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Cranbrook Herald Jan 24, 1901

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Q9 ••••• •-^^•-•■++++j+*-+a-*-*-+*+»(j*>* •>•-•■••+••**•*■■*■** + *+++** *
i     The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. GK0, A. Cox, l'resiilcnt. B. B, Walkkr, Gen. M»n-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
[I ......... .........'.a.... ,ttj, .......t»,t,,,.,....ttt ttfi
Busy Stock Taking
Odd lines will be sold regardless of
cost. Great bargains in Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes, Etc. dtdtdtdtdtdt
Q. Bremner & Son
Fair Warning   Last Call
Saturday the 26th we will ring down the curtain on the last
act of our great Underwear, Blouse and Mantle sale. And
what a sale it has been! Nothing like it has ever before occurred in the city.
What we U7p Jn When you read \a*„ 5ft
advertise   " **» **"      our advertisement1 * ° ou
Now if you have not already taken advantage of the
great sale it will be well for you if you do so now.
Reid & Co.
Tanuary Clean up of Gents'
Clothing and Dress Goods,
What are you buying in these lines? We have
a most complete stock, too much in fact in our
three stores. We will exchange goods for
money and offer big inducements.   Call and try
Hill & Co.
P. S.—We have bought the Leask & Rankin
stock to sell and low prices are going to do it.
Money Talks
Qoods Must Go
The Sacrifice Sale Begins Saturday.    When  we
cut, wc cut!   We give you one-fourth, you  pay
three-fourths and take the goods,
A dollar saved is a dollar made-    This will be a
dollar saving sale.
The Winter Qoods Must Oo.
'* Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Bargains for the Week
Ladies' Velveteen Shirt Waists,
Ladies' Silk Waists
Ladles'JMack Cashmere Hose
were $1.75 now $1.50
were 7.60 now 4.50
were 35 now 25
were   7 JO now   5.00
Men's Tweed Suits, good wearers,      	
Men's Blue Serge, splendid value at 16.00 now 11 JO
One third off on all dress and trimming silks.   This means
any dollar silk lor 66 cents.
®.aaa-aaa-a..^. ..-a—, . —. .-,
MINES   ********
Save money
and trade at
For anything you may require in the Hardware line call at the
Pioneer Hardware Store.
We carry a complete stock. Plumbing and
tinsmithing in connection. Satisfaction
Q. H. Miner.
The St, Eugene mine, at Moyie, in
Kast Kootenay, which was considered in
London the most successful British
ColumbU property in its operation during lust year, is producing 375 tons ol
»re daily and hns two years' reserve
blocked out, according to James Cronin,
tlu- manHKer and a part owner, wbo is in
tbe city, says the Spokane Spokesman
Ke view. Mr, Cronin Rives an in ten.- sli ng
description of the development aud cou
dition of this splendid producer i
'Mie big vein has been opeued on 16
levels," he said last night. "All of these
levels are opened to the surface and tbe
mine has been a tunnel proposition from
the Hrst. Adits have been run every 100
fL-'H from the top of tbe mountain to tbe
base, and they are from 500 to 1,500 feet
long. Including the shafts aud taises
connecting the levels tbere are over five
mites of workings In tbe mine. The first
five levels are connected by a raise and
the ore Is shipped from the mouth of No.
5 tunnel by an aerail tramway to the
concentrator. A shaft has been sunk
from the mouth of No. 6 level lo the No.
16 level, nnd tbe ore from all these lower
levels goes through this shaft and is
taken on a mule tram a few hundred feet
to the concentrator. A depth of 1,800
has been attained.
The mine employs, about 27$ men.
A large amount of this labor is reqnired
ti actual mining, the daily output averaging 375 tons. This yields too tons of
concentrates, which averages 65 per cent
lead and about 40 ounces silver. The
output for the last eight mouths has
been 16,000 tons, whose gross value
aggregated over $1,000,000 The last
quarterly dividend was (105,000, a pay-1
meat of 3 cents a share.
The concentrated ore is being shipped
to Germany. During the past year it
bas been taken by tbe American Smelting & Refining company, but this company refuses to buy any of the ores in
British Columbia at the old figures,
owing to the high freight rates charged
by the C. P. R. for the distance the ore
is hauled over its road. As there are uo
smelters on the Canadian side capable ol
handling all the lead ores of British
Columbia, It will cause the mine to shut
dowu at tbe eipiration of the present
contract early in February if tbe
American smelters' fight is not settled,'
Tbe Salllvss Will Coitlut te Sblp.
Spokesman Review: Tbe Sullivan
group, in East Kootenay, will not be dependent ou the American Smelting A,
Refining Company for the marketing of I
its ores in 1901, according to a statemen*
made at tbe office of tbe company yesterday. On tbe contrary, a very advant
ageous contract for the entire year's
output has beeu made with the Canadian
Pacific operating tbe Trail smelter, and
shipments from tbe mine to tbe smelter
nre going on at a considerable increased
rate over that of December.
This is good news io Spokane, where
a large amount of the Sullivan stock is
held, as it bas been stated that tbe Sul
li van wonld be in the same unfortunate
position as other Bast Kootenay mines
may be and many of tbe Slocan mines
are under tbe existing tight over freight
rates between the American Smelting &
Refining company and the Canadian
Last month the Sullivan shipped and
bad treated at tbe Trail smelter 133010ns
of ore. Tlie Sullivan has uot stopped
shipping for even a day in this month,
but according to tbe daily reports re-,
ceived at the Spokane office from the I
superintendent of tbe mine, the amount
of ore shipped in January to the Trail
elter and treated for the Sullivan will
exceed that shipped and treated in
The contract with tbe Trail smelter,
existing in tbe year 1900, was substantial}* tbe same as tbe contracts of tbe St.
Nugent and tbe North Star. This contract expired December 31. The company at once took up the matter oil
aking a uew contract for tbe year 1901,
with both the American Smelter combiue
and tbe Trail amellet.
Some days ago Charlea H. Wolf, man*
nger of the Sullivan, accompanied the
manager of the Trail smelter to Montreal
to consult President Sbaugbneasy of tbe
Canadian Pacific on the subject ofa new
contract with the Sullivan. Tbey were
there met hy Senator George Turner, tbe
president of ihe Sullivan Group Miuing
company. Tbe comference, it Is snid,
resulted in a contract lor Ihe year 1901
between the company and tbe Trail!
smelter under which a graduated freight,
ti tul treatment rate, varying according to
tbe quality of tbe ore. Is given, under
which the mine will get on an average
ft 00 per ton more for the ore shipped
tban it did in 1900, Tbe new contract is
stated to be a satisfactory one and it will
be tbe policy of the company to ship as
much ore under it as can be bandied
The matter of the construction of a
spur, from the aiding at Kimberley up to
the mine, was also takeu up at this conference at Montreal. As soon as the
snow is off the ground the company will
begin the construction of either a tram
way from the mine to the siding or this
spur, according to wblcb it will be most
advantageous. Which can be the better
built can not be definitely settled by the
engineers until the snow is off the ground
in tbe spring. It iB believed, however,
tbst a spur from the railroad can be constructed with a small grade and at
reasonable cost,
Osborne House, Isle of While. Jan.
22.-6:45 p.m.—Hei majesty the Queen
breathed her lasl at 6:30p.m. surrounded
by her children mid grand children.
(Sigued) Jhs. Reid, R. Douglas Powell,
Thomas Barlow.
Cowes, Jan. aa—Queen Victoria is
dead and Edward VII reigns. The
greatest event in the memory of a generation, the most stupendous change in
existing conditions that could possibly
be imagined baa taken pi v. Quietly,
almosl gently, upon the anniversary of
the death of Queen Victoria's father, tbe
duke of Kent, the end of a career never
equaled by any woman tn tbe world's
history, came in a similar room in
The most respected of all women, living or dead, lay iu a great four-posted
bed, a shrunken atom, whose aged face
and figure were a cruel mockery ofa fair
girl, wbo in 1837 began to rule over Kng-
land. Around ber were gathered almost
every decendaot of her line. Well within view of her dying eyes bung a portrait
of the prince consort, lt was be who
designed the room aud every part of the
castle. Iu scarcely audible words tbe
white haired bishop of Winchester
prayed beside her as be had often prayed
with bis sovereign, for be was ber chap
lain at Windsor. With bowed heads,
the imperious ruler of Germany, and the
man wbo is now king of England stood.
The woman who has succeeded tbe little
old queen, tbe princess and those of less
than royal designation listened to the
bishop's ceaseless prayer. Six o'clock
passed and the bishop continued his intercession. Oue of tbe younger children
asked a question in childish treble and
was immedialely silenced, the woman of
tbe royal family sobbed faintly ami the
meu shut-Red uneasily. At at exactly
half past six Sir James Reid held up his
band and the people know that Kngland
had lost her queen.
Tbe bishop pronounced the henedi-
tiou. Tbe Queen passed quietly ami
peacefully away. She suffered no pain.
Those wbo were now mourners went
from the rooms. Tbe whole world was
jarred when tbe announcement came,
but in tbe palace at Osborne everything
pursued the usual course. Down iu
the kitchen tbey were c$qkSng a huge
dinner for an assemblage the like of
which has seldom been kuowu iu Bug
land, and the dinner preparations pro
Seeded just as if nothing bad happened
The body of Queen Victoria is being
embalmed tonight and will probably be
taken to Windsor Saturday. Tbe coffin
arrived last evening from Loudon,
Loudon, January 23—Sbot Ily before
midnight an official announcement was
issued calling parliament to assemble at
4 o'clock this (Wednesday) afternoon to
enable members of the house of lords
and house of commons to take the oath
of allegiance to king Edward VII. The
privy council will meet in London today
and the proclamation of tbe king will
thereafter be read at all places by custom. Tbe king will come to Loudon to
preside over the council.
the consulate would be closed for all but
mosl urgent business.
Contress Adjourn.
Washington. D. C, Jan. 22.-—Resolu
tious of coudoleuce were unanimously
adopted in tbe bouse and senate, and
both bodies then adjourned in respect to
the memory of the Queen. The national
ensign over tbe White home was half-
masted. The first time it has been down
on account of the death of any monarch
The Queen's Funeral.
London. January 22,— There is little
doubt tbat the funeral pf Queen Victoria
will take place at Frogmore, though
nothing in regard to this matter baa yet
been announced. Her majesty was so
closely related to tbe European courts,
big and small, that tbe gathering of
royalties at the obsequies will be unprecedented. The news of tbe Queen's
death reached all the towns of the kingdom a few minutes after it had beeu received by the lord mayor ot London, and
waa quickly spread through tbe country
districts by tbe tolling of bells. Prince
and princess Louise uf Bittenburg arrived
al Osborne just too late to see her majesty alive. Parliament, it is expected,
will meet at Ihree o'clock tomorrow
There is some belief in London tbat the
privy council at which king Edward VII
will take the oath of accession will be
held in London, and that his majesty will
start fur London without delay.
Prince of Wales Affected.
Cowes, Jan. 22 —Tbe prince of Wales
was very much affected wben the doctors
at last informed bim that bis mother
bad breathed her last. Kmperor
William himself, deeply affected, did his
best to administer to the comfort of his
stricken uncle, whose new dignity he
was the first to acknowledge. From all
parts of the world there are slill pouring
in to Cowes messages of condolence.
They come from crowned heads, millionaires, tradesmen aud paupers aud are,
variously addressed to tbe prince -ofI
Wales and to tbe King of England.
Emperor William's arrangemeuts are
settled. His yacht will arrive bere today (Wednesday) but as it is believed he
will uot depart until afler the funeral.
Several other royal personages are likely
lo be preseut at the funeral.
Loudon It Oueisluf.
Loudon, January 23 —From White
■hapel to May fair, streets usually gay with
nightly festivities are dark, desserted
and desolate, and this depression ofthe
public mind is likely lo continue for
many days to come, Everywhere in ve
hides aud on the streets the one topic of
conversation was, what would happen
under the new reign, rather tban tbe life
aud death of Victoria, Much iuterest
was evinced in the way iu which the enormous fort line of the dead Queen would he
distributed, tbe geueral uotiou being tbat
Osborne bouse would go to princess Heat
rice, and that ahe and prince Christian
would come iuto a considerable portion
of Victoria's wealth. Tbe probability
tbat king Edward will take up a practically permanent residence in Buckingham
palace was much canvassed. This is a
question that comes home to Londoners.
Victoria's preference for Balmoral castle
and Osborne house has been a complaint
of long standing in the metropolis aud it
is hoped that the new feign wilt se
change in this respect. The presence of I
thecourt in London would give a brightness and gaiety which have long been
absent. Not until Victoria bas been laid
to rest beside the prince consort at Frog-
more will tbe theatres or music balls open
Moreover business will come to a practi
cal standstill. The music in all the hotel
and public bouses has ceased. Marlboro
house, so long tbe home of the new monarch, Buckingham Palace, where Queen
Victoria made her last stay in London,
and St. James' Palace, the residence of so
many former monarchs, -are tonight all
black and deserted.
The News in Craubrook.
Tbe announcement of the Queen's
death, wblcb was received in Cranbrook
soon after noon on Tuesday, cast a
shadow of gloom over the community,
AU the Sags in the town were placed at
half mast, and emblems of mourning
could be seen everywhere. All business
bouses were closed for tbe day, and a
feel of sadness pervaded the town. Tbe
country's misfortune wai the sole topic
of conversation.
Under orders from Victoria tbe schools
were closed for yesterday and today.
President Mckinley's Tribute.
Washington, Jan. 21.—President McKinley has senl the following message
of condolance to King Edward VII :
Jan. 23, 1901 —His Majesty, Ibe King,
Osborne House, Isle of Wight.
