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The Cumberland Islander May 24, 1929

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 Thursday and Friday, May 23-1
FORTY-EIGHTH   YEAR—..... *1 ^
Cumberland Islander
tt'Hh which Is consolidated the Cumberland News.
H     Saturday Only, May 25
FRIDAY, MAY 24. 1929
Parade To Be
Bigger Than in
Former Years
Many  Entries  Expected   From
Firms and Individuals
Judging by the number of individuals and Bocletles putting in decorated
automobiles nnd other vehicles In the
parade on the 24th, this year's e.ele-
bniion will surpass anything ever attempted In th history of Cumberland.
It Is no secret now that several of the
fraternal societies intend putting
their best efforts forward In an endeavor to capture the firsl prize. The
Cumberland Centre, St, John's Ambulance Association and tiie Hospital
Board are, we are led to believe, putting in decorated cars. If the local
merchants come through with their
vehicles decorated nndthe Courtenay
and Cumherland PJire Departments
enter their trucks, a real good display
should be witnessed, The grounds
committee met this week and report
all arrangements well iu hand, so that
there will be no hitch iu the proceedings after Ihe parade readies the Recreation ground.
The sports committee have added
several new items to the programme
and it goes without saying that competition in tlie open events will bo
most keen. A feature of the program
this year is the special four-mile open
race. It was at firsl thought that the.
race would .start on the ground, then   William   Douglas
Subscriptions To
24th May Fund
Below we publish a list of donations received up to date for the Empire Day (24th of May) celebration.
The finance committee met with a
generous response mid duly appreciate tbe courtesy shown by all. Next
week we hope to be in a position to
publish a full and complete list of all
donations received.
Balance left over from 1!>28 ....$159.00
Canadian Collieries Employees 675.00
City of Cumberland   150.00
Can. Col. Union Bay Employees   91.00
Canadian Collieries (D) Ltd    50.00
Royston Lumber Co. Employees   41.00
Royston Lumber Co., Ltd    25.00
Edward   W.   Bickle       25.00
Silver   Spring   Brewery       25.00
Pacific Breweries     25.00
William McLcllan Sr., TenniB
Cup.  value      20.00
Thomas   Graham       15.00
The Burn's Cronies Club held their
last whlst drive of the season on Saturday night, when twenty tables of
cards were in play, the winners being
ladies first, Mrs. Piercy; ladies' second, Mrs. Scavarda and third Mrs.
Sweet; gent's first prize was won by
Mr. A. Francesclnl; second W. A. McMillan; and third J. W. Westfleld. Refreshments were served at ten o'clock
and tlie Byng Boys supplied excellent
music for the dance.
Cricket Game
At The "Y"
On Friday
Cumberland • Courtenay Game
Starts at 2.30
Upper Island Power:
No Apprehension Of
Company's Intentions
Cumberland  Rod  &  Gun club
Cumberland Electric Light Co.
Cumberland Water Works 	
Comox Creamery Ass'n 	
Campbell Bros., goods 	
J. Sutherland, goods	
Cavin's Shoe Store, goods 	
Tommy Nakontshl, goods	
T.  H.  Williams   _
Alqx   Auchinvole   	
E. T. Searle	
W.  A. Owen  	
William Hutton
head for the country, finishing up
■with one turn round the field. However, after due consideration it was
decided to stage tlie whole of the  1
Alex Maxwell
Dr. G. K. MacNaughton
Dr. E. It. Hicks 	
William   Merrlfleld   	
miles right on the ground, so that, all   City Meat Market
Marocchi  Bros.
King  George  Hotel        5.00
may view the race from atari to finish.
The race was put on hy special request and It is expected a record entry will be received.
The last item on the programme to
be competed for on the Recreation
ground Is the football game, eleven-
a-side and 'for which valuable prizes
have been given, is sure to draw a
great deal of attention. Football has
been In the discard here now for
some time aud there appears to be
very poor prospects of it ever coming
back. Following the football game
a competition open to volunteer fire
deparXnvm.'.s.wjj.Lbe held on the main
street, which is certain to attract a
large number of spectators.
Commencing at 2.30 iu the  after-1 Thp 0air-v* eoods	
noon,  the  annual   cricket  game  be-j Mumford's Grocery, goods
tween Cumberland and Courtenay will l Iwasa   	
| L. R. Stevens, goods	
The annual 24th of May cricket
game between Cumberland anil Courtenay will take place at 2.30 ou Friday afternoon at the "Y" and a cordial
Invitation is extended to all Interested In the grand old game to be present. Seats have been placed amongst
the shade trees which, if this hoi
weather keeps up. will be much appreciated. A great deal of Interest
Is being manifested in this game.
Cumberland beat Courtenay the last
*"'"u j time the teams met. but we nre giv-
500 eIl t0 understand that Courtenay arc
much stronger this year. On Sunday
last, with the help of a couple of Cum-
,',)" | berland players, Courtenay defeated
Nanaimo on the letter's ground. a
very creditable performance,
5,00 I    There will be one or two changes
5-0,); in the Cumberland team.   Harry Ha«-
5.00 !
5.00 j
5.00 I
Mr. Frank Shaw
or. brother of Mr,
L. Xunns, is a pal
bell River Hosplat
badly crushed hau
tallied   whilst   roth
In reply to the resolution sent to Victoria by the joint meeting of the Courtenay and Cumberland City Councils and Boards of Trade, with reference to
the development of the Ca.npbell River Power, Mr. A. T. Goward. Vice-Prest-
j dent of the British Columbia Railway for Vancouver Island, has submitted
a statement which we publish below.   The resolution in question, while not
| concerned with the particular company acquiring the rights, asked: (a), that
adequate protection be given on the question of power rates;  (b). that the
commencement and completion of the plant be guaranteed within a reasonable
time; and (c). most important of all, that no grant be made unless industries
were established in the region of the origin of the power.
Mr. Goward's statement ts as follows:
"It has been drawn to my attention "At the recent hearing before the i
that there apparently Is a certain feel- Provincial Water Rights Board, Mr. j
Ing of misgiving in some of the Up- W. G. Murin, President of the B. C.
Island localities that should the B. O, Electric Railway Company, said: 'The
Electric be granted permission to de- j object of this Company in presenting
velop Campbell River water powers,; this application is to develop power
there is a possibility that the power! for purposes of Industry on Vancouver
so developed will be earmarked for'Island.' And, again: 'In regard to the
Victoria to the detriment of those dis-? Upper Island, there may be some mis-
jtrlcts adjacent to the source of power, glvlngs that the requirements of VIc-
j "With your permission I would Hke i toria may have some unfair priority
! to offer a few words of explanation over the requirements of tlie Upper
that I think will set at rest any mis-'Island. Nothing could be wider of the
glvlngs that may exist, and help to i mark.
of Campbell Hiv-
Rupert Shaw anil
ent in the Camp-
BUfferlng from a
I and wrist, sus-
A'ing his occupation on road work at the Itiver. His
many friends In Cumberland will bo
glad to know he fs doing as well as
can be expected, and whilst his injuries are of a very painful nature, are
not considered dangerous.
Dave Turner, a former member of
the Cumberland United Soccer eleven
has been chosen captain of the all-
star team to meet the touring Welsh
soccer stars.
James   Dick   	
Frelone Grocery Store 	
Robt. Yates 	
Cumberland Motor Works 	
Mann's   Bakery   	
Hariing & Ledingham 	
Dr. W. Bruce Gordon 	
Royul Candy Store 	
Comox Argus 	
Mat I. Brown's Grocery, goods,
T. D. MacLean, goods, 	
Wilcock & Co. Ltd '...
Lang's Drug Store, goods 	
Alex. MacKinnon, goods	
C. H. Tarbell & Son, goods, ....
Mackenzie & Partridge, goods,
be held «t the "V". This game Is attracting a great deal of interest, as j
Courtenay last, week .defeated Nanaimo by tlie narrow margin or eight
runs, a very creditable performance
Topping off the day's activities will
be a monster free dance in the Hollo Hall for which first class music
has been arranged.
Chas.  Dalton
5.00 ;
5.00 '
5.00 |
5.00 '
5.00 :
5.00 |
5.00 j
5.00 |
5.00 |
5,00 j
5.00 j
5.00 j
5.00 !
2.50 |
2.50 j
j sell, the wicket, keeper, is on the Injured list, suffering with a bad knee,
| J. Vernon-Jones will be out of town
and Millburn and G. I. Guy have been
I dropped to give one or two other
i players a chance to show their wares
j The team  selected  is J.  L.  Brown.
(capt.), J. Idiens,  (vice-capt,), E. O.
