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Cranbrook Herald Sep 5, 1901

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M t: i:i:i! ^5
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
s. Gao, A. Cox, President. B. li. Wai.kku, Gen. Man-
Paid Up  Capital
Total Resources
i A General Banking, Business Transacted.
[ Deposits Received.
1 London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
It's the Furniture
As nun It us the house that appeals tn llic lover of
llic perfect home.
Heavy white enamelled full si:c iron beds, from $6 up
Hard wood beds from $4 up.
Dressers, large German bevel plate glass, from $9.75 up.
Rockers, from $1.25 up.
We have sold a lot of CARPETS this season and have
just received about another ton, beautiful styles and prices the
lowest ever named in Cranbrook. Call and see how little it
will cost you to supply your house furnishing needs.
i Sales running wcliup mi
Dry limid.s
i  Paints
!  Wall Paper,   Etc.
If you want perfect
Trade at   Qjjpjn>s
Ladies' Blouses
At Half Price
vMi m
bar Eg
all 1
see us.   It
specialty of
We carry the largest stock  ol Crockery
and Glassware  In East
you need any call and  s
pay you.   We inak a
glassware   and   hotel   crockery   of
kinds.    Send us your mail  orders.
will give them prompt attention.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
 ■ |
Spokane I'eople Talk of the Mary-
ville Smeller.
Large   Brick   Plant  Is lo  Be
Established On the Ground
At Once.
Plumbing and Heating.
Now is llic lime to have >our furnace pitl in,
nnil gel ready lor Ihe winter, ESTIMATES
Rifles and Shotguns
Slionliii", season is nl hand. Buy your supplies and iimutiiliiiii from
0. H. HINER.
The Spoknne Spokesman Review of
last Tuesday contains i h** following
article, which corroborates to the extreme degree nil statements made by The
Herald relative to the smeller proposition:
A smelter will be built nt Marysville,
Il C, to handle the silver-lead ore from
the Sullivan group of mines, Work wi 1
begin at once. It is expected that the
plant will he ready to treat ore by April
I next.
The smelter will have a daily capacity
ol 150 tons when first started. Additional facilities will be installed when busl-
ss warrants the Improvement.
vliou! f 125,000 will be needed to build
the  plant.    This  will   be  furnished   by
leading stockholders of the Sullivan
company, who will take a mortgage on
the mine as security at 8 per cent inter-
A bonus of 500,000 shares of stock
will be given the men who put up the
A meeting of the company has been
called for November i, in Spokane, to
vote on the proposition of increasing the
capitalization of $3,500,000 to $3,000,000.
As the controlling interest in the company is belli by men who are pushing
the smelter scheme the meeting will
doubtless quickly transact the business.
A new manager for the company will
also he selected at the meeting. At
present there is no manager.
The sile for the proposed smeller was
selected by Senator George Turner, of
.Spokane, B, W. Layton, of Wapskonc-
lii,, Ohio, and George Hull, of Toledo,
Ohio. Senator Turner represents the
western interests, and Messrs, Layton
and Hull represent the eastern investors,
These gentlemen bavejust returned from
a week's visit at Ihe mines, Tbe site Is
on the St. Marys river, at the mouth of
Mark creek, between Cranbrook and
Kimberley. There is a magnificent
waterpower and the location is pio-
nounced an ideal one by the gentlemen
A line body of clay was found near the
proposed site and a contract was practically agreed upon with Hurley Brothers,
of Northport, to furnish the brick. The
tir 111 will move its brickmaklng plant to
Mutysville at once and start on the big
job of turning out a million and a
quarter ol brick Negotiations are also
under way to I ave a sawmill moved to
llit* site. There ia. plenty of limber ad-
1 icent and the lumber will be sawed in
time to season before building iu the
winter months.
Tbe company expects to mill ami smelt
Its ore at a QOSt ot not exceeding f[2 per
ion. There are 150,000 tons of ore on
the dump and in sight, according to the
itatement of H. \V. Layton,
•'The loan of $125,000 will be equally
divided between eastern mid western
interests," said Mr.   Lay ton,    "We will
experience no difficult? on that score, as
both intercuts stand willing to put up
ihe entire amount on such good security
as we consider the Sullivan group."
Senator Turner, Colonel I. N. Peyton,
Sd Sanders,Colonel W. M. RIdpath and
Major J, M Armstrong will provide the
Spokane end of the required sum.
Willi reference to the alleged proposed
deal by Kdwiu Dutatil, ol Kosshiud, in
connection with Colonel W M Rid path
Itir the sale ol tbe mine, Mr Layton said:
"Some time ago I was Informed Ibat
an English syndicate had made mi offer
lii buy out Ihe company at J5 cents per
share. This oiler came, as I understand
it, through some man iu the lliitish
America corporation. I do not even
know who he was. The offer was never
considered al a directors meeting and
practically no attention was paid to it."
Senator Turner declined to discuss the
alleged Mutant  deal.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting-
' garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one. hut we put material in our suits which some tailors
.   would not think of selling at less than double our price*
Leask & Henderson
Ihe aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. CJ
Mliilnif Notes.
Hob Johnson and Charlie Diamond
have located rour claims on Goal river,
near ihe Kitchener iron mines. They
have a four foot ledge that gives a fine
showing iu grey copper and galena. The
rock brought into town by Mr, Johnson
looks good to any mining man.
The b'g iron deal on Hull river was
closed up at Cranbrook. In fact, a great
many mining dculs are being closed iu
Cranbrook. Verily, this town is a mining center.
Made for a tilorlous Time od
That   Day.
Prank, the most recently organized
town in Alberta is to be formally opened
on the null aud to commemorate the
event a grand fete is to be given by the
Hon. H. I„ Frank and Mr. S. W.
tbe promoters of the coal mine at that
place, who have prepared an elaborate
priigiam for those who elect to become
their guests on that day,
The new town of Frank is situated
about two miles east ol Hlairmore. 011 a
broad level tlat, stretching from ihe base
ol Turtle mountain across the valley of
middle fork of the Old Man river to the
mountains to the north of the river. It
is one of the moat picturesque spots in
the Canadian Rockies and an ideal sue
for a town.
The celebration in honor uf the opening of the town is to be 011 a y trJd scale,
There is to be a lacrosse game between
tbe lacrosse teams ol I ,eth bridge and
I-'ernie and a foothill game between the
teams of I'incher Creek and Hlairmore,
and in addition there will be a list of
athletic sports, to include foot racing,
jumping, puttiug the shot aud other
Iu the matter of prizes for the contestants in the various games and sports the
management of the atl'iir has adopted a
pretty aud most excellent idea, Instead
of offering cash prizes medals will be
given at all the events; the idea being to
give the contestants something worth
preserving as a souvenir of the occasion.
Carrying out thut idea a solid gold
medal suitably inscribed will be present
ed to each member of ihe winning
lacrosso team and a silver uiedi 1 to each
member of the losing team, mid the
same plan will be followed with regard
to the football game. In the other
sporting events a solid gold medal will
be given the winner of tbe contest and a
silver medal to the contestant taking
second, There will alio be a boys race
in which of the contestants will be given
a silver medal. Tbe aggregate value of
of the medals to be thus bestowed will
be upwards of $500.
In addition to the amusements enumerated there will be dancing both afternoon and evening, and the day will be
made melodious by the presence of the
Macleod baud. The ball will be given
in a spacious hall in the new hotel just
completed. The floor of the dancing
hall is said to be the finest in the northwest.
That part ol the celebration which will
doubtless meet with the greatest popular
approval is the fact that everything on
that day will be entirely free to everyone. A French chef has been secured
to feed the visitors and it will be his
especial duty lo see that the appetite of
the multitude is amply satisfied, while
ice cream and lemonade stands will serve
light refreshments throughout the day.
There is to be absolutely no charge for
anything and all who avail themselves
of the hospitality of Messrs. Frank and
Gebo will be made welcome and will be
expected to indulge their appetites aud
inclinations as best pleases them.
The only expense that will attach to a
visit to Frank on that day will be the
railroad fare, aud in that connection it
may be staled that the C. P. R. is making special excursion rates which will
render the expense of the trip very
A feature of ihe entertainment provided Foi the day which will prove very
attractive, is mi opportunity that will lie
given all visitors to inspect the coal
mine, The mine cars will be lined with
canvass to prevent any soiling of the
cloths, and ml who desire, both ladies
and gentlemen, willl be given a ride
through the main tunnel, a thousand
leet underground to the face of the vein.
The cars will he kept running throughout the day in order that all may have
an opportunity to view the workings of
the mine.
In making the arrangements for tbe
event great cure has been taken wilb a
view to providing for the comfort and
enjoyment of all. no matter how great
may be the attendance, and there can be
no doubt that those who visit Frank on
the loth will spend a most enjoyable
A special train will be run from I.eth-
bridge by the Canadian Pacific, and
another from Cranbrook. Both trains
will stop at all intermediate points to
take passengers. A special excursion
rate will be made. The trains will make
the return trip both east and west after
the hall in the evening.
Round trip fare from Cranbrook fa 6o,
Fort Steele Junction $.1.50, Elko ft.70,
Pernic #■ .25, Michel 65 cents, Ctows
Nest 40 cents,
•>*4 4**)i*-l}i*W»S^ltttt(»;-tt
*} »
<a »
I  News Notes From Ihe  Mineral City *
■» *
The firemen's picnic un Labor Day,
was one of the moil successful alfairs
ever gotten up in Moyie In the morning the weather was somewhat threatening, but belore noon it changed and was
delightful  for the balance of the day.
As every person was In favor of helping
so commendable an object nearly the
whole town turned out to enjoy them-
m Ives aud lake iu the sports across the
lake, These were 111 charge of an en-
ergetlc committee, and throughout the
a Iter noon the foi Iu wing program was
carried out: Sailing race, 1st, A. D,
1 Irummond; 2nd, O. Campbell, Men's
rowing race, 1st, O. J. Johnson. Men's
swimming race, isl, Charles Mitchell;
Ladies' boat race, 1st, Mrs. Hoi lister;
2nd, Miss Jacquish. Hoys' swimming
race, 1st. Floyd Croine; 2nd, Elliott
Ciouie. Log rolling contest, 1st, W. L.
Reld, Men's canoe race, Messrs. Campbell and Angers, Walking greasy pole,
1st, W. L. Reld, Tub race, 1st, C. A.
Foote- Tug of war, between town men
and Moyie Lumber company, 1st, Moyie
Lumber company. Standing high jump.
isl, W. F. Tulle, Standing long jump.
1st, VV. P. Taite. Each event was keenly contested and some, such as walking
the greasy pole and lite lull race, caused
ndless amusement. The brigade bad a
boot It mi the grounds where refresh**
uts could be had and from 3 till 8
lock lunch was served. Iu the evening dancing was in order and was kept
up until 12 when all went home well
satisfied with the day's entertainment.
Tbe picnic wns a success both socially
and financially, am) resulted in the brigade clearing in the neighborhood of $70
after all expenses were paid. It is the
intention to make it an annual affair and
with such a beginning the project cannot fail to meet With success.
The work 011 the Moyie waterworks is
now steadily progressing ami already
the pipe has been laid on Queen's avenue. Men are now at work oil Victoria
street and here the pipe has been laid
for quite a considerable distance. It
was thought by some that the water
supply would not meet the demand, but
the dam has plenty of water to supply a
town much larger than Moyie. Thus in
a short time Moyie will have as good a
water system as any town in the Koote-
The situation at the St. Eugene has
not changed and about the same number
of men are still employed. Work on the
shaft is steadily progressing and already
quite a considerable depth has been
reached. The shaft will be sunk until it
taps the immense bodies of ore which
were shown to be there by tbe diamond
The Cranbrook Odd Fellows intend to
picnic in Moyie on September 13. They
have extended an invitation to the lodge
here to join them and a very enjoyable
outing is anticipated by all.
Dr. Green and M. A. Heale spent a
few days in Fort Steele the former part
ol the week.
Dr. Hlggins left for Fernie last week
aud will reside there in future.
W. L Reid has been appointed District Deputy Grand Master ol the Odd
William Hill, of Cranbrook, was in
town Sunday.
Malcolm  Grant   returned   from   Fair
baull,  Minn,, InSt week.   He was ac
tn pained by his wife and son.
St. Paul, Aug. 31 —Gen. Supt. Ward,
of the Greal Northern, gave the Associated Press thefollowing statement con*
L'rniug Ihe wreck at Nyack Station, 40
miles east of KalispelL
"About 8:3a o'clock last evening at
Essex, Mont, iS cars broke loose Irani
the rear end of a freight tram and ran
IOWII the hill, id miles, to Nyack sla-
ion, where they overtook passenger
rain No. 3, which was starting oui from
thai station. In the collision P. T.