I bave received witb profound sorrow
the lamentable tidings of the death o1
Her Majesty the Queen. Allow me, sir,
to offer my sincere sympathy aud that of
the American people in your personal
bereavement and iu the loss Great
Britain has sustained in tbe death of its
venerable aud illustrious sovereign,
whose noble life aud beneficent influences bave promoted tbe peace and
won the affection of the world."—
William McKinley.
Auction Sale.
Of household furniture at the house of
A. A. Gregory on Monday, January 28 at
1 pm. sharp J. II   Hutcbleou,
Mourning In New Vork.
New Vork, Jan. 22 -—As tbe news of
tbe Queen's death waa received bere
many flags on busiuess buildings were
placed at half-mast. Tbe bell in tbe
■teeple of Trinity church was tolled for
some time after tbe death waa known
As soon aa tbe news was confirmed the
flag of the British consulate was hauled
to half mast, and it was announced tbat
Victoria Ascended tbe Throat In IW7-
Queci's Life Slory.
It wss on May 24, 1819, tbat a girl
child, who waa to rule millions of people
in widely separate portions ofthe habitable globe, was boru in dingy old Kensington palace. She was tbe ouly
daughter of the duke and duchess ol
Kent, granddaughter of George HI.,
then king of Kngland, and neice of ibe
then prince of Wales, afterward King
William III. In due time she was
christened Victoria, and from tbe beginning ber education and training were
of the most careful, for. while it would
bave been a wild fancy indeed tbat
would nave predicted such a career as
ibe wss actually destined lo fill, tbere
being at tbat time several lives between
her and the thione, her father and
mother, her grandmother, tbe dowager
duchess of Coburg, also grandmother of
the Prince Albert wbo wi s to be prince
consort of England's queen, and indeed
George IV of England himself, regarded
ber as likely to be the sovereign of England before bee death. Prince Albert,
wben he courted Victoria years afterward, said to ber that lie bad been told
from childhood that oue day he was to
marry tbe queen of England, and ahe
was to be the queen.
To wise hands was intrusted the care
of the royal Infant. Healthful outdoor
exercise, plain and wholesome food and
ihe utmost regularity and punctuality
were tbe order of the day. The idea
that not only her own time, but that of]
others as well, was valuable was fostered
in Victoria's mind. Tbe greatest care
waa taken to guard against vanity and
love of display or power, and it was uot
until sbe was 12 years of age that she
was Informed of her pcssible future. It
was told of ber by tbe Baroness Lehzeu
tbat on receiving this information, "the
princess, having lifted tbe forefinger of
her baud while she spoke, gave me th
little band, saying: 'I will he good,
understand new why you have Urged me
so much lo learn even Latin. I understand all better now.    I will be good.' "
Her Accession to (be Throne.
Victoria came of age on May 24, 1837,
and on June 30, less than a month later.
sbe was declared queen of England,
William III having just died. It was iu
tbe middle of the night lhat the young
gill was notified that sbe bad become
queen of Great Britain aud sovereign of
an empire so vast tbat on it tbe sun
never sets. The messengers wbo conveyed to her lhe news of her accession to
the throne were tbe archbishop of Canterbury, tbe lord chamberlain and Sir
Henry Halford. Tbey experienced a
good deal of difficulty in obtaining admission, as tbe entire palace at Kensington, whore the young princess resided,
was wrapped in deep slumber. Having
at length made tbeir way to the apartment adjoining ber bedroom, ihey
caused ber to be summoned. A few
seconds latter she appeared, alined in a
loose while dressiug gown and shawl, her
long hair falling over her shoulders and
her bare feet in slippers.
On being informed of her new dignity
she burst into tears, and then, addressing
herself to the archbishop, exclaimed, "1
beg your grace to pray lor me," The
■/hole party, consisting of tbe little
queen, tbe prelate, the lord chainherlaiu,
aud the late king's physician, Sir Henry
ilalford, then knelt, and there, in Ibe
middle of tbe liight, offered up prayer to
heaven thut she might be strengthened
from above aud guided to the blessing of
her people.
That was how Queen Victoria commenced her long and prosperous reign,
and now it may well be said without fear
of contradiction that her prayer offered
up on thc night of ber accession has been
fulfilled and Hint her reign ha- proved a
blessing to her people.
Victoria was from the first Idolized by
tbe English people. Her youth appealed
to their sympathies, aud ber gooil sense
to Iheir respect. Sbe became a sort of
national pet, yet withal sbe was admired
for wisdom her rectitude and her firmness, Greville speaks wilh something
of regret of the last mentioned characteristic, evidently holding that the ordinary impulsiveness and perhaps even the
mistakes of youth would have been more
charming. Tbe glories and splendors
that attended ber coronation—are they
not all set down iu the chronicles of the
day ? The ceremonies occurred on June
28, 1838 Never bad England's metropolis been so crowded, Places along tbe
line of tbe royal procession brought a
high premium. By dark on the preceed*
ing day tbe people began to gather.
At daybreak of the 28th the popular
enthusiasm bad reached a high pitch
The procession outdid anything of the
kind that bad been witnessed in London.
Besides the troops, which were ordered
out in full force, there were twelve royal
carriages, each containing two ladies and
two gentlemen, and each drawn by six
prancing horses. Theu came tbe queen's
state coach, drawn by eight cream
colored horses an attended by a yeoman
at each wheel and a footman at each
door. Tbe coronation itself was held in
the vast building always used for tbe im*
posing ceremonies of English royalty-
Westminster abbey. Victoria's train of1
royal crimson velvet and ermine was
borne by eight young ladies of noble
birth. Cannons boomed, trumpets
sounded, and men and women cheered
outside the building, and from every
part of the sacred edific were heard en
thusiastic cries of ''God save tbequeen!1'
Hats and handkerchiefs were waved aloft,
peers and peeresses put on their coronets, and bishops donned their caps,
the guests iacluded other sovereigns,
and they yielded to no one in the enthusiasm of tbe moment.
Tbe "enthronement" was a singular
portion of the ceremony. The young
sovereign was lifted bodily into the royal
seat, beiug surrounded by archbishops,
bishops and peers. His grace of Canter
bury knelt and did homage for hiuinelf
and other spiritual lords, and all kissed
tne queen's baud. Her uncles, the
Uukts ot Sussex and Cambridge, re
moved their coronets and did bomsg
wilh set and elaborate speech. They
touched tbe crown ii|K)ii her head, kissed
her left cheek and then retired. The
peers also touched be crown, but kissed
her bauds.
A Marrlsie for Love.
Queens enjoy a privilege which is
withheld, save in leap year, irom women
occupying a less august position in tbe
social scale—namelv, tbat of themselves
makiug tbe offer of marriage, instead of
waiting to receive tbe proposal from
their suitors. And it was therefore
Queen Victoria wbo a year afler ber
coronation at Westminster abby. on June
28, 1838, invited her cousin, Prince
Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, to share
hia life with her. lt is only slating tbe
truth to say of this marriage, however
that it was one that bad been agreed
upon for many years, providing Victoria
herself approved of the young man. For
a time she is recotdtd as having been
not well pleased with him. but there is
no doubt that sbe fell In love wilh bim
before the union was proposed hy her,
Tbe nuptials took place 011 the 10th of
February, 1840, at the Chapel Royal, St.
James palace. The wedding breakfast
was giveu at Buckingham palace, and
the honeymoon, which only lasted three
days, wai spent at Windsor caitle.
The marriage proved an exceptionally
happy one. Prince Albert turned out to
be an absolute ideal husband, being a
man of singularly stainless and irreproachable character. Quetn Victoria's
lomestic bliss was absolutely unclouded
as long as ber husband lived, and she
was guilty of uo exaggeration when she
declared that the only sorrow which be
bad caused ber was when be died.
Persistent Uriel.
From tbe time of ber husband's death
the queen was scarcely ever seen in
public until tbe year 1873, when she proceeded in state, together wilh tbe entire
royal family, to St. Paul's cathedral to
join in a national thanksgiving service
for the recovery of tbe Prince of Wales
from tbe dangerous illness which had
brought him so very near death's door
tbe year before. The Queen and tht
Prince of Wales passed from Bucking-
bam palace to St. Paula's along streets
literally alive with people. Foot-waya,
shop windows aud the very roofs were
teeming with shouting, hurrahing and
enthusiastic crowds, and tbe popular display of loyalty waa beyond all description.
In the cathedral tbe prince sat between
his mother and his wife, the vast fane
thronged to the utmost with good subjects af the queen, wbo were aoxlous to
show how entirely they sympathised
with ber joys as well as witb he sorrows.
Queeu Victoria's Jubilee.
On June 20, 1SS7, the Queen once
more made a state progress through her
great capital to attend a special service
at Westminster abby in honor of the
semicentennial anniversary of her accession to tbe throne. Kvery reigning
house in the world sent either members
of their families or great dignitaries tu
represent tbem at ihe ceremony, and
while kings and queens chatted gayly
together in the chancel of the abbey
while awaiting the coming of Queeu
Victoria, her majesty—no longer the
bonny, frenb and healthy cheeked English girl of 1S37, but a venerable looking,
white haired old lady—was driven up
adilly, ber carriage escorted by tbe
in s'. brilliant troop of priuces. archdukes and gratid.lukes that have ever
Wen gathered together for such a purpose.
.Most notable in the procession wai tbe
Queen's favorite son-in-law, the prince
Imperial ot Germany, who a little later
succeeded bis father as Emperor Frederick, and it was observed that wben at
the abby the various princes and prior- *•
esses present came forward to do homage
to tbe Queen as she sat in tbe chancel on
her throne the good old lady embraced
'I'nser FriU" with especial warmth and
affection, as if filled with a presentiment
of bis impending death, which took place
after a reign of only 90 days.
Seven times during ber reign was
Queen Victoria's life attempted, but only
on one occasion, in May, 1850, did her
majesty receive any actual injury, aud
that of a mere transitory character.
Her assailant on that occasion was a dismissed officer of hussars, and he was
seized before he had time to accomplish
more than strike her a sharp blow iu the
face with a stick. The man was sentenced to seven years' transportation.
Tbe first attempt to assassinate ber was
made in June 1840, by a man named
Oxford, wbo fired two pistol shots at her
while sbe was driving op Constitution
Hill with her husband. The would-be
murderer was detained several years in
prison and at last accounts was earning
uii livelihood by bouse painting out io
Victoria bad nine children—Victoria.
dowager empress of Germany; Albert
Edward, Prince of Wales; Alice, grand
duchess of Hesse; Alfred, duke of Edia-
burg; Princess Helena; Princess Louise;
Arthur, duke of Csnnaugbt; Leopold,
duke of Albany; and Princess Beatrice.
All bave had large families aave the
Princess Louise, who married Lord
I^orne. ^_^___
1 rebel-
Although Victoria's reigu was essentially one of peace, it was in no sense ao
uneventful one. Here is a brief summary of the more important events directly affecting the British government :
1837-S-Rebellion in Canada.
1853-42-Afghan war.
1 Mo—War witb China.
1845—Repeal of tbe corn laws.
1837—Famine in Ireland.
1848—Chartist agitation.   Small
lion in Ireland.
1853-5-Criuiean war.
1857-8-Great Sepoy rebellion.
1H5U—Direct     government    of
i86t—Expedition against Mexico.
I865— Fenian troubles.
1867—Reform bill passed.
1S6H— Expedition to Abyssina.
1871—Disestablishment of the Irish
church,    Alabama claims settled.
1873—Growth of Home Rule league in
1S75—Suei canal purchased by England.
1878—Russia checked in Russo-Turk-
isb war.   Cyprus acquired from Turkey.
1880— Beginning of the Irish agitation
ofthe present.
iSSi-2-Trouble aud fighting in Zulu-
1SS4—New Guineaannexed.
1S87-8-Troubles in Africa,
1888-92-CIituax of Itish agitation
■iSy4-5-Venezuelso row wilh America.
1900— Peace conference at the Hague.
1900-1-Boerwar and Chinese troubles.
During all these years Victoria's throne
stood firm, thanks probably quite as
much to her own good seme aa to tbe
constitutional form of tbe English government. But during thia -period the
governments ol tbe world underwent
more changes tban perhaps was the case
during the reign of any monarch of the
modern era excepting that of George IH,
who was on England's throne during the
French revolution, and the reign of
Louis XIV a century and a half earlier. CRANBROOK HERALD
Editor and Proprietor.
TKI'MS OV Sl)*-t*ltllMll>N-
Tiie Herald desires to give the naws ut tiia
illstrlft.    If yuu know  any about  ymir town
ymir nihil* or ymir people, semi it tn Hits ofllce,
Tbe Queen is dead !
Only those wbo bave lived their lives
heneath tbe folds of the Union Jack can
fnly appreciate the sad import of that
announcement. Other sovereigns have
died and olher rulers have been deposed,
but never before has one heen taken
away whu bad such a strong hold on the
affections of her people. Men wbo ar
old today, learned to lisp wiih baby
tongues the name of Queen Victor ii
anil a-i they grew into manhood their
love and reverence for their sovereign
ami Queen became a part of their nnture.
Generations of people in England and
English colonies have known no uther
sovereign, and although lhey knew thai
the Queen was growing old, yet they
failed to realize lhat the end must come,
and, iu consequence, the announcement
of her death was a sudden and sorrowful
The Queen is dead !
What a burden of sorrow that state
ment bas placed upon the hundreds of
thousands who have so proudly acknowledged allegiance to lhat grand, gooil
woman. Meu, women nml children
throughout the British empire, wherever
the Queeu ruled, aie Borrowing today-
over the loss ofa sovereign and a friend.
Kind and considerate, controlled nt all
times by the promptings of wisdom and
the goodness of her heart, sbe won and
retained the love aud veneration of her
The Queen is dead !
