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The Crofton Gazette and Cowichan News Jul 30, 1902

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 Quamichan hotel
Now Open. Re-built and
Re-furnished. Heated by
Hot Air. Sample Room
for Commercial Travelers.
Boats for Fishing.
F. NELSON,     -     PROP'R
Crofton ftmtu
Devoted to the Mining and Agricultural Interests of Vancouver Island, Texada
Island, and Coast Mainland Districts.
VOL. 1.
NO. 21
" The cry is, still they come ! " On the Lenora mine the
richest ore yet found has just been struck in a drive north
from the ninth floor, a short distance above and beyond No. 1
tunnel. The new ledge has already been driven on more than
20 feet, and is still in solid ore. Work on the Lenora goes on
apace. IShipments are daily being made to Tacoma to fulfil
the contract with the Tacoma Smelting Company, and of
course the Croftou's smelter's bins are kept replenished, and
later on will receive the entire shipments from the Lenora
mine. A slight runaway accident of an ore train on the
Mount Sicker Railway has necessitated the large engine being
laid up for repairs for a few days.
On (Saturday yet another lead was struck on the Copper
Canyon mine. The new lead is located 240 feet north of the
main ore body, and wns two feet wide where struck.     The in-
Captain Wesson, who with his newly installed hoisting
machinery has been sinking a shaft in the Key City mine, has
struck ia fine body of ore at a depth of 120 feet. Its extent
is not yet proved.
The aerial tramway from the Tyee mine to the Somenos
siding of the Esquimalt & Nanaimo Railway is now in an
advanced stage of completion. The siding itself is laid, and
large ore bins are being constructed, with modern improvements to facilitate the handling of the ore. The work of
smelter construction at Ladysmith is proceeding as rapidly as
possible, though the non-arrival of machinery threatens to
delay progress here as it did in the case of the Crofton
smelter construction.
At the mine itself, development — at the 100-foot level
especially — is proceeding most satisfactorily. iMore rich ore
has been found, and the ore foodies already blocked out will
alone keep the company's new smelter going for years. A
new sawmill has been instituted on the property, following the
lead of the Lenora, and the lumber for use in the shafts andi
On the Lenora Mt. Sicker Railway.
tention is to work this new find by a crosscut from the 200-
foot level of the proposed main shaft, for the sinking of
which machinery is now being bought and' preparations are)
being made.
The main tunnel has now been driven 256 feet, tapping
a rich ore body, averaging at least three feet in width. The
'Mount 'Sicker & Mount Brenton Mines, Limited, propose to
make n,n upraise at this point to the surface, and there to
sink a double-compartment main shaft to a depth of at least
400 feet. The company has already some 220 tons of ore
lying on their dump, but it is the intention to develop the
mine thoroughly before attempting to commence shipping. Mr.
iLewis, the manager, states that a diamond drill has been
ordered for prospecting purposes.
(Sixty feet down in the new shaft which is being sunk on
the Copper King mine, a rich body of ore has just been discovered. It is six feet wide so far, and the ledge is improving, both in size and appearance, as greater depth is reached.
The Copper King claim is situated on the Chemainus River,
some distance below the Copper Canyon, and is the property
of the Coronation Mining Company, of Nanndmo, of which
Mr. J. M. Munro is secretary.
■stopes is now (being sawn on the ground. Mr. Weismiller is
superintendent and Mr. 'Sam Kitchen sawyer. IMr. William
Dwyer, of this company, lias been out prospecting for a further supply of water, with satisfactory results. The ne\v
offices of the company at Duncans are now open, in handsome premises.
The Perseverance group of claims, on'Salt Spring Island,
was recently bonded by a Victoria syndicate to IMr. H. E.
Neave, for $3(J,000. iHe did a considerable amount of work
during the past few months, and proved the claims so far
satisfactorily that he has been able to re-bond them to> a
wealthy Scottish syndicate, which has undertaken to put six
men to work upon them steadily for six months, to prove them
In the course of a 15-foot tunnel which has been driven,
two cross-ledges have been struck, and the ore from them has
assayed high in copper and gold. The situation of these
claims is an ideal one for water transportation, and the
Crofton smelter is just across the foay. Should the results
of development be anything like as good1 as indications
promise, the Perseverance group of mines will be a very valuable property. THE CROFTON GAZETTE AND COWICHAN NEWS.
About 110 tons of ore were brought dowii from the Yreka
Copper Company's Comstock property on Monday last by the
steamer Queen City, which numbered amongst her passengers
Messrs. Clarke and Gwin. Tfie ore was taken on for delivery
to the Crofton smelter, and is the first over-sea consignment to
the Northwestern Smelting & Refining Company. The Yreka
company have decided not to ship any more ore from their
Quatsino property until the aerial tramway, which Mr. Riblet
ofNelson has in hand for them, has been constructed from
the mine to the waterway. Advices from this property colli
tinue to be very encouraging.
Messrs. Clarke and Gwin, to whom the June group of
claims belong, have bonded them to a Tacoma syndicate, with
the express condition that development work is to foe proceeded
with on a larger scale. A crosscut recently made uncovered
a large body of  high-grade copper ore.
