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Cranbrook Herald Aug 18, 1904

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Onn. A. Con. Pre.iilr.it. B. K. Walkhk, Gen, Mid.
Paid  Up  Capital    SS.7S.nN.IM
Tefal fttiearces Nov. JO, OJ !" " "!.. U.mmM
Deposits Received,   liencral Banking Business Transacted
SAVIN.IS BANK DEPARTMENT   Deposlla Reolied-lnlerssl Allowed.
BANKlNl* IIV MAU. - PeposltS mnv l-*- niiitl*. an-l williitniwii liv limit.
Out-of.town noeoants racslva overy nttentlon, Cknntuuniinitlons nUut-MBOil
to ill. i,uiiiH|it-i nf tin, Omnbrook uranoh will reoutvs prmui-t attantlon,
• • • • • n»i*» •• •*•>••••
• •>••>•••••• •-«>-»>
§ Capital, Paid Up $3,000,000 X
* Rest $2,850,000 _
X T. R. Mcrrltt, Pres.   D. R. Willcie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager $
I        A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- j
• We in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special _
I attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager. 1
The   1'iisli  lire situation
district bos grown worse the
j&  IT IS A TIE **_*>
between quality and price in our Men's Furnishings. Our customers say they are both equally good—quality high; price low.
We know our English Scarfs will surely please you. A dainty
design in fine fabric. Durable, fashionable and tempting in price.
A bit of art work. The latest in Shirts, Collars, Cuffs, Gloves,
etc., in immense variety. We think it will pay you to examine
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
k Instead of better and nt
present is a very serious proposi
tion. New tin-8 ore breaking out
every .luy an.l the oiii-b tiial wen
iilrcuily Kturt.nl constantly spread
ing. notwithstanding tin- efforts
innili- ta»-li»-.-k tin-in. During ill
week the O.P.R, has lnul over,'260
men employed fighting lin-a be.
lw.-i*ii hiHiteuny 1.aniline, mul
1'r.iwK N.-hI iiii.I ure constantly employing in..re. mul n bun.-li of flfly-
twu .lu--*. under l-urry DihiIuii are
expooteu t-» iirriv.- today,   In od-
ilitinll to this they ll'.ve llu.1 ll lire
train running west from Oronbrook
nil lln- week. Near franhrook two
lint] tires liuve been raging, une
coining up from tin* vicinity of
Kort Steele Jimotion to within two
nnd one-half miles norlh ol town
uud the other la-inn ubout two
miles east of tuwn, to the nurtii of
RobinBo.i-McKenzic'nniill. Spoolol
Officer Baron, of the C.l'.R.. hail a
gang of men working Siitunlny,
Sunday and Momlny chocking thu
fire north of town nml liiuilly succeeded, and since that time he has
diverted his attention to the one
east of lown, where he has been
ably assisted by Constable Morris,
who has had the men and tenuis
from his ranch engaged in the
work, and it is believed by Messrs,
Buron und Morris that if we do
not have any high winds the woret
is over.
this conferring with noting chief con.
I»ist atulile Young us to liis authority l.
hire llH-ll to qui-n.-h lh-* forest fir.
that hnve been raging around
Creston for tin- past week and
which threaten to destroy the
plnce. Forest fir»*s prevail around
Cn-sU.ll In-Buys us far as the eve
can reach. I hi th.-wi sl sidttof l.n*
lake the tires i-llll   In*   seen   on   the
Bides of the m.iiiiitiiiiis reaching
tip as high apparcntl) as Ihi- Hay*
ouin-group, Every now awl then
Creston is threatened or sunn; isolated lions.* is in danger, Hy enlisting voltiuU-crs mi.J working fur
hours, milking 1-nck fires when th
wind changed, the damage Ims
lieen confined to the timber. The
volunteers have beoometired, however, of the lmnl work, with no
prospect of pay uud linve struck
and refuse to lunger respond to the
lire alarms of the constable, The
trip wus iiiiule for the special purpose of receiving authority to allow the volunteers so lelliing for
their services whet, they lire culled
out and compelled to work hard in
onler to save some one else's property from destruction. The constable ingeniously argues tlmt in a
case like this wliere property of
muny individuals is threatened,
that those who save it should be
recompensed out of the public
Mr. Wilson also cousult.il Gold
Commissioner Renwiek as lo the
expenses he might incur for the
Speukiug of the situation, Mr. | government in employing men to
Baron said: "The situation isi fight lire in defense of public pro*
more serious thnn the majority of | perty.   He has received sutisfac
5-4ms-®-s>-* 4Mb-*
Will buy one of thc
finest hotels in East
Kootenay. For full
particulars see ** »* t»»
Baker Street, **9* Cranbrook
_ _ _ a, m m tn av- i.) -®-®-®-®- ft>-» -<•
If there is any
run in that
watch of yours
W. H. Wilson
we can get it out ol it.
II we can't make it go, it is
pretty nearly a hopeless case, and
its days ol usefulness may be said
to be over. Bring it in to us and
let us have a look at it, anyway.
There are years of service left in
many watches and clocks,which
were laid aside because they
stopped running.
the citizens seem to realize, and
notwithstanding the fact thut the
C.P.R. has been putting fortl
every effort in their power, it hus
seemed impossible to get assistance from some of the lumber companies, even when the fire was in
close proximity to their own property, and with the exception of the
East Kootenny company nnd tin-
King Lumber mills of Cranbrook
and the Stamliinl Lumber com.
puny at Mi.yook no assistance
whatever hns lieen rendered, It
seems impossible to understand
how. with the present dry condition
of everything, people cnn be so
negligent of their own interests.'
Cot.Btal.le Morris said practically
the same and iulil.il that in some
instil noes the carelessness shown
l.y interested parties npprouclinl
criminal negligence.
In the meantime tho government
has pni.l no attention to the request for assistance mmle lust
week, beyond notifying Goveriiinent Agent Armstrong to appoint
n fin- warden, and Robert Nail, bus
been appointed, but no funds were
furnished or provision mail., fur
liim to i-mplov assistance, It
seems strange tlllll the goveriiinent
of u province like UriliBli Columbia could lx- so negligent of it's
own interests as to run the risk of
losing hiiudrtils of thousands uf
dollnrs in license fees and Btutupuge
wlii-ii n few liunilr.il dollars judiciously expended would avoid all
i-hiiiice of loss, l.ut such appears to
be the case.
Kust of the Kootenay river the
lircs are still burning fiercely and
in some cases the towns have been
endangered, Oil.Wednesday M.
Mel niiis received wonl from his
ineii at Crows Nesl that the situation then- wus more dangerous
thnn ever, the lire being on lioth
sides uf his limits uutl asking for
more assistance at. once as not
only the timlier was in danger but
the buildings as well. Mr. Mclnnis
left last night will, what help he
could procure,
Below will Ih- found accounts of
the situation butti east and west
published in the Nelson Daily
Fires Near Creston.
.1. Wilson, government inspector
nnd i-oiiHtiilile at Creston, arrived
here on Suiiiluy fur the purpose of
tory assurance that those who have
assisted In putting out the lire will
be paid,
William Koch, who hns the contract for the construction of the
Alice eoncentractor, has received
advices that 1,000 additional feet
of tbe Hume bus been destroyed in
addition to the 150 feet burned
some time ago. The flume is insured, however, and Mr. Koch will
loso nothing, Tho upper terminal
of the tramway wns threatened by
fire when the news wns scut to
him, but the employees were making a hanl light and hoped to save
it. -Nelson News.
Michel Endiniereil.
Michel, August 1(1—The smoke
nt Michel from the forest fires was
so lind that on Monday it entered
the mines and rendered them id-
most unsafe to work in. All day
long the fires burned drawing
steadily closer, but at 10 p. ill. a
breeze springing up, it assumed
dangerous proportions uud threatened to sweep the entire town.
Many of the citizens then pp-pim.il
for flight and a train was nrrmiged
to take the women nnd children, if
necessary, to Fernie. E. P. Miller
and his eompiuiy re.ip.il n harvest
in the fire insurance business,
his office lieing fairly besieged for
The town become a scene of animation and everywhere one could
sii* men digging greut holes and
burying their possessions. It is
safe to say that up to 1 o'clock a.
in, the scare was so great that there
were but few sleepers in the community, Thanks, however, to the
fornsightand excellent nrrnngments
of manager Arthur Wilson, the
town iB fully provided for such
contingencies and is furnished
with a water system that any pluee
of its size and age might well lie
proud of, Hence in n short time
tho buildings were fairly deluged
with water,
Fortunately the wind (lied down
thus postponing the ladles excursion to Fernie and averting immediate disaster. The company has
lnul to close their mines for a time
and will ondenvor to block the entrances to the various workings so
as to render them uir tight and thus
prevent the smoke mingling with
the gas atld causing trouble.
Tin*).- will Ih- a meeting in
Wentworth liaEI on this (Thursday)
night for the purpose of organic
ing fl hose company uiul *< hook
and ladder company, All citizens
and especially the young men, nre
requested to Im- present.
The Cranbrook Brewery.
Th** Cranbrook brewery, in the
short space of a week is proving
even more of u success tlmn the
most outomistio had hoped Tor. The
fame of the beverage has travelled
fast uml orders arr coming in from
all points on tin* (Vow. hut up to
the present Mr. Geiler Ims Been
unable to supply more than the
lorn! demand, luit it is expected
that by the Hrst of September tbey
will be able to fill all orders.   The
stockholders   are  feeling  highly
elated over the success of the ven
tare ami Mr. (ieiler hus  been the
recipient of nil kinds of eneonimna
on  tlie  superior quality  of the
product of thu Cranbrook brewery.
Thfl locution of the brewery is
an ideal oue, as it   is seldom that
good wuter for brewing purposes
eun lw found iu such close proximity to u railroad,nnil nt the same
time lie far enough from town to
escape contamination from sower-
age.   In   tliis   respect the  Cranbrook brewery is indeed fortunate,
as they have secured possession of
three  springs    from' the   Buki
estate  and all water  used in or
alxiut   the   brewery   comes   from
these   springs   and  not  from the
creek   us   muny   seem   to  think.
Humpies of this Wftter were Bent to
the laboratory of the First Scientific Station for the Artof Brewing,
New York city, nnd the following
Now thut Cranbrook has ex-[decided that if thirty men would
perienced two fires, either of whioh I guarantee $60 apiece, or n larger
might have swept the whole busi* number a smaller sum. the money
ness portion of the town out of could lie more easily and much
existence, the citizens urenppnrent- j more quickly raised, so thut no
ly awakening from the feeling of time should Ih- lust in ordering th*
security i" which they have here* hose. Twenty-four meu gmiranteed
tofore been content to exist. At fl , $fi0 upiece, uml u committee con-
meeting called by the fire wardens j listing of Messrs. Ryan, HoU*rt«,
and ol>*
on the 11th iust.. a large and repn
sentative body of citizens assembled
to discuss adequate fire protection,
and it is a mutter  fnr congratulation that not only   was the matter
well threshed out. but  sufficient
money was guaranteed ou the kjioi
to allow uf immediate steps   being  might lie diH*tU«l
taken  toward  securing additional      The question of
appliances. with the pnmp-Ulfl
The chairman.  Mr. Jas, liy,
briefly outlined the objt
analysis hus bean received:
The water contains in 100.000
Total residue    18.40 parte
Loeehy calcination     0,80   "
Residue alter calcination....   17.(10   "
Limo _     II00   "
Magnesia     2.45   "
Sulphuric aulil     0.41   "
Chlorine       1.24   "
Nitrons arid      none
Nitric arid   .....   none
Ammonia    none
"      (Album.) smalt truces
The organic substances require oxygen _     O.U parts
Iron _    traces
Temporary hardnesH     11.7° engl,
Permanent hardness	
Total hardness     11,7° engl.
They also state that the water is
in perfect condition for nil brewery purposes. The purity of the
wuter taken into consideration of
Mr. Getter's recognizee! ability as
a brewer, is a sufficient guarantee
thut the present high standard of
the Cranbrook beer will Ito main.
tnined in the future.
dirt.? or Imdlj adjuited maiitiirterj nf nny
kin.l rntiiiot iln antiitnctor; work.   Tbs deli-
t'uli 111 fclini 1 ism of
reiiuirn the nt tan timi uf an exoert at leant
OHM every twu ream. Unlaw tney a red-pan*
•<l, repaired aud n'gola'aH that often they
en nn ut Iw expecUd to keep good time.
W» put wat-uliea in perfect working order
nuil oliarge moderate pricee for the eei-rU'u*
W. f, Gate,
Jeweler ani> Optician.
ua-Sal Watah lui'Mor.'. I*. I, Cnwsltat
rw I*..*,,,
C. P. R. Alter HIII.
Tlio Grent   Northern mul the
Ciiiiiifliiin Pacific rnilroiitls have
'liix.-d nt Uoiralilic, Wiish., in com*
potition for frr-yit, nnil so fnr tho
Ciuiiuliiiii l'ui-ilii- hns enrried off
the plum. The hitulitur of livo
sheep to Chicago .-kuscI the dis*
turlsu.ee, nnd the Grent Northern
hns authorized its agents to quote
n rate of $1 per cwt,, with minimum
weight of 24,000 pounds, the same
as is quoted by the Ciiiiitiliun Pa*
Republic is reached on the
Great Northern lines by the 8. F.
& N. and the Washington & Great
Northern, From the Canadian Pacilic line nt Grand Forks, B. C„ it
is reached by the Kettle Vnlley road.
Recently a shipper there asked for
rates on .15 cars |of sheep to Chi,
cngo. The Great Northern repre-
sentntive quoted S24!) a car of 24,-
(XX) pounds.
The Canadian Pacific compelled
j the withdrawal of the rat* as an in
which required a consultation before n competitive rate could be
mude, and announced a rate
amounting to $2,40 a cur. The
Great Northern nien accepted tho
rate and were booking some of the
cars whon the main office of the
Great Northern revoked the rate
and called tho men off. Tho Canadian Pacific has hauled the sheep
and now the Great Northern
authorized the rate,- Spokesman*
Telephone Line Completed.
The telephone line to Moyie is
now completed and residents of
that thriving inining|towii are now
permitted to converse with the
citizens of the metropolis of Kast
Kootenay without travelling twenty
miles to do so. The line was completed the first of the week but was
not connected up for use until
yesterday, when the Herald office
of Cranbrook was put in direct
communication with F. >T. Smyth,
editor of the Moyie Leader, and,
notwithstanding the smoky atmosphere, the line was in such good
working condition thut we could
see (or imagined wecouldl Smyth's
genial smile lis he yelled "Hello"
at us and informed us that Moyie
was still on the map, the St.
Eugene working full force, the fish
biting good in Movie hike, nnd the
prospects never brighter for the
prosperity of Moyie In general and
the Lender office in purticul.tr. The
finishing of this line means u gootl
deal to both Craubrook and Moyie
in n lnisiness way as it enables
direct communication between the
business men and citizens of both
towns on short notieeiiiiilnt reasonable rates. The line was built and
will Is. opcrati-d by the Cranbrook
Electric Light antl Power company,
and the mnnnger, .Mr. Stocks, Ib to
congrntulutcd on the manner in
whicl. he hus pushed the work on
the same,
We have been handed a pros-
E'ctus of the Flathead Vnlley Oil
and Development company ,orgnn*
iued nt Victoria for the securing
und development of oil clnims In
tho Flathead country. The company has nn authorized capital of
$260,000, divided in one million
shares of n par vnlue of twenty,
five cents. Full information cnn
be secured from Arnold & Roberts,
tho Cranbrook agents.
Elwell anil Nelsoi
to interview ntli.-r ihi
tnlutttlilitionul subscriptions, After
Incorporation n l.y*lnw woukl be
snl,initt.il imkiiiu fm* sufficient
money in repay this ndvnnceand
provide nny further appliances thai
,-ui arrangement
i was iilsn tnken
up, iiiiiI step will In* token Uikiug
toward liming n more constant and
better pressure nf wnter available
nt nil times. Du .1. II. King
suggested, too, thai the i-liief
slinuM Ih- snppljed with funds n.
-my liis nien fnr their wi-rk ut tires.
nnd it wns nlso suggested that
merchuiits Bliould be remunerated
fnr blankets,
Messrs. Fink, llnron and Rynn
were appointed n committee lo
purchase the necessary luis.- or
other appliances iliviih-d by tli.-tn
to Ih- within n-m-li nf the lilliiUil
means at their disposal. Mr. Fink
ndvocnted n hook nnd ladder out-
tit, lull nothing definite along that
line was decided upon,
On motion of Mr. Jnmes Greer,
Beconded by Mr. ,1. A. Harvey, a
h.-nrty vote of thanks was tendered
to Mr. Win. Leonard and others
wlm tc-nk such a prominent part at
the nozzl.* -if tin* lins.- in tin* recent
fires, nnd the chief was naked to
convey to them the heart}' thanks
of the meeting for their excellent
work. It was the wish of the nieet-
iiigthat Mr l.t-nnanl should be mon,
substantially thanked for his work,
but it was understood thnt he
would accept nothing albeit he had
hml clothhiR destroyed.
' in motion nf Mr. Bak'-r.st-coniiwi
I by Mr. Tate, n vnt.* of thanks for
tlie hydrants, it being felt that all! liis efficient services in the |*ast
would contribute for such a good [and promises of active help in the
cause. After thoroughly threshing l future was tendered th>- chief. Mr.
the matter out, however,  it   wns | Fink.
. et of"tin-
meeting, impressing ii'iou his
hearers the great importance tti all
the people of the town that something should lie done to lessen tin-
danger uf a great conflagration.
Mr. Ji Pi Fink, the chief of the
tire brigade, stated that the thing
most needed was additional hose.
At the first fire two lines were lnitl.
but ut the Becond fire, owing to th.-
.liatiu.ee from the hydrants, it was
possible to lay only one. Of the
present hose, live sections would
soon lie unfit for further use. making a (leereuse in the available
supply of two hundred nntl lifly
feet. About $1S8 remained unpaid on the old hose, and he earnestly advocated the raising of a
sum sufficient to pay off this in*
deht.-dni-Bs and buy- l.(XX) ft-et of
new hose. Mr. Fink also urged
that the citizens should for... a
volunteer brigade and attend fin-
practices in onler thnt they might
be the lietter able to cope will, any
future lire, offering his services to
drill them.
A lively discussion ensued, and;
a motion was put and carried that
a committee should lie appointed
to go over the ass.-ssu.ent of the
town and strike a rate to Ih- paid
by all within >> certain radius of
Labor Dsy.
The indications are that the
Labor day celebration in Cran*
brook this year will surpass any.
Lease C. P. R. Lines.
Fernie, Aug. 4.   G.... S. Liudsey. managing director of the coal
,-,-.,, -,        ,-  . company, has returned from Win-
thing of the kind ever held in the, niix*«. when- he completed the deal
Kootenays. The program pre- for the leas..* of the CI'. R. branch
pared is a good one and the prizes li„e between the town and the Coal
are sufficient to attract the best of Creek mines. The coal company
talent in all the contests. The I takes tin-line over Sept. 1. Thc
drilling contest is already arousingjc, P. R. rolling stock mnv be pur.
much interest and with a flftt chased by the cool compnny. The
prize of $175.00 and second of llrase is for 10 years, with the op-
$75.00 it is expected that teams I tion of n-newii'iL' it for a similar
will be attracted from both East | term.
and West Kootenay. In the log
loading contest the first prize will
be $50 and the second $25. In the
tie-mukiug contest $40 to first and
$20 to second. In the sawing contest the first prize will be $30 and
the second $15. and the prizes for
other sports will lie in proportion.
There are also a number of cash
prizes for Indian sports of sufficient
size to attract the best of thetrilies-
nien in the district, nnd this clnss
of sport always furnishes a vast
amount of amusement for the
spectators. Even the children are
not forgotten as a number of prizes
School Reopen. .Nexl Week.
The Cranbrook public  schools
will retuM-ii again next  week with
Principal (i. A  King in charge.
The school.Uji.nl wishes to impress
on   all    parents   the   imperative
necessity  of  all   children   I .-ing
present for enrollment uu Monday
morning and wish to announce that
in  accordance   with  instructions
from the  department all truanta
will lie summarily dealt with.   Tha
full corps of teachers has not yet
lieen decided on bul will Im- settled
will heaven for contests between ! '"'fore Monday,
hoys  and girls.    Everyone |
should do their utmost to see that
there Is a gootl turnout and show-
to all visitors that Cranbrook is
Oct Tbeir Licenses.
Wonl hasl-pen received in Cranbrook   that the  following mimed
justly entitled to the name "Queen I nu-mlH-rs of what is known ns the
City of the Kootenays."
A Snclnl Success,
Resulted In a Draw,
J, McSweyn returned from Lethbridge yestenluy after mfereeing
the lncrosse game nt that town
Tuesilay between Medicine Hst
and Lethbridge. Mr. McSweyn
says that it was one of the fastest
and eleaneiit ganicB it has ever
been his privilege to witness, nnd
that it resulted in a ttrawn game,
the score being 1-1. Ho also states
he was accorded good treatment by
both citizens and players of Leth.
bridge, and was informed that his
refereeing gave the best of satisfaction lo nil concerned. Unless
the executive of the Union nnd
Crows Neat Leagues onler the tie
Snmes between Crnnbrook nnd
[ediclne Hut, uud Lethbridge and
Medicine Hat ployed off this will
give Crnnbrook the cup in both
On Friday evening the Craubrook Lawn Tennis Club and Koo-
fenny Golf Club gave a sulscrip.
tion dance at the Wentworth hall,
The hnll wns decorated very prettily
with Japanese lanterns, and the
walls hung with tennis ra-'.iiiets
and golf paraphcnnlin, Atxiut
aeveuty.flve couples were present.
