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Cranbrook Herald Jan 18, 1900

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Array I
\ f> M
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. GEO. A. Cox, President.
11. E. W.U.KKR, Gen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
' London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Thc finest stock of stationery in Kootenay,
* i
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
|        Saw and Planing Mills
I Rough and j
I Dressed Lumber, j
| Dimension Lumber, 1
| Shingles and |
I Mouldings. |
"The S Emporium"
Balance of Furs at reduced prices.
Some snaps in remnants.
Ready made clothing, odd lines, to clear, at 20 per cent
A few pairs of boots, both fine and heavy, to clear cheap
before stock taking next month.
Stock complete in every line.
mmimiKS)    (iii
Hotel 3 3
Uiu'sis Comfort a Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nenrest tn niilionil and depot.    Hub arcotnmoda-
ilotlB for Lhe public unequalled  in Cruubrook.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Men's Furnishings
And Groceries
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
| Cranbrook & Fort Steele jp Wardner
Quite a Good Deal of Wnr!.   eing
Done at Present.
The Horse Shoe Looking: Well-
Work Commenced On Theo
—Other Properties.
SI. Marys River.
The immense ledge being prospected
by I). W. Moore ami liis syndicate on
the west fork of the St. Marys river. Is
showiug a very large body of almost
solid copper nre. This fact is of more
importance tlum at first appears. The
ore in that district is nearly all of low-
grade and Lhe proof that there Is abundance of it to be mined will make absolutely certuin the building of a railway
branch immediately, for it is too far to
ship tlie crude ore, so that machinery
for concentrating and possibly a smelting plant will be the solution. There-
suit will be a lnrge mining population
and a great and imporUtit output of
mineral requiring cheap trausportation
Bull River.
R. O. Jennings and his associates,
owning the mineral claim, Old Abe, on
Hull river, have bonded it to William
Caldwell, of Rossland, for a very substantial price, and development work is
now progressing with the business-like
thoroughness that might be expected
from a pruclical operator like Mr. Caldwell, who is superintending the work
bimself. Apparently llie Chickauiou-
stoiie is uot the only shipping mine on
the banks ol Bull river.
Adjoining the Old Abe, Dave Griffith
the well known ohl timer of Wild Horse,
has a group of claims showing souie
very rich ore, and in lime this property
will probably make another good shipper. 	
Perry Creek.
Hank filler has given to McViltie &
Hutchison a specimen of rich gold lock
Irom his claim at the bead of Perry
creek, on lhe divide leading to Hells
Roaring creek. The gold is plainly visible in the rock and there is said to be
lwo leet in width of it in the ledgo.
This property will be exploited next
spring as soon as possible, the discovery ot the richness of the rock nol having been made until last fall. We may-
look forward to a revival of mining on
Perry creek iu a business-like wny next
summer nnd Mr, filler's claims will he
among the most promiucut, il lhe values
in this specimen are continuous in the
Horse Shoe.
The development of thi1* claim in Isa-
dor canyon is proving very satisfactory
to tlie owners. A contract to sink lo a
depth of 50 feet is neaily completed, the
present depth being 45 feet, and at that
depth some remarkably fine looking
copper ore is being taken out. Tbe
le ige is six feet wide, and is just now
opening out into a chamber of unknown
width likely to produce a large body of
pay ore. The contractors, Messrs. Ma-
lone and I,ewellyn, and the principal
owner, I,. It. VanDecar, are to be congratulated on the fine showing made.
The Hoiseshoe already looks tike a
mine, and as it is only four miles ftom
Cranbiook and a quarter of a mile from
the railway, the shipment of ore will be
comparatively easy.
Kootenay & llgoma.
The success of this company will be
more thoroughly assured il all the members and shareholders will Interest themselves in its affairs in a business like
way. At thc meeting oil February 5 a
detailed report will be submitted und
the policy of the company for next season carefully considered. The avowed
Intention of the management at the inception of the company wns lo develops
prospects merely to a point of sale and
sell at the best price obtainable nnd the
work on the Pedro show-t Up so well thai
it is Certain a few hundred dollars in lhe
spring will put that properly among the
saleable ones with its value proved beyond cavil, and tbe question will then
arise ns to how best to dispose nf it
The company lias severnl other propositions for consideration and it is desirable tbat all shareholders should hnve au
intelligent idea of the proposed operations and all should be present at the
general meeting.
Mining Notes.
J. K. Saucier is expected in Cranbrook
from Rossland on the 21st of the mouth.
Prank VanDecar visited Purine last
week for the purpose of placing a block
of Theo mining stock, and met wilh
very good success.
Work wns inaugurated on Ihe Theo
property iu tsador canyon this week.
Pour meu were started and lhe force will
be increased as rapidly as the conditions
v ill permit,
Mr. Robbins, chief engineer for the
MeKenzie & Mann properties in British
Columbia, visited the North Star mine
lost week.
NotlceB have been issued for lhe an
mini meetings of the Kootenay St Algoma and Pny Roll mining coinpRiiies.
The weather today is like a biiglil
spring day.
The Sam ai §192 Raised for the Soldiers' Fund.
Great Enthusiasm Displayed, ar.d
Everyone Satisfied With the
Entertain nent.
The concert given lasl Priday eveni g
at Porrest hall for the benefit of South
Kast Kooleiiay volunteers, was a greal
success, notwithstanding the fact that
the programme was ___\W_. prepared.
The house was crowdedffi al-jhere was a
marked degree of entmw-sm ou the
part of tbe audience from beginning to
end. J. R C< stiga i presided, and inaugurated the programme with a sboit
address that was full of patriotism and
eloquence. He displayed the happy
faculty of saying the proper thiug at the
light time, and wou from those present
hearty applause fqr Ihe sentiments ex-
pie-* sed.
The following   programme   was presented :
Chorus—"Maple Leaf,"—Misses Leitch,
Grant and Magee; Messrs. Nation and
Song—Mr. McKeowu.
Duet—Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Krickson.
ChoruB— Red, White ami Blue.
Violin solo—Mrs. Wallinger.
Piano solo—Miss Magee.
Vocal duet—Mrs.   Reid   and   Mr.
wards. *
Song—Mrs. McMillan,
Song—Mrs. ltejd,
Piano  duet—Miss   Rhoda   Ltltch
Miss Daisy Moffat.
Speech and song—K, M. .Medhurst.
Song—"Pay,  Pay,* Pay,"—Miss  Magee.
Club swinging—Miss Rhoda Leitch and
Miss Daisy Moffat,
Song—Mr. McKeown.
Violin Solo—Mrs. WaUing'T.
Yankee   Doodle   and   God   Save   the
While Miss Magee was singing "Pay,
I'ay, Pay," the hat was passed aud $45
was contributed.
A woidof commendation should be
said for lhe excellent work of Mis. J. R.
Cosiignu, who officiated as accompanist.
The receipts at the door were $107.
Collection, f.(5- Expenses, Jis- Net
pteceeds of concert, $137. The collection at the Doble-King banquet amounted to f.s**. making a total fund from
Cranbrook of $192.
E. A. Watt Will Erect One Oo Baker Street
In This City.
Cranbrook is to have another business
block erected on Baker street. B. A.
Watt has purchased lot 23, block 90, immediately west .of G. H. Miner's hardware store, and will erect at once a
handsome two-story business block.
The first story will be used by a business
firm, while the second story will be
fitted up'for a social club that is to be
formed by the business men of the town.
Mr. Watt savs that be is confident of
Cranbrook's future, and knows that
money invested in permanent improve*
incuts in tliis cily, will bring good returns,        	
A Social Club.
A meeting will be held at the office of
j. R. Costigan this evening for tbe purpose of forming a business men's club.
A full attendance is requested.
Better School Facilities.
Tbe citizens of Craubrook held two
public meetings last week relative to tbe
school question. The condition of affairs in this city was presented to the
government in no uncertain terms hy
telegraph, and ns u result, word was received last Priday morning frum Premier Semlin to ibe effect that the people
here shouid be given auolher school
room and another teacher.
Rocky Mountain Rides.
It is contemplated forming a company
of the above rifles in Kast Kootenay.
The company must be at least forty-five
iu number* Any person wishing to join
should send application for enrollment
to C, M. Kdwauls, Cranbrook or Port
Steele. Representation will be made to
the department change the title of thc
company lo tbat of a mounted Infantry
corps, which change will he, it is deemed, more popular.
Four From Oak Lake.
Oak Lake, Jan, 6.—The Oak Lake
boys, Messrs. Jas. Spencer, John Harvey
and A. H. Roberts, who left for South
Africa on Thursday last were loudly
cheered by a large company who
gathered at the station to see them off.
Lieut. John Taylor left by last night's
train for the west to join his company of
rough riders, and was given a great send
off. Mr. Taylor was also presented with
a valuable gold ring by his brother
Masons, the other evening as a mark of
The Balfour Extension.
The Nelson papers say that there
seems lo be 110 doubt ''mt that work will
begin at ouce on lhe Balfour extension,
aud the road will he extended to Koote
nay Landing, Men aie already gather*
ing iheie to go to work, aud 011 every
baud is evidence of railroad activity.
^Theo Gold Copper
I      Hitiing Company
This company has been organized to operate the Excess, Copper Crown and
other properties.   There is a shaft on the Excess 63 feet in depth, and the showing
at this time is of a nature that places this property amonp the best prospects in South
j East Kootenay.   They are situated about five miles from Cranbrook and Fort Steele
and one-eighth of a mile from the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Capital Stock, $500,000, divided into 2,000,000 shares at par value of 25 Cts.
1,000,000 shares in the treasury.
OFFICERS.—W. B. Townsend, Rossland, broker, president;   George Bremner,  Cranbrook,   K
merchant, vice president; L. B. VanDecar, Cranbiook, hotel keeper,   and   vice   president;   '•*
,C M. Edwards, Cranbrook, agent, Sec'y-Treas; J. 0. Saucier, managing director jf
DIRECTORS—E. N. Ovimett, Rosslaud; W. F. Ourd, Cranbrook; Q. H.   Miner,   Cranbrook;
Leonard Craig, Rossland.
I have been appointed official agent for the company, and am authorized to place a block of 100,000 shares
5 cents per share, payable In five monthly Installments, 20 per cent down and 2.1 per cent a month.
A Passenger Train Leaves'the Track But
No One Killed.
The west bound train last Sunday
morning was wrecked oue mile nud a
half east of Creston, and three o| her
coaches were thrown from the track-
The accident occurred ou a curve, aud
what caused it is a mailer of theory, but
it is generally conceded lhat a low joint
resulted in a rail In ing torn up. llag*
gogeman Brunnell was alone in his car,
and received several bruises, but no injuries of a serious nature. Several passengers in the colonist car were badly
shaken up, but everybody escaped in a
most remarkable manner. The baggage car and the colonist were thrown
at an angle of 45 degrees from thc
track. The first-class car was off the
rails, lhe first trucks ofthe sleeper were
off the ra!ls, and likewise tbe hind
trucks of the tender. It wns a most
disastrous wreck for the compauy, as
lhe loss will be considerable.
Information of the wreck was telegraphed lo Cranbrook, with word that
several parties were badly injured. A
special was made up and Dr. Green, who
was at the hospital, was notified. He
uiade lhe trip ol six miles to Cranbrook
iu thirty minutes, aud the train left for
the scene of the disaster, with Roadmaster Krickson and Divisional Roadmaster
Telfer and Master Mechanic Johnson on
board, with a gang ol meu. It was necessary to build a new track around the
wreck, and il was a sight to see the rapid
work performed by these men in clearing
the track.
The passengers on the train were hurried on west, so that they were delayed
but a short time, and traffic was sits
pended ouly a few hours.
Tom Proctor, of Rossland, nnd J. C
Drewry, of Moyie, were the only passengers in the steeper.
General Newt.
The Greenwood Times is the latest
daily in the Boundary country.
The tug Kaslo was burned at the Nelson wharf a few nlghta ago.
William Smoke, a C. P. R. brakeman,
was killed at Medicine Hat on New
Years day, while making a coupling.
The birkbeck Loan association has
established a board in Moyie.
Mn-, it- hac got her station at last, and
L. M. Mansfield bas moved up from
Moyelle to take charge.
Notice to Masons.
There will be a meeting of Masons at
I. O. O. V. hall at 3 o'clock Sunday
afternoon. All the Masons of Cranbrook are requested to lie present.
. Old People Made Voung.
J, C Sherman, the veteran editor of
the Vermontville (Mich.) Kcho, has discovered the remarkable secret of keeping
old people young. Por years he has
avoided Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Indigestion, Heart trouble, Constipation
and Rheumatism, by using Electric Hitters, and he writes: "It cau't be praised
too highly. It gently stimulates the kid
neys, tones the stomach, aids digestion,
and gives a splendid appetite. It has
worked wonders for my wife nnd me
It's a marvellous remedy for old people's
complaints." Ouly 50c, at K. ti Heattie's drug store.
Transvaal Volunteers.
The spirit of patriotism is strong
among the people of Cranbrook and
quite n number of tbe young men are
anxious to get in on the British Columbia contingent, and the third Canadian
contingent, if one is formed. W. N
Clarke, John McDnff aud W. M. West
have sent in their names to Winnipeg.