When the night shift, returning home, went to the wash-
house a few days ago, they found it a curious scene. Every
article of furniture was overturned, and the floor under other
conditions might have been a swimming bath. iBut there was
no water left in the basins or jugs to wash in. Unpleasant
though forcible remarks flew round, and the boys turned in
unwashed, vowing vengeance. The morning brought repentance. It transpired that Mr. Jack Charles, returning home
at 2:30 a. m. from viewing the beauties of nature, had discovered fire in the said wash-house, and had, single-handed,
extinguished it, at his own peril. Gallantry snch as this could
not hut elicit three hearty cheers, even from the offended
Mr. 'Spittel, a prospector, has made an exceedingly rich
strike at Kennedy Lake, Clayoquot. The surface ore has
assayed as much as $144 in gold, with some silver.
(Several parties are prospecting in the Koksilah Valley,
and a good deal of work is proceeding. One party is driving
on a vein of copper ore. At eight feet in, the ore body is
about two feet square.
Mr. Little, of Port Townsend, has staked out an entire
island at Rupert Arm, Quatsino Sound. He states that tlie
island —known as Red Island —is practically a solid mass of
low-grade copper ore. At the western extremity of the West
Arm he also discovered lately a ledge of foornite 30 feet in
The Van Anda smelter, on Texada Island, will very shortly
foe "blown in." The English company which has taken it
over is largely increasing the working staff of miners, and is
making considerable expenditure on new and up-to-date equipment. The manager has already had enough offers of ore for
reduction to keep the smelter going for some time, and the
Cornell and Copper Queen mines will ship to the Van Anda
smelter at no distant date.
The Victoria Lumbering & Milling Company for some time
have been quietly extending their railroad and organizing new
developments at their mills at Chemainus. Within a few
weeks the railroad1 will have completed connection between
their logging camps, the E. & N. Railway, and their sawmills,
thus placing them in an exceptionally advantageous position
with regard to transport. To the splendid waterfront which
they enjoy now will thus be added facilities by means of the
Ladysmith ferry for direct transportation over the main trunk
lines of the Mainland. The company are erecting two new
dry kilns with a capacity of 50.000 feet a day, also a shingle
mill. The V. IL. & M. €o. evidently intends to keep its foremost place in the lumber trade of theprovince.
IBy an order-in-council, the Provincial! Government have
made an effort in the right direction to discourage the export
of timber. The order as published in the "British Columbia
Gazette" reads :
" Notice is hereby given that His Honour the Lieutenant-
Governor-in-Council, in pursuance of the provisions of .Section 60 of the 'Land Act,' has been pleased to order that all
timber cut from provincial lands, under authority of special
licenses heretofore issued, or which may hereafter be issued,
shall he manufactured within the confines of the province of
British Columbia, otherwise the timber so cut may be seized
and forfeited to the Crown, and the license cancelled."
JUST   RecEiveD
A splendid stock of LAWN TENNIS  GOODS made
by Wright & Ditson and  Ayres,   including Racquets,
Balls, Poles,  Nets,  Presses,  etc.     Croquet Sets and
other summer games.
M. W. WA1TT & CO., 44 Government St., Victoria.
Cor. Govt, and Johnson Sts., Victoria, B. C.   Tel. 32.    P. O. Box I
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.   Contractors by appointmen
to His Majesty's Royal Navy, The Dominion Government, etc.
Shipping supplied at lowest rates.
Home Comforts.    Moderate Rates.
Joan Avenue,      -      -      -      CROFTON, B. C
Established  for six years  at Chemainus.
Best Meat at most liberal
Joan Avenue,      -      -      Crofton, B. C.
Holman Bros.
Patent Rock Drill.
Drills  and  Accessories, Columns and Tripods,
Manufacturers of Air Compressors and all
kinds of Mining Machinery.
Rowland Machin, Gen'' Agent-
The latest sensation in the Cowichan district is the discovery of good anthracite coal near the head of the Koksilah
Valley. Considerable secrecy surrounds the undertaking, but
it is understood that two Victoria capitalists are about to prove
in a practical way the value of the new coal held. The claim
comprises some eight hundred acres contiguous to the Koksilah
River, and it is proposed to utilize the waters of that stream
for power purposes. A waggon road will be cut from tho
most feasible point on the E. & N. Railway, and experimental
exploration will at first proceed on the property with a diamond
drill. The surface coal is stated to be a true anthracite.
The ''Colonist" thus narrates the strange history of this perhaps invaluable bit of wild land :
In iSeptember, 18t5o, W. A. Robertson and iHector MePher'
son discovered indications of coal on the north fork of Koksilah River, ten miles from the Glenora farm in the Cowichan
Valley, or about 15 miles from the present site of Duncans.
They reported their find in Victoria and formed a company,
which was composed of Hon. Amor DeCosmos, the Bunting
brothers, Mr. Coldwell, Julian Harris, Hugh Moore Jr., Capt.
Torrance and themselves. The company employed a miner,
Jimmy Johns, to examine and develop the property, and in
October of the same year a party under his supervision did
considerable work on the property, making several open cuts,
which disclosed three seams of coal, two of which were 18
and 20 feet in width respectively, while the third was mucli
narrower. In the following spring Messrs. Robertson and
McPherson made another expedition to the property and put
in some hard work, getting out samples of the coal, which was
of excellent quality for surface showings, but owing to the
difficulty of reaching the property, the obstacles in the way of,
conveying the coal to Victoria and the want of a market, the
company decided against expending any more money, and in
consequence work was abandoned, and a majority of the partners withdrew from the enterprise.
