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Cranbrook Herald Feb 8, 1906

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 I«SI,U„,     .
In     -.*'' " I.
"'        VI,
i-S ' ;'i'.'Mrv
'"Ha, o 0
i:UAM-.i;i)OK.   BBITISH   CULUMHIA,   TIIl'I.SDAY.   IKItlil AllV   s.    190(5
Paid Up Capital JIO.IKMMMMI
Reserve Fund $4,500,000
ll. I. WALKER, General Maiingei
AI.IA. I VIRD, \---i i'.iiiI Manager
$5 ami timlrr   .  ,...3 Ctfltl
Over $5 and not exceeding $10   .. .   6 centi
"   $10      " " *n>   ...    m cents
"   $30      " " $$q IS centi
ThoM Order* aro Payable III Pitrnl nnj olTieo In CumtUll of n Chartered Bank
(Yukon oxccptoil), nml -ii "he principal bankinij point*, in ihc United suits.
They fiiriii mi cxc-etlcnl met Imd nf remitting miuill minis »f uumoj
with md' t\ aiul .ii x mu 11 i
4 *
f I.
* id
4 4
4 4
4 *
4 *
»     Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest al- *
Z lowed from date of deposit at highest  current rates and t
4 4
$ compounded half yearly. _
4 4
I. F. M. PINK.HAM, Manager.
f(«Hlft«..llHlftltMIS(HmH. L*fMi(HM«>(»i*
Tor a Good Investment
East Kootenay  Power and
1 ight Company Stock
Only a limited number of Shares on the market, rj;.:; lus and further information can bo
obtained from
Brokers For  the  Company
I! Have Your lives Examined I
I, i  1
j® Wo nro .Inim: ii i*„.i-i.i. i.il.l.- nu nt "f .'.vi' irmiiH: m
7K ninl  inline liltim* thosti ilnys.     II'   your  i-jvs nro 3|
Jj$ tilllltillllL' .Mill ill   llll)   'HIM   '* '   .'Unl    Il'l   I'**   .'■.lllllllll* JC
& llll'lll      Wi'   i;lllll'.'llili'i'   I"   '.'IM'   V"il   -iillilinl * jjg
I w^tl WILSON,   iEP?ffi T I
Kvery   el I baa its -iU.i  lining,
ami bvi iv Boirow la lollowul by
si,mr jny,     Blessed are tliose    who
nn- pa Hon I tui tin y sli.ill ri Miinr
L-trittg if they Hm     Cranbm
in >i.iii< .luun a  |Hi/i' al   I.i
way ol a i'.i.i'ii  Irom the |i
government tm  (0,000 i"i  mm    lull
nf   Ilu-  t-H'.l   nf  a   In,ililiin'   lu  li
by In-ill province an.l city, witli the
viiui.,i promise nf (1,500 moro if tbo
..mount was necessary. ()l course
tin- pmplc iiii not think Ihal tho government pavo enough when all things
air taken inlu cons Ide ralinn, Imt it
ti a good starter. Mayor Rogers
;li,I his best, worked liis hardest,
and pit all thai be could. Hi' was
assisted by J. A, Harvey, T. I»-
emu and Dr. King, bite latter doing wliai was possible lor a member in tho opposition In a mal/tor ol
this kind.
Mayor Rogers got to Vlotorln a
week ago Sunday nlffhl and that
evening arranged for .a meeting with
tin' linn. Rohcrl Groen tho next
morning. Early the nexl day Iw
wen! to fln< |>arli,iiiiriil buildings and
there mei Messrs. Harvey and Oaven
ami atier a conference vv Hi Premier
McBride anil Mr. Green, a meeting
wiih tlie cabinet was arranged Ior
II o'clock, when Mayor Rogers presented his proposition. He was listened to very attentively, and several Inquiries were mafic as lo lhe
sl/.e and nrraiigemoul ol tlie building
needed. Nailer the Mayor saw Mr.
Green, who asked for llie proposition
in writing, whieh was given. The
request was made Ior (10,000, bul
after the meeting ihey wero told
Ihal   M..IUHI     would   in- all   that      the
govemment could grant at this time,
■ a litllfl larger amount
i rue Uon ot a  vault.  lie-
Rogers ami Mr. Harvey
a  Uie   Conservatives of
KI a caucus ami the   ac-
cxecuiive was approved.
l remains to he done is
.mount to be placed in   the
i and accopted aud then the
hould   be   available, ot    at
soon as the appropriations
i.u the j ear arc ready.
Before-Ur,  Rogers left
the ft {lowing     Iiom    Ml.
tangible    evidence of
accomplished on bis inp:
Victoria, 31st Jan., 1906.
—1 have tin* turnout to aeknow*
Last evening at tlie council Mayoi
Rogers made a lonual rejKirt ol liis j
trip   to Victoria and   when through]
Hn*  thanks  ol     the council   weie     ex-■
bended to trim on motion i.l AWer-l
■nan Ryan, seconded bv AUettn.ni
it waa h 15 when tin- council convened toi wmk,    with ail the   iWei
iln-n present but Alderman Kink
Protett from   Government    Agent
'81 Armstrong regarding tin- city dump*
,   ihnlteg garbage    on   the banks ol     St,
lliclal ! ■',SI'1,I| Creek,   was   read,  and a oofll-
iminiealioii      tium      OK)*      Bolh Itoi
11 Thompson, giving Borne legal advice
regarding health bye-law,
Application tram Dr. Connolly foi
position ot eity ItealUi office) was
Application was rcooived Irom R.
stew,ut fm position of city soaveng-
wuii possib)
foi the cons
tore    Mayor
lefl Vietoi
the house lis
lion nf lire
.Vn.   all   lh.
money  :
least as
a l   In
ii     as
nf tf
Ire receipt ot yo
slant   iu which
council ol    the
k.  submit   to  the
n telle: of
vou, on beha
City ot I'rai
government i
British Columbia a proposal embracing certain conditions tor lire erection of a public building at Cranbrook lo be used jointlj by the governmenl and the city.
This matte: bus been given the
mosl favorable consideration, ami i
have now ihe pleasure to inform jou
that the government will contribute,
subject to the conditions mentioned
hereafter, one half ol tho expcndltur
tm the erect on ol a suitable build
ing the total cost of which will be
about twelve thousand ((ia,000.00)
I'he conditions in the question are
as  follows:
FMrst Thi' councU id the city Lu
secure an eligible site, in he conveyed before construction is commenced (nr oi eost to tlie province.
Second. Tin* building to be a
frame building on slone foundations,
and comprising basement and ground
and lirst floors, the baseliielil lo contain licatitts apparatus, fuel room
and genera? store room bn llie gov-
The grail   "
Complaint of Chief of Police Baron
regarding bad chimneys.
The various communications were
referred to the proper committees,
except that of Mr. Thompson's,
which was left over until health bye-
law is discussed.
A Idei inan Murphy made a report
tor the finance committee, showing a
total of (1013.2*1, which did not include lbe (10.00 asked fm* the city
clerk for extra work as returning
officer, The account of 0, J. Mansfield for (20.00 for type writing, the
electric light bill Ior streel  lighting
ami   the  bill  of  (i.   K.   la-ask   A  Co.,
lire hall contract, was referred lo t-he
Tbe bill ol (55.00 lor [ceding the
prisoners brought   up    some diseus-
>ion. The cost now is Iwcitty-fivc
cents per meal. The Mayor thought
the pris nets might eook l-lieir own
meal-;, the eily lu furnish the material. The Mayor also said that
Chief Baron bad ollered to feed the
prisoners at ia cents a head. Mr.
Jackson w anted to know if Mr.
Baron was to do the cooking, as be
had heard several complaints about
Mr. Baron not being around when
wanted in the day time. Alderman
(Ireer said a inan could not work
day and night. Alderman Jackson
said tliat the eity paiil a man as
night police. Mr. Greer was ot Hie
opinion that two men were needed
most of the time at night. Alderman Ryan suggested that thc cltj
advertise for tenders fur feeding thc
prisoners. Tho matter was finally
left to the committee.
Chief Bradley, of the fire department, presented a sketch of an additional storey tt) the tire lull,
whieh would cost about (600.00.
Chief Bradley explained that bite
principal advantage would he to give
sleeping room tor more men, whieh
was really necessary in a volunteer
department, as most of the fires occur at night when most of the company are at tlielt boarding houses.
On motion ot Aid. Murphy, seconded
by Alderman Greer, the matter was
referred to the fire anil works committee.
C. II   Prest, clerk  (
ti.   H.  Thompson,  Solicitor..
J.  A.  Arnold, treasurer 	
II. S. Baron, Chief of Police
ti. McLean, policeman       70.00
C. J. Mansfield, typewriting.     20.011
David  Noller, ja lor 	
Kire   Brigade    <	
Herald  Publishing Co	
G. It. Leask & Co., flrc hall
contract    H6.50
(V E. Reid A Co.
Kink   Bros ,..
J. A. Arnold, poll clerk       10.00
Arnold     A    Roberts, bonds
for    treasurer  	
Prospector i	
Cranhrook      Co - operative
Stores   ..., -,.;,	
Heat lie   A   Atchison  	
room    au,ijf;- JJ' ^flf1' 	
olliees, vaults! :'-•-P'   McB*
and civic pin-j
nd   ami    potlt
room anil   law
i  !
mi    and
8!) .OK
i-d   ilm inn
j< .< T II E j* -**
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
-     VOICES  of the NIGHT
W i>en all the World sleeps, one voice alone proclaims the
Flight of Time.
Agony-striking mantle clock wc sell speaks with a soft and
mellow tone. But if you want something to wake you
we have the WAKE UP alarm which speaks loud enough
to wake the dead.
Wm. F. Tate & Son,   giuduate'opticians
Official Watch Inspectors,  Crows Nust    Pasti   Division, C. P. R
i' Public
mlly a|i|
is.-ll hel.
Kiiib T
oludlna c
il by
McCallum A  Co	
B. C. Gazette 	
Cily  Transfer  Co	
Craubrook  Board ot Trade..
L.    B.    VanDecar,   prisoners
board    <„A	
Cranbrook Slectric Light Co
K. a. Anderson, magistrate.
of he
•ales   ,
(Hi another page will be seen an advertisement ol the proposed sale of
the lands   in the ownership ot    the
Kootenay     Valley    company,       This
property embraces something ii .-
iu,nun acres   ol land whicli was
lei ud lung belore ihe Knotemi) v«il
ley was opened up loi settlement,
when it was merely a m.it'ii ol pick
mg and and making I Itoli a ul the
very best. The properly iui. i ta
oi some thirteen bus extending from
Canal Flat to close tu the Interna
Uona-l boundary, In making seiee-
lion ol tlu lands tbe object in view
was iii-aiiiiy to see Lhat each loi  hi
included a pot I ll m ol wi-11 WOi i>li ll
bench land,     With an eUciil ol   int..   |
,1-jw und brushy tlal extending tu the i
kootenay ruci. By the lerms ol
Un- land grant from Uie government
ot British Columbia the limbei on
the lands can bu cul by the owners
wilhoul having lu pay any loyally
Witeu Uie logs come lo Iht: saws, li
Lhus comes about lhat the sciiler
on Lltese lands can lui ii the timber
iulo money wilhoul any deduction,
He can run it down the Koo-k-naj
river lu the mills al HlkmoulU or
Wardner ul a very trilling cx|it*n:.e.
i'liv bench lands can easily be irrigated Irom the bills al the back, and
will luini Hie lines I lmil gardens in
biasl kuotciiay, which is now beginning to assert lisell .is a truti
growing and agricultural district.
Plie must material point lot the consideration of the settler is whether
those lands arc subject to frosts in
ihe summer time ul such a uhaiaulei
to injuriously affect Iruit trees,
In can be positively asserted
Brings its sorrow and joys-sorrow to the person
doing ihe washing and sorrow to
the greater portion
of the goods being washed.
But joy to such goods as Stanii.'ljs and
Ellis' underwear, W. G. &R. and Star
brand shirts, in fact, all washable goods
we sell we guarantee to give satisfaction
in the wash.
&»    v«^ ***** ©
lhc   benches
i pi
trosts are known. Tin
lauds will grow timothy, i
grain crops in a manner t
ibuse who know little ot lbe lei
of this exquisttoly situated \
around which there is a market in !
Crartbrook, Alarysvilie, i\ Imbtirley,
Moyie, Kernie, Wardner and Ju.lir.iy
tor leu times what is being raised in i
il. There are people rushing in
thousands inlo Saskatchewan and j
Northern Alberta who could do lu-
liuilely better il they settled where
Uiey have an assured market, gMud j
and cheap land, and every means uf
transport lur their produce right al
iheir doors. Such are the cuiuli-
tions in relaitlon tu the lauds ol tho
Kooteimay Valleys company, with
transport by wagon road, river and
railway. Atleulion was called to
lhe lands in Hie Valley ot lhe Kootenay river iu tlie lasl Annual. The
Herald uow lhtds a suitable opportunity ot again stoitlng ibat those
lands afford material Ior tlie comfortable homes of hundreds who are
able and willing to uudereake mixed
farming and fruit culture. In point
of climate, picturesque situation,
Lransport facilities, assured and established markets, fortuity and
health, those lands afford the most
a-boundiNg attractions. Before the
present year is worn uut, there i.s
little doubt but all, or nearly all
ot the property now offered will have
been snapped up,
AH manner of information as to
prices, etc., can be had by applying
to T. G. Proctor, at Nelson, or to
Joseph Ryan, at Cranbrook,
To Buy China
At Half Price
Till Saturday night, February 3rd, wc will  continue
this sale.
=JUST   IM A r.TMF —-~—~
Beautiful China Tea Cups and Saucers for 10:.
Genuine Wedg-ewood Rail Plates for 45c.
A Whole Berry Set for  50c.
Jugs, beautifully decorated, from 10c to 5150
These Goods are  all Genuine   Snaps.   Don't Delay
A writer on mining in British Columbia says: "Invi-stmeiit in mining
ebbs ahd (lows and has its slack
'"lliei bides wln-n tliere is nothing whatever
lusive of the'<*"'"'^- At present the tide is ovid-
pairs of lhe se\e:al ot- ctitly mi the flood tor this class ot
, to he borne equally by Hie city | investment, judging by the number of
purchases that are being made in the
Kootenays und the west generally,
and this is tlie opportunity which
has long been awaited. There is no
section ot Hie continent that has
more promising properties than can
he found in Hie Kootenays. With
tlie Granby paying dividends and its
stock worth from *9 to $9.75 per
share; with the mines ol Rossland all
The public building will he located'practically upon a dividend paying
nn Norhury street, between the basis; with the mines ot Hie Slocan
Catholic church and Mr. Moiiey's paying dividends; with the St. Eug-
olliee building. There wll he sii enc in East Kootenay paying regular
lots given Ior the purpose. The dividends; with the Sullivan in the
'building will he two .storeys with a same section on the eve ot paying
■basement, and will be fitted up in profits to its shareholders; with tlie
modern shape and made convenient generally improved condition ot mtn-
tor the officials who will occupy it. ing, this country is certainly an at
The council will use the court room luring place ior tlie investor lu min-
fur Its sessions. ing property."
ibe icnvemmcnt
If these conditions are agreeable
to vou lhe sum nf Jfl.OHtl.Ofl will he
placed in the estimates as a contribution Inwards fids building on the
terms above mentioned.
I bave the honour to he, sir, you!
obedient, servant,
R. F. Green,
Chief Commissioner of I,. & W.
His   Worship    the  Mayor of    Cran
brook, Cranbrook, li. C.
Dawson, Feb. 1.—Governor Melnnes leaves to-morruw tor Ottawa
wliere he will make recommendations
regarding big reforms planned foi
the Yukon.
Many new laws, prepared here, will
be submitted by him at Ottawa, foi
enact ment by the Dominion govern-
ment, Melnnes plans to stop in
Seattle on his way east. Among
Hie reforms he will recommend at
Ottawa are a giant water system for
Yukon placers, probably eoslir.g live
million doilars, a new mining code.
an investigation of some of Hie ni"s'
powerful concessions, which have
been sapping the life nut ot t!, ■
Yukon, re-organization of ibe entire
government in the Yukon territory,
an alien law tor miners, and Investigation into the transportation rates
into Hie Yukon with Hie ho|.e ot
getting some re-duet ions, remodelling
ami simplification of the civil service
and mounted police lone in tin-
Yukon, greater constitutional powers tor the Yukon legislative body,
appointment of a new official on
Yukon counc 1 and new laws (or tin;
disiH)saI ot public lands and timlier.
The governor will reach Victoria iu
ten or twelve days hence.
Comptroller J. T. Lithane, will
he acting governor during Melnnes'
Otherwise ft Fire would prove disattrotu
We can furnish you the best of Insurance at rates
that will appeal to your business sense	
In insurance matter* delays are danger
cArnold £&> R^oberts
CRANBROOK, British Columbia
♦♦  — _ ...,.., =
♦ ♦
♦ 1
A bishop in full robes of office,'
with bis gown reaching to his feet,
was teaching a Sunday school class.
At thc close he said he would he glad
to answer any questions. A little
hand went up and be asked. "Well,
my boy?" "Can I ask?" said thc
boy. "Certainly,' said the bishop;
"what is it?" "Well?" asked tbe
fooy, uis dem all you've on or do you
wear pants under them?"
20.000 ACRES
nl tlm very pick ol tho aeleeted lands In the hcautilul  K
Vnllov, Earn Kootenay, I!. C. i-n i.-m.I i nir Irom Canal  In*  to
Klk... nro offered for sale at from fl io|l. per a	
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility,
Matchless Climate and the Most Picture.quo Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
The land, prum-nt every fi.imre ol nsetulness. im Imling limbered benches, brushy flats, marsh, prairie and nirailo* the
lirusliv flats, marsh uml meadow lands consl.toj le*-p, black
loam:'the bench land being a sandy loam, splemlWIi  ulupieil
for fruit culture.    Where Irrigation may 1 ei-eann •   on lho
benches, water can be hnd from the mountain cn eka Huvi in * [rom
the Korkles into the Kootonay river. The lands are : 'surveyed nnd some of ihc lots have been sub-dividwl intolonced
farms ui about Sl) ner uch.
Tlie purchase price will include tin- timber, which can lie sold
I.y lln- pim-hum-i* without any liability tu government ,u other
royalty. Thetimlier will In many cases more than realize 'lie pur-
chase price, and willinaltcasea materially n i|> ilm .mi mut iu-
vested. LogB .-uri be driven on the Kootenay river, which touches every Im save mn*. Tim main wagon road throo-rli ih ■ valiey
passes over or close lu each lul, uml tlm proposed Ko .1 *m'  ,
■  uihuiy will parallel the wagon road.    Tin-1'. 1'. K. is quite
-ii'u-iit to tlm lands,
I'm further particulars apply lu
Orto Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B. C.
♦ *
!««««♦♦♦««♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
mil 1 THK CI'AMtliOOK II HI,* AI.O
«j ••,••• I-• • M M £**iM ?i - SIS * - • I! •
,; t  . ; ,. . .; . ............. ii i . •*•*
Vl0t0,  .     j        10.—Hon.   R.   F.  until   Hawthornlhwalte's ami-ndmcnl
Orecn    eliiei commissionei nt    lands »» disposed ol.
,  , The  iiu*i.lent      v.i.-.  ..l   im  in.ili'ii.il
,i;.,l  ,    ks, iu.*l    w.lh ., decided im  „,„„„,,„„,,„.„,.,„;„,„,„„. „,„ ,,„.
lmil ;         ernoon ii  cummittte   ..( .,„,.,,,„„.„, |,ils ,„, .-,.,,.[,i.-1.- ci.nu.il
pecti      lhc „| ,|„, i„,US(. .,,,,1 11...t within lis own
u.c in- manufacturers In  British Co- ,,,„*,, i!,..,,- exists il„- germ "f   ill*.-' iii*   spivi-h   w.m viRnrims and    al
lumbia, ol timber cut on lands ol the sension.      Subsr nil,      Uanlotialil tim™   "A\ J'AnA'ir J'"      "'
ctown.                                               I laiiRlrin-slj   cuqiiirnl   ol   ilu*   promlet 'i^',,,.   willl-inis isurinllst'l tolliwr-
, ■, ,.   had l.-i.   -i lung iliseussion 'I l«*    I" ■•■■'   making a Blaloinwil ,,| brirllv, iciviue his ii-asmis i.n kii|h
...nt i...'i'"*..i b)   Haw-   i" "ie I *-.*   Ui-mormw  as Ui    In-  purlin*; lln.  ,im,.l l-ill 	
-- •"* ■I";1" /''»';•'•"" *««.. rJ;; ;<AJ,A.,A i.AAA
oi    .i l.i   bona   u.u* .'-uill l"W'*. ■"*'  "''" >"' "'"' "" '"'''•' '" '"■""' •' i,,;.»,;  I'limiiw mvnl  Hit'   ■'■!
■ii     be exp i. statement,     tie was perfectly alia mini,,, [ the dobalc
i,i,, .   ,....     opposed    u.c Hod wuii Uu- |...-iiii.ii i.l Un* i;..i,-ii. '  |.*,,im ,, ramus*, ..i Uu* members it
 ' ling      ili-i    its meul. !.1,''""!,l,>',sa!rj1'',„,l'h,,„ .uhs'lantial
. ii.. Th,* i.ii, [..I iw leiief ui .I,,, iiuiii, Mu(wiu i"* j';"'';,','1,^;,,:"!^'';;;"':;
(Hal m  part)     i  i.* "I  il"* Riivet*
lui   lu appeal    lo ull  the members the payment ul alary lur the   con-
win,    n-M-ii-,1   ilu* memory ui   this Mnuance ui suul office ui superintend-
ureal  lewler,     i" support bis    lull, eni or any other torra ut remunera-
ll.iwiiiiii,iiliwa|..e   wn.! mi iu    iii*-- Uon, iii order that the work     may
ui., lhe    measure   Irom u socialist continue?
.,,,,,11 i   ,,T„| in lln* course ui lus I'reniici McBride replied:
rem rks in Uii- eunneetlon dealt wilh i.   Mr, c. .1. South having rcsign-
ilie economic   iMiiilitions as uttccting eil, lhe superintendent   ol provincial
worn™  ui some leiiRtli uml wilh con- police   is performing the Junes     ol
slilerable force       from an economic superintendent   under   the provisions
.mmiiiini he    proceeded to a telle* uf the Children's Protection Act.
mas um*  ami e liuiui i" slate liis,    _.   it is ihc Intention of the   gof-
vi.ws  un  nl,mull,   whin  he  wus cul eminent   thai   any   aW  given,     shall
I,,I I,, ui.In I.i  iin* speaker, wlm re- be in llie (unu »f a money granl   i"
marked  Ihal  the house was nul   In- ihe Children's -MJ Socloty, ns in lor-
leleslu.l       III    Ills    pelsi.uul   religious    |l)t.|*  veals.
j„.„,        Imi.iii ihe iiliiiuiis aspect     j.   a. Macdoimld's  select comratt-
|„,    .,|   iu  lhe scielililii*.   an.l    lnll-!|,v   I,, enquire inlu  lhe  Kaieii  island
rinlly     i.iiicli.-il   ii|iuii   such ulisliuse   |al„| ,|,..,| muani/isl ihis iiiiiiniii*;, ami
ionics as eviiluli m.i ecimoinie 'le I will mvpl again uu Tuesday.
icrmiuism, Price Klllson will Introduce a  b
In regulate telephone companies, Uu
,iiuiii (i-uiiiies ul which provide control of rents ami rates, by Un' I
 1       III,  ».WI.-II1T1    I—.—,_ _    In I       I*,—______■__■,  I
♦♦♦♦♦■»Q»».   .. ■       -.*■>(. t**4***4****t,***4}**t,ii4*i4**************t.4>'
n_iiMI^_MM. &    _.    i  iwiiiiim—^m*m______ nu  *it*jnirM—-—w^-i
I       I.S
pollcj     in   I'l"..i.il'ill.4
i.i,.   ,*,   .    ul uumauuldclured   Win-
l„.|.       , .   Ulu    ,i. 'I   '■   ul   In,   1 .-null 1.8
iii..        nc i. ii renoes to hai .1
loj lli .   .. I   lu u  lev lew   ul    llle
u.,.,i  questiuu ui hand tugging   un
l.,,   ...,..,    .m.i    nu uu in.ill)       lu   lhe
ii.iu   i iiiui.,  l*.iiuis..ii case.
I\iin.-urn lislund) took um iiiisiiiu
thai ...in i....iiii i,.* .... in,J lur nulla., ui legislation now being introduce- hy tlm government ll a
propel system oi log sealing nail been
iiiii.ii. .i.
iimi.,. i (Vancouver) followed,
dwelling pr ncipally upou the t.inet-
suii case and alleging that undei lne
cluui. ui liainl loggers, he luui ex
i-m i.„ upwards ul  i_,u__,u.u leet ui
logs   lu   Ii.i*   A Iiul U .ill   Si.lU,   1*1   .lili'ii
c.iiii i.in i.. ion ..i Lu' provincial t-lut-
i*.,iii.,..n (Island) and Ulivci llJ.l-
tu; in reply, pointed mn. tual i.uni-
suu ., action had been held to be le_,al
by ine i.uii is 11 u.c province, and
tliat ii  i-.i* province bad suflerod   in
Ull)    ii.y.ii,   11      ll.ll,   Iluu   lu      lullll)*
Icgishi lion un il.e pai i ul" ihc gov-
Ilawtliofnwaitc (socialist) clmtgcl
Uuu i.u* governmenl aimed ui Un
uxtlrpat'ion ui .ul liainl loggers in Un*
interests ol Lbe big mill uporaUirs.
.il,,r lonald (ltosslaiiif) suul tlml lu
The liill fur lhe relief uf lhc luun
cipality ul Dewdney wus again in
euiiiiniiiee, attorney general Wilson
taking occasion lu explain his eunneetlon w nil lln* Sun l.iie Insula,ue
company, said it was true lu* waa
counsel tor the company, luu Uie
company was m.i interested in iuc
passage ol Uu- lull, us ii held good
security [or lis money uml could recover ev'.'ry eenl uwing b) Un* process
ui luw.     lie said the company
HI    fulliiwi-rs   uml   In    '»
II, llllll.m    nl     ll ppilSilillll
Ilu w sel    l\.l
lelule   un   III
ul*   line
en.ml Kineiuiil-lii-i'",iiicil in iiniiiciii-
liuiuie.1   districts,   iiiiiI hy municipal
, ids   in   incorporated    districts.
lhe lull also pruviiles llml  any pel-'
sun  m   companj   iipeiuliui;  lelcpl	
lines, -.lull ban* Uie righl In eon
ii,vl   wilh   hues  ul   any   public     Colli
pane subject i" Un* terms nml mil-
iliii'niis lu in* provided hy lne lif"
enatrt-goveitiiir in ciiuncll iu unlncoi
I  .lisliiils.    uml   hi   iiiiiincili.il
I i
al   limils
i, -t disposed in seize lln* lands ui
settlers ll any otliet way mu ul Uu*
difficulty could he found,
Oliver, iu commenting upon Uu- attorney general's explaiiivti n poiuidl
mn  u serious delect existed in    Un*
lull  in .iinrn.l  Uu* l-riivinclnl    I'.h'o-
linns Acl. I., le.hlilli.' lln' ulii.nnil
,.|  a  i*uniliilnles      llepuall   lim"     '«"
huiulml dollars  in "Us   dollars.   He
expipsstil snnpailiv wuii  ihi*    I *
emie ,,i Uu*' liill. i.iii Intimated thai
he w mild iiinie in luiiiiiiiiU'c a"
.iini.ii-.lni, in  i ke Uu linsil   one
hilli.ll.il   ih.llm s.
Minislii* ..I  Kuiiiiiri'
expressed  his   hoslilil
mils within  lh-' 'cn
I  such  cnipnlnll.'lis.
