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Cranbrook Herald Jul 26, 1900

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»ffl-» *>•*)•*» •'
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. cox, President, II. E. Wai.ki;r, Oen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A Qcneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London ARents-The Bank of Scotland.
I. & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children...
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.       *t      jt      *t
**? & ** Reid & Co.
ffl ■»■»•-»• . m-**~9-*\y-m9-9-*r-9^-m-*»
hh*««im-) *-»a
I; Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specially
Hood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad ami ilepot.    Has accommodations fur thc public unequalled in Cranbrook.
®. . . ai^a-aaaa aaa.
•-^♦♦*^®   ®aa
....G. BREMNER & SON....
20 per ct.
Off dt dt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
Wholesale IK'-ikts In
Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Ajtcnls For
.   .   .   .    Schlitz Beer    .   ♦   .   .
Wholcialc and It-lull
. Groceries, Men's Furnishing Goods, .
.   .   .   . Boots and Shoes ....
Agents For
.   . The Giant Powder Company .   .
Agcnt-i For
. . Bennett's White Gtttta Purcha Waterproof Fuse ..
Fort Steele Mercantile Company, Limited
Jacob P. Fink, Manager Cranbrook, B. C
If True That's What the Simpson Parly
Are *' Ip Against."
Coast Merchants, Steamship Companies and Railroad Companies
Have Buncoed People
■fi H Miner  The pioneer
....Special Prices on a Few Gents Wheels
Windows, Doors and Sash in all varieties.   Also Builders' Hardware, Paints, Oils and Glass.
ROOFING.   Tin and painted metal.
Eavestroufjh and Furnace work.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Hoyie
The Herald job Printing
The following arttcli? te from n recent
issue of the Spokum* Spokesman-Review,
ami Ih as told hy John J. Guheen, nn attorney of Pocatello, Idaho. There can
be little, If any doubt, of ita truth, even
in its worst.
For the Bake of money, railroad companies, steamship owners, and "reputable" merchants have lured to financial
ruin mauy hundreds—even to terrible
sufferings and death. But this is " business," while the '• shell-game" man who
imposes on a victim's credulity and extracts more or less money from him, not
endangering his life or health, Is a low-
down, sneaking criminal. Verily, this
s a wonderful civilization of ours, and
ts distinctions as to what is right and
what is wrong are very hazy.
Mr. Guheen says:
" Up to July 5 there was not less than
109 vessels, all overloaded with passengers and freight, landed at Nome; 35 of
these were large ocean steamships, some
carrying 800 passengers Probably the
average tonnage of the old vessels wonld
he 2,000 tons each. The barge Slcookutn
atone carried more than 6,000 tons, and
when one large barge carries enough to
load 250 freight-cars you can easily see
the amount of freight shipped to Nome.
All this freight was piled upon the beach
and extended for nearly a mile. A great
deal of it is there yet, aimI will so remain.
"Most of the steamship companies
advertised they carried their own barges
and there would be no delay in unloading
freight, but tbis was not true. The average a passenger would get his freight
ifter landing was about six days. As
neai ly everybody had his provisions as
freight, and many their tents, it worked
untold hardships upon them, and many
of the graves being dug at Nome me tor
the unfortunates who suffered exposure
while waiting for their freight to be
brought hShore. You h.ul to wnich tbe
barges night and dny, as your freight
came piecemeal, aud if you were uot on
baud to receive it, it was almost as good
as lost.
Description ol Towi,
"The town is east of Snnke river.
There is Go feet reserved by ihe government along the shore line. Kvcrythiug
back of that is public lands. Tbere is a
strip of ground, part sand, part soil, belweeu this 70 feet and the tundra, varying in width from 175 lo 350 feet, extending along the shore. This ground is
comparatively dry, and the first houses
of Nome were built upon it, aud in fact
about ail the houses. A nmn who lived
upon a lot had n squatter's 1 ight, but the
United Stntes commissioner, whom it is
generally reported had an interest in
huudr-uls of lots ruled that any improve
menu, however slight, made ou lots,
would hold them, nud the vatious devices called improvements tbnt were put
upon the lots of Nome were something
wonderful, All this dry strip for three
miles was claimed. The tundra, consisting of probably 160 anes, had been
■uiiveyed nnd every lot also dunned. Il
was Impossible to live ou the greater part
of this, which was swampy, but the unfortunates who liiiil landed and put up
their tents upon lots of any kind were
bulldozed off' at tbe point of a pistol or
the claimant would sv.e:ir out a warrant
for criminal trespass, have you arrested
and fined, and If you did not move a
tiifficicnt number of roumlers wearing
Uk* badges of United States marshals
and loaded with guns, would throw your
property to the four winds.
How Lots Were Sold.
" Tbe crowd wasso great thnt thlsclass
of cases became congested, and only the
lots near the business street weie looked
after, but the Individual cases in which
indignities were perpetrated upon law-
abiding and good citizens by these so-
called marshals aud wjtueastd hy myself
is beyond belief. The people had town-
lots for sale and they hnd an organization among themselves to compel you to
buy. and when you consider that no less
than 2500 men had brought Blocks of
goods of various kinds, worth from $100
10 f75,ooo, and all their goods stacked
upon the beach, where It was liable to
be ruined by a tidal wuve or storm at
any time, or of being carried away by
thieves, piece at a time, ;ou will not
wonder that those who had money paid
as high as $1200 a front foot for lota they
could get no title to.
A Few Killed OH.
" The price of lots went up so fast aud
beyond the expectation of the original
claimants that they got to jumping each
others' lots, which relieved the situation
somewhat, as a few of them were killed
off", Thousands with stocks of goods
are today selling them out for what they
can get. They are practically ruined
and could not even get a fair show, being kept off public lands through a combination hacked by so-called officers.
Kven   transportation   companies  could
have your tent lorn down tiff this 6u-foot
reserve if tbey so chose, and iu one case
the commissioner came in person ami
the deputies were honest enough to admit they hnd im right to tear it down,
but proposed t" do it anyway to accom*
mo 'nte the tompany. I refer to the
tent occupied by ' Pelf ll Urns ,' a business firm of Tacoma, who ran give full
particulars, This Is what made Nome 11
veritable hell on earth.
Soldiers Tike Charge.
" The day I left the town wns taken in
charge by General Randall, the soldier*
having arrived the day previous. Tbere
wns no money at Nome to speak of, except that iu the hands of Uie Dawson*
ites, who hnd come down fiom the Klondike nnd who were all disgusted and pronounced the whole thing a fake, anj tbe
money brought by the people from tbe
states. There were about 30,000 people
there, and the tents were about 10 deep
and almost touching each other for three
miles along the beach. Many were leaving iu boats and others constructing
boats to go up or down the coast, but all
were disheartened over the outlook. Tbe
great majority will stay at Nome, but
will get away as fast as they can get assistance.
Distress and Sickness.
"The distress aud sickness that will
he suffered and is now beiug suffered can
never be realized. The hospital wns
overcrowded with typhoid patients, with
many sick in tents, aud yet no warm
weather bad intervened to bring on the
sickly season. l-Kaths were occurring
from pneumonia, and I witnessed live
snmll-pox flags, the last being but a
block from where I was camped and run
up the day before I left. The authorities try to take them ou the tundra, away
from the crowded tents, but It is like
inviting death for a well man to sleep
over this tundra.
Can't Make Decent Living.
" The people who laud there now will
not be subjected to tbe hardships of the
30,000 who were dumped in there nearly
nil nt the same time, hut tbey will find
no miniug ground within a longdistance
of Nome and will also find 30,000 people
where 3 000 could not possibly make a
decent living, putting it at the very hest
figure. The tundra is composed of about
18 miles of rotten vegetation, the remainder being solidly frozen, remaining
so always unless thawed hy artificial
means. They say when you scrape the
vegetation off that the sun will thaw il
out ami the mud can be washed for gold.
The suu may loosen it up a little when it
is not raining, but* I will venture to say
that the unfortunate who goes there depending on old Sol to thaw out bis tundra claim will.be disappointed.
No Use for Horses.
"Tbere are probably 1500 horses nt
Nome, nil of them good, and the majority being of the very best. Nearly all
nre today enting high-priced hay aud
earning nothing; 300 were turned loose
on the tundra to shift for themselves a
few days hefore I Uft. I bad scores of
men, acquaintances and friends, ask me
to tell all I met thp true condition of affairs. I hnve no doubt after tbe time
of sailing of the second batch of steamships expires there will be articles printed advising people lo keep away from
tbere, but the truth is known at this
time, and still the coast newspapers encourage the people to go, mnny of them
to their death, and publish interviews
with the captaius of steamships, whom
they know dare not publicly talk of
the true situation under penalty of losing their positions.
Kaslo is threatened with n water polo
The desks for Ferguson's public school
have been ordered.
Tbe stiike of fisherman on the Frazer
river, is still unsettled.
Kamloops will bave an agricultural ex
bibition September 26 38.
A lumber combine has been formed in
North Kootenay, embracing the larger
Nelsou had a small fire Monday morning, the old C. P. R. office being partially destroyed,
Ferguson is n juicing over the fact thnt
$6,000 is to be expended thcrabouts In
road construction.
The Chinese nnd Japanese fishermen
on Ihe FraZer river bave been ' scrapping '
nnd as a result many ofthe Chinese are
minus que*.
Thomas Starhird, the well-known mining man from the Windermere district,
has returned from New York, aud will
again be pushing work in thnt camp.
The Greatest Silver-Lead Mines' io British
Colombia Surround Craobrook.
The Sullivan Group Mining Company Will Soon Increase Its
Large Shipments.
The Sullivan mine produced 1000 tons
of clean ore during June and July, or s0i
tons per month.
Afur August I5, when Its new compressor will be running, the output will
he trebled, or 1501 tons per month.
Are not South East Kootenay prospects
worthy of Investigation?
Two other mines near hy, the St. Ku-
gene nnd North Star, surpass the production of the Sullivan largely.
Tobacco Plains Country.
Work on the Hei lev tie, on l'hillipps
creek, In tbe Tobacco Plains country,
near the boundary line, Is progressing
and giving a good showing in copper;
there is a present depth of 24 feet on a
6-foot ledge; woik will be continued to a
depth of 40 fuet when a new contract
will probably be let. Fred Roo and others are thc owners.
Chicago people are developing the
Copper Kettle near by and results nre
very encouraging, This will be a big
copper tlistrict some day.
It Went to Rossland ind Nelson and Found
Different Class of People la Some
Respects to Those ol S. E. Kootenay.
the spirit of amateur sport as to fall into
the error of imagining that U is to be esteemed only in the light of success.
The Crailbrook players are young men
who have little lime to practice, but who
none the less enjoy n game nud a holiday
on that account. We do nut know about
the ball players of Nelson: hut every citizen who knows what true sport Is will
welcome the Crnnbrook or any other
players whenever they choose to visit us.
If they come ns these did, In tbe proper
spirit. True sport is nol to be measured
by nny particular standard of proficiency."
A Precious Souvenir.
Last week Mr, James Gill received
from the members of his old K. P. lodge
nt Revelstoke n testimonial of their regard for him which he will always treasure as a priceless jewel. It Is a gold ovnl
locket for the watch chain, having on oue
side Ibe shield or emblem of the order,
while on the other is engraved:
'■ Presented to James Gill, P. C. C, by
tbe Ollicers nnd Members of Gold Range
Lodge No. 26, "
Bill Tomorrow Night.
The baseball boys will give a hall to-
moirow—Friday—evening. There will
be the best of music, nnd the hoys will
exert themselves to provide an enjoyable
time for their guests. See tbat it is well
I. out—Some where around (ne Cosmopolitan hotel, gentlemun's emerald ring.
Finder will he suitably rewarded hy returning to ti. II. Small.
