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The Cumberland Islander Apr 6, 1928

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 I WkaM
lliiiiiiiiliiiiniiai. laiaiaaiiiiiia
!    "THE COHENS AND   |
J a
: It's a Scream! j
Cumberland Islander
At tha
This Week-end
With which la consolidated the Cumberland Sens.
FRIDAY, APRIL 6th, 1928
Cricket To      |Good Attendance
Start MondayiAtChurchTea
The Courtenay Cricket Club will
start their season's activities on Easter Monday, weather permitting, when
the President's team will appose a
team chosen by the vice-president.
Tlio Courtenay ball park la undergoing
extensive alterations and lt '1b very
doubtful If the field will be ready by
Despite the inclement weather a
good crowd turned out to the afternoon tea and sale of work which was
'held on. Wednesday afternoon of this
week In the United Church Hall, under the auspices ot the Cumberland
United Church Ladles' Aid.
Very many tempting delicacies were
on display at the ihome cooking and
Candy stalls,  while  the  work  stall
the end of May.   The Courtenay Club  ....   „       ,    ,  ,     ... ,.,,
v. . i ..     »....       «.!*.-" alB0  was   Ioaded   with   prettily  em-
have suggested May 24th as the date.
for the drat game with Cumberland!
and It is very probable than the date i
will be acceptable to the local club.'
At the present time, tbe president of
the Cumberland Club, Rev. E. 0. Ro-'
bnthnn Is absent from the city and I
with  Easter holidays  coming on,  It |
is impossible tor the locals to ihold a
meeting   until   next   week,   .but   the
secretary is of the opinion that the j
date suggested will be acceptable to I
the club.
The Cumberland Cricket ground
has been put in fairly good shape.
The pitch itias been seeded down and
given a little warm weather, a playing surface should be ready by the end
of May. The fence has been repaired
and it is expected that a few ot the
members will be down n't the grounds
broidered articles.   An excellent tea
was provided by the members of the
The financial result of the event
was satisfactory, well over a hundred
dollars being taken ln.
Liberated In
Succesful Smoker of Cumberland
Rod and Gun Club
Union Bay
Pioneer Laid
ToJIer Rest
Funeral of Well Known Lady
Held Wednesday—Came to
District 47 Years Ago
Another interesting link ln the
chain of old timers was broken on
Monday dost, wthen Mrs. Charles
Hooper died at her home at Union Bay
at the age of sixty-three years. The
deceased lady was a native of New
Brunswick, and came to the district
with her parents In 1881, locating at
the Stewart farm at Comox. In 1884
after her marriage to Charles Hooper,
she removed to Little River .
Mr. Hooper himself was one ot the
earliest employees of the late John
Dunsmuir, in 'his Cumberland mining
Hornby Island
Youth Found
Dead on Beach
Surprise On
Ernest McDonald
Mr. Ernest Macdonald was surprised at his home on Wednesday evening of this week several of his
friends entering the house and giving
Large Number. Attend Funeral ^jj** A TOjr mer,ry and "*»* I E"""«. thelitVS* now on the «,
of Hornby Island Youth        . ,fg 7" Z™1, ltt " mU8lc from En8""ld *> «■*• w the v™!
-     -   - a"° llnncl"8-   Half w^ through the er-Nanalmo run,
evening a dainty supper was served
V.C." Hero
Elaine's Skip
by Mrs. MacDonald assisted by the
Misses Edith Hood, Jessie Brown and
Sadie Brown.
Among those present were the Misses Jessie Brown, Sadie Brown, Irma
Knowlton, Isabel Herd, Edith Hood,
Maud    Baird,    Margaret    Robinson.
Tho funeral of the late John Ford
Strachan, of Hornby Island, who was
drowned last Thursday took place on
Sunday last trom the Sutton Undertaking Parlors, Courtenay, Rev. W.
A. Alexander officiating. A large
number ot friends and s.nipathrzers
attending to pay their last respects, i °wen Emi»">»<l *'^rs. Leslie Dando,
The finding of the unfortunate bay's Archle Dlck' Geor<-'° Brown, Wiliam
body on the beach at Hornby Island | Bcn,nle' Goorge W' Brown' wlllltt»>
last Thursday by the father evoked the! Brown' John Auchterlonle, Tom Dunn
sympathy of the entire district.   The M Ernest MacDonald.
boy had set out to meet his father, but I	
the latter being later than he nntlcl-j COUftenaV  Man
A   "V.O."   captain   of  the   British
Navy Is in, command of the Princess
now on the way
i up the Vancouv-
operatlons. Eventually Mr. Hooper pated, did not see the youth and pro-
took charge of the coke ovene and re- ceeded to his Ihome, arriving there
moved to Union Bay, in 1890, living at! about three in the afternoon. They
the Bay ever since. Mrs. Hooper's I were net at all uneasy about tbe lad's
reminiscences of the early days of Hie absence, thinking he had probably
district were always very entertaining,: gone to visit some relative.   Mr. Stra-1
Buried at Sandwick
He Is  Captain R. N.  Stuart VC
D.S.O., R.N.R., who had a moat dJ*
tinguished career during the war He
won his V.C. while serving with' the
"Q' ship Pargust
In June, 1917, while disguised a* a
British merchant vessel, the Pargus
was torpedoed at very close range.
A "panic party" abandoned the ship
and decoyed the submarine •within
50 yards of the Pargust which Immediately opened are with her guns.
The submarine took a heavy lilt
and her crew clambered out of the
conning tower, holding up their hands
The Pargust ceased lire but the «ub-
marine began to move away. The
Pargus opened Are again and the last
C/,U»I«M    U.:~  that 0a'pta"1 Stuart aaw •* the •ub-
aCnO I arSnip  marine's crew ,w
Is Awarded
■was one man clinging
to the bow as she went down.
The Cumberland Rod and Gun Club j picturing, as she did, the four reel-1 chan did a little work round the ranch I Robert W. Ball, Son of Mrs. L. I    Tlie   Pr>ncess  Elaine   (2,000  torn)
can. now boast a membership of one | dents of Comox, the weekly mall and I and in company with his other sons.!     U j^\  Continues Success-     ' wa8  DUUt  'or *■• Canadian  Pacific
hundred and thirty.   This information ] freight  service,  and  the excitement . proceeded to cross, the tide flats with
during the holidays to do a little more i was conveyed to the members of the I caused1 by the building of Mr. Mc- i the  express   purpose  of  loading  up
cleaning up.
Cumberland Soccer
Stars To Meet In
I club by the secretary, Mr. J. L. Brown! Phee's first building on what Is now J some supplies on his launch,
at a most successful smoker held in | the City of Courtenay.
i the Eagles, Home on Saturday even
; ing last.    Mr. Brown, In the course I husband, brother (Mr. H. Stewart, of | his son lying face up on the beach
ful Career
Scholarships valued at more than I
| Company   by   Messrs.   John   Brown
j and Co., Clydebank.
..,   . ,   ,k  „      W°y aCrMB tb6 fatDer r3, th°Ck0t!  ^OOOtavebeenawarded^tosixgrad-'PrinrPSQ   Par   Tn   R*
The deceased lady Is survived by her! by the discovery ot the dead body of, uatM Q. t-    DnIv„.Ity 0,.„rlltoh Co-  rn"teSS   fOl    10   DC
: of his remarks, asked for tihe support
: of all the members In making the local
| club a real live organization and In
Province Cup Game the ma"e(r of tae™»* raemberahl,\ tw w,„„ ,,„,,„ ,„. „„„, „„
» i urged all to try and induce sportsmen!tlme.  having  undergone several  op-
I throughout the district to Join.   The I orations at the Cumberland General
club has been very successful since its j Hospital.
