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Cranbrook Herald Oct 8, 1903

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VOLUME   (i.
f'liASr-liOiiK.   P.l'lTlsil   COLUMBIA,  "fHURSDAV,   OCTOBER  H. 1903.
The Canadian bank of Commerce
Mead Office, Toronto.
HttN. One. A. Co», l'tt-alilent. B. li. Wai.kkr. llt-n. Mat.
Paid II..  Capital      S-i.lilll.lllll IM
Kent           J.WO.OIKI IM
1.H..I   Hi-.iiufcc.         7J.IHMI.II IMI ml
Deposits Received,   liciicral linnking Business Transacted
St.VIN.IS H-.NK DtHMtTMBNl   DtMllll Ktitl.til   lalcrc.1 Allowed.
llANKINll HV Mill.   Ii.|i44-il»n.iiv I unit. iiii.I ttilli.lntttii I.v until.
..ni nf initn in nn. i ivi. i'4'i'iv nil,'iiiimi.  .'iiiiiiiiimii'ai a nUilrotJi-il
in.l... ittniiai-.tr..(ihuOmubrooli l.mncli ttill rot-otao |.roinpl tiliunllaii,      ',
('nil nntl see our Bin Stock ot
Ties, Collars,
Cuffs, Shirts,
and Hats.
Tlii'V will pli'iiMi' you.
At 35 and 40 cents
we are  offering \
two lovely lines of
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House. Limited
A | A I A | A | (J, | A | A I A I A I «. | » | » |  | ,1 | A | A | * I A | A 1 A | -S, I A | A I A I & I ,*.
♦ 1-H s>W*l*l***l !*Hi ;'•-.--■ i-i'l •■ I I«|t||4>l*»ltl-,>l->l*>l<»l-i>l>t'l*>l*>
1 i-y-ii
i     There is a heavy demand for houses ||
, and rooms.     We are daily besieged to
| supply accommodation.    Anyone hav-
ing a room or a house to rent please
leave particulars with
Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Etc.     ff
Cranbrook, B. C.
Branch Offices Throughout tht District.
.. I *** I *** IA; *! a i..-, i ,.*, t ,.*■ i a   .-1 bj i.... *. a 14
«I«. I»I * I«. I «T5
©       We Are Now Located       6
■   , ■
= uiul ready Inr business ill OUT new store across tin- street nexl w
t.. tl..- .Mi>nii.il..i hotel, where mt will I..- pleased to Bee nil our U
olil customers, nml where we expect to make ninny aon ohob, «,
Give im iini- irial nml see if we can't plcnBe you. X
Wilson, The Jeweler        o
S Capital, Paid Up $2,983,89b 1
i Rest $2,636,312 *
J T. R. M-rritt, Pres.   D. R. Wllkw, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager JJ
J A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- *
t ble in every part of Canada, United States ard Europe.    Special «
Jl attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     JJ
Tin* latest n-tur
Tin- ll.nilil 4.|,t,. I
by Bpccial si i*
.IS I'lilliiWsl
This givea Ilu* I*'.
lll.l i-iinsi-rinliii-... t
t'lnitiei'.l lit n recolll
the lulior caniliilate
ttilli th.'l.lirrnls.ns
any overtures In
Tin-si- figures may h
the i* um nl' the I
nml sin.-.-Iln- Bpoak
from tin- I'unsi'iviili'.
.1  by
il      -      *      Ml,
i.-h may la-
null .-In--..-,
lis- M-..-..I,
changed   I.)
rnii   .''.ii..-..
must   come
parly, ii  re.
tlnei's Iln- working tur.-t- n
event to 2l,which is nnl ;. nm
This meiitiB tiuother election
if lhe goveriiinent quits, :
probability, according tn i
tiitininil precedent, Iln- liberal leader will la- culled upon to form ti
government, nntl goto the eonntry,
The lniiveiiient nl' legislative
machinery is slow, nnil under no
circuuiBtnnces will nn election tnke
place beforo nexl spring, and then
in all probability with tin- liberals
in charge of tin- goveriiinent.
dcconliiig to tho Insl reports tho
house will lie mn.le up as follows!
Grand Forks...
New Wcstminsti
Vancouver (5)..
.. ..Young
.... Fraser
. ..Hi.nslun
. . ..(iiinil
. ...Cotton
... Bowser
Albcrni McTiines
Cowichnn Evans
Columbia Wells
I'hilliwm-k Muuro
Cranhrook King
Caribou i2i Murphy i
Dolln Oliver
Greenwood Brown!
lslnnils I'liters, m'
Rossluud Mncilouald
Snnnieh Tanner
Slocan Davidson
. .I'llnn*
i * ! n pprfeel one.   Tl
on i ..tii sides had things
■ .1, .-.n.l in conBefl_uet.cc till'
i-ote -.t.i- gotten in *ii au early hour,
In l.-n-i there were very few votes
* nywhere in the districl after
Iiiiii. bo well lual ii'1' iniinngi ra
i'i - .i.-h | ..n si/.iil up ilu* work.
In Cruubrook there were llBl)
vute  i-.i -t. mul iln- Btn-el   in   It t
-I     illl'    l]0   itll-    W1IS   l*|-..\t'l.     I    111,14,1     1)1
,,l Hi.- .11> '..■ 'I'" workers ..I' both
jj.-irti.-s and tin- tiil.-i's i-..min;. nml
goiug Iiuiii In. Kiug uml Mr.
Caven were on hond nil day in
encourage their workei-aaiid tn .1..
ili.-ir purl iii the Im' lo thai wns
lieing iv.-tLr.**!. Xnturi'lv there wus
some Ih'tting. l.ut it tvni. bIow during th.- forenoon', ll Bccuied t.. he
i-iini-i'ili-il llml np tn noon iln*
Cnven side hud :i Utile ilu* List i.l'
it. Inn after 1- o'clock the King
men begin} to come and enthusiast -
asui begun I" show. Finally some
ninn offered to bet $100 on Caven.
Il wns taken, nntl moro asked.
This l'l's.dlt'd in n few moments in
odds nf tun In une lining offered
mi King, nud then the money began to go up ill bllni-lli'S. In all
prolutbitity between one nnd two
thousand dollars wen' wagered,
uuisl uf it nt tlie above odds. By
n o'clock the vote wns practically
polled, only a few straggling ones
coming in lifter thut hour, und nt
six. when the [ulli. were closed,
Imth sides Bceuicd In In* satisfied
thai ihey hnd lint missed any of
their men.
liy 7 o'clock tin- people huiil
returned from dinner, and were
gathering in knots on tin- street,
or iu the twn committee rooms to
r lhe results. The lirst wus
Rynn, which gave Caven 11 mnjor-
Then enmo Jloyie with 21
majority for Caven, Perry Creek 1*1
r Caven nnd Kurt Steele with IS
ijiirity tlie sume wny. Libera
.pes began in falter, and when
the llrd Cranbrook booth showed
I majority lor K;iig. it begun
tn look us though tiiere wns In bo
un unexpected landslide, lint the
uther two litiolhs gnve King ll
majority nl' t-15, und liliodu also
uiitn King -I out of llS voteB.
which changed lhe situation, and
raised the liberal hopes tu the
highest pitch, nud from thut time
on until Murysville reported witli
11 majority nnd also Wardner with
ti majority tor King, when u yell
uI' victory went uut uf the liberal
rooniB nail was tnken np by King
men un the street, nntl the peoplo
knew thnt the question was settled
uiul King wus tho representative
iiiiiin' Craubrook district, Muny
remained in lhe coiuitiittce rooms
tu receive returns from over the
province, but a wist crowd gathered mi th.- street and made the
welkin ring with their cheers of
victory.     Later a  largo number
workers could l»- identified fl.
v.. II  ur- J     ("niiinrk.*.!   ur   raid  I'm-   in
t.iii.ty It.
Being marked outside the
.-iilnr white  portion ul tlu-  l>.
paper 311.
Thc Vnu- nf ihc- District,
A li	
II I'	
Kurt Sti',-1,*	
11 un	
North Sim* Mine.
Perry Creek	
Tul i.l
Kings majority -f
Thoro were also
1 spoiled.
I '
2! I
41.8   l-hl
•ID rejected  mill
Dr. King's mojority
Crunbi k it wns '.111.
K,   ('. Sniiili will h
elected in Fernie.
John lluiistun is always defeated
until tln-hulluls are counted,
"Bub'' Green was saved by a
lluuil ul' slur speakers and boosters,
Parr posed as n straight labor
iiiiiii. wliereiui he was nut accepted
ns sueh by the luhuritig people.
Deane, of Kninkinps. was defeated by a close majority.
The elections in must of the ridings were distressingly close.
Returns For Fernie District.
Sllliill  M.'I'illT
Fernie 180
157    tt
Coal Creek  15
10      11
Michel  lit
:iii    57
Spnrwuoil     ii
ii     :i
Luop     i!
1     i)
Crows NcbI     0
11      1
.Mnrrissi'v Minos 1
"     '     .let   '   li",
Tonkin                .
Elkl     II
Hi      1
Klknioulli    II
li     II)
Tiiffriiy  In
8    12
Totals        111-!
'.11)7  2211
either candidal uy apply  I'm- n
further i- 1 before lh.* county
court judge   in this  instance  his
h< r Judge Forin   .nnl it is stnt-
ed thnt  tl..- jii.Il-.-'s rnliug in  the
matter will lie final.
Growth nf Crnnbrook.
Although ui all ii s tin* growth
..I Craiilirook has been very steady,
never in iln-  history ..I  th.* town
lias the growth  I.
thun   this  suimni
lit.* townsite ulliei
lots ll
ill till
Recount at Fernie.
The returns nt Fernie give Ross
the conservative five majority, ami
as thero were a large number of
rejected bullets, a recount has been
culled fur, wliich is taking place
today, E. C. Smith, tlie liberal
-unditlnle, went to Spokune Motility, nml while in Nelson gave out
the following interview to the
Mr. Smith is quite confident
that a recount of the Fernie ballots
will result in his being declared the
member elect for Fernie,
I' French Canadian supporters of     Some twenty ballots marked fur
Total, IV
•Ratlroab Matches
If you are thinking of purchasing a watch
call in and examine the high grade movements we sell for C. P. R. time service.
!■   fl. p. K., fltowo Heat HM-
Zbe 3eweler j  »i«ton
. Willi.-.
mil hv,;
Vm aver. ll.C, I let.7.   Special
In Hernlil Classing Fernie, Siiui-
Ikanioen, Coition, Skeetui and Revelstoke doubtful Iln-iv niv Iii's'nles
17 Lib-nils, 17 Couscrvnlivcs, 2
Sui-iiilists and one Lnlior, (Davidson), Ski'i-nu will probably gu
conservative uml Comox lil.ei-.-il.
Given tin- maxim, McBride ciiiinul
claim working majority and is now
seeking liberals ilesertefB, He
niinuiinceil yestenluy he ivoulil
maintain power liy Wells accept.
Ing speakership, but Wells wires
this morning. "1 would under nu
circumstances desert tny pnrty by
accepting spenkershij
the McBride governuieut." Constitutional iiraetiee demuml.s Ihnl
lender chosen by the liberals-elecl
1m> called upon. Mllliro also positively slates he will not forsake
lhe lilieral parly.
Dr. King formed n lurch light pru-
I'fssinii with torches made uf
brooms nntl marched lhe streets
cheering for King ami Lnurler,
Finally Dr. King was called and
fn nn the porches of tho Cosmopolitan liolel In' made a brief talk,
thanking them fur the valuable
ussistniice tlmy hail given iii the
1 ueipiiie.il. and ihe voters nf tho
district generally for (he con I'n lei tee
they hnd shown in him by electing, ri
Mr. Smith hut with tin- oross plat
ed not in lhe disc, but in tlie white
splice following the enndidulc's
1111 me were disallowed by some of
the returning ullicers as nut being
iu strict compliance with the ro.
ipiiivmciits nf the statue,
In addition a number uf Smith
ballots were thrown uut liocnnsc
they were marked witli an ordinary
black lend pencil and no! wiih the
1 lead pencil thoughtfully pro.
him as their representative, After- vided by ono nf tin- returning
ward ilu- Doctor was picked up by , officers,
his admirers tuul carried tho length "Whatever may be thought uf
of thu Btreet, Then a largo oloo. the ballots marked nutsidc tho
Iric liiiiinei'with tlie wiinl "King" I disc," said Mr. Smith lust night.
