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Cranbrook Herald Oct 12, 1905

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 I ...
VOl.tlMK   S.
Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000
li 1 . WALKER, i.,,„,.,I llitnam'i ILEX. LAIRD, U»t. Gen. Manager
UnllTIl OF JEW'ELR*. oi
H   II   IV11.SUN
own    evidence,    and   also that     thr-     _lllrT
counsel lor the tli-l'-m-i- was going nut :    SHAFT   HOUSt    BURNED
of his way in his criticisms ol
IBSUI I'AI    till    I Ull ilWINtl If A I tU :
M Uld iiinli'i      .   .     3 CflDtl
Ovei $3 an.i nm exceeding *tu o centi
"   *n)      " " (30 ID cenli
"   - in      " " "'in |S centi
These Order* are Ptiyublo nl I'ttriil nnj office In CaniulnoCaChi n.l Bank
t Nul.,hi except wl), .m.i -it nn- |.i in. i|...i I..,.ii.ink point* ia lhc United Stolen,
*   Illi: CANADIAN RANK <>l  i OMMEKI 1, I OXDON   I Nd.
They form mi excellent method of remitting nnuill min in nf money
uilh -.til" t\   ami ;,t hmuiII cn**l.
w \\Ti:n
in    III \     \-  I'AKTNCU
i 111   UOODI 1
F. C. MALPAS, Mgr.
,M-H*HH-l-li*H-l*i^'iH-<i-_lH.HHi1*i----f isJi-Mi*-}?^
9 Ai
* it.
9 l_j
* Ul
* ■ —'  ,.
* t,
J Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest al- *
» lowed from date of deposit al highest current rales and *
J compounded half yearly. *
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     j
is advancing rapidly.     Bu> now before
!• it gets i.m high.
fur Lowest Prices
§ q Engaged? ^p* I
& Then come here for the ring,   We nave           M
<<{ many beautiful engagement rings,spark-          'fa
a? kllng wiih purity, and prices are as low           ffl
BE as perfeel gems can be sold.   **   -•"    **           if*".
ffl W II    U/ll CAM       JEWELER   AND I
m W. 11. W1L_U1>,    optician .< >i
m £.
.-< ..< r ii I. j* a
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
will iiiiiviiifi' ymi llml jcivi'lrv
sliiinlil lit' Imuglil only \ili,-im it
cull I"' tli'iii'ii.li'il ii|iiui. Wlifii in
in'oil nl nil)' jftti'liy Ior yoursolf or
(or gifts, ymi "ill hi' wis.' in liny
from na. ' >ur prioi'B,'..'.- nn low as
our i|iinlili.'s nre high, „
Wm. F. Tate & Son,  ^SL
Olliuiul  Wutob tuBpeotora, Grows  Nosl Pass Division, Q,   p,   R,
Tin.m.i-. McKpp, n tew weeki ago a
n j.. ',.i clerk an.i watch repalrei in
u ii Wilson i iewelry store, lu no*
n ,.,i,i, ■.-..,i itii.-i. .ml wonting Im the
trial llial will make j penitentiary
ruoviil ..i lim Mi-Km was brought
Imuli Irom Winnipeg hj ronB table
it.iioii yestenlaj an i was given u
preliminary hearing in the altertioon
li.-it.if Slipeiiiliar) Magistrate Arm*
strong J. A. llarvc) appeared loi
lhu ,';,.\\n and ti- P. Thompson loi
iLortelenoo. IJuile a crowd had gathered nt Uu' station to see MeKee
when in* arrived, but with due and un*
luokwl ioi consideration for thc young
man's feelings, he was met with a
livery rig on the opposite side ol the
train ami whisked to the lockup be*
[oro the crowd knew thai bo had loll
tlio train.
A i tho examination only a lew
wero present, and yot tte dog kennel
ol a eourl loom was crowded, .is it
otiers accoininodatiou lot only seven
pcOplo ami  two or  three do^s.
At lour o'clock his worship and th.
attorneys were engaged in a mild
argument as to the mode oi proeed'
ui\', in ease a prisoner desired to
waive examination -.ud go up ioi
speedy trail. Mr. liaru-y uia.ini-a.iniw
Uat all he desired was to lay a
proper foundation for prosecution Ioi
liie crown, and to do so bu would introduce sullieii'iii evidence. Mr.
Thompson called his worship's attention lo the practice iu Ontario where
he had dealt with hundreds of cases,
Aiid argued that tbe introduction ol
oyhlcnoe was uot necessary lu this
instance. Mr. Harvey was sustained
hy the court and the examination was
ordered to proceed. Constable ilaron
called "order in lbe court," and then
Hum one of the holes in tte wall called cells, young McKee was led forth.
Dressed as natty as cut. hair carefully combed, linen immaculate anil
cravat the latest, the prisoner entered llh1 room with eyes downcast, a
slight pallor on his lace, ami without looking at court, attorneys ur
audience, kept his leet while tlie
charge was read. At the close he
_,ai down, and Irom that moment
until the close, lie never raised bis
bead or evinced any particular In
terest in the proceedings,
Constable Uaion was called as the
insi witness. He produced ilu* ar-
tii'its i.i jewelry he had recovered
luun the police at Winnipeg, who
ti.t.l taken ihem Irom .McKee when he
was taken into custody, it was such
.in arraj ol gold and precious stones
as in make the eyes ol the spectators
Imlgi with amazement, there were
gol i watches, silvei watches, ruby,
diamond, opal, pearl and plain tings,
gold cliains and necklaces, watch
fobs, cult buttons, gold and silvei
mn el tics, in all tit- pieces, valued ai
hi'   wholesale   price at . «i»a.       Tho
the I
motive ol  the witness lot   tlie crown.
llie lettei was Introduced as pan >-i
the effects found on the prisoner, and
later at trial would have 10 be su_
utantinted ol thrown out. The court
li,*id wnh Mi llarvey and it»- letter
w.i. mode an i sblbil In the examina
tioti There wai considerable dls
. it |uti ovei lhe lettei and Its un
-...I Lance was ba wi un Iti alleged eon
lent* which contained tort all against
\. i|..,;, . plot d ol bu ine an i al >•■
supposed reason! loi Lhe pii uim i hai
mg luiiuiiiitiO the liii'ii lb-'-"- re*
suns Cuos tabic Uatun »la ted in te
putting a conversation lield wnh the
prisuuei, iu which Mchec made this
*>ULien.eut:      i   will u II   yuu bow J
Uapptllv-   lo du   LlllS,      ilrk.U   l   went
io  tin' ful  Lounti")   1  was workiitg
iul $l» a wees aud Alien i value bacs
no hod auoiher man working loi i iin
ai iu less pel week, ami lie womd paj
.ue ouly  mat ainuuiiL.     lhu iis run
;iad   been  a contract.        i ww
uawyei   Tliouipson  to see if  I i
I'oliL'ct  the dinereiice.     Lie said
ibat  wli. u  1 accepted  lhe Md 1
The  St
trou   Qre
and blacksmith
Shore workings
(Moyie Leadei i
Kugene had am tin
this week     The shall h<
ihop .it the    I
If    lllll ll.il    l_
O'eloel   i
Ml    M, l>
ud  Mi    Wilson.     Li
iovcrol cunversatloi
mm regarding prison
iimi prisoner bad i
-ell e.
A wl
iml) included
duablc artic-
■vajr, told his
vs ago. while
slore ai     1
In-  lia
At  this iiuini
ieli-nt'L'   In M..C  ii
ltt.it   it   Wa-.   Iin
my further
acia case had    been i
l seeiuwl  to lum iha
jeet    the crown   had
urih'.i evidence was lo stem
er sentence lui tho prisouei
uual trial. Air. Uarvoy sal
auch talk was nonsense, _ lite crown
waj, i>hi) desirious .n estahtishiiig
Uieu case. .Vit. liaion was through
and Mr. Wilson would be asked lu
identify the good-., and that wuuld
complete the ease lur ihe crown.
Again the court held that Mr. Halve)- was right. Mr. Wlisou Idintllled
tte articles of jewelry, and then
created a sensation by discovering
tliat. the bunch of keys taken from Uu
prisoner contained duplicates to the
trout door and the inner door of the
safe. The prisoner had bad two
keys but. they luid been taken away
from blm by Wilson several days before he had been disclaimed. This
closed the evidence and the ptisonet
was lit-ld tui ti iai
Why McKee ii'soite.1 tu tl - ft is
really unknown, unless it was due to
bad associations. In some ways he
Lad the nature of a Dr. Jekyl and
Mi. Hyde, as he kept his position as a
regular attendant at church and at
the same time frequented resorts iu
the red light district, where be had
several ultimate Iriends. It is said
that once lie was taken to task by a
good woman for his relapses irom a
righteous llle, and he replied. "No
doubt it dues luol" strange to )ou, bm
1 go among those people in tbe hopes
liiat I mav lead some ol them to
It is also said lhat McKee preseul-
■d a local minister with a ring taken
iiom Wilsons stock as a token ol
gratitude lot the good the minister's
sermons had done him.
When Mr. Wilson became convinced
lhat McKee had been stealing from
him he told him and McKee confessed
taking about $150 worth. Mr.
Wilson had no des-ire to brand the
young man as a felon and told bim
lhat he would drop the matter and
let lum go, and in lhe Iuune he
should bu careful of lus associates.
McKee wnh tears in Ills eyes, ihaiik-
txl Mr. Wilson ioi his goodness and
leu town tliat night. And yet, while
he was crying and murmuring ins
thanks, he evidently bad several hundred dollars Worth ol his employer's
goods in his possession. In facl ii
is uot yet known how much was
taken, as several articles weie pawn
od and Information is coming In ol
Mc Ken's prodigality In lho wi
gifts to Iriends,
One stoiv   is told thnl  MoK
arranged to leach a Chliinuini
to   lepult     w;il(lies,   nntl   h.itl
$2.ri down.        The   aftcrm
ground early Friday murning
hoist an.i   othei   machinery
building  is  a  total  loss.      The du.fi
loss to the company win i„- nearly
$21),UUU, which Is covered b) ts.uuu
insurance. The worst feature, however, is tte length ui time It will
lake lo gel the building rebuilt and
io get the machinery Installed. The
hoist wui ha^e to In made Lu ordui
in Lhe east, and il will (Uuuabl)   Um-
between ibree and luui luuiilhs Lo gc.
u here aud sot up.     I'liiu will causu
lhc greatest delaj.
lhe   uu'   caught on   Un- Limbering
both in Ihe main LuillU'I and in in.-
bail and did considerable damage.
iu mouth oi lhe tunnel is in ver)
uuse ground .iml this cuiod in,
As neai as ean bu ascertained the
te siai leil    about live o ciock,    ami
iis uiij.ui is a
.eemcti ail iigh
ni shift ai loin
Hi,- lite, t.uiu
he   eve
un tm
•1   Willie
IllpiUi)   .mi
111    ll.'   Slllil
lll.l Iiu ute w
Ilif. liuwovi
ill be Kept ii
and pushing i
in     how
tli.it lie
itlel    ol      Silk
etc .   and
ill Id give him
I, the   other
,1    seen
had Inlnrm-
e   ll.1.1       in I
li   Mr       Willi) the time
anbrook,    a
mi. -.'..il line] in it small amount.
re Irom   the chlel ol   police    ol
peg   was  received  stating    lhat
had McKee In custody wnh a
amount ol Jewelry. Witness
i<,    Winnipeg   wnh  a    war-
ismi,'I b) Justice Arnold and
was given a cash box by the police
containing tbe articles oi Jewelry
show ii. The witness then Identified
the at tides named in the charges.
After the warrants wero served on
McKee, witness had cautioned lum
thai -invlhiiig he might say could be
used tor ur against him at his trial.
MeKee bad said that he had made up
his mind to do right now. Witness
then produced a signed statement
made by McKee, in which he acknowledged the caution given by Baron,
and admit ted that he had taken tbe
jewelry found upon him from W. H.
Wilson while in his employ at Cranbrook,
At this juncture an unsigned letter
alleged to have been written by MeKee lo a parly Tn Cranhrook, and
found upon MeKee, was produced by
the witness. This aroused the ire
of the counsel for the defense, and he
put in a strong objection to the
troduotion of the letter in the preliminary hearing, saying that a prima
facia case had been established by
ihe crown, and the introduction of
the letter was not prosecution on the
part of Constable Ilaron, but perscc- j brook or Fernie. A splendid opening
titlon. Mr. Harvey claimed the, Ior thc right man. Apply tiox "Z,"
righl ot thc crown to judge of their .Herald, Craubrook.
left town McKee went
man and bought a nu
handkerchiefs, souvenii
told the Chinaman he w
eredlt Ior tbe goods
Hit, and then left town
One ot ilu* strange things is thai
MeKee would steal goods like SOUVfr
nir spoons, with Cranbrook marked
on them, and watches With Wilson's
name on Ihe works, as he should have
known that this alone would lead to
his detection.
The Herald was Informed to-day
that it was alleged lhat one girl of
the redllght district had stated thai
if McKee remained In town long
enough she would have the most of
Wilson's store.
.own.      Tlie mill  \
■or  im- time beuig
.bippul lur some 1
juoil lorce oi un n
■a> mli rebuilding
jpiuelll  WOfK   in   UlU  iiuiii'.
J.  Al.  Uui  lias   demonstrated     ill
a ino.->i emphatic maimer what can be
aone iu lhe wa) ul liiaMlig molic) b)
laiauife vegetables in U'lauuruoii.    lie
.iaa   a   plot   ivl   luui   acles  on   UlU   Hal
uuith ui tuwu and Lhieu and uiic-iiaii
acres oi ihis Ts uudei cultivation li)
means oi Urigatiou. 'ilns uud waa
piaiiU-d with call) vegetables ami
tiouuocs, cabbage, eail'ots ana oiuuiu
aud the vvoik oi uultlVttliuu was ai-
tended tu by Mr,   Uerrs youug sun,
who also Worked Witt a team uu the
•ide making m that way nearly iluu
aunng ihe summer, lhc piuduet ui
Uus liiile piece ul laud will bring All.
Dorr aboui »i,uuu m cash besides
uunisuing the lamily men )eai s
supply ui vegetables. They raised
twelve tons ui potatoes oil urne-leut-hs
ui au acre, live loqs oi carrots uu
uiie quarter of an acre ami seven
thousand heads oi cabbagu un one ana
one-hall acres. Those ligures aie aerate aiul can be easily proven b>
tuvesligatiou. Air. Dctr biuiself has
btin bus) every day in his shoe-shup
ana lias nad little ur nothing lo du
with this smail farm. These facts
tell tie story oi Uu* prutluutlveueus
uf the soil in tlie Urauhiouri valley
ami put lu shame those individuals
who say there is uo opportunity in
Cranbrook ur lius district, Here is
a case of a boy making nearly $l,uuu
in a lew months by the application ut
industry and intelligence and should
serve as a good lesson io all croakers
aud knockers.
11. A. Ungiit, general manager and
one ui Uie duel stocktoldcrs ui the
Perry Creek Milling company, was In
tuwu Monday and tell on uiesday foi
a trip to Ue coast before be returns
io in-, ii t.i ne ai Bright, Wisconsin.
Mr.'Bilght is a man ui large an airs
m tus uwn burnt-, being interested on
a large scale in lumbering, tanning
and banking, and served in ine Ituose*
velt campaign as a presidential elector, a position ul in^ii liouui u>   anj
ttatu in Un1
t 'reek
ul Wlscon
property ■
paiiv have
One ol the largest ami hest established life insurance companies in Canada wishes to engage the services ol
a live, energetic business man as general agent for southeastern British
Columbia and southwestern Alberta,
with     headquarters   either at Cran-
MiiKliL   bet-am
ci   property ...
ti others In ih
in, have Invested u
vor iluu, i.    im'   e.iiu
some wi) iuii ground ou
lite creek, a Hume ovei tuui miles m
length and a complete and up lo-daio
bydraullu equipment. 'Ibuj have been
severely handicapped tins season by
low waiei but yet the) were aide iu
woik uvei a small piece ol ground -ml
Wlieil   tliey   made   tlieir eleau-iiji      tills
[all, the results were entirely satisfactory. One obstacle in Uie way ol
rapid work were the boulders ol extreme sue, and this .season the) wore
disposed ol by blasting, an expensive
and slow process. Mr. Bright says
that next season they will Introduce
a power process that will make tbe
work uf handling the boulders very
easy of cumparisun. Air. Brigiit
took home with him a magnificent collection of gold nuggets secured In the
clean-up, one of whieh was worth
about 128.00. A large, area of giound
will \te worked next* season aud Air.
Bright will arrange his affairs at
home so as to enable him to spend
the entire summer on Perry Creek.
Captain J. O. Trow will remain in
charge of the wurk this winter and
have everything In shape for active
operations as soon as the season
opens next year,
♦ like a!! other goods manufactured by tlu- H, B, K. Co.
4 are guaranteed to ^ivc satisfaction,   There are NO
J FIRMS In Canada ur the U. S.  whu surpass, and
♦ very lew   thai can  equal the goods they   make   with
2 those oi ihe H. B. K. Co,
In buying their goods
you get a lull dollars worth
for a dollar because they
make honest goods and are
not atraid to guarantee
* Honesty   in Prescriptions is our watch-word.
j     However much we may know about medicines wc
♦ never pit our knowledge against that ot your doctor.
t We can conceive ot nothing more dishonest than
X    the substitution  of something else (or that  which
>j     your doctor has asked for.
You can bring your prescription to us knowing
llut you wiil get just what tlie doctor has ordered.
And that, too at a price that will please you.
It will soon be here and you will net-d that
I cary the largest stock in East Kootenay to
pick from.     Drop in and see them.
P, S.   All kinds i.f ammunition.   Mall orders promptly filled
I  l
':; Wu Imv.! i'ii'iiiwI onr i_un,rtnra ami oui slook very con- .j.
X si.l.T.'.lily ul luii■ uml cnu Bitpply ill" wants "1 'I"- pnblio in *
•J- liny Iin.'.   Altliunuii wu aull ut uastoru iiriced to have nothing J,
]■. alio ll-, t.i Hl'.iiL'h "IV    H",' Kuaranl ut gooils fer what we A
{• suli tliuin  (or     Liiinberiniiu'a ami  prospuctors' supplies  a J
X Bpuuialty.   Lot ns outfit yon,   Wh have soinu new anu s >nd X
linn,I  I'lirniitiif. stoves, etc,, it. go ..i real bargain ^ricos. J;
Cordwood inr Sale,   Bmjjioyment Agency In Connection.
| Jas. McArthur, the Second Hand Man j
Cpp 0lir guns and
■jCC ammu n i tion
before you buy.   We
have a complete stock
to show you.    .*    j*
macCallum $
hardware I HE   CRANBROOK    [USUALD
. 1 tl
(From the Free Press \
T, H Mav, mauagei ol Uie Uauk ol
Couuueree, la spending a lew days *'i
Macleod this week.
James McKvoy, ■ >! Uie gvologivai
department, left for tlw west via the
C, l'. R, yesterday, accompanied hv
ti. Spencer.
The U. N. K. are selling round trip
tickets tu Spokane during tho Interstate Fair, al $11.75. See special
ad. in this issue.
A pAii) cuiultiUng oi Mimes Kenny,
Ferguson and Judoin, auJ Messrs,
jJalorey, kenii) aud l*. Jar vis, form
i-U a party which climbed Mount Fermi, .-u Saturday.
'the eil) euuncil lu*. vested in web
oi tbe policemen ui tlie 1 it) tin
lights .uui duties oi a truant ullicei
It a waj ward hoy . held up by one
ol these gentlemen ..-1 Lie blue elothea
aud brass button., in- uill teali/u that
In- is "uji again ;i H.
(i. I., iv-ll.ii, principal ■<! the pub
lu- buhoul, lun, tiii nli-tl tu withdraw
jji_ resignation and lu remain ou.
'tins ihn..i*.ii mil im-.-! with general
favor, and Mr. I'edlat is ;t prollcienl
teacher, who helps in ilu- [cum tanks
ui hs profession. His discipline ti
good and his met bods uie up-to-date
on Tuesday .i slide occurred nt tin
big t.iiiiilm cut on th.: ii. .\. 1!.. three
miles lliis side oi Murrissey. The
mtiU covered Un- track live feet deop
ini .i disLanee ul -■■ feel. The Kei-
lord train was live houcs late tli.u
night i.n an .una ui ,i delay mi in.
main line, tiiu iraek hoing rlu.tic.i in
ample time.
iVati Brothers were up beluiid lb,
Three .Sisters niouuuiu.. mis weci.
un a hunting expedition. IMien Uicj
got lin-i c tin-) luun j thai a iai0i
party ui kuuuuay liutiaii") had neeii
uiltu beluru itii'in. in lad Ulej
saw  Item   depaitnig   in Uie dlstauci
.Ui. Charles Fyfe, [of suveral years
U. r. It. uperatui ami tiosoi agent ai
this point, received wurd un tauudaj
to report lur duty al Macleod, and on
Wednesday Mr. i-yie lull i<ji ins new
iieid ui labur. 'i tie news ol Mt.
if y lo's removal v, as t ecci\ cd .vim
general regrel aud a petition asking
lui Uu* reversal ul lho order was goi
out, hut at .Ur. Fyfe a request n ivna
dropped. "Charlie" is universally
popular owiug to bis courteous niah-
uer and Jus good comradeslilp,
i'niu-d statfs .m.i Canada has a
health leavening ol ibis kind ol blood
■oursliig through Its veins which is
adding lo tbe   mental  and   physical
health ol oui   peuple-      Mi    I.uii.l is ,t
resident ol Spokane and Is bere lo
iint-i and vluii In: n»n Mr. Lund is
ei y bus) man and ins fathei ilnds
Unu ins sun is at present some where
in Albert a looking aitvi business. Mr.
o. Lumi went to Alberto yesterday
Bull i
uuys louitu
u scat'Ct,
enee oi un.
i ii     Uii
tu     ueiore
(From   the    Ledger.)
Mrs. Winter, ol Michel, is spoiidini
a lew days in tuwu with Mrs. Teller
Senator CuX, ti. it. Wood and other
directors oi the Cual company an
eipevted in Fertile in a few days.
Mrs. MeNelsh returned from Mon
Ueal the lirsi oi the week, where slu
has put her boy in school,     Mr,   aim
■ii for  the coast l-'n
n.l Mr. Mtenllcld
Tin-) drove oul
ullli'l    1-i.UlllI
ast hound train
Mrs. McNeish
Mi. t. (i. l'rueto
were In Klko Mond,
to Baynes hike a
places mul look th
tliat nigh i.
The Jatlray schoo] has been opened
with an t'lirulliiii'iii ol sixteen scholars. Mi.ss While, formerly oi Itoss
land, is in charge uml is rendering
entire satisfaction.
Mrs. Kllic N'ansun, wife of Mr. Nai
son rn Coal Creek, and sister ul 11
ti. Shearer, died un Monday. Tli
fiiiier.il took place to-day from ih
Presbyterian church, under the dim
tiuu ul Sentl A  Ross, undertakers.
Pearson & Jewell hnve completed
theii in- contract al tills place and
bave moved theii outlll to Frank,
where they have secured ,i contract
from C. P. llill lo build a spin Irom
the Crow I  i0 the llill Crest coal
mining propei ly,
JaDray la u*perli m ing nulii' ,i buom
just now. The Kuot-ena) mill is now
running full blosi fin nl thing employ-
meat fot aboui sixty min. Tin*, company ate contemplating putting iu u
Urge tlu camp about (uur miles from
here tthich will furnish employment
iui fifty ur sixty additional men.
A. Joyce, acting registrar, received
word from Judge Forin saying that
the court fixed lure for October 12th
will stand postponed for one week,
when the residenl judge to lie appointed for Mast Koolenay will pit-
side. He further slales that in severing his Immediate connection with
the court here he wishes to convey
his thanks to all ihe members of the
provincial stall for tbelr unvarying
courtesy and attention.
Mr. 0. Lund, father ol P. Lund, so
well known all over this country, arrived in town Monday evening. Mr.
Lund landed on American soil al
Portland, Maine, thirty-two years agu
at the age of 32 and I bus passed just
half his life on this side of the briny
deep. When he arrived he knew not
one word of the English language and
could cany his effects in a natchel on
his back.    The   population of      the
(From the Leader.)
Miss Liua Nledersiadl la In Cranbrook learning the millinery trade m
tbo store of the Misses Mil.rod
.i. i.i'i.in killed two deer about .
mile back ul lbe St. Kugene Last Sll
iind.i.. Tin- largei oi iih- twi
dressed ii~> pounds
Mis. Cronin returned home yestci
layd wltb Mr. Cronin. -SI.* haa beei
\isiiing iu the eastern states and h
Kitiope iui the pasi two months.
Joseph Neldersladt's appeal ens.
came up in Nelson Thursday before
Justice Irving. The justice reserved
his decision and tt will lv given lat-
tlcorgc Crowe, of Vmir, is fixing
up '.In- storeroom in the Fairell block
and i;. getting everything In readiness preparatory to opening his bak-
*ry and resUiuran-l.
I-:. !•'. Lucas was here litis week
making .i vial I with 1 is sun. William
Lucas, aud wife. Mr. Lucas Is paymaster on tho Cent ral Vermont rail*
way, .iiul is ufi on a vacation.
.Michel Sullivan is pushing work on
ihe Aurora property on tbe west side
ol ihe lake and the me bodies whieh
were found recently are holding Uieu
own, Everything is very satisfactory .
Harry Dimock has received his appointment as collector of customs and
is now in Nelson getting on Lo the
ropes. He will bo stationed eiiher al
Vahk ui  ai  iin- boundary   south    ol
Sam Miller, ol Lbe Creston house,
.ti Crcslion, was In Movie Wednesday
meeting his many old friends. In ilu*
■veiling he attended tbe meeting ul
the Moyie aerie of Eagles, oi which lie
is a charter member.