The Craubrook Baseball Club visited
Rossland ami Nelsou last Sunday and
Monday. Prom Rossland they brought
away lhe pleasantest recollections iu bo
far as the reception accorded tbem and
courtesies extended hy the members of
the Rossland fue department and hy
Messis. Blue & Dins of the Rosslaud
brewery are concerned. These people
proved themselves men of the true
western type—a type unfortunately disappearing before the advancing cheap
civilization of the east.
Owing to some conditions that eould
not be helped, and to others that might
have been remedied but were not, the
Cranbrook team put up In both places
what was probably tbe most rotten game
ever played In by any of its members,
The boys went out to have a good time,
spent several hundred dollars between
tbe two towns and did not even get
what little credit they were entitled to.
The Nelson Tribune, however, went out
of its way to say mean things that were
uncalled for, and the Cranbrook club
only hope that the Nelson club, accompanied by as many of the citizens of
tbat town as may choose to come, will
come to Cranbrook in tbe near future
and bave some more '* fun with tbem,"
and tbey wilt guarantee them an enjoyable aud satisfactory time. This invitation also applies to the Rossland boys ae
Compliments of the Nelson Tribune:
The Nelson Tribune says:
There was another baseball gnme yesterday, this time between Cranbrook and
a scratch local team, of whom only
four belonged to the regular nine
A small crowd watched the match, and
if Ihey did not see much batl tbey certainly had lots of fun. It wis tbe most
amusing burlesque of baseball ever seen
iu Nelson, not forgetting the Bloomer
game. The four regulars played good
hall, and McLeod distinguished himself
both behind and at the bat. Of the others the least said the better, Nearly all
men however, found the Craubrook
pitcher without any difficulty, and
seemed to make runs whenever they
wauled to. Tbey knocked up six in Ibe
fcvenlh, and twenty-two in the seven innings, lhe Cranbrook men did not seem
10 be able to play ball at all. They
could do nothing with Warner, so Rock-
eufield went into the box and tossed
them nice easy ones, and thus, with the
help of tbe extraordinary fielding of
some of the Nelson men tbey knocked
up thirteen runs in seven innings. They
recognized that they were completely
outclassed by the scratch team and were
tired of being played with. The Cranbrook hall-players have mistaken tbeir
vocation. They should go home at once
aud stay there.
This Is Different.
The Nelsou Miner says: " Some
youug men belonging to Crnnbrook, organized as a baseball club, visited Rossland and Nelsou, playing wilh the clubs
there, nnd were rather badly defeated.
Thereupon our morning contemporary
says the Crattrhook players bave mistaken their vocation, nnd 'should go
home at ouce and stay tbere.' We hope
tbe young fellows from Cranhrook will
not make tbe mistake of supposing that
this Is the language of Nelson In general,
Thc city is not quite ao ill bred as ill that,
nor is it so completely in ignorance of
Thence lo llie Present Moment aud Viewing
thc Work ol Civilization,
A little over two years ago three 01
four bouses constituted Cranhrook, nnd
the only music to be hesrd was the
coyote, who was cut all night ringing,
We Won't Go Home Tilt Morning."
Soon after the railroad aud civilization
came—and lo, a wonderful change ensued1.
Last Tuesday night the editor sat on
the oflice steps wrapped in meditation
and the smoke of a Havana; in dulcet
strains fiom the west, accompanied by
the thumping of a piano, came the music
and words of that  soul stirring   hymn,
Let Me lit ing My Clothes Back Home."
A short distance to the southwest nbout
50 Chinamen were congregated listeuing
to tbe beart-rendeting stratus of a Chinese fiddle, aud each Chinaman had a
chorus of his own to accompany the
music of his fatherland—tn another week
there will he 100 pigtails to do the same
Prom the Melhudist church, a block
east, enme thnt sweet melody, nicely
sung, wilh nu accompaniment of two or
three iiisliiiiiieiits, "Dowu Ou the Swa
nee River."
Two blocks northeast, at the corner ol
the postoffice, a group of fakirs wilh a
banjo, a comedian nnd a "doctor" were
busy thiuiuming tunes, singing songs
and convincing people tliat they were
the owners of a hollltiacephalus lalus
upon which they could serve a wiit of
ejectment for tlie small sum of about
ll/2 cents per foot of bolhria, etc.
In the face of these facts will anyone
attempt to deny that railroads are the
grentest rivilizers on earth ?
The Chiiifse do not lealize for a
moment what tbey are losing, or lhey
would not be socnntaiikerous about tbeir
old country, or feaiful of invasion by the
That Foothill Qime.
The game last Thursday night between
tbe Cmnhrook club ami the Tornadoes
was a bummer, from start to finish. It
was so swift that no reporter could keep
track of it; it was wou hy tbe regulars r
too, although tbe Tornadoes say they
were swindled out of the game. The
game started cut with a base hit by-
Watty wbo had lauded a vicious swipe
011 Meddv's coat tails, but failed to get
the ball past the goal keepers—50 iu
number; Pete Lund the full hack came
to the rescue but was tossed over his
head by Sid Liddicoutt.allowing G Leiicb
to steal home; McDermot then shunted
to Cameron who ditched tbe ball while
trying to make a flying switch; it was
rescued by Jack Hurley and started down
the main line hut was neatly caught on a
pop-fly by Charlie Noble,who immediately fielded it to halfway hack Ililliard wbo
fumbled it and fell over himself when
Harry LUldicoatt made a base hit sending
the ball through the gaol and scoring.
Time—Too swift to count; score, a keg
of milk at Meddy's expense.
Wash ■ Miracle?
" The marvellous cure of Mrs. Rena J
Stout of Consumption bas created inten
se excitement in Cammack, Ind." writes
Marion Stuart, a le.idingdruggist of Mun-
cie, Ind. She only weighed 90 pounds
when her doctor in Vorktown said she
must soon die. Then she began to use
Dr. King's New Discovery and gained 37
pounds in weight and was completely
cured." It has cured thousands of hope
less cases, and is positively gunranieed
to cure all Throat, Chest, nnd Lung diseases. 50- andf l.OO, Trial bottles free
nt Beattie's drug store.
Says Everything Is Overdone, But "the
Kootenay Crowd Is Ai! Right."
The  Lord Have Pity on Those
Who Came In On a "Shoe-
Cape Nome. Alaska, June 37, 1900 —
Dear Hoys: Well, well I I have intended
to write you tor tbe past week, but have
not had time for anything bnt work.
TbU le today the greatest mining camp
on earth, so far .is the people are concerned, lt is crowded with all classes.
There are dukes and counts from Italy
and Russia, capitalists from New York,
Chicago and London, mining men from
Canada, the United States and South
Africa, fakirs from tlie four winds of
heaven, and ' grafters" and "bad men"
from the entire world.
Since I have been here tbere have been
four Shooting scrapes and four men
killed and leu badly injured. The main
street is a throbbing man of humanity,
day and night—jr rather all day, as there
is uo niglu at this time ol year. It took
us some time to gel accustomed to it,
but we can go to sleep uow without any
Bverything is ovculone, bnt the Kootenay crowd got out all right, and are
doing business ut a good profit and feeling good It is a great plice for men
with money to push with, but lhe Lord
will have > il tie pity on those n ho come
here " on a shoestring." He will have
little chance—and tbere are hundreds of
them—and what ihey will ilo, is hard to
VYeh-ive met many old friends.but there
is uo time for cultivating friendship
I.verybody i-i out for the coin, and no
one plays favorites; if you haven't the
cash you get " the cold eye,"
The weather has been like Cranhrook
weather since I arrived—one long continuous summer day. Bul the change
may come any day, and then it may be a
different story.
There are about 25,000 to 30,000 people
here now, and more comiug, but have
cold feet and are going ont as fast as they
can secure p.iss-enger. There will be
many hard-dock stories go out about
Nome, and it uili depend on each individual's results.
Kegards to tbe boys.    Yours,
Between Ihe Rosslaed Team sad tie Crsi-
brook Players.
Manager Small received word yesterday (bat the Kossland team would tie
over to play the Cranbrook tesm providing a sufficient sum was guaranteed.
Mr. Small Immediately wired tbem to
■ ome, so a great game of ball may be
looked for Saturday. Watch for bills
giving further particulars.
New Residences.
Contractor Greer is to build a resilience
for Kngineer Caslake in tbe Mcluues St
Murphy block on the hill. It will be
two stories, 24x32 wilh kitchen at the
Mr. Greer is also constructing a new
home for himself 34x38, two stories in
heighth, on Armstrong avenue.
The Cosmopolitan is having Mr. Greer
add a large sample-room to its already
ample accommodations for the traveling
and commercial public.
••Meddy'li No More,
—That is fo far as being a citizen of
Cranbrook henceforth is concerned. F.
M. Medhurst has been the efficient agent
for the C. I\ R at tbis point from the
first. He will very soon take his departure for the Cariboo country, where be
will be in charge of a government tele*
graph ofiice.
"Meddy" Is a genial, whole-souled
old boy—or he wouldn't be called " Med*
dy"—and very many will regret his departure sincerely, and at lhe same time
all wbo know liim wish him all kinds of
success and prosperity in bis uew field.
While Man Turned Yellow.
Greal consternation was felt hy the
friends of M. A Hogarty of Lexington,
Ky., when they saw he was turning yellow. HisBkiu slowly changed color, also
his eyes, and he suffered terribly. His
malady was Yellow Jaundice. He was
treated by the best doctois, but without
benefit, Then be was advised to try
Rlectrlc Bitters, the wonderful Stomach
and Liver remedy, and he writes: "After
taking two bottles I was wholly cured."
A trial proves its matchless merit for all
Stomach, Liver and Kidney troubles.
Only 50c. Sold by R.H.Heattic,druggist.
Whirlwinds vs. Cyclones.
There will be a return match game of
football at the grounds of tbe Association
tonight, between the Whirlwinds and
Cyclones-juvenile tenuis. Iu the former match the Cyclones won, and the
Whirlwinds think it was only a scratch
and tbnt they arc still the better team.
Thc lads put up a nice game, almost if
not quite as Interesting as ihat played
hy the seniors.
Important Meeting.
There will be a meeting of the Board
of Trade at Wentworth hall Tuesday
evening, July 31, at S o'clock, at which
everyone interested in the improvement
ofthe streets of tbe town, in securing
belter freight rates, government roads
appropriations, etc.. are Invited to be
Installing Telephones.
Paul Rookes is Installing a number of
private telephones 111 town. Among the
latest is one for ibe bottling works in
connection with Heattie's drugstore, lo
facilitate communication with customers,
and one lor Dr King, nlso in connection
with Beattie's. These arc only tbe forerunners of a line, eventually, throughout
tbe towu.
The Herald staff return thanks to the
Fort Steele brewery company for a case
of its celebrated Fritz bottled beer, The
theological editor ami horse reporter—
both authorities—after a practical analysis, pronounced it (quai to the besl on
earth. It is a home product, worthy of
patronage by those who enjoy a pure
healthful drink of that i.alure.
There Will Be a Wcddlni.
Invitations to the wedding, Angust 8
next, of Miss Hnttie May U'Dellto Arthur Moouey have been issued, lioth
of thc young people are well-known and
popular residents of Cranbrook. Mr.
Mooney Is u fireman on tlieC. 1'. K ,
■lauding high in lhe regard of all who
Tlie Herald il_lr_ t" bIvc >i"' news ot 11,
district ir yuu knew lln*,' nbonl :>"'"'' towt
your mini' or yonr i'i',il>l''. semi il I" t!il- "Hin'.
t. w. M'VITTIl*. H.L.S., IM. s. JilM.v HUTCHISON, Notary Public
McVittie & Hutchison
...Dealer! iu. .
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
Mines and Und.* Surveyed
Tilt.-. Life and -Vccldenl Insurance
Moncj t» Loan
I. 0. 0. i'. Block
Cranbrook, IS. C.
Directlutii tor Making a Few Which
Art;  -tiuud.
The making ol salad* is a tine art,
■and one In wbloh ihe artist can find tbe
widest tMil for hi*-* fancy.
