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Cranbrook Herald Jul 19, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Quo. A. Cox, President. 11. li. Wai.kuh. Geo. Man-    .
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
I. & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children...
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.       *t      *t      jt
& t? #> Reid & Co.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railiond nud depot.    Hns accommodations for the public unequalled tn Cranbrook.
..........*® g).........
....G. BREMNER & SON....
20perct. ji BLOUSES
Disconnt     COSTUMES
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
Wholesale Dealers In
Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Agents l'ur
.   .   .    .    Schlitz Beer    ....
Whnk-Mli- nn.l Dclnil
. Groceries, Men's Furnishing Goods, .
.   .    .    . Boots and Shoes ....
Agents Tur
.    . The Giant Powder Company .    ,
\riiiis Put
. . Bennett's White Gutta Purcha Waterproof Fuse . .
Fort Steele Mercantile Company, Limited
Jacob P. Fink, Manager Cranbrook, B. C.
fl H   Miner    The Pioneer
VS.  lit   J.TA111V1       HARDWARE STORE
....Special Prices on a Few Gents Wheels
Windows, Doors and Sash in all varieties.   Also Builders' Hard
ware, Paints, Oils and Glass,
ROOFING.   Tin and painted metal.
Eavestrough and Furnace work.
All work in tin shop first-class anel promptly attended ta
Cranbrook and rioyie
The Herald job Printing
One of the Kind Who Increases the
Perquisites of Parsons and Judges
There Are Guilt-Edge Propositions
In Cranbrook Which Can
Be Floated.
The Herald feels that there Is need for
a matrimonial hureau ia Cran hook. A
man or woman who iH an artist in promoting ventures of that kind will find
in Cranbrook a first-class field for the
exercise of their exceptional abilities in
an unusual and useful occupation.
There are a large number of marriagc-
able young men who will compare favorably in all respects with the young then
of auy land. There are also a number
of marriageable young ladies in Cranbrook, who must be proof against Cu-
(jy-»*«« * *
| This Mine Has
$2,000,000 In Sight
Chief Engineer Robbins, ol the North
Stir mine, 20 miles from Craabrook,
" The ore bodies In tbis mlae, occur-
Ins is flat deposits, I have been asked
if they could be considered as valuable
is i vela folog downward. To this I
would reply that tbe explored ore oodles ire, it least, 1500 feet from the
aearest boundary of tbe company's
property. If tbe flat area exposed
coald be turned oo edge, It would mike
lode equivalent lo it least 1500 feet la
Aad this district his been only par*
tlally prospected.
pid's da/Is, aa the ministers and justices
find that their fees from matrimonial
sources are infinitessitnal portions uf their
princely incomes. This is not as it should
he. Tht: demands of society and business interests alike call for more marriages, If this condition is the fault of
thc boys, ler.p year is still a long wny off,
aud the young ladies citn't help theui out
any in the proposing act, so as an inducement to a first class promoter of
matrimonial ventures to estahlUh an office here The Herald will give au idea
of the material here to work on—viz :
No. I-Prtik Violin.
Frank ia of Swede extraction, but not
j The Output Will Be
■j Largely Increased
It Is lot improbable that the
output ol the Nortli Stir, St. Kaj.rte
■id Sullivan mlaes lor Junc-H.l7J.000
pounds—will be Increased 51 per ceat
before the close ol Ibe year. The Sullivan Is now Installing one-hill of ■ 10-
drill duplex air compressor, which will
more thaa doable Its output. Tbe St.
Euicac's output Is lacreislai rapidly,
aad with 12,000,000 worth ot ore blocked out Ihe North Stir's output will aol
Idecreise, except wlthcessatlon.ol work,
wbkh will aot occur without i tremendous tall la the price ol lead.
South East Kootenay district Is ill
possessed of the musical dialed; about
5 feet in inches, when he changes his
socks; good complexion, ruddy and fait;
light, thin hair, parled in the middle; of
stout build, inclined to be howlegged,
bul if that should prove an objection will
leave them laying out fn the sun some
hot day until they warp hack; for as
years n good looker, good dresser, and
high-stepper; light mustache, weighs
about 175 pounds; is doing a good business in the clothing trade; would make a
devoted, loving husband, and is of such
a good disposition that when the time
comes, if necessary he will willingly
walk tho floor nights with the baby, A
girl who Is rather u tall, shapely blonde,
of good disposition aud pleasing appearance would find in Frank nn easy mark;
she would uot need a doughry. Call
enrly and avoid the rush.
No. 2—Alex McDermot.
This Is a young Irishman, about 40
years old (in experience); an expert
keeper of books and of any other old
thing worth keeping; about 5 ft. Sin.,
about 165 pounds in his shoes; in also an
athlete aud 1 whirlwind with Indian
club ; is alio a great kicker—when there
is a foot-hall around; a perfect Apollo in
form with warm-colored hair; wears old-
gold shoes with tooth-pick toes; of a
religious turn of mind, abstemious in hia
habits (some of them); he swears ouly
hyjoe Martiu. A large, stout brunette,
with a targe bank-roll, in need of a trusty
financier, could corral Alex, and put her
brand on him, if she was to go about it
cautiously and not arouse his suspicions
before she gets bim uuder control.
No. 3- l!ale Small.
A tall, slender young  Wehhttiiui, fair
hair and blue eyes; inclined to the Apol-
linarius in form; a good dresser and of a
disposition of the coojugular vein; keeps
a first-class hotel, and tbe gir] that
catches him will have plenty to eat and
nothing else to do bnt look ou the bright
side of life nnd feel happy; he is fond of
children and would make a devoted husband. The girl who catches him will
have to bt* a good looker and a good
dresser, money not necessary.
No. 4-Frcd neper.
Here is 11 cracker-jtck. The young
Lilly wbo gets him will have a soft snap;
he's about 5 fl. 7; stout, but not corpu
lent; fair, blue eyes, and thin light hair;
is a direct descendant of the Fled Piper
of Hamlin, from whence his name is derived; always wean a smile, the top Bide
ol which is fen-red in with a light, but
strong mustache: ia a decorator with a
handsome income, real estate and mine;*;
he works, not because he has to, but lie-
cause he was brought up that way; is
jolly and enjoys a good joke, except
when it is on him, aud then he enjoys it
more; the girt that gets him will have a
"puddin* "; he'll see that Bhe don't have
to do a thing—not even talk; Fred won't
ask a girl to bring lucre with her, and a
blonde, brunette, or betwixt or between,
with red, white or black hair, if it ia a
crop of her own raising, can lead him a
blushing, but not unwilling, victim to the
altar. The lady must, however, be an
honest and consistent member of some
church—say Scotch Presbyterian.
No. i— Tommy Rookes'
son Paul; rather youthful, maybe, to wed,
but if she had plenty of capital Paul
certainly could take care of a wife right
now; is about 18, eyes inclined to be
blue, hair between dark and light, a
good looker, good dresser, bike racer,
ball player, telephone line architect and
many other accomplishments; of medium size, with a future luring him on in
life; a young lady of the brunette type
might entice Paul iuto Hymen's fold,
but she might have to stand guard over
it afterward.
No, 6—Sim Morrow.
Tall, not loo slender, and attached to
the mercantile business; strangers some
limes mistake Sam for a minister of the
The Kids and kid lets IM a Hiyu Tine
Last Satiiuty Afteraoon.
The Boston Bloomers and -Cranbrook Base-Ball Clubs
Last Saturday was '* Children's Pay "
at the grounds of the Turf and Athletic
Association, and it is a shame to have to
say it, but a very small number ofthe
parents of the children of Cranbrook were
present to see the Iittle ones hare one of
the pleasanteit afternoons of their little
The association had prepared an interesting program of sports for the little ladies and gentB to contest in, with small
prizes In money for the contestants who
proved the superiors. The little ones
were out hi full force, and it is unnecessary to say that lhey enjoyed themselves
immensely. "Hutch," F.uie Small and
VV. Keay acted as judges aud ' Watty'aud
George Johnson as starters aud general
directors of the day's sports, while Knie
Small acted as a sort of midsummer San
ta Claus, standing up in the judges' stand
and frequently showering down hauds-
tul ol null and candies for lhe youngsters
to scramble for—he had as much fun as
any of the other kids. Tbe program
was carried out as advertised with the
exception that two or three of the contests were divided, the prizes being
cut in two, one half being for the elder
boys to contest for ind the other half for
Output of Ore Here Figured in
Tons and Carloads, Not Pounds
The mineral region near Kimberley, 18 mile* -northwest of
Cranbrook, put out In June 130 carloads ol ore, at ao tons to
the car (an underestimate of two tons to the car) making
3600 tons; or In pounds, as estimated In the Slocan district,
5,300,000. The Kaslo district put out In the same month 4,-
573,000 pounds, or 637,000 pounds less than the North Star and
Sullivan mines alone, the latter having been shipping but a
short time.
The St. Eugene In June put out 1800 tons concentrates, or
3,600,000 pounds; added to the 4,573,000 pounds from the
North Star and Sullivan, gives a product for the month of 8,-
173,000 pounds, or nearly double the shipments from Kaslo
{-4.573.woo pounds) during the month of June as reported by
the Kaslo Kootenaian recently. The Kootenaian adds: "Kaslo is the chief town of the Alnsworth district, but many of the
big mines of Slocan also ship through this district."
The Sullivan and St. Eugene are not more than 4-year-old
properties, the North Star but little older.     Is not a district
with this enormous output worthy the attention of Investors?
t ********* ***************** *****9************ti
gospel—but he alnt; good natured, and
like Pieper, don't say much; quiet, but
does a whole lot of thinking, especially
when in the presence of ladies; good
habits, but if be should ever turn loose
would be a "high-roller;" is of a poetical or artistic temperament, and enjoys
the scenery at Moyie lake very much;
Sam wouldn't be hard lo please; a redheaded, freckle-faced, squint-eyed girl
might catch on here, but if she stutters
also, would not vouch for the result.
No: 7-Jlmmie Pitfersoa.
" Pat," everybody calls him; cashier
in a big bank; under 25, rather short aad
stout and always wears a smile of the
extension table order—can be lengthened
to suit the demands of Ihe occasion;
good looker, good dresser, but no dude;
parts his dark hair In the middle, but
don't lay that up against him; his native
language is patios, but he also speaks
English fluently " as she is spoke" In
Cianbrook; of quiet nature, inclined to
be religious, bul strictly speaking is not
so yet; not foud of the ladies, but • dark
girl with fluffy black hair might call
him her own without 1 desperate struggle.
Not oi the Barilla Cornier.
The above are only a few samples or
what commercially speaking, would be
denominated " bargains."   There are a
number of others, however, like "Uncle
Jim" Ryan, Pr. King, Contractor Cameron, Collector of Customs Keay, Engineer Richardson, and a few others tbat
have been on the shelf for some time;
they are good stuff, aa fine aa silk, so
haven't became  shop worn, and come
high.   The right ones, who are fortunate
enough to coma along at the right time,
can have them, but  not at their own
price.        ____________________
A New Arrival.
Miss McKinstry arrived In Craubrook
at an early hour yesterday morning, and
tti a few days will depart with ber parents for their home at Kimberley where
she will reside with them. She is quite a
charming little lady, just two days old.
B. C. Pk-stoi.
W. H. Tolcher will bein town for a
few days only.   Try the poet for photos
Ki rat-class work 11 KpeclAHy, Prices moderate.
the smaller ones; this was deemed to be
the better way for the reason tbat three
or four of the larger ones were getting
away witb everything in sight.
The program and the winners were as
Standing jump, boys if and under—
50c to first, 25c to second; 1 dish of Ice
cream to third; winners Stuart Morris,
Maurice Nevins, Prank Costigan,
Boys 50-yard race, 8 years ind under—
25c, 15c, md ice cream; Harold Johnson,
Miltou Cory and Neil Stuart Low.
Bicycle race, boys 15 ud under—li,
35c, and dish of ice cream; Bert VanDecar, Ambrose McPeak, Maurice Nevin.
Girls' 50 yard race, 8 and under—50c,
25c, and ice cream; Celia McConnell,
Florence Welch, Maud lliggenbotham.
Running long jump, 15 and under—
50c, 25c, and tee cream; Deri VanDecar,
Stuart Morris, Ambrose McPeak.
Boys' ico-yard rice, 13 md under—
$i, 50c, ind ice cream; Frank Murphy,
Francis McConnell, Ambrose McPeak.
loo-yard sack rice, u ind under—50c,
25c, and ice cream; Austin Henderson,
Harold Johnson.
looyard sick-race, 15 ami under—50c.
and 25c; Francis McConnell, Bert VanDecar.
Boy*1 Y tulle bicycle race—10 ind under, $1, and 75r; Smart Lowe, Austin
Boys' three-legged race, 15 and under
—ft, and 75c; VanDecar and McConnell,
Henderson and McPeak, Nevin and Johnson.
Eilri -Evens.
Buys' footrace, under 11, 100 yards—
30c and 20c; Hugh Mclunea, Frank Cosligan.