And today tbe rulers of all countries
are wondering what effect her death will
hnve upon the events of lhe future
Under ber rule, the gieat power of England bas heen for peace nnd prosperity
and the timely admonitions of England's
Queen has on several occasions prevented war among the powers of Europe,
The advancement made by England during Victoria's reign, the progress of her
people, ibe spread of civilization under
England's flag, is a grand monument to
the memory of her gracious majesty.
The Queen is dead !
And today, in every civilized nation on
the face of lhe globe, writers and speakers are telling of the queenly virtues of
England's dead Queen. Her life presents a beautiful picture of ibe true
woman, the true wife, tbe true mother,
and the true sovereign, and her death is
a loss to every home in the English
realm, and to everytcountry tbat loved
freedom and progress.
The Queen is dead, but ber memory
will be cherished in the hearts of millions. And in this way, will those who
love virtue, goodness and peace, pay a
noble tribute to the memory of a noble
ity'i. Hutchison,
Wherever the English language is
spoken, and for that matter, in many-
countries where it is not, tbe news of
tbe death of our beloved Queen caused
sadness and regret to pervade the very
Not since the death of Prince Albert,
in 1861, has the whole Britisb empire
heen thrown into such a state of mourning. It is beyond dispute tbat Great
Britain has lost lhe greatest ami besl
ruler that a nation ever hnd. Irom the
day the late Queen ascended the throne,
until the day of her death, she held not
only the respect and homage of her subjects, but also, which is of greater consequence, their love. No ruler wns ever
so much beloved, and the reason is not
far to seek. Victoria was a woman first.
and a Queen afterwards. Her whole
life as child, wife and mother, goes to
prove fact. Her long life, nearly eighty-
two years, was oue of human interest
throughout. She had the same joys and
the same sorrows ns nine-tenths of her
subjects, Her happy married life, cut
short by tbe death ofthe Prince Consort, and the subsequent death of her
sons, gave ber ber share of tbe bereavements that come to eitrh of us. Against
these sorrows lhe pleasures ol seeing an
empire such ns now exists, grow and develope under her rule, must to some ex-
tent, at least, mitigated the bitterness of
her grief.
Much could, and no doubt will be,
written of the most eventful and progressive reign England has ever known, but
that must be lefl lo lhe historians. N'o
more can we sing "God Save the Queen"
That anthem, which we have been accustomed to bear from our childhood;
tbat hymn, lhat has been sung under the
aurora within the Arctic circle, under
tbe southern cross, in tbe wilds of Africa,
under the burning skies of India,—sung
as it has been ou many occasions where
brave hearts and true were about lo lay
down their lives willingly aud gladly for
their Queen and country, as did the little band on Mnjuba bill. The world bas
lost many great men and women, bul it
is doubtful if, during tbe Inst two centuries, at least, lhe world has ever losl one
whom it could so badly afford to loose.
If we believe in au hereafter, we must
certainly believe that Victoria bas certainly gone to her well-earned reward
and test. Her name and fame will never
be forgotten, aud to future generations
ale will he, spoken of as "Victoria, the
Good." I
Spokane hus announced its committees for the great exposition that ii to
be held there in IQ03 II '3 to c,,fit one
million dollars, and embrace the industries ofthe northwestern states and Brit*
ish Columbia. The Herald makes tlu*
prediction that it wl'.l be a success.
Spokane is built that way.
C. O. Lalonde was elected mayor of
Rossland, defeating Henry Daniels. It
was a close fight, and is claimed by lhe
Miner as a victory of Ibe betlei dement.
The city of Kaslo is the umbflllcus ol
the territory which is in euibarrasmuieut
from its pleihora of riches —Kaslo Kootenaian.
Although we are located many miles
from Kaslo, we never would have said
The meetings of the county romt I
the ensuing year have been announced,
and as in the past lhey will be held ta
miles from the railroad, at a point that
is the most difli.-ult tn reach of any ii
the district, owing lo the necessity o
using a stage. It is lime the t-nuvt-im-na
of the people ol the district as a wboh
was consulted, and arrangements nmdi
lor the sittings of the court iu some towi
on the railroad.
and willing to tnke the Slacan ore. but
they cannot cmoto tbe same terms as
f-.irmi.rlv, owing lo lhe C. P. R. charges.
If they get the latter to restore last
year's figures, then everything would be
smooth sailing. On tbe American side*
ihe combine lias guaranteed the mines
fl per hundred for their lend for a year,
which is a sharp advance. The Canadian owner cannot realize anywhere
ear that, owing to duly and olher
Mr. Uraden stated that in Kast Koot-
uay the C. P. R. got J6 per ton ou ore
for a haul of 49 miles, while the Great
Northern carried it 290 miles farther for
only (■} Local smellers do nol care fer
ihe heavy wet ores, but are anxious for
the dry article, and quote a $9rate to the
Sovereign from Sandon. The Nortbport
work? are entering the field and sharply
bidding for the silicious ores in competition with Trail and Nelson. In tbe
opinion of several of the mine owners,
the present situation is due to the C. If,
R. and nol Ibe continue, and Jim Hill's
competition with the Great Northern is
regarded as lhe solution of the difficulty.
Tne department of instruction nt Vic
loriii has at last given recognition to tin
demands for the Cranbrook schools.
Now, if the government will proceed
wilh the good work, and make utile?
necessary improvements and changes
ihat tbis lown is fully entitled to' foi
ihe revenues paid, tbe citizeus will fee;
tbat the people in charge are governing
for the benefit ofthe people in tbe Koot
euays, as well as for Victoria aud Vii*
COU ver.
The fact that British Columbia smelters and those ofthe United States seem
to be combined to get higher prices from
lhe mine owners goes to show that tin
god of mammon has 110 respect for tin
international boundary line. King Trust
cares nol where he gets his meat, niid
men of different countries, when united
by the bouds of the almighty dollai
stick closer than brothers, and the Lord
bave pity on lhe people.
It is pretty tongh on witnesses nnd
other people of Moyie, Eernie aud Kim
herley, wbo are interested in the trial of
cases, to come to Craubrook by rail and
then have to drive 24 miles to reach tin
seat of tbe government,
What British Columbia needs is a vil
lage trustee act tbat will permit small
towns to handle tbeir own revenues for
improvements without the heavy ex
pense of the machinery of an incorpora*
ted towu. 	
Tbe Toronlo World says tbat at the
inauguration of the new city govern
ment, the old and new govern 1:1 ent wore
white roses, emblematic of a blameless
life. Tbe Herald would like to bnve n
photograph of those aldermen.
They are still burning negroes at the
stake in the States, This is a snd commentary on lhe advanced civilization of
tbe new century. And, yet, the ques*
Hon arises, "What nre you going to do
with negro brutes who assault wives nnd
sisters of white men ?"
The fight between tbe C. P. R. and
lhe coal compauy is bringing to ligh
so-i:e interestiug data on rates.
Tbe big mines have surely got ihe
cinch. They don't have to move their
ore until they get u reasonable rate.
Moyie's fire giew to a $25,000 ronlli
gration as tbe news traveled eastward.
Minister Blair's Position.
Montreal, Jan. 14 —Here is Hou. A.
j. Blair's position on tbe railway (pies*
tion :
'As a member of the Railway Committee of lhe bouse of commons, befi
which such au application for a charter
would have to come, it would be impossible lor mc to express au opinion as
to what course I would pursue with respect to any particular bill until I heard
all the particulars, pro and con, that
would be urged for and against tbe application. Speaking generally, however, I stand today exactly where I
stood wben the Kettle River Valley-
Railway bill was under discussion. The
same district was lo be served hy a mil-
way south lo lhc boundary, mid supported it both in the house and in committee. I said then, and I say now, thai
the people of British Columbia bnve a
perfect right lo have all the railway connections, north, south or any olher wny
that lhey believe necessary lo the rapid
and complete development of the re-
otircesof tbnt province.
"So far ns the coal areas are concerned,
lhey are absolutely limitless, and con-
tain enough conl to supply the whole
world lor a century. That being ihe
case, why should we not sell coal in
the United States as anywhere else we
The Smeller Trust.
Snndon Drill: Oscar White, manager
of the Slocan Star mine at Sandon,
came up Wednesday from Nelson. He
stated that a conference bad beeu held
at Sandon, on Friday last, between the
mine owners and Alessrs, Braden, representing the smelter trust; Johnson, of
the Everelt smelter, and Moore of the
Trail smelter, upon the question of ore
rates. With the exception ofthe Canadian smelters, ami the Everelt end San
Francisco works, the combine had absorbed all the establishments iu tbe
west. Tbe combine want lhe Slocan
mine owners to make uo contracts at
present, as they state better roles can be
obtained later on. New rates were III*
I rod need this year hy the C. P. R., making the charges $50 per car, 011 heavy
lead ores, more than last year. The
combine, Mr. Braden said, was anxious
,1'iom Uie llcralilOi^rresponilent I
lien lluckle, one of the khaki beroei
who went to Soutli Africa with the second coiitingiMil, .leported in l-'ort Steeb
lasl week. Hen snys he is glad be went,
Imt would not care to go out again. He
is full of stories of "bnir breadth'scapes''
ami dangers "imminent" nf members 0
the contingent, but is modest regarding
James T. Laidlaw returned from a trip
lo Perry creek on Sunday. He reports
a cbahge in lhe appearance of the mine.
A. Banks came down from Perry creek
Inst week and loaded back with supplies
on Saturday. He is interested in some
placer diggings about a mile above the
old town.
M, A. Beale came up from Moyie Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Ross and Mr. and
Mrs C. M Edwards spent a day or two
at Hanson's last week.
It is said that Geary & Doyle will give
additional service on the Windermere
route next season.
A Downey relurned from a trip east
on Monday last. •
Several sales ot Port Steele real estate
were reported last week.
C. F Haunington, who hns been in
Victoria for some lime, is expected home
in a couple of weeks.
Mrs, Harry Reiueman, who has been
visiting relatives in  Poitluud,  Oregi
for several weeks,   will   return  to Foil
Steel-: ill n short time.
N A. Wallinger went to Kimberley
on Monday,
R, 0 Jenningi, who has been on the
sick list for several days, relurned to
Kimberley on Monday.
A number of prospectors and miners
have visited Fort Steele during tbe past
few days.
Dr. John Barber came over from Cran*
brook on Saturday nnd is doing busiuess
nt the Imperial hotel.
Land Notice.
Notice is hereby Riven that thirty dnys after
this data 1 Intend lo apply to the chief oominls
sinner of lnn.ls ami works for permission to
cm ami carry nway limber from the fallowing
rtBsorlhctl binds 1
Commencing at the northwest corner of lnt
23C0 in group one smith Hast Kootenay, Ihcnoe
north 1*20 chains, tlienee 160 e alnswesi, tiience
soutli 40 chains, thence east ism chains, tlienee
south so chains, thence east *vi chains io place of
commencement, t. w. i.kask.
Ditteil tliis ht ilay of December, 1001,
Thirty.dnys after date l intend to apply to
llie chief commissioner of lands and works for
|-crml««loii lo cut mul carry nway tminer from
ilia following lii'si-iiiieii laud,* Commencing at
11 |mst on Kast line ore, McAdam'a pre-empt|nn
mi si. Marys rivor, and running east si chain.
IIipiicc south IW ehnlnsi tlienoc west so chains,
tlienee north 120 chains to point of commencement
w. 11. McFarlane,
tinted ni Cranbrook, Descmber 17, lOUO.
Thirty days nf'.er date I Intend to apply tn
(liter Cimimssioijer nf hands anil Works fur
liermi-.sii.il m nn inni parry uwuy timber from
following dosirilue-j innd: Commencing at a
post ou 1 he south iiitni-: or st, Mnrys rlwr almnl
two miles above mouth of Perry creek, nml run-
big smith 120 chnins, tlienco oast so elinlns,
hence north 120elinlns, thence west mi chains
tn [mini of commencement,
Chester McAdAm,
I mifti frauL'riiok December it, IDOO,
Not lco i< liorobj given Hint no days nfter date,
l Intend lo ripply tn the Chief Conimlsslsnar nf
lAndsnnd Works fnr the iwrm Kiii-ni to pur
biue the loiiowhm deiorllMd lands 1 An Mnmi
hinted mi Moyie lake directly opposite Moyie
'Hy anil contflllllllg 01)0 ftcrs iiiiiii'or less,
Urnnhrooki H.O., not-, ist. lOflft  11,11. MJNKII
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk it over
wilh a Contractor. We are
in the business as our work
tor last year will show. Call
on us for plans and ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co,
«■ [<!>T*-» I •;T<..T,!. 1.
•^^^^^M^^^^if^^iJ^^.\-% :
Mmmmmmmmmmi 1\
■x-< •■'■■■-:, .:.'.i •   •   ...i j>i:. '.i..iV|-.',.i|,.!".f. i"-i*5.ir|-*iVlVr«T#T*»Tjrij. •   -, , -,-,
CRANBROOK, - MtMXolumbia. H
CIO A IVRDnnk'' ls the divisional point of the Crows
WKiAl^OK-U-UlX Nest Pass Railroad.
Crrlflhronk  ,h'as a ,0=sta" roL,nd house, large machine
^**/* -Cllll/I -UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Insurance, Real Estate and
Mining Stock.
Correspondence  Solicited.
Established April 1898.
I. O. O. F. Block     Cranbrook, B. C.
Meats and Poultry firSTST!
For the Holidays. § k^uZy', mS£ I
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Julius Hurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
J nie and Fort Steele.   J* J
Wc arc better prepared than ever to serve the
people of South Easl Kootenai In our line.
The best of Heats, Turkeys, Chickens, Ducks,  Fish
and Oysters.
jtjtjt See the annua! display.
