  River utilization   of   the   oportunities   that
will have been reached. exist there for carrying out a power
It is anticipated that the Jordan proposition.
Fine   Watershed
Many Hunters
Successful On
Opening Dayj:
Manv   Out  of   Town   Hesldenis   Patronize Tills District,
River plant, fully developed, will take
care of the needs of Victoria and vicinity until 1933.
"The power demands of this district,
which have been growing, until the
last two years, at the rate of 3 per
cent, increased in 1927 by 15 per cent,
and last year by 20 per cent.
Forthcoming Expansion
On Saturday morning last the hunting season opened, Blue Grouse and
Mile Deer being lawful prey.   Manj
out of town residents were noticed
on Friday last making their way \\y.
ti> Black Creek ami Campbell River
Saturday morning saw a number oi ,
Hie local  hunters making tliolr way |
lo different parts of the district and j
nearly   all   report  hnvlug  Rut   their !
limit   of  Blues.   One  or  two   parties
went to the slashings hack of Union ■
Bay. whilst a niunher wen!   up    the I
Island ns far as Campbell River.
Messrs.   Alex.   Sommerville,   Goz- ,
zano, J. II. Halliday nnd J.   I. Rob- I
ertson  tried their luck at  McG-fmp-
Bey's it id got their limit of birds and
ono deer,   George McLellan ai d party
gol  their Mini]  of   blues    at    Black j
r*eok. as also did Mr. Furnlval Wil- j
cock,  of  Nanainin.    Mr.  G.  J,   Rich-
ardson and   party   went   to   Black i
Creek on Sunday hut  only managed
to Ret  five birds between  them. Two i
or  three  deer  werP    seen    by    this
party   in   this  section  and   reported i
that  traces  of  deer  wore  plentiful. 1
The board of management   of the
1 Cumberland   Literary   and   Athletic
; club Is making preparations tor the
. coraencement of the winter activities.
I Entries   are   hieing   called   for  both
' cribbage   and   checker   tournaments
' and nil entries must he in tlie hands
i of the secretary not later than Octob-
, er lst when it Is hoped a start will bn
made.    So  successful   were   the   affairs staged by the club last winter
that,   the   same   procedure   will   he
adopted this term and all games will
he run along the same lines as was
I the case last winter.
[    Work on the new bowling green is
j about completed.   Seed has heen sown
j and a good fence erected round tho
| green.   Given anything like a decent
j fall,  the green should be ready for
play by the time summer comes. That
he new venture of I'10 club will ho j
ost successful  goes  without  saying
many enquiries have heen sent in
from  residents of the town  who are .
not  employees  of the  Colliery  Com-
pany or members of the Athletic Club.
If   the   fees   for   uon-empioyeis   are.
kept  within  reasonable  bounds  there i
is sure to be a  big demand  for permission  to become  members  of  the
bowling club.
The secretary of thc Athletic Club
who has been working hard for tbe I
howling green is looking forward to
a busy year.
In the badminton section, the Whip- i
pets,  who  use  the  Band   Hall,  and
which   Is   under   the   control   of   the
management of the Athletic Club, in- !
tend to start activities early in Octob-
Andrew Teck. of Campbell River
was charged under section 13 of the
.Motor Vehicle Act with driving to
the common danger and pleaded guilty
before Stlpendary Magistrate G. Rob
ert Bates on .Monday morning las'.
He was lined $25.00 and costs or in
default, thirty days. The i barge
arose oul of an accident In which accused's car slde-BwIped a car driven
by Mr, Charles Simms of Courtenay
(tn Friday. September 20th, Thomas Bates, of West Cumberland, was
charged before Stlpendary Magistrate
John Conway with unlaw fully ami
fraudulently abstracting n quautltj
of electricity, the properly of ll!'1
Cumberland Klectric Lighting Company, Limited, then being carried on
lhe wire of the said company, and did
then and there steal tbe same, contrary to section 35] of the Criminal
Code of Canada. H6 pleaded guilty
and was fined $5.00 and costs.
rogrammes for
Week at Ilo-
... Ilo Theatre
Drs.  MacNaughton  and   Hicks jj 	
Extend Congratulations tO        fl     The   programmes  booked  for
Winners of Recent II "ie Ho-Ilo afford movie enter-
tainment and should meet with
the approval of all classes of
movie fans.
This week-end—Dolores Del
Rio and Ralph Forbes in "The
Trail of '98" by Robert W, Service.
Monday and Tuesday—Corinne
Griffith in "Out East" with Edmund Lowe.
and    Thursday-
ill and Jack Mul-
_    -    en of tlie Ritz."
L Friday and Saturday—William
panes tn "The Duke Steps Out."
Cumherland,   fi
lance   Ass,,-   fi
The members of th
Centre, St. John's Ambulan
elation met ut the Anglican Mall on ^ U
Thursday evening in what proved '"'jj
be a very Jolly social    Tbe first part   {j
of tlie evening waa devoted to whigi
winners being
winners being announced liy the floor  fi   "Wednesday
manager,   Mr.   Sid   Hum   as,   ladle*1  D Dorothy Macka
first.   Mrs,   W.   Hudson,   consolation. 12 hall in "OhlldK
.Mrs.    Westfleld.
prize   weni    to   Mr
consolation to Mr
lady members oftl
Freshmen ts and o
Gentlemen's Aral
Westfleld and th
T. Eccleston,
' order served  re-
till   being  served
Mr. Hum culled for order
said ii
As a res
or a
In \
Gerard   .
was    ,
In t
in In
>wser i
Hotel an
il f
cence '
in" tli,. In
1 in-
Minto Residents
Endangered By
Forest Fire
Former Local
Cleric Elected
Presbytery Head
Rev. James R. Hewitt and Mr.
Alex Henderson Are Delegates
From Cumberland1 to the Vic-!
loria Presbytery.
Tlie Re
Slashings Being Burn) Close to
Settlement Cause
oil shock li
heint burnt
under order
if Minto received a dei-iil-
il  nigh,   whoii slashings
close to the settlement.
from the Fire Wardens
Campbell River is regarded as the
largest water power prospect on Vancouver Island. The river is fed from
the glaciers and snowflelds in the provincial reserve of strathcona Park.
These waters pass In turn through
Buttle Lake, with an area of 7,180
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ '. acres.     Upper   Campbell   Lake   with
"The company, In keeping with its 1350 awes and Lower Campbell Lake
promise to the water board to develop With 2.200 acres.
the undertaking in 'the truest engln-|   About a mile and a half from the I OWIng to the extreme dryness of the
eering and economic sense' has since lower  lake  is  a  fall of thirty feet. 'lm»h. however, ihls game Is hard to
the enquiry ln May acquired the hold- About five nnd a half miles farther obtain.
Ings of the National Utilities Corpora- along the  river enters a canyon of !	
tlon,  Limited,  owning  or  controlling great beauty.   Bear Falls, Moose Falls,   My    \X/    lp    {"*   11*
five   public   service   undertakings   on Deer Falls and Elk Falls are In turn  ""•    ** •  V*.   V^Oll!T\'g
Vancouver Island. ! passed, during which time the river
"It   has  entered   Into   negotiations dl'°l)s smK 3i<> feet in a distance Just
•with   Sooke   Harbor   and   Qualicum undw two miles.
Beach areas looking to service, and'   A conservative estimate by the Gov-
has   already   commenced   extensions eminent engineers places the storage
from Bamberton to various points in possibl at the securing of a flow of
the Shawnlgan Lake district. . 2,000 cubis feet per second, from which
"To meet the industrial demands for under a total head of 450 feet there
power of the existing companies, sev- J would  be  derived   70,000  horsepower
eral   lines   have   ben   extended   and continuously.
pledges have been given to supply ser
Local Baseballers
Triumph Over The
Powell River Nine
llo-llo Cup Kinds Resting Place
In Cumberland—Locals Entc '
Last Sunday's Game One Up
On Series.
Passes Away After
Lingering Illness
Funeral Took Place on Monday;
Oddfellows' and Eagles'
Lodges Conduct
{Shipping At
Union Bay
cedar oni
"Hamstead" and "Datehei"
Both   were   loaded   with
cleared   for   the   United
The  "Canadian    Ranger"
also coaled and cleared for Montreal,
The steamer "Tanana" of Seattle,
nfter coaling, sailed for Ketchikan, a*
also did the s.s. Princess Enn,
vice to industries acessible to the
transmission line, while the company
stands pledged to use the services of
Its industrial department to introduce
new industries to the Island.
"The company feels that it has the I On Saturday last the Dutch steam-
confidence of the industrialists, as ex- \ er "Sparngoea" bunkered, and loaded
emplified by the atitude of the Canad- I wiltl general cargo, cleared for tlie
ian Crown-Willamette Company inlDutoh Eoal Imlie8' 'n,e British
agreeing to withdraw from the competition for the water rights, with the
guarantee of supply from the Gyrating company."