W. It. Stone has returned frum
ibe east and is here looking aflei his
property in town. Mrs. Stone is iu
Spokane, and will be joined by Mr.
Stone in a few days. They intend
making their home in Spokane.
Angus McDonald, who went to Montreal a short time agu to have u
picoo of sleel removed frum one of
his eyes, writes that the operation
was successful and tlml be will soon
be back in Moyie with as good eyesight as ever. He was iu the Royal
Victoria hospital.
The miners' union has decided to cs-
..ablisft a library, and with this end
iu view $50 has been voted as a
starter and a committee of five has
been appointed to devise ways and
means for its establishment, The
miners' union hall fcas already been
placed for use as such, and tlie lending daily and weekly newspapers,
magazines and books will in- provided.
For the benefit of 'be public mure
Important announcements will in-
made next week.
(From tho Wilmer Outcrop.)
The Sullivan .Mining company is
preparing to prospect tbeli property
with a diamond di ill.
Hev, Mr. McKcnzlu arrived mi tho
steamer Ptarmigan on Sim lay tu take
charge of tte Presbyterian mission
work in lliis district. IH' held his
first service In Ibo Wilmer church thai
evening and proved a «ond speaker,
Messrs R. K Unu.- and a. A
Starke left W'llmel Inst week ull n
business trip to tbe Vukon, expecting
i.i be absent aboui a mouth M la
understood thai ihey will report on n
mining properly near Win ly Arm foi
Mr. ll. c. Hammond and other Toronto capitalists.
The Spokane newspapers state that
Pal Burns is buying cattle in Idaho
and Montana and shipping in i-ight
and ten carloads of them at a time
to British Columbia. This should
make our ranchers smile, for it is
evident beef is scarce ami tbey will
get a good price.
Yesterday Jos. Young brought
down a very large specimen of fine
looking galena ore to the Mining
Recorder's office from the Poilateh
claim on the south side of Spring
creek, where Mr, Voung has been
doing assessment work. It is believed by some that the lodge from
which this specimen was taken is a
continuation of the big Paradise
lodge. If tliis be true it is a strike
of great importance to the camp,
This is a strange country and there
are some strange |ieople In it. Nearly every person breaks tbe law of the
country and of nature in one way  or
mother, .inl it 1S amusing to note
how our fellow will lave a' the
ihorteomings uf the other, never
Ireoming thai 'he otbei follow thinks
lum an aw tnl sinner. Nes' time
you heal a lell-nw making an awful
roar just watch him a while .iml sec
ii he is perfect hlmsell
li was wiih general regiet thai it
was learned u-sierdav morning that
.lames II Semple was dead al
Ubalmei Th.' story .-i lis death i--
a very brlel une. Late Tuesday
nlghl Mr, Jas Lake, wiih whom de
erased resided, was in his room conversing with liim ami In- then said he
i.'li very weak, lun In- condition did
nul then seem erllical Vesterday
morning, however, when Mi Somple's
room was vlsilcd ll waa found thai
during the night sometime he had pas
sed ovei ib' (Ireat Divide. Deeeaa-
,-,i was well known t hum ghoul the
valley, having lived al Uhalmei and
Qolden iui inan. years,
Xeabino JGusincss
Ibousca of flfcat$8*
Vi11C    iki' Smelter City...
Marysville hjs Lome
inlu her uwn. The
town now has a per*
mum-nt payroll nud ti
Ihe gatewa] ni the St.
Marys valley. .«* The
herald i;in heartily
Indorse the foltowlni
business houses.
lh- W I Rivei Tiin.-s. published at
Hnlley, Idaho, prints the ftdlowlng
sketch <>i ■ iiihti Houston:
"Old timers will doubtless recollect
Julm Huns'...ii. Uu* firsl foreman of
ilie 'rimes, in IWU. IN- tramped
Hum Rolse, where he had been foreman oi tin- Statesman, to Halley. He
was ludcfatigable, repeatedly working
lor three days and two nights at a
sit.-Uii, stopping "uiy an llQUl Ii I
"Ai ihat time ilu- Times was puli
lisln-d in a lent .m the second lut
from    Croy streel   mi Firsl   avenue.
The lot upun which \he law otlice u!
Sullivan .v Sullivan, the Snug sa-
I-nm, the Crescent millinery and the
Kcycs harness and leather slur,-, nuw
stand was owned \>\ William ll
Atkinson, li was 'Hi feel un Klrsl
avenue hy Lit) teet on Croy street
There was nut a house in town thai
had a mul. Nut a fool uf lumbei
was to b.- lui. Uh.it few liuiis,--
there were wt-ii' uf lugs, chinked, wnh
canvas roofs, llailey was a city uf
tents, ii had a population of t.dOII
souls. Money was common as dirt.
Korty-live saloons supplied iIni si
"John Houston had hardly been in
lown lour weeks ere he owned three
log cabins that m-lted him $13U u
month. Une ol these, on lln* hi
next to Uie Times, rented ioi ll.i,
another, which is sitll tin- llni'tung
family residence, hiuugbt S&U; and a
third netted him $35, Tins tus utie
ui the mosl substantial slrucimrei-; ui
llailey al ihii! unit- ll was 'The
Primers Corral,' and located un the
west side ui Alain streel, two lots
abovt! where lhe llailey lull)bet yard
is nuw. The Iiuiise euusisied ui four
walls made ui pules stuck upright,
about twelve feel high, uu roul id
any description, a guimj sack across
lbe only opening lor a dour, wnh
bunks made ut cotton wood poles.
The printers cut lbe poles and made
the corral alter winking hums. llut
they all paid rein lo Houston until
late in tbe fall, when, there being six
inches of snow on the ground and ihe
double log cabin in which the Tithes
has since beet) printed, having heen
built- and roofed with duck ihu boys
moved lo lbe comparatively luxurlotis-
ness aiid   excellent    shelter ol     this
"Later John Houston bought a
team and wagon and lelt fur Butte, in
company with Georgo Ilibberl, later a
will knuwu editor and proprietor of
newspapers in Oregon. Thoy reached
Butte in January, after .sintering
hardships that would have killed must
•■Th',- lull...-.ing spring Julm Houston return.\l to Halley and resumed
his 'si!' in the Tillies, sayiuj, thai
Ibis was ih,* only while man's olliee
in tin- new Northwest, held it t<-i a
few weeks, then siarlui east with a
hand of sheep. In those days lhe
nearest railroad shipping point was
Ulackfoot,  J7T> mill.-, away.
"Sume months later he was in
charge uf ihe Wisconsin stale printing olliee,    whicli      In- wrote was     'a
measly $flU a week,1 A yeai afterward In- was cunning a $JlKl,lMJU printing office in Dallas. Texas, thai ho
sunn leu iu iramp across the continual tu Los Angeles, There the Times
lost  track ui bim.
"lb- v.,. supposed in in- dead until
an article in the tintie Statesman oi
the 33rd said that be Uial Vugust
disappeared Irom Nelson, ti, _,,
whole he bad been In turns, and al
times .til ai i .nn-. wll tor, mayor, legislator, promolci ui vi .'in. ih hi enterprises, always in public nllice, .ml
never defeated upon any proposition.
"Am now John Houston, from ihe
dusty, gold iiu.-.), do|,e town ol
Tonapah sends forth the news that
he is there, and what are yuu going
to do about it? He volunteers no
explanation of his departure from
Nelson. So far as he is apparently
concerned then* is no such place as
Nelson on the map.
"John Houston is not crazy. Those
whu know him best admire his Intelligence and energy and keen business
ability the must. Likewise Ihey deplore ins possession of thc must Inexplicable idinsnycrnsies ol any man
that ever did as he blamed please.
"If Toliopall wants to keep John
Houston she had better chain him up.
lie is worth keeping, too."
Royal Household Flour
Is Always Uniform
It is one thing t<> make (lour pure, well
balanced and Strong, it is another lliiny lo
have il uniformly so—to make Hour that is
precisely the same in purity and nutriment
on Saturday as un Monday - in May as in
Because the "Royal Household" mills
have ihefineft lasting equipment available
and unlimited resources for seeming
The leading ho  S
Id in lhc St. ft
I Central Hotel
l~. Johnson, Proprietor
tS lliniiin R n senile llie besl, ft
yi lhe plate In slop when lisilinj; lite Smeller Cily ti
I The Royal Hotel     I
ti V. l>. Chenette Proprietor £J
ti lla^ been recctitl. refurnished and is not*, one ul
ilie Ik-si lit.iels in lhe district,
the people.
Headquarters lor
perfect wheat, thev con anc.
kii     '
produce—every working day in the
our of   precisely
Strength, nutriment and purity,
tat is why Royal Househol
Id Flo
A-*m..,'_.,'.,.,M. 'jr,tr,!For.._F,',y,l>.lF,'F.IT,\yi!F.»T.'>t'r.t> ,*r.!> ',- '.-,'-.
V.* ft
I Marysville Drug Co,     I
ti       u n
v< We carry a complete slock ol everything in the Sl
nw * _*_
ja Dnii; and Stationer) line. No need lo semi awa) Ja
ti I'"' vmir goods. ti
verv best bread and
pastry, year in and year out.
c most relia
is why
he most succes
Id Fl
iful ft
-and being scientifically purifie
tricity it is the purest—the besl c
The next (lour you buy ask for "Royal
Household"—and try it for yourself.
Ogilvle's Royal Household Flour.
tors |
Tlu- largest .».d Usl ft
equipped   hotel in  thc
Notice is hereby given, pursuanl to
thi! "Trustees and Executors Act"
and amending Acts, that all creditors
and others having claims against the
eslate  ul   tie  said   William   E.   Cook,
Who died ai Kort Steele Junction on
lhe Ifllb day of April, 1005, are required on or before the 11th day of
October, 1(105, to send by post prepaid or to deliver to thc undersigned solicitor for the administratrix of
the eslate of lhe said deceased at Uie
address below given, In writing Verified ou oath, lull particulars of lheir
said claims aud a statement mi their
accounts and the nature of the securities for pay men I. ul the Bald
claims, if any, held by them respectively. Such paper writing shall, In
addition to such particulars, set
forth the Christian names ami surnames, addresses aud descriptions of
the claimants.
And thai so soon after the said
Mill day of October, 1005, as the
law thereto shall him permit, the
said administratrix will proceed to
distribute lhe property owned hy the
said deceased at the lime of Ins
death, among the parlies entitled
thereto, having regard only lo the
.claims nf which she shall then have
received notice iu tbe manner above
set out. .And ihat ihe said administratrix will not he liable for said
property or any pari lhereof to anj
person or persons of whose claim or
.claims s-lie shall not have received
such notice as aforesaid at the time
:of such distribution.
William K. Cltird,
Townsite Block, Maker Street, Cranbrook, It, C.
Solicitor for Rose Cook,
Dated at Cranbrook ihis 13th dav of
August,  1005. 8A-U
KoMcc is hereby glvon thai 00 days
from dale I Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner nl Lands nml
Works io piirclmse lhe following ilcs-
erllMl lauds, siin.ii.' In the dislriel of
Suutli East Koolenay;
I'tunmeiiciiiK al a posl planted al
the Intersection of the right nl way
ot lln- (lte.il Northern Itailwav and
the east boundary of Iol 7310, thence
north iu chains, Uieuce easl M
cbains. theme south to llle right of
way of the Canadian Paclllc Railway,
thence following said right of way
westerly to n point suuih oi the
southeast corner of Inl T.'llit, Uience
north to place ol commencement.
Oeo.  II. Scott.
Dated  Sept.   Mil',   1M5.        20-0t
When ynu once get your advertising
under motion, don't let it lose ils
momentum. Many times the force
required to keep it going will be necessary to start it again.
Take notice that thirty days after
date we intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria for special license In cul nnd
carry away timlier from the foi lowing lands in South Bast Koolenay:
Commencing at the northwest curlier of Lot .131, 0roup I, Ensl Kootenay District, Uience south 100
chains, west ,T2:"2 chains, more or
less to the eastern boundary of Loi
4501; Ihence north Iflfi chains, east
32.75 chains to the point of eoui-
Daled this Ith tiny of October. A.
D.  mori. 28-51
The   Standard   Lumber Company,
Notice is hereby given th.it 'hirtv
days after date I intend to apply tn
lho Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cul and
carry away timber Irom the follow
ing described   land   in North    East
Parcel No. 3.
Commencing at a post planted about
one mile north of White river uml
abuut 4 miles east oi block 4501!,
iheiiee north su chains, thence east
Mi chains, tbence south Sll clains,
thence west kii chains to plan- ol
Panel No I.
Commencing nl a post planted at
the southwest corner of C. A. chapman's parcel No. ii, thence east xu
chains, thenee south SO chain i, thence
west SO chain.-., thence north 80
chains to place of commencement.
Parcel No. ">.
Commencing at a post planted a\
the northwest corner nf C. \. Chapman's Parcel No. ■!, thence south lim
chains, thence west *iu ohuins, thence
north 160 chains, thonce enst 40
cbains to place of commencement,
Parcel No. C.
Commencing at a post planted nn
the east Boundary line of block 1500,
on the north bank of White river,
thence east 8ii chains, thence nortii
80 chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence soiilt 80 chains, lo pini'i* of
Parcel Nn ;.
Commencing at a post planted on
the northwest cornel ol C, A. Chapman's Parcel No. a, thenee easl mi
chains, thence north mi chains, tbence
west 80 chains, Ihence soulh 80
chains lo place of commencement.
Parcel No. 8.
Commencing ai a post planted at
the northwest corner of C. A. Chapman's Parcel No- ', thence east HIO
chains, Iheiiee north 40 cliains, thence
west 100 chains, tlence south 40
chains lo place of commencement.
Parcel No, fl.
Commencing al a post planted at
ihe northwest corner of C. A. Chapman's Parcel No. 8, thenee easf 80
chains, thenee north 30 chains, iheiiee
wesl SO chains, thenci' soulh KU
chains in place of commencement.
Parcel No. in.
Commencing at a post planted   at
llie nor Hi wesl eornei ol c. A. Chapman's Parcel   Nn. 0,  Uicncu easl   80
chain.'*, thenee north 80 chains, thence
wesl   -so   chains,    Ihenee     south   80
chains lo place of commencement,
Daled ihis lib dav of Sept. 1005.
0.  A. Chapman.
Take nutice that thirlv davs after
date 1 Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works al
Victoria, for a license to cut nul
carry away timber from the following described lands situate in East
Kootenay  District;
Starting at a post planted al tbo
northwest corner of Iol 8230, group
one, running soulh 8(1 chains, tbence
running west .so chains, thence running nnrih 80 chains, thence running
easl so chains, thence running west mi
chnlns lo ibe point ui cnitiiiu iieeinenl
2fi-flt 11. II. Ross.
Date-:! this 12th day of Sept. 1005.
yx  St. Marys valley. -* Commodious Sample Rooms- vk
n ft
Niiliro i.s hcn-liy given that til. ilia—
ilcrsi.:in>il lave dissolved the partnership lit'ii'iorori' existing between them
under lhe firm name nf lic.uit.un &
Tin- management nt the Querns hotel will In- continued by Mr. Q-eorg.
I). Clougeon, who will collect all ninnies due to lhc partnership and will
Pay all iial.ilitles.
I.alivl al !'ranbrook, British Columbia, this _.lrd day or September,
li. I). Gougeon,
J. A, Netterfleld,
I Witness, W. F. tluril. 27-4t
S When vou visit Cranbrook stop at the        gj
*p None Better In the District /k
9 Rates Si nnd up.    .-"hurt Orders und Oysters HI
^ji served in any style Iron, 8 p. m. to 6 a. ,„. c*.
i^ The tabic is the best, the rooms arc unsurpassed fur dean *r
9_   Uneu and comfort and thc bar is supplied with thc best brand ^fe
*a   ol liquors an.l cigars. rh
a F- B. VANDElAR, Prop,        g
* «
I   ...Manitoba Hotel...   I
♦" ty
1 11 jnlit Now .M;nin-j;i'iiii'iii i ■»
« D. A. MCDONALD, Hanager t
.,' ,
J Thi- Hotel is in the center o( town.    The  rooms are I
} comfortable and well furnished, tlie dining room is lirst- {
j class, and the b.u- is supplied with the best.    When you »
J w.int a good place to slop come to the Manitoba. '
Manufaclurera uf
I'ltHchanil dressed
I.Untll'K and
Also alt  Kinds nt
Mill S   11
III..'.ail..   H.I!
Hud tllllCC,. Ctllill'ia,
_#¥**#*#*#**#•##*#** *#**#*{JB
.|.|..|..|..|..|..|.|.|.|..|.|..|..|..|.|.|..t..|..(. |..|. 1.1..|. |„, ,,..,..|..|..|..,..,  ,..,  |..,.
.|..|..|.|..1..|..|..|..|..|..|..,..|..,..|..|..|..|..|..1,.|.|..H..,..,..,..|..|..,..|..|..,.,,..,.,  ||
I  |-|
the Cosmopolitan
E.H.SMAU | Strictly Flrstclass and Up
Date in every respect. I
Manager | bar is stocked with the besl
Wines, Liquors and Gj>.
and lhe Dining Room service
tt '
•1-I-I "I-I 1-
Robinson=iVkKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THK   I'ttAMlKOUK   11 Kit A I.U
f ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
It. I. Stephens.
M. Rockendorl
J. Lawson,
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. I'he big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in Easl Koolenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
It. I.. Stephens
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver **** ** *•*
Stephen, Brut* & Cu., Owners antl Proprietors,
Morrissey Mines, ll. C.
It.  L. Stepbcoa, Owner and Proprietor,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
I! Cranbrook
1! Hotel & S
ducats Comfort a Special!)
flood Stabling in Connection
Neiiiest tu rnlUoail nnil tlep it.    Hwi nccommottH
tlmir, for tin. public uneti tailed In Cranbrook,
J J   llnl and ittltl llalli-
Hoggarlh & k'nllin-.
______Wm ■ ■ ' EffSB!
The Wentworth
Clapp .*'• Rollins,
The New Manngcrs.
Cranhrook Presbyterian Church,
Sabbath Services  	
-.. -  11 a.m. and 7.80 p.m.
Sunday School A Dible Class... 3 p.m.
Christian Endeavor, Tuesday ..8 p.m.
The public are cordially invited to
attend all  tbe meeting's.
Pastor, W. 0, W. Fortune, B.A.
Craiibriiuk  Mettiodlsl Church.
1 Corner nf it.-iti-.nn ^-t-nuc auj i oui-* Street
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship m l| a.m
Sunday School  3 p.m.
Divine Worship  7,:-lil ji m.
rursj.iy :—JSpworth League ol Cnrln-
|    ti.m  FiuiiMWii      ...  .. h  p in.
A cordial imitation is extended to
:..■ public.
.i   P  Westman, Pastor.
Cranbrook Baptist Church.
fl    following Is   a list of thc services held iu the Baptist church:—
"   i 'I-i*   ...    ..lla in. ami 7,80 p.m.
Su  i.t. School  ;. p.m.
Voung iVujiles 8 p.m. Tuesday
Prayer   Mooting ... 8 p.m. Wednesday
The public are cordially Invited to
iittotul .ill the meetings.
I '.IS 1,1
.1. L. Sloat.
Drop in nml sec ua ail) lime.    Wc arc on deck In hour:
mil of llie -M
■MHBIIIiii     ■    -....■ i  •    ' £11
\  B C. I.ivcry and  Feed  -tables .
I'tMl flam-  Kii
al alt!,,!, la
4 aial    |.n'k    IlfIK,'a    for l.ll)' | till    lilt'   tllall'lal |
J Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop 4
,1,1 '.in.   opposite lllltiu
j Cranbrook Besr f
Made from the best malt and the purest water, it is unexcelled for quality. J* Ask for
Cranbrook Beer and insist on having It. jtj*
The Cranbrook Brewing and
Malting   Company,   Limited
Visit manufacturers nf all kinds nl Aerated Wati'rs
tel*-I-«l^I*-«L-l-l«l«l"J—i—I»«l--'I--'l-«J---l--.|--.i»»l>-l»« .-I-.—I—Li-v—I—i«l«i»«t--.i»"j-l"«I>«l--_-«j»«i—l»i-«
* Speaking of a      -
Good Thing
Voiml Iti b ur tion work
nn our iif.v swell miiiintti.
Prest Pholo Co I
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
Livery S
Tennis unit drivers uin.iBti.it for any
point in llie district.
A. IJOVU., Manager
!*      LOTS   FOR  SALE      j
iitnai.tliii,' H„. I'niH-H N'tsi I'iwb. aiitl niliinl.il iii n ili.Htri.'l uuli.l for Hip rnisitiu. otSTl IOK  **
Jj (IHA IN  II ,\ nml all .'AH.M Pltlllll I'l", null .in iii.if.'Mti,:' I'A.  HULL Imm it. MINESol ♦♦
{♦  DOMESTIl  iiiiiI sTi:.\\i . 'UAI.S  l.l Al'l.1,'1.. l. ,,ii. i..,-.,,-,,i ,,| opportunity loi   Ul'81   ♦♦
♦»   NI'lSS   MIA  antl   IN'VKSTllItS      Tlli-IT    i. I o|»'.iiuu   i,., , .,■ „.,., I,,,,,. ,,f' 11KN |.|(.. |. }
|i  HIT*S1NI0SS nml Muitnltl.- I.k-i.i , Tor l-'Ull It MILLS and ELEVATORS.   Tlio L'Ll.MATE  '
}♦    la ii,|..„||,.issm,|   l|, t|||.  »'l   .1   .nal ||„ I'm  ,., |»| a I ,|||„ l.'llil  -.ii|,|,IV ,,|l |) \\   ITER.
Xt I'm  Full I'n lum Apply In lit,. TOWNSITE OWNERS tj
|| A. N. MOUAT, Manager jf
I LUNDBRECK     -     -     -     ALBERTA!
;l ♦♦
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♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•*>♦♦♦♦♦ v->**^^
wrecked    bv
Rambling Reveries
bV \ MtBAMEft
Fault finding ti a good deal like
, the dunk habit, onee begun in a family, it is very easy to continue, and
| very difficult to arrest ones self. But
believe mon* families have been
fault finding than by
[drink It is hard to decide which ol
[these iwo vices is the greatest ene-
[my to a bappy home.
Our readers all doubtless bave a
desire to be happy and ai. evei
i watching foi the road to happlnes
You have doubtless bait many mad-
to happiness pointed out to you. Tte
young .is well as the old haw Ihch
dark days. Thc days in the May timt
ot llie arc just a- cloud) as in life's
Novembei The grandmotbci and
granddaiigbtei breathe ibe Bame deep
sigh. It is a false idea that we are
happier in childhood and youth than
we will evei i,.- again li wu live
right, the oldei we gel (be happier
we are. As yuu advance In life, as
u.u come oul Into the world an I law-
v.. it head and heal t 'ull of good,
honest, practical christian work then
[you know what it Is to begin to be
[happy, The longei lite Irull hangs on
[ the tree the riper and more mellow it
The longer yon live the light
uf a Uie tin- in
..'ful ;
id 1
py v
muni   UlU
Solon on, the   wlsi
ways uie ways   o
I       all   hel   paths  an
i the path referred u
you will iii, I ulil ag<
vi, nib.
Our readers who nuw have "silvei
threads among He gold" van well remember the good old fashioned home
where upon a storm) nlgbl ihev
would sit by the uld hearthstone while
the great lire up the chimney roared.
They can yet see relleoted Irom thi
ever changing golden shun of the
blaze the images of miiry buys and
playful girls, or with their slates ami
pencils and school books solving by
the flickering blaze the problems as
signed them hy tho old schoolmaster.
What visions they can see in the tire,
visions of lhe forgot ten long ago, nl
joys and sorrows strangely nixed; vi
sions of romping hoys and laughlnj.
girls, visions of love's first dream, ol
eyes that caught the broken story
from lips that could not speak It; visions of tbe   bridal     quern crowned
th coronet of maldan blushes; visions ot life's stern battle; visions of
Sorrow's first shadow; visions ol all
life's checked pathway as it winds
through (lowery fields or pain's hot
desert sands, through the Iragront
spiee groves of joy or over sorrow's
mountain crags. We would not be an
"old logy" but our modern and beautiful homes of today, with their darkened parlors so lhe sunlight will not
lade the carpels, where a nurse instead of a mother amuses the children, if per chance there Ik1 any. As
one recalls to memory these incidents
aud plotuures of (he far distant past,
it brings a sigh for a return of the
good old days before wealth ami fashion in robbing home of half its real
Mil. n
have tlie '
see in, s
■ lining ui
' .la
Ili.tt  art
nstantly aho
e  l
lilt- two
sevenlh Pa
i.s as
ia an «
'a n-.-i.l th
t I
e u
Jitit and
n those ni
it-it slight .
on, read t
let nf .1
.ile .1 isl
) tail   »t
am! iiothii
Ight, re
the !3l)th
When you aie all out of sorts
haidly     know   what   the mallei
read tlie twelfth chapter of llebn
When you    are losing confide
Co iu
nanklnd read  the thirteenth cl
ot l Corinthians.
It you can't have youi  own
then silence is golden and you
get rellel by leading the thud
ter of James.
Winn j on want all the lale nc'
from a reliable source, read the j
per which you now hold in yo
Tho committee on Tariffs appointed
by thc recent Trades and Labor Congress ot the Dominion     has sent out
and  give speeial   heed   to  the
legislation sought by tie Canadian
Miinufactuiers' Association in tan!!
Hi The Canadian Manufacturers'
Association will seek an increase in
the tarilT. We will oppose anv In
crease. ll is not ihoiml I desirable
at ihe presenl tune, tu make an]
pronouncement upun ihe relative mei
its of free trade and protection Otu
position simply is that the 'aim i
now high enough.
(3)   Our evidence will follow   along
different lines, e, g. —
tai Under existing conditions tlie
country is prospering.