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
■ ** v/ The best of accomodations
LCct-Uin^   At for the traveling public.
Hotel    *
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
""■ Builder dt
:::::C ran brook, B C
Have you talked with anyone about building?
Come and see me or let me sec you.   II may
do us both good.
Get Your  Photo   Taken
and put on one ol our New
Christmas mounts. There is
no gitl that will give more
pleasure to the friends in the
Prest, Photoghrapher
Contractor and Builder
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk or Commerce BUIg.        ell an IlllooK
Furnished or
Inquire of..,
r. s. McNeil
Durick ave.
Al present am building Ihe new SI. I'uKcnc
hospital and a number of two story anil other
Cranbrook, II. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook,      :     :       British Columbia
Physician and Surgeon.
OFl*!CK-SIIKItl,OCK   lll.oci,,
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :       :   :    II, C.
£ «i
The Cranbrook  \
Lumber Co.        I
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU   KINl'S   OP-
Rough and
** »
Dressed Lumber, |
Dimension Lumber, I
Shingles and f
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of thc best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE   HERALD.
OJMNBBOOK,  11. 0.
Xen York** B»vfttlll|i.
When New Yuri; city owm-it n slave
ship te tolil in nu article in IVarsoti'ts
BJagnstlue. Tin1 -jr-etaest impetus was
given tu the slave trade b.v the Bt-I o!
piiiliniiniit of UlSl. vrlilch legtlllzetl
shiver? In the North American eolo
uh*8. This does out mean tliat slnverj
was unkliowtl In Wliat is now the
Uniteil Stiiits before thnt time, because ns early ns 1020 a Dutch innn-of-
wm- landed nml sold 20 African tu*
groeB at Jamestown. Vn.
In 102U the West India company lm
ported slaves rrom tin- West liulles lo
New Vorh city, then New dmsterdtim.
Thi* city Itself owned Bliares in u slnvi*-
ship, advanced moucy for its Httlug
out nnd shared la the proOts of Its
voyages. This recognition ami encour-
agoinont may aeeouut for tlio astound
lug fact that in 17(10 slaves foniirt!
oni'slxlh of (he eullro population of
Now York. Tin- gcueral prevalence of
slavery is shown hy tlie faol tlmt at
thiH timo there were HT staves In New
Yorl-.'s small BUbui'l) of Brooklyn, ami
thnt iu Loudon Itso'f there woro real.
di-ni 80,000 slaves.
Slaves were nt ihnt then pnhll.-ly
den 11 in mi ihe London oxelinngo,   No
WOtldol' the tratlli* in Iniuinii llesh wns
it ii'euiruizeii commerce mul ihnt lu
1771 tin* Knglisli nlono sent to A film
I Uii slilps equipped for the trade ami
with a earryltitf capacity of ■iT.l-i-.t
slaves por trip.
A Doftflfflit In rhurch.
The Westminster Budget says thnt lt
was once usual for hlgh^iml shepherds
to take their tlogs to church nml leave
them outside the pews. Two shepherds at enmity sut on opposite sides
of the aisle one Sunday. Soon after
the sermon began tbe doys, one a collie
and the other not. seemed to enter Into
their masters' quarrel. One tender of
the tlock and then the other egged on
his animal, aud each faithful dog obey-
ed his master. The peoplo nt last cran*
ed their necks over the pews, nud when
tbe dogs actually fought not u few of
the congregation were standing up.
Tho minister's pntteiice wns ultimate
ly exhausted, and so be called to his
"hearers" ami said. "Ah. wt>el. my
brltherln. I see ye are more Interested
fu the dog-tight thnn in my sermon, nud
so I'll close the luilke-uud I'll het hulf
a crown on tin* collie!"
Ladies of Canada :
Inter-mutual trade is the true basis
of the federation of the Empire. So
fur as possible, ono colony should
consume thu produce of another.
Canadians and India and Ceylon tea
planters fought side by side iu Africa. About Itl per cent of the latter
volunteered  for  tbo war.
The teus of Ceylon and India are
ilu* best and purest the world product's. Already the Black Teas of
those colonies have captured llie Canadian market. The Qroon is now
fast displacing Japan's colored urti-
jlb. Quality and sentiment unite to
.econuiicnd it. Canadian ladles who
drink Japan leas should help the
British planter by drinking Ceylon
green tea. Blue Ribbon. Monsoon
and Suludu packets are ready for
you. Colonist.
Not Atnllnhlf.
When at '3 o'clock one morning Mrs.
Newman wns convinced thnt she beard
n burglar in tbe parlor, she cautiously
Awakened her husband.
"Very well." paid Mr. Newman, with
a dmwsy pnileticc born of frequent
similar alarms. "I'll get my revolver
from the drawer and go down nud Investigate.'"
"Bllt, William." snlil bis wife, with a
Btltlden  gasping remembrance,  "your
pistol Isn't here. dear. 1 -I tied it up
wlih ribbons for nn ornament under
your father's sword todnyf—Youth's
Bear Sirs,—*1   was   for  seven  years
a sufferer from bronchial trouble, and
would be so honi**-e .il limes Uml 1
could scarcely speak above a uhi*--
por. I gol no relief (rom anything
till I tried your MlNAltlts MONEY
BALSAM.       Two   bodies g»V0 relief.
and six bottles made a complete euro,
1 would Itenrllly recomniondtl to any
one sulTering rrom throal or lung
.1     r    \ AMUSKIKU
Tit Itl* Talk,
"They miy  ll r   bite  departed."
mid ihe ilrsi nimilbiil, Indicating ilie
dl-li before them, "wns n wry learned
innu "
"lmh'iHl." replied tlie other helping
ItllllHi'ir lor the third lime. "Then Ibis
Ih trtlljl "hilt the \\ lilteanen call mi Intellectual lenst.'"	
"Would I'uHiiingion sniTiiice prinel-
plofoi Bticoonf"
"Would be ■ Ue WOUld nmsiiier
SUt'CWfl ibrl   iheiip nt   tlv price.'*
iij      showing wiiATinnrunQTBunia      'j-
W MAY B8FAIUXI l'HU'1-E. ::   :: ]i
fl )i
The obsequious valet hnd already confiscated his overcont and was on the
point of confiscating his hat—that noble
lint whleh he hnd purchased from n
fashionable bntter only tlmt very morn*
iug for 23 francs. But by adroit maneuver tho lackey's deslgus were frustrated,
uml M. Oharles Dantols, artist, with Imt
in band, passed triumphantly into the
■nam—the hat first, the an ist after,
"Audacious footm-un!*' mud Dantols io
himself, "Hoes he imagine this hat was
purchased to ornament a hull or an anteroom?    Piirblcu, quel ilii|iei*titii'tiee!"
Certainly not, for the Imt in tho do-
signs nf M. Dantols was in piny a con-
ppieuouB part during flio owning.   He
vviiulil use it ns a pretty woman iisi-s lier
ran, to give grace and eleganco lo his
conversation ami gestures, und, without
appearing to attach nny Importance to
tin- noble structure, In-tended to brnmllsh
it in a sorl uf careless wny before iho
eves uf the distinguished guests in .Mnn*.
ilo .louse's salon, Indeed Hun very morning, In iho privacy of Ids own apart-
iih-iii, with im wilnesB imi the .sii«-ni mirror, Diaries Dn Minis, ivilh lho new I at
pi-oased close lo ins manly lum  luul
bowed hi iienginml ,n to a crowd or il's-
lliigiiislied nn ud a  ulniic nailery    f
b .ilntul decollete woiui ii gathered In llie
glided salon or ,\i , dcleuse.
But In* found the salmi empty. There
was until lug tn hnw to Imt ihe ih-h erlni-
•"hi satin fu in ilu re and tli * nilllldu s u'uo
i.f Ca nova's "Dancing Ulrl." Instead of
ilie anticipated nniniutr nf ndmlration
fnr die Dantols hat. no sound disturbed
lln* silence of tlie gorgeous apartinoiit bill
lhe crncltllug of lhe lugs as they  hl-s il
umi amused themselves in the spli uld
Chimnoyplece. Tlie artist wns vexed, di
iipiiuititiil. Madame evidently Intended
merely a tete-a-tete, And where would
be the opportunity of the Dantols ha:?
A moment's reflect ion, however, eo*i*
vincetl Idm that tin* widow was roal!y
paying Idm a compUmoni—she wlshod
him all to herself. Tills idea tiiklul 1 i*
vanity, nnd be lihilosoptllcnlly resigned
himself to nn evening a deux,
Chnrlcs Dantols really believed that lie
was desperately in love with Mine, dr
Jeuse, whom he Imd met for the Ilrsi
time three works previous to this piii'll.1-
idnr night nt a soiree given nt the Inntiio
ofa mutual friend. Mis hniutsume face
picturesque appearance ami eotirloeiis
nmnher, uilmrled with a certain nmicha
lance and laissez aller air. hnd attracted
llio widow, wlm wns yoting, pretty and
rich, but as enprielnus as n wild bird
Since tlmt evening tlio artist and wido*'
had met several limes, nml ihere exlsloi!
already lietween ihem a certain un V
standing, and both considered tliouis, Ive
desperately in love.
It must ho admitted, however, thill Hn
artist was mn insensible t*.> Mme. <h
iletise's gold and snw in (lie Poison
stepping stone to riches and fa tuo, 11
recalled oilier artists, certain I' i n te ti
his. less Inleuted. who, Ihaiiks to a Iin
son discreetly eireulnled wlih a ii h an
fashionable womnn, luul sprung iiu-i i
iiieilinte fortune and fnino. lien- was h ■
opportunity, and he resolved to make tin
must of it.
As the lover of the elegant Mme. d
.lease ho must elm nge his linlgltus an
Incidentally his clothes. The broad.*n fi
sombrero ami long clonk, tin- plctiiresqei
symlmlsof his artistic t em porn men t, m :-i
lie sacrificed on tho nttar nf love and iri.il
lie determined in tiress fiisliioiinbly, nnl
hnd the determination rested sol !>■ ui I
himself the metamorphosis would hnv
been Instnnter, But there wns nne nhsin
ile in the way—bo bnked cup lal; in nth
or words, money. Neither had he oredll
with a fnsliionnhle tailor. Sn afler un
ture deliherntlon Dunlots resoivod thai
Ins nietfltnorphosls should begin modest
ly. with the purchase of a tall silk tilp
Now, tho liat, though merely na ncce-so
ry to the toilet, possesses iis own poeill
inr Importance and, perched upon the pin
iinoh* nf the hn mnn body, commands at
tpnitfln nml fascinates llie eye, while I'd
bister sheds n soil of glory over lhe ell
lire per-minel. Then, niratn. lho Imt Is
really symbolical nud oft proohrnis tin*
Danlols felt n decided pride In his mil,
uh In Ins lho as be londetly rmvssed Ike
nap, and, according tn his wny of ihlnk
Ing, its possession hnd already numi i-ivd
liim with the men of fame and di-Cne
tintl.    To acquire  It   he  had   Voluntarily
sacrificed ibe nnhlo l!f> francs whi h he
wns accustomed in lose regularly ni ihr
Bundny races, nnd this fael greatly en
denied ihe sill; hat in his artistic heart
Alone in the salon he deliberated wheth
pi- to remain standing, hat in hand, ns
one would hold a bouquet tie dears, or to
throw himself into a ctuiir with the silk
tile carelessly placed U-side him. Abovo
■ill, he did nut wish to appear ridieul-■iiln the eyes of the little widow. To re
main fnr a Quarter of nn hour standlnfl
wllli lint In hand might impress thi-.
tushloiinbic woman of iho world ns bail
fniin   and   oven   ridiculous,     ltut   Where
place the treasured Mie? Ilo surveyed
tho room with hi** artistic eye—thc eye
nf s painter—and finally settled on the
center table ns the inmtt conspicuous
place, hoping that the widow would note
the elegance of tin* hat am) its linrmoid
mis blending in the general decoration
of ihe room. Having made the letectlnn,
In- threw himself Into n chair hv the ts
bio in show that he Chniles Dantols,
wns lho prnml owner of ihnl silk tile.
The beautiful Mon*. do Jeuse entered
in n rorlcge nf pprfmnes,   She wns de-
of Dodd's Kidney Pills are
legion. The box tl Imitated,
Mm OUtsldO coating nnd shape of tba
pills are imitated and tho name-—Dodd's
Kidney Pills is Imitated,    imitations are
dangerous. Tho original is safe. Dodd's
Kidney Pills have n reputation, lmita-
\ >. s have none or they wouldn't Imitate.
So they trade on the reputation of Dodd's
Kidney Pills, Do not be deceived. There
te only one DODD'S. Dodd's is the
original. Dodd's is the name to be careful about—
light fully grncioni to "her pninter" nml
sealed herself ncjir him mi the corner of
the divan llul th.- bat, liko n barrier,
separated Ihem. Still she did not appear
to observe it. Evident!; the widow was
lccuBtomed to high hots, and after awhlla
oven the artist himself seemed to forget
ba ever owned nut*. lie confided tn
Mine, de Jeuse thnt lie hud never met ia
nil his life a woman of such superior intellect, nor one who seemed to understand him quite so well, and the coqurt-
tt-h beauty assured the artist that he realized for her the Ideal she had long sacrificed. The tete-a-tete was progressing
delightfully wlieu tea was brought In,
nnd the charming widow arose to serve
Naturally tbo tray was placed Upon the
conter table.-and In distract ino the footman put the silk hat on the div.-in.   Dan-
tots took the cup which the widow presented am) at tlie same lime mi-sod the
fair hands tn his lips, a risky umvemeiit,
whieh in itseir wns dlillcult, no| to ay
dangerous, hut whieh he accomplished
without any serious results.