Rohuthan, S. Gough. S. Boothman, H.
| Taylor. C. Dando, A. J. Taylor, J.
j Vaughn, T. Carney, R. Goodall with
j G. I. Guy. reserve. Mr. Harry Brown
! will be scorer and the umpire Mr.
; Fred Gough.
Ritz Lunch       2.50
Two More Cups
Donated to the
Local Gun Club
GiMis Tool and Stamping Works
Offer Cup for Competition;
Frelone's Grocery Also Offer
The Cumberland Rod and Gun club |
boasting of nearly three hundred j
members, received during the past
week, a cup from Frelone'a Grocery, |
Cumberland, for competition amongst
the trap shooting members of the or-!
ganization and from the Glbbs Tool j
and Stamping Works, Vancouver, the ,
offer of a cup for competition under.
the same conditions as prevailed witli
their prizes donated last year.
The secretary of the club, Mr. J. L. P
Brown, was Instructed to write ac-!
knowledging the kind offers of both '
these firms and for the great interest
shown in the Cumberland Rod and
Gun club.
As a portion of the 24th of May celebration the club will hold a trap
shooting competition  this week end,
John C. Brown  2.50
Thos.  Armstrong   2.50
Henderson Motors   2.50
Shlozakl, jeweller   2.50
E.  Alda    2.50.
E. L. Saunders   2.50 ■
Chas.  Spooner   2.50 j
V. Marlnelll   2.50 !
U. Watanabe, Union Tailor .... 2.50
Jos. AspesI   2.50 j
A, Henderson   2.50
Chow Lee  2.50 I
P. D. Pickard  2.00
Rupert Shaw   2.00 i
John Conway   2.00 |
Programme for
Upper Island
School Sports
Over  Forty  Events Scheduled
for Competition
A. Handley   2.00 !
John  Ninattl    2.00 j
Free  Mnsons    2.00 !
Dart Coon Club   2.00
Tom Kcyes   2.00 j
John Thompson   2.00 |
L.   H.   Finch     2.001
Lai Fung   2.00
Wong  Why   2.00
Lai Yuen   2.00
Nakano   2.00
E.   Robinson,     2.00 i
Harry Norrls   1.00
M,  M.  Dro' n   1.00
J. II. Robeilsoll   1.00
Chas. Wcbsler  1.00
J. L. Brown   1.00
A. Aitken   l.Oll
Albert EvanH   1.00
Frank  Bcarofda   1.00
owing to the large number of expected entries it was felt lira it would be
impossibly to hold tbe competition on
the 24th.
Kee Fung 	
Foo Yuen 	
,Chew Tal 	
' Ho Hee 	
Mah Ark 	
j Kishimoto  	
I Wong  Loo   	
, Quong Me Lung
j Young Sam 	
Total       $1643.50
The annual  meeting of thc Cour- ] greeting thc secretary on completing
teuay-Comox Board of Trade was held j his report.    The election of officers
on Friday night and was exceptionally well attended, many from Cumberland being present, on special invitation.
A resume of last year's activities
was given by the secretary, much
favorable comment from the meeting
resulted in P. L. Anderton being again
chosen president with C. S. Wood, secretary and tlie council of Messrs, Macintyre, Douglas, Kirk. Ball, Hurford,
Hughes, Pearse, McLeod, Wallis, Inglis iW. Rickson, Ha kin, Morrison,
Bool Macdonald and Dr. Moore.
The Upper Island School Sports
will be held In Cumberland this year,
the affair taking place on Friday, May
the 31st Instead of June the 3rd as
In former years. Many of the local
students have been training dllllgent-
ly for some considerable time and
confidently expect to figure largely
In the majority of the events. We
made an effort to glean the possible
number o fentries just before going
to press but as all entries are not In
yet, it was difficult for the secretary
to give anything like an accurate forecast. It is felt by the teachers of!
the various schools, however, that I
this year's entries will come up to
previous years and in that case, com-
1 petition will be most keen.
The full list of events to be com- i
I peted  for include: i
I Junior events (under 12)—boys'
| race,75 yards; girls' race, 75 yards, .
j boys' snek race, 50 yards; girls' sack
race, 5 yards; hoys' throwing hase-
bnll at target; girls' throwing baseball at target; girls' skippning race, 50
yards; boys 'relay race, 4 to a team.
110 yards each; girls' relay race, 4
to a team, 110 yards each; boys' running broad jump.
Senior  events  aud   Might School	
Track—1st year Might School girls.
U yards; senior girls, 10 yards; senior hoys. 100 yards; senior girls. 00
yards; highl school girls, 00 yards;
senior boys 220 yards; high school
boys, 220 yards; senior girls. 320
yards; senior hoys, 880 yards; high
school boys. 440 yards; senior girl-*,
relay, 4 to a team, 110 yards each;
1st year high school boys, relay, 110,
110, 220, 440; high school girls relay,
4 to a team, 111) yards each; high
school boys, 880 yards; senior boys'
relay, 110, 110, 220, 440; senior girls' ;
skipping race. 60 yards; high school
hoys relay, 4 to a team, 110, 110, 220,
440; senior boys, GO yards; senior
; boys football final.
. Field events—senior girls' baseball
! throw; senior boys* high jump; hig'i
■school hoys' high Jump; senior girls' f
basketball throw; high school girls'
hockey ball; senior boys' running;
broad jump; high school boys' running broad jump; high school girls'
basketball throw; senior girls' running broad Jump.
clarify thc situation generally.
Resident Of Long
Standing Passes!
Mr. H. Whyte Old-Time Rail-1
roader and Returned Soldier   j
Interred Tuesday i
The funeral of Mr. Hurry  Whyte, I
of Cumberland, who died In the Cum-1
berland General Hospital on Saturday1
night   afer  a   brief  illness   w»s   held!
from the residence of his sister, Mrs. j
C. Robertson on Tuesday afternoon.
The deceased was well and favorably
known throughout the whole district,
having  been  a  resident  of f'umber-
land  for the past  thirty-nine years.
He had.been a valued employee of the
Wellington    Colliery    Hallway    Company for a large number of yeilrs and
all the pall bearers were present or
former raiload men who had worked
with him during the many years of
his association with the Colliery Railway.
He was a returned soldier, seeing
service in France with tlie famous
47th battnlion and many of his former comrades fn the C.E.F. attended in
a body, heading thc funeral  parade.
The deceased was in his 48th year,
unmarried, and leaves to mourn his
loss, three sisters. Mrs. David Stevenson, Mrs. George Robertson and
Mrs. Bennie, all of Cumberland and
five brothers, Walter of Cumberland;
Thomas of California; Robert of Vancouver and Will anil James of Win-
stead, Conn.
Many floral tributes were received,
testifying to tho great esteem In which
deceased was held. Funeral service
wag conducted by the Rev. B. O. Robathan .Interment taking place in the
Cumberland Cemetery. Pall bearers
were: Messrs. Fraser Watson, M. M.
Brown, R. Rae, A. R, Nunns, R.
Abrams arid W, Woods.
Floral tributes:
Wreaths: The family; Mr, and Mrs.
J. Whyte, Powell River; Mr, David
Walker  and   family;   Mr.   and   Mrs.
Mother's Day
Banquet of W.B.A.
Largely Attended
Mothers Receive Presents From
Beautifully decorated tables greeted
tiie guests on the occasion of the banquet given by tho Women's Benefit
Association, in hour of that great day
on Thursda
anil yellow was
in the color schi
and   upwards
daughters sut r
Tho  tables   v\
m with
as u
trial Mall
. Mauve
t Hi.
May   Hi
3d very
of the decorations
mothers   and
■I  sumptuous
if   1
tho i
ieir  daugliK
llie greal
Sam  Davis,
idem t
!li(|   ci
Mrs   I
..  Franc
M.    Frelone
s Among th<
Tho tousl to "Ou
propsed by .Mrs. .1.
Bponded to by Mrs.
Mrs. M. M. Brown; Mr. and Mrs. Wm.
Merrlfleld! Union Bay Railroad Work
ers;   Canadian   Legion.   Cumberland
branch; Mrs. J. Baird Sr. nnd famil
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bonnie,
Cross:   Mr.   and   Mrs    .1    Curb tew.
Heart: Mr. and MrB. T  Hcnneit and
Bill Whyte,
Sprays: Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Lawr*
nice nnd family; Mr. and Mrs. Jas.
Walker; Rebecca Lodge; Mrs. J. StOV- \
euson and family; Mrs. C. Whyte and,
Doreen; Jessie and Amos; Mrs. R.
