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Cranbrook Herald Jan 10, 1901

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Hon. GKO, A. Cox, President.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
B. K. Wai.kkr, Gen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A (iuncral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
A Happy New Year
Is our wish for the
people of this district.
Stock Taking
Sale 3 3 3
For Two Weeks Only.
Flannelette Underwear, Blouses, Skirts and
and Mantles have received marching orders*
tidies' Nlfht downi la White,  Pink  ud
Blue   :
300   foi   ft 35 335   fnr   Ji 60
125   fur        95 iho   for        65
150   for     1 10 85   for        55
Ladle's Driweri Ih While, Pink and Blue.
,<-o   for        3i)i 65   for        45
75   lor        50 90   for        70
Ladles' Uuder Skirls. White, Pink, Blue and
■Grey   :   :   :   :   :
125    for yj too   for 75
Black Lustre and Sateen Blouses.
4uo   for     2 95 350   for     2 05
250   for     2 00 200   for    1 50
125   for        95
Colored Mercerized Sateen Blouses.
325   for     2 511
2.'5   ror     1 7,5      A Bargain.
Black aid Colored Cashlmere Waists.
325   for     2 50 225   for
Worked witb silk dots, a
beBUty 45°   tor
Colored aad White Corduroy.
275   for    2 90 300
l 75
3 35
for   {
Ladles' Outside Skirls, Only a Pew Left.
950 for
650 for
750 for
750 tor
Navy aad
500 for
400 for
450 for
7 15 black silk crepon
5 00 black silk crepon
5 75 black silk crepon
5 25 figured checked tweed
Black Stern Serge, Best Quality
3 75
2 9s black lustre
3 25 black laucy
Under Skirts
ltlack lustre       350   for   1 95
Black lustre       200   for    1 go
Black aad Colored Sateens Mercerlied.
350   for     2 75 275   for   2 10
300   fur     2 40 1 75   for   1 35
Ladies'   and Children's Jackets at half price.   Only a few of
the above lines left.    Call early.
U'ruiuTlie llerulil Correspondent]
With   ihe   new  year,   business   bus
brightened   up considerably   ami  ihe
prospects fur llie coming season are excellent throughout the country, and especially for Kimberley, us already great
attention Ims been drawn toward ibis
locality on account of the regular ore
shipments (luring the past year from the
Nnrlli Star anil Sullivan mines. Outside uf these twu mines little development woik has heen done, consequently
there is 11 large opening lur mining investments. Already a ureat nnuiberol
options have been secured uii properties
in  the  immediate  vicinity of the town,
ii is understood) hy strong development
companies, who me.in business., mid as
soon us the necessary negotiations have
been concluded, operations will commence.
Tributary lo Kimberley is the St.
Marys country, where several compaulcs
have been working extensively. The
Pyramid Mining company is shortly to
resume operations 011 their properties in
this section uud mining will be carried
on to a large extent. Their policy is not
to wait whilst others produce the attraction, but to go ahead anil piepare themselves for the time when transportation
and other features will be facilitated,
when they will be ready for Ihem. This
is surely the hest and nioil straightforward course to take.
Then there is thc Skookumcbuck
country, -which is also tributary to Kimberley, and from which quarter some
magn ficeiit samples of coppet ore have
lately been brought into town. A great
deal of work bas beeu done on the Car*
honate King aud Carbonate Queen situated on tbis creek, where a tuunel 70
feet long has been driven across the lead
at a slight depth in order to discover the
width of Ihe same. Now tbat it has
been ascertained, sinking will be commenced. This part < f the camp will re*
ceive a great deal of attention this coming season, as up till tbe preseut time
only the most easily accessible spots have
been looked at, and these uot thorough
The Sullivan mine stopped shipping
for two days during last week on account
ot the supply pipe for the boiler being
frozen up. The ore shipments naturally
ceased for that time to, but ure now being made as regularly as usual, and wilh
increased vigor. As a result of this temporary shut down, only 246 lous were
shipped during the week.
The North Slar mine is working a
strong force of men underground, at
development work, but no shipments aie
beiug made for reasons mentioned iu last
week's issue.
Work is still going on up the creek on
the properties of the Mount Sicker it
llritish Columbia Development company.
Charles Theis, of Spokane, who took
the bond ou lhe Dean ami Atlover properties* has succeeded In obtaining a
furiher extension ot 30 days ou tbe
Reid & Co.
Tanuary Clean up of Gents'
Clothing and Dress Goods.
What .ire you buying in these lines? We have
.1 most complete stock, too much in fact in our
three stores. Wc will exchange goods for
money and offer big inducements.   Call and try
Hi & Co.
P. S.-~Wc have bought the Leask &  Rankin
stock to sell and low prices are  going to do it.
Bargains for the Week
I ,\Jifs* Velveteen Shirt Waists, were $1.75 now $1.50
Laditi'Silk W-Uili were   7.60 now   4.50
Liiiei' Black Cuhmcre Hose were     $5 now     25
Men's Tweed Suits, good wearers, were   7.50 now   5.00
Men's Blue Serge, splendid value at 16.00 now 11 JO
One third olf on all dress and trimming silks. This means
any dollar silk (or 66 cents.
Save money
and trade at
For anything you may require in the Hardware line call at the
Pioneer Hardware Store.
We carry a complete stock. Plumbing and
tinsmithing in connection. Satisfaction
0. H. Miner.
Thi; His Fernie dial Fields are Nol
Sold lo ! ill
The   Mines   Will    Give    Cheap
Treatment to British Columbia Ore.
Lust week considerable excitement
was created in tbis section liy tlie report thut the Peml-8 coal mines had
been acquired by Jim Hill, ofthe Great
Northern. The report was hardly credited and later returns show lhat it was
the wild dream of some newspaper correspondent.
Mr. Jiflriy Explains It.
Interviewed over the telephone last
night Mr. Robert Jaffray said tbat there
was nothing in this story. The idea of
a sale ofthe Crows Nest coal lands had
never been cvn mooted.
Queried further as to tbe object of tbe
company's directors' pre ent visit to St.
Paul. Mr. Jaffray staled that Mr. Hill is
willing to take from the Crows Nest
company 40 car loads per day for the
Great Northern's consumption. The
conference Is iu couuectiou with this
It is understood that Mr. Hill will for
(he present take out this amount of coal
over bis C. P. R- connection via the
Kootenay river. Later, it is believed,
the Great Northern will build a Hue
direct from Bonners Kerry, Idaho, to the
coal fields.
The Toronto holdings of Crows Nest
Pass Coal stock are enormous.
Values to Mining.
.ith  all  our ore ?
What shall we do
Why, smell it.
Bob Jennings has been laid up iu town
for a few days with grippe, Hut we are
gted to sny be is now pulling around all
One  Is  to   Be  (liven   Mlsa Jardine   Next
Wcdnesds)  Evening,
Next Wednesday evening a farewell
Concert will be given at tbe Methodist
chnrcb tor Miss Celia Jaidine, who will
depart lor her home in Salt Lake City
the tatter part of tbe week. During her
residence In Cranbrook, Miss jardine has
acquired a large circle of friends, wbo
will regret to see her leave. Hy her affability and willingness to assist in
church Htnl charitable entertainments,
she lias become well known in ber work
us an elocutionist, and the people feel
that a slight testimonial in the way ofa
farewell concert is due tbe lndy for her
good cervices while here,
Tbe (ollowing program will be presented and the entertainment promises
to be one of the besl ever given in the
Instrumental Selection,
Reading —selected
Vocal Solo	
Vocal Solo	
Vocal Solo	
I From the Iree Pres-* j
There was born in Fort Steele, on Dec.
371b, to the wife of Provincial Constable
McLeod. a son.
Mr. V. C. Potts was iu town last week,
lie brought with him a few sacks of coal
from the mine he is interested in, in
Southern Alberta. The coal looks fine,
and a sack of it was tented in tbe Ferine
Lumber Co's blacksmith shop at tbe
mill. The smith declared it to be an A 1
smithing coal, equal to auythiug he ever
uf ed. Mr. Potts is at present in Montreal
where it is understood he will make an
effort to float a company to work the
property ou an extensive scale. The
company is kuowu as tbe ''Southern
Alberta Coal and Coke Co."
A few days ago James Wallace gave
promise of becoming a second Sherlock
Holmes, but, alas, cruel fuels when
bi ought to light shattered all his hopes.
"Jim" fouud a mare's nest in connection
with one of our best known firms doing
a general mercantile business. By some
obtuse way or another he got it into his
cranium that lhey were selling liquor,
and spent mauy weary hours watching
their front door, and even followed their
delivery rig up to the mines. When at
last be had evetything "dead to rights,"
be confronted the head of the firm with
his startling evidence. But, alas, instead
of wilting like a rag and admitting his
guilt this terrible wicked storekeeper
only laughed at Jim, but finally iu formed
him that the keg that was troubling him
so much and which he bad seen going
up to the mines in a rig aloug with goods
from their store, was simply part of the
load of goods which goes up to the mines
every day and bad nothing whatever to
do with them, or they with it. He
hasu't yet gotten over the disappointment at the ignominious end of all his
leteclive work, but be should remember
tbat the best laid schemes o' mice and
men gang aft aglee, and that busybodies
are a nuisance. •
..Mrs. Costigan
 Miss Jardine
Miss Rhoda Leitch
.  Miss Tanas Reid
 Mr. Hazel
 Mi-iS   ) HI ill lit!
 Mrs. Reid
Piano Duet  Misses Magee
Reading Miss Jardine
Vocal Solo Miss Minnie Grant
Recitation Miss Tanas Reid
Clarionet Solo  Mr. Put more
Scarf Drill  .Seven Young Ladies
Physical Culture. .Miss Tanas Reid
Miss Celia McConnell
Delsarte Pantomime. .Miss Pansy Miner
Miss Jardine
Pantomime Miss Jardine
New Railway Lodge.
Conductors Robert Dalton, of Medicine Hat, and Douglas McNeil, of Calgary, were in town last Sunday aud
Monday. Thc hoys are among the most
popular employes of tbe C. P. R.,«and
they have a host of friends in Cranbrook
who were pleased to meet them. The
object ot tbeir visit was to assist in the
organization ofa branch ofthe O. R. C,
which was done, thus giving Craubrook
still another fraternal society. Tbe elected offices are Alex MeKenzie, T. Cavin,
Joseph Jackson, William Greeves, William Welsh, H, S. Dowsley, J. R, Mc-
Nabb, S. Harnhart and T. A. Cory.
W. A. Carlyle, formerly Professor of
Mining at McGill University, then for a
number of years Provincial Mineralogist
of British. Columbia, aud now manager
of the Rio Tinlo mines, in Spain, said iu
one of bis reports that if ever a low-grade
ore could be worked witb-profit, almost
the whole of the Kootenay country could
be mined.
It is claimed that this is just what the
Crow's Nest Pass Railway and the development of the coal fields in the pass render possible, lu. fact, the Boston and
Montreal Company claims to have made
a contract for the treatment of tbe output of tbeir mines at f} 50 per ton during tbe coming Summer. New York,
Boston and Montreal capitalists are interested iu this venture.
The coal deposits of the Crow's Nest
Pass are very extensive, and mines at
Fernie nre being energetically worked
by tbe Crow's N'est Pass Coal Company,
Limited, of Toronto. This company has
all or more than it can do to supply tbe
demniul for coke in the mining regions.
It controls a small kingdom of coal lands
no less than 20o,o<x> acres in extent,
almost all of which contain coal. The
granting of this immense area is attributed to political motives, as the holders
are all friends of the government, and
the question bas been made an issue in
G. McBride of McGill University, wbo
spent the past Summer in ibis country,
in nu nrtical on lhe mineral wealth of
tlie Crow's Nest Past region, says:
"All around the town of Feruie, which
is the chief centre of the coal business
of this region, the country for many
miles is full of coal beds, some twenty
seams varying iu thickness from a mere
sheet to a solid mass of coal thirty feet
high. These seams, if laid one ou top
of the olher, would aggregate a thickness of 150 feet. These great beds extend over an area of many thousand
acres, and the Geological Survey of
Canada estimates tbat if 50 percent, of
this be unworkable there would still be
an accessible body of coal containing
about 10,000,000,000 tons. We get a
faint idea of the magnitude of these
figures when we consider, that, taking
.----00,000,000 tons to be the amount of coal
now consumed tu tbe world each year,
there is enough fuel in tbe Crow's Nest
country to supply tbe entire world for
over 330 years at its present rate of consumption. In the mines alone tbis
would afford employment to every able-
bodied mau in Canada from this time
until the year a,000, to say nothing of
the thousands who would find work iu
its transportation and sale.
"As the coal is easily reached from
the surface and Is present in such
abundance it can be mined with comparatively small expense. Tbe plant
uow in operation is a very convenient
one, and is so arranged that from tbe
lime thc coal is first shoveled into tbe
small cars in tbe mines until it is ready
to be shipped it has never to be touched
with a shovel."
It will thus be seen that the gold and
silver mines of the Kootenay, for which
tbis Immense output is being coked,
need not want for fuel for their smelters.
The output of coal, even at present, Is
over 300,000 tons per year, and is rapidly
I From the Leader ]
Moyie lake is now frozen over aud tbe
ice is about four Inches in thickness.
There was excellent skating the fore
part of the week, but the recent heavy
full of snow has somewhat spoiled it.
Cutting and storing of Ice has not yet
Tbe Past Year a   Mosl Prosperous
One iu Canada.
Is Rapidly Bringing Canada Forward as a Great Commercial Power.
W. E. Cbester, a nephew of G. II. and
CA, Miner, left tbe first of tbe week for
his home in Buffalo, N. Y,
ti. S. Pollard was iu from Palmers
Bar this week wheie he bas been working on a claim owned by himself and
other Moyie parties.
Dr.J. H, Livers left yesterday for Winnipeg to purchase a atock of goods for
his drug store. He will go fiom Winnipeg to Buffalo, where his family is residing, before bis return 10 Moyie. Geo.
Stenson will bave charge of tbe business
during tbe doctor's absence,
Tbe Moyie Hockey club has been re*
organized. A meeting was held in the
sample room of the Kootefiay hotel last
evening at which there were abont 25
present. Andrew Johnston was elected
president, A. P. Maedonald, vice presi.
dent, L. G. Cardinal, secretary, and P.
J. McMahon. manager. Tbe club intends giving a grand ball on tbe 14th of
From The Herald l'orresi*om]eDt
Tbe St. Eugene concentrator, afte
shutting down for five days, resumed
work on Saturday last.
McMahon Bros', hotel addition is
quickly nearing completion, and when
finished will be second to none in East
Kootenay. Tbe enterprising "Pat" Is
arranging for bot and cold baths ou each
floor, billiard rooms, barber shop aud
other conveniences. '
A most enjoyable dance was held in
tbe new portion of the East Kootenay
hotel, at which tbe uew year was hailed
in with due ceremony.
The Moyie Business Men's Protective
association is now in full swing, and is
doing good work. We are desirous of
working in with the Cranbrook association, and would like your secretary to
correspond witb M. A. Beale, secretary,
at Moyie.
A large rink is being erected on tbe
lake, which will be ready on Wednesday
Hockey matches aud carnivals are being arranged for.
Grand masquerade ball on the 14 of
February. Bear this iu miud, Craubrook.
Lots of snow.
The Moyie hockey players are sharpening their skates and rolling up tbeir
sleeves and intend to give all opposing
teams a warm time, Look to your
laurels, Cranbrook.
Canada's Trade Increases $142,000,000.
Ottawa, Jan. 3 —The trade returns of
tbe Dominion are all in tbe bauds of the
printer and will be ready for presentation to parliament in tbe early days of
the session. Tlie official figures show
that the aggregate trade ofthe Dominion increased during the year 181J9-1900
by $59 856,023, as compared wilh 189S
99. The total trade for 1899 was $321,-
661,213 as against {381,517 336 in 1900.
The imports were $189,622,513 aud the
exports $191,894 723 last year, compared
with $162,764,306 Imports and $158,896,-
905 exports the year prevloUB,
In 1896, wheu the present government
came into power the a^uresile trade of
tbe Dominion was $239,025,360, so that
the trades have grown by over (142,000,-*
000 since Sir Wilfred Laurier look office
The duty collected foi 1900 wus $28,-
888,110, an increase of of $3,154 882 over
lhe previous ye*ir.
Trade With Brltlan.
The Trade with great Britain increased
to I[53,000,000,*the largest in the History
ofCauada. The increase was about Jti 7.-
000,000, The value of goods entered for
consumption from Britain was f J4.:>•■).-
730. as compared with $37,060,123 the
year previous. The exports to Britain
were $107,735,970, of which nearly 97,-
000,000 was Canadian produce. The ex
port in 1899 were $99,091,855, which
shows an increase for the past year of
over $8,000,000 and ahom the same
amount iu impoits. The value of free
goods imported from Great Britain was
Trade Witb Olher Nations.
There was a large increase in the trade
with the United Slates. It grew from
Jl38,ooo.coo to $164,01)0,000, au increase
of about $25,000,000. Tbere was imported for consumption $109,844,000.
Of this amount $56,152,000 were free
goods. The value of goods entered for
consumption from the United Slates in
1899 was $93,007,000 or au increase of
about $i6,coo,ooo for 1900. The exports
to the United States was over $54,000,000
or about $9,000,000 greater than in 1899.
Canada imported from Germany during the past year $8,807,000, and exported $[ 106,000. From France Canada
imported $464,000 and exported in
Canada's products $1,372,000. There
was a drop of about out-half un the exports fiom Canada to Germany and
increase of about one million dollars in
the imports. Tbere was a slight increase
in the trade with France.
; From The Herald Correipondent ]
The Spokesman-Review's report of
negotiations pending between J. J. Hill
and the Crows Nest coal company for
the purchase by lhe former for tbe coal
lands is not seriously regarded in Fott
Steele. The article bas such a confused
mass of truth and misstatement, that it
does not carry much weight.
Charley Armstrong, dispenser of
liquid refreshments, at the Imperial
hotel, is spending a time at tbe St. Eugene hospital, being treated for stomach
The new bell lor tbe public school has
arrived and was put in position this
K. J. Higbye "Jumbo" came down
from his Sheep creek ranch on Sunday.
He says his lawn is growing.
Col, H. D. Henderson waa in town
R. Hartz came over front Cranbrook
on Sunday and spent a day or two ia
looking after the business of Ibe Fort
Sleele Mercantile company.
C. F. Harrington, C. E , haa gone to
Victoria to visit his brother Dr.
