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Cranbrook Herald Oct 26, 1905

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 ■   ,      J«tr*rv
..J-'-'    •   .
j OCT 30 ii),,.. j
^WASfe °
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund. $3.500.000
11  I . WALKER, Gan_.nl M..i,.,|,-ai ILEX   I VIRD, Im.   Cwi'I Manager
$5 mm.i under 3 cent*
Owrr $5 and not exceeding $10 (. centi
"    610       " " $30 10 centi
"    -.10       " " *-so IS trnis
Ihr v.- Orders in Payable ill I'm- nl »nj oflice in Cnutulu ol n rhnrtereil Hank
(Yukon excepted), mid .ii lhe principal btmkin-j point- in the I'ulted Millet*.
-■  TUB CANADIAN RANK OF - O.M.MPRl I, loMm\   I m;.
They form aa exeelleul metliml nl mnltilnp *«iull huh
Willi   Mil    l\    .lllJ    .11    Mil.ill   CllM
F, C. VULPAS, Mgr,
^IMIHIIIimnUDlHIi »iM*U*JHl**ii»^ii*JHlil>,_
J     Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest al- J
! lowed from date of deposit at highest  current rates and It
compounded half yearly.
J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      J
We  havo sonic
on i-usy tonus. There is no uucessity to paj reut,
OWN YOUR HOME, ff you haven't enough mon-
i'v we will lend it to you
We pride ourselves on our
ring display, knowing ..a
well as ean be that more
value ll.an we give would
have   to cost   nu.rc money
Baker Street, Cranbrook, British Columbia 1
L 1
i w.h.wilson, ssrsi1
j    II is nn new story to those familiar
with ilu-   '-.ti iiuiii, _   undei v.inh    a
great deal ni Uie stalling ol Uie coal
; nnd <>il lands in the Soulh Kasl Koo
■■ nny   country   was   conducted, that
alien ts about ti. ai. •■   tu    Uw
mattei      Thai it was bound to arise
i  - [table, tint no 01 < antii Ipated
Mich ;i ri..i  ,r i   promised .This   will
,. ■• the eHeel nl 11 lug up levclop
nu ii* loi ,i \i i • long period and the
uty ■ i titles »ill prevent cap
.'.ii coming Into wha' Is a wonlerlul
I) 11. it counti) li looks ;i. it everj ■
one slaked on top ul everybody else,
with ,i (erven) hope Uiat the lellom
Aim had priority ba I no) as long a
i-u; i- ... Uio lasl locator. The ful
low ui.-, telegram ' i ci tv* i by the
spok   tu.iri ltevtev.     Iiom   Vancouvei
bows Uiat u regulai game ul beg-
. ,n my neighbor is expected, and Uiat
,,. takes will go to the uwnei ui
Liu lotigeal  purse
"Vancouver, li C ,—A special Irom
Pernio, li. c , says; The Laxlgei re
marks In to-tlay s issue Uiat thu ball
i.i litigation o\'ei uoullieting and overlapping claims in Lhc Klatluad mining
dislru-t has been set colling. Tlu
parlies tu lbe contest aro two well
Known syndicates, one ol which Is
n»iii Spokane and Uie othei a provincial concern. The details o( wimi
promises to be .> mosl Interesting
light aro not given, iml it is said
Uiey will bring Into issue many ol Uu
heated questions which bave arisen in
regard io Uu wholesale ami Indiscriminate methods oi lho governmeul
is issuing coul and petroleum licenses
.ii the now (amous Flathead disirtot;
and not the least question is that at-
leeting surveys, Uie parties Inttlal-
mg the n_.il bave retained ti. V.
cession ui this cily, Iiul a Is salt
iu say Una by tho time Uu cast
readies beyond Lhe preliminary siagi
.iu array ' ol prominent counsellors
will be concerned on clUier side."
li appears lo be conceded that tin
telegram has reference lo what ti
Known as the Langlc) Uiuuj> 01 cum
locations. Air. K. Ci. Ueldcn, oi
Spokane, who is Interested with oib
ers iu Uu boutli hast Koolenay coai
aud oil lands, states us follows in Uu
"'iris group embraces a territory oi
17 square miles. Mr. Langley and
ins Canadian associates contend Uiat
ibe abilitj oi prospectors to step on
a mile in a mountainous country has
nothing io do with the validity 01
llieli claim io 17 square miles thai
bave been approved by the surveyors
instruments. Charles AicUuire and
It. L. Beard oi Uus city are disputing
Uie Langley claim to this land. The
Spokane men allege ihal they have
title io approximately right square
miles in the Langley tract, it seems
that some of llie prospectors who
stepped oft thclt claims uuly measured a half mile or three quarters of a
link- in tlu- mountainous country. The
Langley Canadian company is attempting lo stretch lis claims ovei
Uu- lull 17 square miles ol territory.
I knew Uiat Uus il ligation was to be
started Immediately, and believe it is
Ul- preliminary litigation referred to
in Un- dispatch to rhe Spokesman
Review  from Vancouver."
i'he conditions, winch appear to be
quite .mluietitly Involved to suit tlu
taste ni any leal property lawyer,
are said io be still further complicated by ih.- i v. u having extended
iis land grant surveys so as tu Include mueh ol Uu coal and oil land
already claimed undei a variety 01
Hi :. ■- The claims ol Uie rail waj
companj will have to he adjudicated,
and possiblj a question ol ultra Mies
al ei Ul -.   I hi    : i .!.;   ol   tlu  ti.   C. gOV-
teni io issue the licenses,
Oil gushers have not yet been found
in South blast Kootenay, but it look.-,
he land would spout legal lees
THE C. P. R.
than wc charge. 1 lu* rej{
uiat lon wedding rings: A
Ur£.- assortment ol ladies
and pent's stone set rings
just received. Pay us a \ i-
slti Never miinlii you are
uuly looking around*
Come   Anyway
- ■ u    tagc   perhaps It was ..I.'. Rus-
.1  Sag.. lata a.u.l llial we should
ore than vw are p.
ill)!!    lie    WJS     llllllk
11 ith Is
inlya wh,
lil Ior doing
in,; iiiiii he
Dr lim nioiie.
axiom, li
the McCalls
,1 up millions
iaai protouatl
going ,>n    In
mallv,   there-
ol   V,
Cpp olir  KUM*   "ll(l
_CC i, ni iiiii ii   Hon
before you buy.   We
haven complete stuck
to sliow   Villi.      .<      ■"
lUdcCdllutn $
The Glad Hand
When it cornea to showing and
talking about Jewelry we enn produce Lho (IOODS. Our stock tliis
full is the besl up-to-date one we
have over shown, Wo havo articles suitable lot* presents from
babyhood to old age. So don't
forget the Old Reliable,
-■IP.WP.I.PKS   AN|i      -
Ing   a cent t.i
ihiiicuii task,
ell,   in     the
is inclined io hand
UCl Tliat is what
libera    o( ihe Cran-
in li.i-
nl.! under tlu
ii|i|llllllll   fH
The mai'
The west bound train on Sunday
lasi caused ihe death ol an Lilian
named Alexander, bciu-i kuowu m
Cranbrook as ' Deafey,'   a deal mute
Mi. Alexandei .Mollatt fully lavcsti
gated il.e mattei and found that no
Inquest was necewtar) anl that no
biaiite whatever attaches either to the
company oi lo the engineer, Mi ti
y. JVlurpb), one ol Uu. mo I reliable
steady and trustworthy employees ol
Uu- C  P   it
li appears that when Uie train, then
running at about forty miles an houi
•ui * down grade, came round a sharp
curve abkut (oui miles east ol Wardner, Ui- engineei saw .. man on Un
lrack about ISO yaiila a*'a), He .■'
ouce pulli i the ■■•■ hisil i ord, bui
noticing thai the man pai'l ti-i at-tcn
lion ti. ilu- daugei sijn.il he shut
down ib. brakes In .. I uri> It was
inn late in avert lhe Inevitable accident. Th.- man was killed Instantly. He prove.1 to be the deal mute
Indian Alexander, aped over sixty
ii-ai.-.. it is Rutit, li was evident tlu
man did not see Uio train approach
ing, a facl lha) to su n. extenl maj
he attributed to his h Ing su neai
ihis curve.
Till'. IU LKLKV  \ Ali,LKY,
Just the    I
Nelson Tiiljuuc
ping, su well Kii
iiiui   pioneers
Colonel K s. Ton-
me ol Uu
Trail Creel.
HU.    Hi      <
b, paii]
which w
It   Sage
ny ..i Ui _-_-_-_-_-_—_-_-_-_-——_
iiii'in-i.ii\ interest In tin- preservation
ui Un- property nl the people uf ilie
tOWIi,   Iml   all   Uie same,   tliey   devote
Unu time aiid their work to the perfecting ui Unit organization which
will enable them in cope wiih llres
should such occur, li may bo good
practice to handle lire how anl gel
soaked wiih water with the temper-
attire away down near zero as it was
during Iho past week, but no one can
say it is exactly the kind uf amnse-
meiii one would select iu such perishing weather. Still the lire drill went
mi, and Uu more Important hydrants
were tested carefully so that they
may be depended on in any emergency.
The loyalty and good citizenship ol
the members of the fire brigade is
deserving of every recognition, and as
far as we can keep their interests before the public wc certainly shall do
i oioll.-l '1 oppttig lias jus I re lit! lieu
trulli Uie iminle)   \ ailej,   .Mu-I'c lie lias
in.«ii spcnuitig Uiu -jUiuiiicT, and alici
a bin*! visni ui the kootena) be intends returning there. ine JJutklej
valley is one ui Uu- finest in lirillsu
ivOiun/oia. u is <u iu au iui|es long
and n> iu li wide, and il abounds in
6ood agricultural land and gives promise ui greal tniiieial resoiiices. i in
river whicli gives lis name iu Uiu val
icy joins ihe SKeena rivet at uazci-
,uii. llie valley is cu\eieil Willi
light poplar bmsii, and caju)s a ui\*
cumaie. While n is sotnuwiiai lou
iai uot Ui tor Un- giuw in oi laiu)
ibgeianlte., u is eminently udupicd io
ilu cultivation oi tlu- siaiu.ua suns,
and is specially suitable iui sloes
raising, lis eliiei mineral ctiaraciei*-
istio is as a producer oi Ovppei ores,
suoh us cupper pyrites, bonnie, grc)
copper and copper gianco. j li restrtn-
ules the Kossland uisiricl in containing a good deal oi gauro and Uieic ait
-.iuao propbyry ilyi.es Liaversiug un.
entire district. ihe veins are small,
oui very rich, in addition to Uiis
lallic wealth, tliere are large beds
ui sciiii-.iiiinr.u.-iu' coal, uiu Uiese
conjitions occurring togetlier,
give promise oi a great luiure as soon
as transportation facilities are provided, and these will tu given by the
uiaud Hunk 1'aoil.c, wlncli cannot at-,
iord to pass by so rich a e...iiur>,
even it lis mine lo 'he COO ; was noi
largely predetermined by the mountain passes through which it must nn.l
us way into Uie province. '
Tterc are a number ol people al-
reody in Uie district, und among theni
is 'loin Jefferson, first lieutenant to
J. Aug. llein/c, who bas alread)
made ^j records of properties in the
ilowson basin, lu this some localil)
Cul. Topping aud hu partner, a well
ii no iv n isclsoii resident, have several
locaiious, oi which the Colonel Uiihks
1'crj bigiilj. This season over 2l)H
locations huve becu made, including
South African war scrip and preemptions, The valley is about uuu
anlcs north oi Vancouver, and the
route mlu a is at present irom Vaneouvei by sea to I'uil Lssiuglon,
lien to Hazclton b\ Hudson's Uuj
uuat, and Uience uu miles by   nail.
I licit; is pi tin.) ot small game, sucli
as grouse and thousands oi suowshoe
rabbits, upon which lhe Indians make
a fine bai vest. Sonic 1SU mineral lo-
cations have been recorded this year,
nui the couuiiy is yet hardly acratcll-
..I. Colonel Topping bud nol lime
'u vlsil mauj putis winch iu- wished
to examine, Thc season lot prospecting ttere closes early, about Uu
.ani week in September, aud with
Colonel Tupping on his journey oui
were some iu prospectors who were
all loud in their praise oi Uu couu
ity nn.l expressed themselves as
Uioroughly satisfied will) their season's work. Colonel Topping him-
-.eli, who ih u veteran prospector,
and who, during the past 37 years,
lias visited pretty well every camp oil
Uu- continent, says thut it is the
most wonderful mineral section he luis
ever seen. A sample shipment ol
abuut live tons ol lead ore Irom tin
district will in a low days arrive ni
the Trail smelter, lis assay shows
it io contain 8£T per cent, lead and
125 ounces of silver and Sll in gold,
giving a lotal value ol aboui $125 to
ihe ton. Among the other prospectors of the new district i.s Mi. Harvey, who was the loeatei of tilt
I'ack Train and Pride ol the West
claims in the early days oi Kossland,
He now has a line ranch in ihe Hulk-
ley Valley, Uirough which can be
traced a copper vein for   1,2(10  feet,
II is 20 feet wide ami its ore gives
samples assaying over $20U. Mr.
Harvey thinks Uiat foi the rest o(
his life he will he able In keep out of
lhe poor house.
Colonel Topping looks upon the new
country witli all t-hc hopes ol a school
boy, enforced by thc oxperlence of his
37 years as a prospector.
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Good wine needs no bush,   because
iis owu merits ale Ita betil advertise
ipent      Thai   is ih.- case with    lhu
Herald    ll sells    on   ils   tei ogni, i il
woi in        The man oi  woman    who
known tin- Herald and is not a   sub ;
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oome dowu with the cash there and
ilnii,   and  become     an    enthusiastic
H.-iuldtte     Tha  trouble ■-. Uial   ib-- J i
Herald men are lou haul worked   pi ! ^
kept t.io busy io find Unu- i,, gu oui   2
and huslle lot   those   easil) gol sub 1 o
sciiptions      Th.n'i  the ,*uv mat  !♦
let   ill  Ilu   III.ill; ol  lbe Old  .-.I.n, DVoh    ! j
eil a brand new I Jen   whereby vuuu^iT
I..IL       I    ..Ll      .*..!!      I    .,.1.1.11*.    '  ....   .<. ▼
HZ1 il
il giM ib.
tolk,  and  uld   inl),  and
foil,  who have Uie ne
well   developed,  wnn
their hustle bump, who have the
gite of peihuaslou, and win. waul    Lu
make   iusj    money   ran just simplj
make il.
Here ti Un- Idea:—To anv one. wilh
out regard lu age, m-\ ui previous
condition (though this is speclall)
directed io the young people) who
brings in five veariy cash subscriptions
at $2 cadi, Uie Herald will pa) 5U
icnts per subscriber, ot i'i "io
To anyone bringing In ten yearlj
:ash subscriptions, or S2 each, 75
-iii'.s per suuscriptton, or $7.5U.
To anyone bringing iu twenty yeai
ly cosl) subscriptions al %'- each, Uu
Herald will pay iiu. I.n nol this be
forgotten lhat whoever nets Uu suh*
-riplions must bring along ih.
moiicy, uud ot course, Lhe itiiuiu antl
nl.u.ss oi lhc subscriber.
the Hcraid lius a low smart, well
.■duelled, presentable, good mannered
jouut, lads, in iis iiilial:. eye. .Now
uiusi oi those wanl lh lugs—skates,
inn-,, s) tds—fifty- three*," ditiureni
tilings, l.el them, uiul theii elders,
too, study ibis proposition. I'liere is
luuiio) lu il. The money foi il ti
io be bad ul the Humid olliee .Now
gel in and lim. He, bustle, bus Uc
A largclj attended ineetiug of the
icaduig uuu ui Marysville ivus hold
mi Uu evening ot Uie 24th lust., at
which AU. A. Plotchet ptesidcd as
chairman, and Ur. Uisiop wus scc-
leiary. 'i'he object ot the meeting
was io call lhe allcniioti ol Uie pu^i
oilue officials to Uu very urgent necessity ior a daily mail service lo
Marysville and Kimberley. To anyone who knows the rush winch musl
_.* made m -Marysville and Kimberle)
to answer a two days mail betw'eeu
Uie hour wbeu lhe iruiu comes iu and
ii departs again (or Craubrook thi,
necessity lor a reasonable service is
more   Uian plain.      The Herald siu-
crely hopes that thc move will have
licet. It surely is a public necessity. The meeting also decided lhat
Uie time bud come to devise a system
ol lire protection. The actual louu
it was to assume lias nol been yet
decided upon. Another uicciing will
ue held on Uu eveniug ot Monday
next which will have lor its object
Uu cstub,isluiii.nl ol a board of trade
ior Uu lown. This also, is a step
in the right direction.
'iht- agnation ioi a daily mail service will uud io a better train service. How badly lhat is wanted ma)
be judged from the letter which lhe
Herald publish.s irom Mr. Hutchcroft
of Marysville.
The new building which is being
erected ny the ^nighis ot Pythias
aud Udd Peilows is rapidl) appioach-
uig completion. The shell of Uu
building is pruclicall) completed witn
the exception oi the tool whicl '
ne finished by the end of the
ll will be a most commodious
Lure, with a most imposing lodge
room. The interior will be wainscoted and plastered throughout, while
thc heating appliances will be of a
class to ensure perfect comfort. The
lloors will be carpeted iu tte best
style, and the furniture will be ol tlu
latest designs. It is expected that
lhc hall will be ready iui reception
of the members by Uu first ol December. The only thing which ma)
delay   the   contractor,    Mr.
Leask, is Uio possibility  ol   ii--.	
terferlng   with tlu   plastering work
Uiv en   reasonabl)   si »i i   weailui
will go according lo programme,
For cold, damp j
weather. These
mufflets are a
great protection
to the throat and
chest. These are
made by the H.
B. K. Co. and
are like all of their
other goods, just
perfect.    We have some beauties
UIVI. away day v\ ith us
With eviry twenty-live cent purchase (magazines, etc., excepted) we will give away one
bulb, Hyacianth, Narcissus or ulips.
These bulbs arc worth from 5 to 15 cents each.
First come, first choice.
All Mailorders received by us are rushed.
^i ven
dance which was to have been
by the Klmberley Miners'
union has been postponed and will
take place on Thursday evening,
j November 16th. Our readers are re*
j ques-ted to make a note of this change
i of dale ami to remember that nil are
, cordially Invited to attend.
Wm. F. Tate & Son,  graduate optician
Official  Watch InBpectorB, Orowa Neat rasa Division, C.  p.   R
| Owing to tho great success of last
j week's sale of 20th Century Suits,
j Hill A Co. will on Friday and Saturday continue this sale at the same
attractive prices.
Mr. James Cronin, manager of the
Sl. Eugene, mine al Moyie, states
lor publication that work, will lu resumed by the lirst of December. This
intelligence cannot fail to be received with gratification by the public as
It was not expected that a resumption could be made before the early
part of the coming year owing to the
extensive damage caused by the recent fire at the shaft house.
Not alone will work lu resumed
but more men will be employed than
heretofore. Thirty new drills have
been purchased, and are now ready to
he sent down to the stopes. The
blacksmith shop will be enlarged, and
more smiths will find work than were
formerly on the payroll.
This is certainly good news for
Moyie, and Cranbrook will join In Its
u. P. Grant, formerly oi the Kootenay Power a Light Co., at Nelson,
has Installed the electric light plant
at Prank. That town is now illuminated with the while light through
out. The arc lumps are going in mi
the corners, and night has grown ih'o
day, This Is an improvement winch
al once catches Uie eve ol a travollei
passing by. It was from a traVcllci
we got It, Commenting on the faci
he said thai We all wanted more
light out here, "If the world could
only see the counti) in the propel
light out here," he said, "all were
well.    Light is what we wanl."
The benefits ol tbe Plunk installation is to be extended to Blairmore,
The miner's cottages arc all being tit
electrically at Prank, and the same
system will prevail ai Blairmore.
The Trltes-Wood Co., ol Fernie, has
practically completed their new brick
and stone store in the principal street
in the coal town. By all accounts it
must lu a very Imposing structure,
occupying half a block of frontage
along the main street. Our Informant says that no where in the west
has he seen anything approaching the
business buildings now in course of
construction in Kernie. This Trites-
Wood Co. building would do credit to
Winnipeg the progressive itself.
The Crows Nest Trading Co., at
Fernie, have moved into thclt new
premises, which are very nearly as
extensive as those last referred to.
If fine feathers make fine birds, and
line buildings make fine towns, In the
true sense, then Kernie is certainly
lifting her head to some purpose.
for cold
operate clean and give maximun
heat with maximun fuel.
Guns,   Rifles, Ammunition
l>. 5.   All Kinds of ammunition,   Mall orders promptly filled
Cranbrook Real Estate
A 2 storey frame plastered building on Hanson Avenue. Installed
with electric light and water connection, price $1300 on very easy terms
of payment.    Apply   dt    *4t    at
^nprial Ciiipr We w 75sharesoi the Bre°-
0|)Ctlal UllCI kenridge & Lund Coal Company's bluire. ul G5c.   Tlie -fcmt-ee are now quoted at 75c
Arnold &  Roberts
Real Estate Agents
Phone 99     Cranbrook, B. C.
m44*444444444444-4444m444449*444444949499*M THE   GRAN BROOK   lll.llAI.O
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And in order to make room, we must clear out our STOCK ON HAND
and for the next 30 days we are going to give away, WALL PAPERS
We have a large variety to select from and our goods are all new.
This is a rare chance to get new, up=to=date WALL PAPERS at cost
Tlie Provincial Bureau 01 Inlorma-
iiuii leccnt.y published a valuable
bulleiin ol the timber resuurcus ul Uie
piuviucc. Wo have pleasure in pub-
tfshuig the tulloHing exeelleul resume
ol lhu document, wiucb wc lake irom
Uie Vancouver "Lumberman and Uoli-
Liactor," formerly Known as Uiu ti.
C. Lumberman.
TUc introductory Uiblc shows thai
tlide arc ui Uie province lt>"i,ii*U,0*JLi
acres ui Umbel land, lhc total ior Ua.
entire ot Canada being l.iiu. ,iiuu,un..
acre-., Uns ltiliueiisu auu being ai
most c-iii.il lo lhe combined uuibui
acreage oi ilie oilier timber countries
ot lho world.
Nexl lo Ler great treasury of minerals, UlU bulletin poliils mil, ilu
most readily available, ll not Un-
uiurt imporiant ot lit'itish CuJiiiiibia.-.
natural resource-, is ini immense
tiin'ikT reserve. lirilish Columbia
may now in- said tu possess ilu
greatest compact area ■>: merchant
able timber un tiic .Win Amurlcan
cuniintnt, and Uimigli great loresi
nies have raged in Uu iuierlot in Uio
years gone bj the coast di.uiicls
posses., thu major porliuu of il'c
iJtoice limber, and Uicre, b> reason
ui Uie dense giowUi and Uie humid
ity ui the climale, lln- lavages ui life
have nut had any appreciable ctlect
mi Uie -supply.
As i.u uoiili as Alaska Uiu coast ia
licavllj   lini'liclcJ,   Hit' loicsl  lim:   iol
lowing thc Indents and uur valleys
and [ringing Uie mountain sides- Lugging upcratitous su far have uxLcndeu
lu Knight .-. Inlet., a point on lie
coasl ui llie mainland opposite iii
.1  l,l..ii.l.   Ucn
mn iii cud ..i \ .ii
Uio Duu^ia.- itr, :in- most linportanl
and widelj dt pel 1.1 ol the valuable
trees, disappears altogether, and tli.
cylpruss, 01 yellow ccdai. takes it.-.
place. Nurlh ol Ills cedar, hemlock
aud Bprucu an- the principal umliei
trees. H vvill in- ..1 uitercsl to Know
iluu Uutiglas in was named aftei
David Douglas, a noted botanist, whn
explored New Ualodonia in the early
twenties of last century, It is a
very widely distributed tree, being
found from the const to tie summit
of the Rocky Mountains, and as far
east as Calgary and as far north as
Ptfrt McLeod. On tie coast ii attains immense proportions, is very
high and clear of Imperfections, sometimes towering three hundred feet iu
the air and raving a base circumference of from thirty to fifty feet. The
besl averages, however, are one hundred and fifty feet clear of limbs and
five to six feet in diameter. TLis is
the staple timber ol commerce, often
classed by the trade as Oregon pine.
It has about the same specific grav,
ity as oak, with great strength, and
has a wide rangi- of usefulness, being
especially adapted for construction
work, It i.s scientifically described
as   standing   midway   between    the
spruce and the balsam, and in tte
opinion of Professor Macoun, the
Dominion naturalist, is a valuable
pulp-making tree.