For a great many years, the falls
on the Campbell River have been
looked upon with covetous eyes as a
source of power. Approximately thirty years ago Mike King established
certain rights on the watershed, out
of which was formed the Campbell
River Power Company. This company
lt is said, expended some $50,000 dollars in making surveys and doing preliminary work until some years ago,
during the regime of the Hon. T. D.
Pattullo as Minister of Lands, their
license was cancelled and the Crown
Willamette Company was granted certain rights, this latter company proposing to use the power lu thc operation of a pulp and paper mill. They
also did considerable survey and preliminary work but in some vay locked
horns with timber companies operating in that district with the result
that their scheme was held up.
In the meantime the government
was  defeated  and  shortly  thereafter
j A resident of Cumberland for the
I pasl twenty-seven years, William
Colling, died atthe Cumberland General Hospital, at the age of fifty years
[ after a long and painful illness. An
I Englishman by birth, the late Mr.
Colling was of a very quiet and un-
j assuming  nature  and   was  genuinely
The  Cumberland   Curbs  triumphed j
over  the  Powell   River  nine   on   tha
Recreation   Ground   on   Sunday   last I
to cinch   the   llo-llo   Cun.     Tliis   cup !
was given for competition .some years i
ago by Messrs. E, W. Bickle and C.
Graham.   It was won by Powell River
but since that time, baseball has been
a dead issue in Cumberland.    This j
year an effort was made by  a  few
stalwarts to get the game going with
| the result that lie Cumberland Cubs
I canie Into being and in company with
I Courtenay   Juniors   and   Union   Bay
i formed  a   twilight   league,   the   local
team cinching this a few weeks ago.
I A  challenge   was   then   sent   out   to
j Powell  River to play tor lliG  llo-llo
cup.    The  llrst game  was  played  at
i the paper town.the Cubs winning one
| of the finest games of baseball  seen
at Powell River for many years. This
! put the locals In a good  position as
they entered last Sunday's game one
up on the series, the stipulation bo-
began to creep towards the houses,
■ All the valley turned out and In many
j cases stopped sparks which were
coming over their homes thick and
fast from getting a hold. Several
Cumherlanders went down about mid-
nlghl alter receiving word and offered their services should they be needed. About 12:46, however, rain began to fall and hy l a.m. ihe watchers
themselves were drenched with rain
and danger from the burning slashings was retlucede toa minimum. The
residents of the valley heaved a sigli
of relief when the copious rain began to fall and all wended their way
to their homes after assuring themselves that there was no further
Campbell River Badminton Club
boast already a membership of fort v.
The courts are open every night in
the week except Saturday, whilst
every afternoon during the week several ladies can be noticed trying
their hand at the popular game,
Bush Fires On
Island Numerous
Alberni dots Out
Fires at  Duncan Said
Incendiary Origin.
if ( out ml
To  lie of
iked and respected by all who knew   ,nR thiu twn wlnfl „,,. of u„,1(; W0l|,(|, „
him.   lie was a valued and respected   givfl possession of the trophy. tr
member   of   Union   Lodge   No.   n. |    Powel, Ulve]. W(,n thfl nm  tU8Hle l
ill   Vancouver   Island
I.O.O.F.    and    Fraternal    Order    of I
Eagles  and  members  of boih   these
lodges together with a number of the '■
members  of the  Reliekah  Sisters nt- j
ducting  the service,  with  the assist-
lended the funeral,  these lodges COd-
aiico of the Rev. K. o. Robanthan,
Vicar «f Holy Trinity Anglican
church. Interment taking place In the
Cumberland cemetery ou Monday afternoon. The deceased was borne to
his last resting place by Messrs. R.
Coe. P. McXiven. Fraser Wtltsou, Wm. .
Keenan, Wm. McMillan, and George
Floral   tributes   testifying   to    the
great esteem in which deceased wns
held were as follows:
Pillow—The fntnlly.
Wreaths—Wife nnd children: Eagles
in the hope of getting  Lodge  No.   1953;   Harmony  Rebeccas,
logger from Camp 3  No. 22; I.O.O.F., No. 11; Mr. and Mrs.
Young Man Shot
On Opening Day
Henry   Parkin   Meets   With   a
Peculiar Accident
The first accident of the season in
this district was thnt which occurred
early on Saturday morning to Henry
Parkin, of Headquarters, Henry had
left home early
n  deer nnd n
on   Sunday   last   wl
a second game.    Tin
a rather poor son of
Cumberland taking tb,
a 10-4 score.
The seciiod game. In
to be much better, no
the one-sided score of
of the Cubs, lu this ga
on  the  mound   for  tl
ii necessitated
lirst affair was
f a game with
e  short end  ol
brought under con-
ording to statements
oresl Service. High
isiderable trouble at
and the Alberni fire
ui of control. The
pttched superb ball i
tight  support' from
He fanned eleven m
visitors to two lilts t
one man to get   as f;
There \\i>rv less ern
iwever.  proved
i  withstanding
10-0  In   favor
me Aitken was
10 locals, Hg
id received air
is team  mates
I  and  held  the
id only allowed
as third baso,
a in  ibis game
named Sayler was hunting in the same j. Peacock (Nanaimo); Mr a;id Mrs.
locality.    Sayler jumped  a deer and j.  Zanlnl   "Nanaimo);  Mr. and Mrs,
.shot, the bullet killing the deer, pass- Ben Nicholas, Ernie and Marlon; Mrs. Powell River
ing right through and hitting Parkin Geo. Peacock and Drew and Maud. Corolina. 3b
in the thigh, shattering the bone.   No     Sprays—Mr. and Mrs. W. Hutchin- Cecconl, cf
blame is attached to Mr. Sayler as he Soh; Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Robertson; Hojjue ss
the present government cancelled all did  not,  know  that   thc  unfortunate Mr. and Mrs, Fred Swan; Stella and Armanda. c
rights on the watrshed and threw it  young man was anywhere in the vicin- Letty;   Mr.   and   Mrs,   A.   R.   Grieve Riley, p
ity.   Parkin, who was walking along a (Courtenay); Mr. and Mrs, A. Lock- Samsln, 2b
■log at  the   time,  apparently  walked hart; Mr. and Mrs. J, J. Pott:*r; Mrs. Wilshlre. lb ......
right into thc line of lire and neither Francescini; Mrs. Bolagno; The Ladles' Greenfield If ....
he nor Sayler saw each other until Auxiliary or Eagles; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Blchard, rf .
|after the accident. Blower; Mrs. Aitken and son (Bevan); Total
Young Parkin  was brought out to Mr. and Mrs. J. Miller (Bevan); Mrs. Cumberland
■Courtenay   by   the   Comox   Logging W. Potter; Mr. and Mrs. W. Stockand; T. Doi, e 	
Company's  locomotive  and)  conveyed Mrs, Jean McMillan; Mr. nnd Mrs. J. McParlantl, lb
aad the brand of ball put up by both
tennis wa-, a tre.it tn watch. As a
result of ibis win, Ihe llo-llo i up
comes home after finding n resting
place in  Powell  River for the  past
few years.
Following tire  tho  box  scores:
First Game
open for competition. Immediately
this was done, several companies made
application, namely the Vancouver Island Power Company (the B. c Electric), the Crown Willamette Company, the Canadian Utilities Company
and the old Campbell River Power
Company again came ln in an effort
to establish prior rights. The Crown to St. Joseph's Hospital at Comox. Dr.
Willamette people withdrew their ap'
plication, having some tentative agree- on his arrival it was found that the
ment with the B. C. Electric, and the bullet In passing through the bone
Campbell River Company threw their had split, one portion of which re-
lot ln with the Canadian Utlities, so niaincd in the leg. This was removed
that latterly the fight was between the nnd the bone set and unless compllca-
B. C. Electric and the Canadian Util- tions arise, everything will progress
itles. satisfactorily.
L. Marocchi; Mr. and Mrs. J. Smith  Watson, cf
Ingram, of Nanaimo, was sent for and and family; Mrs. Walter Hudson and Kenchy, ss
family; Mr, and Mrs. W. Brnies and James. 2b
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce nnd family. Gibson, 3b
! Clark, If
Mr.  c.   W.   Slllence,  the   itoystor i Stewart, rf
photographer, was In town on Tubs- Moyer, p .
da/  taking   photographs  of  uomo   ol   Aitken, rf ..
the town's new buildings. Total
.    3
R   H PO
Tuesday, acco
from the It. C. Fc
winds caused com
some of tlie fires, i
got completely ou
seriousness   of   tin
tion wns apparent fn Cumberland) tbe
city being enveloped In a pall of
smoke which almost complete!) obscured the sun.