'Nothing daunted, IMr. Robertson formed a new company,
in which he was associated with John Spratt, John Boyd,
Chauncey Nuttall, Capt. Spring, iMr. Roscoe, John Graham
and Mr. Pindlay. Mr. 'McPherson had gone to California in
the interim, and was accidentally killed at Oakland. The new
company made a trail from the Cowichan Valley to the coal
deposits, and let a contract for 200 feet of tunneling. This
work was left entirely to the discretion of the contractor, who
was supposed to; be an expert miner, and in consequence a
considerable amount of energy was wasted, as the contractor,
instead of driving a tunnel at the most likely place, contented
himself with sinking test pits here and there on the seams —
fossiking, in fact, to no good purpose. This led to a lawsuit,
and the company, discouraged, finally abandoned all active
interest in the property. They had taken the precaution,
however, to secure a crown title to the property as tenants
in common, and consequently, after the lapse of all these
years, Mr. John Graham found himself the sole owner, all his
partners having died, and from him the present owners*
acquired title. Mr. Robertson, who had worked the hardest
and most earnestly to develop the property, disheartened by
the apathy of his associates, had parted with his interests
many years ago, but he is so embuedj with enthusiasm for
Vancouver Island and its possibilities that he voluntarily
guided the latest owners to what may in all probability insure
them a fortune.
At the North Cowichan 'Municipal Council meeting held at
Duncans on Saturday, the 2(ith instant, the chief business to
be transacted was the consideration of the amended by-law to
grant the requisite rights and privileges to the newly-formed
Duncans Waterworks Company, to enahle them to put in and
operate ai waterworks system throughout the town, and levy
rents, etc. This was finally approved of and passed. The
meeting also decided to hold the postponed coronation celebration on the 9th of next month, and to carry out the original
programme with the exception of the bonfire.
The following are the successful candidates at the Duncans Centre for entrance to the Central iHigh School, and the
number of marks obtained. The percentage of successes is
fairly satisfactory :
'Duncans — Candidates, 10. Passed : Alan iB. Ford.
873; Lewis Clark, 828; Geoffrey Lomas, 732; Margaret
Robertson, 694; Hattie Whidden, 088; Margaret E. Duncan,
652;   Jennie Lomas, 614.
Mount Sicker —Candidates, 3.     Passed', none.
ISomeuos— Candidates, 3. Passed : Mary Anne Evans,
Ouamichan — Candidates, 3.
ISahtlam — Candidates,   1.
son, 806.
ICowichan — Candidates, 2.
Maple   Bay — Candidates,
Symons, 630.
Chemainus — Candidates, 1.
Passed :   T. A. Wood, 090.
Passed :     Lillie   L.   Robin-
Passed', none.
3.      Passed:
Harriet   R.
Out-of-town Customers can shop very easily by mail if they only care to use
the advantages of our Mail-Order Svstem. If you can't come in person write
for anything' you want, a postcard will bring you samples and information. Experienced clerks will execute order the same day as received.     Mo.nky Back ip
not Satisfied.
8o Government Street,
Victoria, B. C.
tzouhalem hotel,
Stage to Lakeside Hotel, Cowichan Lake, every Monday, Wednesday
and Friday.
Price Bros.,
FELL & COMPANY, Limited Liability,
Victoria, B. C.
Thorpe's Ginger Ale
Prize Medal
World's Fair.
Passed;   Lilly McBride, 613.
78 Yates St., Corner Broad,
The Crofton Gazette
The Crofton Publishing Co.
Managing Editor, Henry H. Newill
75 cents per inch per insertion.
Larger spaces and contracts by arrangement.
All communications for the present to P. O. Duncans or Crofton.
WEDNESDAY.   JULY 30. 1902.
A DETAILED history of   the gradual evolution of   trie
Lenora-Mount Sicker Railway would ibe interesting
reading.     From waggon  road to wooden tramway,
and wooden tramway to a fully-equipped narrow-gauge railway,  this  route  froiriMount Sicker   to Westholme,  on the
EisKiuimalt & Nanaimo Railway and Crofton, on the sea, has
been 'built up and improved until now it offers a complete
system  of   transportation from   the Mount   Sicker,  Mount
Brenton and Mount Richards mines to the coast.     The full
significance of   this simple statement is not readily grasped.
Mining developments in the districts served by this railway
have latterly made enormous strides.   Mount Sicker is rapidly
growing into an important mining town.      The older established mines in the district are already shipping regularly, or
are preparing to make regular shipments of ore;   activity is
increasingly  apparent in  the  lesser  known    or  until lately
neglected   neighbouring  mines;    and  new  claims are being
taken up and worked on every side.     Far-seeing capitalists
and sound mining men are beginning to take stock of   the
situation and to perceive that here in the heart of Vancouver
Island lies one of  the most promising mineral areas in   the
province.     The day is not far hence when Mr. /Henry Croft
will be called upon to extend his railway — it may be only in
short arms or branches to reach   and   serve other shipping
mines in the district, but it may be to make an extension up
the  Chemainus or  Cowichan  valleys,  with  a final western
outlet on the sen.     From sea to sea this little railway will
probably one day extend, for, if developments warrant, Mr.
Henry Croft (as he has shown  consistently by his actions
hitherto) is certainly not the man to be backward in satisfying any demand in the interests of Island progress.