Tin- (liant Arbor Vilac (cedar) it;
next (o the Douglas (ir in importance
in Krilish Columbia, where it attains
Its greatest size on Vancouver Island, along the coast and in the lower parts of the rivers ol Uie coast
range, ll is rarely found in the dry
interior of British Columbia, but is
abundant in the river valleys on the
slopes o( Uie Selkirk and Coast Ranges, Though seldom found more Uian
Kill feet in height, in circumference it
rivals the Douglas fir, trees of from
,s 10 10 feel in diamclcr not being
rare, and tl cy are occasionally found
much larger. It is chiefly used in
Un- manufacture oi shingles, for which
purpose ii i.s unequalled by any othei
There are over 1(1(1 saw mills in the
province, big and small, with a combined daily capacity ol over 2,000,000
feet, lint this limit lias never been
reached, the annual cul running between 300,000,000 and 350,000,0011
toot, The acreage uf timber under
lease ti about 2,000 square miles, and
lhc total area of forest und woodland
is esMma-tet! by Uui Dmuiaion statistician al 286,551 square miles, 01
182,76-1,5110 acres, but litis must noi
In* bakpu as all of present commen lal
value, as much us it is covered with
small trees, only Jit fm' fuel and local
lumber, which would uot be considered
as "timber" by loggers, whose present, method., ol selection arc very
destructive, as Ihey choose only fhi-
largest and best i.i the trees. In a
few years frum now when- timlier, by
reason of its scarcity elsewhere, becomes more valuable, much thai Is
now discarded by lhe llmbcrmen will
be gladly Utilized, and in all probability old limits will be cul ovei several times.
li   ('.  acts   DISALLOWED.
Ottawa, Del 31.—The Canada Ga_
ctte contains notice of the disallow-
ance hy the Dominion governmenl of
ihe (ullowing Acts passed liy the legislature ol Urltlsh Columbia: An Acl
in amend ibe Coal .Mines Regulation
Act; an Act t-,i regulate Immigration
into llritish Columbia; an Act relating to employment on works curiod
on under franchises granted by private Acts.
The Intention to disallow the anti-
Japanese legislation, which is contrary to the Dominion policy, was announced some time ago, in fact the
legislature knew when it passed these
Acts Uiat imperial interests called for
licit disallowance.
Belle—1 had an awful scare five oth-
er dav while out tor a walk with
Will. '
Belle—Why, we met the minister,
and Will asked him to join us.—Exchange.
If we have -/.ine in Kast Kootenay
it would appear that wc shall soon
have both a market fur it 011 the
spot and n smelter lo treat it near
at hand, it is somewhat strange in
a section where galena ores arc so
remarkably abundant Unit zinc is not
much more in evidence. It may be
that, as in other places, when prospectors ran across too strong evidences of what they used to call the
accursed black .lack Ihey simply aim"
doned the ground, and all knowledge
ul thc existence of the mineral became lost. The Mcrald knows of one
property within six or seven miles of
Cranbrook uh.cb might be very profitably exploited for its /inc. The
property belongs 10 Mr. William Hamilton and is situated on Palmers Bar,
onlj a couple uf miles beyond Kings
mill.-; nn Smith lain-. It is stated on
lirsi rale authority that ihere are
four feel of clean zinc ore in the bottom of the .shaft. Some $"1,01111 have
been spent nn the claims trying, one
would think, to convert a zinc properly int.1 iL silver mine. There must
,.■* oilier cases m a like nature scat-
1 red all Uirough ihe hills to the
oulh of tb.- town, and the Herald
vvill he glad tn heat of any discoveries or. rediscoveries ol zinc bearing
What induces a reference lo this important matter i.-, that th.* owner's
oi the zinc smeller at Prank, before a
lou of ore find been treated in ii. find
ii necessarj to make preparations fur
handling double Hi-* quantity tliey anticipated when their representative,
Mr. Pi'iii.ui, made hi-- earlier Investigations through Wesl Kootetiny. Thej
enterprise ..1 tin- Canadian Metal Co,
at Prank is beginning in assume vast
proportions     It has ttt-qjiired (be his-,
torlc Blue Bell mil  ih.- easl side:
of ki.ni, n.i\ lake, which was mentioned in Douglas, ib- .mnnim traveller, 1
in ihe year 1823, The smeller at
Pilot Hay has alsu been purchased by
Uie company with a view to having a
nearby point ai wbieb *,, tn-ai the
ores nt ilie considerable number of
properties taken near Alnswortll. It
is promised by .Mr. Pernaii that Mils
plant will In- pui in nperallnn ai an
early date.
Tliere will then be a smeller at
either end nf the St. .Marys, and it
may be hoped that tbey will be a
great inducement to lhe C. P. It. lo
open up the valley and permit its resources to be developed to the benefit of the country in general and
Marysville and Cranlirnok in particular.
The Canadian Metal Co. wants
zinc, and wants It badly. Plenty of
it must exist in the hills about here.
In the name nf goo:! money, let us
get out and rustle for it before snow
covers the ground.
E________iliS____ISE____LSa**l <£
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        '^
None Better In the District
Rates Sl and up.    Short Orders and Oysters
served In any style from & p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, thc rooms are unsurpassed for clean
liness and comfort and the bar.is supplied with the best brand
ol liquors and cigars.
It************!.************-/,*** *********************
..Manitoba Hotel.,
5                             (lTndi_ Now Maiuigemmil) jj
I                 I). A. McDONALl), rlanager i
* Tl*ir Hotel is in the center of town.   The  rooms .ire :|
* ,i
J comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- ,j
* class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you *
* want a good place to stop come to thc Manitoba. .
Maniilfliliir.r.s ,.l , «-
Mouth and dressed jjl
LUflBER and ]•
Also all   kinds ol jji
MILLS it » ]■
Jilll'rny, Ky.'iii nml    I|*
Craiiln-ook, H.C,    ||i
lti-i.il IHfiii., ■ Cruiibnii'k     t w
'I'i'i'i'i'i i ii i-i m-H-^
• ■M"l"l 1111 I l'l"l-H-l-l"l"M-l-|"l "l-H-l "l-H-l' |-I "l-l "| | i-ii-h-I-I
llii The Cosmopolitan g
Strictly Flrstclass and Up-to-
Date in every respect. The
bar is stocked with tlie best of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
and the Dining Room service is
■i-i i i 1 i i i i i i i ,,T^t^^^^^^^^^^^^^'
%enbli\Q Business
Ibouscs oi iH>ar\.s*
villc  — _i—I— ^'t'*"-
r.j i    s* __. *< __ __ p    »-j _*_ _._,,_■   The leading ho- M
Marysville has come
mm her own, Thc
mwn new bas a pcr*
ma neill payroll und is
Hie gateway of ihe St.
Marys valley. .4 The
Herald can heartily
Indorse the following
business houses;
Central Hotel
JS R. Johnson, Proprietor        Marys  valley, S
tel in the St.
ft Dining Room service the best
The place to slop when visiting Ihe Smelter City S
The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor B
Has been recently refurnished and is now one of 22
SS Ihe best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for ffl
ft Ihe people. P
• —        ---   - 1
I Marysville Drug Co.
^ We carry a complete slock of everything in Hie S5
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away gj
for your goods.
I AMES NEIL, Proprietor.
| MARYSVILLE, B. C.   T<"'«««' "-d ^ O
w .'miippcd  hotel In Ihe ti
ft St. Marys valley. .* Giminodious S.nnpl. Rooms. ti
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Subscribe for the Herald 1
I   ^;-«.«««»-e«*^«««»»s6fs«6«Ki4«i^*?e«»escsttMM0Ms»«
t'.'..ii.i.'.ii,lim; Uie Crows n.m. fuss, a n,l sii mil..I iii .i district noted for tho raising of STOCK
< 11'.\ IN. MAV mnl nil PA KM 1*1*1 IIH Cl   ivilliin "  :- PAY* ROLL, fmin iis .MINKS.,!
DOMESTIC nml STI.AM etULS, I.l NUUliKL'IC ull raoxcpl il opportunity for  BUSI.
NESS MSN and INVESTOKS,    'I'licru .... ilop'iii    b for various 1 Bof (IENERAL
BUSINESS mill suitable i,„„i„,ns I',.i I'l.i.l H Mil.I.-.ij,,! ELEVATORS.    11:.'I'l,I.M ATI'
is unsurpassed in I llr w.'sl mill ila im is iiii ,il lmil supply ufllOOD WATER.
♦ ♦
;;;; For Full I'll li.-ulnrsAppI. to tho TOW MSI n, OWNERS                               $♦
, ,; I LIMITED   {♦
A A. N. vim At. Manager                                        |{
»»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■>♦♦»»♦♦•>»♦♦♦»»«♦'»«■»»««« ♦♦♦»♦»»♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
*********************<>*«*** *^<     ,'«■»«»*<**♦*♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*«♦ + ♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦
II. I. Sl.ptl.n.
M. Rockeodorl
J. I awsun,
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in East Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Slepbci. Brol. * Co., Owner, nnil Proprietor.,
Morrissey Mines, 15. t.
It. I.. Stephen.
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is J 2 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle? 32 hrs. to
Vancouver *£*£ at **
II.  1.. Stephen., Owner nnd I'rnprletor,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Hotel S s
lincsls Comfort a Specially      j J
(lood Stabling in Connection     ♦ I
Cranbrook I'rcshj ler inn Church.
Sabbatii Services ... ~ 	
  11 a.m. nnd 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School A Bible Class...S p.m.
Christian Endoavor, Tuesday ...8 p.m.
The public arc cordially invited to
attend all the meetings.
Pastor, ff, t». W. Fortune, B.A.
Nearest to railroad nml depot.    Has acconimoda-
iiuiii*   for   ilit   public   "Jiii_ipintled   in Cranlirouk.
Hot and Cold Bith*
Hoggarth & Rollins
WMmWrnWrnrnwrnmiwa s wmm \ ■
W. ROM.INS  §1
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins
The New Managers.
Drop in and sec us aii) time.    We are on deck 25 hours
mil ni the 21
-SHBBfl-fl-fKEH • HISS.- 0___1
Criinhrnnk Meilmdist Church.
Comer of Hanson *venae and I.oulh Streel
Sunday Services :—
Dlvina Worship  11 a.m.
Siindaj School  d p.m,
Divine Worship  7 .10 p.m.
Tuesday:—Epworth League ot Chris*
j   tlan Endeavor  s p.m.
A cordial invitation is extended to
:lif public,
J. P. Westman, Pastor.
Cranbrook Hnptl.ii Church.
The following is   a list of ihe services held in tne Baptist church :—
Sunday     It a in, and 7,30 p tn
Sunday School  _.   a p m.
■     n    Peoples     fi p ni. Tuesday
Prayer   Mooting ... » p.m. Wednesday
The public are cordially Invited to
attend .ill  the meetings.
Pastor, Benjamin fl Ifletd, It \
17 Weeks Till
| Christmas!
X and y.m know how fast
| time will fly.  Sit now for j
S your photo,
\ 15 C. Livery and  Feed  Stables | § Prest Photo Co
4 t
{ l"irs| cliis". Ui,',M. B.if.'.'in.l stylish I.'I.uib, limns J
4 .....I  pack horses fur imj point hi  tht' .liBlri.-l ,
t Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop j
J HlW.uoklllai.il opposite station {
: -
u -DR1NIi== '_
j QrmfjbrQQk &$zr Ij
I Made from the best malt and the purest wat-
| er, it is unexcelled for quality.    .*   Ask for
Cranbrook Beer and insist on having it. jtjt
The Cranbrook Brewing and   |
Malting  Company,   Limited
Also nuoulaclurem ol nil kind, ol Acim.il Waters
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (iive me a call.
Livery S
Te'ililH mitt driver, iurtiil.ll.il for any
puinl Iu the district,
A. DOYLE, Mitiagcr
DISTRICT    o«       _
__■ »*-p---j-3-»J3-3-»-3 S *)■■* a^*.3^3-35*S^->->3->-ftr>-3-J-?>->*^-ViVt-t Vl-Wt- .*
(From Tie Fernie Ledger.]
Mrs Keay entertained friends at an
al iei in itm lea lasl Friday.
Conductoi Ilibbard is back again
un ihe Ktriiie-Hcidoid run on the
-uu-at Northern ai«i coaductQi Itnb-
ertaon has gone to Ute main line
Mi. A. P, Chenette, Ol .Marysville,
waa in town again last Friday. Mr.
cb.-iii'tic la always in good humot
and glad to meet old iriends.
Wm Colpman, ol Cowlc), was iu
the city l__t Saturda) Mr, Colp-
iua.li is eogafod In the gcueral merchandise business al Cowley and repot is business good He loll on thu
looal ini I'r.oi.iiinil. lo nun bin lam-
Wallet llaivviK).| miisscd his waj to
.Sunday school Ja.*.l Sunday an.l lound
himself ai Andy flood s holel al the
summit, Before he gol back tu Fernie, ovei 00 lish contrived to get out
oi Summit lake into his bag, aud his
Fcrnie friends have been happy.
Constahle Morris vvas in town Frl-
da) lie brought Thus AlcKee down
an.l placed lum in Un- jail here in
await his trial ai the nexl silting oi
thc count) court. "li;d iy wasn't
riding ihe "Swaj backed horse" tins
nine bm carried a Knife up his sleeve
and a certain newspaper man was observed io ireai .Mr. Morris with respect and consideration.
Con. Whelan, while taking in ilk
fruit fair last week, had a "eon1
game Jim tip ou liim at the tact-
track, lie wcni backing "Voung
Pilgrim" just like a young pilgrim
iill he had to wire "Tom" lor mono)
lo gtit away with.
Postmaster Johnson, Win. Forsyth,
Win. Baldry and JaM. Miller are up
ihe Elk looking for game. They havi
their guns loaded for hear, elk, deer,
sheep or goat as the case may bi
and their friends are looking Ior fresh
meat on the return of those nimiods.
It is rumored that .1. J. llill is
negotiating for the charter of the
Macleod, Cardslon A .Montana rail
way company and that if he secures
it the Great Northern will build to
Macleod in the near future This
would shorten the distance between
lhe mines here and Great Falls a great
deal and il is sure lo conic to pas*-,
that thc preat Northern will be
built through to tbe prairies to connect with an extension froth the main
iht home ol Mr. and Mrs 1> V. Motl
last evening. Cards and dancing
were Indulged in to a late hour.
Miss McFarlane arrived fiom Winnipeg on Monday to (ill the vacancy .in
Uu- hospital slab caused by Miss Mc-
Bride's departure. Miss McFarlane
was formerly nurse ai the Michel hospital
The party ol visiting officials ol Uie
Crows Nesi I'ass Coal Co. arrived on
Uns morning's tram and will remain
Home days visiting the collieries The
party consists of Roberi .laiuay, Col
il.n.y M. Pel I alt, vie- presidents; r
C D.titi.n, anl Thomas Walmstey
ectors oi ilu- company,
1.   W   Peeks, ol ('ranbrook, vvas a
uest at the Central Monday.
Charlie Fuljames,  Jr.,  came down
Cianbrook last night on a short
t io his parents.
(From the Fcrnie Free Press.)
On Wednesday morning at 8.30 the
marriage ol Mr, Kdward Foster Am*
bcry and Miss Mary Crawford Moon-
was solemnized at Park Mouse. The
ceremony was performed by Hev. !__.
H B.uUeit, of Christ church, in tie
presence ol a large number of friends
.Miss Macoun vvas bridesmaid and Mr.
Rochford assisted the groom, The
bride was dressed ih a navy blue
travelling dress   wiih hat to match.
In   llie absence ol    Mrs.   Llndsey    U'e
guests were Introduced lo lhe bride In
Mrs McEvoy. After the ceremony
the guests repaired lo the dining
iiioni, wlcre a light breakfast vvas
served Mr. Llndsey proposed a
tousi in ihe bride and groom, to
which Mi. Amber j' neatly responded
The happy couple lefl on the 0.45
train for Spokane and the const,
where the honeymoon will be spent.
Upon then return Uicy will take up
thell' residence in Fernie. The groom
who is a trusted employee in the
Coal company olliee here, came from
Toronto last year The bride, whose
home is in Petcrhoro, Oni., arrived in
nie on Monday and was lbe guest
of Mrs McEvoy. The bride Was the
recipient of many pretty guts. The
Coal company olliee employees gave a
handsome  dining   room set and    an
leganl easy chair. .Many gifts in
ul glass and silverware weie also
At a regular meeting ol ihe Fcrnie
Game Protective association, held on
Tuesday evening, it was decided to
issue a circular letter to all interest-
d parties in the district 'allowing the
object of the association The association decided to recommend an
amciidmciil In the present game laws
prohibiting absolutely the sale of all
game and trout in the province. Also
the establishment of a public park or
game reservation in the province.
A man named Meadows was brought
up from Craubrook on Wednesday
charged with assaulting Mrs. Estes
it Yahk. 'I'he trial is now in pro-
gross before Stipendiary Magistrate
Whims ter.
L. M. Proctor wus on a business
trip to Piucher Creek this week.
I. W. Ambery, of Victoria, was in
the city this week to attend his
brother's wedding.
George fielisle, of Michel, is lilting
Mr. Ambery's position in lbe Coal
Co. oflice during tbe Jailer's absence.
Conductor Ilibbard is back on his
old run on the Feriiie-Itexford branch.
Conductor Rohcrt-son has been transferred to the main line.
(Fiom lhc Leader.)
Mous Hanson bas sold his property
in   Movie  in Joseph   Vc/v.oiia
James Cronin and wife were east .is
fai as tli.< coal (bills the insi ol the
Miss Elsie and , Lillie Scliul/.e returned lasl Saturday from their visii
to Spokane.
The Moyie Dancing club gave a
pleasant hop in the Eagle hail Thursday evuiihg.
I'has. Armstrong returned from the
prairie Thursday where be spent sov-
ral davs shooting.
Miss McKlnnon, of Revelslokc, was
here this week visiting with Mr, and
Mrs. J. S. MucLaohim
(' itoss Talc was hero this week
loing watch repair work and taking
it'dcrs for goods for the Cranbrook
The C. P. It. has put in a wire to
.he St. Eugene olliee. E. O Kaiuni,
lu* versatile accountant ai the olliee
is also an operator.
Thos. E. Kelly, secretary ol the
Uoyie Miners' union, is taking a trip
o his old home in Prince Edward Island, .fames Leimuon is officiating
luring his absence.
F. E. Simpson is starting another
icwspaper. The Lethbridge Herald
.vill make its appearance about the
irst of next month with A. S. Ben-
lett, of lhc Cranbrook Herald stall,
in charge. Simpson is a hustler, and
the Leader wishes his new venture
.•very success.
A. F. Smith, foreman for the East
Kootenay Lumber company al Toch-
:y, while out hunting last Monday accidentally shot himself through the
right foot near the little toe. He
.vas brought to Movie and Dr. Har-
.ie dressed the injured member, ami
he went to the hospital the following
lay. The wound is mil at all a serious one.
Justice Irving has sustained the decision of Stipendiary Magistrate Armstrong in the NeUlcistadt case.
An Elegant
The "PREMIER" is the
latest ^it-Reform creation iu
We had the idea from London-
modified it to suit tlie Canadian
gentleman's ideas of good taste	
and designed the handsi •:m-11 ti er-
coat shown this season.
(From the Frank Paper.)
K. Sbeoves,, proprietor of the imperial hotel bas been awarded the
hotel privilege at Lundbreck and will
begin immediately the crcctlhh of a
line holel  at  ihal place.
Jonas Jones, the Cowley old timei
who had a leg crushed in a hay baler
has suffered the greater misfortune
of losing the leg. The attending
surgeon  found  ampul at ion  necesBary.
Alex, Govottc is to lie the returning olliccr for Frank at the coming
(.lection. His appointrnfial bas 'been
recommended by the Liberal association of the riding and It will jio
doubt  Ih- made
R, 0. Matheson, formerly cdltoi ol
ibe Frank Sentinel and who has edited lhe Raymond Chronicle the past
three years, is reported to have received an appointment to a position
in the government ofllces at Edmonton.
The lirst real touch of winter came
Tuesday when a cold east storm set
in. It vvas sure a cold blast till the
chinouk started blowing If the
lirst snow was a month behind this
was certainly as much ion far ahead
of lime. One man bai the gaul lo
turn out wiih a sleigh yesterday. The
wonder is thai be was not mobbed
Saturday was pay day with thc
Canadian-American, the west Canadian and Uie Canadian Metal companies. Tbe amount of money disbursed in wages by these companies
together with Uiat paid by the International ciiiH'jiauies at Coleman
Monday, was upwards of $50,000 paid
in the district. The Pass has been
(lush since.
The Frank Paper is in receipt of information lo the elli't-t that the proclamation calling the provincial election will bo issued to-day and thai
the date will be November Wtli. Jt
is also assured that Hon. Frank
Oliver, minister ol the interior, will
visit Frank shortly and will address
meeting here.
A very pleasant parly vvas held at  rest pay.
Other things being equal, thc
amount o( business a man can get depends upon his advertising.
Its cost Is little compared with
other expenses, and it makes ail the
If you want something out of the
•rdinary, yet in irreproachable style
-wear the "PREMIER."
.15, $18, $20 up.
AWen.     rffP m
m    &    TIT*   »
I n R-loim garment.    if&MFORMjlH    ti iu.*d Ly makeri
**mumiAti9 _
. b only Fit-Reform Wardrobe here .
1 "The Best What Is"
i In Liquors
9 That |3 w|,„t y0„ want w|10n V(IU iJl]V Ljqllors (•,,. f;,milv use,
$> mid that la wluii we guarantee you. Shipments of the choic
^ osl \\ mi's. Liquors, Beers, etc . nr.' constantly arriving at our
ajv wholesale house. Whoti you buy liquors buy only the best.
9 Wholesale Dealer in Liquors and Cigars
$1.90 PER CWT.
j***'-,(l" w-mm»:w
Tor family Use
/dr,y^"S-     ' ~m
Try  some of our  Excellent
SUrtiii £££
I'hoy nre Unequalled, L'nex- /™>i;. '/      _       ^T '
celled . S-. /\TS-)iS®rr>_
'-. - .a.s.
J\. I. mcDermoi  WoW^k^
mimit \li\m merchant  4^' ^ ^. V::.,ja
l>i    1-   f 1 1. ^O-W
Phoiip 17. Craubrook.
Something: New!
We nre (showing some exceptionally attractive
lines in suiting, overcoatings and. fancy vest ings.
If you are after novelties it will pay you to call
and Bee our Hues       J*       j*       J>      ***»      J*
v*#*vv vvvv"
.'. X
.'. '
1 I
X Before you make arrangements for    y
I yourfa"                        I
I PAINTING and      *
;!" see us for ideas, designs and stock.
•j* It may be mutually profitable
I F.J. Bradley & Co.
'k Artistic  Painters  and   Decorators    X
**?<** *l***."l* **,* *****,• *!•*!••!* '***** ****'.* ********************** **' v *•* *»* *••*•* •«**•* *«••*•* ■«**»MJMHi
By The Herald  Publishing Company
Jfc; /lZ+m~*>*A*-*-*\
Editor and Manager.
The Herald Is worth (10 a year. Il
•oats only $__. No man in South
East Koote&ay can afford lo be without it, and everyone living outside ol
the district, who is Interested in lhc
progress o( this section, should read
It. It publishes thc news while it is
n-aws. It ib controlled absolutely by
iin* publisher. No clique, party ot
individual dictates its policy. Ii
don't try to please the people. It's
desire is to publish a newspaper lhat
mil ie a credit in the community.
Send in your BUbi rip tion and you
will »e thank(u) ever afterward.
Advertising rates il per Inch, Btngle will ttraw   Ural   solar)  whether thai
polumn, per month, no mote and   no lcadci be a Conservative oi a l ibetal
■ >n file by the city council, so as
avoid tb»" necessity of a special atoo
Uon, Mow, it would Ik* strings il
Mayor Houston, (or hr is sliil mayor, would change his mind and return to Nelson ami take up lhe reins
.it municipal governmenl again. And
there are a lot ol people in Nelson
who would be glad lo see bun do that
very tbiiiR,
to his burden, no (ond smile
Uoq as to assistance, uo expression
uf thankfulness, nothing but fault
finding as in conditions. Such women
are unworthy ol ihe name ol wife,
but to-day all men have reason to be
thankful thai there are not many ol
There seems to be an organised el-
fort on the part ot a lot of newspapers   to deprive   Mr.   Holden of   the
liM.ler-.tup ui his parly, using again
ibe argument that he made a gieat
mistake when he submitted t" tbe
legislation tint gave bim j;,im_ a
year as leader o( tlio opposition, say-
Ing that it was a gilt from tbe government. It was. but the mono) i'ii.-i paid i.v the government, it is
I'.ti.l bv ihe people, and what U more,
ii Is a good sale wager that ior years
lo come thi* leader ol the opposition
(tending mutter IJ cents : tine
to non-advertisers; 111 cents net line
to tegular advertisers Business
locals five cents pel lino each Insertion.
J( yuu desire to reach (hs people ol
South Kast Kootenay you must ad
vertise in The Herald.
The Hernld hns a (irsl-class job
plant, and its Work ti ol lhc best.
