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The Crofton Gazette and Cowichan News Aug 6, 1902

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 Quamichan Hotel
Now Open. Re-built and
Re-furnished. Heated by
Hot Air. Sample Room
for Commercial Travelers.
Boats for Fishing.
F. NELSON,     -     PROP'R
Crofton Gazette
Devoted to the Mining and Agricultural Interests of Vancouver Island, Texada
Island, and Coast Mainland Districts.
VOL. 1.
NO. 22
Smelting is defined as the process of obtaining metal from
ore by the combined action of heat; air and fluxes. Mr.
Charles Kirchhot'f, an eminent authority on smelting, writing
in the Universal Cyclopaedia, thus describes the process :
"Metals ready for use or sale may be produced from ores by
a single smelting operation as iron, or they may require a
series of snieltings alternating with roastings as copper, when
made from sulphuretted ores. The smelting process may be
simply reducing or oxidizing and reducing, or may be designed tQ volatilize certain bodies.to oxidize others, and to
reduce still others. Charcoal, coke and anthracite are the
fuels  generally  used in   shaft   furnaces   and   for   heating
sulphur to combine with the metals and form a matte, and
then iron pyrites is added. The general products of smelting aro slag and metal, or slag and matte, or sometimes all
three at once. The slags may have to be subjected to a
reducing smelting to obtain the metal retained in them, tho
metal to an oxidizing and scorifying smelting to purify it,
and the matte to Bessemerizing, to an oxidizing smelting, or
after roasting to a reducing and scorifying smelting, during
which some metals are partly removed by volatilization as
antimony, arsenic and zinc;; others by oxidization and scori-
IhVn'tion, as iron, zinc and tin; while the desired metal is
obtained in a nearly pure state or as a concentrated matte.
The copper veins of Butte, iMontana, occur in granite,
oarriying  copper glance, peacock   copper, and   some copper
The Crofton Smelting Works, Nearing Completion.
crucibles, and bituminous coal and wood for reverberatory
furr.aces; but peat, gas obtained from different materials in
special generators and peculiarly constructed fire-places,
natural gas, petroleum (as in the new Elmore process) and
wasle gases from furnaces are used.
To remove earthy matters and foreign oxides and to
facilitate the collection of the reduced metals, slags are produced, and according to the nature of the effect to be obtained
and the substance to be removed by scorifieation, the charges
are so constituted us to yield more or less acid or basic slags
by judicious mixture of the oresf treated, or by addition of
various fluxes.     Sometimes it is desirable to liberate some
pyrites. They have yielded enormous quantities of ore containing from 20 to 86 per cent, of copper, but the chief reliance of the producers are the low-grade ores which yield
from 5 to 10 per cent. iFractically all the ores carry some
silver. The ores must be concentrated by crushing and washing. IThe concentrates so obtained are roasted (i. e., deprived
of the greater part of their sulphur contents) in stalls or
fr.rnaces. The roasted ore is then smelted in reverberatory
or shaft furnaces to produce a "matte," a compound of copper, iron and sulphur, carrying about 50 to <>,r> per cent, of
copper. This "matte," generally argentiferous, is either
shipped to Eastern or European smelters, or worked on the 2
spot. Modern practice is to melt the matte in cupolas, tap
it into Bessemer converters, and expel the sulphur and
arsenic by the Manhes pneumatic process, the product being
an •argentiferous metallic copper. The latter is cast iuto flat
cakes, called "anodes," and is worked by electrolysis, pure
Joopper being deposited by an electric current in acidulated
sulphate of copper solution on the cathodes, while silver anc*
cold are gathered as a brown mud. Whe copper as smelted
nnd refined, while the precious metals are parted in the usua
manner. The methods followed at Butte may be regarded
as typical of modern processes for the extraction of copper
from complex sulphuretted copper ores."   ■
The foregoing interesting aud authoritative article on
smelting processes may serve to open many persons' eyes as to
the complexities of ores and ore reduction, and the detailed
and scientific knowledge and elaborate machinery called for
in the smelting processes of the present day. A point to
take note of is the fact that the iLenorn and Mount Sicker
ores, which will be the base of supply for the Crofton smelter,
are, comparatively speaking, easy to treat. To a large extent
they contain their own fluxes.
The cost of smelting the (Le Roi ores at Northportis now
reported to be only $3.80 per ton.
The big engine, No. 3, of the Lenora-Mount Sicker Railway, will be running again to-morrow (Thursday). The
damage done in the late runaway accident was merely superficial.
The ore bins being built for the Tyee Copper Company at
Stratton's Crossing, near Somenos, on the lEsquimalt &
Nar.aimo IRailway are nearly completed. Messrs. Keast &
Lewis have fulfilled their contract to haul the wire for the
aerial tramway up the mountain. The preliminary work of
smelter construction doAvn at Ladysmith is about completed.
Mr. Lennard, of the iBlue Bells mine, Frederick Arm, has
foeen visiting 'Messrs. Breen and Bellinger at Crofton. It is
understood that he is prepared to supply the Crofton smelter
with 500 to 600 tons of ore a week.
