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The Islander Aug 16, 1919

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Array iegiiUtlon Library
With which is Consolidated The Cumberland News.
Subscription Price, $2.00 pur year
First photograph taken of Ihe Hon. Frederick Huntington Gillett, new
Speaker of tho House of Representatives at his desk on the rostru.m
Mr. Gillett is the first Republican t otako the gavel In eight years.
There are communities where llrst-
class men, men who ore broad-minded,
men who believe In athletics of all
kinds anil yet look upon a boxing contest us one of the greatest crimes on
earth. They would have no objections
to a wrestling mulch, a good tumbling
bout in the backyard among their own
boys, lint to stage a scientific match
for points seems to he where the
crime is committed. We hove no use
for a bloody knock-down battle in a
ring where two men batter each other
to that extent where both approach
the stage of dying; but a scientific exhibition, based on points, with a limited number of rounds, is sport to
wnieli no ii'a.iumib'.p mnn should object. Still there are communities
throughout Canada and the United
States where the extremists have prohibited sporl of this character. Conditions are changing, however, and In
New York, where the feeling has been
so strong, in many of the Western
states, as well as some points in Canada, have changed their attitude on
the question and it is possible that
soon the the time wlll come when all
reasonable men will look upon clean
boxing from n different view point and
admit it freely with all other kinds
of sport.
Would you forget the girl you left
behind if you fell in love with a beautiful daughter of a South Sea Island
chief?   See "By tlie World Forgot."
The writer has the following story
from a cgntlonian whose word lie has
absolute confidence in: "Shortly after
the armistice a private luncheon was
given by a lady in Paris to a number
of her friends, of whom Marshal Foch
was one. In the course of conversation the lady said: "Marshal, will you
tell us who were your best soldiers?"
He replied: "Madam, that Is a hard
question. To begin with, I must not
speak of my own polua. But you have
asked, and I shall answer—Mes en-
fants cheris sont les Canadians." (My
dear children are the Canadians.)
The point to note is that Foch was not
sneaking for publication, but at n
private gathering and amongst ills
fellow-countrymen only. - Canadian
Military Gazette.
The Chinese have a novel way of
propagating fish. The spawn is carefully collected from the surface of the
water, and when a sufficient quantity
has been obtained they take a number
of hens' eggs, the contents of which
have been carefully emptied through
a small aperture, and refill tho smells
with spawns. The holes are sealed up
and thc eggs put under the broddy
hens. The hens are allowed to Incubate the eggs for a certain number of
days, when the eggs are again broken
and their contents put into water that
has been previously warmed by the
sun. In avery short time the spawn
hatches, and the young fry are then
kept ln pure fresh water until a sufficient size to be put into the ponds. At
one time a considerable business was
done In this style of spawn hatching.
"By the World Forgot," tho Vitagraph Blue Ribbon Feature, which
will be the attraction at the Ilo Ilo
Theatre tonight, Is a fascinating romance, the story of a loveless compact
shattered by Intrigue and tragedy and
Anally dissolved on a distant Soutli
Sea Isle. It ls from an original scenario by Cyrus Townshend Brady,
widely known author of fiction, and
was produced under the direction of
David Smith at Vltagraph's Hollywood
studio. Hedda Nova and J. Frank
Glendon, stars in Vltagraph's great
serial success, "The Woman in the
Web," arc thc featured players, and lu
htc supporting cost are Ed. Alexander,
Patricia Palmer ,R. S. Bradbury, Geo.
Kunkel and Otto Lederer.
Derrick Van Geekman and Steph
anle Maynard arc bethrothed because
it is the wish of their parents that the
two old and wealthy families be milted further by such a marriage. Stephanie, however, loves George Harn-
ash, a partner of her father's, and
Derrick does not love anybody. Both,
however, dutifully accept the inevitable and prepare for the wedding.
Harnash and Stephanie confess their
love and the former swears shall not
marry Derrick, even if he has to kill
Harnash drugs Derrick at his bachelor's party and has him placed on a
sailing vessel on which a handy friend
of His, William Woywood, Is mate.
Both families are mystified and shocked when Derrick fails to appear at his
wedding, and even Stephanie is angered at Harnash for tbe undesirable pre -
dicameut in which his plotting leaves
her, and she swears she will never
marry him until the missing man in
Derrick has a desperate experience
on the ship. Abused by Woywood. ho
finally, to save his own life, hurls him
Into the sea, and In Imprisoned, witli
the certain fate of hanging when the
port is reached. But Bailors whom he
befriended effect bis rescue, und he
lands In a whale boat on a tiny Island
inhabited by a strange white people
The granddaughter of the chief, a
beautiful girl, named Truila. falls tu
love with him and ho loves her. but
remains true to ills compact to Stephanie. There is something familiar
in tlie language of the people and in
an old church he. finds record.! that
they are survivors of a Holland ship
which was wrecked there more than
300 years before. Truda, therefore,
is of his own blood and his equal in
that respect.
Derrick, however, in entering the
church, has violated a sacred law, and
ls doomed to die of starvation on the
beach, a fate which Truila insists on
sharing. They are thus facing death
when a launch containing Stephanie,
Harnash and iier father arrives It
appears Harnash confessed the plot
and survivors lolling of Derrick being
cast adrift, Stephanie insisted on a
world-wide    serch   for   Derrick,   al-
Tho closing scene Is most dramatic,
though she still loved Harnash.
when Truda, seeing Stephanie and
divining that she Is tho woman Derrick loves, climbs a cliff and is about
to leap to death. Then Stephanie, by
striking Derrick, causes the girl to
abandon her plunge and rush to Derrick's aid, to learn he loves her.