One of the beat features of the
evening was the new orchestra in
charge of MesBrs. C'ann and Mil-
ward. This was thoir first appearance and the music was superior
to anything yet hennl in Crnnbrook. It is to be hoped they will
bo well patronized as their per
Cnvon syndicate have been granted
licenses to prospect for cool and
petroleum in Block ini'.l: David
Ciiven. A. J, Martin. W. O'Heiirn,
Percy Veiialilt-s.
For Fish Protection.
To the Editor Cranbrook Herald.
Dear Sir: Has it ever conn- to
vour notice tin- uumber of tish that
have beon dynimitod this summer
in Fish lake? 1 took a trip in
through that part of lln- i-oiiutry
nbotlt four weeks ago and I figured
out that tin- lake hail ln-i-ii dyni-
niit.-d. because there was as muoh
as four inches of dead fish in tin.
creek, coining out of the lake. I
believe there is such a person as a
game wanleii iu  this  part of thi.
formauce would be creditable in Kootennys, out what is he doing,
any city. Tlie committee in charge exoept draw his remuneration every
aro to be congratulated upon the month? The only trouble is that
great success of their first dance, |tbere is not enough men employed
which   was  very thoroughly  enjoyed by all present.
Oood Crops In Territories.
J, A. Laurie returned last week
from a trip throngh the territories
and states that the reports circulated here to the effect that crops
were a failure on thn prairie is
wrong, as they were looking fine
and all indications pointed to a
gootl yield and farmers all along
tho line wore feeling good over the
to protect the fish and game of this
country.   Wake up people; Wake
'        J. J. Miller. Crnnbrook.
I Prospector and Miner.)
Russell Sage said that 5 per
cent, saved on a purchase wan
equal to n 20 per cent, investment,
as the n-tnrns wen- immediately
realized, If that Im- true the 10
por cent, off nt Morrow & Mc
Farlanc's is equal to a 40 per cent,
investment. Consider this
mun who work,
Editor and Proprietor
Th.- Harold la worth *ii> a year. It coata
in.I.v $•-'. No imui iu South Boat Kootenay
canajford to Im withoul it, ond tveryoua
Hvlugoutaldaol th»dlBtriot»wholBtUt»reated
in thf progroaaol tula aectlou,'ahouId read i'
li pQbllahMtbeuewi while it lawwa. It ta
controlled absolutely by tha publlibet. No
nUque, pnriv or IndWdual dictates ii policy.
It don't try iu please th** people. Ub dealt*
isto pubUiha uewapoperthat wlllbea credit
to ths community, blend In your aubacrip*
liuu uud aad you will be luaukluWvw niter*
w uni.
ini'li, miiikI' v
fcfrerttalng r,,,,'!* *! i"'r -
uum, j.t-r monthi uu mur.* and no leaa
Heading mutter IS centa per line to aon-
wlrertiaarli lOcenta per Una toregularad'
vertlaere. Bualneaa locali
«i*li insertion.
iti per Uni
rii inaertion,
||youdealre to reach the i pie olSoutn
Eaat Kootenay you muat advertlaa in The
The Herald hai a Bretelana job plant, and
Ita work Uo! the beet. The Herald don'l
«itnt charity, it wanta a aquan deal on
yow Job work. If we can't suit yon In ooal
Ity und price, kick, and aend your wurk to
■ome Cheap John house In thc sail that ner*
*r ipeada aceot In Cranbrook
troptuee of his birth and power;
the poor man's attachment to the
tenement he holds, whioh sttan-
gSn huvc heUl before, and may tomorrow occupy again, haa a worthier root, struck deep into n purer
soil. His household k<m1b of ,t,,,Bl1
ami Mood, with no alloy of silver,
gold or precious atonesj he has uo
property but in the affections of
his own heart: and when they endeared hare floors and wulls despite of toil and scanty meals, that
mau has his love of home from God
and his rude lint becomes a solemn
Our habits are formed under the
mouldering power of home.   The
tender twig Is there bent the spirit shaped principles implanted, and
the whole character is formed until it becomes a habit.   Goodness
or evil are there "rOBolved into necessity*" Who does uot feels this
influence of home upon ull his habits of life? The grayhaired fath-
_t who walla in his second Infancy
feels the traces of hia childhood
home iu his desires und habits,
.    rxrsrasaBErs asrsacar 'cacz.S837.ssa
liuve the courage to out the most
agreeable acquaintance you have
when yon are convinced be Incite
principle; a friend should hear witli
a friend's infirmities, but not with
his vices. He thut does a bust
thing through zeal for his friend
burna the golden thread that ties
their hearts together,
The most trifling actions that
affect a man's credit are to be regarded. The sound of your hammer at five in the morning or niiu
at night, heard by a creditor, maket*
him easy six months longer; but h
he sees you at a  billiard  table  01
hears your voice at a saloon when
you should be at work ho sends you
his bill the next day.
Beautiful lives have blossomed
in the darkest places, as pure whiti
lilies of fragrance on the slimy wa
ters. No possession is so product
ive of real influence as a cultivate!
intellect. Wealth, birth and officio
station may and do secure to theil
possessors nn external) superficin
courtesy; but they never did com
maud the reverence of the heart
It is only to tlie man of largo and
noble soul, to him who blends ti
cultivated mind with au upright
heart, that men yield the tribute oi
deep aud genuine respect.
Parents  do  wrong   in   keeping
their children hangingaround honu
in idleness and sheltered and enervated by parental indulgence. Tin
eagle does better. Tt stirs up its
nest when the young eagles are
able to Hy. They are compelled U
shift for themselves for the old
eagle literally turns them out nnd
at the same time tears all the down
and feathers from the nest. 'Tis
this rude ui.d rough experience that
makes tlie king of birls so fe-nr
less iu his flight and so expert iu
his pursuit of prey, lt is u misfortune to be born with a silver
spoon in your mouth. Riches often
hang like a millstone about the
nocks of ambitous young men and
Bud company is like a nail dri
ven into a [>ost which after the
first or second blow can lie drawn
out with little difficulty; but lieing
once driven in up to the head, the
pincers cannot take hold to draw it
out, which can only be done, by the
destruction ofthe wood. You may
be ever so pure, you cannot associate with bud companions without
falling into bad odor, From impure air we take diseases; from
bad company vice and imperfection.
With many of us our parents
have lived their allotted time of
three score years and ten but if we
still hnve them in the family circle
how highly we should appreciate
them. The suow of winter comes
und sheds its white blessings ii|k>h
the valley and the mountains, but
soon tlie sweet spring comes and
mink's it ull nwny. Not so with
that upon the browof tottering uge.
There is no spring whose warmth
can penetrate its eternal frost. It
came to stay, Its single flakes
fell unnoticed but now they nre
drilled there, We shall see it increase until the summons is heard
to come up higher. Welcome the
snow, for it is the emblem of pence
and of rest. It is but a temporal
crown wliich shnll fall at the gates
of paradise, to be replaced by a
brighter and better.
If ever household affections and
loves are gracious things, they are
graceful in the poor. The ties
ttiat bind the wealthy nnd the proud
to home, may be forged on earth.
but those whicli link the poor man
to his humble hearth, ure of the
true metal, and bear the stamp of
heaven. The man of high descent
may love the halls aud lands of his
inheritance aB a pnrt of himself, as
Hill stC.
Three \*.ire ugo th* Government
at Ottuwa nfi-jiitiuted a little commercial treaty with tho Ugveinui-eiit
ol tlm lalun-J uf Trinidad, Kouthern-
uiust uf the liriiish West Indies.
From the Island thei-a cam* to Canada, twu members uf the Legislature,
M.-ssra. Fenwick and McCarthy, the
lutler gentleman Conuntsi loner uf
Customs. The treaty wae never ra-
tiii.-d by the Uovernment of the
islnml, Oar of United States reprisals impelling tha Administration to
drop tbe instrument, but, as a result of tne visit of the two envoys,
and tho earnest work of Ur. Edgar
Tripp, the Canadian Commercial representative at l'ort of Spain, tha
Capital of Trinidad, our trade with
the island has greatly increased.
Recently tht* uubla told us that
theie has beuu u serious rising in
fort ul SpaiU, the people having rebelled against a new eystein of water tuxes. The police tired on the
mob, killing several.
Messrs. Fenwick and McCarthy,
when in Ottawa, had plenty of Interesting information to give about the
population of the island. Only twenty per cent, are white*, the majority
of the remainder being negroes and
half castes.
The negroes are descended from a
particularly blood-thirsty and lazy
African tribe, some thousands of
whose members were brought to
America two hundred years ago.
They were found to be useless as
slaves, and whon emancipation came,
and they were given their plantations on the island, they became the
terror of the whites, la the towns
they are kept under by police, but
In the district! Inhabited solely by
themselves, according to Mr. Fenwick, lt is dangerous for a white
man to travel without escort. They
will not work and all the labor on
the cocoa and coffee plantations and
in the orange groves is performed b.v
Bast Indians, who are thoroughly
tractable and industrious.
Doubtless the rioters referred to in
the cablegram were some of Mr.
Fenwick's friends, the negroes. He
told of valuable estates lhat had
been abandoned because of the constant danger frum the blacks. As
they number about eighty thousand,
they cannot be put down by force,
and the best the whites can hope for
Is that thc negroes will keep to their
own part of the Island.
(stum tn-tri rhraa-sloglvall**.
A phronologlst after a visit to the
(alien*-* uf the House of Commons
at Ottuwa, Would gu uwuy a wiser
manr-pei'haps a sadder. He wouhi
look duwn un all suits and cundi
tluns of heads—shiny bald pates, buld
putes nut shiny; hair of all bliudi a
und slmdy hair. Of the lutler class
there is only oue sample. It ls adjustable and Ih intended to vunceul
the buld truth from phrenologists in
tho galleries and elsewhere. It U
supplied at a price to those whu
consider the galleries ln life, and to
those who are susceptible to colds.
There are little heads and big
heads, thin heads and fat heads.
Some depressed and others swollen.
On some the bumps are plainly
marked. These bumps Indicate a
political career. The Redistribution
Bill will bring mors bumps, says Tha
Toronto Telegram's correspondent.
Tiiere are heads oa which the hair
Is parted with precision, others on
which the hafr is parted with axes.
Some heads have hair which is not
parted. These heads lndieata political Independence.
The view of some of the heads in
ths House Is obscured by hats. There
Is a tall, glossy silk hat, which conceals the attic of the Minister of Marine and Fisheries, by far the leading hat in tho House. Men have
wondered whether this hai is ever
Also there Is a round soft brown
irregular hut, hailing frum Guy .9-
boro. This hat is the poor relation
to another brown hat, not quite su
brown and less irregular, which appeals on Sundays. The Guysboro'
hat and the Uahi&borough hat have
nothing in cuiuinun, except thut the
(lulnshoruugh hut has no particular
rarrnr'i (iiidln School**ati,
Dr. George Murray, of Montreal,
the Oxford scholar, poet, and writer
fur the press, was a college mate
and friend ot the late Dean Farrar.
Farrar, Sir Edwin Arnold and Murray were at King's College, London,
together, and competed for the senior classical scholarship. Dr. Murray
says: "It is tlie custom to post the
results of these examinations in
King'e College Hall. I remember
that I was so nervous that I decided
to funk it and remained at home
instead of going down to seo who th#
winner was. 1 said to my mother,
'I don't think that I shall go down.'
While waiting in the house I noticed
my friend Farrar coming along with
a jaunty step and with a smile of
pleasure upon his face. X rushed to
the door and said, 'Am X to congratulate you, Farrar?' 'No,' returned my friend, T am come to congratulate you.' ThiB incident shows
the modesty and the genuine friendship which characterized the late
Dean during the whole ot his lifetime."
,-C. V*' W —-5JTV
Canadian Gin **
•*T- Vi,**. the palal-f and -tint, with flv* Stomicli
Supeiiui '.-■ Imported Gin beoause it's c'.i
|..,!,i..l .  .. I.i.,.. V   KllK Olil
I'm-***' «•	
The Only Gin . . .
--li,,', i* r-illv i- ii,„v.I i.„ yran In Ron-led
44.,, -** I l»„iil,U under gover **"'
The Only Cl i . . .
i. .,,1414,,.. ■■:■■    Iqual lyguni .nieedonevery
MelchersRed Cross
Is Hit finest typi uf pure, will sitinl 6li.
Highly recommended by ptivHlclans
becuu ie It's Old nnd Pure.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comlort i Specialty
(iood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad snd depot.    HaB accomuioila-
tlons for the public unequalled in Craubrook.
Hoggarth & Rollins]
Hut ind Cold Baths
To be had from flcDermot and Bowness
He Had Them.
"Havi' you any heirlooms?" sho
nsktxl. "anything thnt lias beon
liamlt'il down iii your Family from
generation tti generation?"
"Yob." he proudly replied, "I
have the Hrst pair of shoes my
grandfather ever wore. He bought
thein with money he earned hauling timber for u house on wliich
your grandfather was working for
IH) cents a day."
Tlu'ii she decided never to
recognize him again because ho
was a ninn who had none of the
liner instincts. Chicago Record-
The Lillooet Elections.
Revelstoke. Aug. Hi--The full
returns from the Lillooet election
cannot be obtained as yet. The
following are the figures so far
MeDonnM   Btoddart
Lillooet       53 82
Pavilion         U f)
Clinton       -'•"> 20
Hat Creek          IT 11
Tliis gives McDonald, the government candidate, n lead of 811,
with a few small places to hear
from, and indicates his election by
a small majority.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notiii'in in'r»l.,v given Dial the partnership
lieretofora existing between Hheltiin A t'lapp
Is this Any iIlt-Bolveij by mutual roiwnnt, I.
Clnpp will continue to conduct the Weui-
w.mii lintel Imaim-aa nml pay nil bills against
mild luwltioaa mni eolluul ull ncuouiita tin
Inn.-.] hi -Rrauhrnok, B.n.July 8B, 1804.
IH 1.. (LAI I*
Timber Notice.
Take notice Hint thirty ilnya ufler ilate
hereof 1 lutein! lo upply lo the chief commie-
■.Inner ul IuihIh mnl wurkn, Victoria, ll 0.,
lor u special license to cut mnl curry nway
timber from tin- fallowing described lund*
aitutit" in Simiii Unit Kootenny, 11.0.
CotnmeueinK ai a pnst planted on thoiiorMi
houndury ut Dun Howe's pre-emption snd »•
the aoutli euat corner of Mutiglicr find Uowi's
timber license, tfteneo uorlli yilcliuliiH,(henne
cum B'lclialiiH, iheneesuntta SO liulna,theni'e
west su i'IiiiIiih io i In' pli if li.'itlnnitivr.
Dated (Ida sixth dny ot A ittnat, 1 04.
•3i UiUmil Eiffel).
Orange Meat
r.iinad-r*. Beat Breakfast Dish
One Pound of Orange Meat
Is equal to
Five Pounds of Beef
In nourishing qualities
It is the cheapest because the best
tor thut pair ot trouncre. Tlu-y will (It you
to perfection wheu we'll have tliciu ready tor
vou. The cloth ffill be the bet ot the ecWt-
■*il iiiiiit'iiiil, too, und you'll tic uattHfled with
its lusting nullities, You know thut the
iinnii' to-order trousern nre furnupcriori o llie
renily-niade oneH, und wliile the former runts
it little more, they are cheaper in the end, for
tliey will outwear the others. Thereptitution
nt ourcBtubllehmvut fur high t-lumt work is
well known, uud  o-ir price*-, nrt* reauouutiV,
too.  liCt'H have ydur orJer*),
Leask & Henderson
Type writing wanted.   Apply to
Miss Stamp.
Wanted—A good errand boy.
K. E, Beattie,
RO—s-YOUR  _
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?   S
If the rush of business |
prevents YOU finding
time to write   up your
books, or having your j
bills and accounts regu- j
larly rendered and collected, apply to
P. fl. Box 217
In the Supreme Court, Port Steele Registry
Iu Probate,
Nuliee in U rehv giveu that tm tbe StDnd
duy of July, 1904, It wae ordered by J. A.
i'oriii. Esq, local judge ot tbe suld court,
that Juniee KurgtiHoii Ainmtrung. Official
Ail miniat rat or in and for that- portion of the
I'ouii'y of Kootenav not Included in the
El'ct.nrul Diutrlcts of Nelson, Ymir, Revelstoke und Columbia, be administrator of alt
end eiugulur the estate of Anna I'.. Irvine, of
.Silver R w In the State of Moutatia.deLensed,
Kvery credit or or other person buving any
claim upon or iotenst in the distribution u( the estate of tbe suid
deceased ia required to send before
the 1st, dav of October next hy registered
letter, nddresatd to the undersigned, his
name aud address and tbe full particulars of
his claim or Interest aud a statement of bis
account, andtheuuture of the security (If
any) held by him.
After tbe said first day of October tbe administrator will proceed with Lhe distribution
n| the estate having regnrd to those claims
onl.v of which be shall bave had notice.
Duti'd at Craubro.tk, this Uth day ot
AugiiM. 11)04.
James Ferguson Armstrong.
official Administrator.
Tenth*, s lor ih* purchase of tlie interests of
iheestuteof theaaid Anna K. Irvine iu Lot
SID, lilock lltt. of the townsite of Cranbrook
according to flan No. 008 deposited in the
land registry office ut Nelson will lm received
h.r tbe undersigned until Uimn on Mondny,
lli.-L".nli day of August iust mil. Tenders
will uot he considered unless accompanied by
un acccpl-sd cbeiiue (or tea per cent, of tbe
purchase iiiiceoffir.il. The balance will in
pay aide the Hrst day of October. Tbe highest bid not necessarily accepted.
J. i  Armstrong,
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given tlint the linn ol Per
ry A FitsgeruM, doing business under the
name of Cranbrook Cartage nn.l Transfer
company, is hereby mutually dissolved, F,
.1. F. l'erry will continue the lnisiness and
settle a)) accounts due by iln- timi uml collect
ull bills due the tirm.
Cranbrook, H. ('..July Vi, 101)4.
F. J. P. IVrry,
('. Pitigerold,
Cranbrook License District.
A special in t*ting ul the Hoard  of License
Commissioners, Crnnbrook  License Districl,
will tie held at the Court  House, Crnnbrook.
ou Friday, August 2(1. 1004, at  ten o'clock
in tbe forenoon   to consider llic following
Wm. Forsvtb, Ilnya) Hotcl-Kimherltfy.
J. II. Mctfutiin,
lliiel License Inspector.
Stock Quotations.
Furnished l.y Boal,-, ill
brokers, Crunlirook lt. 0,
Wnr Scrip	
. -juri.iii
N„rlli  Slur	
St, IJllK-'ti,,	
I'llJ   llllll	
si.Hug™.m, Mi.,.*-	
4. cHli-rn (.11 ntnl I'i.hI <-<>iii*ittn.v	
.'aiiii.lliiii <I„M H'Ii-I-Ih	
iutfrnntlonal i'..ni >i.>'l t'oka	
llltlllillillll    <-|>tlH-lti,l<lt*ll 	
loiiH-rlnl Oil nml Conl Comimnjr.,,,
...  J-,.*,.u
Kules:   Wiistern   Oil  uu
1 Conl,
1,(XX), Sullivun, 501).
Second Annual Exhibition of Ihe
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
New Buildings,   Fine Grounds,   Big; Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Wr;ie lor Prl» List	
J. E. ANNABLE, Sec, Nelson, B. C
When you visit Cranbrook stop at (lie
None Better In the District
Rale.-. Il and up.   Short Orders and Oysters j
nerved In any style Iron. N p. .... lo 0 a. in. 1
The tabic is thc best, the rooms art unsurpassed lor dean I
linens and comlort and the bar is supplied with the best brand !
oi liquors and cigars.
L. B. VANDElAR, Prop. ■
->s6n>«(<-frec«*.*i**f»**»«6»fr       < •«*••*•«**•. e ««*« i W*
| Tht Pioneer Hotel of the St. Marys Valley.
* Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining room service, and the JJ
\ best of everything; at the bar. _
| FRED DREW,      /.'.'       Proprietor. I
T tS
Timber Notice.
Tuke notice thnt thirty days a'ter d«te, I
intent) to npply to the rhiet commlMlonor ol
i.tinds and works, for a special license lo cut
and curry awny limber from the following
described lands, situate in South East Kootenuy British Columbia:
Commenclngatapo.it planted In tha .ground
at the north nut comer of D. liremner'etimber lic.'iiMc and nlnn theeonthern boundary nf
f. Parka timher licenne, thence eoet H' chains
l hence aouth 80 iihnlne, thence weet B0chnina
thence north HO ehalns to place of beginning
containing 040 ncree more or lee«.
14 Walter Loring.
.lime Utth, 1WI4
Timber Notice.
Take notice that thirty daya after date, )
Intend to apply tothecWetcoromiBaloner ol
Landa and wo-k«, Victoria, B. C..(orn npec*
iallicenae to cut nml carry away timber from
the following described lands ettuate In South
1'iiHt Kootenny:
Commencing at apoatnlninteil In the ground
.it, ihc e. e comer of l>. Brcmuer'e timlier lie
pqw, then-eaouth noobhlna, thence weat hu
■Inline, theuce north HO chnina, thence raat
-ill ehaiiin to tlie placu of beginning, contain
ing mo aeri'i* mure or l< an.