Tin' lull  |uliili-.l  lu-iluv.  nml  whu
nilliil    Uu-   „„.,  iiiiiisliuvil   h.   lhe  minlstcl
1 iciiiliim of Un*  isiiicaiuii, Iluu. K   J. Fulton, tu i
by-law under winch Uu* municlpalllj
issued llie debentures, uml n was
questionable il the Sun Life In-iu
nine coiupaii) lunl as ■■" d a ease in
recover us ihc a-ttorney general in
nm.ii.*.l.     Oliver advised the   house
    in place too iiiiuli I.mli in   Kir
attorney general's advice, us in lhe
whole history ol U.c province nu attorney general hud scored so luui;  u
i,., I     ,,i failures.      Tin- lull  w-i-
completed in committee uml passed
unli some umeuiliiii-iiis.
(in     (llillier   e.iusi.li'l.ili he I I-
niiil,',. ,,( iin- bill In amend the Asses, uuui Ael, Ihi* following new
sections were adopted: Tu follow
mli-sectinn II    of s.i in ii 'i. ehaplcr
unci:  lu;
leader,  tti
ul the gu
;reeil     nun    lh
lhe ei
,i,l   li.ul   llie   pollC)
would wmi.    very
upon   a   deserving
iiiii.ii).     He wished
nii„ up Uie lumber ' talc
in encourage huiiiu °'
he  licltovod tegula-  _
ly he drafted    Uial   R,
- etui  without  ilm-     '1
entirely uui ul the     "
n  nl   Ihis
l„ pul  up Uu* >
Wllh   silllleiilil   I
advance Ihal  su
allowed  I" he .i
Davidson  (Shi
iinsii  should I.v
ii iiiMiii
lessi'S   tl
l biiyini
-.Is n( th
was able
iiii. nr lmil friends
nlmelicc in him to
i he shuuli! imt lu*
ml   ll glil   lhe lle-
ileilislieil   nll.igelliel,
.     lavoiol   lhe     pro-
l i   reduction,  lliiiiru  (t'hilliuuclii
movivl   lhe  ailluiiriiinenl.
The uiiuiiu'y gem-ral's hill respecl-
iii^ Hm independence ul pariiameiit,
No,   II,  was     wil lul i aw n and    .sonic
i,   iiills were nilvniieeil a slage.
Brown's miilhm for a select com
mini-,- ie lhe Pack Train case, wus
voted dawn In* u siralghi aoveriuneiil
inie. u,iei* ii lew rcinurks hi Hu-
Provincial secrelai)' Pulton introduced Iwo hills having Im their object Uu* islulilishiiiclil in Hrillsll Co-
luinhln uf a college nr cnllegcs nl
McCIIII uuiversily.
The hill in   amend    Un* MMway-
Vcrnon Railway company's act,   was
when nny    nf  reported tu Uie house by lbe railwa)
[-lolled lu    suh-J,-,ulmii ii-i*.     Ii  Is proposed by   this
i section, carry    on,    asuie  Uml,  iioUvitlislaudtng   nny-
IV i.l   all nl Ihi' liusi-| lh us   cmilnilieil   il,   llll'    British    Co-
e'eiiiii'il,  lln- business luntbla Hallway Acl. or ihc Ail    "I
llm; iiiii estate, Hie  incorporation oi Um Midway A* V
corporalo ihc iny.il Institution lor
Un' advancement ul laming in British Columbia, aims to pcrmll ul Mc-
(1111 university establish ng in Vancouver a college to he known as the
University College uf British Columbia Thi- hill provides thnl William
Peterson, C.M.Q., l-l.l>-. principal ni
Medill uuiversily; Hon. !•'. C. Carter
Cuiiuii uf Vancouver; A. C. Flumer-
ivn. rn' V-lclorla. ninl .1. W. Creigh-
imi. uf \ew Wcslmlnsler, together
with such persons us Ihey niuy associate with tlu-in fur lhc purpose,
lu constitute a body corporate, with
net pei mil succession and a common
sent iiniler lhe inline uf Hie Koya
Institution fur lhe Advancement ni
Learning iu British Columbia.
* l
«h;ct'v" - :■:«;■' .:_a^;^Ti--_a;^^
'       _\  ^"TP-       F"^4      A     'a   T   f~**
4 W
Id shall he deemed i« lie
e gross rev iinm uf s.iiil
pom turns Im Hu* purpose uf as-
sineul mul i.iMiiiiui."
n follow section i'l:
Win-, lie* owner "f land eilliel*
.■inline in* herenllcr (a) has grant-
'sincss. 'ed or    grants land   to another,    re-
(.uliuii liticbmond) luuk part in sorv|ng lhe coal ur (hi bus grautdl
iu debate aud plainly mlun,.led lhat I of uranls lhe enal iu any Inn.Is In
.il,,.,,.,,   ii.,:,  i,i,nel   ill   his   culileii-   nli.'llmi  lie will notify llm assess..,* ul
'islriel   nl   the gran,   nr  reservu-
is   llie case may  he,  mill    Ihelc-
,u   inlim
is really ncoiled
ui luri senium.  |
ii that lbe t*u\-
uulil have in Introduce leg-
proVldlltg    lul   Uu:    uXliutlil
cund class lumber, mul such
piling, lelegraph ami tele
after, ihe coal or llm righl In win
Mm   same    shall lie   dceinud    "coal
lamls" ul lhe lievl iissessineul nl Hie
s.ii.l laml. liu receiving said nul ice
ihe assessur shall assess separately
ami in llu- respective owner Um sail
lumi   anil   lhe cnal,  ul* rigid   In     win
coal llierefroin and a sale or forfeiture uf said land   im* taxes accruing
due alter (he receipt ,,[ sn iif notiee,
these   hues, hius (Cranhrook) again 9|la|| , ,,-,,.,.,    ,,]„,   s.li(| ,.„„|    ,„
einiili.isu.eil lus objections lu lhc hill right In win   enal shall he assessed,
un iuc ground that il would proven, sold or forfeited    as lhc case    may
even the export ul lies    n i,-s I1"', separately,"
■ northwi
l,,,i   the
Alter sonic anther discussio
even um export ul lies, piling, poms , ",*„,„;„„; ,<;.,„„„ #m  in,    „,
clc, lu ilu* northwest provinces, aad|moMon ,lt snme s|„,.j„i  interns,     lu
mill asli leave I
Hull Hint: migll
ciali.ii i.i an a
meet   Um    reqi
iniltcc   Use   Wlsiuiilcs, and     Wright  Hie incmher
it again   in  order for Vmir.     lie will to-morrow move
,,,.„ i ,. ,.,,',. „i   liiul nn order ul lhc I se he granl-
■   live     lul   culls ll-       ,    ,        ., , r      ii I
ed   fur   the   reluili   nf  all   eiuri'spimi!-
diuent lhat would  ,.,„.,, between any  ml.er nf lhe gnv-
nlclils   ut lhe c.ise eni,ninl.   uml    uny employ  nf     lhe
without Interfering witli ihe govern- lauds nud works itepnrlment, member
incnl's policy ol „,„,,,,„,inglhe ^lA'llilAAuAJtA'vJXJA:
lioii.iin.il oi uiuiiaiiuiacturwl umber, ^ y ,. ^Iirll ,l|l(| nu().rs j,, n.-,lir,[
Green ileclarcd that be was willing to timber leases on Liiile Slocan
to consider amendments to the bill river. Slncmi lake, in Wesl Koolenay
covering the points raised hy King, j JljjlrW M- tbo «moT May,
bul insisted upon the commltlco mi- i\ra0(iomi](li |,,Vi|t.r of lhe opposition
ting until Hawlhornthwaite's amend   will    lo-nmrrow   move Hint
ment was disposed of.
Hawthorn Hi wai te warmly critlcl
non Uailwav company, ihc time for Bowser
uomplet-lon of tbe cumpany's line ol
railway, ami of ihe branches which
ilu* uoinpanj is aiithorizwl to hulld,
shall I.e ix!ei.-.i,d unlit the 31sl December, 1U10, and the corporate
existence, and powers of the company shall continue in any event,
in mi fai as regards anv part of the
company's line ot railway which mny
he built bv that dale. The company is also to be al.owcd t" build,
construct, maintain ami operate a
branch Mm- nf railway from any
point  on  its    main  line lo lYniielnu
in  lbe provi.it I  British t'olumbia,
nnd to build ami operate a lim- nt
railway Irom Vernon, thenee by way
.,[ Salmi u    river, ami ihe town    ot
Iluck.s, In Ibv lown id K.imlo.ips.
Tlie company is lo be declared to he
an,l to have liftn sim-e tbe llth of
Mav, mm, a body corporate and
politic, under tin' mime of "The Midway ami Vernon Railway Company,"
wilb all rights, powers and privileges granted and conferred by ibe
company's act of iiicurporalioii, \i/..:
"The Midway a Vernon Kail way
Company Act ol nun."
Victoria,   Feb. 2.—The at tempi I
extend the franchise     to women    in
provincial elections again failed,   be
ing voted down ibis afternoon bv   u
vote of 'i lo 1.
Brown (Greenwood) resinned tin
debate warmly supporting the hill
lie contended ' thai women were at
well titled to exercise discretion and
sound judgment in boiling votes as
men, and lhat their experience in
municipal politics hail prepared them
for more ex'lcmled franchises. Ilall
(Victoria*) followed, and added his
endorsement to ibe measure No
the   governmenl slili
Victoria, Feb. 5,-Thc feature ol
ibis afternoon's session of Hn* le_.i*--
latum was the adoption of lbe second reading of llawthornthwaite s
bill to amend the Provincial Elections' Aei. bv reducing the deposit
,,f candidates fiom $200 to $50,
The debate was adjourned on Friday lasl, nu a point of order raised
hv' Henderson (Vale) to Uie effect
thai as the bill affected revenue It
therefore could not he Introduced by
a private member, the speaker reserving bis decision.
This afternoon lhe speaker nil I
lbe point i f order not well taken.
The debate was then resumed by
Meiiileisou, wbo was followed hy -1.
\ Maclonald. and Camctt n tVu-
torla), who all opposed the hill. A
vole being taken resulted as follows'
Kor-Tanuer, Davidson, ll.dl, [law-
Htornlhwal'to,    Williams,      McBrif
1 tbe
,   flowau  (Vancouver),   Hnss  (
this arbitrary    stand, pointing   out Manson   (Albcnil),    Munro     (Chilli-
tbal the members had discussed   Hi
_k)  and  the
bill in a spirit of fairness obviously! to iuqui
over, be appointed
all matters pertain-
make  ihe measure
icfluisition  by   the (Irani
Trunk  Pacific   llatiwav company
workable,    without    inflicting injury, 1)V any oUlcr |)erg0I1 fM. |)Hsmis:,
upon   any elass   engaged in the,    lu-j bodies corporate, nf crown lands    in
Macdonald . Rossland) took similar
ground and further discussion folluw-
i I, participated in by the premier,
Hi',,mi (Greenwood), Paterson (Is
land), Drury (Victoria), and King
(Cranbrook), wlm pressed his motion
that u.r committee rise.
Du ., vote being taken livery mem
i*i lo tho I. ii id Hie speaker voted
affirmatively, as did MacGowan    on
Ua:  gOVl '. : iel I     i le,   making  a   lotal
of in. Againsl the motion the government only mustered IK votes.
Manson (chairman) aim mnced that
the vote stood    is lo IS, and for   a
nsisling of live members  nf the house   participated in the debate
Messrs.    Mae-1 and ;i vote being   laken resulted    as
For—llrnwn, McNlvcn, Evans, Tanner, Davidson, Oliver, Munroe, Wells.
I Kill, Cameron, llawlboruUiwaile,
Against—Murphy, dimes, .1. A.
Macdonald, Henderson, Paterson,
Tatlow, Mcllride, Wilson, Cotton,
Kllison, Fraser, Ross, A. McDonald,
Green, Fulton, Garden, Taylor,
Wright, Young, Gilford, MncGowati,
Sli.ninid, Grant, Mnuton—21.
Tlie A ssi Rsmetlt Ael amend men l
was recommitted and some minor
-aimndmeuls adopted.
One Hie report ol tbe hill for the
relief of Dewdney municipality, a
discussion arose ' over the proposed
amen.Imelil   by   Oliver.      The  premier
opposed the nmendmenl slroiigly, ami
after   further   discussion  bv   Maodon-
al,l. Paterson ami Carler-Cott
the vicinity nf    Tuck's inlet, Kal
island   or 'oilier lamls on  lbe    main*
land  in  tbe vicinity or  Kaien   islaml
wilb    power   lo      summon   witnesses,
call fm- papers, documents, letters,
telegrams and records, uml lo take
evidence under oath and procure lbe
printing of said evidence from day
tn day, and reporl said evidence fmm
lime 'in time tn the house, togcHicr
with  lheir findings on  Ihe same.
Victoria,    Feb.   I.-Tbe     Vatui'p  r
ibis   afternoon's proceedings in    th
legislature was a  motion uf  Hawtli
orntlnvaile,    (socialist \.   lur   Hie   Bel
ond reading of the hill l« extend Hi
fr.tnebi.se   to   women.     Ilawtlmrntl
j Wiiile spoke with more  Iban his cm
lomary fervor hul  lbe weiglil  nf hi
Garden, Taylor, Wright,
Young, 'Gilford, MacGowan, A, McDonald, Wilson, Manson—IB;
Againsl—King, Hrnwn, Murphy,
dimes, Oliver, -I. A. Macbtnalil. Henderson, Munro, Paterson, Cameron,
Tat Imv, Cotton, Kllison, Full on,
The onlv other business nf any Intercut was Un* second reading nf
bills 'i'd and 21; dealing with lho ln-
corpora-fcinii of Hie Royal Institute i f
Learning, and authorizing the es-
tablishiiieni hy Medill uuiversily of
a college in this province. .
In moving the second reading of | ♦
hill id, Fulton, minister of education,
pointed out that this hill must be
considered with bill '21. lie said
tlie object of the measure was In
secure for British Columbia advantages of university training without
Incurring ihc enormous expense
wbieb would be entailed by establishing a provincial uuiversily, an
expense altogether beyond the presenl means of Hie province, McGill
university for lhe past 12 years had
been assishiug in higher education in
British Columbia through affiliated
colleges at Vaueouver and Victoria.
As a result of the growth nf thi;.
work, McGill sent a delegation to
the province tn see if it were possible io enlarge and extend their influence in the interest of British
Columbia students. The outcome
of tliis inquiry was the present hills
tn enable McGill tn co-operate iu the
i'S'tablis-lime-nt. of a university college in this province. The adoption
of these bills meant thai McGill college would become domiciled in British Columbia, A college would be
immediately estah-lislnd fur lbe
higher education of both mm and
women, and such portions of lbe university course given as is feasible
without duplicaliiig ihe more expensive equipment,
The work to be commenced at the
outset is as follows:
1. Two full years of the arts
2. Two full years of tbe applied
science course,
3. Courses in chemistry and biology, the foundation subjects [or the
study of medicine,
These courses will carry slmlcnls
lo the point where speolajzatton begins seriously, and where students
'Vgin to make use of the expensive
eipiipinciit of the parcnl university,
Students will then be able t., complete their courses in two ve.it.•!
(a)   In arts, in all departim,,''
(h) In engineering: (I) architectural; l'i) chemical; (It) civil engineering ami surveying, H) mining engineering;    Co   metallurgy; (in I
moment this count was accepted   by I argument   was   weaki
■d hv
loo   nm.Iin
both si,!, s, Imt Macdonald pointed discursive review of •lhc various as-j Provincial Elections Act was resttm*
out Uut Houston (Nelson) who was;!"-'-'* of tbe micstion, bis nccessar- ed by Munroe (ChllHwack) who ex-
. , ,, , ,1( ily brief illusions in tin* religious pressed the view (bat the deposit nf
phases nf the question serving only J2im should nol be reduced. Prem-
to arouse prejudices Ihal obviously iel McBride followed, exurcsslng dls-
weakened any existing prospects for sent fmm lbe view of bis colleague,
lbe passage nf thr bill. I lhe minister of    finance, win ves*ter-
lu opening llawthomlhwaile    said day declared there should 1
tliat as a   spokesman    for lhe    op-   ductloii in    the   amounl   nl lb
Klmmtwas negatived by a vole  pprtation—railway    engineering;   (7)
eleclrical engineering,
{(■)  Arts and   medicine, combined,
iu four years.
Al  once the linkers ty proposes to
grant special certificates to all siu-
meinl    the I dents completing a two years' courso
Hie report was
The Midway Vernon Railway Ael
tmeiidm nt was rend a second lime.
The adjourned delmle on the second
HlO h II
III  bis  seat,   1,,  I
cording tn tho rules of precoduro
must be counted as having Voted iu
lbe affirmative. Another vole being taken it was again apparent that
the vine stood Ul to IH bul again
Manson declared a I o and
Hie motion defeated nu
in arls.
A staff of from eighl to ten men
will be employed as soon as the
work is well under way. The location of the college is left entirely
with McGill university.
The minister    drew    special atten-
re-,tioii lo section R    of bill 'id,    wbieb
provides for McGill taking charge of
pressed people nf lbe country it was posit.     McBride look lhc stand that,  higher    education    in public schools,
announced   fiKinK that, be should introduce a bill the deposit     was  unreasonably  large   subject to approval nf school boards
is casting   hu- the relief of the mnsi  oppressed and said be favored a reduction.        i of trustees.    The minister further re-
I nl all    people,  our  mothers,     wives Henderson (Vale) raised a point nf   marked  that  Sir William  Macdonald
-, )ijS-iv . urse nro-,flml Sl^{,,s- ,lf' thon proceeded lo order, thai the hill de-He with re- has promised a grant in aid of this
,...'.-. , ,. ' . review the attilitde nf Hie Iwo greal venue and sn could nnl. he introduced wmk of $5nfM for a period nf three
\oked heated cues from thc opposi- p.n.ti(.s fl„ {,1(, RUbjpc) nf wmnpn sllf. by a ,)rjv,lt(1 m,luhvv. nr five vims, and hnd promised fur-
lion benches, iu the midst of which frage, claiming that the liberals The speaker reserved his decision tiler financial assistance if called
Houston rose and said- that to sel- were on record in favor of Hie mens- and tbe debate wns adjourned. upon. Bills 23 and 24 then passed
tb- nil doubl in tlu* matter he voted m'''. iUHi i'1"1'* ,hl'rp vvaK nothing in Several minor bills were advanced their second readings unanimously,
in n„. -fMm-iiiv,. ^tiii u „.-n w-no ('I|C IT('nr'i "f ""' conservatives to a stage. | Several bills were advanced a
in me amrmative.    mui Manson \vas CllJn]iC\    \]u.m   )o n|)|l),s(, iti   ii,,,,,^, |.;V;lliS (Cowichnn) asked the prem- stage.
not   Batlsflcd and   demanded another ||ia| course had been adopted iu Ibis ler the folluwing questions;               i    Fraser (Grand Forks) presented   a
show of hand..     This  time everyone province.     He pointed nut    that Sir I.   Is il   tbe intention nf the   gov- petition  from  residents of  Vale   dis-
votod and    the   motion     tn adjourn -'"hn Macdonald had Introduced   into ernment     to   re-appoint   Mr. C.    .1. trict, asking    that   the West Koote-
,  . ,              .      . „n .    IH parliament   a measure granting wn* South as   superintendent under    the nay   Power   A   Light   cnmpany    he     ♦
was callU" "J  ''     u,u  ,,f Jl ,0 IH; wan   franchise, limited iu    operation. Children's Protection Act? allowed   to extend their lines to sup- (Tin
i'i spile   "i   G ii ■   pronouncement hl1 ^Hl nn lbe same principle as his 2.   Does lhe government propose lo ply power in the Boimdarv distret. ^<-ri-
tb.it  he could nol allow  adj niiieiit measure,    and  conseiiuently  be    felt make provision  iu  lhe estimates for (Continued on page three.)          %Mti\
;^rc.ma2sc8mtmx^      v
i !
.; To read the local  paper that
mi j
I  ■    '■:
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on liu1 doings ol
y our district, and Lh.> doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ,< Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
- ■
»..  .
T^Tii.£ J ii^iiS. -£rJ.. SKE-Si^2X**'
Therefore, to read
si  .'.-•'.:.
V-:-R .
m |
..:.      ■■'    :    ml
,,m-    .  ..-■
X,   ;
Wm .
LOO For Six Months
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
i 4
. V
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Ye?vr
I iiiiii—,i.. «m*m.m--mm^^—mmm—mm^mm^m*m^i^m^^mmmmmsM,^(Ji IHE   CHANRROOK    IIKRAI.II
««C^««««C9i>0C;c ■>3«»3*3C3*JB«Se»»8-*38a'»-
I      i, ,
» li   Villi   11.,.!
§     Wo can supply you with nny ipmntity dosir <l.
8V 9
n«-»«9»««e*«»acffci)(t'"j"   '-.'■ ''-•-'. '■"--'»$«$•-' *a«.trt»v-'
*:   "'   V.    * ' ..*.   I      '
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
rhe New Managers.
Drop iu .iiii see us any lime.   We urc on deck 25 hours
uui ol lhc 21
UIU Ol   IIIU  ii
'■ i     mm '   .       ■ ' j ■ ■ »■ *
Our western manager, Mr. j. (.'. Whiteacre ,will
be with thc local agent, Mr N'o'-s Tate, for one
week during Deceml I will offer
Special Christmas I rices   and   Easy   Terms
To anyone desiring to pr chase .i Piano. Send
your name and address o Mr.Tate. HO IT NOW
MASON & RISCH PIANOS arc used from
he Atlantic to the Pacific. Their splendid tone
volume, their artis :ase designs, combined
with their great durability, have won for them
this great popularity.
iju£lu!*uij:ji.j i.m. *..'-. i.iii.Aj^.. :.!..'.' .*..ii.',.iLvjiu.LL*i[4:i
i ■•::.'',■.   *   '..
Wholesale mill Rtl.il
-. In -hi Hit principal ion u.u  ,*• |
In Brltilb Cnlumhin L>~j
.    ' ;  "
Presh hiiJ Cured .Merits
Fresh   Fish,   Game   and
**"      I
"—-^--w    11   we supply »nl> ihc best.     Vour
4 trade H soli-kited
*e <•*♦<■<.« 44e*-4494$44>
i clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, ♦
♦ "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in |
♦ make call and see the new stock of Ready *
2 made clothing just received.     All Union $
♦ 4
l Labor. t
I LEASK &    ENDERSON ffijMs 1
fflfflW^ZZfflfflft'av .::','■■■,■■:■'.-tftRifflffl
11 VHUC,
Xeabino Stastnea
130U8C8 of flbat\>8'
I be Smi li '■
W ri ii life has come
Into  her  own,    I'he
lown im" IM-- a p ' ■
ntanenl payroll nnil in
!i    v iicwai <'i i'i.' St.
arys valley, -jt  I li<
raid   can   heartily
ndorite lhc foi low Ing
ty   niness houses:
The leading ho- ti
in lhe Sl. gj
I Central Hotel I
ti R, Johnson, I'ropi k tor
J..J Dining Room service ihc best,
Marys   vallc\. **
he place lo stop when \i*,iiinx ihc Smelter Cily sp
A. P. Chenette Proprietor a
Hjs heen recently refurnished and is now one of "Wi
thc hest holds in Ihe dislriel. Headquarters for i^
Ihe people. 0
ie Royal Hotel
'wille rail Go.
Wc carry a coinplele slock of everything in (he §J
Drug anil Stationery line. No need to send away ffl
for your goods. ffl
Rambling Reveries
It -cause she smiled he wen!  away
Brave hearted to Ins «n rk thai  day;
ll ■        . ,   .ii! forgot,
lit*   hurried   on    with    one   pad
u in.
H.   lasl   became |oy-giWnft play, 	
II,' 'li m.i knovi I'he skj  « ;   gray,        pett people stop io think Unl I
i tlie    world was brighl    and  :;,imi,lu. i happiness is not depend*
■i will in llie futuif weai j .
clouds "inside out, ami sbov lhe
Using."     We ;iti have olouda     b I
n i    reason   why   we
draw the attention ol the woi
tlu-in.     It is the brave, cheerful soldiers who Inspires ilu* others,
y.iii can ' set    what you like
■ like wh.il yuu have oi at
ill events ta nuke im besl ol H and
go on your way bravely, withoul
gay ut oul -i:,-   , in uinstanri*>      A  habit
v   splendid hopes    his breast    wasj0j  j(,l|M„;,,-., ,..in iK. (•ulUvaled  .like
■ lU'M-   ^^^^^^
Bi cause she   railed.
'■■in- smiled ,i   an)  woman may
tt'htl   It-tl ii.   tarn v freely stray,
She smiled .it  i,un, v.-i   saw    bim
\tlil   In
:       '     * ..,'.'.■
A  in,in  was clraitged lt.nn  ;   ■'   •
Uii iri ih,- uMldren Iei I Ll al Lln \
.nr Ninth,-i 'a most i'liei i -h *i |i" ch
--ii.ii, itird llml home h a place i n
Uiini  i.i he hupp)   In,
Do learn in hnlii youi I- ii ui' when
irs,*!! oi angry, \ muzael applied
,ii flu- righl momcnl would prevent
mail) :t i uully dl icord and heal
in,my .i wounilod lieai:
lh, remcmbei tlml h very liltic
thin.', ma) wmk .i marvel. A kiss
has olmnged the dostiu) ol man   and
Mn beware ol scolding tin: silent
mmi. A in.in wliu can hold his tongue under provocation is worthy ol
,1'ilinii.itii-ii, veneration and devotion
Bo cultivate a sense of humor, that
peace and morrlmenl mny dwell In
thy house, .uu! the little annoyances
that darken lhc day will disappeai
ns a morning mist before the sun.
Hn nol feel offended if lie whu asks
Bdlvlce fails to follow 11. Wlmt is
wisdom In us may pro\e loll) to
Do sec a llllle ol your neighbors
and the outside world. A housebound woman is generally a dull
woman, and often a cross one.
Do be generous in ynur criticisms,
It is a form ol magnanimity that
leaves no sting ol regret.
Our nature demands home. It is
the lirst essential clement of our social belug, which cannol be complete
without tlu- li,,mc relations, There
would he im proper equlllbrim of life
and character without the home Inlluence. The heart, when bereaved
and disappointed, naturally turns for
refuge    to home   lite and sympathy,
Thf re    is    a   mother's    love an-i     a
lather's Influence, the loving brother's and sistei'.-,. Oh! what is life
without these! Our habits, too, are
under ilie moulding power of home,
Every young woman should leel that
just whal she is at home she will
appear abroad If she attempts to
appear oibcrw Ise, ev. rybody will
s. >,n see through tin- attempt. All
the duties .\nd labors ol home, when
rightly understood, are s> many
means of Improvement. To hive
home with a deep and abiding Interest, with a view to its elevating influence is tn love truth and right,
heaven and God, The grand idea ol
home is a quiet, secluded spol where
loving hearts dwell, set apart and
rlcrtica-li d   to  Improvement.
"The Inner side ol every  cloud
Is bright  and sliining
1 therefore turn my clouds aboui.
An 1 always wear them Ins de oul,
Po sh « tlie lining.
It you enu't have ttimi you like,
lik ■ what vou have But that's
just what I'he majority ol us don't
do, Instoad ol resolute!) making up
our mil is lo like whal wc have, our
livi s arc one continual lament that
we ean': have what wc liki—or Hunk
vne should like Distance lends Dn-
i' antraent, to the view sometimes,
li h womb 'fnt intn whal dlseon-
ti nteil grumblers wo can degenerate,
too, once wo lei ourselves go, and
I -i'-.-i   tn look foi   the silver linings
ol     Uvea      It's the oaslesl   thing
in iii,- world to grumble. One ol
the mo i difficult to cure one-self ol
the habit, once it has gol a hold   oi
And Hie
in li'
u tin
Hn-il.       Hei    el
l   need  lp
 Iletl  to s|.e
any othei habit, jusi .is bug     I il j
! Itapplnet _   In as     much a duty    as
and    mon Ittj r ■■
'.  •*-1 mi.   hopelul   tempei   w li
■ ,   lot  ttwll   be ii.i: row
•■■■•■Iyone'a   dut)   i	
!   - ■•   i, a beautiful legend  thai  »i
, leal !■ n s d.r.Mi an a *.
