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Cranbrook Herald Oct 10, 1901

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1 Ti
VOI.1  M
ItltOOK,   I'-I.'l'llsil
I mn.
The Canadia i Banl of Commerce.
A   COX, I''
Paid I :   Capital
fatal He   in .'
II. li. WAI.KI ',. Den   Mai
5 s.llll'l.llll'Ulll
2.000..000 nil
si, Ol I.J 11 n I
I A General Ba • iness Transacted,
Deposits Received.
!  London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
•    low '      • '.i'      ■'.'     ICCl .1
1'ilb Wild Horse,
I    UIU    JOB    Mil.    FINISHED
Gilpin's for Furniture
Two More Carloads Arriving
] ledroom Suites from $16 to $60.
A lot of new styles in American iron Beds, with white enamel
Dressers and Stands,    !'" thing daintier.
Cood, roomy oak iV.oir s chairs at $6.75.
I'arlor Suites, 5
id up. Any piece sold separate.
Jute Rockers, Easy Chairs,  i> o'clock Tea Sets, Easels, Wall
Pockets, Screens, Etc., Estermoor and Hair Mattresses,
Dry Goods, Shoes, Hardware, Groceries, Etc., all moving well.
Our stock's the largest, o'.:r prices the  lowest,  our  styles the
latest.    Look us over.
„.G. H. Gilpin
The Trail Passed Through What
Is Now  the  Town ol
IND litmus PACKED OVER 500 Mil.IS
A recent Issue nf llie Spokesman-Re'
view t ■... I on interview wiih ex-Qoveiuor
George Ilewdney, tluil iiill prove inli-i-
cstlng to The Herald seuders Aflet ,1-
s-nnuting some nf hm .-.lily experiences
,,ii Ike western coaet, Mr. Uewdsie) lui I
i.i llii'linn wlien llie news ul the vast
riches ol Ihe
Fabulous Wild Hone
We are showing an immense range of Slreet Hats,
ready lo wear. Next week we will hold our Millinery opening, and when visiting Ihe liasl Kooienay Exhibition you arc invited lo call at our store
and inspect our exhibition of Millinery, Dress
(ioods. General Dry Goods, H-utts and Shoes, Carpels atttl House Furnishi  ,;.
1 Winter 3<
iusit I
We have iusl opened a lull line ol
rubbers, the largest stock we have
ever Knight. We also have a lull
range of Carss' Mackinaw clothing
Genua wool socks.
...      1 he)   v. il
placer mines liist struck the coast country, "A veritable stampede set 1 ti lor
ihe new Eldorado Guoda nnd supplies
were tushed lu principally irom Lewis*
town, Idaho, alld Fort Col Vl lie, Wash,
the last an important Hudson Bay trading post. Our own people, disgusted at
not being aide to secure the trade except
hy sending supplies through American
territory, nnd either resorting to rmining
the blockade with its attendant liability
of seizure and confiscation, or by paying
nu official U per rUy and grub to convoy
the paek ihfotigh, urged upon Governor
Frederick Seymore the importance or
having a direct trail oil Hnti.il. soil.
"Iu March ol that year Governor Seymour instructed me to go to New Westminster, lilts.- capital. The audience, I ,UL I
remember, was a decidedly brief one.
lie explained what was wanted aud asked me if I would undertake to build such
a trail, I agreed to do so on condition
that I should choose my own assistants
ami be left with a free hand. This he
leadd) consented Lo, and wiih lettere of
credit I hurriedly set off to Fort Hope.
There i picked up several lime e*
ild   campi
p wing  or ,     I bl izing   nit  a ti ill   e ibt<
word t.'  Wi -I Horse creek commenced.
Hon ihe Trail Was Built.
•Down the va lev to Richter's pass we
followed a well worn Eudun trail, necessitating little work. Crossing the divide
we came out on Osoyoos lake, where
Judge H ijiies made his headquarters in
administering justice ami collecting her
■ r,
i     -; . white
.   ■
■    ■
g  the cm I e hailed
;., Dick
Fry, Hu- Brat while man to discover
gold on the Pent! d'Oreille river. lie
wti pra tii dl) living in exile, having
tle-l with his Indian wife from the veu-
m nice of a tribe ol Indiana who had a
few mouths pre* tn i u red a small
party  of ] ut  through  the
agencj ni in- Fqu-iw—- a woman ol their
tribe -had l| .red hi life, It tore leaving he showe I me ovei Ilu hot Bprlnga
and exhibited several speclmi ua of rich
galena float. Fry, with ilu Had boys,
located the Hall mine, above Nelson.
(lu-rlutid March Agnln.
''Continuing mj canoe trip south, I
struck Goat rivei     nd tin  my
pai ■ s
taken up, 'i r Moyle
lake  ..:■<'  i ■ . | I -
I   i   ■ •     Ie, lo '    .■! lioi i 'i ek, ■.!   ...
''The diggings pruved to be rich, over
a million dollars worth ol dual having
at that time been I .ken run, .\ typic I
mining camp with scmei ►! - .loons
aud dance halls, had sprung u* at llie
moutll of ihe creek. Some years Inter
the place was named Fort
gallant Colonel Sun Steele,
iu South Al;n.,i, who had .
country in charge of a tro
west mounted police to qui
m   llll    ■   Properties nf llic St.
Marys   Country.
'   Hie Grounds
ctil. I
l„ in i a drill   f 13. I      ::
ii    ■ il
' i     run
Another Big Lead Has Been Discovered   on   the  Great
Dane    Group,
Said Mocks „l Coal l.ainls.
Last week a ileal was clo    I by wl -Ml      n0r,k     l,\ .   .       |     D ■'.
Fiank Coltett,  representing  New  V tk
parlies, secured u bond on a large block "	
of coal Inn,Is lying near ttiairtuore, Alts .
mid owned  by -Messrs. A   ,V    McVtltie   Brick  is    Being  Tu: I i
and I.eilch llrulbeis.   This coal an > is r,     . .    D r.       ,
consiilered to be one of the .iche.l In the p"   K '
now celebrated  coal fields  of eastern Early
British Columbia and western Alberta,
ami negotiations for the bond bave been i
pending for some lime     The amount   I   ,,,„,...,„,,
tl.e bond Is no. made public „ .-   ^ARVSVILLE    I SCENE 0    ,C1      I
thought to ae a laige sum, and
t v. veil lime ami twelve in ,i,Uis.
ele, alli'i
.in Inclp.
ii I .' iu
'Upper St. Marys Properties.
Fred  Hasten cuttle in this we.k frcm Dcyelopmenl la thiol ki
lis properties .„ the upper St. Marys ti
, .t- in his wl ilei otipplies.     He will i c. ' ....,   |,.,
ii.iin  ..;. in  Snliitday,  taking  his       .    ,.
ids is far us Marysville by train, then
,'.   wugiiu  to the  foot of the lake, and
hen by pack horses l.i .tin- mine     He   m,jRM ;,,.
vlil take iu about a  ton of supplies, uml   lm^L )(.rt ,|
ixpects  to  rentuiu  in  llii.i  trip until I she hie ire
'hilstiilii", ami will In' alone again Ihis ' ], ., ,.,| ,,,
miles like lit was last. The neasest | ,„„ Me „,
i ikIiIum will be .Mr. Mencllam, »li
i    F. P. II ,.
Austin, 1-. :
Kin/ie. ol.-;   ,. mi
Isttlg   ami lels tin-  ;;.
sived in .-.  i-   out the sute
ere is Consi :■    ol llle COmp ,
trlcl    sinl   struction ,-
expect   to
next Fel ru
.   . ■ .     witho
Un- work iiii
gust, Ml    11,/.,
1 that p >io
■ I
:. :;aii ol:;.
I   |ii'll> 1.11.1
the settlement ol numerous i
Cm iiui ilic frail,
"Hnving biases! ihe unite ,,t llie pro-
pose,I trull 1 at ouee started arrangements to build n. Ia camp I had no
difficulty iu securing 05 in -t. uu.lei tlie
leadership „l  Wil lam   t'ernie,   tin- dis-
ui. mil   aftei
speak to ami
"1 am now in
ol a llllll
being I
I hi] 11
.  and
s, .,.,,: Inal 1
.'1   e ml   .11...
W.ivilv group
properly is own
.X,-ls iml   I- .
llllllll tn lln In
1 1: 11 .ii
1 In \V;
il l.i In
oie on ihe Haul
scrabble, and the least is widening ansl
growing better as sleplh is secured,   hob I (|,c(tlu     .^ crr,«s.cul  11
Ue.iar, 011 the Mystery, wh'eli is located   t,u. VTjM a Buor,
,111 the same lead, has stone is lot nf work
tliisMiuiiiiei.iiiiilisiii.il in about nine
feet .il soli.I copper ore, that is good lo
treasurers.     1
that    \':-:   easiest
- Do-
H ■ S=; d'
1 ieui  -. .. 1- : i* ni u the
."■■"'  ■ ■ .   tnd s.-. itdingly
l-**- to
had   folli   "
: ■.    ul   whem \-' r
■ ihle;    i
. .;e oi the
u Wild 11 .i e
■    : ■         :
she route,    Sn
■   r
..; ,1
teniher, di - ■■
i V   )
tin- time
!■-■ i il ■.      Lli    .■ ii| was
nre of 125 feel i
ilu-.p..ml ol .'.
Ild   foul i.i   ml
i !::
east as hli.ill's ranch
ihe Kettle liver, was
i llaus
trains thiough liiuMi territory, a dis
tntiee of some 5, 0 miles. The total cost
to the colony amounted tu f"-l 000."
New Vork, Oct. 4  -With victory flags
tlo.uiug from her loweting mastheads
ami the end--ot her spicaders In honor
oi  her  concluding triumph  in the cup
races OI 19 jf, the gallant sloop Columbia
relumed to her itnchorace toiiieht under
- sei tion their liuniiuc grounds,
and other game was plentiful    'h« Mc°r' "'"": «»'""»«»» ««'
.k -., ,- already .lumbled down, ' 'SlR' ""'''>' »»'P ««l "" <M«>* of Ike
honored troph-j   n    nothcr stirring race
E Fori Siocic ,'sti ,;iiili!c Co.	
to .1. I\ FINK
rclursied ami i
in Un- Keltic
maled .in. -
Forks now si,,
unHraki anus ■ ';im
Plumbing and Heating.
Nnw is the lime In have yiiur furnace put ill,
and gel read) for (he winter. ESTIMATES
Rifles and Shotguns
Shouting season isal hand. Buy your supplies and ainiiiiiliiin from
(i. H. TUNER.    I
i !,■-,■: ted camp, exct pt fo
! men.
ug this creek I decided
vent, ami came out at the
found this route to be
being too lu north, so
ntinued down the stream
iver, where the Awahj..
f Columbia and Grand
il.     The Kittle nvei wis
followed to Christina lake, thence eastward nciosfl Norway mountain to the
head ol Sheep creek, down the valley
below the golden city of Rossland, lo
ihe Columbia river. Between Christina
lake and the Columbia was one tbe most
difficult sections on account ol the dense
underg.owih and fallen timber. To
i .ai ilu out for the pasiage o( the pack
train required days ol haul labor in
which . hands took part. Arriving at
the Columbia, there being no feiry, we
all swam across.
ihiiiiuiti the Force.
'At Port Sheppard, a trading post in
firent Dane Croup.
: C Dtewry, managing director of the
(Ileal Dane Group, on Ihe upper St.
\i irys, arrived in town Tuesday evening
al ; a visit to Uie property. "Since my
!i  :   visit,"   aafd   Mr. Drewry, ' we have
in iiie 11 very Important strike. On the
! -her ilaiui there are two leads running
parallel lo each other, and Jut right
ingles to the lead 111 the Great Dane.
When I Was up there a few weeks ago I
left Instructions to have some prospecting done 011 the Fisher claim above the
other two leans. This was done, and a
trench dug where the surface indications
looked promising, und as a result they
uncovered a magnificent showing of
Steele galena.   There is a lead four feet
wide of steel galena, llle finest kind, and
from two to four feet of concentrating
ore 011 each side. I have now directed
tl.e men to drift from the main tunnel
0:1 tbe Dane claim so as to cross cut the
three leads found oil the Fisher, and
thus determine the full width of the ore
body.    We have  a mine there now.    Of
1     Work
ge     He -
w    ever-
the m st '.