Girls' race, 11 and under, 50c ind 25c,
—Addle Richardson, Mabel Corey.
Boys' race, 5 yean and under, 25 yards
—15c and too; Wilbur Corey, Karl Mclnnes.
Girls' race under 10,50 yards—25c ind
15c; Malwl Corey, Addle Richardson.
Hoys high jump—50c and 25c; Bert
VanDecar, Stuart Morris,
Then followed the football game, which
was played by the Whirlwinds and Cyclones, In a small way the cluba were
entitled lo tbe namea they had selected,
and tbe little fellows put up a game that
was proportionately as fast and furious
us that ployed by tbeir elder brothers;
the Cyclones were shy oue man, and
when one of them was (old ofthefict
by a bystander he scornfully remarked:
"Hub! That's all we need to do them
chubbers. " And tbey did do them by a
score of 2 to i, and now they nre claiming tbe championship for South East
Kootenay, and talking uf another exhibition game 111 the near future.
The -Home Team Take Them In Hv a Score
ol 10 to 6.
Last Monday evening tbe home tenrn
played the Iloston Bloomer aggregation,
an organization advertised ns a female
collection of ball-tossert. All but the
catcher of this club, and the flrct baseman, wore bloomers, although four of
them were born to panls, The outfield-
era and the 21I baae were the only females
in lhe game, as was evidenced by the
ploying. The feminine features could
neither bat nor throw tlte ball excepting
the gul at 2d, who could handle and stop
balls fairly well.
The Boston battery and infieldera wete
good players and some of them are probably buck numbers of some of tbi- big
clubs of the country; but good infielders
can not deal with long flies, and that is
where the Bloomers lose their games,
principally, when they do lose them,
A club that has fairly good batters mul
base-runners can beat the Bloomers pretty nearly every lime through this weak
neis. The Bloomer battery is a ver)
good oue, but Ihe pitcher, while very
swift, lacked Currle'i puzzling curves
and down-shoots which, aud, as was the
A New District Compared With an Old One
Kaslo Is Ibe chief town of the Alnsworth mining division, but many of the
Slocia mines ship throi|h that port.
The total shipments for Ihe first sit
moitbs of 1900 were 13,787,000 pound*.
Tbe total shipments from three
nines, 20 miles Iron Craobrook. were
8,173,000 pounds for the moolh of June.
or very nearly 3-Sihs the six months
shlpmeats from Kaslo.
The Slocia ore Is much richer io silver thai tbe ore from this district, but '
00 tbe other haad tbe ores here are lo <
much lirger bodies, insuring greiter
■lability, and ships Just as it comes ■
from tbe mlaes—1 cleia ore.
©♦ 9**/a*t-99-99
case with the Fernies, when Currie was
bit, it was for long, high flies, or little
pops, both easily captured.
However, the game all in all was quite
interesting, although seriously interfered
with by a very heavy shower, which did
not stop it. The houie team made several bad errors which alfected tbe result.
Navin distinguished bimself and surprised the visitors with his running tbe
bases, and by giving the Bloomer catcher repartee tbat made bim quit.
Paul Rookes played his first match
game in Cranbrook. and fooled the
" bleachers" by taking in two long flies,
although he dropped another, and rapping the ball out for two bases.
There were quite a number of visitors
Is This Not a
Great Mine?
Chief Engineer Robbins, la his an-
lull report to the North Stir Mining
company, says tbe developmeot of the
property has progressed with most satisfactory results, estibllskloi tbst oa
April 1st, 1900, there were blocked out
aid reidy lor shipment, ore lo the value ol $1,923,390. These values do oof
Include several other ore bodies known
to exist, aad fherefore tbey ire not estimated among fbe ascertained ore reserves.
This Is oae of tbose great South Eist
Koatciiy misea, lad Is situated just
20 miles Irom Craobrook, fbe center of
tbe district.
present from Fort Steele, Moyie and
Kimberley, but unfortunately the Moyie
people bad to go home before the Bloom
ers arrived.  ^^^_^^_
Passed Bills.
Vic Rollins—Ab-bh bl S-a-a-y there!
Let Lucy bat once.
Meddy—It's an outrage thai the lmys
weren't beat so we could josh 'tin.
McDougal—If thai womnn can handle
a broomstick as handily as [he bit me in
the back with tbe ball I'd bate to be bis
Rankin—I think tbnt 2d base lady
must have been trying to " mash" meat least she walked up behind me and
smashed me on the back of tbe head
wilh the ball
Mitt—I wonder if that pitcher thought
"she" was gelling even with McDougal
when "she" jumped on my ankle at ist
Pieper—Say, aint that pitcher a sweet
little peach?
Keay—Yes, and that 2d is another
Knie—Well, that's a pear.
This Will Be a Bllsterer.
To see a genuine, warm, artistic gBtne
of football, go to the ball grounds tonight
and witness the conflict between the
Cranbrook Professionals and the Medhurst Tornadoes. The only man who
v ill ever have any regrets for witnessing
this game will be tbe umpire.
Twenty-five nf the leading bushes
men of Greenwood recently declared in
favor of permitting gambling in tliat
May Result From a Recent Discovery by
Main aad Bishop.
More Splendid Showings in the Red
Metal in the St. Mary's
Evidences that South East Kootenay
is the abiding-place of vast mineral
deposits, such as coal, gold, copper, silver iiml lead, alongside of which its v .it
wealth 111 timber will pule into insignificance, is accumulating dally. This
means the creation of a large aud flourishing population in a district entering
a region comprising thousands of square
miles, ot' which Moyie, Kimberley, Fori
Steele, Pernie nud Cranbrook will be
the commercial centres.
Already the magic touch of capital's
golden wand is being felt, and every carload of coal, ot coke, of ore. of lumber
—ami there are many ofcachdaily—golng
out brings the investing public closer and
closer to South But Kooteusy.
Thorough and patient work by the
prosp;ctur, oftUmea hunger and prlva-
tiju his reward, is what must be done
ami luSeied nowadays by bim who seeks
to find a mine: and a man who is not
willing to do ibis and in event of failure
fin I solace 111 tbe reflection that he may
find one somewhere else—if he can not
do all this contentedly he has no business trying to be a prospector. Optimistic he must always be even unto the
en 1.
And finding what he believes will make
amine he will almost always have weeks,
months—It may be vears of hard labor
before be can put it in shape to realize
substantially; ami a prospector built on
these lines rarely fails in succeeding at
some time at least sufficiently to pay bim
for the time expended; patience and
much hard work are the only things that
put a prospect in shape to attract the attention of investors.
It te la tbe Sand Creek District sad Qfves
Qreat Promise of laiportsa-cc.
Charles l.undberg. a prospector ftom
tbe Sand creek region, was in town Tuesday, and brings quite good newt from
that district.
About four weeks ago Messrs. McBaln
and Bishop discovered a mammoth ledge
about three miles west of Galloway (formerly Iitnpirej station. Sir.ce then Lhey
have stripped it for a distance of 200
feet, and everywhere it (bows an ore
very generously sprinkled with copper
and iron carbonates and sulphides, with
occasional rich specimens of azurite and
malachite. The width cf the ledge ia as
yet unknown—it can only lie determined
by sinking and crosscutting. Assays of
15 per cent copper have been obtained,
while there are specimens which will
run much higher. Mr. Lundberg (who
is not interested in tbe claim) says tbe
samples be bad were average in bis estimation. This being the case the strike
will prove to be one ofthe most important ever made in Hast Kootenay, if the
development will bear out surface indi
cations which point to a large body of
iron and copper sulphides, carrying
some gold and all vet.
A working shaft 5x8 is now being innk
on the claim, which can be easily reached by a wagon road.
These gentlemen have beeu slaying
with tbat district for from three to five
yeail, doing faithful work, and merit Ihe
success which seems about to crown
their efforts.
Mr Linidberg hu*- departed for Rossland but will relurri to develope prospects of Ini own in that vicinity neat
Floe Ore From -*■ The Meadows."
M. J. Halpiu,  a thoroughly practical
miner and prospector, was in town Tueiday afternoon, en route to Kaslo.
Mr. Unlpin has been doing assessment
work on the Emerald and Pboenia,
about I.1; mile*, up 'iu: river from Mark
creek. Tbi- Emerald shows a considerable ijuantily of remarkably fine carbonate ore, which assays 25 5 per cent, copper; this however, in developing seems
to he changing into sulphides at a depth
of 20 feet in au adit, where tbere is from
3 lo S feet of ore in a vertical ledge.
Thc Phoenix shows three parallel leads
withiu a distance of ino feet, 10 feet
in width, showing sulphides throughout
which give an average value of 3.20 per
cent copper at thc surface. Twenty feet
of drifting has been done bere, and several tons of ore are on tbe dump,
Bradlord & Tracy's Properties.
Messrs. Bradford St Tracy, in the vicinity of tbe Emerald, are working
steadily; lhey are drifting on aledge five
feet or more iu width, which showa on
the surface beyond the present working
very good ore; the drift is uow In about
40 feet, ami it is estimated tbat about 2u
feet more will put them Into the ore-
shoot sought; in Ihe meantime the matter being passed through is well mineral ford.
If lhe boys find the otc as anticipated
nud hoped for, a bond at a large figure
nwnits their acceptance. CRANBROOK  HERALD
chums "i si li-ihiniov.
McVittie & Hutchison
Denleis in. .
s Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
Tl„. llm aires I- .!-..-1n. nrt»ul tlio
,l,sin,-i    ll vn twn  imy i'1""11 >*■,|: '■" »
ymir mliw or yum i«m*-, senil II to tills olll. .■
Mince £. ti— Landi Sor
Tin. Utc nnd Kccldei ■ ;.
Money to I 'mn
I. 0. 0. F. Block
Cranbrook, B. C.
mi--t7a*Zm, .g= bt.., PROVINCIAL Nt.VV. NUIhS
I. O.O.F.   Key Cli> Lodge
considered a b-rb-iuu, but today he ia.
placed at the bead ot all the eiviltzsd j    Sei on prop
nations of ibe world In subduing the  the imprm
Chinese—tbat is the position the "Jap"
now occupies by common const nt ol the
powers.   He leads, lhey follow.
t   :
Sea to   raise  JiO.GO
tol tbt streets.    Also to
i the  pun base ol u roail-
j nmking'pliuit,
j    Revelstoke recently spcul several hours
hunting i**i n lost child, which In lhe
It-may seem strange, alter lhe lost la* JJ^nd^ Juta own home. "
sue... lhe paper at fernie. but IheCrutj. Uu|b iM -__.
brook base ball club is still playing ball !
and  so  is  lhe  foot hall club; tin CI Jj
P, K. la running its tram-, mid still doing   r_,
business juataall nothing bad happeuid, R ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^1(,it.vsllir,
and iheaunahlneaasbrlgbtlyaseveron fro)i(Uie 1)iimm-ull Hl th, Wlty,,, Iili;.
tblB awful, awful, naughty towu. nub-idles, for out of 13.500,000 grant-
■  L,l it la only allowed a measly-{960 o for
!■* C Smith, representative of South  3o miles of the Kaslo 1. rdvau-Duncun
"tb"   t'r
iiui.il government. List yo
1 in to lhe pr ivluce $14.01
1 to the amount ol fi,*joo.
Raal Kooleuay In tlu* provinciallegfalnt*
ure, departed lor Victoria early in tbe
week.     Mr.   Smith    was   elected    lis  a
Martin liberal, and will act as such as
long as .Mr. Martin is a factor In the legla-
lature. Mis especial aim will be In do
all in bis power to advance tlu* general
Interests 61 bis district.
While theru can be no cm few law in
Cranbiook (unless there i.s a provincial
law of that nature), something ought to
be done by parents to keep then llltle
ones al home afler dark. As late a< 11
o'clock p. m the Herald is Informed,
small children are roaming the streets
of Crnnbrook. All children, .mil hi fact
adults whose legitimate business does nol
keep ihem out of bed. should be at home
nud asleep at that hour. No possible
good can enme from allowing children to
nm in the streets nt nlghl, ami there is
much that is probable in lhe way of
barm.        m———m————.——*
John Hamilton, one of tbe fust miners
employed in theSt. Kugeuemlne, was In
town Wednesday.
M. Mclnnes & Co. have finished tbe upstairs of their building here into bed
rooms. They lire large, airy, and well
lighted and ventilated.
Kohl. Ount), the portly and ever smll
ing butcher, is again behind tbe block in
Mclnnes & Co.'s shop serving out porter-
bouse steaks to the people.
W. A. Prest, the Cranbrook photo*
grapher, was in town Wednesday inking
views. He is seriously colts! ering the
proposition pf putting ill a  gallery here.
j, c. Drewry, managing director of the
Canadian *3oldfields Syndicate, is making
it warm for the civic authorities of Montreal in the matter of the provision made
for small-pox patients.
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. McCracken left
Moyie last Sunday evening. Mr. McCracken is taking u trip through the
Boundary country and Mrs. McCracken is
making a visit witb hor parents in Libby,
A D.Parker,octing manager of tbe Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranhrook,
made one of bis regular visits ont to
Moyie lust Sunday. Mr. Parker bus recently acquired some valuable mining
property in this vicinity.