14 Volet Loring
.lime 10  liu)4.
Synopsis of Kcjtulations far di^pnt-ai ol Mln
I-,.Ls on Outnioion Lands in Manitoba
ths Northwest Territories and thc Yukon
Timber Notice
Take notice that thirty daya after date
the underalgned, intend to apply to the chief
commie*.uner ot lande anil worka at Victoria
lor a epeeint licenne to cut anil carry away
Umber (rum the following deacribed landi
iu South Kiwi Kootenay Bletrict:
I. Commencing at a|»»t planted at the
north ww.1 corner ol lot 9950) theuce euat HO
chalna. thenceannih r0 cbalim. thence weat
ho chalna, theuce north 60 cnulna, to plnce
of bt ginning containing 040 acrea.
a. Commeiielug nl a poet plants) at the
noutb weat corner of lot *J'J4», thenre eaat
HO rliaiutt. thence uorlli 80 cbaitia. thence
weat  80 ch ilia,  theiiee aouth HO chain*, to
lilac* ot beginning containing 640 acrea.
Dated ut Maryuvilltf, July 2A, IWU.
Dora K. Wallace.
1>. Mcl'arliine.
lg Agent.
Timber Notice.
Thirty daya alter date.I, the underB-gned.
intend toapply to fhe chief enmmiwdonner <if
lundB and ' worke'for epeclat license to cut
and carry away timber from the following
ilewrihed lumls:
Commencing at n poal planted one and n
half tutlee soulh of Ooatfell and uearapos'
marked Jamee Joyce1! north-eaet corner
poat, thence running 40 chulua east, 190
chulua aoutli, 80 chains weat, thenee 40
chains north, thence 40 chalna east, llienee
ho chalna north to place of l»eginulag.
Dated this Ulhdayof July. 1B<M.
18 Allan Miumon
Sweepstake Mineral Claim.
Situate iu tbe Fl it Bteele Miuiug lllvletou
ot Kant hooteiiiiy tilatrlct.   W here located, tm Ht. Mary* pruire near Luke creek.
Take  nut tee that. I   Kdward Klwell tree
mluett certificate Htinber BTWIM ngenl lor
Luke creek   Hold copper   Mining company.
imiled, non-peraonal liability, free miuera
erlittcate numlier   IIBOMIS, Intend!   aiily
daya Irom the dute hereof to apply lo the
mlnlog recorder for a eertlHcate of improve
menu, lor the purpose o1 obtaining a crown
grant of the above claim.   And further tuke
notice that acl ion under section 117 muat Iw
eommeueed before the livuunce ot such cerli
Hi-ute of improvements.
Dated this 1Mb day ol Juno 1001.
Ill Ot Kdward l-.lwell.
Timber Notice
Take notice that thirty daya after date, I
the undetalgned, intend to apply to lhe chief
comniisHioner ot lands nnd worka at Victoria
for a epeclul license to cut and carry awuy
timber from tbefollowing desci ihed lands:
Commencing at a post plBn'ed about o e
and u half miles south of Ooatfell i uimiim HO
chains aouth, thence 80 cliaius weat, theuce
80 chalna north, thence 80 chains eaat to
place sf beginning.
Dated this 19th day of July, 1004.
James Joyce,
IS Locator
Po.il.—Coal landa may i-c purchased al HO per
acre Tor soft coal ami wm for anthracite. N>>t
mora thau 8*2 > noras cnu be acquired by nne it*
dlvtdualor company,   )*oyoiiy at the rate or
len reins pert ii.i of J.-tJOpounua shall h.'.*,.l!c,-t.
ttl mi i lie groat output,
(JwirlL- I'ersnne "f rlttliteen yenrs :n,,| «\er
ami Joint stuck c.anpaii-e- u-.i-lm.: free miner's
certltlcates may obtain entry tor a inininu loca*
A tree miner's eerilttcate is urauted r.ir one
nr more yearn, um axoarMllna live, upou payment
In advance ot IT.-M Mr annum fur an Imilrldual,
uml fr- iu *m to *iu, per mimini for n company,
aooanlliig to capital.
Afreu miner, lmvin-g aiicftvorc.l mineral in
place, may locate a oinim iftmixlBuu feai i>y
tnarkinu oui tin-same wu i. two legal pons, bear*
mc location nntlcea one nt each end on iln- Hue
nf the Imli- nr vein.
lln* claim snail lm recorded villlitii lirtecii
days If l.'Ciitcil wlttiln ten inili-s ot a mltilnii
tecmtlcrs-dllce. ..ue lul.llli.m:.! iim all.me.l l-n
every lul.lltiomil ten miles nr fnieti- n. The f.-e
for leciirtttiiit a claim isj.\
At least Siiiuiniist beexpondiHl on Hie claim
each year would to the m'tilug recorilor m lien
llieronf.    \\ ben *:**) Ims l-e-n CXpi n.ieil m   pall]
I lie locntor nm v ii|ti i luuititi iisimcy iniule, iiiul
nnnii cniinlyliic with other iei|iilii-tnciits   |nir-
cfmsc ilu-hiii.l nt 91,00 iin acre.
I'ermlialon muy in- pranieil by lha Minister of
Ilie laierloi to locale cl.nm*. coutlllUttiB Iron nml
taicii. also copper, lutlid Vukon t'orrllory, of nn
urea mil exceeilinu P.U licit s,
Tlu'puiciiif >r it mliiin   locnli'.u sluill pi.iil.le
for the naytneut of ruyaltj ai tho rate ofa'i per
cenl of tin- prntiui't of th- l-icail.ui
Placer Miiilni.'.   Miiiiiii.ini iiml llic N.  Vi.   i'„
exoejitlnii Ihe Yukon Tairitory,- i la.er mining
claims nt-m-rnlly nro HM feci s.iimrc, entry fee.
tn, renewable, yearly,   On thu N'mlh ataknt*
cliewaii river cliilm*. arc elili'-r Inn ... licncb, llio
former being mo feat lonii and extcndluti ba*
tween lilxli ami l'»«* water murk, llielalier in
eludes liar diniiliics. Put extcnila bncK to tne
hose of the hilt or bank. Put n-1 exceeding l.U'Ki
feet. Uln reslcam ihiw. r Is used, clitillis .mo
feet wide may lie nPtuiiieil.
lueiliiliiKlii the rivers of Mantlolia -imi Hie
N. W. T.. e\ccpllnj! tlio \iikon l.-rm-.i')'.—A
free miner iniiy nblaln only iwo teases ».( the
miles eaoh for a term of twenty years, renew*
iililc In tlietli-H'ieti.Hi "I Mie Miiiistci -..I   the   In
The lessee's riglit Is coiitliii'dto tin- suhuirrg
cu hcii hi burs or ilie river below low water
murk, ami subject to the rluim <>r nil nersom
who have, or who may reci'lve entries for Iiui
dlgKluKtor bench claims, except ou (he tuiskal*
chewan river, where the. lessee muy dra.iua to
liitili water mark on each alicrnatc li-.t-.-lu.l.i.
The leaiee shall have u dredge In operation
within one season froni tho ilate of tliB lease r.r
each live miles, but where a person or i-nmimiiy
has oblaliied more thun „ut: leusc une dinlue
fur each rifieeu miles or fraction i* - mun nt
llcatal, tin per uiiniim for each  mil.- ol  river
leased.   Koyalty ut lhe rate of two nml u half
Jet cent collected on the mil put after il cmh-iIs
Dredging )u the Yukon Territory,  His lease*
of live miles each may he nunii.-.l !., ;i ir.*e
miner for a term of twenty years, also renewable.
The lessee's Unlit iscnnii I to llic submerged bed nr bars Is tbe rlv i   bblon   low  water
macitt that boundary to be fixed by in imsiiiini
an Ibe 1st ilay nf Angusl lit iho yeai nf tlie dae
of ibe lease.
Thn lessee shall have nm- dredffo in opernlloil
within two years from the Out- nf lhe leaso, ami
uie ilreilue fnr each live miles witldn six years
(mm such date. Ilantal,tl 0 per mite i„\ ihst
year, nml 910 per mile for CUt h iubsui|uenl > car.
Uuvjiiiv same as i> tic tr minim*
Placer .Minim: In lb   ^ iiTrrrltory,   Creek,
Kiileb, river and lil 1< lalm ilml] mu uxeced k*o
feet In iciniHi.  m asuri-tl    n Hie bnse lm.- ur
Kcm-ial  tllrectlfin  of tlin i i nr uui.ii. tl...
nl.Illi iiciim Irom it. oto 'flu let. \ll itlhoi
placer claims slmll tu -U) tt i t	
ilalmKaicmiiikc.il.   two egal posts, "in* ut
i-ltch cinl. bcaihujunllct v      l.uliv  •!   lie ub
Iiuiiiii wi lun ten .lavs, If the ,-lalin is whlitn
len miles nf iiiiuim It'n i|ci s ulli.e,    nno.-vtiit
.lay allowed t<w eouii ,i-i.i n-.u ..  .n.-s or
'Ilie |,i-rsuii ot i pum sl.iMiu: a cliilia  uiust
TheillHcnvcier of n Hew mule is .-ullll.-d lo a
claim of l ii ii feci In iciuith. und u ihu p.olv
cniislslsuf iwo, l,f.'K. feel ali'iue I ni I'm oui
put of which no loyulty shnll he elinrged, (he
reslaf|lie|.it.li nnliiiaiy . Iiuui. nuly,
I - nil v len 910.    Ituy.illy al tin role Of Iwu nn.l
iHluilf percent mi Up-value..i the got)  ship
■il Tr UlB VllkUtl Iciilt.ii) (..l.e paid lo lln-
Nn free miner shall receive a -runt  uf nine
tiiutinue mliiin*; elnlm ou  it loparatu river
irHK 01■ uulch, but the sun- miiii-i* mav hul.l
uny iiuinl.ci nf claims by I'tiicluis-, ami fn-
mln«rs mny work then i-inlin- In puituershin hy
ISiIII11; notice uml   |ia>lii^  fee ol   *'.
may ne baud 'ti;il* ami imui'
same creek, uulch or river, uy ki*"ih notice and
iwyliiK a fie.
Work unit beilou-nn n clulm each your to
the value nr ul least J'.iHl.
A certilieate that work bas been dime imm lm
nuliifil each year; If lint,  tlie claim shall ha
dcemedto heuuandnneil.iiiul open tuoccii]iatluti
entry by a free miner.
ie boundaries or a claim mny lieiletineii ab-
snhttuly hy having a survey mude nnd publUhDig
notices In lhe Yukon tJlllulal lla/elte.
I'cirulciim.■ -Alt iimtpiiro|ntnled liuminlflii
Unds lu .Manitoba, the Noilhwest Trvrllorles
and within tho Yukon Twriiory arc onm i»
prospectltiK for petroh-nm. nud (ht- minister
mny reserve for an Individual or company hav-
lokjmaoiunery on the lund to be prospected, an
area of tl-lil acres. Hlinuld the prospector discover oil In paying iiunntlties, and suUsraclnrliv
eslabll-li such discovery, in areu not exoeetllac
W acres. Including the oil well ami sucb other
land as may he determined, will be gold to the
discoverer at Die rate of 9100 an. acre, subject
lo royally at such rate as may ho specified by
order-lncoimolL I
Department of the Interior, Ottawa, Hang,
1903, .   >-.
Deputy of the Minis or ui the I utaclq*- THE CRANBROOK HERALD.
Wanted Immediately!
to sell Fruit Tret*. Raspberry. Ooonbtrry
■od I'urruut Hushee, ale. Uood pay weekly ;
outfit free. There is big mouey iu thii work
fur tr ut win [liv men.
Wt* have, uuder cultivutioo, over <>uO acrea
oINunwry Hha-k, including tbr choicest ami
beat varietlm for orchard nud gurdeu plant-
iue. Wc will deliver goods to euatomere la
good condition, freight paid. Uur ageata
bave every Milvuiilog* that thi* line ol busi*
imm can t.fter them Anply uow for tenia.
N H   Will ninkearrwtiaeiiienIs for local naeitcy
or for Ihe haudhiig ol etclusiva Iwrito y,
Repairing Promptly Done
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
Nt-w ri-{s, good driving
mul satlillu hurst's lit
rt'iisoimble rate. Our
aiiu'will he to give good
rare to ull hones stabled with us,
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.
Drink Home Beet
It 15 Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Qlve me a call.
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
**      BUILDER
 «■> •♦*. +—. —
IA^L_ _
Pvrehnnn Prloa $3.00 ■ month
All.wine. mad* llr eld maehlno
Craim-sk MctWdist Clnrcl.
Csrntr al Hnnsan Anna. ... L..I. Sim.
11 4    -4
.SUIIllltV   *V|4I<44»
Dtrlna w,,,*.!,,*,	
Nun,.-,*' -ii,,,,,] Ji ■», at.
I.ivlii. t*>-|>tt,hij 7:3» I-. M.
T-1,4,,11,,4    Ejiwurlb   l,.*mur   ttl   dtrl.tiiui
Ku-li-aVfr N *•. H.
Tlllll *h1,*.,,    W..-Hv Vruyrr Iswti.l-t ....N l>. M.
A ennllnl lavltntinn 1. 4*.t.u.i-,,i ,„ tin*
1-M.tur, H. J. Thompson
CnaSnsk laatM Claret.
Tb«l4tlUtnln|»|li.t ul tb. wr.H-a. luiil
la la. II.-.II.1 dumb
Nun,l«.v II . oi ami 7 :10 p     .
Sun-lay Hvb,.ol 3 p. u.
Vuutig PmipHM S p. w. Turwliij
I'mj-T UMlun S p.m. W«lnwla.v
Tb. oabUr ar. coi-dlall/ Invited tuHnttwd
Paatar, T. W. .*■,.«,',..
Cralrsnk Prcslytcrlan Cbnrcl.
Sabbath H-rvlen: 11 a. m and 7.80 p. m.
Sander nVbool aad albla cla*. ....I p. a.
. hrl.tlaa BadwiurfTaaada; I p. in,
Thapabllcant'ordlellj laviud to nttMd
all tb. nM-tJuia.
Paator, Vi. tl. W. For.ua. a. ..
Ckiscknt Lome No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
llMta Sad nnd 4th Taaeda; at • p. a. ia
1.0. 0. P. ball.
J. A. AasoLD, K. I. fi
TUIUnf Br.tbr.il cordial*-, la.lUd to nttMd
Crantnnk Ucsl Uninn IMI al Us Unllsi
IrataarbisS nl Carp.ai.fi sad JsIhis
nl Aanrka.
Tbi. local m-wt. ...rr Fridny araalnff at
8 p. iu. in I'. L. C. ball.
VlalUng Br-rtbr-a Cordially Invited.
I. A. L.-inav, J. H, McDonald,
Kk.--.-1sc. Panau-Kar
i.o.o.p.   u, at) imi*
No. tt MMUmrrMoa-
der alibi al tbalr baU on
Bak.r street   nok.ur.Di
Odd Pillows connall-i larltad.
M. D. Billing,, W. I. UeFarlan..
X. tt. Mo',.
(.nnbrnal L**df>, Nn. it
Rnjulnr a,.»tlB|. on I .
Iblrd Theresa)* of lb
Visions bntna onMamas.
u a. fuin, Soa-r.
Umt.  ...ry   Saturday
aigbt ia   I. 0. 0. F.   ball
Inran n tardtally In.llad M alttad
Otflc* reaeved la start enlhllni nail
l.y.l H-H.l nNtr AnfSM III.
A Ur**e Stock lo Cukcts antl
Robes.  *   **
Phone nlfht and day 77
Livery 3
Tennis nnd driven fnrnlehed far nj
point la tin district.
A. DOVI.E, Mnnafar.
World's Fair
Excursion Rates
Cranbrook to
Sl. Unls     5 1*0.00 Clii* m-i.      J b.vOO
Toronto K7.JS   Montreal        SK.OO
Halifax I2l.n0 Ne» Vurk     101.00
— '.SI ll.l YS LIMIT	
nil,', in* *4i K
S-rpti-mtK-r s, 6, 7.
(or nil ran ti *ni [minis will nlso Ih*
quotwi noinn via 1'urt Arthur, all
rail or lake route. Returituig sauio
or via Chicago ami St Louis.
Fur full particulars apply to local agent*
0. Miller, Agent, Cranbrook.
J. S. CAMO, K. .1. COYLE
P.l'.A., Nelson   A.ii.r.A. Vancouver
; >■»» AA »♦■♦ A • A-A-+A-A-++-A-+A-AA *»-*»-*»<g
Dezall Brothers
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Oeneral Jobbing....
Onlslde Orders Promptly <
Attended la.
............  ■■>..... ,*
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds
Syrups,   Champagnes, Ciders
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way 10 handle it.
Harness Maker,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Bridles, Smlilli-8, IInriii-88 mul
Horso Supplies in stm-k
..Repairing ol all Kinds..
Each Month....
gives nu- moro work in Criin-
nrook. Tin- people evidently
lmvi- confidence in mi- nnil my
work. See im- fer plnns tuul
James Greer
Contnu-'tor and Hiiildi-r
Prest Photo Co.
Cranbrook, Fernie, Moyie
...British Columbia...
t lo IS a m.
I lo « p. in.
7 to S p. Ill
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hudl Block Cranbrook, B. C,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offlct nt Residence, Armstronf Ave.
Panamas,  •  ■  •  •  MO to II
AHsmaaai  •  ■  •  ■   I'M to MS
Insists   ■   ■   •  •    7,NtoSiM
CRANBROOK,   ::i:      :   E. C
Tormerly Hotel Phalr
II. TO/1PKINS, Mnnnger.
1'lliS    Illliill     JS    44114'    0(    till-    U-St    ill
Britisli I'-,liiinl.iii iiiiiI up-to-dnle
in aver) i*.-s|m*4-i. Well li-^lit.'-l
niiiii|il-' rooms,
I'mprtwrof iim
Candy Kitchen
l-ar-ifs aroiniileieslool. of
Candies,' Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. <ll« aa a call
Paving piirt'liiiffl tlio HttM'tc of
Houifl iiiiii ffliooa of Ui*' Ki-nn-fily
estate, 1 am now prepared to give
■uy customers somo
Anyone fleflldjtg anything in
tliis line will saVe money liycitlj-
ing tuul [nveafigating for thein*
|   Have Vou Any P.lntlni to bt Daae?
Do Any ol Vour Rooms Need Paperlni?
Estimates given on largo contracts. We don't want tl...
earth, Wo want to pit-as.,
you with tlio work ami receive
reasonable pay.
Royal Hotel, Craabrook
rn am. Mints
St. Pan), Dufuth, Minneapolis, Chicago
A.VO  Al.l,   I'ulXTH  EAHT
Seattle,   Tacoma,   Victoria,   Portland,
AM)  Al,l, I'Al'lPH' 1,'OAHT I'OINTi
Through Palace aad Tourist Slceperi
Dining ind Rulfel Smokinf Library Can
For rtttcH, folilert nntl full information
regarding trips, rutl on or aildreaa
S. 0. YKItKI.S,
(I. W. P, 1,
C. P. t T. A
701 \V. HiverBide Ave
S|tuLiuiL'. Waal).
In iho Supi i'ni'-r..ini ni n i it I-h Cohifnhla
In Uif mntter ol hiS^WatarClaaam"
L'onanlitlatlofl Art. IS07,
In lln> iii'itttir ol (lit* Uutt-i Sii|i|il.v
Ciimiuiii.v, l.iiiiitiil.
Tiiiii-  Nnlii-** ilml  tin' tipi»lii*uM<iii nl tht*
I'O'DpaDJ b r ii' fi'titlffttf tn.iinr Swtloii Sfl nl
t,lii!,,Wiil*-ri:liill"PBi'iilifoliil.ilft| Aft   181*7."
utiilioritlriK tho POBpnny toproiffil wllh the
|ii-0|kihh1 llliili-rtakliig. liiu luni mljnniii-il
until tlm MHi iln; ot July, 1004, nt In lln
o'clock In llin fnr«noon at tin- court houtf,
Hiinti.ui St|itiire. Victoria, 11. 0.
Antl Tiik.' I'm lltt'i' Nui liv tiiut i liffn'l i wing
un< thuniii-rt |irn|'iimt.l In lie I'lutrgHil by tht)
For HniiMt!--
Dwelling nilftt may l»> luit not to fii-wil
1, a, 3 or -1 ruomn f 1.50 par mouth
fi, U or 7 r-ioniH  1.75 per month
H, 0 or 10 rooms  2.00 per month
10 cent* mliiiliontil (or every room orer ten.
ForHoM —
To 25 mount f l. 00 per month
To 40 ro onn*  0-00 per mouth
To 60 rooinn  7.(IQ per month
To HlO rooms  *i.00 per month
Boarding Hoii*n*a—
To 15 room** $5.00 per month
To HO riionm  6.00 per month
To 50 roonw  7 00 per month
Liv«ry StiiMi-tC *"• 00 to #10.00 each
Unntlrlee  G.OOto   15.0O«ch'
Dated nt Criuilironk, Rrltiab Columbia, thin
90th day ol June, 11104. ,
W. P. (lurd, I
Solicitor or the Compuny.    '
Slsattb ur  .!•■•   Hit|>tlatnt Mvtia,  M.T.. M
U*> W«lce*aB«aJ ib« Fltat feprln-f
Uaj TbU V*>At.