Tbe reports from tbe property of tbe
Kootenay Ferry Creek Company are
most favorable. Those familiar witb
the property express tbe belief that a
gold mine of large proportions wilt be
opened up. More work has been done
by the company than by any coipora-
tiou in East Kootenav, excepting tbe
Nortli Star, Sullivan and St. Fugene.
Placer miniug on the Wild Horse has
beeu discontinued. The results of Uu
clean-up cannot be learned.
Col. George Doherty has been
lor several years developing bis claim
on Urensey Creek) tbe shift is down
about 160 feet, and this work has been
done by Mr Doherty unaided, lt is
reported that a fine ledge of quarti
carrying excellent values has been discovered. It is doubtful if in all of South
Kast Kootenay there is another claim
upou which so much work bas been done
by one man.
C. M.  Keep*.
the coast.
ill  spend tbe winter at
P. C. Armstrong left for Feroie on
Wednesday last where he will be employed for seveiat weeks inputting in
the ice plaut for the Fort Steele Brewing
W. D. Hill   Has  Done   Extremely  Well In
South Easl Kootenay.
W. D. Hill, manager of Hill & Co ,
has purchased the Leask & Rankin
atock at mortgage sale aud will continue
the business in the same staud. This
makes the third stock of this kind that
Mr. Hill has purchased in the last 10
months, which is evidence of the fact
that he is a hustler after snaps. And
by the way, Mr. Hill's career since embarking in business in Cranbrook, has
been a remarkable oue. Tbe Herald remembers wben be opened up a little
store in Kaake's hotel, and went to
Lethbridge every 10 or 15 days to renew
bis stock of socks and undershirts. Today be bas in Craubrook one cf tbe finest looking stores in British Columbia,
filled with the best of everything in dress
goods, clothing and gents' furnishings,
another large store in Moyie and now a
second store in Craubrook. Mr. Hill is
truly a bustler aud bas earned the success be enjoys.
,Pt-.m The Hot—A ( orre»poodeni|
Work will shortly be resumed on tbe
Black Diamond claim at Old Town oa
Wild Horse. This claim was originally
located in 1S97 but was abandoned, and
last summer Felix Rock relocated the
property and has done considerable work.
One tunnel has been driven twenty-five
feet and a shaft sunk fourteen feet. Tbe
ore is galena carrying gold, and tbe
ledge, five leet wide, is all well mineralized. Parties wbo bave visited the
property pionounce the showing a moet
excellent one. H. W. Barnes and Ira
Fierce are interested in thc Black Diamond witb Mr. Rock.
Col. George Dougherty was io town
on Monday. He says tbe cold weather
and snow has inlerferred with tbe work
ou bis claim, but be will resume work
soon as thr conditions are right
Robert Dore is still working on his
nickel property on Wild Horse.
[ Prom the Prospector j
Oreeaberi Prec-ilea.
On Wednesday Mr. R. Uetnpeey returned from the North Star bill where
be has been engaged in developing tbe
Greenhorn Fraction. Mr. Dempsey reports that tbe shaft is down 40 feet, with
a cross-drift of 12 feet at the bottom;
the drift is in ore, also over 20 feet ofthe
shaft. The ore is galena, but will have
to be concentrated.
Mr. Stewart 0! Fort Steele left on
Friday for Windermere, where be will
assume the management of lhe Sliver
Belt group of mines.
Tbe dawn ofa new year and a new
century was celebrated in Fort Steele,
ith the ringing of bells, and the burning of lots of powder.
New Local Manager.
Mr. II. Haines, tbe uew local manager
of the Canadian Dank of Commerce, arrived from Sandon Tuesday and assumed
charge of affnirs today. Mr. Kay returned to Ferule this afternoon.
Tbey Have Reached the Lluil.
We have a few subscribers who have
not paid their subscriptions for two or
three years. If we published their names
they would be highly incensed, yet they
think nothing of allowing us to furnish
them tbe paper at our expense. Next
month if some of our readers fail to get
the paper, they may understand that
tbey bave reached tbe limit aud the
coin must be forthcoming. Unfortunate*
ly, we have to pay our debts. That ia
what keeps us poor.
A Ruiswsy Trsin.
Kngineer Brock and Fireman Waruock
l^ot up agaiust it Sunday while coming
down the grade from the Fernie mine
The braker refused to work aud the train
got beyond control. As a result the
train began turning reverse curves at a
rate tbat prompted Brock and Warnock
to jump for safety. They did so, and
Waruock escaped uninjured but Brock
was unlucky as usual ami got pounded
up badly but broke no bones. The train
held the track and stopped at tbe foot
ofthe grade.
Carelval TealgM.
Arrangements are being made for a
big time at the carnival tonight,   There
will be many enmasque and a good time
is anticipated.
Three Teachers at Work.
Messrs. Mclntyre and Watson, princi
pal and assistant uf the public schools,
arrived last week aud Monday the
schools were reopened with Miss Dyker
in charge of the primary department,
The trustees hope that every parent will
iee tbat their children attend regularly
and assist the trustees and teachers in
the work of promoting the welfare of the
schools. If there ure auy compluiuts al
any time, the trustees request that lhey
will be made iu writing, and properly
presented for consideration.
Favorable Cob pi rises.
David B. Bogle, writing tothe Victoria
Colonist, makes the following comparison:
The average output of tbe province in
silver lead ores and concentrates is now
about 8,ooQ tons, a year ago il was barely
2,000 tons, The average weekly output
of gold-copper ores is now 13,000 tons,
a year ago it was barely 5,000 tons. Tbe
output of silver lead ores has been multiplied four limes In a year, that of gold-
copper ore twn and a half times. During tbe year the number of stamps dropping upon free milling ore hu been
Looks Much Brighter.
New York, Jan. 7 —The reconstruction of the London and Globe Finance
Corporation, says a Tribune cablegram
trout London, now seems probable aa a
result of the recent flurry In tbe mining
market and the failure of sixteen or
twenty opeiarors. A scheme of reorganization has been accepted in principal by
thirty-nine creditors of the corporation,
and Lord Dufferin, when a meeting of
the shareholders shall be held, this
week probably, will be enabled to present a more favorable statement of liabilities  and   assets,   than  has been ex
Try The Herald lar sli months.   Only SIM ■ peeled. wr
Iii i.l i-
I-   No
Editor and Proprietor.
TKUMS i«l* suiiscitirnoN:  -
im- year •■ - *
\\ 111 0|lt I IS i.uu
Tlio llernltl deilres to nlve the newsol the
(strict. It ymi kimw any aboul Jyour town
mir mini* or your people, nemt tt In Hits Office.
Gambling is now running rampant in
Toronto and the authorities seem powerless to stop it.
Canada, like tbe I'nited States, lias
too many elections,   What the connlry
needs is fewer elections ami  more  business.
If you have not hud the grip the past
week you are very much out of date.
The Nelson Fcoiiomist is figuring out
how near many of lhe towns are to
Heaven. We imagine that tlte people of
Nelsou are of the opinion that they are
very close to Hell during ihe long
drawn-oul tight between John Houston
and the Miner.
Alfred Harms worth, proprietor of the
London Mail, bud charge of lhe New
York World for one day, and showed
his idea of the 20th century newspaper.
As the young man made about (£0,000,-
000 in S years in the newspaper business,
we are willing to conceed lhat he knows
what he is talking about-
British Columbia has a few wou'd-be
dailies tbat use the country weekly press
for news of the interior, and foi which
tbey give no credit whatever. The daily
paper that makes a practice of such
work is guilty of a contemptible action
to say the least. The editor of the
weekly paper, by hard woik aud the expenditure of time and monev, secures
lhe news of his district, and ihis is quietly gobbled by papers that don't spend a
cent in lhat direction. The Nelson
Tribune is one exception in this liue,
and John Houston, with all his faults,
never fails to treal the weekly paper
What is the mailer with Nets
Since Charley Peters was transferred to
Vancouver, tbe preachers are selling
tbeir household goods and leaving town
in any
from tha g*
n   Whleh  Tlirn
nta-ve tor Sent! "t-
xrr tew  M-titiini'ulul allusl
f the reports which email
rum.-ut printing otllo
iiidi'i* authority   of
of labor.   It mny be
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Culumtila
thul  Un
nanj  to know
I report of tin
        f labor i-oniiiiiis in tub
ulated form, reduced to exact percent
nges, 11 stiitiMiinit showing theoocupa
Hons of divorced women.
Tin* bureau o( the statistical expert ii
charge of tabulation divides the femiil
population of 11
cent.  Then then*
number 10.10 per
-lass of tl
w number
* nre the
t-tenths 0
11 the United £
ibuted itirou
, whieh the 1
■ndeavored to
84 per
ne per
of ten
Physician and Surgeon.
United states ni' ten
t  ...   ..pwarfl  Into  four   general
'1 lasses.    First  then       ^^^
who number 13.10 pi
are the widows, \vb>
cent.   Third i* the 1
mul unknown;" thet
lent. Finally then
who constitute nini
ceot. Of the female
years of age ov over i
und the.v lire d eti
various occupations
Ileal  experts have 1
with umlevlnting c
total number of di
ployed, it seems thai ,31 per cent, nrr
bookbinders, ,03 nre shoemakers nn.l
.ru are corset makers, A much smaller
proportion, ,42, arc saleswomen, while
tit* are telegraph and telephone operators. Stenographers nnd typewriters
Hake up .67 per cent,, and ,58 nre mill
The official stnllsttolntis al Washing-
011 took neither in the right imr to lhe
eft iu their tabulation and it need be
no surprise,  therefore, la know thai
1.2:1 of the divt;ref<lM en of the United
States who have nnv lnisini'sn occupation are merclianls, MM nre carpel makers, and .40 are hat nnd nip makers.
Milliners come tiiuler a sepni ite division, their percentage nf divorced
women being 1.32. of seamslresses
there are 1.38, nnd of clerks and copyists
,.M. Moreover, .2!* are bo\makers. .08
printers, .31 cigarette nnd tobacco makers, .^t In the confectionery business,
1.43 dressmakers, ,40 pnper mill operators, and .IS hi silk mills.
The professions have n eimsidenihl**
number of divorced women, 1.8*1 being
music teachers and 1 .is teachers of art.
There nre :t.3.'l per cent, described as
hotel, restaurant nnd saloon keepers
•nnd barkeepers ami n somewhat larger
proportion nn boarding or lodging house
keepers; 1.02 as Iniindrcsscs; 1.80 ns
nurses, and .51 us agricultural laborers.
In one particular, however, lhc report
i.f ilu- commissioner of labor seems to
lu* pretty nearly exnet, fot* 3.20 of the
totul number of divorced women nre
put down nn agents und it Is 11 mntterof
M*ry general observation that divorced
women moke excellent agents where
persistence und volubllltv nre required,
-N.Y.Sun,           ', 	
OFPICK silintbi
CRANBROOK,     !    !
Solicitor, Etc.
uii of I'liiiitii.'r.'i' HMr
Say ! When you get through reading
this item stop a moment and think. If
you owe for The Herald, come in and
pay the money.
The benefit of a live newspaper in a
district can be seen hy the columns of
the dailies in Spokane, Seattle, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal.
Last week papers in all of these towns
had one or more articles from The Herald, showing the resources and progress
of this district,
John Houston and John Fletcher, of
Nelson, have got tbe mayoralty fight all
to themselves. Fletcher is the ouly can
didate left iu the; field anil Houston is
backing Fletcher. .
A North Carolina wumau has given
hirth to seven children iu two years.
Her husband will probably be looking
for the front ranks in a real, live war,
where tbe whizzing of bullets will be
music to his breaking heart.
By tiie looks of the announcements in
tbe Kossland Miner one is impressed
witb the idea that there are very few
residents of that town who are not can*
didates for a city oftiee,
Be sure
you are a
to the
Livery S
Proprietors *** *** ***
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
If you want to read the news of South
Kast Kootenay, you must read The Herald.    It covets the field.
Thomas O'Brien has purchased the
Era, at Golden,   It needed new blood,
Oorn Paul, it is said, contemplates s
visit to the United States, snd VV. T
Stead, of London, is to be his guide.
Tbe Vancouver World has an editorial
writer who would do well if be posted
himself before he wrole extensively 011
the work ofthe United States Congress.
Some of his items are ridiculous in lhe
Land Nntlce.
Notice Is hereby given thnt thirty itays after
tins iiuii* 1 Intend to apply tn (lis elite! commls
sinner »t inmla atul works for permission to
cut anil carry awaj Umber from tlie fotlowlnn
described lands i
commencing at n.-- nnrihwD-u comer of tut
3*60 in Rrmip nne Houth Easl Kootenay, llience
nnrth 120 olialns, tiiencs IflocS.aliu west, thence
Mirth 40 chains, thenco east 139 chains, thence
south xii chains, thence east -W chains i'> iiiuee of
commencement, r. w. I.KASK,
Dated Hits hi day of December, 1001,
Thirty days after date 1 intend lo ai-piy to
tlm chief commissioner <>f liiinli ami works for
permlsdou tn cut and carry away timher from
ttie following described land; GommenoluK at
a post ou Kast line of 0, Mo Adam's pre-emption
on si. Mary* river, and running east m chain,
tlienee south 120 chains, Uieiicje west so chains,
tlienee nortli lftJ chains tij point o( commencement,
W. It. .Mcl-'ailane.
Dated at Cranbrook, December it. itWft
Thirty days after dale t .intend tn apply tu
Chief Commissioner nf Lands ami Works far
permission ».o nil and carry away timber from
fallowing iteseillfed land: Commencing Ht a
post mi iiiKSD.iih hunk in'st. Marys river aboul
two miles above moulliof I'erry creek, snd run-
inu south 130 elinlns, lltenoa mot sn elinlns,
tlienee north 120 elialns, tlienee west Unchains
tn point nfeominsiicemoali
Cliast-ar M.-Adam.
Dated (ranhrook DrcPinber 17, 1000,
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   jt    Jt   Jt
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon riaking,
and  Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Adrian G.  Hanauer
11-502. Rookery Bldg, Spokane, Wash.
He'»ii-|'iiii*.i'!-* for Stilllv-in (lvniip nml
North Blur, Write ov wlte either buy-
hil; or selling.
Notice Is hereby Riven thnt thirty dnys nftet
dale I Intend tn apply tn ihe Clief t'ominls-
sloner of lands ami works for permission to purchase tin* fallowing described land:
CommenctiiK at a pout marked "A, K, Walts
south east corner post" planted nl the south
we->t cornet of 11. W, Melton's pro-pinptlnn
about nix i.ui.-- south west of (.'rnnbronk j llieneo
west fariyolialiiiillieiiconorth eighty elinlns;
lliennn cast forty chainst tlienca soulh eighty
olialns to thr place or nn -emifiit.
1 Mini iiiis 1 iii day or s'nvrmhor hum,
AI.IIIKli |(|) WA It I) WAITS.
Are yuu going lo build?
Greer & Co-
Are prepared tn furnish plana
and specifications for nil kinds
nf building,
See us for Prices.
J,    B. C.
G. Johnson....
\*y Assayer and
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of...
it. s.
Durick nve.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y
Red   Mountain   Railway
The only all rail route lietween all
points Rust, West and Smith to....
Intermediate Points.
Co'inectii'K at
SPOKANE with the
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Connects at
Nelson with Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Connects at
Myers Palls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bosshurg   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Porks and lireenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, Oca. Pa». All.
Lowest Rates Best Service
To nil points in Canada anil llie
United States. Tlle Tautest
equipped train crossing llie continent. Kor further particulars,
as to time, lates, etc., apply to
A. 0. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C.
Copyrights Ac.
nM-i.-h.iV  ...  —
mvi'iil   11 iTi-lmlilv (iHti'iitiililH.   ('--mmimli-n-
li.>ii-*-Hrli'llV">i-ll'l"ii!l*il. ItniiitliDOkiml-'alnutii
.ii.nt (r.*.*. iHil.-n iii'fiit-v fui-jt.'i'iiriiiK puiunu.
I'litnnii ink.'ii tlirouuli Munn A ilu. reculT*
tincitt nntltt, wiiin>nt ctiiime, In tlie
Scientific American.
A luiii-1-i-.iTii-lir lllii-.lnii.Kl nn-fhl.-.   l.nrRflit clr-
■uliili f »"* H<*l«nt|||t- JniiniHl.   Tern... |:t ft
vonrt four month-*, It. Bold hym\l newiiilHlcrt.
MUNN-SCo,36'8™""*" New York
HntiH'll Omru. m V St., Whi Innu I un, U.C,
CRAN BROOK, : BritisyoSnibia.
C\D A NRDnni^ ls the divisional point of the Crows
■VK^nDKWUN Nest Pass Railroad.
•aT?t*5lflHt#-nnW ^as a ,0=sta" round house, large machine
wl dHUI *UUIv shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
M Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora-
gf tions of South East Kootenay.
H Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Insurance, Real Estate and
Mining Stock.
Correspondence  Solicited.
Established April 1898.
I. O. O. P. Block     Cranbrook, 11. C.
Notice dt
To holders nf Mlnlijg Stock in any British Columbia or Republic Co.'s
1 am now in a position to give holders of mining stock the hest brokerage service
ever introduced into East Kootenay.    I have connections arranged in Spokane
Toronto, Montreal, Toledo Ohio,  Boston ami New Vork.   Besides being in
close touch with the West Kootenay brokers.   My charges for either buying
or selling will he as follows:
Slocks selling under 5c per share ,'sc per share
Stocks selling at 5c anil under 15c per share ,'Vc per slime
Stocks selling at 15c and under 40c per share #c per share
Stocks selling at 40c and under 50c per share  J4 c per share
Stocks selliug at 6nc and under   fi per share   ic per share
Stocks selling at 1 oa and over I per ceut on money
Next week I will issue my first weekly list, so get your stocks  listed  wilh tue
as soon as possible.
Meats and Poultry
For the Holidays.
J M. Mclnnes & Co. |
* ...Market! at.., S
m m
m Cranbrook,    Wardner, JJ
m Kimberley, Moyie Fer= J
jjj nie and Fort Steele. J* J
We are belter prepared than ever to serve the
people ul .South Eaat Kootenay In our line.
The best of Heats, Turkeys, Chickens,  Ducks, Fi
and Oysters.
jtjt.it See the annual display.
"8 ■***
aa.*a'£)   (S-aa^
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Julius Hurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
 ®  ®,ttaaa
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
•        **|. \*)/~ The best of accomodations
Leading X for the traveling public.
H fit AI Mcl-UHON  BROS.,
1 IUIVI Proprietors.
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
•*• Builder dt
::::-Cran brook, II C
Get Your  Photo   Taken
and put on one of our New
Christmas mounts. There is
no gitf that will give more
pleasure to the friends in the
Prest, Photoghrapher
Hive you talked with anyone about building?