Mmo. dc Jeuse, coyly withdrawing her
hnud, relurned In her sent nn tin- divan.
Hut she gave a frightened scream. Tiie
artist glanced at the center table. IIm
tun had disappeared!   it mnient he
realised the terrible situation -ahe bad
seated herself on his silk tile nml *x.il
before him. hold luu the dcuitdl <du d hat
in the lips or hor jeweled fingers! Shi
louked firsl at the nitlst. then nt the tint
in nu effort to conned lhe lwo ami burst
nut Into nu Inoxtluguiidinl l<> laugh.
Why  tn  il   lhat   nothing  Ml  minis, h  a
woman as in sit mi a man's imt. partlc i-
laily his lull silk lit.-? The fuel admits
neither discussion mu* analysis, Imt certain ii is ihat a woman takes a del'c'ons
und even diabolical pleasure in denmtUb-
log a man's hat. She finds it bo vety
funny, Hut the man? Well, ho du-Wl
find it tpilte so droll.
Tlie pretty widow laughed nnd laughed, and the artist laughed becnuse he roll
compelled to. It would have been unfair
to allow such an unliable creature in
In ugh alone, but bis Inngh lacked spoata
nelly— it wns weak nml coustiaim-d—a:.d
bis smile wns forced.
"All, monsieur, I-I ask a thousand pardons. Itenlty I nm so-so very sorry,"
eald Mmo. do Jeuse, looking nroldy at tho
artist and laughing nil the while.
"Oh, It Is nothing at atl: nli olutoly
nothing," replied Danlnls, assuming n
superb nir of Indifference,
"Bui ymir poor lit-tle Imt." said Mi**
widow, hardly nhle to suppress lier hi! it'
ily. "| hope ynu believe ihnt-Mini I am
sin-eciely sorry. M, Dnnlnls," nm! Ilnr
the Utile coquette Inmrheil again.
The artist smiled as he looked nt h r.
bnt it wns a severe sijdh', "Alter all," le
snid lo himself, "she appears nhsuilllely
devoid of Intellect. Iler hiugh is pusl
lively frrllnliug: it crates on one's nerves
snvors nf hysteria or, worse yel. the nsy
lum. Ami then she isn't nl all pni j
when she laughs, Hi (Irand I ben. sin* i-
simply mnking fun of mo! Were I n sn
ciety man she wouldn't dine Inunti sn hi
biliously. But I am only nn a.tist! .M >
chere. she simply sot down on lho hat ol
an artist!"
But do nnt laugh, for (!m need nt '■>
grave,  though   this  uuilihiklii-.-   suiiei.i
Woman dues mil re*ili;:e il. As Dun***-!
watched her he began m detest h-r-i n
tbedoiestntlon grow m hatred llnd mi 1
nn accident neeui'leil wilh Lis nu del h
would hnvo pardnned it Mild nmild n
tlnulil hnve henrliiy [niiied in lhe laugh
hilt with this IViilllitll il wns dllTerell
He could never pardon her. SI- hid -at
on someihiiiT nmre ihnn hte lint—un I.i-
amtiilions, his hopes and bis heart— am!
he turned nway from her II Iler n--.
than luter In a single imuuent sin* lln
made hint realise the immense g"lf wh I
scpnraled tllolll ami whieh willld alw,i<
Fepnrate them. Pot-Imps it win* nlt-n d
bm it was detiiiite. Irreparable
And when Mine. ,!,. Jou e hn! e* —
laughing both made nu eiTml In re.<n   *
tho ihread of iheir con versa thui.   b I  i
wns Impnssllilp.   The-* could Hnd n i
Ing to say.   The sile'.ice was ley    'I li i
simply smiled al each other ns people d
who are barely nromitntiHl and w!a
nwnil n third permm wlm dues not pi nil ■
At iho end of a ipuirtor nf na hour lie
artist arose nn.l bade Hi.* widow g n
eveuing. As lie passiii Into llie nut#
room tie resolved to avenge Idmndf ■ n
the rootmnn. Fie slapped the demolish-v
hal on his bend and. wilh n d lint nm
feioeinlls look, i\v.-l lhe Itlekey, li p II
thnt he would laugh. Hut the vnVl d-
plcd, intiinidatiil. Would um porUlll him
self to do so, Danmis imsseil mi im . ilu
slreet, bill never again ilhl lie ero-s tho
Ihreshnld of Mme. de .louse's sal m.-
Adapted rnmi tin* l-'reneh i-'or Seattle
1*081 Intelligencer.
The iiiiii-r.
Tlie oyster Is as fixed and sedontaiy
as the potato, and its cultivation is
Just us easy,   in Htirope its propaga
lion lias been reduced to n scictililli
basis, but In tliis country only a be
ginning has been made.
Au oysler Is ready for market lu
about live years. The blvnlves bnvo
so much lo con lend will) thai perhaps
only one In 2.000,000 lives to grow up
and be eaten by human beings.-
u«n«tni the Actor,
Some Kngllsh investigator has discovered tlmt actors have o patron saint
who was an actor lu the dnys of Dlo
clollnn nnd won bis place by proclaim*
big before a heal lion audience his belief In Christianity. lie was put to
death am! for mnny yenrH afterward
was considered liy Christian actors as
tbolr patron anlut. Ills name was
A Severe Case of Chronic Asthma Which Would
Yield to no Other Treatment Cured by Dr. Chase's
Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine.
'I'he ayiiiplDins of uslliniu are keenly distressing mid ure not easily confused with thoso of any other ailment. Tlm victim is suddenly aroused hy un intense iitiguisii in tbu chest,
llm breathing is accompanied by a
loud wheezing, tho face becomes
Hushed, and bathed in perspiration:
be gasps for air, bolieving tliat each
moment may bu bis last, After
these paroxysm}*, which may last for
hours, the patient usually falls asleep to arise noxt day weak, languid
and debilitated.
Dr. CIiusu'h treatment for asthma
Consists in tlie combined use of Lwo
of liis remedies, Dr. Chase's Syrup of
Linseed and Turpentine and Dr.
Chuse's Nerve Food. Asthma te a
nervous disease and the attacks are
brought on by some irritation of Hm
nerves along the air pfiS8UgeS- These
nerves are southed and quieted and
Immediate relief afforded to tho patient by tho use of Mr. ('huso's Syrup
of Unseed und Turpentine, in fuel
asthma is frequently thoroughly cured by llie use of this remedy alone,
im Is evidenced by the testimonial
quotid  below.
In most cases, however. It is found
advisable to combine ibe two remedies, Mr. (.'base's Syrup of Linseed
nnd Turpentine and Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food. The former ns a local treatment acting directly on tiie bronchial
tubes and air passages, and tbe hitler as a nerve restorative to build
up and strengthen the whole nervous
syslom. It is confidently believed
thero is no treatment extant UiuL is
so perfectly successful in the cure of
asthma as the combined use of these
two great remedies.
Mrs. George Dudden, Putnamvtllo,
Onl-. says:—"I feel it my duly to io-
eommnul Hr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed mid Turpentine, as I had the asthma very bad; could get nothing to
do me any good, A friend of mine
persuaded me to try this remedy, as
he bud tried It, and IL proved successful. I tried it and it eured mo,
I am thankful today to say I am a
well woman through the use of this
remedy. I keep It in tlm bouse all
the time nud would not be without
Mr. ChaSO'B family remedies are for
sale ut. all dealers, or Irom Kdmau-
stni,  Mates &. Co., Toronto.
TELL THE DKAF.-Mr.J.P. Ealloek.
DrufK'**'' IVrih. writesi "A customer or
mine bavins been cored of deafness by ihe
m» uf Pr. thomas* Eek-etric OIL wrote to
Ireland telling his friends there of lhe eure.
In cohbi (jut-nee I received nu order to t-end
half n dozen by express to Wexford, Ireland thli week."
lmiirl--.pi-.i-J   l*T   rto   Ontrlofc,
A guardsman n ibe reserve of office:-; wbo is bettor known for bis swag-
per than his brains bad an unfortunate
experience In South Africa.
lie was stationed about 100 miles
from Cape Town m u remount depot.
one morning n farmer stopped him as
tie WA-* taking a constitutional and
warned hlm against crossing nn inclos-
ure containing a cock ostrich which
had become bud tempered. The guardsman snid tlmt no ostrich ever batched
would turn bim out of his way und
weiii on unmoved.
As be bad not returned home four
hours afterward bis brother otllcera
•.•.ere alarmed ami sent out search parties Whnt wns their surprise to dis-
ffovi-i him lying ■ u his bach unhurt,
with a coel; ostrich sitting on his chest
Tbe bird hnd knot lied Iilm down each
time he had tried lo rise, but could not
bint him while he lay lint on his buck.
Vei leave bis enemy ho declined to do
and therefore sut quietly npon bim un
til driven olT by the rescue parly.*
Parents buy Mother dravos' Worm B*>
terminator because they know it i« a Bare
midicine for their ebildieu and un effectual
expellur of uurms,
rntiln-tt VVnteh -mosses,
In tin* prutliu'Uoii of common watch
glasses the gUss Is blown lino a sphere
about a meter in diameter, sufilcleut
-lmterlnl being inlteu to give lhe desired thickness, ns the ense may be. Disks
an* iben cm out from this sphere with
the ii;d of n pah* of compasses having
a illnmum] ul tlio extremity of one log.
There Is a knack In detaching tlie disk
aftor li has boon cut A good workman will, it is snid, cut (1,000 glasses
In a day.
Whero can I get some of Holloway's Corn
Curt? I was entirely cured of my corns by
this remedy and I wish some more of it for
my friends. So writes Mu. J. W. Brown,
(."nance  Por  Iilm nt  Home,
I'slugger (the eminent pugilist. In a
high state of Indignations He offers
me NMMM* If I'll lay down in the lift'
round I I'll show lm, by (leorgo, I'm a
Mrs. I'slugger-Whnt's the matter
with trying to show tne you're a gui-
HemnoV—(Ibleniro Tribune.
Minard's Liniment Cores Dipbttaeria.
How  MfiiL* Are  .Untie.
Paper masks um mil V by doubling
one sheet of n specially prepared p:t
por. welting ii nml molding it by hnud
over ii fnee form It is tbeu dried by
iiriifici-n beat. Openings nre cut for
eyes, iiuse ami immih. uml It Is painted
nud decorated hy huml as desired
Wire masks are mude by stumping a
piece of wire ml ting aboul n foul
square ovei n face mold In n InrgP ma
elllue. Inclosing llie rough wire edges
lit a narrow strip nf hud. Then M Is
painted '1 be painting is done by hand
lu oil colors.
Then* i< more Catarrh In tlm ier tion of the
country titan sli other dliooMi pnt temther,
nml until tin* list few vi ins was nui*|ioi!i>tl tu be
liieiir.<bli*. Fern (trenl many yenrs doctors pro*
limineed It ft I. enl dfseasi-, nnd i>i*p«eribG I lucid
remedies, snd by constantly failing tn cure
with local trentBien", pronounced It Incurable,
Helen. ,< has *irovi-n catarrh t<> hi* n eunstilu-
tiun-il ilisii-u"!-, nud ihen-fure ii*<|niri*s constltu-
tiimni treatment, Hall's Ciitarriu ure,manu-
fnetuml by K. J. rln ney & (,*<>., T'-li'ilu, Ohio,
i* die en ly p. •imt it minimi (.urc 0I1 ,ae market.
it is tak-w internally in dotes from to drops to
a taupoonful It acta directly on the blend and
mucin* -on (nee* of the ny-alem. They offer one
hnmlri-il i|..iliir» for uny case ll faib to cure.
Send fur circular-mnl ii'sthrienlala.
Ad-ins*.      P, J. CHENEY St Co., Toledo, 0.
Seld by Druggists, 7'*c.
Mall.-, family i'ills aie the best,
Mrs Jones—I don't see what you
Bhould havo ugainst my lirsL husband.     Tbe poor fellow is dend.
Mr. Jones—Yes, that is tbe only
thing I've got against hlm."
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
A Matter of Regret.
''It's ii great pity," snid the nmn who
Ims I nl; eu a deep Interest in the plans to
Ntippreas dugs.
"Whnt's u pity?"
•That we can't no furiher thuu the
more prevention uf hydrophobia. Just
ihlnk how much cheerier this life would
he If nature imd only made the grip genu
bin enough to innMle."— Washington
Minard's LiDimeot era Colls, Etc.
"Do you i hi uk thnt it is a man's
duty lo acknowledge always no is In
tbe wrong, when lie bus u difference
of opinion Wilh his wifo ?"
"Weil," answered Mr. Uookton, reflectively, "bolter lato than nover.
Dili il really seems to mc lie ougbl
to limn 4uid Hiilllcient' perception to
know ihoi ho win in the wrong boforo tbere wiih nny dlBCUBfttori in llie
matter whatever."
Mlnard'i Liniment Cora Quiet ii Con.
way & Chun
Stock, and bonds bought, Hold und
carried on margin,   Listed
mining stocks carried
Thi* Krcor.l 1* »1 K-.pt tin I Value to
Pm-riits-— It UR M-MfSg-fl fruiu it ."tl-oilier
to Mother-, of Growing Ghl*.