H I*, aprlng, the ilibt day of _oi*w
mo. e'lioitfui nUdntsa occurred in ut-
'uWu tbla yenr, ftlunh 10, Uui ws
am all u wn it- of tne wliuusietj uf
Mittili. rutnarka II F.U. Jn Toronto
.stur. it ih u uioui quaation *he-
ilit-i' Uiia im.ni i. came in lit>e a l>un
or a jelltiw dog! Tliftf's no lulling
Mint it may do yet. Spring wuulii
I • uiufi* Biiaidcloii if it weie nut tor
one snli nt feature III the landlORDO.
It ia not thu liluut'M-il uutiiifii whu
imt Wadad through the aluvb ot the
Loveri' Walk to a minn.v litnch where
vlie sits nl h the iiulhiMt Keats ia
her -.ip *mmi happy <iii-ums on b*ai-
i'u<e. So. It in not alia. It ia the
A1,nri, chunky figure of .leuu fiap-
t st Mm In, who hIiiihIh out there Un
thu mat of tin* ilifT by the atair-
head near ihe pavilion, 'lhe aunuy-
hearted old gumleuinn -from Hoithe-.-
tt-r Is \cry much In tune with nature, lie api'iik many years iu the
lumber ffouda in hU young mm*
liood. It wua there be laid the foun-
dtttlons of the anng little fortune
wl.I li he lata jiRTeased fim-e hy honest thrift and kindly hhtexfdne.ss, A
Ulan of snbutanee he, and not a dollar thut buiruws a blush from conscience. It wus tu those woods he
l.e/*iiii to Worahip nature. lt was
there bu soaked himself with poetli;
iimiginings. It wus there, in the
solemn pine-smiled arrades, that he
got that habit of reflection which
made him, for the most part, a mute
philosopher, hut vlvfdly eloquent in
tha right company,
Vaaaay la lha ■•**■•.
Jean Knplisie Morfii felt hia soul
stirring, 'lhe House knew it. He
was uneasy, lie wua ubstracteri. Ha
listened dutifully to all Mr. Tarte
sa|d. He greeted (,ll the points with
approval. Dul his thoughts would
go a-Maying. .His body was chained to that dpsk, his noul was out
doors. It Whs noticed that he often
puffed his cheeks «nd rumbled out a
big Irrelevant "Ah!" There were no
revelations to prompt it. 'Twaa ths
spirit of Pnn speaking In him. lt
was the inspiration of the green,
glad Mother Earth, breathing hard
through her ion .lean Baptiste Ifor-
In. And tbis fat lit tl* deputy from
Dorchester responded like an Aeolian
Uorln, M.P., knew what waa coining. His soul Is wide awake. He ia
abroad early. He seeks hia favorite
spot, the place where he cnn get the
noblest view lu Ontario. And there
he stands, sans overcoat, sans rubbers, drinking ln the beauties of the
valley and the grandeur ot the mountains.
Hia Won liar fu) Lm brail a,
He has sloughed off the coverings of
of winter, but be clings to umbrella.
lie will carry it through the blistering days of July and August. He
does not fear the weather. Ue utu*
it for a cane. It is a part of him-
i.ong association and the subtle
flattery which abides even in inanimate things have molded the lines
of this gamp of Morin to the contour of his own rotund figure. It ia
tied loosely at the top. lt bulges
In the middle. It has a backbone
like a cudgel—none of your flimsy
steel rods for Morin—and the curves
of it are short and jolly. It la the
other half of Morin. It will be buried with him.
Ou this wonderful umbrella leans
Jean Baptiste Morin. No, hs
doesn't lean. The rain-stick stands
squarely beside him like a good
friend. Together three old chums
look up the shining river to ths
tumbling rapids and the misty thunder of the C'haudiere. Together they
look down the river, dappled with
Ice and open water, down past the
big bridge, past tlie blue fleet of
barges, to the little village of Gati-
neaii and the tin steeple of the
church glistening like fine silver. Together they gaze at the scarred plain
where part of Hull used to he before
the fire. Tofielher they jump the
garish streets that lie between and
seize on the purple splendors of the
Laurent Ides. They are fed full with
lhe joy of living. Jean Baptiste j
Morin draws a deep breath and the
umbrella wobbles with sheer emotion.
Smokci Quabec T-abaeca.
Morfn feele everything, hears ev-
erythin«*-the birds churrlng in the
trees, the river gurgling with unborn spates, the hum of cheerful
labor, the distinct busy sounds of
two cities. Hs can almost see the
grass growing and ths leaves peeping. He pulls fiercely at the cherry-
wood pipe with ths long stem. Tin
coal glows red at the top. The air
is burdened with some new, strange
perfume. It is not carpet-runs. It
is not old shots, It la not rubbish
In cremation. Dut It Is something
.that reminds us of alt these customary spring odors, with a little Cay- '
enne pepper and assufoetida thrown
In, That pips of Moilu's ls filled
with good, rebuat French-Canadian
shag, the kind you buy In ropes and
cut off with an axe. And thus and
ao does Jean Haptists Morin burn
incense to Fan.   Spring has come.
■ arnalda la Canada.
Archie   M* Thai!,   a   farmers' delegate from Brandon, who is now   in '
London, said the other day that the '
English   farmers     get more out   of
their land,  but that their men   and '
horses were     slower.    He, however, I
thought     the Canadian horses were
inferior   to   English,   but the other
cattle were equal.    The English far- I
mer ia backward In thc use of machinery, and what ha uses la of inferior quality, |
Mr. McPhail waa especially struck
witli the drinking habits in England,
especially among women. He thought
barmaids beautiful, and considered
thut their presence In the bar kept
men's language correct. He believed
that if barmaids wore introduced In
the West, swearing in barrooms
Would disappear. On the whole, '
however, he preferred Canada, be*
enuse he disliked tha snobocracy prevalent iu England.. *
■r. W. I. Qrtaih. lb*   Nat*  S-acr-Btar-f to
l'a«a-1taa Hl(h I'smuiUilsuni. Lurd
Mralbi num. la Loudou
in Mr. W. L. OrlfBth, the newly-
appointed Secretary to the Canadian
High Commlaalonir in London, this
country Will have at what la really
her Consulate in th* metropolis, a
gentleman whu knows I'uuada better
than do moat Canadians, lays Tlie
News, Toronto. Mr. J. C. Colmer*
who has retired, was a painstaking
and Courteous official, but bis visits
to tbis country bad beeu tow and
abort. Hi* auefcaiior was for ie
als years a farmer in .Southern :
tuba, near Morris, and there h«
the foundations of a comfortabl
tune, l-.iui.ig his incumbency of the
position of Canadian Government
agent at Cardiif he had one stock
statement tbat must have gteutly Im-
piafiod the Welshmen who thought
of coming to Canada to take up
land. "Wheu I went to Multiloba."
Mr. Griffith would say, "I paid three
dollars an a/re for my farm. When
1 sold It, 1 was paid twenty dolluin
an acre." Many an Immigrant fin-
ally decided to coma hers when ne
heard that concretf example of the
chances which Canada gives ths industrious Immigrant.
Ur. Griffith has seen a great deul
of the world, for he is not a mur
to be content to remain long m one
place. He likes to hav* hea-tlquur-
ters, but he also likes travel. Last
year when the members uf tha unsuccessful Welsh colony in the Argentine
Republic were brought tu Canada,
It was Mr. Griffith who convoyed
them to their new home iu the greut
In 1809 Mr. Griffith came to Canada In company with D. Llovd
George, Wt. V., and Ur. T. itees, the
latter steward of one of tha largest
landed estates lu the principality.
The two envoys had been Invited to
Canada by ths Minister of the Interior, with a view to their Inducing
Welsh (Uiiginftion to the t'ati-ullau
Wr*. Io company with Mr. Griffith and Mr. W. J. White, of the Department of Interior, they visited
several sections of the greut pranie
land, but while both Mr. Griffith und
Mr. Kees were much taken with bov-
eral proposed sites fur a colony. Mr.
David LIo.td-Gcoige turned out to be
a pretty hard man for the Minister
to deul with. Ie is a fiery Wet-h
Radical, one.of the fiercest fighters
|g (ha House of Commons, aa Mr.
Chamberlain and Mr. Balfour well
know. Usually completely Influenced
by his prepossessions, Lloyd-George
ie not the man to allow mete argument or even proof of th* Incorrectness of his Judgment to cpnyittce him
that hs Is wrong.
One of ths fixed ideas that he
brought to Canada was that the only satisfactory way in which a WeUh
colony could be eatahliahed was to
have it ae completely as possible segregated from the other dwellers iu
the country. L.loyd-Ueorge would b«
by no means aatiBfled to have the
colony Wsleh in name only. H must
ba Welsh In truth. Welsh must be
Its only language, save, perhaps.
when Borne eutlander should enter
Within Its botdeis. And its customs
could not be other than Welsh. To
ua Canadians, accustomed as we ar»
to the successful assimilation of Icelanders, Germans and Scandinavians,
not to mention the other folk whom
we ere now digesting, this talk of
Lloyd-George seems naught but arrant nonsense, and arrant nonaonse
It waa. Tbe trouble waa thut the
rather cock-sure Welshman believed
It to be eommon-sense of ths most
pellucid kind.
Whsn Mr. .Sifton told him he could
not and would not guarantee thut
English-speaking settlers would keep
away from ths borders of the Welsh
reservation, Lloyd-George ceased to
take any Interest in the project Mr.
Sifton pointed out that it would l.e
Impossible to have the Welsh colony
cut off trom the outside world hy a
aort of natural belt of unsettled land
—our good prairie soil, as the Minis-
aar remarked, is too valuable for
tbat aort of waste. Mr. Griffith saw
eye-to-eye with the Minister, but the
Welsh M.P. was obdurate. He could
not have bla own way; so he hnd no
way at all.
That colony neVer came, hut.
thanks to the efforts of Mr. Griffith,
noma hundreds of Welsh have entered
Canada since 1899. It is suid, and,
Judging from his record, it U probably true, that nothing can keep
Lloyd-George out of the next Llberul
Cabinet when the time shall have
arrived to form one. He may make
a good Minister, but, from the point
of view of the ordinary subordinate
civil servant, there ate several other
men on earth who wuuld make more
deslrabls heeds of departments. Mr
Lloyd-George is alwuys ready to bet
on Mr. Lloyd-George'a infallibility,
and that aort of personage, one
would think, must be an undesirable
superior ln a Government department where so much detail frequently haa to ba rushed through within
a vsry short time.
Talking Abaal Caaada.
In 1775 ths loyalists of ths American Colonies flocked to Canada. 'I'he
same feeling is still strong. Even if
England were disposed to trade off
Canada for Some American possessions, the Canadian people them-
selvea would never consent. Ths
ideal condition probably cannot be
expected for hundreds of years. Probably the people of the United
States would object strongly against
union with Canada, Just as Canadians themselves would object to an
absorption by their greater neighbor.
On thing is particularly noticeable
In this connection. American capital
is flowing over the Canadian line
much more rapidly than it is going
to many of the older sections of
this nation. American capital evidently haa confidence ln the stability of the Canadian and British Governments. Capital never goes as freely to the West Indies or the South
American countrlea, where the natural wealth is so much greater, because af the inherent weakness of the
Government and the low standards
and the fickle political ideals of the
people.—Worcester Spy.
n«ik-i* in all kind, u| chines, anal
JnpansK Fnncy Goods, (.-all and ana
.mr line in Chinese Silk*. L'liinea. aa4
J;i^aii--.t Ten .Sets, Novelties, eto,
Store on Armstrong Avenw*.
The Two Factors
-In |ii,,i,.„i ,i,i„. arv tnmlsbH lo tJukana
Iii nl.liitnr, .„ tiin.,,. tin*. noidttbj-ijaMa]
"""■ "'-1'- ".nnl. Iuui.il in il,,. ,.a,i n,m
The Mnndley Livery Sublet
.r',1,!'" M,',''.""''"'"   "■""* '"r '"** Mrs-am
Ullini.ln, .-,l,l,i,K,. .„,„.., I.. „„,...
f'.ii'L BaltDlIT.
Chinese Labor Employment Afency
Oriental Bazaar
Full Hue of Chinese and Japan***
Fancy Goods. Stun* on Dnriak
wenue, opposite old Herald offia*.
OR. BIDUKE. M. R. C. V. 8.
Horse* Dentistry and LamtMa*
n Specialty
Tel. No. 74. CRANBR0IK, I. f.
Th- L dies' AM ■ f the Metbotii.i Chant
raahrook, nhk f,.r sealed tenders for thi
touuua aud dreoriUoK ol the jawi** rf
la* ttmr. h.   .•^••Hru'e tenders are also assasl
or the Minting and dteoratfitg of tkswla*
low-.     Specifics'i-inM   (-an   i._    ma   Bt **B
porspnaee.   r. mi,--, t., b* n-vwui te Mra.
W.H. ftilnon, secratnry M-th'-di»t LadlaS-
A'd. and fonrirded befu e 7 o'clock iiL
Monday, Aog Ifi  1004 '^
>:   K   Feawii-k, Mt
Land Notice.
I hereby gire notice thnt
lit? datt- her .>f J im,.-..)
'hi-h'oBnoir-sfnnerof Lao
permi-*-ion t.i pnnbs^e,
"Ighty art-ntiflnn-l. morf
oo tbe rfghl Lant of ijji*
ibnut four lijih*!* cuotL t
men< ins* nt n pott markwi
lonthwtM enrner. thebec
hctir. P&-. 4u thaiiti nu
Cootenoy river, fit-niv i
fir bank 45 -thnim u
p^t r,:, chiin* mt.ro ur
l'ats-1 Ttb Jgne, 11*1)4
sixty Aaya fcaa
to ftf.|.]y   M   th*
■- *.i. f Wsrks ler
•'af huDifred aad
or !•*■-•, ittsuied
Kootesar riraa,
■ s\ n-diifr, eess-
M alt-r Uriag's
runb 40 ekalas,
■ta or Uu to *•
mih fulloalng tha
-r*  or  Inn,  thtMS
H  to  tbt  yiAAA mt
Wuitu-r !.«aaet.
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice Is lit-r. hj tcirvn tbut ihe parts-SHaly
bsreioforeraisdog Mweeo Sbtltos A Omy
n fehfsj dn.? i|i.*"»lve,i hy mutual rt-a»#at. I*.
Clapp will continue to conduct ike Veae>
Mortb bote) 1'unlii.h- -m-i i-ii*. ilif t.Uu agniMI
"aid liitri.tniiB ttnd collect ull ..'.'enrn 4m*
Out.'.i at rrijiii.roik, B.r-.joijae, Utifk
'« L. CUAtl*.
tothe Hen
tllstriel (.,
.  'i't.r«fif|sjr lbs taM
ii ..I Uu* notice I intend lo a»ph
iNf..tiiiiijitH-ii,nt»rr,i»)td*- < runt-roan
- ii tnuiafor from ■■. - -sir to taheB
f tbt* license for tbr i »-j.trai Uotm\
if 30th day ol Joly, A.D., lffti
Jo' a i. UtUamm*
Timber Notice.
Tnk.-miii.-c ilml thbtj tJflyi nftordaH I
bsiiiiili-r-iittiHl. intiTi'l tn ..;■■ I» to lk«ahstfSt
.■'itniiiii-i.nii-rtil UndsAnd worksat Ticta'ha,
It. C. fur a special license ti< tut ami easef
timber iinni tin' to'lowlntr (|(-*acrihf4.l«*ab|n
Suiiili Raat Kootenaj District;       '• '"*
('i.mitiHr.iii.if «t h i-ii-ii-ifiti'e.iattke'earaA
nst rorifef of lot 2218. th.n e nortfcrgg
chains, thence west ho < bains, thenee aeaA
80ebnlns. tbrni-eeast 40 chains to plaseet
hi-tiM ning containing 640 acres tn.ir»«rhnM
DaM ut Marj-avilla. -InW 24, 19"4.
S. 5. yauuka*.
IM Uata
Notiee Is hereby given thnt 00 days aHas
dnte tb« Kii-t Kontei-ay I.umluT Coapaaj,
Lint ted. will am i.v tn Hin Il'iimr, the Li-as-
tenniit. Governor in connell nmler eeetioo Tet
the "Itivern and Streams Ad " to dear heal*
■Ini-H. ion jiii'tH (m-i other nbstrdctions trom
the hetl nnd bsnks of Hii: Snnd creek, Rrttieh
rtihmihiu, und Hi trlbhtnr'es, h'-m itssosree
tn where to v here thp creek lliteneets' the
towh \t---t I'iimh Railway, and to Htrnifhtsa
tRheolirse nf the said l-r-ek, und tnconstresl
dfldiH, lun.um. ntnl miik.* nin h ui hi'i im.iroTe-
mciilM mc niii> lie ncri-H.arv fortius (trifiagsg*
lofjH nml lltiliiii-tr of hi tn Iht iIhti-Iii.
i Ihit.'.i ihe drat day ot Jnne, 1004.
W. P. Ourd,
Solicitor (or ths ap yMi% TIIE   OHAEBKOOK   nfittALiJ
j i vv wiv\ ^^^vu^ ivWi^-X^-^\\\\\\\\ S n S i^i^ W wv SS ^\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\VS3
Is Now on the Market!
Made out of the Best Malt, Hops ajvd Spring Water.   It cannot be
beaten for Purity of Flavor a.nd Excellence of Quality
It is the BEER that will make CRANBROOK FAMOUS**^
If you try ft once you will never ask for any other brand 1
ss fry it and be Convinced ! s s
Also Manufacturers of all kind of Aerated Waters
B.  C.
The Herald Comspondent.
'K The concentrator bus been running on a light feed tor the put
• week or so, on account of the
: scarcity of water, but now a pump
has been installed and she is again
■running as usual.
Last week was pa; week at the
Bt, Eugene nnd about 125,000
was paid out to the employees by
the company.
The installation of a pump removes the necessity of a shut down
and the prospects are that the
mine will run full force throngho.it
the season.
The Movie Lumber company's
mill has been running overtime
throughout July and the former
part of August, in older to finish
the cut dunng the season. Now
however the days have become
too short to work twelve and a
half hours and last Monday the
usual day of ten hours was resumed. The company have a large
Quantity of high class timber in
their booms and a cut of between
8fty and sixty thousand feet ia
made daily.
P. D, Hope was in Moyie on
Friday last.
J. B. Calloway, of Macleod, was
In Moyie last Friday.
Miss Ball, of Fernie, returned to
her home last Saturday.
i. B. Renter, of Winnipeg, paid
Moyie a visit last week.
M. A. Beale was up from Cranbrook on business last week.
D, W. Crowfoot, of Nelson, was
doing business in Movie last week.
L. Wilkinson, of Cranbrook, was
registered at the Hotel Kootenay
last Friday.
J.;W. Bang, G. Wita and C,
Smith arrived from London, on
Bunday last.
A. G. Smith, ot Vancouver, was
doing business in Moyie the latter
part of last week.
Frank Clapp and family, of
Cranhrook, were holidaying near
lloyie last week.
F. B. Miers, of Cranbrook, was
registered at the Hotel Kootenay
«a Thursday last.
closed up his business in Moyie
and gone back to the coast.
The telephone line between
Cranbrook and Moyie waa completed the former part ofthe week.
Prof. Chase intends giving another of his enjoyable dances on
Friday evening next, to which
every person is invited.
The Bocial held by the Ladies
Aid of the Methodist church last
Thursday was -well patroni-jed ahd
a goodly sum realized tor the
church "buildiug hind..
Bpecial correspondence to The Hernld.
Mrs.Doyle of Kimberly haa taken
over tho dining room of the Palls
View hotel.
Mr. Wolfe, is opening a restaurant in the building next to Mr.
.Mellor's store recently occnpled as
a school house.
A first-class hotel ia spoken of
for here. Construction is expected
to begin in the near future a* ihe
plans are already ont,
Mr. Palmer and Harry White, of
Cranbrook, were here on Tuesday
writing'insurance policies tor all
comers that can spare the "long
Aa the government is a little
short on finances at present there is
a movement being made to build a
new school house by private' 'rob.
Mr. and Mrs. B, Mathers, of
Port Steele drove in on Monday
to enjoy the dance and have been
the guests of, Mrs. Jones at the
Fall* View hotel.
Archie Leitch and Bill Higgins,
the timber cruisers, both of Cranbrook passed through on Monday
headed up stream in search of good
timber locations.
Mrs. McFariand and family, ot
Cranbrook, are enjoying a few
days of camp life here, having
pitched their tent on the banks of
Mark creek near town.
Frank Angers,ex-hotel proprietor
here, and Albert Hall have started
for tho head waters of Skookum
Chuck, whore they will build camps'
where they intend to engage in
trapping tho coining fall and
B. Johnson, of the Central hotel
has started work on the. building
C, L. Brooks, tha jeweler, has ot an addition #Kieh willgiva him
twenty more rooms, as he finds ho
is unable to accomodate his rapid
ly increasing business with the
present building. D. J. Johnson, contractor of Cranbrook. will
do the carpenter work.
The Sullivan Group Mining
company distributed $5,000 among
their employes here employed on
construction of the smelter, which
is the lnrgest pay day up-to-date
in Marysville, but the day is not
far distant when it will reach
150,000 between the smelter, mines
antl saw mills combined.
Al. Jones, G. Hilliurd and Otto
Carter hnve just returned from a
prospecting trip on Alki Mountain
having concluded that there was
more smoke than mineral in view
to the naked eye, as all that section
of the country is devasted by forest
fires. It is reported thut several
of the boys have had their camp,
tools and supplies destroyed during
the last, few days.
