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The Crofton Gazette and Cowichan News Jul 22, 1902

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Crofton Gazette
Devoted to the Mining and Agricultural Interests of Vancouver Island, Texada
Island, and Coast Mainland Districts.
VOL. 1.
CROFTON, B. C, TUESDAY,   JULY   22, 1902.
NO. 20
THE Mount Sicker mining district hids fair to become one
of, if not the most, important in the whole province.
It is a scene of daily increasing activity. Claims
hitherto neglected are having development work commenced
upon them, and upon the established mines the progress of
operations has been very extensive.
The Lenora-Mount 'Sicker mine is an even busier scene
than it was a few months ago. New machinery, including a
compressor plant and ore belt conveyor, has been installed,
and mining and development work are proceeding together
very satisfactorily indeed.
On the Tyee mine a new strike 24 feet wide of high-grade
ore has been made at the 100-foot level. Seven hundred feet
of drifting through solid ore bodies has now been done here,
and the ore is looking better every day. Development work
has been so thorough and systematic on this mine that estimates give an actual body of ore in sight of at least 100,000
A tunnel is being driven steadily through fair-sized ore bodies,
and in a very short time shipments can begin.
Ou the Key City, Capt. Wasson is using his new
machinery, and active developments are proceeding.
The Richard HI. claim, adjoining the Tyee, has been
bonded to a syndicate, who have pumped out the shaft and
are installing a steam hoist, with a view to resuming development work. This is perhaps the most important news from
the district this week, as it shows the interest that is being
taken in the neighbouring properties to the proved Lenora and
Tyee mines. Rumour has it that other claims in this mineral
belt will also shortly be bonded to capitalists who will work
thmi, and every indication points to a great revival of mining
industry. Indeed, the influx of miners already to work in
the district has created a demand ifori increased house room
in the Mount Sicker townsite, and it is a necessity for this to
be met without delay. There is here a tempting opportunity
for profitable investment. IMr. Bebeau's new Mount Brenton
Hotel is an effort in the right direction, and both this and the
V \.V.\\i
■ y t
V.       7 '   I
0 ;'
Head of Shaft on the Richard III.
tons. To treat this alone the smelter now being erected at
•Ladysmith for this company will have work for three years.
The aerial tramway connecting the mine with the Esquimalt
& Naraimo Railway will be completed in about a fortnight,
and then shipments of ore will be actively prosecuted. All
prospects are very bright, and shares of the Tyee Mining Co.
have lately changed hands in London at 23 shillings.
Another mining property which may now be said to be
firmly established is that of tlie Mount Sicker & Mount Brenton Company. Mr. W. Lewis, the local manager, has pushed
development work with most favourable results, and this mine
premises to become one of the richest properties in the district.
Mount Sicker iHotel are invariably well filled with visitors.
The completion of the sampling works in connection with
the Crofton smelter is an event of incalculable importance to
the whole district. The Mount Sicker Railway is available
for direct shipments, and extensions can immediately be made
to connect with any mine in the neighbourhood. Thus the
want which has retarded the progress of the country is already
filled, and the marked increase of mining work on and around
Mount ISicker even now indicates that the institution of the
smelting industry on the Island, both at Crofton and Ladysmith. tends to make this mining camp one of the most important in the province. THE CROFTON GAZETTE AND COWICHAN NEWS.
MR. IJAD1), the original owner of the iron deposits at
Set-hart, has recently disposed of his interest in the
Pacific Steel Company. The company is operating at
Sarita, Copper Island and Sechart, on Barkley Sound, and on
Texada Island. The supply of ore for the Irondale smelter
is being taken from Texada at present, but it is the intention
to ship from Barkley Sound as soon as proper transportation
and shipping facilities are provided.
At 'Sarita it will   be   necessary to build   a narrow-gauge
railway from the mine to the sea, a distance of  two miles,
and a large wharf and ore bunkers will also be erected.
Development work is being done at iSarita, Sechart and
Copper Island, and several thousand tons of ore are on the
dumps ready for shipment.
The furnace at Irondale is working to its full capacity, 50
tons a day, and turning out an excellent quality of pig iron,
which is in good demand in the Pacific Coast market.
'Mr. Ladd said he had used every effort, before disposing
of his interests at .Sechart, to induce capital to establish iron
smelting on Vancouver Island, but he could not convince the
moi.eyed men of the East that there was a market (for the
output. He considers that the Irondale smelter will demonstrate that there is a market in the Pacific Coast states for
a very considerable quantity of iron, and that when that
market is fully supplied (by local furnaces, the managers will
naturally desire to extend their business further afield, and
invade the markets of China, Japan and Australia. When
that day arrives when it has been proved beyond question
that British Columbia iron can compete successfully with
British, United States and iCape Breton iron, capitalists will
be eager to establish plants oil Vancouver Island.