Downs, assistant general superintendent,
was killed, together willi his son Kirk
T. Downs, his cook Henry Mian, aud
about 15 laborers who were moving west
<>ik on the British Columbia Southern railway and weie in n coach at the
real of the train. None ol the regular
passengers on the train were injured.
The wreck took fire and the remains "f
all except five nf those killed were
burned, and it is therefore, not positively
known how many fatalities resulted. In
addition to those killed, twelve laborers
and Brakeman Hnrke were injured.
The Instruments Have Arrived and Organization   Formed.
Tbe instruments for the Cranbroon
band have arrived by the order of R. K.
Heattie, and delivered to the organization. II ILckenbotham, Ihe leader, has
held two meetings, and as far as they
have gone, the band is made up as
Leader, Hickenbothaui; euphonium,
Sproule; cornets, Simmons and Woods;
bass, Gossman and Bovce; tenor. Bathe) ;
trombone, A. Vroom' clarionets, G. W.
Palmo'e, F. McDonald and C. Prest;
snare drum, V. Dickinson; bass drum,
The boys will begin regular practice at
once and will be in shape to play at (be
Montreal, Aug. 30.—The general manager of the C. P, R, this morning confirmed the report that the strike of certain of its trackmen bad been called off,
n understanding having been reached
iih the committee of the trackmen
here. The understanding arrived at is
practically on the basis recommended
by the different conciliation committees,
who have been in the city for some time
past. The reinstatement of strikers not
guilty of violence, consistent with promises uiade the new hands, and the possible granting of a schedule to a certain
portion of Its permanent staff are features
of the settlement, but no further advances have been made in the wages
granted in June last, immediately prior
to the stiike.
The final settlement lias been recommended by the conciliation committees
as fair and reasonable, under all tbe
circumstances, it is understood thai
both parties are satisfied.
Odd Fellows' Excursion.
On Friday, September 13, the Odd
Fellows of Cranbrook will have their
annual excursion, and again this year
they will go lo Moyie. A special train
will leave Cranbrook about 8:30 In the
morning ami a rate olf 1,00 for the round
tiip will be charged. The people of
Cranbrook have always co-operated
wilb the Odd Fellows to make their annual outings a success, aud The Herald
feela that they will do so this year.
Tickets will he on sale several days before the date set, ami every one should
take advantage of the opportunity lo
visit Moyie ami the beautiful lake.
Knocked Out In First Round.
The Cuff-Fitzgerald boxing contest at
Femie last Monday night resulted in a
rapid victory for Fitzgerald. Cuff was
knocked out in the first round by a blow
over the heart.
Brown In, McBrlde Out.
Victoria, September 3 —J. C. Brown,
member for the New Westmimter city,
was sworn in this morning as provincial
secretary, Hon. J. D. Prentice takes the
portfolio of finance minister, Vicehon.
J. Il, Turner, who goes to London as
agent*general, Hon. Richard McBride
resigned as minister of mines, disagreeing with Brown's appointment,
Presbytery 10 Meet Ie Cranbrook.
Next Tuesday the Presbytery, euihinc*
ing the district extending from Camp
McKiuney on the west to Michel on the
east, will meet in Cranbrook. There
will he about 16 ministers present. On
Wednesday evening a public meeting
will be held and an address delivered by
one uf the visiting hrethern.
Modern Job Work.
The only test of modern job work is
the work itself. That is the beauty of
all work turned out of The Herald office.
ll is modern, because it is executed by
modern printers, who use modem faces
of type and modern methods. Take a
job from The Herald office and compare
it wilh work turned out of some country
offices, and you will see the force of this
statement. Printers are not born, they
are made, aud it takes several years of
close work under good instructors to become a gootl printer. The Herald
printers ate men of long experience in
city offices. They know how to please
the people, and that is why The Herald
gets orders for job work from all parts of
the district.
The Clover Leal Mining Compan>.
This company has a group of three
claims silualed on the west slope of Palmer mountain, about seven miles southwest of Cranbrook, H. C, and about two
and a half miles from the Crows Nest
Pass branch of ihe C. P. R. The prop-
erty is easy of access and on the claims
there is an abundance of timber and
The formation is a quartette and slate,
with dyhorite running through. The
mineral is located at the contact of the
dyhorite and quartzlte and slate. The
country rock is shot full of galena, as
was shown in the work on both shaft and
There Is a mineral belt 70 leet in width
running through the propelty, witl
two-foot ledge in the fool wall, carrying
values as high as $126.50 in gold, silvi-i
anil lead. There is also a 12-inch veil
of quarts on the banging wall that assayi
■fly 30 in silver and 10 per cent lead,
while the entire bell of 70 feet is strati
lied with small veins of quarts, carrying
more or Isss galena,
A shaft has been sunk on tbe foot
Wall ledge to a depth of 50 feet, Which
has widened so that Ihe entire six feel ol
shaft, is all ledge matter, with twe
sepaiate pay slieaks at the bottom of
the shaft, consisting of eight inches of
black sulphieds aud four inches of galena, carrying values from $31 to ?n6 in
gold silver aud lead. On account of surface water accumulating iu the shaft,
making the work impossible without
machinery, the plan of development was
changed and a tunnel of 175 feet is being
run. This will crosscut ihe entire mineral belt on the property aud tap ihe
shaft lead at a depth fo 110 feet, The
tunnel is now In «5 feet, and there are
very strong indications that an ore body
is near at hand.
The company is using every available
means lo push development work, with
the idea of lapping the ore body, which
promises to be one of the largest iu East
Kooienay, judging from surface indications and the irou-slale capping running
through the property. Conditions aie
favorable at this time for mr.king Ihe
property a valuable one, and giving tbe
camp a bright future. Mining men of
experience concur iu the opinion that it
contains B great ore body, and that development will toon demonstrate this
The Iron Property On Bull River li
Secured llv 5. \. fiebo.
There    Are
Claims    In   th«
With a Fine Showing oi Ore.
I A.
' is
i very
J. T Laldlaw an I IV   ti ■ V ■ den
of Fort Steele,   wen   in  tow I ty
fternoon   closing   U| with S   A.
-ebo for the bon I tl ■ iu
lias  taken   on   the                     .     claims
showing iroti ore,  local ut.
The bond is foi *;
will proceed at 01 ce t
pect   the   pn ; ei I j
transacting the r
Fenwick,   W
Watson, C. M   E ' •
Johnson and hii
uis.   The pn
ted severa  )
boys, mill is,   in I
s Fenwick ui
icing bull river, neai
nly six miles fn m ■■
ood road.
Speaking ••( the Laid aw
Bid:    ''There is even   i ve
that there is a lar-, <ie
there,    The contoui    I ry Is uf
mch a nature ih it the -id,
ami it will be an easj a r i tunnels to show the leptl iy.
We are satisfied   thai f ol
re, and wlt.u :-   mon an
re  of  the  fines! I '■sis
ave 65 per cent iroi percent silica
and very low ;■ ; .: "
-Mr. Gebo, who is well 'ids
part of British Colnml i presenile of a we l■-:-.;• '■■'■ '.e,
that has opened uj mines
east of Blairmore, stab Elei dd
man: "Id man) :n
mining it la the first                .■    ■   . to
xamioe a property ban
had been represented to tn | ut
men at work immi and I
think 1 can prospect it - ' iy*
sufficiently to show me ■ ■ is'in
If tbe iror: Is there I wii h lVe
secured what I want i permanent market for our pei ind
coke. It looks very u part
of British Columbia was - ng to be a
great Industrial center
Will Help Wtrdner.
Wardner seems to be the town -.hat
ill receive the direct rk la
continued oh  these as  :*. is
only six miles from -..li.
One nun  was beard  : rk >ester-
lay;   "That deal is tbe u .   fWard-
ner.    It has tbe  river and ..'id
ill  get the benefit ol ment.
I'll bet you can't buy i I
this morning of the C. P
there will be worth    me i
Talk tbe Exhibition.
The mineral spei * com ng  in
at a rate that insure* exhibit  for
the fall fair, Bver> . of
the district will   ■   epi
Arrangements ba\ - a
boxing contestr■;■ ■ of
the Exhibition I ei.. the
champion of tbe Kootei , a
well known boxer ■•:
Applications for ■ ;n-
ing in from horscn i. The
races promise to be
Everything pointi to ■«§-
fni   Exhibition i '-;ng
dong  iu   good no
question that tbi it-
Fcrnle   Bo)s   Turn   Down   Ihe   unnhmofc
Lacrosse  Club.
Last Mondav lit'-   I I -se
club went to pernle 10 - of
that town.   Tbej wi nt. 1 mil
they were conquered, ... ore stood
four to one in  favor of 1 Bul the
sting of defeat was I ; in tlm
good time had as guests of thi Pernio
club, and the kind coorti us treatment.
accorded them by all the ladles and
gentlemen of that city. The boys were
loud in their praises when th > n turned,
and all agreed that   ' -•   -  OUO
they would not fbrgel
Card of Thanks,
The sisters of St, Enj i i hospital extend their cordial thanks to Ibemembera
ol the Hospital Aid society, who to ably
organl/ed the supper given August 28,
for the benefit of the hos| it il, nnd spar.
ed neither fatigue nor Inconvenience to
make It that perfect success which It
proved to be It im a gi it 1 insolation
to the sisters to find llieii work so highly
appreciated by those lad - , who themselves place a true estimation upon a%
act ot charily. CRANBROOK  HERALD
md Proprietor
I Lulls ill' SI llsrllll'Tll.lX:
till" .'I	
Sl\ IIM  .U.s	
. ti' IllM' Ull* II'''
II you read The
aid you read  a
news of  the district.
Just $2.00  per   year.
George Laurie has wood
of ail  lengths.    Sec   lihn
before buying.
I John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
:   '-■ i:.-.s iViaker
Oltl sixies made new.   Ail kinds
of repairing., Oive me it call.
I Harry Williams,
Will luku CO llllIIClS fill ill,-;
I t,cuius, in- , mi, ..iin.. i   llic district,
■it reasonable rules.
fxive 11 f=
lltit lie i-
V. p,     WI it   ilreairis  U
1. .-I
I..M week The II *raUl announced the
decision of the owners of the Sullivan
mine to build a  unelter at  Marjsvllie,
on Mnk cretk    Tula week It announ -es (
the fact th u the Iron property   on Dull'
rivet  has been bonded for Jino.ooo bj   v. ugi
S.   \    I-'hi.   representing   a  wealthy ""'"
Montana syndicate. And only two
xvecki ago th*? bnnrt ol the K tchener
Iron pi | ertj was taken up by Montreal
eipltillsta Involving a deal c'.ose to
810 i in ii |Svi H ii ; j the tide baa turned
t >wani tins district, ami the predictions
made in The Herald time and again,
thai is was only a question of months
or perhaps a year, when car-Lallan
wottiil if attracted by the wonderful
Trtsources i I this pari c>f British Coin a
bli, will be fulQtled,
., ., it
to wns   np mrmitly no   cause   for
irm.    1  knew 1  should get out In
u\ hut still It mlchl ben lotiglsh job.
d not hen    mi li noise nnd conelud-
l v      n   ng thlt'lt witlls- mid not
:u' ii pmili       Hill Ihoro wns noma
i flrnt | I'tiiiiblliiB nnd shouts us | thought,   in
lirJiiiuii'.:. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
i     iin I lo
■a i ,-|ht. win-
I.il    'I       ■   ting  pitijrii
m iii. «i v ■
I.   in   (run
. 1      '   -.   .
, Immortal,
l re's ports
.'■   U In MIb
If il shcit'd prove true, that this ills-
t*let contains vast bid es of commercial Iron tire, tne possibilities of the future are mil mlted and no man who
lives li^re today could give even an i till lllgcnt guess as lo the industrial de
vclopment tnat wcuhl take place. And
man with miney, backed by the oplnlo'i
of experts, Bay that the Ircn is all right.
ami show their confidence by invis log
their wealth, Thai arc going ahead as
rapidly 'is modern ideas and the expenditure of money will permit, todeva!
ope the piopertles and prove thch
commercial valu >. In one year Irom
now it Is quite likely tlut the eyes ol
the (Inarclal world may be centered on
this district of Sooth 13 tat Kootenay.
I j u i some ol iim readers will say that
Ti..- il raid edltoi la Indulging in wtla
and fantastic dreams ol conditions thai
are Im possible. Stop a moment and
considei the situation, and theu say iu
reason and In truth, that we are chlmer
leal In o,iT predictions anil suggestions
Waat have we here In this district t<
promote the the success of the people,
attract vast capital and c eate a g-eai
Industrial center] Simply tnls — tin
b-i-is of wealth and progress. Iron,
coal and coke will transform a -vlldsr
litis Into great cities and hives of Industry, It has done S3 in the past, |i
will do so In the future. And In sddl-
Ih ti to these elements South Bist Kooi
en iv is rich In gold, silver, copper ami
lead, with vail ar^as of pine forests,
rlcii valleys for agricultural purposes,
an I watei powei worth untold thous
and wtu n ttiey are ulll'zed.