Inception and has been Instrumental I    Tne funeral took place on Wednes-
Vlsltors from Cumberland to Vancouver this week efid will have the opportunity of seeing several old Cum-
Courtenay), and sister, Mrs. J. W. Mc-jiwlth an overturned skiff about one!
Kenzle,    also   of    Courtenay;    two, hundred yards further on.
daughters and five sons.   Mrs. Hooper i    The matter was at once reported to'
had been ailing for some considerable j the  Provincial  Police and the body j
taken to Courtenay.   On Friday morning  last,   the  Coroner,   Dr.   McPhee. i
berland soccer players In action ,wnen jln the g*me *»»*••* <* the provln- j day from the family residence, intor-
the Wood Fibre team and the Lady-jclal government doing a great deal ofj ment taking place at the Sandwick
' . . ■•-   .        „     , work i Cemetery.   The funeral arrangements
smith team clash in a Province cup .    ,.    ,,„_._   , 0„„„,. ,,„..„,.
„.    ,     m ..   ...        ... Tho   i„„,i   ~_m-   „,„.j„„    »»■   w ;were ln the hands of Sutton's Under-
game.   Stanley Talt, the well known i    T>>e   local  game .warden,   Mr.   W.
goal keeper, who toured New Zealand Fenton was present and advised tha |,;,ltlng    ariors, lourtenay,
with the all star Canadian team is!chlb J»3t what the department wasj i      11   T
now wllih the Ladysmlth team.   Tail! «oIl>S ln th= preservation of game and £>aSeD3ll   LCagUC
was fro a short time with the Canad-: the introduction of new stock.   Dur-
ian  Collieries  team,   the   team   that  ln8 the past few weeks the warden
made history in the Connaught games I nas received two shipments of young
of a few years ago.    Opposing him! Pheasants which have been liberated
will be several old Cumberland .play- iln the district.   The warden also In
lumbia by the National Research I
Council of Canada, according to advices received from Ottawa.
These awards are made each year
of the most promising graduates of'
Canadian universities and technical
the supply of highily-trained research
Under Way?
According to a report appearing in
ers who played on the same team asjtlmntsd that It .was the intention of
Ta.lt and helped to make football his-1 the department to introduce wild tur- j
~  a Courtenay paper, a baseball league i Fire Department.    Help the  firemen
„ tory nt Winnipeg, namely, Monaghan.; keys into the district this year, and
Hitchens, Brake and Stewart.
Wood Fibre and Ladysmlth are: In the very near future,
billed to meet this Saturday ln the : During the evening a most success-
Province Cup, the game being played ful smoking concert was held at which
at Athletic Park on Saturday at 3 well known local talent excelled them-
p m. Several automobile parties from j selves. The following contributing to
Cumberland are making the trip and i the success of the gathering: Me3srs.
will renew acquaintances with our j H. Jackson "Buckskin" Gtbsoni W.
football  heroes.
is in Its Initial stage of formation and | by buying a ticket from them.
to Include seven teams, Alberni, Court- j    Friday and Saturday, April 13 and
that muskrats will also be tried out!e:uy' Nanalm0' c»""'»rlaI"1' D"«e», j 14, Syd Chaplin In The Missing link■
I Chemainus and Victoria. The Island-1 Coming to the Ilo-Ilo Theatre—Tim
! or scribe ma'de a few enquiries round j Battle of the Coronel and Falkland
Cumberland and as far as he could j islands, a mighty drama of Britain's
ascertain, there will be no baseball | might at sea with 40,000 men and 35
team here. The officials behind the ] Battleships,
last Cumberland Baseball Club are not
very enthusiastic over any proposed
i Herd, Q. J. Richardson, Sam Williams,
i Junr., Sam Williams Senr., H. Doch-
I erty, J. Murray, Mayor Alex Mai-
! well, "Watty" Williams, Ed. Morris.
: Anrdew Bogo, G. Brown, Junr. J. T.
Brown   senr.,   Joe   Horbury,   Matt.
Stewart.   "Watty" Williams mode an
Special Easter music was rendered kj^,      chalrman, whUst Bd, MorrlB
At* -.       TLala-A*!       rilmpnli        1nfi4        UllHrima I k
acted as accompanist for the various
singers. The singing of "Auld Lang
Syne" promptly at midnight brought
to a close a very enjoyable evening.
Special Music at
United Church
at the United Church last Sunday
evening the oholr giving several
beautiful anthems. The anthems were
greatly appreciated by the congregation Heing: "Easter Dawn," "They
hove tuken away my Lord," "Lift up
your heads," and "Christ is risen."
Tibs music is to .be repeated on
Easter  (next) Sunday.
Assisting In the giving of the anthems were Mr. Murdoch, cornet, Mr.
Pilling, trombone, and Mr. Saunders,
The Women's Auxiliary to Holy
Trinity Church mot at the home of
Mrs. J. Gray on Monday evening of
this week with the president, Mrs.
J. Shortt ln the chair. The usual
business was carried out. It was decided that a whist drive be held on
Wednesday April 11 in the Anglican
Used As Excursion
Boat This Summer
The arrival of the Princess Elaine
conducted the enquiry, deeming it un- j ^^^ th^ object" oMncrea"s'ing ™St m°DtU "'" en"Me the R C' <*•*
necessary to hold an inquest. , mmn ,p ^ Domlnlon     TJ)e ap. Service to withdraw the Princes. P..
 rr  I polntments announced in Otawa are trlcia from her scheduled run and free
IlO-IlO      Programme |ror th0 1928-29 a°aaemio year. her to revert to the traffic for which
  I    Brian P. Sutherland who graduated she   was   originally   designed   when
Monday and Tuesday, April 9 and j <™m UB.C. In 1926, has been awarded  Dullt at D„mbarton g    .
., Madge Bellamy In "Colleen" also  a fellowship valued at 11,200.   He will  8ne ,„ t0 „e usTf0r excu^lo^ta.1
continue the research work which he  n$88  c&plaln T «XCttr»lon boil.
commenced at McOlll University last   S6rvice aanomJV' """"*" °' **»
fall,   under   the   National   Research
Council.   Last year he won a student-1      De *aT*er department has for
snip  valued at $1,000 ; SOme tlme deslr6* »• Aversion of «
steamer to handle the traffic In the
CHALMERS  CONTINUES Summmer season out of Vancouver
BRIXIANT  PERFORMANCE. for day excursions.   There are num-
WilHam Chalmers, B.A., 1926 won a erous opportunities for a day boat
$750 bursary in chemistry at McGlll carr5,|l>* a large number of pas-
Unlvcrsity last yea- and this year has angers in the summer, for fraternal
been given a studentship valued nt societies, employees outings and elm-
$1000.   He will .continue his work at |llar us69' but until the Patricia could
be diverted it has been difficult to
find a ship to be utilized In this service.
a scenic  'Ca.ptaln  Kid'  and  comedy
..'Home Scouts.'
Wednesday and Thursday, April 11
and 12, May McAvoy and Charles Ray
In the "Fire Brigade," run. for the
benefit of the Cumberland Volunteer
basebal league. There Is not the sup- team and at this stage lt looks us
port to be obtained In the city of j though the proposed league will have
Cumberland  to  maintain, a baseball j to go ahead without Cumberland.
Chalmers established a wonderful
record at university of B. C. He
beaded the graduating class In 192G
and won the Governor-General's gold
medal.    He captured scholarships ln ,ln 1912"from"Scotland!
each of his first three years.
Robert   W.   Ball,   B.A.,   1925,   Miss
Alfreda A. Berckly, B.A., 1926, Miss M.
H. Campbell, B.A. 126, and Leslie E.
Howlctt, B.Sc, 1827, have been award-
SCRPRISE PARTI. nad several ribs broken and his face I e,, $750 burBnr|es.