Lady Diana Manners, England's most beautiful woman leaving si.
Margaret's Church, London, with her husband, ('apt. Duff Cooper.
Pages sprinkled flowers in their path as they advanced. Lady
Diana Manners is tlie 'laughter o* the Duke of Rutland.
O a tiny, hidden island he found real
love in the daughter of a lost race, of
the same proud blood as his own. See
"By the World Forrgot," at the Ilo Ilo
Theatre tonight.
A Women's Auxiliary to thc Great
War Veterans Association, Cumberland Local, has been formed. Ladles
who are close relatives of overseas
men ot the Allied Fighting Forces, are
eligible for membership, and their cooperation ls requested. Meetings held
every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 7 p.m.,
in the G.W.V.A. Hall, over McKinnon's
Sergeant Victor Peterson to whom had
Juet been awarded by General Pershing personally, the Congressional
Medal of Honor ror having single
handed captured an entire German
battery of light field pieces and held
It against all comers. For this performance Franco also gave him the
Military Medal and tho Cross de
Guerre, and he has been cited for
tlie Victoria Cross, the British Distinguished Medal and the Belgian
War Cross. Insert: Corporal Bcr-
gcr Loman, also medal winner.
The advent of the middle classes to
power was prepared by a series of
material improvements by which they
were especially benefitted. The canals
made In the beginning of the reign of
George III. no longer sufficed to carry
Ihe Increased traffic of tiie country.
Attention was therefore paid to tlie
Improvement of tho roads. Telford, a
Scolnhnian, taught road makers that
II was heller to go round a hill than
to climb It, and, beginning in 1802, he
was employed for eighteen years in
Improving the communications In Scot
land nnd Wales by making good roads
and iron bridges, The Monal suspension bridge, his best-known work, was
begun 111 1819, lie and another
Scotchman, MncAduni, ulso improved
the surface of the roads, which bad
hitherto been made of gravel or Hint,
thrown down ut random. Telford
ordered the large stones to he broken
and mixed with fine gravel, and MacAdam pursued the same oourse around
Bristol. He declared that no stone
should ever be used in mending roads
which was not small enough to go into
a man's mouth. Through these Improvements travel became more easv.
and coaches flew about the country
at what was considered to bo tlie
wonderful rate of ten miles an hour.
Holy Trinity W.A. met at the Vicarage on Thursday to arrange for a
Garden Party on September 3rd. Tho
proceeds wlll be given to the building
fund for the new Sunday School and
social hall. Mr. Reynolds has completed his contract and tbe Diocese
has promised a mortgage ot (900.00 ou
condition that the Parish raise an
equal amount. The building fund at
present has reached the $700.00 mark
and with the help of everybody on
September 3rd we shall reach the
goal. Don't forget the date. Mr. Mum-
ford's grounds.
The B.C. Hospital Association ut
their last meeting adopted a resolution
recommending that the third Monday
in September of caeli year be known
us "Hospital Produce Day for B.C.,"
and on that day each hospital community should donate fruit, vegetables
and other produce that might be useful and helpful to tho hospitals. This
muy he arranged through tho Women's
Auxiliaries or the Women's Institutes
111 thc various communities, and suggested that as muchh publicity as possible be immediately given to this
matter htrough announcement at public meetings, church services and
through the press, so that It may become widely known before that date
and that there may be a good response.
The necessity of maintaining law
and order above all things was taught
by the riots on Vancouver Island during the coal miners' strike in 1914,
and by the recent riots In Winnipeg.
The British Columbia Legislature at
last session had to vote $58,878.00 an
compensation to thoso who suffered In
the riots at Nanaimo and Ladysmith;
while tbe cost of special police to deal
with tbe situation at the time ran Into
some hundreds of thousands of dollars.
The evidence at the Investigation at
Winnipeg showed the irresponsible
men know no limit to abuse of power.
The fact that a few unscrupulous agitators should assume to control the
milk, food and gasoline supplies; and
to dictate as to who should and should
not have their wants supplied, shows
the necessity of nipping these incipient riots ln the bud. and suppressing
them with a firm hand. Every law-
abiding citizen has his rights and
those must be maintained at all costs.
or unfurnished, with use of kitchen.
Apply "XYZ," Islander Olllce.
Mr. Fraser Watson, who has been
overseas for the past three years, arrived home lest night.
She.didn't love him, but she searched the ends of the earth when ho
vanished on his wedding day. See
"By the World Forgot." at the llo Ho
Theatre tonight.
August 17th: Holy Communion at 8.30
a.m.; Royston School at 3.30 p.m.;
Cumberland, 7 p.m.; Preacher, Bishop
ot Columbia.
Miss Josle Balagno, of tbe Royal
Bank staff, left on Friday morning on
a vacation to Vancouver and Seattle.
J. Husband, of Nanaimo, is taking
tlie place of Earl Fletcher, of the local
Music Store, who has gone on his
summer vacation.
