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Cranbrook Herald Sep 20, 1906

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Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.   Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
•. E. WALKER, O.n.ral Huap. Al.KX. LAIKn, Auk Gaul iiuq.
4 *.ii.r.i Hanking butin... Irani.rl.il.   Account, ma, b. open., an. caaaaatea t*
mall wllh all branch., ul thi. bank.
Deimalt, ul   *l   i.llJ ll|,\,llnls  received,   and   I,ileus,  aillowvol U
aurrc... i-ittc,.    I lm Uepualtur U subject ... m, delay whaU>
•Vtr  u.   Il.c   ..'III.U.u.Vul nl  Il.c   .vltuU  or u,
purlluu  ul  II,•  deposit
Cninlirook Hr.iin.li,
P. C. MALPAS, Manager
£ I
9 ^
i Capital PaiJ Up $1,280,000.00 Rest $4,280,000.00 t
| D. R. Wilkie. President. Hon. R. Jaffray, Vice.-President 1
! Branches in Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Sas- *
4 katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec tt
4 *
a. interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM DATE OF DE- it
5 POSIT at highjst current rates a iJ co.np^unded half  yearly. J
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
Now is the Time to Buy
Real Estate
Cranbrook B. C.
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Oflli'liil Watch Innpeotort ('.P. Railway ('rown Neat Puw Division
T. M.  Roberts Elected
as His Successor
Quite a Lot of Business Trans
acted by the Four Alderman Present.
The city council met in special ses
sum lasi Tuesday evening and transacted quite ;i lui ol business. Tbe
4|i.vi;ii feature ot the meeting was- the
resignation ol City Clerk Prest, who
lius the liuiiui ol being Cranhrook'',
first city clerk, and the election of
T. M, Roberta as his successor. Mr.
I'resi read his resignation, stating
Uiat his relations wilh the mayor and
council had lreen very pleasant indeed, but ihal he was resigning for financial reasons. Applications from Mr, Jeff arcs, T.
M. Roberts Mr, Marshall,
fm the posit,on were read by thc
olerk. The mayor stated that Mr.
Jeffares desired to withdraw tis application, as he had lelt for the coast,
and this was done. A ballot gave
Mr. Roberts four voles and Mr. Marshall one, Aldermen Kink, .Jackson,
Ryan and Murphy and Mayor Rogers
voting. Mr. Roberts was declared to
he the next city clerk ol Cranbrook
and he will assume the duties of his
ofllco at the end of the month, when
Mr. Prest's resignation takes effect.
Mr. Prest has been clerk of the city
since ihe town has Iteen incorporated
ami in that position has given t-he best
of satisfaction to thr public, as he
has lieen painstaking and courteous,
endeavoring at all times lo perform
his duties in a manner that would
reflect credit upun himself and upon
the city, lie resigns to take the position of bookkeeper for J. I>. McBride, the hardware dealer, and wil!
have ihe besl wishes of all the eitv
officials and ihe people generally ih
his new line of work.
Mr. Huberts, who succeeds Mt.
Prest, is well known in Cranhrook
and throughout the disiriet. is a member of the firm of Arnold & Roberts,
•md for two years has been secretary
of Uie board of trade. Since coming
to Cranhrook some four years ago
Mr. Roberts has been a hard worker
for the interests of Cranhrook. % man
who was always loyal to ihe town
and who hacked his loyally by deeds
as well as words. The appointment
.1-- clerk oaiue to him unsolicited as
a tribute to the good work te has
done as secretary of the board ol
trade and Yti rcoogn-ijed ability to
fnliill the position of clerk of the eitv
in ihe most acceptable manner. The
Herald congratulates Mr, Robertson
the honor paid to him by the council, and also congratulates tte people
on securing such a worthy successor
to Mr. Prest.
The application of Mr. Sherman.
who would he the theatrical boss ol
tins circuit, for ihe privilege of erecting a tent for show purposes to
knock any hall in town, was turned
down by thc council with very little
Aftei some discussion the council
appropriated (20 to pay the expense
ol a delegate to the meeting of the
policemen to be Md at Nelson this
The hill of Drs King and Green for
attendance on Mike Callahan and Hen
Pugh, who had iheir legs broken on
tie public street, was turned down.
Mi Bardgetl spoke to the council
asking thiit the nuisance ground be
fenced as he had lost a valuable cow
'hal bad eaten some of the refuse
mattei found there, including a few
pounds of nails, one or two hoop
skirls, etc.. The matter was referred
in ihc health committee,
Mi Long, uf the electric light company, was elected auditor al a Bai-
.11 y of Jl'iO a year.
- l.i
♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ W&&&&
ON C. P. R. |
Operator   is
Jury Say That Too   Much  Work
Should Not be Placed iiii ;«
Operator's Shoulders |
Medicine llat News -The adjourned
Inquest into the death ol W (1 UIU
er and Engineer Rose, was rcsumod
on Thursday evening lasl when lho
appended evidence was adduced, be
lore Dr. C, V.  Smyth, coroner.
A. W. Mooney being sworn    said:—
I knew Wm. G. Oliver well. I saw
Ihe body I) ing dead in Messrs. Moore
A Moore's undertaking premises and
Identify it as that ol Wm. (i. Oliver.
ll. J. Humphrey, acting night
chief traiu dcsjiatcher, Calgary: 1
was ou duty lhc night ol ihu 3tsl
August last. Down extra 1401 train
Left Medicine llal ioi Dun mo id June
tion on thai night. Urder ihi) wot,
issued lo this train. To all up extras Dunmore Junction, and engine
UUI Mediolue Hat. Engine HOI will
run extra Medicine Hal io Dunmore
Junction with right over all up extras. This order was repealed by
operator at Dunmore J unci ion 22.55k
and by operator at Medicine Hat 23k.
io Conductor Bennett on LlUl. He
signed this order and it was made
complete 23k.
Main 1300. Dunmore Junction
should have had a copy ol older ihii,
and this would have held H at Dunmore Junction until train 1-101 arrived there. Train dispatcher's record
uook Joes nal show- ihis order as
having 'been given by operator al
Dunmore Junction to conductor ol
1306, as conductor's signature was
not entered iu tlie record book, uot
making the order complete as lo
train No. Iiiiii. When conductor's
signature to order iim, ioi train
13UII, was not repealed bach io Cal
gary the despatcher tried to get train
uui hm ii bad lelt the yawl. Un
enquiry at Dunmore Junction train
had already lelt Ihere. 'I here ftl'u al
Dunmore Junction a day ami a night
operator and a station agent. Operator Carder was 1 think in ihe coin
pauy's service about five months.
llii. record so lar as 1 know had been
a good one.
Joseph D. Bennett being sworn
said: 1 was comluctoi on train
Mil, leaving Medicne Hat on the
night ot lhe Jls-t day ol August.
There weie with tne Brakeman Itobh
and Pierre, Engineer Rose, and Kire-
nun Cornish. 1 left the yard here
about 23.15, My running order was
249 addressed lo engine 1101. Engine
1401 will run extra Medicine llat lo
Dunmore Junction with righl over all
extras. Signed, tt. A. S., despatch
ers signature at Calgary
order was made complete
llat 23.oik. Operator
Conductor Bennett.
produced as exhibit.
M> tram, MU, met up extra 130(1
between Medicine Hal and Dunmore
Junction. We were running between
fifteen and twenty miles au hour.
Both trains were smashed up considerably. Oh getting oui 1 found
Engineer; Rose walking back io the
caboose and he told me that an extra
had hit us. 1 found Fireman Cornish
and Engineer Glover down on the side
of the dump. 1 found Brakeman
Squires on the other side of the
track and Conductor Kenney was
helping him. Brakeman Plern
on the engine; he escaped s
hurt. 1 wasn't on the engine
night. I didn't see Mr
giving the engineer
at Medicine
Raker    and
Train   order
ader:—How lo settle the
sy lietweeu the Moyie and
k hose teams and to bridge
unpleasant ness ol the past
alter that the people of both
are laying to solve. The Her-
I the Leader have both, en-
•d io present the cases fairly
.mil to do justice as nearly as possible
to both shies. Vet each have been
criticised toi not roasting the other
town Rut both papers have done
what ihey thought was best- lor 'their
respective communities and are willing to stand hy their action. On
money is still in Cranbrook. Seems
claimed tlie r;nv, and yet the money
is sliH in Moyie. 'On LaJbor l>ay
Moyie claimed the race, and yet the
money is still in Crgnbrook." Seems
to be a easi' of horse and horse.
However. Cranbrook was offered the
money on Dominion Day but they refusal to take it. They were given
the opportunity of either keeping It
themselves or turning it over to the
hospital. On the other hand on
Labor Day Moyie was not, given the
refusal of Crairbrook's motrey. So
there you are. But unless the matter is soon adjusted there will be
little if any sporting contests between
the two towns in future.
ureat ole
S.mp is 11
a..ir,-s uur gottinu im it
the lowest possible pr
.looked <i I'm Inl of
:♦♦*♦♦♦** t '00 Ot '90.
We Imv (lireot frnm the lootory where it is made
if tin1 reliable tines we handle, It also insures
enables us to sell at lhu Hu'lit price.   This week «
inr irettlny
■ have un
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you'll lm interested nml perhaps tempted to invest
iu thu kiiiK ui' laundry Boaps
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Don't torKut that "GOLDEN « 1-1
ewTCiu- nf inix.il Emits expected I-tli ..ill not arrive till 1 Tti.
Our Goods are
For particulars Call up 'phone  No,
68 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8
p.m., or   'phone    No. 60 after office
hours.        All    orders   will   receive
prompt attention,
Oliver on
his train orders.
Engineer Rose asked tor .Mr. Oliver
after lhe accident and 1 looked for
him for two hours around the eu-
g nes and the scene of the accident,
but couldn't find him.
Robert Kenney being sworn said:—
I was conductor on train 1806 coming west Irom Dunmore Junction to
Medicine llat on the night of the
.lls-t August, ltHiij. I left Dunmore
Junction at 23.25. 1 had running
orders Swift Curent to Modioli.'
Hat, order No. 250, despatched re
cord book. 1 came to Dunmon
Junction on that unlet and stopped
there to put off cars. I walked
down to the station ami found Uu*
train order signal displayed fot a
stop. I went in and registered my
train and got order No. 2H0: "No. 8,
Engine unknown will run three hours
and twenty-five minutes late. Medl-
cine Hat M Dunmore Junction."
Train No. 8 is Crow passenger train
due to leave Medicine Hat 1 think at
20.45k. This order would give me
ample time to reach Medicine Hat before No. 8 left. I didn't receive any-
other orders at Dunmore Junction.
Had I received train order 2H!>, which
I have heard read here, 1 would have
remained at Dunmore Junction until
train 1101 had registered there. I
left Dunmore Junction on order 280
and lbe clearances. I would have receipted order 38fl for the operator at
Dunmore Junction if I had received
it. We proceeded to Medicine Hat
at about eighteen to twenty miles an
hour. I felt tlie emergency brake
going on. I jumped to my feet and
braced myself. When the train stopped I ran forward to see what the
matter was. I told Brakeman Morris to go back and flag as we bad hit
something or jumped the track. On
going up to the engine I found Fire-
I man Rhultz   who said he was     all
.i.u looked for EugiUtur Glover and
iiifinau ol 1101. 1 met Cunduciui
Bunnell and we found Engineer Ulover an,t fireman ul  iun uowu m the
ditch. 1 didii t see anything ol tne
uody oi W. (J. Oliver. 1 would Juagu
u-.ieialot at Duniiioie J unci ion lo ue
..join 21 years oW. When 1 received order Abti irom lum he seemed
io be all light in every  way.
11. J, Humphrey ru-Oalled, said:—
urder No. -tin siould have hem given
io Conductor Kenny, as well as uider
&6il, luini 31 is issued in triplicate
and is uot lorn oh of the pau uuui
.iitjikd by  ihe conductor,
ivaymond W. Baker, being sworn,
said:—1 am night operator al Medicine Hal. i was on duty ou Lhe
oist of August, IHOU, 1 received
oider 2hU irom Calgary aud issued il
lo Conductor Bennett governing traiu
Iiul. lie signed u, and iL was
tna.lv complete irom  Calgary  23.01H,
A. .1. Uobinson, being sworn, said:
1 am day operator at Dunmore Juno-
Lion. 1 have been night operator
there. The night opera lor looks
alter telegraphing, tickel soiling, and
looks after platiorm lamps, lighting
ilii'iii belore passenger trains come in
and pulling then! out alter ihey
liave. 'lhe hours un duty are lium
inn, until eight ai the morning, 'lbe
daj operator ai Dunmore Junction
lias only telegraph woik to do, there*
being au agent to du the oilier work,
lne nighl operator has lhree passenger trains to look alter. I went ull
uuly 31st Augusl al luk. 1 Was
called during the nighl, nearly twelve
0 clock, by nighl operator Carder.
He lold me hu couldn't work any
more. He said he had Iol a train
away from him     without an    order.
1 went out on duly. I saw order
ina ou the otlice table; it was turn
oh the pad. This order should have
been given by Operator Carder to
tiam So. Kliiti. Carder had only
been at the Junction three weeks. 1
would judge him io be about twenty-
three years old. He never drank
liquors that 1 know of. He was a
competent operator so far as 1 know,
ile lold me he had been operating
eight years.
Geo. 11. Woodland, being swoiu.
sai.i;—1 am a qualified physolan ot
ihe province of Alberta, i made a
post mortem examination ol tte body
of Wm, U. Oliver. 1 found the top
oi the head gone entirely just above
the eyes; the cerebrum was entirely
gone, the cerebellum remained there.
The upper pail ol tlie body WOS
scalded. There was a compound
fracture of the right wrist, one oi
the right knee; one just below the
left knee; a simple fracture In the
middle oi the left thigh. In my
opinion death Was caused by loss of
brain as a resuli of coming violently
into contact with something.
An adjournment of the inauiry was
then made until Monday night.
The inquest was resumed on Monday evening, when the jury adjourned to the hospital to take the evidence ofFireman Cornish, who is sliil
ly ng in that institution in a very
precarious   condition. Ilis   evid
ence was simply to the effect that he
was fireman on engine No. 1401 on
the night of August 31, Engineer
Hose and a gentleman whom he did
not know were on lhe engine. He
did not hear the gentleman's name.
The jury then returned to the
court house.
James-Finch, station agent at Dunmore Junction, gave evidence that he
was in charge ol the whole working
of  the station. He had two tele
graph operators. The night man's
duties consisted of attending to   the
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610 acres, 6 miles uut at $16.00 per acre
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mt at $19.00 per act
out nl $12.00 per sic
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240 acres, 4 miles out at $21.00 per acre,
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Hardware Merchant
:t. z.t.~ -.,it,;;;i C•; s. t, *, i* £ tc -<^C-t-Ct.
A Series ot   Articles   Treating   with Conditions   as   they are
Found at the Different Mills ol this
|\ST Klll'TKWi   i-i UI1ER COM
- inii-iiili-ialili- aii-a ol lln. linnK tntm.
a,: lar) tu Uw mill is served i,, a* con-
Sv.HH.Wol ll,,- ,ail.oa,l, to lhdl ,„.
||»u-;,l in liliikiiis ,|K. l.,KS ,,v ,,U1H.
si toons I., Hi,- plant Hi,-, al„ |ai,i
| down heebie. Uu- rijht-ot-iraj an,i a(.
*| lerwonls taken in In  nam.
Coming ilm.li Uu- lln,- Irom llit'sia-
ii,,n lli,- null spin branches oft Ua tiK.
I.u ami spreads into i.nii tracks
»Imii ri uiiniil Hi,- y.uii .„„i premises
all over.   All  Uu' principal buildings
.j. We h.uc Just'recelved
I Two Cars Timothy Hay
X \ i Quality
Also mi ii.iiul larije quantity Oats and Feed
,,_-,,! si neres nl itiiigiiillcoiit laml, sittlilteil in the liusi
1,1,-nliiv  i,,11ml In Kiist Kootenay, being III miles
,-,-   uml   |,,-i,,iii,-„.   Tm. Ivootoniiy Ce.it.ul llullwny
tr.iver.ni, il,„ |tropnrty.   It is liotiiuloil on ono Blile liy n
Hi-am whicli ..[Tunis excoll  trout uml i-liui- nshlnt,
ulin,, ih,- priiimi-ty is a country enjitible ,,f griming many
I  liei.,1 ui i-,ull|, uiul in.iiiv |,ronilsiny milling pi'tiH| is
»    .-I in il„- nuluhburlnii mountains, llll.l npnrl (rum
,,- ,..,,..■,.  ■liui.1,1 shortly heroine very valuable (or
tt I ,,  mm,, ,,,1 ui il„- iiiiti.i'iiliy uui.trul position it
;   i lhe surrounding .'ountry,   250 iiiiros uf this
,.    inlu   iimlor I'lilllviillon will, ease uml there
■lu ■   ,,,  mlsed  crop.   70 tons of liny are cut
■ i. Innil. There are .nimble buildings (ur all purled .,i, i,,,_'.,it,m ditch bus been cniistruuted wbieb will
v ile  irrigation nod iluinustte purposes,   for (iirtbcr
und if it is n,,i dc-imhlo i.i purchase tin- property in one large
lilimk il enn 1,,- ri'T 111'nml DIVIDED inlo small or parcels
ul lu, -.'it. m. toil acres, or otherwise, to suit purchasers.
Till',   llll.l',   is   IN   PERFECT   CONDITION
Archie    Leilch    lells .villi a grin.
Knul ul humor how people shook their
heads aii,I llioughl nl the disasters ul
[rcmtitxl [ti.at.ee wtnii li,-. in September, 18HS, i!u-.,ip,,iaiul ih,- Cranlirook
Lumber Company wnh a capital    ol
,-v,-i,    dollar     ol   twenty  lliousa.nl.
When In' inn  in a plain a little ensl
ol Hi,- iii,  wiih a eapaell)   lo    mi
. 30,0110 ii-i-i ui lumbei every t,-n working lionrs,   ., mm. .......- along    .iml
-.,.,,,„ I iun, ul in-. i,,ii, .,11.1 snld    be
would not leave a tree standing    ln-
' twii n ih.- null an.l iiii- It,,il,,  Moiu.1-
1 ains in.nl,- a yeai    There was     iiul
i "I, will.l.i reach ol     llie
i.l  ihc man.  I,, keep .-n.ii a
,„i,,iii  in npiTntton lw>, years, suli
Ioi all  ih,-   hciwl   shakings, and  lhe
loiilitiirg .,i„l  il„> jail-- ol llie knock-
,-is. mil   ,,i Hi,,   Cranbrouk Lumbei
wnh ns im,- fftplial    ui
.....I ns ,|ail, capacity,    with
1.1 .wo   nulls, uf some hu tv in     lilt.
1.1 H„,iis,u,.l I,-, i per day, lias grown Uw
Kasl   K,„,t,iiai Lumber Cullman) with
a capital ,,i l.nm,inm.    wnh a' dally
,,lil|iiit    i,-i   15(1,0(10  ami  um-  mill
put mn ul action hv ilu- disastrous
nn- ol Hu- Hull ,,1 July lusl.
'ITie machinery Inr ilu- l'u si perora-
m-nt mill evei erected in Kast Koolo-
lia) was liatiied I,, ArcHc l.ciii-li trom
lluhim. ull Ihi' liiain Iin,' ol III,' Cl*.
II . uvet is', iniies ,,i ImHIterenl road
an-i ,-n-i-ii-il   un Si. Josephs creek   a
nu i s„ Irom wh.it- Craitbrook now
sliiiiils. Thai was in Hit- rear 18117,
,,. vi, C'rnnliiook ha,I ,, name or uti
I'Visii'iicc, ami hcftiri- ih,- gangs i
! Cranbrook
Hotel <£ **
. Coiii|iii
y«HW^XT.: t:;»J^-^fl-fCHI
and od.l square miles oi Limber laml.';
invited hv titf company. Tlw director
.in- Thomas ll. Mollat, ..l Uanlston,
Alta.. W. II. Milrs, oi Portage l„
Prairie, Man . Malcolm Let-tch. of
Oak La-ke, Man., and James Muu.lu',
ol Monl
Tli.'    modern tendency among    tho
larger In in Iht manufacturers in     Uie
I't.n.l 1. district   leutti in  tlif diii'i'
ti.m oi having one central planl
wli 'ro the rough material sawn al Uie
various mills operating iu diiu-iciii
p,ii ts nt liir limbel Iracls Is worked
u|i and pi.pai.d t.u  tlif market, Tliis
ll'IKll'lll'J     l.lt.l-    illUSll |H      III      Hit'
vases oi \lv Km.   Umbel   Mills,    the
\..nli   Slat   u pan)  .unl Uie Kast
K....it'll.n   i' |i.in\   "l ti. i.- .it.- oven
inilu.iiioip. tii.it --.itn.- i.l Hu- lilg con-
n-i ns maj adopl Hn- plan ol placing
iun ..i mm.' .mull portnWi' in lis   al
convenient | i    iti tlu'ii hunt-, will.
which     I.. rmitfli  aw  tin- lunili
pan uui,,
in tlif eenlral manufacturing plant
ami ilini u.itisifi Uie portable null
tn n mui,ilil.■ location as tin* Umbel
..ii which ii has been operating is exhausted li is bvcomliiR a M-ii.uis
question hi lumber irade economlca
wb Uui portable mills sliall In- kept
i.i tli.- iu.tn. close up as ma) be to
Ute cutting, ot Irariioti engines ot
locomotives used tut the hauling,
Horse ami truck haulage is n.-iuu^,
to lit- aii outgrown method. It seems
sound policy tm ilu- East Kootenay
Company to have Us chief, ot central
planl, now ai Jaflray, some SO miles
liv rail cast of Cranbrook, where the
entire mi of its mills is prepared for
Uu- liial'krl.
Tlii- Cianbrook mill used to lu* the
largest concern owned bv the companv, lun  recentl)  ti  yielded pride    ol
plan- lo     lln-    big   ' mill  at   Jaflray,
Cranbrook is the olficiai headquarters
anil there all 'In- executive work ,s
attended to at the heart office, which
is cmii.rii.l hy telephone with t-hc illlil lias been ilccided to erecl anolher
mill in ilif neighborhood of ibe city
■o replace Hi,' old plant which was iu
•nil, below Hir demit, .ind which
a, ni n|i in smoke, as ulreadv stated,
...i iiu- Hit)] t.f .lu v. There arc three
dies under consideration, all closo
.•Hough to Vranbrook, but which ono
a ill In- llnallv selected will nol lie
iitown iill -Mi, Leiteh gives Un- word
after bis consultation wiih Un- other
iit'i 'di u - in tb.' fast ihi this and olh-
l tn,lit. is nl importance lo ihe desli-
nit s .,] ilu* lirm, Anolher difficulty
•titifroiits ihem in undertaking Ihe
.-iiTiion of ilns new mill, nnd thai is
iii,* ilelav likely to arise iu lhe [leliv-
i ilif necessary machinery,   Tl
imw tracks special tti Utemselvea,
that  tu tin- matter ..( rail laoltHiesI
uo place ran Im- heller provided,        I
The next thing on,- notices out <,t.
thr ordinary is ihal there is no towel ing smokestack dominating tlto
scene. On thf contrary, the stock is a
hm i lt) stumpy affair, wul out Auy
smoke issuinn from it l-Mwiu iu.li-
suti, tin- engineer, explained iluu tins
is caused i>\ tin- Induced draught
system wliich has beeu adopted here.
The butter) of three Watwma I10H-
ris ot su imt st-pow ti each rouulrea a
deul ol -ui loi combustion and gel it I t
lil means ol a ian some Ave
diftinelei    Iravcllng at   itn-  i
im rovolulions a Uliuute.     'this   I
(iuesis Comlort a Specially
(mod Sublime in Cuneeclion
Neareit to rallroml and dd] ot.     11 u •OMiinmoda-
tloiiM for  lbe pttblta  OueqnaUcd  lu Cnnitiruok.
Hoi and Cold Hathx
Hoggarth & Rollins
lus    I'ill    ' *
^Si^ffifii'!!    B. C. Livery and Feed Stables j
44444444<>44* »i»««***«4*0**««««««*«**«*««««**«
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^«»l;«•»|*s>♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ •«««««< »«««»«♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦
20.000  ACRES
(llie selucted lands In the beautiful Kootenoy
if a, iv, 11. C. estomling (lum Canal Flat lu
or sale at (r }:! to $111 per acre.
JJ The Kootenay Valley Is of Unsurpassed Fertility
44      Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situ-
J J     ation West ol the Rocky Mountains.
mw Tl,,, laml. present every (eiiture ut UBelulnesB, including tlin.
** hered bi'iichcs, liruaby llnls, tnarsli, prairie ami meadow. 'I'he
brushy llnls, marsh 'nml ...endow hinds consist ol deep, black
loan, | lhu bench land being a sandy loam, splendidly adapted
fur frl.it ei.ltt.ro. Where irrigation may be neeessury un the
benches, waii-i can he IiiiiI from llm mountain creeks flowing from
tin, Uonkios inlo tlie K nay river. Tht, lauds are luily surveyor! and son f ihc lots have been subdivided into fenced
i.n'i i Bbuill 80 ncres each.
I „■ pnruluMu price will li.cl.nln lhc tlmbor, whiuh can be sold
'.    he purchaser will t. any liability to government or other
,,,-.,, y. The timber will in many cases more ihnn realize ihc pur*
chiwn price, nud williiiiillcusesmalorially recoup the amount in-
veslud, I.-,.'-..,i, ho driven ontllu Kootenny river, winch touches every Inl save one.   Tl,,' main wagon road through the valley
I b ,,\ I,,.,-1<, each 1,,|, ami ihc proposed Kootenay Ceil-
iiai mih, iy mil parallel the wagon road.    The 0. I'. It. Ih quite
conroi.lo.ltln the lands.
I-,,, iintli,-r particulars apply tu
, . Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.
