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The Islander Apr 26, 1919

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Array *
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
Subscription Price, $2.on per year
hack on mi: .ion
Chatting with members ot* his staff at Arges, France, just before
Bailing for homo. ^
Artist Concert io be held in the Ilo Ilo Theatre when Miss Jennie
Taggart and Mr. Frederic Taggart will Appear Before the
Public of Cumberland.
She has taken leading solo parts in
the Sheffield, f Norwich and Bristol
musical festivals, and was engaged
ns leading soprano sololst_ in the
world tour of the Sheffield Choir (Dr.
Henry Coward, Conductor.)
Press reports from leading American, Canadian, Australian and South
African papers proclaim her a great
artist. Coming nearer home the
Seattle Post-Intelligencer says: "Miss
Jennie Taggart may count an army
of friends in Seattle."
Prima Donna Soprano.
Arrangemetns are now complete for
the concert to be given at the Ilo llo
Theatre on Tuesday night, April the
20th, ut .S p.m., by Miss Jennie Taggart and Mr. Frederic Taggart, who
ore touring the Sound and Vancouver
Island, giving concerts at various
It represents a great stride In a
musical direction that Cumberland
slioulil lie Included In the lour, but
there cannot lie any doubt that if
Cumberland mind district, containing
as it duos-n large percentage of muslc-
lovillg people, Is sufficiently made
known of tlie advent of this concert,
Its .success ull! be assured, and should
the first * concert lie well attended
others of a similar nature will follow
next winter.
The two artistes hail from Scotland
and arc of very great repute here,
as they are also generally In Great
Britain, Miss Taggart has appeared
iu Covent Garden and The Thomas
BciH'ham Opera, besides having sung
ln numerous concerts at the Royal
Albert Hall and Queen's Hall, London.
Famous Scotch Baritone.
Her brother, Mr, Frederic Taggart.
Is a versatile artist, equally at homo
in grand opera, oratorios or ballad
concerts. To have been solo baas in
Unit muguillccnt cathedra], Glasgow,
the second largest city In the British
Cmpire, is an honor Indeed. Press
communis and personal knowledge of
the singing of Frederlo Taggart leads
us to anticipate his performance hero
as that ,of a great singer, and the
opportunity that Is afforded the town
of Cumberland and district, must not
be missed by any.
Mr. .Andrew Dunsmorc. organist of
the Presbyerlon Church, Nanaimo,
travels with them as their accompanist.
Dance will be held after the concert
in the Ilo Ilo Dance. Gents, $1.00.
Ladies, Amusement Tax.
DANCE in the Ilo Ilo Dance Hall after the Concert.  Gents, $1.00;
Ladies, Amusement Tax.  Ilo Ilo Orchestra of Four Pieces.
The Ladies Auxiliary of Holy Trinity Church will hold a Sale of Work
on Wednesday, April 80th, a 2.30 p.m.,
iu the Oddfellows' Hall, on Dunsmuir
Ave. tt Is hoped to make this the most
successful event Of its kind that has
ever been held In Cumberland,
There will be an item of interest for
everyone, young or old, fine needlework, clothing, children's garments,
home cooker, ice cream, (lots of It),
fishpond for he little ones, and other
attractions too numerous to mention.
As every article offered for sale will
be moderately priced it will pay every
lady in the district to be present.
The annual meeting of the Board
of Directors of the Cumberland General Hospital, was held in tho Council
Chambers on Friday evening, Chas.
Graham, President, in tlie chair.
The minutes of the previous annual
meeting were read and adopted.
Charles Graham, President of the
Board of Directors, then gave his annual report, which reads as follows:
DEAR SIRS:—I beg herewith to
submit the annual report of the Cumberland General Hospital:
Work of the Hospital
During the year the following number of patients wero treated:
In Hospital April 1, 1918    23
Admitted during the year  244
Discharge      " "       "       244
Died    11
In Hospital April 1, 1919    13
Number Hospital days' treatment 6169
Average number of patients    17
Major  operations    40
Minor "     75
Obstetrical cases     34
Financial Condition
During the year, as wlll be seen
from the Financial Statement, the receipts from all sources was $21,620.85,
and the expenditure $20,503.00, leaving a balance ln the bank in favor of
the Hospital of $1,117.85.
I am pleased to say that the Hospital was able to meet all its financial
obligations during the past year without having recourse to any overdrafts.
Considerable additions were made
to the equipment during the year, the
most notable being a most up-to-date
X-Ray Machine. This machine is of
the latest Victor Slnooke type and is
capable of doing any character of
work that can be done with an X-ray
machine: The total cost of this machine installed was $3,825.82; of this
amount $1,680.75 was contributed by
the Canadian Collieries (Dunsmuir),
Limited, and $1,680.75 by the employees of the Comox District of this Company, which comprises Cumberland,
Union Bay and Bevan. The balance
was met out of tlie funds of the Hospital. The acquisition of this machine
will fill a much needed want and will
be of inestimable benefit to any who
may require It. The Canadian Collieries and its employees deserve great
credit for their enterprise in procuring this machine.