Conned uf electric light globes, wast "no une will contend Ihnl the use
suspended in iln- middle of the of an ordinary pencil such as the
Btreet nud was loudly cheered, deputy   returning  officer  should
ll was a warm night in the old : hnve provided in tin- lirst instance
tuwn und victors ntnl  vanipiislied  would void nn otherwise  properly
celebrated togother,   There wero marked ballot,   In nny ovont there
dice in j sume nasty things said under tho is ft sufficient number uf spoiled
The election in the Cranbrook
district passed nil' without tiny
trouble. There was some excite-
ment at times, and a few earnest
discussions, but at uu time was
there any differences of a serious
nature. The morning opened np
cloudy and chilly, but before noon
Die   sun   came   nnl mul the day
1 .it 1.-1 noss of defeat mid enthusiasm I ballots, so-called, to overoomo Mr.
I ll,,.,,,' tiuiiiifitv nl' live. llllowiliL. all
liquids.  Boss' majority of five, nllowin*.
aroused  liy  oxhilnratu
ami a few quarrels followed, but'the ballets counted out against
11s a rule good natural provniletl, him, to elect 1110, I have placed
as Ilu- majority uf lhe people the matter in good hands and will
realized Hint iu every election fight it throngh, lunko no mistake
there must be losers as well as about thnl. I have won Fernie
winners. |fairly find squarely and  moan to
I hold my seat,"
nun' marked
Mi. Gill, of
. .nn., us tho!
tlm 'I' 111.1 tuI for town luls this sum-
m.*r hns boon large, nml thut more
voboou Bold this year thtiu
whole nf lli.- previous two
years. To thoso who have lived
here I'm- several years the growth
hns lieen bo steady llml we scarcely
realize whal thnt growth means,
Let uur memories carry us just
three yenrs liack uml picture lu
oitrselvoB iln- tuwn us il then was.
and iu comparison with its coudi.
tion uf today, the chnnge is very
grent, Three years ago nearly the
whole uf Bnker hill wus uu iinliriik-
en forest.   Si then streets have
Iti'i'ii cleared nml muny residences
uf n class which would grace a
much larger place thun Cruubrook
hnve been erected. There is nut a
tuwn iu the interior uf Uritish Columbia where ilu- investor in reid
estate can realize a better percentage un his investment tlu.u Cranbrook, Tin- most unpretentious
ctillnge rents fur nt least $15 per
month, nml from thai to $25, and
the demand I'm* houses never
abates. Everything points tu
Cranbrook reniaiuiiig tin* whole-
side nnd retail commercial center
of South Kust Kootenay. With the
coming nf spring tin- lurge mines
in tlie vicinity will be opened up.
The lumber industry is gninu'
ahead witli giant strides, bringing
thousands of dollars annually int..
Crnnbrook, Wc have much to be
thankful for, who nn* living here,
inasmuch ns we nn- mil subject to
lhe snnie lips and tluwus which
some towns ure subject tu. t'rnn-
brook is rapidly growing ami is
bound to become 11 li*.! sized city.
Presbyterian Synod.
The Rev, W. 11. W. Fortune,
pastor uf Knox Presbyterian
eliiu'cli in tliis town, was in Vancouver last week, attending the
half yearly meeting of lhe Synod's
Home Mission committee. Mr.
Fortune lins given ns tin* follwing
synopsis uf the wurk uf the committee, Tlie mouthers present
w.-t-e Kevs. D. G. McQueen, Ed-
montoii: I'. MeKillop, Lethbridge,
J, O, Stuart, Knmloops; W. L.
Clay. Victoria; K. D. McLaren, 1).
D„ Vancouver, and J. C, Herdmnn,
D. D„ superintendent of missions
in Britisli Columbia nnd Alberta,
und W. (1. W. Fortune, Reports
from the various Presbyteries were
uf a very encouraging nature,
many fields asking tnr ordnined
Hen, and 11 number of new fields
opened, Supply fur the winter
was discussed, ami Iln- great majority of tho fields woro provided for
at the mooting. Thore are several
however yet misapplied, union*.'
whicli un- Murrisscy. Wardner nml
Murysville in the Kuuti-nuy l'n*s-
byti-ry. In addition tu the sums
raised in the various fu-lds. tin net
sunt, asked frum llio Central Home
Missinn committee I'm* tin* half
year ending September BOth, fur
Ihis synod was ovet; $111,000,
Millions, for Railways.
Ottawa. Oct. ii. (Special.) (If
the two million dollar subsidies
wliich come to llriiisli Columbia
railways this yenr. ns announced
iu a special dispatch n few days
ago, it is understood that lhe following muds will secure the
amounts mentioned:
For a line from Spenco's Bridge
to Nicola ami Siinilkanieen. 12
miles. $150,000,
For nn extension of tlie E. & N.
line from Wellington to Comox. 110
! miles, $200,000;
Last Tm silny evening the Mann-
association    excursion
pussod through Craubrook on their
wuy Iniiin-
after n tonr ucruss the
Th.* party hail gone to
'.■u.-,sl 1
y ih.- iiiiiin line, and on
*ir   n-li
ni   lefl   their   train at
Wri.tt    lit
ml.  uml come  by the
In- Crows  N.st branch.
eir trail
wus ink.-u  uriuind by
L-ury   ;
ml   imt   the   party   nt
Kootenny Landing Tuesday mum-
ing, 1'issiiiL.' through Cranbrook
ihut evening nboul 0:30,
The train wns 11 very heavy one,
mul wns ih-conite I upon the sales
uf tlie sleepers with streamers with
tin- full..win-., mottoes: "What's
the matter with Uritish Columbia?
It's nil right"; "Tho eyes of the
world are on tin* X. W. T."; -The
L't-txls ihut nre mnile In Canada lire
the goods thai tier suns ileiniind":
"Manitoba No. I liunl is guud
enongh for us'"; -Tin- wheat that
is grown in C.iiiii lu is the pride of
n Pricely Land"; -Canada, our
I'tmiiiry." A daily.paper is pub-
lished, nml hn. tin- very appropriate title .11" "On-the-Go," which
is got np liy th.- unmarried gentlemen m n ehiu-ee nf live cents per
Tin- Herald editor had the
pleasure uf meeting quite a num.
I»r uf the party nt Nelson Monday
evening mid came down Kootenay
lake witli them Tuesday. Them
w.-re 168 in the party, nearly one-
t lii nl ladies. Tin- men represent.
eil nearly every manufacturing
institution in Eastern Canada, nnd
not more than ten of tlie pnrty hail
ever beon to tlie coast before, The
trip was a revelation to them,
especially tlmt part that carried
them through llritisli Columbia.
It was iu this province that their
eyes wen- opened, us they lnul no
cull.-eptii.il ns tu tin- extent of thiB
fust domain, or tin- marvelous
resources of the province. Each
member "f the pnrty seemed to lx.
aa animated Interrogation point,
ami when any one wus giving information regarding the provinco
as a whole, ur any portion of it,
they were all attcntien and full of
queries on doubtful joints. They
will return with wonls of praise
for Britisli Columbia and the
results of the tour is liountl to
prove beneficial tu Canada as a
whole, since it will bind in closer
anion tin* commercial interests of
the east ami west.
The Rejected llnllola.            I    rji||0   p.conut   by   lhe   official For 'I line from Vernon to
There were -111 rejected bnllots returning officer for Ilu- district way. $(100,000.
wiih   Orniibrook  district,   for the  tnkes place  at  Fernie tomorrow, For 11 line   from  Crnnbrook to
following rcnsonsi                       . Thursday, morning, and lhe result Golden. $000,000,
Voting for moro candidates than will bo awaited with inteiiBO inter-j It is understood that McLean
entitled lo 1.                                 j est nil uver the province,    After Brothers, fur the Const-Kootonny
Writing ur murk by which voter tho official return has been made line, will n Ivonoald.
Millinery Opening.
Last Friday anil Saturday when
the men were involved in a warm
political struggle, the ladies of
Cranbrook and vicinity were enjoying the millinery opening at
Reid & Co.'s -tun*. Miss Hurley,
tin* Toronto milliner, bad produc.il
some exquisite ereatiuus that ap-
pcaled to tin- feminine heart, nnd
many wen- tin- words uf praise for
her artistic work. It is not possible fur ordinary man to tlewtril*..
tin- beauties presented, the best ho
can tin is tn raise Ilu- coin of the
realm tobuysomeone nf these vnri-
ous slyles nf headgear. Hut it was
11 galaxy of modem shapes, with
new style nl trimming, pleasing
combinations uf bright colors' and
nil tin- gewgaWB, hinls. plumes and
ribliotis ihnl delights the feminine
heart ami brings temporary happiness wliere despondency might
linve reigned. Many huts wen. ordered nml already tin* female popn.
Intion is showing whnt art cnn accomplish in tin* millinery line.
Congratulate Rev. Beacham.
Al n meeting nf tin- vestry of
Christ [church held tn. Monday
evening last n resolution was passed
as fulluws:
Thut the ullicers and members
uf Christ church tender tlieir Incumbent, lhe liev. H, Beacham,
their very hearty congratulations
on his approaching nmrringe. and
wish for his future wife and himself every happiness, uml also they
take this opportunity of expressing
to him their sincere nppn-cintion
of liis servic -s ns tlieir pastor, and
tin- sincere wish that he and his
future bride will make their home
iu Crnnbrook,
James Gill,
Vestry Clerk Christ Church. •nn: ciiANi'.noo;-: hkrai.d
F.litor and Proprietor,
Tins Herald tie-Ores It) give Uie MWJ
diitrlci. ir ymi Knott *m nboul foui
yi.UI mtiii' ui ymir |i«0|itfd, semi It 1" tills i
J. H. KING,  NL P, P.
iif tie
The election of
nnturnlly isn suum
tu bis political Bup|
those who oppo8tt1
cent cnmpaigi
man nf aliilitv
Dr. J. Il.Kiim
of grutiHetttion
porters, nml even
I  him in tho re-
■ognize in luni a
I iuli'mil\
ami one who will reflect omllt upon tho ilUtrlet nnil the province1.
Dr. King is a young mnn, yet hi
IiIh profession hu 1ms won n higli
plnce, Mli as a physieiun nml 1
Miirtxi'oii. ami il tilkes aliililv ami
lianl work toftccomplish that- Ho
is U growing man with a natural
grtiBp for political economics ami
the general Bcieuco oil goveriiinent.
mulasBnoh must prove valuable to
hib district, bIuco it is men like
tlmt who win tlio roiiliilt'iu'i' ami
ii'upei't of their associates in legislative assemblies, It would be better for Dr. King it' ho hail a government with liiui,and yet even on
thr opposition benches his intlu
enco will be felt.
Dr. King is a son ul' Senator
King of New BrutiBwick, and
though he is proud of his father
and what tlutt father has accomplished, he has never been known
tu refer to tlutt relationship to
further his own interests. Practically and absolutely a self made
man, he lias depended upon his
own brain and energies for what
buiti'hs he has attained, llritisli
Columbia is his home. All of his
interests are centered in this province. His judgment is sound. Ins
mind is broad, his sense of fairness
is acute, ^ind therefore lie can be,
depended upon to do all ill liis
power for the advancement of
South Kast Kootenay and the province of British Columbia.
The memljers of the Manufacturers'association who have been
touring Uahudn, will return to the
wist wiser men. They havo seen
u portion of Britisli Columbia, but
only a portion. Vet it has been
sufficient to open their eyes on the
commercial possibilities of the
province und the standard of the
people. They have learned that
the people of the west are among
the salt of the earth, that they are
a progressive people, awako to the
opportunities and conditions, and
furthermore that if they desire to
increase their trade relations it will
be necesssary to give their patrons
iu the west the best they can produce. "Made iu Canada" is a good
tttogiin, and should lie cultivated,
but iiianufai'tiirers must understand that it must Ih- made as well
uiul as cheaply in Canada to hold
the trade, even against a protective
tariff. British Columbia should
buy her milling machinery al
home, but she don't, simply because the United Stated manufacturers build what the progressive
mine owner wants. The dollar
-keeking investment, ami the dollar
spent for a product, knows no Hag.
uud is entirely without sentiment.