Come and see me or let mc see you. It may
do ua both good.
Contractor and Builder
At preienl ant building Ibe new St, Eugene
hoipltal and a number ol two alory and olher
Cranbrook, 11. C.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 ALL   KINtiS   OF-
1 Rough and
| Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
1 Shingles and I
I flouldings.                        |
I IN  STOCK OU MADE TO OTt DJi.lt.            |
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is  one   ot   tlte   bcsl
equipped hotels In East Kootenay.   It is plastered throughout •
and furnished in first-class shape.   The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing iVlills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
. r*
-ear THE   HERALD.
I'lu* OvertloiiiB ot :'-r t'-.-r-., unulneaa,
"Wind an all Uiiuiu men lluod up
there torV*
"They tire heroes- till ivirove \< Uo
have valued public attention during
the past year or sn."
"Ami what are they enrryiug under
their -inn*-*':"
"Bundles of manuscripts. Vou bco,
that te a mngaalue ofllce lhey are waiting lo get into."
"Woll, why an* tbey kept lined up
that wny1.' Why aru they not being entertained Inside?"
"Ob, the editor Is probably writing a
souuel <m 'Snlil niii-' or negotiating with
some youug woman who bus written a
Btory with a light in evory paragraph.
After awhllo be wINboihI theolllee boy
mil in distribute among them slips uf
paper containing n printed formula
Botuethlng like this;
-"Tin- editor regrets Hint 11 will in*
Impossible I'm- him tn receive any nf
lln* heroes assembled. S any euindtl*
I'l'-iiiiins enter Into the burn business
Vijw thai a snub does not t essnrlly
Imply a lack ot heroism, and ilu- hero
who fulls to gel lulu one inagastln" oC-
flco may hi' ivclcoinu at another.1"
A Slnry ut Tim Ni-.
Han nud u Wo mu ii.
Wulnwrlght ijharpened hia pencil vi-
thnnp. mul It wns n pari of '■*i   ■    II ■■
won r!i tig t * | i».\mi.   Ilu w       I .
his whole pi. vi-uiia train ng i    I '■ ■
thi*- fml.    tit- mil* .-■■!. ■ mil ■ n   I
vised, ii- it  li** wi i■■ * mui uu
npiiit   fiuiii   his crcatiuii,  an   ini|ittrtiid
When Un* article was finished, he e I
lied t ti ji t he hud done far mi re thi ■■
write u sketch ot Dixon, Withiu thf
nhori limits of newspaper reqn
he Imd produced n masterly work of nit,
nml be Mt u strange exultation as h
What Bend hud prompted Hei* j banded in hla copy aud went home. He
ninth to aBslgn hlm Dixon's obituary? had not known before ihat he waa rlev-
Ue contluued to sharpen his pencil until n*. ih* Bcnrcely could hellere it now.
there was nothing left hut a Btuh, The By luornlug he heguu t" wouder it i.i-
next stroke ot the knife would have tak- work really were so good as it had see lien a bit of his Auger whea he caught him- ' nl tbe nlghl before. He harried down to
ucle with a start and i;avo a harsh, metal- ihe ofllce, buying n paper on the way.
He laugh.  Then ho gathered up ilu* liule : but wns too nervoas tu ivnd It.
pile of cedar chips and graphite flakes      "Wainwrlght, 1 say," Uei th greeted
nml put thetn In tho wastehasket. ! hlm huskily, "forglvu me, bm I didn't
Why Bhould In- mil "'rid' Dixon's obit-    know mui could da nuythlug so One.    I
nary?   He eould afford to ho gouerous   wns oven mean enough i" remerah r aft-
and glvo liim n good one, for ho wob glad j i*i* I luul given you the asslgnmeut that I
that Dixon was dead] riotously, Intoxl-   hml tl du you were Jealous -»f Dixon
cnlPilly glad of It,   Now ho conld hrealho   imd m wuuder If hin im-mury wuuld uot
freely once more,    llo hml grown ling*   fare heller In other hand*-*."
«ard ami worn daring tho weeka that I     Helmuth openly wlpwl bis eyes,   "Tor-
Dixon's life had hung lu Un* bnlauco, Ho ■ dvi *." In* u-pentc I.   "We all feci that
hml feared ihnt Dixon would get well,    way nl I Dixon   th.* way you .1"   bill
lb- eould imi remember having feared    there is nol another mnn mi tin- force
anything sn much hefore, nnd ho had   who could have hi id it ns yuu have."
been afraid uf Dixon hlaiBelf fm* almost ■ And   by one the others ns ilu-y met
yeur, ntraid "t Ute manliness, his Intel-    Wuluwrlghl wrung Ida hand.
Vile inu Story,
'^M^^^'mM '-*
Young Wife—Ob, .Incli. Isn't lnil.y
Juki tlu* brightest clillil In tbe world?
Hubby—I *-ui'ss m>.   Iltit lie's not so
■ bright lis the um- in, 'her ust'd to bave.
Montreal.  Free Bus. Am.
P.tl.-.oup.    E.P.Sl.OOea.
En-ily Explain*'.!.
The Lady—You've Itch bringing ua
nrotty blue milk Intely.
Tbe MHknuiii ul eourse I Imve. I
Boll't   keep   in.thin   bul   blue   blooded
Thero l' danger In ncnleetlrg a eold.
Many vvlici have died el l',in-lm'.*>lior. dated
thoir troubles from ,'M«wire. follouroa liy a
cold whiih settled on their longs,nnd In a
fbiirt time lhey woro boyond the .Bill of I'm
best nliyalelan. Hml lhey uietl l! ekle s Anti.
Oantuiptin Syrnii. before It.-ma Ipo ale,
tbeir lives would lime bcon spared. In
inedieine haa no equal lor curing coughs,
colda, aad iill alleelious ef llle thru:.', and
t„  ir;   IbeCnmbl
lulling  tuition, hoard
nt a hundred guineas.
enre everj ense ol dlplherln
I believe MIN MIIVS I.I \ I Ml A I" will
prialuee growth  ol hull
Mils   i ll\s    INDEHSON,
Slnuley.  1'   11   I
1    believe    M|\ \1il'*S    I   IMMIA I'
H„. besl  bt.usehold remedj   on enrtl
\l l'i llll \s  FOLEY,
tlil iny. Ont.
nnd liis big, warm henrt.
lie had I n evi uiv al'iaiil 0( Iheaa
th i' his linnilsnino perai mil Dhoii
1 I teen il slrlklug llgure, Wnlnwrlghl
lulled Willi BiltlHrnelion llial llb'eltily he
nas lliial.lne nf Dixon in the pusl porfei't
ten e.    An In, ||0 he would have Med.
"Iliven is a striking llgnie."
SlrilUBo llial fair liiiii". a pair nf hine
eye, ami mini..tin' ways jollied Willi llie
hesi Inlentloiia bnosl muke a demon
Utl II snineliines.   Tlllll WIM "Imt tin*
euluhlimtlllll    seel 1    In   have   dime   In
WllillWI'lgllt—thai is, tn his soul. His
manner was slill eouvenlloiuilly correct.
Hal (tie ttnlnial Blivnga in him was growing Ullghtlor every day and was Bh'lllnhlg
moro Insistently al the chains nf civilisation, an inheritance witb whieh generations ot reliaemeat hail loaded him. Ile
hml  long lien erased tn euro whether II
would be right lu kill Dixon.
That was all over nnw. Providence,
ihat mysterious ami omnipotent agency
Mint Ihwnrts sn many pinna ami sets nl
naught sn much oiulonvor, had been no
liis side Ibis time ami Iiml mercifully le-
mnveil Dlson. Wnlnwrlghl was weak
anil faint from tiie snappine nf llie strain
and revulsion nf reeling. II" felt sorry
fm- Dixon, lie eould remember uow that
la- had been fond of him hefnl'c Uii- tiling
enme between them, lt was net Ihnl he
ever bore liim personally any ill wiil, put
only tlmt Dixon had been ro horribly in
tlie way.
Yes. it did seem ten bad far Dixon;
everything in live fer und yet tn die. lllll
Dixou luid been brave nbout it.    »'l	
Ilu-? had told him Hint it wns Hi .,1
he luid nnt seemed lo care, and lhe In k
nf contentment waa nut a mere moliien
Inry uplifting, hut had staid on his f.iee
VYllinwright innl ant seen him. but Hinsi
wh,,  had  said  that   even  In  dentil  lie
shiulowa be Iiiui seen a light beyond.' Il
was a consolntlon to bis molher. leu
something w lerfltl ami mystifying t.i
his friend
ly   began i
.1 llie l ' In,.HI
In viely   lie hml
I'alonil iilm— nn I [I
 in  hml  millennia
lliee.l him In In a ,
Imped llul
ow  what  a
ill. I
ii puzsled \v
  else heeaui
ed Mb
at  mnn
he l:i
i hi
se |,|
line I'lel-pout. Dixon ha.l
self nnd Ibus plnuled the
1- in bis heart, I'm- will;
-r she would ill time 1 ive
Dixon lovh
bim.    That   was a  foregone eu
Nn heart could withstand llial 1
pelllng    pe; nllly.    Eveiybnd
lllxnu.   Without exerlllig bims I
Irresistible.   Therefure. Wnluwr
all hi
it i
Lie. Willi Dlxnll mil ef Ibe way. I.,-.
ev.-r. In- w.ml.I lake I la own ehuliees wi.h
lhe rest, and he would net fail el'.i r
Elnln usl love bim.   lie would ranke
lier. he Ihollghl fiercely,
lint abi.nl ll bituary.   He wnn],] he
lusl ami dn hi. lasl wilh it. Hive:, l.a.l
been generous and drove, and In- would
sny sn. Dixon hm! been high minded
and pine nml upright, lie wiilll-1 pul
• Hot in. I liven hml been as linndsnine
as a Greek Bed ami "s warm hear!,..] s
a child,   lie wonld tel] that too.   Dixon
luul 1 ti a scholar, Imi  uunstei lal ,.u»
He had 1 11 a mpllshcd, ami In- em
Bldered Umi hi- nri iiuplishmenls were
for tin- hi-nclll ,-f I it frlenda.    II.. wna
I'll- lv | .le I.eilUll l>. enmh.le n.lll
Th,,   rem
ill.i.-l .1... ■ :
I ever llle 1. -
I   his   lieallh.
nnge nr Beetle
  time I livid know what a frleud he wns.
Wnlnwrlghl began lo drend oulstretclunl
luiinls mul looka ef sympathy, lie fell
thai In- was living n lie. nml yel how llll-
speakiibly brutal it would be in lell Ihe
I null.
The only consolntlon In- round was n
new sweetness ill I'lnihe I'icrponl's manner. . Tbe possibility uf failure lo win
her wns something be hnd mil permitted
himself to contemplate Blnce Dixon's
death, ltut tins added gentleness gave
hlm encouragement nml a certain degree
ut   peiue.
He would tell ker ull a I  ll smne
lime. She would forgive ami pity. Slie
mast forgive, bi-enasc it was love ef her
that mndo him hale Dixon, l'.esid-.-s. II
was mu Dixon lhe lynn that in- hntrd,
hut I liven Hm obstacle, He laved Iter
su intensely that it must atone fi r rv
trythlng, ami in imaglnntion lie till I.e.
linns nrnnnd his neck, ami lier cheek
pressed bis ill synilnilliy.
her his lovi 1 tn ask lor hers Unit a
torrenl uf lier? words fairly choked I llll
In tealilv it wns su hard Hint Iu- Civil!?
wrote il and then waited feverishly f i
h.-r reply. 11 was ages coining, hi
thought, lhong*Ii renll? it could luivetome
no sooner. "'Dear Mr. Wailiwilght.'
Why didn't she rail me llul?" lie wna
deled Willi vngtlo drend.
ill.    W;i
llul  Wldl
lieu l rei
only Hau,
Mlti tnun , Uu»klt>|OU, B Ct|i*i,1ii In On*
Slilvutlim Army. Tells Hmv Sha K'- |
gained Hultli Thr-uugh tuaOia ut Ur. !
William-,' flab I'iHi
Frum Mil* Sun, Orougevllle, Om.
Vuiontj  lhe "ui* ■ t  .mil uiost highly
resj d  i'.-ii'ir-- --:  Uratngeville  ia
Mr.s. John lluaklusun, whose daughter, i-:niinn. ii;i> nn* u number of
yeurs I-'-ii .hi .:i ui-' sufTerer from the
.1' er elTecla of nmlurlal f-uver. .-\ re-
porler o\ Lhe Sim lifiiniig of tin- wuii-
lIlTful '■IL*. 18 which l'i*. WillmiiiH*
1' ill,   l'i!):.  ha*,.*  had  uu   Miss   llur-kili-
Kuii, lulled nt her home \o euqulre into i ii.* truth nf Un* rumor After
-tn im: the reason *>f Ills visit, he
w«a kiudlj rec (veil in Mrs. Iluskln-
nun, who gave him 'hi- following
fi c - ol 'hi* i uro 'Home yoara ago "
-ii -i Mi - ilu-i- in-'.ii. in., daughter
Knuim, who i.*- ww ■-.** j - •...!. ol Lho
SewmurliOl corps ol 'tn* Salvation
\rii]\ wus »ttai i-"i i y malarial
i.'vi-i sin1 wus ■ iuli i .i dm tor'n eara
f.u* a long lime, ,u.l although she ro-
i o\i*n .I ■-iitiitii'iii i> lo go about, the
after effects ol llm fever lefl her very
w'-ui, and ih-- ttoi lor dltl nol saem
ulil- in pm anj life Into hor, She
hud frequent liuadaehes, was vory
pul'-, innl the lettsl exertion Would
greatly fallgue her. We thoughl a
uhnnge mlghl do her good and consequently she wenl on a \i*^it to Toronto. Whilo Ihere sin* was advised to
try l'i Williams' Pink i'ills and at
once purchased ti supply. Beforo shu
had finish, il the second box she noted
a marked change for the bettor, her
appetite Improved, her color returned, the feollug of oxhaustlon had dls-
npiH-arcd,   uud hy the time sin* luul
rig, ILA-TOSCANA,"!^!:;^;^;*^
sin- vvn
if heullh. end all her
luul returned. Al-
i lu-r work ui tin- Sftlvtttlon
i> liiir.l uml oxposoa her in ull
id weather, silo hns since been
n dn ii  without tin- lenst In-
Joying i iu- besl
Old-lime     Vie,,,!
•"Home i inn- ufter my tbu liter's
eure I found myself completely run
down, uud tn ntlll In my trouble wns
solzetl wiih n severe ntlnck uf rheumatism, itcmeinborlng tbe beuelil my
dntiuhler luul received frum Iir. Williams' i'ink i'ills. 1 deeideil Ki use
tbem. und befu'e I Innl taken Imlf u
dozen Imves I felt fully recovered mul
have been in tbe best of health ever
since. My advice tn nil niling is lo
use Hr. Williams' I'ink I'ills for Palo
People." .
Ur. Williams' Piuk Pills lhave restored mure weak nnd niling women
nnd ejrls to roliusl health than nn.v
nther inedieine ever disi-nvured. which
in purt accounts for their popularity
throughout tin- world. These pills
nre sold by all dealers ur mny be bud
by mail at .-ill conts ll box. or six
lioxes fur s*J.r*,t'. by addressing the
Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.. Brockville, Ont.
I tii.ev llul lie
I that lit believed
surpnttlnij beauty.   With all tli
h. ..: ; in,   I am tmly unite!
me tii.Av how 1 leit 1 nr., ami.
I appreciate Un- In -■  I yi ■■
me. anj 1 could r.evcT plai.- -- >
11     -ame i Ifei m. I. by .un
i-   •: ^ ,- -.!,- Impooll
- I a
i|| I
Mai. lliv.r
ulml Hull
I In
ll.     lie
I-l  ,
nl le
I-l bi
ll-, he
af.a .1
'Unl t
] h- ua. ae
.ln.1,1 pncnninnln had spared
plntioll tlml  he lunched  fur
e got nnl a fresh pencil nud
the title "Justice l" Dlinn"
.. loualj nnd iln-n sbndd red
mill nn.l glnring lnipro|irlely
li.N down ..i
u us win 1
Klnine Innl I
I.II in-1 a n
he.  Weill"!
still live,
more tlm
-..„ Lilly
id   il
,-.   It must
..In. had die.l
, ,,,-ses- his
tail- Ihnl ii
nstlce te Hi\
Aiiilnneile ennl  '»  I'liid  mnl  stone
1,1 ,   ,1-   levluie     mul   burns   "HI.
i.enr.eh  nn\  Maine uml in. antoke
A Si,-*,, Conolnalon,
"I hyub I it said in seh,ml." n-uiaike.l
Miss Mlnml Itteun, "tint innu Is a biped
WlfOlll   leiille 1-- "
"What's n billed*." naked Braatua Pink
"lia's  ,-r  n animal nir twn lair-'-"
"Well,   Miss Mlnml, It slin'ly  i« link!
||C     I       tl els     CHS     I, f     Off, 1'H'S     „ lllll
I.,-, -, ■ ns r'uin initio "in- auolher lnt
ir you imvo Backacho you Imvo
Kltfnoy Disease, tfyon neglect
jlackacho it will develop Into
Bomething worso—Bright s Dis*
r;iso or Olahetofl, Thero te no
use rubbing and doctoring your
bnck. Cure the kidneys. There
is only one kidney ini-iliiine but
it cures Backache every time—
nywny.   Ilelmnlh
Hiiubl nlteiul to tlmt. 11.' would conrou-
n-nie Ute whole riTorl npnn tli.* imbj rt
mntler. lie eonlil iTenll ^" many little
ntiml **'i-, \\lii.*!i showeil tin- lovnble na
eu,- ..r tin* mnn, sn mnny hright snyinga
tlml were trltlofl in llieinsolves, hut till
tt.1,1 f.n* noble living. Tbey would imtko
iin* nleturo more \ i^ i.I nnd lifelike. Dis
nn*i rrlemlfl -should see the grondeur of
ih,- mnn ns iierhnps tbey hnd fntled )■•
,-c n in hla lifetime, r-i thoy bad had
imi! ni tun clone range,
It was no ordinary obltunrj that Wnln-
ivrlghl «n*< mnking. A transformation
luul come ovor bim, Iliu fnee was pale;
his oyea IiIh^i-iI; bin breath wnn nhort.
