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Cranbrook Herald Dec 21, 1899

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M'MliKH  I')
Many Properties.
The   Past  Season  Characterised
hy Much Development
; the intention
j develope the property
i still   further '.o demotisttate  its  value.
 ' j There is now on  the duuip about 250
tons  of ore suitable for shipment and
i B. Keeler Writes Interestingly of p«>habiy s™ >°«s of concentrating ore.
Other Properties.
During the summer, over   lhe divide
from * Boulder creek, C. M. Keep bus
been doing considerable work on tbe
Tontine group, This group has an immense showing of copper 011*, and in lhe
apt lug work will be resumed on a large
Work win disioiilinnid on lhe property of the Hull River Mining compauy
about three weeks ngo. The work so fur
has been preliminary, to extensively develope nest season. There are big
Ittdnos otLgalena and copper on the property. Thla group in also located over
the divide from lloulder creek, higher
up the mountain than the Tontine. It
is owned principally iu Spokane,
Up Wild Horse creek and its tributaries tbere hus been mort or less development going ou all summer, Imt the work
for the uirst pari has been suspended1 for
the winter, between Wild Horse and
Murk creek there are a number of promising properties upon which but little
work has been done, llut on Tracy and
Lewis creeks development has been going on all summer.
Among other claims in that section
mny be mentioned tbe Minnie M and
Tiger, John L. and Montana. On tbe
Minnie M aud Tiger one tunnel of forty
feet bas been driven, showing ore all of
the way. Auother of twenty-five feet
was run ou the ledge with ore the entire distance. Besides there are several
open cuts showing ore. In all, there
has been 200 feet of work done, but aside
from that mentioned nothing has been
done iu the development of the property.
The John L- was being developed all
summer but work was suspended a few
weeka ago, hut will be resumed in a
couple of weeks, the company operating
it having Jio.uoo on hand to resume
The Montana is owned largely by Montana parties, A contract for about sixty
feet of shaft and crosscut has just beeu
completed but another contract will be
let in a few days. This is a most promising claim and bids fair with development to equal any of the other properties in that section,
Tbere are many other claims tributary to Fort Sleele upon which considerable work has been done the past summer, and many of them are showing up
The coming year will witness great
activity in the mines about Fort Steele,
and many of the properties will be
placed on the shipping list. The possibilities of this section cannot be overestimated, as the mountains are fill -il will:
ore which only needs intelligent work to
make it available. Hast Kootenay is,
without question, as rich as any other
section of the province and will, within
the next year, attract attention wh ch
lias been diverted lo other sections less
remote than Kast Kootenay bus been in
the past,   fiom lhe commercial centers.
Now the conditions are changed, ibe
Crows Nest Pass railway traverses the
district, another railway will be built
north, nnd the country will thus become
as easily access j hie as any other mining
section. Arthur B. Keeler.
The mineral development in the mines
directly tributary to Fort Steele, during
the past year, bus exceeded the expectations of the most sanguine. So rapid,
Indeed, has been the development, that
few people realize fully what has been
done. Properties which were only prospects a year ago, can now be called ship,
ping mines. Where then were uot to
exceed fifty men employed, there are
now over 200. ' To enter inlo details can
hardly be possible iu the limits of an ar-
dtiiaty newspaper article, therefore 1
will confine myself to a general outline
of whut has been doue.
Thc Chkkamonstone.
This property oassed into the hands of
the present compauy on June l, and on
the 9II1 work was commenced and has
continued without intermission, and up
to the preseut time tbere has been done
ncaily 600 feetofworkintunuels, shafts,
winzes, cross-cut-* and open-cuts. Iu the
process of development a large amount
of shipping ore has been taken out, only
waiting the lime il can be taken to the
railroad. As the work proceeds the owners have increased, faith, in the value of
the propei ty. At present sixteen men
are employed, and the management
hope lo increase the force to twenty-five
men soou after January I.
Thc Dupont.
One year ago the Dupont; on "Boulder
creek, was a prospect, but little work
had been done. An immense dyke
traverses the property aud in many
places it was known to carry free gold.
Tbe Ottawa and Montreal syndicate now
operating it took hold of the property in
the spring, since which time a large
amount of work has been done in prospecting the ground. Thr- main tuunel
is now in 137 leet, nt that point cross-
cutting the big dyke was commenced
and is now In twenty three feet. The
ledge wus stripped at eight feet iu the
cross-cut, but as yet the oilier wall haa
not been encountered. Assays have
been taken not only in the ctoss-cut
but in'tbe tunnel, And the values will assay J30 to the ton. The Dupont will be
equipped with compressor, concentrator
and Stamp uni\. The compressor will
probably be Installed this winter. A
force often men la now employed in the
work and this will be added to os soon
nn room can be made Ior them. The
syndicate are of the opinion lhat they
huve it big Iree milling property.
The »lg Chief.
Across the gulch ftom lhe Dupont is
tbe Big Chief group. This was a prospect a h yeur ago, but during the summer past, a tunnel was niu on the \eiti
ami assays Irom some of the ore was
puenuudual, picked specimens going us
high as $11,000 to the ton, the average,
however, running between fM.apd $30
to the Ion,    A small force only has been
employed during the past two months,
but thi*-' will be- largely Increased iu a
short time, when the propeity will be
thoroughly and systematically developed. Machinery will also be inst idled in
the Bin Chief, in fact, tenders for the
compressor, slump mill -aud ebneentra-
toi hnve been nsked for. 'i'he property
Is owned chiefly In Montreal,
The Eiirlla.
This is ihe most prominent property
in lhat section. A vast amount o( vvoiL
Ims been it CCOMl pi tilled In the development oi the property, consisting of 1000
1,'it ni tunnels, shafts and cross cuts.
This group was receutli taken over by
C. Hunger ford Pollen in behalf of an
Methodist Church Dedication.
The handsome new  Metlunlist church
iu Ibis city was  formally  dedicated last
Solidity   moruiug   by   Rev.   Wood,   of
Kaslo.    The service was  well  attended
and the music prepared for the occasion
WOS a treat. Monday evening the ladies
served 11 fine supper at Miner's old store
loom, und In the evening gave h concert
at the chinch. Tbe program consisted
of music and tidks. The musical purt of
the program was fully appreciated by
those present, but when il comes to
charging   admission   for   the   talks, or
whatever they might be culled, **iven by
preachers biuI newspaper men, that is
nibbing it in pretty hind on the public,
even for a church.
A teport was read by Mr. Prest, of the
bouid of trustees, showing thai the
money  subscribed  and  raised  iu  othei
ways, was sufficient lo pay all Indebted*
uess except $125. This showing reflects
great credit on lhe  pastor,   Rev. Smith.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon, Quo. A. Cox, President B. Et, Wai.kkk, Oen. Man
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A General Banking; Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railtoiul nud depot.    Has accommodations  for   the public unequalled  in  Crnnbrook,
A. W.  McVittie  Refers  Briefly   to
Working Properties.
And the  Properties Worked  Add
to thc Mineral Wealth of
This Country.
The remarkable progress ofthe development of the mittttiK Intereatfl of South
Gait Kootenay during the past year deserves the careful attention of all who
are interested in mining investments.
In all ditections from Cranbrook ure
properties which during tbe year have
been developed from mere prospects inlo
promising mines. Begimiing with Perry creek, which had lost some of its popularity, there are now three active companies working there, The Perry Creek
Gold Mining & Milling company is act-
vely pushing -(development, with a considerable force of men, and a plant installed iu good substantial buildings.
The British-American corporation is
driving tunnel in on the Treasury Box,
a good proposition of immense .size near
the falls, which now begins to look'Hke
a producing mine. The Mastodon Copper (Mining company, which has done
some hundreds of feet of tunneling and
drifting on an enormous ledge of copper-
bearing quartz near the hnouth of Perry
creek, is now arranging a contract to
sink 500 feet,
On the Upper St. Marys river a great
number of properties have been advanced a stage. The Pyramid Miuing
company has had a force of men at
work all the year ou their numerous
claims in Pyramid basin. Messrs. Pollen aud Thurstou have two fine looking
groups of copper ledges in the same
vicinity on which considerable work has
been done^this year. I). W. Moore, of
the Trail smelter, acting for a strong
syndicate, has opened up a rich looking
twenty-five ledge of copper rock on the
west fork, and many other adjoining
properties have been repiesented to the
extent of tbe year's assessment work.
Lower down the river the most notable
property is the John Bull group, on
which a tunnel shows a remarkably
strong ledge of copper rock fit for shipment at once.
Turning to Kimberley camp, substantial progress is observed. The North
Star h is been turned over to u uew joint
stock company, and tbe mine is ready
for very large shipments as soon as the
North Slur railway is in running order.
The old ore bodies ate divided off und
stopes arc ready for the methodical extraction of the ore. Galena has at last
been found ou the Stem winder. The
Sullivan Mining company has had a considerable   force of men at work all the
ar, nnd bus proved tbe existence of
two distinct galena ore bodies, which
places tbis property among the permanent mines of the province, The Kimberley Consolidated, the Headlight an 1
the Black Hear companies have all beeu
formed on sound lines for the working
of properties having first-class showings,
the Black Jl.ear having a steam piuup
ami hoist at their shall, which has
reached a depth of over seventy feet iu
galena and copper.
Near Marysville the Kootenay St Al-
-oma company has stripped a ledge on
the Pedro for a distance of over two
hundred   feet,   showing  some three feet
shipping ore.
Several deals have been made in properties on Luke Creek prairie, but no
development work of importance has
been done, though operations are promised at an early period.