Miss Bertha Cameron, our popular! severely .bruised. The doctor was nM wa3 am,0|uted assistant In
school teacher, was given a surprise Immediately summoned and the un- [ cncm|stiT at U.B.C. while reading for
party on the evening of the 2Srd, by' fortunate lad removed to his homo ( h,8 M A dcgree and ,ast year was
a goodly number of her friends, pro-; wn«re he la ooi"8 as we" u3 01n bo | chosen from among 200 applicants tor
ceeding to the house of Mr. D. R. Mac-! expected. , a fellowship in chemistry at the Uni-
Donald where they spent a very! The coach ll Beems im not th8|verslty of Illinois. He is tho son of
pleasant evening together. Alter some ■«»«*"■ t0 **"* ^f,"",c/ « *8! the late Markham B. Ball and Mrs.
1   ,       , ..   k™»„..   in i track, thus  causing the unfortunate
enjoyable   games,   refreshments,   in-| '
. . ™   i-« accident,
eluding strawberries and cream, ice %   ,   ,
The death occurred on Monday of
Mrs. Calnan. formerly a resident of
this city, ut who has lately been resld
cream etc. were Berved,
The fol owing ladies and gentlemen
wero present: Mr. Waller, Wm. Logan,
L. M. Ball, of Courtenay.
Good English Bee
At Bevan School
Laughter Is the Latest Cure-all Em"y
According to His Latest     i —^ =
"°°'t \ the Idea of a ".horse laugh
Herbort and Mrs. Moore, F. A. and |ng at the Calnan fnrm ,|appy Val|oy
Chufch   hall.    Dainty   refreshments j Mrs. Anley, Miss May Anley, Miss C.jTne uecoaBl(,(i ill(|y has only been all-1    On April 3rd, the senior pupils o'
MacDonald, Miss K. MacDonald, Mrs.. )ng ,or a fow (la),s an,i 011 Saturday the Bevan School held o "Good Eng-
L. C. MacDonald, Mr. and Mrs. H. • i00^ a BU,iiii;n mm for the worse from (llsh Hce" under uhe direction of Miss
Campbell, Miss Jennie MacDonald, I wh|ch she never recovered, passing)Edna Gear. So koen was tho corn-
Messrs. C. Vater, A. Cameron and J. aWny peacefully early Monday morn-1 petitions that It was necessary to give
DOCTOR WALSH 1"°*°™*."» T ^ VtZ*, by
  the Misses Lily Grant and Kathleen
N. McLeod.
and the
"laughing  hyena."
The deorease of laughter and the
consequent iloss  of  Uhe  mechanical
according" to"'l>rJ massage  by  the  movlng  dlaphrag,n j accident" Friday morning.   Engine No.
13 explained by Dr. Walsh as the cause 110 whlcll draWs the passenger coacn
Leonard Plket, fireman on No. 10,
met with what might have been a fatal
Laugh and grow fat." for lhe lncrease ln *al>etes  during! t0 „,,„ wh^f, had just made a flying
recent years;
switch a short distance from No. Ii
Laugh   long   and   heartily   if   you
would b6 healthy.
Laughter Is a major Item in prevent
tatlve   medicine
Jamei J. Walsh in his book on the
old saying
Dr. Walsh explains his theory on
the basis that laughter produces me-' "The lau«h m™ wl11 beat all the, n)ine and was returning to couple on
ohanlcol stimulation on virtually ev- ] new-fangled methods of healing," ac- t0 the regular coal trip, Leonard, it
ery organ in the chest and the ab-1 oording to Dr. Walsh. j appears glanced back from the cab
domen  by mechanical movements of     See the Cohens and the Kellys In  window to see It the switch had been
tlie diaphragm. I Parls at the Il0-n° Theatre, Thurs- j properly thrown, when he was sud-
0\'LY MAN LAl'dliS. &*>"• Friday and Saturday—It will be denly caught between the coach and
Man is the only animal that laughs, I a sure cure,
j the cab window, with a result that he
The vessel until brought to Nanaimo
n 1912 from Scotland, was engaged
In the excursion service down the
Clyde from Glasgow, and while her
registered day accommodation ts 900
there are stories current of upward
of 2,000 being crowded on her decks In
the Clyde cruises.
Tho determination to develop the
day excursion, business afloat In the
warm weather will not disturb existing arrangements of other lines. Because there Is assurance of plenty of
new business offering, apart from any
advertised marine excursions out of
B.C. Coast towns.
Aside from the special suitability ot
the Patricia for the service to which
she is to return, the vessel Itself has
been thoroughly renovated In readiness for such an opportunity. After
she came to the const, she had the
misfortune to put a turbine out of
commission nnd this has recently been
replaced after special manufacture at
the C. A. Parsons & Co. Plant, where
tho turbine, as a fcaturs of marine
englnecrlnx originated.
While no decision has been mad*
on the details of the cruises to be op-
ersted, It Is probable Nanaimo will
benefit by the possibility of having a
boat available  more  readily for ex-
ing. Tho late Mrs. Calnan was 001 one .written, and two 30 minute, oral
years of age, leaves a husband and son ; tests before the grand champion was
besides a. married daughter residing: decided In person of Vivian Oystlla
in Nanaimo, to mourn her loss. 13-year old, Grade VII pupil.    Vivian
The funeral took place Wednesday, made but on0 mistake In all the tests
Rev. Mr.  Mistier officiating, the pall   Besides Vivian,  Doris  McKenzle and
bearers being; Messrs. T. Pierce, W. Cynthia Thompson made a perfect j curslons to places accessible'from this
C. White, Jno. Furbow, Wesley WII- score In the oral tests but each mis- port. Naturally, however ,the demand
lard, N. Harrigan, O. H. Fschner.        t spelled   three  words  in   the   written
Among floral tributes from friends test. Other runners up were Joy Mc-
of the late Mrs. Calnan was a cross, Kenzie, Besle Thomson, Gcraldlne
sent by Mrs. J. Colbert and family; Hughes and .Marguerite Hofstettfcr.
of Victoria, the body of tho moment.): Judges of the   Bee" were Mr. Ralph
was composed entirely of white chrys- j Gibson, Mr. John Miller and Mr. Lcn   suitably   engraved  silver   medal.    A
anthemums   and  carnations,  a   mosi Harding.   Mr. Len Harding presented  large number of friends and parents
(Continued on page three) I Vivian   with   the  'Vancouver   Sun's' | were present for-the occasion.
for this class of service has been
chiefly experienced In Vancouver In
the Summer months.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday «pnhpnQ  CinH   K>11v^ ill   Pflrk" A Frisk^ French Fun Fest
of this week at the Ilo-Ilo      VjUI1CI1S>  dllU   IVCliyS 111   rd.115 -its a scream PAGE TWO
FRIDAY. APRIL 6th, 1928
Hot X Buns
of the
Canadian Medical Association
Phone 18
j   Women's Auxiliary, Cumberland
General Hospital
Friday, April 20th
ILO ILO HALL, Cumberland
! First Class Music
Admission $1.00.
Refreshments Served
■*•■■■••••••••■•••••••* ■■•■■■■■■■■■■
Rent the
and BEAUTIFY all your floors and linoleum
QUICKLY without Stooping, Kneeling
or Soiling your hands
for $2.00 8 ^
For Hire by
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
Question concerning Health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, 181 College Street,
Toronto, will be answered. Questions as to diagnosis and treatment will not he answered.
"The Road to Health Is Paved
with Good Prevention"
Almost everybody thinks that the
other man has the easier and bettor
job. There is a general tendency to
ascribe success to luck. In the same
way many communities excuse their
failure to secure health tor their constituents because of some local difficulties and, at the same time attribute the success of other communities to "just luck."
