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Cranbrook Herald Apr 6, 1905

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I It.VNltKOOK.   lllllTISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY.   APUIL   «.   1905.
By Frank II. Sweet
Copyright, wa, by tti»
h. b. UcClun Compan
Two nu'ii worn working tliolr wny
through tin* thick u&bbmi ot pnttnntto.
Buddouly thoy paused to listen.
"Whni u volcol" oua or thoin ex>
claimed,   "\ luui,who.ih DlgUUngnlol"
"It must he old hohessun's dnughter,"
•niii tbe othor. "1 wns hero llvo yours
dgo, "nil Bhe wns thou lho wildest nml
happiest llttlo thing I ovor nuw, n beautiful elnlil with u wollllui'flll voire,"
Again tlie clear loues tlontetl out to
them. As thoy tiled nwny llie tli-sl
speaker drow u long breuth.
"Wlmt un acquisition site would ba
to my chorus!" lit- BfWd.
iiis companion laughed.
"There you nu ngnlti, Never n fine
voice Imt you must he covetous—the
penalty of beliia u theater uiitnitger, 1
A tow moments later thoy emerged
from the palmetto, In the doorway of
a cabin which Btood lu tin* Bwnll clearing wus ti young girl. At Oral alio merely looked nt them curiously; then she
sprang forward with outstretched
"Mr. Low'ry. for all the worl'I" she
cried, her eyes sparkling with pleasure, "lilt's mighty pleasant to see
you rouii" nji'iii. Paw'll sultingly be
"And I ibnll be glad to see him,
Lisa," suit! Mr. Lowery heartily. "We
have hud some rare bunts together, Hut
"HOW WOULD 10*0 l.tKKTono NORTH and
BTUD1 ursic, Ll/.vV"
bow you have grown I You were only
K little girl when I loft." Then, nodding toward ui* companion, he said;
"I've brought my friend, Mr. Daniel-
son, ilovvn io try alligator limiting. I
tell htm your father fa probably the
beat gator guide in Bouth Florida."
The gni's face clouded,
"Paw's in righl poro shape," slu* sni.i.
"lie \vna lout in the Uverglndes an1
Kut the shakes pow*ful bmi. i 'low be
can't do ho more guldln' for right
riic men looked nt each other In perplexity, Boeing which tho girl hastened
to iiilil:
"Cleb can guide yoo nil bcttcr'n any-
i.uilj' except pnw. He aln'l but twelve
years olo, imt pnw says what he don't
know 'bout gators iitu't worth taklu1
lessons on "
But Mr. Lowory looked doubtful.
"l remember Cleb," he said, "imt it
strikes me thnt ho would bo rather a
small chnp in ense uf emergciiey."
"Paw Buys Hint rii-i. mu gel sway
wuii iiiiisi uuytblng."
"Very well, we'll try him, nf courso;
it iw thirty miles to tbe nearest Keltic
in.-nt where n Mni.li> could be fouud
Now. suppose v-ii> gu in mnl hove h
inlk with your fntbor."
An hour later Clob came in. n small,
freckled faeo Ley with quick, sharp
,>.ri which Boomed tu take in every
thing. Boon after appeared Mr Low*
cry's man w ith iho camp equlpe -e,
• I Buppose we can huve ihe old camp
bile   liy   tliu   creel,*"   Mr.   I.i
14 ulred.
"Suttlngly, Btittlnglyl" respi
UobetMOU Urnrtlly.   "Vou nil
111 e you wns ui uomo mr help
helves.   There ^ rafbi "f ganlei
ut,' melons bi>i n" "
Before night tin* camp was reody,
ind late In Ue' oveuUig lhe two men
witli tbelr ynuug guide wcul down to
Uie creek fur u preliminary "brush"
wuii the nlllgaiors. Ami tt did nm take
ton'-' to discover thut tbe girl's pralso
of tier brother wns jusUQuble, Before
iminy days the hvo men expressed
themselves its perfectly b.ulstU'il with
his services,
1 As the days went by the relations
between tbe liotiap and the camp grew
more Intimate. Mr. Danlelson was un
enthusiast lu hla profusion nud fount!
the voice of the young girl fully as at-
triiihi. us alllgatoi' huntlug. Day
i, 1.1 .|,ij he listened to her singing,
making coiiiieeuts. suggestions nml
often accompanying It with his own
trained voice. And Ute more he listen,
til the more be wns resolved to take
her back with him to New York.
"1 would like tlie training of such a
voice," he suld lo Mr. Lowery. "She
will make a grand woman some dny.
If only her hinguage wus uot so bar*
Hut In time even her language gr^w
le*a hnrsli to hla ears. And her eyes
were ao brown and deep, so frank und
niH'ii. What mattered a few oddities
of expression?
One day Ut. Lowery took blm to
iilitl Mr.
net  J-vst
;    "You must go slow, Danlelson," ho
wtilil wurnlngly.   "You uie only twenty
eight, miii i.i/u Ih no ordinary girl Bai
, yuu know the impossibility."
Vat h moment his companion math
nu reply; then he snld:
"Yen, 1 know lhe Impossibility. I
bave convinced myself of It n dozen
times. The girl is absolutely Iguarant
a cracker in the extreme sense of the
term, while I tun vv tinl books und iiiuii
*y hllVO niude uu*, Slid yel," ufter u bum
pause, "ns goon us l convince myself <>f
Its iilisurdlty 1 mn suit- to bogln to
iiniiie plans io lake her north uud give
ber nn education."
i The nexl afternoon us the two wet*
pitietlciim together Mr. Duulolsou asked In a iiiultci of It" l tunc:
-How would ymi like iu go north sml
si tidy music, I.UnV
She raised her eyes frankly. This
wns uiu* of her uilnu'llons. She never
Bbowed emlmrnissiiieiit or self 800-
"1 usud til 'low I'd like to learn Hit nun
right much," she suld simply, "but
money's been sense, un* since paw's
l.t-eli sick I've dune give lilt till tip."
There wus u wilfulness lu her voice
which be took Instant advantage of,
"If yuu could arrange tu go north
with us," he suld eagerly, "you would
huve a cbanco tu leurn everything. My
mother wuuld look after you, and"*-
"Hit's too late, an' tbcre'a other
At this moment Mr. Lowery came
up With him wns a young «uuo In
rough costume,
"lilxoiisu the Interruption, Daulels«n,*'
stiid Mr. Lowery, "hut I want you tu.
know my friend Norton. You've heard
me speak of blm—uiy guide among the
keys; saved my life off Aucloto nnd
ueurly lost his own."
Mi*. Danlelson advanced cordially.
He lmil heard ninny stories of this
brave guide and wns glad to meet blm.
But before he could grasp the band
n lithe figure sprang before, nud Liza
"Ob, Hub. we didn't speot you 'fore
orange plcklu'l" Then, turning about
and with a *hv air of proprietorship,
'Hit's my Bohl"
Tin*   lliiju.
Much confusion has arisen from confounding the cull,in.in laurel (Luui-im
corasuB, ur laurel cherry) with tbe *.«-
010US laurel uf the ancients (L. iioblllsi.
The former was uut Introduced Into
Europe until loiti. its leaves contain
tbe potent poison ptUBBlc acid, whereas the leaves or 1.. nobllls contain u
fragrant aromatic oil used In confectionery. It is to this, the true laurel,
that we apply the term bay, and we
use it as a poetical term for au honorary crown or garland bestowed us u
prize for any kind or victory or excel*
, We apparently get the word bay
through the Latin bacca, a berry from
the French bnye, or, us Holland's
"lilnie" has it, "The bales or berries
(bacon) that tt (tlie rolull laurell) beau-
etb." Hence also ihe term "bnebeloi"
is supposed by some to be derived Brora
tbe ancient practice of crowning candidates for honors with buy leaves and
berries, whence the term tiaeciilaureiis
ni.d laureate, Those who were fouud
worthy of the honor obtained the laurel of bachelor or the biuret of doctor (laurea boccalauroatus, laurea doe-
lorutnsi. in the Scotch milversltlen
the act of conferring degrees Is or wns
styled "lanrcatlon," mid a chaplet was
used lu some of them, lu the ages of
chivalry tho bus chevaliers, or men below the degree of knight, were admitted to serve i.y being crowned with n
chaplet of laurel berries and were
banco called boccalaurel.—Notes aud
How SUttkcn Get 0*«r lirniiml.
Although the snake appears to huve
no legs or feet. It nmy be snld to he
practically supplied with upward of a
hundred pairs of them in tout* each
Joint of ihe backbone bears a pair ot
rii.s, which are tnabllo und bnvo their
points attached to the luuor Burfuoo of
une i.f the large trauaremo plataltke
scales which clothe tbo under surface
of the body, Thus by tbo movements
of the ribs attached to It each plate tik\
lie driivvu forward nnd its margin up
lilled tu the ground.   By tha successive
application    or    those    multitudinous
plates ilm body enn bo drawn forward
in a straight line without  ur being
, thrown lulu undulations rroiu side to
Bui rapid tnoveinonts nre olsd effect
ed by such UndulallOUS, mid serpents
can, by pressure uud appropriate muscular action, climb trees uml sometimes spring forward   ihey nlso swim
1 cnsiij by lateral Uoxurcii but no serpent* advance by vertical bondings of
i tho body, though they are so often
drawn In such nn attitude.
The Aver&g'c Mam Doesn't
Know The Fiirsf Thing
magMfmmaatsTm: ■. .-*,«.»
about (lour, but the woman who does the family baking—
she is the one wlio appreciates Royal Household
Flour—made by the new electrical process—because
when she tries il with tho simple "Royal Household"
recipes she finds it cakes better, sweeter, whiter, lighter
Bread, Buns, Rolls, etc., and more crisp and delicious
Pasiry than she ever made before, and she is not afraid
to say so.
rju'.'.i Itnn c l,i,;t y Co.,
" 1  \..ill  lo I'll   vi,li tli.t 1!
tlie.be^: 1 ever 11 t.l in ,.11 in,' life,
UdVL' i. 1-,,.. a. 1 ^y.i get it.'
To any woman sending t.i n^rne and addre:
Limited, Montreal, arid mcii'.iimrv.n'; l':'s |j ipt
:. S., November 2-iu.l.
'. I    t; i'h.1.1 l-'lour ia
-l .....:.:;. Mud l will
..' la Tlie Ogilvie Flour Mills Co.,
:, I'.ii-se rocijiei will Le sent FREE.
iliniillim un HI. Itl.tila.
j Tbe next witness was a lliinl tlatcil,
' resolute veouiiiu Willi a bridling cUlo
"Mr. Glgsoii," antd tlie attorney (or
Ibe defense, "ere you aequnluteil wltb
tbe reputation ot tbls man tor tiutb
aud veracity In tbe nelgbborbood In
wbieb he lives',"
"I reckon 1 am," mulled tbe wltn»ss.
