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Cranbrook Herald Aug 15, 1901

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CRANlUtOOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   'I'l I'llSDAV,   Ali.ls'l'   15     lilOI.
MMi*.i:i; •_-.
Thc Canadian Bank of Commerce.
A. Cox, President.
Paid Up   Capital    .
folol Renureea
II. li. Waj.khk.Ocii. Man
.. $8,000,000 iw
..  . 2,111111.110,11111
,611,000,091 mi
I Larger -Vflendance Tliis Year Titan
Ever Before.
j A General Banking Business Transacted,
' Deposits Received.
.' London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
■ Mrs. J. R Costigan. at 8 o'clock for ihe
purpose of arranging an enter dnment
to assisl the Sisteis in llieir wi ',.,   ] *ich
member of the organization and those
who would like lo join are asked to he
present, Kvery womnn In Cranhrook
should he wilting lo ossiat in Uifa work,
•unl should make it a poinl i itlend
this meeting lo show hei willii gnei in
that direction.
I And There An*   Many More to
Slarl   Wilhin   the   Nix,
It's the Furniture
As much IIS lhe house thfll appeals In lhe inter uf
ihe pericci home.
Heavy white enamelled full sic* iron beds, Irom $o up
Hard wood beds from $-1 up.
Dressers, large German bevel plate glass, Irom $9,75 up.
Rockers, Irom $1.25 up.
We have sold a lot ol CARPETS this season and have!
just received about another ton, beautiful styles and prices lhe
lowest ever named in Cranbrook.   Call and see  how  little it
will cost you to supply your house furnishing needs.
Soles rnnninn well up on
Dry Qoods
11.*i i*,l ware
Wall Paper.   Hte.
If you want perfect
Trade at
Ladies' Blouses
At  Half  Price
'■<" >40.0000043>.0< >40044444040
0 '4
1 Fruit Jars I
0 4
/*\ IY..** •    tM AA  **..-*..  /Iamah <h     nttend, nml Bee tlmt ihey woik while
Pints, $1.00 per ilo/en i  .,,„. n,e, „.„, lliank*;0„ „„ „ ,„
The Rrowtli of a -school is a fnir criterion hy which lojudge ol the growth ofa
town. i.,*t yenrn thin] room wns -Seidell to the school facilities of Cranbrook,
ami now nt ihe opening of I his year's
work, ii is st'iii thui ilu- three rooms
will m.t be enough lo accommodate tlie
Bchool population ot this luwn. On
Monday, tht* opening day, there were
iu pupils enrolled, nnd there are fully
one third to one-half as many more to
(.'liter within the next four weeks. At
present tin- number is divided as follows:
First division, Principal Mclntyre, 31.
Second division, Mr. Watson, 26.
Third division, Miss Dyker, 43,
This gives each teacher nearly us
mnny hs any one should handle, aud
leaves sealing room for only a few inure.
Principal Mclntyre stated (but ihere was
no quesliou that nnolhei division would
have lo lie added to meet the demand
ihat will he made.
The school opened with good pros-
peels, and the childien seem pleased to
be back at work ngnin. Principal Mclntyre spent his vacation at Okoioks,
Alia., and returns fueling belter [or his
outing. Mr. Watson went to riaidis,
It. C, ami dining the summer took his
examination, securing a Second H certificate, and standing s*x.b in llie province in his averages. Miss Dyker also
took her examination and received a
Third A certificate. .She is attending
Normal school at Vancouver, aud will
mil return until the lirst of October,
Miss Ryan Is officiating as her substitute.
Cranhrook bus a good corps of teachers, ami tbe parents should unite with
litem  antl  make tbis year a successful
fine for the pupils.    Ami right here, The
Herald would remark that there  is no!
reason   why   any   child   in   Cranbrook J
should not enjoy the advantages ,hnt are
offered for an education.   Tbat is all the \
majority of patents  will be able to leave I
their children, and that is an heritage
that will tit them to light their own hut- ■
ties and unite brain wit 11 brawn In the
struggles ol tlie future.   No clld Bhould ,
be allowed lo remain   away from school,
and   nc child Bhould  he encouraged in ;
n   to n   teacher.    See that lhey ;
I hint Will ul It.
Moyie Leader; The people >f Cranbrook ue making big preparations lor
thfii fan which will be held next tuoiiih.
They aredolug a good l"t of neat nnd
attractive advertising which ia 1 nfe
criterion hy which to judge the success
of the affair. Moyie should ha\e a creditable mineral exhibit at it.
Silverton Silvertonlani   Judfing Irom
tlu- style oi Hit.- posters Bent out by lhe
Craubrook people (or tbe Pir»t Annual
Aiming Agricultural and Industrial Kx-
hibition lhey propose holding on Sept.
2567th, lhe affair will he a greal one.
The people of Cranhrook must he an eu-
(eipiisiug lot, and doubtless many from
Wesi Kooieuay will go over to see what
they can du in the way ofa big three
day show.
Revelstoke Herald: Tbere is to tit- a
great mineral exhibition at the South
East Kooteuay exhibition to he held in
September. A. W. .McViltie is the
secretary ol the undertaking, There is
also to he a baby show. If with out usual
lack of interest ami Indifference lo every
proj ct mooted lor advertising ihis town
ami district we fail to send any minerals,
Revelstoke might conceivably manage to
be represented by h baby.
MINES   ********
Fruit Jars
! Fruit Jars
0 I-""--j
*-l^--* 9-amtl t:-i„t KiMH.na> I, All RIkIH.
0 j Nelson Miner: In Hast Kooleiiay llie
<^ Crows Nen, Coal company is inking out
A    I urns ol  ,',,.,1   a iluy   alaral Imlf ol
0    ■
Quarts, $1.25 per dozen <•> '",.
\ N I nnd m attending lhe coke ovens.    Ihree
m w compressoi plants have been order-
H)     ed to the end t'u.it the output of coal may
.1,1,1,  is
ulrc.l 1
le into ,*„kc-     Nine
iployc.1 in Hn* mines
I 0
0 I 2 Gallon, $1.50 per dozen §
S 4
1 Fori Sleele Mercantile Co. u-«|
9 0
*\. .I. P. PINK       .<        .<        .<        MANAQER <>>
fi 0
0044404 >00044444 r444444440
El Harness   Harness
|..| Single nnd Double Sets, Wool and .Rub'
jl ber Lap Robes.
1H Clearance Sale of Bicycles
Twelve wheels to he sold at Cost.   Call
early and secure a bargain.
...   G. H. Miner
Improving On Nature
Is one ol the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting;
garments which set off a -jjood figure and improve a poor
one. but we put material in mir suits which some tailors
would not think  of selling al   less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Crnnbrook, It. C
mnl  masons ure busy constructing additional coke ovens.   Besides
this   the   Bildilion   of   the    Crows   Nest
Southern   has   been  commenced   from
whnt is tu be its southern termluus, and
matters in Unit  section have a rosy outlook,     rite lode mint's of Kust Kooteuay
mc 111   l.nr   condilioii,    Tbe  Norlli Slar
ntinues toshlp,   while the St   Kugene
is ceased to  market its output until a
w   contact   foi  lhe ore,  how being
P>ii tic!   wiili   reduction   works   in
liurope, Ims been signed    in the meantime while die development ofthe mine
i'. being proceeded with, ovei 50 men be
in-,; e tn ployed in the work,
\ I'riiiinn School.
Mr. 1 11 Uiiwlamlaon bus mude arrangements to open np 11 private primary
school 1,1 h.i residence 011 Wedneadoy
next, it is lnt intention to take children wlio uie too young to attend tlie public schools, mnl give tin-in the benefit of
the kindergarten system, ibe logical
Byatcui foi yonng minds. The hours
will be from 9:30 (o 12:30, ami .Mrs.
Rawlandson will give personal attention
to each pupil, teaching the elementary
principles of music, mid giving instruction by the use of ftinimuieiiml Inanimate
subjects lo the little ones on mailers that
thev will be able to grasp ami comprehend, She will be pit-used to talk to
parents about the woik and arrange for
terms.       _	
I.usl a ringer.
Willinm Maeoii, an employe at Ihe
Cranhrook Lumber company's mill, bad
one finger cut 1 IT and nuother badly lacerated lust Tuesday while sawing wedges.
He cume up town ami had Dr. O'Hagan
dress lhe wound.
An Impartam Meeliag.
Ou next Monday evening there will
be ;i meeting nf the members of the Hospital I,miles Aid society at the home of
There is a difference between milling
news and mining articles it-printed word
for word so often that many people
know them by heart.
II Pollard was showing some nice gold
on tbe streets last Monday that came
from Perry Creek. There were several
good sized nuggets in the hunch.
During the last four weeks there have
been 47 new locations iu this district, 15
miners' licenses issued, no certificates
of work recorded ami 2$ transfers shown.
The iron deposits oil Hull river are
showing np belter as investigation progresses, mid now n looks ver' much as
if lhc Fenwick boys mny hint* struck ei
big thing. Those who know say the
quality of ore exposed is ranked as lhe
J. C. Drewry was in town Tuesday on
his way to the Dane group on the upper
St. Mary's. He hns a force of men at
work there und   will let  a contract Ior a
200 foot tunnel.   He went to Kimberley
011 the trnin and took horses from there,
preferring this route lo the ride over the
summit by Crawford hay. He will look
after the erection of cabins and other
preparations for the winter's work.
There is uu use of silting down and
saying this district or any district is
worthing nothing. Woik is what demonstrates the point, A district with
three such shipping properties as lhe St.
Kugene, North Slar and Sullivan, and
other well-known mines that are soon lo
become shippers, is rich enough for
profitable work on the ; art of any man.
And there is n vast territory in this dis-
trict that is as yet nnprospecled.
Oliver Burge cume in from Perry creek
Salurday. He reports everything look-
luggood out there and s.iys that TllOllip
son   & Banks   will   start   work on   Iheir
placer ground this week. They have a
shaft down So feet, and a pump worked
by 11 water wheel in tlle cieek, and propose to woik lhe ground in a systematic
and practical manner, They have gravel
at the bottom of the shaft thai runs fio
to lhc yard, ami with llieir present
facilities, they are of lhe opinion lhat
lhey can   make   the claim   pay   good
.' boasts of ll boot black.
Im 0 y 1 Ei
9 * 1
9 f
I   News  Soles  From   Ihe   Mineral Cll)   *
Ing the new Kootenay hotel, Mr Conrad
hns painted two of his houses and his
store, and .Mr. Hanson is at present
painting his rnrner store.
The business men of Pernie are up in
uitiis against a movement on the pait of
the Coal company to open a company
stote. Il would be a death blow to the
business interests of that town.
A demented man started a fire at
Armstrong, H- C., last week, and the en
tire business portion was destroyed.
Smilh Curtis has a new town iu the
boundary country. It is called Copper
The Moyie Leader complains of dynamiting and saw dust as a means of kill
ing olf all   the fish in Moyie lake, ami
calls for a halt in both practices.
MMit   ,.i,ntmiiiKiii
mine is still partially
v uncertain   "' Ml   L-
■ Pi
The St. I
closed down,  and
whether it will open up within a short
time to come, On Suuday lust .Mr.
Beasel, tin- superintendent, and Mr.
Clothier, the assayer, leit lor Kossland
The lormei will return to Moyie after a
short time, but the latter will be away
until the mine opens up. Last Saturday, Ihe lOlh, wns pny tlay at the mine,
and considerable money was place 1 in
cliculation, bul lhc lown wus quiet iu
comparison with other pay days. However, between 75 and too men are still
employed, mid these, with the men
working at the saw mills and lumber
camps, provide a good pay roll foi  the
Till'; :
The Moyie sei
wilh A. W. Snlil
Missl.ulu Crnwi
The assistant In
yet, but it is ex|
mis opened on Monday
limit) as principal ami
as substitute assistant.
uot   ll
i-tid  thut a choice will
b  Was Loilied hi a Drift Jusi Below the
Mouth of Wild Morse.
Since then- had been a reward of £150
for lhose who wndd recover ihe remains
of Porl Steele, who was
■ral weeks ago, there has
it watch kept on lhe river
eele.    Last  Monday three
Indians,   wlio bud  been   patrolling  the
stream, discovered the remains n shott
disi nice below Wild Horse lodged in 1
drifi   pile.    The people of Port  Steele
were notified, ami a party left town to
bring ihem back.   The body  was in an
advanced st ige of decomposition, owing
to the long nne it had beeu in lhe waler
Funeral services were held Wednesday
IA Practical Experimeni Ih  Beattie,
Hie Druggist.
James   Ryan  Saw   All Kinds  of
Money While Attending the
Butte Race .
afternoon, and business was practically
suspended in the town dining lhe ceremony. Everybody turned out to pay a
list tribute of respect lo the memory of
1 • an old and honored citizen.
r::qj F E R N I E I
be made and tlie teacher he here in a
short lime. There was 11 fairly good nt
tendance for the Q rat day, being between
30 uml 40 in the senior and about join
ilie junior department.
