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Cranbrook Herald Feb 1, 1900

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Array m
JBL. *
VOLUME   *>.
UtANKIIOOK,   BHITISH   COLUMMA,   TM V, 1,'SDA V.   i Y.'.'.U i A I! V    I      1900.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hos. Ceo. A. Cox, President. B. Iv Wai.kkk, Oen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A General Banking Business Transacted,
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Hank of Scotland.
PORT STEELE BRANCH, |. W. II. SMYTHE, M.-.n.-.srci*.
The finest stock of stationery in Kootenay.
The Cranbrook  !
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
lommm "Fnc,;::-    | CRANBROOK   IS   LUCKY
Petitions ui- Belai > rcu ited foi Remove!
NEWS   FROM   VICTORIA       «uwp«™ schools.
■ pcllllo
e   gov
iilO ui.*
There te n vm-- m ,
the -government to ■
em men! offices, an I '.*
roi to ■* s, explains die c
To the Llenlennnt-tii
oil nf British Col u in hia :
Tho petition ni ihe elcctoi ■■- nn I rcsl
dents of South !-i'l Kootenay showelh
Uml, since Lhccotmtructlon «>l the - rov ..
Ncal Pa«R«il« iy IhroiiRh tbiadlsirhl
Important developments   nnd  changes u   c        .     _.   ,,   c      u      .   movement all along the line may
taken place, new i .haven* ;: He Says the No.!li Star Branch (beiooked for any day,
Will Re Extended lo Wiuder-
Hlll flaw a New Principal and an Assis-
.,      , There is little news from thc field j T lant ltichtr-
""'   "■■•"       ^ since tiie retreat  of Buller  to hisF9  Past   *'«-*   *•">   Been   a   Very     The schools trusses bave made ar-
! first position.    It  is  reported   that1 ■'.,* .,,■,,.. ., m*
White F.iys Ladysmith is safe and
th* fever li abating ,\ni th.n 50,-
INTERVIES Willi HANAGBR TOTE 0-»Bl»ra ~«W «<>t take the town.
Roberts ,-uid Kitchener Ar.; mobilizing their forces  anJ  .i  concerted
Quid One,
up nli.iiu tlle hue ol llinl railway, whleli
now contain lhc nre ■' ":: lorliy -,! the
population antl repreaenl mue.lcntlia ol
thi' bu.lnoaol the illatrlcl anil ol llle
hualneu being il  :il the ollice of the
County Court, fiolil Commissioner, Com-
mlasloner nl l.nuilaauil Works. Govern
incut A«ent, Mining Recorder, Small
IDehts Court mul M»i;lKtml», that X :••
aay, It le the cn«e thai alucc the fnat ol
the year 1899 oul ',1 ahout issauita Ciller-
eil ill the Court, only tivtr.13 were lnMl
luteil l.y iilulntllTareiltleullnoi iii places
tributary to Port Steele where tlie ki-gli-
trnr'a office ia mra alluntcil,
Further, aotne ^86 record-ailrl 500 eer*
mere and Golden.
Mr William Win
Canaillan I'arific lm
lie ml 11
Lornlon, !i
followinu. .'■
Spin..   Kop,
Bulltr'i Relreal.
.•1  ifl ■ Gen Huil, 1 tenl the
xplanntloli   ol   the   lose   ol
„l  tiie   mini's  retreat
1.1 1.
1 uu
inter] <»'
1 cal Stai
llie condition, in Hi1 weal, li
been Interviewed by   the  .11
re extcllai 1 1" in- lulilt lhe coming se
son Aiuong likuinsl important hrougl
in notice by im Wbyle i* the extenaio
nf llie Norlh Slur branch to Wiurlermcl
ami Golden, lima making Crnnbrook ll
liliculcs n! work were grnnlcd in respect [junction of Ibis most important piece '
to mineral claims localed in parts or the railway that will connect the main In:
district from which the only existing re- and the Crows Neat Pan branch, nn
cording ofUce Is nol conveniently reached,   traverse oue of Hie richest mineral
I ni 13, I assented in War-
Hacking Spiou Kop, ,1 large bill,
■• iiilaiii, which was evidently
i to Hie position, lint wus far more
hie Iiiiiii tlle   Ill lb.111 lri.il. llle
-Al.l,   KINIlS   OP-
Rough and j
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
**************** ****-*****'*********************-*a****S
44 The *£ Emporium "
Balance of Furs at reduced prices.
Some snaps in remnants.
Ready made clothing, odd lines, to clear, at  20 per cent
A few pairs of boots, both fine and heavy, to clear cheap
before stock taking next month.
Stock complete in every line.
Further the bulk of tlu* assessable
property is similarly shunted.
Therefore pemona finding ii necessary
to attend Court or County Court, or Small
Debts Court business, to apply for laml
and water records, or timber licenses, to
appeal against assessments, to attend lo
llie record of mineral claims ami tlle
business Incidental thereto nml to tlie
various oilier matters thnt arise iu the
d. pftrttuents mentioned, must In the great
majority ol cases Iravel not only by rail,
but also by stage, al greater expttise nud
with greater loss of liu'ie, to transact
such business.
Vour petitioners would therefore ask
ymi to consider these matters ami the
great inconvenience Buffered by the people of Smith Kast Kootenny, bv reasou of
the out ofthe way situation uf the pre*
ent Government offices, and the absence
of proper facilities to transact business
with respect to mining matters, and in
view of tlif* developments ami changes
that have been mentioned, your petitioners would ask thai tiie office of the
County Court, Gold Commissioner, Gov*
eminent Agent, Assistant Commission*
er of Lands and Works be transferred to
saute convenient point ou llie rail wa) and
also lhat Reroiders* offices be established
In the towns of Cranbrook, Fernie,
Moyieand Kimberley and that a recorder's ollice lu*  main! lined at Fort Steele.
And your petitioners will ever pray.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comlarl a Specially     I!
Qood siuliiiiK in Connection   j J
' t
Neural In niiliimil mnl depot.    lias iwcoinuiotln
lli,ik lm  the public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Wholesale and Retail
Men's Furnishings
And Groceries
Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Cranbrook j**" Fort Steele & Wardner
We have a v
nml unltei! in,':
rideil lo quote
•rylarjfe supply of fresh
u on ham! and Uavede*
iriccsas follows:
Beef, l.v si.le,
"          3   c
10      l*
lli-ef. pi i pmill
1         6   c nnd up
A large »tip,
reasonable m;«
we still look I
■-■ ■■:' smoked meats at a
■ fm yourpasl patronnRe,
yom  piilronnjic in  the
M. Mclnnes Bt Co.
From Un* Vtev Vm -
Mr. j. Mnrrny, Reuei .1 inspector of
tracks on the C. P, K. passed through
hYrnu* (heothenlay. IleaUributeatheac
cldent near Creston tu the fact that llie
trn*.-k had heen softened by ibe very wet J
A movement Is on font in towu to form
a Youuk Men's Christniu Association.
Sltteen have airmail) al|<iilfied iheir wil-
Mr J, R, Pollock, the popular matia*
Ker of the Royal lloti-l, leturnul on
Wcdnewlay Tom n trip lo California "'i'l
Drejion, nml line been kept Inisy ever since
shaking hands Willi many friends
"Jack" reports having enjoyed bis trip
very much, but was pleased to get hack
tn Pernio Mis Pollock, who tsat present visiting wiih friends In Port laml,
tire , will teach 1'criiiesouie time next
week, and will in future reside hete.
Fart Steele News.
I'rnni tin* riM-i (it •
Rev. Mr. lK*dh*v, \. II . has been np.
pointed to tin* mlssQii* of the Kpiscopal
eliureli at Pernio, Klko, Spnrwood nml
Tobacco l'i iim*.
U. O Jennings and J   A.  Harvey returned from Nelson on Wednesday last,
where theylinve been on  busme-s con*   built.   Tonuag
nectei.1 witli the Kimherley lownalte,
The new hall now being btiill by the
Furl Sleek* brass baud is f*.si approaching completloii and will he ready
for the dance with which ii Is lu tended
to open it about February Gib. The
building is being solidly and substantially built.
Twenty-five good tie makers for Jaffray,    Apply til Cranhrook hotel.
O'Neil & Cameron.
A Small Strike.
Tlie steel gang working ou the North
Star brunch received their checks thin
week and Tuesday went on n slnle.
They were receiving J,.*, and struck for
$2 25, As thc woik was delayed by the
building ofa trestle the men wete laid
Ijlght good Me makers,   price ■•■ cents.
Apply II. I'.ilhird,
Goal fell, ll C.
lions in lhe Dominion.
He waa nsVe.1 what the company proposed to d" next season in lln* way of extensions nud Mr. Whyle said ih.u their
plans in this direction had nol heen
fully matured, although no doubt con*
siderahle work wr-u'.d be doue,
"A Hue twenty miles east of Winnipeg
to I.ac de bonnet, had heen commenced
and a portion grnd' u Tliis would bring
the city in direct nud easy communication with immense clay deposits, enabling them u. secure the finest quality of
pressed brick for Imihlinn purposes.
Then niioihei line has been started leaving the Somls branch southwest of IJran-
doi) mid running wesi about fifty uii-es
lo Moose mountain. A portion "1 litis
hps been graded ami the track la down,
while the remainder wi-ll be completed
this year. TiVO panics had also been
out iu connection with the proposed
double tracking of lhe main line be*
(wrbn Fbrt William and Winnipeg,.nud
a good deal of nrtliiiiliiary work has
heen done. The brunch from lhe Crows
Nest Pass road to the Noith Star mine
will he also completed in a few weeks
ml Mr. Whyte says he is informed that
there is ore 'n sight to ihe value if
From d"' Norlh Slar tin.' road
will prahtiM) tic extended ia Windermere,
and up ilu* Columbia river In (iulilca an ilu*
main line.
Mr. Whytp said, iueouclmlohi "that
the road Iroui Robsoii to Midway,
through the Itoundnry couiitiy, wns
about completed, but he could say nollu
ing yet as to tin* company's lutcutioiis
towatds Peuticlion "
This infonnntioi-1, coining as it does
from Mr. White, i-* ol grenl importance
to Cranbrook ami the district i.t this
time, li la evident ihat the policy of
building a north and aonth road will he
adhered to, aud tbnt the North Star
branch is to he used as a portion of this
line Without a doubt the managers
had come lo this conclusion before a
shovel full of dirt was turned On this
grade, for there was a long delay, owing
to various surveys be|ng made north
from Cranhrook and oilier points. As
lhe line from the Crows Nest Pass
iirnnch tt» the main line will, in the
inline, be a line of heavy traffic, the
question of di sin lice ami grades is an im
pott.ui! one, ami as Cranhrook is so sit
ualcd, considering lb.- lay of the country,
that it is more easily reached and the
most advantageous point iu every way,
I has licen selected .is Hu* junction of
X.i.thSiai branch and lhe Winder*
mere extension. Il is invariably the
po.Icy of all railroad companies to build
ns few miles as possible to accpiire thc
facilities desired,     livery mile  runs   un
into thousands, in construction and op
eral ion. The North Slur is a mine that
is a shipping mine, with thousands of
ions . 1 ore in sight, uml is in Itself (1
positive assurai.ee of profitable traffic,
lu consequence the branch was built.
and hs ii ia iu < 1 i ■ e c t line ofthe proposed
Wiudetmere and Golden extension, naturally ii was planned to use it n*- a por
iimi of that road. This is now confirmed
by Mr. Whyte's Interview in Montreal,
which was given ui a matter of news to
a Montreal paper.
As to other branchei iu Hast Koote-
nav, there i** not a question of a doubt
hut ih.u tlu-ie will be one or two more
built iu time. Tonnage is ihe magnet
ihai draws out branches, atul whenever
nny section of tins district can show up
iu (Helen I lounnge m ore shipments \<>
make lln* building ofa branch a pro fit a
i»le Investment, ih.it branch wilt be
1 nut sentiment,
loo ens the purse s'.iiugs ol a railway
corporation, It 1ms been the basis of
building in the past, nnd will continue
to be so in tin* future,
Tbis statement of Mr. Whyte's will be
pleasant reading to the peopleofCran*
bron!(, U simply -.hows, as every development   emphasizes,  thai  Cranbrook   In
the Italnral center of this great district,
and that this fad is recognized by the
business elettieiits ihat are iuleiesteil in
this district.
Ralls mi Nnrlli Sinr Branch,
The rails have 1 11  bud to  Harnes'
much on Ilu* Ninth Slar branch, h is
thought at ibis lime that the steel will
he laid lo Kimherley by the i.sih.
Thinks Well ol frapbrook,
J P, Armstrong purchased two more
ioiH in Crauhiook ibin week as an investment ia his capacity  us mltuinisi'iiilor,
ile Mill huil.I mine houses In rent.
Attend th:* carnival louiybi,
"Uu the night of January 23 he attach.! Spiun Kop, bm 1,mml it very fllf.