(bi Taking Individuals and corporations applying for increases, it
will be found that they have prospered exceeding!j well In youi
own neighborhood, u you will oh
serve closely, you will discovei thai
small factories   have been enlarged
(lutll   time   lu   time,   while   Ilk'     Ull)
ployers' staudnrd ul living has pro
pressed   in   proportion     I'miLrosi
witl   tli.it  y    slate ol lifo,    Mat.
\iiui earning powei  Increased? Kind
ii iin- wages in the prnlected
n les   have increased   propm t
I)     Have the nu i. uses, ii auj, been
luiuiii.uv ones, oi have lhe)
forced by  tbe workmen?   Consider,
il blgbei   protection   he    accurded,
vvhellk-i the protected etnployei  will
share bis gain   with   the workmen
who are his right haul, oi whether
the men will still have to flgl'l foi
belter wages an.l better conditions?
Judging   b>   the   past, workingmen
will   always have to    strugglu foi
helteriuent.     Therefore, the)
expect   lit) 111 iny   trom     a giant    ol
further protection  tu their employers,
(c) It will likely i„- found ihat
thosu who base theii applications
for increased protection upun the
desire lo pay boltei wages aro employers from   wh  a decent wage
cannot now  be obtained.
Hit Assuming that nn employei
hii'I". his workmen would be benefited
bv an increase in the larill', would
that not be making the general
public pay for tin* advantage of the
te) Will the selling price ol tin-
protected commodity gu up ot down
if tlie larill be raided' One em*
ploycr before the commission staled
tliat it would go up. Who will pay
the extra price".' And whu will gel
the inerea.se—Uie workingmen or the
(0 If you wanted lo start a corner grocery in your own city, what
would happiu if you applied to the
Council lul a bonus or a loan.'
(-1) Have your representatives at
Uie sittings of Uie commission iu listen to Uie si-aleiiieuis made. Uo nut
allow yourselves to u* u&ed to bolster up ally pui inula! case. Keep
iteadil) before joa ihat your position is that the taiifl is high enough
|G) There is free trade in labor,
and protection tor the products ui
labor. If protection weie a good
ihiug lor the workmen the Canadian
.Manufacturers'   Association  wuulU nul
.ie in lavor of it.
(ii) lhc taiuuliau Manufacturers'
Association oppu^^a the change iu the
law Uial assured to woiimicu lhe
light ol Uial ny  jury.
Wu want you to be just  a.s
particular about your Overcoat,
as you are abuut your Dress Suit.
I lieu we know  you will appreciate Fit-Reform Overcoats.
Cloths and patterns- style creations
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THE l'Ai.i.isi-ii .wu,i. _'ll,..\'_i__.s
(tloldtit Star.)
Last week u deal was pul through
wlicreliy   Uie 1'alliser sawmills    pass
Irom 1,1.0 control ol Vi. C. Wells, lut'iti-
lut  tins riding in  the provincial
house, and al one   tune et iel eouilitls
nloiici ol lands and works. The ciiliiu
planl and iiiiilier limits have been acquired hy pai ties Irom Uhleago and
Kansas tit) and the price (i.t.,1. al-
liuiigh uoi given out, is said lo rep-
leseui a handsome n_.uie.
lhe Palliser mills are known In be
iiiiong llie most up in dale to be
ouiid anywhere iu lhe province with
ui Immense capacity, and the husiuess
.vas tile ittundt't oi these mills, which
ave been runniug continuously since
'Oustruction ol lho (J, P. It., aud he
las made a success ol Uie business
iince its Inception through his indomitable courage and perseverance,
which always louud lum un hand to
attend to business, day and night,
and everyone will be please-! to know
thai he will retire coinlortAbl)  situ-
He docs not by an) means propose
tt, leave lhe district, hut will vet)
likely make Oolden his home lot the
future aial     will    in   all  piobabliil)
erect a residence here.
Wlell 1 Was about  to closs a mountain dnidc in Switzerland, 1 bought a
lust-class' coach ticket.      Attel   llttlli^
some distance 1   noticed that    those
who had bought    second and    thud-
class tiik.-u received the same    ac-
.,,,,, ,.     ,coniiiiiKlation   I did.     I thought    it
to all organized labor bodies in Can- wa. sjmply Mother case oi being a
ada Uie following statement:- 'mark," but, on coming to the  toot
The   committee on the tariff,    ap- ol a seven mile lull, thc driven pulled
pointed   at the lasl    session ol itejup his horses and shouted:
Trades and   Labor Congress ol   Can-     "Kirst-class   passengers keep    four
.       , _, .      ,   ,      , stats, second class get out and walk,
ada, at Toronto, has had under  con- Ulird|' ^ out and p^sh ..
sideration the attitude to be taken by | Advertising is lirst, srrond and
workmen before the tariff commission 'hird class. It you buy the third,
upon tie question of Increase or   de- )'"u nW nt first think you arc  get-
.•re'iSH   in   larill   litlt-s        Willt.vttl   nm.   U"S  ",ore   th:l"   >'0U'   ni?"t,V S   ,vn"h-
inase in larill rates,     without pro- |)Ut fm mus( e].]lect| cv-el,lually, "to
teSBlng to determine finally upon the get out and push"—because you will
matter the committee for lhe present haie to.—Selected,
begs to advise as follows:- I   Because you have written an ad
(ll   The   Canadian    .tlanulactuiers' JJ1?! sc"m, '" ',e ^"'i4 -""'."Kf" ;,s
,      . .. .,, .     , . If it    would   be a    bUBtncss-btuurer,
Association    will be ela. 'Ing     lor do„., u,,nk „ Be0(issary to let it run
more protection.    Tliat organization unchanged lorever
has set itself out to oppose every dc-     Vou can't always tell by looking at
mand made by organized labor,   for JJ U0'T how last he can run, nor can
,,,.,.'      7,   , , , you always tell hv the looks of    the
lhe   tune being,   therefore, organized Dfedlttm What   results    your ail will
laboi will sink its individual opinions bring.
$12. to
•"■ A r,T li L"k,',r'*1-1*'i'
iaa    y-i    TIT-   >,.' i,._„,,_,_ „j pn_,
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iC* •«**«•*•* v ********' v *•* *•* *•• *«' *•* *** **"****************** v *»* *•* ********* '***** ••"••*•• *•* •••*IM4 TIIE   CRANBHOOK   IIEllAl.n
cranbrook liKiiALD-:—::;;;:i:';;:;;:r;::
By The Herald  Publishing Company.
ifc /lX_^_^^v-*y
ail over thc province, l*m lias lut upon
la brilliant excuse.      Wiih uiu.- broad
A   its    massive   intellectual
Editor ami Manager
hand, Ute Week blames   ihe laek   oi
' expenditures on public works upun the
| Dominion government    Both excuses
.    are original,   but  Uie  Week   is    tie
It i bolder ami   more desperate oi     the
two.       It pays tie government    tc
advertise In some papers.    The   servility displayed in giving value    received by a paper with a page of paP
advertising is lamentable.
The Herald is worth $10 a year,
costs only 52. No man in South
Kast Kootenay can afford to be without it, and everyone living outside of
the district, who is Interested in the
progress ol this section, should read
It. It publishes the news while it is
news, it is controlled absolutely by
the publisher. No clique, party or Some men are so hide-bound politl
individual dictates its policy. It call)*, that if they * ere to go to
don't try to please the people. It's heaven, they would want to find (■»'
desire is to publish a newspaper that how St
will he accredit to the community.|went inside.
Semi in your subscription and you
wilt ne thankful ev
Peter stood   before    the;
Advertising rates %i pel Inch, single
column, per uiuiith, im more mid na
Heading matter 18 cents per line
to non-advertisers; 1" cents per line
io regular advertisers. Ilusitiese
locals live cents pei hue rath insertion.
tt you desire lo reach the people ot
South Kast Kootenay ynu must ad-
vertlse In The Herald.
The Herald h.is :_ first-class [nl
plant, nnd ns work is ol lhe best.
The Herald don't want charity. II
wants a square ileal on ymir job
work. 11 we can't suit vou in quality and price, kick, and send youi
vork io siniie Cheap .lolm house In
tbe east that never spends a cent In
1,000 „ Week
.,1.1    _£?      _"     £f
Press mi iimi suhMirip*
ti"ii list- opon to Invcslign*
Hon hy fldvortlsors nl any
Tl..- ll.'Mil.I gives r dollar
in value for n dollui In money. The advertiser has the
right to know what In* Is
receiving for his money.
The Herald Is one papor
that courts invest!ligation.
The Herald  will be found on , >
sale at thc following places; ] \
Marysville, Marysville Urujt Slore «,
Wardner, ti Donahue's Store ] J
Moyie, S. K. Harvte's Drug Slure * >
Ryan, H. P. Flnlay <1
\ \ Fernie, I'urdy's Book Store \ \
Elko, Holbrnok's Book Store J \
*" Cranbrook, Beattie & Atchison's < •
and C. E. Keid A Co.'s \ \
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ \
BUT ONCE." Other Knockers please copy.
The space in thc Herald culiuiiiis is
like the goods on thc shelves ol n
merchant, it is worth money, and just
what the Herald asks foi It, or more,
The Herald gives value received and
more, hut it is not giving nway
space to make friends for the pnper
or till up ils columns. The Herald
has tlio circulation in Oils district tn
make Its advertising columns In tie
mand, and tills Is evidently appreciated by tli*- business people since ibta
paper carries more advertising than
any other paper In East Kootenay.
The rates an Jl an inch per month,
which Is im lot the service rendered,
and cheaper than lowei rates when
when ihe circulation ran not be guaranteed, Jf tin. advertise! pays *! an
inch for space in the Herald with over
l.oni) circulation, a paper wnh '>un
circulation Is worth half of ihat, and
a paper wiih 333 subscribers is worth
only one third of thai price, The value to the advertiser i-- thc circulation, The Herald covers the district
and covers it thoroughly, and for
that reason advertisers in the Herald
get results.
The  Cranbrook  district   is
vegetable country.    When a
raise .1,000 worth oi vegetables on
three and a hall acres of land In one
seasun, It looks as it Cranbrook was
all right      And that was d  thi*
yi-rii   righl  luii* in Cianbrook.
It is strajigc that partisan prejudice
will have more weigh I with some
people than Inyattj u. home mid
district. There is not a man in the
Craiibrook district who does nol ac
knowledge that the Herald is right hi
what ii says regarding the expemli
line ol public money in tliis district,
.m.i yet many will hot open theii
mouths for feai ii might injure Un
McBride government. The Herald is
very fiank in matters oi this kind
ami will say That if Mr. McDonald
were premier nnd the Liberal party
in power, it would he more severe in
us criticism ii tlie tllstrlul was being
neglected in this manner, All tin
nliiot .-I the Herald possesses Is In
Un* Cranbrook district, and he is i.n
more interested in tliu advancement oi
ilns district and consequent Increas
■■,1 opportunities foi the people here,
than he is in tlie politieal advancement oi any individual, he he Liberal
or Conservative. We consider homi
loyalty superior to party loyalty.
and so long as we Wield a pen in
public prim we will maintain    llial
Everything points to a big year In
Through trains from Cranbiook iu
Spokane. That, will 'lie the rallwaj
situation next summer,
The way of the transgressor is
hard. A fool can beat a man aftei
he has secured his confidence, and
that, is the worst kind of stealing.
The heavy Immigration to Alberta
is going to prove a big thing for lhe
Kootenay country,
The Holden Star is a bright  twink-
Already there are people looking foi
governmenl graft along the line ol
the (Jraud Trunk in this province.
The snow is getting lower on th:
mountains, but aside from Superin
tendent McKay's salary and expenses,
not $r>00 have been expended uu public improvements in thc Cranbrook
Political graft is lhe curse of anv
country. This province lias uot been
Iree from it, and what makes it
worse, men in high places are generally tin; leaders in ihe movement,
ll is time for Ex-Chief Constable
Barnes to return to Kast Koolenay.
lie might find a good opening in this
Tho duty of a nowspape
up for the community in
is .to stand
which il  Is
tp  loi   Ciiiiiliii.ok  and      th,
The Liberal government will have a
hard time in meeting the pension addition to the parliament payroll. It
will be like Ham-no's ghost, it will
not down. Tl ere vvas ample excuse
for the Increased indemnity, but none
at all for the pension scheme. Men
like Sifton, Tupper, et, aL, are not
entitled to a pension from the Dominion government.
Last week the .Moyie Leader said
that it was too expensive to work on
the public roads in the fall as the
ground was too dry. The Victoria
Week, that is now enjoying a page of
pap   advertising from    ilu:     McBride
Some public officials soon learn ti
say, "Me and thu government," and
'oui" money.
Speaking ol tte development ol
Northern British Columbia along lhc
line of tho Qrand Trunk Paclllc, n
gentleman lilled with modern wisdom
and a profound knowledge ol the
lovious ways ol graft, was heard to
•>ay lhe ollur day, "There is going to
he a great opening for tbe man who
into his |ob in that country. 1
would rather go there as special lie
• use commissioner for the government
•ban own the best business in Cran
brook. To a man who knows how t<
work It, every license is worth froi
SfiOO to $1,0011, lhe first dash out ol
llie box, and many limes there would
Ih- more money in not granting a license than in granting It. Suoh a
scheme has been demonstrated here in
East Kootenay, but il could In* worked on a larger sclao in a country like
that." And the man evidently know
whereof he spoke, as he had lived in
Ihis district for many years and been
in a position to he next to about all
that was going on.
^^^OOO0O0OO0O000OOOOOO^90000009000^0OOOO0O00OO0O000000009049099999^9990000O¥OO0000000OOOO I »«HH»«___M_-i»
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'j UY THK lil.li MAN a
a»l9SljaS9t9i99!jli9i _M MgeMMUMP
It In .strange indeed, ll'al n woman
will Idiisli with sliame n seen i.y n
man in tlia uiiiniitig .nth liar arias
exposed aeeittenlally, and yel will
meet tliat same man at night nun n
display ol Ieminine charms ili.it
would put a member nf the demimonde in shame, an,I never change
color. It. is wrung and iliis tendency
leads   lo tlio blunting ol   the moral
senses.     The Ladies
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is publishing a series
of ,u lieles beai-
mg   on   this ipiesiii
i ihal  aro    Hit
nesi   wo have ever s
■en.    They    an
supposed to bo lelle
s luun a world-
wise hrolher lo a \<
ingi'i sister, an.
lho   letter   this   mo
nli was a whok
sermon in itself, a \>
it lim, ,,i    whicl
V.itt alt- iwoiity-tlii
e, now, Kittens
—old enough to have
soiiit-.- vers   plan
words said to yuu, a
id 1 am going lu
take    a brother's pi
vilege ami    say
ihem whether  you li
it-  tin-in  oi   nm
You say "All the n
re  girls   1   knott
wear decollette," bu
is thai -so'' Al
ice Dtinion doesn't; i
either does Kiln
King, nol Fannie Scott. "Yes," yuu
will say, "but Ihey are thc exceptions. Look at lhc vast majority,"
Not "the va.st majority," Sis; what
you mean is tli.- majority in the
"small set." Hut even in the "smart
set" there are exceptions to the "undressed." I was al the opera one
night and as I looked around lho
"gold horseshoe" of boxes, as it is
called, 1 couldn't help singling out
one girl. Dick was with me, and he
said, "Len, who is tliat girl In white
in the third box from Uie center? Isn't
il Miss Foote?" And il was. Miss
Foote, one of the richest girls in New
and sell     the
In writing of his trip through western Canada one of tlie American Agricultural editors says that the old
theory that fortune only knocks at a
man's door once has heen thoroughly
destroyed in Canada. He says it not
only knocks many times in that new
country, 'but that it knocks so hard
that it almost knocks a man down.
Vork, wbo could buy
women in the boxes on either side ol
ber several Limes ovei and not feel
it. And tl'cre she was in a white
dress (I can't, ol course, describe the
goods or the cut) ;ts stunning as yuu
please. Hut her dress from her liusl
up to her neck hud a lacy soil ol
-.luff that was us modest and swoel
us you please. There was not a suggestive line aboui her.
Ihiring the 1'iiii'e aeles 1 went   Into
her box and when I could get 0 chance
I paid my respects io her and had a
lalk with her.   1 »aj when 1 could gel
a chance, because Ihe men were three
deep about her aud she bad more al
leiilinii    in a minute iban any   otlit'i
gill in ilnii    whole horseshoe.   "For
her    money," you say.   No,  Kittens,
because every man knows she has given ber heart  lo n certain chap, and
so, matrimonially speaking, she Isotii
out  nl the market,   It was because,
as a certain chap, a man whom    l
wouldn't exactly care to have    my
sister know, and yel who, blase as he
is and  almost   insensible  to   lhe liner
things as I  thoitghl  lum lo he, said
lo me in th.* foyer, "By Jove,   Len,
ii is a line    thing to sec a girl like
ihat, dressed    as    she is, Billing In
thai sea ol lndec.nl expose, ImVl It?"
There you hnve It, Kittens, from a
thorough    man nf Hie world, a man
who Isn't particularly careful or   (Ine
in bis point of view sn iai as women
are concerned: "Indecent expose." And
that is what ii  is; nothing short   ol
it.   There weie young girls there   in
those boxes. Sis, wilh a cul  to their
bodices tlul, bv  thunder, made even
a man's eyes turn away from what he
could    see: the   whole parts of what
should   he sacred to themselves   and
(o one man laid absolutely bare to a
publlcl     "Extreme," you say.     Yes,
extreme, hut that is what tliat sort
of thing leads 1o all (lie same.   It is
not a far cry, 1 notice, from what you
women call a V-ctit gown, I think, to
shoulder-straps that  make decent men
rider if they will hold on, and other
kinds of men hope they won't.   "But
those men!" you say.   True, but     a
woman in a public place cannot   always   control the kind of men-   who
in her. Last week, at the theater, I
sat behind a f.it woman—old enougt
to know belter—who had on n low-
cut dress, and lhe view from behind
was, I assure you, Sis, such as no
woman nf even the laintesl decency
would tie guilty of. Nell was with
me, and she didn't sa) anything, ol
course, hul her look spoke volumes.
And do you for a moment believe,
Kittens, that this low-necked dressing
arouses the highest thoughts in oven
Ute besl and most descent nun'' Noi
for a minute. And yet these thoughts,
the mere mentioning of which makes
a self-respecting girl shrink, thoughts
which are lull of danger lo the girl
and not less to the man—who, pray,
arouses those thoughts, who touches
the match lo the awakening of those
senses in a man*' And wl o does it
deliberately, too? I say "deliberately," for certainly you women do not
dress for other women—yon dress for
men, to be courted by them, la have
ibi'in follow in your train. Deny it as
you may and do, in your heart ynu
know this is true. Therefore, il you
dress for men. you must deliberately
uncover your neck ami shoulders for
ilii'm. Frank talk? Yes, ami I mean
In he franker yel. You do this, and
then when you receive a vulgar stare
from a man, when n man's eyes roam
below your chin you shrink from him
—he's "awful" you say. In other
words, women uncover their bodies to
lhe very verge of decency—and beyond
it—they furnish themselves with every
ihlnk so.
Keep a
Dress pre
Bill also
after six
modesty  1-n
lesii't make
eM in
1X1)1 \\s
twenty v.
u   p.: s. ,i
RI, HIa.k
0,   li.
M.U low.
VV.  S.:   A.
I   I O I).
ullurement to the senses conceivable
of fragrance, of texture, of everything;
they stand revealed before men in Ihis
all, Kit
a girl slu
ly. Don't for
e, dress either before nr
lock in a way that will
set men thinking oi other than
"charms visibly seen." Anything I c-
heyond that is had—bad for the Mrl
anl bad for the man. Believe me
when I say lh.it the decollete, and
what goes with it and from it, has
no place in the wardrobe of the self-
respecting, modest girl, and every
man that is a man will agree with
me. There's not a husband who is a
husband thai wants to see his wife
or his daughter uncover herself Im
the gnze and vulgar comment of oilier
men. You may hear it excused, you
may hear all sorts of reasons given
by girls, hut in Ihe final analysis it
isn'i decent; it isn't nice, and eveiy
mnu respects the girl who shuns it,
wbo keeps everything save her lace
and hands sacral to herself and foi I
one other. Henry Ward Bcecher j
summed up the whole thing in a nut- !
shell wlnit be said, "A proper dress I
for any iuii or woman is one that;
reveals   llie    lady   bill   not   the      per-|
a; i [i.i
11.1        Hm
•suit  ,
■  il, >if *
nlitj   lo
ni I
i.l hor-
in Northern
e.l     Chief  I
ile.l  in   Mnutaii
Kiel    rebellion
thc droughts prevailing
onlana, have surrender-
tie  Bear  and  his band
i    the close of the
Neither arms    nor
diplomacy could conquer them, bui
thev succumbed to drought, and he-
fore ibe end of this monlh practically
all of the tribe in Montana will be on
the way to Onion Lake, then native
Jusl now, wlii-ii our leaders are
considering the question of their reading for the fall and winter months, it
seems opportune lo call attention to
The Weekly Globe and Canada Farmer,  the   leading     Illustrated   family
newspaper of Canada.    Each week il
this way, nay, they go further, they glvea a„  Uu. nt.ws in .,„ eaay am,s_
throw themselves into tleir arms thisisible form, and  includes a beautifully
way. dance With them—all adding   to illustrated maga/ine section,   lis able
only one effect and result!   And then editorials have high literary quality,
—well,  then what?     When the sense and summarize ciiri.nl public opinion.
nature is aroused  in a man, and by;its    agricultural,     commercial     and
sume action or look lie shows il, then home-makers'  departments are   care
fully wriilen, and supply valuable information for the farmer and his
household. Iis stories, leisure hour
reading, and special topics fot children and young people make ii a welcome visitor to the family circle, Hs
page of selected western news appeals to all wbo are interested In
the gmwing west. In brief, lhe history of The Weekly Otobo and Canada
Farmer, covering a period ol over
sixty years, together wltb its high
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Help to Improve if.
Talk about the lown.
Patroni/o Its merchnnls,
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terprising citizens.
ihe girl retreats shuddering with disgust. And women call all ihis virtue' They tamper with a man, play
wiih him, and—turn from him. Nice
consistency of notion, forsooth.
For a while women confined these
bodily allurements to the ballroom,
and in affairs after lights were up.
But apparently this did not suffice,
latterly lbe same idea has been introduced Into the street and Into lhe
daylight bonis, so far as it can be
wiih that nice sense ol feminino propriety that men find so dilficiill to
understand The thinnest, flimsiest
texlutes are resorted to by young
girls ami women for bodices until the
billows of lace and of pink aud blue
ribbons underneath seems In he the
most sought after. But even that did
not seem to siifliec. There must he
introduced the "fishnet" Mdtcc, showing "things underneath" even more
plainly, more strongly, until the veiy
limit of daring openwork design for a
waist seems lo have been reached.
And all for whal' Foi women? I
would like to think so And when n
man's eyes wandei into ami through
ihe mazes of these openwork bodices
yon girls shrink again You exclaim
with beautiful modesly aboui the Immodesty of man' And yet, as I heard
an actor say on the vaudeville slage
the oilier day, "If women don'l want
us to mbltcr, why do ihey we.n thoso
fishnets?"   Why, Indeed?
But- even this has imt sufficed for
some girls and women. Apparently It
wasn't enough for lbe sex lo wear
these "inflammatory waists,"ias a
chap I know calls ihem, and suggest
the upper portions of lheir body and
lheir underclothes. They must go further yet, nnd in comes Ihe skirt llial
fits so tight, around the hips as lo
show every line and curve of the lower anatomy—about as indecently sug
geslive an effect as a woman can
reach. With Ihis generally goes the
most expensive of silk openwork stock
ings with the sitting posture always
so arranged as to show a goodly pari
of the expensive things! Every art
is employed, apparently, to go just as
far as a woman can go in the direction of suggestive dressing.   Where is
going to be the end of this sort of     Exclusion   rate,   $11.75 Fernie
tiling, Sis?  Where is the limit? Are J Spokane aud return, October 8th
Wu pritlo otirsoh-08 in the
LoKgova Bunts our factor)'
turns out. They tire till No. 1
"outlier mul nuiinifnqtiiretl I.y
men who know westom con-
ilitiiuis from htiving lived tlie
lit'i- nl' a wi'sU'iiiit. Vmi never ininglnr-tl ti bool thnt could
be iiuiii.■ tnstmul the wear nml
ti'.-ir like our Loggers' Hunts.
Thoy are ending tho ni't,'u-
uti'iit fnr I'tisti'i'ii iiimii' limits
relnil hy nil
M.'iiiiifiifliii'.'.l l',v
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
Im hail lat nnd 3rd Kroduf
Meets evrry 2ml and Itli Tuesday ia
"(iuo.1 Templars Hall."
Visiting bretlir.r, cordially Invited,
A. McCowan, I'll.     J. Sims, Sco'y.
I. O. G. T.
Mi¥ts every Friday ni.nlit above 1'at-
mine's Store,
I'mne and jinn the Happy Band.
Meets every _ml Wednesday and llh
Saturday at s o'clock in Oddlollows
Visiting brothers always welcome.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrislcrs, Solicitors, Etc.
Haiell Block Crnnhrmik, II. C.
it      C, H, UUNBAI.       I
S   Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary    »
: % Public, Etc. J
11 -
l «'    Lninhr.Hik,
j ***************
Physicians and Surgeons
li. c    i
oiii.-i' ill  Residence, Armsl
ong Ave.
Forenoons .... ji.tn
ti   ll
Afternoons 1.3(1
n :i..ui
Evenings 7.30 i
, 8.31)
1 CRANBROOK ::    ::    ::
II. ('.
■ i * i«1 * i '1.1«, I«, i * |,-, | ,j,, _
s l * 1»t »
If vou ibink ol uo uood wn
•I      1>
say, don't, say   an) tiling bad
If you are   rich,  invent  in
llilng, employ somebody   in- n
He courteous to strangers that come
among you; they may go away with n
good Impression,
Ui'itiemlier that, every dollar ynu invest in a permanent Improvement is
that mueh ou Interest.