Mr, Corrigan, of the Irondale smelter, recently expressed
his opinion of the mining future of the Island, founded on
the experience of his company with the iron ores of the
West Coast and Texada Island, and it would be cheerful
reading if our capitalists would only "wake up." "You
people across the line," IMr. Oarrigan is reported to have snid,
"should be pleased to realize that you have some of the richest iron deposits known to the world. The ore from which
this particular lot of iron was made comes from Texada
Island, and it is of excellent quality, but we consider the
Sarita ore on Barkley Sound to be even better. We will
begin shipping from our lately acquired mine, the iSarita, on
the west coast, shortly, and then we expect to open the eyes
of the iron world. If our present output is superior to every
other pig iron, bar one. we confidently expect that the article
produced from Sarita iron will be found peerless.
" Tt has already been a matter fo rastonishment to myself
and IMr. iSwaney that you people of Victoria did not years
ago undertake the development of your immense iron deposits. You have the ore, tho coal, the timber and the fluxes
practically side by side, you have the very best shipping
facilities, and yet you have done nothing. It is quite incomprehensible.
"Wo have proved now, beyond question, that your iron
ore* are second to none in the world, and we are in a fair
way of securing the trade of tho Pacific Coast. We have
just placed a largo order in San Francisco, and we have sold
one of your local concerns a small lot. We expect to furnish
tho iMoran Bros., of Seattle, all the pig iron necessary in the
construction of tho battleship Nebraska, the keel of which
was laid on Inly 4. and if business will warrant the outlay—
and present indications are that it will very shortly—we will
instal rolling mills and a Bessemer plant, and turn out steel
plates and' rails.
"I have visited almost everv point on the coast of Vancouver Island where mining is in progress, and from what I
have seen I look upon your island as the richest piece of territory of like extent in the known world. The mineral resources of the Island —iron, coal, copper, gold and silver-
are simply illimitable, and if it does not shortlv become one
of the busiest mining fields in tho world, it will be tho fault
of its people. They have the ball at their feet: all thr-t is
lacking is a little energy to make the Island a second California, and Victoria a great mining centre."
The lucky syndicate which is operating the Sooke copper
mines are actively developing their properties. Four men
are at work sinking. Tlie shaft is down about 60 feet to
date, and already a large amount of ore is in sight. Some
of the samples of ore taken out are admittedly as line as
anything yet seen in the country. The average assay values
nn about 2G per cent, copper, as well as values in gold, and
the highest assays have been made at the greatest depth.
Tho formation of the ore encountered on these claims, says
the "Colonist," are most unusual —in fact they are hitherto
absolutely unknown in mining. The ore is found in what
may be called large pellets, or lumps, having on their surface
nothing to indicate what is inside, but on breaking these
lumps it is found that they are solid ore, and, as stated above,
run about 26 per cent, in copper. Then, again, there are
huge crystals of chalcopyrite, measuring five to six inches
across. These large crystals are formed of the smaller
crystals of chalcopyrite, and show absolutely regular cleavages. In fact, in the iSooke mineral claims, as thus far developed, are found many unusual features, but the ore values
remain extremely satisfactory.
This company is now hard at work on its Cowichan Lake
properties, which are proving very satisfactory indeed. A
contract has been given out for 200 feet of drifting on the
lower level. A tunnel has already been driven nearly 70 feet
on the ore body.
We understand that the Yreka Copper Company has so
much work on its hands up at Quatsino iSound that work on
the Yreka mine, on (Mount Richards, has boon temporarily
closed down.
Mr. H. (Collinson, late assayer to the Van Anda smelter,
has just started an office in Victoria, at 46 Langley Street.
He is one of the few provincial licensed assayers in the town.
Capt. Braden, who formerly owned the Sarita iron mines,
no the West Coast, has traversed the whole country from
Barkley 'Sound to Duncans, and has recently been giving his
opinions about the advantages that this country offers for the
construction of a railway. After referring to its enormous
timber limits, its promising mineral outcrops, and its ideal
agricultural areas, ©apt. Braden confidently states that, judging from his own experiences in travelling through the country,
there would be no difficulty at all in the construction of a railway from east to west of the Island. As for grade, he himself was only aivare of having crossed the divide by noticing
the flow of the streams. A railway from Duncans to Barkley
Sound by way of tho Cowichan Valley could be easily and
cheaply constructed, and there was water-power enough on the
west side to operate the entire road by electricity. iBy such a
railway Victoria would secure the trade of the West Coast,
and effectually check the competition of Nanaimo and Vancouver, which are making efforts to be first in tho field. If
the Nanaimo-Alberni Railway is built, the West Coast trade
will certainly be diverted to Nanaimo and Vancouver, and
Victoria will be sidetracked.
Arrangements are being made for a carload of pure-bred
live stock to leave Ontario for the West on or about August
20. A few more head can bo accommodated, so that any
person wishing to get stock out should apply at once to G H
Haowen Duncans P. 0. The stock is to be selected by Mr!
IF. W. Hodson.
t On the continent of Europe the water powers are
being eagerly developed nnd utilized. Italy, like some
of the provinces of the Dominion without coal areas, has
greatly increased her importations of coal by developing water
powers. The investing nnd manufacturing world! should be
made awnre of the unique resources of Canada in this respect.