Threatening the Esq u I mail and N'anaimo railway bridge mar Sooke siding, a large forest fire at Alberni
jumped across tb,. fire break, and got
oni of control in a high wind Tuesday afternoon. Large forces of fire
nghtors were con ce titrated around tlio
bridge, to prevent dam igo to the
structure ami all the available mon
from the Alberni Pacific logging company operations rushed io assist in
preventing the spread of the flames,
Fifty-six men wero fighting iho fire
before reinforcement* an Ived
Thirty-six   men   are  attempting
St.   George's   Pr
Church,   now   known   asthe
laud  United Church, was li
the   recent   meeting   of   thi
Presbytery.   The Presbytery was at-
toned  by  the  Rev.  J.   R.   Hewitt  of
Cumberland   United  Church  and  Mi*.
Alex.  Henderson,  lay   representative.
Chosen   on   the  third  ballot,   Rev.
James Hood, minister of Belmont Avenue Church,  was elected  chairman
for the coming year of the Presbytery
j of Victoria atlts opening session yes-
'• terday   m o r n i n g   at   Metropolitan
Church.    Rev.   T.   Keyowrth,  of  -St
James  Hay   United  Church,   was   retained   secretary   by   unanimous   vote.
There was a large attendance of del-
, egntes   from   the   various   congrega
i tions in Victoria and Up-lsland,
At    the   request   ofthe   Attorney-
General, who had called a conference
; for  yesterday  afternoon   to  consider
I amendments to the Marriage Act, tbe
Presbytery   sen:    as  delegates   Rev.
W.   A.   Guy,   who   had   been   acting
chairman during the past few months
and Dr. Hugh Dobson, of Vancouver. I
the Brltsib Columbia secretary of bo-i
cial service of the  United  Church,    j
j    A resolution of sympathy with li^w^
tl. W. Dean, of Halt Spring Island. In
p hte   very   grave   illness   of   his   wi;'. j
j was passed bya standing vote, to be
■ immediately transmitted  by tlie secretary.   The induction service of Rev,
: W.   Allan   over   the   congregation   at
Salt Spring, which be has been supplying for the past few months, was
: directed  to be arranged  by  the executive Of the  Presbytery.
Rev.  G,  C.   F.   Prnigie.  of  Centeu-
jnlnl  Church.   Rev.   Bruce  (J.  dray,  ol
First Church, and Rev. W .Allan, ot
I Salt Spring, were introdciied as new
members and Rev. w. A. McHaffie,
formerly of Saskatchewan and now j
associated with tbe Wilkinson Road
charge was enrolled as a member of j
ihe Presbytery.    Mr. Fred Robins, al
j student of Union College. Vancouver, j
! whu had been supplying Cowichan
' " Station. Cobble Mill and Mill Bnj
during the pasl Summer was Introduced by Dr Slpprell as the director
of religious education and young
peoples' work at Metropolitan Church
for the unning year.
i had been  intended  to bold a social.
with one ortwo songs and selections
i by local artisis, finishing up with a
I dance     However, said Mr. Hunt, our
entertainers bav,. tailed us at the last
minute, but  Dr. MacNaughton would
I no doubt, say a few words.
|    The doctor said it  was not  an un-
i expected   pleasure   but   at   gatherings
: of an ambulance association, the doo-
I tors were usually called upon to say
a  few  words.    He congratulated the
1 members of the winning teams taking
part Inthe recent competitions at Na-
| naimo, but deplored the fact that no
,    ,  , j junior teams from Cumberland enter-
lood. former past- \J t ,,
ed the contests in their division. He
I dwell on the merits of first aid and
'gave ii as big opinion that lirst aid
| and gave it as his opinion that flrst
j aid should be a part of the Public
School curriculum. Several prominent men were working along that line
and he hoped that in the not far distant future, every child attending
school would bav, an opportunity of
receiving instruction in flrst aid. In
the meantime be thought more of tho
juniors should take advantage of the
classes which would be held this fall
by tho loi'fll flrst aid and receive Instruction which would be given without cost to those attending. He thanked them for the opportunity of being
present ;,t their little gathering and
wished them greater success In the
Dr, Hicks was also called Upon Tor
a few words ami in a very lucid
manner gave an outline of tbe recent
contests beldai Nanaimo. He, however, deplored the fact thai the entries   ami   tlie   number   of   spectators
attending did not come up to former
years and hoped to see a revival of
first aid on the Island during this
coming Winter, He congratulated
the winners in tiie various contests
and in speaking of thfl ladies' competition in which the Cumberland team
obtained second place, said that the
margin between the llrst and second
place was very small indeed. He
felt sure that so far asthe junior
teams were concerned, Cumberland
boysaiid girls could easily have captured the honors If t, by had entered
as the work infills section of tho
recent contests was very poor indeed.
Following Dr. Hicks' remarks ,an
orchestra composed of Mrs. W. Hudson, s. L Robertson, and R. T. Brown
and Thomson -played for dancing until midnight, which was thoroughly
Explained Why
B. C. Electric
Got Preference
Compaii] only Concern Giving Definite t.'miniui'Y of Dera'opni&iit
Dr. McNaughton
Officiated  At
Fair Opening
Congwtiilnfca  IVnmeii'fl  liiMtllufc mi
Winning lountn  I.he Clip.
The annunl agricultural lair of
Sayward was opened on Monday last
by Dr (J. IC MacNaughton ,of Cum
berland, member of tho Provincial
Legislature ror Comox Riding
In bis opening remarks th,   doctor
Raid   In'  was  very  pleased ami   highly
delighted with tlie exhibits which he
o! had just viewed in company with tho
eminent decided I
Electric Railway,
the Canadian t'tllit
tllllily    to    develop
w&terpowors, was
17.    Why tlie gov-
i give the ii. 0.
In preference io
■s Ltd., an oppor-
Campbell River
xpialned by Hon.
quell a fin* which broke oul Tuesdnj
neur Qualicum Beach, m ihe vicinity
of the Qualicum 1.umber Company's
oporatluns, No reports ns to the condition of tho outbreak are available.
Another fire wbli
ist   Wellington   is
ttirteii    n
Throe fires
the  Crofton
and  Duncan *
In, acordlng
itTIclals.   The
dtvd yards up
tlie outbreaks
Olber tin
ed tn have
rt. On
a nod
onthc Island are re;
en extinguished.
8   10 !
.Summary—Two   Base   hit,   Watson;
Struck out, by Riley 8, by Moyer 4;
Bases on balls, Rtley 0, Moyer 5; Dou-
(Contlnucd on  Page Four)
chairman, Mr. D. Davies, and stated
that ho far as lie could judge the
exhibits    comparod    very    favorablj
1 with those ..I other nnd much larger
fairs be bad visited. Ho complimented lli« Sayward Women's Institute on
winning the Country Life cup for the
third year iu succession for their
potato exhibits al the Provincial Fair.
'adding that Sayward potatoes had become famous by the numerous prizes
captured. He advised the ladies t ■
continue their efforts in pursuit of
further honors. He was glad to bo
able to visit Sayward once more and
be felt he was one politician who hail
fulfilled bis promise.
H,. spoke of the Improvements he
bad noticed In the roads and made
special mention of the Rock Cut.
which reflected great credit on tho
foreman, Mr W, A. Milne Concluding bi» remarks, the doctor was very
heartily   cheered   by   thfl  assembly.
1 F. It   Burden, minister of lauds, today.
The   II.   C    BlflCtrll    application   for
Campbell River powers. Mr. Burden
staled, was tii. onlj one which could
propcrh he considered by tho government. The Campbell River Power
Co. In pointed out, bad applied for
these powers, lmt had not guaranteed
Itsoll to develop them. Instead it
had stated that ll would turn over Its
rlghs to the Canadian Utilities, Ltd.,
which  would  harness  the  river and
sell   the   [lower.
ir tiie government were to accept
applications from companies which
did not propose to ,io development
work themselves bul instead planned
to  sell   their   rights   to   other  com-
[ panics.
undesirable results
j would follow, Mr, Burden declared.
We should soon face a system of trafficking In water licenses.
The    good    faith    of    the    Campbell
River Co, and the Canadian Utilities
Ltd. was not questioned In any way,
Inn under our existing legislation we
certainly hnd "<< right to consider the
former's application when it was unable Itself to guarnnt lovelopment,
Tbe government had no definite
guarantee of development except from
the ll c. Electric interests, which accordingly are being given the opportunity to rite plans for the development of the Campbell river. PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
think we ough to have been a clergyman, then we
could have walloped our congregation with no
back talk.