Within four or five miles of Cranbrook
lo the east- the work done on claims
south of Isador canyon Juts shown the
existence of rich copper ledges which
arc likely to prove shippers wilhin a
year, thc most notable being the lvxcess,
With a sixty-five foot shaft, and the
Horse Shoe, on which work is now being
pushed wilh energy.
The Skockum Chuck district has no
transportation facilities aud little active
mining bus beeu doue, but tlle year has
Hen the discovery of several very large
ledges of eopper rock on that stream,
atul without doubt tuorc will he heard of
these discoveries Inter en,
In the Tracy creek camp the most
promising properly is the ICstells. on
which it grent deal of preliminary work
has been done by the Polsen brothers,
who have now bonded it to a syndicate
ofciipitnlists represented by Mr. Pollen,
and further work iB now under way, over
five tons of supplies having been delivered on the ground for thia winter's
operations. Iu the same vicinity a well-
defined ledge carrying copper and galena is being developed on the Montana
by a Spokane syndicate. On the Minnie M. work is beiug done by Messrs.
Humphries and Wallinger, and on the
Golden Fleece, Little John and the Stanley by John Kgun. The Swan has seventy feet ot tunneling and the Wasa has
some 250 feet of tunneling and drifting
and is destined eventually to become a
Traveling further south will be found
several properties under development in
the vicinity of Six Mile creek, and st 11
further south 011 Wild Horse creek are
innumerable propositions awaiting transportation facilities.
On Boulder caeek, a tributary of Wild
Horse, three gold properties, lhe Big
Chief, Little Chief am) Dupoul group,
under the supervision of C l;. Untitling*
ion, ure being energetical ly developed.
These properties wilt shortly be supplied
with compressor ..:.■■. and crushing
machinery. Furtb i* tht Wild Uirse
tbe Golden Five Ii ing operated by a
Spokane rompauy ■.*..:■ ■-. has outfitted a
camp for iii tfintor The usual placet
mining has been cai . on ' - the large
Chineae population 01 Wild Hon with
fun results, but tli-* Jarge Btock coutpui -
iea do not appear tn l ive operal
year. South "of Wild tlorse there has
been no work oi Importance ibis yeai
until bull river (steadied, ll • the
Chickamoustone 011 the north bank Ii
being worked by a strong compauy aud
about 700 feel of tunnel-., shafting and
drifting haa proved • »■ existence "t a
continuous body 01 rich copper ore.
Purthei South the gtouud known ns tlie
Major Bteep* propett* ia being worked
by the Bmpiru Mn k company. This,
uud the workings ol tliu- Bishop and i*lc-
bain claims and adjs ent properties near
Sand creek bid fair to bt* well known in
the inline as copper producers.
Omitting all mention ol tbe Immense
ami important devel ■■ men! of ten coal
mines at Fernie, which mnv support a
population ut'aooo people, the opening
up of the copper ledges near Tobacco
Plains, l>y uumi rousoperators.is worthy
ofioterest, tbe ledges there showing ii
is reported, remarkfibly rich ore.
Almost straight soulh of Cranbrook
ibe group of mines at Movie boa been
couholi aled and uuw i-. being worked liy
one of thesttollge/t companies in British
Columbia. A very large amount of actual development hud been done by the
former owners, and the proper ty£iH now
equipped with a compressor pluiit, concentrator of 150 tuns capacity, ami aerial
tramway ami commodious permanent
buildings. The Sooiijty Girl, an adjoining property, bus occupied the iilleniiun
of Charles Farrell, who bus been systematically developing the ledge ull the
summer. The ore In uiis vicinity te all
galena of medium grade. Some slight
workings on the opposite side of Moyie
lake Indicate ihe existence of similar
ore iu tbe ledges there.
Nearer Crniibronk Is the Pay Roll
group, showing some very rich ledges
carrying gold-, associated with tellurium,
and a large ledge showing galena nud
copper, This ground is mnv being actively worked by lhe Pay Roll Gold Aiming company. *
Between the Pay Roll and Cranhrook,
and beyond tbe Pay K-.ll iu the Weaver
creek division many prospects have
beeu advanced 11 stage in development,
but no work of momenlhas been done ou
auy particular ptOperty.
Taking It all through, the district bus
shown up remarkably well during the
past season. 111 every CU8C without exception thorpugh and earnest development work has icsuiiei hi Lbe Ina-ejfed
value of properties, mul a few more years
of such substantial progress will pluee
South Bast Koote tiny in the lirst rank us
a producer of wealth.
A. W. MeViliie.
In looking buck on some louiteen
years of sojourn in South Kast Kootenay,
Icanimt f.ni lu remark on the wonderful
progress the district has made during
that ".time, ami the difference lu the
looks of the country now, and what il
was then strikes me as very forcible.
The people were few atul far between
then, tbe while resident population of
the whole diitilet numbering less than
Charles Clark, who, with bis wife,
were iti charge- of the sioie and ferry
scow at "Galbraith's Ferry", ns Fort
Steele was theu cnlled, were the two
fust people one met on coming into Ihe
country, as J did, hy boat from Canal
Flat, which, by the way, was the first
freight boat brought into the district,
Mrs. Clark, who had evidently eaten
bannocks" herself, presented our parly
witb some delicious yeast bread, and I
for one can say, (acknowledging thut
"bannocks" for a month make one pine
for a change), that Mrs, Clark's bread
was the best 1 ever ate. Bread is not
progiess, will be said, but I contend thnt
the transition fiom '•bannocks" to Mrs.
Clark's bread, Is, and that tbe day the
bachelor Kooteualte began to nuke bis
own yeast bred, ii showed u wish tu do
belter nnd surely comes under lhe head
of progress. The "olil crimp" ut Wild
Horse, wilh David GriRUtt in charge,
was Ibe town of the country, uud was
our only market for produce of all sort-.
Mr. Griffith was tlie only postmaster 111
the ds ri:t, ami many a time have the
curses heen loud and deep when one had
to travel up and down the bills on the
old pack trail to Kootenay pusl office to
g^t our monthly or hbwlnterly mail,
Progress ^cattle to our rescue, and .Mr.
Clarke was installed n« postmaster at
Fort Steele, as "Galbraith's Ferry" bad
then come to be railed,
"Joseph's I'rairie," now the busy and
thriving town of Cranbrook, was the
only other place ofimportln the district,
where Colonel Itaker made 11 home for
himself and his sun iu 1885, Mr. French
was in charge of the ranch nml John
Guatavus Norrls, who lived in a house
adjoining the old ranch bouse, was the
officer appointed to look ufter the customs collections, nml n busy time he bad
of it loo, duslng 1884.85, when the pack
trail to Bonners Ferry was lined with
horses and mules packed with alcohol, to
he converted by crude methods Into very
nasty whiskey and brandy, us the case
might be, and .sold to the navies working on the C. P. iX, One would turn Up
his nose at such liquor nowadays, when
progress has given us tiie liquor we at
present consume, All supplies were
packed in over the Moyie trail, until thc
government built Uu* wagon road irom
Windermere to Fort Steele, Crnnbrook
nml Wild Horse. Tins was ptogress in
the rigbi ilin-clieii, which has been billowed by ;iu almost perfect system ol
trunk roads and  tmils throughout the
riir next s!ep in the onward march
was ibe building of the steamer An tier*
ley at Jennings, Mont., by B.W.Jones,
and which was the means of lowetlug
the cost of the neressaries of life lo
about one-half the price that had obtained up lo that time.
Until tiie era of steamboats, the only
question had been the one of bringing In
cheap provisions, but   uow arose that of j
what we could ship out.   Joe Bourgeois
settled the matter by slaking tbe lanious
North Slur mine,   and   which ftom the
dale of staking has been the backbone ol
the country.   The shipment of ore to
Jenuings was the opening ol a new era
in South blast Kootenay.    We were  be- j
ginning   to be 11 self supporting people, [
Capital hecame interested,   more steam-
boats built, and large quantities ol ore.
through the medium ofthe steamboats,
were shipped to the smeller. Iu 1SS7
Mr. Fernie, having gotten the neceesary
particulars as lo location from Michael
Phillipps, of Tobacco Plains, began pros-
pectlug ior coal iu the Crows Nesl Puss,
ilu-tesuit of which hus been tbe building up in the henrt ofthe Rockies ofthe
town of Fernie ami one of the biggest
permanent imlustr es in Canada, The
words, coal, coke and ore, seem to huve
struck the right side ofthe C, P. K-, who
ufter yeurs of holding back, at last built
the railroad through South -East Kootenay, which now passes through our
forms, near our mines, supplies our
growing towns, and by cheap freight,
(iu comparison with mules, wagons and
steamboats) enables us to market om
products at a good profit.
The towns Cranbrook, Fort Steele,
Steele, Moyie, Fernie and Kimberley are
evidences ofthe progress we have made,
looking back us I can over tbe pusl de
cade, uud realizing what the virgin forests can be mude into by the progressive
policy of government and people. Eveu
the native Indians have been taught tu
keep up wilh the times, Father Coc-
cob, beloved by his Indians, and honored and respected by every right-thinking man, bus shown them what progress
is. Looking back on what the Mission
wus ten yeurs ago, a mere collection of
huls, the church u plain hewed log building, Look at it today. Tbe best church
in South East Kootenay, the largest
hospital, uud the industrial schools second to none in ihe proviuce, and which
ure so carefully superintended by tbut
best of good sisters, Sister Conrad. The
Indians surely are lucky iu having these
two, Sister Conrad and Father Coccolo.
to teach them tbe meaning and value of
the word progress. Let us hope they
will always have such good tutors wbo
will leach tbem to keep up witb the
In looking luck and remembering
what the country was eveu ten years
ago, one can hardly believe it is the
same, and it it only progresses in the
future as il has in the past, we should
he proud to reflect lhat the country, so
rich und prosperous, is ours, and it ouly
rests with ourselves, with "progress" as
our motto, to in,ike it still more so.
