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Cranbrook Herald May 15, 1902

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Array rm
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.     j
.-. Oku. A. Cox, President, II. lv Wai.kkk, Hen. Mnn-    t
Paid Up  Capital
Totfll   Itesiiiirts's
. 2,000,000 llll
I A General Banking Business Transacted.
} Deposits Reci.-iM.-il.
j London Agents"-The Bank of Scotland.
The Tailor- Hade Costume...
is the greatest boon ever offered up-to-
date ladies. We have just received a
large stock of tlie latest styles, none
have been made over a month. They
arc correct, sc arc the prices. For instance
FOR $7.00....
Others a little more.  .
(iroccrics, Hardware, Tinware, Crockery,
Shoes, etc., nil moving lively. No dull limes
here. A lot nf Furniture to arrive In a few days
to stock our new show rooms.
5f LOWEST, LOWEST in town
Hole! s s
Nearest to rnllroad nnd depot,
tions for the public unequal
Guests Comfort a Specialty
fiood Stabling in Connection
Has accommoda-
ed in Cranbrook.
...The Pioneer Hardware Store...
ll»member when the carpets are taken up for cleaning
ami the house turned inside out generally that our stock of
contains manv things which will be of asstsiancein putting
It in rights again Tne names of a few article** will be in
orders: Brooms, Brushes; ill kinds Feather Dusters, Mops.
Palls, Tack Lifts, Tacks, Tack Hammers, Picture Hooks,
Wire. Paint, etc.
Car Load Carriages
Just lo Hand..,
Poultry Net..
Garden Tools
...Fishing Tackle...
A cotnplictc Assortment ol llic Best anil Prices that
will nice! ihe approval of .-ill. Houscleaning means
llial llic .\iills must lie cleaned.   Sec us about
•ItisnillliliigaSpcclallj J   \\ flcBRIDE.
We are getting new goods every week. Our
stock of white goods and spring novelties is
unequalled in Easl Ksotenay. Call in and
and sec the manv pretty things we have.
Scotch Tweeds
And Worsteds
Please the wearer. They make him feel
well dressed. They are stylish, designs
are right, durability unquestioned. Call at
John Ferdinand Pstmore,
John Ferdinand Palmare died of consumption Monday, May 12, 190**, aged
21 years nml 6 mouths, The funeral
services were held at the residence Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, and Uu
remains were Interred In the Cranbrook
The deceased since coming toCra
brook tn live, bad neve! been iu good
health, but waa gradually tailing as .1 re
suit of the dieiiil disease, Naturally "I ;i
bright mind ami u kindly dlspositloi
wassadtoaeea life cf Buch promts
himself and lo those with whom be
sociated, fade itwuy. When the lei
turned and Uie shown of wtutei came, he
was compelled to remain Indoors, ami
this spring as the snows disappeared
and the birds began to carol their *>om
of summer, poor Perdlnaud gathered
hopeB ol renewed Btrengtll. The uiinil
was active am)  ambition   wus  not  sub-
A (in at Program lias Been pranged
for May 21.
L'd by lovi
Alexander A. Cameron.
Alexander A. Cameron died at Peter-
boro May 3, of pneumonia, aged 36 years
Undertaker Campbell was sent to embalm the remains, and bring tbem to
Cranbrook, returning Filday, They
were forwarded lo Kit Portage, the former home of the deceased, for inter-
meal. Mr- Cameron was a miner in lhe
Center Star mine and was a well known
figuie arouud tbe Kootenays, The
■hole population of Canterbury, Windermere, Atbelmerand Peterboro turned
out in a body to pay their hist respects to
his memory nnd bring beautiful fl mil
wreaths. The deceased leaves two sisters living in Rat Portage, and u brother
Cooductor George Cameron, ol this city.
dued. On wai 111 days, 1
huiila, he would secure a seat in the
April suu, and dream of the future. At
times there seemed to be an improve
ment, but it was only temporary, and
just when limine discarded the sunt
cloak of winter and took upon the fresh
gaib of spring, the end earne and death
brought relief to the tired mid worn out
Alexander Linwrolh.
Alexander I.inwmtti died iu St. Kit
gene hospital May 5, uf pneumonia, aged
45 years. His relatives could not be
found. The funeral was held Tuesduy,
May 6, from Campbell's undertaking
parlors and the remains were interred iu
the Cranbrook cemetery, Rev. Fortune
had charge of the services.