WHEN news is scarce we have but little stock
in fall back on. If we try to be "ph'unny"
we "phail", and it we produce anything
containing any merit outside of itemizing we dare
not publish it lest our readers will say, "that I
crank." II we touch on poltics we get it in the j
neck. If at limes we feel religiously inclined and!
should make slight allusions, somehow the pith]
will get punched out and someone will comr into
our sanctum and ask "what did you intend lo con-
vey?" Sometimes we spell bad and Betsy who
spells by intuition will ask "how do you spell such
a word'.'" We go and spell it according to Hoyle.
"Why didn't yon write it so, then'."' These words
will creep in and then the operator will doubtless
say. "old fool, 1 wish he wouldl stop writing ori
learn i" spell." Our greatest fault in this direction is, we ure loo lavish with letters, We havss
hern caught wilh Iwo d's in widow and two I's in;
city, all from a desire lo be liberal and accord the
"intrinsic value" in all cases, ll is too late now.!
We have made a mistake in our calling, having I
hada touch of most everythng.    We sometimes
Superstition and distrust with which all societies known as secret orders were at one time viewed
by a large number of people, was, happily long
ago dispelled, and today the lodges stand as one
ot the champions of home and family. Wherever
society has reached a high state of development,
secret' and fraternal orders have their great
When you hear a mall sneering at the local
papers, you can bet your sweet lite he does not
spend any of his time helping to make them bet-
Ler. They who don't see a benelit arising to a
town from its newspapers haven't as much sense
as a cove oyster and are of about as much value
to a town asa ten-year-old delinquent. A short
time ago. in a village not a thousand miles away
from Cumberland, a certain individual, known for
miles around as a "wind-bag", a mun who hardly
ever worked, tried to get a reporter fired for reporting a sporting event which did not quite suit
"the wind-bag". Such men should not be allowed
to stay in a town, they toil not neither do they
spin, but can always (ind money to booze with
and pull the poor editor and reporter to pieces.
They talk lor talking's sake, not because they
know anything and to such we wouldl pass along
the old adage, "it's not the man that knows the
most that has the most to say." It's too bad, but
we have such men in Cumberland.
Gedunk Club
Holds Shower
I Cumberland. Sept. 19.—On Wednesday evening the Gedunk Club held
their first meeting of the season at the
, home of Miss Evelyn Carey when they
: held a handkerchief shower in honor
I of Miss Norma Parnham, who leaves
i next Sunday for Vancouver where she
j will attend University. A most enjoy-
| able evening was spent in games, sing-
! ing and music. Refreshments were
! served by the hostess after which Miss
| Beth Horbury. president of the Oe-
i dunks, presented Miss Parnham with
j a lovely lot ol handkerchiefs.
j Those present included Misses Beth
i Horbury, Jessie and Dina Baird, Lilly
Banks, Edna Dear, Isobel Herd, Gwen
j Emily, Norma Parnham, Claudia Harrison and Evelyn Carey.
Northfield, Once Thriving
Centre Of Coal Industry,
Is Now Quiet Village
Vancouver Island .Mining and Industrial Centre of Past Genera-
lion. Slumbers Peacefully While Awaiting Revival of Coal
Industry.   Old Timers Recall Days When Powder Mill
and Colliery Company Employed Large Population
of Ardent Sporting Enthusiasts
Union Bay
Northfleld .Vancouver Island, about
two miles north from Nanaimo, waB
ai one time an exceptionally busy
town, bin to-ilay is very, very quiet.
An "old timer" who knew Northfleld
in Itaearly days called recently to
see the old town, and the following
dialogue look place.
■'Where   lie   ttllthe    'mises    ami    the
mine   and    where   be   lho    powder
"   'A   fhe   'ouses.   moatoCthem,   be
moved, the mine it lie closed and Mie
powder works, what they didn't lose
by explosions, were moved to .lames
(This briefly, fe Hie ancient and
modern history o[ Northfield.
In the y,ar iSST.an Englishman and
his wife, .Mr. and Mrs. George Taylor,
anda Scotsman named Itlukely, arrived on the site where Northfield
now stands ami decided to make their
future home. George Taylor still
lives al Northfield.
Mr. Blakely bulll ihe first Halfway house, the lirst hostelry in thai
town ami a land mark (or passerby for
over forty-two years. Four Half-way
[louses have heen built, the lirst three
having burnt down. They have not
always heen in exactly the same spot;
lirst on one side of 'be road ami then
on theother, and moved a few yards
here andthere inn always in North-
Following deorge Tnylor and liis
wife,   who   came   from   Nottingham,
England, came Enoch Howard from
Wale:*, then file Medleys and tli-e
Meriditha and others who have passed
beyond. .Mr. and Mrs. Wilgress also
came from Nottingham, England, a
few months after Geo. Taylor. .Mrs.
Wilgress, Mr. Dowden. Uie Muriilitbs
and .lack Medley are still living in tbe
old town. These pioneers have seen
many changes, and Mr. Taylor remarked that he never thought Northfleld would come to aucha quiet end.
and be so peaceful as it is today.
t'iiNt Mine Opened
In KSSs eons true tlon of a pithead
was begun by the Vancouver Coal Co.,
witli Mr. Robbing as mine superintendent While sinking lhe shaft,
Alexander Marshall was killed by
falling down the shaft. They struck
coal about July 1889, at that time the
Esquimau and Nanaimo Railway was
surveying between Northfleld and Departure Bay to run a line to the bav,
so that the coal could he loaded ou
tbe many sailing vessels thai called
foi- export shipments..
Northfleld grew very quickly from
(Continued on page three)
Mr. and Mrs. H. Tappin left on Sat-
urday  for a  two weeks' vacation to
■ Vancouver and Sound Cities.
!    Mrs.   J.   Murdoch   is  visiting   with
friends on Denman Island.
!    Mr.   Chas.   Caljouw,   of   Campbell
| River, was a visitor in town during
! the week.
! The Misses Lena and Olivine Kirk-
' wood, of Nanaimo, are spending a few
I days in town, the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. D. Walker.
The Rev. J. H. Hobbins returned on
Friday from Victoria.
Mr. R. Searle, of the Royal Bank,
left on Wednesday for Vancouver
where he will spend the next two
weeks. Mr. W. H. Foley, of New Westminster, is relieving Mr. Searle while
on his vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Jack and baby
son, of Jordan River, were visitors in
i town over the week-end. On their
I return they were accompanied by the
I latter's mother, Mrs. I. Muir.
Ladies* First Aid
Hold Whist Drive
Cumberland. Sept. 16. — Twenty
tables of whlst were in play at the
first of the whlst drives held by the
ladies' first aid team in the G.W.V.A.
Hall on Saturday evening. Those
lucky at cards were: ladies' flrst, Mrs.
Thoburn; second, Mrs. Morgan; consolation, Miss Winnifred Calnan;
gent's first. Mrs. Monahan isub.); second, Mr. Chas. Walker; consolation,
Mrs. John Robertson (sub.).
After the cards refreshments were
served, followed by a dance at which
a jolly crowd attended.
A surprise party was held at the
home of Mrs. Francescini on Thursday In honor of Mrs. Bnlagno's birthday, when four tables of cards were
in play. The house had been beautifully decorated for the occasion with-
seasonable flowers and the supper
table was beautifully appointed. After
refreshments the remainder of the
evening was spent in music and singing. Winners at cards were Mrs.
Covert first prize, Mrs. Murray second. Tea cup reading by Mrs. Clenge
was thoroughly enjoyed by the guests.
Those present included Mesdames
Covert, Miller, Saunders, Murray.
Maxwell, Weir, Schmidl MacMlllan,
J. Marocchi, McNeill. V. Frelone, Aspesy 11. K. Walker. Genge ami tho
Misses Dolena Frelone aud Verna
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Lewis and Mr. T.
Lewis will motor to N.inaimo Saturday with Mrs. Sejgrave. who is returning to her home in Acme, Alberta,
afler spending an extended vacatloa
iu  Cumberland.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Meikie returned to Vancouver on Wednesday after
spending a vacation with Miss Allison
M mil. sister of Mrs.   Meikie.
To Mr. and Mrs. Warren Cooper, o£
Courtenay, al St. Joseph's Hospital on
September mill, a daughter.
To Mr. and Mis. Rudolph Libberg, of
Headquarters, at St. Joseph's Hospital
on September 18th. a son.
! Cumberland, Sept. 16.—On Friday
\ evening some forty-five guests were
present at a pretty shower given at the
home of Mrs. James by Mesdames
Smith, McMillan, Slaughter and James
in honor of Mrs. George Hoffheinz
mee Violet Zanini).
* The   Ladles', Auxiliary   of  lhe
| Local Order of Eagles
* will hold a
!   Benefit Whist
* Drive & Dance
* for Mis. W. C. Colling
% September 20th
% whist s io 10—Dancing in lo 12
J 8 Good Prizes for Whist
| Admission: Whlst. 25c; Dance:
I Ladies,'25; Gent's 60c. Refresh-
* ments served.