C. M. Edwards.
Rapid Increase in  Post Office, Collector's
Office and Express Business.
It is easy to talk, but figures furnish
the   best  argument.   The  Herald   has
claimed  that Cranbrook  is tbe natural
renter of South Kast Kootenay, and that
results show her lo be the business cen-
To substantiate this claim, and fur-
It Indisputable evidence of the rapid
iwth of the town,  a few statistics are
given for the benefit ofthe public.
Collector's Ollice.
\V. S. Keay, collector of customs, submits the following figures covering the
period ofthe past six months :
Collections for the   outport   of  Cran
brook for the half year euding December 2i, 1899:
Imports, free $11,432 00
Imports, dutiable .... 21,25-100
Total   $32,684 00
Duly collected $ 6,311 92
Inland revenue collections for year $ 6,630 00
Increase In Post Ofllce Receipts.
The business in the post ollice of any
town is n pretty f ir Indication of lhe
growth of the place. A look at the figures for tbe Ctaubrook post office will
surprise many, as they show beyond all
question that Cranbrook bus gone ahead
at a rapid rule.   R. K, Seattle, Cranbrook's postmaster, has kindly furnished the following daia to The Herald ;
Registered matter received in
month of September, iSyS..
Registered mailer received for
first nineteen days iu  lie*
[■ember,   1H99	
Money order business in Sep
tember,  1H9S	
Money order business in November, 1899,..,    9,87600
Stamp sales September, 1S9S      6741
Stamp sales November, 1899    71831,
boxes rented September, 1898 21
boxes rented December, 1S99 85
Cranhrook the mail centfr for South
East Kootenay, and distributes mail for
Swansea. Moyie, Creston, Sirdar, Kitchener, Warduer, Fernie, Crows Nest, Si.
Eugene, Elko, Kimberley and Marysville.
5I2   00
A Great Distributing Point.
F,   M. Medhurst,  C. J'. R. agent for
this city, staled to The Herald that the
freight earnings for Cranbrook run from
to  $5000 per week,  und express
f2i*HJ per week, which
[Increase over a year ago, and placed
j Crnnbrook as one of the most important j
j stations west of Winnipeg outside of the
large cities. This la evidence of ihe fact
j thnt Cranhrook today is the great distributing point of Soulh East Kootenay I
^^^^*%r^*^^^^^^L^^^ ; %&&
To our many friends and patron?.
Some Relishes.
We also beg to cull your attention to the many
things we hnve iu stock suitable for a Christmas dinner. Goods imported direct from California, such as
Chili Sauce, Honey, Red Kot Relish
Green Red Pepper Sauce,        Stulfed Mangoes,
Dewey Olives, Ripe Olives, Celery  Salt,
Salad Dressing,      Sweet Pickles,      Asparagus.
We have n complete line of
Seeded Raisins and Cleaned Currnts In Packages.
Crosse & Blackwell's Peels. Pickles, flangoe
Chutney, Capers, Jams.
Morton's whole Pineapples, Spanish Olives,
Kippered Herring, Herring in Tomatoe
Sauce, Preserved Bloaters.
VanCamp's Pork and Beans, Maccaroni and
Cheese, flock Turtle, Ox Tai! and Bouillon
Alymer chicken soup, canned fruit and vegetables.
Wagner's cherry stone lunch oysters.
Delhi canned turkey, chicken and duck.
Finest grades French peas, mushrooms and
Keiller's marmalade and Seely's extracts.
McLaren's Imperial cheese, Canadian Rock
The finest range of bulk and package tea in
the city.
Patterson's graham wafers, ginger wafers,
arrow root and cream soda's in packages.
Chase and Sanborn's coffee.
Sole agents at Cranbrook for Government butter in one pound bricks.
A very full and
Fine line of
■■■■■■•'•'.^■■^■■■'■i'-^^Mw ■>••■■•■■ I
Give us a trial.   We will serve you  I
promptly and guarantee all our  goods.  I
Fort Steele I
Mercantile Co. I
Cranbrook     Wardner     Fort Steele I
DEC.   21.   1390
)■". I-: SIMPS'in. KUitoi
ti;i;ms nr st'i;*-n;n'HiiN i
riu* ii-'i
dlgtrluf. ii
your initio o
i'he proper place for the gov
eminent   offices   of   South   East
KootL-nuy is   in   some town   on
the  railway.
Tbe conditions of today iu Cniiibrnolc
and tbe conditions a year ago present a
most strikinn coutrast. Tbeu tlie lown,
although having a good start, consisted
chiefly of hope in the future, Tlie permanency of tbe  Institutions were   not
fully esteblisbed, and busiuess men. al-
thuii]<h perfectly confident! were speculating lo a meat extent iui tlie prospects
of tbe district and ibe probable relations
of Cranbiook to the  district in event of
successful development   llie stu^e of
speculation Una been safely piissetl (luring tbe last twelve months, .unl the
absolute permanrucy of ilu* town as the
buslnass center of South Iftist Kootenay,
tlie mining center of ibis district and
tbe railway center on tlie Crows Nest
Pass railway bus been fully established
in every reswect. Although there hus
been nothing lo give the town a boom,
yet ilie growth has been steady uml positive. HiisiiiL-ss men, in balancing llieir
ledgers for tilt* new yi*ar,   can do so wilh
a feeling of satisfaction that tlie balance,
ami a good one, loo, is ou the right side.
Theie arc no complaints. Their business bas bt.*en good, uud bus steadily
grown, giving Ihem an assurance thut encouraged purchases lhat proved profitable, as ihey met tlie needs of nn Increasing market, and the demands of a wore
prosperous people.
Cranbrook, today, is the recognized
center of the district in every line of
business, end hei wholesale houses are
doing un Increasing business as the
months roil by. Her people are happy
iu their prosperity, and hold unly the
kindliest feeling for all other towns in
the district, ull of which are enjoying
a most satisfactory degree of development.
Today Cranbrook has 1200 people, und
one marked difference as compared with
u year ago is thc rurdd increase in lhe
number of comfortable homes. More
thuu a year ago The Herald suid that
"beautiful Cranbrook/' owing to her
many advantages in location and other
conveniences, wonld naturally -heroine
the home towu of the district, aud that
prediction is being rapidly verified.
Handsome homes arc going up in ull
parts of lhe town, ami plans are being
made for many more tliat will he built
at the opening of next season.
Crnnbrook, today, is all right, nnd h
people are nil light. She has prospects
for the futurfc that are not excelled by
any town iu British Columbia, mul live
years more, with the rapid progress thut
is sure to follow in the mineral development of .Smith Eaat Kootenay, Cran.
brook will be a city of from 5000 lo
10,000 people, and ihe center ol a magnificent district.
today Unit nine-tenths of the cases cited
fur trial ure nol from   Fort Steele or the <
small territory immediately tributury to
il, but from the length uud breadth of
South East Kootenay as a whole, from
the towns located on the railroad.
The people of the district ure liegill-
iug to realize the situation, ami thc
party or persons who  refuses lo give lhe
relief they demand in this respecii will
have to suffer politically in this district.
ll is not a contest between towns and
individuals, but simply a matter ot justice und common sense to the people of
lhe district. No one hlnmes the people
i of Fort Sleele for protesting against It.
j It is human nature to be seUi-.ll when
one's own Interests are Involved, audit
j is but natural for lhe people of I hut low 11
to work against such a chunge. But
this should not deter Ihe government
lioiu taking into consideration the needs
and convenience ot lhe people us a
whole, aud nut one single lown or community.
The oflices should he chuuged to
some point on   the railroad.    The best
iuterests of the district demand it.
rd lo fo
Hive hi
> before
nd  ,.,.1 dowi
■ Vitus day.
There are many things to bu thankful
for Iu Crailbrook. dm* te th.it you are
It is not too lute fur the  511.111 whn 1)09
been rending The Herald ••year without
paying a cent, to subscribe ittld he saved.
The Herald Ims noeiicrny.-stocusligule
1 the eve of this happy Christmas.   It
isbes one nml nil u   nierrj   celebration
uud many returns nf Uu* day.
The Herald has gathered o few statistics that mny prove Interesting for this
issue. Il print** uno copies this week
no more or no less, but te bas not asked
foran extra dollni I'mm the business men.
They ure staunch ihe year around,
The people of this district now look
upon Crnnbrook ns tlie natural center ior
the transaction  of all kinds ofbusIuPRS
pertaining  to the 1
people of Port Steele
(strict    Even the
uditnt this to be a
The print
about ■J2.1""
the Tribuni
re merchants
The Herald takes this occasion to
wish its patrons and readers u merry
Christmas and happy aud prosperous
New Yeur. The people ot CraiiDruok "I"'"1 right In
have been slaunch and steadfast in their
support of The Herald. They have recognized its work and shown their flppie-
elation by giving this office iheir business. The Herald put in a first class
plant, and devoted lis energies to the
upbuilding of Cranbrook mid the district, and the people have not hesitated
iu their response The editor of The
Herald has beeu in the newspaper business ior twenty years, and he is free to
say that he never saw 11 community of
business men who were so 1 early to acknowledge the work of a newspaper for
the benefit of the community, or more
liberal in their patronage. Ami now, al
the Vuletlde of the year, the editor de-
sires to extend his thanks lo ull, with
the hope that the efforts of The Herald
in the future may be more productive of
goud than in the past.
jThe London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We have in stock a few
Black, all wool Pilot cloth overcoats, $14.00 j
Also, all wool pea jackets, same cloth, 9.00 1
•^MClothing at a big reduction.*^'!