♦♦**»»«* M',-«*«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
j Manitoba Hotel j
5 I
*\ Headquarters for f
4 Lumbermen >
1 t
4        >
Hr    Tht M ,,.,-. haiBreiitrallyloontedanilbasoneoltheboBtillnlngr »     >
t|-     in tlie - ily    Tbo bar i» supplied wiih lhe best ul Liquors nnd Cigars     ]•
*L_ \y
Brewer of
Fine Ales, Porter and Lager
.Mninifnrliiri'i's nf nil kiiuls of Mineral  Waters, including
l.itliin uml St'llztT Waters, equal to uny imported artiele,   'fry u si.mplo caso,
I'li'siih-iu and Manager "I Hm   Easl
K,„,uiiii.  Lumber Company
I' 1'. II, h,,d strung ihc steel up
Imm IsailuiT canon. In Ittiw tlm
young town bi'fiin 1" call lur lumber
nnl building material al nil kinds so
Ihal as III,- hllsiimss ,„, S|, Josephs
creek outgrew the puwer ul supply a
siiiall rlval concern was liuiiirtit up
anil lli,- two i!ii-iii]i"i-|lti-:l under Un
name ol Hi.- Uraubrook Luiiiber Company, uiih, as already slated, a capital ul $20,0110. The volume ul Um
business si II increasing il became necessary lu enlarge llle plant, mid by
.lime imiii, the const ruction uf a mill
Willi a capacity ul 30,000 leel a ilny
was begun a Btort instance below tlie
repot, 'I'he machinery llnu hail hen
in use un Si. Josephs creel, was.allinnl
ihis iline moved to Palmer llur, and
I hero    rendered     an   exeelleul     ac-
iniiiil   nf   itself   ill III.' hllsv   llu f
the early const mel ion uf llm Crows
Nesi brand. The mil put ol Ihose
iwu mills gave llie Cranbrook Luiiiber Company a maalory uf ihe lumber
iinliisiiT 111 this locality uiul enabled
Archie Lellell lu realize llu- pussibil-
ilies nf llle .iiilustiv nf which lm was
il>,> ( nli-i in Kasi Kootenay.      He
was ahli' tu visuali/.e tin- future
growlb uf Hu- business and grasped
tin- meaning und pnieiiUuliiii's ut lhc
huge agricultural wenllfc, uf tho prairie country tu tlm east nf us. li is
nth in prodigality in ils power in
raise (ood shifts iii Um form uf wheal
an.l lui'f, bin wants llm timber ol
ivhich lliiiish Columbia has mi ,,liunti-
ance. Huh a Inisiin-ss wisdom which
t.u, In- Iu-i ter appreciated now ihnn
il was in 111112 he stiiighl In wild inti, ,,i„- ,,]Maiii/aiinn every lumber concern opcrailng between Ferule anl
Sirdar, Ills idea was ihat litis greal
company should linudle all the timber standing mi Ut- ll. ('. Southern
land grnlll, which hy llnu,- nf llle
Crows Nesi brnneli veslcd m Uu
hands uf ihe CP.lt. It embraces u
matler ul sume 11,700,0(10 acres, li
could Imvo Ih-iii tluiit- ni llinl time, ll
cn il now.   Tin- success uf his ureal
conception was   only   partial.    S o
,,( those whu were iiniii-d lo   i -
Inlo Hn- scheme, ltd "I dnre nol wail
up,,n I would." lie was treated lo a
nollcj nl shill.-shallv. begotten parl-
li lu ii-aluiis, ami it, ,i greater ex-
lint hv pure wanl ul ability lo grasp
Um Mil unl    li ended in ills, milium
Un- Crnnbrook Lumbei Company, ihe
Park-Mlicliell  Lumbei  Company   and
Ui.' McNab I Imi Company Inl o
concern whuh was Incnrpornlcd as
the Kast  Kimlena,  1.mnl,,'   Company
U llh  ,i  rapil.ill/.ili, II ,,j  .llllll llllll
"no cannol rc ss a feeling ol keen
ri'mi'l thai llm will ol a mm, wllh n
grasp ol mind equal to reaching out
Irom small things lo umlcrlnke an enterprise ,,f such magnitude as ihal
alluded lo should Im talked and over-
sei iwill pai'llnlly. Hut so it was;
ami tu bring things down lu ludav's
Malory il can he s-,ii,l ihal lln- slorv
ut llm steady progress uf the K,,si
Kootenav Lnmiier Company has become lln- laic ,,| trim advance o( die
lurnlwr i ra«li' in and around Cranbrook liuin thai day lo Ihis.
(II Ihis ureal Concern Archie Leilch
is president and general manager,
Archie Leiteh, -Ir., is suipcrlnlenncnl
ol lhc big new planl at .laltYa,,
Ales. Modal Is secretary-treasurer, J.
('. Sclicrmcrhorn is general superintendent, K. S. Home is ne-
cuiiiiiaiil and master ol everv Instru-
K meul in Uie managerial orchestra nml
[J. can handle ilm baton of the conductor
I.J. wilh llm s-aiiii- facility ihal he enn
ilii'lale  llm business  letters or make
Ii, Hus menus Um luel
pelttilI, I'ttiisiiiuisl iimh-t the borlurs
iimi in.iimi -.uiul,,- uui sparks ascend
mi,, ih,- stack lh.- mam euginu la ui
ih.- inm pattern, H.,,,-,,,,,- mate,
I,',',','in" sVuirVs nm ' cetttel III whirl wnh llu Inch lace.
1    '" '' ■       ih,- hri-lvr being tu.sli.ill,  placed   be
tween ih,- iwu engines. Neai bj is an
olhel i ui;..,,' and dynamo tor Uie
I'l.s-liii llglll Usui all .,i,i lln- null.
phiuei building, olllci's, cook bourn
ami ih,- iiii-ns dwellings. AlUigeUtei
there aie some 11 dl 15 c. iuuli-is
driven Irom Un- main boilers. The engine equlpmenl ai -l.iilia, is aecoiKl
I,, uum- iu ih.- disiiii-i aiid is elegant'
', ....ii....,ii.cl.
lhc null is ol Un- double cut band
saw      p.ill,'in.    II   was  buill   by   the
William llniiiiituu manufacturing
Company and is provided with a
sleam tension gear lur taking up
\,,-.ii ,,l tin- Journals ut the bilge pulleys uver which lhe saw Irnvcls ami also au, possible strolehlng nf the saw
when in operation, li is Instantaneous in action ami works with porleot
exactness ,,u both projections ul lho
axle nl the upper, or la/.y, wheel. Tbo
saw lisell is a huge ribbon uf steel,
ahum 12 ui ii inches wide ami over
12 del iii clrcumleren.ee, There aro
id ih mi imlh sides ul ihc ribbon, su
Umi tlm i.n as ii travels forward is
sliced hy the teeth mi une side and as
n moves hack is attended in with lhe
icih ,,u Un- otter. Tlie voice, or
mu,- ol ilm circular suw is a hoarse,
rough, brutal, rentl'lnc sound with a
nasal twang I'l il. 'llle liiile ul llle
li.iml saw i.s a long drawn whine, curiously suggestive nf a youug pig in
unu iai ng ny. The thinness' ul" tlm
suuu.I arises fl'oln lhc facl lhat tile
culling pall ni Un- teeth nf the saw-
is mil imiii- Uiau an eiglvt'll uf uu Inch
across, while m tin- hig circulars tliey*
ai,- full, double thai width. Then
lhe tremendous t'ato ai winch Ute saw
navels has iiuu'li to say lo the uui-
l tu, wiiat is ui' vastly   mui
cycle'. Repairers
I,' ii.ulsl,
CRANIiROOK.    li.   C.
I    Strip Phone 00 P.O. Box 144 BarnPhoneW    '
Blacksmiths, Woodworker,
M L.u.'.lii Ct-ri. ;.•:.. 11 I) -r! i r Imolements tor Salt        J
l...... sir	
l+l+H+H-l I'l' I-I'   | II II I I"1M-I II-I "l-l-l-l "l-l-l-l.
•H-l-l"! "I H-t-H -l-l-l -H-l-l"H-I-1 -I-1 I i II I 1 II-1 I I-1 "l-l-l-I-I "I-M-
■+ +
The Cosmopolitan
>v nmltl "i-i  for Un-1 iiiip*iM4nu-»*,  ilu- i'a|>iu-ny ot
ms of tin" plant   [s'l'lcmeni lo unu out lumber,
I'.it'ii'.M tlatliifi ilif
,t lt\. rj oi il.- iii'tns ot iiu- ]:
lit' firsl of .l.iiiiuiv next, All tho
iiiiirliiiiciy nrms arc loaded to Uio
(jitiirds wiili otili'i.s—a tliiiiK which
li.iiiits plainly enough io Hu- |)ros|>cr-
ti\ ol ihf iii'ihisirv. This iiiilii'tiltv in
Setting tiVii onl.'i's llll.'.l for Un- ina-
L-hinery rcquirnl for a fairly large
jii-imatu'iil jilatit is nol unlikely io iti—
iluee tlit' liuu tu I't'sorl to tlh-' use of
liortable mills for ihc time being, at
all cvi'iils.
Tli.' company owns very cxtenslvo
limits along ' tlu- Moylc river and
around Irishman creek, down bv ityan, n station on Uu- C.P.H, some i"}
milts soutli of .Mmir. Above thfl
mouth nf Irishman creek tlit- river is
.still as a mill pond foi a long distance, ,i'i-l h^Fe a iluiu has been thrown
across I'm retaining Hit* logs. When a
supplj is ri'quiri'tl at lln- mill a' Kyan lh'.- stop-logs at tit.' upper tlam aiv
lifh-d and Un- logs drill down to Uie
jaeli-la<hler, wliich lies ;1 little up
stream from Uie second rel*aining
dam, This lati.-r is a vcrj eoinp-leic
piece uf wuilt, consisting of hoavy
crilyliiug ami piles wilh .stone anil
rubble filling. Tlie jack-chain is operated hy friction gears and lifts Um
lo^s lo a carriage of lhc .Vatcrous
make Uial has been recently pul iu
place .mil ran handle logs of '12 Inolres
in diamclei by .'Hi feet iu length. Solid tooth circular saws of till Inch diameter are used and the lumber is de-
livercd io live rolls with i( righl angle shift 1.1 the four-saw cdgoi's, The
limbers nm on to a lower platform
and Uie slabs go to lhe font slash-
saws ilnii nil (hem io ihe proper
size fur the conveyor lo the bill'ncl*.
Tbe edgings fall on tin- conveyor
cbains io ihe s-lasb-sa.ws ;,nil follow
the slabs to ibe burner, while lhe
lumber travels over tin- live rolls. 1.1
the trimming saws by a chain system specially adapted to Uu- eonillt.on
of tbe make of tbe mill. The freight
cars .-nnii- righl up lo U e platform
in froni of Uu- trimmers, and as ihe
platform is abonl lh/ height!) of tbe
lop of a hox ear above Ihe tracks il
is provided with a gear bv wbieb it
.an lie lowered to Ute level of an ordinary Uai .ni, oi lifted so as lo
keep level with llle gradual raising ol
the load as Un- lumher is bring put
aboard. Tbis clever arraitgenietil
mM's ,, ileal of lifting, hauling and
handling and might with much advati-
lage lie adoplnl iu other mills, As
fast us the logs art- \iwn to lumbei
n is Im.,,1,-,1 directly Info ibe ears and
.hipped at once io .l.uTi.iy.
The t-apaeily of ibe Kyan mill is n
■ t.'.i.h m.iiiiu fret ,1 day. The power
whrrewilh it is done is derived fiom
iwo Waierous boilers, each 11 fool bj
.'1,    pial   to about   UU   hoise-power
Kepntalelv,    01     1311 horse-power all
tul'l       The    engine h Is   out     hei
lull ecpilvalelil of the power given to
bei and 1 hies no mie ver) much in
ihe doing of ii. All the ills of Un-
engine, hoilei and so on, in the median cal way, an- attended lo by .1.
\\ t'li.wiheis. The mill foreman is
11 I Mil'aslin, who in his hours of
relaxation is dcnllsl in chiel to the
saw-, of all kinds. Alex. ("Irani ti
sawyer nml the woods roreman is W,
• l. Corcoran, The C.P.H. station at
flyan. lie olliee and general store ot
ih/ Kasi ■ Koolenav Lumber Company
and lhe postollice are all under lhe
same roof. Here A. ('. Cook presides
;is storekeeper, head shipper, post-
in. isier general and mayor of Ryan.
Mr. Cook is :i very busy man In whom
responsibility is po burden
lance,  Uie capacity of ihe   tin-
As an example of whal   litis pai'lic-
ulai s-.iw can do in Uu- matter oi
euttiiig ii may k- said that a b'K -"
incites m diameter and l- loot long
was dissipated (thai is tlte only
word llial will suitably convey an
kiwi oi ibe operation) into lumber In
precisely DO seconds, and the slabs
When a slab or board gels on them it
u.u met tbe live lolls. You ma)'
well call them live rolls ai Jaltray.
Wlwn a slab ur h-'ard gets on them it
travels like a senfed eat. Tlw saw
lender, by a touch oil a lever, regulates whether Un- pleeo will slop at
liie edgers 01 go on to the slasll-
•saws und the lug eouvevoi to ihe
burner down In ibe side of ihe lake.
Tlie Carriage Iced is of the twin cylinder pall.'in ami Uie men wlio hau
tile ii seem io gel more speed from
11 iban ean he noticed trom the gunshot typo iu oilioi' establishments
The sleam nigger and loader used
here an- splendid lime saving devices.
Tbe logs come up 11 oil) the lake on
the jack-chain .unl lu- mi the incline
above Ute carriage, being held in
place by the four steel anus of lbe
loader. Whin a log Is netvled ihc
anus fall and the hull t-ml of a tol'-
est giant rolls on the carriage, The
nigger jumps up irom lis lair, like a
huge sleel .lack-m-Uu-Uox, and most
horrlblj slams, kicks bounces, jouiic
and Ihi'nlies ibat lug, no mailer what
its size, inlu the best position for
culling. The selters throw down
their levers and away fcoes tlte carriage, tt-h-c-e s ngs Uie saw as it cuts
through the log at the rale of lour
leel a second, and before yon knuw it
ihere is a slab gum- scoxmngoff down
liie rolls Uial wuuld take two men
ball a day lo remove with axes.
Hack comes the carriage and a board
is ,,b. Back ami forth swings tho carriage, easily as if on oiled bearings,
till ihe log is gone in lumber 01- to
blazes according to quality, it is
wutideiiul. One could set there fur
hours and enjoy the grim precision
of ibe whole thing, and Ibe unison
between clever men ami line machinery. Waller liarneit and W. Hall are
lbe sellers at Jaflray, (Iiiiiit Clarke
being lhe sawyer. If mills of lhe power anu*_capactiy of ibis one had liocu
put in "when tbe industry started in
Kast Koolenay one wonders what
lime lbe wise men of Ibat period
would give lhe forests  to last.
The success of a band sawmill depends very eoiisidetiitily ou Uie skill
anil   experience of   the  Idei   ill  el|at^e.
Ilis work is skilled and very highly
Rpccinltecd, Tbis responsible position
is mini at JafTraj by Waltei Smyth,
a graduate in electrical and mechanic-
al science in Owens College. Kmgsi,,n,
Oni His one fault, if it be a fault,
is his \0111I1, hut like the rest of us
be is sieadih overcoming it and will
uiustei 11 wiih time. As fm his skill
ami experience, Uie host proof of
ilieui is ihal he bas never \uu\ a break
.town since lie look charge ol the q>
nartment. Things keep g ^ and Unit
is wbgl the management wants. Ilu
i.s assisled hy a younger brother,
Krank Siuyili, wbo will take his degrees In Un- University one. of Uu-su
days, These young men earn salaries
ibat many u professional iu oilier
tines would envy, but their services
are hlgbij valuable and must lie paid
accordingly.   Waller Smyth  was kin:
The place where a
man wil! return after
stopping once.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Plan inp; Mills
All Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
EVERY   PAY   IN   THK   'i I.AU
Seattle and Chicago
Tla tlio
Great Northern Railway
For detailed InlorniaUofi, ratios, clc, cu
i1     ..   . - ■-.;'.. i-i
Notice is lii'ii'lij- given llml  thirty
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^        In.-. ,,li,-i date I 11,1,11,1 lu n|i|ily lo
Notice Is licreliy given Uiat lliiilyi I1"' Uoli. Hie Clilcl Commissioner  ol
,        ,,      ,,,.,,, 1    ,    I.umls .111   Works an.   in tin- Ass s
diiy.s alter dale 1 Intend tn apply loU| Coinmisslonr-l nl l.uiuU and
Uie Ohio! Commissioner of Lalnls and Work's f,,i Hu- ili-iiu-t nt
Works al Vlotoria Inr special licenses Easl Koolcnay, IH'., lm a license i„
In cut anil carry aw.iy Umbel luun: I"" I"'1 '"' '"•<' anil pelt oleum mi
,,      , ,, ,       ,,,,.,   ''"' i,,H,ni mi', il, -, nt,,,,    ni,,
llie    lotlowlttg   di'sii ilnii     lnmls   in.    |    t'oiniiii'iii'lin
limit   Mill rliin,
Siiiiili EaBt Kootenay:
I.  Commencing at   a I'osl planlcd
on tlie northern bo.iu.lo-ry ,,i Iol  I'.H,
one iinlc fuun   Hir nm I,i-i'.i.l c. i
ul said lul l-i,   marked M, Melnnes
tll s. W. corner, tlience ......I.    tin
1-li.iins, iiiniu in loss, lu M. Melnnes'
timlier a|iplloatlon, (il) ul V-u* rjato,
Uienco cast l.B elinlns, more or less,] tlien,
to 0. Kelly's liinlui license,   Hi
soutli lu i-lmiiis, more or less; Uience
west nd cbains, more or less., Uience
soulh In chains, more or less,
to Uie northern uauirtiary uf Inl 133,
and ihenee west along said houndary
iu chains, more or less, in tin- place
of commencement) conlaiiilng iiiu
acres, more or less.
|,„.l   lll.llllril
111   nml      lllllllll
iiii chains tvesi nf Hie crossing nt ihu
Norlh foil   rn iii.li,-I creek In ol I
lln- l>,,nil, ill   h. ,,,,.I.il I.   nl  Iol   I.,s»,
group  >, tl"' name Iielng the   initial
posl    nl    .1. H   llcrrall'i .I.iiii.    nn.l
tu.iil.iil ".I      It   lii'lull',, umil, .vest
i." ihenco su chains Bniilll,
U , Imiii-.    east,  lltcnco     80
llll,   11n-Ill-,- KU rlniiis     WCSli
Iii   place    ,,[    heglnnlllgi   i-niiliiiiiuu',
iliiuil tun ncres
.1   ll   llehnll, I...........
IU .1   II   Hemphill, A>'..'iii.
Localed Augusl limit, I ..(lit.
explain Uuu  llie dillii-iiliy
2    I'ninnienrliig    ul a posl planted
.il  ,i   II. i,,-i,,,ii„ iimiii-wi-st corner,
,..,i„.- lieiiiB ilu- in Hal p,,si nl Vi. A.
,    ,    ,  ,, II,-11,111111',. claim ni„l marked "W. A.
t'oniiiii'iicing al   n pnsl plantol Mclliiini-y's north-rant   cornor pnsl "
at the north-east corner uf lot lim,  ||1(,t
lundary ul it. Melnnes' timlier    n-
■nse, ilti'iice east    tu ilu, north-oast
t^f.   you a tracing ul any part ol the uuu  frorn   lhe railway  Uucks, as a very
nl Uu' mi nf hand saw wurk conslsl
in drawing the suw will, ncrfeol uni-
 , ,.,   funnily from lhe center i,, liie eilges
Vn.o.it a mile west nf Jaffray is tho of Uie Wade.   This drawing is    nro-
lllg mill, nml thai  is „ i-nnreni where ! duml liy a machine called a slrelrhi'r, . .     	
tliere Is somct-hlnt doing something mill Iqstrumcnta as delicate as those corner ol saul license, Ihenco soutli
in !»• seen something worth while used hy a civil engineer nn Iris <liaw-. 20 chains, lo M. Melnnes' application
writ ine ahoul I'ussiiig In Uie Ings aro used In lest the work as it | No. 1 o( this dale, Ihence cast l-.i
cars lhc view ol lho premises is groat-1 prcKi'ossos. The manual wurk is | chains, Uience nurlh 3d ehuius, inure
Iv shut um in- a small knoll Uirough ''Kin ami automatic Wins machines or less, to Elk river, Uience tollow-
whleli lhe line h-.is li,-i u cut, Tin'sii- ii"' used as much as possible, sliil ing said Elk river down to the point
nation nf lhe concern is excellent. It to achtoveaccomplishment brains must ot commencement.
Imiii Irctween Hie tracks nml 0 small  1"' employed lavishly.     Mr.   Smyth, I M. Melnnes.
lake inin which lhc Ings are pitched ■ ; ;     .Hat6j    **«   18t,h    ■« ol Au.?"-,
Ml   ch.
iiii, iii-
thence  south      111.31  eliains,     liiell, c.  „,,  ,„0  „ ,    ,,,   ,     D ,,
west   .10   chains,    thence   suuih     Hi'    '' "    "' ,' ',   "" ,   ,   l,'i'"''' "','    '
chains, mure ur less, to ih„ northern     ,   ' ,i „*„,"R.„ ',"''','   ,.,'i,
houndary ul (J. llclni.es' Umber    Hr|^!roa"E """'"'""B ul"""    l'"1
Vi. A. ll.-liui-iii-v, Locator,
Bv ,1. II. Hemphill. Agent.
Localed Augusl 20lh, 1000.     21-St
(Continued on page three)
If ynu    have a   cow   you are not
using and want a pasture, I will take
care nf it tree lor the milk.
11 B. U. Baron. THE   CKANl'.l'ooK   HERALD
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from  private houses, churches or our
own parlors.     Firstclass undertaker in attendance *.* -.*
CranbrookCooperative Stores
Wt  luve  the  best  facilities  In thc Kootenays lor
g   during the summer weather.    Wholesale and retail    gj
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and gee us any lime.    We are on deck 25 hours
out of Ihe 24
|        IF YOU WANT
| clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in t
make call and see the new stock of Ready i
made clothing just received. All Union i
Labor. ♦
w******** ****.%***********?
Rambling Reveries
An easy waj •" ipoll an evening
uie.il is i.ii .-at h om- to relate lbe
du.ipp.niiUif nts tiut Iiaw happened,,
ihe slights endured, "i tbe offeosWi
given These are enough to coun-
leracl tbe efleel of ill good things
■he mosl generous aud skillful bouse
tt in- ..in  plan- upon her table.
I \Vh\ lias a boy any more right than
a girl io leave bis but on tin* parbu
; table, bis gloves on Ihv niaOU-l. his
coal  un  tbe cbftil   ol   newel  posl    atrd
bis tinea in the middle ol the room?
IU- ..in learn orderliness Jutti a-- well
.is Ins Bister if \tv begins in time
Now  ,s ihe time to begin.
II the boy is to Ik- a 'little (inlle
iii.ui' wh ii away Iiom home, be
iniisl lie taught, itiid "ot hv pieeept
alone,   Iml   as  well   I.v   example,   wIhu
be is fti home     Anil the inlluence  <*i
ll v.imple ol   th,-  latbi'l   iipoii     Uie
son,    and ol    the    uiothei      upon    the
tlanighter, will ue much more potent
■ ii.l 11 anj amount ol advice di any
uiles ni etiquette
riic misguided people who assert
ihal marriage as an institution ii a
failure aie generally rvmu through
siiei'taelcs blurred liv then own mis-
lakes The\ have made a failure pei-
baps and it nun be because of sellisb
ness. Then- ale ,. thousand happy
hearthstones to .me ibat is cold and
.h.filers—a thousand prizes to otic
blank, atrd we usually heat more
ahoul ptt/es Mian blanks. Marriage
is noi   u failure     Some individuals
Ii is probably not uue ibat fantih
"manners" are less courteous now
iban formerly, hut it must In* ad*
milled lhat there is yet room lor a
great deal of Improvement. Somehow, somewhere, there bas erept into
popular accepttinee t-he idea tbut
with mare age, or at leas-t with the
waning of n'.u* honeymoon, ihe "-lover
d^ys" are ovei', and the kindness,
gentleness, and attention whieh existed during ibe courtship has no longer
a place in the domestic economy of
ihe widded pair.
Every inebriate you see staggering
along the road or street, ymi know
is going in make some woman's life
miserable. Some wife or mother,
or helpless children are to he at tbe
mercy of a madman. You smile al
bis antics, without pity for her who
is io be the agonized sufferer, nor
give a tfcoughl of what you might
do to help Iter in Iter friendless, homeless condition—for the wife of a
drunkard, rich or pour, living in
glided halls, or squalid but, has no
home. The tender associations thai
eliistei around ihal sacred name do
not Include drunkenness. The two
kingdoms, heaven ami home, do not
admit  Ue drunkard.    Where be lives
is  hell.
We occasionally observe our masculine brothers take some exception to
oui ideas in this column, Well, we
lon'l blame Ihem. ihey were not
particularly written for them, although we believe ihere is much in
ibis depart ment that would do ihem
good and we are glad to know thai
>onie g ve Ihem a reading. We
wuii- particularly iu tlte Interests of
oui wives, our ' mothers and rtnua'.i-
tors (wilb .in occasional hint foi
fathers and sous) and we have re-
reivod ihe testimony of many, that
they bave been greatly encouraged by
whal ihey liave round, in this department, and '-> we feel oui labor is not
L'triirely in vatu. bul are encouraged
wmk on, and as best we can,
mote the interest of the house-
I '
Maiiuln. lurefr. of
Rough antljdressed
Also nil   kinds of
Kvan uiul
uk. B.C.
lUu.i nm, c. ■ Cranbruok
$*****#*#** *  ♦##**#****•♦♦»
ffl 1 1 ffl
Icaoino Business
Ibottses of i1tar\>8«"
vtille    Pl'C Smeltei' tiny...
Marysville  has
,',,im' inl,, her own.
Thr town  iiom hns
ii  |i.-niiiin,-iii  |„,\
roll.    Tin' Hi-mill
en II    !„■:,I'l ill      .'II
dorso tile following
I Central Hotel
The li'ii.liiiK lm
I', Handle), 1'riip.. S. J. Mornro, Manager
ffl IliiiiiiK K.uhu service the besl.
lei in the St. ffl
Marys   valley. P
LIMBER INDUSTRY IS ■ ■mi ■mixiiwimimiiwa
EAST KOOTENAY je„_  v««,  A~„*
,i„,„„u.„,,„„;,.,. ibeven  Years Ago _
_t 'A
3 in Cranbrook ** # S
young though hi- is,  ba -  ba
been years ol it     Sj inoud -.1" •■
uc moBtlj used here, tl 1 U
ton Saw Comuofl) ol  \ .r ■ ■■ ■       up
j.iiid  some which gave  -.. ■. I
The mlHwrighl i:. ohai
is .1. ,\i   Stss..ii... loi mei ■   ■■ ith    the
N.'iih Stat  Lumbei  Compan)      The
general ideas ol the foi ra an   iii ipo&i-
lion ot the planl  were 11
■i 1TKMH UULLKI)  FROM  Tilt-. •*
J  HERALD   "K    THAT    DATE ?