(But the point is that the Lenora-lMount Sicker Railway
is ibecoming the central means of communication of this progressive mining district. If advantage be taken of the
conditions, Crofton can be made the source of supply and
feeder of the mines and the mining town of iMount Sicker,
and this, too, without any detriment to the trade of Duncans..
The railway will carry local agricultural produce daily to the
markets of the mining districts, and, moreover, the merchants
of thriving Duncans will eventually find it to their advantage
to import! goods direct through their natural seaport. The
wonderful little mountain1 railway of which we speak will one
day no doubt become an important trunk line.
Wo have received the first two numbers of the "British
Pacific," a new monthly magazine published at Cumberland,
at $1 per annum, and ably edited by Mr. Henry F. Pullen.
It aims "to give expression to Anglo-iSaxon .points of view
ns they relate to the twentieth century." The initial numbers are really interesting, and we wish our new contemporary
the success which the neatness of its get-up and the excellence of   its reading matter well deserves.
Several articles are held over this week, owing to the
publication of the proposed Duncans Waterworks (By4Law,
to which we draw attention.
The first consignment of ore received over-sea by the
Northwestern Smelting & Refining Company arrived by the
"Queen City" on Monday evening last. This consisted of
about 110 tons of ore from the Yreka Copper Company's
property at Quatsino iSound.
Postal conveniences have induced us to make Wednesday
our publishing day, instead of Tuesday, as we anticipated
last week.
THE postponed Coronation Celebration will he held (as
arranged for the 26th of last month) on the 9th of
next month. The programme will include a coronation
service at St. Peter's, officially attended; a basket picnic on
the Recreation Ground if fine, in the Agricultural (Hall if wet;
a baseball match, Crofton vs. Duncans; and sports as follows:
iFirst.   'Second.
100-yard fiat race ,. .$3 00      $1 50
Bun-and-treacle contest  2 00       1 00
Running high jump  3 00       1 50
Walking greased pole  5 00       2 00
100-yard flat race (handicap)( for boys under
14 years  100 50
Grinning through horse collar 3 00       1 50
Pole jump  3 00       1 50
75-yard flat   race (handicap), for   girls under
14 years   1 50 50
Jockey race 3 00       1 50
Steeplechase (the coarse to cross the river).... 5 00       2 00
Egg-andi-spoon race (handicap), for girls under
14 years   1 00 50
Wheelbarrow race   300       150
Potato race (handicap), for boys under 14 years 1 00 50
Siamese race     3 00       1 50
Tug-of-war, 12   ladies vs. G   gentlemen—Prize
 Box of candies or box of cigars
A prize is also offered by the Crofton Gazette.
The bonfire on Mount Prevost will probably not take place,
in consequence of the dry weather and the risk of a bush fire;
but there will be fireworks in Duncans instead.
New Time Card
In Effect June 14th, 1902.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
1—Leaves Victoria (Market Station), 7 a. m.   Arrives Sidney 8 a.m.
3—Leaves Victoria (Market Station),  10.30 a. m.   Arrives Sidnev
11.15 a- m-
5—Boat Express-Leaves Victoria (Market Station), 2 p. m.   Arrives
Sidney 2.35 p. m.
7-Leaves Victoria (Market Station). S p.m.   Arrives Sidney 6 p.m
2—Leaves Sidney 8.30 a.m.   Arrives Victoria 9.30 a.m.
4-Boat Express-Leaves Sidney n.40 a.m.   Arrives Victoria ia.i<
p.m. a
0—Leaves Sidney 3 p.m.   Arrives Victoria 3.45 p.m.
8—Leaves Sidney 6,15 p.m.   Arrives Victoria 7 p.m.
e Victoria 9 a.m., 2 p.m.      Leave Sidney 11.40 a.m„ 5.30 p.m.
General Manager.
1110 Transport!
Leaves Nanaimo at 7 a.m. daily.   Arrives at Victoria at 12.15 P.m.   Train leaves
Victoria at 2 p.m.   Arrives at Nanaimo at 7.15 p.m.
Makes the Island calls as usual.
THE neighbourhood of the sampling house is now a very
busy scene. * The samplers are now putting through
25 to 30 tons an hour, and later on, when the new
machinery is working more easily, they will put through 35 to
forty tons an hour. Lines of small cars laden with ore from
the dump are being pushed in rapid rotation along rails to the
foot of the sampling building, where they are run on to a
weighing platform, their weight taken, and then they are
emptied into the big rock crusher on the ground floor of the
works. Thence, after being crushed, the ore is carried up by.
a lift to the top floor samplers. The sample taken from them
is passed down to the next smelter, crushed again in a second
rock crusher on the third floor, and again sampled, the discarded ore passing by gravity either into one of the east bins,
or out by a chute from the north side of the sampling house,
at will. Just at present, pending the fixing-up of the closed
furnaces, ore is being passed out by this chute into cars and
run along a trestle-way Ibehind the works to where a heap is
being formed for experimental open roasting.
The framework of this building has been completed some
time, and is now nearly enclosed with sheets of eorrugatert
iron. A large matte furnace is in place. This will roast
300 to 350 tons of ore a day. Besides this, a small cupola
furnace is to hand, and a garrison furnace is on its way to
Crofton. It is expected that the furnace will be ready to be
"blown in" by the 15th August.
The new well which is being sunk to provide an extra
water supply for the town is making a goodi showing, under
the capable superintendence of Mr. Jeffrey, who has three
shifts of men working upon it.