Tbe Herald don't Want charity. It
wants   a -.quart-   deal   on ymir    jot
work. It we can't
Uy and prire, kick.
work to some ('heap
the east that never Bj
it vmi in ipial
and send your
John bousi
ends a con
1,000 a, Week
This ti ih.
i'reBfl room.and Biibbcrip*
tion llBts open lo Investigation by advertisers at auy
The Herald gives n dollar
In value for u dollar in money. The advertiser lias the
right to know what be is
receiving   for  Imh   money.
The Herald   in  ,    pnper
that courts Invostlligation.
The Herald  will be found on ,
' sate al (he (ullowing places:   'Jjj* [
. Marysville, Marysville Drug Slore .
Wardner, G Donahue's Store
Moyie, S. K. Harvles Drug Store ;
Ryan, R. P. (-'inlay
Fernie, Purdy's Book Store
Elko, Holbrouk's Book Store
' Cranbrook,  Reattie & Atchison's <
+ and C. E, Keid & Co.'s 4
The British empire demonstrated
last. Saturday what tbey think ol
their naval heroes when they celebrated Uie centennial ol Nelson's
great victory.
Stand  up for   Cranbrook all
time.    It wiil pay you in dollars
cents, and it will give you an
conscience. ■
Cranbrouk has a tew tmigli
tors that she could abonl tc
of at bargain rates. Thej ei
Uie slime ol humanity, they
btdow Un- rout digiu-i Indian,
is a prlzo animal in comparl
scavenger that slinks along i
in tte night     time   seeking
are (ai
a skunk
Min, the
he   allev
what   it
might devom under the protecting
shades ol darkness is to be respected
rather iban this human disgrace atul
human outcast who lives on the w
ness ol fallen women. No civilised
community should tolerato ihem
ditvnt Individual should rccogntzo
them, and tte official who does not
perform bis tun duty In driving Item
from their ban ins i- violating his
<>alb of ofllco. To permit these para
sites to remain in a 'own is inviting
crime and disregard of law, Cranbrook should be free of them In
twenty-four hours. They are nol
wanted, they arc a menace to public
morals and public weal, they arc more
dangerous and mote disgusting Mian
the repulsive lizard ui the slimy
snake. Clean them out, .Mr. Officers,
They are not wanted.
The Herald blamed Attorney General Wilson (or the blunder that placed the Kootenays without a judge for
a few weeks. Thc Victoria Week has
plainly shown that Instead of the
attorney-general being to blame, the
trouble was due to ibe neglect of the
legal department at Ottawa. The
Herald believes in placing the blame
where it belongs, and gladly makes
amends for the error committed, and
would add further that there was no
excuse for Jhe delay on the part of
the, Dominion government, except
gross carelessness.
This agitation again-.! Mr. Borden is
nol Hum the rank and nie ol ibe Coi
servaiive party, but from a few ai
bitious politicians who -ire sebemli
t.i siipptani him.
The news thai the Si. Kugene mil
would Ih- read) to work al Its full
rapacity by Decembci l is good news
fm this whole district. Manage)
Cronin is not the kind ol a man U
sit quietly and lot matters take their
natural course when rustling -a.m ex
ftotMatc things.
to sac
.( their
The.  resignation
as mayor of Nolso
.f .it.
, has
11. .us lon,
■mi placed
'there ale  five  i
this province who arc willing
rilloe themselves on thc altar
■ iniiitiy hy being appointed
And some of the candidates have only
one reason to otter fur the appointment and that is tbelr desire lor Ute
A railway up the St. Marys valley
would mean a wonderful development
in the mlmffal properties of that section. And it looks very much as if
.liber the C. P, II. or tlie Great
Northern would build there next sea
*on. The Ureat Northern if it should
build to Cranbrook from Elko, which
il will do if it extends its line north
from Lethbridge to Edmonton, will
sock an outlet to Kootenay lake bj
ihe way of the St.. Marys valley.
W. C, Wells is in Ottawa, and the
rumors of W. C. Wells being appoint-
■d lieutenant-governor of this province are getting active again. Mr.
Wells'   press     agent   seems   to be
Tlie traffic on the Crows Nest li
will be double what it is now this
lime next year. And the C. P. R.
ire getting ready for it. as fast as
possible. A party of surveyors are
■amped at I.ethbridge now for the
purpose of surveying for a big steel
irldge across the Belly river and if
Ihis is built it will shorten the line
lietweeu Lethbridge and Maclcod
about thirteen miles, and avoid a
large number of expensive trestles.
Wherever new culverts or bridges are
being put in they are the best. Coming events ate casting their shadows
before, and Cranbrook is in
tion to reap greal benefits.
. +	
\ BY THE 01,13 MAN 6
To-day is Thanksgiving, and we are
thankful vve are alive.
But speaking of Thanksgiving. It
is a day that those who lave strength
and heal ih, who have a fair share of
i-hewo world's goods, who have a
lor table home, should la* thank-
i ii But how many who are nol.
easy to be dissatisfied In ihi-.
world. All one has is to do is lo
look the other way. Think of soiiid
nioi unfortunate who has not ulie
tenth what you have, think of some
family who have suffered all kinds of
misfortune, Ibink of some woman who
bas lost- her husband and is left with
n family of children to support, think
of some poor mother who has ri son
(haf is a constant worry to her,
think ol all kinds of people who carry
burdens ten limes as heavy as any
vou may bavo, and then think of
yourself. If you do that you will he
just aboui as happy as it is possible
(or a human being to be.
There are men who are never happy, however. They are pessimistic,
and a ray of sunshine looks like n
lark cloud, a good meal like a gastronomic conspiracy and a kind word,
a scheme to take the advantage of
them. Such men should go and live
in a caw where the.y would never see
a human being, as their presence on
earth is a detriment to Uie human
family. They are a source of torture to theiT wives, a constant fear
to their children and a persistent
nuisance to al! with whom they come
in contact.
And there are women of thc same
mould. Tbey arc never satisfied.
Ttey imagine that all a husband is
made for is to work eighteen hours a
[lay to administer lo their never ceasing demands. Business may be poor
with the husband, ho may live cause
to be duscouraged, his debts may be
pilling up, his position may be in
jeopardy, but when he goes home instead of sympathy and words of encouragement he Is met with snarls of
dissatisfaction and words of discontent.    Then* Is no attempt to lighten
fFall Suits and Overcoats ll
* =————— . . t *
If anv .,
ia iv
ills   to
h ai a
■l   lllalll
ash I.i
r.itlin and VV.
.1   At.
n wl
.it   xiiar
ss they
lli. i.
ni   St.
,i lisu-ning
,. Uie _
talcs 1
111 !
i    King
.ui.1 Dr
don ut
i man]
ducks a
bj tie
al    R
in llut
S    •,,,
llal INK'S
t-Hsit-r i
,i hit)*
il ..
1    111,
l.lll   lllllll   I,,   Iill
tia (ami
V      to
Na*.    \
a  ha  hi
-  tali, n
•i -I
Cl ultra
ll'W    sw
rata  i
■11   liol.'l
tea a
Thai i
itp  '
lain  la,
■ Small
in Uu' I
oi n...
.v-UI- II Tl) r llllll si'i'MilAT.
-II ii mil una. I'm .turn Render,
ihai Messrs Uchic Klwell anil I'lai
.nee Darling are in training foi    thc
iv,,ill'., ili,ini|ii,,iMiii|i ,,i ilu-   coming
a Iml.
ii, (Imn
The.  merely la'-t
iph,   t h.i
i.l in '1
la   lil
1. .1 McSweyn i.
toon! authority o
He tells  a story
getting to he onr
the   autnnroblto.
.till   a
ty mil
Mac I
an   experience
one ui thus,' vehicles whieh
i    you    lo   smile,   tie told
good y,iiin^ liuin from Perry
who smiled so loudly ihal    It
Archie Klwell who was saun-
lt. 111,* train al Uio rate of 1..I*-
s an hour.     Vnu ought to ask
tell it to you.
There are all kinds
of Custom - Made
clothes; good, bad
and indifferent, but
there is only one
brand ot men's fine
tailored garments
ready-to-wear, the
Buy a suit or overcoat and compare
it with the best custom - made clothes
you have ever worn
Prices and styles right
anil tailored perfectly.
f: Seven Years Ago i | ™ — *—    111 LL  &  CO.
"  m49**4444444444444444444*444444444444944444444444444444444444444444m
Prices anil styles right
and tailored perfectly.
Ukssoski' Liii-iiL N... 83
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets 2nd and llh Tuesday at 8 n.iu.
i l.O.O.P, hall.
.1. a. Arnold, K ii s.
.1. IV. liieiiiiu-i, i- C,
Visiting   brethren  cordially muted
i attend,
Cranbmok Local I'Hl.m 1141 ,.t Uu* United
brotherhood til Cariknicri .ml Joiner.
I. o
,1 America,
tinps every Tli.ui.-ln
li. T. hall, "mi I'ai
nun; at
Visiting iiieiiu-u cordially Invited.
',1   I,nil   01
|  (I'ltllfllt,
III. I k.v ni, !„_,,
*-" IJ Meets I'lny
Mondaj nnjlu _|
l.t street Si)Joura<
ordlally Invited,
Charles S ,
V-V.        a
Visiting .ui-irui-
I (»!:!.[ i
••k Lodge,
i   i \  v
Kegulal   tin
tbe   Uili,]
ni eveij   i
li. Pallet
F.   0.   L',
NO, 807
*  p,  in
nd 3rd  l-'rida
In thc Waits
m. nn
Davis, tt |»
k, W   S-jc'y.
| in Cranbrook & -jt |
V-:  HERALD   OK    THAT    DATE ?
ft, A^
T. 10. MahafTy, ex-mcrchan t of
Wardner returned Mom a trip
tirough West Kootenay on Saturday.
Hi* has decided to locate in Cascade
and will ship his good-, from Wardner
as .soon as the railroad is prepared to
lake them. Mr. Mahaily has the
usual experience of persons trying to
get over thc road between Kuskonook
and Cranbrook. A few miles ride
and then the car you are iu is sidetracked 25 or 29 miles from nowhere
and you can shoulder your grip and
walk. MahalTy wandered into Mnyie
at 1 o'clock in the morning.
Mr. MacLean was brought to Craubrook yesterday from Baker Bot-
loms on tho Kootenay river, with a
badly shattered left hand caused by
the explosion ol a shot gun. Mr.
MacLean was after coyotes and by
some mistake his pun had received a
double charge and when fired the
barrel burst where ihe left baud
grasped it. ile was brought to this
place as soon as possible and placed
Into the hands of Doctor Archibald
and druggist Beattie. Cbloroioriu
was administered and tlio wound
dressed. The hand is badlj shattered but thi- doc tut thinks that ii wn
In* saved.
Last week James Brcen and A. -J.
Bellinger of the Northpoi t smelter
wert* at Say ward, four miles above
Wanctta, liiokinii over ih.- location in
tte interest, of ibe British American
corporation, of Kossland, which is
said lo bo contemplating tlie erection
of a smelter tliere.
At this writing, the trench for the
pipe line to convey water t.i the railway tank and lo .supply lhe various
buildings of Uio company in Crnnbrook, is litiJHln-1 and ready fur the
■pipe, which is expected to arrive any
Jay. The line is something over a
1,000 yards in length. Starling with
lhe intersection of Baker street with
.Joseph's creek on the east side
of lown, ii traverses the length of
I alter street to the railroad, crossing
ilie track opposite the section house
and turning south, runs nearly parallel wiih the Hack, past ihe depot
building and i.n in the site of the
round house and water tank. The
size of ihe main is lo be. -1 Inches.
A pump bouse is lo be erected where
the line taps lhe creek and a steam
pump installed for forcing the water
through tin- pipe, giving sufficient
pressure cnoogfi in raise water into
the second story of buildings and for
supplying the passenger coaches It
is possible arrangements mav be
made Willi private parties lo tap tho
main alung the route, bin the Herald
is not prepared i" say ihai this
much-to -he-desired privilege will be
A, E. Watt is acting temporarily
as constable and health officer for
Cranbrook, under appointment from
Commissioner Armstrong,
^    Rambling Reveries j    I fAAA,AAAAAAAAA*AMAAA^SA^-./^^*..--^^^MVWVMVt
Every woman has it in her power
lo make the environments of her home
uplifting and ennobling. Let every
mother make her rome attractive.
She can adorn the walls of her home
with pictures , inexpensive ones il
necessary. A new tidy may be made
ior a chair occasionally, table covers
renewed, beautiful flowers kept in
view, and in other ways the rooms
may be made bright and cheerful. All
these as surely give touch and shape
Uj the child's mind as that tlio sunshine paints the hues of the tlower.s.
A cWld who goes out into tlie world
from such a home, a borne presided
over by a mother who has striven to
make it pleasant anil attractive,
who has striven to keep fcigh
and noble ideals before bet children, one leaving such a homo carries
in his memory a heritage that cannot
be compared to the riches oi ibis
As a rule husbands arc just   what
you make   ihem   lo£ course it  won i ;
do lo tell Ihem   this) and the better
material vou   have   to Man on   the.
better job vou can perform with   tlie
.same amount of labor.     If you have ,
a bump of cheerfulness developed    In ;
your   nature,    don't marry   a tombstone.     Altogether   ho is about    as ;
gepial as the iceberg ami you will go
plodding through iii-' with him to the i
dead    march   of    bis    own     leaden i
thoughts.     You may he distant   and
iligiriliwi,   vou   couldn't'   freeze    him
colder iban be is; you may tovo    and i
pel him,    ii is a   waste ol omnium-!
Hon, he can't be thawed out.   Above:
all things don'l marry a dude,    lie is
a  weak-mimled, contemptible apology ,
lor -i man.     Ood created him a man, ;
Lhereforc let    him   pass for one; hul ,
one good,  honest  Industrious    young
man is worth all the floating fops in
lhe world.      Unless they cau choose i
wisely, or learn   to' manage a man, j
rirls bail bettei set their affections on
ents or   poodles   and   iel matrimony
Five Acre
mission on
social and
home that
liuence. moulding th*
'bildren  and
may be said
earth ami t.
he exerts the
if woman s
her power, '■
t is in the \
greatest in-1
icier of ber \
mpress of;
member   of j
e other !
part is i
I     sup--
others j
die has '
There are still some
of these sub=divis=
ions of the Robin=
son=Mckenzie estate
for sale.
Those already sold
are being cutiva=
There is enough
wood on these lots
to pay the price asked for them.
The price is small
and terms are easy.
Meets every 2nd and  Iih Tuesday in
'.nod Templars Hall."
Visiting brethren cordially invited
A. McCowan, C.R.      J. Sims, Sec'y.
I. O. G.
every Friday night above Pal-
more's Slore.
Come and join thc Happy Band.
NO. 1871
Meets every 2nd Wednesday and 4th
j-aljitday »t 8   0>ciock ,„ Oddlellow,
Visiting brothers always welcome.
W. F. OURI),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Ele.
Cranbrook, H C.
Haiell Block
j Public Etc. I
*-   Cranbrook.     .     .     it   ,-     *
I f   Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary
Pub'"     ■'
*     "' c-
I *>***************n**itti #^»
■       ---... _•«,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at  Residence,  An
Forenoons - -
Afternoons - ■
Evenings - - -
nnstrong Ave,
'KS :
■ ft .11) to   i|
1.30 to 3 311
7.30 lo 8.30
It speaks well for     thc future
Crnnbrook when a man like A   C
Gibson,  wbo as everyone knows,
on the inside, holds his Baker su
lots at $1300.
The Hanson block is now finished
and has been fitted up as onlv the
governor of Wasa could do It, Heated
with hot air, the stairs, hall nnd
rooms, handsomely carpeted and curtained, the building is a credit to the
governor and to (.'ranbrook,
Through chief train despatcher
Mansfield, the Herald learned last
evening that the non-arrival of land
commissioner, I.. A. Hamilton in
f'ranbrook hy last night's train, was
due to misoonnectlon at Macleod,
caused by an accident to the engine
on the train from the east. No. 1
waited two lours at Macleod for the
delayed train ami then pulled out he-
fore its arrival.
Alex. Hrcpihart, better known as
"Scotty" was held up in Rnssland
last week and robbed of ?IH.(M).
her own  life  Upon  every   nu-i
th,- household.     That there a
spheres in which sin' may laki
not   niicRtioued,      If she   mu
porl  herself,  or if there are
dependent upon her, we think
the righl tn select n vncatlon or    a
profession, hul ii i^> In the home that.
she displays her powers to lho best j
advantage. ;
As the breath ol dew on the tender |
plant, they fall gently upon lhc
drooping heart, refreshing ils withered tendrils and soothing its burning
Woes. Bright oases Ihey are in life's
greatest desert. Who can estimate
the pnngs they have alleviated, or tbo
good work's they have accou-Jdislud'
Long after tbey are littered do tbey
reverberate in the soul's inner chambers   and    sing   low,   sweet,   liquid
strains,    thai   quell all     the raging ■
storms that may have before existed.
And, oh, when the heart is sad, and [
like a broken harp the sweetest chords ;
of pleasure cease to vibrate, who can
tell the power nf one kind word? One j
little word of tenderness gushing   in j
upon   the soul    will sweep tin*    long
neglected    rhords,   and   awaken   the!
most pleasant strains.
Sole Selling Agenl
i ♦ . i ■ **■   ■**■   i* . .* i.,
IJ   C.
"*' i ♦ I ♦ I #
2 on
Dr. Connolly,
Physician and Surgeon
' 'ice on Armstrong Avenue
|i tn ,
-0 1.) II u , _
s   .     . 7 to 8 p.m.   'I'li.ii.
■.!.*• l*!>|tS'!t$.|'S'|#|$,|
111.',,   j
'I' I» I * I
Noliee is hereby given that thirty
days aflei* date I intend to apply to
lhe lion, the Chlel Commissioner of
Lands and Works ai Victoria, lor a
special license to eui mid carry away
timlier from the following dcscrihotl
lands, situate in East Kootenay District:
1. Starting al a posl planted at
the north-west corner of the .lames
Cramp limit; thenee running 8(1 chains
wesl, thenee running 80 chains north,
thenee running 80 chains east, thonce*
running 811 cliains south lo polnl   of
eliains lo point ol commune mt
.1   Jorgonson, per J, «   ll,
l.aiMl October Uth, 11)05,
.'Ill fit
0 to 12 n.ni.
1 to   ii p m.
' to   8 p.ni.
Ico and ti'sideiiee on Aiinat.,,11,
IIOI Its :
lo 12 a.m
to   II li in
to   8 p.m.
In   new   He,
Parcel 2.
hereby given lhat
intend lo apply
in days
to the
Winnipeg, Oct. _3,—Alberta Odd
Fellows are preparing to organize a
grand lodge, powers hiving been con-1 commencement.
ferred at   the   last   meeting of    the 	
sovereign trrnnd lodge. The eeremon-1 2. Starling at a post planieil at
les take place at Calgary on Novom- ; the north-east corner ot lot 11231;
lu-r II and 7, the Instituting officers ' llience funning to eliains west, thence
iVing R. C. R. Blackaliy, of Kings- running KII cliains north, thence run-
ton. Ont. There are 15 lo'lges in Ihe ning SO chains easl, ihenee running
new Jurisdiction. so eliains south,   thence running    10
■Notice i;
after dale
Chief Commissioner ol Lands and
Works at Victoria Ior permission to
cut and cany away Umber Irom He
following described binds:
Commencing al the southwest curncr Iiobiiisoii-.MeKcuzie Lumber Co.'s,
Limited,  timber limit, snll'lict'.l    ol
Lot    11168, Group 1, East Koolenay
District, thenee south Ull claim   east
»n chains, north 811 chains, west   no
chains lo place of commencement.
Roblnson-McKcn/.le (.mnber Co.,
September .TO, 1005, ail-Si
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specially.
I'eople who want Job woik done
cannol afford to pay for poor work.
That is why it pays lo get work
done at the Herald oflice. No complaint is made of thc work turned out
here for lhe reason Unit il is up io
date and the work of up lo date
printers, That makes a dUTcnmcs
with any imltvi.li.al. , THE   CRANBROOK    HERALD
ut our stores mi tin
Monthly Payment Plan
iajti.il lil... getting in. v from li    Wc
dmi'l worry you for it    When you're rondj
you .'tin pay.
■■HBMMMi _M__Y...b_ *-:.SIK* _ftlH_*.IiK'.;««___
Announcement Important Too
By tin- tin- luui- this paper reaches ita reailbW. wo wtU hnve our eutiro business under one roof. Tin-Iml. Qui over the corner
Btore I l:\:;u iiii lius been converted Into one big room, beautifully renovated nud |xi)wred nnd in future will 1«* uwil as a furniture show
rum \\V futiud il difficult t" carry on business in tb« two buildiugs, too much lielp was required aud at the best, poor Bervice was ren-
iIoiihI.       We know lhat oui customers, and the people generally, will  appreciate the change we huve made, as we know better service nil
ami,ml will   In- ;iss.iivi|
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores
October lit.   1905
Inmliruiik Co npcrali.c Slurts
I limit J
\ ll.  IU
I ll  I   11,,
II I ai In,,  ,,1    K
\l I'l.SU  llll. $
Ul  III.' Illi,lla-,lm,..I ,,| 9
Railway trainmen x
„i days
Wenlworlh Ilall
October 26th, 1905
I.t*ir.*rtlllll-Ill-    Si'IM-.l
Pmi. UufrcKne'M Ore he si i a in
»* »«»«■».
I The Two New _
* Parlor Games *
{ BLOCK and \
| TOGO       I
* Just received. They aro po- *
I polar entertainers, *
! Beattie * Htcbison \
I where it pays to deal.      J
4     See pur drug ad. on 1st page.   £
* *
Picked Up About lbe Cily   by  Asklnt
Dueittluni ol Many Peuple.
Wanted, a girl lor general housework.   Apply Herald office.
Horn-On Friday, Oetolier 2(1, 191)!,
lo Mr. an-l Mrs   W   F. (lunl. a liny
Two front ofTleea, second floor Watts
lilot'li,   lor  rent.      Apply   to   Heale   A
dwell. Ml
The Co-operative Stoles have a line
sinn, Hie work uf Mr  Short.
Clarence Darling went to Wardr-ci
ttn Thanksgiving Day.
Miss Barclay, wlm has been vlsil
inn i" Cranbrook tor sume time vveni
east on Wednesday,
Mr. Uobinson, ol tbe Robinson Mi
Keti/ie I.UiiiM'i Co., went oul on '!i
east hound tram on Wednesday
.lust in al Wilson's, a nice Iin	
elegant   silvei   novelties Vrri.
Mis Holford nl Ihe Wilea en.cl
tallied   all lla* h...u.l.*ia and .     li »
(lien Is     VCl.      llallt-litlilllv      Sal'.' l...
The ladles .it Christ cSurcli liiul   n
■Hl.cai_.lll   sa I    I llbles   al     Weill
worth IiiiiI yeslerdaj allernoon anil
t'ciiue has ,,i.i.l.- a great  onslaught
on the tinhorns and me it I  In
uu nn.l as n i.'aiiH Hun l"'l I M'l
ul lhat t.i« a i'"»
James   Arnold and   I'l    I'nteisoi
Weill oul on I M-l I ■'	
Wi'.iimmI.iv lo spend tlicli Ham - I.
lus n.i. ui Calgary
Km Sale—A in.'st esccllent limai
lot .-ti) .it.nint.. pmnI action; qulc
uud senile     Impure a.  Herald billet
Thanksgiving cranborrics loi )"i"
Thanksulvliig turke) I'ry the cran
perries ,n Cl  T  Honor- and youi gi.
im "i '1'"'^ '"• '"'"w 'll1"' "'" '"'
(ei uu i
Nell   M.riaiii,   is now   wuii    the
Ai|,dpi,  l.limliel   eoilipany       Thai   will
binif bim cloKci in I'ratrbrook, a
lael llial will I'l.'.i-e Ins nialiy li lends
ill this nt.
ll„* llml I is iii receipt "t a lettei
(it.ni Si.i liiiiiiiiitin.l, who is now iii
lha baker) business at Okotokn, and
Is pleased to learn Uial Ml nrlnv
in,uid is dotng well with a bliglil in
'I'lie ladies ol the lliiieh ol Eng
l.ilsl lit .1 ,i cookery sale in aid ol tin-
eliiinh hinds In lhe Wentworth tall on
Wednesday afternoon II was very
well attended Indeed, nnd some good
iiiusie was rendered while the sale
was in progress.
.'red Slarki'v, ono Ol the besl nisi
lers Unit Nelson ever hnd, was in
town yesterday and to-day. II Mr.
Siarkev were lo receive pay tor every
dav he bus pul III for the advance-
ii.'ii' o' 'h' tuwu of Nelson he would
Inn*' .,      .t hank roll.
Thompson ."' Hanks, nl Perry Creek
are report..I lo he doing very well
wilh their new placet location aboui
a mile above Oldlown. Tliey k"'
some really good pay gravel. On
lh" whole thclt' venture is a success,
'the Herald congratulates them.