"I will ask you to atute wbilt It Is."
"Well, sir, his rcp'totlon fur truth
ain't uo good. Ills rep'tatlon fur .ran-
elty-wcll, that's (llfl'ruiit. Some .ay.
he does aud some says be don't."
"Witness," Interposed the Judge, "do
you know the meunlng ot 'voracity 1'"
"I reckon 1 do."
"What do you understand by tb«
Tbe witness twirled his bat In hi.
ttugere a few momenta without replying.
Then be looked up defiantly.
"I reruse to answer illut question.
Judge," be said, "on the ground that It
might dlscrlmluau mat "-Chicago Tilt*
Postmaster Beattie . has- had the
postollice room enlargid and olhcr-
wisc improved.
.1. McDonald has been laid up lor
some time with a-lame loot hul is
able lo resume work again.
A. Kellet, ol Spokane, formerly
wiih the l\ 1'. It. as tie inspector,
was in town yesterday and today.    *
A VV, McVittie and brother Harry
went to the boundary line today to
survey the new townsite nf llamil-
The lire department did the %ooA
Samarium aot today by dteiii'liing-
ihc streets with water and ihus lay-
lug ihe dust.
It is lime in dean up llie hack
yards .iml alloys, an.l residents should
attend to ilns before the govermuen-t;
authorities Ret on lho war paih.
A biahcman named Boyd was tow*
i.iiiUil [oi trial this iVeek en tin?
charge ul stealing a watch (rom -Vil-
li.im Young, u bridgeuian, last Jauj
In ilieii HilvcrtiM-iuent ihis w-ick
the Canadian Bank of Conuncuc
make mention ol the mus for bank
motiej ui.leis. and those having lo
seiut money away should cohsull their
MlssMcLeod made .1 im.si attentive display ol millinery and.ladies'
line Roods tins week. Her stove was
arranged especially lor the purpo.ic
and was tilled with all ihuse various
articles that catch the ieminine i>e
.ind please lhe ieminine- heart.
Knr  Sale-The   l.lk  holel,   at   fc.lko,
mi reasonable tctms. 1 Apply to GeO',
liuggarth, Cranbrook hotel.
lhe Mountatu Lumbermen's Manu-
laeitiiiin; associatUiii held a brief sis-
ston in this*"town last Kvidny. There
vvi-ii' about twelve nieiubers present.
During lhe .day they visited the .jig.
Staphs null at Bayard; where Ihey
wove treated withtvcry courtesy.
I'coiile should exci'i'i-tCi-.great tare
these days In Bfl^tlng out fites. The.
win.) is liable lo rise any night, and
a smulduiing Hu* at sundown may he
u I.n; c.iniluRiatinii hoiore daylight.
And, by the way; what has become of
the in iv wardens'' This is the* time ot
lhe year lhat they should he active
in (he performance of their duties.
Servant Kit I wanted. Apply to
Herald offlco.
Will lain llnwUhiiwo, tho star la-
crossu player who has been employed
ai ihe Cosmopolitan lintel toi lhe
past lew monlha, left today, lor Kou-
1 is, where he will play with the la
crosse team for this -season.. .. Mr.
llawksbaw made many friends in
Craiibrook who regretted to see bin
leave, ami all tHipu that lie may return here next (all and remain permanently.
John Mercer, a brother ol Mrs. A.
M. Black, has been visiting relatives,
in Cranbrook the past-week.. -Mr,
Mercer Is a sou of. the, sea and is
now returning from tbe Orient on his
way to his home in Ireland. The'com
paay he works for have been ;engagcd 1
111 running blockades in the.east with;
.contraband* goods lor -both: the Japanese and Russians. A short time.ago.
his ship succeeding in eluding,the
Russians and landing a cargo, lor the:
Japs. The last time they had a.load
lor the. Russians but were * captured
by the Japs and made prisoners of
war. After a week or .ten .days, the
men were released' but < the" ship and
cargo were confiscated. Mr. Mcreet
has had some thrilling .experiences iu
his work and it is* interesting to hear
him talk ol the incidents ot his.life.
During March the average daily attendance at the Craiibrook schools
was 193.57, an increase of 10.72 over
that of the attendance for February.
The opening of spring weather bas
brought out a host of little ones who
are having their lirst experience of
school life.. .The attendance by rooms
is as. follows
Av. Daily
Division Attendance
1 .20.95   'J
i il.U     ''
3 .48.ail
1 . 36.52
5 37.08
The pupils who distinguished litfltn-
SeWes by. making, perfect attendance
are a-s.lollows:
Division 1—Flossie
Duncan, Annie 'IHsdale
Division -— Krle Tub
Joe Dourgoyne, Sybil While, Uert-
ludc .OlaoDonald, Maude Short, Ross
Sitter, Celia Mc.Cun.neil, Delia Bru.u-
luoud, Elfreila -Drmnmoiid,. Cecil Jei-
fares, Charles MoCowan, John Dard-
Division ^—Albert BaiiihaiMt, Lily
MeCowati, Charles Morrison, Jessie
Mur^attoyd, Inez Smith, Roy Stocks,
Douglas  Thompson,   Nettie  SHirel.
Division I—Magloire Brault, Angc-
Itne Uuuili, Marcus Deri', Robei 1
Den, ltuhy. N'eshilt, Laurelta Armstrong, Uladys Uiggiuhothain.
Divisiou 6-r-Margtieiite Diumniond,
Sidney MurgaU'oyd,
Webh,. Edith
Ales  MeCal-
John Welsh,
over 100 tons a day, which is said tn
'be the capacity of the mill. As it
takes uhout four tons of the ore as
it comes Irom the mine to make a
ton of (onecntralcs it will he seen
that nearly l'i,liOU tons were handled.
Of the concentrates made, 2,300 tons
were shipped to Ocrmany, 800 lo
Belgium and the remaining CUD tuns
Bent to the Nelson-and .Trail smelters,.. ,.. T. T. McVittie and Ueotge
Watson, of Foit Steele, are here lo
survey.the Aurora group on the west
side of. the lake, preparatory to applying . lot a .crown.grant- for the
'property. .There-are live..claims in
j the-- group and $l0,b00 has: been cx-
' pended on them tn dcvctopnicnt. The
mine is In excellent .shape for 1 some
company to take hold of as there is
[little doubt but it could he made to
pay -from. the..start.. It is .likely that
something will be done with It this
spring or summer. The Aurora is
owned hy Thos. Rader, O. J. John-
sou and Capt. 1. B& Sanborn.
..Capacity ot 1500 to 2,000.pounds
As good as new1. Apply T. M,-Roberts.
Helen I Jane f'l-'ettens") Odpin on
Saturday 1 April 1, luoa, at '..'M in. the
aUfiihoou, at the home of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. O. 11. Gilpin, of Davenport, Wash. The funeral berviees
were held on Monday, April aid, and
the rauiains interred at Sprague,
The child was attacked three weeks
ago with a combination of measles
and pneumonia, and although she was
very, sick, still, the patents thought
that she would recover, but lhe Ohd
.came suddenly. .The many friends of
Mr-and Mrs. Gilpin in this district
isympathize with them in .their,, he-
Q. E. Miller, a biakemau on W.
Sameron's train, met with a; serious
accident. last Monday afternoon as
the. train-was pulling into Morrissey
Irom the cast. Mr. Miller was 011
top ol a hox car about two cars
frum the coach, and a guy wue.used
to stretch the telephone wire OWthe
Crows Nest l'ass Coal company, that
was drawn across lhe track,, caught
him Just below lhe chin. As a result
he was thrown onto the root ol the
coach and from there into ihe ditch
ulong side ol the track. The train
was stopped'and the crew hurried to
the assistance of the Injured man.. He
was found unconscious and in bad
shape. Foitunatcly Dr. Bonaell, of
Fernie,-was on the train and he look
Miller in oliargo. At Elko the doctor
transferred, bis patient lo the- passenger and'took him back to Fernie and
placed him in. :thc .hospital. .Miller's
condition is serious, but there is a
ohance ot.hia.recovery. 1 He -.came
.irom: Velva, N. D..r and.his. patents
have.been nulilicd.
" It is ..almost a. miracle that Miller
was not .killed and if he gets .cut
alive lio...can count huiiM-li a-lucky
- Moyie.-Leader:. The St. Eugene.mine
.broke, all .previous records for. tlie
month of March. During the month
.3700..tons ol. concentrates were milled
and   shipped.  This    is   considerably
Fancy Hox Chocolates
al Mic Candy kitchen
V«li liuin* 1 "UU   *    l."l!>.v'fi tuilll
in I,list's mnl III hu k Wc l.nve ovit-
\\_ t.i'.Kol f'liii.li.i, 1.it.l  limn' uii lln-
wi.v T< iii nu'iiiir. Mottf-IflWrtntN 10
i-OH (run. rSEE (it*lt Bfir MlXTl'HK
lui tha I 'li nullum'. M-iul.*; hh giiol hh
miii .-iiul t Lu in Tuiiint'i. *->j.n'ial
u< I. Ill lull riv. 11 to III,nl OTiIpm.
60 YUM'
, expBBiitt.ce
Trade Mark*
AWVOUS '** nnnlr*l * *hrt i>h itnd Sffaortptlnn nnr
quli-klf Mr-drum nnr opinion ff«ft "buiher nu
iinuiiti.iii i* iirutmNy RWfflHSltJgWJ^jnl'}*.
ttoiiiMTirtl-jconMifitr*!. HHNDBWK en-HM«au
Milt free. Otdatt ueiicr fur •ecur-liit P«witi.
1'atftm taken thrmixh Mulin ft Co, recelt*
tptttatnMci, •Uhoutch«riia, Inlbu
Scietttific Jltnericati.
eulUlon of anr •rtotiilO**? lirarnal.  TertaB « a
iluu taut twiiilhi, |l. SolS by all Mwpt«leri.
UEa>        Cf
* si m
'__    —+   t***
S' g  §
^ "«3.  5T
3  -it** ' ,*2tV
^ S '^
R. Campbell   A Company, Plaintiffs,
Michael Nugent, Defendant.
To Michael Nugent, the Defendant:
Take notice that a plaint has been
entered and a summons issuedagaiust
you in the above County Court by
R. Campbell -.v Company, of Moyie,
B. C, for the sum I640.TB for good-*
sold and delivered, and an order has
been made that the publication ol the
notice ol the entry of such plaint in
four successive issues of the Cranhrook Herald shall be deemed to be
service ol lhe suuunous upon you,
and that the time Within whieh you
shall be allowed to enter an appeal-
ance to such summons shall hv within fourteen days after the last insertion of this notice in the said Cranhrook*'Herald.