Messrs. Clarke aud Gwin, of the Yreka Copper Company,
who have already done wonders in developing their properties
on Quatsino Sound, having discovered and opened their mine
and made two shipments of ore in a space of about three
months, are now considering the erection of a smelter of
their own on the sound, at the water end of the new aerial
tramway they are constructing from the mine to salt water.
IMr. Ed. iFrijon, one of the oldest settlers in the Quatsino
■district, has made interesting disclosures to a "Times" interviewer. Mr. Frijon has discovered a very promising coal
field. While declining to locate the ledge exactly, he states
that it is about two miles from the water. It was disclosed
iby the falling of a tree and struck by a si wash, who agreed
to go in with him if he could secure capital to work it. HJe
brought a piece of the coal with him, and it has' been pronounced by experts as excellent. The ledge is between six
and seven feet thick, but it is impossible to say. yet how
much there is of it. Mr. Frijon also alluded to a good prospect that was struck last fall by two men named Nolan and
Skedin, who are now working it full blast, lit is situated
near the southeast arm and albout ten miles from the Yreka.
It is a copper and gold proposition, and assays favourably.
When sufficiently developed for shipping it will be within
convenient distance of the smelter which the Yreka Copper
Company propose to erect.
At an altitude of 5,000 feet a 3-inch rock drill would consume albout 8 indicated h. p. as developed in the air compressor; at an elevation of 10,000 feet, about 10 indicated h. p.
The Victoria Assay Office
46 Langley Street
Reliable Analyses of Ores, Coals, Etc. \TTr\rj\r\-nT .     P    H
P.O. Box 89.        (Next to the Law Courts)  VICTORIA,   13. V^.
Civil Engineer and Provincial Land  Surveyor.
just   RecEiyeD
A splendid stock of LAWN TENNIS GOODS made
by Wright & Ditson and Ayres,  including Racquets,
Balls, Poles,  Nets,  Presses,  etc.     Croquet Sets and
other summer games.
M. W. WA1TT & CO., 44 Government St., Victoria.
Cor. Govt, and Johnson Sts., Victoria, B. C.   Tel. 32.   P. O. Box 1
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.   Contractors by appointmen
to His Majesty's Royal Navy, The Dominion Government, etc.
Shipping supplied at lowest rates.
Home Comforts.    Moderate Rates.
Joan Avenue,      -      -      -      CROFTON, B. C
Established  for six years  at Chemainus.
Best Meat at most liberal
Joan Avenue,      -      -      Crofton, B. C.
GUTTA percha fuse
Holman Bros.
Patent Rock Drill.
Drills and Accessories, Columns and Tripods,
Manufacturers of Air Compressors and all
kinds of Mining Machinery.
Rowland Machin, Gen>1 Asent-
The iron question reminded him <Mr. Croft) of the Chinese question — it "would take a week instead of a few
minutes to discuss. No one would deny that we had the iron,
both magnetite and bog iron. There was bog iron within
four miles of Victoria that he knew of, and ibog iron was
largely used in the factories of England. The question of
markets available was less certain. He supposed that 09
per cent, of the product of a local factory would have to be
(exported. The Australian market would not amount to
much, as the Australians were in the same position as ourselves. iSince ♦*- '"Wation of the colonies the iron industry
had been under consideration, and the federal government
irtended to .bonus local iron manufactures. He was not one
of those who believed in being pessimistic in regard to the
iron business, especially when he remembered that iron was
being shipped to England from Eastern Canada. That trade
had sprung np in the face of the competition of cheap labour
in the Old World. While we had only a small population
here, we were within twelve days' distance of Europe and
China and Japan, and in comparatively few years' time
Japan would be a great manufacturer of iron goods, and
would probaibly have to import a large amount of iron. At
some future date China might hecon«e an exporter of iron,
hut that need hardly be considered at present. There was
certainly one great difficulty confronting the establishment of
tie iron industry here. We wanted the cheap labour. It
was the same in the timber trade. We could not compete
with the cheap labour countries. If iron works were started
here they would have to own coal fields, and would probably
have to own their ships. The ownership of the ships explained why the lumber business was being got by the Norwegians. The League ought to find out exactly what iron
was imported into China and Japan, and where it came from.
The iron industry was a big subject, and the only thing to do
was to keep on hammering at it.—iMr. Henry Croft at the
Victoria Voters' League 'Meeting.
This will be held on Saturday, August 9, on the Recreation
Grounds near Duncans. Mr. James Norcross, Hon. Sec,
announces the programme as follows:
At 8 a. m. every man possessing a gun will fire a. salute.
10:45 a. m. — Coronation services at 'St. Peter's Church,
Quamichan, attended by the Reeve and Councillors, the
friendly societies and public of all denominations.
12:30 p.m.— Basket picnic on the Recreation 'Grounds if
fine, in the Agricultural Hall if wet.
3 p. m. — Old English and Athletic Sports —
First.  Second.