"For winter sunnhinc try one ot
l-atmorr Hros. Sun .bine Furnaces,
They are making one <..( _"i,llllll cubic
lift heating capacity for the ofllces
of the Crows Nest Lumber Co., Wardner, and another for W. T. Hold ,V
Co. ot no less than UU.flOII cubic leet
beating power.     They arc lhe goods.*
In    Hold.in,  ol  I'l,',.in*,
.Ileal id lu    .1   II   Mi .
lie past   Weal,,
!    Km Sale —A eonipleii  lu camp
oiiini, in, hiding ,.ii, I, a ..,,.,,,    h.
l| *   ,11   II, lal I   1,11111' '   mu
Mr,   .1    Harris, ol   Hauls   litos..
has return.-.! rioiii a business Irip   lo
Ukuloks,   Mi.*,
!   Wanted- -Dining   mom a.ul.     Clood
w,i„,*,.     Addiess Uiu jj',  illi.wi', H.
Mrs. V Hyde Baker and daughter
'Alice, lell in', Mon lay lot a nu,mil's
visa ui friends tu Winnipeg.
Mr. Robert Duncan, who has been
in tlie employ of tire C. I' li. hare
(or the pasl year, led lasl Friday Ior
lus Inline in Creslon.
Ueorge Laurie, oi Creston, was in
town un Monday, He lias a very
considerable contraot for getting out
ties im tha C. I', it. in connection
with ihe work tm ihe Spokunc-ltiler-
nalioiial railway.
The report Ihai "Ralph Connor"
was lodged in jail on the charge ol
issuing lorgcd checks was false. How
the report originated is not known,
but to have such a statement *,u all
over ihe country must have been embarrassing Ioi ilu- attttor ami picach-
iii   English, i,-i ml iia- tii.t    ..I     Mi*   w  F  Tate entertained Iriendi
tl.,- i,a,I. ii-a-ii   ., duck   I.-,,a.a     ex   .it liai limine last Thursday
i" ll!""' '" Jallray. j    ,   Uviu   ,,,   porl    st,,a,   na*_
J*,,i  Sale—Hi,use .ml lot on    ila   Craubrook ,t visil "i. t.,.i  Monday,
main site, i ol Marysville.     Ai'i'ly to     , . ,      ,       ,,,
ll | ,y ,, ,.   '    \ ver)  rapid portrait lum i"i    the
,     ',   , , ,.   ,,     ,    ,'   , ,. I bullies nisi received at Prcal - studio.
Job Jackson anil S.  Uambardl lelt
Sunday afternoon   un ,t business trip I   Francis    McConnell    has    returned
lo Calgary. I Irom his trip lo   lhe    coast and    is
U-twecii eleven nn.l Un,-.- o'clock is I n..» employed by Fink Hum
ihe besl  lime to mi  l..i   il.ai  Xmas     "Tommy"  Forrest  lell  Sunday at
liliiitti -I'usi Studio. loiuoini i"i  Calgary,  where In-    will
Vli t. i. Qciicst, general store-1 Iw employed in the C. I'. 11. shops,
keeper on ihe C I' ll. „i the lines
wasi t,t Winnipeg, complotod his inspection of the Cranbrook dcpartnrenl
on Tuesday un.i proceeded west ac-
companicd I.y Vi. J. Coo, storekecpet
at Calgary,
,1 M. Agucw, ut Un* Klk River
Lumber Co., was lu town uu Tuesday
..a business connected witli bis mm
Mrs. Lesler Clapp and children arrived home   Saturda)    la..i altei
Mr. W.  U. Ferric, general manager I','«, w*'L'ks visit wuhielauv.s in    tli.
in llritish   Columbia for the   Canada  ' *'-"*' """'"J"-
Llle Insurance Co. has completed his     Mr. J- 'l'aggarl, tor the past yea.
annual visit to lhe local agency at operator at tne C. I'. It. depul, has
been uanskiicd to l-cinie am led on
Sunday lasl lu assume lb.- duties ui
that position.
A word to the men in Hi
We have lust received a very line and
rapid portrait lens uml we lake
photos by electric li^lu on Saturday
ivcniugs, sn ymi need ipse nu lime
irom your wmk m sitting fur youi*
Xmas iihuiii. Come carl) su we will
aoi be hurried in gelling out out
Ninas work—Prest Studio.
Oliver Burge of Perry Creek wus in
lovvh Wtiln.-s.la* on business, 11:-
-ays thut Ins ranch on the side ul
Valley creek above Oldlown produced
.tune wonderful crops ti.ia lust    sea-
-on       'llie  Hills   sloo.I   fully   ,-i\   (eel
iii height, .Mr. Burge is more than a
iix-footer himself, nnd lie could hardly   see ovei   it.        llll.el   crops     were
equally good.
Arthlll Utirgc, u( Oldlown. sin.I
iwo deer within halt a mile nf his
Iiuine the tithe] day. One vvas a
liu.- buck which vvciglted Hi pounds
Tlia nth r  wim  u   liltic  Icl-
luw n( ihe same
new he wns onlv a
in,l   have pub, d   a i
Ilia   Iimi-"-   COloi    |.l,
m Ii   scorned lh g
in.- n      sending I
II Mr. Burge
earling Im- would
igg. i ,,n     him,
ed Ins downlall
iha brush.
Cranbrook,    lie reports business very
satisfactory all through British Columbia und the Northwest generally.
Hi'ineinber we take photos by elee-
Seventy-live men wanted Ior lumbei
in-iiii-iiiiiei    nt-   tune   ji ui ills   in   eel- ,       ',         ,..
Irlc llghl   nu   Saturday   evenings.-  »"«-•*,  tree   miles    torn   lo»u, b)
Prest Studio. November 1st.    Oood wages.   J. 11.
.Doyle,    Agent,    Kalia       View   holel.
I will sell my ten roomed residence Marysville  H  c
at a   bargain   as I have oilier   ar-     v ^  Winkler, representing lie Can-
innsements to make      The house has I„,*„,, (>il Vo. ,.  slaying at the Clan
a stone (outidation, stone cellar, wat-
er connection, and everything in   cx-
cellcnl   condition,      For particulars
address   or    call   on     tne.—CJ.  Can
adian Oil Co. is slaying
brook hotel, lie acts lur the only
ml refining company in Uie Dominion outside ol llie standard oil combinations.
Mr. (1. W. Jennies and Mrs. Jel-
fari's returned on Monday Irom sirdar where Mr. Jellares was engaged
un C. P. it. business. He reports
lhat the weather down by llle last- is
uf a most siimiiierlike character.
Fred Oeiler, lal,- brewer wilh the
Cranbrook Brewing iS Malting Co.,
has ourehased tie interest ..f .in-enb
Neiilersladt ill the brewery at Movie.
Mt. Oeiler went down nn Tuesday lo
lake over charge ol Ihe premises, tlie
deal having been consummated nn
l hut morning.
ilu* mum In, ills ol Mr. .lohn T.
li.-i.l. ul ibe Kimberley Milling ..
Manufacturing Co., who has been con-
lined iu the hospital wilh a somewhat
severe attack of typhoid fever,   vvill
lie glad in hear thai he is progressing!   Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mayoock hav
mnsi satisfactorily towards recovery, j issued invitations ior ihe marriage ol
. Baptist church services nexl Sundae will be as follows: .Morning suu-
jev'l, •'Mount Zion;" evening subject,
"From lud to Yarble." Pastor
Benjamin Ooodlield will conduct both
services. Strangers, vistiors aud
Iriends will lind a warm welcome
Mr. Reid tried in battle ml the onset ni the disorder, and in rniisec,-
ttencc had all tin* harder li.nht nf it.
.     *.,
■  I
.,-     •',,-      lln     Ilernlil
vii   n   ii   w i    , i i
uon nap and a,- n il han u | ol
hem Busim *•■ teems i. be swl tei
.-it- than in   'la,-,- hyperborean reg
,,1IS  l',,t   a!'   Ihal    i        -   '   ,,:,..at    lllalll
Ulan:- Mi Wat I t'a Herald ul
ways ih,..ulil   .,   but  ll now.    nn- ml
lie   la, I
Mi.   I.lrwellvii Ilia I. entellnin il u   lie's
mini, i   ,,l   Iai     Li lids   a!   clock   gull    Ma,,
their daughter, Mrs. Mary Flowers
t.i Mr. William I) llearn. The ttlc-
innliv will take place at 111..' .Haycock
Dr Oeorge Connolly, who has been home, on Baker llill, We(ii.s.luy even-
tlsiting wiih his brother, Dr. F. 0.1 ing, November first, at 8.8U o clock.
Connolly, for the past three weeks, .Mr. Hnllenr.ike and Mrs. Hollcnrakc
left for Vaiicouver nn Monday. Dr.'of Toronto, came inio Cranbrook on
tlcorge Connolly has been engaged iu Tuesdav lo make a short visit. Mr.
the practice ui lis profession in the Hollonrake is Uie president of Ute
VUin country, and states thai though i Williams Manufacturing Co., which
tlie big nulling companies iu that see-' supplies such a large proportion ol
linn are doing remarkably well, es- Um saw-mill machinery around East
pcclally in placer minimi, sliil it    is  Kootenay.
no poor man's country owing to   the;   Miss Kotmctr, who was called away
excessive ensl  of  pi..visions and sup-   ,,,„„  ,.,,m*,ruok   some  lime ago ow
-lias        He proposes to visit   Ch na  ■„. Ul ,)u,   dt,,„h of her mother    in
nl other planes ,,„ the Fast Paclllc Slb Catherines, Ontario, returned lasl
coasl before returning to llritish Col- w,k    accompanied  by    bar  brother,
■ iiu\   Ko'.nieir       Miss  Ktilineir    vvill
Anniversarj   ..nl Thanksgiving   ser-  resume hei position wiih tt. T. Reid
mm- will Ire !: :.!     ;i   lhc Methodist  & Co, and Hoy will accept a position
church   nexl     Sunday, morning    unl  wllh 0, T. Rogers,
:l    church is being beautt-     Messrs, John and William Spilstcd,
*   " casion   I'he  V,ILS „,- Mi... Charles Spilstcd,    pro
,   vi  voices will rendci   ,.,v.ie.l to Strnthcona   on Wednesday,
cat pi   .Miintiie     Spec   accoinpanietl   by  lheir   sister,    Miss
■  -,   hi    rendered    by   ,|K.,. spilsmd      'lhe two buys    are
-   ■   *:-.,   addresses 'ay   _,>iih*   sons nf a worlhy father,     a
a., *., . ,    m  ,„ kw-plng with ih,.  hracc of good, sturdy  hustlers,    who
On  Monda)   a social con-  .,,,. i„„i„,i t„ make thctir mark In   lhe
Rrcgultonal     a una   will he held  ncw land they are going lo, Just    as
itcresliiig   programme will   ,*.,., ,h,|   M,   cranbrook   and Kimbcr-
-       a*,-,.: .,- , ., social tun,  spent.   |e,.,
| I' .1. I.eilhniisei. id Delianee, Ohio,
I'lieie is nn better service on the who has been in tuwu loi th,* pust
"Ctovv" thun is given al the Hotel inoiiih lias concluded tn locale In
Dallas, Lethbridge. Sleam heated Cranbrook, and will put in a lirst-
Ihroughout and evervlhin-e the best. Iclass barbel shop in the Wentworth
211-11 C   .1   Kcksiorm A* Co.,      hotel.      Mr.  l.eilhimser expects      his
Proprietors,  fixtures lure so that he vvill be able
i.*i-..    .-,,..-     .,-....,„.    -,.   „i„„     .    to open un his shop alinut the lirst uf
pl's'a'b'T'R^'8' C,M"nRS ^iN-'vcmi'.*.'    His wife and family will
| arnvL- from Deflnnec in ahotil ten ilavs
Mi   C, a   Qaskill, nf ihe Klmberley  and will malfc their future home here.
itA'AuAt; -altS1   Vm^<% ^n^nV^rniliA
rims.   Hlckoy,   of
will be recollected that Mrs. Urown's
flirty uieu in
., son was most unluckily kiilr-d in   the
lhe limit!) nf llie company cutting    two
railway  collision at  I.iinrtbrecl-   last
His   mother his been   ar
I ler
lee Mm■-:,- .any has   forty men    of its own nuking   i.s   ous ness a wn.       ne
Ul    r   i:,,l    ,Ml     in Ihll,, mimon roe, of sster, Mrs. Zonton, w.i  oin her at
mi     the   log!    ;,1m,      VIi     aasblll  s.ivs that Vancouver   and   procml   lo Toronto,
rhonin-   mum,,; «  ramimS ai Mw.mll   nn Doctor Ponton, of MrGregor,  ^    the
last  Siiiiiiiluv   ,iii
iiu'll s   ()|    foil I    .ill 1
homo iii Hi.- Wii .
Lit   wm:   th-  l.i.ln
11   Dunbai   i ■  -
■,'iiilcini'ii   wliili   -     '. ■        rhomp snwlnji will In- resumed at the mill on          ■ Al      „   .
mi drew  ih.- con otiitiw prize   Late M Decemlwr an.l that work will b.*- BOn of MTS' l onton'
in tin- aften i Mrs   Brock     ..n.l i-.iiiiinu.--il steadily during the winter!   Mr. McKay, manager of the Selkirk
.eiv dalntj    retri hnirnts      It    was nnd 'prinK                                         | Mining t'o., on White Fish creek, St.
late    wb ii  ll;.-  lasl   guesl   i.n.     all ] Marys valley, is in town on business
feellnp  Ihal  etodi  Roll  waa .1    \>->\ Quinces and I'tir.-u at  (1.   I    Rog- connected with the crown granting of
lellglitful  game. ^^                                                       [some of the claims included in     the
Delaney  tin-    Individual who    was'   TheSl-andnrd Lumber company   has group under his control,    This  cnm-
,lul,  |   'Wllh   an   ..i' ni]ii   tn Bteal »hnl down for a few   weeks to Instal l>an¥ is iiiianc«l   mostly wiih   Nelson
iewelrj  rrom w   11   Wilson's window «nmc importanl Improvements, among capllal,  and   owns   valuable   copper
bv thr aiil nl  i wire worked tl u li which   is   a complete electric   plant,  property on which extensive develop-
a hole li.iinl iu Un- side ..f the build- This company is also nenotiatinR for  ment las been done during the   past
ing   was taken tn Nelson Wodnesday a traction engine and cars to be used summer.
;.i await  trial.      Dolanej   is another   "i logging.    This will ilo away   with  ._
..ne of  the deleclahlc crpatures   wlm the use ol horses for this work    and  LRTTKR FROM .1. K. IltTHCROFT
lias    been allowed    io   han.;   around will make it possible for tin. lumber j         j^jj MARYSVILLE  LINE
Cranbrook consorting with a colored company to bring in lo^s at a   dis- 	
woman who accompanied bim     from tance   of from   three to    five miles'
Fcrnie to Cranbrook aul gave him    a cheaper than they can now hriiiR them   Editor of the Craubrook Herald:
ten dollar    hill when In-   was placed w'''1 horses one or two miles.     The!    Dear    Sir,—With     your permission
on a train bv an ..Hirer. adoption of the traction will revolu-   and (he tolerance of vour readers, the
. . tloni/e   lbe lumber business in    this   „„., „.„!„„A,i „ ■ u ,   ,'   , t-  ,,,    .n „
For .cut.     iwo unfurnished rooms u^triet. an.l   give new lif,' to     lh.-  "W-errigned wishes to call the atl.n
near business center.     Applj   I-lcrnld business.
William Meadows,  win, has had
tion of those keenly ink-res ted lu one
who of  t'ie "1,wl   dissatisfactory railway
Mr.  Charles    .Spilsint,   .1,   ]■	
n this disdiii, htely disposed of his holdings in 'be services that any person with any
was arrested at Marysville last week Klmherley Milling A Manufacturing decree of business ability could Im-
ou the charge nf shamefully beatli.g Co. to Mr. 0, A. f.askill, flie mana- aglne as existing unions a progres-
an inmate of one nf ibe bouses in gei- fur the company, has ial..-n a ie- .,..„ ___.,.
Fernie's tenderloin anil la'.-u in llial sltlenco in Slralhcona. Alia., where ,,-f '.np ,'„ )( .
town for trial lb- was given six ho and his family will live for the' r° ho ,,ftflnitp ] ,nean the ^c^^
months at hard work in lhe Fernie future. Cranhrook ami iis neigh- service between Cranhrook and Kiin-
jail.       That is    ih" kind of justice  horhood can but il! afford to losn men  herley.
that will assist  iu ridding ihis    sec-  nf Hie type of   Mr. Spilsled, a st-er-i    For   over a year   we   residents    of
ling,   honest   man, a gentleman     in  Marysville,  Klmberley  and surrotind-
tlon of the counlrv of sue!
min.     Many of this rla.is look    upon
lbe.se poor Women as ehiilt
and heat nl  pleasure, ami the Fcrnie  lishinan    in    Canada.      Cran'in-nuk'.-.
justice is io be commended for     his loss is  all   to  the good   of   Strath*   sccur*! a t,all>' '"a11 ai,|l  t"1'"    ser
firmnesa, .cona. vice (Sundays   excepted) and     bave
v sense of the term, and an   ex-  jnK  camp8 hflV(1 endeavorpd   through
nh  i-i'lli'iil exam ile nf the .siujeessf.i    * na- . . ■ _i     .■ . .
ti,. ikiimn*.    in    r'nT,.,.i-      nrw:,,.' ..., some of our most Influential men   to
hilled moat miserably
Now let us took a' Un* conditions
as tbey have existed During tin
last vear or fifteen months, as everyone in tin*. Jistik*l knuws, -.-oiisiiuc-
tlon work on ihe Sullivan ■"inciter at
Marysville, il«* nam and ore bins
at Kimberley, tin- staphs saw nnd
planing mills at liajaid, etc., has
[created a large tralllc on this branch
ui th.- C. IV 11. aud not only has it
been a tralllc wholly remunerative to
ilu* C. 1* R , but it has been one
lhat U-nds solely towards lbe Opening
up ol the St. Marys valley in a Waj
heretofore unattempted. Money bas
been spent unstintedly in building
plants lo create the new material oi
mu forests and mines into commercial products and now that these respective plants are established the)
A\e being pushed lo then limit ol
production. Tu this must Ire added
lhe two large lumber camps ol Hit
Crows Nest Tas^ Lumber Co, ol
Wardner, now being started between
Mar>svillc and St. Alans lake,, which
will employ upwards ol' nil to luu
men lliis winter. To illustrate
about the average trallic mi ihis road
permit iuc lo say lhat mi Tuesda)
evening, October IT, we landed In
Cranhrook at about 7.1a p. m, with
between 37 and 41) pas.s".iif-,eis jammed into a car built with seating
capacity for 21) or 'i'i. lhc train
left Kimberley at about 'i.'dti p. in.
and Marysville at 5 p. in. The dis-
tancc from Kimberley to Marysville
is 5 miles, and from the latter to
Cranhrook is a little under fifteen
miles, a total of twenty miles al
most. It requires no great mathe-
aiatieal skill to calculate lhe rate of
a train travelling twenty miles in live
hours, and fifteen minutes, or to discard live fractions say tvw.nl) miles
in live hours. Rate of travel ciillaU
tour miles per hour for a passenger
Some may say "Oh, thai is an exception." Let us see, On Satui-
lay, Sept. 2nd, it required three
lours and thirty-five minutes to run
from Marysville' to Cranhrook or a
rate of nearly 4.2-7 miles per hour.
Jn that occasion there were on board
over fifty passengers and the train
was composed of 24 or 25 loaded
.-ars; while on Tuesday last it had
lbout ten or twelve loads, exclusive
if the passenger coach in each in-
Now, sir, these are not what may
ie exceptional instances hut are almost trl-weekly occurrences. In fad
it is the exception to have the train
leave   Marysville   or Kimberley   "nn
Abuut eighteen months ago we were
tssured by the C. I'. It. officials that
,i daily train (Sundays excepted)
would be put on provided the daily
■nail contract was forthcoming from
ihe government. That was a rea-
M->n ah le proposition at that time.
Immediately afterward an effort was
to secure the co-operation of
tbe Dominion government iu so far as
the mail service was concerned an!
we receive.! the public assurance of
Sir. W. A. Oalliber, that such would
he forthcoming and we rested in peace
waiting the fulfillment of those as-
-iirances A year has rullisl by and
-itill no signs of better train or mail
iervice. In the meantime the traffic
lias doubled and the Importance of
tie demands, then good lias increase;!
iccordlngly. To say that a daily
train cannot he made pay without
lhe mail contract now is nonsense.
To say that the people of the St.
Uarys' valley do not deserve ot re
quire a daily mail seivice is rot, and
'he man whn can persuade a sttcar-
coated-anfe-eleotfon-halt to g" down
our tl ioats in the future will require
,i smoother tongue, a stronger per
sonal canvas and a bigger pull with
Lnurier than has tbe man wlm re-
eelvod a uood strong supp< >r t at
Marysville last election.
The politician we can remember ami
break even wiih at a later date when
we will not be a mere bagatelle
There is no means at our dispoial to
tet hack at the railway company responsible for the train service other
than publicity and here goes foi
With the co-operation of the merchants in Cranhro'ik, the mills, smelter and eciiera! public to help give
publicity to the trr-ncra! deiiieilts of
the "Caternillar Unlimited," runnin:
between Kimberley ami f ranhrnok
nerhaps the officials that he may be
induced to better the conditions civ
some more powerful In (liu nc*e Is
brought to bear upon snine one higher
Sir, editor, we are not asking for
any favors from the C. P. R. or the
dominion government, nor personal
assurances from politicians or any
personal respects from railway officials. What we want an! exneet is
n square deal  along business lines.
Perhaps some allusion may he made
to the over-forwardness of ihe writer
in ttivina; vent to his feelings, but he
is not earing for public approval nr
disapproval. A realization of conditions ami a feclini.; thai it mi'v inquires a public exposure of such to
stimulate those who can remedy the
evils that help tn n-lan! the erowth
of one of the best districts In British
Columbia prompts one to write
Thankine: you In anticipation for
your kindness in publishing this hv
way of protest, from one of the small
fry up here,
.1.  F.  Hucheroft
Marvsville, October 19, 19115.
wi.iv v v v 0 *-X>o Ov vOvOiXKK'O 0^^
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J !^jjes Blouses and Skirts
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blmiBO 'ar skirt tu please Iut bere, from the
plain Borvicable huiiso dross to theni ire i labor-
alo garments for the street,       .««       .*      .■•
We've Smart Snappy Things
(tut prices nm always reasonable, Wi ki.'.'w
im f.'.ni-y prices,       J*       .*       j*       _*       .a
Reid & Company
Ladies' and licnis' Furnishings
Where    Pil-Reform   Cluthine  is  Sold
oo<xir00oooo<^-x>o"oo'o«i'oo cooooo-; oooc-oooooc-'oo^oo
From experience we have learned that there is always a demand for the very best.
Cadbury's chocolates manufactured at their factory
near Birmingham, England are acknowledged to be
the purest. We do not buy from any agent but get
our goods direct from the factory.
Chocolate bon bons, 25c to $5.00, Chocolate creams, 5,
and 10c a  cake, Milk Chocolate, 5, 10 and 25 cents
We have just received a full shipment of INK
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All Sizes and Colors
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Stamping i
M    Are You Planning a New Home?
Many arc occupied at this
season in making plins for
their new homes.
The plumbing of thc home is one of the
most essential features and should have
every consideration. Let us plan your
plumbing. Wc execute all contracts on
the most sanitary lines, employ competent
mechanics, and use the best fixtures made
— namely, "$twh*u*«r Porcelain Enameled Baths and One-piece Lavatories. Our
illustrated booklet, "Modern Home
Plumbing," is free.
(Krom tbo Star.)
Bert C . Revelstoke—No; tin* wMoi
of this paper is nut the aulhoi ol ih.it
beautiful piece entitled "I'm as drunk
us to,mm,iiiiii lords " Write the editor of Calgary Herald He may be
the author
li V M.. Ferule—Wc ilu uui publish
pomes. Your poesy ■■milains everything but the ncoessat y something
lhat makes good rhyme, Send it to
Ute Oalgary Albertan. Edltoi Davidson is fond of Mich stult as you
Next    Thursday    i-*   Thanksgiving
tiny. The Star is thankful to have
kept out of the sl,nil's hands, and
paid a Mexican dividend, so the entire staff, Including the office cat,
will not work mi that day.
Mrs Prank Whiting and hoi two
daughters, Edna and Edith, arrived
Monday Irom London, Ontario ihey
will be guests ol Mrs I Hock Foi a
lew days and will thi n |iroe«i -1 to
Their home al  Armstrong
Lasl Saturday -lolm tt I'minoi
presented the fitai - hungij staff
wuii a box ol apples, Thc apples
were grown in Mr. Connor's orchard,
and were not only Quo eaters, hul
proved to be excellent cookers Ilia
orchard certainly contained r varieij
ol choice fruit
One ut thc section nun dning dutj
in Lite Kicking Horse canyon was on
Tuesday morning last held up l». a
couple "i mountain goal who ollered
bntlli' Io ih*- seotion man, who was a
I.uth Sw.it.'. There was a dispute
over the right-of-waj and hoth quail
nip.-ils had i" be stoned ofl It.