Trail Creek News:-In view ..1 Mrs
F   I!   Morris' departure nexl    week
bv Archie Uiiuh, Si . an.i re  ,,, „. trail lo Craubrook, a party ol
ewlMjdied    in    the plam and. .      ,    aipriwl be, ,,tl Mondaj      A
Jii.'paitil bv  Mi   Sismmis     lie has hi
own laboraton    ->•  i«   pti the  :;'"~'     enjoyable    Mme    was   spent.
mill building    Ucted        v it card      games    songs,    and  refresh*
scroll saws, and even u .;,     were in   eason and were    in-
*here be can work oul hi   mechai   al   ,u,   „     m V(t ..Auli,
hleas        Allium:   lie  others tll '   . e, .1 ...
plunrfl is a mosl   Ingeub -     u'"    b>n      '"  -Vl    l""k'' UP * a
once which is in operalio    . ■ IhJ.very  small hour, ami began lo pmr-
matvrtal ..-. ii comes from thi trim- ney to theii  respective abodes.
mei s travels    on an in* lined plan
curved mi its surface wu\.   ueh mathematical a<' unu >   thai  cacl
delivered 1*. the rolls below at
gle of iui degree   from th
nun    Thi- wai   required   ■■■ -u.
i,lc     al    whul      ll     wa
piocc the 1 otiveyoi  lo tin
ble    line has  to BCC  the e al
woik io full) appreciate the ill Ihi iltj
of the problem Ihal  Mi
.essfullv   liiaslel.il        The   In    	
ol all tbe machinery in saw ami planing mil's was done undei tb.' guidance
of Syl   IMchnrds, head millw t'igl
ilu- company.
The grading is aOenloi to in John
Mairgan, who presides ai the tmatti
whieb adjudicates on the qualiiy ..1
every  piece cul in Uie null 01     ibat
iht* place lo stop when visiting Ihe Smeller City
I The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor S
Has been recently refurnished and is now one of s
the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for &
the people. S
i Marysville Drug Go.
__, We carry a complete stock of everything in the ^
& Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away ttk
{* foryour goods. g
While Robert il Ingersoll is not
often quoted in a home circle depart-
111,nt, vet he saul some of the most
beautiful things ovei spoken and
said (hem the best. Me was on one
occasion asked to give two views In
a svniposiitin "f women an.l in reply
said li takes lX hundred men to
make an encampment, but one woman
ni, make a home 1 not only ad-
mire woman as the mosl bOaUtifUl
object e\et created, bul I reverence
het as the redeemedj|lorj ol human-
It} the sanctuary «>f all virtues, thc
t'lisl*-:.' of all perfect qualities ol
heart and head It is because women
are so much bcttei than men that
then faults are considered greatei
The one thing In tbis world that Is
constant, the only peak that rises
above nil the claims, lhe one window
in whicli the li.nht burns forever, the
one si,u that darkness cannot quench,
is woman's love. Ii rises to t-he
grentcsl heights, it sinks to the lowest depllis, it forgives the mosl cruel
Injuries \ woman's love is tho perfume ol ibe heart, This is the real
love Ibat subdues the e,,nli, (hi- lov.
hhflt bas wrought all miracles of art
ihat gives us music all tho way from
the cradle sum; to the grand closing
Kympl v   Hmt   hears  llie soul   away
on     wings of lire A  love that  is
greater than power, sweeter than life
.nut strange.  Unm death,"
If out friends have caskets sealed
up and laid awav, filled with tbe
sweel perfume of love and kindness
wit Iol) ihev intend to unseal when this
band is stilled in death, white 'lis
swpoi io think ihal a rose may be
J planted ovei our graves, we would
I M-rv much prefer tbey wnuld unseal
I Ihem while we are ol tubing Ihis rug-
j god and hricml path of life and the
keen thorns of pain an- lurking near,
that weary hours mny Iw cheered and
life refreshed and sanetiflid; now
while tired and alinosl ready to sink-
by tho wayside ami tin further go.
A plain casket and no flowers, if wed
be, will be all the body will need
aflei the soul has taken Ittghl to
olher worlds than this, but, oh. llll
tin- life wllh sweetness, kindness and
love. Plant a rose on the ltearth-
siotie of neighbor and friend, that its
modest silent sweetness may kiss the
weary heart al morn, at noon, at eve
and at every hour. "Flowers on the
Brace easi no fragrance backward
over the weary years." Plant ye a
rose (hal it may smilingly bloom
over the living. Keep it not for lhe
dead, where it must bloom bowed
and silently awed.
Ryan 01 Uranbnmk Sb .
lap, dimension ami boards are soiled
onto moveable chains set righl behind
lhe men who handle lhe planing 111,1
chines    Uj a touch of a level Ute pile
of green stuff is bloiijjijt np within
reach of his hand, so Ihal 110 nm.- is
lost in pushing Uie loads around 1,1
keep the planet men suppliod, The
better grades go irom the sorting
platform nn rol'-oll wagons i,, ibe
yanl piles for seasoning, and as required an- laken hack (afti»r being In
the ait mr iwo or Ihii* months
perhaps) to the plane) building, where
an Independent engine works Uiem up
in the form of drop si lm-, fluorine,
ceiling and so forth., T. W GI Inin
has Marge ol ihe yard, of Ute piling
and general shlpfping arrangements.
Speaking with Archie Leilch, dr.,
tlte superintendent of this very line
ci iiteern. he si al id t ba 1 t hey ha \ e
aboui iwn anil a half million leel of
logs in the 1 ttie lake by the mill and
get iu about live cars of logs each
d v from the limils around   Hn- place
Kach car lakes ;i>.ui 8,1  feel to the
load, mi What the woodland gives them
10,111111 feet a dav. The logging camps
are in charge of Al. Manson, and lite
cruising for Ue company is ntlended
io, alinosl entirely, by William Iliggins, a master iu bis own line. The
mill cuts a steady 55,000 feet a day,
but iu addition to tt is there is received about 50,000 feet everv dav from
Ryan and Cranhrook. lu all the planl
handles, one wav or another, some
thing like lim,nun' feel of lumber a
day, or about as much ns llie biggest
mill iu the district. Eighty men are
employed at tlu* mill and ibiiu In
the woods, or 110 in all. This is a
big handful for a y uiig man io control, but Archie Leilch, Jr., seems lu
have grown up in an atmosphere
charged with thc sc, m of lhe pine
wood., and with .1 knowledge ol .ill
that appertains to them. Anyhow
things fall into theh righl places
down at Jaffray and the busin ss goes
ahead smoothly and steadtlj
During the coming winter tl is intended to keep the pond open by turning the exhaust from ih ■ engines into
lite watei between the point where
th'e-logs are dump..! ofl the trucks
and Uiv foot of tte Jack-la Ider. During llial season, and from that time
on, tlte compan) will manufacture every variety of moulding, lurntd work
and sciotl work, as the demand foi
Urc more ornate lines of material is
rapidly on the increase all through
ibe prairie country This can be ens-
Ily understood, Not so long ago tin-
wheat growers weir well content with
lhe bare necessities ot existence. Later
the)     sought, and witl: uood reason,
Ihv comforts of life. Now ihey are
looking for the elegancies and refinements that v.0 with advanced prosperity So 11u1e.il the better for the lumber trade of Kast Kaotenav and the
Kasl Kootenav Lumber Company.
The manager believes that the double cut band saw at Jaffray is lt,f'
best in the district. He particularly
appreciates the steam tension already
mentioned. This improvement was
pate.tted liy one Thomas and was applied by the Hamilton Manufacturing
Company to ihe mills ol their make
He also considers the counterpoised
saw-guide, which can he worked eiih-r
by steam or by hand, a very important improvement,
\s already slated, il will depend on
what decision is come lo bv lhc dl-
rCCiors where the mill   to  replace lbe
recently destroyed Cranbrook plant
will Ih- erected. Wherever it may be
built il mav bo depended ou that Syl.
Richards, the general mlllwrighl for
all lbe plants belonging to lie company, will liave a deal to say to bolh
its general arrangements and design,
as he lias had in the various concerns
in which Uie companv was and is Interested. Mr. Richards has been with
Hie company for quite a numbei of
years ami is most dosorvedlj' popular
wilh a'l classes.
Thv .Jaffray mill is hound to ereale
a little town around tliere. The various buildings and the workmen's
houses form quite a nice vl 1-1 ago, but
one feels that the limit of progress
of tlie locality is sliil far from iielng
reached, The North Star company is
erecting a mill wiihin about two
miles of the East Koolenay Lumher
Company's big plant, and Pearson A
Jewell are following suit. Where the
Kast Koolenay company goes appears
safe enough for others to follow. Thev
have always been in the lend, perhaps
a shade ahead of the time, and the
day appears lo be far postponed when
they shall surrender lhat lead lo any
Moyie's payroll is increasing every
1 bai  t>l  ''"iv   »'o«    leveral
..1.! dollars gieaiei Uiau that
■ 1 June and thai ol Augusl a uic.it
■i Hun Hi.,1 oi lul) Last
Suluniaj ihr Si EuKetie Milling compan) [>a<d Hi.'U men in Hie u<-i|lIibol ■
hood ol t«,f  .nil Hi- Canadian liold
l-i. i 1     vndii ai-. operating lha   Lake
inure mine    uearlj   L'i,         This
amount, wnh ihe paj rolls ol ihc
.. i. tj (Uii, Park, Mitchell .v Co 's
aw null and ihe numerous cup. n
lets and laborers entployed about lhu
lowu, Moyie's pav udl i.u ihe month
<,i Auglial will amount  to dose   on
vl', IIUII
Charles Kdwards bas received word
from Hyde Hakei to thc effcel that
he will he married soon and expects
io return io Cranbrook witb his
bride somo tune in November.
Work has commenced on Jake
Kink's n, w residence on Dakei Hill.
.lames (Jroei  has tho contract,
The new lock-Up is completed and
Cotistabie Morris has taken possession. It is a poor make shift for a
lown . like Uraubrook, but tor the
present will have to do.
'I'll,- M'l 1  ll
sl.'I'S        liilil'
Il'l     tlio
,„.!,.Ill   Inl   llll
lll'll    M'tllllll
Inmes  (Inn.
nu- .i|i|n
IIH lllllllll
llll   lllllllll    l.l   1
ih  a ,,in' I'm
III llllllll-
ng ni iliis iun
'.      lillllll   IS
tc, us Uie mu
llll'l   ol   iilll'll
s require
lore ilmn mie 1
Last Sunday tho new Catholic
. buret) in tins eity was opened wilh
service!! bv Hishop Denlouvlllc, "f
Vancouver, assisted by Fathers Coccola and Oiileiie. The attendance
Was vcrj large ,iii I ihose tliat were,
ih. re listened with pteasur io a sermon hv lhe bishop, wlo spoke many
.or.d words for Cianbrook, and the
double duly of uiau working for spiritual as welt as material progress.
Confirmation services wen- held at
ihe Mission on Tuesdav and at Fort
Sleele 011 Wednesday.
Tb,- kissing hug has reached Crnnbrook now and is creating consternation among Hs victims.
Air. Beattie is moving lie building
Ihal stood iu the rear of the post oflice to a lot  he lias purchased in thc
■ outh part of town.
A meeting of the Kootenay A Al-
goma  Mining company,   wiil   be     held
ibis evening in tbe olliee of McVittie
.\   Hutchison.
. Ilurle, ihe nurse, has taken
over the Wilson property which she is
lilting up foi hospital purposes. She
ixpects lo build an addition, and have
a place when* she can give patients
ihe best of care.
A. l,. McDermot, who bus been in
the governmenl nlliees the past six
months, has relurneil lo Cranhrook as
bookkeeper for bhe Fort Steele Mercantile company. Mac's many
friends in Uraubrook are pleased to
sei' liim again.
Ttie provincial library lu tbe Free
Reading Room, Watts block, is free
lo ail and contains oue bundled volumes, all new, on the following
topics, viz: Social science, natural
science, useful arts, literature, description and truvttl, notion, juvenile
books, biography and his lory, by
some of the best authors of the day.
Any resident of Craubrook or vicinity is entitled to the loan ot these
books as lung as such person complies with tbe rules, having first
signed the agreement, which will be
presented by the librarian. Lieluw
are a few ol lbe rules lo be complied
books must be handled with care
and leaves must uot be turned down
Two volumes may be drawu by each
leader and retained for two weeks.
The tine of live ceuls shall be paid
lot each book kepi over lime, anil
uo hooks shall be lent lo auy oue
10 whom buoks or on unpaid nue ui
lines aie charged.
A reader desiring a book uot at the
Lime iu thc case uiu) have it icseit
ed fur him foi folly-eight hums after ils reiuiu by giuug uotlvfl to lbe
A reader R-Luining a book, which
is uol reserved may leuew 11 ioi
two weeks.
lu addiliou to tins library lhe room
is  supplied  wilh  the  leading    new;
papeis    fioiu   the   Atlantic    to      lbe
Paeilie, also magaaiuet. and   pt-iiudi
Tbe room is nicely furnished and is
a i'i,iiii-.1 table pl*c« to spend yuur
spare moments, and is not run by,
uur lu the interest of any church,
party, or clique. Everybody welcome. Remember the place, second
Hour, Watts block, over Mightuu's
tobacco store, Baker street.
Cbkscbnt Lodge No. 33
Crnnbrook. B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p. m. at
New  Fraternity  Hall.
T, M. Roberts, K.R.&S,
J.  A. Arnold, CO.
Visiting   brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
I.O.O.F. Key City LodSt
No. 42. Meets every
Mouduy night at
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourn*
ing Oddfellows cordially invited.
W. T. Haynes,
Iranhroi'k^l.iiage. No. ji
A. P. * A. M.
V.  II   McKa
N. G.
Regular lueetiug.-i Ob
the thud Thuisdny
of every mouth.
Visiting tiretL rn welcomed.
a. H. Koslclns. Sec'y.
M. A. Heale, W. Al
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Mt:el  every   Wednesday  evening   .1
» li.u.. lu Ii   ul I.. P. Hull.
U.   Itoss T»1e,  W.P.
t'has. Sniilh, W. Sec'y.
Visiting brethren eurdially Invited,
Meet at B. ol I.. V. Ilall 2nd   and
Illi Saturday each month.
Visiling brethren always welcome
T. Boyter, Jas. IS. Larrigan,
W. M. Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
rlueil Block Cranbruok   . C
•      C. H, DUNBAR      I
4    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   •
Public, Etc i
I   Cranbrook,    ■    -    B. C.   J
Physicians and Surgeons.
OffiM at Residue., Arni.trong A...
Forenoons - . . . 1.30 to   11
Afternoons .... 1.30 to 1.30
K.euings 7.30 to 1.30
CKANBKOOK il    ll    .:    .;    B. C.
• to 11 a.m.
1 to   I p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Olllce and residence on Armstrong av.
I to 11 a.m.
1 to   • p.m.
7 io  I i.m.
Office la new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mininx; Engineers
and Surveyors,
is now located in its comfortable and Attractive new quarters in thc Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is iust up-to-
date and is mod.rnly equipped
to do iusl thc best work in all
branches ol the tonsoriai art.
Drink Home Beer
It Is I'ure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
-we Buy and Sell  on  Commission
WANT ED:-Western  Oil  and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
When Vou
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & RiK.kendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$l.oo    PER   DAN'
Calgary, Alta.
Geo. R. Leask & Co
OH a
II was a    London clergyman who
Bave olil I'he following niitice Irom
ihe pulpit:
"On Sunday     morning nexi. Cud
willing, 1 shall     preach a-t the East
End, nud in llie evening at the West
End—Children baptized at both
Sept.   12,—Tli,'   census fig-
tim vv.itlt ie our u.IvttrtiHement, tntt we
put tliia ml in tlia Ht.*irtiil(tii
fiiiplmBi/L- it.
Near lx>wer Oiuriinmg Avtiiiiiu,
Take notice that thirty days after
date 1, lhe undersigned, intend to
tires (or Alberta, Saskatchewan aini apply to thc Chief Commissioner o
Manitoba are almut completed. Thoy Lands aiul Works at Victoria, B.C.,
show in round figures 185,000 for fur a special license to cut and cany
A'Hrcrla, 200,000 for Saskatchewan away timber frum the following des-
and 300,000 fur Manitoba. . crlbed lauds in Kast Kooteuay:
—,       4 — _ Commencing at the north-east cor-;
A POMPENSATIXO THOUOHT.   'tier   of   lot 5240,     thence west luu'
"There seems tn be a greal deal ol  cliains, thence north 40 cliains, thence
uncertainty about    the outcome     of east 180   chains,     thence south    4U
Ihis trust business," said lhc,investi-  chains,   to place    of commencement,
gator. I containing   six   hundred     and   fori)',
"Yes," answered Mr. Dustm Stax,  acres, more or less,
"the outcome is ;l     little uncertain, j Arthur Plgott,
1 but the income's pretty safe"—Ex.   I   Cranbrook. Aug. lBth, 1906.    22-St
A. W. McVittie
Dominion and Provincial   Land Surveyor.
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
!  TIMER, MINES and i
| CRANBROOK,   B.   C. j
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls of tinisli work in
way of ilix.rs. windows, transoms, i'ii'. Kiln dried lumber
for ii.Bidi, work. Our work is
guaranteed and our prices aru
satisfactory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
it please you           have
Ipholograpns ul   youi   i .-l.it
and Inn,.!■, po   ...;     ome
have not seen in years'!
Now, what about yours?
We    know   you    havo
thoughl   much aboui     it
your attention to a duty
arc neglecting.    Come up
SKI-; in li   s'l'\ i.ks, and
in good time foi Chri Imai
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date, I Intend making application to thc I lun. (he Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special    license lo   cut   and    remove
timber from   lhe following described
lands commencing al   tlie south-oast
corner of lot 0104, South East Kuo-
Unay,    thence    running west eighty
chains,  south   eighty    chaina,   east
eighty chains, north eighty chains to
placo ol commencement.
J. Hanbury,
A. Mil iun, Agent.
Dated July 31st, 1006, i-%% THE  CRANBROOK   HERALD
iiii: t'Ai'i:ii   in \f  is  beau  uv   iui:  people
By tlit Herald   PuWlslttog Company,
Editor a,..I Manager.
The lk'ralil ts wortb HO t yar- li
costs uuly il -1-" man In Soutli
But Kootenaj can •''•""> '" '" *'"":
uut It, and ev,    one living outslleol
.lit districl       i„i,'..-su-,i  ii  l»
nroiresi ol im - unction, ihouM uuu
ft a ,,,.;,u-I,,--. iin- news uliili- ii i«
news II '■• controlled absolutely i
lhe publlsbers No clique, patty o
Individual dictates lis policy. It
don't ii) i" Picas" ""' I"'"!'1''- }}'.
desire Is to publish a ncwspapor Hint
will i„- a crcdil in the community.
Send in fou. subscription and you
will in1 thanktul ever afterward.
Advertising rates $1 por Inch, poi
month, nu iuiui' and no li'ss.
ItrailiiiR matter ir. mils pcr line
lo non-advertisers; in cents pet lius
to regular advertisers.
It vou desire to reach the people nl
Snulli Kisi Kootenny y.u inost ad-
vcrtisr in The Herald.
The HiT.ild has a lirst rlnss job
planl. and its wmk Is ol lhe host.
The Herald don'l want rlmrity. It
wauls a Bquaro deal on your Jon
work. II wi' can't suit ynu in quality and price, kick, and send your
work in sum. Oheap John house in
the east that never spends a cent In
His paper has not been seen tnr two
in three weeks. Hat he gone to
Band in tin- other place?
Thf Herald circulation continues to
It looks like  iiii   election.   II   Vie
Rollins was a politician wo would ask
him .iliniit ii.
Rooscvell Mas raised Iho liir; stick
on the Cuban Insurrection and lhe lit-,
ll,-    black    lollows    .n<-   .....nine, lo.
Tin- Hindoo is loo black and to
slow lor becoming a permanent Inst!
iniinii in British Columbia.
Keep oul 'In- Chinese and save th
n.1,1- nl laboi iu ihis province '"
lln- deserving while men. That i
where lhc Herald standi. Imt it ran
m.i find where a Iol ol papers iu tin
A-ovliii-e stand ou  this question.
1,000 a Week
This is lho guaranteed .rir-
cnlatl ittho Ilernlil
I'ross room,ami Blibsorlp-
Iimi lists open lo Uivesligil-
Iimi l,y advertisers ut uny
Tin' Ilernlil iti
in value lorn dollar in mon-
,-y. The advertiser lias the
riuhl lo know what lie Is
receiving lor 1.1a money.
Tl,., Herald   ii  one  paper
The Herald  ..ill be found on
| sale al Ihv lollowlng places:
> arysvllle, Marysville Driiy, Store
] Wardner. li Donahue's Store
' Muyie, S. K. Hume's UriiK Slnrc
> Ryan, K. P. Plnlay
Pernio, Purdy's llook Slnrc
A Elko, Holbrook'a Book Slerc
♦ Craiibriiuk,  lielitlie & Atchison's
X        and C. p. Keid & Co.'s
in. .'1"
tinii'lil ul
lhc  |n le
nlklng im the
n Uu- question
■al wmk
and should lie encouraged.
The r. p. It "Overseas Limited"
mail iiaii, s one ol lhe besl advor-
tisemenl llial Hie road evei Mad. The
world is lalking ahoul It.
The Herald lus won on thc ostcn
sion ol lh,' platform al the stall,,...
Al leasl s„.|i,'iini,-ii,l,-ni Erlckson
says ilai lie   mil   Mini' men ,,i  the
work giving il wn this needed im-
iii,,i,'in,-ui wiihin a few days, Mr,
Erlckson is ,, rc I d man wto believes in doing all he can lot the >|>uli-
lic, as ho realizes lira I n is the putb-
lie's ini.ii,'! Utal makes Ihc i' r. It.
ii success.
Rov, VVeslman Mas sUrlsd to ndver-
llse   church   meot'mgs in lu- church.
Thai Is business,     A church  unu
-1 1,1 he advei lisod  thc same as   a
theater, and il >■ s,,tu>- care should bo
ex.*.-. i . ,1 tu niake i on lhc ud.
Tin'     Spol     1,,ii    management
.,., i   Il'l ine        I'M.-y  sl Id    lie
, opii ,1 altei i.v ilm managers ol othei fail i. Ihl L-oiiiiirj .m-i iu the
Slalei Altei getting all kiiais ol
courtesies trom newspapers iln-y do
nol send oni .-, tickel marked "Nol
'i'l'aiisleiahle,      bul, on lhe contrary
si-lld ll mn   III.),,!  .-,, Mial   thi' I,anil'of
anyone representing il„- paper can he
inserted. Thai Is lhu twentieth con-
tury way ol handling fairs, but there
are a I"' ol seerelaries who are still
doing husiness u.i the nincteentb century plan.
A lot ,,f Spokane business inrn vis-
ilini points in Wesl Kootenay and the
Iloiindaty uml w verjoyed to lind
such a glad welcome Spokane people
i-.ni learn u Iol by vi.-itin^ the Interior ol lliiiish Columbia ..lienor. The
information is rie.1,1 on lap here all
the lime.
The Vancou.
Bond paper in
it,,rial co] n
sion llml ii
cartll ami ii
in ,-.,in il:i
ivince is a   very
ways, Iiul its Minn!  thc impresi
had a paid mission    on
is doing ilm besl il i-nuld
What is tho mailer wilh Hob Ed-
waids ,,[    Hn- Calgary Eye Opener!
lo M,
Ihal lln-.  li.u  Un
lection and 'hul  ilu-y di
i, commit Hic-mselves?
Thai mail Heal'sl sunn
ihal ,,i a politician hims
-Mining is pirkine, up in Snuih 1-aist
Koolcnay.   Tliere is every reason   to
bcliove thai   ling will  soon lie one
ol lhe leading Industries ul ihis part
ul Uu- province belore many years
pass away.
The Nelson fan ihis year is a great
success aiid -a crcdil lo the enterprise
ill llie people "1 lhc people ol that
No piililic.il party in Canada lias a
monopoly ul ihc Hag.
Alhi'iliin, of tlie revived Sandon Renew, is giving ihc people a grcal
The Kainl'iops Standard (Gov.) attacks ttie ministry lor its nolle)    of
inserting land notices iu ulisute   pa-l
in-is   with   little    ur nu circulation
where the notices might as well   Me1
locked up in a closet and the    key'
thrown    away,   says Uie VancouverI
Woild,   lt   appears   that  in  al   leasl
"lie    of  lhe -districts  (Clinton)     the
government agent insists thai     >aud
uuiices must be inserted in - certain
papers in spite of the lact that   lhe I
law says "nearest tu the district in
which   lhe lands  are  situate."        In
scleral ol the districts almost tie en-j
lire revenue of the ministerial newspapers is derived Irom the publication
uf land notices,   Tlie chain ul uigaus
lhat was established last spring are
lilled with advertis,.ng uf this description,     Slops  sliulild   be  laken     next
session Uiat will lender it impossible1
ful the agents tu dictate lu claimants
how or where they shall expend ilii-u
There is no reason why
you should not be as
Stylishly dressed as any
man in Canada. All
you need to know is
two things. Who
Makes the best and
most Stylish Clothes
and who sells them in
this town.    **    **   **
^        BY THE OLD MAN. J
-m J:-5-a-3.-3i3.j-3«-3«-S-fcta,(.e-t,6 «<*
The cily is surely up againsl it
when people are buhl enullgh lo steal
llie blankets trom the pest house. And
yet that is exactly what has been
done the past lew weeks. Oue would
naturally tl-ink lhat anything around
a pest house would be sale limn
lluevt's but il seems tlrut such is nut
ihc case iu Cranbrook, Imagine, il
lull ean, your feelings jl yuu were
luld thai ynu weic sleeping hetwecu
a pail of blankets ihal had been taken
iuiui a ficsi huusc lhat had harbored
victims ul smallpox, diphtheria, or
some other daugorous and contagious
Glory, hallelujah! lhe banana crop
is all right. The frost lasl week Uld
uu serious damage, and uur crop lll.s
year will he tetter than any wc have
raised   since   coming   tu lhc banana
Mel I.
It    is   now    conceded
on all sides that
20ih Century
Brand Garments
are the finest made in
Canada and the only
Clothes in the country
that class with the very
best made in New
York, Rochester and
Chicago. We are also
Sole Agents for them
in Town and District.
Keep these Two Facts in Mind and Your Clothes Troubles are at an Hnd
Cranbrook's Greatest Store Baker Street, Cranbrook
r, if anv lady has a special recipe
a kind ui cooking, some cxpcrl-
il  thai she lias tried ami made   a
■ess ul, Un' Herald will gladly as-
in-t in    spreading    tin- informa-
And, hy llut waj, is (his not glot
ins wualhcr wc art- having these uayj
Iht' mornings aro perfect, iht- eveni'tic
Ideal.   The   leaves   nl   ihr trees ai
4   I*
taking on then auburn lint, and the lhc
whole country is out. grand picture ol liave n
artistic beauty. There Is nui a grand-, read il
cr place to live in the wide, wide nine ai
world,  than  Cranhrook or this   dis-1 sal   tin
Herald is printing ahoul   l.HM)
now, whieh is a big circulation
lown and districl like bills. Wu
■ rather proud of the circulation ol
ind we think that  w
un t-o    he.   The people all
and   the husiness men have
again lieen kind enough     l
tliey  ean  easily  see  lhe il
ness as well as we think we
run ihe oiher fellow's business.