Lo imi ■:.     * -1 . .    *■■.'.        iu   lake
beavi        11   I'lu   wl
..    I, .'.mile!    nl   (lOWei l,   .1   h.iti)   b
IVIieu it
-     , , '     :'
.. all   '.••' fl iwei    it, ii   ,'* Mie
I. mile had vanished, bu
love     was loutid   lu be ai
, u ■■ ..;..i ei-'i 1..1I aa ihi   ■■-
..    1   ; ',    l In.   lie...,-: ly   thi
rl c an •■- ■ e* laltned   ' 'l h ire   ti
mi e.utb     pure '■:.*'
■:   bui  .1   m tt ii What
■■.    ;:. ■ ighl and hot)     u ural
i l.^eini illustrate!- and leach
: 'al creatures,
illi: PAST AND Till. I'1 i * HE
So neai the beginning ol .1 new
yeai is a proper tunc to review ihe
pasl .uid if possible peoi livtu tlie
All history is mere roniam a unless studied as an example. By its
guiilancc we can travel back ovei the
i'i mui ;es    thai   sllltnlnr.       It   is   with
.i reverent hand that wc lift tin- veil
iliat une lias draped over a sacred
pa*t. While the world was yet
mw we Iiuii students busy developing
theories and systems to be perfected
hy coming generations, thus aiding
iu opening up new paths in Hie Ileid
.[   literature,   science  and   art,      The
torch of genius cannot be extinguished, Thinkers are mortal hut
thoughts immortal, Great leaders
die but principles are eternal. Only
by studying the past can we rightly
,-slimaie the possibilities of the luture, and what better mental food
can we crave than that which furnishes such lasting stimulus to earnesl endeavor. Each century sweeps
dean the loves and hales nf its
predecessors, yet its achievements
are never forgotten; ils ambitions,
its emotions die, each task is laid
down, but the truths set iu motion
will live and gather strength as the
years go by.
The decisions rendered by the diplomats uf the past continue to swav
tlie judicial world ol to-day. Black-
stone's legal reputation has suffered
uu diminution during tha years thai
have swept over his grave. Gladstone will be a greater power iu tin1
political life of Europe iu a hundred
yens hence, than lie was ai tire time
ins masterful brain was darkened hv
the eclipse of death. Herbert Spencer, who has spent the liest years of
a long life In study that he might
give to the world a comprehensive
generalization ol modi rn thought,
bus sealed his fame, ami his name
will be honored centuries after bis
frail body sleeps with the might)
thinkers who preceded him. Time
passed in tin* society of g.—at minds
is always helpful.
As we turn from the past to consider some of the possibilities of the
future, may we not claim lor ourselves higher resolves for self dcvelop-
meiie, which as a rule means sell
promotion? The onward march ol
civilization "lias made lire deserts
bud and blossom as the rose" and
as we go from conquest to conquest, what is in reserve for coming
generations Is an easy prediction.
Tue motor-carriage will he the carriage of the future. Ocean cables
that have brought, continents into
close contact will be perfected, and
their service will be cheapened so
t ha t ot her t ban millions i res may
hope to receive or convey a message.
Electricity that man has chained aud
made his servant will become the
light of tho world. It rivals the
sun in radiance and no one will question its striking qualities. In thc
luture elect fieity will be used to
propel the farm plow and tha o cl
farm horses will he sold for army
rations. A bridge will span the
Atalnlie ocean. Electric cars with
fine ears attached will convey young
America to Old England without the
aid of steam. Sea sickness will be
abolished. The whole world will be
run by eleel ric hells. Telephones
will connect every town and hamlet. The planet, Mars, will lie in
lircot communication wiih ihe earth.
'Mr. linotype will do away with old
fashioned type setting. Women w 11
have lhe ballot and will be elected
to parliament and the senate of Canada, and when there will wrangle as
persistently as the men. Women and
men will seek wider fields of mental
at-tiv ly. The Indian warwhoop will
dvc place to lha sweat music ol cultured orchestras. The wigwam will
he deserted hy the Indian maiden,
who vv ill discard 'the garb of her
raee, and, clothed in Ana raiment,
will play her urand piano with the
grace of     her       town     belle.
These prognostications are not
based on fairy tales or vagaries
of the imaginations, but on lads.
The past is a guarantee for the advanced ideas of the luture. In noting the possibilities ol the future we
must not forget what coming centuries hold in keeping for our own sunny lown, or the part she may play
in the shifting drama of the future.
(Mir town with her schools and her
churches, must have some bumble
part in the world's achievements.
MOCLtDlMiS UF TBE Ulib.t. ill
(ConUnuid ti. ■
people, too.
"     "      I    of     the    "if    only"
man    to be sincere!v
•luhlirii.   likewise,    are
Fancy bright youth
l if   be i days with
        alwavs    lamenting
the facl Uiat she hnnn'l and can't
have whal she likes If they don'l
grow up to be pessimists it certainly
isn't her fault, and Imagine what
pleasure it would give you to return
lo such a home. Mv dear friends,
if you're i'i the Imblt nf woartng
your sllvoi inside, do make up your
minds to "Imn your clouds about."
Thai silvei lining' would be so mueh
more Inspiring, so much more cheerful,   to live wilh,  than  the cloud side
vou so persistently turn to the
Do nol waste \ ■ vitality In hating your life, Find some thing In it
whicli is worth liking and enjoy,
while you keep steadily al work to
make it what you desire. Be happy
over  sometlting  every  day,   for     the
rain  is a thing of habit, and    you
a'linol reach it to be happy in a
moment il you allow ii to be miser-
nlblo for years. What might have
heen you have nothing lo do with;
your business is to like what you
have, nnd make lhe besl of it. There
would be a great many more happy
people in the world if we all do il.
But it the "if onlys" are th ngs that,
with a little exertion on your part
can Ire righted, why that's a different
matter. Lanienl them by all means,
if inch lamentation stirs you up to
remedy Ihem. It is the tilings
that,    are   over and   done   with and,
cannot he altered, however much we j happiness Ibat can possibly thrill
wish otherwise that we want you to the soul is that which comes from a
forgel. It is such a waste lo spend consciousness of loving and being
your lamentation over these. I loved; and we can never love or   be
No.      Make up    your   mind   that lovod unless we are willing tu    live
[ what ever you may bave done in tbe  Ior others.
Victoria,  Feb   li —U yond
M.li-Mtl-'li     of  M
lulls in   commit lee   Ihei
ing doing oi interest  iu
sion ol the legislature
With   regard   i - tin
the establish nl  ia thi
a college "f McGill udiversit y,
eral speakers, notabh   the
the   opposition, ui gi .1 upon  I
.■inmeiii   tire impoi lauce of i
the same in some minoi   pai 11
<ii.!-i H ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
arise as    to   interference with .ranbrook l-»tal Union Utl uf tbe Ualtel
•"■|l""1      V'"" "'  ::"   ]  ' Brotherhood of Carpenters and jolnera
inits|,ie inlluence, an I hi In ,, *' ,._
lev    ■ ■■„.,;   Kwtim    wen * "' *mv,i<n'
lot revlsi it •    Meetings every Thursday evening a
Several bil    wen '■ "■ ''■ ''■ lul'- 0VM Hatmore Bros,
without   dj ' ii -ion.       The    pi itore,
Itlng brethren cordially Invited
i i   I   Vuill, Edward   tool
( Mm I.NT Lodoe Nit. iiii
Cranbrook. H. C.
■ vi iy Tuesdav  at  i  p.  m.  at
New Fraternity Hail.
.1. A. Arnold, K.R.S
George Thompson, CC.
Visiting   bieihrea   cordially  Invites
to attend,
the lull to alii-. I ibe
.    liailwa;
Sulhi      in tin     ■ :  - ■
shall be Md to
a ij   .\...   ..iin i   Lhe  pi ■*
anl    Vlhlwa)    &     Ve i    It,
Act, llliia,    tegai tin •,
.u.i In   -.i-i eumpum   u
oi   lire grantli ■   ol   ihi lu
; HU)   'i...l  i     ..,.1  .ii I
Thi * 11 Interpreti I    lo mi ai   *
., , ,   i .,in']ii>i..i. ..ii tlm part ol
government   io rep wlia
ahead)  granted Ibis un h i taki
Price   Ellison who I:    n
il.e I,til Is ver)  much I u ei  id     ,
unless    tlie governmenl    mudily   it
course ihere may he trouble.
Repudiation ol a \et \ object lon
able character is Involved In the .
ernineni's presenl attitude to tire
Midwaj & Vernon railway, a eoursi
bitterly 'deprecated hy several government supporters, ami one I h li
ihe opposition is not ai ..11 Inclim d
io pass unchallenged.
Davidson (Slocan) Introduced p
bill to regulate tire hours ol laboi In
smalters, the provisions ol which
lead as follows:
"Nn person shall lie employed in
or about  anv  sin, Her,  sorting,  laid
er period tlm
"Any owne
•Igbi Im
igent, u
ieh .If.
ploying any work
contravention ol this acl shall hi
liable to a penality nol excci .Hiq
Slim, or not less Hum *20, for cat!
workman or person so employed, ami
any workman or person so \v irklnp
for a longer period than specified in
section two of this act, slmll In
liable tn a penalty not exceeding
$10(1, nor less than $20.
*•'Twenty-four hours, for Ibe pui
pose of this act, shall mean from
mhiniglvl to midnight. This act
sha-ll come inlo force on the lirsi
day* of March, 11107."
The Inquiry into the Kaieii id md
land grant matter opened Ibis morning before the committee, presided
over bv J. Garden. Dr. Young, lh*
secretary, J. A. Macdonald, ('. tt
Munro, W. It. Ross, lhe olbet mem
hers of the committee, were present.
The majority of the committee desired adjournment as Ibe premier bad
expressed lhe wish lo he present,
and could not he for a few days.
After some discussion the commit tei
adjourned until Thursday morning,
Skagway. Alaska, via -luueaii, Jan,
:in.—The coldest wave and the worst
storm that has Visited this section
of Alaska since the coming ol thc
white race broke Saturday, aud it is
now milder. During the week that
has just passed the temperature at
Skagway reached u colder point than
ever before. At Dawson it was 75
degrees below zero and 85 below at
Taantalus, half way between thai
plaee and Whlbehorsc, With it all
was a terrific norlh gale.
The tt'hitcluirsc-Dawsun stages were
tied up and the White Pass ran no
trains. The road at places was covered with fifteen feel of snow. In
fael, no train has gut over the road.
The rotary has passed through tho
worst of the snow, The Jefferson
was sixty hours making the trip from
Juneau to Skagway. It is still intensely cold in the Yukon valley, being lifl' below zero at Dawson, but the
temperature is raising.
This is the firsl break in the Btagc
service of the White Pass on account of lhe weather for five years.
Stages have been delayed before, bul
never withdrawn. A Wli tte I 'a s -■
stage lefl tt'hitehoi'se on Saturday
and the regular schedule from Dawsi n
was resumed yesterday. It is feared ihere has been .meat suffering in
the outlying camps.
I.O.O.F.    kev city Lodgi
-  •:*>   .^x'so'^'Meet^ery
.  ..^J  Monday     night     at
i     I mlty    Hail.      Sojourn-
Idfellows cordially Invited,
i . ll   Mi Kay, M. D. Billings,
N. G. Seo'y,
tranbrooh Lodge, No. *
A. P, 4 A. M.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
IVlining Engineers
and Survey »rs.
THOS. T. McVlTTli:, p   L, S.
I. T. I.AID1 KW  M    K.
*> First-class Work by Experi- $
*) encei  Hands* <|>
'*> 1
j The Cra bi   .1   Hotel H>
i I
..   Facial Massage a Specialty   X
: T. E. SOU I'll,   •-'rop'r.
.r'X  .    Kfiiul-ir inc. ling, cm
'    .    ', ' Y    tint third    Thnr*!-.-
iAot'S       oi "*vtry uiootl,.
Visiting ..rc-irircii wulfonird.
S.  11.  Iluskiiis, Sec'".
,M. A. Deall!, W. H.
F.   0.   E.
Mi.'l     in     I'.il mure     IUII    .very
C.   lii.su T.il,*, W.  P.
A. M. Black, w. Si-c'v.
Visiting luuiln'is fiinliiilly iiivileil.
Meets every 2inl mul -uii Tuesday It
"tl.md Templars IUII."
Visiting lin-iliri-ii cordially invited
A. McCowan, C'.R.     J. Sims, Sec'y
> :;amuiook     LODOE
1. O. G. T.
Meets every  Friday night above Pal
more's Store.
Come and join the Happy Band.
Meets  every    second     and     fourth
Saturday jn Patmore's Hall,
Visiiiun brothers always welcome.
vv. F. OURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Haze!! Block Crsnbronk, B. C.
, *«-*****#****«**»**#*****i
I      C, H, DUNBAR       ]
*   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    *.
% Public, Etc. J
S   Cmnbruok,
-    B. C.
Tire "Ideal husbands" and "liienl
wives" are olten Iiiiind without Ideas
enough between the two Ior one good
une of either kind.
Many are tlie riiu-.li places wo
Ireiiil from tlie cradle to thi' grave;
many are lire sighs ami tears, ilis-
i-iiiiragements, but wc can exact joy
Irom the mosl desert places on the
wayand amidst tho most piercing
heartaches by the thought that wo
have made others happy and that
there is perpetual morning only a
liltic way nil. At every slep nf llie
way we 'travel lot us gather all the
lluwers that biiiom an.l revel amid
all the beauties there is, hut never
| forgot ting the   sweetest    nnd   'besl
Physicians and Surgeons
Oflice at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - - - 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - - - 1.30 to 3.30
Evenings 7.30 to 8.30
CRANBROOK ::    ::    ::    ::    B. C
Dr. Connolly,
I    Physician and Surgeon   ^
® OHicc on Armstrong Avenue
-   Hours 1—9 to 11 a.m., a to 4
u   p.m., 7 to 8 p.m.   'Phone 105.
0 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Oflice and residence on Armstrong av,
This cut roprcsen
inch Logging Boots
Iinm genuine Fro
throughout ami
soles. They have
pegged, and have s
infiircing all round 1
Wc arc jusl proud
Tliey are tlie besl
their purpose ever nn
enst no inure than 0
ml.i nl
he sol
of 111
<L. LeGkie Go, Ltd
» to 12 I.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office tn new Reid bloc.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
{ is n.»* loc .iml In ils con-.fort-
, able ai i attrat . .* new quar-
t ters in tl ia Hotel.
, This instil .  m        isl up-to-
* date .mo is n . equipped
j to do iust tr..         irork in all
• branches ol I --..'rial art.
HMMKaiHfP* V m-i**
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
I We Will Do        I
| Vour Draying
iSV 'n ;i manner tka
Hr* son a satisfactl
J Thnt is our 1j\
■\    ni*ss.   We want
*f,     pit Else,     We nro ■
manner thnt in-
bu site
_________________      ■
ling to labor hard to
accomplish that object That iswhyour
bnsini ^ prospers ::
Authorized mover: ot ttie
>.a*un & Uii iih PIlOOB..
• this   season  for   Xmas   gifts :
arc potraits m sepia platinum with a very ar
tistic mounting,
whicl. iscn-
Prest Photo Co \
VTe Buy and Sell on Oj.timission.
WANTEDi—Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynnc &
People who want job work done
cannot alTonl t<j [iay lor poor work.
That is why it pays to get work
done at the Herald oHicc. No com-
plalnt Ih made of the work tuniod out
hrie lor tbe reason Uiat It Is up to
dale and Die work ot up to date
printers. That makes a difienact
with tuy tailvtdaaU
The undersigned frill, thirty days
after dale, applj to the -* iuef Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
Special License t<, cut and carry
away timlier from the following described lands in Easl  Kootenay:
Commencing at- a posl planted at
the Intersection ol the western boundary ot Lot No. 8393 with the northern limit of the right-of-way of tho
B. C. S. Railway, thenee southwesterly along said northern boundary of said right-of-way seventy
chains, more or leas, to tlie northern
boundary of Lot No. 2805; thence
north eighty cliains; t!i.r.,T east jBm
hundred chains, theme south to "the
northern boundary ol said Lot No.
3803; thence wesl along said northern boundary to the north-west corner of lot Nn. 31193; tbence souln
along thc western boundary :if said
lot to the place of beginning.
40-5t Wm. Iliggins
Tucbty, 16'.j December, 1905, Till* I'l.AN BROOK  III.IIAI.I)
1 *, v ■ i   Herald   Publishing Company,
Editor and Manager.
The Herald Is worth Sto a ye«. Ii
rusts oni? tl- No man in .South
Easl Kootenay can alturii to br with
out it. uml everyone living outside ol
,i,. -...riot, who is Interested in «•■
nroercss nl this section, Bhould read
, it publishes tin- n.'*''s while it H
„, ,vs lt is .unm.ll.il absolutely hy
,he publisher. N" tli.ino. inirty oi
individual dictates Hs P™10**"
don't try to please the people. Its
desire is tu publish a newspaper thai
will ue a credit to the community
Soil la your subscription and you
will *.„* thanktul evei afterward.
Advertising i s Jl per inch, single
column, per month, no more and  uo
''1.,,„ll,..* matter 15 cents per 11...
to non-advertisers i   0 cents per line
o    re, il.n     ai Users.     Buslneat
liieals ii..-   cents per   line eaeli loser-
ll'you desire to reach the people ol
South l.isi Kootenay you must ail
v,in,i* in The Ilernlil.
The Herald bus a llrst-class Jul*
plant, ami its worl! is ul the best
The Herald don't want charity. II
w.uils a siituirt; ileal on your Jul'
work. II wo can't suit vou In quality anil price, kick, ami semi youi
work in sume Cheap John bouse It.
the east tlinl never spends a eenl In
m _—■— IIU lil_-W-W>*^^1
1000 a, Week
Title Ih tlio guamnlonl
culatlon ol the Ilernlil
,,-.. i,..in uml nulls
i lists open l" inves
by advortie
ut uny
Tl,,. Herald gives a dollnr
in value lorn ilollnr in money. Tlioailvortiner line lhe
righl lu know wlmi  In'  i"
receiving   fm*  his    liey.
Tim llorulil, is  ono  paper
ililions iuev.nl el i-wll
material Intores,   to   '
I'l.llih 1..      We  Ol   lie  I'*   '
-.ilislieil    Wllh    simpl)
own, we musl fi * *
cannot be a silei *
lv ii, a growing ronntrj      "■''
<lili„n musl  hi* n'l	
retrogressive        I    l Is lhc    spirit
nf lhe people      The i
i iiiiiniim nl   Hn- leadin. U ■
past  si\  niHii'lis   demon
irulhiiilii.m ni Ihis
s    eiiih-nt   ilul  each     *
realizes tho Importance ol publii
Calgary is raising .i Iui I ol $15,
■ii   lei  the world   know  ol I
vantages.      Edmonton   is   lulluwiii
suit.        The   Mouse   .Ii »   I
trade is exlreinel)  ni *   ■
liiim      Nelsi ii  i- raisil ! twitls
ihis   ]llll |i„se.        Li i nlm :
ing lor .i cunpi	
IVhal  is Cranbrook    ■
'I'li.lt    is   il   l|limt    II	
■ ness   lllllll   III   llll-   lown
himself ul  Uus uiu.*. l
[fuostion 'li.ii the cltj e m * I!
answer. Tlml i ■ n nu lion
lira I'l.inh I. II...I..I .-I il.I.
liriiisi, Columbia Is    i  win     i
KooUitm)  Is growiti.      I   Cranl	
receiving her share?     Arc l..*i  maul
I'nlii   advantages   'I «clily    u it
sim-ii nn.l known in He |i ""i *   i
is 1*lio time t,u action.     Voll
i-nli-li <lriitiui.nl  in  ll..*  wl .i.i
or cut ice   iu ilu.* stimuli r.     Sm ci
is gained hy graspine, llie o|i|
iiiumeirls.    '   Crniibroiik's i	
come      Her lu.iiih' sl i.i i,     *
in the necessities uf llie  .mi.   I*
Ihis   Imm    In  In-  lhe  Iiiii .ml   i Hi
[hat every comiii ion Im in
fm  hei*'     Tl.,* answer it pi nils   up
ih,. pcoplo.     1'iiblicilj   is Hi.*   grou
lever   in   the     llll I     iii vei   ,    ll'lll
Other towns realize lliis.     Klr.il    i-
Crairbrook k<u.iK in ito'!
li is up in he. business men.
I   Will   !'   ,      ,jA1B!2|9WttQ**lM3l&£9l£>&!Mi8f__P_
he ii Is ,i p _ _. ''t*
■ i•■■ ;:. beven  Years Ago I
Lahoi 1 a*- in ii &     ','.
;■"-. "Illv wl,h I in Cranbrook .-«■: ,«* I
♦      IlLRALD AOl'NCICS      ♦
t    The Herald will be found on
Z sale at llie folluwing places: J
X Marysville, Marysville Drus Slore X
Wardner, (i  I) hue's Slore J
Moyie. S. K. Harvie's Drug Slore
Ryan, R. I'. Flnlay
', Fernio. I'lirily's Book Store
Blko, Holbrook's Hook Slore
' Cranbrook,  llealtie & Atchison's
i        and C. E. Reid 4 Co.'s
♦«.< ■»<><>.;. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
PI m.iiTTV is Till*'. WATCHWORD
Publicity seems Iii he lhe Wretch*
wiiiil In. Western Canada ihesc days
nml tliere is every reason I.u* ii
Publicity Il.n* made   Western Canada
whal   she is  ti.-llny,   nml   lhe     people
realize t'.it publicity is wlmt will
mill In !■] wealth in lhe Inline. ll
Win   the    l   Inn.llie  publicity  ul     lhe
Dominion Immigration department
under lhe supervision uf Uu* Hon
Clifton! Silton, that aroused ihe Interns! ul the (ilil World nml the
United Slates iu llu- boundless
prairies ul Western Canada, ami
turned to this country Unit Irrcslsl
utile tide nl Immigration llinl. withli
lln* nexl decade mil make ihe lamb
uf ilu- prairie provinces blossom lik
Mie ruse, mill bring tn a vast em
piro that has r
lil a shnil I Itm* in*.
stage nl civilization
il  iin
nl   iiii-
lhe    hi.-.h.sl
nil   the     iin.M
Batistaclory i dltion  nf prosperity.
Tin* resources me hero, ami nil Hint
*.*,.i. needed was llu- spreading nf the
knowledge    to    lhe     thous Is ami
hundreds nf thousands wlm weie
waltii and watching fm* an oppor-
tunltj to Invesl their brain, brawn
ur t*,i|iit,ii in tin* dcvolopmonl nl a
country ihat promised such magnlfl-
cenl  m'm
Wiih il.e settlimenl nl thr country, with   the    iiiii- ni Immigration
flowing    t! .*   -ias ami uver llie
.Iiiiiinil.ily line Irom llie republic tu
the south, there comes the certainty
nf tilled lamls, nf the opening of
manufacturing establlshmcnls, nf tlm
creation    nf   new      business   nf   every
kind, mid in consequenco uf ihe
building up nf commercial centers.
Where arc they tn he?
Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta
ami British Columbia arc in tlio race.
In eaeh nf these provinces Ihere will
'lm populous centers built up, and
then again in ihe nthcr districts
Ihere will he towns nf 5,0011, 10,1100,
15,111)0 nr 20,00(1 pcoplo In moot tlie.
demand nf Hie tributary territory,
This artiele las less to do with the
prairie provinces than Ihal nf British Columbia, and less In do with
Wesli in British Columbia than it
has ulh East Kootenay. Thc Herald I*; mure   interested    in thi'    ml
'   :
m *■
I fancies,
: mis ai .1
!        nl   locks.
i *        i   huws,
Isiu* i: ■
: 1 prices,
.  :   iii.ui   i.
:      il 1,-llils 01
Premier  Milium apprceii les  what
Uu* newspapers ol Drill li i
are iiuiii*; I'm llu* pruvince, ami In
Paul   ll.ein   the  I.'Hi.U iim   :  euinpli
men! iu his reply to tbe _pi ■ el. frum
Un* lliiiuii.:
■■The    press nf    lhe province   ' ai
largo," said lhe premier, "iin.   li i
very neUvo In   advcriislni   in im
oral products, and I am glad to hi
able in i.il,,*   Uus public upimiinniiv
-if expressing    my    apprecii I     ol
llmir attitude. 1 maj saj will
truth Ihal ihe work of my depart
meul has been greatly taeilitntci! bj
ihe newspapers .1 llritish Coltim
HnHi    sides  n(  the  lum,i-    In,mil;
applauded ihc scntlmcnl expre   i
The      legislature      Inninl     down
woman suffrage.    II wag nol a part,
lotu.       llutli Bides    seemed in    b
afraid uf an Imlopi mil ni party,
Stand up fur Cranbrook am! 1.
the peuple know uf mu advantages.
The Herahl is Ihaiil.lul lu I:
Associated Bumils uf Trade Ior .v..
complimentary resolutions adopli
unanimously In bcliall ol this j. pel
Naturally tho Ilernlil Is plea , i *. .. .
its enterprise is appreciated, .... i ..
pccially when il is hy as intclli eni
a body ui men its those whu made ui
llie recent convention.
The visiting delegates lu lhe iin.i
ing of tlm Associated Boards wen
evidently uf lhe opiuiuu that ilu
Craiibrook way was a v. [unci.
iliill fur Cninlirook.
:idgc   Herald     is    m
Tin- I.elhl
et|iiippi'il wilh ine ..i lhe besl new
papers anil job printing plants in Al
In-ria, ami Mr. Buchanan, win. is u
charge, is une ol ihe oldesl news
paper men in Alberta. (In hull
propositions we know what we an
talking about.
The garden irull  raisers ami I	
era nl tliis district should take up tin
proposition uf making mi exhibit tli
coming summer in Cranbruok. I
moans a lul In ibis section ol lln
The Ill-mill has hem accil I I
having an axe lu grind. 'I ! I!
cusalion savins veiy stronglj  ol
truth.    .11   lias,  mui   Ihal   axe   I
prosperity ni * Cranbrook and    n
east Kootenay.
Watch Cranbiook grow.
Boards nl
h.illlil   he   fl,
■ada   mul city e
fniln   politics.
Radical    sanitary measures   should
he nne nf llie lirst   moves uf  llm eil
council.     A  hoirlthj  cilv i, whal  i
wanted liy every commimilj.
Alice  Will   SOOn  he  lllill lie.'!.
Brains are a good thing wlierevc
The Corbin rum! ami lhe Kootena
Central will give Cranhrook a gi-cn
Tlie Wheal edition ul lhe Calgary ,
Herald was by fm* llm besl public*-! pi
lion of that oliaracter ever issuod In of
tbe Western country. II was print- to
ed nn line calendared paper, the w
press wmk was porlcctlon n elf, in,,!1,,..
!    . I    iiiii il pretty
.! le ; les    all
■   bi sl ever.    One
m.i I.,   the
i..   a wonderful
l.lll   I"t   i.i people.
' ■ -.  llu v .ne    good
ii'i   ire th* i n.h linsi-
II   is  In,    win icr   Ihal
is I    r.i "i sii much,     lt
',. otherwise    wiih tin*
.       • "
[i   NS   !
ci '.'
BY   illi: l.l II
'.   ..      .
I   . )
i    ,*,
'!    .
'..., l*
;:    ■
I ii d wi I a t o i
My in *
p.-   ne.
.Mv   m
-I..,.  .   .   i
i.JVill i
. nl 11, m'.niil. sec-
*    .. l.im.l  Boards, is
ii.  ami  "Oh,
T.    "    HI oris   r. i*.i\.;l a    greal
I  (be ham!     I i'n* visitors
Hi. compelled   in
'     '    :   lhc : ill,*    .