This can bo done in one way onlv—by a thorough hydrographic
survey of those parts of Canada in which water-powers are
to be found. It should be begun at once, carried on vigorously nnd the results published from time to time in a form
suitable for wide distribution, leaving the more elaborate description of details for subsequent publication in the permanent
form of  annual reports. — Canadian Mining Review THE CROFTON GAZETTE AND COWICHAN NEWS.
Report by the United States Consul.
AMONGST the United States consular reports is one by
the Hon. A. E. Smith on the mines of Vancouver
Island, and it is worth placing on record, so we make
no apology for quoting it, as follows :
There has recently been considerable activity in prospecting
and exploiting the different mining properties on Vancouver
Island. Copper has Ibeen ifound in the Sooke Mountains, less
than 30 miles from Victoria, and during the past two months
400 tons of high-grade ore has been mined. A cut of 1,000
feet or more leaves no doulbt that a large vein exists there.
The ore assays over 16 per cent, copper, apart from the gold
and silver.
The iron mines on Barkley Sound controlled iby the Pacific
Steel Company (composed almost entirely of Americans) contain immense bodies of ore. The Sarita mine is especially
valuable, and only needs to be developed to yield large results.
The Copper Island and Secroft mines also show great value,
and active steps are being taken to push work in them. A
small steamer has been purchased, and short railroad lines to
ccnvey the ore to the shore have been surveyed. As soon
as the necessary financial arrangements have been made, active operations will be commenced.
Work has been suspended on the copper mines of the
Nahmint Mining Company, on Alberni Canal; also on the
Monitor mine, in the same locality. It is understood that the
copper veins in each of these mines have become nearly
The Yreka Copper Company (composed mostly of residents
of Tacoma, Wash., where the head office is) controls valuable
mines on the northwest coast of Vancouver Island, including
what is known as the Comstock group, situated on Comstock
Mountain Quatsino Sound, which, with the Superior and
Quatsino King groups, comprise about 900 acres of copper-
gold mineral lands. These groups are contiguous, and form
practically one property. The average of eight assays recently made was, for all minerals, $21 a ton, while one sample
ran 12.5 per cent, copper and $350 gold. iFree gold is of frequent occurrence in the main lead of the Comstock, and the
average percentage of copper is expected to be over 10. A
temporary wooden tramway, erected to transport the ore to
the water's edge, is soon to be replaced with an aerial conveyor. The first shipment from these mines, consisting of
400 tons of ore, was taken to the Tacoma smelter on June 17.
It is expected that hereafter similar shipments will be made
monthly or oftener.
The Wreck Bay placer mines, on the west coast, which
were discovered in May, 1900, and since operated with indifferent success, have passed into the hands of Seattle capitalists, who propose to spend $50,000 in developing the property
with the latest improved machinery. The new owners "believe
that the fine gold in the black sands of Wreck Bay will, with
modern methods, yield a handsome return on their investment.
American citizens are also in control of the iHelga Milling
Company at Olayoquot, west coast of Vancouver Island,
where a ledge of apparently rich copper ore has been struck.
A tunnel has been dug into the hill and other development
work accomplished, involving the expenditure of $25,000, but
so far no ore has been shipped.
Heretofore there has been no smelter on Vancouver
Island; now two are in process of construction, both on the
east coast, ahout 40 miles from each other. The larger is at
Crofton, the smaller at Ladysmith. The first is under the
control of two Americans. Its daily capacity will (be 350
tons of ore. The 500 horse-power engines to be used were
built at Milwaukee. It is expected that the smelter will be
running before August.
The new town of Crofton owes its birth to the building of
this smelter. Although it is only four months old, the town
now has a permanent population of 500 persons. Water for
the smelter is provided by two reservoirs up the mountain
slope. The ore to be used is brought from the famous Mount
Sicker imines, 12 miles to the west and 1,000 feet above sea-
level. These mines are connected with Crofton by a narrow-
gauge railway, on which three mountain-climbing locomotives,
manufactured at Lima, Ohio, carry the ore and laborers.
Heretofore monthly shipments of ore from the Lenora mine
have been made to the Tacoma smelter, but during the past
six months the ore has been permitted to accumulate. There
is now $300,000 worth of ore awaiting the completion of the
Crofton smelter. In this mine three tunnels at different
levels have been opened.
In addition to the Lenora vein, another rich deposit of ore,
known as the Tyee mine, has been found on Mount Sicker.
The management of this mine is building a three-mile aerial
tramway to Ladysmith, for the purpose of conveying ore to
the smelter in process of construction at that place. This
smelter is to be completed during the present year.
Still another mine—known as the Copper Canyon mine—is
being developed at the foot of Mount Sicker. Two tunnels
have been dug, and in the main excavation a vein 4 to 4%
efet in width has been uncovered. The ore is of a high grade,
but as yet none has been shipped.
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Stage to Lakeside Hotel, Cowichan Lake, every Monday, Wednesday
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TUESDAY,   JULY 22. 1902.