Juhn BonsGeld, Henry Broulette, Jack
Spellman, Ike Foster, Jumes McNeal,
Walt Kdwards, Alex Watson and John
Hire have expressed a desire to go, and
would prefer to g*t in with the British
Co umbia mounted Infantry.
Cranbrook, B, C.
Thia is lhe tight time of tbe year   to
subscribe (or Tbe Herald,
Duller Reported All Ready.
London, Jan. 15—As corroborative or
the British activity iu Ihe direction of
the relief of Ladysuiith, a dispatch bos
been received iu Loudon from Buller to
the effect that be expected all dispositions for a synchronous movement of the
various columns against the beseigers
would    be   completed    this    morning
Under these circumstances it is considered quite probable that the advance on
the beleaguered town bas commenced
uud lhat fighting is in progress. Opti
mists go so far as to say it is expected
that Ladysmith will be relieved tonight
if all goes well.
Military men are divided in opinion as
to whether Buller is nt Springfield or
personally directing n Bank movement
from Weeneu. Officials are inclined to
credit tbe report that the British have
crossed the Tugela river Inithat direction, although tbere Is no confirmation
of the report, aad altogether there is a
more hopeful feeling in official circles.
There is little news of importance from
Boers are Withdrawing.
Advices from I'ieteruiaritzburg, dated
January 13. say tbat since their defeat on
January G tbe Boers have beeu removing
their guns from positions south of Ladysmith. The same dispatch confirmed
the report that the Thirteenth Hussars
reached Grohlerskloof without meeting
the Boers. As tbe trenches at Grohlerskloof were perhaps tbe strongest position held hy the burghers, their vacation hus considerably astonished tbe
British.      i__
tbe Ice Feature.
The question of getting the regular
supply of ice for next summer is one
tba* is agitating the people at Ibis time.
The open winter up to date Ins given no |
opportunity to net any, and now the ice
men are guessing as to what tbey will
Strathcona to tbe Rescue.
Ottawa, Ont., Jan. it.—Opportunity
mny yet be given to those in British
Columbia wbo were desirous of going to
the front in South Africa and were dis
appointed in getting tbe positions.
Lord Strathcona bis offered the Imperial government through the Canadian
authorities lo raise four hundred men, t r
two mounted squadrons, and to pay all
costs bimself. logo lo the aid of Britain's
cau«e Negotiations are passing between
bith governments regarding the matter.
The Earl ol Ava Dead.
London, Jon. 12.—It is reported this
evening tint the Bar) of Ava has died of
his wounds. He was bom in 1S63 and
was the eldest sou of the Matquis ol
Dufferin antl Ava, former governor gen
eral of Canada, viceroy of In Ma and
British ambassador to Paris. The earl
died of wounds received while serving
on Sir George While's stafT.
The Hart of Ava will be remembered
by quite a number of Cranbiook people
as the quiet, unassuming gentleman who
visited tbis city about a year ago on bis
lour through the west.
British Columbia Contingent Accepted.
Victoria, Jan. 12.—Word was received
here tbis evening that the Dominion
government bad accepted tbe offer of
the British Columbia government to
equip a contingent of troops fur service
tu South Africa.
His Wife Saved Hint.
My wife's good advice saved my life
writes P. M. Ross of Win field, Tenn , for
I had such a had cold I could hardly
breathe. I steadily grew worse under
doctor's treatment, but my wife urged
ine to use Dr. King's New Discovery for
Consumption, which completely cured
me." Coughs Colds, Bronchitis, La
Grippe, Pneumonia, Asthma, Hay fevei
aud all maladies of Chest, Thioat and
Lungs are positively cured by this marvellous medicine. 50c. aud $1.00.
t'.very bottle guaranteed. Trial hollies
rec at R. 1'). Ileuti:*■'*■ dtug store.
He Fires His First Heavy Onu Against the
Victoria, ]nn. 10—Joe Martin Ibis
afternoon fired his first heavy guns
against the government of which he was
until recently a member and whose destruction be now aims to accomplish
having allied himsalf with the straight
opposition led by Mr. Turner. It was
unquestionably the mosl remarkable
speech ever delivered in a British Col-
umbia parliament, for in it both the
premier and the finance minister were
accused of the erosvst breaches of trust
and honor. The former was charged
with imbecile incompetency. The remarkable characteristic of it was tbat
through all the merciless arraignment
not one interjection of correction or di* -
seusion was ventured by any member
ofthe attacked party. Passing to the
speech from the throne, Martin declared
it failed to provide for necessary and
radical legislation pledged to the people
and desired by them, while aiming to
grant in exchanging cash subsides for
tbe Columbia & Western laiid grant to
the C. P. R which dominated the present government, two snd a quarter mil-
lions of the public money to wbicb, by
the law of the land, they had no right
and which lhe government knew by the
opinions of Sir Christopher Robinson
and B B. Osier they had no right. He
also attacked bitterly the proposal lo
grant re-distribution in West Kootenay so
aa to allow a member to Boundary creek,
and asserted this was mostly a political
dodge to enable the government by dividing a known safe constituency to try
and bold on to power for three years
more, against the wishes and interests
of the people. He asked for a general
redistribution and an appeal to the
country as tbe first plank in his own
platform; and saiil his present alliance
dated only from his discovery of Cotton's
recent frantic bnt unsuccessful attempt
to gain a coalition; and that it extended
only to tbe mutual desire to secure the
government's defeat. He urged a general Canadian agitation to prevent the disallowance of the British Columbia labor
legislation against Chinese and Japanese;
and as a test of bis own or the government's position challenged Cotton,
McKechnie, Ralph Smith or Scnlin to
resign and contest with him their own
constituencies, offering to wager $2<n
tbat not one could save his deposit.
It Is Major Sauaders Now.
Inspector Saunders, well known along
the Crow while in charge of the mounted
police during construction, has joined
the second contingent, and owing to
tbe inability of Major Walker, of Mae*
leod. to leave. Mr. Saunders has bun
promoted to the place.
W. W. Ogllvle Dead.
Montreal, Jan. 12.—W. W. Ogilv e,
the largest individual miller in the
world, died suddenly today. He at
tended a meeting ofthe directors of lhe
li ink of Montreal aud at the end ol llie
meeting complained of not feeling well.
He drove to a doctor'* aud then home,
expiring a short time afterwards. Death
was due to the breaking of a blood vessel iu tbe region of tbe heart.
Is Kitchener Chief?
London, Jan. 13—It now leaks out
that Lord Kitchener is really chief iu
South Africa aud Lord Roberts a figurehead. It happened thus: Tbe national
defence committee met and decided that
Lord Kitchener was the man for the
place. He was Lord Salisbury's nomination, but endless difficulties were encountered. Thc trouble was Lord
Kitchener was lhe junior of General
Buller, Warren and others, but Loid
Salisbury is never beaten upon a technicality, and his solution of the problem
was to send Lord Roberts, who will res-ore the confidence of the men by bis
p esence as fi Id marshal], while Lord
Kitchener- being his aide, will be en-
-1M1 d, under cover of his superior, to
conduct the campaign. Thc geuernl
Opinion is that the idea is good. CRANBROOK HERALD
THURSDAY,   -  JAN     18. 1000
I*-. !■: SIMPSON, Bttltor nml ntnumtur,
Ti;i:MS OP sri-.-flMl'lin.N:
The Herald iloslros to glvo tho uows of tht
district, ll you know any about youi town
your mine or yo-.tr -icoi'le, soud It m thi*. oflke,
The proper place for the government offices of South Kast
Kootenay U in some town on
the railway.
South Kast Kootenay promises to be
tbe I est mining district In Cauada.
John Houston bus heen elected mayor
of Nelson again. There are a lot ol
people in tbat lown who fought against
his election, bnt it is dollars io dougl -
nuts that he will give the town u good
businesi like mlniinist nlion. He miy
be cranky, but he is honest and has
great pride iu Nelson, and woe betide
the fellows looking for a rnkeofT,
Do you want
Good lob Work?
If you do come to The Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.    Try us and see.
j  piUjloU j J.ttOU J.'lst'j StljAVOUd SU.tt |[
-pasdnnoopuu -uo[isnoi*[xa uoppns
| .u| paapa su.u j    •\\a) u\ uutiaq -.nam
-djiovo puc nojwaxa jo \oa_ia aq*t uaqj
pun 'uo p*)[qiuuj03 i s'un.C pajjmmj jo
r -PTJT-. \Y7TMrs    5    Jlduojuaoj   -atuud jo »W8 U *ji;.u our
♦ .  Ur    I ilC. WilNL?. S    paaidstt] pujifaq Sujanoj atqiaioq atjx
 ,  W     ■•>-)] ,H|t o|iM iJujdsoa 80|U3[S A'UI JO B*jUJod
BY FRANK L. POLLOCK. 8   ail 'wnoj   n« uo unj oi uoumi puu
****-.rf" ■ '*a3UJi uno spueu ,Cm uo uaddoan i
iee*mw^^A^t^^i*n4^ |       "      '    l    vpi.'un jo'i.uo;
-•■■-■■-— .tn) jipuii dn *>|u.).i() |t[S[tu .uu aapnn
UP to the New Yenr the north On- ■ pfipa ,*..»]  [[Siioj   ."|i   iuiji  aiqu.v|aauoo
Utrio winter hod been   unusually   sn,u |]   '.Cu.uu jaquoj \oS oi a'.u i-juiu
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
First-class Dining room anil best ot Cij-ars und Liquors,
Rales, $2.00 per day. r     ,       t    rt   n
Short orders dny and night.        Lranbrook, D. L.
Get ready for our new skating rink.
I have just received a large shipment of        **        j* jt        jt
Club   and   Hockey   Skates
Also a Special Line of
The wnr in Africa will run mor.
smoothly iu the future. RIchnnljH in
inji Davis hns ".one to ill.* front us w.i
When it comes to doing lhe right
thing in the way of providing luoda ior
departed soldiers, Cranbrook and Port
Steele tuke fronl rank. They did themselves proud.
Crnnbrook will be the commercial and
mining center of a great district in five
years more.
Rev. Procunier expressed  himself recently ns regarding the jealousy existing
between Fort Steele and Cranbrook.
Tbe reverend gentleman ii laboring
under « delusion. There is no jealousy
in Cranhrook townrd any lown in the
district. The people in this town are
too busy for any such foolishness.
Tbe p?opieiof Cranhrook fully appreciate the courtesy extended by Mrs.
Wallinger ind Mr. McKeown, of Pott
Steele, in Iheir excellent conlributioi s
tn the soldiers' fund couccrt. Their
work aided very materially in making
the concert such a success.
W. W. Ogilvie died worth two and a
half millions, lie was the largest individual miller iu the world.
Things nre getting warm in Victoria.
Some of tbe papers lhat are anxious
lo be on thn winning side In provincial
politice, are jumping sidewajs these
It bas been many years since tills portion ofthe country has had such an open
winter. Por weeks the weather has
been exceedingly mild for tbis time of
the year, and now it is loo late to expect
a very long, severe winter.
The people of Cranbrook aie a con
tented people. They ate not asking fur
niiytliiug, but are going ahead iu prosperity.	
If there is a third contingent sent
from Canada, South Kast Kootenay wil
supply her quota.
The Ferule Free Press says that in
eighteen months there have been fyji,-
850 expended in that town in way of
building improvements. Of course that
Includes the money expended by the
coal compauy, bul il is a fine showing
and The Herald conn rat ul ales Ferule on
her progress.
It developes that lhe labor denunciation of Joe Martin in Nanaimo was something in the nature of a polilir.il fake,
gathered up by his political enemies,
The Nelson Miner will commence lhe
publication of an evening edition next
mon ih.
It is Umc that lhe strict censorship in
Africa be raised, Tbere are too many
people interested hi the fate of those
fighliug iu that country to suppress the
Crnnbrook started afler another school
room and leather last Wednesday tuning  by  holding  a  public meeting  and
sending telegrams to the government
authorities ut Victoria. A Becond meeting was held Thursday night, and Fri
day Premier Semlin telegraphed: "Se*
cine room and hire a teacher." The
Cranbrook way is all light.
Thursday*! Municipal I. la Hans.
Mr. John Houston was elected mayor
ol Nelson, over Frank Fletcher, by a
majority of 11 The aldermen elected
are: A. I,. McKilop, Dr. I* C. Arlhur,
W. Irvine, Dr. G. A. U. Hall, W J. Wilson ami Chris Morrison. Mr. Mortison
is a brothcr-iti law of the principal of onr
pnhlic school, Mr. John Simpson.
Mr. A, S. Goodeve wss ic elected
mayor of Rossland by a majority of 54
Councilineu elected are: C. R, Hamilton,
John Dean. Hector McRae, A. A. Ma.-
kenzle, J S. Clute. Jr., and Geo, Talbot.
In Greeu wood the successful candidates
arc: For mayor, Thomas Hardy was
re-elected by a majority of 45 Aldermen—C.   S. Galloway, P. P, Sharpe,   11.
A. Banuermau, James Sutherland, p. s
Sullivan, ami C II. Cropley.