K. Robertson; Mr. and Mrs, H. E,,
Mounce; Mr. and Mrs. T. Baird and
family; Pythian Sisters; Mr. and Mrs
Thomas Carney. Mr. and Mrs. WII
Ham Marshall. Union Bay;  Mr. am
"It  is essential,  and  we cannot
too  strongly emphasize  the  fact,   |
that  to get this additional  power
to Victoria at a low cost, we shall
have to secure and assist in building up  industries on  tbe way, to
use our power,  and at  the  same
time take care of any and all industrial expansion in  the northern section or the Island.   Having
thc electric power to sell, it is also
the Company's business  to secure
customers and encourage them by
every means in its power to locate
within its territory.'
"These quotations  from  the  Persi-
dent's statement make lt abundantly
clear that not only would lt be the intention of the Company to care adequately  for  local  Up-lsland  requirements, but that it must, of necessity,
do everything within its. power to encourage and foster the establishment
and  growth  of Industries  at  points
north of Victoria in order to make the
development  of  the  Campbell  River
water powers an economic possibility,
quite apart from the question of bringing power to Victoria and delivering
It to consumers at a reasonable and
attractive rate.
"Mr Murrin then went on to say:
'As to the actual bringing of new industries to use the power that will be
developed, I would like to say a word
about the new owners of the B. C.
Electric. Messrs. Nesbitt, Thomson &
Company and Sir Herbert Holt and
their associates are the largest owners
and operators of' public utilities in
Canada. They maintain among other
things an efficient Industrial develop-1
ment department in Montreal which
co-operates closely with a similar department recently established by the
B. C, Electric Railway Company In
British Columbia. The very definite
policy of the new owners is that when
a new water power ts entrusted to
them for development they do their I
utmost, financially and otherwise, to j
build up industries along their linesL[ ,,„. ^vlew, ,
I to use thc power so developed. ThlsL„ Mrs Balagno
j has been done in a very striking man- daughters and gr
ner In the east, and places that a few Rev*ew, ul0 nthe
j years ago were nothing but bush are | S(t||
now thriving communities.' Mr- Mur-' on(
riu concluded his address before the ;1(,,
1 Water Board with these words, 'In the KV.
! truest engineering and economic sense lVii
' ! we arc ready to develop this power and *.,.
to develop it In such a way that it can j
be to the best advantage of the dis- t,.r
tricts served.' nt,-,
nig table
ail   Ibe   i
who an
iu   the
the Ma
lam I're.i-
Revicw acted as chairman
oul  her duties In a very
efficient manner.   The opening or the
[programme was made by the assembly    singing   "O   Canada"    and    tha
W.B.A. song.   The chairman then proposed a  toast   to the guests,  the  response being made by Mrs.  Hunden,
mother of Mrs. Sam  Davis, who was
the guest of honor.   Mrs. liiiuden. in
a tew well chosen words thanked the
Reveiw   on    behalf   of   herself   and
guests for tiie kind invitation.
The   nexl   item   on   the   programme
was a community song "Mow Do You
Do." followed by Mrs. Coverl singing
"Mother Machroe."   The toasl to tho
"Mothers"  was   proposed   by  Mrs.  K.
.Marocchi and  responded  to by Mrs.
ni.   "Mow   Do  You   Do"  being
gain by the guests.   A reading
Mother's   Day  Originated"   by
owed  by ;
Plebiscite to be
Held June 10th
By-Law to Provide for Purchase
of Cumherland Electric Lighting Co. Passes First, Second
and  Third  Headings.
All the aldermen, with tlie exception of alderman Henderson were present at the Council meeting on Monday night when the by-law to provide
for the purchase of the fumberland
Electric Lighting Company was introduced. The by-law passed its first,
second and tli ird readings and it was
decided to hold a plebiscite on June
the 10th, The Council also decided
to hold a public meeting fn the Ilo-
Ilo hall on Tuesday, June the 4th,
when the rate-payers will have an opportunity of hearing the aldermen
speak on the subject. The bye-law la
published in another column of this
issue and ihe council went on record
as favoring the mailing to all ratepayers a copy of the bye-law. City
Clerk Cope was appointed returning
officer on the polling day aud the
place ot the poll will be tho City Hall.
Other business transacted included
the receiving of reports from the various committees. Alderman Williams
on behalf of (he health committee re-
ported thai six new eases of mumps
had occurred since the last meeting
and on behalf of (lie board of works
reported considerable work done to
the city streets und lanes. The following communication was received
from Mr. R. J. Filberg of the Comox
Logging Company and ordered received and filed:
Dear Mr. Cope:
1 have your favor of the 8th Inst.
anil will be glad to receive the plan
referred to, You can understand that
it Is quite Important I have a definite
plan of (lie area in question, in order
,o fully protect you by a letter. You
vill also understand that a definite
etter granting you this area is all
that I will be able lo give you in the
way of a deed to tiie property until
we have finished our operations there,
some lime next year.
Now listen carefully to the following. Today during a conversation
wilh .Mr. Taylor he remarked that it
was the Intention of your committee
t,hijii„.uajji-jjl Cuiuox—Lako
. Believe me I deeply and
.appreciate this thoughtful-
( is quite out of the ques-
ftrsl place It Is my cora-
I). Davis
"Sunshine of Your Smil-
,1. Mitchell was followed
"Mother Dreains." froth Mrs. W. Herd.
At the conclusion of the programmi
the daughters retired to nn outer
room, returning in single file, each
carrying   a   basket   of  candy   In   the
lo   name
after   tne
bin ii
tion. in Hi
the park.    I
j at the expeus
is," was J out doubt   Ih
;,,"1 re-1 as Cumberlai
A song. | |or may have
by  Mian | his statement was
"eadlngjgard please expre
Is not  m<
elf thai   la giving
■annot  he a good fellow
- of my company,   With-
park should be known
d Public Park. Mr. Tay-
been misinformed hut if
was correcl in this re-
Ultude but
nor.    This
llU'Ill    of
their   mothers
Mothers ret
Mrs. ,1. Davis,
Frelone. Mrs. (
Saunders, Mrs.
Mrs, Lockhart
Mrs, Bryant,
ed two lovely
filled with ben
president.  .Mrs.
Mrs. Balagnc
rockott, .Mrs,
IS, Miller. Mi
As   the   f,
mdy   to  H
ly    sang   ,|
s    were
Mrs, V
loo, Mrs.
ind Mn
of Courtenay
inskels to tli.
it it'iiI flowers
Sam Davis.
rl    lo   Mrs
if the oldes
has  tbrei
nay. prcscu'-
i behalf
■eseiited one basket
or having lhe most
nd-dnughters in the
basket being pre-
:. Potter ror being
nomhors, Mrs, Bal-
laughiers, and one
Review No, 17 and
■ept tlie 1:
bul candor.
Yours   very  truly,
A communication was also received
nn Mr. H, P. Watson, secretary of
■ Upper Island Scbol sports asking
i* permission of the council to hold
a tag day for the beiiefll of the school
spoils.   The request  was granted.
The clerk laid a blue print of the
proposed park at the lake, on the
table,   which   was   carefully   scrultln-
I on I In
i Izetl  bv the
I     It,  '
! park   area   con
to acres.
<     Bills   ami   ac
j or $053.88 wet
nance coramltti
1 ordered to be i
blue print that the
of  approximately
Is to the amount
iferred to the fill If found correct
lliliters    in    ilit
pasi   few   week
stalling of ihe now
returned to
tills   week  en
5 Mine
who  has  spent   the
lupervlslng the  in-
v  machinery at No.
home  in  Na-
Mrs.   li.lagu
g rand-daugh •
resided  al  the
: "I think Irom what has been said
; that should the development of Camp-j
I bell River be entrusted to the Com-i
: pany 1 represent on Vancouver Island,
it must be clear that from an economic point of view, if from no other, it
Is tlie Up-lsland sections that the
Company   must  depend  upon   for  a
spend tl
son   Edward
Nanaimo to
24tli of May there,
Lovrd by all who knew her. and per- at the Sandwlck corner, within a few
I largo part ol its luture consumers, and. haps the most widely known resident; yards from where she was burled yes-
thorefore, there need be no apportion- nf  the Comox  District,  there  passed l terday.