That dollar is looking for the liest
tit it, nud it should bo able to get
the l«'st of it in Canada. These
are Borne of the facts gathered by
the members of lhe association on
this educational trip, and they
will  prove tin- foundation for a
great   increase   in   western   trade
in the future.
wn ug nnd ii
an*   right,   si
kind must be
conditions  of
It. T. Lov.ery. of the Denver
Lodge, will start a pnpor in tlio
Poplar creek gold diggings. It
will be a peach, und will give the
news of the enmp in that terse
style    so   characteristic   of   tho
British Columbia newspapers en
publish BOUiethiug besides   [millif
from now until another election.
Tho Herald has always i upied
the position where it never has
been compelled to personally abuse
any other newspaper man. or any
other individual, t i satisfy the animosity of anyone. It is ploilSUl.t
to lie independent iu such matters,
It makes life pleasant ami deal!
less objectionable.
big light is over,
•t down to bnsim
Let t
Now is the time to work  for
Crnnbrook and  South Kast Koole-
Medicine Hat has a new paper.
Tlmt town is too small for two
good papers.
Tlie (Messing Contest.
The Hernld will lie unable to
annoiiiu-e the winners iu the contest until the Fernie recount is
made. The rejected ballots must
be counted as they are included iu
the numbor of ballots east, and
that is the basis of the contest.
The number is not going to be as
large as many expected, iu fact
very few guessed as low as the
number will probably be. The
winners will be named iu the next
It would hnve been far better to
have elected a government with a
wife working majority, so that the
rrspoiiHihility could have been
placed on party shoulders direct.
The correspondent who gave a
forecast of the Cranbrook vote to
the Fort Steele Prospector sinukes
a warm brand of dope,
TV Herald editor stated at the
start of the campaign, that The
Herald would remain independent
throughout the campaign, giving
tiie news of bu!li sides. This
promise wiu* kept to the letter, and
■ because the editor expressed personally au the out side Lis views
*i! th*-- campaign ba wm warmly
mIhiwhI by a few hot heads, But
in politics if you are right yo.i  are
tarry On ■ Hutlerti Tuwn nud Elect Their
Exei'iillv-t) Council,
Dr. F. 0. Stephenson, assistant
missionary secretary of tlio Wett'
ilist Churchi received while in Tort
in. u very interesting letter fn
Itov. .s. s. oh ler hunt, missionary at
Port Simpson. Tlie town is a, regit-
lur Mecca of commerce, with » population of from Too to hoo Indians,
all ut whom have long since adopted
Christianity. They no longer live in
then- uld style uf Indian houses,
with ihr low ilm roofs, but in new,
iii'iit pottages, iinug, wurm ami rutin
mental. They now have an elective
Council, which administers tlu- laws
of the town, twelve representntlve
men nml chiefs, elected hy public ballot. They huve a (Ire department, a
temperance society, and feveral
stores, To ull outward appearances
they have adopted Christianity nml
our civilization, and hnve a Inrgo
uml well-attended church, a. day
school, and a home for girls and
another for boys.
In outward appearances the Indiana
ai« accurate I m I tutors of tin.* white
iiuoi, but in morality and spiritual
things they have not as yet been able
tn conform to the best approved customs and habits of the whites. When
ii young mnn marries it has   always
I n tlu* custom for the relatives  of
the bride to make u great present to
htm, the amount ranging anywhere
from $100 in $500. Ostensibly this
Ims been given to tho bride, but us
a matter of tint for future reckoning
ir das only been loaned to tha groom
mil be must return it with usury.
Tint result of this custom Is that  the
newly-nmrrfod   couple  nre compelled
lo slave yenr iu nnd year out to meet
their obligation, pnbj.octjng tticm-
si'ivfM to much   hardship und expo-
iure.    The  big  feast,   whirh     is     tho
n.i*.*esHilly ftCcompanIntent to the mur-
rlage, is whnt tuke*s tin- inarr|ago
gift, and when the feast |s over thp
young couple must start out penniless.   Wl'.  OMerhout   stales l|uit  lliiu
Is one uf the many customs tlmt hav'9
to be uprooted from Indian lifo.
Hefure Dawn,
Tiie it on art stars of mom i a keen wtmi
Tin* blrclii'i on Ui*' Ni"]"'* Hn' iii-tiint liiu-*
UIm-  in tin' -.in imt   North)  iln- i Iin mill 'i'i!
Tiiu uiilu tiiiii mh iiiiii..) ronri it-n* river
tu km
An iiiii-nit't   ml, mul   u   lilnl   it Irs,   nui
The iii.n'ii »iiii nniilc) * mntcti <*f Marin if
Hi ruin
E-'i'ihii   Hie  rlvor,   mul   IIh<  nli*  tlbi)--)    mul
lull, lu tin- Simiii, fuir uh u rfhrlne Unit
'iiie t-.ittj.iii nf ii iiri'inu. imi"I...if towers
fierce nml  ttPtteftl  Un-  Hky,   k mini lux  Mil'
Where our young tltvagtU i» .vei-tiii itren«
Wliile  In  tin-  Hunt,  Uur Htm* uf  ne'iiiliiK
'I'lu*   hm.I   witli  ft   I'lrce   lrriiii<iiili.ii«   I110V.I
Tlie Inn.I Willi • Ifti'Ke (ri'iaulumi lll'lll, Unit
A pledge und prrmge of wir itrstlny.
—Duncan I'-iiuuiieii Si-lilt
Trofi en tit* I'ralrlei.
Mr. Stewart, Dominion Superintendent of Forestry, mude arrangements
ivlille on the plains fm- systematic
tree-planting, Tho forestry branch
bus arcus set apart for tree culture
at tbu Brandon aud Indian Head experimental farms. These plantations
are making excellent progress, und
next season over u million tims will
be available for distribution, chilly
iMuuiiuiiu maple, cotton wood and
Russian poplar, from the Kteppes,
Vfhtch ia especially adapted to dry
itnd sandy territory. Four agents of
•thu deportment are now at work in
.Lim country, examining the soils and
mapping out tlm territory, and the
trees will lie planted wfth reference
to tlieir value in the sp/Bcfal localities to bo forested, The treos are
jHUpplifld free chiefly for wind-breaks,
u. will i« planted under tiie superintendence ot tho agents of tho   de-
tment.    it *ts twi.ivAni (Lhat under
ihis system In « very tew yearn   H'°
eless condition  of thu pluiuu  uill '
Itfcuuit'   a UiI'ijj  of the pust, |
lU*v. Allred lt-uwluml Wi-lten lli- lutvit'tl-
iu_ K*i|i('i'U'i.■'.--. fur tin. I.un.Um Lin i--t-
itiu World—'*Juek u» Good ua UU
Master lu t'itiiuda"-Sliurtc-.>mlii-**> ut
Even Wealth*/ lu ihu MulU-r ol Or imi.
During our stay iu lleginft, tho
chief city in As-alulbolu, we    vtsltod
tlie  station   ot     tbe  iniiioiis   UuUuted
Police, Unv,* milis out, Commissioner Perry, who commands the force,
puisoiiully showed as over the ptuuil-
ses, mid took us into lu-- house lo
teu with los wu.-ami daughters. The
men nre ofteu of good family, who
enlist for the sake of adventure, and
of this, in earlier days at least, thoj
lnul their nil No bs-. than -*">>> oi
them voluntoereU for service In South
Aflleu.        Tl.. .     me    tuurlOM  follow*,
Bpleudld boiM-mt-u and good    shut*.
Although only al i 70U in i hor,
they keep perfect order throughout
these   vast     Northwest    territoi li*,
peopled   tllOllgll   llli*>    uie   h>    lien     ul
diilei'iiii uallunallllos, Including manj
Indians,      Tin* Canadians are promt
of them, uiul m.iK.- ii UlOir boast
thai when   -olive   llU'i    me  m!   on    He
truck oi n criminal thej never glvu
up till le- is caught, nmi u is claiiii-
ml lhat Die ret l,uiitv ni pliaialuiU'ltl
is fm* greater on their .-id.- ol the
border than on tho other, Some
time ago 000    Indians hud    proved
troubles o   iu tin*   United   States,
Whosu uiiiln.rii it's sent lliein villi uu
escoiL of -Joo mon, io He- border, A
couple of Mounted Police wero do-
tailed oil lo rueolvo them,   uud roils
ucross     tho      lili,*      for   tins   purpose,
"Where me your men'?" asked Uie
oUlcer in ehui'go, expecting :i troop
Of soldiers. "Why, here we are," was
the Cunudlnn's answer. Then tuni*
ing to the Indians he shouted "Fall
in: marchI" und Instantly bis com-
ma ml was obeyed, The nuuuod
Amorican suggested thai it was
risky work tu bring so small n force
"Oh, that's nil right," suiil the Canadian, "we wear tho King's scarlet,
and ull Lhe Indians know US. Uu
never have trouble with thun" 1
tell the story ns it WilS told uie, and
it is simple mailer of fact thnl the
Indians under Uritish rule give no
trouble ni all. Law and order prevail universally, A Bhopkeoper in
Keglna told ma (Imt. be hud sometimes left things out all night   and
they   Were  llOVef   touched.
'The worst excesses here, as in our
own country, are due to drink, and
ofthe towns we liuve visited Heglna
is in tliis respect one of the Woist.
Wo stayed in what wo ure assured is
the best hotel in ihe place, yet even
in it wo were mot by tho notice thnt
a drink would bo served free to anyone who none between Kl and 10.6
p.m.    A  traveler  in  tin- hotel Slid, in
tbu tumble vernacular of the district, "There's more hell in tho liquor trallle hero than ever 1 saw
We were amused by the free-and-
easy ways of those whom English*
men an' wont to receive with respect, if not sir.vilily. '.luck is as
good as his master," If not better.
"Hoots," for example, who Is a lud
front Whltoelmpel, mail.- it u great
favor to givo more "shine" for five
cents, and olT duly lie was dressed
wiih ilu- Ih-m, swaggering into tbo
writing-room, dialling tho visitors,
und whistling .shrilly now and again,
to assort h(s Independence, 'ihe barber conducted operations in tho fining
room, mid for practice, or pleasure,
began shaving himself, walk'lug round
the room, mul exhibiting his skill
(happily on his own lliriml )   without
even a glance Into the glass, oiya-
sioiuiUy niaitlng a joke, or singing a
snatch uf ii iiiusie-linll song. .Meantime u y-pung clerk, from a storo
close by, seated himself in the shaving chair to wait Iho good pleasure
of tin- burlier, who, looking at him
quintlcally, exclaimed, "Well, my
buck,    you      needn't    look    saplous,
though you may be as good us you
like." The next customer wus fncet-
lously asked, "Do yuu want a
scrape? Then J guess you must wait
till I've done my own hair." With
ull this noisy chad thoro wns great
good nature. When 1 expressed my
surprise nt tlie impudence of Hoots
to one of the townsmen, he .--aid,
"Oh, We don't mind it; ynu see, he's
on orphan 'com tho old Couniry."
The truth is theso men earn good
money, nnd their places could mu be
easily supplied if thoy went oil in a
half. One of the moil iold tne that
as n carpenter ho earned four and a
halt'dollars a day, and could live on
one dollar. Dy way of change he
had taken on work uh a poller in the
hotel, rocelvlng board ami lodging
free, and earning, with lips, forty
dollars a month, The town does not
appear to be very hmllhy. The wn tor
iH drawn from wells and diphtheria
was pii-MileiiL ut Iln- lime of Otll*
Any Englishman must, bo struck
with On- disregard nf appearances In
the West. Travelers In Ilrsl class
cni'ringos, who prove io he aducatnl,
Intelligent, and often wealthy men,
ure dressed in colored shins, open
WnlstCOntS,   und   slouch  cowboy  hills.
while 11h'ii-   persons   uro often none
too clean, nnd lh.- dlsng il.lc liabli
of chewing and spilling ih ullUUJM
unUersal; Indeed, yestcidny,   lo   my
dlSgllSt,      1 saw   a   fa.lh     Well iln-ssisl
Wulutin guilty of tbis hateful luihlt.
The mi11it's of   plncrs   mc red nt
of days when Nature reigned sugnvuio
iu this viisl   Dominion,    'lite Cri	
the (lull, the (loose ntnl tin- Rn«lo
Lukes, Rod-deer Station, Crow's
Ne--1   Puss- are examples which might
he   Indefinitely   multiplied,       Indian
names are constantly i urrlng, e.g.,
Saskatchewan, Asstnlboin, Otosk-
watl, Pellskp and Kooieuny. The Catholic  111 I FR lops hnve lefl   tlieir trncpg
iii l.iicr,,'^:' Lake, priest Itlvor, 'Wto
.liimt Cithe nnil Lacmhe, mimed
after the Fronch priest who half a
leiilmy ago lognn a work which, I
believe, he still lives io cmrv on.