Edison's ninn to tl**
h.v nbollKlilug dyimi
ilrcds of meclianles
In  Vlennn   lelepbi
"1 ths."    uro   phn
bembig tlu* requw
please." Tbo clot!
ebunged, an.l th.' nn
in., nhplero of ihe ti
'my precaution.
l.v has proved sud
tor oU Mont Hlm
electric power
ill  mist   luin-
n-ith napkin
t'lpe, if ym
,' frequontlj
of wiping tin
Itl    ln*Ml
iK' hml become an irtlil in love with lilt   Blight,
nl Ilu* lop of Ilu*
Mulcts at ih.< ba-*
r.*.*i hum. Mess
trouble, ami tin*
d by lhe
vi-ssfnl as uu Insula
A double Hue of or-
on wnr was Ink) on
th.* liniihls Mnleta
intnin nml ihe I'etlts
Kiitli Iii
wns ;..ritH)
nt without
'trieliy, as
was very
Anil 11 they are diseased nse the
World's Greatest Kidney Cure,
And if they are dise
World's Greatest Kl<
It's a simple matter to test the kidneys. You need not
consult ;i ilocior. liy .iskintf yourself three questions, you can
determine whether or not your kidneys are deranged.
l."irst__" Have you backache or weak, lame back ?"
Second—" Do you have difficulty in urinating, or too frequent desire to urinate ?' .
Third—"Are there deposits like brickdust in the urine
after it has stood for 24 hours ? "
In its early stages kidney disease is readily cured by a
few boxes of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, a preparation
which has made Dr. Chase famous throughout the world for
his wonderful cure of diseases of the kidneys. (
If you have kidney disease you can take Dr. Chases Kidney-Liver Pills with perfect confidence that what has proved
an absolute cure in so many thousands of cases will not fail
you. So long as the cells of the kidneys arc not completely
wasted away, as in the last stases of Hright's Disease, Dr.
Chase'e Kidney Liver-Pills will give them new vigor and
strength and absolutely cure kidney disease. One pill a dose,
25 cents a box, at all dealers, or Eomanhon. Bates & Co., lo-
ronto, Ont.
A western couple who woro 011 a
visit lu Now York fur llie lirst Lime
put up nl the Uiililorf-Aslor during
their stay in Unit city, uml what
wus left uf thoir lirst. day in "lew
York they largely devoted tio view-
ng tin* decorations of tin1 hotel. Tlie
nyrllo room, the Astor gallery und
ho groat ballroom were \ lowed h.v
hem, und tin* mngnlflconco ot 'It-*
ippointmenls nml opulent decora-
Ions left them both breathless. They
mill lit tie, howover, in comment.
>nt tlmt a wo wns one of the feel-
nga Hint what thoy luul witnessed
javo rise to was evidenced by the
tusbnnd, who, upon retiring for the
litrht, when he wus nsked by lii^
faithful spouse if, according to his
al custom, ho was not going to
put his shoes outside to be btackon-
t. einphiii ienl.v replied. "Xol much,
If I did. they'll gild them."
PABVELBB'8 I'ii.i.h pu.isesa the power of
acting Specifics!IV upon the ili^ouced organs,
tlmulaung lo action the dormant eneryiea
(ih.* Bystem, thereby removing disease, In
net. f.'^ri'"1 te the power of ihis medicine
to cleanse and purlfy-lhat diseases of almoflt
ty name ana nut'iru are driven from tlio
body. -Mr. D. Oftrewell, Carswell.P, o.. Onl..
writes: "lhave tried Parmolee's l-illsnaa
find Ihem 1111 excellent medieiue nnd one
Hint wi.l.-ell well."
riuiiiiiK O'e Wnj*.
ill win lier yel!" lie erlod, with th
utioii.    "1 love her, nn,! love wi
Mrs. Oooder- .My poor buy. Imvo yov
nothing better to do on this beuutlfu1
day tlmn Idle vour time in tlio street
Tommy—Idle nwny time! 1 nln'1
a-idtin m.v timo. There's a josser ii
Unit 'ouse wlv mv sister who's paid mi
a burner to watch ror tlml uml glvi
liim the tip In time to get—Engllsl
Ladies uf Canada
'I [j.'   u nrld   nevi*r  snw   sueh   nn   1 ^-
\irnoii  Wiii* called forth.
Canadians, Australians nml lhe
Bplendid .*. until of Natal rought si h
li\ side w ll h Hm' Drll Ish '<*.i planters
ui I'yyloii .md   India
Viistrnlla drinks lhe teat ol ' nylon
und India, while t'nimtlu alreadj
prinks Uioir lllach Ten h.-inhors ol
\  i;tU,lilA   UANU
Tes-       I   bear   vuil\'\e   lal*
tcrem  in church work.     V.
M;.ml  u,   ii,,P.    haven'i   yoi
.1.* -       Nut   yet,   bul   I'm
toduj .    ami     It's   '-'   Imv
Illo^id^ in  11       Charlie oul)
lust tiigiii
1    1  ll
1   1
III   S..1H-
1,11    III"
III       III.-
IT   ||(   III.'
Quiller—Old   Perkins is not
sell' an)   more.
Quizzer—Why,    how odd*
doesn't  lie really know wl;.. }.
n 11
tu v.J 1
\ u
HI »
te to
bill   .V
■ I
I'll  III.'
vl.V   Olll   lll.Til "Mlll-
-rontl mi'ii" aro only wuli-
upijllca      Wlill.' "slt-on-the-
Lndiea nl Cum
li.'   Ilrll Wi  |iln
■-.-il tn lli-mnln oimhI.Ip.
i'l In' liiMt'iialblp tu tin- honor
: 1 li.. Smith family," tin'
na |im-r mill, partly In jt'sl.
l„lll,l,'ll III,'
An.! slit' 1
11.UIKI.OOO of ns in tli,
mi' i-iiiiiikIi nir ly." rv
11:: '.' ii'.'ii »illi iI.'cIhIiih
inl  nt.'i' tin- family.'
In Iii- Vt-.tiKiAtii.,: I'li.t.i Itr. I'lii'in.'lr.' lias
given to tho world tliofmltaol lung aclon-
iiii,- retwnroli iti tli,' wholo realm ..I modleal
M'i. 11,'t'. coniliini'il Willi I'll' nml vnlnnblo
ilift'tiv.i'li- novor li.fi.if known t.i mini. K„r
DKi.l.'ATt: ash lli'.iiii.itATiiii Co-tariTtmoNB
I'nimoloo'a l-lllsnut likonduuin. Tiilicn in
bin.ill dosoa, tl Il.'il ia bull) n Ionic mill n
atimulnnt, mildly oxcltinu lb.' Doorollooaof
Ibo bmly, giving lono tintl viyor,
A -.i.iil.'i'i, Wonilor.
'Must Ibink ..I ii! Tbi. -ireaent imiu'
linl form nt' govvriinu'lil in Cliina lina
covered 117 coitlui'li'a!"
"Dnt'B untiling.   Little Tominle limit
bonrd bus oovorod 111 .if '. uul till bm
st'vt'ti ivnz tm <b> snitit' wliuoll"—Clove
In ml Plnlu Dottier.
mt—"Ktli.'l, I inns
it   l.iUflllllg   tlml   I
know  it  tloos not agree '
Etltol    troslguodly)—'*
iiiiiii,inn    l-ili   I!   ibii'l s.hii
thing in this world tlmt
either wicked or Indlgesl
■•Jltirle. .lid
(rom Purls''"
' .;i euiirwi    II.ini
ll   I I   I."..iH llul   11:
givo 1 ll  m.\   l.it'lb
tiii, rstirj,"
t bring tm' .t |ir
null   I   It
,g« for >
Minard's Liiiicn! Cures ColuS, Elc.
"Hlml'i v,
iskod Hi
' Well,*
■ 'peara t
much .if tm
buy Jusli I
mil i
your husbi
■tl   Mis
ike   lie
ring    Frill—Eddie,
b'lleve tl vogi'tu!
yer I Ith?"
Evcrtircd Eddie
.bn  wotevar I  k
Wlfllllll'S   il   bi'.lt
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
hy local application
liWiiMwl portion nf tin* car,  Then
- they cannot roach tin
ly una
Thomas 8,Bullon, Sunderland.writes: "Fur
fourteen years I was afflict <i with Piles!uml
JriM-uuntly I wns unable to walk nr sit, but
four yearn qgo I wan cured liy iihIiih Ur.
Thomas1 KcWctrii- Oil. I Imv,* iU-hi been
nubjtct tn Quiuriy for over forty years, but
Eelectrie Oil eured it, and it was n i>ernia-
nent eure in both eiiRi-i, us nt'iiber the Pile-s
oor Quinay have truubled tne since."
wny lofiiro itmfiii*-., nn.l tlml
lioniil niiiii-illi-M Ut-ntnrnH te i-au*-d by an In*
tluini"! uondltlon <>f lho mucous Iiiiiii^"!' ib-s
lai-tailii.in hit..*. Wlu-u thin min- gels .ullum-
nd you havu n nmiMiiiK hhuiiiI or iniji'iliift
lii'iirhiK, nn.l wlu-u ii iHPiitin-lv i*lnsi-i iit-nfnt<gs
in then-Milt, ui il nnlf-s *ln-liitlaiiiliiiitinii vnn
be taken out and thlB tubo refltored to Uaiur-
nmlcondition, licnrlna will bo dGBtroycd for-
evur; ulnecoaea out of ton nro enii**i*-.l by i*a-
Lii'rh,wbii-b'iH nothing tail an inflamed condition of ibo niii.* hh mirfacea,
We will give Om* lliiiulr.-.i Dollars for any
rase of lii-iifiii'-'s (imiim-iI I'V i*ntiirili) tbat can
imt be cured by Hall's Oatnrrh t'uro. Bend for
cln-ulnr-j, tree.
I*'..! CHENEY k OO., Toledo, 0.
Bold by Dmguiilfl, 7fie.
Italia Family l'dlttiiie tbu best.
s.-lf fill
inily (in- SiiirHft lU'iiurm.
orehurdlst aiiould mnko hlm
iiiiiii* with tho fruit crop con-
ih soar,
know In
mi uudorsltiod Hi
in. uti crops on Uie
per la,hIh 1 und mn
it-. u;it of the t
•ra thus failed i
is.     Wlm
. spend
that   wav
able is
A few
ccs for
nsacl imi
got theiv
shull     11
y niid
irchnrd and
and  thon
The growe1*
should Ke' iitole out of ii tlmn any
other person; yet it is too often thn
middleman thn! gets all Hu- prollts.
—Kaniioi-H' lleview
If course ho was clearly behind tin*
ii >. Love enn still occasionally iimi a
.y. but it isn't any Ihing liko so quick
il good a pathfinder ns money, and, as
mil, it reached tlu* citadel souu-wli.it
Corns cfttiBe Intolerable pain. Hollo-
way's Corn Cure removes the trouble.
Try It and see what an amount of pain il
When   ii   married   COUplo   st*i;*.i   out
to do light housekeeping II t tenns
tlml lhey expect to get hulf of their
li*. Ing at  •■mother's."
er formed rock
Igneous   and
ure  nil   Hlruti-
volcanio    rocks
Nearly all pure carbon exists in
three distinct forms—the diamond,
graphite uud charcoal,
kAik&LTi tkik&n m9t% iftAAAA'k'A'k'k'k'ak
Jf9 *■»*• 9 WffV Vfl WWtF»W 9 9 WiFW ■
Allow k hii
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks unit IkiikI- bought, eold and '.
m        carried on margin.    Lietcd
* mining Blocks carried
|       BROKERS, ETC.,       jfc
* Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg <»
* " ft
Tlio superiority of Mother Oravea' Worm
Exterminator li shown by ita good effect,
on tlio children. Furchaae a bottlt
and glvo lt a trial.
Uiudl Liniment Cons Garget in Cots.
t'AN I'M.I. III M   Ul' tlllllN
Tho miIiiiii's crctlllora  will    loru'
tt.l li'il i
|il",IMII"   lllll
lono in liis p
lu- Ims Inal
I'l'ftt '«
ng nlii.nl   tli
 II  iiinti'
• grail Tin
Yew wwter buy thet Imifer, ,.-- ■   I ■■■ m'i l«ll<
I wouldn't nell diet lull r, iir, I ■ ■"■ Hvio inai
Xo, sir.   if ye\i liiould come nn Iaj j Kttj In i
I'd (jn un sliut tlio Bi-il-1*-* dooi ju let thet tell
I*<1 let lier sunJ rlffht where ilie li ll I •■- ■-• ■
Mdtv IM ull ont* side ol i.-i. t .•;'■> ■■'■■ l*« ;
in ny,
\Vw lui i* I I wonted to dl |. - .   Vm mv i h
hecrj It wroiiff.      j
TJ buy a dozen like her,-Teh, If ycw'J !*..,: thi
1,1 cciirsc I've gt't a lot ot stt.tt*, mor« •'
what 1 need,
An I am short <jf Halle ra in an toi u     ,■ -
t>t feed,
Hut m for wiling thet Ihere L rssl I *-■ ■- In't.
Lowest jirleed ever uu"t«ii. Film catalogue
TO i lii-trutl'im innili-l tree. Writt- u-* forauy-
tblug in aiualoorlUuilrnl IniUunieuti.
Whaley Royce & Co., Torwu\nii"V mJ,.
LBB, Winnipeg,
Catholic Prayer RftmTSl*
alurn, Rellgloiu PietQf« StAtQjLfr,**Utd Church
OniArtHiiti, EdUOalloilal \\ nrka .Stat'onKTitr-u-
tolvApromptAttentlun [!,_] X:\ilUt.t.fXl-.il
(Trnde Mark RogUtond N'ovsmber 14,1800 i
Dr. Banoho tgraea to tak« Instrura-enti i*ok
.it half [-riim if parties u-iit- thi :;*. are ii I iv ii-
Bfitted after Ofllng lur fivi* ■**,*, kn.
F. Fre«, Wjnnin. g. sivs: I have us«*..l "Oiydonor1 fortn-'i weeks fur Br nchltll an-t Oatarrh uf the Head, and 1 feel Ike a new man.
Mrs. F. I.. O ok, Winnipeg, says    I had raf-*
fered Untold Bg<-iij*-i innu Bright * Disease,and
It relUv-ad tno oi Pain, and i i ■*■ i vreekc 1 was
Mr. W.ti Kllworihv, Wmniiv'K-.MV': Ih.iv*
iiit-«l almost
       -.., tucludlng mMmerlsm  galran-
l8m,eloctrlol*elt,eto   1 havt* used Oxjdonor
lOdayi nn I h-v-b vo<i mor.* benefit tiian from
njrtnlog else.
Mrs. Gngncr, Winnipeg, snys; 1 hnve usM lt
beneflclally with mj family whenever aick,
and it hai cured me oiierere tndigoatlon ami 1»
KuVd-salcra wanh il in every dl-itrh t, Addrcn
w m T.OlbUui. Grain Exchange, Wlnnlp g.
Suiitifur H -okletaot gntclul report!
uilTo eil for61 jeariwitharllcu arrhev
v.l- in hi'Vitrif for '• «eek-J, an,i tuei
Harmless; safe
U in
■    -
WH   - Fl
, un  • • i
of «
'.. ■   .
\ ■■
... ■
■   ■ ■ ■   ■
laeol   *.■ -, „ ,..- taut      t   ,        T -|. r-..--
utl "In-n-w llm
i's .• *.:; DranlKI
l,.*t (or
lollari »
-  In-
liter, 2.1,
Ci*.   1   *u
fur sail
nit-* lier purty hid, in ia
id before, of (.ourse tlio
in.J an i
I'he Sloe»• uf a Bright, Up to Date Of-
Hoe Uny,
IU» wns a freckled fiicrd, foxy looking
boy "f 13 or 1-1 uml not more tban abouf
knlf ns big us lit* ought lo bo, but ho wna
wiry nnd his cyi's wire clear, 'i'liu pro*
iniiini- of tbo store wns In In** otlice
whi'ii ilu* hoy entered.
"Do you want n buy hi-n'." nuked tbe
j-onnwler, with confidence.
"Wlmt do I wnnt witb a Uny'!" replied
ilu* proprietor-) with an intent to bun*
tun with his visitor.
*■]  don't kti')\v," wns tbe unabashed
lonpntiso, "I (tucsa lhey bare bo)*u nround i
nml   I   thought   yon
Slie'* gentle, an she's (rood on
then an cil;
A child coulJ  milk her an/ tlnn;  dtt'A  nevel
raise a heel.
She never hooka nor Jumps tlif (ence, ihe r..*.:t
runs away
An comes around at mllkln lime ". reg'lai ei thi
Ve**'J ortcr ar** the milli ilie glvci; ii'i yiller,
thick and iff eot,
Aa ez for quantity, hy gum, thet lielfer can't be
beat I
They'l junks of huitrr lluatin round Inside li.c
milkin |iail;
An ipeakln o( her butter, Zeb—but then she ain't
fur sale.
Yew (ay j*ew*rt  bound to  bev her,  Zeb?    Yew
want her purty bid!
The sinkrst piece of cow ll---.li, iir, a f-irmer ever
had I
Wulh thirty dollar* n ilia Hindi, sn not a dollar
For I'm a one prlco critter, Zeb, yow'il find thet
out, I b'ueM.
Wuth thirty dollari et she stands; I'll tell ytm
what I'll dewi
I'll iwap her uuw   fur Iwenty-fltl**—'twill me an
her an yew;
Jrst twi*niy-tivi*.  no m^re tit It**, tur I'm a one
price man,
Au if ytw'd want to swap her back, why, durn It,
Zib, yew can.
—Joe Cone Id New Y'jrk Sun.
4i    Money lent nt lowest riiloa. jj
w    Hhicksnnd bonds bought and sold, jj
•li    Railway nnd other farm lands In jf
nnitohn nnd N. W. T. for wile. jr
Mii|iMiiml folderti euut un upplica- '♦
4; th...
4)     Gait conl from I.ulhltrldgc,
m    Prices quoted to all railway points.    -
4t >
uA*9m*****m****4*,9*9**9) ' dushed out afler lhe olfendor.*
linifH' (iometiiut s,
ulglit want one."
"Well, since yon Imve tni-iitiuui'il It, 1
"What kind ot n hoy do yo» want?1
Tin* proprietor looked hlm over with a
more nr Iras luipicloui cyo,
"J wnnt n good hoy," lie said slowly.
"Thin I won't do." hUid tbe yuuiifstt-r.
"Why won't you? Are you n Imd
"Um-tun—or," hesitated the caller.
'I'm just n buy, that's nil. There's smne
iliiii}:   wrong  with  'em  when   they're
He sinrtoil out, when the proprietor
■nllod bim back.
"Hold on," he said. "Moybe you are
what 1 want."