And in default of your so doing,
the plaiutitis may proceed therein and
judgment be given in your-absence.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. C, Ihis
29th day of March, 1905.
W. F. Gurd,
Mt       Solicilor for. the Plalntifls.
Notice is hereby given ihat by order ot the lluiiorahle Mr. Justice
Morrison, made the 13th day ol February, 1905, it is ordered that Michael De Leacy, of the city ol Taeo-
ma, in the Slate oi Washington, be
administrator of all and singular the
estale of Delia Sullivan, deceased.
And notice is also given that all persons having claims against the estate
of the said docoi sed must send them
iu duly verified on or before the
fourth tlib) day of May, 19U5, lo the
said Michael De Leacy, at 1110 Grant
Avenue, Tacoma, Washington, or to
the undersigned, after which date the
estate will be dealt With in -due
course of administration.
Dated this thirtieth (,iOth) day oi
March, 1905.
Ellis A Brown,
l-2t Vancouver, B. C,
Solicitors lor Michael De Leacy.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds uf finish work in
way of doors, windows, transoms, t'to. Kiln ilrifii lumber
for inside work, ('ur work is
gunranteed nml our itruv&urf
Rough and Dressed Lumber •
l:or Sale }
In the Matter oi the Petitions ol R.
G, Edwards Leckie, Frank W, Peters, Guy ll. Kirkpatriek and    Sir,
Charles Ulbbert Tupper, Ubdet Section a of "The Coal Mines Act.1
Notice is   hereby   given   that, the
above   mentioned    parlies bave hied
petitions to the   judge ol this eoucl
to-decide- disputes as to-the. right 01
title to prospecting licenses- for  the
following described lands, thai is   to
Situate in East Kootenay on the
east ifide of the Flathead river on
Oil 01 Sage creek aud irom.about 5
to 8 miles north of the International
Boundary line. Description ot land
staked by the atorcsaid R. O. Edwards Leckie:
Commencing at a post on the northwest bank 01 Oil treek,. marked "K.
O, Edwards Leckie's S. E. Corner, '
adjoining Sir C. 11. Tupper* S. vv'.
corner post; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 8u chains; thence south
80 chains; thence east 80 chains lot
point of commencement, containing
ti-10 acres.
Situate in Easl Kootenay on the
east side of the Flathead river ou
Oil or tiage creek, and from about 5
to 8 miles north of the International
Boundary line. Description ol lani
staked hy the aforesaid Guy IL Klck-
Commencing at a post on the-notth
bank ol -the.creek, -marked '"G. IL
Kirkpatrick's N. W. Corner,".adjoining Mrs. M. E. Lane's N. E. corner
post; thence south &u chains, thence
east 80 chains; thence north 60 chains
thence west 80 chains to point of
.commencement, containing 64U acres.
Situate in East Kootenay on the
east side ol the Flathead river on Oil
or Sage creek and from about 5 to 8
miles north of the International
Boundary line. Description of -the
land staked by. aforesaid Frank W.
Peters: r
Commencing at a post on the'north
west bank of Oil creek, marked
"Frank W. Peters' N. E. Corner,"
adjoining R. G. Edwards -Leckie's S.
E. corner .post; thence South 80
chains, theuce west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains, thence . east 80
chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres.
Situate in East Kootenay on the
east side of the Flathead river on Oil
or Sage creek and troth about 5 to 8
miles north of the International
Boundary ljnc. Description of land
staked hy aforesaid Sir Charles Hih-
bert Tupper: \
Commencing at a post on-the north
west bank of Oil creek, marked "Sir
C. II. Tupper'5 Corner," adjoiniug
Fred Paters' N. W. corner post;
thence north 80 chains; thence east
80 chains; thence south 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains to the point of
commencement, containing 640 acres
Notice ia hereby given that His
Honor Judge Forin by order dated
February 23rd 1905, has ordered
that any person interested in the
subject matter of said petitions, ir
having any objections to the prayer
of said petitions being granted, shall
on or before the 1st "day of May,
1905, file with the registrar ol said
court* at Cranbrook or petition or
statement setting forth his-claim or
the ground of his said objections and
verity the same under oath.
And tbe said judge has further-ordered that a copy ot said petitions
shall be forwarded to any. party interested hy said petitioners or their
solicitors on application being made
therefor to the registrar of laid
court at Cranbrook.
. Dated the 4th day of March, 1905.
Tupper & Griffith,
Solicitois b.r Petitioners.
J. F. Armstrong,
Cranbrook,    ■
HHsiSJau 6V
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Coudu'S, Dining Cars
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day, Wednesday, Thursday
aud Saturday tor Seattle
and Vancouver.
EAST Leave Dnnmore Junctiuu
for Toronto. Wednesday and
Saturday; for Montreal,
Monday and Friday; lor
Boston. Friday.
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through Booking to and Iiom lireat
Kritflin and ilia Continent
For rate., folder, and tldielg  unnly  to
Irx-al agents, or lo
Q. Wilier, Agent, Cranbrook.
D.P.A., Nelson   A.lj.P.A. .Vancouver
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g sale at all hotel's. g
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and bananas.
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NELSN  ,   B.  C.
B. TOI-IPKINS, Manager.
fids hotel is one of triea. best in
British Columbia and up-to-date
in every testject. Well lighted
sample rooms.
' The undersigned has a lew cars ol
Hood timothy hay and upland prairie
hay, at S10 and $5.50 per ton F.O tl.
Olds, Alberta, lur immediate sliip-
' Wm. Dew, Olds, Alberta.
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The Herald Practices the art.     You can get only one kind cf
Printing in this office.    That is the best.
St. Paul, Chicago, New Vork
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Louis.     Vnur choke of route.I .al
Por rail'?., folders and lull Information
regarding trips, call on ui address
Syoopsti nf kt^utatiiin*. inr disposal ol Mln
crais mi Doailaloa Lsadi in Maaltoba,
the Northwest territories anil nn* Vukou
How ih,- I'..■,,:,,11   IVmiiUt. i-I., Out.. Mb,
llii-Hiii,- it ■   Un t  I'npulur Mwu
In lln- Vox Nor I..
■  wi :    V
um-ninl *i,>,
■ ,1 un 1  -
. ■ llll 1*1 It
.1 -     ,1   UlU
'..II I'
UU |u
iiitthl 1
,".,.. 1. u, muniiijyim-.il
11 auiiuiii (..i ua uml.(Una
,,   I     UIU ...I !    1  .1   ,   llilpll   J
11, iiiM'.-vi'H-.i 111.ui*nil In
.1   ■   ;.. „   l . ■ \    ...
' Wi.nlwnli'i(..l| tst-0.1i
■ rou
il  W   V   v
11. n VNPT
i.l' ,v T. .1
til W. Itivorsitlo Ave
Sm Itnna. Wash.
Livery  S
Teams and dnvtis fiirniBberl fur nn,
pi.iut iu the district.
A. DOVI.E, Manager.
,,„'   N.   11.    1
Columbian College
FoiMdcd IW. Nf,, Westminster H. C.
Incorporated 1893
ontll aexa., ut modnralt, rttten. II,,.,, prop-
on,,„r.v .-[..aa forjunlur atutltiila, doing graded I'ul.li.-sal Iivnrk,   I a IIIkI, School
work nfi,™nil Mi, I, s.l 1 prlvllsgM, ..,,.1
,.r..|..u..« f,,i',aaa|,aiM'.\ luillllllionn,    Toiicliaa
ull bronchia, ,.i ,, I'ltAflTi'Al, iii'-,|.\nss
t'OUHSI', null givi'S illplonina.   Glyca a III,-
niiil In ilia laaliaa I,.llaaa ,-,,„,-w Im- M, r, I.
,111,1.11. I.. A.    1a   I la.m-a, »..,',.   Ml   lal.a
atudonta through llii,I'ompluti! Aria couibo,
and tho degree ol Ii A enn ! Iitiilnud Iron,
Toronto Unlverall,., Willi „ I,i.l, ll,o eollego la
In lull DOIIatlou. I'or liilkir Information and
terniH ivrllo ,"
Hev W. J. Slpnrcll B. A. It- ll. Principal,
or lie,. J, I'. Howell, Bursar,
Rcpairiiifr Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specially
Don't Pay Reht|2^£
Build a House
Hut before doing sn boo Juntos
Groor, tho contractor. Ho will
bu able in keop you witli bu-
Kgeratioris that n iii prove valuable.
James Greer
Contractor nn.
♦ Dezall Brothers
|   Blacksmiths
J     Horse Shoeing
5 Carriage Repairing and
| General Jobbing,,.,
'   A. W. McVittie   <
4 . a.     ,,  .   i,iv T IlllW        ,
{ Dominion and Provin- }
; cial   Land  Surveyor. 4
11. H. McVittie
(ieneral Agent
William M. Slurgcs in the Mining
World; The woild at large, and uiln-
lug    companies   in particular, as a
The Blorj' oi Dawson City hns ile- -''mul culc- *> llljt c,"isili'' '" ir*'
parted, so Inr us rouinnce -joes, and dorstand tlie many uses a diamond:
tie th.in i oui i.i"- .'.I is f;i.ni   mnl  drill may be pul to.   Tbe time Is nut
i '  !" t,t)»ai     : ' ■" ;*"1'    Wfcl Iai  distant when every Well tcgul.it
tiio reaped aide eli en Mh.i has lioen I   , ',,
,i ,;,v |,|„,1.. in his yoiitli, tho rami l'a milllll« company will considei a
From Imv hi tvlli till oi Uie hot diamond drill ouilt as much a pad
limes ,■; 'us and 'UO,   Uut to-day ho I o( Iheit   compan)  as   anj  ulltci de-
.iti'l Ids town ai»' unllitoi e-i m-jlv    lo- '■ ii.ntiiuiil.
uiectahle.   Age lias bronchi  wisdom I    v ,  , ,  ,
io   both,   l.l   ,    has   ,,. ,.  kllloil I    Nut  ''"'« '"'"  '  "' ,''"1''1  '" '""'
memory, anya lay by liny lu Tlio sullaliull «,lii ,i mltlilig COIIIUM!)
Nairn,  Toronto. HWllOSO  IllllllC  ,,,„i   I,a.,!,,.,I   I   lllll  ItOl
:i, ia»a thero imm „ very grand mention [or lhu reason lliat wero ,i
in, l„ i„ Dnlvsoit, oivui.t I
i CRANHROOK,   B.   C. j
4 4
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
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The Herald
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creasing,   Tlml allows WE Hive sat.
ISPACTION.   We liavo one nf the best
'■'I1"] s in 11. ,'. :,n,l »,. utteuil
strictly t.i biislness.