Always cheer on the men who go in
for improvements; your pot lion of
the costs will he only what is jusl.
Don't kick at any propositi Improvement because it is not at your
own door, for fear that your taxes
will he raised a few cents.
Vancouver,   Victoria,;
Seattle, Portland Ore
t Iho i.v ..r i-otilos, iill mil via Sunm
S. S. Princess Victoria
Through Sleeping;
Por full particulars, first Hubs or
tourist sli'i'in-r ifsi'i'viitiuiiH, ripply
to loi'iil agents or write
fl. Illllitr, Aucnl, Cranhrook.
I. S. CARTER,       E. .}. COYLE
Dr. Connolly,
; __    Physician and Surgeon
'*" Olfice on Armstrong Avenue
llOlirS :-!!   to   II   It.Ill ,   '_   In
p.m., 7 iii h |i 111,  'i'ii,,!,,. 111
* 1 * 1 '!• 1 * 1 * 1 ti> 1*. 1 ...     .-   ... 1
DR. P. li. KINO
OFFICK llill Its :
" lo 12 11. in
1 in  11 p.m.
i 1.1  s p.m.
1 i
'   ui
1 ri
ee uml residence nn inimiiniu
av n
OFFICE 1101 Its
H i" 11 a.m,
1 lo  11 p.m.
7 in   8 p.m.
oflu'i' in now it.1,1 1,1,,,'k
CRANHROOK, 11   t'.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specially
People wlm  want  job  wort    done
cannot afford |<> pay „,i |     „,„i.
That Is why it pays In g,i wort
done nl tin. Herald olllce. No complaint is made 0( the wmk turiu-d out
here lor the reason Ihal ii is up to
date ami the work of up in date
printers.   . That  makes a dlltcieaM
come and speak to her, or are brought' men all wrong in attributing the vir-  15th, via the (Ireat Northern railway U.P.A., Nelson. A.GJ'.A,' Vaucoufii, Willi any Individual. TIIE   iH.WIlltOiiK   HERALD
While we talk lo ymirinol n Iii I slll.l.l'sKIV
LIMED COATS wt> tire Boiling thisfn.ll.    .Inst -.'lint
you will waul win ui ilu' fiM wtailli.r rotne-B, Wi'
only luivf ;i l'i'\v.;i niiinlii'r tiro koui-alri'iuly. Thcsi'
eoats nli-
nnil worn bottylll for III.' ti'.'inisl.'is ul' Ilu- Kasl Koul
.'.uiy Lumi..'.' ipaity. I.nl a-, llie}' liovo nt.1 all been
I'lilli'd for wn liave ileoliliil lo sell litem al
Will I,,- pleased lo hear thai »•■
hnve n lot ..t EXTRA HEAVY
» Al'S Thev art last winter's
Block ami will In- Bold al .11VI'
HALF the regular PRICE. Our
coupons will In- lakt u in l-XI iiait.t
It,, llteae uooiIb.
In Jail for Sure
would we be if onrereditorB knew
the easy terms ttji  whicli wu were
When you wanl anything in tliia
line don't fail t" tali unninil aud
u'.'i our
talk which weirive FREE
Other Merchants
t'nrrv just as itm.I ami imt a-, re.
liable Ltnt.lsas we do I;,,' \. »JfE
t an possible have na lu-.1 nu nssorl
hi. nt N. INK HI V ii heap
We tin. I 'nr gooile l-oine in mai
loads We vi.-l lln- l» a.a,- ,; ...,.
oil- large quantities, antl in _r. a.lv
reduced rati, in freighl l,j shipping
in ear lots. None sell ns cheap ns
we do, hut that is too well known
lo In- h.i in large typo at this date.
Coupons issued hclweeii lhe inoiillil. issue oi our iiiaiiiiiiIs will he accepted on payment ol hill
OUR COUPONS   •v******wwwwwwv«
October l.l,  I'm,"
Cranbrooi Co-operative Stores
'I la   conditions
this  week  arm a
little   ilill'fiviii
from  those nl'
iusl  week.    We
find this idea an
■ s.'.ll.'i.t ml, hul
in redeeming the
coupons   front
children it is ti little difficult tu ascertain whether the
a.i in  paper from which coupon  wa- clipped had
been rend.   This week we start on  these conditions:
Ever} person under 1_ yenrs of age presenting cou.
I » niual have father motherurg lanlian with them.
Ever} person over 12 years of age musl lie able to
tell us something about thu ad appearing ih paper
frum whieh coupon was clipped   r    ,,       «nl 1 week
9 \ttksii nn. S,   .
111 ||,,t |l|,,ll„'ila„„l,
I'M Ml.    Ill,
IU,  Sati.lal
I.a  I   ol   lit,
HiillWtiv trainmen g ia<;« «»-1- nj w.ni».., .„,
Wentworth Ilall j    ''     '      """"' »">'>«    l'"'
I October 26thJ005 5
Pmi. Iiulresne's Orchestra in
<il*ANI! MARCH  AT 2U0
: flew frcsb
s Bulbs
t Hyacinths, Tulips and nil
2 leading vurities of Bl'LBH
J just received.
* ,„      ,    .,-       *! subscription,
* 25 Cents or Two tor doc     *A   CmmM
_     Stook ib small come early.    $| brought  inio
II   u. .Millar waa down fro
ton last week
It     Dennllel came   up Irom    Fort
Steele .1 unci Inn lasl week.
In. I.. M. Hishop was ia town llie
lirsi part of the week.
J |    Waller Jackson, ol Crcslon, was in
* , town un business last week,
jjj     .1. A. Rainvillc,    "I Medicine Hat,
t_ j was in town a couple of days    tt is
J j week.
J     Watch tlif dale nu your address. It
* will show you how you stand on your
f Beattie * Atchison i
* where it pays lo deal
* I
J     Sec pur drug ad. on 1st pane.   *
Picked Up MhiuI Ihe Cily   hy  Ask!..!!
Qu-miiin. ,.l Many I'e.iple.
It a I  I'anisiii- Hros,  ail.
venison     lias    la-en
wa    (hiring  the past
Mr. an.l Mrs. I.   M. MePeak, of Sir-
Si i dar, were iu town the funnel' pari of
<_ '
*   the week.
Slat Hnl'llhal't was lip al Creston
this week looking alter some wmk on
.ihhiiiiihi»"»,",w  Wa ranch
Until—In Cranbrook, On Tuesday,
Oetolier loll,. 1005, to Mr. ana Mrs.
T, Arinsti'ong, a son.
Mr. ilrillilh, nl the Adolph Linnbei
Co., Korl Steele .luuciiou, was in
town lasl week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Rev. Fortune entertained lllt'lala ill than home mi Halm
Cl   lllll lasl  Thu'..lay
ih .1. lit Pma.ii.i. ,.i Marysville,
w.m ni town Thursday and Friday oi
last  weal, till business.
.Vims rtyekman, returned from t'res
ton lliis waal,. where she lias heen
visiting wuii relatives.
Mr. .1 Nai.i.'i'sl.i.ll, Movie's popil-
I'le j l,n brewer, was in town lasl KrlJaj
and Salami.,,  an business,
Mi .1 Hillings, the new seerelary
of lite   Mountain   Lumber Company's
\..,„ iatioll,   Was  in tOWIl last   week.
vVnntotl l.ia.a. i "a. git i Good
ivn a. A !'!;,-'. Hox ii. Mnylc, H
II    \    Vrnislrong  ol Denve!
it   in   law I,  lliis  Wi al,
1. F Tyson, ol Flank, Min
Cranhrook \tsit.,i Tuesda,
P \l llellonald, nl Moyie,
town Inking in lit.  sights ll.i
\ F Suiilli .-I Ityan ivas
iiidropnlis   lhe la'' '   I'.n'
(ins Staples w
s   in from llayard
Peter Lund    »
,s in Irom Wai'duci
Hail     Itoss   Was
on Wednesday
down Iiuiii simiai
Tom Faherlj wa
s iii Fernie a eouph
ni days tins week
H.inl..,l-A eiil
ply t„ Mrs. (if.ii.
t„i housework. Ap
e HogB.il Hi
\       I'      I'll,Ilall
Marysville yester.
was   lii-ii-    ii tm
Hart     VanDeca
retlll'IIWl    Tllaslal
."'•  St\: I -        •■... R~S~~.'i
Wm. Gregory and Jus. Graham lell
tor Nelson last week.
Pears for preserving. Last of the
season.—Fink Hros.
A. F. Smith, ol Ityan, was in town
Alex. Fraser was down Irom Moj ie
II. S. Clark was over from Port
Steele Tuesday.
E. Dunn was a visitor from Calgary Tuesday.
McClary's Famous Stoves at Pat-
more Hros.
Chas. McNab lelt Tuesday Ior the
Spokane lair.
For Sale—An Improved 1-acre farm,
close to town.  See Hutch,       2:1-11
.lusi in remind ynu of lhe R. of R.
T.'s big Thanksgiving ball.
tiny Mason lefl Monday nn a visit
lo his nl.i Iiuine in Mansonvllle, Que.
J. VV. I'ttiiiii'll, ul Calgary, was re-
gisii-ii.l at Hie Cosmopolitan Saturday.
Mis   p   llnnilley and children    are
Visillltp III. lals ia IsiliilallfV this
I:   McDonald aul 0  II   Carvetb, nt
Mi,lla.   Wall'    111   Ilia fin   Monday anil
I'M s.I.M
Uiakeman Win Grow returned last
weak from a nip in Portland ami
Saw Westminster fairs.
Jack Hayes, T Roberts, Mori Hillings aial Han Black drove up in
i'errj  Creek last Sunday.
Foi sji.—a most excellent horse
im ait, draying; good action; quiet
and gentle,    Inquire al  Herald oillcc.
Mi    aial    Mrs     la    Klwell      It'll   till
Wi ii. -tiav fin Cot Henderson's
ranch, where the, will spend ., tew
Mi!:,.a Williams, "i the Royal
hotel, ii-iiiiiia.l lasl Saturday Irom
a "ia :,, Portland .nil othei  western
Mi II 1) I'm ns relumed last
Fi. a, from a pleasant tup tn Nelson
,.i,i   lowns   Ihrouglioul   ilie   Slocan
, al.
II    i
raj   w a
,.i   lal'
U     S    1*1,1,)     P. 1,1    ll.-l. i  li   al  I   s
Klrkhain, ,,i   i nlgnry,    ivi'tr in (own
James I)  Frasoi   .a Hu- Wlnileiineie
t,,ninn ,      was a  i Isiloi   n.   lilt-     cily
I -la.  lasl
\    1     MacAughlon,  ,,i   Vancouver,
was  ia  town   tlia l.itlii   |tail   nt  last
llosa Talc was itistluig business Im
ilia imn   along ilia   wesl  I     iiii.
Twtt froni nfllces, Becond (loot Walls
lilts I, lot nut Applj t.t Heale A
I Iwell Til
\     Mil , ml   I' ta    laaiiaaal   nl   llle
Nol 111  SI.n   ri,in,-,   was  in   I,,wii     t tt,,
days this week
Frank McKintion, a populai  Dltizen
pas I
ibrook t.
a.i     1,01111
-   tli,
I la
<>i   Kaiispail.   Montana,  paid    Cran |climate ol   Maun
lias made main  t
brook .mil will li
■ registered
.,i ilia Cranbrook Tuesday.
Mesxlames    -Lis.   Clark   an.l Chas
Lentil, „i I-.., t   Steele,
I rook lisiitirs Wcdnestlay
Itaiile-I, a girl for general Imuse
\M.ik.   Appi) Herald olllco.
Tints Tiirley, wbo lias bean rustling
na the prairie ior lhe past mouth, re
turned tn i
n.ml, a vlsil Frldny lasl
I'fiai McLaughlin ami J. II   A ugh I
1.  nf   Iroiiftli'll,  nm
Clark   ami
I ta ■■.   . a,a   ■       Mi     'aa     Musl
ol \l, .li        Snilnblc iiai.i,  Iiiriilsht'd
l,v  iha ,1       All arc Invited
Duncan McLean has been laid nil
wnll, tha past week oi ., will an in
[tired hand.       While working around
Ilia  I sa  Ml     McLean  Was   unloi Ian
ale etlOUgll   In fall  ami   ill   mini;     1"
mii' Inti's, Tt i,, hand eame In enn-
ta, i wiih a piece ni sharp tin, which
saMimi lacerated ilu membei
Fm rent, two unfurnlslieil rooms
mai huslne '• centi i       \pplj  Herald
tl i   ICverson   win, has been   In
t'l.tlili I,   ami   M, IMIV   inl    Ilia    |ia ll
ill ituillis lulling liinther (tn     ilia
.1 i Grnlam i'n Limited ol Winnipeg, lea.es Frldaj next lor lhc cold
Ml      Kiel-soil
Is wl lla in t'rau-
eally missetl liy
ihe men, among whom lie was a
great lavorite, ami by III,' ladies,
aim»ng   win, ha   was deservedly popn-
brook Wi-.liies.lin.
alt   Angel's extpects   in take    a
,.jlt'tp easl   ill a few  weeks       lla      lias
been Invited tu partlclpalc in the
provincial campaign iu tlie Plnchcr
Creek dislrlsl ami may do sn Mr.
Angers is a flitenl speaker, bolli in
l.nglish and French, in fact In-    lias
11    S.   Clark,   ensl,uus hnllsc t.tlii't'l    ,„,,    |,|s _,|ua|  ,„,      t|„,  p|n||nrl„     in
al Fort Steele, was in town Tuesday |.as| Kootenay,   ami   would   prove  a
lo alli'tid lb,' Masonic meeting     an.l powerful nssisianl in lhe campaign,
was registered al lhe Cosmopolitan, j   There is no better service nn   Ibo
llrakcuian Win. Piper, who bail liis "Crow" than is given al   ilia Hotel
knee sprain.d al Sirdar a couple    ni Dallas,     Lc.t'tbl'lllgc.      Strain  heated
weeks ago, still   walks Willi a limp, llu'oiighoiil ami ovary llilng lln- best,
but   expects   to lie at     Work    again __-H V. .1   Kekslorm At Co,
satisiitsl customers Is llm cause ui
,,iu rush.—l'alinorc Urns
rhe   lelepl ■   nfllre ai   Marysville
has lioen changed from Mr. t'lav 's
general slore, lo Dr, 1. M llislmp's
drug .store.
\ card purl) was given by Mm.
JclTares lasl Friday evening, ami
everyone presenl report having a good
Ml \ llaruliardl, whn broke bis
leg nl Hie Sullivan mint' Borne time
a,-,, i now aide lu ii'sujite his work
ami lell im Klmberley last Saturday.
Mi C spiist,s, I, ,.1 iiii- Klmberley
Milling A Mauuiaeiuring company, if
Klmberley, has sold his Interest .<>
.' I Caskill, ami It'll Ihis week fur
tali ion. where ha will locate
I will sail my ten roomed residence
ai a bargain ns 1 have olhcr arrangements lu make. Tlie bouse has
a -iti,ne Foundation, sion llur, water connection, and everything in ex-
eellenl eniiiiiiinii. Fur particulars
address or call mi me—(i. Cart-
The Cranbrook reading room on
the second floor uf lhe Walls building has been re-opened, and is being
well pal ionized, especially in the
evenings. It is au ideal place for
the young man to spend an hour or
sn nf iin evening, and especially is il
a liutsl welcome retreat fur those who
bave mil ilie comforts nf a home in
avail themselves nf. Tile choicest of
literature is lo he fniiml and the room
is kept in a very clean and comfortable condition. All are welcome lu
its privileges and it is absolutely
free. Anyone having hooks, mag-.i-
/inas, ele., tbey might wish lo dote are   requested  in   communicate
Harold Nelson and his company will     See   our lino ol   Oaks, Hoi  Ilia
next appeal  in lbe   Cranl ik oporn|aiid  Aii  Tights.—Patmore Hros.
Proprietors,  with II  While, Uie secretary,
house atiuut the middle ul November.
Mrs. Pownall, nf Fort Steele, was
visiting Iriends   in  town  ilu- Eormei
llllll   nf   the   weak.
M. 11. King It'll lasl Saturday lut
Winnipeg on business lor tlu- King
Lumber mills.
Jack Hathie anl Frank Dc7.all left
on Wednesday ou horseback Iol Golden
where Ihey will spend two weeks in
hu tit ing.
K. Kiniola, George Mead, E. Youug,
among visitors tu tlie metropolis
froni Spokane Junction during llie
past week.
Mr. ami Mrs. C. D McNab and baby
returned lasl Saturday from Hro
coast, where Sirs MiNati has been
spending lhe summer.
Some investor experienced in horticultural work could tint do heller
than look over this city Willi a view
it, establishing a hothouse.
This   s,tuns   it,   la' "jtiiiu'    time"
., ng    lla-   liaifiu.il   orgaiii/aliiuis,
ami several ni ilia lodges aie Initiating new members at euch meeting.
Whal is going In lia done about
ihat nn!,'' If Crabbroolt m to have
a nnl, ilns winlei some action will
have l,, ha taken ivillluill innliei tit-
George R. Leask e. Company have
commenced work on the new Fratcr-
Hitj   hall. It  will  be a   handsome
building ami a credit t" Hie K nl P.
and 1. t). 0. F. lodges.
There have been enough inud holes
in ihe strcots "I Cranbrook during lhe
past few months in make llm people
..1 this towu rcinciubci Don McKay
foi years to come.
George Thrasher, "1 Kiinlwrlcy, was
in town lasi Monday arranging for a
Thanksgiving hall i" be given b) iha
Kimberley Miners' 1 nioii i.i thai
place mu Thanksgiving Day.
Mi and Mn- Im .1 lli.i.Iley relumed t.i, Tut-sil.i) In,ui a muulli's s.m
iniiin at tlu- coasl. They visited Um
Portland fair ami all ilm leadlm. .lilies aial had a iiiu'.i enjoyable IIInc.
II 11 MeViiUf's thoroughbred setter, whieh was stolen abonl a weak
ago liy a gang ui Slavs, gol awa)
Iiom Ins captors a. Fernie ami was
found nn Uu- streets hy ilia police,
who since have returned the ilog to
James Rynn, Vic. Rollins, A. Martin. T. M. Roberts aial Al. iLiilt' lefl
in, ilm local Monda) morning ini
Spokane, where ihey will feast thch
eyes nn exhibits ol ilm i.ui an.l also
watch ihe ponies go around
Jamas Hoyos ii*iuii,..l last Saturday ta..ua Winnipeg, where In- has been
attending a meeting nl ilm dislriel
lodge, No. 31, I A. ami M as a llc
li-gaie Iiom local lodge, N., 6K8, lo
adjiisi eel lam grievances ol a    inlhl
nature imtwein il gnnlzaliun  nnd
ihe railway company
Strangers    en g   i"    Cranhrook
oit.ui remark that Cranbrook merchants have magnlHeenl window displays al the llonl ul limil slnri's hut
are inclined in be cureless about the
accumulation uf rubbish ai ihe back
end ol their buildings. The Herald
regrets lhat   in some east:, tliis     is
Don't forget lhe dill Kdgo ready
made clothing suld by Leash A Henderson, ll is conceded In ba among
the best manufactured on lhe American continent and is all union made.
If you have not seen this clotting yon
should lose no time in dning so. 'i'he
prices nre right.
Lett Sullivan ond F, E. Haines nf
the Ilernlil stall returned last Saiur-
day frum a two weeks' trip tn tlm
ca.ist. The boys visilial Nt-w Westminster fair, the Portland fair and
the fait lilies uf Seal lie. They had a
glorious time and are enthusiastic in
tlieir praise of tlie various cities Ihey
Anyone   sending Information    thai
will  lead   lu  Ilia  whereat IB ol   a.,
Mrs. Annie Harris, wlm eame tioin
Lfwiston, Maine, will la- amply rewarded ioi llieli trouble.
('.    Melvln Hatch,
_K-_t Wardner, 11  C
Tin- weather Insi waal, ami ,t poi
tion of the week previous was a revelation  to tile old    tun.us ni     this
section.    Novel bcfoi  iha lueiuory
ol any here lias tliere been sn much
rain lliis time ol ihe year. Yel,
Ihere is little reason tn complain
when the reports from the euast
show tliat Vancouver had nearly ten
Inches ui rainfall during tlie month ol
Cold weather is here. See oui
heating stoves.—Palinoie Bios.
Mr. and Mrs. I''. W. Gllngan, ui
Yirden, Manitoba, stopped ull on llieli
return Irom the euast fm a two da)..
\l_it with Mi an.l Mis. I! T ll.i.',
ers. Mi. Cllngaii is ai ilie head ul
one of lhe largest niorcautllc firms In
that p.iii ot .M.iniinlia. was candidate
ior tlu- provincial house last yeai ua
the Liberal tickcl and is considered
one oi the besl ptalfurni talscrs in
Southern Manitoba. Mr. Cllugaii was
very favorably impressed witli Ctaa-
htook ami tlie 'business conditions
here, and said that be lia.l novel scsii
as well equipped printing olllco as lbe
Herald in a town tha size oi Cranbrook,
I., u. VanDecar received a telegram
Wednesday uiurniiig acquainting lum
oi Um death ui John Wesi al his Iiuine
in Wetaskiwin. .Mr. West, who was
nut' nf tin- pioneers ami lea.Img business min ol llial lown, is well known
in   lhe   West   ami  lias  mall)   I'lantllllok
friends wlm will deeply regrol lo learn
nt lis demise. .Mi. west was foi years
the leading general an reliant ul Ut--
Liiskiwin itmi wiis aii extensive real
estate dealer. Ile had amassed a
large [online, ami relired frolu active
business abonl two veins ago in enjoy llie Ifni.tllaler ol hi- days III Unbosom uf his family,    llm Uu- siren-
i sness ui   lus long business career
had t..1.1 i.»i deeply upon his cunsli-
luiioii. . ..
The ladies' gull.I ni Christ church
have a novel ami vcrj interesting [en-
lure in store nn iha | pie ,,i Cranbrook ...i Wednesday, Uclobei _ath-
U.f day before TTinnkngiviiig-when
lha) will half a Ing "fuod sale" all
day ami evening in lhe Went-
wortli hail. Tins means that tables
will in- laden in templing .may wnh
all itiaitiiei ul homemade [oodstufls
prepared by » e nf Uie  si experienced .ml .siiiei'ssiiil   etiliiiaiy al'llsts
111   Ilia   tilt,   an.l   Ihal   ll   will   lia       all
excellent ' chance i.n bachelors     an.i
families In pint.Uf    al   a  small     i"s!
.on ni those necessary de*icaelrs lhat
gn in make Ute Thanksgiving iiii,nel a
thoroughly propel ami enjoyable al
fair A high class musical program
will   also Im an   attraction, ami Hie
ladles  will  do   llmll   hi'SI   It.  inula-  Ilif
occasion a gladsome une Ku-n II
ynur laiilei is a mil one, ilm]' iu al
Ibe food sale and have a good time
9%    oi
XO this Benson ..I  tlie  year ..,..  , .  „..,,. . )., lies
0§ lliink of Fl'KS.    We have this seasou  plaeodiu stock
a£ ii Inrgur qnmitit}   than ever before in Ladi.    furs, eon-
go -l.lt.i_; .,1"
•XO    Stone .Martin Kul'i from S2"i.l)0 to $1,0.00
9%     Mink Huffs  i'Hii;,,   50.00
69     Sulilu RiiII'b uml CollaretteB from   2H.0D to   37.50
|g     Klwlrie Heal Huffs and Collars fr     .    S.DO to   28.00
Sal,I,  Mul. from    llm •     20.00
Sal,I,' Fos nl  _s|.l
Si..im Martin Mull' at  |500
oooooooooo ooooooooooooooosX.ooooooooooc.0.00000
These frosty mornings and cool   •      ■,     •",• X
as u warning of Winter's approa       jog to youi -J-
memory about in it supplies and neti '}
,r-,..,.r.,-r        "; «"">t to ftt i   P   TATOES, "    ''ID X
ASnuOlT     HOMELY SPUD,   Wei         <in this f
year •■■■-und TWO •'.'.'. -    .- ASH- X
I'OTA'IOES     CROFTS.    That              .     xranta *
lhatcci/'// spu i •   ■: .        lean : nill %
keep good till next M       Thai   why we •!•
lccep Ashcrofts.   When vmi bim ASH<"a ..-       buy pota- V
toes cheap,. YOT CHEAP POTATOES.    /.■:■■. vour orders .».
now for your winter supply to be deiiten ■   ' : t.orwt will -,*
hep theni in store for you and deliver a required, %
„,„„„„    Liil mm- /(■•' fuhl fiflet                  boxesof S
WINTLR    COLDSTSTREAM    APPLES,    tlmosl as |
many the year before, i   '.   '   ■     ildknow
APPfl'S    what Coldstream Apples are.   We do.   Soda
i.lj    ygll   Coldstream can't grow oads, but they
am   oroic   appUt   JUST AS  GOOD J*
O.YTARW.    Our first car will be un   . ■          ■••.    Tht '}
vurietics uill hr .YORTHER.Y SPYS, GREE.Yl.Y9S, Rl'S- $
G.   T. ROGERS |
..................... ^
o\ -— - »!•
r* This m-r.ins the new Souvenir Writing TablcU *J*
*" we are exhibiting just now. f
* ta—. . -^ . -  oo
This mt.ins the new Souvenir Writing TablcU
we are exhibiting just now.
*They are the Best Out Yet!*
■ __ . ^
V Each tablet has a good view of Cranbrook  or i
2 i>RU0(iisr>
Tlu-re Is one ol the liust holt-Is   in
tlie district   for sale.   Apply  lo    A
Herald office. ii-tt*
Scal«l tenders marked "Tcndera fi>r
Gradittg*' will lif received ,it the offiee
of N. K. Urooks, Division Engineer,
Calgary, up to l■! o'clock, October
isiii, inU5, for grading four miles of
main lino* and side tracks (approximately ii"i,iiiiii yards) fm line intn
town of Macleod. Plans, speclflca-
tions and proposals may be seen mi
application to Division . Engineer's
office, Calgary, and Resldenl Engineer's office, Cranbrook. The rit-ln is
reserved to reject any or all i.ro*>os-
K. E. Hrnnks,
Division Englnper.