Hence, although historical mid mch-
oeologicnl nssoclaiions, so well
known tu us in Euroro, nro absent
here, more recent historv Is siiggest-
e-l at even* turn.—Uev. AH"rd lloW-
land, iu London Christian World.
Stuck Quotations.
Furnished by Beule, Hutchison
& Klwoll. brokers, Cranbrook B. 0,
North   Slar  1:1
Snlllvan  .'.V4
st. Buguus  17
I'ujiif  17
War i: igi.- t'oowilnlatwl  Ifl
Pay   lull  l
American Hoy  6
Ihili'iitul-i   20
Crows Nest Coal f4tHl0U
Sl. Kllg.*1l.'Mt.   Mllli-H  10
Can. Oil tuul Conl Mini** Ltd         Afl
All.-rta I'uul uti.ll'i.ki-     t_t.no
Maul I'rnnii.Vi-Hil-imJ  f„
I'an iu 11 Iold I'n 1.1»       .n
At tho uimisoon Pridny,Soptom-
bpr8filhi by tin' Rov,  W. G. W.
l-'iirliim-. B. A.. Smifi'nl ClirlBOU of
Sw.-insi'ii. B. 0., to Mary .loluisoii
r.-riiiilv of Sweden.
i Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
| Carriage Repairing and
j General Jobbing....
Ilatsltle Older. Prumpll)
AltcmJcd lo.
New Dairy
\V. ll. Buitlgell li.is .-uiiii- tu lV;ni-
ltn*uk with ii lim- luiooCmilcli coiva
tuul will opeu it .l.-iii-y.   Tin.-.- ,(,■_
sirili-.' first-class miik slmulil sii-
liiui.   He will suit you.
g_U   I.O.O.P.     Key Cily Ud8c |j.#•>•>*♦•>.*>*♦•>*♦•>***•>♦*•>#♦#«•
;   John lillenberg,
M*_ri.v-| .....i.-. Mwuovery Mun
~" *<—* ilay niriit ut their Ii:iH «'»
Ituki'l -itieel.    saJDiulni*
Odd PcltoiwoonltaUyiOTittti,
.1. Miiiiiiiii.-, u*  N (|.irk(
N.  (J. Km v.
l'rn|irlPtnr at the
Candy Kitchen
Curries ;tc<ini}ilele slack uf
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Olve aa • call
j: Eagle Cafe
J George Paquin, Prop.
Morrissey Mines, B. C.
The best restaurant in
South East Kootenay*
When   you   visit   the
town be sure and try it
* *•**+***+***•>*************
Timber Notice
Nuliee is hetehv given that within
ihirtv days B. J. MeVittie will apply tn
tlioOlilof Commissioner of Lanua and
Wurks, Victoria) iur permission to cut
and carry nwny timber frmn the following described landa in South Kast Kootenny :
C menctnu ut a post planted,two
miles snulh uf t|ie |iort|iwt*«t corner of
lot No. fiiiTO Snutli Bast Kootenayi
ihenee enst unu mile, north one mil*',
wesi one mile mul smith oue mile to
plnce of beginning,
September 2Ath, 1903, SH
A liinii i..!--* |.nv,ii,. hoanllnj; Kcliuol lor
Lumufnlhi*.'"..    It.--••iii-n*. s- iiiIh-i- III,)..
Sti.mi- -.i:,ii .,i tflmlieN.     I'.iti,.tn/.*il I.,' ita.
Ii.r.1 failllliir.        I'lii-nel I  li ih lllll] I .aim kn-
I.!.- Hu.'i-i-ss. nml a Inuu Ii-i ut "Old Ho\h" an*
Ii.ih |ii.iiniii.-nl   iu   ui.ilriF.HitK.   lutiikM,   Im.
Illl'HrillV. Ilie lif.VV.   III.'   lllll   st'lil.-   , [||„J HI
lhe tin ii.ii.l ii.'irl.l.   A |4  ||„. iHitroua
ami hliTiiKes in \ nn. .mi,*r mi'*
The |...t,| |lit>i..|>..i N,u Wi-HliHilwIpr
'I'll.-  Veni'inhl-  I-    S    \\   I'.-i.i .-ml,, |i  |i I
Ai.l.-1 1 < ..I.i ., \
'IV Ilmi. It. M. Iiii.I... I'r.'iulrr nl It i
It MnriH'k Kw| .I'linfleSuni nTltivlMMI
I .leu I inl T .-   Uur wis,
i.i.nt ii.i tt'ni»wrlght,
HrtmlanliliHiHorili i  f.u to||nitati>
iiuiii .Inl I.i iI.-mi un.; Inn N      I'm ii.ji m ,1 hm
REV. C. J. IIRENT0.N, M, A , Iliad Mlttcr,
llujHgptmrnlly il ii in-ii.-i-iiwiii ,,,-h
iiiiiuii liko I tie above uiul unio  riiiiiiHinei
llllll I'S.
Timber Notice
Tnkt'nuli.e tluil  tlini.-,  ilti.vs idler diile I
IIItUllll III Upply h> (he Chlel t'lltUlllll  IT III
l,uii.l>i un.l Worka lor u Hjuviul IKunn in
■ ill nml iiiii'.v iliMiy l,iiiln-r Iiuui tliel.ill.Mi
lug ilifiiiti.'.! Inn-Im In Snutli Must Km.I,-imi
L*oniuieni'tng nt a pnal pluillel mi lliiiin-1
liunl, ul I', rrv er ek ul N. Iv Si,| Inn's Jt.lieil
|HIHl, I In Ute H'.st MO , luim-, l|jf|K*u P Ull ill SO
.ImiiiH. llii-ii.v eusl  NO iliiiiim. tljem-e ueilli
HU i-tiutim In   Ilir |iltni' nr .ni itreiiieiit,
roiitabiliig ul hti uf liunl,
I>nleil IOtliS.'|,t*'iidi>-r. liltl.'l.
811 -IU. I\.if|iihar.
"llliiekwntih",  "I'.liirkwaU'i",   "Mala.
clute & "Kriu" mineral claims,
Situated in ihc Furl Steele mining illvis-
iun   of   Must    Kootenay iRstrict.
Where located; Hn the Si. Mtryi
river, on the east side, ahuve the
smilh fork (unl.
Take notice that 1, Francis J, O'Reilly
of Nelson, It, l\, us agent for Henry
lli'iniiilituii Thomson, tree minor?1 cortf*
ticiileNo. B 79*180, intend, Mxty days
from the date hereof, to apply to tlio
mining recordor fm* corttflcutos of hn*
prnvements, Iur the pnr|Kise ut obtaining crown grants of the almvo cluiins,
And further tnko notice Unit action,
under section .'17, must he commenced
beforo tho issuance of such certificates
of Improvements.
Hated this 1st day of July, A. D. mot.
•3d        FRANCIS .1. tVi;i:il.l.v.
Land Notice
Not'ro Is hereby given Ilial no ihiysiiftw
ilule I Intend tu npply tn tho elilot uhiniiils
hiiiiier uf I.uinls nml woikB nl Vieluriii Im
IHTiiiissiiin lo juiirliiin* Hit- lollonlng ili-a-
erilii'il huid in Smith Kust Kontfiiaj:
.'ammt-iii'ing at tl pust [ilunleil mi the nisi
Miiie ut it i-i'i'i'k Hliuilllg inlu Hip nm-ih (otk ul
Mieliel en-i'lt, ulmtit tlmu mul a half Hilled
ntil'tli nf Ilie ililers.'i'linii nl ilie nuilli
I mu nihiry uf hit l">H<, groiip I, u'uh tlie
snid uorlli fm*k uf Mieliel iwk, (liwaii north
80 lllllllS,   Mliliee   eilMl   NO   elinins,   Iheui*.'
Hull III MU ntllllllR,   I lll'liee   .list .SO HoiillK  in
thi'iiliu'cuf b.'niiuii'ir. emii.iii.ii'K liiu ueren
mure nr less.
2JI M M.li.m-s.
1 liovenil-J.il i,4 I,,v niiii,i„.| „|
1 Inin* ml V.I ,.i im* ii,iii,l„.i- „| row. J his wor
nn.I um |-.. |... 1..i to tumiali pure milk lo S thc best
J Pioneer in the business and
J his work always ranks with
W. P. (iURI),
Barrister, Solicitor, Hie.
DR. I*, li. KINO.
II In I'.' a in.
I In II p. tu.
~ tit ft |t  in.
■    *.   ■-■• ----.    Call and see him. i
y,.,„- imt,..*. nt j Repairing boots ol all descrip- »
Visit of C. P. R. Officials.
W, White, .'issistiint to tlio president of the V. P, H. nml ,T, S.
Di'tinis. lund coinmisBioiior for the
compnny, paid Crnnbrool< n visit
one dny Inst wrak. Both gcntlo-
nn'ii expressed themselves na well
plensed with tiie luwu, mid surprised nt its growth, Thoy were
particularly suprlded at the size of
mnivv of tbo liiiudsome resideittcs
mi etiker hill.
Timber Notice.
Notice is hereby given that within
thirty duys K. I,. MrViitle will apply to
iheCliiei' CoinmiflBloner of l.iunls and
Wmks, Vicioria, for permission to cut
und entry nwny timber from tlie following described Itiinls in South Kast Koot-
Commnncing at tbe north we t corner
of tot 51170 Smith Kast Kootenny, thence
wesl bub'a mile, smith hm m'iles, eusl
half n mile, north two miles to place of
Si'iilen.licrL'Hib 1903. 211
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby glvon that Ihirtv
days nfler iliila I Intend to apply to the
('liief Commlssionerof l.an<lsand Wurks
atVlcloiiii for a special license to cut
uiul carry uwuy timber from the following described lumls:
Commencing ut a |»osl planted a>>u|
foiiriiiul one-hull miles smith on tlie
eusl biiiiiiiliii'v of block '1501 and marked
A. J. I'.nglisli's noriliwesl corner, thence
snulh su ehuins,  Mien ust SU ehuins,
thenco north 80 iihnlnp, l||enoq west Mtl
chnlnb to i'l:iii>uf commonoement.
limed ciciohnrfith low,
20 A, J, tingllHl
Timber Notice
I Intend llilrly dnya nflor date to an*
ply tn ibe Chief Commissioner of Lumls
nml Wmks ni Victoria, It. 0,, for a 11*
ecu o iu cul uiul carry away timber from
lhe following dascrilied property i
Commencing nl ihe north west curnur
of lol 831 in the district uf Kust Koote*
tiuy, ibeme wesl iibmit '■'<■> chains to lot
l.'iliu, ilieiiee south IK) i'liains, ihenee
eusl ii I m .ii t ;t'i elmiiiH, thenee north 100
chnlns lo pli if commencement.
Cnuibrook, li. ('., 0otobor5,1003.
«H I.. It. VanDecnr.
Timber Nt»tice
Nuti.i'iHliertili.v plyen thai within Ililrty
ilfljR M. Leslie will apply to I lie lh kf I',,,,,
nii-simier of I mills nml iCurks. Victoria, tnr
neriiilxsii.il in cut uml enrry nwny ilmlier
frmn 'li- lotlonlllg iltwrilipd In mln in Boutb
I'insl Kum.ii'i.v:
Cumnii'iiclngata [mst i-lunieil two uiitcs
Huiitii uf tlm norttiffcst rorner of Lot No.
."ill7(I Suiiili Must Knot'-iiny; tin nee west oue
mile, sun lh dug mile, Hint une in iln nml north
mu'mile iu plane ol beginning.
Dated Septombpr 20th, 1008. 2)
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby giyep \\\\\t within
thirty dflvs A, R, T-forseli will apply to
the Cider Com miss toner of Lumls and
Works at Victoria for permission to cut
ami curry uwnv timber from tbo follow-
in« desert bed hinds iu South Kust
Commencing nt n i-usl planted alwut
seven cliulns tine smith of tbe southwest
corner uf Lot Nu. 317 nnd on tbo north
boundary of Lot 0 (OO, thence fiprttl unci
mile, west une mile, soulb one mllo and
eusi une mile in place ol commencement.