100-yard .flat race $3 00     fl 50
Bun-ana-treacle contest 2 00       1 00
Running high jump 3 00       1 50
Walking greased pole 5 00       2 00
100-yard  flat  race (handicap)  for boys under
14 years   100 50
Grinning through horse collar 3 00       1 50
Pole jump 3 00       1 50
75-yard flat  race  (handicap), for  girls under
14 years   1 50 50
Jockey race 3 00       1 50
Steeplechase (the course to cross the river).... 5 00       2 00
Egg-andt-spoon race (handicap), for girls under
14 years   100 50
Wheelbarrow race  300       1 50
Potato race (handicap), for hoys under 14 years 1 00 50
Siamese race    3 00       1 50
Tug-of-war, 12  ladies vs. 6   gentlemen—(Prize
 Box of candies or hox of cigars
200 yards Indies' umbrella and 'bicycle race—Special prize,
iPing-iPong 'Set presented by "Crofton Gazette."
A baseball match will be played, Duncans vs. (Ladysmith.
There will be a grand display of fireworks at Duncans at
9 o'clock p. m.
The .Reception Committee will rejoice to see baskets containing a liberal margin for bachelors and strangers.
" God Save the King."
Keast's Livery Stable.
Operating Crofton and Mt. Sicker Stages.
Daily connecting with all E. & N.  Railway Trains.
Daily, Sundays excepted.
H. KEAST, Proprietor.
Out-of-town Customers can shop very easily by mail if they only care to use
the advantages of our Mail-Order System. If you can't come in person write
for anything you want, a post card will bring you samples and information. Experienced clerks will execute order the same day as received.     Money Back if
not Satisfied.
8o Government Street, VICTORIA, B. C.
Victoria, B. C.
Stage to Lakeside Hotel, Cowichan Lake, every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday.
Price Bros.,
FELL & COMPANY, Limited Liability,
Victoria, B. C.
Thorpe's Ginger Ale
Prize Medal
World's Fair.
78 Yates St., Corner Broad,
The Crofton Gazette
The Crofton Publishing Co.
Managing Editor, Henry II. Newill
75 cents per inch per insertion.
Larger spaces and contracts by arrangement.
All communications for the present to P. O. Duncans or Crofton.
ERE another number of this paper goes tof press, King
Edward VII. will have passed through the ancient
and picturesque, withal purposeful, ceremonies that
mark the formal coronation of a British King. But six weeks
ago we were grief - stricken at the King's illness which necessitated the postponement of the original date for the coronation.
To-day wo rejoice again, not so much perhaps now at the
mere fact of the coronation ceremony at length taking place,
as at the thought of our King's speedy restoration to health.
Long may he reign with the ever-increasing love and loyalty
of his people ! The CoAvichau district will show its loyalty
ou Saturday next in good old English style, and visitors will
be made very welcome.
The resolution passed at the annual meeting of the Liberal-
Conservative Association at Duncans on Saturday last, that
the Association was in favor of party lines in provincial politics, and would fall in line with all :Liberal-Conservative bodies
adopting this principle and sever connection with those declaring against it, was an important pronouncement of local
opinion. The principle enunciated is one to be stoutly maintained, especially as a remedy for the higlody-pigledy state
into which British Columbian provincial politics has declined
at the present juncture. .Non-party politics at the beginning
of this twentieth century is as much an Utopian a dream as
is Socialism. 'Socialism will never be possible or practicable
until the perfect individual has been evolved to become the
perfect 'Socialist; and the theory of non-party politics can
only be fulfilled in practice when our legislative assemblies
shall be composed of perfectly pure and disinterested politicians, sinking all personal considerations for those of patriotism and the general welfare of the country. To this perfect
state mankind, neither voters nor politicians, has as yet
attiiined. Discipline is as necessary in politics as it is in the
navy or the army. If no external, moral and guiding principle is imposed upon the ordinary human being in authority,
die will, in all but one in a thousand cases, make; his own
personal interests the guiding principle of his public as well
as his private acts. This is one of the little weaknesses that
human nature has not yet overcome.
All experience goes to prove that the purity of political life
is greatest where party lines are most marked. Probably the
most complete system of party politics in the world is to bo
found in England, which is to-day the purest country in the
world from a political point of view. In British politics, as
we know, the tendency is towards two great opposing political
parties, and at times when other smaller factious have appeared
in tho arena to hold the scales and frequently to decide the
fate of majorities, the strength and purity of tho government
has invariably deteriorated. The French Chamber, Avith its
half-dozen opposing factions, is continually in a state of turmoil and unrest. How much more is confusion Avorsa confounded in British Columbia, where every member of parliament is a law and a party unto himself ! Indeed, it must
so<>u become apparent to every British Columbian that this
province, with its legislators untied by any set principles,
satisfying every personal whim and desire for notoriety —
unchecked and uncontrolled once past the ordeal of the ballot
box — is in just such a continuing state of disorder, and Avill
never 'be able to clean and tidy up its political arena except
with the aid of a most rigid and1 disciplinary system of dual
party politics.