In large establishments the making ol
■sulatls does not devolve npon the cook,
but it should form » part of tbe roper-
■Wire of every good one, nnd te n necessary i«rt u( tin- culinary education of
every housekeeper.
The rangi* of raaterluls frum  whleh
•oladi can be made Is great, ns they
made from frulla, vegetables, ment* und
As the soup Is Intended to stlmulmte
tin* appetite at Lhc eoniiueneeineiit ol n
dinner, su i.s a salad Intended lo spur It
on while the dinner Is iu progress uml
Um appotlto (lagging ufter-t-lic hard attack which hns Just been mnde upon
tho roust ur other loading dish,
Salads are of two guttural kinds, tin*
hot und the cold, bul tbe former have
almost gone out of vogue, as tbey do
not perform their Intended [uucUonsaa
perfectly its do coldsalmla.
The base of nil salads is tlie dressing,
whioh oan be used on uny of Lhe many
Kilud fillers, The most populur und scientific is the uiuyoiinaise, bul it resembles the olive, iii tbut one hus to ueipi'iie
a taste fur it, ii properly made; but once
acquired, out* will cut uoolber.
It takes iwo |M**r_ons to make a good
mayonnaise, und ilu* one who is to du
the stirring Bhould have a strong nran,
Pat the yolk of lwo large eggs in u
bowl, put three half-pints of besl Spanish olive oil in u littering hopper, with
tlie lube corked to let, Ibe oil eseupe
drop  by  dinip  into [lie (llsll,    Hl'glll to
stir with a hard wooden spoon as soon
o« the oil begins to drop into the dish,
and never stop until the uii is ull Incorporated with tbe egg. The second person should put in ut Intervals, drop by
drop,-tarragon vinegar to laatc, but use
the vinegar sparingly: alsoa little sail,
pepper and muaUird, but these latter
must be used in the proper quantities
tu suit the tasto of ilu- party you are tu
If the above operation bus been cure-
fully done yuu will Un\e a good subi
dressing. It can be used ns ii Is, or to
give flavor u> uny of Ibo muny borne-
mode dressings that many people prefer.
The "French dressing," whioh h
mueh used in summer to dress fresli
vegetable naiads, Is u goml one, uud
■j'Huily mude, being made as used. Simply combine salmi oil, vinegar, niust-nrd.
pepper, suit mid a little celery powder
to suit yum* toate, or that of the pnrty
For spring nnd summer the green nnd
vegetable snluds should In* used. A
good, well blanched lettuce makes the
most relislmble of nil for a warm day.
Whou the lettuce comes, pick n part, saving the green leaves. Throw all in iee
water until brittle. Take uut, drain and
wipe perfectly dry on soft towels. Put
on iee until wanted.
When ready to serve, line tbe s-alad
dish wilh'the nicest of tin* green leaves,
The mayonnaise being iee cold should
be poured in a shallow dish. Dlpenoh
blanched leaf in the dressing, nnd heap
in the center of the dis-h, pouring over
nil whut dressing remains, Cut thinly-
sliced red beets into incli .sj/e stars, and
lay a row around on top, om* Inch from
edge. In the center put finely chopped
hard boll-ad eggs, und serve.
The most dainty salad for a ladles'
luncheon, or a tea, is made firom asparagus tijw. Either fresh or canned nspar-
ngUH ean be used, Cook until tender,
but do not let it get musliy. Drain, and
when eold put on the ice to get hard.
Melt one tablespoon ful of butler to oil,
put in the same quantity of tnnrngon
and eider vinegar, luilf a tcospoonful (if
salt, a dash td white pepper, and a table-
spoonful of French made mustard.
Ib-at until quite thin.
Tbe asparagus lijw from the lee
Rhoubl be dipped into tbis, and allowed torilrain. bet an inch at the butt
end of each tip remain fuet' from dressing. When llie dressing hardens on the
tips, put ngnin on ibe iee until wanted.
When ready to serve, cut inch strips of
white paper, and with Hour paste cover
the butt-ends wilb them, so tiny etui be
ImmtUil without aollinga glove,
Serve the tl[» criss-cross fashion,
piled un a square plate, Should the
drawing not harden properly on a trial
tip, Inorease the quantity of butter,—
Washington Home Mugu/ine.
. Li
uly -
LFroiuthfl .M
Tlie Oddfellows o< Cranbrookare talking of giving nu excursion to .Moyie in
the near futuie.
John Pink, A, te Parker, I. 0. Puller
sou and A. I-;. Wall were onl from Cran
brook last Siin.li> on a pleasure trip.
Mr, and Mrs Clliigcnaiiillli of Port
Sleele, are now icsldeutsol Moyie, Ml
CHitgeiismlth is cbel at lhe Kast Kool-
Oov. Agent Armslroug was oul In
Moyie yesterday evening and lield n
small debts court, lwo cases being
brought bi-ioit bim.
Victor Desanlliter will give a dunce at
the Central bold next Priday evening in
honor of Mr. and Mis. It iilty prior io
their departure for Spokane.
The Ust Chance ore house id Sandon
wus recently destroyed by llie; circumstances point to inceiidiati-m, and in the
light of recent events causes much uneasiness.
il a Robsoii, a C I1 R, Bollcilor of
Winnipeg, was here tbis week visiting
wilh bis father Roht. Rohaon. lie continued his trip lo the coast, but will return lu about IWO week's titm*.
C. J. Rose will leave next Monday fur
bis home iu Grand Porks, Norlh Dakota,
and will likely remain. Mr. Rose has
lived iu Moyie since the town started
aud in growing up wiih it has eudeaicd
bimself to the people, Iu leaving Moyie
the best wishes of tbe people go wilh
W. J. Walker, of the Preeinau's bnbor
Journal, SpoknUe, was here the litst of
tiie week in the Interest of his pn, er und
was induced to address a public meeting
Wednesday evening ou hehnlf of the
cause of organized labor. While some of
Mr. Walker's argument was sound atul
logical, a gund portion of it was tndical
iu the extreme and even absurd. Al
the outset he said he was conservative in
bis views, buthcsooii drifted iutusocialistic channels, ami it seemed difficult for
lltlli to leave those lines. However, his
remarks on the benefits of organized
labor were to the point and were worthy
of serious consideration by all laborer*
nol nlreody in those ranks.
(M.I l-Vllu
.Jai'nN i.i
- 0.0.P, Key lily Lodge
Su. 12, Meets every Friday night at in-.li bull uu
Haker street.    Sojourning
hilly invited.
i. r. run-.,   a i. MoDcriaot.
v, n.
et* v.
Hard  Stuff  In   Mulm-.
An amusing Incldenl occurred in a
lum-h riKiiii in ibis rily ii few days ago.
The proprietor wuh out for a few minutes, leaving tin* lunchcounlorliicharge
of a boy, Soveral euatotners uric eating   various   kinds   uf   food,   and   lwo
strangers entered. Tbey evidently mistook the nature uf lhc place as badly as
the buy appeared to mistake llieir
meaning. After glancing over the array of food and drink I Ibe last belngcof*
fee, chocolate, etc), one of the pair
"Sny, boy, gut any hard sttiif here?"
Thc boy quietly reached under the
counter and drew* forth an ancient Ito-
logna sausage iiIkiiiI Ibe si/e uf a basc-
hall bat, aud fully a.s bard aud dry, and
"(i-g-guess that's b-banl enough f-fnr
yer!"—Daily Eastern Argus,
Distinction  Willi  a  Difference.
"I think you pay loo much attention
to wealth in America," said the visiting
foreigner.    "You say a man is rich and
Influential,    I)o you mean that he is
Influential because be Is rich?"
"Not always," said lhe native. 'Tn
the ensa of statesmen we frequently
mean that they arc rich because tbey
are Influential,"—Brooklyn Life.
Notice U liereliy K|ven Unit lln* iiinlors'naei
will ;ki days Hi ter iltile ni*l*lv tutlm chlcl eoiam i
olaiier nf IhihIh aim wnraa "t llrltisb Cniuniiil
lur n s|ii*t-i;ii license tn enl nail ■ arry sway tin
bur fmiii ibe r.-lmviu* deserlliml land: Com
liienclng ai a post i laliled nt i Jin snuiliciuit wi
aer uf lltook rJiHl (llleastleU's) llieneo east s
elialns, llio.eonmtli 12' olialns, tlium-o west f
din it *, tlienue soutli 120 eluiln i in place nf eon
Dalcil .Inly aitli, iimo.
John liroek-aiirlilKP, Aipllcant
Nuiii-i* is berelij
will, :i i iluys afier ii;
mlBslnnor nf IjiiiiI
rolonlutt ileserlbiil la «l
IHist |iluulci| ubuut iutu rei1
creek uoar ilnitruy MidlnM, I
tlieiieeuortb in uleilna, Un
ih.'ULf norlh tw ciiiiius, iim
tlifiiouiii.u.li LUebiiiiis lu
Dateil .lane-1st, IUO0
Notice l-i hereby tflv-.ii tbat m
<Uie I luti nd tu upply In Uie i-lilef
ufiuuilHtiud works Nr pe mlwloi
Ihu fuliiiwlriif described I h tui
iii-s pro-emptlua, lleeuni No. u i
Ini  in Ihu iliu trie! ul Kiwi  Kuu
, fi r a spo
nbur Ir	
CI'SI .it Lllll
ucewet.1 Ku
i lli'illt*
iu |iuieluis
iiiieiiohiti ai
lll-l ••[ lv bli
. Ai I'.ilai-i
1 ■ - J* 1 • ■
iiniili in ubiilns, Hi.in-.' ensl bu i-liua, tu
pluee nl beginning, utuilaiuuig n_oturuj.
inu.-.i this wh iluyof.laly, wou,
J. .i. Cameron.
Tuke milieu Dial umi im-uth urn
•mtloai-plytJtliu elder -.ohiihIs-iI
ml »aiks lui perrnisduu to |uuv
lowing described lands:  L'ouu	
KoiltllWi'BI  -Miner ol  | Hull
ward  Watts] llieneo nnrlli l« eh
UQiitsocliulus, tlienue south w <-t
. il..!.- i In*
•tier "I* latul-i
in.,* na- M.
■ in- nt tin*
tu. wi (ltd-
I'tif, lliouee
-iitiii.it- neur Caliuers Mar 11
liutoilai Unuibruok Ihls i
• hi h bait ic	
i day of July, UN
Notice U liel
an* I Inleiul i
i peril
Kill Ul   |<llll>l
Mllimin!.' described Ian-si   tin mneli's n
post piantiHl at ib"  Bonthwesl ei.mor o
Voiina s |>n--i-ni|il;<iii at I'alllh'l-s bar, ta tin* -It-.-
trlotol t'-A-i Koolenny, thonco aorlb ute uas,
llicnce wi-si mi chains. Ilisiioo loulli loi-hulas
tn -I'.'a-it HiM'iuiin. lo iin* place of bcKltinbiK,
cualalnlini aau ae es more or less,
Daieii at < raiii'i'ink mis utliilayof July, cmj
CIc-D. .Inji-.*.
.All Kinds of..
Post Oflice Building;.
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date*
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife anil lhc bachelor should deal with him,    It will pay them.
Open Day and Night
.Best of Table Board
A first-class cook has charge ol tlie cul'nary department and the
lodging accommodations ure not excelled in Cranbrook.
" The Early Bird Calches t!ie Worm "
The " Early Closing " Storekeeper
Should Catch Your I'atronage.-* jt
Contractor and Builder
At present nm buildi-i]- lhc new St. Eugene
ImspllHl niid a nuiiilier uf twu Btory nnd olher
Cranbrook, li. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of -.
k. S. McNEIL
Durlck ave
(In letiiii-; your contract
until you have seen
l.uti* ol lorinito
Contractor «* Builder
onteintilatliiB ixiiidli^ win do well lo lei
in.' figure on tliu contracts.