An electric sterilizer was also procured during the year. This machine
was badly needed, as the methods of
sterilizing used were very crude, most
of the work being done on the kitchen
stove This sterilizer was donated to
the Hospital by the Chinese residents
of Cumberland, Union .Bay and Bevan,
to whom the thanks of the Hospital
are due for the generosity.
Alterations tn Building.
The installation of the X-ray Machine necessitated some structural
changes in the building. In the room
used as a nursery the X-ray was installed. The room known as the Loggers' Ward, which was used as an
overflow ward for Orientals, was made
Into two rooms, one of theBC being
now used as a nursery and the other
as a delivery room. The laundry was
part of the main building adjoining
the Oriental ward. This Oriental ward
being too small, it was decided to
build a new laundry apart from the
main building, take out the partitions
forming tho hallway between the Oriental ward and the old laundry, anil
make tills Into one big ward for
Orientals. In order to procure the
necessary amount of money to carry
out these changes a deputation was
sent from the Board, consisting of
Dr. MacNaughton nnd myself, to Interview the Provincial Secretary with
a view to procuring tho necessary
funds, Plans and specifications covering the proposed alterations were
submitted to the Provincial Secretary,
with a request for a gront of $1500.00
to cover the cost of this work.
I am pleased to say that the Government granted our request and gave us
the necessary amount of $1500.00.
This work has now been completed
and is in operation.
A considerable amount of repainting, kalsomining, papering, etc., was
done during the year, the total amount
spent on this work bolng $543.41. •
It was found necessary during the
year to Increase the rates paid by
patients in order to be able to meet
the ever-Increasing cost of operation
and maintenance These fates were
much lower than the general practice
iu tlie Province.
There arc quite a number of Items
that will require the attention of the
incoming Hoard of Directors:
Tlir Heating Arrangements: These
are In very poor shape and some
changes will bo necessary In tills respect.
Tlie Alexandra Ward) This wahl
is in poor condition . It requires ro-
plastcring aud renovating throughout.
Before replastcring it will he necessary to attend to the foundations, as
tho cracking of the plaster Is doubtless due to settlement of the building.
Corridors:    These wlll be required
to bo rofloored in the very near future.
A commencement has been made to
improve the grounds surrounding the
Hospital. A number of fruit trees and
flowers donated by various nursery
companies have been planted. This
good work should be kept up and the
grounds put into good shape, as the
effect of beautiful and well kept
grounds on the patients Is bound to
be very beneficial.
It is very questionable if tiio present hospital building Is worth tlie
amount of money that it will be necessary to expend to put It into really
good shape.
The manner In which the hospital
is laid out, (it having been built one
piece at a time, as thc necessity for
more room arose), precludes the possibility of making an up-to-date hospital out of the present building
The Government now requires that
ten percent of the hospital accommodation be given over to tubercular-
patients, if required. We at present
do not have any accommodation whatever for this class of patient, who require to be Isolated. Under the Hospital Act we could uot refuse to accept
these patients, yet their presence in
the*4 hospital under our present conditions would be a distinct menace to
the other patients in the institution.
The question of accommodation for
this class of patient should be considered at an early date.
.Nurses' Accommodation
The accommodation for nurses at
the hospital is rather unsatisfactory.
The nurses have their sleeping accom
modation on the second floor of the
main building, with a very small sitting room on the ground floor . It is
my opinion that the nurses' living
quarters should be ln a separate build
Ing apart from the hospital, which
should consist of bedrooms and a
suitable living room.
In conclusion, I wish to express my
appreciation ot the good work of the
Matron and her very able staff during
the year; also our appreciation of tlie
immense amount of work done by the
Ladlos' Auxiliary, especially with Ve-
gard to making the recent concert
such a huge success. We also wish
to express our thanks to nil those who
have assisted the hospital in any way
during the past year.
Respectfully submitted,
CHAS. GRAHAM, President.
On motion, the President's report
waB adopted as read and ordered to he
E. D. Pickard, secretary, then read
thc 26th annual report and financial
statement for the year 11118-19, which
wlll appear in our next Issue.
Tho election of officers for the ensuing year were as follows:
President, Charles Graham; Vice-
President, 11. II. Robertson; Secretary,
Thomas Mordy; Treasurer, Charles
Parnham; Directors, E. D. Ploknnl.
E. J. Taylor. Thomas Bennett. Dr. (I.
K. MacNaughton, and Edward W,
With overseas pap, divisional insq iiia, ami complete overseas equip-
nient, this doughty doughboy directs  (lie traffic at  one id* the busiest
centres of Washington. D.C.
LOCAI,   AM)   (*K.\KltAI,   NEWS
Missionary Anniversary Services
will be held in Grace Methodist
Church tomorrow morning and evening, when Rev. Jas. 11. White, D.D.,
Superintendent of Methodist Missions
in B.C., will bo the speaker at both
services.   All Welcome.
Follow thc crowd to the Monster
Sale'of Work at the Oddfellows 'Hall
on Wednesday, pril 30th.