Diilcl September 20th, 1903,        -29
Timber Notice
Nutipo in Im fi iv glvt'ti Hint ililrty ihiyit
idler iltite I iiihuil I oil (ill Jtn Uiel'lti. 1 ( inu-
miKBi..iteruf l.umls nml Works ul Vielm-in
fur a hpi-i'lid li'i'iise tn mt uml curry an uy
timlier frum lhe fui In wing ili-surilipd IuiiiIh
sitiiiileiti KiihI Knuteim.v:
L'ofnmi'tirlngal n |'ost*|iliiiiteil40eliaitin
eust ot I be 4 Mi mile post on Ilie I', l>. It. survey   line llllllillig snulh frmn   I'm I   Sleile
Jlll.iliiill. till Uie ensl Ml.-1,111111., ||„.| h.iIIi
HI)   rlinins,   tlifiiee   we.-t   HI)   I'luiini, llieme
smilh NU  elinins to  lhe fuist uf inuiineiii
llielit, Coiitaiiiiiig 'HU uei'i s.
Hate.l H1| lulu J1 ufrtcp ember, 11)113.
H7 ,lii8cu|i Itumhr'ck
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary  Public.
Sotltilur for ilk' Imperial Dank ul CaoaJu
I'lu* Culoniul Ittvettment nnd Luia Company
Cranbrook, I). C.
and Builder  >
All work guaranteed.   See us before
you build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, IS I
* tiops, from a cork sole to a
2 lady's finest slipper. jj,
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Ulii slnics made new.   All kinds
of rcpairiii)*.   liivc mc a call.
liust Kootenay
Mottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Cideis,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Sod.i w.it-;r in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians and Surgeons.
OIDce at Hcsldeat-r, Armstrun, Ave.
i:i>reaooas,   ....   a;jo |0 ||
AfUrauoaa   ....   l:.1*liu3:J0
livcala,*   ....    ;.jo.o-|:M
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :    :      :    C. C
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Steele. 8. C.
Timber Notice
I Illti'inl lliin> ilu.iiwiiiii-iluir to apply tn
Hn- I'liii I I'i u -.-.i.nii-i-.tt I.j.i.-Ih nml H itrka
ut Vuti,ri..,ll. I'.liirii t win nil uml nil ry
ur.li> llic tlUilur llina ll.<* iVI1l.hu li'.li'M-nli.-'.l
IT '.v.
I iiinini'iiiiiii* nl I lie mmtll-WMb uoriior nl
Im HM Biut KiMiii'iin.v DiHlriil.iI Milllli
Ifl '«-It'ihiH I li v iv.'M -111 i-lmiiiH mum nr Il'mh
lol.it 451111 Hiiiniv imrili llllli-linlim, lliHiifu
riiMt 101'luiiim mur -li-HMii, putnt ul chin
rr:iil,iiu,l,,Si.j.1i-Hil.i'ilnl in ;t
BH I,, It, Vui.li.inr.
Timber Notice.
Nolli'fiHlii'U'li.v Klvftll llml lillliln Hihl
(lliyt. In mi tfnli' I Illti'inl tn ll|i|lty Iii III
I'lliel' ('iniimiHHulii'r  <>l  I.hihIn uiul   Work*
at 1'li'lorla, fur a *-i« i-inl li.vun,* lu ml nml
1'iirry uwn.v limln r fnnn   llif follnHiliK ih'N
itHhiI   IuiiiIh,   ul t   imi'   mlfe   uurlli   u
Miirihvillc in Suiiili t<!ilhl KiMili-iuiv:
rnlllllll'lll'ilin'   lit   II    JIOHl.   |lltlll 11(1    tit    111*
iiiiiiln'iiht corner of ,1. |'. l'liihh'H[irc-(uii|iltuii
iiuiiiii'ruiiniiitf iiniili soiiiiiinii, iiuiii-.' m-M
Kii rluilliH. tli.ciM'f Hti.iiHi. 80 i-lmiim, (Huiic
Uiint Ml I'liuilih \o (iliuil iif liruiiiiiiuc.
27 I). .Mt'l'Vl.tm.
Maryi-villf, S. |.|i niln-r, Hiii.. |!)U'l.
Timber Notice
Nn|im )p  lieri'liy uivni Ilnti  llilrly  iln,
atti'i'ilnti.  tm luh'iiil to apply to thn i'liirf
fnniiiiiNHiuiii r of I.iiihIh nml Winu, Virioiin.
fur (ii'MIli^iiin In rut nml i-itrry unuv Iiiiiin r
(mm llii'fiilliiuinKiii'MiiliK.I lamln in Hi HI ill
I'.'iinI Kiniti'tiiij:
Tlnilwr limit No. I cant ulilc nf hoiiIIi fork
ilulil Ci'i-i-k couiini'iiiiuu: ni a po>l nuiiki'il
Hul Iiii-\ Kil'iin.' iiihi In nui niniil* |niit tiiu
uiiiK Ml) iliahiM Miiutli, i lu'iir,. no i-luijiiH i'iihI,
llif mi' mi i'liii! iih north, iiniili' Hi rlinlim
HClt In |>l:  uf COIIImi'lli.lll.'lil.
No. '3. Pninincni'liiH nl a pout miuUil
Iliitliii'A KIlliiiH' nnillliwi*bl 1'iH'iii'i'|iimt nml
riiiiuhiK MO rlinins i-imf, ilicni-i' no ,-Iuiui
north, 1 lii-m i' mu cIiiiIiih wn,., lliginjo MU
i-lniiiiH Hiiiilli iii plui'i' III i-iiimiit'iii'i'ini'iil
»8 hul .\ Kilhiit
Timber Notice
TuLriiniiiftli.il llilrly linya nfler ilatc, I
11111-1111 lo apply lu liiu Wild IJummltolniH'r nl
I.iuhIh anil Worka nt Vlctorln fm- n HpiHnl
license to uut ami curry nwny tlmlmr from
the following ilttHL'rilH'il IiuiiIh in Smith Mural
r.Hiiiiii'iiriiin ul a put.) plnnli'il un Mm eflBl
hunk uf IVrr.v rivi-k nloi.g-l.lii I.. I,   Cllllll*
U'igir*.  iuiliul   pOHlt nml nl   th irili ui^I
'uriii'i-uf  !■;.   1,. I'lniilli'igh'H  Ihiilii'i-  Iiinil:
t lllllll* I'llHt  Mil lIlltillH, llli'IU'1' Hilllll Nlll'linillH
thence neet 8fl i-lmlmt, llteticn Poiilh80i'hr|liia
tn the point of cotnmuncL'Niflut,
s-'ntt'inlii'i' 10 ltioil.
HO  W, K.cunp.
Timt>« Notice
Notice m lierehy Riven that Ililrty ilnyH
(liter datu I Inlonil to npply In Mm f liief
''oniliiifHiuiii'i-of I.iiihIh uml Wi-rkn, Vlfitoiia
for perm luni nn In mt nml cany nwny thu Iht
from the following ileficrihml Intidfl in South
Kaat Kootennj:
Tim rr limit It. Bnkln weet rltlo nf tlm
south fork of Oohl rmk, aliout tnrt mlleH
ulinvn furkii, I'liliniU'tiriitK nt a (.'.-it  iiiiukiil
It. l.ukiu mn'tlii'HMi corner iiuhi aiulHOi-liatiiH
w.ihl, ll|eiice HO ulilllllH mntli, ill. lire 80
Iliaiimptl|t, t||H|u*e Mlli'lnUliH i in-ill lu plui'i.
uti'iimmeiifi'ini'i.1, innluiniiv, lllll ui-ith iu
nil mure or I,-*,**.
98 r, ri.Lii,.
Timber Notice
Nutlniit8.1ien-hy given Mint HO iluyn after
*l"'"l hit Itnti|i|ily tu 1 ho I'liii-I i'ntuinirt-
Hlull  r ul I, ml- nml Wurkrt ul Vh turlll f»- n
Hpci'inl li Mien in mt mi.I carry away timlier
from tin- full..htIuk ilcei-rlhrd lumls tltunU-il
in Hi - iiiul Hut uf Khhi Kootnuaj:
(\m i in nu-iii'* nt  n   pnst   phiutei) on   the
hoiinilury uf IIiMImIi Cohimtiln s iithoru
r»eurve near tlm noru.wrHti-oriiur nl \\. II.
lli'iulforil'HNu L'llniUer llujnwjheiiu eaitHO
.Ii.i Msunir.'uil.K-AliHii,. m.iuliui'Mt euriier
if W.  II. Ml Uill .lll'll   Nu,    |   lim'..r  lirriis...
Ilit'inv mind ulnii-4 tnu wa i hotimlary ol
-.,1.1 tiuiii.rli.TtU'. it, Ue- sk Mnry'» river,
llii'iiri'l llu.iifi^ ihi'Si, maryu rivor uuclu -
Grmitw ItiliHlirulumliiu Huuttiertl liomiil-
my. tlii'iii-i-ii.li.niiun suiil I ion mlury huiiiIi
lupuiiu nr Itculimiiitf,
Hnli'il u'tlluliiy ul iVlltfllHt, lOOtl,
__«^  Akiii**! Khrrll.
Timber Notice
Tnkn nnti.'i' ilmi thirty daya fronxlatn 1
llilcml tu npply in i ini Chief Coinmiimlonor nl
l.fiiiils nmi Wui-ks ut Victoria fornupwiinl
lici'tiw Incut mul parry nwny tlm Imr from
Hit' fulliuvliiu ilmrilml IiuiiIh, nliinil threo
inil.s iiortheiml ol Maryevlllu, In Houtheniil
I'utnini'iiriimul ii |inst- (ilmil.'.l nlioiil loo
y.'ii'i.-. iii-m nf iit ilinvul, corner ul l.ut
NO. 'Jl' IN. d-  |, 11,,.,,,,., unniiiK nm Hf hi.'
half mile, ilii-m.-n,-.i in Hi-h, theut-cHuulh
nil.'llilll Ulllii, (liHll'i. illHt hill Wlln In plui'i'
ul lu'ciiHiinn.
Si|. I. mlii Illl.. IUC&
till s s }| uiiuli mi
Timber Notice
Ta,o-until.' llml   Ull Ay llayH Irom ilnli' I
liiiiml lu llpply In lli.'l hml I' urni-ln  <>i
l.mi.htnml Wi.iks ni Vletorlu lor ti eperliil
liri'ii-n- t.Miii uml curt) nwny HimIht frmn
tin' IiiIIohIuu ih'Keriheil lumls. nhout Iuh uml
um. hull mlliM Nurih Kiwi uf MnryHVillu in
Snnth I'.itsl K.i.ili'iiiiy.
I'.iinm.iu iuK ni upoHl plan I eil mlhiweel
ul tin-suiiili lirsl n.i inr ul lul yjl-18, llirnii'
riiliniiii; until mli'. lit.' m-htl mill-,
tlieilCU suiiili ul iili'llii-iiri „| QlIU mile, tu
ilir place ol hv'jinhif-f.
Si'|ili'liiln-r!llli 11 lli.'l.
i-"" R, f. Wnllmv.
Undertaking And
Graduate ofCliampipn college- of   U. S
Ofiice nml store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Com*
Uierce, Crnnbrook, II. C.
Upholslcrlng and Qeoeral Furniture Repfriig
Will attend to any work in tbe district
Agent fur the llrandon .Marble and Orailte
Wink*..   Tumhttunes,  headstones etc
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook for
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
rlilt'l'IKIl'ATI'l     OF      IMPROVBMKNTS
TJinornlil", ntnl -Tluu-iii*.", mini-rat tli.iin*..
Sitn.iii'il in tin* I'lii-t sn-,.],. iniiiiin, iiivlal.ii.
nl Knat Kot-h'llliy ilisnii.. \vli,r,.
I...-4ili.il: On tliu HI. Miiijarlv,'!-.
Tnki. notico tlmt I. A. II, lli-jlaiiil ol K'nnln
II. I.-., na asp.it Inr M, .1. [liilpt... rent i-tinara'
,-<-, lilk-iitH No. ll (i'.i.-I!,.-. In.mil, nlxij ,|0j|,
Irow tin. ilnlo hereof, to a|iplj ,i, tlie niiiiiim
rertvtlor fiirfi.t-lilJi-att, nl Iutproveineuta, Inr
lie purpdae of ot.tnl.ilug erown -rr.ti.lM ol
lliel.liova i-lninte.
Ami lull her tuke notice Hint iii-lin, iler
teetlonll*, niutil In* .- inenivil Ivlnrii .hi.
leamthca nl aui-h   le.lilliulva ,.L iuiptiite-
llnteil llii. i'lllll iln.v nl AiiBii.l, A. II. In-Ill
■^ A   It. It,.) Inml, Ak.'HI.