What more can mortal man ask In the
way of opportunities) What more cat
he want i:i the way of chances for material advancement! Millions In capital are lying Idle, the owners walling
for legltlmato Investments. South Earn
Kootenay i- being rapidly proven as ;
rich fluid—a place where thousand
■own will reap a harvest of millions
ami naturally the yellow gold U lliwlnf
from ihe '.uni.li and cast to assist iu tbt
deveh potent of the marvelous territory
Every dog has its sure, and every
community has lis pessimist, ('ran
brook baa thorn, «o has every other
town In ih" district. What is the usi
ol growling iti the lice of fate—a fati
tint will make the wise and Industrious
In this district rich In splla of them-
selves. H has been quiet the past few
months In t'ranbroolt—It has been qulei
In Nelson, lu Uossland, In Vancouver,
In Spokane, In Denver—In fact, almost
every where A yelping dog never mati-
a friend, an-1 a crying baby ncvet
evoked a smile, What Is the maitet
with South East Kooienay! Come
nnw, yi u pessimist, he ^honest and tell
us. Where can you go and Und a dls-
Ulct i '■ it r in mineral, richer lo mines
richer in opportunities! Where havi
you nude more, and where can you di
bcttci ' If you are honest. If you an
Industrious, If you arc sober and rella
ble, op i. your eves and go alter it
You d : 'i nei d mi ney io mcceod. I
y ui h i It, h i much the better, If you
haven't, let your character and industl)
be V' capital, li win be In demani
ai a ■_ a I price, and one good thing wll
le. i rake a itimb e, 'pi
yoni ., .. n.: nnd growling an 1 ge
do "m to mi ' ■ The opportunity o1
your life confronts you If you are light
I' io- . i don't nuke any different-,
whethel y( u go or may.
.   Al
And Cranbrook is going to be bene
fit ed by all thla development. Located
at the jtiDCtioi of the Urows Nest Pas
branch .ml North Siar branch of the 0
P K ; with Iron mines Mi) miles to thi
-east an l Hi miles to the west, with th
8' E ig ',■:!■ 20 miles away, and tha Su'-
llvan and N irth Star U in an opposit
direction; with timber, mills and other
sources tf wealth all around; with h>
reputation fi merly established as the
commercial and mining comer of tu
district, Cranbrook stands todav with-
blighter Inure than auy of the large
lo.vi > in i,, itlab c , umbla had when of
Ihe same rdi i as Ibis town. There wl 1
be mm i in do lo add to her prosperity.
The psople have always kept togelhei
lid they must continue to do so. Act
In unison and work tor the prosporlt)
of nil, and in this way individual advancement will hi secured. Soulh East
Kooienay Is all light.
6   HOW   HE   GOT   THE   BETTER    J]
I I'liiiiinl suv liml I Ihollchl much i.r
Mnolllntoah.  Itc scorned l ,. ii irr.-ut
prig, linnil looking? Well, yen, III n
hnrhor'a Uncle sort of nay curly, nil-
nil iniir, pink  nnlexlon, wlille tectii.
His leetii were good, I hum Bay, nml
wlion lie siiiilml Ills appcnroiicc varied
ll I   liml   Of  11   Siillll   10  Hull   nf 11  iin-
nut of temper uhoul bones.    In tlie
Btimmor I liml  I Dr. and Mrs. Chcr-
ry, who were friends of mine. We Irad
liri'ii   nl   Delhi   ' i'  loRdlier.    Tlu-jr
n sliori nil"-,    iwever, nil wna still.   I
I i .I i-fllli '1 out, for I WHS iiiixiinis
1.. allow I ii.is .... I nml mn di -,,,,-!. ml
It; n tl'ltlliiR iirclde ' Hie sorl,    In
deed I im.I pli 1 in i in mn aniolt-
II fin I l id ii rusee un.I n Hum- mis,.
v. Mil mn. Ah then ivita im vent, how*
ever, I put oil llRhllnp. up llll my re.
ll : sn   WHS   llClll'   lit    llllllll,      I    did   lint
wish tlm nir in im closer than li wns.
I  Irad JubI Ihouglil vaguely, "Tlii'jr
Mill gel  mn nut, nml  I  will e i	
line."    Ilnl  iwo llilnga nbrupil;
oi'i'iirreil in. "How will Ihey gel yi u
111    lll'IIV
of repair,
unlit for
ii . li was cureless lo leave the grating unlocked. Iim slid there »ns no
nii.'iiiliiiii. ns iliem would have been
ii iim il.iii:.' had been lu working trim.
They inlghl perhaps think tho lift puss-
ml down nf ii- own accord nnil Unit
She hml lo-eil tilm then with h"r
whole heart, ns bIic loved htm still, ns
slin would never cense from loving him,
yel sin' declined Ills offer, sin- roinciu-
i» nil i veu nnw Ihe l""i. of mingled
disappointment nml auger upon Ida
face when aho gently but flrnil) told
ll    Mil
her Blstc
fur  l.llll,-.  I,'
nl. who
In   In
mill ii.
she 'I'd
:   ..iu
tail lovfit,
tl ii
rears ti,.it hsvi
i viulihti
IU |",in,
:  new.
me lived)
in Iin-
signi to make;
In  p.
nl. ns 1 did I
igngiHl nnd
el  tills wns
id. walked slowly
follow, thought 1 w
.iml themselves nisi
els.   No
"'■"' "l"'" ' """"■'"'  machine, and    jj   6 8 v, j rj ^j. i=~» »v»   f>»   °
il liml mini uunv num. before, il wns    "J Vvf   !     "p,   ffl     m »>
said, wllhoul any one touching It, and    i V£/l.i>Al.        o
iniii/.ml nnd mil em
were nt the Wie
the i
s    A Romance of tho Ring,    b
l D?0?cWi:7c?07covoToToT0T0T0
The brazen Iiii
; in lake lln
- nml l.lu
nt   m
Willi H i.   Sh
nice girl, wiih 1
nml u low, musical vulei
I  like blondes,  nml  a  1
 nf tnv crosses!, and
 il nf her nnd should In
only  Mackintosh   wns
However, I found
friends proposed to go to India by Hie
steamer leaving Mnrseilles on Jim. ~
And that wns Jusl the Hun. my leave
wns up, it was in the days win a
mn' steamer started from Saiiilmmpton
ami n few days after i Iher from
Mnrsolllos 1 they mel in Egypt. Tho
Journey wns cheaper by the bay. nail
1 had Intended in take thai route, bin 1
in..i Mackintosh nl H Illco ami found
he was going from Southampton lo
please n chum. You would scarcely
hellovo it. but II wns the eaac nevertheless, thai the Marseilles passengers
thought themselves miliar more In society iluiti tho Sonthnmptons. So I
pondered, "If my ngenls will find the
money, 1 will give Master Mackintosh
the go 'by." I took n Southampton
berth, but Hie clerk said 1 alight
change it fur n Marseilles   afterward  ir I   liked.    Ami   this  I   did.     1
Blurted from Dover tin- day nfter
Christinas day and nt Paris wont
straight In Hie Hotel Hymn, where I
know Hi" Chcrrys were slnylng,
"Friend Mae," I said to myself, "with
tho brand of Southampton on Ids brow,
will novel' be able lo cope Willi my
continental .prestige."
1 traveled with my friends In a
leisurely way. We gave '-'I hours lo
Lynns ami readied Mnrai Hies fin Ihe
evening of Dee. 31. Onr Inn, Iho lui
Midi, was mi tlie mail to Iho New
Quarter, nnd I have been told, sin."
iim building speculations win.   sn
successful, il lias been altered and lei
mil in lints.   Ilnl nt Hint ilny il wns n
high, well Iilie 1 sn. having a cnurl-
yni'd  In   iim   middle,  ndorned   Willi
I grnnntes  in
we sat after table d'liob
culToo ami cognnc.
Mrs. Cherry bad a letter
by Un- post,  1 I obsel
rccolpl crented Interest.
inn. nr two observations n
solves to inn ni tlm t
after nil?" "Hut is there
has it I n managed'/" ami sn mi.
And wlimi 1 naked what projects
were iii view for seeing Ihe place ii"\t
ilny Mrs. Cherry only replied, "Something will suggesl Itself."
Jan. 1  wns n general holiday, nnd
fmin an early hour   street, begun
in nil. fur iim peasants mn." In froin
ll Ighhorliood, nml nil tho inr :m.
turned out In their gayest
The i.'lieri'ys laid hrealifai
own apartments, and I on
from Hi" snti" n manger v. ■
own lii'di'iiinii. which was hi
were nuiong tlie gay
i-eincnts enjoying tlie tteovy lliump
south, which danced md then tlm s
nples on the hluo ex- ting horse or
nl' tlm Medlterril
il l
' help at In-
uncKClled voice, and
nil i
II"    Dill
• heard,
nr.  hearing,  failed lo
In, alizi
The '
nml in
i return
1 li.-1 in.
were out for three hours
lug. niullng mi trace of
B of Hi" fall nf the lift,
nl Ins,
Im  ins
Id ' ii
il tlie idi'ii that 1 might
.    Of course when this
mi wns
once set on foot there
\l 1! -    11
I'l'llt   "X"
ili'im'iil. but It wns nut
very easy to do nnytlilng. j ""l
In tin' lira place, mi nccount of the i "m"
f.t", there was an unavoidable delay I   T,v
in getting workmen, and  when limy , "f-'1"'1
were procured  Hie pari  of Hi" wall   ,nlv'
whore Hi" lui had Jammed run down   "'  '"
nn.id tin. walls of several small apartments ami behind cupboards, and lo
liml where iim aperture should he begun wns im light matter.   Willi n fusee
I iniilil ace my watch.   1 entered the
lift ni  11 nnd nt ii wns silll there,
though tlie voices were close nt liiini!,
mi.I Hi" pickaxes seemed to ho pone,
trallng  Hie  framework  of  my  little
box.   Even then it appeared long be-
f  friendly hands helped me down
into Iho chamber, whenco I reached
the body nf llic house.
li was plcnsaiit being nn object of
female kindness ami solicitude, but
lir. Cherry was nnxlous nnd desirous 1 3|1 1"''' s;'
should keep quiet. When I wont to "May .'
bed, I found lie Irad had reason Tor she.said.
some nppi'cheuslon. Steep entirely de- "Why,
serted tne, ami an nem'ss of nervous You're—J
excitement ensued. Twelve o'clock "No. n
sillies, nnd then 1. It was Intolerable, rlmlly. w
I should Im altogether unmanned with- "Why sli
oui rest. I Innl hydrate of chloral In "Yon
my portliliiateau, hut there was no away
nlglil llglit, However, 1 mnnnged to , lose a
gel  Hie li.illi" ami the toilet tumbler    I  thol.
ro of Irtiinpeta and ihe
the drum, with now
ill whinny nf a curvet-
o deep mar of a linn,
in mighty shew was in
if iho great marquee,
is Blending mil against
.I the stiirlll sky. st,mil
: ,.11'iiviuis. Hi,. Ironies
un li in nml week nut,
.  whether Jolting ami
 vy roads or backed
ni. upon n minsinntlc
inn "ininiis, peripatetic
Ihroughoul Ihe length
as tloilwell's
There are a few points to
lie considered itibiiiltliti";.
Good  work,   Good   Material
and the price.
H," In
ed Un- .
should n
llnll't :
"III i
jvor i
I'ls. tlielr shnpeiy, spangled
ivelnped in liesinlrelied anil
ni i Links, sal upon tli" steps
' Un -■" movable homesteads
linrrleil undel'tones.
nlrendy spoken, then?" nsk-
iiT girl. "1 did not tultik-t
-t-whnt nni 1 snylagV It
end it was, perhaps." said
er, "bul ll si'i'iiis lie had loved
time, nnd—well, Kitty, I can
vna -Hi" Willi] has only held
Blnee I nut liiin. But you
ii pleased. Kiny. You're not
th tn"'.'   Aren't you going to
He ui". sis':"
■so; I wns,inly thinking— But
• I what I Ihought"   She klss-
ter hurriedly.
ml lie ever so bnppy, dear,"
id nml  wli
winched over for tour or live yours
in.im.   sin- liml |,i mil llii'lr her,
nml her promises were imbronknhlo ns
Sl.'.'l.   Tu Sllilill" it t t "
wiih Hi" expense .n her si,lor "■" nu
alternative thai found no fnvor In bor
"But .mn nre unrensonnbte, Kill jr."
im trad said.   "Why '■ i ii" i"
gaged nml married in live years, ton
years, n hen you will':"
Mm had iml forgotten tier answer. It
came buck loher with esomplliled forco
ami meaning uow.
"Five yi'iirs work mnny changes,
Frlls, nml I would iml have you bound.
But come to me then,  1 you know
now what my answer will he."