Grand Forks re-elected Lloyd A. Mail
ley mayor by a mnjotlty of 13—the unlucky number Indicating thai there is
trouble ahead for Mr, Mauley, at least,
some superstitious people will say so,
Aldermen elected are: [|. A. Ili-ndir-win,
W. II. Daves, P, S. McCallUttt, W, ti, C
Mauley, j. Donaldson and K. Harvey,
nnd eold, ho thnt Lake Ittiro
was frozen to iui almost unprecedented -.nun i-aug  'an
distance from the shore. The long-hur* ku \bo.\\ ai|) m
bor of Parry sound was n ihtzzllng belt u[usuiu.kI ju in
oj thick glare Ice, nud from the mouth
Of h« steamboat channel tlio gTCflt
(leorjjlan bay stretched out to north,
west nml soulh, white nml atlll to the
very horizon.
As Hu- iee uas in perfoof condition
for skntlnff, 1 he harbor was usually well
sprinkled with moving figures on flm1
n'li-ninons, and I wns generally among
lhe skaters.
One day, as I walked down  to tho
landing, l noticed thai the west wus
dark with ominous-looking gray clouds,
among whieh the sun was already disappearing. A fresh norfchen&t wind
blew down the sound, and this decided
me to take thc south channel, in or-
:ler to hnve the breeze at my back.   As
uodo ai|j oi ssau
jiMlllin- Dtp 0) si! Hav.
01O.VV ll.-.lo t|ll-W M.i] JO
nl u uo 1110.11- hi patuaas
I im1 'os 'a'iiio |ox ')|U]Jq aqi jo
ipaiueiamuuauioa llltll I P«V  'Jam*
piltJ[lU|AVJOJnOJ flll'l[8|UQiBU UU |UIM*|
1 pun lapifl ai|i ajojoq tpfpi flu-numi
( M9M BAioinq Liaddua-o»p|,v\ -osnudxa
siioijuj 'a'^iii 'Snmuddo .'Hi 'puuj in
pin!*ijo| pun \i\3\i 01 a't»[d uozojj isu.\
Bill—Diiaas amqu ai|| am piiMoqs nnu
|t|3|| i\m\ JO |.ms  |U|.«J   ii  BAUfl 'spno|.>
j uiip ai|  uappp)  qJ9uoi|i 'uoout aqx
■am ajojaq tt\Zu fln|rtnnoj pun
Su[A*oat| bu.u uoann .t^ti'i jo.mhi.w jjjup
oi{j puu'-(laq-aoi att*. jooSpoai[» |u pa.ijj
•JII pUl] J     U.1Z0.1J A'l|Ol|«  ion sii.w A'uq
, •)i|1L"inuJiai|ip,Mi!A!pA'||iii:i*iiiipiii| 1-
I *JlM*i.L .HU .UUIM Ull!|JIU)
sjifj pujqoq ntojji '8ap[ftai[jmo.ij paao
I itaoq put* uiuiJit.) "fjauin u j| su'juojj
A Call Solicited
S S G. H. Miner
1 1 l*v««*
ReQUeil Throii|{'iout
One of tlie Mont Ciniiftirlnhle
IluteUtll Rnal Kootenny,
Newly l''iniiislicil
for returning, the wind might be ex- j „, _],, ,ull lU!(„| v ,„ '^xti]*. |no sow
peeled -to go down as evonlngndynneed. 1 u;,,|(| ,,lll(i„ ,;,,, JQJ t4D80[a l[0nm ttoz
The Ice wus superbly smootti, nml thc i .]JOq j[,iup aqj Atns i 'pa«A\.ioj flup[oo*j
wind so strong that I went, flying down   .pacidoj-jiojojaqanj pnsputi n.wopSuna
the channel at great speed; The dark.   SUM j .p,,,,,,,^^ , .[WOds Jim qoaqa 01
heavily wooded shores streamed  past    (J *saBp|.ta}iiiJ-oAii.ttin|.u p^njaas
[ke a pnnornma. I did not realize tli
full force of the gale hehlnd me, for
there te n sort of Intoxication In rapid
motion tbroiij-h Llio open ,iir, und J
skated  faster ami  faster, without the
lenst thoughl of danger or sensation of
faflgne. It wns as if I moved by pure
I did not. notice the passage of time,
hut In wliutscemedamarvulonsly short
period I found myself rounding the
blill! bend nf Parry Island, and coming out upon liheopen lake Itself. There
I looked at my watcht nn It was five
pint jaqSnoj awxB ooj aq-j .uuii .muss
oqi |\* *auoq)[3Uq A.i.n ami 01 joAiqi n
luos inqj pi'*"l" imno3 flnjauoj nutus 11
p.ni,iq 1 uoq.w w.t||iu vi lll['|i n*'0U1 P38J3
-aiui puq 1 mqi qunii 1 pun 'nopfmij
S|l|l tl| SlIOtB IIAVO|q s-liu [ .llioq llll .lllllli
ao,.} •a'u.w. .Cm 111 sum nirmisqa ou in\\
■jaiiiiui.iu.i 01 A*|oM![ sijav
J BU UOii.HUlsqn ipns .i.<i|[o .10 aflpjj
a'uu   -Cq 11.wo.Mi1 ji   iqfljaino p,inp[ .10
89013SUDS p3>|.WU)| 0q   \"l(|l!'|n.|(l   pjnoqs
1 lirqi aflpaiMOtp) ||uj rn ssattJianp aqi
qjinojqi 110 \\.i|| 1  |,i.\  pun Wuutu»uq
o-clMkTdec^^ s"" "    ,pMdi ,pn"
i||mn|ilii>!i|k)i!iml1lH>Tii.(,(nni ,u  Bttm*io pautnoap man put, i
[ hnd never before> slutted npon the uo(Ta ^       | ^
epeii reaches of the Cleorginn bay. nnd '
huil not Imngineil Hint Hie ice eould be
llent.    I   knew Hia!   usually  It (,m, ,|„, rrnn| nf iny pilot skat1""-'"-"-
fe.   The
h the
was cracked nnd ridgy, because the ln-
ceRMint moi ion of Ute water prevented
It from freezing smoothly, but now it
was almost as glassy as the Ice on the
harbor it.self.
Away I flew, dellghfcd. Once T was
clear of the island, the gale struck me
with increased strength nnd so greatly
accelerated my speed that I was quite
two miles from kiml before   i   took   pe(rtBl, ,„„, , „,,s ,,,,,,,„,, ,„ tj
thought, and began to fear trouble In I „,„■ hi,-,,,-, „1M
■was thickly covered witli
flakes drove through the n
speed and sting of arrows, but I turned
my back on them, and stretched nut on
the ice—to die. as [ ImngtHned.   f did
not feel flint I Imd energy enough to
get lo iny feet, even to save my life.
Tt djrl nol seem so-cold now.  I began
to feel drowsily comfortable, and sus>
regaining shelter in the teeth of the
wind. So I circled about to the right.
faced toward the shore—and stopped
short! The gale iin*! me liken wall.
It was impossible for mo to sknto
against it.
I took u few vigorous strokes, but in
vain. When 1 tried to stand still [ went
sliding nway before the wind. Again
and again I renewed the struggle, desperately exhausting .myself. Every bicyclist, knows the hcnrt-lircakingstrain
of riding against a head wind, but this
wns worse, for I was not able to advance
even n yard. Indeed, I actually lost,
ground, I ••■ould slop myself only by
sitting down, and that was whal I did.
] wns not then much alarmed. It.
seemed absurd to suppose lhat an nble-
bodled and active young man would be
prevented from crossing two miles of
ice'by wind power nlone. Could I not
"tuek" to right and left, and thus beat
up through the storm?
I got up, and began to skate vigorously in a southeasterly direction, bearing
to the east, SO thai the wind blow upon
my right side, or upon my "went her
how." Por some minutes all seemed to
go well. 1 held my head down nud
traveled as fnat as was possible. Hut
when I made ready to "go about" upon
the olher tack, aud looked to sec what
progress I hnd made. I was horrified
to find 1 had been blown so fur to leeward ns to be quite half 11 mile fjini
titer from shelter than before.
1 tried to rectify Hie error by striking
out Btrongly northeast to north, but
the force of lhe storm would not even
allow nm to turn at right anglers to Its
course, I was gradually and Imperceptibly driven to veer ivcstwurd. The
gale seemed to gain strength overy moment. In ten minutes another half
mile seemed lost, and the headland nf
Parry island began to grow* ful ill in
dis to neo nnd gathering twilight.
I now fell, myself to be at tin* mercy
of the wind,  Then* was no abatement
in its violence as night drew 011. ll
blew Inexorably with a steady, great
prewure, bringing a fow grains of dry
Minw, that slid swiftly like sund along
the ice. So long iw I remained nn
my feel I wns borne farther nud farther from shore, in splleof over*, effort.
Ii was bitter cold, the flying grains of
snow cut when 1 faced them,nnd I wtf
down once more, wilh my buck to Ibe
weather, nnd tried to think ofa plan for
saving my life.
The prospect was terrifying. 1 hod
proved unable to make headitgalnal the
storm. The ice was so smooth Hint
I eould not walk ou Itwltih my skates
off. 1 could not sit still und wnli for
Hie weather to moderate, lest I be
frozen solid in a few hours. The one
active thing [ could dn was to run
Btrulghl before the wind.
and didn't much
1 could for awhile feel the snow beating Incessantly on my face and shoulders, for I wns in n sort of doze, but not
wholly unconscious. Presently the
snow ceased falling I hist count nf the
lapse of lime, bul 1 was suddenly
awakened by a heavy blow, as if a plank
had fallen across my body. I came to
myself in an Instnnt,and on raising my
head found myself completely Imbedded iu snow,
I wns not particularly eold now, nnd
the queer, niinili feeling in my legs was
gone I could hear the roaring of the
storm outside, nml began to realize that
the thin, flying snow had needed only
such nn obstacle as my body to form n
very respectable drift, nl the bottom of
which I was interred, and which had nr*
rested the freezing process.
As I thought nf this, another dull
thud sounded upon the top of my
sepulchre, I sol up with some difficulty, threw the snow aside, and looked
I realized iu in moment*whnf had occurred. The wind hud shifted from
east of north to west of north, ami
under Its influence massive billows
were now rolling on the western edge
of my peninsula, ISow nnd Ihen a crest
of a breaker, blown bodily off by the
gale.would fnll with a resounding crash
fnr up on the ice. Without doubt, it
was such nn event thai had awakened
me, nnd jnst In time, for it way certain
that the lee nbout me would soon be
breaking tip.
I jumped up nud struck out. With
the new direction of the wind, I knew
thnt I was saved. 1 could not return to
Parry sound, bul Pfcnetnn-gtilsliene nnd
Midland lay IS miles down 1 he const,
and w ith tlie gnle at my back* I fancied
that il would be easy to cover lhat distance.
II wns not so easy as I had Imagined.
As Ihe sounds of crushing nnd rending
iee died nway behind, I found myself
weak and wenry. My legs ached, my
back a.hrd. my head ached. I would
have given worlds lo sit down and rcsl
-ihe one Ihing which I dnrcil nm do.
Snow rolnrded me slightly, loo, though
it was n men* thin. hqrry1tig,*ourrylng,
loose layer, except where occasionally
eollecled as a drift by some slight obstacle,
1 need ik t, however, describe the torture nf ihnl 15 miles' skating, Had It
not been for the good wind pushing behind. I must have dropped by the way.
lAi ii was. I was Imlf flend and two-
thirds uiieonselons when I saw the electric lirghts of IVnefnnguIshone shining
on the sky neross Christian Island,-—
Youth's Companion.
Henrt  lliitiin*r.
The rain fell sullenly. Truck horses
plodded along the sodden   street, pa-
V'miDccur & Son, Props.
Craubrook, B, C.
For© Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
McVittie St Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE jt jt jt
Q   0   Cranbrook, B. C
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Pianino; Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & lliircl, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every-
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
[T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife anil thc bachelor should ileal with him,   It will pay Ihem.
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
I'cj-iilar   Staj-e   to   Kimberley
Trnms ami drivers fnruishcd fnr nny
point in tin; distiii't.
Manager   Jt    jt
W. F. QURI), B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Crnnhruok,       :      :        Drills') Columbia
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
Wc have in stock a few
Black, all wool Pilot cloth overcoats, $14.00
Also, all wool pea jackets, same cloth,   9.00
^•^Clothing at a big reduction.^ S
Stores al   ran bro ck, Pir.chci reek and Macleod
Commercial Hotel...
....J. F. & 0. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors  at the  Bar
I'V'I1""')' V'Pnr.",'^1r'.'nr':"T'^rirT"'i!
i.ijL IiL-JlLIl'J'^JL'jLI .iLdLLii
p-^r1-^ rY^r^ir^ rT^p^o mm F^r?1! p*?i f-^
E The Beet Slock, the Most Satisfactory Prices, and
H Flrst-ClasB Work.      Repairing Neatly Executed.
a a
B. G Furniture &
Undertaking Co,
il'imiiiklitrcrs of all Kinds of ,„'*•*
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer*;.
Perdue Block. Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
| East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards i
Proprietor ::: :::
Thir. ImtL'l litis lioen refuted nnd refurnished,    The tBble
is tbe best,    Satisfactory rules given regular boarders.
Baker Street
Cranbrook, B.C
H. I- Cummins, C. B.
Port Steele, ll 11.
w; ii. ii<m. ii. w. limnniiKii
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
ioiiclt^Etc. |Q. L- HILLIARD,
llai/k nf Commerce 1.1.1k. UKAKMtOOK i QCflCrfll
i House and Lot in Cranhrook
This wns not no Insnnon proceeding na   tlently, henvlly
ii might nppenr.   Wlnrton,Owen sound I    Olntlyrs He Vere stood nl thc window
nnd Mendford nil Inyopposltemencross j looking owl nn a-sloppy nnd   dismal
the hay. nnd 1 mlghl find lee on whioh I world.   Thc   loneliness   of   tho   dny
tn sUalc the wholes distance of nlioul .-ill    weighed on lier soul,
mil-'*, thus converting tiio wind from n I    "I ntn heart, hungry,"   sho  sighed.