Whet, you want il moved pee ns.
Wo make It a specialty nml hnvo „
piano mover an.l enn do tho work
without risk. Alan household furniture,
Perry & Fitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Olllce opposite C, I'. R. 'PHONG A3
woll-kuown in Unturlo—Joo
Ho.vlo, once of Woodstock, niter-
H'nrds of tiondon, Melbourno, New
fork, uud vwlous wiii.-ly separated
rltlis -loo Itovlo und bis hrolhpr
I li ; ry. the In soman, bavu lioen
rulllnfl stones, but euch bas gftther-
e.I muss.
H»ii llriilna for in.,
'I'lio story of the wny Joe went to
I'uwsou and    the    ailvciitini'S ho lind
on tho journey, would make tho average novelist sorrowfully admit thnt
actualittra pul Imagination nut of
buslnes**, fio to s; eak. In '90 -toe
Doylo was out on the Pacific Const,
whither he had returned from Australia iift.-r having had In Lhe Antipodes "an unsuccessful [.romenade,"
us our French Friends would put it.
with Doyle hnd come from Australia
frank Slavtn, In inn prime a second-
rate heavyweight puglll t, who had
never become a topnotcher owing to
loo mueh good nature and a reluctance to adhere to the rules of
strict training- Slavln had been tv
placer minor in Australia before hu
entered the prize ring, and when tho
rush to the gold fields of the Yukon
hegan he and Moylo derided to go
thither. Neither of them had more
then n fow dollars, hut Doylo hud
brains for two. He bad a pood
education, a taking maimer, nnd a
physique that would hnvo helped
him had he, like his friend, gone in
for bruising, Liven ns an amateur
Doylo was a mighty handy man with
his fists.
a out or Alaalca.
There they were, these two adventurers, stalled in Seattle with hardly
enough money to keep them fur n
week or 8i>, or to pay for n deek
passage to Juirmu, .Alaska. The business nmn of the twain soon mnde
Up his mind. It'was a ease of "Al-
na!;a," nntl the tioUoie were bought,
Five deys later, with perhaps ten
dollars left, they and their scanty
belongings arrived nt Juneau, nml
tlio next thing wee to got more
Cash. Doyle looked around, and
thought he saw a chance of making
a stake. He went to the proprietor
of Lho culv hu 1 In the town and
hired it. JIo and his friend Slavln,
the world-famed pugilist, would, lie
announced, give a rod hot boxing exhibition in the halt, and no gentleman who considered himself to be
sn up-to*datd sport would stay
iway. Tickets Ave dollars. There
Wns a printing office In the town,
and hy tlio afternoon of thu fight n
hundred or so had been sold. Slavln
and Doyle saw tlieir way to DawSoil.
Unli'k t!linntre of l'l-ogi-riiii,
Dut things wore not quite #o rosy
ns tbey appeared. Tho territory ol
Alaska is governed direct from Washington, nnd the officer in command
of lho army posl, at Juneau was n
strict constructionist, lie bad been
Instructed to allow no disorder!iness
in tho town, and he considered u
boxing match io be disorderly. I'he
opening of the performance was due.
The hour nnl\e,l, and Willi il tlm
commnndnnt and a n'e of men. Ad-
dressing the crowd, the representative of the Government announced
Hint ho was going to permit no
fighting, either glu.e or bare fist.
'I li0 miners 'booed," but ihere was
no moving that warrior.
Doylo, however, walked out to the
front of tho stage and addrossod the
roomful uf rough fellows. "Gentlemen," he said, "you have nil heard
what tbe commandant says. I
didn't know thut thero was any regulation agnlnst boxing In this camp,
or I wouldn't hn\o sold you the tickets. It is clear that thero can be
no exhibition, but 1 see a piano in
that coruor, and if you will kindly
excuse mo a few minutes* Mr. fllavin
will give nn exhibition of bag-
punching. After thut, it will be up
to me and the piano. And 1 bog to
sinto thnt, If any gentleman dofdres
to huve his money back, liu can got
'»( I kiit.
'•<i   behind     tht
I got out of the
,1 for Lho boxing
o   his Btreol clothes.
Uglil uml watched
lie bug.    In    a    few
•ti oi-ged from the Unrolled    tho
ll,..i 1
ho hn,
Tho in
prompt ii drossl
piano to Uu* foot lights, und snt
down. Tho surprised crowd found
lhat they hnd met with tin in In the
st.ilu ait young follow wllh the
clean cut vlhige, nn eutortninor that
I.opt tin m laughing and applauding
from tho mom.'i,t hn touched tho first
key. Slavln was ua surju isod as any
of lho others.
Knvl"  ItH A  Mull Lin?.in Alllhl.
Doyle had never told him thnt he
knew a no'o; yet here Was Moyie,
singing songs In n full, rich baritone, (cling siiul'S that sent the
Argonauts end sailors into fits nrd
generally behaving like a Bub-Arctic
Grossmlth. si.ivin smiled placidly;
lit IiH j-ipe, and vent down and
joined the audience. lie knew that
Dawson was a go. Mong about eleven o'clock Doyle, who bud been giving a monologue for about nn hour
und a-half, announced thnt tho show
wns over, but tho uudieiuo would
not have it thnt Way by any means.
They protested Hint they were ready
to iuiy another live dollars each, bnt
(hoy wanted more songs, more stories, more music Doylo, beaming,
assured them thnt ho was honored
by their approeinllon, but that, ho
and bis partner wotild not accept
another cent. Then lie went on for
liceiity minutes or so, and when the
lii.hu* wont out, lie was tho most
papular man In Juneau,
placed on ilu market it mighl depreciate its value), wliu li bad in il.e
course ol Its running worked ihe vein
out, ol i.in ii.i.i a built. The SllUA
iimi, lirieily staled, was this; Thu
besl vein thi-y had In the mine had
i-oitipli'U'lv given out, and unless it
could be relocated the mine would
have tu be ahabtloned, us Lhe res! ol
the veins worked to their lull capacity would not pay operating expenses,
l explained the method ol procedure
in such e.is.s to lho mine management, and they placed the matter In
my hands, The eiiglueors were instructed to run lines so as to he able
tu locate ihe fault on tho surface ol
lhc ground; alter this was doneS.bbt)
feet was measured in a straight line,
presupposing, uf course, that the fault
would bo no wider than that, A diamond drill was set up at this location
and a hole was started. After drilling 175 t'ect wo ran Into the vein we
were looking lor. This we were ica-
souably sure bf, as the distance from
the surface tallowing lor the difference ni the elevation) corresponded
with the depth of the worked out
win. Auolher way we lind of telling
was the rock formations corresponded witli lhat on top of lhe other vein.
After wu had discovered the ven.
the next question was, would it be
cheaper lu sink a new shaft lo it, or
Uy and work il from the old level.
Tu determine this question wo moved
Uie drill towards lhc fault l.OUO
(cot and put down another hole. This
struck the vein at about the same
lepth, showing it to be oi regular
thickness and quality; we again moved the drill lo within itiii feel ol lhe
old shaft antl put down another bole;
ihis hole showed the vein three feel
less in thickness and aboui six feel
lower, showing the vein was dipping
io tbe fault, and also proving tliat
tbe fault was less than 200 feet vide
ind that it would he much cheapei
to run a drift through the fault than
it would he to sink a new shaft iml
install new hoisting apparatus, Hie
total cost, of this work was-less than
Sa.OOO; and a mine was saved to the
ttockhuldcrs which is n highly pnyhg
proposition today.
Another Instance in whieh the diamond drill Is a very important factor
.n mining is in the proper draining of
a mine. Take, for instance, a mine
-villi two, three or more levels where
Llle pitch of the veins or levels are
downwards, away frum the shaft, or
dope or tunnel, lho water constantly
hipping or running into these lewis
accumulates In large quantities in Lite
lowest pari of lhc level, and then Ins
to he pumped oul or become a source
ol danger and expense to lhc operation. In a large number ui mines lhc
pumping plants and nft'lhods of water
removal .tie lhe grcfttset expense Ibe
mine has to.contend with, and It frequently occurs that il cosls more to
remove tho water and make a practically dry mine, than it does to op-
irate tho mine Itself. All of this may
be easily overcome by the use of a
diamond drill; enough holes arc drill-
id irom one level to the other, oi
jsually one huie is sufficient to carry
.if all the water that may accumulate
in that level Lo the nexl level below
it; a pipe is placid in the hole ou the
lower level with a great valve in il
,o thai llle flow uf watei' may he "cg-
iilatcd at will, The same process
may he followed will) the next level,
or until the level is reached In whlHi
ihe sump lies; thu water may then he
piped lo the sump aud Irom there
.lumped oul of the mine.
Another instance in whieh thu diamond dull is of vast importance to
ihe milling world is when it is doslr-
tblc lo sink a shall or slope or tun
nel eitlii'i for heller ventilation, i.r
u strike the vein tu better advant-
ige, or tu have another ingress and
egress from the mine. Thero wuuld
lie nu guess work about it where a
diamond drill is used. It will give
..on the exact distance to an Inch,
audit will show Juu the qxactstra-
tas of ruck by Lho core it removes,
so you can sit at your desk ami till
exactly what It will cost you, and
you know whether il is advisable to
proceed with the work or not.
Another matter iu which the diamond drill is of great Importance lo
the mining world is in the plotting
of mines. The property lo he opened
up for mining purposes is sectioned
off and diamond drill bore boles are
put down in regular Older, the drill
records showing the depth of the
veins, tbelr thickness and pitch. After all these facts are obtained and'
turned over to the engineering corps,
reducing tho cosl ol opening up nn I
opera tit n and dan ci ul .,. i Idi nt - to
a minimum. Tlu., class of diamond
drill work is done verj lui elj in the
iion districts of Michigan, but II Is
applicable an) wlii io v In ti ;l,
tlotis are nearly lhe same.
The tniueral resources ol lho world
are vast ami wonderful; no tongue
cm    i. ii,   i.i,    p. n can describe the
great   llCtluilB   i h.i I   took   plate   la   lhe
foiiuation ui llicso minerals, fan we
look Into the eat th ti duj !   ^ cs     I
have  looked   into   the  ..u III    I, I ...   f(| I
wiih a diamond drill, nnd tho tales
ihat wore told by It were pnsl be
lief. Do we know the gcologj ol our
country? I fear not, except where
the diamond dull li.is been, as 1
know of many luslai v where the
whole geological survey has bei n
changed after the diamond drill had
shown the true fads.
"Emma   Fraction" mineral claim,
situate in the Foil Steele Mining Ui
v..s;::ii uf l.:ast Kcotenay  D'stri;*,
Where located: Sullivan lllll.