Boys and girls! Save your nickels
for ice cream and candy at the Oddfellows' Hall on Wednesday, April 30.
Ladies! keep your hubby out of mischief on Wednesday afternoon, April
30th. Take him with you to the Big
Sale of Work nt the OddfelloWB1 Hall.
J. H. Milsoin. of Nanaimo. representative of the Scranton Correspondence
Schools, arrived on Thursday.
Chas. Graham. District Superintendent of the Canadian Collieries (llllns-
niuir), Ltd., left for Victoria on Saturday and returned on Tuesday.
Dr. It. P. Christie left for Victoria
by auto on Wednesday.
Don't forge tlie time and place,—
Oddfellows' Hall, at 2.30 p.m.. on Wednesday, April ,10th.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Cumberland General Hospital will meet
at the residence of Mrs. Geo. K. Alac-
N'augliton- on Thursday, May 1st, at
8 p.m.
Eva and Edith Ilickle loft for  Vli
toria by Wednesday's train.
Mrs. James Dick left by auto for
Alberni on Sunday on n visit to
Ernie Horwood returned from a
visit to Victoria on Thursday.
Wm. MalhewBQii left for Vancouver
on Thursday.
Laura Robertson relumed to Victoria on Friday.
Alfred A. ill-nun. who loft Cumberland for overseas four years ago. was
here on a visit (luring the week, ami
'left on Friday for England via New
York and ihe Cunard liner Maurelanla.
Corporal E. J. Crunk, of Ihe Royal
Northwest .Mounted Police, accompanied by Mrs. Crunk, arrived on Tuesday. Corporal Crook wlll be iu charge
of a squad of live mounted policemen,
who will be stationed at thc east end
of Dunsmuir Ave. Their jurisdiction
will extend from Deep Hay to Campbell  River.
, o	
Cumberland Scores  I—1
The Cumberland City Football Team
defeated Union Hay here on Sunday.
April 20tb,by 4 goals to 1. in (he
opening of the local league Union Bay
in the preliminary games with Bevan
and the City Teams on their own
grounds had succeeded in defeating
both tennis, and they came up on Sunday confident of victory. They lined
up a good eleven, but their style of
ploy was not as suitable on ou- local
field as it Is on their own short
grounds. Consequently many of their
rushes were futile. Tlie local -team
was rather slow in getting down lo
the game, but when thoy settled they
showed that they were still acquainted
willi the sport. Tlie game was officially protested by Union Hay. and the
protest will be dealt with by tlie
League. .1. L. Drown refereed the
un Thursday Cumberland met Bevan in tiie second game of the League,
ami although the game was played in
(he evening a good crowd turned out.
The game started rigid from tbe jump
and was full of excitement. Early in
Hie game a penalty kick was given
against Bevan which seemed lo discourage them anil they were Blow (o
rally. Cumberland succeeded in scaring another goal ami the game ended
J -". Walke in goal I'm- (lie local
team played :i line game, showingg lod
judgment ami a good understanding
wiili Hie full backs. Slaughter and
Scavarda showed up very favorably in
tbe defences, and Brown and McMillan
in Hie attacking division. Tbi Bevan
team was mil as formidable e.a anticipated. R. lb-own ami .1. McMillan were
working all the 111111-. Ha-. ierman hail
good Bpeed, Inn went hungry until (he
last fifteen ininutos when they began
in gin- him He )■ n .Is. c Campbell
refereed Hie gam
'lie- League inn,. ■■■•. la aa follows:
\V"ii  Host   Draws   I'ts.
Tiam    I'lvil.
f  Bay
Married in England
A report of the marriage of William
T. Brown, son of Mr. und Mrs -James
T. Brown, of this city, appears In one
of the British papers, which ls as
A marriage was solemnised ut Hie
Parish Church on Tuesday between
Private William T. Brown, of British
Columbia, and Miss Kathleen Mary
Jordan, eldest daughter of Mr. anil
Mrs. A Jordan, of Crypt-vlllus, Sea-
ford. Tlie Rev. S. Shelmorn officiated,
and tlie bride, who v;as given away by
Mr. C. Pierce, wns attired in a fawn
coat frock, with hat to match. Tho
happy couple were tlie recipients
of a large number of useful presents.
A benefit dance will he held in Ihe
Ilo llo Dance Hall on Friday. May 9,
under the auspices of Union Lodge.
No. 11. I.O.O.F. Admission $1.25.
Ladies, Amusement Tax. TWO
®lt? jfelattfar
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, B.C.