While nil sensible people regard'
Leon Trotsky as a murderous scoundrel, for whom hanging would be a
very light and Inadequate punishment,
there is no doubt that he is a first-
class publicity man. Probably tho
world has never known Ins equal. The
spread of Bolshevism throughout the
world is to some extent a proof of tlie
value of advertising, It is generally
admitted thai never In Ihe history of
mankind was propaganda issued on
sucli a tremendous scale and directed
more cleverly to reach the people
among whom It would prove most
rivctTtrve, man tn me case or tlie literature of Bolshevism,
Our own experience In Canada Is
sufficient proof of this. Before the
ordinary man or official was aware
of it, Bolshevist appeals were in the
hands of almost every putative anarchist or ignorant or dissatisfied person
In thi scouutry: plans for the overthrow of capital and other existing
institutions had been laid; Trotsky's
advance agents had been busy in every
centre; existing labor organizations
have been inoculated with his ideas
about the necessity of ruthless and
destructive courses; labor centres
were honeycombed with the specious
argument that the industrial worker,
and he alone, should, and could, dominate the world to the exclusion of all
others—doctrine always acceptable
to individuals of a lype not very rare.
What is true of Canada is true of neatly all countries. Considered from a
dispassionate standpoint, it was great
publicity work.
Newspapers that have written of
tills phase of Trotsky's talent seem
to be unaware that lie learned the ails
ot publicity as a threatrlcal press
agent during the period when he waa
wandering about this ocntinent.
Among tlie several tilings he did to
evade the vagrancy laws while carrying on his private business as anar-
chhlst missionary, was that of acting
as a press agent for the famous theatrical linn "I* Elliott, Comstock ,'-
Qost, among the Yiddish newspapers
of New York. Though his duties in
Ibis rcBpect wore nol very heavy, ami
ho himself was mil very diligent, le'
was brougbl Into contact with, and
able ni study al first band tho science
or publicity us practiced by tho lie i
maulers; aud II Is obvious thai be
maile vory effective use of his opportunities. -Toronto Saturday Night,
 o —
"That picturesque old gentleman sil
ting there under tbe rton must be al
least an octogenarian," commented
the motorist who had slopped for n
drink of water. "Say, looky yur!"
truculently returned Gabe Ynh of the
Sandy .Mush, Arizona region. "You're
talking about my Uncle nip. He's
olghty-two years old and can't take Up
for himself, but I waul you to understand, by thunder, thai he ain't no
part nigger."
William Mathewson, ot Port veNille.
who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. S.
Horwood. left for his home on Thursday.
Lieut. Alonzo Seymour, uf Peeksklll,
N.Y,, who has been awarded the
French War Cross with the star for
his skill and bravery In directing
from an aeroplane a heavy artillery
fire while he himself was under lire.
The owner of a timber limit may so)
thai It Is mine ol the public's buB.Ini ii
what he does with his property, but
as a nintter iif fact It Is the business of
tlie public to take a watchful Intore I
In forests and  lumbering bocaui	
the Influence which the forest has up
on dim it water supply, fuel supply,
building operations ami upon bird and
gane; life.
During the days between July Hth
lo ihe 18th, a group of twelve Cumberland boys enjoyed un experience,
new to them, and one that will always
lie looked buck upon as a landmark
In their lives. The spent these days
in camfi at what Is known as "White
Sign Beach," near Villon Bay. The
camp was held under the direction of
Nanaimo County Y.M.C.A., and supervised by tlie County Secretary and
Rev. Geo. Knox, pastor of the Meth-
odist Church, Cumberland. The
weather being perfect, tlie entire camp
slept out of doors every night, using
tlie starry dome of God's great universe as a tent.
The programme of games and other
general athletic events common to a
Y.M.C.A. hoys' camp was carried out
dally. Each day's activities were
opened by a brief devotional hour just
following breakfast, which was only
only served to liiose sufficiently robust
and hungry to consent to a morning
"dip,'1 and closed with a story telling
hour and a practical talk on life's
problems, aliutit the camp lire at night.
Inning the week a number of parents
and friends of tlie hoys visited the
camp, bringing in "treats" in the way
of fruit and cakes, which provided a
needed variety to Hip bill of fare, as
well an a sweet bit for tlie last thing
at night.
Hail we the room and time we would
like lu relate many of the interesting
experiences, Iml. perhaps, it in ji i as
well iiiai the hoys li 11 these. Hi »*-
ever, It will* be interesting in all to
know that one of Hie resolutlous mode
wan "to waste nntlililng and endeavor
in gel through an cheaply as possible."
How well the boys succeeded In this
can be Judged by the fu<: thai the
average cost per meal fer tho camp
ran ai about 13 cents e . person, and
that only ".'-lb of inoal ami 1% doz.
nf eggs were used, y i the boys seemed
conlented ami "well fed."
Another ol Hi * camps is being
hold Mils we.ii ai tin 'Kiini Beach, ami
plans are made (or i ie closing camp,
tho "im for iiic   (''in lonay   district
limn.   ne.M   week      Hole   1   llniwtl   was
awarded Hie prize n watermelon, tlon-
aleil by Mr. Sulherl I. to Hie best-
lieluiveil boy In H' • camp, though as
a mailer ol' fit * several nthors deed v iiinl pi 'i e im* good conduct.
Prizes arc tn I"' given for ihe boat
c. iny telling He ml' experience nml
for the bed ma i howlng Hie camp
location. As si,. ■ an these papers arc
In they will be submitted to the local
advisory commlttei of the Y.M.C.A.,
consisting of (in. . Graham, Mr. Mumford, Mayor MacDonald and Dr. Hicks,
who will decide on Hie merits ol Hie
l» <.»»'■•
What would you ,1" '■» Hie man who
ihoi ghaled you fn ■ the girl yon Hid
, ,,: [o( c and COBl . oil on an lalond
Willi Hie girl who i n made fer you'
See "Ily tlie World Forgot," al tho
Hi, lie tonight
TO RENT—5-Roomed house, with 30
acres cleared, .ready fur cultivation
r,r Information and particulars, apply to n H HICKS-BEACH, Courtenay, B.C. TWO
Published every Saturday at Cumberland, B.C.