': aped ulmii b
■•te   in having
llr,   II berts as .
■■' m' lia le. as   bis
liave d in* much tor
. I thi' town.     Tlie
i I fur liim nl
ll.     E    V.
■ ■ ■     i •
uf     1
d liil
ami a
IP . s a
mli*    *.i
■I* 11 1 .
vi   Klwell,
■   '■■'■'
-   ■
; r or a
elan extrador-
i;ir excellence,
ipanimenl am
es ami song!
i w ul;l picl
iif champagne
*-fc ;i. ■i-<f-t---f<.f-t,*ftf.*i-c a ii004\OOiW
AV. s Keay, collectoi .>f customs
Ior ibti poim bas Imn a|i]it>iiit,-.i inland rivi-inii- olllcer for ilijs place,
Each day adds ranteritil evhl ncc
for Uie beliel thai Cranbrook is t->
experience .in unusual movemetil in
building tbjs y.'iir. Already many
ImIkllugs nre umlei cotitrnol an.I
ni nv more iin- being iilamnxl. Tho
■■  i ■   'i.il  portfi f H<i- nlv     will
■ '■ i.ii'.M   Improvemenl    ibis spring,
as m.i li \  ah- prepai Hi;'.  I" Iniiiil Iiomii's
..iai   Iii lug theii   laml lien   lo    Cran
In ,      The l.iri   ili.it  iios city   is
centrally localed nml has ro man)
.iiu.uii ns in iin- waj "i n.iim,,i
beauty,   i .is Inlluenccd   mmij   Imving
Iill- III, s-.    111     llll.-,    Il'l llinl V     I,l        III.ll,,'
lheir headquarters bete ami inni.i
homes, Tins will rcstill in numerous Imndsome residences being built
liming ibe next few months. Tliere
will he several mom business lnnisi-s
, ii'iii-il   as     SOOn       as     llh'     W,'.illirl
grows iiiililfi, as ih, ri- i*. atroady a
demand  for  rooms  that  cannot    be
:iirnisl;.-il      at   the   presenl   Inn.-.      li
promises to lu- a lively spring Ini'
building ami this will he in ktv]iin.;
wiih ihe general movement forward
in every branch of business iu tbe
Kii'ti Roo, manager of lire eat-lng
1i.'Un(-s uu tlu* Crows Nesi li e returned last night from Winnipeg.
Kr, Sieve, of ibe dcspalchers ot-
(lce left  for Wlnnipog tu bring mn
bis   family.      They will occupy the
neai little cottage Mr. Sieve bus
.hm build.
A MoHa-tl has returned from Uie
easl bringing his son with htm,
He expects to bring his two daughters in n week or so nnd tlren he will
move into his new home on Hakei
Hi I.
.lames    Cronin  of  lhe    St.   EllgdiC
mine is iu lown to-day looking f. i
more teams to haul ore. He s.;y-
tho road has been placed in goml
coiwlltlon ami hi' wil! now rush ih,
ore to the bins,
Scot! Morell took bis new tie in
Moyie ibis week ami while there
visih-il ihe St. Eugene mine, As a
it's1 ll there is nn snow ou lbe hit
road now ami .lim Cronin is looking
fm' lbe nexl Iml tie frmii Cranbrooi.
wilh blood in his eye.
Man in Crah.in. ..f Wardner, and
m re recently nf Cascade City arrived Tuesday on thc delayed train.
Ik' has disposed of bis Interests in
Cascade City ami will leave fm
Ska-way to join his linn ber. Tom
Craban, and II. I.. Slepliens, in Dawson Cily. Mr. Stephens has jusl
returned lo Dawson City taking with
bim $10,000   worth of tobacco    ami
bii-llv JUn bow u muni._[:)liiv shjii'd
"Well, in ihe Tirst place let me say
—1 have a very high regard for the
local newspaper. Too often its good
work for ilu   muuUipoHty is    over*
lonke;!—as week after week it devotes valuable space gratis lor Die
benefit of the community in wbieb it
is loeatM, uml like many other blessings, its value, by tbe unthinking,
is um rec ignized. Tin- trouble win
mun cipaliiies is divided effort; then-
is imt iiioiiil action in any one dir
eeli -ti. If the place has some ex-
ieininu.il advantages, such as luca
t mu fm manufaetut hig, scenery,
water power, IMnm;, hunting, oi .1
a holiday resort, local jealousy maj
easily    interfere     wlUt   ihe ih>vdo|i
iik ill,   bcUaUSU   the   IKKjplfl  do   liiil   sis
ib.ii  if ibe iiien-b.ints, hotel kecpei
rn  any     otliei    class is IwIihkI, tin
iieiielil    mnsi    I'lliululc      .111111111;     Llh
I oinmiiiiily. Then good slrei U
110.it   dwelling and    stores, all    athi
.iltl.H 'livem-.:. il   ale    guild     advi'l
II in,-., imi h,'i|ii. iiil\ you W ill Unix ,
tlie ttoral roads ami bulhliiifts rigln
around lire bUUoii, winie l/bej    n..
i,v easiU uevn   hj e\i 1 j one  passlii]
..iuii.,;, ti)   Han,, whit li  is .vnu lllill
uu business linn will ml, i.u,', n un >
wiie looking ior customers, Maki
your plaeu attractive, otlierwise j"-.
i*.Uiiiot    k-.usi m.i lily     1 Kpuct   U,     ill.iv
. .11 um ■. 1 11 lor 1 una tei j, in musl
places Die work ul exploiting tin
I'ttlagc ui town i.s hu lu a veiy lew
publii spirited men, wlui cai ry th-
load, while otlrers profit by theii
labors.      1  think everj  municipalil)
should  holSt   the  Work  ovei   lo    llieli
merelmnt«, ami call it a ll-aiii ul
trade, or Tourists' Association, 01
au\ other name. Tlie whole municipality receives tbe benclit, then wh;
unl i:iu ibe burden where n rigin
fully belongs, uiit-n all Uie uiuniuipai
ny. The men who have oharge oi
t-lus work shoukl have theii prmti.i{;
done by local printers, ami avoid llh
travelling lakirs, who comu along
with special editions ol write-ups in
foreign papers,      li you bavt an at
■ I
W lb the building boom ihat is now
se  were   ""    •'•   '!-   CireiT     oneufJbejiiju;,',
Ihf     hnysgiveus    that   ,'"n,,iU'lors w»>  },ilV1' hls  lianri«  |llU
.   i.v.;,    \   ^i    Black   "'" 'llls l'11' cimlrnci  fur complctinc
and li'.l   McSweyn are ll,c Uumm Muck fm* ihe Uosmopoli-
.',',  ;hil,' '    j i.m hotel,  Um hiiililinii nf a slnugh-
 ' ! ler house    fm   N.  Smilh anil     many
*   i.i- i.f i'e e\e iim was I "''.e's.     Mr.    (liner never tails     te
James Hat.:- in his two fiive satislaction    in iiis work    and
ilm crowd "t"1  accounts fur the i.ut  thai   liis
■rviees nre in demand.
cii-l       or to iirii
if it he nul
,   , ,i     i
in,-   ...
I'. .1. ii i
lOilVUI     l.l    illi
I     .
Tl ■
iel   (ll
■   ■ :
*      *
ful    i ii
r     i
■     * ,
ii   ■
ler eil
.  1 i
i   unci
rl      will  ' r.
■ ■ 1-11 .
! .\. liked io have
. ai i-Urer hall hour.
i Mr. Hales is a
iii:; to be easy for
nily represent the
uii! portray and give
Owing to some delay in the Iu:
nishing of the Cosmopolitan hotel it
will not open until Monday. Messrs.
Small and Musgnive prefer to wait
mpIU|tWO days so that they ean have
■•ten everything ready. The proprietors
''•'""i propose to run a first-class house in
■ 'n'i every respect, and as they have one
i-lcs. 0[ |,.(1 |H>S^ ijnimiags in East Koolenay, heated throughout wilb 1ml
air, wiih everything new in the way
if furnishings    and equipment,  thej
Tillman, of   South Caro- will   bo ablo   to   maintain   a    bigli
Ing ihe habit    iif standard.
.* ;..   " I I'll   I."   tliliil,s   '
.ii     nn Inly   .
Calgary    Trade   lia/el te-In   ortlct
io obtain    lor  our condors an expert
■ ,i 111 ■ l.  iii l v. ho really
,   ■   ■    lhe truth, and slu
■■I--' nt  nui' h a xiety    lo
it One day  tbe    mothei
.  '    '     .11     'Illi "     Willi
pectlve ages,     opiuion upon ihe veiy Important sun-
., \ ii,' ie' said,  j.-i-i ol "How ami why a municipality
:'s lilsl    '" bhould advertise" we recently wiled
'  '   :'"' "" Sl'!";.,p.,i Mr. W. T. Robson, tbe bead ol
.mi   birthday   comes' tho advertising   depnrtni '     ll"'
■  -it: Ij   retorted,   'hut  Canadian Pacific railway.    Mr. Ilob-
1   ii i mie down   first.   iSIIJI was born in    Canada, and    has
"     "ie ■l,l^'ls spenl some   years   m New   York   In
nllv Kiinimoned the advertising profession and   s in-
:!..;'.      'it's   breaking   iimih-' doiibiedly    huh    >!  lbe last     m-
i   y ,n nil '.nelt aw- formed men iu Canada upon lbe sub-
aid.     'Don'l    you Jtrl (l{ advcrllsing.     He is a    sate,
jjj i1    "'  !"'1'"1   '"  A"'ull,lsI shrewd Jmlgo of the value of ilUIumH
y, '   maniii i,  I  know;  Hmy mediums, and has carefully  tabulated
. il   ,i mi 'hiii".     I   saw results obtained from tlie expenditure
the corner    drug -Ui various directions, therefore,    wo
regard bis opinions as of grenl value
n's represent-
to our readers.
Tbe   lirst question   we asked   wa
'Should municipalities
'■ r tl- ..
growth ol   Cranbrook,  Iban    in any   the Illustrations ami  nwlii
other p.ut of the Dominion, hut run- conveyed to the mind ui ihc
i in
shall l..' .in,i
e peace coul,, rence,   was ^ir     Hobson   replied,    "Certainly,
u -\T!'-uTiAr[ iiTiiu ,iif,>' sh°m>thai is if iiH'y ar°aiin-
ei mirli  for a treaty '" t've heneflt of advei'tlslng."
. ii. i  clahornto wnwling "Suppose you   owned a municipal-
'ssary. The .lap dissent- ity would you advertise?"
view, and,  by way   of "Most assuredly I would, just as I
v" should advertise my own busiiit'.ss.M
"But a municipality is not a busi-
aml ness."
^!,•^s   li    '
I nf ii trunklcss body?" Tin
li  -. 'im answered calmly: "This was ,                                                      ,            ,,
Lhc body of an elephant." "Now,   will    you     please UII me lea and   Europe a few months    ago,
"ne of   hisI    "Nn, unfortunately, Judging by tho
P . ..'.^■I1!''" hsual    way   their   business is    con-
phuius and descriptive mallei ti
yuiir lueoi railroad ami stca-urtwai
companies. Tiiey arc ulways iirtcr-
.■^ied iii their territory, ami it i3 u
iu, ii in it rest io imilu lheir eliori:
ivit'h yours to make ymir advatilagei
.viiuwu lo the world. ll is lues.
simple things wi.ieh cost little thai
.lie tire most important; united el
mu bj public-spirittd olliclals; ..
reasonable sum ol money loi e\\>en
iiuine; st.me special advantages u
advertise, which it you have not-
well,   my advice   is to   always mam
the besl o£ what yuu haw aud nevei
run down your own village oi low,
as Ion,; a.s you are a resident of n
but talk its good points ami en
dcavor io mend its Imd fortunes, i
notice Toronto bad tire opinion ui
three New Vork advertising men a-
to ibe lust methods io adopt lu ad
verlise tlu* attractions of Uiat city
One of Hum. Mi. S. Keith (Svans
spoke of the good wmk done in thi:
direction by Dallas, Texas, a citj
uf 76,OUO population, where oul)
aboui seven months ago ihere was .
conference of business men, lhe Council, the Board ol Trade, and othei
associations, tire outcome uf whii
was ihe formation uf a "150,00U
club, the idea being lo Increase ll
population iu lhat ligure within flvi
years. Tbe organization planner
ibe expenditure of ^,^5,111111 .
year for lhe years, and adopted tin
"follow uii" system uf advertising
As a result of then lirst advertising
in four applications tbey gol 1,7,'H
enquiries, and bave already secure.
ine brandies of manufacturing in
"1 know nf scores of pretty vll
lages and towns iu Canada tha
would be benefited by advertising—
not spasmodic, hut a well-deflnei
plan carried out iu a business-liki
manner, hacked up by lhe propert]
owners and residents. It is a bi.
subject, .md I ean only geneiali/i
upon it. There uie a number 0
Importanl features which we hav,
not now considered."
has taken another (orward step, and
by a decree has abolished slavery
within bis domains.
A \ase cul Irom a single emerald
bas been preserved in a cathedral in
Genoa, Italy, wo years, lt is the
largest gem ol lhe kind iu the world,
its dimension being: Diametei li*.
in., height :"»i in.
i'he de.nl bodies ol prospectors aie
found day after day ill  Death  Valley,
Southern California, Always the
unfortunates have discarded all iheir
lolbing in   the agonies of be.il   and
\u parts of Africa, excepl \h\s-
11.1.1, Morocco and Liberia are controlled directly 01 Indirectly by some
' uiu|ie.iii power.    French Africa   is
 1 equal in area lo half ihe inn
,1 suites
V.'nl dm:- f<      .li'llll.ili        eiellll'.ls,
1 1, 'i, 1 \o\ many annoying In wt 1 ,
■scpeelally mowpilUres, In Oei mauj
lie common   oarp, ihe   crucian carp
Hi,I Ihr nil Hi' ate 1 nli Ll,'lul lhe
l>  1   lliSI el -destiuyilig  ll  ti
MiMsuiIng seven miles In length antl
signed bj 030,0(11 |rersons, a pctillun
I-. in he presented to the Mrltisli |ini
llamenl nexl Rcsslon asking tint .1
bill be passed im ibe prohibit     uf
ilie v h Isect nn uf dugs.
San   l-'i.incisen   is   lhe   (Irsl   eity    in
ihe western world to Imvo a Hindu
lemple.     One   has been built   tlrero
unl  Is   iii el large of a  Hindu   priest
named  Sawmi Tregmtalit.i.  The coti-
rega lon numbers about fifty.
.lo,- Qrimaldi, ihe clown, win. died
in 1837, anil whose grave i> in 1'eii-
tonvllle, l.nmlun, is to have a Imnd-
iome monument erected in lus memory, He was the originator nf tbo
clown's slogan, "Here we are again.''
Nearly 100,000 acres of grass have
!,..■;. consumed by a terrible bush
(ire, which has    been raging in    lbe
(', ml- h.,Iin     district,      New      Snlilh
Wales, Australia, the country (or   a
!    miles  being  one      sbeet     nf
\t (ieia, Germany, a man who Imd
unl a tooth pulled sued tlie dent st
'.a' tie tooth, lbe d.ntist desiring to
teep it on account of its curious
diapc and claiming ownership of if.
I'he courts decided against  the den-
Paris uses about 50,000 Clirlslmi
trees each year, nl which over Hi,em
.ue bought hy foreigners resldi nl 1
thai city, —
Thi' whole e.vasl   nf  the gulf nf  !',,!
( 1   abounds    in   pearls,   ami     I.,*
year $350,000 worth was ham (led
in lowci  California alone
.Joseph P. (iluhleii, who made 1
fortune by Inventing barbed wire
bus jusl celebrated lus nlnelj Hm,
birthday at  He Kalb, Ind.
only one lish,  weighing  11  ices
was eanghl al a risking maid) at
Yarmouth, Knglaml, It look tin
firsl prize of SI .'ni, making its valm
32 I 2c. .,11 ounce,
Km/iv Gibson, ,1 Hi year-old boj
has been  chosen   "baby  (-hiel"  nf   [In
Osnge Indians, according to ibe old
tribal custom of choosing a new
every  lhree years.
The petroleum production for lllll:
approximated 130,0110,000 barrets
This breaks tire record for annua
production, whieh is now furnished
by fifteen slates and territories
The king of Slam, who is one of
the most, enlightened and progrcsslv
of Asiatic monarehs, and whose decree abolishing legalized gamblii.g in
Siam aroused wide interest iu Amor
It is scarcely 50 years since the
irsl friction match was invented.
They were merely splinters or shavings rn' wood tipped witli sulphur,
The sulphur would burst into flame
hi be tig dipped into a buttle of phosphorus.
Meerschaum, the beautiful while
earth which is used for expensive
pipes, is found in exceptional quantifies in the village of lirussa, [ll
\slatlc Turkey, where 3,000 small
mines are being worked now.
There are Indications that an Im-
mutant oil field may he developed
by the application uf modem metlwds
■ if petroleum production in the reg-
1 :>:■ 'if Ptrsia and Turkv lying nortii
aud northwest nl the Persian gull.
Prince Victor Napoleon will shortly
publish in Paris a work on Napoleon
u St. Helena. The material lias
been drawn from family papers, and
ihe work will throw a new light nu
tire last phases ol the emperor's ear-
In Van N es*s avenue. San Pran-
eiscn, a lung avenue Uii feet wide,
asplmllored ami without ear tracks,
;be eity bas placed an extra number
■I electric lights, sn as In make tl
-Titer fm- tb,' nighl drills nf the
National guard.
In  the Uganda protectorate   there,
are lhe largest lake, llm largest,
swamp and lhe largesl fores! in \(-
ilea, alsu tbe largest extinct volcano   in     the  world   and   tbe     highest,
African    mountain,   with 100 snjuaro
null"-  nl ice and      snow,  righl   under
the equator.
PACTS Altoi T  1000,
(Detroit Piee Press.)
Ian!      will begin    c.uh    Ihr, year.
VI,   W.-.IiiimI.iv   will   fall   ,,ii   Keblllaiy
-. and thi   peiio.l ui sackcloth    ami
ishes will close <m April  I,'-        Tire
calendars foi   1000 give ihe following
dates fm  the feasts and fasts as lire
I in dmay,    .January If; Sepluagcsl-
111,1 Sunday   , l-Vhruntj   ll, s,-\„'ges-
tm.1   Sun,lav.    PH uv   I.S.   tJuflKpltl
..."'iina      Sunday,      February    i 5;
S vo Tuesday,     I'Mirunrj  117: Art
Wednesday, February 28; Quatlrnges-
Imn su. d j M.imli 1, 1 '.Uiu Sunday,
April R; Ooml Piidnv, Apul 13; Paster Sunday, April IB; Puw Sunday,
April ^:, Rogation Sunday, May ib,
\seenslmi Hav, Mav 3-1 Whn Sundiv,
'ii ' i. Tiinilv Sun.lav. June 10;
Curpus Christi, June II; Advent
Sunday, December 2.
♦'Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
^Spanish Blossoms"
Union Made Cigars
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar
148 Cordova St. W.
.atlies' Corset Covers, regular prices
from ^ou to $1.35, now
S  35C
Ladies' Flannelette Drawers worth    tt\r-
from 50c to 75c, to clear at 4"*'
Ladies'  Flannelette  Night Gowns,
regular $1.00 to $1.50 for
Children's Rubbers iron, 1,1 1 to i.   ->C/-
while they last only -*r>^
40only rien's Suits, regular$10 £a n —
to $15, to clear at •P"«v,l
Fit-Reform Overcoats .u less Than Cost to
j Cipton's Beldjasjelly tablets f
» The contents of each pick.ir;e will make one ♦
* pint of jelly, three flavors, Port, Sherry and        •
* Champagne. X
Blue  Ribbon Jelly  Powders
Prepared from pure food products wholesome
nourishing; and superior to any home-made.
All flavors.
\G.   T.
i Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery i
Tor your Animal friends
fm wo haven plela assortment ot
t*-fi.-il«' -iniiiliiiil  remedies.    Thev   i 1
.'**■■  ilielnn us much ns „   himinn
n    i"V       ■ '"''"'-'•    Ami being unable to pro-
_*$,'■■  m'* : ""' 'l"-y "ie emitli-il iiuiii- l-esl.
ur    Condition  Powders
■-SNCITICN'_,  ..,
lOowiOrf    At    R.
SsfipS         ' liHimihe  yum* stuck  livelier nn.l
'!      ■ rn'      .«- •'.'*   ' * .■"..   ,    I'ii..,* «:,| :■-;:,. imv -inii-l.'
 1     £**n%«'V    A        ilil Isave vim   l!l,.'cx|.c„.H.
B^SJfVS*' .'•.''* '    *'*   "   veli-liiinry.      T, y llll'lll   l!'*ii
lAA'-''r Benson ami see how effective thoy
 .'i±_L*    \..-_u Hi.*;* .ire.
C. E. REID & Co.
Druggists       phone 71       Stationers
Out ol Town Orders Will Receive Prompt Attention **,
<lA* L.   McDERMOT j
Wines,   Liquors  and  Cigars
*   CRANBROOK, British Columbia
l-Rl-.l.   READING   I.i him
1;.,    advt rtl ei should   know
ba ti pmyii t> w,i when be advi
•.«♦« b)  coining '";^ i-*-' lleraM utti rill     v.nm AL   mli.ii ill   iill.
P.cked up   About tbeCIt] by  llikllf ")  luM m: Ll1" "* l"v " ' M> omt'Klts fc.Lt,. rtu
(l ...nl,   Ut   ll   ■    '    ' I 	
Questions of Many People.
Tire iif harvest lias been abundant
Lln   ;.      iveek and uow Wic supply 11
i ■ ■      ul is ample.
The Iwu i-l.iKh. n ul Mi   awl    Ui
Sam   Mul low    bave    bi en t|
Ute i-.i i week.
Born -mi  Tuesday,    dami r**
[HUB, to Ml    md Ui     I il ai   llomi
.,  ilaughtei
Kor     Sale— Etghl    i	
in ii"i Im   n. .. i   ihii       Vppl)
i.i thin Itmi.hi. ii. 'i
tidwanl   Kwngum,     ul    War] villi
wa ■ In  town   to-daj    and inaili    Lln
ll. Mill o ■ ,. plea anl wll
rtl     rn.; Imm    arrived - n Wedi -
iia)    ii'1'  from Calgary   I
in iin- boine ol bei bnitlwr, .1   i    d
\h-, s !■' Uorlej tiiterlain*.!
abniil lortj nl bel Irlend ver) plea-
Kiiuth  al  lui  li
■ ■ .*   and   ■* lu e ulbitehulic nu. ting ul    Hi
printed.    V ; u    ...  i- .'■  ito
Tl i    ...'linn iif    tbe counti)    ■■
lo bave lost  mora snow   Limn   othei
pai is easl nnd west,     ii Is hard to
keep -xiiott  in Mu- banana belt.
Tin* Chinese laundries slwuld be
moved to n portion of Un town
where Uicy will not be a menace to
ln-iilili and safety nf tho people.
Tin' gymnasium is p^i t Ing along
nicely and the attendance is large
enough tn altcsl Uw greal popularity nf tin insiitiil on.
First-class accountant witli two
years experience in lumber business
is open for a position. Address Hera-Id olllce. H
Don'l torgot the free reading room
that is being maintained lor tho
benefit of the workingmen. Every
man in town slwuld pay something
tor tliis each month. Ii is a great
thing tor the people.
Mr. and -Airs. i*:. .1. Caim, of Porl
Steele, were callers al Un Herald
oflice hist week. Mrs, (.'aim was
anxious to see Un type setting
machine work and took great interest in the details ol tin operation,
Otto Hough, Uu* He contractor of
t.ll.n, was in town this week. Mr.
Hough said that he thought Uiat the
price of black paint should raise a
little sn Uml sn much of El could
nol he used  n lhc marking nf lies.
... ...
  ,. j   ■
1 imt- j.-. r weekly
Mulish  l
. .
i ■■	
1'..   :..   .-    UlU
I :
I   ■.,-' ... ;
is   ipi a to   ti	
Hi   *
Applj   llii.,
■      *
■    ■
l ■
..i    Ml    ii.    M    i ■
mu..n   lui   llie ■" -...*.        -   .
...     ■..   . i      ti ..
in Lent in i I..... .
mi Tuesday    al-' -■■■ -■ ■•
Ulack   i    11,    hi. .I..'    i. .    ■
i ...i ■   Bun --      i ...    i.
\ aiiUeuai     proiui c a Iii
rangeiiicnt >-i all th lu I   i
.swing a pleasant evening
Mcl Uii j =>   "Canada      i ■
aird  Un   K.outeiU)    raiigi
leaders.     We ean supi»l)   j  in   ki eii
ea  requirements.— I'.i. in i.u   luu .
On  the thirteenth    ul  Uus 	
the people ul Cra.nor.joK will havo
the opportunity of listening lo a
great Ileal in Un waj of a musical
concert to tie given by hnglisli artists. Mine, beat rice Langley, violinist, Mi. Stanley Adams, baritone,
ami Miss Myrtle Meggy, liianist,
have been winning all kimis ut praisi
through the wesl bj then magnificent
wmk. The Herald is not prone lu
bu.j too much ul anj aggregation
that ii knows little uf, bul In thla
ease it feels .sate m recommending
tliis company lo tho music-lot lug
people oi Cranbrook, In the .'al
tons towns Uny have visiltd then
have been nothing bul words ol
praise, an.l iu Caigary, where thej
played lo a critical musical audience,
Uny won the beai is of all present.
Tliey will appear in IVeiitworiii hall
next Tuesday eveiii-ng,
Help Cranbrook
and the  district  by
mailing a copy of the
to   a   friend : : : :
There Are a F w Lei
t  |
For Sale—A number of thoroughbred while ruck cockerais; Flshel
strain. Also settings ot eggs from
while rocks .m.i Inown leghorns,
from ShowiUker's ilmn-if-Uucl
stock. .1. K. Cat-heart, Cranbrook
II   C,   " 45-0t
A reception will be h.l.l ai the
home nf Mrs,  ti. T.  Ropers on Sat-
unlaj   afteriHMtn t    I  hi i; lo hid
adieu to Mrs. Ken wick, wlm leave
for I'lMl-'ainl, lire . nn Monday, an.
from thence to New Brunswick
wia h* ber home will be In future.
The member* ol ihe license and
police commissioners (or the eity of
Cranbi ok have nol yel been gazetted, 11 n being smne Inteli iu the
recon i lendations, hut the mattei
will probably be adjusted in lime toi
annomteeineni this w.vk in the Ga«-
The commit lee In oliargc of the
concert lo be held in aid ol Un Free
Hi ■ ■-" m    I as ,!.-. i led  to    ' - ■:
same ■ n Wednesday, February 2811 ,
in Wenlworth hall. The best of
Cratibrook's talenl will lake part.
D     l foi eel     the   date,   Wednesday,
ebruarj  28th
Wanted   —   .'see md     band express
agon, suitable for general drayage.
Box  11, Mnyie, lt.  C.     ' 15-e
(Vancouver Province
\ idi.
Mrs .1. E Fenwick will leave next
Monday for a visit with her sister,
Mi-* C M Keep, of Wa-slioiigal,
Wasl        to spend   a    month  before
leavlfti    foi     lier    new Iiuine  in     New
Mm'.-vMi'i. Mr Kenwlck will neef
Mi*, Fenttdck on hei way easl. The
people of Cranbrook veiy much regret  the departure ol this family.
The Herald subscription list is Increasing bj loapa and bounds; lt
is eviii.-ni ihal people appreciate a
paper thai is run along lhe lines of
Mi s paper. The management fully
appreciate this evidence of Batislac-
imn displayed by bin people and
dusts thai it may be atria to give
lire people n paper Uml  will    grow
h-el hi  as I Imo pusses.