slon as lo the Company's Intentions In away nt tho residence of her son Lu-     Al an early age she married Samuel
,., , , rlus.R. Cllife. at Comox on Sunday, Cllffo anil for many years was tho hoB-
Mrs   I).  Bonnormon;  Mr.  and  Mr8i|this ropeot, whioh are very definitely|Mrs   Plmma,  Mnry cmie. relict of less of the Lome Hotel, Comox, widely
to foster, by every legitimate means, the late Samuel dure and mother of I known  for its hospitality and where
the Industrial development ol the Up- the Clllle family.   She had been all-[ she raised her largo family nf stalwart
Island sections    I would also like to ln8 r'"' s"""' months a,ul illKn" 'wo | sons  and   daughters,    One  daughter,
island sections.    I  would also like to miml„s ogo w||||(. „„ , v|s„ (|) her son | Ml, C].1V Wl.||ih ^.^i,,,.,,;,,^ her, she
point out that even 11 this were not Lucius, became so ill that site could I leaves surviving six sons and three
our definitely expressed policy, the not return to her home with her son daughters, as follows: Lucius R., Ed-
Water   Board,   acting   as   a   Utilities Edgar and^ when death came It was not [ward T. and Edgar A. Cllffe all of Oo-
A. (.'. Lockhart and In
Mra. Laura linker, provincial 11,1,1
director of tlie W.B.A. will pay liar
Official visit to the local review tills
(Thursday) evening, whilst in town
ahe will bo tiie guest of Mrs. M. Pro-
Sid Boys, well known Vancou-
bllllard player, who gave an exhibition In Cumberland some time ago,
won the Western professional cue lit!,.
on Tuesday night, playing in Vancouver against Chris Owens,
unexpected. |mox: Captain Tom Chile .of Vancou-
The late Mrs. ClilTe, who was a mem- ver: Much Cllffe. ol Ihe Boom Camp;
us to make such extensions as they ber of the Harmston family, was the Qeorge Clille. of Headquarters; Mrs.
consider to be to tile best Interests of i llrst while child resident of the Co-. John McKenzie and Mrs Arthur Rar-
,l„. larritnriiu innuiri Imox  Valley, coming here when but a I ford,   of   Comox:    anil   Mrs.   Joseph
mc i.riiioins sir\Lu. |cliihl of six years.   She was born In Thomson,  oi   Courtenay,    There  are
"I trust the foregoing will clear up. E,1Kinr„| and wns one or llle early set-i also twenty-two grnlid-rhildrcn.
any fear that may have existed with  Hers who came to Comox by way of|    It |las |„.(.n suggested that so out-
regard to the possible development of ""' H«'ii sixtv-ciglit years ago. coin-i ,,.,,,,1,,,,, „„s Mr8. cll|t,, ln lhc Iifc ot
ramnhell River hv the  n   r   Fleelrlr' "" lh'' "lcl    Cl'lcs,l,al    l0 Victoria and,,,,,,  eolnmilllltv   that   a  public  monu-
Campbcll BIVOI   by the  B. C. Elcitlit Uu,|1(.(, ,„ 0omoX bv canoe.   On arriv- ,„    .,       , „        ^     ,
Railway  Company." I al in the district her hist day was spent I (Continued on  I age Two)
Commission, has the power to compel
Sports for Young and Old: many
open events: $1,000 in prizes
Spend May 24th in Cuumberland
Football and Cricket Games
Firemen's Competition PAGE TWO
The Cumberland Islander
IT IS probably correct to say that one cannot
get a proper background for Empire Shopping
week in Canada withutit paying considerable
attention to the fact that general conditions in
Canada over a lung period are more stable and
sound than in many other countries, largely due
to the fact that many of her people are of British
Stock, or are strongly affected by British traditions, deepened and improved by long residence
in Canada perhaps, in cases, for three or more
No excuse is needed by any Canadians for holding strongly to the view that the type of civilization and its promise of development as shown in
countries of the Hritish Empire is one that Canadians desire to encourage. It is simply a natural
and right'thing for a Canadian or any other Hritish citizen to do.
Itis suggested occasionally that an attitude ol
this sort may in some way offend the susceptibilities of oni' great friends and neighbors to the
South. How can it when they to a great extent
share the same traditions modified by North American spaciousness and freedom which Canada
shares with them, but modified too by many elements which the most loyal citizens of the United
States themselves would say do not tend to raise
the average of their civilization. Does that not
make it all the more desirable for those who respect Canada to see that her more purely Hritish
and Canadian civilization is maintaned?
Then, in purely trade matter, we all recognize
that there must be very extensive business transactions between Canada and the United States.
Many things, because of convenience, because of
cheapness, because of amplitude of supply, will
always find their way back and forward across
the border.
Certainly no attempt is being made to upset
economic laws.
No country is more strongly seized of the idea
of protecting its own industries and encouraging
the purchase of goods made at home than is the
United States. However, the people of British
Countries   throughout   the   Empire   practically
without exception because of their intimate political association with one another and because
of the frendliness and feeling of kinship arising
out of that association of interest, exert a preference for goods produced or made in their own
country und in other parts of the Empire.
That makes Empire Shopping Week in Canada
come right into line with the public feeling
throughout the Empire. Canada is part of the
Empire. She likes to be. She can benefit as
greatly from the operations of Empire Shopping
Week in Canada as her people or any other people
engaged in producing goods in Canada and the
rest of the Empire care to do without trespassing one iota on good taste or injuring the good
relations existing in any part of the world. We
are simply exercising a natural right in a natural
The pupils in many schools in Canada are going
to be told today something about Empire Shopping week in Canada. The purpose of Empire
Shopping Week in Canada is to bring to everybody's attention during the Week of 25th May to
June 1st and before and after, all of the various
products that are made in Great Britain, Canada,
and other parts of the Empire and some of the
underlying motives relative to trade. When the
Empire Shopping Week comes along and the pro-
duets of various countries of the Empire are displayed in the stores, they will show something
about them and will have special occasion to see
how much is made in their own country, Canada.
| of Kitchen Aluminum Ware
H     ANY ARTICLE AT 15c, 7 for §1.00
US Strainers, Siuiceiiims, Bowie, Pudding Dishes. Pie Platea, Jelly
$| Cake  Plates, Cookie Cutters. Measuring Cups, Children's Cups
"S and Mugs, Funnels, Egg Turners, Cake Turners, Apple Corera,
M S«up Ladles, Basting Spoons. Pol Scrubs and Scrub Brushes, etc
HOW long cun ihe public be fooled into believing in
paid testimonials? How many people are there in
the world gullible enough to believe that whenever
an aviator breaks a record his first demand on reaching
the earth is for a Lucky Strike cigarette; that when a
speed demon raises an automobile speed record he can
only quieten his nerves by reaching for a Lucky; that
whenever a person gets in thc news in any manner he
celebrates by lighting a cigarette and sending a telegnmi
to that effect tb the firm that manufactured the cigarette
There Is not much spread between the faked testimonial
and tlie bought and paid for testimonial. Testimonial advertising is losing out because it is being abused. The
question is now seriously raised as to wether or not advertising now needs a code of ethics that will prevent
the ubuse of time-honored methods of Helling through the
printed word. Honest testimonials, sincerely expressed,
form the most effective basis for an advertising campaign,
but even honest testimonial advertising will not he able
Lo convince people if they lose any faith they ever had in
testimonial advertising simply because this form of publicity is dishonestly used or improperly abused.
—The Financial Post  (Toronto).
of the
Canadian Medical Association
Questions concerning Health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, 184 College St., Toronto, will bo answered personally
by correspondence.
A National Problem
"A dentli In child-bed Is almost n
subject lor an Inquest. Ii Is nothing
short of a calamity which II Is right
we should all know about, in order
to avoid it In future." These words
of Florence Nightingale apply to our
present times Just ns truly as they
did to her generation. We should
Indeed search for Ihe reason why
each year 1,300 Canadian women lose
their lives as a direct result of their
lirinfc'lne new lives Into the world.
The reasons have heen sought for,
and the results of such Investigations.
particularly the one made by the Federal Department of Health, have
shown why these mothers die. What
Is of the utmost importance Is that we
should know how n, prevenl mosl
of these deaths. We know how i„ do
so in the sense that we are aware of
certain things which enn he done and
which,   if  they   nre   done,   will   save
many mother's lives.
i     Most   of   these   deaths,   which   are
; such a tragedy to the home and such
la loss to lhe nation, and which, fre-
I quently arc the cause of many social
| problems, nre duo tu Lhe absence of
! ante-natal care and to the lack of adequate  medical  and  nursing care at
1 conlinenients.   It has been proven beyond   question   of  doubt   thai   when
I ante-natal and confinement cure are
I provided,   most    of   these   maternal
deaths cun Ih,. and actually are prevented.
!    There ar,- two main  reasons  why
| women do not receive such eare. The
firsl   one  is  thnt  comparatively  few
I women realize that their own health
indeed, their lives—and thc life and
health of their expected baby depend
upon ante-natal care.   Uoth men and
women should know that the expectant  mother needs to be under medi-
' cal   supervision   from   the   beginning
of her pregnancy,   It is curly in pregnancy,   ns   well   ns   during   the   late
■months thnt the physician detecting
j the first sinus nf abnormal condition
mptly  deals   wilh   this   condition
The Hon. F. P. Burden, Minister of
Lands ln thc Tolmle Government, with
Mrs. Burden and their two sons, paid
a friendly visit on Saturday last to
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horwood of the
Mrs. William Hutton, who raises
quite a few turkeys each year, had
the misfortune to have about forty
eggs destroyed last week and the sitting hens killed by dogs, of which
there seems to be a surfeit in the district just now.