It is true that every place has its
own problems and difficulties. It 1b
equally true that the healthy community has succeeded, not because of
luck, but because its members did
what was necessary to overcome their
Throughout Canada you will find a
great variation as to health conditions
I between places that may be fairly
j compared with each other. There is,
j of course, a reason for this. This
' reason Is not hard to And; it is a simple one. Where the best health work
! lias .been done, their health conditions
I are best, and so on, down the scale
I the health of the community corres-
| ponds to the health work done by the
: community.
!    Every citizen should enquire as to
| the health standing of his home town
] or community, find, out how it com-
! pares with others, ask these questions
| of the local or provincial health de-
| partments.      Every    citizen    should
| then ask himself whether or not he
j and his fellow citizens are providing
| the money and other support necessary to enable the health department
to pave the health road of the com
munlty with sound preventive mea
sures so llhat the citizen may travel
along  in   happiness,  free   trom   the
bumps of disease, the ruts of Ill-health
the   sudden   unguarded   crossings  of
epidemic  and  the  unproteced  precipices of preventable fatal illnesses.
Royston Notes
Mr. Robert Pallister, of Nanaimo,
spent the week end at Royston, the
guest oi Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Doblo.
Mr. aiul Mrs. Henderson, of Royston.
have bought a lot on Marine Drive and
are having a house built there.
«     a     *
Mr. Sam Watson has .purchased a
lot on the Island Highway, next to the
residence ot Mrs. L. Pack. At present
the land is being cleared preparatory
to building a home.
•    «    a
Mrs. Gordon Thomas received al
the tea hour oii> Tuesday of this week.
It pays to have your shoes repaired as they wear
longer after repairing than when "new.
I aim to give the best in Material, Workmanship and
Service at—
Note address— Opposite the Drug Store.
No Ephs Nor Cays.
The following clipped trom the
Rocky Mountain Cyclone, shows how
completely the English language is
adapted for unforeseen emergencies:
"We begin the publication ov the
Roccay Mountain Cyclone with some
phew diphphiculties. The type phoun-
ders phrora whom we got our outphii
phor this printing ophphice piiailed
to supply us with any ephs or ca/s,
and it will be phor or phlve weex
'bephore we can get. any. The naist-
aque was not phound out till a day
or two ago. We have ordered the
missing letters, and we will have i.u
get along without them till tihey come.
We don't lique the loox ov this variety ov spelling any better than our
readers, but mistaques will happen
in the best regulated phamilies, and
iph the ephs and cays and xs and qs
hold out we shall ceep (sound the c
'hard) the Cyclone whirling, aphter a
phaslon, till the sorts arrive. It is
no joque to us—it is a serious aph-
phalr." '
Outdoor taste is well catered to In
the April issue of Rod and Gun and
Canadian Silver Fox News which is
just published. The latest issue of
this sporting magazine contains an
Interesting collection of stories of
hunting, fishing and camping as well
as many useful and informative articles concerning th,8 various phases
of outdoor life.
Helpful articles on special subject*
are included in. Pishing Notes, edited
by G. P. Bladen, Guns and Ammunition, edited by C. S. Landis, and Ken-
I nel edited by C. G. Hopton and L. E.
|L. Taylor.   The Canadian Silver Fox
j News section also contains useful articles both in English and French on
1 the latest developments of the indus-
| try nnd the care and management of
Rod and Gun and Canadian Silver
Fox Nans is .published monthly by W.
J. Taylor Limited, Woodstock, Ont.
ALEX. MAXV ELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.    Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
•P.P.Harrison, M. LA.;
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Main Office
Courtenay             Phone  268
Local Office
Cumberland Hotel in Evenings.
Telephone   115R   or   24
f FABLE ogs
Red Top Relief Valves, $7 each
This is a Vfc-.n. valve for use on domestic hot water
supply systems for relief of damaging pressures caused
by ranges and tank heaters.
Both Red Top Relief Valves are approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc., and by State and Municipal Bureaus of Water and Boiler Inspection.
G. W. CLINTON, Managing Director.
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store wul receive
of all descriptions
David Hunden, Junr.
WINNIPEG. April 2.-A special
train.', emblazoned with the Royal
Arms, slipped silently, into the
Canadian Najonai Railways station
during the night, unheralded and unnoticed except by a few attendants
The special Und as it:, distinguished
passenger, His Excellency Viscount
Wlllingdon, Covcinur Genei-ui of Canada. He is en route to Vancouver.
B.C., from whence he will return on
April 29 by way of Lake Louise.
There was no official callers at tho
viceregal car and the train resumed
its .westward journey after resting
here half an hour.
With his Excellency were Captain
Hon. J. C. Jnrvis, Captain Derrek-
Murphy, A.D.C., and Captain E. C.
Malveller, secretary to the Governor-
house duties with  care of convalescent.    Apply   Islander Office.
Under the auspices of tlle Canadian
National Railways nnd White Star
Line, an All Expense Overseas Tour,
personally conducted, Is planned for
the coming summer.
Tihe tour party will snll from Montreal July 7th nnd will visit Great
Britain/, Belgium, France nnd Switzerland.
The Itinerary Includes motor trips,
visits to galleries, museums, historic
sites and monuments,
Everything along the way is arranged; no attention to detail necessary on the part of the pnssenger.
Complete information and reservations may be had from any agent ot
tlie Canadian National Railways.
for Everi)
Milk Need
DURING the mediaeval period two neighboring towns in
the Old Country had long engaged in a rivalry as to
which brewed the best beer. During a dispute one day in
early spring, between two brew-masters, one from each of
the towns in question, it was claimed by one that the Beer
brewed by the other lacked strength. To settle the dispute,
the following test was proposed: Each brew-master was to
consume a gigantic tankard of the beer brewed by his
opponent, after which he was to stand on one leg and thread
a needle. The loser claimed that a goat that had butted in
through the circle of men surrounding the opponents was
responsible for his downfall. The winner laughingly replied: "It was the Bock
(German word for goat) in the beer." From that time it became customary to brew a
special dark beer called "BOCK BEER" and place ft on sale in the Spring of each year.
may be obtained on Saturday, April 7th, 1928, and thereafter until the limited supply
is gone, from the Government Liquor Stores, in bottles, or on draught in any licensed
place at the same price as regular beer. '
Bock Beer is the BREWERS' TREAT, an exceptional brew of high-grade Beer and
aged (lagcred) for an unusually long period. It is a very wholesome and nutritious
beverage, the highest achievement of the skilled Brew-master. Order early to make
sure of a supply. Bock Beer, brewed by the Vancouver Breweries
Limited, Westminster Brewery Limited, Rainier Brewing Company
of Canada Limited, Silver Spring Breweries Limited, and Victoria-
Phoenix Brewing Co. Limited is guaranteed to be absolutely pure
beer.    Order a case to your home for Easter.    Delivery Free.
Its Unsweetened
This advertisement is not published or displayed by the Liquor Control Board or by the
Government of British Columbia,
j   Courtenay j
■ ■
■ ■
■ a
Lumber & Shingles
at mill prices
Delivered Anywhere.
Phone 183 -
: i FRIDAY, APRIL 8th, 1928
To  BDlfast-LIrerpool-Glnsgow.
Antonia April 27. May 25, June 22
Letltia May 4, June 1, 29,. July 27.
Andania May 11, June 8, July 6.
Athenia Ma- 18. June 15, July 13.
To P'tiniciulili-l'lirrbomir-Lniidoii.
Auranla April 27, June 1, June 29.
Ascanla May 4, June 8, July 7.
Alaunia May 11, June 15, July 13.
Ansonia May 18, June 22, July 20.
To Londonberry and Glasgow.
Athenia April 16
To Queenstown and Liverpool.