Miss Mansfield, who is becoming
very proficient in tin wmk of stenography, took both of "Ralph Connor's" Hormons on the occasion of
ihe opening of Un- new Presbyter Iai
churcli,   ami upon    thai gentleman1!
iei|iiesl,      senl     him    copies.        Miss
Mansfield was favored by a courteous
note from Uev, Oordon and a copy
of one of his own hooks.
Alderman John Lome and E, L.
Wigglosworlh, of Fernie, were gazetted ns members of tin lioarxl ot license commissioners for that town.
For tin dislriel A. C. Lepbardt, of
Kernie, l{. .1. Cole, of Carbonado,
and John Carmiehnel, of Femio,
have been named as commissioners.
The members of tin Imard of police
commissioners for Fernie are Alderman Quail and Saul Bonnoll.
People writing letters for publication to Un Herald .should have their
subjects well in hand. The Herald
is perfectly willing to print any
article thai is in shape for publication no matter whether it agrees
with thc ideas of Uie paper or n»l,
bill tire editor cannot bo expected to
Mi. Reginald II. Rogers, a well
Known Vernon barrister, and Miss
Annie E. Kraser, wound daughter ui
Mrs, W. il. Kras-er, uf Mcula street,
were lhe principals in a puny wedding which occurred shortly aflei I
u'cii ck this afternoon.
Tin eeremonj was p rformed in the
First I'l.sliUei.aii ihitieb by ttie
Rev. Hi. Fraser, pasl i uf tin
diuruh, assisted bj Rev. J M. Mac
Leod. .Many ol t-he fri n ■• ol tin
popular j-oimg couple atti u b I Ub
wedding, the body nf Un i-iiurdi be
mg well lilled.
Tho bride looked charming in a
bridal costume of cream parle silk
trimmed with acconieon platted chil
fnu. With il she wore the trndi
tioimi veil and orange blossoms. Miss
Mabel Kraser, .sister of ihe bride,
made a pretty bridesmaid and was
attired in green crepe dc chine nun
met with cream applUque. The
bride was given away bj Iter brother, Mr. Palmer Fraser. Mr. A. R.
Croagh attended bo tin duties of
groomsman, Miss Oruntly presided
.a the piano, and rendered Un Loll
engrlu and Memlclssohn Wedding
Ailer the ceremony ll.e wedding
partj drove to the residence of Uie
bride's mother on Nie la street,
whore t-he wedding breakfast was
ser veil and an Informal reception
held. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers left on
the Imperial Limited this afternoon
fm Vernon, where they v. ill make
their home. Thc bride's travelling
dress was a neat costume of Alexander cloth, lined with silk and trimmed
with cream lace. The happy couple
were seen ofi by a large gathering <t
their friends at tin depot, who liberally showered them with rice and
good wishes.
(Mr. Rogers was formerly in W.
F. Curd's office in this city.)
.. .;    .     .   i        i- .   .......
.i    .. .   ■   ■......i   in   met
- -  .      . ; :   -',      lilt.
.   ..... i       i, r
.   .. . . ■ ,
■    comma
He  Hit i
-   ,■     ■       i.;,i. ,i
i       I' \th  ni   i
■   .
I,* ■  V
. ■ :
l.l 1   III
i tie
L'I .i 1,
, ii i . . .1
1)   lie.
.i    III
■ : -.ii .
""..   Ull
lite   .
Ll    .-llll el:
.1     -.
■U.I.I..   II
e   ot
i    W mi
,1    L'Ul
ue mo
A .1
lulioweo \
1 -
a ia
i. l m
A ill     lh
ng p
ji n
una a
cu in nn
he  tt
IS   al
UihC   l
thiige u
i wi
g   uujql
I'lihSI'.N'l e.li   Willi   A   1'l.liSL.
Miss Ethel  I'uverelll whu has   ba
IS        ll.
al   .Hail,
ti,   l .
i lil.—
iel   poMiii
Ul   Ull    ux
ana   Iin n.i
c boomers gamereu ai    Im
li   ami   pi.'.M.ii.,.   net    WUII
itaiiriiig  -mii.un  ui  goiu  anv
'.111^   ...nil ess:
Jan ;,i,   uii.
ii is whu exLuiiie regret thai w\
iraui ol iiie severance ui your cou-
„,en..n WlUl ilie yU'liLWul tn llUU
illiHIIg      Im.Ill,    a.ul OS a Sllgilt  LnKti
.a <i„i upi'icuialtuii ni >„i,i eiiuru
..i please the paltuns ul lhu uotei u
me pasl two yeatb, tte i>eg ol yuu
tn accept lite eiiulused puiao.
We n.uu.e Uiat your pusiliuu ba.
mi.li a trying one, and unit wncre si
 nj    people aru   gainvieu  u.-^ l:i .
n.i a uumuer ul inonuis, a.s one iai„.
lauiiij, uillere.ices ui opimun un
ueuutl tu arise, but the i.n t an.
goiAl iiaiurc displayed by you ii
uueiing Unse dilliculius, have woi
Uie isiiiiii ol all, anil we liopu Uiu
uusl nui your inline will be east u
pleas-ant paths, and tlml, as tut
years roll hy, wo will uVel retail
j.jiii. eniiiMitk'il friendship.
Wo arc, must resptetlully yours,
Ucurge Staples, I-. u. Ituiley, Hob
,-rt Allans, Barney Lcaby, l'atriei
Leahy, Uuuige Smith, II. J. lilaci.
John   Hayes,   ,J.   Maedouell, .J. K
-iinilh, M. II. liilliii^s, T. ii. l av.n
i\aiier Lamb, A. nigrum, A. h
Farrell, James Steward, j. E. .We
Kailanc, -\. A. Uhaptil, A. .1. Brad
En mute from Seattle in Calgary
will play one nighl ai Cranbrook,
Monday, February t-2, presenting one
of lheir best bilis, n comedy
iiinma in four acts "When ihe Hell
Tolls." The   play     is   (Hie   nf    lh
most eltectlvo an.l     nevei   fails    I
please the most    exacting audience
The leading man, Percy Hunting, has
been connected witli some nf ihe hest
company's, both in this country aud
Europe.     Among the other members
of (he companv     are Charles Mi
met   George Matison,     David    Wit- expense of their shareholders
Spokesman-Review:—Tin shops of
ihe Spukane later national ruaa win
ui all probability be located in ti
cast Side Syndicate addition, out ut
the cily limits. 1). C. Curbiu, when
asked if the shops would he located
in the East Side Syndicate addition,
last night, said: "it lias not beer
definitely decided where they will hi
located, but it will probably lit.
there. 1 have secured ia acres oi
land there whicli can he used fur lli
shops. 1 can't say huw hig the
shops will be as no plans huve beei:
BROOK  lim ll.
..   i houi ui ihe meeting of the
. i    u...uJs ,,) Trade Thurs-
i,i.   .it'.'i n   was .i  bus)   one,  hut
■ ■ -■ i. was completed in fe,„.d
.,,.i(n ai.'l an ,i.ii.iii;niii. ni laktu, The
,.\:   imvtiug  ■■•ill be la-Id .a tlieen*
 ahoul ten o <-.-■■ k wh.-u   the
guests nli-'i inlu lbe din.ng luuiu ul
in- I'lantiiooi. ia.i.'i, and all were
leased wilh I In scene prtsti i
i ,i table. •■ beautiiullj deeorai
.1 v. uh paims .oni pul Led plant.,
g-lisieuing siini and gleam*
 in- i nugnl  Uu- lays ol tin
ii.,,.)    Incandescent    electric     lights
iml   i.thi u-,1   u„-m   .uaiu   like   Un
 , ni   paikling h„i,i.     in lluliii i  ni  tiif room an.i between tin.
,* . wu i i lie piano almost   hhiden
.ii.m view  i.y  thu urooping leaves ui
...I,,, 1.1    p..u,i i     When it. v.. Uwl-
ie,     plisideul  oi    inv local  twain,
uus   ins .s.*.u at    tut*   bead ul Un
.ini.- wuii ru-sidetit Buchanan uu his
i. ...     I    \ ue rieM.lelil   i* led   M.u -
,. j .a. mu lell, everj cltalt was lill-
a .nm a juuy, uapp) crowd piueoeU-
.1   i-j   UlSpuSU   ul      u.e   palaU.ne  iieil*
aens .spu.nl before imm. Messrs,
lUbfturvh iv ivuniiis, proprieturs ui
..u ...JL. i, citaiiiiy um linmselves
.ruud mi in.ii oceosion, iui imre
vas   uotuliig   leu   uuuono tu    mane
trti i.ainpiei one Uial would he lon^
t,-mcmuett.sJ ny all ui thoso whu
laiucipoitd. *\u market mul been
j.i.i.,.ij_ii_a in hvt'„ilii^ lne gutra
iiungs ni mc eottii ana lue guests
..io.tt.il  tutu  appreciation uy   laiiuig
ii Willi a /.csl. Ailtl an UUUI s ili-
,uyiiiLiit ul uus cuaiacler, all. liual-
iu wiappud ioi uiikt ana alter a
ch a,,|>inpiiaic umaiits ol giiviing
,i    un visitors in proposed a toast
U   III,'   IVlllg,   WlUCll   Waa   (ll'Ullk   StaUU-
iii^, am accompanied ny sinking
una .saw ine tuug. 'iiuii lunuw-
a  w ii.it iiiiniit  ue    trulj   termed    a
aa.iL  ul   .e...suii     .ilia   uow   ul   soul.
i no bpceciiea were ul a ni^n    utMer,
nCloUlllg Willi tacts Uial gave a
..jnei.am   lUCO   ul   Uie   lesulUtt*.-   ut   Lit
luiei.ui ui liiit'isii Luiuiiiiiio., as wti
.b       UlU     plo.liue     ,ia A   W'llOlC,  UVti-
in/Wing ttun     nuiuur,  tue khai    iu\
tliul   i,lutl0liL   lullll   IUC   MI1IUS   ul   Up
,'i.uaiU'ii ami never weaiieu, euai
.itLcii/.i-u nj  Cue biiun^ .em ut gouu
.-.■.iUtt&l/lp .mu guud ttiil, optliuwut
atii ana etClJ   UUU, all   lugxrttni   L.uv
rtcte speeeiics tnat cmpiiasueu tm
uiui uiai  mc delegwtes iu u.c meul
The Wliittipvg Kin- Press uf last
Mmi,,i.u contain lln nutice »>t ilm
tlcalli  oi  Ua..',   n     I. i iy   on   lhe  iiud
iust., at Uie „,:, i.; hospital,    aged
33   wai I i,.,.k   place
"ii \l tni.tv from tl, re i lence of
Mrs. Barbara Munn ■, ... i i aa u-
main     .'-. ;■■   ,.. Elmwood
eemi lerj       I i.. will be u-
metnlM.- : I ,..,     ,,j
:i---  twaelni    .      i        publi      ehools
Wbo  wa,   la,.,:.     :.      „;  |   ,,,,   .u,uut    a
:•'••" suBi mil Eugeue lu-s-
pit«] wnh ihe di.,,.; ., . . i- consumption. A : . ....
v..i , taken I i v, uU-tl
i *.ucsi, as be i . :.,.-,,,
'i.ie sympathj ul , i
Un family hi I *
ed to Mi-,. Ten  .   %
'■"ll1,   !'   I  1"' He of hei    bus-
K11-.1 , I.,.,,   1,.,.   . ■   j   ;a.       [(,r
»*lo bj   the cai  I -.-.      ippij 'y   q
(-uej, He u.1,1,,,, f. ,, . Alberta, u.
If you require ai;)  hired hell', eith-
et  male ui female, write to us.   Our
charges  ale  COOSU	
Employment,     real   estate,   insurance auu commission ...->■■ *■
w-tf Weiaskiwin, Alberta.
Ottawa, Feb. 1.—lut* amount ol
bounty paid mi irvn and steel i.-i
the past ealendai yeai v\a*. Ji,9Uu,-
in   its  Uituie
(Krom thc Toronto World.)
What seems lo be the must   wide
spread evil of these days'!
Undoubtedly want ol fidelity to
Public men sacrifice the interests ol
lhe people who select ihem as iTUH
lees ul olliee aud cushnlians of pul;
he property, public money, public
rights. Tiny give away the people's
properly to tln-ir friends. Every
day directors win are ou two boards
will sacrifice tbe   intercses of    one
of  ihem  to  the other.
Directors ami officials of join!
slock companies foi get iln-n trust,
and tlmse for whom tiny hold a
trust, from whom tbey derive lhe
trust, and improperly advance their
own interest, or tlieir friends' at   lh-.
.ma iiieru tteie songs, utiO good
lines tliey were, lou, una reuitaituiis
uuu ,umibia lutiti mum! alter rouno
.,1 applause. 11 Was a great pru-
(jiuiiime, one mat met lue approval
.a   an,     ami   alin.iugli   Uie   nuiu     was
mie oelore tne last luast was pro-
pused, yet mere was nu anaung ui
uiu-iesi, nu cessation oi iun.   li was
une   ul   lue   Vei)    nest   liauqiiL-ts     eVet
neiu in UronurooK, a town uial na.s
won lame ny her banquets, aim tm
visitors were overturning in their
wurus uf praise tor Cranni'uuk aoii
L'laii'urook people.
It is impossible to give even a
synopsis ol the talks, but tbey were
among the best ever heard iii Crau-
The toast list as presented was as
given below:
The King.
The Dolegates-R. L. T. Galbraith,
j. P. Farrell, W. H- KalJing.
Associated Boards of Trade—G. 0.
Buchanan and A. B. McKenzie.
Miiiing—J. L. Reallick and Smith
Lumber— C, McNabb and Mr. Mal-
Snuiting—J. J. Campbell and T.
W. Bingay.
Fruit and Farming—T. G, Proctor
and  A,  B.  Fenwick.
Tin Kootenays—K. E. Simpson and
Ni«ile Binns.
Sister Cities—Lornc Campbell, J
R. Pollock, Fred Starkey and Mr
Transportation—W. RL Pearce and
Dr. II. Watt.
Learned Professions—Rev. J. P
Craiubrook Board of Trade—R. E.
Prcas-A. W. Dyer and IJ. V. Mott.
Ladies— K.   W.      Uueiiisey,    W.     T.
Reid and G. ll. Thompson,
our Hosts—George Hoggarth.
Tak« noliee that thirty days after
date 1 intend io apply to lue Chief
Commissioner uf LaiM.*. au*J \Wus
for a special license to cut aud cany
away Umbel from the lollowlng uea-
cnbed  lamls In  West  Kootenay:
Commencing at a p .-; pia;,;ed on
the south slue of the B. i , soutoern
right-of-way about a half mile northeast of McNeil lie .-...:.-:. thence east
one hall mile, Ibei north one tull
mile, thence '.'•-. - - oue ..alt mile,
tLciife north om ball mile, thence
east one mile, thence north oue
hail mile, mute or less to tin B.
C. southern righl-nt-way, ihence
south-westerly ...,';.^ ^aia rl^it-ot-
way to point «-; commencement,
L.  I). Slrackieton, Locator.
Dated  February '.'..,,  1B06,     to-jt*
Miss Mansfield will do fancy typewriting for alternoon ui t-'>t:.ir.g enter taiiiiuei.is at reas nable rales.
Guess work questions supplied, or
typed from cupe.-s. -15-tI
liains, Miss RIolslo Campion, Nellie
Devin and Clara Hammer. The balance of the company aie Utoroughly
capable, and supcrioL' in ibe stand
and of the average travelling company. The scale of prices or ibis
engagement will be lifi\ cents general admission and nue dollar for re-
s'.'rved seats, which are no\
at   Beattie  A   Atchison's  d...0
Adv.     Aldermen, architects, lawyers even,
 4 .—i at   times  forget their  trust to     lhe
MAKES A DIFFERENCE.        | people, to employers! to clients.
Clergymen forget their denomination
and lheir principles and sacrifice both
tu sell stock that will never pay, or
to carry measures that are inimical
lo their professions.
Public ollicials forget that tbey 'are
servants  of  the people;  ihey  renu-ni-
Notice is hereby given that we intend to apply to tne lioaid ot License Commissi ; tbe City of
Cranbrook, u: the I meeting held
thirty days ,J ei the first appeat-
ance'of this notice, I : tbe nattier
of the license foi lbe Queen's hotel,
baker Street Cranbrook,  is.  C,    to
Dated at Cranhr ok, li. C, this
twenty-fifth dav of Ja-.u^rr, lt)06.
Nils Peter Molander.
Qougeon A Netterfield,
Per W. K. Gurd,
45-lt Their Acents.
<&$■&$-'• "i * 4 '****-*** -■*, * ■*_ **.**j
; „,,,,_.. j
.    anv longer      Th<- people    td    (
)   i ranhrnnk know a good thing    /
I   whpn tbey H'-i. i*     h - can —-11     )
1    it frum Hi" -",;,. ai                        1
J   Btrnigbt, foater than wa  can    )
,   make it.                                      ]
Confectioners, * Cranbrook
!„_^ i
Q&$&i,'\/i/',-V>sV'sV>. 9QQ99999.
■It lm|ipen«l in a liltic town up
in tlm Nort-hwost, tlie -last time I
w.is up tlit-re," remarked llie druin-
,m-i. "A lady came down Irom upstairs and asked the manager ol tlie
hold il slit- could get a glass ol
" 'Why, certainly, madam,' said
the manager, filling up a glass Irom
the water cooler.
"Two minutes later she was back
iu the office again.
" 1 don't like to trouble you,'
she said, 'hut could I get another
g'lass oi water?'
" 'No trouble at all, madam,' said
the manager, handing her another
Chop!   X
How tired aro
the arms tli i: i *■
and ftowl
Chop* Bdior.r.i<ler.Qaidur
Don nway wltb the
tf tu.o Chapping Dcwl
Avoid infe-i or imitattotu.
Get ll.-o C'jnuiro
J. D. HcBride
j    In a word men "graft" lor   tliem-1     'Two minutes    later she appeared
Tailur— "I mn   sorry, sir, but    as selves or friends on any sacrod trust again. ' 14       J M        -I *
this is    lo be your   wedding suit   I   put    into   their     hands.      And thej    ".Certainly, madam,' said the al-  narflVVflrC      I'.CrCnant
sliiul'l require cash nn delivery." this- higher   up   you go il stems to    get liable manager,   'but could I enquire,
tomev—uj_h.    Why   I've liad an   nc- worse. ' what you   are doing   with so   mucb j
count with you Ior years, -mil    I've     Trusts   are no longer sacred.     Wc wa.cr?' '
always paid you promptly."     "Yes,  must lind a way of making Ihem so.     ,, ,, k ,,,  ,   , , n   ,
rewrite articles    of this nature    lor sir; Imt you   wore   a bachelor then, There   must   be nn  condonation    of >»ow yo" " '"" "S™1 '""
the purposo of   gelling them in pro- ami were sure to handle your    own broach ol trust,   whether in    public  ' l<" V"".  «■" ™ ""■».   ' m trying
pcr lorm Ior publication. ' money." m™, public otlicials or individuals,     to put out a tire In my room.
Cranbrouk, 13. C. THE   CHAN BROOK    HBRALO
. ;-    :  ;-   '  •--
r. r   *$■--<<■-<■*.■■■:■<■<■ ■WSWS®******Wi^4ai ■■■^■- 99
DISTRICT    4       «*
.-*_.,: n.
|.i.*n.iiis   liiiuii* iii tin* mining worM
1 British    Columbia, and is   doing
& i iiiin-h    in attract attention i"     Uh
ml,i.-l.ll wealth ill the |ir,»i Hi'*"*.
I \i*l
Th,- am.iU.iiii.i' u.u ol the SI Eugene, Tr.iil smelter, Center Stat ami
tin- Kossland Powvi company is now
.in   accomplished   lael        The   new' !,„•' i,.,,,,*,,,,!   |,
-JAJAJl^AuAiJ^-ilA'''^    Nes. Pass coal oo     *■
^^^MnMMMNWtlMMKMWttWI I ..nice ol Ik- company 9 .In To-  eagerly    renews In. dispute beU,	
Spokesman Review:—Worth    Beldcs
i Irip in    Uu*
(From   the Mnyie Leader.)
I                              .... ,-.;  llie    Iol
menuo   and
l_aiiiliii.il      ivl, n.ai ll   ll. I'lni	
, iu icel in >i'i
. *.* *' ;»"
....... i     . ■■  ■     "i'1    "u
  ... ■    mere is
           .1 mi I    "'
*.  *     * ■"" 'licit
  Id i'"i    i.*
n ,i.i
It. J,   iVll!
iol  '   ■■'       '      '   '   "
     . .   .     I *. ""'
 *■*   '■''
^..    i  ' *'
ii,.... .. ul ., ii.c i   .1 ■-'■■'■' "' '""
l,u eye    -i..i uon    in is lihroatoni i
v, tn i    *' ''      '"' w''lb
.,  ...   lu   ..M.iiimil,   ."''I     •■>
mil..., upon lal  advice.
v.ioiu Hit Free Press.)
Mrs. .Muuic, im.ij ...m n.in visiting
llfl   „.ul,,liicl,     .III,     li.ulli li,   nam.'
1..I    | . :.,. .    .i il.i I I    LU lii.'i tow.
route   Unl.     Tin- held i.ilu-i' in tbs   liimscli an.I  Andrew  llnckill  and the
.,,,, ,,,,.,,1 ilns ihc case,     lie    ai**"   ,,,,„„,,.,. |S ,,i Trail .mil tt   II M-I    Kasi  Kootenav Coal company    ovei
mm ;,,.,i .m.i il.i* nisi .11,11..^   Inn*   .,.     „f Trull, is     namrtas    lhe1,  |a,„|s which eaeli claims in   lhc
is in danger as iln-n iin- watei ■"
.'s nut iif tin* grasi
Tin. iheot)
1.lllill    Ullill*   ll-.l...ll.iii.*
11    ■.  : l
,*,   -,llli  li. II    ,|,    v ( IMI    --ll.i,i
The capital i**
\s    in-.il
Cn.us Ni-si Puss country.
US   l,111    !■■*    IciUlC'l    llli-H*    Mill    In*       ll
statement  ninn   the Spukes-
|_asl   Thursday   owning,    Januarj ,*,.,,,, ,,! ant  impnrl-.iucc Im     Hie  ill'iniv lasl nighl Mr. Belden rc
:.*...   tliere w.is   one ul ihc largest urt-No.-,,   al     Inwt.        Tl"* iliffercnl   |>]i,.s i,, ihc charge id   Vndrett  Hack
t-rrngs thai ovei  mel .ii a social biddings nl iin* coinpnny .m* so    I."
niiiiii.u iu this dislriel  .ii  tlie Win apari ih.it ihey mil irate in be man
dertnere hall, Hn* oeeasion being   lhe ,, ..-.i ..l,....i »s Wlorr ,1k. mergei
.n.i    .,i,mu m.Hi   ul  Mi    a.ii Mi*       1'   s nisi mi f.ci i.i bedrock .ii tin-
Walker Tegarts    ii.il.mm da) .u.i   lhc ..,.,i'   sll,- ,,i lli.* \h K,,t-lll.iek Mining
asscmbi)   wore somo ol  llieli    mail) i.„mpflti)        \ sandpipc was    driven
Irlcmls   whon v  n.nl iuvilcd    lo ., ,| ,;„. j, ,,;i, ,i in,, alluvial ilcposl,
i..iii ihem iu uicui making     li ma) was llius ohtulecl      Th,*i  an*   n.iw
uorc in- propel  in explain ihat     tne having .i shall su-ik mi ihi- \\.*-i side
ull was iii.i.ic iim* tu in um. ni in,* ,,| ,,„. j,],,,     I'lmiplele Riiundlims "f
.ui     thai   ltH.ii     |in\,it sldence nK, i.,i,,. were  le Hns week   II..Ics
could in u" wise   acciuiiui'tilaic    tho were cm  in lhc Ice ,ii distances    "I
.)....   i..   bl
In, ...la
I'.   11.   ,1,,„.....1,, ul  l'..l,...il>,   vv..s
ll„. ni)   j,.,L,.l.,*.,     lie  was iu   ii
vui.cn mi u.c u. .-.. It. neat   nun
Hail,      Hi*   uas  liltowil  jn Hi"   im
lull   I.
1,1    .1111,1,
last   I-11
Iuc ivrUow  ,m,..iiu anil
.- was uit-il licit on .Nov*
An iiiiporlaiil Bale ul an nun piop-
,*ii)   im   Craw-lord cud.,  lli    inilia
I, ..ill   ll.lV.1,.1,1    H,l),    la    U'P nl lid-     I'
II, llcMillail, mil i.li,,uii in this til),
hail lhc handling nl lhc propert)
Purchase was maue ii) eastern isu.ii-
talists through .Hi. llorswcll, oi
Cleveland. Ohio, ll is expected tin
i.i ti .Minus iiill expend a large sun,
ul iiimii) developing   property,
Tlie ni,.nn nm ■ ey team deteatoii
ii iiliiini team Irom I ranbrook al tin
1,'oruie rink lasl night. ilie local..
wero inn heavy loi the visitors aim
they piled ii[i a score ul 11 tn li.
Miss Bapslord, who is visiting hoi
sister, .in... A. it. Wilson, ol Michel,
arrived nn Tueudu) last. Miss Saps-
lleld comes irutu Unlicld, Loudon, aim
oxpuels In ii iiiain lul sniiit time.
tte un* pleased to report llial Mrs
A. 11, Wilson, ulnl Ii.i*. been al Hn
Michel hospital foi somo nine, wai
able lu imiiin In hit* Inline anil lain
il)  mi Wednc da)  last.
Miss ll.il.cn), uh.i i., on the stall
ni iuc Kernie hospital, uiiiveil
Michel nil 'I mil.,il.i) last un a short
visit. Miss li.illuii uas lhe guest ul
.Mm, Jl. Hi i,le nl  tin* Michel hospital,
(From thc outcrop.)
Mining, lumbering   and agrlcullui
we've got liivui all right litre ill lliis
valid*. All ui* want is lhe K. l.'.K
nn.l ilns iiiiliiiilual Uiu will sing
a song lhat will he hoard Irom ocean
lo ocean.
S. Urewer is now hauling lumber
in 1*.uimniii lu Innlil a new residence. II beats all bow lhe ranchers
ilu prosper in this valley. Sam has
thirteen succcsslul crops from lus
fruit trees, ami now lmil, .il lum.
Late arrivals iinm Splllimuclioiic
state ilm' .in imiiin i,mt sii ike has
heen reported from llu- /me property
being worked    hj*  Capt.  Armstrong.
It n, ...nil Hit whole I.ue ni Hit lower tunnel is in ute. It is hoped the
genial captain has really stunk
suin,-lliin*; good.
Mi. ami .Mm. Tims, Starbird loll
rn, Tuesday lur Cranbrook in route
I., New v.ili, whore .Mi. Slat-bird
goes in connection Willi business    uf
llie I",il lum.in mines, uf which he IS
111, ill.,: , i. .Mis -M, lle.s.sle, who lias
heen visiting Mrs. Sl,ulmii sin,-.- lasl
;u in , i, iii companying theni Lo liei
luui..* iii Colorado.
T. C    Connors returned lo Wllmei
nn lln- l'i.u.i I, stage S lay   fm
lhe purpose nl lun lln; liiul't horses in
i,ike mel lu Alberta,     lie was   slie-
eosstul    with   tl hunch"    m took
ovor Un* mountains late lasl fell mul
has since heen     engaged in a livery
business al   I li-il Deer.
The lea sel - ui tin- Stvanso , easl
of Windermere, have started men in
work anil will haul oro lo the tt'in-
dermere wharl as sunn as Hit roads
ait again in good condition. Thoy
un- carefully sorting over Hit several car loads piled up un lhe dump
mnl assaying ii .it the mine, and will
proceed with development and take
nut. more nre.