Office of lbe   Division Engineer, Calgary, Ot-t  Clh, i<)ur_.
Each tablet has a good view of Cranbrook or
vicinity on every leal, four different views being shown. They are just the thins; to use for
your home letters and so advertise this district.
, n,       | Small, 35c
Three Sizes, «««■» *
1 Large, 50c
C. E. REID & CO..
■Phone 71
-1 \DONERS *
Are You Planning a New Home?
Many arc occupied a: thi.       v*^4_!p_s3
season  in making plans lor
their new honits.
j.. The plumbing of the horr.e \t one of the
nljy       most  essential  ft.-auirc» and  should  have
/.' 1?'**■•*■*, r^*        eVer^ cc"ls'^cr;l,'un'     Let us plan your
"  i\t. M^^*t*-^4»     plumbing.     \\'e execute all contracts on
|   ^-vX-f^A    iSPT      l'ic niost san',ar>' ''nes* employ competent
~ * % T- i /   'w*1       niechanics,  ami use the best fixtures made
i\rA*>     '(       —namely, "^teadattf PorcelainEnamel-
JlferlffT- '        ct- Bflthl a,,J One-piece Lavatories.   Our
"  A>i!\j illiutrated buol.let,   "Modern  Home
'■J Plumbing," ii free.
.. Hootini;, Heating nm! Ventilating Englneora
■S*-w ^.iik Wmi.I i
Nearly     every  human   being living
has a "double —.1 person bo likt* bin
in form aul   features that even    hi
closest   Iriends and   nearesl relative
aie likely   tu  U-- deceived  bv   tin-     ie
semblance. As .1 result ol mistaken
Identity many Innocent persons .1
arrested and olu-n i-mnnted ui crini
.uid executed f"t murders tliey never
committed, Detectives at pollc
headquarters can cite scores nf case
whieh have nune undei iln-ir personal
observation. Keeper Payne, at the
morgue, can tell jou of many instan.
cos where persons identified as dead
have later tunn-d up safe an.l sound,
often in time to attend thell
One of the mosl recent COM
police hisiury was thai of Edward
Park, a tutor ol lhe family of Hanker
James J, Higglnson, Tin- lligglnson
jewels disappeared last Jul)      Park,
rtlio boir an excellent iciiiiMlii.il ami
had the (~*t-i*dom of lie house, was 01.
tht** premises at thc time, \ lew
days later ho s, 1 sail lot Norway.
As the tliii-. bad left no trace behind him tli.- detectives concluded ihat
tin* robbery wa« an "inside joh
Tbey suspected Park and pawnbrokers
wlm had loaned money mi some ol Uie
stolen proporty picke;! nnl his likencs
Irom a group ui photographs a.s that
of Uie man who had pledged Un
When Park's steamer reached Noi
way he was arrested mu a cable ordei
from this cily. Tin* mystery wot
1 dear in! tip a iew davs ago whci
Ralph Warner, a professional criminal, who cloudy resembles Park, was
arrested and confessed lo huvinf
pawned the jewels. The man win
actually stole them and gnvc Uieu
Ui Warner to pledge is in prison am
lia.s also confessed, lie entered Un
bouse by false keys .nnl lelt quietlj
by lhe front dooi ■
lleni} DBltrieh .aid Thomas Kilclim
were admit ltd in lhc Ucllevuo liospi
tal within a tow hours of une anothei
on July 10, According to the record!
Kllelluo was discharged as cured Jul)
II, while Deilrlch died ci
lowing morning.    The bi
moved   to Uie morgue,
ut   Kilcline appeared   at
liy the
J> was
A     bn
the mo
and idetttliied the body of Heiuich
Kilcline. He .said there lllUSt be
mix-up in ihe records. He demanded
Uie body and threatened io matte all
kinds oi trouble ior Acting Supeiin
deadest Ricard, who refused to givi
it up without further proof. Iii
brought out oUier members m tu
lamiiy, whu were oquail) positive 11
Uielr ideuuiicaiiou. t- many bcrgi.-
Major Walsh, ul lne biity-niuiU rugi
umuL, and Pie.   .Michael Auiion, alt>t
UlUUUUcU Uii. L>u,l> a.> Ulitl Ul Ml
ellUL-, wbu WUa a uiuubei 01 Uuu 11
gimeul dunu^ Lhu topamsh war. _.iui-
tue Keeper i-ajue wax auiiu-Jt tun
viui.!^, ..lieu Kiicliue Uiiijt-U Up alive,
uiucjr lu his brothel: s chagrin,
Uuv, Ueorge Nelsou Deyu is curate
ui tit. Augustine s ciiapul at iu,
i^asi ilousiun street, in I'euiuaij
last he caused the arrest 01 lleien
aiuUdliau, ui lot! East Une Huuurou
ana I'weuly-eighili aireul. ne tuiu
uiu magistrate iu ioi'Kvillc police
cuuti Uiat lui uvu years the >oun^
wuiuan had ucen ioliuwlug lum ana
vwiiiiig turn letters insisting lhat he
wa*; a lonuei sweetheart, i'lio uuiii
mi insisted thai In: V-a-j Clival.
.5uii.il, .Mimu .-nie hati Miuuu lui lout
Uitii years, ami r»aid Lhat tt,- had Inti
a uequeiiL visitor al bet house. !Sh,
accused Uiu curate 01 living a tloubi
ine. Shu was not conviucud 10 lh
central) until be proved an alr-ligh
alibi. It was later shown Hat iii
real Edward Smith, who had done
Uie courting and who bore a strliiiug
titteness to tte curate, was dead.
ills. Alaiy Smith, whu lives al
one Hundred and Korty-sixtJi streel
aud Third avenue, seni her husband,
why was a consumptive, tu tho Scion
hospital ai Spuytoii Duyvil, and iatei
received word ui his death. Mu; engaged Undertaker John J. Kox, ui
Lhc Urunx, to biing Lhc bod> home
where i'. w.us "waked" lor three
days ii) relatives and intimate
iriends. There was no question at
the time concerniug Uie ideutlt) ol
the body, although it was noted that
the face bore marks of lie. ravage m
disease, Two months ufloi thc
.uncial, while Mrs, Smith was Preparing dinner, hel liushciid walked in
and asked her loi smoothing io oat.
He explained tliat be bad noi died,
and Uial since leaving ihe hospital in-
had been wondering around in search
of work.
'J'wu women named Marie Lewafl
dowsba came lo Uils country recenll)
Irom Hungary, une on the .-.I'.amer H.
11. Afeil an.l tbe uth.'l un lbe Har-
barosa. They looked --,.1 mueh alike
that ihe oliicials ai ihe barge olliee
supposed that ihey were sisters. Kach
had one child live years of age. One
had come to meet a husband living iu
Brooklyn, while the other expected to
meet a husband living in Baltimore.
Herman Lewandowska, of Brooklyn,
was the first to call for his wife. lie
showed his credentials frum tte
steamship oflice and a crier shouted
out the name "Marie Lewandowska."
Great was the joy ol tte Brooklyn
man when the woman appeared in the
front oflice.     He embraced the form-
Montreal, Oct.  7—J.   W.  Leonard,
wlm was at one time general super!*
look aad hesitated, j tendeni of ilu* central division uf th.
a Canadian   Pacific,   with headquarters
"Is that your wife"" demanded the
"Why sure," was the reply.     Then
lbe man took
"She's    changed   a litUe, but     she 1 Canadian   Pacific,
must th* my wife," he added. at Winnipeg,   but
lu answer to questions the   woman heen superintendent ol construction ou
said she bettered   Uw m'111 **ls    ll,'t 1 '*»»' »l'w *11"' ll"11' T"lnllU- **' SittHjUry
husband, but that be bad written her,has been appointed assist
from Baltimore, not Brooklyn    Thin
Lewandowska     aud
has  recent!}
the second Mrs.
child wen* produced, ami 'his time
there was no mistaking the recognition. All wept bn loy when tbe
matter ol Identification was cleared
lu u.*.t!iy all of tho big murder
mysteries which have puzzled the
police in recent years the question of
Identity has been une ol the ctlel (actors in determining tho guilt or innocence ol persons BUSpectcd
Moltneauv   case the   man w
t general
mouogei oi lines east of 1'uii Wil
Ham, it is understood that Mi.
Leonard will fi.uk after the duties ol
C, W. Speucer, who has resigned to
take a position with tie Canadian
Northern. He will alsu superintend
the conjunction ol the new line. His
headquarters will be in Montreal,
I    Notice
apply to
s  In ieb\   given   Hun   I  will
he   Chlel Commissioner   ol
Lands  and   Works for a license     to
prospect lot     cual and pellileiilii ovei
I il.e  following 1
the private letter box lo the man bo- tn Uie district
In the
ho leased
ed  Uu, 1,    :
tlill  Last
bll chains    west
lli.tm ihains west
lieved  to   have sent   the poison
Mrs.  Adams  identified  Molineaux     a,
Uie man who   called tor   the letters,
while lhe girl   wbo sold the    .-.Hut   -|1V Ml\_ for|( ,t
bottle holdei In lhe Newark store was id ihe   northern
unable I.,»y« Mo < .«  «^ <*£» «
|"tltltaa.'I. Lstilllll    80    i-ll.lin
lVh.it Dolly Itoynulds was uiurdereii L.|lui„5 kl lhr |lL
al Ua- iii.iul hold ,1 colored bellboy     Located   Ibis
iilaiiiiiittl Mr. Kenned)   a> tin-    man her, lit'
nli,, had born •era leaving lhc hotel  "'
nt an r-fti'l) I'"1" I" l!l'' ".oridng. The
hi. ol Dr.  Konnody depended largely
nhother ,/i  not tin- in'!' biilleml   Mm
bellboy uas right,
A colored bellbo) ui lhe III
land hotel, where Waltei llifol-s »ns
murik-lcd, wus ram of the wittiosscs
*t,\uiisi K-lorcnco Hums, who was sus-
|.i.:ti.l uf lh,- tiiiti.-. H.' iili'iiliti''l
iitt as thc ytiiin^ wounui who tad
eonic t-o the holol with llrwiks, Iiul
his ideutlllcation was shaken hy cross-
ih,- fain.his IViili Aiuliiiy imiitt
inn chains
|iosl planted
lusslll^     111
Michel t'u'il, in olio
',  ilu
.1   Ml
orlh    si
:s,    t il.-l.C-,
.'anil ilai   .it
pel   l-ahv.u
Nt.lic..   Is
,i|i|tl\ nt tho
Lauds   ami
proMpcct for
riTe   litiliiwili
■Ulu was Mary All
Itti.st'l,   u   lliiri.'tit
positively    Idojitifltxl
,1 itiau nlm llail clins
scene '.i the intirdci
miles iti ilia time the
■iiiiii- was t'l.iiitiii'.ti'.l. There una
lining corrohorativc evidence. li
tk-iR had nol liceu able to eslabllsli a
.iiisiine alibi his llle noulil aim '
-oi'talnl) have been loriciled.
mystery—the vl
v.-.in.I.I boy,
11,tins Berg as
.1 him iiutii ih
within a few m
The Spokesman-Review says thai
railroad contractors have again advanced the price ul common laborers
wauled lur work on different railroad
huildlng in tho northwest. The most
recent advance is 25 cents a day.
Early tliis season wages were advanced Irom $11 a day to $2.26 and at
presenl S2.50 a day is heiag paid lor
uxpericuced hands. The rate lor inex-
iielicnai'd workers is t2.25 a day.
William Winters, of Winters, Par-
sous & Boomer, said last night:
"It is true I2.5U a day is being
paid "Or experienced men. This pa)
prevails ou tlie .Spokane International
railway and on the Ureat Northern
improvements leading into British Columbia.
We are holding our men on the
Ureat Northern work, hut there is a
teady demand iut more men."
A lailruad man in a position lo
know said last night that Porter
Bros., who bave a contract Ior 11
miles ol the work on tte Great Northern, were paying lheir men $2.26 a
day. This authority said that, while
men were scarce, the iinu did not he-
lieu- it would he necessary lo pa)
more than J2.25 a day.
Report reached the city Irom Uran.l
forks, 11. I'., lust nighl that lhe new
Midway an.l Vernon extensions of the
t'jui*li.-ui Pacific railway is taking
laborers away Irom iiu.- eonttinuUirs
on Uie Great Northern extension in
thai part oi tlw country by paying laborers 2a cents a day more. The report Irom Midway says tbe Ureal
Northern will take Immediate steps
to overcome the dcllccllon m lis
Mr. Winters said he was along the
new work on the Ureal Northern tour
lays ago and had not ht-anl of the
ii.-ii deserting. Ue said ttai men
were in steady demand, however, ite-
ipito the lact that harvest had couio
lo un end.
ou the Corbin road, ll. r. Corbln
anl in August that ihe Spokane International wanted 2,,-iuu men locar-
r) on ihe work, A recent cauva.s of
work on the hue showed lhat approximately 121'" nun were eiiiployek.
Every contractor', camp expressed a
wish im iiiuie men.
iiu chains
lit.lit chad
tile iml 111 i
•ii tin- tn.
166H, Uroi
cliains. lh.
south   Mi
list-riot dt
i.i,'In given llial I will
Chlel .'u itssiNii. r   "i
Works inr a license lu
ct,,il and pi'trclelitn tival
: described land,
nth Kast Ku
a,,u it   and
posl planted
itg  lun etiaii
west     ui a
.   Wl'Sl   uf    Ihf   CtllShll
irk ui .Michel Creek I
theni hound;
thenee mirth
sl      Sll
lhc |tl
thenee west
ut beginning
.ih ilai   i.l Se;
anl   Klwell
hy gi'
ilef Ci
Notice is hei
applv tn ilu- I
Lands nml W'nrks [or a license I'
lirusfjii-ct inr coal ami pelrcleum ovei
tin- folluwing (li'sciiiimi laml, situnii
in lln- lilsfrlot of Suu'li Last Ron'.-
Commencing inn chains north an.,
110 chains west nt a pust planlLM
lli.liti chains west nf lhe crossing oi
lhe north [nrk or"-Michel Creek hy oni
of tlie northern boundaries uf im
l.iSS, Group One, thence soulh 80
chairer, lllilice west SU chains, thenci
north SI! cliains, thence easl 80
chains, tn the place nf beginning.
Located   Uns   30th day ra Septem
ber, 181)5,
Malcolm Mclnnls pel Edward Klwell
Notice is Ik'ii'b)  given Uut  I  will
appi)   to llll-    t'llitti  t'tjlulllissinlial     0.
Lanes ami Works iut-a license it.
prospect for cnal aial petroleum ovei
Uie following described land, situati
in the district of .Suuih Kast kuulc-
Commencing luu chains north ana
no chains west uf a pust plniilct
Iti.till chains wesl ui Uie cruising ol
the north furl, ut Michel I'tcak hv un.
of tbe northern boundaries ul" Im
I5KK, Group One, llience soulh Hi
chains, ihenee cast sn chains, thenci
north kii chains, thenee wesl su chains
io tlie place ul beginning,
Located ihis liuin dm ut Septem
tier, 1805,
Edward Klwell.
Nutice is hereby given that I will
apply to the Chief Commissioner oi
Lands and Works Inr a license tu
prospect, inr cual ami petrcli'iiin ovei
the folluwing described land, situnt.
iu the district of South East Koolcnay:
Commencing 111) chains north an.l
211 cliaius wesl ol a pust planted
Iti.us chains west ui tlie crossing oi
lhe north [nrk n( .Michel Creek hj
.•na uf tha northern botuwiarlos m
ioi 1088, (In,up line. Uienco ncrlh SO
.liains. thence west tin chains, thenci
snuih Kii chains, thcuce easl si
chains, in the place t.i beginning.
Locate,! lliis uuth da. ui Scpte'ii
ner,  ll.lla.
i'. M.   Edwards   pei  Edward Klwell
Notice is hereby given thai I will
apply i.. the Chiel Commissioner ot
Lands ami Works Ior a license m
pros|»eot lot eual anil petroleum ovei
Uie following described land, siiuaic
in lha illslriol .,( Soulh Kasl Kooie-
Coinmrncln-g Ulu chains north and
16 chains wesi nt ,, pusi illumed
1(1.Iill chains wesl cf lhc crossing nf
Um nortii fork nf Michel Creek hy une
nf tlia northern     I dnrles nf'   loi
15S8, Group (inc. tbence nurlh Kn
chains, thence west sn chains, thenci'
south Sn cliaius. Ihence ensl su chains
ii, ih
place nf beginning,
nel   ihis   .iinh ilai uf Septum
Edwnril  Klwell.
lie   f
tl the
cc is h.'iehi  given  Ui.ii   1  wil
'" Hi.-   riiief t'liininis.innei    nf
mil   Works i,,i n license     n
et im    conl .nul pelii'lctiin nvel
illowing rtcscrllxvl land    siiuat,
dlslrlol nf   Smith Hast Koote
Take notice that we intend, lout
weeks alter the lirst appeal ance ot
this notice, lo apply  tu the Hoaid   uf
Railway Commissioners, under the
provisions of the Railway Act, 1003,
for permission to construct a spur or
branch line fiom a point on the
llritish t'olumbia Southern Rallwoj
near Cianbrook to our saw mill and
timber limits, according to plans
filed in tbe Land Registry Olliee at
Nelson, September 30th, ifiifi.
The Kuhinsun McKenzic Lumber Co.,
Dated Ootober Mb, 1805.      38-U
Take notice that thirty days alter
date 1 intend lo apply to the Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Woi ks
tor pel mission to cut aud t.iilj   away
timber from the    [ullowing described
lands in Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post mai ted ">l.
Strong's S. K. Corner" and planted
about one mile west and twenty
chains east of the south wesl cornel
of lot 4135,   thenco  north BU cbains,
Ihenee   west  Ml   chains,   llience  miuiIi
mi chains, thence east Mi chains,    tu
ihe point of commencement,
Jul II Stlung
Located Se|it. 30th, 1805.     ;1U al*
Parcel i.
Notice is hereby gin-n that 30 days
aflei dale wc inleml to appi) to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Works al Victoria for permission i«>
cut and carry away timber from tic
lollowlng described lands:
Commencing al lhe northwesl cor-
itobiiisott-Mc Ken/if Lumbor I'u.'s,
Limited, Umber limit, southwesl ol
l.ui C168, Group 1, Kast Kootenay
Districi, thenee south 80 chains, wesl
sn chains, north Ml chains, east Mi
chains to place of commencement.
Ru>l.lnson-MoKen?.fe Lumber Co.,
September ->o_ mo.-i. 38-51
Notiee is heieliy give 'bat two
months afier dale T Intend lo appl\
to lhe Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for prrmisslon to purchase
the following described lan-ts in Kasi
Kootenay district:
Comiiii'iieiirj; nt a |>ost planted a'
Mte norlhensl corner of Lot 7318,
thence north 80 cbains, Ihenee west
80 chains. ihence south fill chains,
'hence easl Rfi chains along north line
of Lot 7318 to plnen of commencement, containing 480 acres mure or
Hated at Klko, n. 0. Oct. 2, 188.1.
18-St Catherine Mills.
Lonunenelng 100 chains north and
In rhains w,-st ul a posl planted Mi.88
chains wesl of ihe crossing of the
north f.,rk f>| Miehel Creel, bv one
of the northern boundaries ol Iol 1588
Group One, thenco wesi mi chaina
Ihence south Hfi chains, ihence east
88 chains, thcuce north Mt chains to
the plaoe nf beginning.
Located   tliis   30lh dav of s-ptt-m-
er, kissod her passinn-itely and
sei74*d  the child and folded  lhe
Vancouver Provlnco: Mr. Joseph
Martin, K. (.'., is back iiom bis eastern trip. The founder ol lhc new
Third Party of Canadian politics, as
the eastern sages now call it, arrived
last evening. To-day he was busy
at Westminster before the ltailwa)
Commission, sitting at the right
hand of Mr. John Hendry, president
of the V., W. A Y. railway, which
probably has some favors to ask of
the commission before the latter adjourns.
'1 was delighted with the reception
received at Winnipeg," said     Mt.     v,.,; t     .      .
Martin to The Province this morning  ^SaV ft&ffi\ ft   ° %
between speeches at tho commission. Chief   Commissioner   of Lands    anil
No, I iave no   intention    whatever Works to purchase the following iles-
ol leaving thc coast to become a res-1 "^ Innils, situate in the district of
her, lfinf,
Malcolm Mclnnl
C. M.   Kdward
2d ai
per Edward Klwell,
per Edward Klwell,
then ldcnt ot
_,   t.tc  tuu.ti   lu   ue.t„,„.   n ie*- : m      ,,     ,, ', **—   '"
Winnipeg for the pnrpo*   of |^miSng'^^s
,     , Uttie leading the new party, or for    any I thi ^t\bmmdSryVlo! imluoZ
one to  his bosom.      Ile was leading other  reason.      For some  time      I  West   80    S? "thence north    ib
them   to the street,   talking like    a have thought there was scope for    a,d>ai{-s* ^M*- east 8d chains,   thenee
windmill in his native tongue,    when  third party, and I was amazed at the 12Je ^    °hftlnS   to placo   of   com"
something io   the   woman's   manner enthusiasm   displayed by the   people!        ,'mp'"*
attracted one of the clerks. down there." |   Dated Sept. 15th, 1905       "ft
Public notice is hereby given thai
auction sales ol school lands will In-
held in ihe Province of Alberta .is
Kdmoiituii, Wednesday, October 18,
1805, at ten o'clock a. in.
l.odue, Mouday, October 23rd, 1885,
at ten o'clock a. iii.
Wetasklwln, Thursday, Oc^pbei LiCUi,
1905, at ten o'clock, a. m.
Laroitibe, Alimdav, October 30lh,
1905, at ten o'clock a. m.
I un is rail, Thursday, Novenibei ind,
1905, ai  ten o'clock a. in.
Dids-hiiry, Mondav, November 8th,
180.1, at ten o'clock "a. m.
t'algiiry, l''i*iday, November 10th,
1905, at ten o'clock a. m.
High River, Tuesday, November ll,
188r», al   ten o'clock a. m.
I'iueber Creek, Thursday, November
16th, 1985, at ten o'clock'a. m.
These lands are situated, speaking
generally within a distance of from
twehe to twenty miles of the Calvary and Kdmonton railway and of
the Crows Nest branch oi tie Canadian Pacific railway.
Where any of the lands are under
lease the sales will be subject to
■.ueh lease until its expiration on tho
30th November, 1985, ami the lessee
will have the privilege of removing
any fencing or other improvemenis Ve
may have on tlie land. Where any
parcel offered is crossed by a public
highway or railway, the sale of such
parcel shall he subject to the reservation of that land covered by such
highway, or that may be required for
ibo riulit of way or other purposes oi
lhc railw.ay.
The sales will only convey tho surface rights and will lie subject to the
usual reservations in favor of the
One tenth in cash at Uie time of
sale, ami tbe bahuicr in nine equal
annual instalments with interest at
the rate of five per cent per annum
on the balance of tint purchase money from time lo time remaining unpaid, except, in cases where the area
of the land docs not exceed forty
acres, in which ease the terms of
payment shall be one-fifth iu cash ami
the balance in four equal annual instalments, witli ititeiesi at the late
d five per eenl  per annum.
I |>on a parcel of land being knock
d down, the purchaser shall immedi-
tely deposit One Hundred Dollars
with the Clerk of Sale, otherwise the
parcel will al once be put up again,
for tliis purpose intending purchasers
shotltd provide themselves with mark
cd clmques on chartered hanks of
i'anada, made to their own order and
and payable at par at the point of
sale, or with bank notes of large a
denomination as possible. The hat
ance of the cash instalment must In
every case Im1 paid before the close of
the sale, failing which the deposit of
Oue hundred Dollars will Im* forfeited
and the land withdrawn from sale.
Scrip or Warrants will not be accepted.
Note:—Cholines will wilt nol he
taken in payment unless marked "accepted" by the banks on which they
are drawn.
List of the lands lo he sold mav le
had on application to "The Secretary
Department nf the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any of 1|-e agents of Dominion
lands in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or
tiv order,
P.  G. Keves,  S'.vrHarv,
Department of the Interior.        28-31
Ottawa.  15th September,  1885
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
Hut before doing so aiv Jamee
'in'or. tlif contractor,    lit'will
tn.- libit* tn blep vou with buu:-
RDfltiona that  will prove  valuable.
James Greer
Ct.iitr.'ii'ittr nml Builder
Svimpr-is ut Kexululinii- ful dtSpOStl of Minerals un On in i ii i no Ltids in Manitoba,
lh: Norlh*oi territories ;■» i the lukua
lo.il —t ...o li ii, I > uuv i e purcll !••'■ m ;i" 1*1
iivii- lor «oft vthU -ui-. ? " !■" ii u.i.i, tf \..i
iinur Hutu j .u*i>*s mil j.. ii.-n ii-.-t t.) mi- ti
an uiini, ii   -
'   ali.l ..'Inl Nl 91
.-.•IlllK'.lll'S   If:
A tl«f Ml uv
ur iin>
0 -%••_>-»««-»•-*.•»*«-«*»'»•»'» **• -*_.*»*»*» * O
lliaiil,|llill'ti'ls fot olioiu
4 i'inifi'1'liiiiii'ry nml fruit.    W
i,Im litiv for tlin I
li.    l'l„„„lal,-.
I   lt>     llll    I'M,'la
,,'1'lB.       S|ii|,||„'|
, I.,  Imvu  notlii
J Imt true,!
t* ******** ***.****%
■u.u a .It. llal
Cranbrook   Foun
dry and
Machine  Shop:
Mi K in it,ni *<: Johnston
,,.0(   . '- i- a...