Mrs. Conlin gave a ball last week at the Crofton Hotel,
in honour of Miss Genevieve Devitt, who was leaving on a
visit to Victoria, after a long stay at the hotel. Mr. H. C.
Bellinger was present, and opened the ball with iMiss Devitt,
and a most enjoyable evening was spent by a large party of
guests. Carriages were ordered at 12 p. m., but it was early
morning before the party broke up. Amongst those present
were Mr. and Mrs. Romibauer, Mr. and (Mrs. Parker Clark,
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Anderson's sister, Mr. and
Mrs. A. Cayzer, Mr. and Mrs. Baker,, Mr. and Mrs. Jack,
Mrs. Voss, Mr. "Voss, Mr. J. T. Pearce, Mr. and Mrs. Whiit-
tingham, and Messrs. Fred. Young, J. Bye, George Williams,
and other distinguished residents. Music, consisting of
violin, banjo, guitar and mouth organ, was kindly supplied by
Messrs. Deasy, White and Perkins, aud Mr. Bellinger generously offered his piano.
- «
Mrs. Snowden, Miss Gertie Loewefi and Mrs. Harvey
Combe drove over from Duncans to Crofton on (Sunday last.
They broke down half way, but, nothing daunted, picked! up
the bits and continued their journey: to the new town, where
they "took in" the sights1 and refreshed themselves with tea
at the Osborne Hotel.
Of the four houses which Messrs. Craig & Mackintosh
are building for Mr. Crofton Arthur .Street, Mr. Jeffrey, the
townsite agent, has taken one, Mr. Walter Harvey has rented
another, and Mr. George Williaims, of'the smelter, a third.
Early inthe morning one day last week, some of tho
smelter boys when going to bathe pursued a one-year-old buck
into the water and secured Mm for an hour or two, but let
him free later.
Mr. Walter Harvey, who has been painting, is now
checking samples in the moisture assays at the smelter. Mr.
Mountain is also a checkmnn.
Messrs. Macleod and Lidgate, smelter employees, went
sight-seeing to Sidney on Sunday last.
A well-known city tobacco merchant called in at Crofton
on Monday last. He had ibeen spending his honeymoon at
Nanaimo; but when he came on board the Strathcona again
after viewing Crofton, his bride was gone. The affair is a
mystery. However, we are happy to state that the bereaved bridegroom was not inconsolable.
Miss Celia Carroll and Messrs. 0. A. and W. H. iShewan,
of San Francisco, J. A. Daley and W. Oarse have been staying at the Crofton Hotel, audi thought the new town and its
surroundings so charming that they propose to come again
and camp here next month.
Miss Genevieve Devitt, went down to Victoria last week
to meet her mother and family. Mr. and Mrs. Devitt, Miss
Genevieve, and Misses Winifred and Pearl, and Masters Joe,
Clare and Bernard Devitt are shortly moving into a cottage
on Robert Street. Mr. Devitt 5s furnace master to the
smelter company.
(Hotel lists have been crowded out this week.
Late Assaycr Van Anda Smelter. PROVINCIAL LICENSED AsSAYER
The Victoria Assay Office
46 Langley Street
Reliable Analyses of Ores, Coals, Etc. \7rr^n^r\m i      B    P
P. O. Box 89. (Next to the Law Courts)   V Id UK1A,   D. \^.
Keast's Livery Stable.
Operating Crofton and Mt. Sicker Stages.
Daily connecting with all E.  & N.  Railway Trains.
Daily, Sundays excepted.
H. KEAST, Proprietor.
Civil Engineer and Provincial Land  Surveyor.
The Flour that makes the Best Bread
is sold by
Try it.    Moose Jaw is the brand.
Established 1878.
Wholesale  Importer and Dealer  in All Kinds of Merchandise.
Depot for Giant Powder Co.       B. C. Pottery Co.
Duncans. Quamichan.
(Incorporated 1861.)
Manufacturers   of  High   Explosives,   Stumping   Powder,   Blasting,
Mining and Sporting Powder.    Dealers in Electric Blasting
Apparatus, Safety Fuse, Detonators, etc.
Head office : Montreal.    Branch office : Victoria.    Local offices :
Vancouver, Nelson, Rossland and Greenwood.     Works:  Nanaimo.
Complete  Housefurnishings,
For Hotel, Store or Home.
Write for Catalogue.
Weiler Bros., Victoria, B.C. 6
Duncans ano Cowichan local flews.
Tho annual tournament of the Cowichan Lawn Tennis
Crulb took place on Friday and Saturday last, and will be concluded on Saturday next. Mr. Pimbury's grounds were filled
with a large assemblage of members n.nd visitors, numbering
several hundred. The play was good throughout, but that of
Mrs. Burton amongst the ladies and Mr. R. Barkley amongst
the gentlemen was exceptionally fine — indeed, irresistible.
Only the open events were played off last week, the handicaps
being left until tho 2nd instant. Subjoined are the results of
the finals :
ILadies' Open Doubles— IMrs. Burton and (Miss Maitlandr
Dougall ibeat Mrs. Leather and Miss Musgrave. The prizes,
for this are a silver bonbon dish and a silver clothes brush.
Gentlemen's Open Doubles — Messrs. R. E. Barkley and
R. St. G. C. Master .beat 'Messrs. R. Musgrave and C. P.
Rivaz. For this the prizes are a silver pencil case and a silver cigarette holder.