Although reports from British Columbia indicate that the salmon pack
last year was the largest on record,
it must not be inferred therefrom that
the salmon industry is still as nourishing as ever. The facts are, as reported by J. P. Babcock, Asst. Com-
mlssionre of Fisheries for tlie province, that the large pack Is due entirely t otiie increase from, and the utili-
zalion of, the "pinks" and "chums,"
varieties of the salmon, for which
there wan no sale until the sockeye
became scarce. The run to the Fraser
during 1IU8, was "very much the
smalest ever known. The river may
be said to he fished out of sockeye, and
the run of pink salmon, Which was
not used previous to the war, Is fast
disappearing." The sockeye commands
a higher price than any other Pacific
salmon and it is the salmon that made
the Fraser River fisheries famous. The
destruction of this valuable lish is exactly in line with a prediction made by
Mr. Babcock before tlie Commission of
Conservation in 11117.
In tlie year 1913, a big rockslide,
incident to railway construction work
occurred In Hellgate \canon on the
Fraser river. This slide was nothing
short of a calamity to the sockeye
salmon-fishing industry in British Columbia. All familiar with thc conditions there know that a phenomenon
known as the "big run' 'takes place
every four years. Big runs occurred
in 1906, 1009 and again in 1913. Hie
fateful year of tlie big slide. In each
of these years the run of sockeye was
very much larger than in the intervening years. Tlie phenomenon of tiie
"In'g year" in due to tlle fact that the
sockeye lakes four years to mature.
iiiiis, Hie fish of 1913 were abundant
because of lite abundant spawning of
thc year 1909.
ihe slide above-mentioned unfortunately occurred during a "big run"
year. It so narrowed the river that
force of the water was too groat for
even the sockeye to overcome and
they were unable to reach their spawn
ing beds. Although.thc slide was removed before 1914, It was too late to
allow many fish of thc 1913 run to
ascend tho- river and. In consequence,
most of the sockeye of that year failed
to spawn.
II was feared, therefore, that the
run in 1IH7 would be seriously reduced. Tho fear was only too well
founded. The pack for that year in
tlie Fraser River district was only
about one-fifth of that in 1913, and
there is little doubt that the pack for
1921 will be still loss. In fact, the
phenomenon of thc "big run" has been
wiped out and, now, all years arc lean
years for sockeye, so far as that district is concerned.
Another factor enters into the situation. The fishery might he perpetuated and in some degree restored if
conservative fishing were practiced,
and if sufficient fisli were permitted
to pass up to the spawning grounds.
Unfortunately, Canada cannot of herself, limit the fishing, us the sockeye,
in its course from the ocean passes
through waters under the jurisdiction
of tlie state of Washington. Canada
has repeatedly manifested her willingness to enforce remedial measures.
Following an investigation in 11115,
by a joint commission representing
Canada and tlie state of Washington,
the Dominion offered to suspend all
sockeye fishing in the Fraser River
district during 1900 and 1908, conditional upon identic action by that
state. The State Legislature refused
to lake the desired action.
In 1008, Great Britain ami Ihe United States concluded a convention providing tor the protection, preservation and propagation of the sockeye,
inn Hie United Stales Senate, after
years of delay, refused to approve the
This year, a new treaty Is awaiting
action hy the United States Senate. It
provides for an international commission of two Canadians and two Americans to iiinke Investigations and lo
make such recommendations governing the lislihlng aa may appear desirable.
It is earnestly to be hoped that this
proposed treaty will go into effect and
that the rccomniedatloiis will be acted
upon. Otherwise, Fraser River sockeye is simply threatened with extermination. Canada has done and will
do all she can to preserve this valuable food lish. The fate of tlie sockeye lies In the hands of the state of
There are strong reasons for believing that the Bolshevists in thhis country are not sincere when they express
their admiration for the Russian Soviet Government. People generally
lovo to live under the system of Government which they believe to be the
most   admirable.    When   the   French
Hugeunots were persecuter, they were
glad to take advantage of thc opportunity to come under the protecting
folds of the Union Jack. The PuritanB
emigrated to the New England States
in the hope of finding more suitable
religious and political conditions. At
the time of the American revolution
the United Empire Loyalists made
great personal sacrifices in order to
remain under the British system of
If the Huguenots, Puritans, or U.E
Loyalists had been offered free transportation to that part of the world
which each considered the most admirable, together with thc privilege of
taking all their worldly wealth with
them, they would have been delighted.
Not so with the Bolsheviki In Canada.
They cheer lustily for the Russian
Soviet, hut when the Government
offers to give them free passage to the
realm of Trotsky and Lenine, together
with the right to take with them the
money they earned In this country
while others suffered, they immediately raise strong objections. Their refusal to go brands them as hypocrites,
as well as dangerous demagogues. 11*
they loved the Trotsky system as
much as they pretend, and fl they
suffered In any way In this country
they would rejoice at the opportunity
to deport under sucli favorable conditions. Their bluff has been called.
They rave about tyranny in Canada,
but they know as well as anybody else
that the Canadian Government exists
by a majority vote of the common
people, while Russia is ruled and
ruined by Lenine and Trotsky, self-
appointed dictators, who were never
elected by' the Russian people. The
decision of the Government to deport
disturbers of the peace was worth
while even if it only serves to expose
the insincerity and hypocrisy of the
alien agitators,—The Sentinel.
laiiinlian Red Cross Society Present
To London and  Birmingham
Special Showing this week
of a Late Shipment of Mid-
Summer Goods at Popular
White Mercerized Voile, 36in. wide, at 75c. per yard.