I ficult to hull), m iu perimeter was ioo
I large ami water, which he had been led
lo believe existed, in this extraordinary
dry season was found very deficient,
"The crests were held all thai day
ag dust s-.-VL-ie attacks and a heavy shell
tire. Dur meu fonghi with great gallantry. I would especially mention the
conduct ofthe Second Cameroiilaus aud
Hie I Iiih] [Cfug's Rifles, who supported
the ^attack on the mountain from the
steepest sale, am) in each case fought
thtlr way to ihe lop, atul the Second
Uncashire Puslleerq ami Second Mid-
dies, x, who magiiificenlly maintained
tlie bcsl traditions of the British nrmy
throughout Ibe trying day of Jnnunr)
i.b ami fbornycroft's mounted infantry,
who fought through the dny equally well
alongside of them.
"Oen. Wooilgnte, who was in com-
maud al the summit, having been
wounded, the officer who succeeded hint
decided on th* night of January ?.| to
ah,,!.don ihepoi-ition, and did so before
ilawn January 7$ I reached Warren's
camp at 5 a.m, oil January 55, nml il. ■
cided Hint a second attack 011 Spiun Kop
was useless ami that lhe euemy'a right
wus loo siiong to allow me lo force It.
''Accordingly ! decided to withdraw
the laree to ihe s. tub of the Tugela. As
6 am. we commenced withdrawing and
i>y -S a.m. January 2; (Saturday), Warren's force waa concentrated south ofthe
Tugela without tlu loss of a man or a
pound of stores.
"The fact lhat the force should with*
dnw from not unl touch—iu some cases
the lines were less limn a thousand yards
apart wiih the enemy—in ibe manner it
did te, I Ihlnk, sufficient evidence ofthe
morale of the troops, ami that we were
permitted lo withdraw our cumbersome
ox and mule* trains across the river, 85
yards broad witb 20 foot hanks and a
very swift current, unmolested, is, I
think, piool that ihe enemy has been
tnught to respeel our soldiers'fighting
The Times Sums It Up.
The I/union Times says;    "The  most
carelully planned and executed   move-
men t of the whole Campaign has entirely
failed nud It can hardly he necssary to
dwell upon the extreme probability lhat
we shall learn a little later of a cata**-
trnpbe almost beyond precedent iu onr
military history, a catastrophe indeed
without a parallel except in the surrender al Vorktown.
"We are checked at every point ol tlie
campaign, Iu fact, tiie campnlcn is still
to begin. We wish we had clearer
proofs that even now the government
has any adequate comprehension of the
situation. The ntlernuces of responsible
ministers have -lone nothing lo reassure
tlie coun trv nu I hla point. Heavy or
light the thing has to he done aud the
government ought to prepare for the
Immediate dispatch of 50,00a men  ami
lakes steps to -end yel auolher 50,000   if
these should be needed The hopeless
attempts to carry on ibe campaign with
four widely separated columns, each unequal to its task, must be abandoned for
a concentration of force and of purpose."
All ihe editorl dsthla moruiug breathe
the spirit of calm determination. Not
one will allow tint any reverse could
deier ilu- country from the object it bas
set Itself to attain, whatevei thc sac
riliees which may be involved.
liilctts ol vvjr in Britain,
Loudon Jui 21—-Among ihepiciiliai
side results of the war, th,* scan Ity ol
meal iii Kcnltaild 1i;h already been
noticed There are others iu London
as peculiar. In the poor district! there
is a decrease of disiiess, ami the uu-
employed are fir fewer thin u mil owing
lo ihe berths opened by ihe calling out
of lhe reserves and inltllfa Labor is
also wauled on wnr supplies One or
two philanthropic shelters tor ihe des
tilute hnve tempotnrtly closed lor vani
of clients. In the went end the trndes-
niPii me su tiering. One well known
tailor has alrcndy had sixty seven cuv
tomers killed, and several fashionable
restaurants haw closed one or moredln-
ing rooms, so many ofthe men wlm were
regular customers are now at lhe front.
The complaint ofthe west end cabmen
is piteous, ami fm once well founded,
Late News From Victoria,
Viclorln, Jan, 30—owing to strong
objections within the parly as to its
Fliiugeiicy, the government «ill remodel
Coal Mines Regulation bill before presenting it for lis second reading 1'ori
Steele Is to be mnde a recruiting point
lm Strathcnnn's Morse, HtIiIbH CoIiiui*
I.U'snffei ol a t-quadron «>f 177 tank ami
tile mOUIlted llifmliy has been accept. d*J
Victoria will send I.fly men'with homes
ami fully equipped.
Ross, who is now teaching in Alberta,
to take charge of lhe Cranhrook school.
and tie will commence his work about
March   1     I*     }   Untion,   the   present
making arrangements lor a second
teacher, and will have one employed in
time for ibe change. The Baker store
room, formerly occupied by G II Miner,
bus been secured for lhe present as lhe
lecond room, and will be lined up at
once for occupancy.
Inapeetoi  Burns visited the city last
Siturday, aud held a confereuce wi-b
M.s-rs Rtid and MotTtt, ol :be board.
"id h (artily approved 01 11 e course pursued bv the board lo give I., ihe cllihli ell
The   Session   So   F.ir   Has   Been
Onv   oi   Words   Rather
Than   Acts.
36 -The   week
Victoria, l:   r, Jm
just closed has been
dull   oue   in    the   local    lcgis-alu
though the debating of Mr. Clulord
want  of confidence   resolution -based
upon the failure of the government to
recognize the change 111 public opinion
and conditions with respect so the ex*
clucion of American miners and money
from thc provincial placer workings—
somewhat relieved lhe general mouotouv,
ncommoiily ■...
-   oi Lianbiuok adequate school facilities.
al- j .	
The burden
1- government party I
Strang   Haw   They   Originate   Amon-j   •
TrulMul    IVopk*.
Ii is strange how untruthful reports
originate.     Last week llie  editor ol The
Herald visited Nelson, and while he waa
absent a report \*..i- circulated on tbe
'reel to the effect that be sent a tele
contention ou this subject was not so j gram   to  Cranhrook  announcing  that
much nu emleavoi to justify the lailute  there were sixteen cases of small pox In
lie admiuistratiou to meet the wishes  Nelson,     In liu- lirst pUce there has
he  public   imi Uie necessities ot the j It-een no small p ix io Nelson, and iu the
ids   lo
f th
province, as 11 ti attempt to evade respou
sihlliiyby ar^iiin^ tlm ihe opposition
os a party hnd uot insisted upon a dlvis
Ion when the bill p-sse.l,  they therein* ,
bad become copartners in  ihe blame. '
This nervy endeavor to shirk the onus nf
incompetency was veiy   well   huslrmed
however by M . Mcl'liillipj producing
that he had inlro-
11 act. 1
when there had yet beeu ample time to
secme iu passage last year; butiUcon :
sideratlon hy the house had beeo (UU)
lelused   by   tbe goverunteui' wbtie Col """'"'   ''    '* •''•-"•"■*■">- of clever colored
Hiker forced au ndmissiuu ilso that he I ul*ti9 m**** their appearand here for
(the licutenniitflof the npposil 1 had •'''-'** Friday aud Saturday bf this
only voted "aye" on the expressed ci ii- '"'''" '' -";r**M h,I!* This aggregation,
ilition that after the s-tond reading the ■ c*JI's'***-';>.'': fifteen geoulue colored pen.
bid should go at once to the mining pIc* hastberecord of giving a perfor-
couimittee—which promise w.is flutlv }ul-1-are ■!*■■*** •* * good, clean show, has
violated, lu discu siug tiiis res. lution . "" *"Ji:;il Tbt WWpany played all New
•■f Mr. CHflord'o, Col. Baker expiessed ' y*™'s ***'* '" Winnipeg, concluding
considerable surprise lhat uo member of Ilheir enK«gemeot i.-. lhat place wiih a
'he opposition goverumeut Bhould bare jSaturday night benefit to the Winnipeg
eomelorwuid to defend ibe couiseofibe lc'atirfi n" 10 the Transvaal, Winnipeg
ministry. The act in review wasoneof preM !imices in regard to the company
those hasty legislations which had | h.avc, I,wu ver-r filtleri"K- Remember
marked the las', session.    At the time of
second"place no telegram was sent by
him on any matter.
Simitar to tbii was tlu* report Monday
that it legraw bad been received tliat
Ladysmitb bad surrendered after the
loss of mauy men The report was a
tako, pure aud simple. It is a mystery
how such reports get started, tor tt is a
well known fact that no person in Crau-
1 ! "; * :; etS^sionoct. I brook would tell a lie.
The Coon town 400.
its presentation arguments bad been advanced which had at the lime appeared
to he not uureasanable, tint he bad theu
asted the government tbat if such a
measure w
should not be made to apply   to fjui
the dales .ind secure  your seats
raoce at BcaLtit'a drag store.
Shildoa'- Remarkable Books.
We have received from tbe Poole Pub-
good in principle why It jMshing company, Toronto, a copy   of
1 of Phtl'ip Strong,"   by
mines as well as placer. The fact of lhe Charlei M. Sheldon, tbe well known
matter wns that its operation had ham- ; author of "In II.s Steps." The book
pered the mining industry iu all sections j coo la ins over 300 pages, and is a tragic
to an incalculable degree, being at the I tale showing how a noble man, who en-
same time directly hostile to the well |ueavored to exemplify the spirit of
known Itrllish open-door policy, British Christ, was opposed and persecuted.
Columbia being distinctly open to cen- The story is one of intense vigor and
sure in closing her doors. pathoi.    It will  secure a wide reading
The important bills of the week are • and it should mike a deep impression
those to,Amend the Coal Mines Regula ! opoil eVery reader. The I'oole Pub-
lion act, by providing fer an education- ■ luhlng company have eight of Sheldon's
al test for underground workmen, by books at Ufteen cents each, in attractive
which it is designed to keep out of the | paper covers, or thirty rents in cloth
mines all Chinese, japaues.*, Donkho covers, postpaid. Thev are the most
bors, Hungarians, etc.—while not Invit- I widely read bioks of'this generation.
Ing disallowance on the score ofdiscrlm* 1 tior sAlc at all bookstores.
imition: and  also to assure the compe* ]  -
teflcy of mine managers and pit bosses-
ibe Liquor license act amendment bill,
and Mr. Iletmckeu'S representation o"
the Tramways Incorporation net disai-
lowed by the Dominion government two
tjenr-ral Sc»s
A petition has be^n presented to ibe
legislature signed  by  H. ti. Poster, W.
G. Mclnnes,   P. W   Aylmer, H. G. Par-
years ago 011 account of its anti-Asiatic   8oni,antl Tho« *lcN*aughL asking forth
In consequence of the manly, straight*
forward explanation given by tbe editor
Ot the Kamloops Standard  of how  the!     Robert Jaffray,   Geo.   A.   Cox, If. M.
right to establish telephone lines in tin
Kootenay.   Most of tli*- petitioners live
in Golden.
grossly insulting reference id the Lie
tenant-governor came lo be made En bis
columns, iu connection with ihe report
of opening day—he bad been rushed
ami did read through lhe copy—It is not
probable that any further proceedings
will be taken in the matter.
A resolution bas beeu   pasted  in  the
llrection of
Pellolt, W. Pernieand Jss. Johnstone are
llle movers in a scheme to establish the
Crows N'er.t Pass Electric Light and
Power company. The companp has its
headquarters at Fernie.
Improving Min Hotel.
,    James Ryan,   of the Cranbrook hotel,
securing permission, under   ilHS bwn mA\-\lvA nMny improvements
lertain regulations, ior the working of U»ot UU promises    Ht bss had a build,
mineral   deposits   in   Indaln   reserves | i„g wWt icB houWf meflt ^.^ tnd two
throughout British Columbia, such rules
having been found highly desirable on
the wesi coast of Vancouver Island,
where almost every hay or cove theltets
a deserted rancherie.
The government has promised to take
neb action as will secure the preserva*
tion to mineral claim owners enlisting
for South Africa, of theli British Columbia   properties   Iree    of  accumulated
charges, upon their return. With respect to such properties none of the ordinary mining laws will apply.
J**e Martin more than ever before represents a patly of one. The government
has ejected htm: lhe opposition rejected
him. The labor unl ma of Nanaimo last
Saturday lold him plainly that tbey no
Winner respected him. Therefore it is
thai he feels dejected,
A. B. Grace, ol Port Sleele, aud R. I-;.
Beattie, of Cranhrook, are Ibe new
license commissioners for South Kast
Mr. Macplterson availed himself to the
fullest extent or the license of latitude
tffforded bv a wnut-of-confideuce resolu*
tion, to make a violent attack upon the
Ciows Nest railway ami coal companies.
Ou the motion of Cot Haker a return
has been ordered of all correspondence
with respect lo llie public schools cf
Ivasi hootenay, more particularly those
tit Pernie, Craubrook and Port Steele.
The Crows Nest Pass Light & Power
company's incorporation bill has been
given lis lust reading, and is now bciorc
the Private Bill's couilililtee-
it ts expected that thc estimates will
brought down un Tuesday or Wednesday
sample rooms put up, and his kitchen
haa been entirely clmhged. lie has put
in a tine French range, and added other
facilities so that now he Is able to handle a crowd with little trouble, Mr.
Ryan  11 Hevea in  having his  hotel in
first-class   -ape,  and   he is not sparing
m mey to put it ihere.