"If yon want n good lliine, I'm it."
■mill the boy, "and you won't bnve to
push me along, either.'1
"How uuich do you want?"
"I want u million, hut I'll take f3 n
"When enn yon brgln?"
"This very miuute, If you'll clve tne
my simiier. I liiivi-n'i hnd anything to
"tit for three weeks."
"Nothing to eat for threo weeks!" ei-
.hiiniiil tbe proprietor.
"Nothing lit. I've ^craped alone nn I
■onli], hm I haven't and n nquaro meal,
With pic On the side."
"All right. Ymi shall have your supper. And whero will ymi Bleep?11
"Ob, I won't sleep nt all. I'm going to
stay uwitiie of nlfflilB wheu I ain't busy,
bo*8 I can feel how good it Is to have n
lob nnd not money in my clothes, llully
gee, there's it kid oul there trying to gal
nwny with a piece of lead pipe.   Let me
mk him onco." Ami iin*' new employee
can te- - - -\   *.   '. .i    thnn
in ilie   '■■■■.■..    •
Watches   Jewell • ■    -   ■■■*■.*.■ ■
and Diaiui
our   Palace furnished' ami re-
liabh   - ■■   '.■■. larwrs
We would like :- ii I
come quainted with our
business and its
Ing feal •'■■ - An in I■■■■■l order
—however trifling il -*--:■ - ■■ ■
—is aI^va^■i appreciated foi ts
evidence of friend! m ss H 9
as easy and satisfactory to do
business with us "by mail" as
tho' you were here In pers   .
Our new handsome illustrated catalogue—sent free on ap*
plication—tells just how.
B. & H. B. KENT,
The Leading Jewellers,
Our new ami handsomely illustrated catalogue will rliice )'ou
in just ns good a position to
"shop" wiih us as though
living in our city.
It contains hundred* of the
very choicest tilings In fine
jewelry, watches and silverware.
A copy will be sent you free
upon application,
Emblithcd 1651.    Yenge and
We ri*?u Adelaide Su.,
di»r(n tad
[,tlrr   Toronto.
Buying the Rutland Music Stock,
at ;jU<j un the s, is what enables us
to sell music at lower prices than
uny other Btoro In < anadi
Our Special Bargain lots aro decidedly lower than nny ever offered.
Lot No. 8 contains 20 pieces <>1 10c
music for 50c. 'ihis means we (five
you music for
50C, WORTH $2
Containing the Following :
I want my Lu Lu.
My Lady Lu.
I Like to Hear that Song Again.
I Watted, Ilonoy, Watted Long f'-r
Come Hack to Erin is the Bong I
]Lov- Beet
On the Old Missouri BI
Lt:t Music Break on this Blost Morn
Little Baby Joe
Let Mo Iir-r-utn Again.
The Loiter In the Candle.
Topey-Turvy, Cake Walk,
Topsy Is in Town. Cuke Walk
Muscotto Marcho.
Mascotte Quadrille.
Moscotte I'otporrlo.
Cooing Doves.
Curious Btory.
FatlnlUa March.
Bavarian March
Postage) 10c Rxlra.
(Successor to E. B. Butland.
The Only Printers' Supply
House in the Northwest
i;a uvnit Street! Winnipeg,
Editor and Proprietor.
nf     th'
- he in
'I'lie Herald desires to give tiie news nt tiie
district. If jou know any aboul l^our town
ymir mine or your people, «utl it lo thli nttke.
Gflinliling is now running rampant in
Toronto and the aulhortttea seeut powerless to stop it.
Cunailtt. like the United States, has
loo luaiiv elections. What the country
needs is fewer electinus and more business. 	
If you have not had the -grip the pnst
week you are very much out of date.
The Nelson 1-conomist is Untiring nut
how near many of tbe towns ate to
Heaven. We imagine that the people of
Nelson are of the opinion tliat lhey are
very close to Hell during the Ions;
ilruwn-oul fight lietween John Houston
and the Miner. 	
Alfred Harms worth, proprietor of the
London Mail, hud charge of the New
Vork World for one day, and showed
his idea of the 201I1 century newspaper.
As the young man made aliont £30,000,-
000 tu S years in the newspaper business,
we are willing to conceed that he knows
what lie is talking about.
British Columbia lias a few woiiW-Ijc
dailies that use the country weekly press
for news of the interior, and for which
they give no credit whatever. The daily
paper thai makes a practice of such
work is guilty nf u contemptible action
to say the least. The editor of thf
weekly paper, by hard wotk and the es
pendlttire of lime ami monev, secures
the news of his district, and this is quiet*
ly gobbled by papers that don't spend a
rent in that direction. The Nelson
Tribune is one exception in this liue,
and John Houston, with nil his faults,
never fails to treat tlie weekly paper
What   is   the   matter   with   Nelson
Since Charley Peters was transferred to
Vancouver,   the   preachers  are  selling
their household goods and leaving town.
Tuttle*   ■»» WMch There  It  *•■■» Per-
,f,itmm,- for Sentiment.
There are few Bentimeuttil allusioni
iu miy of the reports which enittituti
from iii** governinenl printing offl
Washington under authority
commissioner of labor, it n,
fcurprlse, therefore, t.> manj to know
that the eleventh annual report ofthe
commissioner of labor coutains in tiib-
ulated form, reduced to exact percent-
nges, a statement showing the occupations of divorced women.
The bureau of the statistical expert iu
charge of tabulation divides the female
population of tlie I'nlted States of ten
vears ur upward into four general
(lasses. First there are the married,
wbo number 13.1C per cent. Then there
ure the widows, wbo number 10.10 per
cent. Third is the rlnss of the "single
and unknown;" these number00.64 per
lent. Finally ihere are the divorced,
who constitute nine-tenths of one per
cent, of ihe female population "f ten
yearsofftffe or over lu the United States,
and they ate distributed througl I
various occupations, which lire statistical experts have endeavored to state
-.villi iimlevtatlng exactness, in' the
luiiil number of divorced women employed, it •-■'■'"i* Umi .:.'i |>er cent, arc
bookbinders,   .08   nn-  shoemakers  mnl
.t'u nre corset makers. A much smaller
proportion, .48, are saleswomen, while
nc are telegraph and telephone operators. Stenographers ami typewriters
nuke up ,67 per cent,, and ..*.*- nn* mill
The olllclal statisticians nt Washing-
oil look neither to the right nor to the
eft in their tabulation nn.l ii need be
nn surprise, Iherefori*-. to know that
1.83 of the divorced women of the United
States who have any Limine** occupation nreiiiei-ehiiuis, Mi-tnrccnrpct timk-
■ rs, and ,4(1 an* hat and cap innlcers.
Milliners come under a sepflrate division, their percentage of divorced
women being 1.32. <>f seamstresses
there arc 1.35, nml of clerks and copyists
,61. Moreover, .20 are boxmukers, ,68
printer*, .31 cigarette ami tohaceo milkers, iii in lhe confectionery business,
1.4:1 dressmaker*---.. ,40 paper mill operators, aud .15 iu silk mills.
The professions bave a considerable
number of divorced women. 1.84 being
music teachers nnd 1.18 teachers of art.
There an* -U.i per rent, described as
hotel, rcHtuurnnt and saloon keepers
nnd Inn-Keepers and a sotnewhnt larger
proportion na hoarding or lodging*
keepers*, \M as lm
nurses, and .51 as ngt
In one particular, however, lhe report
nf the commissioner of labor seems to
be pretty nearly exact, for 3.20 of thc
total number of divorced women arc
put down nn agents and it isn mat ter of
terv general observation that divorced
women make excellent ngents where
persistence und volubility are required,
~N, Y. Sun.      ... _        ,	
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columliln
Physician arid Surgeon.
mUltbOrK   Hl.tKK.
B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Say! When you get through reading
this item stop a moment aud think. If
you owe for The Herald, come in snd
pay the money.
Thc benefit of a live newspaper in a
district can be seen by the columns of
the dailies iu Spokane, Seattle, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and Montreal
Last week papers in all of these towns
had one or more articles from The Herald, showing the resources and progress
of this district.
John Houston and John Fletcher, of
Nelson, have got the mayoralty fight all
to themselves. Fletcher is the only candidate left in the-field and Houston is
backing Fletcher. -
A North Carolina womau lias given
birth to seven children iu two years
Her husband will probably be looking
for the front ranks iu a real, live war,
where tlte whizzing of bullets will he
music to his breaking heart.
By the looks of the announcements in
tlte   Kossland Miner one is impressed
witb the idea lhat there are very few
residents of that town who are not can
didates for a city oflice.
If you want to read thc news of Houth
Hast Kootenay, you must read The Herald.   It covers the field.
Thomas O'Brien haa purchased the
Era, at Golden,   It needed new blood,
Oom Fauh it is said, contemplates a
visit to tlie United Slates, and W, T
Stead, oi London, is to be his guide.
The Vancouver World has au editorial
writer who would do well if he posted
himself before he wrote extensively on
the work ofthe United States Congress,
Some of bis items are ridiculous in the
Uud Notice.
Not It
■ liereuj Riven thai llilrtj days after
tins 'inn* 1 Intend in apply tn the olikf niii
sinner »t lands ami works for permission to
cut nnd carry awftj timber from the followins
described land-.
1 iiiiiiiieiieiiij- at tin* northwest corner of let
-U611 In itrniip one Month Kasl Kootenay, tlienee
north 130 elialns, thence iflool-alni vital, theuce
smith w chains, thenoo aaal lira chains, tlienee
iiniili in chains, ilieuee east 40 chains to place uf
commencement, T. VY, LKASK,
Dated this hi tiny ot December, 100).
Thirty days alter date 1 latQQd l-u duply lo
the chief commissioner nr Limit umi works for
permlsdou to cut and carry away tituner from
ihu following described laud; < •■■n!ii--in*,m* .it
a pnst uu Kast lino nr 0, MoAriUM'l |>rc-em|itli»D
■nn St. Marys river, and running east *.> chain,
thence south 1*20. chains, tlienee west su chains,
thence north tao'clialni to point of commencement.
W. It. M-jl-'ailaiie.
Dated ni Cranbfook, December 17, (two,
Thirty days after date LIntend tu apply tu
■fiiii-r Commissioner ur Lands aad Works for
permission to cut ami carry away timber from
following dasutllfed lahdi Commencing at a
putt nn the south imnk or si, Marys river alinni
twu mill's alinve mi mn of Perry creek, end nm-
Ingsoiith iso elinlns, thence mist mi rlrnini,
tii-i.i-i! nurtii iso chains, thence west Roolmtni
tu - win I nf cum in on cam eat,
Chester McAdgm,
i'ui-.i 1 i ini k Drocnilier 1;, ly****
idrcases:  1.80 tu
■iilinrni laborers
Be sure
you arc a
to thc
Livery S
Proprietors •* -jt .<
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   „4    „-*   jt
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon Raking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade,
W, II. •!<,»«. II. W. IIKIICIIM1-.II
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Adrian G.   Hanaucr
501-502 Rookery Bldg. Spokane. Wash.
Heaittiuariers ror sulliv.in o-nim ami
Nurtii Ht.ir.   Write nr witi* cither Imv-
iii u »r selling,
Notice Is hereby given tliat thin v ilnys aftci
date I intend to apply to lhc cin-f I'ommls-
bloner of lands and works fnr neriiil.isloii tn pur-
liiise tin* following described iutni 1
Commencing at a pnsi marked "A. R, Watt h
smith del  tier pnsi" planted ul the south
te*. turner of ||, w. Melton's pro-piiiptloti
limit ste miles iniilli west of l riinbrnnh, llience
fresl fony chains; llience north eighty chains;
heiine cast forty chains; thenco soul li eighty
halns tu thr place uf comuieneemeiil,
1 Midi ihh 1 ta day of Niivi-miier i-Don,
Ahl'HKI) IJiWAItn WATT.".,
Are you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
nt' hull-ding,
See us for Prices.
Jt    B. C.
G. Johnson....
\^ Assayer ™<
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
I w®-®-®- ®-®-®-® <-xjy - ®-®- ®-®-®-®- ®^®-®-®-®--®-®--<..-r-(.i- -®
H CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
fDA MRDnfik' ls the divisional point of the Crows
•WKAHDKUUN Nest Pass Railroad.
•T*t*5inHl*n4*riW "h'as a ,0=sta" round house, large machine
^1 -1*11 UI UUIv shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
iff Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora-
jV? tions of South East Kootenay.
[Vi; Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
|;;1 Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick nve.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
Tlie only all rail route lietween all
points l.asl, West ami South to....
Intermediate Points,
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Oreat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. K, & N. Company.
Connects at
Nelson  with Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bosshurg   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Porks and (ireenwood,
II. A. JACKSON, Oen. Pais. Ail.
Lowest Rates Best Service
To all points iii Canada and the
United States. The fastest
equipped train crossing the coo-
linenl. For further particulars,
as to time, tales, etc., apply to
I     * Insurance, Real Estate and
JOnn Mining Stock.
H||*f f* illCAtl        Correspondence  Solicited.
\*m/ Established April 1898.
/• *S I. O. O. F. Block     Cranbrook, B. C
dt Notice dt
To holders nf Miniug Stock in any Britisli Columbia or Republic Co.'s
1 am now in a position to give holders of mining .stock tlie best brokerage service
ever introduced into East Kootenay. I have connections arranged in Spokane
Toronto, Montreal, Toledo Ohio, Boston aud New York. Besides being in
close touch with tbe West Kootenay brokers. My charges for either buying
or selling will be as follows:
Stocks selling under 5c per share.. ,'ic per share
Stocks selling at 5c aud under 15c per share ,U'c per share
Stocks selling at 15c and under 40c per share 'jc per share
Stocks selling at 40c aud under 50c per share ^c per share
Slocks selliug at 6nc and under  $1 per share   ic per share
Stocks selliug at too and over 1 per ceut on money
Next week I will issue my first weekly list, so get your stocks  listed  with me
as soon as possible.
I    When in Kimberley j
{    Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Julius Hurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every-
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
®. • . • .♦.^-•-. ... ».♦-»♦. . . . . .®   Q^a-aa-a-
Meats and Poultry fEKTrSl
For the Holidays.
J Cranbrook,    Wardner, JJ
JJ Kimberley, Moyie Fer= |
JJ nie and Fort Steele. J- JJ
We are better prepared tban ever to serve the
peuple of South Easl kooteaay la our liae.
The best of Heats, Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks, Fish
and Oysters.
jtjtjt See the annual display.
rioyie's Hotel Kootenay
•        *j. \*-)/ The best of accomodations
L.CctQ lt\_ X for the traveling public.
A. (i. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C.
Trade Marki
Copyrights Ac.
Oiili-hlr iiiM-fi-iuiii nur i>|ilnii>ti free w lift her mil
nivi-iiiii.il 11 (irulmhlv [mti'iitHble. -Turnmili>[c*ii-
HiiiiHHirli'llyi'Dtiiiiliiiilliil. liuiKltiookiin lUtenti
.mill lr.ii'. IH-Ii-M m-.-ii»-y fur Mc-nrliik patent*.
I'.it mil i t-ikt-11 llirmmli Munn A CO. reculTt
tjifdiil nut ier, wiili.mi i-hiiruii, In the
Scientific American.
A imtiitiiiiiii-ljr iiiM-iiriiti<(i wi'i-klv.   l.-arueit clr-
1'iitul ' iiiiyH^.iiiiillli* I'Hinml.   '1'nrnn. »,'! ■
JOHTI four ltin.ll.  Bold liy ud nfiw-ideMleM.
MUNN ■SCO.36""-'**" New York
...un, 11 ''in, „. im. 1- Ht.. WuthiUftiuii, li.r.
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Material
and the price.
"0 Builder dt
:*:Craiihrook. II C
Get Your  Photo   Taken
and pot on one of our New
Christmas mounts. There is
no gitf that will give more
pleasure to the friends in the
Prest, Photoghrapher
Hive you talked with anyone about building?
Come and see me or let me see you. It may
do us both good.
Contractor and Builder
At ireacDl am buildlni Ihe aew SI. Kiij-,eiie
hoapllal and a number ol lwo story and other
Cranbrook, li. C.
ti --#
« •*
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU,   KINliS   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, f
Dimension Lumber, 1
Shingles and I
flouldings. |
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Norlh Star hotel at Kimberley is   one   of   thc   best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay.   It is plastered throughout -
and furnished in first-class shape.   The Central hotel at  Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
oKANBiionic, n. o.
I'll,, OvertlultiB ol :*-.• Hero uiiatnvsn,
■■ivii.it nn nil in, r hh 11 liu.'il up
"Tltey nn' lietws all Itutots- ivlio
Uave •.-niiii'ii public Qllcatlou during
tlif past yeai* or no."
"Aud what aro thoy ourrylug uuder
tlicir linns';"
"Buudlos of llUlUUSCl'Ipttj.    Yotl 800,
tlmt Is a uiagu*£[tio oftlco thoy aro vvnlt-
lUB to got Into."
"Well, why are tltey kept lluod up
Hint way! Why uro thoy not liolllg 011-
tl'llllllli'.l hlslih'V"
"Oil, iho editor is probably willing it
Bonnet on 'Solitude' or tiegollntlng with
noun* young wotiinn who hns written a
Btory with a llgbl In ovory paragraph.
After awhile ho win solid ibo ollice hoy
out t<> distribute i g thom slips of
paper coulnliilng n printed runuiiln
something llltu this:
"Tbo odllof logi'ots thnt it will lie
ImposBlblo I'm' bim lo i Ire um of
tho boroes nssoitibled. S my nimlit.
ernllons otller Inlo lho lino business
,..« Mini u sutili dues not ueeesaarlly
Imply a hiolt of heroism, nml Hi,. I,"i.i
who fulls lo p'l Inl iu uisu.il/in.- ot-
flea mny ho ivoleoi I another.'"
'I'h.' 111,1 Slory,
?p *^ L'.*vU   ''•'-.
\k'-*  ft, 'ifWW:-'-'
MVu.^"*. ,....    t    \ l\--*~ iMiL-rT*
Vmins Wlfo-Oh, Jnd;, Isn't lmby
inst the brightest clillil in the world!
Hubby-1 giiesa so. Mitt lie's nut so
bright ti.s Un* one muiluu* used to Imve.
Montreal.  Proo Bas. Am.
P.Ji.MJu-p.    E.P.31.00CB.
Ennlljr  Explained,
The Lndy—You've been brlnglug us
pretty Iilm* milk Intety.
The Milkman or course I hnve. I
don't keep  nothin  but  blue  blooded
There is dancer In oegleetton n cold.