A lew careless directors oi linnnciai
institutions lodged in jail might lidi
A lot <,f pn
-i llie tolled
omo coming,
is think
they do
met.   Human being beings who    are reel benefits of advertising in tl is pa
irlvllcged to live heie should     .shake per.   tn course Uie standing proposl
tatids with themselves every inorn.ng tion holds     good  with any business
md thank the good Lord every night, man.   if you are not satisfied in your
  I own niiiiii' as io th> circulation of the
There are a few people who    have Herald you will Imi welcomed to Hie
ie.it reading the Herald for     several puss room, where yuu ean see the par
■ eats    at onr expense who will    no pers printed and keep tab    on     the
longei enjoy  that blessing.   We win* counter.   Vou have the right to know.
er out list  ihe past week and wilh Voii pay join  nnmey tot  advertising
liim- pencil ruthlessly cul out a few spate, and il is ymir right  to   know
mi's ihat  we havo heen sending the whal yon aie gelling foi jour money,
Papei to and hoping against hope that But, strange as it may seem, the Hit-
tliey   had enough man-hood to    keep aid is one i.f the few weekly   papeis
then   word   and pay    up whal tliey in r.iu.ida thai make lheir oireulat/lon
owed.     And one funny thing ahoul it known lo the public.   It will pay a'1)'
Is tliat among the number are   three business inm  to take mallets     like
.it  foui  who have    lieen veiy Bovero tilts     Into   coiifilderalloli  when tliey
wiih their   crillclsms of ihe Herald draw    a cheque foi advertising    ue
.md lhe editor of lhe Herald,  If Hiey counts.
had  been as free wllh  Ihen  coin    as 	
thev have been with then eritlolsms
thev would stand a lot heller in our
opinion and a lot bolter on tho books
111 Ihis olliee. Ue hive gol tlml be
lilg a good lellow with people, of that
stamp, and we have iust quit/, Sttl,-
MTilieis of Uiat kind will never pay
ihe lulls of the office, and, strange as
it may seem lo some, hills will come
The Wilmer    Outcrop eomineiits as
follows    "   There ale a  h.i   of  papeis
ihai .tie amusing themselves (these
dais li) roasting Old Man Simpson
\nd yel Hie old Man nevei slop! better,' says Ute Crnnbrook Herald. This
is serving Uie Old Man right, -lusl
so long as he continues t<> print  the
even  lo a  well  regulated  printing office.
hesi paper
II.  (*.  he
mav e\peel
Heal humor never butts.
Id       lluliii,
We gol  a letter last week from a
lady asking us why we did not print
cooking    recipes   in the paper.     We
were pleased  to  receive the ioiniiiiin-
Icatlon, as we are at all times to receive letlers along this line from nut
readers.     We really wish that    we
mighl  get more than we do.     It is
by suggestions and criticisms     that I
we can make the Herald a better pa-     Duty done f.
per from week lo week.   Hul in    tills   rewarding,
case, we hardly feel that, it would he!
wise lo devote  much spaee  to anv-      Ileal religion
thing of the kind.   Tliere is hardly   a' accompaniment
household in the country that has not:
one or more cook hooks, and anyone'    Reformed spelling might   well wait
of tlieiu contain mure recipes     Ihan  on reformed voting.
the Herald could possibly print in a: —
year,     even    if a certain amount of      Every one uf us would lie a   great
duty's .sake is self-
needs no brass    band
ter lo have the liusban
rl of the time and atixuw
ie, ilmn tu li.ive him a
uf tiie lime and ahvay
gel away.
Troubles grow  rapidly
lots uf allent ion.
ihan it
nine it.
jo ih.it is
always w i
ihe shafts
an hom  I
see a IllaU dm mg   a
cheeked brutally nigh
h we could pui  lhe man
\ I SIT.'
u   i:
shut, t
ttllklf   ll
Ibmk .
president of the 1m-
Can.tda,   as  well   as
ami Charles Cock-
I- oi ihe directors, paid
. n visit last Saturday. Mr.
looked upon as mie ot the
lanrieis ui  Canada and II  is
, pxcell lanngemenl Uiat
th.- Impel iai li.mk has made such
strides forward the lust few vears.
spi-.il.im.' of British Columbia to a
i.tpieseiiialive or ih,' Herald, Mr.
Wilkie said Hmt it was hound to In-
come one of Canada's richest provinces if not nbsolulely Ihe richest. As
fm OrnnbrooV, Mr. Wilkie was well
pleased with Hie appearance t.f the
lown and the country tributary lo
Cranbrook, and exipressed the opinion
that this section of Uie country had
a bright f re.
further than Ui.it his plans are not
matured, There ate a lot of people
tu Cranbrook who will regret to hear
nf tin,-, change in business, as Mr.
Harris has always been an exceedingly popular citizen. Coming here a
pool man without Iriends or financial
backing, Mt. Hat tis has made a greal
record ior himself and has (be besl
wishes ,n Uie entire community in
whatever he mav undertake for    the
An li ish woman was accused of having stolen an iron soap kelt'le and
cracked it, so that its usefulness was
Her defense, when brought before
Uie judge, was us follows: "Oi havo
witnesses here, yer honor, t' prove
liisl, Ihal Oi niver had th' kittle in
my possession; second, ilia 1 Oi returned it t' Mrs. Casey widout a
crack in it; and third, that lh' Oil Id
1.1ni,- vvas    cracked   whin 01 stlmie
Tlie linn of Harris Bros, hnvo sold
limit meat business to tbe Dominion
Meal Comininv, with headquarters at
Calgary. The' deal was. closed last
week, when Messrs. Slead nnd Calkins, of the Dominion company, were
in town. The transfer will take place
iu n few davs, but Mr. .labez Harris,
who is at tlie head of the old firm
and in charge of the business in this
II  remain  with  the new com
.11 ST   OUT
Un- very la lest  designs in high-class
Fabrics and designs in good taste.
Nn freaky fads among the lm. Suits
stylishly cut, beautifully finished,
nvery detail carefully looked alter.
Tailoring wins the approval
*.* .* T H \L* *.*
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Weal Tickets $6.00
Easy terms for steady Board
now lit: HUNTED BEAR,
id   tt .1
space was devoted to the work. How-   success ii we could run our own busl- pany until the first of the year,   and
A  \.tt  York In
friend in  Uie Atl
j taken with a desire in j
Borrowing a gun fron. li
. set off   aloiu- in     search nf    game.
i Some lime aficr his     host heard    a
distant     reporl of a gun.        A  few
! minutes   later    he    heard   soineoni
I shouting.   From a    window he sploi
i  ihe   uisiiicss    man and captivates  ,    ,,     ,. , ,,    ..,„ , ,   ,,
1 'in  the distance Ins friend  hoW.	
il fm home and behind him a bear,
gaining at every slip. Nearly spent
the pui sued reached ihe door just iu
time to cry out:
"Ouick     Mike!   Quick!   Open    the
door!  I'm bringing him home alive!"
Uie fancy of his more natty younger!
brother. For Individuality in style, j
finish and reasonable price rely upun
i'lni     III'
Kii.t/'s Own .
Kurtz's Own
Spanish IJIosssms
Union Mmli, <'l>i,i<-„
iin t'oi'.i.jiii  st.
VANi'.n vt:i:
1 I'll »
/ /©
o     Iy* J
\/i A/
0      ■. Ol
: '   A
.      Rs
\Yu ur.* bIiowmi", a   mosl complete aaaorl
mtiit   iliil.lit'ti s  jn.ki'ts    T!ic styles are
uml exclusive,  The prioea nro  sn.-h tlmt
n other rim affortl   to  Bpeiitltiuieuud
tvurr)   nmkiiiK  thus   ^ariii.iit   at   home.
Prices $5.00 io $9.50
Aiiii'-Si'uii'li n  Rt.ar-
i every   puir 	
Men's CaHhmoro hlnck uiul colors
1.lillllll Wlllll    _	
\iiii'i'ii'uii.   Kimlish,
tu l'.V   per   ouko
A    _rm,       nr.      W% , P«nw anil RtaptaOmwrle.
I G. T. lvogers 'jai-aaz.^
Just Arrived. See our window ilis
piny. Wo hnve just wlmt ymi wanl
in china. Come in ami inspect our
delightful display, even though ymi
du uut bit).    Our   pried an-   right,
C. E. RIED& Co.,
Phone 74.
Druggists, Stationers
Dispensing is our specialty
I carry a complete line of
Imported and Domestic
Cigars ^
Box Trade a Specialty
Our Hues nn. tlit. l„"-i ninlilre  B.ir*.'to give   Batis-
friction  or money rej Inl. l^weuy's. Webb's uml
Uiuioug's ol|OC.lnle8 iui.,'1 Ik- Ileal dill in mill
look over o.ir lines "i pipes Oui Shi,,1,1 I,mini
al li.",,- ll is ii inyiiii-ri huw iv,■ win sell them tn
I'lii'iip.     Look   for  preserving   fruit   iliis    week
' •
I'n- i il    Merry,   .Ilngli.it,   Mmiral
Roux i,.,   MARK 1-:   swan
Mllli,  l,y I'll,if   u   M. STROMBKIl.l
Pretty   Oirls, Clever  Special
ilie...  New  Song   Mils
liranil Challenge Orchestra
September 24th '0t>
Kiul    Robinson   came down   Iron.
Penile on Tuea i.,i lo I lu-.    ■
Mi-   i:    Brickson aad
turned la-' evening Irom .
.rip ',, tbe coast
Mrs   i:   s   ii.,i,.ii mil '..
ai Iu-i residence on Bm
m-ii .\|,,ni,iv afternoon.
\l.ii,..M-i  Dulmafn
..I, K.-n/.i.- compai -
a  tll|i ti,   llnl   Hm:       lllK
Miss l-'.iiuli McBride lell la I Satur-
i.,i  i,,i  N, ii  Wesl rain lei
will enter Columbia colli
An additional     chimney
buill  ,,'   Fraten it)    ■
mil In- easiei  ' ep tl
ilns  wn,', i
Mi   JeBares, I ■'■'■ '   '
p. ll   -ii-n- department
Vancouver, where In- will
Mrs. Carter, mi th. M   B
Kini   .iiiiM-i Irom  PVimi     -
ami   mil   vlsil   Wllh i„ '
[oi a lew weeks.
dn,. ,,l  till- I., wi   '   ...
lal,,    ,.,ll|i',ll."    ,,!    '1,'    •' ll
tan's   Troubles,   wblcl
h.-iihmiiiIi hall ,,i, Si;■'■
.luini Prlngle, "i "n- fi
t.-l  ul   .Ian -ull,'      i
adjusting Uk' iii'iiiui"  I'"1"1
iha. wan recentl)  Inin,"' -,
Mi. Andrews, „i Hn- Cana li.in Ban.
..,i  Cmuincrco, wenl   In
week i„ awns'    »tan "'  ' 	
iln-n- « ill tin- extra work nl |.a) i. i
.it iin- mines.
It uiiglit In- well tm >"" I" I'"1 "I1
Willi stOH'S al . l.i'- ii'"''- '"" " ""
wealhel Is warm. Tl"- change ma)
come anv tinn' a"'! tn. i. you win
wisli Uiat you had,
lln-d-At V.aullli-1, nn Siuil.ii. Sep
lcii.be. Hi, Agnes minor. Hie "".i"'
daug.tlei „i ■*''■ -""' Mrs. Uomcl
Join's, agiil ll days.
Mrs. I'. II. Presl will receive    "i
Monday,     Scptemhc.  aitli, altcrn	
ana    evening, auu lourlh 1-mi.ii     "
each month lollowlng,
Last Monda) tin- Kln.be.le) trail
was llerallixl just alra-ve tin- Marys
uile junction bill im iuiui,''! im '""
was injured aiid in, .m-iurns il.iinii.si
Sweet potatoes at Campbell .v
FOll POULTRY iniinii.' "I IV.. L
Wliiliii))', Cranlirook. -1' -1
For Sak—Trio "i Tolouso geese;
price tiniiii- liutpiiro i I', it-
Charles Mitchell, "I Klmberley, wain tuwu a couple nl 'Ill's tins vvceii.
Mr. Mitchell was un Ins wil) li
I'lmlifi Creek, where It.' "ill uveal u
sister ami bring her back Willi Itm
Sweet potatoes al Camiibcll .v
Cheapness isn't whal you pay, Imt
what joii gel fur vi lut imi 1"'!, ti
is econoin) lo msiall a ".Siiusliino
lutnaee; burns "al, coke ol wood.
Tried and tested; gin's entire sails
[action.   Fm  sale hy  Patmore Hrus.
cu weather is here. Ilnv you
bought JMur heating stover- He have
just the one imi need, luvcsiiguic.
DU IT NOW.    Patmore Bros.
Tlif iun trom l.'tanliiiiolv tu Spokane
is looked upon hy railiuail uuu as
one ul lbe nesi mi lhe C P.It. in Hit'
west.   This  run will go lo luci
o.s now    running   util ol ' rami ,
ami  the  trains will  in' placed mi  lhe
uuu- card earl, uexl spring.
Then- is talk around town ol lie organization oi a new eleelric coinpu
"i    I'ayl'      ■ Oohlcn,   ,: .m-i lasl
ua bis -A.;,     al child,
"I" Imvi   1"  Iii      ,,|
1   I    I't"    lln   lallii', ..-  \|.
■ u     Ml. aud  Hi -   Tayloi lell ,,t,
ft, Ine .i.u  [oi  theii  hume.
l-,,i  sa,,—iim-   National Cash    re-
I'otal a,iiii-i, oal)  a   shorl
um,' in use, ^ i as new; p. ,<.- -.,,-,
.., -i.l.li.,,-.— i ,i,. i-iu,, iuu.eauu.u
■ u , l.ni. ^i
inn,,'  Fimili :■   Sp ikani
1 i .   annual nuviiug
Sullivan ninn- sluchhutders   an
:,1.,'!.,'  ,,l  a  '-ll-,'  liuiui., I   ,,1
halcholdi is       1,  ,-. expecltd
,  ii.„i i„- a warn, luu,,   as
,.,,...    )   ., eunU'sl   i...  , un
■■iiit.i,  llie wai-
ompau) ■
,n. -. ..1   .-|,r, i.il
-   in thodlsl .innil, mu
ivu mg,     This
eivn     .     n th    in -■:,■ |  .,;
li  ,.    A male ,i„,,, ,,i Iwenl)
will   ,,...,,■   ,,i,  exeelleul
urogram.   il„- aodrcss mil
[-■, ,.,;   ,i.i, test.      \,,  ,,,,     ,,,
• ■
i" I.U   I-i n, uiili boaid, ,-i
..."    l.ii^lr ji people.  A|,
, ,.   i-m     i  , Herald utiles
II ..'.,,, McLrau, mslii |i,ilii-i-iiiaii lu
1   I.'I"  .■■ Ml.,,     [O I
lo .,i lend ,i iu,. i ,i,f, ui |„,,,,,-i„. n I,,i
' i",   "i   llllll li I ,,,,,11,1,1,1    In.-
 '   I"- i'  -    ,m,.I   •  |„i   all
,.i lln- uuui., ii.iern.uil and Ml iu
Liuu - ■ ., ii,.,,, ulu, will m- alite    ii.
m , all linn- i. I.. 1„. n.,,1,,-,1 li) sml
I KACIIKII « \NTK1I-K«i ilie lilk
in,mill selhnil,     lumi ing see I elas.
eerl'iheale; dulies eolniueiiee ,n , lieu
s.iiaii (.ui per monlh. Appi. io Jo
M-i-li .1. Hoss, Secy-Treas., lilk-
in,mill. ^li-LlL
n. I-:. Wunleii Iras arranged io
Fruit, Confectionery, (igars. Pipes, Tobaccos ;
I hn li'iiilli -tnniiiil
}3S,000 in Prizes and Purses
I,,,«», |.,,   Count)   I  l'i '   I'm,i  I.,Iillill.    Ilium   liulu.tr)    I ,,..,.,,,,
,„.„|.,,„l„« • I.ilililllill   lilled Willi ,i„rki„KF,lill,|l«     I.,,,,.,
,,,.,,.,,.  ,„ ,■,,., , .1..,.,,,, „„.,,,       |t|t I'tullll', Sh,,n .
T„., , i.- I  „,l II..,-
Sept. 24th to Oct. 6th,'06
Open Day and Niiiji!
R 1 nl lr,','„,l«,-i-,'ri „lt,-,,,.,.„,     l'i   Viniiloi'illo ami  II,,n.l  I'm 1-1 eve
lillllll     AilinlRHioll nlleplln. in.,,inly III,-.
r.tii Flrel Avi'iiiii'. Spokniie, Wtiah. Spprntury mnl ManaROi
When   You  Want   to  Get
Your Moneys Worth
Advertise in THE HERALD
Two    Nights   Commenciog
Friday  Sept.   21st   '06
Thirty People, Band   anil Orclioslin
Kin.-i-s. ('onii'ilv Spsclnlltiea
Four   Musical Claysons
Fo.11   Mullnly    Bisters   Vauilevlllo
Queens.  Tl,,' Depewe Bcelch
lili«l»   Tl,,' Ureat Ryan
mul I'lnkle .' eily
FRIDAY Tlie I'l,unl,   A.-iosK   the
wny. SA Tl'It|,A V A  Family Altair
Tickets on Sale at Usual Place
Price 75, 50, ant) 25 cents
to   .U'l   in   COUpineUOll   linn   nn'   Lilll.
Unci power company. This power
can he hroltglil U'OIll Hull live, vmi
ea.s.ly as lie distance as a wue
could he stretched is nui very greal.
Campbell >v. manning me gciiuih
Iln-n slore ill line shape .in.I are du
mg a mosl satisiaiiiu)' business
liotli ol llie gciillenu'ii an- painsliik-
illg in Uieu vvu.k and ilo all in III, I,
power to please then pillions, and
ili.n is a imiii) tlul wul vnu uver)
FOR SALE-My dalrj herd ol Hi
i-ows and lilt- good will ul Hie liusi
ness; located mar Mu) e; daily sail--
..ll Lo lit) gallons.  I'l U'e l'-..i"ll.
Hugh Ciiiii-ioii.
A nii-e g-itl goes wi.li every -mli
I'eiitun tiiaml sun ol uvevcoat. ion
gel He ami oi oveieoai here aiid thu
gnl afteiwanls. li )"u ilmi'i it is
not llie [null ol the clothes, because
they've dune all llial clothes imii do
lo make you a winner. Hill Ai Co.,
Uraiibrook's llivates'i Slore.
P. Lund and .vile, Miss Cousins, i,
sisici ol Mrs. Lund, and Mini, Drumm
ol Flank, dluve Irom Wlllillii'l lo Fort
Steele last Fiula) ami Irom there lo
Cranhrook the lollowlng day. Thu
weather was su pcrlect thai they all
agreed thai lhe ride undei Hu- conditions was au ideal uue.
James Neill was in town tliis week.
Mi. Neill is now conneeled with Uui
Walts Lumber compan) ami lui sev
i-ial weeks las Imn at Proctor, where
the company is uniting in a new mill
under the dlreotlon ol Thomas -.1"
run, une ol llle most eompolml men
in llial line of husiness in Hn- koote
"Hooligan's Troubles" is in ils
fouitIi season and is hull' upon     tlu
humorous calanlropblM oi  lloolt-
gau, who has been made lamous b)
lus antics iu lhe New York ami Chl-
I'ago Sunday papors, Th'1 compan)
lames ils own baud ami orchestra
ami ilie lloulig'iiu band parade is a
People having land ut tuuliii notices (or publication should beat in
iiiinil thai Hiey can have lliesu nollees
'prlnlcd in Hn- Herald b) Instructing
Ihen sulli'ilol lu have Ilmn suit to
Ihis    ulliee.    Flll'iuls    ul     llm   1 lei aid
wuuld coaler a  greal tiivni mi     tho
lleialil  mnnagemcnl   hy  bearing  tins
in mind.
They warm lhe homes,
Bake the bread nnd
Roast  Um Meals lhat
Make the man.
Mel'lary's "Famous" Stoves.
Patmore Bros., Sole Agents.
oI tin
Ol in Hough, ol-EIko, is in town to
<la!'' .1, il.   Shearer,     sri-tel
I.. B.'VanDecar visited Calgary and Lord's Day Alliance association ol
Edmonton the past week. j Canada, was in town last. Sunday and
TO RENT-Nlcely turn shod rooms' "°nday. „»[' "'"''V,''1 ^'I's 'i,',',-?.','
on Armstrong av,,'   Mrs. Bourgoine. I ^ITtJiS a? -1" '-'  ~-
Walter Miller w.is callwl to Van-'nl |iarliaiiit'iit. Mr. Shramr niaile sev-
eouver last  week by  Uie scriflus iM-f-cral talks wwlc horc a>«i save his ver-
iii'.ss ol liis mother. sion as to
to   MOW   tlif   act   «a.s   |iassnl
Kt,,l «I,u,n     has     ,,,,'t, a,.,harg,d.«;l^^
worker attd a mtt" wl'" 1,as rn:u'''    a
Sweot    potatoes   at Canipbflll    &| name (nr himself along tlit: tines liq is
lUauiiiiift'a | working.
Irom the     liospital     alter a serious' gfWjr oi St.n<lay otajr
siege of Lyvbolit fever. I sl«^rer is.a    K"o.l Ulkci
iti-iif axifiihivu svAie. uiul Hill Hun
iu* im.' ocst tii .^oll unu liuiM cual
tr. vu.i.n'ii mil luku a Uu.iai'iuru uus
..u, ..owuvi.r, ...-, hu piojiosuii iu
iund put on a lush piupubuion. Uu
.!■> to paj i umi lm ij.m n,.u uum lie wul
.'l  iu-.ii   iiu.-,  WIllU'l   ol   nt.'(i  ills Cu«U.
uui i.i not a bail ulea.
.wt. antl Mrs, ut.s .st;qiii-sr .\li. uiul
ll-i.   .»!.   ll.    IVUtg,   All.   .m.l   .Ulh.       A.
■• imii, .mil .nt. .iml m\s. i'. i.uu.i
Kiieci in nuw' luiuuirow uvi'iiiug tui
e    pan j
> ui
Mils >..'itiiiii ul tlte l.ueslt) I'l.un ui luu,
'" tie 111 i.i at \aiiruii\a i„'\i ween.,
.ii wuitli I'.url t;i.'i ami .sn UH.iHi
l.uuiiel  Hill be pittseiil
lv -l. Clayton, ul Alatysvlllu. v\us
.ii town Uu tits, ,,i the ween uu Ins
way iu iIl'^s.-is.,!, iun. Mr. L'luytun
H.iii as a iTfUUhtmiutive ut the Ala-
ijivtltu bi.uta in Liaile aii.l will liavu
iiiargu ui Um magnitiL-eiii itiiiifiul ex-
mwi iluu that orguuixatiuii s.ui iu
llm fair.   Tb..: Murysvillo peuple   aiu
lu   be      L-Ullglilllllttiul   uu   ili.ii   mteL-
prise ami Lheir gowl judgmcul.
ti. W Hull, ui Toleilo, Ohio, form
• nj inaiiagei ul Uie Suilivau sineliei
tluriiig euiisuiietioii, ai-conipaiiiL'U uy
■'■ ii. iiui'hf aiid wile, spent several
u llie nu Hus \\i,-k, Tbev atu
ii lhe Sullivan p'rop-
ti'l were Itcru tui ibe purpose of
Mr. Hun expected l0
■ 'I'm net, ul apoKtine,
aiian   was luk. ii    ni
ue uiul had to liurrj
uuth interested
tuuiutig ll OVi
have u.ei (iei
uui that ge
while .u tlu-
i..i.-iv liuinu.
U \\Ti-.|i_.\ stenographer; -uud
uppurtunitj lm villus l.ni) ivitli litilo
experuiiee, Ailmish Bu.\ II, lletald
vllt. r.
i>i. Mooiu ili'livoiid a very able
talk .u Ueiitworll; ball lasi Muuday
eviMiing iu a euiitparaiivelj small uu-
.iutuij uu llie sutijeet uf luliereulusis.
'tbe ab liij of lbe man uud Uu- Importance ul the suhjcct madu a a
mallet ul regrel ihat mutu people
unl um lake iwK-antggu oi the uppur-
luitiij lu beai ibe leaiaed gentlomuit.
•Mrs. A. Leiteh us president, Mis. W.
1. Held as vice presitleul und -Wis. (i.
l'. Kogers us seuret-ury.
Kred i'eity atieihleil ibe lirst race
m.'i-iing held at lilamtiure this week,
and says that u was a success in eveiy way. Mr. I'eny cxuress.il Uie
upmioii ihai fur a starter lhe Blair-
mure association uiudo a musl cilvI-
nhlu ^ogltinlng. It is evident, how-
evrc , uut Lite munagomenl lailed iu
use I'uuiigh ol priieis' Ink'. Nu tiiivt-
lilg Has over made a success Wll'liuut
a lavish use ol the ink thai everybody sees. }
•Uuhai" HawUtorne, uf Nelson,
tiie erudite and guiileiiunly repre-
st-nlativt! ui ibe Nelson Cigar factory
wa.-, in town Uns ween. Mr. Hawthorne is eoncMied to be Uu- smoothes! a"d most stiltieine hoi uii artist
thai IU.M11S over lhe inlerior of this
province, ami he lulls a good stocj in
tho must entrancing manner. Uow he
A<u Die name uf "Waliai" >s a secret
among bis it-tends, bul ii \uu nnx't
liim hu may toll yon.
WANTKU.-Otlice buy ovL-r fourteen
years uf age, Salaiy *^j pei month,
Apply lletald ulhce. 34-aw*
Kilwaiil J. Iloag returned uu Tui's-
iiuy from a trip io his ulil home on
Prince Kdward Island. Mr. Iloag
says thai he saw alt ot the [oiks and
hud a very enjoyable time. The rest
>f ihe boys in tuwu Hum the Island
aw been Interviewing Mr. Iloag
Ineo his return tui tho purposo of
gt'ltiht, lhe new-, and l.', H. Small's
lias ii.rti ihr headquarters lut ihe
moo tings.
l-'ishbitin Funnel.s Association
would be glad io correspond wnh
parties requiring oats ut olher giain
in iai' luis.—I'   Vuilay, Sec.      IM-lf
The work on ihe new Kink M.-nun-
lilu bull.lint; is progressing in u must
'.iiih.^nili) ttiaiui'i. 'IV wvllt. uf
Hu- second slorj are n,ii"t; up rapidly
nnd Mu- cement floor is bein^ laid   in
lhe basement. ,1, A. Harvey, lhe solicilor, has secured a suite ul ofllces
in the new building, nnd other parties
ate negottalinfi foi the othei rooms.
Tin- bullijing, when complete, will he
.Hi.'  ul   lie  besl   business blocks  Hi  all
ibe Kootenays,
U. ll. Paul I, assistant organizer for
ih,- Canadian Ottl«r ul Foresters, arrived in the city on Tuesdav aftcr-
noon ti» look inlu conditions of tte
local eourl and endeavor tu increase
the membership. He reporls the or-l
der making rapid progress throughout!
the whole uf the Dominion. lie has|
been visiting Kernie ami Wardner and
mel with numl success In holh places
enthusiastic- meetings being held and a
good number uf new members added
tu tbe respective rolls. Delore listi-
iiiS ibis disiriet Mr. Kaull wus in
Vancouver ami reports the Courts
there very enthusiastic and largetium-
bcrs being added al each meotlng
A meeting was told last ni^ht at
which tin- initiation ceremony was
gone through with, now members being added to the roll.