I'ii-i' years liml worked changes,
When Ihey met nt length nnd ihe sisters were slurring together. Kitty had
chnaged. Hard work and anxlely Innl
Inhl llielr tnle. Utile Iin.1 grown lulo
Hi" very model of whni her sister was
when he knew her. Su strong was tho
likeness that al first sight lie lni.l mistaken her fur his former love. I.illie
Innl grown Into Kitty, uiui Kiny was
lost to him.
From iliis; singe the slttintiou naturally evolved Itself to an Inovllnble churns. That climax hail arrived. Tbe
slslcr fur wln.se very 111" she Innl
sli'lven ull these years had unconsciously robbed her of Ihe lunn s|„. loved.
Fur her Hie blackness uf ihe fnlnro
hi'lil tin glcnm, yet tiiere wns tin roseut-
ini'llt wiililu her, Her une prayer wns
Hint utile might never know.
Suddeuly u womnu's serenm rose
from tile nudlcnee. Kitty was nbotit to
llltlko her seiisatintinl dive from Ihe
very apex of Iim building lo a trapeze
ninny feet below, The frightened
sound unnerved her at Hie critical moment. She dropped short nf the bar by
n couple of Indies nnd lauded in a heap
In ihe net. Loud cries Idled the clrous,
ami at Urst she thought ihey were solely fur li. r: Inn, scrambling m her feet,
sin- discovered her mistake, A wild
panic had seized the crowd—Vixen was
Sept. 3 and 17
Oct. 1 and 15
roar  fa.
nil   wet,   Kit.
returned her sister hur-
n forced, hysterical laugh.
1 IV Oiily"-
lliought I was going to run
ul leave you. nnd you would
iter nail 11 partner in one, eb?
1,1 of that  before, and so it's
nnd measured with my linger.    Tl
mild seemed a gu.nl deal In ilrinkim
l.iii 1....Ie "ii""i at .11	
When 1 awoke, 1 beard an oxehimn- ! Usui
ll I' relief. There were two ortlirec   I'lice.
persons in the room.    It  was broad ! We I
[illlill.'il (tint we're
reign doctor, who spoke
a nccont. felt my pulse,
w." lie snld lu the oiling in nm, added, "You
p." I said.   "The steam-
not to marry for
that you nnd I
work our turns just the some ns
It won't make n bit of dliTor-
I'.ut there goes Fritz's revolver.
.1 heller iiut inside."
dnyllglit.   A 1
English with
"II"   Will  lln
ii,. nml. lur
have hml u s
il  Unit  its        "I must gel
i.l   1   heard     er cues 111 llllllll."
ii';..|i did not,      Tiiere wns a laugh.
"II is long past iiuiiu." said Hie land- j mn
lord, whu iius ii polyglot, and a young   Hint Innl Iin
ii.iiti. an I rpreler who attended the
trains, put iu, Willi a grin. "I nni' tlm
steamer with my eyes pass Chnteau
il'If nml 11 lung tail of smoke following."
1 soon learned Hint I had taken nn
overdose ni' chloral, was discovered In
n profound stupor nnd could nut be
in i;.mi j awakened. Dr. On Try laid llol very-
irtlsans thing '''"' me. The Messcngerlca steam-
siiitui's. er was going [lie imxi day, and Hie I.
11  Hieir    and 0. agenl had transferred my pus-
turning    Bug nsl kindly in ihe French hunt.
lain my I Dr. Cherry Innl culled in llerirar-
mi. ami ' il". ti local doctor I Intrusted my
Professor Fritz Mcllln had concluded
his him! with (lie linns mill was bowing
in acknowledgment of the plaudits
when the girls entered. He had one
turn mum before the sisters. Kitty and
Liltle I.iins -ssnyi'il their "marvelous aerial nights nnd high wire feat."
Meilln's great turn wns the famous
"ti. nn Indian tigress
lirst taste of human
blood mid wns generally expected to be
watching it convenient opportunity for
Men trampled w,
uli'l'l'i.i.l in the mn
s.   Knives came „
11 and children
■usli fur tlm "X-
1,1.1 were freely
nuvas.   Pnii.le-
mi ni  the window s king n eleu- I case to liiin.   My pulse lind been care-
mil...   Hearing n uolse below, I look-    f'-iilj walclied nml suitable measures
ml out nml r:\n- the Chcrrys Binning, i tn en in Insure mo ngnlnst fnlnl "f-
Without giving tne niiti"".   Ellen, how-     feels,
ever, observed me. 1;y ""' vrny of cheering mo tho in-
"Whore are you off to?"  I  called    terpmtor said: "Your friends have losl ] was |
down lu In r. mi" comrade and gut another.   A gen-
"We are going," she said, "to walk     H in arrived  from  Paris early tills
In tlie t'nni'limrc.   It will bo great nm: i morning. Ho was aggrieved nt your nc-
t'uine nloiigi"                                       cldenl mid accompanied your g I doc-
Come along?   Of course I would!   1 j lor and in.i.l.uii ami tho y. » lady
snatched up my hut ami a duslco.it i on board tlie <u r."
and on rushing fi i my room ohserv-      "Wlinl was his unmo?" 1 asked.
"1 cannot say his name,   ll will be in
(lie bonk."
"Dn get It."
Tho hunk was brought. Behold Hie
entry, "Jan. '-'. from I Ion lo Bombay, XL Mncklulosli, rentier!"
"Confound tlm follow!" I bawled out.
"lb- must hnve changed his pinna nt
tlie Insl moment! llnndhoxl Prig!
Inlrnderl   Oh, Hint llftl"
"You ai'" honor," observed Hie In-
tcrprclcr, "but j'ou must not overdo."
;,   passed , 4l,.,",,,,,^. 11'ritx.. whom she hail raised in
iier Jaws ns n eat  would ii  mouse.
Crnckl   The lirst linllei hud w Iml
her paw, the si ml lodged fairly in her
chest    Willi mi" horrible brave she
,, sprung ll|iiill tier new enemy mid linn!
und the cage, si nr lag   ,    ,  u,o ground.   Kiny fell the cruel
11 '"'lug distill' 1. MX- ! ,.,„„.„   ,   I,,.,,,,,,   ,,',,   „„,   ,„,„„.,
lungs In her head, nml ilnn- darkness.
"Dourest, II Is I- I'rlli'.. X'nti siivul
ui". nml l-lieaven help mo—Inil"-
Tlio wnrds soiiiiilml very far olT to
tig ui h in Hi" proprietor's   caravan.    She  opened   her
ml slight iron gales and within a Iiii. j
stationary.   There was no ens in ll
nor nay nllendiiiii, mid I had nut no- i
tleed It before or hoard of people going; !
up or down.    Bul ttic liioui l.i struck
me, "1 may as well use it, time will ho
snved."   Tin- grating wan uuloekcd.   I
entered, took a seat and pulled tlm
rope.   Tho lift began In descend. Dnril-
imss, Iml only i'nv ii moment nr iwo,
mid then another grating, nnd on   bitn
the darkness again.   Suddenly I felt
that the sent 1 was occupying i
lug lis horizontal position.   H
on" slilu.   There wns grievous
lug, scraping, crashing i In
page.   Half way between Iwo
places Hm machine had stuck
lily fust,
of muiiBc It was very iiwkwn
nil ,,11 ' A nillleult,- II,.,ii„V",1.
cronk-' "Di'kle. when you divided those nve
, i,,,,.' cnratncls with iinl" sister, did you give
Hiding liei'llini-r
iniilil-I "1*0.  mn.     I   guessed   limy   Wolllllll'l
come mil even.   I n'l one 'furo I begun
,1, but    jl •"• I'"*
"Oh. how I hale that brute!" snld
I.lille as the professor llthely Bklppcil
up the steps nf Ihe cage and, with ll
half   how   In   Ihe   nlldli
ibrougll Hie liars.
Vixen Imuiiili'd nngrlly Inward blm,
iiut (he tniner'B eye was upnn lier, and
II was mil nn n necessary in threaten
with Hm loaded thong ho carried.
her dlseonlenl ut
en careered, her Blackening sleps ever
nml a being quickened by the sharp |
crack nf Ihe whip. Then ovjjr hurdles I
nml again under barriers which rcqnlr-1
ed ull ih" animal's croiiclilng puwers ! ..,,,
...    ,i        ,1,       ' K iiy
to negotlnlc,    Finally a darning hoop
ntn tlie cage, the professor,
holding it In Ids left linnil. nicked and
cracked ihe huge eat through mid
through ami round and round until Hie
l nl Bcumod hull' .lazed und cilia listed.
The mastery was complete. Vixen's
BtirllueSB nvollcd nothing wiih Fritz
Mcllln. Whatever her record elsewhere, hero in Iiuilwi'H'n circus, under
the "Prince or Tamers," Vixen had no
other course bill lo lu'linve bersclf and
The people were frantic wilb admiration ami di light. They cheered nnd
counter cheered In ringing tones ns
Fritz, leaving ihe cage, bowed repeatedly from Hie tup nf Hie slops.
Then ennio tlie aerial lllgbt, and in
the linlrhreadili i "lures above llielr
beads tin- pcopli got Hie uian eating
used In slashing Hi
Mure slnrtlcd nml nlarmeit Hum all,
Vixen stiiuil hesltntiag, quivering, while
the mail uproar grow louder mid louder, stilling the moans and protestations
of Hie Injured ami th" helpless. Then
Ihe beast lifted up lis voice in mi" soul
terrifying snarl uf rage mid exasperation. 11 redoubled Ihe efforts ot Hie
lunli lo escape. Strong men struck
weak women back, children went down
and were wantonly hammered under
"Down, X'ixcu, down!" Tlie great eat
turned suddenly, nnd as she did so Iho
limivy thong of the trainer lilt Into her
beautiful skin. She shuddered ami
cowered, but her fear wns only niuineu-
wry. Iter old blond lust wns upon her,
nml, growling viciously, she sprang nt
Fritz just us Ids arm wns upraised io
direct another blow al her.
Tho man dropped like a lug. and Hie
brute's teeth crunched Into his right
Bboutdcr to the bone. Fritz reached
with Ids left hand fur his revolver,
which he always carried, hut only succeeded iii dlseugngiug it from his pocket, ills nerveless lingers could not retain llielr grip, and lie let Hie weapon
All this had happened in n mailer nf
seconds, yet already ihe vnsi amphitheater had emptied. High above Ihe
two girls had witnessed Hie rapidly
changing sccuo with staring eyes a id
blanched faces. .But Hie mishap lo lite
trainer changed Kilty's frigid iulo resolve. Illuming ns fust us tlie net
Would allow, slic reached the guide
rope, swung herself over ami shot like
no arrow to the ground.
No Ihought of danger occurred lo her.
Her one nim wns lo reach ihe revolver
and save Ihe life nf the man she loved.
Crack! Vixen responded wiih n ler-
rlfylng growl of pniu und suddenly
Have ymi talked "lib anyone abuul i>>jtJrj-ti>>>?
,'onic nml see me or lei tno sec yon,   ll mn>
.lo ii- iml1' good,
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers in
Grain and
Given   special   attention.
Will issue
Pasi     American
Excursion Tickets
To Buffalo
|6o Day Limit
Choice of Routes
All rail, Lakes, Soo Line,
Via si Paul or Chimin,
Through Sleeping car Kooienay
Landing lo Toronto, one change
lo liufi'alo.
i:„r llaic (able, and lull iaforniatloa, call as
ar address nearest local agcut.
R. J. C0VI.E
A. ii. I', t.
Vancouver, B.C.
J. S. CARTER, I). I'. V.. Nelsiin, U. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
r      |   . c       ■   li    i Nelson & FI. Slicphard R'y Co.,
Car lots a Specialty. |Rc(l Mountai(,  Railwa; u
Cranbrook, li. C.
K^'/'-" • >j ...
Key CII) Lndgc
Mull i
...   :  ill)
.-■.,    .
/SBj \
Cniiihnmk Lodge, No. M
. I:. ft \. M.
!;.-!,! ii   tin'. t>;.;- .Hi Ihe I
111 I
"Porglvo mo!" Iio crl.il. "It fipompil
when 1 ini't your sIsmt tlmi it \\;ih
Mllle 1 lind nlwuya loved, but l Ichuh'
now nml"—
She lifted Iu>r Imiul tlr|ireent!ngly.
-It   is lies!  lis il  l.i.  l-'rltZ," sin- Slliti.
"KiionMnp nil, 1 could iml enre id live,
innl Llllle—you will he hnppy wllli her.
PromlHo me you will m vn nil uor, it
would iiii'tik her hwifi."
ll.- li.-nt his hoiul low m lici'K nml
Bpolto softly In her cur. The duet or,
discreetly keeplnfi In the slnnlow, wondered wlmt li might have been, lur ilio
piiiii'in's fnee lighted with n smile,
'J'lifii the mini's lips met hers,
"ir l could only"-
"l nm glnd," hIu- Riiid faintly. "Tbero
wns—iiii— otlier-wny."