SATURDAY, APRIL 20th, 1919
Many women's organizations have
promised their support to the Canadian Trade Commission's campaign to
"Buy Canadian-made Goods" only, if
The value of the British trade pre-
Empire, now actually working, means
millions of dollars to Canada. "The
Canadian public apparently have not
grasped the significance of this yet,
The next big task is to place Dom
Inion trade full on its feet.   Talk of Is one statement made to the Cauadi-
inakiiig trade normal again will not an Trade Commission.
du    To go back to what was normal      Credits   ot   $75,000,000   have   been
before tlie war  would lead to sheer established in Europe by Canada, and
national bankruptcy. $25,000,000 more is likely, but accor.l-
Domlnlon  war debts have gone up ing to  the C.T.C., this  only  touches
roundly   to   one   and   a   half   billion the   fringe  of  the  world-wide  trade
dollars.    The per capita debt in 1914 openings.
was $'16; today il is $270.    Indebted-  o	
ne s abroad is such Una we have to     juix l>* ANSWER TO PRAYER
remit to foreign countries consider- 	
ably over half a million dollars a day.      in Western  India the rainy season
Larger exports Chiefly  will  bring In |9 from June to September.   Lest year
more money, because in the last term some rain fell In May, but June and
exports  alone  pay  tor  Imports. July were absolutely line. Faine prk'03
Hand in  band with this should go began to be the rule.    July 28U was
leas nuying abroad of those things we accordingly   appointed   as   a   duy   of
can  produce  in   Held  and  factory  In prayer,  and   was  observed   by   both
Canada.    Over  400,000,000  a year ls Christians and Mahommedan. In Aur-
alone which, with a little extra effort, angabad tbe Christians used the Llt-
spent on tilings from the United States any as  they  marched  in  procession,
might be made in ntlie Dominion. thus reverting to the custom in times
ihe   Canadian   Trade   Commission of drought In the early days of the
points out  plainly Ihe danger of ill- Christian Church.    At  Badnapur the
difference to our financial position. It Mahommedans, bareheaded as a Bign
declares tiiat the country must organ- of mourning, betook themselves to a
ize its peace trade on a wartime scale, place of prayer which they used on
in   securing   foreign   orders   the  old special occasions.    While the Christ-
competttlve system must give way to lans were praying in church the Mos-
co-operative methods.    Business men lem procession streamed forth.   Three
must act together to get the outside days afterwards partial rains fell ln
trade   and   then   subdivide   it  among the mountainous part of the district,
their factories in the way which
makes for the best interest of our own
people, giving steady employment for
fifty-two weeks in the year to all who
are willing to undertake a full day's
work for a-full day's pay.
Let everyone in the Dominion take
up Hie slogan: "Buy Canadian-made
Goods,"-—to redeem Canada's financial
 "for the glorious privilege
Df being independent."
but the distress continued elBewhere.
A survey of land is being made in
ihe Fraser Valley by the Dominion
Research and Enquiry Committee to
ascertain Its value for fruit farminng
for returned soldiers.
Once a year the Gaekwar, a high
and mighty ruler of India, goes to the
temple ill state to worship the Idols,
says the Sunday at Home, A Westerner once witnessed this sight. Down
the street swung the great procession.
Before His Highness, who rode upon
an elephant, a wonderful brass band
shook the air with the blare of its
trumpets and the thunder of its
drums. The medley of sounds suddenly resolved itself into a tune familiar
to Western ears. The Gaekwar's ban*
on tlie way to the heathen temple,
was  playing "Down  from  the Cross
Bjorkdale and Crooked River, Sask.,
are erecting a marble monument to where my savior died."   When he saw
the memory ot the mon from that dis- the \e&a-er 0f the band later, he said,
trii-t  win, fell in the war. »T|mt was a fine tune you were play-
Lieut.-Cul. A. Bruce Powley, a great ing today.    Did you know  it was a
War Veteran, lias been appointed Sup- Christan hymn?"   "Oh, yes," the con-
orintendent of Provincial Labor Bur- ductor replied nonchantly;  "some of
eaux for British Columbia.   He will those Moody and Sankey tunes make
have  supervision  over  tho  Bureaux, fine marches."
which, II is intended, shall be located 	
at every Important centre of popula-
tion in the province.
Eighty students are enrolled at the
Agricultural College, Winnipeg, to
start Hie third two months' course,
beginning April 1st.
Tlie Rev. Samuel Chadwick, presiding at the anniversary meeting of the g
Birmingham Wesleyan Mission, told =
"how the War Cabinet resolved itself s*[|
A Repatriation Committee lias been int0 a prayer meeting at one critical **g|
formed by the citizens of Nelson, B.C., stoge 0. tne war," a message came §§
to help in every way possible to obtain trough from Sir Douglas Haig say- ^
suitable employment for returning |ngi .,We have our Dacks to the wall." =
The War Cabinet received the news =
in silence. Then a member said, ==
"Well, it has come to this now. It is ss
Heaven help us!" The Prime Minister §1
said, "Yes that is just where we are; fgc
it is Heaven help us; so let us ask ==
at Saskatoon, ami 51 are training in Heaven." Probably for the first time §§
private establishments in various in British history a War Cabinet meet =
parts of the Province. ing was turned into a prayer meeting. =
At Hie various- scholls in Saskatchewan there are in attendance 243
soldiers. Of the total, 130 are attending Ibo University at Saskatoon, G7
are in the Vocational Training School
Is your roof stained with
B-H Shingle Stain?