Dave Howes and Fred Larmour arrived home looking fai nml healthy
.titer spending a month ol sightseeing
«m the coast. The) look in evcrj -
thing thai could be taken in a-l Port
land, even the wcb-Iuel Hey also
visited Wesltninstcr show This wiw
Have's first vlsil to the coast, and
when asked low the weather was
while thero, he sagely remarked,
"they iin have some dew on ihe Pacini- slope.''
Yes ten Id. the Kootenay Central
received auolter setback. Mike Cabbage, i.ne ul lhc mnsi faithful workers on construction was suddenly
taken ill uml had lu lit- t .moved lo
thc hospital Tins I .iMs the construction gang short handed and work
may be stopped. During Mike's sojourn in the hospital the oilier two
men mighl be persuaded lo wmk 18
hours a dav In make up for the terrible calamity that has overtaken
rushing nf the work
Notice Is tecchy given Hut thirty
days after date I Intend to apply to
: i tit* Chiel Commit—.oner m Lands and
Works ami tbe Assistant Cowralssfoa-
.*[ ol Lauds and Works fot the dia
Uriel ni East Kooteuay ioi a license
1 in prospect fur coal and petroleum ou
the   following laud lying north    and
ad'aeelit   lu   the   Mellilus  property  a»J
about if* miles north ui Crows Nest
Pass an.l between the west and east
branch ol Carbon Creek, East Kootenay District, Block I.Vi.f, British Culumhia
l Commencing at u posl planted
.n the north-ea-tt corner, same beiug
the initial post of Haitisu- Lcmorax
and marked Battlste Lcmorax, thence
soutt eighty chains, tbence west
eighiy chains, thenco nurlh eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains to
the place uf be-giiming, containing
610 acres, mote or less.
Battlste Lcmorax. Locator,
Battlste Leiior.\x,  ftgent.
Located September 2f>th,  11)1)5,
i. Commencing at a pust plant ed
at lhe south-east corner of .Una
Martin's claim, same being the initial post of Clina Martin i claim .mil
marked Clina Martin, theme west
eighty chains, Uience imrih eighty
cliains, thimv cast eight) <iuiu->.
Ihence south eighty chains' tu the
place ni beginning, containing imii
uric--, more or less
('Hint Manm, Locator
Battlste Lemorux,  A?
Located Septembei 35(h, l'*'&
3,   Commencing   at  .i posl  planted
al the south-wi.vi turner of .loin
Mills' claim, same being the initial
posl of .John Mills and marked John
tli.mer   north   eighty   chains
cast   eighty     clains,  thenct
I south eighty eliains, thenco west ri^b
ly eliains to the    plan- of beginning
containing H-ll) acres, more ur less,
John Mills, Locator
Bat-ttsle Lcmor.iv,  Agrnt,
Lucated September -..'.il:,  1 1115
'. I, Commencing al n posl planted
Iai tb.- north wesl cornel of Elbra
Mills' claim, name being lhe initial
I pust rn' Elbrn Mills claim ami marked
iKIbt.i Mills, Uieuce cast elghlj
chains, thenee south eighty chains'.
[thence wesl eight) chains, thence
| north eighty drains io- Hie place    i
- beginning,  laining (Mil acres, mot
ni |Css
Elbra Mills, Locator
Hatliste Lcmorax, Agent,
LoeatH Snptemlier 2.1 ll.   lllhlj
(From  the Times.)
The slope at lbe mines of lhe
International Cnal Co. at Coleman,
is now down nearly SOU feet and
switches are being pul in for these
two new entries. The new hoisting
plant is about completed anil installed. This new work will enable this
company to easily increase their output by over 1,000 tons per day if they
mi desire.
ti. ('. Drain returned un Sunday
from a visit to the Spokane fair.
Mrs. 11. E. Lyon bas been visiting
hit-mis at Pinchm creek.
Horn—In Frank, uu Sunday, Oct.
15, 1005, to the wife uf Waller Wrig-
lcy, a daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ede arc now
occupying iheir new residence un
Victoria street.
The capacity of Uiu zinc smelter at
Frank is to be largely Increased and
already a, force of men are al work,
clearing land fm* thc additional buildings.
The big new washi'i iii Lille is
aboui completed and from now on
Uie coke turned out U:cru will be
not only a superior quality, bill the
cleanest  turned out  in th.' Pass.
Take notice that thirty davs after
lale 1 intend lo applv io the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to cul an.l carry away
timber from the following described
lands in Suuth East Koolenay:
Commencing nl a point ' twetity
chains west of the north-east corner
of lot 0400, Qroup 1, thence north One
mile, theficc east one mile, tlnnce
souih ono mile, thence west one mile
lo place of beginning,
.1   Smith
Dated this 23rd day of Oetobei,
1005. 31 5t
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I, Cecil II. Winter,
Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for East
Koolenay for a license to prospect
for cual and petroleum on the following described land:
Situate about two miles from
moult and about om- fourth of a mile
west of small stream riinnihg northerly Into lbe Flathead river and about
twu id Les east oi C. P. It. line as
surveyed, South East Kootenay, B,
H., and lies adjacent to E, E. L.
IVwdney's elaim on the east. Commencing at a post planted at th
suuili-casi. corner being the initial
post, "ihenee running north Kll chains,
thenee west 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence east fill chains to
plan* of commencement, and contain
ing (M0 acres.
Cecil II. Winter, Locator.
James Fisher,  Agent.
Located this 20th dav of September, 1005. 31-51
(From Ute Outcrop.) .. .,     ,   ,     ~7
,,,,,   ,,      .       . ....     ,, „ ,, i   Notice is hereby given thai 60 days
Wm.  Hatipt and  .Miles McMillan   on from dale I  intend    to apply  to the
Sunday started inr lhe Teeuuisch mine Chief   Commissioner   of   Lands   ami
where ihev will wmk all wlntci "   ''
Aboilt  1 1 men arrived
rmigan Fi
lei l
iill   the   PI
the ('. It.  I.   t
Dutch creek,
Peck   Sheldon
Ptarmigan cu route to
Unit, Oni.     ile has ti
early iu tin.- spring.
II tain   Sehewisgii
came in from No. 3 creek li
ior more supplies and have i
niriied to lbe Lea I Queen mil
tliey may continue devclopim
Works to purchase   the following des
eribwl lands, situate in the disiriet, uf
AUialmer Sonlh Easl- Koolcnay:
work iui   Commencing at  a posl  planted    al
the Intersection of. lite right of way
lof lhe  Great    Northern Kail way and
: the east boundary of Iol 7310, tbencr
Monday's norlh 10     chains,    Uieuce east     ib
ti home    in chains,  tbence south  lo lho right  ol
ti her.- jinee **a? °^ ,1h: ^'Anodiaii Paciiic Railway,
[thence   folluwing   said rkhi of wny
westerly to    a pnint. soulh ol    the
southeast   corner of lot T.'fli!, ihenci.
north tu place ol commencement.
Oeo.   11. Scott,
Dated Sept. nth,  1005.       2fl-flt
nd Sam Dorr
e, where'
nl work!
all  winh i
A rumor bails i ,m (iolden thai   b
prominent business man of thai town'
recent 1)   returned   from  Calgi
stated thai hu bad le I it
t li.i i
good nuiiho
K   surveyors
shortly and run a lo
Kootenay   Central
the Columbia river t
continuing un the w
Windermere   lake.
lirst   was received
but as the name
given out from whu
emanate it  is    being
i   Take notice that thlrtj  d
(date we intend to apply
Uie Chief
a part) ol c. p.
lei, in untie here
eating line ol the
railway, crossing
lear Flrlanda and
est side up .the
This rumor at
as anoihci joke,
the man has heen
it is said lo
_ mure seriously
considered. The rumor can do no
harm and it may serve to revive a
subject already much discussed.
Thc steamer Ptarmigan arrived on
her last trip for this season last. Friday with a heavy load of general
freight and a good list of passengers.
After doing some freighting to the
upper end of the lake for the lumber
camps, she start©;! down the river'
-Monday, where she will tie-up for the
winter. Owing to the unusnall)
low state of the watei navigation has
closed nearly a monlh earlier than
usual, but the freight has nearly all
turn got up and teamsters are not
likely to have as much freighting as
last fall. Thc steamer, all things
considered, has had a mosl successful
season financially and otherwise, It
is understood Cap! Armstrong has
plans in view for lhe winter whereby
he wil) be enabled next season to give
a much better service iu every way,
and especially to the tourist trade.   I
Commissioner of Lands and Works ai
victoria for special license t(l cut antl
entry away timber from ihe following lands in Souih East  Kootenay:
Commencing at the northwest corner of Lot 331, Group I, East Koolenay District, Uience south IfiO
chains, west 32.72 chains, more or
less to the eastern boundary of Lot
15(11; Ihmco north 160 chains, east
32.75 chains to the point of' commencement.
Dated this 4th day of October, A.
D.  1905. 28-5t
The   Standard   Lumber Company,
Take notice that thirty days after
date f intend lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, for a license to cut ind
carry away timber from the follow-
Ing described lands situate in East
Kootenay  District1
Starting at a post planted at the
northwest corner of lot (1230, group
one, running south 80 chains, tbence
running west 80 chains, Uience running north 80 chains, thence running
east 80 chains to thc point of commencement.
30-5fc H. ff. Ross.
Dated this 12tfa day of Sept. IMS.
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply iu the Chief Cuiumissioner of
Lands and Works tor a license to
prospect lui coal and petroleum over
Uie (ollowiug described land, situate
in Uu* district ol   South East Koote-
Commencing luu chains north and
till chains west ui a post planted
in.till chains west oi the crossing of
the m.i ib fork uf Michel Creek by one
oi the umihiiii boundaries of lot
1588, Group One, tbence north m»
chains, ihence west 80 chains, ihence
south B0 chains, ihence east mi
chains tu ihe place "i beginning.
Located this 30ih day ot Septem
ber, 1805.
c. M     Edwards   per Edward Eiwell,
Notice is hereby given that I will
applv to tho Chiel Commissioner oi
Lands an.l Works foi a license lo
proijpeot lur coal and petroleum over
EtfO lollowlng described land, situate
in the district Of Souih Last Kouie-
Commencing 100 chains uurth   and
(in chains     .wsl      ul   a    posl  plait led
10.6G chains west of tin* crossing of
to-* norlh fort ol MIcM Creek by one
iu iii * noi ilieiii houn.i.iiii s oi lot
•1588, Group one, thence norlh 80
chains, ihenee i.i>t MU chains, thence
suuih mi chains, I .truce west Ml
chain*, tu the place of beginning,
Located this ;tmh da) ol September, 1005.
Malcolm Mclnitu I'm  Edward Klwell,
Notice is hereby given lhat 1 will
apply to the Chiel Commissioner oi
Lauds and Works for a license, lo
prosjwet foi coal and petroleum over
Ute following lioscrlbcd land, situate
In the disiriet ol Soulh East Kooteuay;
Commencing 100 chains nortii and
fill chains west m a posl planted
\ii.iiii chains west m lhe crossing oi
the noitb fork of Michel Creek b) one
ol ihe northern boundaries ol Iol
1588, Group One, Uience suuih 80
(ImihV, tbence west 80 eliains. thence
north mi chains, thonce cast 8b
chains, to lho place ul beginning.
Located ibis 3utli dav uf Septem
her, 1005.
Malcolm Mclnnls per Edward Klwell,
Notice is hereby given Uiat I will
apply lo the Chief Commissionei ul
Lauds and Works foi" a license tu
prospect for eoal and polrclenm ovei
ihe  following described laud,   situate
in the dislriel ot    South East Kuult-
Commencing 400 chains north and
ilu chains west of a pust planted
16.06 chains west oi the crossing oi
title north fork of Michel Creek by Ollt
of the northern boundaries of lot
1588, Group One, ihiiice soulh KU
chains, llience east 80 chains, thence
north 8U chains, thenee west 80 eliains
io Uie plaee ni beginning.
Located this SliUi dav ol Septem
ber, 1005.
Edward  Klwell.
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply to the chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum ovei
Uie following described laud, alltlal*.
in the district of South East Kooteuay;
Commencing 240 chains north and
20 chains west of a post planted
16.00 chains wesi of the crossing ol
lhe norlh fork of Michel Creek b)
one of the northern boundaries ol
lot 4588, Group One, ihence north Ml
chains, tbence west 30 chains, llience
South Mj chains, thence easl 80
cliains, to the place of beginning,
Located this 3UUi dav of September, 1005.
C. M.   Edwards   per Edward Klwell,
Noliee  is   hereby   given   that   I   will
apply lo Uio chief Commissioner oi
Lands and Works for a license to
prosS>eet for coal and petroleum over
the following described land, situate
in the district oi South East Kootenay:
Commencing Hill eliains north and
15 chains wesi of a post planted
10,06 chains wesl cf the crossing of
Ute north fork of Michel Creek lij une
of ib.- northern boundaries of lut
1588, Group One, thence north 8ii
chains, Uience west Mi chains, tbence
souUi 80 chains, thonce easl So chains
to the place of beginning.
Located ihis 3Uth dav of Septem
ber, 1905.
Edward  Klwell.
Notice is hereby given Ihal I will
apply to the chief Commissioner of
i.-mts and Works for a license to
pn.-^iivi. foi eoal nnd petroleum ovei
the following described land, siltial.
ii the dislriel of South East Koolcnay:
Commencing 1(10 chains north and
15 chains west of n pust planted 10.00
i bains wost of ihe crossing uf the
norih fork ui Michel Creek hv ime
nf the northern boundaries of lot 4588
Group One. thence west 80 eliains.
thence suuih 80 chains, ihenee easl
80 chaius, tbence north Mi chains to
the place of beginning.
Located th-s ,10th dav nf September, 1005.
Malcolm Mclnnls per Edward Klwell.
G. M.   Edwards   pei  Edward Klwell,
20*81 Agent.
Take notice that wc intend, four
weeks after the first appearance of
Uus novice, to apply to the Board oi
Railway Commissioners, under the
provisions of the Railway Act, 1903,
for permission to construct a spur or
branch line frum a point on Ute
British Columbia Southern Railway
near Cranbrook to our saw mill and
timber limits, according to plans
tiled in the Land Registry Olliee at
Nelson, September 30th,   1905.
The itobinsoii-McKcii/ie Lumber Co,
Dated October 8th,   1005.       2SI-11
Notice is hereby given lhat 00 davs
from date I Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works in purchase ihe following described lands, situate in lhe district of
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted on
lhe west boundary of Iol 7100, Uience
west ho chains, thence north 811
chains, ihenee easl KII chains, thenee
south KO chains iu place of commencement.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to applv to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works
lot permission to CUt and carry away
Umbei from tbe following described
lands in East Kootenay;
Commencing at a nest marked "J,
Slrong's S. K. Coiner" and planted
abuut one mile wesl and twenty
eliains north of the south-wcsi eorner
of lot 4185, Ihence north mi chains,
llieme west Kit   chains, thence suuih
M> chains,   thelice east  Ml chains,     lo
llie poinl dI commencement,
Jut n Strong.
Located Sept. 90th, 1005.   30 ;-r
Notice is hereby give that two
months after date I Intend in apply
to the Chief Commissioner nl Lands
and Works fot permission to purchase
ibe following desciibed lands In East
Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted al
the northeast corner of Lot 7810,
llience north HO chains, thenco wesl
K0 cliains, theme soulh 00 chains,
ihence easl so chains along north line
of Lot 7310 to place of commencement, containing 480 acres more nr
Dated at Elko, B. C. Ocl. 2. 1(105.
28 dt Catherine Mills.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
davs from date I will apply to the
Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and
Works fur special licenses tu cut tim-
ler in the folluwing desciibed parcels
of land nurlh ol Kimheuley in South
l-.ast Kootenay:
No. i. Commencing where a posl
has been placid about one mile due
north of the north-ens I corner ol lot
1008, thenee north one mile, cast one
mile, south one mile, and west one
mile to the place of beginning.
Dated Oetolier lOlh,  1005.
No. 2. Commencing where a pust
ias been placed about two miles
north and one mile eas*l of the northeast corner of lot .'lOfiS; thence two
nlles south, half a mile easl, two
niles north, and half a mile west to
■ be place of beginning.
Dated October 11th, 1005.
No. 3. Commencing where a post
has been placed about two miles
norlh, and half a mile east of the
lortt-east corner of lot 3008, thenee
'lalf a mile north, two miles east,
lalf a mile south, and two miles west
to the place of beginning.
Dated October 11th, 1005.
No. 4. Commencing where a post
has been placed about two and a half
ullcs north and one mile easl of the
north-east corner of lot 3008; thenee
norih two miles, west half a mile,
Ututh two miles, ami east half a
mile to the place of beginning.
Dated October llth, 1805.    •
No. 5. Commencing where a post
has been placed, a.iout two and a half
miles north, and one mile east of the
north-east corner of lot 3008; thence
north two miles, easl half a mite,
south two miles, and west half a
mile to the place of beginning.
Dated October llth, 1005.
No. 6. Commencing where a post
Has been placed, about two and a
naif miles north and two miles east
of the north-east corner of lot 3008;
.lu-nce two miles north, half a mile
west, two miles soulh. and half a
mile east to Hie place of beginning.
Dated October nth, 1005.
No, 7. Commencing where a post
lias been placed, about two and a hall
mites north an.l two miles easl of the
north-easl corner of lot 3008; thonce
twu miles north, talf a mile east,
rvvu miles south, and half a mile
west to the place of beginning.
Datod  October  llth,   1905.
No. 8. Commencing where a post
has been planted at the north-west
coiner u."|nt 3008; Uience norih two
miles, east half a mile, south two
miles, and west half a mile to lhe
place of beginning.
A. W. McV-lttlc,
30-51 Locator.
Haled October 12th,  1005.
Otto V.
Dated Sept.   15th,   im):..
Notice is hereby given lhat thirty
days after date we intend to apply
to the chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria for a special
license to cut and carry away timber
from thc following described lands:
Commencing at a post placed at
the southeast comer of Lot No. 0108,
East Kootenay district, tbence easl
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thenee west 80 chains, thence north
80 chains to place of commencement.
Ruhiiisou-McKenzie Lumber Co.,
27-51 Limited.
Dated September 27 th. 1005.
Noliee is hereby given ihal thirty
days aflei date f intend in apply to
the Mun. th" Chief Commissionei of
I.amis ami Works al Victoria, fur a
special license lo oul and carry away
timber from the following described
lands, situate in Kasl Knutenav Dislriel:
1. Starting at a pnsl planted om
half mile norlh of the. smith-
wesl coiner of the R. M, Fulleiton
limit; thence running 80 chains west,
tbence running 80 chains north, thence
running 80 chains west, thelice imining fill chains soulh to puinl oi commencement,
2. Starting at a posl plan tod at
the south-west comer uf the James
Cramp limit, tbence running kii chains
west, thence running 80 cbains nurlh
ihence running 80 chains east, thence
rbnnfng kii chains suuih lu point ul
J. W.  Rush.
Dated October Oth, 1005,       3U-51
Notice is hereby given Uiat 3d
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Honourable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works fur a special license to cut and carry away
Umber from the following described
lauds situate in Soulh East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted al
the south-west corner of lot 331,
group 1, thence 100 chains east,
llience 40 chains soulh, thence 100
chains west, thence -10 chains north
lo the puinl of commencement.
Mayook, B. C, Uie 13th day of
The Mayook Lumber   Company, Ltd.
il.'l- llll   s„M ,'
Don't Pay Rent;
Build a House
Hut before doing so set.- Jamea
'ireer, the contractor, Mt- will
be able to hlop you with Bug-
KCBtioua that will prove valuable,
James (ireer j u»K'r".:
Contractor and Builder , *H-I*H~H**H**HHHai**H"H*'H**H' '" ^■'*?eo.''*■
0-»■»-*_.-»•*»•*■»**•»•-*.%»»•-»•-*»*•»"■.*•,-•# -
4 t
$-niii'si- ul Ktgu Iai load ior disposal of Mta-
crul* un iiiiniiii,-mi I .ii.a- in Manitoba,
Ib: NertkWWtTirrltorlfN aitil lhe Yukon
Coal.- turn liim-. m.u peparcuaM.il hi mu dm
i-iilhrnfilt.. Rut
|.nt*.| l.j i.n.- .ii
l) i,l lln* ute ot
..Italian beuullect
ll|Mll..     I on
Headquarters fur ohoic
4 confectionery antl fruit,   Wu $   '
$ are the agents here for lite fa- $   *
It. Chocolates ho Z
iiowu H\ all lovers "I" <*.
I   Bwceta     Shipment
a   Minus   t
* ~
,    lillllll' Ull   IIS   111    llflVl'    11.
i iml frueli .took.
■ K I
4 '•"•-••-•■■•.••.•••••" I..• -• -».-«-.«..•-. *-■*■ *-*.m>-4*t
Cranbrook  Foun- i g;
dry and | 5[
Machine Shop:: :•;,
McKlnnon & Johnston t Li
Proprietors y
We nro pit-mn.il to
<ln nil kiii.la of re
I.,iii" wuii. heavy .m'l
light, uutku eastings,
llllll  shill'lH, I'll',
i -i ,i
■ h tiuini.'.i  lut   uiu*
til ,i ■*. ii] |..ynii'ii.
iiniii I'-i- .in i,im. iiiui-..
iiiiniii I., i :i iviiti'imy
Un...-l.-.l mineral in
    kl.VH   ll'i".   I.J
,1...     ■      ■    I'.-l-.lUI.II
■•mli .-ml "ii lli<- Iluu
mMml  'Mi lilti  i,iu*.*n
ii in li milium
ii lln- .Llll.l
-ni. in llm
....'.I . iiti-l
, inii.i.-. i.i..i
imil •, eni"
vim.,,, i of
ii iiii.l
, i. mill.' , uKuu I'liil.'ij. >>l <
r a inlnlii  luuni -.ii ki nruvlda
ii "i i ...ni. ..i ti.. i.u.' >.i ''■ ifi
luui ..I ill. I"
■, n-»..¥.
eue-n*. ui
lit l'IH   nil
N   w    I
Ui'l    Llll'lll
...  i«.
i,..   N.iilli hu
Scientific    Horseshoe!ng   n \
*I-I»I-!**I'*I»I«M«!»I»I»l-i-l-i-I-H"I-I-i* j fBlJuu.ii'.'uai i' SKi
j BARBER SHOP j p"~~~~~™-~j
■  is now located in its comfort- |    j     _5 I C W/\ Iy, I   -_5      J
j  able and attractive new quar- | ! * The Leading Stoic For t
t   t.--c in  lVt_.   M7-itfc   L,...M.n<r     Iff    ..,..,..,   ,.,, 4
4  able and attractive new qua
J tcrs in thc Watts building. „-*
j This institution is just up-to- I
* date and is modernly equipped f
] to do just thc best work in all t
*> branches oi the tonsorial art. I
..■•-••-•..•..»..«.. *.+.. i
for a man who has been too closely
confined to business is a spin astride
one of uur thoroughly broken an.l
gentle horses. It will give a healthful tingle to youi body that It taa
not ii'lt for many a long day.
Everything that goes by horse power for hue, for any length of tune,
at low rates.
The Handley  Livery Stables
Clean Clothes"
It is easy to have clean
clothes when there is a first
class laundry in town, Vnu
can't afford to patronize Chinese wlit'ti you can gel your
work done by white people in
n white way nml nl prices that
will appeal to anyone who
wants good work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Omubrook, It. ('.
f rlltllt'l. IIIM'KITlt.M'.in
{ .-RUSH Nl TS
) Kill* Sll Ilil I'l
4 i«; „,;.;..
4 M.,,,.1M-,'
,        .I,',,.,,,,,,
, I 111
a     PHONE  NO.   75        ARMSTRONG   AVE    f   ' ;ln,u«l,
(J-*_.'%-k-*»-»-j*.-»-».-»*».*»m*-»i.--».-*_.*»».-»-»^| Li   ||"t. Ji,
Vukun l'-'ioi
i uu-utj iei
! Cranbrook Sash j
; and Door Factory j
t       All kinds uf finish work in \
iway of doors, windows, trail- J
boiub, etc.   Kiln dried lumber \
i  for inside work.   Our work is J
I guaranteed and our prices are \
1  satisfactory.    {Screen    doors j
1         ™- I
j Rough and Dressed Lumber ;
Por Sale j
Drink Home Beei
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co
B yuttl »l Uiv iiuu"
rpilKo in ujiemiiiiu
l   ... lilt!   .ii.-,-.', .iil.l
. .t ...i.i ->ix yt-ui*
u i<.i mi., iui ..lit
■i.s .i'-i'.,iifiil>i-'ir.