In the Gentlemen's Singles, for which the prize is a silver-
mounted flask, Mr. R. iE. Barkley beat IMr. E. W. Shaw.
Fuller details will appear in our next issue.
Our felicitations to .Mrs. E. O. Musgrave, wife of the
popular superintendent of the Tyee mine, (Mount Sicker, on
the birth of a daughter.
iMr. Freeman, who has been working with Messrs. Lamb
and [Mutter at Somenos, has taken Mr. Harrison's ranch, iu
the same district.
An unfortunate accident occurred on Friday during the
tennis tournament. Mass Loomis, a visitor from Tacoma,
sprained her ankle in one of the early rounds. Mr. Fisher,
from Metchosin, managed to bind it.
We understand that Mr. Cheek has bought the property
between Shawnigan and Cobble Hill.
Mr. James Murchie's new house has been let to Mr.
Hearn, bookkeeper to the Tyee Copper Company.
iMr. Watson, of Watson & McGregor, Victoria, has been
doing the plumbing for the new Quamichan Hotel, and1 has
put in the new ice chest.
At the Tzouhalem Hotel during the week the following
have registered, amongst others : Miss Dunsmuir, Victoria;
Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Laing, Miss G. Loewen, Miss Pemberton,
Dr. iDickson; MrR. Donagan and IMiss Harding, Port Town-
send; Mr. and Mrs. Lowe and family, Mr. J. Byers, San
Francisco; Mr. Alex. Rennie, Sydney, AST. S. W.; Mr. James
Lowe, Sausalito; Mr. ILouis Stormbrink, Yokohama; iMrs. W
Jennings; Mr. and IMrs. J. H. Longmaid, three children and
nurse. Helena; Mr. and Mrs. Master, Mr. and Mrs. Dunne,
Westholme; Mr. and IMrs. Langley, Victoria; Mrs. N. P.
Snowden; Mrs. and Master Boyce Harvey-Combe; Mrs. F.
Besford; Mr. H. W. Banbury, London. England; and Messrs.
B. Orth. J. Fannin, F. S. Bour, E, W. Molander, E. Carr-
Hilton, iC. H. Beadnell, L. Blank, J. McNeil, J. S. H. Matson,
B. S. Oddy, and W. Fisher, of Victoria.
'Amongst those registered at the Quamichan Hotel havo
•been : Mrs. E. J. Bellamy, Miss Bellamy, Miss Rene Bellamy, Mr. J. H. Moseley, Victoria; Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Dunn,
Victoria; Mr. A. Lindsay, Mr. Albert 'Lindsay, Victoria; Mr.
and Mrs. R. C. Barker, Vancouver; Mrs. N. S. Clarke and
children; Mrs. and Miss Campbell, Mount Sicker; Mrs. G.
S. Graham. Vancouver; Mr. H. T. Porter, Ladysmith; Miss
McAfee. Victoria; and Messrs. George F. Owen, Moosomin,
N. W. T.; W. J. Gate, Lillooet; A. 0. C. Stratford. Auckland. N. Z.; W. O. Wallace, T. M. Hlckey, IS. M. Pearsall,
P. J. Nearn. S. W. Bodley. W. Peters. ,E. D. Dior, H. H.
Clarke, L. Bond, E. C. B. Rngshnwo, R. B. Anderson; J.
Clark, Chemainus; R. K. Mulford, Mutelaar, iN. Z.; James
Eccles and C. F. Owen. Tacoma.
Mr. R, C. Barker, who is train dispatcher for the C. P. R.
nt Vancouver, has. with Mrs. Barker, been spending his holidays with his brother-in-law, Mr. F. Nelson, our host of the
Quamichan Hotel.
We are pleased to hear that Mrs. F. 'Nelson is much better
after a three weeks' illness.
IMr. W. R. Blythe, we are sorry to say. has lately been
indisposed with colds and rheumatism.     We have missed him.
Messrs. C. Bazett, G. H. Hadwen and P. C Peterson, of
Duncnns. have been visiting Victoria during the week.
Blackberries are very plentiful just now around Shawnigan Lake.
A picnic and bazaar was held nt Mr. Mainguy's last week,
in aid of the .English Church, and was most successful.
Mr. O. M. Vesper, vice-president of Messrs. Welsh & Co..
of San Francisco, has been the guest of Mr. E. J. Palmer, of
Chemainus.     He left by the "'Strathcona" on Friday.
Capt. Gibson has returned to Chemainus.
A lodsre of Woodmen of the World, with an initial membership of 22, has just been formed at Mount Sicker.
To grant certain powers and privileges to the
Duncan Waterworks Company.
A BY-LAW to enable the Duncans Waterworks Company,
'Limited, to construct and operate a Waterworks System
within certain portions of the Municipality of North
Whereas the Duncans Waterworks Company, Limited,
hereinafter called the Company, was specially incorporated
within the meaning of Part III. of the "Water Clauses Consolidation Act, being Chapter 190 of the Revised Statutes of
British Columlbia (which said Act is hereinafter referred to va
"the said Act") and amending acts, for the sole object of constructing and operating a Waterworks System within the
Municipal limits of the District of North Cowichan, and for
the purposes accessory and incidental thereto.