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Stores at Ganbrook, Pincher Geek and Macleod
C-fHcefi iu Nelson pny out
1 wages every liiotllll, and
ivs 90 per cenl <>f ii h
Nelson.    And  yet Ihere
in that town wbo nsk the
newspapers to fight ngniust Entonlsm In
the west ami at the same time send to
cheap printing houses 111 the east for ull
their stationery.
The people of Smith East Kootenay
will have something to .-ay regarding
the location of the government offices
when the proper time comes. Cranhrook stands first and last in favor of
one thing, i. e., the removal of the
olhces lo some point on the railroad.
Thul is where tbey belong, regardless of
what town on the lint? secures ihem, and
the people of Soulh East Kootenay will
make nu emphatic demand in that direction. 	
Get ready for our new skating rink.
I have just received a large shipment of m* J* J| ^
Club  and   Hockey   Skates
Also a Special Line of
Tlie meeting of the hotel men of thc
distiict in this city last week wus u practical demonstration of the fact thai Cran*
brook is the easiest town of access for
the district as a whole. Every community iu the district large enough to
have a licensed hotel, was represented
by one or more persons. Aih result,
they came from Moyie, Marysville, Kimberley, Warn, I'ort Steele, Wardner,
Cranston, Elko and Fernie. Of all the
towns represented, and that includes
every one ill the district, allure on the
railroad except Fort Steele and Wasa,
nud iu direct communication with Cranhrook. If tbey had been compelled to
come to Cranbrook, and then hire
teams and drive twenty-four miles to
transact their busiuess, it would hnve
been different Jt is patent to any and
all 'that the proper and only place for
the government offices of this district is
in some town ou the railroad. Sue It n
change would conserve to the best interests of lhe district, nud do the greatest good  to the greatest number.    It is
foolish for the -government to retain the
oflices in a town twelve miles oil lhe
railroad, when the great majority of
the residents of the district live on the
The plea that the prospectors of the
district demand Iimt the offices remain
at  I'ort Steele is nonsense.    Those who
work in the district immediately tributary to l-'ort Steele would prefer Ihnt existing conditions are continued so far as
they are concerned, uud when the change
la made, their rights and privileges will
he duly observed, for there will always
be need of u recording oflice ut that
point. Hut there are other mining men
who have interests scattered over the
district, in the St. Marys countiy, the
Notth Star hill, Moyie, Hull river, Sand
creek, Elk river. Boundary ami other
districts whose 'rights and privileges
should aho he maintained us they constitute the great majority, und they demand a recording office at some point on
the railroad.
But, the growth of the district the
past two yeurs has changed the conditions materially. Two or three years
ago the chief business, and about the
only business, was the recording relative
to mineral properties. Today, it is
vastly different. Within this lime many
towns huve spuing Into existence, Hie
population has Increased twenty fold or
more, and the volume of commerce
greatly augmented. This bus given rise
to much business in the courts, and u
general increase of work In the govern
inetit ollli
Editor Ileudersou, of the Fernie Free
Press, is doing some good editorial work
on his paper ihese days.
Editor Carlev, of the Nelson Economist, has a political bee buzzing in his
hontiet. Editor Houston has a whole
Editor Smyth, ofthe Moyie Reader, is
publishing articles on matrimony, and is
carrying around a smile that is seraphic
iu the extreme.
Editor I.owerv, of the Sew Denver
I.edge, is moralizing now thut the end of
the yenr draws near, over the fact that
four jacks will beat four deuces.
A. It. Keeler is making his individual*
ilv known on the Fort Steele Prospector
in his editorial work and mining articles,
and what is more, personally he is a
mighty good fellow.
Editor Wood, of Macleod, was defeated as a candidate for mayor by a very
small majority. Mr, Wood is an energetic citizen and bus done much for the
advancement of Macleod. An electiou
would have been a deserved compliment
to him.
Editor Grace, ol the Fort Steele Prospector, was in town Friday soliciting advertising from the merchants uf the
town he has slandered ever since the
first lot stakes were driven. The town
that in the columns of his paper is nothing but a "potato patch," is a pretty
good held to come to for dollars. If
Grace is uot too old to learn he wil find
that the policy he has pursued in his
paper is a poor one, and that the growth
of Cranbrook has nothing to do with the
prosperty of Fort Steele, but that the
growth of both is due to the fart that
they are located in a grand and glorious
mineral district.
SALAD   ana*.*
Merry   Christmas   nnd
Happy   New
Enjoy Christmas,
privilege tbis year.
Ii is your right and
Jake Pink, manager of the Fori Steele
Mercantile company in this city, is
known to be a most energetic man, ami
tf Ihere is one thing above another he
doles on is to have everything about his
store In apple pie order. As a result he
is prone to make mnny changes in the
arrangements, It la snid that one week
he could find nothing else to change so
he had the wire screen on the cheese box
turned inside out, I.nfit week he was rearranging the stable and ft new door was
put in. Some of the boys said it was
hardly large enough for the big horse to
pass through. Jake laughed at the idea,
and had the horse taken In to show that
he was all right. Well, he was, ns the
ho'se went through without any trouble,
lint tlie animal hnd jnst returned from a
long drive and whs a little gaunt. After
having a hearty feed the horse was
turned around and started out the door,
atul In a minute was stuck fast. A" a
result a poitiou of the frame hnd to be
taken off to permit ihe exit of the horse.
Jake is not talking about the sue of
horses very much just now.
China ware
A Call Solicited
S S G.H. Miner
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
First-class Dining room and best of Cigars and Liquors,
Rates, $3.00 per day. _     ,
Short orders day and night.       dranbrook, to. L.
-ALL   KINtiS   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, {
Dimension Lumber,
5hingles and
| flouldings.
Commercial Hotel...
Refitted Throughout
One ofthe Most Comfni table
Hotels in East Kootenny.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The  Herald   Introduce! several   new
editors to the public this week.
To be a resident  aud  property holder
11 Craubrook te to be i-niiuiu.ii*.
Cranbrook, with h population of 1200,
bus made progress lhat is commendable
to the extreme degree.
Cruubrook hus four preachers and one
editor. There is no excuse, now for any
resident not betiiK saved.
The Herald publishes some data thai
may prove Interesting, since it shows
the growth nnd prosperity of Craubrook.
.Mayor Neelands,   of Nelson, says that
he bin* hud enough, ami la willing to let
his mantle full ou other shoulders next
year 1
From the duy ihut tht* first building
was constructed on Haker slreet. up to
the present time, Cranbrook has continued more prosperous.
If there is 0 cbibl in Craubrook whose
parents are too poor to give him a happy
Christmas, his name should be known,
nud his case be given atteutiou.
There ure very few towns in British
Columbia the size ol Cruubrook with as
many well dressed, happy nnd prosperous people as can be found in this cily.
If there is a man who has located permanently iu Cranbrook and In not a sub-
r$      Ht       '(it
Fred Pieper and Archie Currie invited
a few friends to llieir shuck one day this
week to partake of u Christmas dinner
ahead of lime. The guesta were Willinm
Doble, R. E, beattie, John iUclbiff,
George Meyers and Matt Rockendorf.
Currie is a celebrated chef, although he
does not follow the culllnary line as .1
business, and he is not a sour-dough
cook by any means. Pieper officiated
as master of ceremonies, uml between
the two they gave an entertainment fit
for the gods. Their menu was artistic
and served in courses, and tht* appreciation displayed hy the guests was of so
marked a degree, that for a time it
looked us if Dr. King or Dr. Green
would be called in. It is said that Pieper was silent and tbut Currie did all
the talking, but of course those who
know Ihem cun Judge the best, There
were oysters served iu all styles, a roost
turkey that made the mouths of the
guests water, cranberry jelly, mashed
potatoes white us snow, French peas,
plum pudding, mince pit*, tea, coffee,
Cpcoa, fruits, wilh a dash of claret and
gold neck here and there as appetizers
Then followed cigars ami How of wit
that left pleasing Impressions, Th
dinner was a success, nnd those present
ate so much that it was witb difficulty
they rose from their chairs, and it will
be a long time beforo ihey forget the
enjoyment of the occasion,
Mfltty people 111  South Bnsl Kootenay
remember John I. Booge, who was for
nu ily interested iu mining propositions
in this district. Of late he has lived iu
ihe Painter mountain district In Washington, nii'l has beeu lnteresle-1 in the
publication <>l the Palmer Mountain
Prospector John tells a good story relative to his first efforts in the newspaper line. He says lie wrote an editorial one week that he felt very proud of,
and after the paper was out hurried to
the barber shop, the genet al loafing
pluee in the town, to heur what the |*
pic thought of it. Taking a chnlr In
one corner of the room, he held n paper
iu bout of bim, and waited lor the praise
that he knew must be forthcoming, in
a few moments a man entered, and as
the editorial bore directly on the mining interests ofthe district, he felt confident that his vanity wot M be amply
satisfied. Thi man took his seal tu the
barber'c choir, und the barber nsked us
he adjusted the towels nrouud his neck;
"Diil you read tint editorial In the
Prospector this week ? "
" Prospector li—I! I can ge(. more
reading on n Hour sack thou I cau in
that sheet."