Cranbruok, British Columbia
Nutlcu la licrelij riven llut l Intend toapjily
turiiiwiiN in tin-1 liii-t CumiiilssloiHT of l.iimls
ami UoiL-iior [lermlssloii i.i purohaso llm foi*
lowI'tR id acnlieil laml i Ci>niineno:ii|| at tin- lall-
ial i i.'ii, bIioiiI lwo in lies iveal ot Crailbrook.
planted at tliu tliwoit corner of W. -I, Ilamll
tun's ini'-i'iuj Hou, tlienue east io chains, tliunce
uorili MiliiiiiH, iiii-iit-i* west iu elialns, tlio
-until l'i ill iin*;. thi'lice went  In chains, tlio
-I'liiliHMiialu-., thoncu uiial 40 chains, thence
 tli in i'h;i In-, to the i<l ice .it l >'*): I in Um;.
Dated ul t'ranbruuk ihls usili day of June, ISCO
AIM lllllAI.il LI.IH'11.
Notice la hereby itivun Uml tlm iiiulcrslttned
mi anlaya nftur dale nute, tn the chiefcoiami-i
Hlotit-r of luiiiH aid works of Ilrltlsli L'oliiiabt
lu. a 8]Wcilll llcoiian In cut mul carry away lliii
bur from thu following ileacrlbod liuidi Com'
iiieiicluB :it a post plan ci about iu,- miles soalli
west of I'hinbroo t tikoui MOO feet oast of tin*
rnllroiul mar il ml n r w.ll, Melloiri
prc-Dinpilon, marked "John IlieckonrUlgc's Initial posl,"tlioiicoea«l bo chains, tliencn nortli
ioi chains, the) west in chains, ti o wntli
inochnlua, ilicnco nest io chains, thence south
rn chums to pin r iwRlnulng,
Located thli lath day or .Inly, nun,
.lohn llrecl<eari'l»otaaplloant,
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Undertaking And
Cranbrook, B. C.
Graduate of Ctmniplou college of U. S.
Succe-tsor lo Mi.^^-. .t Hugtn*B in ihis
line.   Will altemi lo nny  work in the
Promptly Attended to.
Saddle and.**
Pack Horses
....For Sale or Rent
Armstrong ave., Opp. McConuell's Store
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbruok, British Columbia
Alex. H. Watson...
Hire, Llle and Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Conveyancer      ::      ::      "      "•
Account-- Made Up
Ollice over Benttle'tJ Drugstore
Thirty daya nftoi
ihii-t <-' lutOUU
t,|ii*i*liil -mil lu i
tlosorlbetl I.
LAM)   NOTlCli.
I latoatl t
tlmt one inonili utter dn-o I intend
> lilof ruinnilsn1oiiur nl UinUaml
mlislon in i-nrcliiiKQ tlio foltowlitit
si Cninmunoing at a imit marhed
'i s. If, eornei ihiiI," |> anu-il at
m i
ly In llio
[ Iiniili nml worki t.ii a
timber nn the rullm-tlnx
noiiolup ai ii pun naiitoil
I  .tl Vf, llllSlllU till* i<iii|i-
ins.' theme n rth
ut I
ll.iii ami ii i ii nl 11*.' I'jisl  ll
so chalni, thonco ivest i*
ni i'lmins i,i *,!..im i>i pom iicomeati uout..lnhi
miu acres.
Dated I Ills 101 ll tlnj nfJuly, ima
(IIUI109 a. ritcole.
A  Hunt Acutiintlon.
"Strango at-pry lhat of t-Ur Georgia
girl who carried a splinter iu her f<x>t
44 yearn, nml ithon had it work out in a
petrlfletl slate."
"Petirifl«cl, dkl yousay?"
"I'll bet anything tlie g-lrl waa originally from Boaton."—Cleveland Plain Ofllce uf McVittle ft Hutchison
_*■_*■__.■"■•   ^^ j        Cranbrook, li. C.
Lund Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt       jt
Mml? by Contract
a. w. M'vrrriBi u. i.. s.
Provincial Land Surveyor
mn.. t
llll.  Ill
iin, ruofllniilnj, contmnliig
no mnl imr mites xouth.
II. I-. Cummins, C. B.
Port Steele, II. C.
W, ll. llOHS. II.  W, lll-.ltCII.MKIt
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Solkilor, Etc,
Hunk ni ('omiucroo niiiit.
G. Johnson....
W Assayer
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Tenuis ami drivers furnisheil for nny
point in the district.
Manager   .*    „*
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced
June 10th. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the continent in four days without change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience o f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit"
you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Refitted Throiiglio.it
VanDecar & Son, Props
Cranhrook, S. C.
tine of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Kast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
I        Saw and Planing Mills
j :::AT
Bakery S
Chartrand Bros., Props.
We hove just moved Inlo our now linker)* ou Hanson nvenm*, aiiil wilh the
largest and most modern brick oven in
Kast Kootenny are now prepared liettcr
Iimi) ever hefore to lum ont first class
wink.   A full Hue nf
Graham and Rye Bread, Pies,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
linked fresh every night.
Orders lur Wedding and other Fancy Cakes
will receive prompt attention.
Physician and Surgeon.
A. a. P. A.
Vancouver, II.C.
T. P. A.
Nelson. B.C.
Arc you going to build?
Greer & Co*
Are prepared to furnish plans
nnd nperificntionn for nil kinds
of htiildin^.
See us for Prices.
Jt   Jt    U. C.
UIIANBB00K   CRANUROOK,    III        I   :    B. C,
Uraduile of Ml. Slnnl Hoipllil, New Vork
U.S. A.
Apply at McVittle t llulchlenn'i
Or it J, llutcnlion'i Realdeic.
 Al.l,   KINI'S   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt . 1
An Edinburgh professor pays It la
the "morning dram" which Is the curse
of tlm country.
Cooper Union, In New York city, bud
a revenue lust your of $58,480.78. Its
expenditures wero $50,087.00.
There nre In Hiivntiu more beautiful
horses nud elegant carriages thnn iu
nny city of equal size In the Culled
Kbit us.
Chicago Kuights of Columbus nro
perfecting pinna to preserve ttio caravel Suntii Marin, which is mnv fulllug
lulu decay in the lagoon at Jackson
Between Madagascar and the const
of i ii'li:i theie arc nbout 10.1)00 iRlnnds,
only mm or which are Itihnhlled, but
in*,- i of which hm* capnbtu of support-
In-.' ;t population,
Tl r people nf  Weal   I lawn. Conn.,
1 ( forward with apprehension to the
linn* when Un* powerful fog Iruinput
tmw being placed on lhe lighthouse
Will llOfflll In be used.    II  Is uxpucleil
thm ll win lie dlBllnuily liwml Smiles
After Docks Failed.
how fkiuky misxkit, op vykl-
lanih'ort, iei:uaim:i> health.
He Bufltoroil Prom Illp-Jultil Disease nnd
Ahsoeises— Ills Prieticli  _W(ii1 Ho
Would Hu n I't-itiiiiin-ul Inv.i 1 tilt
From the Journal, St. Oalhorbtos, Out.
A reporter cf lhe Ht. Outhariues
Jourual vlsitiuK Wol html port not loug
ago, heard of ouo of those romnrkable
enres tbat havo made Dr. Williams'
Fink Pills famous ns Ufa savers tbe
world over. Tbe case is that of Perley
Mistier, son of Mr, Matbins Misuer,
who hud su tiered Irom hip joint disease
aud abscesses, aud who bad boon nuder
the care of four doot< rs without beneficial results. Mr. Misner gave tho
particnlara of the case as follows: "In
the spriiiK of 181)3 uiy sou, Perley,
who was theu in bis thirteenth year,
began to complain of au oohiug in his
bips, and later my Attention was directed to a peculiar sbairble in his
gait. As the trouble gradually grew
npon him I took him to a physician in
-Dnuville, who examined him aud snid
the trouble arose from a weakness of the
nerves of tbe hip. This doctor treated
Perley for weeks, during which time a
large abscess formed ou his leg, aud he
was obliged to get about uu crutches.
As be continued to decline, I resolved
to try another doctor, who diagnosed
tbe case as hip joint (iis-wee. Ho treated Perley for six mouths. The lad
•lightly improved at first, hat later
was taken wcr.e again. He would
startle iu his sleep nnd was continually in distress aB he oould neither sit nor
recline with ease, aud was weak, faint
and confused. Daring this timo tbe
abscess had broken and was discharging in three places, but would not
heal. A third doctor advised a surgical operation, which he objected to,
and'fttonrth medie.il mau then took
tbe case in baud. Tbis doctor confined
Perley to the bed, and besides giving
medioine, he ordered n mechanical appliance to which was ntiached a 15-
ponnd weight, to be placed in a position by a pulley system so ns to constantly draw downwards ou tho limb.
Tbis treatment was continued six
weeks, eausiug much pain, but nothing
lu tbo way of benefit wns noticed.
The abscess was dressed twico and
thrico a day for mouths, and frequently, despite tho nid of crutches, It was
necessary for mo to curry him io my
arms from the house to tbo vehicle
when takiug him out. Iu October of
1808, I decided, other treatments having failed, ta try Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. I told tbe doctor of this deoi-
siou, nud he said that Dr. Williams'
Pink Pillfl would qnite likely bo of
mnoh benefit. After using fonr boxes
I conld see some improvement. After
tbia Perley continued the use of lhe
pills for several months wilh enitniaiit
Improvement nnd new vigor, nud after
takiug about is boxes the atooesi was
nicely healed, tbo orat-Shu weie dispensed with, nml he was able lo work
and could wnlk for miles, 1 attribute
tho gooil health which my sou enjoys
today to the use of Dr. Willhiin-i' Pink
Pills. This medicine achieved Bitch a
marvellous moooN in mv son's ease as
to net the whole community talking
•bottt It, 1 consider un pen expressive
enough to do Dr. Williams1 Pink I'ills
Jin-slice, ns 1 believe my SOU vould still
ben hopeless invalid but t i Ibtfl modi
el no."
Dr. Willtuni' I'ink I'ilU cure by* going to the root of Ibe dilOnSB. They
renew mul build up the blood, aud
■tr-iiugthen tlm nerves, thus driving
dtMftlQ from (be system. U your dvnl
(ir does not keep (limn, they will he sent
postpaid nt fiO ceith a box, or six boxes
for $D. B0, ay nddretting the Dr. Williams' Medioiue On., Hro.'kville, Out.
'I In-   I.OUU  Sler|i.
King Arthur wits moved to team
"Sb* Onlnlinil," he sobbed, "is dead."
"Say u i h>," exclaimed lhe court
Jester "S-n rallicr be Is enjoying n
goud   knight's   rest." - l-liilnili-lphla
—llllliiUHieoH v in'h i- MUSed by exoesB-
■ titnuiuh, has a marked
.... and iifimi man!
headache. This Is
the most iH'strt-ii-dog hendauho one can
have. There aru lieadaohvs from cold,
from (ATM and from other causes, but the
iiinst exoruulAtion of all Is tbe bilious
hcndai-lu*.      I'uniirlir's   Vegetable  Pills
will ouro It—ouro it almost Immediately.
It ulil disappear as m,m as tho Pills
operate, There is nothing surer In tho
treat11it'llt of blllnus lu'iulnoh-s.
A   Priipheey    lij   n   Hrltlsll   tlnnl   mt,
UritUli Urntiatloi,
The below was copied rrom nn old
Bcrapl.oul; mude in the year 184-1:
VerilU-atloti of au ancient proverb-
The following prophecy Is snid to have
beeu delivered by it Britisb laird In the
time of Willinm the Norman nud pro
■ived by some of the monk nuuttllsts
viz. thirt no more than ihree mon
arebs in direct succession should wet
in relgu over these kingdoms with
out some violent Interruption."
Intcrni|)k<ii t>v llm ■■
1. Ileiin
, IM
ion ol Stcliliei
. KN
Illtcmi|ltetl b> lli-J Jc|«J*illuli of Uml mon-m-li.