Bhestmlt back exhausted,
j      fill' BIIlid uiui. r.MnniMt'ii.
I    Whi'ii Hie doctor looked ngntn, lie no*
Solicitor, Htc.
Perry = Creek
Oliver Burge   ■   ■   Proprietor
Good .icccmniorJations for i lie public. Best oi liquors and cigars.
Come .md sec the iamous Perry
:reck district, Quartz .md placer
mining.   8 miles from Ciunbi-ook.
The only -til mil mine Mwuen nil
points Bust, West nml S-'uili to....
Intermediate Points.
CoiinetiiuR at
Sl'OKAM-; .villi ihe
Grcnl Northern,  Northern Pacific
and <>. R. <S; N. Company.
Nelson  with  Steamer for  Kaslo
and  All  Kootenay   Lake   Points,
Myers Palls with Stage Daily lor
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stuge   Dally   foe
<ii ami Forks ami Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, Gen. Pass. Agl.
Barristert Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook,       :      :        Rrlllsh Luliinthifl'
Certificate ol Improvements.
Ill, •llllllll' i
I'JIHI  Kll'.ti'l
itlt >lil- ol \
Get jtirir Job Work
at Ihe Herald office
Surveys ,„	
Lane! Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
I'. (I. Furl Steele, 11. C.
»'"' Builder «*
itntCmnbronki B C
Something Interesting
In Photographs, Our agenl
will will tell yon all nhniill II.
Look mil Im' him.    PREST,
innl Builder  .*
All work guaranteed.   Soo us in-fnrc
nm iniilil.  li uin pa) you,
CninliriHik, 11 C
I lie fiera,
Gives all the news of the district all the
Kit: v, linwi'Vi-r. bitsh up, (lltllng from   .....     ,,,.,,,,     ,      ,   ,,       *,        , u     1 . T. »1t , 1      tf» 4
tj'opo*, to ;™n^:j;;|fr2VT'i''„ "»»«S.«»!"«•« Z^"IS ,1. dlstrkt all the time.   It will cost you only $1
years befo
lier tho ant
dosulI io her alstor
Frit?. Mellln bad put to
ipn'siiou be bad now i-co-
Hi- Blood n moment tli iiig'itfully, tin u
lu- shook bis bend.-tNniuy Pletorlnl
for six months.    Try it. i
11 ill
The Best of Job Printing
Will always be secured when you net
your work at The Herald office. Try
it and be convinced.
Tl,,. i.ntt. s..„iiti». Allan iv,,s So Rennril.U
111   til Clrcliu.
Senator  Mlm, down-foil  I" ho      n-
gnrdcd, ii,.ii ire limit onu [ictnl nf
Viult IIS i'i. In lilu's lllsl I'lli/l'll Ills
Wllnlu hi,. lui" hccll liiisncil hero, snvs
The Tnrolilll tllnho, nnd it wns, 'it.
luliitii  iiliiiiial  ho mild, cocvnl     witli
Uin  I H iniiniiillv    Mis tnslcs
nn,I  nubile    I'll .      ih.-I  lliiisu      nf
IkiN ifi.v nnd iii'iii'iiiiiiiii ut   at  ttoeon
dill.u.nil   inuiii'.    In   lis   fhlillico,   .-.111
11,    .Ill   I'll 11. I.I III. .1"   ll. .111.1,1-
ttll'n   im  I Iiii I inili     tent null	
(Ilnli.ii'lInn   h I   ilu-i'o iv.'ie   very '    ""
fin I.miiIiiIiIi- lines nl iiuliriiv.'iii.'iil Hi
whii li Im li.nl iml  hiirnu Ins shun, nl
It   Is  n   Hill   In  Hm  ..Intuitu        nl
our In.- I Ilnl im died in tlio sunm
(from li,,,,-..- iii uiiiiii he mi" barn al-
llinst oIrIMi yeiirs lieu Muss I'nrl,
Wns .Hi,. Ml.,i inn ilv liousu huili before I'm..nl" illlililli'll Ihe I link nf n
City,       I   its   lute   lluister   hull       tin'
training mill education Hint nn Eng-
lisl. squire Rives In his suns.      Alter
le.iiiiii; sc ,1 I,,' iiiii.l.' Hie     grand
t,,i,i   nml doubtless rutin- I In     tne
little community in thu Vork   woods
Willi ml.nil.-I id.sis nf Ihe world liu-
yiuiil Hm nils, nml live iippllcublllty
nr iinn-nppllcnbllity uf Us comlltiuna
tn Hm new world. The persons     uf
llOSllinil   Wlllcll   Wi'i'e   ,'iiliuei'li'il     Witli
Ihu curly life nf llnlinio in nil prnli-
ilhilitv dreamed uf Ihe possibility nf
founding f iii,-" lier... Sleepy Hollow, the Qrnngo, Muss I'nrk, and
ullui such liuiis'es were the provls-
lonul seats, nt least, nf this squirearchy, 'rile nil' uf this colilini'iil. nr
bcrhnps lis luck uf luws nf primogeniture nnil .'iiinii. makes ih.- continuance nl such families soinowhnt pre-
CBriuiis. Iii lln- case nf Scnntor Allmi
It cull Im said, howuvor, that he liml
the culture, sense uf public duty und | exP'
honorable traditions that form lln
best recommendation of such n class
liu.it.it' i will nil  tl
[rum ihu niliiih. in tlm puopla Unit
t'linuihi is u cold pluco 'rim apples vvliich liiivu l n prosoi'vud in n-
I'llliiil I'liiulil  I,} tin- cold storage process (wliich made Cnnuda fu-
iii.iiis „i Un- Purls Exposition) nro
 M'elli'il. nml mii. Uin admiration ot nil beholders. The straw-hurry
exhibit left nothing tn he desired
nml Ciiitiuliiiii gooschorrlos, cur-
t.iiiis un.I cherries ara holding their
To-tiny llr A Kiiillnii uf iho
Prospect Fruit Fni'iii. Funthill. On-
tniiii. iii'iiii'il witli ii conslgiiinant of
Even tlm I. I'uhiluiits uf lln- tropics
Innl in turn nwaj from tlm tempting
fruit      They    wi'iv delicious, The
writer, however, is speaking from
llr itnllton suvs there
I'he Ontario exhibit always looks
Ills leisure was nut spent m trivial!- ' s" ,l'1, .' ",'"' Inviting; perhaps thu
ties or idle pleasures, Iml in un en- rciison is because it is alwuys tasto-
dcavor to do whatever duties   enmo I'.»' doco1 lUc"   "lth   nn array    „f
OUR FRUIT EXHIBIT!     dundurn memories.
Sir Allnn VnrSiil, i, liu.ivii,., Ili.lli.-r I lu,n      .     .,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 tn $5.00 .111 acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands,    'these lands arc readily accessible by the Crnxvs Nest Pass Railway.
Visitors at the pan-am.
I .hinu   Alivnn   Look,   Proah
1. I mini   -ml    ll...,   ll.-  1'n.liitil
I,]-  (i.Mll'C   I'U     .lull.
Bxcurslonista,  nlwnys  looking   fur
new scenes, huvu l" 'inn ti. turn tin Ir
lilt.'II'lull   tu   I 11111,1,11 11   ['.ilk.   -Ills  'til.'
'.„ villus  Unlver.nl Aniiruviil ►.».    Toronto    Olohe.     rcihnpa II      nl
l,r I by ii.-lii.liii.il slylil.oora—Win,,    Bcurcely t..- correctly  iIcsitIIh-iI  ns   .1
<• ,.-. sn.  „  superb I,, 1   """  '"'"""i' "'" durlnu 11	
Illllicv      uf  Hi.'  lui''  Ronutlll    XI,Inn."
" ' """ ' " »»•»-   nu ii,..i,   wor ...nu,.,!:,    nl-
'",' ,, mu.li.i.. j 1,,„.,„| ,„ „so ||„, nri.iunl.     Sin.'.' il
is nu t„  iim  end,.) , ''''"   lircniuo lliim 'apublli   park
1 11  tins still mora uiifiii'ii'd 'lioao   In
1  !■:
ns     s ,|,      i,| ,,„  mn me       No lloulll     11 . <a
linn , very general tlionglil  mi ih.. purl  ol
II Hml. ; visitors   ,s   hull'   Iml 1.1,.11.'   II ill.ui- ' . "
11   ..l.tillllllic   |10BSI'SH      uf .1     .,
ill .,11 rend) tu,ul.. 1.1 their
lit     hunt- I luiiiit". nml    ,1 s... 1 thought,    11,. ' • "
M'-iuii.     11 I il.,ill pinliy genernl,   Is how    thoy ■ , ••
Itut uluiig iviilimil   it    As 11 park ' ■■ -*
• IH
..I hy nr. cot-
Terms of Payment
The axfregate rnnount Di principal nml im rest, except in the
case nf lands under S2.50 an acre, is divided Into len instalments as
*'     a- shown In tbe table below; the lirst lo be iniitl 111  the time nf pur-
A.,,      chase,   tne  second one tear Irani dale nl llic purchase, the third in
'■     *%4 1      ,H" Jeflrs ant' Hl 0D'
':k^ The following table shows the araounl ui ihe annual Instalments
• *"*      on ltd) ncrcs ai different prices under Ihe above conditions!
.     /V  IM acra al S2.SII per air. Isl instalment $59.05   9 equal intnl'ls at $50.00
.;     VV     .. 10(1     •• ■■ 71.1(11 " 00.00
WW!    » .LSI)     .. .. „,t.i)ll
uviti   nm   111.-UK   ,viui.nil   11.   ns 11   IHIIK ,
it leaven lltlln t«. bo dt-siicd    Within      • [
us   nu is m,1, nssiaiud hy llr. L'ol- | ns 1 i|insfl is iu be found son I •.'?
111 1  Mr    il> ..,11. thu noblest specimens of Ihu national ..   .
'this 111... innl  display is >i   grout trco, while ihe oaks  Hint  climb Hm '}
lilr.it.il' 1   Hill   ull    tlm       1.1.-it I sleeps   dCBCCIIll lllS   In   Hm limit mi   HiiV SV^Cr
.     •■
0.00   YY
hands under $2.50 per acre  arc  gold
un -hnrlcr lime.
ii llic Ian ! i" paid fur in iutl  at  'he
lime  of  purchase, a reduction from llic
price will be allowed equal in ten per
cent un llic amount paid in excess of llic
"II 00
to hi." Inuiii us ii member nf Hie community. Tn his muniOconce ii is
largely due Hint Toronto possosscs
one uf ils hiiiulsiiinest public squares,
nml ii is tu Im hoped that ut some
early day a memorial will lie erected
la the Horticultural Oarilons which
will remind visitors to them thul the
citv nwi-s them in Hm generosity of
George Willi,nn Allnn.
nm 111 Burlington I1
niu     forcsl    veterans llial  were ..id I ' •)
when Hm su,. 1,1' ll.,, :i w.is si ill -J
„n unbroken portion nl niiture'a  dn- KjV
nuiliis.   Tlm   .'.ml ul Hm park sn-ms i-A
i„    Im     inii'ln'iilni'ly well suited lor fT*l
ti,','   growth, for even tin- chestnut, ,. .j
whii'h limy lie regarded ns un exqllc, -®
licro shows mi uiiiisuiil davelopment. ' *,-[,
It   is nut     Hm mere cabbage-shaped **T
growth with which we nro most tutu- l,„lj>
lliar,     hut  11 grent-nrined monarch, ^-fo
spreading iis sliadc over 11 spacioos (.l^j
area ot lawn.                                           ' .L"-.(?
'I'll   11   few.   IlilWi'Vi'l',   the   ensile   will
nlwnys bo Hm chief attraction, nr its
associations nt least to in- the chlet aav
theme of their thoughts  while there. ,'-'(i)
A   purl inn  nf ii   is  now  us.-il  us    a
museum, hut 11 pleusniiter ni'i-upnt iim
thnn Unit  uf peering nl  ostrich eggs
und Chinese   coins is Urn rcpcopllng '"-'*'l._(5)_(.v(S_(i)_(5
KilTlberlev 's ^e business and shipping point for the
*  North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAI. & ELLWEIL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is "" (''v's'ona' l,0'nt'" ",c Crows Nest Pass
Railway and llic commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
Eor maps and further Information apply lo Agents as above or to
usual cash instalment.
■   V
Interest   :il   si\   per   tent    will   hi-
ili.'iiiied in overdue Instalments,
The Company has also lots  fur   -"ale
. .1
iu thu following town sites in liast Kool
enay:   Elko, Cranbrook. Moyelle, Kllch
ener, Crc*>tt>n and   Kimherlej.
The   terms of payment are one Ihird
■  *
ciisli. and Ihe balance in sis and   Iwcke
•   ?
mn 111 hs.