Tfic  Chinks Celebrated
Biff|3ang!l     At   li o'clock Mondav
night Chinese Nl w Years was ushered in
with a cannonade ol fire crackers that
awoke the town, Thc noise was kept
up until a late hour Tuesday. It wasa
great day lor tbe Chinks, They got out
their best clothesand celebrated with en*
thuslastn, Daring ihe day they received
callers and served refreshments, and had
an all round good time.
Closing Barber Shops.
We, the undersigned barbers of Cran.
brook, II. C, do hereby agree to cl-Of-S
our shops live nights in the week ut
9 o'clock, and on Saturdays at 12 p.m ,
to kftip closed until Monday morning.
W. Ii. McParlane.
ti j  Dickenson,
Ernest Detncts,
W. R. Stone,
Carnival Tonight.
The firsl skating carnival   will be held
nt the rmk tonight.    Arrangements uie
being made for a general good lime and
a large attendance is expected. The
proprietors have gone to heavy expense
to get the link iu shape, and the people
shoal I in liberal iu their patronage. CRANBROOK  HERALD
FEB    I.   1900
v. v. SIMI'SON, Killtor ami Slnnaiwr.
The Herald desires t.» Rive the news of the
illstrlut. it yuu know any ubout y«ur town
yonr mini* or your people, semi it ta tiit*. ofllce,
Do you want
Good lob Work?
If you do come to The Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.    Try us and see.
The proper place for the government offices of South East
Kootenay U in some town on
the  railway. !
We arc informed by Mr. Armstrong,
gold commissioner l< rSouih Kast Koi •
■fimv, ihat ibe government hus Instructed bim lo establish deputy recording
offices at Kimberley, Fernie, Moyie and
Cranhrook. This will enable parties to
lilt* their documents at the deputy recording ofllc-CB without goillf! awav tnun
borne, and thereby save considerable expense,—Fort Steele Proipector.
This is a move iu the tight direction,
and Tbe Herald congratulates the Prospector on its agility in getting nn the
hand wagon. For the past two years It
has declared ihat recording offices were
imt needed al divisional pollltB, etc , us
prospectors did not make a practice of
locating claims on railroad grades. The
Herald, on the conlrary, has always
maintained that Fort Steele, with her
many properties tributary lo the town,
was entitled In recording facilities, ami
that an office should be maintained
there; but, that there were other sections In the district that were entitled lo
recognition in this district, as there
were many fine mining sections that
were not tributary to l-'ort Steele. We
are glad to see lhe Prospector get ii:
line. Such a course bespeaks an incli
nation to labor fnr the best Interests of
the district as a whole, ami not fur one
community alone. If the Prospector
will now continue to follow the policy
urged upou it by The Herald, it will
next advocate the establishment of the
courts at some point on the railway,
since out of 155 suits instituted in the
district since lhe -first of the year 1899,
only about twenty originated iu the ier
rllory tributary to Port Sleele. Such a
change would mean a big saving to the
people of the district, and we feel CO
dent that the Prospector would not let
any Belli sll interest prevent it from advocating that which would be a direct benefit to the people of lhe whole district.
The Prospector has a grand opporlutl
ity h Ims put Itself right on the um*
Ier of recording olllues, no* let tt com*
pleie the good work midget right on ihe
mailer of eourls.
The weather that is being enjoyed in
South Kast Kooleiiay at this lime Is almost unprecedented lor ibis time of lhe
>.*nr. This district seems lo be all right
Irom any standpoint oue cares lo view it
'I'he small pox scare is a thing of Ibe
past, but the provincial authorities displayed good wisdom when tbey established strict quarantine against Washington and Idaho, Prompt action oflen
wards off au epidemic.
Less than a year ago there was not a
government paper iu the province lhat
was not filled lo overflowing with praise
for Joe Martin, Today there me none
to even give him his clues. And yet, he
is the same Martin. The party collar
seems 10 be pretty strong with the
average editor.
Verdict on Ihe Editor.
Kllensburi! Dawn: We look into a
Cradle and behold a male child. At the
age of ten be is a noisy kid,with ball the
buttons off bis pants ami au eye for
mealiness,    At the age  of fifteen lie is a
devil in a print shop; at twenty five the
publisher ofa country newspaper; al the
head of every enterprise calculated to
improve the town or enrich the business
thereof; at thirty.fivehels an emaciated
and worn out niau with holes in his
pockets and u bald head. At the age of
fifty be i.s a corpse in a cheap colli ll, and
is ouly resources left behind aie two
cases of long primer type, a Washlngti 11
hand press ami a subscription book with
500 delinquent subscribers, who line up
and march past thecoflln, saying: "lie
was a public spirited fellow, but he
couldn't save anything."
Herald Stands lor Cranhrook.
F, l*. Simpson, editor ofthe Cranbrook
Herald, is in Nelson.   He savs his town
is growing and prosperous.   There Is one
thing certain, the Herald never loses an
opportunity to present the advantages of
Cranhrook.—Nelson Tribune.
Mr. Simpson, ofthe Cranhrook Herald,
and Mr. Drown, of thc Spokane Review,
paid « fraternal visit to the Miner office
last night.   Mr. Drownsaysnioreiatuadfl
nl lhe smallpox outbreak than lhe Occasion deserves. Mr. Sl"*pson is a rank
Cranbrook man. He will uot say anything ill of l-'ort Steele—be is loo good
11 ntn red for lhat, but he declares lhat
the government oflices must come to the
railway. He was so favorable Impressed
with Nelson that he expressed the belief that It would yet become the Cranbiook of West Kooleiiay. Mr Simpson
left on last night's boat for Cranbrook
aud Mr. Hrown leaves this morning for
Spokane. —Nelson Miner.
A Night ol Terror.
"Awful anxiety was felt for tha widow
ofthe hrave Oaneral Ituiuhaiii of Marli-
ins, Me., when the doctors said she
would die from Pneumonia before morning" writes Mrs S. II. Lincoln, who attended her thnt tearful night, but she
begged for Dr. King's New Discovery,
which had more tlmn once saved her
life, ami cured ber if Consumption.
After taking, she slept ull night.
Further use entirely cured her." Tbis
marvellous medicine is guaranteed to
cure all Throat. Chest ami Lung I)llenses.
Only 50P nnd fi ■■" Ti inl bottles free
at K. tt licutiic'.-* drug store,
LEM RODER made his strike on the
fifth anniversary of the settlement
oi Boulder.
in those first five years of its life
Boulder had managed to save the sum
of $3,000, Boulder naturally wanted ta
be the county seal of the county of
Boulder, Aru.'. and she had starved and
siiuted herself for those live years in
order to save up enough money to per-
Buade the county thai she had the best
seating cnpaclty anywhere around, We
were, pleased, therefore, to call this *;;,-
uno our sealing fund.
Jealous persons in our lieurcst neighbor, h little lown known ns "llell-on-
the-l.order,"about 20 miles awiij , eallod
this money our corruption fund.
Roder was chairman und treasurer
of tho seating committee, and therefore had charge of the fund.
The chairman and- treasurer was
nbout as line a man as ever came over
the Bookies. If he had been a hotel-
keeper he would have been called "thul
most genial of Bonifaces." As he wits
only u hard-working citizen like tin-
rest of us, apparently wrapped Up body
and soul in the Biiecess ol Boulder,
with an honest,healthy hand-shake uud
il heart as large as the Grenl American
desert und as warm In his impulses, be
wns simply, in the words of Tom
Gable, "a decent fellow."
Wo hud the most implicit faith In
Jtader. I do not know why. Certainly
he had never had 11 olmnee to prove that
he was over-scru pul oils nbout honesty.
but men who live in I he open, wayfarers
ill a strange land, warriors of fortune,
friends of nature, grow to bo like dog-,
and little children, and their instinct
becomes so abnormally developed that
they can pick oul u good mun lhe moment they see him. However, I have
often seen a dug take a decided fancy
ior a BUI Sikes; nnd I havo often seen
a dog thnt wouldn't come within a mile
of 11 decent man; and then I've seen a
child who would he disgusted with n
clean, decent woman, und ery like all
possessed for the arms of its wretched,
dirty, decrepit nurse. So thnt I do not
see, and have always refused to see,
why Boulder should he. blamed for the
Implicit trust it reposed In Lem Boder,
From nil of whieh. therefore, it is to he
inferred that Lcin wasn't any better
than the rest of us, and had his price.
The only mistake that Boulder made
was in placing Lem's price too high.
On the day that Lem Under left
Boulder ihe whole town turned out to
see him off, and rode wUh him sonic
five miles into the desert in the direction of thc nearest railroad station.
Lem was to take the train there for
Phoenix, where he was to prove our
Beating capacity with thai $:!.0fl0 at so
many dollars per proof. I have forgotten how many men he had to convince,
but 1 remember that each proof wns to
be worth several hundreds of dollars,
Lem expected lo be gone ubout two
weeks and to return with Boulder's
prosperity in hte Inside pocket; for
with the county seat we know* we would
get the railroad into our town. We
had not a doubt of the success of the
venture, ami so wc gave Lem a rousing
scud-off and made it hero of him and a
heroine of his wife, Mrs. Lem, a little
bit of a woman with eyes that shone
like mien in a dark canyon, nnd a
sweetness like a babbling- spring In a
Mrs. Lem was not strong, and when
Lem kissed her fondly—the big, strong,
handsome hero ami lhe weak, sickly,
beautiful heroine—there were tears In
our eyes, and we meant it when we told
hlm that we'd look out for her and the
The hoy wa* Buster, four years old,
a gallant little chap, who would fight
anything his size around, and cry when
Ids mother took him in her arms aud
hugged him a little and looked into hit
big brown eyes. IJuster, you see, hadn't
learned what words he should use lo
lell his mother how much he eared for
her, and no all he could do when the
love in his heart hurt him too much
was to ery.
Mrs. Lem was something "f a saint,
to all Of us. When she and the hoy snt
down iu lhc plnzil iu Ihe-nfleruoon the
sun   USCd  to shine  upon   their gulden
heads, nnd tittle halos used to dance
all around thom, Mrs. Lem had nursed
us when the smallpox enme to town via
a confounded grouser from Reno, and
when Muster was taken down wilh it
(bid Almighty heard some new voices
and the recording angel had to look up
a glossary to trmislnto Iho prayers,
So thnt there wasn't much thut
wasn't done for her and thnt boy when
Lem WttS gone. Mrs. Lem was taken
down slok the. next day, jusi from grieving, and then we had a chance to pay
-her back. Doc Sloaue attended to her
nlghl and dny. There wasn't any bill
sent in, either.
"I'll take it out on the next invalid,"
said he,
"If she dies I'll give her the best in
Ihe house," said Tom liable, the undertaker—nud he meant  it, for he was a
warm-henrted fellow.
llut the prospect of such a horrible
thing was too milch for US, and the
Preopfor-All did n great business until
we tuid washed down the awful fear in
our hearts,
Mrs, Lem didn't die. She was well In
a week, and when she aud Buster enme
out fnr a walk the desert reechoed our
cheers, and Mrs. Lem hugged Buster,
and Buster was so happy that he cried
for five minutes, and was only quieted
when he fouud a big dog bullying a
smaller dog, whereupon he trounced
lhe big dog unmercifully.
Wc had hardly taken our first drink,
an hour later, to Mrs. Lem, Buster nnd
Boulder, when bail news cume. into
town. Had news rode wilh Jim Truslow nn .iim Trualow's bronco, and come
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
First-class Dining room and best oi Cigars and Liquors,
Rates, $2.00 per day. ■*■*■*_     t   -d  /-*
Short orders day and night.       Lranbrook, D. L.
Get ready for our new skating rink.
I have just received a large shipment of        ** j* jt jt
Club   and   Hockey   Skates
Also a Special Line of
itrnlffht to the Free-for-AU, where we
were, us us uul, congregated.
Bad news und Jim strode Inlo the
room. Jim hnd beeu ettsi tot n few
weeks, and we welcomed him cordially,
for there wasn't a better man in Arizona than ihe lamcJltn Truslow,
We had lmrill> said how-d.-do w hen
out came the bad newi,
"What's Lem tlodei doing In Chloa-
goV asked Jim.
"Chicago!" we cried.
"Yes; I saw him there the day 1 lefl."
■■.NoiM'iiM*:" exclaimed Doe Btoaue.
"Lem's iii I'hoenls."
"1 raw him in Chicago, and spoke to
him. ll-* jumped a- if In* had been
shot, and ran tor his life. That night,
when 1 look the train for the. wist, 1
saw him on the rear platform of the
train for the east, which was just pulling out."
There was silence for a minute.
Doubts, hopes, fears—all played hide-
Tom liable was the first to find his
"iu-hy." he Bald.
"What's the mutter'.1" asked Truslow.
"Our seating fund," replied Gable;
"we won't seal this year,"
Then in a few words Tom told him
all about il.
An angry murmur went around.
Then* was lynching iii the air that
night, it didn't help Improve the atmosphere very much, either.
"Humph!" said Doc Slonne, "whot'll
Mrs. Lem say—and IJuster?"
Then n strange thin;; happened.