• ing *...-■■
j 1 ditch  consi
Diamond an '  ' .. •  ■       .■!■ irrying  w
ai ■!  C,   A.   HiH,   of  Kil hing in
owners now have 1 good .    ;- late in ■.:.
copper ore, which f such ma
pet. .  ber ind
1  -l.ylt 11*014
Mining Notes. .....t»r  ol
.Mr. Reld, of.Mojie,   came  up  ye.--.-r. weather is  :
day    He says that ihe St. Eugene mau- the necessary arrai
ageiuent has commenced to covei   the emergency th
six  miles of flume so that there wil!   e
no trouble in  the future from freezing -Mcst Deli'  1
As the flume runs on  the side bill,  the       In oider t
job is a  big one and will cost a pile of patrons all t
money. ^ followiog
The Revelstoke Herald gets  matt  •- '■   impossible 1
badly mixed at limes when it comes t ;:   u ••**■ *c*1   ■
miidng matters.   In a recent issue it b is Ii"v-C-" •■'   '•	
Senator Clark, of Montana, and Pal j future the d     -  -
Clark, of Spokane, as the purchasei     f ^-'^   t0   '
the Leask-Goldsmith propeities on G    I meot   has
creek, In the Urdeau     It was s ->;.. better serve ou
cate headed by .Mr. Frank, ol Butte   and       IMI very
Thomas Cruse, of Helena,   under tbe di Slater's sawmill
lection ofS. W. Gebo. \Ai'-'1 2:3° P- m.
Delivery  h ives
tins   there is   no longer   the   slightest
doubt. Dr.    Green   and   Mr.    Dmmmond,   of
in tddltion to the mining property I Moyie,  stajed over In Cranbrook after
have secured  quaeres on both sides of boms on Monday, on their return from
th   rivei for li *usite ; ■■■;    ei     nd   I di.'   in !   di   ■ ing trlj   up tbe
.,   . been thrown into  the  general  pui .  .   - river,    ....■■   report        d    ;   rl
.t-..i  becomes   1  part   ind parcel of the \  .   li   on the St. Mir)      -    ■   nl   1    1
New Goods
name of ll.iidesly, we reinitiated and
divided the force, Taking n canoe
manned by Colvllle Indians, l decided lo
explore the great lakes. The other
party continued on eastward, blazing a
trail via the IVnd d'Oreille and Salmon
rivers across ihe range down to Kootenay lake, crossing nt Goal river. Here
I afterwards rejoined llleiii-
'.Meanwhile J went up the Columbia
-,. .    ■ 11 1 a  river lu the uiouili of the Kootenay river
We are receiving new j^oods almostLhici. was Mowed „P h, making M
daily.   Our selection this year includes n"Eio0.h?e«ls3 X w«cZi«i
, „        ... ,   j.    1     . .-     il 1      ^ j.   ul what is now railed Pilot Hay.   The
the finest fabrics oi the markets at|i.>.u»..i. 1 nn,„e,iuchic»moon,,„e«n.
.        , . .-,    k 1 I ing money mountain, from which they
Iiie lowest prices,   tail and see us.   jt.i,.„i.,u<i i.,.., ,.,ri,..n.,is. 1 thought .1
..  ,        . I,..   1       n     /T/-\ I fust linst a steam ferry service could be
I.MeSI  111 As>   111 established across the lakes, hut on uc-
Dress Ootids ..am-,.-,   v»   wc | count of Ihe dlstunce to InitiK material
in. time she
has ■ ow successful!) foiled the attempt
of the Irish knight to wrest from her
possession tbe 1 up that iiil.uo ibe yachting supremacy of tbe world. And
plucky Sir Thomas Upton, standing on
the bridge of tbe Br hi, led ins guests in
three hearty buzzas for the successful tie-
"She is the better boat." be snld "and
she deserves la bt 1 hi ei -i
The series dI races JubI closed will always be nieiiiornbh   - tl e ■ li   esl  hm
sailed for tin 1 np,      - -     .Thorn
ton,   although  defeated,   will
with the satis f know!     Hint 1
golden yacht  is  tin abb sl foi
thai ever crossi d the . c  ti
During both series ol 111 es not an untoward incident has occurred, und Sir
Thomas will return to England far the
most popuiai of the foreigners who have
alleuged   for   the   America's  tropl:
'barge of an eccellliic  geulleiliaii by lhc ' Today's race,  on paper,   was llie closest
of the series, but because of ihe fluid-
ness ol the wind on the bent home, as a
contest of their relative merits of the
yachts, it is not to be compared with the
magnificent, truly mu and royally
(ought battles of Saturday and yesrerday.
Attention, Odd Fellows.
Greal D .ne property
id tin
rrho l.uy    vj nted  the ii:   .;  '■> .ne   min
Gieat Dane slock al.Mi buy ii proportion-
ale interest 111 ihe townsite.
llic Pflller liruuji.
■    .
arc   both enthusiastic ovi
Dr. Green, speaking lo I he U
s.ii:.    ' I   never   saw   BUi ii   -■-.:.
in--   lift*.    They  setin   t.    strike   ■   .
;.   d every day     1  have   1 fe«   ■
•.-.nit me which 1  kuoi
111       ,'       Tbe   saiii) Its
attiouui of copper au    ug then
ol shlch it is composed.
depot and -.
;■   in.
Delivery Ie ives   1
tod   all   sourhern
1*45 a. m. ai .
This schi
To    :.    ■
■ ustomera
■ 1 coniform
The Herald,
Aiiii printing
Melson Trlbunn:    Charles McK iy h 1
returned to Nelson altei  an abseiici
teveral uiontbi spent in tbe St. Maiys
'lLlrlct in the ,l«velo| ,.'   I the l illei   ., ,ulch iViVcompoiear "
group ol claims illuitt. on White Fish modern ma
cieek, ahoul :   miles welt of lite lov .        Prospect i di lievei  in
site ..I  Mar)     lie     I     lold then    i is ' ''"! :"        '•'    '  ' e , but j . I
been Bbo '   • ■: ■ m up  lo slate in   "  '   '"' South liist K„ol r   in Kasl Ko
th   opeulni ",   "i th,   • '     ' ittracted h; ....,„ „, li: .  .
and Mr. Mel          have I ' " ' s ■:. 1 yet we
wn tliel iiii ■ •      Idlng   l„
.1   I   ui    Ihi md    Any   in in   •■ h     lias : , . ,.„., ne ,
,..      ! ..■:.■: ■ :"; H     st bi lorslerof:
 -I owliij  » t Invesl iu pros] pc, evc, :„      .   .
necessary  ral laj           rhere        '" »f'ei something   i .'.    -,      e  C0Vers every th
nx cloluu In the Puller group Ihe princi-  »een    Au hole in the ground msj great care    II   j
pal ol which are lb. Fallal and Kvanga   lill 'he prospector, but n is nol enough ; modern primers,, ,
hue   but tin- greates pail oi tha work   '"' the suau with money to invest.   II  scl ,„ Wl,... ;  .
has beeu done on Ibe Caller    ThUcon-  .."" helleve  you  have  a  good   thinj
sisisoiu number ol op«n cull on tbe  prove it,   Show your confidence in yoe
suiface foi ihe purpose ol pro.pecllng  own property by work, and il yuu hai
the   lead,   Which ha-   llien-l.)   I.een ex- ! "HJlhlng   lo  develope,   the results  will
posed lor a considers Nuance    The hi ng you big returns foi all la   r-
narrowest polut that cl k li -':K'"-'   *'"   '"'  ""'l'   :-
mi ibe Kvangullne, wl       It h     bvi ii '      ':- ''"'   :■ '■ ■ ■   '
shown to be      '...',  eel wide, hut in Ing pioperlic.    Get reaslj  for I )   ,,,,. „,„.,,, ;
oilier places llll ,..:,:,,:-.'   ' :'  I   " •' : ...,.,,.   „,.,,
Itisiiuiiiiii,„i Hi,i il,-ri'l,,',, lull ,1-i1'""" "'''"",:'"''''' : '■'''    ' ■'   levesyon,
 '.',. i Friday night,,, t|,,;,e|,-f7l """"■ I''""'-    '^^'.' ";'""«'  I |).p,|S| tharcb Opcnlaj. i-y»ble time     in:
unt work on and arnnee    I1 g *     B glnulng of a sell rough
has been sunk for 6o feel and In ll the      "■       '■       next  tin II       tLn<.  wilUt.rM   , .,
ledge ia ihown lo have widened out lo  , ... .   :.     .   , ,1M   ,
I li, t, uml in Un- bottom there are 4 fee,   .,  '
BPee-   0|  ,|1c  |t,|Kl. .-In,wing.    About is,J  reel   iowi     ■  even a lis ,   seimuu i,.. itev
lelow this shaft a lunnel has been sisiv-   ii    Mcffweti.     Three  p ni ,   platform
n in upon the ledge for a dialance of 67 Imeciingi  addreeses  l.y  Rev   Fort ne,
I i,-,-'., and ni 11 ilu- vein Is shown lo he j llowenng and lormei pnstor,  llev. 11.
Death nl Claris Wallace. | very iimeli sttonger llian In lite altafl. I Holford.    Half past leven, letinon by ! sever ol cow- t, ill tn
t-'laik  Wnlli.ee,   .\l   I'., well   known 1 being u good H feel wide  al one point I Rev.  P. W. Annache, pastor eleel    A j future devote tltcl ,
ur any city, semi yi ui
aid, ami patriui /■■ ,
wiling to s; end 1
lo-date woik all
A  I'k'.'i- ,:
is some
metils to l,e 1111.
Master, win, u
evening. Visit
ially ilivltetii
he Grand .
.H,l  I'cllo
Malt Koek, uiiuii, N. G,
v.,. [lali
R. l.oiiusl.iiii    ,1
lered into p srtssei
ness,     '1 In- 1    gel   1 I
throughout t'u
lust Tuesday,     I wheie it wascioaa cut.    At lllclllel elxt   cordial Invitation is extended to all
Un-. line. ,    a :,   IK   HERALD r" ".- "1 John W. Wolf
M 0 Y I E      _
„ ti  nm ,,i iiii) |      Harness Makei
■ iDrc .:,*:="-.:i:!n.'
liClI 1 ri :...  ..„.....       . ...s
I      i
s,    ^-V*-*-^
■     i    Pi      I'M' ll      I
mi  ,.i   i n uitii'tiuN
CO ■ '. ■       I  II
•Jii*ii7ii*J-'3":' i*t**tr*ti 6-5
Will take .- ntuict   f< i   ligg U(
Old shoos made new.    All kind ■-'"'-■
in repairing.   Uivc me a call.
|        Mrs. R. V. Vruom
:    ].t. ;    ■        :,■   |o lids "|  llr. ■   uml
iug nl        I.on,i i I  ll
s   IAXBRO IK,  Ii. C.
Anothei big utrike has been m de on   ,
the Aurora on the   west side ol ihe  lake I
.   TemUlMtnsu.lh-e:11 [direct!)   opposite   Mow ■.     In   -inking a|
shaft  on the ledge this  week th	
i widened out to seven feet of solid galena,
an I from all indications it will still e,.limine iu   widen   as  depth   is   reached
Thelnterratlonal yacbllngcupcosta  mi Aiuora   [a .^   worktf(| ,„ i(hu
t  w liundrrd dollars,  and  yet millions I   uh ^ (.u|nl, fuirt. (lt  nW}  ;l11ll u „(1W
i   vob( spen ed  In the endeavor lo   f        „e!ldeveloped     The inuiii luiinel
,   I0|tb,, .gland, and  to  retain | ^ ||( ^ ^ ^ () ,_, l.„!,ll',,„,. (, ni,
and Iheie are several olhei shorlei tunnels, ,11- en" md -i, m in nhtch there
me good shown gfi The Anon i is Ihe
pn P'tu   i Messii    l< ider, j dinsnn nul
Saul i, .md they aie verj utglily pleas-
il with then surcesfl so far
i    ,. Am i im.    rii.ii is "port.
here m" in- i i be no q leslton now
t t u," hyhi .i government In powoi
, rla will have to pass out ot ex
i ■;,,',- And wuat Is more, when
,, ihei election Is held lit ft lilsh Col-
it i jia it will be on straight party lines
ll ii irnmnlr was i ui a coal baron,
v. :i millions at ii -i tiacit, his politic il
si   ullng would be nil.
The L'berals of British Columbia wll
ii-, iie foi party lines, ami against Joe
M n tin.
The News, at I tai.k, will appear next
We- It. 	
,i \V. Greer Is now publisher of the
W.-l Fori' News, a new paper just
started In ili-j West Fork district.
T-ie L'berals of Nova Scotia belle
their name In the recent election they
cap nred every seat tun two,
Those two Conservatives elected In
N   vi  Scolla   wul   feel   lonesome at the
The United States has just discovered
tli jt   the   war   Is   not   yet  over   in   the
Philippine lilands.     A company of not
tilers was nearly wiped   out ol existence
li., u ttlves it week ago.
col. f3agan, since assuming editorial
coiifol ot the Nelson Miner, nan trans-
funned that moribund sheet Into a llvi -
ly, readable paper, We read the Miner
ire u days, Formerly U was used to
biiixl tires, li was just dry enough for
tu ii a purpose
l) imimiilr says that he proposes to
hum on Liuiil the session meets. He Is
In a position slmllar^io the man who
hail -.old ol a live electric wire.