Take notice that I, William J. I ang-
ley, free miner's certificate 1173111),
acting for myself ami agent fur Jud-
son D, Langlcv, free miner's certificate B73dU, Andrew J, Devlin, free
miner's certificate B73412, Charles
0. Farroll, free miner's certificate
BC0575, Walter 0, Uurchett, free ml
ner's certificate U73-151, Edwin C.
Smith, free miner's certificate lY,".av.i
and Hubert L. T. Galbrailh, free :ni
ner's certificate No. HT'il.'.l, lntcti.1
sixty days from date hereof, to apply lo the mining recorder for a certificate ot improvements, for the purpose uf obtaining a crown giant ul
each of the above claims.
And further lake notice that actio;
under section 37 must be commenci
before the Issuance of such ccrtificali
of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of February,
A. I). L005.
49-0t W. .J. Langley.
is nil important for tbe well-dressed
niiin. Let us make you u suit to
measure, tit a price but little more
than the ready-made. But, oh,
what a difference iu the lit. style
mu! general appearouoe I
l'i,uii* ami see our now stock ol
materials tho choices! lo l»e
fouud, A million dollars and a
balo of hay may be equally worthless at doomsday, but our Made to
Measure Suits ore livu;L' epistli s,
tfiHid as Rold.
p1 r1 r*
VJ.   \J.   \J.
Tl.cw  ia  nothing  in.'.-r tl, nr.-,1  hni.i for brenkCnal   in
Bpring    Wo liave the beat,   Ail o( our curod meota ire Bele,
with gri'iil cnri'
ilnoi,- Ciir.ifnrt. Specialty
lit,ml Siattlln, ,„ Cunttcctlon
%£%*   tA*
-i i<< rnih 1 '.no depot,    lius riccomuioda-
I.,.   Hit*  public 'j*i.'i|iinib-,i in Cranbrook,
llm anJ CIJ Hatha
Hoggarth & Rollins' j
 I'roprk-ttM ,       * J
!.<it Cranbrook stop at the
e that  I,
Nunc Better In the District
RnteaSi and njr.   Short Orders mul Oysters
served in any .ityle Irom N p. nt. to 6 a. in.
mmm___^_^_^_mm a
The tiblc Is the b,-.it. the roms .ue imsurpisied for clean Bl
3 and comfort anJ the b.ir,ii supplied with the best brand .'yi*«
^:* ol liquors and cigars. <i\
L. B. VANDElAR, Prop.
! *t>SiE)S3iiSG]Sl] fSSiffiiSSiSS^
tu'tlo, itil'end lo ap]
of l.icetisc Connnlssi,
tnedtliig   lii'l.l thirly
date ..,'   llii.     iiMti'.
from    myself to Ueorge 1>. Gougoonl ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and Jul,,, A. Notlcrfluld ol the license   aTO^S^*TO!TiOTWraH'ra'!¥ii^
lur the "Queens Hotel " situate   on    -i'-...   .:...a... ll,Mailra*rM'^ffliiliXaEat^liia
Bato-   street In llie town ...    Cran-j |  ^ ,.,_App w_ R0I.UNS
Dated  this  IT Ih Jay ol Marc
1).   1!,
\   V   Chcnetl
NOT I i'i
hereby given that, thirty,
days from     lliis date, in- inland toi-Ji
apply lo thi' Chief Commissi     oi
I.anils and Winks to establish public "-':•
highways through Lots 4680 ami 1501 •'
in Croup 1, and through the lot In .•'■■
eluded in Eliza Manners' Notice of "~
Application to Purchase, as a| pears S
in tlu' British Columbia Hazette of ffi
till' ISth N'uvi'inlii r, IOU'1. all in Soull S
East Kootenay, II. t'., in order lo j j&
connect a private road through Lot i*;
■His.j wiih tho Palmer liar and Moylo
roads, plans of which are Bled in Ihe —
olllce of tho Chief Commissioner and y,
the Assistant Commissioner at Cran-\Z
brook, B. ('.
Dated   al     Cranl,,,."!,. 11. ('., lliis  8
2.111, day ol November, luui. ; •■
Kast Kootenay Lumber Company,   . g
1-11 Limited   J
.a itts
Clapp & Rollins,
Tlie New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.    We are un clock 25 liuiirs [-j
out ol the 21 !'j
ftfe-C-ftfe'frfrfi f&'S:&6 ir-
Take   notice   tliat   the partnership
heretofore   existing   between the undersigned,   under   tlio    firm name ol
"Chenette   A     Qougcon,"   and also! S
"Chenetlo,   Gougeon  & Netterfleld," S
has  this day  been dissolved  by nu-; >
uial consent.
The business in future will be car-\_
ried on by George D, Gougeon end. j
John A. Netterlield, under the liim S
name of "Gougeon & Nrlteriield," j %
who have assumed all llabilltii
the lata firm, nn.l to whom nil debt
dun tha above firms must be paid.
Dated  this  I7ih dav ol .March,  A
D.  1005 2-It
0. I). Gougeon,
J.  A.  Netterfleld.
A.   P. Chenette,
The Pioneer Hotel of the St. M.irys Valley. 8
Comfortable rooms,   Satisfactory dining room service, and  the ;;
bt*st of everything at the bar.
■j i
Proprietor. ;';
IHQ ,-J , MMl ■■
'I*,,'I.nia" mineral claim, situate i
tho Fort Slei'le Mining Illvislon ,
Ensl Kootenay dlslrlct.
Where   I.muti-d:'-(),,   „ hill wesl   of|
Swans,',,    statl „ the Canadl „
Pacific Railway company's lino be
.. I ween Crnnbrook and Mnylo.
Tali,' nollrc Ibat I, Harry II. .l'i:
Vlltle, iri',' miner's eorllPoato 1173187
acting as agetil lor John Porter Hal
ley, free ; minor's certificate B731S,
Inii'iul, sixty days alter date hereof
apply i„ ll,,' mining recorder la:
ertiflcatc uf Imprnvoinenls fm- Ih,
purpose uf obtaining a crown grnnl
,f ll,,' above elniin.
And further take notice llial action
m.i,',' Section 37 musl I.n commenced
tefoto the fssuanco „f such de'rttflcti
if Improvements.
Dut.,1 ibis Is, (lay
!William Gordon!:
)     audtt 6r~and     j
McCallum Block
(Signed) II
April, A. H
I. McVittie,
The   Canadian   Hank of Commerce
Invite tenders for lhe construction of
a brick and stone bank building to be
erected in Cranbrook, 11. ('.   All lenders musl he in tlie bands „f la. ('.
Malpas,   manager  of   the Cranbrook
branch of the bank, by April the Mil,
.i ,     ,    ,  ..-      ,i,    .„:....    ...  :   (next,   flans   and  specifications    lilav
lhe work of plotWng tho mine out Is -j h-d sl,m at tho onJco 0| the bank   ii,
done In llie olliee of that body, even I Cranbrook,   The lowest or any   len-i
down to the smallest details, thereby dcr not necessarily accepted, '
*yr«i^^^''*^:KTm,r,.'rTwaif3i..,'--p™ri. v. ■ " -.,--.
■ ..J.'eX.^.,'^.^.i-Sa* lu^^a- ^ilZ^HA.1. i,a# ^> ^. ^^, M
ood thing
If you are not a regular reader of
4 ■
4 •
4 "
4 -
4 -
Cited Up About Ike Cily  fey A*kla«
Questions ol  Many  People.
Read Mul low A McFal lane's a.i.
Maiii'iii—Hutiliisuii .v Black.
.1   i-:    Fenwlek   spent Sunday
.ire prepared with gre.it care, are cured
by a process whereby the fish retains
ils original ilavor. The objectionable
feature (the oil) is extracted, making it
at once a palatable and delicious dish.
For the best cook in Cranbrook . "The Wilga"
For th: best served meal "The Wilga"
For the nicest dining room .... "The Wilga"
For the best attendance "The Wilga"
 Special Terms lor Business People	
*      -   ■ - — A
A Just arrived, a Iar^e assortmsnt of new fishing tackle A
J consisting of J
J^ RODS-   Slut,',   div,',ill,airl.   Litlicvwoocl,    Splil Uni',    ;,,,.!  J^
j,               Hninlioo. ^
g^ FLIES of nil sizes mul ilesnriptiona j^
j^ LEADERS     to Ihrot'   yitrils, aingli. loop an,I  .l..„l,l,- jL
jL                  nntl lirtiitli-il jl
j^ REELS trout Hods, lo $1,011 jl
j^ LINES in linen, llnx und  Bilk, all rpinlilit'S an.l  ovorj'tliiiiK Jfc
jj^                 else I., dolitflil tin- lii-urt i'i ii lislii't'inun A
A   A
S C. E. REID & CO. *
i'hone 7i
■ MAIL ORDERS   ivni'llA   AITBNDBl)    TO «
Waa,a  |ul,|   ||„||   Wll .lmil linvO   -[ail,:   ,,.,,,     ,,.    |,:,,,,„,.     fill   llml
,,„!■,„, no aia j,,,-|mn-.-.l ,,,.,,(,(,!, ihe want, nf on, i-UBtomeniwItli relinldn
N'urllierii grmiii toaliHl «ecde.   , all an,l l.-.l. a,  ,1... large ..",.-.  ,
ll,„,,'.   Illlli   Ma,,1,1,      Ou,  ,,..   ,,,..,-  ,,a-l, .a.,,,,. -,...i-       llie
I mil™' ,1,, I, .'a, ,1,,, ,.„, I'r,     i l,..,,.a m , I       M    ,,, u-,
llii; I.m,       ll ,,„, „.l,i, a |„lil' "I ,1 a ploi'l, llllll,, -I -   ailln'i  fill In, I, til
I,, ll, lama  ,1,,,-a llulol I'lllpl,'   Lal,,-' SI   ll.- ill,   ,„,, a.|„-,'l ,,,
-„!,!,I, , ,,'iv - ,,, Kual K „„. Iai, ,1" „<-, lull gl'l  11,,'lillllll..      Wu
-,,ll hove ii fell I.,.,-.,,,  l|,|,|,-.~ all ;..,    li.r, .,,. , I L„,,„|.
Viuii , ,, aii
Y^ [ID are still Advis-1
ing Our Friends I
To keep their eye on Goldtield.     Wc
cannot supply any more Goldtield
Nighthawk.     li   we   had   Ihem   we
could sell 20,000 more shares j«jM
We recommend the following Goldlieid
stocks as they are under good management i sworn returns every 15 days:
Goldtield Bull Dog 10c
Goldtield Rex . . 7c
Grandma 5c
Hutchison & Black 1
The People's Brokers   1
Phone ny
P. O. Box 74   1
I;    Mill/,  ri  Elko,    was     iii   towi
last Saturday.