We were standing ut the bur. Our
drinks had been poured out, but in the
excitemenl we had forgotten them.
We took our glasses In our hands and
looked down inlo thom, and then suddenly, rlghl down in ihe bottoms uf
the g!,is;rR, iu th*' wliinlcv nnd wnter,
the pictures <>r lwo golden heads
peeped oui full nnd fair, with the sunbeams shining down ou them so that
the little bains danced aU around. *\
tstrange place for two golden-haired, Innocent little heads to be, wasn't it?
We took our drinks. %* 11 l«jppp|
1 "Well," suld Jim Truslow, "they
mustn't know, enyhai^** •ji^-A.,^,
Ir* tho e art tho crowd Iffould- hay-a
g-  ,.    ..
and tell 'em how ir is. They've been
In hard luck themselves, and will see
us out."
Why. we were nil happy again.
Prosecute Lem7 Nol much! Break
that liitii'. heart?   Not a hit of it!
It was deeideii that Jim should start
the next day. As to Mrs. Lem. we were
lo wait a day or so to see what wns to
be done.
A few dnys later word eame from lhe
effete east tlml Lem wax iu New York.
A kind friend wrote, to Tom Gable and
said ihat, by-the-wuy, Lem Mas nt tho
Astor house. Tom wrote back at once
to the friend and told bim lu keep an
eye on Lem.
No word came direct from the man
wbo had made the strike, however, and
ns oue or two of the women had heard
all about Lem's defalcation we didn't
know at what time some sympathizing
female might go to Mrs. Lem aud tell
her nil about it. So it was decided to act
ut onee.
Tom Cable wrote to his friend in the
east to meet Mrs. Lem at the Grand
Central und tuke her to her huslmnd,
and then he and Doe Sloane called on
"Have you henrd from Lem?" they
"No," replied she; "have you?"
"Yes," said Tom; "lie's gone to New
York, lie has settled our business for
us, and he got Inlo a faro-game in
Phoenix and made a few thousands."
"Indeed!" remarked Mrs. Lem; "It's
funny he didn't write to me aboutlt."
"Well." said Tom, "you see he writes
that he's too busy. II.* sent me $200
for you. and you nre to pa.:k up mid
go to hlm at ouce,"
Mrs. Lem took the money.
"lie wants you lo leave hen* to-morrow. Doc am! I will see you to the railroad, and you'll be met at ihe Grand
Central by Jim Carroll. You remember him, of course. Lem is tuo busy.
lie's making toads of money."
Mrs. Lem uud fluster left us the next
dny, 11 was a sad day for ull of us. We
cheered thein as they rode off with llie
last $300 left in lown,
When ihey got io the railroaditatton
Doc Sloane handed  Mrs, Lem a letter
for her huibnml.
"Give that io Lem when you see him,"
said he. "Good-by, ma'am, antl Musler,
take cure, of innr 111,1111111:1, and If you're
good you'll he a man before she Is."
Mrs. Lem hugged Duster, nnd Duster
eried l'ur the last time in thc territory
of Arizona.
The train Btnrted, ami when Mrs.
Lem handed over the letter to her husband he read:
"Dr?ar Lent: Never mind whnt you did.
You take caro or Mrs, Urn anil Buster and
love them with all your heart fur nil er vuur
life; for If it iimin't been ror ihom yc-Urllfe
wouldn't have been worth four-bits' worth
of rope.   Yours, TOM GAIHjE,
"Undertaker for the town of Boulder,
ami for yon, too, If wo ever hear or your
trenllnu Mrs. Lorn and Buster any worse
than we have treated them,"
"Well," snid Tom thnt night, as we
stood penniless and sorrowfully treating each other on credit at the Frce-for-
All, "that's over and I'm not weeping
tears of sorrow."
The sound of hoofs could be heard,
and a moment Inter Jim Truslow
dashed In.
"It's all right, boys." he cried. "I've
promised Heaven, the earth, and the
Ben under the earth, and Ihiulder is the
county sent of Doulder county, Ariz."
Whereupon the town of Doulder, the
county scat of Doulder county, Ariz,,
proceeded lo so conduct. Itself lhat soon
it wus beyond the dreams of avarice
Leslie's Weekly.
Refitted Throughout
One of the Mosl Comfortable
Hotels 111 Kust Kootenay.
Newly I'unilshed
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crnnbrook, 11, C.
■aooooo6ooocxx)*(.: ■ *occ jooooqosi
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE „* ,.-* .-*
Q   Q   Cranbrook, B. C.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Wellman & Ilurel. Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every.
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
* * .■»■■> »..♦..»■§
[T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fisli and Oysters.
The housewife and Ihe bachelor sliuutil deal wilh hlm,   It will pay Ihem.
Livery 3
Proprietors ** jt jt
Regular   Stage   lo   Kimberley
VV. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Crinlmiok,       : llrlllsli Columbia
II. I.. Cummins, C. I:.
I'ort Sleele, n. C.
Tennis nml drivers furnished for any       nncc   .c.   HUDi-HMrn
point in the district. j     KUSS  «   nBK^n/niJK
ROBERT SHAW Barristers, Solicitors,
Manager   Jt    Jt\       Notaries uMic,
Solicitor, Etc.
Hank ol Commerce iji,ik.       ohaniiiiooiv
House and Lot in Cranbrook I Blacksmith
Five rooms, pnntry, cellur nnd large [ 	
shed; for rent, f.12 nor month, or for
sale, *5S°, fi cash, balance tn per HOtlSUSHOKING,   MININO WORK
month.   Advertiser will rent houses or ***D OKNBRAI. REPAIRING.
1 stores in Craubrook, Moyie. Fernie, Fort i 	
Steele or Kimberley, for rent or purchase ! ^y ,\(j()\    WOOD-WORK
on easy terms.   Apply, P.O. box 115, j
Ctaubrook, 11. C. Promptly Attended to.
A Call Solicited
S S G. H. Miner
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Lcatlvllle of l.iisi Kootenny.
Terminus of Norlh Star branch of thc Crows Ni'sl I'.tss Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS nro situate wilhin a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for thc rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.    Sullivan concentrator will he located hero
Via Cranbrook
Sole Agent
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & (j. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best   Wines  and   Liquors  at  the   Bar
The Best Stock, the Mosl Satisfactory Prices, and
First-Class   Work.       Repairing  Neatly  Executed.
B. G Furniture &
Undertaking Co,
Manufacturers of all Kinds ol
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer;.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
I East Kootenay „RichJ
I 3 Hotel 3
s —— |
JJ This hold hns tiecii refuted nml refurnished.    The tnhle -J-
•8 is the best.   Sntlsfnolory rales given regular boarders, »
t Baker Street       :-:       :-:       :-:        Cranbrook, B.C    I
i .
M. Mclnnes g Co.    j
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fori Steele,
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hotel Is open both day nud * Thc Norlh Slar Hold is lhe lnrge nnd
night.   The bar goods nre first class, [Jj magnificent hotel nt Kimberley Hint
and tbe dining room is in charge of £ Is just finished nnd is furnished new
Thos. McCarsan, nnd is second to none jjj throughout.    Kveryllting iu cornice-
in the Koolenays.   Trees plorootllS J lion is firstelnss.     When you visit
and the best alft] quietest bedrooms lit jj* Kimberley, don't forget  The  North
the lown, J Slar Hold. THE   HERALD.
CllANBKOOK,   B. (J.
A Little Scene Thm Might Hap pen Id
A-ftj- Court.
Attorney For the Defense-—I wish
yon now, sir. to Tell me the exact Inn-
gunge used by tny client when the
plaintiff asked him where lie thought
the line fence ought to be located.
Attorney For the Plaintiff—Hold on!
1 object!
Attorney For the Defense (rising)—
We wish to show, your honor, that thle
quarrel was entirely of the plaintiff's
looking, Tbo witness has stnted what
the ] ilu i in Ml "^ question wns, but be
leeun unwilling to give the reply. Wo
want  this   wliolo   tiling  to  be   iniulr
*   matter  of   record,   your  honor,
to tlio end Hint equal uud emit jUfr
tlce-ns between man ami iiiiiii may be
attained In this trial.
The Court—state your objection to
the i-uestloti.
Attorney Fur iho Proiocuttoti (rising)
- It Is needlessly OOUIUIUlug time, yuur
bonor,  The inombors of Ilia Jury are
tired of the tnotlCI l»y WhlOll tlie olher
side is dragging this ease along. Of
whut piissllile use enn it lie lo give the
exact lauguaga of the ilofen-dant iu ro*
lily to a trivial question If he stands
ready to give the sutistnuee of what
the defendant suldV Who cares to
know, your honor? Certainly tin* Jury
doesn't. 1 repeat It, your lioiior, I oil-
Jeet to the question,
AI torney For ihe Defense (rising
again)—Allow mo to sny, your honor,
that we regard it us of tho highest Importance, We want to kuow nil that
Is to tie kuuwnain this ease, your honor.
Wo have uotblng to conceal, if there
te any dolny in this case, your honor,
we are not responsible for it, but I
Insist upon a categorical answer to the
The Court—Tlie witness mny answer.
Witness—Well, sir, ho used the Kngllsh language, but 1 dlsremember whut
he said.
-John I. llluir's ears ure enormous, nnd
they have tlie intense philosophic slope.
Age Increases the angularity nml prowl*
iifin*.' ur the ear. Mr. Blah* is nearly ioo
yeurs uld.
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Diphtheria,
How a Drunken Husband Was Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
She writes:—"I had for a long time been
thinking of trying the Samaria Prescription treatment on my husband for his
drinking habits but I was afraid he would
discover that I was giving hlin medicine,
and tho thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, but one day when he
oame home very much Intoxicated and
hisweek'sualary nearly all spent, I throw
off all fear and determined to make an
effort to save our home from the ruin I
mw coining, at all hazards. I sent for
raur Samaria Prescription and put it in
his coffee as directed neit morning and
watched and prayed for the result. At
noon I gavo hlm more and also at BUpper,
He never suspected a thing, and 1 then
boldly kept right on giving it regularly, at
I had discovered something that set every
nerve in my body tingling with hope and
happiness, and I could see a bright future
•pro*-! out before me—a peaceful, happy
home, a share ln the good things of life, an
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything elso dear to a woman's heart,
for my husband had told mo t hat whiskey
was vile stuff and he was taking a dislike
to it. It was only too true, for before 1
bad given him the full course ho had stopped driuking altogether, but I kept giving
the medicine till It was gono, and then sent
for another lot to have on hand if ho should
relapse, as he had dono from his promises
beforo. He never has, and lam writing
you this letter to tell you bow thankful I
-am. I honestly bellevo lt will cure the
worst oases."
A pamphlet in plain, sealed envelope,
sent free, giving testimonials, ndfull Information, with directions how to take or
administer Samaria Prescrlptlou Correspondence considered sacredly confidential. Address Tho Samaria Itemody Co.,
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
11 HIvlMo Lllornrj  Not?!,
The •/*'...**ie Literary club lias gout
to the seashore ror its annual bath.
Our lite, :xy department Is absent
from lhe pt. -er this week, the editor ol
£ it having taken n contract lo grade f
Major Jones' new novel Will lie ou'
by tbo 1st of September. In fact, tin
major Bays It will be $00 out.
The Itlllvllle U*ciiire luireiin has bees
quiet lllls week. All lhe wotueli ar«
Ht the seashore.
A llleniry BUpper for the benetlt of
the town hall will he given one night
next week, llailieiiii'd lanih will be
tin* feature of the evening,
While one ot our lending literary
meu  was peacefully   plowing  lo  hi-!
Held last week some utlsrieiltu Molt
hiti shirt and his entire library, tht
hitter consisting oi Biinynil's "IMI
grltu'i I'logii'ss" and two hound vol
nines of The CougrossloQal Record.-1
Atlanta Constitution.
Minimi's Lliinem cares Gareel in com.
peed sulphur sparingly, us it will rami
rliot Ism or leg woaknoss,
If colli ill  tUUSl  he fed, hake it with
bread ami 11111111111* it in sweet milk.
Roup the dust bath Rlwayl icndy. Use
dry earth-, or ttlrtcd coal SlllSt- adding s
little liino,
Yotuii ami old fowls require luIQolent
nutritious Tood to koi*p thorn la a thrifty,
glowing condition,
Ducklings nud chickens should uot Ua
kept together. The ducks will run over
thu chicks without compunction.
The profit in raising turkeys comes
from iheir ability to pick up a good living
for tliumsolvos most of the time.
If the most prolllic hens aru retained
and tliu worthless ones marketed, a de-
elded Improvement will soon result,
go long us young chicks are doing well
'uuder your system of feeding, it Is not
necessary to bother about any other system.
While ground clam on oyster shells li
excellent for layers, the chicks need
ground bono, snd they should have a supply dully.
Charred corn on tbe cob Is ono of tbe
hrst ways to feed charcoal to fowls.
Nothing Is better for bowel trouble.—St.
Louis Uepubllc.
Two of Th-em.
"What Is a sphere "f Influence, John
Henry'/" asked Mrs. Hnuggs, who had
bieii rending about the African and
Asiatic disputes of the European nations.