Land Notice.
Niilh-i- ia li.-n-li.v -iivi-n thut Hi\l.v iln.va
llllci-lllllll I Inleiiil In I>i,|.Iv I,, Hie I'lii.-I
i'..[iiini.4.i..ni>.' <<F iiiinl. nmi Ht.rlta (nr .-.-i-
li.laainn In i'iiiiIiiih- m.v pre-an.plfi.il,N„H.r,.*,.
,. .1,1 in,- u nl ll.d 8. U i..in.-n.i 111. Win I ■»
ttiinJ. tlii'i-  S(l|rhnlna  Hi. ilioronl. 40
iliniiia tn-.., iiii-r HI)elinlnaaoulli, thoro
nil 111 iiniili. In  iniilil    nt riiliiini-li>'i'llli-til.
imilniiiiiil.' :.-_*,» ,,.-r.-H.
Bli Su. li f I ArmalrniiK.
i niiil.iMiil. Annual lllll., lllllll,
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points cast
1 tiriin-jli I'alllco nnil Tourist Bloapara
l.inliilt mi I Iliilliii Sinnltiti*. I.llirury (tnra
For llii.es, ..'iiiili.ru ami i-'itll -itriirmnlon
i-iill nn nr nililruss,
II. T. LANDECK, Agent,
A. B. C. DENNISTON,     . •
Q. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. •y
************************** a;************************'
Immense Stock of
Woolen Underwear
Heavy Top Shirts |
Socks and Gloves ;
| Fine Tailored Clothing
Fashionable Neckwear
Fine Shoes 1
Q. T. R. TEA 0
would In- ii winner,  ll isn Btrnighl ten. y.-t it nil In- honglil ,*it  -Y
w Fancy and Staple Qrocery Store
$ Cranbrook, B. C.
NEW  DRUG STORE        |
fjtlint wii
fresh stock nf
« unu „>• tire n_«'iiiug
*     Drugs and Drug Sundries, Fancy Goods an.l Stationery    »
$ (Inr btiin- will bo opon to tlio public
« Wednesday, October 7, iqo,*,
♦   Come Jlltil illS|n*rt ttill" stuck.
Prescription work .*i specialty ■-»
Chas. E. Reid & Co.,
Cnuibrook, IV C.
• 4*
m#*)*****t********** *********************************
l-'t.r tin1 present vim ttill   Iiml   mi-  in  tin- liilpin building nexl J
.iiuui* In iln-  -M.-i.-4 .nil   Furniture company,    I luni- ;i Inruit ,
slock of sheet int'tnls nil   huiul nn.l mn  |.i,-|-;tr,-.l t.. .In all kinds *.
nl' i.li.-i-i   iii,-i:.I  work, jobbing nml  plumbing.    Blower piping, J
fllitvl iinn slntr... It.-inilniMili- HlovepiiJOB, etc,     Hoofing, heating t
ntnl vi'iitilutlou,   A sh i | nm *n i u( M.i'In i-t's sitivi-s km tin- way 4 ,
Getting Into Shape!
I nm gelling niv hardware stui-k inln m 11.-1j«■ as
rapidly nn possible. I i'.*iii su|i|il.v Iln* demands
in 1..v lint-, im inntli'i- whnt yon wnnt, The
largest nntl besl Block in tho district,
Not how big the suit is,
but how well it is made!
This is the question that people are mostly interested in, and is
the magnet that is drawing them to our store, to a live and mod-
cm tailor shop, it's the store that saves ycu money. It's where
you get value for your dollars.
Cranbrook Block Crantrcok, B. C.
it.... ,,^«
china in i ins
Pickett Up .limn Hit* Cily  by Asking
("oi'siii a- ..I Many People.
Fax concert  company lomorrow
Eil, Hill, of Moyie. vim in lown
mi Monthly. . i .
II. W. Ross. ..I Perry r k.-.v-iii
in town nn Moiuluy,
li. Joyce, nl' I'Vi'iilo, was n Cmi'i*
brook visitor Kntmiliiy.
.1. II. Hnwlte, nf Moyie, wn's a
Crnnbrook visitor Insl Kuinlny.
ill-, nnil Mrs. (In,,. Hoggur.li oi
Elko wen* Craiilirook visitors JJon-
F. .1. Sinytli. of tin- Moyie
l-j.-iuli-r. visitetl Cruubrook IiibI
The Fax coueorl ii.i:i|,,-:ii\ uill
la. ut the Wentwoi-th lii-xl Fi-lijiiy
Fnr fun nnil gootl music iiiai;llit-
Fax eoueert coucei'l colli] inny nexl
Fridny night.
.Mrs. Rowlnuilson expects tn
It-live sunn I'm* Boston, -Muss., tn
live with n brother.
ill's. Ksliueiv. nt K'intlii l'ley
visit.il Mis. \. I'. McKiiisii-y .-.
few ilnys this week.
W. H. Wilson, tin* jeweler, hns
moved to his new ipuii'tors where
he is titling up ,-i line r. oni.
L, M. MniiBfielil.niiiiinger'of the
Laurie Lumber complin} nl'.Marys-
wile, was in lown i ii Momtuy.
I'M Kenny, of Lethbtiilge, uml
at  mn- tiiin- cominerciul ,,\, rntdl-
liel-e. was ill loWH nn iStltlllvlu)
David Aiiili-.-si.ii. cngini i-i- fiii-
tlii- Lnurie l.uinlvr compnny, .>f
MnlTsville. tvas in town over Sllli-
Tickets I'm- sal.- at   lli-altir's fnr
the  Fax  concert eompuni      I ii I
tuiil- sent early, Tin re n ill tie a
Mrs. J. IV M.-lliiil,- returned mi
Snturdny last, trout a tu,. months'
tisit witli relatives in Eilmonila,
Messrs. Qonle nn.l Elwell, the
i-.-al estnti' brokers, report inci-ens-
ing inquiries for lain!* in this .lis..
I rii-l.
M, McTnnes, has doubled lhe
size . I" liis nn-.-ii mnt'kt I .-mil now
has   a   verj   nttnit-live   pl.-n-.-  of-
Chns.Ufini'-iVll ha* >.|»* I hi-
shooling gallery, ami inn few ilnys
his llxtlires ttill In- here I'm'a Iwwl
Tin*   BUrVlci s   of   III.-   Mrlll.illisl
clmrcli nexl Kuuthiy will I.. n<
iliit-teil liy Iln* pastiii'. Coi-illul hi.
\ ilatinn In sll'.-ingi-|-s.
.Miss TannliiiiiKi-i'. .Miss Dnrit-li.
■Ini- Tiinulinuser anil IJerl l-'rasi-r.
nf Fort. Sti'i'le. visited Crnnbrook
friends mi Sunilny Insl.
(Mi. Bennett, nf tin. I'anailinii
Bnnk of Commerce, who Ims been
in quarantine with diphtheria, is
out uml once more it tree citizen.
E. Hnywnril, of Brandon, Mini.,
hns  tnken   a   position   villi   tin
i    Fred Hawu bus gone to the Sul- RAILWAY NUI ES.
j liviui mini-to work.
Rooms I" tent, al-,,-,-  market.     (' Iitctor.los. .lacksun was in
Apply i.. M. M,-11 nes. - town Suuilny.
>,.*.-. miii at Morrissey, also team Mr,  Lyman,  ngont,  Morrissey,
logging horses ft r sul.-clienp, returned   from   his   vacation  !;i*.t
i,   II. Gilpiu. week.
ilr Pettel hus greatly improved "I"'" '• Dnviilsou, of Mack-oil,
tii,- ipu.-an.nee ol iii- residence by <"« in town on election .lay i
nilding a porcli.
bis ballot.
Tin- Lull-.-  Xons  i-Iuli --.illt.it.
- iliu.ee for  tin      isou   unu
i week.
Mis. I..   |l.   \'.,ii|l,,,,i-    1   	
i Ipemtor Sloailman lias gone in
Sinlnr  to relieve Agent   Cnrmen
tin re, win. is nn vacation,
11| ••:-.*.t...- Kiiiitili-s. ..I' Fernie, is
Mrs,   .      .    i an   li ... 1 -  an.l   B011   ,   ,■    ■        , , ...
... relieving   Operator  Stcailmnn   at
Harry  are tuutiiic tin* Spokane ,.,.,., .,
it rauurook, leuiponirily.
1,1 i • I iii tt4*i*k.
Miss I tm.. I). .1.1.   ai i i
Superintendent J, li. Taylor ami
Traiiniiasti i-   McKenzie   a.*. na
i.i in.ni  i urnwall, i lul.,  '"  imn    ■   , ,,    ., ,,
, ... ' . iiinil tin- < anailian   Slniiufaeturera
her .i.i-.in i- mil U illi.- ■ i ,   -        ii   i- ■     ii
special Ham to Meillc  Hat.
Dan  Mi-Niisli   an.l  young S4in!    ,,    ,    .      ,,    ,   ..
I Iiu-tor   l-r.il   I linn.*■ ,t  went
iiuiii- in it    I'.-i-nii- vest' n ni mi       ,       4,     .       .,.   ,.
ensl nn .Mninlav Willi   tin-   n mains
■   ' lo For Steele, ,. o ,,..,,       ,,     .        ,
..I Seiunon f luellette,   II.- Inteiuls
George Miner ami  familj   were visiting his home before return
iu s.inlcati.- this week on tltiiir wny     a    tj*   *>   ,i       ,    , ,
'   .    , .      ,,,.,        .',       llti.V   II.    Snlllliwin-lll. ileiipnti-lii-r
1  I I'll 11- ll.tlllt'  llllllll-   III   I .'ill  lll'lll...    . ,, ., , , mi,
in    tin-   ( laiilii'imk    ofllee,    I.-It
'.V.!-'. 'Int.. is renrranging tin-  I'm' Clevelau.l, Ohio, ou Tm-stlay.
iiiii-ii-.i-..I liis jewelry Btore, nud Roy  lias  miitle   many  frieutls in
making Bome greut iuiproveineuls, Crunbi-ook since his nrrival nml al]
Mrs. Oliver Burge retur I Inst ral)roBS tl,c'ir lv-lvl "' "*'G""'-
Saiiii.lay   fitiin   Kulisp II.  Mont,,| ""''''
tt hen-  sin-  hail   been  visiting  ;i|    Ou Tuesduy Inst n spi-eial Irniu
ilntighler. In charge of C'oiiditclor Jos.-fuck-
Mrs, C.  I'. Cnmpbell   ivlni-iieil,*"1"1' nMU-iuu Hal  pnsswl over
Tmsilav    In in   IO mil..n    iiiiii Ult* Crow coutuinitig the Mumifnc
Sti-nlliconniifti.ru tvomonth's visit l",v,'s Assoeliition, limy being oi
IM-&-* \'is '* '^^v^^^^'^ **.**.** *%j^j_g
%      Bij>* Bargains In Brooms
$ I sell too 35 cent whisk brooms for i,-. cunts
|, each, two for as ceil.**,. The sale will not last
g Ions.
| Beattie the Druggist
| 5
witli Ini- sisler, Mra, Oiutiud.
Messi-B, Darling. MoElieliorn
Itutchei-oftnnd Riehunk ofWiuil
nm-. were in town nn Saturday
■lasi  enjoying  lhe  resull   nf  the
Tin Cliii-n Mutbes i-iiinjiany will
In- In Crnnbrook the Ilrsl or second
week vi. November I'm- two nights.
Thai compnny is bound In play In
crowded houses.
■ Tiie mud nn tin- snulh side nl'
Bnker street is it disgrace In lhe
tnwji.   There is surely some wny
iqE ridding the street nt' this itisuf-
:|'t ruble ituisaiii-i*,
Mt. Mnycock is erecting n two-
stoiy building next In lhe Mnccon-
uell -i-'iirnitiii'i- coinpnny's plnce
which is tn be occupied by li. Put-
more as a tinsmith anil liaitlwai-i-
L'ndertnker Cnuipbell was culled
tn Mitel 1 Sunday toembnlut the
l.,..ly 4.1 tin- nine i it lis; nil eliilil
nf .1. 11. Xiirliett. vim is removing
n, New Brunswick nml wanted In
take tin- remains wiih him,
('. Ilnss Palmer returned In
Crnnbrook Insl week. II.- is kepi
busy these duys looking utter his
territory in the iuauratice business,
I .ii t his friends in Criiubrook nre
always pleased to seo him.