The bundling ot the line up tlie St.
M.ir-vs valley will mean that llie C. P. It
lu -i ds to make Uraubruok the general
di-'.i ibutliig point (or this vast district,
The people of Canada and the north,
western males are just beginning to
real ze that South IStst Kootenay Is a
lir.: class place to Invest capital.
Tiis! best way lo work for your town
1- to woik (or the district, and every
town in the district.
i ill,- Ida Raw,
[.AMU  Utl.l.K   1'l.u i-K   I I l.l.li-
Tbite is -iiii roiiMd.-i.il.I:- interest hr-
ng taken iu tin- Uml) creek placer gold
ields, Grant N Slit, nil) have their
line,- boxes In i p intlon  nnd expect to
make n good clenu-up in  a  lew   days.
Jounsou bios, to .k in three sluice Imxls
till- week, and MnMli   I'-lo-    one      llolll
parlies intend invebllgatiiig the proposition thoroughly.
\i  Till, ST    I i r.l.NI'.,
The new shall house al   the No    I   tunnel   <it   the St.   Kugeiiu  will   soon   lie
finished.   The shaft is now down too
The regillai meeting ol the hoard of
trade was held Wednesday i veiling with
Vice-president Kicker* m ihe chair.
Amongst Ho* importnnt business wo* a
motion recommending in the fire department lo j ni.lia-e l.yiteet nl fire liose
ami a nozzle nt ouee mid lo circulate a
subscription list nsking fut the guarantee
ot hinds Htllli lent loi tin- payment of
Bame. There ure ulrendj $125 in the
treasurer)'   of. the department  foi   this
C. P, lllll, oi Kitchener, says they are
now working lumen at the iron mines
neat that place. The diamond drill is
tied up lm ihe present on account ol the
inability lo secure some pans for it,
ami machinery which was ordered last
.May has been delayed ull !!n lime on
account ol the strikes in the east
V,    ;    . I >
is oft I
Hvwi«u ni-l
Ti ,■. ,i    .'i ■   nil i '.ii mat
Ai    i iiiiwliat defJ,
Ai r. I Ilu. rest,
Willi il	
1 awful piuh
Wlsti. l.illi-t III-.'*- Ida    IW.
Wlst'ti fail ■   ■ uf. tl -...ni
An! wl„ ti lif    \yt, ". mini 1.1.111, sit 6till!"
S        .. and 17
W Oct. i  ind 15
rtien are a few points lo
be considered in building.
r-i'un nrnl was so used to I! that nuw
Bhe hardly linn,l.-.l II al llll.
one uiiirnhig Ihe Moriiint Glory
lirnuuhl lu r friend n surprise, sin- hud
l..'1'i ii a secret nil tl"' wild.', n ■ s
sh,' pnsu.lt} pin n ' 1'i'ist, lii'itiitlfiil pliik
liliissiun Into his linnil. lie cm I not
s..,. thul ii wssa pink, lull lu' fell 'lull \
II nus Inn ly, ."i"! I"' 1 i -nl ll '  i reliy j
Drink Home Beet r .    .  (. . M , ,,
boud  work,   Oood    Material
[t is Pure and the price.
It is Healthy
it is the Best
i i i   in In Sew York'Sun.
'Ihi St, Mans valley Is one of the
moil promising sections In Sjuth East
K tiienny. U is not to be wondered
th.tt theC !'. K lias surveying parlies
lu Ui.it Held al U.tr present lime, running
preliminary Hues,
Thsrc Is more general news of the
entiie distiict ot South Risi Kootenay
etch week In The Herald than In any
oilier   paper  published   In the district.
■35*3 -i-i am H* ************
-» r
** i $***■ ami*************
|   News    I nun    llie    Coal    Metropolis   £
-t *
A -11111111 addition is being added to Llic
K .man Catholic church.
Kiv.J. \V. liowt-niig, of Crauhrook,
occupied the pulpit of the Methodist
church on Sunday last.
James Teeters, well known in town,
has gone to Cranbrook to work in the
machine shop Jim was an ardent Sal-
vnioii Army worker and he will be
missed in the local corps.
The wholesale liquor business which
wi l lie opened in the warerooms next lo
Alberta hotel will be conducted hy Mr.
lVlner, of Cranbrook, and J. K. Pollock,
of I'ernie,   The building is being pre-
pnied for occupation.
The lady barber, who opened a shop
nt the mines several weeks ago is doing
quite a business Rumor has ii that she
h is received orders to close the shop.
Dr Uotmell on Saturday last received
tb. appointment of physician for the
Gn at Northern construction crews from
the boundary lo Ferule, The doctor will
appoint two assistants to help with the
;; 'v. It 17 Gordon on Sunday last re-
reived the sad intelligence of the death
oi ins mother in the city of Ottawa on
th it day. .Mrs. ('. irdoii, who was sixty-
it. years ol nge, had been ill for some
till c, but i! was thought she was reCOV-
erii g and the news was a seveie shock
to I'.ev. Mr. Gordon. The funeral took
plu'e on Tuesday. The citizens of
1'Yi uie Bympathlzi deeply with Mr.
Co i!on.
An outfit of New York hunters, with
A 11. Fenwick nn guide, are hunting big
game at the head of Sheep i reek.
-g,in im the Catholic church
was used last Sunday lot ihe first time.
Fntbei Coccolo le'lebraled mass, mid
Sisters Conrad and Jacob were here from
llie Mis-ion lo assist the choir.
The Moyie Wntei c'ompnii) Is milking
gooti progiess in installing its rysteiu
Pipe i- being bud to Unll Moon avenue
and down Tavist,,, k street. Water bill
been placed in most of the business
bouses and resiliences. The company
will begin charging for water this month
The old school building has been turned over to llie board ol trade and has
been moved out ol the way of the new
building A permanent location will
soon he provided for it.
T. R, Peacock, a Presbyterian minister
recent.) from Manitoba college, Winnipeg, isheieau.l intends to Incite permanently He will hold service in llie
Odd Fellows hall Sunday evening -it 7 3°
o'clock.   Everybody is invited,
Rdwiu C. Smith, M. P. P, paid
Moyie a l.teiidly call llll* week, lie was
here merely to look around and meet old
acquaintances, lie addressed tin* miners' union at Ilu- . lose ol then regular
meeting, Tuesday evening.
ml   muri ii.r-.tl.
Ami thut ui-iili' lb.- M.
Ft. S'cc!c Brewing Co.| jj^i^0^%
c ... n       . :?^'i ifiWp '-t^
Saddle Horses and      %^tj0 z8ZJ'->   -v"     - £*
.. xcursion Tickets
,; ','u,.-' mils.''."aii- Sale Staines .*• ,t    \ f^^^m^0.
And il
Grant, Smith ,-v G>. after sii'ttine, llie
sleaiii Rhsivel in place, have received
orders l„ ,lis,',,,ill,aie iv,,.k iiemliuii deal
lur riijlit "I ..ni IhrotiKli lilko.
Ilnil.liiiu IsKoiliR on nl a Rood ,„','.
Mr. .Miihiiii's hotel is nearly completed.
M,s. C.iuinau's luiaiililll; li,,,,.,. is iu f„!|
mini! anil Mr. Deroaier, ol I ,llr..y, is
pullins. up  tin- inuiii  neesled butcher
Messrs IIIn/ nul ll.sllirnok, llle own
era of our two Hcuernl alorea, rep ut luis-
IIH'SS   ll 1
The paternal provincial iroveriunent
has built a large i nl. quite Inrite ellssuijll
l,. hold lllree prinoueta, piovidesl the
j iller aleepi oilliide.
T day niiilil    ome iiiissgnliluil per-
-i.i.. who wanted a pan nl ruhliem broke
into Iliil/'s stun-ami waa caught iu lie
act by Ili'iiTliiil. win, ni.-il in break a
broom over the robber's head. The nun
lull liis hat on tin- grottsni su next morning e'liit'.v liiiiv, nlil-b putting in the
morning hunting someone- who hml li st
a hal liiii'iil that nu lesa III .11 six nun
wen- without hats, but mini, nl Olefin hml
Men me very scarce anil work will
proceed very slowly until the men em
ployed soulhol the boundary line ilnfl
up iiurtb when the lino is completed
Lovely uenlher, but rattier cold 111 llie
early mornings, ul least 1 am told s<>!
POM   Mlifl.l:   ITEMS,
I'I t Steele Pro Inr.
I Morning |
I      Glory [j
liiiri' upon n   time,  somenvhure,   In
K11 luuly's   Bnrdeli,   there   grew   a
Morning Glory vine. Nobody knew
linn- 11 i'iiiiii' there, for no one lind
planted It, Inn ii was u pretty little
tiling, Willi en'-ii henrls fur leaves nnd
cunning Huh' pal'' green curia here nnd
tlli'l'i' ll|iiin iis I'li/./.y stein,
Sin.- wauled in u,i up nil' Un' ground
where alio hail been nil ul' her short
lil'i'. s,, slii' crepl slowly nlolig tn liml
something lu lain' hoist of Hint she
mli;lil climb high up inin tin- bright
sunlight. Sim pui nut her tender tendrils nml lill carefully nlolig, fur she
was blind, poor little tiling, uml could
mu hv where sl,,- mi. unlnn.
As sliu ri'iii'lii'il   Mi,' felt something bnrtl. "Ali. perhnps ihis Issniuo-
tltlng high." thought tho Morning
Glory, su sbo crawled un ilu- side ipiito
tu the tup. llm sliu wns nnt high nl all
-imi iniilil higher than thu ground—
lur il was mill 11 small sl  Hull sho
had found. S.. In- sailly rrupl llliel:
dawn ilu- oilier side, nml Bhe lay Uiere
null.' lilseoiirngcd.
There was un old iii.'in who used to
luliu care nf s ehudy'a gnnloll, and
he saw this plum unliving there and
groping iili.uit I'm- su ■!, sn lm fus-
ii'tii'd ,1 string from a peg atuck inin
the ground up tu Somebody's window
sill, uml tlii'ii hu quite ' forgot all
about ii.
Thu next morning the Morning Glory
full 1 •,' cheerful,  mnl  sliu Blurted
upon her search ngnlu. Sho had not
far tu gu ibis time, because the kind
iihl mini IiiiiI I'usl.'iii'il ll,,' peg very
mar in where sho lay. So ahe reached
nbout wiili caution to avoid another
alone nml took hold nf the string.
Tin. 1 ■. sisiiilu.ss llttlo thing did not
ItllOW Hull the ulil 111.Ill lull! pill II llu't'e
lur bur. but BOlnehow she felt thai It
would lend her in where she wished 10
go—up towat'tl llie beautiful blue sky
nnd lhu great golden sun.
Su sho climbed along tlm string,
slowly ut lirst. limn fsssler each day as
aim began to know Ihe way, until, like
Jack's bean stalk, she hail reached the
window sill.
N'uiv, Somebody, the person who
owned the gnrdell, was III—so III that
lm hail tu slay always in his room wilb
un ugly black bandage over his eyes,
und tlie doctors fenrcd that he might
lie was very uuhnppy, nml wns often,
uh, su very einss, ami I be servants
quite feared liiin when he spuliO to
them in 11 harsh nnd uiithot-itutivc
lie had no relatives, ami he lived
quite iilnim  In  liis  it,nl   bouse,  wiih
many  1 pie In  wail  upon   him ami
wllh over so Hunt im.v in buy thlnirs
In uinko llllll happy, Iml tlm tilings Hint
1.uu   Iiiivs   ilu   nut   always   malm   mm
happy, ami Im was terribly wretched
In his big, imi' house.
One morning lm groped bis way 1..
11 pen v. nni-".  I put ins iimui out
ill ho aid ' llm In , nml he felt
a   Utile,  sluil'l il.     .Nnw.  il   Im  hml
been gcllllo llm nnil would tint hat,.'
hurt til mi. fur It was u linrmless llttlo
Ihlng, iml Im uiiuii. u rough, Impatient
 viuimlit. I It caught his linger and
bruised It a little.
-I'his maile Somebody very angry,
nnd Im said siiiiiu very unpleasant
things nbout tin- person who ilmeil lu
pui a nail outside Ins window, and he
felt nbout, very cautiously this time,
in IiiiiI llm nail imi more, that he
mlglit 1 -11	
Sn )i veil his haml slnwl.v along
upon Hm sill I llm Morning Glory
wns reaching her Utile hntnl nhutil
there at the smne time, and their two
lunula nml.
line did lint look lit nil like 11 linnil.
but It was nue Just the same, and Ihe
liltle green hand grnsped tlm great
while nn,., ami limy seemed tn know
uml imili'i'sianil ouch other at once, fur
the little green linud snld lu Ihe largo
white une very tenderly: "Oh, so yuu
are blind inn!   I am su sorry!"