Kev   Kor I une und Wiiv ute in Cal
par)   tin- u.,-1, ij ii.n. „„.,„!
Ui    mid   «n    II t,s have return
..I n.nu ib. ir otiiiiiu inp t„ u.i ..
-I Kl-ai Daris w,,. ,lt Maiysvilb
lusi weefc doing .-.un.,- btirk v\..ik oi
'I..- new scliool huuse.
i. I. ti Callaghan is ttuu emplovH
at 1', Bum's .V Co.'s meat market
where he ts greeting man) ohl Iriei
A McL Kb'i.h-i. ..i Marysville
was in (own toduj on his rettirn lion
Feinie, where be     had been un busi
Mis    Ki.d   ('    Uiy ant   will     be     ul
home   Kriday    afternoon, September
2Bth     \i'.'i ward.    iccond an i lo n 'I.
.\   C. Bowness has Imug-hi Mie building now mi lipid! !.\  '!,.■ Kink  Vlerean
I tie  I'onipanj   ami   w ill   lake  poi
stun uii Decembei  first.
Ml II \)..'i.,..- ,.m1 bub', ..i Ito ■
l.u.il. were     registered    at  the < ran
I. k lusl wivk,   Tb. ti>|i- ji o .,
i' .i  \lr,     Mad s   cousin, .Mt. A
earberry, ut ibis my.
Ui    V. V.. Smith, M-nt ..: Ui     I'
ti.   Simpson, alio has beeu euliliiU'd in
Mu- hospital iui Mu- |.a-i iiiunth  vvttn
ui. ,u'.(. i. ui iy|>huul level, i ■ making
treat plogtess lowaid rei-o\eiy.
Krank Clapp hus retiirned (loin tu -
trip iu Wbi>, and next Alouddj will
jinn ib.' linn ting part)   eumpused   ul
in-, lm.ihei l.esiei, t-iaiiK Dickinson
.um Wullei Lamb, hu.. aie going Iui
u trip iu Mu. uppei waieis ui lhe
A moAenienl
iirlmg an.i sh.
mu lias lieen s
urposc.     Ih
.ui tu build a
I,, and .tu op-
i nils nu lhat
uinelhii,',  lliub
alililuuk   stotlld   have   as   llieie      is
good material Iwro for both hockej
.Aiid curling Ltams. There will he u
meeting m Mn- neai luture lu discuss
ih.- master,
I'UK UKjNT-Two well iuriiished
li.nltu.ims, eiccUic 11.4111, niuueru'-e
i-iius.   ...is. .uuisu^ii, tiausou uve.
bpecial altviiliou
...us in ll.e l>"i
uuu..). in ine luuitutifc,
in jui.iei. llpoll lne uu.i
i uc .uiini ui  .uuu uml   Ll
l    Clllll.l
Rl I
\\       l iiiiiiijii.uiil     I I'sluniiii).        Ail
Dan McLeud ami his two daughtets,
I., i.i and \ loiei, ol rtaitinei, were in
LOWU u COUpiu ot itais  tlte lllsl ul  Uie
H.eii io visit .Mis. .ueLeoii, wlm hus
neni ai lbe huspual lot Llie pasl two
vvccKs, uii,i Mr. .Mci.iH.il and uw littiu
gins pain tne Itetuid ;i pleasant \is.i
and Huuln-n wnh gitai uueiest tue
Hoihing oi Mie lypu selling macii.iiri.
lil.'le., is nollillig il.-llliite us  lo \\llj_l
win in- done in regain io tliu disputud
hose race,   hemic wuuis uolh leauis
10 ague tu inn lite ruce uwi in i't-i-
nic ami thai town will paj ihe ex-
penses ol Mn: two leaius lu'go there,
something sii.niiu oe done beiore tho
season i.i tun Ui uiUat.cid foi ,\.'.r-
mg in nailiess, Lei the good ipoi la
gci lugeitcr ami arrange some waj
uiu ut the ditllcully.
There aie several nun ui easy hub-
tis Hanging around Hit- lown who
might null be given a word ol adviee
lu leau* lui otbei pails. t'Laiiuiuuk
bas no use ior lbe pimp ui llie ttu-
liuin, and ibe su.,nei .n.ii 'i:-' gen ij
iiiiii u .uu ihe bellei it win tie tor
Ute tuwu. There is nui u more worm
les.s class un ihe lace ui inc. twiih
ami Mie) arc a detriment lo cu-ij co,u-
itiunilj which tm) in test. ' Iiive
ilieui speed should be lhc HaichnoiJ.
'lhe it'siill of lhe boildii.^ ol Uie
Cornell 1 much mi-un. sa propert) by tue
i- uuv Mercantile eumpunj demonstrates wliat can be su\.u .ij adopting
modern plans when u comes iu in*
surance. Uu thc same auiutur, u: ...-
surance MiaL lhe companj carries .;.
iis present building, ibe difference in
ute rale when Uiej gel into thc new
building will make a suwug oi just
anuut *l,ubii a y?ar. That ts a putty guod argument lor anj company
tu put up what mighl be termed a
Urc pruoi building.
Far Sale—My business block uu
Aruisliuug avenue. 1 will sell at a
lair price aud uu reasuuablc terms.
John Dcrr. 17-if
A party of live Hindoos armed m
town yesieiday and are out touking
hn Hoik. These people ale DliMsn
subjects all tight, bui they are uut
lhe Kind ui people thc white people
ui Canada want lo see come here. '1 liu
Herald is of the opinion uiat they
Hill prove a fa lure us laborers as
they have been raised in a climate so
dill, rent in overy n-spcel iiom that
oi ihe Interior 'uf British Columbia.
They ait' a people who can never us-
similalo wllh ihc while peuple oi ttls
province, and under those olrcum-
stauees they aie nui- Mie hind ol Immigrants who Hill make a great inline inr British Columbia.
Mark Drumm, editor and proprietor
uf ilie Kiuuk Paper, was in town lust
week on a vacation tour, Air. Drumm
is iiii ulil Dutie, Mont., uowspapci
writer and fur a time was conneeled
wuii ihe coal company at Krank,
Since embarking in the newspapel
business he has made lhe town ol
Kiauk and the olher towns of tlie
Puss known fiom ocean tu oooan by
Mn- .iM,' iiiuiitiet m whicli be has told
Mn- people "I Mu- rcsntin.-s of the
country, It is men like Drumm wliu
sl.iiild be paid a regular salary hy the
government for good ihai thoy dolor
ilu- country. Speaking uf Cranbrook
Mi. Drumm hw Ltal he looked upon
ibis lown as .me of the veiy best in
tlte Inlerior ui the province, an.l mv
ing tu lhe location, was surely destined io be a commercial center that
wnuld gtnw iu importance as the
years rolled by.
Mult Rockendorf, uf Calgary, has
been in town the pasl few days visitr
Ing ft i(*u Is. Theii' is not a man who
left     Cra-ililuuk   Mini   ean   come back
ami gel a more royal welcome than
can Man Rockendorl All uf the
ubl timers know him and everyone is
liis staunch friend. Kor several
years Mall was Mie right bower nl
ihe Herald, and during those days ot
the earlv growlh uf the town "Matt
an.l Mie Old Man were the whole force
nn tin- paper. But nne day Matt look
a big bunch anl got lo figuring on
Imiii sides of a silver dollar, and as a
result he quit Mie flattering prospects
uf success in lbe newspaper business
fur the flesh puts uf ihe hotel business, and is now associated with 11.
L, Steplrciis, also well known here,
iu ib.- Palace hotel of Calgary,   and
has made iimm-V enough to hnv Iwo
nt three Heralds since he left The papei Every one who knows Matt will
continue to wish him Increased pios-
pt'tity, for ihere is no man more do-
!\ej    n- !....! Curran 'eft last week
Dei sume business ui iii nneuted wnh i.ho
Sot ti, s',. ■ ,,;„ rtfes,
i" Canadiao Dank of
" ■•■■ informal    dancing
;" '    V        "-uh hall last evening
ibosu i'.. •        ad a most  etaj yablo
si 1.1.[\ VN IIA VS.
Uai  ii 1    ■".   Tuesday  morning    at
' '"   ai   SI    ilarys   churcb,    Father
Choinel ulliciating, Mr. Leo p. Sulh-
ki      Ctabriella Haas,     The
m ! '■■'■ '-■ ■ 1 ■■", affair, onlv a
'" is of Hit   I.M,,,- ,II|(i     gtoom
",,|n- present. Tl,.- bride was given
"^ °J i: ' Bw-tti, .„,i MiM
\r-:.y::-"\ VA    '"" hiWesmaid umi
,        ,'V"":;       ■   '   -■   'nun.   After
 'Pie were
an     hotel,
■.:• ;t
.    .   ' . ■ '   itat morn-
'       ■ - ■   ipend.
.   ,   ,' Hi.   lait
uploved   at
■   awl ,- .. v..,,,,.
'ilv "'".'' '   I   Inl-cay
:■■■'.   th"  machine
'"/'■'■ an   lew   peSpie
'    , '   ; him foi  his many
Ut   and Mi.   s\tl
«-d home awa. t-
-■ ■■  will     com-
-  The Her-
d  I.,emls7.f
em   i    lire
"' happi , s aiKl pi  spcrjtj      -l
Mclaughlin    li;,...,    ■:„-   Famous   ,m.
purlers, Send Maguiiiceai  Pei-
cberou u. Uranl
This ponton     oi  Mie counirj   has
- '■ -■ gh'i ed ,ii Mtv hu) oi breeding
1":-' - ■ ■ yet lucre .s no place
'''"■■'      ■■    :' ■ '  "t draft horses   are
l' '" :'''"':-1, i'i Hill tuiimiund
'•"'•'■'- ,- iw. Kealicing this, Uc-
Laughhu i,,..-., who stand at Uw
■"u.i ■■: Lhe business us Importers ol
■■'  ■■      • ■■■ iu "i -s.uu-s, have
o    ■■• i best, Kleber, ahorse
•ni i' ranee und     approved ui Fn acb governtuent.
111   is a beuiitj      and lias attracted
more    at ii  Irom men Lttterested
■'■ ■■'   - • ai j  animaJ ever   seen
■ ■ ';'! i ■'- ■-■ couttiTy, K, i„
toiey, a..-. | ■ ..:, . this lamuus
'i'ni ui ;.. . m t .i..A.A. a man
uf  exteusive  i s.perieuce  m  tbe ti-anvi-
permitted Uie
Herald re] .   . ;vuu tbe ioi-
ftmg :•    ■ ■ laj  ie-=diumg
... prove oi in-
■    ..    :  a ;■ ;..   l.i   uie
-  secured     to
print tt; <
.. . Aug, 38, 1906.
-Mi    K   t.   I   ■:■... Feraic, D. C;
Deal   Sit—-We nave just snipped you
''■-  -■■■■' ■ e-year-old    Hercberoa
al .      ;■ - ■ Metw :  .s lbe tai'-est
ns age imported     irom
Frani a i| onlj Is KK-Oer
■" - . isi as g'«*u as
- -   .- .-      ...   :.-■    you could    go
■ ■ -■■      ■ ...- and uieLviing
■■   - '    ..   - .:„.:.u   wiUiout
..--.-. ...   Lbe aiiiuli ones a
• ■-- '       .,..:.- ipeilol   lo   KleJn.'!   1U
action. Iu faot
'■■ - ';.■ v. mdeilul uciiu-u
' at .. Pi rcberon bte*.-d
    .                .* ■ In world. To such
  powerful iraine,
■■   ■  ...->. ';.•; heavy bono
  -■■*, lisite ,n a" dratt
:. ■ a   purchased    by
- '■■ :..    .'■■■. .   .:.   Krun';c ihis
yeai at a          ■■ ■-■   price and il was
unlj  :-.:-• ■;.■■ largest buy-*
■ ■: - ol Pel ... ns ;:. the ■■'■-'ii.i
ihat tbe French lei ^j- willing tu
i...'  will   ;■. ■ :. al any price.
Very truly j
McLaughlin Hros.
In  a I.;'-;   I -peaking     oi
. . Minnesota state
lair Mt Lau I Iin Bros, write as lol-
"There were ■ bree iiur.dr«l sul-'
lions .i.    compctit'on   of which    we
shnwtd Mu:";. Perchtfron and French
Coach Whereas  we showed
u ■' on ■ '■:.' 'ii' numlber exhibited
y.-t uur -■.■.:;.■;-.- won mure priz.es
and more first prizes than all of tbe
stallions combined exhibited by our
We ,i.-o won the' two
be ' prize al tbe fair—tbe champion-
Bhlp ami hundred lollai go'd medal Ior
French Coach stallions and the charn-
pionship and I indrcd dollar gold medal for besl Percheron stall lon."
To tin- Voting Men's Services
in tlie
next  Sun.Inv   livening.   Male.
Choir "1 twenty live t-oioes
(Irchestra, i Ihoruses,
1 will linn, my ..-inter supply
ul Conl in ;i few days, und um
ready to Inke orders.     1   will
Hunkhi'.'iii Hard Coal $8.75
Soft  Conl S6.7S
1,,'iHt winter 1 was out of Coal
pari uf time. Tliis year I pru-
pusi' tu keep 11 goof] supply on
hand, and will sell
jjj.f;,.t. 7. t  .-<-, 66. et-;-tfi;-g-e-i;ii-8-t;ea-g»frg<&g-s-c-»-i;-«'e-c-e-g-6.e-.>j)
_ n ■ |
: : - V, s Big .1 11t 39mm9#m9&9l99lti9&m999999b
t-tV 3&t*A
.Flora the Movie Leader.)
I-', 1,\  1) i.-UiliMit In,ill
ll.iiiii, where |„- iu- lukliiB ireat-
uu-iii lot rlleu.uutism.
Mi- Powell las ;u,i, „|, the
IVIiili'lii.iil boarding house .unl has
Ii-u i,,, Montana.
iiii,,:,. \,-i\, ,.i,,i„- [oi several
m, ut! .i m,i> Mi,.,,, in 1-: \ Mill s
store, It'll   I'lii-s.i.n  i,,i \,-»  Vork.
A. .1   I;      I lln- Cows'    N,-st
Steam latuidry, u, I'tnnl k, was in
luun  'I 'll
Iiul     Pi     11, Dnuuhl   .,  i -
ii iiiin.-i i,, il,,-.,,-. ,li,-,l .ii \ ituvouvei
,    lilii :„-.,, i distN.se.
i., .       ■ a   It'll  li,
nnil it'
.'.ill! >...
where   li       ■ ■     .. •    li
i ,,|,|„ i |iji
Mi .,,,.1 in-   i ii r.ni»imin u.i'
,,...-.   living  ii,  llll     lllllllll   .m.l    Mi
t.uiiii,-l,:  is   working ii, ih,'   Tim1
town Win, will s.ii Uns is nnl u
mul country?
Those uf mu ntnebers wlm Intend tu
pari .villi a imtiinii ul then property
mil find It tu their nun advantage to
sell i ,-t, wlm will work i.'i   laml
an.l male good neighbors, lu other
words: Hewarc ul llw speculator! Sis-k
liu.i'is wlm vvill make good citizens
.mil who will In-Ill build u|i Un- ral
Law-rtn.ee Millar returned to Wilmer
,,n tlm Ptarmigan Saturday, altei visiting Ills lluliii' lu   Nina St'ntia, wht'l'e
li,- ..eni parly lasi spring Kn roulu
here ho spent a couple nl months   in
Ma Im     Though offered good    in
dueeniruls to staj ai his eastern In	
In- sai- li,- reluspd a- In- knew he
could u,,t Ih- t'onlenl I,, I,.,- in Du'
easl iii'iiiiaiMiili Hi- has l,-.,in,-,l tu
i,,u- i.:,i- ins- in-.i
i:   \   Kln.pt.>.., in,,i l„i   ,,t   ii„-
-.Mm- lines complains that n„. in.,,,,
iruiik in.ul is hnill)   in ms'il ,,i     re
iiln-i   ,1 i.i
eonls Imw
Ml.    H     1'    Wll
ile    eame ovei  n	
S..| ..;.   r .    la.
: i, Im,  husband,
i,i,,, ,-  sup.-r.iili'
1,,1,'nl     ul   llie     Sl
Kugiwi' nun,-.
Austin   M, I..-I!..
i,. ..hu 1,.,. been    in
il„- 1'i-giib 1-
lospilal   foi     mu,-ral
weeks .villi lypli
i,i,l lever, came 1 ie
Hill,,-, I'aiiiei,
,„ lell Thursda)   lm
Cn-lilol'hiu.      II,
i    ,,.'.in,,  uilli'   Imn
1,1.1   JOUIlgl 1    Iiii.
bel   nli,, has In i-u  in
llm liospitiil ill
ii,ml,in,,!, nn several
"There was .,
...ui„l ol ni,In    In
night     i.,   lhu ,
Wcilliesdil)       ulu,
passed lln- liuusc
,;. I,,,,,,, streel which
is uccupl. ,1  ,,i
(iuldie si.-nail     aim
WjIi.-i  Itclilell
.,i  li.u-lli-iiil   qual lets.
'lh.- voung imii
milled several     ul
il,.-,   In, ii.ls. >i,
in spend ll,,- evening
anil  lhc pail)   1
,,,l  Hi,- nn    Unu
lives            I'll,')   |l
laved    curds, sniuKod
cigars,  lold slu
in-.,  anl   sung  songs,,
an.i tin- tun \\.i>
1., |,1  ll|i  llnlll  Ill-all.
luu u'cluck   lhc
lullowing morning
llulil    (lot.IL'  .ii
,il     Wai lei   mail,' cli-
.iaiiii-  ,,-|,,,:.,,,,,
is   nu   lln-!l>afltca   a--
'I'll,' explosion
,,!   uas   Mulllla)    NIJ.ll.
in  tin-   building
uluil  eont-aiiis     mr
acetylene gas   |i
lunl     rni  Mm   Hotel
K unl.-inn    ua-.
heard .ill   over tuwn
Tin- i.u broke se
u-t.ll   lllll.lulls   111    11,'
llolel,     nml     i,
lie  in  1'     -1    Kllui-r's
house   which is
ri  In.     Tlie billlil-
ing  is double li
,,,,,,i,,i  null sawdust
between   Mu- bin
>i.I--.       Tin- building
ivas pretty   buill
i    ii-1-eekni       .inm,
In i, ,-l,„ k, II.,,,
i   Sleele,  il„- porter,
wenl  ml,, Hi,' 1.
iiiunia I., look   alter
111,'   ma, 1,11,,' -unl
sel I.ii i-iii.ii   (luun
While In-  wenl   I
,,   Hi.- olll.'l   side     ul
tlie plant.     I'he
eseup iu uas  Ignited
anil   lln-   explusb
,i,  [iilluu-c.1        Steele
was   klKK.-r.ud   do
an, Inn  uas nol  ser-
lulisl.   injure.!   .
illl -li  Ins  Inm   u„s
Singed      ami    In
-   nm- buill.   luiiinsl
All)   iluu,.,m- dm
„•    UUS   In  111,-    luiiili-
ing.    The planl
uas  i.iiii,-,!
(From Tlie Ferule Ledger.)
tt   W, Tuttle lell  yestordu)  n|"'ii a
Jnini um  I lisbiiig i'.s|n illi inn iu the
IHdKlrtK.rllu.nl ol .Iniiiay. Hi- ex-
peels in I,,' 6  ,, week  nn,'.
\        I'     McKiiislIT,   ui     Miuvsville,
uas in the eil) y'cslonlay looking
nilni Hi,- sale nl nine hnrscs lo llle
conl eonipiui) II,- lepnrls Marys-
.III,' as  lllel,   jusl   null
A band ul Koulcnu) Indians passeil
up tlu- 1:1,, i.ill.) last Saturday,
supposedly on 11 hiiuliiig expedition.
li is lime im Un- ifaiut' iinrde gel
Hm. Kelly, insi.uus ulllecr, lull Ills
i.iliii' in i-lnini- 1.1 .1. A. McLean last
S.iiiinl.ii. ami bits gone nil nu a Iniinii,- excursion in euiupnii. uiili Wal-
101 II.,,,,,„.1   in be gone'a iveek.
Th,- site mi Hi,' .111111,11 foi lln
lv,„,i,11.11 nil- lm., null, been de-
rilled upon, uml 11 ,- bupi.l Un- building uill 1„- I'li-etitl before uiniei
sets it, The ite 1- ;, lui in lhe
11,-vv addition in ih,- , ui ,,„ Vicloiin
avenue, seli-rt,,l 1,1 (lovernmeiit
Agenl Armstrong.
\.    II,    WillUOl,    ill-.' Lllll    ni        Ull
King   Lumbei     euiu|iiinv, ''i.,1,1,1 ,.,,1-
was in  mui,   M,Mi.l.u    llr rcfiurls .,
brisk busincs    llal i-olnpau)  ilm
ing the   season,   whicl. is suli     at
brisk .is evei .,,,.1 prospects r I   nn
run, 1,1111,1 I,■„,,,,.,I durllrg it,,' i,i»
The neu null .1!   Vnhk mil he road)
l,,i opcraiioii ,
.Inlu,    Ki,,111
tendenl ul tin
lions al ilm'
Saturday, ami
going st'eadi!)
men at wurk,
hus) dm um il>
uill  In- ., lu,l
Xuvei nbei
is that  wurk   is
lie   llnu   has   IUI
,-ill keep lho Imr,
I un,' .it  Ihal .111111
inan. iuiui' men uill 1,,' put lu   i
11,.,1, .,1 u ehgagnl
Hi. 11   \. Itolrcri ■•■ii, presld.nl
the    kii, Lu.nln.-i   I'oinjiany, u-hll
luun la ,   im-,-1.. pi I .,11 oiilei
liunliei 1 liners ruling.*, which
1,1 non-1) organized eunipnn) al
Ti :  Intend   1,, build Uns fall    lm
addill I   inn,,-,- a!   Ihal   plain.      II.
lale   ■:..,,   ii„    1 company     art
K - 'n  levelop ihi mines us rapid-
n .,- |„i- iblo mnl Uui oxpi'ol In
sum, doublo lhe ouipui. There is
demand lm ,,11 ihe ,-,,,il Ihey can set
out, anil his cuuipau, mil have in
trouble in - lllng all lire coal Ihey
..•an pul  ,„,  lie inaiki't.
.Maim Hogers, ,,i Crnnhroiik, wenl
.'i.s., with Division St.peri.Tl
Krlekson in hi- 1 nun car, a-t I ached
1,, yesterday's local, Mayor Rogers
is quite liusi nisi ,,,,ii- loosing ailer
tbo arranging fnr Hi,- building in be
creeled hv the cily ni Cranbrook
jointly mih the provincial govern-
nienl building, Inn lhe learn don't
jiull even, .11,,I delav Is lln- result.
(From llm Outcrop.)
II  is staled Unit  twice llu- iiinnbe
liners    and lumbermen employed
winler will lie at work   in   this
vii-iiiiiy Ibo coming season.
Wild strawberries aro again in season, being the third nr fniiith crop-,
tins     year.    Lasl  uis-k lln- Wilmer
leek ol ih' woods ba.,' disposed ul ,
Iol ul theii potatoes. Tlu- price se
111,,I uas lfeents a pound While
lilsllalia. \™ /.0.1I.1111I and 1,lllel
■ullllllies aie shnil nn spuds, Ull'
l.Tircn.vakf llriseo    laiiucrs  an- lung
I'ho pr 1-0    •>[ potatoes pi Iscs    in
read   a high mark in Idle spring.
viib-rii-e more marked than In lue
public school. Tin- school nuu has
lun teachers vol lbe aMewlai.iv is so
lance ihai a iliiiil lias bro  a necessity ami Hu- school board is mak-
uig preparations     im a Ibinl room.
lu ,„!,',in,,, 10 ib,. school buiktiug is1
being Iiiiill and as s  as 11 is completed a thiol te.ubi-i mil In- engaged.
I'ho     police,  aul,.,I     bi   magistral,'
Beach, male    another example nl   a
vinlillel   nl   lhe   gil    lau   Ihis   Weak.
Constable Ii.iii     apprehended Dae -1
I'uslillu, nt I.ilie. ,„ ihe killing nl
gin,is,- and at his 11 iai belore Magis-
11 ale Beach, tin- mien.ler wa. lined
Stir, and ousts, laihi-i sleep lm    one
partridge, but people ul iust   have
birds mn ,,l season must expect to
inn ibo price, ITi,- police are dning
exeelleul work this season 111 tbelr
endeavors    in    enforce tlte game law
an.1  shnuld  have   the  1,,-iHl   cn-opela-
....ti and assistant I alt good elll-
Alii   ('(M'l
All  KU 111 IIU'I   II   li.is   lit
heal    tli,'     |.i.i|icli.i|i
\e.U   Will  si>,-  the ll.iI  ,1
buill   up    w uh    |»l,.iis
ihii ".iti.-il.'
ill Iti the »lli|<
sl    ll
lll.ll kid   Illi'   ll
      Tltcro is 1..
able mi 111 Ih'I nl lot
i.-l tu 111 nl tins we
pnti) h.nI    ,, Ktirvp
..- b.iiijii
lln- fedlnR
ill   fill tli. 1   1	
This   wivl,
ral.    11   ih.il   <ln
•tn   ItH   .1  r.ili-.u
nil   ll.    ll.ll    Il'l.   llu- Conl     ci
in,,,I,-      li  \
IV    lh.'
11 KNK1I
(From tbe QolAcn Star.)
V   V. Lt'tU'lt, tin." ciiKiHii-r wlio lv
hail charge- nf     tlie work ol gnwlitiK
since u|)eral-iotis rniiiitiritrrtl,  left
rtiuistl.iv ioi  Vancouver, irom wliich
[iuiui    in- will het'eaiter dlreol n|»
luuis, timkiiig only monthly  trips
Hit: r;ini|is fl'nlll  n..w   on   ami   kedplllg
a close watch on thi; pio^iess. niaile
Another t-ltaii^- lias been iiiuiiu in llr
foreinaiisbip, W .1. Wright liaviiiK i*
si^m-il, ami a Mr. MeUarty, saiil b
ur one ul Uu' Iwst railroad builder;
nu Liir niiitiij.'iit, being apjwintod in
his stead, A uinula'i of men arrived
Wos weeli .unl went to work, while a
few  liave qull and pulled oul -
V. W Jones iliis week reeelvwl a
21 burse puwer automobile from De-
iroil, Mich., and lias been Uiking Inst ructions frum llu- el iUllli-i ever
since ils allival, besides Mug "al
hum.-" iu his matiy ardent admirers,
'llllt1 uiacbinc i.s a handsome nm- anil
is well [iHul lm llie wmk laid out
iut ii. Mr. Jones intuids making
si'vi'iitl trips lu Atliaimer on eoin-
Paiiy business More Um snow Hit's
.ind expects Ui lie aide to lliaky llle
nip in six hours, which will establish a record fur even Ute U. I*. II, in
practice a bit on.