Colored and Printed all-wool Voiles, from 90c. to $1.50
per yard.
Ladies' Pull-Over Sweatrs, in all-wool fancy stitch, in
all light shades, with  combination   color  sailor
collar.   Special $5.50.
Ladies' heavy weight white Habutai Silk Middies.
Special value at $6.00 each.
Newest Styles in Ladies' Spun Silk Waists, round neck,
button shoulder.   Special at $0.75.
Also a large assortment of Boys' Shirt Waists, Blouses
with neglige collars and sport collars.
Canada is linked up with a new
generation on thhis side of the water
by the generous gift of the Canadian
Red Cross Society, to London and to
Birmingham, of two hospitals.
The King's Canadian Red Cross
Convalescent Hospital, at Bushcy
Park, which was built with tlie cooperation of His Majesty on Crown
land, has been given as it stands,
thoroughly equipped and decorated,
the total value being about $120,000.
To make the gift complete His Majesty
the King has lent Upper Lodge, Bushcy, which was part of tlie Canadian
Hospital since it was opened ln 1910.
The hospital covers about eight acres
of ground, and tlie children will also jgjll
hove the use of Bushey Park, an Ideal ==
place for a hospital for delicate little ==
ones. =
This hospital is really one of the ==
camps where delicate and anaemic ****=
children are to be treated, and the ==
London County Council ls immensely =
grateful to the King and to the Cana- 53
ilian Red Cross for making it possible =
to provide several hundred children =
with so fine a temporary home. ^
The other hospital, which goes to Ws
Birmingham for the same purpose, =S
consists of Queen Alexandar Wards =
1 and 2 and Saskatchewan and Maui- =
toba Wards from Taplow, together ****=
with nurses' sleeping quarters at The =2
Lodge, Taplow. Altogether, between =
the two hospitals, about seven hull- =3
died chhlldren can be accommodated =
at one time. 35
By a happy coincidence, this gift =5
has been mode on the eve of Baby =5
Week, during which the welfare of =
the children of the British Isles is m
one of the foremost interests. It co- **■*****=
incides also witli the debut of the new =
Ministry of Health, which is expected =j
to do great tilings. js
Colonel Blaylock, Chief Commis- =
sioncr .referred to this link with Can- 3g
ilia very charmingly:—"For thc last
four and a half years the doors of all
Great Britain have been wide open
witli hospitality to Canadians overseas. It Is gratifying to us to feel
now that wc are going home that wo
shall be always the hosts of some of
London's children, and I am sure It
will be a tic that will bind the children
of London and Canad together."
And now It Is only to be expected
that kind people all over Canada will
take these hospitals under their wings
and interest themselves in thc little
delicate children across the sea.
First showing of "Pride of the West" Sweaters, Coats and
Sweater Sets in all shades and styles, sizes 34 to 46.
LtoeUBO  No.  0  10334
LEARN—These are the big paying
lines ot the future. Skilled men
and women are always in demand
In the after war re-adjustment
only trained persons will be wanted. =5
Start now to learn. Send for cat- ^
aloguc today. WHAT DO YOU |§
WANT TO BE? We train you in =
electrical, mechanical, mining and =5
steam engineering. Ship and me- =5
chanlcal drafting. Also courses in ==
Navigation, Agriculture, Stenogra- =3
phy, automobile, languages, diem- =3
istry, telephone and other subjects. S3
International Correspondence =§
Schools. P.O. Box 1121, Nanaimo, 53
B.C., J. H. Mllsom, Manager. H]|
Eighth Episode of 1
The I
Woman |
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Web. I
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"By the World [
Forgot" |
.^■art-j**. j||
An Unusual Drama of Love and I
Adventnre on the Margin of jf
Civilization. I
Says a subscriber: "I called up a number the
other day, and almost laughed when Central queried a
a number quite different from that for which I asked.
When I had time to think about it, perhaps she was
not to blame, for it is probable that the number was
given indistinctly."
This is a frank admission and gives rise to the
suggestion that indistinctness may be the cause of
trouble more often than is thought.
British Columbia Telephone Co., Ltd.
of ihe DRINKS
Buy the products of the
Ask for the Brands that are the Best
Alexandra Stout is sure to satisfy.
U.B.C. Beer   The Beer of Quality.
Silver Top Soda Water ™!fcf r»re
Cascade Beer   The Beer Without a Peer.
Under Sub-section 521 of the British Columbia Statutes, it is an offence to damage electric light and power
poles, and as the posting of bills and notices on said
poles constitutes damage thereto, therefore any person
or persons posting or causing to be posted any bills,
notices or advertisements, driving tacks, nails, or other
wise defacing or damaging any of the new poles being
erected by this Company will be immediately proceeded
against under the above provision. The penalty upon
conviction is TWO YEARS' imprisonment.
33 WHEREAS, certain mischievously inclined persons have tamp- 3%
35 ercd witli Ihe valves on the mains of this company, tliareby 35
35 allowing a considerable amount of water to run waste, we *==
=***= therefore wish to point out hat if is a serious offence to 35
53 tamper with such valves, and should the offending parties ==**:
=p be apprehended they will be prosecuted to the very fullest 35
3§ extent of he law. *****=
At any of the Hotels.
Cumberland Electric Lighting
Phone 75 Co., Ltd. p. o. 314
ALEX. MAXWELL, Proprietor
Autos for Hire.     Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.    Furniture and Piano •
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
Practical Automobile Mechanic
Cumberland, B.C.