The great hand did nut try tu (Ind llm
mill nl'liT Hun. It just touched the
.Murnliig Glory Willi a soft rnri'ss, mid
Iwo great drops full upon tlm leaves,
'J'lmy lull strange ami nut at all llko
the cool raindrops which sometluies
watered llm Murnliig Glory, und something tuld her that these sirups weio
1 morning Siimelaidy had
a sin 1,1 is.- fur the Murnlng Glury, Thul
was a secret mn.   Nn one I w II ."'I
but tlie ihietiir, nnil s 1.1 drew Hm
little, Murnlng Glory close to his lips
uml whispered ii Into her ear.   Then
th" Iiiiii- green lianil twined 1 11 the
print wl.il.. nim. ami Ihis Is wlml 11
Mild: "I am so glad Unit yon an- urn
going 1  blind  any  mure."    Ami
Stable South nt Herald Office
ilii-v were nnt bitter lenrs, like the lirst
ones; limy were very sweel, beenuse
limy were liars uf Joy,
After this Somebody went away und
passed, ami lm did nnt return, ami Urn
little Morning Glnry was wry sail. Sim
full hurl Hun lm had left her s,. suddenly llllll Willi 1111 innil nf adieu.
Uverylhlng was In a slate nf great
bustle ami preparation all over llm
place. Utile Morning Glury could hear
them liiiminering an.l running nbout.
ami slm lull Hull something was going
tu happen, unco slm i-atight iim word
"In-ill"." ami something lold her what
11 nil nmaiil. ami a little Jenllills pain
went through lier heart, for sl," hail
once overboard llm huiiaemahl telling
tlm cook Hull all nmn were llckle ami
Hint  when  limy  wel way In.In nun
they never though!  n( 01 1 all mid
wore token up wllh wl ver was nearest Ilium, ami Ihe conk had ngreed fully
wiih all lluii Hm Imiisi'iuiiiil had said,
nml Hm ".ink knew men if any one dill,
sliu sai.l.
Su Mill,. Morning Glnry hung her
leaves in sadness ami quite fun ol in
feel proud "I her pretty pink babies,
fur there were a grent lunny of them
Once slm lull something tug ai her
mills, ami a rough linud grnsped lien
then a kind mi"" snld: "Don't tonels
thai. Masiui loved llm little vine, ami
il must lm I.n ns ii is." uh. how relieved little Murnlng Glury felt 111 thus,,
words! Shu I'lailii'il mil ami tried tn
inii.li Hm speaker, l".u llm  ul hurried away and never saw llm liltle
gn  ll Is ill all.
Sunn tl Ighis begnn tu lm chilly,
and one by ono her babies left her ami
llulli'i'i'il tn I!.,' ground, and slm herself
grew pal" lind fell very weak and III.
uml sl.u feared thai slm was going 1,1
die. How sl." wished Unit Somebody
would come back! Slm was afraid that
he  WOUlll   hu  Inn  lull'.
sum morning she heard lhu window
opcl 1 Soniebuily ngnln sl I there.
There was some ono wiih him now 11
beautiful Insly-itnd lm held her In his
arms and called her "Sweetheart." lu
his new happiness Im lint! quite forgotten bis lllll" friend, am! Morning
Glory's henrt netted ns slm remembered
what Ilu lid had told lhu conk.
.lusi then S I'buily looked ullt mid
snw 1 r liillu Murnlng Glury wllh her
leaves all ftulell an.l lu'invn, am! lm lv
I'l'uui'lmil himself beeiiuso hu had nut
thought nf lur before.
"Iluru. dearest," Im said In Hi" Imly,
"Ihis Is the lllllo frii'ii.l I told yuu nf."
Ami he lai.l Hm withered little slum in
llm lady's dellenle hand.
A glad thrill run through the M.lining
Glnry, uml slm dropped till tiny seeds
inin Um soli open palm; then as the
wind swept around the corner a sudden
shudder seined her, and little Morning
Glury wns dead.
"Sue. my pet." said Somebody, point.
ill!.-   In   Ilu-   llttlo   black   seeds,    "that
means gu.nl luck. It is bur gift tn the
And Hm bcnntlful lady smiled, nnd
slm put the seeds lu a llttlo box, paying, "NuM year we will have another
Murnlng Glory vino there Just like the
old  nne."
"Nu." said Somebody, "never one
quili' lit..- Hull, fur Hull mm was like
11 Utile friend.    11  really seemed tu
undersi I nm.   Hut then I don'i need
11111   li lersllllld nm nnw. for I
have inn." Ami again lho lady was
fuhli'il In a I", nm embrace, ami Some.
body kissed lier softly.
i$S4i ia® ouiiai
) Day l.i in it
Choice of Routes
.1. II. KING
Physician and Surgeon.
(Hike nt Rcalslcacc, Vrmstroilg Ave.
tiracii iinims:
Forem.uns,   -        -        ,):.tll tn II
Allerniisins   • Lill 1,1 .Wll
livening! 7.H to 8:30
CRANIIROOK,    :   :   ' U. C
JrJfL   -,, ,,,.
:t^'\\.-~■'■'—■■ .™!'*$   60 Day Limit
CrailhrOdk,  B. C. J ««vcy»« Inlkea « arMeiM bulkllng?
Conic anil see me or Icl lite sec jiiii.    II may
,l„ „s belli Ri„„l. ,
All i-.-ti!, Lukes, Soo Line,
(i. R. LI:ASK    I
Contractor.     Through Sleeping car Kooienay
Landing in roronlo, one change
James Kerrigan & Co '"      l0
Wholesale dealers in
Grain and        Spokane Fails &
Produce Northern R'yCo.
Given   special   attention.
"*" clson ,%• R. Shephard R'y Co.,
Car lolS  a  Specialty. J Red    moiinfain   Railway   Co.
Cranbrook, ll. C.
George Laurie has wood
of ali lengths. See him
before buying.
Indispensable in
Por lime 1. .'■■ c    in1 mil I a to rnui l Inn   .-di "it
nr.. Jrcs   111 1    -i liital iigeal
I. I I (>VI : i 1 HdliMW
\   11  !', \. iROnl,
Vancouver, It.C. Crauhrook
.1. S. CARTI K. i). I'. V. Nelson, IS. t..
.Every Home
Fair FJxclintiKc, v.-t 11 itnlihcrr.
While Gilstnve llorewusat Is.1.1 ami
w lorlns nbout Hm niotitiinlns hu be-
laum mn. I. Intoreslcd In a euiiulry
wedding ami ikeli bed II un ihu spot.
II"  pill   Hm  sl.i ll'll   i  II   I k   III   I!,,'
p.'i'ki'l ,il his pnlelol uml Weill tiaels lu
Hm hold 111 dinner. After dinner he
lm.Iml fill' iim ■ketch.   II was gum.,
Angry ul tlm theft, thu artist called
Um landlord uml  lu complaint, but
tu, truce "1 Hm bunk was luiiiiil.   from
Isold I,uru uiul iu Vloiin 1 llii'iu
lm foiitiil a loiter nml a parcel awnliliig
li 1111. The feller, which was utioiiy-
 us. rend thus:
"Sir, 1 siole your hook at Is.-!,!, 'llm
Bkotell was mi "Iiiii 11.niu ihnl I could
nut reslsl Um lempiallon nf having it
In my possession, ami I knew ver) well
y.ui would never consent lo sell ii 1.1
iti".   I'.ui Hull is neither my trnde nor
my habit, ami I Ing yoi tccepl as a
souvenir nl my crime and my eiiilnisi-
nsm fur your talent the walking stick
M'hii-h will i-i'ili'h yuu lit the sillni.' tills..
Nnw, lifter this ttie.se two—Somebody   as ihis loiter
Wfc'- ,ll*
?M Barometer
=;.«-_--->        I.O.O.F.   Kcj City l.misc
^; $-~$''"t**=i   x"   ''-'■    Meets every l-'rl-        Tbe only nil rail roule belweeli all
•■'*'*"    '■     ■-■' * ilil al liml, null nil        points liasl, West and Sulllh In...
sun     ROSSI.AND,
Intermediate Points.
Craabrnok Lodge, Nn. .11
I. p, S A. M.
Connci ting nt
SI'OKANli wnli
"*   t   I    v/aV;   --',.    \ It-miliu  iiii'i'llnus on Ilu'
I''K ■./     \"    u  iiun ciaj -iiii-' <ircat Norlhcrn, Northern Pacific
and <). R. & N. Company.
W '
5cason iooi-iyo2
.  \ ISlIlllSJ !'!'Ul''III M.'l.'i
i'. . ■ .v.    Wi ,'kly
■   f-.ll    ■       ,-..:   : igOLll-    }   '(»,,,.
h.i nil-"in..- tliermom-   i      Hunk i.rctin.m <•■<■ UMi
Solicitor, Etc
la the Count) Court ol Koolcnaj Mulilcn al
I'url   Sleek'.
In the iMi.llci of lln' I'stati! nil I ("Herts of llcr-
aeo T. Eli own, liilool tin* i-nyul S|i kiu.o, In
thu Stan, ui Wnslihiiit m, In the t nitcil .-t.ucs nf
ivllli lull iiarlteillais illll> i-';ili".l Itj -1:11111111
ik'i'laiulliili t'.iin' until .iiliiiin,suiitiiv, I,. Uriu
hriiiili, ll. r. Ami im i«*" i> 1 No lioreby uj.vi'i
tlm alter Miellliiit ineiillu ed ilatu Milil iiiillllti
Istrutnr um l '■<! in illsirliuitu the .ts-rts .1
tl.i'Siiiilii.T.'iiM'tl ai'i'i itln law -Milium 11
pint In mil <1 'im- nl whleh In' shall llien tin
lnui'il Un- .nih ilny nf ,-i-i'li-tui. i-. nn.
u    I-', lit  Iiii.
inlleltni lm' Un- A.linli.is miii
ihnl I ihall auiilj In lln- Honor-
Nelson   with   Stcnnicr   Inr   Kris!.,
.•ut.!   Ali  Kootenny   I..-ike   I'nints,
Mi   rs Falls w ills Stnite  Dally fur
Republic, and
M    Bossburg   .Stage   Daily   f. r
tir.'iiui Porks and Qrcenwoud.
II. V JACKSON, lien. I'ass. Alt,
Perry = Creek
Oliver Knrge    -    •    Proprietor gurvevc
Good accommodations for the pub-' Land Purchases,
lie.      Best of liquors and cigars., Pre-ElllptioilS,
Conic  and sec  the   l.iinous  rerry ; „„ .   , ,.   ,
creek district.   Quart, and placer Milling Claims,
mining.   8 miles from Cranbrook. Etc.,   lllillle  In   COIlltMlCl.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
I'HOS. T. \k\ITIII". I> L.S.
I' 11 imi ileclc, It i
Cranbrook, Brlilslt Culiinil.hi  t\    |,    GRANT
In mailing "lu r a premium f.u-
h <ly  !•..   ... '..-.iii    llllll-irj    Ih..
•i." Pre s.  Winnipeg, have   sunnx-il
nl I
 Builder •.**
:::::Cr.-l.sl,r,„,l. II t
Certificate „f die Rcilslratlan „f nn livir,,-! ,■   ,, ,
I'riiviiK'lal  Company.
.■CtlMI'ANIiiS ,l
"::,'.us I Something Interesting
""'„]'; i i    In I'lioloRniplls,   (Inr itgenl
",     will will Icll yuu all ahiintl il.
„,; •;"';]   Look out for hint.   1*1*1 ;S I'.
ami Builder   ■-'
liSAcnw Qef y0Ur Job Work
,:,,';:';;:;:,:::;:i;i:::i:'V:;!.;:.;::;:u,!1r^:i,;^lai the Herald office
All mirk siiiirniik'iil.   See ns be hi re
yuu liullil.    II will an) lull.
Cr.'inliriisik, It i
I , ,'iirr,' ' nlli'i'l i< 1 nr an., nl th.< uhjei Is ..f
I I- ,|i.u.y In llllllll llie l,.|.|si.,iu,. null, uliy
nl tin. l.egl>l.itiiri. nl Un i.In hla mli'iuls.
Ilu, l.oa.l nlll il il iu , "s Miu..t,..l in
Wiislaiiiil.ai. I'.
ami Um Morning Glory—grew to love ;    The cane was ono wilb a mnsslvo
each other very dually, and cnclt day   gold bend hi which was set u gem uf   C';,J
they would reel about for ono nnnlhur,    value.—youth's Cunipnuiou,
j and thu dainty Morning Glury would j .	
I tmsilu against his bearded cheek, and ] Determined,
I'he lm lm'
Wi- report  this week tlm engagement
„l Um I'icsliyleiinli  minister, Rev. 1).