William Buckle.
William Buckle died nt Elko hospital
May 2 of pneumonia, aged 46, Undertaker Campbell embalmed the body uml
shipped il to a brother, .lames Buckle, at
Yorklon, Assa.
Paddy Conway.
Paddy Conway who worked In the
Marysvllle brick yard ali winter, was
(rightfully mangled on the North Star
dump last Thursday, and died cf bis
Injuries soon after arriving at lhe St,
Kugene hospital that evening.    He was
orklng as a mucker, and It Is thought
that in reaching the end of thc tinmp.
the car was polng too fast ami went
r. Either he attempted to hold It
in his eicltemeot. or his clothes were
caught In aitne way, for he was drawn
over the dump with the car, down a
distance of not less than 100 feet. Dr.
O'Higau was summoned and drove to
the North Star at once. He found Conway in a bad shape. Thc frontal bone
was crushed In, the bruin mattering
to/.ing out from thc Interclses, oi c nip
was dlsl cited, and boih ItgS fractured.
Everything possible was done for him
and he was taken to I'ratibrook, but
died soon after reaching thc hospital.—
Marysvllle Tii bum*.
|. Huncan and It. O. Jennings were
sent with lhc in jireil man by Superintendent Parker of the North Star, with
Instructions to spare uo expense In doing all lhat was possible i (r his relief
After his death they remained until a
bro.her arrived from Spokane Sunday.
The funeral was held Monday morning
from thc Catholic chinch, .ind the remains were interred lu the Ml ■.slim
cemeterp, Fathers Cuccolo ami Unci-
lctte officiating
This   Opera  Will  He   Presented  In  Cranbrook May 21.
The lovers of music iu Crnuhrook will
have au opportunity to hear Gilbert &
Sullivan's well known comic opera presented ou llie evening of May 21 by a
company of singers from Pincher Creek,
The company have met with great success tn their home town, uml the members have arranged for a trip to Pernie,
Craubrook and Nelson.
The people who compose the company
are nil singers of talent, and tbe opera
was the natural result of having a number of good singers In a town. After 1111
Immense amount of hard work the opera
was presented at Pincher with great success, and even the ultra critical hud lo
admit that lhe work wus worthy of great
Craubrook is a great musical center
and an undertaking or auch mugnitudi
will meet with hearty approval on the
part of the people here. The Herald
predicts a fine reception for the visiting
Red   Hot   Lacrosse   and   Footbal
Games Arc On tht
The management ol the Cranbrook
Turf ami Athletic association is making
arrangements for the celebration of May
34 In a moat energetic and business like
manner. Owing (0 a alight misunderstanding a notice appeared in last week's
issue to the effect that ihe meeting had
been ppslponed We wish to correct this
error and slate it ns our firm belief Unit
May 24II1 will be a day full of pleasurable excitement lo all who visit the Athletic ground, P. V. nnd C. P. R. on time.
Tlie days fun will commence with a la
crosse match—Lethbridge vs. Cranbrook
—the first of a series of games lor the
Levasseur cup. This will attract lovers
of our national game, und that it will be
a hot oue there cannot be a doubt. The
Cianbrook lacrosse team is determined
to try and win the Levasseur cup, and if
tbey are not successful it is certain that
they will have done their best.
A football match, Pernie vs. Cianbrook will be the second event
in the morning. Pernie may win ami of
course as visitors it would be.very nice
of our boys to let them win ''However,
The Herald feels sure that to wiu they
must put up a hard tight.
An excellent program of horse racing
has been arranged for the afternoon:
Three-quarter mile dash, hotel keep-
rs stakes, purse J60.
Pony race, half mile heats, two Ih
three, ponies 14 hands and under, purse
Half-mile dash, gentlemen's saddle,
horses, owners Up, purse $25.
Indian pony race, liuli-niile heals,
two in three.
Sipiaw race.
Of course the hotel keepers stakes will
be the horse race of Ihe day. It is rumored tbat some well known local horses
will be entered for this race.
During the afternoon there will be the
following athletic events:
Quarter mile dash.
uh) yard dash.
Thirty-yard potato race, potatoes ev-
y yard to be placed in box.
200 yard obsliicle rare.