THU MOVIlt I.ltMlilili CO.
The machinery has now been put in
place, nml last Tuesday, everything being iu readiness the engine wus stinted
for the lirst time, and fulfilled the highest expectations. Tlle toi low ing day,
Wednesday, tliu machinery of ihe null
was started ami everything worked tike
a well regulated walch 'lhe mill is
fitted up with the very latest and mosl
improved machinery and will he able to
turn out 40,000 leet of lumber per day.
Thus Moyie now bas oue of the la-st
equipped and most modern saw mills in
British Columbia,
R. Johnson left on Tuesday evening
for Kitchener, where he will do development work on his claims. Messrs. Taylor and Mitchell arc now ol Swansea
where they are at work on Watts' properly. It is a gold ami copper propos'-
liou and reports say a lich one. J. I'll/.
geraldaud N. homier relurned from ihe
hills a few duys ago, ami report having
made some ^ond locations.
MR. CRONIN'S rbsidbncr
The residence of Mr. Cronin, which
has been ill course of erection for some
time past, is being pushed forwarded by
the contractor, J. Johnson. The building is now undergoing the finishing
touches by lhe carpenters, aud the
painters and decorators are at work on
the Interior. When finished it will be
one of lhe finest family residences iu tbe
Last Monday evening an ice cream
social was given hy lhe Ladies Aid of
the Methodist church. The evening was
an itleal one ami everything passed off
very pleasantly, a goodly sum being
raised for church purposes.
On Wednesday evening last a dance
wus given iu the Odd Fellows' hall by
the Moyie PI re brigade. As the object
wasa praiseworthy one, a large number
were present and a most enjoyable evening passed by all. The proceeds will he
used far purchasing hose ami other material for tbe brigade,
Miss Daisy Hilllerfl was presented with
■ watch after the Presbyterian service in
thr Odd Fellows' hall last Thursday
evening. Rev. Fortune, the Presbyterian minister from Craubrook, made the
presentation. The watch was offered to
the person raising the largest uiuounl
for the Presbyterian manse ami Miss
Hilliers' amouni stood first, being $;•>.
1 * I
I   News    From    Ibe    dial    Metropolis   *
9 f
tr Creek, is
cker.   The
al one   lilt
woik.    The
Mi. W. H     l,t-es,   ,.| Plticll
the luvenloi ol a new hay st
whole load cau he taken ol
nml one man cum do all the
invention will be patented.
Mrs. Breckenridge has gone lo Mortis
sey where Mr. Ureckeuridge is engaged
wilh conaltUCtioU Oil the new rat.road
She expects lo remain there during the
Large bush fires have been raging
wilhin a short distance uf the town fot
the past Week, and as llie wind was blowing quite a gale toward lhe luwn part of
the lime a large number of people antic*
iDated a hard fight witli the tire demon,
bm fortunately the lire has as yet kept a
sale distant.- from the town,
Last Friday morning a horse in No. :
miue ran away. It made for iUc mouth I
o| the mine and coming out on the tipple
tumble,toil', fulling a distance of about
40feet.   The poor brute was tnstanlty
The permanent survey of lhe new railway from Jennings to Pernie has been
completed from lhe boundary to the
mouth of the Elk river, about 15 miles
from I'.lko, anil lhe surveyors are now at
work between lilko and Mornsey,
The Coal company are sending oul
notices this week to all the squatters on
the Feruie townsite that lhey must
vacate the premises at once. Thi-. wiil
cause considerable trouble among those
who have erected buildings, as lhe company claim all improvements. There
are over joj squatters who will have to
move, as lhe townsile occupies some 614
acres they will either have to purchase
or move outside the towu.
R.J. Hunter, a man employed about
the fans at the mine, had the misfortune
to have two of his fingers taken off in tbe
machinery on Tuesday of this week Ur.
Corson attended to tlie injured  hand.
.Mr Kir pa trick and Mr. Dick, while
driving down Irom the mines late ou
Tuesday night, collided with a Iree which
had fallen across the road. Dick was
thrown fiom the rig on his head dragging the lines wilh him. The horses
then ran n«ayaml as the rig smashed
into several other obstacles Kirk pall ick
was also thrown out, Hoth men were
badly bruised, hut uot seriously hurt, and
the tig was broken to atoms. Bush fin-
was the cause ofthe trees faliiug across
the road.
"It   pats   -,,,    | Hiiid   R     ]■:.
beattie, the,In:... ,iun
last week,   'ami I ulil] ivs
to advertise ht 1 |.   ] havi        n
experimenting | ,,*    ;,.w
months bj  tak *,
week and ad\   1
Ubly I have se. ure I 111 *, satisl ry
results Take as au e> imple ni) - b
ol hammocks, 11 >■ tue use stock
at the opening ofthe season. \ 1 mth
ago I decided to push them, and . tn
lo advertise lliei Hi 1 1! 1       As a
result   I   had   call  fm ■  ;..      . m
Kimberley.   Port   • ■ Movie   J-Vri ie
ami   Moiricey, letnatid in
town.   That was a en benefit
from advertising [1 w is tli - in *.* .-. iih
fishing tackle,    ! .* special
ultenti 'ti au I as a .■■.
ing tackle ill over 1 •,
', it ol it here iu low ■., [_
verlising, but logeti c
must pay attenli  ■   ■ ■*,.
work,  and use n I \; lVe
had exceiie:;! satis  . ■■; , be Her
ald, and li; it is why 1 * * te I ng j *ti
about it," Tin-:* 1 sti ogendorsement
coming as it does ■ n at ir ho makes
id verlising a ; *.-* I - ■ .- nest, Mr.
Heatlie   carries   iq ■ ..    stock    of
drugs, stationery sundries, etc., and by
his   business   metl issisle i    with
printers' ink, ':-1-   I Up a trade  lhat
extendi over the enl       listrlct
The Herald office bas just turned out a
neat tfrtwiitr for G H Gilpin* proprietor
■the big stores .„ , m| - , •. ;,„i _\i„\lt._
Mr. <ii!ptn is a grrat belle>%i ■,-. printers'
*uk, and he says that he knows by i. .]
experience tbat advertising pays. And,
what is more, be ■ insiders idrertislng a
part of his b-asii   •-  ■      same as buying,
poking after .. - st, .. -. fea
ture of his ■■*  '*:     . . ■- ■ be
reasons that i:e makes il : ■;.
•'I never s-,«   - loney   .- 11 19
t"Ushed  arouc I the ■■ ■*.-- a:  the
Batte races," said James Ryai tbe day
•ie returned. len 1 :. -  ■■■ -.-      ed
that excited any interi -■  you see
men crowding ir ind the bookies with
fifty ami hundred iar 1 Us in their
handi,   anxio is t their    ;       n
•Aith  big money     Th   1 were put
,:p on every race, -.*. ould I — a
hundred or live bun ;--r jay a
word.    There are sport ■ in
tbat town, and v.. is to '•-■ enny.
But, if Cranbro  -. :
■f [.*- a m mi.. m ike   *
difference,    Butt ■ ■ • .*■ ■ .-li
ter, ami men handle m me) there in a
most reckless manner,
List Wed lie
com I bouse w
Mr. Armstrong
tbe bench.
i.i'.    eveniug   tbe   new
used for tbe first time. |
of Fort Steele, being on j
Sad News (ur Rev. Reacham.
Rev. Beacham, of Christ church, received a telegram Sunday morning announcing that his brother had been
drowned at the old family home in
Lindsay, Out. He was a broker 011 the
New Vork slock exchange, and had gone
home for his annual vacation when ihe
accident occured. Rev. Beacham left
Monday for I,1ndsey lo attend the funeral. His many friends iu Cranhrook
sympathize with him iu bis bereavement.
There will be some fine horse racing
at the exhibition in Cranbrook on September 15, 2h and 77
Cranhrook will see some big crowds at
lhe exhibition neit month.    The people
'of the district will he here in force at
thai lime
There is a special pn/.e of fj.oo lor the
ugliest mongrel owned in Sonih Fast
Kootenay. There might lo he many
competitors for tins prize, There is
huidly a town lu the district that has
Hot several prize winners.
The   Inhibition   management offers
prizes for the best amateur photographs
taken by anyone in the district. There
are many camera fiends iu Soulh Kasl
Koutenay, and there bhould be an attractive and Interesting collection on exhibition.
Great interest is being taken in the
Mining, Agricultural Sl Industrial exhibition to be held in Cranbiook, September 25. 26 ami a?. The people of Cranbrook are displaying commendable enterprise in this mailer, and also are operating on a IuohiI plane, as they are emphatic ill llieir statements that the exbl
billon is for ihe benefit of the district as
Rev. Reid, of l-'ort Steele, held Pres- n who|Bi „„,, are ai)xjoU1 l0 BeCure the
hyterinu services in the Odd Pellows C0-Operallon of lhe various towns in lhe
hall on Sunday last, work     T,R.y flrc anxious to .secure ex-
Conalderahle improvement has been I hlblla iu all classes fiom every portion ol
made In lhe appearance of the town lhe  lhc district.   It is an opportunltj that
last few days.    Uwlng & Mills arc paint- ' Ibe people should take advantage of,
O, H. Gilpin   was in Moyie on a blial
ness trip lust week,
Mr, and Mra William Doble aud son
were registered at lhe Kootenay on
J. R. Costigan, barrister, of Cranbrook,
was in Moyie Tuesday.
M. Mclnnes, of the fl'in of P. Burns Sl
Co., was out from Cranbrook Tuesday
J C. Drewry, of lhe St. Fugene, left
for the east Tuesday morning.
James O'Leary, who hai been shift
boss at the St Kugene mine for lhe lasl
few months, left last Friday for California.
The hydrants and fittings for the
Moyie water works have now arrived
and work Iaj ing lhe pipe will soou commence.
ol Pi
Fred Smyth of the M - ;.* r,
kicks on the ladies <>■ thai lown wean'ng
big hats at the threat re, He is right.
■\ny woman who wi . 1 bat lhat
prevents the person lietiind hei fi ;n
seeing more than the Inp portion ol the
urtitin ilisplaj gard    ir
-enlence and comfort ol othen ll is
trange that the vault) of woui 11
ead her to do such a thing, and yet it
will. Many of them seem to l>e moie In-
•aterl in disp'aying a large hal with a
bushel of plume*   th giving other
people a chance I ie lhe entertainment. The ladies ol ranbi ik arc a
rare exception,   Whi rtain
up the hats come .   ■
heart good to see lhe I kt
coming off all ovei the h 1 ll
We know thai thej feel ellei :■■<: doing
it, because the) have made everybody
else feel belter. Glory and long life to
them. May they live to perforin the
gracious act until their Images ire engraven upon the hearts of every Individual they have nude hippy 111 tins way,
and taught by their noble example a
lesson 10 those less thoughtful.
Ne* Sa*  Slill,
The   King   saw   mill,   located   near
Smith's lake south of town, is nearly
ready for operation. The machinery has
heen pul in place and the plant will he
started up the It.Ier part if the week.
M. It. King Iiob been giving the work hia
personal attention, ami is pushing it
Strathcona Ball.
The Strathcona boys wil
al Wentworth hall on Tuesda) evening,
August 26, Kvery effort will he put forth
to make the dunce a pronounced success.
It is tlie Intention ol the management lo
have all of the volunteer! In Soulh Kast
Kooieuay present, if possible, ami dressed in lhe uniform worn in Soulh Alma, ...  ..        ri      iipi) i I  \\       ■■''-'  imllcatlon points tu the fact
CRAMulUUK      tlj!iKALU.Ua,  sjoihKiat Kooieuay  te a dlaii c
I of   bi a nib ss opporluultlcs.   It   wiuld
,tu        anyone io llgme   out  a  better
p],,-.   to   locate  for   fuinro prosperity.
* VjJiUV— T "  mu whostays  wiih  the district Is
■^^+>fO**~+-~**^       going to dq lhanklul that he had corn-
Editor and Propriety
li;i:\l-> ni* si I'.M'lIll'TlitN':
Tha Fleraltl rteslres to give the npwsoi the
district, if vou know any ahout ymi* town
your mine or ymir people, semi n io thU ofllce.
Success depends upon a liberal
patronage ul printing offices.-John
Jacob Astor.
Tii :ro   is   considerable   demand   fo
Sullivan stick, but the price is uot in
di ".'   lug any material charge.
1 .auric has wood
of all  lei
igtlls.   See  him
before bu
on,> nt tul
, i . crowing intense ns
OUi   '. .1   . ■    1    1
'; ie L-osmopoir
E. il. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Koot"
eit-ay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
*• i-
There ;irc a few poinis to
be tu   itlcretl inbuil 'ing.
I Aug. 6      I 20
Sept. j and 17
Oct. 1 and 15
, [,1-re.., 'I iij "llitleli."