The iCowichan Lawn Tennis Club's annual tournament
was continued on Saturday last, the 2nd instant. The games
were not all played off then, but the tournament will be concluded on Friday next, the 8th instant, which day will be
Club Day this week, instead of Saturday, as the Coronation
celebration takes place on Saturday.
Besides tho results published in our last issue, the several
rounds of the handicap have been played off, the finals or
semi-finals alone remaining to Ibe decided. These games will
be as folloAys:
In -Dadies' Handicap Doubles, in the final Mrs. J. Mait-
lniil-Dougall and Miss Robertson will play Mrs. Knox and
Miss 'H. Robertson.
In Handicap Mixed Doubles, in the semi-finals Miss Maitland-Dougall and Mr. R. E. Barkley (owe 15.2) Avill play
Mrs. Knox and Mr. H. P. Williams Freeman (oAve 15); and
Miss Musgrave and Mr. C. F. Rivaz (oAve 15) will play Miss
0. Robertson and Mr. F. Prevost.
'In (Handicap Gentlemen's Singles, in the semi-finals Mr.
E. W. Shaw (owe 15) will play Mr. E. R. Mason (scratch);
and Mr. A. H. Lomas (scratch), Avill play Mr. W. Smythe
IIn Handicap Gentlemen's Doubles, in the final Messrs*
R. E. Barkley and R. St. G. C. Master (owe 15.2) will play
Messrs. O. Smythe and G. Mason (scratch).
Full scores and results of the tournament will appear in
our next issue.
New Time Card
In Effect June 14th, 1902.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
1—Leaves Victoria (Market Station), 7 a. m.   Arrives Sidney 8 a.m.
3—Leaves Victoria (Market Station),  10.30 a. m.   Arrives Sidney
11.15 a- m-
5—Boat Express—Leaves Victoria (Market Station), 2 p. m.   Arrives
Sidney 2.35 p. m.
7—Leaves Victoria (Market Station), 5 p.m.   Arrives Sidney 6 p.m
2—Leaves Sidney 8.30 a.m.   Arrives Victoria 9.30 a.m.
4—Boat Express—Leaves Sidney 11.40 a.m.   Arrives Victoria 12.15
G—Leaves Sidney 3 p.m.   Arrives Victoria 3.45 p.m.
8—Leaves Sidney 6,15 p.m.   Arrives Victoria 7 p.m.
e Victoria 9 a.m., 2 p.m.      Leave Sidney 11.40 a.m., 5.30 p.m.
General Manager.
Leaves Nanaimo at 7 a.m. daily.   Arrives at Victoria at 12.15 P-m.   Train leaves
Victoria at 2 p.m.   Arrives at Nanaimo at 7.15 p.m.
Makes the Island calls as usual.
JAMES ANDERSON, General Manager. ■mmhH
George Earlson, Oscar Malmstrom, Spokane; L. C. Chapman, Montana; Taylor, White Horse, Y. T.; and 10. Reid,
Vernon Staples, Fred. Costa and J. II. Allice.
THE samplers are now putting through 2(X) tons of ore a
day steadily. The trestle railway to the lop of the bins
is completed; and the work of painting the various
structures is proceeding. The building which will contain
tho furnaces and converters is finished, and the contractors
will be through with their work probably within the Week.
A 64-inch blast pipe has been placed in position M connect
the blowers with the furnaces, of which one —the round
matte furnace —is in place, also a small cupola furnace.
The Garrison furnace has arrived in Victoria, aud its various
parts are being fitted together by the Victoria Machinery
Depot. It will be brought round to Crofton almost immediately. At the present rate of work, the blowing-in of the
furnaces should be possible about the middle or the third
week of this month. A large heap of ore is being piled at
the back of the smelter buildings for experimental open
A concert was given in Crofton on Thursday, 31st July
last, in aid of the Presbyterian Church, which is the only
church denomination as yet represented in the town. The
services are held in a room over the end store of the Croft
Block, on Joan Avenue, and funds were badly needed to
supply chairs and necessary church furniture. The Rev.
W. iN. Carr,' the minister, occupied the chair and opened the
proceedings with a shorn address, after which the following
programme was gone through, to the great enjoyment of a
large audience :
2. Song     Congregation
3. Duet —Banjo and violin Messrs. Deasy and Wilson
4. Song    Mr. Tozer
5. Reading — "A Yankee in Love"    Mrs. Anderson
0. Song    Mr. Deasy
7. Duet —Banjo and mouth organ    ,
  Messrs. Deasy and WUson
S. Recitation — "Entertaining Her   Sister's Best Beau "
    Miss  Barber
9. Solo — Mouth organ    Mr. Wilson
10. Song   Mr. Tozer
Refreshments were served to over GO persons, and $25.50
were collected for the church funds.
The concert was promoted by 'Mrs. Anderson and Mrs.