I', !■:. O'C'otiiier, who has luui
eliaini' uf the surveying ul ibe Umber
lauds mt Uie Blueberry river   owned
liv lhe l''i';.|ieis BroWll .sviiil'ieale ill
Marinette, Wis,, came in last Sunday,
Un- w.iik having lieen practically completed. During thu progress iif the
survey .Mr. O'Connor carried on considerable cxploralloii,  folluwing    lhe
lUii.'heiy   lu  IlS  suillee      and  eiussillg
ihe summit of the Rockies lo Uie
head wafers oi tin- Saskatchewan
river, ivlMire In* also took oliserva-
Uoiis. Alt,,. O'Connor weni carefully
over Un- limils ui Hie company aud
estimates thai thero are at least 51)11
million feel of as line limlrer as is
io he loimil anywhere in tlie interior
id llr It-fall Columbia ami ii is uuder-
sinod Uu- Umber on lliese limits will
be eui in tlie very iie^r future, Mr.
O'Connor daily expects several members uf his symuoaie here, and uu
their arrival a Hying nip will be
made lu Uu- lilaeliery.
dwelling ,. ,ih,■,,!
HI        The piltelias,
i employer ol it
coai company who has t-oiumciteod the
predion ul a neat bIoiic eotlage, Tin
building oi Uis lesuitiiee i.s alsu like-
Ij iu he Ht.- begiwiinH ol whai mn)
In' i«xpei-t«l tn lifetime quite general.
the use n|   lb- sh.lv stone  lui   lHul-lin_-
m.iieii.il, when it liecomea known
Imw eheaph a collage can he buill nf
A I-' (irailv. haidwaie meiehatil
nj Maeleml, Ki.ui1' and Coleman an.l
mayoi ut MacliiHl,     will he married
next   Wulm-Nilav   at   Halifax   tu    Miss
\l t: O'Doniieil of tlmt plaee. Everyone in Uie west wh.. knows Mr.
Oratlv will, like Tie Krank Paper,
wish htm and his bride all happiness
The mine is eloseit this week while
lue work nf eoiinecting up it p new
tipple is in progress. It is pxpifted
ibe new him Mm:: planl will he iu
opelatioii next Monday and il eats
art' in In- had 'iti' output ol Ut.- mine
will he largely Increased,
(From the Lelhbridgf Herald.)
There was a teat ewl collision be-
tween iwn freight trams tm uue of
th.' bridges at Si. Marys Sunday
last, a caboose was badly damaged
W. I.. H.imiliutt, formerly manager
nf Uie Tabrr mine, was in lhe city
Uus week. lie is prospecting fur
eual ai Medicine llat ai presenl
Tli.- new jiMllelal district uf l,eih-
bridge eomw iulo existence on October
l, wiih Malcolm Voung as sheriff,
and C, V Meiuiei I clerk ul llm
euii il,
Norlh Hav. Ont., Sept. 15.—A
f p it. official ai N,.iih n.,y reports that Un- deplorable accident <>t
yestcrdaj moriiinj; was caused hy
some nue turning a coefc on Uu* airbrake lielween tne lirst and second
cars nn ilu- Imperial Limited, easi
bouiHl, I'lte U'alns were scheduled
lo   pass   al     UiHa.       llw   ll.ll\e.slvts'
excursinti train to nm in on a siding
to give ;l deal track iu ibe Imperial
Luini. i Th.- Iai let Ham. proceeding easl frum Sudbury to Aii Ida, tuns
down .. Inn: and f,i"l\ steep grade.
The luaiiuv has been tm lhe Imperial l.iiiittel m go through wiitiunt
slopping "i slackening s|»i-,i Hall
.i    minute latei     th' Limitwl would
have   sttllek    Il.e   lliulllle   nl    llh'   im HI
sion i i.iiii, as ihr lut lei was mini lug
min ih.- si.hiu. in ii.-ai ihi> track,
and une minute Intel Ui- track would
Imve luvn ipiite i-leat      Tb.- dlffereuco
ol  a   mi le e.Uis.il   the diMllll  ol   Ioltl
teen people, .ti> t injtiiieti more ut less
set lulls   In   si-u nl l   lne   tinue
The Ime ai Wdhln is i, luu., clrtti
itrelch fm some miles, and ibe rugi
ii.'.is uf each train could sen oaclt
..ih.-i appi..a.luu. several miles aw
I h - Limited was running at a   g
sini.I. tin- waiting    excursion    li
Ite.t.l un Tlie   PXCUI'H     II.UH   b.,.1
iwu baggage e.iis m Hum
(0I3f^I5ia'2f3raf3i2rar2f2®e^        [ ierei^3j^2a^jsieEra^
Notice is herehy guen that thirty
days, after dale 1 intend to apply to
the Chun Cuiuiiusstoner 0f lJiIb alllt
Woiks at \ieiuria lor speeial licenses
to cut and carry away timber fiom
lhe (ollowiug described lands in
Suuih  Kas-t  Kooteuay district;
1. Commencing at a post planted
about eight miles north of lut -158.S,
and abotti forty chains north of the
N. E. eoinci ol timber license number
4073, ihenee easi IflO chains, thenco! Ij iiivestiin'iit.
north   40    chains,    thenee   wesi tiiti\^\
^•ssLsats ",j,"s io u" 11 Cum L«-Cranbrouk'B-L1
fi| |)o yon  want  n  bitr^ain   in [Hi
g t'raiiUnink pru|Hirty.     I will [^
^1 sell inv business house uml ;J
g tot opposite »'. I'. R. 'l.|...t ffi
[ii cheap, Pays Kootljrent,  Kine j[?i
\Jl invftatnmnt.    Aihlri-SB
(Fron Th* Blairmor* Times.)
Monday morning Uu- bat - room uf
ihe Imperial hotel, at Flank, was
tillered by burglars whn tapped thc
cash regisier fur $25. Su clue as
io whu committed the crime has yet
heen secured hy the police. *
Jim Burrows, nf Hillcrest, has
beeu matched in light with Jerry
McCarty in Spukane during the fruit
fall'. Jim has the well wishes nf his
many friends here in liis con'test, as
he has proved himself nut only a good
and fair lighter, bm a gentleman
whetliei in tu otil oi the ring.
Thursday li, Sleeves aceonfliaiiied
Im his daughter, Miss Kva, left tor
Kdmoiilon, where Miss Kva will alien.! college lliis winter.
The new C. [', It, station at Coleman is now welt under Wa) ami will
soon ite n-ji'lj' to accommodate, tlu'
travelling public, This is going in
be a neai   little depot, hilt   lire C.   !'.
it   is iiinkhrg Uu- mistake ol building
a depot tha> is already I.m small fm
a town Unit is gn.wiug mid that will
or nut of dale fur lhat plaee belore
Uns Umi' nexl veai.
President Frank II. Sherman, nf
Un- L'nllcd Mine Workers, left yesterday iu nf lend the Trade -md Ulmi
Congress lo l»- held at Vieloria nexl
week Tb.- United Mine Workers
liave eonfoderaled with otliei labor
organljiaMona and PresldeM Slu-t-
man will roprosenl l-hcm al tin* con
gress. It is qulto possible thai this
congress may resuli in an Indopenil
.ni labor pari) being forinod n Canada tu inke pari in ihe next Bomiuion elections,
Contractor V.. Moreno, who Is Imilding   Uie  new coke  uveas  at   Coleman.
is making excellent progress with tho
wmk. The additional ovens added
to the old battery are completed and
ready tu be pui inin operation. Most
uf the livens fur ihe new battery are
now crowned and will Ite IiuisJnri this
season, Mr. Moreno is ibis year us-
In-g tlu- lime supplied frum the kilns
uf the Crows Nest Lime company
whose works are situated just Ik*1ow
town, and finds that it is the tiest.
llnu.' he has used in this dislriel. The
old battery consumed eleven ears uf
lime and consisted of M ovens. ll
is estimated thai three ears of Crows
Xesi lime will he sufficient to complete Mie 111 ovens now building.
(From The Frank Paper.)
The growth ut     Coleman is shown
K. Humphries nnd C, u. K
Nuiirse drove out to the Silver farm
mi Monday. The threshers w
busy and 1(1,000 bushels of wheat
bad' already been cut. Musi uf i
W,i-s RlVlng 27 biislrcls In lhe acl
and it will grade Nu. I or i Nm
t liern.
Have yuu had a lmil. at  Uie   wor
ihal has been done ou Uu- new round
house?     Ii  is worth while to pay
vlsil in this spol.    The cement foil
tlatloiis aie almost completed.      The
round house occupies a lot of ground
.m.l will l>e a most (jomnioillous building,
Tin- miners' strike bas lieep Injurious tu business in this city, but bus
nol affected the merchants as seriously as it would have some years
ago. This ti, due to the rapid novel-
opment nf Lethbridge in other respects, Tin- Hudson Bay company
sn we are informed hy manager Ity-
lands, in spite of the strike and the
fact ihat their slore has boon moved
hack from Hound streel tu permit
Kieir new building to be erected, did
a better business for the year just
closed than lasl year and their cash
receipts an- considerably better too.
Thai is a protly good record.
Moyie Leader:-.!. Rivers, of Boss
land, has In-en awarded ihe contract
ol put tint the Lake Shure shaft al
ihe Si. Kitgi'tic down an additional
3110 feet. He and his men will bo-
gin work very .shorl ly.
All  uf     tbe    vuuneis    nu   Uh*     lllsl
Hour uf ih.< mill are lo be removed ti
ih, second lloor and the room ol lh
second lloor ,s Mug enlargod for ihi
New material has been ordered fo
Un- engine room and several improvements are planned for Unit portion of
lhe plant.
l.AMI I'ltOI'OSAl.R.
in. Si
pi.  I.'I-Tlie
spntlllont   sal
I   lll.ll
gm i'l ill
ami  P s.i
S,    lil'SI
as Uie
li gi
hustle in lli
Iniinii. are i
' liistui
i   o
Iol esl
ll \oi
Zealand, -
polling uuui
s     tn
vttltin a decode lbe excess uf laud
IteM beyond $3oO,UOO unimproved
value, and lbe provisions prevent ing
tlie present owners id I.uihi acres
liisiclass laui nt those of 8,000
acres uf second class land adding lo their estates either hy Iree
holds or leasehold, The correspond
eni adds ihai ihe proposals w.ll In
sturdily contested.
(fhildrcn picked quite a few rigbt   ia In nuinuiuus ways but in none ia  the  want to commit
Senator Dcpcw sent smne garden
seeds   to  a    ooiislilupnl    in   Wayne
county,   New   Vork.
Th'.'y were enclosed in one of tht'
regular franked government envelopes,
bearing Ihe words "penalty for private use $300."
A few days later Uie senator received thla letter:
"Bear Mr. Dcpcw: I don't know
what to do with those garden seeds
yau sent me. I notice it is Vdilil fine
for private use. I don't want lu
use il'i'in for Uie public I want to
planl ib. m in mv private garden, and
can't afford lo " pay idtiti tut Uw
privilege. Won't you sec if you cau
lix it so 1 can use 'ihem privately, for
I am a law-abiding oitl7.cn, and do not
auy crime.'
osl noticeable features
s Spokane fait will lungs erected by lodges
niznlluns.     Last  year
(Hie uf  lb
aboui  ihis
Uie   new    III
and oihci 	
Hie W l'. T. I . stood alone in Uu
pai l Icular, ha\ mg Uie only special
permanent buildings un tin- grounds,
This year ihere wul he tuiu permanent buildings added. the Woodmen ol the Wuiid have elected a log
cabin which is an attractive building,
with a gie.u uieplace, wlu*re Uu-j
wiil entei tain llieli tinn is. 'lbe.
Women of Woudcralt have bmli a
bungalow next to tiue W. 0, W. cabin,
whieti -s unusually neat in appearance,   ami     will   lie    litiiiislud   aiirac-
livelj    an.l   occupied   by committees
ftuin   Spukane   lu.lge.s.       'I'lie   .Modem
Woodmen uf America will hav
uf  the most  siili.sianU.il  build
Spokane.     It will be built iiom   no
less an expensive material than   cou-
aele.    'th.- members pio|iuse to have
the most elegant accommodations ut
any   organization   ou    Uie   ground!
Another uungalow will be built by tl
Fraternal Brotherhood.    This iiiakm
the   fourth   substantial    permanent
budding put up Uis year.    Those aie
not ait  th'1 organizations which will
have L'laburaiely   turuishod headquarters.     Tie Knights aul Ladiei
Security,   the Maccabees and the Odd
Fellows    were not able   to put
permanent  buildings   ihis   time, but
will be ou Un- grounds in tents.
.Manager Kobl, II. Cusgtove
pounces thai exhibitors who ate
ing io tlte Spokane Interstate fair
must have every article in their exhibit in jilace, wiih eu'iyihuig clean
ed up and in apple-pie order hv noun
of mondav, Septembei Jl. ii ihey
ilu not, their exhibits wilt be exclud
nl from the grounds. This is ab-
solutol) necessary ami the order
Imperative because uf the great  pi
paraliulis   wticll  arc   being  made   ll
year to make ihe opening it.g'ht o
ui     Un:   biggest,      il   nul 'llie   biggest
event of llle fail
Ufceivcs bulb ladies ami gentlemen
as icsidcnt or as day students. Has
a complete commercial or business
course. Prepares students to gain
Teachers' Certificates uf all grade:
Gives Uie four years' course for    thc
B.A. degree, and lhe btsl   year uf t
school    uf solcnce   course, in atlili
tion with Toronto university.   Has a
special  "Prospectors'    Course"    fur
miners who wurk in B. C.
Instruction is given in art, music
physical culture and elocution.
Term opens September  17th,  1000
For calendar, etc., address "Colum
Ida College, New Westminster, B.O."
Thirty days after date I intend   I
applv io the Chief Commissioner   of
Lands and     Works,  Victoria,   B.  <
for a special license lo cut and cany
away  limber frum  lhe following d
crlbed lauds situated in Easl Koo
Commenc ng at a post planted at
the snitUi-eiist corner of lot 1153,1,
thence soulh 'ifi chains, mole or less,
lo the nuith-east corner of lot 358,
tbence wesl I lit; chains, mure or less,
in rhe north-wesl corner ol lot 358,
thenct- norlh 46 chains, more ur less,
to ihe. Boulh-wcsl emner uf lot B540,
ihenee east 15.HK rhnlns, more or
less, Uience soulh !) chains, more or
less, in lhe south-wist comet uf Iol
fi"i33, ihenee east KII chains, mure or
less,   to   the   place  uf  cumnieneemelit
.). s. Patterson,
Daled Sept.  I,  100B. 2Lflt'
Tale nutice that thirty days alter
date 1, the undersigned, intend
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works ul Victoria, B.I
lor a special license to cut and cany
away timber fiutu Uie following lles-
crlbed lands in East Koolenay:
Commencing at a posl planted al
the north-west cornor of lot 5450,
Ihenee south 80 chains, thenoe west
~>n chains, Ihence north m> chains,
thenee east 70 chains to place of
commencement, con laining six hun-
dred acres, more ur less.
Arthur Plgott,
Cranbrook, Aug. Kith, lOOti.     22-51
N'olice is hereby given that thirty
days after dale 1 Intend making application to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a special license to cut and carry
away Umber Irom the lands situate
iu the district uf South Enst Kuutu-
nay, about two miles south-west uf
Jaffray Station and being lot 03-10,
group 1, Kuotenay district.
.1. Hanbury,
A. Milton, Agent.
Datod at Elko, B. C, August 13th,
1300. 23-51   itm-ai
2. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west corner uf M. Mo-
Innes' No. 1 application, theme north
■tli chains, thence east 100 chains,
thenco south Id chains, thence wesi
luu chains lu ihe place oi commence
3 Commencing at a poul planted
at  Uu-   north-west eornei ot m. Mc-
tunes' No. 2 application, thenee uui ill
in chains, thence cast Km chains,
thence  iouth in chaina, thenee   went
Hill chains tu lbe place ul cuiiiuieii'c
i    Commencing at a posl    planted
al   Un-    iiiii lh wesl    cuinci   nf M. Me
luucs' application No. ,i. thence north
■tu chains, lheme easi Hill chains,
Ihenee south -|u chains, thence west
I Oil . l. uns tu ilu- place nl commence
B   Commencing at a post   planted
al lbe Intersection ol lot -1588, wllh
lhe north fork of Michel crook anil
running west IflO chains, thonce north
In chains, thenee east Ilil) chains,
iheiiee smith -111 chains to Uie place
oi commencement,
ii. Commencing at a post planted
•in ehains north ol Uie Intersection of
Un* north boundary oi lot 4588 with
the north fork "of Michel Creek,
thence running wesl IBU chums, thonce
north -in chain?., tlience east 160
chains, tbence tn chains to the plac
of commencement.
7. Commencing at a post planted
ai ibe .south-east corner of E. V
Thompson's coal license No. 1007
thenco running north 100 chains
tlence west 5 chains, thence north
80 chains, thenoe east 20 chains,
more or less, to timber license No
10B8, thenoe south 240 chains, thence
west 15 chains, more or less, to the
place ot commencement.
s. Commencing at a post planted
seven m les north of lot 4588 and one
mile west of timber license No. 4073.
thence north 80 chains, thenco west
8U chains, thenoe south 80 chains,
llience cast 80 chains to the place ot
o. Commencing ai a post planted
seven miles north and one .mile west
nf Umber license Nu. 4073, thence east
80 chaius, thelice north SU ohains,
thence wesl 8ti clains, thence south
su ihains lo Hit' place o[ commencement.
M. Melnnes., Loc-ator.
Dated loe 33rd dav ui August, A.D.
IIHIO. 24-tit
U] Or.T. A. Harvey 18-I2t g
Thirty days after date we inU-iid
to apply lo the Ctief Commissionei
of Lantls and Woiks, Victoria, B.C.,
for a special license lo cut ami
cany away timber Irom the futlow
ing described lands, situated it
Suuth Last Kooluiiity:
Commencing at a post pun led itm
chains west of mile post 7 ou the
western boundary of lot 4501 at lirst
south-west aiu.li' uf lot 1807, tfcence
running easl ffl chains, thence soulg
•lu chains, Ih.-nce west 100 chaius,
tin'lice iiuiili in chains, thence easl
8u chains to place ul commencement
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Dated July ,'tlst, 1000. 20-01
Thiity days after date we InU-nd
lu apply to the Ctief Commissioner
uf Lands and Works, Victoria, B.C.,
for a special license to cut and
cany away timher Irom the following described lands, situated it
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted 40
chains soutb of post planted 100
cbains west of mile post 7 on the
western boundary ol lot 4501, at
first south-west angle of lot 1807,
thence running south 80 chains,
thi-nce running west 80 chains, tbence
running north 80 chains, thence run
ning east 80 chains lo place ol
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Dated July 31st, 1900. 20-61
Thiity days after date we Intend
to apply to the Ctief Commissioner
of Lantls and Works, Victoria, B.C..
for a special license to cut and
carry away timber from the following described lands, situated in
Soulh Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at tre northwest corner ol L. Harvey's timber license
running 80 cbains south, thence 80
chains west, thence 80 chains north,
thenee 80 chains east te point of
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Daled  July 22nd, 1000. 20-iil
Thirty days alter date we Intend
to applv to the Cliff Commissioner
uf Lamls and Works, Victotia, B.C.,
for a special license to cut and
tuiiy away timber from the following described lauds, situated in
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post at, the
nm Ui east curncr of F. IL Pollen's
limber license, running south 80
chains, thence west 40 ohains, thence
sotltb 40 cliaius, thence east 80
chains, thence north 120 chains,
thence west 4ft chains to point of
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Dattd July 2lst, 1006. 20-0
Notice is herehy given that thirty
days after date I Intend to apply lo
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria for a special
license to cut and carry away timbre
from thp following describe-) lands
in South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the smith-west corner of J. Melnnes'
licence near Elkmouth, B.C., aod
running north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thence soulh 80 cbains,
thence east 80 chains-, to the place of
beginning, containing 640 acres, more
or less.
Dated at KlkmouUi, B.C., tills 20th
day of July A. D. 1900.
Notice is hereby given   llial    I'birtv
days alter dale we intend In apply lu
ihe Hun. the Chief Commissioner   ot
Lauds    and   Units, Victoria, U   0.,
lor special   licenses  tu  cut   and  i.niv
awav Umbel from iiu* following drs
crlbed   lands    in  Snulli   I .'at   Koote
nav,  B. O :
ill   Commencing at a post  planted
almut   a ball      mil.-   ■ h     and   iwn
miles   wesl    of   Ulc   unilh we,I   mm.'I
Ol  lot   2310,   Iheme   WPS I    160  Mini 118,
thenoe south    40 ohntus, throw  ensl
It.U  chaius,   ih.-nce  north   4U     .hams
1,1 tlu- point of commrncrmrnl
cit  Common) Ing
about a quartet ol
(Olir      miles  wesl   ,
cut Iter ut   lut   3310
n pust  planted
mih- suuih  and
ihe norlh west
thrnce souih su chains, lliriu
east 80 chains, Uieuce north no chaii
tn the point ol commrnermriit.
Snarwond Lumbei  Co , Lid.
Located August 2li, 1000.       23 <t
Take notice that sixty davs after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Wurks al
Victoria, B.C., for permission to
purchase the following described
lands in South East Kootenay: Commencing at a post planted at the
north-east corner ot lot 325, running
east 80 chains, north -10 chains, wesl
80 chains, thence south 40 chains to
the place of commencement containing 320 acres.
Harold  Darling.
Wardner, B. C, July  13th, 1B0B,
U (hu1 ftm-i* puuip, two awnings [vj
(»A feet in width, i
f^i Twn L-l.iss t'rutit offieo doors,    i'l
pi v\
I Om.fi foot office window.        |
g One 10 fool Bulvftuiml iron b
[il     chimney t..|j. j!
I Allingooilr litioii.   Apply |
|   F. li. SIMPSON, |
Herald Office j.j
It ii'l-Hi'1l-^'\^'.M,'Ui''lt''ii'TdrVi^ddfc!Ji''liJ|pJ/L,l-4
: Cranbrook   Foun- 3
dry and
Machine  Shop
/vu Minion & Johnston :l:
.1.. .
Take notice that sixty days [nun
date 1 int.-nd lo apply tu
ihe Chief Commissioner ol
Lanis and Works at Victoria, Toi' permission to purchase the
following described lands iu South
Kast   Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted al
the south-west comer of lot 2593,
being marked Hugh Mcllugo. Uience
west 40 chains, tlience norlh 40
chains, thence east -to chains, thenoe
south to place ol commencement,
containing mu acres.
Hugh Mcllugh,
Fernie, B, C , Aug. 14,  I90B. 21-01*
Any available Dominion Lands
within Ute Railway Belt in British
Columbia, may be hotuesleaded by
any person who is lhe sole head of a
family, or any male over lil years ol
age, lo the extent of one-quarter
section of HiO acres, more ur ness.
Entry must be made personally at
the  lucd   laud   olllce tut   tlie disttict
iu wliich Ua- land is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform the conditions connected therewith under one ol lhe folluwing
ll) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation of the laud in
each year for lhree years.
(2) If the father (or m.nher, if the
father is deceased), of the homesteader resides upon a farm iu lhe vicinity of the land entered for, the" requirements as to residence may be
satisfied by such person residing with
the father or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent residence upon [arming land owned by bim in the vicinity ol his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence may be satisfied by residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should he given to the Commissioner
of Dominion Lands at Ottawa ol intention to apply lot patent.
Coal lands uiay be purchased at $10
per acre for soft coal and Viii for
anthracite. Not more than 320
acres can be acquired by one individual or company, itoyalty at tin
rate ol ten cents per ton of 2,liuu
pounds shall be colled id on the gross
Deputy of the Minister ol Uie luicijoi
N.B.—Unauthorized publication ol
this advertisement will not bo paid
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
(lavs after dale I inleml making application tu ibe Honorable tin- Chiel
Commissioner uf Lauds am) Wurks
lui a special license lo cul and cany
away timber Irom the lands situate
in llie district of South IDall Kuole-
nay, about two miles suiiili-east ul
Jaffray Station and being Ini 0213,
group l, Koolenay District.
J.  Ilatilmiy,
A. F. Krapfel, Ag.nt.
Daled at Elko. B. 0., August,   lllli,
1000. 23-51
Notice is hereby given that sixty
(00) days aflei date I inleml to apply to He Iluu. Commissioner uf
Lands and Works lu purchase the
following descrlhed lamls slduate in
East Kooteuay, on the Spukane
Branch C. P. It. seven miles soulh uf
Curzon, B.C., on Little Moyie River:
Starting at a coiner post marked
"D. Alttir's corner stake," tlience
north parallel to O. P. It. tracks
sixty chains, thence west forty (Hi)
hains, tlience suuth sixiy (HO)
cliains, thence east forty (40) chains
to point of commencement ami said
to contain two hundred (ititi) acres,
more or less.
1). Muir.
Dated at Curzon, B.C., in Kast
Kootenay, August 15th, 1006. 21-0t*
pivpur.'.l to
Kinds <>t' re
pair wmk heavy uiul
litglit, nuikc cmuiiigti,
turn shafts,etc.
i* Scientific     horseshoeing    a J
ll"l—ill ** a*"!**."**!** I** I"" I"
Livery S
TeiuiiH Mini driver, lumlaheil for tut
point lu the ill.trlcl.
A. UOVI.B, Munager
Notico is 1,,'1,-liy given llial tl.lrtjr
il.ns alter .late i iiiu-ii,! malting ao-
ulk-ation l„ liv lion, the Cl.lel I'oin-
iii ssioner ,,f Lantls and Works for a
siieolal license tu cut and taliL' a^'av
llinbet liiiin Hu- following described
l.ii„l.i, situate in Suiiili Kasl Kootenav, 11. v.:
I. Commencing at the norlli west
cornel ,,1 lot 0C3S, Perry Creek,
tlience running norlli Mi elmlns, etui
eigl.lv tli.iins. soutli eighty chains,
wi'st'elglily chains, lo |ilac'e ol commencement.
Commencing .it Hie norlh west
ei ,,1 Iol 111128, I'erry .'leek,
,',■ running nortii   elghly cliains,
olgllty rliains, soull. eighty
ns, ,-asl ei.-l Iv chains, lo Jilaie
iiliiini 1,,',-mi-iit.
■ I. Ilnnliury, Klku, II. C,
A.  M.lfuii. Agenl.
led Aug. .Inl, llillli 83 5t
Excursion   Rates
Nelson   and  Return
ON SALE September .N iii
ami 20 Return Sept 2,111
Westminster Return
ON SALE September  iH
Oood  to return till Ud i
Daily through Sleepers Arrowhead to
lor full particular.*; and berth res
->rvat ions apply lo local nucni  or
. 5. Carter
I).   l\   A.