1. I In, iv lln-I'hiiiIi.
2. Ili-nrv i la 11 nil,
fl. It. my Uu* Htlll,
InlcmiplPd Uy tin* mtotmluii at tti-u- Iiduh »i
I, Kdtvard tlie I'mirlti.
8. Kilwiinl the fifth.
.   Id, II,
h.V   I l,i<
.  Ili'l
<>f Henr; Itlih
Interrupted liy ilie ,i..ii,.i, „f \M\y Jane Orey.
1. Mury.
2. Klliulictli.
A foreign king i.i. » of Bvntbuid) nllcl In to
assume Hi-? crown,
i. Jamci (lie Vint.
K. Clinrlei the r'lttt.
Interrupted by tlie depuililon of that monarch
ami Un* ml i bt tti i tiie nt of anatber form of govern*
itiLnt Iii the |ii*r« i| nllvtt- Cromwell.
1. Clterlci UhSpl-oihI.
2. Jumei the Second,
Interrupted by tbe abdication ut tin* king ami
the election ol o toroigner,
). Willi.Ml llie Third.
2. Amir.
Interrupted by the imrllamciitary appoint menl
ol a fort-inner.
1. George Uie Klrit
2. George the Second.
3. Geogrf thc Third.
Interrupted by (he unfortunate Incapacity of
lhat nvorelgn and a parliamentary apimliilnicRi
for cxcrclilng the sovcrUgnly in the person of
llie prince regent,
1. Genrjie the Fourth.
2. William tlie Fourth.
3. Victoria Uie Flrat.
Whom may God bless! But whnt is
to be the next interruption?—Liverpool
The Smiill-.it  Nevt-BiiAper.
The smallest uewspaper lu the world
Is published at Liii'Isbu, Iu Greece. It
is called lie Mlttra (The Littlo One)
aud contains Just four octavo pages.
The prop rlel or, who Is a retired aud
pensioned teacher und n peculiar character, started it ns n sort of joke, but
found thut It paid well and furnished
a gratifying addition to his revenues.
So be kept It up until the Turkish occupation, when, being n notorious
Turk op hobo, be wns compelled to suspend publication and lice to parts unknown.
Itul the little sheet appeared ngnin
nfter lhe war and hus continued to appear al weekly Intervals ever since.
It furnishes to Its renders uot only
political editorials and local nnd general news, but nlso profound dissertations on philosophy, religion, pedagogy,
agriculture, commerce ami medicine, ns
well as fret]limit poetical effusions,
satirical, lyric and even epic.
And nil Mils for Ihe trilling sum of 2
drachmas, or about 4,0 cents, n year.
It Is not found nt lhc itl'WS stalls, but
Is sold hy sutiKCt'lptloii only.
The subscribers got llielr money's
world, for. although It has n tendency
inward libel nud no ono Is safe from
Its nt lucks. Its jflirliy of diction nnd
Bcneml good taste are unimpeachable.
IIIm II Iut or Ic Git vol Ton nvllcate.
Speaker Henderson does not use tbe
isewood gnvel tbnt was presented io
im  by  liis  friends In  Iowa  recent-
The confusion In the bouse makes
necessary for ibe speaker to use n
une siihsi-r-.ul.-il weapon. Speaker
rid used a large Ivory hammer with
Kirnng handle and pounded so bard
ml Ilu1 lop of ihe desk was reduced
i silvers aboul every three months
ml had io bo replaced by an oaken
in uk at least twice nnd sometimes
live limes during tlie session.   The
ir-cwnod gavel, which wits made by
nloltel Henderson's lown friends from
onil taken out of Admiral Moulljo's
itgsdlp In Manila harbor, bangs In the
u-nkur'i room and Is grently admired.
inriiKililw to thi* I're-alU-viio).
lu the course of uu address on Washington's birthday Senator Depot? de-
i Iut nl be was the only member of (lie
iciuiie wbo did not hope to be president. The New Yorkers had for the
women I apparently forgotten that Senators McMillan of Michigan, Nelson of
Minnesota, Jones of Nevada, (Jalllnger
or New Hampshire. Bewail of New Jersey nud Blmon of Oregon nro without
hope uf such honor, nil having been
burn abroad—McMillan and Galltnger
iu Ciinndu. Nelson In Norwny, Jones lu
Unglnnd, Bowell in Ireland and Simon
in Germany.- Chicago chronicle.
ive bile In the H-iituiut-
tlienl mum the norm's, <
let-if** ih-elf by r-icvuro  he
"1 suppose you called your town
Tails after the French capital?" nsked
thu nuin from tbe north on a visit to
"yes; that's right," replied the southerner.
"Why?" Inquired (ho stranger, glnnc-
lug about hlm.
"Because it's so different."
It may Iw only a trlfilng-jO-ohl, but nog-
loot It and lt will fasten Its fangs ln your
lungs, and you will sunn ho carried to an
untimely gram. In this country eto have
sudden ohitnges ami must expect to hnve
coughs nnd wildti. Wu cannot avoid thom
hut we can effect a oure by using Uleklo'a
Antl-('Oi)Hiimpllvt) Syrup, tho modiolus
that hns nover been known to fall In curing coughs, colds, bronchitis and all
affcotlouH of the throat, lungs and obest.
A   Kopje,
No one who has not seen a kopje,
snys u South African, can easily realize It. ll Is nol a bill so nine!) as the
Btump «f a lilil-what is left of It aftor
ages of denudation—1)Ut tho special
feature of It Is that It la almost Invariably covered wilh a breastwork
Of boulders. Tropical lorn-Din have
washed awny the earlb nnd all the
soluble components of the rock, and
what Is loft consists of heaps nnd lines
of dctachod mosses of sandstone,
Ironstone or granite. The kopjes are
lhe Poet's formications, nud he has
any number of them.
Trip man nnd Pickwick,
A curious incident was remarked in
one of the reports of casualties published In England after one of tbe recent battles. Close together In the list
of killed were the names of Captain
Tupinnu nnd Private Pickwick. Tbo
names of Dickens' characters nre by
no means common, nnd It Is Btrnnge to
And them coulolncd In such a place.
Wkcr-t lie Veil Short.
"William," said the old patriarch,
"you say Marse Tom only lacked ten
votes of boln 'leetedV"
"Dnt's alt, sub."
"Ku hit wus two hours by sun!'"
"Yes, sub; des 'bout."
"Kn you wus on de groun's, In ten
foot er do votln place!"
"Yes, sub."
"William, I gwlne ter renounce all
claim In you. Go fum my sight dis
minute. You Is n cryln disgrace ter
yo' fambly."—Atlanta Constitution,
Lord Salisbury is Increasing In itoat»
uess mil! recently tipped th« beam lit -''&
Archbishop Ireland it a man nf many
tastes, chief among which is that for law, {
whieli hi mil* he bas pursued for several
President McKinley drank na wine at
the recent Ohio society bauqu«t. He
turned Ute glass dowu ut the beginning j
of the feast,
Bx-CongresBinan John Davis of the j
Fifth Kapsai district has gone totally j
blind.   Be wus one of the Sounders of the I
Populist parly and served two terms in
Salvlni, tin* famous Italian tragedian,
new "li years obi, is acting In St. Petersburg, bis lir&t appearance there for "_-
years, lie Is said to have created great
Bl-lsbtn Skiles ol Gap, Lancaster county, Pa., though 84 years old, still makes
gooil bis claim lo the title "lhe king of
fox banters." which wss bestowed upon
lum many years ago.
Senator   Hour's   jokes   take   n   classic
turn.   He recently declined u dtnuer Invitation mi ihe ground thnt after dialog
lie spuke only Greek, while be knew his
host understood only Perslau.
Dr. Charles W. Dabn-sy, president of
the   University   of   Tennessee,    has   re-
,-eheil notice from the Preach government of bis appointment ns u member of
tbe committee on International awards at
the Paris exposition,
Alfred Iteit, lln* South African millionaire, is reported to have bought a suit of
old furniture for -$-60,000, which is
abundant evidence tbut Mr. Ueit is not
paying the expenses of a war waged
largely on his account.
Sir William McOormac, the chief consulting surgeon lo the British forces In
South Africa, receives a salary <>f £6,000
a year. Dr. A. Conan Doyle, who volunteered to go as registrar to tbe Langtuan
Held hospital', receives no pny.
Giles ,F. Pilley, wbo recently died In
St. Louis, gave up his whole fortune,
nearly (1,000,000, a few years ngo to
meet the notes of a frleud which he had
Indorsed, although be might have taken
advantage of the bankruptcy laws.
Ex-Senator Pbltetus Sawyer of Wisconsin recently sold bis last piece of property in Washington nnd now owns only
a trifling bit of suburban acreage. He
takes n keen Interest In Washington affairs and is extremely well posted on
what Is going on.
Senator Vest recently sent a newspaper
clipping to the secretary to be read to
thu house. The latter got the wrong side
of the clipping, and Instead of on editorial on the money question began:
"Ilidiculoils! We nre giving away these
goods at half price." "The other side!"
cried Mr, Vest.
Calvin Fenton Fargo, who recently
died in San Francisco nt the age of 80,
was a "forty-niner." He wns a cousin of
Governor Fenton nnd a native of Beta-
via, N. Y. He lived iu Paris for 15 years,
returning to California in 1805. Ho wns
a bachelor and left his large fortune to
bis niece, the wife of Dr. George Taylor
Stuart of New York city.
W. E. Norrls, the novelist, is to write
two comedies and a drama during the
present year.
General Lew Wallace Is at work upon
nuother drnma, thc scene of which Is
said to be laid In Thebes.
Fi Marion Crawford, tbe nutlior, is a
yachtsman of ability and has just been
granted by the Italian authorities a cap-
Iain's certificate of his ability to sail a
ship at sea.
The monument to Rosa Bonhcur nt
Fontnlitohleou will he completely the
work of members of the artist's family
under the direction of Isidore ilonhcur,
the sculptor, her brother.
Hubert Herkoun-r, the English painter,
is in Berlin to execute a number of orders for portraits nnd nt the same time
arrange an exhibition of his own works.
This will include some of Ins most important pictures, among them tbe*por-
trait of Miss Grant, the "Lady In
White," the "Lndy In Black" and sonic
of his recent work in enamel.
We can tell better whether Hall of
Paine Is a lilting title when we sec tbe
names inscribed therein.—Rldgewood iN.
.1.1 News.
Tlie proposition to erect a hall of fame
in New York city Is of course boing met
with difficulty as to how to delect the
famous.--Syracuse Post-Stnnilard.
Miss Helen Gould gives $11*0,000 to
build a ball of fame for the University of
the City or New York, and her father's
name is to he Included in its roster of
the distinguished dcuil. 'Hint's nil right.
Jny deserves to be remembered ns lhe
father of ono of the kindest hearted,
clearest bended and most generous women tn Uie world.—Pittsburg Obronlcle-
In Australia (here is said to bo a gum
tree which ih -415 feet In height.
The rose was an emblem of Immortality among tho Syrians, nnd the Chinese
planted it over graves.
The wood of tho redwood tree never
decays, it Is said, and fallen trunks,
whieh havo been overgrown liy old fur-
CltS, nre ns solid ns Hie dny they fell.
Perhnpsyoitdou'I know thnt a few* roots
of Iris—the Japanese iris is best—planted
In rich carl li in nn old wasbtub [minted
green on the outside will make a hand-
s<.im- ornament for your lawn, especially
If you will give It plenty of water.
l'houring Mm, Fi'uneli.
Tlio wifo uud family of G-nnoral
French aroused quite a remarkable
demonstration at Wolvorton on
Wednesday night, when they visited
nu amateur performance of "Tho
Yeoman of the Guard," Whou tho
news of their intended visit hocame
known the hall wns decorated, and
the townspeople flocked thero, many
wearing button portraits of tbo gen-
ond, and other emblems, Tlie '' Yeomen" formed themselves into a guard
of honor, and tha ladies of the ohor-
ous formed an escort, one of tbeir
number being in waiting, with a lovely houqnet for the general's wife.