Phone Q
(Night or (lay)    °
Oils, Crease nnd Gasoline. Curs Kept in Order by Contract.
Any .Make of I'nr secured ou the shortest notice.
SPECIALITY:—A Real Self-Starter for Ford Cars,
fully Guaranteed—The Only Thing—Call and See it.
Don't let your now car fall to pieces—a little practical attention
periodically will keep it to its standard.
U. WATANAiJE, Proprietor.
Ladies' and Gents' Suits
Made to Order.
P.O. Box 43.
Cumberland, B.C
Coal  and Wood
•>.(*<*:*;.•■•*-'"*■. ■„•■.,-        P4^'f» 4   *-•-•■;■-■ •*■ (S   -.. >:'-m\~   l' •'-*.■.■
Slabs and Blocks. Also all kinds of Timber for Building
Puruoses.   When you move call us up for quick
service.   Wc are here for Service and wc are
here to Stay.   (Service Day and Night.)
Watchmaker and Jeweller
Agent for the HARMONOLA
All the latest Books,   Magazines
and Periodicals.
Dunsmuir Ave. Cumberland, B.C.
Marocchi Bros.
Grocers and
Cumberland and Courtenay, B.C.
License No. 8-2S4S9
Royston Lumber Co.
Slab Wood (double load)...$4.00
Fire, Life and
Accident Insurance
Cumberland, B.C.
WM.    MlililtlFIKLIi,    Proprietor.
I'niiMiiiiir Ave.       Cumberland, B.C.  #
Canada Food Board License  No. 104986
Owing to thc confusion in until
orders of this medicine, we are
advancing the price from $6.20
to $5.50, und paying all charges.
This will give our many customers quicker service.
MRS.   GEO.   S.    ALMAS
M-l  ttli Ave., North, SiisKalniiii.
New Home Bakery
Fresh Bread, Cakes,
Pies, etc.
Wedding Cakes a Specialty
Dunsmuir Ave.,      Cumberland,
License No. 0-1171
Charlie Sing Chong
Groceries, Dry Goods, Boots and
Shoes, Grockeryware and
General  Merchandise.
HONG CHONG & CO.. Llevan.
S, HAMS, of Vancouver, wishes
lo inform (he publfa of Cumber-
laud and district, that he ia prepared to do all your SHOE RE
PAIRS, with the best of material
and workmanship.
(Successor to L, J. Aston.)
Geneiul Pershing addressing the American Army engineers who built
the Pershing Stadium in Paris. The Stadium has been presented to
France In the name of the name or the American Army. Insert shows:
Marehhal Joffre and General Pershing after being capped with the,
Degree of Doctor of Laws ai O) ford University.
tmi; sowi, imikv faioi
lu   Mesopotamia  the   model   dairy
farm "seems to he following tlie British
dag; at any rate British occupation
ban immediately begun workiuk for
the future good of thc country, am!
the immediate needs of the British
army of occupation In the way oi!
milk, cream, and butter, by establishing these object lessons in dairy management at Bassorahi Ainarab, Kut
Uamadi, Hlllah, Nasariyah anil Bagdad. That curious caliph, Haroun-al-
Raschld, If he still went about In disguise, might watch with interest tlie
British experts giving the natives
practical illustration of how to milk
the cow and prepare her product for
market. Each farm finds Mesopotamia peering, so to speak, over the
garden wall. Cows are being imported from India, and plans are under
way for the improvement of the native
Mesopotamian stock. But this is not
all. The expert poultry man and his
model poultry yard have come to
Mesopotamia, and so, also, have demonstrations iu tlie growing and handling of wheat and cotton. These things
apparently are the beginnings of a
new life In Mesopotamia, for they are
said to he the starting of a programme
that includes canals, irrigation ditches
reservoirs and general agricultural
Improvement. From the Mesopotamian point of view, it must-be a surprising result of the Prussian effort
to dominate 44ie world. Christian Science Monitor.
LOST—At the corner of Marypori
Ave. and Courtenay Road, red covered
hook,'(scribbler), Wood, Vallance on
outside cover. Finder rewarded on
returning same to Stanford's Garage,
Own    tiie    Hest
If your   piano  hears  the
name and  trade mark of
you have got the very
best manufactured in tlie
Dominion of Canada. If
it doesn't bear the name
and you mini the 1"' i.
call or write to the nearest Helntzman branch
and they will take your
other piano in exchange
for b Ve Olde Firrae of
Heintzmao & Co. piano,
allowing vim a fair valuation ou your used instrument.
Erzberger, German Minister of Finance, has IsBUod preliminary details
of the great caplatl levy which is tho
chief feature of his budge!. His
scheme is in several ways a very remarkable one, and, ii Is calculated, it
will raise something like ninety milliards of marks.
Fortunes of private persons and
capital of all kinds of business concerns of under B.OOu marks are exempt; above 5.000 marks the levy rises
from 10 per cent till It reaches, on
fortunes or capital of over two million marks, 65 per cent. Pearls and
all sorts of precious stones, articles
made of gold and other precious metal
are regarded as capital when their
value is above 20,000 marks. First
pamenta will he due as from January
1 and must be paid by October,
The amount payable In the levy
muy remain as a debt to the estate,
and in that cane interest at the rate
of five per cent will he payable for 80
years. The sun. due may also bo paid
iu Instalments, according to arrangement, and war loan or other Government stock may he used for (lie purpose.