.it  llm mi'   At
-: mi tM.tti.Uect
Mill* ..ItlKllU -*ll
f'iii|Miei'- li- im
.\ ubl ,in- Ji.   -
,. .ii-   hi l uvar
,. h.-   imn. < -.
i in mug mn
-t ."l,lli.:ii.
,..,l,-l, ,.., 1   ■
*...*• |»i-| UUUIIIH
i ;, i i>ii-i any
,   III. ill.-   ill-  U
,■ N UUI" W.       1     ■
. ■   l    11. ll"l..     Ill
\-      '   II )
.          ,,.  19,1m..,,
ii.1 uu  Uu-   iimi
ll   !•.'   M-.    I  |,-I    -Vlllllll   Hill-. ||
..lumi li u nu i   i iiii nnn
"in* ..I-m ni, ,i  t ij .ni.'He-l n.i
+ ■»   *..*.*..*-.*..*,,*-,.*■*   *-*..4- *-—■* ■•   •■■•■♦ '.
1 is now located in its comfort- I
• able and attractive new quar- f
j ters in the Watts building. .,•*  I
•j; Scientific    MoraeslioeliiK   «
■ Mi       ".    U     I .
nl 'in
.   hi
il.i-il   ..    ■
.ii.   tlm   " ii
1   „  i
\ I his institution is just up-tu- *)
• date and is modernly equipped f
| to do just the best work in ait I
• branches ol the tonsorial art. t
4 i
4* »■■*■■•"•-•-».■•"•'■•■■••-■.-•'••-•-•-•■•-•-.« -• ^
,.   ii
leiiu  ,  .  . ri'iii'M
rn tin- tu
ull may seem well. Tin- question is,
How will the horse stand the strain
of a hind day's wmk ? lias be tlie
grll tliat will make bim lit lo fight
tbe battle to a finish 7 Our horses
are the light iu a llnlsli kin I—ilo their
work thoroughly and quietly. When
in wanl ol audi nn animal, for pleis-
ttre ui work, try out... We have also
an elogant outlil of Landaus, Toadies, Coupes, Runabouts, etc, Ior hire
at unheard uf Utile prices,
The Ha ml ley Livery Stables
11   is o.isy to hnvo clean
•lothon  when  there is n find
•hiss laundry in   tuwu.    Vmi
•an'i afford tu patronize Chinese when you can ^i*t  youi'
work iinm' by white people in
V a white way and at prices that
fl will appeal  to  anyone  who M
■ wmiis tiuod work ■
_ Crows Nest J
Steam Laundry \
Crnnbrook, B. C.      "   ■
The Leading Ni,.i. Por
1811 ..'111 ITS
I'lilSli NUTS
4 '    \
4 !',',',,
4 \ »|1,
\ i:i'.i:taiii,ks J i,','.''
ciioii-i-: i'iiM'i:."i'ii.\Kitv t '
ha'/.ki.hiiiih hi: cream * j,.;|.
Prompt   Uclivt'iy. 4
0 PHONE NO    7*i        ftHMSTHONG   AVf    a   I
0-%**»-■*•»■%•*-••-»■-».•*»%-^*-k*».**k-»--*»-*».0 |
******.**.**.**,.,...,..*■%  '
• Cranbrook Sash j
; and Door Factory •
! All kiiulaof finisli w.trk in J
\ wny nl ,ltttirs. wituloivB, Iran- '
| stun., mli'.   Kiln ilriitl liiinlit'r J
1 for inside work, Onr work is J
i giinrnnteod tuul our pricpe are ',
I taitisfn.-tiiry.     Si'ivi-n    doors J
• {
» I
I'uiidli and Dressed Lumber j
Por Sale
bvwsb ^r.v«M(-sar>as_KVi /
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
1. T. LAlDbAW, M   B.
Spokane OeUflier flth to lfllh. Low
round trip excursion rale via Ctrcnl
Northern railway Fernie to Spokane.
For tickets and particulars see agent
Great Northern railway, Fernie.
Notiee is hereby given that sixty
days alter dale we inleml to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Work:; at Victoria fjr permlsfilcn
purchase the following described
Commencing at a posl planted at
Uie northwest corner of Loi No. "ill",
Kasi Kootenay district, thenci: north
eighty chains, ihence east forty
chains, llience south eighty chains,
Ihence west forty chains to place of
commencement, containing ,'tju acres.
HolDson MeKenzio I.umber Co.,
87;9t Limited,
Cranbrook, September 35, 1005.
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the hest
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
| We Will Do
% Vour Draying
Mk iu ii milliner tlinl in.
^tJ    Sll!', H        Blltisl'lll'lillll.
Thut i. our lunula as. Wi- want lo
pinnae. We nre wll.
ling In labor luird to
lii'i'i'tllllilisll llllll 111).
jccl. That is why our
business [il'iisjii'l's : :
Authorized movers of the
Mason & Uticii Pianos....,
0*m ^ *■%%• *% -«■■%*%•«-«.«.«.« %«««tr. 9,0
\   A. W. McVittie   I
i $
} Dominion nnd Provin- {
| cial   I.and  Surveyor. 4
\    H.H. McVittie   |
4 (ieneral Agenl J
4 {
{ TIMBER,  MINES  .ind {
{ CRANBROOK,    B.    C. }
0**%*%■*.%.*»%*»-»*««««. _%«%%0
n aciioa
iii>* oerson or ooinpui
J st;i dnii .i i
iiiiii inmt
I'he duooverer "i » u
llll-ll  lu tt
cluiiu nr i mo leel in l<
iif-lli, .um ii
lilt' 1'..11,
4lt,.kt* Her,'
ahull lie .li
lUi'il,  Um
reit of tna iiiirtj uiUlna
i uu j leu |nu.   Ituyttl
i Ul ttie l.ll.-
I Iho Ulnl
one i.iilf et'i (.fill Oil tin
li-u fr»ui Uu- \ii.ain u*
Cuiniit roller,
No tree ih.iiit simii i,
ceive a .'i ii
nf iiiu e
tn.ui une milling elniin
curt, ui gtUcll,Uut the
Bit 111),   ml.,i i
um) li..iii
tin} iiuiiii ci  ul iho.ua
und   lift'
iiiiiK-1-i may wurk ibeii
llllllglKi'le-   ,IU.|    ,.,,.!
H   In-  Dl   :
A   1 1.1.III
olutely bj I
I'Slilllll  It :
ulu IKTUH.
lli .ll 11 - III
Notico is hereby given thai thirlv
days after date we Intend to appi)
to ihe (bier Commissioner ol Lands
and Works at Victoria for a special
license io cut null carry away tSmhei
from ihe following described lands
Commencing at a pnsl placed al
ihe southeast corner of Loi No. 0108,
bis I Kiiot;i:av district thence easl.
xii chains, thence soulh Sll chains,
thenee west su chains, thenco norlh
mi chains to place of commencement,
Robinson McKenzic Lumber Co.,
27-5t Limited.
Dated September 27th, 1005.
The (ileal Northern railway has
aiilhoi jzep a round trip excursion rate
turn on account of the Interstate fair
Bold *
A Short Drive
From Victoria
People of South East Koot-
y who visit Victoria s
fail to visit Gok-strear
It is the tourist's paradise.
-  TO
St. r~aul, Chicago, \c.v Vork
I'ulaic anil Tourist Sleepers, Buffet   Llbrar.
Cars, Muilern  Da) Coaches,  Dniiug  tm..
;Muiis a In Carle.
BEST ni-AI.S UN \\ IllililS
*t  Ensl nml Wesl  Dull,   L
S|n-iial excursion rates in World's l:alr, si
Louis.     Vmir choke nl route.
lor rules, fnlilors tllal lllll it,!,, 111,,11	
roiiinllng lrt|i«, rail 1111111 ,„l,l	
8, ii. VKIIKKS, n, 11 i\|t|'
11  IV, I', 1. I' I' .1  1   1
Soilttlu 701 Vi. Una1 1 lu ll-ti
WlUl,. S|„,l„„„.. Uaal,
I J. Edgar Davis |
.'. Kiiniiii't',  Boiler,   linnet',
,1, nml l''ii'i')ilai'f work n s|iiTiul
X All diiBcriplioiiB of stone-
X work iiiiili-i'talit-u. (inli in 1,'ft
X "I
S wi
■1. i). .Mi'iii:ii.i:s      X
I receive prompt nlteiitioii, .'.
enay who visit Victoria should IX ,, ,,  ,,iA . , ...
* x.
of IU.7B Fernie In Spoknno anil   tr-' „nl fail tn vi_it r„W_....™""__'X
linn.    Tickets on sale Octobor 8th to ?°J ta," t0 V'S't.^olCStream.  •*» 1 *J
I r.i I, . I* *>v th_> Iniiunen _, n__ _T THE   C1U.XBROOK   HERALD
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days an.i dale i intend io apply iu
ttie Chlel Couiuiitmluuei ol Lands ...nl
Hurls ioi a licensu to prospeel Ioi
.oal ami petroleum on tli_ lollowlng
described iaiiiis in lliuik 45113, Kasi
Kootenay district:
Number 1.
Commencing ai a [msi marked south
west cornel antl planted on the rasi
silk ol the Hatlua.l river, alntul uuu
miles    uitiili   ui    the   liiiiiiiiittfii.il
b„ull,lalv   Illla,  tlltlllT lillllll HO _it.nll-i,
lin-i,..   fast   Ml   l-huins,   llli'liif   solttll
mi iii.iiim. iiuiii.' nisi mi chains   ti
in,, iilai.'. ui beginning, coiilaiiilug 0ll
at irs, mule oi less,
l.atttl S.-|H. uiini   I'', H."'''-
.1. II. Langlc), Locator.
Number 2.
I'.,uiini ia mi', .ii a post marked lln
sttiiili.asi collier, unit being .iiljanui
le .1. II. Langlcy's soiiiliv.i'i.1  '.,
11,1'lltl'  Wasl   Ml ill.   ....   lln im nt
Ml     tllalim,      III-lit i'      east   Sll  tliaiiM,
th, mv suiilli mi ili.iuis I., place .a in-
ginning, nn.in i', nl" •" " ■.     '
ui Use.
Dated S,-|tlt inlu i  I".  in"'
Kit* M  -loiiii' , I lor.
Nillilhel .1.
r,.i wing ai  a pnsl  insiled Hn
l,,.|ll„,t.l   t ft.   .lll.l   lll'lUg   alia-i'1,1
I,, .1 ll I..inalt', s siilllllHi'Sl ,olltal,
llial,,,'   '.iiuiii   M'   lllllll'  ,    llit'lt'i'   ..'at
mi rli.uiM,   iliaiitf iituili s"    rhains,
lillllll'   l.lM   Ml  tli.tllf.   1"   1"-"'    '"'
giuiiing, I'tinliiiiiing al" -n'l'"', mure til
Ii.iii.l Seplenibei  l", IMOS.
IV. -I   Langley, Lnealnr.
Numbt-i  I.
Comiiietiiliig ..i -i l'"'i  "'I"1"''! ""'
mai In. mt coi net, .m-i being niljai'i-ui
i„ ,1   ll   Langlcy's a Im.'si _i.ri.er,
llial ft' I asl Sll lit.lins, tllilice suuih 811
lil.ulis,   lit. la, ■   «asl   Sli   i-lalln, llll'lll.
north sn cliains lo place ul beginning,
containing I. In ai-ri'-s, more oi less.
Ilat.il SeplemllCl   IU, MM.
11. L, T. (lalbralth, Locator.
Number 5
Cntiiineiielng .it a posl marked lne
sittitln-iisi tniii.r, and being one mill
isisi ui .1 H Langlcy's southeast corner, tlii'tii't north so chains, thence
w.-st 8ii chains, tin lire south 8n
cliains, ihenee east 80 chains to place
i,f beginning, containing Ulu acres,
more or less.
Ualt.1 September 10, 1005.
A. J. Devlin, Locator.
Number tl.
Commencing at a post marked lla
southwest corner, and being adjacent
to A. .1. Devlin's southeast corner,
tbence east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, 111,'lice west 8" ehuius, thenci
south 80 eliains to place of beginning,
containing 6-10 acres, more or less.
Dated September 10, 1005.
,1. A. Harvey, Locator.
Number 7.
Commencing at a pust marked tin
noriliwest corner ami adjacent in A
.1. Devlin's southwest corner, tbence
south 80 cliains, thence east sfi chains,
thenee north 80 clains, thenee wesl
80 chains to place ui beginning, ion
taining li'iO acres, more or less.
Dated September 10, 1905.
J. D. Gordon, Locator,
Number 8.
Comrnenoing at a post marked the
northeast corner, antl adjacent to A
,1. Devlin's southwest corner, thence
wast 80 chains, thence south 8"
chains, Ihence east 8li chains, thenct
i„,iih sn chains to place of beginning,
containing 1140 ncres, more or less.
Dated September 10, 1905.
Altnd Page, Locator.
Nupiber 9.-
Commencing at a pus' marked ilie
nttnliiit-st corner ami adjacent in Allied Page's southwest comer, Ihem
Ihence easl 8" chains, Ihence lonlh -"
chains, thence west sn el .mis, thenci
ii,trih so chaius in place nl beginning,
containing HI" aeics mo i less.
Dated "..'literal... in, mi'."'.
It   \\   Pecples, I .".f. :
Number in.
litttih a.i  t
lusl Page's
soulh  Ml I
chains, tli,
nut mi 'In
liner, ami  slat"
siiutlini' 1   	
inlns,     Ihemi
' Dated Si
,|ti a, i -,   ninie
felllhel   In   1	
ll   Ulmh, 1
Nninbcl  11
,i  li -
Mania asl   ,
III.,, lis       '
la,111,      Sll
.uial   nnd ...!.«
illlhwesl      t'.tliit'
rhains,      I" 'a.
ii  i,,
,   Hi
east  sii ,1..
ins '., plai    "
u   ll   Norlh, i
NamlK'l   I'J
t',,11111 t iaa,   .,1   a   pit   :    'aa'    'tl    ll
lui, lllWl'Kl    Il'l    1111,1   a,I Ud III   111   II
Itlurh's '"ti', Iiii ,-.1 ti'iiii'i. Ibelu '.a '
nn iti,nu.. tliiiiia '..mill sn chains
ill. iii i nml sii , hains, thence nm ll
8n elinlns I., place "f beginning, i on
iiniiiiie iiiu ncres, nunc ol lass
Daled Se|itellibel   I"   19115
II   I    Laiidiick, l.ocnlor,.
'.'., ', I
Sotiec is lieieli. given that the
pnrtn-isbip herclolole enisling be
niftii a-,   ilie undersigned, as ranch
i-is  na.,i Cinnb i. in ilm county "i
Kool t ,ii, llrlllsh I'oliitnbla, bus tht
dny licit dissojvi-d hy mtilual     con
ill it.ins owing t" 'h.' said pari
a,ist in nre 10 he paid to Adam H
Dal/.iti. ui Cranbrook, atorcsald, nnd
all rl.tiins walnut tlie said partner;
sliip are lo be presented to the
\.Imn It   Hal/iel, bv whom the same
will lie settled.
Witness Signed:
.1   A. Harvey,     Adam ll. Halnel,
t'rt'swiek M'lit'lii'l!
Dated at Cranbrook Uns -2 day of
September, A. D. 1905. 17-41
Talc iiiiitec lhat thirty days alter
,1 ■ • 'Mil in apply to the Chiel
I'uii.m - oner oi Lands and Horks at
Victoria fur a special license to cut
ami carry awav timlier from the ful-
Inwing described lands in West Kootenay: ,   , ,
Commencing nl n posl planted on
the south side of Hie ll. ('. Sniilherii
righl ni way, about 40 chains east of
tlm MeNi'illie siding; Ihence III an
rasii'ilv direction along llie souiii
side ,il said ri;ht ot way lim ehuius,
thence south in chains, ihence In a
westerly dlrrcllon Pin cliains to a
point opposite the point of commencement, thenco 10 cliains north to polnl
of commencement, containing 0-10
acres, more or less.
E. Ii. Slinelli-luii, Loealor.
Dated Kepi. 25, 1905. 27-r.t
Take notiee   Hint  thirty days altei Take notice   that  thirty days aiui
date   1 intend io  apply in the Chl.1 dale   1 intend to  apply lo ib.. Chiel
Commissionei of Lands ana liiulu lot Uommlssioner ot Lands ana Hoiks i i
a license lu prospeel iol coal ami   pe- a lieeiise lu piospecl lor coal and   pt-
tiolfiiio   on   the   lollowlng   laittls  in lioleuin   on   lhe   lollowing   lands in
South Kast Koolenay:                       ' South Kast kuotenay:
Couuueuclng at   a post planted at t'uiiiinciiting al   a post plantel at
the mil llii-.isi corner, tieiuj. tue nuitli- the soutbeusl eoiuei, iK'ing Ua; aoutii-
east iolln-1  pust ol   the  Aioilie  ttoilii- east cornel      posl of   the  tlank llat-
't.lle   coal    claim    about   two     utiles Evil eoal claim, abuut Uu miles east
uoi'lh ol the Mitiiliiaai coiner posl ol ul ilu- southwest comer posl oi Uie
-ue lewis .tolls   coal claim,    thence Cural Wilcox eoal claim, ili.uc. uoitn
.oiilli' an   chains,    llu'iiie     west    80 Ml    chains,     theme    wist MJ tiiatus,
chains   llience norlh nu chains, Uieuce Ibencc soulh 8" chains, Uience    c '
cast sii t-haiiis   in place ui beginning, su chains lo place ui beginning.
,\H ,i,,  located by  Matlhews arc All claims located ny Matlhews a.e
lali,, a',11,11,      Itiimelll   l"iatcd by   Au    leloeatlolls,    lolliu-ll>   located by  All-
ttrcw li.iii.iii. Thc iiiiini.iai it's oi lhe drev, lloekett, liu- tiuunaarni. of the
.'aul loealiuns are the Laugluj gi"tip saul locations aie the Langley group
,,„ ,1,,. |,„iii   mi ilia i.  1'. It. am.-on Un- north an.i Uu- C. P. 11. sur
,,i line , ,■ »■ ii i ->■>' Hn* "" "* *>'s''     .
Hn,.I   tu-mi   Iiii    iai'." '    Dalisl  August   llii   19115
-.   Matlhews, Locatoi.   ' S. Matthews, Locator,
V    11,1.1,11,   Agent. Vi    HiiUHi,  Aicent
vey line on lhe west.
Daled AU_asl   in   1903
S.  Mallhcws,  Locator.
IV. lltlJen, Ageot.
Till,,- noilce   iimi iiuiii days nllci Take noilce   thai Ihlrt) days altei
data   I m,i nd in  apply  io 'I"' ' I"-' dale   I intend lo  apply in tl"' Chlel
iuii,ma ,i oi 1 1   and Hull,, i.i (.'ommiBSlonel ul Land- and Works Iol
a lu in pinspecl i ' -iial   i'' j, license to prospeel Iol mai aial  pe-
uui, a    ilu-   billowing   lands in   ,,,.i,.,,    _„■   lollowlng   lauds in
Souih Kasl bt,,,iiiui) South Kasl Kootenay
I'liiiuiii'iitiiig ai   a |iosl  planlcd nl ,   (.'ummencing ai   a pust planted ...
lln-    iii.iiIiwm.i    initial,     being     the i[k,   sollUlwest      eoiuei,   heilig      lln-
i.ut th '   v\e_l   iiiiiiai     pnsl   i.i    'la' boulhwcsl   .inner post ut the Coral
Dullie  \, llujil .nal ii '. ■'!" ''. Wilcox cnal claim, adjoining Hi,- Anita
alu- ..India i: .."..■ cual claim    "" slii'tnii    coal    claim mi   ihf nul tb,
ihe ia i,     Hi ia a   south   mi chains, ii,,.,,,,. ,,,,1:1, mi eliains, Ihence    cast
tli.itae 1,1s! so chains, llama- 11,,lib Ml mi i'lialns,    llu-iti-a     south Sit chains
chains, Hi.iaa wi .1 su cliaius lu place , u„.„,,. ,v,._| _|i .hains in place ul be-
,it beginiiiiig. ginning.
.Ml claims loeiitcil Us  Matlhews ale |   ,\\\ ,.|.,|ms located hv Matthews arc
ifini'.tiit.iM,   loiuieiiy  lucaieil by An relocations,   (orincrly located by An
new llaekeii.   'lhe bouudatlcs of llie ^rew Hackett    ilu- boundaries of lhc
•ami locaiious ,na Um Langley group s:lui loealiuns are the Langiey groii|i
I   Ilia  1'.   I'.   II.  sin- ,,„  th,.  n,,,!!,  mnl   |h_  I'.   I'. It. sur-
,   line ou lhe wesl.
I.lt.,1    .lulls!    Illi.   IllOii.
S,  Matthews,  Loco
IV.   ll,i.l,li.   A,',
ev line on tho west.
Dated Atli!ll-il   llh.  1005,
S. Matlhews, Locator.
H. Held™. Agent.
fake nol ire   that   thirty days alter
In,.   I uiiiiul tu   apply to iha Chlel     Take notice   that thirty davs aftei
Commissioner oi 1 1   ami Hoiks lo,   dale   I inleml to   apply lo the Chlel
1 license io prospect tm eoal and pe- I Commissioner of Lands and Hurls 1,1
troleum mi the lollowlng lands in a license to prospect tor eoal and p -
Suutli'Kast Kootenay: j troleum   on   the   following   lands in
t'uiiiimiiiii. ai a post planted at South Kasl Kootenay:
th- nurlheasl curncr, being the north- Commencing at a posl planlcd nl
tast cornel posl ol t*io Maud Harris Uie southeast corner, being the
•oal claim about iwo miles cast ol 1 southeast coiner post of the Bessie
ih,. northwest corner post of the P. Ilarrls eual claim, adjoining the
Dullie \ Hovil coal claim, thence' Coral wllcov eoal claim 011 the west,
oulh tin ii ilns Ihence west 80 ! Ihence north 80 chains, tlence west
iiiuns ilnnce norlh 80 chains, thcncu;8jl chains, ihence south su chains,
asl sii eliains to place nf beginning.    | thenee cast 811 cliains to place ol be-
VII claims limited by Slatthcws aro ginning.
n'l,,,'ui, ns luiincrly located by An- 'Ul claims located by Matthews are
Irew Hackett 'Hit' boundaries of the relocations, formerly located by An-
.aid locations are ll.e Langley group drew Hackett, The boundaries of the
111 nul lhe C 1' li. sill- s:'"' locations are the Langley gmup
>n the north and lhe C. P. II. surer line on the west.
Dated Augusl  4th.  1905.
S. Matthews, Locator.
Vi. Heblrn, Agent.
ill   lite  tu
.11  line on the west.
Daled August iih, 1905.
s. Matlhews, Locator,
W, Beldcn, Agent.
Take noliee   llial  thirty days atlti
talc   I intend 10   appi.   'n iin' Chlel
of Lands and Works lar
Take Iml ii'C lhat thirty days after
date I inlflul lo apply to the Chief
.1 license lo prospect mr conl and I'r-1 Commissioner of Latins and Works I.r
troleum 011 the following lands in a license to prospeel tor coal and pr-
■<outh Kast Koolenay: i troleum   on   ihe   following   lands in
Commencing al a posl plnotcd :,l South Kast Kootenay:
:he northwest corner, being the Commencing at a post planted al
,1011I1 west corner post of the | the southwest corner, being the
llilne Slit-hull eual claim, adjoining southwest corner pust nt the Moses
lie Maud Harris coal claim on the Crittenden coal claim, ailioining lhe
east, thelice south 80 chains, thenee Mai y Reynolds cual elaim on the
asl 8I1 eliains, llience noi it 80 chains, north, thence north 80 chains, thenc
hence west mi chums 10 place ui be- cast 8I1 chains, tin nee south 80
ginning. i eliains,   thence   west 811 chains     1.1
All claims located hy Matlhews are place oi beginning,
relocations, [ormcrly tocalofl by An- All claims located hy Matthews are
luw llackcll. ih.' boundaries oi Uie relocations, formerly located by An-
..u.l it 1 taut'!:, uie tlie Langley group drew llaekeii. The boundaries of thc
in ilia north and the C. I'. 11. sin- said locations arc the Langley group
,.   n ,  ,■    th.   w.ai. jon the north and  Uie C, P. II. sur
vey  line on tlie west.
Dated Augusl   Ith.  1905
S. Matthews, Locator.
i\. Belden, Agent,
Take notice that ihlrly tlu.s allei
dale 1 intend lo apply lo 'he tiu-i
Commissionei m Lands .111.1 Hoiks I-i
.1 license :n prospect foi coal and petroleum mi the following lauds in
South Kast Kootenay
Commencing .,! a past planted at
tin-    southeast   coiner,    being     lln-
Multilists! Mill,I post nf llle' la'Wis
Itolls coal li.iim. adjoining llie
llosvs i'm'.i,ml.ai coal claim mi the
West, thence nuiih so chains, thence
west su chains, llience south mi
chains, thcuce easl so cbains tn place
ui beginning.
Ml claims located hv Matthews aro
i.'li.i'.ii a, lormcrly located by Andrew Hackett The boundaries nf tlif
s.n.I locations .na the Langley group
rn,  the um ih an.l iha C. i'. II. sin-
s. Malihei
w   Bi
m 1 ocatot.
.1.11.    \_tiil.
e   that ilm
11 days .ilia!
In     il     I'llial
ml Hulks 1, 1
coal ..ml print   lauds a,
n,     1, nee
if  Aim
nl   lha
It   llll
al    III
..      11 ,:   1 ..„       I ..,,!,, 1
Vi. It 1 im   1 ;t a1
Taki' 11,,'uf   'lia'  ihnn  davs  liter
idI..   I Intend lo   apply  lo 'Im Chlel
Commissi! ' 1 ai, I   nn.l urnks [or
 11- .■ !,' ei.' I"- : !"i ■ oal ..a!   :
troleum   on   Ihe   folluwing   lands ...