Caronla April 14      Samaria April 21
To Cherbourg and Southampton.
Aqullanla April 18. May 9, 30, June 20
Berengmrla Apl. 25, May 15, June 6, 27
"Maurotiinh May 2. 23, June 13, 30.
To  Londonderry nnd  (lliifgow.
Athenia April 14 Transylvania April21
California May 5    Camernnla May 12
To I'lyiiioulli-llnvre-Loiidoii.
Ausonla April 14     Tuscnnla April 20
To Queenstown nnd Liverpool.
Caronla April 15.     Scythla April 29
Franronla January  15, 1929
"Calls at Plymouth, Eastbound.
Money orders, draCia and Travellers
Cheques at lowest rates. Full Information from local agents or Company';
Offices, 022 Hastings St. W., Vancou
ver, B.C.
Vacant, unreserved, surveyed
Crown lands may be pre-empted by
British subjects over 18 years of age
and by aliens on declaring intention
to become British subjects, condl
tional upon residence, occupation
and Improvement for agricultural
Full Information concerning regu
lations regarding Pre-emptions 1>
given ln Bulletin No. 1, Land Series
"How to Pre-empt Land," copies ol
which can be obtained free of chargi
by addressing the Department oi
Lands, Victoria, B.C., or to any Gov
eminent Agent.
Records will be granted covering
only land suitable for agricultural
purposes, and which la not timber
land, i.e., carrying over 5,000 boar',
leet per acre west of the Coast Rang,
and 8,000 feet per acre east of tha
Applications for pre-emptions an
to be addressed to the Land Com
Luissiouer of the Land Recording Di
vision, in which the land applied to:
Is situated, and are made on printed
forms, copies of which can be ob
talned from the Land Coinmissionei
Pre-emptions must be occupied to.
live years and improvements inadi
to value of ;10 per acre, includlui
clearing and cultivating at least iiv.
acres, before Crown Grant van b-
For more detailed information settle Bulletin "how to Pre-empt Land.
Applications are received for pui
chase of vacant and unreservci
Crown lands, not being tiuiberlanti
for agricultural purposes; mlniiuui
price of tlrst-class (arable! land ia ♦•..
per acre, and second-class (grazing
laud {2.50 pe" acre. Further infoi
matlon regarding purchase or leas
of Crown lands Is given In Bulletin
No. 10, Land Series, "Purchase anil
Lease of Crown Lands."
Mill, factory, or Industrial sites on
timber land, not exceeding 40 acres
may be purchased or leased, the con
ditions Including payment ul
Unsurveyed areas, not exceeding Z:
acres, may be leased as huuiesites
conditional upon a dwelling beiiiK
erected in the lirst year, title being
obtained after residence and Im
provement conditions are fulfilled am!
land has been surveyed.
For grazing and Industrial pur
poses areas not exceeding 640 acre*
may be leased by one person or i.
Under the Grating Act the Prov
Ince is divided into grassing districting the rungc administered under n
Glazing      Commissioner. Annual
grazing penults are issued based on
numbers ranged, priority being giver
to established owners. Stock-owners
may form associations for range
management. Free, or partially free,
permits ure available for settlers,
campers and travellers, up to ten
: :
;        Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre        I
• Cumberland, B.C. j
a a
■ Practical Barber & Hairdresser :
S Children's hair cut any style 35c {
;   Ladles' hair cut any style EOo  :
Personal Mention
Mrs.  Jobn   Cameron,   accompanied I
by  her  mother,   Mrs.   Ross,   left   by j
■Sage Thursday morning for Nanaimo,
'rom iwher8 Uiey will cross to Vancouver to spend the Boater vacation.
* ■■ *   *
BIRTH—To Mr. and Mrs. George
3mlh, of Minto, at the Cumberland
general Hospital, Wednesday, April
he 4th, a daughter.
• '•:'•-'■"
The Cumberland Senior Badminton
^lub is stall operating and Intend to
vlnd up the season at the end of
\pril with a bridge dlrlve.
The Cumberland Fire Department
■nade a quick run to Chinatown Sun-
lay afternoon, wihen a Are alarm was
turned In.   Little damage was done.
Easter Services at Holy Trinity
Good Friday, evensong at 7:30
Easter Sunday  Holy Communion  at
8:30 am.
Matins and Holy Communion at 11a.m.
Evensong at 7:30
The Rev. W. Barton of Victoria was
the preacher at Holy Trinity Church
on Sunday evening last.
•   •   »
The senior Girls' Gymnasium Cla-ss
wihich Is held every Monday evening
under the able Instruction of Mr. William Jackson and Mr. L. Thomas is
still proving popular; quite a fair
number turning out to the practices.
»   •   «
Tlie Rev. E. O. Robathan Is expected to arrive ln Cumberland this
(Thursd%) evening after .spending
a two weeks vaoatlon in Vancouver
lind Nanaimo. We are pleased to
learn that he has greatly benefited! ln
health by the change.
THE nationally advertised Brief
•!• English System of writing shorthand, simply by using the ordinary
alphabet. Anyone can learn to write
this practical system after a few
weeks study at home.
Victoria Speedwriting School
765 Broughton Street      Victoria, B.C.
Ask for descriptive booklet
The   Cumberland    Welsh    Society
I which has been running a series ot
"500" drives, held their last drive of
the series  last  Friday  In  the  Great
I War Veterans'  Hall.    Prize  winners
for the   evctiing  were   Miss   Winnie
Calnan,  ladies'   first,   Miss   Picketti.
second, Mrs. Covert, consolation and
Miss  Harrison,   men's  first   (subst.).
Mr.   Irvin   Morgan   second   and   Mr.
Quinn   consolation.     Miss   Ha.rriso I
and   Mr.   Morgan   tied   for   the   first
; prize, Miss Harrison winning in tho
I drawing.    The  prizes  for the  serie;
] of drives wihich were awarded to tho
! persons  who  had  made  the   highest
i total score were won by Mrs. Covert
land Mr. A. G. Jones.    Refreshment!
\ were served  during the  evening  by
Vhe lady members of the Society.
t   *   *
A special meeting of tlie Girls' Talent club to Holy Trinity Church iwas
' held at the vicarage on Monday even-
j ing of this week. Arrangements were
I made for the Easter tea which is to
ibe held on Wednesday afternoon,
I April 11th.
Legion Whist
Drive And Dance
The whist drive .ind dance held by
the Cumberland Branch of the Canadian Legion, British Empire Service
League, in the Memorial Hall on Saturday evening last was a huge success,
twenty tables of whist being played.
I Prize winners nvere ladies' first, Miss
i D.   Frelone,    second,   Mrs.   Vincent,
Soft Corns
Mom,, Back Say AH Druggist, If
Moone's Emerald OH Doesn't Do
Away With AU Soreness and Pain
In 21 Hours.
| genu' first Mr. L. Scavardo, second
| Mrs. John Marocchi (subst.). Refresh-
I ments were served immediately after
! the cards, the energetic ladles commute of the Veterans excelling themselves on this occasion.
Immediately after refreshments adjournment was made to the ball room
where dancing was indulged ln until
midnight, music being supplied by
Jimmy Walker and his novelty four
orchestra. During tho evening ;:
basket of candy, made and donated
by Mrs. Fraser Watson was won by
Mr. J. Gillespie,
Now obtainable
at your favorite
Comox Jersey
Ice Cream
23^   Special Family Laundry Rate   °%E,
also expert
A Trial Order Will Convince You.
Orders left at the Ritz Cafe, Telephone 150
Cumberland, will receive prompt attention
Courtenay, 120 F.
Cumberland, 150
In every sorts of building materials,
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONFS I N|g°t ca"": 134X Courtenay
[ Office: 159 Cumberland.