The famous pat est ry, representing
the Acts of the Apostles, which for
centurleB hung In the Ducal Palace at
Mantua, was forcibly removed by the
Austrians In 18BG. It was taken to
Vienna, and has since been hung In
one of the halls of -the Castle of
Schonbrunu, the favorite residence of
i lie Emperor Francis Joseph. This
tapestry has been surrendered to the
Italian Government.
These pieces are replicas of those
at (lie Vaicau. which were v.oven at
Arras:-- for Pope Leo X. from cartoons
by    Rapb
lei    in
These ca
.■   pul   av.
lost In hit;
bl  (or a
Iml aliou
1021   ili"i
were pu
by Cuarli
.  1     Whel
the Kin;:
did  collo
iliOUB    wt'l
I   sold,  C
; vi.11
bought II
e cartoons
(eleven i
ber) for
the nation,
nml in tl
!■ iKU
of Wllllu
n III. were
placed ui
Inn I*	
Palace in
n room 1
i (or
11k im by
3Ir Christopher Wrei
are   now
In   the   .
louth   ICui
*    *    *    *
■■*      :':■
D. Campbell's
Meat Market
Young Steer Beef,
tender and juicy.
Veal, Pork and Mutton.
Cambridge Pork Sausage
Homemade Sausage
Polish Sausage
Veal Loaf
Boiled Hani
Ham Bologna
Have you tried our  Pickled  Pork
and Corned Beef ?    It is delicious.
Each Thursday morning from now
on a full line of Fresh Fish will be
on hand.
License No. 0-3902
nit. ii. p. en iiist11;
i'lioiie 11(1
Ofllce:   KINCI BLOCK,
Cumberland, B.C.
*   *   ♦   *
First Class Accommodation,     Heated
throughout by Electricity.
Cumborland, B. c.
License No. 1U-1U0G
^S we S(-ll this furnace it is
, a guaranteed heating system. When installation is
planned by our engineers, we
deliver exactly what you want
Comfort in your home.
If you are Roins to ins'all a furnace,
let McCIary's engineers show you how
Ask about (lie LITTLE DRAFT-
MAN that turns on the rlrnfta nnd
rigulnUa them Hiiiomutically.
it should be done. They have seventy
years of experience to guide them,
aud their services cost you nothing.
Adopt their plan and you are assured
of a comfortably heated home, fend a
durable economical heating plant..
Let us tell you more about tins
prnposition. il
Sold by
" —r"*■ ^smsM-nmamotrmm
«"in had been a pretty sick i teve-
dore, Inn  In' had  I  en  cheerful  and
was given extra   utlon al tho uoa-
piinl ni ar Bordi nix,   The nurse wa*
i ,.| all) In i lenl 11 al :;iiiii clean his
teeth n gularly, and I ighl blm tooth
uowdi r, brush and water every morning. One day about noon 8dm asked
(or his iiniili !«■'• i i. The nurse scold
, and asked hli I lie had nol cleaned
his i,- Hi thai * i ruing. "YaB'm," replied 9am, "bui I Jes wants my tooth
p iv dor." 'I'h 'se broughl the powder, water ai i ' rui h "1 don't' wanl
the brush, mil ," Bam expostulated.
■ Pso ,i ■* goln' i" ; iwder 'cm.'
When purcha . ; :m auto see Thos.
Hudi on, ni rui in Hay. B.C., repro-
enttng the Auto 11 ansfer ol Nanaimo,
;u 1 agenl tor ii" ' :mii>\ Dlstrli i inr
ih. I Ini will. On ilinui, liniliiv. Hud-
Klin Si\, I wlill,*- Chalmers ami Ho-
public Triii'lt,
i 111   Sundoj  d to toll ol the
ibtl    i rltli i in . :   .1 iteri .1 blm by
n   Philadi Iphla  giil for his  Informal
mi ih 'I ol prcachl   ,    The revlvallsl
ball   : .ii  Ihe end        in Impai sloned
... [in . rolli .1 il ■      Ill   b!i eve . put
on  hi    coal, iml       I     "And  now.
th ar friend    .. ■    any one  wanl  to
. miy ■      Ibn .'"   All ol the oon-
sllont i xcepl the pretty
i.  i   In    .        ronl   row.    She  said:
' May 1 dihoUo?" POUR
Cumberland Motor Works
Auto Repairs,
General Blacksmithing,
Acetylene Welding
Accessories,   Gasoline and Oils
Sole Agents for
The Powerlight Manifold Heater
Gas Saver for Ford Cars
Thomson & Cameron
First-Class Mechanics
Phone Ti P.O. Box 595
The Electric
Trouble Shooter
for FORD Cars.
It will burn out shorts in coils, which are caused by
pieces of wire, etc., getting across the contact, recharge the magnets without taking down the engine,
in one and a half hours' time. We can test out your
motor in ten minutes and tell you if you have a broken
magnet. There is absolutely no guess about it. If
your Ford is missing and does not pull as it should, let
us test out your magneto.
A Test will Cost You Nothing.
A weak spark will case missing and a great
loss of power and waste of gasoline.
Re-Charge and Burnt Shorts, $5.00
The HOME of the FORD.
Phone 46
Courtenay, B.C.
New Colors and Designs
1919 Stock Now on Sale
Our Stock of Furniture, Ranges, Beds and Bedding
is well Assorted and Complete in all Lines.
Try Our Groceries - Lower Price
than any other Store in Town
Van Camps Pork und Beans Old Dutch Cleanlier
.1 tills for 50c. r,H>  tin  50c.
Clark's  Pork  and  Beans Gold Dust   8 pkg. for #1.00
2 tins fur Mc. PeaB 6 tins for »5c.
Pink Salmon     Jilti tin 20c. Corn and Beans   4 tlnm 16c.