The contractors Bml builders at Suntt
Sit- M nn- nre looking to British Colum-
hin 1 ■ -, I nm be 1 supplies Thisis the first
tiumlulbehistorj ftbe country thni tbe
province has bad to look to other provinces for tlmbei supplies, and is partially
iwingto tin- Ottawa coi flngratlou.
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Wellman & Ilurel, Proprietors.
New. Building, New Furniture, and Every-
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
Open Day and Night
.Best of Table Board
japmi lhe
hm weal I
lu it innocently.   The custom, 1
linR witli
In certainttla
go cnttrel) nmli
Wasit a Miracle?
"The marvellous curt* of .Mrs. Reno J
Stout of Consumption bus created intense excitement in Canimack, hid." writes
Marion Stuart, 11 leading druggist of Mun-
cie, Imi. She only weighed 90 pounds
when her doctor in Yorklowti said she
must soon die. Then she began lo use
Dr. King's New Discovery ondgaiued 37
pounds in weight uud was completely
cured." ll has cured thousands of hope
less cases, nml is positively guaranteed
to cure all Throat, Chest, nnd tiling diseases. S°- and Jn*i. Trial buttles free
ut Beattie's drug store.
Hanks Consolidated.
The Hunk of Britisb Columbia bu 1 been
absorbed by the Cumulinii Hank of Commerce.
A meeting of the  shareholders ofthe
Bank of Commerce will be held August
20 to ratify the transaction. This is one
ofthe biggest Hnancial deals ever put
through iu tbe Dominion of Canada.
The combined banks will form hu enormously strong monetary institution with
n capital <>f eight million dollars
nnd n rest of over l2,coo,000 The
authorized capital ofthe Canadian Bank
of Commerce Isf6,000,000, Tbe reserve
fund or rest ol the Cunadlan Hank of
Commerce was given In tbe last govern
ment bank returns aa ft,250,000,and the
rest of tbe Hank of British Columbia as
White Man Turned Yellow,
('.rent consternation wns felt hy ihe
friends of M. A. Hogarty of Lexington,
Ky., when tbey snw he wns lurniug yel-
ow. His skin slowly changed color, also
bis eyes, and be Buffered terrihlv. Hi:
malady was Yellow Jaundice, He was
treated by tbe best ductois, bul without
benefit. Then he was advised to try
Kleetric Hitters, tbe wonderful Stomach
nnd Liver remedy, and be writes: " After
taking two bottles I wns wholly cured. "
A trial proves its matchless merit for all
Stomach, Liver and Kidney troubles.
Only 50c Sold by R.K.Beattie, druggist
a lives
in the suburbs
f Vancouver, when Ihe " brownies" arc
nuitii 1 otis, and huth ladies and gentlemen
have breti very much embnnassed by
meeting with nude men nr women, who
did not realize tbut lhey weto doing
S111MM Pl'lltl'l'**** first AtU-ltlilt lit
I'nllttlUU Wiih llUnslrolls.
Although Prof. Kiuii-kfiiss is iismiHy
credltuil with itBsisting thi- knitter lu
ilu* production of bis Bu-rprialng pictures, thc Uermiin  nureli owes hi i
etirllesl Iritrnduetlou to the mysteries
of url to un ICngllsb pulnler, snys lhe
London Chronicle. The Unit lime Ihu
kulaer bundled a brush wus ut Windsor, when Mr. I'nth was painting the
pb-iiii-i- of the prince or Wales* mm-
rlugo for the queen, All the royal per-
uoniiges nave sittings to the artist und
the kaiser, then it little four-yeitr-ubl
room w here t In*- pic! ure was being*
pointed. To keep the child quiel Mr.
Frith gave him some paints aud brushes
.-ind allowed him to dabble on one of the
unfinished corners >d the canvas.
As u nntiirnl resnll of this very injudicious proceeding tbe prince's fuce
wus In u very few minutes covered with
stri'iiki of green, blue and vermilion.
Tbe sight oi hte smeared fnee terrified
bis governess, who hogged tbe artist
to remove the colors: and Mr. Frith,
armed with rugs nnd turpentine, bad
nearly completed his tusk when the
pungent spirit found Its way Into n
Ktmlch npon the child's check. Tin
future kaiser pereumed with pain, os
soulted thc eminent painter with bis
fists urn! bid himself under- u largo
Inble, where he wiled until lie waa
tired. Mr, Frith declares in bis "llem-
Iniseeneos" tlml (he little prince
showed n mosl unforgiving spirit nnd
revenged bimself afterward by sitting
so badly thai the pointer failed altogether to produce a satisfactory likeness.
Men or Lnliec, Mc, Provide for Mortn-
Hi-,v  lliiiei-K-Mielea.
The town.if Lubcc, Me., Is one of tho
go-abeud villages ol lhc I'inc Tree state.
and tbe one thing wanting to enable It
to keep up with the procession is a
hearse.    The citizens investigated tbe
learned tlmt every om* ol' them bud 11
hearse, ami I hey considered it :i burning
uud municipal shame that Lubee should
he so far behind the liim s. Therefore,
ii was resolved to have on.*, although,
according to ibe rate.-, of luogevlty in
Lubee.lt was not considered likely there
would be much use for it, snys the
Lewislon Journal.
A mass meeting of Ibe ellizons wns
called to discuss the grave subject.  The
enthusiasm    wns     lotinded,   nnd   ii
was at once decided to purchase lhe vehicle by voluntary subscriptions, making a sort of joint stock concern or
hearse corporation. Kneh subscriber
chipped In one dollar; bul the wary uud
thrifty l.uhccker Insisted upon a proviso wberebj he is enabled to gel a
show fur bis while ally. II was unanimously agreed thai if any stockholder
luul use f.,r the lienrae within a curtain
number of years from lhe dale of bis
subscription, ho, tbo snid subscriber,
should be entitled to 11 rebate of tbe
sum paid in.
Now  the Luhecker nwolls the   np-
proa-.li  of  tllO grim destroyer without
emotion, in the event of his death,
lu- la* assured nf a llrst-ctusB funeral'
with plumes nnd all tho outward trappings of woe, and he gels bis money
buck besides.
Post Office Eulldmij.
Contractor and Builder
11 A first-class cook has charge oi the culinary department and the
J  lodging accommodations are not excelled in Cranbrook.
IT. A. Creii
I       The Grocer, j
H.ivr you siren iiis stock ?    It includes the best of everything, *
Iresh and up to date. !
Notions, Furnishings, etc. j
; Pruit, Pish and Oysters. I
I   Tlu* housewife uml tlie bachelor sluuilil ileal wiih hint,   It will pay litem. *
Al present mn liuildiiiji Ihu new Sl. liuRcni!
hosiilinl nm! 11 numbef; ni two Btory anil uthcr
Cninhrouk, II. C.
Furnished or
.     ...ROOMS TO RENT
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Norlh Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Inquire of
llnriik nve.
On letling jour contract
until you hau* Been
Lntc nf Toronto
Contractor ™* Builder
Those cijutom plating uufkllng will ilo well Idle!
. nir flgtiru on tlio contracts.
Cranbrook, -British Columbia
\i>liL-i>Uli('>r<-tiy_l-.>-:i tint I Intendtoapply
roillnvltii in llm 1 iii'-r I't'iiiiiiissiiiiiri* of Uml-1
ami Woii'-[in 1* i" rniis-h il in imrcliasp tlm roll-owl ikit*sunlicil lamli CtiiEimena mi at tin- lull-
Ini |ipHt, iibmit iwn mile** \vivt i>( CmnlinniK,
ptilnl'oil nt Un* nortliwo-ii enfn'er etW.,1, llnmll-
imi s |itc-'*ini iimi. Uioiice east 10 chains,-tlieneo
 -Hi AJi'lialns. tlmn •> west -ill clmJiis, Ilmneo
simiii i-i i*hiiiii. iln'iici* uc-t in clnliia, tiicnoH
muiiii-in iiiim-, iin'i. si 4n iiinln-i, thotioe
lioilll tO chnllti to tho liUw I'fln-liiii.ii;,
Dtltcil nl I'laiiliiuok llih J.'iili day i<r.luiii-, Iii-O
Al.l IUIJAL1) MilTOll.
Niitli!L>ls horehj g vijii llul tlie timlur&igtiotl
Kill so iluya nltci ilaiu :<ni<U tn tliv ulilul ouimn.s
Njiiin*i ni 1 nnu mm ttiirns nt Urltlsli Coluiubiit
lorasi't'i'lal Itconso in cut Mnl uirry nwuj tlm-
hi-r riiiiii tin* fotinwuiK ilc-orllwrt lit'tnl:   onu-
Undertaking And
Cranhrook, It. C.
Graduate of Cliainplou college of U. S.
I " lhe liarly Birtl Catches thc Worm " %\
The " Enrly Closing " Storekeeper
Should Catch Ymir Patronages .*
%  We c.-iii "suit" you, "hoot" you, and "outfit" %
% you in a strictly up-to-date stylo. Conic early SL
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing* Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Successor to Magjjs & riught's i» tlii*^
line, Will oltenil to any work in the
Promptly Attended tc.
Livery 3
Proprietors Jt jt j*
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Tennis ntul drivers furnished fur nny
polnl in the district,
Manager   Jt    jt
Due of the Most Coniforlnble
Hotels in EflBt Kootenny.
Refitteil Tlironghont
Newly I'nniislied
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cnuihrnok, li, C.
Saddle and«_s
Pack Horses
...,l:or Sale «r Kent
Armstrong ave, Opp. McConheIVs Store
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cran brook.
Itrltlsli Coliimliia
I  UU! l!
(H-I'lliplinll,    |l
Itlal post," llim
,i unki red c»-t »t i iii-
iii] ■ "I \\ M. McltOll'H
wulmliis, tiit'tii-i* noi th
Hi pIiiiIih, tlioni-o soulh
in i kilns, Miencp (Olltll
I'll tint ir.tllllll) nl -Inl). Mm,
John lirocKomilgp, n plJomit.
A City's Best AdvertIscment.
Nelson Miner: In tlte Kootenays newspapers ore not published for fun. They
ere purely business enterprise, llie situie
us h shoe shop, a gold mine, or fl si
mill. They are more satisfactory »11
round vi lien they pay—more satisfactory
to the owners, to their patrons, ami to the
town in which ihey nre publisher! No
town -run   hnve 11  better nilveilisi'iiu-ut
thuu n nourishing newipapcr.
Pbcenlx is (o Imve another lelephou
(lui niii*1*.-..
itlul ln.nl
is   our t.
un clininplnn," lhe
runil gr
n'.-i- cxpl
Im-cl.   "lie has gtd
hte plcti
ivr bein
citrctl o
[Mipci-s more times
inoi-e tlilTerenl ills-
l-ll.-l-S    111
n nny n
nu    in   the   llnltetl
ti Rnqulrer.
Notice i
herehj k
von Unit the iindM-styneil
will, vi dn:
niinly to the Chief I'om.
license to
nr   l.;m.K
ni nml rn
Icscrili ii i
uul Works fir a special
v awav tlmlier from tin
ll           CulllllK'IK-ilU  ill   I
it ti Um it lui
i reel eesi of Little tjiim
nH thence west luclmlns
ll IU ill INI
, iliunco watt IW chains
tlii'iici im
III 0  clllllli
. tiieneu vast um clmtiis
tlii-iioe s,
li 1 U chilli
a in i-Iik'd of (oinmaiios
l'lil'kll I.U.NII
Dideil .lm
1*'-1st, l!Hll
Notice 1
i liorelij g
vi-n thai iiiii-miii tli allci
ilnto i liiti
Of lllllllK II
id to npiil)
In IhoelilQl colillli ssloljul
in- ua.i-mii !■• imreluui
ih- follov
>,: ilescrlbe
i html i Comnienclim nl i
piMl   i.laii
lie's  |iie-i
oitlnvcsl Dornoi "i'l-: I.i1
  No. iimi, ai 1'iilm-ars
- illslrlrl i
i l-'iisl  Kntllciiil)', llieuoi
-lOlllll  III   1
min-.. tiii'ii
i> west hi olmliH,  tlienci
nortli  In
ilinlna, Un
i'i* rait  BO ClllllllS ta  lln
1 laci- ot !•
-.lulling, en
niitci tl
hoth dayi
July, woo,
,i. .i. Cninur. n.
•A. h- l.i.t-h'
( miyillsti
lailiil tl;l,'Hi (lay of.I
iiuiitluiftonlit'o i im-tiii
 IHnuor of UmU nml
i imrehuso the followlna
ii-iuMii; nt ajiost marked
■*il i
Alex. H. Wntsun...