Mnny wlm have aied of Consumption Anted
their troubled from oxpoauro, tallowed by a
oold which settled un thoir lungs, and in a
pliort Ilmo thoy wt ro beyond the --kill uf the
bent physleian, Had tln*y used Bickte'a Ami.
Consumptive Syrup, heforo tt wee tou lato,
tlu'ir lives would Imve In en spared. Thla
medicine Ims no equal fur curing coughs,
culiin, imd iill affections of tin- thron* una
1 ■*.-
und i
- -"■: ei- in KiiKinntl
. IJ   t   woman's    col
ls nboal ;i hundred guineas,
I believe Ml\\Kl>"s LINIMENT will
1 believe MIN Vttll'S LINIMENT "ill
produro growth of hair.
MRS   I'll AS    \NDERSON,
Slnnley,   V.   ti   I
I   bellevi   MIN Villi's  L1N1MEN r  is
tin- b.-si  household reined.\  on earth
M \ run \s l-'OLEY,
Oil t'ils. t'nt.
ireel)   nn
' conl  i
hard i
nml   I'
lllll  no
A Sii'i,- Conolnalon,
"I hytlli I il sunI in sohool," ri'inarki'il
Mi-s Miami lii'oivn, *',liit ninn Is a biped
wlfoiu fcatln ra"
"Wliat'a ii bipod?" naked t'linlus I'ink
-l'i.--  or  ii animal nir two lulus."
"\\, I. Miss Miami, ii sliu'lv is luck]
If you have Hacknchi! you havo
Kidney Disease, If yon neglect
Ituckacho it will develop into
Romothlng worso—Brlg'ht s His*
easts or Diabetes. Thoro is no
use nibbing and doctoring yuur
buck. Cine llio kidneys. There
is only one kidney medicine but
it cures Hackacbe every lime—
111 Ml.
A stnry »r Tn,, New-wiper
Mftii inol i. Wonmti.
linwriulit sharpened his pencil vi-
I theme, nml It wna a pnrl of hi- mul I-
wna git ii;- i i D'.-iim.   I',  it ikid a:
hi- i.!..,:.' [iretiiius tn     ng 1   . '  .    i
thi   , ml.    il" .uii. oi'.!, . im]    ii  '
vised, n- ii  lie '    i ..
npurt   from  his ereatiuu, ns  In
When llm nt'tlele was finished, ho leal-
izi"l ihnt he hml done far more thaa
write n sketch of Dixon.    Within the
Shoit   limils   ...1'   h. v.'Spapi i   K.[H .   l'i. :.'-
ho Innl nrodoced n masterly ivori, of art,
nml ho foil n strange exultation as be
omiisly. Whnt fiend Innl prompted Hot . hauded in hi- is'l'v 11ml wont home, 11"
ninth to assign Iiiui Dixon's ohitniir.vV ],;,, uot known before linn ho wns devil ntiiini'il to Bhnt'pen his pencil until ; or.    llo Bcarcely could believe ii now.
there was uothlug left hut a stub.   Tho By niondng ho began i" tvoudcr il 1 i.
next stroke of tlm knife would hnve tall- , work really were sn _ I ns i; bad see .o
on ii hit of his finger whon ho caught him- I cd lho uighl before,    llo hurried down lo
solf with n stint uml i;nve ii luil'sli. ini'tnl-i ih,. nllice, buying n  |,n|»!   on tin-  way.
lio laugh,   Theu ho gathered np iho little   hut was i lervous to read it.
Iiih- of cedar ehipa nml graphite flakes "Wnlmvrlgbt, I any," llelmutli greeted
unl nil tlum III tho wnst In: lit.              I hn'i  lm-1 I .      I'm      o-   I i:<   I clii" i
iblt- know ynu could do niiything ao fine.    I
Why Bhould lm
' in
I    lo    1,1'
. for lu
I.I breathe
lown  hne-
' I llll,
nl  tho
III ill
," hi'
uhl hi
O    IO     ■'
lho lorn
hoped Ihnl >
ill.' ii I
nor. .
miry;   lie eould nir
 I givo hlm n good .
Ihnt  Dixon wus dead) rioti
nlteilly ghul of li.   Now I	
freely onco more,   llo luul grown
mini  mnl   worn  during  tho   works
Dixon's lifo luul hung in iho balnuci
hml f.'nri'il tlml Dixon would get woll.
llo could nm loimiiihor having feared
;mil,not s„ much hefore I ho hml
been afraid of lil\,ui himsolr for itlmuat
n yeur, afraid of his manliness, his intelligence nml his Ills', wunii I I.
llo hml I u even i c nfiniil of those
llm ' his htimlsoim. peranll, nml Dixon |
'.. I 1 .on a atrlklng llguro.   Wiilnwrlghl .
imioil wlih Biitlafaclluli Ihnl nli'eaily ho |
mis thinking of Dixon in the past iiorfeet
ion i'.   An linnr neo ho wnulil hnvo iold, ;
"Dlxnn is n atrlklng figure."
Htrango Mint lair hair, n pair nf blue   IVniuwriglil ho
oyo-, uml iiltruo.tivo ways jollied wilh the { linuila nml Innl.
host liitenlloiia c il st uinke a ilemiin i thui ho wus livlu
of u man Bonietimea,  Thnt wus whin the   Bpcakitbly hn
i hiiinlion   BOCincd   In   hnvo   ill    hi    truth,
Walliwrlglit-thnt is, t„ his soul.    llis|    •■••„. „,,■), conaolotlon li
nuiniu'l' wns still couvciltioually
Hut the luilili'iil siivngo in him w
ine mightier evory dny uml wns I
more Insistently at tho chains of elvillaa-
lion, tin inhoritiini'o with whioh generations of ri'liui'iiii'iit luul loaded him.   II,.
hml long neo ceased to ouro whether il
would ho right to kill Dixon.
Thut was nil iivor nnw. Providence,
clu.t mysterious nml omnipotent agency
Ihnt thwarts so many plana anil sots al
naught so much ctiilenvor, luul hoon on
his side this liiuo mnl hml lllerelflllly i'"
 veil Dixon.    Wultiwright  ra weak
uml faint from tho snnpplng of the struiu
nml revulsion of fooling. 11" foil anrry
lor Dixon. Ho coobl remember now lluil
ho Innl heen fond nf him before this thing
eaino between thom. It wns not that he
ovor horo him pclsonully uny ill wiil, hut
only that Dixon hml hoon ao horribly in
tho wny.
Yes, it did seem too had for Dixon:
everything to I've for and yot tn die. llut
Dixon hml hoon lirnve nbout it. Whon
lhey hml told him Hint it wns thr end
ho had not seemed tu enre. anil Hie lo It
of contentment wus nut ti inert' inulueii
lory uplifting, hnl had staid nn his f.ice
Wtiitiwiielit llllli uut scon llim, hu! l.uisi
wlm  had  said   that   even  In  dentil   ho
ongb In loin. nil. r aft-
tho iissiiriiinoiit that I
wero j'tih.'is ot Dlxun
hi. memory would not
r hands."
wl|ied his eyes, "For-
ted.   "Wo nil feel Unit
llio  w;iy   j |o    lott
oi  on  tli,- force
.till   II   us  you   hull'."
ho  >ra ns thoy met
: Ida baud.
began tn enndulo with
In, si,    Tbey fear  !
„■  Innl  snn', ;,,|   ,!,..
. oo I grlel uver llm h"
I'll ,1
I  ho tu toll  III.
: in
slmdows ho luul soon u light beyond, ll
wns tt consolation to his mother, Imt
something woudet-fltl uml mystifying in
his Mends.
l'crlinpa it poaalod Willnwrigllt more
thnn any uno elae boenltae ho know thai
Dixon loved Elaine Plorpout. His .:, Innl
iold Idm sn himsolr nml thus planted thr
seeds of murder in liis henrt, for wilh
Iiixnn loving hor she would iu t'.in.' live
him. Thnt was n foregone eoucliisli n
Nn heart conhl wllhstnnil lluil love coin
polling liotsoiuililv. Rveryhuilv loved
Dlxnn. Willmitt exerting hillls If Ile wns
irreslsllble. Theri'fiiri.. Wnliiwrlgitl r.'.i
siined, if Dixon s,.|  hiinself In win llio
l.O-t IllVo Of till hi', SIIOOOSS WtlS ito tti
! lo.       With    Hi'.nll   Oltt    of   lho   IV'.V.   lo, v
over, ho would lake his own chalices u-1.li
iho lost, ntul ho would imt fail o lit f
Elaine must love him. Uo would make
hot-. In, thought llercely.
Hut nbout the nbituiiry, llo wonld he
jti-t ami ih, his besl with it. Dlxnn bud
hoon generous nnd bravo, and ho would
nay s„. Dixon bad been high minded
and pure nml upright. Ilo wiinll put
il'.i in.   Dlxou hml been us handsnuie
ti tit
trm lo
1   Wns  tl
reelttcBs iu Elulnc I'icrpout's nniio
The possibility „',  failure lo win
hor whs Boliielhlng ho hml not pcrmitled
lllinsolf   tn   onu Into   slueo   Dlxiin's
ileulli. ltut ihis added gcnllonoss gave
him encouragement nml a certain drgrce
of nonce.
llo would toll bor all aboul it sons
timo. Sho would forgive nnd pity, she
iniist forgive, because it was lovo uf her
Hint uiiiil.' bim bate Dixon, llesldes. il
wns not Dixon the lynil tlmt lio hiltrd,
hut Dlxou the obstacle. Ilo loved her
so Intensely that it must Htotii' ti !■ ov-
♦rything, ami in Imagination lio fill l.ei
linns around his neck, uud hor cheek
pressed bis iu sympathy,
Iu Imagination ii wns so easy tn toil
bor his lovo nud to ask for hers lint n
torrent of llery words fairly clinked him
In reality il whs so bard thul he tnill.v
wrntc il innl thou waited feverishly l'i
hor reply, li wns ngcB coming, lo
thoughl, Ihougli really it oould haveiou.e
nn siniitor. "'Dour Mr. Wninwiig'-il.'
Why didn't sho call mo Unl J" lm wnn
ilotoil wiih vague tlrond.
Dear Mr.  Wainwrlght—!( Ucrlruail Ilivos lm
lived, I probullj   shuul'l liavc l..,n , mr   •
Whether it would Imve pruii.l o ttiisl.i'i.,. ul aul
Uhl I
ol   i
I ll,
altae lit. world
iiii till I nn.!
wi tins loi. u il
I wish tlmt t t
il I
lu Bmtaa UutklniDD.n l m> uii. hi tin*
Salvation Army, TvlU Uow Shu Be-
galnod Eleaith Thn.u|h UtaVsa ot Ur.
WltlUm*.1 1*1 uk fills.
From 'i,-,- Sun, Orangoville, (hit.
•Uiiona ' liu ■■id- ■ I .viul most highly
ri'sjin i, (| residentfi ol OratageviUe in
lira John tluakliison, whosu daughter, Euuno Ims tor a number of
yuars been tm acutu BufT-urt-r from tlm
-1' cr cflecis ol malarial fever, A re-
j'.ri-i' ul Hu- Sun hearing of the wun-
(l.i-fui    elTeria    which    in    Williama'
1' il'-   L'lll -  llUVB  Imd  un   Miss   Huskin-
Kou, called ni her home in enquire into Un* until oi Uf rumor. After
Ntatlny tbe reu on ol I - \ i>*i. he
W..-S I jtidly ree unl bi Mrs. lln-kni-
hoii. who gn\<- imn Lho following
facl *> ui t in- euro 'Koine ; ears ngo "
mi 'i Mi.*- lluaklnson, mj daughtor
l.inin.i. who .> now eaptuin "t tho
Newmnrl el c »rj ol 'in* Salvation
Ann;.. was attaeked by malarial
finer   Sbe wan • ml r a doctor'n raro
f' i   n.   I -<o-'. and although --In* ro-
■ o ■ i il HUillcienlb iu go about, tlie
after effects nf the fever lefl her very
weak    mnl  tin* il * did n<    seem
able in put anj iiff mio her She
hnd frequent In adachi s, u.i*. very
j.ali-. ami Hi- leaKI exertion would
greatl> fatigue Iht Wu thought a
change might dn her good and consequently sin* went un ii visit to Toronto, wink' there she was advised to
try |)r, Williams' I'ink I'ills and nt
umi- purchased n supply. Before sins
had finished tin* second box she noli*d
a marked change fur tin* better, her
appetite Improved, her color returned, tin- feeling nf exhaustion had dis-
iipi-mri'd. nnd by lln* tilllo she luul
taken half ti ilii/vn boxes sin- was enjoying Hu- besl of health, mul all hor
old-lime vigor hnd returned. Although her work in the Salvation
Army is hard nnd exposes lu*r in nil
kinds of weather, she has Blnce boon
able   in  do   it   without tlu*  least   in-
.Mis. Gooder- .My poor buy. Inn.' yot
nothing better to do mi this beoutlfu'
day than iiih* yum* time in the streel
In rot
Tom iny—Idle nwny time! I nln'i
ti-idllii my tlnn*. There's n josser ;:
Unit 'ouse wiv my sist.-r who's paid tin
it tanner tn wnteli for dud ami givi
him tbe tip  in  time tu get.- r-iiLrli-'
\  i.nl.ld.N   UANU
l(hear youv've tnk< u an In
terest    n church work       Vim |taVe u
Band o|  Hope, haven'l  you?"
Jess 'Nut ,\.*l, but I'm to gt't ii
todaj nml it's in have two dm
luuuds   in   11        Charlie  oui.'.    I..! ..(uii. vl
liuil nlghl
nf c dn
mild   neve
"Some ilmo after my dtit^hter's
cure I found myself completely run
down, nml tu mid to my troublu wns
s.*i/.t*ii witli n severe attack of rheumatism. Remembering tin* bonellt mv
daughter Imd received from Dr. Williams' I'ink I'ills. 1 decided in use
thom, and befoV 1 luul taken Imlf u
dozen boxes I felt fully recovered and
have been in the best of health over
since. My advin* tn all ailing is to
use Mr. Williams' I'ink Tills for i'ale
Peoplo." ■
Hr. Williams' Pink i'ills thave restored more weak and ailing women
and girls to robust health thnn any
other medicine over discovered, which
in part accounts for their popularity
throughout tlie world. Tjiese pill's
un* sold by all dcnlors or mny be Imd
hy mail at 50 conts tt box, or six
boxen fur S-2.C0, bv nddfosslng llie
Hi*. Wiilinms' Medicine Co.. Urock-
ville, Out.
llll  w
railed furili
t .ui,i,li,i
Australians   ami
itul  i
Hi  n[  Nnt ul
si   i,
i,\    aide   -,*,
ih" British
to,,    |.1.„
,,l   1
.1   hoi.
rinks tin- n
1-   1,1 1 "
while   fain
ii,     all-.
t, th,
III.Hl        I'l'll
' 1 |t|      111
t ■...,
their  ll
I I'll S
1 I'
date i".i no
I.i  ii
'illlV.    Inl'    111
Irely mn in
il men" tm
uiily  v
III'-                    Willi"
10    so"
t lull, w
nt w
lies i
t (
anntln, »*o
1 to t: tin
1 ul'.,ill-
ni ftn
111'    ll0.OHsil.l0
tti the tl
,if it
nl,, llio Blllltl
it  yiillllt!
lover saiil.  i
tully  in
inn',' i
I i
a (.'lent
oil tl
It'll  111
v   t l.nil'l.llilll
nre I'tiiiintli
tit lis III
Willi ilooi
1 sill'
"•"''' ' '"''
llie rami
...is iim
. lv
llllil   llt'Otl   t
lie had he
ihlered   till
!,„■ llio  hei
uld toll Hint t
hin family
o-.i!   lii.tji
nl ,li,l his hest
tray.    Meelianlet l.y  1
liis Jo«-|l "V, 1' I.'- st'ti
lie lin.l heen
I.I   ho
II-   Ito
,1 il 111
I attend l"
o   Ins   nlu,lo
tot'. 11,. cm
doles which
,,f tho
were tiilh
linhle 11
l  .!.. nnd In*
nenmoiila luul spaml
thai he Itlllfhoil fur
in n fresh pencil and
Klalnc 1. .1.1 i.'fo.so.i
nil just ti mistake
1,,'. Wainwiight, v
tu lo,
slill llnd, I" possess Iii. ou
il litis ,uily rnlr that il sit,.
more thnn Justice t" Dixon
mul llio
t„ DI
til.    He would '
tor i  the
tl. 1
111 III
so mnny little
l.o lovahle na
hrlghl sm Ings
si'lvi's. Imt nil
'v would mil...
Edison's plan to
hy abollsllllitt dv
,In,Is „r atechanli
In  Vienna   tele
told f..i noble livini:.   Th
Hi,- picture iii.iii' vivid .iii.l lif.'l.i,
..it's friends should see Hie srnndrur ef
Hi,' innu ns perhaps they had foiled to
-oo ii in hi-, llfeti  for thoy luul luul
liim at tuo rinse rati).!'.
li hus iiii ordinary obituary tlml Wain-
..i-lii mis mnltiiiK.   A transformation
innl ,',,ui,' over him.   Hin fail, was pule; i i
biased; his breath wns short
ths,"    mv   pu
ine   tlu-   reo.il
<0."        'I'll,'      ol,
ged, mul tin. i
■tip.n electric power
nuts   wiil   oust   hlin-
mo call boxes, or
i.leil with nnpklns
■t. "Wipe, if you
lis nr,. frequently
acttce nf wiping the
tl.. luul liooomc mi artist In luve with hi.   alight,
ill the toil nf lhe
Miilol. ut lhe loo
-I  long.    Moss
itl.lo,  mid  tlio
i by the
ii'ssftil ns tin Insll
A double Una nf
mi wire was laid
Hie Oriinds Mill,
intniii mnl llm I'.-i
i Iir
Anil it' they aro diseased use the
World's Greatest Kidney Cure,
It's a simple matter to test the kidneys. You need not
consult a dncior. By asking yourself three questions, you can
determine whether or not your kidneys arc deranged.
First—" Have you backache or weak, lame back?"