'TPlIE ronf crowns the hoMse —it rnny "make" or "mar" the whole
structure. In shinglc-roofcd houses, shingle-sta.n playi a moit
impoMant part in rounding out th: harmonious appearance of the
home exterior.   We advise the UBO of
either as a stain in which the shingles are
dipped bciorc being put on—or as n stain
for application to thc completed roof.
B-H Shingle Stain It made hy the mala rs of B-H
"English' Paint und Brandram'i Genuine B.B,
white Und. Uke thuc other famous product! ofa
tarnMIS paint house. H-fl Shlnjtle Stain i* "first
choke" .'imniiK piMpli: whn kn iw nnd appreciate
g io ! paint.
Wchave it in many beautiful shades—a shade for
every conceivable color-scheme. The manufacturers
of n,i si.im describe it rs "TOP quality for the
house" TOP" an'l that description is completely en-
dorsti \>y ourselves. WeknowItoveMopsallother
similar products,
B-H Products
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For Interior Plnlah-
I nit—"China-Lac"
li-H Porch Floor
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Planter Ceilings and
B-H "Freaeoaette"
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Imperial Barn Paint
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Invictus Shoes—"The Best Good Shoe for Men."
License No. s-maa-i
Arrived this Week
Direct from the Factory
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Roll-Up Slabs, Pillows.
Dining Chairs, Kitchen Chairs, Rocking Chairs.
Morris Chairs, some very fine ones.
Couches, Bed-Lounges,
Kitchen, Parlor and Extension Tables.
Chiffoniers, Buffets, etc.
Work the Hook Slowly to Recall
the Telephone Operator.
A small signal lamp flashes in front of the telephone operator when you work your receiver hook
slowly up and down to attract her attention. A quick
rattling of the hook does not operate the lamp.
The filament of an incandescent light will glow for
a fraction of a second after you turn the switch. Give
the switch two turns, rapidly, and the light seems to
burn without an interruption..
So with he switchboard signal lamp. It operates
when—and only when—the receiver hook is worked
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
This extra fine assortment of Furniture is now en
sale on the 2nd floor of the Magnet Cash Store.
Phone 31
The Magnet Cash Store    g
U. WATANABE, Proprietor.
Ladies' and Gents' Suits
Made to Order.
P.O. Box 43.
Cumberland, B.C.
of the DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
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Silver Top Soda Water jg fef Pure
Cascade Beer
The Beer Without a Peer.
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WHEREAS, certain mischievously inclined persons have tamp- |3
ered with ihe valves on the mains of this company, thsreby S5
allowing a considerable amount of water to run waste, we =3
therefore wish to point out hat it is a serious offence to 9
tamper with such valves, and should the offending parties B
be apprehended they will be prosecuted to the very fullest =
extent of he law. S3
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
P. O. 314
ALEX. MAXWELL,' Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
•prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
i storage if desired.
Phones ! and 61 Cumter!r.nd, B.C.
Marocchi Bros.
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
 License No. 8-25180
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load)...$4.00
First ("lass Accommodation.     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumberland, H. 0.
cleanse No. 10-lii 8
AcciGLiiL liiburHnce
Cumberland, B.C.
New Home Bakery
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
*if ies, etc.
Wedding Caket a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland.
License No. 0-1172
The regular annual meeting of thc
Board of Directors of the Cumberland
General Hospital wlll be held In the
Council Chambers on Friday, April
20th, commencing nt 8 p.m.
E 11     I rye P.I), Secretary,
t' ■ e -al Hospital,
Help the Y.M.C.A. Finish its
Work For Soldieirs
Help the"Y" Construct the Manhood
that will Re-construct Canada
ALL the world now knows that the Red Triangle of the
Y.M.C.A. was the " Sign of Friendship " to thousands
of your brothers, sons, nephews, cousins and neighbours'
boys in the last four and a half years. Wherever the Canadian Soldiers went, the "Good old 'Y'" went too. And
now it is coming back home with them!
For the support which has made possible the war work
of the Y.M.C.A. we thank you. Your money has been well
expended.   We have rendered full account.
We ask now your continued sympathy and support for
Red Triangle Service for our Soldiers during demobilization,
and for Y.M.C.A. work for Canada generally during the Reconstruction period. The Annual Red Triangle campaign
will be held throughout Canada May 5th to 9th, 1919. The
objective is $1,100,000.
The Y.M.C.A. will keep its
chain ol Sei vice- unbroken
'    till iki end.
For Our Men Returning
For the soldiers and their dependents, returning
from Overseas, we have provided as follows:—
1. A Red Triangle man on board every ship when It leaves
Great Britain, with a full equipment of games, gramophones
and records, magic lantern, literature and writing materials.
Where possible, also a piano or an organ. Lectures, concerts,
•ing songs, instruction re Government repatriation plans, and
Sunday Services.
2. Red Triangle comforts and facilities for thc men on arrival at Halifax, St. John, Quebec and Montreal, including coffee stalls, with free drinks, free eatables, cigarettes, candies, etc.
3. Red Triangle men on every
troop train to provide  regularly
free drinks, eatables and cigarettes, Caivadiatv
organize games and sing songs, and ^ ' ■*        -y
furnish information.