Fire, Life nuJ Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Con*
vejuncer       ::      ::      "      ::
Accounts Made Up
Ollice over Seattle's Drugstore
G. Johnson.. ♦.
\J/ Assayer
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Service for the year 1000
will be commenced
June loth. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the conti=
nent in four days without change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience o f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
raaaa.a.......a....a..aaaar.a.a............a..aa.... ,
I The Cranbrook
| Lumber Co.        I
|        Saw and Planing Mills
A. K I.KITC'ir.
II. L. Cutnitiins, C. I*.
Port Steele, II. C,
W, 11. I108S; II. \v. llniii-iijiiti
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
CttAKiiitnoK Omnhrnolt Olllw
A.VI)KoItTSTKKt.R,     'iMind in llanviii Itloul
Solicitor, Etc
Hank of t'omtnerco HIiIr,
Bakery S
Chartrand Bros., Props.
We have jiwt mo vet] into our new* link-
cry on Hanson avenue, mill with (tie
largest anil most modern brick oven in
Hast Kootenay are now prepnretl better
tliat) ever before to turn out first ClflBfl
work.   A full line of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pies,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
Baked fresh every lit gilt.
Orders for Wal-Jiui; and other Fancy Cakes
will receive prompt attention.
Physician and Surgeon. ,
li. .1. COVI.Ii
A. II. I'. A.
Vancouver, D.C.
T. I'. A.
Nelson, IIC.
Arc you noiiiy, lo hiiild?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to  furnish  plana
and apeclficfltlonfl for all  kinds
of building,
See us for Prices.
jt   J.    B. C.
in-Tin: sllltlll.OOK  llt.OOIC,
HAMiiiiioli   CRANBROOK,    :   I   :       I   :    ". e.
...MISS M. rtcCALLUn...
liniiHiali* nl Ml. Slnul llosnllnl, New Vork
-Al.l.    KINJ'S   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
fhingles and I
flouldings. |
Apply nl McViltie S llulililson'i
Or «l J. Hlllcllll-M'l Ittnlilcnce
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
t tlttk maiden unco.
How I.miif Cun ii Beheaded linn Live
nud More,
Recently then* has been much urg-
nuiit abroad aiming to prove that the de*
capitation of criminals te the most cruel
form possible of Inflicting the ileuth ben-
teuce. Some of tlie preuounccd oppu-
ticiits nf this fnliu of capital ptmUhmenl
declared tlmt tin- clrcuhiti if blood iu
ilu* si>ven>(l bcuil did mil cease for tbive
bom* nml tlmt during thnt period the
In ..I could st.*. lienr and smell, In.
Wuiui. u Qcrmnu expert, Ims foit moved
to reply to tlteao Btntcincuta. He says
llun In* bandied mnny heuds of decapitated ci'lmlunla nml tlml there is not tho
tonal doubl possible ns to ilii> fuel of ni>
aolnte death.
'•Imt Ilatoly aftor tl koouUoii/' be
dnys,  "iln>  lint.Ih   wore  imi.*,  entirely
' lit   diets   nml   nlmolulcly   Hlthoiil   life.
Nnl oven rollox netlons could bo pro-
iim nl, nml .ml.*, for ii ulior ii*..I il.l
tin* ; iilvnnle ciirrenl produeo thorn, Hut
i i luleroallng Inuulry would In* Iiml
nl i
Unl body
i Mu* .In
Btteli im Hi'i'tii.'lii
jerking nwny an
pinched :  gal
i*li lln*
nl J
Th in■:
..r this Dr. Wurni uuntes Ibli
- lold in u bauk published li
Ilu ua'   ontltled   "Orenloa
lln* W.nl.l; or, So Called !(,■
"Kiiipm-.u- Uidwig of Bnvnrla in 1337
Bonlunced Sir Diets of Sclintieuburg with
fmn* Miuiivs to dentil for freelionllng. Al
tli.* placo uf execution Bli- Dlotx bogged
thojlldgoa to pul bim nml his squires into
Then bo was to I scouted Brat, nml bis
body would nrlao nml run na tar along
tbo row of prlsoucra us bo could. Each
man whom bo Bucccedcd iu passing wus
to be let free. The judges laughed uml
granted tbe request, Baying tlmt nevor
before bad thoy seen n beheaded nmn
run. Thereupon Dicta imt bis men iu a
row, placing tho one whom lu; liked tlie
best nearest to him. Then In* kneeled,
tlm sword foil and look bis bend oft clean,
and In the next blatant the body bad
risen and was darting by the four men.
It run past them ull nml fell prone n few
feet beyond iho farthest one. Then lhc
emperor pardoned the men ns his Judges
bad promised."
Wni ter ltt>*iin (** Plot nre of (lie Cenn-
luo Article of tile Pant,
Those who know the family umbrella
of tradition will be Interested in reading
what Walter Bosant remembera nbout
the institution that 1ms disappeared from
"The renl old family umbrella bas gone
out. Call that slim, stuck up, affected,
attentunted thing n family umbrella, (io
nway. I remember the genuine family
umbrella. It was kept in readiness behind every front door; It wns a large,
portly, heavy instrument; ns uu emblem
ot respectability it was highly esteemed
in middle class soclotyi it wus serviceable
ns n tent in rainy weather; it conld be
used ns n weapon of offense nml defense
on occasion. I have seen a picture of un
elderly gentleman keeping off a footpad
by means of this lethal umbrella. He
made as if ho would spear or prod the
villain. Why, one prod would alone
make n bole of six Inches diameter in
that murderous carcass. Thc nurse used
to carry it. witb difficulty managing the
baby and tbo umbrella; it went out to ten
wilh tbe young ladies; the maid who
fetched them home took the umbrella
with her. it succeeded ihe lantern nnd
the dub formerly carried by the 'prentice
when be escorted his mistress to tbe card
party after dark.
"1 remember it, 1 say. There were
threo brothers who mine to the same
school where I was but n tiny little buy.
They lived nt some distance nml had to
pass on their way to school through a
stratum of inferior respectability. Every
morning brought to theso three brother-)
the delight ami the. excitement of batttc
wiib ilu* bovs belonging to ihat Inferior
respectability. To tlu* eldcat brother, who
carried the really Important weapon, the
umbrella was exaclly what bis bnlttenx
was to ihe l.ion Heart; bo be raised It; so
liu wid.led ii: sn he swung It; bo hr laid
bis enemies low to li-Jit ami to left ol
bim, beforo bim ami behind bim. ivlllh
tbe olher two. relying on ibe I ka tlghl
ly strapped, brought thnn (.. bear, -.villi
Bhrcwd knocks nml thwacks nml poundings, on beads ami shoulders nnd rlbi
'Twas n famous family umbrella- green,
too, if 1 remember nrlght."
Slum- Siim*. ntortus.
"Ymi mlghl nol think It," snid AI pi a ii
der Bemple, n glove manufacturer "i Purls, to a representative of tlu* New Yurk
Commercial, "bul ihe then tern have to
come to our back door to get material to
help III.'in out in tbeir hcuuliful BtngG I f-
feels.    Waste gloVO clipping! are now lll-
luost universally need for making 'snow'
In winter scenes. Every wanderer nml
outcast you see shivering through llic-so
fierce Blberlau soon storms is pei Ishing
lu n shower of clippings of Whlto kid
glove material.
"Tbealrlcal peoplo tell me these clip
pings of kid gloves uro much better than
the -pnp.r wow1 formerly used. 1 think
llm superiority of kid glovo clippings over
puper is (hal tiny ding belter lo llm
clothing of the perishing outcasts,
■•The I wledge ■ ■! thi-* bit of itagc il
luilon rather destroys tbe affect of n
Stage snowstorm for me. und 1 Iiml myself  Involuntarily   iclectlng  plays  lhat
have UOtbtug bul wuiui wealbei* lu
'lite An«* al n Ilium*,
"The popular  idea   that   the RgS  of  n
h.nse ean  always  be I ohl  by   looking al
bis teeth," nays n veieiiiiary surgeon, "I**
not entirety correct. Aft' r the eighth vent
a horse hns uo mora new teeth, so ihnl
the looth method is useless f,.r telllug ths
B-tttipf a horso wblcb Is moro tban eight
years old. As soon as the set of teeth is
complete, howover- n wrinkle begins i»
nppear mi the upper edge of Ibe lown
eyelid, nnd n new wrinkle is mhled curb
yenr, so tbut lo get at Ihe nge of n borsi
over eight years old you must figure tin
teeth plus the wrinkles,"
A Ifevr Trnde,
CI linen—Seo here, I'll glvo ymi a dime,
but I believe you nsked mo for money
only yesterday. Why don't you loam
some good business?
AhlohodU'd Ht-KKiir—I Imvo learned one
sir;   I um a retoucher.—Life.
_v hns j_         """' decided in
Ore;:-oi tbnt it) nu emergency case a physician cun drive across u brldgo ut a
M'l-ed greator than that permitted lu or-
diuarv truilic	
Wo partionlurly draw your attention
to nu udvertiseuiont cf Iho MuOieady
Arms tte Oyolo Co., wblob appontfl tbia
issi.o. Tho Co, bnvo recently Marled
in Miiiiitahu nnd tbey uro carrying a
complete nud lull lino of sporting goods
of evory description. When hi mud of
anything iti tbeir lino, -write tlu-ui,
LOW HguMis nud prompt attention will
bo given yon.
In (..
Whom every thought and over* word
Al«n.vs began witli "."-
"I il.ttik," "I kmyf*," "I *visli," "I say,"
"1 like." **1 wbiU," "1 will."
rrom tu-jtn lu night, [mm duy to day,
"1" v.j* lur buid.n still.
Her -schoolmates would not jilay with tier.
Hit parenti tried in tain
To teach her better, nml une day
Poor "I" crlwl out in ji_in.
"Help inc. u fuirii.l" he In-sought.
"I'm worn lu Just a thread.
Do save in*.- Irom tins cti.a.lful child,
Or I ahull buoii lit.* dcadl"
Th" fairte* heard nnd heeded too.
Thoy caught poor "I" uwuy
Ami nursed hlm unto lieiltli ntiala
Thraagll niiiiiv un -jiixuiih ilav.
Ami in hii pin co they deftly Klinied
A broader, ilronger letter.
"Tli.' mora "hi* imi Hint," they nal-J,
With rogulah inttl-n, "tlm better."
Tl>« Httlo malilon wept nnd sulked
At nnl uml would not ipoalt,
Unt ilia gn-w timi ui being dumb,
Bho u-.nl i
ll.-r |.h..»
Her I'.m'k
Inl,  ill
ovei i
uml. lot
i.i round,
1 nil WCN ph'Mi'J
HI..* grew
It Hh
Ami tall mmo i.
1 il
nl nmrt.
Ami each
M Iii
Whnt vnu
i ■:..',
m littlo mild
itor'-i in •
Why, ...
hi i;.n
ttt  'Twin "Ul"
-ll.iat-Jii Poioon
ooo o
ooo ■%——  o
ooo o
ooo A. Story Showing How g
°°°   Art In One Thing °
°°° And Ita Rendition Quit* g
0C0   Another. o
OOO    .__ O
ooo   **—  O
§§o BY KltRL PRULI. 8
ooo o
I ouce wrote a play, unfortunately not
my only oue; since then 1 havo Binned
similarly n number ot times. Perhaps
tho gen llo render may hnvo Been my
name on somo i hen tor programme. If ht
then negloctod attending the performance,
bo made n great mistake, iu my humble
opinion, und I ndvtso bim as n friend to
mnko it good at tbo next opportunity,
particularly an tho Gorman -tuj*u managers, who underrate my merits, very
soldom glvo ono of my works, which bus
not prevented my writing 21 plays, with
t)'2 nets nnd T3'2 scenes. To prevent mistakes allow ino to remark thut not each
of tbe 21 plays continued G2 acts and T_2
scenes, but altogether they boast that
number. But all this docs not belong
here, und I beg pardon for the digression.
If 1 nm not mistaken, I mentioned in the
begiuulng tbut I hud written n play. It
was not n live act tragedy, or a three
act comedy; ob, no, only a modest little
one net piece had ilowed from my pen,
nnd wben I saw what I had done—behold
It was very good. No wonder that 1
quickly decided to deprive tbo world no
longer of tbis enjoyment, nor myself at
tho laurels of fame. I luul the little pluy
neatly copied uud sent it to a theatrical
publisher. At that time 1 bad unt the
sad experience of today. I wns lunocenl
enough to think theatrical publishers and
agents rend tho effusions of unknown
authors; therefore I was not a little surprised to hnvo my [day returned to me
alter nbout four weeks, with a polite
printed letter, in which tbe publisher in*
formed mo that ho bad no use for the
piny, The first duy 1 was very much depressed, the ■second annoyed; finally, on
the third dny, l came to tlio conclusion
ihat "that ass of a publisher" knew nothing about it, packed up my piny ngain
nnd sent it lo nuother.
Tho same result, with the difference
flint the second publisher sent back the
MS. not prepaid, so I called him a
"blockbend," who knew less thnn the
lirst. nnd sent it off to a third.
Hut this one nlso sent it back—this
time registered and not prepaid. I laid
it aside tu silent resignation.
Some time utter chance look me to a
largo lown nnd nuother chance led to my
acquaintance witb a maungcr of n theater, who by chauce was staying there.