Sulllvn,,    .  "''
[mis r, [iim lor thee—
ng,   .tur.   witli   m'tln'g'lt
iii lifr-'B mystcr-/,
1111, Hi}- ill. nml
I     \l  .   I. .11   „r   »I..Ti.   block
Reoulilic    ,sc|
Minium; Clnrv       . .
Monntitln I.I..11	
,'UIUMllll   C.   I',     S	
Center S'ni   .      .	
Ciiiiv- Nest l'uul
Nlillli Mu       	
Sir Thom an hint on, the urtnco nf
iports. hii arrive 1 in N>*w York itaihoi
w;th his chaltenRer, Shamroch ll. He
has -1 better boat thin year, ami if the
cnplnto be i<s* ihe American* would
•pref.'r  tn   s?e  S r Tlimnan capture the
1.1 n, 1     n I. il lout's rp-Mii—
n, *    m
- 1        :    - in A I an 11 *   uatltutlon.
9* ■■■*■*. 0 * 4 ■--*- *■ 4*4*4***4
• *
9   Tho Story of un Infatuation   9
'4      For ti Figaro In Tapestry.     4
9 -ii*-.1.*-****--*:*':.* \.*".*';4-'4" ♦*♦#$
oil, only hml ihu 1 1. " 1 of clinuplutf \-te
hnliliunl im lam tmlj Into 11 vi,,i, 111 ptm-
slon ihnl wns imti'h inoru tllltk'Ult to
il, 1! \ Hi ihnn im-hinuliolla. We ihuti
tlil'll  lll'IIKlll -  Un    ,.iii,--:. v   111  :i   Iillii'li.
usi <| iniiiii, w In 11 Nome iiioiiiliur of Ihu
fninllj wns llki Ij lu liu 111 .ill (Imi 3.
Tlu-iv yo m ! v   1   ti vv. ; hi *.* I ,i'mv it
1 or.
u ■ ■ iii
.   .1  head.
Boll  h
mun. The student, long c\pprit<il, vrni
come tn Inst, hut unfortuuntuly from
nmoiiR lhe women.   No, nothing could
ho unfortunate If only thu pi'i'snu was I
fouiul.   Ami  sibyl  wns ilultehlful  to j
wml, wilh.
•    I    "Wo shnll hwiI  the Ourmnns now, |
mnl thnt mi thfir own ground," saiil
Good work",   Good   Material
and tlie price.
Will issue
I ,
My   uncle,   lhc   celebrated   English
llunlst, Or. UtiilHi/, was sitting quiet
.* in my sitnly rending from n volume
f <;*iiit;,'t*\- short stories, whun he sud-
luuly Jumped rruw his chair and hugan
1 pauliig the room.
Tin- population ol On ...-la te fi -imi.nnii, |    ..Wmidurful. wonderful," he kept
tl c r.'iiMis showing  imlv an Increase of
ii 10,1 inr the pan: ten years.    This Is a
surprise anil n disappointment. The I
n sourr.es of (! inn,11 are at the present
tlmt- unlimited. N iwhere nn tne face
of the f.iitii 1, there a country that presents Mich splendid opportunities, The
lmmli;rat Inn department, needs shaking
up, and a more llhcral policy should be
adopted toward people of oilier com
tries.   Uinatla should have the cream
The mine owner's memorial has been
B*vurely criticised throughout the plt-
vli.i ■ li ll this very agitation over
■E'/ctal nf the subjects prejculcil that
m >y result In good to the mining Indus
try nf llritish Columhia. That Is what
Tlu Herald counted upon.
Thecropsof Miniinha are nnw con
shlered safe, nnd tho yield Ingoing tn
be enormous.
We have received Nn ■:. Vol l of the
fi ami Knits News. 1-3 l> Hall, man
ager. Il Is ono nf the finest looking
pipers In lhc province, but It Is hardly
p isiiii,'ih.it it can keep np thn pace it
lun struck. Newapanfi* printing Is a
bminessthatm"si be carefully managed.
Ti.eri' ls a limit in thc volume of bus!-
n- s^, and the cloth must be cut to the
n venue. We hope lhat Brother Hai
will Miacecd as he has started, but we
It .11 that he will have to reduce hii ex
p iim-s lu a lown ihe slzd of Grand
F >rk*.
The 0 P. II mule about a million a
ni'inth since January 1,1001. That is a
HitIti butter   than   the newspaper bnsi
A woman was killed by a hull at Syra-
cn.ie, N Y lasi wet It. lt was not an
It sh bull.
Tne Kossland -Miner has been retliicetl
on; kail In size 10 meet ilie conditions
ol a strike pressed town. Tlie Miners
new owners havu evidently learned tha
It costs money to print a newspjper.
.lohn Houston snys the newspapers of
South Bist Kootenay are nut paying
V eil Smyth, of tlm Moyie header, sahJ
two wm Iti ago ihat Houston was right,
bul tail week lakes it all back, ami now
di clares lhat the newspaper editors of
th's district are bloated bond holders
aod thai John Houston talks through his
bit. Smyth's last view Is much the
b Igh tel ami only lacks in the element
of truth. None of the boys have made
any money, hut none have losl any, as
n*ne ol us had a rent when We cam"
In 0 the country. S.>( there Is no cause
li r complaint.
A man stole - ■ i,ono in gold bricks lu
Cillfornla ami then confessed It the
a- xt day, Some people change when
It ny gel a bunch of money.
S -n I 1 tie rhi I'll en  to sr.ho-il, and thev
will bless ytu  when they [•rnw o'ller,
A man without education twenty yean
f 1111 now   will   he little   better linn  a
Bt L V «'.
A pai.r of yellow le^lu^s don'l make
a mining expert, nor a hole in lhe
g omul a i-'i'-f
A company store would be a death
bliw to biMlocss In Pernie, and yet it
m iv come.
pent Ing in him wif. "Then- is no case
llku ii mi record."   Then liu would ru-
fur   to   tlu*  I k   itgiiln   ami   rupual:
"Wonderful, wonderful, tlml I sl hi
stumble upon thu ex phi mi tio 11 here It
Is the sum.', exnetly Hie Bitinc, Imllu-
eiim 1 ion. And Hie suggestion thnt 1
luu) given u]> hope nf finding is here
too,   tixirnnnllimry!"
I'licouscious of my presence, my
uncle wenl nn in ti-.is strain fm* perhaps
live minutes, nml then, noticing llmt I
wins Rtariiifi ul him In bewilderment, liu
mii,l> .1 wiiii ihnl ulr nt BUllHfuulloll ihnt
is seldom Recti, uxcupl upou thu face of
Ihu student or Invcstlgnior who hus
tlnnlly solved some scluntiUe riddle.
"Hugh, my hoy," ho said. "I have
stumbled upon n complulu explaiinlinn
notice. Kxplunnllons often come to us
100 luf, inu. rarely iu such a strange
Completely mystiiied. 1 look the book
from my uncle's lunula nml discovered
ihut lm hml heen reading "Omphnle,"
tiaulfer's weinl slory of a youno m«ui
wlm hucanie ennmored of ■■ ngnre In u
pieee of 1:1 pest IT (lint llllllg till V.lie Willi
of uii old ehaU'iiu owned by the Chev-
.iii,-f do D. in the dismal Rue do
Totirnellcs. 1 hml not hml lime lo refresh my memory of thu tale when
my uncle almost snatched the book
frum my liu mis and began rending
again to reassure himself of the correctness of il on elusion he hnd apparently formed.
"Hercules spinning at the feet of Omphnle," he uognu aloud. "Thu veiy
same tapestry. 'IJoreules holding a
bedecked spindle In pompadour style.'
Th.-re could not be twn of them. 'Ills
little finger rnised with the air of 11
siitiit. his muscular neck covered with
ribbons uml women's gewgaws; draped
in :t gorge-de-plgcoti petticoat with
huge panniers.' Fancy tlmt! Of course
it is the snme. Ami 'Omphnle, hull'
covered with the Nemeau linn's skin;
hot- Blender hutid resting tm her lover's
knotty club; her true Amliiluslan feet,
that would he losl in Cinderella's slippers, shod with uuthiue sandals of a
dellciito HUe sprinkled wiih pearls; her
hend thrown hack with n mock Bwug.
ger; the delicious pout of her dimpled
month; thu beauty spot (assassin, tin tiller calls It) cunningly plneud upon hur
cheek, nml the Cupids, the Indispensable Cupids.' Well, well, It Is cerlaiuly
Naturally my mystification nnd wonderment grew us my uncle delivered,
us irom 11 catalogue, the features of
this wonderful tapestry, "tortured after tho fashion of Vunloo," the drift of
his speech being so strange ns lo eauso
lhe liveliest curiosiiy. -li is plain as
day," my uncle Iinally explained.
"Pardon me," I said, with some Irrl-
tnlion, "but it is not at all plain to mo.
'I'h,' story nlwnys Blruclt me us being 11
particularly wild tllnht of an unruly
r course, of course," my uncle replied. "Von must think ine In need of
my own medicine, I will tell you aboul
11, The tale Is preposterous. I wns mu
thinking of ihnt when 1 said 'it' was
plain, I was thinking of the enso of 11
young man wlm wus placed in my
chnrgo lusl summer. Poor eluipl Uo
Is dead now. I could do nothing for
him. ami his people look him 11 brand,
where he dled-lti Italy, 1 think--lm-
lllg lhe whitiT.
"Tho mini—Wlllao was his name -
wns Buffering from a most peculiar
hallucination, iho nature of which wns
discovered bj his family when they Instituted a close wit lell upon him to discover,   If   possible,   the   cause   of   his
strange behavior nnd d ttiior,  To be
brief, he had fallen tti love With thnt
piece of tapestry Identical with that
described in this tale of Uutlller's. Ami
i not only ihls, hut hu Imagined that his
11 ihe pr.ispects for non ami copper- n(]orntton wns reciprocated (0 some ex-
lu ih,- -vicinliy 01 Kitchener materialize, i 1rllt )jV l]l(, WOVoII d^uro, with whom
that place is bound to be a prosperom    ]1(- would tenderly converse when lie
c mp.   did not know he wns being watched.
I     "Mr. Wlltse Informed me that he hml
Wint Is ihe matter with praying for    purchased the tapestry several years
ruin.   This part of the district needs It    before, having beeu attracted by the
b illy ! nbsurd ircatuioni the Bubject hml re-
' eelved nt the hands of thc artist In-
The man who uses printers' li k Is the   Hhinil of Vunloo.   The piece Bcemed
mn wlm displays mtold wisdom. ; grolesque lo our vision, hut It was not
  j without merit ami, gazing stendlly at It
my length of time, hml n strangi
Siv,   ynu   readers    of   The   [ferahl
»««v ?'■'y,,"rM,bs"",,in":'""', :"^u'"z:,Z!::iZ;ii:;;::r:
.on Italnh 11 is preitj, near tlnet   It   ,,;.,, , Bnn, „ Uu|nllllg ,.,,,„  ,„
c.»iM 1..11N.V m Inrnlil, yon will, uio   ,,„, |„„.S „r ,, |„,|u'a licnniiriil not-k
mt ■.. 1 ii..:.i * i.i,let.   Bend Inn .Iiii.. nml Iiml llio,U'llonio slow oflior cliu.-li
oriwu. clinnijotl in ii ili.|,|ii.|. nr |,nloi' sliini...
Vou imi)  liiii'.'.li in   II' .vim III,.'. Imt
Thi- pnn ol llu- ilktrlcl h-uron-.-nn nn nun  looking lit Iliu hljinslr.v could
1 ■     "!-r
\ ir.
Ol I l'i-.
. I .111
I I) i... ;..
t     kn,     noi Hip mil
01   Itunli 1  II. rl-n-intfl
ill   li
,\ lurk
Btllll, "1,11,1 IVO "ill i.,l In .Vol'lt in. Hnnll
.is |.iiftsilil,', i'nui' inline will !i|tp,>!tr
villi mini' im Un- i.ii, im'.,'. Vnu will
lm.i' :>   "l'i loll   "i m'|>„I'M-iil|. llin.
Will   [Jl)   lll'.llllll   llM'Ull,      II    I "l'HI',1
,inn jnui' iiimiii' l,lllllil/..-, mi ni'll. I*,'f-
li:l|ift - 1 iin imi kllilt,    J'ii>l>' 1.111 III Mil In
is I'l'iill. iiiiitn I'nii* fui' mn' -,1 young,
l'i'i'lni|,s wo llliHill iv.'ll Ill-ins ii lllt' 'I'
n Iftilin nml iiii EllBllsli.
I'ills woulil imi inl'l 11111.1.■• ■ 11,1 -1> 111 llio
I' \,';us \... urn In ilevoto In
tin' woi-lt 1111,1 uilstii ri'im
I n.
1 ,:,,' He.      I
nml si'lniliii's w lu, mo
I urn nllosotliL-i* iiiiiiilini' wiili BnsllRli."