Amoii-.; the young girls throughout
Canada who owe good health—perhaps life itself—to i'r. Williams' Pink
Pills, is Miss Hut tie Althouse, ol
Cainpdeu, Unt, When a representative called ut the Althouso homestead
to muke enquiries as to the particulars uf tlie eure. he waa cordially received by Mrs. Althouse, who readily
consented to give a statement for
publication. "Up to the age of
fourteen years," snid Mrs. Althouse,
"my daughter Battle hud always enjoyed th- bcsl nt health. Then she
began to complain of weakness, nnd
grew pale and languid. UV fried sev-
rni medicines, luu Instead o( helping
ier she was steadily growing worse.
mid w<- becamu alarmed and called in
a doetor.    Ii> mid us thai her blood
id it
tbnt sin* wns tin tho Verge uf nervous
prostration, She \mis under his rare
for several months, but still kept
growing worse, sin* had become
very pnlo, bad no appetite, froqueiil
headaches, nml after even slight exertion ln-i* heart would palpitate violently. As time passed, sho seemed
to grow worse and worse, until at
last she eould scarcely move uhout.
uud would lie upon it sofa most of
the day. Al tiiis juncture she imd
occasional fainting fits, und nny
fright, nfl from a sudden noise, would
bring on slight attacks of hysteria.
Both my husband nnd myself feared
ihnt sbe would not live mnro ihnn n
few months. It wits while Unttie
wuh in this condition tbut I read un
account of a girl eured of a similar
ailment through the uso of Dr, Williams' Pink I'ills. Then I decided
thai llultie should givo thom a trial,
and procured three boxes; when sin
had used them Ihere wns an un
doubted Improvement in her cou
ditloil, and we fell, hopeful Unit slu
would regain hor health. She continued using tlie pills mid from Umi
on daily umde progross toward complete recovery. Itor appelila ro
turned; color begun to come tuuk lo
ber faco, headaches dioappoarod, und
In tho course of n. few mon ths slu
wns as well ns ever sbe hud been In
her life. It is now more thnn two
yours since she discontinued tho ttw
or lhe pills, and in all Uml lime biif
enjoyed Uie host of health, with absolutely no return of the (rouble. 1
ean scarcely sny bow grateful we
feel for what Dr. Williams' I'ink I'illt-
have done for my daughter, nnd 1
would Btrongly utge mothers whosi
daughters may be ailing to giv<
them Dr. Williams' i'ink Pills at
once, and not experiment with othei
Hr, Williams' Pink Pills create no"
blood, and thus reach the root of tin
disease. In thc rase of girls merging
into womanhood lhey are almost in
dispensable, and their use is a guar
antee of future health und strength'
Other so-called Ionic pills are men
Imitations of ibis medicine uw
should Iw avoided. If your dcalei
does not keep them lhey will be sen'
postpaid al 60 cents a box or sh
boxes for $2,SO, by addressing thi
Ur. Williams Medicine Co., Brockville
[ Dominion Bank Building, Winnipeg j
Money lent at lowest rates.
Stocks and bonds bought and sold, i
Kidlwny nnd other farm lands in ■
I Manitoba and N. W. T. for -sale.
'     MapBond folders Bent on appllca- I
i tion. w       ]
Quit coal from Lolhbrldge.
l'ricca quoted to all railway pointa,
Mrs. Floodyer—Oh, Mr. TJntts, how
I enjoyed your lovely volume of
poems 1
Butts—-You're very kind, indeed !
Do you like the Alcaic meter'?
Mra. Floodyer—Alcaic meter 1 Oh.
1 soe, you want to change tbe sub'
jeet. Modesty is the crown of genius. But, really, I ennnot sny.
Doeslt cave much gesV
The great demand for n pleasant, safe and
reliable antidote for all affections of the
throat and lungs is fully met with in Biekle's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup. It is n purely Vegetable Compound, and acts promptly nnd
innjiiciil!y in tmbduing all coughs, colds,
hrotichitiH, inflammation of lhe lung , etc.
lt te so jiululublc thut a child will nut refuse
it, and i- put ut a price tbat will not exclude
the puor from its benefits.
Had It l.o-*vi>p#d.
Sir Augustus Harris onee settled the
pitch question In his own ulTIinud fnsh
Ion. A famous prima dminu of bis op
era company camo to hint oouiplnlniup
thnt Ihe piano used l'ur voeul rehears*
nls wns too high uud asking tlmt I:
might be lowered.
"Certainly." replied Drurlolnnits
with n bow "Here, l-'iirsyth. hnve a
couple of iiii-hes pawn I ofl the logs ol
this phi no."
Fans akd Agui add Bilious Dxbamqb-
luirxs are positively cured by tho use of
Parmelee's Villa. They not only cleanse the
stomach nnd bowels from all bilious matter,
but they open the oicrctory vessels, causing
them to pour copious effusions from the
blood into tho bowels, after which tiie corrupted mass is thrown out by tbo natural
paunge of the body. They are med us a
genera) family medicine with the heat
retu ts.
in- Knew th« Spot,
An amusing anecdote h rotated of
General Sheruinn, wbo. ns command-
lug general of the army, -rlilted Wwl
Point one June ror tin* grnduiiUou exercises, lie niTonipftiih d tin- <•<■ m-
mundnni on hi- Si mluy morning tour
cf Inspection of burrttckH, und on enter
lug n certain room bo walked over to
the mantelpiece, stooping down, he
pried up n brick from the middle of the
hearth with his sword scabbard nnd re-
rested a hollow space about a foot
square. In whteh was nicely packed n
considerable i*t.nt*ilty or tobneeo nnd
other contraband nrtlelos Meanwhile
the cadets uwupyiiig ibo room stood
bj mutely watihinjj mid tvonderlug
what sort of mnn the general was to
have been nhle to discover the only
'•collar1' of Its kind in barracks. Turn
Ing to the eomnmndniit. the general re
•I have been wondering if that bob
win still there. I made it when 1 was
a omlei und lived In this room."-
Ladies of Canada :
Whit? statesmen and politicians ar-
guu the Zollverein and differential
trade within Lhe Empire (which they
will do  wiiile  jaw   displaces  common
sense), settle this matter for yourselves.
Vour brother colonists of Ceylon
und India are growers of pure teas.
Black umi Qreen. Canadian and
United States importers supply vou
with 11,000,000 pounds annually of
Japan leas, yeo ihey know Japans
are artificially colored and adulterat-
d. Let tho knowledge of those facts
aud tho sentiment of patriotic .sisterhood mme you lo help tho British
British grown Black Teas hold the
Canadian market. Drinkers of Japan tea should try Lhe Urccns now
coining on tho mnrkel, and your
dainty palates will approve them
YeB, we hear your grocer's excuses.
hul insist. Ladies can always gol
wluii, tbey wnnt Remember how
you ran your husband to—well, do
lhey Mill ibink it Paradiso '.' They
certainly will if you glvo thein Ceylon und India green tea. Blue Rib
bon. Monsoon and Salada packets ard
i* obtainable. Colonist
A Trlil.>   Dote.
Not long ago a n:\ lui spnnlol un>
Introduced min lho bonne where a fqi
terrier hml always i u the muster
The latter wns tnhl however, to lie
have well to Ihe iiee.-ciuiu-r und not to
l<uIly hlm So ihe two seemed fnlrli
friendly ami in the end gut in the hnhll
ur taking shm-t rambles together.
However, the fiix terrlt-r wns evident
ly of a thoughtful disposition mul on
one occasion enme ncross n bunk. Ol
will), which wns ensy enough io leap
off, but there was greater difficulty In
returning The fox terrier flpraiifi
down the bnnk and enticed his lleavj
eoiupiililon to follow, with the result
tbnt the bitter eould not got bnek. While
the former, liy rensot) of bis greater ne
tlVlty. wns easily aim- to do.
Now the terrier SAW his opportunity
returned home nml cruelly left his coin
pnnlon lamenting. Never did the former seem happier or gayer thnn on
that duy when he bad once more tln-
COle run of tlie house, tind he sulked
when later ou the spaniel bad been
found.assisted up tlio wall and brought
Since then the fo.v terrier lias repeat
odly got tlio spaniel down the same
place, with the usual result, nnd seems
to glory In his mischievous act Wbeih
er the "fat dog" will lourn to avoid
temptation t" such ii rumble remains lo
he seen
Yotiili—"Oh. I don'l. want lo tako
that clmrutcr. I'd mako a fool of
myself, sure."
Maiden—"Well, you said you wauled nn easy part."
strnteu.v in n SI ret* I Inr.
"In the mallei ni Kintt->*g(v n woman
enn get ilu- bet tel ol a man every time
in minor affairs, tit lenst." said a man
who Is lu business dawn town nml who
rides home in n West I'lilladolphln car
during the rush hum overy eveuing.
"I usually gel a sent, foi I take the car
away down nt Fourth street. The
other evening i was busily rending my
paper when a woman gol nlioord .-it
Twelfth street. I glanced up slyly und
saw thai all ilu* scats wen- occupied
Hasty us my ghl lice was. itlie en tight
my eye, and Mini wns my flu Mb, SiiiH
ing broadly, she enme over io wheie I
wns silting aud exclaimed: "Why. bow
do you do!   Mow an* ail lho rolksT
•*1 couldn't place ihe womau io snvi
my life, but I lifted my luu nnd re
plied Hint we were all well 'Slie must
be some friend of the ftitu ly." I nrgm c*
wlih myself, so I folded up my paprl
and gnvo her my sent. A Tier she tad
settled herself comfortably she lookiil
up ni mo iu a inner sort of way am!
said: "Koally. I musl bog your pardon
1 look ynu for Mr. Jones Vou look no
much like him.*
"lllll she hud the senl, and she kept
it.   It was u eleiir ense of bunko."
cures coughs and colds at
once. Wc don't mean that it
relieves you f *r a little while
—it cures, It has been doing
tliis for half a century. It has
saved hundred-; of thousands
of lives. It will save yours if
you give it a chance.
" I clinched and rjined mfitinuo.i->!v. Could
nm niter..! t., butlDca. Cot bottle of Shitoh
M.ipp-sd ine cou-jii «ad rtslircd ine to -n-ritcl
J J, TAGGART, Toronto.
BhllflVi CiiiMimjolon Cure t- »nld bf nil
dm-jgi-tK In ■> iiim-'it >uh) I ri:t,-il m.o.p.  nt
2V.-Vic. >i.it i  * liuttl-B,   In lirt-Ht llrliiln
nt i..  i.i. in. 8il., an.l i-.. mi    A printed
|[.l>iroil,..- DOM di'li fv-ery liutlli*. If vm-,
tin* ii-M M-.M-.tl.Ml •*,, i.i your -it-Uffftll Wid
ri.*. I your m.iiir,.* Iittuk.
Writ-afortlluitrated book on '■   ion Sut
witli«ute.>ii i - >■■:,   -> i". W-tlte* I- . 1* -who.
I ;.::■ - h . >tber
iiuMu'I Biiti;iress ih.it
ii." replied Hie brlgbt
ay Hint -em I mis me.
umotli core lust sum*
THK KKSr PILLS.-M-. Wm. Vftnder-
Tooit.Sydei-y LtoBiloff,Out.,wriU : "We
have boon usinn Purme'eo'a Pilk, and tind
them h> f.ir ilie heat pl)U -jreeter uaod."
Tio-v** tlii--t* (illUact liko a charm.   Taken in
..nuil  dose, tbo «tTeet is both n tome and ii
■jtimubiiit. ni.Idly escUiu tha Boontlonaol
the hod.., jiring tone ai a vigor,
i W SE AM> -effect
"Whal don Uu     poet    -.i>     » sorrow r ltowu i i Borrow* i- '    muivd
tin- llioughtful mun-
"1 dun i know what the pool says
replied ihe .'no who had Imd experience.  ■ bul   t  think  it's    thc    neb ing
crown .i  i.-Mow   Ims  on the morning
Brass Band
i.* *.-—■■ priev ovai -qa *t*>d   Kino catmlogaa
:o iinstnttooa mtUcd fm   Wrdaosforaoy
thing in Utul« -ur tftulral ln-lruiu.-nU.
Wtaley Eoyco S Co., r°^™e.-_
A fltJaire of Lnnnllpi,
f.ncR. In Cochin t'liiiui, ip. neoordlag
to Dr. I.orevn*. ti rlllngeof out ami uut
fools or I utilities. A runuuon form or
lllll ll In with i bem Is to helleve they
huvo n liufTolo in Hip atomncb, nope*
ll'ftS eases ot tills ilelusl'jll. or "plpop,"
us tlie)* ure called, urp thrown Into the
.••■nier nnd If the.v wive themselves nre
noeniu.led free frum llie posritltslon.
t nniilnnHin 0|ilnlnn.
"Cnndltlly, .lum." -;ij,i n September
hriil.■■.'iiniili to hte hi Mo in ;i spirit ot self
nliii.-i'iiii-iii,  "1   can't   [leieeive ntinl  you
sn iv in ine to uinko you willing to marry
"Never mind, ileiir." replied the bride;
"tlint's Hluti nil my rpIatiTM say."—
Pittsburg Chrniihii-Toli'fjiiipli.
I ua-WtllAf   FACTOR?.MontrwJ
l-'llml   IIiim lltlff.
Ililmv ia n siuiv fouml in a reeeni
ho'ol{. "TnlkR Willi tin* Obi Mn: llsl
t'rh-ki ie.s," tvlilHi prnmptH lhe n*Heo
tion ihnl "Ihere wen- ptnnla lu ihosi
lays" of iho "did'* erlektlera
A iiiiiii «tm ttiil a private business li
nthleiie roijuislies ni his homo h
Ititiokpnol wns one dny ii|ipmni'lied Ih
■I nmn who nsked bim If be kept a fui'
supply of crlekt i reqiilsins
■i'i ii.-iinly " wns ilie ii>sponse.
"Then," silbl llie ni.itt gilive'y, "win;
me up a hollte of ti-uVu   n pttpet < ■
-nun plainer nud nn to-.u sling.   1 am
l in piny tn ii erleket miileli Him
iflentouu 11gnlusl .Im-h (.rmwlnnd."
that do not convey u hint of
how little you pny for them
ure Illustrated in abundance in
our 1901 catalogue, which we
will send upon application.