Voss, and these ladies wish to thank Mrs. Gilchrist for her
aissisjtance in selling tickets, and the ladies who so kindly
brought cakes, etc.: also Messrs. Broadwell and Dyke for
refreshments, Mr. Pearce for loan of furniture and crockery,
Mr. Deasy for the music, and the public generally for its
hearty support.
The baseball match Avith Duncans proposed for next Saturday has fallen through.
Miss Cox has returned to Victoria after a lengthy visit to
her sister, Mrs. Baker, at Crofton.
(Messrs. Taylor & Smith, of Nanaimo, have bought out
Mr. Joel Broadwell's interests in his store, and will take over
tho business on the first of nevt month. They are giving up
•their business in Nanaimo, and; state that their intention is
to devote their whole energies to building up a trade throughout tho Mount Sicker and Cowichan districts, with Crofton
as headquarters. They will erect hay and grain warehouses
and run a large stock.
Mr. Broadwell, though giving up his store, will still retain
thi} postmastership.
There is a marine way now at the smelter.
Messrs. James Breen and II. C. Bellinger have been at
Crofton most of the week.
Mr. ill. II. V. Koelle, of Messrs. Pellew-illarvey, Bryant
& Gilman, assayers, of Victoria, visited Crofton last week in
connection with the shipment of ore made by the Yreka Copper Company from Quatsino Sound.
Mr. It. St. G. C. Master is building a new residence a
short distance below his present house.
At the Osborne Hotel during the Aveek have been registered: Mr. and Mrs. E. Johnson, Mr. and IMrs. F. Sher-
brurne and son, Mrs. W. Smith and daughter. Mr. and Mrs.
R. 0. Barker and child, and Messrs. W.. McAllister; T. J.
Rhinehart, Tacoma: J. Dahlstrom, Northport: IL. W. Birely,
S. W. iBodley, H. Gaerdes, J. King, J. M. Williams' and R.
T. Vyvyan.
At the Crofton iHotel have been registered: Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. iSAvord, Greenwood; Mr. Melnnes. M. P.; Mrs.
F. Burke and Miss Gray, Victoria; Mr. (H. H. V. Koelle, of
PelleAV-HarvoA'. Bryant & Gilman, Victoria: and Messrs. W.
Pier, J. A. Daley; I>. J. Cross, London, Out.: E. Gordon,
C. Bazett, Duncans;    F. Harcourt and J. W. iMoir, Seattle;
The theoretical is but a study of the practical; the practical man is often of little use at theory, except in so far as
he builds under competent supervision the parts which the
carefully evolved theories of his more studious confreres
have made possible.
iPlack Geldings, three years old, thoroughly broken;
weight, about 11(10 lbs. Apply to Malcolm Elliott, Crofton
and Westholme stage, Crofton, V. I.
Esquinialt and Nanaimo Railway
Stage leaves Daily connecting with North and South bound trains.
Double train service Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays, connecting with morning and afternoon trains.
Fare from Crofton to Victoria: Single $2.00; Return $3.00
Sails from Victoria Tuesdays at 6.00 a.m., and on Saturdays at 7.00
a.m., calling at Crofton on both days, handling freight and passengers at reduced rates.
Traffic Manager.
~——^———~^——■-^—~—^— ™~*^~- ^——————*»
The Flour that makes the Best Bread
is sold by
Try it.    Moose Jaw is the brand.
Established 1878.
Wholesale  Importer  and Dealer  in All Kinds ok Merchandise.
Depot for Giant Towder Co.       B. C. Pottery Co.
Duncans. Quamichan.
(Incorporatkd 1861.)
Manufacturers   of  High   Explosives,   Stumping  Powder,   Blasting,
Mining and Sporting Powder.    Dealers in Electric Blasting
Apparatus, Safety Fuse, Detonators, etc.
Head office : Montreal.    Branch office: Victoria.    Local  offices :
Vancouver, Nelson, Rossland and Greenwood.     Works:  Nanaimo.
Complete  Housefurnishings,
For Hotel, Store or Home.
Write for Catalogue.
Duncans anfc> Cowichan local IRews.
THE annual general meeting of the Cowichan Liberal-
Conservative Association was held at Duncans on
Saturday, and was well attended by representatives
from all parts of the district. The ordinary Ibusiness having
been put through, the following important resolution was
proposed and carried unanimously :
"Resolved, that the Association declare themselves to be
in favour of party lines in provincial politics, willing to fall
in line with all Liberal-Conservative Associations adopting
these principles, and to sever all connections with associations
not declaring themselves in favour of party lines in provincial politics."
We are delighted to see Mr. Andy iForrest out of hospital
again; though the fractured, leg is still in plaster and Mr.
Forrest can, as yet, get about only with the aid of crutches.
Mr. H. Williams, the popular Duncans station agent, is
taking a holiday, and IMr. Frank T. Porter (brother of the
station agent at Ladysmith) is acting agent at Duncans during Mr. Williams' absence.
Mr. T. A. Wood and family are enjoying a "camp out"
at Cowichan Lake.
C. IH. Dickie, Esq., M. P. P., and Mrs. Dickie left Vancouver on the 4th instant for a trip to 'Skagway and hack on
board the "Princess May."