Directly the party arrived tbo audience roso and cheered vociferously.
Mrs. French was quite taken back,
and not a little touched by the warmth
of ber welcome.
-ftrunup Thinkh Which Affect ProfM*
■ louol Tliii>ver» nnd Q«rg Iiir*.
One would hardly imagine tbut the
professional thief would be swayed In
his doings by superstition. It Is difficult lo conceive, for Instance, nu arm
ed burglar, u man who breaks Into
yuur bouse with tbe filed intention of
patting a bullet iuto yuu or hitting
you over the head with a jimmy if you
surprise hitu nnd try to prevent bis
escape, beiug deterred from carrying
out bis nefarious plans by ibe sight of
n Iduck cat, yet this is one of the small
things of life which are regarded by
thieves as sufficiently Important to upset a well luid scheme.
Some three or four years ago a gang
of three men had decided to break into
tho office of a large factory aud make
au attempt on the safe. At certain
times, ns tbey bad found, a lurge sum
of money was kept In tbat safe for a
day or two, and on this occasion tbey
bad resolved to divert this money from
going into Ita proper channel uud turn
the stream toward themselves.
All the circumstances seemed favorable. Tbe factory was In a lonely part
and not far from the railway, where
the rut tie of passing trains would
drown any noise tbey might make uud
where it wus highly Improbable that
they would meet auy one ns they made
their way late at night to the aceno of
notion. Tbey hnd nearly reached the
factory when a cat started from a
corner and ran across their path, and
by the light of the in jn which peeped
forth at tbat very minute they saw
that It was black. Immediately they
Afler some discussion one of them refused to proceed and went hack, while
the others, although tbey were nervous at the thought of 111 luck, went on.
They were caught ln the very act of
drilling a bole In the safe door and sentenced to long terms.
Tbe sound of a child Bobbing at night
In a house near the one Into which he
Intends to break Is quite enough to
uiake many a burglar go bnck home.
It Is a sure sign of misfortune*. Why
this should be so regarded Is not easy to
determine, but perhaps tbe Idea of Innocence usually associated witb Infants has some uudeflned effect upon
the hardened heart of tbe criminal.
There are some who regard the sudden stopping of a clock as an Intimation thnt some friend or relative bas
died at tbat minute. In the same way
If a clock stops ln a room in which a
burglar Is at work be will consider It
advisable .to leave the premises without delay. This occurred to a man
who wns recently convicted, ond he
sorrowfully remarked to tbe policeman who took him Into custody that If
he hnd paid heed to tho III omen he
would just have got clear before the
master of tbe bouse returned.
Where the BrltUh Drattff-d Gam V*
On* Thimnond Feet.
Once a second lieutenant of American regulars was up for examination
for promotion. Oue of the questions
asked of him by a grizzled member of
tbe board was this:
"If you were out scouting nnd a hill
Bhould suddenly rise up before you,
what would yotl do?"
"I'd run like hades," said the lieutenant promptly, and added, "I wouldn't
wnnt to stay lu a couutry whore hills
are liable to rise up like that."
These arc tbe kind of bills or kops
that confront the Tommies In South
Africa. And the Tommies "run like
hades," too, only, beiug brave men In
actual warfare, they run mostly toward the top of the hilts. These bills,
many of them, are about as nearly perpendicular on all sides as they can be
without toppling over. The particular
hill in this picture Is Colcskop, In the
Colesbcrg district, nnd the scone was
sketched by O. 1>. Giles, war artist of
the tjondon Graphic. Coleskop jumps
straight out of the plain a thousand
feet and more Into tbe air and com-
Do Not
Pay Cash-*
A very large saving can be made.   We can
famish the eiaot amount for any payment.
Write for particulars and price,
mauds the entire surrounding country. It was seized by tbe British,
who Immediately made plans to fortify
it By Infinite bnrd labor and per-
severance two 15 pound field guns
were dragged to tbe summit But the
guns are useless without a continuous
and unfailing supply of ammunition.
To save tbe labor of carrying shot nnd
shell up by hand the engineers constructed an endless belt of bridging
wire. This wire can stand a strain of
2,000 pounds, and each load of ammunition and water which was sent
up there vtelghed 40 pounds. The
length of one span from top to bottom
was 1,400 feet, so It may be guessed
what tbe perpendicular height of tbe
bill li.
"I've been taking lessons In skating,"
Kit til the sweet Ihing.
"Indeed:" wild the Imtoflll thing,
"Yes.    I can cut Dgurcs too."
"Can you cut your age?"
"Oh, yes!"
"Ymi must be pretty well nlong.
then." wus the parting shot of the
baleful thing.- Yoakers Statesman.
A Turn I* Polltlee.
"Well," snid the colored campaigner,
"I mighty glad tbnt politics has took a
turn fer de better."
"You think so?"
"I knows It, sub. De time is done
pnst en gone w'en a man could git Inter office on a plug er terbneky, a gallon er stirrup, a peck or meal en six
drinks on 'lection day. No, sub; hit
teks 'bout six dollars eu a half ter
move a fust class voter in dis dny en
time, en de drinks tho wed In fer good
measure."—Atlanta Constitution.
age of skepticism
upon whieh person)
i-aot agree, namely,
trie Oil is ii in di
unt.upi'ily so
.* is one point
d with the eub-
rhomna' Eclec-
ffhlch can be relied
upon to cure a cough, remove pain, heal
•ores of various kinds, nod benefit any In.
flamed portion t.!f the body to whieh it is
Knllrel)   Too l-'ar.
Bacon—ainie pimple mny n joke ion
Egbert-Ves, Pcmnnn. Ihe humorist
carried oue to 11 dllfcrcnl newspaper
oflb-es. 1 understand, and didn't sell it
even i hen.—Yuiiken* Statesman.
OAU8KS QBOW.—It takes very little W
derange thu stomach, The utusu may
Im- allgbt, a oold, something eaten or
drunk, anxiety, worry, or some other
simple oaOM.    Hut if precautions be  not
taken, this simple cause may have most
serious oonseonoueea Many a chronically
debilitated constitution today owes Ita
destruction to Blinple causes not dealt
with tn time. Keen tho digestive anuar
dtus iu healthy condition and all »iil In
well. Paiini'lee's Vegetable Pills are
better than auy other for the purpose.
Mora Clearly I'm,
"Of course you will admit thnt success cannot Invariably ho measured by
pecuniary standards," said ibo gentle
Senator Sorghum looked dazed fur a
minute nnd then answered:
"If you mi'llll Mint ihe nmn who lm*.
the most money occasionally falls lu
gel tbt* must voles. I'll agree with you.
--Washington Star,
There novor was, and never will be, u unl.
versa! punacea, In one remedy, for all ill.-- to
which nosh is hetr—lhe very nature of many
curatives being such tbut wire tlm germs of
other and differently seated diseases rooted
in Ibo system of the patient—what would
relieve ono ill in lum would aggrav.de thc
other. We havo, however, in -Quinine Wine,
when obtainable in a sound, unadulterated
state, a remedy for fanny and grievous ills.
By its gradual and judicious use tbo frailest
sy.-tenis aro led into coi)va'c<-_eiicu and
strength by tlio Influence which Quinine ex-
oris on nature's own restoratives. It relieves
tho drooping spirits of those with whom n
chroniu stale of morbid despondency and
luck of interest in life is a meenso. and, by
Iranqullisting tho nerves, disposes to sound
and refreshing Bleep— bn pari s vigor to lhe
action of the hlood, whieli, boing htimuluted,
courses throughout (he veins, strengthening
tho healthy Htiiiual functions of the system,
thereby making activity a necessary result,
-strengthening tbe frame, and giving life to
tho digestive organs, which nuturalty demand increased Bubfitaaco-rrcsult. Improved
appetite, Northrop & Lymnii, of Toronto,
havo given to the public their HUi-eriur Qui*
nine Wine at thu usual rate, und, gauged by
the opinlun of scientists, this wine approaches nearest perfection of any in the
market.   All druggists soil it.
Didn't I are lo Grow.
"Now, Perry," said the littlo boy's
mother, "I wunt you to quit eating so
much sugar, and you may ns woll tjult
tensing for sweets, becnuse 1 shall not
let you have thein. Don't you know
that children who nro always eallug
sweet things never grnv7 blgV"
"Yes, mamma; I kuow," Ibe child
answered, "nnd I want to stay little.
You know papa wns reading nbout
'Utile Hubs' lust night and telling us
what n grent mnn he Is. so whnt's the
use getting big? Now mny I have another lump of sugar, pleaseV"— Chicago
Serious Conditions that Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills can
Readily Cure.
One ot the indications of serious heart
trouble is thu sensation of weakness or
Auntness that comes ou at times.
Somotlmos it is simply a dizzy feeling
that passes off, or It mny be s state of uu -
louseiousness with bauds and feet cold
and countenance
ghastly pale.
Those symptoms Indicate &
weakened heart.
They are unmistakable evideuces
of the engine of
life breaking
Now there's
only one reliable
remedy for restoring strength and vitality
to weakened hearts and relieving all ths
distressing symptoms. It is Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
The case of Mrs. A. Strattcn, Frederic-
ton, N.B., amply proves this. Here is
her statement:
"I Buffered very much from an impoverished condition of the blood, coupled
with eitreme nervousness, A dizzy sen-"
nation on arising quickly or coming down
stain, often troubled mo, and my breath
was so short thnt I could not walk up
stairs.' Tbe least exertion caused my
heart to flutter and palpitate violently,
and I sometimes felt a smothering sensation on going to sleep.
I doctored back a»*i forth for toy weakness, but I got no relief from any medicine
until I tried Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills, and I ean say that lhey helped me
wonderfully. Bomutiuu-fj my face and
arms would swell and puff, but all these
troubles speedily yielded to lhe restoring
Influences of Millaim's Heart aud Nerve
Pills, and I am now strong and well. 1
did not use them loug anti] I regained lU
blessing of healthful, refreshing sleep and
It will always be a pleasure to me lo
recommend them l. other*."
Uak-ea « Ulffrrvniio,
"li mnkea ti great ilIITcrcuce bow n
thing's ilonc," said Droucho Hub us he
thoughtfully laid hts seven shooter
"What makes u difference?"
"How ymi do your klllln. If you
serve wiirnin uu yuur enemies otic at a
Mine, then shout 'cm ut the tale uf oue
bullet per. you'll get lynched sure. But
If you i_ i r yer enemies In n bunch un n
hatth-inhl an throw the ammunition
into 'im by tbu peck uut of a machine
gun Mint works like a corn Bbeller
you're ihe real thing, nn the fust thlog
you know you'll be wearln medals."—
Washington Star.
The Went Iter I'mphele.
Kill-! sec ll only mliis about ouce a
J'enr In lower Kgypt ou thu const u(
tbe Mediterranean.
.Fill—.Viitl l don'l suppose the weather clerks out there enn locale that day.
"•Yonkers Statesman.
Dear Sirs,—Por tome years I havo
hud ouly partial use of my arm, caused
by a suddon Strain. I bavo used every
remedy without effeot, uuiil I got a
snmplo bottle of MINARD'S LINIMENT. The benefit I received from it
oatued mu to continue its u.-f, and uow
I am happy to say my arm is completely restored.
Glands, Ont.       II. W. HARRISON.
MU  Kind.
"What sort of ii fellow ts Bobbers tn
a social way?"
"Oh, he Is one of those Idiots who
would say. 'Sweets to the sweet,' when
he wns passing ihe pickles to a lndy of
uncertain age."—Indianapolis Press.
Mnifs Liniment Cores Diphtheria.
CnlOlllnte-11   l»  rioilnee  IU*a*u-i*t.
'•Ymi come of an old fiunlly. Blgsby,
ami I suppose you have a great deal ut
respect for yuur aucesturs."
"Ves, Indeed. Oue of my grandfathers lefl i■■«■ llfiy thousand."—Cleveland Plain Denier
Knari's Liuiracat Cores Colds, Etc.