And whereas the Company has given notice of application
under Part II. of the Water Clauses Consolidation Act, 1897,
to record the right to take, divert, convey and use 300 inches
of water from Skinner 'Creek, in the District of Quamichan, at
a point on said Creek about 40 feet from the south side of
the Victoria and Nanaimo Warggon Road.
And whereas by Section 46 of said Act it is necessary that
the Corporation of the District of North Cowichan should
give its consent to the construction and operation by the Company of such Waterworks System.
And whereas under and by virtue of the ^Municipal
Clauses Act" the Council of every Municipality may from
time to time make by-laws for granting aid by way of bonus
to certain works therein specified, by exemption, for a period
not exceeding ten years, from municipal taxation, subject to
such terms, conditions, and restrictions as the Council may
deem expedient.
And whereas the Company has proposed to construct and
maintain a Waterworks System within certain portions of the
Municipality of North Cowichan, upon the terms set forth in
a draft agreement submitted to and approved by the Council,
and which said draft agreement is as follows :
Agreement made the  day of , 1902,
between the Duncans Waterworks Company, Limited, being a
Company specially incorporated within the meaning of Part
III. of the "Water Clauses Consolidation Act," Chapter 190
of the Revised Statutes of British Columbia, and amending
Acts, for the sole object of constructing and operating a
Waterworks System, hereinafter called the Company, of the
one part, and The Corporation of the District of North
Cowichan, hereinafter called the Municipality, of the other
part. ,
Whereas the Company has given notice of application
under Part II. of the Water Clauses Consolidation Act, 1897,
to record the right to take, divert, convey and use 300 inches
of water from Skinner Creek, in the District of Quamichan,
at a point on said Creek about 40 feet from the south side of
the Victoria and Nanaimo Waggon Road.
And whereas the Company is desirous of obtaining the
exclusive privilege of operating a Waterworks System within
that area or tract of land hereinafter specified, lying and
being within the corporate limits of the Municipality, and is
desirous of obtaining the consent of the Municipality thereto,
as required by said Statutes, and exemption from Municipal
taxation for ten years, upon; the conditions hereinafter contained.
iAnd whereas, in order to encourage and assist the said
undertaking, the Municipality has agreed to grant or assent to
the privileges and exemption from taxation hereinafter referred to.
•Now This Indenture Witnesseth that the parties hereto
mutually agree with each other as follows :
1. The Company shall, on or before the 1st January. 1903,
commence the construction of a good and sufficient Waterworks System, with aJl modern improvements, to supply with
wholesome water fit for domestic purposes that portion or area
of the Municipal limits known and described as Section 20,
Range 4; Sections 17, 18 nnd 19, iRauge 5; Sections 17 anil
IS, Range 6; and Sections 16 andlil7, Range 7, in said District
of Quamichan, and that portion of Section 15, Range 7, in
said District lying within the Municipal limits, and shall dilii
gently proceed with the construction of said Waterworks System, and will within eighteen months from the final passage
of this By-iLaw have the same in operation, so that the same
will and the Company shall thenceforward supply all the water
reasonably required by the inhabitants of the townsite of
Duncans (otherwise Alderlea) and extensions thereof as shewn
upon the map thereof filed in the Land/ (Registry Oflice at Victoria, B.C.
2. The Company shall thenceforward maintain the said
Waterworks System in good and efficient order and operate
the same continuously, so as to, and the Company shall, supply
all water that may be necessary to meet the reasonable requirements for the time being of the inhabitants within such
portion of the above described area as shall at any time hereafter have situated on each acre thereof not less than four
dwelling houses or other buildings in respect of which separate
3. The quality of the water supplied by the Company
shall at all times be such as shall meet with the approval of
the Board of   Health of  the Municipality.
4. The Company shall at its own expense include in its
said system, and maintain for the exclusive use of the Municipality, six hydrants (tout no more) of a character suitable to
the Municipality, at such points as may be designated by the
Municipality, and at all times supply such hydrants with a
sufficient quantity nnd force of water for the use of tho
Municipality in the prevention and extinguishment of fires ;
and the Company shall also supply the Municipality, free of
charge, with such water as it may require for use in or about
the Municipal Buildings situate iu said town of Duncans or
5. Subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement,
the Company shall have the exclusive privilege, for fifty years
from the final passage of this By-Law, of supplying the area
described in Clause I. hereof with water, but the privileges by
these presents granted or assented to shall not extend outside
said area. ,
6. The Company shall proceed with all its work with due
care and regard to the safety and convenience of the inhabitants and property owners, and when work is commenced on
anv street, road or thoroughfare within the Municipal limits,
it shall be proceeded with steadily and without interruption,
and shall be carried on as rapidly as possible, having due
regard to the proper and efficient construction of the
same, and all streets, thoroughfares, roads and sidewalks shall
be replaced in as good order as the same were immediately
prior to the commencement of the work, to the satisfaction of
the Municipality.
7. The cost of constructing and operating said system
shall be paid by the Company, and the Company shall be
liable for all damages and consequences arising through the
act, neglect or default of the Company occurring in the construction or operation of any works hereby authorized, and
shall pay all claims for compensation or damages arising in
respect thereto (if any) for which the Municipality would
be liable.
8. The Company shall comply with all the requirements
and conditions of the Water Clauses Act and amending Acts
applicable to its undertaking.