Ine Into an ally.   Thnt there might ho   "Aye. heart hungry."
open water In the middle wns true, but      Hut whut was the use? There would 	
T lit'lh'veili ihe liny to he- fro/en over.      be liver for breakfast just, thosamo.— '
Al any rate ihere was left lo me no   Indianapolis Journal. |    Plve rooms, pnntry, eellsr nnd lnrge
course bul that of speeding beforo the . •  j shed; for rent. f,ia per month, or for
gmloi so 1 struck out across the too ntn Very nnay, 'snle,  $550,  $25 rasn, bnlstico $15 per
swinging pneo, which was rapidly no- Anxious Mother -I don't understand month. Advertiser will rent house*- or
(■derated. I now fvlt the wind's force how it is, fieri le, Hint you ore nl tho stores in Cranlirdoli, Moyie Fertile, Port
only, inasmuch nn I wns conscious of   bottom of yonr clnss, Steele or KlmherlOy, forielitor purehnse
the very slight effort with which I      Dortle* I don't iimloratnnd It myself;   „„ cnsy lerms    Apply, p, o. box 115,
moved   at   extraordinary velocity.      1    hut I know It's dreadful easy.—Tit-Hits.   C; mil.rook, II. C.
Promptly Attended tc.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hold is Spell lic.lli dny and * The North Slar Hotel is the large and
nlglit.   The har k<""1» arc lirst class, * magnificent hotel at Kimberley that
ond thc dining room is in charge nf JJ is jnst finished nnd is furnished new
Thos. IHcCarson, and is second to none JJ1 throughout.    Everything in coniiee-
in the Koolenays.   Free sample rooms **} tion  is first-class.     When you visit
and thc host and i|uie[csl bedrooms iu "* Kimberley,  don't  forget   The   Nortli
the town.
Star Hotel. THE   HERALD.
A Lung >tr.-u li uf Wives.
1 know oiu' ■>>.mU nidtj whon wIvm
■tretch across 3uu miles uf OOUntry, with ft
gBOd wile has** \u a *.ua~i tuwii as nell.
This system of -judiulnusl; von-tucted nlll*
ftncts gives tin*- hlnolt trader a Sfotirlty
nothing t*lsn can, Im'susi' niitumlly he
mtirrles Into Influential faiuUles at each
Tillage, and all Ute wives' rolurtvea oo the
mothers' eldu regard hlm as one of theiu-
sohes and look after hlin and Lis Interests. Tliat emMirlty ean He lu women, es-
liei'iiilly ho many women, the so called
Civilized man may Ironically doulit., hut
tho HH'iirlty is there, and thero only, and
on a Kound LhihIs, for remember tho iiubI-
ttoti of a traveling trader's wife In a village te a I'lmitlwi that glvon the lady pres-
£tge, the illserei't lumlmml showing little
fuvui's to her fiunlly and frteinln if sho
iiHi.r- for them when ho In with htir. And,
then, aho Iihh not got thu Imthtir of having
a man nlWftyi about tho limine nnd llulile
0 get all HiirtH of Hilly notloni Into IiIh
head If  bIio Bponka to another wiitl-fiitm,
ami then go and Imparl those notions to
hor with ii outlnss or a kauetlgo, hh tho
juoro domi'Htlo IniHhiind, I am natural hy
him*k hidleN, Im prone to,—■■Travohi in
Went Afrh-a," liy Mury 11. KlngHloy.
Krltlt-tl llm lawyer.
on one occasion Lord Norbury observed
an attorney of -Imihtfiil repiitatlon touting
lu tho dock for builnOM and determhuHl to
make tin enoiltplo nt hlm, .Iimt as the attorney wax i-iiiiiHn-.' over iho ndte of the
duek Into tho court his lordship called out:
'Mailer, ono of your prisoners IsuHeap-
Ing.    I'm hlm hm*li."
Hark tho attorney was thrum, and the
following colloquy ensuetl:
"My lord, thoro Ihu mlMnke hero. I am
an attorney."
"I am very sorry Indeed-," said Ijord
Norbury, "to twa ono of your iirofusslon tn
Iho ilnok."
"lint, my lord, lam Innocunt."
"Yen, they nil sny that," wns the
Judge's reply. '' A jury of your own follow
countrymen must Bottle it."
"Hut, my lord," exclaimed the now
desperate man, "(horo Is no Indictment
•gainst mo!"
"Then/' mid bis lordship, "you will bu
put hack, and if no one appears to prosecute,  you  will  lie discharged   hy  publio
vroclntuatlon at the end of thu assises."■
Row a Drunken Husband Wat Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wit*
She writes:—"I had for a long time been
thinking of trying the Samaria Proserin.
Hon treatment on my husband for hll
Irlnklng habit--, but I was afraid he would
Uscover that I was giving him medicine,
ind the thought unnerved ine. I hesitated
tor nearly a week, but one day when he
same home very much Intoxicated and
his week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
iff all fear and determined to make an
iffort to save our home from the ruin 1
law coming, at all hazards. I sent foi
rour Samaria Prescription and put it In
his coffee as directed next morning and
watched and prayed for the result At
noon I gavo him more and also at supper.
He never suspected a thing, and I then
boldly kept right on giving it regularlv.ai
t had discovered something that set every
nerve In my body tingling with hope and
happiness, and I could see a bright futun
ipreid out before me—a peaceful, happj
home, a share ln the good things of life, at
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything elso dear to a woman's heart
tor my husband had told me that whlskej
was vile stuff and he was taking a dlsllkt
to it. It was only too true, for before 1
bad given him the full courso he hod stopped drinking altogether, but I kept glviii**,
the medicine till it was gone, and then sent
for another lot to have on hand If ho should
relapso, as ha had done from his promisei
before. He never has, and I am writing
you this letter to tell you how thankful 1
am. I honestly believe lt will oure thi
worst cases."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope.
sent free, giving testimonials and full in*
formation, with directions how to tako or
administer Samaria Prescription. Corre-
■pondenee considered sacredly confidential. Address The Samaria Remedy Ca,
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont
Children** liner*.
The'tiivorite position of yonug children
seems to he kneeling. Thoy kneel Cor
thetr games nnd for nil kinds of amuse*
monts, They are still in iheir "sock"
stage of existence, so how do the little
knees fare? from kneetlng on nil kinds
•jf surfaces tho knees become rough und
grimy. Tho use ot the unllbrush ot I'lini-
fce stone is torture, nnd yet washinj* in
the ordinary way does not remedy ihem.
It Is u good plan to make n pad of two or
three thicknesses or llannel about three
Inches square*, Buttonhole the edges together mu) nm i.e ii loop to bang the pnd
up by.
A gentle rubbing with this ni-Jit nud
morning, using Bonn and warm wnter,
will keep the little knees soft nnd eleno
until the time comes for thein to be covered by Mocking!*.
r.ivc Pncii t niiii n Separate n**d.
Bach child should have n bed to himself nnd Bhould not  be deprived of thp
freidi nir by masses or bed draper*-*, which
mnv be very beniitlful, lint rtrlululy not
hetilihy. Bleeping rmmti ihmild he cool
snd eienti nml uul overcrowded with furniture. If children have wool sleeping
■uits. it win nol matter ■>-> much ir the
bedclothoi are kicked off. Nigh I dollies
Bhould always be U»e m the neck, wntit
and ni iiih, Ucdchilhcfl should he warm,
bul light, Heavy (iitintri-paiu-s should
linvi* no [iin ui children's beds
Inn   1 It I iim,
Miss lllttH -Mo hiiuiorlsts ever disks
JoltOi nl their own oxpotiiol
Mr. Kumtoil—Suro. All jokes tha
piililMirn dccllno arc nt tbeir own ex*
|MiiiHe.—Chicago News.
New Hope for
Oanoer hns for so mauy ages boon considered nn Uicuiahle .li-vus**  that  to tulk BOrl-
pusjy about it seems like monkery. But such
te the advance ol medical solonce iu these
hitter days, thnt thing-- that were Impossible
in oui* fathom' time ate cjylto possfblo now.
The knife, the cautery, the plaster imd tho
pasto have had their turn, und nil have proved
dismal failures, und their failure 1* duo to
the fact that cancer is not a lucid but a constitutional disease. The advent of our vono**
table unncor Ouro marked a now om in the
treatment of malignant growtha. It brought
now hopes to hundreds who shrank from tho
Hitrj*eini'-i knif*1. witli Its dangers und Hs dis-
appointments. Tho many wo havo cured
here in Canada, and whoso names and addresses wo will cheerfully give, Is demon-
titration that removes every shadow of n
doubt us to tho ellleuey of our treatment.
Bond your nnme and address, enclosing
two Blfltnpe- and wo will mall you in plain
onyolopo our ttenttso and testimonials,  Do
not delay In this matter, for every duy h do.
[uy make*-, your caso harder to euro. B1OTT
A jntY. Howmanvlllc. uul,
Cured of Anthills After Eight Yean ot
Almost Omul mil Suffering—t-*h« titty*
the AbHulnle Fne-dura From th*
Dltcue Snuii Llll* mnrtMm-(.lwke'i
Kola Coupuuutl Cores.
Mrs J, Wise, Mt Pleasant, Va&conver, B. 0.
*rltwi: "I have bean a great uuff«rar from
bronchial uthma fur th* past eight year.**,
many times having to sit up nearly all night.
Through the advice uf a friend who had been
cured hy Clarke'* Kola Compound, I rasolved
aaalsst resort to try it. The first bottle did
nut relieva me much, hut before I had finished
the third bottle, the attacks ceased altogether,
nud during the past six months of damp and
cold weather have not had a tingle attack. It
seems something liko a dream to be free from
this worst of all diseases after so many yean of
suffering. 1 have, since my recovery reootm-
nu'iiiVd this remedy to others Buffering as I
was, nnd know many others in this city whom
it linn cured. 1 eonBlder It amarvclousremcdy,
nnd would urge aa.v person suffering from this
illsr-iouto try It."
A free siunple bottlo of Olarke'S Kola Compound will tie Milt tn anv [i.-rsiin who ha*
aatluan, mention in* Hi a unper. Address I In
lirltllilH  &   Miii-iilii*rM..ii   Cu,   ■■.[.■   I'litiuill-iii
Agents, l-'t < huieli street, Toronto, tint.
I'lnrlii-.'s Knln '".ihi-.nmi.iil mIihhI'I not he confounded wlh tin* ntlier K 'In iirt'iuiriiiii'iiaon
(he mm km, as thN -s altuget'icr " iltlTeri'nt
lirepiiriitloii.ili-HlKinili'il iupt i inllv tm* ihe cure
of tUthnia, AlldrugalBtBjirlvow.'Oiwrbottie.
rtinkfl lletgarsaf Men.
Walter Uesant iny at—-
"I have before me tho :i7tli itnnnnl re-
port ot tbe Society for Promoting the
Km ploy ment ot Women. I tun sorry In
li-iirii from this report that thu dommid
for women clerk- aud 1>onkkvo[!orH Ib on
tho lnereitse.
"At thu same time I nm Informed in
other quartert thnt thnuaatiila of men
clerks tiro tnun i'l tig tho streets of London, wearliiK out shoe leather lu going
ni■ nnd downstairs In tb* weary work of
trying tn Hnd plnona.
"Tbey And Insteud women doing tbo
wi.rk, which should keep them nnd their
wlvos, for hulf the pay. Ouo has no objection to women doing men's work If
they got men's pny. They mny even keep
the men In idleness, If they please, like
the laundresses.
"How shall wo make these promoters
understand the cut-throat policy of pushing women ln everywhere at half or
qunrtor tha pay, nnd driving the men
nhrnad"' Hdwever, there are othor nnd
moro satisfactory features about this report.
"In tho lower walks something has
heou done hy the society ln getting
placci for women ns hairdressers—will
they ever become such admirable artists
ln this wnlk as the men?—In finding
cook<- nnd woilresse*-, and ln getting
temporary work of nil kinds for women.
"But thn numbers ond figures given
demonstrate thnt the work of the society
Is but a dron In the ocean. We hnve
40.000,01)0 of people, with 30,000,000 of
women and girls, nnd nil wbo are past
thc nge df l'i, with an Insignificant
minority of about 500,000, are clamoring
for work."
Perfumed Foods.
Tht food of the gods in the Greek Olympus la described as sweeter tban honey,
and of a most luscious fragrance; also li
was a restorative. Apollo, In tho "Iliad, ".-
saves the body of Hnrpedonis from putrefaction by tbo application of ambrosia,
Iu the "jEneld" Venus heals tho wounds
of her son by this perfumed food, and It is
said that Uenilce, wife or Ptolemy Hoter,
tasted of tt and was saved from death.
Tho goddesses used It for the toilet when
they wished to appear specially oaptlvatlng
•—Juno whon shu adorned herself to meet
Jupiter, Venus when she presented herself to iKneas, and Psyche when her henrt
palpitated at the coming of Cupid.