Soulh Easl Ki olena)
1     III,,    ,,!
Ha!,'!    M
,t.sl   Illi    1905
S.  Matlhews. Loealor.
H    IMitoi,  ligent.
Take noliee   thai thirty tlajs .liter
dale   I inicn.1 to   apply to the Olllcl
Commissionei ol Lands aa.l Woiks i<n
,   a license to prospect im cual ami   pe-
'       I-"-!""""!   '"    »   I"-'   I'laiU'-l   '-I   t,„k,lm   „„    „„,   f,,||uwing   lamb,  in
lhe   norlhwe 1   cone,      .ring S|>1|||, ,,,lsl Ko<)t)„av;
Tn   Puan'i■'.':-"' 'ArAiA .Commencing at   a post planted al
the .liiiin Mercei  eoal claim on    tli
the northeast corner, Wing the north-
'',   east      comer    po»t   ol  the   William
'■*'•'-  ""■",; ■»'- ,V' '!:',ln''1,]1,1''lM'.  B'^soik coal claim, adjoining     lh.-
T! Ml.i;l"u,!s'...,!'"'w,T ..To!.; K Lewd RoIIi coal claim on the south,
tbence south HO chains, Ihence west
HO cliaius, thence not tli Hit chains,
thenco east HO chains to place ol bo
thrnce   wesl 80   chains    to
,t !,\  Matthews aro
ih located bv An-
itlftce of bugti ning
All   '
Take notice that thirty days altei
date I intend "to appl> to the Chiel
Cuiumissiouvi oi Loads and Works tot
a license to prospect lOI coal and petroleum oa the Iol lu wing lands in
Souih i-.a-.! Koolenay;
Commencing at a post planted at
ihe nuithc4st corner, hem,; tht north-
ttt&t i-.m.-t poiii ol the Un. Jolui
Usturlwrg cool claim, adjoining the
Anna Shehau cual claim on Un ft'i
thence bouih mi ebalns, thence west
au chains, tbence north ^" chains,
Un nee uost s^u chains tu place ol be-
All Llainm lovau I by Matthews are
rt'localioiuj, lormerlj located b\ An
hew Hackett. The boundariee ol Unsaid loca-Uoiu an- ibe Langley group
oo the north aud ihe C. P. H- alir"
u*y  line on the west.
l'lated   August   lib    !'""
s. Matthews, Locator.
w   Belden, Agent
Take  nutice    thai   Mrt)   lla)     ttlttfl
date l intend lo ati|ii> io ihe i lo.*;
I'ommissioii.'i ol Lands and works lot
a license tu pro peel Ioi coal ami pr
troleum on the lollowlng lands in
<uiiih Kast Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted ni
the northwest corner, being i
north west coiner pnsl n the
Vnna Shehau coal claim about two
milt* north ol the soultiwesl
euim-r poM ul the »Unr) toi
tins coal claim, Jh.-nc- souin ft
hains, Ihence easl m\ chauu, ihenci
north hu chains, thenee west M'
chains to place ul beginning.
All claims located h) Matth.nvsare
relocations, lormerlj locatal bj An
hew Hackett. Th? boundariee oi the
said locations are the Langley group
ou the north and the ('. P. It- surrey line on the west.
Dated  Augusl   I'b   I OUR
S. Matthews, locator.
V   U.Min.  Agent.
Take notice that thirty days aftei
■late I intend to apply to the Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works Ioi
a license to prospect tor cual and |»»
troleum on the following lands In
South Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted ri
lhe northeast cornel, being the north
east corner post ol the Madge Com
coal claim, adjoining the Kiank llat
/.ell coal claim on the south, thi-nci
south HO chains, thence west HU
chains, thence north Mt chains, thenci
east HO chains io place ol beginning.
All claims located by Matlhews an
re-locations, lormcrly located hy Andrew Hackett. The boundaries ol tlu
said locations are the Langley group
on the north and lhc C. P. ti. survey line on the west.
Dated Augusl 4th, 1005,
s. Matthews, Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
\ey line on tl* west.
Dated Augusi -ith. 1005.
s. Matthews, Locator.
W. Ifcldtu, Agent.
ut   the
relocations,   lormei
dicw Hackett,   The Dounnarira oi me - AU (;|.iimH located by Matthews aro
aid locations nre the Langley group  u.|0eations,   formerly located by An-
' r"   drew Hackett.   The boundaries of the
at ions are the Langley group
IV ll   snr-
n the north and the
ev line on tho wist.
Dated August 4th,  1805.
S.  Matthews,  Locator.
W. Belden, Agent,
Take notice Ihal thirty rlavs alter
date 1 Intend lo apply to lhe Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license to prospect (or eoal and  pn
on the north and the C. P. R. survey line on the west.
Datod  August 4th,  1905,
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
Take notice that thirty days alter
troleum on'the following lands in'date I intend to apply to the Chlel
South Kast Kootenay: j Commissioner of Lands and Works for
Commencing al a posl planter! at a license to prospect for eoal and peine southwest corner, being the south- troleum on the following lands in
west corner post of the Thomas South Kast Kootenay:
I Large mnl claim, adjoining the .Inl-1 Commencing at a post planted at
in-* Orlh ennl claim on the north, ibe northwest corner, being the
lh,'lice north R0 chains, thence east north west corner post of the
hu ihains, ihence soulh 80 chains, Mary Reynolds coal claim, about two
Uience west mi chains to place ol he- miles west of the northeast corner
ginning. ' posl uf   Mrs.   John Oslurbeig    coal
All claims located by Matthews nro claim, thence south HO chains, thence
relocations,   formerly located by An- east   HO   rhains,    Ihence    north    80
drew Hackett.   The boundaries of the chains, ihence west 80 chains lo pi
saiil local Inns are Ihe Langley group of beginning.
ii the north and  the ('. p. tt.
vey line on  tlie wesl.
I   Dated  \ti"'M  nil   i"ir,.
j S. Matlhews, Locator.
* W. Bclden, Agent.
All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locaiious arc the Langley group
on the north and the 0. P. R. sur-
Take notice that thirty days aftei
date I intend to apply to the Chi.'l
Commissioner of l.an.l:- and Works fm
a license u» prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands In
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
he northwest corner, being Uu
north west coiner post ol lhc
Julius Oi ih coal claim, adjoining th.
Madge Cass on ibe cast, thpnee
south M) chains, thenco east HO
chains, thence north 80 cbains, thence
west so clains to place of beginning.
All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries ol the
said locations are the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. U. sur-
ey line on the west.
Dated Augusl *l'h, l!>05.
S.  Matthews,  Locator.
W   Belden, Agenl.
'lake notice that Ihlrly days aftei
late l Intend lo apply to ihu Chlei
Commissionei ol Lnnds end Works foi
a license to prospect f"i coal and petroleum on the fullu-A ing lands In
South Last Kootenaj-:
Commencing at a posl planted nl
the suuihwest corner, being the south
West coiner post of lbe William Nel
k-rtield coal claim, adjoining Un
Barney Thompson on lhe east, irenci
nuiih Sli chains, thence east Rli
chains, tbence souih 80 eliains, ihence
west HU chains to place of beginning.
All claims located by Matthews am
relocations, formerly located by An
drew Hackett. The boundaries of Unsaid locations are the Lahgloy group
ti the north and the C. P. It. sur*
ey line on tlie west.
Dated  August   llh.   1005.
S. Matthews, Locator.
\\. lifl.liii, Agent.
Take notico that thirty days altei
date 1 nit-ml io npnl) to lite Chlel
Commissioner of Lunas and Works foi
a license lu prospect [ot coal and pi
troleum on the following lands in
South blast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted oi
the south-cast corner, being tin
south-east coiner post ut tin: Baiucj
Thompson coal claim, about two milei
east oi the south west corner post oi
lhe Henry Collins coal claim, thebCi
north 80 chains, thence west ho
chains, th-nee soulh HU chains, ihenci
east HO ihains to plan1 ol beginning
All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located hy Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locations are the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. R. survey line on the west.
Dated August 4lh   11)05.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Bi'lil.n, Agent.
Take notiee Ihal thirty davs aftei
date I Intend to apply to the Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works foi
a license to prospect for eoal and petroleum on the following lands in
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner, being the
southwest corner post of Henry Collins eoal claim, thence north HO
chains, thence easl so chnlns, thence
south 80 chains, thence west 80
clains to place of beginning.
All claims located by Matlhews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locations are the Langley group
on the north ami the V. P. R. tint-
Take notice thai thirty days aftei
date 1 ini cud tu apply io Uw I hiel
Commissionei oi Land-, and Works foi
a license iu piospecl [ut coal and petroleum on the following lands in
South Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted ai
the south-east coi net, being llie
.oiuh-easi cornel post ol the Mai >
Marshall cual claim, adjoining the
Henry Collins uu the west, thelice
norih 8ii chains, Uieuce wesi HU
chains, tbeuce souih 80 chain-.,
ihence east ho chains to place til beginning.
Alt claims located by Matlhews an
relocations, lormerlj located bv Au*
drew Hackett. lhe boundaries of tin
-.aid locations are the Langlc) grout
mi the norlh and ihe c. I*. It, surrey line on the west
Daiej  August  4th,   1805.
S. Matlhews, Locator,
w. Belden, Agent.
relocations,   formerly located h> Andrew Hackett.  The boundaries ol the
i.u.1   locations  ale   the   LftUglC)   gl"Up
north and  the C,  l\  U   sur-
i-y hue on  the west,
Dated August -Hh. 11)03,
S.  Matlhews,  Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
mu nt-..
Take uoliee   that ihlrt) days allui
Ja.i: 1 lU.u.d lu tippl) iu tUU UltCI
l UllllUlMtUUul ul LulUa alld lunl.) lul
a   (ICellbti   LU   piUSpCCt  tul   coal  alld    ('
UuicUltl    un    Un-    lollowlng    land.-,  iii
south Kasl Ki uleuay:
Commencing at   u posl plants] ai
UlU     hUUlhWcol     culliei,        Uuillg      lllf
.-.uuili.visi cornel posl ot llie a. tl,
rtariiiigtun cual claim, abuul two
miles Wesi oi Un- soulliwesi iuii.,-.
,'o.tk ui in.- I it ui > l uiiiio i uai ciaim,
dunce nuiih mi chains, thenci! east
on chains, Ut. mc suuih ho cbains,
thenee west Mi chains lu place ui be
g inning.
All claims located bj Matthews are
rclucaliuus, luriuerl) Im-alcd ii) Au
drew llaekeii. lhu boundaries ui lhu
-,aid locations are Uie Langlc) group
uu tbe north and the C. P, It- sui
.ey   line  Oil   llie   WiSl.
Daled  August   lib.   I'iti;,.
S. Matthews, Loealor.
W. Ueldcn, Agent.
Take notice that Unity days aftei
.late I intend iu apply to the Cuiel
Cummissionel ui Lands and Works [ui
a license i,. prospect n.i eual and pu-
tiuteiitii un the following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing ai   a post planted at
the  not lb-east    corner,    beiug    tbt
northcasl    cornel     ui   tte    Sldonic
Kuiliudes coal claim, adjoining     the
Mollie Olsou on lhe east, uienoo south
JHueiuins,     thence    west mi  chains,
* tlu nee   north mi ihains, ttence   east
j m. chains lo place ul befruning,
|    All claim-, located by Mallhcws aie
relocations,   [ormcrly located by Andrew llaekeii.   The boundaries ol the
ml locations aie the Langley gruiip
n the north and Ute v. i>. r   sur-
ij  line un the west
Dated August 4th, 1005.
S. Matthews, Locator.
IV, Belden, Agent.
Take notice Uial Unit) days attel
date 1 iiueiid io apply tu the Unci
L-uiiimissioiiei oi Lands and Works ioi
a license, lu prospect lut coal and iiu*
U'Olcum uu lhe iuliuv\ui_i lands in
.I'niii Kasl Kuuun.i),
Cummenuiug at a pust planted id
.h^* southeast corner, neing flic suuin-
asi coiner post ui the A. L. Audui
.uu cual claim, adjoining the M. li.
.sulllvan coal claim uu the north,
ihoUce uorUi 80 cliaius, Ihence wesi
.*■■* chains, iht-nce suutli nu chains,
Uience easl 80 chains to place ui beginning.
All claims located by Matlhews an
relocations, formerly locatcil by Andrew llackcll. Tbe boundaries ut the
iaid locations arc lhe Longley group
on the norlh and the C. P. It. sut-
,ey line on the west.
Dated August -lib, 11105.
S. Mallhcws, Locator.
W. Ueldcn, Agent.
Take notice that thirty days aftei
date I intend to apply tu iht* Cblul
Commissioner ol Lands and Works hit
a license lu prospect [or coal and petroleum on the following lands ill
South Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted ai
the northeast corner, being the north-
,*ast corner post of thc M, ll. Sulli
■an coal claim, adjoining the Nod
Cooper cual claim on lhc wesi, thenci
south 80 chains, thence west 80
dbains, thence north HO chains, thence
L'asi HU chains lo place ol beginning.
All claims located hy Matthews arc
olocatloilS, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
aid locaiious arc the Lititgley group
on the north and lhe C. 1'. It. sur-
cy line on thc west.
Dated August 4th, 1005,
,S.  Matthews,  Locator.
W. Bclden, Agent.
Take notice thai thirty days aftei
dale 1 intend lo apply iu ihe Chlel
Commissionei ol Lunds and Works in
,t license to prospect lot cual and petroleum un the lulluwing lands iu
Suuih Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing al a post planted al
the northwest corner, being the
nuiib west corner post oi lhu
Sed Cooper coal claim, adjulnlng the
\\. II. Warrington cual claim on the
■mull, tbence south 8ti chains, ihenci
•asl HO chains, Uience north HO
-hains, thence west HO cliains to
jilace ul b,-ginning.
All claims located by Mallhcws ale
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. Thc boundaries ul"'lhe
said locations are the Langley group
on the norlh and the C. P. It sur
vey line on tlie wesi.
Dated   August   lib.   19(15,
S. Matthews. Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
Take notice that thirty davs after
date I intend to appi) to lhc ChlH
Commissionei oi Lauds and Woiks ful
a license to prospeel tm eual and |a<
troleum on the following lands in
Souih Kasi Koolcnay:
Commencing al a post planted ai
the northcasl corner being Uie north
east corner post ol the ti- Klllolt
coal claim, adjoining the Mollie Olson on the west, thence south Kii
chains, ihence west ho chains, thence
north mi chains. Uience east ho chains
10 place of beginning.
All claims located by Matlhews aie
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locations are the Langley group
on tlie north and the C. P. R. survey line on the west.
Daled August 4th. 1905.
fi. Matthews, Locator.
W. Ileld.n. Ageut.
Take notice   that tbirtj days altei
date    1   ill.iliil   lu   appi)   Iu   the  Cbiel
Couimtssiuuui ui Land-, an.i Works iui
a license iu prospect iui eual and petroleum un Uie folluwing lauds in
.Souih Kasi Kuuteuuy:
Commencing at a pust planted at
the uuithwusl cuiner, being 'he
nuiih west cornel pu^t of lhu
-Mis. William Netlerlield mai claim
ailjo.iting ihe Wm, Nelleflleld uu the
suuih, iiiiii.e suuth .mi eliains, llience
cast mi chains, thcuce nurlh m-
chains, thenee wesi 60 chains to
place ui In-ginning.
All cluiuis lucaicd bj Matthews arc
relocations, [urniuilj lucaicd bj Andrew Hackett, The boundaries ui the
-said loealiuns are Uiu Lauglej gruu(i
un tho nurlh and lhu C. I'. U, suite) line on the west.
Daie.l   August   lib   PJ05.
S. Matthews,  Locator,
W, Ueldcn, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that CO davs
iruiu date 1 iuleud iu appi) lo the
Chief Commissionei ui Lauds and
Works o purchase ibe luliowmg dee*
aibvd lauds, silualtf'iii Uie district
ul Suuih Kust Kuuieiiaj:
Commencing at the uurlh-east corner ul lot uu-hi, gunip 1, KuuUnaj in-,
iiict, ihence south Mi chain.'., tbence
.;asi 10 chaius, Uience nuitli tti
.hams, tbence west 40 cliaitu. tu the
point ul commencement.
Lucaicd lhe HUi day ol Sept. 1806.
LL llouglan.i.
Cranbrook, ll. c. ia-at*
Take notice that thirty davs after
date I intend to applv to lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license to prospect fm eual and petroleum on the following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing al   a post  planted  at
j the   northwest   comer,    being    lhe
i norlh     west   corner    post   of    the
Mollie   Olson    coal     claim    adjoining     the    Henry     Collins   nn     lhe
south, thenee south mi chains, thence
easl     80   chains,     Ihence    noi tb   HO
chains,    thenco    west   80   chains   to
place of beginning.
All claims located hy Matthews are
Nutice is hereby given thai thirl)
days niter dale 1 intend tu appi) lu
ibe Clnei Commissioner ol Lauds and
..uikt. aud the Assistant Cuiiumssiuti
H ui Lands and Wuihs for the district
ji   Kasl   Kouieiiaj   lur a license tu
prospect fur   cual and    petluleuiu un
tlie lollowlng land, situate adjacent iu
ihe seventeen {il) mile post ut tht
Canadian Paciilo Hallway posl ana
one mile easl thereof, lu what Is
,.no wil as Uluck 4603, Southeast
koolenay., British- Culumhia.
1. Commencing at a pust planted
.ti the uorth-east eornei ui Da\iu
Martin's claim, same being the mil
,al post ul the said Daud MarUn's
claim and marked Dawd Martin,
ihence suutli eighty chains, ihvma*
west eight)' cliains, Uience nultn
elghly cliaius, thence east eight)
chains, tu the place ui beginning, eun
.aiiiing li-10, mule ul* luss.
Located August 4th, 1UU5.
David  Mat tin,  Loealor.
R,   L, Beaid   aud   Charles Manure,
i. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner ut May Redman's claim, same being the nulla!
pust uf May Redman s claim ana
marked May Redman and suutli and
adjacent to Dawd Martin s claim,
thence south eighty chains, thence
wesi eighty chains, thenco nurd
eighty chaTns, llience cast eight)
chains tu lhu place ut beginning, con
laining 040 acres, mure ur less.
Located August lib, looa.
May   Redman,  Locator,
It.   L. Beard   and   Charles MeUuire,
:_. Commencing ai n posl planted
at the souih west cuinci u! Wesle)
Martin's claim, same being the mu
iai pusi ui Wesley Mar.n. s claim and
marked Wesley Martin and suuih ami
adjacent lu Ma) Ri limiii .. claim,
thenee iiurlli eight) chains, thence
ivest eighlj chains, Un-iice suuth
eight) chains, Heme easl eight)
chains lu the place ol beginning, cuu
laining uo acres, mure ui less.
Located Augitsl 4th, 1005.
Wesley Martin, Locator,
■I. Commencing at a post planted
al tie south-west eornei ui James
UiaU s claim, same being the luitla'
pust of .lames Brady's elaim and
mar Kill .lames Brady, and easl and
adjacent lo Untie) 'Martins claim,
Ui, nee easl .-ii-! 1) chains, Uience
north eight) chains, thence west
eighty chain., Uieuce south eight)
cliaius to ihe place ui beginning, con
lam iiv- 040 acres, more oi lea-..
Lui ale.I  August   lib,   1005.
James Brady,  Locator.
It    L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire
5. Commencing ai a posl planted
at ih- north-east cornel of Allien
Delure's claim, same being the initial post ul Albeit Delorc's claim and
mat kid Albeit Delou- and suuih and
adjacent to Wesley Manin's claim,
tbence suuth eighty chains, Uience
west eighty chains, thenee nurlh
eighty chains, thenco east eighty
chains lo the place uf beginning, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Located August  1th,   11)05.
Albert Delore, Locator.
R.   L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
6. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west cornet of .lames
Steward's claim, same being the
Initial post ol James Steward's
claim, and marked James Steward,
antl south and adjacent to James
Brady's claim, thence east eighty
chain's, Uience soulh eighty chains,
thence west eighty chains, thence
norih eighty clains lo the place of
beginning, containing 610 acres, more
or less.
Located August 4th, 1905,
James Steward, Locator.
R    L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire
Nutice is hereby given that Unity
days altei dale 1 intend tu apply tu
die duel Commissionei uf Lands and
Works and the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands and Uoi__ iui tie District ui Kast Koolenay toi a license
tu prospect (or cual and petroleum
uu the following land, situate north.
and adjacent iu lbe Klathcad rivet wa
the south adjoining what i_, known as
Uiu Hackett (Jroup un lhe wesl and iu
jluck   4593,     Southeast   Kootenay,
iiruish Columbia:
L Cummeucing at a post planted
*t the south-east curnci ui Aiueit
itbiuiiortf's  claim,    same being    tbo
initial pual ul the said Albeit W'hil-
aiuie and Uitttkid Albeit Wiuliuoiu,
ihenee wesi eighty chains, thence
.luith eighty chaius, thence ea-»i
-■igiay chains, ihence suuib eighty
chain-* tu tbe place ui U-^uuui.g, evaunting uu acres, more ui less.
Located Augusl Bth, J9U5.
Albert Whitmore, Locater.
K.   L. beard   and   Charles MoUuire,
2. Cummeucing ai a post planted
ai ihe bouih-wesl cuiuei ul Juba
DuUiam s claim, same hang Uie initial pusi ui Juhu Uut turn . claim nnd
marked Julm Uut bam, and lying east
and ibdjacuni iu Albert Wtitmore's
claim, liu lice nui in eight) chains,
thence east eight) chains, thence
m-uin eighty chaius, thence wesl
jlgblj chains lu the place ui begiu-
niiig, cuutainiiig bit) acres, more ur
Lucakd Aug ist lith, L005.
Jutm Dun..nu, Locator.
tt    L.  Heaid   and   CluUes McOuire,
3. Commencing at a post planted
at llie north cast i unci ol fcalwart
Whitinutc's claim, same being the
initial post ui Kdward Whilmore -
claim aud marked Kdward Ubuinoi*
and lying uuth an I a Ijat eni tu Ai-
ucii Whun.oie s claim, thence south
eight) chai Uience west eighty
i hains, ih m ;.. I th eight) chuns,
thence east ■ -- ) chains lo Uie place
ui   bv-giu      .      ng   64u actus,
I.u. aled August 6lh, 1805.
Kdward Whilmore, Locator.
li.   L. Beatd   ami   Charles McQuire,
■I. Commencing ai a post planted
at the nurth-wi'st cotuci ui C. Owen's
claim, same beiug tin initia! post o[
Charles Owen *> claim and marked
Charles Owens', and lying south and
adjoining John Dui bain's claim,
thence east eighty cliains, thenco
»oulh eight) chaius, tbence weal
eighty chains, ihenee north eighty
chains iu the plact ol beginning, cua-
taiiiing 640 acres, u.uie or less.
Lu~.aud August 6th, 1905.
Charles Owens, Locator.
c batlei Mcliutre, Agrnt.
a. Commencing at a pu»t planted
at ibe north-east cornel ot B. P.
Scott s claim, same being ihe Initial
post of ti. K. Scutt'a claim and marked B. V. Scull and lying south and
adjacent tu Edward Whltmore's
claim, ihence suuih eighty chains,
tlence west eighty chains, thence
norlh eighty chains, thence east
eighty chains tu the place ul beginning, containing 640 acres, more or
Located August 6th,  1905.
B. I-. _cu*.i, Locator.
R.   L. Beard   ar.d   Charles McOuire,
6. Commencing at a ; -'- planted
at the north-west cornel of George
Scharf's claim, same being the initial post oi George Scbarf*S"clal_i and
marked George Si harl and lying
•_oiUb of C. Owens' claim and adjacent thereto, Uience tast eighty
..bains, thenee south eighty ctains,
Uience wesi eighty cLa.ns, tnccce
north eighty chains tu the p.ace of
beginning, containing &40 acres, mora
ur less.
Located August 6th, 1905.
Geoige Sctarf, Locator.
R.   L. Beard   -ui   Charles MeGuire,
7. Commencing at a post planted
al the north-east corner of Mrs. E.
C. McDorman's claim, same being the
imtiai post ui Mrs, K. C. McDor-
raah's claim and marked Mrs. K. C.
McDorman, and south ar;j adjacent lo
U. F. Scott s ciaim, thence w-ett
eighty  chains,   tbence south    eighty
■ ■hains,   thence   east     eighty   chains,
thence   north    eighty   chains to Uut
jilace   ul  beginning,   containing     6-iO
acres, more or les..
Local*. August 8th, HfUa.
Mrs.  K   C   Mi Dornian, Locator.
R,   I.   U'.-aid   and   Charles MeGuire,
8. Commencing *\ a post planted
it the nurlh-west wrnei of Calvin
.IcDormas's claim, same being Uie
nitial post ol Calvin McDurmana
■laiin anl marked Cai.in McDorman,
and lying suuih and adjacent to
George Scharl -. claim, '.hence east
dghty cha.i -, lh n
chains, thence west
tbence north c ghtj
place of !'■ gl
acres, more or less
e   south eighty
eighty chains,
cliains tu    the
containing   biq
Located Angus! Oth, 1905.
Calvin McDorman, Locator.
R    I.   Beard   a-J   Charles MeGuire,
lumi I-.)
I |» WlllIM I'lSH   CREEK, ST.
TAKE NOTICK that the Selkirk
Copper Mines, Limited, Nun-Personal
Liability, Frue Miner's Certificate
No. B8a,233, intend, sixiy days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder lur a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ol the above
And further lak'e nutice that action,
under Section 37, must be commenced
More  the issuiance of such Oertift-
rate of Improvements.