I    Sibyl snlil noililiis.   SI10 wns tliouslit-
•J-«)-K5-l-O+O-!-CH-00-i-0-:-0-M»0*O-^   fully looking nut ovoi* tlio eoranlums,
.V""'""- linisiuml. was 10 somo 1  ■    'p   am   AVfM   D^TSPRJ!   '""' "'''l"'"
I.*,,; un,l,,*,l,.*l,.mu,a*ol wns simlyins     ;   _§   ^^   ffilAKi) S      "\:rr
li,. rumlly
  -lm 1 5!
'"'""  I's.   !■>'iy '""' iii ty a Story of tho Higher Edu- j'; * Mlv l"'lill I
, imi' iimi',.. or Inss iiniliT a oalion ot "Women.           ti
111I11, mi'" -I-      ,  v
I luul 1 illi rn n my uiH'lo's slory thus
fnr wiili liiiiiisi' im,-i,.I. Imi  liiTi' I       "Womnn." sniil llio professor, "wiis
nl.J.'i'li',! lluil if ho iiiirlliuiwl Hm 110011I.    u,.„|,. for iim homo.  Thoro shn stnmls
on n I'.il.'sinl. from whioh ii is n srlov-
.,   .-'\\-i|.  . ii I, m it   oils ihlus to soo hor-siop down."
mure illlll.-Hli'tn"uii,loi*slai„l how lho      >:'"v ""' l"'"--'*"" '« ncklinwlo.lsoil
nil* Ini", ly
1 loi
.11. slni'o ho.Iiii not
luul so
1,1 Hull
        .        ,,' Hint a Rli'l of
RUiyl's ll*:,' sin.ul.I contradict llllil. Holo. "mill 1 siil,-s, Sibyl luls boon vory nicely
is Will.',, broushi un nml wouldn't tliluli of con-
"I1" ■"';'->'   triidlclins 11 |ii*rsoii so much older thnn
:     lloreoir, 1 "."ll  If lie luid Inn ul'.'ly uu
"I lovor 1,1' Hm bountiful
iin *!'.. |'i,soil. n. plonsc Imr     "
tl,o ni'niiii.i,. siono win,   s" *'*'"  I;'"' ""'J >■""•-»■ lmi!raa'(1
In ih.. 1 -ir': nml snid notblns.
■m-n un iim pun ui* iim other per-
Mil roll lolios
iiusliiind.  ii ^^^^^^^
Mv uncle's wlm!" storv run conntor lo
■ ,.,'v ,,,,,,.,.. ,, , iiidieos nift'iilos, lie-   s"" nlwnys lures nu :i mnn lo sny mnro
lief In nil lllll OS sills I'lMlmiil. "Blllrlt-    Hm" I"* "UBllt
I  mn  sorry,"  llm profossor niiulin-
ii.'iii in sny," 1 ox- nod ufiei* n imusc. "to licar tlmt you nro
11  believe (lautior's   , 1I11R U| si mini. I had hoped Hint
al 1 uie amours of your denr  mother—ono nf my oiliest
1   uml   lluil   woolen nml I'ost friends-would have luul olil-
rag*," or virus ror you. sim at least knows
"Xot so fast; not so fast," be replied, wnll tlml  I disapprove, deeply dlsnn-
"I Imv 1 said llun I lookod upon Hie    I"**"'o, of Hiis  si unseemly attempt
Inlons 11 rocllnl of fnct.   l*o„ miss lho of  women   in  cuter  upon   university
jn.im.   I will refresh your memory of Iifo*"
1!.,' slory und  thnn yuu  will  under- "l1"1- Professor, Hull isn't very tlml."
siand, Slbyi was ubllsod ill  last to i-omon-
■Tlm v.nilh nl* Gnutlor's story  W,1F i"1'*"''-  "' imdcrstanil Hint I shall lime
deprived uf his Oinphnlo by mi unfool    the pleasur ' atlcnillns yonr loeiiiros.
Ins suurillnii wl... luul discovered tho Tll:11 ls- ir ' Ba ""'""-'' "•**' exmiilna-
hoy's Infimiiitloii. Vcurs nftcrwnrd tho   tlon: "'"'  v'" 8ol"8 "I1 for ' st
man found the tnpestry ,-ciii'osontntion
nl his soddoss in mi oddlly sllo|i mnl,
Iroinhlliig wiili Joy, hurried nwny to
llie Bhoplieopi 1'. Hefore lm rotlll'tied nn
I'liiKllsliinnti nvliv mu Wilis,., gr.?) luul
offered ouo Frolics for Hm t;i[iesii'v. lho would  like auolher eup of imi  very
denier hml nccepted, mnl tlm tapestry
luul 1,0111 carried away." .
"Yes, I am sorry in say-I moan, 1
am Rind iilnh h- Wou't yuu lake
amil Imr cup uf lea?" Sibyl Is ihe kindest henrtod nf girls and wouldn't hurt :t
Ily unnecessarily, and so she suid sim
"llul." I lu
Sllill, "you nn* siil
supposlns tlmt Cltiutler'a tnpostry and
youth actually existed."
-x.it nl nil.  Whether or tint Ontttlcr
iin;. 1
"Woman," Hie ill'ofessor re|ienled
when lm luul relurned in his usual abstraction, "st Is mi u pedcslal hi Hie
domestic "ir. I,-.    I,  is mil;
existing tapestry
Huil sh,. slu
thu slni.uul,
he willing tn join 111
1 do nnl know. 1 mn Inclined lu think,
however,   Unit   llm   imv,list   luul   s	
this vet*} tapestry. Ami when youns
Wlltse fiiimil il iu his rnthor's house
ellhor nriet* or before ho rend tlio story,
fur I mu colllidolll that liu hml mini il.
 pliule's spell grasped him, mul be
was never nblo lo throw ll oft. lln became tlm successor to Clnutlor's youth,
of masculine life."   He
ns uu experienced person
will perceive, Hm last t'liiuii debute ou
the dcgri llestlon, mid iho eloquence
of Hm dolinlers wus echoed frum tliu
lips of Ibo professor.
Sibyl tiinl i.i consider herself from
the pul r view uf lier 'oiuesllc circle, lun failed tn remember Hun llielr
in, in.il attitude in rotation lo Imr hml
lm. probably Oinphnle ,1 ol ivnrmly   °™,''";"" ' ' 'I108'1 wll° l""li "I""!"
resiiond a second iium in i '"ly hm    ,"ill1"«l-v '"»""* II|L* s'»-u<* °" lls I"''1*
mmi lover's ndvnticcs, ami heucc liis
"l'oorfollow,"snld I. "Doyonknow"-
Aiul Hum I hesltntcd, nslimned lo disclose in my uncle Hie Intense Interest lm hml excited In nm.  "Where is , , ,
ihut inpesiry now*," i anally demand-   ,"" •■"'»•' "*'t women students mm nl-
. lowed neither bonl  races imr bump
drat looked amused nud   ""I'l"'1'"1"
1 lm professor nnswercd Hint sim wus
cvndllig Hm iitlesllon al Issue. Hu said
thai ladies usually dn su, ami Slli.vl
wnnl home wiih prevlilonsof unlvorsl-
ty In',' a lllile luss hrlglil I Iin n lhey hml
lleell   "l'i      llul shu wus i lm loss
l'li'ftlii.,,1, riilhirim 8lr»«Kost.       ' ''' " rtllllleil In u" up mid In devote lhe
Ii would -.'ini Hml llrslbnrn children   1K'*l  tad of Imr life lo tlm siniiius
xcel liner ti elilldron lu height nml   whiiii   were  llluslrnlcd   by   il„   pro-
i-elgltt.   This inni be duo In lliogreilt-   fessor.
i vigor uf iim mothor ni Hm bli-tlt of      *      *      *      *      *      *      *
be Ilrsi child. I    'llu  yonrs Inter llm professor sat
"Profossor, I will out struggle," said
sli". "I prumise tu submit lo your nm
tin,riiy mi nil questions, whether nf discipline ur ut Arabic. I lu'uinisf imv.'t*
to Jnlti iu a nth ut November row, nud
Ibon serious.
"V.ui shall novor sue it. lluuh. imlli
yuu are I Id tu lm fnulisli-lllllll vi.ll
nro as uld ns 1 mn.**- si. Louis Republic,
ni Him ymi mm perfectly
llm work, nbslruso nml
s." hu suid. "mid ymi nro
nnl uf wl i I
could sny us much."
"Vnu ui,' very Haltering." nnsworel
yonr, "ami 1 mn nfraid ymi into my
powers lun highly," Tin- professor eagerly Intimated by posture Hint sim
was mistaken, Ilo wus su breathless
wiih npprohcnsioti Hun lm would nut
Interrupt by words. "1 mu sn sorry
llm; 1 slmll nm lm able lu collaborate
In llm work. Vim dn mo n gront honor
in nskillg ine. llut. yuu sue, 1 nm want-
oil ul I ,"
Tlum Hm l'liliilaoelml professor scoffed.
"Ai home!" snid bn. "Why. anybody
ean attend in your tlu,ins in home. Put
its fur what 1 am suggesting tn ynu.
there is out nne man ill llll years llmt is
capable of doing it. As for women"—
Words railed Uie professor here. "Yon
will lm known as a scholnr in nil tho
scholars nf Europe, lm ymi understand? Ymi will ho regarded us nn mn
Ihorlly fur mnny years to come. And
think of Hm houor you will gain ror
your college mnl for your sex." Tlm
professor spoke Hm words without hesitation. Nu thought uf mi earlier conversation with Sibyl lind remained in
ids mind, which Imi 1 wns crowded
wiih more Important things.
-li is a pity," shu answered plncldly,
"bill, ynu see, my people really want
mo. My mother likes in Imvo soine-
liuily wilh hur when she ls milking
calls, and my Bisters will nnt lie uul uf
tlm schoolroom fnr smne years. Then
1 write iny father's business letters for
hlm and help to teaeh the children and
mako ibeir frocks. 1 Imvo a good deal
nl' lasie In dressmaking.   An excellent
I lisle  hns suld  so.    1   had  lessons
from Imr. though nl course 1 know it
Is Hm fashion in suppose Hint a womnn
wlm cores fm' siniiy musl Im absolutely
useless iii domestic affairs."
Thn profossor broke uut in linger.
"Anybody enn make frocks." be cried.
"Nn. Indeed, yon nre inlslnkon," sim
answered, "ll is i st dllliclllt business in make then, nicely. Thnt Is why
lhey are expensive."
"llul ilu ynu nnt see," snid the pro-
fessnr ugnhi, "whnl an opportunity ymi
will lose if ymi fnil iii mh,pi my suggestion? You are losing yuur elmnee of
fame. Ynu have uud.me a greal work
ot Incalculable bencOl lo scholars. Ami
fur mi."I 800 iiii hope ol hudinganother to take your plnce."
"I um very sorry," answered bis pupil, "but Indeed my parents wnnt mo
very much nt home. And 1 feel Hint my
plnce Is there, 1 slmll not he able io
come buck next term."
There was again a debale nt the Union, nud again ibe professor dropped iu.
Tim proposer was speaking,  llu wns a
young genfh in uf much eloquence,
mul lm carried bis audience wlih him.
'I.I   us  resisl   lu  the dentil,"  lie said.
"any attempt to encourage furiher tho
so called higher education of women in
tills university. Womnn wns made fur
the home. There sim slum's on u pedestal. Slmll wenssisi her lo descend l'i I
Hml pedestal and benilrc herself wiih
joining in il,■ BlruRRles of mnsctillnu
life?" The audience raised n slnrm uf
applause. The professor gronnod nnd
.vein oiit.-l.nilles' Pictorial.
^M '
Exctii        ickets
ud H ui Ihob* own ground." sum ■ /Jl|ilSj'rri>«««^SS.1.1|J**S"     ,.*i,*\ ■— -. .
Sll.vllo.,1  it, In , perpleMly, fur \ lEA     . btmVtW     i    *    V ': ICUU
Sim fulled   I., se,    ,1," , , ,,.   Tli"' |-*l f -y ' .   m  ''   ■        ,'
,,,un,:,,i;',u,,'ft,'J',u'i,i,'„,,'i,,'s,",,:;] -|jj      *!||l;f!, j  ,„   ;
Cho tuiles
ii,,,,:,,,,, ini!,,.i,mi,,,.,„,„ iiiuhuiv All rail, I ;i      , Sou I.int.*,
Cinnt niii] sei m.'nr i.'i un.'*..*,' ..I'    ll 111113
dn us trnil'       .1
Vis St
G. R. \y-. .   .
jTlirniiy.il:: i  Kiiolciiay
1.mi.',;ii.* in I'm        nne clinii£C
in Uu uio.
,       Por lititL* tallies nnt] lull iiilnriiiallon, mil on
.lames Kerngi n •-. Co °"	
ii. j. eiivi.ii   ' ciciunuN,
Wlnili'.'.'ili'.ii'iil'.'i- 111
Gen< ai
M '■ >    mdise
sin and
I   oduce
Qivcn   special   attention.