Mr. Ed. Calnan and party had another ot their fishing trips to Echo
Lake on Sunday last and although
through the forenoon the elusive trout
would not bite, towards evening their
patience was rewarded with a good
Mr. 0. Fletcher spent two days this
week on Denman Island, returning on
Mr. J. W. Stalker was at Camp 8 of
the International Timber company on
Saturday and Sunday doing some electrical work.
— 3-IN-l OIL
Canned Pears, 2s, 15c per tin. 7 for f. 100
Canned Ripe i'oas, 2s. ir,e per tin, 7 for  $1-00
Shredded When!, tr.e per packet, 7 for   Jl.no
Posi Tonsties, 15c por pneket, ? for  ?l-(lu
Sanlines in Olive Oil. 16c per Un. 7 for   $1.00
Paciflc .Milk. 15c per Un, 7 for          ?1™
Sliced Pineapple, Hats, 15e per tin, 7 for   $t.0u
Malkin's Besl Tomatoes, 2s', 15c per tin. 7 for ...:  $1-00
Clark's Soups, Celery Vegetable, Oxlall and Tomato—
16c per tin. 7 for   J1.00
Nabob Sliced Poaches, buffet size, 16c per tin, 7 tor   $1.00
Assorted .Jams and Marmalade, glasses. 15c, 7 for $1.00
Christie Qraham Wafers, 1-lb. packet ,35c, 3 for $1.00
Crisp Lemon Snaps. 30c, per lb.. 2 lbs. for 55
Strawberries and Fresh Pineapple
Loral Rhubarb, 6 tbs. for          .25
Vancouver-Courtenay Transportation
Telephone 141 p„ Mill St., Courtenay
Agent in Courtenay: Mr. A. B. Ball
Service and promptness still our motto.
Powell River, Alert Bay and all Way Points every Tuesday.
Courtenay. Comox and Way Points every Wednesday.
Tugs and Scows for hire.   Boats for charter.
Warehouses and Docks at Vancouver, fo'it ot Bidwell Street, and
Courtenny, B.C.
In every sorts of building materials.
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONFS 1 Xlgl" ca"9: 1MX Coul'lena>'
1 Office:   159 Cumberland.
Automobile Side Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
First White Child
(Continued from Page one)
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.   Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
and so averts a catastrophe.
Thc second reason is lack of facilities, distance from the doctor. This
Is a problem which every part of our
community should face and which all
of us should do our utmost to solve.
Adequate ante-natal and confinement
services for all should be a national
Served by all
Relished by all
Endorsed by all
Comox Jersey Ice Cream
Is the Best because itis the Purest, Richest and Tastiest
On Sale at your favorite Vendors
Manufactured by
Comox Creamery Association
Courtenay, B. C.
ment or cenotaph be erected to her
The funeral was conducted from her
late residence yesterday (Wednesday)
afternoon at two o'clock to St. Andrew's Anglican Church and cemetery
at Sandwick. the Rev. A. W. Corker
officiating. Friends and sympathizers
gathered from all parts of Vancouver
Island nnd the funeral procession was
the longest that has been seen in the
district, extending for miles nlong the
Dyke road as it wended its way to the
little church on the hill.
The honorary pallbearers, all old-
timers of the district, were Messrs.'
Wm. Beech. Wm. H. Grieve, Berkeley I
Grieve, J. B. Holmes. Hugh Stewart,!
Bob Grant, Joseph McPhee, T. Beck-|
ensell, A. Urquhart. Chas Hooper, John]
W. McKenzle Sr.. Wm. Duncan. Eric I
Duncan, Joseph Fitzgerald, Harry'
Piercy, John Hawkins. The active
pallbearers were six stalwart grandsons, namely, Joe and Walter Cllffe,
Jack and Wm. McKenzie, Andy and
Harry   Radford. I
What has become one of the outstanding social events of the year is
undoubtedly, the annual fancy dress
bull for children sponsored hy thc
W.B.A. Tbe affair this year will be
held on Friday night of next week in
the Ilo-Ilo Hall when the children,
in fancy dress will hold tho iloor from
8 until 10. After that hour, the dance
will be open for adults, with old ami
new dances, to music supplied by the
captivating Maple Leaf Orchestra. The
price of admission for children will
be 25c, and for spectators, 50c. The
price of admission for tbe dance for
adults will b c50e.
This dance is being held on the
same day as the I'pper Island School
Sports and it Is suggested that you
top off a good day liy attending the
; Commercial
; IL-i>ll4U:!mr.
•Hotel ,.£,
HooniK  Stenm  Hunted
IV. MEKltltlEM), Prop.
Good Service
Reasonable Charges
Orders left al Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
Personal Mention
Mr. Jimmy Cochrane will spend 'he
24th of May holiday in N'anaimo.
Messrs. Alex and Johnny Midaa wil.
spend tlle week end at their home in
South Wellington.
Mr, J. Wallace Is spending his 24th
of May holiday at his home In Nanaimo.
Mr. Chanock will spend this week
end at his boaie In Nanaimo.
Mr. James Adamson and Mr. James
Peters journeyed over the road to Nanaimo this afternoon.
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtenny           Thone  25S
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel In Eveulngs
Telephone 11BK or 24
Dyers and llry Cleaners
Special family laundry rate.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe,
'phone 100, Cumberland will receive prompt attention. A trial
order will convince you.
Telephones: Courtenay, 226
Cumberland 160
They wouldn't
give up
until they got
the party
Mystwj surrounding ii reported long • distance telephone call recenlly caused
Iiie hours' work mid n telephone search through two
provinces siinil when (lie con.
vernation mis lliinllj held the
telephone company derived
only lf> cents from it. Dut.
true to their tradition, the
operators hod refused to give
up mill tires; had solved the
problem und put iiie call
A New Westminster subscriber reported that n man
at (irand Prairie, Alberta,
hud been culling him. Opera-
ators learned thai there was
no telephone connection, with
that point, so numerous other
places with similar names
were called, but to no avail.
An Inspiration t Perhaps
the (Irand I'ralrle man was
calling from a nearby point,
Vancouver for example. Success! A call to a well-known
Vancouver hotel revealed
that the party was there,
mid the full was finally put
The Delicousness of
Golden brown wattles—tasty, crisp and wholesome. . .
so simple to make with a Waffle Iron such as this
beautiful heavily nickeled, full guaranteed Manning-
Price $14.50
sold by
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
To Keep "Closed" Plumbing "Open"
This is a H-in. valve for use on domestic hot water supply
systems for 'relief of damagiug pressures caused by ranges
and tank heaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters'
Laboratories. Inc., and by State and Municipal Bureaus of
Water and Boiler Inspection.
a. W. CLINTON, Managing Director. PitlfJAY. MAY 24. 1929
At the Ilo-Ilo Theatre
Thursday and Friday
May 23rd and 24th
Yon-        :Jfcrtfc^yW'f  .
Hoo mmM$
Girls! j     "The     j    to
Clara j    Fleets    j   sink
Bow  ]      In" a
mttFgfii. V .     ship
Adults, 50c. Children, 25c.
,   Matinee Friday at 2.30
Children, 15c.
Adults, 35c.
Saturday, May 25th
Adults, 35c. MATINEE Children,  15c.
Monday - Tuesday, May 27 • 28
La Rocque
The most
in   '
"HOLD EM   pitueever
WH      screened!
Wednesday -Thursday, May 29 - 30
A daring
drama of life
in the
convict labor
George O'brien & Leila Hyams
; A By-Law to Provide fur the Purchase
of   Cumberland   Eleetric   Lighting
,       Company  Limited.
I WHEREAS by an agreement bearing date the 19th day of December
A.D. 1901, made between the Municl-
i pal Corporation of the City of Cum-
1 berland and George ■ Wilt Clinton, as
i trustee for a corporation to be formed
I (which agreement was entered Into by
; I authority of a by-law of this Corpora
; i tlon which received the assent of the
; I electors on the 9th day of January
i ; A.D. 1902 and was reconsidered, adop-
I ; ted and flnally passed by the Munici-
; pal Council on the 20th day of Janu-
I ary 1902). it is provided by clause 7
! thereof as follows:
I "The   Corporation   shall   be   at
!      liberty  at any time to purchase
! ■    the    said    undertaking,    property
!      rights   and   privileges"   (meaning
j |    thereby the undertaking, property
>      rights and privileges of the Cum-
; I    berland   Electric   Lighting   Com-
» I    pany Limited)  "at such price as
may be agreed upon by them and
the Company, and in case of difference at such a price as shall
be determined by two arbitrators,
one to be appointed by each party
in   difference,   or   their   umpire,
subject to the provisions of the
Arbitration Act or any then subsisting   statutory   modification   or
re-enactment thereof."