John saiil that he slipped quietly out
of the room and hurried to llle oflice
where he sut down and phllosopl    ed to
Fort Steele Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE jl jl jl
g  0   Cranbrook, B. C.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
; When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
j Wellman & Hurcl, Proprietors.
J New Building, New Furniture, and Every.
! thing first-class.   Our object is to please our
i patrons.
Tlle court records sltow  scrlber to Tue Herald, tie nlmuld ask tlie race.
hlttiseiroii thi- ueculiRillieaol liic I   nan
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything:,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Flsh and Oysters.
The housewife aad lhe bachelor should deal wilh bin,   It will pay Ihem.
a. ...... . (i)
...J. F. ft a. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Wines  and
Liquors at the  Bar
The Best Slock, tbe Molt Satlaliclory Prices, aad
Plrsl-Clnss  Work.      Repairing Neatly Executed.
B. C Furniture &
Undertaking Ca
Manufacturers f I atl Rial's tf m__Z
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer■>.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
tt.************************ tt*************************
I East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proirlelir :::
This hotel lias been refitted and reiurnialieil.   Tbe table
ia the best.    Satisfactory rates given regular boarders.
t Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry .Drew, Prop.
The Central Hotel is open hoth day and
night. The har goods are Hrst class,
and the dining room is in charge of
Thos. McCarson, and is second to none
in the Kootenays. Free sample moms
nnd the best and quietest hedroouis in
the town.
Tbe North Star Hotel ia tbe large and
magnificent hotel at Kimberley tbat
is just finished and ia furnished new
throughout. Everything in connection Is first-class. Wben yon visit
Kimhcrley, don't forget Tbe North
Star Hotel.
J Certificate of Improvements
British Columbia.
CPAIVRDOOI^ ls the divisional p°int of the Cr>ws
Nest Pass Railroad.
Has a io-stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook Is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
Por further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
BI WW ■" the ''■•" Steele Uinta] I)lvlsl»n ol
h-miii taut Kuoteuay lUstriet, Whero lucn-
oi mi Kluxer creek, about one inlle from
|,   Mllti*.
IA, tB KOTICB tlmt i, Archibald W, McVlt*
t:,*, iit. ■ miiK-rs certltloate No, nam, a tlnn as
H|(enl ro.? <-*»' Pity Holl Hold Mi-nut- mul Millin.:
t- -ini'tiiiv, UnUte»l, of Craubrook, B <'.. rrwtnln
L,ra certifl n<*v So. i«wio, intend, sUlyilays from
Llio itiito i. oeut, u> apply tn tin* iiuy recordei
for a certn -wrta of lioprovcwenta, for the pur
um ol obu inniK a crown grant of the above
Ami fnrtli *r ''''■,' ""lice tlmt action, under
lection ■■:. m wt t>«* eomroeneed before the issuance of sloIi certlflcaie of Imprwvetneiis.
Dated nils 2nd a V of December, WW,
John Hnlchisoo Writes of the Man)'
Clwogfs During Thai Time.
Grtilicitc of Improvements
C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
-®-®~®-®-®-® <®-6s-&-®-mi
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus ol North Star branch ol the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point tor the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Ureat Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Get Your Freighting
Sam Hitchell
VI. Cra.breok
Are for those who know a good thing- when they see it.
A Snap....
A man's Black, Heavy Weight, D. B. Wool Suit, $10.00
Don't 60 around shivering when you can buy a suit of
Reld's warm, heavy underwear for $1.50.
Christmas Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Etc, at
PPin £ f ft      TORONTO
"The** Emporium"
.,. Wlasu AU . ...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
•«<»•>*•• **********
Wt have a complete assortment of Choice Groceries, Peels, Cleaned
Currants, Seeded Ralsiiu, Salad Dressings, Relishes, Sauces, Nuts, Table
Rabins, Fancy Candles, Etc, Etc
Just received a lot of Fancy Goods for Christmas Trade. See our
Furs, Caps, Capes, Jackets, Collars and Collarette, Etc., new Gents' Furnishings, Suits, Ties, Collars, Etc. opened this week. Staple and Fancy
Dry Goods.
Yours for Best Goods al Right Prices
Sherlock & Bremner.
The Work Tells
the Tale   j*   **
Greet & Co.
Kstimatca given ou sll cLbks of work
in 0111 line. If you Intend to build, mc
ub.   It may pay you,
Jt   Jt   B.C.
G. Johnson....
^ Assayer *.*-<«
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
ij-.ii*. or iitf.nK.1
Contractor •■< Builder
Those coulenplaUna; building will do wall to let
nut (laura on tin. coutracli.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
-* Teaming
Wood and Ice For Sale
Craabrook, Uriiisli Columbia
P. 0. BOX is
W. F. OURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Cra.krwk, British Columbls
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Physician and Surgeon.
CltfH-K-SIIKltl.lK'li   IM.OTK,
Solicitor, Etc.
House ud Lot in Cranbrook
Vive rooms, pantry, collar and large
ahed; for rent, fit per month, or for
sale, 955". 1*5 cash, balance $15 per
month. Advertiser will rent house* or
atores in Cranbrook, Moyie, 1-Vrnie, Fort
Sleele or Kimberley, for rent or purchase
on eaay terms. Apply, P. O. box 115,
Cranbrook, R. C.
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning;.
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Regular Stage   to  Kimberley
Teams .ud drivers furnished for any
point iu tb. district.
Manager   j,    jt
********** ..a-.*-....*.....
4.4.... ft,.....*.....A..*..
9'99'9'999 99m<s>-v+--r*9999~9ie99
WW't****'*';*'! •»» •J•j•»*^i•^',•jf'•#•i^,
WWWW-WW V99999'I¥91'99^
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Situate in tin* Port Stoelo Mmlnfl Division nf
Huulli Bnal Kootenay district,   v. hen* in*
cnteii  Lying nortli ot umi adjoining the
I'iiyiniistfi, mi Nigger creek,
TAKK NOTICE tliat I, Archibald IV. MoVU-
le, free miner's aorilfloute Na num. nolinn as
Igt-ntroi Mu* I'ay Roll Oold Mining uml MlllUlg
- liony. Iimltod, Zof Cranbraok, It. C, tree
:iiliii*i\ certlllCHtQ NO. UW70, lutein! sixty (lays
r»in iii*- Hiiti* lieraof, t<> apply in ilu* iiiIiiiiir re
•order tor a oertlflettte c( Improvements, for ti o
inirpose uf iiiitaiiiiiij* .i crowu mum or ih.* above
rial III.
And iiiiiiior tnko uotloo that action, noder
wctlon 87 iiuisi he commenced before tin- Is*
umnco of sticli certificate of iinpriiM'im'iiis.
Dated tbh and day nf December, in 'J.
Certificate of Improvements
Kimberley, (be
-eadrflfe of East Koote*
a Hummer,
And  Has Seen  Cranbrook Make
Rapid Strides to the Front in
a Brief Time,
(NO. Sofia >
Situate lu tbe port Steele Mining division of
Smith Kant Kiiiiiuniiy district,    Where locn-
teil-Hllnatcd mi Nlfiuer creek ami JoIuIdr
iin- I'aymiiiitor.
TAKK NOTICE Hint 1, Arelllbald W. MoVIt*
lie, Hi*" miner's I'lirlilli-ale No. imsrn, ai'tiii-* uh
liKCld tur the 1'ny Roll Oold Mining and Milllnj*
i*iiiii]iaiiy,*lliiilli*tl, til i i.iul'i■nirii. It. ('., ft00 Mini-
cr'l corlllleiitu Nn, iiOUTO, lnli'iid, CO days from
lln* iluitj liuitjof, in n|ipiy to iho mliiiiiu rocordor
foi* a oerillleutiioriniprovL'iiiouta, for the pur-
[nso ut obtnliiltij a ciown itniat Dftlionbovo
Ami fiirtbor IAko|nntlco thai notion, under
arotloii :it, musl be coinmonucd boforo llio Is*
minnoe of stiub cerilllcftte or Improvements,
AUI'lllllALI) W. M'VI'fTIK
hiiinl iii|« n\,i dny or December, iroo,
Certificate of Improvement
Illiiuto in iho i'oit Htedc Mining Division of
Itnst Kontcnay District   Where located
Nm Ui ufand adjoining iho • Woli'mno*' on
tlio NOlltll Side of lhe WOKt fork of M. MltrjH
rivor, about ihe mii-m from Sawyer's I'uss,
TAKK NOTICK Unit I, \, W. MoVlltle, 1'ren
iIiiier'B leiiiiii-aii" 110870, acting us agont for
irllmr riillllps, Vie,- Minor's certinonle iua,
ooo, lui I sixty days from the time boicof to
apply to the mining rnenrtlcr for n eortlllcaie uf
Impiovcmctii ror Uib purposu of obtaining n
i rown i.rant of tiie above clfllin,
a ml further lake notice thai notion under Rec
Iimi "•' mil: t lie comtnoncod before the lasuuiic*
nf miuIi cerllllenie ol bnproveinent,
iiiui'ii Ihls loib dny of Novembor, 1809.
Certificate of Improvement
Black Rear... ,i>jc   Umpire  9'
Klmherle*.' Consolidated, tot*
Kimberley, B. C
Vln Cranbrook
Every Evening
l:\a-pi Sustday Anil Tuesday,
Our stiidio will be open (m taking
Pictures and thc sale of views, to
send to your frinrfs at Christmas.