Car l<!is a Specialty.
Craubrnok, li. C.
i^,«X--\ I.0.II.F.   k.'i Cih l.uJfio
t'.'": ""'\     ,''   ■''':,;;;;
IK- -"' -■■'<, '     ""*
.:.! "...llllUtl'i
lllll l'",ltliWs...,l.ll.lllj   "    tl'll
ll.."   I   • [■*, I-'. Sltll|.slill
Cranhro.il, LoiIbc Nu. .11
, 1  ,',■ , B.
.. ii I*. A.
Vnniiiiivcr, I*'
.1   S  1 llll! I.*. I'       ,    Nelson, II C.
Spokane F 'Hs &
Northern      )o.
iNcI*!*; & i 1. Siicplmrd R'y Co.,
I'd    Mountain   Railway  Co.
Till   ,'I.K   Illi "IIUTll  -ill
points li.nl nod S nib lm...
Inlcrniciiiatc Points,
:• . '"I '.'-:.   niii llm
tirt'.-it Nnrtltcrn,  N-uTlicrn Paclllc
.itul I). I.', v*. "v Compnny.
Nelson   with  --'ini"!   lm*  Knslo
nnd All Knot. 1: ■.   * nke  Points,
*,-,,i. (it ir citess.
The game of chess differs lu lhe various COUUII'loS nf  tlm  uul'lil.    Thus,  ill
Hm Hindoo m  four dlsllnel nrmlos
iiiv oinpluyeil, I'u.'b wiili  null   king,
an clcplu ml n liidglu whleh ilny,
lull "in.mil be slain.  The ,'hliieseg	
of chess, ttltlcll bi.iiftl.ft of llm till	
chulic-choc-lioiig-kl nl" phi) of lliusi'i-
 iu   uf   wan,   uas   n   river   I'lllllllllg
throtigli the center uf ihe board, which
In Kiighiml it was round that growth |n Sibyl's ro	
dog ies ii- vi mi li.um iu Hm s„. charming Utile room, loolilng on tlm
■■inl scnlo, il.. im I -2 a iiiifui'i'iiie nf terrace  nml liecuiigrnltilnlcl lur Win
even the Inches hi height between the sim tuu 11 st I; is pel's 1 ll...
bus I worst fid "liissi's iii the com- week!   llul nol every tuiirulus puper
 iiiy. a leading nrilele In limine m wutuaii us
An iiueftiluiitli.il nt* lu. .Iiiiiii in nnrsnulllcd In Sibyl > d nil Ihe evening
snli/. iium1 allowed thui .Iiiiiii.'ii burn i.i,],,., _ pnnruiti ,,'r n 1. iiortrulls whoso
in s tor me mller fm' Iheir nge ihnn only polin of slmllnrlly wns Hum' um
(hose luu n In winter.   Asa mnjorlly nf uiuiiuss to Blhyll   Kdllors wore nsking
children In the puhllc schools nro poor, Iter for nn nrile t lho , -nil f        .
hi wlnlor tbeir |inrcnis are forced lo women ol tuilversllles, nml publishers   """"' olnpbaiii.s. citiilnileiii lo mir blsb-
ee  ii-,- mure uu 1 mil ..f expense would  linve lier clll a  new scries ur    "lls* '*"  cr0""* ,""1 n"'i*e is a fort
of hen,Ing.   Their i ns nre also liable eastern writers ror Indies'schools. w,llcl1 ""'ir "'"K"'""""' l"iss*
I., he smnll nnd poorly vcnlilntcd, wlillo     The professor looked ai ber wilh ml- |    Ul"*1''' ""' s"llsl*ri' n, f ehnlu-
In summer they nre out lu lhc fresh nir. inlrnllon.   sim was Hie mosl hrllllnnt I ri"lirr' " R"""-' cssenllnlly lhc same its
I'ooil Is also clicapcr nnd more varied, tmpii given in hlm lor many a .lav. und , '""'lent chess was played in lllnduslnii
The Inilucncc of unhcnlihy conditions Iter suggosllous lu the wny or oinenda-1 nm']>' ■'■""" •Vl'"'*s '"-'"•    l'*'   l11""
on a very young child would he much Hon wero marvelous. Now, lion* nl last,   dttstnn llm game is snid in Imvo liecn
greater limn when II Is older and heller the inofoi • saw ids visions of lung   curried to I'orsln and thence lo Arnbin.
nhle lo resist them.-Everyhody's Sing- yenrs 1111.1114 upon themselves a sent-   'i'lte Arabs Introdiiced 111 S|„,| I
a-jlnc. bianco ul i.aliiv; they should heroine   ""-' ,v*'*t '"' w'1*1"''" Btiroiw during ihu
real lo 11 car future.   Thnt great   c|8l111' century, where it beenme Ibo
,'S.io, Vnor Monlh." wo|.|,  of   Ids on   lite leslhelles nf   Ibe    I'I'lUclpi    I'* lime illmllt the year IIIIIII.
George Cnilln wn 1 pn hlet enll- Aenillnns might nnw bu nccotnplislicd, 1 	
        "     show ihu rj'|1(, niiiii'iiiils fur it  were cotuiilete. ! Nlichl n.,.1 MorntiiH ui-iin.
'" • plcltirnqiie villngo of Allcsley,
led "Shut Vour Moull," 1 	
bnd effects of breathing through the   [Il. |  Bn,,nt on then, nil his leisure ,     , ,-,,       -    ,    ,          --,--■ 1
oiiei niii, lie dli 1 lell us how lo time since Ids appointment ns I'lantng-   Warwickshire,   Kngh ,   an   1111.--l.-11t 1
keep Hm im, shut during sine,,. „,„,, professor,  lint as for Hie writing c'ls,*"'"* wllllol!11l," !'"""! '" !!,<*", I"'1',"
I take a clean w .«n.ui string 1,1  0f iho ik from il shrunk. Somo   i""1 ""'"'■ Is still obsonoil.  II Iinrcl,
or L'o Inches lum.-, p. iilddlc  *t  ,.„„„„,.,. , ,„„s, eulliiboraie, use Hm l"'11 ls n" " '" '• "',"'k "'"'''' moi-nlna
of ll io my um id lm li  sely 011   •„„,„.„„,.•, s,0,.es, uiulurlal    llm li ■ "' "' *-"i"'"'T «'"J '" " '"l'"*k lu the
my neck jusi behind my mouth.   My „■■ writing and add in su .on,-!, inn,wl-   '■■' '•''- ' ' "' '"'""*"' "ivi'l'liig vll-
llpsnnil tongue sulr.e II and  d It as ,,,,„„   ,,„.  ,,nlb,l8|„S|„   „f  youlh,    Kur     l'-"**'a ","1 ""!'1'1'' lllc  sli"'1 "■'"■|I
. r,',l'„'„l't,n„    ,l,"se   iUii       cVoriboilf    shal.e oil* lite Impression tlml the llgliro ' long as 11 is 11. my inotilh. Tills process   „,„„„   ,,, ,,.„, „,,M,,| mM|| ;„,. ,„. I    "100,1 lime.      heI curfew bull Is nlso
'""' ""'    ",„, ,„', 1, „         '          of woolen and silken shr  was aid-   l» "'" pntontcd and cosU uolhlug.- Uu„ „,,.-,„, 8|,„uld il|,|.cur niuous bin '' I'd at 8 0 dock ?ach ovenlng.
*ai                 '                                 laioii). Ucr hiu.ulatiiiig ijiaueo teUuwcil   jjafMl ot UcujUj;,jMMimanWMagatl - -'
Solicitor, liu
Myers l-'all
Kcptihlic, .*
A,     lliisshur*.
(intml lorks
Doily lur
EC   Daily   for
Pass. Aiil.
Perry - Creek
Oliver Burge Propricior
Good accommodations !'ir ihe public. Besl oi liquors and cigars.
Come .md sec thc Unions Perry
creek dishict. Quart; and p!accr
mining,   ^ miles Irom Cranbrook.
Chas, Estmere
Real Estate and Mines
Kimberley, M. C.
(id your Job Work
Ai Herald office
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Pre* l:m tions,
mining   laims,
Etc., made by contract.
I*. ll. Furl Sleek, « C.
• Builder dt
'      V-    Ill'
  ti    11 i*	
 ., I.	
,   rri 11   llil   I '   "      ' >	
I'll !   11    li"
-:■L'niiiliniiik. II C
2 Bs
Beauty nnl Bargains
In Oil I'm,,; it"s trained
\i Prest's
W. I*. (ilk'!).
I"... ..*. 1..    nl   itor. Etc,
1 rnnlirimk.
Itllllftll inl his
it villi. I .. N   \\   I.
II .1   II.N  UN,
llllil   I'llillKT     .<
Alt Hurl, ftiiiirioitiiil     ,*ii' us Ik-liirc
Villi llililil.    II Will I'm   mil.
Ct'.'iiil.,',111k, 11 C
Certificate ol improvements.
nt-41.,1 ir imr.
till nl lln* tlhuVH
liaiiil lli.s Mh See "Hutch"
'. .
$    : x      :>''
If you want insurance, if yuu want
to invest hi mining property, if
you want to buy or sell real estate
in fact anything in this line.
•■-..   ■-.■
aeific R.ailv , nds ::
I        y ■ ,
I        '
■ ill lit-inet,
alnns the hottnm for n tl 1st mice .r thn e thh ?upfr' edeD-
mih's iiml Iiml th'ii liiiun iifi* ,	
'   '*   ■"'*"'" '-                         ' A. .own ■ | Heron
il  ■  ivnler deeiii n . tu   lllll root, nml   ■ ty,    I,.,.,,  i
ois  teiudeii llmt site luid I VV*   lu.vi lul.nr.il Inns suit son    ■     1
fled llllil tills In.i,I    I,.,,:,,| mul,.,.       'Hill •   -I
  ,.     i ... em mils,   o ol   n       ,■ **'"' l"'" ""* "'■ """' ',"' "*«rel
,    '  , ,                '    "I"1'.** To .lii'ii l.ililnj.
'      ■ I  ii'   llllnus I.:", I,  i    l..i |
li     till'   Iiii:   ll   limit  III   llll    sli
I he Cnnndian Pacific  kail., uy Company control n large area of the choicest farming an.l ranching lands
in the Kootenny District.   The prices range (rom $t.oo t.. Ss.on an ncre*, thc latter being for flrsl clai • agricul
tur,! lands,   These lands are readilj accessible by the Crows Nesl Pass Railway.
Terms of Pavment
I  ,i     Y.-t  tiler., nn- ul ll.
ivolllll ever lie lli'll, i ie el'lltl
n I," Brieve
.vns lllll lielleved 11: 11 llllvtl Mier       ''" •"  '■••"*■•->■-:
 ire. brllne
IHl   .'Usl   ti,' .'111
nu: A i, .-. ..i mu ' u\i.
[       I
1      ever ll"H he™ .lm'Hi, Ln ny     Aim i ,  um <. ri'iiieiiii
i hnvo r  in I,  li| 1     nil | « ., , i,
'    :    tie Mn' inj'stot. ...
I. i*.   A yenr nud u hull hum           , 'I1!..I1"!..1                  ,...r,.r. ...u
' il* In llie soulh ie. ih.- 1.1..u.i :„. w
i   H  "i  ,'oneiivili* s   ..i'i
v     i .mi.I ii.,n11,,- .   h   |    |i    ;..,,, Hm ii               li. inuet we, must we.
I ' I nnl- :  l""l ,i     : ''"* '' "
ii  i in  ilu-  i  ,1,.   i   ■ -" '"**.""■'>■
llillirn.   Iitll   il   -III    lied   IIIIIII)    :
II .11 -In. niitfti  lie ,!i,ni' i ,v;m|
'I    lee  ill-, lulu  -   ,,|  I,,.     |    I'luo ol   Me.    -Iloyle  In   Hi.  Arcli.
i ores   .li ried   ii-li  ii    ....   lite   Islainls,  l<>«l«-ul if i
■<   •  t to lhe sotiili, nml six weelia       In his niiniml iirrlme rlenl report
I       ' ■   I.'..I  nn.l   K'llll   In   Iiir   ft !,     Mr.   IliuiU  lloyle,  |* |„. |',„.    *.'
some of lier enlilli ritriilltin  ivus [ilelt- 'il    Mu...,'  imi... in.- ,ni.iiii,,i,   ■   r
'■■   i |, l.j ii .vl.iili.-l-.   Tli      I       i ,    "I    .'in.'   I...MIH -. ens Uurlnii  m,-   .''.
i Hh  Iimiiinl.'ft. proving: llm   ., In,I yonr.       II''    refers  lo He' sim.-ss in
i     Luu  heen niliini.   n „. iieiuileil    H '''"'"      " n''1   'run,  ""'• own   -.•
I       .   ,     .   Hml    ||l0    I),      „        . ||     l* i.ij. ,mil  mills  Hull   llie lull,.,1 nm     .    ',
i ,,r ii,.?'!?,,.,,!,'!,   ."   '..,'    "    :    '',    U-rl.,1 fr I,.-,-'lumls lur euiupni u-
I 'ii  '   I."."   imm im ■ 'I   ii   mt ii'fti. except  in  thc
'  "i I""'1   mi      *    ■ 1'   i   ui      I ini'i len iusinlin.nl' its
Z li   n i       In,    llu Ni I lu be on.! in   lln* lime oi onr
"""    ' . *       *.., ' ■■'■  |M*'  second une ,i i n ilnl.  te purchase, the III Inl in
>. i year1 and ft., mi
.   ..