AND WHEREAS it is desirable at
the present time to purchase the said
undertaking, property rights and privileges.
AND WHEREAS the Municipal
Council has been advised that a sum
not exceeding Forty thousand Dollars
($40,000.00) will be necessary to be
raised by way or debentures for the
payment of the said undertaking, property rights and privileges.
AND WHEREAS it is Intended to
charge the repayment of the said Debentures upon the earnings of the said
undertaking, property rights and privileges when acquired, and the estimated amount of the rentals or rates
ind charges of the said undertaking
chargeable for the year 1929 is Twenty-five thousand Six hundred and
Sixty-one and 52-100 Dollars ($25,-
AND WHEREAS no amount of money has already been charged upon, the
said rentals or rates and charges.
AND WHEREAS it is proposed to
give in addition the guarantee of the
municipality for the repayment of the
principal sum so to be borrowed together with the interest thereon, and
it is estimated that no amount will be
required to be set aside out of current
revenue of the municipality for the
payment of principal and interest of
the said debt.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the City
3f Cumberland enacts as follows:
(1) For the purpose of purchasing,
operating and maintaining works for]
'.he supply of electric light and elec-,
trie power to the Municipality, and to
localities adjacent thereto, the purchase of the undertaking, property
rights and privileges, both within and
without the corporate limits of the
Corporation of thc City of Cumberland, for and on behalf of the Corporation, from the Cumberland Electric Lighting Company Limited, and
the re-conditioning of the same, If j
necessary,  is hereby authorized. |
t'2) Thc Municipal Council of the
Corporation of thc City of Cumberland
■is hereby authorized to settle with the
Cumberland Electric Lighting Company Limited on such sum as the said
Municipal Council shall determine not
exceeding In the aggregate the sum of
Forty thousand Dollars t$40,000.00> as
the full purchase price of the said
undertaking, property rights and prl-!
vileges, and in case of difference and
that such sum shall not be accepted
by the Company the said Municipal
Council shall proceed to nominate an
arbitrator and proceed to arbitration
under the provisions of the said agreement, and under the provisions of the
Arbitration Act.
(3) For the purposes aforesaid it,
shall be lawful for the Mayor of the
City of Cumberland to raise, and he
is hereby authorized to raise by way
of loan from any person, persons or
corporations who may be willing to
advance the same on the credit of the
Debentures hereinbefore mentioned,
the sum of Forty thousand Dollars
($40,000.00), and to cause the proceeds
of the said Debentures to be paid into
the hands of the Treasurer of the City
for the purposes aforesaid and with
the object hereinbefore recited.
(4) It shall be lawful for the Mayor
to cause any number of Debentures to
;|be made out, each for such sum of
■ money not less than One hundred
; | Dollars ($100.00), or an equivalent ex-
; pressed in pounds sterling of the Un-
; I ited Kingdom of Great Britain and
; Ireland, at the value of $4.86 2-3 to
;! the pound sterling, as may be requlr-
;' ed, and all Debentures shall be sealed
; | with the seal of the City of Cumber-
!  land, and signed by the Mayor and
countersigned by the Treasurer of the
said City.
(5) The said Debentures shall be
payable within Twenty (20) years from
the date hereinafter mentioned for
the by-law to take effect, at such Bank
in the City of Cumberland, or at such
Bank elsewhere, as the Council may
by resolution direct.
(6i The said Debentures shall have
coupons attached for the payment of
the interest at six <6> per cent per
annum on the amount of the Debentures, and shall be payable half-yearly
on the First day of December and the
First day of June tn ecch and every
(7) There shall be set aside annually during the currency ol the said Debentures a sum sufficient when calculated with interest at the rate of Four
(4) per cent per annum to meet the
whole principal sum of the said De- j
bentures at the maturity thereof. And
there shall be set aside half-yearly,,
and paid, a sum sufficient to meet the
interest due upon the said debt, and
any money so required to be set aside
shall not be deemed or taken to be a
part of the revenue for the general
purposes of the Municipality and shall
not be intermingled with any other
funds of the Municipality. !
(8) The Municipal Council shall ln
each year ascertain the extent (if any)
to which such rentals or the proceeds
of such rates or charges are insufflci- I ''■
ent  for the purpose of meeting the
linvf'illllfi' fii-n     mtmt tnnnrl
payments as hereinbefore mentioned,
and any deficiency shall be paid out
of the general revenue of thc Municipality.
(9» This by-taw shall before the1
passing thereof receive the assent of!
the electors of the Corporation of the
City of Cumberland, and for tliis pur-
pose the vote of the electors shall be
taken by William Horsey Cope as Returning Officer at the Council Chamber in the City Hall in the said City
of Cumberland, B.C., on tlie 10th day
of June, 1929, between the hours of
9 o'clock in the forenoon and 7 o'clock
in the afternoon both inclusive, and
the said William Horsey Cope is hereby authorized and required to give
proper notices and to do and perform
all things necessary and requisite for
such purposes.
(10) This by-law shall take effect
when it shall have received the assent
of the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.
(11) This by-law may be cited as
the "Cumberland Electric Lighting
Company  Limited Purchase  By-Law,
Read a first time, this 20th day of
May, 1929.
Read a second time this 20th day
May, 1929.
Read a third time, this 20th day of
May, 1929.
RECEIVED the assent of the electors this day of June, 1929.
adopted this day of June,
RECEIVED the assent of the Lieutenant-Governor In Council this
day of June, 1929.
WAKE NOTICE that (he above ts a
true copy of the proposed by-law
which will be taken into consideration;
by the Council In the event of the assent of the electors being obtained,
and that votes of the electors of the!
said Corporation will bo taken there-1
on on Monday, June loth, 1929, between the hours of Nine o'clock In the
forenoon and seven o'clock in the afternoon at the City Hall.
City Hall, Cumberland, B.C.
May 21st, 1929.
Will Build  Koad  to Plateau
Pursuant to a grant being
made for that purpose by the
Provincial Government, work is
being started on Monday on the
construction of the trail into the
Forbidden Plateau. Mr. Bruce
Towler has been placed in charge
of the work und is now getting
his  "gang"  together.
That is one reason
for buying it—another is that its
double richness improves every dish in
which it is used.
May we eend you,
free, our illustrated
recipe book? Write
%*2fc*i«. (kMmiUd
h  r_u_
HEU.n  .UUxntKAL
To Plymonth-Harre-London
Ascania May 31. July 5, Aur. 2
Alaunia June 14, July 12, Aug. 9
Auranla June 21, July 19, Aug. 16.
Ausonla June 28, Julv 26, Aug. 22.
To Plymouth-Haire-London
Carlntliia May 31.   t'armnnia June
To Qumnstown & Llrorpool
Franconla June 1,     Laoonia June 8
To Caorboarg & Southampton
Aqultanla May 29. June 19, July 7
Berengarla June 5, 26, July 16, Aug. 7
Mauretanla June 12, Julv 24, Aug. 16.
To Qneenstoim & Liverpool
Franconla June 2.     Scythia June IC
To Londonderry & Glasgow
Caledonia June 1, Cnmeronia June 8
To  D«lfa*)t-IilrerpooNOiusgoi<7
Athenia May 31, June 28(J'ly 2G, Aug. 23
Andania June 7. July 5, Aug. 2, 30
Letitia June 14, July 12, Aug. !t
Antonla June 21, July lit, Aug. 10
.Money Orders, Drafts and Travellers'
Cheques  at  lowest  rates.    Pull  Information from Local Agents or Company's Offices.  022   Hastings  St.  W.,
Vancouver, B. C.
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. nf Uunsmulr Ave,
Opposite  llo-llo Theatre
Opposlle  Ilo-Ilo Theatre        |
Cumberland, B. C. !