There will he a meeting touighl
al lli.- rooms used by the lilieral
association I'm* the piii-pi.se of or-
gnnizing a literary Bocioty, A
luit utteuilniico is I'oquusfctHl nf
those wbo take nn interest in work
Thi- Crnnbrook boys wlm nre nt-
tMldinglho \V,",!,'i*n Canada Col-
legp at Calgary send buck Borne
verj- fluttering reports of tin- insli-
tnl.iou. Tlmy an* well tnken cure
t,| and the course of study is very
Tin- anniversary services of the
Metliodisl ebnicli will In- held ou
Sunday, tint 2Mb inst. Rpv.'Timips
Turner, president nf tin- conference, ,-nnl pioneer Molhodisl mis.
sinu.'ii-y nl' tin-   Knntennys and alsn
in the Klondike, hus I u engaged
In preach the si'i-moim and nlsnln
lucftmi en 'I'inni'er Days" tin- following evening.
li. VV, .Marsh, nl Klk limn.
.Man., .nnl Dr. Stephenson, nf
Moosomlu, Alberta, on their wny
liiuni- IV..in a Irip In Calil'tirnia and
the const, stopped nil' In spend u
their return from the const, The
train was an cluliol'utcouc, consist,
ing nf ten sleepers, two diners and
a baggage ear. The train wns laid
up at Fernie fnr Ihe night iu order
lo give the pnsseiigors nu uppor-
Utility In view Un- Frank slide, il
being quilt- lule when they arrived
al Pernio,
A very serious necident occurred
al Sinlnr on Friday, iu which
Swilchlilnu Jos. Ollelletle had one
leg cut oil' below tlie knee llllll   the
other leg budly bruised. Aliout
11:31 lhe yard crew were making
il drop nf the cur and Ouellelte wns
cutting tin* cur nil' und in doing su
fell iii front of the cur sustaining
the above injury, His leg wus
buunil up by Mr. Losby. yard-
master uml he wns put on No, 1 to
he lirought to Craubrook for
mcdlcul alteinhince. He died un
the train un his wny tu the hnspi-
lul. All*. Ollelletle is ii French
Canadian and had worked in Fernie
nboul une year leaving the service
lo work on tin- section, He
was re-employed on October
Isl. ami sent to Sinlnr nnil he hml
only been working about u duy
when tin- necident occurred, He
is n married ninn nud his family
lives in Montreal. The remains
were sent east on Mondny in clturgfi
of Conductor F. Duntunt.
I., lh VaiiDii-ar of the Roynl
hotel has let lhe contract I'm* an
addition In his nlrendy lurge building, nml wurk is now under way.
•fniues Greer has the contract,
The add I tion will be built on the
uorlli side of the present building.
It will be two stories und n front-
nge on Crnnbrook Btreet of 70 feet
ami a depth nf 82 feel. The lirsl
fliinr will eniiliiin u private hallway
in the dining room, ladies' parlor,
private parlor ami bedroom mi the
front, nntl four other bed rooms,
wiih Iniili room nud Indies' toilet,
The second floor will have one
fainiiy suite ten other bed minim,
Tin* ceiling nf tin- parlors ami pri-
vaie suite will be of decorated mo.
talie nml all the rooms will be plns-
leretl ami liiiished in while. Bv-
cry room iu this nddllioti will lie
lighted by electricity and heated
bv furnace heat, and the whole ad-
l  "'';  ,,nvB  ""'I "llr ••"« 'tore in the Ciilpin store  room on i
-  Baker street.    He will carry a general line , |
Taney Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoe?,     '*
? I-I''-    'goods .till i !' the best, nnd the i.ric    Ilu low.-sl   ;
5  We invite you lo call. p
I * I w \w\ w I *l>l w I w I w I ■* I w I ■* I *t I $ |4    •:    • ■    v\"
'<rt>***********<t*4>^i Gi*..i ****,
Y A- '" McDermot .\. c. Bowness A
Si            MeDERMOT ®. DOWNESS. |
M Wholesale   Wine   and    Spirit   Merchants 0
V Sthiin iter 4 The Highest Brands in-.- iar:'»t aaj A
S3 to,J* of SCOTCH and bjit A«ari«.ni 3
<$ A complete stock nf Cigars, consisting ..i the <^
♦JJ- "Pharaoh," ••l.nPurluna." "Irving," "Bar- I 0
•^ rlster," "Monument," "Hilda" nnd others, 0
^ Mail Orders Promptly Attended tu. Telephone 17 «*,
■^ Write f.ir Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C, 2,
-«J>              Agents fnr T. Lebel & Co., Hay and Qraln, 2
'****.***************** i- >*>>.*.»*
<V-* *••••*•*•
• • • • »-f ■• •■i)
^'*•*****♦•♦•*>••♦•>••••••-••«. •♦♦••*•♦••♦•.
MnnufncturiTs of
-1  *«
Rough and Dressed Lumber j;
Hills at Cranbrook. B. C.
Orders will receive prompt attention,
)-,'\r yr$
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
gjj None Bettor In the District Q
B Rates Si and up.   Short Orders end Oysters JJJ
n served in any style from S p. ni. to 6 a. m.     ,,. ,. j_5l
^ The tabic is the best, thc rooms are unsurpas-sed for cleanjj 9
B lincss and comfort and the bar is supplied with thc best brand- O
B of liquors and cigars.
@ L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mm
! Hotel 3 3
>••••■••-•••«*••••*• ••■•<¥)
Qtieill Ciimdirt s Sjiecialty
I inml Slflbllnn in Connection
Nriirtr.it to milmn'l Mill ih*pot.     Mas ^rTOiitlitn'Vi-
turns foi  Uie public imequallotl in Cratil.rooV.
Iiiimi flltwl for hot nud cold wntsr.
fi-W days. *!■ W. .Miirsli is ii A brand porch will run along tho
Iimllit'i* nf V. IF. Mnrsli.  mminger
nf tin- IiNj]i'i*i;i] llimk of Cnimdn
lii'i'i'. They wore, as all othcranro,
grontly surprised with South Kast
Rev. S. .T. Thompson returned
Tuesday from Conl Creek mini's
.... . where ho lind been dedicating a
Hnnslniry  Lumber compnny, ns now MothotliBt church,  Theopon*.
genernl mniiHger ami booklteeper
Mrs. Brown, mother of K. (1,
Brown,  returuod  from Winnipeg
in# services wero wellnttonded ami
henrty support lins boon accortlcd
tin1 new I'litcrprisi1 by all donoini-
Inst week, whei*o &ho'hns beon visit" Infttio,ls' Tho l^Wing was con-
ing friomls for Iho ])ast two structed hy .Mr. Broloy of Fernio
months. \Mv]   is a  neat, structure costing
T.S. Gill left TnesdiivlnrHp,,- nb°Ut ^	
kano to lukc in  lhe  fuir.    While Wanted.
there Mr. (Iill will  ho tho (juest ot     Bushmen, wages Sll) per month
his In-other, A.   I-'. Gill, city engi-  mid Ijom-il tor experienced men.
neer of S|Miki      Tlie liriilliers   IMnyie Luniliel'llllll Milling Co.
linve not m.-l for thirteen yenrs.     I Moyie, 13,0.
lire front.     'I'lu- new rooms wi
in- furnished in modern style.
This improvement will give Mr.
VniiDee.-ir the largest hotel in liust
Kootenny. Tlio wholobuilding will
hnve streel frontuge nf 2WJ feet
nnil will contain Hi rooms.
.Mr. VnnDi'cnr's business lins
steadily inci-i'iised nntl these improvements lu'eaine necessary.
When the work is completed lhe
the Roynl will he a firstckss hotel
in every respect.
A union  thanksgiving  servico
will lu* held in tin- Church of
England mi Thursday morning,
October 15, nl II o'clock. All lhe
ministers of the town tuul metnbora
of nil Ilie fin.ir*. uill Ink.- purl iu
the sol-vice,
Hot and Cold Uatl'.-t
I Cosmopolitan Hotel I
t Cranbrook, B. C. |
*> *
I '    J. R. Downes, Proprietor      Jg
% i
■^ Firstclass House, Centrally Situated j
| Commodious, Well Lighted Sample
I Rooms i*._
I .......... „.._,„•# Illi:   OUANKKOOK   llKltA1.li
«     ,. With the Victor Brand oi Evaporated Cream
In the ,;,o mine,* it, hi. camp and ihc lumbermen In his
AMI****.* -Iiie.iv can have all the good things   o cat and
Milling dr-lnk thnt would Iv* possible with a Jersey cow
TjimT-i in 'I'*' 'v*"r''-    1Vr P,lril-V' ••cl,ncss •"'*' kcePm8
VUllip qualities "Victor" is unequalled.
Sold b) all Grocers, Dealer.- and Gutfitttrs.
If you wish i" uvoid paying tv\i\ your iu ami vear out give us a call ami we can shew you nol onl) bow It
stive your muiu-y, Imt put you in tlu* way of making a gootl investment.
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
3M3'3iSI3aiIlSSim^lIl!3m.33iI![gS ngwra
You Need a New Suit
If thai istliocnse, yon should I iii-cEiil in the
selection, We can give ynu one lha I will be sal-
isla.-'.nr. hi iittaliiy. workmanship unci price.
Drop in and see nur stui-k. Onr clothes aw
muile in Craiilirook by Craiilirook people, They
an- suits that suit.
Leask & Henderson
I P. Burns & Co
in all the
Towns in
Wholesale and Retail
| Meat Merchants
<£  Presh and Cured Meats Fi-t-.li
<*j>      Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade is solicited.
II. I.. Stephens, J. li. Stephens, .1. luwsun, M.*Rocfcaadorl
The princip.il requisite of a new town is
ample hotel accommodations. The big
Alexandra hotel supplies this need in
Morrissey Mines.
The Hotel with thc BigJDining Room
Is known from Winnipeg to Vancouver
You get your money's worth
Tlie Canadian Paoltic Railway company control u large area of the
linieest farming and ranching lands iu iln- Klk. Kootenny, Columbia.
ml Slocan vail -ys in the Kootenny districl ami in Ibe Kettle river anil
Oknnngnn talleys in tin* Boundnry district,   A laid- majority of these
Inuils ure rendily nccossilile by ruilwny.
'I'lu- aggregate amount nf principal ami interest, except in the ease
nl lands under 8*1.iiU per a. re, is divided inln leu instalments as shown
by lhe table below; tin* Ilrsl In In- paid at the time nf purehlise, Ibe see-
..ml nm* ynu* from dnte ..I' purchuse, lhe tliinl two years, and sn nu.
The following Inhlc shows tin- iimnmil nl' tin- annual Instalments oil
lllll iieres al tlill'erenl prii.s nii.ler iln- nh... iiditioiist
Kill lie. i'l$2.r*0 per lie. Isl iiislnhueitl s 511,111,11 eipudhiBtid'tsott 50.00
lliilae.nl ll.tXI pel- lie, Isl ilislllltlielll 71 .'JO.'.I ei|tinl iuslal'ls el' 110.00
UK) lie,til   11.501»'|-lif. 1st iiislabin-iil     NIMH), '.le.pial inslid'lsiif     10,00
IHI  al   I.IKI|,,rae. I„| iniiliiliiieiil     SI5.H5,11 eipinl llisttll'tt. o[    .SO.OO
IIHl lie. ill    1.50 )H'r III', 1st in.lain,. HI    |l.;>."i.'.lii|iial ilistal'lsnf     1)0.00
IIH) ni', nl   5.U0 ikt ill'. I-i limliillili'iil   I l'.i.-4'i. '.I, ,|,.i.l iuslal'ls i.r   100.00
Lands um ler -?L'.."til per acre an- sold nn shorter lime.