You will wonder how tuch
pretty token: -t friendship
could be purchased for the
pries we Ofck.
Kach nrllcte will be initialed
without extra charge and enclosed in u dainty box to make
the giving SO much prettier.
Esl-flhllr.hnd   1854.
Ryrie Bros..
Yoos-a Qktid Adoltklde Sts.,
will tind our stock of Watches.
Jewellery, Silverware and Dia-
mond-> in greater profusion than
ever. There is certainly not a
finer class of go.»ds to tie seen iu
WRITE US about your Jewel-
lery wants and we truarantee to
give you tbe very best value obtainable.
08 SENE us your name and address and me will forward you
fret- our handsome new illustrated catalogue of useful and appropriate articles for Christmas gift-
B. & H. B. KENT,
The Leading Jewellers,
{Trade Mark K-ifi-t**.--**: Vorsmbfr U, lWi |
1~>t. rtanr.rir, AgTeta u, ';,>..• (nftnunents i*ck
»t half price 1/ jinrtlei utog Umn »rtn'-t Ic-mi*
iti'lu'l ftft«r axil if fur f.v- a:, )tA.
?. Fff-s. Winil;-g inj*!    I have natal "OtyA*
.nor'   for two  VWl for BraowlUs sJW) Ca-
UTTB Ot tb« Hi!. *.!:■'. I '.<■-'.   11(4 * tj-sw a.mi
Ure. F. U Oook, WtoslMg '»ri   I had mt-
ft-red uirtoir] t,g i.\- • trou, Br jftii » U <•>»•»». ktid
ltreli«TW me ut H»ln, Md 11 I-I WC-SKI I wu
*.tr. w.o CUworthT.WfDtilp*t,Myi: Ihitl
mffe €<l for'-J vet ri with ir'lcii-ar lOfftUDStisni
T,- In ho-tylttl for 6 »eek*. >-,■. : u,«-'j ftlniMt
evwvrtsmeay, Inetadlni nwmerifin irbtv«r.-
l-tn.electrubeltt-Bto   I nan uu pxjdnnor
lOdayianl ■••••, y-i more . .:.i tlian fr-tn
nytfiiiiif elte.
Mrs. Olgner, Wtniilprv. wis: I hava BWd it
Iwnsfleislljr irith my wnllr wbtuent iick.
-ind it bu-aarm ma of •• v. (,. ;..,i:,*, -■] r. and la
RaVdMltn WtoM in -fv.ryilt-.irl't. AddrflM
rt m T. OibUoi, Orsln Et. hm,^, Wiantp g.
Sen.! for 11 ttimltil* -it gr.it->-ful rej^jrti
■f*    To Umn nn Improved farzai ut cur- k
f     run rata*.   Writ*-* to ▼
J NAMES, ROU] -son A BUA.GK,      t
^ trtsnpioi "as. J
*9a+Ar.9.4+.9+-*.9.*-a.*+-*+-*-9.*-+ +
Manpf«al.ir«,l 1>> THUS. IKK. vf limlpa*
Catholic Prayer 8sSl^E3!frJS
nUra, H-cllgiou-tPlriurM.Htatuaf/.andCharch
Oriiameiiti, IMuc-itl'iiiftl Works. MalloHerire-
celve prompt attention. 0. & J. Saflliei A C0,,K0Elreal
Wif.-1 ftfeod, * ;.
can for l*u.^rrh
.< «.ll u
rail i
tj.00 |*f Imi,
it lor
StlN.ill.    ttllll',1 liulilrl
■1    tlt.ll**4l   I'fl .   -|l|f.,l,
t  ttti'. W-lnrlF'-l. Hin
'ot   ll'    .lii:.,.ll.'l
The Only Printers1 Supply
Housein the Northwest
1?1 Owen Mi*.-i, Wlniii|it-K.
W, M. 0. 300, 1
BeaHie has a stock of China now on hand. He needs
thc room. China breaks, but the prices he has
placed on these articles will not break you. Cups,
saucers, bowls, fruit dishes, plates, etc, latest designs,
and the best.
Qo Aftet It.
A Great Opportunity.
R. E. BEATTIE, Druggist. |
Teas that Refresh. Coffees
that Have No Grounds for
May be found here if not elsewhere. We make a specialty
of good things and tea and coffee are but two items from
the almost innumerable list of best things. Ask for samples.   Fresh Manitoba butter and eggs received weekly.
and Crockery.
******** ♦♦♦♦■*■»#*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**
{     LOCAL   NOTES     $
Picked  Up About the City  by Asking
Questions ol Many  People.
Smoked Finnan Haddy nt Roger's.
Constable Dames was in town Monday.
Dressed chickens and turkeyB at
H. J. Collette erne down from Windermere Monday.
Remember tbe race at tbe rink. There
•will be lots of fun.
Tbe provincial legislature will convene on February t,
A little coin a lot of dish china at
Beattie's for one week.
Don't forget the races at the palace
rink nest Thursday evening.
F. J. Smyth, editor of the Moyie
Leader, was in town Tuesday.
T.J. GUI, the engineer, is recovering
from a serious siege of illness.
William VanArsdalen, of Fort Steele,
was a Cranbrook visitor Saturday.
The Lord Lake cigar will be hete nert
week.   Look out for it.   K. J. Peltier.
Baptist church services morning and
evening on Sunday nest in Leask Hall.
Frank Rankin was called to Edmon-'
too Monday by the death of his brother.
Neil McLeod Curran and Mrs. Currau
came down from the North Star Mon
It is now certain that the Strathcona
Horse boys will return .some time next
Phoenis had a $30,000 fire last week.
The town, like Craubrook. had uo pro
Tiie big value sale will be on at the
Fort Steele Mercantile Company's next
Sat 11 r< lay.
We must Bluffonr stock of china, can't
■fiord lo carry it. Atyonrowu prices at
Any reasonable ofler for china will be
accepted by Beattie providing you have
the coin.
Rooms to rent. Apply at The Herald
oflice. Centrally located and partly
Mr. Smith and Miss Ilailey, of the
Fort Steele schools, visited Craubrook
last Friday.
Big bargains at the sacrifice sale of
winter goods. Fort Steele Mercantile
Company Limited.
Henry Thiry returned from the hills
this week where he has been working on
his claim all summer.
The races to take plaee al the Palace
rink next Thursday eveuing promises to
be an interesting event.
For one week useful dishes that are
ornamental at prices that will surprise
the easterners at Beattie's.
Tbere was a great slump in Sullivan
last week, Ibe price dropping to n-V
bid nnd u,V asked.
One of the rooms in the new school
buildings is being occupied aud tbe other
will soou be ready.
All the boys are talking aboul the
races tbat are to take place at tbe rink
next Thursday evening.
Miss Gurd, afler a pleaeaut visit with
Mrs. E. 0 Krickson, returned to her
home 111 Nelsou last Friday.
John Gillis, of W. T, Reid & Co..
actually got away from busiuess long
enough Tuesday to visit Moyie.
First class rooms, well furnished and
heated. To be had with or without
board.   Apply to Mrs. Nelson.
Those persons who have furnished or
unfurnished rooms to rent will please
leave names at The Herald ofiice.
The Odd Fellows will meet in their
new hall tomorrow night and install
their new officers, after which a smoker
will be held.
W. J. Henderson returned from Phoenix last week. He had just taken charge
of the Imperial hotel which wa3 one of
the buildings lost in the fire.
M. A. Beale was in town this week.
He has one eye done up iu splints, aud
If anyone doubts that Moyie has a hockey
club, Beale poiuts sadly to his injured
Remember tbe big bargain sale of
winter goods at lite Fori Steele Mercantile Company Limited. Il is going lobe
an opportunity that seldom comes to
Charley Farrell. of Moyie, wns in town
Saturday. Mr. Farrell is a successful
miner, and is the present owner of the
Society Girl, one uf lhe brsl properties
iu tbedistiict.
Miss Celia Jardine left Tuesday morning for her borne in Salt Lnke City.
During her Stay in Craubrook Miss Jit*
dine made many Iriends iu Craubrook
who regret ber departure,
Tbe l-'ort Steele Mercantile company
open their big bargain sale uexi Saturday. Tbey propose Iq make il a hummer, and it will afford a great chance
to get good goods fur little money.
Arrangements are being made for the
organization ofa first-class hockey team.
Sydney Colton is to be captain, with ti.
J. Peltier, president, K, H, Small, vice
president, Cecil Prest, sec: etary-tresis-
Ben Huckle, of Fort Steele, wbo has
just returned from South Africa where
lie went as a member ofthe second contingent, was in town last week. Ben
looks better than before his departure,
although he was injured in one of the
many engagements he participated in
while in lhe field. He brings the report
back thai 15 ot the Kast Kootenay members ofthe Strathcona Horse have died,
but eould not give tlie names. It is
thought that the report received by liim
is not authentic.
Fred Frith was in town Monday arranging for lumber to put up another
hotel building iu Moyie. He will form
a partnership with William Hamilton
and they expect to be ready ior business
early in March. Messrs Frith and Ham
iltun are popular with the people of
Moyie, and tbey will make a strong combination. The Herald wishes the new
firm every prosperity, and trusts thnt the
losses of the recent fire may be followed
by a profitable business iu tbe future.
I'rnin The Herald Correspondent
The Sullivan mine shipped 327 tons of
ore tliis week.
A fresh strike of ore was made this
week, details of which are not yet to
hand, but it is expected to be of a very
extensive nature,
Work 011 lhe Dean and Allover properties, which are miller bond to Charles
Theis, of Spokane, bas ceased for a time
und Boyle Brothers, who were operating
the diamond drill lor prospecting purposes 011 lliese claims, have gone to
Spokane for a holiday, leaving their
machine In Kimberley. Mr. Thet
slated lhat he is very much fascinated
wlih the property, und hopes to be able
to make arrangements lo coutluue the
work wlieu tbe weather moderates, but
at  present, on account of the stv e
frn-d, it is utterly impossible to nuke satisfactory headway.
Boyle Brothers have so much work
ahead of them that they do not know
what to take up first This is a good
feature, us their work is all prospect
work und entails great expense, besides
being o»e 1 f tl e most rapid means of
developing the resources of a country.
Messrs Finch and Jones, who are
noted (or the excellent quality of their
milling timbers, have been busy dm ing
the winter getliug out Irgs, and now
have something like half a million feet
in llieir yard ready to go over tbe saw.
Ity lhe lime the snow goes they hope
this amount will be doubled.
The North Slar hotel lias been fur-
nlshed with a furnace, and regi.iteis are
new placed iu convenient places on the
ground flior, which is a great convenience to visitors.
Ih-nry Kller yesteiday brought into
town smne curious looking matle, which
is expected to be a lead indication. Il
was fouud very close to tlte town.
s.i<. ■•MH-s-imi i 1 s*l •i-.?: -vi-1'-: -  1\*\*\
Beale & Elwell,
Pirc, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsile Agents.
Kimberley J* Moyie J* Fort Steele.
i    »
[ i-'r.'tii tin* bender j
The Society Girl mine is again ship,
ping ore. The 150 tous or therabouts
which has been taken out at the mine is
being brought down and shipped to llie
Hall mine's smelter at Nelson. Tbeie
are four teams hauling and they are
bringing down about 10 tons per day.
Chas. Farrell, tbe owner, says that as
soou as tbe weather wil) permit he will
start work 011 the property and will drive
a tunnel farther down the hill so as to
get a greater depth ou the ore body.
A meeting ofthe waterworks company
was held here Tuesday. Tbe company
has decided to begin work ns early as
possible and are already making arrange
ments lor placing an order for pipe,
which they wish to have on lhe ground
by the 15th ol April, lt was decided to
lo lay a 4-inch pipe along Victoria street
between Madura avenue and the soutli
end of Tavistock street. A 3 inch pipe
will nlso be laid down -Queen's avenue to
a point about opposite the Leader ollice.
the intention of the company to
The Prospectors' Exchange
; No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B.C.
j -fiolil, Silver-beaI ami Copper Mine-* wanted at the kx-tiiani-sk. PltKK mii.i -
INO GOU) properties wanted at once for Kastern Investors, turtles having mining
property for sale are r quo-ited to-l nd samples ot their ore to the BXOHANUK inr e\-
I iilulit-an.  We desire to hoar from prospectors who have promisliu minora! ettilnu In
i itr iiih Columbia,   Frnspectors ami mining men are n-.|*i-'*-i-*.i to make Un* r:\riiA.Ni, i*;
j tlmlr lieudipmrtBrs wlicu In Nelson.  Altumtilus should he senl i>y express, I'ropatib
j Correspondence sollolteil   Address an oommunteatloiu tu
Andrew F. Rosenberger. Nelson, It. C.
E. J. Peltier
It Costs Money to Live
And therefore it is well for everyone to figure on their
groceries. Quality and price counts. We are receiving a fresh lot of canned goods in car load lots. See
the point ?   They are the best and the prices are right.
Flour, feed, bran, oat meal, etc.
Our eggs and butter are fresh.
the Grocer.
>.    >.
One of lhe Most Comfortable
Hotels In Kust Kootenny.
Refitted Throughout
Newly I'uitiislied
Wholesale Wine and Liquors. Agent for Calgary and Schlitz beer. Office and store opposite Bank of Commerce, Baker St., Cranbrook,
British Columbia.
[From The Iloralil Correspondent]
William Poraylh nnd Tom Ray have
neatly completed 50 feet of work on the
Stanley. The lead was en cou ute red in
.15 feet.