The weekly whist drive was held ln
the school on Tuesday evening, when
a good crowd enjoyed a good evening.
Twelve tables of whist were filled and
i after twenty hands had been dealt the
' scores were counted and the winners
were announced as follows: Ladies 1st
Mrs. Mayan; ladies 2nd, Miss B. Richardson; gents' 1st, Nobel Harrigan;'
gents' 2nd, R. J. Hassel. A goodly
| number of Cumberland and other
friends turned up and a social time was
j enjoyed, the good things being provided
by the ladies of the Valley.
Mr. and Mrs. Stalker and Mrs. Ounn
I motored to Nanaimo on Sunday, conveying Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lansborough,
j of Manitoba, who have been visiting in
! the Valley, to the boat for Vancouver,
! where they intend to locate.
| Mr. William Miller started from the
I Valley on Tuesday morning on a long
j journey to his future home in Queensland, Australia. He sailed on the Niagara from Vancouver Wednesday noon.
Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Empire settlers,
have vacated their farm and moved into
the Willis cottage.
Mr. Alex. Wain has commenced
muskrat farming on his place and has
some nice stock. We wish his venture
every success.
j King George Hotel;
■      ' "  ,      a—   1
!   ..good service,  reasonable  charges.:
I I ■ i
: j Centrally Located.
C BALED TENDERS addressed tt
*-> undersigned and endorsed "Tendei
for crane for assembly wharf, Por!
Alberni, B.C.", will be received unti;
12 o'clock noon (daylight savrmr)
Tuesday, JIny 8, 1928, for one 4-toi
travelling electrically operated cranr
for the Assembly wharf at Port Al
berni, Comox-Alberni District, B.C.
Plans and forms of contract can bi
seen and specifications and forms ol
tender otbalned at this department ai
the office of the District Engineer
Post Office Building, Victoria, B.C.;
at the Post Offices, Vancouver, B.C
and Port Alberni, B.C., also at the
Builders' Exchanges, 2509 Prior Stree'
Victoria, B.C., and 615 West Hasting.
Street, Vancouver, B.C.
Tenders will not be considered unless made on printed forms supplied
by the Department and In accordant
with conditions contained therein.
Each tender must be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to tihe order of the Minister of Public Works, equal to ten per
cent of the amount of the tender. Bond*
of the Dominion ot Canada or bonds
of the Canadian National Railway
Company will also be accepted as security, or bonds and a cheque If re
>iulred to make up an odd amount.
NOTE.—Blue prints can be obtained
at this Department by depositing an
accepted cheque for the sum of (20.00.
payable to the order of the Minister o
Public Works, which will be returned
If the intending bidder submit a reg-
gular bid.
By order,
Department of Public Works.
Ottawa, March 30, 1928.
Get a bottle of Moor**, Emerald OU
with the understanding that if I,
does not put an end to the pain and
soreness your money will ,be promply
relunred. <"uj>iy
ludTorT" ab°Ut "0W ""* ^
tod It or how many other preparations you have tried.    This powerful
^"T, ting0,li3™"P«Parationthat
will help to make your painful aching
feet so healthy and free trom com
and bunion soreness that you'll be
"Me to go anywhere and do anything
In absolute foot comfort.
So marvelously powerful is Moone',
fimrraiu Oil that thousands have found
It gives wonderful results ln the treatment of dangerous swollen or varicose veins. All druggists are selling
lots of It.
Cumberland 251
Years Ago
(Continued from
page one)
Cumberland Supply
The CASH Store
White Swan Soap Powder, per pkg 28c
Old Dutch Cleanser, 2 for 25t?
"Elephant" Steel Wool  10*?
Brillo (with soap)   15*?
Black Knight Stove Polish   20t?
Nonsuch Stove Polish (in tin)  20*?
Bon-Ami, Cake 15*?; Powder 18t?
Gem Lye, per tin 	
....Gillett's Lye, per tin	
Ammonia, per qt. bottle 	
Dry Powdered Ammonia, 2 for
Sal Soda, 2 packets for   25t?
Royal Crown Cleanser, per tin 10*?
Sunlight Soap, per pkg 25*?
....Life Buoy Soap, 3 for 25*?
White Wonder Soap, 4 for  25t?
White Swan Soap, per cake     5t?
Palm Olive Soap, 3 for 25t?
Nu-Jell Jelly Powders, 3 for 25*?
Libby's Sliced Peaches, per tin, 2s,   30t?
Royal City Apricots, per tin, 2s, 300
Salada Orange Pekoe Tea, 1 lb 85t?
Westfleld Corn Beef, per tin 25*?
Fray Bentos Corn Beef, per tin 33*?
Cumberland Supply
beautiful design and duly appreciated
by the sorrowing relatives.
•    «    •
Word was received in town Thursday that the H. M. S. Flora was ashore
on Denman Island. At first It was
thought that she had Just grounded
on the sandsplt, but later It was
learned the accident was more serious
than first thought
It appears the Flora had been coaling at Union Wharf, preparatory for
her departure for Esquimau, and left
the Wharf about 7:30 Thursday morning, a dense bank of fog arising Just
as she left obscuring the Island. The
Flora must have varied slightly ln her
course after entering the fog bank, as
it was about eight o'clock when she
struck the bar extending out from
Denman Island, known as "Village
The bow of the cruiser was driven
well up on the rocks, the accident
happening so suddenly It was Impossible to close the stern port holes
which were open at the time, thus allowing the water to rush into the
after part of the ship sinking It to a
considerable depth.
The Flora Is ashore about twenty
yards from where the S. S. William-
ette went aground two years ago.
Village Reef is one of the most dangerous reefs on the coast, there being
deep water right to it with a strong
current shorcwards, and as the Flora
went on tt about full tide it will be a
hard proposition to float her.
Messages were immedltely sent to
Victoria and Rear Admiral A. K. Blck-
ford, C.M.G., commander in chief of
the Pacific squadron, arrived on the
scene Thursday evening, the steamer
Joan making a special trip for that
The work of unloading supplies,
guns, coal, etc. from the Flora is
progressing rapidly, the Flagship Grafton having arrived Thursday evening
to render assistance.
H..M.S. Flora, In command of Captain Casper J. Baker, belongs to the
Pacific squadron and ts rated as a
second class cruiser, carrying ten,
guns and a complement of 318 men.
The Pacific squadron now consists
of H.M.S. Grafton, H.M.S. Amphion,
at present nt Panama, and the Flora,
Shearwater and Egerla.
The CASH Store
Phone 155
Don't Delay
Goods NOW! We have
a good stock of Easter Supplies to select from
Let us make up a basket
for you at any price you
wish. We will place names
A. Henderson's PAGE FOUR
FRIDAY, APRIL. «th, 1928
New Dresses
Announcing the-arrival of a
shipment of Dresses suitable for
short stout figures, mado of a
serviceable silk having nil the
lines of the regular styles, yet
roomy, and easy fitting, if you
have had any difficulty in getting suited, call and see these
and you will be surprised at the
extra values.
Spun Silk Dresses, in a galaxy
of colors, made in becoming
styes, the quality is good, and all
one price $5.50.
New Coats are continually arriving, embracing the new cloths
and styles.  Let us show you our
Another shipment of millinery
is expected today, so that we will
have a larger selection of novelty hats to show you.
Several lines of ladies' Gloves are just to hand, and
some very smart styles are included in the assortment.
Our lines of Kayser, Holeproof, and Circle-Bar are
worthy of your attention, and any of these will give
the greatest value for your money that you can get.
For the Newest In Ladles' Wear Visit
Cumberland Personals
Dental Surgeon j
Office Cor. of Dunsmuir Avs. I
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre J
i  Cumberland !
■.Commercial   JJ/~VT/>1        R**'1     !