,MiK. Ki'i.l. i„ Miss I'olsoti, known ns i gr||„l,„0lj'j %v,,,,,,, p,., i,,-,- im., sii'oke]    rte-Whnt do you think of hlml
Nurse Ruth, of Vancouver. | her leaves very gently. I    She-lie has such a square Jawl I
Tin-  Wild   11 mi' creek hrlilec  was I   Aml ""'''' ''"'I hnnefulncss nf the   think lm must hu a ver) determined I uis'itorKuHimsnii~s>r iii..'wsi.'i Act
,,,     „.',,. '      liltle green islniit helped Sotuehody to   chap. iilvcn r tay haml nui s i u
'""'l'1"'"1""^ I"y'""1' he n liltle I nil I,.,,.    Vou see,      tlo-IVcll,   I   sluuihl   say   sn!    nis   Viet nco ..niilihli n n, llilsinli
r  lliingeifnril I'ull iturncd frosn a   It wns harder for lilm. for he lind not   ininehes always  light  iim very lirst |''''!'" A"''"-'''""'s .   ,v |nN
visit in Alaska mi Tuesday. I Itlways been blind, while she hud never   tium.-New Vurk Times, I tteglBtm'ruf j„it,t si,,oli'e'i iie,
Improving On Nature
I cl ill- (iiih|iiuiy is    .
IH'sh,Ill's  ul  ft (IIVC)
Is one of the Junctions ot the tailor.     By his art he make.'
al ciaiiiiroiik,'l|uiil .iiiiinVvail i UP *or deficiencies oi shoulder, client, etc.   It is our business
i i-sti-iin, tii.riuter at imv. vi-n-m ui.ii.-ss is I to do that, and more.      Wc not only make pcrlect fitting
i iit-iiti,,,.. uh ire mid, is in.- Httoiiwj :,,. hi,. garments which set off a  ffood figure and imptove a poor
'iin'nni. .,i ilu- oxhti'iii i nu. , imnyls ■ one, but we put  material  in  our suits which some tailors
ny i mltfiil wouid nol think  ol selling  at   less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 2titlt Century Tailors, Cranbrook, D. C ■   -
The Best oi Jofc I  in ing
' ill always be seci  ed wli in you  ^ci     f-.i
i    ,,   g |    , your work at The Herald office,    fry     \\
%  |  > | jgji u and be convinced.
.v.■.-.■.-.v.*   P
ific Railway Lands !:}
Ii "C ■ mil ■ "' nml "Sli iv, turn*, sloi
llui ■-      llitti(!S ol idin iviitlil un: .1 llri'llnj* h
Tl         tclialsc Tlino Itial .ill nmsl take
I- wtlll - lit   I sli.l;
i                  ; "it in rum* 1'iti.s-
i ; - ml i-i ui i
Ami now n romriltle ttltll IM li,It'll
■■>'. Imi'lv, i'i li ■
And ■  .il illui lmteli'i In iiii*,
I.IHht   Ml lllorj   Gil  11   lllll '.'.
AM hi' wi' I,in" .i  I ,- ...   1.,'in
11 '.,.'..!  Kin,
Nllll        ■!   !    .'■   !.,   i      ■      lllll.*,   1.11
I     'I  UH Hull   lllll
1'     i    I Itui n*il
.-,•.   '■
slm died, 1 it - she hai
ni si long it had just hum
"Arts r Hint, iniiiim 1 w bow II hap-
p. I. bin pretty s un ryhody began
|ilihu v.imii ih.  mn imi her into
Ilu    n  el, ami lm i 'ilu r "'"iiiul Iron.
1 Ii I. and lm mi,,   .villi III   pi
wa it   1 I" pui '."im uiiir.  in ney lu lhu
j ill in h.   Iml   limy   wouldn't   huvu   any
i mure ceremonies I'nr Sernphltn, ami llm
  I fled   alio Hm people slop
miking,    Wlml   llie)   -aid   was  ' -
Kunsc.'     lllll il  was nul null "iin.  I
sn limy u.un mi mil.iim au B 11,, in -
S'liu", and Ihe) would nil." Ilu ir nun
children mil nl llm way when Seraphim
na- "Id i '-ii 'i rn phi) about,
"No she grew  II M'.'PI fur
Imr la r I her -se ami the priest
I isi i.i Works s,.„,   ,,„,   | „,|,.r  Tmv.llnu
l.ilun.f.s' Acl    lla," In,, IS.I..1
lln ni   111-
Wlnii i"'i i-   lor  boxes  nl    I oo
i ■ ■ an  i .i    in  umlei   ll ■   'li...
I   i.i ..ii.-.    Act   Hun    Mr.      Ilu -
I   '  rl       a    I       ill-    In a.I-    ..I    . -ll. ."■
.  in Company control a i trge area of the choicest tai mlng and ranching lands
in   he Koi • '-  trices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being" for first-class agricul
tural land land: arc readily accessible by theCrows Nest Pass Railway.
j tu
lllll 1
*«, ..«*..««. .»>.). .»».  . »».  .1,,,
eomplele In llsell anil
0111 "i.'i i iiili.-r tiux
In.   following     is    ,1
Mi liiplri
V ilel'lu
uin   Lehind   A
,,,..1     Ui
nl     I'.i
11  ! .'mi inl rest, except   in  me
, case ul hi - id In    ten Instalments as ..
.     .        -. -.1     -
shown in Hu- table .-; lo tn  paid  al   llie lime  ul jinr-      - \/k
■ >        iiii-.   tne  second  une year Irom dale of the purchase, the third in      /V*:S
, k nm sears ami  .
.   .     ■'■-., The fu!l"\'        li   Itows the amount of the annual instalments     to^
.   ..     -aSs«       mi liiii a.res a;. u- under iiie above conditions: to\^
l'.-     *» v    161) ncrs at $2.50 per atr, 1st instalment S50.M   9 equal Intal'ts al $50.00, ¥?&
"";;:;,•.■    toto    ■■        aim 71.00 ■• .,0.00 <><>
studies I*.* " ..'Ss. 83.90 ■■ iMO'x'r
80.00 &*
walking sl nine across s ■ 1111 l.i
boys nln, were sinning n black klllell
•ryboily  knows Hun
"",■ ■    ...--.vn. AM a -r-. A    ' : '!"!'  eulB  Inl.me  In Um devil,   And
„   IN    GRANADA   t   S..n.,.l.lta rn» rlKl7t III nn e. (1.,- flylt.K
i   stniius, ami , ui Hi-Hi iiii her, for
Tim   Story
» ol a Soulless Child.
-  iiv i,".iii:i.i:M: mi: \vy.\xe.  -
:...   ,   .  ...j. .«..5<i. -«»- s#s>
"t'epila," snld i, ".lis tell  a slssry."
"Senora Marin Madaluiia, would you
like tu liear alnail Seraphim? slm was
born In Grunmln. Thai was 100 years
:.-.,. She was born in a liieli place.
llur motl "i was ,,r :i greal luiaily, uml
her tail r wa- great, nm. Inn he was
I- i wild, ami Sernphltn was the pret-
, -■ ttil . ihnl ever was horn In Grim-
•yl inly sai.l su. ami lier moth-
think thai tin- sun rose mi
leol Imr Utile bed nnd set on
i •
'ill (10
llli.'k \.,j...       .,*-'$.
wi',1 ihnl Hm ehiireh Ibollglil (hero I i;;'""",*,..;," ..,' "I,, ' "V i"""".V" invlssbh"   ^
|.,,   „|,..., 1.1   .,        ''"^.      I HI. 1.111...       IU"     I   I,nil      llll Isllll. ,   ,   ..,
Ise iiii) should il    AM,.„. cilve   W|l»„„   Colignv,    Ilea-  <•£
I'l'h'st K" nnd live In I soV ,        ,„„„, Itl|    ,',„,,..,,,„,    ,.;
Il^   "'"'"   Sl* il"    "ns   "Ut ]   ||,,|,1,.„,    |'„,i In-ller;      l'.l.'UIIOI',      Word; | Y*
I'i".  I,      i'h"      Ureal,    III," I."1,1 III U
I'll"  liospl'l   ni   Wealth,   L'ul'liegio; 'lln
Greal   liner  Wur,   lloyle;  'lln-     lire)
lam     lluuk,   l.sslng;    llnriiunul-ltiis
el ,.l.     I'lilimr,   In   Ilu-   I'ul.i"' ol   Un
Knm.    i'i.ni nail,    'llm Iiillimni'u     ni   '-''V
lm devil   held   his  baud   between   hurl "'<-'   '"   \ |»   L-ife,   llillis;    .link    ijf
  "'I "1"' ™ '- " "I' l!'"    Tuaev-   JudasMusTul', inns   'I'mul-r'    C§j
her feet, and the boys | M.,n     Uiii,     (,,,-,,, ,.i. .1   Ilii.l1-.vl.iiry. ' Jr®
Mail, 'I'll    Mane  AlltililicU..,     i'):-    fl?i
I.'i-.    In..  Mississippi   Villi  i      ii,       Ihe    (. ■•■■
Glvll     Wur,   I'.ske.   Ml polles       and    !"(•>
Trusts,     Mb)-;  My     Wlntur    Gai'deii,   Y~k
i?u|u''l'w'"rl^lll'Tlnil.minii'd' ''ni'Ts'i'."." ' tvl'      F<"" m^S alUi l'llr"!C!   '      ":::     :'" '"'s-i'1?' '° AgCnlS ilS ill)ll\ C III' t(>
Uiiigliti.li    Nlnctcoiilh Century     Sell   fS
Nullvo     Ti'."'S,   <!;■*■<
il't h.iirli"
"The .'...' - :.in merrily lill Sernphltn
n i- i : mills old. Then she dlesl,
Her nn her hail so much heart grim'
t. at she losl her wits. For one whole
il.) slu -ai. cold nnd still, wltlio.il a
tni!', ami then slm cried aloud and began M liar out luiiiilfuls nl' lief smooth
bluett hair, nnd ll wns a great pity, foe
her hair was blnelt ami long mnl glistened like satin.    Slm was nailed Um | ' .'.'..'j,;, ,,„,. ,,„„.„,. ,„,,,. ,„„.,,.„ ,„„ ,„„,
she just put her lips to n horse's ear
"IV ." said I, "s
lu have I i it very
II He girl."
"Oh, no, Sennrn Maria Madnlena! Vou
see, black cuts lieliuig lu Hi,, devil, llllll
If she lia.l hail any snld slm cotlldu't
have inken une in lu>r arms.
"Slm carried i! homo, anil she used m
I'i eil ii. ami she had In hiilu ii away, because, nf course, nobody wnnted lo
have a devil's cat around, and the cat
would run ami jump Into Seraphim's
nrnis whenever she enme nenr, I,in it
would lly like mail ami iis liuir would
nil   slum!   nil   end   when   any  nun  elsO
.nni" around, which shown does ii not,
H.m something wns wrong? And tin-
other thing showed Hull all was nut
right with Sernpbilo: llm priest began
iu tench, uml slm learned faster than
liny child should. There was all evil
spirit Hull whispered the words Inin
lis- ens', sn thai slm did nut have to
i:ui   she   forgot   bow
.ii-. nml slm would imt
"Two ; Ighlsaftet Sernphltn died and
was |y|i ... as while and beautiful as nu
nngel, is Ui ivin candles ai her bend
and feet ami with a while Hewer In her
hand, Inr mother wont quietly Into tho
room ami -.iii Hm old nurse who wns
waiii Ing nver Seraphim away.   Tin n
s >■   1' -, I Hm il • I Um w herself
on li ■. :. s ami prayed s.. hard that
lur ia ui ers could in.i eel up in heaven,
fur Hay were more like curses than
prnyci -. ami. Seimra Maria Xlndillenn,
ii ,■ nol u 1 iu peny I.he that.   One
sl m.  !■.   gates uf  heaven,  ami  Ihe
r Imr mil,
Innl Ian
Kimber!'*v >s t'1c business ana shipping point for lite
■^   North Siar ami Sullivan mines.
!'!..'... & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
('■;-.., , -•- .j.   :- -   mal point of the Crows Ncsl Pass
llic commercial centre of South
i.i  . Kou    a;
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
Lands under S2.50 per acre are sold
un dinner lime.
If tlie land is paid for in full at lhc
time of purchase, a reduction irnm the
price will be allmu'd equal tu ten per
cent on ihe amount paid in excess of ihe
usual cash Instalment.
Interci-l :il si\ per cent will he
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also hits for sale
in ihe following town sites in East Kool
enay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kitch
ener. Crcsiim and  kimberley.
The  terms of payment are one-third
ca*>h, and ihe balance in six and   twelve
KltchllCr is iu iho center ul the ^reat *
Iron range and ihe gateway to ihe While
(irouse copper fields.   .1. T. BURGESS, r • '
Tow \\s\ te Agent. • . •">
feeler; The Itedetup, i     I*v.« ,!» F.   T.    G.R1FFIN,    1^11(1    COIll 111 iSSlOIKT,   VV i 1111 I OCIJ.
