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The Islander May 10, 1913

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Navy and White One-piece
Dresses', piped with white
and have Robspieire collar and tie, in all sizes at
Misses and Children's  (j
£eady-to-Wear Dresses '
MWu^e? Newest Styles of
'the i\i*f»t.g^|ut(ii)(uilv rubrics
in All Sizes.
VOL. IV., No. 6   <m^A>
Subscription price, $1.50 per year
Collecting Committees meet with
Huge Success   Unprecedented Enthusiasm.
The 24th May sports committees, of which John N. McLeod
is chairman, met last Tuesday
evening and drafted out a portion
of the programme for Empire
Day. Up to the present it includes an automobile parade,
baseball, live aside and eleven
aside; football, lacrosse, Idg sawing contest, tug of war, sack
race, three-legged race, and several races for women and children. The sports committee will
meet again this evening to complete the programme. Empire
Day this year, with favourable
weather, is expected to be the
greatest event in the history of
Cumberland. Arrangements are
completed for special trains to
carry visitors from and to the
various logging camps, Headquarters, Courtenay, Comox and
Union Bay. The first through
train from Headquarters, via
Courtenay over the Comox Logging Railway, is expected to
reach Cumberland on that day.
One of the besl bands that money
can procure is to be in attendance
dtnrng the day and is expected
to consist of eighteen pieces, including one of the most noted
bandmasters on the coast. A
treat is in store for all lovers oi'
music. The collecting committees
appointed for the various points
report success beyond all expectations and say it will be an easy
matter to reach the $1,200 'mark
for prizes. The list of the city
subscribers up to the present
reads as follows:—
Canadian Collieries $50.00
Thomas D. McLean 40.00
Prov. Police, Cumberland. 30.00
E. G. Prior and Co 20.00
John N. McLeod  .15.00
Simon Leiser and Co  15.00
G. W.Clinton .•  10.00"
Dr. Geo. K. McNaughton.   10.00
Macfarlane Bros  10.00
A. H. Peacey  10.00
Royal Bank of Canada...   10.00
J. R. Lockard  10.00
CanadianBank ofCommcrco 10.00
Pilsener Brewing Co  10.00
K. Abecand Co..,. 10.00
Cumberland Hotel  10.00
Wesley Willard  10.00
The Islander _.'.. 10.00
Thos. E. Bate    7.00
Ideal Store    5.00
C. H. Tarbell .j.L.   5.00
Alex McKinnon    5.00
E. C. Emde;  .   5.00
With several places to hear from.
The collections in and around
the mines arc estimated to be
between seven and eight hundred
dollars, with Union Bay, Headquarters and Courtenay to hear
The various committees for
the 2-ith of May' sports will ;
'. meet to night in the Conser- '
] vativc Hall at eight o'clock ;
' prompt. i
The Week's Output.
The total output at the local
mines for the week ending Friday
May 9th totals 9027 tons.
Rev. B. C. Freeman left on
Tuesday's Charmer to attend the
Methodist Church conference.
A large crowd took advantage
of the dance held in-the Cumberland Hall last evening. Parn-
ham's orchestra supplied the
Bishop Cridge died at Victoria
on Tuesday, aged 95 years. He
had been -slightly indisposed for
the past three weeks, but it was
only on Wednesday of last week
that his friends became alarmed.
Mrs. .1. D. W'inningham, left
for Victoria on Wednesday.
Mayor Campbell returned on
Sunday from a visit to Vancouver
.1. I". Holmes, of Comox, has
sold his Union Bay townsite for
Wesley Willard and J. Abrams
returned from a trip to Victoria
on Tuesday morning.
Mrs. A. T. Stephenson left for
Seattle on Sunday on a three
weeks visit to friencK
Several expert coal miners arrived by yesterday's train, and
secured work in the mines.    ,
Major A. W. Hilton, of Headquarters, visited Cumberland on
Ernest Swan, of Courtenay,
received a new Ford runabout by
Wednesday's Charmer.
Miss Janet Robinson and Mr.
John Orr were united in marriage
by the Rev, James Hood on Wednesday April 30th.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bickle
were passengers for Victoria on
Saturday morning and returned
Tuesday evening.
Judge Barker held County
Court here on Wednesday morning and returned by automobile
to Nainaimo.
Howard King, representing the
Studebaker Motor Co,, spent the
week in Cumberland and reports
good business.
Fraser Watson left by this
morning's train for Merrett B.
C, having secured a position
Mining men throughout the
province are reminded that all
free miners' licenses now in
existence, lapse unless previously
renewed, on May 31st. As possession of a miner's license is
necessary for the stakingorholding of mining property, the renewal of such licenses in good
time is something which parties
interested cannot afford to
Some of the incoming passeng
ers during the coming week must
have been out on a jollification
their baggage said so at least, it
was marked "Gee, aint I happy.
Just married and wo are off on
our honeymoon, and would appre-
it if you would step up and congratulate us." With the trunks
tied up with ribbons and an old
shoe hanging out on either side.
We aiv informed tho owners of
the baggage will make Cumberland their future home.
The Ford Motor Company, of
which E. C. Emde is the local
agent, are increasing the business in British Columbia at a
rapid rale. From October 1st to
March 31st they sold 389 cars in
this province. For comparison it
is interesting to note that in 1911
the number of Ford cars sold in
B.C. was 99. in 1912 they sold
353 cars. It will be seen in the
first six months of this season
fhe Ford company delivered in
B.C. practically three times as
many cars as were sold during
the whole of 1911, and very close
to the numberof cars which were
sold during the whole of 1912.
These figures speak very strongly
for the service and satisfaction
that these cars have given in this
Modern Solomons - Assessors act
as Judges of their Own
The Court of Revision met in
the Council Chambers on Wednesday evening to hear and consider complaints . against the
assessment roll for the year'19181
His Worship Mayor Campbell,
Aid. Beveridge, Richards, Miller
and Maxwell acterl as judges.
The first case was that of Thos.
Bannerman, who Complained that
the assessment on his property'
was unreasonable, unjust and
illegal, which amounted to $925,
the purchase price being $600.
P. P. Harrison, acting for T.
Bannerman, informed the court
that the question for them to
consider was: the cost value of
the improvements as they stood.
Aid. Beveridge commenced to
explain when Mr. Bannerman's
counsel told the court that he
was not there to argue the question with them.
T. Bannerman's assessment
was reduced $25.
William Braes complained to
having been increased $150. On
motion Brae's assessment was
made the same as 1912,
T. D. McLean objected to his
assessment being increased $200
over 1912, and said lt was unjust
and unwarranted. '
P. P. Harrison, counsel for Mc
Lean, said it was rather a difficult
matter to come before members
of a court of revision they themselves being the assessors, rendering judgment upon their own
assessment. He said the practice
was new to. him. Some people
thought they had been discriminated against, and he thought it
was only fair that they should
explain to Mr. McLean why his
assessment was raised $200.
The Mayor: Before you go any
further Mr. Harrison I want to
tell you there has been no discrimination.
Mr. Harrison expressed regret
if his remarks had given offence.
Being the men who placed the
assessment he had no right to
question them as judges at this
court of revision. He wished to
make himself very plain upon
the matter, if they had an assessor he could have questioned him
as to how he came to such values.
To that in this case it would be
necessary to question the judges
themselves, they having been the
T. D. McLean explained that
his property was of no more
value today than it was in 1912,
It'was moved and carried that
Mr. McLean's assessment stand
as increased.
T. D. McLean: I appeal against
Wesley Willard, whose assessment had been raised $500, said
it was excessive and illegal.
Aid. Beveridge wished to ask
Mr. Harrison a question.
Mr. Harrison: I refer you, sir,
to your city solicitor,
Mr. Willard defied the eoiui lo
show him why he should be
Aid. Maxwell: I think they arc
here to buck the council.
Mr. Willard: I am not here to
buck the council. Why don't you
make a general raise? It looks
as though there were some picked out. '
It was carried that the property
stand as assessed.
Messrs.   E.   C. Emde,  H. J.
Theobald, T. E. Banks, T. Irwin,
W. A. Mathieson and Marocchi
, Bros, appeared before the court.
Bent Bowlin, a colored gentleman, appeared before Judge
Abrams on Wednesday charged
with fighting and biting Harvey
Smith, who said in his evidence
that while he was talking to the
accused about some faintly affairs
Bowlin struck him in the face,
bit him on the lower lip and fingers of both hands. When Smith
called for help the accused shouted; Keep away or 1 will fix the
lot of you with my rifle.
After hearing the evidence of
Mrs. Smith and Constable Murry
the magistrate found him guilty
and lined him $5(1 and costs or in
default three months with hard
In the Provincial Police Court
held on Monday before Joseph
Shaw, J.P., three, Indians were
lined $5 and costs each for being
drunk at Comox.
Game Warden Dawley laid an
information against Reid Good
and Joseph Annand for carrying
a Kim without first obtaining a
licence.- The court confiscated the
gun and fined defendants $5 and
costs each. Joseph Annand was
also charged with shoot ing grouse
out of season. Found guilty and
fined $25 and costs.
Cut This Out for Your Directory
Harry Wilson, manager for the
British Columbia Telephone Co.,
informs  us that  the following
subscribers have been connected
with  the   Cumberland  Central
Telephone Office during the past
few days:
8-0 Thos. D. McLean, jeweler.
7-8 EdwardW. Bickle, resid'nee
7-1 J. H. Cameron
7-5 Power House, Cumberland
Electric Light Co., Ltd.
L 8-5 Alex Walker, jr.    .
2-7 J. Sutton
L9-1 Knowles-Smith, Mill Beach
Road to Comox.
R9-1 Ward and Dingwall,  Mill
Beach Road to Comox.
F9-1 Jos. P. Davis, Mill Beach
Road to Comox.
Fatal Logging Accident.
Coroner Abrams held an inquest into the circumstance of
the death of Joseph McGee, who
died at the Union and Comox District Hospital from injuries received at No. Four Camp of the
Comox Logging Company on
April 25th. It appears that while
the deceased and Wilson Turner
were felling a tree some bark
accidently and unexpectedly fell,
injuring Joseph McGee, from
which he died on April 80th.
After hearing the evidence of
several witnesses the jury returned the verdict, that deceased
met his death by the falling of
the bark from tlie tree upon
which he was working.
The following were the jury:
M. E. U. Macfarlane, foreman;
W. E. Lawrence, F. Hurford,
Joseph B. Walker, Harvey Leitll-
ead, f). D. McRae.
The Victoria Times considers the
order from the International
an unwarranted intrusion
The Victoria Times of the the
5th inst. has the following editorial :-
On Saturday 178 miners employed at Nanaimo and vicinity who
do not belong to the United Mine
Workers voted as to whether
they would go on strike or return
to work. Four hundred and
twenty-two decided in favour of
resuming work, but in view of
the small proportion of ballots
cast they decided to remain inactive and await developments.
The miners connected with the
international organization took no
part in the proceedings in pursuance of instructions from the
officials of the union.
The strike order was issued by
the representative of the United
Mine Workers at Seattle without
having been determined by the
majority of the miners themselves. Even had those mnn In
the district who belong to the
organization decided formally to
stop work they are said to be
considerably in the minority, and
could1 scau-oiy carry with them
the bulk of the miners who are
not members of the union. Something more than a sudden order
from a Seattle official of the
United Mine Workers to men
who represent but a small proportion of the miners employed
should be required before a general strike can be declared.
We are not discussing the issues
underlying the situation. We do
not believe that any workingmen
are more entitled to special treatment than those who mine coal.
Their's is a hazardous occupation
under the most favourable circumstances, but if they are dissatisfied with the conditions
under which they work it should
be for them to determine what
course they will pursue. Unless
the majority of them decide that
a strike is necessary in this inst'
anee the order from the inter
national union officials is an un
warranted intrusion.
Of course he was a man modeled yfter all those who arc born of
woman, but he went wrong when
he joined the infernal wicked
wretches commonly called the
I.W.W.'s, and thnt has barred
him from citizenship in America,
The Associated Press gives the
following account of the court
handling the case: e\
"Meyer Gorelick.a tailor, whose
discharge was the cause of the
late strike called in New York by
the Industrial Workers of the
World against tailoringestablish-
luents, was yesterday denied admission lo citizenship by Superior
Judge A. W. Frater. Gorelick.
told Judge Frater be was no longer u member of the Industrial
Workers of the World, cared
nothing for their principles and
had joined the union in the first
place only lo obtain work. In
denying tbe application Judge
Frater said:
" 'You have passed a good examination relating to the government of the country and yet try ,
to make this court believe you
joined an organization and did
not attempt to find out its pur-
pose.br its aim an organization
which teaches confiscation of property, violation of contracts,
revolution and tbe taking of any- •
thing you want the easiest way
you can get it. You say you had
lo become u member of that
organization to obtain work. A
man that can be forced to become
a member of an organization of
that character is not fit to become
a citizen of the United States.' "
The evenin'g service in the
Methodist Church tomorrow will
be conducted by Mr. E. T. Searle,
the Pastor being absent in attendance at district meeting and conference. Mr. Searle has supplied
this pulpit on former occasions
with much acceptability, and
many will be glad of the opportunity of hearing him again tomorrow evening. The morning
service is withdrawn.
In the matter of an application
for a fr.esh certificate of title to
■ Lot 210, Comox District;
NOTICE is hereby given of ^ my
intention at lhe expiration of one
calendar month from the first
publication hereof to issue a fresh
certificate of title in lieu of the
certificate of title issued to Andrew Lewis Galamo on the 9th
day of June, 1<S')7, and numbered
3093C, which has been lost.
I Dated at If ""gistry Office.
Victoria ' **"'« 12th day of
!   Ma,.rv " - wnoTPj*-'
Registrar General of Titles.
New Text Books.
In a circular issued by the Provincial Education Department,
notice is given that since the
publication of the last Manuel of
School Law, 1912, the Honorable
the Council of Public Instruction
has been pleased to add the following text books io the lisl of
those already prescribed I'm-use
in the public and high schools of
the Province:
Supplementary readers: 11)
The Progressive Road to Reading
Books I., 11. ninl 111.; (2) The
Folk-Lore Readers, a primer; (3)
Hearts of Oak Books I. and II.;
(4) Brittania History Readers,
Introductory Book, Stories from
British and Canadian History.
English Grammar: (1) British
Columbia Public School Grammar
to replace Goggin's Elementery
Orammar after June 30th, 1913;
(2) British Columbia High School
GiTinmar lo replace West's Advanced English Grammar after
June 30th.
French . New High School
French Grammar to replace Fraser and Squair's French Grammar
and Reader after June 30th.
Mathematics: The Ontario High
School Geometry.
Science : The Ontario High
School Physics.
Game Warden Dawley is on the
look out for parties carrying guns
without licence. Sportsmen can
figure on being prosecuted if they
fail to produce the necessary
Furnished Rooms to Rent, stove
heated. For particulars apply at
this office.	
TO KENT Ten acres at Happy
Valley, four acres cleared, now
dwelling house. $10 per month
For further particulars apply
Hardy and Biscoe, Cournenay,
W A NTEI) I .ols or acreage for
which will trade some "stock In
one of Vancouver's leading final'
cial companies that is earning 12
par cent. Property must be un
encumbered. Address "B-lfi,"
The Islander.