I*'   ii   Becker, ol Bayard,  was   Ir
UiWIl   M..n.l:iV.
li  i.   i   ti.iiiit.itih, ..( [-..it Steele",
was tu town yesterday.
j   Leo   Mansfield,   ui Marynvlllo,  waq
in   lOWll  List  Sumlay.
i   tllaKsvs tliat an* tight preserve Uu*
sight,  Wilson liis ttiL-in.
\\. .1. Wright iia^ beon transferred
'in Nirtlai (oi a lew weeks.
S   M.inaliiiti, nl Porntfl, vvas in tOWn
a couple ol days this (feok.
,   \ii    Atlolph, ol  Fori Steele June
iluu, spent Sun.t.i) in lown.
i\, iv Stephenson, ul Moyie, was a
('i.tulii'iiok visitor last Saturday.
\l H. King lias goiiu i.u a businush
iiiji t>. Frank, Alberta, aud Spokaao.
' Cloll is iin- great game llieso days
;tn.l tin* number wlm play Is rapull)
Services will be |i,»id a. iia'ial n H
Sunday lu Ihu M&tWoiitst clutch,
Stiangcrs cordially invii.-.i.
Al. Mcl'nrtls', wlm is one ol the principal members uf tin- Sussex Limibi'i
company at Elkirtouth", was in town
last Tuesday.
Miss Mabel Walt, ol Balineismn,
(Int., sister ul Mrs. J. II. (Hills, arrived this week tu take a position in
Uu* telephone olliee.
James MuPhcO, who is now a rustling Hie insurance agent, 1ms returned to Lethbrldge alter a slay ul .omc
lime in Cranhrook.
.fames Ballon.', who looks aft a* tbe
Widows una orphans ol railway men,
was in town tliis Week taking more
insurance applications.
Ur, Boll bits returned Irom Nelson
and Rosslttlid, where lie has been
looking after some veterinary matters lor the Dominion government,
Alex. Watson, whu was clerk in the
townsite olliee in the pioneer days,
hut nuw ehiel magistrate of tbe bali-
wlck ol Elko, was iu town Tuesday.
William Slocks   left yesterday   lor
t. John, N. H. to look alter the interests ni a waterpipe company lor
whom he will act as general ageul in
ith' future,
l*be Uev. Thomas, of .Moyie, has
been In lown ihis week writlug un
bis second year's course m .-.luily as
,i probatlotici tor me MethollUi -list ry.
For Sale—Six room house, two lols
with stable and garden plot, east ot
creek.* Address I anadiau Hotel.
For Suk—Sev ni room house, almost now, ilu wn town. Address V.
I), McNefsh, proprietor ol the Klk
in.iel, ol Elko, was in town on Monday, Mr, AtcNeisb says llial lho
building of Urc mill nt Elko Is going
ty Id- a big beiii'til to the plate.'
I'he 1. U I' V. lodge held a veiy
interesting meeting lasl .Monday evening There was work m the initiatory nnd afterwards lho mfciiibers
present indulgrtl iu a social session.
Patronize Canadian made goods,
t'tiine   in   and   see  out   new   enamelled
wan-, made in Canada.
a ji Patniore Bros.
Tim Leliel, tbe merchant prince of
I'tiii-hei creek, was in town ihis week
looking .ll tit his in lores ts In Cranbrook, Mi l.ein'l w.ts on bis way
boon from n trip lo Seattle, I'ort-
'i.n.ii and other coast cities.
iin- nun ..I Arnold .V Ilobkta will
vacate iheir prtisehl qdaflcrS :n a
| lew vvii'ks io lake tt'it)|it.i.iij qnailei's
hi one oi ibe Cosmopolitan sample
room's opposite the MaeV6tifK.ll i; Oil-*-
us lurnTuii'o slore. Late) they will
move into new offices on linker street
Lit us adviso What is best fm* ibe
eyes. U    11.  Wilson, Optician.
An I'liteiiuinnietil will he eivon in
Weill worth hall in Easier week, ciill-
tleil "An *>ld Maltls' Ciinveiitioii,"
nndei Ibe uuspiees of tbe .Methodist
Ladles ALL It piomises to be Ihn
iiiu.sl unit|in* eiitt'itiilnment ever given
in Ciatihiuok.   Witch lor pal tieuLiis.
Vou ran see Marconi—Hutchison &
Cliarley (Lisklll, niiiii.i^fr oi the
K imbertey Manulai't tiring eompatiy,
was in town the lirst oi tin* week.
Mt (lasklll s.iis Unit tbe now uHl
is now in mulling older and ibat
thev me cutting about HO.OUO leet a
Oue ol our McClary ranges will
uioderiii/e yOur kiteben.Cnme in aud
see Ihem.
3-21 I'iitinure Urns.
Ue/all Bros, bave just received a
number of new rigs that they are tell
inn at prices that renders it unprofitable tor any man to still use the old
one. Drop Into lhe simp aud have a
heart tn heart-talk with cither of
the brothers nn Vehicles. Tbey can
gel yuu anything from a bicycle to a
lift y horse automobile,
Wanted—A girl to learn postoflice
wurk. Apply in writing and .-itate
salary expected. H. K. Beattie.
The Cosmopolitan hotel has had Its
olliee and bar repainted white and in
consequence there, are not two liner
appearing rooms in any hotel iu the
west. Bradley A Co. did the work
and, as tbey do everything t<hat ihey
attempt, il has been done well, and
both this tinti and Mr. Small, manager ol the hotel, aro receiving many
I   "Fit Kelorm" clothing, the pei fiction of style and fit, at Keid A t'„
s     Mrs. U.    I).   Hill and son Stanlev
(have retiirne-u from their trip lo Cal-
I    Ah.   aifll   Mis.   Itn.wn,   of   Waldii.l.
/weie    in Craiibrook the lirst ot    Ihe
The serviie has  been greatly    im
(proved   on    ihe ('row  tin- past   fc\V
.' months,
Soon be timr for bock beer.
I'   Lund spent Sunday in town.
.1. J.  (iiady, ol Kort Steele,  w
in ti.wn lasl M.-inlay.
JtibO   Hyan,    .il    WarJnei,   was
town lasl Saturday.
James (lieer, the contractor, has
In*change ot a.L tins week.
K'xeelle/it progn-ss is being maile i
ro'Ul   I-   I-   Klug'a new Iioum-
|   ,1. 1". Watson,    ol   Fcrnie was   _
iu Cranbrook visitor last  Saturday. It. Gillis, ol Mnir
William il.wilay .m.i Le>ht- Fox, ..( '^V *Bh bin lnotli.-i
Wardner, were Iii lotfn Ids I  s,n,.iav. Itllls ,,,w"
Last    Saltuday    was   the  lu-,:    ...i |    Wort mi  ihe new  lire wall belwccn
April,    Inii    lime  wcie ii., fools    in   ihe WattS buiiiting ami the new store
Craubrook. I Hut is lo be put up by W. T. Reid a |
.Mis. T. iteokes lus (tone to l-Vinie Co. bas   been   started,   ll   is a li
.scy,  spent  ."*
.1    II. (itlli-
to join lit'i t'lisbaini, wbo i, maua^el
ol the Fcrnlo hotel.
I.    1'iHlioie has let   the n.i.Had lo
James (it.-et t..i bis new residence oo
Uaket lull.
Wanted—An experienced waltei or
waltroM at tbe "Wilga. ' ApplJ to
ui;.. Iloadley,
.). ILuiis returned last week Iron
Ins tup tn England. He repoi is a
most pleasant  tune.
Kent -X Co.'s millinery opening was
a gieai siuvi'ss This will UccouuuUud
diifiiig  tbe season.
Kiel Sioik, mayor of Ferule, pas:,-
ed ibiuugii lown lasl Friday
way home frofti  the coasi.
A. Leiteh, Ji., returned last suu-
day frOlli llie ]iiaiile, vvlii-i.- lie has
bait lul   the past   lew   Wi/eks.
Wallace Hamilton, one o( the lead-
lug ineii'liiiuii, of Fernie, visited with
Craiibrook relatives Lui Sunday,
Airs. Cleary ami son Willie have returned Irom Winnipeg, where ihey
been visiting for the past few mouths,
Aiis. Iloadley and daughter anil
Mrs. Klvvell and baby returned List
Saturday Irom their extended trip to
Miss Toull lived iu Cranhrook for
several months and held the position
of stenographer In tbe law oiuee ot
W. F. (iuril.
The CraiiMouk station i.s one uf
lhe busiest in the wesl. The express
an.l freight business at this point is
rapidly increasing.
Harry lVMit will represent the local U. it. (.. ai the national coiivtn-
titm to he held at Portland during
the month o\ Alay.
(1, 0. Buchanan, who has charge
of   the .payments    Of   the  lead   bon.is,
made Ins monthly trip to the Sullivan smelter this week.
Charley Fields has gone to Elko to
assist iu instilling lhe machinery iu
the uevv pi on lug mill that is being
built there hj  Air llanbury.
Mateoill is coming soon—Hutchison
A Black.
\. E: 1'bipps, mah'n-gev uf the Imperial hank at Bevelstulic, was in
own lasl week as inspector and
checked up the local branch.
H. Staples, b rot ber of Otis Staples, an iv e.l last Saturday and
bas gone to Bayard, where be will
probably locate permanently.
Hon McKay lias been superintending
ibe construction of a sidewalk on
the north side Of Maker street, irom
llie lire hall  to lhe station platform*.
The mother and sister ul Mr. Wilson, C, l\ B. agent at Wardner, arrived from Braitltoid, Out., last Saturday and will remain ami keep house
for Mr. Wilson.
Wanted—Waiter at Canadian hotel.
Alembers uf the 1. O. 0, T. please
take notice that their regular weekly
meeting has been changed from -Monday to Friday night, the change to
lake place on Friday, April 11, BJOft.
John Tait, assistant superintendent of C. 1'. It, telegraph, was iu
towu last Friday. Air. Tail think:
well uf Craubruuk and of the increased business done at this point in Lis
Walker KtiCi, of Seattle, wus iu
town last week on his way to Alarys-
vllle, where he will lake a pusition
with tbe Sullivan smelter. Mr. Keith
Is a brother of Dr. Keith of Coal
Fur Saie-Waler outfit, including
tank, une team ol horses, harness,
etc., with a good business established,   Address Canadian lintel.
The millinery opening at w. t.
Beid A Cos. was largely attended I y
tbe ladies uf Cranbrook, ami many
wen* made happy by tbe beautiful
creations un exhibition,
Dan McDonald returned last Sunday from Detroit, Midi., where be
has been for ihe past lour months
'iving medical treatment. He has
bad a hard time of   t but is looking
ry  well now.