4. Red Triangle free canteen
service, information bureau, etc.,
at each of the 22 Dispersal centres
in Canada.
6. Red Triangle Clubs in the
principal cities of Canada in the
shape of large Y.M.C.A. hostels to
furnish bed and board at low rates
and to be a rendezvous for soldiers.
8. Seventy-five Secretaries to superintend Red Triangle
service in Military Hospitals, Camps and Barracks throughout
7. Tickets entitling soldier.! to full Y.M.C.A. privileges for
six months at any local Y.M.C.A. furnished.
In addition to our work for the returning soldiers, we have
to maintain the Red Triangle service to the full for the soldiers
in Siberia, as well as the work of special secretaries in Northern
Russia, Palestine and Folaqd.
Red Triatt^Campatfiv
For Canada's Manhood
The Reconstruction program of tlie Y. il/. C. A.
includes the following vitally important developments:—
1. An increased service to 300,000 teen-age boys in the
Dominion—thc development of Canadian Standard Efficiency*
training; Bible Study groups; summer camps; conferences;
service for High School boys, for working boys, in the towns
and cities; for boys on the farm and for boys everywhere, who
have lacked opportunity for mental, moral, physical or social
2. Inauguration of Y.M.C.A. work iu the country, and the
smaller towns and villages lacking
Association buildings and equipment, on a plan of county organizations, l'his will include the
establishment of Red Triangle
centres for social, recreational ami
educational work among boys and
men, in co-operation with the
8. Thc promotion of Y.M.C.A.
work among Canada's army of
workers in industrial plants, both
in Y.M.C.A. buildings and in the
factory  buildings, organizing the
social spirit among the industrial workers of our cities by
meetings, entertainments, games and sports,
4. Thc establishment of the Red Triangle in isolated districts where lumbermen, miners and other workers hold the
front trenches of industry.
fl, Besides these main fields of increased activity for 1019,
we have to provide for enlarged work nniong railway men,
college students and for our campaign to encourage physical
and sex education. Under all our Work wc place thc fundamental foundation of manly Christianity.
For the wives and children
Overseas, dependent upon Canadian soldiers, and for Y.W.C.A.
workin Canada generally, a sum
of $175,000 from the Red Triangle Fund will be set aside for
the Dominion Council of thc
Y.W.C.A., which is caring for
the soldiers' women folk, and
their little ones on the long journey, from Liverpool to Canada,
and is also extending its work
for Canadian girls.
For their sake also be generous when you make your
p*OR the sake of our victorious soldiers and
" their dependents, and the happiness of
their home-coming; for the sake of our future
citizens, our teen-age boys; for the sake of
rural life in Canada; for the sakeof the social
betterment of the toilers in factory and workshop; for the sake of lonely men and boys in
our mines and forests; for the sake of Christian
Society and Canadian manhood—we appeal
to you. Give us your contribution, little or
big.   Be as generous as you can.
Hand your contribution to the canvnsser when he
calls, or if you live where it is difficult for him to cull,
send it by check, money order or registered letter to
the National Treasurer, Red Triangle Campaign, 120
Bay Street, Toronto.
Please Note:
We are not asking for
money to carry on our
work Overseas, with the
Army in Great Britain,
France or Belgium. That
work will continue at its
maximum for some months,
financially provided for by
the liquidation of out
assets Overseas, and will
not terminate till the lust
man lias sailed for home,
National Council. Young Men's Christian Associations of Canada
The Red Triangle Campaign is being conducted under th ■ distinguished patronage oj His Excellency,
the Duke of Devonshire, K.G., G.C.M.G., C.t'.Y.O., P.O.
Hon. Campaign Chairman: Campaign Chairman: Campaign Treasurer! Campaign I'trat"*:
John W. Koss, Montreal G. Hkkuukt Wood, Toronto Thouab'Bradsuaw, Toronto Chas  U'   Bishop, Toronto
is. (Jampbell s
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender ami juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Home-made Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Ham
Hani Bologna
Have you tried our Pickled Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursuay morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 9-3902
1)11.   It.   P.  CHRISTIE
Phone 116
Office:   KING BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C.
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the  HARMONOLA
All the latent Books,  Magazines
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland. B.C.
WM.    MERHIFtEtD,   Proprietor.
Dunsmuir Ave..       Cumberland, B.C.
Canada Food Board License No. 10-4986
Charlie Sing Chong
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Crockeryware and
General Merchandise.
HONO CHONG & CO., Bevan.
A gentleman was walking along one
of the streets one dark night, and saw
approaching him a man with a lantern. As he came up close to him he
noticed by the bright light that the
man seemed as if he had no eyes.
He went past, but the thought struck
him, "Surely that man Is blind." He
turned round and said, "My friend, are
you not blind?" "Yes." "Then what
have you got the lantern for?" "I
carry the lantern that people may not
Htumble over me, of course," said the
blind man. Let us take a lesson from
that blind man, and hold up our light,
bunting with the clear radiance of
Heaven that men may not stumble
over us.