I:. J.Coyle
a. a. i».
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old slioes made'new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me ■ call.
Notice is herehy given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable the Chlel Commission'
er ot Lands and Works for a special
license to cut and cany away timber
from thc following described lands
situate iu the districl of Easl Koolenay:
1. Commencing at a posl planted
about ten chains from the mouth of
Prospectors' creek up the Vermillion river and marked "II. How- 80 chains, thence easi SO chains
ell's north-west coiner pust," tlience j the place ol comnwncemeut
suuth IU chains, thence east llill
chains, tin nee north 40 chains, thenee
west 160 chains, to the place of
llenrv Howell, Locator.
Located Uio 17tli day of August,
William W. Laurie and Henry lluwcll,
Located   the    18th  day oi   August,
it. Commencing at a post planted
nurth ol and adjoining .lames A.
Laurie's north-east cornet post ot
location No. 13 and on the east bank
ol the Vermillion rivei and marked
"William W. Laurie's south-east coiner post," thcuce ninth 80 cliains,
thence  west   80  chains,   tlience    south
2. Commencing al a posl planted
south uf ami adjoining Henry llow-
olJ's south-weal cornel post ol loca
Uon (No it and marked "William W
Laurie's north west cornet post,'
tlience m.ulh   IU chains,   thouoc    easl
I haiie,,  thence      Hi   to .ham.,
Uience    wosl 160 ohains to Uie plan
ul oiliilii.'ti. ctnelil.
William W    Lauiie.  Localoi.
Located   the  l.lll day ol    Vugust,
a   Commencing ai   it pool  planted
bou Hi    ni     i    adjoining   w    w
Utmie'-i   HO Uill West     |i.e,l    .if   ;,.ilil    In
catii.n No  :: and   mark-id "Jama   \
Laurie's  north west   iinaei     p.. i,
Uience south 40 chains, tlience    cast
li.u chaius,   Hi. tne uiiiih .n   ihaiiM,
UiNiic   wesl    100   Cliailia   lo   the   p'.i.i
Will ;
Located   the
W, Laurie, Locatoi
l m li dai  ul   August,
James A   In
W. W. I.au ih
.-, Loealo
III   11     lln
Located tlie 17th   dav ol   Auj
■i. Commencing at a post planted
about leu chains fiom lhe mouth ol
Prospectors' creek on Uio cast hank
ot Veiiuilln.ii rlvor and marked ">>
A. Laurie's south-west cornor post,"
thelice north 40 chains, ihence easi
100 chains, tlu-nce suuth -lit chains.
Uience west liill chains to the place
of commencement.
.lames A. Laurie, Locator.
W. W. Laurie aud II. Howell,
Locate;! the   lKth   day of August,
6. Commencing a' a post plantetl
north ol and adjoining the north-wesl
corner post of said local ion No. I
and marked "Henry Howell's souUl-
west curlier pust,'' thence north 4u
ciiains, ihence east 100 chains, thenc-
south IU chains, thence west 100
chains to the place of commencement,
Henry Howell, Locator.
1/oealed the   ISth     day of Augusl,
0. Commencing at a post planted
north iti and adjoining Henry Howell's north-west corner post of location No. 5 and ou the east hank ol
the Vermillion river and marked
"WiMiam W. Laurie's south-west coiner post," thence north 40 chains,
tbonoe east 160 chains, thence suuth
40 chains, tbence west lull cliains t
the place of commencement.
William W. Lauiie, Locator
Located the lmh day of August.
7. Commencing at a Pns> plantetl
north of ami ad'olning W, w
Laui Ie's north-wesl corner post oi
location No. *ti and marked "Henrj
lli .well's smith-west eornei post,"
thoncc north Jin chains, tliencc easi
Hti chains, thence south 80 chains.
Uience west 80 clains fo the place ol
Henry Howell,  Locator.
Located   the ixth dav ol   Augusl,
8. Commencing at a pust planted
north ol and adjoining Hewrj
Howell's north-wesl corner post ol
location Nu. ; ami situate on tin
west bank of lhc Vermillion rivei
and marked "Henri Howell's souUi
vi esl cornel post,'1 Hence norlh Sd
chains, lhei.ee east Ml chains, thence
suuth Ml chains, thence west m
chains to ihe place ol coinmencemenl
H.ntv  Howell,  l«oator.
Located   the Ihth    day o(   August,
o. Commencing al a pust planted
imt th     of  and    adjoining      Hi ni \
Howell's   not ill wesl    cotnei    post       nf
lucalion Nn. 8 and on the ensl   bank
ol the    Vermillion rivet ami marked
"William   W.   t.aiuie's  snulli west   pot
net post,"     Ihenee u.u ill 80    chains
Un nee  easl   Sli  eliains.   tliencc    soulh
sn cha us. thence west su chains   lu
Uio place ol romn.encen.Fii1
William tt   Laurie   1 oontoi
I-floated   ihe   1Mb ilaj   ol   Viu n.t
in   Commencing nt n post planted
about   letl   chains   (tout   lhc   ni li    ui
Prospectors' creek up the Vermillion
rivei and on     Uie easl bank  Ihereol
iked     "William W    Laurie
13, Commencing at .i posl planted
u.u ih ot aii.l adjoining William W.
Laurie's norlh-oasl cornel |Hwt ol
location No, 11 an i ,.u il." easi
batik ut tin- Vermillion rivei and
marked ".lames A. Laurie - souUi-
cisi cornel post," tbence north I mi
ihains, llience nest in .hams, ilm.
.t.uUi itm uliaius, tlence conl m
chains    to   ilu-    place ul commence
\. Laurie, Locator.
c .m.l ll,ni) Howell,
'"I   Uio   18th da)    oi August,
William W. Lu
Iii. ('..nnii. in tti;; at ii pual planted
.,iioui ..nc mile Irom the howl ot
iluhei t "ii' .mt about ift-'i n'j chain.
n.iilli llu lcol ami ui.it K« a Ulin.un
\\     l.ltUI lt> H   [(Ol 111 Wet   . mini   pnsl,
Uieuce cum I 100 chains, in.ine south
ill i lia ins, Uienco west 100 chain..,
LlieilCU  IIUI lh   IU . I.am.-, to  llie' place m
William W. Laurie, Looator.
Located   uiu   ""ih   daj
III    Ml
hams oust ui Million
ramies uortli west cornet post ot
location lust mentioned and marked
lii'iiij liuwcli b south-west eornei
post, iln-ncc nor Uud U chains, llu'itou
.asi  lim   chains, thence   south     40
..hains,   thciioo west   llill clains  lu Hi
place of commencement.
iluu)   lluwcll, Locator.
Located    the   auih
4u ohains, Ihenee wesl 160 chains
thenee    north 16 cliains, th. nee  easl
Mill  Chnlns   In   the   place  nl   I municnc
W lli.iiu tt    1 antic.  I of-atol
I ocnted ihc 17th da) ol vugusl
II ('utiimenitiii; ai ., post planted
ft In HI I   leu   .hams   hom   lhe   mmilh   nl
Prospectors' creek up the \ Illon
11 vei on the pasl hank iheir,.i and
matkni "Hum Howell's south ni I
eornei post," llience north 10 eliains
thenee west 100 plains, ihence south
-to chains, ihence cast Kin chains to
the place t.i commencement
Henry  Howell,  Loealor.
Locnlcd   (lie    IHlli   doV   uf    August.
li! Commencing at a posl pi an tod
im i ih nf and adjoining Henry
Howell's north-east  corner frost   of
lue.ttioti N'u 11 antl mi lhe west 'hank
of Vermillion 11 vei .m.l marked
"tttlliani w. Laurie's soulh-easl corner post," thence north 10 chain-;,
thcuce west 160 chains, thenee
40 chains, thence east llill obftL.,0 .
the place of commencement,
William  W.   Laurie,  Locator.
I ncaleil    lhe 1Mb   dav uf Angus
tu tli
is. Commencing at a post planted
about luity     chains east of    licury
iluwell t.   north west   cuinci   pust     ut
location last mentioned ami niarkoj
"William tt. Laurie's south-west turner po.ii," Uienco north mj chains,
ihtitcc cast MJ chains, thenee south
-tti chains, thenco wtsl mi chains lo
,h.j place uf commencement.
William tt. Laurie, Locator,
Localed   the   auih daj   ui    July,
10. Commencing at a post planted
ahout -IU chains north oi William W.
Laurie's north-east corner post of the
locution lust mentioned and marked
"Henry   Howell's north-west   come
post,1 thenee east Ml chains, thenc
sun ih AU chaius, thence west 6U
chants, thcuce not tli Ml chains lo tit
place ui commencement.
licury Huw ell, Locator.
Loca tod   the  3Ut      day ol    July,
i!0. Commencing at a post plantetl
about live chains uurth uf Henry
Howell's iiuitl'-east corner post ut
ii.ic last mentioned location and marked "William tt. Laurlo's north-west
corner pust,'' thence cast IbO chains,
ihence soutli -IU cliaius, thence west
HiO ihains, ihence north 40 ctalns lo
the place ul commencement.
William  tt    Laurie,  Locator.
Located    the   dlsl   da)    ul     Julv,
21. Commencing at a post planted
at tlu* iiiutiiii of the south fork of the
Simpson rivei .md marked "William
.\. Laurie's north-west cotnei post,"
Ihettce   easl  -111 chains,     ill. nee     soUlll
It.n   ,h.uns.   Micncc   west    in     chains,
thcuce north loo chains to the placo
ui commencement.
tt ilium tt. Laurie, Locator.
Located   the Ulh   da) ul   August
JR. Commencing al a posl planted
oiiKl ni and adjoining William W.
Laurie a not llu*a I co ni i post ol Uw
last  mentioned  location and   marked
lii-iiii Howell's northwest corner
post,' llience east 80 chains, thenc
•otiiii 80 . hams, Uience west 80
chains, Uience north SO .hams to Uio
plm u ol .'.'iiimeiii eineiil.
Heni)   Howell,  Loealur,
Uicatwl the    Ultli   daj  "i August,
3    Comment Ing al  a poi I  planted
,i\   ill,'  III..Ulh  nl   ill.'  SOUtll   lol k   Ol   : lie
Simpson i ivei and matked "Henry
i lowcll ■■ i ■■■ h i -i I i oi uci posl,:
Ih-ni .■ wosl 10 . bain ■. : h uce south
ii,'1 . liains, Uit i co easl lu chains
llience north 160 chains tn ihc place
■i i ommeflcement.
M. ut i   Howell, Locatui
I orated   lho    i tth  dnj   ol    A i| u ;
i ,
31 i ■ ■ i-.r,i-tr in ; .ii ,i post plantod
wai     ..t    and       adjoining     Henry
ll..w.-il .  ih wei I   cornel   posl     ol
the ltx-ai  i.i i uiiiitioiicd and mark-
.-.I ' tti 11 lam   tt     l..i ■ s noi li ■ .i :
, oi n i  I'., t," tin nee wesl  106 . lul in
, iih   |6 ■ Imii     thenco    past
IBO , bain     ih uce    north   10
to   the   piftCC   nl   i ulliiin ll<'rim'til.
William tt.  Lauiie, l orator.
Localed    ihe   Mih <l.u    ui   ■■■ i,
thence west 40 chains, thence south
Ibti chaius to tiie place ot commencement.
William tt. Laurie, Locator.
Located   the   llih day ol August
38. Commencing at a post planted
cast     ni an I     adjoining    Willum  w
Laurie's south-east corner post ot
tin losl mentioned location and marked "Henry Howell's south-west cornet post," thence east 40 chains,
north 160 chains, thence wesl
•It. chains, ih<nce souih 160 chains to
lhc  place ol  commencement.
Iientv   HowoU,   Locator.
Localed   tie   14th   day ol August,
20, Commencing ai a posl planted
e.i : ol and adjoining Henry Howell's
Boutfa easi corner post ol Uw lasi
men I ioned      location    and     marked
".fames A. Lauiie's smith-west cor-
in-i pn .t," thence east tu chains,
theme  iKiitli   166 chains,   Ihence  west
10 i hains, ilicmv south 160 ohains
to the place ot commencement,
James A. Laurie, Locator.
William W. Laurlo ami Henry Howell,
Located   lhe    lllli    dav  ot    August,
30, Commencng al a post planieil
en .i    oi and   adjoining   .lames    A
I ie\ sotiUt-eaal corner ponl ot tin
last mentioned location and marked
"William W   Laurie's Bouth-wost coi
nei post," Ihence east IU chains
liiiin e noi lh   It'll chains,   thelice    wesl
iu chains, thence routl imi chain.
to ihe place ol commencement.
James A. Laune, Locator.
Located lhe lllli dav ol August.
31, Commencing ut a post planted
.asi of an.) adjoining William tt
Laurie's .south-east corner post of
the last mentioned location and
marked "Henry Howell's south-west
eoiuei posl," ihence east 160 chains.
lh, me ninth -10 chains, thence west
h.u chains, Ilii-nee soulh -to cha lis I,,
the place of commencement,
Henry Iluwell, Locator.
Located   the   llllt day of   August,
32, Commencing at a pust planted
ahoul iwo miles north uf ihe mouth
of the Simpson rivet and on the east
hank ol the Vermillion fiver ami
marked "William W. Laurie's south-
wesl coiner post," ihence east 160
chains, ihence north 40 chains, thence
west 100 chains. thence south -10
ehains to the place of commencement.
William  W.  Laurie,  Locator.
Localed   the  luth dav   of   Augusl,
'd'd. Commencing at a post planted
norlh of and adjoining William W.
Laurie's north-wesl curncr post ot
ih.- last mentioned location and
marked ".lames A. Laurie's south-
wesl comer post," thence east 100
chains, ihence north -10 clains,
i hence wesl Hill chains, thenco south
46 chains to the place of commencement.
.lames A. Laurie, Locator.
William W. Laurie and Henry Howell,
Located the lath dav ot Augusl,
tJLJZuTA- oi Heittl'     ■■ :   ^i^i^^a-J-^^ If,- «•«-*»., in IW Mn-'cose  i
north-west eomei pust ..! •!■ last
munitioned location am marked "WUllam tt Laurie s south- wesl i oi aw
pust," thence north 40 chains
east     160    chains,   them,'    south  10   ,—  „,
chains   thenco wesl 160 chain   to i .-  jgMmiw»MMmlal«lrilMlakkmaa5l^^
place nf commencement. i    ..      .
William W.  Laurie,  Local '   Ho»   ' '■"'""'   [ ranstoou, Tot-
Locakd   the   lfith daj    ot A l. Isle ol tt iva    lined   Dl fm
1906. - .,     onlj      eveuteei    ,, , :. .
■ five  ;"..-      ll  was plea led bj
12   Commencing, ft'
about twenty chains we
W.   Laurie's north-wesl   con
oi   the   location   last   mi i.'
marked    James   A. I.. ■
wesi eornei post," lh uce n »ri
chain;, thence east 160 chain
south     40 chains,    th n t
chains tu   Uie    place   ol conn
men t.
.lames A. Laurie, Lot
ttiliiaiu tt. Laurie and Henn Howell,
Located   the   16th   day	
43,   Commencing al  a
about  loi i>  chains wi- it ol J I
Laurie s nui lb-weal  cornel   po       o
ihc lasl mentioned Iw al ion .
ed  ■ Heni y  Howe       -
net    pust," ih wee    norl
thence east lou chain ,
■10 chains, thenee wesl   ton
Lbe  place  ol  i ,.iuilielnenit ut,
Henry Howei    i
Located   tlio   J bth   daj  o
11,   Commencing at a po : planted
not lh     ut       ami    a i ing     11, in)
Howell's north-west cornet posl oi
the lasi mentioned local lull auu
marked "William tt Laurie - soulh
west corner post," Uience norlh in
chains, ihence easl 160 chains, Uienco
South IU chains, thenci' west 1001
chains    to   Uie      place      ni  U'lIlliH I
uaugaioi  io Iai   the lirsi  At ihal
L.ut ir cables    He retvived lus ('   It lor,
i.u buoying ih.- biokrn cable from the
\u......    .m[ placing Hie Ureal   Last I ;
by the promise
..il inspeo-
■quallj  smooth.
cm over the spol >•- ihjal 11  wa.s re- pa
covered m lhe folio* ing year. i
capital of   many
tin burglar's
  |    The  f'„
'Many spoils bring onr those chal    Safeguard.
art eristics   of    courage ami tenacity  ■
which have made  I£ngland  the great      Tlie spin of the moment cans."- men
nation she is." sltiil the Marquis   oi   to lake to th
Londonderry recentl)   when lie enter- 	
., ,„   ; ; t allied    at  Wvnwari Park, Stockton J    A stroi
. „,], s solieiloi that *i« mm- „|r Wyuwaid'and Silkesworlh cricket   Hi
cd hei residence ililo a dogs Imspilal, I teams    lx>nl Uindontferr)  .said    that 	
as ;i prandfather, lie founh llie space     Tlw   pro\ tion ol    men
ii.ivu'.n ihe wti'ln-is    terribly    lung  is tu ;..,-., aiound   ih   idges to    see
wh n be ian and terribly siiort  win u  wheri ime In.
he batted.
tj ute a :' '.' "' loosing ait
.... i   was  i,"'     teullj
. in       low ;,,..,. ■   log    i.   ,,a-i.
i"l     JllVilU
king, ot tt'eybri Ige, wg.s
'■    a    I    LOSlS ll     i\ .{,..    oil
 '     .i,i. ;)
Mui  ih    duct   '
d t.'i mat ii was, and u.
Mon will n..t yield to
ta sgard lace.
Wh ii
to en-
amioyeci by Uie srerel marriage of ga l* them i .:.riv
liei daughter,    a    Mrs. Pavno threw|
bcrself despairingly  into four feet ol
water an.l was ies
lieulty.     Hi    Vol
.  I    The man ■ ■ i   alwa) s    in
in.i was rescued with Utile dif-  datigei ol a
'■'■•■ uiam, before whom
cm i      tiR lhe rhatruiaii    l     A,       , lZ,,a?,'v1,tr»,re, wb?ln
■       ";   ";     ""■   -»ue.tii" I w,|,   SJLbm!-?"1. al        '"'   '■","1""      T1
■ h   In   an,jn,, with alai  ' '   ';-,   " ,;M|,!mn suu*h*'  "'
n ■■ .i. live po . .. late ris-
William W. Laurie, Loeator.
aud   ihe   16th da) ol   Augusl,
isl  pl.mte.i
Willi  tt.
est  In.
31. Commencing at a post planted
north of and adjoining .lames A.
Laurie's north-wesl cottier post of
th,- List mentioned local iun ami
marked "Henry Howell's south-west
corner post," thence north tu chains,
thence east 106 chains, ihence south
■in chains, thence west li.u chains to
ibo place of commencement.
Henry  Howell, Locator.
Located the lfith day of August
35. Commencing at n post planted
noi ih of and adjoining Henry
Howell's north-wesl coiner post of
the last mentioned location and marked "tt illiatn W. Laurie's south-west
cornel pust." thence north 40 chains,
thenee easl 160 chains. Ihenco south
in chains, thonco west 100 chains,
to the place ol commencement,
William  tt   Lauiie,  Locator.
Located   the   15lh   dav   ol August,
36, Commencing al a pust planted
north ol and adjoining William Vi.
Laurie's north-wesl cuinci post of
the last mentioned location ami
marked ".lames A. Lauiie's south'
wesl  comei   post,"   thence north 40
.hains.   tlience east   166 chains,   the
souih  40  chains,    thence    west     160
ohains   to     Uio   place of com uience-
.fames A   Laurie, Locator.
William w. Laurie and Henry Iluwell
Located   Ihe   Ililh day   ot August
7. Commencing .if a pns-l planieil
ihiiui feu chains west of James A.
..iiin/s noi Mi west cornet post of
be lns-1 men tinned location and
narked "Henry   Howell's south-west
..11)-'i post,'1    Ihence        uurth     10U
lift h Mn nee enst  40 chains,   Ihence
ninh 160 chains, thence west     40
. hams In   Mi
Henry lluwcll, Locator.
Localed    lli'    I Sill    day  ol   August
4n.  Commencing at a
ahout fully chains wesl o
Lauiie's north-wesl con
tho last mentioned U
marked "James A. Lai
west' curiier post," il.. ni
chains, Uience east 160 el
filth    40   clains, Uienc
chains     to    the place of       	
in. nt.
James A. Laurie, Locator.
William W. Laurie and llenrv Howell.
Localed the ITH' dav of August.
40. Commencing a' n Posi planted
about forty ciiains west of James A,
Laurie's north-wesl corner posl ol
tht' last mentioned location and
marked "llenrv Howell's south-wesl
curncr pust," ihence north in chains.
thence east 160 chains, ihence souih
40 chains, thenco wesi 160 chains tu
the place of commencemi in.
Henry Howell, Locator.
Localed the 17th day oi August,
;. ■;. exi aval ion   loi .i reliel   .ewei
hat,- ii,'i, ....Ni. "ii lol some nine pasl
i.     in.i otig'ii    Luu I,   Suu livviui.,
and Mi.-  i I.,   exit untie sandhills
, ii, railivtt) are jusl now u center
•I at: iaction iui Lite hol.da) -limbing
urchins   ol   the   bid rounding slums.
uwd     ol  Ihem    disport  th.*iiisehes
Kiiniolcslt il  Mn i. ,ii da) long wiih
spades    and     buckets,   maKing -and
...-lies  an I   Pies.
Tm motor-bus drivers weie lined at
ttiihusilcn an.l imn at Maryiobotie
icciiil) foi rcokless driving. Thu
prosecuting    solicilor     at  tt'illesdeu
.saul the uaiig.-ious speed al when
iiiotor-ousses wen- .linen had become
mi serious thai ihe oommlssioiior, oi
police had ollieers in plnin-clolllus
watching the drivers.. Kdgwaru rou
was a tacing gimurl f.u rival line..,
and tradesmen liad complained aboui
ileal with you nn being guilty of dis
otderl) con luct and bind you aver t-
keep ih.- peace. Don't make such an
exhibition ol yoursel again"
A sweel disposition docs not objeci
io a vacation.
The speakei
i a i I
■17. Commencing at n post planted
about twenty chains west of Henry
Howell's iioilh-west enrner posl nl
the lasi mentioned local iun ami
marked "William tt. Laurie's south
west corner pust." thcuce norUi 46
chains, thence east 160 chains, thence
south 40 chains, Uience west 160
chains to tlte place of commencement.
William   W.   Laurie,   Loealor.
Located the ITih day ol August,
1908. 2-l-6t
n Commencing ai a pnsi plan Iod
wej ,,f and adjoining Henry Howell's
s..nili w.-si    corner pust  of the   last
ui'ii'i 'I location ami marked "Wil
Commencing .it a posl planted'lilim  w*   t.nmie'y.   s h-ojist  corner
-.1 ,i,t adjoining   w.i     W | Ponl."   henco west 4J cliains, Utenoo
Laurie'    iioith-wei i  posl     of  nor h   100 chains,    thence east     40
lie ia i nuiii il l.nai mul mark-l «*ahi«. thenco soulh   ion chains     to
l    'James     A.  Lauiie's nurih-east  the place of commcflcoment.
i.inei  post." UtPiice w.si  su chains!    .       Vlill am tt   Lauiie, Locator.
ihence   south   MO   rh.vln-,    Ih.-Nce      PttWt I      Lncaled     llh-     L.lll   (I..V     Ol     August,
mi elinlns, ihenco north 8fl   clains to  l"00-
Mie |.i.ne ,,t commencement
lames A. Laurie, Locator,
William tt. Laurie and lhu v Unwell,
Localed    the   lllli day   uf August,
30.   Cnmmencing at  a posl planieil
nurih or und adjoining William    tt'.
Laurie's   nOrwI-WOSl   coiner   post     of
the last ini'iit oncd looaiion and
markwl "James A. Laurie's southeast cornor post," thenee west 80
g at a pust planted' l*'lil'llS- thence nurlh KU chains, thence
it tho mouth ol the Simpson river pasl s" chftllls,. 'hence south 80
.iml on the easl hunk ol th' Vormll-1 chnina to the place of commencement.
lion river nnd marked "James A ' -Lvmes A. Laurie. Locator,
Lauiie's souUi-wesl corner post "i William W. Laurie and Henry Howell,
Ihenee  north   Hid chains,   thence east , ,   .,       Agents.
HI chains,  Uience south  100    chains.'    Localed   the   lfith day   of August,
thence west  to chains to lhc place of,1000'
commencement. I   '_ 	
Jiiines A. Laurie, Locator.        A(]-   Commencing at a post planted
William W. Laurie and llenrv lluwcll,' ^X,V, , chains   west  of    James   A.
Agents      | Latino's north-west corner pos*t    of
Lncatal   the   Ulh day of   Augusl -t,u' last niondiloned iQoa-tlon and mark-
Ifjn, ' | cd  "Henry Howell's south-west cor-
post," thence norlh -10    chains,
LL Cpminenclnfi at a post planted
norm of and adjoining WHI hun W
Laurie s north-east cornor post of
locaHon No. 2 and on the east bank
of the Vermillion rivr|. ,lI|(i   ni,.llKnl|
nw*wwt,»' tocoift'\o?t!!\T!S ?V'\t 2]-   tymm™cH*} a Post  planted  thenco   past 100 cbains.^hpnceToitth
post,     tnepci    no. th so  chains. I easi   of   a„d   joining .Jamps   Ati 40 chains, thenoe west 160 chains to
Ui.*iice west 80 chains, thence south
80 cliains, thence cast 80 chaius tu
tlte place of commencement.
James A. Laurie, Locator.
Laurie's    south-east,  coiner  post     of   ,i       , ,
the    last   mentioned   locaiioi.    and»Ule ,,lfleo °' commpn°cmcnt
marked "William   W. Laurie's southwest   corner post,"   thenco east    40
| chains,   thenco   north     160   chaius,
Henry Howell, Locator.
Thirty days after dale I intend t
apply lo the Chief Commissioner t
Lands and Works fur special licenses
to cut and cany away timher fiom
the following described lamls in Kasi
i,l) Commencing at a post planted
ou thc west bank of the 121k rivei
one-half mile soulh of lot bU'di,
thenco SU chains west, llience MU
chains suuth, thence 80 chains, moil1
or less, east to the hank of lhe saul
river, thence up stream lu lhe point
of commencement, and containing
li 10 acres, more or less,
(2) Commencing at a pust planted
on the west hank of tlie Elk rivet
one and one-half miles smilh ot lol
08-32. thence west -It) chains, Uience
smith ItiO chains, thenco cast 111
chains, more or less, to lie said
river, thence up stream 100 chains to
the point ol commencement, and containing fiiu acres, more or less,
John Strong.