; Headquarters fJUlld    ReiionaMe •
Rooms Steam Heated
Union Hotel I
Cumberland, B. C. J
Electrically Heated       ■
Throughout :
Our Service is the BEST :
R. YATES, Proprietor I
Phone IS Phone IS  :
Cnr  leaves   Cumberland  Hotel
at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday and
meets boat at Union Bay.
I'mlso proud
of you, my son!"
Bert Hlnkler, Australian aviator, had
flown to Australia from
England alone In a
"moth" plane.
Before he began the
last leg of this flight,
which set five new
records, he telephoned
from Long Beach, Australia, to his mother at
Bundaberg, 600 miles
"Oh, I'm so proud of
you, my son!" Mrs.
Hlnkler cried.
"Oh, you dear old
kid!" exclaimed Bert's
sister ecstatically.,
The long-distance
telephone had done its
part again in carrying
human emotions across
wide spans of country.
Matt. Brown's
Full Stock of Fresh Fruits
and Vegetables
The many friends ot Mrs. Maxwell
will be pleased to learn that she was
well enough to return home from the
Cumberland General Hospital on Saturday of lost week.
• •   *
Mr. Frank KIndersly and son Donald left Cumberladn on Wednesday
morning ot this week for Victoria.
Mr. Kludersly has been residing in
Cumberland for the last five or six
• •   *
The many friends of Oeorge Dakers
will be glad to know that he was well
enough to return from tne Cumberland
General Hospital on Monday of this
• *   •
Miss Blodwyn Williams left for
Vancouver on Sunday last to spend a
few days vacation In that city.
• •   •
Mrs. Auchterlonle, and Miss Vincen
Auchterlonle and Mr. A. Mann motored to Nanaimo early Tuesday morning en route to Vancouver where they
will spend a few days.
• «   *
Mrs. Harvey left on Sunday lost for
Vancouver where she will spend a
short  vacation.
a    a    a
Mr. Norman Frelone has accepted a
position on the staff of the Royal Bank
of Canada, starting his work on Monday ot this week.
• •   •
Mr. Dugsld Campbell, of Vancouver
representative of the Mergenthaler
Linotype Company was a visitor to
Cumberland on Wednesday of this
• *   •
The ladies bridge met at the home
of Mrs. J. Dick on Friday afternoon
of lost week, Mrs. G. W. Clinton being
tbe winner of the prize. A dainty
tea was served by the hostess during
the afternoon. Among those present
were: Mrs. G. W. Clinton, Mrs. T. H
Mumford, Mrs. J. Conway, Mrs. T.
Graham, Mrs. A. Nunns, Mrs. H. Bryan
Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. J. Shortt, Mrs.
Hicks, Mrs. Murray, Miss Sehl, Miss
Burrows, Mrs. MacNaughton, Mrs.
Eadie, Mrs. Cameron, Mrs. Cope and
Miss Tarbell.
• •   •
Miss Bernlce Stant was honored at
her home lost Friday evening when a
number of her friends gave a surprise
party it being the occasion of her
fourteenth birthday. A dellghful evening was spent by all those present.
The programme for the evening being
games, music and competitions. Douglas Baird greatly entertained and delighted the company by ibis ptanforte
solos. Winona Baird was the winner
ln the spin the plate contest while
Douglas Baird guessed the number of
beans in a bottle.
Delectable refreshments were served by Mrs.  Stant,  the table being
graced by a handsome birthday cake
Those present included Winona
Baird', DanielStant, Harlet Honbury,
Jack Watson, Marguerite Herd, Norman Ellis, Alma Ellis, Joe Williams,
Cazuko Iwasa, Archie Welch, Isako
Nakano, Tom McMillan, Dyllls Williams, Charlotte Stant, Nina Shields
Marlon Combs, Lena Tomasi, Raymond' Stant, William MacNaughton,
Douglas Baird, Harry Westfleld, John
Coombs, Cyril Davis Floyd McMillan.
Mr. Alex McKinnon speaking at the
anuual meeting of the Courtenay-Co-
mox Board of Trade, held at the United Church Hall, Courtenay on Tuesday last; said he was .pleased to see
the rapid way ln which the Courtenay-
Comox Board ot Trade conducted their
business, but took exception to the
way in which Cumberland had been
left off the map in the advertising
phamphlet. Cumberland, he said, had
made Comox famous through her coal
•nines, the product from which was
ihipped all over the world.
EALED tenders addressed to the
*-* Purchasing Agent Department of
Public Works, Ottawa, will be recelv-
3d at his office until 12 o'clock noon,
rVednesdnv, April lHth, 1988, for the
lupply of coal for the Dominion Buildings and Experimental Farms and
Stations, throughout ithe Provinces of
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and
British Columbia.
Forms of tender with specifications
and conditions attached can be obtained from G. W. Dawson Purchasing
Agent, Department of Public Works,
Ottawa; J. E. Cyr, Supt. of Dominion
Buildings, Winnipeg, Man.; H. E. Matthews, District Resident Architect,
Winnipeg, Man.; G. J. Stephenson,
DlBtrict Reaidcnt Architect, Regina,
Sask.; J. M. Stevenson, District Resident Architect, Calgary, Alta.; and J.
G. Brown, District Resident Architect,
Victoria, B.C.
Tenders will not be considered unless made on the above mentioned
The right to demand from tho successful tenderer a deposit, not exceeding 10 per cent, of the amount of the
tender, to secure the proper fulfillment of the contract, Is reserved.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa,  March  21, 1928 13-14
Rive - Elliott
A large assembly of friends witnessed the marriage ln St. Andrew's United Church, West Summerland, on
Thursday evening, March 22, of Miss
Kathleen Marie Elliott, of Summer-
land, and Mr. Charles Rive, of Courtenay. The church had been beautifully decorated with green plants,
pussywillows and daffodils, and the
Rev. T. W. Reid officiated.
Olven ln marlrage by her father, the
bride wore a gown of ivory radium
lace with semi-bouffant skirt made of
two flounces edged with bands of
georgette and an orange blossom ornament at the shoulder. Her veil of silk
net was attached to a tiara of brilliants and orange blossoms and was
carried by her niece, little Miss Max-
ine Elliott, wearing a pale pink organdie frock with blue velvet bows.
Tlie flower girl, Miss June Thorn-
waite, wore a similar organdie frock
and a blue and silver bandeau. The
bride's bouquet was of Ophelia roses,
white carnations and maidenhair fern.
The maid ot honor, Miss Rive, wore
primrose yellow georgette with radium
lace trimming and mauve velvet sash
and carried pink carnations and fre-
slas. Her three bridesmaids were Miss
Marion and Miss Marjory Hatfield and
Miss Merle Smith, wearing similar
dresses of soft shades of mauve, pink
and green respectively. Their bouquets were composed of pink tulips
and maidenhair fern.
Mr. K. M. Elliott, of Spokane, was
best man, and ushers were Mr. Keith
and Mr. Rhodes Elliott, brothers of
the bride. Mr. P. T. Thornber played
the nuptial music and during the signing of the register Mr. Ben Newton
was soloist.
A reception followed the ceremony
in the church hall, when Mrs. Elliott,
mother of the bride, wore a handsome
black georgette sown over black crepe
trimmed with fringe and gold flowers,
with hat to match. Solos were given
by Miss Carol Graham and Mr. Newton.
For travelling, the bride wore a two-
piece French ensemble of green canton crepe, embroidered in rose, a
duvetyn coat trimmed with silver
muskrat and a tailored hat of beige
visca. .
After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs.
Rive left on a motor trip as far as
Portland, returning on Sunday to
Courtenay where they have taken up
residence in the Orchard.
•   •   •
In Memoriam
In Loving Memory of Mrs. Erna
Hickman, who died April 1st, 1926.