'.'.i.s   Goss;   I'he  11, Imi    nf      l.uw. 'f-® I       3
Allen;   llnlianl  V.-u null Nil)',      Hew-   ?*I_gj ,... „   .,,  .., ,.,   „..,,.,.., .., ,..,.,...
An,uml    u'm    World, Sloeiiin;     Mir | T-SI-®-®-®  .•■•■■•   •<   •    -  •'-  ■•■   ■   •   '•; '•-.-'.   - ' -  .'.'..'.,'.','.'.   .    .   .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'
lm wotlld turn anil rub Ins noss  Imr
face. Vmi see, horses have no soul, nnd
they knew that Seraphim hadn't any.
"And. besides that, she always looked
very old and grave when anybody was
mar. but when she was ahum ill llm
Mis or In tho woods slm would laugh
mn loud, ami they could
ti i and mil; to herself or lo the llshes.
"Will, wlml became of her}" I asked '
a-   1', una   pa -ed  to  emphasize   Imr
-   .  s ■""   ...     *   autlfui Hun strain j
I buries   Kapler,     llllller;  Sir      dolus ;
tington, llcsuut;'Squirrels and Olher *****
l--.ll'    lleiirel'S.    lllll'I'UWs;     |',,   Hull'   „lul *
I,  dohiis  'Tom  llrown     ut '
\ i. lur    laimiiuil.   Iliekev; 'The   Villee <
,,l     tho    l'enple,    Glasgow;      Wolfe, J
llinilluy;    The  World  of  llm     Omit .
1 s1' '^2!1^__
A   , ...ii,..',,,,   \i.„	
Colonel     A run   Schuyler  de    Pey-
sler's is „ i :' so  luiporluticu ♦
...i.i   hlslorj   ol  this      l'n,- J
inri| nil) u,   ronneclion   wllh J
lur)     ■; "lain,,,-   nu   llie   l'ri.li- t
ng  il,,.  American revolution- *
11. -1...,.   Mii'liillinnii'kiliui' J
Imr    points  ,.i less slralegie -
iiv   Were   at   dllfel-ellt     nines jj
-  ii  bis  .'.ili.inall.ls    Ik-  was .
New  Vork dune -27,    171HI. i
■ '   i\'-mmi-i-::■■'■ i   :.   ■ Mm
o   llnlil.   .lohlisou:  'lulu   11,mvn       al    1.
IM'.ii'il.   Iluulms;   Tollllliy   uml   GriZel,    .i rW"% '8 /~V ft
lurrie:  Tbe Transit  of  Civili/.miu,,.   «' g     %% £X     i '"■'•: *       " fcg\ \*
■leglestsm,   fnle.iv,,,,,!   „r, ml.  ,:,',„,, .    J 1     | ii tv       %» LI L/liUUI\
! Lumber Co.
-. *••.•*
..j-;   Markets
! ■'   in all the
-»' it
-A , r"--
Ill   ill"
III"'   I
Saw and Planing Mills
S If
llie    f
Towns in
P. Burns & Co 1
i ! ! Se,.vss„r- I.
1      M. Mclnnes & Co..
Wholesale nnd Retail
1 M^t  Merchants 3
y Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Columbia. Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Nuur
[p]        trade i- solicited.
'. ;:"."it"7')!rjr.'T'T'iT-'r!,'',.'"   ' .   .      .    '.".'v.'v*"v '.' .  .  . *.".'.".r";
of an. whore ll..
.I-    .1 Mill       Ut      2
.1     till, S"V-      $
nuosie In : wet il
"Tlm il' i il. win. i
heaven, i-nine lo In
■vuleu lm likes, 'What is ii Hull Seraphl
la's na.Hi, r is praying furl'
"'1 w ul mi child hack.    I want hoi
in in) III us Hull al" sn amply ami mi
I .In
ill, yes!   Wl,y.
like any
.   l-'reiisl   rev.
:   whu was  las
i sis ' R      nml
1   ..
[1      ■     Itiinis il.- .
- rang  i
££; Rough and
Dressed Lumber,.
:-' | Dimension Lumber, |j
1 Shingles and |     Saw and Planing Mills
Robinson & McKenzie.
i Houldinirs.
All Kinds Of
.;  with  n' "in     he   J"
d on ., poi'tuol n rover-   J
IN   STOCK (111 MAI) i; 'I'd OIiDICIt
I Rough and Dressed Lumber
es   .1,.Uiiuii.
1„     111 ,1-1
■•1.1 •
.    ; i
ie   had   died
nml slm
Iml S i
l 1,111   1»  I-     ■
given i ml
„,,,,, '• S, ma.,    Mill   ll    S
"■  ' Inwiilnlh, "'I    ,1
' ' ' "    "       '      .      ■     .    .1   ■■       ■    .    .     ,.■   i    i.
J''1"""1 ! '     '    ' I ih.-l.lnl
lusppy be earl
 ,,h'   '"   "': I   "  do the
"'■,',"1"1 I1'1'    '   '"' l"'"1 '      - ,1   allgbled   on   Sel
'''■ '""'  ''" W1" » «"'"  r',sl" I" , breasl, ami, laying Ms bill ul
:i In, allied a si,ul lulu . d
nil  i:ii.
uin ii      111 mil a siilll.
s ni nl ll,"
lln   devil, f,     'i   wits "' '    •  me, ami
. Ull)   Idllg il  lm u mi',I
pnl) i.i      ur bnhy lui
... i soul.   A
i II
,1 ,i mu ■. .. i-i i .    ".i
"And then \. li le II	
l       ... i.    ■. u   i ■   ■ i  and in ...
In,ail",   hel   |n  "a   ninth
.i.i    .I  .nil   lullil   llllll
, dssve Just vilnlshi'd, iiiiiI Sernphltn was il, nil.
"I'll, li. Iieeiliin Hud llllll I II g«ul '"
j liiin  niul   had   given  S, i Ipbll i   a   ""'.I
"I-a lie, nnlindy Inn Hie mnlher
1 i. si II,al ..nl> Seraphitsl's I'.uli WIIH
I    i". ii.ai .1." in.In i .mi   iml ami m v-
.'    ..ml.I   have   -.  mil)   the   ll illln i
1. ' i'   a id   i ilil mil !.. i u'l'i.
slie grew ver) Hun. ami l.i -.n 'li
H:   In   bill ned   wl.lt.    I'   Just
V .. !.- i liml Innl laid  n     llllllll, so
dl     i  a i.ul, . nu u use, and „ „
1,1    hid her eyes na II    he was afraid,       . ,,  j.. a pivliv slurv, repiia. bill do
|ll:d she prayed .1,1) nnd lllghl    Nohnd,     v„u ,„,„„.„ s,„.-|„„l „„ s„„|'.."
1 '"rim senol'll knows 1 am Kurdish nn
some"";'"';:''.'::: TZTt .,„.' ®:( ':    ^Q@B&®moL mooooooQaoo
HA One nf the Most Contfortflblt,
'v  ' tttl 111 it   i  I   ;.   i,'    . l'     .   ..
s„)s  Ihe Aiiro, '     ■■«*»-•»»• Hotels in liasl kootenay.
I '..     "i    Hi""   in,'    l".   inn,nl
I     u   ulTi si...I   ami
fu.'t iir log
i, nn   also eiii.n    il     in
■    uiiuii - .    niul „
■f  Ihe in... ""■-    was
molds i-iiuhl „,.:    be
,.lil sev-
i..'        ■ . a   owned
I'. 1,-... I .1    II     .l„|l
S       11
:    ,   .    !  i i.il.-heil
|     The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-C Block, Nelson, B. C
ti^        fioltl, Htlver-l^ii I imtl c-r.|i)>er Mine      . ,i--..   il   lhc KXCHANGB.    i \.i ):   Mil.I   '.:;.
jr."'] [Nil iiui.li iirnpcrlies wimteit iimnce I     i ■--, ■ in-.i-t-i-     I'artle, nil ■.•
--   i„..,i'iivi.>t-iii-iiii-i ■•1ti.--t-li'- -    -■    Im   " "i   ' •■  I.'-.' iiAM-K f.,r evp
IE.    , .  .1 Wo t!pstn*tnli    I   i       ; ■- .-  . ,  in -. . ■  ■  . ■ ■ t in-  ,;. i'.;
I i.i i.    . iiiumi-ln    I'm ," tu i a ^   .-   ■-:■'. .       ■ i :v llAMil ..
F~i ll,.-lr i,..',.i.|ii;irl.'i'-.«li"iint \i"-ni     ,\,,-,!.:■ :--..-       n» ■ ...
t!!j CorroiiuniiL'iiL'otollL'itea.   Aililic-witll i uinmiiiilcftliiin-i l■<
  "S : ii^i Andrew I:. WoscnbcrKt-r. Nelson, (5. C :'
P|   0 '.rn,',.' ,'„,' N„. mi.   P.O. >'.
 Ig   s,
fur    Hi.
li. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, 11. C. « «
\,tz^::^-\QOQQ,.: 3D ..' ]    .. ..' I O "COO
The Western  Supply   Co.
' r-a   ij*i s *";•• F !•     t>                                   '•;l1'-' "'" * •*""
.   |!AVH     tl    Wholesale and Retail Dealers in	
Jj :Cattle, Dressed Aieats
. i  llm   burn, a
pull   „l
.     -I      i -ii i  iwi
, ,,. ,,,„!   lilly  i.uii   cuius      Mr    .1
,   uml,Is ml,, I,nm
I iliem     in  Mngislrnls 1
rn  ,,'UI  il,. iu 'n llm tloi
 ul   ui.llii.1     I',,i.un,..
.   ,'e|iiU'l."l  .lend   l„   he       nl
I'm'   wlnn   he
I.I   mill
'.' and i
ill. It looks like
l.l'le whul he had
"I will n,il Iim
Mil   uliv   lill'lher  IM
- in 1,11 even her husi
-1" "' > "'"' «'•«'' - "<mM --<"A | spanlsl
en I liuiiiiise Sei'npldla sumehow ilhlii t '
BCi  n  In  her mil   more  like her nun
eh Id.    Shu was like n beautiful  wiim
.loll,   hill   she   was  un'.   wax.  ami   slm
looked Just like herself to everybody
nly  lu  her mull'
fnther's side, but in) mother was
So yuu nru half Spanish mid half believe il.   Is Hun su, 1'upilil.'"
"Yes, senora."
di in -ui   ihnl    my
uii.nl iriiii.l bus iiireiuieii iii Inform
null' lordship Uml Hm .use nil win ll
he leli.'- |,„s llel'|| lake,, ,,,, li|i|n".ll
• '	
JfsJ_j_n o|s;h|j
f   Wo will.,ive
inbovo lellers t.
', ,.",'■ |
..„„,-.   ,,.,,.   ,     	
ffortiinntu person    Si. nth!
ininiioywlfltn.divuledenu IP   i   ,      la      -lion     ■
And Provisions
Head Office, Cranbrook
I:. JAMES, VlanaEci
WITH Vlil'l! AXSWKlt.   Till
• '»k-»k'%.-^EMPIRE SUPr-LY CO., ORILLIA, CANADA.-»--».'»^*.|l
Win- fYlatheson, Proprietor.
II.ui I  lauds, nml  th
 ni  ubsoliitel)   reveisuil "        I'I
tins Hm elllllienl   I)    I'    turn.d  lu '.iu, j
 ""-"'"  roiindaboul   and   wblspes- . Blacksmithlllir,
ed    ' 11.10.1  Innl.'lis!  iril.lt   u  llur Glut
mull must   lm'   Why, (here never was
Tile  .Mnhl!iil','iil.... I mull   li   .use."    Su   tlm.i    were       butli
I'he lallmr of  l-'lorctlee Nightingale    l)lng.
A. T. Vroom,      O
Horseshoeing, Wc have a slock of
Repnirinn. Common Brick,
Wagon rtakiil-r.. ,-. , ... ,,
I Pressed Brick,
Fire lirick
and Tile
The hotel has hcen reopened and Is now ready ts> cUcr to tlie
public, First class dining room service, The'hest ,,i wines nnd
liquors at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager,
and  Painting.