As a matter of course I did not neglect
ibis combination of lucky chances. 1
gave him my little play, which 1, by
nuother chance, had by me, nud he promised ine to read it ns soon ns possible.
lie kept bis wenl sooner than I ex-
peeled, f,.r the next day be wrote nu> be
wus delighted with the play nnd would
bring it out with pleasure, if I would uot
require a royalty. Inclosed wns a formula for ii poatolHce money order for IS
marks 5 pfonnlge, made uut to the manager, the price of 12 tickets.
llmv shabby! I would not insist upon
ihe royalty. What did tlmt matter? I
would nlso tnke the 12 tickets—one must
encourage art- but the ii pfennlgc, which
Is tbe postman's porqulslte for delivering
ihe money, be might bare maunged to
pay himself. If Ilia postscript had uot
euutiiiui-d an Invitation to thu first re-
h.* ii sal of my pluy. to take place (he
n.\l day but one, I do not know what I
should bnvo done, but ns it was I swallowed toy Irritation nud sent tho money,
Th. dny dawned,   The rehearsal wni
lot for 11 o'clock. At 7 I was up. Tbe
evening before 1 bad looked through Lei
slug's "Dramnturglo" nud Klein's "His
lory ol the Drntun" ntul over Iho many
obscure passages I hud become n linli
stupider tban 1 usually nm. At half past
!» I could stand iny room no longer and
wenl onl ,.f doors. Seven times I walk*
ed up nml down  lhe street iu  which  llll
theater was. ihe olgbth time 1 ventured
na fnr as ibe on trance and by the icnih I
look a bold resolution and walked In.
oh, how desolate the great hull looked I
it was a rather low class smoking thoa-
lev.    I'.mplv nml half empty bcr-r glttlgoi
-it 1 mi tbu tables which Oiled the hulf
lit space, Gross looking waiters, wiih
thoir shiit sleeves rolled up, moved nbonl
belweeu the rows of chillis. The eilltuin
wns hulf rnised, and on tho dark kInice
stood all soils uf furniture la wild confusion.
An unpleasant feeling ovorenmo mn.
Wns this lhe golden gate of the temple ot
art? I ordered n glass of beer. It wni
very bad, It was uot yet 10 o'clock. Al
10 I ordered a second glass. It was still
worse. Tho minutes dragged nlong oo
leaden feet. I took up n paper, but found
no sense in what 1 rend. To this day I
ilo not know whether thu newspaper oi
my condition of mind wns In fault.
A quarter to 11. Tbey must conn
ioo n.
Itlverr time tbe door opened I itarte-i
up from my place, always in Mia—uut i
Blngte actor appeared.
ldluvcn struck. The door opened. 1
roso to greet the mu linger.
It wns ti newspaper boy. I threw thi
Ulihnppy onu a look which would have
ulnIn un ox, if it were possible to slay nr
VS witb looks,
A quarter pant 11.
I nervously studied tho hands of my
watch.   Ten mmo minutes passed.
I ordered another glass of buor In ordoi
to nsk Ibo wuitor when rehearsals usual
ly bcit'iiu hero, An Inarticulate grunt
gnvo me lo utilerstmid Hint he did nol
know   himself.     I   decided   to glvu   him
only 5 pfennigs tip nut of revenge,
At lust tho mnuuiter appeared.
"A thousand pardous, mv dear sir!" h*
cried. 'Tb.- rubearwil la iu po il ■ today
My wife is busy with the w i . un i us n
is necessary iu the pi. ce tin !
"What! The wash is necessary in tlif
piece1.'"   I asked.
"Ob, uu; my wife—and sbe te washlni
today," be replied.
"Ah, your wife i** u washerwoman?" 1
Baid, with some malice.
"What?" ho returned, looking suspl
clou ly at un.
Uy u.'u.l boiled.   "I must Infer from
your words,"  1 answered, '"that  -he wid*
skiers lhe drama .i secondary ui ittpr"—
"Whal nre yoil thinking of?" In* inter
rnpti"! inc. "My wire is an u n . a
very hue actress—bm uu vvasblug duy!
You know what women me."
1 did noi kunw- then.
"Besides," he wenl nu, "It Is not si
sertuus. On yom necuul 1 urruuged
scleral rcbe.ir--.-u* ordinarily n pic u llki
tbat is kuocked into thmic wllb    no.   I: tl
I   ll.mllj   i- ,„
r.  nml   l'i.
ill uu tea ufter tbi
Nelthci nrtn
, m b.
patb'iitlv  for half nu hour
Ai l.t-i I pei'Hiinil.il a boy whn rhnii-r-ti*
tU till pre*.'lit  In l-.i lm   :i '.m   .!.'*;ilii.n l|
(he iii.ni.i-'T nnd nsk nl  the reli ursal
lu  Ki nun.in.-  he lelilill.sl  with  the un
■Wer. "Tin- i. nger nnd lhc .'titlre llienl
ricnl iiimpnuy, luninu mtemli-il n r.-siiv
Ity  -nm  I.i  i|  pi i   i,|   [lie i vi-liitis
before,  rluii i.  I ■*     ■    I."
The m.-viiu,, . *,, r much
less delleulely, bill mil id enn hlernlhm
i    my rentiers I huve i.-..s.-.l hi- words
This answer strueli tm* dumb. I reiillj
tbiiugtll tin pnttellie wus imn at an mid
and I sl Id withdraw ibo pity, inn om
in oneself.   At llrsl I Ilnuly divided ti
have lhe whole tlllug (jlreii up. Afler mi
hour 1 thought 1 would only tbreuicu t.
withdraw, nud nl last came to ihe con
elusion to have things us they were.
Hut I would mu an. ml another re*
hcnrsal. I was linn mi thnt pntnt, nml
solemnly I swot.* it Py lhc bril'il of I'atro
clus mid the virtue of Ihe 11,1)00 virgins.
Every one of my readers will cvpeci
that I wenl, nfter all. mul, sure enough. I
did go, after u hmg explanation with tbt
mnnagcr, who came himself io see tne. -
This lime neither Micky fortune not
hnd faith Intervened.   Uverytlilug wus in
place, the troupe iistil'lllhled, (he stage lu
order. I look my place in llie ninuilgcr'i
chair, beside tin* prompter's box. Tlu
bell rung, the prompter opened bis bunk.
sjuu the tlrst sec if u:y fust pluy began
Its lirst rehearsal.
What I ex peci cd occurred. Nobudj
knew oue word. Tlie lirst uclor spuki.
tlm lirst sentence in such ft manner us tu
give a totally wrong meaning. The second, whose opening words were "Ventre
.Saint Uris!" understood Henry IV's favorite outh to bo n person, and Inter
ruptcd the rehearsal with the remark
tbat the representative <>f M. St. (im
had not yet arrived. The third did noi
como in lit the proper place, nnd when hi
was nsked the reason hu contended thai
be hud not hud his cue, which wus ba*
"That Is laughter," I cried,
"Of course." he answered, "but
Schinltt laughed hc-ho-hc Instead of ha*
ha-ha, mid how could I know thul It wns
my cue 7"
1 cast up my eyes to heaven in despair.
I-'or a time I looked on quietly, bul
when each scene showed more nnd nior-s
plainly the performers' ntroclotts memories 1 wus seized wiih intense nervousness mnl was only kept from un outbreak by a feeling that 1 should be laugh
cd ni. Bul when onu of the actors ren-
deie.l Ihe boriilicd exclamation, "What,
deserters in my bouse!" by "What boom
fm* my bouse!" spoken in joyful accent!
nml with a pleasant smile, then the hinders of artistic calm were broken down.
I laid down tbe blue pencil nnd announced lhe rehearsal ;:1 un cud.
"That is Impiisjdble." protested tht
manager from the audience, "The programmes are priuted, the piny is tonight."
"Never!" 1 cried.
"tlh. yes, yes," he snid soothingly;
"ihey will learn their lines ihis after
noon.   We musl give the play."
! saw there was nothing lo bo dune
und left the place, brooding revenge. •
However, In the evening I felt I musl
Le present. I bad made up my mind uo|
to pro. bul I could not stay ni home.
The buns,, was well tilled. Many ol
my friends and nequniniuu-rea bad come.
The performanco began and ended ns I
expected-It was an utter failure, nml
even though the curtain fell amid loud
applause 1 knew for that I only hud tc
thank tbe Ignorance of the audience and
the resounding, brnecn hands of my
friends, who crowned their good naturcd
efforts by enthusiastically calling mo be
fore tbe curtain.
The hour of revenge ami triumph had
come. I almost lost both. Tor I did liol
know* tbe curtain bad been raised, nud sc
stepped witb unexpected suddenness before iho public. This confused me. I
looked at tbe people stupidly and said,
"(Iood evening!"
"Good evening." replied the astonished audience with one voice. Hut h.v thi;
time I hnd regained my self pussession
ami went on quickly:
"Ladies nnd (ii-itlenmn—Flattering nt
your appreciation Is, ami gladly ns 1
would tnke it to myself, I must regretfully decline to accept your praise, which
belongs entirely to ihe performers win
by iheir Interpretation Imve completely
metamorphosed mv  play, whether to itt
advantage or disadvantage I do not veil
litre to decide."
A long pause.   Then amid the inugbtei
of ibe entire audience ihe curtain fell
nnd I found it advisable tn retire qulcklj
from the congratulations of the company
who hastened toward me from the wings
Involuntarily I thoughl of Hchlller wboc
ho left the theater afler ihe first per
formanci- of "Wulb-usicin" and mot ben
lifted up tbeir children to see ihe fa.
mous poet. I also saw- something llftetl-
but It was not children.—Trunslute-f'
JTroin tbu Qermau For Short Stories.
i'i-m-ticji! Philosophy,
Ah wo ndvnui-o in life, wo lenrn the
limits of mu* nlnliiies. — Proutlo.
Men nre ns uhl   as   thny   feot,   nnd
woman ns tbey look.—It till tin Proverb,
No woman cuu bu liaudsomo by tbo
fot co of fenturos nlono, nuy.morolbau
.sho cnti bo witty only bv tho  lialp of
Adversity is BOinotlmoa hard upon a
nmn; bnt for ono innu wbo cuu stnnd
prosporily, thoro nvo a hundred thut
will etnud ttdvorsity.— Onrlylo,
I look for power hi tho ntnii; he
affirms tho dignity of tho law; but
ibo woman rules, nud sho will continue to rule, llirough grace ulone.—
A travolor at Spariu, slniuliiit** long
npon ouo leg, Hiid to ii Lnaudaoinou-
inn : "I do uot beliovo yon enn do ns
mueh." "True," mid ho, "but
evory koosu cun."—Plutarch.
No noblor fooling lluiti Ihis, of admiration for one bigbor (lum bimself,
dwells in Ibo broiist of innu, it is to
Ibis boar, and at all hours, Iho vivifying iiilluoiico In mun's life.—Carlyle.
it00,000 Acres When,l nml (,ih/Iiik I.mull
lor S-ttl0me*nt   lu   Miinllul.u, A-.. I lit-
Unlit, A llul tn ii nil Sui-kuli Iti WttU.
Deep   Miil,   1V-.1I   Watered, Wooded,  mud
tl.e fUoheit lu ilie World—Emily
Itettthed   liy Hallway..
Tut Utneral  [lichee, Gold, silver, Iron,
Copper, Pet t oleum, Suit, Etc.-lm-
meuse Coat Fields, Mllmltfttle
Supply ol Cheup luel.
The groin of Western Ctinudu is said to
ouiciubs thul gruun in any other pun uf tbe
w_rld, while in shte uud quality the cuttle of
the L'uiiuiium Northwest huve uu superior,
The UuVi-iniii.nl ul the DomtuiOQ uf Cnu-
inia tftvee Free Farms uf lou tutxee to every
mule adult uf la  >cur1j of uhl' nnd over, und
lo i u r> U in lie who is the h-nd uf n family,
on condition of living on it tor ut least mi
months in each of three years and perform-
ing oa_j cuitivuti. n duties, thus offering
lnacnendeno-3 lur lifo to anyone with little
means, hut having energy to settle,
Settlera' effects, viz.: wturlng  apparel,
household Intuit ure, Inmke, im|ilnm-nlB una
toots ol trade, occupation or em ploy ment,
musical instruments. dometUa sowing ma-
oldees, llvo Btook, carts and other vanlclea,
uud agrlfpulturol Implements in um-o>* the
settle] for ut least a year befan bis removal
tut ii ad i. nnl tolnelud-a macbtnory, orartb
oeslmiiorlad foruia in anj manufaotartng
ri-uh.ii-hiin in, or for sale,also books, plo*
tm.-, family jilutu ur furniture, personal
. iii.'tr- uud beirloomi left by request] provided (hut uny dutiable attic], entered un
(- til r*' lib cts uu.y not be bu entered unless
brought wltn tho sottler on hi- flrst arrival,
uml --hi-.il tiot be aold or oUtorwlsodisposed
ol without tiuyiin nt ul iluij. uuiii after
iwdvc montha actual um- InDanada) pro-
vhh-ii also, that under regulations made by
Iho Controller ol Customs, live stock, whon
Imported Into Manitoba or tlu* Northwest
'Lu u.,rn-- by Intending settlers (hall be free
until otherwise ordered by (be Qovernor In
Newly arrived   bnmlgronui will  receive ut
nny Dominion lands oflice in Manitoba or
the Northwest Tarrltorles Information ns to
lhe intuit, that ure open for entry, atul from
tin* ofileora in charge, free ol expense, advice
mul assistance in securing lands to unit
tbem; and full Information reelecting the
land, timber, eouJ und mineral laws, und
copies of these regulations, as well as those
■rcBpootlnn Dominion land.- in ihe railway
belt in biiti^h Columbia, mny be obtained
on application to tho Superintendent of lm-
mlgrnilon, Dopartmentof tbe Interior, Ut-
tuwu; the Commissioner of Immigration,
Winnipeg, Manitoba] tho Deputy Commissioner of Agriculture, Rcglna, N.W.T., or
to any of the Dominion lands agents In
Mariloba ur the Northwest Territories.