.   •)
F..T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner.Winnipeg.
the forms of nuothor genoratlou.       | T^-tsV-l5>^Ha^^  •"   -
r.   Iluiti'iinil   lulls  us,   in  tl
dress  delivered  nn   Ihu  occasion    uf   ™
tho dedication nf ihe park, liml Sir   v
Allnn .ItncNiih hud  mn f Hi
 - - oniii' trails nf the canny
choice cut flowers,  Where dims    Mr.
Hunting gel tin in'1 is frequently nsk- ._ ,
ml    hy    pnssers-hy, who sluiul witli Scotch nice    from wiiich lm sprnnc 5:
their hands in their pockets nr lock- | "lie inny he called a  ('uiindn pi- S
ed    behind ilmir backs iu front     nf curena," says    Hr. Dourinot, "enrpo %
tills tempting dlsplny.  "From     llic diem—enjoy life day by day was his *
garden   nf    Cnnndn." replies     llr. motto."   Mr. Dent, In his history of 1
HiinliiiR.    Thul    niusl  he 11     lovely tlm   Ounndlan     roliolllon, says thul. «'■
sput murimirs the onlookers ns they Mr. MncNub, when lm first cn'mo inio a
it.hule tlm perfumo. "indeed    it   is." nccldontni prominenco, xvns "an itn- <
replies  Mr.   Hunting.  Canada    must peeuninus lawyer" in FtamtHon  nnd <■
1 11,.,,,. «,.,„lv.               ] '"' a  niu' pint iter nil. tlm visitor however nourishing his prospects he- *
In tlm way of recent parody    the1"- 'ore«l lo """"•■  "N™"   batter," ,•„„,,.,  ii  is to he feared that  imp..- I
.nt, 1  is vcrv cud     It is from 1 replies Mr   Hunting, nml us one ens-   cunloslty wns a chronic conseqii ■■■ *
a    Halifax    correspondent,     signing | i!,'.0^0".1"." _0™n.1.. 1",0,V.';S^orr..-°_".1-nl;?    "' h!".'"'"yaiic.v nn, timlsm.    II,
the   London
nf   il
llilil.s.ll   "W.    Ih
Jlnily   .Mud.,   mill   the  pi
conliiinod in th.- fact Hun  Urn    \'n- ' I
glish   lii..,i.l      ,.(      F.iliii'iituiii   insists ,''
thni  scholars in thu hist und second |
yum "   course    in   higher  element,
s.li.'.i.ls    shut]     spend  ut   least   f
Inn,,'" pur week  in the study  .if   s. 1-   "
ence, hull  "i which lime must  lm ,1,- , '
voted  lu  practical  work      The uue*   ''
of Ihese  s.hiiluis  will   vary   between    '
ti'il'iiiid   twelve      Half  nt   them are   '
gifl- I,
Mr.   HiinliiiR ("'is
convinced    Hi.u  In
id     ins    inn,,
lived his stun iii life. Mr   Dent
in,.I,I iltspl
Cnndu's i
"in   1'.
■n   j.
nu.n .
I kirnii nut it 1 mis iliviiuiluir,
I fancy 1 wn I my tea; i|J^J
Ilnl 1 beard u uicluillou, uiurmur
hike tin- sound ,.i .x. n. i'. . i
It ll I,-.I Ike drear)' Hnss room,      ^l
3.1 K i cello from long ago.
II tm.'.l inv si.nl ivlili yearnlnga
Ami niv eyes ultk null
I eouliln'l ililnk nit.'in l In.I heard It.
My memory seemed lo lull:
It drought l k tin. day, ivln-ti cblldren
di '
Witli ii S..IUI.I  1 Hi..until  inn,  li.
I lm,.' Bought, hut I s.'.k II viihily,
Tluit A.  II. t'. ilhliii.;
I lipuril It In mi  .I.it'll I.
I'ltli i|.,.' ii In n I  n.   I.. Iim tcclinleal .itl.n
1 Bhall learn mj A. II, i'.
 hut h.
Mr. Diluting c.iiiliiiii- t„  |nll.    Doing     summoned  In Rive J
ire compelled tn suy, evidence before n Pnrlluincntnry mm- J
nrio." This lust   ex- milieu   ns     to the exhibition of tin' «,
clnumtion wo re-echo us w iter Hie clllgy of Sir Jolin  Colhorna in    ih,. ■»
.Mil.'"  Hull.linn     Truly in.  loyal   Cnn- streets   uf  lluniilti.ii.   he  refusuil     I,, *'
nit.nis i.nut we n..iv assume Hint .ill answer certain  questions,   nml     wns J
(nn.nl " mi- loyal tu their   groat committed in mil tor conluinncv   Ih- «
country)  could riizc upon tins mng- spcnl   mn dnvs  there,  mid wns  th
,,,1  milium a feeling   ol released.       11.-     wns    received	
ntiflciilion. martyr     tn Toryism, nml Mr.   flent «'
 -''1 1  u     superb dcclnrcs      Hint   his  whole Bllbseqilcnt «■
I.M 1 Canadian Womanhood, stmuls sim.'.'ssful future li.nl iis roots In this «'
nun qulel  grace ul nllko    .lm- Incident.       "Hv   ,is nld."  Mr.   Dent J
nni   mi  tin- "iiniiiiil  nt u great  gra- says, "lm siiccessllillv beenme n mem- <
lililte c..Iiiinii    In her right   hand "he bcr nf tlm     Upper Canadian I'urlin- *
holds llm emblem ..f her nut.un.  the ment. Speaker uf tlm Assembly, Com- S
I'linudlnn line   In her left u    wrealb uinntler-ln-Chief    nl ihe Upper    Cnn- «
,.l    laurels     Her    head     is Bllghtly nili.ui  liind    forces during  Iho rebel- J'
throw ul. m. I "im ", " tn look Hm,. Knight. Queen's Counsel   mem- I
beyond llm presonl  tar mt.i the    fu- bcr nf Ihe in
tuiu.  nm!   I.'.ul  there llm glory    lh.it ml,,    lender ol
awaits her mil Inn   In her hand    "lm Canadian  Log      .
already   holds the wreath    tn   crown Bldcal nl tlm Council and Minister nr *
the victor)   ol  the coining  years.    If Agriculture,  Ilnronel    Honornr.x   l'ol- X
she could spenk wlml  would "he sny onel  In tlm     llrnish  Army,   Alile-de- <
t„ ii-    would  ii   lm 1Mb?    "I    come ('.imp i„ iho Queen,  Speoker ,.( Hm J
ol     ull Legislnllve Council     He nl-.. beca  <
western father-in-law to a IVn   nf Iho realm, «
Hi hope, and .In .1 Sir Allan MurN.ih ni    Dun- i
  hruuehl p.,,,.,,.- | J
tributes ..I their Ih-bi  t.. lay  ns    mi        I'hcso     aro    not    the usual cottsu- «
. .ii   Hm  feel   ol   1','....'      nnil quenccs   nf getting   in   mil.   hut     Sir $,'
I'rospeilt.x       I  I.... have come      with Alluu " s In have been mm of Hie «
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co,
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU.    KINl'S   OF-
..f Cnn-
in ti,,'
l.',- i,'
«iili     ex
WW   wl
Rough and !
Dressed Lumber,:
Dimension Lumber, |
£hinp;les and |
riouldings. I
lm  |u
ilgh position
I.   XI I-    li    .1.
rnphlea    ,.f
Tt - )GQOQQ©©EeQ©0*DD©DODOQOQvlfae
One nf Ihe Must Cuuifurtalili
Hotels in Bnat Kooteiuiy.
I. n
(Icinenl  m ,l.is.ph Hi .nu    tlm    .,.],   I
bri I  XI,.i.,iui. head ,,, ih,   Six   \,i   ' '"'' rim
li.u,..     'Ihu rhiirgo ... iirnhnlil)     un     i      	
fn Iml. u . Clllliphcll Iniii'i'll  tins unI     ill   llll    >"
iiii.ni.nu  In.in  i is Btlhmltlcd     hi    I "'nl   Mm
tlm sntIB ul   Ilium   in   IHU!)     Scnro-1)     '   ''   ll'"1'
less mi... ...us. however, was il i     When  I  ti
tint,  mi  itn'   Xin.i i. .iu Battlement  nf    linns ol .
Mint".ul.   mi  .luh   u:i IT.'.'   when   II i '"l   Hm 1'
full  ..ih ih,- i I..ml. ..I Hm In   j ''""'! i'"
iliim       H..mi  lind been ed led un-    ft'oi i  n
del.     Ih lei '     uf   Si,      llilluun mil,I.In I,
Jnlllis,in,      ii.u!       inn,,I   I'lu'tiiiul   ui I I'll1)       I
177.1   uin ii hi- leal : hml uin,nt : ■'  'l   herd
ed ii 1.1.. attention, and foui lit    with | now       '
lllipl,  ili-.t iu 11  nu  Hm sul.'    nl    tlm    Cl u
llli.     ugh ih.  X in,mi revnlii- | hrouRliI   I
Itiuii.iii   mn       Xi   Hm ,,.n. liisimi   uf
:,i     in
ul     I'.in.nl.,   possess
I i n e.l "      Mr    Xlurc
Refitted Throughout
Newly Furnished
..t       llm    11,,.u ii,nl    quoins   from   Mr    lYiinin
.In : Tm lm- some passages that lui us
■I   in  I.      In   llm  BOCrel   nl   Sir   All,ill's   iiiuili'l
'.   .im  nut- ' uuu.nii   liis   h'lluii-iimii.   nml   mm
...il watting    these particularly  nixes us tlm    i
nn.i pruB- in iim ii.iin.il t.is't.'" which' lie mora
llm il.u'ks eapecially alTecled, ilmiv wero added
'    '    nmn-   niiineroiis pliysicul ndvnalnRes whoso
I.. II. VanDecar, Prop.
I Cranbrook, n. c.
in all the
Towns in
. Burns & Co
Successor] t,i
I     M. Mclnnes & Co.,
::[ Wholesale and Retail
j Meat Merchants
m I-rcsh and Cured Meats l:resh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the lK*>t.    Wiur
[••j        trade is solicited.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All K-nds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumbe r
1     The Prospectors' Exchange
I No. 1 (C.-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
£.        n.il.i.smei-l.-Mili.ii-i ■■ <    tM    -v.'it-i at   ihe BXI     lM KI    MH.I
..■ IN<1 (ioi.nprorKTtle*wnutwl  i .i,i-''.   Ea»icn t
--7 inii|.nity lur-iiileari'r-'Mii" ti'-i [-)■< ii , vim-I ■■-'iMii, .,   .i   t   ■   ■■ \ .   •■
A*J iilitill'ii.   u> ilfsli.'t i li  ii ir'iu j't..-i". I'tri "lm haye
j./ I'.rti-ii roluintila.   l'ni!i|*ctor» nml mfnii b men an n IUS(ii
f\ tliclr lii.nli[niirti-rs wlicn In NcIroh,   ah - until ■- alionM Uc i»j
fitj Gorrct|ionduiica wllclteil    Address nil commiinlcaui ni t--
&k Andrew F. Rosen he rj(er. Nelson, II. C
@ Telop^onfi So. \»i.   P.O. HosToa
In'"' "    lm   nu.ini   mil.,I    Kiirnpn,
nnd .,  (en   ....ii..  Ini.'i   published    his
tl..'.. llll  ' nl       Un     Il."|vl    Ut   SI
M.lli I Hm       H.".I.    nf    I   nllltllnll
l'l.n.n.    llll.i   llm   XI,.li.ill I,    i,,11,11111,|,'
lie    died  in his Hum year In  IH07. i '"I1" "" and
Ins    lui.'i'  years embittered  by     tlm   alienee of Hie
dl'illh   nt   n   '.nu. nl    he   hml   killed  I
111       '.'l( .1' I- IUe      Wllllll      lv- tst 1110,
drunken nt leinpi to murder l,,,„
children       I nnro      ll     I   hit'' I    llm  Hull in.ml   in   llm   hull,,,!,   |,is
liroiiRhl   I   luive lefl  I'D  IVIlnl '(.,.,■  mn     lm  fortune.'     Ilts llgliro
ii    .'..ut.i conve.1  in Hm    mind ..l vvas mi i'X.'.ii. ni teriiia with Ids fnco. •
iniin the be Ill tchless lie po«aesaed n liaildsoino person,   a'
Norlhliiud,    where   Islnnds,     doited dlgnlllinl iiinuner,  .,  graceful address
lakes     iiiiiui'  rivers  I    swirling nml a  voice iiicasaally attuned    in
rapids hi I  in pn tin.  .|im Imrmniiy thu     pilch    ol    henrtllims  In  whii'h    , .
| wllh Ihu eiidless puihlnss fnrcBI Hml iriith I'liiiiiiimih  tltiils expression,   lu    '-
II Hotel & s
*^| The Western Supply   Co,
Late Hill & Jill
Quests Cnnilurt a Specialty     J J ! Whc-lcs.-.lc and Retail Dealers in
(iunil Stabling in Connection
Our siiu.iv Country Hoy..