"In summer," replied Mr. Bnaggs, "ths
baseball '■*•* the sphere of Influence, while
In the autumn it Is the football,"—Pittsburg Olmiiilele-Tfh'griiph.
Miiiard's Liniment Cores Distemper.
A Womnn*** Ilium-.
The problem of building a home Ik one
that cannot be worked with rules. A
woman's home Is the perfection of her
temperament, it can he nothing mote;
It is nothing less, und the sooner ate:
broadens her mind and deepens her heart
tho sooner she will lire buppily. But it
she goes around smiling like n Cheshire
cat and putting in her valuable time trying to be n benediction while her husband and children are worrying through
life on dried meats and baker's bread
she will find tbnt n little more housekeeping rnd a little less hoineuiuking
would improve mutters materially. To
live happily any place. In a home or out
of it, requires a constant druiu upou one's
common sense, and If a young womnu
taking up her trade as a homu builder expects to become a success by rending the
-'helpful hints to young wives" she ia
making u mistake. She would spend her
time better reudlng the advertisements
iu the buck of the milgaslno, tiudiug lui-
portuut but uot soul stirring fuels uhout
soups, buking powder, linen, silver, stove
und floor polishes uml canned goods, for
these things   me   ludeeil   uf   thu em III
earthy j but, although David llurum snys
11 man's henrt lies close to his breeches
pocket, there Is no denying the Important
faei thut ua easily accessible gateway
thereto te found uhoilt three Inches uh.iv*
his collar button,—Hlmlrs Telegtatn,
HI 11 run Alw-B)* III*- Nnuit>.
Although many jewelers advertise
"something new in rlngf," the fact re*
uiulas thut they are hut slight varlatloOS
of. tht* styles iu vogue al the time Musis
piloted the chlldroo of Israel out of the
boudage of tigypt.   Kings are alluded to
lu the Hihli- lu the books of Genesis and
Kxiidus. They have been found among
the relies of prehistoric races, the stone
nge, the bronze nge uud the uge or lhe
mound builders. Herodotus mentions
thul the Ita hy Ion Inns wore thein, uud
from Asia they probably were introduced
Into Greece.
The rings worn hi early times were nol
purely ornamental, Imt luul their significance ns signet rings. A king's messenger delivering a messnge and exhibiting
the king's signet ns nuthority wns obeyed
implicitly. The Romans had n marriage
ring of Iron wilh u Jewel of ndumnut, signifying eternity und constancy. History
mentions n magic ring possessed by King
Solomon, of which the Jews and Mohammedans have ubundunt traditions. It
wns by menus of this ring as n talisman
of wisdom und power thut Solomon wns
enabled to perform those wonderful nets
and accomplish those vast enterprises
that hnve mnde his nnme so celebrated
ns tiie wisest monarch of the earth. Tlie
Inter Rontons wore a profusion of rings,
nnd the more effeminate had rings for
summer and winter
How *to Tilt tbe lint.
The arrangement of thc hair in the
nupe of the neck Is one which erentes
great dillieultles in milliner; matters.
Nothing is more terrihlu or disfiguring to
the contour of the face than u gap between the crown of the bat and the
coils of the hair. Vet many, many girls
are to be seen who allow themselves to
be such objects.
A rei) brought around thickly under
the chlii and tied above the brim somewhat mitigates the evil, but it exists,
nevertheless, and another one nttendnnt
on it—viz, the angle ut which the hat Is
worn, setting hi absolutely u straight
line across the heud, and couiiug low
down on the forehead, with the result
tlmt beeomlngness Is reduced to a minimum.
The angle for the hnt when the coiffure
Is low* is slightly off the forehead when
the comb, now so much lu vogue, Is inserted at the base of the crown colls.
Thou the hut tips slightly downward.
Another method of disguising the vacuum between the crown nnd coiffure is to
have a Unit circle of flowers, preferably
crush roses, beneath the -brim: but thi?
Is only when the bnt is of a fancy straw,
such ns thc glossy kind which this season
bu introduced to un.
Teachers' EmiilojmeDt Bar-ma,
"In several of our large cities there are
established teachers' agencies, which ure
really professional 'Intelligence offices.' In
thein are kept the names of nil those who
hnve mad,* applications for positions.
with Information mnl references concerning (hem, these Items being ut the serf*
Ice of any one desirous of obtaining u
teacher," says The Ladles' Home Jour*
mil. "The candldnte pays to the agency
shout $- for the privilege of having her
niHiie registered ami about S per cent of
her salary for one or two years nfter seeming a position, The agency Is iu cor-
i-i-* pond ence wiih ■cho-uli nml teachers all
over the country, mid iu this wny u large
number of positions nre obtained."
Uriel n ut ike Fan,
The use of the fun originated iu Clilnn
and sprung from the following incident:
A royal princess, very beautiful, was assisting al Ihe feiist of lanterns, her fuce
covered with u lnn*-k,  us ilsuul.   The ex-
cesalve heal compelled her to remove It,
nml iu order to guard tier features from
the common gase she moved it quickly
to  nnd   fro   In   front of  her  (nee,  thus
simultaneously hiding her charms nnd
COOlUlg her brow,   The iden wus ut onco
adopted throughout iiie kingdom. Catherine de' Medici carried the first fan from
Italy ever seen Iii Prance, nnd iu the
time or Loull XIV tllO fun covered with
jewels was worth u small fortune,
Hull, lor the llralr.
Light hulr should be washed often and
dried In ihu sun. A toblespoonful of
household ammonia added to eneli basin
of wnier used In washing assists unite-
■ hilly in keeping it light. Dink loiir
should he dried in the lliailc, or il will
Tiide In strenks. lint if the dark haired
girl wishes to lighten llci* Hesse* without
a bleach she enn accomplish something
In tlmt direction by adding borai lo the
water nud, after drying the bnir lu thu
shade, giving It u "sun hnih" ns often
as practicable, During the sun huth the
bnir should lie sprend und shukeii uut
constantly, thnt the rays mny reach ill
the roots ullke.
Tea T-abte Etiquette.
A hundred yeurs ago theru wns a
quaint tea table etiquette, It was eon*
Bldered a lack Of courtesy to take mueh
cream or sugar lu one's tea. Etiquette
demanded thut the teu should he tasted
frum thu spoon and thnt thu hostess
should then Inquire, "Is your teo ngree-
able?" Modern women would be shocked
by a fushioiinble lady of those dnys who
cooled her tea with her brcuth. Yet
Voung wrote of a certain bewildering Lady Betty:
Ber two red lips affected zephyrs blew
To uool the Bohen nnd Inflame the beau,
Whilo one white finger aud a thumb conspire
So lift ths oup and make the world udmlre.
Alao Anxious About If.
"I would like to know," said tbe gruff
old father to the young man who bad
been calling with considerable frequency, "whether you are going to
marry my daughter?"
"fio would I," answered the diffident
young man. "Would you mind asking
uerr-Chlcsgo Post
Account In* For the Shortage.
"Brlmble seems to have a good deal
more money than brains."
"Yes. All hs Inherited from bis father was the money,"—Cleveland Plain
Permanently Cored of Aatlinui, Clarke*!
Kuhi (uinpoiiinJ Cures,
Mr.F. J. Pulntoii, the well-known proprietor
of Paiutt>n'3 Music Store, Vancouver, B. 0.,
write!: "I hftvu been h great auffwer from
oattma in its *wor«t form for over four years.
•rcry o'ten h-i-ring hod to eir up nearly nil night.
I hnd oonsnltsd phyjiclans both in England
nnd CacnOn without obtaiuirg any permanent
relief and tried man**? remedies with the same
result, .a friend who had been cured bv Dr.
Clarke'*; KoIhOiii.}! .und udvlaedme to trv it.
And three bottle! MV. cnlirelv cured me. It Is
now nearlr*ivo *.-.in-inu-.* niv rtcovurv, and
asthma hna tea tfoubIM inn since. I fetl very
grateful to Dr. Clarke tor Introducing this won*
tlerfui remedy, I have frequently rsconunen*
dealt to othst-s sufferingssi was, and do not
know of a HinylfOniM) wlier-Ui*-* required number of bottles have l**.*n tak-n thnt it Iiih fflUfd
to cure. Set.* tlmt you get Qlarko'l Free sample
bottle f*ent toanv jH-i«(.n. Mention ihls paper
AililresaTln-lirtflUlH tz Maeuherson Co., Ul
Church Hire-el, Toronto, or Vanoouver, a. C',
Bole Cnnadlun nyenta.
Soun*   Hl.i   -ri-iiuulim  \\lil|t|»t*d   I ii mi
» Hn moro os i-'nrui.
As n matter ot course, the real sharp
iiiiiii cuts tin* tnosi i«i'.
Perchance the "blue book" In ths book
that is uorer refold.
Does it light headed, lantern Jawed
cyclist n I iim; other lamp?
A  w nn  likes in visit ibe bargain
counters nnd then cotint'cr bargains.
Tin* game of golf a man plays Is really
uu stronger thnn Its weakest link.
The fuucrnl boll known when nny oue
passes away, because it Is tolled hy loinc*
It's hard for u woman with n new but
nt church to get it on' her mind. She'd
rather keep it on.
'riu* car conductor's motto Is, "Let us
pin uff lilt tomorrow the man who cannot
t>ny today."
When you deliver u chair for tin* repair
man to bottom, ymi should inula* him give
ymi a reseat for it.
Odd follows should be able to piny n
good gnme of golf. Tbey nre already familiar with threo links.
Tin? Baconian theorists Insist tbnt our
Immortal William of Stratford*on*Avon
wns no gront Shakes niter nit.
Time ami tide wait for no mnn, but
they hnve to .slow up a little for the womnn wlm te trying to get her bnt on
Worry hills more people than does
work. And work worries more people
than anything else. So what's to be
done about it?—Ulliott's Magazine.
Interview With K. A, I.i-tri*. "Who lias
.Iimt HetiiriH-U I*'nun n Tour of Infection—He Cull)pares the Dairy Industry
of Denmark mid Manitoba—Scarcity uf
Hog* In Munltolm.
R. A. Lister, president of li. A.
Lister & Co., limited, manufacturers of
cream separators and other dairy machinery whose Winnipeg branch has
since its inception three years ago been
under tbe able management of Wm.
Scott bas jnst completed his annual
tour of inspection and returns to England this week. Being requested to
give his opinion on the dairy industry
in Manitoba he said: "Until the farmers go in more for milk and stock raising tlie country will never be on a sure
and certain road to prosperity. This
continuous wheat raising is like an
unthrifty man who lives on liis capital
instead of his interest, and if he lives
long enough thc poor liout-e alone
awaits bim. Tuke tho farmers through-
ont tbe world and yon w ill find the
man wbo milks cows iu addition to
other branches of his bnsimegis the
best off; he has tbe best home, the
cheapest and best tabic, uud the most
ready money. Iu fact, he has uot all
his eggs iu one ba ket. Ibis is specially important in Manitoba, where the
wheat crop has been aud will be subject to certain elinintic risks nnd where
the home demand for the product of u
dairy farm in increasing both in this
province and British Columbia. Milk,
creaui, butter, chese, pork, calves, are
all iu active demand.
"When I compare this province and
IU'iiiiiaik, both l ith long und severe
winters, I am struck* with the scnut
provision for keepin stock in the winter. In Deuintirk (lie row stables nre
loug, cheaply constructed, yet warm
buildings with straw thatch roofs nd*
joining the ftirin house at one ■ nd. The
door from the house does not open ou
tbe cows, bnt iuto nn intermediate
room used for sorting all things
required. The cows am in two rows
bacK to back, with infHolent room for
oleaning out and sulllcient room in
(rout of lhe mangers tor feeding from
a barrow or trolley cur. The ventilation is Irom the apex nf the roof nud
the temperature kept at nbout 6-3 de*
green Karenheii. The milkers have
uot lo go out. in tin* cold on a winter
morning. Il is a general practice to
put nil milk OOWS in the stable from
October 90 to May 'JO. Tho Danish
dairy farmer is. as a rule, fairly well
off, and lives well) they mostly own
their own farms, Hand skimming or
deop Belting is now unknown, the
cream separator is universal; their butter is the finest lu thfl world, and commands the best price in Kngliiiul. They
also feed a very huge number of hogs
ou their separator milk, tmrloy and
corn-the latter tbey Import,
"I think the scarcity of hogs in this
province is a matter Hint cannot bo too
forcibly urged on the farmers, although
flue pork and bacon can only bo obtained where skiui milk is avullablu to
mix with barley, corn or damaged
wheat. Many of theso things, I am
awan*. have been told bofore—bnt old
truths will do with repeating.
"My Arm started n creamery at
Brandon this year nnd mado 65,000
pounds of butter; Ihe farmers have been
paid iu caali for their cronm every
month. For November wo shall pay
them 10 cents per pound. We purchased tho old court houso nt Morris,
equipped it as a creamery, and pnt a
gasoline launch on the river to collect
crenm from tho river Bide farms. This
we have dono with oue object ouly, viz,,
to establish tho business on a sound
basts for the cream gathering system,
and provide (he farmers with a ready
cash market for their cream. I am glad
to hear from the patrons I have met tbut
onr efforts even this first year htve been
successful and much appreciated
"At the pnsiit moment Manitoba
Is not taking foil advantage of her
great opportunities for supplying the
western market with choice dairy products. The ready demand for fine fresh
butter, and the satisfactory prices such
an artlole commands should be an In
centlve to farmers to lnorrose their
herds, to develop the prodnction of
milk the yeur round, and to provide all
the facilities for making butter of first
quality, and in quantity commensurate
With the requirements of the market.