THE sampling works at the Crofton smelter have been
opened, and the real work of ore reduction will commence in a week or two.    This industry has been the
making of Crofton, and will probably remain the mainstay
of this new town.    Not only that, but it will certainly be an
impetus to mining development on the Island, and in the Mount
Sicker district in particular.    Vast strides have already been
made with the mining industry on Mount Sicker and Mount
Brenton  and neighbourhood, thanks to   the   energy of Mr.
Henry Croft and a few others, but this is as nothing compared
to the possibilities that await further development.    The untold wealth that lies hidden beneath our feet is a dream for
the imagination and a problem for the future, but the products
that lie ready to hand — the minerals, the  timber iand the
natural products of  this portion of the Island —are so vast
and varied that surely here we may some day find a manufacturing and commercial centre.     Here we have perhaps more
of  the raw material of   which industries are built than   is
present in any other part of the Coast.    Few people think of
Crofton as anything more than a mere smelter city, existing
on a single industry.    This the new town will certainly be,
but with energy and enterprise there is every natural indication that the new town may become a great mining! centre,
and to mention but two more industries — a, lumbering   and
Ashing centre.    With regard to lumber, we have in the interior enormous limits of admittedly excellent timber.    From
the Cowichan Valley alone enormous amounts have been cut-
more indeed than most people   have any conception of, the
Victoria Lumber Company alone having been utilizing during
the past four years nearly 500,000 feet a day.    And yet there
are still thousands of   acres, nay, millions of   acres, which
have as yet been untouched by the axeman.     Some persons
will doubt whether much of it is worth cutting, but compare
even the worst of  it with the timber that remains down in
Eastern Canada and in Michigan and other states which once
boasted magnificent forests.     To-day they are sawing with
profit logs that we in our luxury of nature's bounty would
not use on our skid-roads.    We waste; our opportunities because we think if  we cannot get rich quickly by investment
of our capital, we had better keep what we have lying idle in
the banks.    Foreign capitalists come in and see further than
us, and our opportunities are let slip.   It is the same way with
the fishing industry on the east coast   here  of  the Island.
Excepting salmon, this industry is almost non-existent.    The
cry is that there is no market.    Let capital and enterprise find
a mr.rket.    There is no better locality on the Coast than this
for cod.    Dogfish, too, which are invaluable to the mills and
factories, for their oil, abound in these waters, and are hardly
fished at all.
Crofton  as a lusty young town has every advantage of
situation and nature for becoming a commercial centre.    The
town is built by the enterprise of Mr. Henry Croft and Messrs.
Breen and Bellinger; and a few other similarly energetic
and enterprising spirits might easily develop this small beginning into a populous industrial city.
A Cowichan Indian has been summoned for putting a
weir in the river. The case is purely a legal one to test the
legality of the act, and though rather rough on the victimized
Indian, its finding will undoubtedly tend towards a settlement
of this much vexed question.
Several delightful excursions have recently been made
available on this beautiful line of country by the railway to
Sidney and thence by the steamer "Strathcona" or the
steamer "Iroquois" to Crofton or Nanaimo, or around the
Islands. No more charming trip than any of these can be
imagined, and we congratulate the new management on their
energy and enterprise.
The ladies of St. Peter's Church wish us to convey their
thanks to Dr. Garesche; C. H. Dickie, Esq., M. P. P.; C.
Livingston, Esq.; Messrs. Hilbben & Co., of Victoria; S. M.
Dighton, Esq., Dr. D. G. Perry and the Crofton Gazette, for
prizes and balls given at the ping pong tournament; to friends
in Victoria for lending tables; and to the (Esquimalt &
Nanaimo Railway, Messrs. Pitt & Peterson, and IH. Keast, of
Duncans, for free transportation.
It will be noticed that our present issue is dated Tuesday.
In future the paper will be published on that day, instead of
Thursday, as before. This change we have made at the
request of numerous subscribers, and hope it will be generally
New Time Card
In Effect June 14th, 1902.
Train No,
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
Train No.
1—Leaves Victoria (Market Station), 7 a. m.   Arrives Sidney 8 a.m.
3—Leaves Victoria (Market Station), 10.30 a. m.   Arrives Sidney
11.15 a- m*
5—Boat Express—Leaves Victoria (Market Station), 2 p. m.   Arrives
Sidney 2.35 p. m.
7—Leaves Victoria (Market Station), 5 p.m.   Arrive! Sidney 6 p.m
2—Leaves Sidney 8.30 a.m.   Arrives Victoria 9.30 a.m.
i—Boat Express—Leaves Sidney 11.40 a.m.   Arrives Victoria 12.15
6— Leaves Sidney 3 p.m.   Arrives Victoria 3.45 p.m.
8—Leaves Sidney 6.15 p.m.   Arrives Victoria 7 p.m.
Leave Victoria 9 a.m., 2 p.m.       Leave Sidney 11.40 a.m., 5.30 p.m.
General Manager.