Btrnngo, uml  slm I'uiilil      get lho j ,Vas Wlllluui Shore, who nssiiined by
■w-ii in love hock Into lier heart, even te-ttcrs patent the siiriiiune of Nlghtln- ! x "'H'"'1""'1" ■>,-...•-■■••-.-
1 lit    lie pressed Sen ilu lo her K,V-In tats.   The name, together with      'rh,° *"•  ''" s'  Gnzeiie.  London
lm s nil tiny.                            the fan.lly pi erty. t-aiiie f, 1,1 Iv- ;'"i "'";,,    S^Vtffl
'The llnle liuliy grew III spile of Hint, p.,- Nightingale, ngiiiiisl   whom  Ark-     ,     Ij.,","                      	
and she grew pre r nnd prettier all   wrlghl, inveiilor nf spinning Jenny, "''''.s.'.'i.',, „-. I ,■„,, uuHmr   Mr   I'mh-' .„ , .   ,      ,         ,
ihi-nine.   Everybody lovod her except brought In 177U ono nt his notions for   ,,,-   r„„ , sell     iliosigb a Cabinet   All kinds ot  work   given  pro   pl
Imr mother, and Hint wns Just whnt lho   i„ri-liiB>- ni  of paieiii  rlghia.    i.„n   Minister,   nver here art lug us a     attention, and wc will guarantee Those wanting chimneys, fire
devil Wl 1. ilium. Hm hum ' the Nightingales In    -  glnrlllcd     'coiuuserebsl truvol. . ,    .. . .       „     , ,.,,?, .,
"The day Suniphlia wasa year uhl Derbyshire,  Is only  Iwo miles friiiii it' on behssll ol Hm people of   Can-1    satistaction to our patrons  in all  places, boilers lined, or any |ob
li.-r iiuiihur i-oulsi su,I bear ii any Ion- Croiufnrd, where Arkwrlglit set up Ids win."                                                 I    wc do.             Yoisrs for Ir.idc.      work in the brick line call on
ul   she   Weill   In   Iml'   prlesl   llllll mlll llllll   llll1 llilja. "III   1111111111' hnllSe „f           ' >"■  '' dlgU   statesman   smiled  isU-
Do You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
If sn, don't buy    13171   'I'M-I)   The Only Wliolesalc Llquar Pcalcr In
until you sec..   I   CL, I I Cl\   South Baal
confessed to him ull about It, Bud then   which ho pundmsed irum Nlghtlngnlo.     ''"' '
1 knelcaa).    Writs- tor I'rltcl
Cranbrook, B. C. *    f.   -ft
PELTIER is also agent for
(.ICO.   K.    I JiylOr.        [This is the supply point lor South East Kootenay. .'   '   •'■-..,
sill to us will have prompt  at
tention.   If yuu desire will be
pleased to submil cuts of such
;oods as would interest you.
'! HOUGH1 S   " i
I THE H '." -'■"'.'
iVilli Ikallic"
1 I  the sell -."..
 AND FANCY    i"
h     in lhc waj
r    i   neatly done
N    ' Complete line ol Furniture in East Kooienay
The Kootenay Furniture Co.,j
Bremner's Old Stain!
O000<  ' »0©QOO0« < i  30 s
■»AAm-    ll*.: sttn*i4»***il*****
LOG/ L   NOTES      {
i    ,cil  Up -tbiiiii the Cily  by  Asking
Questions  ui  Man)   People.
ittii        ted lilko yesterday.
,.. ■   in  to  l.elhbridgc
5 tree!
i    ll.ii guile t" I''.-	
.!, ,  . : is guise to lilko li
j    a her In       ,.
family drove nvs-r lo
i...; ,n     .'.   \V. McVittie visiled
1    im  ihis       I.
, II. Small      I l''s ink Dickinson vls-
i     . lilk 11" da)
.; s   i        ill     ins 1 ecu iptlte ill tins
, ivering.
left   lui   Winnipeg lasl
.'    ids) '.        ■!■        i lor.
1 ie up from  lilkn
;       ., ill. his family.
,, |,       d   .In.   li. II. Small, I will show yoi
:     ....       ui      " luhel ", lu'i, ll gill.
■   j.   ,i     | di       bus opened   his  new
1   nl al :    doing ll good bus
,| s. A. li.  I'.i nit  sveiit lu hlairmore
1,. ii        v.i'li   Mr, Giant a !•-•»
.   li;.;    ;,i i joying a hunting
I    p  in  in-    IIL'I       .all,.nil  nt   lilkn   Ihis
Rev. Hill, ravorssbly remembered u>
curly residenls in Crnnhiook, bus been
appointesl .,. Trail.
George lloggssrlh, proprieior nl the
lilk hotel m lilk". has arranged lo heal
hishunse with a fusnssee. This mil hen
big improvement and one lb.it ..ill he
appreciated b) the traveling public tills
si S I'li/./.-ll has severer! his eonnec
sum with llm hurt Steele brewing com
puny nl I'm llie. ami joined ilis family lit
S mill  I. i-i  Kooienay,  and  is U lo he
Imped llm he will return.
George Leltcb and James Hunter returned lust evening I,niu llleli Visit ill
llie easl. The Inns.saw the llnllali, es ■
position and had a glorious time, bul
did not get through in time to join she
ducal pusty on their way west.
W. is. Ilill S Co. have rented the
store luuiii [orrises!)' us.,1 ai the Cosmopolitan bar iiiiuii. and   '.ul! hive an mill
giving . In iis  gliiliccut looms lo display llieir immense stuck ol goods,
G '!. lingers held ipiisc a reception nl
bis islum lasl Friday afleraouii when lu
served his  e minule" inline    lie will
linid .in,,' hei ii.- -1  Ftidny afternoon ami
the people nl Use lown are invited     lie
g that iMlIsur
.Mi. II A. Culu,  returned last Sunday
nn St  Stephens, N,  I'. , where lm was
! .Miss .Mekeii/ic. -Mis. Curler accompanied linn ami the bride and groom aie
nn„ receiving llie congratulations nl
theit Mends iu Cranbrook. Mr. Cartel
his  ulil  position   in King i'i:
in ih, ;,„!-',i.iii.ti   ..I' i       r,
■jentlciiinn to 10 II. Small the othei -1 «>
"Well, about ijpouuth,"  wan llie reply.
And i man standing near, said, "wliai
e those criuy guys talking about?"
l-'u-,l Walker, the chief dispatcher
rnught them nil along the street last
Monday. "Say, those V mkees are
pretly smooih. What '1" you Bnppon
ihey put In the watei to beat the Shamrock?"
■'What wna u?" wns asked on ever)
"The Columbia." Ami then Walkei
would let loose that i^ laugh ol" hia nnd
walk nwi y.
j. p I'ink una c. I' IHU visited tin-
nun discoveries on Dibble creek Ins
week, Aud una Hill Bays that while
camplnR mu- night Fink built it I'm* thai
proved to be a very expensive blaze foi
ilill. The latter had a new -fss overcoat tint he had worn only two or three
time*--, and the first night out, while Fink
was getting a fire leady, Hill laid his
coat (in n log. Kink secured n large
supply of bark and piled it lip near tilting and fire, 1 i the course ol time the
lire reached the bark, and finally the
overcoat, mid us a result Hill wore h
blauket on the homeward drive,
A recent visttoi t" Cranbrook wns
Lionel Brooke, of Plucher Creek, Mr
Urookeisa keen sportsman and spends
much nl his lime during the hunting
soason in iu..king tiips with parties ol
Stony Indians, famous hunters, Into remote parts nf the Rocky mountains.
Mr, Brooke 1ms been successful in obtaining many very fine specimens of sil*
vet tipped bear, mountain sheep heads,
etc. As a member of llie Imperial Veo-
iiiniiiy corps, lu* lias seen a good deal ol
haul field service 111 South Mricii, and
was one of those captured by the DoeiB
al Mndlcy, after making a brilliant
stand against heavy odds and leaving
nbiut loo of their men slain und wound
nl as grim evidence of ihe determined
and desperate nature of the fi-jllt, Mr,
I.moke is a typical English gentleman,
and ime can imagine liiin being as cool
under a gallant fire as he would lv
while stalking big game
1     ■
Olll!   tlUI    till
swish, ui' ulr.
Ami  un,   ,.f
I . in   wns H'li  im
Whom  j,..'i
,:   Bi-rvei]   .'.I   bri
Will   lioI.M
rro-.UIi.us Htttltl lm   I t.nit -iuin.lv   ■•urine
im- wiutvf  -,.■,..,,,   Nuture'i
Woiitlfi-fill Mollis.
Kalvdids,     grn Lsliu|ipnrs     and locust ■ . LTirketH .iml tii'i'tilt'H,  in..'    thu
i !■      Hy,      uru killed   by   lhu  trust.
Millions      ui   eggs   hud   I n   Hidden,
however,     In  the ground,  ur  in  the
barks ot trees lu tunii h thu uupply
■ur.    All
nl   Un-  bu
,'i,'-, ,, I,.ih i.i - un.il'l.- iiiitiiti.il fur
food is Hindu, mnl tilt. t'g«s ai'u rolled into    it, providing  iu  the hpi-ini*.
ih.-  In
.   ll,, . : .,i Wasa, and poo-
I    .  ,j  it, ti   pan  ul  Hie district, is in
t     n.
., , iet  on   the   steamer
j   .vie, visited i     nds iu Cranbrook last
:       nl
i    ,; ;   .[, i     Armstrong   and
I      - Aini-'.i.ii,      'l   Fort Steele, were 111
,      ,  t'u.    I,iy.
,\ Jolliil ■ - Ie to get out again after
i eting wiih a , uin accident to one ol
1    kgs b) ..u ..   dipping.
-i. reni i : lished oi uiifiirnlshed
i in iu coniform de resilience on linker
1,   ..    Apph .it -■   ill offite.
, i i ,.: Cunie have just finished
j udiig ihu ii . H iptisl church, and
]    ,e done a nte<   piece ol work.
, \\ I k ui bin mouthly trip
t     , . . to size up the af*
i I (lie bra       in irket there.
Ii .-: K       -it iml. McHrideaud
l    ;,.','     : I     ' :-', ete Tuesdnj even
i     io attei .1 a -■: isuuic meeting,
It, Piiluiei lias recently had word
i ,i Willi .ni I iniitre, formerly o;
\   irdner, is now    ving m Uuwson City
■ i. i ... ui . ■■. „ front Morrissej
'i lay ii le ■ erdiiy foi Spokane
l nnily back with him
II. :■     i-      i nu Hy of I'rince l,d-
v .   e  recently ol Van
i '.in* law office ol \V,
here vu.es ut the Meth
i iday,  either morn
1 to the opening ol
t     i.ew :
v ol Frank Uerosier
i ..lit to the hospital
t veek :   in  a friictuie of ii
I low the knee.
tssrs in, I    sligflti,   Uulchli
n      Fink  . ok   ■ v. dk  over the  Ferry
,■     k ti s. -ii tv i" look for a cut (it
i<   ii iu tin      fl        brated gold camp.
,lr,  Ch - moved   his   family
i,      :j ■■ I, nee,   and F. Wat-
k      -i.i.-   m ..''I   into   Hie  C, F. k.  resi-
,i ipied by Mr. Chudley.
Ill , ilhor   nl   the   .Moyie
I.     :.-:, w .    in •'"  * uusday    He says
ti      work  t- pi leasing on Ihe placer I'fl
j.       uds ..:   I nt' creek, and  il  will  be   ])
),      -ii this win ■
r   M   . i serious attack of
11      ,, il :: II   ll   McVittie,
il    ..is.,-.       • Ik-had recovered
,.,      :ieiil! indaj   io leave for bis
b     ■■ in i ui   SI • ■■
Aid society -till
1) Coons nnived from Swift Current
last night, accuiiipnnied by his family
lie will lake Mi Mallory's place as commercial operator, .Mr. Mallory going to
Swift Cm rent, Mr. Coons and wife
were piesenled with a carving set and a
Morris chair by their friends ol Swlfi
Current as a token ol the high esteem iu
which they were held.
Hun .McKay, assistant Buperiiitein'ent
uf roads, trails am! bridges for this district, lias been doing some good woik oil
ihe streets of Cranbrook the past week.
lie is j lining in new crossings and will
build a new bridge over the slough iu
the uorlh pari of town He is also pre
paiing to build .1 short rout! to Perry
creek Hml Un* people of Hint camp will
be able to get Iheii supplicsal Crnuhrook
hereafter, saving many miles travel.
Duiisiiiiiir Soya Nu.
Vicloria, October 6.—Premier Duns-
iiiuir stales that lie will not resign, and
it is generally believed ibal he has made
concessions lo the willgol his supporters
thai have remained true lo him as head
of the government. This wing will he
given the iwo vacant portfolios. It/
taking this comae, Dutisiuuii cau telyuu
the support ol Matlill ami at least three
oi Ins followers, These legether with
Mouuee, Dickie. I'ooley, Hall, lloolh, A.