'lucer ..liuiug in ill* tukoii rerrUury.-Creek,
ill. nwi a: .1 ml. i iHiiiis .-.im.l uui --u-i-i-il m
liu loiijilli, uii-uMiiiil ,ii lie bust, mi,' ur
imiil huh lum ul Uiu oltteK nr gu,. li, lilt)
. leel.    Al< uluer
ila i'i.
* tvt
y iw
■ ni. .. i
in.- iien
Iiuiii a iri'i
i in.
naili In >l-, uu.- al
l.,.U. im,-I I..- .fell- .'UllIII IS tvlilnu
s I'llim. i ne. ".ui*.
11.n.il leu ml *■*. ur
r i'i>iii_>aii) BtoHlnsca Dlalui muat
iei * I'urilaCuta
nit) uuicoverer ut a new mine ts entitled tu a
■•'.tiiimf l ,"U it-el lu 11U1.U1, uuu 11  me purty
cuu-iists of two, UfloufeeCaltoge ner, uu tne oui-
putol nlUcli uu luy.iiij ulmii be tlmrgetl, ilie
11-st uf tne pui ii uiuiii.irv. iiuiii only,
1 nu> iei' $10. i;..y..h> at ilie rntu 61 two nu-t
ulie i.iilf iei e.'iil on llii- wilne ul lne guid -.Inp
|..-il fr..m Uu* YUn-on leniiuiy lu ft- uaiU 10 tue
No free inlner shall receive a gram of mon
tii.iiioiu' miiiiiig iijiiin un each st'iiii.ue rlvtr
uroeK or guleti. uut ilu* Mine miner mm I1.1I.1
uiynun  ol ■ minus i>> iiurchaie, nnd (reu
Miiu.'l- lii.l) «"i k 111.-il OlHlilll III |>..Illii'Islilp I.)
ll Unu uuiit" itmi pawiii: lee ul St, A ilauu
uui) l.e li.uul ■ii.,l,.iim Hiioiticr ..Lliuiii'ii un i„e
>uiiie croek, ci.li'li nr run, i.) ul. mg uuimi- mil
■■ lying 11 fee.
I l.ti
.1 entry bi ■■
hie l.i.utiil,,
un.-i) by ua
Hk liiislii-,'ii <li.ne nn,-1 lulu)!, tin' 1 i.u in lltull l.e
.-.l,;iinl upuil toOCeUpatloil
*: We Will Do        !
1  X
We Will Do
t Your Draying
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
THOS. T. MoVITTlE, P, I.. S.
1. T. LAIDLAW. U. B.
Noliic. Is hereby Kiint lluiL sixty
iliijs alter iluu.' wc intend tn apply
to the Chlel Coliiinlsslolier ol Lands
n.l WurLs at Victoria tin* permission
o purchase ilia [ollnwuig dcscriboii
Coinmcnclng nt n pnsl planted at
iha northwest oornoi' of Lot No. 5447,
East Koolcnay illstrlet, ihcnco norlh
eighty chains, Uienco rast forty
cluiius, tlii'iirt' smith eight, chains,
thonce west l,.t iy chains lo place ol
commencement, containing il.n acres.
Hiiliisoti McKcii/.ic Lumber Co,,
27.<it Limited,
Cranbrook, September 25, 1005,
Notico Is hereby given thai tliirlv
days alter dale I inleml to applv to
iti.- riiici Commissionei ol Lands anil
Works al Victoria Im* a license to
prospeel im cual mnl poirnletim uvci
tlia lollowlng ilasciiiii'ii latnls situate
in South Easl K.iurTiiiiv:
I. Commenoing al a posl planted
Isii chains nurtli an I 7(1 in; chains
west i,l the crossing ut the nor Hi fork
ni .Michel Creek liy m I ti... , h-
eily boundaries ni'lot I.IKK. group 1;
Uienco easl mt chains, ihenee north kii
cliains, thenco west Hn eliains, Uieuce
smith Sll chains In llie place nl
•_. Commencing at a pust planted
isn chains north antl 70.00 eliains
west nf ilie crossing ol the norlli fork
nf Michel CrooTr by one nl the ni.tth-
erly hotirrdnrics nf ini -li'iKR, group I;
Uienco west SO clains, Uienco norlh
80 chains, thrnce east KU eliains,
llieiio*. south 80 cliains lo llle place of
Located the (ith day ol Oclotier,
A. D. 100S.
P. McArthur, per It, Melnnes, Agent.
tit)  in n mmifior llml in- 1*
-SJ-' siiros    Bnlisfnetioti. ♦
Tlinl  is imt*  bnsi- >
ii,*.s.    Wo  wiinl   t.i i>
I'li'tiso.    Wo nri' wil- S
tillK to Inlmr linnl lo 8
iiccoinplisli thut ..li- *
Joel. Thut is why nnr v_
lilisini'ss |ii*iispri*s : : S
Aulltorlied movers ul the
MaiOn & Risch Pianos	
. ...     _.    _ 4
A. W. McVittie
J Dominion and Provin- {
4 cial   Land  Surveyor. ♦
{    H. H. McVittie   \
\ (ieneral Agenl _
{ TIMBER,  MINES  and {
{ CKANIV-.O0K,   15.   C. i
4 4
0%<►%»•-•_.■*«.*» -V**.•%•*% % %a%%% %#
'Vrl llll
in. ry on
In uayln
such iIih
llie iiiu.; in ne uruttiwteil, mi
SiioiiM Un- i.roii un tils*
■i|ll,llllilll-S, ..!..! v.i,slll.-.oflly
■overy, ou urea imt exoeeillUM
K till) Oil WB 1 ami   -mil othei
termlltecl, h ill In   sold to Uio
I'll! llll
.lle.il   .1 i«'  mi  ,i.|.-,   HUtlli'Ol
lll such
rule ai mu)  h.' -ii.Tilieil  liy
\V. W, i"ii|_\
lithe Mitihlec uf lhe IntOI
in-nt. t
—Tl i
St. r»aul, Chicago, New \'ork
I'iiIiim* And loiirt.i Sleepers, Bullel   Library
Cars, Mintcrn  Day Coaches,  ilmini   im.,
..Unl. . I. Curie.
*• Bast mid wist Dally L
Spciiai excursion rule, lo World's f:nlr. Sl.
Louts,     Vnur Llml,,' ni route,
I'..i ruins, I.,l.lci« mat [nil iiifuiiiiiilii.u
regarding trips, call on or ntldruss
s. ii. YBRK8R,' II. II IMM'
.'■  IV, I', A, I'   p. A   |'   a
Senile 701 IV, Itlvorsl.le Wu
Wash, KiKikiimi. WuhIi.
13. Edgar Davis |
Notiee is hereby given lhat thirty-
days after date 1 Intend lo apply lo
the Chief Commissioner ol Lands uml
Works al Victoria Ior n In, use lu
pi'iwjiecl tot coal uie! petroleum over
the following ilmorllml lamia situate
in Snulll Ensl Km.i. u.u
I I'ltiiiment'liig nl ,, post planted
IKIt cliaius uurth mil 711.till chains
west ot the crossing ..f the la,I III fork
of Michel I'reek hv one of the northerly lioitiiiliirics of lot KiSS, group 1;
Ihenci' east Sll chains, Ihence snulll
sn chains, Uienco west Rtl chains,
llience north kii cliains lo lhe plaee ol
_. Commencing al a post planted
(Sli cliaius norlli anl 711.Illi cliains
wesl of the crossing ol the north fork
of Michel Creek by one of lho mn in-
erly boundaries ol Iol 4588, group 1;
thenco west sn chains, thenco soulh
KII chains, ihence east 80 chains,
thenco nortb sn chains lo tho place of
AD   1005 ''''" ""'   day "' 0cM"i'<
h. Melnnes, per Jl. Melnnes, Agenl.
3of,t _b___fcA_h__^afc^q_aft^jBfiK*iJGfii!8HfcK
.j.       Funm™, H.iilir,  Ilnnp*. X
.|, ninl I'Mrt'til; work II h|ii','inl- X
I- X
I,y- !
All rJescriptions of Btnne* *j*
X work undertttken. Onlors lefl v
• ut A
.1. 1). MoBRIDlS'S
•|. will ,"i   vi) prompt utli'iitiiiii. X
P. 0. Ilox 854 X THK  OltAXBROOR  HERALD
Notice la hertbl given that tliiti)
dap* aftei dale i innnd to apply in
lbe Chief Commfesionei ui Lauds ami
Works tut a license iu prospect Ioi
tual and pcuuleum uu the following
itwortbM lands iu block 4:jhj, b'ast
Kootenay district;
Numbei t.
Commencing al a post marked soutl
West tuiuL'i and planted un tin- east
hidi- ul tin- Flathead river, oboUl nun
utiles iniiiil <<i tin- International
b-Mindai) Une, tii.iiii' north mj chains,
Uience east m* eliains, thenee .outli
-hu chaius, ilu net- west mi chains Lu
Uu place ui beginning, cuntuiuiug tilu
acres, muir ur less.
Dated Beptcmbei 10, 1905.
J, n. Langley, Locator.
'Number i.
Commi-h-iiu; at a pusl marked tlie
'.imihrj.i corner, nud being adjaccul
t« J. li. Langley. southwest coi uur,
Uience west mi ubalns, Uience north
su chains, tbence easl so chains,
tbence loulh mi chains to place ut in*
ginning, containing 610 acres, m
i.r litis.
Dated Septembei 10, 1005,
Etta M. Johnson, Locato
Numbei S.
Commencing at a post marked
northeast corner, mul being adjac
iu J. ll. Langlcy's soutliwesl eon
thenco south mi chains, Ihence «
mi chains,  Uieuce north HO    ehal
Uience t.isi so chains lo place ol
ginning, containing 610 acres, mun
alUt i
Take uui.ee thai Unity days aftei
ilatu l intend to appi] tu uie Chid
Comiuissiuuel ui Lands and Wuik.i i*>i
a UceUSe tu plosptd (Ot cual anil   )'<--
tiuiimu   un   ilie   lul lowing   lauds in
South i-....; K., lenaj i
Commencing .u   a post plan   i a'.
Un southeast cornet, being the juuiii-
i.t-i H'ln i     post "i lhe Frank I iut-
tell eoal elaim, about two wiles east
:■'..". itttwest cornel  posl ui  the
;:i.im    Culal U;.,,. u .ii i..,....,   iheUOC north
mi  .*"    chain ,     ihence   west nu chains,
Uieuce   Uience sue li 80 chains,  Uience    east
Mi . liaius tu place ol begmuing,
All claims lucated bj  Matthews ore
relocations,   formerly located by Andrew Hackett.  The boundaries ui the
at ions .ii>- iin- Langley giuup
i the north and the c. 1'. it. sur*
>j   line on the wesl.
Dated August  Ith,  10U5
S. Matthews, Locator,
tt   li. l.l. ii, Agent,
Take notice   mat ihuty days
dale   1 intend iu  apply iu the e
L'ouitnissiuuei ui Lauds and WuiSa
a license iu piuspcci iui coal aud
Uuimiu   on   Un.*   lull.iw in,
.souih luist kouleuay:
Commencing al a posl planted .it
the norlheasi coiner, ueing .... nuiih-
easi cornet pual ui Hit* Aiodie Itouu-
guire coal   claim, nboui  two
iiul tli  ul   ilk- .-.ml Una-, i   i om  i
Uie Lewis Rolls coai claim,
-.ouili mi chains, ihence w
thaiu -, ihence nui th at) i bail.
east mi chains, to place ol beginning.
All claims located b) Matiln a ■ ate
relocations,    luimerl)  lucated liy Andrew Hackett,   The boundaries ui Lhe
saul lui.iiuui.*, ,ui< ilie Langley  group  said I
un the not Ik and Uiu C. r. 11. si
w-y line nn iin- wesi.
Uatod Augusi  iih. ill-US
_, Mallliews, Locator
tt. Ueldui,  A eni
vey line on the west.
Hated August Ith,  1905
S.  Matthews,  Locator
W   Belden   Ageoi
■ey line on the west.
baled Auguat ith, 19U5
S. Mauliews, Locatoi
W.   Beld.U,   Agent
Dated September 10, 1005.
u. J. Langley, L<
Numher 1.
Commencing at a pust marked tin
north wet. i corner, ami being adjaceni
io J. ll. Langlcy's southwest corner,
thenee east So chains, Ihence south 80
chains, tin net' west Ml ei.utis, ilii'iu'i
iK.iiii sii chains tu pi.ii'.- of beginning,
Containing 040 acres, mure or less.
Dated Septembei io, 1805,
It. L. T. Gatbralth, Locator,
Number 5.
Commencing at a post marked lln
south.ant corner, und being one mile
east oi J, 11. Langlcy's southeast cor
ner, thence north 80 chains, tin net
west 80 chains, Ihence south 80
chains, ihence east 80 chains to place
of beginning, containing ti-io aores,
more or less.
Dated Seplember 10, 1005.
A. J. Devlin, Locator,
Number 6.
Commencing at a post marked lhc
southwetl corner, and being adjaccnl
to A. J. Devlin's southeast corner,
theme east 80 chains, thence not'tb 80
chains, thenee west Hn rhains, Ihence
south 80 chains to place or beginning,
containing 610 acres, more or less.
Dated September 10, 1905.
J. A. Harvey, Loeator.
Number 7.
Commencing at a post marked tin
northwest corner and adjacent to A.
J. Devlin's southwest corner, lln-nei
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
tbence north 80 clains, thence wesl
80 chains to place of beginning, containing 640 acres, mure or less.
Dated September 10, 1905.
J. D. Gordon, Loeator.
Number 8.
Commencing at a post marktd th**
iii.tiheast corner, and adjaccnl lo A.
J. Devlin's southwest corner, thenci
west su chains, thenee south 8o
chains, thence east 80 chnlns, thenci
uuiih 80 clains to place of beginning,
containing 610 ncres, niore or less.
Dated Septembei  10. 1605,
Alfnd Page, Locator.
Number 9.
Commencing at a post marked ilu
northwest comer and adjaccnl to Alfred Pane's southwest corner, thence
Uience east SO chains, theme south 80
chains, thenct- west 80 clains, thenci
north 80 chains to place ol bediming,
containing 040 acres more or less.
DaU-d Septembei 10, 1905.
D, W. Peeples, Locator.
Number 10.
Commencing .it a post marked Ilu
northeast corner, and adjacent t<> \!
Ired Page's southwest coiner, thence
soulh 80 chains, Ihence west so
chains, thence north 80 clains, thenee
east 80 Chains lo plnee ol beginning
containing mjO acres, more oi leas.
iKitiil September 10, 1905
11   itl.ab. Locatoi
Niimliii |1
C'orninc-rii iu;v nt n posl marked tin
southeast cornel and adjacent to ll
llloch's southwest cotiier, Ihence
north 80 chains, tin nee west 80
chains, thi-niv south BO chains, thence
east Hu chains to pUcc ol beginning,
containing B-10 acres, more ut i,-
DiiImI Si'iiti-mliei   in.  1905
ff, ll   Nurlh, Locator.
Number 13
Commencing at a posl marked the
nbfthwcKi corner, ami fidjace-ul lo II,
HloCh's southwest coiner, thence east
Ml chains, thenee south su chains,
ihence west so chains, thenee noill
so chains in place oi beginning
Take   Hull.-.-     Ili.il    lllirlj    da. *   ..Uri
date l ui;<iid io apply io ilu- Chid
Commissi unci ol Lauds an.l Works i< i
,i n. i-n ,. ui pin pei i i-u i oal .in.-l pe
iiul. mu on Um following lauds iu
South Kasi  Kootenaj -
■in,; ai   a posl  p"
ui Ua
llal       |ii
lal    ,,i    llie
1   Cl
iiii clan
„,   ll.ljllllllllR
ilu All
une cii.1
1   claim     iiii
In* id.
ia a
aa   ii.alli.,
la lie.   i
UM,    lil, 1
ice in.iili M'
,1 I'D
1   all ilia
ins lu '.luce
„ In-KU
All cl
a   liie.lli
■ll   l|J    Jl
atlliows nro
el... all
I la.
ill    a a,
i,.l   li)   All-
,1,'W   11
a bound;
.u ie*. ui llle
dill   Im
lia   I.a
iijlo)  _,ruu|.
111   tile
tl.   .1
llie   I'.
I'.  It,  -ur-
ey  Inn
1  W
ll,   lllllll.
Vi.   Hull,
n, Agent.    |
Take nolleo Uiat Ihii ij days aftei
date I un. ini to apply to Ihe Chlel
Commissioner ol Lands antl Works Coi
n license to prospeel toi eoal and   pe*
iiul.-tim    un   iin-    lollowlng    lands  in
South Eoal Koolenay:
Commencing al a post planted al
the south-wool corner, being the
-.oiiihttcM route, post of Uie Coral
Wilcox cual claim, adjoining the Anna
sin-! an coal claim on the north,
thence norih SO chains, thenee east
Su ehains. Uience souUi **-u chains,
thence west 60 whams iu place ul beginning.
All claims located by Matthews aro
relocations, formerly located bv Andrew llaekeii. Tin- boundaries ol the
said locations are the Langley group
uu the north and thc C. P. 11. survey line on the west.
Dated August 'lib, 1005.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W, Belden, Agent.
Take notice   thai thirty days alter, ^^^^^^^^
daie   I intend-no   apply  to ihe Chiel     Take nonce   Uui thirty days al
Commissionei ui Lonai and Works ioi   date   I intend to  apply  io thc ii
a liei   -  to prospect loi coal and  pe- Commissionei ot Lands and Works
troleum   on   the   loltowing   lands in  a license to prospect Ioi coal and
South ) asi Kootenay: I troleum   ua   Uie   following   lands
Commencing at   * posl  planted au South East Kootenay:
ib.- northeast corner, being ibe nui in-
east coiner post ol ihi Mrs. Jobs
Osier berg n.ai claim, adjuiniug Ult
Anna Shehau coai claim on the wesi,
ihei.ee soutli so chain**, thence went
mi t bai;.*., ihence uurth BU chains,
iii. uce east au chaius lo pun- ui u
All claims located bj Matlhews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew llaekeii.  The boundaries ut the
said   locaiious aie   tbe   Langlc)   gnmp
on the norih and  lbe ( .  1'. It. aui-
•>   line un  lbe west.
Dated  August   llh   1905
!__. Matthews, Locator.
W. Belden, Agent-
Take notice thai thirty days altei
ia'- l Intend ta appi) lo the I'm.-:
Couunisslunei ol Lands ami Works iui
.i license to prospect loi cual a ml pe
troleum on ib.- following
South Kasi  Kooli naj
Commencing a'   a post planted
the    noi ihwcsi   cornur,    being
noi ib     west   coiner    post   ul
Anna Sli.ban coal claim about
miles     north      uf
Commencing at a post plan I
ih-.- south-eosi corner, being the
bouth-eost cornet pu.si oi the Mary
Marshall tuai claim, adjoimng -lie
Hcttry Collui-i ou ihe west, thence
noith eu chains, Uience west mj
chains, Uieuce suuih bti chain,,
ihence east ou cbains io place ui beginning.
All claims 1 oca Led  by   Matthews ale
relocations,   loriucri) lutaud uy Andrew Hacketl.   lhe boundaries ui tbe
said  lotaiiuns au-  the  Langley   grouii
..1.   Uie  nut lli and   tbe   (.'.   I'.   It.   si
■ ey line on the west.
Dated August  lib. 1005.
s. .\l.uthews, Locator
W. Belden, Agent
relocations, formerly located by An-
Irew Hackett. The boundaries ol Um
I oeatlons are Um Langley group
on the noirli and the t.. p, R j,ai.
-e> line un the west
Dated Augusl 4th, 1905.
s. Matthews, Locatoi
W. Belt! n,   I
Take noliee thai thirty days after
date l intend to apply Lo iho Chief
Commissioner oi Lati-.ti auu uuiKs tur
a license to prospeel, for coal and petroleum
Soulh 1-
Take notice   that thirty davs aflei
date   I intend to   apply to the Chiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works foi
Un*   following   lands in a license to prospect for coal and  po*
t Koolcnay; | troleum   on   the   following   lands in
Uie northeast
•ast collier pi
■oal claim, about iwo nine,
.he northwest cuinci posl
Jollle A. Boyd coal olalu
-.oulh 80 cfcalns, thenco \
jliaius, lh. lice north Mi chaii
■asl Mi chains tu plac
a post planted at
i, being the uuiili-
flio Aland  Harris
South East Kootenay
Commencing at   a post planted at
the    southeast     corner, being      the
of     lhe
,   thenco
irew II
.aid lot
>n tlie
.ev lim-
Da led
il by Matthews are
rineily located by An-
The boundaries of the
ilions are the Langlay group
iorth and the C. P. R. sur-
on the wesi.
August   Iih,  1005.
S. Mallliews, Loealor.
\\. Belden, Agenl.
laining iiiu
Daliil S,'|iteitil.e
H.   I-'.  I
■i, 51
Not H-
muii* ui  less.
10, 1905,
ui.liicK, Locatoi,
hereby given that Uie
partnership heretofore existing between ns, ihe undersigned, as ranchers-, iifti] Crnnbrook. in the county of
Kootenay, British Columbia, has tins
day he. n dissolved hy mutual consent.
All debts owing to the said pait
net-si in an* to be paid lo Adam It
Baltic), at Cranbrnoli, aforesaid, and
nil claims ii'.iinst the saitl partnership are to be presented to lho said
Adam II, Dal/ii'l, bv whom the same
will be settled.
Witness: Signed:
J. A. Harvey,    Adam B, Dahlot.
Creswlck Whebell
Dated at Cianbrook this 22 dav of
September, A, D. Iflfls. 27-11
,i license
South K
he     lint
ioi Ih
;e notice   that thirty days after
I Intend to  apply to tho Chief
southeast coiner post of the Bessie
H. Harris coal claim, adjoining the
Coral Wilcox coal claim on the west,
tbence norlli Hi) chains, tfcence west
SO chains,     Ihenee   south 80 chains,
I tin nee enst SO chains to place of beginning.
, All claims located hy Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hacketl. The boundaries of thu
said loealiuns are tho Langley group
on the north and the C. P. R. sur-
vey line on the w.jst.
Dated  August  -llh.  11)05.
S. Matthews, Locator.
tt'. Belden, Agent.
lands in
post     of      llle      Uilli)      Col
litis coal claim, ih. nee south So
.hains, thence east hu chain** Uieuct
north so chains, theiicu west m-
chains tti place of beginning.
All claims located hy Matlhews are
relocations,   formerly located by An
Hackett.   The boundaries of Un.
1 al.i
said  lo
mi  lhe
■rth and the
u the west.
usl  -Ith    1905,
S.  Matthews,   Locator
W. Iklden, Agent
P. it. sur
otiei of Lands
io prospeel n
on the folk
st Koolenay:
i.l Works lor
: coal and   pf-
-. ing   lands m
a i
post planted
bi ing
IX t
Take notice that thirlv days after
date 1 intend iu apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works lor
a license to prospect for coal and pe-
Iroleum on ilie following * lands in
South East Kootenay:
U)l>ie    Sh.-liaii    cual  claim,
Hie Maud Harris eual clain
■ast, Uii uce south mi chaii
.-asl 80 chains, ihenci norll mi chains,
hence west Stl i liains to place ol beginning.
All claims located bj   Uatlhewi ore   !
tlcW   11
iaid location
ii the nortl
ey line on
liaie.l  Au
CS ,11   llie
ei group
It.    Mil-
Crittenden i
Mary Keym
north, ih.nc
<-,i  :     fiU     i ]
hains,    lli :
place of beg
All claims
ist planted at
coiner, being ihe
ler posl ni the Muses
1 claim, adjoining the
s coal claim on the
iorth so chains, Uience
ns, thrnce south so
v.i*,', SO chains      tj
s. Matthews, Locator
\\. u, 1.1. a.   \ .   :
Take notice   Ihal thirty days aft
date   1 inti in]  lo      pi]   to ihi   Chi, I
i ommlSR ■ i ol I il   - .'.'.: Woi iv.-, foi
.i license to pi ci peel (oi i oal
troleum   on   i tti w ing
Soutli Kast  K "'■ na)
Commi iciu l
lasl corn, r posl of Ui
COal Clan:     .,: -: Ol ill
noi Uiwi sl   cornel   ; ■   I
Slichan   • ;
elm Ins, them v I Su cl
in -i th 80 . hah thenc.
chaius, iu place ul be. u
All claims located bj Matthews an
rclocntiuns, form 'ilj lot ated by An
drew llacki tt, rh boundaries of tlu
hit Id locations are the Lau .ley groU|
on liie north and lhe C P R sur-
vcj line on lhc Wi sl
Dated   \\i m '   ' h   l»')5
s.  Maiiln a*s, I ocatoi
u. n.ii.n. uiiii.
located by Matthews are
relocations, lormerlj located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of lhe
said locations are Lhe Langley group
on the north and the C. P. K. survey lim on the west.
Dated August  Ith,  1005
S,  .Matlhews.  Locator.