110 Transportation
Leaves Nanaimo at 7 a.m. daily.   Arrives at Victoria at 12.15 P-m.   Train leaves
Victoria at 2 p.m.   Arrives at Nanaimo at 7.15 p.m.
Makes the Island calls as usual.
ON Saturday last an event of importaince to the whole
Island was the opening of the sampling works at the
smelter. Work at the assay office had been going on
for some time previously. The ore bins already hold a large
amount of ore, and the Northwestern Smelting & Refining
Company has orders enough to keep the smelter busy as soon
as it gets to work. The furnace and converter works now
alone require completion. This has been delayed owing to
the non-arrival of machinery, but a week or two hence will
probably see the first smelting operations on Vancouver Island
in full blast.
On Sunday last Crofton was en fete, and well it might be,
for the sampling works at the smelter had been opened the
day before. Two excursions arrived from Nanaimo — one by
the steamer "Strathcona," and the other by the steamer
"Joan," and the two boats between them brought a large
crowd of excursionists, as also the Nanaimo band, which discoursed sweet music during the afternoon to delighted
Croftonians. The visitors seemed nearly as delighted, and
roamed all over the place, inspecting the smelter works and
the town, and enjoying its beautiful situation and surroundings.
In order to have an additional source of water supply, a
well is being sunk above the town, and pumping machinery
will be put in.    Mr. Jeffrey is engaged on the work at present.
A large floating bathing establishment is in course of erection. It will be built to accommodate both ladies aud gentlemen. The necessary funds have been publicly subscribed,
and when this establishment is complete, Crofton should be a
favourite summer seaside resort. Facilities for bathing are
excellent, and the water is unusually warm in Osborne Bay.
Mr. T. R. Archbold, of the Tarsis Copper Company, of
Glasgow, last week spent some days in town. He arriyed
from Mount Sicker, where he had been looking over mining
properties; and from Crofton he visited Salt Spring Island,
to view the promising mining properties in that region.
Mr. A. T. Pearce, son of our host of the Osborne Hotel,
was very successful, we are glad to see, at the Port Townsend
regattas, carrying away Avith the yacht "Wideawake," which
he sails, both the International Cup and the Port Townsend
It always rains when a certain traveller conies to Crofton.
Mr. H. C. Bellinger's gasoline launch, Avhich has been
laid up for repairs, is now in working order again. It is a
very convenient and handy little boat, and very fast.
Mrs. Walter Harvey has been in town. Mr. Harvey is
busy again painting.
Mr. D. R. Irvine, the Government road inspector, has been
visiting Crofton.   He could not come too soon.
Mr. B. H. Smith, of the Victoria customs, was in Crofton
last week, enjoying everything.
Mr. William Smith, of the firm of Smith & Sherbourne,
is now about finishing off the work on the smelter buildings,
for which this firm has had the solo contract. Mr. F. Sherbourne is busy at Ladysmith. supervising the smelter construction there, under Mr. Kiddie.
At the Crofton Hotel have been registered Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Smith and daughter, of Victoria;   Mr. and Mrs. Carter,
Messrs. J. C. Pendray, Victoria; G. H. Evans, Chicago; II. O.
Stratford, E. T. Ginger, Cecil Abbott, F. M. Dougall, J. H.
Franek and T. R, Archbold.
At the Osborne Hotel the following have registered : Mr.
and Mrs. C. A. Kennedy, Spokane; Mrs. G. Walker, Miss
Jessie Walker, Victoria; Mr. and Mrs. Dixon and family,
Messrs. E. Devohy, J. S. Weir, P. J. Tineth and) Alex. Mon-
teith. Victoria. '
Messrs. Burney Smith. Cecil Hnll, William Smith and
Percy Smith have been enjoying the charms of Crofton.
Mr. A. B. Rombauer, head chemist at the smelter works,
has been down to Victoria on business connected with the
assay office, which is now in full swing.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred. Sherbourne and their little son were
In Crofton on Sunday. We congratulate the little fellow
heartily on his recovery from his very nasty fall from the
upper deck of the "Unican" some weeks ago.
Late Assayer Van Anda Smelter. PROVINCIAL LICENSED AssAYER
The Victoria Assay Office
46 Langley Street
Reliable Analyses of Ores, Coals, Etc. ~\7rr\n^nnT 1      P    P
P. O. Box 89. (Next to the Law Courts)   V IC 1 OKI A,   L>. K,.
Keast's Livery Stable.
Operating Crofton and Mt. Sicker Stages.
Daily connecting with all E.  & N.  Railway Trains.
Daily, Sundays excepted.
H. KEAST, Proprietor.
Civil Engineer and Provincial  Land  Surveyor.
The Flour that makes the Best Bread
is sold by
Try it.    Moose Jaw is the brand.
Established 1878.
Wholesale Importer and Dealer  in All Kinds ov Merchandise.
Depot for Giant Powder Co.        B. C. Pottery Co.
Duncans. Quamichan.
W.   DYKE,
Tioneer Merchant,
Confectionery a Specialty.
Agent Crofton Gazette.