IN THE MATTER of an application for a fresh Certificate of
Title to the South 1-2 of Lot 16
(except 20 acre.'; thereof) and the
North part of fractional North
West It of Section 30, Township
II, Map 551 (except 8-10 acres
and 5 acres thereof), Nelson
of my intention at the expiration
of one calendar month from the
first publication hereof to issue a
fresh Certificate of Title in lieu
of the Certificate of Title issued
to William Hutton and John Ram-
sav on the 11th day of March,
1908, and numbered 17380 C,
which has been lost.
Dated at Land Registry Office,
Victoria, B. C, this 28th day
of April, 1913.
Registrar General of Titlee. THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
The Secret
By Alfred Wilson Barrett
Ward, Lock A Co.
London,  Melbourne
A Toronto.
,     (ContiLupd)
Well, what is it? came her voice, i
1 want to sec Professor Wicks, said i
Easton, rather taken aback.
What is   your   buflimess,   said   thei
old woman.
1 have come for some boxing les-i
sons.      Is not  that what  ibis  place]
is for? returned the Major, sternly.    t
The  face disappeared  without  its:
owner giviiie a  reply,  but. in a  few!*
seconds' the  door opened  wide, and1
the old woman appeared nt fu'l length.
Come   inside,   sir,   she   said   more
graciously.    The   Professor   will   see;
you In a minute.
Easton followed her along a dark
passage and Into a little ollice, where
she left him surrounded by pictures
of the Professor in various attitudes,
and of, apparently, Ihe Professor's
progeny performing numerous athletic
Presently a sound of feet shod with
Indiarubber shoes made Itself heard
along the passage, and the door, open-
lag, a man appeared—in full boxing
5*% was a jolly-looking, broken-nosed
athletic fellow of forty or so, glossy
with fitness; and Easton s first
thought was that If Violet was there
It was not so bad as it might have
been; his second, a hurried speculation as to what kind of a time Neil
was going to have in keeping this
man busy while he, the Major, looked round the house.
Good evening sir, said the Professor
cheerily. You have just come at the
right time. I'm free now. You want
eome sparring practice? Have you
got your shoes and things with you?
I am afraid 1 haven t, said Easton,
but perhaps you can lend me some
■hoes that will do for today.
The Professor cast an experienced
eye over the Major's well-knit figure.
Yes, I fancy I can let you have everything you want, he said. Come this
way, if you please, sir.
And he led the Major down another
passage, through a large room, with
a roped and padded ring in the centre
asd tiers of chairs around, and up
some stairs into a dingy bedroom.
There's a dressing-room downstairs
•lr, he said, but you wouldn't like that
perhaps, for we have all sorts here.
I keep this room for gentlemen whom
I give special lessons to.
Evidently, thought the Major, whose
quick eye had caught sight of Harborow's box on a chair by the window. And he felt a little thrill. Was
Rlvlngton there, and was Violet?
The Professor had already rummaged out half a dozen pairs of various*
ileed gymnasium shoes, and several
pairs of ridiculously Inadequate shorts
-then the sound of a bell pealed
through the house.
The Professor looked up. Excuse
me for a moment, sir, he said. There
le some one at the front door and I
have sent my old woman out on an
errand. I must step down to see
who tt Is. Perhaps you can fit your-
■elf out of this lot, he continued, placing the various articles before the
The latter nodded quickly. Yes, I
Khali be able to manage perfec'Iy lie
(aid, seizing a pair of the shoes and
pretending to measure them with his
loot. I will find my way down when
I sun ready, shall I?
II you don't mind, air. You will
and me in the gymnasium downstairs,
flrtt door on the lent. Have you got
everything you want?
Everything, yes, quite, said Easton
eagerly. 1 shall manage, and 1 can
JjjjJ nay way down perfectly. You
go on.
At least I hope I shall, he continued
08 the door closed on the Professor.
If only that is Nell, and if only I can
get a few minutes to myself.
He found himself on a landing from
which led three other rooms, all sleeping apartments, as a hasty glance
•howed him, and evidently devoted
to the Professor and the members of
bis family. There was nothing of any
interest there,
He looked round him. From the
binding two staircases led downwards.
Dp one of these he had come with the
Professor. He chose the other 'and
crept quietly down it. Soon he
reached a landing with two rooms,
both empty, from which led a long
•nd badly lighted passage.
That place is liko a rabbit-warren,
thought the Major, but It seems an
empty one, for there isn't a sound, In
this part of It at least.
The passage ended at a door and I
flats door the Major soon discovered
was locked. He began to feel more
cheerful. A locked door meant some*
thing to disguise, It was the flrfrt
good sign he had met. Hut it was
locked.    Could he open it?
Quickly he stopped and examined
the keyhole. Then he breathed again.
The key was in the lock on the other
Bide and a tiny end of it projected
through In his direction.
The Major was a man of resource,
and some knowledge, and this sight
made his.spirits revive. In his knife
a knife  that had  seen him through
i named Fufey, whom lie surprised wttli j
his  wife.      Gauthier dealt  liis  rival!
ll.i'|ii':V',:!H:iii'iililiiiii':i!liii|iiiill!'|i«i:!i:!illiliilli!iiiiiiiiii;iii ill
The Sweetest Story ever
told is to tell you of
the purity and
sweetness of
Just fresh picked fruit and
granulated sugar
You can get  them from
your  grocer
several campaigns, he had a pair of
pliers. Was his knife In his pocket? Yes it was. Were the pliers
strong enough. Yes, they were. He
caught the projecting end of the key
with them, got a grip, held his
breath and twisted. For a moment
the lock groaned and the pliers
squeaked; then the key turned, he
seized the handle, and the door opened.
The Major found himself in another
passage—the    rabbit-warren    seemed ,
lull   of   them—but   a   very  different I P"1'" f°**9e -?ad frequently seen Mr.
Former English Army Officer Discovered Dead In .lather Strange
London, Kngland.—An ex-army officer's unsuccessful struggle to cure
himself of tlie drug habit was described at an inquest at Quston, Dover,
on Claude W. Lawrence Marshall,
aged 41, of independent means, whose
body was found in a railway. A
broken hypodermic syringe and two
empty drug bottles were found near
the body. Dr. Marshall was formerly an officer in the South Staffordshire
regiment. i
Mrs. Marshall stated that her husband had been addicted to the drug
habit for several years', taking morphia and cocaine. He broke off the
habit last year for a time, but could
not do without the drugs, and resumed
them. She had known him to go
into this railway tunnel for the purpose of injecting morphia into his leg.
He went into the tunnel because u
was dark there, and he objected to
making the injections in the light. He
told her once that after he had injected morphia into his leg in the tunnel
he became unconscious on the bridge
just above. She thought that on
this occasion he might have become
unconscious in the tunnel. She once
found him unconscious in a pit as a
result of the drug. Mrs. Marshall
added that her husband was very
bright and showed no signs of suicide, *
Evidence as to the finding of the
body pointed to the fact that Mr.
Marshall had his back against the
wall of the railway tunnel and was
leaning down injecting morphia into
his leg when the train struck him; or
else that he had made the Injection
and lost consciousness in that position
at the time of the fatality.
It was said that members of Dover
The Unwritten Law Viewed :n France I Juriit Has Terrible    struggle    With
From Standpoint of Approval Camorriit He Had Just Sen-
Paris,   France.—The  assize    court tenced
t at Dijon, tried a farmer named Ernest     N„„,.0'     .„ „,,„    , ,„     .„„„_,.„
Gauthier for the murder of a neighbor I h.N*pI!'T^ a"t,mpt bM, reCen"y
I been made by a Uauimonst prisoner
I to  strangle  a judge at  the  Naples
I two blows with a spade and the man1 f '*1'1"'V°v' "?,?""•',:    J*6 T",
Idled the next day.    The farmer also IWJ ?* »• KS*°i?ln, Ca.?_°_1^'.f!?!i
i attacked his wife and then gave himself up to the police.    Mme. Gauth-
: Ier comniitt id suicide   a    few    days
'later. t
I At the trial, the judge mildly reproached Gauthier, and informed him
that it would have been easy for him
j to obtain a divorce.
Addressing the   jury,    the    public
prosecutor s..ld: Give him a few weeks
| in prison, a few days for the principle.
After examining the facts and emphasising the shortcomings of the dead
woman, he concluded: Having regard
to all the circumstances, would it not
be het.ter for you to exercise your
sovereign right and pardon the accused?
The jury after a brief deliberation
brought in a verdict of acquittal.
20 Tlroarlwav, New York.
"I bought some of your GIN PILLS
at Victoria, 11.C. last September, Your
remedy I Cud, nt 60 years ol a^, lo
give perfect relief from the Kidney and
Bladder Troubles incident to one of mv
age. I urgently recommend GIN TILLS
to friends as being the one thine; that
does uie good."    E. G. WOODFORD.
50c. a box, 6 for J2.50. Money back
If GIN PILLS fail. Sample Iree if you
write National Drug and Chemical L'o.
of Canada, Limited, Toronto. 131
passage to the former ones. This
was well lighted, warm, cheerful and
carpeted, and the Major noted with a
thrill that the things it contained
seemed new.
Before him were two doors, both
closed. He held his breath and listened .
And then from one of the rooms
facing him he seemed to catch the
rustle of a woman's dress, and he
felt his heart beat fast. The strange
instinct that comes to us sometimes,
and makes us certain of things we
could not otherwise have knowledge
of, told him that behind the door
which faced him he should find Violet
at last, and his face flushed with excitement.
Then he stepped forward and knocked softly.
For a moment there was no sound.
Then the door opened gently, but wide.
lt was a woman in nurse's costume
who had replied to his summons, and
she faced him, mutely asking a question, but Easton took no notice of
her than the first hasty glance. He
was looking past her, over her shoulder, into the room beyond, to the bed
where Violet lay asleep—for it was
Violet who lay there—he felt he had
known lt all along. And as he looked at her she woke.
How it happened, Baton hardly knew
but in a moment he had passed the
horrilieu and protesting nurse, and
was kneeling by Violets side, holding
her little hand in his, and pressing Ids
his lips to it for the first time in
both their lives, kissing it with the
passion and the reverence with which
wo kiss a woman's hand the first time
lhat she gives it us.
Had Violet given hers? Yes, East-
•111 knew she had. Her blush had
given it, the glad look in her eyes had
given It.
Violet, he murmured. My poor,'
poor little darling. For a moment
both were silent, then Easton raised
his head. That scoundrel! he said.
Violet, has lie ill-treated you? Tell
me; my darling, tell me.
The young girl shook her head, try-1
It.g to smile, though the tears were
shining on her long lashes, and falling lo her cheek.
No, I am well looked after, she said
quickly. Nurse is so kind and sweet.
I have been very, very 111. I was
hurt in an accident iii a motor-ear
that day they—they took me away,
but I am better, I am getting better.
She wus about to continue wnen the
nurse, -recovering from he.* amazement, stepped forward and stopped
Hush, hush, you must not t.tlnk
of those things, dear, and you must
not get excited. This gentleman—sir,
I must really beg you—
(To be Continue!1'
Marshall in the vicinity of the spot
injecting morphia. It was mentioned
that he had injected as much as sixty
grains of morphi'. at a time.
The jury returned a verdict of death
by misadventure.
Is This a Record
London.—A  goose  belonging to a
fowl dealer at Gislingham, Suffolk, ha^
laid an egg twelve inches in circumference and weighing eleven ounces,.
Vanishes Forever
Prompt Relief—Permanent Cart
fail.   Purely vegc
able—act surely
but gently on
the liver.
Stop after
cureindM _  .
gestion — improve the complexion—brighten
the eyes. Small Pill, Small Dose, Small ftite.
Genuine must bear Signature
Divorce Wanted at 78
Berlin.—Ellse   Sondermann,   aged
seventy-eight, has applied to the court
at Muelhausen, Alsace, for a divorce
from her 80-year-old husband.
Six Day's Sleep
London.—A domestic servant nam.
ed Ellen Pratt, ot Berwick, woke up
a few days ago after being asleep
for three days. The doctors state!
that the woman had been suffering
from cerebral exhaustion.
Ancient and Modern
London.—Candles are use! as head
and rear lights on mc • omnibuses
whloh run three days week'y between
Bedford and Newport Pagne'.l
London.— W. P. Tyrrell, of Harwich, although bllnu, ls bandmaster ot
the Harwich Company of the Church
Lads'Brigade. He is an accomplished concert pianist and a typist.
Flimmer—My business is quite para
Flammer—What is lt?
Flimmer—Getting herd cash out of
soft marks.
Feed    Children   and   Get
Plymouth Hotel Burned
Plymouth. Kngland.—The/Jrand Hotel, situated on the Hoe, an elevated
promenade commanding a view of the
sound, was destroyed by lire recently.
There were man: guests at the hotel
but all wore saved
W.  N.  U.  943
The fellow who doesn't collide with
some one's opinion every little while
is so busy dodging that he isn't of
much force. • *
There are   more   nervous   persons
made so by undigested food lying 'n
I the stomach than the average Individ-
J tial would suppose.
If food  remains undigested in tho
stomach, It begins to ferment, set up
gas nnd a large portion is thus converted Into poison.
That's   why   imperfectly   digested
! food,'may, and often does, cause irritation of the nerves and stupor of the
mind—brain and nerves aro really poi-
j soned.
"My daiighter  had  complained for
! some lime of a distressed feeling In
I Ihe stomach, after eating, which set
I me thinking that her diet was not
; right," wrltos an anxious and intelli-
1 gent mother,
j 'She had been fond of cereals, but
bad never tried drape-Nuts.      From
' reading the account of this predigestM
rood, It seeni**! reasonable to try
('■rape-Nuts for her case.
"The results were really wonderful
The little brain that seemed at limns
I unable to do its work, took on new
life and vigor.     Every morning, now,
, before going to school, she cats thn
■ eriHii little morsels and is now completely and entirely well, she seems to
have'a new lease on life—no more
distress in the stomach, nor headache,
but sound and well everyway." Name
eiven bv Canadian Postum Co., Windsor. Ont.    Itrail "The Road to Well-
Missing    Artilleryman    Believed     to
Have  Been  Murdered  by Two
Malta.—At somewhere about midnight on Thursday two Maltese boatmen reported to the police that two
bluejackets and an artilleryman had
embarked on their craft for conveyance from Valetta to Sliema, and that
when in mid-sea the sailors and the
Boldier quarreled, the former throwing the artilleryman overboard. A
high sea was running at the time and
the sailors, hy intimidation, prevented
the boatmen from attempting to rescue the soldier.
On reaching the shore the sailors
decamped, and the boatmen then returned to the spot where the soldier
had been thrown overboard, but
their search prove.', fruitless they re-
ported the matter to the,police. All
sailors' leave wSs stopped, and the
boatmen were conveyed on board each
warship and confronted with the men
who had been given shore leave the
previous night.
Both boatmen in turn identified
William John Payne and Albert Wood
cock, both able seamen belonging to
the Royal Arthur, whieh arrived here
on Friday en : jute for China. The
missing artilleryman is Gunner Hour-
inane, of 66 Company of the Royal
Garrison Artillery. He is 22 years
Both Payne and Woodcock have
been arrested, and the Royal Arthur's
departure has beet, delayed pending
the magisterial inquiry, which ls proceeding. Bob prisoners have admitted having been ln the boat in which
a quarrel arose, saying that they
made this statement because leave of
all men had been stopped. Consequently, they did not wish to sacrifice other men.