The evening stars shine o'er her grave,
The one we loved but could not save,
From earthly pain to heavenly rest,
Missed by those who loved her best.
In our hearts your memory lingers,
Sweet and tender, fond and true,
There is not a day, dear daughter
That we do not think of you.
Oft in our solitude we sit and think
of you and of how things might have'
been had you been spared to us.
Inserted by Mother, Daddy, Evelyn,;
Ralph, Howard and her son Roy.      j
The Cumberland High School Boys' j
Basketball team take this opportunity;
of extending to Mr. R. C. Lang, grate-1
ful thanks for his very valuable advice
and 'assistance on tbe occasion of the I
recent   visit   ot   the   Victoria   High
School team.    Mr. Lang's assistance!
also made It possible for the Cumberland High School team to entertain]
the   visitors.    Such assistance   unsought, is a source ot great gratification to the High School team.
Fresh Fruit now being scarce we would recommend
you to try our
2 lbs. for  tUOC
per lb OtlC
per lb. ..„ Out
Mumford's Grocery
Phone 71
Wilcock 8? Co.,
"The Family Butchers"
The Best of Meats at Reasonable Prices
at OA_ per pound
Closed Friday
We are not operated by a large outside concern
We use our own Name
Flower Show, Community Hall, Comox, April 180i, 1938. 10 classes.
Judging 18 to 8. Open to public S to 8.
Tea will be served, 25c. Prise list
now available, C. W. Leedam, Comox,
or E. R. Bewell, Courtennj. 13-11
a setting, S6.50 per hundred—Apply
H. Morrison, Lake Trail Road, Telephone Courtenay 85 Q. 13-16
Quality and Service
The  Patronage  of  our
old  friends  and
City Meat
Phone 111
"You'd never believe
it, but it hasn't been
painted for five years."
' Now I know why John insisted
onB-H 'English' Paint . . .
there isn't a crack or chip anywhere. But I simply couldn't
resist the lovely color schemes in
the new B-H book, so we're going
to have it done over this year
and John won't have to fight for
B-H 'English' this time—111
order it myself."
Gnr rtfW beokM
on Color Harmony
ec'ilains many
ansJisliotia for
btautlfyinif iht>
home. Scourt, a
copy from veuf
tlvi'-r or tun.- .?("-
rai*f 'p Iho oni*
nany at Montreal
Guaranteed to contain Brandram'a
Genuine B.B. White Lead and Pun
White Zinc, combined In the Ideal
proportion! of 70 to 30, forming tht
atrongett covering pigment MM
to •cience. fgf
WM. H. McLELLAN, Jr. [Painter and Decorator,
recommends and uses B-H products] <f
The illustrations on this page
show the works of some ot the
most famous of the old masters in
pictures relating to the Crucifixion
and Resurrection. The priceless
originals are to be found In the
great art galleries of Europe.
The Resurrection
and Its Meaning
The Gospel of the Christian resurrection is not sufficiently appreciated by most Christians, because
it is not clearly understood.
"1 know that He shall rise again
in the resurrection at ihe last day,"
said Martha, the sister ot Lazarus.
"I am the resurrection and the
life," answered Jesus: "Whosoever liveth and belleveth on Me
shall never die." Why? Because
such a one has "passed from death
unto life." He has died unto sin
and become alive unto Uod in
Christ Jesus.     (Rom.  6:11.)
That Is the true condition of
every believer in Christ as seen
from the divine standpoint; but
most ot them fail to see this sublime truth and therefore fail to receive into their lives the inspiration and the power which it would
bring to them.
"Risen wlih Christ"—Not yet,
perhaps, "a perfect man In Christ
Jesus," but, a new man—a man
with a new purpose, and therefore
with a new character: for every
man's purpose ln life is his true
And this new man lives in a new
world—new, because seen from a
new standpoint and interpreted by
the light of a new theory of life. It
Is no longer the Devil's world,
which is bound to go to the Devil
as a foregone conclusion, but God's
world which the Devil has turned
upside down, but which God is
turning right side up. It is no longer a dark world shrouded in impenetrable gloom by the black
clouds of unconquerable sin and of
hopeless suffering but a brightening world, filled with hope by the
rising of the Sun of Righteousness.
And the believer himself, by virtue of his faith in Christ—if lt be
a living faith—has ceased to be a
mere waif on the heaving waters
of life, driven hither and thither
by the ever-changing winds of inward impulse and of outward circumstances. He has become a divine being whose life Is "hid with
Christ in God, beyond the reach
of harm," and who has a divine
commission to go forth conquering
and to conquer in the name of
Christ and by the power of the
Spirit of Christ.
It Is the duty of every believer
to form a correct conception of the
altered conditions into which he
has been brought by the grace of
Christ. He is no longer himself
but a living personification of
Christ. He is no longer a natural
man, under bondage to sin, but a
spiritual man, begotten In Christ
Jesus unto good works; he is no
longer a child of the first Adam,
looking downwards, and depending
upon the earth for support and
happiness, but is a child of God,
looking upward and depending upon God alone tor support and happiness.
This radical change of conditions must be fully recognized and
kept in mind if we desire to live
up to our privileges in Christ.
"If ye then be risen with Christ,
seek those things which are above,
where Christ sfeteth on the right
hand of God. Set your affections
on things above, not on things on
the earth. For ye are dead, and
your life is hid with Christ In God.
When Christ, who is our life, shall
appear, then shall ye nlso appear
wMi Him in glory."
It Ik recorded that on 11 morning
In May, 1711", which broke calmly
after a stormy night, It was possible to see from the cliffs of Folk-
stone even the very color of the
cot uges on the French mainland.
In the spiritual world, also, there
Is Ihe record of such a day of ileur
tranquility, when the fierce night
of ihe Passion had passed, and the
day of the Resurrection dawned
white and serene. On that day, nnd
during the period until the Ascension, when the Great Adventurer
was welcomed home, the unseen
world wan felt and known to be
very near, homelike, and real,
though 11 is never far from any nf
us, because we live and move and
have our being in it. Easter day
Is the anniversary of this day nf
Divine Lucidity when men—plain,
ordinary men like ourselves—saw
through the shadows Into the life
of things.
Said Death to Lite,
"The world is mine;"
Said Life to Death,
"And thou art thine!"—W.
Warren.   ,
[j £>/rs-c£-/yr/rypo/r r/x<r c/poj-s-- jOs/t«&     7]
in great variety.
Greatest Assortment in the
district at
'It Pays tu Deal at Lang's"
a United Church
i   Reception
April (iih, at  7:30 p.m.
will  lie  held  to  receive
those  uniting with
our Church
,  Easter Services
I: 11   a.m.
Solo—Miss Jean  Burns
(Columbia College)
Communion following the
morning services
at 7 p.m.
Easter hymns and music
The choir will repeat
their  Easter  Selections.
Eveyone Cordially invited to these Services
;Cs33=3yqs35ap3S3H5: Carpenters' Tools
Household Tools
Farm and Garden Tools
Mechanics' Tools
Loggers' Tools
Tools for everybody and for every
enthusiasts will find great enjoyment
in looking over our stock. Come in and
see our new line of Golf blubs.
We handle a beautiful line of Limoges
Chinaware, in Dinner and Tea Sets;
Silverware in the famous Community
plate; Stainless Steel Knives, etc., etc.
MYERS' PUMPS for all purposes
Hot Water Tanks, Plumbing Supplies,
WVCI1W t oil kind.:  Farm and Garden Fencing
Barbed Wire. Poultry MUM.»»» *■•* G°(M'
Tinware of all kinds..
Bake Pans
Tea Kettles
Wash Boilers
Wooden Ware
Everything for the Kitchen.
Courtenay, B.C.


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