U.  Beldcn, Agent.
Take notice thai thirty days altei
date 1 intend to apply tu the Chlel
Commissioner oi Lands and Works (< i
a license to prospect fur coal and petroleum on the following lands in
Suuth Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the norlheasi corner, being the north-
oast corner post of the Madge Cass
coal claim, adjoining the Frank Hat
Sell coal claim ou lbe south, llience
south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 ehains tu place of beginning.
All claims located hy Matlhews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. Tha boundaries of tin
said locations are the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. U, survey line on the west.
Daled August   Ith. 11105.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Beldcn, Agent.
notice   ihai tblrtj days alle
la.e J in.tlul lu UppiJ -u .ni.- lli,
.OUIUllSblulli-l ul t..tl,.li ali.l Uuiiio ui
i iiccttMj iu piu.-,pi_ci iui cual aliU i-t
lUH-mii un Hie luiiutung lamb ll
■.until t'.asl KuuleUay:
cuiiuiii-iKing ui   a pust planus] a
»ouihwthl cuiucl  pust 'oi  ti,
kUtUeu nui tb mj chains, Uieuce
ou tliaili.),    ilk iuc   ouiiili     i-u
ihence west au cnaim
.ui claims located hy Matthew
•eiocaliuUs,   loriuerlj lucaicd bj
iit-w HacKutl.  'lbe boundaries ul Uiu
>.uJ locations aie  lhe 1.angle)   gn
.m the norm and the *. r. K, b
.cy unu un the west.
Uatod August -ini, 1005.
S.  MatUtOWS,  Lucalui
tt. Ueldcn, Agenl
i a ,   notice   Uut thirty day:
date   i iniei d iu   apply tu ilu, -	
tu mi iionei ol Land-- unl Works Ioi
a Ij ... to ptu .pect foi . ual and :'• *
troleum on ihr folluwing lands in
South cast Kooti n«iy
Commencing al a post planted al
noi th-easl cornel, being the
iiurthcssl cornel ui Uc -biduiuc
t ulikdes cual claim, adjoining Uie
Mollie oi.sun on the east, uieuuu south
Mi CUalns,      llitlice      West  60   chains,
ih'mc   north mi chains, tlt-nee
si' chain i ■■- place ul beg nning.
All claims located by Matthews are
rclocaUons, fortueil) located by Au
drew Hacketl. 'lbe boundaries ut lbe
said loealiuns are ibe Lauglej group
uu the nurlh am the C, P, K sui
vey tine on the west.
Dated Augusl -llh, 1005,
S   Matthews, Locator
tt. Beldcn, Agent
.Notice .1 hereb] given that thirty
lays altei date i lutein] to apply to
.iu- Cbiel Commissioner of Lands and
Works and the Assistant Commltatott*
ii   ui   Lands and   Won-** for   Uc    Di*-
irict   Ol   J  .. | 'I    a   llCCOaS
tu prospect for   coal and petroleum
..a the following land, situate iiurth
and adjaccnl to the Flathead uver *n
ibe south .'■ dni . whal ia known _■
iW n.a ui ip un tht west and m
bluck 4593, Southeast Ko
unttsh Culumhia:
t a   pu:>i planted
uth-cust   curncr ui Albert
claim,    same being    llm
ui tue said Albert Whiv-
Take notico   Ihal Unity days aflei
date   i intend iu   appij   tu uie tuic.
ummissioiiei oi l-anu*. and ttuiks ioi
ucen_>c iu jiiup.ci iui ual and  pu
lhu   ful lu Wing   lauds u.
KuoleUaJ ■
i-, ai   a pusi planieil ai
1.-.1   coiner,    being    itit
i   uoiner    pus;   ui    n.i
Nl-Uci'Iici.i   cual claim
ll'OICUUl     ul
ouutb East
lho nuitiii
uurth iu*
Airs, ttilim
»uuvh, uu
In- tti
■    \\Att	
south 80   HoU
nee   Mi
,    ■ M.
Take notice that thiitj davs titer
dale 1 Intend lo appi) lo lhe Chiel
Commissi.nui ol l.nn I an I Works f"i
leense to prospeel loi eoal and petroleum on th.- follow ing lands in
South Easl Kooti na)
Commencing at a posl planted al
he   northwest   coiner,    being    lhc
'lake notice that thirty davs aftei
date I Intend lo apply to the Cbn
i 'oi ii . 'sloti-ei ol Lands and Works i i
to prosper; I foi ■ oal and pe*
irol tun on the (olio.-.fug lands in
Su ith Kasl Kootcnnv:
i 'oniuii:,. ji, nl a' pusi planted at
lhe southeast coi ner, being lhe
souUteasl corni i post ol Uw Lewis
" " coal elaini, adjoining the
Crittenden coal claim on the
v. , ihence uoi Hi SO chains, Uience
\v. I SO ehains, thence suuth so
chains, Ih nee east 80 chains to place
..: b ■.' ning
All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locations aie the Langley group
north and the (', P. R. Huron lhe west
Augusl   iih, imi.'i
S, Matthews, Locator.
tt    tielt¥n. Agent.
un  tln-
'i1.   hn
Take notlc
that I hit
cot 1
iei     |,i
ISl     ,,l     lhe
J. 11
llie .
L.llli  .Male
lla Iaa   BI
i t
1   I'l.llll
oal il.
Ml   ell
i,   adjoining
un un     the
am .   tin nea
sii chain
norlh   mi
i,    thenci
'     11
esl   Ml
ehains    t.i
ol beglnn
claims In
1 hy  Matthews are
tlinlis,     fl)
11V  Ir,,'
ated hy An-
.'  iliaIII.
lanes ul llie
lhc 1,,
mley ri iii|i
on II
a* uurili ami
the ('.
1'.  II. snr-
icv 1
ine on lln*
eil August
■Ull,   1005
t thews
, Locator.
IV. Belt!
in, Agent,
Take notice that thirty davs after
dale i ip i n.l lo apply to the Chief
Cuiulti s mi r of Lands and Works at
Victoria ful a special license to cul
and carry away timlier from lhe following described lands in West Kootenay:
Commencing al a i'ost planted on
tin* south side of the It C Southern
right of way, about 10 chains easl of
Uie McNeill le siding; thelice in an
easterly direction along the south
side of said right nl way 18(1 chnlns,
tbence south 40 chains, ihenee in a
westerly direction 160 cliains tn a
point opposite the point nf commencement, thence 40 elinlns north lo point   on tlio norlli
of   commencement,    containing ' 640
acres, more or less.
E. I>. Shaekleton, Loeator.
Dated Sept. 25, 1905. 37-54
Take noliee Uml ihiilv davs after
date I Inlrnd tn apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands an.l Works Ior
a license to prospeel for enal and petroleum t.n Iho following !tuuls in
South Kasi Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the soiiiiiwesi coiner, being the smith-
west corner post of the Tliomns
Large eoal claim, adjoining lln- Julius ()rth coal claim on the norlh,
Ihence norlh HO chains, thenoe east
80 chains, thenee south 8b chain;,
Ihenee west SO chains lo place ol he'
All claims located by Mallhcws are
relocations, formerly located by \n-
drew llackcll. The boundaries of Unsaid locations are thc Langley group
"'' tll(' 0. P. n. sur
ly days aflei
dale I Intend lo apply to lhe Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works I-u
.1 license to prospect for coal and petroleum on ihe following lands in
Soulh Kast  Kooteuay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northcasl cuinci, being the norlheasi comer post of the William
m', Blrdsong enal claim, adjoining the
Lewis Hulls coal claim on the south,
thonce south SO chains, thence west
so chains, thenee norlh 80 chains,
ih nee oast fid ehains to place ul be
All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
sairl locations arc the Langley group
on the north and lhc C. P. R. stir-
vev line on the west.
Dated August 4th. 11105.
S. Matthews,  Locator.
W. Bclden, Agent.
vey line on the
haled Aligns!
iu,   mnn,
Matthews, Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
Take noliee thai thirty davs after
dale I intend lo apply 'lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license lo prospeel for coal and petroleum on the following lauds in
Soulh Kast Koolcnay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the noiihwes-t corner, being the
north wesl coiner post of tho
Mary Reynolds coal claim, about two
miles west of the northeast corner
post of Mrs. John Osierherg coal
claim, Ihence .south 80 chains, tbence
east SO chains, lit.iuc nortii SO
chains, thence wesl so chains io place
ol beginning.
All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. Tbe boundaries of the
unitl locations are the Langley group
un the north and the 0, P. R. sur-
Take notice Ihai thirty days .nftei
date 1 intend 10 apply lo the Chlel
Commissioner of LTmds and Works fm
a license to prospeel for coal and petroleum on the following lands in
Soutli Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted al
the northwest corner, being Uu
noith west comer post -if tbe
Julius Orih coal claim, adjoining th.
Madge Cass on lhe east, tlirnet-
south 80 chains, thence east SO
chains, thence north Sll chains, thenee
West 80 cl~alns to place of beginning,
All claims located by Matthews arc
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries ol the
said locations are the Langley group
>n the north and the C. P. R. sur-
ey line on the west.
Dated  August -tth.  1905.
S. Matthews, Loeator.
W. Bclden,  Agent
Take notice ibai Ihlrly days allei
dale l intend iu apply tu tbe Cliiei
-.uiiuiiissioiici ui Lauds ana ttoiks loi
a license to ptuspccL iui cual and pu
.tulcuiu uii the lulluuiiig lands tt.
■juiiiii Kasl Kooteuay:
Commencing al a pust plained at
.bu su.uiiia-st turner, being Hie ...m...
.ast cornel post 01 the A. L. Abdul
..un coai claim, adjoining the .11. 11
Mtilnau cual claim on lhu north,
.lunee uurth so cliains, Uieuce wesi
iu cttaiiib, 1 in nee souih su chaius,
Uieuce east on cUailiS Lo place ol be
All claims located by Matthews an
-relocations- lormcrly located by Andrew Hackett. The buundaries ui tht
.■aid locations are Uie Langley group
on lhu north and Uiv C. I', it. sur*
.ey line on Uiu wesl.
Dated August 4ili, 11105.
S, Matlhews, Locator.
W. Buli.cn, Agent,
icy li
- Netlerliulil on tin
until so chaius, mend
i»,     Uieuce   uuitn   m
wesi   ou   ciiains   to
aicd by Matthews art
mail)   lutaltM |jj   Ml.
till   tiuuutiarius ul  Ult
urc Uiu Laiigluy group
nd ilu- 1. i*. ii. aur-
wes. L.
Matthews, L
tt. Ueldcn,
Take notice that thirty days aftei
date I Intend to apply to thu Chlel
Commissioner ul Lands and Winks im
a license to piuspccl fui tual and petroleum on ihe following lands in
Souih Kast Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the soutliwesl curncr, being Un* southwest coiner post oi the William 'Jet*
iei field coal claim, adjoining lhe
Harney Thompson ou tho east, tlence
north' SO chains, ihence east sn
chaius, thenco soulh Sii cbains, Uit-iic,
west su chains to plate ot beginning.
All claims located by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries ol the
said locaiious are the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. II. survey line on the west.
Dated  August 4th,   11105.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Beldcn, Agent.
Take notice that Ihlrly days aftei
date I Intend 10 apply lo lhe Chlol
Commissioner of Lands and Works tor
a license to prospect for coal nnd petroleum on the following lands in
South Kast Koolenay:
Commencing al a post plant-.*.! at
the south-east corner, being the
south-east corner post of the Harney
Thompson coal claim, about two miles
-•ast of the southwest cornet post of
the Henry Collins coal claim, then.-*
north SO ehains, thenco west SO
chains, tin nd* south K0 chains, Uience
easl SO chains to place of beginning.
All claims located by Matthews arc
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. Thc boundaries of the
said locations arc the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. R. survey line on thc west.
Dated August 4th,  1005.
R. Matthews, Locator.
W. Heidin. Agent.
Take notice that thirty davs after
dale I intend to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fur
a license to prospect for cnal hnd petroleum on the following lands iu
Soulh Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southwest corner, being the
southwest corner post of Henry Collins eoal claim, thenee north SO
chains, thence oast HO chains, ttieiic-.
south 80 cliains, Uience west 80
clains to place of beginning,
All claims located by Matthews are
relocattons, formerly located hy Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locations are the Langley group
on the north and the C. p. R. sur-
Take notice Uiat thirty days aflei
late i intend to apply lo ihe Chlol
commissioner ot Lauds and Works loi
.1 licedsc lo prospect for coal and pe*
iroleum ou the folluwing lands in
.South Kasl Koolenay:
Commencing at a posl planted ai
the northeast corner, being Uie norlh
.ast comer posl of the Al. H, Sulli
.au coal claim, adjoining Lho Ncti
Cooper cual claim on the west, thenct
south 8U chains, thelice west SO
■.hams thence nurlh 80 eliains, thenct
east 80 chaius to place of beginning.
All claims located by .Matthews art
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locations arc the Langley group
un the north and thu C. P. It. survey line ou the west.
l>aied  August  llh, 11)05.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Beldtn, Agent.
Take notice that thirl) days aftei
date I Intend to appi} Lo lhe Chlel
Commissionei uf Lnul-j an J Woiks in
a license to prospect ful coal and petroleum un the folluwing lauds in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post piauled ai
the uorthwcBl corner, being tin
noith wesl coiut-r posl ui Ihe
Ned Cooper cual claim, adjoining the
W. IL Warrington cual claim on tin
south, thelice SUUtll Ml chains^ thcuce
.-asl 80 chains, theiac nmlli 8b
chains, thence west 80 chaips tti
place uf beginning.
All claims located by Matthews arc
relocations, formerly located by All
drew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locaiious aiu lhe Langley group
on the north and the C. P. R, survey line on the west.
Dated August 4th, 1005.
S.  Matthews,   Locator,
W. Belden, Agent.
Take notice thai Unity days aftei
date I intend to apply t.i ihe Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works I.u
a license to piospet-L loi coal and |i(-
troleum un the folluwing lauds in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northeast corner being the north-
oast coiner post of ihe D. Elliott
coal claim, adjoining the Mollie Olson on the west, thence south SO
chains, thence west SO chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence cast SO chains
to place of beginning.
All claims located by .Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locations are the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. R. survey line on the west.
Datod August 4th, 1505,
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Hidden. Agent.
Take notice lhat thirty days aftei
date 1 intend to apply to the chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works lor
a license to prospect for coal and Petroleum on the following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planieil sl
the northwest corner, being the
north west corner post of tho
Mollie Olson eoal claim adjoining the Henry Collins on ' the
south, thence south SO chains, tbence
cast SO chains, thence north 80
chains, thence west 8U chains to
place ol beginning.
All claims located hy Matthews arc
Notice is hueby given that 00 days
fruill dale 1 ill lullll iu appi) tu Ulc
Uluef L'ummissiunei ui Lands ami
Aurks o purchase lhu following des-
.ribed lands,   snuaio in the distnci
A  ."botilll   Ca.iL  llooUUa).
CouiitiLUcing ai ihu north-east corner Ul lut J-lLi, gluilp 1,  Kuoiilta)  Lint
.tic i,  Uienuo auu in ou chaius, Uieuct
jaai   -to  chain*,     thenco  north   e-i>
.bains,   thenco Wcbl -IU ClldiUh   Lo    lilt
puiiu ui cummcnuemcul.
Located the llib day of Sept. lUUJ
tl. lluuglana.
Cranhrook, B, c. iift-tft*
Nutice is hereby given thai Ihlrt)
lays altei date l uncial iu appiy tu
.lit- Chiel Commissioner ol Lana*. ana
iturks and the Assistant Commissiuu
r ui Lands and Wurka lur ihu district
it Lasl Kuulena) iut a license lu
prospect iui tual and pu iroleum on
thi.' luilotwng land, siiualu aujauni Lu
uie seventeen (17) mile pu-u oi mi
Canadian Pacific Railway pusi an:
..nc milo cast thcttui, iu what is
.uiuwii as Block 45U8, Southeast
i-iuoti nay, British* Culumhia.
1. Commencing at a posl p.antou
at thi* north-cast corner ui uawa
Martin's claim, same being Uie initial post ut ihu said Dawd Martin's
claim aud mana-d David Martin,
ihoiico south eighty chains, thence
■vest eighty chains, uituce norm
eighty ciiains, thence e_st eigbiy
chains, lo Uie place oi beginning, cou
.aiiiing Iiiu, mote or less.
Lucated August 4lh,  11)05.
David  Mai Un,  Locator.
It.   L. Beard   and   Chat lus .Utuuite,
2. Commencing al a post plautt-d
ai thc north-east coi nui ui May Rt-U-
mail'S    claim,    same   being   Lbe  initial
pusi uf .day Redman s claim aim
marked .May Redman and suuth and
adjacent lu Hand Alarlin s claim,
ilkiicc souih eighty chains, Uience
west    elghly   chains,   nit nee    noi tl.
eighty    CliaTus,    luci.ee    easl     eight)
chains to the place ol beginning, containing 040 acios, muie ur its'..
Located   August  4th,   10U5,
ftia)   Rodman,  Locator.
It.   L. Beard   und   Charles McOuire,
l.  Commencing
.    lhe    souin eui
initial post
uiuic and marked Albert Whitmore,
iht'ucu uesi eight) ehains, thence
uui tb eighty cnatus, thence w*i
eighty chains, ihence suuih eighty
chains io the plaee ui beginning, cou-
uiiijig uiu acres, more ui less.
Lotand .\UpU__i uth, 1'j.o.
Albert iVhitmore, Locator,
K      1.    D. ai J    an.I    CttOl It a   McUUire,
i.   Ci
south     eight)
•right)   ohams
■  at   a post planted
al    the  bUUth-WtSt    tuilKi   ol     Juan
Uutham's ..u.....   ..;... bemg ine uut-
ial pu.ii ui uu..:. Durham's claim aud
uiarscd John Durham, an-J lying Mil
a..j adjacent tu Albeit ttnunoics
claim, thence nui Ui eight) chains,
gbty chaius, uience
hains, thence weal
ihu place oi begin*
mug,  containing   uiu acres, more ur
Located August 0th, 1005,
John i  ..., Locator.
R.   L. litai.i   and   Charles McOuire,
-i. Commencing ai a pust planted
at iht- north-eat.t cotnei ui Kdward
ttlmiiiuic'a claim, same being uie
.nitial post oi Kdward Wluimure s
claim and marked Edward Whitmore
and h ing  ■  aujaceul  tu Ai-
uurt Wbitiuui - claim, thenoe south
eighty     . .  e   ftest   eighty
cbaiuti, Uience liurih eighty ckains,
thenct I.. . eigh .- cbahin .o the pUct
ui   bi gumii - B4U acrot|
,    le!
Located August Bth, 1005.
Kdward Whitmore, Locator.
K.   L. Beard   and   Charles McGuUe,
I.   Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west corner ui c. Owen'l
claim, same being Uie initial post oi
bat les   owi-u s   claim   and   mai Sed
haili-.-. Owens', and lying souu wid
adjoining    John       Uu,..     s    claim,
Uience   east   eighty   chains,    uieuoe
-.uuth eighiy    chains,   Uience    we*t
eighty    chains,   ibun o   north eighty
..bans lo Uie place ui begmumg, con-
tainlng no acres, mure ut iess.
Located August Bth, lyui.
Charles Owens, Locator.
chains Mcuuire, Agoat.
5. Commencing at a post planted
ai ihi; norih-east corner oi ti. K.
Scott s claim, same being the lu.uai
pust of ti. h'. S^u:; a Claim and u.ar-.-
.*d U. F. Scott and lying south and
adjacent Lo Edward Whltmore's
claim, thcuce souiii eighty ctuunr,
thence west eighty ciums, thenee
..uiih eighty chains, ihence eaht
.-ighty ch^ii... to tne place ol Ot-gia-
aing, cuiiUm.i.g tiiu attes, more   or
Located August tlu,
b, F. be
it.   L. Bt-uid   a^a   Ci
3.   Commencing at  a   pust   planted
lit the   soulh west   coiner ui Wesle)
.ilai iin's claim, same being  ibe imt
iai posl ul Wesle)   Marlins elaim a»d
marked Wesle) Martin and souih ami
adjacent    u>   May   Rwtmau's    claim,
tbence   noi ih   eighty   chains,   thence
wesi   eighty    chains,    thenee   south
ofghl)     tliaiiis,    ll ■■nee   easl   eight)
rhains tu ibe place ui beginning, con
taining iiiu acres, mute ur less.
Lucaicd   August  4th,   1905.
Wesle) Mai nn, Locator.
•1,   Commencing at a   post planted
ai   tic  suiith-wcst  turner ut James
tliady's claim, same being tbe Initio-
[lust uf   .lumi.-.    Llioily's claim    ana
naiM-d James Hiady, and east am'
id.iaient iu Wesley Mai tin's claim
th.-nce eusL cigl ly chains, thenct;
nui lb eighty chains, I hence wost
L-igliiy chaius, thence south eighty
chains to the place ul beginning, cou*
nning 010 acres, moro ur less.
Located August 4th, luoi.
James  Brady,  Locator.
H    L. Beard   and   CharleS McOuire,
5. Commencing at a post planted
.it the north-east corner of Albert
Deloie's claim, same being the initial post of Albert Delorc's claim and
marked Albert Delore und south and
adjacent to Wesley Martin's claim,
Ihence south eighty chains, Ihence
west eighty chains, ihence north
eighty ciiains, thcuce east eighty
chains to the place of beginning, containing 040 acres, more or less.
Located Augusl  ith, 1905.
Albert Delore, Loeator.
It    L. Heaid   and   Charles McOuire,
fl. Commencing al a posl planted
nt the north-west corner of James
Steward's claim, same being the
Initial post of James Steward's
claim, and marked James Steward,
und soulh and adjacent tu James
Brady's claim, llience east eighty
ihains, thence soulh eighty chains,
thence west eighty chains, thence
north eighty clains lo the place ol
beginning, containing 040 acres, more
or less.
Located  August 4th,  1005.
J nines  Steward,  Lixalor.
r,   L. Beard  and   Charles McOuire,
lit. Locator.
arles Mci-uue,
. Commencing at a pus; planted
al Ute north-west eornei oi nuutgu
Scharf's claim, same being the initial post ui Oeorge Scharl s claim and
marked Oeorge Scharl and lying
.-.outh ol C. Uveas' ciaiin aiid adjacent thereto, thenc*. east cigbty
cbains, theLce souta efgnty ctA;ns,
hence wesl eighty chams, uience
nuiia eighty chains to tbe place ol
beginning, containing B4Q acres, more
ur less.
Located  August 6th,  1806.
tieoige Sccarf, Locator.
R.   L. Beard  -ud   Charles McOuire,
7. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east coiner of Mrs. E.
0. McDorman's claim, same being Uie
initial post uf Mrs, E. C. McDorman s claim and marked Mrs. B, C.
McDorman, and souih and adjacent to
B, F. Scott's claim, thence west
righty chains, thence south eighty
ihains, thcuce easl eighty chains,
ihenee north eighty chains to the
place of beginning, containing 640
acres, mote ur less.
Lucaicd August 6th, 1305.
Mrs. K. C. McDorman, Locator.
R.   L.  Heard   and   Charles McOuire,
S. Commencing at a post planted
.ii the north-west eornei ol Calvin
McDorman's claim, same being the
initial post of Cai via McDorman's
claim and marked Calvin McDorman,
and lying south ai.d adjacent to
Ueoige Scharf's claim, thence cast
eighty chains, thine-; south eighty
chains, thence west eighty chains,
ihvucc nut ih eighty cbains to ths
place ol beginning, containing C4U
acres, more oi less,
Located 'August Oth,  1905,
Calvin McDurinan, Locator.
R.   L. Beard   and   Charles MeGuire,
Form F.j
TAKE NOTICE that the Selkirk
Copper Mines, Limited, Non-Personal
Liability, Free Miner's Certificate
No. 1382,22-3, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of improvemenis, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the aboye
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37, must he commenced,
before the Issuronce of such Certificate ol Improvements.
The Selkirk Copper Mines, Limited,
Non-Personal Liability. 24-9t
Dated this   2nd day ol September,
A. D., 1905.
One sharp razor will cut deeper than
a half dozen old knives, and one convincing ad. will cut deeper than a
half dozen poor ones.
Make your ad writing a pari, of
your regular work. Don't leave it
to lie done when you happen tn have
spare time, and if vnu happen 'n have
spare lime. , iHF.   CRANBROOK   HERALD
loot i iu.
Ol Ua.diJ
111--..U' .
T. M. KotJvils
Muylt.' Suu.Uy la^t.
c. Kaucll, ui Moyie, WW
this week.
j mown, ol Moyie, w
metropolis this week.
K. F. Thompsuu, ut SeatU
WOS a Uauuiuufc visitor
j. y. laupu-tun, ui Aeisua, was in
uie ell)' tuesdtt)-
foi -SO-c.-A oomplcle ta:np ualltL,
»«v»-atub UlUUVU COOiitl)- *tt*ittUO .*-
LICitUU uuitc.
b. A. luU, juslicii ui iuc pence   u>
ilujit,   WOa   it*   UM  Civ)    iuo-uj.