Practical Barber & Hairdresser. ;
Children',, hair cut any stylo 35c j
Ladies' hair cut any style 50c   :
Follow the Crowd to
IBT.T.T.SBrB:—•-—'-'-————— — -" — — — _____ —
*#******##**##*#*#******##***•!:■******:<■•:<•«■■:- ■>•■::•« ***************************
Big 24th
Of May
Over $1,000 in Prizes
Best Decorated Float
Best Advertising Float
Best Decorated Automobile    -
Best Comic Group  -
Best Decorated Bicycle   -
Best Character Representation
Best Advertising Character   -
Best Comic Individual    -
Best Group, 3 or more representing Sportsmen,
confined to Public and High Schools of the District,
1st prize $10.00 2nd prize $5.00
JBOHBOOeeOC^rr.r.r .r-r-r-..- — ~". --.~-rrrr»..F.iC«er;-5r,-c«Bj
Crowning of the May
Queen immediately
after the Parade
Sports for Young and Old
Valuable Prizes for Men's 100 yards, 220 yards and
1 mile, open events, also Men's High Jump,
open; Special 4 Mile Race, open;
and Hurdle and Obstacle
Race, open
•r page pour
Kill HAY. MAY 21. 1MB
•     •- k , i ft
Cumberland Personals
For Men
Bill by biltmere Hats, Limited, 6uclph,0nf.
NOW ON VIEW—Some real snappy voile dresses—
sec Ihem before buying elsewhere,
JUST ARRIVED—a shipment of right up-to-the-minute Ladies' Summer Hats.
Sutherland's Dry Goods Store
- Saturday -
NO.  1
NO. 2
AND   25c.   IN   ANY   OTHER
The Dairy
Quality ai the Right Price
We Deliver Cumberland
"Continental Limited"
Leaves Vancouver 9:50 p.m. daily
through to Montreal via Kamloops, j
Jasper, Edmonton. Saskatoon. Winni- J
peg and Ottawa.
This train also handles through!
standard sleeper Vancouver to Duluthj
and Ohlcago, also Vancouver to Ver-1
non. Armstrong and Kelowna making)
boat connection for Penticton. All-
steel equipment consists of standard]
and tourist sleeping cars, dining car
and compartment-library-observation-1
buffet car equipped with radio.
Tickets issued and baggage checked
through. t-f.
Canadian   National   Steamships
SS, "Prince George" leaves Vancouver 8:00 p.m. every Monday for Powell
River. Ocean Falls, Prince Rupert,
Anyox and Stewart.
SS. "Prince Rupert" leaves Vancouver 8:00 p.m. every Thursday for Powell River. Ocean Falls. Prince Rupert,
Anyox aud Stewart.
SS. "Prince Charles" operates on
fortnightly schedule from Vancouver
to Queen Charlotte Islands,
Tickets issued and baggage checked
through. t-f.
Lt. Col. Charles W. Vllllers, general
: manager of the Canadian Collieries
; (Dunsmuir) Limited left Cumberland
! on Wednesday morning for Vancouv
: or. en route for England.
* •     ♦
1 Mr. and .Mrs. C. Woodcock and baby
and Miss J. Langham, of Nanaimo,
i spent the week end in Cumberland,
: the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dev-
* *    *
Pupils of Cumberland Schools will
take their successful play, All Baba
, and the Forty Thieves to the Gaiety
I Theatre. Courtenay. on Thursday.
, May 30th, commencing at 8 p.m. The
I first part oftbe programme will con-
! sist of selections by Courtenay medal
I winners in the recent Nanaimo musical festival.
* •     *
Howsher, the Burnley half back has
i been refused permission to accompany
! the Welsh team to Canada. Owing to
i t]a> many injured players of tlie Burn
1 ley club, the management were re-
; luctantly compelled to refuse Bow-
! slier to travel to Canada. The Welsh
team play in Nanaimo on June the 15.
* *    »
A number of friends called on Mon-
! day evening  to surprise  Mrs.  Mann.
: who with her husband will leave for
Scotland sometime next week. A very
merry evening was spent in singing,
dancing and card playing, the winners
! for the latter being Mrs. Ross first;
j Mrs. Johnston Becond and Mrs. Dik-
j er consolation, Mrs. Johnston on behalf of those present presented  -Mrs,
| Mann with a handsome silk umbrella
and bah' a dozen linen handkerchiefs,
| Refreshments were served by Mrs.
Ewart, Mrs. Auchterlonle and Mrs.
It, K. Walker.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Nanatte iu tho
Cumberland Hospital on May 22nd.
a son.
* •     *
Mr. Arthur Hot'foinz journeyed over
Ihe road  to Nanaimo this  afternoon.
Mrs. E, 11. Hieks entertained at the
len hour on Tuesday afternoon. The
rooms were beautifully appointed with
spring flowers. Among those invited
were: Mrs. Parnham. Mrs. Tarbell,
Mrs. Treen, Mrs. MacNaughton, Mrs.
J, Watson, Mrs. Ledingham. Mrs. Roy-
Mrs. J. C. Brown. Mrs. Conway, Mrs.
Gower, Mrs. Armstrong. Mrs. F. Watson, Mrs. Frame, Mrs, A. Nunns, Mrs.
Symons, Mrs. McLean, Mrs. P. P. Harrison, Mrs. Weir, Mrs. Dick, Mrs. T.
Williams, Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Keeler,
Mrs. Beech, Mrs. Nash, Mrs. Macintosh. Mrs. C. Graham and Mrs. T.
Graham Jr.
| The prize winners for the contest
were Mrs. Hoy first und Mrs. Nash
*     *     «
Miss   Jean   MacNaughton   arrived
home today. Thursday, to spend the
week end.
Mrs. Amos Farmer, of Seattle, arrived in town on Sunday last to attend the funeral of her uncle, the late
Mr. Harry White. .Mrs. Fanner will
spend a few weeks here, the guest of
her mother Mrs. Stevenson, hefore
returning to her home in Seattle.
Mrs. Harry Farnie rreturned to her
Ihome in Seattle on Wednesday after
speudnig tbe past week with friends
in the district.
*    *    *
Mr. and Mrs, Robert Strachan, of
Vancouver nre spending n two week','
vacation in Cumberland.
I Miss Elsie Haggart Is back on duty
at the Cumberland hospital, after being away for two weeks.
* *     •
Dr. T. M. Nloholsan of Vancouver
arrived on Wednesday io visit Dr, and
Mrs. MacNaughton.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Piercy of Minto are
receiving congratulations on the birth
of a daughter, bom on May 22nd in
thc Cumberland hospital.
* *    *
Mrs. R. K, Walker and son, Andrew, Mrs. Johnston ami Mrs. West-
field motored to N'anaimo on Wednesday.
The Hon. Mr, Burden and Mrs.
Burden and two sons paid Br. and
Mrs. MacNaughton a visit over the
week end.
The Welsh Society held a delightful party on Tuesday evening in honour of Mrs. A, Jones who with her sou
Trevor will leave for South Wales
very shortly. On behalf of the society
in a few well chosen remarks, wishing
her "hon voyage" and a safe return
Mrs. Covert presented her with a lovely silk scarf and Trevor with a picture book. After a happy evening
spent In singing, Mrs. Jones served
dainty refreshments.
* *     *
Mrs. Owen Roberts entertained at
delightful luncheon in honour of Mrs.
A. G. Jones, who is leaving for South i
Wales to visii her parents. The
table was centred with a bowl oil
mauve Ulaes. covers being laid for
seven. Those present were Mrs Jones j
and son Trevor. Mrs. Coe. Mrs. W. |
Williams and daughter, Dltlys, Mrs.1
Roberts and daughter Peggy.
Mrs .Blatchford, Mrs. Hammond ond
Mr. B, Blatchford, ull of Vancouver
are spending the week end here, the
guests of Miss Annie Blatchford.
• •    »
Miss Edna Gear and Miss Maude
Baird will leave on Friday morning
to spend the 24th of May in Powell
• •     *
Miss Winona Baird returned home
from Powell River on Wednesday.
* *    •
Miss Madge Bryan celebrated her
thirteenth birthday on the 17th of
May when she had several friends
In to supper. The table was daintily
appointed with a large bowl of tulips
and lilacs in the centre and a birthday cake bearing thirteen coloured
candles which Madge cut. Several
contests were held, the prizes being
won by Sheila Conway and Thora
Keeler. Those present were Mrs.
Frame. Sheila Conway, Audrey Phillips, Muriel  Shortt Thora  Keeler.
* •    *
Miss Blaukenhach, Miss Howden
aud Miss  Winrani. of Vancouver and
Miss Mooney of Nanaimo aro the
guests of Miss Daphne Cannon for a
few days.
Messrs. J. Idiens and H. Goodall.
members of the Cumberlan Cricket
club journeyed to Nanaimo on Sunday
and assisted Courtenay to defeat the
Nanaimo eleven.
• •    *
Mr, W. Milllgan left on Monday for
Victoria, where he will reside for a
time, being engaged on tbe staff of
the Victoria Daily Colonist.