One of the prisoners ln his statement to the ship's commander said:
The soldier hit me and I hit him, and
being drunk he overbalanced and fell
out of the boat ln'^ the sea. Several witnesses from the Royal Arthur
are being heard, and afterward the
inquiry will he adjourned and the
Royal Arthur will sail. The prisoners having admitted being on the boat
will be remanded.
anea and Guadagnl, were found
guilty of theft, and were each sentenced 10 sixteen months' imprisonment.
Immediately sentence was pronounced the prisoner Guadagni, a man of
Herculean, proportions, felled the two
carabinieri who were on guard and
escaped from the iron cage in which
he was confined. He dashed toward
the judge, aud blacked the eye of a
lawyer who attempted to stop him,
while two ushers each received a blow
on the nos«.
Thro was a wild stampede from
the court, and the prestdsnt rose and
wrapped himself in his robes as
though uncertain whether to beat a
retreat. The Infuriated Camorrlst
clambered up to the Judicial bench
with amazing agility, and seized the
assistant judge nearest to him. Cav.
aliere Vitelli, by the throat and attempted to throttle him. Both fell
to the floor in the desperate struggle.
Barristers and policemen c-leavored
to separate then-, but several minutes
elapsed before the grip of the prisoner could be released, and tbe man put
in chains. The unfortunate judge
when released was in a state of collapse .
The Immensity of nature strikes
every one with the came awed feeling.
No, it doesn't. I took a girl to the
circus once, and she told me she
thought the hippopotamus was cute.
We offer One Hltndrrrt Dollar* Reward
for any esse nf Catarrh thnt cannot bt
cured by  Hall's  Catarrh  Cure.
F.   J.   CHENEY  A  CO..   Toledo.   O.
We.  the undersigned,  have  known F. (
J. Cheney for the last IB years, and believe him perfectly honest In all business
transactions and financially able to carry
out 'any obligations made by hlB firm.
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally,
acting directly unon the blood and roue*
nils Eltrfnpes of the system. Testimonials
sent free. Price "G cents per bottle.
Sold by all druggists. ,
Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. 1
Weather Wise
In a certain town the local forecaster of the weather was so often wrong
that his predictions became a standing
joke, to his no small annoyance, for
he was very sensitive. At length.
In despair of living down his reputation, he asked headquarters to transfer
him to another station.
A brief correspondence ensued.
Why, asked headquarters, do you
wish to be transferred?
Because, the forecaster promptly
replied, the climate doesn't agree with
Look for the signature ot K. W. GROVE.
Cures a Cold  in  One Day.    Curea Grip
,11 Two Days.    t!5c.
When buying your Piano in:
sist on having an
Piano Action
We only handle property of sterling
merit, on tvnlcit wt; are prepared to
guarantee profits.
and "DEER LODGE" properties are
good Investments. We want u good
agent to represent us tn every town.
For termB apply,
Sterling  Bank Building.  Winnipeg
"Don't waste time writing If you
do not mean business."
Mr. Badgerton Is here, sir, said the
chief clerk.   Shall I show him in?
No, replied the great organize*, let
him wait ln the ante-room for about
three-quarters of an hour. He has a
big proposition, but I am anxious to
keep him from getting the idea that
I consider lt worth while.
Ttiey Wanted to Hear It
Now, children, said the teacher to
her kindergarten class. I want you all
to be very quiet, so quiet in fact, that
you could hear a pin drop.
Everything had quieted down- nicely
and the teacher was about to speak
when a little voice in the rear of the
school room squeaked forth: Go
ahead, pleaae, teacher, and let her
Clean Stomach, Clear Mind,—The
stomach Is tho workshop of the vital
functions and when It gets out of order
Ihe whole system clogs in sympathy.
The spirits flag, the mind droops and
work becomes Impossible. Tho first
care 'should be to restore healthful
action of the stomach and the best
preparation for that purpose is Parm-
elee's Vegetable Pills. General use
for years has won them a leading
place in medicine, A trial will attest
their value.
Minard'a Liniment Relieves Neuralgia
Cheei'ul Under Difficulties
If you make any noise, threatened
the holdup man, I'll stuff this handkerchief in your mouth!
Tlie victim regarded it with a ghastly  smile.
Oil, that's such an old gag, he protested.
Probably there is nothing that will
make a woman quite so happy as tie
possession of a thing her rival wants
and can't afford.
  vllle," in pkgs.
Ivrlin.—A man named Btani. under      "There's a Reason."
sevrence   of   death   for   Murder,   has       Ever reid the nbove letter?   A new
bnn successfully operated on for per-   one appears from time to time. They
Itonitia  while awaiting his execution   are genuine, true and full of human
lu the prison a' Barmen, Qerautny       I interest.
Wilsh Coal Mines Will be Merged
London.—Four great Welsh coal
mines in which David Alfred Thomas,
senior member ol the lirm of Thomas
and Davey, has a predominating interest, and whose annual output is
3,250,000 tons, will be merged shortly
nil0 ti single company, with a capital
of $10,0110,000.
The indications of worms are rest-
lessness, grinding of the teeth, picking of the noBe, extreme peevishness,
often convulsions. Under these
conditions the beBt remedy that can
be got is Miller's Worm Powders.
They will attack the wormB as sooti
as administered and will grind them
to atoms that pass away in the evacuations. The little aufferr.- -will h»
immediately eased and a return of the
attack will not be likely.
No Encouragement
Parson (to workman who keeps taking nips from his bottle)—Do you
know, my man, I never tasted spirits
In my life.
Workman—No, an' you ain't a-golng
to begin 'ere neither.
A Soft Answer
You seem to be an able-bodied man.
You ought to be strong enough to
I know, mum, And yon seem to be
beautiful enough to go on the stage,
but evidently you prefer the simple
Mas. Winslow's Soothing Svrup bis beet),
ased for over SIXTY YEARS by MILLIONS 0}
BOOTHS') the CHILD. SOFTENS tlier.Ualo,
U the best remedy (or DIARRHOiA. It ll absolutely harmless. Be sure and ask for "Mr*.
Winslow's Soothing Svrup," and take an oUMT
laind.  Tweaty-live cents a bottle,    '
If you fed 'OUT OF SORTS"!". UN DOWN'or'GOT THK BL.Uk!'
write for tof FRll book. THE MOST INSTRt'criVi
DISEASES and tht  FVI"»«iin niaea  *,*■**,.-.*. \.*r
& you can dec id*
Uit'itherMnedrforYOUROWNallmMl. Don't Mad acHt.
AbMlutai-rPRIK. No'tollawap-c'rcu'ari. Dr LeCLirO
Brltlsh art French Navies Unite
Ostend. Belgium.—Flotillas of British and French torpedo boats, destroyers and submarines are carrying out
a series of night manouvers ln cooperation, ln the English channel.
The commanders of the flotillas are
following common plans of action and
there ls a frequent exchange of wireless messages between the vessels.
A woman with a se ret sorrow never
rests until It is known.
Truth crushed to earth will rise
again, but nine times out of Jen the
automobile gets away first.
Maypole Soap
Gives rich, esse
colon, free hosj
•beaks and absolutelylast. Does M
ataiohaods ot lujttUa
24 colon, will five
lay shade. Colon
10c. black ISc at
vow dealer's «
post -paid witli
booklet "How to
Dye "hose
if, L BENEDICT a CO. Mwlrnl
"The Shirker
If you don't do your share of work
in the world the chances are that
some one else will have to do It tor
you. But you wor't draw his overtime or aecure his promotions, or
those that might have been yours had
you tried. There is a good deal of
justice In the world, regardless of
what the croakers and malcontents
may tell you, and the shirker, in
dodging his work, misses his pay,
which goes to a better man who will
probably prosper and be culled a thief
because be attended to business aud
was industrious and polite. His compensation lies in the knowledge of
work well done, as well as the material reward, and somewhat, perhaps,
in the fact that the opinion of his detractors may not be so important after
Whenever the weather man does
turn out an article guaranteed to suit
some storm or other comes along and
spoils it.
.with aTpongy feet colled* the tarUfbto
Ecrnu of disease-spreads them error
our food Bnd poisons tu with typhoid.
iwlth Ita bill Inject* Into
r Yebai  MAXAB1A.
WE AEE all exposed to such dangers-our only armor Is good red
blood! Let yeur stomach be of good digestion, your liver active
and your lungs full of good pure air and you don't surrender to any of the disease-
bearing germs. The best known tonic and alterative, that corrects a torpid liver,
and helps digestion so tbat good blood is manufactured ud the system nourished, ia
This famons medicine has been sold by medicine dealers in its liquid form for
over forty years, giving great eaiiafaction. If you prefer yon can bow obtain Dr.
Tierce's Golden Medical Discovery tablets of your drtiRcist at $L00, also in 50c size
or by mail—Btnd 50 one-cent stamps, R.V. Pierce, M. D., Buffalo. N.Y.. for trial box.
kOti/)ot,'rt7io nf T ifo awfully and properiyMwww^
l^UCSltOJlS Ol JUlie VJEnr by R.V. Herce.M. D.   All tbo IcnowledfW a youn*
rn-mor womm, wifeor diuiirhtcr tlioull hive, la contained fn vta.u biff Home Doctor Book
rcntnin.riir 1008 pagea with ei-.j.TavirtKi bound fn cloth, s«i-.t free to anyone r-
'.■■■. .';. Bbuiipa to prepay cust of vri--.j-.liw and pootaica. THE   ISLANDER,   CUMBERLAND,   B. C.
Jlrs.  C.  Hanson, wife rf tho pru»
Cletor of the fJomu.tiu.al ho... ..,>-
r, B.C., suffered from plies for
years. Went to doctor after doctor
]o vain. Finally went to Spokane
j»ud hail an operation. Twelve months
nfterwaiits she was as bad again. She
nays. "One day I read about Zam-Buk
pud though: 1 woui try It. Tbe
first one or two boxes gave me more
case than anything else I had tried,
(0 1 went on with the treatment. In
a abort time I begp to feel altogether
.different and better, and 1 saw that
/am-Buk wus going to cure me. Well,
1 went on using it, and by the time
I had used six boxes I wns delighted
to find myself entirely cured."
If you su">r from this painful ailment, or from eczema, ulcers or any
rkln disease, don't waste time. Try
^am-Buk. 50:. all druggists and
England Has Designs of Vessels C.
pable   of   Crossing   the
London,   England.—Naval   develop-1 Ga"n'ibier* In South Australia, went jii
j DUttuw  u.  a  leuidrKauie   nature  t*ie| strike recently,
i taking place under the cloak of greatI    .j-j,e management
Takes Juat Nine Seconds for Manager
to Surrender
Sydney.—Theatregoers    ot    Mount
Ease That-Sore Joint
-    Nerviline Will Do It
Wanted—Agents for Hall ani* win*
atortu Insurance.     Apply The Canada
Weather Insurance Company, lOomtav
Ion License). Winnipeg, Mau.
LAD1KS WANTED—To do work al
home; decorating cushion tops; can
make from $3 to $5 per day; pleasant
wor . Armour Art Co., Dept N, 43
Steele Blk., Winnipeg.
from the X Ranch Corral a wall eyed
Pinto Broncho with a Roman nose
and lightning heels. We have Issued
a humorous descriptive circular of
this remarkable bronco with illus-
■tratlons of his antics. Sent free on
application to any reader of this paper.
This Is the most famous circular ever
printed In' the English language.
More than half a million copies have
already been distributed to advertise
our famous Pinto Shell gloves made
-from tough Bronco hides. For a free
.copy send postal to\
(anada't Expert Clove ans Milt Makers.
. D,u_ a samu ****** m Ul aa *****i ** ***>
tak.tabn^.1^ PUiitot*:'-
Stiwart .!.-":„ Clipping Maohlne
Turt.iuiier.uilpi-fMter-inr' closeruditefaatuiril
lonmrtliwi unj tit her. ('mm-.retail fll* h»ni ftnd
cut rrnui solid fiteel liar, encloned, protect- PRICK
td ■art no In oil.   tun Hi feet ol new   ***
strl. Heilble sli.rt .nd eelsbr.ted Stew
art slnite un.ton .'lipping tae.il. Oal
•nafrom yaur Saslar, .very m.ehlne guaranteed.
• IS La Sails, Ave CHICAGO. ILL.
Writs for free new cits,-,, or most modem Has of
horse clipping and sheep .hssrlni mschlnes.    	
John, said a father to his son one
day, when he caught him shaving
.down off his upper-lip, don't throw
your shaving-water out where there
aire any bare-footed boys about, or
-they might get their feet pricked.
Nearly every bible today has a con-
,sordance.at the back. The first concordance was prepared by French
.jaop.kB in the year 1247.
-■Its on Bench and Proceeds to DIs-
pose of Ordinary Business
Paris.—At the usual hour of the
magisterial sitting at Neuilly, Paris,
.A man entered the court correctly
dressed, took his seat at the magistrate's desk, began writing on papers
ami when npplicjiuts came before him
(Intoned to thorn gravely.
gome of his i|U«stlons seemed a little incoherent, nud one of the applicants called the caretaker. It was
then found that the supposed magistrate was a wandering lunatic.
tu   PILLS--U
< R-V
Ms. a PM .r am Mim tar IJ.S«,
at all daalaiw, ar Tha Oadde Madl-
alaa Uairapany, Llmllad, Taranta,
W. N.  U. SU
secrecy. In lhe course of the next
twelve months some astonishing details will become known regarding the
| changes in warship types, but there
| will be none more noteworthy than the
development of the submarine.
An entirely new type ot uuderwa'er
craft, of considerable offensive power
and capable ot crossing the Atlantic at
a high rate of i.ieed, is being built
for the British navy.
These craft will carry guns, but ln
addition they will have a broadside
of torpedo tubes. Hitherto underwater craft have only mounted a
couple, or at the most three tubes.
The submarines of the E class were
provided with four, but the newest
vessels, It is tinderstuod, are* designed
to carry four twin 21-iucli times. That
Is to say, they will be able to lire
eight torpedoes.
The displacement of the new ships
Is at present a matter of secrecy; In
so.ne circles It ls put at 1500 tons,
in otv,-»rs much higher, but there is
general agreement ilia: the speed will
not be less than tweuty-tlvc knots on
the surface, which Is the speed of the
torpedo-boat destroyer of eight years
ngo. An armored belt and antiaircraft guns will be other features of
:he new type and they will, of course
be driven by internal combustion engines.
From this brief outline of the qualities of the new type it is at ouco
apparent that the functions of th?
torpedo-boat destroyer are bemg
usurped by the submarine.
It is not probable that the destroyer will at once drop out of our sh p-
building program. The new vessi's
aro at present experimental, and must
remain so for a couple of years or
ln the meantime there are plans
before the admiralty for a new kin I
of destroyer, plans for which may
lead to an unprecedented move in ;•
gard to the contracting for the building of warships, and may give us a
flotilla of above-water craft of a speed
of forty knots and carrying several
heavy quick-firing guns specially
mounted for use against air-craft.
Side by side with these new types
of submarines there will be built a
number of small uudcr-water vessels
for purely cokstal defense purposes
The first of these, at present called
the X, is being built by Scott's' Ship-
building and Engineering Company at
Greenock. This is ,a craf: of only
some 300 tons, with a surface speed
of thirteen knots, similar to that of
our earliest submarines.