The dance given here on Mon
day night was a grand success as
there was quite n number attended
from Cranbrook who thoroughly
enjoyed themselves until day light
did appear when they started on
their dusty ride homeward bound.
Among them was the genial Jack
Netterfietd who certainly can make
himself at home at a social gather
ing, Harry Tomey, Gus. Fairfield
and George Thrasher of the North
Star were in attendance. The
home people tun.ed out well as
usual. The music was furnished
by Mrs. Mansfield and Mr. McMahon, both local talent. It is
needless to say their music was
pronounced by one nnd all to be
all that could be desired and away
ahead of what is generally furnished at social dances given in larger
places than Mnrysville.
W. F. Tranter and wife left on
Tuesday for Bed Deer, Alta. Mr,
Tranter, by his genial disposition
and good-nature, has made many
friends in this locality who regret
his departure. Some of these at
the Junction fitted him out with a
complete new auit, from shoes to
hut just before he left, a token of
esteem for the ex-constable. We
wish bun success in his new vocation.
The dance given in the Australian hotel, Morrissey, on Friday
evening laat in honor of Miss Foss
and Miss Cole waa well attended
and proved an enjoyable
event throughout. The train
ran down from Cardonado early in
the evening especially to accomodate those desirous of going from
these two towns and quit* a num.
ber took advantage of it. All had
an enjoyable time.
From th. Di-.patob.
Mrs, McKim, who has been visiting her son, S. McKim, for several
weeks, returned to her home in
Elkhorn, Man., on Saturday,
The government of British Columbia is now prepared to spend
(3,500 for the erection of a school-
house at Morrissey Mines, and the
plans are drawn up (or the guidance of .contractors, The building is rather prettly designed, 72
ferJt x 31! feet, consisting of two
It will be locnted on the
neur    the    recreation
From the Free Press.
Two C.P.B. coal experts, Prof,
Wilson and Prof. Guillam, have
been looking over the C.P.R. coal
claims this week at Fording River
where the C.P.R. have 46 square
miles of coal landa; Prom there
these men will proceed to Banff.
It is understood that the C.P.R.
is figuring on building a line up
the Elk to tap theae rich coal lands.
Now that the town ia incorporated there will bo a re-arrangement
of the police affairs. Chief Constable McMullin assisted by Constable Walker will represent the
Provincial interest* in the vicinity
of tbe town, and when the first
council is elected the question of
the town police will.be .taken up.
In the meantime the Provincial
police are looking after the town
Mr. G. O, Fom waa in town on
Wednesday. He report* that his
construction work is progressing
satisfactorily, about 20 per cent, of
the grading being completed.
Under favorable conditions he will
have his contract of three milea
completed by October 1st. . He ie
tunnelling through one ent, composed partly of gumbo. A. V.
McDonald who ha* the two. mile*
this Bide of Mr. Gorman ia working on a heavy gumbo ent which
will tako months to complete. He
hns also hud considerable rock
blasting und the wagon road has
been blocked with broken piece*
of rock.
From Ilie I'ro.iiecter.
T. C. Armstrong rode over from
Cranbrook on Mondny lust.
Jack Thompson and Emil Banks
eame down from Perry Creek ou
Monday. They report placer
operations    active on the    Creek.
J. T. Lnidlaw, P. L. S., who has
lieen surveying coul locations on
Fording river for three months,
returned to Steele Monday on a
short visit.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Chudleigh Cranbrook;. Mr. G. F. Tupper, Mr, C.
B. Cochran and Mrs. P. F. Fath,
Medicine Hat, Alberta, were registered at the Strathcona Sunday.
B. P. Smith, treasurer of the
Gold River Mining and Power
company accompanied by G. Or-
cutt, a director of the compuny,
visited the company's property at
Bull River this week. After a
thorough inspection of the work
now in progress, and sampling tho
gravel securing nearly an ounce of
gold;, the party returned to Steele
Tuesday well satisfied with existing
The following from the Camborne Miner will donbtloss interest
a number of our reader* as tho
Earties referred to are nil Cran,
rookites :
Tom Boytor hits taken another
pack train load of supplies up to
the Big Showing,
Geo. Johnston ia doing develop.
ment on the Silver Crown, a prop,
erty adjoining the Big Showing ou
Goat mountain.
A mile and a quarter of trail is
being built from the Big Showing
to the Scout trail. When, the trail
lis completed two shifts of men will
be put on at the Big Showing.
j T. W. Leask, of Cranbrook, haa
purchased Geo. Goldunith'a interest in the- Big Showing on Goat
mountain. Mt. Leask owns a free-
gold property at Goldhill near
«*«*List of Events**,**
•n-r-mmi sxsiainaTiws an* wiiunss,
Beit Union Float 110- 00
Best Float representing the
lumbering industry  25 00
Best Merchunts Float ..'... 10 00
Beat  Individual  Float   in
parade.!,  10 00
Union  witli Beat General
Appearance  25 00
Union with Largest Repre-
.i......1.:i 25 00
Half Mile Dash, ponie* 14 hand*
oruniler.-lsHlfToO-, Iftid $4 00
Chopping- Contest	
1st 120 00; 2nd $10 00
Hundred Yds.  Foot  Race
(open).. 1st $20 00; 2nd $10 00
Running Broad Jump	
 1st $10 00; 2nd $4 00
Tie Making Contest	
 1st $40 00; 2nd $20 00
Indian   Pony  Racu   (Half
Mile).... lit $10 00; 2nd $5 00
Sawing Contest	
 lit $30 00; 2ud $15 00
High Jump (Running).... '
 1st $10 00; 2nd $4 00
Boys' Race*, prizes amounting to $10 00
to  Back   Race  (on
..hones)..Inl $10; Sud $4 00
i  (or
1} 2u<
Climbing Greasy Pole	
 1st $10 00; 2nd	
Ladies' Horse Race	
 1st $10 00; 2nd $5 00
Log Loading Contest	
 1st $50 00; 2nd $25 00
Girls' Foot Races, prizes
amounting to $10 00
Putting Shot (16 lb. shot)
 lit $10; 2nd $5 00
Indians wrestling on horse
back lst$15 IX); 2nd	
Squaw Pony Rao.	
 1st $1(1 1)0; 2nd $5 00
Fat Mini's Run;, 2(H) Ibe. or
over 1st $5 IK); 2nd —
Union Men's Unci-, 1(H) yds.
 1st $10 00; 2nd $5 00
Miners Drilling O.mU'Bt....
 Int $175 00; 2nd $75 00
Tug-nf-wnr, lt.iilrt.iul Mon
vs. Lumbermen Priu
Committee on Mining and Luni*
l-ering Eventa—Wm. Oliver, J. 1*.
Pink, J. H. McDonald.
Committee on Indian and Hon*
Racing Events—Jus. Gill, E. H.
Small, F. E. Simpson.
Committeo on Foot Racing, Tug*
of-War, Jumping, etc.—W. Small,
W. Rose, A. Dowson.
S. McDonald,   I. R. Manning,
President. Secretary.
Everybody Invited
Biggest time in Cranbrook's history
IT* lirwuhi) ai. VantAiunr., a. tj_
Don't Forget Dats, Sept. 5 THE   CRANBKOOK   11 KHALI)
are preferred by lame people.
Well, take your choice.
We sell all kinds.
We are now having our
ol HEN'S CLOTHINO.   Vou know what that means.     Prices down
to bottom basis with qualities as good as ever.
Your business suit I* he-ginnlng to look a little seedy.   Why
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Hullo,. trnl.givo mo Na a».
Ih lliiil (!. T. UOGERB' store*
I want you tn semi mo ut once on.,
dozen paoknges < MtANt! K M HAT,
My liniiiilers sny  il   is the most
healthy Breakfast 1'u.hI tlu-y eun
get, mul I must have it.
School Opening 1
And we are prepared for it by having in stock everything that a student requires **************
G E Reid & Co*
Registered pharmacists
•j-i4»i-»i-»i*i»i-»i*»i*»i*n*i*is'i i»i«Jti*it!titl#ltiti*ltlt
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-® Our Spring and Summer Styles are now making a strong ap- Sir
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1  Rill * eo., €ranbrook'$ Greatest Store
1 ————————^——
' 820 acres, purl Dion low, u<-o 1 wutor'nnd rung.*, om- mile trom
. shipping point on ruilwny,   IJ  miles frmn u  market,   good
(Sjl; hoilBonntl BUible
I $12,50.00
ll SEE
If   =
8      Beale & Elwell
When mui are down town call  and see  our
Yoho Proper Bath Heater
Don't fail to see it in operation In our store.
We are Sole Agents for this district vvf
The Calgary Cattle Company,
iw iii,„ -uuortmonl n! nnndaonH, »*" m-ul.
. UF-.NITUH...
In our large stock In tn ne. ehnrmiug --xiiiii-
I-I.'K Ol  Illl   III,'  l„*-l  lleHillllH ,,l th. .-'IIH-'ll.   Ill„l
iln-llin,.! work ol iii,- manufnetunr.   wenr.
showlnn n superb tot lu |.u,...,-. dlutns ,■......
■.ml Im.Ii-iiiiii, fnniitiiri- ...... ,>(!■*, -nil-'- nn.l
oilil |„„,,,« m Ion price.,
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital,
('nnii*. Armstrong avenue aatl LewlsBt
For full particulars apply t->
fllas Moss, - Matron,
..militate nl St. Luke's Hospital, V""
couvsr, 11. C.
Teacher ot pianoforte and organ.
For terms, etc apply between hours
ol three and five o'clock on Wednesday and Friday at residence oi
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
ricked Up About the City by Askiof
Questions ol Msny People.
Rend Seattle's advertisement,
John Dezall visit.il Movie Monday.
How iB your fishing taokle? Rend
Beattie's advt.
Miss Huzel Ciine visited Moyie
friends Inst week.
Gootl service, good goods, good
results.   That's Beattie's.
Miss Kwart litis been visiting
friends nt Moyie this week.
W. -7. Atchison wus up from
Moyie the first of the week.
J. A. Motherwell left Moiuluy
for 11 trip np the St, Murys vnlley,
Chns. Pinch and J. McDonald
were down from Murysville Saturday.
Mr. nud Mrs. H. A. Cameron, of
Moyie. were Crunlirook visitors
Beattie's present prescription
number is 25,788. That's experience.
Mr. nntl Mrs. J. E M. Pinklinm
returned from tlu-ir wedding trip
Monday lust.
S. A. Spears hus accepted 11
position in Reid -V Campbell's
store at Moyie.
Quite a number of Crnnbrook
piople attended the dance ut Murysville Mondny night.
\V. J, Welsh, who has Invn in
Winnipeg the pust three months,
returned home Saturday lust.
J. McSweyn went to Lethbridge
Monday to n-f.-r.H- the Medicine
HiitLethliridge lacrosse game,
W. Stocks, niunngcr of the electic light nn.l water companies,
made n trip to Frank lust week.
For Salt. New 1ik.hi fur weaving carpets and nigs. Apply to
,1. H. Hayes. Fort Steele,
Gent-nil Superintendent 'Jamieson made 11 trip over the Crow in
his private cur this week, returning
east Mondny.
Ten off for cash mentis that the
Big Horn brand overalls are now
selling 1. 90 cents a pair nt Morrow
& MeFiirlnne's.
W, F. Tate has been remodeling
his jewelry store the past week nnd
now has one of the finest stores iu
the Kootennys.
Beattie only solicits your trade
by the best drug slock in British
Columbin. No dour to door canvass.
We nre too busy.
Mrs. Hnvill, who has Ix-c. attending the funeral of u brother-in-law
at Thompson Falls, Mont., returned home Saturday Inst.
Mrs. O. H. Miner is confined to
the hospital in Winnipeg with
typhoid fever. Inil is now recovering.
Services in the Methodist church
next Sunday at the usual hours.
The pastor will tuke both services.
Strangers in town will be cordially
Wc are indebted to C. H. Dunbar for the report of the fire meeting of Thursday night last, us we
were busy getting out the Herald
and could not attend.
S. F. Rudderow, of Philadelphia,
Pa., who is en route to Sn 1 Francisco, is at present visiting with
L^VMk'%jyMk'l.vk.'l.V>L'L.'il [?!
Cackle at
Any Old
■ O  Q
j a o o
p ■ » ■ a
"THIS has been a great
* Fishing Tackle year
for us. We only have a
little left of a very large
stock.* We will have a
clean start for next year.
How are these prices:
Flys 30c per dozen
Gut Hcoks      3 pucks for 25c
25c Leaders 15c
Poles, Reels. Lines and everything else in proportion-*..-*.**
Get in and get first choice
Seattle's Big
Dm and Book
Wh«r« It Pay* lo
»     ••Deal**
Don't take any chances have
your doctor's prescriptions prepared with pure drugs by reliable, registered druggists.
New goods arriving each week in the way of
and everything that goes with a first class
stock in a Hardware Store.
Private Hotel and Catering Co.
Banquets, Balls, Weddings, Picnics, etc., catered for
The dining hall can be engaged for private partite
For terms apply to
iit.-il Sinlnr yes
Ui-o. Benttii
Orange Meat loo per package at
G. T. Roger's
Miss Curdiff returned  Sunday
lust from Rosslniul.
Beattie's school supplies are new
nml up-to-date
A. Sheriilim came iip*fit
yestenluy 011 business.
For the liest of freBh fruits.watermelons, etc.. go to P. McCiuiiieH's.
The liest line of office supplies
in Kootenny at Beatti.-'s.
You tuke no chunct-s when
Beattie fills your prescriptions.
Good girl wanted for general
housework. Apply to A. 0, Bowuess.
.Mrs. S. ,T. Thompson left this
morning for Revelstoke. where sin-
will visit the coming mouth.
Rev. Louis Thomas, Methodist
minister lit Moyie, has Ih-i-ii in
Cruubrook the past few ilnys. attending the district meeting,
Bert Ross was up from Fernie
Tuestliiy completing arrangements
for a three months' vacation, whicli
he will sjx-it.l in the eastern prov-
ii 0 -s.
('has. Ileiuli rstin lins succeeil.il
A. Wilmot in charge of the C.P.R.
f 'eigi t stutiuii. Charley is a
p o:iiising young ninn uud will undoubtedly give good satisfaction in
his new position,
It is only twenty-two miles from
Crows   Nest,   B. C, to Flutheiid
t iwnsite   and   11  first-class   trail,
■I.S. Clute. customs liispeotor,' guides, pnok horses and etc., turn.
ok a visit the Hrst of "shed at Crows Nest.
Roberts   anil
visited   Perry
0.   H.
paid Cranbrook 1
the week.
For Sale-Good buggy and set
of liunu'6S, us good us new. Apply
this office.
Alf. Kricksou enmo up from
Sirdar Mondny and is enjoying a
few iluj-B rest.
A. Gootl.
Miss E. L. Mercer, sister of
Mre. A M. Black, of Belfast, Ire-
I land, nrriveil in Craubrook yester-
'day morning uud will spend the
summer witli her sister.
Waltei   B.  Luing, of Toronto,
I has purchased from A. Lapierre,
1 Cranbrook,  B.C..   the   Cranbrook
I hotel barber shop, which he will
take charge of on Aug. 18th, Sutis-
Beattie's   burnt   leather   goods faction guaranteed,
sale is 11 success.   Have vou priced      ,„,     ,    ,   , , , ...
the goods? "'"''"    ,0''8 ('8 "'   l"'
* 'outskirts of the town should be
F. E. Simpson nnd wife returned, burned up the first quiet duy.
When bunched together they anil menace to the town, and should
be taken cure of without delay.
Mrs. Dr. Rivers, of Raymond,
Altn., sister of W. D. and Norman
Hill, accompanied by Mrs. E. .1.
Hill and daughter Flossie, of Lethbridge, passed through Cranbrook
Tuesday on their return trip from
the coast.
today from their visit tu Winnipeg,
St. Louis und other '-oints.
Wm. Forrest and J, F. Hutch-
croft wen- down from Marysville 11
■otiplc of days this week.
To Let—From the 15th Sept. to
end of year, the building now
occupied by Pn-st & Co.
J, D. McBride hus lieen very ill
the pnBt few days with 11 severe
nttuck of congestion of the lungs.
South African war scrip wanted.
Best prices offered by Arnold &
A. D. Lapierre has disposed of
the burlier shop in the Crunlirook
hotel. W. B. Lnitig lieing the purchaser.     Mr. and Mrs.  Lapierre
left yestenluy for a visit to Mont-
A full stock of the choicest lines real,  Boston, New York. Chicago
of tobaccos, cigarettes and cigars and St. Louis, after which they
always on hand at P, MeConnell's, will again return to Cranbrook.
Miss Jennie Richards has gone Mrs. S. J. Wellniaii of Wiuni-
to Elko, where she has again been | ,„.,,, at.comp.-iiii,Hl by her daughter
engaged as teacher 111 the public jiJ8S M„l,lP, i8 visiting her ilutigli-
A.  C.   BOWNESS. Wholesale dealer ia
Wines Liquors and Cigars
Ne* Kuums In the Aiken Block, Just Nortli ol Imperial Bank Corner
Agent Iur Calgary Beer and Sorter
Agent for T. Lebel & Co., Hay and drain.
We are doing a bi*- business in
Baths, Bathroom Fixtures and General
but, like Oliver TwUl, we are
after more. We will be pleased to sbow
you our goods, because we know we cm
plense you.
...01VL IS A CALL...
PfltmnfP   Rrnc     Plumbing, Heating, Roofing
railllUIC    UIU5., and Ventilating Engineers.
SlimiU nut alone lie vour guide wtifn
imruhnsing fe»l. QUALITY alao should
iw considered. We know tlmt tJi»
quality of our feed i- unsurpassed, and
our prices are not any higher than yon
an1 probably paying ior jMHir feed. It
will pov v.-u ti' give vour h.-rt-e iht
Harris & Jolliffe's Meat Market.
************************** r.t************************
New Business
For Cranbrook
and in n position to show visitors to our
store tlm most complete stoek of
Wall Papers and
Room Mouldings
in thf Kootenays. W*- r»*si»**ctfiillv -solicit a share of your patronage, and in•
yite you to fall and s»H' our troods and
get our pruvs.   We make a specialty of
Kstiuinl.-s cheerfully given.
F. J. Bradley & Co. j
Armstrong Ave.        CRANBROOK, B. C Phone 52 S
*************** ******* ***'* **~***********************9\
tt-ra Mrs. Guorge Hoggarth, nml
Mre. E. H. Smnll. Mrs. Wt-llinuii
will remain a few ilnys nn.l Miss
Mulil.* will leave Inter for Vancouver to visit lu-r brother, T.J. Well*
Frctl Rynn, returned to Crunlirook Wednesday after 11 two
weeks visit nt Halcyon Hot
Springs- I
Mrs. W. A. Brown and ilnughter 1 ., . .
Miss Algi*r,U-ft yesterday for Bnttt-I „ rhe rapid increase in    atmore
city, Mont., when- they will visit Bros,, business lias compelled them
several weeks, Ito ''V1'"^:' '.'.'\r s,",r'' ""I1 *,'!' "xi
I tension Ssaxl'. lins been  mult uiul
The juvenile bnse ln.ll   club will  will lie usiil  by  them us 11  work
go to Moyie Siitunlny where   they shop, the linrt formerly usiil ns u
will cross lints with  the juvenile work shop, being necessnry to iiinke
team of that town. : room for their Increased stock  of
Mrs. J.   B. nail uiul children, K00l's'
who have been   spending it few]    We are indebted to the (', PJ P.
weeks at Pincher Creek, returned {or n copy of the time table for the
home Tuesdny morning. I Kootennys. whicli  includes a map
. tt- T,. . 1 .1 11 1, of the Poplur Creek. Lardo, Slocan,
J. King Black, brother of A II. * Bou„(1 ! aml Clwv9 Kttt mining
Black,   came  np   from   Maclectl .,:..:_:„..„-'   Tt i„ „ ,.„„. , ,n, „„i?
Wetlnesdny for n few duys
with Cranbrook friends.
., *. divisions.   It is 11 very handy pub*
vl     4 Mention uud cnn Ik; obUiiniKl  from
the locnl ugents or on application
J. B. Hull requests us to state to J. S, Carter, D.P.A.. Nelson.
that if the parties who took the
plnnts from his home will return'
his niece, Mra. H. A. Kanouae, of the pots they mny keep thc plants. son,
the Sanitarium hotel, Frank, Alta.! " ' ('"9t''rn
W. F. Tate, nccompanied by his
Eric, left todny for several
rn cities, to be iibsent six
B, H Short has leased his store 'weeks or two mouths. Mr. Tnte,
L. S Murdoch, of Fei 1 & Co.'s, on Armstrong avenue to Mrs. Mc while in the east, will take 11 post
is enjoying his yearly vacation and Leal, of Knslo, who will put in .. graduate course in optics, and on
left Tuesday morning for a horse-' stock of millinery nnd fancy dry his return will tit np 1111 optician's
back trip through the Windermere' goods. Mr. Short lias moved his room. Mr, Tate deserves u vnea-
conntry. He wns accompanied by paint store into the building re- tion uud liis muny friends here
Ed. Tiffin. ccntly occupied by R. Logan. I wish him a pleusaiil time,
Iii all lines of CLOTHINQ
Specially high quality  Specially low price
Men's Hoods to -..iit sizes of all
purchasers. Come in, turn over our
Iannis, ask questions; we arc hen-to
help you any way we caiii us well as
to sell goods. Remember, we sell
ilu-Best ut Cheapest prices, that our
giM.ls nre New nnd I 'p-to-date, thnt
wi- mark everything in plain figures, that we nave -   price, nnd
ID percent off fortaiBh.