One mite relay race,
Seventy five yard race, boya liudei 14,
handicap, for age.
16 pound shot put.
Pole vault.
Standing broad jump,
Running broad jump,
Running high jump.
Tug of War,   Cranbrook   vs. nil com-
Thc following is a list of the handsome
prizes for the athletic events and names
of donors:
R. 1*   Beattie. camein, value fin.
James Ryan, one box cigars.
G. H. Miner, four pearl bundled pock*
et knives.
W   A Prest, one dozen cabinet photos.
King Mercantile Co , groceries, f5
Port Steele Mercantile Co., oue pair
hoes, $5.
G   II. Gilpin, a good bat.
K. J   Peltier, one dozen Schlltz,
Reid .S: Co., one pair pants. $5,
W, P. Tate, jewelry $5
A. L. McD-Tiiiot, silver medal, $10.
ti. T. Rogers, lamp fe,
Geary & Doyle, ouler on any store ?2.
C. 1). Vromau. one dozen porter.
I,. B. Vaudecar, one box cigars.
Iltll & Co., one pair pants, $5.
Ft, Steele Brewery, one keg beer.
J. I). McBride, gold mounted whip.
These prizes will he divided up into
lirsl and second prizes for the athletic
A program containing complete order
of events will be published and obtainable at the oflice of the association or
from Secretary Gill on the grounds. If
ymi are a lover of good sporl and wish
to spend the 24th ot May In 11 myal man.
ner spend your day iu Cranbrook,
Nu Help on Perry Creek Road.
Information   has been  received   from
the Uie coast to the effect that no gtanl
will   be  made  Ior the Cranbrook-Perry
creek-Marysvitle road, an improvement
badly tieeiied In this district, aud one
that has been persistently urged.
The credit of the province is freelly
give. 1 to bomising railroads that would be
built without ruch bonus, but 110 money
can be appropriated for the Improve-
nls thnt would mean increased revenues In districts that are already paying
large revenues toward the support of the
Delegates lo (irand Lodge.
At a meeting of Key City lodge, I. u.
O. F., No. 42. held Monday evening, J
P. Fink was elected delegate to the
grand lodge, and James Greer alternate,
On the same evening Wildey lodge, No.
44, of Moyie, elected 1*'. Iv Simpson as
delcgnte for that lodge. The next session of the Gnind lodge will   be held   in
New Westminster, and Mr. Pink ami
Mr. Simpson expect to leave for the
coast the first pail nf June.
. -■ B-SS $^$t8QaS&t£S£S.f'*a
BY mi*: "i.n man S
- 9 S M©eC6Stt&frttGr£»
lather's Philosophy.
Don* ?oe -—Youi letter of the tot 11 name In the
mail today,
And sn you want to marry nnd ynu wonder what
we li say.'
Win. .in,', your mother lun' ami I have read
your taller thnnwli,
And she twins to think that I'm tha one who'd
b-ttter lecture youi
inr though in most affairs, nt course, there's
notblug unite us nloe
ai a mother's latter, mil 11 takes a man to ulve
ad viae,
V'oui letter says, "She 1 beautiful and handsome
as a i|iii-Hii."
I hono so, Joe, ami hope yuu know just what
those two words mean,
A beautiful form Is one which tells of a beautiful soul Within.
A liaii.lsuim- race Is une which (rears ui> damn-
lit'' brand uf sin;
Hcautifui ejei Are those that wiih tlio lire of
ptirejth night grow 1
Beautiful lijis are Uioie whloh speak fur a truthful heiivt below;
The bandioinosi hands pre those not ashamed
the Master's work to do-
tiiin s thai are patio ut and brave ami kind,
gentle nud strong and truoi
Beautiful fool are tli -su wlm go in answer to
duty's call;
Aud beautiful stionutot-s are those which bear
their dully bunlans all.
Remember this uia-om true, my nny, wherever
you choose a .vifat
"The handsomest women of earth is oue who
leads tin* handsomest life,"
t, therefore, trust that the woman you wed Of
you really lova onali other)
.May he tho handsomest one In the world-ex*
ooptlun una - yuur mother,
- Prank 8. I'fxloy, iu Chrlslaln Advocate
ti ti ti
Here is the latest conundrum in town:
Why is it that 10 J. Peltier lias the advantage over every other merchant in
Cranbrook? Because he gets a Bonus
for delivering his goods.