More ships of each of these typeB
will be allowed for In the forthcoming
navy estimate.
A further batch of the new klmd ot
cruisers, which Mr. Churchill last
year described as light-armored, will
also be allowed for. Eight of them
are to be laid down during the year,
differing only in minor details from
the ships now  building.
Particulars of the design of the
new battleships—or, as they will :n
future come to be called, capital ships
—are naturally not available for publication. There is every indication
that they will be in most respects
similar to the Queen Elizabeths of
the current program, carrying eight
of the 15-Inch guns that throw a 1950
pound shell. They will have only
oil fuel for steam-raising purposes and
among their batteries will be a number of 3-Inch guns on vertlcle mountings for use against aircraft.
of a travelling
company demanded 2a. fur admission.
The visitors did not propose to pay-
more than ls. and after a hasty consultation outside the entrance formed
a theatregoer's union. Pickets were
stationed and within a few minutes
278 people—practically all who were
tuere—had agreed not to pay the 2s.
The manager appeared at the doorway and refused to make the required
I'll give you till I count twenty said
the newly elected president of the
newest union, and after that our
price will be 6d. Instead of ls. He
counted slowly to nine and then the
manager capitulated.
The strlkf was declared at an end
and the quondam strikers trooped Into j
the hall, and the union wa3 dissolved
after an existence of about twenty
Needles in China
The importation of needles at Chungking last year Increased by 31,963,000
to 334,700.000. In many parts of the
Province these are put to a use that is
not, perhaps, generally known. It is
customary to ornament the center of
tlie'roof ridge of a Chinene house with
an elaborate plaster decoration—usually in the form of a design embodying
the character fu, meaning happiness,
To prevent this being damaged by the
depredations of crows, large numbers
of needles are stuck point outwards Into the plaster while it is still soft.
A New Calendar
The calendar and the hours of the
day seem to many of us almost like
part of the natural and immutable order of things, and however much trouble the present indefensible system
has caused, men have felt that it was
rash—almost impious—to suggest a
change of tt. Give us hick our
eleven dayB, cried the mob A-hen the
Gregorian calendar was introduced into Great Britain. From the days of
Julius Ca.esar to our own, he has been
a bold reformer indeed who would
suggest changes In the disorderly procession of the nur.v'ns Now enters
Moses B. Cotsworth of Victoria, B.C.,
with a proposal for a rational calendar.
He would divide the year into thirteen
months, each of meaty-eight days,
which would Vfave one extra day in
the year, and thl» J»» beautifully plans
as a free day for every one—free from
interest charges on money, the necessity to work, the wage scale, ete
Then each month would commence on
Sunday and the first, eighth, fifteenth
and twenty-second days of each month
would be Sundays. President "Sad-
ley of Yale is quoted as saying thut
the month of four weeks will come
as a commercial necessity. The adjustment to the chance would be very
small compared to that necessitated
when standard time was Introduced ont
transcontinental railways'. Mr. Cits-f
worth has literature to distribute, poking fun at the nr"sent system. If
he wins, school children need no longer learn: Thirty days hath September.
The Champion   Clog   and    Pedestal
Dancer of Canada Telia How to
Keep fn Trim
Few men in his profession are better known than Mr. Thomas Hogan,
of 27 Fortification Lane, Montreal, who
writes:—"To limber up a stiff joint,
to remove every sense of soreness
from tired muscles I can tell you nothing compares with Nerviline. It
is really a wonderful liniment, and 1
use it continually simply because 1
find It keeps the muscles and joints
supple and entirely free from pain and
stiffness. I earnestly recommend
Nerviline to every person that requires
to use a strong, penetrating, pain-subduing liniment."
For Rheumatism Nerviline Is a wonder: for Sciatica it cures where others
fall; for Lumbago, stiffness and cold,
nothing surpasses It. Keep Nerviline
handy—it's good to take inwardly, destroys internnl palnB quickly, and ts
just as good for outward application.
Large family size bottle. 50c; small'
size, 25c; at all t firekeopera and
driieglsts or The Catarhozone Co.,
Buffalo, N.Y.
Woman .'.blaze Seta Child's Clothes
on Fire
Paris.—A dramaLic acene occurred
recently outside a house in the Faubourg St. Martin in Paris.
Mme. Haumond was tilling a lamp,
when it exploded and set fire to her
clothes. Her husband was out, and
her two children, a baby boy 2 years
old and a girl 5, were In the room
with her.
The woman rushed to the window,
screamed for help, and as the flames
from her clothing caught those of the
baby ln her arms, she threw him down
to a woman in the street who tried
to catch him in her apron. The apron
strings broke, the baby was badly
hurt and Mme. Haumond. who threw
herself out of the window after her
child, broke both her legs.
A fireman made his way Into the
house and rescued the elder child, the
girl, w*ho had becom aunoonsclous.
The baby's  condition  Is critical.
Sweet and palatable. Mother Graves'
Worm Exterminator is aeeep'able to
children, and it does its work surely
and promptly.
Man   only   from   himself  can   suffer
His Reason falls as his Desires grow
Hence, wanting Ballast, and too full
lo Sail.
He lies exposed to every rising Gale
Lawyers would probably starve to
death if tlie fpod killer wasn't so far
behind with his work.
Victims Can Cure Themselves With
Dr. Williams'Piak Pills.
The Growth of English
There are now 400,000 words in
the English dictionary, exclusive of
foreign languages. Back three centuries Shakespeare carried about in
his head five times as many words as
the dictionary then contained. Today
it hits a hundred words for every one
whloh a good writer will use. The
grew-test jiahts in Ihe number of words
recorded within the last fifty years
have, of course, come from a minute
raking over of all accessible English
documents and from special branches
of hitman labor, particularly the sciences, in which changing conditions
have made necessary hosts of new
Princess Confirmed
London.—Princess Mary, the only
daughter of King George and Queen
Mary, was confirmed by the Archills .-
op of Canterbury In the Chapel Royal
at Buckingham Palace recently. All
the members of the royal family and
many members of the household und
servants of the palace were presen
With' the coming of March people
who are afflicted with rheumatism be-
gin\o have unpleasant reminders of
their trouble. The weather ts
changeable—balmy and springlike one
day raw, cold and piercing the next,
lt is such sudden changes of weather
that sets the pangs and tortures of
rheumatism, lumbago and sciatica going. But it must be borne in mlml
that although weather conditions start
the pains, the trouble is deeply rooted
ln the blood, and can only be cured
through the blood. All the lotions
and liniments In tlie world can't cure
rheumatism. Rubbing may seem to
ease the pain while you are rubbing,
but there its value ends. Only
through the blood can you cure rnea-
matism. That's why Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills have s» many thousands of
cures of this trouble to tt-eir credit
The new rich blood which they actually make drives out th& poisonous acid
and rheumatism is vanquished. Among
many sufferers from rheumatism who
have been cured by this medicine is
Miss Mary B. Kelly, South Dummer.
Ont. Miss Kelly says: "Some time
ago I had a very bad attack of rheumatism. At times I would be confined to bed for a couple of days anil
would seem almost paralyzed with
the Intense pain in my back and legs.
At such times I could not walk and
my joints were stiff and swollen. I
consulted different doctors and took
their medicine, but did not get more
than temporary relief. At this time
a neighbor advised me to try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills and I got a supply.
After taking a few boxes I found they
were greatly helping me, and I continued their use until the trouble completely disappeared. I can strongly
recommend this medicine to others
who suffer as I did from the pangs
and tortures ot rheumatism."
If you suffer from rheumatism, or
any other disease of the blood, begin
to cure yourself today with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. Sold by all medicine dealers or by mall at 50 cents a
box or six boxes for 12.50 from The
Dr. Williams' Medicilie Co., Brock-
ville, Ont.	
A New Kind of Cow
A little boy seeing au elephant for
the first time, shouted:
O pop. look at lhe big cow with her
home ln her mouth eating hay with
her t*l'.
Won Fame on Its Merits.—The unbounded popularltr that Dr. Thomas'
Electric Oil enloys Is not attributable
to any elaborate advertising, for ll
aas not. been so advertised, but is entirely due to the merit* of this Oil j
ts a medicine. In every city, town
and hamlet In the country it Is sought I
ifter solely because of Its good qualities. |
Sure Proof
But aro you sure, persisted the
grouchy customer, that litis, 'ere stuff
will cure my rlieumatiz?
Oh, yes, replied the drug Clerk; all |
the doctors refuse to recommend it. \
I would like to talk to you about
your typewriters, said the suave young
salesman when he had been admitted
to the private ollice of the magnate.
Well, what have you got to say?
How do you like the ones you have?
Are 'tihey giving perfect satisfaction?
I don it know anything about them.
I have no time to consider such
But they play an Important part in
your business. I should think you
would want to be sure that you had
the best.
Talk to the general manager. I
have no time to discuss typewriters
with you. I never saw but one typewriter that Interested me.
What kind was that, if I may ask.
A slim brunette. 1 married her
and have paid no attention to any
other since.
To whom It may concern: This Is to
certify that I have used MINARDSl
LINIMENT myself as well as pre-1
scribed it in my practice where a lini-1
ment was required and. have never1
failed to get the desired effect.
C. A. KING, M.D.
A Sad Day
What do you consider the saddest
day of your life?
The day 1 consented to let my wife
do her own cooking.
The Truth
Knights of the grip will appreciate
this yarn, which is told or one of their
number. He bad been summoned as
a witness in a case at court, his-em-
plnyers having sued a delinquent customer, and the lawyer for the defense
was cross examining htm.
You travel for the liooque & Croo-
que company, do you? asked the attorney.
Yes,  sir.
How long'have you been doing it?
About ten years.
Been travelling all that time, have
Well, no, sir, replied the witness,
making a hasty mental calculation,
not actually traveling. 1 have put
In about four years of that time waiting at railway stations, junctions aud
watering tanks for trains.
are actually weak, rundown—they are slowly
deteriorating—they need
strength and nourishment
for body and brain.
Scott'* Emulsion corrects
nervousness—it is essentially a
food—a concentrated, nourishing, curative food to restore the
healthy action of body cells,
fortify the blood, sharpen the
appetite, make strength,
health, energy and vigor.
As pure as milk, it is readily
assimilated—nourishes every
organ and every tissue. Physicians everywhere recommend Scott'* Emulsion with
absolute confidence in its
beneficial results. Don't wait
—start now, but insist on
No alcohol or drug*.
Scott Si bownr. Toruiiu,, Ontario   12-63
Marguret. dear, tell me what was
your principal reason for accepting
Weii, Percy, you see, some girls
have money and could marry brains,
while others have brains and could
marry money.     I had neither.
Women are naturally charitable.
They would much rather share a secret with others than keep i.:.
Man wants a little here below every j
few minutes. ,
my de£fJ£
English Cricket, However, ts Reject**!
at Berlin
Berlin.—Golf  will  appear   for  tha
first time in the Olympic Games pro
: gram at Berlin in 1!*16. The sched*
i uie of events just drawn up by tab*
i German managerial committee state*
j that the committee hr.j decided to io-
j elude golf, after rejecting cricket.
I The committee ha. also determined
: as a special compliment to the great
j German gymnastic organizations, U
■ give gymnastic experts a special place
I in the program for an exhibition of
j this German specialty. The team*
i will also mept in competition gym***
i nasts from other countries.
DYE, ont cm buy—Why you don't tvtn bar* lo
know whit KIND of Cloth your Good* it* nuda
of.—So MltUkea ara Impoatlble.
Send for Fraa Color Card, Story Booklet, and
Booklet -riving raaults of Dyeing over oilier colors.
Montreal, Canada.
Pretty, but Useless
Mrs. Hugh Fraser tells a story of
a holiday spent in an out of the way
part of Italy.
She had occasion to reward a countryman for some service witli a gold
coin. Apparently he had never seen
such a thing before, for he looked' at
it dubiously for a moment and then
said: It is very pretty, hut I ihink I
would rather have money, please.
When tbe same sum was countod
out to him in silver he took it with
loud protestations of gratitude and
went away feeling, apparent-ly, like a
The actions of the man behind the
hi? bass drum spsak louder than hia
Better stick to your own small line,
my son. """• other fellow's business
isn't all profit. ■   l*l|tfl
Do not be misled—
and LOOK for the trade-mark.
You will thus be sure of gloves
famous for Style, Fit and Finish.
Gloves that are not stamped with either the trade-mark or the name
"Perrin's Make" are not the genuine.
vein- flfun-^iat will refund money If PA20
OINTMI'N'T fails to curii any ens* of ttch-
ingi Bllt.d, Bleeding or lvotrud:ns Pllea
iu 6 to l'l days.    60c.
Poor John
John, you u-ever listen to h-ilt the
tliinss I say to you. sibu eomplai-ied.
'Well, ilear. ee replied, I have to
work [-art of fav time,.
Mlnard's Llnlmnnt Cur-ts Hums, Etc.
Little Drops of Water
! see you liBve disposed of that
ho'-'se you bollght from the city.
j Ves, replied the regretful milkman.
I^nrpe evowils assembler) nutalde thejhe hurt my business. fie hud been
palace to witness the arrival of th.' used for pulling a sprnklinu cart and
Queen Mother Alexandra ; stopped at every hydrant..
What kind of a
silo will yours
*# Concrete ?
IF you were to build two silos—one of wood, the other of concrete—side by side, and
then could see them as they will look after five years of service, you wouldn't have
to think twice to decide which is the best material. In a few years more there
wouldn't be much of the original wooden silo left -the repairing you'd have to do would be
as troublesome and cost as much as the building of un entirely new one. But the passage of
five, ten, fifteen or even twenty years will make no difference to the hard-as-rock wall of the
concrete siio.
WIND,   rain, fire ami lijjlitntnR are alike delicti by concrete,    l Ynu  need no insurance against its
destru'-tia-n, because it cannot be destrnved.    Concrete silo* are be*t for another reason.    The
concrete keeps the ensilage at an even temperature, io that It "cures" better, and therefore contains
more food-value for your siuck.
NO matter whether you have ever used concrete or not, you can buMd a concrete tflo. Our book,
"What the Farmer Can Do With Concrete." rj'vei «*| the Information you will need, not only
about silos, but about scores of other uses for concrete on the farm. It Isn't a catalogue, nor an
advertising circular. A handsome hook of 160 pages, well Illustrated, and written for farmers, tt It
free. Just send your name and address on a postcard or In a letter and the book will be sent free
by return mail.
Address Publicity Manager
Canada  Cement   Company   Limited
507-   Herald Building, Montreal
\s\pIEX you buy Cement be sure
thai the "Canada" label is on
every ban and barrel. Canada'M
/.irmers have found it to be the
— i --:.     : -: THF     lSLASUF.lt    Cl'MllKRlAXIl  IM .
Published   every   Saturday   ;<t   Gu,iJiberlaitd,   IM'..  liy
lslauder Priut-uig & TubHshiii*: Company
Edwai-dW. Bickle,'Editor.
Advertising I'fltcx furm-lip-l nn itpplicalioii.