The Kplcureans thought that perfume
mixed with their wine enabled thom to
drink mote plentifully, without leaving
111 effects. Not tho Kplcureans only, hut
the Bncohuntes, mingled honey and a
fragrunl Infusion of flowers In their wine
cups. In tbe cast perfumed sherhets are
much appreciated, na well AS highly scent-
%*i cake*, and loiwiiges.— London Society.
First Man DrfMUBktr,
One duy ln IT'10 a bountiful carriage appeared on thc bouleviird of Purls with nil
v-scutcheon lu tho shape of n pulrof corset''
nnd an upon pnlr of scissors pAlntod on
the panel of each door. This was tho coat
of arms nf Hbotnberg, the first man who
made a name us n woman's dressmaker.
Rhomberg, who was the son of n Bavarian
pousaiit from thcnclghtwrhoodnf Munich,
owed hts rapid stieccss to his gonlus for
concealing aud remedying defect -* of figure.
Hejeft un nnnual Income of *i0,0(Ui francs
to hin heirs.
A Little Mlt«d.
An Kngllsh lndy tells of m real Mrs.
Partington. She walked Into tho office of
judge of jipilwte aud asked;
"Are you tho judge of reprohntes?"
'' I am tho judge of probate,'' was the reply.
"Writ, that's It, I expect," quoth thfr
woman. " You B*o, my hiiBbaud diod de
tested and loft me several little iufldelft,
and I want to b* appointed their *iecu-
Hunar   '
Tb* Parisian Andleac*.
"Were you present when that witness testified III the IM-eyftia case?"
''Yes. It was ItiBpirlUK. His enunciation wub good, his gestures superb aud
bis coattltnQ appropriate."
"ltut did be (ell the truth?"
"Why, yon don't expect oue to notice
everything, do you r" - Washington
Soni* Odd Names,
The mo-i suggestive and Inviting
mime I saw wai that or a druggist
iu North Dakota. It was L. H. Welcome, his (li-Kt mime being Urlas.
Across the street was another man
witb a funtiy nnme. He bore Ibe
euphonious cognomen ,lohn Htonc-
pounder. In tbu next (owu I fouud a
mun wbo wns ho fat that tbe name of
Abraham Cm in packer seemed especially llttlng. Hut tbere waa a woman
In the town wbo went hlm one belter.
Her inline was Ktully Kreehbread.
In the neii towu 1 got eo Interested
lu queer names tbnt I Boon heard of
a speedy Individual called Sarub Deer*
hoof. In tbnt flame town there Is a
mnn mimed Henry BookBtruck. Ever
nfter that 1 wan on the lookout On the
train I met David Newanlt and Millie
Ncwlove. The man with the most
warlike nnme 1 ran against was Abraham Saltpeter. In one town 1 found
a mnn wbo bad a very poetic name.
Il was Seabrlght Buubloom. But tbe
Inst name 1 struck finished me. It
seemed like a direct command to cease
iny sacrilegious monkeying witb people's names. I took It as a warulug
nud quit. A. Qulcktlnlsh. And wbnt
do you suppose bis partner's nnme
was?   It was W. K. Gofortb.-St. Paul
Ml* n*pt>rtorr>
"What hnve you been playing during
your present tour?"
"We played 'Hamlet' and 'King Lear'
on the stage," answered Mr. Storming-
(on Hurtles.
"Were there no comedies In your
"Only oue. When we (.nine to count
up tbe box ofllce receipts, It was usually
'Much Ado About Nothing.'"-Washington Star.
ti si,.,
"Do not drift Iuto the criti :ii   babh
Tltes    Huth   Ashmore    Ui   tli*   Lndtei
me Journal. 'Have uu opinion and a
nsihie one, anout avotythtng, but when
you com.* to Judge people, rememl ft that
jou see very lutle c( what thej rr«11t
nre, unless vau winter and mm Tier rnri:
them Find the kindly, lorabls ratrr-?
it the mnn who know-. I title ol tmofcl
Look for the bsBUtilnl Belf lacrlflci? n i de
dally hy some woman who know; ■••tli
ing ubout pictures and tcarh yoc,t->e I
day in und day out to look tor ihe best
in everything, it Is the every .lay joys
and sorrow-, my denr uirl, that goto
make up Hie. It Is nm the oue great -o
row, nor tl-e ono lotanss Joy, It te the
iccunintutlnn of the little oue* that eon
-tl'iit" living, so do not be critical nl
thn little faults, and do he quick to tinl
the little virtues nnd to praise them, ;: i
maoh that Is goud in peoplu diet [ur
want of enoourngemeut. A* l snid h>*
fore, have nn opinion, nnd a well
thought out otic, about everything Ihnl
Domes lutu your life, but do nut have
too many opinions about people, 'llielr
hearts are not open bocks, and n« you
musl he Judged yo'irsi'lt some tiny, glvo
them the kindest Judgment now,"
liitpurlnul In Dunlin*'*'!  H liitlmi n.
Griffiths' Menthol Llnlinanl is a oom*
nii*u* repair i.ii for damaged wheelmen.
It removes iho kink tn tne musoles, and
soreness after a lorn* rlde,aod leul Bpeolni
value for Sprains, Uralses, etc. it relieves
thn pnlns and aches the minute applied
All druggists, 9Q otmts
Cheerful ( brUilniiity.
There Ir still existing a manuscript
letter written hy sir Thomas More to
his wife, Alvi'i', when the news enme to
htm that hts great mansion at I'hpslu,
with its offices and huge granaries, had
heen almost entirely destroyed I y lint.
Instead of lamenting over his loss, he
hlds her first "find nut IT any poor neighbors had stored their oorn hi the granaries," and if so, to recompense thom.
Secondly, to dtschnrgo no servant until
he have another abiding plaoo' and lastly, to "be of good oheoro, and take nil
tho household with you to church, and
thero thank Rod for what He hath
given ns nnd what Ho  huth left «*•."
He Urges her, ''I pray ynu, Alyrp,
with iny children t:i bo merry In   God,"
Most of us, If wo had lost property
and home, woulU think we did well If
we were patient under God's will; hut
to be cheerful, and oven "merry" In
Him, is almost a forgotten gracn.
"Why," ask id a Hindu sage, "why nre
the Christians melancholy num. If I believed ns they sny, that thu grent God
wns my Father and that Ills Hon wns
my Elder Hrother, I should not groan
though I lost n few bushels of wheat, or
eveu an eye. I should ho of all men
most happy andgny. Thoy do not believe
whnt they say."
Paul In prison, knowing that death
ln Its most painful shone might be near,
could exhort his frlen ■■* not only to bo
patient, hut to ' rejo.;e lu the Lord al-
way. And again I sny," he adds, urgently, "Rejoice."
Most men will laugh when they nre
welt-fed nnd tin Ir lives arc comfortable,
but It Is u, different thing to sing In
prison, or when one's home Is burning
to find time to he kind to the poor nnd
"merry in God," like old Plr Thomas
More. —Youth's Companion.
CLE AH HEAD—The high pressure of a
nervous life which busiuess men of the
Sresent day are coufctrniiiud to live makes
raughts upon their vitality highly detrimental to their health. It Is only by the
most careful treatment that they aro able
to keep themselves alert nnd active ln
their various callings. Mnny of Ihem
know the value of Farmelce's Vegetable
Pills lo regulating the stomach and consequently keep the head clear.
Jeriiair-nn Gut Some.
They were sitting ou tbe beach trying to catch whnt the wild waves wer*
"I dearly love tbe wa," said the first
sweet girl us she Kneed at the billowy
"Ob, what's tbe use?" replied the see-
oud sweet girl. "You know the attempt to extract gold from It wns a
iim* tiii|iii-»i linuitiiage.
Mrs. Average iivadlngl—Professor
Garner Is about t" issue his work
descriptive of the Inuguaite of monkeys.
Mi*. Average— I'm sorry to heat* that.
it won't be hmg before the scientists
will be saying that all language Is derived from monkeys, nud then they'll
be revising our dlctlonalres to give nil
words the tnii* original monkey pronunciation.—New Vork Weekly.
The Coming Suitor.
Btranger—1 have come, sir, to marry
your duuuhter.
Millionaire -l*h.'   \Vhn,'~
Strnngot'—A million or lwo will he nee*
essury to make us comfortable, nnd of
onm-80 you will Rive il. Shall I lenve my
satchel here while I go to present myself to your daughter?
Millionaire (bewildered)—Have yon
credentials tn your sntehel?
Strnngor—No* nothing but dynamite,—
New York Weekly,
Have thoir blood enriched, their
heart strengthened and their
cheeks rosy by using Hllbura'a
Heart and Nerve Pills.
InRufflciont quantity or poor quality of
the blood Is ono of the evil rosulls that
usually follow any derangement of the
If the heart becomes weakened In any
way It emitiot pump tha blood to the lungs
as it should, thero to be purified and impregnated with tho life-giving oxygen.
As a residt tht
blood deteriorates.
It loses its nourishing, vitalizing,
henlth-giving qualities. The faco becomes pale, thin
and waxen, the lips
bloodless, the hands
and feet eold.
There is weakness, tiredness,
shortness of breath and palpitation. When
those suffering from thin or watery blood
start'taking Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills tbey are assured of a cure. Every
dose acts on the heart itself, causing it
to beat strong, steady aud regular.
Every dose, too, introduces into the
blood those vital olements necessary to
make it rich and red.
Soon the pnlo cheek takes on the rosy
hue of health, there is strength instead of
weakness, energy nnd activity take the
place of tiredness and lassitude.
Miss M. Skulllou, 60 Turner Btreet,
Ottawa, Ont., Bays: "I was grently
troubled with my heart, together with
extreme nervousness for many years.
These complaints brought about great
weakness nnd feeling of tiredness. My
blood was of poor quality, so muchsothat I
heenmo pnlo And languid. Milburn's
Heart and Norvo Pills cured me after all
olso failed. Thoy built up my system,
enriched my blood, strengthened my
nerves and restored me to health."
Couldn't sleep at night
with the torture.
■.I  11i.i
Eczema, or Salt Rheum as it Is
often called, is one of the most
agonizing of skin diseases, nothing
hut torture during the day and twofold torture at night.
But there's a remedy permanently
cures the worst kind of Eczema—-
relieves the itching, burning and
smarting nnd soon leaves the skin
smooth and healthy.
It is Burdock Hlood Hitters.
Mrs. Welch, (ireenbank, Ont.,
liietl it and here is what she says:
"B.B.B. cured me of Ecxetna three yean
abound I hiive had no return ot it since,
I WOs to bad that 1 could not bleep nt night
with it.
"itrioff told or n.R.R i uieii It, and two
*>o tiles made n perfect and permanent cure.1
Dewey searfplus are o( dull gold
nbout ibe bIso uf a Hi goldplpoo, with I hi
admiral's head upon the obrerse.
tin ml bo tin*!) -maineled Hhk or shield
buckles attached to crush silk belts of
red, white and bluo rlbbonjire grently in
evidence. .J^
The Cushion of Qit(K ^^rulil** nnd
nihil stones with hifc'h ramnsMuni, or en
eiilioelioil.   Increases   nml   LOioU'il   ill  tlm
costliest of gems.
A Columbia or Shamrock Bpoon hns s
ynclil iu the howl uml the tiuuie of ths
vessel mnl crossed dolphins on the handle, with (he America's cup iu miniature
ui the top.—Jewelers' Circular.
Vegetable l'illn nre very mild in Iheir notion.
They do not euuw griping iu the stofUuch or
cause ilisiurtmiiee*- the a* us so intiliy liilli* do.
Therefore, the most delicate enn take thom
without four of unpleasant result**. They
can, too, bo administered to children without
Imposing iho penalties which follow the uso
of [liHn not so carefully prepared.
Mll-tlc mnl the Ml lilt.
All mon who have nny appreciation of
music feel prompted ti step In time lo
a march tune, ami mimic on the march
therefore substitutes a new nnd plea-
stintor stimulus to.exertion for the inane-
tonous nnd somewhat dreary one of keeping plnoe lu the ranks. It Is well kuown
thut weurlnes.- In.its u rule, more a matter
of mind tlmn of body, and thnt- the mus-
rh'H of the horjy da uot tiro half ku soon
as the nerve centers which move thom.
Music, by bringing u fresh nerve center
Into play, will often bunish nil sen<te of
wenrlneBK, nnd will oven sniootlme-i
nlt'nnl rest to the usual nerve o*nn*r. so
that when the music ci'iit*** the soldier
teete frecher thnt) hnfore It began. Why
men's limbs should tend to move to
music no nnu knows, hut it Isprut-tlcnlly
thc same thing nit ilnnclnp, and prohahly
hus to do with the Instinct all meu
display, that urges them to HRsoolnte
themselves with what Is hPHiillful In
nature nnd art.