Thero h. nn question nf Hie Inllu-
eiu'i' iiliuh tlm aiiirdy outdoor Ufa
tins ui'.ui country hoya; mid llm lucl
that Ihe life is harnessed t„ regular,
luiperatlve duties is tu the Imy's ud-
Vfllilugo. He is developed gradually
ami Imnliliily. Ins mind following his
|lh,x mill Blreliglli rnllmr thull llm revels... And around htm, fur his
everydny observation nnd Bludy, arc
iho very Imsl ohjeel li'ilsims possible
fur i, boy's developing, life. 11,. ns-
niii-juius fntitlliarly wllh nnltira during   his work and rccrcationi    nod
,■ everhiBtlng
th    I     niiliii.'
1  |otn     with
'until  iululu..I the privilege uf | J
ll, fur lm mn only rejoiced ill his i 1
iglh bid   he hml greal  Btroaglh ')
y..u iu   ndtnli i    "t tlm geniuses    t„ rejoice    iu.    ih- wns collrngooila ', 1
tiliu i.illi'il   lulu  exlatence   Ihis     city     mnl active, with a hiiiul to vinillratii II
uf fulryllko beauty, which   cinbracca   wlml   his tonglla uttered.    Nn ililll- [J
Ihe prncivss uf itiitulil ci'iiluries.      1    cully deterred und nn labor distress- !(
Biilute vim i f Central    Amor-   ml him, fur lm pnssusscl nudncttj on- ' i t
Iim wlio Btrotcli mil l.i iis Hie    hand    oiigh  lo grapplo wiih  Hi o    nml    L*
Ol  tii'iillmi'linud.   I   snlulu  X'ull.   people    dului'iniant ii nollgll   tu   iiveri'inuil    ^_
lilid liiiliuiis ul llm fur smith,      who    the   iillmr.     lie   wits  gonct'OIIB    nlikn .
have fought fur fi lutu and clalmotl    in his   thoughla nnd in his nctlons;
ii. wu ni-.- friends, wo nro moro than   im pttl contitlencc in others nml never
friends, wn are brothers,      Brothers   lacked conudenea in himself."
in imp,., in nsplruthins, in nmhitton, |    Thoso qunlltlos     certainly oxplnln ' |3|ncksmlth
nml in I Hull    ninlsli Willi our     llm   hold      Which   lm  mini I  mi   his    n""-K!-mlul
tears, with our blood if need he, the constituents, wl looted him in nlno
li f pence that  has been planted succosslvo      Parliaments,     although
In ihis Itulnhow I'ity, till its roots they mny nut wholly accounl for his
sink sn deeply Into thla tmw     soil, lendershlp uf such men ns Sir Prnn-
iiiul iin Iirunchea o.xl I sn (nr north els Itlncka mid Sir John Mnrdonntd.
lag    his work and r 'unliun;    nnd j |lml slM|th ri.,., „,. „n may dw'nll in ll.- di.'d     ut   Dundurn in  18118,    Wu
even diiriiiR his sleep,  llm uir whii'h I |mnnony | nil, iis sliniluw. Again, have not     iiiiinv historic houses    lu
cm. is Ills open chntnlnr window   is )j aniin„ vou," I Canada, hut Diindurii
Nearest to rnilmad nml depot,     tins nrentnmnd".-
linns for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
| Cattle, Dressed Meat i
And IVovisions.
Head Office, Cranbrook, E. JAMES, Mana.t;  .
-.I g),.........
Iiiilun wiih Hm ml.ir uf apple blliS-
sinns. i}r tlm hnrvoBl scnsnUi or. per-
llaps. is llm pure, sl imillul lag nl-
,lms|ilmiv      uf  llm  while,   undulating
winiui- liulds. Itui ii ull goes toward milking liiin strongor, sturdier,
more      self-reli ,   mure   n nihil Inns,
observing,    lie is healthy ul
«l in
nf Ul'in
in.in i
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon Making,
and Painting.
n,,n,'::;;h;"\';r';,:,::';!:;;r (he'hZiiar'v^i'EiElilibinimis'Aiikinda of work given prompt
most   of   the kid gloves come from,   of the spnu  I    attention, and we will guarantee
rn!i,"s"id Rhnvs'mv'mnmlhu"!;!..^^™ | ....TnTun^u^T^,,,, I    satisfaction to our patrons in all
lllln.ll.V-   This  repi'i'.si.iils  u   vnlim      uf        Dinks—Is    y ■     wife  ever   out   of        xvc do. Yours for trade.
1 $7,000,000 nnd Rives employment to   .temper?    Winks—Never, alio bus   uii
III niigli, physically, mentally,   uiur- , 2r, uuu working people of both scsou.    Inoxhauallblu suji|,ly, I .    .p   viiOOM
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
Win- Matheson, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and is now ready tn enter to the
public. First class dining room service. The^best nl xxincs and
liquors at the har. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
Do You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
If mi di.nl buy   rj I;' i   'I'I pi)   The Only Wholesale liquor Dealer ia
unlit you see.,   r I-L, I I l-.lv   South East Kooienay,    write lord   *
Cranbrook, B. C.   8   -fi   8
PELTIER is .ilso agent lor
t. lebi:l & co. :„';s hay and oats
This is the supply point lor Sutilh East Kootenay. Ho, For Frank!
A lirand Fete Will be Given at l-'rank, Aha.,
Tuesday, September 10th.
Lacrosse, Lethbridge vs. Fernie
Football, Pincher Creek vs. Blairmore
In addition an excellent program of athletic sports has been prepared. Dancing afternoon and evening on the finest
floor in the northwest.
Mi und lii. Lawrence nnd children,
nl Nelson, and Miss Eua McKillop, uf
l.-llihinh'. .: in.I mill Mr, unit Mrs.
Iltcttiuer iml Tinsilny iiii their way to
Tin- tlcrnhl advertised for nun again
inst week mid Monday inuniiiiR Criiu-
liiunk mn. lisllcd hy a magnificent
shower. It ]n.>i> to advertise in The
\V. J Henderson <imt boys returned
hum Hu- IM-.'. last Monday, Mm. Hen-
derson has heen quite ill nnd remained
in Ontario ,t the   home of .Mr, llender-
"Beit" Uiiliu.ls wns able to leave the
hospital last Monday. He is rapidly recovering   from  the tnjnriea received 11
shoii time ago nt the Cranbrook Lumber
cotupnny'8 mill
J A. Ilatvey, ..l l-'ntl Steele, wns in
town Tueaduy, having charge ol Ihe m-
i.itimis fur Hm owners ul tlm nun
perly  nn   Hull  river,     XX'    t    Ourd
j Music by the Macleod Band, j
', Special trains from Cranbrook and Lethbridg-c will con- J
I vey visitors to Frank, returning  both   ways  aittr  tht t
. ball in the evening, at special excursion rates, the trains T
. making stops at all intermediate points, .
; Rate from Cranbrook, $2.60; From Fernie, $1.25 !
j Everything   will   be    Absolutely    Free :
j On this occasion, no charge being made ior meals,  light j
I rclrcshmonts or any of the amusements. j
Cheap Bed
Room Sets
( '      )QQOQ0Q@®QSOOQO©O@.®QQOQO
■■ to
II you desire to furnish rooms in an hotel
or residence for little money, see us.
We have them at prices that will surprise you. This line looks neat and
tasty and is substantial and well  made.
Parlor Sets    -
Dining Room Sets
Chairs and Rockers
Most Complete line of Furniture in East Kootenay.
The Kootenay Furniture Co.,
Uremner's Old Stand
:      LOCAL   NOTES     ?
« *
Picked  lp About the City  by Asking
Questions ol Many  People,
M  A   Hi-ale was in town Tuesday.
Read Harry William's ml tills week.
i.d itill was up from Moyle Sunday.
[.Glllis spent  Ubor day In Morrisey.
U. J, liltiiir, uf Moyie, was in town lo-
M. II, icing's new house is belli**
Prpsli fruit always on hand ut Mc*
C«n null's.
[everybody should decorate for the
Dr. Green, of Moyle, visited Dr, King
on Tuesday.
VV. 1> Hill is building an addition to
In - resitleneu
for rent—Two rooms, inquire at the
Herald office.
Wilkie Brown visited lilko several
tin,-, iin . week,
I'.iul Haiulley, ol Klmberley, was in
town yesterday,
Horn. In Mr, am) Mrs. C. Dow, Friday
Ai .'ii.1 i'i,  1 girl.
Hen Riley, ol Moyie, was a Cranbrook
vi* nor this week,
Willintn Hamilton, nf Moyle, was in
to mi Wednesday.
Mrs. W. A I'rest visited Mr. Prest at
Fe.-nie last Monday,
John Swinucrton made a business trip
toMncleod last week,
Miss Annie Grant is officiating In the
pout office this week.
1'ieper St Currle are painting Trank
Clapp's new residence.
Miss Charlotte Houson, of Nelson, is
vit-iting Mrs. j. I1. Fink.
Mr. and Mrs, A, W. McVittie visited
F- it Stuck last Monday.
C. C Fnrrell, of Moyie, was a Cranbrook visitor last Sunday.
1; II, Small and A I,. McDermot vis-
ited Fort Steele last Friday.
Snmnu Rnjotle lias sent The Herald
copies nf llic Johannesburg Gazette,
Richard I'raser, coiislnble nt Fort
Steele, lm  been tinnsferred to Penile.
Conductor Welch's family re tu rued
last week from an extended eastern visit
For sale—tot and iwo room shanty
near C. 1'. R. shops. Apply to Herald
The McNab Lumber company has a
fine lot of lumber piled up iu its yard at
J. I,. Doupe, assistant land commissioner for the C. P. R., whs iu Craubroi If
lust week.
Don't forget the evenriion to Prank,
tbe new coal mining town, on Tuesday,
September 10,
A very pleasant dancing party wn •
given ai the Hast Kootenay hotel Insl
Saturday evening.
There are a number ot children running on tbe streets these days ibal should
he attending school,
Messrs. Murphy, Johnson and Mc
Donald, three of Moyle'i shining lights,
were in town Tuesday.
Thomas Hell nml wife and 1. Murpll)
and Miss Voting visited the Mission and
Fort Steele last Sunday,
Miss McTavlsll left last Tuesday fm
Cariboo, nfter several weeks' visit with
her aunt, Mrs. A. f.eitch.
The little baby of Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank
Dlckerson has been quite 111 for seveial
days, but is now improving.
For rent — furnished or unfurnished
room in comfortable residence on Bake!
hill     Apply at Herald office.
J, K Costigsu left on Tuesday tor thu
noitli to look alter lOUlfi COdl lands in
which he is largely interested.
Dr. O'llagan has been in Moyie the
past week looking after Dr. Green':■
practice during the lalter's absence.
C. U. Palmer has opened a general
agency office iu the building adjoining
Pieper & Currie's paint and paper house.
W, F. Tate, the jeweler, has just received a handsome series of souvenir
spoons for Cranbrook. Call and see
Carload of Lake of the Woods Milling
company Hour just received at McCoil-
liell's. Five Roses and Patent, The
best.   Try it.
Gov. Hanson, of Waia, was In town
this week. Tbe governor says that pari
of the district will be fully represented
at the COtillng exhibition.
Dr. Barber, tbe dentist, wilt return
this afternoon and remain a few days nl
his office. Those wishing work done
should cull early and arrange for the
■d I
A rate of fj 6i lm the round trip has
been mule fui tin- celebration nt Frank,
on  Septeitlhei    IU     What   is   mote,   nil
expenses In the way ol refreshments will
be paid while Hurt-.
"Jimmie" Graham, of Winnipeg, was
In   town   yesterday   visiting   with  A   I..
McDermot    Mr. Grain md .Mr. Mc
Deimol were school mates during the
early days ol Winnipeg.
j, M, Hudley, formerly ol the locnl
branch of the Canadian Bank ol Ci in-
meree, hut now with the Nelson branch,
passed through town Sunday enroute to
Ihe easl lot his nliuual vacation,
1'. McConnel expects to leave for Ontario ihe latlei part ol the month lo get
acarloAd ol cattle and liens. He has arranged bis li.ti ii so that he is now able
lo care for his stock in good shape, and
with great convenience to himself,
P. McContiell has expressed himself as
well pleased with conditions in tins district, and will leave in a few weeks for
western Ontario to purchase o carload of
fiesh milch cows, poultry, etc. Mr, Mc-
Conned only hnmlles the best in this
line ami finds a ready sale for all he
ships in,
Corej Dow, who has been officiating
us special night constable in Cranbrook
for the past two years, has been appointed pn vineinl constable and station.
ed at Klku. The appointment is a good
one, and The Herald congratulates the
people ol p;iko on securing n man like
Mr. Dow.