Snlin-1'ipli'.'U jiriw $1.50 |x>r jruur, pnyubla in iirtvaitca
The alitor rtoea not  bold   himself iwpoiw.Ue for  w<'w> expressfil l»y
^"^■^n^i.!-**". |. n. L|J-*--*'j-***i-*-*»>*-iis-issj»**r^ I". — ■i"**" I IS ■■ »*
• ir mini —[ ii ■     i -iiTii—       n— — n -   a
Closimik will prove I" In-mil' of the vory bust rel'ini'is I'm
tin; conduct  nl' publio busiuess if the  government does  uot j
hesitate to u**e it -".lieu necessary,    Evorf/onu knows th'ot tlie
that two cr three months "I every session is practically/ misled j
by being devoted to obstructing ti certain ine'tsttre, nr in tlintsh- j
ins out the old straw of t-lt-t-ti<>n campaign issues,   The result i
of this is that sn much less time  is  11• r't   tn other important
measures or to the discussion of items thai  come tyi in  the
estimates.   The warm  weather comes alojig ;  llnj members
become homesick or anxious to gel home Id attend tn private
busiuess,stud important public measures are railroaded through I
the House with little or no intelligent discussion,     Closure, if
applied judiciously, will gjve ever// item of the legislative pro-
gtirtmme its proper share of public discussion.    There will nl^t>|
be more time devoted to scanning the items in the estimates
involving the expenditure of millions of the people's mono//.
No one need be afraid of closure except the members who, re-
gardless of the expressed wish of the people, desire to block
popular government.   No government can afford to uso it
arbitrarily, and no government will use il thus without paying
the penalty.     But the cry that free speech is being Ihrotlled,
Will probably be always made.   The fact is that free speech as
understood in parliament is the licence to ttdkso that action is
rstarded or rendered impossible.   On such contentious met-
Bures as the Navy Bill, no member expects thai he is going Lo
convert another.    He does not hope'to chniir/c the result  of
the division; lie hopes to prevent the division and  thus block
the progress of legislation and the execution of tbe will of the
people us expressed at the /mils.
Ladies' Pongee
Silk Coats
At $17.50
Ladies'Panama Coats    $15.00
Lodies' Linen Coats    7.75
Children's Pongee Silk Dress... .from $2.75
Children's Pongee Silk Coats from  15.25
I.tulies' Fancy Collars, Collarettes and Jabots
in the latest styles.
Dress Goods of all Description!
Macfarlane Bros.
"The Comer Store," Cumberland, 15. C.
♦»»«>»<>»> a,»a<  »»»> ■»-»» **-*> «.**•<*> a> e**es ******
The actions of the Liberals to-day  compared with their
words o( the past make a slrtun/e contrast :
" I give my pledge that  the rules of tbe House will be
—Hon. Sydney Usher, in 1911.
" Obstruction is a rice nnd must bo  ex tin puled from  our
political life."
--Hon. Roclolphe Lemieux, in 1911.
"I am prepared tc vote closure nnd lo put closure through
110 mat ter bow lour/ that may take.''
Sir Allen Aylesworth, in 1911.
"Tbe party which will favor a revision of the rules will be
endorsed by the people."
—Hon. Win. Paterson, in 1908.
;'Ltd the Government start in "1 once to changu lhe rules
of tbe House, if it lakes months lo do it, in order lo udcipl the
-F. B. Can-ell, in 1908.
Malay contributes n Dreiidnaiiglil In lhe defence of Iho
Empire,   Laurier, Pugsley and Cuiii/miiy contribute a debate 1
1 Tin; naval bill will pass as 11 hearse does through the gales
"&\ °fn cemetery, declared Dr. Michael Clarl*, lhe Libei'd ineinbei
/%/ for Red Deer,   Yes, but lhe hearse will contain the emaciated
*| rei/i'dns of tbe Liberal pm ly,
, When the closure resolution was introduced into the
House of ('ominous the ' Ipposition protested that the new rules
were much mine drastic than the rules in force in Ungl-tnd,
Premier Borden nl once offered to substitute thu 1 -111u. 1 i^ 11 rules.
Then the Liberal protest flattened out, The// would li-A accept
the English rules.
Thk time for plain speaking by lhe Conservatives has
rome. Hon. Mr. Crolhers, Minister of Labo'ur, I "Id tin'Liberals
in the House the other dny that the Naval Bill would be passed
and lhat the wmondment to the rules of tho House would also
pass and that the sooner they (the Literals) made up their
miuda to that effect the better. As the Liberals once upon o
time were wont to declare ; The majority must rule,
Unless il concerns you.
Comox Co-operative Society
Purveyors of Meat, Fish and Farm Produce,
ox BEEP BEST QUALITY ONLY dairy fed pork
Home Cured Baron (tmsmoked)    20c. per lb.
Best Smoked Bacon.. _.      25c.      "
Genuine Wiltshire Bacon    2Sc.
Very Best Desert, A)i|)les Obtainable     $1,65 per box
Hams, best (Fresh every week)    23c. per lb.
Home Made Mincemeat..     25c.
Fresh Cabbage    . . 5c.      "
Best Onion    per 0 I lis.   25c.
Potatoes Al Quality    $1.00 per sack
Carrots       1.50
English White Turnips       1.50
Halibut and Salmon, best fresh, lowest market prices.
Local Fresh Eggs, i!5c. per doz., 3 doz, for $1.00.
Orders by phone promptly attended to.       Phone 25.
The Store of
The Store of
The Big Store
The very latest
in Men's
We have jusl |nii in stock
lliis week our lirsl spring
shipment of the most up-
to-date CLOTHING in
SERGES   in   BLUE and
BLACK.     These  are all
exceptionally well tailored,
"s antl   in   nothing   hul  the
* Newest    iii    Spring   and
Summer Styles.
Our motto is Quality and
Finish   First   then  Price,
Prices range
$16 to $28
We invite inspection
ill Leiser k k I
Successor t: A. McKinnell.
Ice Cream,
Cigars and
McKinnell's Old Stand,
Dunsmuir Ave, CUMBERLAND
CEALED TENDERS will be re-
45 ceived hy the Minister of
Bands nut Inter than noon on the
26th day of May, 1013. for the
purchase of Licence X33, to cut
2,560,000 feet ol'timber on a parcel of land at the south end of
Haslam bake, adjoining Lot 918,
Group 1, New Westminister
District. Two years will be
allowed for the removal of this
Particulars of the Chief Forester. Victoria, B.C.
*^ ceived by the undersigned
up to noon of Saturday, May 10th,
1913, for the erection and completion of the scats in the new
Four-Roomed School House at
Cumberland, in the Comox Electoral District.
For further particulars apply
Board of School Trustees.
UK.tl.A'/- TKAW.ffN, suporsoribod
" " Tender for Sundvviuls School,"
will bri received liy'Uie Hon, tlioMin-
latm'of Publio Works up tu noon of
ll'olw-silay, tlio ^Isl d.iy..it' .May, 1918,
foi- ttm erection and conipletiou of a
large due room school'liouSe at Sandwich, in tin- t'liinoN Electoral District
Plan*, ttpoeiHciitiona, contruot, and
filling nt lender niiiv Im seen un and
uftor tins I'.'lrd t.f April, [01.1, iiVlliu
uflioe uf Mr .1. Baird, Government
Agent, Ciiniburlnnd, B.C., Mc.R. b.
Cli'ft, .Scrii-lary of tlio tfuhoul Uoill'd,
Nuiulwick P.O., Nandwick, 11. ('.; and
iIn. Department uf Publi, Works,
Victoria, B.C,
liit'-iidim; tenderers can, hy apply.
ino; lu tlio iiiitlcr.iignud, obtain a copy
nf tlio plans.'ind HpoojflcalioiiH for tlio
sum uf leu tliitliirs ($10), wliicli will Iiu
refunded mi their return in good order.
Kadi prup08tl| ninal bo accompanied
by an accepted bunk clieipiu or certifl-
Onto of deposit on a eliui'tercd liauk uf
Canada, niiiko payable to tlio lion, die
Minister ul Public Win Its, fur a sum
etpial iu 1C por cent, of tender, which
slinll lit' forfeited if tin; party tendering
tlecline iu filler into  contract   wlion
called II|   lu do nu, ur if Im fail In
complete tlio work contracted fur. Tbe
I'linjiit's ur i-iirtilimited uf deposits uf
unsuccessful tenderers will Ira returned
lu ilii'iu upuu Pie oMTUtiuii of the cyn-
Tenders will nut lie considered unless made out oil forms supplied, signed
witli tin* actual signature tif tbe tenderer, ninl encluscd iu tlio cuvcTipes
The lowest ur any tender not nece.s-
sarily ill-copied.
Public   Works Engineer,
Department nf Public  Wttrks,
Victoria, 11. C, April *\sf, 1018.
j>ooaooooooo ooo-ooooou-oooooij
Barrister,   Solicitor   and
Notary Public.
^VkflK For absolute protec-
^H tion writo a Policy in
Liverpool, England,
TOTAL ASSETS, S26.78b.93
Local Agent
Spring Cleaning
We Ita re Smoky City lo clean the trails,
Wallpapers "Renew" Linoleums for lhe.
Floors, Polish fur   lhe Furniture,   Blinds
and Curtains for the Windows,
A fill line of Furniture, Beds, Mattress,
and Panties always on hand.
M The Furniture Store"
McPlico Block A.   MuKINNON      Ctimborlan    B.C
If it's right why change ic'. A
multiplicity til' models is evidence
that the maker is still experimenting, There is hut one Ford model,
Anil lor live years our rapidly
glowing factories haven't been aide
tu make all we ctmld sell—because
it is right.
There arc more than 220,000 Fords ph
the world's highways—the bestpossi
hie testimony to their unexcelled worth
Trices — runabout $675- -touring car
$750—delivery car $775-town car
$100 0—with all equipment, f.o.b.
Walkerville, Ont. Get particulars from
E. C. Emde, Cumberland, B.C., Exclusive Agent for Comox District. 1
inr. ISLAMIKIt, I uilBrni.ANti     r.X
Is linl the besl car in the world but is positively
the BEST VALUE Iiu- the money. All competitors admit it hy saying it is too much for the
money. We have not lound many people who
object to full value for their money in automobiles
and you gel it iu the Studebaker.
25 H.P., fully eqipped,
Willi Presto Self-Siarter, 41 1 7C AA
delivered to you for       «p I 1 f D.W
35 H.P., E,t5ycS^^Kful $1650.00
At  the Cumberland Hotel for a lew
more days.  Inquire lor Mr. King or Mr.
line for demonstration, or
Capital Paid Up $11,560,000 Reserve Fund 813,000,000
OF eftNADfl
Drafts Issued In any currency, payable all over the world
highest current rates allowed on deposits of SI and upwards
CUMBERLAND, B.C., Branch-   -   -     OPEN DAK '
D. M. Morrison,  Manager
R. H. Hardwicke, Manager.
The Depot
Barber Shop
Hair Cut or Trianr.ed
Beard Trimmed
Plain Shampoo
Lemon and Egg Shampoo
AU Tonics
The finest Cigars and the best of
Tobaccos always on hand.
T. E. Johnson
Prop. \
Synopsis ot Coal Mining Regulations
COAL mining rights of  thu  Dominion
in Manitoba, Snnskatcliewan nnd AllmrU,
thu Yukon Territory. thoNorthtvcat Terri
fcoriea and in a portion of the Province of
British Columbia, may be leased fur a term
of t.wenty-une years at an annual rental uf
81 an aero. Nut more than ii.OUO acres
ill be leased tu ono applicant.
Application for a lease mnstbemado by
the applicant in person to the Agent orsub
Agent of tho district in which the rights
upplicrl for are situatod.
In surveyed territory the land must bo
described by sections,or lcqal subdivioions
of sections, and in unsurveyed territory
tho tract applied fur shall bo Btuk.nl uut by
thnnpplic'LUt himself.
13 ten application must bo accompanied
by a fee of ,§5 which will be refunded if the
rights applied for aro not available, but not
otherwise. A royalty shall bo paid on the
merchantable output of the mino 'it the
rate of five cents per ton,
Tlio person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns, accounting for tho full quantity of merchantable coal mined and pay the royalty
thereon. If the coal miniag rights aro
notboing operated, such returns shall bo
furnished at least, once a year.
Tho lease will include tho coal minim;
rights only, but the lessee may he permitted to purchase whatever available mt
face rights may be considered necessary
for the workinzof the mine at the rate of
$l0 00anacre.
For full information application should
be made to tho Secretary of tho Department of the Interior, Otto wra, or to  any
A «ent cr Sub-A cent nfDominion Lands
- Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B- Unauthorized publication of this
advertisement will not be paid for.
Pakksvillu School
OEALED TENDERS, superscribed
k- "Tender for Park*villa School,"
will be received hy tho Honourable tho
Miuister of Public Works up to noun
of Friday, the 10th day of May,
1913, for tho election und completion
of a onc-i'oi.in school-houSe ar Parks-
tillo, in tho 4Thflrni Electoral District,
Flans, specifications, contract, and
forms of lender may lie scon nti and
after tho 2Ufcday <>f JtptW* 1013, at
tho ofllcn of Mr. (J. W. Pouaford, .Sir-
otaiy of School Board, ParlwviUo.B.C.
Goorgo Thomson, Uovertfmont Agent,
Nnnaimu; Mr..'. tvirlcup, Government
Agent, Jllorni, 11. ('.; and nt tlio De-
puiltitoiii of Work*,Parliament Build-
ing*, Victoria, Ll. C,
rn tend ing tenderers by applying to
be undersigned can obtain ii copy of
Ilic plana and specifications for the sum
of ton dollars ($10), wwicli will Im
refunded un their return in good order.
Bach proposal must bo accompanied
by an accepted baul, cheque or cortitt-
oato of deposit on a cbartorod bank of
Canada, made payable to tho //onour-
able tho Minister of Publio Works, for
a sum equal to 10 per conU of tho
louder, which shall Lo forfeited if the
party tendering decliuo to outer into
contract when called upon to do .so, or
if bo fail to complete tho work contracted for. The cheques or certificates
of deposits of unsuccessful tenderers
will be returned to them upon the
execution of the contract.
Tenders will not, be considered un
less made out on Lhe forms supplied,
signed with tbe actual signature of
the tenderer, and enclosed iu the
envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not
necessarily accepted,
Public Works JSnyineer.
Department of Public Works.
Victoria. /;..<?., April \m, 1013.
Mis. Simms will rIvu lessons en ihe
piano nt In-i-h use in Jerusalem, formerly
owned by Mr j imes Stewart, ut any
time by Appointment, except  Tuesdnys
Cumberland, B.C., March 8,1913
This is to certify that J. Newbury holds my power of attorney
to receive and sign all documents
and cheques.   Henry Halliday
J, Newbury, Attorney.
*•»■*«>#»»»»»> *****  *******  **~ei-*>-*s>*t***t.*
Auctioneers.      Fire ana Life Insurance.
Farms, Hush Lands, Desirable Lots and
Bungalows in Courtenay, B.C., V.I.
Auction Sales of Real Property, Farm Stock. Furniture,
etc., conducted on the shortest notice at
reasonable terms.
Phone 10 Courtmiay, B.C.
Wc have all kinds of Silks imported direct ■
from Japan ; Cream, Blue,' White, Pink and
Grey. Price 65c. to $1.25 per yard.
Pongee Silk, 55c. to $1.50 per yard.