If lund is |
-,| a
ily $50,000, as the freights alone
I Were $5 n ton moro than they will
iiin-lteview:   The rc-or- bo when   we   get our smelter in
G. E. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
Well furnished eonitoi-tnble rooms, t: I meals.   Btop
here when ill It.WII
If you are in iniuhk* with your engine In
•■y way or your boiler la leaking or tu-ciis
wish Ing send lor inc. 1 Imvc a fore? pump
■id full set of tools (or ilulni; nil liimls of online and bailer repairing and cleaning right at
your mill.   Call or semi n cunl lo
J. |» paTTon, Machinist, Cranbrook, B. C.
For H|hUwIh1o |iuo|ilu lawlml tlio *
will glvu ynu.   Wi'iiiiiki'ilif vi'iy  |
luteal in Curlwiia nml IMntlniiiiia J-J
m***'* **** * ** * * ************~
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Livery 3
Proprielors j* .* .*
Tcaroa antl ilrlvera fnrtlialieit for ant
point in tl.e district,
Monaco*   „•*   Jl   jl
Formerly hotel I'li.-.ir
B. TOI*ll>KIN5, Manager.
This hotel is one
Uritish Columbia
iu .-very ros]wct.
sain|*l.-. rooms.
of liiu best in
anil  iip-ln-tliili
Well lighteil
M.A, IUcAI.lt, Si't-'v.
................... ....4
Have Vnu Any I'lilnlins to be Dnnc?
Iln Any ol Vnar litiums Need Papering?
Estimates given on large contracts. We ilnn'l waul the
earth. We waul to please
vnu wilb the work and receive
i-eaiii.iiuble puy.
Royal lintel, Cranbrook
The Herald flives the News.
ALSO llliNFKll.
Mill Machinery
.1. L. NEILSON & CO.
-®-®-®-® <s -(•>-®-®,® ®-®-®-<.
f     marriage     J
!>      Ves.and the ITI'Y   HAK-
EHV is Ilu- place to get a iii
sveililiug enke and ornaments r
in tin- latest style.   Why send <f>
your ni-tlei- nnl  of town anil
pei-hapB have the iceinghrok-
f eii by shipping.  Prices right.
•)  M-oic .11 Opposite ill. B. Clltirtli
-       C. VV. WILSON,
-®^®-®~®-®~®-®-<f>-® ®~®~®-
* t
, If ynu want . 5
j Fresh Fruits,        S
I 1
2 Confectionery,etc. I
i »
; ii,, t„ I
.* 11        -**
8 iiiii im,-,-.. 1,1.1-u},. .i-n-iiiiiiti.l.-.       »
>-,*** *********************
gnni-Mition nf tin- Sullivi onipuny operation.
mi ii liiindetl basis is going nhenil so "Wc can get tlio smelter running
favorably Ilial S'tll.tliKi nl' tin- com- in four months after we get funds
panv's inilelitiiess nn account of in huiul, null we look forward to
Biuolter coustmctiou will be taken dividends ns soon us things get in
up today with Ilu- 1 per cent live shape."
year lirst mortgage bonds recently
nullinrized by Iln niinny.     The
principal smelter debt, which, with
interest amounts to about 811(1,000
is tin.* Iii 17 nf tin* large Btock-
linlders who agreed toiiccepl Ii.iii.1k
al par.
Vice President   Ditrney  Lnyton
anil Sei-i-et:irv ,T, ('.  Williams nf'
From tlm free I'ntta.
I-'.   t'lapp.   Crnnbrook,   wns   in
town this week.
I-i. (I. Patmore, who hits lieen
employed by Slieppuril & Elliott,
lei't lliis week fnr Cranbrook where
Hit- Sullian eompiuiy were busy ho h|m gouo int„ the tiusmithing
yesterday signing Ilu- bonds, in business witli his brother,
i-ertil'u-ales of Slllt) eai-ll.
Tin ly thing now delaying tho
complete   rooi-gaui-/.ati I'   tho
Sullivan is Iln-  neglecl   nf a   tew
small stockholders In come fonviinl
with -Ji) pel nt stock bonus which
which they have been culled  upon
to provide.   Said Mr. Lnyton yesterday:     "I'llder   III
uuthori'/.ing Iln- bond issu-
Chief Constable McMullin re
turned from his vneution trip to
tho Oknnngnn on Tuesday. Polities ami wet weather were all the
nu me.* in that country ncconliiig
tn his report.
Jlrs. \V. B, Ganong arrived from
resolution' the enst on Tuesday morning nnd
f $250,- will innko hor homo in Fernie for
lllll). all nf the stockholders must tho winter,   Jlr. tlnnong hus rent
hnve turned in their 20 per cent ed the Coal company house at the
subscription  before lhe manage-' south end of Victoria avenue,
mont will try t" sell tin* bonds foi*     Jh,. A ]{ Tl.H(,8 Ktmim\ („_„,
finishing ilu- smelter.    In ndilitiou  Spukniic un Thursday evening, her
to the $11(1,000 debt, which is lie- vjs;t being shortened by the news
A Bad Accident.
Claude Trotter, formerly a clerk
in U. T. Roger's store, ami well
known in Craubrook as a young
artist of promise, met with nu horrible necident ut Moyie Inst M,«n-
dny night, lie had been working
in the sawmill at Rynn and bonivl-
etl a freight train In come I.) Cranbrook. When In- l'eni-hed Moyie
he changed his min.I and concluded to stop there. The train was
goiuy through the tuwn at [ull
speed, nnil he jumped nu lhe platform. He was thrown over and
roll.il ..If the platform unilei- Iln*
train, bavin-,' um* leg crushed by
the wheels. He was hl-tiuglit In
Orniibrook Tuesday and taken In
tlie St, Eugene hospital ntnl yestenluy the Injured leg was amputated, The iii-eident is a bad one
uutl the young man's many friends
sympathize with him iu his misfortune,
Mortuary Mailers.
Thomas Angoliicci, ageil :.l' years
dietl Tuesilay September -'-*. lifter
a lingering illness. Tin- funeral
was held Friday from Campbell*,
undertaking pnrlois, Rev, Oul
lette officiating an I 111.- remain-
were interred in iln Crmibrool
iug covorodby bonds to tin- large
stockholders, there nre other debts
which must bu liquidated in cash
and   there   must be  raised  nboul
$110,000   Ii llplele   ilie sllieller.
Ill nil we estimate thai lllllliil $21.0.
01)11 ill bonds mils! be   issued.      Ill
order to sell theotlior bonds nsidi
from tin- $1111,000 we must olfei
sume Inducements In lhe piir-
elinsers iii the way nf a stock bonus
und that is why we are gelling together the donations from the
stockholders, which will amounl in
$1100,000 par in stock,
"No stockholder surely cnn lake
exception tu this plan, I'm* In- oi
anyone he may desiguale can subscribe fur bunds and secure as a
bonus wluilevei- proportion nf Ids
stock donation In- may desire.    In
every    ease    wliere   we   have   In*."II
able tu cniumunieiile with a Block,
holder by letter nr in person tin*
(liiiiatiun hns been llllltle,
■■The Utiles   which   We   nre   null
taking up with tho bonds tin nnl
eill-l'y ll stock bntllls.    If lliere was
ever a tlmn whon quick  Itcti ai
the part uf the stockholders was
desirable it is now, In Iln- Ilrsl
place Iln- bounty uf -I-I conl a
pound on I'-ad is now effective in
llritisli Coliunbin, which is equal
to it Im.iiiis of $-.1,50 ici- tun nn
Sullivan nn-. Secondly, the company mniingenient has in view
parties whn might lake enough
bunds to clear up all nf Hit- Sullivun company's ntfiiirs, if the slock
bonus were iu the treasury so that
we could make an intelligent olfer.
"The Sullivun is shipping ul. u
profit fj'oiii its dump anil witli four
IlK-ll li'inlillg |.l|e t|l-e we liuve sen!
nut 800 Inns sin™ the Till »!' Sep.
lember. We have slnrled our No,
5 shaft, which is down 111) feel, and
expect tu push it lo the 125 fool
level, which will givo us lire re.
s-l'ves. we feel, fur years. Tile
Sullivan has shipped 11,000 Inns.
Aggregating  in value more  than
$200,000  ally  nliunl   Itvn years
tlgo,   but it    netted   tilt*  cunipnny
uf her husbnnd's illness. We are
pleasetl lu be able lo report Mr.
Trili-s' condition to la- improving
and Ihnl he   will   soon   Ih' about
A number of young men climbed
tho Three Sisters mountain Inst
Saturday nnd returned the following day. They took a rifle-with
lliein which did effective work*on
a biinil of 17 mountain gouts that
Ihey encountered, as they brought
back with thom four tine heads.
Lust strayed or stolen—Somewhere between Crows Nest and
Jalfray, une insurance agent.
May be recognized by his cheerful
enlllilelilllli-e    llllll    COW-l*oy     lull.
Answers It. the name of "Hntch."
Auy information UB tq his where*
ill-outs will !..- gratefully received
by his son-owing pni'tinTi
Prom uu- .iniv.t. i.i-iiiit'r
•Inlni .1.   Harris, of  the firm of
Harris <S .Inllill'e. is   looking lifter
thu Mnyie mont market,
Tliuinas Ruder Is up frum Mur-
riusey Mines uu a few days visit
Mr. Under is interested with Chns.
Parrel] nud A, I), Druminond iu
th . hotel buslncBi there nud thoy
are meeting with excellent success
and are prospering.
T. tl. Blnokstook arrived here
Tuesday from Toronto and remained until the following day conferring with Mr. Cronin, when he
left for Rosslnnd, Mr. Blnckstock,
Mr, Cronin and Mr. Aid ridge ant
holding a meeting in Trail today,
nfter which it will la. definitely
known us to whether or- llflt tllf-
si, Eugene mine will be opened
Ihis full,	
While Laundry.
Laundry work and plain Bowing
nud mending of nil kinds.    Residence iu   cottage opposite school
house,   Prices reasonable,
Mrs. Bourgoitie
Frank Juliana, aged -'- ye
died Friday September 2ml.
erysipelas, nfter an Illness nl' i
week, IVeeiised came from Morrissey here wh re he was employei
in the mines, Tlie Funeral win
held Wednesday afternoon at 2
o'clock from the Catholic churcl
to the Cruubrook cemetery.
Alice Atlelii'nle. iln- two-year-old
child of .Mr. and Mrs. Lester Clupp,
died Saturday morning nfter several months' illness el' ^rights'
disease. The funeral was held
Sunday, Uev. Culwell ul ('..al Crei-li
officiating, ami the remains wen
interred in tho Crnnbrook cemetery
This Is an exact cul uf a lit	
Clothing we lire agents fur. am
this line can only In- found in um
store iu Crnnbrook, Hill & Co.'i
Mammoth elulhiiig House.
■barged ,
id I'm- in full al iln- linn- ul puit-hiist), 11 reduction from
nllitweil equnl In leu |ii-i-ei-iil uu the umunnt paid in
nnl eash  iuslultlieut.    Interest at  six per cent will ts,
Im- iiislnlnii-utH,
The company in nlso interested in tin- following Inwnsites*   Klko,
Crnnbrook, Mutbei-ly, Aldridge, Kitchener, Crosl  Proctor, Nelson,
(lerrai-il. Leiilontou, Cnstlegnr, Cusciido City, Otriitul Forks, Eholt,
Glvenwood, Midway. Nakusp, Arrowhead, Revelstoke, Bonald ami
Kamloops, Terms uf payment are ono-thinl cash and the balance In
six antl twelve months, with inlerest,
l-'nr further particulars apply to the following local agents:
W. M. Frost, (lalewnv. Montana     -I. A. McCnllunt, Grand l-'urks.B.C.
1!. If. Bruce, Wilmer. II. ('. (I. A. Rendell, Klu.lt. B. 0.
V. Hyde linker. Cranbrook, 11. C.    A. Ferguson, Greenwood, B. O.
.1. T. Burgess, Kitchener, B. C.       .1. I). Sil.bald, Kevelstnke. It. O.
E, Mullnndiiine, dr.. Creston. II. C. Thomas Abriel, Nakusp. B. C,
(I. K. Stacker, Cnscude, I!. C. I-'. -I. l-'ulinn. Kamloops, 11. C.
F. O. Elliot,'tout Lake Cily. ll.C.
Or J. S. DENNIS, Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary. Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on thc rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson -McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
B Poultry, Fish and Oyslers in Season.
.    JHB- -®-®-®-®-®-®-
sms- is-&-®-®-®~<a-®-ia- ®-® *(»—in-®-®-®-®-®-,
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Best of Dining
Room Service.    A comfortable place to slop in the  f f /
enter of the town.
t!r*><'>-®--t,\-®-®-®-®-®-®--®-®—ffl-ffl- ®-®-®-®>-fi>-® -® *■£.   .. .
ISHSHJ) -IV-tB-l!!-*;,.-lS>-W_lJ|-<9-4jM!4 -.,_.(,, -|.4^(V, -|S)-®-f.)~®-®-lS)-®-®-9
*4 <


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