* Come and Help a Worthy *
* Cause
That is one reason
for buying it—another is that its
double richness improves every dish in
which it is used.
May we send you,
free, our illustrated
recipe book? Write
%t "BmUtv Cc.JlmiUd
13 -jllH
I - SriPfi?iiQ ■-1
H i
|f!                        BLUE WILLOW CROCKERY              ' |"
H Cups and Saucers   2 for 25c ■ A
I'j Fruit Dishes   i for 50c 81
H Tea Plates, small size, each   10c VI
i ii Tea Plates, medium size   2 for 25c > |
A* Oatmeal Dishes   2 for 25c |i
i y Plain White Cups and Saucers   2 for 25c ni
II Clover Leaf Cupsand Saucers   2 for 25c M
: i; English Pink Band Cupsand Saucers 3 for 50c ! 1
|;| Fancy Cake Plates, each  50c In
4 Glass Table Sets, 1 large bowl and li nappies $1.95 HP
*\-. Fancy Tea Sets, 21 pieces at per set.... $2.95 and $3.95 1
i| Water Sets, Grape Design, 1 jug and (i glasses... $2.65
|  '  11
$ Full Stock of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Season il
4*   1
■J                                      PEACHES '||
\ 4 Full Stocks of Fruit Jars, Caps and Rings, etc.
m M     t        r  m
,'..iaei~.~^ls^~'.'?&arill.^^ss?y..:,^ss.^-.-*^ts**...*^Sl-~. :^s*-...„.^s^...^*Sss.,.^ftati*..^je
The Central
'Barber Shop
| iti     Next to Shorty's Pool Room A. GATZ. Trop.
For Ladies and Gents.
I lft    Moderate Prices Cumberland, B.C.
Inter-City Rapid Transit
Cumberland to Victoria and Way Points
Leaves Victoria Tuesday Night—Leaves Cumberland
Wednesday  Noon.
Furniture Moving a Specialty—let us quote you si price
In every sorts of building materials.
Royston Lumber Co.
ntiriNFQ 1 NiB'11 oa"'',:   mX CourU!»"y
I iiu.M',* ! orr|M,  1H carina!!,
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.   Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
- j, r.j: ,r<; y,, 'nr in, yr n,, tjj
T1! T'l H>I 1;'! '1 ''■ TC lnl 7i}l 5jl 5 lI TJ_}I \ ■.
Never   Before
Such Low Prices on the Quality
Electrical Appliance
a i
The New Hotpoint Iron ...
Waffle Iron 	
sold by
 $ 4.95
 $ 7.00
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
THE splendid appointments
afford luxurious relaxation.
Serving all the principal cities
on the prairies, this last word in
modern rail express fulfills every
desire for speed and comfort
Through the
Fraser Canyon
in daylizht.
A 1.1. .STl.El. equipment,
* * radio and th* world,
famous C.N.R Perianal
*'Continental Limited*
.,l Dully tt fnSlp.m.
Canadian National
Further Information from K. (V. Blckle, telephone 85, Cumberland, ll.C, or
write C. K. Curie, District Pnsseniter Agent. Victoria, ll.C.
Phones I and (ji
Cumberland, B.C.
; i". i .ui TuT Sit its', nil lut iU'i iui ,'ui ;{f, ,u, Hi aj, tiniSi liTlSl lui iul iu! iunui iiii M nil iiiv, nil it'l't iiW'y.
Cumberland and Union
Waterworks Co., Ltd.
j       j AND REPAIR WORK. j
j Phone 75
j A. B. CLINTON, Manager.
.    ......o-.v-/ -J
...,„-yr<■*'.*$*■&••'-•. ■yy.yy ■ •■ ' - ,•- .
" '     ••■• y$F'"-y%-;i'."y{ S-,i:-:y'M '*kM
■'::*i»W     fe ■■■■-       -"^
C "IJl*f*lllWUKlJ!
The Rendezvous
of the Thirsty
-The Ice Cream Parlor Serving
Comox Jersey Ice Cream
Imagine yourself in the cool, spotless interior of one of
the district's refreshment parlors—asking for COMOX
Comox Creamery Association
Courtenay, B. C. FRIDAY, BEPTEMBER 20, lllifl
 ': |Northfield, Once
Canadian Medical Association
Thriving Village
(Continued from Paga Two)
wus given nr 966,
re less than 300.
Questions concerning Health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, 184, College St., Toronto, will be answered personally
by correspondence.
drcn who showed infection with tho
human type, most of them pave :i
history of living in eontnet with a
case of pulmonary tuberculosis, hi
many of the bovine cases, there was
a history of the use of raw milk, and.
in most cases, the relationship to
milk was shown.
Performance plus Price
W l,.FI,F<TltH   RAIKO
vmiKN the IMillou wan Intro-
" ri raced il lioontnu instantly
popular Iteoaiuo ii luid achieved
wImi tho wurld wanted—n radio
I liat could tniikt* |io>-ib!i* iiwcr
prlco without sacrifice nf <inalit>
or performances Now, I hi* IMiilcu
oltcrs im even loner price uud wilh
greater improvements due to it-
overwhelming popular!t) hi tin*
r Orlt.uh CMliimh.it
-~;DtaJio lale* Service limited:
j    At the last annual meeting of the
i Canadian   Public   Health   Associatio: I
I Dr,  R. M. Price reported  the results \
I of a research which is of public in-
; terest. This research was concerned
with   tbe  Important  subject  of    the
I spread of bovine tuberculosis, that is,
the type of tuberculosis from which
cattle suffer and which also attacks
From the report, the following are
quoted:- "The incidence of bovine |
infection lu man, therefore depends
upon thc amount of tuberculosis in
cattle from which the milk Is obtain-, It is hardly necessary to draw con
ed, and the amount of raw milk con- elusions. It Ih evident that, by pas
sumed by children". "In Canada,, teurtzatlon, we can eliminate the bo-
about five per cent of cattle tested i vine typo of tuberculosis, which is re
react to tuberculin," "Theyouager sponsible for quite a percentage o
the inlvidual, the greater Is the pro-j tuberculosis among children who us
ability of the infection  through  the j raw   milk.      Disablement,   disfigure-
Aulomobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
l-r     PROMPT ATTENTION     ^
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
The important and most instructive
| practical   point   Is   that   all   of   the
i children who had the bovine type oi'
1 'he diseiiese came from places where
1 the milk supply was not pasteurized.
, The group studied included a  number of children living in the City of
Toronto, and not one ot these children  had the bovine Infection.    Thi
j milk BUpply of Toronto has been pas.
(eurlzed for a number of years.
a population of a v
more.    Coal  was  in
try thai the town
May 2, W. J, 11,j^.
Hamilton Powder C
the Windsor Mills.
Montreal to begin s
land purchased for
at Northfleld.
sry fei
t   the
to   lu
to Jim oi
niy Indus-
employed by the
.. was sent from
just outside of
ade work on the
a  powder  plant
StumpUtf Powder Intent.-.;
It  would  lie safe to mention that
hardly one In 20,1 if tbe present
population of British Columbia know
thai it was at Northfield that thu
first stumping powder was made in
this province.
li happened this way. .\ir. Hobbins
superintendent of the Northfleld mine.
was trying, one afternoon, to clear
some ground nearthe mine, with what
seemed to Mr. Mygh to be a very crude
and  dangerous   proportion   of  powder
ouui  Of
around   the   di
hfng about ma:
Ing it very danger
re being few,
trict who lent
ing powder, ai
iUr work, it w
milk consumed, nnd the more likely
Is he ense to he duo to the bovine
in ent, suffering and BomotimeB death
are the results of bovine tuberculosis
in   children.      Pasteurized   milk    is
In a group of 148 children studied | safe and Its use safeguards children
the bovine type of tuberculods was ] from many diseases. Including bovine
found In -' of them.   Of the U8 ohil-1 tuberculosis,
Mrs. K. Marocchi was on Thursday
evening hostess ata  very Jolly  party [    _, . .,      _   _ __.,       .   ,      .
i    Mr. and Mrs. G. Parfltt and daugh-
when a large number of her friends ter from victoria were visitors to the
paid an impromptu visit to hev home : Valley over the week-end, the guests
The   guests   arrived   as   a   wedding 0f Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horwood.
group. In which each one took a part, i
the   many  and  varied   costumes  and!