A  Young llnrliarlnn.
The.v dun't huve family prayers in the
liouKcliotil clrc-lo or n certain li-yenr-old,
Theieb.v bungs il Ktnry of tin embarrass*
i-i-.- episnde. The minisler culled lhc nlll*
er day nud at the close of his call uffercil
prayer. The next day the D-ycar-old
aforesaid, ihe bright nnd shilling light uf
the household where tho prayers were «.f-
feiv.l, eutertallied her mother's callers
wiih nn account of the pastor's visit.
"And the.v did Uii nwltil ipteer tlllug,"
snid ihe youngster, 'They never did thut
at urn* bouse before."
"And whnt wus that?*' graciously usked
one of the callers.
"Why, just beforo the minister got
ready to go be rend n little out of a book,
nml then they all k„i down uml smellcd
of the cliuirs."—I.ewisl.in Journal.
Kuw tint llie il irgc is wnn,
Bl*_p tn tlie narrow clod;
Now il It Kt nl tun,
hU-i-p till llie trump el tiuA.
F.na-ls h bugl-? nil
BltAYii put * -.rumbling wall; *
BttU-H ait .Kan forgot;
i, ..;■*,,..!  .i.i.i i    ,-tn mv nut;
Shuv dull outlntt them all.
—LiE.tte Woodworth Vteata in AtUntle Montlily.
There aro so many cough m-sdlelnesln
the market thut ii Is sometimes difficult
to tell wbloh to buy; but It we hail a
oough, a cold ur auy affliction of the
throtit or Iuiiks we  would   try J tickle's
Auti-CoiiHumptive  Syrup,    1'hoie who
have used it thltik It is far ahead of all
other pn-parutiuus recoiiiuiendeil fur such
oomplalnts.    Tbu little folks   like lt aB It
oomplatiits.    The
as pluawml as t-y-x
EDxol teuton t,
"You huve lived in the fur west?" said
the young womnn with uu nir uf eager
"Ves. miss." oniweied Broncho »ob.
"And have wltnesspd lynchluga a»4
stampedes of entile and all such thlogiT"
"Ves, miss."
"Tell lue,  whut  was the molt excilinK
episode of yollr life*/"
11.- ih.iui.-ht   wiih grent enre nn.l then
Sporting Goods
1 Wi ■ irry a largo stock of Gun»,Rm-o_(Ke-
volvors, I'n.ki,, Baseball QuudR, Tennis,
Food all, Ootr, Cricket, Carti-ldg-w, mnl
evi rytblng In the S| ortlng lino.
We also do gun Kpaliiag, bloyote repairing
and til kinds ol la i be *■•oi k tlmt requires a cenr-
We are distributors for the famous Cleveland
bhycle. Tin se, also crele sundrie*. we offer ut
lew pi ice-".   Write us tor whatever you wnnt.
Some see* Hid bund wheels at big bargain-.
Cookluy nud Rat lug.
If we ute properly, the physician
would lose his oct-upalloll. And we
can out for whatever we want—to got
fat. to get leun. to be nervous or j
phlegmatic or to stop or encourage the
ravages of disease. An "open door" I
awaits tbem nil. Is it tuo much to hope ;
that the twentieth cciiitir.v will see a j
law compelling cooks to take a medical
i-.i i
'I let til
lull -Slur.
nt   these   he
l UK     ItOKSK-noblest  of   ihu   brute
orention—whea suffer!ug from a ont,
tbrasloOj ur nun* derive-, as mueh buimfll
is its muster In a like predluuni-ut, from
Mm healing, sonthliiK iicibui of DU
uess. swelling of the nook, htllfness nf lhc
JOtntS, throat and lungs,   um  relieved by
In ii Utixe Aln.nl  Uii- tv iiIuIiIn,
"Vou are an  ting Ilsh til nil,  I  believe?"
Hiiid thu native lo the foreigner.
"I nm,"
"I wish to ask a (piestion pertaining tc
an English Institution,"
"(III  Oil."
"Why aro they called Knights of the
Garter when gnrtcra are worn mostly in
the daytime?"— Pittsburg Chronicle-Tele
Bin ph.
Dreaded Meal-Time.
Montreal, free Bos, Am.
P, tl.eo up. E. I**. $1,00 es,
Orange peel dried nnd grnted makes a
vorj line yellon powder thai Is delirious
flavorlug for cukes und puddings.
Codfl h it one of tbo moat ecoit utilcal
of tish and it is ni.-.. the mosl easily digested. There are several ways ol preparing It, and those who must live wo*
noutlcally should lenru huw to cook it ta
various ways.
A liue ripe sweet potato 1* never so
p'od us when properly baked. Pul In a
baking pan. cover and keep In the oven
until done, when it will yield under Iho
pressure of yuur thumb aud fiugei It
should be turned over u couple of times.
Judge Capron of Indiana holds thnt
when a chinch agrees to pny a preacher
a tir-ml salary tbu Biliary must bo paid If
lhe chinch property has to he sold for
thai pur|M».
Tli i.rt ol ap-wola „r Kentucky lia»
lipid llim a pereon who was iMniinj lo
lllll* a  I.IvjtIu ,i|  a  sl t anil   whilo
dnluii m mt Injnm! ly o tmllpj car
■0 :.- lu ln.vlnili' , uv, it ,,(ilnmncvi,
IUSV/VI1A,    KAiMIIVMuiilr..!
Wtdy mUM/ &itvr CJytiAet^ty -valUf
JvfavL- MtU/ 4r{iV7iA> -MlAjVmiH/ &n/
tXJw&yU' ~b> Jib flAoHtf      ■
Liniment nBked for at my store and the
only one *we keep for sule.
All the peoplo nse it.
FlensantBuy, O.B.
The   Wile   Felt   the   Bliock   Kiperl
utieeil  li;* lln- JIuhIimiiiI,
'■I hnve beard several tiiui-s of tele
piiihh- coiuiniinicntiou," said u gcutlcumu
well knoivn In ilu* hotels of Washington
to n Slur reporter, "but I never hud it
brought borne so closely to mo ns it wus
the other day, I wus visiting at tho house
nf ti friend who is a practical electrician
nud who hns charge of u dynamo iu one
of ihe department buildings. He happened io be ubseut ut the time, although it
wns pnsi his usiitil time for getting home,
nnu his wife ntul I were Bitting iu the
parlor commenting upon his tardiness,
tor be wus usually the most punctual uf
Just ns 1 looked nt the clock for peris the sixth or seventh time uud had
id that it lucked 15 minutes uf being
'clock my hostess huvo u liight gusp
sut rigid iu her chair. Every muscle
Hied to he tense, nml she gave the up-
rance ot one laboring under the
nicest shock. Kor the space uf per-
■s a second she remained iu this con-
on uud then suddenly „rew limp nud
iless us if some strain under which
luid been laboring hnd been removed,
lost Immediately she revived uud
ted nrouud with u rpicstlotihig air.
—i 1 say that all this occupied not
thnn two ur three seconds at the
ymi will realise huw queer it ull
'"Isn't it funnyV' she snid on coming
to. '1 feel exactly as though I hnd received a terrible electric shock. I knew
the sen sn I ion becnuse my husband hus a
smnll battery In the house and often
gives ine electricity for nervousness.'
"At that moHent the telephone bell
rang, nnd I answered it. The messuge
was ihnl my friend had taken liuid of the
wrong lever ut the switchboard tbat distributed lhe current from his ilyuiiinoaud
that the surgeons at u nearby hospital
Imped to save his life, I aukod when It occurred, uud the reply came, 'About a
qua I ier to 5.'
"I can't explain It, nud I don't Intend
tu Ity. 1 have trouble enuugh of my own
uf u very material nature without going
Into the supernatural to hunt fur more
problems tu Hkihc out. I am huppy to
sny lhat my friend entirely recovered,
but huth he and his estimable spouse nre
ns lunch ut n loss as 1 am in reasoning
out tbo strange occurrence,"—Washington Stui*.
Hilton an-* "I'amdlne It eg* I ■«_..»
After some common discourses had
passed between tin be (Milton) culled for
a manuscript of his, which, being
brought, be delivered to me, bidding me
take it home with mo nnd read It nt my
leisure nnd, when I had done so, return
it to hlm witb my judgment. When 1
enme home nml hud set myself to read It,
I found it was that excellent poem which
he entitled "Paradise Lost."
After I hnd. with the best attention,
read it through I mude him another visit
nud returned to him bis honk. He
nsked uie hnw 1 liked it and what 1
thought of it, which I modestly but freely told him, and after some further discourse nbout it I plcusntitly said to him,
"Thou host snid much here of paradise
lost, but whnt hnst thou to say of paradise found?"
lie mnde no nuswer, hut sut some time
in n muse, then broke off tlmt discourse
nnd fell upon another subject Ho when
"Paradise Regained" wns written Milton
snid in u plcustint tone, "Thnt Is owing to
ymi, for you put It into my head by the
question .run put to me nt (Jhulfotit,
which before I had not thought of."—
"History of Thomas KUwood,"
Tli«ru is nu liiiliii.ti-C.Hiiin-iioii llolwaeit
Gttoil Hinltb, llH|tpln«nH mnl ttooil
UlgOHtloil Dr. Williams' I'ink fills
Ili'liilt Aliiiul 1'IieSO CiHiilltiitiiN,
Kroni the "Tribune. Dossronto
Without goad digestion there can ho
neither good bonltb nor hup pi uess.
More depends upon tbo perfect working
ot tbu digeftive urgnns than most ptio-
plo imagine, uud even slight fniiotioual
diHtiirliiuccH of the slouiuob loave the
victim iiritnble,melancholy and apathetic In suoli oases most pooplo resort
to laxative mediuluca, but these only
further ngtfravote tlio trouble. What is
needed is a tonic; some tti ing tbnt will
build up the system, instead of weakening it as purgative imdicmos do.
For this purposo thero is no medicine
equal to Dr. Wil inais'Piukl-Mls. They
enrich tbe blood uud Bt rent*; I hen and
stimulate the digestive mot from first
doBe to lust. Iu proof of this assertion
the caBO of Mr. Thomas A. Stewart,
the well known andgeuial proprietor of
tbe Oriental Hotel, Desorouto, may be
quoted. To n reporter of the Tribune
wbo mentioned tbe fact tbnt be was
suffering from dyspepsia, Mr. Stewart
said:—"Why don't you take Dr. Wil-
Hams'Piuk Pills?" Asked why he
gave this advice Mr. Stewart coutianed:
"Simply beoause tbey nre tbe best
mtdicino for that complaint I know cf.
For years I waa a greut sufferer from
indigestion, and dariug tbut time I
think I tried a score of medicines. Iu
some cases I got temporary relief, bnt
not a cure. I tnirly dreaded meal times,
and the Iood thnt I ute gave me bnt
little nourishment. Ou tbe recommendation of u friend I began using Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills a little over a
yenr ago. I soon experienced relief
and no longer dreaded meal-time, bnt
as I was determined tbut tho enre
should be permanent if possible, I con-
tinned taking tbe pills in light doses
for several months. Tho result is every
vestige of the trouble left me and I
bave as good an appetite uow as any
boarder in the honse, and my digestive
organs work like a charm. I may also
add thut my general health wub greatly improved aa a result of using tbe
"Do yon objeot to my pnblishing this
in the Tribune?" askod the reporter.
"Well, I have no desire for publicity," said Mr. Stewart, but if yon
think it wili bolp nnyono wbo Buffers
aB I did, yon may publish tbe facts."
Dr. Williams' Piuk Pills cure by go-
lug to the root of tho disease. Tbey renew aud build np the blood,
and strengthen tbe nerves, thus driving
disease from the system. If your dealer doe-, not keep tbem, tbey will be
eent postpaid at 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for $3.50, by addressing the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
Mar He .limit- Useful,
Mcllgger—Krtisty Is suffering from
dyspepsia now.