Joan Avenue, - - - CROFTON, B. C.
Complete  Housefurnishings,
For Hotel, Store or Home.
Write for Catalogue.
Weiler Bros., Victoria, B.C. 6
Duncan* ant) Cowicban local 1Rews.
OUR lady  readers   will be   interested   in the following
paragraphs clipped from the '"Morning Post," [London,
descriptive of  presentation dresses worn at the court
held at (Buckingham Palace on the 13th June last :
" Mrs. James Dunsmuir, the wife of the premier of British
Columbia, wore an exquisite dress, the skirt in ivory satin
with trellis work of point de gaize paillettee, connected with
jeweled chiffon roses, flounce and back panel in gold and
diamond embroidery, and the bodice in gold and embroidered
satin point de gaize and rose garniture, the train in rose pink
panne, lined with petal shaded chiffon, with trails of La
France roses, and she carried a bouquet of La 'France roses.
" Miss Bessie Dunsmuir's skirt was in cream chiffon,
embroidered lisse and chiffon roses, pailletted silver over
white satin; bodice in embroidered chiffon, with garniture of
liles of the valley; train in white chiffon, composed entirely
of deep tucks mounted on cloth of silver, with garlands of
lilies of the vallev. and she carried a bouquet of the same
A number of members of Far West Lodge, No. 1, and
Victoria Lodge, No. 17, have made a fraternal visit to Maple
Lodge, No. 15, at Duncans. The visitors were met Iby J.
Evans, Esq., D. ID. G. O, and a committee of the local lodge,
and were hospitably entertained. In the evening a meeting
of the local lodge was held, at which the visiting drill team
gave an exemplification of knight work in an efficient manner,
bringing forth the highest praises from the 'Duncans (brethren,
avIio expressed their appreciation by inviting the Victoria
biethren to visit them again in the near future.
The ping pong tournament and sale of work at Duncans
in aid of St. Peter's Church, Quamichan, was an unqualified
success, and was graced by a galaxy of fair ladies and brave
men who came at the call of the ladies of St. Peter's Church
to be persuaded to purchase the pretty things that were offered
for sale, or to srive their aid to the funds of the church by
spending money at the stalls which were groaning with gifts
of fruits, ice creams and other tempting refreshments. Many
also came prepared to do battle over the green tables. The
Rev. J. A. Leakey presided, and amongst the ladies of the
church who gave their graceful services, for which the community should feel grateful, were Mrs. Pimbury, Mrs. F.
Maitland-Dougall (who organized the tournament and was
indefatigable in her efforts to make it a success), Mrs. Dickie,
Mrs. Whittome, Mrs. Jaynes, Miss Harrison, Miss Hadwen,
Miss Prevost, Miss Holmes, and' many others who were
present. The following are the detailed results of the tournament :
In ladies' singles, the first round Miss Maitland-Dougall
beat Miss iSpain, Miss i'L. Jaynes beat Miss Maud Wilson, Miss
Rickaby beat Miss Hall, and Mrs. Whittome beat Miss J.
In the second round, Miss Maitland-Dougall beat IMiss L.
Jaynes, and i-.xiss Rickaby beat Mrs. Whittome. In the final
round, which was a great game between Miss Maitland-
Dovgall and Miss Rickaby, the latter won and carried off the
In ladies' doubles Miss MaitlandnDougall and Miss Rickaby
carried all before them. This combination beat Mrs. Whittome and Miss Janes in the first round, in which also Miss L.
Jaynes and Miss Mutter beat Miss Hall and Mrs. H. Holmes;
and in the final bout Miss Maitland-Dougall and Miss Rickaby
won the prize from the Misses L. Jaynes and Mutter.
In men's singles. Dr. Garesche was unbeaten. His play
was superb. In the first round he beat Mr. Rickaby. Mr.
William Freeman 'beat Mr. D. Livingston, and Mr. Whittome
was a bye. In the final tussle between Mr. Williams, Mr.
Freeman and Dr. Garesche. the latter won.
For men's doubles there were only two entries. Dr.
Garesche and Mr. Rickaby were victorious over IMr. William
Freeman and Mr. Whittome.
For themixed doubles, Mr. and Miss Rickaby drew a bye
in the (first round; Miss L. Jaynes and Mr. D. Livingston
beat Miss B. Jaynes and Mr. Rarratt, Miss Mutter nnd Mr.
Freeman beat (Mr. and Mrs. Whittome, nnd Miss Maitland-
Dougall nnd Dr. Gnresche were n bye. In the second round,
Mr. nnd Miss 'Rickaby beat Miss IL. Jaynes and Mr. D. Liv-
ineston. and Miss Maitland-Dougall and Dr. Garesche beat
Miss Mutter- and Mr. Freeman. In the final, which was a
fiercely contested game, IMr. and Miss Rickaby heat Miss
Maitland-Dougall nnd 'Dr. Garesche.
Play lasted from 2 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., and was throughout
of a high order, many of the games proving very exciting, and
the display of ping pong talent was a grand one, as well as
being an exceptional pleasure to the crowds of spectators who
watched the play in the hall.