Csing the eighty third psalm for iiii ul-
tlmn turn is real Dutch thrlftlneas, Detroit News.
France continues to furnish the raude*
rille features of the European concert.—
Omaha World-Hernld.
The Cntmdn cop will now adorn the
jhelf with the America's. Our collection
of foreign silverware grows upace.—Bolton Herald.
Among diplomats tbere is a little curi-
oslty to discover whether tbe Anglo*
American umleratnndlnit will survive the
yacht race.—Milwaukee Sentinel.
The Impact of A'nmrteflu eivlfixatlon on
Kngllah custnin* te more marked 'bun
ever. British market reporters hove nt
last (]uit culllug wheal "cun."—M. Paul
That fond meeting between the return*
Inn wife uml tht* May ut borne summer
husbaud is always touching—tho wlfo
nvariably >b*iid broSe.—St. I.ouir
American jockeys ure bogiunloj to nt-
tract rather mon' niit-nii ■:. iu Kn^luud
tban American statesmen und almost as
tn|)ch as American multimillionaires,—
Philadelphia Public Ledger.
The <ii ink traffic makes mischief in unexpected place* A beer keg hll out of a
teix rnr on tin* Hi*,* Pour road tbe other
duy, derailing soveral cflrs mnl deluylng
passenger trains.—Minneapolis Times.
The example set by the United Statea
io tin- effect that to excel in wm* n nation
must also excel lu Industry nnd com*
murce has chuigcd tlu* political situation   "f   i tic   world.—American Mnnu*
A linm iUit'iiuiatlc Itemed?.
Mr. H. K. West, Water St., Vancouver,
writes: "I had been suffering fromavery
iKilniul attack of rheumatism ln my
right shoulder, and could uot attempt to
raise my nnu, m great waa the pain.
Uriltiths' Menthol Liniment was applied,
and lu less than four hours the pain entirely left lt, and I could use my arm
freely.   It Is truly a wonderful remedy."
Ao-clber Lie Nailed,
"1 stnnd up for thc people," declared
the political orator.
"Falsi*!" cried n gamin iu the rear,
"lie wouldn't even stnnd up for n poor
obi lndy in de car this moruiug,"—New
York World,	
An Kilrutnicnnl Wife,
Mrs. Talkmucb—Thai Mrs. Ilev. Backwoods is n shamefully extravagant womnn.   She spends every cent of her bus-
bund's Miliary.
Mr. Snrkasm— You don't sny so. The
dreadful spendthrift. And to think ltev.
Backwoods gets $-100 a yenr too.—Ohio
Stsle Journal.
—Biliousness whioh Is caused by excess-
ive bllo In the stomach, has a marked
effect upou the nerves, and often manifests itself by severe headache. This Is
the most distressing headauhe one can
have. There nre headaches from cold,
from fever and from other causes, bot tbe
most excruciation of all is the billons
headache. Pnrmelee's Vegetable Pills
will oure It—ouro It almost immediately.
It will disappear as soon as tbe P111-*
operate. There ts nothing surer tn 'hi*
treatment of bilious headache.
fortunately the position Canada
wants to take in this boundary dispute i-*
on  t'l'i*  side  of the  line.
Doiiole murders are becoming just frequent enough nowadays to warrant s
few double executions.—Philadelphia Inquirer.
Au improved style of $2 bill is to be Ib*
sm*d, Imt it will probably slip through
the lingers as easily as the old kind.—
Pittsburg News,
There have been numerous rumors flying through the air since Marconi got
bis wireless telegraphy working.—Min*
ocopolls Journal.
The Spanish army Is to be reduced
from 107,000 to 80,000 men. Don Carlos
should make terms with those 27,000 dls-
charged warriors right away.—Syracuse
Four thousnnd dollars Is asked for a
copy cf the original Kilmarnock edition
of the poems of Hubert Burns. Uoot
ana' mou! Sic a pnwkie gowk gars me
greet.—Boston Herald.
A murderer hns just been sentenced
In town to Imprisonment for 00 yenrs.
As he will beyond doubt be pardoned be
is fortunate in that tho term imposed
was uot 25 years.—Buffalo Commercial.
After deciding whnt n horseless ear
rlage is to np called society will have
further trouble iu determining whether
the man who runs it ought to be dressed
like a conchmnn or a brakeman.—Washington Star.
A society journal goes at some length
into the question as to the "proper way a
man should leave towns." Given a day
off and tlie uverngc mun will solve tbat
problem tnstanter without auy advice
American soldiers arc marrying native
beauties down In Havana and Porto
Itico, nnd, wiih a lnrge surplus feminine
population at home, there Is dunger of a
grave crisis beiug precipitated If this sort
of annexation Isn't ulpped Id the bud.—
Uultimot-e American.
The three grent vital factors
of this body of ours are tho
heart, the nerves and tho blood.
It is because of the triple
Fiower possessed by Milburn's
IcnrtniidNcrvePlllsof making
wenk, irregular beating hearts
strong and steady, toning np
run down, shattered, nervous
systems and supplying those
elements necessary to make
thin, watery blood rich and
red, thnt so nmi>y wonderful
euros have been oooredited to
this remedy.
Here la the case of lln. B.
J. Arnold, Woodstock, N.B.,
wbo Buys:
"1 wns troubled for some
time with nervous prostration
and general weakness, feeling
Irritable, debilitated and sleepless nearly all the time. My
entire system became run
down. As Boon ss I began
taking Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills. I realised tut
they had a calming, soothing
influence upon the nerves.
Every dose seemed to help tbe
cure, Tbey restored my sleep,
strengthened my nerves and
f,ve tone to my entire system,
think them wonderful."
Hale Old Age J
Snd to Bee people ■
advanced in years
ache, Lame Back,
t'rinnry Troubles
and Kidney Weak*
ness.   A hale old i
r~~\J-*3 \ Vtp nge, free from pains ,
ilv \ i o"*-;d aches, can only '
IIWJL, beattainedbykeep.
Ing the kidneys right and the blood pure. !
befriend the aged by freeing them from
pain and correcting all Disorders of the
Kidneys aud Drlnary System.
Ur. Thomas Ash, an old resident of
Renfrew, Out., spoke us follows?:
"I am 72 years of age, nnd hnve been
troubled for a uumbt-rof years with pains
across my bnck. Wheu I would stoop ,
over it gave agonizing pals to straighten
Dp, I was so bud thai I oould scarcely |
walk, I hnve tubm mnny kinds of medicines, but got nothing tu help me. Being
recommended to try Doan's Kidney Pills
I got a box, After inking three doses 1
notloed a great change for the better,
and 1 can now gel around as smart as a
cricket, l can split my own woodnnd um,
in foot, just like ii new matt. "
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tnr Snap you
will find tlie best in our
Sold at all Drug -Stores.
w. v u.  m
It you cannot intend ths w i n mp. b HubI-
nenii College ju-tt iiuw, do not wutQ yuur
evenings ut lu.iiii.*. We cun «lv<: your Instrue-
lluiis In motile sliLJ. tt by mull.
Writ*, for dsserlptlVS oandogue.
O. W, DONALD, Bee,
for the pRinTER
To clean u spice mill grind a handful
of ruw rice.
Corsets with the whalebones removed
mako f-ond cleaning cloths,
A tvhi.sk broom is just the thing d>
clean the horse iT.di-.li grater.
Wood ashes put iu u woolen bag nml
plan*.! lu iht; water will make hard wa
ter sun.
Pickles or vinegar will not keep iu n
jnr thnt hus over had any kind uf greasi'
kepi in it.
Chun shells ure uiore convenient for
scraping pots nnd kctilrs tlmn u knife, requiring k'SS Siim*.
Put ti litlk* hoiisi'lmld iiuiiuouht on u
rail "inl clean off iho rolls of thu wrlngL'i
before putting it nwny.
Cellisgs thut have become smoked Uy
a kerosene lamp should be washed off
with n wenk smlii wnter.
Drain  pipes thnt are sour or impiiri
mny be cleaned with llmewnter or cur*
bnlic acid or chloride of lime.
When yon drive a nail Iuto a wall,
clothospiess or closet to hang things ou,
drive ii through u spool up to tho bond.
To brighten the Inside of a coffee or
ten pot llll It with wnter, ndd u small
piece uf soup (Hid let it boil about 45
Baddeck,, June 11, lbUi.
O. O. Richards & Oo.
is my remedy for NEUKALUIA.
It removes at onco.
a. s. Mcdonald.
l»lni»,' '■ t*Vs »t^ I Hi'-."iK• -.i'l"* IMKArMtNT*-**'*!
I..U imiMim< Ij, hi use. Tli-..M!.di ut h*ppf nmn ttt
t,„..„,f rlir iuii, il.ry hr.1 J ..1 i|» ,,-inr,!.. Mrt.C.W Lai.
uy,. ' 'r.uMK.itwn ,. -or .1 ..,.1 . t-e..r.t tin hi, ..lo„nr
CO., LIMITED, TiM-xitiujiic.
1 I'. 1       ■■   ■ !■   tMMIO,-Ml.
M.dc bf the oelebrtt«l ftrn
ol Aui, k Wiborg,
TU. Iitol .ud  but.
New,, MituUioj,
STiaii, .tc.    Beat la
tb. world.
•*«• ■ r-nn   CMt b** u"' "°****
Rill  I FRQ      'K   .'«•»•   Th.
nuLLcno .niy pun oi th.
kind in. C.n^lft.
CM .11 m.kM ud
kiad»—new and ta-
cond hand.
MONEY SAVED IS Write to us m own for
MONEY EARNED, ffied" "SBBpifd
aUARAKTBED Sllvorwnro, nnd bin your
Christines presenla dlrecl from ilu* factory,
nnd thereby save 60 cents on the dollnr.
Nothing Is bo suitable forn Christmas gift n.ii pleco of l*:i.i;ii.\M* BIM Kit HA Uh. nnd
by buying from us you rstvo thelargo profit ol
ihe Jowefor, Wo prepay all Bhlpplns charm*.
Send ono-cenl stomp for Catalogue.
Unequal!M bj auy  other ta
Canada, iu matter, paper and
AU Kinds for Printers
Eclipse Silverware Co, '-,::„'';:-:,::
*•-■ vim: -,\ Mttiitwl Guaraitte*
every article,
Every girl imnnines that her distress Is
as pitiful na thut of a wounded doc.
Some people are no tierce nbout tbeir
"rights" that they forget the rights of
Become very friendly with a woman
and you will begin to bear whom she
regards as ber true frieuds.
Oo to nny friend's house unexpectedly
for dinner and yuu will learn that they
hud a line dinner the day before.
To be popnlnr a inun must be kept so
busy applnuding the feats uf others thut
he has no time to accomplish anything
If you wnnt renl joy, build a fire by a
roudside, stent some roasting enrs and
cook them in it. Roasting enrs nre never
so good any other way,—Aichisou Globe.
ACTION.—Sumo persons, when they
wish to cleanse the stomach, rt-jurt to ep-
som and other purgative salts. These are
speedy lo their action, but serve uo permanent good. Their in-.* produces Incipient chills, and If persisted In they injure the stomach. Nor do they uct upou
the Intestines lu it beneficial way. Par-
melee'a Vegetable Pills answer all purposes In thla respect, and have no superior.
There will be seven feminine Hamlets
ne.M yenr, nud it behooves the renl Mum-
lets lo organise.—Chicago Tribune.
No less thnn seven female Hamlets
are announced fur ihe neit dramatic
season, tier the happiness of the profession iu general it is to be hoped thut
the number of thein will not mnkv It
nny the more ditlicult for the ghost to
Free and easy expeotantton Immediately relieves and frees the throat and lungs
from viscid phlegm, and a n>**dMne that
Siromotea this Is tbe best medioine to use
or (toughs, oolds, Inflammation of the
lungs nnd all affections ot the throat and
ohabt. This Is precisely what Dickie's
Antl-Consumptive Syrup Is a speelflo for,
and wherever used it haa given unbounded satisfaction. Children like It because
lt la pleasant, adults like It because it relieves end cures the disease.
Queen lleiiriitiii of Belgium tul.es a
dully drive of ten miles.
Although the Princess ur Wales Is al
ways apultcu of ns Daulsb, she spwn
must of her enrly life in Germany, uen?
I'Yankfort, nnd German, not Dan bdi, was
her iimt lier tongue.
Queen Margaret hns promised tu climb
Rocen Melone, une of the highest peaks
■>f the Italian Alps, to tuke part iu the
dedication  uf  n  statue of  tbe  Virgin of
which the ifhceu herself is the sculptor.