Mr.  J.  w. Stalker  returned  from
■ Vancouver Thursday, where he attended the Convention of the Northwest
' Section of Electrical Inspectors and reports a very Interesting and edifying
make-ups of old fashioned and mor'
modern design creating a most humorous effect. Many novel aud Interesting games and contests wen
arranged, prizes being awarded Mrs
Buchanan, Mrs, J. Andrews. Mrs. Col
and Mrs. Husband, while at cards
Mrs. Bell won first prize and Mrs
Coe won the consolation. Dancing was also enjoyed, some very new
steps being introduce:!. Supper wns
served by the visitors, the tables being prettily decorated with fall
flowers in pastel shades, the centre
piece being especially unique. Mrs. j Mr Edward Calnan and Myrtle left
Marocchi, the much surprised hostess Wednesday morning, accompanying
was. during tbe evening, the recip- Mr, and Mrs> R, Tolman to Victoria
lent of a lovely gift, in honor of her,on the first leg of a trip to California,
approaching marriage to Mr. Hug
Husband. ■    In   tne  Prize hst  at the  Loggers'
Mr. Eric King arrived in the Valley
on Friday to visit with his wife and
' children at the home of Mrs. King's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Pearse.
| Mr. Edgar Carter motored to Nanaimo and met Mrs. Carter and Marmie,
: who have been visiting her people in
' Vancouver.
!    In   the
Sports at Westminster Fair, the second
Mrs. Whitehouse, bride of the wedding group, and Mrs. J. R. Anderson.
the bridegroom, brought In the gift,
while Mrs. Marocchi and Mr, Husband expressed their appreciation.
Cuests were Mesdames Chas. Walker.
Marocchi, Bardessoni. Morello, It. D.
Brown, Bell, Coe, Buchanan. Covert.
McNeill. Miller. Morgnn, Herd, Jack- Pastor Ernsten who has been con-
son, S. Davis. Whitehouse, J. R. An-j ducting meetings in the Native Sons'
derson   Littler,   McLellan,   Tobacco, I Hall ln Courtenay last week and who
prize in the Long Splice was won by
Jenkinson and Pearse of the A.P.L.
Camp, of Alberni. His old chums will
be pleased to know that it was John
Pearse a Valley boy who was one of
the pair to be beaten only by the
Champions of B.C.
Potter, F. Watson. S. Robertson and
K. Weir, Messrs. H. and W. Wlhte-
returns again on Friday, was a visitor
in the Valley, calling on thc members
of the S.D.A. who reside here.
necessary to send east for
ed men. These were Mill
rum Whalen, Prank Joneot
Northfield now bi
industrial centre
as   Well.     A   cin
and opened In  l
outside    Hi,,    fi
locame not only an
bu'a sporting town
r track was made
13. Tlu- tnek waH
tball    and    Bports
grounds.    In  llmse days hje.wde ra,-e.-'
were as Importani .is any other Ihi"
of spurt, and many old timers re
member the famous Deeming brothers
win) became no| only champions of
Vancouver laland, lmt of Hritish Co-
lumbia as well.
"Them was tin* days," remarked
old George Taylor looking over his
hack veranda on tu Uie old sports
ground, now overgrown with Becond
growth fir. Tb,' old grandstand site
is only a stone's throw from this old
pioneer's back yard.
Every Dominion Day huge celebrations took place. There were sports
of every description, boxing, bicycle
"and high wheeled one, too." running
football, in ran anything thai would
mike a game.
Hint) SuiM'eii Deaths
There wer0 sorrows, too. in lhe old
town, many caused by the far too
frequent explosions that tool; place
tit tlie powder company's pi.mi, where
many lust their lives in the dangerous work of making powder. It is
believed many more accidents occur
red in thr
lay, then
;s, bee
not s
luse unlike io'
i many exper-
■ stump.,
and other material When
the mixture failed to raise |
bul the preparation mad,
noise to blow up Northfield.
Mr. Hygh told Mr, Robblns he
though 1 he hada formula that would
do the work.   Mr, Robblns thought it
»as merely a brain wave of Mr.
High's but remarked he would like to
see it work. Mr High made up a
preparation  with  nltro-glyeerine and
id   bene
a   black
was sel
which  hi
stumps arc ml
From thai rj
Hygh's prepan
both the mine
also where ev
[Ml   In
Ii the stump
oh witba terrific din.
immediately asked Mt,
use   he   had   blown   up
replied Mr. Ihgh. "bu
re uut uf the ground.'
■   and
the   present
nn has hc<
and   un   Hi
stumps   ;
•   blown
lumping powder.
Mr.   Hygh   Isnow   eighty-four   years
of age and worked for the Hamilton
Powder Company for forty-live years.
both   In   the  east   alld   Uie   West.     Mr.
Hygh was pensioned by his company
twenty  years ago and  is  enjoying a
well  earned   rest   iu   Nanaimo.
i II
Ilia in iitu
indnst r
al career
an end
ine passi
s through
1,1  to-d
y i
e  will  si
e an evl-
!  0
f Ihere
ine been
any live-
< a
any 1
one   tl
lie,   four
s. Allgl
Presbyterian, Ro-
t   but   to-
re are
e   time
re   was
1   row   ol
sven a
lery shir
'.  hut lu
re   is
line   sill
ll!   Btoru,
rns t(
e  andl
holds speed
On September 10, Squadron
Leader A. II. Orlebar, captain
of the Ilritisli Schneider cup
team, set a world's speed record for aeroplanes. His mark
was 355 miles per hour. The
automobile record Ls 231.36
miles per hour, held by Major
H. O. I).  Segrave.
But tbe telephone is still
monarch of them all with a
pace of 178,000 miles per hour.
While you arc sealed com-
foitably iu your office or home,
you may travel by telephone
to almost any distant point,
faster by far than any means
of transportation known to
Charlie Dalton
Meets Boat at Union Bay Every
Sunday Morning
pick   fr
Iu 1903 George Sitiiouctte and Jas.
Tulford were killed by an explosion
In liniT an explosion demolished i\w
Hamilton Powder Company's plant at
Xurthlicld.and did $20,000 damage.
In 1011 Joseph DeEries and T. 13 Wilcox werL. killed byan explosion, and
ia 1012 the powder plant, being no
respecter of persons, killed the bu-
perintendent  \v. A.  Wilson.
Thero was another explosion when
seven men were killed. In one other
explosion, a Mr. Stevenson, riding on
one i)l' Ibe cars cnnlainlng powder.
was blown to pieces. W. J. Hygh,
who was foreman for many years at
the powder plant, lust two sons-in-
law and ""'<' sun  by explosions.
Passing through peaceful Northfleld
today, it would be very hard to believe that years ago ii was a hive of
Industry. In 1803, according to the
ensus figures for that time, the pop-
only a few houses com-
j pared with the past, ami the few who
seek empioymet.it from these go now
to ibe Quarter-way to work  for the
, N'anaimo Lumber Company.
,     One   cannot   tell   what   Norlhlield's
future will be. hut there is still plenty
of coal beneath the surface oftbe town
and   should  coal   ever  come   into  its
own again, some may live lo see the
same   liveliness   as   indays   of   long
The foregoing story is taken from
the Victoria Dally Times and will be
read wilh interest by man*, of the
old timers ia our midst who were
residents of Northfleld in its lieydny.
With reference lu the building of the
Mrsl Half-way House, we are Inclined
lo think thai the correspondent in
thg Victoria Daily Times made a mistake, It memory serves us right, a
Mr. Westwood built tbe first Half-way
House and   nor   Mr.  Hlakely.
Jutues Parrolt built the second
Half-way House.  (Ed.)
; Commercial
', llcutlguurli i
■looms sipiuii Heated
A picturization of the
Klondyke    Gold    Rush
packed with
Clarence Brown's
production of
Robert w. Service's
Sept. 19-20-21
ILO-ILO THEATRE, Cumberland.
The Epic of the
Klondyke Gold
A red-blooded drama of love and adventure of strong men on the quest of
gold. The spirit of true romance that
tugs at Humanity's heart made colorful
with comedy — tears — throbs — and
One of the Big Pictures of All Times
Here il is at last! The colssal epic of the Klondyke frold rush made world-famous by the thrilling
word-songs and stories of Robert W. Service.
"The Trail of '98" comes to you with the most
enthusiastic endorsement ever given to a motion picture by New York City newspapers. Rugged, powerful—sweeping along with tremendous dramatic
strength and pulse-quickening and eye-filling in the
mighty thrills it unfolds—"The Trail of '!)8" is truly
a spectacle to stun thc imagination.
Seeing il, you follow thc golden trail of touching
romance and red-blooded adventure, strewn with the
wreckage of broken hearts and blasted hopes. You
.see men and women oblivious of death, unmindful of
terrible hardships, forgetful of all social amenities,
inured lo hunger—plodding onward for days, weeks,
months with thc sight of gold obscuring their visions
und the magic sound of lhe word ringing- in their ears.
What :i dossal epic! Vou will sec thc GIGANTIC
SNOWSLIDE, burying thousands in its death embrace. The famous CHILKOOT PASS, a heartbreaking barrier requiring superhuman strength and
courage io surmount. The SHOTTING Ol' WHITE
HORSE RAPIDS, the mosl perilous pari of lhe gold
rush down the Yukon. The BURNING Or' DAWSON
CITY, the world's most spectacular pioneer gold camp
reduced io ashes.   And THRILLS!   THRILLS!