Here is a story that is not too bad. A
baby was born iu a certain Cranbrook
family, ami the mother was one who
generally patronizes eastern .stores for
everything lu the way of dry gcoda. Oue
afternoon lhe lady had two or three
callers, and naturally, nfter showing the
baby, out came dainty dresses, a cloak,
liny slippers, etc. To each enquiry as
lo where an article had been purchased,
ibe reply invariably was, "At Eaton's,"
A little tot about four years old, the
daughter of one of the callers, had been
an interested listener, as well as a great
admirer of the baby. Looking up nt the
lady of the house, she asked iu a most
innocent way, "Mrs. , did you get
the baby at Katun's, too?"
ti ti tf
Last .Saturday night a man who had
looked upon tbe wine when it wus red,
or sume other intoxicant, came meandering across Baker street toward McFar-
laue's barber shop. Just as he approached the walk, he looked up aud
saw that he was standing beneath Mc-
Porlane'a leaning barber pole. Jumping
lu one side, he said to a party standing
near, ''Say, Mister, just had narrow
scape. Pole nearly fell ou me," Then
turning, expecting to see the pole lying
in the street, be was annoyed,to find it
just the same. Ga/.lng at it a few moments, be staggered down the street,
muttering lo himself, "Gesh I've got
It,auied  tiling looks  crooked  tu
The Nelson News says that the comments ol visitors on tbe notices respecting expectorating on the sidewalks are
amusing. A prospector, who bad just
arrived in town, after reading oue of the
notices, was heard to remark;
"This town is getting too particular for me. I was here belore there
were any sidewalks to spit on. Next
thing a man will have to get a hair cut
aud shave, and have a certificate of good
character belore they'll let him in."
Here is a story about Jerry Boyce of
High River, who is well known lo ninny
in this district, as told by the Kye
Opeuer of that town:
As is well known, Jerry Boyce is a
man of Infinite resource,    At his hotel
at High River last Friday there was an
awlul crowd for dinner, and of course
there was fish. The guests weie so numerous tluu tluy that tbe fish ran out. Tbe
dining room girl skipped into thc
kitchen iu a great slate aud asked Jerry
what she should do with the diners at a
certain table who were sure to call for
fish. "Cm, lemiiie see. Vou go tu
tbe lirst man ami wheu you're calling off
the feature, you say, 'Roast beef, roust
mutton, roast lamb, roast pork, stewed
beef, heart and dead fish.' "
The dining room girl followed instructions to lhe letter.
"What was that last one?" queried
the guest.
"Head fish."
"Ugh!   Gimme some pork."
Not a man would order fish. They
thought it must be decomposed, On
reflection, when it was too late, it occurred to them lhat a fish is seldom
served alive in a first class hotel.
The Singapore Free Press tells a nice
story of u Chinamen's retort to a British
bluejacket at Tientsin iu reference to a
scoff from the hitler at the dish of rice
placed 011 a grave, '•When d'ye expect
him to come out of his bole lo eat that.
I.ii"' asked lhe tar. ''Same tlmee your
dam Iliem) come out of bis bule to
Hlliellee flowers yuu fellow put," was Ihe
Cranbrook  In Have First Class Tele-
ephone Plant.
Work Will Begin Without Delay
and be Pushed to Completion*
Craubrook continues to grow.
With the growth of the lown comes
the natural demand for improvements
iu every line. The electric light plain
followed by outside telephone connection, and now comes the local telephone
plant. The field is here and for some
time the need of locul telephone communication has been felt by the people.
This bus been emphasized by the great
increase in tbe residential districts ami
the demand for quick communication
with the business section of town.
The Cranbrook Electric Light company, with its characteristic enterprise,
arose to the occasion ami has already
ordered all tlie material necessary to
give to this town a lirslclass, modern
telephone exchunge. This week Superintended! I'.wert marked the pole locations un tbe principal streets, and as
soon as they arrive, with the oilier material, lhe work uf installation will be
The establishment of a telephone exchange in Cianbrook is simply a step
forward toward the inevitable, the making of the great commercial center of
this rich mid prosperous section. Events
during the past few months have been
rapidly shaping that woy, ahowi ng even
to lhe skeptical that nothing can now
impede the progress of Craubrook.