Always busy
the Inst few weeks hefora Uie holiday
season. We would cmplisize the wis-
iloni of coming NOW.
Yours, for a happy Xmas nud a prosperous New Year,
Planing Mill
■«dSash and ::
Door Factory
,„MflintfncUircra of...
Sash  m*  Doors jf> Mouldings
*js   Frames  *•*
Band Sawing  «* Turning
vision  ov  South   East   Koothxay
DlDTttlCT.    WllKKK I.OI'ATKD-O.V lltCK-
l.RllKHItV llll.I..
TAKK NOTIOB, thnt wc,
Walter Vnn Arsdi.l-.-tl, Free Miner's Cottlfl*
into, Nn- v&jittil
Itobcrl DeuRisey,; Freo Miner's Cortllloate,
li 9,857.
David Newell, Free Miner's Certificate, ii0,848.
Ki-*!!! K, Jones, Free Miner's (,'ortlflcuto,
a!»,"27, Intend, sixiy days from the date hereof,
to apply lo thu Miiiim* ItooorderforuCerllllcetu
«f Improvements fnr tiie inirpose of obtaining a
crown Grant of the above claim,
And further W!(e notice Unit  nelion. under
Hcelioii nr, must bu coimne. cud   before   the
issiinuco of rmoli Ci-rtliieate of Improvements.
, Dated Ibis 7tll day of November, 1890,
Certificate of Improvement
KNTKlti'l.'ISK MINF.RAL 0LA1N, (No, 85S0.)
Hltunte In the Fort Steele Mining Division of
East Kontumy District, Where located—
Smith of and adjoining Uie "Welcome" on
Iho  sitiitli  -tide  of tbo  west folk nf Kt.
Marys river, about live miles from Sawyer's
TAKK NOTici: that t, A. W. McVittle, Free
Miner's OertHlcato uMTO, acting as agonl for
Wm, Mllllcnn, Free .Miners Certlflcate iiio.no,
and Hugh Mccool, Free Miner's Certificate as,*
ito, intend sixty days from tho date hereof lo
npidy in tin* m'nlng rocordor for a certlflcate of
Improve nt fur tbe purpose of obtaining a
crown grunt »r Die atmia olalm,
And liitllicr ml*i> UOtlM (but lid Ion under-
Section 87, must be comtneuced beforo the is
snam f such ecrtlflcute of Itnprovetnent,
Dated iins loth day of November, isw,
Kiii-land vs. Transvaal.
Rossland vs. Fori Steele.
Jusi arrived, a carload nf
In hogsheads, bnrrels anil kegs.
The Finest Lager Beer in
finst Koolcnay Agent,
Drcwry's Ale, Stout and Lager in .
pints and quarto.   Bom's ale 1 !B.nn ll*}?: !?°_* ™.
and (iuinnesse's stout.
Wlmlcnalc only.   Ftmlles supplied.
Tliosr of the people ol Cranbrook who
have tliu honor of befog old timers, can
at this iimt*, lhe second Christinas in
lln* history of Cranhrook as a town, look
back up'iti two years of growth and development seldom equaled in Britisli
Two years ago this Christmas Craobrook consisted of the old Baker borne,
the Craubrook hotel, a sawmill, and In
addition about fifty people and any
amount of hope. Today Crnnbrook is
lhe acknowledged center of Hast Kootenay. and its leading towu, with a population Of I2uu people.
Although Cranbrook has grown rapidly, there has been nothing iu lhe way of
a boom in Iut growth. The best proof
of this is, that at no time in her two
years of existence have there been empty
buildings; showing that the building of
tbe towu lias been a simple matter of
supply and demand,
l'.aily iu tbe spring of 1898a few strag-
n'.ing pioneers arrived In Cranbrook to
find a beautiful townsite and llie few
buildings above mentioned, and these
SOOU CUUgllt the fever of hope that the
people in Craubrook had, aud hail bad.
Hence Craubrook's success. New build*
iu»,s coin menced to spring up, one of
the lirst being the Kast Kootenay hotel,
built by Mrs, Donahue. Then Mr.
Miner, the progressive hardware merchant, pul iu 11 Block of hardware iu a
building erected for him b) V. H. Baker.
George Leitch then built ihe siotes now
occupied bj K K. Beattie, the postuias-
Rcid Sl Co., the cloister, **,l|l l''est.
the phptograpber. After that it was a
matter of continuous building which has
not yet stopped.     Mr Crciehlon built a
htorc and put in n Btock of geucral merchandise, Sherlock & Biemuer and tbe
Fort Stce'e Mercantile company did Ihe
smiie. Mr. Hanson built the Cosmopolitan block, Mr. VanDecar the Royal
hotel. The Canadian Bank of Commerce, recognizing the future that
ibe town bad before it, bnugbt
a hal, finished building and
moved ill. \V. T. Kaake hi.ill the Commercial hotel. Thos. Kennedy built a
geiicrul store and put in a stock of
goods. G, II. Gilpin came over from
l-'ort Steele und Opened up in a store
which ts part of the Cosmopolitan
block. Hill & Co. did .the same. Mclnnes Jv. Co., the ureal Kco*enay butchers ami stock dealers, built oue of the
Guest buildings io the town and to-Ja)
make it their headquarter!.* for the whole
district. And so the towu grew until today. Of business houses we have five
(■eneral stores, four dry goods stores,
three wholesale liquor stores, five hotels,
one drug store, several reataurants, two
Oakeries, a chartered bauk and an
undertaking establishment. Add to
lliese two saw mills, a planing mill and
sash and door factory, a soda factory.
two real estate and mining brokers'
offices, and you have a pretty complete
business lown. Of churches we have
(our, Presbyterian, Rotfian Catholic,
Methodisl ami Church of England, and
the writer is informed tbat the Bdptisis
are making arrangements for the building of a church early next spring. Of
schools we have one, and it is a great
deal too small, but no doubt tbis will be
remedied next year. We have a lockup
which, although Cronbrook is a law-
abiding town, is also too small, bul no
doubt next year tbe government will
build government buildings iu keeping
with the needs of the lown.
As for residences there are many comfortable homes in almost all parts of
towu. Haker hill probably shows the
greatest growth in this respect during
the past year, especially many homes
have been built there until now tbere
are about forty dwellings ou the hill.
The value of real estate in Cranbrook
has increased steadily. Lots on Haker
street, which were quoted at $300 in
1898, are now held ut ^looj, and some
have been sold at toat price. Residence
lots have increased in value 50 per cent
ou Baker hill and other parts of town,
Rents range for dwellings from $10 per
month for a two or three roomed house,
to *25 and f.30 for a   five and six roomed
house. Stores rent from $50 to f80 and
offices from $25 lo £50.
With all this Cranbrook is only in its
infancy. The great mining district lying
at her door, so to (.peak, will iu the near
future build up a city which will be the
supply point, not for one or two mines,
but for a large district containing a ureal
number of the best mineral properties in
the piovince.
In speaking of Cranbrock's growth,
ihe writer so far has made no mention
ol llie railway buildings, Craubrook
being the divisional point on the Crows
Nest Pass railway and the starling point
of ilie North Star branch, te of necessity
railway center. The C. P. K. has
recognized this fact and have built a
number of COBtty buildings here, among
which are a round house wilh rooui for
ten locomotives, a large and well sup-
plied machine shop, a depot second  to
me iu the Kootenays, freight sheds,
ial bunkers, nud houses for employes,
all of which lend to give the lo.vu a
metropolitan air,
The one thing above all others lhat
shows the prosperity of Cranbiook is
the fad that no resident of tlle town
cares to sell any property which he
owns 111 lhe town except at an enormous
advance   on  the price he paid for it,
Kusl Kootenay is coming to the front
ns a mining country every day, (auij is
all right) ami as Craubrook is the natural center of blast Koolcnay, Cranbrook
we v ho have lived
here since llie lown begat) have every
11 to know that tbis is a fact.
John Huicbison.
Few Words About the North
•Star. Sullivan  and Black
Bear Mines.
ul bj eckled
■tinman re-
' .(qua pnra.
-cred with
ibntptly in
er the town
Kimberley, the terminus ofthe North
Star branch railway, situated in the
midst of operating mines, on a series of
level terraces between the forks of Mark
and Sullivan creeks, with new and substantial buildings dotting the ground,
presents the appearance ot a typical,
prosperous western mining camp. lis
location as a townsite is unexcelled,
Mark and Sullivan creeks, clear as a
crystal and full 1 f heau
trout, which make the s\
jolce, supply the town H 1
The mountain *•'.'*: i-, <
beautiful tall timber, r -,
the background as if to she
ami its Inhabitants from il
forces of the elements of nature.
The grading ofthe North Star railway
has beeu completed, with the exception
of a few short gaps immediately'below
towu, nud 011 the south side ol St.
Marys river, and the inhabitants of Kim-
berley look forward with pleasant expect at it us of bearing, in the near future,
tbe iron horse labor under the weight of
pulling the precious ft eight which
mother earth, by the unceasing energy
o[ man, is forced lo give Up In daily increased quantities,
On the soulh side of Mark creek nnd
southwest of Kimberley Is situated the
famous North Star mine. Nowhere in
British Columbia has there been found
an ore body i-qnal in size and value lo
that which has been expose 1 with intelligent development on this properly.
And, as development work *s being
prosecuted under lhe able management
of Mr. H L. Parker, formerly ol Ross*
land, greater ore bodies thau ever are
being placed within easy reach of man.