Kollilnu in Tempt,
"Is this ull yuu have fur breakfast?"
nsked Mm dyspeptic husband. "1
ibought yuu might hnve something
cooked to tempi my appetite."
"Why. .loiiu. bow tmi-easounble you
are!" she ericd. "Yuu know you
haven't bad nny appetite lately."—
Philadelphia Prow
liurn Liniment Cores Distemper.
I'iivIdk ilie Way,
.lack—Why do you think this evening
tvoiiltl tie the best Mum to speak to
yonr father.
Phyllis—Because, dem-, Prearranged
villi my ilresstnaker. milliner aud dentin! Io -%d iheir bills lo Iilm in tbis
t'veuiiig's miill.-Phllndelpbln Press.
Ws Liniment Cures M ii Coin
We little know the toil and
hardship tbnt thoso who make
the"Staff of Ufe"uudorgo,
Lout; hours in snperkented
and poorly ventilated workrooms in hard on the system,
gives tha kidneys more work than they
can properly do, throws poison into tlie
system that should be earned off by these
delicatt filters. Thon the back yets bad—
Not much use applying liniments aud
plasters. Yon must roach tlio Kidneys to
curs the back. DOAN'S Kidney Pills
cure all kinds of Bad Backs by restoring
the Kidneys to healthy notion.
Mr. Walter Buchanan, who has conducted a bakery In Sarnia, Ont., for ths
past 15 years, says:
"For a numb-sr of yaatt OTSVlotU to t*king
Don-:.'i Klilner Pttls I laffer-M » l"*nl (]p»1 (row
rtc;u* •ir.lai ncroM theim-tll of ri? back, tmliu la
ths back of*my henJ, dlii'mi-i. wury fedlnc and
funeral dsbUltr. From tlie iir*t f.-w dottl of
Kmn'i Kidney Pilli I eonnwiMd to Improvt, and
t liiivo oonUnuad until I ntn to i'ay a well nmn.
I hart not jotftpaiiroi ■*■**)■•* abonl mo. Sly li«„j it
ek-ir: thaorinary dlnteoltlM all tfitxai my iWp la
r-f: ■■-:■.. .fc' ■*■_ 1   HI)'   lA'U-Ul   _;..M   l—  '4.^.1.-1
An  fAi'imt*  l'ur J OH ell I ro,
"I notice that Fiddler Joachim angrily declares tbat the rumor that be is io
mnrry   Mine.   Melbit   Is a   nonsensical
"1 suppose it's natural for a flddlor
to have n viollut temper."—Cleveland
Plain Healer	
"I tuny be a tr.*un|>," snid Waggles,
'bill nnder my ragged coin there is a
leart lliat bonis."
"SlmiiRrr." sa i«l the fanner, "under
he fence yonder is n dog lhat bins "-
'hltadi'tnhbi Xnrili •.niirlrnn
suuuf-cuir.d bj Titos. LBB. Winnipeg*
Farm Lands
For Sale in All Parts of the
Province.   Write for Lists.
Are Pure Havana Filled
They're made for men who enjoy a  fragrant and snot emote.
Obtainable at all good dealers everywhere.
l-'.ffi-ot of Trnvel.
"I suppose yonr daughter acquired $
great deal of manner from her forelgi
"Oh. no: she lost nil her manners ana
broujrtit home n lot of airs."—Chicago
1UOVA11A)    FACTuKV.Montreil
Ilia Ambition.
"You havo tio ambition," asserted his
better half scornfully.
"Not now," he replied.
"Vou never had nny," she Insisted.
"Ob. yes, I did." he answered, "but 1
achieved the goal of ray ambition when
I acquired a rich father-in-lawl"—Chicago Post.
Montreal.  Free Una. An.
P. fl.W up.  E. P. 11.00 tm.
When tbo dpeton gif. yuu np—Try an
OiydoEor. It :s txtter ani cheaper than
going to GsUfami-., a_ il lurni-he* purest of
Oiygen to tht? system by nature's laws, discovered by I>. Sencb-?. Sub-dealers wauted
in each town in Manitoba. Address W. T.
Gibbins. Grain Eichange, Winnipeg. Mr.
John Bu1:.:, Winnij*ego=is. writes: "Your
Oiy-ocor i- i. ■■■■ :....r*.'_. thing and has nmde
a new man of mc. I ha*re al-o cored one
miin in egbt ho_rs of a bid case of lum-
; bago." We ha-**, dozens of rlmilar to-stl-
No mld-ianimer holiday!.  Now js tbe time to
popure for a. situation in the l<usy Maun,
rull jjurtlculars on a|*i>llcatj«n.
fi.XV. DONALD, Sm.
K. B.—Wu (isslstotl »ivi;r loo of our students to
powtloM during the put five months.
Catholic Prayer [^I't'iT^-
nlir-. BeUgtaM l'i1 '■ar-.-* .*-*ta!a_ry, and Cluueb
Oraanie.iis. EdBCUloiu] Works Mai.-pierireceive prompt atttmic;.. f, t, J %'J-] J (".; .,|Jl*jaJ
W. N. U. 269.
<U**U, 4nityw *tt 4hA/ Ct+mJ—tH, *Xt
0<MMlJt *—-tiJL/ 7l*U<<bV%AJ *>cfc
■ *uhsa\-
+M#r -Aey
Shorey's Clothing is sold by Reliable Dealers
only others cannot buy it, consequently you can be sure
it is as represented.
H. Shorey & Co.,   Montreal.
All Wool Business Suits
Shorey's  Retailed at $8.00
Cannot be beaten. 9*. * * **. ***<*■ ** **\ mm a * * *% - -a * * ±*
%      LOCAL   NOTES      |
Picked  Up About the Cily  by  Askin*
Questions  of Many   People.
John Piuk paid Moyie a tmsiness vlsii
lust Saturday.
D. h. Dover, of Nelson, was in Cranbiook tbis wt-rk.
Areb L-itch was a passenger on yes-
terda)**- ta-.t-bound.
Fatber Coccola will hold services in
Moyie Sunday* next.
Conductor J, Jackson and wife were al
tbe Cruubrook tbis week.
Miss Leah CardilT lias ik-ported for her
eastern home, to remain.
Chinatown presents a very onlntotcd
aspect eveniugs nud Sundays.
I-'iesh fruits in nil varieties liy pound,
basket or crate at McConnell'S,
Dr. Da-en it. so far recovered that lu*
will return lo Cnuibrouk ibis week.
The hay crop at the Mission this ye ir
is a u-niid one, ami is being lurvesied
Tbe residence of Alex. Simpson is
quarantined owing to scarlet lever then -
Iv. A, El'on, the well known I'ort
Steele insurance mail, W08 Itl towu this
B. ti. Clark, iiC.P R audilor, of Montreal, whs iu town this week on railroad
T. M. lvvans, of lethbridge, storekeeper for tbe Oault company, waa iu
town yesterday.
I., 0. Jeannest, purchasing agent fur
the C. P. R , was doing business in Cranbrook this week.
Ice cream, various flavors, daily;
strawberries aud cienm, bannnns and
cream, nt McConnells
The Rev. nnd Mrs. Fortune will be
pleased to have all friends call at tbe new
manse after August K
Thc Dudley Duck Quartet (tbe Misses
Scoli) sang lo n large and appreciative
audience at Fernie recently.
The Chinamen are leaving Moyie and
the Mongolian population of Craubrook
is increasing correspondingly.
A large gnng is nt work in the depot
yaids leveling off ibe scores of cnrloadi
of gravel recently placed there.
J. L. Gates, the prosperous nnd enterprising proprietor of lhe Royal Hotel in
Kimberley, was iu town Tuesday.
J, II. Smith and wife, of Macleod were
in town this week. Mr. Smith has charge
of the boarding car system of lhe C. P. R*
A combination conch and baggage car
is now attached to the Klmheiley flyer,
much to tbe satisfaction of its patrons.
Miss Shea, formerly with Bremner &
Sons, hns left for Rosslaud to accept a
position wilh u dry goads firm in that
Superintendent Cameron was an attendant at church last Sunday evening
—nil the result of a bluff wherein be wns
II. N. Dins, the good-looking representative for Fust Kootenny of tbe I,ion
Brewery of Rots! and went east tbis
Mesdamcs I,. M. Mansfield and A. P.
Bremner, accompanied by Miss Reid, all
of Moyie, were guests at the Craubrook
this week.
G. K. Muir, the well-known lumberman of Moyie, accompanied hy J. A.
Preston, of Grand Vulley, Out., was iu
towu yesterday.
For Sale—One bedroom suite, partially new; also a few cream-colored blinds,
Apply to Rev. \V. G. W. Fortune, at the
Presbyterian manse,
Correspon'ent—No, that was not an
earthquake last Thursday evening; Pete
Lund had a lull in tbe footbull game at
tbe time you mention
Cranbrook Lodge No34, A F. St A.M.,
■will be Instituted under Its charter tonight
and ollicers installed by R. \V. Bro. G,
L. Morrow, D. D. 5. M.
Jack Hutchison was over to Wasa re-
reutly. Jack says mosquitos were thicker en route tliau Chinamen will he iu
Sheol six months hence.
Charles Wolf, manager ofthe Sullivan
was in town Tuesday, enroute to tbe
mine from Trail, where the Sullivan ore
is shipped for treatment.
Business is a little dull in Cranhrook
just now. Undertaker Campbell says he
has not hod a client for several week; he
says this is a fact and not " a stiff. "
James Ryan and Malcolm Mclnnes
went to Calgary Tuesday morning, on a
business trip. Tbey will nlso talk the
Crnnbrook fall race meeting while there.
R. Helm, Dominion Kxpress company-
auditor, from Nelson, whs In town this
week on business connected with the
change of station agents in Craubrook.
\V. J. Walker, editor of the Freeman's
Labor Journal, Spokane, was in town
last Thursday in the interest of his publication. He secured nearly 40 subscribers.
Fred McCrea, who left the C. P, R.
machine shops in this city a couple of
weeks ngo, uow has a first-class situation
in a compressor nt one of the mines in
Mrs. Henderson, in the Baker block,
has secured the agency for Hazelwood
ice cream, a product famous and without
a peer. For sale at retail or in any desired quantity.
Contractor Cameron hns departed for
Winnipeg, much to lhe relief of the
"hoys" who were kept busy brushing
away Imaginary 'akeelcrs and (lies when
Cameron was around.
Those who accompanied (he baseball
team on tlu-ir trip to West Kootenny
were Messrs. J. Limn, locomotive foreman at Macleod. Hilgllie Brock, [tilly
Vennbles, Hairy FairOeld, Fred Pieper,
Prank Rankin, Henry Diaz aud Morris
Nevin They all had 11 goud time, judging from tbe remarks of one, *'l guess
we showed thoie West Kootenay fellows
where to head in."
There will probably be a Septembir
meeting at the track ofthe Cranbrook
I'uif Association. There will be many
new horses bere, in that   event, and two
days of iut*. resting races.
One bundled tons of hay for sale at
St Eugene Mission. Hay consists of
pure timothy, pure clover, mixed timothy and clover and Hungarian grass.
Pilce pei ton: loose, $15; baled, $20.
The wise man doesn't go to a * hue store
to b ive a vuit of dollies made, nor dots
bego elsewhere than tbe tobtcconists to
purchase his cigars, pipes nnd tobaccos.
McVittle keeps a large stock ot the hest,
Be 011 the sife side. No matter how
inii.li lire Insurance you carry, when
ibe fire conies you nlways wish you bad
a little more When you think of insurance you think of McVittie & Hutcbi-
Some uuregeiiernted rascal who has
uei'her the fear of the law or of Tom
Rookes before bis eyes, stole the lattei's
swallowtail rout from tbe ollice nf the
Cranbrook Monday. Aid now Tom I-*
pra'ylng for him.