The proceeds of the sale of work and refreshments were
considerable, and $38.50 were added to them by the tournament alone. Afterwards a most enjoyable informal concert
was held, and memories of a very pleasant afternoon's enter-
taii.meut were carried away by all.
The retail grocers will hold their big picnic at Koksilah
to-morrow. The E. & iN. Railway Company has arranged a
special train service, trains leaving Victoria at 8 and 9 a. m.,
and returning from Koksilah at 5 and 6:10 p. m. The return
far<> is put at $1 for adults and 25 cents for children, and, a
most enjoyable afternoon may be anticipated. A. programme
of sports and games has been drawn up, and the fine roads in
the district will provide for the pleasure of bicyclists. A
siKcial car is being run on the trains for the conveyance of
bicycles. All the grocery stores, foremost amongst them
Messrs. /Fell & Co. and Messrs. Mowat & Wallace, will be
closed to enable the employees to attend the picnic ; Mr.
'Lawrence Goodacre is also freeing his employees; and
amongst the wholesalers Messrs. R. P. iRithet & Co., with
their well-known generosity and consideration for their employees, have announced that their salesrooms and warehouses
will be closed for the day.
The following have been registered at the Hotel Strathcona, iShawnigan Lake, during the week : T. IE. IHaskett and
Mrs. Haskett, Boston; J. A. Weismer, Toronto; H. W.
Sprague and son, Buffalo; J. W. Gray, iSeattle; the Misses
G. and M. 'Godson, Miss J. Littlewood, J. Mulligan and wife,
A. Hood, R. H. McMillan and wife, Miss Dorothy McMillan,
Miss Brown, Miss .Shrapnel, Mayor Hayward, A. B. Fraser
Sr., Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Fraser, Miss Fraser, and Miss Alice
M. Fraser, all of Victoria.
'Sports and a picnic will be held at the residence of Mr.
Le Poer Trench in aid of the South Saanich Church, on July
2t», at 2 p. m. Admission, 25 cents for adults and 10 cents for
chi'dren under 12 years of age.
At the Quamichan Hotel, Duncans, during the week have
been registered: Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Porter, Chemainus;
Mr. and Mrs. Mcintosh, Mr. and Mrs. W. 'Schoum, Mr. and
Mrs. F. Hulbert, Victoria; Messrs. lO. iSutter, Toronto; D. L.
Burnhart, London, Eiig.; H. Pithcruo, 'Saanich; C. H. Bis-
sell, F. Mcintosh, W. H. Armstrong, C. F. Owen, H. A.
Hover, W. iGalbraith, J. E. iSmith, J. H. Meldram, B. Deacon,
A. Graham, J. Oliver, W. S. iStainer, A. Rusta, W.' P. Smith,
W. P. Allan, L. Burmeister, J. Hilton, J. J. Randolph, Judge
Gould, W. M. Tyson, IF. J. Robertson, H. .Fulton. M. Dunsmuir, W. Sanderson. D. Halle, W. Carse, J. A. Daly, A. F.
Gwin, W. Murton, W. B. Hall, A. Gibson, J. H. Frank and
Simon Leiser, Victoria; Mr., Mrs. and Miss Campbell, Mount
We are sorry to hear that Mr. H. Keast lost a horse the
other day during the haulage operations for the work proceeding on the Tyee aerial tramway.
(Continued on Page Seven.)
Dominion Hotel,
BETTER than the rates indicate.
Board and room $1.25 and up per day.
Room only 50 cents to $1.50 per day.
Several stores at Crofton, B. C.    Apply to
Non-Personal Liability.
(Continued from Page Six.)
At the Tzouhalem Hotel, Duncans, the following amongst
other names were registered during the week; IMr. and Mrs.
B. Mclnnes, Nanaimo; Mr. and Mrs. de Sabiche, California;
Major-General Sir A. Dorward, Major Cowan, R. iE., China;
Dr. and Mrs. Irvine, Mr. and Mrs. Hall, Victoria; Capt. A.
T. Crosse, 'London, Eng.; Dr. iGaresche, Victoria; H. H.
Padgett, Cowichan Lake; Major A. iW. Jones, Messrs. J. J.
Whalen, C. (Livingston, R. B. Mackedie, D. Livingston, W. A.
Robertson, G. Dickson, R. H. Vyse, London. Eng.; A. R.
Thomas, 0. S. Baxter, A. J. Murchie. G. M. Wetherell. F. .T.
Hall. G. IC. Sabiche, California; David Davies, England; W.
H. Welsh, IScotland; G. H. Homer. E. W. Molander, D.
MoRae, D. G. McNaughton, R. C. Spicer and P. Roehusson.
The baseball match with Ladysmith announced for the
19th was postponed.
We regret very much to hear that Mr. Andy Forrest, one
of the best -known of IDuncanites, recently had the bad fortune to break his le?. Reports from the Jubilee Hospital,
Victoria, however, show that he is progressing towards recovery very satisfactorily, and this is trood news. The sympathies of troops of friends are with Mr. Andy Forrest.