K       SlCVeUS   -and     ll.      Ka.it.ll.,     u.
0«.oloks, wtit- tu uie tii)   tiieoua).
bust.—A   lace   scari,   ua   UlUtil   Ulil-
liuu.L please cututu lu uuiuU uiutt.
.o. lUOLUUd, ot Ncijuii, wa*-. a Vl»l*
iui iii me   tn)  tut lav id pati     ui
Iaa L   to Ct a.
James a. l-'ia.itt, ui lhc ttiuder-
uitic cuuutry, waa   m lui  i. ,.  iasi
r 1 tUa).
j. ai. \uuug, ui lutuuiu, was re-
fci».eivU    at   ue    ttMinupuuiau  _uu-
Rus.s Tan- made a bumucsb inp tu
Miclwi a;.d Spokane ■diiiiciiuu Uu*.
Sur Sale—1 Oju^lieit\ organ, piano
case, six octave, price $im Apply
to Herald olliee. "
W, 0. Davis, of Seattle, Wash . was
in the city Saturday la:.: and i= loud
in his praise ol Cranbrook.
y. v.. Godfrey, oi Victoria, a papulae "knighi ol the grip," was utgis-
t<*n<t at Uie Co..mopuiitan tlu
.1. Cooper,   C.   -i.iimaui   a
Finnigan, ol Suualn
visitors iu ilu- city .'-
.1, y. I'rlngle, the imt
Spukaite Junction, war.
(ioi.   llansi.u.    was   ill
yesterday   and     report
Next week ear uf groceries from
Hamilton; also one from Vancouver.
New peels, new nuts, new raisins,
etc.—Kink llius.
The west. bound train to-daj
(Thanksgiving Day) wan loin hours
nnd folly minutes late ai Cranbrook
owing to some [allure to make connections on the main
branch has noi lung i
y. A.   Hradlo) A
awarded lhe imlutiiig
building.      Ihere  Wt
ailer tne piece of wo
petition was   cl
i     I*
ie (.'row
ihe   tie-
;,.    have   bwii
i lhe new   bank
several Jnm**
, and lln* eom-
m tlu* icpiila
saved the day
work must be
Lhe   well     known
Mi. Ner Smith, ut Ro-sslaud, who
jas becu m cbatgt* ui ibe dtveloptU-U
ji Uie six coppei tiautis ou While
i'imi creek, upctaud -) 't* li. ti.
Miu.ug -.v Ueveiopuit-nt I u , oi Kums-
lai.a, passed Uitoagn I
_>uiniay uu lus way
l-muiui bus
j my last,
so\eu lend
UUlU-uh       OU
UUil.C.        All.
bctu on Uu piu.ict.y suite
auu bas m-P* si-* uieu cuu-
tt  won*  in upemug
which parallel uie
up uu
uu uii* itiu-ii sau
Ue i.af    uct'Ul   iu
ui un si. iiai)** i
luiu.aliuu   VkhtVU   is
ilViOlJ        l.-tdllS
llC   ljlllf.lt   -.cilia
,el  luiiualioii, I
,jVi    Ix'gi.iUllig    Ll
iiuw appiais mat
ill   LOlOlttUu   wlieu   iuu-k-
juol   tutuubti    wuii  nual
ius   [■
iiuiliuuj     Ulu.
Uon ol Hi.idlt'j iv I
for lhe lirm, as th.
Jirsi-clit-si.  in cut)
"Buck" Rane)
litage driver whu has had charge ol
tin) stage between Fori Steele aud
tile junction for the past three years,
had a runaway last week and was
badly injured hy being thrown Irom
Lbe rig. He wa.-. brought lu ibe
St. hiugt-ne liu-spiia! for treatment,
11 you wanl a choice piece of cut
glass examine out stock.—Win. K-
TaUj _ Son.
The Lawn Tennis club dance un
Tuesday evening was a lirst rate* success  iu  puinl  uf    attendance,    amuse
nicut, elegant dresses, guml dancing
and excellent music. The Cianbrouh
orchestra under tbe leadership ul
Teodore DuK rustic performed a splendid selection uf up-to-date music.
Dancing was continued up to a late
Thc new building which is beiug
erect-ed for the Hank uf Commerce Is
uow sutlicieully advanced lu give
some idea ul what it will luok like
when completed, it caught the eye
of a visitor iu towu the other day,
whereupon he asked about it. "Thai
is Uie thing wanted. That is what
gives a town an air of stability.
Hanking companies do not build iu
mushroom towns."
Car Okanagan apples received-
epics, kings, greenings and russetts.—
Kink Hros.
Peter Raiter, an employee ol Uie
Otis Staples Lumber Co. met with au
accident last week which caused him
vt lay oil and come to town fur
number oi days, in some manner
splinter became imbedded in his hand
and turned lu blood pui.-...u. A citj
doctor attended him and be left for
Bayard the first uf this week mueh
Boy Waa ted .-Apply to It. ~. Heat
About a year ago (he Old Maids ol
Cranbrook held a convention in Wont
worth hall, nnd it proved to be (i
very successful affair. After ihai
convention most uf the members left
(or Alaska in search of husbands
The trip proved .successful, and the;
arc expected to return liie lattet pari
of next month with their husband:
and children, and will bold a publi
meeting at wentworth hall and invite
iho public to be present.
Owing to 'he great success of lasl
week's sale nl 5oth Century Suits,
Hill A Co. will on Kriday and Saturday continue this sale al the same
attractive prices,
Kor Salt—A nice holel business.
Cheap.   Sir Hutch. 20-tl
Owing to the greal success of last
week's sale of SUth Century Suits,
llill A Co, will on Prldaj and Saturday continue this sale at the same
attractive prices.
Mr. ll. R, Dawson, of Nelson,
travelling inspector lor the Canadian
Freight Association: "1 have as
■good an opportunity of judging of the
business conditions of th_ towns in
the Kootenays as most people. I
think that though other towns may
have more pretensions buildings, there
is not one of them where the business
man ran get as good money for his
value as in Cranhrook. There is no
price cutting here. It is the business man makes a town. Lei cutthroat prices prevail to the Injury of
the trader and you will find the
town's throat cut in a very little
.Via i) s
millets ttOVei liuduje lo loo* 101
woi ta as mug as um leans can) Uio
laiuts. Uiv on* samples wuicu Ail
.-.mull had Willi uuu lu*'** to ue liios.
i:\teiiiui copper, une ui them being a
massive gre) coppct very like the ore
num.       Uiu    I'uullliali-llgcl   uu   Silccp
urvoic neat Kort Steele, 'ine othei
samples wero not io be dlstinguishou
uoin the uie uu the mact-ini.ige  uu
Uie wesl torK ul tbe Sl. 5UK)'S, ttulh
will gu mi iui Uie wiuiei un Uie
claims iu Mi. Smith's charge, ami
provisions have lung iiom beun pans-
i-U tu lur uie purpose. The capital
.oi tins enterprise la being chieb)
louml in Chicago. This Is another ui
Uiu lacia wiiicii polnl io Uu; uwdeuu)
of Illinois capital to invest lu i-.iu»i
Kootena)  ai presoni.
li may surprise people bui it is
true Uial a brand new bridge has at
tuail) been built across the St.
Marys at u point near Meachens
i-uid. It is wide enough for the
passage >-i waggons, hut ibe Iroutilt
i, thai it may b»- man. a day before
a wagon will have l-hoXftance ol going
uver it. At present lho wagon roan
(rum Marysvillu to Moat-hen's ^top*.
al lhe end ol lhe. lake, so that there
are soiiu* live mil,.-, ol irall now to be
negotiated between Uie end ol the
wagon road and ihe. new budge at
lhc ford. Still, Uierc is a hope thai
tie wagon rood may be continued up
lo the budge, in lh<- sprmg-wli.u
lluwers bloom again and lio|H-.-i bloom
in companv with them. Ii cannot bo
denied thai a cose has been (aul)
made Justifying 'he bcggarl) expend!
lure which would do so much to open
ip tt country on which many an eyi
is turned as oi F llie greatest prospective wealth producers in British
We confess that the extent ol Uie
leads opened up by lhe Kossland
[people fairly surprised us. Mr.
Snuih says thai Uio ore bearing
schist belt must be fully 3,000 feet in
widi.li, and that Tt traverses the
White Grouse mountain, White Kish
neck aud St. Marys valley areas
with a general strike ol north 20 degrees west.. It asserts Itself on Toby
neck, and investigation may show
ihat it forms the mineral lone in
which the Silver cup and the othei
big producers are situated away up
in the Lardeau country.
j UR   OlttLN.
Questioning  the authority  of  Hun.
U   k  ureen,   Chlel Commtsslouel   ui
Lands and Works, to dictate as tu
bow luinn limber shall stand upun a
pre-empted quarter-seotdou ul laud, a
minimi uf applications will shortly be
maiii lu pre-empt un land bearing
mure than live tbousand leel ol stWMl-
mg umbel tu the acre—the limit llx-
od b\ Hon   hi. lireeu
in' l\ti dictum regaining pre-omp
tious lion Mi. Ureeu lias aiutuunecd
that be uiieiids to itmuediatet) issue orders that herealtei nu pu-em-
pUons .hall b. granted tiutcss appli
..0.1. make alhdavil that uot mon
than u\c thousand (eel ul standiin
Umbel pei acre is carried upon thi
land sougUt. Hun. Mi
elan* that ho will Is*
ihai he mav defeat lho
whu wish iu take up pi
oidei to cart) awa) Un
lbe land
tti ib* Hun   Ui   Ll recti
Green dele Uus order
i.ds ot people
e-emptlons in
timber Irom
iosi  laudubl
..i vii w ul
be a
iaiiiu-1   ol en
be technical I)
interested pa
Ihev dtrlaie
(he  (bui   Ci
recti's object may
un.' in.in lhe
ul man) people, lus
ittipaHttiug his end may
legal!) ilelectUe. Many
ie* believe it is
I t
hat   th.-t
land  can) mg OV
f Umbel iu the
and in ihe eve
being refused ai
to have Un* put
mission.-! in iti
by Judicial anil
contention  that
nacitm-iit   and
(01     pi
I'liipt tuns      Ull
thousand led
an- lu be made,
t ol   tho applications
attempt will be made
,is ol llie Chiel Cornel rcums lances ili'liued
irlty. It will be the
..uiy by legislative
authority   can     the
chief Commissioner define lhe amount
f Umber which shall bo alluwed on
it-t-mptmn lands.
Elko, Oct. IS, 1905.    i
On Sunday last the funcial of Mr <
Thomas Uardsley was bed here undei
the auspices of the Masonic order,
the brethren oi Pernio lodge coming]
up to pay the lasl sad respects to Uie
memory of the deceased brother, undei lbe charge uf Brother Dr. Bourn I Twenty-nix members tit the
ciaft were in procession.
Mr. Hards ley hati reached the ripe
age of S-l years, and came to British
Columbia with lus son Oeorge during
ibe pasi spring from Minnesota,
where he hat) followed his trade as
railway engineer on the Great Northern and Northern Pacific until advancing years had necessitated bis
retiring from active life. He resided
beie a few months with his ilaugh
ter, Mm. T. M. Holbrook, aud sub-
set|Mciil!y went wilh his sou to the
lalier's ranch near Gateway. During
the afternoon ol the 10th Inst bo lefl
the bouse, supposedly with the mien
tion ol visiting a ueighboi, bui in
some unaccountable manner gut mi
Un- mad. and became lust. Ills son
uu returning home and finding his
father missing searched for him, and
not not finding any trace of bun camion to Klku, and started oul with a
large party, but   up to Thursday nf
leiiionii, lhe 18th, they Were unsuccessful, when the body was found.
The old gentleman hud evidently tried
to make a lire as at a short distance
from the body the searchers eame on
io some hark and twigs that had been
gathered together.
Mrs. Holbrook and her brother have
the sympathy of the vicinity in their
bereavement and desire to express
lheir thanks for for the man)
pressions of sympathy tendered thorn
• ui this ..ad oeeasiun.
Burning your smoke is
Burning a smokeless coal i
Burning a smokeless hard
coal from Bankhcad Banff
1 Imv.' the nolo ti.-
Cranbrouk District .tin! dol
ivrr it tu tor $8.75 I'i-i i"t
O.O, I) Woiglit niiiiriiul.'i'.
nt. iny own public sculos,
1 (8.75 dol
Tnli,,r  Soil
iU'lVll 0,11
Expressage and Draying i
Phone 86
lh.- Winnipeg h'rve Press Ltd
ullowing iu its Monday issue:
,\ uuuuucemcu t was ma-.it- tu -day ut
ei una appointments in connection
mn the reorganization ut ibe sleep
ng aud dining car departments oi me
an.Mii.tn I'aciiic runway. Tte
por tan I now posts at .iiuuse Jaw auu
igary will ue occupied by Aillmi
,'cauiiiaii and li, h\ Mallliews. Mr.
-cadmaii, lurmer dining car agent at
euri William, is irausierred tu tuoose
Jaw, and 11. V. .uatlhews, ul Lb.
inspector's stall, is irausierred u>
Calgary. These employees will act
acreattct as agents ut tue department
at these points,
it is uie uiteiitiun to transfer certain ul the present employees of ibe
company at Loggou and Cranbrook,
uul lull decision lias uut yet been
reached lor this service.
Arrangements ate nuw under way
(or temporary storerooms al Calgary,
Muusc Jaw, Laggan and Cl'ttilbroOK,
aud ti is cxpecuu that work under
Uio new plan will begin on Dec. 1.
6. C. Sykes, sleeping and dining car
agent at Vancouver, will lioreatter be
assistant disiriet superintendent, with
head quarters in Vancouver,
All tlu. agents oi the department
betWeen Fort William and Vancouver
will continue Lo report to lhe dislriel
superintendent, W. Bell, of lhe city.
Miss Mary Macdonald, begs to announce that she has started husinesv
as dressmaker antl general seamstress.
Go out dally if desired. Address, opposite Crows Nest Laundry. •25-ISw
There was an oxmlus of some of our
leading citizens on Tuesday, all bound
For the Yahk country tu kill the deer.
I'hey were armed to tho tooth in old
suits foi rough wmk, camp baggage,
logs and a few- rifles a;, evidence oi
good intentions tuwuiis all manual ul
(era natural'.
We notlcwl Dr. J. H. King, H. M,
Beattie, Dr. Gordon and Dili) Wesi.
ihey formed um: party- Then cairn
Ki auk Clapp and Wai tci I .ami
looking wonderfully workmanlike,
armed with rules thai plainly had
soon service before. All, however,
carried a lo..k of grim determination
ut Lheir eyes. If looks can kill deci
.imt heat I hen Uie Indiana will ha\i*
Lo find anothor hunting ground.
The train which toifli Uiosc parties
west brought ui Mr I'inkham of He
linp.-iial Hank with pruol of his skill
in the shape of n very fim* doc. He
says be lefl another dew in camp
where V. Hyde Baker and Charlie
Kdwards ate still doing honors. ll.
is somewhere down by Uu*  Klk river.
An excellent entertatumcnl was pro
led on Monday evening at the Presbyterian church by Miss McNab ami
Mis-i Donaldson, will whom was associated Master Dainty. Tbe church
if nnt exacll) packed, was very comfortably filled, an.l those who oame
got full recompense l"i the money.
Cianliinok docs not receive iis fair or
reasonable share of really good or
i tolerable music. Thc performance ot Inst evening, however, oflsol
many an aggregation of ragtimes Is,
air I general professors ol mere blatant vulgarity.
The    voice and  art   of Miss   McNnli
are in a class apart it may sound
the pun-si platttudo, but It is true
in -ne. the. less, that lo luily appreciate
her style one must bear her sing.
rhe mumor) will endure for many a
long day,
The recitations oi Miss Donaldson
were most pleasing. She has the one
Thing needed lo sel oil a charming
personality, lo wit, jusl the smallest
taste In life of tho Scotch brogue.
Maybe it is not right to call it a
brogue. Call it a tiny satin slipper
if you will, but the flavor of tbe land
of the mountain and Uie Hood is in
Her voice. One of her pieces referred
to a eerlain Jerry. We have not the
pleasure of knowing Jeremiah, but we
confess to envying bim.
Mastei Dainty is miles removed
from that holy terror the Infant
Phenomenon, lie is a line, teal thy,
rosy little fellow of aboui a dozen
years of age. There aie forty like
liim chasing tlicmsel-.es to school
Here every day. Hut he is a musician, though he dues uut appear to
unow ii. lie is ail pure boy. He
played a march oi his own composition which besides having all Uie conventional movements oi that popular
style of composition had sume lunches
uf real music, notably a uiiuur pas-
iitge meant fut a contras-t in tbe
orass. It wuuld sound line hy a
military band, ll<- also accompanied
Lho vocal numbers, and sings so well
we were sorry we did nut hear mure
of his fresh young voice,
The Herald has received a copy ot
tie special write-up uf the Okanogan
Valley, published by lhe Vernon News
Printing _ Publishing Co, The pro-
iuctiuti is ol quite remarkable excellence whether viewed from the point
oi affording sound, reliable information to those who would desire' to
make thai lovely cuuiitry their home,
ur of typugraphy aud illustration.
The ball" tones are the best we have
seen by any paper in the interior oi
British Columbia, and ibe letterpress
is luily worthy oi them.
We hate our local banana belt in
Craubrook, and yet we feci thai wo
cau baldly give any puiuis—climatic
or otherwise—I.i the Okanagan. The)
nave lake.*, and waters gaioro there.
In thai atone du thoy excel. We
S'lould like to vltffl .Suiiiiuciia.'iil, oi
Peaolilnnd down by lhc suuu) lake,
all ilie same. Do noi the mimes
.sound good and soothing? Sum.net-
land, I'uu-hluitd, Okanagan. Whu
was it loved ihe sound of ibat delectable name Mesopotamia..
Winnipeg, Oct, 33.—A report is in
circulation here Unit James J, llill
has secured control ol the Hudson's
H.u railway and will bultd to lhe
Tlu* minute tt mother lays
hor ilium! .rn a "IjEOKIK
BOOT" slits knows she Imn
struck her ideal of buys footworn*
She   would
be   perfuotly
will inp; to   pny
more   money
fur them   thai
for  ordinary
loots, but slu
doesn't have to
The   .1.'llll'l*    wlm    s.'llb   11
mother a pnir ol LECKIE
BOOTS for her boy, will
supply tin- whole family with
footwear, nine times out of
Manufactured Bv
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
Victoria, Oct. 88.—Robert Ross,
aged ten, the son of Alexandur Ross,
of 82 Niagara street, a Winnipegger
of the early eighties, has qualified lor
the medal and honors of the Royal
Humane Society by saving, at tbe
risk of his own life, that of little
Viola Graham, three years old, the
youngest daughter cf F. A. Graham,
of 159 Montreal street. The home of
the baby girl's parents is very close
to the ocean drive along the straits of
San Juan de Fuca and she was playing on the boa.house platform when
she tumbled In. Iter fall was fortunately seen by the Koss boys, Alex,
and Rob, who was close at hand,
and Rohble at once plunged in and
after a hard .struggle, for the baby
girl Fought, and young Itoss had but
recently learned lo swim, brought her
safe tti land. The grateful parents
are taking steps to have the heroism
of the plucky lad appropriately recognized.
and i
im m.i
on Lu
i-li qua',
social club has
in Cranbrook,
■eiUiiilv of the
<ly iiltiii bv ilu-
kuolen,...     Clllb,
has seen ml exeelli lit quarters
us sired, iu lho house lormerlj
tl   bj    Mr    W,   (Ionian.    The
rsbip list already numbers over
forty,    and   includes    all    the    leading
bushiest) anl professional men ol
Crnnbrook, The promotion ti ih the
hands of the right people and is
bound t-o bi a marked .success. The
committee consists ol Messrs, J. A,
Harvey, W. T. Held, R. E. lieattic
and Dr. V, W. Green. Mr. F.
C. Malpas manager of the Dank of
Commerce, is president, and Mr. M.
A. Beale is secretary-treasurer. To
the latter gentleman may be attributed a greal deal of the success of
Uiis most necessary enterprise.
(Form F.)
TAKE NOTICE that I. Neil Mc
Leod Curran, Free Miners' Certificate
Se. H-■till'. uiU'iiil sixty days from
tte dale hereof, io apply to the Mining Recorder, for a Certificate uf Improvements, for Uie purpose ol ob-
liiiniii^ a Crown Grant ol the above
And further tak.
m.'ler Section 'd~,
red before Issunnc.
il Improvemenis.
Nell McLeud Curran
ibis-   l-ith   day of   October,
The undersigned has any quantity of
firstrclass timothy and upland prairie
hay, baled ready for shipment, at
Jlb.uO and 55,50 per ton, F. O. B,
Olds, Alta.
29tf W. Dean.
Olds. Alia.
There is a story of a dour old Scot
road mender who responded to tlie
salutation, "It's a fine day!" wilh
Uie grim comment on superfluous information, "Man, wha's dootin'?"-
Olasgniw Evening Times.
nnt ice lhat action
must be commen-
of such Certificate
Notice is lieieby given thai l!" days
from date i Inleml to apply lo tho
Chief Commissioner ot Lands and
Winks to pill-chose tho following dus-
aorlbed lands, situate in tho district
of South East Koolenay:
Cnmmei'uiug al the north-east cor
n.-r of lot 0237, group I, Kootenay
division, (hence north -it) eliains.
thence WCBt in ehains, tln-nce south
■Hi chains, ihenee east 11) chains to
Uu*. plaee of commencement.
Alfred Jolllffo,
Lneatid the 1th dav ol October,
31-91 Cranbrook, B. C,
Notice is hereby given that thirty-
days alter date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following described lands situate in
SouTh East Koolenay:
Commencing 21.36 chains east ol
the north-west corner of lot 6,-100,
group one, Kootenay District; thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, to the place ol beginning.
Agnes El well,    pcr   Edward   El well,
Located thiB 23rd day of October,
1905. 31 at
A FTER many years of West-
tern experience in Rubber
Footwear, and with the entire
field of Canadian manufacturers
open to us, we have selected
as the most satisfactory brand
lor both dealer and consumer in
th'S province.
They possess all thc qualities
of material, style, lit, finish and
durability characteristic of good
And are more serviceable under Western climatic conditions.
Just ask your dealer for them.
If he hasn't them, he'll get them
il you ask him—but he surely
has them.
J. Leckie Co.,
Vancouver, B. C.
Selling Agents
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
$ make call and see the new stock of Ready
♦ made clothing just received.    All Union
1 Labor.
•»♦♦*•»♦♦♦■>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *******
!■■»»■> ——————«l
The most comfortable house and thc best
table in the Kootenays
• Apply lor terms
lolfoi-d, Cranbrook
Wm   ll
.. ! mill}
UUV   Mil,'
Bhultly tu
Bill Hi.'in
Ml'   .'lll,irm,.,|    '   ,|l|,l|'t,'|',
if lat'* 1 will stiitjily tit,
Allll.Himll   «"  81-11  III   ■'■■Ull*
al.illmli oil,     «',■   un.u-llll,
[■ii      lumi'i Tin in'a uud
Li'! US 0111111 Von.    Wm li
m.i uur stock Vi'
»* nits
liitnl furniture, uio*
Ci.r.i.. jitJ for Sale.
* in.tin
■ *,l,ul
■ n
ill sew
1  1
in prti
Employment Agency in Connection.
las. VkArthur, lhe Second Hand Wan
Mason & Risch Pianos
No one should purchase a
piano until they have investigated the merits and
studied the improvements
over other makes contained in the
mason * Risch Pianos
W. F. Tate 4 Son., /.gents, Cranbrook
J. (I. vlhlteacre, Western Manager,
Box 615 Nelson
' '       P. BURNS & COMPANY   _
Wholesale and Retail
l:resh and Cured Meat.*-.
Presh    Fish,   Game   mul
I Nml try.
nuppl) uuly (he  bent      YoUf
IrnJ".1 Ill Willi lit tl
Markets in nil llie principal io«i*i
In Hrltlih t ulu in iii n
Oct. 26,1905
FARE AND        I
notify tho ...sklents of Hnsi Kootoiiiiy tlinl bo
lisl nt nud would cordially submit nny rt-aiiluiil or
er to call or send for n Biunplu oritur (particularly
trade) and guaranta's bis nooila superior to nny in
trict,   Tb,1 public aru respect fully requeBte
siiuipli' tlie *_ikh1s at lb.* factory.
Tickets On Sale Oettib
id 2(1
Oniindinti Pni'iiic   Railway
I'ort Arthur to I'linrouviT.
I   iiili'i'itii'iliiite branch line
nt i
Good I'eliirniii;
until Oct, 28, 1905
Through Sleeping §
Car i m
For full particulars, first class or
tourist sleeper reservations, apply
to local agents or write
Q. Illlllcr, Agenl, Cranbrook.
J. S. CARTER,      E. .1. COVI.E,
D.P.A., Nelsoa. A.U.P.A, Vaucou-ir.


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