Thingumbob— All, that's a blessing
In disguise!
Mcllgger—A blessing?
Tlitugumbob—Sure,    Ilo enn blame
thnt hereafter for Ills horribly dlspoai-
Mon.—Philadelphia Press.
How's  This?
Wo offer One lliin.lt i-.l Hollars It .■ward fur
any ciiseof Oiturrb that emmut bu cured by
Hairs Catarrh "Jure,
K. J. CUBNEY & CO., Props., Toledo, 0.
We, the tinrit-migncil, have known V. J.
Cheney fur the law i a yean, und believe htm
perfectly honorable in all IiusIiuhj iriui-uiciinni
Hid lliiiinchilly able tO carry mil uny olili|f&-
UuiiH iuikIh l.y their linn.
Wight* Tiita*.,\' *-Wi!S,*il.- MrnjfL'l-iiH.Tol.d'i.O.
Wai.mko, Kinna.v _L Maiivin, V*. holt-m-ilu Uni-**--
gists. Toledo, 0,
{fall's Catarrh Cure U taken Internally, acting ilirn'.tlv upon the bloo.l mnl mucous surface-* of the"system Price. 1 ■*>«* |*r buttlu. Suld
by alt (lniKgi--lH.   Ti-Mltiiuiitiils iri-u.
lull's Fiunily l'ilh are tli-a belt.
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find tho best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
Iiumodlutoly thoy were offered to tho publio, l'iiniii-it*i-'s Vegetable I'ilU boaune
(iiipuhir because of tbe tfoud report thuy
nuulo fur ihi*iii.-.*l\i !• 1 hut re put**.*. Ion
luu grown, and th.-y uow rank aiuoug
tho Ilrst meriluines lur ute In at tucks of
ilyttpopsla and bllluusueHs, com Uut dis of
thu liver and kliim-ys, rheumatism, fever
and ague and tho Innumerable compllca
linns to which theso ailments glvo rise.
W. N. U. 275.
Almost Titer.   Already.
Miss Fortee— Yes, denr. we have been
engugod for n lung time, but what hns
prevented tue from taking the Irrevocable _tep hns always been the fateful
question, "Will bo love me when 1
grow old?"
Miss 'fenny—Don't worry, darling;
you'll soon know now.—Stray Btorles.
Icu's Vegetable Pills regulate the aotion
of the secretion-, purity the blood and
keep tho stomach aud bowels free from
deleterious tuatb-r. Taken acoordiog to
direction they will overcome dyspepsia,
eradicate biliousness, and leave the digestive organs healthy and strong to perform tliulr functions Their tuerita are
well known to thousands who Snow by
experience bo* beneficial tbey are lo giving tone to the system.
Ke uitd«u_nni.r te.-lidiv*.   N.w l, tlie time to
pr*i*re f.r _ sttUtim ia ihe t-nsy kjmu.
Full [*nic_i_r» on appttoation.
N. Br-We «■ ■*<•: mt iojof our mud-anti to
',•-*:::■ .ii daring ■.:-.- ; _.; eve m.ntht.
Catholic Prayer ?"*,tk,*1,*i.*>"^?:
ni_r*. RetlgkHttPietana tStat-Jj/.t-ulObttrok
Orn»rii« :.*.«, Lduc-tioc-a Wcrki   Hall orders *f»
celTepromviiUcn-.it,--. [ \\ Sc::;frlCi..I.tTr(U
-.d   bj  THUS. I.KE, Min
Trads ll_rk Bagtstend Hov. it, .&-:.
He Felt Hore.
"Is tbis new play Immoral?" asked tin-
"No, sir," answered the theatrical mau-
"An* ymi sure*/"
"Absolutely. The demand for tickets
litis been lhe atlin lien t of any week siuce
the huuse wus upem-d."—Washington
As-k for Hinard's and tale do other.
So Similar und tci Bo nin.-r. in.
Ho l.rtngi iitiiu ni> mind iI.e ini|(i*t> o.k,
niniM- leitttesm bfintlie* boldly tun ilKire,
AnJ yet. withal, In- never did i itroke
To win im if* homage ur comnund their Isvt.
lie n.'vi-r -tl.iiid igalnit i storm tf ll.ough
To cauie tin* sngry elements tu tuip.
Hut, vainly tblnklnti people if-jj not .now,
IVur (cllow, l.e Is dyeing el tl.e top:
—Chicago tlmcs-ll-mld,
One Oijdonor -aill ».-n*e a family. Vou
tstv to d i t:.e carina fonnelf, Pnlly tested
in all tiisea**-. Oirsen i- oatnre'sgreateet
cure. Hare cure fi,r La Grippe,Rttenmatlsm,
Oil-rrh. Chronic Uysptn eii.e'.c. Ur. I'. Era-
moos.ot S>r__u.-e, N. Y., writes: "I Irish to
give >ou I, rticu!_r_ of h few fi„m iiiany
ca-es which have Utn effected by the Oiydonor'Victory* In m>* practice,11 He **--»pe-
ciaiiy toaotions c-t^.-ii of Poramonla, Bowel
Trouble. Bnratpebu, Asthma, Hheumntem,
Uiiithcria, Meuels, Kemalgta, etc l'ar-
tlonlar«can Ia-. seen at mv office. Subdealura
in every district wantfi. Por descriptive
boikld and i^rix-uars uddr-M Wu. T.
QtBBiss. Or_in Bscbsnge, Winnipeg.
Keep iiiiEO'S UM1IEIT u tie How.
Soni.-lhlnu (i,luff.
r.T,,wiil.|...»f m„ .vnltrmi who has l.nnd-
"1 hhi iv-|,.i|„.H_Ain't j'l-r gol noth-
hm  li*'/   i Mt.*-. to Iww wiim-thlm
r.innv ti, i.,.,k iti wi.il,' I'm ti it.titiii)..
WlliUl-NK — *l IllM.-'H      tl      lH.il.il,f      g|Ml
.litilUhl in fi f .nm. »lr.-l.niiilon Til-
n AV B
Shoe Dre-ulnS
For Ml* ■ j i.. ''••■. mA
.--ll'ii.  i'i.M.t.Ui
L.H.Packard A Co.
Do Not
Pay Cash^
If you havo payment* Ion than $80 to
mako at any Dominion Lands Offico fend us
tho -tinouDt, Ions -0 per com., mid wo will
mako the liaymeDt and return tho Land
Office receipt to you. Writo for prices for
largo payment-*.
gkrruuku i,l Ublf,
I'lml L'n.I.lli—I)., .hhi kin.w wltttl this
biinliii--.il i, iiii.nl. nu. „rv
B«i.liil CmWIu-Nu.   Whnll
"SI.jiuiIiiu ,,ti tl,,' I'uiiflh uf .lull."
"Ilu» ..,.••■
"Why. ilmi'l wo hnvo In Inok unl fui
lilt' Blk'kli?*'— ViHil.il.  Sltllr^ll ,
Mmo  I.Ike Mer.
"Is hIio n profess!omiI singer?"
"Well, yes, but she isn't half equal
to what she professes to bo,"—Philadelphia Bulletin.
There never wai, und never will bo, a unl.
-rental panaeea, in one remedy, fur nil ill- to
which flehh in heir—tho vory nature nf mnny
curutiveH bt-iiit,' .-ih-h that wore the Kenna of
other and differently rented dlwuw.-H rooted
In tho cj>i.*in of tlio p-itiint whnt would
relievo one ill in turn would aggravate the
other. Wo huve, hotVCVOr, In -Quinine Wine,
when obtainable in u nound, unadulterated
state, a remedy for many and grievous Ills.
By lis gradual und judlolotUUSO the frailest
«y-tiin.- aro h-d inii. convalescence and
Strength by the influence whieh -Quinine ex-
oris on n.itiiic',- own restoratives. It relieves
tho drooping spirits of UiOBO with whom n
chronic Hitlo of morbid di-n|Mindeaey and
lack of Interest in lifu in a disease, mid, by
tr:iiii|iiili/.ii!-^   the   in-rvi>, di~|.u-. -  to round
and refreshing steep—Itnparta vigor bi the
notion of the blood, whieh, te\uu itlmnlatrd,
oourau Uirougbonl the veins, strengthening '
tha healthy animal functions of the nyHii-m,
thereby mnking activity a necessary rcsnli, I
htniigihiiiiiig tbo frame, and giving llfa to
the digihtivi- orgnns, which nstnmlls dr-
tnund rnaroABed mib-liim-i—result, Improved
appetite,   Norlhrop *\   Lyman, Of Toronto,
Imvo given to tho nubile tnoli superior tju-.
niii.- Win.* iii th.- u-iii.l rule, and, gauged by
tho opinion of m-u-utlM*, thin wlno ap-
proachet ncarent porftsctloa of any In Uie
market.   All druggliU sell It,
Tfn> Manitoba
Fanners Jhiliial Hail
Insurance Company.
il c onico, &09 llelntyroUtoek*
niin.1,.,1:. Mini.
Ciurtered to ilo Business- in Manitoba,
also all over tne tjortliivesf
Over $.,000,000 Inuiranee in  force  and
Increasing evory day.
FarmeM wanting protection from  huil
should write un or ice our local  agent.
ii--x OM, Winnipeg,
W. 0.  GRAHAM,  Manager.
Farm Lands
For Sale In All Farts of the
Proviaco.   Write for Lints.
Brass Band
I. ,.iM> tits, Dm ma, l nil..n.t., fete,
to Pluitratloniniallwl rr.*,*.   Writs Ui foi any
UliliK in  MUlllo 01 Mii-.lnl Iii.Ii.iiimi.i., ****4***.****!S*mA*.********<**
Picked  I'p About the City  by Asking
Questions  Ol   Many  People.
Mrs. Duig, of Moyie, la a visitor iu Ih.
For Rem—Upper floor, Perdue bluet
G. H. Gilpin.
Cranbtoolc loves u good baseball oi
football game.
Cliotlie lishnere wns in town Sunday,
enroute to Nelson,
Cost price sale of iln-ss gooda antl fun
ry silks at Gilpin's.
W. G. Currier ami wife, of Moyie,
weie iu town yestenluy.
Mr iiml Mrs. Currier, of Moyie, were
lately visitois iu Cranhrook.
Fresli fruits in all varieties hy pound
basket or erale nt MeConnell's.
\v. 1. Renl, ihe well known mercltnnl
of Moyie, whs a culler in Cruubrook tin-
Alex Kellett is in Winnipeg, and will
tnke iu the exposition sights before re
II A Rolison, of Winnipeg, attorney
for the C. 1'. It , has been iu town during
the week.
I. II. Hunter, manager of thc Hudson
Bay stores at Pincher Cieek was in town
Ibis week.
iee creai'i. various flavors, daily
strawberries and cream, bananas and
cream, nt McConnells
Bnglneer Kobbins, of the Norlh Stnr
mines, returnF(l Tuesday from a trip to
West Kooleiiay.
Mrs. William Titus nnd daughter, of
Fort Steele, were quests of Mrs, Thonitis
Rookes recently.
Doloies Murphy returned Sunday from
Canary, where she has been attending
school with lhe Sisters.
George W. Bat ley, formerly of the
Central, at Moyie, was a spectator nt the
park on Children's dny.
Miss Ada Welluinn has heen lempora-
rily rrippled from stepping on a rusty
nail, which pierced her foot.
J. I.uiin, of Macleod. C. P. R. locomotive foreman at lhat point, is a guest of
Mr. and Mrs. I). K. Murphy,
Miss Jenn Dyker, teacher in thc Cran
brook .schcols, has returned lo her home
near Nelson to pass the vacation.
A. 1). Parker, K Watt aud J. G. Pal*
terson were circulating among the fair
iliittisL-ls of Moyie Saturday night.
And still the Chinamen are pouiingin-
to Cranbrook daily; lhey are a "good
thing," and need " pushing along "
We have several thousand dollars of
private hinds to loan on tjood security at
reasonable terms. McViltie St Hutchison.
Engineer N. B, Gauverau is in town
again, having returned from Yahk, in
the vicinity of which he has been surveying.
Mr. Sick, of the Fort Sleele brewery,
accompanied by Friz/ell, tbe hustler,
was iu town Monday, going to Moyie
that evening.
The Crnnbrook stables are being enlarged by an addition ol about 65 feet,
which will be largely devoted to boarding horses, elc.
Mrs. Loasby aril veil from down the
line un Tuesday, suffering from a broken
ankle received through a fall. Dr, King
is attending her.
Dr. Green has beeu ill at the hospital
for some time, and Dr. King says it will
be a while yet before he will let bim
make his escape again.
Additional Improvement!) are being
made at the " opera-bouse," not the Icatt
of which will he a veneering of brick on
the exposed side aud ends.
Mr. John Ross, teacher in the Cranbrook school during ihe pnst term, hns
returned to Cardston, whence be came,
to resume teaching at that place.
The belfry on the Catholic church Is
neariug completion, and soon lhe pea) of
the fitsl bell other than fur dinner or a
locomotive, will be henrd in Cranbrook.