The crott'U prince of Sweden nnd Norway Uas uu unenviable physical char
acterlstlc.    Along tbe roots of nil his
teeth runs ;i bur -ir strip of bone. When-
"ver he hns a lunth extracted this bone
hns to be cut through.
berry,Tuscorom, writes; **L nm phased to
sny tlmt Db, Thomas' Eclboxbio oil is nil
that you claim it to he. ns we have been
usin« it for years, l**th internally and externally, nnd hive always received benefit from
its use. lt is our family medicine, and I take
gr:nt pleasure in recommending it."
Art Hanilk'tippt-il.
"Merciful heaven!" the beautiful actress cried, "the curtain will g-> up in
three minutes. Oh. what shall I do!
Whnt shall 1 do! Thc opportunity of a
lifetime, nud I am unprepared."
"What's the trouble';" nsked the villain,   "Haven't you learned your lines .'"
"Yes, yes," she sobbed, "I know my
lines well enough, but tbe diamond necklace I Intended to wear in the scene
where I nppear ns tbe poor scrubwoman
has beeu lost. Ah. it is terrible—terrible!" 	
Uuftrard nnd  YUllilr- Sign.
"There pies one of those women's
rights reformers."
"How do ynu know?"
"Don'l yun see hi- wife la carry Ins the
babyV'-Uhlcnjm Tribune.
176   OWEN   STREET,
■h* OBe*!  Toronto.
Ptellt Com! JSrucki  IN C«i-4«,«
8trMt, TiicoiTtr.
Then two desimbla qualification-1, pleas.
ant lo tlio Initio and «t the same titneeffect.
ual.are i„ be found in Mother Graves' Worm
Extennlualor,   t.'l.ildr.-n like it.
Wash the sculp with bran water whea
troubled with dnudruhT.
Hslf teaspoon of llmewnter will usually cure colic and hiccough.
itnthe s hpi-iiin with arnica diluted
wlih warm wnter und keep covered with
a llnnuel bandage moist with the arnica
and water.
For a very bad burn melt beeswax,
snd Into It pour tweet oil until ft makes
a salve which can be readily sprend with
s soft brush. Keep every part covered
with the salve.
Fisanelallr Speaking,
"Do you Intend to take any interest ia
the campaign?"
"Interest!" echoed Senator Sorghum.
"1 mean to do better thnn that. I expect to draw a dividend."—Washington
Star.     .
Knari's Liniment Cores Colds, Etc.
Pay in SCRIP for,Dominion Lands and
Bave 20 per Cent. Discount.
For full Information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any offico of tho MERCHANTS' BANK
CANADA In Manitoba or Uie Weil,
*-3      M
"Pa. nln't you n llrector of tb' school
board T'
"Ye-   I nm.   Wli'il of UV"
"Well, loncber colled mo iiuwu today,
aud kIil- was Just awfully Impolite
about ll."
"Wore you on tin- BCboolliouse in't'iu-
Isos wlien she cnllnl ymi down'/"
"Yes; I wus on tlle roof."
It is the coffee that
never fails to give absolute satisfaction.
The seal which it
bears is a guarantee
that its purity and
strength have not been
tampered with, and that
it surely is
Chase & Sanborn's
If you keep cowi y ■. cannot afford to ba
without! CKEAM SEPARATOR, acd If you
want ta hivf thc *.-•.*., moit modcrttt ts
price, and on eaiieit termi, apply to
R. A.   LISTER  &  CO.,  LTD.,
•St King St., Winnipeg,
Dcaleri In Dairy Supplic* and Prodoca, ti—-
olln-a Knii-lnert,   Hm.-  Itt-mU  Pow-ar-a, Kte.
PARIS  leoo
Partlat oontnnnlatlng Uw tdp are ioTtted
to write for |«irlk*u!iiM nl  personally con-
diiL'U-d or Indopsnd-snl loura Irom Winnipeg
Director ot tbe "Goofa" Bohool of Lao-
buii({..« unil RenrMontitin of TUomat Ouok
it Bon, of London und Nuw Vork.
AlldraM, 8TA Mitln hnc-l, Wlnnlf«C.
When nil uthur torn prepemtiona f ni I. try
Holloway'a Corn Cure. Xo [..nn wiint(;vcT,
ud no inconvenience in usiiij* It.
EmbassnOoi* Chonte 1.1*) a Que ear, of
perfect size nml of nhout ttio riniit angle.
Cornt'iius Vr.iulciliilt's cars nve thick,
homely, commonplace. They Indicate
Russell Sage's car is about thc average
size,   well   slnipcd,  sloi/.iitf   slightly   and
deeply l<>)-cd.
The ears of President Alpheus Stick*
npy of the Chicago Great Western niil-
road arc Dearly ut right angles to his
Rluhard Orokor's ear Is just like tlie
mon—plain, about medium sl», thick
anil eoaw, close to his head, tlm, deep
Thomas ('. riutt Uns the em* of n philosopher. Thc top leans far out nud tlio
lohe lu, It is rather over than under the
medium siz.i*.
Admiral Dewey hns n f-ininll eiir. with
milliy tingles, whleh leth lis Mini lie enn
le cruel mid tyrannical ns well aa delicate in fancy.  Such is his character.
■IIH ««l   fLOWl,   ItlDIHI JRA4HII1I,
C-arrlM"'".   n»Bi»i».   Harrows,  WluSmTlu!
At).   tlllKSIIllf  I'l.llW CO., WluultMf.
LOUS, STEtLE -I BRISTOL   ci™i. r.**
Import.ra.fOroc.rt..     fcj* g-ggft,
f fill 11. H»in 111 on.On t.     L. H. * B. Hp I'M.
7   TJSE
VBLE       I
MARKET. I n... u. meets ever) i
dnynighl nt ilieh ball
linker street.   Kojom ul
Odd Follows coiilnliyinvited.
Jumes nrcer, .1. 1: Pink, a, 1.. Mohcrm
n.i:. v. ii. Bee'y.
Friday and Saturday Feb 2-3
Carnival tonight.
"Sandy"    McDo
■\      t.O.O.F.   Key City Lodg-t , *. ■   program »ill he preseutetl  and
h   a  liuuld be a large attoudaucc-.
'. *.   rj lUCCCSsful social ami entertain-
1111I Arras Riven Monday nl^Ut at tlie
■'., tin dim church. The attendance was
irgi . nd Un* returns satisfactory.
Cost Bale ttbw goiny oi nt Maggs &
Flushes on all'Cti goods     Ladies come
ul. Gents' clothing, hoofs ami shoes
it '•*. to 50 per cent of.    Cash only.
Charles M. Edwards, Bcttnjt townslte
mem. sold $700 worth of residence lots
thia week, and a lot on linker street last
* ■"-.. lor Jiooo     Figures dou't lie in this
*   - dance at 'he Kimberley hotel last
1-   Raid   in have been a ^reai puc-
.- -.   The proprietors, EUts-ns. Wellman
1 ijiuel, left imthltig undone to make
:* pit ns mt f.ir their gm-ibU.
There i* a new elerk »t the home nf
\Y. te. Hill He is u litlle youn« for
work yet, as Ir* arrived on Monday of
' iii  week,  bul  he it n sturdy chap and
r. great promise ofthe iutute.
Maggs iS: Hughes are closing out their
drj ;*. -tils stock and going Into furnhure,
1 lathing und gents furnishings more ex
uslvely,    Wo will Bell anything In the
..■i.il-. line nt cost.   Cash ouly.
Kdttnr  Keeler,   of tbe  hurt   S «Ve
Prospector, vUlted Crnnbrook last Suu
1 iv     Mi   Keeler has heen doing book
i-\. 1 (;>*iit work on the Proepector, ami if
ha Imd (fee reins would Ul ike it a popu
M Mi * j 11 lies Ims returned home from
■Vllicrta. He wns instrumental in sectir
lug the services of Mr. Hoss ns pit net pal
nl the Crnnbrook schools, am) snys he is
saiUfled tlmt tbe gentletltan will give the
heat nf satisfaction.
James Armstrong, whn has been brak
Ing on Ine Crow for n long lime, intends
joliilng Slratbcona's Horse, uml expects
to go in Macleod in a few dnys ami en
list, Mr. Armstrong had five years'ex
perlcnce with lhe mounted police ami
would prove a valuable man.
The Herald Is in receipt of an Invitation to the masquerade hull to be given
uu the evenijg of February 15 at Moyie
by the (|uadiiile club of that town That
organization has given several dam
this season, and euch one has been
great social success.
C00NT0WN 400
The Premier Colored Organi-    !
station of America in a ... .
Rag Time Operatic Burlesque.
15 Leading Colored Artists 13
Vocalists, Dancers, Comedians .ind '
Pretty Girls,
The Mack Bostouiau Quartette,
The Coontown 400 Jolly Singers
The Event ol the Season.
f^f-Sans mi silk- at Beattie's.
igul   returned    Ihi
Friday and Snlntda
"Coontown 401
The genuine Mechanics tnr soup nt
Hungarian, Gleuoru and Graham flour
at Gilpin's.
Solicitor Harvey was a Cruobtu-*k visitor Tuesday.
If you want crockery or a nice dtimer
set, try Gilpin's.
Charles Kstmere whs in town several
diys this week.
Evaporated raspberries, apples nud
nprlcolaat Gilpin's.
Gold Comm-ssioner Armstrong waa hi
tli** city Tuesday.
Mechanics lar soap as found at Heattie's, is the best.
Tbe sidewalk to Baker hill is rapidly
Hearing contple Ion.
Ai I.citeh, Sr, visited Pernie and
lethbridge this week.
Col. Henderson, of Moyie, whs in town
several days this week.
Two comfortable bedrooms for ret*
Apply io P, McConnell.
Rev. Procunler held services in Chrl -
church last Sunday evening,
Fresh emps nml butter! the best in the
market, at P, McConnell'S.
Plenty of fun nt the 'Coontown .*. ■ '
Friday and Saturday nights,
Try Gil. in's for groceries. Alwny- i
lull nv.d choice slock oil hand.
All kinds of meats, fish and poultry a
RobflOll 8t Rogers.    Prices right.
Don't forget the carnival tonight.
Plenty of sport and good skating.
Robson & Rogers have their butcher
shop open and ready for bus'neat.
George Hoggarth, the good-natured
hotel prince of Elko, was in town Monday.
Harry McVittie nnd Mr. McBride came
over Irom Fort Steele Monday to see the
A son was born Io Conductor I,owe
and wife on Tuesday evening of thi->
Dave Rickcrt will move to Sparwi nil
where he will work the balance of the
Rev. SHllman, of Ferule, exchanged
pulpits wilh Rev. Smith, of tbia city, lust
J. K. Saucier returned to Rossland last
week, Mrs. Saucier accompanied hill)
a*1 fur as Nelson.
R. ti. Beattie and A. II. Grace hnve
been re-appointed license commissioners
for this district.
Conductor Hunt has returned from his
vncntlon trip, ami gone to Si Mat to resume his duties.
Mr. Flndtey, foreman of the North
Star mine, was in town Sunday on liis
way to Vest Kootenay.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
are arranging to close their store nt
Wnrdner for the winter.
For porridge you can get rolled onls,
groats, rolled wheat, wheat ties, middling! und corn meal ot Gilpin's.
W. ViiuArsdiilen, Dave Neville and
Willinm Ilanpl came ov- r from Foil
Sleele yesterday for a brief visit
Tbe Misses Wellman returned to Kill ■
berley Monday after a very pleasant
visit wiih frlenda in Cruubrook.
W. ti. Tate hns purchased the lot und
n hulf south of W. D Hill's residence
uml will build a home tbis spring.
The C. P, R. is selling one (are tickets
fur round trip to the Rossland carnival,
which takes place Febiuary 15 to 17,
Mr. Anderson, who haa churge of lhe
building ofa lnrge number of cottages ai
Sparwood, will move his family then:,    j
Las Monday Sam Mitchell fell off ah
loaded wagon and was severely bruised, ; ,
but fortunately escaped serious injury.    ■
W. A. Simpson's family have arrived 1
from Calgary and moved Into une of tin j e
new Armstrong coltag s on Hanson 1
avenue. j •'■
A nice selection of winter apples, such £
as Spies, Baldwins Greenings, Russell, ,'
Ben Davis, Sweets and Spitzenbcrg at ' ,
P. McConuell's.
Smi Mitchell has moved bisrestaurant ]
into the room formerly  occupied by lhc
Cranbrook Hardware Company, and •
fitting up a fine place. '
Next Fildny evening is account night 1 tf
Ht tlit I. O. O. Fi lodge.     Those having
accounts against ihe lodge should present ihem to tlu* secretary in lime.
The Odd Fellows will bold llielr
muiiibly smoker tomorrow evening.   A
Moyie Camp.
i mining outlook iu tbe vicinity nf
■ is decidedly blight. The S*. Bu
■•ompiinv is mnking preparations
arge addition to the working force
ier-*-), and when (lie additions have
null* to the concentrator it is like-
i over ao" men will be required to
ni ore, so that the company will
Idy have a pay ro'l, early in the
il some 300.
ions other properties in the vicin
.j lo be developed this year. The
owned by Joe Mudsoy, has a ledge
iferona quartz from eighteen inches
ftet in width, which assays a pny
je in gold. It also carries some
and rock from the six foot shaft
rrom a trace of gold and fourteen
. of silver up to $65 per ton in gold
.puently overages $20, We under*
tint a prominent mining operator
*. ie is likely to develope ttila pro-
l\ as soou as the season will permit,
1he successful working of such a different class of ore from that in tbe St. Eu
gei e group would he a great factor in
the prosperity of Moyie.