■       ■                            nl Ho' minimi liistalme Hs -   *.
*"-                                     nl                            .. i lillnnsi ^   »-.
 r, 1st ii  . .ii.,,..!    "■ .   ,, , ni inial'la i II "  **
'•     XX                                                    UM               Mill "* **
,11.11,1 ***-
-,0,1111 *>0.
, .i
I nil
'I.i NS
♦ -<!• *■■*■■*-*  »•>   t>  •>  *  o  *
$'■.*. .:; IIUAFA
« Cy t\. Quad.
in,. |iiir|i,ises.
*• 1*1.11   lllililiu.
.*    wu in.ij      ex|
snys:     "Iliu   while
eh lo I  lorjvnril
In   in I..- in n  l'ui-
♦ - tli
* h
wu Innu   Hi,.     ,a.
 J    Hum     lins,
niliililo.    A  l"ildii'
*    Copy!     1,1501    i) v. a. Lewis.
•»-♦■ •'.'■ * ♦   »   «•   •>•>-<►
li Is m i 20 ,-ears sli  llio mar
tiasedy at   Vnl      i>. .
nml  the tuysti
fair Is i   •
 *», and  Li Hi.' hull h, lie |i„ssll
"■ore six in. ■ ■ |i,|„i,i mini, soiiio u-lim   i
d"or ei'ep!  Ul'..'l,K'',t'l,oUhotl'ol,,,'o!( pelldltl.ro ,„"
■>*«. in toeliunees are thut tho '" '	
did nol drift  vo 2U miles ufter """",	
. to the sort'  """'■•   support     un u llhrary, 11 not ifli
to Hie neelden't in the hay, it is !"":'"'    '''"' i( ,.*!!."***'. or.u'° """ ™" ''• \\.
rally    hollered    that    tli- ' vessel
narlnol M!l",u " lll!»" *vl'*'**-' K^> l""1 •*"*
,..,,!,.  j loro.1 mu ni enrloslty ntul Hen In Ids ,„„i,
|lc nt I pain and fright the Kiniit Ilsh lind hovo Ids moans,     or,   who!  Is even mor
* *p nnd then Huns hot* on hor side, probable,  tho  objoels  lie  wishes    i
Kim bet"lev 's lhc bn-^ncss antf shipping point for (lie
j •*   Nnrlli Stur and Snllivaii mines.
'  BliAL & EI.LWKLL, Townsite Agcnis.
Crailbrook *s "lc' *IIvIsl€»nol point nl lhc Crows Nesl hiss
Railway anil lhc commercial centre of SoiiMi
linsi Kooleiiay.
V. HYDE HAKER, Townsile Agent.
Por maps and further informalion apply lo Agents ns above or in
Iin,!. x ii
oil sliOl lit
1 LNT pl
II tin ■ ia||  ,,i   ■
lllll        Ol      | 'I
price  ivlll  b    allm [..lea
Lest un ih      ii ml paid
usual i.'isii instalment
Inter,     al  th  pei   cenl   ....
charged in uver due liislnlments,
rite Cnmpanj has ilso I      I n
in lhe Inllnwinn lown site  in ! usl Ki i
eiiaj:    Elko, Crnnbrook. Hi telle, hiuli
oner, Crcslnn and Kimberley,
the terms nt payment ire on,
cash, mul ihe balance In -ii and
innu  ft
book, or mi art, |Ti*9
book,      in      whieh   refereneo   muiV  be    ' ' X
I.' to innlerl.il whullj   beyonii tho Li *.'
V. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
bul ns it., whale hud ever be
lho bay thero is room tor doubt. Wreck Unit     in
lt was the c-ituso of ono of the gloom- ' Il-'ls
enn Ittiaeino tlml ill fated etnt't slo.vlv !''"''  ''' y
.1 rare nml so valuable   ——
llie kind..   Ousts nod | v*....a..aaa
nlwnys desirublo-some- : -
ie  lirolortililo  to origin
in luiuum bonds lllus
'~a*   - ■: -A.*.  :
■ 1       llllil'  IIIIIII  nf
the di. I;
ereenllii- down l.fnuni """** '"''"' lv|"''s '"' ra"lllulls '"'
... l .ini of Inl vlieli me I " ■ l"l,l""1"l?* '""' """" "''" Proeurablo
,    ' i iiiiiii win ic.illLiiio   nlllj  [,„. cnK|,.    A lnuseuni 111 rs
ske.^r.'e r*       ""'' """'" '"""v°"um"''■'""''""'
le'ol   should  Imvo un olipor-
lln- i
loll.     Inr  liniri'  11..in :
Isteneo of Hi" papal
* tapestries wns iinkno'
i world,   lloeuine
iut ami pr i - wi
uf our raee, Inn thus,,
oples  .'nil   I.e  onl     lij
unless s  fnr! ininli'
...if  lo effort   mi    ox-
-t'l...in io llm museum
ol  t—i'in-   Willi  lhe     other
llin  11...ins.   Inu   nre  linsufo
The Cranbrook
***********,i\-r.   ...   :yi.i	
► l[*-'l
1 l'i     ■.<.<*
It wns iii Ilrsi '
fn bud slritok um
ed wii'ik, iul ul
i I nud
llie llun.
inearthed by I:*..■-..:i-- Muni . d|. lowinu     yenr,
of tho .Viltlonal l-ieolo des lleinix I'11"1 '"'"" ""
:t  I'arls.    In the |H>pulm mlml "
■i slrlos nm assoeiatod will, tho
II.' adds
^ -?
 actorios ..'   I ruitee.
Cut ..us tn relate, uot n yard of tap.
os :;. mis ever wovi it bj a uu
ll.. il .1 .lm fninlly.   In ,' . ■    llty enme
in lb. in rrom i:.' ... i ■     ■      :
.Inline   111.'    till-    "
l». dull, ult    iii ' t
iiwiliiiift whnt is J '
j i
■ii. nre now  up-
*"- '" •'" * | ,
Inillllj'     nf    ■
Saw and Planing Mills
 Al.l,    KINliS .111'	
|    I Markets
| in all thc
**'.'; j Principal
» ! PS*] Towns in
! | I British
I IS Columbia.
S I iS3
J. Burns k Co
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
1 Meat Merchants 1
i-i i
:..  Pre li antl Cur it Meats Fresh
j.;      I i.-sli. Game and Poultry.
Jl a
addition,   i
'    ' We supply only the best.    Vour        E3
' ■;        t i ade i- solicited
{wsmkmm ■. '.u- i
II sl
■rs from  I'kinders, imi	
lirei i".I nml mnrkele.1 until
i.i '1 ibi lln l...'nine Hi".i. ii-
 .vinous tiirnu.li!.mi  the  ...
%        l>on,
pm I.   an   olistruetiou   the   Idea   win
ni ■ d. II " i n lefl niii.'
ll v In ii boiler
.ft ,       :
,.". ■
di were
i,, i . uml 11   ■
1'  '
i1. i   ' \s the i
ti. i ivortimont
went In for l li luvestl
,■ ut.   ,      fhe drill wnlor V
In   In.1.nn    iiii.  human lure  in elm .
s. poller.,    ift.ii".  ' Tho
I . ■ ■   ll,.-   -   -     ,   |-'„ ,-.,.',n  People
\      Re Sites in in ford und Wnli rli o
.   " -        In      W.   ,1. Uinii.|iit..'ie.
\.n > ,,n ->.i:.i l'1'il..-ft ,'f
s. . \ .... In 1'reileriek Hamilton, M    \
Robinson & MeKenzie.
.Iin rlilllll'i'  lu  Hitlni-T,
. ■;   i    ;   !■ ■ ' ■ t ,' ,„,,„  ,,„„,.„,„,.,,■. iviltlnn
ttatolmnc. ■■         i ■„   '.'   ,   "   ''   ,   Vs     hl   "      ;.
.   l,    i i   ly tiiidi                          I, , [„„     ,,,■     i(i         ,.             erv   lum 1
nltitouiih for tin ■     i      1'nronti thul
I' in ns  III,'  .'..illll   of :.. .,. ,      ,,,   ,,   uv„
 ft   Ail  tie* i .: -    ind     nl! er dwellinu  houses    ....
.1 '   wliirh lm li.ni rented,
i ii          lm   , ;:.ii ., yenr   thai   in   lle-
... ......   yenr,  while  in    llm
It wns nol l liivorn ns a  hoarder   „ puriy nl per-
l: ' ' "''>  "' *"""'k
Rous>;h and
Dressed Lumber, II
Dimension Lumber, ||
1 £hin^Ies and I     Saw a"d ^lanissg; Mills
i>, ,   ,. ill All Kinds 01
riouldings. i
j Rough and Dressed Lumber
1 N   MOCK Oil  .MAUI*) TO OI.I>l'*ll.
lhe   In
...i   .,,,,1 routed In
I'nllliue,  prei , , .   ,,i ■  i re lo :.
oil    luu with , llin„   llui
and   a ,    .   propei
..I i , ......     .    ■ ,...  i,,. v
It | nllerwords   iudh ,ed  Iiii   hinti   tr	
"I .,i Un in wns  Ionl.1       I hi   was    on ■ I il.ii.-o whieh  hi   Is  n e| I
liller I" : ■     ! '■ ■    and  |i . * nie  e.-n
i■ in- .in,i, nn , '	
livers  .n..1 il bn..)  was II thesatlio I ■'       il,r '„'
l„,l It wns two
,.. . ers   woro
i, lory wni
„, lho II ol  i.. i'.'
i .    ■ or! I "i
||,o bu 1 :     •    in   llm
I ..I ll.nl
I .   .   ,' I '.
tl .  n
is only ills-
.   .1   appeared    Pill ■■    '       ""*•'' r    Th"  ' «'a    '
i ii Mn    an,  t'ft.i
1 1.1    ll"l    I I1VI
hhi   ll"'    l*OP ll        ' Un 1 ||y,
1 el   tVebstet    1    n   einllil  enie
'    II      llwith eo'dd "Ol   I'.si.ne    ,.. M|         ,.,,.„   ,„   ,  ;i|    ltlt|Tlllu
ll    WUS        n       .hm..'I    " I     III   .1,1,1,,-
llinii       in.,-1     slili-udileroos lusl	
.iii.il tier Sore  riirnnt,                 ^ ihe tirsl   ....   lint Imvii    dis-
1 Ind'          wtl                                ISO liiere wns    u  ron*ss ..I  III-
.1   a   friend   when  ntlnekeil   lluls  do-    , ,,,.   ,)„   purpose  of  re-
It    l., Um inl.In wub Dm dessert "
,    i, I evi I   it   sel'loiti                          "1 ll   inn    Mr    IVebsler  wns us-
I           ....                                \        . . il
ft' .'ll   :IS       ,  ......I    -..   SU I    SWOl l llj*      I
III    nl
' in  i .'.ml.I sonroi 1. '. .1    i
mil llki ;.. ii-oi M' :. * "'.'. j ■ fi li i1 nt   ['      	
I must d inn,i.iiii    I I....i !'■ .id   j1,)'    \'-\
ii..ii in.  i.e.,. ■ from i urnli tt
wore e I I'm illplilhorln, nud n • n
i li nn.l llihnled lho
eh. Inn It relieved
Mn i   i li.u i.i-  (slej ui il,n Id,..in..