A frown on your brow, means yo i
lieed  glasses  nuw.   See Wilson.
Miss Mabel Wellman left last Sunday for her home in Winnipeg after a
pleasant visit with ber sisters, Mrs.
E. II. Small and Mrs. tleurge Illegal'lb.
BrcckenrKlge A 1-un.t have moved
theii grading outfit to Calgary, where
tbey will resume work on their Ink
contract on  the irrigation ditch,
There were about lllteen inches of
snow at Frahk last Saturday. Sunny
Alberta may be all right but the banana bell looks pretty goud these
J. II. Hawke, the l\ Burns uf
Mbyte, was iu town last Sunday aud
.Monday. All. Hawke believes in Moyie and lhe Kootenays and don't know
the meaning of ihe word knocker.
Furnace buyers now-a-days know an
up-to-date furnace job when they see
it. We handle up-to-date furnaces and
up-to-date registers, and up-to-date
methods of installing same.
---t Batnmre Bros.
Miss Neade, in charge ol Held A
Co's. millinery rooms is ah artist.
The largest shipment Held A Co.
have   ever   received   {if   the famous
Bell" shoe just opened; in ladies'
and men's.
Woodstock (Out.) Express: Miss M.
Al. Toull, wbo has lately returned
Irom England, ami who has been visiting her father, Wni. Toull, left yesterday fur Toronto, where she has
received an appointment as stenographer at the parliament buildings.
For Sale—Eight thoroughbred Barred Hock hens and one rooster, at $15
fur the lot. Also White Leghorn eggs
lur hatching, Sl.fiti per setting of 15;
these eggs are from exhibition stock.
A. Jolljffe.
Have yuu heard about AIaicuiii'>—
lliltcltlsoti A* Black.
The Ladies Aid Society ol the
Methodist church held thmr annual
meeting at the residence of Mrs. W.
B. AlcFarlaue yesterday. There was
a good al tend a lice and the annual re-
puiis ul the oflicers were gratifying
to all. The treasurer showed receipts
of $383. and disbursements of $;ii8,
leaving a balance on hand of (5.
Now olliceis were elected as follows:
President, Airs. Uev. Thompson; vice
president, Airs. E. II. Patmore; Sic-
retary, Alts. W. 11. Wilson; treasurer,
Mrs. J. U. Baker; committee for tbe
visitation of lhc sick, Mrs. Carl-
wright and Airs. Baker.
SCAB      SCAB      SCAB
Wo li.'ivi' hail nil kiwis nf Ihhjiu ts thrown a, us since
Blurting in business liy some ol our opposition, Imt the lat.'st
ami must wluiirwl by us is that ,,f "SCAB." \Venre Hocused
nf si'iiliinu- ,,n tl„'"ltl(ill PRICED MKlii ANTII.K FRA-
TKKNITV uf 0RANBUOOK, II. I'." We wish publicly to
say. thnt if, outtiuy thu priou of u<„al.* in onr line, to moke a
Ill-Ill!}, ami fair profit, „,„l "Imttini; in" as tl," allying is. and
securing nil trnrle is considered "SCABIXO," then wu justly
llli-l'il tin. nam,'.
Morrow & McFarlane. Scabs
„l.|„„,l"l's li.r
voiulerfiil llnishi'
nn. Big 11..rn 11.
VV.   L. iMiUil.ASSI s. I'„iu|,l„-Ha
I iii , hall 1 r Semi-Rend)   C'loth-
i'1'alls. iiiiil iiptn ilati'-liats tnuKe known
t>. civilized man
* Ue * "I
(Brant* * Ifootcl 1
llle llrand is to be headquarters fur all 11 C.  «
people visiting Spokane.    All B. C, papers on wf
flic.   Newly and completely refurnished and *X
reiitted.    Every modern convenience.   Europ- ££
ea.i plan.    50c to Sj.ou per day.     Free bus to be
and from all stations   ::-.:::::: £2
I   E. E. PHAIR, Proprietor   1
S Late of Hotel Phair, Nelson, B. C j|
Cranbroak's Greatest Store Will Offer
For This Week
I'hrje hundred men's suits in "Tweeds." The latest
makes at $5.25 regular price, $0.00, $10.00 and $12,00 This
Is a line we hjujrht at 50 per cent less than regular and will
give the benefit to our customers. Come early and gel
H1U i* CO.
The Otis Staples sui'i'ial pulled In
to tiranlimok last Sunday afternoon
with DnVere Hunt ns comluotor, aijil
jn'iliaiK there never wns a special
that lias attracted sn mnrli attention
ll consisted ut a caboose and n Sliay
engine, and Within live minutes nfier
il bad been run on tlie sidetrack there
were from 75 to luu people looking
at the little engine, which was In
charge nl CHIT Uaruej. It is used lo
pull the log trains Into Staples iiill
and is a powerful little "critter
number front llayard took advantage
ol the opportunity tn come to I'ran-
hrouk lor a lew hours.
Charles Kliiigensmilli, of lloyie,
has taken over the dining room ol
the Cosmopolitan holel. .Mr. Kling-
ilismlth is a pilmcer in the district
and une ,,( tlu, best caterers in the
west. There is hardly a mini in the
district who d„is tint know Hr.
Klinglnsniith and who has not had
cause In led thankful for lhe good
meals set nut by liim and his wife.
nnlh'JIr. and Mrs.' Kllnginsmlth nre
deservedly popular wiih the public
and (he' Cosmopolitan dining room
Will in Ibe" fnt'ure prove tn he a greater1 favorite than ever.
For   Hunt—An   olliee   lu the Hist
Town team, 1; C. P. K. team, II.
The small score gives a good idea
jf the keenness of tlie contest when
the 0. 1', It. luothall team clashed
with the Cranbrook town team in :he
nil game ol tlie season on Saturday atlernoon last. The game was
interesting throughout and al limes
was Intensely exciting. Not until lhe
lasl moment of the game could the
outcome of the struggle lie foretold.
The town tram deserves lull credit
for the goal thai they scored, whieh
was due to a line piece ol strategy
on thu part of Captain Baldwin.
The playeis who particularly distinguished themselves were for the
town team, DaWwin, Worlldge, T11111-
liull and Rollins, and lor the Q, I'. It.
It. team, Captain Art Wilson, Tommy (lallon and Dr. Bishop, while A.
M. Ulaek made an efficient referee.
The teams lined up as lollows:
C. P. K.-Dr. Bishop, goal; P. Pal-
lon, E. S. Home, backs; A. Wilson,
captain; 0, Edwards, Charlie Henderson, half-backs; H. Mercer, J. Ferguson, Pat Welsh, Tommy Gallon, A.
Elwcll, forwards.
Town—II. Young, goal; S. Grim-
mond, W. tlnllius, backs; It. Baldwin,
aptain; J. Wynne, A. Worlldge, halfbacks; 10. Turnbull, J. O'Neill, A.
Coldwell, II. Chalmers, W. Dunbar-
t„n,ton, forwards.
4* T
t Tp HERR art* several "possibles" in stocks and t
shares 011 the market just now, but for a X
sure winner invest in i
We have several snaps on our list, and if
; you want to buy or sell anything in this line it
will pay you to sec us
Phone W      REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE      Cranbrook
floor   Watts block.
Apply to S. J. euce.
The back divisions of the town
team arc particularly strong. One or
two changes in tho lorwards would
effect au improvement.
The O. 1*. H. team is a speedy aggregation but weak in the forward
line. Captain Wilson should give
prompt attention to this weak point.
Dr. Bishop is au excellent gmtl
keeper.   Ile showed tact and expeit-
?   ?
We have just received our first shipment of Go-
Carts and Buggies.   We expect these goods
will sell very quickly, so make your selection at
Macconnell <3L Gillis
e Merchant
MAd.-«i*tn(filI 1
Furniture MerchantsVl/ndertakers
K. A. Mliocor>msll > J- A. Gillis TIIE   CHAIN BROOK    IIEBALO
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for Cranbrook
Beerand insist on having it.
The Cranbrook Brewing ®. MaJtmg Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of a.11 kinds of Aerated Waiters.
CRANBROOK, *   *   *   British Columbia
J. I:. Slcphens,
H. I.. Stephens,
M, Rnikeiidorf
J. l.awsen,
i:.-*. -■■ i,,ii,i,a,aa—t^m,^^^^^^m
Morrissey tVlliies is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
holel is sliil the best conducted hotel in Kast Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Stephen. Unas. & Cu., Owner. and.Proprli'lors,
Morrissey Mines, B. I.
tt. I.. Stephens
J. li. Stephens
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver «$ *g dt «**
Stephen. Bros.. Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Two cars of Seed wheat
and Seed Oats unloaded a
few days ago and are going; out fast. Order early
if you reguire any   :   :   :
HARRIS   BROS., Meat Market |
...Manitoba Hotel..,
(Unclor Now Management)
l). A. AlcDONALD, Hanager
X Tb>- Hotel is in the center of town.   The rooms are {
* »
J comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- |
« class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you J
* want a good place lo stop come to the Manitoba. I
m '♦
CHENETTE i NEAL, Proprietors
MARYSVILLE, B. C.     i^Vtflest :|:
' equipped   hotel in
*i* St. Marys valley. ,.-. Commodious Sample Rooms.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
is the season to have your
Picture Taken
lot'lll In,1(1 ItgE
t\ Hydo'Bai
I, H. Wilson,
It. It. Bruce,
Or to
rum, maps and further tiiirtii'tilnra apply t,i the following
•r, Cranhr
IV. C.
tier, 11(.'.
■r. II (.'.
E, Malltuidaine, Jr., C'roston, B. 0.
II. & il. Bird, Nelson, B, 0.
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,     I coBt
Calgary, Alberta J    T
Prest Photo Co.
When You
Clean Mouse \
Bring your curtains and
carpets to us for washing.
Wi' mnko n spccinlty of wash.
.'iikC. P. ll, overalls,
No Chinamen  employed
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
SLtllRSMcI'MR, Proprietors
is enhanced or decreased liy the
appearance of your turnout.
There will be nothing to Hnd fntill
with in tho rig you get from out
Neither you nor your friends will
be ulile to lell il from n private
equipage by ils appearance, Take
n drive th,' first line dny midget
Some real enjoyment', it doesn't,
ost much.
NEWS   OF  the:
he Hundley Livery Stables
(From the Free Press.)
Dr. Corsan returned Irom Calgary
bringing with him his sou Kenneth,
who WW) attending QoUegQ at Calgary. Kenneth is suffering from the el-
leets ol iulluenza and hu will remain
at home for a time.