Morrow & HcFarlane
(Nothing like Being in Time
Our FALL and WINTER HOODS ere arriving every day
so when the cold wave strikes the b.n.n. belt you will
know where to come and let warm Blankets, Under-
clolhlnj. Uloves and Mills, Overshoes—In lad every
thine tbat you need to keep comfortable. No old stock.
We don't keep am thins: to jet shelf worn. Everything
marked at prices tbat will aslonl.b you. No need to
send to T. Eaton's aid pay enpress ch.rgcs.	
.-.' (i  i I
tbe Cosmopolitan Bold
A Firstclass House Centrally Located ®l
Fine Sample Rooms in Connection. The bedrooms ^
are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the U
market affords. II
»*»»v*XI *• ** • **
As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip
Which, being translated, means that those who wear
OUR suits, made up in lirst class style by lirst class
workmen, well know them to be the BEST      **      **
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C j
4»44^4Sg)44.4444^4-.... 444444^|)
G   \ti^£_^W&_
it* liki' Inlying t* \d_ ■» n hat?
with Home i»«*opU'. AU meats
Iniili alike to them and — ttiey
very often get poor quality.
We want tlie trade of those
who know good
and thone that don't. The former will know that wc have
thnt kind for them and the
latwrmu .«l> upon tm to give
it iu il.i*in.
...Manitoba Hotel...
(Under New Management)
D. A. McDONALD, manager
This Hotel is in the center of town. The rooms are
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first-
class, and the bar is supplied with the best. When you
want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba.
fl. Jt. CgtCgi proprietor.
Open gag __ ttlqbt.
The Best of Everything In the Batlni Llic
If y* come once you will come often.    We
... iim to please ...
irtuitr-unK avenue-
Cranbrook Brick
and Tile Works
Taylor & Davis, Props.
Furnace & Boiler Specialists
All descriptions ot lirick work
undertaken. Flues plastered
by new fire proof process.
Common brick, pressed brick,
fire brick and tile on hand.
Land Notice
Tuke notice that sixty dsy. alter date I intent) to apply to the Chlel Comml..li,ner ot
Land, and Work.(or permlaeion to piiri-hiisp
th. following described land, lu South Eaat
Commi ncing at a post planted at the
north nest corner of Lot 8065, thence went to
the eaat limit ol Lot 5460, thence strati, to
the north limit ol Lot 8578, thence eaat to
tbe west limit ol Lot 3065, thence north to
the place ol beginulug, containing 820 at-rtie
more or le...
Dated I hie Ull, day of June, 1004.
U -Milium Promt
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
AU kinds of finish work in
wsy ot doors, windows, transoms, etc. Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. Our work is
guaranteed aud our prices are
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
mimi*>»l H'HM *••*>•( |
A beautiful line of Homespuns nnd Worsteds for
Ladies' Tailor Mude Suits.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Rooms oa Armslroni Ave.
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer
We aro in business for business.
To keep it and secure more we
must do business in a business
like manner. We are prompt
and reliable. That is business.
We do all kinds of drayage and
cartage.   We want more.
Leave orders in our ollice in
the Cranbrook hotel block, opposite station, or telephone llii;
residence, 63
a*>   IF YOU WANT   &
Foreign Liquors Galore
Just received the largest consignment of For-
eig'n Liquors ever shipped ino the hoo enays.
Direct importations from the distilleries of Siotlund, Holland, France
LOCH ACHRAY, the purest and mosl popular whisky in Scotl.ind today, put up in
octaves and half octaves, Imperial pints and quails, wine quarts, Masks and
half flasks.
KIDERLEN Holland Gins from the largest Gin Distilleries in the world, put up in
octaves, half and quarter octaves, crystal jars, pints and half pints.
FROMY, ROGEE   & O.'S Famous Cognacs, " Medical Reserve."
By purchasing direct I bave saved the middlemen's profits, Ihe bcnclil uf which I Hill give lu my cusluincrs.
Phone 17 A.    L.     MeDERMOT, Phone 17
Importer and Wholesale Dealer In Wines. Liquor*, ;.ml Cigars.
J. E. Stephens.
H. L, Stephens,
M. Rockendorf
J. Lawsun,
As we predicted several months
months ago, the Flathead country has been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines are
running full blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to the Alexandra
Hotel. It is the best hotel in
the district.	
Stephens Urns. & Co., Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Mines, B. t.
It. I„ Stephens
J. E. Stephens
The Great Northern is building
from Morrissey to the east.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is the " Hub."
If you wish to find anybody enquire at thc Australian, you will
find your man there.	
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
It's a Beauty.
Tlie loving cup given by the
niemliers of the Seattle Jockey
club to tin- winner of the "Members' Handicap'' for the season
1004 ut the Seattle races, was received yesterday by Mr. James
Ryan, the owner of "Shellmount,"
the winner. The cup is now on
exhibition ut the Cranbrook and is
a beauty, und Mr. Rynn feels just-
proud of the possession of it,
The cup is of solid silver nnd bears
the following inscription!
ll-j MILES
Wos Bv
Rim.k-4 By
Jt'l.Y J1U, liim
Parliament  Prorogued.
London. Atlpf. 15.—After an ud-
inittedly barren session, uiurkeil by
uo less thnn seven fruitless ut-
tetupts on the part of the opposition to turn the government by
votes of censure, parliament wub
prorogued tliis afternoon, no more
than twenty-five members being
present, Including the members of
the cabinet,
The king's speeeli regarding
parliament wns blief, After re-
viewing his visits to tin- king of
Denmark, at whioh liis liuijesty
Buys his reception in eaoh ease was
cordial, uml the agreement between
Franco and Groat Britain, which
he pointed out. will be advantageous to all concerned uml materially
strengthen the friendship of (.rent
Britain ami France, liis majesty
mills: "Hostilities. 1 regret to say,
are still iu progress between liussiu
ami Japan, Upon tin- outbreak of
the war, 1 issued u proclamation
declaring my neutrality and enjoining nil the people to u strict observance thereof. Important ques*
tions, involving tin- treatment of
the. neutral goods of commerce in
the hands of belligerents have
uriBcn in connection with the operations. The issues involved, which
are of the gravest moment to the
trade of the empire, will, I trust,
lie amicably settled without prejudice to tlie vust commercial interests of the country. My government will energetically support my
subjects iu the exercise of tin-
rights recognized by international
law as belonging to neutrals,"
Spokane Fair.
Manager R..H, Cosgrove of the
Spokane Interstate fuir is arranging for the best races ever seen in
Spokune, and lie proposes to liuve
ample amusement between the
races to nvoid the tiresome waits
whicli have been noticed heretofore. He has returned from the
eust, where he mnde contracts with
some of the best open.uir performances now on tiie variety stage,
Chief among these are tin- live Hying Banvards. He found them at
the Winnipeg fuir. which is the
second biggest fair iu Canada, uml
us soon ns lie suw their performance he opened negotiations uml
before he left he hml them contracted to conic to Spokane the
tirst of October. Tlu-y ure suid lo
lie wonderful aerial performers.
The live are in the uir at the same
time throwing and catching each
other. Mr. Cosgrove says they
mnde ti great hit last season in the
The Alpine family, a man uml
two women, do it tight wire turn
which is very clever. Another
attraction is K. 1'. Moore, the
clown who does li sluek wire turn.
He is not only skillful, but exceedingly laughable,
All these open-air performances
between races can be witnessed by
nverybody in the grandstand uud
will be a allow ill themselves wliich
will Ihi worth the price of the
gran.lstni.il admission,
Detained In Ottawa.
The session of the Dominion
parliament is over but Nelson's
member, W. A. GulUher, M.I'..
will be detained in Ottsawn I'm* sonic
time, ln u letter received by I'. ]•',.
Wilson, Mr. (lullilier suys In- cannot Is- in Nelson unlil the llllli of
September, He has a lot of general
departmental work to finish beforo
he can leave. As Mr. (ialliliei-
represents all. or nearly all, of
British Columbin tlmt will be
traversed by tlu- Grand Trunk
Pacificruilway,hehtts been specially
requested by the ministry to remain and assist with his advice in
the choice of commissioners and
muny other Important matters ihut
liuve lo be decided very soon. Mi*,
(lullilier evidently intends to remain until everything is settled in
connection with wliich his local
knowledge can be of service to the
cabinet.- Nelson News.
Wanted to Purchase.
Five or six roomed house, centrally located for cash. Apply box
14 Cranbrook.
Sudden Death ol Roberl Jaffray.
Toronto, Aug. 3.- Robert .luff ray,
president of the Globe Printing
company and well known throughout Canada, dropped dead yesterday.
Mr. J affray's death was u great
shock to Torontonisns, for he had
lieen about as usual.
He was president of the Crow
N'est Coal company,
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For terms, maps uud further particulars apply I" llic tallowing
local laud agents:
V. Hyde linker, Crnnbrook, II. 0.    E. Mallandaiuo, Jr.. Creston, ll. 0,
l. 11. Wilson. Wnrduer, It. 0, H. & M. Bird, Nels.-n, ll. 0,
It. R. Bruce, Wilnu-r, B. C.
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
A Food With Silver Service.
In reducing fcliG vi*ry best elo-
mpnts of Unnmln's bcBt wheat tc
tin' must nutritious mul palatable
form, Ora ugo Meat has scored a
distinct triumph among Canadian
housekeepers. 'Wo never tire of it'
says Mrs T. Reiil, Southampton.
<>nt. Aside from tin- merit of tlie
cereal, your grocer will show you a
coupon which is enclosed in every
1-V package. These coupons, for
the lialance of the year, can bt> redeemed iu heavy silver plated tea
ami desert siiooiis, handsome sugar
shells and butter knives. Tlie
coupons give full information and
directions concerning the premiums.
AU the news
All the time
************************* ^L
* —    *!
* w
J Locals in this column will be |*
J charged at the rate of 5 cents J
J per line each issue. *
House for SaloJ live mains; |iuntly
anil cellar} twn foncci] lots; titanic mnl
chicken house; *r,75 if snlil lit onco;
ucrose, creek. Apply In Mrs. W. .1.
Welsh, or Herald office,
■lust whnl yen wnnt, Uu- hest photos
I'ri-sl Photo Co.
Butler, I-Jggs, Pork, Eto, — l-'or ship*
nielit In llritisli Columhin, Al qtliility.
Writ.' for cash ptires. I, Di-Fiilir, I'itls-
l.nry, Alts. 17*61
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
*»*>*> *>•**-*>■»-•>■♦ ♦-**♦*> ♦ «»*-*>-*>\2) [•}••> •
.  We are now in shape to furnish all kinds ol
J J  Orders promptly filled and delivered In town. For prices apply
King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
»■»■•>*>-**■ *>«»*>®®
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hour
out of the 24
Miinufactumrs of ami wholesale un.l retail dealers in
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
Weown'our own quarries, nml tin- quality in con Imi
to l.i* thi- hot.   Monuments, Headstones, riarble Trim.
minus lor Buildings, u a|n>>'iulty.   Hy buying from in, .vmi
ui't tlm material ut tirst cost. n
N I'M HER   99
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Uhu. A. Cm, President. B, li. Walkkk, Gen. Mnn.
I'.IJ Up Capital    SK.70.IKH1.1KI
Kest       ...    8,000,000.00
Tulal  Rc.oimci N,,v. .III. 'Ill  . M.nllli llllll nil
Deposits Received,   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted
SAVINOS IHNK DBPADTMBNT   Dcpmlli Kecol.cd- Inlertll Allowed.
I1ANICI.NO IIV  Mill,   |,,,|..,-ii. 114.11 I,,, ni.i.l., .nnl williilriiun I.v mnil.
iim.of.tnnn in ..nt*. ii'.'.'ii.' i-vi-rv .141.-iin,,,,.  r,,i,iiiiiiim*iiiiiuiH nililroaoetl
• iii.iiniB.-r ol llw Omul I. 11.4 i,i, will rw-iilvii |irorapl uttontlon.
io t
l*\ CM M.IJAS, Manager.
^milHIHIil-HIIHHi,, )ii|4 HIHHm,»H....lj
_ Capital, Paid Up HOTO.OOO *
I Rest $.',850,1100 J
J T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. K. Wilhic, Via* Pres.and Gen. Manager J
J A general banking business transacted, Drafts sold avails- I
•* ble in every part of Canada, United St itcs and Europe. Special *
Z attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     *
\mmiss4.*(i.K!*ii!f(i *te ■t,.ist***********n**ttl-
■ ■■ --.--■ ■■ .'■ $******
■':,:■.,.,.. z -. *: *
4,iir stock nml you'll iiml sonn- of tho besl Inrgalna ovor hoonl of. Wo'ro
bound to mnko onr preaont CLEARANCE SALE of meh'a furnish-
Ings ao attractive Iho gooda will po.
You'll bo aurpriacil al tin I « prices on elogniil Underwear, Nouk-
wear, lliindkorcliicls anil othor tilings. Tboy'vo juat got lo no to make
way for tlie largo liuo of new jowl c-on ,-otniug, li will pny you to buy
what vmi waul ami -J,.-- ii = iw.,-.-; goo I- bo *.-,,,, I :inil prices so low,
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
(■p_(5VJ«-----5V_r.-r. ~*S\-V-*Vv   V-.-.    .*    V
..    ,„,_.,... ®-®*H*-®-«
******WANTED BYjMy
!• St. Eugene Stock
Sullivan Stock
North Star Stock !I
Sm.ill Farm near Craanbrook for Renting*.        is
j»/THEY WELL Sl-.l.l..-.* %
tt     Two War Scrip «
if National Cash Register     -j>|
i4V*.i m *i ■•- .......*...   . <f & -ff~(f-®-®-®-®-ai
*,. ,.\ {., <f v .  .■ ,. 4.^ ,..i ®-®-®-®-®ss
If there is any
run in that
watch of yours
W. II. Wilson
we can gel it out of it.
II w« can't make it go, il is
pretty nearly a hopeless caw, and
its days ol usefulness may be said
to be over. Bring il in to us and
let us have a look at it, anyway.
Tin-re are years of service left in
many watches and clocks, which
were laid aside because they
stopped running.
Ti nml tlila. wnll lor in, ninn."   Don't In-
l-l Imi I' .torII iln.'sn'l pny.    Ilm* uliolco
wnti'ln*. willli-lp j*ill keen nn liim*.   Tlmy
,i,'i„4t„i Hulo"wnti-li cliiirina,"  1 keep
44,- uinlotimn. A vi.ri.ly of llllulra, rolllo liiil"" llii.Mi.'s" III iiuvi lory .'im Im rimed liy .-.ill-
l.ut... ■ -.inm.  IVo have inuiiy 1 milnl
rrme ., bran I oilier brooch ot-niiituinIn,
Ho i*Iiis|ik. illnimunl rfnga, onr-ringa, olo. tlini
..in* prill's for jowelry vory ivnaonnble.
'Ij.*y gonfter it, The iinduuut-
Bpil it ll-it took tllOUSUtlllti across
•m rtfi in tin- face of starvation
ami massacre I.\ th.* Indians,tothe
rolil fields of California in 'IU. still
Kists,   nnd   today  thoiiBiituls nre
Alter traveling Beveral thousand | with   !<>ts   of   roomjtn | aving home nnd family to tnke up
miles, after gazing upon tin1 mar- more.   The daily   newsp i ■ rs  ol their abode  in  the Territories of
velous ivsiimvi's of ihi' Canadiuu Winnipeg are the  marvel  ul the western Canada.    And they will
wheal belt, after visiting thn Win-1 newspaper world.   '1 he) sn    row mu|je ,_,l)(..| t-itixpus. The* an*com
iiml they are getting Imiiil tigs t
would make t hicnga -
with envy. I lon'l tnaki tiny mis*
inks about Winnipeg, i is the
coming town of Canada, and bouiu
day it will have nn hotel where a
mun can Btop and onjoj iin- luxuries thai In' pays for
The Winnipeg fair tli
s vear wns
W, jf. Gate,
Jeweler atii5 ©ptlclan.
i)lli.i..l tv.ii.'li Insnootor f. P. It., CrowaNost
I'm— Pivialon.
uipeg t-xpot-itioiJ wlioro tin* riches
ot wi'rili'l'll r;in;iiln ,'il'i- i'xlllliili',1 I'i
ii|ii-ii tin rii's nt lisitiny Vnnkoi.--a
mul In please lln* Ciiiiii'l; ns well,
iil'ior lingeriiiR nl tho old homu in
llliniiis ninl observing the many
chm.goB thnl follow nfturu Inpseof
ton ycure, nttor seei'ii* iln* mur*
volong Bights "I ihr World's Pair
nl St. Liniis. wo hllVU roliirni-ii lu
Crnnbrooli nml   Hn- biuianu belt,
glud ilml ».   Iiiim* taken tho trip,
und twice glud  ihut  wo nre homo
again unioug tin' mounUiins und
tin* |iim*s, will n* thoro is u dearth
of  jimi'i-ly null u lack ot crime,
whore thr Btmggle for existence in
h-ss strenuous, and whon. the l.iml J in tin- wny of cattle, grain untl li
has instilled the idons of freedom man beings, were fai   BttiHirior to
nml equnlity, whore n  mnn is a anythfng they have had there ln*-
niiiii, mul thi* ulmighty dollar hns'Iur,,.   The cattle gavu evidence of
imi Ilu- -Kiti-nt iiitlui-iit'i- in dictat- the fact that tbey were well bred,
iug the religions and Bocial Btatus eodid the people, and tlie grain
of tin* individual ns is evidenced and   fruit demonstrated that tin-
umono; Ilu- money-loving, power- formers hnve arrival at tin conolu-
woTBhipiiigiiidlviiluidsiuthopopu- sion that lirnins can l»' used in
lohs contres of the cent belt of the farming as well ns in unv other
Stales. avocation in lifo.   The sport tea-
...... tnres of the exhibition were nwny
above par. There was everything
To ride through Ilu* vnsl Btretcb from the loop-the-loop to themorry-
of wlieut fields in .Mmiilulm gives go-round, nnd nil of themwuro well
rise to the thought that the farm-' patronized. Tin- timo line passed
evs of that provinco nre the richest when uny exhibition onn bu mado
nnd must independent lot of fellows a success with u fut bull and some
on earth. Audit the stories told farm machinery, The penplo iluto us tuo right, there is no question maud something aioro, The fur-
uliout it.   Ten nnd fifteen yenrs mer and his wife who wqp-k eightoeu
ago they bought on six nml twelve hours a dny during the su ior
months time, and were not so pur- feeding cattle and hogs, both billed
ticulor ubout the nicrgin of profit laud i-unilrupi*d. don't can- to spend
njoyed by the merchant.    Now hftv dollars in the fall to see stoek
lu-y work four ur live months in and nothing else,   Thai is why the
ing like babies fed ou spe.   i  I I. ing with cnpital,  with experience,
and  il  k,-.-ps   thom  i r  buying with energy nml with .-onlitlenee iu
iiin.hin.*ry  in  keep up         their r .,,„!., mid  Canadians, and  they
increased circulation. Aln  dytiie) will do noblj   their purl  to make
hnvethel sl  presi     ii I  Hindu, WesU-ru Cimnda whal the Cn-utor
inli-inli'il ii sl 1,1 In*, the grnmiry
.,1 thc oivili/,,1 world.
„        4      ..
There is sonn- groul luml in III-
inuis. They rttiso corn there, and
politicians, We saw land thai Is
held nt sii". in >IT"i nn acre, and
there is n I'nrin in Northern Illinois
thnt wus recently Bold for $1110 nn
Wiih the rich wheal luml
a great success, The exhibits, both Manitoba and the Northvcsl Territories thai nin In- bought for $lii
to i*J-"i nu acre, and wheat com-
miiuding a gootl priee, we cannot
understand why people will puy
such prices, Yet il is u demonstration ul' the fnot that overy
young man should Bave his money
nml invest in liiml when it is oheap.
Liniil nt Sll) nn nere will bent trying to guess what the other fellow
hns in his huiul ul S| to 820 u
Lilless, nml when uld ago eiuiles   on
ii will puy better dividends than
any poker game ou enrth.
Tin- genial Eorouinn hus called i
halt on Ilu-1 )hi Man, mul thorofon
wo will postpone our eouimouts oi
tho i.i*,- fair until next work.
the year, buy with their check boot
in their hand, demand rock bottom
prices, and after harvestings over
and the lnisiness of marketing is
adjusted, lhe poor fanner nntl his
family hike to the balmy air of
California tb live nntil the cold
winter of Manitoba lias given way
to delightful spring. Think of 11
nian having a section of land it
dollar wheal
fairs have changed, so thai everj
body, iuoluding newspaper men,
can have n tfood tim*!. Ami the fair
management are not chnbbers.
The went out on the ice with tlie
expectation of drawing a crowd big
enough to get their money back.
and we guess thev did. Anyhow,
thai $-io,(X)U that the Hon. Mr.
Sifton got for them helped a lot i
tllar wheat, with the yield esti- 'be  square up.   ilr. Sifton  wai
ated   at  thirty-five to forty-five there, ami he and Van Home auc
bushels per acre. Talk about your
kings ami the business man with n
snap. None of them are in it with
the Manitoba wheat king. Ami
this year, with good crops and a
high price, there is going lo bo an
army of wheat kings in that fortunate province.