I,. B. VanDecar, of the Royal hotel, is
getting a great reputation for his Sunday
eveiling turkey dinners, for which he
only charges 2$ cents. Mr. VanDecar
has one of the best dining rooms in
South East Kootenay, and everything is
kept as neat as wax throughout his establishment.
Miss Ella Grant, Postmaster Heattie's
assistant, left Inst Tuesday for Nelson us
delegate lo the provincial convention of
Christian Endeavors. It is Miss Grant's
first vacation lor a long time aud the
hundreds of people who receive mail
from her hands day afler day, will wish
iter n most enjoyable trip.
.Mr. and Mrs. A Leitch gave a very
plefiSant dancing party nt their home
last Friday evening, iu honor of Mrs.
Malcolm Leitcb, ol Oak Lake, Man., und
Miss McTavlsb, of Maiiltou, Man. A
large number of guests were present and
everyone had ,i jolly good time, as they
always do at Unit hospitable home.
S A. Gebo, manager of the coal mines
thnl are being opened beyond Bliirmore
at the new town of Frank, was iu Crati-
brook last Fiidny. Mr. Gebo will have
n grand opening of his townsite next
Tuesday, nml ;i special train will be run
from Cranbiu ik lor the occasion. A
large number intend to go from this
iii -3J-J -J*-]**-) -3 ftttftt ftf-tft
* r
| News Irom un Coal Metro pull h f
-J f
-SJJ-J-s**?-)-*: ;•)->? fftttfiftffE-
I'r iim Kroe Press]
The telephone line to Morrissey will
be completed next week.
The local brniich of the Canadian
Batik of Commerce received a large new
safe from the easl Friday,
Bear and deer are reported to be very
plentiful in tin- neighborhood of Morrissey     Grume are also very numerous unit
ii la expected that the country surround.
ing Morrissey will become a favorite resort for sportsmen ibis fall.
Someone played a practical joke on
Ihe Fernie police on Sulnrdny Inst.
Constable Fnrquharsaii, who hud bis
chain gang working on the street neur
the jail, wai taken ill and the men were
left alum- lm ii lew minutes until Con
stable Barnes nnived to take charge. In
the iuteival someone brought along a
good supply of whiskey and loaded up
the whole crowd, with the result that by
(lie time Constable Barnes nnived a big
light was in progress and the whole
crowd were soaked in booze.
Mr. Chns Reid, of Cranbrook, spend a
couple ofdayB in town this week,
Dr, Higgins, of Moyie, has purchased
the practice ol Dr. Wilson, of this place,
Dr. Wilson will move to Morrissey shortly, where he has the position ofcompnny
doctor. I'r. Higgins comes well iccom-
meudeil and will doubtless do well in
A number ol sin veyors have been nt
work  during the   past   week   making   a
preliminary- survey of a spur line to connect wllh the Mirvcy of Ihe Crows Nest
Southern on th other side of Elk liver.
Tin- proposed lun- from the mines down
follows close into tin; mountain on the
north Bide nl tht C, P. U branch, winds
in ubout the cemetery and crossing
through il.t m-ith end <>i the towu
reaches the rivei about hull way betweeu
Fertlie and I'i ctor's null.
Business in lln.- town is rapidly growing better, and the number of people
coming here ia Increasing ench day
Many come to see the future junction or
two roads, and many to invest iu properly.
C M Edwards, tin- townsite agent,
bus had an office built, and is kept busy
Interviewing the new people in town.
George lloggnrth is making some extensive improvements iu the Elk hotel
.Mi Hm/ lm- Ins stock open und is
now renil) lor  business,
lieu Thlel his opened bis barbel
shop, next to Mi. IIiti/\ store,
Mr Sheridan ami family have arrived
from Cranbrook and have opened u
Pat McMahon and M, A. Iteale, of
Movie, wete looking ovei property on
main   sheet   list   Monday.     Mi.   Mc
M .lion iniy hiuld an hotel.
Parties from Nelson have bought Iwo
lots opposite Ihe Elk hotel, and will
end a lArge hotel building
The McNab Lumber company is selling some line lumber lor building purposes to people in this town.
Messis. BettlUe, Keny, Fink, Doble
and Simpson, of Cranbrook, were among
tbe visitors Monday.
Messis, Scott and Elmer, of Moyle,
were in town Monday,
Henry Bronlelte has his.livery stable
in working order.
Mr. Ellon lo..k the stage here Monday
to join her husband at Tobacco plains.
.Mr o'Donnell, contracting agent for
tbe railway company, v.ill build an immense warehouse here al once.
(. H. Miner, ihe well known Cran-
brook hard wipe merchant, wns selling
goods in town Monday.
Dr. Bell i.sstatloneil here at present,
as official veterinary Inspector,
C. Dow is the name ot our new constable, lie balls fiom Cranbrook, ami
seems to he nil right.
W. Brown, of Cranbrook, visited
friends in town the fiitt of the week.
Elko has two ding stores. Mr. Will-
don nnd Mr.  Livers are the proprietors
Everyone predicts that Elkn will be
humming in auothei month.
< Ileal Willi Ucattl
We Sell Soap
Not fresh, rancid impure soap, such as
will injure the skin and complexion, but
pure, clean, old, well seasoned soap, that
will improve and beautify. Hade by reliable makers, and at prices to suit the
K-  ti.   t>eclttie, i)rUggist
Visible Values
To make mom lor other goods we will offer .it bargain prices our
whole slock of
Crockery and Glassware
$16 Dinner Set <>7 pieces SI'.'Hi sis Dinner Set "7 pieces,    $12.0
1,1          ••          ••         9.S0 12          •        "            Ol
5.50 Tea Set II pieces,    ,t.,,ll 6.50 lea Sel II pieces,     4.50
8.50 Tea Set It pieces    6.00 Ten piece colored toilet set 2.75
Six piece colored toilet sel 2.25 Colored cups nnd saucers  Mill
Wc have a lot ol odds and ends in crockery and glass tliat you
probably need. Prices ol everything In this department will
be cut down.    Drop in and see.
G. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
In Time of Need
Good Bread insures a good meal.
Ours is delicious.
Try it.
City Bakery.
Our buns, bread, cake mid tickets fur sale at
il. T. Rogers grocery store.
Contracts hnve been let for the construction of tlie British Columbia Southern road which is to connect with the
Great Northern branch line north Irom
Jennings, Mom., to the international
The first six miles of the work has
been given loTwobey Bros., of Spokaue,
They have Ihe first work on the British
Columbia side of the international line,
It Is all steam shovel work, which will
average So,ooo yards to the mile, and
Burns & Chapman hnve the next section.
Prom the 1,1k river to Elko, a stretch of
About six miles, is supposed to have
been awarded to Ponpore & McVeigh.
This is anid to be the most desirable
piece of work on ihe line and will aggregate 400,000yards. It is principally
wheel scraper work. The next three
miles has been let to Grant & Smith. It
is Steam shovel work and will average
about 8o,noo yards to the mile.
J. G. Mcl.ean, of Seattle, has the next
two and a hull miles of rock work, and
adjoining his work W. C, McLatn. of
Spokane, has two miles of rock work.
The remaining two and a half miles of
rock wotk has been let to l-'oss .S: McDonald, tbe Slocail contractors.
Breckeliridge & Lund have live miles
of the work adjoining that of Foss &
McDonald. The balance of the work is
now being located and il is expected that
it will be in shape to let within the nest
>n days.	
A l-alr Sample.
Every   town   has   its "kickers" nnd
"knockers,"    Kaslo must  have  a   few,
judging Irom a correspondence thai appeared in the last issue id the Kootenai!!,
As it fits many towns, we print tbe fob
lowing extract:
A Kaslolle will tell you Kaslo is ipiict,
he doesn't think it will be any better, he
is nlrairl to Invest his money in the town
because he uiaj have to leave here soon,
if things don't get better. For heaven's
sake, people, stop being such "knockers,"
if you haven't faith in your own town
how can yoil ex, ed it to get better } Do
yon think people aie going to come in
here and mike it prosperous for you.*
Never in a thousand yeais. I have been
in your stores here nml liml that yon hnve
good stocks and your prices are reasonable. Vet I don't see yon getting any
outside irade, and even a good many of
your citizens send to Timothy Ralotl or
some other outside store for their cloth-
imj, their dress goods and even groceries,
and some of your business men send out
of town for their printing, and yet you
wonder what is the mailer wilb Kaslo.
About four fifths ol you want some com
111011 sense pounded into yon with a club.
Change your wiiys, have some backbone
nml stand by your town. Have some
faith in Its stability, improve your property, patronize home industry, stop
belly-aching about haul times, stop your
petty ijiiarelliug, don't be jealous of
your neighbor, help, him along, expatiate on tbe advantages of your town.
Above all pull together and believe
Kaslo first, last and all the time. Prosperity will never come it you sit down
and growl and wait for it- Be up and
doing; make your town what il ought
to he, the best reside till a I business ami
smelting point in Kootenay.
The Weather is Dry
The pasturage is gone, but do not think the
Feed is gone, or let your dairy or cattle shrink,
or hens or chickens go hungry, for KING has
just unloaded a car of Flour, ,Wheat, Wheat
Chop, Bran, Shorts, Graham Flour and Oats.
The above can be had in any quantity.   Don't fail  to consult his prices before buying.       Best creamery butter in stuck
Call and
See us
Get ready for your fall walb
papering. We will sell wall=
cheaper than il has ever been
sold in the district.
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
I .• \V 'lie besi of accomodations
Lectin ni£   X for the (raveling public.
In Fabled Story
A wild boar was whetting his tusks against the trunk of a
tree. A fox passing bv asked why he did this, seeing that
neither hunter or hound was near. "True," said the boar, "but
when that danger docs come, I shall have something else to do
than to sharpen my weapons."
Putting on fire insurance is sharpening your weapons. When fire comes you can't do it.
r:East Kootenay's First Annual |
Mineral, Agricultural
lb **l*
%    and  Industrial  Exhibition    %
Sj ,|
I Cranbrook, B.C., Sept. 25 to 27, 19011
% Three Days of Instruction,
1 i
4 Interest and Enjoyment %
| ~ 1
t|| The best program ever seen in the country. See*
^posters and circulars for further particulars. Specially'
j|f low return railway rates from all points.
jjf Secretary j
An elegant line of
Cranbrook   Souvenirs
High Grade Watches
Choice Selection in
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
clcware, etc.
W. F. Tate, *.ljM^
Cranbrook, li. C.
Official Wntch Intiicctar lor C. P. R„ Craws
Nest Pass Dlvlslaa.
Livery  S
Proprietors .< ** *>
Teams anil ilrivers furnislieil for any
point In the district.
Manager   „*   jt   >
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Sod.t water in siphons.   The me*t
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking- And
Graduate of Champion college of tl,  S
Office and Btore, Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank or Commerce, Cranbrook, li  C
Upholstering nml ticneral furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables <<* <*
Stable South uf Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C.
J. II. KINti
Physician and Surgeon,
Office nt I'l-siili-tm-. trtnitlr.itiK   I,,-.
nil ia Ilnl lis
Inri'ii is, -   ili.lll to II
Ml, Ml S     - I .III 111 .1.111
livening! -    ; in i.i Ki.lo
CRANI1UOOK,    ::i        I   i    It, 0
Certificate ol tin- Registration nl nn Hum*
Provincial  Cnnipaiiy,
I iii'iriiy r-ihh mat n Plover boat Mining
mi.] Milium unni|i my," -i |n-nmnal liability,"
has tuts day -n roKlik-rnl iwniiKxira hovlii-
dm i i-kiii) nnitei lh« "P wnlra Aet. m,"
tiicnrrj mil Heel a lm anj nf thenbJeitH ut
tlio I'-nni'iiuy to -Alilcli the leaislntlvo nulhnrlty
of the l.e«lhliitiire nf HiIIlull Coliuntilii extendi,
Th.* laMil .-Mi.-I- nl Hid-. iti|i.uiy li SllliiilOil In
the oily <>l N .'im'. slate nl Wnsliltujloii, U, ».
Ilie.cnpital nrthn Company lu
lain 1,.'iii.i,iiiiii shares nt D (line)
The head nlllco nr iho Cimipiuiy inihis pro-
vlnei! [gjtltimti! nt I'lanhrmik, anil ,ln|in Uynn
Postlgaii, Imrihter at law, ivlioso- aililress li
(Jraiilirniik nrnr<»alil, Is tho nttonioy ror the
Ttieilinn of the exlsietioe of the ooiiipanyls
uriy yeiirM. Tho I'niiijmuy is Hpcclaliy limited
iliul.-i 'Sirlh.ii r,...idln'-alil Act.
(live) ler my linnil ami Bent ni<-« at
Victoria, prnvltieo al Itrlilali Coliimlila, tlilnUb
ilny "I AimuHt, liHit,
S. V, WiliiTTitN,
llojtlrilrnr ol joint stock compaulMi


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