DunFimulr avenue
Cumberland, 8, (2.
Would you like to have
a few acres close to
NO. 8
Acreage cleared or uninproved.
Write us or Phone22Courtenay.
Fire and Life
r^rrri-rr-i ..■ iv ->•»■;»a-»»»wwn*g THE   ISLANDER.   CUMBERLAND.   B. C.
Booklet "Distemper:
All druggists, hamPsi
ier-*. Cure and Prevention," FREE,
alera.   Distributors -.M.L wholk.
SPOHN  MEDICAL CO., Goshen, Indiana, U.S.A.
He Knew
Tommy, said his mother, what would
you like to give your cousin Willie
for his birthday.
1 know what I'd like to give him.
answered Tommy, who had been bullied by the other boy, but 1 ain't big
The Housekeeper
dy ?s Wares
Eddy's Irdur-ited Tubs allow the water to retain heat longer
■ nd never rust. Bcir»g - ade in one se.imless piece cannot splinter
and so thfl danger of snagged fingers and torn clothes Is eliminated.
Used   In   scr-junction  with
Eddy's Washboards
Washday   looses   Half  Its Terrors
[Minard's Liniment for sale everywhere.
You aro very low, observed the weather man.
Yes, rop!i<vl the official thermomo-
■ ter, regretfully, I fear 1 have talieD
{ a drop too much.
I "r',~" Hard Wort*
So you haVw a Oily job, have you*
j    Don't have to do any work, I sup-
I pose?
i I don't, oh? I have to set my pa)
I warrant every month ami sign it and
J get It cashed.
"The Only Cure
for Piles"
Why he was Glad
The man wiHi thp long beard stood i
p(".i.-:ivi ly at lhe curbing gazing at j
the passing traffic in tha street.
[ bail with delight tbe advent or tlio;
Automobile, he muttered   aloud,   lor;
no  longer  nerd  I  fear  crossing  the)
street lest some hungry    horse    mil
lakes me for a walking bale of hay.
Mlnafd's  Liniment Cures Dandruff.
An  Example
Wealth do-Bant always bring happiness, remark* the youngster with
the large spectacles.
Nuw, asserted the other kid. Look
at me cousin yonder. He's got two
cents, and be can't decide between
lollipops  and  chewing  gum.
The pie trust would retire from th
field vanquished and binding up tho |
wounds   to   its  pocket book   were  the
women  to  fight  it with  the  kind of
pies thai, mother used to make.
Indeed Who Would?
Listen to this, wifey, said -Mr. Hubby, looking up from his newspaper.
Kor every missionary sent abroad last
year, America sent 1,469 gallons of
Merciful       goodness!       exclaimed
wifey, who'd ever think missionarie
were such drinkers?
Young man (whisperingto jeweller)
—That engagement ring I bought of
you yesterday—
Jeweller -What's the matter with !t
Didn't it fit
Young man (cautiously)—Sh! It did
no'- have a chance. Gimme studs
for it.
Of Course
Oh, papa, exclaimed the young ghl,
thnt pretty plant I had setting on Ue
piano is dead.
Well, I don't wonder, wad all uie
lather said.
The man   who   lives   beyond   bis
means   pays for it, if not in cash.
A girl who knows she Is pretty likes
to have her suspicions corroborated
are best for nursing
mothers because they do
not affect the rest of the
system, Mildbutsure. 25c.
a box at your druggist's,
pON'T waste your time figuring
out why a Ulack hen lays a
white egg. Get busy and jump
OVJ"It-lIA"CLS and get tlie egg.
MRS.       E.    J.     TALBOT      TELLS
She Had Rheumatism, Lumbago, and
Neuralgia and Found the Remedy
She Was Looking for in Dodd's Kidney Pills.
Hamilton, Ont. (Special) .—"I know
tliere are a lot of people who suffer
and do not know what will cure tbem.
Dodd's Kidney Pills wlll."
These are the words of Mrs. K. J.
Talbot who resides at 293 Wellington
street north this city. And Mrs.
Talbot speaks out of her own experience.
"Last .July I was very sick," Mrs.
Talbot continues. ".My heart bothered me, my limbs • **re heavy, and I
had a dragging sensation across the
loins. Rheumatism, lumbago and
neuralgia added, to my sufferings, and
the doctor I called in did not help me
"! finally decided to try Dodd's
Kidney Pills. I have used seven
boxes and I am so much stronger and
better that I feel 1 must recommend
them to others."
Mrs. Talbot's complication of troubles all came from sick kidneys.
That's why Dodd's Kidney Pills cured
them. For Dodd's Kidney Pills are
no cure-all. They simply cure kidney disease of any kind. They never
fail to do that.
Writes Mr. Taylor in Telling; His
Experience With Dr. Chase's
Leather Label
High  Grado American Over-Hauls,
Tear this out and mall II to urn with
your name and address and we wl'l tend
you ono of our celebrated CORN COB
Name «	
Town - I'rov	
Vour dealer's name	
Town Vtfiv ■ -
Of Course
Oh. Helen! Suppose I should faint,
some time, aud I should come to in
some young man's arms! What would
I do?
Why, Margaret, keep your eyes
closed of course.
The  good  health of baby  depends
entirely upon whether his stomach and
bowels are kept right or not.      Keep
the bowels working regularly and the
j little stomach sweet and baby will be
| well and happy.     To   do   this   use
\ Baby's Own Tablets—they are a gentle
j laxative and have no    equal.      Mrs.
Oh as. I^apierre,   Les   Boules,   Que.,
says: "I have found Baby's Own Tablets very good for my baby and they
kept him in good health."     The Tablets are sold  by medicine dealers or
by mail at  25 cents a box from The
Dr. Williams' Medicine   Co..   Brock-
ville, Ont.
It krepsypur "White Clothes" looking
Just like New.
It does not Spot or Streak the clothes
as there is no S'.*Ullnn\
It Is Uie "Handiest Kind" tn use.
It is Guaranteed to elvo Perfect Satisfaction or money Cheerfully Refunded.
and Prove it
lor Yourself.
Aio rputpackage- l.-istSAbo-iL
6 months, a's it
blues is Good
Si*e Washing*.
••J-R Bint Is much better
than any othei " Mlia
Thomson, Belmont, Man.
"J-R Bliif-is-uiBxceUent
Blue. Superior to other
Bines." Mrs. Frank J.
Moore, Coiui, OnL
"J-R Blue is the best
Blue I evrr used." Mrs. W.
Switzcr, Brandon, Man.
Mr. M. Taylor.
Because Dr. Chase's Ointment
brings almost immediate relief from
the dreadful itching, burning, stinging sensations of piles, it is well worth
the attention of everyone suffering
from this annoying disease.
In most cases, even after years of
standing, Dr. Chase's Ointment makes
a thorough and lasting cure of itching, bleeding and protruding piles.
Mr. Maxwell Taylor, Charlottetown,
P.E.t., writes : "To alt sufferers from
piles in any form I would recommend
Dr. Chase's Ointment as the only cure.
Over a year ago while in Boston I
became afflicted with a dreadful itching. I went to a doctor, who gave
me some ointment, which made me
no better. A friend advised the use
of Dr. Chase's Ointment, and by the
use of two boxes I was entirely cured. You may publish this statement
tn order that other sufferers may
profit by my experience."
Dr. Chase's Ointment -fan better
prove its value by the relief it affords
than by all the words we could use
Ji its praise. 60 cents a box, all
lealers, or Kd manson, Bates & Co.,
Limited,  Toronto.
Dead Give Away
Diana—I've had a lovely walk, pa.
Father—Did you go by yourself'.'
Diana—Of course.
Father—Then how is It that you
went out with an umbrella aud came
back with a walking stick?
One Parting Word
judge—Ten years' penal servitude.
Any request to make?
Convict-—Yes, my lord. Will y»r
sei.d round qncl tell my inlssis I shan't
b? home to supper?
The landlord never raises any objections when the tenant raises the
Many a man's success is due to his
ability to use other men's brains.
Thf sun may shin*1 tomorrow, but
that wont serve aa an  umbrella to-';
d''>'-         !
Could Hardly Live for Asthma, j
Wriies one mnn who after years ot
suffering has found relief through Dr.
.1, I). Kellogig's Asthma Remedy, ■
.Vow he knows how needless lias been)
Ills suffering. This matchless remedy givefi sure help to all afflicted
with asthma. Inhaled as smoke ;ir
vapor i* brings the help so long needed. Every dealer has i* or can get
it for you from his wholesaler.
You're a Brick
In the golden days of Greece an ambassador once came from Eplr-ua to
Sparta, and was shown by the king
over his capital, H-e was surprised
to find no walls around tho city,
Sire, lie exclaimed, I have visited
nearly all the towns in Greece, but. I
find no walls for their defense. Why
Ls tli is?
Indeed, the king replied, you can*
J not have looked carefully. Conn1 with
! me tomorrow and 1 will show you the
I wails of Sparta.
j On the following morning the k'ng
I led his finest out upon the plains,
, where his army was drawn up in battle array, and pointing proudly to the
! valiant soldiers, lie said: "There you
j behold Hie walls of Spuria — every
| man a brick.
I    Tho  majority  of  umbrella  thieves
j arc borrowers in disguise.
W.   N.   U.  943
I    Eeery man knows what he will do In
i an emergency—until the time comes.
A Jolly
Good Day
A Good Breakfast
Try a dish of
tomorrow morning.
These sweet, thin bits made from
Indian Corn are cooked, toasted and
sealed In light packages without
the touch of human band.
They reach you fresh and crisp
—ready to eat from the package by
adding cream or milk and a sprinkling of sugar, if desired.
Toasties are a jolly good dish—
Made hy  Pure Food Factories of
Canadian Postum Cereal Company,
Ltd., Windsor, Ont.
| Turkish   Woman   His   Ideal   of   What
the   Fair   Sex   Should
be Like
Berlin. Germany.—Further interesting memoirs ot Aodul tianuu, uu pns-
0U«r ex-suitun of Turkey, ure published, in I'he March number oi Nurd mid
Sud. By the courtesy of Protestor
Ludwig Stein, the editor, 1 utu able
to give the following extracts:
Ine memoirs deal principally with
religious and moral question. Abdul
Hamld wtis in the habit every day during his long reign of die Luting for
some thirty minutes Ins private
thoughts to Ali Baiibi Iky, and the
present publication is taken from this
work. The memoirs have been translated from the original into German
by Herr Heinz Bothmer, the Turkisa
consul in Berlin. Speaking of the
status of wjmeu. the ex-Sultan says:
Every man who has sense will deplore with me that women are given
too much freedom, that Ihey rule the
salons, and are seen to walk about tttd
streets, while men are slowly drifting
to be lit Mr servants. I understand
this is the case iu America. Why do
Europeans criticise our women? Are
Turkish women not prettier and more
moral  than others.
lu our coun.ry lhe woman belongs
to the ti usehold, and belongs to one
man alone. In Europe she has much
too much freedom to remain a woman
at all. If only half i hnve read ln
books and newspapers about womanhood in the west is true—well 1 pity
the western men!
Tho former sultan appears to have
been favorable to some reforms being
introduced •* Turkey, but these reforms, he sa.vs, must not be rushed on
us. Wo want to go ahead, but haste
is devilish, while leisure and afterthought are divine. He does not approve of young Turks going abroad
for any length of time, he fours nothing as much as tbe poison of European civilization. Beware of ideas
thut come from the west! 'They,are
most dangerous for our country.
When 1 see how happy our Moslems
are, I feel 1 must oppose with all my
power the coming of the European
new spirit. This spirit poisons our
souls and our character. Islam is
not unfavorable to progress, but any
progress must come from within, not
from without.
Dealing with the present conditions
of Islam, Abdul Humid states: Th?
korau preaches virtue more effectively
than any other religious work. Therefore Islam will in time be victorious in the whole world. On." troubl?
comes from the fact Lhat our empire
does not constitute a religious unity.
We have too many Oir'.Btiiwt In our
laud. Only evil ca:i be expected
from the fact that more than one religion reigns in one count y. Loos
what happens in Germany?
The salvation of Turkey can only
be in deep religious belief. There
ilea our future. England, France,
Itu-ssia are in my hands. One word
from my lips will suffice to open a
holy war (Tschibad). Then Christian nations will see their doom. That
time has not come yet, hut it is bound
to come when millions of brave Mos-
elms will shake off the yoke of the
Giaour—8r-.000.000 living in British colonies, 30,000,000 in Dutch colonies,
etc. Two hundred and fifty millions
pray every day for Allah and the Khalifa. Can one really think that the
Moslem is a weak instrument in the
concert of nations?
This rather bellicose statement is
Immediately followed by some
thoughts about tolerance in Turkey,
which, according to Ihe ex-Sultan's
opinion, is far greater there than anywhere else. He bitterly criticises
the young effendis, wbo censure everything thnt is done in Turkey. These
unfair pessimists are our worst enemies he says. Thanks to my secret
police, I know exactly where they are
to be found. Than.< Allah our good
people keep far from these eternal
sowers of discontent. a real Moslem is always an optimist. The ex-
sullan exnresses his opinion on slavery as follows:
I have just received n petition from
the anti-slavery congress asking me to
suppress slavery in Turkey. I am
surprised to see how little Europe
knows about our customs and habits.
How can the patriarchal relationship
existing here between masters and
servants be called slavery?
■The Koran compels us to front our
servants well, and our laws adequately
protect the latter against any abuse
of power at the hands of their ma.s-
ters. There is no slavery in my empire. A deharjeh (maid servant) in
Turkey 1« happier than a maid In Europe. Why curse the slave merchants? They only secure servants
for a certain time.
Many an abandoned child, dying of
hunger in the street, has found Its salvation at the hands of these so-calhd
pilave-merchants. . Many p-irls have
found Rood positions in families by,
this process, and some even have be°n
married by pashas.
Motorcars Substituted by  New President of France
Paris.—President Poincare has
modernized the stables of tl i Elys-ee.
He has come to the conclusion that
in these days of motorcars there is
no sense in spending the taxpayers'
money on the upkeep of horses, old-
fashioned carriages and expensive
He has given orders for tbe sale of
all the horses, except four in the stables of the Ely see; has dismissed the
head coachman Troude. who on gala
occasions, drove the presidential carriage with outriders, and then other
coachmen and stable hands.
The four horses which are to he
kept will very rarely be used by M.
Poincare himself. They are for his
wife's pleasure principally. It is not
Impossible that Mme. Poincare may
ride in the Bols as an encouragement
to Paris society not to let riding drop
out of fashion.
When You Get
Run Down    ^^^^^
—catch cold easily— «nd dread, Instead ol
enjoying,the keen winter weather—then you need
Na-Dru-Co Tasteless
Preparation of
Cod Liver Oil
This Na-Dru-Co Compound embodies the well-known nutritive and
curative elements of Cod Liver OH— Hypophosphitea to build up tho
nerves—Extract of Wild Cherry to act on the lungs and bronchial tubes—
and Extract of Malt, which, besides containing valuable nutriment itself,
helps tlie weakened digestive organs to assimilate other food.
Tha disagreeable taste of raw Cod Livef OU i«,entirely abiant,
and the Compound is decidedly pleasant to take. In 50c. and $1.00
bottles, at your Druggist's. 306
l..'.-:.i :(•■■■■»   /"..aTi..,■..!*,. ,■ ;ij «^2"J*K*M*C*:
More Breafd and Bktfer Bread
Gas Engine Oil
Uied and recommended by the leading
engine builders all over the country.