An Interesting Trip to the Boundary Alosf
the New Road.
The Herald editor made a hurried Irip
to the Boundary a short time ago. along
the line of the uew road. Drtviug from
Riko, he spent the night at Fred Roo's
place, which is just one aud one-half
miles north of the boundary line, and
oue of the prettiest places to b. found tn
British Columbia. There are falls where
the water drops 401 fret aud flows within a stone's throw of the ho el. A nicer
place to go for an ouling cannot be
found, and Roo's hole! is one of the best
to be found iu the district, since a man
can get a fine bed and three meats a day
that would put llesh on a gate post. Mr.
Rod, the proprietor, is the same jolly
chap he was when looking after Smith's
dining cars 011 the Crow, aud rural life
seems to agree with him. He bas the
hotel and a large store, aud what ia
more, ibe good will aud respect of everybody iu lhat locality. Nothing is too
good for a Cranbrook man wbo visits
that place, and if a man wants a nice
trip let him drive from Elko to Roos
ville. then go to Gateway, Crows Neat,
Baiu's lake and back to Elko. It will
do him good and be will see sume fine
country and lots of attractive scenery.
It Will Be Given Next Monday on the
Steamer North Slsr.
The long looked for excursion to Wasa
has been arranged by Captain Armstrong
of lhe steamer North Star, and it will be
given next Monday. For the people iu
Cranbrook aud this portion of tbe district this means a glorious opportunity
for enjoying a steamboat ride on one of
lhe nest river steamboats in the province.
Captain Armstrong, who is in charge of
the excursion, is known far aud wide as
nn sble and cautious river man, and he
is taking special pains with tbis event to
make it a grand success in every way.
Those who have visited Wasa appreciate
its beauties, ami the joy of the trip.
There is not a nicer one to be found in
this part of the country, and those who
take advantage of this chance wll) never
have reason to regret it.
Tbe boat will leave Fort Steele at 10
o clock next Munday|morning.£Arrange-
menls have been made with Geary &
Doyle for teams to leave Cranbrook at
7:311, so lhat the crowd will reach Steele
in ample time. Ou the return trip tbe
boat will arrive at Steele at 7 p.m. and
the teams will deliver the Craubrook
people home at 9 p.m. This schedule
makes au easy day, ami will insure a
good time for all. The fare for adults
for lhe round trip is $2 50, children free.
The teams will leave the post ollice corner at tbe appointed time.
Farm Lands for Sale.
The choice farm lands of the Craubrook Estate, being Kootenay river bottom lauds, liHVe just been .subdivided
into lots nl from forty to one hundred
acres, each lot fronting on the river. For
prices and terms apply lo
V. Hyde Baker,
Manager Craubrook Estate,
Craubrook, 11, c.
The Nelson  Grand   Jury  Is Complalnlnf of
Fernie Justice.
Re Gaol*—We visited the gaol and
found thirty-two prisoners, about half of
whom came from Pernie, in Bast Kootenay, and although we were unable iu
the time at our disposal, and the distance
of Penile from Nelsou. to gather exact
facts, we are uf the opinion that a condition of things exists in Uie local justiciary in Fernie, to warrant an invest iga-
tluu by the attorney geuerul's department without delay.
The foregoing is a clause which ap-
pears iu the presentment of the grand
jjry at the Nelson nsslieSi which was
made ou Thursday afteruoou. Just
what it means is left largely to the imagination of lhe reader, as everything iu
the way of details is lacking, hut upon
its face it would appear tha*. the manner
iu which ' justice" bas been administered iu Peruie has beeu to unsatisfactory
at least to the members of the grand
jury is a matter which can only be determined by a duly constituted commission of enquiry, but now that the matter
has been thus passed upon by the Grand
jury, it becomes ibe obvious duty l.i the
attorney general, in justice to ihe men
whose reputations are clouded by tbe insinuations contained in the above •■n*
graph, to see that tbe commission for
the enquiry issues without delay,
If, as it has been Intimated 111 Nelson,
some money judiciously placed, is 1
more potent factor iu determining cases
in Peruie than iiuv other, the BOOnei the
f.ici is proven and Uu* guilty punished,
the better. Hut it must not be saiumed,
without trial, that tbe local justiciary is
blameworthy,    The stories of monetary
influence may be wholly without lounda*
tion, and even the seemingly lucobalt**
tent sentences, which   it   is Said Cfttued
the members of the Nelson grand jury
such concern, may be capable ot satisfactory explanation wheu alio! lhe circumstances surround ing them ire properly understood.