Imports Jnto Australia and New
Zealand totalled $380,000,000 last year
—of which a larger share than ever
might well go from Canada.
The Women'B Auxiliary of Holy
Trinity Church, Cumberland, B.C., announce a sale to take place on April
30th, at 2.30 p.m., In the Fraternltv
Hull, Dunsmuir Ave. Proceeds in aid
of building fund for new church hall.
Rejoicing In the crowning triumph
of the occupation of Baghdad was all
the greater because of the disasters
that had gone before. Writing to tho
secretary of the Scripture Gift Mission
a clergyman sends the following proof
that copies of the Gopels and Testaments issued by the Mission for distribution to the troopB even reached
Baghdad: "I thought you would he
pleased tohear of the following incident One of the soldiers of our parish .to whom my daughter's committee
sent parcels last Christmas, hud a
letter of thanks from one from Mesopotamia; he specially thanked her for
tho little book (copy of youf St. John,
one of which 1 put in each parcel),
saying he had one, but it was torn,
'which lie had picked up In Baghdad.'
I felt tltut a boy who would pick It up
and keep It till he got a better was
worthy to receive it. It was also a
noticeable event, the finding the Gospel in the streets of Baghdad. 'Cast
thy bread upon the waters, and thou
shalt lind It after ninny dnyB."
An old mail nhd charge of a lift
in one of the principal buildings of
one of our largo cities. One day he
was asked by one of the passengers
if he bad not met many queer people
In his time. "Queer people?" replied
the old man, reflectively. "Wo. People
arc all alike—all except one." His
sombre face lighted up a little, and lie
wont ou: "I've met just one person*
in all these years who wasn't like the
rest. She was a curly-haired little
girl from the country. She had novcr
been In a lift before, I took her up
to thc top floor, und as I opened the
door to let her out she looked nt me
with the swccleHt smile In the world-
and thanked me. She was(the only
human being I evr met who didn't
seoni to think that I was a mere maeh-
inc. I think ■ lint she must have died
years ugo. She was too good for this
world." And the old mini was silent
for a lung time.
Don't forget Sale of Work April 30.     A beautiful incident is recorded by
n missionary lu New Koaland. Some
years ago. when he v..is taking his
leave of his people, th,. missionary noticed it Maori suddenly witlularwing
from the company who were about to
celebrate the Lo d's Supper. The native wulked lo the back of the
church, but as quickly returned to
the Couiinuion Tabic, After the service tho missionary asked for his
reason. The Maui replied: "When I
approached the labia I did not know
beside whom I uhould have to kneel.
Then I suddenly saw thai 1 was beside a man who sonic years ago slew
my father and drank lis! blood, and
whom I I hen swore I should I would
kill Ihe first time I should sec him. . .
So I went back to my seat. Arrived
there, 1 saw' In t. e . pirlt the upper
sanctuary and seemed to hear a voice:
'Thereby shall all mou know tliut ye
aro My disciples, ii ye lovo one another.' This made a deep Impression
on mo, and at tlie Bnnie ti.uc 1 thought
I saw another sight—a cross and a
.Man nailed thoroon—and I heard Him
Bay, "Fn her, forgive thorn, for they
know not wlinl they do.' Then 1 went
back." FOUR
Cumberland Motor Works
Auto Repairs,
General Blacksmithing,
Acetylene Welding
Accessories,   Gasoline and Oils
Sole Agents for
The Powerlight Manifold Heater
Gas Saver for Ford Cars
Thomson & Cameron
First-Class Mechanics
Phone Tt P.O. Box 595
FORD and
We have AMBU, the Electric Trouble Shooter. It cost
us a lot of money, but we can save you a lot of money,
because it honestly, quickly and surely locates .the
trouble in your Electric and Lighting systems.
Battery charging and repairing. Auto light and battery
service station. Our Garage Equipment and stock of
accessories are second to none in the Province.
Our Equipment and Mechanical Skill is a guarantee for
Good Work at a Fair Price.
and Machine Shop
Phone 46
Courtenay, B.C.
New Colors and Designs
1919 Stock Now on Sale
Our Stock of Furniture, Kanges, Beds and Bedding
is well Assorted and Complete in all Lines.
Our Special Price For
Groceries This Week
TOMATOES,  4 big Tins for 95c.
FRY'S COCOA, per tin  : 2Sc.
POTATOES, per sack $1.*75
MALKIN'S BEST TEA, in packets, :.2Ib for $1.25
(Each packet contains a coupon.)
New Stock of White Summer Shoes.
K.   ABE   &   CO.
The above-named serial Is the one
which the management of the Ilo Ilo
Theatre have arranged with the Film
Exchange to follow the "House of
"Hands Up" is a Western Feature—
the first put on by the Pathe Company—with such an atmosphere, full
of thrilling deeds, feats of horsemanship and hairbreadth escapes. The
scenery is wild and rugged, as the
play Is staged in the mountains of
Mexico and California.
ttuth Roland, one of the most famous and popular of all motion picture
stars, after a year's vacation, is again
taking one of the leading parts in this
play. Other well known actors, such
as Rastor Walters and Oeorge Oil)-
bardt, are Included ln this, so the
cast is a large and expensive one.