Mr. Weddell returned to Duncans on Sunday, after spending over four years in the Klondike.
iMr. and Mrs. James Daley were in Duncans on Sunday.
Mr. Daley expressed himself as being very pleased indeed
with the arrangements made by Mr. Fred. Nelson in the fur-
lushing and equipment of the new Quamichan) iHotel building, of which Mr. Daley is landlord, having leased the premises to Mi*. Nelson. Electric bells have now Ibeen installed in
this roomy and comfortable house, and are a great convenience.    *
Messrs. George Maupin and H>. Williams left Duncans
to go on a prospecting trip in the mountains, but miscalculated
the capacity of their appetites, with the result that they bad
perforce to return on Saturday last (their intentions but half
fulfilled), owing to the all too rapid disappearance of tjieir
Mr. Merton, of the E. & N. Railway, is building a house
on what is known as the Watson estate, bis intention being
to Ibring his family from Victoria to reside on his new
At the Tzouhalem IHotel during the week have been
registered Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Hemsworth, of Victoria; Mrs)
W. W. de Sabiche and Mr. George S. Sabiche, Los Angeles;
Mrs. Humphreys, Chemainus; Mr. and Mrs. IS. 'Bond; Mr.
Thomas Kiddie, (Ladysmith; and Messrs. George Williams,
Crofton; R, N. Riblet, D. R. Irvine,) G. C. Howell, W. A.
Aubin, A. H. Wallbridge and G. Bong, of Vancouver; J.
Crathers, R. I). Munro, E. Hicks-Beach, C. J. Waldy, C. W.
Rhodes, F. Davidson, S. IH. O'Oell, all of Victoria; Gerald
Dickson, Cowichan Lake; A. V. Keating, Dos Angeles; M.
Smith, Vancouver; W. P. Bunces, A. J. Watson, Stanley
Craig and John Mowatt, Nanaimo.
The following have registered at the Quamichan Hotel
during the Aveek: Mr. and Mrs. O'Leary, Victoria; iMr. and
Mrs. J. H. Frank; Mr. and Mrs. James Daley and Miss
Ethel Daley, Victoria; and Messrs. S. and E. Bartlett, H.
Pope, S. W. Bodley, J. C. Devlin, T. T. Hutchinson, Victoria; M. iMatheson. New Westminster; S. D. Buley, Vancouver; J. W. Graham and R. J. Neary, Nanaimo; Mike
Powers, Chemainus River; George Merdon, Mount Sicker;
F. E. Pannell. Cowichan; R. J. Nary, Shawnigan; T. Cope,
J. Dninier, W. L. Douglas and A. F. Gwin.
Mr. J. IH. Whitrome, real estate, financial and insurance
agent, of Duncans, reports local sales of Tyee shares at $5.75.
This establishment is now completed, and consists of a
large floating raft, the central portion of which is roofed over
and Iboarded in, and partitioned so as1 to provide accommodation for both ladies and gentlemen. The work has been
done by public subscription, largely aided by the smelter
company, and the result ds a considerable addition to the
attractions of the town, both as a visiting resort for tourists
and a convenience to residents.
The raft is moored in the bay between the smelter and
the wharf, at a place where the beach shelves gradually, and
the water is comfortably warm as a general rule. Bathing
parties to Crofton from the district round, and even from
Victoria, will no doubt become a popular pleasure outing.
In respect of bathing opportunities, Crofton is especially fortunate.
To grant certain powers and privileges to the
Duncan Waterworks Company.
A .BY-DAW to enable the Duncans Waterworks Company,
•Limited, to construct aud operate a Waterworks System
within certain portions of the Municipality of North
Whereas the Duncans Waterworks Company, Limited,
hereinafter called the Company, was specially incorporated:
within the meaning of Part III. of the "Water Clauses Consolidation Act, being Chapter 190 of the Revised Statutes of
British Columlbia (which said Act is hereinafter referred to v.a
"the said Act") and amending acts, for the sole object of constructing and operating a Waterworks System within the
Municipal limits of the District of North Cowichan, and for
the purposes accessory and incidental thereto.
And whereas the Company has given notice of application
under Part II. of the Water Clauses Consolidation Act, 1897,
to record the right to take, divert, convey and use 300 inches
of water from Skinner Greek, in the District of Quamichan, at
a point on said Creek about 40 feet from the south side of
the Victoria aud Nanaimo Waggon Road.
lAnd whereas by Section 46 of said Act it is necessary that
the Corporation of the District of North Cowichan should
give its consent to ihe construction and operation hy the Company of such Waterworks System.
And whereas under and by virtue of the 'Municipal
Clauses Act" the Council of every Municipality may from
time to time naaike by-laws for granting aid by way of bonus
to certain works therein specified, by exemption, for a period
not exceeding ten years, from municipal taxation, subject to
such terms, conditions, and restrictions as the Council may
deem expedient.