\V. Smith, Hunter, Kltiwu, Uogeis,
Button, ICidd, Taylor. Green, liberts,
Wells, and Preulice will give him a
working tunjoiity, notwithslaudliig the
defection d! Mcllrlde, lleliucken, Mc-
Phillips, llaywatd, Murphy, Tallow and
Garden. These .-even will have Curtis,
I. C Smith, Hawlhorutliwaite, Oliver,
Oiili.nl ,ti il Muuroe us coadjutors. Gil-
ni.mi ii- i hissed as an iutlepeiul ut, and
the government side believe ihey can
win ihe vacant neat in Victoria This
arrangement may last ihe life ol the
present  bouse, as the  majority ol   ll,
When Fred Smyth, of Moyie, gol oil
ibe train Tuesday morning he had h
huge clgnr box, am! as be carried it in
bulb hands and with apparent difficulty,
someone aaked what he had that was so
j ..SPECIAL., i
!   ..OFFER..  I
luu vim;     ur    sexton   beetles   depoi it
their     euus     In       I |,e   In. s   ,,1   ... .1.1
bllda   nl'   Held   llliie.      'llm   Innll."-     nml
newly huli'lmil   beellu,  us  il  ll II      iii
i!,,-,    muterniil furelhousht,   llmls   a
slino     ui food iin g linn when iu
Hm spring Hm sun stirs lho budding
In',- und i,i Us slrunge nlchelu) I.ids
n ".ni" forth, lliillerllies niul nsoGia
.in vletiuss ui llm lirst frost. Ituth
lav egg* in u siiilublu [celling ground
during    llm    curl)     .su ler.      Tho
luilrliiaj lurvn ur cules-pllhir etita
voraeioiisly, gorging Itself until it
can em no inure. Finitlly it spins a
coeoi d  lusskes rensly for winter.
nourished by the plentiful slur.' of
I'mid ii ni'i'susiiilaleil when a rntcr-
1'illar. At ihe proper i Ime il emerges
ns u gorgeous l.uMerlly. ready I,, bo
tho   element    of     bi'uuty it ever is
Spiders store nwny no fund supply
< km
.This Camera for $i.oo at Beattie's..
r.rC'   I
Thai       .,:;: ours
■ Try it.
City Bakery.
Our hunn, bread, take anil tickets (nr sale nl
tl. T.  Keiier's eroccry Blore.
Ai   . k , int line of
Ci   nb' t)k   Souvenirs
v yov    Tlish Grade Watches
^vW     Choice Selection   in
Kin Hee Coffee
Taste and  he convinced.   Vou'!!
like it.
We inviU' you to come in Friday afternoon and irv a cup of
Kin Hee or Chase & Sanborn coffee, or if you prefer a cup of
genuine Orange Pekoe tea.
We will be glad to see you.
G. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple (iroccrics and Crockery.
pervious to nny bill   llm most sever,,
weulhi'i',   mnl   eminently  snug     when
I The Herald tor 25 Cents I
j     Until January 1, 1902     j
J        The   Herald gives the news or J
* all ihe district all the time.     It is »
, not controlled hy personal preju- *
* -j
J dices or petty clique.    It sinnds *
* lur llie district ns a whole Send ♦
, iu P. 0. order, stamps, ruin, any *
J old thing,   Give name and address *
* plainly. j
heavy, "Gold dust from 1/nnb creek
diggings," replied Fred nnd hurried on
up s reel to The It-.rahl office. Tin-
news flew around town like wild lire
Different men were asking eiicll other
i: they had seen the big box nf gold dust
from I/iinb creek, and a wondeiful de
line oi excitement was amused. Dili'
man stopped Smyth as he returned up
lown,   and   said:   "I   will   not   try  lo
shake hands will) you. Jtisl lei me
touch llle Inin of your garment. So
I,niul) creek is al! right, Hive you
taken your cleanup to the bank yel.
Dow much did it go?" Fred tried to he
modest in his replies and met will) fairly
good success That afieruoott several
peoplt saw Fred going to the tram with
the same heavy box.   Some ol the more
curious made Inquiry uml learned thai it
was n box of type he had brought up to
people are heartily   '"'e Herald office for a special job of
ie Hi<
press work,   And thus u gifnt Blauipedt
was averted,
Killed ut Elko.
I«nsl Thursday a man named William
Mm tin  went   to   sleep  un   the railway
track nt rvlko and was struck by a freight
train   and   killed.     The   remains were
discovered about 5 o'clock Friday morn
ing   by   Conductor   Martin,     Coroner
-Tines,  of Fernie,   was sent fi»r.    Alter
his arrival be made n brief investigation
.1 ...... .     u, r and concluded that It was not necessary
in no sense ol the word were Ihey ilia
couraged. The union men bad ample
preparaliou made aud were, he declared,
sick of elections.   Mclhide and Curtia
will lead tbe opposition,
Russia in! Strike Continues,
James Wilks, vice-president 0! the
Western Federation ol Millers, is In
Spokane and in an interview there stated Hint the strike at Rossland and Nortl -
pint had mil) jusi commenced, although
it bad been in existence lor three months.
ion   somewhat  disappointed nt
letermined lo cany on the fight as long
as there is., dollar in the treasury of ihe
federation or a member iu good standing to assess.    Mr, Wilks went ovei the
n    tint! . hotel parlor on caiues which led up to the strike botli
;-.     rtl 1.     ten 11 1 p.m.   Impoi
i;.     1,1: im      1     o he discussed and 11
I.i    -atieud    cc ularly recjUttsled.^ ■yuipntli'ta
Nurlhport and at Rossland and coticlud
ed   Willi   nil   appeal   lo   llie   public   fo
to hold oil  Inquest,    The remains were
d by Undertaker Campbell at Rlko
Serenaded the Crowd,
Last eveniug when the Mnrysvllle
smelter crowd had gone on the boat at
Nelson a huge parly of Nelson people
came to llie wharf and gave them a
seieiiade^and cheered lustily fur South
1*. 1st Kootenay nnd the new smeller.
;^::,;o::n:,o,;r;;;:.:.;:;iv-.:^ The Weather is Dry
uiuy  in  velvety  cobweb sacks,   lm- /
The pasturage is gone, but do not think the
Feed is gone, or let your dairy or cattle shrink,
or hens or chickens go hungry, for KING has
just unloaded a car of Flour, Wheat, Wheat
Chop, Bran, Shorts, Graham Flour and Oats.
The above c.in be h.id in any quantity.    Don't fail  to consult Ilis prices before buying.       liest creamery butter in stock
1!■!• linn. Sydney Fisher s .1 t in
coining lo Ibis country on his 1 ics-
ii thing bo possible — of llm Ungllsh
Imp.1rt1.rn of loodstuHs, suys llie London I'linvsiuiuili'ii! ot Tho Toronto
Telegram.  Hut   there nre other colln-
Iries liesiil.s Cuii.iilii lh.it urn tiling
lent they seem to huvu succeeded
heller tbnn t'unuiln.
Sumo Kugllsh fanners have lust.
returned [ruin I mirk, where they
Isli dairies. 'Hi ,-operutlvo    dairy,
llnsle. snld to be the largest in tho
wn uiii, they were particularly Impresses! wiih. This iluli-y is owned by
forty Danish furiners, who sen.I
nearly inc."ml pounds ot butter for
treatment daily.
The cu-opcrntlvo movement In I'un-
111.,s-k at tho lust return shows a tn-
tssl of 837 societies, with l.':i.i,:::'.L
menilnr.s, nil Imr ginul showing, e.'ii-
siilnra."' Hint tho whole population
of Hem 1, is only hull Hull ni Volition, Lust year ulone their exports
in pies, bacon, butler ami egus
nun.iiiiled lu over £10,000,000, tho
whole of tlm profits going into the
furmers' bunds.
All milk must, by law, bo healed
to     ISO     l'ahr.   before  leaving       llm
dairies. All em lie are killed under
Hm eye ul velerimu-lcs, tho meat
being ailerwarils slumped ai'e.ii.lim;
lo tpsality, su liml the purchaser
I.,inws exactly what ho is paying tor,
and, Instly, tho excursionists were
surprised t., receive pructlcul ilenion-
Ml'nliuiiS nt the ll'ilal Vein.nary
College liml mnny discuses ,,:' horses
for which in ihis country slaughter
is considered the only cuitrso, are
there successfully treated und cured.
Call ami
See us
The season is here, an
demands oi the man b
We have a large line
.... McBRIDE BROS....
The season is here, ami ive make il a poinf to meet the
demands oi iiie man behind the gun with everything*) .<
We have a lar,!:,c line of Coal and Wood Heaters on Ihe
way to Cranbrook,   Come in, we'll toll you about them
Reliable quadruple plated
silvei vvare, clocks, specta-
clew.ii'e. clc.
W.  F. TiltC,  .Jeweler
Cranbrook, ll. C.
otli.hd Watch Inspector tor C. P. R., Crows
Nest Pass lllvtslon.
i abrook
Livery S
Proprietors .* .* .*
Tennis nnil drivers furnished for any
point iu the   llstliil.
Manager   .-*   e*   ..•*
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated  Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
cconomic.il way to handle it.
A  ,l„l,   Will,,,,,,   slriu'.s.
In the ".Messuge „f tliiri'ia" a man
wus given ii letter lu deliver tu lho
I'libun general, tlui.in. and he took
llm letter niul delivered ii. Ilu
didn't ask any tpicstious about how
in ilu il, nr where he would Und
f.'arcia, or wlml lm should sin ii Im
didn't liml lilm, or any other thing.
II" delivered It, llm you will im-
I iiv Hull lhu .lull was given In lulu
witlunil   any slrines In il; Ihe mini's
"Instructions," in' I'urinuhis, ur "n,l-
Vlee." Ilu wns given liis ml uml
li.lil   to  ilu   il.   IiiiiI   ulli'Wi',1   In   'In   il.
This needn't be curried lm, fur inin business. Every house hiss lm
uwn inn uf doing things, uml every
good    employe sunn i s .un  what
Hm way Is.   Tho soerel ol lho success
ol iim great bus s,. enterprises    uf
llm world lies in  iim lui.nl  ui -ii	
limn al Ihe Iiiii.I lo gel folks who
eu,i do things, uml then lot limn
lil'.im tn do ll	
Jack Culver, fur rl)   elmk al   tho
I'lmli'.lU      I'li.l.lell.il'.      Iplel         WllO
Weill to the war wiih tin, lirsl  t'uiiu-
diiin cnlillnguiil  ami im   « led ul
Hm same lime as  l'ol    oiler,  wriilu
ii'un   I iiifunleln:   Well,   I  did     gel
i  ui Hie  Leans  llllll   Krllgl'l   lllllsed
IlllOUl     .Mill   know   whim   Hm      IJiieeu
Sl'llt    111"    ehnle.llale    In    Hie       ||,nl[is
K I mi"!    lie   llm  miliars   liml        III"
IJI li  I.n,Il'l  send  11 1  ehuenlnle  llllll
lm   iKr.rn.eri   would   give  us      henliB,
Well.   1  mil   inie   ill   llm   led   leu ll
,.,!,,,. mn  iii Hm rear mul   dill    mil
lunch    llm     hone.   II   was iie.	
week  iiiiii  to-day   I   was  ull.il   iiiiiI       1
.'an    siiv   Hml    I   hale   I,ml ""IV
tbnn uim-hiilf hour's lulls, ullugellmr.
Jt is a nil-,' chilli Mauser wound,    nf
Criiirsii     1  <■ I   net   nul   nl  bod   yel
iillil  inr  leu  is  nil imr still, bill otherwise it is all ll.  111.
A linn. Nul Generally Known.
Tlie ore from tbe Sullivan mine took
till' lirst priz ■ fur silverle sl lire against
the world at the Paris Inhibition of ig o.
The certificate !sln the position of S.tlatc
Look lor the
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
Get ready for your fall vvalh
papering. We will sell vvall=
cheaper than it has ever been
sold in the district.
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for llie traveling public.
John Hutchison
Is now sdlinj; slock in lhc
Great Dane Mines, Limited
Shares mc payable i cent a month
tor to months
!! Cranhroo
Quests Cumforl a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
sk-i*  v.
Nearest tn railroad and depot,    lias accon illations h,r rhe public unequalled in Cranbrook,
......... „..-. . . ***Q) j
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college ol  I'   s
Dllii" and slore, Aiken block,
ueai Canadian Hank nf Com-
men", i.'iaiil'11'uk. II  C
t'etiulsi.riiis inn! General l-'uraifure Repairing
Will attend t" any work in the district
Thi    '..t.'iiio Mutual Life.
1)1 IC1 Illll.llfk'S
IIV  POLICV  1101 I!! k'S
Amount ol New Business
Una,: lln-  I I lu.t.si   I 111.1 mi   ...,. 1 11,
Favorable kales
lllllll  lliinli'inls
tluitnrablc llcallni nml
l Polk) mil Pins.
I'm rule, and   mi. im ilail, l-sinil
aptly I,.
Wm, ]   1'WliiS,
lil'lllTlll tUi'ill, I'i ll li.isle.11 II   I' , Klishl
in C R.Palmer [listrict i\ge it, Crn.tl ik
C. R. Palmer
..Cranbrook, 15. C
The- /Vliitual Life Assurance Company of Canada.
'The Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Co rp oration,
Limited,  of   London,  Eng.
The Singerrianufacttiring
Co., of Portland, Oregon.
The Crown Tailoring Co.,
of Toronto, Ontario. .*.<.*


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