Baptisto Morigeau, wlm has lived
in Ihis valley moro Mian 10 years,
slates ll.nl iii.inv* years ago he learned lln* cause ot horses and cattle dying in   winter nn the sloughs.     II
number Invlled,
lllll feel ,||.u I Tin* deepest plaee
found I- I II. 'cc,, uMili is mil l.ll
Irom   11     II       Mil"!-   ml.,ii.I The
soundings .'.ui in.ii ihere is a
"iKigbnek" al    ihe renin  ol    tlio
hike .i .1 .il Ihal iniiiil lln- w.il.i is
mill   i;  ic.*i  in depth,
(Krom lhe Gulden Slat.)
The  Star heard a lad)  remark, "ll"'
think I will sci a kodak this com ng
summer.     Everybody should have a
hobby."      Certainly, havo a hobby. |
\    unman    vvnh a hubay  will never I    ,... ,,,
.lie ul senile   decay.       She has    al-i *•'■> IAI II       DAI
ways    somoUiing   in   occupy  cither
iijind or budy, therefore she romaiusi
iiesli ami vigorous. Nelson   Daily    News:—Somo    days
U is reported    that a I.n; conven-  ag0 a *,r|Bi [elographic acooutil   was
Hon   ot   Canadian    Paclllc Railwa) j puWislred , ,sl, c0*um„5 B;vlllK   „
men   will   he   ll. Ill   II,   1*1.1.1   mi   I'.ebril-   J      . .   ,,      „*,,,,.,„„„   ™,lsJ   lu
ary 12.    The gather ng will oontinue """"""l "' "' '"•'" ""** ™'scu '"
iliiuiiKhiiui   three days, and will   to  the  sl'[| Sm"la>  "'"""•""■'■ 'n«
presided   ovei     by   William   tthvic, as   propound ed   hy   lhe     Dominion
lhe    lvi*st,*lli   lilies,    licli-
.-t.il Superintendent Bury uill be in
The eastern papers are printing a
slniv aliulll a ii,.in in Boston uh.i
lias lived Im* in veins mi mils.
William Stevenson serenaded ihe
,imi nf Uns i.iini!)- journal Wodncs-
i.iv altet'iiooii. If there's anything
ihi' mallei wiih the paper this week
..Inllle il nil lhe pipes.
A horrible man walked inlu Hie
Sim palace Thuis.l.i ami soriouslj
remarked, "Well, Sim', 1 see a brewery started in mini lo-day." "Whal
brewery is that?" queried'the Star.
-February!" Ami ihe liend ili'-ap-
inMieil before we cniild Iiii him   uver
In*    h.i.I   Willi   lhe cnal   scllllle
Ii. I'. Klmptou, siiperiiiteiidenl nf
il.e Sltiiiing liemiiv tniiies. accompanied .Mrs. Klinptim' in 11..lil. it Sunday,
ile roporls work going steadily
.ilieiiil mul the showing good, Mi'.
Kiuiplon returned Monilay, hut .Mrs.
Kinipton will remain in Golden fur
iht balance nl Hu* winter.
The talcs an* .n.iinst Hit Sim.
our second dog iullnvvi-,1 in the foot-
sieps uf mu- insi un,-, namely, n
Had an exlrcine   fondness uf butting
 ii pinning trains in an oilurl   in
ilcra-H ihtin. Hul ihe train rofiisud
in he held up, especially liy our laic
.ii'i|iiisiiiuu in th,- canine species,
which was nearly all dog, awl ihe
result was ihai Brutus (lui ihat was
us Horn,') came nut minus his head.
He have still tni a cat led
Tin* piuvuici.ii revenue derived from
Kasl Kootenay district tor Hit fiscal
itm ending June lln, laken from Hie
iiulilisii.ii public accounts was, J1-S3,-
177.111. The Star would liie I i
know huw niiiiii uf this amount Kasl
Kootenay gol fm* roads, trails,
u-ldgcs ami ui her necessary work
Iiuiii.; the year.
Cranhrook is going ahead with
leaps and bounds—lour births last
week, There's no rate suicide in
llml wide awake city.
Tin.   year's   progress at the     Si.
Eugene mine may be forcibly told in
lull feu* winds, says the H. I'. Milling Record. Oro milled, 130,0011
Inns; lead produced, '10,000,000 lbs.;
silver produced, 1,000,000 on. of the
me ami concentrates produced 11,70S
Inns were shipped In Europe, and
lhc remainder in the smelters at
Nelson and Trail. Tin. average of
tht metal contents was silver HI oz.
per Imi anil lead 1.7 pel* tenl.
Development work consisted uf
3,020 liu. fi, ,,f sinking aud raising
and ..,711 fi.. nf crosscuttlng ami
iliifiins, making a tola,! nf 7,773 Iin.
fl., and bringing Hn- aggregate foul-
age nf development in ihe mine up
In n!n.m   12,000 fl. ni* 8 milts.
Xeu machinery Installed included
Him- Jenkins Machine Co.'s hollers,
each lur, hp., mid une Canadian
II.uui Corillss tiir ciiinprcssur, capacity 3,11111 cubit feci  of  i  nil     per
Miiiiui,-. .New* shaft bouse and boiler
and compressor biiUdings were creeled  ,11   ,1   ensl   nl  about  Wll.llllll
The neai earnings fur the year
were iiuiii' Hon JMIIl,llllll. Kuiir ullar-
itili dividends, .nth uf 1 per tenl
were paid in January, April. July
and October, respectively, Tht au-
iliuii/uii capital stuck ,,t the company
is t3,800,000. Tu dalo dividends ng-
icrogal im In per cent, have been paid,
■nli ul.il.il on   Ihe  Issued   slock,     Ihis
Lord's Ha; Alliance, made lu Sii
Wilfrid Lauriet ami Uuu. C-harlei
Kiupnnick ,ii Ottawa, hy a depul
ainui Iinm ii..*   Seventh li.it  Adven
Appended is Hn* slatcmenl in full
read tu Hie premier and minister ut
justice, hv Kev. II. K. Richard, ol
Huh D.iv, proslllcnl nl the IJui'lici
coiilerenco ni Seven! li Hav Adven-
lists, mul spokesman tor ihr deputation referred in:
■■li nil,n.l uu* grcal pleasure hv
meeting with vnu lo-day, ami having
th,* privilege ni speaking iu behalf of
my people, and ngniiis-l lhe encroachments upun their righls, hy those
wliu me appealing in parli.uncut  im
a luw tu i pel cverybod)   in    this
Dominion in keep Sunday, regardless
uf whal their nun individual conviction uf Sahhaih observance mav he.
He, as a peuple, keep holy lhe' seventh day i.f Ihe week, lhc da) which
uiu Creator rested upon, and blessed
and saiietilicil at the cluse of lhe
creative week. Hit same day thai ii
was Hie custom nf iiiii Saviour mnl
Apostles lu observe. Oui people are
temperate, industrious, Oud-luvtiig
peuple, aiid    there is no law in    the
ell, published in ih.* Spokvsniau-Uc-
view nl February I, wherein Mi.
llaekeii    says   the   Easl   Koolenay
I'u.ll COIlipUll)  holds Hit huu.ili.le title
Iii   the  '.mils   iu  i,ii. - ,        S.ii.    Mi
••Whin tn,lieu U.u ken gave 111
i iv imi    ahoul oui   cu.,! laud ditli
CUllles I was iii Hit Cinvvs Nesi Pass
11  Id        I   have  jusl   lell il and   leal
Mi    Meckel I's   Interview, and    uill
nuw state Hit absolute lads
"First,  llnckett's    cumpaii)     was
supposed tu iiivn l'i  mule square
miles ,,, conl ImnI mul slock was
snhi m. Uui repivsclilal inn. The
license money mi these coal became
dut AiiKusl 3, 1005, am! vvas nnl
paid. Natural'!)', wt were keeping
mn mi ihis ai' Victoria, We hail
stni a represi-iiiaiive in Victoria Inl
this special purposo. 1 received a
win* frum this representative Aug-
usl  3.  ltllla, Hint  lhe laml vvas    nut
"tte next sent a dispatch In
re-lucaliuii man, vvh" was in vvailllie
in re-locate the ground, 'this ■
done, And 1 personally performed
Hit labor, wnh ihe aid uf fnur mi,
els. il .i„ji Hit work on Hie chain
thai liad been staked wiih uur mone'
in 1003.
"As l„ the affairs uf the Kasl Kun
ti-iiiii* Coal company, under ihe law
uf llritish Columbia ihev could    nnt
hold  e     ih.iu lit   claims in    nn
syndicate, whereas Ilitv claimed 13
claims, more ur less. ' Thev hav
neither done Hit work required no
paid tht nionev. Out uf 320 claims
soli! In* Andrew llaekeii. the license
money was tendered only nu 15, and
thai money was nol accepted In* Hi
goi-ernmenl nl Victoria because Mi
ninnty was tendered alter the   tin*
speciliul   in   lhe  COnl  ael.
"Our aitnrnev, knowing we had s,
cured possession ..[ ihe propertv, dii
m.i     appeal       before     lhe      snjireln
eourl. Ily mil appearing he allnvv
e.l llackeii's attorney in get a dc
fault judgment mi whal lias lurnod
nut to he an empty barrel fur Hack
"llnckell is evidently Irving ti
lmil me iu mv Onancing of live title
Sinte Thanksgiving I have securei
weiillhy men to nuance ihe tltlo o
11.nun acres. These financiers an
the kind whu vvill mil lav down. Tin
future vvill show whether I am righl
nr wrong in ihis mailer,"
(irand    Forks,    B.  O, Feb. 3.-A
rovlncc of Quebec, after thev   have  „,„.,|„s ,„* ,,,, Easl   Koolenay   enal
;rsirTh!.?r,?K^\!.,r,,^u!» '"»"";»«■•« -* - ■ — ».-■
tbelr agricultural    employments    on entangled   state uf   the   enal area
the lirsi dav nf llie week. Charles llat* and  John Temple   were
"lilll   Ihere ale llinse uhu are   ask-   Selected  as delegates   In go   In     Vic
uu; you, honourable geii'ilemen, to torla in endeavor tn get matter!,
pass'a law ul.eieliv tills Cltid-loviug stlltlgh'lMied nut. .Messrs. Hav and
people could In* compelled in keep Teiui'lt left fm* Victoria Friday. It
another dav, ihe saerisln.ss ut which is claimed a deal uf magnitude could
Ihev dn lin'l believe ill, anil Hills Ihev have hivu made for Iht coal lands
wuiilil he deprived uf ono-slxtli pail Inn*; ago, Inn fm* ihc fuel that satis-
uf Hie linie iiiiii (Iml has given them laclory licenses could nol he obtain
to -labor   fm* the    supporl of    ii.cir.id from the government.
families.    Six davs shall thou labor  f	
and ilu all lln* work.—Exodus 20-0. STOCK QUOTATIONS
■■We are alsu au Incorporate   body,I 	
as found iu 58    Vie, 115, p. 3111,    in  Furnished by Beale & Elwell, Brok-
which iui  we aie recognized liy   the1            ers, Cranbrook, B. C.
legislature of Quebec, anil given   all  St.  Eugene    .3
Hu- rights    uf  a body of Prolestnn,   Canadian Ooldflelds 	
Christians.     Now, huw  would a Sun-   Western  Oil  A*  Coal    	
day law aileel this Christian peuple? International Coal St Coke
When a inaii found thai he could nui   Sullivan  ,	
supporl  his tiimilv bv  working   live  tt'ar Eagle 	
davs iu the week, lie vvill he tempted   Norlh Star   	
either  lo violate this law  that     lhc   Rambler Cariboo   37
government i.s asked tu make or vio- Marconi   Wireless (Canadian)... 4 50
lale the   law* lhat    (Ind has already   Diamond  Vale Coal           33
mado.—Exodus 20: 8-11. I Humming Bird  101
"Then such a law would drive him Sales:—500    Humming     Bird*    ,*i0(l
ollhor to be a criminal in sight    uf Norlh    star; 750   Western   Oil    St
lhe world or a sinner in the sight ot Coal
Heaven.      This  is a  serious  question!	
and wc humbly, vei earnestly, protesl againsl a law being made lhat
will liiimple umleifiiut nut* provincial
rights mui brand uur peoplo us criminals nr make sinners nf them, A.s
Ion*; us ihe state cannol assume the
respmiBiblllly   uf lhe    sins   nf    the1 PAII WAV
 pie   it    should     nut    make laws! KA1LWAY
wherein*     thev   cannol   worship ac- 	
cording lu ihe diclnics of their own   \I/¥ VIT1T-T>
conscience.     Our church coyenant   is j TT 1IX _, __. f\   '
in   keep the   commandments nf tin-
tlml and the faith ut Jesus—Rov. 11-
12, ami  I   am sure thai   il   is not   a  f*'\ DWIV A I
religion     in  be    ashamed  of.  or   a   t-AKINIVAL/
people llml  vvnulil malic trouble   fori
anv nation,     fm* if   all    Ibat world   .,
wuul,I live   up lo Hurt covenanl     1    ROCQT   A WT1
would nm nerd any police, judges or  *v*-'l3'3_L/>»Il_LF
"We eaniiol   make   Christians    by
I.m*. it    h.is been Irieil   in all ages.
Irom N'obuclwdnraznr's day down   to
Hn' presenl   H    nml   hns always
I n a i-inipleie failure.      II   s   'in
direct   n|l|lnsilimi   tn   the veil*  fulllnla-
lin*n.   principles,  nf Cbrlullnnlly
laid down hi mn* Saviour lllinsi
Ihese    Winds     "Tlielclnle   nil      th
vyluisoovol ye ivmilii llml men sbmlil
llinl     altogether      profits ,i„ ,  VMII   ,|„ .,, ,.
11 sting    in   1512,320 have    been -MatIheti -' r'   '    v
liviil.-il aniline lhe sl hold, *
The       P
FEBRUARY 7 to 12
to   llll'lll
h.ise asking
| fm* lius Hominy law doing as ihev
laleltitlil.: would like In he done lit" Would
partly tells the slnry nf the prugicss Ihey like us In nsk pnllianienl In
made al Hie St. Eugene mine lasl ' make a 'au in eomnel Mum in keen .- .
year, It does not loll, however, of I Saturday? Nn. Nor do tve wish February 7tll, 8th, oth.
ih.* strlklns dcvolopmenls under-1 tor such a law. The weapon of true
ground, und big shunts of lead-silver  ('hiisii.i-i.iiy is   the    swonl „f    the
me opened up, irnd new finds made.
Il conveys nn Information uf the
great wealth contained in Ihe mine,
n.-.r Hi: pn mi:*: il eiiis uf foul ri
ibiillng largelv tn the mineral proline
■I British   Columbia for vein*
spirii ami works Irom within instead
nf from without,    tt'e believe iu law
and order and obey our  rulers in all   .-.(,
civil duties and nut prayers nre    for   l2tn.
all those in authority over us,   that
wisdom   may he granted Ihem   from
Good to return until Feb.
li  is simply a plain, dry seatement Heaven lu keep separate forever the tr..11    o n      j.
id figures and tacts, and leaves    lo]church nisi slate, lhe union of which |    u"     "rogramme     Canadian
Winter Sports
lhe imagination   nf   the reader    lbe  always has   and always will    brine
mure attractive side nf  ttie subjccl   persecution."
wilh which il  deals.     And yet there I  4	
is nnl  milch lo he added, foi* il  tells   ,,mmivi,,\- m-,-i-v,-,-.. ,,-,	
lire best part of the siory ot mining. D°MIM°>* REVENUES INCREAS
wherever   oarrloil nn—lhe slnry     of 'NO. I*0' Programmes,   Kutcs and detailed
development, of prndncl ion   ofprofifs1 ■  information apply Local Agents.
theory is that  whet, the lirst   frost|earned and uf dividends paid,      This     Ottawa, Jan. Sl.-Tlto customs rev-'
co s   m Mn-   winter ihe    water Is Is lhe slnry llial British Coliimhin's eniio of lhe Dominion for t
still   In tho "goose-grass"    and    Is1 mines most need to he (lie subject of, of January slrows an increase of over  ,     ■.   ,
rozon 1       T iiiim.ils    eating ami   if il    were 1 „1,1   by scores    o(  two millions   im*   the seven months  t""nst sleeper reservations, apply to
large ipiaiililits of this eaiuinl prop-! mines, whelher   owned lit* companies was S2B, 112,111   as against $21208- '"cal agents or write
month     For full particulars, first-class   or
The New Bovril Premium
"Utile Lady BounUlul"
A beautiful (.'ravurc reproduction of Mr. Fred Morgan's
charming Oil Painting, size ..s^ inches by 19^ inches,
printed no line plate paper .|ux io inches, with'no advertising matter, Is given Kite to nscrs oi BOVRIL who save
Ihe coupons, one of whicli will be found over Hie neck
ol' every hoi tic of BOVRIL.
This Bonus Piclurc must not be confused with cheap
premium pictures. Il is n. work of art worthy a place in the
most cultured home. The subject is extremely interesting.
i.n ii". aru 1.. BliornitUB woodland seol 1.1 a lake n motha.
• ml lif, lln,-.. I, lllllllll! . Iel, ,,    .„, ,„| 1 .„,, ,  ,.,, , If1
•tl'.".",'*.1.1.'.'".'1,i',".1!''.^!'^-..",'.'','",1!",'."','," '"'"""""i'i*""-.ii -.*"mi
"J.":).'.'/.''!''';! '-■' 'I,'i^.'v .','1'.' 'i'''' A A'''"'''''"',';'''"'''""'' ''■•'''"'»'"'
■il"" mil"  I'"* 1 I ii-r, biri-nil ninl i.vl,i'?ii{lyC.i'irl™
iun. in .1,.1 lillv .,,,11..   IV.ii.tili,I l„ l„r il,,,,-. it,,. „,,,. i„t
"' I'*' mil 1. »illi m.u r  i„.i „(,i„. i„ „ ,„
'■■"■','"l I"*'**"  luun  i.m ...I 1 1.1,1,1. ,1 n.iiiiilii,,
,■11,1,1 in,;..,11,  1,1  cull ,,, u.,,1,,1,   Tl,,, i,„„.,„„|.
I»il s., ,11. en,I,,me. i,l  ,, I  .1, l„ I,,,.1  ),,  .I,,. .„,.,„ ,.,,,.,. ,.,,,.„., . ,,(
""...ltl""m kill I'"11 uur.'nl ii I  Iii.iuii hiiuill .in-.
Altogetlici the pi. nue is uut nf ihc mosl charmitig con-
ceptlong, and is sure to please mul delight.
fBs. /P^JJ^ *VT^r'?;',i "W'
;:*A    ?V i'j'ARzJ
Fipln pnunils of prime iit'i r it com cn rmr,! iii ft.nr ounces of BOVRIL
*     A   ^ Bovnl ,. prepared only by
fl^raW<ry w,vniLllM1TKD-Ln^'llJ!,{.cnc.i'ii.iMi)MHiAi..i;v\\iiA
"f ■*. V^r'v .^'^ ^-  .'I'-hiI nppoinltnenl 9
t* tiZtWrZ :~1     Purveyors in I lis Majesl) King Edward \ il.
Snve Coupon aver nack ul KotilQ nnd rucum. il.u Pli lure,
■ .   ■ ■
nl RcguliUoas for oUpoul of Mi>*
11 Dotnlatoa LiinJ*; in Mao it- !.'■.
rih«Ci1 Icrritii     }. tod I ,e \ Ul.un
:. .r lory.
1     I  ...   1 i-  l  *   '     i, ; ■■        tl  . "I
..,**..   1      ...1 -iot
.11. In  .11 i| 11
■    ,    |i,m... I   0>jll| I 01
I  I,   I |i '1    - "" i-i'  ii   • C-'lll ft
|*fl,.llM    I-i   !.'-.:■
.*    .     „,Ltd i*- 11   :., 1      I ■    1.   1  '
-      ■ 1  .,) ,.,.|.,i||.-i.l:i 11,1 •' 1
'     11
*  I        .,       il     .11.      ,- '        |i|| I II"
,-,..!      N.l.illll.   ll     l.l   ,.   '. -'I
. .   .   ■ I     * |   I III
..   1   ,..      ■,     .* 1 ,   ,1    ui        .. 1 iiiiiy
1,1.1       KU,    ,1,   .*.   .   II   ■   ..
, ■'   i, ■■     I"-'    I    '       ,      '     11)11
':   III   It'll	
. .      .1   .... ... I
, 1    .*   .
. , Hm.    *.        '
|*        ■ '<     llll.       ■       ' I        * ''I       >   I
*.,,,'... 'I
'  '"  '
I.      .'
.-    .1
„1     |m>'l"
1 1 .1 miilii   Im
,1.     *'l     .        m       1.     ,.i     I       .      ,        . ."'■
1 iiiiu'l .1   h* . . -
Ull .,.   n.i . 'i.   1. ■    S,   W.I.
, ii*     :,   l.    .„. ■ 1 -I    ,        'II ■
 II.   HI, -in- 1. ri     ll       ■
       UU   II
in .
i.nii;  l.lill
I -. Mil I'-Ml
, ■ mink. 11.1 im
.,  -I -lllll |HIIVIt   in   .
,, /nil.,   llll*   \
■   I    ll
I   t
,    .1 .  .:     1   .,.    Ill ■
1: Cranbrook   Foun-1
dry and I
Machine  Shop|
A\cKinnon & Johnston ;j;
Proprietors *\
^te's barber  Slu
Will     RlVC   S.ilisfiU'li .11. Kits! rl,;
larbcr shop.
!'. .1. Leithauser, Hgr.
Waare prpprwl  to
ilo all kiiuls <>t rr-
pnir woik lu;iv> mid
fight, inak.' casliiiLs.
turn slmfts,etc.
i Ucdll uIOIIKjS
V Scientific    Horseshoeing   u V
I                 Specialty                 .j. ,
f-I..I.|..t..|.,|..|,.;,|.;-l-i-:-!-l-l-H-H-4. !j
.  )
«™_^»s-,^--——.   /
*.  when  I
', i'i-  is ii Iir**!   -.',
..'.iii.lrv  i:
town.    Vmi  /
Ill 1
i rk
villi",   foil
loiio Hv v.
i* wny uml
iitroniai ,'ln- /
i* in u,i   vnur j
litl-ix-oplu ill  f:
in [iriees tl ui   '.
ll i' \   kun r riitury,    Sis  ltu»vt
.  ,.,  ii    ,1,11)   |l ■     ■,.,, ■ li tti  „   ll.O
,.* ,i ii ii-i ,-i meul.) j- -I-. -.'■•■■' vi ■ "■'■
■ ■■ . ,i. in is .iiu;ii„..i in Uie -i.' ii .'..■-
,  .,.,. .- .ti   ir. i  ,. I'., lun  iv.iiar
,     .,..;.,■..if    i,-1>   -...   .    .. .*■ I
, i| '..t^i.M ii. Hie yeai «>i tin • ■■•■'•
#^^****^»****-*-*»',**-»***«      '■    v    i;    ;;,|i,'ii    lt>    tlliyoilO    Who   I
1       *     w    -.i   \'*■.*'        I   1 wutitB Kooti work i
I   A. \\. McVittie   \
t ( Craw* Nc^t
Dominion and Provin- J
cial   Land  ^urve^or. #
H. H. McVittie
General a^iii
Steam Laundry J
Crnnlirook, li. I'. J
^IPvI3s.1S--J»SJB- -&%^ -vi.: v ffv*V_E-- XT
.-.-.*^»-* » ,
TIMBER, MINE  and I , :!•        -, . _,      t   •}
lan°s     j x % £mt Mm i
CRANBROOK,   B.   C. J  |      BXICKLAYER ini      |
Furnace, Boiler,  Rittigi-, X
inn] 1'iri'i 1 [co work a 8pi'i-inl- X.
Cranbrook Sasli    : | ,v :j:
and *Door Factory | i    ,A" f8C1;i-.,ti°»8 <* *^B- i
•*   J   ,K work uiitlerltikon. Orders h'tt •:•
All kiiuls of Unisli work in ]
wny of doors, windows, Iran- J
sonis, t'to.  Kiln dri«t lumber !
for insiilo work.   (lur work is j
t,'iiarantt!L'd and onr prii'i^ nre \
satisfactory.    Soreb'ii    doors I
Rough and Dressed Lumber J
For Sale |
•   • •   * * m  * •.**»•-•-•-•♦-*-♦■ */f.
When Vou
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. I'. U.
$i.oo    PER   l)\Y
Calgary, Alia.
? ut                                          •!•
.!, y
.;. .1. I). Mi I'.III UK'S        :;:
•j. will rooiovo prum-il itttetition, •]•
l'hnl.C llu
.^laii*:;, ■ i;;«*^" i*
,*.'  rrr.'1-il
• • ■■■R .'I,* ri''. ■■>■■•-
I M.-llllilH'll, IMII In-
ii .ii  nf rataui yi.ou mi ti
Ul -null iMlo ill iiut>  In-
w. w.
neputvoftlio Minister oi i
:''7''   W.\*
■*?      A -      fi    '
l„«„«f_      - -   *.
a        tm; coHroRTAnu, way.
Kllctlive,   Sltuilny,   .Inn.   Uiat     foi-   ,,„   „   H,,„a|.   -„
lowing   elianges in passcngor    tr.n.ii '    '
i-cliiiliilc: Nn. 3 leaves Uextnnl In. !-'•; ""* ,  '''' " '' -"'   "■'"' luein loi   all
a.m.; Bonners   Perry 1.30 p.m.;    ar   """" "'u"°-    Naturally our
Sn    5.10 ii.iii.: leave 0.1)0   . LIVKin SKHVIUH
' i   trior to   tlinl ol the  io
h has io i.m .....i ilu.i.,.. ihe
■ an I mm In- owner to n funcial
iiiinl.iv.    If Smil.i .'Inns saw mn
.:■  he  vvunlil   |»i   mn   oil   I I.I
.le i .. ,ii |, up I,. ..hi ,|,,|,i, ami
,i ii'. irom a.   Vou ill i,hi  in
" when i re llie service   ol
i .. mil eni.,,.,* toi anj purpim..
in p.m.; leu
ii ill   p.m ,
lv.ci.it  .'..III
Geo. R. Leask & Co >;• ' -
Our work is our advertisement, hut wn
put tliis ail in Hie Ilernld.to
empluisizu it.
me    Sji
p.m.;     Ailriai
Avenue 5.10 a,
Sen I lie   7.00   ,1
No. I I..um [{rxlonl 1.00 n m.i
Hiitiiicis Km iv* 3.30 a.m.; arrive
Spokane T.i" a.m.;  leatc 7.15 u m ,
Adrian  10.30   nun.; Wcu.it.-t   i_n:,
p.m.; Pacific .Avenue .*,. 15 p.m ;   	
ucelfiig   Willi  Nn   272,  Kveictl  .'i 5.
p.m.; iiiiivc Si-lilc i nil p.in,
Nn. 1 rn, chan ..*
Nn.  I le s   Seattle   8 i m-
I.verell     11 10   a.m ; I'm ilie   Avonnc
j D.20 n in.; Wonatcl  :i nr, p m ,  ,\ i
I   cm   I.fill  p m.,  .niiie   Sp ,li.uie 8 23
i |i in,;    leave    8 in     p in.     Ilonuei ,
i Perry 12 2,r, n um Hexfnnl 5 02 a in
N... 250 loaves lloxforil 6.211    a.m.
i lectins   "Uii Nu. .| Swim.ui 7.3-1
ii.iii.; arrive Pernio sun a.m.
Nn. 240 Icivcs Penile in.no p.m.;
Stvliiton 10.30 p.m.; Hetiunl I2.-10
i u.in.;    eoiino oHng  Willi   nuinlrcr   I.
Thinii'h  sleeping cms opcl I  lio-
j Iw, ci  .-*.u' nue nn.l   Pernio,      S,tc|i,,|*
■  Spokane umi   Pernio 01,1 shoes made new.   All kinds
icmic in vnu.* mcr 23 hours ami of repairing.   Dive me a call.
l'i  minutes, connootion being    iiimle
witli   N'n.   272 nl     Pacific   Avenue.I •—
Extra |, cal trains Nos. 2iiii and 2
will    hi
and   I,tn
-1.00  r.