The Selkirk  Copper  Mines,  Limited,
Non-Personal Liability. 24-91
Dated  this   2nd day of September,
A. D.,   1905.
ie sharp razor will cut deeper than
>'lll       :-ll.lt|i     liW.I'l       it   Ul    L u L    UI.
a half dozen old knives, and
ing ad. will   cut
dozen poor ones
deeper    than a
Make your ad  writing a part,     ot
your regular work,       Don't leave it .
to be done when you happen to  have
-   time, and il you happen ?u hav»
'spare t    9
Jp&-$j) B s>»*-j Vi)"4 ■** S 5 .-visi^
ihe people ol Cranbrook and several
railroad contractors since it was un
•>.* o6VCn     I C3.TS   Aj?0 t dewlowl ltial °° blS com>"8 depend-
J &     .; |ed the final decision as to when   the
S in Cranbrook «_* *# I
»,*.  Ilt-.MS CULLED   FROM  TUK *
J   liKK.il.D    "I-     T1LU     DATE  g
The gU6S>tS  al   lbe   Cianbiuuk hotel
wondered at the noise about the build
mg day and night last week. It wus
a peculiar, persistent, unremitting
disturbance that seemed strange and [eas'
unusual. Finally an investigation was
started and resulted m Uie diseuvei)
ol McMillan and FhUi wearing •dim.*.
Uut could be heard to Fort Steele
and   Moyie*  'the guests aro thankful
Uus  week UuU  Lbe sWctfi aie in  lhc
work would commence un the branch
road lhat is lo be built from Cran
brook to the North Star mine, ii
which Mr. Mann is greatly Intereel
Jack FrastT, loo a long tune stun*
keeper    ai Wardner, las taken     Ml
Charleston's  place  iu   this city.   Mi
Charleston will leave this week, tak
i up to tbe coast before going
b, J. Smyth, editor ol the Moyie
Leader arrived In town last Sunday,
and naturally in the course ul hi__
rambllngs over tho city laud-.\i iu Uie
Herald olliee. We have never Been
Smyth bofore and now we know why
he spells his name with a "y". litis the besl looking newspaper uiau in
Uie Kootenays, and what is muie hu
is a hustler and is giving Moyie an
23-tcamt paper. D we had enjoyed bi__
good looks iu uur juuUi we would
have been married years ago and we
dun't understand bow he escaped  su
Dau Mann, (ho railroad and mining
magnate—and you will aoMoo we call
tim "Dan" Ui/t because wc know him
su well ns all Hint, hut, simply be
cause all Canada does—came into
Cranbrook ihis week, but failed to
Hud out office; We tad fixed up an
easy chair, put a full head of .steam
on the stove aud sat down to wail
his arrival. Time passed, and su did
several people. Finally the storj ol
■Mohamet, and the mountain occurred
t-i us. We took the bunch and started up town, where wc found him
cracking jokes with Harry Melton,
Georgo Nelson and a tew oUiers. Thai
settled it. H'e threw off our cdDonul
reservo tike a sorapiwr (locals top
coat and in another momenl we had
touched the palm of onu ol Uu- luckiest, shrewdest and hnrdesl working
men In all ul Canada, h did us good
and ihere was a smile broke oul
through his ncatlj trimmed black
whiskers, but it probably did him
good also. Anyhow it didn't cosl
either of us a cent. He failed to subscribe fur the Herald but we played
even by nut purchasing his mine.
H. T. Drown, of the Herald, will
return from Spokane this week,
Charley Wellman came up from the
Loop Monday nlglt for a brief stay.
Percy Irving has returned from the
the hospital mueh Improved from his
siegs of fever.
Governor Hanson was over from
Wasa on Tuesday tu look after bis
interests in Cranbrouk.
Jack McMahon, of Moyie, was iu
town Monday. He speaks of Moyie
as tlie metropolis and says it without a smile.
J. 0, Shier came over from Steele
Monday night f0 take a train for his
old home in the east. He bas not
seen his wife or babes for nearly ffi
Oliver Durge, of the Kast Kootenay
hotel, has been feeling badly under
the weather the past few weeks and
contemplates a trip to the Banll Hot
Springs if he dues not feel better verv
William t'arlin, of Fort Steele, was
in town Saturday. He was accompanied by hi,; brother, Mike C.irlln, ol
the Culumhia River Lumber company, of Gulden. The Cariin brothers
are heavy weight iu Uie fullest sense
ot the term.
Scott Morill arrived Saturday from
Jennings, Mont., where he was agenl
fur tfco International Transportation
company during the navigation season. He will take charge of the
books for the Fort Steele Mercaulile
company at Cranbrook,
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Least and
John Leask and Family arrived Monday night to join the Leask colony in
Cranbrook. The machinery for lbe
new sash and dooi- factory to be
started by Thomas Leask has been
shipped and will arrive here in a few
days. John Leask, who is a merchant
tailor, will have his goods here next
week aud be ready to open up business*
The addition to thc Cranbrook hotel is rapidly Hearing completion. It
Is going to be a very neat and attractive place.
Dan Mann, as he is familiarly known
throughout Canada, of the well known
Arm of McKeiuic it Mann, arrived in
the city Monday evening accompanied
by bis wife and her two sisters, the
Misses Williams. Carriages met them
at the train and the party were driven to tho Cranbrook hotel, where
rooms hod been reserved. Tuesday
morning the ladies of the party were
driven over to Fort Steele, where
they will visit, a few tlayst with friends.
Tbe visit of Mr. Mann has been look-
It is evident Irom the result of the
vote taken last Thursday on the pro
hlbilion plebiscite that the people of
Souih Kast Kootenay are all uf oue
mind regarding the question. Throughout the district the Vote was verv
light and the majority returned at
each polling place was overwhelming
iy against prohibition, At wine ol
the precincts no votes were cast and
ai all the others the vote was very
light. The returns were as follows:
Fur Against
Kort Steelo.
The store building that is to bOOO
cupled by the Fort Steele Mercantile
company is about completed. It will
he one of the very best in South East
A New York despatch ul Getohei 3
says; "According to a Chicago ■ r ■«
iai to the Herald, properly valued al
51,000,000, including an ancient Irish
crown, is sought for in Chicago pawnshops The properly is -.aid to have
been taken by burglars two weeks agu
rrom the home of John Mulhall, No.
14 Earlsforl Terrace, Dublin, Ireland,
i'he burglars, it is thought, were two
men well known to the Chicago police, ami they bad !•» their accomplice a beautiful woman. It is be
llcved ihey have come to the United
States. Details of this burglary
i cached Chicago yesterday from Scotland Yard, London, in a request to
Chiel ol Police Collins lo search the
cit) fyi t-be alleged burglars and the
plunder. Ii was on September 9th
that the burglary was committed. '1%
woman, who lived in the Irish capi
iai, posed, it is said, as a leader iu
Chicago soolety. li was she whu
furnished to the thieves information
llut made il possible for them to
steal Uie treasure* This robbery was
committed on the morning alter a
lull which Mr. Mulhall gave, and ai
Which the suspected woman was a
guest.. Mr. Mulhall is said to be a
relative ui Miotaoi George Mulhall, a
celebrated British statistician. In tie
nutice received by the police in Chicago it Was saitl the Irish aud English
authorities were of llie opinion thai
au effort to dispose of the jewels
wuuld be made in Chicago, and that
it was probablo the men and theii accomplice had reached this city."
Winnipeg Telegram: Mrs. William
1'bilip, aged 2d years, was killed in a
horrible manner ou bur husband s
(arm, about seven and a halt miles
northeast of Sourls, early tfcls weed,
tier husband and Uie hired man went
out in the morning to worn as usual
at Uie stacking aud left Uie windmill
running the chopper. The stable ami
Wirn were buill ihis summer, aud un
windmill had only been erected a
si oi I lime. Mrs. Dump was an
energetic lady, and luuia-d eloscl)
alter lbe things abuut the farm. During the forenoon she went tu Uie bain
Lo see how lbe chopper was get-Uug
alung. Thu chopper was in lhe baru
above the stable, and lo see Into the
hopper a small ladder bad lo bt
climbed. This ladder stood close to
the shafting, whieh ran up alongside
a heavy post. she bad evident!)
climbed this ladder to look inlo the
hopper, and either bur tan or some
ot Uie lower portion oi her clothing
caught in the revolving sliaft, and
she was drawn in. Her lair was
wound around the sliaft in a tight
knot, and her scalp was torn clean oil
the tup oi her head. The- waist she
wore was wound around Lhe post and
shaft until the windmill stopped, one
arm being forced between the post
and shaft. According to those whu
afterward released her boil), the
agony of her death must have been
ui verj short duration, because ol
the tremendous force with which she
was drawn against Ule beam.
When her husband eame in at noon
In- went Up tu the barn to siart the
windmill, little dreaming of the
frightful scene that awaited him.
How long she had hung there cannot
be known, a.s the two little children
left In the house arc too young to
give any information upon that point.
Furnished by Beale A Elwell, Brokers, Cranbrook, B. C.
Marconi Wireless (Canadian) $4.00
Marconi Wireless (American).... 7.00
North Star  05
.1,tlin Ityan is up hum Wardnci today
Foi Soli—A nice hotel business.
Cheap.   See Hutch. 2'j-if
t 1. McDonald, of .Mnyie, was in
ilu- city yesterday.
\ha Otto Wisner, ot Wardner, is
visiting, citiiilii,a,k Iriends.
.1 t; j.i-.i..lH'ttei left this afternoon
on a week's visit to friends at l.eih-
i» nlm-
as registered
Colin   V. ,ii
wo sturdy  si
llal. .Ill' ill Ul,
lllll   ,V   Cl.
.allies  Hells.
lal   I'm
hi   Kurt Clonge, Que.,
ai tlie   Cosmopolitan
n.l   Colin   11   Mil'hiiil,
tins tii C*po Hii-itin ls-
1.' t'lli   ti.-ti.iy.
I.n    iifiii".!  annals in
t'ulli'ii s lllovcs, Suits
prices which will    ap
peal   I,, tiellbndl
« II llill mnl an,- lefl Iiul Sun
il.iy lul .1 ui|i ui three weeks iti coast
cities, .inli,' Smilh is in charge of
the business ui iiiii ,v c, during Mr,
Hill's alistli'it-.
The wcalhci mixologist has suili-
clciitly demonstrated tin- lact Unit be
is a thoroughly i|uullflcd mixer, and
be might m.u put his shaker aside
and Just band over a plum decoction
ut Indian summer, ,
Mahoney Bros,, ol Moylo, will give
■in i-iiieii.iiiiii.fin. n, Cranhrook ou
some nigh! ihe fore part of nesi
week, iiii' .Mahoncys, Frank, Willie
.mil Mamie, aro all clever .mil thoy
put up a show 11.il worth seeing.
Sec llill ,v Co. Ioi Specials it.
flaln Coats. Ladles Sulla .a less
1 pi na.     Friday anil Satur-
Metier I's ,
into Ins head
drown Iriclts ,
In), but when
man requisition
iltint.itin liitini
eayusc    rapidly
'■f ideas ami Im'~
once ii,,tie.
A vouna   ma
'lively Inn,
0 'nut .1 1
a luiiili oil-
Jack Half.
some i.i li
.   laming i
sll i It'll, .1
"Heinle (1,
.• took 11
•u Uuslci
iel yeslcr-
.. famous
nuns Ui,
lus bran i
wl      Neil  Uilli
;  nil   lilt'  lllillV.l
1   Spt
Mllgcue hospll
iplii.iil (ever, (lllll.
1 age .mil a native ta
tin- remains,
111 the    Cran-
whn had l.fi'u v
eons Iruct Ion    i
.lied 111 ilia st.
i'liesday  from
was 11 years .
I Iai is, illi,, i'.   |_.  1
tk-uiiy bus    charge u
uhieh will be interred
lirook cemetery.
llill A- Co. lor   newest arrivals in
Ladies Hills,   Cullen's lilines, suits
nd Cuais _i prices which will    appeal to everybody,
A couple of horses belonging to lbe
string in wbieb James Hyau is an
owner, took lirst places in Uie spok
nue racing events Monday. ".\i0r
corito" won Uie fourth race, a six
furlong en,,!,, with a J.lin purse,
Chandler up, "Salable" easily capture,! iin. iii ti. and lasl race of seven
furlong, purse j.r.u, j. uiark.
Harold llaverson, a .Swede, who had
been employed liy Un- East Koolcnay
Lumber company, died at the bus
Pttal ou Thursday last. The funeral
iwk place from Beatty's undertaking
parlors Friday afternoon lo ibe Cranhrook cemetery. Dccoascd has a
couple „| brothers here, also employ
»l by the Last Kootenay Lumbei
P. J. Hradley, while at the coast
made it a ,,„;„[ lu exalu|M |J|C. ,.a.
est in wall papers and decorations in
tic cities of Portland, Taconia,
Seattle, Victoria and Vancouver. He
believes in keeping up with lhc times
in his business and giving thc best
ior the money. That is why his
work always gives satisfaction.
Mrs. Wolanjler, wile of Charles
H'elander, scellon foreman al Hosmer,
brought her infant son to the si'
liugene hospiial yesterday, and al-
ihough every effort was made io save
'lie child's life it was too weak an.l
ill  i"     survive and   died   at eleven
•lock lasl night, The remains were
Liken charge ..i by Undertaker Dealt)
and sent hack t„ Hosmer Unlay ac'.
eoiiipaitiiil liy Uie grief-stricken moth
!•'■ J. Smyth, editor ot lhe .Movie
Loader, wils in town to-day, Speaking ol il.c lire ni. iha si. Kugene mine
Inst we.-k Mr. Smyth saitl thai alinui
150 min would In- kept al work and
Uml il would t.il„. aboui two months
In complete ti,,- repairs ol ihe shaft
and in-i.'tll th,- new hoist, ih,.
hoist has 10 be manufactured uml ||
is io ha placed „n ||,e oars in in
days. nu. timbering in tin, shaft
is ii"' in such lui.i comlllion as .,1
lirsi. supposed, but ,|H. _umic| ,s
badly caved where iha timbers were
•s'-' Hill -v ('„. [„, Specials in
Ladies Soils at    less
Alexander Robinson, 11.   A., Super
inleiident of ..duoalion, was in Craiibrook from Sunday until Tuesday of
this week. Tuesday morning lie went
east to Fernie.
It is six years since Mr. Robinson
visit,sl Cranhrook, antl he should haw
liked In make a longer slay, hul as
official business is demanding his attention in Victoria be is compelled
to make his visits to llle schools of
tin- Kootenays brief, in older ti, In-
back about the etui of liie month.
Monday morning Mr. Robinson , ls-
ited kitubcilcy and Marysville. The
afternoon he spent in the town
schools, 'ilie lower rooms be visit.sl
lirst ami iii tie late altcrnoon he 11
uiuiiit'd the classes iu the lirst and
second divisions. He expressed hlut-
sell well pleased with Un- liusse.s antl
witli ihe discipline. He admonished
ibe pupils to attend well ami in
study well. He lold lhe entrance
class lhat he would expis-t to see
sonic of them in three years occupying positions as teachers in lho
sclioois in ami around Cranlirook. The
high school students be would expect
lo see' ill those positions even sooner.
He seemed very much interested 111
the high school class anil asked many
questions as to the work done and
the hooks used. He regret-led thai
be had no time to examine ibe work
moro thoroughly.
The members '»i lhe school board
accompanied Mr. Ilobiiisnji in bis
visits lo the school.
HL1.I.   KNOWN     CALL llii
Calgary Herald, Oo.. li: T. A.
Brown, nl tlie firm nf McNeill &
Brown, contractors, died suddenly
yesterday morning. Mr. Brown hul
nm heen in ihe best nf health since
last fall, Inn bis death was allngclh-
er unexpected, as ie had been down
at iha new Skinnoi block, which the
linn had under construction, Tuesday,
and on Saturday night was downstairs in his residence. Sunday
iiiorr-lug he passed away peacefully iii
his slaep. Tin- cause ni dealt wns
probably due lo heart failure, haslen-
ed by throat 1 rouble and pleurisy,
He was in his- 51st year, ami came
io Calgary about live years ago from
Hamilton, He leaves a widow an.l
daughter in this city, ami several
brothers who reside at different points
in the east, and in the old country.
I'he funeral will be held to-morrow
afternoon at 14.40 from the family
residence, Sixth avenue west, under
the charge of the Masonic fraternity.
I'ineber Creek Kebmti To the enn
storuation ol He large congregation
assembled in tlio Church ol England
lasl Sunday evening, Bishop I'mkh.iiii
announced his intention to remove tbe
Rev. Canon Webb from this parish in
Uie neat future, liming chosen Iiiiii as
Uie one clergyman in the diocese pec
uliaiiy fitted lo iill the newly created orbec of Canon .Missionary. During tile year that has passed since
Mr. Webb look charge of ibis parish
ho haa, endeared himself io ilu- mem-
burs of bis large ami scattered flock,
and has   Won, not    less,   Ibe respect
id esteem of all who have lhe good
fortune to enjoy his acquaintance. His
departure from I'iiuher Clock will
be greatly lamented, even amid tho
rejoicing of his many friends over the
honour and advancement bestowed
upon him by bis bishop.
ilain  Cc
Ulan cost jirii
Friday  .nil  Sam
St.   liugene 	
ltambler Cariboo 	
Western Oil 4 Coal 	
International Coal At Coke 	
(lem silver-lead Min. At Smelt.
Tho commission has been issued for
tile now judge of the F,ast Kootenay
district, and will be signed as soon
as tho Governor General returns to
Ottawa. Mr. P, Nelson, of Nelson,
is the appointee and he is expected
to take up his residence in Cranbrook.
A Thanksgiving ball, which promises
to be a thoroughly enjoyable affair,
will be given at Klmberley mi Thins
day evening, October 'in, under llie
direction nt thu Miners' I inon. The
dancing will lake place at Ute Kim.
berley hotel, nnd suppei uill be scried al Hurry Drew's famous hostelry.
Tbo committee in charge of the afT.ui
is sparing no nine or trouble lo make
ibis hull an _venl long Ui Ik; remembered iu ihe enterprising liiile mining
nip. Firm-class music is being
'iiii.l, uml every iluti.il arranged Ior
ibe comfort uml amusement of tho
gliosis. Tickets aie selling rapidly
'-'"I l« pif (Including .upper.)
Ull IT IlilLs IT MI-:\N'
Lasi Tuesday Mr. McKeitKle, maun
gel   ni   lhe  Lelloi  mini', anil  Ml.   Alil-
ililgc, manager ol the Trail smelter,
arrived on tbo olton n train
drove at  once   1" Miiiisiille.     The)
remained until morning, returning lo
Cranbrook by special train, lo caleh
Un- morning passcngei foi ibe west.
There may he soineUiing doing before long in mining circles, and Uie
hurried visit of the two gonllemen
may have been only a friendly call,
Last Monday evening' the members
ol Rocky Mountain Chapter, A. F. A
A. M. mot and presented J. F. Armstrong with an elegant. Port 7. jewel
The ceremony was informal but pleas
ing, and after adjournment all went
to thc Cosmopolitan, where tbey indulged iu a joyful lunch,    The jewel
ad lorward to with groat inlerest by 18,600; Western Oil * Coal, luill)
Miss Mary Macdonald, begs to an-, -  .. .-.-	
nounce that site has started business; was secured  through Win. Tate
as dressmaker and general seamstress, j Son,   tho   jewelers, and It is     said
SaJost-Kiillivan, 51)0;   St. Eugene,  Oo out daily if desired.   Address, op-  that there arc only a few like it In
posite Crows Nest Laundry. '2_-13w  the Dominion.
(Bonner, Ferrj Herald.)
"To Hoiint'is Ferry by January
1," is the older lhat has gone out
along the lino from E. .1. Roberts,
superintendent of construction .... the
Spokane a Inti-in.iii..it.,l railway,
it look-, iika ti pretty lug undcrtak
ina. Inn K. J. Roberts is _ man who
accomplished In", things, anil il he
has sel Ins head nn accomplishing llie
wmk outlined above, it is pretty certain thai il will he as be says Ami
ii be has given the conlraclors orders
to hustle, it is a pretty sine thing
Uuu tbey ..ill hustle.
Mi Roberta was m Bonners Ferry
ou Tuesday on business connected
mill iha mat lie stated while hero
thai  it.itk lining wuuld commence al
lhe I' P, It Junction nil NOV. I. Tlie
lust Iill mill's nf lilt- It..ui -Uial la,
I >   Yah!   etatlOll    nil   lln-   I'.   I'    i:
to ibe iuieitiiii.iou.il boundary line-
will be len,ly  iol    lulls by  Novelnliai
I Tracklaylng wit] continue on so
lhat Bonners Ferry uill he icm In I
by January I, il Mr, Roberts has II
figured nut right. Reports Irom llie
contractors, relative lo tin odvance
iiuiii oi their work, In llcales thai lbe
grading can he completed in llml
lime, 'iha heaviest work in be don ■
is s.iiil in l.e in lhe first eight miles
east ninl imt lb of this place. 'iha
tunttel work lias nol advanced wilh
the other work. II Ue contraetoi s
nnt able It. complete tha tunnel-.,
there is nnt much doubt about accomplishing lhe grading,
Thai ii general hurrj pp order lia-,
gune out is evident from tie fail that
Grant Smith .v Co 's eniiii.it i ol
iaiiu.imii f,-,i five miles ,,i grading west
nf Bonners Ferry has been maleiiallj
nil down. Tie work conblsted nf n
high embankment across ilie valley.
The engineers are said u, have nn
down Uie grade two feat, besides lie
plans have been chnngeil lo provide
ini a long trestle in place ol tlie ein-
While ii is evident thai lbe mils
will be laid ui'ltnut an) I,,--, of una.
ilia road uili i„,i in: completed In
any m..ins. an.i those win nre (Igut
ing mi construction work tn sut>|i.,j I
business enn look abend yel for a
considerable period nf good limes
There will s:iil remain much to do '"
bring tbo road up in iha standing required fur successful operation,
Ai a meeting bald on the lib Inst.
it uns resolved to organize a Gale-
donian Society in Cranbrook. The
lollowlng gentleman were elected to
Iiii ilie ini urns offices for the titsl i
lei in;
Chicltain—(I. F, Smilh.
Siib-Chloflaln-O. T  Rogers.
See -Treas — W.  Aln-iuelhy.
Plpei in tlie (Tan—A. McCowan.
Committee—.Messrs, Smith, Rogers,
Aheliielliy.  Suit  and  McNeill.
The first general meeting nf those
Interested and ellblblc for membership
uill    lie  belli    in   llle Guild     Tellipl.lls
hall over Patmore's store on Wednesday evening, tho 18th inst, at S
p in. All ladies and gentlemen ni
Scottish bnih rn ili'seeiii iiie re-
quested to attend
Ottawa, Oct, 3.—The dominion government has decided not to interfere
with the statute of the British Columbia legislature whieh puts a tax
of .nil on commercial travellers coming from outside provinces. It is said j
to be within the jurisdiction of the
legislature. This practically meal
lhat the $31)0 lax un commcrcl
travelers entering tlie provlnct
Quebec will have lo remain, unless
he provincial legislature rescinds it.
Maple Leaf Rubbers
Vancouver, B. C.
:        IF YOU WANT        f
* *
X clothing; that is "Gilt Edge" in name, ♦
| "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in J
♦ nuke c.ill and see the new stock of Heady X
t made clothing just received. All Union |
% Labor. ♦
.+0*****:^ +************************** ♦«.»<.♦«.*
IDason (f Risch Pi^os
-r>a-a'"-*"*v>^"~*rir".")/-v. No one should purchase a
-•HHI- '---l'i, I
.'*'-'" A-i-pQ piano until they have in-
'.;>            "^ "/ vest'8nteci f"e merits and
}     '  (j1 i studied the improvements
•',? i"" over other makes contain-
, _\..4-    ed in the
'*o%\     t-^-i mason Si Riscb Pianos
J. U. Whlleacre, Western Manager,
Un\ 615 Nelson
?mm   A--n ■■•«son & kiscd f
'•-£■' ^-"i™'  "    \r»--"- -ri
i''4'«0^k*    *         -IrXTJ ». I    laic .'   Sun.. ..Iki'IIIs, C
'  'Mfi'*      ''    , V " J' ''' "hilc"'rc' tt'e«i«n N"""
_%»xV/    -'
p. burns ca co.
Wliulf-iiti- anil 1,'aiinl
H In llrillsli toluiuhia
fcli_iI^iHfflia__ffliSH______S I BBfl
MEAT      I
Fresh nml Cured .Meats   l"J
Presh   Pish,  dame  und j-"!
We supply only lhc  besl      Vtulr |
trad. I. lollclle.
Harkcta In ail the priiniital mun.
lie     99
lal    IS
bogs in notify llm ri-si.lottls t.f l.usi Ivooteuny thnl  In
milled ii MINERAL WATER FACTORY i" bis psln
lislinifii! ,'intl would c'orrliiill.v suli.'it nny ivsiiloiit nr iniv,-l
1-1' In t'.'lll til' si'llil ful' 11  sllll,),!,'   ..I'll,'I'   ||i,illinliliii'|y   In    ll,,.
s tr Is superior In uuv in llm tiia
s.'i'clfully requested it. u-.it u, mil
is ill ilu- factory,
!ffff?*°fM*a****M9*a nNMHNNMHCMMI
•»fte»>b»<>«»*«.ite*e*-.c*«« mumh*m«mii,-. a * a.- - s
iililio nro ri
luA^'t^nAAnnTZA M^mmwmmmMMmmfflMMfflMfflmii
hav, baled   ready tor shipment,     at    *?lVi   ________________ t";*
libuu anl
ojds. Alia
so per uui, F. 0   n
W. Dealt. I ai
Olds, Alia. I   33
I   ffl
 >  ; m
Spokane October flth to IGtli.   t.nw t M
round trip excursion rale via   Great §Vv
Northern railway Ferule tu Spokane, jSj
Knr Ik-Ms and particulars seoageitt S«
Eyea   al hi   be examined
every two yiurs.
The   eyes  change.     Glasses
eiai'lly riylit l.,st year may be
Injurious now.    \Vhether you
wear gl.issc. or not your eyes
should be  examined  at  least
once every two yMr...   We are
eye exports.  We can afford vou
perfect sight,
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