"Thill's the test I enn do for you," said
lhe theatrical inn linger, "You've been
idle all season so far. Now, will you
siuy 1.1 ti* the rest or the season or lake
iliis small part'/"
"I'll take it," snid Lowe Comerdy. "In
this case n small role is better than a
whole loaf."—Cathollo Standard nnd
The neat demand for a pleasant, safe
and reliable antidote for all affections of
ths throat antl lungs Is fully met with ln
Bloklo's Antl-Consumptive Syrup. It Is
a purelr Vem-table Compound, and aots
promptly and magically in Bubdulng all
coughs, colds, bronchitis, inflammation
ot the lunge, eto. It Ib bo palatable tbat
a child will not refuse It, and Is pnt at a
Klco that will not exclude the poor from
benefits.    _    __
TOTALLY DEAF.-Mr. S.K.Crandell,
Port Perry, writes: "I contracted a severe
cola last winter, which resulted In my
becoming totallv deaf ln one ear and partially so ln tho other. After trying
various remedies, and oonrultlng several
doctors, without obtaining any relief, I
was advised to try DR. THOMAS' EC-
LKcn'KIC   OIL.   I warmed the oil and
fioured a littlo of lt Into my ear, and be-
ore one-half the bottle was used my
hearing was completely restored. I bare
heard of other uasea of deafness being
cured by the use of this medioine."
A Nut urn! Mlritak*.
''They are telling a funny Btory In one
of the big dry goods houses on Canal
street," snid it man nbout town. "A girl
clerk, according to the yarn, wns Belling
BOlile dress goods to a colored damsel,
while just around the corner, nt a notion
counter, another clerk was calling in*
eessuntly for cash boys, accompanying
ilu* summons by bentlng a tattoo on the
shelf with her lend pencil. 'Come along,
Four!' she would cry, 'rntn-tnt-tat! Come,
Seven! rntn-tnt-tat! Come, Eleven! rata-
lat-tat! Come, Six! rutn-tnt-tnt.' As thin
sound continued thc colored customer
pricked up her enrs and began to shift
nervously on her stool. Finally she
could stand It uo longer. 'Sny, miss,'
sho whispered hoarsely, leaning over the
counter, 'if yo' don' min tellin me, I'd
Inlke po'ful well Ier know whnr thnt
crnp game is er gwlne on!'"—New Or*
lea us Tluies-Democrn I.
A Shorthand T-fP-awrlt**,
A typewriter for shorthand that has
lately been Invented has only six keys.
The type or chnrncters are dots and
dnslicB, nud by ringing the changes
on these It Is possible to moke a loug
alphabet. The keys can be worked
simultaneously, the lines begin and end
automatically, aud a long roll of paper
can be used. It Is claimed tbat with
tbe help of this machine shorthand cal
be written et a very great speed.
Ki-plnlnlnir n Mrstery.
A voting man and woman In thli otty,
belonging to tne Snolety ol Friends, who
hnve  certified   their intention of  mar
riagu at the Olty Hull, aie having tu
undergo the regal'*r form which tht
society Imposes by waiting tor the approval of the monthly meeting before
they enn be married. The (lr-*t Btage ln
the proceeding** is for them hoth to nppear at the monthly meeting of the
society, whleh is the only time that any
business is done, aiui inake known their
Intentions. Thry hoth stand up before
the meptlug. and the mnn snysi "With
Ulvlne permission and tin* Friends' approbation I declare my Intention to take
this womnn (and bo onlls her name) to
ho my wife," nnd then thny sit down.
| But the enaction of the society for the
i marriage requires more than this form-
nitty. It te never granted unless both
: jiartles ar« Friends, and so If one of the
young people la out of the fold Hey hnve
to I-.* married without    the    formal    ap.
i prove! (,f ths society.
I When the approval Is seen rod the
' couple marry themselves, 'J ho ceremony
1 Is appointed by the society to take place
at some regular meeting, or etee at one
specially appointed. In the hitter case It
may lie at n honse wben* any one ol the
society hns tho right to he present, llut
the mosi Interesting oeremony is thnt
which takes pluee ln a regular nssombly
of the society at thu mooting house. Any
otm who has heen  to  a   Quaker Borvlca
knows the fashion of the meeting house,
Willi Its high seats ln front, feeing the
rem of the meeting. Tho elders usually
sit there, but when a couple of young
people are going lo get married they
have to occupy thtsoonsplauousplaoo,and
havo lo stand up bravely, without minister or elder, mul marry themselves.
Au old (Junker minister who suld he
hnd seen six couples stand up in this
way bef-jro the congregation was asked
why the young people had to dn it alone,
and he said It wns a matter that did not
concern an Intermediate person, hut rest
oil between themselves mul God, Thnn
he doserlh'ed how tlio young mnn would
stand up In that hlgh-perohed place In
the meeting house ilong with his bride,
ntul, taking her hand, sny: "In the
presence of God and this assembly, 1 tako
thee. A. B., to Iib my wife, promising to
be unto thee and atleotionate ami loving
husband until thn hand of tho Lord by
dfath shall soparate us." Tho bride then
(■■peaks In a similar fashion.
At tho end of this ceremony a minister prays or speaks, ami then, when there
is a pause and tho spirit moves no one
else, tbo meeting is adjourned. At tho
close of the meeting tho marriage cortlil-
eate, whioh Is made of parchment, is
brought forward, and any one can sign
It. A speolal law sanctions this marriage
ceremony. Thedornment,which amounts
to the legal sanction of the mnrrlagn, is
greatly prised among the desoendnuts of
Friends, so much so that the children
have often similar marriage o&rtlllcatfls
inane for themselves, though they may
bave been married outside of the society,
—Worcester (Mass,) (lazotto.
A Woman's wit.
Mnny of the first settlers or Illinois
were rude In speech ami rough In manner, monoy was scarce with thom. and
servlco was paid for In produce. Governor
I), used to illustrate these Incidents of
frontier lifo by tho following aneetlote:
One day wheu ho was n Justice of the
Pence there came to his ollice a young
man, accompanied by a young woman.
"lio you the si-uln*:*" asked tho manly
"Yes, sir.'*
"C'nn you tio a knot for us right
"Yes, sir."
"How much do yon charge!1"
"One dollar lu the legal fee, sir."
"Will you lake your foe In    beeswax!-"
"Yes, If you ain't pay cash."
"Well, go abend and tie the knot, and
I'll fetch lu the wax."
"No," said the squire, thinking there
was a good chance fnr a little (un:
' bring in the beeswax first, and then
I'll marry you."
Kelnctnntly tlie youth wont out ta
whero was hitched the horse upon which,
Darby nud .loan fashion, tho pair had
ridden, and brought the wax tn a Rack
On holng weighed, Iti value was found
ti ho only about half a dollar.
"Wai," said iho anxious groom, "tie
the knot und I'll fetch moro wax ne\t
"No, sir; I don't trust; that's agaln«t
the rules of my ollice."
h-'lowly the disappointed youth turned
to go out, saying: —
"Como. Hal- let'B go."
"I say, mister," answered Sal, with a
woman's wit, can't you marry us as for
ns the wax will go?"
"Yes, I can, and will," replied the
"squlrd," laughing', and bn did.
Fur j; ni HU I'lireel,
A rather unli-ne In-itanca of absent-
mindedness occurred tho othor evening on
the Jefferson avenue ear line.
The oar was well filled with passengers, and ns n stop wni mnde nt McDougail avenue a mnn stopped off the bnck
platform, where ho had been standing,
and tho enr moved on,
Instnntly n wild cry went up from the
lato passenger, which broadened Into a
howl of despair as the distance between
him and the trolley carriage widened,
As he shrieked he nlso ran and waved
his bands frantically. The conductor,
seeing tho shadowy form In the dimness
of the night, nnd bearing tbo unearthly
cries, pulled the bell strap and thus Induced the tnotormnn to halt, which ho
did with a jerk. The man ln pursuit
cams within hailing (H-i-mcu.
"What d'ye want?" --limited the puncher of pasteboard,
"I—want—th'—th*—lndy—lu thf-re,"
gasped tho man, swinging hi* hnt nt
the open car door. The car, having como
tn a dend standstill, a wonum arose,
deliberately walked out of tho car nnd
Was recti!fed by her breathless escort who
hnd so nearly left her to thu fate of
missing pnrcels.
Amid much laughing tho next mnn
who left the oar In company with n laiy
Insisted that Rhe walk In front of hlm
until safely nn tho ground.
He ICarnest-
Berlousneas of purpose aud 1-tfilriesa of
aim will make a man or a nation greut.
It was this which gavo tho old Puritans
the tremendous force they had, nnd mado
them such a power In history. They had
high thoughts of (ind, Ho wns extremely
renl to them. This mnde them terribly
In earnest, Wherever there is a faith
that takes firm bold of the unseen nnd
the eternal, there Is a strength before
which frivolity and falsity go down. Be
serious, bo In rnrnest, ho real, bo
straightforward nnd plain Spoken, He-
hold Und everywhere, and live true to
that beholdlne, daily Invlu-' and but-vlng
A Saw Way in l'n> ni-l n.-ht,.
I'm a dublur to my doctor,
Soi -, till »hould lunwded tn*,
For In Hut way Tin a Dr.
To my Dr., iltm'i yotiseet
-Now Vork Sunday Vorld.
Her Hear Frli-uiii.
Maud—Ei hi.-1 Gatltngborn married
Well, well! Shu Is one of the Iubc womci
In ihe world I ovoi expected to sec strnoi
by matrimonial lightning,
Irene—She wouldn't have heen onl;
sbe married a conductor.—Chicago Trlb
Ills Uloulfleatlon.
After the Ull ull nvei Un* tbia,
Where gult b tho prlnc*. ..r ihe fudi,
The hobo look.- ou and sjoilea at !.■■ i blnks
That ihu oaddlu-l run nfter Ihn i ad-!
__   --CM.-UK-, H<-enrd.
Full of Fight.
Friend—Well, is yuur loclety as aotlvi
as ever!
Prohibitionist—fee Indeed. We are p*e-
paring to carry tho war into Kentucky.—
Now Vnrk .Totirnal.
Al*ti*hh liunoni] name he bore,
Although his orln.it* were rank.
H>< had ihoduft, undsohUnnine
Wns honored ot tho bank,
i  Ne'
Put—What ie a mystery, Mike?
Mike-Mi tell yo. Mc father bought
a barrel of pork, and iho brine leaked
out nud left tbe pork Iu the top of the
Pnt—But how do yo account for thett
Mlke-Tbat'a the mystery, me boy.
Meant   Itonliif-a ami Clot  Mer.
Miss Uhn yuge—Don't yon think
was meant for ll business wunmit'-
Jack Hiisller—No, Idon'i. 1 ihlnk ye
were meant for a business mull.—Urooll
lvn Life.
Palo, Bioklj children should u-t- Mother
Graven1 Worm Rxtcnntnaior, Worms are
oii.nf the principal causes of Bufforing in
children und should be expelled  (nun  tlie
A .MemlhiK Iden.
To Bave time is almost as important at
to Bave clothing. A woman who has
mastered both nils suggests ti knee mending process for the stockings of children
that will be useful to mnny busy mothers. "Iu buying tho stock tugs for my
family of little boys nnd girls," she says,
"I select those very long iu tho leg. When
the Inevitable gaping hole appears on the
knee, I simply cut the Blocking ia two nt
thnt point nud Stitch n scum around the
knee nu Hie Hewing machine, shortening
ttio slocking, of course, hm eliminating
the hole in a wny that makes tlie result
almost cqnnl (o a new stocking, It takes
me three minutes."
Prop** Wai '" llem-ov-a Olo rei,
Cheap gloves nve generally risky Investments, but some uf the best idiops
keep a fairly good line of gloves a: low
prices which are worth buying for cun
inuu weiir. [f strong uml well made.
lhey will serve for shopping nml morning
walks or for hud weiiihei*.
In pttttlug a ghiie on be careful to gt-i
each linger strnlght, Cons eneli one bj
rubbing gently with thc thumb nnd Ursi
linger until the fingers nro down to Ibe
very ends.
In taking the gloves off turn (he witsi
over the lingers and lake hold of the •■nds
of the lingers through Ihe wrist. It wears
n glove out badly i» pull it off bv cnteh
ing hold of the finger lips. Pull tbe glo\e
into shape nud lay nside carefully. Si!^
should be kept to niaicb each shade, and
gloves should In* mended ns soon ns a
break appears, for the ohl proverb, "A
Btltcll  111  lime saves nine,"  t-j especially
appropriate to these articles of attire.
(Hove ine'iding is a delicate woik, which
requires hoth skill and dexterity .ind
when well done pays ndmiiahlj for the
pains taken. Clove powder Bhould f"'iu
one of the adjuncts lo every toilet table
nnd u pretty gluve stretcher another, Buys
lhe New Orleans Picayune.
Frenchwomen sei a good example and
have mnde quite an nu of pultlug on
gloves, uml Ihls is why the Purtsli'liOe's
gloves last her four limes ns lobg ns anybody else's. .	
Uollowny's Com Cure ir-ii specific for tho
removal ot coins nnd warts, Wc liavo never
hoard ■■' iis falling to remove even tiie worst
gave him th;.-; SAME.
And   No   ll   Whn   Nu   \V..tn|«*i   DroWU
Attuned Sntlth-
"It is my private opinion," said
Smiih us be ouaneod to meet Jones on
the street, "tliat ihat uuflU Browu is
"Be charitable," laughed Juut*. "He
has just luen married."
"I don't enre If he has." stormed
Smith. "That is uu excuse for bim to
abuse a iuau."
"What has he been doiug*'" asked
"Doing? I happened to lenve my
watch at home this moruiug, uud.
chancing to meet Brown on thu street
a few minutes ago, I stopped bim atul
askod hlm whnt time it was. ami tbe
ouly nuswer that 1 received was a
string of abuse tlmt would have shocked n mule driver."