Winnipeg is the coining big
town of Canada. It is located
right, nntl like Chicago, wiil never
quit growing. They have dumped
the mossbaeks anil the future nf
the town is now in the rightful
(lossessum of live people, whn are
able to see further thnn Riverside
park and tho junction of the Red
river with the Assioiboiuo. The
C.P.R. put on its glasses and took
a peep into the future, anil as a result they me putting up an hotel
and station that is to cost a million
ami a half, besides Spending another halt million ou improving
their terminals. The Canadian
Northern gol an early hunch, and
tossed off thirty thousand plunks
for   lhe   end  of a  slivel   to better
their grounds ami pretty soon
MoRousrioiS: Mann will be throwing out Knglish money like a
fanner throwing frozen wheat to
the hogs. The Union Bank of
Canada has loosened mi several
hundred thousand to put up a
building eleven stories high thnl is
breaking the necks of nil the people from ihe country towns who
nre nuxions to see tin* top of it.
( Mir old friend Tim Eaton, the wise
guy of Toronlo. who has never
lost any sleep over money lhat he
has thrown nwny. look a peep nl
Winnipeg nml son! u relative up
there with u check book nnd u good
lien, and when he got buck to
Toronlo I'ncle Tim hatl a whole
block ou Portage nvenue uml will
spend half n million putting tip u
big building to handle tho catalogno
trade of the people of the west.
And from one end of lhe cily lo
the other there is building going
on. building of usuhstanlial nature.
aud building that is demanded by
the growth ol business in the city,
And yet we heard n mau who had
lived in Winnipeg for eighte'ii
years express the opinion that ihe
town was fifty yenrs ahead of its
time. There nro u few in thut
town who miss the croaking of the
frogs in the swamps thnt onco
existed where greal buildings now
stand. But the number is growing
leBS, and it is hard for Him few to
find anyone to listen to their tales
of woe, Winnipeg is the natural
wholesale point for centrnl Canada, and the rapid growth of the
country tributary to it means u
great growth in Winnipeg. It has
70,000 people there now, and under
ordinary circumstances, within live
number of other Bilk hat dignitaries snt in it private box in front
of the grand stand ami cheered
Adgie aud her lions uutil the chill
winds from the prairie caused them
to say a fond farewell to the -local
committee, nnd then they hiked for
tlie government house where a
liraud of hospitality is dispensed
that beats a lion agitator ami a
bunch of acrobats on a chilly night.
Any mun present at the show got a
run for his money. We got in on
a cotup ami enjoyed the layout so
much that we went back to the
manager's othec and begged liim
with tears in our eyes to accept
thc price of admission, but he stood
pat, and refused with a dignity thnl
reminded us of a man we once saw
returning from his math or inlaw's
funeral. Afterward we snw the
path to the pass gate crowded -each
day by the elite of Winnipeg, men
with silk lints and women with silk
skirls that rustled like lhe sandpaper artist in the theatre orchestra, and then we did not feel so
badly. The pass disease is a terrible malady, and as a rule is incurable. We have Buffered from it
for years, uml just aliout the time
we think we are cured. Joe Carter,
or some other individual with evil
design, stirs up the genu nml then
we are ns bad nsevor.
To pass from the country ofryour
adoption to the country of your
nativity is a privilege not accorded
to every individual. To go to your
unlive heath as a foreigner might
seem strange to some people, nud
bet. wet n certain con nl lies there
would ben niarkcdtlistinction. Hut
lo go from Canada to the United
Stntes, from Uritish Columbia lo
Illinois, from my home in Cranbrook to my old home in (Iquawka,
is nbout the same ns going from
Montana or Washington to Illinois.
or from British Columbia to ( hitur-
io. There is a difference between
the west and the east, just the same
as there is a difference betwi eu a
race liorse and a slow going draft
animal. But as to the people of
the two countries there is little or
uo difference, speaking in a general
way. They Hponk the same language, they have the same ideas, tlie
same hopes, the same desires, and
the same respect for law and morality. And one thing is very noticeable on the other side, and that
is the universal friendliness exhibited everywhere for Canada nnd
Canadian institutions. What is
more, it is apparent thai this new
power, this new commercial eidora-
do, and we call it new owing to ils
vast undeveloped territory, is attracting unbounded interest among
the Yankees. They like a good
thing, and if it is within  reach of
to eight years it will have l.JO.ouo, human exidoavor and human cour-
An Organiza'taii Formed and a Promise
of Successful Work in the Future.
Last Friday evening tpiite a
number of people interested in the
formation of a lire brigade gathered at Wentworth hall. On motion
of T. Rookes, F, K. Simpson was
called to the chair, ami T. M.
Roberts wus named as secretary.
• I. P, Pink, who has been the
chief of the old fire brigade, explained what had been done by
the citizens in the way of raising
money to purchase lire apparatus.
and stated that it might be well
for nil of the otliees of the old brigade to be declared vacant so' that
the new brigade could be started
on a clean sheet. The idea seem
to meet with the approval of the
meeting and on motion of Mr.
Kink, seconded by V, Kollins, the
offices of the old bridgade were
declared vacant.
The next action of the meeting
was to name new officers for the
brigade, and the result was as
follows: Fire chief, J, P, Fink;
assistant fire chief, F. J. Bradley;
president, F. E, Simpson: treasurer. V. Rollins; secretary, T, M.
The question of a tire hall was
then discussed and the concensus
of opinion was to tho effect that it
was necessary to have u hall, not
only lo keep up the interest in the
tire bridgade, put also to have men
always on hand to get out the apparatus in ease of lire. On motion
of W. T. Reid, seconded by T,
Rookes, a committee composed of
(J. T. Rogers, T. M. Roberts aud
F. E. Simpson was appointed to
solicit, funds for a new fire hall
and a bell for a fire alarm,
Mr, Fink suggested that Thursday was aliout tlie best night for
practice und that the tirst practice
would be held on the evening of
the 2oth at 7:S0. On the suggestion of V. Rollins the list was
opened for membership and the
following parties signified their
desire to join the brigade; V, Rollins, W. Rollins. A. M. Black, S.
Grimmond, Mr. Fitzpatrick, W.
•Iluywanl. T. Stark. .1. I). McSweyn. C. H. Dunbar. (J. Reese.
W. Leonard and 1. R. Manning.
It is the desire of the ollicials
to haven brigade of about l'o gootl
workers, and those who wish to become members can hand iu their
names to Mr. Fink, The success
of the brigade depends upon the
quality of the membership, nml
there is no reusou why Crnnbrook
should not have a brigade that will
prove a credit to the town.
Will Not Build This Year.
Owing to the delays in getting
the plans anil specifications for the
new buiiiliug for the Canadian
Rank of Commerce, the season is
too fnr advanced to commence
work Ihis year, aud consequently
it will be postponed until next
spring. Tt was necessary to ship
in the particular kind of brick und
stono wanted, as well as to secure
additional help to do tlm work on
the building. This would also
tend to delay work until it would
be iniposl'ible to complete the outside work before winter. During
the winter all details will be arranged and work will be inaugurated early in the spring.
bratioit nf Ldmr  Day  September
5th, hav.* iill bren completed and
lh.'iv is in. donbl in tie- minds of
those familar with the situation
that it will be th.* Ih'sI celebration
ever held in Kast Kootenay. The
committee h oe worked 'hard to
uiv th.* p.'..pl,' a program that
would meel with their approval,
aial as a result the) have n si'lied-
ule for the day thai will affonl fun
inr cvorylwdy. Sp.*«*i,-i| trains
hnvci been secured sn that the peo.
I'i'' from all parts nf i|l(- district
can come In Cranbrook on that day
without any trouble and al a vory
Binnll expense. It is the one day
in the yeai that Cranbrook cele-
brutes ami it is the big day iu consequence. Cranbrnnk is a good
town in come tn ami Labor Duv
is a good day to celebrate, ll be-
hooves overy man  ami   wmiiuii   to
r  the   eel, -  and it will be of pine.
Ti.* Making S-parat I tie stick
for each man.
Log Loading The same load
will be loaded by each crew and on
time, on a s.-t of trucks, bunks
ttboul six and one-ball feet in
length. A crew is To be composed
of two loaih-rs iiml nne teamster.
A team will I.,- furnished any
crew coming from a distance,
.•'reiial Trains fur Labor Diy,
TheC. P, R. will give Cranbrodk
everything askM in the way of
iratisimnaii .i, facilities on Labor
Day. .1 S, Carter, the district
passenger agent, spent Friday in
town and completed all arrange-
inetits. Tlie following speeial
trains and schedules have l»eeu
fixed for the day:
i:\ \\ in CRAYBROOK
prepare I'm*  the  day.      Lav  .,,   ■
care and trouble for this one day  \'r!iu'  '>yan 7:80a. m,
and come to Craubrook for a   good   ^onfve ■Mn.v|V ^:il1 a. m.
Airive Craubrook JM6 a. m.
Returning, a special train will
leave Cranbrook for Ryan and intermediate points at 'J oVloek p.m.
x. <. m:\Ni u
Leave Kimberli v  7:30 a. m.
lime. Bring the babies, the sweethearts, lhe little boys and girls,
and you will not regref it.
Every  business  man   in   Cranbrook should make a special effort
io  decorate   his  place for Labor Vea.ve MaryBvi .. 8:30a.m,
Day.    Let  the  visilnrs  see  when   Ar"vt'<->nnl rnok.. .. .. 10:00 a. m.
Ihey come to town one of the pretties! streets in the district. Get
out the Hags and bunting nnd see
which place will attract the mom
attention for ihe beanty of its
opecial train will leave Crnnbrook for the return trip at t»:15
p. ui.
Passengers arriving from tbe
iust will come in on the regular
passenger, arriving in Craiilirook
at 10:12 a. tn. A special will leave
for the return trip east at 9:30 p. m.
LunihcriiiK Contests.
As thore have been a number ol
requests for information as to tlie
regulations in the sontests in wliichI A rate of one and one-thin] will
tho lumbering men are interested, Ibe given from all stations, tickets
the committee have decided to is- on sale September ... 4. nnd 5, good
sue fhe following: I to return  up  tn the   fith.     This
Chopping Contest   A separate makes a  most excellent arrange.
log for each man. ment, and everybody  iu  the dis-
Sawing Contest   This will be on trict will have an opju-rtnuity to
time, same log for each contestant, visit Cranbrook nn Labor day.
The Cranbrook schools opened)    It is seldom that a new brewery
last Mondny with an attendance of (Starts off wiih the success that bas
about 170.   The primary division 1 l.mrY}tht* 0lHMli"'r of the Cnm"
. '   .   .   ,     ! brook brewery,    ihe management
.sutpresent rather crowded, but were determined from the ineep-
the congestion In the room will tion of the enterprise to give to
soon be relieved. Parents areI the people of this district a first-
urged, nevertheless, to see that nllM*iss<|Uulity of beer, and if they
the little ones are sent to school. C0^ uo» &> that at first, they did
ns it makes it more difficult for the; not propose to put a pint of their
teachers to classify new pupils who product on tie* market uii "
dl riglit. Under the careful sup-
^rvision of Mr. Geiller, the brewer,
the first brew proved to l>e an ex-
. n pi
straggle  in at intervals at the  1
ginning of the term.    And then, if
the child is going to school, and.
every one should be in attendance, certtonally quality of l>eer.so good
it is a shame to keep him out until J1'1 fjl''1 t}liit it has won praise from
others in his class are permitted to a11 Peopk v,1° indulge in the bev-
get a start in the work This is vr"ge. Mr. VanDecar, who is act-
where the responsibility of the '"- ilS managing director of the
parent comes iu, and they should company, stated at the beginning
lose no time in arranging for their that the pnme object of the com-
children   to be   iu   Bchool.      The  1»J"1) 'vas to un.- the public a first-
for either
street is not  t
boy or girl
Mr. King is iu charge again this
year, which is a source of great
satisfaction to the people of Cranbrook who have the welfare of the
schools at heart. Mrs. Brock, who
did such good work last year, wi
lass article, and that none other
would Im* turned out if the brewery
did not make a sale for six months
after the tirst brew was ready.
But that brew was of prime quality,
and this fact i- demonstrated by
the opinion of the people, who
have with one accord declared that
also teach again this vear. Miss the Craubrook beer was the best.
Cartwrighl is one of the new ap- t *, lct of the l>eople m what
pointees. Miss Carter, who gave decides whether nny product is *
such excellent satisfaction last success or a failure. That point is
vear, is teaching until a newj s,'t,|,1"] *Ilil l1"' ( rin,hrook bre»:
teacher arrives, ns she has declined ery, but yet the management will
to tako the school again this vear
A fifth teacher will be added as
soon ns one can be secured, as the
increase in the number of children
in attendance renders it absolutely
Imperative that lhe staff should be
The school starls out with
promise of good work, and it is to
be hoped that the parents and people generally will unite in tlieir
efforts to assist in making the school
a success again this year.
Let The Cmtlrna
The contract i'ora greater portion
of the water mains fnr the Waterworks compnny was let last Saturday and already work is under
headway, a big gang of men being
employed. The contract for the
balance will be let in a few days,
and no time will be lost in pushing
the work. It is expected that the
mains will be laid on the principal
streets before the ground is frozen
ami that all ofthe business dis'rict
will have water and tire protection.
spare no expense or energy to
improve th.* quality of thc beer
and make it still better as brew
follows brew. The brewery is an
Kast Kootenny institution, backed
up by Crnnbrook capital, and it is
bound to be a great success, That
is what a tirst-class product insures to anv institution.
A. 0. Cjulstnd, of Wanlner. died
at St. Kugene hospital Friday,
Aug. \U. aged '-■>■ "f typhoid fever.
Funeral was held from W. R.
Beattie's undertaking rooms at A
p.m. Monday. Rev. S. J.Thompson
officiating, and the remains interred in the Crnnbrook cemetery.
William Cameron, of Wardner,
died at St. Kugene hospital Mon-
day of typhoid fever. The funeral
was held Tuesday from the McConnell undertaking rooms, [Rev.
W. G. F. Fortune officiating, and
the remains were interred in the
(lranbrook cemetery. The deceased
had a brother at Chariottetown,
I'.K.T.. who has been notified.
An Attractive Place.
The Vancouver Tea, Coffee and
Confectionery company has opened
a place of business in the Imperial
bank block, and give every promise
of doing a nice business. The firm
occupies two rooms, one being devoted to lunches am! the other to
fhe store Everything about the
place is as neat as a pin, ami the
stock is fresh and of ihe best
Tennis Tournament.
There will be au open tennis
tournament for the Kootenays on
the 5th of September at the Tennis
club grounds in Cranbrook. Entries close Saturday evening. September ',').
Por Sale.
Cottage, near school, (> rooms,
furnished or unfurnished, Apply
to.I. B, Dickson. 22-lit. Illl.   eilANllliOOK   HERALD
and three years.   A twoilnliar note
beats good wishes all hollow so far
Editor ana Proprietor.
'I',.. u, i,.1.1 i~ worth |1Q n yeur, li rosts
ni.l> *2.   Su inuu in Sonili Bant Kootenny
.un iiii.u>I tu '"■ «|;I ' It, ;""' everyone
rid wbowluterwted
in the propnws ul 0,1- -.vii,.ii.>h.nil.i mul It,
li pubttsbet*. theueu - while ii if news, ll le
rontrolled ■bmilntt-lj by the pnblliilier. Nu
i-lii|ue. pnrty or individual dictate**, tl policy.
It doll'l to 1.1 fl.. -  the | |'I-'      It'-.h'-i.r.-
luto |.niili-;. .1 iifwui-inierUnit willbt'u crwlll
t,niu* com ntty.  *'*.>-i in your witweriii
1 und uud you »ili !■<■ tlimifcful ever alter*
Advertising   ratee *l   |wr ilieil, single rot
inuu. |»r month, no in and no lew
Iii-n.iim; nmttvi   l' "Hi" per line to aon-
uJviirtiwfrB; tUiinits i-*  I  to regular ml*
vvrtbm.   Burin*** I'- iln Hvewnl* perllw
as paying the expense of riinium
a newspaper is concerned.
Aud now they say that the uev
heir to the Russian throne is bon
of a peasant woman and the balms
switched to save an uprising
throughout the empire- Trouble
is surely piling np for the czar
when they deny him the pleasure
of a boy baby.
,1-h i
„■   Ml Till
llyoil Mre to reneti   llif peoph
Buii Kooteitaj  n.n must inker)
li,-,., i-i
Th.- Herald litis ti tit-.!..;.-* j..i. idtiiii. ami
(tiWorklHiil the Imi The Herald don*
w-ani I'ltaritj li want* ji Mqunrv deal o
your Job ■-■-.'!!. If tvi enii'i Mill you in mm
it*, mid |irire. kick, and send your work I
Home theini John hotuwln ll Ml thai nt"
er spends 11 m.tl.i.W.rook.
Tho ostrich buries his head in
the Baud, and imagines he is hidden
from view. Some men attempt to
conceal Iheir ideality in coiitribu.
tions to newspapers, and grin with
joy in their assiniue imbecility.
The Morrissey Despatch has gone
the regular route, lt is too bad.
The Despatch was a good paper.
but that fact alone would net keep
it off the rocks of despair, lt takes
coin to keep a man from starving
to death, even if he is in the newspaper business.
Nelson now has four celebrities
in the newspaper field. John Houston, Dave Carley. H. T. Lowry and
Colonel Kagan. The mental pttb-
Iiiim this quarlette will serve up t<
Iho people of that city should
satisfy the most critical. They are
veterans in the business; they
write as they feel aud  they are all
yul good fellows.
God hutes n moral coward, and a
lot of people now on earth will Iiml
it out when they nre shoveling coal
in hades. 	
The Herald editor is indebted to
many friends for kind ads to Mr.
Billings, win. had  rlli'1'^'   "f ,ll('
pa pel
Winnipeg is a great lown, but
it must change in some of its ways
before it becomes greater. Then
are men in business there win
were in business when Winnipeg
was a country town, and evidently
still labor uuder the impression
that it is a struggling hamlet. Meu
who ennnot grow with a community should step down and out.
The    d  of  more  railways in
western Canada is evidenced by
the fertility of the soil in Manitoba
ami the Northwest Territories.
If   the   people   will    insist   on
political parties being eon trolled
more on a business basis, western
Canada will soon prove to be the
greatest couniry on earth.
Canada, today, is tho much-
tnlked-of country on tbo face of
the globe.
Berlin scientists are very much
worked up over au educated horse
that is able to think. That is
nothing. We have known a Missouri mule thai would think for
eight months just to get in one
good kick.
lion. Clifford Sifton has settled
the land question about field by
declaring tbo same open to purchase, thus giving those  Bottlers
who squatted  on   it   a   chance f.
protocl their homes.
September 5th will be a gal,
day for lliis part of the district.
Cranbronk will be tho centre of
festivities thai day, and hundred!
of people will turn Ihis way. bast
year's celebration of Labor Day
was a great success, but the eel
brat ion this year will eclipse any
previous effort in this section of
the country.
If the Sl. Kugene mine can furnish all tin- lead consumed in
Canada, what benefit would protection on lead b<< to load mining
generally in Uritish Columbia?
McDonald seems to
walk away in Lillooet.
have had ;
Tbe Pernio election showed only
,)\] voters. Something must be
wrong with qualifications that
allows only that many voters in a
town of 8,000 population,
It is time Eor tbe incorporation
committee t<> complete the work
entrusted to thein by the unanimous vote of the largest mass
meeting over held in Cranbrook.
The Herald sent out a number of
notices to subscribers a few weeks
ago. Some of them responded
with the amounl due. but ninny
have ignored the summons, We
will send another in  a few weeks
llis worship, Mayor Stork, of
Ferine, enjoys the distinction ol
being the tirst mayor in Kust Koolenay.    He will make a good one.
The Bush Fires.
Tt looks as if the bush fins
lhat a week ago threatened the
timber of this entire district wen
low under control. Two fairly
heavy rains ami constant work c
tho part of the people have brought
about an improved condition and
it is quite possible that the differ*
ent fires will soon burn out. Tlu
C.I'.K., through Mr Krickson, tin
superintendent, lias done a lot of
hard and effective work all aim
ihe line, while a few of the lumber
compnuips hnve done all in their
power. The provincial goverumenl
for some reason, failed to do t
thing toward putting out the fires
The government receives Iarg<
anus from the people holding timber as well as stumpage on all that
is cut, and yet uo assistance won
{ivon when the chief industry of
his whole district was liable to be
■vlped off the face of the earth by
he bush tires. When the govern-
nent and the lumbermen are iu
partnership on the timber, it would
jeom that the former should do its
share in paying the expense of
ighting fires, aud not depend too
muoh "upon the Lord. It is true
lhe rains came this time, but tin
country may not be so fortunate
next time.
Pierre Nol Forgotten.
Xelson News: Fathei Coeeola,
f the St. Eugene Mission, near
Cranbrook, was in town last night
md so was James Cronin, manager
if the St. Eugene mine at Moyie
This is a coincidence, because
Father Coeeola and James Cronin
re. perhaps, the two men who
have done more for the development of East Kootenay than any
ithers. The story of the discovery
of the St. Eugene mine by the
Indian Pierre and its subsequent
staking by .lames Cronin with an
understanding with Father Coeeola
is well known to British Colum
bians, but there is one thing thai
Mr, Cronin's modesty does not lot
him tell, and that is that he did
not forget the Indian. Fntln
Coeeola got llis fine cliurch out of
the proposition. Cronin formed
his compauy and the Indian Pierre
got the best, house iu the village of
St. Kugene iu the valley of the
St. Marys, and whenever Plerr
hard up he goes to his friend
Cronin or Father Coeeola and they
always respond with the necessary.