Keepi its body at high temperatures.
Equally good for external bearings.
Harvester Oil'
A heavy, short-cut oil for farm machinery. Insures the least possible friction
and wear. Moisture and changes of temperature do not affect it
£( Dorado Castor Machine OU  Mica Axle Grease
Capitol Cylinder Oil Silver Star Engine Kerosene
Thresher Hard Oil Imperial Motor Gasoline
Stock carried at 300 tank and warehoute
station, in Western Canada. For addreuet,
price liiU, etc., write any agency.
{0lb>v "«>'" Otrtetl
> ttfiea, Mean Jaw, Saskatm, Calgary,
Etetmlu, Utttrilie, Vamcener
Then He Went Home
Thf- young man sat and sat and
talked and talked.
About 11.30 lie sang: Love, I'm Going Away.
The young luily showed IntcreBt for
the first time since 8.30.
When do you start? she Inquired.
His Example
Teacher— Bobby, give me an example of the word damper.
Bobby (after a moment's thought)—
Paw says maw Is too damper tlcular
about his feet being wiped.
Partnership Ended
A West Virginia darky, a blacksmith
recently announced a change ln hl»
business as'follows:—Notice: De co
partnership heretofore resisting between me and Mose Skinner is hereby resolved. Dem what owe de Arm
will settle wld me, and dem what de
Arm owes wlll settle wld Mose.
Sour Pickles
Mr. Plcklos—I want a girl to fall tn
love with me at first sight.
Mr. Cutting—Yes, for lt she took
the second look she would not.
Willis—So your wife recovered.
Fine! I heard the doctors made a
great fight for her life.
Oillis—They did, and they almost
got it too. ,
There may be other corn cures, but
Holloway's Corn Cure stands at the
head of tho list so far as results are
Milkmaids in Switzerland make
handkerchiefs of lace tha: readily sell
for $6 apiece—some indeed for as
much as $50 each.
Oxygen, oxygen, madam. That Is
what you noed, said the eminent specialist. Come every afternoon for
your inhalations. Tney will cost you
$5 each.
1 knew our family physician didn't
understand my case, declared the
fashionable patient. He told me all
1 needed was plain, fresh air.
ln the spring the young man'? fancy
gets a hunch that, he will have to get
busy or there won': be any summer!
clothes for uie I
Doctor's Holiday
London.—Barking doctors have decided to rest Thursday evening" and
close their surgeries except »ir very
urgent cases.
It is easier to be foolish than dignified, and sometimes lt pays just a,
Antlaeptlc Hand Cleaner
'Softens nntl wlllten* tile liamls- removes
tlie most ob.sliiute stains — oil, grease,
paiot, etc.
met Houitxt, unit in, attains!. *****
f arm and
Advantages of Connecting Colony
Poultry Houaea.
By the use of the eonnectlng collar
shown in the cut two or more poultry
colony houses can be brought together
and used for the winter quarters ot tt
Hock of thirty-rive or more fowls.
When used In twos or In threes uu
overflow summer house run be con-
nei'ted and used us the feeding ami
scratching shed, if it third house is
used in the series It enn be titled as a
laying or a dusting pen. In this way
the fowls can be kept in larger Dorks,
with greater liberty to the Individual.
Labor is also greatly reduced. Inasmuch its only oue house instead ol two
or three need to be visited wfteu teeil-
iug. etc Furthermore, by virtue ot the
larger number roosting In one pen it
-will be proportionately warmer.
Tbis connection could be made by
• covered wooden passageway as well
Photograph by New York State College of
is by the galvanized Iron collar, ns
shown in the cut. This collar, how.
ever, bus a shoulder which aids in
keeping out wind anil water. The connection should be about three indies
above the floor and nt least ten inches
high and ten Inches wide or ten Inches ln diameter. A sliding trapdoor
placed on the inside of the house wlll
confine tbe fowls in the house wheu
desired nnd wheu the houses are disconnected for summer use.
This type of house also hns the de-
elded advantage, of being large enough
to accommodate the chickens during
tbe entire season of growth. Chickens
should not be moved from one brooder
to another or handled or mixed up If
it can possibly be avoided-Bulletin
Department of Poultry Husbandry,
New York State College of Agriculture.
^ Get away from the one crop
Z system. Vou exhaust your soil
and you return little to It by one
crop. Rotate your crops. If you
cannot do any better let your
land lie fallow In turn so that
the atmosphere and nature will
do what tbey can to restore its
fertility. CulUvste corn more:
cultivate rye and oats: cultivate
cowpens and peanuts: cultivate
alfalfa and clover and utilize all
the products of the farm. Let
there be no such thing as waste
of byproducts.—Home snd Farm.
Prepare For the Young Pigs.
Know the date when your sows are
due to farrow, set it down as something important, then be on tbe ground
on that date, not to fuss and cause disturbance, but quietly to watch and
right things If anything needs righting.
You may save more money indirectly
through this watcbfuluess tbnu by uuy
otber thing lu dealing with bogs.
Indoor Farming.
A few cents will get some honks to
bang the lantern on down nt the bunt.
Ihey are handy and much safer than
A nice new coal scuttle, not too big.
Is one of the handiest things you ever
used for getting grain into bags. Ever
try if/
Driving a wedge with the back of tho
ax has spoiled many a good tool. Take
a maul or beetle to do that work and
save the ax for Its own work.
Clean up nnd burn nil rubbish that
would furnish a harboring place for insects and mice. This is especially important with hotbeds and frames.
The cellar Is not the best place to
keep pumpkins lu winter. They are
apt tn rot there. Put thera upstairs
and see that they are used before tliey
begin to decay.
One tiling to study ln the winter Is
bow to keep your land frnm being
washed away liy the pterins. 'Ibis
hurts land more than nil the crops .vou
ever wlll take from rnnr Ttinn. (int.
good method is to keep washing Itiud
well seeded down.- Farm Journal.
Wall P»P«r. |
Tbe   wall   paper   industry   ln   this
country is about lis) years old. but the
generul use of wull paper plates from
1832. |
Manhattan Island.
The island  of .Mnuhutiun contains
tweuty-two square miles.
Cork's Water Club.
Cork can boast of the honor of having established the Wilier Club of tbe
Harbor of Cork, the tlrst yacht club in
tlie United Kingdom. Lord luchiqiiln,
the Hon. Junius O'llrlen. Charles
O'Neill, Henry Mitchell und John
lingers being Its first members. Tbe
ting was "tiie royal Irish harp and
crown on u green Held in tbe center."
It Clime into existence some time before 17-IS.
Spanish  Bullfights.
The average number of horses killed
in   Spanish  bullfights every year ex.
reeds 5,001), while from 1,000 to 1,201)
bulls are sacrificed.
Wood Paving.
The Rnsslaus Invented wood paving
for streets.
Big Money For Songs.
Many musicians besides merely com*
le song writers have gained golden rewards by their works. Sullivan received $.10,000 ln royalties from "The
Lost Chord." "In Old Madrid"
brought its composer—until then unknown to fame—$75,000.
Opals, expanding  with heat, often
burst  their  settings  and   when  contracted through restoration to normal
temperature drop out
Monument of Tears.
Marking the dividing line between
Europe uud Asia uud of Uusslu and Siberia at the summit of the Ural mountains, is tbe "monument uf tears." a
white, triangular pyramid, so significant to the unfortunate exile, whose
eyes here catch a final glimpse of the
land which coutalus all that is dear to
When James -ft. Keene Laid For Him
a Big Bet on Beaom.
Although James K. Keene was known
as the nerviest of Wall street operators, be wan miy-thing but a betting
man ou tbe nice tracks. He deurly
loved to win valuable stakes, und be
woo nearly everything iu this line except the classic Kuglish Derby. Ilia
horses rarely carried anything hut an
Infinitesimal wager. Big wagers were
few and far between with blm.
Une dny wheu his Keu Brush colt
Besom wus making bis racing debut
tit Sheepsheud Mr. Keene visited the
paddock in company with bis trainer,
Jimmy Kowe, and inspected tbe colt
tuluutely. Keene was very fond ot
Noonday, the colt's dam, and be talked
proudly of his expectations of Besom.
The colt hud worked exceptionally
fast, and tbe ruce looked as sure us
BUre tilings can be regarded on a ruce
The result of tlie conference with
Kowe was lhat Mr. Keene decided to
make one of his rare large bets on
Besom to win. The news of tbe Keene
wager created almost a sensation in
the Hug. and Ihe price against the colt
went tumbling.
The race wus run, nnd Besom lost
by au eyelash. He went out with Berry .Maid, and the two raced stride for
stride like a team. When it was Besom's turn to stride his nose showed
iu front, und when it wan Berry Maid's
turn she showed a scunt advantage.
So It was all the way, Mr. Keene
watching the contest through his field-
glasses without a murmur. Tbe crowd
was on its toes. As tbey passed the
Judges It was Berry Maid's turn to
stride. Then the apple of Mr. Keene s
eye at the time lost the verdict and
the vice chairman of the Jockey club
lost one of his few wagers on tbe turf.
-New York World.
|«<v.fr»»frm»».Mf>»M*m»-nf     DAMES AND DAUGHTERS.
Protect   the   shrubs    with    a
| wrapping of Imy or rye straw if
• you would preserve Ihe season's
[ growth.    Even if the early win-
• ter has been mild March freezes
, do the most damage.
| Mulch the lawn, if there are
, thin spots give it au extra coat
| of compost* tobacco stems or a
. clean stable mixture, putting on
; straw to hide it. This ugly cov-
, eriug, which snow will usually
; hide, will assure a beautiful
, sward iu the spring.
; Start u compost heap. A good
. gardener never burns leaves, hut
' keeps them in a compost be-
« tween layers of stable litter, rotting for use In the spring. .
Trim the tops from the hardy
chrysauthemnms, the hollyhocks
nnd the golden j'low uud mulch
the roots.
Prune the grapes and currants
any mild day, but leave (bv fruit
trees until later.
in boons,
Begin your paper garden, n
pencil plan that will avoid over-
|.lnuttng. By adding a shrub, a
(lower or u new vegetable from
time to time let tbe garden take
shape on paper as new ideas appear. Put In your postcard orders for seedsmen's announcements.
Boston has u centenarian in Mrs.
Lucy W. Keyes, inmate of a home for
old persons.
Surah Bernhardt declares that to her,
as to other people horn lu the month
ot October, the number 13 brings good
fortune, aud greeu ta oue ot her lucky
Prim-ess Lichnowsky. wife of tlie
new Uerniuu ambassador to Loudon,
paints, plays, slugs, writes aud educates her children. Her most recent
work deals with lCgvpt. Her uext book
is to he about children.
Mrs. Matthew T. Scott, president
general of the National Society. I». A.
It,, who is one of the largest landowners iu Illinois, sends forty-live of her
tenants each year at ber own expense
to the Agricultural college at Champaign. 111.
Miss Mabel Board man, the first
American woman to receive an imperial decoration from Japan, has devoted her life and energies to the work
of the Red Cross. The emperor bus
conferred on her the insignia of tbe
Fifth Order of the Crowu for distinguished public services.
An Emergency For Which Actors
Must Ever Be Prepared.
Tight Boots.
Wenrlns tight bouts Hirer's the
whole system. Appetite, complexion
nnd eyesight all sufl'er. Some physicians assert tbut bnlilnrss Is partly to
be ascribed to this practice.
Asia hns 17.0ri7.iliiii square miles aud
8o0.U0U.0UU Inhabitants.
The Vlacha.
The towns nnd villages of the Vlnchs
nre more solidly built tlinn those of
uny other Balkan nice. Notwithstanding their lore of attractive stone
houses, the Vlnchs nre grent wnnder-
ers, and during the summer the grent-
er part of the male population of the
towns travel far about the country
dealing in horses. They ure shrewd
business men.
Falkland I,landers.
There are live men to every two
women in tbe Falkland islands, off
Cupe Horn. The total population is
3,275. of whom 'J.370 are mules and
UUD females.
Tha Matchmakers.
It takes tbe constant labor of 00,000
people to make matches for the world.
Sand Is the main constituent of
glass, constituting from 52 to 85 per
cent of the mass of the original mixture or from 00 to 75 per cent of tho
finished product after melting has
driven off carbon dioxide and otber
volatile materials. Ou tbe quality of
the snud depend the transparency,
brilliancy and hardness of the glass.
Broken Glasa.
There is a market for broken glnss.
Some of It Is ground in tine powder-
like particles and used for various
purposes. At other times it is remelt-
ed and made Into new glass objects.
All of the Same Name.
"In a certnlu Swiss vulley," writes a
trnveler. "family after family there
benrs the same nnme— Tresch—nil relationship being lust In antiquity, So
to distinguish the guides they must be
known—you may see it In Baedeker—
as Joseph Tresch the lied and Joseph
Tresch the Black."
Where tha Weather Plaguea You Only
to Fascinate You Later.
1 must allow that it sometimes rains
ln Ireland, but Irish ruin is uot quite
like other rain. It Is, as a rule, softer
thuu rain elsewhere, and, If the truth
must be told 1 like rain so long as one
bus not to say, "Fur the rain It ralnetli
every dny."
Irish wenther Is not so much cap-
prlclous ns coquettish. It likes to
plague you, if but to prepare you to
enjoy the more its sunuy, melting
mood. It will weep und wall nil ulght.
and, lo, the next morning Ireland Is
one sweet smile and seems to Bay: "is
It'raining I was yesterday? Ah, then.
I'll rniu no more."
And the runnels leap and lnugb. nnd
Ihe pastures and very stone wnlls
glisten; the larks carol nn their celes
tlul journey; there Is a pungent, healthy
smell of drying pent; the mountains
ure all dimpled with the Joy of life nnd
sunshine; the lake lies perfectly still,
content to reflect the overhanging face
of heaven, and just won't your honor
buy the stoutest pair of bomemude
hose from a barefoot, bareheaded
daughter of dethroned kiags wltb eyes
like dewdrops and a voice that would
charm tbe coin out of the most churlish purse?
If on such mornings as these you
do not lose yonr henrt to Ireland it
must be made of stern, unlmpresslon
able stuff Indeed.-Blackwood's Maga
Edible Flowers of Butter Treee.
By far the most remarkable of edible flowers Ls that culled from the butter tree of I udia. The blossoms of this
singular tree nre the chief means of
subsistence wltb tbe Bblls and other
Indian bill tribes. An average tree
yields from 200 to 350 pounds of pulpy,
bell shaped flowers tbat, when they
drop off during Mnrch and April, the
hot months of the Indian year, ar»
eagerly ,gntbered by tbe nutlves. Tbey
hnve when fresh a peculiar and luscious taste, but the fragrance of them
is not pleasant and Is best und most
briefly described us "mousy." Usually
they ure cured In the sun, shrivel to
ouc-fourtli of their size and then re
semble nothing su much ns raisins
The natives prepare them for fund by
boiling or using them In swectmeuts.-
Suburbnn Ufe Magazine.
Ute of Manure Spreader Hat a Wonderful Effect Upon Fertility.