Till* Is a Humdinger! It will keep
you on the edge of your sent.
LEAKS'—These are the big paying
lines of the future. Skilled men
and women are always in demand
In the after war re-adjustment
only trained persons will be wanted.
Start now to learn. Send for catalogue today. WHAT DO YOU
WANT TO BE? We train you 111
electrical, mechanical, mining and
steam engineering. Ship and mechanical drafting. Also courses in
Navigation, Agriculture, Stenography, automobile, languages, chemistry, telephone and other subjects.
International Correspondence
Schools, P.O. Box 1121, Nanaimo,
B.C., J. H. Milium, Manager.
April 27th, at 7 p.m. No morning service; Sunday School at 11 a.m.
Mrs. W. M. Brown left town on
Monday for Vancouver, to meet hej;
husband, Sergeant W. M. Brown, who
is returning home with the famous 7th
Battalion. They are both expected to
arrive home on Saturday.
LOST—Purse containing approximately $100.00. Finder will receive
reward $26.00. Apply to Islander
FOR FERTILIZER and all kinds of
Seed-Grain, see W. Douglas, Courtenay, B.C.   Prompt Delivery.
When purchasing an auto see Thos.
Hudson, of Union Bay, B.C., representing the Auto Transfer of Nanaimo,
and agent for the Comox District for
the (lirevolel. Overland, Dodge, Hud-
sun Six, Cadillac, Chalmers and Re-
imlillc Truck.
The Saturday Evening Post for less
than five cents a copy, $2.50 a year.
"The Country Gentleman" for less
than four cents a copy, $1.75 a year,
Including postage. Authorized agent,
A. R. DORAIS, 632 Broadway West,
Vancouver, B.C.
Spring is here, and it is most necessary that all rubbish accumulated in
back-yards and lanes should be cleaned up Immediately, as now is the time
when gcrm-carrylng insects breed.
This ls especially necessary in view
of the present epidemic in our neighborhood. This town Is healthy; let us
keep it so. Considerate and law-abiding citizens will nedd no other Intimation.
Chief of Police.
Cumberland, B.C., March 29th, 1919.
Owing to the confusion In mall
orders of this medicine, we are
advancing the price from $5.20
to $5.50, nnd paying all charges.
This will give our many customers quicker service.
524 Itli Ave, North) Suskiit i.
New Styles in "LA DIVA" Cor-
sets are being shown this week
Our buyers have coaxed from the busy factory an advance lot of the new spring La Diva models, They
show some new departures, including the latest pinched
waist lines, and also some front-laced models, Thc
prices are so low compared with the value that we
are almost ashamed to mention them, only that tho
make is so well known their quality is well assured.
New gowns will require the new model corsets. Now
is the time to make yor choice. No trouble is too geral
l'r our corsetieres if the result is a satisfied customer.
May we suggest a morning call.
We have an exceptionally large range of the deservedly
popular Corsets—theD. & A. and the La Diva.
At the prices we offer them they are genuine bargains,
in fact many ladies who wore them found it hard to
believe in their quality until wearing had tested them.
Price $3.75.
Style 540
Phone 3-8
Plenty New Style Corsets are Gathered Here
There are models for all figures, slim full,
tall and short, all the favorite D. & A. and
La Diva makes. The manufacturers despite
the increase of many raw materials have
been able to maintain their prices at their
usual wonderfully low levels while their designs have hit off exactly the best Paris and
New York models.
WANTED—House cleaning, washing
clothes, windows, and all kinds of
paint work, and house work In gen-
eal. Per hour, 10c.; one day of 8
hours, for $3.00. Apply to Lou Cot,
phone "4, Cumberland, B.C.
TO RENT—6-Ropmed house, with 3')
acros cleared, ready for cultivation
or information nnd particulars, lip-
ply to K. II. HICKS-BEACH, Courtenay, B.C. _^___======,
Make Old Clothes Look Like New
LADIES' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed  1MB
SKIRTS Cleaned and Pressed  I,,w0
WAISTS Cleaned and  Pressed  ■■ *1,00
GENTS' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed  H-** «I,U I2'**
OVERCOATS Cleaned and Pressed  tflM and $1.75.
SUITS Sponged and Pressed  ",Cl
DRESSES Dyed and Pressed  #«50 und up
SKIRTS Dyed and Pressed *'"['0
WAISTS Dyed and Pressed  *'«['0
GENTS' SUITS Dyed and Pressed IS-**
OVERCOATS Dyed and Pressed  $2.50 to $3.00
Phone 104 . pO- Box 191
Crystal   White
Laundry Soap
Commencing on Saturday, April 5th,
For a Short Time Only at this Store.
Six '/2lb Cakes of Crystal White Soap
For - '	
One  15c. Cake of  "CREME  OIL"  Toilet Soap
FREE with every 50c. Purchase of Crystal White
Soap. '
Obtainable Only al
Licence No. 8-17268.
Phone 71


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