..    llm   Win III    Will    lun   nisi.!"-    I'l	
llm   I..i  HI  ni  Mm   -*7,  ISC.I
I >       , I .'.ml.I '
lelt.   Imt   I   n   |||   1   I"  I.I   Ol   WlllOI   I"'
I  |.      I.I.ik I     llllli  :  ft! Il ■   rush nl  ..
mill r.ue    v,. ■ . wits nm.I.-
near to th. ' ■ '      lb'*)  oxlotnled
It., neld ni ii" n opi milt i"   The i ur-
lent   mn  stroll  ■   .   :.    Iim lldll llowril
In   ii   I   '.;.. ll'    iii   . |i|iosltion.     TllO
Hum.i   Innl  i  n  in  ol)  nl s|   i,  full colli;!!, bm  it relieved tin snnillilln III    'iim  lulls  ,,u   Um  horizon  slntl'l,
tide, .unI Um iiiir.'iil would tlii'ieli'i'e mj ihriini Inslnully.   While dresslnu 1      Hwiiilied  In bluo .lusl,, mnl rolling
dull I,er nl..on iim nortli side uf tlm tried in.i others nnd weut dnwn to        o'er
liny ni •.,. ii mi . i.'.I- mod,   As ii nml. i iirenkfasl hoarse, but tlm Borouess was   The  '-lij levels ..I the hind,
term mot.however,tho norlli shore wu« B ."-London Telosrnpl). i    'J''1" I'""1?..!!1"1"'™" 'S! l!"' ,'inn'""''''
,    ,      ,„,,i „,. ,,.„,.„ ,,,- i , |   lo'"    untitle,    nils in Mm I,Iim,
Bonrched without linilhiB nnj imee or   	
Per    Then n'scnreh of lho south shore Sleep noil Drennu. I     '"J   ,'         s ginnei   oui, nnu
1 »*o>l. ""'1 "»•" ""'» I'"!""' '» lil"1 I     A C'"""-'"> bl'.vsi.liin sayai "The fuel „.*,, ,„„.„,„,     ,„„„„ Un,ks „„„,
lho aunkon ernri In some oddy nenr tho Is women require n larsor ntnouut "(      A B|lhnlll.r|llg ,,,„., „, rose-Hushed
eeittor.   il wns tne iiiuntlis before the sleep iiiiiii mon.  Tlie nervous exclui-        8ky.
dii.'is iim Inivd  Hull   the bottom  wns bllily of lite feiuiile constitution Is unit-    Al„|  ,:„,. ,,„,   ,,„  ,|„, Uawn-nwo|il   snn
cleiir nl* wii'ik uf uny sort. ornllj* gronler thnn Is lho ense with the      ,\ i  mil glides Into tin* light,
Now ci iim tiuesilon of what Imd stronger sex, nnd n wouinn's sleep Is   it brings the dnwn ni hopo in me,
I,,., ,i iim nm  wnr.   It did not iiinseipienily lighter.   Iler dronins nre      Who hnvo    ouiwulohed n hnpolesa
Bcetu possllile Umi  suoh i iss of  n. vivid uud leave n more Insllng        nig! *
wuiui .md ir  wilh iim weight of Iter hupresaloi   the tnentury.   Women
gnus mnl slorea nud iniforiunnie erew addloled to dr iiIiir usually sleep mi
ndded,  Id in drlfled any illilnncii hour longor Hint, those who di t
along lhe hulloin, esiieelnlly ns lho hot. ilrmnn, for ,Iron ma Induce weariness,
mm   wns  plonill'ully  s|irlnkleil   wiih ,\ny ouo who aleopB wllhonl dro ing
'       ! L*.!l..*.J'..*.'[rJ[3E3EBE.i[X]L*ft! • OS   • •  • "•"■"•"■'• ••
' '   * - ' r'! fO®QSaWB©|     The Prospectors' Exchanife
\ \t\...- - -.
Relitle.l Thii.uehoiil
lilie.it llm Mosl 0 f.iilubl.
lintel-, in linsl Kootenny.
No. t K-W.-C Block, Nelson, B. C
,I'I.mih*i l..';il .mi'   iitwrM .i \i.\yt.i..    PHKK  v, i.s
if • j i'"' >;"i-iM'i"i"iu^*..' i
;*■! i..... - -, t >- f»r sale nru i iov> ■■■•■• ■
\}''.] ; ii.iii..i.,   Weiii'slrnl > ii   n (r-»i
,.• Hi iiiiI'diiiiiii.h   i'i  i \, ii\■,
("-j  M i-ir lii-.nlt[-i-iit<-rs v.lt'ii i'i "■'   -   i ".  . ,
Newly Pitrniflued ■[•_} i\irn***iMndeiicRwiiU'iti1.!     \:.,:, :l,;i,
Andrew F. I^i^tnhur^r. Nelson, li. C.
. IJ. VanDecar, Prop, |—I /A^pfcl
i   n   ioGoooooaa@.(  The Western  Supply   Co
Utc Mill & .lull
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
noyie's    Hotel Kootenay    Cattle, Dressed Meats
•  .1. (*.  M. Iiiin.uii
11>„ Iti.il riling.
"Anil Ims rnnllv   lalerosted  in ero
■'Hell, jou wuiildn'l   beliovo it, bill
..nl nnl i.   There wns I I her wny    rises on the morrow refreshed fr, lis   H„„„.| .„',',     ,,u    bWMU, „kl. a „„„
ii iii'iouiii foi'her dini'ii iiiue. liow-   eiitieh,   whleh   la  otherwise  uot  tho   pioyori"
iver,   'lhe eurretii hud bumped hur   cuuo."     _ . ^...j .
And Provisions.
Monti Ollice, Cranbrook, I:. .1 \MIS. Manai
A. I. Vroom,
■ Repairing)
Wajcon rijikin^,
.-nnl   I'ainliiiv,.
liic besi ni accomodations
inr Hie (raveling public,
Men \1H»N Hl^nS.,
Wm* Mnthcson, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened nnd Is now rendj lo inter to ihe
public. First class (lining root,, service. I'he ^besl nt wines .-md
liquors at lite bar. ROUEK'I SHAW, Mnnagcr,
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,       ||)o You Sell Liquor? ? ? ?
I ire Brick
•in.l Til ■             II so. ilnn't lui)    DC!   '1"FI.I>    Iiir Hub Wloili-iili-l.h|ioir Praler in
•IHU  I lie nnlll you sec...   I   l„l^l il-K   s isiKoalcniy.    Write lor Prices
Wf have .1 stock ol
All kinds ol   work  given  prompt
attention, .md wc will gu.iMnlec | Those wanting chimneys, lire
satisfaction to our p.itrons  in -ill j phas, boilers lined, or .uiy job
work in the bnck line call on
we do, Yours lor Ir.ide.
Cranbruok, B.C.   ■     8    8
PELTIER is also agent (or
I ICO.  K.   Itl)'Kir.       This Is the supply point for South East Kootenay. ...;•• I I
 • ........     i.      .;
We expect to be ready for business by the 15th of this month.
If you are in need of anything in the line of furniture, wait and
see what we have, as we will have the most complete line ever
brought into East Kootenay.
v    i We «ill have a thorough furniture man in charge anil ii yon have any i    J
—^i t old chairs or olher pieces of furniture thai needs upholstering ur it   ► ^»—
^ 1 pairing, or waul something special made up, see us and gel prices.        *    >
i ■
* It Pays in Huil Willi Beattie'
Get Ready for School
^ Ij School Books
/^)  Pens and Pencils
\^5  Slates and Sponges,
Scribbling Pads, Etc.
IV*  t,-  DCilttlC,  Druggist
J. H. King, Pres.
W.T. Ried, Vice Pres.
J. P. Fink, Sec'y,
Kootenay Furniture Co., Ltd
Bremner's Old Stand
.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   •
I     LOCAL   NOTES     t
%99**********9******'****** I
Picked  Up About lhe Cily   by  Asking I
Questions of Many  People.
Show tomorrow night.
Willinm Corliti was (n town latt Friday.
Don't forget the sliow to-morrow
Old paptira for mile at The Herald
John Costigan vifiiteil Moyie Tuesday
Father Coeola hns gone to the coast
f»r n few days,
A dimished room for rent. Apply to
Herald Oflice.
For rent—Two rooms, inquire at the
Herald ollice.
Mlsa Henderson visited friends in Fort
Steele this week.
Milkshake, the great summer drink,
•t Mrs. McComiell's.
Fishing throughout the district ta unusually good tins season,
J. H. Eshelmati, Uie piano tuner, is ex*
pected in Cranbrook soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Doble and Willie spent
an evening at Moyie last week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. A. Leltcb are expected
home frum Manitoba this Meek.
Siiinly McDougal, of Feruie, was in
Cranbrook several days last week.
John Leask left yesterday aftermooti
for n visit to the l.ardeau country.
lieu Tlieil has gone to Elko, having
clo.seil his barber sliop at Kimberley.
A. Farrell has gone to Cowley to act
aa tune-keeper for 11 work train force.
Mr. and Mrs, N. A, Wallinger of Fort
Steele, visited Cranhrook friends last
Rev. Fortune aud wife are visiting
fi lends at Fernie and Morrlsey this
For sale—Lot and two room shatity
aeai C. P. K. shops. Adply to Herald
Charley Vandel returned from Winnipeg last week and left Sunday for Vancouver.
Miss llailey and Mr. Smith were guests
of Mr. nud Mrs Mrlunes several days
last week.
Harry McVittie is assisting A. W, Mc
Vittie iu lhe work of huudling exhibition
Pieper -S: Currie tio the best painting
aud |..ij.ri banging tur the least money.
Try them,
Mrs. Donahue came over from Calgary
last week to look after her interests iu
Dr ,llarber ami wife have returned
from their outing at Moyie aud report a
glorious time.
Hairy Melton returned Tuesday. He
has heen sojourning iu lhe Stales for
leveral mouths.
J. W, Robinson and O. H. Bremner
returned last week from Winnipeg. They
report a pleasaut trip,
Pieper is a great talker, but he is a
good painter nud paper hanger. Try
bim and be convinced.
Gerry iV Doyle have had the front of
their livery bam painted) and the till*
proveutent is a big one.
Moyie had a heavy fall of rain last
Friday, aud the shower extended wilhin
a few miles ol Cranbrook.
Mrs, Greer aud son Willie accompanied Mr. Greer to Elko Tuesday and will
remain for a week's outing.
James Ryan uud Thomas Wellman returned Tuesday Irom Itutte, where lhey
fuve been attending the races.
''Was She to Blame" will be presented
\>y the New Vork Theatre company, at
Wentworth hall tomorrow night.
George Leitch left Sunday for eastern
points and the Buffalo exposition. He
flpects to be absent two months.
P-leper Sl Currie carry the largest stock
of brushes hi East Kooleiiay. Their
prices are living prices.    See them.
I. P, Fink and O, 11. Miner left Tuesday for Klko and the Boundary. They
mil viiii Fred Koo before they return.
John Murphy, of Moyie, was in town
ThomasStarbir.l and FrankCollett, of
Windermere, were in town yesterday.
For rent—furnished or unfurnished
room iu comfortable residence on Baker
hill.    Apply at Herald olli e.
If you know any news let us know it.
Then all of South Kast Kootenay will
know it,   for The Herald will publish it.
A letter from G, W. Ililliard states
that he has located In QuAppelle Station,
\ssu., and will open a blacksmith shop
I'ieper 8: Cun ie carry the largest stock
of room mouldings iu the district—too
large. They are reducing. Now is your
Mr. Morley had the misfortune to be
thrown from his horse last week. At
Inst accounts the horse and equipment
was still travelling.
The mills are having a hard time to
secure men these days. Ill fact labor is
very scarce jnst uow in the district, aud
men are iu demand.
As an advertising medium The Herald
is unequalled in this district, Results
count, mnl that Is the reason the merchants profit by using The Herald.
The tennis cluh of Macleod, has sent
un Invitation to the Cranbrook tennis
club to join in a tournament that is to be
played at Macleod on September 2.
T. T. McVittie, of Fort Steele, the
well-known surveyor, was in town last
Thursday. He is kept busy these days,
ns Ihere is quite a lot of work in his line
Frank Robbins, manager ofthe North
Star mine, wenl west last evening. He
will stop a day in Nelson and then go to
Halcyon Hot Springs fot ten days' outing.
Messrs. Costigan and Mclnnes return
ed lasl week from the Klk river country,
where ihey have heen wilh T. T. McVittie, running lines on their timber
1). McNeil, the well-known conductor
on the Calgary branch, ipenl several
days in town last week. He is accompanied by his wife and child, and left for
the west Monday.
The Herald has just received a stapling machine imported from Germany
that is one of the best of the kind, and
does the work required of it iu a most
satisfactory manner.
Mr. Wilke, the youngest volunteer
from South Kast Kootenay in Strath
cona's Horse, returned last evening for a
brief visit with old friends. He expects
to return to England iu a few months.
Neil McLeod Curran, the Gnancial
agent of the North Star mine, was in
town yesterday. Mr. Currau never gets
very far away from tbe mine, and he
wouldn't know a vacation if he saw one.
Some good work was done last week
toward cleaning Baker street, Some more
could be done. A few minutes labor in
front of each store would work wonders
in the appearance of tbe the street. Try
The Indians who bought "Roy Carrulhers" from Tom Wellman took him
to Windermere races and captured everything In afglit. They won enough witli
lum to pny his original eost, with some
to spare.
The dust on the hill streets is from ore
lu three inches deep, and all kind of
vegetal ion is suffering for want of rain.
Such a lung hot spell without rain has
uot been seen in this part of the district
fur years.
Charley Long Tong Sl Co. and QllOUg
Lee (,'hotig huve sold their house, lot,
grocery aud everything lu Voot Wing.