1 saw today a man pitching Into a
manure spreader stable manure from a
large pile In the field where it bad lain
until it was partially rotted and where
it hud been stirred several times wltb
forks, i was interested, says a writer
in Green Fruit Grower, and waited for
the man to load his wheeled spreader
drawn by two horses and saw him pass
up uud down through the field several
times. Tbis manure spreadiug machine
is a modern device.
It spreads the manure more evenly
than auy man can do the work, no
matter bow careful or experienced he
may be. There wus scarcely un inch of
soil on the field that was not covered
with a slight spread of manure, the
machine covering about eight feet in
width each time it crossed the field.
Rut it would seem impossible that
such a slight covering of manure
should bave, as it does, such marvelous
effect upon the soil. Tbis fertilizer
really acts like magic, lt is not uloue
the fertility which the manure contains which heueilts the innd. The manure helps us to set at work bacteria in
Ihe soil, thus In a measure inoculates
tbe soil with helpful creatures thnt
continue their work. Further than this,
the manure tends to loosen the soil and
to make it crumble easily under the
plow and barrow.
The successful farmer of the past has
made the accumulation, protection and
application of stable manure a special
study. The poor, improvident farmer
allows half tbe value of his stable manure to waste by heating or by being I
leached by heavy Storms, as may be
seen by the colored streams of water
running away from bis barnyard.
Town Topics.
Chicago's ready population reckoners now make it a city of 2,'J04.120 inhabitants. It is easily holding first
place among the nation's cities of tbe
second class.—New York World.
Building an auto speedway in New
York seems a useless expense, seeing
that the autus have made speedways
of practically nil the streets in tho
town.—Itochester Democrat and Chronicle.
ln proportion to its size Springfield,
Mass., has probably progressed further towurd n complete mortorlzation
of the opparatus of Its tire department
than any other-city in New England,
and others may profit by its experience.—Boston Transcript
Current Comment.
It Is Italy, Portia's native Innd. that
has definitely decided that women cannot practice law.—Boston Journal.
The revenue cutters have fairly earned n truer name. While not the greyhounds of the sea. they are nt least
the St Bernards,—Boston Herald.
Revelations in Washington indicate
thut if Wall street cannot keep warm
In cold weather it is not for luck of
lambs'  wool.—Chicago  Record-Herald.
The suggestion that,automobiles be
provided with cowcatchers does not go
fur enough. A .block signal system
•ind safety gates are also needed.—
Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
Pert Personals.
Ex-King Manuel is said to he seeking
il cure for "nerves." Oue way would
he to forget that he was ever a king.—
New York World.
The difference between John Pier-
pont Morgan aud Andrew Carnegie is
lhat J.* P. has no Intention of dying
poor.—Detroit Free Press.
The Germau kaiser is one of our
leudlng emperors nnd Is rapidly becom
lug one of our leading grandfathers.—
Pittsburgh Gazette-Times.
Castro has had all kinds of bard
luck, but his misfortunes do not seem
tu have impaired what Is technically
culled his "nerve."—Chicago Tribune.
Washing Butter In Winter.
In winter tbe water for washing and
also tbe brine for salting should uot be
below a temperature of SO degrees F.
I With regard to the quantity of water
i to use, sufficient water should be placed
I In the churn to float thoroughly all the
j butter grains contained therein.   Tbe
! butter will require two or three washings in order to remove most of the
cheesy matter, which, if allowed to re-
j main In the butter, causes the finished
| article to become bad. Wben the water
; is quite clear and free from mllkiness
, on being withdrawn from the churn
i the    butter    should    be    sufficiently
| washed.   While being careful to wash
j tbe butter thoroughly, do not over wash
I it or the color and flavor will be spoiled.
, —American Cultivator.
A Few Oddities.
Advertisement: "Wanted, a white girl
lo cook."
Doctor's sign in Denver: "Specialist
-all diseases."
Seen in Vancouver: "Afternoon tea
•served at all hours."
Card at payN;desk In a cafe: "Your
face Is good, but it won't go iu tbe cash
Ad. in an English journal: "Comfortable bedroom, use of sitting room ami
breakfast" Something new in lodgings getting the use of the breukfast.—
Bostuu Transcript.
Thunder Clouds.
Lightning clouds  are  seldom   more
thuu TOO yards from the earth.
Net Making In Holland,
The manufacture of fishing nets has
for centuries been u very Important
Industry in- Holland, which in tlie
seventeenth century had a fleet of!
over 2.000 smacks engaged In the her-;
ring fishery. The business is still a
flourishing one.
Sublime Porte,
"Sublime porte" is one of those European expressions for Turkish institutions which ure never used by the
Turks themselves. The Ottoman government's official litle for itself is mi-
Icytimet-I-senlye— "the glorious government.'' Turks do not speak of -'the
sultan," but of "the pndishah,'1 u Persian term meaning the "father. o( manure lis."
The Potato.
Whoever may have Introduced tbe
potato into England, according to Dr.
Uorun'H "Table Traits," it was not
known lu North America In lf*8U, when
Raleigh s colonists there ure said to
have sent lt over to us. But the Span
Ish "batata," or sweet potato, from
which the vegetable derives Its name,
was brought to Ireland many years he
fore by Captain Hawkins from Santa
Fe, in South America. This Is probably the potato of Shakespeare's time
"Let the sky rain potatoes. I will remain hcrel" cries Sir John Fulstnff,
embracing Mrs. Ford.—London Telegraph.
j> , Every acre of  land that  has <*>
x ever   been   productive   may   he 1
<| made   so   again.     This   is   the J
Z message of hope that ugricultur- <;>
y al science hrings to the muu who 9
Z owns a rundown fnrra. <p
Knew Wh,*.t He Was Doing.
Tom—You spend altogether too much
money nn that girl. Don't you know
girls always accept everything ti man
gi'ves them and then marry tbe fellow
who saves Ois mouey) .lack -Sure 1
dn That's Ihe reason I'm blowlcg in
mine.- Boston Transcript
Her  Ear  for  Music.
"What is that tune your daughter is
Tug Holder For a Singletree.
Tugs on light harness to draw hug-
pies  have slots in  their ends which
slip over tlie ends of tho singletrees.
These are  apt  to
slip  off  when  go-
lug   down   au  ln*
***   dine unless something   IS   provided
-   to    keep    (he   tug
end   in   place.     A
good way to do this la to attach a
l piece of leather strap to the wood, as
shown in the sketch,    lu hitching up,
the tug is run through the strap loop
and slipped  nn  the singletree end.—
Popular Mechanics.
Science Sittings.
Saturn has a velocity of six miles a
A German scientist says that tbe
pineal gland at the base of the bruin
governs the passions.
Ten stars with luminosities more
than 100 times thnt of the sun are
named by tbe Astronomical laboratory
nt Groningcn. Beta Centauri is 520
times as I ninl nous; Reyulus, 423 i
Achernnr, 350; Cupellu, 800. aud Arc-
turua, 2o0.
The Inaugural.
It Is evident that the Washington
hotels Intend to violate no precedent
daring the Inauguration season. They
will take all your money, as hereto*
fore.—Indianapolis News.
If they are going to dance the bunny
hug and such tilings In the rotund:, of
the Capitol at the luaugural bull lt
may be well to put blinders on the
statues.—Philadelphia Press.
Political Quips.
Pretence of Mind by Which Clara
Morris Turned to Advantage a Canine Interruption In "Miss Mutton"
and a Feline Intrusion In "CamiUe."
AU experienced actor is supposed ta
be able to cope with uny stage emergency, no mutter what is larking or
what happens, Cool, self possessed, it
Is expected of him to turn (he ridiculous into u source of applause ruther
than of disapproval or laughter.
And among the necessary acquirements for the actress is au unshukablw
self control, no matter If by some cure*
leagues* she Is thrown luto a sltuutlou
almost without precedent she must
never tly off at u tangent because ot
some unrehearsed Incident She must
not screum when the perennial gallery
idiot yells -'Eire." If something is forgotten she must try hard tu hide its absence or invent a substitute.
If anything unusual occurred I always tried to lucorporule it Into th»
play if possible, us when in the schoolroom scene of "Miss Multou" I was astonished to see u large water spaniel
come trotting ou to the stage, waving
bis tail at me us IT we had been bosom
friends for yeurs. I don't like to recall
nil tbe things 1 thought about that dog
for a moment or two.
Then I rose, uud, thanking heaven
atid a generous muster for the collar he
wore. 1 grasped it, and. having stroked
bis silky ear with the other hand, .
said to my pupils: "Children. 1 do not
■wish to curtuil your pleasures, but 1
have told you before that I cunuot permit you to have your pets lu this room
during lessou hours. Now, don't force
j uie to remind you of thut again."
And the tittle girl who played Paul
I quickly und cleverly responded to my
; wink.   "Oh, excuse us this titoe. Miss*
| Mutton, aud  we won't do it again..'*
I Aud, tukiug the dog from me, she led
| him off luto the retirement of private
I life, while In the morning one newspa-
I per remarked that -'among the prettiest
of tbe lighter touches of the performance was the scene at the Christmas
tree in the first act and the dug .scene
in the third act"
Another time, in Baltimore, when 1
was playing "Camille," 1 bad a similar
experience. In the fifth act 1 bud staggered from tbe window to the bureau.
Hearing that dread inuinent wheu 1 wua
to sec tbe reflection of my wrecked aud
ruined self iu the looking glass. Tbe
house wus all attention, watching dim
eyed tbe piteous, weak movements of
the dying woman. Just then 1 beard
the gukk iudruwiug of tbe breath tbat
startled womanhood always Indulges*
in before either u scream or a lnugb.
My heart guve a pluuge- "What 1»
It? Ob, what is wrong':" And 1 glanced down ut myself anxiously, for really
1 wore very little lu that scene. "What
Is It?"
Then cume a titter, and evidently it
wns growing. In agony I turned quickly about aud fouud myself fuciug a
monstrous cat Starlike, he held tbe
very center of the stage, h! two great
topuB eyes fixed unflinchingly upon my
face. His tail stood straight and aggressively In the air, twitching wltb
short twitches at. the verj top.
Alas, no wonder tbey giggled! But
how to save the approaching death,
scene was vbut went through my
Clinging to tbe bureau, 1 slipped to
my knees, and with an earnest prayer
tbut he would not resist my uppeul In
R faint voice I called him to me,
Thomas looked suspiciously at me. hesitated, then approached gingerly and
sniffed nt my fl tigers. Then he rubbed
bis dingy body against my knee, aud
In an instant my arms were about him,
my cheek on his wicked old head.
What a sigh of relief went like a wava
over that audience!   1 had won!
1 then called Nanltie to relieve me.
and the applause that swept the hout-e
was as balm to my great distress. I
said to Nannie. "Take him downstairs;
be grows too heavy for me to |mt"
And Sir Thomas was carried off reluctantly. Imagining perlitips that l
Was envious of the hit he had made.
My manager, who was somewhat of
t wag. of course made the inos| of th«
saved situation. A gentleman met him
on the street ihe next morning and waq
anxious tor film to settle an argument
between himself and  wile.
"My wife, who lias seen the play several times in New York, Insists that
the beautiful llltle scene with flic cat
belongs to (he play, while 1 don't recall
lt, nor do any of our acquaintances
Whom I have asked this morning.
Won't you kindly set us right?*'
"Willingly," replied my manager.
"Your wife is in the right, my dear sir-
That cat scene is ulway.i done It is a
great fdvorlte with Miss Morris, ami
she hauls lhat cat all over the country
with her."
May heaven forgive him!—Clara Morris In New York Tress.
Siberia alone takes np one-ninth o*
all the hind on the globe.
Australia Is twenty-six times ns large
as the United Kingdom, fifteen times
as large as KnitiCi and almost equul In
size to the United States,
"Which daughter?" asked Mrs Cum-
rox. "IT it is the older girl it's Lls/.t's
Hungarian rhapsody, and if It's ihe
younger one It's exorcise '27."—Wash
Ington star.
The truest mnrk of being horn with
great qualities is being burn without
envy,—RocbeTouca uld.
Cold Drafts Mean Dead Hens.
Cold air will not injure fowls when
they are turned loose Ell the yard and
can exercise, lint when on the roost at
night und u cold stream pours uu ono
of tbem from sunset to sunrise the
chances are thai the bird will soon begin to droop, perhaps have roup, and
then all tli hers will lake i'he disease. An open crack or nail hole Is
worse than the whole front of tin*
house open, as small streams of air
on fowls nearly always prove harmful.-Kami and Fireside.
Sufficient unto the day Is the cabinet inquisitive,
thereof,—Columbia Stale. "What is your name?" asked "no fire*
And many a third class politician is year-old miss of another,
druwlng n tlrst class salary.—Chicago "My goodness!" exclaimed the < ther.
News. "Ymii   are  as   had   us grownup   fofUs.
Anyway,  President Toft cau travel Tn,'*v are JI ways asking my unme und *
now  without  being  worried  by office a '"t of uthor silly questions until J am
<eeI;ers,   Atlanta Constitution. nctuully ashamed uf them."—Chicago
Cynical  man   may  see nn omlnoui *s't'ws
ulgn In the opening of the Colorado
eplslnture with nn exchange of kisses If von kn,nv nnw tn "P^nd less than
he twee a feminine members.—New York yni1   g<*t  you   have   the   philosopher'*
\\ urld. atone,—Franklin. inr.  lajjAJMJJJSll,  UUMBBlUiAilU
People are Learning to Fly
To the Builders' Supply Co. for their building materials.        Our bonst that wc have
Everything for the Builder
and Everythinq of the best
Is amply justified by our rapidly increasing business nud our satisfied customers. II' you meet
n person who has used kiln Dried in his house,.you can be sure he is one of the satisfied ones.
If you contemplate building, pay us a cull nud let us show you our stock and quote you prices.
We have a large stock of Hot-bed Sash on hand for Delivery.   Door Frames and Window Frames
made to vour order.
Kiln Dried Lumber, Mouldings, Sash and Doors, Lath, Plaster, Lime, Cement, Paint and Oils,
Plumbing Supplies, Builders' Hardware, Building Paper, Roofing etc.
"Not Better than the Best - but Better than the Rest."
Box 230
Phone 66
t'lii-ma nnd
Courtenay | i;:i
Y.I.,8 e
UR listings together with tlie '1,000 acres wo havo
actually bought in the CVnuox District consisting
of cleai'cd and iiuolpjaretl farms, sen and river fi'ontngo,
enables us to give intending Imyora a good choice.
TKI.KPHONi;   .1(1
1 ——.iin—is—n i ni i n.-i-n ————-
(j. A. Fletcher
Music Co.
iaiios, Player Pianos,
I 'nl ii im 11i a Orapha-
plionys and Kecotds,
Edison Records und
Machines! e~r**«.r*- •
The McKinluy Edition of Ten Cent Music
» Specialty.
Nanaimo,   B.C.
First Cl.iss in every respect. Perfect Ouisino
Headquarters for Tourists and Sporlsir.cn
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
John N. McLeod, Proprietor
\rllsll 'nCailltKlMllMkctlll! l'lllollymiplliilili|ll I.
Centre of Town |
rices: $200
am! no,
The Island Realty Co.
Pirn, Life, Live Stocl; '       £ ^- ANDERTON.
Accident , P''°*"-<* 22.     Courtenay, B. C.
" The Magnet Cash Store"
Phone 81
Cumberland, B.C.


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