Maior-General Sir A. Dorward aud IMaior Cowan, R. E.,
from China, have been up at Cowichan iLake fishing, with
much success.    They stayed at the Lakesidp Hotel.
People are beginning to say that Mr. J. H. Franck. representing the firm of Simon Leiser, is the weather prophet of
(Messrs. E. F. Owen and H. A. Hover, of Tacoma. Wash.,
have passed through Duncans on their way "up the hill."
Both are well known mining men who are interested in Mount
Sicker properties.
IMr. Harw (Smith, of Duncans, has been paying a visit to
Victoria.    We want him back.
Mrs. Koenisr. proprietress of the Shawnigan Lake Hotel,
has been in Victoria on business. Her hotel is generally
"full up."
Mr. J, H. Whittome, the well-known mining broker nnd
insurance neent of Duncans, reports local sales of Tyee
sharps at $5.35.
The new Tyee block, built next to the Post Office at Duncans, is a comparatively palatial affair. It contains the
registered offices of the Tyee Mining Company, as also of
the Tyee .Smeltinsr Comnanv, on the one sid»: on the other,
the pound floor is occupied hy Mr. J. H. Whittome's mine
broking, rpal estate and insurance offices. The imper floor is
to let. Thp fittings throughout the building are solid nnd
hai.dsome, with all modern conveniences.
The Anglican -Synod, at which Capt. Berkley, R. N.. of
Westholme. was a delegate, concluded its sitting nt Victoria
on the 18th instant, and wns hosnitably entertained at the
Drinrd Hotel. Victoria, by Bishon Perrin. At thp afternoon
spf-sion of the iSynod. a motion was tabled by the Rev. Cnnon
Reanlands. that n joint memorial from* this diocese nnd from
the New Westminster dionpse be presented to the Gen^'nl
Svnod of Canada, urging them to taVe steps to lhave disabilities which are imposed unon colonially ordnined clergymen
by the Tmnerial Colonirl Clerey Act removed. Under this
act colonial clergvmen are virtually debarred fvnm receiving
am»ointments in England, although eonallv qualified' in point
of education and standing with the English clergy, and this
is felt to be an entirely improper discrimination against colonial clergy.
A resolution w.°s pnssed in fnvonr of the introduction of
religions education in thepublic schools of the province without delnv. the synod being of oninion that education was
inccmnlete without religions training to fit children for the
refinnnsihilitips of  citizenship.
Rev. Cnnon Rcmlauds wa« unanimously elected olerienl
representative nf the 'Synod. Ven. AreMpifon iScriven nnd
Rev. W. G. Taylor being substitutes. P. Wollnsten Tr. wns
cleeted ns lay representative, npd Messrs. A. J. C Oalletly
and Lindley Crease a.s substitutes.
Clydesdale colt, one year old, by "Newnham."
A. R. Wilson, Duncans.
(Incorporated i86i.)
Manufacturers   of  High   Explosives,   Stumping   Powder,   Blasting,
Mining and Sporting Powder.    Dealers in Electric Blasting
Apparatus, Safety Fuse, Detonators, etc.
Head office : Montreal.    Branch office: Victoria.    Local offices :
Vancouver, Nelson, Rossland and Greenwood.     Works: Nanaimo.
A splendid stock of LAWN TENNIS GOODS made
by Wright & Ditson and Ayres,  including Racquets,
Balls, Poles,  Nets,  Presses, etc.     Croquet Sets and
other summer games.
M. W. WA1TT & CO., 44 Government St., Victoria.
Cor. Govt, and Johnson Sts., Victoria, B. C.   Tel. 32.    P. 0. Box 1
Wholesale and Retail Butchers.   Contractors by appointmen
to His Majesty's Royal Navy, The Dominion Government, etc.
Shipping supplied at lowest rates.
Home Comforts.    Moderate Rates.
Joan Avenue,      -      -      -      CROFTON, B. C
Established  for six years  at Chemainus.
Best Meat at most liberal
Joan Avenue,
Crofton, B. C.
GUTTA percha fuse
Holman Bros.
Patent Rock Drill
Drills and Accessories, Columns and Tripods,
Manufacturers of Air Compressors and all
kinds of Mining Machinery.
Rowland Machin, Gen'' Agent>
The New Smelting Centre of
the Pacific Coast.
Real Estate Brokers
The Lenora Mt. Sicker Copper
Mining Co., Ltd.
(Non-Personal Liability),
TO LET.—Several Stores at Crofton, B. C.    Apply to above.
Agent for DUNCANS, V. I.
London and Lancashire Fire Insurance Co.
Royal Insurance Co.
By special arrangement with the B. C. Mining Record we are
able lo offer particularly advantageous terms for combined subscription
to that well known excellent periodical and the Crofton Gazette for
$3.00 per annum.
Subscriptions received by the Crofton Publishing Co., Crofton
or the B. C. Mining Record, P. 0. Box 645, Victoria.


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