Grundy AulthnUS is putting up build
bigs 011 tlie Viking, and when completed
this well known property wilt be further
developed. Four men are at present
employed on the work,
The Utile Horn, owned by \V. M,
Sprague, will be opened up iu thespiiiig
by a Spokane company, This isa promising prospect.
Six men nre nt present employed in
lhe development of the Kstella. They
are working in n 400 foot tunnel,
N. Hanson will stort up his mill at
ibis plaee in a short time.
have at least 10 fire hydrants scaltered
over the line just mentioned.
R. Riesterer and Mr. Walsh arrived
from Nelson this week, aud wiih Mr.
Niederstudt commenced tbe work ot
fitting up the Moyie llrewery. They are
putting m 10 chip cr,Bks and S fermenting tubs, and lhe breweiy will bnve n
capacity of 15 barrels per day. Messrs
Nieiterstadt Sl Riesterer intend cutting
and storing about 150010ns of ice thla
winter. They bave a new ice plow.
Beveral pairs of tongs and everything
necessary fur this work. The new
brewery will tie iu operation ahcuL the
first of February.
Vic. Pesaulnier is spending a few
weeks at the Halcyon hot springs sail.
tarium on Arrow lake. Mr. Desautnlei
has not been enjoying the besl of health
of late,
Tom Davis, a driver on the car trntn
between the Lake Shore mine nnd the
concentrator, met with the misfortune
of breaking his arm one day tbe first ol
the week. He left for Lethbridge
Wednesday ou a visit lo bis borne.
The marriage of Mr. MacKeu/.ie and
Miss lMigun took place in the parlor of
the Kootenay hotel at 11:30 a'eloek nud
was conducted by Rev. Father Coccolo.
Only a few of the immediate friends of
1 lie litidi* and groom  were present.    Al
2 o'clock an excellent widding dinner
wns served and at 3 o'clock tbe couple
sim ifd ou their wedding journey lo New
Vork and olher eastern cities. Mr.
MacKenx.ie la proprietor of the Manhattan hotel and is oue of Moyie's most
substantial busiuess meu, while the
bride was one of the most popular youug
ladies of tbe town.
The Local Liberals Meet Hlm In an Informal
Way Wednesday Night.
Mr W. II. Galliher, member elect of
tbe Dominion parliament, arrived
Craubrook Inst evening on bis way to
Ottawa, where he will take up bis new
duties as representative of tbis district
It had been the intention of tbe liberals lo tender Mr. Galliher a banquet last
evening, but the announcement of the
Queen's death caused a change in the
plans. Mr. Galliher wns met at the
train by a commettee, and entertained
during the early part of the evening at
the Club rooms. Later he was tendered
a lunch at the Cosmopolitan hotel, there
being ubout filteen guests present; at
tbe close Dr. King called upon Mr. Gal
Itlier for a few remarks. The guest of
the evening, after expressing his sorrow,
and the sorrow of the people at thia
time in a feeling manner, he said that
he hnd been elected to represent the
nenple of this district and it would be
his aim to do all he could for the good
of the district us a whole He asked tbe
eo operation of the people in his work,
and thanked the residents of Cranbrook
for their kindness to him on this occas-
Job Couldn't Have Stood It.
If he'd hnd Itching Piles. They're
terribly niiuoying ; but Buck ten's Arnica
Salve will cure the worst case of piles on
earth. It bus cured thousands. For Injuries, Pains or Bodily Eruptions it's
the beat salve in tbe world. Price 25c a
box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by R. ll,
Beattie, Druggist,
tils personal estate, credits and effects, wluoli
nmy lie si'lzcd and sol I uhiIit i-xi'i-nlnn unit a I
Ills tval ('statu. In trust in \my tlif etuilluirs at
tliiis:iliUli*i)r^fillreiiitii*r ati't Son, ratably nml
prnprtitiimateiy llielr just claims without preference or pi'inrity tu*eimlliiR In law.
Tlit- saiil I Veil nf Assignment wiispxeriileil liv
All persons having claims anal st lhe said
lleiiiRp lireinnei* ,t Sun arc iei|iilreil to llle wllli
tin- Assignee hill parlii'iilars nf Huh*c nnn iliiiy
verlfle.l, unit tlie nnture nl the. securities II uny
held liy llit'in. on or before ilie *."*t]i dny nt .1-ulnar.*. A   D, lOili.
Ami notice is liereliy given that after tlm snlil
!8tli tiny of January, vm, ihu Assignee will |irq
cecil to ilhtrllmtc Ua- assets of tin* estate aiming
Hie parlies cut tloil thereto, havl-ig regard to
tin* e alms only of which tliu assign e shall then
have hail notk-, ami Unit I tie said nsslu .ee will
not tie re-uimislble for the assets, it any tm't
thereof, so distributed to any pcrsm or |iersnns
tlnn or c«ri oration. I'fwliosmlelit or claim he
Hliall not then have had no!ice.
A meeting of the creditors will lie helil on
Monday tlie'jxtli iluy nf.lnim.uy, a. II. l'.'itl, in
Die said premlsi's ot tin- suld debtor, linker
street, Cranbroiik, Hrltlflll Columbia, at Ilu
hour of two o'clock In lln* afternoon
l>iiti-d-it t'.iutb 00k this nth day uf January,
A. 1). IWl. W, K. unto.
solicitor for the Assignee,
Pursuant to the Creditors' Trust Deeds Act
and Amending Act,
Notice Is hereby given that John I.eask anil
Francis ('. Iliuikiiiciuryiiiir 011 Imdiiess lit tlie
towu of Cranium); In the I'rovlnee of Itrlt sli
fnluniU 1 us tailors nml men's milliners under
the linn anil slvle ol I.eask K UaiiKln, by  He. ii
or Assignment ior tlie beneiit nf creditors, hear-
inu date of 7th dny nf January, iwi. m.de lu
pursuance of the Creditors' Trust Deeds Act
and Amending Acts huve -ranted uml assigned
unto Orelgutuii Boss Palmer, of Uraiibrook,
lintlsh Columbia, t'lefk, nil the iter-inuul esliilf,
eiedils ami ell cts nf the said Jiihn I.eask nml
l-tani-.m'. Ilunkiii.aiul eaeiuif tiiciii ihoth par -
tieraiilp ami private) which may be seized ami
sold under execution and all their real estate
and of each nf them In trust lo fay I ha creditors
nf thu said I.eask S: UunMl), ratably and pr■■-
jinrltonuli-ly their Just claims wlllwtii pr.fer-
ence or priority uceoidhiH to law.
Tlie said Heud of Assignment was ex pen I oil by
the suid John Leask nml Francis V. Ititukln 011
the 7th liny of January, 11*01. uud by the said
enl httm ltuss ralm.r on tlie nth day ef Jan*
miry, IMI.
All persons having claims against tlie snlil
Leask & itankln arc required lo the with tlie
Trua'ee on or bef-ire H>e iiiih Jay of January,
liHii, full particulars nf their c alms duly venlle 1
ami the nature of the securities, if uny held by
And m-tlee Is here*.y given Hint after tbe said
-.'(Uh day nf January, mnl, iliu 'I rustee will proceed to distribute tne assets 1 f the estate among
ihe pintles entitled thereto, having regard lo the
claims only or which he then shall hnve hnd
notice and that he will tint be responsible fer
ihe asseti or nny 1 un tin rcof so distributed to
any l en-im or oerioDH of whose claim he shall
mil then have luul noil 0.
A meeting of the creditors wl I be held on Saturday the .-itli day of .lammiy, nmi.attwn
o'clock lu the uflenioon, nt the oittoeS of \V. F.
Curd, Solicitor, Cranbruok, llrltish Columbia.
Iiiiied at criinbronk this ntn duy of January,
A- RIM. VY, F. Ulllll),
Nollcllnrfiirthe Assignee.
I.O.O.P. Key Ci y Lodge
Nn. 42. Meets every Priday ini'lit at their lull) mi
Baker street,   tjojouriilng
Odd Fellows cordially invited.
J. I*. Fink
W. P. (innl
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. & A. M.
llegiilur meetings mi the
Hi Inl Thursday or the
nu mli.
\ islling brctliern welcoin d.
W, P,
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers In
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
VanDecar & Son, Props.
CiiM't'rnok, 11. C.
Fort Steele Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   **    dt
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LRAD
properties are offered for sale on liberal WORKING BONDS. Por
reports and information, address
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
On Sunday Ihe Jnfulit (luu*t>llter of Mr.
ntul Mrs. Unmet Wyncoop Funeral
services were helil Monday at the residence. Rev. Fortune und Rett! nlliiiat-
Tlie ciicinns niict'H of Ihe tmhy's death
were sad. The mother awoke Sunday
morning to Iiml her infuut dead iu her
On I'riiluy, January 10, the hahy Kill
of Mr. uml Mrs Charles Doyle. Funeral
services were held ut llie Mission on
Saturday by Father Ouelette
Masonic Installation.
At a regular communication of Ct
brook lodKe, No. 34, A. F. & A M., held
in Leask hall last Thursday evening, the
following oflicers were installed :
Senior Warden—Dr. J. II. King.
Junior Warden—R. E. Beattie.
Senior Deacon—Matt Kockendurf.
Secretary—\V. ti, Gurd.
Treasurer—James Ryan.
Junior Steward— W. S. Hell.
Chaplain—John Leask.
Tyler-R S, McNeil.
Inner Guard—Alex MeKenzie.
W. F. Tiiti*. worshipful muster e!ect,
was nut installed, owing to the absence
of ti hoard of past musters, and the offices
ol junior deacon and senior steward
were not tilled as the prospective oflicers
were not present.
Wong Comedy.
Uas purchased of Wing Lee, his tiiuti-
ilry liuiltliuK. the lot nml business ami
has taken possession. Wong Comedy
will now have full charge of (he business,
Wing Lett lie quit. Suve your Inundry
for Wong Cnim-ily; lie wilttlo your work
right.   Remember the name.
Meeting ot License Commissioners.
There will he a meeting ofthe license
Commissioners held lu Cranbrook, S.it
unlay, Ft-biu ry 9, u/n. ami at said
tneetini) the application for the transfer
of the wholesale license of the Foit
Steele Mercantile compnny, limited, of
Crnnbrook, lo ti, J. Peltier, of Cranbrook, will be considered.
II. W. Barnes,
Chief License Inspector
Land Purchases
Pre-emptions •*
Mining Claims
EtC. m* «-*
Made by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Mining and (leneral Agent.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Suitable Gifts
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U, S
Office and store, Aiken block,
nenr Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cruubrook, B. C
Upholstering and Qeneral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to auy work hi the district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
'fte Easy to Feel Qood.
Countless thousands have found a
blessing to the body in Dr. King's New
Life I'ills, which positively cme Constipation, Sick Headache, Dizziness, Jaun-
iIit, Miliaria, Fever and Acne, and all
Liver and Stomach troubles. Purely
vegetable; never gripe or weaken,
Only 25c at R. K. Beattie's Drug Store,
Pursuant to the Creditors' Trust Deeds Act
and Amending Acts.
Notice Is iinreby given that George Bemner,
run jtnn iiii IuhIii'ss mi ItnkiT Strtiei In tli -limn
iiri'riililiriii'U In tin- I'lovlnrenf lirillsh I'nlinn-
lilii, iiii-li'i* Hii! llrm iiiiini-i mul Hlylo uf tirnrni*
liri'iiiui'i'tS* Sun. as tii'iii-ral Mrn'lianK liy DiM.it
nf As-iKMiiH-ni fnr tlio iiciii'iit of emitters, bear*
I u'lluli-tin* intli iluv Dr.liiiiuitry, I ui, mute m
liuimmiii'i* nl Uk* in-illlor's I runt Weils Act
ind Aiiu-iiilinu Ails luis Hiiillti'tl il'Hl nsilifii-Rit
imiu ([illicit Mwinl Mi.*ilni*k„ nr l,t-tlil>ilili>.!,
I AllmrtH, North Weil Ti-rrllurlOi, mere luut, ull
A choice selection in fold goods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware-, mantel clocks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclil Witch iMptctor lor C. P. R.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Hotel & S>
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ol liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $j.oo per day.
City Bakery.
You have got a trailesma*.*' help to
support liim atul Ket quality lu return.    Delivery to any part of city.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Soda water in siphons.   The mosl
economical way to handle it.
A. T. Vrooin,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
raBlliaJiBffi!HlEi:;, lii'iE x'm. :-ei; }' .:!ii.-v*N.:!i; x;::..::.
Cranbrook Electric Light Co. Ltd.    b
"    1
   f  -I"
     I   25
Stores, ) (   I—5  fl  10
Oflices, - 16C.I'... • 6-15       95 -
Hotels-Etc, j (16 and upward        80    t 10
Private Houses  75c for 16 can tlte |x>wer
Private Houses. joe for   8 camlle power
10 per rent, is allowed ou all accounts pnlil before Hie imh of
llie month.
Appllcat ons mny be made toilte elertrician Mr. Kwnrl who will
quote Hie cost of within, or to the undersiKiied.
Cliiiinluiliers, similes, etc. nt Mint-t's hardware slore.
JAMES RYAN, rianaging* Director.
(.■ 1.,«),., c
®-®-®>-® ®-®-®-®.®-®-®-® ®-® ® ® ® ® ® ®-®
Wholesale and
Retail Butchers
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee.
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
1 *)•-•->
Adrian Q.  Hanauer
SOI-502 Rookery Bldf, Spokane, Waah.
Ileartijunrler- tor  Milliviui tlrnli'i unit
Nortti Hti.r. Wrim or wit,, either buy.
ill,; ul' si-llili!!.
•(•)   fj)a+-a+*a.a^a
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nenrest to railroad aud depot,    tins ncenmmodti-
tlona for the public unequalled In Craubrook.
f Q9-9 *•••*** *


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