Winalcl.tt  12.03 a.m.; Spokane'8.00
.m.       IIiHTi-l sleeping ears will   In
iii.il.es ii really cheap 11	
11 il- Hundley I Kelt   Stnhlcs
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe an;J
Harness Makei
crly digest II ami it   mails iu    lhe or hy iniliviiliials, thero would soon  1107 fur thu ' same ' time in the brev- .1   q   rAHTU-R       P   I   fnvt p
,;,,.!   sun   he hniiig,,,, alio,,,,   „  iruttslnrmiili o,,s yea,, .. The revcinic tor  ,,i,!,^  ^.JS,^'; SL
S'tiitniitii,   nml   utile-
food ni    meillehip thev ipllc.ly    dlr
lit says le* has cul mi., ilcul animals
Hie iniiiiiii!  iliihislrv     nl lhe pro-   wns    $3.5111 721     nil
Tin* SI.   Kugene is n     full-   $550,872.
Q. Hllller, Agent, Cranbrook.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue. drawn
f t-iil trains Nos. 205 nnd 280
he   operated   belli*  Spokane I S~t 1 f
Leavenworth,    loavlng Spoknno  I      *<i/s «-»4 |»\*»/~V*^. h-
nA^TAAAi rA^t&uDtOOK
        Hiin'tl sleeping oars will   l,,-' __
operated between Spolrano and I.cuv-   I     *
onworth,  trains   Nos. 205 and  300:   I     i\7l?**\T
also extra I rain hel ween Se.illle anil   J-^f.l. V WJ.   T
Skvkiintish, leaving Seal lie 0.311 p.m; /
verott 8.10 p.m.; Pacific Avenue
3.I.i p.in.; Skykomish 10.20 p.m.
Returning leave Skykomisii 0.00 a in.:
Pacific Avenue 8.(ill a.m.; Everett
8.23 a.m.; Seattle 10.1,0 a.m. Local
train being operated lietweeu Bonners Perry and Spokane will be with-
Tennis and drivers furnished for any
point iu the district,
A. DOYLE, Manager I'HE   t'llAMllldllK   HERALD
'1 IE success of pushy
depends upon the
flour.    Bread and pastry
must It., more than mere-
^-—-rv-r-v.?   'v appetising; they must
*t— *     '       . hoi  iome, digestible,
/ / ,■/-■  .*     '" '*::'
I he   iinm* depends
up ■■ the wheat and the
il is milled.
Roy?.! Household F
is i i.iili- Iiiiiii spring
vv! . :: i illy It is milled
! in newest nml hest
in ii linn*.... Iti*. purified
lit electricity.
Use  il  anil  you  grt
bi   i I nm im't light,crisp
nm!   r peti :ii ■*, Iiul nlso
vvhuli    i      :     uiblciind
I nu will better your
bai in.: In buying I)l;iI-
xi,'*: Royal Household
I* I.un from ynur grocer.
Ogllvle Flour Mills (o., Ud.
 Ilvl.'n   l*..l,   I„i*  n in,,.:."
I.u  | ,  ul  cvccllent
*    ■■■ . »oi ii im.i |,ul.:;.i„.l	
Vmu    i   ■ i  i,,n nil v*,,ii
li.nv In ..^l ll .'lllili.
I Hotel s s
tluests Comfort a Specialty
liuod Siabling in Connection
Nearest to niilinii.I ami   ;*. ...it.     Has .itociiiiiiu'lii-
tlonn for the public nne piAiled in Cranbrook,
I   Hoi am) Cold Balhs
Hoggarth & Rollins   ',
 Proprietors ,
4: ;t*
Heoulacturcrs nl , «.
kouuii mul dressed jl^_
LUHBER and j ||
DinENSIONS ;.-|i
Also  all   kinds uf j ."*
.Iilffray, Kv.iii nml    1 If
Cnuibrnok, U.C,      J -]•
Head Oflice,. Cranbrook    ,-l*
fJJjj WE O       '- ■
■>J.5i "M '•'■■ <..-■§' 1 v.:
</.^m<A^> AA:
/>... .   ..     s-       .-sfog;-**-
Robinson McKenzie Lumber Co.. Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ci
Rough and Dressed Lumber
we have yourovercoat an I suit.  WE BE!..!EVE
lli.il ii will please you, I ill like ils cut. its grace
and fabric, and, withal,     'rc con ideal you'll be pleased
with its price-       ji       **       ■•*       j"       **       .*
999at«t9a9a99e99tV4f,- ■: ',i?iii«--»*«e«*i»if*',*;i*»©«««
m9999*9*i9*>9mmt*99S4 &.'■:■■   '' JHf£'99'£'.tom-£1mi\.it99m99
a notice a      "2
11.I.I..I n MINERAL WATER FACTORY to his estab
lisliiiu-nl nn I would mnliiillt Bolit-il iui)  ri'siile-nl or truvul
er to onll or smul for n -vnpi ili-r Ipartienliirly  by llu
Untie) nml niiiirniitnos his rhihIs siipm-in. to uuv in llu- His
£2 Iriet. The public mv respectfully requeBteil to visit nsniu
91 sample the booiIs nt thu factory. fg
'^•••••©•C »«*!W.r-":'.»Oi-«.: ..'■•.*• »8C3£-£tt3<i*M9CMMil
»!»«»#«••« »«60fflee«*s; m i'..-'-oc.3*t*6oe*«««aae«»«««iii
.*,.»%*» ^^ *».%-*.. 5*, ,*;..
j  B C. Livery and  Peed  Stables j
first class Rigs, sitfe nud stylish tennis, Drivers
ninl  puck horses  [or uny point in  tin- district.
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Sumo old slum! opposite station
Nel "ii Dail) Ni « ■ —Again la able
in In- m.i ;■ ihe gratifying rtati raenl
tliat Mn- shipments oi ow from 11 ■
v.n ioiis tuiiii ■■ i-i Kootenay-Yale l»v.
record, totalling 34, iOi
ton *     Tl i   previous i   wa
ip Q Ti legram-J
Juscph        1 Jlli.ll,     Ult      ,w.i-i...    .
.1...    ..,.,     Li|.-.'a'l    allU   lUi.'l.'t    fcUgl
.,   ..... ...  un tiij  yesteru*).  i 'i
iClulubti       Lo    .Am    Home     ul  O	
.lulu      lut'      1 uKoU   Muuli.    UllCV    KcUfc-h
THE     DOMINION   1101 st:    win.
InMished fm ilu- week ending Decern-  ,,.i...ai..t)...0 ittiuh ot we -.ilu-,
ii. i  17, l'i" to      ami lasted
in I    - .. n weeks.      it maj Iw    as-
serled iiut in all probability tin- re
conl  will again Ik* broken within   b
ji, i md n[ seven weeks.
Several Importanl developments In
mining have occurred dui Ing Un
pasl ww K wh eli are worthy ol rc
cord. The (Irsl is the trial "I Um
ih™ luniaco ol the Pllol Bay sniel
in , w in. h : im ci Bsfull) Ired led
nro nf Hie    Rlue Bell mine, situali I
n Kootenay lake, pracl li alt) h llh
i,.it tiu\ .\, the Blue Bell hi
much ore which was befon ihou ;l *
ol too low grade to be shipped and
treated ul a profll, the new j Lei
ul smelting which is hero sltadowi d
<ul, will exercise u greal Influence on
the [ulure ol ilir mine,
Yel anothci rcaturo Is Ural ol the
discovery nf good smelting uri1 .it
depth on the l.e llm Ho, 2 al K iss-
l.uiil, nl a puinl where nn- w.is nol
supposed iu exist. This has groal
lv Increased the value ol ili.ii mine,
Another discovery of n similar nature Iras been made on tlio War
Eaglo miii,' of tho same camp where
il.r ulil ora shoot, lost al the seventh level, has been discovered again
ni Uii* eleventh, in a position which
shows Ural the vein 1ms flaWoticd and
Uut tin* probability Is thai the oro
■body will In- discovered to be continuous, nit'aii tig an ore reserve, the
presence ol which w.is nol suspected.
The Slurun shipments are smaller
this week than at any time during
tbo year, largely on accounl of lire
remit weather which has been unfavorable for large shipments of
nn*. On the other hand, Rossland
Iras shipped its record quantity for
lho year and the boundary is within
u few hundred tuns of its top notch,
Ottawa, Feb. 3.—Ni '.
Ihe Dominion    ■ lozi iti
... mug   i'.ti Harm nt
rhursday, March *■'.-
An application   will  he made
'..ii. Tyrrell dues not speak in vei)   l1"' mU •«« h   M l'-""<"!-
luu Paeilie Noi ibein .« Uuiut. -
wa, Feb,    1.—The transeonlin-
railway commiisiuu tewivwi inlu .i. >    ibat   ll.u..i.i  Duu-
. . > ■■    ol Hon    Frank Oliver,
,  ni tin.' interior,     wliile    at
.  Uh  survey >-i  tbo
■I ■.,.•.-   ii*.,,i had Ins ;
::■•■. i ;.i   will require lo
and pai I ul h     le
-.-.*■       lb ■     .'..,..
.   *   .       naili in ia..;',      even
Uu i   .    K.i    pottage.
lui    l.nili-   	
Week Year
18,0711 72,11(10
1. .'Tli 12,128
■l.iuil 10,481
Till 3,81,2
T.'i2 l.llli
llll 1,6711
2D1 1.31,0
way   lo coni.linel     ..i..1      i I.. I.   ,
t..c    lu......       lit   naVn   I..C   nliiiiui      I '
laiiway    [rum   tin* juiicii, ti ni    t:„
(.-•lil    lUU   Vcul    Mill   UL'   .**.uti.    ....   *l,
OIKJ,  ... a-,.,,.0,1 UO.OilU,™.  ..i..l  vcai.    *k»»* '""'  ' "'""''   "'" '   '   ' '      '
llu  a.Izo .*,a>a  Uid I   Ult uuipui  ul   ^ulJ
' Uiv  lilaiiJ      1 iiiiik   l.i.ii.i li  i ulltp.Ui)
is in  iuc    uaiisiii-ii.    slaae, ll
 .,.,,    by   „...ii..iu.....   ,.i*,..b    ...   '" MW"« '"'  '"-'"'""■""" ""
| ,     ,.,     ciiiiM,,,,*.,   »,.: ,.    I'.'!"'*"*'"'  l«""">S    ""	
, ,    i.inil,.*,,,,,    _*.,.c„,U..i    I,,.*-..      »'•■"   «"   "-•-"'"""'-I     '■**
un.,.     llut  uu*. uitt-i  ,1.1.11.*,, i,-, i„,i   '""""•   ,-"""'"    "'   	
iiai.)   villi    IN jiJ.uiir.iii)   lu.       i	
Uui .  iu  itghi, nui im u luu.-!)   io be, )niiih ^^
,n mgiii,     accoiuuig io mi.   Mud,,    n ^        , ^ , tdiid( lW(
     **    t»«tP«^iiwi   t«^iw w UttUmjL  bli ,	
,u..dc   U)   Ute   Ulillc   UO..C   l'iV.9   ..A.,   \umw*.,      lh MUUCU     I  IU -■
auj am tmhicwi, ] tu-au-i uumbei ui biui   , ..-	
.,. bu cuargen made lbe cukt ul hJ|1 bc UuiU J(| Lhi ft, ,
living _>u lii^n it.dl mining uuiitul be
earned ou economically, llh w-mw
tiuiw Pass raitwa) m pay.ng ine
jui ueiii, un a uapnaluanuu oi *iu,-
uuu.Uuu.     a is nui iihelj    Uial   uue-
iiliu  ul   iliai    aiuuuui      nab   Uwli  aeL-,
*li)  mvesled     in   llw    rutaU.     mc.  ^um  islaird, maKing uueei eumtui
Inivsu will     ue blaliclieb  .-. v..,,,.....,
UaiUeioiu,     in.wn,mi,    i..r,..,.i.    	
liiNisuU u Bay.     u is alsu  Uiu    lu-
LCllUUll   lu   liAtc   ,i   i.i.i,,<;,   in    ...nt > i,
VUC,  Ui   Well  u.i  Ui.uUii.1   aU.ua       ..u,
lyiicll   iniiiha    uial     u.c jJc.ii
guieinmeiii uughl iu ha.c an uxpiuc-
alluU Wltb a ucrt lu Uie llUthllllg ul
a   Hue     iiilu   l-lni       i ukuii   liuin   auliio
poiiu on uiu Urand 'leuuk Paeilie in
Uiiuali Uoluujuia,
i-itmi ui .-> pouil iu tlie t.cuii ol
tin iukon nngltl require a rouu lOUU
null's m iiii-itn, Uui Mt, Tyrrell is ol
upmion Ural uiu euuttii") between Ute
Uruitd TruiiK i'ai-ilit and Lhu Yukon
is .is promising at. the Couall coun-
u\ in uniaiiu lias provea, an.i,
I'berefore, ii would he a guod mvesi-
meni i.n lira governmenl iu immeui-
aiel) make tbo preparalorj explora-
Liuiis. 'Hie popiulai'ioii ui lite Uaua-
.iiaii \ ukou to-day is between 5,uul)
.ui.i li.iinu, 2,000 ui which ls iu Dawson uny.
im ean now &'l a good mual In
Dawson City lor $1, a B-u-ss ui
wbiskej f ii ao cents, auu a news-
pap«i lur tlio same amount. tliere
arc still two daily newspapers. The
oauks clrarge iwu pet cent, u mouwi
iur money, and private Individuals
u> licit R\e per cent, irom their ens-
tonicrs. Mr. Melnnes, thu new commissioner, is popular wiin ti.e
Mr. Tyrrell did very well wiih liis
mining proposition this year, and is
going nacK again in llie spring.
0,    P.     It.    RUSHING     DOUBLE
T -lal    25,4-78   104,86
Center Star 	
..   4,010
.1-   Kni   	
.    1,811
..- 11..i No   2 	
2 722
32 llll
-it.  Eugene 	
2 T22
till*.-.nil.  Kit
,.i Plata ...
I'll*..!     \
tootenat   Belle ..
■iecnl   li'dicl   	
Ithei iiiitici
0 to
.    1.. l.lll
nl i,n  Hie year, I14.93G in
i* '',
im  IV,
 18 n:*i
72 mm
.  18,015
11   i
..i.l.-      2,070
111 VV llllll*
llll   Hell
    :: '...1
.rn         300
Total      8,750     10,388
...    I,cl
Surprising as il may seem tu smne
'!!J tliere are ai present more than 1,500
men engaged in double- tracking the
Canadian Paeilie between Furl William und Winnipeg, says Uie Tiuves-
Juurnal, ui Furl Wiilioiu. Tliu work
id progressing rapidly, Uie mild
weailtei having made u possible tu
accomplish ulmusi as guuii results as
eoiihl uc expected during Uie summer
months. Within the last month ur
.su, Hawk lake lias taken to itsell
loiu camps employing over 200 men,
whu are Hard ai worn maK.ng ihe big
ml in ih.il lake which the U. I'. It,
lias laid uui as part ul Uie work
iu bo done. Deyund Perry wood, iu
\ Ideau and Parsuu's camp, thero are
anotlici 200 men at wuiK un a big
stretch ui rock cutting and filling.
Scovil Margach And Kenuru all luue
in.'ii quota uf camps. Frcobueg iV.
Stone's camp, just east uf Kenuru,
employ over luu hands. On Tunnel
islaud, Olson's gang ol du odd are
nutting Uie new track north uf the
tunnel, while lurtbcr wesi, at Ostcr-
suirtl, Mackenzie has a camp, and
i- um 1'cU'isun, tuo, eiupluyiug in Uie
icighborhood uf luu men eaon. Do-
•epiiuii has iwu camps, Welch -M
Aiii.intea's and Johnson s, totalling
about liiti men. They have a baitl
contract io iill bui are making good
wa) with tills and cutting, uesplte
Uiu frost, which retards fast Work.
Ovei 200 hands arc divided between
ihe camps,
llie camps, all of which are under
medical supervision, have proved io
in- in a healthy condition, and very
few caaes ui disease have been
brought in io the hospitals, the ma-
juiuy being those of an accidental
nature, which are inevitable in all
railroad construction. These, oow-
evcr, have not been large.
In tlio spring, the army uf men
uow at work will be Bwellcd considerably, and the number ul camps in-
n-ased until abuul June lhe present
number at work will be mure than
rnihi   Slur
la-  Rol  .    .
1,0   Rol   No
SI    1 u --i-i'
Iron Mask
Eureka   .
Snnwsl 'iin
,8 11
Otbei i
8 D 15
8,058     33,301
Sf. Eugene   ....
Arlington, Erlf
Ln Plata 	
IlimWr V	
Second Relic!
Other mines ...
5(18      3,112
Sullivan        300     3,025
The lolal ore receipts for this
week were 34,37-7 tuns, aud for the
year to dale 143,101 tuns.
Now York, Jan. 30.—The mU-win-
ter month of January has prencated
remarkable summer features throughout   the east nud  west  and  even     at
points where the mercury should
have been at 15 degrees below ZOCo.
Accurate records show the same conditions al various points. January
t butterflies Hew about Rutland,
Vermont; caterpillars crawled along
Hie streets of Burlington In the saiiii
January 2 persons were stung by
wasps in Troy, New York. Rhubarb sprouted in Washington, N. J.;
t-he croak ol frogs was heard near
Hagerstown, Maryland; January 18
snakes sunned themselves near Belle-
finite, Pa.; violets bloomed in Fair-
mount Park, Philadelphia. Pa., and
grass took on a verdant hue.
January lil there were heat prostrations in Pittsburg.
January 21 20,000 persons visited
Coney Island and some entered the
surf; robins appeared in Burlington
Vermont; Lake Ohumplaln was open
to navigation; January ii trees and
V nes budded In Pennsylvania and the
mercury registered 88 in Philadelphia.
January 25 lilac bushes bloomed in
Central park, maple trees budded in
wiin Victoria,     ihe mutiiiun .
W build 23 UiuliL-i.cs in all.
Tne Urand 'icuuk Paeilie vvill also
ap,,iy uexl session lul powei Lu
guarantee Uie bouus ul anj compunj
incorporated   lul   tne   cun.su uell.ni    ui
uiaucn lines ui lui ute aequihiuuu ui
Us lulling stocK, unu iu mane ueeea
s.uy woiKing agreements with sucli
Cuinpauies, wliuse bonus are so guai
ine viraud Trunk Paeilie al.su asks
Iui construction iiuiii loucnwuou
till Is iu witinii Lweut) mc miles ui
.wn,'iib ibe branches which in.
UrauU 1 ruiiK I'm the Uiaucn ' cum
patij applies foi leave tu cunsli iei
ia u.ie Hum Dawson Lo lne irauw i.
unetiial uiancii; on Vu-iteuuvei 1.1.0,..
11,.111 lue tiorib shure aiung uie wesi
urn side ul ine isiauu iu \ ictoria,
and another is Irum vancuuvm Lu
uw junction wait i„c isurchern i\
Umluecn railwaj.
inv Aluruuneuve bye-election takes
place on Kebruarj 2o,
Air. Justieu Ouuuet, ol  Llm  Eiug'i
oeneli ul yuebec, tins resigned,    	
Mr. Justice Laverglio, ut Montreal,
judge ol Uie Superior Uouu, has been
promoted lo his place.
Air. Justice Ouimet was lormerlj
doiuiuiuii minister ol punlic worKs,
111 uie lasl Ctiusi'i'vaii.e go.crnmeni.
it is reported thai ti. ti. MacKcn
/.ie, M.P., Cape Breton, is lo ne appointed lu ihe bench, it is sum
Unit he is tu get t'lie position helti
by the late judge Dodds.
Victoria, Feb. 2.—Tho total uum
ber ul bodies recovered from ihe Val
encia wreck now numbers 27, Five
mure, lhree men and iwu women,
have been found floating uu Lop ui
Uie wwter over a mile trum the scene
of the wreck, by liie United Slales
revenue cutter Perry, according Lu ..
special tu the Colonist Lu-nlglH Irom
The Perry, wliich returned to Bam-
held lasl inght after a day spent in
cruising near the setae ul l-he wreck,
reports having landed a lieutenant
and sii men irom her erew to relieve the searchers un shore who are
now ihuruuglily exhausted. lhe sea
was smooth lo-day tuuu^b a imavj
sml rolled on shure, ana the wrecs
uf lhe Valencia cuuld lie plainly seen
from ihe dvck ui Lhe Furry. The
outline uf liie steamer shows lit tin
kelp aud her boilers and cylinders,
frum whicli the hull has been bruKeu
away, can be seen above Water at luw
tide. The wreck is nul mure than a
hundred yards Uum Uie shore, uih-
curs uf the Perry say tbe course she
tuok is indicated in the kelp.
The bodies recovered by the Perrj
weie all lucked up when cruising ovei
a mile frum lhe wrccs, eaeli being
sighted Uum lbe Perry s dock. Tin
corpses were all nude and badly
mutilated. Nunc have been identi
lied. The tug Wyad.la is lo brlna
llie bodies  to  Victoria to-morrow.
The bounty collected   on lead   for
the past calendar year was $384,224,
The    total   amount    paid lu all Ior' PrOTpcct^parkftfie" temperature    in do not see    why a boat could    not
bounty to date is $2,580,032. New Jersey was U degrees. have beeu lowered."
Seattle, Jan. JO.—At to-day's session ul Lhe Investigation Into the loss
uf the steamer Valencia, c. Allison,
of St. Paul, a passenger, testilleu
lhat the sea was not rough.
lie explained ihal lie had himscll
been a sailor, and that the suit
which anally battered tbe Valencia
io pieces, could not bo called high.
This testimony caused a mild sense
tion, as all published accounts ol tin
wreck have been described as "high
seas," aud "a terrible lurl."
"Everybody seemed to slum us,'
said Allison, "all seemed to bo atratd
to help ur attempt tu help tlie unfortunate men and women who were
faolng death.
"All those that suceeedod In getting ashore immedi.u.'h left the
scene. The vessels al sea stood oli
and made no attempt to lower a
attempt to lower a boat. In the
morning, when the last raft put oil
from the Yaleiic a, not a wave had a
comber on it.
"There might have been some excuse for tlie Queen's not coming in
closer, but there was a tug alongside
of her that did not come any closet
than thc large vessel. II ull looked
wrong to us.
"How did it happen that so main
of the crew were on the life raft?"
asked Inspector Whitney.
"As soon as the raft struck the
water the crew took possession,'
said tbe witness.
"What kind of weather was il when
you were picked up by  the Topeka'"
"It was a trille foggy, lint there
was no wind blowing. The waves
did not have   combers 011 them
lake uut ice that Ibiny days alter
dale, the undersigned intend., iu ap-
, ij lu Uie Una Cuiumi*aiu„v:i uf
Lauds ana Uoiks al Victoria 1 1 a
apeeial License tu cut ana carry
......j   iiliiini liuin um lulluWing ilea-
1 1 mn.is in I.U.H. ttuoiemt);
i-*  1..,.mg   .a a pusl planteJ    ui
 st   euiiitr    ui ioi az.,
-' in 1   iiuuiu  iu chain .,   .... u,   west.
lull    1 1 .oi..,,   U.ei.ee   Imi Ll)    ,u   . i.a.n.,,
 -   easi  leu cliaius  lu plat ■     ui
 ■ in ■ 111111 , . ■ ul tilling 1. o, .0 res,
IUI  .■     .  ;     ,,
1 inioiti Edwards.
1 lanbiuuk,   B.  u,  dauu.ii)   101I1,
tuou. .lu.bL
Notice is berebj given that du days
aiiei uatu we iiueitu iu appi) to Luu
1 un 1 i uiiiim siuuei ui Lauds .mu
nuua auu (tue Assistaut Commissi net ui i.ai.a,-,  and    Works iui    a
oiei.-.e    Lu   plOSpeCt   lur   cual,   oil   alld
i.iiiu,ei.,ii ia tne luiiuwiu^ lanus, lo
ah, una mure iuliy dosctineu as being suuaie aouut lour miles easi oi
ine CanaHtiau i*aciiie Railway Land
urant, 18-miles suuih ui Liuws .Nesi.
r.is.-, aii.i adjacent to, ana aujuiuing
Uie M.Ui.iail Kiver, in liluca -IjUo,
■SUulll   Kast   Koolenay,   ti.   C:
i.   Uunuuenciitg at a   post planted
Nol Ice 1 !■■■:. ex thai tlie
.un. '.■! dttii dui 1 of Revision foi Un ■ ol . ■ oring all
complaittl ■ , \ ,-sment
oi the er-. . - ,;. h. c., will
be hold In the C . Chambers in
the said City ol 1 ..n the
5th day r.| Vnu;'. \. n. i.-n,,, at the
bom ol 10 30 .1. in.
Dated 1 • I 1 1. C., this
211            of J
C, il   Prest,
■II 'it City Clerk.
1 ll
F.   tei
111   A
i-.  te
U    I.i
B,  F. Scott, Looator.
1..   Beard ami   Charles   Meuuiro,
'.. Commencing at a post planteu
i,.e uurui-weut corner ui ueurge
i.-iiii s claim, same _.c-iiig lhe inu-
pusi ui lieuigo Scharl s claim au«
ii„.,i "ueurge beiian, auu ijuit,
uui ui C. Uweii s Maun auj auja-
lll     Uiclelu,      Lin nee    east      eigwl)
■uns, nance suulu eigttty cnauib,
.nn; west eighty ciiains, tueuce
nn eignty cim-iis tu uie place ui
ginning, containing 01O acres, iuuie
IN TIIK MAI IKi; OF THE    RIVERS  AND  S'l   .     iMS  ^*T, 107
it. S. li. c,
Notice is hereuj given that application   bas     ■       Li)   James
Ryan, Charles U. Mc.\au and V. Hyda
Baker, ui 1 ral , 1  1   turn-
ma, and Cnarl i U .-■ uj ttleton,
v iscuunt Cobiiam, I . .*'.. oridge,
En-glanu, .,> ihe Lieutel t, ivernor
in   Council ol
Wie .i..ii',. . ..:■.. , ; authority    to ji* iration ui
SIXt)   .1..) ... ,., ..uuu
ui  tais nol 1 1 111   bull-.. 1 -.ouii-
i.i.i    Uazclitt ii ■   1 rauDrouk
lietaki,  ,1    n< .-.  ,. lisuuU      *t
1    ■ -,    bim luimna, wan
III "-. 1 of ou .   .. •, and  lne
UuHStrUCtlON   ui    Ud -,    Uuullis
tUld uli.el v.,■;,*.-, Uei -.i...; lu laeil-
UaLe   lue   ... .,.1.   an.l
holdiug 1 ; .       .     1   11.     ti,e
lVuoLel...J    Ki„ . ,    ;..    .. , , ..    thfl    iUUUtll
ui   Humu ,ii   v n      i-..,. River,
uud also to lUKi .... . ,.,.y lalius
winch may be i.ti. ...: ior lne
Cuimtruciiuu ut	
'lne maps   an.  ..   ...-oks of
releieiice    as   m,.., j    the     saiu
Aei luue been a .■ , . ,.ith ine
1 i.iei Commissionei ul L^;.„a ana
i>.uc*d at Ciai...i-.., British Co-
lumoia, this autb ua) ui January,
W.  1-. vii KI',
i ranbrook, B, C.
11-Jt      Sol ci toi 101  li.v Applicants,
■ tec!
if, Locator,
ies   AicUuire,
heiug al a post planted
.a ihe uurtn-easi coiner uf Mrs. b.
u fticDorman .-. claim, same being the
initial post ui Airs, E. e. Mcuer*
mans claim aud marited "Mrs. e,. •-.
iiei'oi man, '   a,id   souin   and   auiacelil
10 n. 1*. tocutt's claim, uience west
eignty cli.Liiia, thence autiui eigntj
chains, thence east ei_iiity cnams,
Uieuce nui in eigi.iy chan-s iu tht
,ilaee ul Uvyiiiiung, euuiaining tiiu
acres, mute ur less.
airs. K. C. McDorman, Locator,
ti. L.   lieard and   Charles   McUuire,
■K Commencing ai a post planteu
ai u.e north-wesl corner ui i_aiw..