And whereas the Company has proposed to construct and
maintain a Waterworks System within certain portions of the
Municipality of 'North Cowichan, upon the terms set forth in
a draft agreement submitted to and approved by the Council,
and which said draft agreement is as follows :
Agreement made the day of , 1902,
between the Duncans Waterworks Company, Limited, being a
Company specially incorporated within the meaning of Part
III. of the "Water Clauses Consolidation Act," Chapter 190
of the Revised Statutes of British Columbia, and amending
Acts, for the sole object of constructing and operating a
Waterworks System, hereinafter called the Company, of the
one part, and The Corporation of the District of North
Cowichan, hereinafter called the Municipality, of the other
Whereas the Company has given notice of application
under Part II. of the Water Clauses Consolidation Act, 1897,
to record the right to take, divert, convey and use 300 inches
of water from Skinner Creek, in the District of Quamichan,
at a point on said Creek about 40 feet from the south side of
the Victoria and Nanaimo Waggon iRoad.
And whereas the Company isi desirous of obtaining the
exclusive privilege of operating a Waterworks System within
that area or tract of land hereinafter specified, lying and
being within the corporate limits of the Municipality, and is
desirous of obtaining the consent of the Municipality thereto,
as required by said Statutes, and exemption from Municipal
taxation for ten years, upon the conditions hereinafter contained.
And whereas, in order to encourage and assist the said
undertaking, the Municipality has agreed to grant or assent to
the privileges and exemption from taxation hereinafter referred to.
Now This Indenture Witnesseth that the parties hereto
mutually agree with each other as follows :
1. The Company shall, on or before the 1st January, 1903,
commence the construction of a good and sufficient Waterworks System, with all modern improvements, to supply with
wholesome water fit for domestic purposes that portion or area
of the Municipal limits known and described as Section 20,
Range 4; Sections 17, 18 and 19, iRange 5; Sections 17 and
IS, Range 6; and Sections 16 and 17, Range 7, in said District
of Quamichan, and that portion of Section 15, Range 7, in
said District lying within the Municipal limits, and shall dilii
gently proceed with tbe construction of said Waterworks System, and will within eighteen months from the final passage
of this ByiLaw have the same in operation, so that the same
will and the Company shall thenceforward supply all the water
reasonably required by the inhabitants of the townsite of
Duncans (otherwise Alderlea) and extensions thereof as shewn
upon the map thereof filed in the 'Land (Registry Office at Victoria, B. C.
2. The Company shall thenceforward maintain the said
Waterworks System in good and efficient order and operate
the same continuously, so as to, and the Oompany shall, supply
all water that may be necessary to meet the reasonable requirements for the time being of the inhabitants within such
portion of tbe above described area as shall at any time hereafter have situated on each acre thereof not less than four
dwelling houses or other buildings in respect of which separate
services are required. *****
3. The quality of the water supplied by the Company
shall at all times be such as shall meet with the approval of
the Board of   Health of the Municipality.
4. The Company shall at its own expense include in its
said system, and maintain for the exclusive use of the Municipality, six hydrants (but no more) of a character suitable to
the Municipality, at such points as may he designated by the
Municipality, and at all times supply such hydrants with a
sufficient quantity and force of water for the use of the
Municipality in the prevention and extinguishment of fires ;
and the Company shall also supply the Municipality, free of;
charge, with such water as it may require for use in or about
the Municipal Buildings situate in said town of Duncans or
5. Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement,
the Company shall have the exclusive privilege, for fifty years
from the final passage of this By-Law, of supplying the area
described in Clause I. hereolf with water, but the privileges by
these presents granted or assented to shall not extend outside
said area.
6. The Company shall proceed with all its work with due
care and regard to the safety and convenience of the inhabitants and property owners, and when work is commenced on
any street, road or thoroughfare within the Municipal limits,
it shall be proceeded with steadily and without interruption,
and shall be carried on as rapidly as possible, having due
regard to the proper and efficient construction of the
same, and all streets, thoroughfares, roads and sidewalks shall
be replaced in as good order as the same were immediately
prior to the commencement of the work, to the satisfaction of
the Municipality.
7. The cost of constructing and operating said system
shall be paid by the Company, and the Company shall! be
liable for all damages and consequences arising through the
act, neglect or default of the Company occurring in the construction or operation of any works hereby authorized, and
shall pay all claims for compensation or damages arising in
respect thereto (if any) for which the Municipality would
be liable.
8. The Company shall comply with all the requirements
and conditions of the Water Clauses Act and amending Acts
applicable to its undertaking.