"I think I cun explain it," gasped
Jones n fter he hnd laughed to nls
heart's content. "You pee. Brown wus
married the other duy. He was ihe
last oue of his set to get married, aud
bis frieuds desired to have n little fun
Willi hlm.    Wlieu Browu hud received
au Invitation to n weddlug, he bad in
variably sent a mantel clock hs a wed-
ding present Brown and Ute mantel
tiloik got to be a standing joke atnoug
his friends, ami it was always looked
forward io, nud he never disappointed
them. They wero nil alike, and Ihe
Idea  got about   that   lie  bought   them
by the gross atul kept them on hand
for an emergency.
"Well, whon Brown's ■.■attls were
sent out we got together nud decided
to get even with htm by each one of
us sending him a mantel clock of lhe
same pattern, I don't know bow man;
he received, as the returns are not all
lu yel. Imt as near as 1 can gather lie
bus about four to each room.    Thai Is
why it isn't safe to say anything about
time lo Brown."
inn Tlmt- in iho Country.
.llm s purl in danced our way on
Wednesday last. Jim. old boy. didn't
the n Idow look rosy?
ruele Bill Towers taken a lit while
ilamin a breakdown with tbe mayor
of the town on Monday Inst. They let
hlm down in the well ull be recovered.
i aue grtndlu an moonlight nights
will soon be will) us. Wo don't care
bow cotton sells. If eider's sparklfn.
Tin* preacher will start to collect bis
yeai*'-* -alary on Tuesday week. He
has bought a new shotgun and plenty
of unitiiiiuiliou.
The weather ims moderated so much
thut all of our citizens have commenc*
ed to wear shirts aud shoes a^aiu.--
Atlanta Constitution.
Mfilled In the ntul.
"There Is only oue story that can always bring tears to my eyes."
"What's llmlV"
"The story 1 was Jnst Retting ready
lo tell myself."
Our L .nn*ii■*■»-*.
*'hy i* it eollsd < ur mother tonr-rat*?
A henpecked man thai views it
Ue thinks beotttM the father «.*!-.
Ai little   ham    :■  v.- ll
X..v Veik Joimial.
A  II-r.lt.
"Funny that reolirtlo drama had to is*
postjontd.    Whal was Lhe lUHttetr"
'As near as I could gel the story tba
Inn objeeted to the letUng,"—Cincinnati
Pay in SCRIP for Domiuiou fluids and
Save 20 per Cent. Discount.
For full Information npply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or lo nny odlfi- ol Iho MERCHANTS' BANK
CANADA ia Manitoba ur the \\>?t.
drain, Provisions and Stocks
Priva ■■ Wire Connoction «i li a 1 Leading;
MarkuL*. GrainandSwurities Bought,Holdtuid
C irrled i n Margjti. C nr*-spo,*deno«.' wUetted,
Private Cypher Code Furohuied upon AppUC*--*
148 Princeaa St., Winnipeg, Man.
I'd fin i!it». plan ■   .■: ogrxaj/hne—
I'd fir*.* thee ({till.   .   haa the ••■llinj[-
W-c-t thoa '■-■■..: poor :*i ill i  ■* •   *-
Aa thoa art at vrldnf and st spelUax.
 -iMrm.t Journal.
( uul  'line Wo-rk-td by On« Man.
) llie iniattast cail mine in lhe world Is
In the *-niitJ.i?rti prnvlDri? nl Sew Zen-
land, wlier*. a-cordinp tn thr rppirt* of
Ih*- in •■'rector!! cf mines   for   the oolonfi
'. the Murray Creel*; coll!**rr is worked by
one man, T. Bolitho, a Chinaman,   wlm
. own*, managee and work-, this small,
but to hlm taluahle,  c*al mine.      Ihere
: ii another small colliery in the mme
prfirinee worked by   one   man   with the
| assistance oi a donkey, lhe n*xt smallest colliery Is in England, in the  Tillage
: of Nelson, in Lancashire.   It  Is situated
1 near the Collier*' Arm', and affords employment   for   tw-i  miner?,   father and
t son.   who   combine   iu   them--elve--   tbe
J positions     of     proprietors.      rnanatjer".
' miners and haulers ot tho undertaking,
lh?y have the n«*■',-(-,nee of a donkey,
nnd all the output of the mine te cold to
the hoot-eholdera who   live jn the villngr*
cr its Immediate vlclniy.
"Why did you bav* jour telephone
put baok again, Mrs. .tltcper''"
"Now that my daughter is engaged
she can't get along without It"—Chl-
etxto Becord.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Store*.
Uy muktntr ]<■■>'*' ttiutt lot Tumi n Ion lands In
Kornak'at low cut market pilots.
Send I* r i|ii'*ut mi*.
Writ. il. lor rull  liif.,rin,il)iiii.    Vou
o.ii SAVE MO.M.V.
W.   H.   SPROULE   8.   COMPANY,
Real h-t.i. and Financial Brok.r.,
37S Main St., Winnipeg.
If you keep cowi ynu cannot efford lo •*•
Without a CREAM SEPARATOR, and If you
want to have the beat, moil tnodertU ia
price, and oa oaalot urmi, apply ta
R. A. LISTER It 00., LTD.,
ISt King St., Winnipeg,
Otaltra In Dairy Suppllta and Produce, Oaa-
ollna Engine-.,   Uorw Tratd l*owora, Kt*.
IfEfilll JUMIIU,
Carriage*,  Wag-uni,  Barrowi, MlDdtullUi
ma.   COCEgHPTT FLOW CO., Winalpef.
Aonn WaNTin im UrtniPKuinriD DifTHion
Man.gar. Haa, anil IV. W. T.
II you cannot attend the Mlnnlp.K Ilual-
a... Coll.ce |njt now, do not rat. your
ev.nlnga.t nome. We cell .ive your Instruction, lu some aubjeot by mall.
Write Ior daacrlptlT. catalogue.
O. W. DONALD, tee.
IDtU. STtDJ t IIBTOL  oinia iw
it:"" """""" "• i-eSSs.
f Htl U. B.mllton.Onl.    !..§.«■.I,lea
W. N. D.    SM ■-. ■, y t     I.O.O.P.   Key City Lodge-
No. .'.    Meets every l'rl
day nticlil ai llielr IttUI uu
linker street.   Sojourning
Odd Follows cordially invited
.itiuii's areor,    J- r. Pink,   a, i. MoUermot.
N.o. v, li. Soo'*
ir^MMfti; *+*****£**-****+.+.*}■*.
•rt«'fi?VVf WIWW •»***» IWWW
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Ourvitiuiis  of  Muny   People.
Jake Fink vlalte i   Wardner yesterday.
John Pink has returned to Fort Steele.
Dr. Ronuell came down from Fernie
The -■t-iuiiiie Mechanics tar soap at
Beit tl it's
Angus Morrison is Imildii.L- a kitchen
on his residence,
L'liarles KatilTiuan, of Movie, was in
town Inst Friday.
Hungarian, Glenotn nnd Graham flour
nt Gilpin1**..
Arrangements are being made to paint
the English church.
Mr. Wutt, of Pott Steele, was a Crnnbrook visitor Sunday.
Charles Magoc'a new residence on
linker hill in being painted.
Fresh butter ami Manitoba ey(<s nl
C. M. I'M wards .spent several days
thi:- week at the Norbury rauch.
Mrs. Neil Mcl.eod Currait was a guest
of Mrs. C. M. Ed wauls this week.
IC II. Small, of the Cosmopolitan,
wns iu Nelson several days this week,
A. W. McViltie spent Tuesday surveying a Hue for Mr. Little nt Palmers Bar.
If you wont crockery or a nice dinner
set, try Gilpin's.
A. J). Grant has started to build the
new house for \V. I). Hill on Hanson
it venue.
Slick n pin into the fact thnt fire in
surunce is a necessity.      See McVittie it
Mrs. H.J Turner aud two children,
nf Swansea, Visited with Mm. AIhj**-.*
this week.
Mechanics tur soap as found at Heat'
tie's, is the best.
It. K. lietitlie went over to Fort Steele
Tuesday to attend u meeting ot the Mr-
sonic lodge.
Most men have a hobby. You know
ours. Fire insurance. McViltie St
W, N. Clark visited (he scene of tbe
wreck lasl Sunday in the capacity of
assistant surgeon,
Evaporated raspberries, apples nnd
apricots at Gilpin's.
A large number of railroad ties are being taken out between Cranbrook and
Kootenay Landing.
T. T. Richards, of the Fast Kootenay
hotel, has been confined to his room by
illness the past week.
John McMunn, who bus been on the
Crow since the trains started miming,
died Tuesday at Fernie.
The two buildings built by J. P. Arm-
Strong, of Fort Steele, for lhe Durick
estate, are nearly completed.
Try Gil, iu's for groceries. Always a
full and choice stock on hand,
The Cranbrook Lumber company have
been making an ice road from the tint
ber northwest of town to the mill.
The concert the other evening demon
Btrated the fact that there was some
mighty good talent iu this district.
James Ryan, of the Cranbiook hotel;
is prepBriug to build au ice house aud
sample room in tbe rear of his hotel.
For porridge yon can get rolled oats,
groBts, rolled wheat, wheattles, middlings und corn meal ot Gilpin's,
Little "Dooksie" McMillan has returned Irom Lethbridge where she visited
with Miss McKtllop for several weeks.
This has heen an ideal winter for contractors so far. There has been hai dly
a day that work could not he earned ou
iu good .shape.
M. Mcluues & Co. have opened up
their market again at Fort Steele, and
George Meyers, who bus been the cutler
here so long, will be in charge.
The soft weather ofthe past two weeks
has been rather discouraging for (he
proprietors of the uew rink, hs it lias
been impossible to make any ice,
A nice selection of winter apples, such
as Spies, Baldwins Greenings, Russets,
Hen Davis, Sweets and Spllzenhcrg at
P, McConuell's.
\V. A. Miner, of St. Thomas,  is visit
ing his brothers George and Clarence,
and will probably remain several week:
if not permanently.
I). J. Flmer,  of Moyie,   was  in  towu
yesterday Mr. Rioter has charge of
the voters'Hal hi tliat (own, nnd says
tbat Moyie will have too vutts when the
list js completed.
Two Chinamen attended the Methodist church lust Sunday, aud after lhe
close of services oue of theui Baid, "Me
good Chinaman uow. Me uo chop wood
any more on Sunday."
A meeting was held at the Presbyte -
ian church last evening which resulted
in a call for Rev. Fortune, of Alvlnslon,
Ont. Rev. Fortune bas beeu here aud
made u most favorable Impression.
l-,il>ht good tie makers.    Price y ceuts.
Apply II. Pollard,
Goalfell, II. C.
A quartet of Ontario farmers took up
land three miles north of the town,
Tttey seem well pleased wilh the locution and said they would not leave the
country under nny consideration unless
it was to fight the Uoers
Miss Dunlop spent "one of the best
limes she ever had in htr life" so she
says, at Fernie, New Yeats. Ou her re-
luin ->he-topped mi Klko with Miss Ham
iltor1, a young lady friend of tiers from
Vancouver who is teactiiug school at
ti. ko. Mi-'i Dunlop wus accompanied
irom Fernie to Phillipps by McLean's
M. Brandenburg returned from Kalispell after spending Christmas with his
f.iini'y, but declares sleighing is bad in
Canada  «
RUOI Campbell paid Plrllipps a visit
la*>t week and was surprised lo see the
children picking flowers in the park, the
Citizens plowing up their gardeUa and
robin perched on lhe fence posts. The
.sun shining lhat day, he thought, would
meli the ruuueis olf his f-ii-inh before hi
got buck lo the frozen not lb. llul he
smiled jus', the same.
We heaid that Happy Frank was seen
in Klko lusl week, happy as ever.
Coal Oil Johnny passed through the
towu on his wny to Fort Sleele Satur
Chief Paul has relumed home from
the Mission. He was detained at tin
village north of here on account of t
uprained leg, and to make matters worse
found on his nt rival lhat one of his pure
bred shorthorns hud died.
Lynn Gordon, brother of J, I), Gordon, customs iilliccr, is expected here on
a visit.
On account of the large increase
traffic, the stage contractor will put nn
another team  lo meet tbe demands
the traveling public.
Fort Steel News.
Kivia tlie 1'r JM|ieelnr-
Tom C. Gray is now vice president and
auditor of the Sum pier, Oregon, Town*
fiite Co. Limited.
Metdumes Ross and Nelson by en*
ergelic eflbrU succeeded iu collecting
over ft ioo for the volunteers who went to
South Africa from this section.
A letter received from F. R Leach
states tbut all of the boys who went from
Fort Steele to join the second Canadian
contingent passed the severe medical examination with flying colors, aud are doing the work of soldiers. They have
been measured for uniforms aud hnve
blankets served out to them although
they have not yet been sworn in at the
time of writing. It has not been de*
termined wheu tbe detachment will leave
for the scat of war.
O. G. Dennis writes to friends iu Net-
son that he formB oue of the Kdmonton
contribution to the second Canadian contingent. Mr. Dew is was formerly miuing recorder at Fort Sleele, and later
government agent at Kalao and gold
commissioner at Nelson.
Fernie News.
Prom llie Free l'reso—
Miss Fernie, tbe new teacher for tbe
public school, arrived from Victoria ou
Saturday, and took charge of the junior
department i n Monday last.