Red Salmon  25c. Ramsay Soda Biscuits 25c.
Tomatoes, 2tb tins, Northwest Family Soda BIs-
5 tins fur 95c. cults   85c,
K.   ABE &   CO. "
lledda Nova, as an Island girl In a
fetching costume ot varl-colored feath
era, with her hair in curls and Interwoven with flowers, is a pleasing prospect for Vitagraph exhibitors. Miss
Nova expresses herself as beiny
charmed with the variety of role
which the Cyrus Fownsend Brady
novel. "By the World Forgot," lias
given her. "
Director David Smith has chosen a
location near I.nguna Beach for tlie
making of the island seettees. There
are three big sea scenes, tiie making
of which kept the company out In
mid-ocean for several days, t lie completed picture promises to be ono of
real heart Interest and of a variety
that will be klled by the film patrons
who favor stories of a red-blooded
Own   the   Best
If your  piano  bears  thd
name and trade mark ot
* HEINTZMAN   &   CO.     *
* t.   $   *   t.   #   *   t.   #   t-   **
you have got the very
best manufactured in the
Dominion of Canada. If
It doesn't bear the name
and you want the best,
call or write to the nearest Helntzman branch
and they will take your
other piano In exchange
for a Ye Olde Flrme of
Helntzman & Co. piano,
allowing yuo a fair valuation on your used instrument.
LOST—At the corner of Maryport
Ave. and Courtenay Road, red covered
book, (scribbler), Wood, Vallance on
outside cover. Finder rewarded on
returning same to Stanford's Oarage.
E. W. Bickle,
The Islander, Cumberland, B.C.:
DEAR SIR:—The Cumberland Local,
Great War Veterans' Association,
while extending their hearty thanks to
all those who so kindly assisted towards making the Peace Day Celebration, held In this city on July 19th,
such an undoubted success, feel that
some special token of thanks Is due
to you for your great kindness in
donating all printing connected with
the matter, free ot charge. We highly
appreciate your kindness and can o/ily
say that we shall not readily or easily
forget it.
We feel that we can not too highly
voice our thanks to all who so readily
responded   to   the   request   of   ihe
Mayor and Council that all returned
soldiers  be made the guests  of the
City on the above occasion.
I have the honour to remain,
Yours most sincerely,
Secretary QW.V.A.
— o-^—	
The Cumberland Local, Great War
Veterans' Association, wish to extend
their hearty thanks to all those who
so kindly assisted towards the refreshment booth at the Canadian Collieries Picnic, more especially lo the
ladles who worked so hard to make it
a success.
Secrotaiy G.W.V.A.
Is Now Open for Business In the
Dunsmuir Ave., Cumberland, H.c.
Taken Every Day.
First Class Work Guaranteed.
The Season for Portrait   Hns   Conic.
Enlarging a Epeclalty.
Films  Developed  for Amateurs
P.O.  Box  203 Cumberland.
Standing, sitting and walking correctly
are the first essentials to good health
and that elusive charm we call style
LL women wish to be well; but all women
do not appreciate the vital importance
of correct corsetry as an essential to
good health. The well-known medical
authority, Alice S. Cutler, M.D., warns us:
"As a physician who knows that if it were
not for ill-fitting and the wrong kind of
corsets we would have very few female in
valids, I am naturally determined to do
everything in my power to educate women
in the proper fitting of corsets. Most
learned physicians now recognize the modern
corset as a hygienically healthful garment
and one that is often the best means ol providing corrective support for many bodily
The Original-Unequalled Front Lacing Corsets
have attained their unquestioned superiority
by assisting nature to perfect expression.
Every Gossard is hygienically correct. Properly fitted to the figure for which "it was
designed it will give scientific support to
abdominal and back muscles, with no chance
of undue presoure at the waistline; the organ*
of nutrition will be free from pressure; the
erect posture which is induced will encourage
deep breathing and the diaphragmatic mus
cles become strong with use. A woman so
corseted will have the undeniable beauty of
health and that grace of body, standing,
sitting, or walking, which is best expressed
in the one word, style.
We unreservedly recommend Gossard Corsets
as the complete expression of modern corse! ry.
Our highly specialized corset service is maintained with a full appreciation of the exacting
needs of the modern, active woman.
Goss.rds are priced at *2.*> *2.7! S3.00 »3.S° M.00 »5.°° »5.S0 aud mora
Phone 3-8]
Applications Tor the poaltlon of City
clerk for tlie City of Cumberland wlll
he received by the undorBlgned up to
.Monday, August 18th, 1618, at six p.m.
Salary lo commence $'15.no per month.
Duties to commence September 1st,
1919. For lull particulars apply to
.Mayor MacDonald.
A. McKINNON. City Clerk.
Make Old Clothes Look Like New
LADIES' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed  #1.<5
SKIRTS Cleaned aud Pressed  #1.00
WAISTS Cleaned and  Pressed   #1.00
CENTS' SUITS Cleaned and Pressed #1.50 and #2.00
OVERCOATS Cleaned and Pressed  #1.50 and #1.75
SUITS Sponged and Pressed  J»e.
DRESSES Dyed and Pressed  HM and up
SKIRTS Dyed and Pressed  #1.50
WAISTS Dyed and Pressed  #1.50
OENTS' SUITS Dyed and Pressed #3.50
OVERCOATS Dyed and Pressed  #2.50 to #11.00
Phone 104 P.O. llox 191
Great West Tea
Now 65c. per pound.
Obtainable Only at
Licence No. S-1T2GS.
Phone 71


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