Good girl wanted fur genornl
hotiBework.   Apply tu A. 0, Bow
,M. M.-liinis rrliiriii-ilfrom draw
Ni'St lust Siiliinluy wlii-ri- ho hud
Iii-i-ii lighting tlmbor firi-s.
I'" Lot Prom tho 15th Sept. In
ond nf yenr, tin- building now
occupied l>y I'lvst & Co.
l'\ I). Weeks und wife returned
lust week from n trip to Spokaiv
nnl wont to Murysville Snturdny.
George Monroe, tliu C. P. K
engineer, has returned from u visit
with friends and relatives in On
Brandon eronmory butter, 1 lb
bricks, 25c„ dairy butter in tubs
-Jl).-, cooking butter 17U-, ut O, T,
Rogers' grocery.
For side or rent - Tlie olli.-t
building now occupied by the H.-r-
uld will be for snle or rent after tin
first of September, Tt is plastered
md in first-class condition
,t. Irwin, of Vnncouver, is in
lown in tin; interests of the endowment brunch of tlie Knights of
Pythias,   lie wus well pleased to
Hint they will remember.    Thoy find the Cranbrook lodge in such a
owe us liu- money, nud sonn- of i nourishing condition.
"He was scant o' news tlm! tauld
his grandfaither was hangit."
int   tne  man
wlio asks
yc to hae a nip o' PETER
DAWSON'S, nut only ulis
ye news o' a guid tiling,
but fills your soul wi honest
There's naneequal tae it."
Of all the "good
spirits" tKat Scotland sends to Canada, Peter Dawson's
is the best.
Extra special". Old Scotch WhisKy
B01VIN, WILSON & CO.,      •      -      C20 St. Paul ft., Montreal.
Sole Aflcnfs for Canada
ipmrfiiiiiHi'i ml    '     "mw^-j
I Cranbrook
I! Hotel 3 3
♦ -'Sl
Guests Camfnrt a Specialty
liuod Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rallionil tuul depot,     tins iiccoiiinioda-
tiuiis for  the public  unequalk-tt  iu  Crnulirook.
Hoggarth & Rollins;
llul anil Cnli! llul!',-
..Proprictoi s      11
When vou visit Cranhrook stop at Hit*
None Better In the Hi-lu. I
*p Rate*, Ji and up.   Short Orders nmi Oysters ^
>n served in any style Irom 8 p. m. In fl A, iu. (.**,
9 The Liblc is Ilu- best, III- loins are unsurpassed lor dean  W
^  liness .md comlort and tliu- bar is supplied with Ihe best brand  *$
%> ol liquor*! and cigars. ■ *►
.£ L. B. VANDElAR, Prop.        **)*
The Pioneer Hotel of lhe St. Marys Valley.
'■  Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining room service, and  the 8
8 best of everything; at tlu- bar.
"'t-!.wJ3KiJ .iaumUHWBBB.
To be* had from ricDermot and Bowuess
Andrew Luidluw, nf S|ii>kiinr.
who is interested in lln- liig conl
property ou Fording river, wns in
town Insl Friday.
David Black, of Nelson, wns in j
town this week looking nfter sum.
mutters regarding locations thnt In i
Ims inllie l-'lnllieml district.
Olliee   rOOlll    I'ni'  rent      All office
room on ilu- main street iu tlie now
Herald lilock. lirsl Hour. I'm* rent.
Size 14x30. Apply at Hernld olliee.
ll is only twenty-two iniles from
Crows Nest, B. 0„ I" Flnthend
townsite uml n Hrst-cluss trail,
guides, pack horses and etc.. furnished nt flows Xest.
I'.Mt A. Iinnii.
Miss Cartwright hus gone to
Kniuloops whore she will tench
school this winter. Tlie young
ludy hus lnul considerable experience us n teacher und has given
excellent satisfaction wherever she
hns taught,
•T. M. Tnylor hns purchased Tom
Tnylor's dinry. nnd will take charge
on September I. Mr.Tnylni- understands the business nud will give ii
liis personal attention, Therefore
his patrons uml others may rest
assured thnt tin- quality of miln
will be tile best, nnil the service
prompt nt nil times.
H. A.Robsou. of Winnipeg, wns
in the city lust week visiting his
father, li. Robson. Mr. Robson
wns ul one time attorney-general
for tin- territories bul is now associated with Mr. Aikins. one of the
best known solicitors in Winnipeg.
Mr. Robson is n young man, yet
he enjoys I In- reputation of being
OHO of the besl lliwvels ill .Mnni-
•luck Swium -rii hi. who combines
the business of hotel plutocrat with
llml ofn bonanza eidtle king, enmo
up from Moyie Insl week nml left
Baturday for Macleod to be present
ul the lull roiiiul-up on the much
iu whicli he is hull' owner, Cuttle
command good prices this yeur nnd
-luck snys Ihnl tlu-y nre going lo
sell, lie wil! coine hack with n
roll Ihut will make lhe governmeiil
Orange Meat
The delectable breakfast cereal dish.
Scientifically prepared and ready to eat.
I. ink
appropriations for this
like lliirty cents.
Constable Morris lefl this i -u-
iug for Nelson accompanied bv
Boniiunin   Pugh,   Mr. I'ugli  has
not b in good  health lately mul
hns gone to Nelson Eor four months
ns u guest of tin- provincial govern-
ment.    lien   is   01 1   lhe   best
known prospectors ill tiie district,
but the pnst, two years he hns hml
a rather liard time, lb- hus never
done u wrong except to himself,
nml hus n host of friends who hope
to see him return in good slmpe.
F, J, Smyth, editor of tho Moyie
Leader, wus ill town on .Mondny.
He snys Hint .Movie is in u prosperous condition, und tlmt now
siuce the goveriiinent hns grunted
the Sll) u ton on lend shipped to
foreign smelters, nnd ns the SI.
Eugene does not come under the
bun. us nil of ils shipments outsidu
of Cniindu nre to Belgium, a long
period of good times seems-assured
for Jloyie. Speaking of tlie Labor
day celebration in Crnnbrook. Mr.
Smyth suid thut there would be u
big crowd come up from Jloyie, us
they appreciated I In-wny tin- Crnnbrook people turned out on Dominion duy for tin- celebration in tluil
Best Canadian Wheat
Grown in Canadian Fields
and combined with malt honey by a new process.
Served with cream and sugar.
fnr that [inir nl troiimTH.   Thoy will fit ymi
lo p.'1'fiM-iimi whon wVll lmvi' tlii'tii f.'Hily tor
you, Tlieclotll will bo tlio boit of tlio Fo'ect-
i'.l material, tno. nml ymi'll !»• -min'leii with
itsliutlnu qmlttlfB. Vmi know lliafc tlm
niiiili'-tii-oriii'i* tniiiHi.r.-j nre fur superior lotfi-o
ivjiiiy-nifiili' .HUH, mn] while till*former POBtu
ii Ul Uu more, tbey are uheaptriii tlioeml, for
tbey will ontwonr thootbora. The reinitiation
ul iiiirisliililinlitiii'iit, Inr lllgll elllflB wurk it
"roll known, and onr prtoos mv roniioiitiblo,
tun.   1,1't'n havo your or-Jom.
I.cask & Henderson
Second Annual Exhibition of the
Nelson Agricultural and
Industrial Association
SEPTEMBER 28 6* 29
New Buildings,   Fine Grounds,   Big Premium List
Novel Open Air Attractions
Write lor Prlic List	
.1. B. AINNAIU.n, Sec , Nelson, ll. C
Word hus been received lo llio'    Mr.  .Iiiim  Wright, Ilu- pianist,
i-H'eei   tlmt  Harold   N.-ls    tin- has uuulo arrangements so thai he
popular Canadian actor, will be can furnish music for any occasion
seen in Orniibrook within n short with un orchestra of from one lo
lime with his new play, "Heurt and seven pieces. Melius hud n grent
Sword." .Mr. Bruce, Miss Scott, deul of experience iu mutters of
Mr. Hake and Mr. Gnrretto have this kind nnd will be able to give
boon retained in tin- company, nml satisfaction in ull casos. The people
new actors secured who will grent-'of Crnnbrook linvo heard him and
ly ndd lo the strength of tho com- know thnt he is u musician with
biuatiou, the ability to please the public.
(liunl Dewing, manager of th,-1'1'1"™' wishing ..iiisle for special
liolel ut Jaffray, waB in town Fri- occasions would do well to drop
day. 'I'he hotel is now owned by |l"",1 " ™™" 8t»tinf whnt'" wnn eil
T.'ll.Whnlen & Co,, and is being nm\ l>skln.S ioit t;'""8' Kolul '"*
put in good shape for the traveling ™»1 elsewhere in this paper.
public and the local patrons,   Mr.	
Dowing snys tlint fishing in Unit
part of tin- country is proving n
grent attraction these days, nnd
thut some grent catches ure lieing
iii.-uli-. Sportsmen will find ^lu-
.Intfrny House a convenient place
to slop when looking for a few
ilnys line sport, J
Proprietor. |
$ MmMm-.*:-M-:'mm.im..-V':M*: >*.*■.*      ' - .   *   M'M M* :'Z \'?i
Timber Notice
Tuk i,v il„ii thirty iln-.**-nil-*. .Inn* I
il.i. iiiiiIitmsiii'iI. in 1 in apply J" ,1"* .-I'l.'1 j
.■■iiiiini-ii*' r„l Iinnii- mi,I i-'iirk-iil Vlctorln
iur ii inecliil UCBiue to nil ntnl rarrj »«iiy
iiml.,,. Inm iln* InllortiiB .lwcrlbi-il limb
in Soiilli Hum Kooli-nay District:
1. I*.,,iiiii,'ii, miiiii t. i-i..-. nliiue'it ii,  il"'
oortli ,,„*ii,r..ll,.l*J*JJ.".H '''i-i W
chalm.tlluM0luU.lll0 i-li-iiiis. II -■•' -'i'**1
mi , 1,4,in., iln' ionh 80 clwlll., lo |,luo
nt brglnlilliK contnlnlHK 04U ti-*n-«.
■_'. 144I141IIMI'4444.* in i. pnat |,liii>t,,l nt On
,oulh -''-l poruor nl I-n -'-ll'. llii'iii'i' '•"*-'
-n ,!,,in.. nnii.,- nuilli SO clmluu, th.no
,i,„l   .-44 ,1, i,,-.  ll„,„,.M.rli --II .luiil.-. n
liiu,-,, „ll,.,!;i.i.iii|.'ii. liilngOlllncrM.
Ii4.i„il4ii Hnri.tlllu, July 2-1, 1001.
|),,l'44   I'..   V,  Illl    .'".
11. M. iM.llllll.'.
K AKont.
TnVi-'ii.ii.-.- ilm' tlilrly .lay. niter th. Br»t
publtal I llil.- notice I liitoii.Ito-JPlJj
10 tllC tl- iilllllll-lillll'l'-l'lllll'l rm   "  "'»
Iwln.'l Illl "I llillirfi-c Iimii lll.-'ll '-I   Hul"-!*'
|.,I,,.M,*.,  .,{,..,. I MM*    I'M* Hi-'    UMI   H-l"l,
"i'i'iimI iiii. i'iiiii'In-"I July,* D. 1004.
is Join A. ili-li.iiuil'l
Timber Notice.
Thirty iIii.h ii-ut ilnti*. 1, lln* mr-i'i-i'ii'ii-'i
intcml to n |,iily to tlu-chlotcomnilMtouiicr o
laml. mnl viirkf Ioi* .| ml ltciill.0 m ™
mnl coitv in-'iv tltlihoi* Irom lln- iolloffhn
r.iinn ,-inii ul niiiii-l I'lm I iiii"'"!'! '
llllll milM.null, of ilini.li-ll iii.il ii-'.r n I""*
murkeil Jouie. Joyuo'. oorth-uu.l conic
liust, ll.c.,cc riiniiiiitf   lu ili.iin- emit,  'U'
clulJtl.   Hlllllll,    'U    lll'lin*"    '"'*",   I'"'1     "
,*liiiin« nuilli, lln.I*" lu elinins oiii-l. lli-'"'
in chain, nortli to l-l 1 l-culnnlnic.
Dnlcil ilili l-JtUtllij ul July, lli.'l.
is Allitn Miiiiwni.
Sjnnpsis nf Koi'ulntiiMis (nr disposal »l Min
crab mi lli-iniiiion Linda In Manitoba
ths Nocttiwcsl Territories uit-l Ilie Yukon
■i-i ui,,'.in-*, mil) i.i'i.nti .-ulii im .i iiiiiiii.g h .'iiii ni
A. free m'nrr1* cerilllcntQ i- bwiiIpO f..r imi*
i, ii-lv.iii..* ol <il.ua p.'i iiimiin. f"i mi m ih'l.liiui.
mil n in nmi to *tup per Hiinuiii forii oowpanr,
tlUi'inl-li'l   tllilll'I'.ll   In
The i*luii:i --iiiiii i>" iiv'i'.l.'il wllliin iiftnt'ii
ilay.i If 1'icnted «itiim h-n mitfi nf n miiiitn;
H.;*.,nli'iV , 111.*.*, -iif j.il,ili!.,ii.,l iln.v alliiw-pil fm-
[oi u'cunll '■   cliUm .s-..
,\| i,.,,,* -, uwuM Ite 1'Xi.etnled ..ti the ulAlltl
ilioreuf.   \VtKMi SfiOUhasbeuiieM* tnlwl'or unlil
iM local i imi]  i i»«ng a survey limile.umi
uiioHC'muilyliwwltli otbor rer,ulremeill8t imr-
[■i mil -i 'i. niaj i>i". i in eil i'i\ Ilie Mliil*.t.T ot
illicit, aiwt coiMwr. In the Yukou territory, u( nu
ilu   looallon Elmll i>r...!ili!
mt..tm nn.l lh<> N. Vi. T.,
Orange Meat
The  Nation's  Cereal
In the Supreme Court, Fort Steele li.'nisto
in Probnte,
Nnliri. is )i iil.v niv.n Unit on tin' 23iit]
Auy of July. IB0+, u ffiw onlerwl by .1. A.
Porta, H-'i. locnl jiidao nl tin' boIiI cmirt,
tlmt .luiii.'w I'orfjUHon AroiBtroiiff, Offlclul
A-Jminintrntor lu nml foi-iir»i |iortloii ol tbe
Ciiiiirv nf Kooh-iniT mil taelutlrd i'i the
Kl-.-ln'ni! DisiriftH .,f N'pIhoii, Ymir. It'*v.'l-
Btoko uitil Columbia, be nilniliilBt-rator ol nil
nijilalmtuliirtliooatutpot Anna R Irvlnp.ol
Silver Bow in tlio State of Montana.ilflcea'eil,
Kvi-rv cretlltoror uther pernnn liiivlngnti]
.■I iii in ii|inii or inl rn*. nt in the iliBlri-
l.llti,ill     nf     Ilm     i-hlitli'      of     Hii'      UOlil
iti-i'ciii.'i! I- i-'ipiiifii in Bond liofon
Hm Int ibiv nf Octobfir next by reRlBlorril
letter, iulilri»Bnl lo iim unileiBlnned, bl»
name and aAAma and the full pari Milan ul
hia chiim or InttTLtil nn.l ii Halnmoi.l nf h -
account, mnl tbenalurw <>f tb" wcurlty dl
uny) Inlil bv hint.
After tlm Buhl ilmi day oi Oiubor Inn ail
nilnlBtratur will iirocwifwith tlio rilBlrlbui	
nrtboPBtatehavli'Kri'iranl lo tbow Hutaii
rilily ol wliieh he fbnll havi'Iiml  i.v-
lint .1  nl   I'rntibin  k,   Hii"   HHi   ilny "I
Vimiibt, nun.
JllIlK'H l'Vin-1-n*. Ann i 9,
Ulll.'inl Ailiiiii«i**lMit..i
Trmb'h fnr ilu-I'MiiliiiM.'nt lln-inl. i-rM ..I
ihopptaletil thf-Biilil A mm  K lrvfnnliit.nl
■ui  Rlnok8ll.nl tim Uiwnalln ul I ri I
union! I liu tu I Inn No, 000 .bi-n-il-il in Ilir
I lr,-i;l u-.v .mt," nt Nullum »ill IhtwImnI
l,v tl rolKimd unlil "' i M ,M.v-
Hi.. 20th ilny nl Aiiuimi ItiHiiitii,   Tfiul-TH
mil nm  onHlilureillliiliMHari' i .1 lu
an accniilod L'liPiino Ior ten in i* «r lha
nuroliaBopricpoff r tl   The linliinrn will be
inyableliPllri.1 .tnynf o.i r.   Tb- high
cut bbi not 'OBBurlly nro.'i'ti'«l.
,1, {■   ArmtlrouK,
Stock Quotations.
Funiisl.nl by Boulu. &  Elwell,
brokorB, CrntibrooU 13. 0.
War Scrip  22'<.no
Nortli   Slur  ;l
Sullivan  ,:|
St, Engeno ■-■■ ■' ">
Vny   lti.ll  1
St. Kugene Mt„ Minn  "'
Western Oil mni Conl Company  86
Canadian Gold Fields  ■<
[aternattonal Coal uml Coko  RO
Dominion Consolidated  16
[mperlal Oil and Coal Company  1.0.00
Platiiead Valloy Oil Lands Dev. Co... 25
Sales: 1000 Sullivan, 2000Nortb
Stnr.   ■
: lie
hit i
■ -1..I. [llKKlncB. int .'M.iui*. liaok t.i tlm
nl ih- lli.i nr I'iiiii.'. Iiiii ii..i axcoodliiK i.tum
Uh n* sli'inn I'nu. r Is usi*il. elulins ion
A llif IIUI)   111- lltltlltlll'll.
Biiidna In the rivers ..f Manitoba ami ilm
,.. . KcepllOK tlm \ u t   h*riilui\ -A
loU'sspe'srtohtLsconllnetltn iti.- BtibnterK*
nl rn* tin*, .ii Ui.> river below inw water
, anil suhjwt to tho *Mn> ol nil ncrsoua
■lln i--.Mi-viL.it linve
l ir. iiiiiu: in tlip Yukon Territory. -Six leasoi
nt live times each mny in- granted to n in-o
in,ni'i -fui' it tiun nf fweutj ycar», also renew-
uilln.'.l li> tin. Mil.iiii'in
n  1   holOW  Inn*  iiiiU>
.1*0 fi' 1 *•
.in,\ ' ii
lt-11 iiiil< ...I min.ii,- i.' .'. ii-i * "llniv    III Mln
iiaynlowoii im- caoti iniiiiiini.il i ilios or
rmcti tu.
the h'i-.h |.-.ii\ -.1 i niu ,1 .'li.ii.i imui
i j, ii..*i,.nii'i nouriinralo
iu.*.ii■■•■■• ■ lh.'" iseulllleil lu ii
claim ii 'i In leneih. ami If the pnrty
m'lt of nlilrli no loynlt) fhrtll bo r'harBOib Itm
rest ot tho party ni irj rlnltu* only.
i nii\ ir.' -in   lioynlij ui nn' rnlool t».< nmi
i.ii,. unlf i.-oi i-i nt mi th.* Mil ii Hi" until ihhi
iiml Trull! tllC Mi .nil li'.lllmy Oil... |.|.iil lo tin-
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mil nf mnii'
WiirkinwtboilDiiPon n I'lnim ooch vour in
Hi.. Miln. .ii ;.i loaiil "Jim.
\ rf. Iili.'iii.* Hiiil work Ini'' 1" Imm musi l<H
il, niuu.1 each yeariW imt, tlm -'Iiiim Klmlt lm
ll'I'lll.'lll.l lll'.iil.ltlll'Hli'il.iOlll .'I'lll l.M.Cl'lllllllll.ll
mtlontrybj »two miner,
'in., imuuiiariosnf ;i olnlm may boilonnod ub-
lolutiil) ii> having a survey mnaeitiiiliiiililUliIng
notlCPB in tbo ViiRoa Ufflolttl UnMlt-e.
l.imiH In a nnitobn, tlm
in.l  within tin*  Viil.nn Tu'.l.ny aro mini i.>
mny ri'M'i'vt'rn. an imllMiluil nt i'..iiiii.<ny Imv-
nenmubtnery on iim land ia be |ii*..*,|io, iwi, nu
ir.'.Mllt.ll   lU'M'.H.     Sill lll.l   tlm   IMHllI'l'tOl'   ilk-
qiiv. r ml In imvlim i|ii:inlili>*s. ami «,atisiu.'lnrilv
-si.il.li lt >m>li ilisi-.iM'iv, iiii ni'i'-i ii-1 I'Mii'i'ilii.ir
llilncn-s. hipiiMllimtlii-ullKetaml mull nllmr
and as maybe ilcti'itiihu'i, will U* sold m tlm
llicovernr at tbe rate of $1.00 au anv. subject
0 rojltltl at mu'Ii into as mny lm s|>(-c)lleit liv
imI.'i-iii ■■ mil.
i'i'l i;iii m ii ut ot tim Interior, Ottawa, Sept.
Deputy ottbe MlnlBtef bl the lutuiiov


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