Thousands in the cast. .Million of dollars spent
in producing il. You'll never see its like again. Rich
in romance, comedy and adventure because beautiful
Dolores Del Rio, Ralph Forbes, Karl Dane ami Harry
Carey give memorable performances.
Many, now living in the Comox District have
actually been over thc trail and seeing this picture
will bring back memories of those hectic days.
Yours very truly,
Management Ilo-Ilo Theatre.    2
In which the world's most
spectacular pioneer gold camp
in reduced to ashes.
The most perilous part of the
trail in the great Gold Rush
down the Yukon.
Positively  the  most  colossal
scene ever filmed.
thi; ciiiLcooT pass—
The mountain over which
thousands of gold seekers
trudged to reach the Klondike.
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtenay            phone  25S
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel ln Evenings
Telephone noil or 24
Margaret R. Mitchell
t L.A.B.
B      Teacher of Pianoforte
B and Theory
jf Telephone ISO    ■ Resilience 207
B Derwent Avenue
whsaaa a,—asssBssasasaasa
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Cumherland, B. C.
I'racllcal Harbor & Halnlresser.
Children's hair cut any style 35c
Ladles' hair cut any style 60c
Djeri nml pry Cleaners
Special    family    laundry    rale.
Orders   left  nt   Ihe   Itltz  Csfe,
'phono 150, Cumberland will re-
celve prompt attention,   A trial
order will convince >ou.
Telephones: Courtenay, 226
Cumberland 160
Oooil Service
Reasonable Charges
Denial Surgeon
Offlco Cor. of Dunsmuir Ave.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Saturday Specials
RUGS—Rag Rugs size 24 x 28 splendid washing rugs
.just what you want for a bathroom.   Price 3 rugs 95c
Large Rag Rugs, size 27 x 54, a really good rug for 50c
Large size Matting Rugs for 50c each or 2 for 95c
TOWELS—We thank we have some of the best values
in towels to be found and all we ask is a comparison of
the values and prices. See our special four towels for
95c or see our large size towels at 75c per pair. They
are real value. Towels colored bath towels in a splendid variety of colors and a beautiful quality, our leader
at 95c pair.
DRESSES—We still have a few in sizes 34 and 30
which were priced at $2.50 to $3.50 to clear out at 95c
LADIES' RAYON BLOOMERS—A real good article,
and in a gootl range of colors. Special price 95c each.
MEN'S SHIRTS—in a khaki also in blue, a real good
working shirt made in a full size from 14'/, to 17.
Special price, each   95c
LADIES' HATS—a clearing line of hats to go for 95c
CHILDREN'S SCHOLL CASES—in brown or black,
just what the children want for school, price 75c each.
RAYON PRINTS—Only a few shades left, regular
price 65c a yard, special price 2 yards for 95c
WHITE 1'LANELETTE—a very good quality and a
wide width, see it, price 3 yards for 95c
MEN'S FANCY SOX—Smart designs, good value, 2
pairs for   95c
Dry Goods Store
Cumberland Personals
—LZ,"_J"JL!','. 1-— --j^^-i^H^MiaBs«aiawaHaBBaa»:
Night Schools
Cabinet Making,  Music, Dressmaking,  High  School
Subjects, Typing, Cooking, Spelling, Elementary
.Arithmetic, Letter Writing, Singing.
A minimum of 10 students is necessary for each class.
Courses will be arranged, it possible, in any subject
for which 10 enroll.
$5.00 per course of approximately 25 nights, 2 hours
per night.
Will all intending applicants meet in the PUBLIC
Send names and subject required to Principals Shenstone or Apps.
Tho bunting Benson commenced on
Saturday with a large number of
hunters in the woods. Blue Grouse
were reported to be plentiful but awing to the very dry season, deer were
difficult to obtain.
Mrs. Wm. Milllgan, of Victoria, is
Bpendlng a short vacation witli her
mother. Mrs. Dallos. at the Waverley
Mr. and Mr.s. Matt. Brown have returned to town from their summei
camp at Royston Beach,
Mr. T. Kajayatna left on Thursday
tor Toronto University where he will
:ake tip a medical course.
Tho Misses Katie and Josie Bono
returned to the city this week, after
Bpendlng a delightful holiday in Vancouver.
.Mr. Dugnltl Campbell, of Vancouver, representative of the Morgan*
tlialer Llntoype Company, was a vis
llor to Cumherland on Thursday.
Mrs. Ina Blckerton, after spending
an extended vacation with her mother
Mrs. Whyte, lefl at the week end for
Vancouver, en route to Oakland
whore she will reside for a time. She
was accompanied *-as far as Vancouver  by  her daughter.  Doreen.
ISx-aervico men of Courtenny Intend holding their annual basket picnic at Kitty Coleman Beach on Sunday.
Mrs. MacNaughton and daughter,
Jean, left on Saturday last for Vancouver, where MiSa Jean will enter
the University of British Columbia.
Mr. Stephen Jackson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Wm. Jackson .left at the week
end to study nt the University of British Columbia.
Mr. M. O. Elliott, of Lang's Drug
Store is spending n short vacation
in Victorai.
Mr. John Walton, of Victoria, a
former resident of Cumberland came
Up on Saturday for a few days' hunting.
Miss J. Steven and Miss G. Carter
of Vancouver arrived on Sunday on
a week's vacation. Whilst In Cumherland they will lie the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. R. Yates at the Union
Mr. and Mrs. John Thomson returned to the city on Sunday after spending a delightful holiday with relatives
in Seattle.
Mr. and Mrs. George Richardson,
Master Roy, accompanied by Ben
Horbury returned to Cumberland
after spending the past six weeks in
Mrs. Sid Hunt and family returned
on Sunday from Sumas Prairie where
they have been spending the summer.
Tides in the Comox District
Time   H't.   |   Time   H't.
MesdameB Lewis, Hill and Bond
were hostesses ata delightful party
held on Thursday at the home of Mrs.
J. Hill, in honor of Mrs. Charles Sea-
grave who leaves this week end for
her home In Acme, Alberta, 'after
spending a vacation in Cumberland.
Delectable refreshments were served
by the hostesses and during the evening Mrs. Seagrave was presented
with a lovely gift by .Mrs. McLean, on
behalf of those present. The evening
was spent in an informal chat, the
leave taking hour coming all too
Those present included Mesdames
Totter. McLean. Mann, Glbb, Weir.
Fyler (Port llaney). R, and A. Long-
land (Comox). F. Bond. H. Heede. J;'.,
and Miss M. Gibson.
Mouse, furnished, containing five
rooms, garage and nutsiede buildings and other modern convent
ences. Rent. $20.00 per month.
For further particulars apply Mrs.
ltoherl  Grant. Royston. I). C. 38-3!)
First in the Field
-once more
We are very pleased to bo able to announce that we
have received samples of the most-up-to-date Christmas Cards in our business career. We can truthfully
say that we are the very first in the district to receive
them—proof conclusive that the WE LEAD ALWAYS
Sample Booi\s Will be
cheerjully submitted
The Cumberland Islander
Just telephone •■;■"> or call nt the office
Mrs. J. H. Cameron entertained tht
Wednesday NMrIU club at her home on
Friday night last, Miss Nettie Robertson was successful in winning the
first prize.
Dr. and Mrs. W. Bruce Gordon left
on Sunday for a two week visit in
Mrs. Robert Strachan of Vancouver
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.
Mr. and Mrs. H. Simms returned
from their honeymoon in Portland on
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Telford, of Vancouver, arrived in town on Sunday and
will spen da week with Mrs. Telford's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. Dando, Sr.
Mr. Ernest MacDonald, accompanied
by Mrs. Dec, who has been visiting
with Mr. and Mrs. D. R. MacDonald,
motore dto Nanaimo on Saturday.
Ernest MacDonald returned to town
on Sunday.
Mrs. Devlin and daughter, Eunice,
were visitors to Nanaimo during the
Mr. and Mrs. R. Toman, Mr. Calnan,
and daughter Myrtle left on Wednesday on a two week visit to California.
They were accompanied by Mr. Harper
Mr. and Mrs. H. McLean, and daughter, Marilyn, arrived in town on Friday
and are the guests of Mrs. McLean's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. Strachan.
Miss Grace Horwood arrived on Sunday from Vancouver and is visiting
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Horwood, of Minto.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sehl of Victoria
are the guests of the Waverley Hotel.
Mr. and Mrs. C. Simms and Mr. T.
Simms, of Royston. left on Wednesday for a two weeks' motor trip on
the Mainland.