Anybody Charley Lung Tong Sl Co. or
Quong Lee Chong owe cau't get moi.ey
from Voot Wing.
Last Monday was a great day for lhe
little folks. There weretwo picnics that
afternoon, One was under the management of Mrs, W. T. Reid, anti the other
was gotten up by Mrs. G. II. Bremner
aud Mrs. John Fraser.
Fred and Ross Tate have gone to
Morrlsey and the Loop lor an outing for
ten days. They have taken some goods
along with them and will do some merchandising while absent. The buys are
business, aud the experience will be
good for them.
Mrs. Joseph Jackson was thrown from
ii horse one eveniug last week,   hy the
Idle slipping. She Struck a StUUip as
she fell, and lur   a few in in uies wai.   un-
conscious,       When   she   recovered   the
horse and  her  dug  were   Standing  near
her waiting pitttenth for orders.
This week Tlie Herald will hand ovei
to A. W. Mi Vitlie, secretary or the East]
Kootenny exhibition, aoou premium lists
tor disttibnllon, The work was nil done ;
in this oflice and demonstrates the fad
to anyone that The Herald is fully)
equipped with up lo-date material
I'ieper & Clirile are painting the front j
of llielr s ore building. Last Tuesday
lhe team belonging lo 1'. Humes it Co. I
ran away and the wagon collided with
the awning and signposts, razing ihej
whole thing. "We will paint llie front
now that it is clear," said Pieper &
Currie. heme tlie iu  ve.
John   Wolfe,   the   pioneer   shoe   and
harness maker of Fort Sleele, and one of*
the best workmen iu his line in   llritish
Columbia,   moved   lo    Craubrook   last
week aud has opened a shop in the rear
of P  Burnt. & Co.'s meat market.     Mrs.
Wolfe accompanied him and they will]
make   Cranbrook   their   home   iu   the
future.     From  the   hour  tliat   he  com  j
menced   woil:   Mr.   Wolfe   lias   had   Ills!
counter crowded with hoots and shoes, I
ami he will have all  he can do iu Crnnbrook.
Kitchener In he a Mining Camp.
Willinm Shannon, one of the principal
mine owners at Kitchener, was in town
today. He speaks mi glowing terms of
lhe future of that camp. "The true
prospects nre brighter than ever," he
said, "and there is no doubt that we
will bave a great copper camp at Kiiche-
1 er. The trouble now is, loo many men
are holding good properties and waiting
f.n others lo do llie work But keep
your eye uu Kitchener. She is going 10
be a winner."
-Wrested for Selling Liquor.
There seems tu he some bad feeling
ovei the 111,inner 111 which Mr. Livei*,
Uu- druggist who moved lo Morrlsey
frum Movie, was recently arrested foi
selling liquor. Constable Barnes set
smne kind ofa tiap for him, but the
druggist claims that he was within the
confines of his rights ns a druggist iu tne
sale made,   -Mr   Livers wa- arraigned be
lore Magistrate Ross mul admitted to
bail, William Tullle, of Fernie, going
security tor f 100. There mny be trouble
over t!:i- mallet before the case is finally
disposed of.
The White Grouse Properly,
The Nelson Miner snys ihat Senator
John 1). Byrnes, of San Mateo, Cal,, and
Phil Corcoran, of Snn Francisco, are at
the Hume. Tbey returned nn Monday
evening Irom an inspection oi the While
Grouse group of mineral claims on Harris mountain, east of Kootenay lnke.
They spent 10 days in making the examination. They were reticent lasl
evening as to their intentions in regntd
to closing the deal for the purchase ul
the group. The properties nre owned
by Mrs. Jennie IC. Harris, of Kaslo. nud
are coHEidercd lo be valuable.
The Trackmen's Strike.
A It I
so lm
aigh 110 positive statement is
it by either side, it is general!,
oud that the trackmen's strike,
is the Kootenay country is coil-
is aboul over. The men are ie
to woik, and herein K ist Koo-
ork trains aie being sent out to
the regular woik of lepairs
anterbmy m
Harry O'Doneghy and partners have
just completed 42 feet of tunnelling Oil
the Maggie and Black Jack, on Bouldei
creek aud have frum two to four feet of
galeua ami carbonate ore showing. They
will go up the bill ngain iu a few days
and intend running lhe tunnel in 200
Albert Banks, wlio has been placer
mining fnr some time on Perry creek,
arrived from Port Steele Saturday. IU
was accompanied by II. W. Matthews,
one of the proprietors ofthe Windsor
holel, Fort Sleele.
A good strike has been made ou noi til
side of Findley creek about So miles
from the Brady ranch by Messrs. Sam
Derr, Henry Sclivveisgulb and Tom
Brown. Twu claims have been staked
viz: King Ivlward nnd Twin Lake
Samples of the 'ire can be seen at Messrs
Kimpton iV Hilt's store al  Windeimere.
J. Barman has been working for sotu<
lime on the White Cat group, on Bould
er creek, and bus driven a tunnel in 18
feet, which shows the ledge to be from 13
to i.S inches wide. The ore is a high
grade galena and copper. Shipments ol
ore could be made at ouce from this
property, ami it would quickly repay
any capllal that uiiglii be spent on it.
P. Farnlmm gave a shantpagne supper
in honor ol the   Hon, Mr.   Wells al   the
Holel Canterbury lasl Thursday eveuing,
There were present. Hon, Mr. Wells, Mr.
and Mrs Farnlmm, Messrs, Grilliib,
Starbird, Collett aud Bruce. The repast
was in keeping with lhe usual lirst class
style of the hotel, and a most enjoyable
time was spent.
A New Hall Nee-Jed.
I Cranhrook needs a hall large enough
for entertainments, dances, theatre com*
j panics, elc,    There   would  be good  re-
j turns on lhe money invested in a build
ing lilted for such purposes, and it n
strange tbat no one  lakes advantage of
I the opportunity presented,
A l-iiu- Dunallan.
i P Burlies, when he was here last week
! gave his check for J, 100 to the St.
■ Eugene hospital and increased the dona-
1 tiou of the linn to the new Cranhrook
.fort sri-ai; iti-ms.
(■'inni i'oit su-i'ie Prospector,
J, A. Harvey received some beautiful
samples or galena oreoii Thursday, from
lhe Silling Bull and Mary G. claims,
which are located in the Windermere
district. An assay receipt which accompanied the samples, staled that lhe ore
contained values to the amount of f |S-S -
K4 ill silver and lead.
R. K. Beattie and wife, J. Fraser and
wife and G, II. Richardson of Crnnbrook,
visited Sleele on Sunday hisl, lhey also
visited the placer workings on Wild
Horse creek,
The repairs to the Wild Horse creek
bridge will he commenced next week.
Mr. and Mrs O'Hagan, of Cranbrook,
were at the Imperial on Tuesday.
MlssM C. Jack, who has been visiting
at Steele  foi llu* |MJit »eek,  lelunied Ij
Kimberley ou Mouday.
C, I'. \l. tiarninjis and Expenses.
Montreal, August 12—At a meeting
of the directors ofthe Canadian Pacific
railroad today the usual dividend of 2
per cent on the preferred stock lor the
half year ended June 30 last was deelar
ed, A dividend of 2,'. percent for the
same period was also declared ou the
common slock. The results for the
fiscal year to June 30 last were; gross
earniugs $30 855 203; working expenses,
$18745,828; net earnings, (-12,109 375;
income from oiher sources, $933,425;
total net income, $13,042800; less fixed
charges, including interest on taml
bonds, $,405,835; 1<-'SS amount applied
against ocean steamships, $150,000; net
revenue available for dividends, $5,586,-
965. After payment of all dividends declared, the surplus for the yearcariied
foi ward is $1,114,458.
The greal steal strike In lhe Slates Is
rowlnp, and thc steel im-H securities
re suffering In consequence.
Certificate nf Die Rvglsiralion of an Extra*
Provincial   Company.
■olii certify Unit tho "Ctovcr heat Ml ilng
ilium c uajiiuiy," "nnti-pi'i-Honul liability,"
is day l ji reglstnreri as an IMia-l'io.ln-
inpnny nmlnr the "Companies Aft. W07,"
v i.'it or I'liei't a 1 <>r anj of tiie objects of
ii>|i:iiiy to ivlilobllio legislative atitlioiliy
Legislature of Itrltlsli Columbia extends,
head uin 1 *<■ ni ihe (J, nipany Is situated in
v nl Spokane, suite or Washington, r. s.
amount of the capital of llie Company is
, tllvideil into itr>OJ,0O0 shares or 5 (five)
linnil nftloe of ilia Company to this pro-
Is sitimtn at Oriuibroolt, ami .fohn Hynii
in,  Imi'ilster  at  law, whose inldress Is
'noli aforesaid, is ihe attorney for the
iin r tlio existence of the company Is
urs The Compnny N specially limiicii
Sonllon M of Ilia sal.l Act.
n ier my hand ami Real of Ofllce at
In, pro vl neo ofBrlllslt Columbia, this oth
Miunsi, mu
s. v. WnOTTON,
lieglstrar ol Joint stock companies,
A Short Story With a Point
You get "Just the Best" whether you
personally choose the goods or leave
your order for us to fill. Quality
means satisfaction. Satisfaction
means trade.   Wc want y°tir ,iacl0*
G. T. Rogers,
Fancy ami "staple Groceries and Crockery.
There is bread
and bread.   Our
broad is the best
bread. Try it.
City Bakery.
Onr buns, bread, cake and tickets fur side at
The Weather is Dry
The pasturage is gone, but do not think the
Feed is gone, or let your dairy or cattle shrink,
or hens or chickens go hungry, for KING has
just unloaded a car of Flour, jWheat, Wheat
Chop, Bran, Shorts, Graham Flour and Oats.
The above can be had in any quantity.   Don't fail to consult his prices before buying.       Bcsl creamery btiller in stock
Call and
See us
Get ready for your fall \vall=
papering. We will sell wall-
cheaper than it has ever been
sold in the district.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty     j j
I ♦
timid Stahliog in Connection    * *
Nearest to railroad and depot.   Una accommodations for the public unequalled in Crnnbrook,
 Proprietor       j J
»•>•'» ■♦••» •® f*)*>
• ♦•♦♦•••,•, •
! New Drug Store j
1 1
j I will open in the Cranbruok Hotel block about ♦
* August 15, a new and complete line of I
* 4
j Drugs,   Druggist's    Sundries, j
j Stationery, Toilet Articles, Etc. j
t Prescriptions Carefully T?   f   \Y7;1|cr.,, 1
1 Compounded *-** vj«   W UlbOn .
t f 9 *■••• • ©  (f)9 »MIIM«IH»IHI
fEast Kootenays First Annual^
Mineral, Agricultural
and  Industrial  Exhibition
* Cranbrook, B.C., Sept. 25 to 27, 1901J
t Three Days of Instruction,
Interest and Enjoyment jl
The best program ever seen in tlie country. See^lt
•(posters and circulars for further particulars. Specially %
^low return railway rates from all points. 3?
A. W. M'VITTIE   »
Maintainance of   Way   Employes and Othcrsi
Noli..* is hereby given thai on
.md .ilt.-r the eighteenth <>l July,
in the y.*,'r ol our Lord Om*
Thousand Nine Hundred and Or*
that ihi*; company hereby agrees tu
pay .,11 EXPRESS charges Iron,
point ol shipment toany EXPRESS
ofllce nn Ihe lln, ..I the CANADIAN PACIFIC RAILWAY, and
furthermore, to STRIKE Iron, the
list any AGENT who willfully ri-
[uses to guarantee a saving in
WAGES to all buyers ol Crown
Tailor Made Clothing.
C. H. Pfllmcr, Agt. Crown tailor!*,]) Co.
Room 3, I'. II. Building
An elegant line of
Cranbrook  Souvenirs
High Grade Watches
Choice Selection in
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
cleware, etc.
W. F. Tate, .?.e..Jeweler
Cranbrook, 15. C.
Official Wnich Inspcclor for C. Vi R., Crow.
Nesl I'nsa Division.
Secretary #
Livery  3
Proprietors .* jt jt
Teau.B mul ilrlvors furnished for nny
point in lhe liftln,,.
Manager   4-t   jt   jt
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking A,,d
nrn.lunti- of CI,.,iii|iiimi college "I   11,   K
(lllici-nn.l ..t  Aiken lil.i.k,
nn  Ciinnilis.il lluil. ul Com.
morro, Crimliro.il., li ,'
Upholstering nml Dcncral Furniture Repnlilng
Will nllcml t > u-.irh in llie illahlrl
Drink Home Beer
ll is Pure
ll is Healthy
ll is (Ik* Hest
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables <« dt
Stable South of Herald Ollice
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C.
.1. H. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Office nt resiik'ikc, Ariiislriing Ave.
l-iirenoooa,   ...   -   i,:,tn to II
Afternoons   ....    |;,m tu JiJu
Evenings    -   -   -   -    ;jfl i„ g.jo
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    B, C


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