Mrs. Henderson, iu tbe linker block,
has secured the agency for Hazelwood
ice cream, n product fatuous and without
a peer. For pale at retail or in any desired quantity,
N. C. McKinstry was down from Kimberley recently, aud went up to tbe base
bull grounds to have a little fun with the
boys. " Mc " has'evidently played a little ball himself.
G. 11. Gilpin will make his headquarters at his Craubrook store hereafter; in the course of a few weeks Mrs.
Gilpin will depart for Leeds, Knglnnd,
Mr. Gilpin's boyhood home, for a visit of
long duration.
Mrs. II. A. Slater, of Vancouver, and
son Melvin, are visiting wiih Will and
lid Hill, her brothers, for n few weeks,
and will then go east for n visit with relatives there. Mr. Slater is enroute to
Dawson, representing a Vancouver firm
Prest.lbe photographer, has some beau
tiful views of Cranbrook and vicinity,
One in particular, taken from tbe race
track hill, gives a very good i Icture ofthe
lown ns it now is and should be in the
possession of every lamily residing in
It must be a fuet—that ammonia deposit mentioned in The Herald last issue. Woid comes from Moyie that an
Indian told employes of the St. Kn-
gene mine that he knew of such n plH-re
in the region described, and that for
$20 he would take anyone to it,
Jnnies Gill, until recently manager for
G. H. Gilpin, il is hoped, will remain in
Crnnbrook. He is well versed in ihe
general merchandise business, and a good
citi/en—"lie Hint any town would regret
0 lose. Always courteous ami a true
gentleman, Mr. Gill has made many
rlendfl lu Craubrook who would greatly
regret lo see him leave the town.
Two men weie reported killed by a fulling tree two miles soulh of town Tuesday ;
Constable Monis, Frank. Rankin, and
several other good Samaritans hastened
to the scene of the supposed disaster but
•ould drover no traces of corpses or
mangled men. They would nut have
uourned much, however, it an all-wise
Providence had then and there convert-
id into a corpse tbe diutikeit Swede who
k them out ou u wild-goose ehuse.
single sample,   mid
Last Tuesday morning a baiter wiih a
lorse at one end ami a piece oi* J_-t about
bur   feet   long  at the oilier end, came
touting dowu Armstrong avenue, thence
.cross Bakei and down Cranbrook street, I
to the prairie.   Every jump the poor annual made, tbe st;ck pounded him some-
vbeie until   he  must  have thought the
le'il or •' Baldv" was afler htm.    Many
thoughl he would ruu bimself to death   heller lln
>r receive a broken leg, bul he «us later   A quantity
reported being  found ou  tiie praiiie all
right beyond a few bruises.
The Herald, aboul two years ago, suid
'.hat the bench lands and hillsides iutbis
vicinity would eventually be found 10 be
is good, If not belter, agticuliural prop-
dtlons than the bottom lauds. A visit
to the Hamilton BrOtheis' ranch a few
days ago, where about a year ago timber
.van standing all over, confirms the cur-
lectnesi of lhe statement. There is a
tine little held of oats, und potatoes, cabbage, turnips, carrots, peas, tomatoes,
mil other vegetables in profusion. Theie
is a splendid and growing ma; ket hete,
al good pi ices for years lo come, foi all
such products,
Constable Morris went out fishing
Tuesday, accompanied by Spty, both
riding iu n cart behind Patchen; when
returning, and in the outskirts of town,
Patchen in com tug nrouud a turn in llie
road was confronted by two little
maids in white; many a man Jhas beeu
rattled In the same way, so you can not
blame Patchen for becoming startled and
reaching home ahead of his mnBtetJ
Patchen shied quickly, one of the cart
wheels hit a slump and 2*,u pounds of
provincial constable struck on the while,
glistening part of his cranium: our genial old fiiend received a scalp wound nnd
was badly shaken up; lhe wonder is that
he escaped without more seiious injuries. Spry watched for a soft place to full
in and dropped ont, alighting on his
buck for fear he might break bis watch.
Mr. Morris scrambled to bis feet, gazed
ruefully afier the fading form ot Patchen
as it disappeared around the bend, and
yelled ufter him: "If you get there before we do, tell them we are coming too "
ami thn occaaiou of liis thp was to lock
alter his intciesla there lie, like mauy
others, was surprised to see how little attention la being paid to this section by
miuing capitalists. To say nothing of
the 130 carloads of ore going oul from the
St. Kugeue, North Star, aud Sullivan
miucs.iqnlvnlent to a6oo ions per month
or ovi-r 1600 Ions per week, he says the
show iugs are unsurpassed by any region,
and that with the introduction of sufficient capital fm a reasonable amount of
development work, bo thinks tbe region
tributary tn Cranbrook will make one of
ibe great mineral producing areasol litis
Tua, b.iuiiill)'. Uii Lead*
Assays Irom Tom  Donnelly's 10-foot
lead ou Palmer mountain show u little
letter than $6 in gold     Tbis was from a
MEW .j*
erago   might
Who Have Been Doing Business In
brook This Week.
U. Rlesterer, brewing, Nelson.
A. R. McKinlay, safes, Toronto.
R, W. Biggar, stoves, Hamilton.
J. M. Fahey, neckwear, Toronto.
F. W. Frazer, neckwear, Toronto.
W. C. Perry, hardware, Winnipeg.
George Mason, millinery, Toronto.
C. D. Duncan, millinery, etc.,Toronto
F. \V. Fraser, cigars, Kelowana, B. C.
Ii. M.  Carroll, groceries, etc., Winnipeg*
W.   P,  Dickson,   electrical   supplies,
E D. Davison, California Wine Co ,
H. D. McKinnon, nssayer's supplies,
George C. Hinlon, electrical supplies,
R. Maclean, mineral waters, Nel-
C.   McLauchlnn, dry goods, Mon*
S.   II.   Smith,
goods, Toronto.
cameras   nnd   optical
give better or worse,
Tom Kennedy's Claim
On Palmer mountain shows a value of
540 in sliver, lead and gold.
I the ore has been taken out
1 test. The ledge is rather small
al present but has been slowly and --tend
tly widening.
12-FOOT LINOLEUMS imported direct from England.
M'CLARY'S SHOES, large shipment just received.
GROCERIES, lines always complete.
ise'l Sign Painters
Paper Hangers Decorators
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
Our prices are right.    No one undersells us.
s s G. H. GILPIN
R. In In an Old-Time Minn, Recently Returned
with Bat) Rcpurls.
Mr. R. Irvine, wbo has mined in many
parts of the western continent, prospected ns well and taken pnrt in a number of
historical stampedes, returned a few duys
since, having went to Cape Nome during
the spring just past.
Mr. Irviu, In bis.talk, conveys the impression of conservatism, and his reports
regarding Cape Nome nnd its alleged
richness, are far from optimistic. In addition to Its lack of large quantities ol
gold, he ia confident that small-pox nud
typhoid fever will rage there this summer, and that many men will suffer both
from want nud disease.
He says tbnt the gold-bearing beach
has beeu greatly over estimated iu extent, and that it is already practically
worked out; Dial it is not much trouble
to mnkc $3 per day with a rocker even
yet, bul that Is little better than nolhing;
tbat both wages nml the cost of supplies
mc- lulling rapidly, which certainly does
not argue well fur a boom camp, Top
Kuk bench, another point tint was more
recently discovered and was quite Hell,
is already worked out, ns (be nrea wus
small. All the creeks that hnveaiiytbing
of a showing, were staked last season, aud
there is but very little if anything left fur
lhe new comer.
He snys that the futmo many reveal
rich ledges in lhe mountains back from
the coast, but lhey would have 10 be far
richer than the average gold ledge to pay;
in addition it lakes lime and money to
develop ledge mines of auy kind—a great
deal of both.
in brief, his views are lo tbe end that
Cnpe Nome will prove a greal disappointment to most everyone who 1ms gone
tbere, and that many will lose their lives
in tbe mail rush that hns taken plnre.
He says he noticed one peculiarity
ubout those who have been in tbat far
northwest country for years — ncue of
tbem think of leaving it permanently.
Those who make a "stake" lake a trip
out and go back.
Ills Views ol this District.
As before stated, Mr. Irvine is an old ami
experienced mining man.   He became interested in lhe St. Marys country last fall,
Ii Wns Quite Enjoyable anil Witnessed hy a
Large Audience.
The enleitaintm-ut nlver) und.-r bet direction by the pupils ol .Miss Cella Jm-
dine last Tuesday nlghl was a success in
every resped: the class w is n large one,
and its proficiency a high testimonial to
the ability of Ute instructor,
Miss Jardine has demonstrated that
she is an expert in the Uelsarle system
of physical culture for gitls and women,
as well as an instructor of merit in elocution. Her owu work iu the latter line
not only betrayed natural ability, but
the possession of a considerable amount
of dramatic talent worthy of cultivation.
The numbers ou lhe program were
many, and their rendition quite interesting, but space prevents detailed mention.
Aside Irom bet own work other features
were the recitation—il might be more
accurately termed a character sketch—
by Daisy Moffat, which was very good,
as was the Highland fling in connection
witb it by tbe same little lady; iu dramatic parlance Daisy mule a "bit."
The scarf drill, by "Several >Oting ladies," was also especially interesting,
and a "Slight Misunderstanding" between Misses Otunt and Leltcb created
much merriment, 'lhe tableau at the
finale was very pretty as wns the " Rock
of Ages'' preceding.
Mrs. J. R. Costigan was the pianist
nnd in many ways contributed largely
to the success nnd enjoyaolllty of the
Miss Jardine will remain in Cranbrook,
nnd Is striving to rise iu iheworld thr ugh
her own efforts uud to secure for herself
au edtica'lon of the higher order—Inula-
ble efforts tint are being lionombly pursued and lhat should meet with a fitting
The Wentworth House,
Formerly the Forest Hotel, has been
undergoing quite a change since George
Wentworth took charge, and improvements are still going on. It is the only
pub.ic place in town plastered throughout 1 and hard finish has lately been applied. A large sample-room for traveling men hns beeu added, also handsome
aud commodious card-rooms, and new
furniture almost entirely through iut the
20 rooms, and the lower fl ior lighted by
acetylene gas.
Mr. Weutwoith has brought with him
an enviable reputation as a holel man
aud good citizen generally, and with
"Long Oliver" for a lieutenant it is a
prediction that all guests of the Wentworth will have the best cf service in
every department.
A New Church Edifice.
Rev. W.T. Stackhonse, IV A , of Rosslaud, returning from tlie Baptist congress
at Winnipeg, slopped here on Monday
lasl; he was accompanied by Rev. R. W.
Trotter, of Columbia, 11. C. They were
bere to interview lhe Rev. Holfoid regarding the fiel 1 for work by tbe Baptist
church organization, and have departed
fur New Westminster, where the Hi tish
Columbia Board ol Baptist Missions is in
As a result of their visit it is proposed
to build a handsome church ed.fice, costing from $1200 to J1500—probably lhe
finest iu South tint Kooleiiay. The
auditorium will be circular iu foiui, wilh
the pulpit iu lhe centre.
Hotel Property for Sale
The properly known as the Hast Kootenay  hotel;   price   aud  terms  made
known 011 application to the owner on
the premises.
is mm
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Slar, Sullivan, Quantrcll, Buckliorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
BSS"' Lots from $125=$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
The Lion Brewery
y-vRossland, li C
lhc lurvisl nnd find equipped
brewer) in Drill.li Columbia
Thoir iirmvi;isi;i< ni'l"R (bottlcl)
is equal to nny luiporteil Article.
AURaTRD WATRRS of nil biniula I
hi- hnd ui nil Itotelfl in Went mnl Rum
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wliol Hale Giorer
ami Selling Agents
Cninbruiik. B. C.
* m
Planing Mill
is «■•* Sash and ::
Door Factory
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining; room is first class.
F*very convenience for travelers.
Hotel  S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best of liquors at thc bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
..Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  .* Turning
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
iyrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Elc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it.
A nice selection of "McridanBrit-
anica" silverware to hand this
week. Choice designs in A 1
goods        «**       *,*       **       **
High grade movements in the
best quality of gold, gold tilled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       ******
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Official Watch Inspector lor C P. R.
For Developed
- Silver* Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Ladies' and
Wheels jt jt
01 the best makes (or hire
Stable on Armstrong ave.
Near Presbyterian Church.
Open Dally Except Sunday.
Parrott & Demers
Prest & Co.,
"Three doors east of Postoffice.
.'<■}>r<s>i> 1'.«*■■ •yr^'T^i-i.".-.*■■ ■ >i \'-r■-.-'-*i)'1.:.; i-. 1.*> 1 -?>T<!>T
■fr.**-*®-***-®-*-*****^ "l
CRANBROOK, = BritisMMnnbia
Is the divisional point of the Crows ?
Nest Pass Railroad.
Has a io=stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex*-* iC
tensive railroad yards. |
1 Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East |
Cranbrook ,s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- j
® y
' V
,1,   rii
tions of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after f |
week. H
JS  Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For furt ier information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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