* »    •
Pupils of Cumberland Schools will
take their successful play. Ali Balm
and the Forty Thieves to the Gaiety
Theatre, Courtenay, on Thursday,
May 30Ui, commencing at S p.m. The
first part oftbe programme will consist of selections hy Courtenay medal
winners iu the recent Nanaimo musical festival.
*    •    •
The Junior Rose Court will hold a
whist drive in the G.W.V.A. Hall on
Saturday night. May 25th from 8 io
10. Usual prices. Good prizes and
a good lime assured.
*    «    •
Among  the Cumberlandites  leaving
for   abroad   are   Mr.   anil   Mrs.   Mann,
| Mrs. Kenniare and Mrs. A. Jones and
son, Trevor.
j Winners In Grouse
Mountain Contest
W. R. Harvey, Vancouver. B. C,
$200;  C.  Kndo, Vancouver. $100;   the
; following received $25,00; J. L. Hunter.   Victoria;    Mrs.   Angus   Stewart,
| Vancouver;   Yea  Sam, Victoria;   An
nie Freeman, Nanaimo; Capt, H. E.
Neddou, Vancouver; Carl B. Nicholson. Vancouver; W. H. Lewthwaito,
Vancouver; Ed. Wong, Burnaby; W
Davey. Vancouver; Alex McCullocb,
Vernon; Miss E. V. Day, Abbotsford;
Mrs, James Aitken. Duncan; Airs. F,
M. Miller, Victoria; E. C. Rutherford,
Edmonton, Alta.; A. J. Willemar,
Headquarters; F. J. Summons, Trail;
Arthur J- Hewitt, Nanaimo; The
Dowager Lady Aylmer, Kootenay
Lake; Mrs. W. Baird, New Westminster; Cpl. H. M. Morris, Esgulmalt;
A. L. Allan. Powell River; H. A. Slee-
man, Winnipeg, Man.; Henry Lewis,
Lndner; John A. Freeman. Anyox
Mines; Phillip Robertson, Marpole;
Mrs, W. Wlngham, Prince Rupert;
H. L, Bdmond, New Westminster;
Miss N. Hadock, Vancouver.
Headquarters for Eastman Folding Kodaks, Box Camera.-;, Eastman Films and supplies.   We do first class
developing, printing, and enlarging—
all work guaranteed,
Neilson's Brazil Nut Slab Chocolate QFw»
Reg. iiOc, per halt' pound  UWV
l'canut Lasses Kisses
Peanut Lasses Kisses, per 1-tb. Box  49c
Neilson's Assorted Chocolates, per lb  75c
Assorted Nuts Assorted Fruits
Assorted Hard Centres Assorted Creams
Per Hag   25c
 * * *	
Lang's Drug Store
"It Pays to Deal at Lang's"
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sutherland. Lake
Cumherland, desire to thank those
who arranged the shower for their
benelit. and all those who kindly donated, and take this means of doing
The family of the late Mr. Harry
Whyte take this means of thanking
all who so kindly loaned cars on the
occa anolol the funeral of a loving
brother and for tho many beauitful
oral tributes received.
The -Confederation" resumes service May 21st operating on fast schedule Vancouver to Toronto, leaving
Vancouver daily at 10:30 a.m. via
Kamloops. Jasper. Edmonton, Saska- [
toon, Rcf'ina, Brandon and Winnipeg.1
Early morning arrival at Toronto en-!
sures connection wilh morning trains I
to all parts of Ontario.
All-steel equipment consists of stan-;
dard aud tourist sleeping cars, dining
car and com pa iiment-library-observa-
tion-buffet car equipped with radio.
Tickets issued and baggage checked!
through. t-f.
Charlie Dalton
Meets Boat at Union Day Every
Sunday Morning
Personally Conducted Triangle Tour
The fourth annual personally conducted triangle tour of British Columbia will leave Vancouver 9:00 a.m. July
22nd. All expenses included, total cost
Si 10.00.
This is an ideal holiday as entire
journey from Vancouver to Jasper
Park and Jasper Park to Prince Rupert will be covered in daylight. Party
\ull return from Prince Rupert to Vancouver by the popular SS. "Prince'
George." Varied entertainment at all
stopover points, t-f.
i   Summer excursion fares to Eastern
=   Canada  and   United  States points on;
sale by Canadian National Agents, ef-!
".' fectlve May 22nd. t-f.!
i I
no oo
^ MAIL this/
MAN  22 to OCTOBER 31
Take lhe opportunity of lower
fares t<> go East litis summer.
Travel   Canadian   National,    W
"The  Scenic   Route"  Go  via
H*4fM$      Prince Rupert, oi all nil (nun
Vancouver   .   .   .   sec mighty
Mount Rohson   .   .   .   jasper
, h.     National Turk.   .  .      Stopover
ll.i.jljyj    privileges grained  throughout
S jUt**-"'    '''''   \v~''''m     Sleeping   and
I'S''yy*rrtA    dininj  car  service  unexcelled.
—£*3\, WrrmMim tr.nv
fL' K- W- 1,lckle> Af*eu'
SS^-- J        'Phone 35, Cumberland. B.C.
ra\>N":r."N. Or   Write:    C.  r.   KAIlLt
ijP ■,',*', JsL Dill   l'i«,n-,,rl
1. !>••» lurchiur «i ■ ti.oo Athn
Mountain Htg'iway Community Spirit
Ticket hat an taml opportunity t»
rtctivr   nni   nl   till    '!)   *«rkl»   tuti
2. Earh week thi priie winniri
shall bi tirtt, nnn>J and tin nam
and arldrtti al ' fti.li prill u uinirr
uniiii'hul Thu* priit winnirt and
t'ii> nrin wfnnen In ritrh tubiequtnt
u«rk lor in* duration ol the campaian
•h,ll lio iiiif i liglblr tu it'Ii' tlie
JI5.000.00  llrniii   Prljc.
.1. Nan-winn.M ot Hie current wttkly
iin/f must purchnM ticket* durina
Ihr lUCCtidlni Mirks ol Hit campai|n
i  wurkly (J
i mini*    (af
nt $15.11(111 (in.
4 Till H3.ODD.00 Grant* Pri«iitiii
,-nilrti in enr «f thr Wttkly
In Winners al Ihr end af Itir
•■■[■' Cnmmonity Spirit Campaign.
i A m-rvjti purthmlHI mnrr tli-in
r   Inkrt   ftill   bl   rlnjltllr   to   fr.f,*.
Coupon Application
Grouse Mountain Highway Bi Scenic Resort, Ltd.
■MO Pender St. West, Vancouver, B. C
Gentlemen:   Please send me
1 Grouse Mt. Community Spirit Ticket
2 Grouse Mt. Community Spirit Tickets      !
5 Grouse Mt. Community Spirit Tickets      [
I auach tlM    i*JS!L_i       for each ticket deiired.
iWSjSfev'! few/ Uy-Sk
t St.
it r
Street .
City   ..
I  uruUriiiiid  tai-h ikWt f mil In mr to dm* OMf iht Grouif  Mmmuin  H ■slimy   i
oner; alto that each ticket mikii ml iiigitilt io participate in taih print you iff
awarding in  your (Irialir Community Spirit Campaign. '
Delicious! Nourishing!
':Well, dear, 1 see you baked my favorite rolls to-
dity!" says hubby.
"Noi today," you reply. "These are from .Mann's
Bakery, but I could not have dont' a butter .job myself,
1 love to shop al that plan'; it's so clean and appetizing."
"The Home of High-Class Cakes and Pastries"
SATURDAY SPECIALS—Lemon Pies, Lemon Tarts,
Apple Pies and Raisin Pies.
7.  E.n-i    lllklt
ablM   ytiii   lo   drive   ytmr
h mnn     (iriiusr     Mllintll
.drill   lirtal-
ily    Hiirrau.
urclmt    in-
r   aitrthl
t,   vau u
$ 1 gives you an opportunity to win $25,0 O O
CLIP out this coupon, mail it in with $11.00 and
you're in thc running to receive a Grand Prize of
{(25,000. No red tape ol any kind. Thirty prizes
totalling jfl,000 will be awarded each week. These
prize winners become eligible to receive thc Grand Prize
of $(25,000. Awards arc made with absolute fairness by
men of unquestionable integrity. Get your coupon in
the mail right now.
Grouse Mountain
Greater Community Spirit Campaign
Vegetables at
A plentiful supply of fresh vegetables is what you
really need in this warm weather.   The very enticing
prices we quote on FRESH vegetables exempts your
budget from any but the most moderate expense.
 * * *	
Mumford's Grocery
"If you get  it  at .Mumford's—It's good."
The Central
barker Shop
Next to Shorty's Pool Room A. GATZ. Prop.
For Ladies and Gents.
Moderate Prices Cumberland, B.C.


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