Road Master lviick:on Is kept very busy
along ilu- road these days, betwern the
ballasting being done and the loading of
ties and telegraph poles for ihe main line,
lie says tlu- bot weather is very bard 011
tbe laborers handling tbe ties aud poles.
"They " say lhat when Hutch returned
home lasl Thursday night, after the fool-
hall game little Pat looked at him a moment and said " Well governor; look as
though you have either been playing
with a Tornado, or beeu ruu through a
threshing machine."
J. w. II. Smythe, manager of the Ft,
Steele, Cranbrook aud Greenwood
branches of the Canadian Bank of Com
nierce, was iu town this week, and welcomed by many friends. He leturned
Tuesday, and will be followed by Mrs.
Smythe soon; they will reside in Greenwood.
Sain Rojutte recently drove from Foil
Sleele to Crnnbrook, 12 miles, hi 55 minutes from time of leaving the former
place lo pulling the hotses in the stable
in ibis place. Who can heat It. and h.ive
their horses in good condition at the end
ofthe journey, carrying two people in
the buggy.
J. S. Arnold, one of tbe best known engineers on tbe Crow's Nest branch ofthe
C. P. R. has returned ftom n prolonged
visit to bis boyhood home in England
He was accompanied on his return by
bis brother, Mr. J A. Arnold. While
absent Mr. Arnold also took iu the Paris
" Hilly " Keay's valuable saddle horse
is in danger of losing its life.* Some
weeks ago the unfortunate creature stepped ou a nail which etitercd the hoof,
the injuries from which have proved so
serious that veterinary skill has proved of
nn avail and the poor animal will probably have to be killed.
"Jimniie" Patterson, teller at tbe
Cranbrook branch ol the Canadian Bank
of Commerce went west last Saturday
evening, in order to go enst, to spend his
vncntt.n nt his parents' home in Toronto
Jimmie will begone about two weeks,
and return with renewed vigor to his arduous aud varied duties.
Mrs, James Greer and son Willie have
deported for the east; after spending a
few dnys at Winnipeg and visiting the
exposition, lhey will continue enst am)
visit with friends and relatives jn Toronto until Mr. Greer bas the new home
completed. He is considering thai particular contract a "rush" job.
"One strike—out," Is often heard on
the ball ground. This time it was oue
strike and out at the Cranbrook Lumber
Co's, mills one day lust week. Some
teamsters thought their pay was insufficient, nud without noticeorany talk about
the matter, one afternoon refused to take
llieir teams out without an increase in
wages. "Onestrike and out, "said Umpire Leitch,
Two or three weeks ago Mr. and Mrs.
St. Elol went east to be at the bedside
of Mr. St. Kloi's dying mother wlu-n
she passed away. Last week tbey returned home niifl found thai their residence
had been denuded of all their bedclothes,
even to the mattress. A woman who
had been seen to enter their house during thctr absence is suspected of the act;
she lefl before Mr. and Mrs. St Eloi returned.
Mr Gilpin, the well-known merchant,
remarked Tuesday that, for seeming
dullness, it is surprising how busy everyone is, and how much work is being
doue. He wanted a man for some gen.
eral work ibe other day, and could not
iiml one anywhere; again, wanting a carpenter, he applied to George Leask for
one; George said that he could not accommodate him—that he was working
id men and conld use 25 if be hnd them.
Applications elsewhere were also unsuccessful.
Clarence Miner thinks he is hoodooed.
It was only a few evenings since that be
was out with a young lady for a horseback ride; seeing some flowers on Ibe
prairie they dismounted to gather tbem;
when it came to remounting the young
lady's horse kindly consented lo being
caught; hut Clarence's horse gave him
ibe horse laugh and defied capture; as
night was approaching it was deemed best
for tbe young lady to return—a matter of
two or three miles—and send n gentle-
tnnii friend of Clarence's back to help
capture the steed; this was done but the
two boys bad no better success, and Clarence wns obliged to take Foot St
Walker's bus line bnck to town. The
horse relumed when he got ready, A
few evenings later Clarence was riding
wiih another young lady, whn is sonic-
thing of an equestrienne and hod often
rhoda horseback, when she had thc misfortune to be thrown, and thc good fortune not to he injured. Clarence uow
takes a hitching post along wheu he goes
out for equestrian exercise.
A Peregrinating " Doctor," with lhc Eloquence
of a Demosthenes, Has Thrown Them
Into a World ot Pear.
Last Tuesday night a traveling " do-
tor," whose principal stock iu trade was
a flow of language like unto tbe music of
tbe waters of a purling brook, animate
and inanimate anatomical figures, the
latter illustrating the architectuie and
inner construction of the human form
and ihe former giving illustrations of
* What I don't know about ban), playing," and the perpetration of stock
gags, appeared in Cranbrook. In addition to these attractions, tbe doctor bad
a big grip filled with choice specimens of
canned " fruit," kindly contributed to
him by various people Ibrouglu ut
the world io be exhibited to the confiding public ns frightful examples of Ibe
kind of companions most every man,
woman and child is nourishing and harboring in secretin the labyrinthan passages of ihci' Internal Improvements
Up to that time Cranbrook was the
happy possessor of a Inige number of
stalwart young men, who kuew not the
meaning ol a day's illmss, ache or pain
But a ni irked change has came over
tbem, and ihey appear to be going into
a rapid decline. They were ull right
at least lhey thought tbey were—unlil
the doctor came with his wandering min
sir els nnd disillusionised Ihem.
As before stated, the doctor had plats
of tbe internal streets and alleys and lo
cations of the principal business points of
man's corporation, showing (he haunts
and lurking places of insidious mousters
who, hitherto unknown to the owner,
were living In various portions of his
private structure anywhere from the
basement to the upper flats—these monsters being either a parenchymatous en-
lo.oa, bothriacephalous latus, or a plain,
everyday taenid solum, which was wearing out the framework of their hnbita
tious, tearing the paper off the walls and
breaking down all the partitions, aud in
addition actually taking all victuals out
of thc landlord's mouth, so to speak,
leaving him nothing with which to repair the damages inflicted upon thc tenement by this insatiable monster. No
wonder Crauhrookers nre looking sad
and dejected when they know they are
taking such a thing to bed with them
every night.
Yesterday morning Jack Hurley met
Harry Nevin. and noticing that he appeared quite solemncboly, be nsked Harry to tell him his troubles. Hany said
he was worried; while in the baseball
match at Rosslaud he had a serious fall,
and was completely knocked out for a
lime, and had not been able to account
for it, but he now knew; he was packing
around with him a hotbriacepbalus lotus,
and the ungrateful wretch, not beiug satisfied with beiug well boused nud fed and
clothed bad got his back up about something and ran upstairs and wound himself around his windpipe aud choked
him. He said further that he knew that
was what ailed McDougal when he butted his head into the third base—he had
a taenia solum, which wnsalsoastrangler
v hen enraged.
Jim Kerrigan was also noticed to he
wearing a tired expression and upon being questioned said lhat he had uot been
feeling well for a long time; be bad ouce
drank some circus lemonade and often
thought it contained a parasite of the
pacydcrmntous order, and he thought
that was quite bad enough; since listening to the doctor he was feeling quite
hopeless—he kuew it was a parenchyma
tous eutoza.
Clarence Miner snid he thought lhat
he hada pet ichthyuphthalmite corralled
withiu him but was astounded to learn
through the doctor's lecture that a hotbriacepbalus latus was wearing his brand,
and said be did not now blame the pony
for ruunlng away and leaving bim on the
Bank Manager Parker said he bad for
a long time been fostering an ichthyo
dorulite, but had never thought in> thing
of a little thing like that, but he knew
uow that he had been mistaken aud tbat
it waa instead oue of those frightful
monsters, a taenia solum, and he disconsolately wended his way lo " Billy"
Curd's to have his will drawn.
Jim McMullin, Jimmie Hunter and
Loug Oliver all had a similar tale.
Many others uf the boys about town
are in the same fix. If the doctor und
bis musical talent hod only stayed awuy
from Craubrook th-.se people would huve
been happy today, for surely, iu a case
of this kind, ignorance Is bliss Fortunately few of the ladies heard Ihe doctor's address aud do not know lhat they
are a prey to the fuimidable parechymu-
trous eutoza, or auy of his sisters brothers, cousins or aunts, aud it is devoutly
hoped they will not find it out.
The doctor's visit bus served to demonstrate what has heen proved over aud
over since the creation of Adam—thnt
there is a sucker born every minute, and
lie always bites.
Wbo Have Been Doing Business lo  Cranbrook This Week.
P. 11 Wallace, Toronto,
G. A. Hunter, Insurance, Nelson.
. H. T. Tilley, dry goods, Toronto.
II. J, Madill, dry goods, Winnipeg,
H. A. Russell, mineral waters, Winnipeg.
Gt-crge F. Motion, cigi ts ond tobaccos,
C.   A.   Carman,   gents'   furnishings,
Charles  E.  Tisdell, sporting   goods,
II,   W.   Gerhanlt,    ladies    furnishing
goods, Winnipeg.
♦.♦♦♦\j_L___i UN C)
12-FOOT LINOLEUMS imported direct from England.
M'CLARY'S STOVES, large shipment just received.
GROCERIES, lines always complete.
House 1 Sign Painters
Paper Hangers
Our prices are right.   No one undersells us.
*t jt G. H. GILPIN
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MININO TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Qnanlrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in thc cold.
bK^K?"' Lotsfrom $1254400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot olr throtiKhoiit.
The dining room is lirst class.
Every convenience tor travelers.
Hotel  S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ot liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly lurnished.
Rates, $a,oo per day.
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which It is done.
The Lion Brewery
HVRossland, BC
th. InrxcHl and fln.-M equipped
brewery In llrltlsh Columbia
Tlu-ir BUDWEISER lil'l'l' (imilpd)
is equal... uny imported nrticio
auuatkn WA.TRR8 of all brands.
tie hint nt nil l.ot.-ls in West nml Hum
James Kerrigan & Co.
Who! sale Oiocer
and Selling; Agents.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Planing Mill
IS »• Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Mnn.ifnclurers of...
Sash   jt  Doors  jt  Mouldings
jt   Frames   Jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
For Developed
- Silver=Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
>yrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
A nice selection of "Meriden Britannia" silverware to hand this
week. Choice designs in A 1
goods        Jt       Jt       Jt       Jt
High grade movements in thc
best quality ol gold, gold tilled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       jt       Jt        Jt
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lor C. P. R.
Ladies' and
Wheels .-* jt
01 the beat makes lor hire
Stable on Armstrong ave.
Near Presbyterian Church.
Open Daily Except Sunday.
Parrott & Demers
Prest & Co.,
"Three doors east of Pnstoffire.
X&&®-2&&®-®  *■
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
CRANBROOK {^ffir* °'the Crows 1
C YSl flHVftfilc  ^as a ,0°sta'** round house, large machine H
^1 Cllll/l UUiV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex= g|
tensive railroad yards. |
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East |
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
S) ts
Hotel Properly for Sale.
Tho property known as the Knst Kno-
tenay  huh-]-   price   ntul   terms made
known on application to the owner on
the premises,
Notice Is hernliy given tlmt oan intiiiili nftor
date I luli'iiit tn»[i|'ly totllOOhl f (•oiiiiii.ssliiiif-r
-Manila ami works for iwrmlSHlon to purchase
tlio following iifi.Hcritii-ii I'linis; commencingat
it (tost iiium*-* i at tun Month west do u**i <*f K.
l.llllu'-t |tru--'DiptIn", Record No. <X>i). at I'nlnififi
Hur In tin* ilhiilrl ot Kast Kootenay, tliencu
north n> elialiw, llionce wenl RO HihIiim, tlit-ncn '
Houtli -IU clmliil ttn-imi cunt HO ilialio. to tti')
pliii'i* of Ih-.-; I ii n I in*;, contain Inn ttid ucrnftj
Dlileil At ('riuiliM'ik Dili nth day ()f .Inly, 1000,
i-'. u. MuNftb.
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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