A walk through the underground workings ofthe mine, with 1, competent and
instructive guide, is a sight never to be
forgotten. After • nsstog in Bt the
mouth of one of tbe tunnels, i*. is a continuous Kiiiter ol apparent diamonds,
cause I by llie reflect! u ol the candle
light on the bright galena ore. Wiih
few exceptions ii is a continuous p isi age
through an ore body, the extent of which
appears unlimited.   Drift after drift is
passed   with   galena   above,   below,   tn
right and left.   Passing down connect*
g shafts to Ihe lower levels, and still
the same sparkling walls in drifts and
chambers a:e met with. Were it not
that {the Arabian Nights were written
prior to the [scovery of the North Star
mine, one would feel inclined lo think
tiiat it was here the author received his
inspiration for tbe Ixx k. But enough of
tbe beauty and novelty of the scene.
The North Star company is employing
abou; let men at present A number of
cores have been drilled with a diamond
drill, and this method of prospecting is
still being continued. The tramway is
uearing completion, ard is expected to
be in **<-orking order ai soon as tbe railway is in position lo carry ore. There
is little doubt hut lhat the North Star
mine will employ between 400 and 500
men before another twelve months roll
The Sullivan mine is situated on the
north side of Mark cr-_ek, and northwest
of Kimberley. The company has at lasp
been successful in securing a competent
and reliable man for manager.   £*arge
ore bodies have beer, uncovered on tbe
property since Mr. Bordsatl look charge,
A series of ihafts have l/ten sink on the
property which show tbe vein to lay
very flat and dipping to tbe eastward.
All development is being doue in ore at
present, large quantities of wbicli is being piled up ready for shipment. The
character of the ore is practically tbe
Bame as that of the North Star, being a
ste .1 galena. About twenty men are being employed Ht the prtrent t:nie.
The Black Hear mine is situated east
of Mark creek, and southeast of Kimberley, This properly was. bonded by Mr.
Chas. Estmere, the townsite agent, and
after sinking to a depth of sixty feet by
windlass Mr. Bslmere was compelled to
shut down, owing to a heavy flow df
water. Hut Mr. Msimere Ii well known
In Kast Kooleiiay as a  bustler and he
certainly proved it on lhe Black Bear,
A 15-horse powei hoist and boiler and a
double cylinder 4 inch suction pump
have been Installed. A -hilt bouse and
buildings for Uie accommodation of tbe
men have been erected, nud the mine is
working a double ihift Bf ain, '<'i within
the short period ol tweniy*fi da)
The ore is a quarts carrying k";''. silver,
copper ami lead. The shaft is now
down seventy-two feci and hs 1 ; ■■ ■-
did showing of ore In the bottom. The
vein has straightened up and is now
nearly vertical, ll has widened lo four
feet between walis aud (a apparently
still widening Tbis property consists
of two claims, and a company is now being organized by Mr. Estmere. He expects to incorporate the company some
time this month.
Miner's Union Organized ct Mnyle.
Moyie Leader: Moyie has a miners'
uuion. Last Tuesday evening James
Wllks organized ihe Western Federation
and the following officers  were elected :
President—M, L. Holllsler,
Vice President—William Mills.
Treasurer—D, E, McDonald,
Financial Sec'v—A. J. Cbisholin.
Cor. Sec'y—W, It. Hocking.
Conductor—Harry Dluitntek,
Doorkeeper—W, H. Darby.
D, J. Kliuer was appointed n delegate
to Kossland to alteiid 11 j dnt meeting bit
the purpose of foiiiiing a union foi Hut
Ish Columbia,
Tiie new organisation starts oul wiih
a membership of veveuly-oiii<, and uiiuei
must favorable conditions, OrgHni-rer
Wilkes, In speaking lo n rcpreseutntlve
ofthe  Lender, said:    "I   nud  n   ninal
happy conditiou <>f affairs existing m
Moyie," 1 .
1 I   ,    .
: : :
i =
: :
. f i
Merry s s
To All s s
lis   '•-■
II. *
3 ■!-
Chinaware, Ja
:8 d
. . . With the Largest and Best Stock of . .
• for**!
Talking Dolls
Dancing Clowns aA
Music Racks T§
Steam Engines
Fine Pipes
Shaviri!? Sets *&3>
fL ^
Dolls, Etc.
Carpenter Sets
Xmas Cards
Tea Sets
•      •     •
BEATTIE . ."■:
9 o9®-
• i
: t
• • •
1   J
»*> •> ♦-*>-*> ■»■»•.*»»♦<*.).>.» .>■» ■> «
o n o
(iit.i i-'ellow
v. p.. simps
I.O.O.P.   Key City Lodge
No. 13, Meals overy i'i\-
lit ul llielr ball on
itrcet,   Sojourning
]•'. C. lumklii
I     LOCAL   NOTES     !
Picked  Up Aboitf the City  by Asking
Quc-'lioits of Many People.
A merry Christinas to all.
Hungarian. Qleuora and Graham flour
at Gilpin's.
Fresh butter and Manitoba eggs at
If you want crockery or n nice dinner
SGl, try Gilpin's.
Evaporated raspberries, apples and
apricots at Gilpin's.
A nice lot of Christinas confectionery
nt McConuell's.
Try Gilpin's for [■rorerics. Always a
lull ami choice stock on hand.
The I n 0 ti. lodge will give Its first
anniiiil ball on the lllgllt of January 1st
ut Forrest's hall.
For fini* bar and Uble Rlnssware see
the i'ort Sleele Mercantile company's
line.   The finest in the city.
For porridge yon can get rolled onis,
groats, rolled wheal, whenttles, middlings nnd corn meal ot Gilpin's.
Finest and largest rnnge of men's
gloves, furnishings and blankets In Must
Kootenay at tlle  Fort Steele Mercantile
Tin' Fort Steele Mercantile company
hai n very beautiful line of toilet sels
and lamps.    Call and see them.
A nice selection of winter apples, such
as Spies, Baldwins Greenings, Kussels-
Hen Davis, Sweels and SplUenuerg at
P. McConuell's.
A Well Known Contractor.
James Greer, the well known contractor, hashed a busy year, nud his work
haa been i f a character Hint it has established his reputation as a good niau with
whom tu make a contract. Not only has
he done a great deal of work in Cranbrook. but his services have been greal y
iu demand in other towns in the district
where liu litis had large contracts during
the past so turner. It te a noticeable fad
that when he completes a contract for a
man lit* can always get work from that
person again, and no contractor can hnve
a better recommendation.
Boyle r-I.eask.
On Monday evening of this week a
(jiiiet wedding took place at the home of
Mr. J. Leask, when li i.s brother. Mr.
Thomas I.eask, manager ofthe sash nnd
door factory, was married to Miss A
boy ter. A' live o'clock the knot was
tied which mndo the twq une hy Rev L.
ti). Smith, nftei which » wedding feaft
was provided and a Boclnble evening
spent. Only their immediate friends
ntul relatives were present, The Herald
extends congratulations.
Sbe Has Five and They Are (iood Ones And
Run in Splendid Shape.
Crnnbrook is peculiarly fortunate in
her live hotels und proprietors. The
hoits*-s nre good ones, they are well kept
and the managers are men of standing
in the community,
James Ryan, the veteran hotel keeper
of Cranbrook, is now sole proprietor of
the Cranbrook hotel. Everybody in Bast
Kootenay knows "UncleJim," as he is
familiarly called, and a better man never
turned the register around to a hungry
ti. ll. Small has purchased the interests of bis partner, L. R. Musgrave, in
llie Cosmopolitan, and will operate tin-
house alone iu the future, Mr. Small
enjoys a good business aud is deservedly
popular wilh the public.
Thc Joyce Brothers have made a success ofthe Commercial, and are entitled
to it, because they have worked early
and late to please the public and give
value received to their patrons, and are
now reaping their reward.
L. It, VanDecar St Son, proprietors of
tlie Royal, are doing a good business.
Since taking charge' they hnve newlv
furnished the house throughout, and
have a neat and comfortable place.
T. T. ltlchards, lhe popular proprietor
of Hie Kast Kootenay, has by his fair
treatment of lhe people, secured a nice
business for himself, und his house is
always crowded.
T, F. Forrest, of the Forrest House,
has one of the best constructed hotel
buildings in Kast Kootenay and is now
in shape lo attend to lhe needs of the
Doing a Big Business.
James Kerrigan has branched nut in
the general produce business aud now
c irties a full line of butter, eggs, cheese,
feed, etc., and lhe qunlity of his products   are   always   the   best,    lie   also
wholesales liquors and cigars as usual.
He cuts to the quick in his quotnlioui.
Wanted, a Baker
At onee. Apply lo the North Star
Mining company,
Christmas Chinaware.
G. II. Miner has tust received u lnrge
Consignment of chinaware of Into designs. See this stock before you make
your Christmas purchases. China sits
nre appropriate presents, und very acceptable.
Skates!   Skates!
(io toG. H- Miner's for jour skates,
He has just  received   a  large Invoice,
They are tbe best grades.
howling Alley Opened.
Al Browu has taken charge of the
bowling alley nud put It lb good shape,
and will have it opened hereafter for
business, Mr. Hrown understands the
work and will make u success of it, for
he will endeavor io give the boys a run
for their money.
Cigars tor Christmas.
Fine line of cigars,  in ill a box, Ji.25,
al II attie's.   Just the tiling for a Christmas present.
J. W. II. Smythe. Manager ol flic Bank of
Commerce, Expresses Himself,
J. \V. H, Smythe, manager .if the
branches ofthe Canadian Bank of Commerce in Cranbrook und Fort Sleele
was asked as to his opinion of business
conditions in Soulh Knst Kootenay today.