Second—" Do you have difficulty in urinating, or too frequent desire to urinate ? "
Third—"Are there deposits like brickdust in the urine
after it has stood for 24 hours ? "
Iu its early stages kidney disease is readily cured by a
few boxes of Dr. Chase's Kidney-Liver Pills, a preparation
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Chase'c Kidney Liver-Pills will give them new vigor and
strength and absolutely cure kidney disease. One pill a dose,
25 cents a box, at all dealers, or Eumanson, Bates & Co., Toronto, Ont.
western cuiipli* whn were oh a
it tu New York for tho lirst. time
imt up at the Woldorf-Astor during
their stay in thai city, and what
was left (if their first day in -Jew
York th.*y largely devoted'to viewing the decorations of Un* hotel. The
myrtle room, tiie Astor gallery und
the great ballroom were \ ifwed by
(.hem, and the magnificence of the
nppointmenls nml opulent deeorn-
liimsleft them both bronlhh?.ss. They
said little, however, in comment,
hut Unit awe was one of the feelings thai what they had witnessed
gavo rise to was evidenced by tho
husband, wlm. upon retiring for the
night, when he was nsked by liis
faithful spouse if, according to his
usual eustont. he was not going to
put his shoes outside to be blackened, onipbntlcal.y replied, '■.Vol much.
If I did, thoy'd gild them."
1-AUut.i.EE's 1'u.i.i i-ufc-ess the power of
Sottas specifically upon the dt-seaaea nrgtuiH,
•-tnmiliiiinu to action tlie (Inrnuint energies
of the system, thereby romovlns disease. In
fact, so grout te tin* power of this nu-diaiuo
to cleanse ami purify, tlmt dlsooBea of almost
every name ana iiutnri' nre driven from tlio
body, Mr.D. Oarawell,Carswoll-P.O..Ont..
writes: -I have tried Parmelee's rill*una
find them un excellent medioine and one
that will sell well."
Pin-dins (lie Way.
"I will win her yet!" lie I'lioil, with 1
enniniilloii.    "I  low lior, anil love  w
■muse lie was rleurly behind thp
hove enn still occasional!*-; iim! ti
mt it Isn't anything Ilko sn quick
md n pathfinder us mnney, and, as
it reached Hu- cita-dc) souiewhal
Cnrcs cause Intolerable pain. Hollo-
way'B Corn Cure removes the trouble.
Try it and see what an amount of pain if
When n married couple starr-i ou
to do light housekeeping i: nenn
that thoy expect to get half of tho)
living at   "mother's."
Water   formed   rocks  are  ull  stratified;    igneous   nnd    volcanic    rocks
Nearly all  pure carbon exists    in
iree    distinct   forms—the  diamond,
graphite and  charcoal.
9 ^W 9 9 99 ""FlF 9 9 99 9 9 -y* 9 T* 9 99tm
BROKERS. . . .
Stocks and bonds bought, sold and
carried  on margin.    Listed
mining stocks carried
I       BROKERS, ETC.,       |
*> Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg y
«   *
•II Money lent at lowest rules.             **
-tl Stocks and bonds bought and sold. '*
A) Itnilwny and other farm hinds ln *
*\ Minillolu and N. VV. T. lor sale.         (J
Al Mans and folders sent on aiiplicn- -<*-
fi lion.                                                 §
4) Unit coal from I.cthhrldge,                ■**
4} 1'riees (putted to all railway points.   *J
-*****4**99*f** 4**99^*4*¥*
In Iii, Vkiikiahi.i; 1'ii.i.s Dr. I'liiimilea hm
given to tha world lho [mils,,I Ions scion.
tilio rot-enroll in the wholo ronlm of incdicnl
.i-i, ni'i', eiiiubiii.'ii witli ],, w und vnltinhlo
discovcrlod never before known in num. For
Dki.hati: ami DoKIi.iia I'Kli CoNBTtTUTlo-'H
i'llimolce's I'ills i„'l likoni'liniln.  Tail, ll 111
Bmnll ilosoa, tho olloct Ib both n Ionic und a
siitiiiilimi, mildiy exciting llio secretions of
lhe body, giving tone uud vigor.
A Moil.  W.inilcr.
'Must think ul' III Tin, ini'si'iil linpe
rial form nl' govi'i'inm-nt in China hu."
covered :i? eentm.es!"
"lini's nnihing, Little Toiuinle Ruck
liiuii'il Ims covered III nt* 'cm, and ull Imi
seven WUS! nil ile same ivlieell"—Clove
kind l'lnln Uenlel*.
Quillcr—Old   Perkins   i-   m
Bolt  i'li>    Innl'"
Qulzzer—Why,    hoiv    odd!
doesn't  ho really kunw wlm l
Minard's Liuiieiit Cures Distemper.
Miiiiiii.n —* KHi.'l. I musl leully forbid .vnu umrliing llun lobster—.nnt
know ii  does not agree with mil."
Kilu'l l resignedly)— ■• Verj well,
iiiiiiiiinii. Inn ii does S.-.-1H us it every
thing in ihis world thai is mo.' is
either  wicked  nr  indigestible **
IW.I-vrt.-lrt,    |,A, Ti.nv.Muiitrenl
I'urboi   . ii ■
 I      10     ,
111 III,.
1,   S'.l.i
oil    Ho
tSVSQ&EY ^   I
i*'     To Loan on Improved (urms at cur-   •)
rent rate*.   Write to *■
.   SAl.Ks. ROtll^-SON &  BLACK,       ^
*■ "">■'■">■ »■■•■ t
ii:i.i:iiii.\iidns pitoviiiEii  im:
' .Mil.-:.-, did .imi bring mo ., presenl
frum  runs'"
"in* eoiirse, Mnrry, uml I brought
n lm  rn' l" .un mil things fur m»i in
gi"* ll II  mv  liiilliil.il   .mil  mo ....-
HI;   I
Lowest urloog er« iiu->t-ad.   Plna uat.ilugue
■ tt t lustrattoni mailed txen.   write u* foi* anj*-
thlng iu Slutlc
i ■ Mutlmt imtru nts,
pronto.Ont, ai...
Winnipeg, Man.
Catholic Prayer Mti.'S'sIl.*?:
nUra, lii'llgii.u. PtrtorU i-taluurv.ini.lCI'nrcli
Orusme .l». Kduaniuiml U ork.   Slst! ontt'rs ra-
..i-lvii prompt Miration [i jj Saillil 1 CO. IlllltiSi
Ills  1X1)1 sii**i
"Whnt's your husband doln* now*)
asked tin- neighbor
' Woll,'   nnswerod  Mrs   Corntosso
" 'liears    i  hi," he aim   dob
much rn' anything use-in sen lm' ,,i
boy .lush lur nm l.i in' more u.ilili
rlltorlng    Frill—Eddie, .1 .  ,'ou>
h'liove u vegetable ili.'i  is besl     *-.i
y. r health?"
Jvortircd Eildii—'I b'lieve. 1'hillu
dul wotovor 1  kin gll   in do v;a\   .
tables is hest fer me."
Minard's Liniment Cures Gareet in Cows.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
hy lot-ill njipliriitiiniH, iti tiny ramint rcm-li Ilia
ilim-axiiil purl Inn of tlii'i'iir. 'Hiiif I-* otilv una
way to cure deafness, und tlmt Ib liy noiiBlUtt-
tioiml rwmi-iHi-H Ui-iifni-s-i is rauwil l>y mi in-
flamedeoadltlon •>' ttm mucous Huincof ihe
Eustachian lube. Whoa thin lulit* note influm-
ud ynu havu ti nmililir.g Himml or linni'i-leift
liPiriiiK, mul wlii'ii it iHciillri'h- <*li>s<ii ilriifui'ss
is Hm ri -uii, ji: li mil----, ilu* Inflammation enn
he tnki'ii out ami itiis till"! ri'sltirt-il tn ilsinr
nml conditiou, liearlnjt will hn dcstroyctl for*
evbr) nine cases out of tt*n are caused hv i*r>
t'UTli, whii-li'is not liim; Intt uu iiitl;iined cun-
dltlon of tin* mui! uh surfaces,
We will ni v.- (Jim Hiitutri'd DoIIhb fur any
I'nsoof Iii-iii'iii -s (i'iiiisi-il liv fiiturih) that enn
not he i-nniilliy Itnll's Catarrh (Jure. Hend f-jf
clriular.i, Hoc.
F.J. CHKNKY ■& 00., Toledo, 0.
Snldhy Di-ukuHIb, 7-fic.
Mails Family 1'tlln uie the best.
:*lt" fa
Sillily liu- 1inr;.il  ttvpurtB.
y orcimrdlsl altonkl uinlto him
miliar with tho fruit crop coti-
liitiuns nf each jcar. in Hint \vu\
only ran hi* know huw valuable is
the frail linn*;in;-., ull hi-. Ini*-. A leu
years ngo, when everything pointed
probability of high prices ior
pics, il„
nlerstood    thu
crujM .rn the
islicl   ami  nn
<ai«!iL ui
ten conts per h
tubus prollta out nf the transaction
'Ihi* growers thus failed tn got theiv
part nf the profits. What shull tt
profit n it,iin tu spend money and
timp in ph-nimn au orchard an.l
bringing it Into bearing uml ther.
give nwuy i's product? The growe1*
should get mote out nf it timu »uv
othor person; yel it is too often the
middleman  that  gets nil  tin- profits.
The superiority of Mother Graves' Worm
Exterminator is shown by Ita good effects
on the children. Purchase a bottle
and glvo lt a trial.
Phe Slory of ft Brliclit, Up lu Uutc Office ltoy.
lie wns a freckled faced, foxy looking
boy of 111 nr 14 uml not more ihnn ahouf
half ns hii; ns lie ought la be, hut ho wna
wiry nml his eyes were clear. Thu proprietor nf the store wus iu his utlk-e
ivlien iin; hoy entered.
"liu you want u hoy here?' asked the
I'ounjfster, with coiifldcnce,
"What do 1 wnnt with a hoy?'' replied
ilu- proprietor, with an intent to hare
fun with liis visitor,
"I don't know," was the unabashed
lospiinse. "I guess they have boy* uround
■:.-ti-s '-Mitm-tiims, and I tlnntijiit you
night wont one."
"Well, since yuu huve mentioned It, I j
Th.- Btiltnti's creditors  will    lo,
with ploasiiM* I hur ho ims Instnllei
lolophono iu his pnlnce.
Tin* president's proclumutioii   sn
nothing  alji.nl   tin* groat   Tlmuksg
Ing  i all  mutches.
Thomas S. Bullen, Sunderland, *.*.ritrs: "Pot
fourteen years I wits aOlieti il with Piles; awl
-frequently 1 wns unable to walk ur eil, but
four years ii^ti I wns cured by usini; Dr.
Thomas' Eelcetrla Oil. I huvo qJbo been
subject to Quinsy for over furtj* yenrs, but
Eeloctric Oil eured it, und it wasa ■tTtna-
nent eure in huth cases, us neither the Pike
nor QuinBy hnve troubled me Blnce."
Yew winter buy thet liclfcr, ,...: I   1 •'. n'l I-'-
yew can.
I wouldn't soil tlm hell r. sir, tn .*'• lit ,. n i
So, Mr.   if yciviliould imi.! ..ii hi .. ii .. la n
I'd ho ini sha tin* italle AfA j:i let tliel tdj
I'd let Itor Eland right ivliero ilie is ti.l »iw it ■■
an sny
Atorc I'd i,*ll one siJ« of lar, ttiet'-l nil l'i ■ ,
Yew liwnl I w-jntcd to dispute.    Yin :.:- I ii
hocrd it wrgnn.      e
l*d buy a down MU lier.-Zch. it yew'j
ijt cciu*sc 1'vu (jut a lot o! stotk. mure ttavlt '
what I need,
An 1 um short ol sial'lt.- room nn - i.;■     ■* -
of feed,
Uut rt. tor ti-llinb* diet H.'-re heail I woulJn't,
Let forty dollar! coma between ihet I, ,. r, ..
an inc.
I am a one iiricu trin.'r. Zc!>; no man kin Ik
mc ii-**.'. ii.
She'a wuth a i:cup moro'ii forty. V. '■-;  t '..  ■
man in lown.
Hi Hunker wanu her purl,- hal, an so (!   i De-k
Slit-'a centle,  an shu'a t-uutl an  kind an sli'k-ri
then an id;
A child could inilk her anj*  time;  tlie'd mv,i
raise a heel.
She never tiouks n&r Jumps the fence, slie ne-rei
runs away
An comes around ut mil kin lime pi reg'lai •'■ thi
Ycw'd ortcr sea the milk slie fflvci;  it's pller,
thick ami tweet,
An tz (or quantity, by grim, ih-st lielfer can't Le
Tliey'fl junks of Lutt.-r fluaiin  rounil iiiiitlc ihe
mil kin pall;
An ipeakln ot her butter. Zeb—but then ihe ain't
lor salt*.
Yew ea.v jew're liouml to bev her.  Ztbt    \\tt
Want her purty La-!.'
The Blit.kcst pleco cf COW Beth, sir, a fjrtr.cr evil
V."tit)t thirty dollars rz ibe ^i-trids, an not a dollar
Fur I'm a ono price critter, Zeb, yew'il (Ind thet
t,ut, 1 guess.
Wuth thirty dollars W she Btamls; I'll trll yew
What I'll dew;
I'll swap lier now for twenty •fui'— 'twiit me ar,
her an yewj
Jest twenty-flin, no mere or lesa, for I'm a or..-?
price man.
Au il jtw'd want to swap her back, why, durn it,
Zeb, yew can.
—Joe Cone In New York Sun.
"Whnt kind nf h boy do yon wuntV"
Tin* proprietor looked liim oror witli a
moro rn* less suspicious eye*
"J want n gond hoy," be said slowly.
"Tin ti I won't do," tuid the youngster.
"Why won't you? Are you a bad
"L'in-utii—er," hesitated tho culler,
"I'm jusi a boy, thut's all. There's some*
thins wrong with 'em when they're
Mi* Btnrtcil out, when the proprietor
■.ilk*.I liim bnek.
"Hold on." be said. "Maybe you arc
what 1 want."
"If you want a good thing, I'm it,"
mid the buy. "ntul you won't have to
push me nl-iiig, either."
"Uow much ih» yuu wnnt?"
"I want a million, hut I'll take !'.1 a
"When oan ynu brain?"
"This very miuufe, if you'll give uie
iny supper. 1 hnven't had anything to
'lit fm* three weeks."
"Nothing to em fm* threo weeks!" ex-
hiiiuiil ilu* proprietor.
"Nothing lit. I've «crnped along ns 1
-iiulil. hut I haven't had a j*(*uari* meal,
with plo mi tin* side."
"Alt right, Yotl shall have your utip-
Iter.   And where wiil you sleep?"
"Oh, 1 won't Bleep nt till. I'm going to
ltoy iiwaki.' nf tiichit-i when I ain't busy,
ho's I enn feci bow good it te to have a
job nml got money in my clothes, Dully
gee, there's a kid nut there trying t<> get
::wny with ll piece of lend pipe.   Let tuo
i link him onco." Ami Un- new employee
dashed out after llie offender.-
Our new ami handsomely Illustrated catiilutjiiu Will place jou
in just ns good a po-bition to
"shop" with us as though
living in our ciiy.
It contains luindretU of the
very choicest things in fine
jewelry, watches and silverware.
A copy will be sent you free
upon application.
Eiti!>li:hc.l IBM.    Yenge and
W« pr«par Adt.l.iidc Sts.,
chirgc-i >n-j
S7"   Toronto.
(Tmrte Mark RogUterad Kovontber II, ts&O >
Pr. Sanetm a-ireei t>> mkt* InstrumantS l-nek
.it half price If [.nrtU-iii-Inc t!.t*ni are u. i uit-
i-ait.-il utter Ming i,..- flvt* we ks.
P. Free, Win^ii-.tj.s-ivs: I have aied ' Oxyd-
■nor* fort**-i weeks [ur l-Sr-in-lilttg awl V*.
i^trrh of the H atl, cml I feel  iki? a t.eiv n.-an
Mra, V. L. 0. ok, Wiunl-peg, -=.vy-i:   1 hn,l *uf-^
r<*n*il iii.toM n« "i*.l .* iniiii H: ■»-,':: s LV-*\i-«* .-.mi
*.t retloTud m-S uf 1'uin. ami i i *■ x wt-ek* 1 wns
Mr. w. u Ell worthy, Winnipeg, soys: 1 h.iT«
nun t-il for6)7Mn wlthtnlou Ai:li.*umani«nii
v.i-In hiuptul fur fi ■.■.ft'k-i. ntitt txsed a]m.«i
f\erv remedy, Including mumerlsni gnlTMi*
i«n, electricl*elt, eto 1 hxw uud Oxydonor
lOdoyi mil iti-u.vi.-i) more t*nefii tiio.n (r..m
nytfuuit else.
Mrs. Oagncr. Winnipeg, iayi 1 havr i-.st.'. :i
beneflclauy wtili my family whenerer su-k.
:iiut it baa cured meofterere Indlgcatlon nnd l«
KuVdealora « uitcd In ever) dial rti I Ad '.■--
Wm T. Olbblna, Grain Kiflimmv, Wlnnlp g,
Bead for U mtdota ■'■ grateful reporta
■ ■   ■    ■     leant*    ;
w      . ;■
-      S '    ;- r    ■ i,
. ...
..*,....   .■..
Sttl   U*Jm*1 I
can be ?■ .ii i» America   than
ill    ' li"     I.:.'- *        *
Wat i . * -   .'■ wi. ■ -     -   . ■
and  I1 .■'■;"*.'■-  to    -   found in
our  'I'.il.iee furnished' ami r--
lial Ii   fewi Ih ;     ■: ,..r;.TS.
We would lik--*?    you *
Co::.- v. .tli    our
bus ness and it.*-* many indin.--
ing featui - An initial ordvr
—howi ver trifl ng t me
—is Always appreciated for its
evidence of friendl ness. 1*.' =
as easy and satisfactory to do
busin-es-s with us ' i.'y ::. til" -
tho' you were here ::i p-?r>on
Our new har.dsonie illustrated catalotruo—sent free on ai>-
plication—tells just how.
B. & H. B. KENT,
The Leading Jewellers,
Buying thc Dutland Mu^ir Stock,
at 50c on th'-* *?. in what enables us
to sell music at lower price* than
any other store* in Canada
Our Special Bargain If- are decidedly lovv-t-r tliaii any ever offered.
Lot No. ',i contafna -" p. ■'■■- ol Id
music for TitiK. This means we gw,-
you tuiisic for
50C, WORTH $2
Containing the Poll swing :
I want mv Lu L'i
My Ludy Lu.
I Like to Hear tlmt .Sor*cr Again.
1 Waited, [loney. Waited Long for
Como Hack lo Erin is the Bong I
Lov.- Beat.
On   the Old   Missriun   Shore.
Let Music Break on this Blest Morn
Little Baby Joe
Let Mo Bream Afjain.
The I-Mter in the Candle.
Toi*sy-Turvy, Cake Walk.
Topsy is in Town, Cake* Walk.