Cards are out announcing tbe marriage
al Guelph, Ont., ou Thursday, January
4, of Miss Alice Mabel F.van* and Mr
Albert C. Lipburdt. Mr. Liphardt's
mauy friends in Fernie will join the
Free Press In wishing tbem a long and
happy married life. Mr. aud Mrs. Lip-
liatdt will reach Fernie about the 20th of
this month.
Among those to volunteer for service
iu lhe Transvaal in connection with the
offer of 500 mounted infantry to be supplied by this province, were the following well-known young men in Fernie, all
of whom made application as soon as
they heard of tbe proposal: A. II. Cree,
■,V. A. Wiluiot, Bert Gee, II Hawes, R.
C. Ward, M. A. Castner. D.J. U McLennan, R. IL C. Hammond and Alex.
Twenty-five good (le makers forjaf
fray    Apply at Craubrook hotel.
O'Neil St Cameron.
Returned Irom Ibe East.
The Prospector: J. B. Langley re
turned ou Wednesday from a six months
trip in the East, During his absence lavished St. Johns, Montreal aud l(:>'lon.
Mr Langley, who is largely interested
in tbe mines of Fast Kootenay, in com
puny wilh his brother, says it 1-. their intention to develop their claims at Moyie,
Sand creek und iu the vicinity of the
Sullivan mines. The clni.ns ou Sand
creek nre said lo be among the best iu
that section and give promise of beiug
Ollice ol Ihe Kootenay ft Algoma Oold Min*
Jog Company, Limited.
Ctaubrook, II, C, Jan. 15. 1900
Take notice that the annual ordinary
general meeting of shareholders lu tlle
Kooleiiay & Algoma Gold Mining company, limited will be held on Monday,
the 5th day of February, 1900, at the
oflice of the company, (McVittie &
Hutchison's office, Baker street) Cranbiook, at the hour of two In the afternoon. John Hutchison, Secretary.
por Sale
See him for snaps.
*H Teaming
Wood and  Ice  For Sale
Craubrook, I'-ril'sh Columbia
Certificate of Improvement
HlTl'ATK IS Till*, Klllir ttTKKM-* MlMMI 1>I-
D18TU1CT. WMKitK l.(M*,\lKil-OX llUCK*
1.KI1KIIUY llll.l,.'
TAKK  NOTICK, tlmt we,
Walter Van Atsdiilnii, lice  Miner's Ortlll-
I'iUt', No. liU.trEl
it abort Driiii'iey,, Proa Miner's t'ertiilcate,
David Newell, Free Minor's Can Itoaiaj n 0,848.
'■'Ij-lu   K.   JoilBH,   FreO   Miner'*.    tVrMlf.ile,
Asu,72T, Intend, sixty days from tlio ilnte hereof
t<i uri i> t>i ilu.* Mining Heeordor tornceriitieatti
ut Improvements fur tlio |iur|inaa nl ubtuinlnif a
Crown maul of iin* iiiinvt* i-iiiim,
Antl further take notice tliat  notion, under
iralion >t*. must i*» comma ml  before   the
isiunnofl ot sucll Certlllouto uf Iniiirovfiiipnts.
c I'm** 1 Hits ;iii day nf November, iwj.
SlUlied   WAI.TKH   VAN   AK8IUI.KN,
I tO 11R11T   DKMl'SIJV,
UAVIl)   NEWKl.t,,
Certificate of Improvement
Bllttatfl In tint r«rl Kii-i*lo Milling 1'lvlnlnti nf
fc'ast Kootenay Dlstilot, Where locatetl-
.soittii»f andittlJolnltiK Hie **\Veh'Oiu«"tn
Hie soj.ilti rite ot (lie wet forK ot St.
Marys river, .-.buiil live mlteif rem BaWyer's
TAKK NOTICK thai r. A. W. MoVlttfo, FrOO
Mloer'i eer Idea ■* iuibto, nellug as nj*ent fur
Wm. Mll'kan, Freo Miners Cei.lllcaie iiH'.tin,
nnd llnttli MoCout, Free Miner's Certificate A3,
470, intend sixty days frimi the date hereof to
apply 10 the m'tilngroeonlor for a eertiflcate of
liuprtivemcnt for tlie |iltr|Kis*j nf n-litnlnlng a
crown Kraut of ilie above claim.
And (anlier take iiottte tlmt nullon under-
Beufion 87, musl bn (uuimeiicrtl before tlie Ih
sii-wet* of mii'ti eer ll|[*;itt> nt linprovemout.
Initeii tins 16th day of November, 1890,
A. *i\. M VIT'TIK
Certificate of Improvement
SUItl'ltl.SK MIN Kit Al. CLAIM  (So. -J.--O0.)
^Itu.ite lu (lie Fort Sleele Mm inn Division of
Kant Kootenay District XVliero tuoateil—
North of and ndjolnlnu llie ' Welcome" oil
llio south side uf tlie west fork of St. Marys
river, about live miles from .Sawyer's fans.
TAKK NOTJOK tliat I, A, W. Me \ It tie, Free
Uuier'-i Cerlllieaie iiosTit, aetln-j as ngenl for
Arthur ri(Jtll|i-J, Freo Miner's Ceitillotile itl
000, Intend sixty days from the data lieicof to
apply tuiiif mining reeonhf foraeeriitleuioor
liiipinvemeiit for tlie pnr|M>se of obtululiiK a
Crown (.rant nf llie abovu claim.
' And flintier lultonotloo tlml aotion under see
tlnn U7 mm! be commenced befure tliu issuance
of such e'rililea'ooi Improvement,
Hated thi* tuli day of November, itm.
Certificate of Improvements
(NO. 36Bi J
Sliuatti Initio Fort  8lre*a saining division of
Sun th Kast KuotcDiiy district.    Where loea-
te4-8iiiitttiHi ou Nigger creek nud Joining
the Paymaster.
TAKK NOTICK Hint I. Archibald W. McVlt-
lie, Tree miner's eertilleiun No. utisrii, ai-lltmiis
agent for the Pay ltoll (iold Mining nnd Milling
eninpHny,;ilml(e<l, of Cranbruok, ll. V.. t.ee iu n-
er'a oerillloate No, hWTii, intend, a> days from
the date hereof, in apply to the mining recorder
for a ei-rillleate of Improvements, Tor tho pnr-
of nlitiilitlu; a crown j-rai.t or the above
And further uko aotlee ihnl actluu, under
section at, must be eommoiieist before (ho Is-
liinei: of siieti uenlllrute of Uii(irovemeiils,
AltClllllALI) W, M'VI'IfiR
1 mteit this 2nd duy of December, I8DU,
Thk Pay Roll (lold Mining aad Milling Com
pany, Limited.   Non-Pirsoaal Liability.
Take notice that the first gen-tra!
meeting of the shareholders of the Pay
Roll Gold Mining and Milling: compauv,
limited, will he held at the ollice ofthe
eompnny, corner of Raker and Van
Home streets in Crnnbrook, on Tuesday, the 23d day of January, 1900, at the
hour of 8 o'clock p.m.. for the purpoi*e
of electing directors and transacting
such other business as may come before
tbe meeting.
L. H. VanDecar, President.
J, G. Patterson, Secretary.
New   Meat   Market
Will reopen their shop
in Cranhrook in
Certificate of Improvements
I i!-®r^®-®-^®-®-®-®-&l!^}~®-®-®-®-®-2S-®-®-^^
j... I ®-®-®-®-®-®-<>>-\^-®-®-w^®-<e><.x-®-®-^^^
CRANBROOK, ? British Columbia.
•PDA IMRDAAlf ,s the divisional point of the Crows
■WiV/\llDK-U'UlX Nest Pass |^aijroac3.
r?l*^inHt,fnnk'  Has a ,0=sta** rount' house, large machine
^* CllIUI UUlV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Kootenay. •
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cra^jjpok offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND 1NVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal W.lch Inspector lor C. P. II.
A change
Get Your Freighting
Sam flitchell
P. O. BOX 25
Planing Mill
and Sash and ::
Door Factory
PAY   It'.U.   MINKItAti CLAIM   (NO. MM)
Hiti'Dta in tlm Fori Ht-ei*) .Minimi Division of
Simlli  l';.Ht   KiiuU'imy lllllrlot.    WllWO  If
< cnteri   l)inu  norm  Ol  mat  mlj< li ln« tlm
i'iiyi-iii-.ti*i, 1111 MuKi'r ITBOki
fAKKNOTIUK tlllll I, AntillMliI W. MoVK-
lie, froo miner's oonlflciito No. iidhtd, netnm an
ng--nt tur tin* I'ny ltoll (lold Mhitij and Millmn
i*oni|juiiy. limited, of (niiitir ok, ll. ('., five
tnlnur'n ler.lHi'Uto No. nuiffu, Intnnd sixty itnyn
from tin; Ante lierour, t<> ii|i|>'y to tlm ihIiiIhk m
I'onii'i* fur 11 oertllluHlo i*t IttOiroveiiients, fur i> 0
tmriHisu of iititalu'iiK a crown i*mnl of ili-< atmvt'
c Hlm.
And fii'tlier take notice tliat u**tl*m, utidor
sei imi uv niiiHt in- I'onimoimi'd boforo tlio, Is*
Biiaiici* uf -.nell certlili'Hto nt linprnveinoiits.
AitciuiiAi.h w. M'Vin.lK
luted this -jnd day of December, 1.1 'J.
Certificate of Improvements
I NO. JSIil)
stiiwii* Id tlm Port Meele Rtlnliiff Division or
smiii Kast Kootenny dhlilul.    Whoro tiirti*
led   ('11 Mu^tMi riifk, ubui.t oiiu nillo from
TAKK NOTICK Hint I, **>rctlltiatd W. MoVlt-
Ue. i.re iiiliH'r'nrfilillcitle No. nu:.7U. a tin,: as
HK-Mit for Ihe P.*y ltol1 Hold .VUimik und MiIIIim
o--niiuitiy, limited,»f Ohtilirowk. H V„ I'teemla*
em cnriifleato No U9010, Intend, s xiy days from
tlm dutn lie eot, lo apply >o tho inlnliiif no irder
for 11 eeit tleatu of liniirovoiiieiiti*, for tin1 pur-
iius.* of obtaining a crown Kr-iiit of lite above
And further tnku mill' 0 that aetlon, under
ki {-tiiiii »7, must he nunmcncoil beforo tlm is-
Hiiaiieii of such r.'i IIIIimIh or tni|>rovmnc-,ls.
AltnillllAl.l) W. M'VITTIK
Haled lids -ind day i*r !>••*.: i-r, 160J.
1   H
®   ft
l^jj *ma
_m\        timr
1     fe
I  r*
...Mnmifncturers of...
Sash  jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   **
Band Sawing  jt Turning
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus of North Star branch oi the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
'. n„ KiMDRiav,
Via Cranbrook
Sole Agent
I have a* regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
I'Urlt Hear. .    3#c   Kmpire   ye
Kiinlit'iley CotlHoHilutvd, loe
Kimberley, B.
VI. Craabrook
Are for those who know a good thing when they see it.
A Snap....
A man's Black, Heavy Weight, D. B. Wool Suit, $10.00
Don't 60 around shiverl.iK when you can buy a suit of
Reld's warm, heavy underwear lor $1.50.
Christmas Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Etc, at
RPIH ^ TO    Toronto
The Work Tells
the Tale   „*    jt
Greer & Co,
listiutati's given on nil classes nf work
in our line.    If you intend lo bull I, si*l>
It itiuy pny yuu.
J*   ji   It. C.
After Xmas
Everyone bai pictures or photo.
that should be framed.
We have a
Of Ready made
frames in stock
sizes and mouldings to make up
for all sizes.
Physician and Surgeon.
OFFIOK-Slimil,ora   1II.OOK,
CKANIIROOK,    ::::::   B. C.
With the latest mscliine in thc market
for making frames, we feet confident any
orders you leave with ub will give you
satisfaction and be appreciated hy us,
Prest & Co, Photographers
Over pollolllce, Cranhrook.
G. Johnson....
^y Assayer »nd
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
S00 Pacific Line.
Gives thc only direct service from
To all points
East and West.
PlrlKlau Sleeperi 00 all I'talns,
TOarl.l Cars pass Medicine lint, ilklly for
Kt i'nni. Sunday! mul Wednesday**
for Toronto, I'tldayi for MpoltfAl
nml UoHtoit,
Lull* of Toronto
Contractor «- Builder
Those ront(imi>latiiiK bulldlni* will do well to let
mu iiiiiiro on the eontroclH.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Lv y 11 iu       Cranhrook   l.v 0:15 p in
Cntinpclinii trl weekly nt Mcl.t-uil Tor
Calvary mnl Kdmuiilon, uml dally, nt
Mt-ilicitit; Hul for nil points Unit, Connection daily ut Kuntetniy Lnttdlnu fnr
ull pultun In West Kootenny, Slucnn and
Uonndary Districts, und for Pacific Coatt
und Main Line points vlu ltevelstokt*.
Th rough Tickets Issued and ll.-t.-v
gage Checked to Destination.
For rules and lull infotiitatioti add runs
nearest local agent, or
Agt., Cranbrook
T. I*. A , Nelson, II. C.
A. G. 1'. A., Vancouver, 11 C,


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