"A great change las taken place,"
paid Mr. Smythe. "The chief money ill
circulation a year ngo was tlmt paid fur
labor on the Crows Nest Pass railway
Utlder construction, 111 Cranbiook there
was little or no business that was not dependent vpon that. As tli.it decreased,
business began to collie from other
points, so Uiere was no* stoppage,
"During the last four mouths it is estimated tliHi more money has come into
lhe country for development than altogether previously. Until thc present
year there has been comparatively little
money brought In lor quiil/ mining.
At llie present time bah of our Cranbrook and l-'ort Sieeie branches are witnessing a lurgu amount ol capital from
New Vork, iMuniie.il, 'Joronlo, Spokane
uml Weal Kootenay being iu this district. The business conditions iu Soulh
Kast Kootenay nre the soundest I have
ever seen ill my bnalnesB experience.
There is euough competition tn protect
the purchaser, while profits nre not pn-
dulo cut, Tbe turnover in merchandise
in Craubrook and Fort Steele would sur-
piise a whole eastern county."
575,000   IN   IMPROVEMENTS.
Cranbrook's Record liic Past Veor tins
Been n Qood One,
Crnnbrook has every reason to feel
thrnkful for lhe progress made last year.
Both IU the business und icblctii--* portions then* bus been grent growth uud
over $75,<*>i expended in improvements.
There have been no large and expensive
buildings, bui those buill have been pul
Up lu a substantia! 111(1 Utier. Aside from
tho railroad work and several thousand
dollars iu a uenornl way, tha work was
divided between Ciniibrunk's three woll
known contrnctots, A, 1, Ornnt,Jnnies
Greer and G. K. l.eisk, as follows:
Grant, 513,610.
Greer, $15,745.
L,eask, ft 15,080.
A Hi*; Meal Business,
M. Mclnnes, manager of the M.
limes Meat company, stilted lo Tile
aid representative Lhat the inercn*
their business showed llial there
been n great increase iu ihe.distri
Soulh K.i*t Kootenny. 'We are
doing about double llie business
were a year ago nud have tbo excb
trade of this district, extending
Wludermeie on thc north to Tol,
l'.uius on the south, and from I'll)
creek on (he east to Kootenny 1,ri
on the west. We dispose of 140 1
beef cuttle a mouth, too sheep am
hogs, besides Immense qtinnlltiei
poultry, fish .ami salt incuts, It ii
dent from our business that South
Kooleiiay is malum* rapid progress
; evi-
[    A town situated at the base of n monii-
! lain i.i which Ihere are enormous depos*
1 Its of high grade ore, on the main line of
i u transcontinental railway and ou a body
I of water which, in point of beauty,  can-
i uot be surpassed anywhere, is bound lo
I flourish   and   to   prosper.    Iu   looking
lover  Moyi-3  we  bud   all of these condi-
' tlons in her makeup.    We also find that
I Moyie is in  the full  enjoyment ofthe
flowing tide of prosperity.   Its hotels
are  crowded,   and   its   merchants   and
traders wear that sunny, self-confident
air   which   betokens  abnormal   profits.
There is all  the hustle and hurry thnt
prevndes a frontier city ot the eve of a
greal campaign.   And,  in truth, Moyie
Is ou the eve of great things.
The pre-emption upon which Moyie
is located was takeu up by Gleucariaii
Campbell five years ngo, At that time
lhe now well-developed mines near here,
were mere nrospects. nnd the building of
the Crows Nest Pass railway was but n
possibility of the future. About three
years ago the townsite was surveyed and
since that time Moyie has grown from
one log shack to u town of over 300 inhabitants, with five hotels, as many gen
end stores, saw mill, brewery, newspaper, chinch, school house, laundries,
The future of Moyie is pledged by
such crowning gems as the St. Eugene,
Moyie nud (Jueen of the Hills, Lake
Shore, r-Va Dlttvoln, Aurora, Cando ••ud
other mining properties, The principal
groups, the St. Eugene, Moyie and
Queen, and the Lake Shore, were recent
ly acquired by one strong syndicate, tin
SI. Eugene Consolidated Mining com
patty. The company's holdings consist
of nine full claims ami five large fractions. Tho claims begin at the shore of
Movie lake and extend back a distance
of over 11 mile and a hull, nnd cover
nearly tlie entire mountain immediately
to the rear of lhe in-vn. The various
claims are Havered by three strong and
distinct ledges for lienrlv the entire dis
lance. The St, Eugene is tin* most thoroughly developed of llm company's properties, close lo $100,000 having been
expended in this woik. It has been developed hy UlUUelS and raises, and it is
estimated that there are over $600,000
worth of ore blocked out. Besides this
thero are about 311:10 tons of clean ore
unit about 50a} tons of concenlrnting ore
on tiie different dumps. Dur Iiir the
past season a concentrator with a capacity of 2.sn tons per day was built near
Moyie, besides a I0*drrlll air compressor being Installed und a tramway put
iu to convey thc ore from lhe mine to
the mill. These will be put in operation
early next spring, at which time the
working force of the mine will be. nt
least doubled, There is also a 7-drill
nir compressor plant in operation on the
I, ike Shore claims nud the No. land
No 3 tunnels are being driven in on the
ledge. Il is the Intention of the company lo work nil the claims through
which the ledge passes, through the No.
1 tunnel of ihls property. This tunnel
can be driven in over 5000 feet without
leaving the awning of the company.
The Aurora group on the west side of
the hike is conceded by the best authorities on mining to be on no extension of
tbe same mineral vein upon which lhe
properties on lhe east side are located.
A deal is now on for this mine, uud all
Indications point to its being actively
worked in the spaing.
The Cando group/ situated on St En-
gene hill, was "recently bonded to J. T,
Burgess, of Wardner, B, C, and as soon
as the snow disappears in lhe spring a
diamond drill will be put to work and
the value und best uieaiis of working the
property will be determined.
Tbere are several olher promising
properties surrounding Moyie, but there
lias not beeu a sullicietil iimi-uni of development work done on them lo justify
giving thein special attention.
F. J. Smyth.
He Has Returucd Prom h-iubiiu! nnd Leaves
lor Victoria Tomorrow.
Col. Baker returned last evening from
his sojourn in England, and will have
tomorrow for Victoria to be ready for
parliament which tdnvenes ou the 41I1 of
January,     The colonel was well pleased
wilh the conditions in   Cranbiook, anil
says ihat a powerful financial syndicate
in London i.s now interested iu a smelter
proposition for Craubrook, and will
have representatives here us soon as
next spring opens, to look over lhe
field. This syndicate lias unlimited capital, nud is ready to invest the money
iu propositions ol this nature if conditions are favorable.
Good Work Pays.
"His prices aie a little high, but his
work is always goud, and you can depend upon it." This'was the opinion
expressed nf G. R. Ueask, the Jcontrnc-j
tor, by n prominent resident uf Hast
Kootenay n few days ago, ntjd LboS?
who know Mr, I.eask and are acquainted
with his work renlfou il. He has
had some of the largest contracts in
Soulh Esst Kootenay and he always
gives satisfaction. lie insists 011 bis
work being right, even if he loses mom y,
and the people appreciate this fact. He
never slights anything and any mini
working for Shim, caught at such work,
would be discharged immediately. Such
n policy is always n winning one III lhe
end, for people biiildifig 11101*0 expensive
bouses want n man they.cm depend
upon. And that is ibe kind of n contractor George l.ensk is ut all limes,
Creditable Progress.
R. E. Beattie,   postmaster   mid   proprietor of lhe drug store ill lb is city, has.
since coming to Crnnbrook,   made most
commendable progress. With confidence in the town, lie bas already pie-
pared for the future by currying 1111 im
Itieusc stock in his jiue of business, to
that thc people were satisfied It bay
taken nerve imd money to do this, but
lie was always equal to the emergency
and as n result, bas today i'he best slock
oi goods iu his Hue io be found iu East
Kooleiiay. Personally popular with the
people. Mr. Beattie'has kept apace wilh
the UuieB, and today is one of Cranbrook's leading mul most energetic business men.
Eight day c'oc'is with cathedral gongs
» Elegant designs in silverware.
"8 Cranbrook   souvenir    spoons,    book
jjj        marks and envelope openers.
*:• A  choice assortment of gem rings,
jjj wedding rings, bracelets, ladies'
JJ and gents' chains, brooches, etc.
m Watches to suit everybody.
* Official Watch w   F  TATF
Inspector, C. P. R.
Cranbrook, II. c.
V, M. Meillmist wont lo Mncleoil Uii.
week to accompany Mrs. Merihltrst back
Home." 'lliifurliitmtet-y she Has taken ill
while enn.lite In Crilgnryj an.I hail tn
puHtnunc her visit.
East Kootenay
Is All Right 1
Any information will be freely given by mail
or otherwise, on all matters relating to Mines,
Mining, Mining; Stocks, Real Estate antl
business generally, in the district of South
East Kootenay, by
Cranbrook's Pioneer Brokers,
McVittie & Hutchison.
Can please you for Chrismas novelties. Never In
the history of East Kootenay has there been such
an array of Fancy Neckties, Gents' Collars, Cul I.i
and Shirts, Ladies' Fans, Slippers, Silks, Trim
mings, Etc.
You perhaps want some useful ar=
tides for presents. If so see our fancy goods. All up to date. No fancy
prices.   Come and see.
Upholstered Qoods of all kinds at Eastern Prices.
Yours for a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year,
The B. C Clothiers.


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