9. If and in case the Company shall fail to well and faithfully comply with this agreement, or any part thereof, for 30
days after it shall have Ibeen notified by the Municipality in
writing, delivered or posted up at the Company's office or
works, of any such default, then the Company shall forfeit
all its rights and privileges, and all its lands, property, plant
and works shall become the absolute property of tbe Municipality, which shall thereupon be at liberty to enter into possession thereof for its own use and benefit, without paying any
compensation therefor, any law or equity to the contrary notwithstanding; provided always that if the Company shall fail
to commence the construction of the Waterworks System as
Provided in Clause 1 hereof, it sha.ll incur no further liability
eyond the forfeiture of its rights and privileges under tliid
agreement; provided that, notwithstanding anything herein
contained, the lands, property, plant and works of the Company
shall not be forfeitable to the Municipality or become the
property thereof 'by reason of any failure to.supply water as
herein provided, in the event of such failure being caused (by
reason of the inability of the Company to obtain the necessary water from Skinner's Creek aforesaid: hut in the evenfi
of such scarcity of water causing a failure by the iGompany to
comply with the provisions of this agreement, the Municipality
may give three months' notice of their intention to cancel the
exclusive privilege given to the Company by clause 5 hereof,
and the exemption from taxation mentioned in Clause 10
hereof, and upon the expiration of the time limited in such
notice, the privilege granted to the Company shall cease to he
an exclusive privilege, and the said exemption from taxation
shall cease.
10. In consideration of the Company well and faithfully
observing and performing this agreement on its part, and so
long only as it shall so observe and perforin the same, the
Company and the whole of its waterworks system, offices and
other property, of what nature or kind soever, shall be exempt
from all taxation by the Municipality for a period of ten
years from the date of the final passage of this By-Law.
11. The Municipality shall not Ibe Jinble in the event ofl
any right or privilege granted or intended to he granted under
this agreement infringing upon any right or privilege of any
other company or person, nor in the event of the Municipality
not having power to grant any such rights or privileges.
12. The term Company shall mean and include the Duncans Waterworks Company, 'Limited, and its assigns.
In witness whereof the said Company and said Municipality have hereunto caused their corporate seals to be hereunto affixed the day and year first above written.
The Corporate Seal of the said Company "
was hereunto affixed by order of the Board
of Directors passed the   day
of , 1902, in the presence of
And whereas the Corporation of the District of North
Cowichan (hereinafter referred to as the Municipality) is willing to assist the Company iu constructing and operating such
Waterworks System by giving the Company immunity hy way
of bonus from Municipal taxation for a period of ten years
from the final passage of this By-Law, upon the terms set out
in said draft agreement :
Therefore the Corporation of the District of North Cowichan enacts as follows:
1. The terms of said draft agreement hereinbefore recited
shall be and are hereby accepted, and upon and subject to the.
conditions nnd restrictions in said agreement contained, the
Municipality hereby consents to the construction and operation
of the Waterworks System referred to therein being undertaken by the Company, and said agreement is hereby incorporated with and shall read as part of this iBy-Law in so far as
the same contains any grants or covenants on the part of the
Municipality, and the acceptance of any of the benefits
thereof by said Company or its-assigns shall bind the Company
or its assigns to all the terms and conditions therein expressed
to be performed (by them respectively.
2. This IBy-ILaw shall be void unless the works referred to
in said agreement are commenced and completed within the
periods specified therein in that behalf.
7. This By-Law shall, .before the final passing thereof,
receive the assent of the ratepayers of said Municipality in
the manner provided by the "Municipal Clauses Act."
4. This By-Daw may be cited as "The Duncans Waterworks Company, Limited, By-Law, 1902."
Passed the Municipal Council the 26th day of July, 1902.
Take notice that the above is a true copy of the proposed
By-Law upon which the vote of the Municipality will he
taken in the Council Chamber, Duncans, B. C, on Wednesday,
the 13th day of August, 1902, between the hours of 8 a. m.
and 4 p. m., and that the undersigned will he the Returning
Officer to take said vote.
1902. i
I hereby give notice that the electors of the Municipality
of North Cowichan are requested to attend at the Council
Chamber, Duncans, on Wednesday, the 13th day of August,
from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m., to record their votes for or against the
passage of the Duncans Waterworks Company By-Law, 1902,
a copy of which 'By-Law is published in the Crofton Gazette,
and copies whereof are posted at the Council Chamber and in
each ward of the Municipality, of which each person is hereby
required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
Returning Officer.
Council Chamher, Duncans, B.C., July 28, 1902.
Dominion Hotel,
BETTER than the rates indicate.
Board and room $1.25 and up per day.
Room only 50 cents to $1.50 per day.
The Corporate Seal of the said iMuriici- I
palitywas hereunto affixed in the presence J-
of        I
Several stores at Crofton, B. C.    Apply to
Non-Personal Liability.
MacGregor Block, VICTORIA, B. C. 8
The New Smelting Centre of
the Pacific Coast.
Real Estate Brokers
The Lenora Mt. Sicker Copper
Mining Co., Ltd.
(Non-Personal Liability),
TO LET.—Several Stores at Crofton, B. C.    Apply to above.
Agent for DUNCANS, V. I.
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.
Royal Insurance Co.
By special arrangement with the B. C. Mining Record we are
able to offer particularly advantageous terms for combined subscription
to that well known excellent periodical and the Crofton Gazette for
$3.00 per annum.
Subscriptions received by the Crofton Publishing Co., Crofton
or the B. C. Mining Record, P. O. Box 645, Victoria.


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