Alcuorman s claim, same being u.L
ui.tial |iusi ui Calvin Meuurman's
elaim and marked ••Calvin Aicuui-
m.iii," and lying suuth and adjucci
10 Ceui^e Soliarf's claim; thence eual
eigbly cliaius, thenco suuih eigniy
chains; thence wesl eignty chains,
Llience norih eigiity chains to u.e
jilace of beginning, cuiiiainiug li-iu
acres, more ur less.
Calvin McUurman, Locatoi.
R. 1..   Heard and    Charles   AicUuire,
•11-Ut' Agents.
Take notice that I will hear and
determine cases un Alonday, the loin
day of January, instant, at li
o cioek a. m. at my ciiainlicis, Imperial hank building, Crannruok, li.
C, when it is alleged that any person .*> name has been Improperly
omitted from or placed on tne
voters1 list of the Municipality 01
llie City of CranbL'uul; lui the yeai
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C, this
hilh day of January, lOOli.
P. E. Wilson,
Judge of the County Courl of   Kasl
Kootenay. 42-lt
Take notice thai thirty days alter
dale, Uie undersigned, Intends to
apply tu the Chiel Commissioner ot
Lands and Works at Victoria for a
Special License to cut and carry
away limber from Un- following des-
cribed lands in Kasi Kootenay:
Beginning at a post planted at the
s utn-west ciuer, License 0182,
llience eastward lifty chains to the
Kooteuay Kiver; thence south-easterly along Uie Kootenay River to
Hi.- h..iih Houndary uf Lot 327,
llience west about no chains lo the
cast b iundary of lot d20; thence
norih along east boundary of lot 'ii\i
to the place uf commencement, containing u-10 acres, more or less.
Clifford   Edwards.
Cranbrook, B. C, January Kith,
l!10«. 44-51
Notico is hereby given that thirty
d,i\^ alter (lale 1 Intend to apply to
Uu' Honourable, the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a license to prospect for coal and pet
rolcum on the following described
lands, situate aboui iwo miles from
llie mouth and ahoul <>ne fourth
mile west 1,1" small stream running
northerly into ihe Flathead river and
about tun miles east ot C. P. R,
line as surveyed, Soulh Kast Koolenay, B.C., ,unl lies adjacent to E.
E,  K.  Dcwdney's claim on  the easl:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner, being the initial post, thenee running uurth hu
chaius, thenee west KII chains, ihenee
south SO chains, thence easl m
chaina to place of commencement and
containing ii-10 acres.
Cecil  B.  Winter,  Locator.
James Fisher,  Agent.
Located this 2'Jth day of September. 1U05. 1>-5t
.sent E.
Notice is berebj   giveu that thirty
uajs aiiei u.-ie 1 uiienu Lo apply iu
uie Liui-i Coiiiiuissiuuci ui Lauus anu
iVurKs iui .; ueeast   to prospect   lor
cual ana peltuteum v..  ine loltowiQg
lieaciiiAM   iai,Us   lucated  iwo    mia*
uuitu ui me !■ 1,........ ui... i and  unv
nine west uf lue lJiuchei  Cieea luu
m cast i\,.* Lena)  uistnct;
initial i..;.; .*-,.. 1.
Commencing ... ., u .:  marked thc
SOuWl-Cd it     LU1UI .,    Ul lug    ...c    SUUlu-
easi cornet ui lite .... P. Redoing
'-'■'■ii claim, auj . , g .... j. .,.
UuUgttim eoal ctaim un u.e east,
ihence v^,.... BO cuatns,  Lnence   nv-rtu
OU       elia.,..-,     ...       .      ....   I   iu   Cuius,
tuence   -un'...   su -... j ;v i'lave ui
ui-bllillllig.       ^'i'hts   t,    Deiilg   a   le-
lucaiiou ui lite .■-. .-i e\vs lueaiiuu
wmi.n was a le-n   .... .. ... «   claim
luiuteri)   lui^aied ._.   ... Hactett.J
U.   1'.   J..  10,   i__uCatuI.
Dated  Ja^uaiy   ....
Ini lal .
Commencing ..   .. _ larked tbe
suulii-Wl-,1   L ......   .   mg   tue  auuin-
..lsi eoiuei l. ...   iv,  i-.--.iun
■--ai claim, a.. .     .    ...  .j. f. liC<i-
uttig iuai ^..— „   .-.,   meuee
..ui,.ii   ou     ci,... ij  east    ou
cuatus, Uience .-. . ....;..*,  -.nence
.4-l;.   cj  i,w,,...   ,..   .. c   I .„*.■.   ui     ne-
ginUiug.      1 i.i_i ,. ; _. te-tucaiiuu
totiueuy Juvaitu  uy   o. ........1. iu  wuu
itt-iuudiea ine ti«iuj iuiu*(.i.ij iui.Aitf
uy   -A.   llaent-ll.
u. v>- 1-   ■- -, Lvcator,
Ualcd    Oa..^..     . .    .,.,
nru ny
-.    -
.u   it
.-.«,*. t«
-e   ciai
,    -t.
J a
.ui Pos
Co 111 111
•= ^^ a
teed u.e
j 1 w-ea
eaaL   CunteC   Ui   u.i;   i-.   u.   tetJCCN  Cual
Liaim, afljoiumg ...■. frive .ueuib
luui claim un me West, Uieuce auuin
M      ciiail.a,   l.,i...^e   fttrbl   cu      e...wn_>,
Llience north <^u cbaias,  thence t_usi
ou cnallis   lo  jWaLt  ul   t-e^ii.niig.   tins
claim is a il-.ivCuU.ji., luraieciy iu-
uaii-J uy te. Matnews,  woo ie-.uc*.ed
uie ciaim iuiu.L-;i; i.yUaicu uy a,
L. ti. Seleen, Locator.
Dated  January  1st,  1-juu.
Initial Post .No. 5.
Commencing at a post maiked the
north-west corner, ucwg ine nor lowest corner ui u.e Annie Cuugnlm
cual claim, adjo,mng u.e Five Metals
coal claim un the ..,  tbeuce east
ou ciiain.*,, thence south tu c;:au,s,
ihence wesl in chains, tbence uurm
00 ciiains iu placo ul beginning. This
claim is a re-lucation, lormeriy located by te. Mathews, who tc-iucated
me claim furmerl) lucated uy A.
Annie Cougl.im, Locator,
•J. U. Cougnlti , Agent,
Dated Januarj   I   , ijuu.
Initial i'n.*,! Nu. fi.
Comtiiehu;.. at .. p ■*.:. marked the
noi Lh-easl cornel, . , the northeast corner ol tho Margaret Ke.ld.ng
coal claim, adjoining toe L. ti. Seleen coal claim on tne north, thenee
soulh hu chains, 1 hi 1110 west t,u
ehains, thence nortii 80 chains, thenee
east Hti chains 10 t:ie place of beginning. 'Ilns claim is a n.-loca-
uon, formerly located by te. Matnews
who nMocaled ibe claim lurmerly,
located by a. Hackett.
Margaret  Redd!  ;,  Locator.
J. P. Reddii   . Agent.
Dated January  , t,  looo.    43-ct
Thirty days after date I Intend to
apply to tin- Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a Special Licence to cut and carry away timber
from Hie following described lands
situated in Soulh  East   Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
ahout three-quarters of a mile west
of the south-west corner of lot 4135;
thenee south 40 chains, Uience west
10 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence east 80 chains,
Ihence south NO chains 10 the place
of eomnieneemenl, and containing
r.40 acres, more or less.
10-5t* John Strong.
Located December  lUlb,  11)05. THE   CRANBROOK    ttEHALn
Lrlnl'ir .1 liuplisl Chlirc.
The tullu    ig is   ., list hi iiii* si-r
Vlci S tl    El     :...   Baptist  rlinlrll : —
s,m.i.,i       ... ii ., in   and 7.iiii p.m
Sunda]   *i lumi  ll ii.iii
Yuuim Peoples   H p.In. Tursil it*
Pta         Mtiel hi : ... K  p lu. Wi'iliu'siUt*
I..  i> ..:<.* .in- cordially invited to
attend .ill the li iiuks.
il.    Hl'll],lllllll   ll.,,, Ill,'I I     II   t
Cranbrook Presbyterian Church.
Sahbatb Services   -	
    II  a in. anil 7.80 p. Ill
Sunday School A Bible Class...8 p.m.
Christian Endeavor, Tuestlay ...8 p.m.
lln- imiiin. ate cordially Invited Lo
attend all tin* meetings.
Paslur, IV. 11. vi. Furluni*, 11.A.
Cranbrook Methodis, Clmr-h.
Curncr m Hanson timiuu anil Loull Slree
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship ... - II a.tn
Sunday School  ...3 p.in
lii'.ini* Worship  7.no p.m
Tuesday :—Kptvorth League ot Chris
tiaii Endeavor  8 p.m.
A cordial invitation is extended to
llie public.
.1. I'. IVestutan, Pastor.
'Mi MORE .Inl*:."
From an   English paper.
(Willi a|
liuin* ..i>
Ami in mv dreams,
ut day,
1 bear ii..*'    :* 1
"No Moro Jo
I  ini-l.-ily.)
,\I,n. 1 ua*. young
, limn ilu* polling
ii., I test al close
,,r voices yelling
Su   In
Tli,,] i*'.
B,      I'm
I,-11  nn- s
i taking
Moro -l.
going, Im    Hi
fii.il  Uuv meat
Once in   my youth   I sal   among!
ilm  llll'lls.
Then tor my pain I fought »*illi Tm
"Turncoat" Ihey   saM-bul  tlien
Ami n.'!!,"iii!T'-!iil... Hi.*"  hemls an
i i.i
Place u.i:, mi aim—what mattered il
in in,-
Hint* voters larcil, sn 1 obtained   nn
Changed were mv views in suii   Uu*
lime ulnl place,
Now I .un lonely ami they're calliii.
'■Nn .Mm,. Joe."
a  eiiw
i linil, 1 made a cunning
mid Imvo three acres an.l
upraised—] winked Uu*
uili, i  eye
'ie     ihsa	
bawling "No .More Joe."
tried In t.i_   llu*
Tlien  lasl   nf nil
f..... I,
Thai  in.. 1<- them   vexed—why slum
they In* si, rude?
"I've''  put   i-iniiull    llu-  people—wl
are  they?
Iiul    Ii .li'   Ihey sl i    witli In-ill*
nml voices "No Mine .In.'."
X.,in* nn* my  Iriends I rounil
Cries lumi ami deep nre In
llie nil*,
blighting my lame and sneering    a
my  i.n.:e,
In tones ni execration shouliing "N,
■Mi.ii* .lne."
Vi.  II. Williams.
Albert Uanka    visited  Nelson    this
V.  Hyde Baker vlsilcd Wasa    this
\h i ll.iinilion, .,f Bayard, is in
j  on business to day,
c ll. Brown, of Caloy, was at
I  Saturday.
I li Finch   came down    from
Marysville I ist  Saturday,
(' \ u.i lull, of Kimberley, was a
r.,,:.. , ■ It, ■   la t  Saturday.
J. C. I , . down from Kim-
bei ■'-   ,:  ■    .i'i''  oi  days last  week.
Mi . I.*.-, .ii,.] Mis. Foley, nl
Moyie,   wi re Cranbrook  visitor-,  tb s
The total estimate for the year of
the public works committee foots up
over 47,0011.
William Colpman, of Cowley, spenl
several days with his family in town
lliis  week'.
Clapp A Rollins have rrected three
large bill boards at prominent places
in   the city.
E. II. Small visited Wasa to-day.
Rev. Fortune paid a vi.sil lo Sirdar  this week.
Victor Rollins and T. M. Roberts
made a hurl inl Irip In Wasa yesler-
day on  business.
Oeoi c Lcadltctter w.is ni Moyie
pait   of   llie  week   in   the  Uiteiest    of
F. .1. Bradley & Co.
,l    li    Duckworth    and    wife,     of
Portage   In  l'i. >.,    wern rcglstureil
at rhe liiij.i! last Satuiday
Mr. imd Mi- \\ K (iui.l aro
ter tain ing a largo party nl fri
at their new homo this evening.
.1 a. Ferguson, who is now em
ployed by the Klmberley Milliun
company, spent Sunday in Cran
|.-h*,l |'.hi.ni lefl ful Keililunki
Uus morning, when* he will take
charge ol the baggage room Inr a
month or so,
Archie Smith, the elllclent ac-
-militant for Hill A. Co., is spending
a few days in Kimberley this week
i,y way of recreation.
Mrs. Oliver Burge, of Perry Creek,
who   has   been   visiting   hel   ihuighl
iu  Kalispell,   Monl.,  for smne  linn-,
returned homo Friday lasi.
in. Harvlo .md bride came up from
M.me yesterday and are guests at
Hn- Craiibrook hotel. The) have Juki
ru-turned iiom theii  wedding tup.
When lhe eil) COUIICII get all Hn
sidewalks buill that the) have planned il will he a pleasure for people
io got around the cily in an) kind oi
i'.nil   Hoffman  returned  Irom     th
Uuast   Monday last    where he    bail
ne, it    attending tin-    funeral   ol bis
wile   who died iiL   New Westminstei
lasl' wcok.
Krank lieiosiei, oi Jaflray, was in
lowu Tuesday. Mi. H.-iosui ti
still walking on mutches as (he rc
suit oi his broken leg hut expects
to i,e able lo discard them m a lew
Norman Broley has the contract
foi building a large warehouse foi
the Itiipeinii Oil company. The building will he ne.u ibe Calgur) Brewing
company s warehouse mi ihe V. P. 1
ti. K. O'CalLglmn, who has been
employed by railwa) conlraclors on
lhe other side ol lhe line lhe pasl
year, was in tuwn a lew days tlie
pasl week looking alter properly interests here.
Clarence Darling is going around
wnh tu*> facu hidden from view .i**
much as possible. He says thai ll
was a collision between himself anil a
barb wire fence while skating tlml
is ihe cause oi his mutilated features.
The junior team ol Ferule will
plaj' a return match in Cranhrook
ai ihe rink to-morrow afternoon
and a good game Is anticipated. It
ti unfortunate that William Welch,
one ot the Craubrook Mar players,
recently sprained his ankle aud wil
be unlit lo participate in ihe game.
The nexl assembly oi the C. P. It
club will be held in Wentworth hal
Wednesday evening, February llth
The dances given b) this club havi
proven most popular aud enjoyable ii
the pasl and this mm will he no exception to lhe rule.
Fred Small, who has been confined
Lo the St. Kugene hospital the pasl
two weeks wiih a slight attack of
typhoid fever, was discharged Irom
ihat institution to-day and is again
behind lhe wicket at the Cosmopoll
ton holel.
Regular public services iu tin
Methodist church next Sunday as
usual at 11 a. m. and 7 p.m. Evening subject, "Choked and Huw Rc
llevod," Chorus songs and anthems
and male quartette. Come, you are
in vi toil.
There will he a gospel temperance
meeting at the Presbyterian church
next Sunday evening Immediately ailer tbe close of tbe regular services.
Addresses vvill he delivered by Kev
(iooiiii.-ld and (he other ministers of
lhe city. Then- will lie .special Mill-
sic by lbe union choir and Miss
Rhodfl   Loitcll   will sun; a solo.
Fred Turnbull, of iht* Herald slafi,
received word last week of the serious Illness of his mother at his
home in (iuelph, Out., ami left for
hero last Saturday. The Herald
hopes thai Mr. Turnbull will find his
mother better mid thai he may bible io return Li. Craubrook in a
short time. There are not, many
young men like Mr. Turnbull and thu
Herald appreciates him and his services.
The Calgary papers tell of ihe re-
gaiiizai'ion of the McDonald-Simpson company, which will hereafter he
known a.s the McDonnld-Duiilop company. The new linn will build acorn-
modious warehouse and be better
prepared than ever before lo meet
growing demand for business.
Our old friend, M. McDonald, is ihc
president of the new company, which
i.s sufficient guaraulee that the business will be n most excellent bands.
"Little Mae" is business from the
top of his head to his toes, and as
western selling agents for so many
il the leading manufacturing firms of
he easl and the Slul-es thev will
each out farther than ever in' lheir
lidoavor lo extend thell  business
It   K    Beattie    visiu-d K.tiiIc   last
A.   K.  Watts, ot Wattsburg, was   m
town lasi  FrWaj
.1   -i   Murphy, tho Moyie tueicbaut.
was  m   lowu  last  uwittllg,
\l \|« Imn-.. oi Klkmouth, was in
towu ,i ii-w davs last week.
ll will soon he time tm' lawn
I.'mils, noli, bu_;t> mles and OoW
ll you want |oh wo.li ihal will iv
Heel credit upon yoUl eslablishmeul
ordei  it ul tin- lli-i.ihl
Judge Wilsuii  visititl Keiiuc-last
.'veliuu.   When-  he   belli  a   hliel       BOS
Klotl   ol   i.mil
lln-   new        pit)      1-nUlieil    is   nvlllliy,
.lown io iiii>ii..-,s .oi.i win s  tan
everything In rwhI working order.
Mrs James Hi Neil lefl last Mondav    loi   Tacom.i Mi     McNeil      ac
eompanlrd livi as Ini as Spokane,
Tbe Imehelors "i Hie eil) expect i.
bold   a   danee   uitlnii   a   shoi I       Iiuie
ll i ins,- to be otw iii the finest ol
Hie   season.
Ml       lll.ks.ni,      ui.iu.mei   ot   lhe      P
Hums branch In this cltj  h
mi   lhe   siek   l|sl   loi
days     bul
Mr, and Mis,    s. .1. Mighton
turned this week Irom a pleasant  so-
lourii  "I     'wo   weeks al   Halcyon hoi
The staff "1 lh'' Canadian Bank ol
Commerce expeel io move into tholi
imilding next week or smut after.
this is official.
Mayor Rogers and J. A. Harvey
returned Irom the eoasl last Friday.
Air. Cavcn wenl lu Seattle on Important business.
Are you a irieird ol lhe Herald? R
so did you ever think of asking some
friend to subscribe'. Try ii once
it won't hurt you and vvill do tin
Herald a power of good.
Did you ever see nicer weatbei
than tne brand that we have here
in Crauhr-ji-k.' On lhe square dou'i
you Hunk ihat D beals tne worm;
Robert Robson, ul Mayook, has received an autograph letler from
Sir Henry Campbell Baunormati i»
acKnowletlgmcut iu a letler ot eon
graiiilaiiou irom Alt.  Kobsmi.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Leiteh enlcrtaiiieo
a large number ol frleiws at then
■BitiUsomo home lasl triaay evening.
.miliary euchre Was lhe prog rain ill i
a.,d lhc guests presenl had a most
cujoyanle lime.
Hati)' MeYillie returned from Fernie lo-day where he has heen getting
data lor a map uf the burnt disiriet of Alcltoiigal and Prootor s
Wmtier limils. He will go to .Nelson
as a witness to-morrow,
James Crouin, lhe well known
manager oi me Si. Eugene num.-,
spenl a couple of days Mils wees iu
uraiiorook. Air. Crouin seems lo
grow younger as the years pass by.
Julnv. hains, ol Harris Hros., relumed lasl i-rumy Irom a trip to
cngiand, where he wenl mi a tup
cum i» i im ig uusiness w un pieasute,
air. Hams Iouks as n Uw ouliug
agreeu with him, bui he was pleaseu
io gel track iu Craubrook.
John Pi ingle, who has uu hotel ut
l'litiK tuts leastd tne new hotel oi
iMiieii A Jones, at Marysville, auu
will take possession as soon as ti is
completed. Air. Pringlo nas made a
success of lhe hotel business ami in
nis new   field will emiMiiue il.
Every member of thc eity council,
every iiiemher of the hoard of trade
and every business man in the town
and properly owner as well slioulu
■ cad the article ou municipal advertising reproduced on the editorial
page of tins issue from the Calgary
li'iide Canute, ll furnishes considerable food for thought.
Harry Melton is in lown after a
siege in the hills for three months. I
1 lurry had a bunch of specimens
Mial would drive a man crazy and
create a stampede iu Nevada. They
were of copper, gold and stiver and
were beauties. Hurry was mysterious as to their origin and refused
to give any Information,
There i.s no doubt now that there
will be a modern, up-to-date hotel
built in Cranbrouk sonic time nexl
season. There are several parlies
figuring ou ihe proposition at the
presenl time and something is sure
to eventuate before many months roll
A. B. Fenwick, of Fort Sleele, was
iu lowu to-day. Speaking of the Associated Boards of Trade banquet
Mr. Fenwick says that the Fort
Sleek- delegation was unanimous in
the opinion that il was one of the
mosl enjoyable evenings thai they
had ever experienced.
A. McDotlgal aud K, M, proctor, of
Fernie, passed through Cranhrook
this morning ou lheir way to Nelson, where tbey will look afler tlie
suii ihey huve instituted against the
Great Northern railway for damages
to 'their timber limits by tire a year
uko last summer. There were 16
witnesses on the train who will appear in lhe ease. Sieve Alexander,
of Kernie, is one of their attorneys.
Tom RiMjkes has resigned his position as manager of the Fernie hotel
at Kernie and fur lhc past few days
has liecn enjoying himself wiih old
Cranhrook friends. Mr. Rookes expects to go to Edmonton in a few
days in response to an invitation to
come and look over a promising
proposition, and after thut be may
visit California. It lias been a long
time since Mr. Rookes has had a va-
latlon and he is enjoying this one to
the fullest extent.
John McDonald, ul Wycliffe,, return-1 KILLED   BY a   fai.lim; ti
ed   yesterday   lumi   a    two mouths 	
irip to his old home iu Oniaiio, | A fatal accident occurred in the
wten lie bad noi visited fm twenty-1 logging camp ,,f Breckenrid •■ a
three yean. Mi. McDonald regis- Lund, north of Marysville last Tliufs-
tered al the Cianbrook and last day. Three men were cutting down
eveuiiK sat arouird tlie lobby wish-! trees, and after the cut h...i heen
ing thai hv might Ret out home and j llliuil. m (l|ll. Mlk. „, ., u..(, ]||(i ^
see his wile and little girl. M*?- started to make ihe final eui on ihe
McDonald. Bunking that she would! ^ Mi|(. , „,-„ llliult,, u
surprise bei husband, came to  Cian-i
.    V ■      l      .     i .    ,   *us  »"'►"-'I  Wid as soon as  tbe   otit-
tnook on    in- Klmbertej   train   last -uu .... ,.,,..,. ,   i _.,_. ,
evetrinv wnh he.  Utile WtgUtei and ;'\'! \'       V      n ;V   r    ^
rc«lst?rcd at the Royal. Tins l0 *»w awl •»*»"* •' crj ot
morning she went to the station   iol***"**1* *w given, yel u came   io„
ititvt her husband, hut of course  did late and   John Muskuluk, who    wus
um see him.       Feeling disappointed soalfug Uw logs, was st und inn u, ibo
she started back io iiie Royal   wiih ...     . .,„ .„     .         .,, ,
he.   I.IIIe  girl.      and  as  she     passid! ll1"' ,,f ,l"   Wl  ' Wn8 U,,aWe ln V*
ihe    Cranbiook     \h    Mi Ilinmhl s.iwi"111  ul  tlm way   1 the tree eniighl
hei, and Inn ned out to find wlu-ii'him and pinned lum io ih,- earth,
alas had arrived In town. Tlien B crushitw tlie litem lum Tin-
was lhat   tbey   learned   that   boil, had                             . .i,|,,,„1l
iMtti  ni   town     ll.e lllgltl   bel      and    llll>   w,u   U V*1    '"  tl'll"'ll,,lk
,,.„, iiotpla tlie   nexl   dav and interred   In    the
♦  tvmelvry,       The   deceasod    had    no
WALTKIt S KKITI1 MARR1KB i,i,,i,v,s m ihe, ,,.,n ol Uie eountr)
: so i.n as eooid be learned,
In ihe Kenueii    correspondence   id  a	
the   Redding.     Cal ,   Si-.uelihglu,      is
the following notice of 'be marriage
o|   Ualt.-i   S    Keith.   hiMthil     ol   Dt.
Keith, ot Co«l  i'l irk
nnr of  ibis place,  ami  Miss  Ida    \
Owen, a rctvnt arrival Irom Seattle,  n„
were married Saturday noon at Ri-d
ding.    The ceremony was celebrated
in  lhe  parlors ol  the  llolel  Lmen/,   -"til M an indi'pendeul  candidate bm
Rev. H,     F. Wright,   pastor of tho his nomination papers weie not legal
Redding Baptist church, officiating,     ami could not stand.
Ki.l.rTi'.n n\   \t-ci. wi \ i ion
\\    K   Knowles, ol Moos,- ,l,iw, wa*.
s   Keith,  Uw mining cngl- elected by acclama i In Wesl   As
i,1.1.1 io succeed Waller Scott  In
Dominion   parliament.     K.    s.
Plngle, of Modlciiie llat. was uomln
Style and Grace in
Rubber   Footwear
M.*i|iii* Lt-nf Cit} Ruliii *is.*ir,* iiimii- over toot.
I..i*in   lusts tlml   fulln   • sm ill  tliu ii«w sh,.,.
Till.,    ill*,*   till'   in* I    |»*iii*i lli.li ill slvli«ll
Hulll.rl   lml.m.,1*
1,,'lilii s lisi, viilll* ili*,*lli*l* I"   i-lnill lull    tin-   llrw
* Ctilvi'   .-uill *\l, Hn ' .' ni *i,*-' with i'iiIiiiii
In*. Ih ur ilu* new ' I,ill   in ,    K.-„-" iihhIi'Ih
r„r Kn-iH-h lu-i'ln.
'I'll,.}' art, jusl   ii   Im ii. ir,- y.r.u-, 1111 nml i-liir
III.HI    llllll,HI      I.n   l> '1.       ,,H   I..' t •.,, *.
J.   LECKIt;   CO..   LTD.
Vancouver, B. C. Selling Agents
r*___**aB*aaM*Mi*aiM***i «M*aa*aia_ia--i-&A
I    Stocktaking Sale j
We are  now  taking  stock and  we  find a I
number of articles  that   WC  will sell  b«:low I
1                   the regular prices   such as Stoves, Tinware I
I                   and numerous other articles at I
McCallum & Co. I
DTiirtlwnri' Mun-lmiilB
2k Robinson-McKen^ie
Lumber Company
Have a number of small
tracts left within a mile
of Cranbrook.
This is a great opportunity
to get something good for
little money.
-l-l-l-l- l-i-H-l-H-l-l-l-l-l-l-I-i--!-1* I-I* I '* l-l-l -I-I- l-trH+H-HI+l.
■I-I-I-I-l-1-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-1-1-1 l-1-| |-|-|-|..|.-H-l-H-l-|-H-l"i-l-l-l-
•>-:- ft
l   :
The Cosmopolitan |j
The   place   where   a   jj
man will return after
stopping once.
Will take an Auctioneer's Licence as soon as one
can be procured (ro n the Municipality.
PHonell9 P.O. Box 76
The Robinson ■ McKenzie
Lumber Company, Ltd,
Cranbroook, B. C.
+•;•* *+•£• ♦•> •:• •:• •:• •> •!• •:• •:• •;••:• •;- •:-•:■•:■•:•••:• •:• •:••;••:• •:• •:•<• •:• •:- ♦ •:• -;• ♦ •>
•j-    Before you make arrangements for    •}
.'. vour l.lll
see us for ideas, designs and stock.
It may bu mutually profitable
| F.J. Bradley & Co.
X    Artistic   Painters  and   Decorators    t
Luux^uluu = ^,MJ


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