Mr. James left on Monday for Cad-
Mr. Thomas Graham returned from
Telkwa, B.C. on Tuesday.
Mr. Victor Marlnelll, who has been j
spending a few days in town, returned
to Vancouver on Sunday. j
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Piper arrived
in town Tuesday and are the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. James Bennie.
Corporation of the City of
Tenders will be received by thc undersigned up to noon ou Monday,
September, JUrd. 1929, for the purchase of property now owned by the
City of Cumberland, which were
built under the "Better Housing Act"
known and described as follows: Lot
3, Block 17, Plan 622-A, Cumberland,
and Lot 4, Block 16, Plan 522-A, Cumberland. Separate tenders to be submitted for each parcel. All tenders
to be endorsed "House Tender". The
highest or any tender not necessarily
accepted. Full particulars may be
obtained from the City Hall.
37-38 City Clerk.
Notice of Application for Consent to
Transfer lteer License
Notice is hereby given that, on the
28th day of September, next ihe undersigned intends to apply to the Liquor Conrtol Board for consent to
transfer beer licence No. 1253 and issued in respect of premises being
part of a building known as Waverley
Hotel, situate at Dunsmuir Avenue.
Cumberland, upon the lands described
as lot No. 2, block No. 3, Map No. 522,
Land Registration District, in the
Province ot British Columbia from
Executor of the late Frank Dallos
to George Spencer of Courtenay, B.C.
Dated at Cumberland, B.C., this 4th
day  of September,  1029.
(Signed)    George Spencer.
36-39       (Signed)   Domenica   Dallos.
For men and women who become
competent printers. Work is pleasant and can be mastered In as short
a time ns business course, lt possesses great opportunities Tor advancement.
Linotype operators trained in from
thret. and one-half to six months.
Hand compositors in from 12 to 18
months. Cost is within reach of all.
write for particulars. NORTHWEST
SCHOOL OF PRINTING. N. 224 Division Street. Spokane, Wash.     37-40
in housework wants work by hour.
day nr month.   Phone 34. Cumberland,
McGinipsey's, Rim and Tire from
Buick Coupe. Finder Please Notify  Islander  Office.    Reward  given.
The Imperial Badminton Club announce the opening dnte will he
Tuesday, October lst, 7:30 p.m. Fees:
Single Members, $7.5(1. Two or mor-
In same family $6,00 each. Certain
nights reserved Ladles Choice. Shu: -
ties on sale 50c, George Wilson, secretary. It
Department of Lands
WHEREAS the Vancouver Island
Power Company Limited fs a company
incorporated under the laws of British Columbia and duly empowered to
construct maintain nnd operate works
for the generation, transmission and
distribution of electrical energy:
AND WHEREAS the said company
■iid (in February 2Uth, 1929, make application for licences to divert and
use two thousand live hundred and
eighty cubic feet of wuter per second
from Campbell River for the generation n[ electrical energy:
AND WHEREAS the said company
lias petitioned for lhe approval of its
undertaking relative to 'be snid applications:
AND WHEREAS it appears In the
public interest to grunt the prayer of
the said company:
THIS IS TO CERTIFY that the uu-
dertaknlg of the Vancouver Island
Power Company Limited relative to
tbe diversion and use of two thousand live hundred and eighty cubic
feet of water per second from Campbell River for llie generation of electrical energy as the said undertaking
la outlined in the petition of the said
company filed with the Comptroller
uf Water Rights ou the 8th day of
March 1929 Is hereby approved subject to the terms and conditions of
lhe Water Act and to the following
terms  and  conditions.
The term of every licence that
may be issued in pursuance of the
company's above mentioned applications shall be limited lo expire fifty years from the date of
issue of the licence first issued
in pursuance of the said applica-
t ions.
The construction of the works
necessary to store, divert and
utilize the waters of Campbell
River shall be commenced by the
lsi day of September, 1981, and
the said construction shall be
carried out to the satisfaction of
the Comptroller of Waier Rights.
The territory within which the
company may distribute and sell
the electrical energy generated
from the wnters of Campbell
River shall be the whole of Vancouver   Island.
thorlze the diversion of any water or
ihe construction of any works nor is
it an approval of thc plans of any
DATED at Victoria, B.C., this 13th
lav of September, 1929.
"F.  P.  BURDEN"
Minister of Lands.
I hereby certify this lo bo a
rue copy of a document In my
ifflclal custody,
Deputy Minister of Lauds.
Nolle, to Contractors
(anipbell   Itiver Lock-up
TENDERS  are  invited  Tor the  repainting and decorating ol' the Lockup Building at Campbell River in the
Comox Electoral  District, B.C.
Specifications can be obtained .it
he Public Works Office at Courtenay,
ihe Lock-up at Campbell River, rand
from the Department of Public Works,
Tenders close Oct. 3rd. 1029.
Deputy   Minister   and
Public Works Engineer.
Department of Public Work.
Parliament Buildings,
Mis. George Hoffeinz (nee Violet
'/.aninit takes this opportunity of
thanking all those friends who sent
her such lovely and useful gifts on
the occasion of the recent shower in
her honor.
us to
a poultry dinner In tlio housewife wliii In nl tier wit's ond lo
know what Bhe should put on
the table next. We select poultry witli expert eare and our refrigerating equipment enables
us to properly rendition It.
you'll find our prlcea reasonable.
Phono   111 Wc   Deliver
is Your Day
at the Dairy
6 tbs. Green Apples  25c
3 His Tomatoes  25c
9 tbs. Potatoes  25c
7 lbs. Green Cabbage.... 30e
Bantam Corn .per doz   30c
II lb. Itousl ot' Fork (liny rut)
I lbs. I.reen   Apples
I tb. run llreen Pens
•2 lbs Ripe Tomatoes
all for
We Deliver
Phone D8 Cumberland
When   years   intervene and  the springboard
takes tlie place of the sandy beach, turn the
pages of your Kodak album.
There she is—the curly headed mite who found a tin
pail and spattered feet quite exciting enough.
How old was she then? "Winnipeg Beach 6/18/21"—thc
autographic record that you wrote on the film at the time
holds the answer.   There is advantage in inspecting our
complete stock—every Kodak made is ready for you to
look ot here.
Lang's Drug Store
"// Pays to deal at Lang's'
Local Baseballers
(Continued from Page One)
ble play. Moyer to James to McFar-
land: Stolen bases, Watson S.
Second Game
Powell River    AB   R   H PO   A E
Corolina. 3b   3    0    1    0   4 2
Cecconl, rt  3   0   0    10 0
Hogue, ss   3    0   0    10 1
Casey, c   3   0   0    5   0 0
Riley, c[   3   0   0    2   0 0
Samsin, 2b   3   0   1    10 0
Wilshire, lb   3   0   0   10   0 2
Greenfield, If   2   0   0    10 0
Bichard, p  2    0   0    0   0 0
Total   25   0   2   21   4 5
I   Cumberland
iDoi, c    4   1   2  U   0   8
| McFarland, lb 4    11    5   0   0
i Watson, cf   4   11    9   0   0
! Kenchy. ss   4    11    10   1
i James, 2b   4   11    2   3   0
Gibson, 3b   4   2   2    0   2   0
Clark, If   3    11    0   0   0
Aitken, p   3   11    0   2   0
Moyer, rf   3    11    0   0   0
Total   33 10 11   21   7    1
Summary—Two Base hits: Doi, Gibson, Aitken; Stolen bases: McFarland
2, Dol. Watson 2, Gibson: Bases on
balls, Bichard 0, Aitken 1; Struck out
by Bichard 4, by Aitken 11; Left on
bases, Powell River 3, Cumberland T.
P.D.Q. Daily Freight Line
Courtenay to Nanaimo
Leave Courenay 9 a.m., returning from Nanaimo the
same day.   Connections made at Nanaimo with
Victoria and Port Alberni Stages.
—Furniture Moving a Specialty—
Courtenay  178;   Cumberland  77;   Qualicum  64R;   Nanaimo 9
as sa»^:.m,\\,mk.38aKZ3max.3mn*£:irm::.. ma ,\iaw   wii iriwn,.
Soon, evening parties will be all the vogue, but
whether it is just for your evening dessert, or
something really elaborate for party or banquet,
you'll find it most satisfying here. Pastries that
suit the most fastidious can be had from—
Mann's Bakery
CuHtard Plfls Baked to Order.
Lemon   Pies Lemon  Tarts
Apple l'los Raisin  Pies
.**^^       ***^^   .   *\*Ww      ^s\\\s>. .   '*Lt\W**. ..  yts\W*: ;--.~-i4aWl&£+iiWtti.
Italian Prunes for
30c. per Basket - $1.10 per Crate
Place your now, by phone if you
cannot call
If You Get It at Mumford's, It's Good
Phone 71 Deliveries Daily


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