Tlie Olive May, which is situated im
mediately back of Cot. Henderson'!
ranchc, is being prospected by the Dowser brothers. They have contracted
with the original owner, T. tu. Davies,
to drive a tunnel thirty feet into the
bluff, which will strike the pledge at a
depth nf about 300 feet. Tbe vein is
abont five feet wide, and shows good
gold values on the surface, and the oper-
ilors expect to develope the property
into a mine, wblch Jwill add materially
to ihe value of bullion produced in
The Aurora group, which lies across
ke ftom the tewn, is, we bear, to
vely prospected this season, nnd
> every renson to believe tbat the
ty will, as a result, take a place
among the shippers of silver lead ,ore.
H is evident lhat, ill spile of the St. Ku-
otisolidflted, Moyie is not fated to
ne mine town.
North Slar.
We benr thnt still another discovery
'ii shipping ore has been made 011 tbe
North Stnr hi.l on the surface near the
old workings. Tins new ore body iB now
exposed for a width of seventeen feet,
and JJcxti'inls much further to nn unknown width, and js therefore a p*o-
nounced addition to the value of the
mine, which already hnd mote ore iu
sight than auy other silver-lead mine in
British Columbia. A few more such dis.
coverles and the Norlh Star will be a
world beater. The tramway is now
ready for ihe cable which is now being
put lu place under lhe super in tendency
olj 1, Morgan, of New York, who bus
been -en* from lhat cily by the tuantifac**
ttt rei nl Ibe machinery, to see it pro-
l*l   Installed.   Our well-known towns*
nn 1 ,   Joe   I,-tidlnw,   has charge of the
men ;.i work.
Dlack Bear.
drift is being run both ways on the
- on this property at tlle 60 loot
;, and the showing of ore in these
s is extremely good, so that alt
ebolders can be confident of getting
.-*.■ profit on theit Investment at pres-
utces. When ihe work Is prosectt*
■ ■j ilie Pedro, nnd both mines are
ping ore, there will he of necessity a
Ideruble population in the vicinity,
here will be probably nt least one
concentrator nnd perhaps two for
Ming the mixed ore aud reducing it
-Lipping basis.
large, hu tlu- fact nf importance is that
that percentage increases us depth Is obtained. A slnrt distance from the Horse
Shoe and immediately south of the Copper Crown a contract to sink 100 feet on
group.of claims siu'di ot the railway
has been let and Mr. Beck te now at
work with' tmir tin n coin mi*m-ing'pjje rations so th-it wi* have now Uupe separn'e
piopositions being developed tri'ls;*d r
canyon, all within live miles of town.
Mining Salts.
The grent cables fi r lhe Norlh Stat
Mining company's t tin way, have ar«
rlyed and were taken by rail to the end
of steel. ^
J H l.aidla*.v.-«ho has been one of
the duff nt the Norlh Star mine fr r
some lime, will have charge "f the new
tramway as soon ns it is 111 Operation.
Charles Kslme'e arrived In t mn Tuesday from the Empire mine We snys
work is progressing most favorably, and
that they bave lwo carloads ofbte ready
for shipment. The C I- U. will put in
h aiding at Empire this mouth, ami
when It is completed ore slmls will be
COI sttucted and several shipments made.
Stood Death Oil.
ti, B. Mnndav. a lawyer ol Henrietta,
Tex., onee fouled a grave-digger. He
sty: "Mv brother was very low with
malarial fever and j lundiee. I persuaded
hilll to try Jv'ectm-lltiUei*-,  and   be   waa
boou much bolter, but continued their
me until he was wlmlly cured, 1
nm sure Electric Bitters saved his life."
this remedy expels uul at in, kills disease
germs and purities the bloon; ants diges
tion, regulates liver, knlneysaml bowell,
cures constipation, dyspepsia, nervous
diseases, kidney troubles, female complaints; gives perfect health, Only 50c
at   R. K. Beattie's drug store.
iid Teaming
Wood and   Ice  For Sale
Cranhrook, liritir.li Columbia
Artistic Printing
Call on Tlie Herald.
l'itt • I intend l
hmi, 1
1 |.i
; far permit
far>y acres c
ll II   li, Uli-
t'l -lli'P   S*i||ili  r||
eliulus to ilie point of
lf!|     I'.VIT.MUl    r
tkenes west eighty
olmins, th-'wc «»ait
imii'ii ;u Pernie January 29, r
Xot'ce is hereby idven lhat thirty days n
date I Inteatl to make ;<it!pllcatlon to the Chief
Conimlssloncn i f bands and Works nn- permission to imroha-o six hundred itnil roity aerosol
liiini, commencing at a -- 11 marked 11. li., nbout
three miles vest of Kile river, niut running north
eighty ulialns, llienoo west eighty chains, 1 hence
Huutii eighty ehalits, thence east eighty chain
to poln1 or cr-inmenconiMit.
Dated Pernio, B, c January 30, toon.
Takn n itlee Hint one mom ii after date I intend
to apply tolheOlretconimlsslonerof Ijin :n
Works for permission tn purch-uu the fo lo
(lesurilieil lands: Coiiuuonolng at post |ilimleil
on tin- Moyie L'lncor Mining < ompiiny s trail,
yards southwest » the jun tion oft lie Wen
creek trad, thunee south -in chains, tlienceeast
40 ehidn-i, ihenutf north 4'i eiialus, tneuce w st
40 clmlni to the plaoj of boglunlag, cnutaiiiiiiK
Kin acres more or less.
Dated ihls UDth ua, ot January. 10 0.
Certificate of Improvements
(NO, till.,)
Bltuata In tho Fnrt  Btre'n Mining revision of
south East Kootenny dlnrlcl.    wiierc loca*
tcl-Stllliltcil mi NlBKer creek mill Joliilng
the I'uy master.
TAKP. NOTICK that I, Arehibatd W. MeVlt-
lle.frei'miner's ccrtlllcatn N.i. nPSTU. nr-Mngni
hgtint fur the I'ny ltoll dol 1 Mllihig nml M tllnt;
inii]nniy.;iUiilii*ii, or 1 ranlir-mk, 11. c„ 1 ee in.n-
ir'aoortltlcata No, nw;o, Inlenil, u> ilaya irom
tin* dato hereof, to apply to the lnlmiig recorder
"     1 ci-nltlciite of liii'irovijni'iils, ror the pnr*
i of ohtnhiiu; a crown itmut of the above
Ami further lake notice that notion, tinder
section :'", must lie cominotieed liefnie the Is*
atmnaa of Btieh oortlltrate of improvements.
Dnteit this '2nd day of Decern her, itmo,
Certificate of Improvements
I'AY   It   1.1   MlNEItATi  CLAIM   (NO, S0G8)
S.tinit'*  in  till*   ! oil  Steele .11 n n::  Division nr
sumh Kast Kootenny illililct,   Wliuio Ic
ciitod  lyine north or and iidj<lulii8 ihe
I'aytnastor, mi Nlguer creek,
TAKK NOTIOK that I, Arelilh*ihl W.*MaVlt-
Hit, fnie miner's cerilfloilto  No. 110870, nelitnt its
lltfi-ntfoi* lhe I'ay (toll (lold Milling mul Mlllm*.:
tii|i!iiiy.  hmlieil, nl l niiiin ok, it. (-., free
miner's i>erlllli-iiie No. ItlKPl'i lutoiul si\tyilnys
frnu the iluto lioronf, to iipply to llio mhtloK ro
iiniei- fo. a oartllloutc cf Improvoinenta, fm* t o
purpoio of obtnlnluK a orown prunt ot tlio above
c aim.
And finlhcr t-ik** notice thnt notion, under
•ntlon wi must im i-oimneiieed heron* tha Is-
mnco "f itteti leriiii-iui* or Imprnvemeuts.
AUciniiAi.n W, mvulii-:
i i.i'.< a this 3ml day or December, ih ii,
Certificate of Improvements
(NO. ■Bill)
Horse  Shoe.
;o foot contract on the ledge has
ti completed nud the owners have '
it lensiiti to feel quite satisfied with ,
results III the six fettof led^e mat- !
there is at the bottom of the ahaft at I
t   three  leel tif copper ore aHowlng
ni'.-i nnd amall musses of native cop-
and the peicciitage of metal loi>k»
Blltiate In the Port Hoolo Minliu Dlvlshn nt
Son h Kast Kootonny district,   Whoro located— On Nigger crock, about one m.ie from
TAKK NOTICE that I, Archibald W. MoVit-
tie, free mlner'a certlflenle No. nosro, a thn,' as
ntn-nt fm- the I'ay ltoll Gold Minlny unit Milling
e m mny,limited,of Crnnbroolt, it o„ fr.emin-
eraccrtlflcntu No. nOOTO, Intend, slxiy ilays from
lint date hereof, to apply to IhO Itlllilnn reunrdcr
for a ei'it.llcittti of ini|irovemt'im, fm- the piir-
■inse iiloli.iiuniiK a erown gr-Mlt or llie abuve
Ami further tuke notice thai action, under
section B7, must he coinmouoo'i litfora thu is-
sniuiro or sneli ei*itlIIis ile uf im|iroV(>ute:,ls,
AltlililllALD W. .M'VITTIK
Diileil this .'ml day n> Dect liU'cr, IbUj,
» ii •■ i... i <*•• i -.* i *. i ■*>; ■>■ i •> i ■.•■• i ■•;-1 »■ v ' .   •   . ! •> '
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
1 CRANBROOK SMSSS^of the Crows
r¥f*flflhl*nAl--f   Has a ,0'=s':a-, rour*d house, large machine
^ VI CllIUI UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Th Crailbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
S Kootenay.
td Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporate? tlons of South Hast Kootenay.
M Cranbrook Is the best starling point for all the mining districts in
Soulh Kast Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
for business men, builders, contractors,
j$jj Cranbrife offers the best field today fo
H manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
■M!)-'<!>-sA.) -.->'-(■---'i   •'   - ■•-••>■>-• ®   I   ir-®-®-®-®-4)-®-®-4l-®-4h®-4Hir-®^^
Get   Yoili*   Freighting When In Cranbrook
I Stop at the   :   :   :
IIONi: I'ltliMI'll.*!   uv
Sam niiclieli
P. O. BOX 2S
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector l,ir C. P. K.
James Kerrigan
Forrest House,
Proprietor.   :   :
Wholesale Grocer
General Agent
Whiskey     Wines     Beer
Ale   Stout
Rossland Beer in Kegs
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
put on by workmen
then have the paper
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, pf course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANUUOUK,   :::■::   B, C.
K     Planing Mill
II -i Sash and ::
Door Factory|Reid'S
Are tor those who know n Rond thiiiK when they see It.
A Snap....
...Mniinlhcturcrs of...
Sasli  .-«  Doors „* Atonldings
jt   Frames   „-*
Baml Sawing jt Turning
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate.
Mining Broker
lil.irk Mem .   ijic   Rtn|ilic    ....
Klml-wli-v Cnmnllilnlnl, loo
Kimberley, li. C
via Cranbrook
After Xmas
Everyone hns pictures nr photos
I,Ml SltOltlil In* ir'iiu.'tf.
We have a     Of Ready made
g00(| frames in stock
sizes and mould-
ings lo make up
ior .Ul sizes.
Willi lite latest iiKicliiiu* in tlie market
for Hinting finnu-K, we feel coiifitletit nny
ordflrB yon lenva .with nn will (jive yon
il is fuel imi mnl be Rppreclntqil liy ns,
Pl'est & Co, I'lii'loKraphcrs
Over poslolllcc, Craobrook.
A man's Black, Heavy Weight, l). IS. Wool Suit, $10.00
Don't do aroimil shiveiiiist when you can buy 11 suit ol
Reid's warm, heavy underwear ior $1.50.
Christmas Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Scarls, Etc, at
The Work Tells
the Tale   Jt   jt
Greer & Co.
Estimates given un all classes of woik
n onr line.    If you Intend lo build, see
us,    It mny pny you.
„*   „<*   IJ. C.
G# Johnson...,
\b Assayer «mi
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C,
t-nto nf Toronto
Contractor «■« Builder
iiinso contett-itAilrm. Iiiilblln-j will do well in lot
mu licnif nn tin, contrnclo.
Cranbrook, Britisli Columbia
Single Fare
Winter Carnival
Feb. 15 to 17
Agents and Pursers
Revelstoke and  Smith, Fernie
and West
Sell Ticked Febrotry lllll, .Ulh, Hlh, ISth
■nd 16th,
Limiting- going; portion to date of
sale and return portion good to
leave Rossland up to Feb, ISth.
For mien and full iti-foimattni] mldress
neitiesl local iigeltl, or
P, M. MEDHURST, ABl., Cranbrook
\V, I'. Anilerlon, 'I'.I'.A., Nelion, ll. a,
B. J.coyle, a.ij.I'.a , liim. nver, 11, c.


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