9. If nod in case the Company shall fail to well and faithfully comply with this agreement, or any part thereof, for 30
days after it shall have been notified by the Municipality in
writing, delivered or posted up at the Company'* office or
works, of any such default, then the Company shall forfeit
all its rights and privileges, and all its lands, property, plnnt
r.nd works shall become the absolute property of the Municipality, which shall thereupon be at liberty to enter into possession thereof for its own use and benefit, without paying any
compensation therefor, any law or equity to the contrary notwithstanding; provided always that if the Company shall fail
to commence the construction of the Waterworks System as
provided in Clause 1 hereof, it shall incur no further liability
beyond the forfeiture of its rights and privileges under this
agreement; provided that, notwithstanding anything herein
contained, the lnnds, property, plant and works of the Con pany
shall not be forfeitable to the Municipality or become the
property thereof by reason of any failure to supply water as
herein provided, in the event of such failure being caused by
reason of the inability of the Company to obtain the necessary water from Skinner's Creek aforesnid: but in the event
of such scarcity of water causing a failure by the iCompanv to
comply with the provisions of this agreement, the Municipality
may give three months' notice of their intention to cancel the
exclusive privilege given to the Company by druse 5 hereof,
and the exemption from taxation mentioned in Clause 10
hereof, and upon the expiration of the time limited in such
notice, the privilege granted to the Company shall cease to be
an exclusive privilege, and the said exemption from taxation
shall cease.
10. In consideration of the Company well and faithfully
observing and performing this agreement on its part, and so
long only as it shall so observe and perforin the same, the
Company nnd the whole of its waterworks system, offices and
other property, of what nature or kind soever, shnll be exempt
from nil taxation by the Municipality for a period of ten
years from the date of the final passnge of this By-Law.
11. The Municipality shall not be liable in the event oft
any right or privilege granted or intended to be granted1 under
this agreement infringing upon any right or privilege of nny
other company or person, nor in the event of the Municipality
not having power to grant any such rights or privileges.
12. The term Company shall mean and include the Duncans Waterworks Company, Limited, and its assigns.
In witness whereof the said Company and said Municipality have hereunto caused their corporate seals to be hereunto affixed the day nnd yenr first nbove written.
The Corporate Seal of the said Company
was hereunto affixed by order of the Board
of Directors passed the   day
of  1902, in the presence of
And whereas the Corporation of the District of North
Cowichan (hereinafter referred to nis the Municipality) is willing to assist the Company in constructing and operating such
Waterworks System by giving the Company immunity by way
of bonus from Municipal taxation for a period of ten years
from the final passage of this By-Law, upon the terms set out
in said draft agreement :
Therefore the Corporation of the District of North Cowichan enacts as follows :
1. The terms of said draft agreement hereinbefore recited
shall be and are hereby accepted, and upon and subject to the
conditions and restrictions in said agreement contained, the
Municipality hereby consents to the construction and operation
of the Waterworks System referred to therein being undertaken by the Company, and said agreement is hereby incorporated with and shall read as part of this By-Law in so far ns
the same contains any grants or covenants on the part of tho
Municipality, and the acceptance of any of the benefits
thereof by said Company or its assigns shall bind the Company
or its assigns to all the terms and conditions therein expressed
to be performed by them respectively.
2. This IBy-ILaw shall be void unless the works referred to
in said agreement are commenced and completed within the
periods specified therein in that behalf.
7. This By-Law shall, before the final passing thereof,
receive the assent of the ratepayers of said Municipality in
the manner provided by the "Municipal Clauses Act."
4. This By-iLaw may be cited as "The Duncans Waterworks Company, Limited, By-Law, 1902."
Passed the Municipal Council the 2Gth day of July, 1902.
Take notice that the above is a true copy of the proposed
By-Law upon which the vote of the Municipality will be
taken in the Council Chamber, Duncans, B. C, on Wednesday,
the 13th day of August, 1902, between the hours of 8 a. m.
nnd 4 p. m., and that the undersigned will be the Returning
Officer to take said vote.
I hereby give notice that the electors of the Municipality
of North Cowichan are requested to attend at the Council
Chamber, Duncans, on Wednesday, the 13th day of August,
from 8 a. m. to 4 p. m., to record their votes for or against the
passage of the Duncans Waterworks Company By-Law, 1902,
a copy of which By-Law is published in the Crofton Gazette,
and copies whereof are posted at the Council Chamber and in,
each ward of the Municipality, of which each person is hereby
required to take notice and govern himself accordingly.
Returning Officer.
Council Chamber, Duncans, B.C., July 28, 1902.
Dominion  Hotel,
BETTER than the rates indicate.
Board and room $1.25 and up per day.
Room only 50 cents to $1.50 per day.
The Corporate Seal of the said Municipality was hereunto affixed in the presence
Several stores at Crofton, B. C.    Apply to
Non-Personal Liability.
MacGrcgor Block,
The New Smelting Centre of
the Pacific Coast.
Real Estate Brokers
The Lenora Mt. Sicker Copper
Mining Co., Ltd.
(Non-Personal Liability),
TO LET.—Several Stores at Crofton, B. C.    Apply to above.
Agent for DUNCANS, V. I.
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.
Royal Insurance Co.
By special arrangement with the B. C. Mining Record we are
able to offer particularly advantageous terms for combined subscription
to that well known excellent periodical and the Crofton Gazette for
$3.00 per annum.
Subscriptions received by the Crofton Publishing Co., Crofton
or the B. C Mining Record, P. O. Box 645, Victoria.


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