Located this tith day ol August,
1000. 21-Ot*
Take notice that sixiy days aftei
dale I intend lo apply tn the Chiel
Commissioner uf Lauds and Works ui
Victoria for permission to purchase
the following described lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at tho northwest corner ol lot 250*1,
thence west 40       chains,
Uienco north 40 chains,  thenco   cast
10 chains, thenco souih Hi ohains, to
place ul eoninienenieul, containing in
all 160 acres, moro or less.
Dl-Ot* William    Love.
ftas to have opened
at   Caldhick,   in       th
Miil-Cumlietiand cut
after a Lug,- gathering
vailed iin hour past the
. a telegram arrived,
i, owing to Uie brcait-
oloi car, .lh. LowMt.-r
Die to    get     through.
till u    peilolliliil       llie
Notice is herehy given thai thirty
days after dale I Intend lo appi) to
the chief Commissions oi Lamls
and Works at Victoria fur special
licenses to prospect foi' coal and
petroleum uver the following described lauds in South Kast Kootenay district:
1. Commencing at a post planted
six miles north of lot 45M8, and al
the north-east corner uf cnal license
No. 1992, thenco running north 80
chains, thenco west MU chains, tlience
south 80 chains, th.-iiee east MU
ohains to the place of commencement.
C. Melnnes, Locator.
Catted the 23rd day of August, A.D,
2. Commencing at a post planted
six miles north of lot 4588, and at
the north-east comer of eoal license
No. 1992, thence east HO chains,
thenee north 80 chains, thence west
80 rhains, thrnce south 80 chains to
the place of commencement.
H. Melnnes, Locator.
Located   the Kith day   of   August,     Dated tho 23rd day of August, A.I).
nad paitiiiil
announcing i
.IOW11   nl    Ills
would he i
•someone e
opening cere
A man appeared in a ease al Stottr-
.iti'Uc police court recently, who hat
a passion foi be.ng lattoood, Tlu
pictures itun cover his bod) include
ite ligttre of a woman, a "true lovers'
"iim, a hand and heart, a put trail
ot Uufralo Mill, two crosses, a snake
and a heart, in addition to memntials
ni his rather and mother, with the
laics when they died.
A woman who wanted a separation
at   Lftlllbetll said hel   hiishainl  look up
a knife lo bei because sh,' forgot io
,1111 the sugar in bis tea, ami his temper was unbearable, The man com
plained of his wife nagging, "if,1
mill Mr. Francis, ihii magistrate
'separations were granted on Mn
ground uf husbands and wives nag-
jing one another there would not ia
many people uol separated." Ad-
The lion. Mr. Justice John Dundas,
in distributing the prizes of the Til*
nnl i- lower show, near Karuhaui,
recently, expressed the hope that Un
gardens of the district mighl appeal
-u beautiful that whin the troops
irom Aldershol passed ihrmigh, under
uenetal Kruiith, Mny Would Iw halted
iu order lu admire them. Coiu|i
is uuu made nf soldiers being halted
in froni ui Mu- gardens during <i
nighl attack, and of tlieir being sn at
iccted ihat lie)' tilled ihc gaidens ol
all  the Mini   v, liiiin reach.
Colonel Nugent Talhot-Kverard Inu
been appointed Lord Lieutenant foi
County Meath.
tti'.ieii reform gets after iis advocate
u appears bateiui.
Everybody can sing anothci  tune.
ll   a   molehill   goes   lu   the  iut.iint.ill
ih.* mountain does not tumble to a.
Public opinion should take    plenty
oi time in selecting its bell weather
Tin- woild looks runny to the   full
whu   arc careless
gel    M.e   Innl   linllu
■>u ui,,u can win victory
nut I'iiuseli in subjection.
A cool evtiiing is an cxci
ting together.
to   th
who    hiu
se for get-
Ur. Frances
icon upipuinle
illlcer io ihe
' of Loud.
issislani   j
ii ha
"1 dun't know vvheUier I am guilty
>r noi, and I wanl legal aid," said n
irisouer laid) al the Clerkeiiwell scs-
I'iMice an
Teck, were
the regime
Lite Guards
Princess Alexander of
.lining lhe spectators at
tal sports of nlii- First
.ii Windsor recently.
II.   Heerbohm   Tree has been
elected plcsi.lenl ol Ihe Dickens Fellowship Dramatic Club, in succession
iu the lale .Mr. Julm L. Toole.
The ai'i'est uf a man named John
Wholaud, sent fur uial al Bradford
recently nn a charge of housebreaking
■as hr,
Al   Lei.
eni  to
.ml labi
ibotil  by a linger
■n a piece of glass
•ester,   tt illiatn (iillivcr    was
jiriBcn bi two ninnlhs with
"' for driving a horse wnh
e ind io its ear by n siting
il of kicking."
The Easl Lancashire col lou workers have already bcgUli saving foi next
rear's holiday. One club was reopened recent ly and tlul was paid in
within Miree hours iu small stuns.
The Channel has once m>
Burgess and I I.u ace .Mew
.i.tiai.'in swimmers. Thev
recently lo swim io Fi'aiv
-aW' up wlien half waj  .u
e defeated
Mie       two
llllt    liu III
were awarded ai a dot show
ai Stiirminstei Marshall, near Wlm-
borne, for ihe ugliest, handsomest,
most lovable, most faithful, most at-
itaciive. hesl behaved, hest named,
hesl at tricks ami ihe best looking
ilogti—encli being alloted a separate
class—and also  the mongrel.
A ptetiy little Italian girl, ton
rears ol age, whose head iust reached
the lalilo .u wliich the coroner sat,
acted as In-tenpretcr at an Inqnesl recently* tekl at Poplar. She was complimented I.y the coroner and jury upon the Intolligenl manner in which sho
performed lier duly.
.The death nl  Wnrtting nf Mr, Wil
nun I     *-..-*
ll i.s the opin on of hoards uf education thai the teacher wiih children ol
her own is not the hesl.
The architecture of a horse Is intruded to help peuple feel sorry,
The fair is whore pigs meet.
The girls know a lol ol things they
cannot spell.
Il is the misfortune of some people
that they cannot move without Kicking up a dust.
The smile will come oft a'l right if
ih.- pin is personal,
Some men put in nearly all Uieu
time ibink ing they i>uj,lit to Imve
more leisure.
The trouble ahout canoeing is that
tlto unfeeling paddles must have attention.
y  need      i   more
When it coi a political    con
veniioii ;. .....  has    the
Li rd gu    ...
tt lien a -     to retire
he is willing to ban   it   known thai
his syuipallicj are un   the right side.
A   Rivers!
\  In
reslinj    .   .
ipie may break.
A hamuli j    warm<
A sweet face c; v, Uistand
umpeiiiion ni b   . niaeh.
One satisfaction In g0
dinner is in asking if it
The best church has thc least   self-
tth.-., c.msci.
leadera.iip there
whole lino.
•    has   undisputed
a fight along the
Compromise   is   based   on assumption ihai one may noi know  it all.
Chaiily cannot help looking around
to sec if tt is pursued.
The teacher lhat is loved gels more
ihan her salary.
Il  is entiling to such a pass ihat ii
is   unfair to gel     up early     In the
The coveting of the professional reformer is uf such easy abrasion thai
his bauds are kept busy.
The girl wilh the round eye is invited 'round.
A tea party is a hoard of review.
The pity is ihal so many high
itandards aie founded on air.
Peuple should remember that nu
.wo sets of ryes arc set to the  same
Wh.-u a man gets gay he is    moro
Mian likely to du a fou'lHh thing.
A tyjod memory supplies storage lur
manv  had things,
It is a hazard to tap a man iu
whom there is no guile.
The offense of stealing appears in
II ns enormity nhm Mie property
.as our own.
Tbe vernacular ot lhe child is lho
talk oi ihe mother.
One satisfaction In going homo to
uc of his squeal   may  be a delight,
hm I..   servo in his place
rage upon reciprocity.
world i.s in su	
A   \ leaj ioilS   -,i- ,.
-\n appropriate u     u
iTipiiuii ol -■..-,. rail
Kverj  gi .:-:      b s hole m
h migl :    ■    well t<   bold political
I'ouvi iitious .:. .. sou ol Ute yooi
when tin re i II glass.
Uesol it...'■■■■ ■    •■ d as a   means
to conceal  Ui< -....
Men who ...   ip -»'.ivmld
make it eei tain       .  an di au.
Women knott   ho«     to smile,   and
tl al  is Uii Intimate
ivq ...   tanci .'.■..-.
o lit the lock.
are   made
Con. altei  tbe
thing ;..i- -■■ en p     eted.
The bus .
Is to sharp ■:.     h
ingent fund
. -    he public
A   pt
Tbe trc
formers i;
tune preai
no time k
require a lad-
never    fails
tl  the iinpurtr
'■'■■•■.    udusiry.
■■•'-' bis i ■   gro .ni
ijj      hia
- ..  .;-..■  many rc-
. end =o   much
■-■■-; ret    ... that they have
n ■■  ■-. practice.
A man wiih a head un
eiallv hau
II the Woild were never cold there.
..ul.I he less time lot sleep.
There are su many things called
To pinch anolher tu get Un* meant the genuine.
Some times highwaymen have only
i   show   their guns   and    shoot off
their mouths,
Tlie rights of women extend to Uio
from scats.
_  ,    A scoundrel may wear a mask, but
ne, formerly of tho    Preston  there   is no sullicient cover for     his
ihi,    recalls    the only strike     of  heart.
During his pr
paper   lit,-  win,
sit lick     wurk
upun     record, i 	
icturship     (,f       th,.'    When   private   inleresl   is  protected
of the literary stun'  free trade is endurable.
n account of alleged  .
/"huim.. im'i    ,,1r''ivi^   support"    ll    is     hard   lo   compromise with
J Ifl retui-i1 llT'urfr T'te """* ^ ^rl±Mm»* il1 il'
paper was produced with difficulty.     |   So long as a man's clottcs fit him
«     .,,.,'     r ''■' s,'iuls a chance iu keep his morals
An Iniorostng figure passed oui   of undercover.
the navy   list  recently by the death  .
f Captain IL A. Moriarty, (ML, in     Tin
  ...  ..    •..M.iUiy, *. n., tu      tne   precocious hoy is   not catit.ilI happen they generally   toko Uw   em-
24.-61       his 02nd )'iW, at   Manor Park, Lot*, oh bis leet, as might have been    Uin.ployei  too.—Ex.
New Vork Pi ■. ai     all women
are   sm       enough et-. n: that
*:. .:   :..        .    ba ■■■ .... the Lri iin ■
Babies an   | nol to yell
more thai   '..-;■   lo when j      ■    i    1-
er   the  laU] :. .             . ibi dt
To see the * a ■ -
ing lo anj .-           a
woman  tei'.  . hat  he is
telling abo it her a
The mai   . h port    his
grown   i|   ■ ■■■■ ■■   - ■ - ■  ■ ■"■■> cant,
supporl         ::. loesn't get   any
crorlit from ■ ing aa much
brains .is thej  h
A gill would ii'.-. bo so deceptive
as io make a man believe she   loved
him when bhe  lid,
A man
brains a ki
fouls hoi Iri
■ ■   it thi....
- ■ ■ .' his
than    sho
The more a man i bi ■■■ s on how
to have a gar len ' bel tei he will do
it wnh a hired man who never did
anything bul  woi:-. in one.
Hardly any man has so much time
for fun as the man who bas to st-a)'
and work In ti." hoi city while his
family arc awa) foi tho summer.
Whal ,i v '    gel in an
argument  - 1th I h              ■ he   an
prove she I     « , ■ rj.
su he will   havo lo givi  her a    u^o
present to inaj i
A man Is al«,,-. . ■. ■> igh to be*
lleve he isn't.
What  'ii" make on     iho
Foui tit ..I J   j in urance com
panies lose.
Nn woman wt evei -■■ tall that
sin- had *.. have hei dot kings made
to order the waj a man does his
A Irfj
abroad is a nice thing fo
ahout, bul the real enjoymenl of
gelling home to good things to
There  is
live to be '
have a   lol
for yon io iiii
Ily ai
old tl
f poor
er way to
be rich anil
res waiting
Visitor—Whai are you in for?
Convict—Bigamy, mum.
Visitor—Didn't you know tho pm-
aliv for marrying two women?
Convict—Honest, I didn't know I
was dnin' it. Ver sec, 1 married a
two-ltcflded g*irl from n side show.
S6e-You    n
f women
casittciK   eniltezzling or   running    off
wnh iheir employers money.   .
He—Nol often;   for   w h.-ri    It   do, TIIK   CKANRI.OOK.   nKltAI.O
(Continued from page ono |
wires covering lhe receiving ol nam
orders, seeing they were property do-
Incud to the parties to vvoom they
were addressid. Ile Iw I lo hook up
ihe index cai record, book ad cars
received and forwarded Irom the
station during lus hours and give the
conductors ol Ireighl trains lifting
there licit propel wai lulls and set-
thai thoy take the preference cars,
lie also"   bad 10     1 i ..ul  and    see
there was  lelai   to the passengei
trains, and if delayed the reason
why. His duties would be in re
than Ihal ol an operator at a way
station, but Were not heavy. Ills
hours were from -it o'clock until
8. He had no duties in the yard,
but Was expected to step out occasionally iu see that ihe signal
lights were burning. This operatoi
had heen working seventeen nights at
the Junction. He would he between
twenty-two and twenty-five years ot
age.     IL- was a competent operator,
lie had nol .seen hun when on duty
• ut the night lu questi U. He was a
sober, Industrious young man ami
had onlj come up Into     .Medicine Hal
once while at the Junction. Witness
had seen Carder aflei lho accident
took place, ('aider was in a great
blate ol excitement, and when witness
lold him the details of the wreck, he
said lie would novel take another
train order. He acted like a man
demented when he heard about the
wreck from witness.
Mi. .Iuiui Colter, car Inspoolot at
ihc Junction, stated that lie had gone
out it. the scene ol tlie accident on
Mu- nighl of tho wreck. lie had
i..uud the body ol Alt. Olivei between
the iciidci and engine HOI with his
feel banging uut. He was dead then,
lt was between two and three o'clock
in tho morning ol Septembei l.
This bung a'l the evidence to be offered in connection with Mr. Oliver's
death, Mn- jury retired and after being out twenl) five minutes rendered
the following verdict:
tte find Mi.it tt. tl, Oliver came
to his death as a result of a head-
on collision lielween trains 1401
and I.1O0 running lielween Medicine Hal and Dunmore Junction.
This collision was caused hv the
withholding of mder 280 from
Conductor Kenny of 1300 by Operator ('aider al Dunmore Junction, tte consider the C, P. It.
were guilty ol neglect in not having a nighl agent at this point,
and thus leave its operator free
to attend to his duties as train
despatchcr, and in view of the
fact Hat over thirty Mains pass
this point in every twenty-lour
hours we would recommend thai
a nighl agenl should he placed
there al once.
Tie saute jury ailed  in  lhe ease   of
Wm. A. Rose, deceased, and agreed to
accept the ahove evidence as given
wilh respect to the death of Win U
"'    u Hands     testified t0 having
made a posl mortem examination of
the deceased. He found the face,
nlil  upper   pail   uf      the
body burned, Mie mouth and throat
congested, Ijirnyx congested and devoid of mucous membrane, and the
lungs filled with lluid. All other
parts weie normal. The cause of
death was inhalation of steam.
A verdict was rendered ptacticallv
the saint- as thnl in lho case „f Mr,
Stratford Herald:—There can he no
question Miai when lho most eminent
medical men In Iho British empire
take shies against thc use nf alcohol
as a drug as well as a beverage, it
will bo a powerful inlluence iu tbe
promotion ol total abstinence.
Seaforth    News-Inside of   a fortnight  tliere will he in the Cobalt region a real governmenl  mining Camp
in the first singes of actual operation.
Winnipeg Tribune.'—Ontario journals
echo lhe sighs and groans of farmers
uhu mourn ihe departure or dear old
days when farm land was worth $00
an acre and f.u in help was $13 pcr
St, John, \. It., Sun:—In suggesting remedies for the persistent depop-
"'"*' '    ■ Provinces aud
Ing    immigration
Illation of Mu- Alurit
 ..-..-snif-     immigration
in this direction, the Maritime Board
ut Trade failed i<> make one Important recommendation; That tho literature circulated abroad for lie purpo.su
of ad vei Using Canada should be
amended so as lo advertise Cauadgas
a whole and nol only the west,
CamdulT, Sask., Gazette:— Thry
have come and arc gone. Who? What:'
Why, a private train of what are
called western grain men. Ves, tbey
passed through* our town ou Kriday
like a streak of greased lightning, at
the speed ot about 40 miles an hour.
Their mission was. a good une, it was
to inspect the growing grain so Uut
thev could give a correct (nol doubtful ' estimate of ihe qua*iity ol the
grain and tlie numbei ol bushels per
Nanalmo, ti C, Free Press;—British Columbia should he a while man's
province, a province of equal lil
ties, where while men can nave
ritual chance to live without fear ol
competition from the yellow races
competition unfair and unjust, and, if
if allowed free rein would soon down
tho laborer tr, such an extent that
life would not bo worth living. Great
Britain's experience with the Chinese
in the Transvaal should lie lesson
enough for thu advocates of Chinese
Victoria Colonist—The King's English is io he supplemented to some
extent by the President's American.
This is perhaps not quite so bad as
it would be to have the Laird of
Skibo, and elsewhere, tell us low
we ought to spoil, and perhaps we
ought to bo thankful that John D.
Rockefeller has nol taken our orthography in hand. By ihe way, speaking
of the oil king, it may be mentioned
that ho has a brother William.
Saskatoon Phoenix:—The question
•f low tariff is of vital importance to
the development of the Canadian west.
The vast extent of these new provinces render ii absolutely certain that
Originators = Perfecters
Fit Reform
in Canada,
'i'he Fit-Reform
idea is. the
most widely
copied tailoring
innovation ever
launched on
the continent.
That is why men
should be on
their guard and
make sure that
they get genuine
garments in a
There is one here.
Everv genuine Fit-Re'orm garment
lus the r'il-Rctbnn iitbe,, with price
attached.    Luui. for it—al.vayi,
Fit-Reform not
only originated,
but perfected,
these matchless
To-day, there are
no Suits and
Overcoats in
the Dominion
to compare
with them.
The specialized
the matchless
—the exclusive
inimitable quality
of the cloths—
put Fit-Reform
garments in a class
by themselves.
New tall styles
*aw. arc read>'-
+ ^i'l- i ■ '■ ia *<£.,,.
,-     F,T"\
foi    generations    t« come ihe paramount industry will be agriculture.
Stratford Beacon:—It has not been
left lo the Baniiermaii government to
weaken Imperial unity in ibis way lo
any great extent. The late British
Tory government about finished that
job iu making a fiasco of the
Alaska tribunal putting up
Lord Alverstone as an umpire to
settle the question in the Interests
ol the United States, regardless of
the evidence and the opinions of Uw*
Canadian arbitrators.
London Advertiser:—Tfce new provinces and northern Ontario and Quebec will do pretty well if their
settlers adapt themselves as readily
bu ttcir conditions as did those who
settled in Old Canada, and Ihey will
do so, we have little doubt, if mod-
crate care continues to bo taken of
the type oi newcomer.
Kort Frances Times:—The council
are coming in for considerable criticism because of their enforcing the
by-law regarding the running at large
ol animals, but it should be remembered that Kort Francis has lung
since passed thc country village
stage, and lhat an animal parade
alung the sidewalks is nol likely fo
leave our thoroughfares in a very
clean condition.
Meaford News:—The settlers cannot
Jind wives, and as women play as important a part as men iu Ihe drama
ui a new country, tbe government ui
Canada is worried over the unenviable
Gall Reformer:—If the public is Interested in having the hest men and
women Instructing its children the
public must In- witling to pay the
price which will bring the brighiei
minds into the profession.
Saskatoon Dally Phoenix;—It i:
much cheaper and easier for a preach-
ei to worry about trilling matters*
such as tiie sale of peanuts and ice
cream, than to give attention to the
weightier mattes ot the law, judgment, mercy, faith, There were men
of that kind iu early days.
Belleville Recorder:—But tin- fact is
Uial Canada is not a very good country for any man who wauls to make
a living Without working, whether lie
he Englishman ur Chinaman.
St. John Sun—When oVor 4,000
able-bodied men, most ol them
young, leave Uie Maritime Provinces
in one day to contribute Men
strength io the upbuilding and enrichment of t-he west, it is time, these
provinces sat up and took notice.
tt'aterfoid Star:—The old complaint
that farming does not pay like other
enterprises docs not apply al all to
the west, where the fanner is turning
golden wheat into golden dollars in a
way to fi'l the plodding city man's
min.1 with envy. Western farming is
the new El Dorado, and farming is a
trade which no man can learn iu a
day or a year.
Halifax, N. S., Acadian Recorder:—
Thc "help problem" is not confined
... «ny particular country, wlten there
arc so many avenues of employment
open to women. A United States
agenl recently went over to England
to engage fifty trained servants fur
country houses in the States, and
was able to get only ten. She found
that they were organizing "unions"
for domestics over there, stipulating
lor shorter hours, better pay and
privileges heretofore unheard of.
Saskatoon      Daily      Phoenix:—To,
know well She cause of an evil is lo
be on lhe way to a cure. The I tilled Stales have long worshipped a>
ilie shrine of protection, which thev
j now see is not all potent.
Vernon, U. c., News:—Fot the past
j few   years  it   has  become mure    and
I more apparent     that a serious    and
vital problem in regard to the mat-
let  ut obtaining labor is confronting
the iiiiii growers of this province.
Hamilton limes:—Let Canadians
go on building up their country and
cultivating good-fellowship with their
neighbors. Let them see to it that
tliey have guod laws., equitably administered, and ihai every man enjoys the broadest liberty compatible I
with the equal libviiy ui lib. fellow s. |
Aud a country     enjoying such condi-, ■■
tioiis need not fear to welcome    all j To    all holders of laml wiihin     lb
Notiee is hereby given that 60 day
after date I intend to apply to tin
Hon. Chief Commissioner of Laud
and Woiks. Victoria, B. C. for per
mission to purchase the following
lands situated in South East Koolenay:
Commencing .it & post planted at
the southwest corner of Lot 8811,
ihence running west lid chains, thenct
running north 40 chains, thence running east im chains, thence running
south in chains to point of coinmenc
M. B. King.
Cranbrook, September ll, 1900.   36-fl
ho come tu make au honest living
under her Hag.
Port Perry Star:—Remember aud
make lhe home happy and attractive,
an.i should ihe boys and girls want
lo leave, ur by circumstances be compelled to do so, the) will 'ook back
io the ohl huine with sweet recollections and forward with pleasure to
occasional visits.
Nelson News:—tt hen the Federal
Pail lament assembles on November
'i'i, the report of the larill commission will he considered hy lhe house.
Su prosperous is ihe Dominion at the
present time, and so contented arc
Lu* majority of tradesmen with the
present liscal arrangements, that no
radical alterations need he expected.
"Have you auy fireworks suitable
for small children?" asked the young
"*ies, ma'am," answered the dealer. "Wo have some splendid firecrackers, Roman candles and all such
ili.n •js."
"But I fear my little hoy is not
uld enough for them."
"Then here are sumo pin wheels
"Oh, the very thing. Have you
some safely pin wheels'/ My lil llu
boy is not yet a year old."
"Which is collect, to speak of a
Hitting hen, or a setting hen?"
"I don't know," replied lbe fanner's wife, "and what's more I don't
care. Bui ihen- is une thing I
should like lo know. Win II a lien
cackles, hav she been laying Ol is slid
f Lol  1, Gump ], Km
District, and to all holders ot Water
Records on  Josephs  Prgirie Creek
Applications for Ute apportionment
of part of Uie -'inn inches of ...vat-
from said creek recorded in favor of
Julm T.  Galhtailb on  the  33rd    day
of May, 1872, and for permission    lo
change     the. pnint  of diversion     ninl
the course nf the ditch  fn-* the diver
sion ol pari of sa.d wafer, will bt
heard bv me at mv olllce un Monda).
Soil) day of October, 1000, a*t eleven
o'clock "in the forenoon, under authority uf Sections 1», 21 und 27 of the
sad Act,
Objections should bo filed with nt'
on or before the 22nd dav of Ootolier
Dated at Cranbiook, lhe 17th dat
nf September, 1000. 86-41
.1. F. Armstrong,
Assistant Commissioner of Lands antl
Works for the Southern Divislo
East Kootenay.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after dale we Intend to apply lo
the Chief Commissioner uf Lauds and
Works fnt' a special license to cut and
cany away timher from the following
descrlhed lauds in South East Kootenay:
Commencing at q post planted fifty
chains north of ihe south-east corner
of lot 421, group une; thenco east 4U
chains, thenco norih HiO chains,
llience wesl 10 chains, thence soulb
HiO chains to the place of beginning,
containing 040 acres, more or Ipss.
The Standard  Lumber Co.,   Ltd.
Located thc 81st dav of August,
A. 1).  11)06. 21-tit
Wanted at unci- tin- hundred (500)
men for bush, smelter, lumher mills
and m ning. Wanes for bushmen,
$3.50 and $60.00 a month. Employment lur all kinds of laboring men.
Employment all the year round.
Write or call nn A. P. Ch.-nette,
Marysville, B. C. 23-lm
1 have a large quantity of    above
to sell al  full' wing prices:
Per ton
No. 1 Timothv, f.o.h. Cranbruok  i    $18.50
No. 1 Upland, f.o.h.   Cranbrook  , v..,    11.00
All orders promptly attended to.
20-tl      I. DeFehr, Didsbuiy, Alta.
Good old tme shaves, fine haircuts,
shampoo, sea foam, massage, hair-
singing, everything In the tonsorial
opposite post office, Cranbrook. B. O
Sixty davs after dale I Intend to
apply lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner nf Lands and Works at
Victoria tot pel mission to purchase
ttie following described lands situated
in South Fast Kootenay.
Commencing al n posl adjoining S
E. corner of Tracy townsite and
maiked J. S, J.'s N. E. coiner,
thence 40 chains suuth, thence <I0
chains west. Uience KI chains north,
tbence HI chains east to point of
commencement, containing 100 acres,
mote or loss.
John S.  Jones, Locator,
J. R. Edmundson, Agent-,
September  12,   1006. 2ftBC
Sixty davs after date I intend lo
apply lu the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at,
Victoria for permission lo purchase
the following described lands situated
in Snuth East Koolenay:
Commencing at a post ai S, E.
corner of lot 6021 and marked J. A.
west bank of Kootenay
M's N. Vi. coiner, Uience east 60
chains, more or less, tu
river, thrnce 60 ehains south-east
along river, thence 80 chains west,
thenee 40 chains north to point of
commencement, the whole containing
320 acres, more or less.
John   S. Maehray, Locator,
.1. R.  Edmundson,  Agent.
September 12, 1006. 25-tii*
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
Therefore, to read
The Herald prints more matter
thanany other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Ye^r
$1.00 For Six Months
Herald Publishing Co.
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager


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