JluscoUo  Marchp,
Haacotte Ciuadrille.
KToscotte I'otporrio.
Cooing Doves.
Curious  Story.
Fatinil7a March.
Bavarian March.
INistnire, 10c Extra.
(Successor to E. B. Butland,)
The Only Printers' Supply
House in the Northwest
i;/i Owen .street, Winnipeg,
W. N. U. 298. 1901 Diaries
Call and see them.
Chris   Foley   »t   Kiisslainl   will Ret thi
place oi Kalpb smilh mi thecomtuission.
Afti-r this Iihs tiecu  .lone work will   In
proceeded with at novo.
R. E. BEATTIE, Druggist. I
ir~r~1 Excellent Cooking
H   in not difficult, il you provide first-i'lnsi
.iih which io work.   We make n specially of g
pure (--.tracts nnd spices I no coin pounds, i    Oi
quality means quality.    We me afler   lour   i
we   never  fail   to  please   those  who wnnl 111
keep mulling else and It don't cost ranch more than Hi
"so called" cheap stuff
.torn nnd
- hest
•it'ner. Tens and coffees a Bpeclal I J'.
and Crockery
Strikes a Rich Find.
, troubled for several yenrs with
chronic indigestion ami nervous debility," writes I?. J. Green, of Lancaster,
N H "No remedy helped uie until 1
began lining Electric Bitters, which did
uie more good than all the medicines 1
ever used, They have nlso kept my
wife in excellent health for year*?. She
says Klectric Hitters are just splendid
for female troubles; that they area grand
tonic and invlgorator for weak, run
down women. No other medicine can
take its place in our family." Try them,
only 50c. Satisfaction guaranteed by
Ueattie the druggist.
J     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picket!  Up About the City   by  Asking
Questions ol Many  People.
Carnival tonight.
A. Joyce, nf Feruie. wns in town yesterday.
There will be a bis lime at the Carnival tonight.
G. H. Gilpin has opened his branch
store in Moyie.
M. B, King and family will occupy
rooms over the store.
T. <;. Proctor and R. ti. Fisliburn, of
Nelson, were in town Tuesday.
Elegant new center tables and reed
chairs, just received at Gilpin's**.
A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs.
James Gill on Friday, January 4.
Mr. Hill, of Hill & Joll, returned this
week from bis trip to the territories.
For Rent—two warm, well furnished
bed rooms.    Apply at Herald ollice.
Dr. Bonnell, of Fernie, and Dr. Green,
fif Moyie, were in the city this week.
William Mills, proprietor of the Cosmopolitan hotel at Moyie, was in town
Mr McKee, bridge foreman for this
division, is confined to the hospital with
typhoid fever.
A renewed light against tbe Chinamen
o( Movie is to be made by the Miners'
Union of that place.
Miss ti. Gurd, sister of \V. F, Gurd,
arrived from Nelson this week and is a
guest of Mrs, G.A. Krickson,
First class rooms, well furnished and
healed. To be bad with or without
board.   Apply to Mrs. Nelson.
Those persons who have furnished or
unfurnished rooms to rent will please
leave names at The Herald office,
Hugh McMillan left last Monday for
Calgary wilh bis little daughter, Uook-
sie. and will place her in school at that
There will he a general meeting of the
shareholders of the Cranbrook Electric
Light company ibis evening at the Craabrook hotel.
W. H McFarlane has purchased the
interests of his partner, Mr. Dicker son,
and bereaitef will operate the 0, K.
barber shop alone,
This lime of lhe year every person
should exercise extraordinary care wilh
fires.   Especially is this the case in the
main part of town.
J, H. Schofield, of Pincher Creek,
came up Ibis evening to close out his interests iu tbe I.eask & Rankin stock.
Hill & Co. purchased tbe stock.
Bridge Foreman Mcl.eod was brought
iu from the Loop this week and taken to
the hospital. He had a bad fall and received severe injuries to oue of his hips.
W. S. Keay. local customs officer, will
move bis ollice from Ihe railway station
to the rooms in the rear of the postoffice.
This will prove a great convenience to
the public.
Mr, and Mrs. K. J. Higbye. of Sheep
creek, and Miss Sliger, of I'ort Steele,
spent twu days 111 town Ihis week.
Tbey were surprised to see the marvelous growlb iu Cranbrook.
The annual congregational meeting of
the Knox Presbyterian church will be
held on Monday evening, Jatiu, ry 34, at
8 o'clock. All the members and adherents are cordially invited to be present.
Rev. Mr. Hedley, vinar of Fernie, will
be iu Craubrook ou Sunday next and
will hold morning and evening services
at Christ church. Holy communion will
be administered at the morning service.
The regular monthly free social In con
neclion with the Young People's Social
and Literary club of Knox Presbyterian
church will be held next Tuesday evening, January 15, at S o'clock. Strangers
are cordially invited.
Rev. D. Holford will preach in I.e.sk
hall on Sunday. January 13. at 11 a in,
Subject, "The l'erson nnd Work of the
Holy Spirit," livening service at 7:30
a new year's discourse. Subject, ••The
Mind, and Duly of Uight Thinking."
Alt are invited.
Tlie ladies aid society for hospital
woik wai formed ut lust week'* meeting
and the following ladies were elected to
office: Mrs, Costigan, president; Mrs.
Hrown, vice pieeident; Mis. G T. Rogers, secretary; Mrs Morrison, treasurer.
A social will be arranged for lhe opening
of the hospital in February.
K. J. Higbye, who has an holel on
Sheep creek, says that there bas been a
great deal of Iravel on the east side of
llie river Ibis fall and winter, due to the
interest ill the Windermere district.
"Jumbo" also slates that work will be
resumed on the Big Chief property nenr
Fort Steele next spring, and adds that
further development will show ihat il is
a big gold proposition. He is confident
that the mineral is there.
D. K Newell and K, K.Jones came
down from Kimberley this week, returning Tuesday. They report everything
looking fine on the Greenhorn fraction.
Tbey are dowu 42 feet and have been
following a lead of carbonates thai
started out about a foot thick and has
now widened out to nearly three feet.
In all probability lhey will stiike lhe
ore body In a lew more feet, aud as it
lies next lothe North Star property, they
will be up against a good thing,
residence of Mr, Stocks rn
evening, January y, by th
W, Fortune, It A , William
fSilverton, ii, C, to Letltla
Hotel 3 3
Questa Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad aud depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
 Proprietor       j j
McMillan. ofPlcton N s.
Mr. Jullrny Kelnrns tu (amnio,
Toronto World —Mr. William
Dray, son of Mr. Robert Jaflray
1-1 taken i 1 in Nelson, II. C, and went
Vancouvei for medical advice reached
11 onto 011 Sunday. After consultation
it was decided that it was necessary to
operate upon him for an abcessupon one
of his kidneys. The operation was successfully cairied oul yesterday by Dr.
Peters. Dr. W. P. Caven, Ur. Malloch
and Dr. Boyle of Vancouver. Mr.
JalVray's friends feel much indebted to
Dr. Boyle for his skilful and devoted
attention both at Vancouver and on the
join ney to Toronto.
They Want Their Money Back.
KaUo Kootenaian: The Kalso-S; Slocan
Railway company have brought an
action against John R. Martin, assistant
timber inspector, for the sum of $3,200
for moneys paid him "under color of
'.he office of assistant timber inspector
letweeu the 30th May, iSq; and lhe 23d
November, lyoo." The company claims
d|images against Die defendant fur
vjrongtully entering on its premises nl
Kalso and depriving lhe plaintiffs of
three engines aud excluding them from
their round house. They also ask lor an
Injunction. This is the outcome of the
seizure of the engines of the company In
November last by the inspector for alleged failure to pay limber dues. The
case will be an interesting one as the
company claims exemption under Iheir
land grant.
A Hoi Shot.
Kaslo   Kootenaian: "Money   and
Morality" will be tbe subjeel of tiie sermon in the Methodist church next Sunday evening. All are invited, butespec
tally all tbe members of the ciiy council.
C. P. R. Alter More Coal.
Application is now being made to the
Dominion government for a charter incorporating the Pacific Coal company,
with a capital of f} 000,000. Sir William Van Home, R It, Angus, Chas. R,
Hosmer, ti. B, Osier, \V, D. Matthews
and several others are named as organ*
i7.ers, and the object of the compauy is
to develop coal properties in the regions
lying between Greenwood, Penticlon aud
Okanagan lake.
Good Showing tor Nelson.
Nelson Tribune: This year Nelson
has expended $72,000 received as teven
ue aud $76,000 received from the issut
of debentures, or a total of $148,000 over
$100,000 of which was disbursed iu
wages for labor, neatly every dollar so
disbursed being spent iu ihe town.
A Pointer fur Cranbrook.
Phoenix Pioneer: One factor for llie
good of Phoenix is tbe Hoard of 'J'nnk-
This organization was formed during
the last year and has, it is acknowledged
done more tban all other agencies com
bined, to secure recognition in a sub*
stanlial way ftom the government.
Barly and late the Board o( Trade lias
worked, aud in nearly every case has
seen success crown its efforts. It should
be supported by every business man, fui
it can yet be made to do good set vice
for the new city.
Valuable Claims Near Society Girl.
Moyie Leader: B. ti, Taylor, Geo
Hunt aud W.J. Walk ins have a gioup
of valuable claims not far from the Society Girl property. The group consist!
of lhe Poor man, Forrest Queen aud Km
ma M. The boys huve u comforlablt
cabin built and intend to drive a 50 foot
tunnel this winter. Tbere is 11 good
trail in connection with lhe Society
Girl wHgou road which will afford au
easy outlet.
Foley Successful.
Ottawa, Jan. 7.—R J. Chile and D.J.
Munn, wuo have been here for the past
few days, have heen holding confereuceH
with the Government in regaid to matters affecting the Chinese commission.
It nt about as good as settled   that  Mr.
New Liquor House.
The Port Steele Mercantile company
has disposed of its wholesale liquor business to ti J. Peltier, formerly of Ridge-
lown. Ont. .Mr. Peltier has leased the
building formerly occupied by G. II.
Miner, and will move lhe stock in a few
days. He has a large consignment ol
goods coming from lhe east, and proposes to keep a stock that will enable
him to handle the trade of this district.
He expects his family iti a few days tt' d
will occupy rooms over his store.
Pure lu
Bernard 1
Apply to
Steele, Ii.
For Sale.
*il (imported) pedigreed  St,
ng   pup.     Six   mouths  old.
M.   It.   Kdwards,   Fort
Nlghl Was Iler Terror.
"I would cough nearly all night long"
writes Mrs. Chas. Applegate, of Alexan-
llia, Ind., "and could hardly get any
deep. I hml consumption so bad that
if 1 walked a block I would cough frightfully atul soil blood, hut wben all olher
rlicines failed, three $1 bottles of Dr.
King's New Discovery!wholly cured me
and I gained 58 pounds." It's absolutely guaranteed to cure coughs, colds, la-
grippe, bronchitis and all throat and
ung tottbles. Price 50c und $1, trial
bottles free al Realties drug store.
British Columbia Smelters.
The Vancouver World, quoting from
lhe Nelson Tribune, gives some idea of
the Importance of tbe smelter industry
to the province of British Columbia."By
the middle of March," the Tribune says,
here will he five smelters iu operation
in Southeastern British Columbia These
live smelters will have a capacity of
2500 tons of nre a day, To produce the
ore that will be used in these five smelters will give steady employment to
2500 men, none of whom will receive
less thau $2.50 per day, These meu will
work every day in the year and will
earn 7500 dollars a day, or 225,coo dollars
a month, 2,700,000 dollars a year. The
live smelters v ill give steady employment to 1500 smeltermeu, railwaymeu,
coal miners and coke burners, who will
average $2.50 per dny. This means a
further disbursement iu wages of 3750
dollars a dny. or 112 500 dollars a mouth
or 1,850,000 dollars a year. Combined,
the uniting and smelling of 2500 tons of
ore in Southeastern Btiiish Columbia
means an annual disbursement of 4,01.0,-
qoo dollars in wages alone, the bulk ol
which is spent in Southeastern British
■? TO the many patrons and people of South
$* East Kootenay.   We wish one and all
I A Prosperous
I and Happy 3
I New Year. 3
* Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd,
Wholesale and
Retail Butchers
®-'i2-®-®-®rJii-J®-r.>Jil!-®-J!>-®r-"X -
Cranbrook Electric Light Co. Ltd.
 *fl   -I'l
Stores, ) i  i—5  %t  10
Offices, - 16C. P... - 6-15       95    1 25
Hotels, Etc.   1 (16 aud upward 80     1  10
Private Houses 75c for 16 candle power
Private Houses 50c for   S candle power
10 per cent, is allowed on all arcouuts paid before the 10th of
lhe mouth.
Applicat ons may be made to the electrician Mr, Kwart who will
quote the cost of wiring, or to the undersigned.
Chainlet Hers, shades, etc. at Miner's hardware store.
W. F. GURD, Secretary-Treasurer.
Wlille  Closing  Out   These  Lines, 1 (treat
Cut In Prices Will Be Made,
■mj injtie tijisiiiiiifl humps, worth #W.ro now turn
in Dmitilfl (lasolliia lamps " in uo •* r.'-oo
810 Mcriii-lrml Klfiitrle Belts - - • fcin
810 Medicinal lileolrlo Itatterl-s ■ ■ ft.oo
llll Mi'iiii-iuai Itlectrle (latteries • . R.00
in riiiiiimfs Novelty Bafety Livings    ■
nn Minn! Oil I'liniihiKS ot Kuolt-iiny site if'V.'u
mui auxao, ivoriii rh ami *m uftoli, selllnx »l tin
anil  SI*'.   IlKlllKlllIU  bQlllltlflll   iHiruihlh-il   Kill
rmnia-i. most iiiltablo pi went nf llio Hay,
All kinds nf pictures selling at inst I'lelnre
tanning a 11
Iim em in Km.
Ktcctrlo Keek
'flail).    Prices    i'ii.iiiiiiliH-il llie
i*ny, Novelty Boissors, novelty
ii* i,.uii|M,.*ti\ (loadslanl(MM),
orders will re
it. 1
a Iii|inulcs niiliT anil all mail
tin* iirotuptnltt-iitlonat,
. Nuvii/iY Ui„ Nelson, ll.C,
Nnlli'i* Is lit'
1 IlltOII 1 ton)
biuids nml W
■Iium; Hie toll
situated on M
City ami conti
Crnnbrook, 1;
olty given UiatflO tin] 1 nfter date,
ily tn the chief Coimnlsslsnor or
iiis rm* the permission to pur
wnn; ile-tcrlbeil Innilsi An Miami
lyio lake directly opposite Mnyie
tiling one aero innrenrless.
0„ Deo, Ist, mm.  II. II. MINBII
Land Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that one month after
llie tlatoottlte Ilrsi imblluHtlonof thin nolle
intend in apply i« tin-* ohlof cummls-Houer
1 n is nml wmk-; fm' permission to purcluisc the
following Heserlbed lauds:   Coiiuufliclug tti
post planted ut llio nnrllmest corner of Har
.Melton's pre-i'inptinii anil which post Is marked
"W, West's 6. B, Corner i'ost:' tlicneo norlh
BO eiuiiiM. thonco west 10 elialns. thenoo smith Hii
olmlns, llience oust 40 0 ruins lo the place of beginning, cuntninlngffiffl acresi and wi-leli lumt is
shunted in the Palmer liar section of the district
1 K'H'ti-iiii*. ,iiii-l aiioiu G miles smith
of Craubrook.
led ni Cmnbn
ink. H.C.,
this sist day of
Win. WM*.
Subscribe and Be Happy
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Hotel    &    S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best oi liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $1.00 per day.
Feed a Cold
Starve a Fever
Tradition says thc remedy is a good one. 937 persons in
Cranbrook have a cold. To feed a cold one should be
careful what they eat.   We have just received a fine line of
Fresh Fancy Biscuits
Fresh Eggs
Fresh Butter
See our teas and coffee
Our prices are right on everything
KING, The Grocer
Night School
MR. GRIMES has opened a night school in Cranbrook, and wil! hold
regular sessions, Monday-, Wednesday and Friday evenings.
SUBJECTS: Penmanship, Book keeping, Commercial arithmetic, Correspondence. Instruction will be individual,lln* needs ol each pupil
being taken into consideration. He is a graduate ol Albert college,
Belview, Arts and Commercial cour.se; also Zancrian Art college,
Columbus, Ohio, and has eight years experience teaching in business college, six ol which he was principal.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
{.«•! Beale & Elwell,
. •  *
l ;            lire, Life and Accident Insurance
| !            Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
j ;            Agents for Assessment Work, Kim
; i   I            hcrley Townsite Agents.
I •     • Kimberley jt Moyie J* Fort Steele.
Capital Wanted
. To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for sale on liberal WORKING UONDS. Fir
reports and information, address
I.O.O.F.   Key Cl y Lodge
No. •».',   Meets every Friday night at llielr hall no
linker street,   sojourning
Oilil Fellows cordially Invited.
,i. i'. Kink w. l\ (inrd
N.fi. Set**y.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 3-1
A. F. & A. M.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers in
(tegular meetings nn tin*
third  TIiiiimIhv nf the
\V, I**, ourd, Bee'y.
City Bakery.
Bread, Cakes, Pastry*
Wedding Cakes to Order.
I am here to s'.ay nnd at your service.
I invite inspection. I .shall slum have a
delivery. All orders will receive prompt
Cranhrook, Ji, C.
«-"?■"» I ijSaCflBCT. ■■   ..I      mm.        ,.-..,
Suitable Gifts
A choice selection in gold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel docks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. Thc famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllilal Wnich Inspector torC. P. R.
Refitted Tllrnugho'lt
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Criul'rool., II. C.
One of tlie Mosl Comfortable
Hotels in East Kootenay,
1^ AV/'CI  I Newly Furnished
Land Purchases
I're-em pt ions jt
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt       jt
Made by Contract
Provincial Laml Surveyor
Mining and (Jt-ncral Agent.
Cranhrook, It. C.
Subscribe for the
Grain and
Given   special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Toys Must Go!
In order to make room (or
a large shipment of art
materials and musical instruments, I will sell my
entire stock of toys at a
sacrifice; come early and
get first choice. We have
everything you could wisli
Cranbrook  Music Emporium.
Undertaking Aml
(Jradnate of Champion college "I  LT,  S
Ofllce and ntore, Aiken block,
nem Canadian Itmik nl Cnin-
llierre, Cnnrlironk, 11 C
Upholtterlng ind lleneril Turn it lire k'qinlrlin
Will attend to nny work in tlie district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.


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