Q. ti, Jewell, ol Pearson and Jewell, tie makers, J affray, was in Fee
nie yesterday. This lirm employes
about L'i it uuu. The ties are floated
down little Sand creek live miles and
ate loaded ou the eats al Jafliay by
an endless chain contrivance. The U.
r. it. buys all their production.
The Triics-Wood company will prob
ably nol go ahead with their line new
business bloek until next year.
\V. Mills, who recently purchased
the King's Hotel property, has raised
the reuti lo yiiiti pot mouth aud as
the tenant, J. V. Jar vis,, eatinot\>>taiid
the pressure he is giving up the house
As the license is in Air. Jams' name
Interesting developments may be expected. The new license by-law will
probably coma iu tor a tin-rough test*
The Coal company has decided lo
build the new tipple aud trestle at
Coal Creek ot steel. The new tipple
will have a daily capacity ot Ititiii
ions, and every eiiori will be made
to rush thu work to completion as
soon as possible. The chief engineer
this week expressed the opinion thai
the new tipple would be far enough
advanced by Jul) 1st to ship COal
over it. Tho contract lur the steel
work is uot yel let. Work on lhe
plans is being rushed to enable the
steel lirms lo figure intelligently
lhe material.
The Coal company bas determined
upon building a large reservoir
the hill to the east ot the city lor
the purpose of guaranteeing an ample
supply of water (or the coke ovens,
Chief Kngiuecr Wright and his stall
luealed thu site this week and the
work of building the reservoir was
started at once to have it completed
by the middle uf April. The reservoir will be at an elevation of about
18U leet above the city. This will
give a pressure of over eighty pounds
to the square inch at the ovens and
incidentally to all mains in lhe city
now supplied by the Electric Light
and Power company. The reservoir
will have a capacity of 800,000 gal
luns and its approximate dimensions
will bu Wu feet long, ill feet wide
mnl 7 feet deep. Thu water requirements in the coking Industry arc
greater than is generally known. Every oven iu subjected lo a bath ol
bun gallons of cold water during the
process of drawing. On a 16-hour
coking plan with lhe ovens running
at full blast 170,000 gallons are required every evening within a comparatively short period of time. With
a large main from the reservoir
the ovens tbe supply will be ample.
It is understood tliat Coal company
is prepared lo supply the city with
water from this reservoir, at the
border ol the cily, the latter to take
over its control inside the city limits.
John Tait, of Winnipeg, assistant
superintendent of the 0. P. R. company's telegraph, was in the city this
week with the view of improving the
company's service in this city. Alter
looking into the matter closely Mr.
Tait wisely came to the conclusion
thai the local operator has loo much
lu do and that a commercial oihci
uught lo be opened in the center ol
lhc city. Mr. Tait looked about for
an ofliec tor this purpose and reported the result of his conclusions to
headquarters. He is confident Ihal
the advised changes will be made
The subdivision of the townsite annex along the O. N. It. ami to the
north of the old site which the Coal
company has had iu view for some
time is now being undertaken in real
earnest. J. MeEvoy, the laud com
missiotier, has had plans completed
showing the new area divided into 51
blocks of lots. These blocks are the
same dimensions as the old survey
aud the lots will hu llti leet and 30
leet wide according to locatipn.Thfl
laiter for business purposes are situate on McPherson avenue opposite the
U. N. K. depot a1"* a* tlM' north m{*
of Victoria avenue. J. (I. Cummiiigs
1,. S., received lhe contract lor
surveying this annex and with F
Randall he commenced the work on
Wednesday morning. This will probably require nearly a month so that
tlie new lots will not be on the market before May 1st.
Two 'women Irom the tendurljln
were fined $15 each this week lor being on the streets in prohibited hours
Simon Dragon, proprietor ol the
L'niou hotel in the old town, was
sentenced by Judge Forin yesterday
lo three months in the Nelson jail on
the charge of aggravated assault
Considerable sympathy is felt in the
city for Dragon as he bears a good
reputation and the assault is said to
have been committed under very aggravating circumstances. It appears
that he struck Andrew Yutko on the
head with a beer mug inllictlng a
nasty wound. Tbe injure man's.uncle had previously applied for a drink
ami Simon lor humane reasons refused to serve him. Yutko then took a
hand aud threatened dire consequences
upon Simon aud his house and the
assault followed.
(From the Prospector.)
Mrs. J. Tatinhaiiner and Mis. It
Frasur were visiting .it Cranbrook
Mr. and .Mis. tt F, Uurd, Cran
bruok, were at Steele ou Sunday lust
Constable Joe Walsh, Call Smith,
It. Frasur and several others weie
attending couit at Cianbiouk Tues
(I. F. l'ovvnall, Fish Lakes, was 111
town Tuesday. Ile reports having
installed a pumping plant ou Little
Dull river lot Irrigating purposed,
On Wednesday night several drunken
rowdies amused themselves by sound
ing the lire alarm and crying liie.
They are known and if it occurs
again the matter will be referred In
the stipendiary magistrate,
Dr. tin-en and Miss Staples, Craiibrook, were Steele visitors on Thursday,
-•£-H&-*^<sH9-\iH&-J)->s*—<SMsFSH®-ffi>-iS -®~SiT
:: the Cosmopolitan hotel
A Firstclass House Centrally Located
E. H. SMALL, rianager <\j
II Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    The bedrooms rj
ft arc airy and comfortable, and the table is lhc best lhc 11
Li, market affords.
1,1 '•• ■•■ .•■••• -.  ... ,. .« ff,• »v-_«-jsi_..mJit j.. *..,-, ,., ,.-. ,., ... ,-,v!A
(From the Wilmer Outcrop.)
G, A. Starke is showing considerable enterprise iu his waterworks
system, He not only supplies his private house and the holel Delphine,
but he has now pul In a hydrant opposite the telegraph office ami is now
supplying private houses with water
at 50 cents a month, which is a
great boon.
Itis reported that Sieve Wilson is
in a Seattle hospital and is imt likely to recover. It appears he goi mixed up in a free liglu in thai city
some mouths ago aud was badly cut
up with a knife. Since then his
wounds have broken uut afresh with
other complications and'his liie is
despaired ol. Steve is well known in
this valley haiing spent several years
here mining.
(From lhe Leader.)
This week a deal was consummated
whereby Hugh Cameron purchased tin
dairy business of Mr. and Mrs. Dill.
Mr. Cameron took possession today
Mr. Cameron has added to the stock
and will put forth every eflort to increase the business. Pure, fresh milk
will be his motto. Win. Campbell
will manage the business for Mr.
John McDonald, the boat man, has
returned from his trip to tho Okanogan country.
F. K. Stone, brother of W. R.
Stone, is here irom Walla Walla,
Wash., on a visit.
Arthur Trent left Thursday lor
Tonapah, Nevada. Arthur has lived
in South Kast Koutruay for the past
eight years and has made a host of
The upper Moyie lake is clear of
ice and thai on the lower lake is tap-
idly breaking up and going out. li
will also be clear in two ur three
1*'. F. Eddy ami family will leave
Moyie next week tor their ranch near
Cowley. E. N. MacReth has purchased the milk and express business
from Mr.   Eddy and will continue ii
W. J. Atchison, the druggist, has
formed a partnership with R, 1
Deattic in Cranbrook and the two
have purchased the business of J. t
Templeton, which was formerly ownd
by 11. E. Deattie. They take posse.*,
s-ion today, and Mr. Atchison is in
Cranbrook for that purpose. -F. W.
Murphy, of Cranbrook, will have
charge' of the drug store in Movie
until it is disposed of, il being ioi
sale. The people of Moyie naturally
regret losing Mr. Atchison. He was
always courteous aud obliging aud
gave his business strict and careful
attention. He and Mr. Beattie will
make a strong combination and the
success of their new venture is as.
s ii red.
WIliUs'iI, nntl IMull
Fresh nnd Cured Meats
Irish    Pish,   <in nie   ;nul
Wc suppl) out) lhc  best      Uur
trade li Solicited
Marked In nil the |irlflclp.il lowm
In Itrui-li Cd'uihIii-j
1905      NEW     1905
The most attractive line of
WaJI Papers
ever shown in Crnnbrook .-.
Pressed Ciooils StriiH, Kll'eets -|-
Viiriiiuli.il Tiles for Bathrooms     ':'
Mouldings t„ Match ,,11 Puuers .;.
F.J. Bradley & Co. f
James Henneberry, who has charge
of the placer work on Perry creek for
the Maclcod syndicate, has been lu
town a few days this week preparing
for a change in the system of work
on that properly. Heretofore all efforts have been directed upon sinking
a shaft, hut from now on, as ll was
impossible to take careof the water,
a tunnel will be driven from tlm side
of the hill next lo Old Town, starting nt the mouth of tho gulch aud
driving iu to bedrock. This is a big
undertaking, hul, alter the prospi
ing that has been done the cnmpany
feet assured that the pay Is there ami
the only thing to do is to reach it
hi a manner that it can he handled
It may be necessary lo drive the tunnel tint) or 701) feet, and it may lake
six months or a year to do it.
Mr. Durrani is sinking a new shaft
on his claim near Old Town.
Messrs. Thompson and Hanks have
reached bedrock in their shaft and are
taking out gold. The conditions are
entirely satisfactory to these two
pioneers who have done so much lo
demonstrate the possibilities of Perry creek.
F, Byron, who is at Ihe head of
the company who purchased the
'Badger" and "Red Mountain"
claims, has returned aud is preparing
to do some work. Mr. Byron has a
good properly and it is within the
range of possibilities that he may
conclude to do considerable development this season.
The Perry Creek Hydraulic ami
Mining company are getting everything in shape for active work this
season. This company bas spent a
big lot of money ou their proposition
and. are now in shape to reap the
tewards. '
Banish Blue Monday
the disagreeable task of leaning over damp, 1
washtubs, by equipping your laundry with
cA, I Jfk \a~^ 3>tattcfai'
nd the diaagrccablc tank ofleaning over Jump, leaky      t__s&$£fit
A Laundry Trays
■  m) ^ t'lfirc iln*v rc'U)1, v''')' vou
;/7 should   not   have a   modern
/fi Laundry iu vour home?
i        \       IsMw     ap*-—-4*'i        are strictly  modem,
W w"i,'   JJ/tM      l,c-m> wnltsry, and
price,     Let ua tel
cost   of putting n modern
Laundry In your home,
PATMORE BROS., Cranbrook, B. C.
Robinson=McKenzic Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Pianino; Mills
All Kind. Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
Scavenger   Work
Now Is the iimi' in hnve
your closets mul   cesspools tliorouji'lity cli'iitiL-,1
nnil disinfected.
Leave orders at Wentworth •
Hotel. I
The City   Baksry
s known li.r  it's fine bread,
buns cakes and pastrv.   Orders
lell the day before will be filled
Wedding Cakes a Specialty.


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