The above is from the Ull issue cf tbe
Fernie Free Press. It is news tn this
part of the district and The Herald is at
a loss to understand ibe meaning of the
declaratiou made by the grand jury jit
Nelson. "Vet. in this case, as la lhe
matter of the license commissioners, we
believe the best way ami the fairest way
is to hold an early enquiry. It is not
right to leave any officer's reputation
under a cloud, and a rigid Investigation
places every innocent man right l*efore
the public. Tbe Hera'.d coincides with
the Free Tress on this point Right ia
right at all limes,   aud   on all occasions,
ll   Will   Be   Ibe   Swedes!   E*em   la   Soulh
East kootenay.
Arrangements Bre being completed
for tbe bachelors' ball which in lo be
held at Wentworth hai! on May -/0.
There is now no question as to the success of this event, as nf'expense or la1*or
is being spared The boys propost lo
make the hall a record breaker, and tbe
invitation list was a limited one, so tbat
the hall will not be over crowded.
An orchestra from Pernie, under lhe
leadership of Prof- L C. Williams, late
of tne Metropolitan Music company of
Minueapolis, will furnish the music, and
it promises lo surpass any yet fun [shed
for an entertainment of this nature.
Among the ladies the hall is the leading
topic and there will be a number of new
costumes for tbe occasion.
Tbe refreshments will be in charge of
a committee composed of the following
ladies: Mesdames Leltch, Lind, Carter,
Richardson, Erickson anil Simpson. It
is said tbat this feature of the evening
will be ve+y attractive, as all that the
market affords in the wayof, ,,■: things
Mill be provided.
Baseball Bo;.. Qrrsnlze.
A number of baseball enthusiast* met
at the Manitoba hotel Monday evening
and organized for the season by electing
the following officers:
Honorary President, J. P. FiDk.
President, Dr. J. H. King.
Vice President, L. Ii. Vandecar.
Manager, I.  IL Small.
Thi selection of a captain wa, left in
the hands of Manager Small, who will
make the appointment as soon bs tbe
membership of the team has been decided upon.
Cranbrook has the material for one
of tbe best baseball clubs in the district
and if given lhe proper   ftlpporl there Is
no doubt that the team will acquit themselves iu a manner that will prove a
credit to the town and players,
Baseball Is one of the most interesting
and healthful of alhltOc sports ami
should be liberally supported by the citizens. 	
Sealed tenders for lhe confectionery
booth on the grounds of the Cranbrook
Turf and Athletic association. May 24,
will lie received by the secretary up to
noon Monday, May 19.
James Gill, Secretary.
Sealed tenders lor the liquor booth on
the grounds of the Craubrook Turf anil
Athletic association, May 24, will be received by the secretary up to 110011,
Monday. May 19. The association will
not provide license.
James Gill, Secretary,
Tlemskcrs Wanled.
1 want 40 tie makers to work nuking
ties about sewn miles sooth  of Moyie.
For further particulars apply lu
o. R  Mnn, Moyle,
Or Geo, Reed, at camp. cranbrook herald pn you Take The Herald?
Editor and Proprietor
The HeraW desires to give the news of tlie
dlstrlet. If yuu know any about your tuwn
your mine nr ymir people, seud it tn llils offlee.
Harry Bentley is a candidate for the
territorial house from Lethbridge, lie
should be elected, and if he is thul district will have a hustler that will never
quit working for the best interests nt his
section and lhe territory at large.
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique olfaction. It is *vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Nelson may otter u bonus for lead
works in that citj. It is this kind of a
policy that makes the city on the take a
great place.
The Nelson News says Unit a number
oflead dollars have been In circulation
lu that city lately. With lhe North
Star shipping, the Sullivan and St. Eugene preparing tu resume, this district
will have thousands of lead dollars
circulation this season.
Although E. C. .Smith is the only
who has openly declared lie would be a
candidate, there will be others, It is
rumored that J. A. Harvey and Dr. Watt
of Fort Sleele, might consent to have
their names presented, and without a
doubt the towns of Pernie ami Crau
brook will have candidates by the time
the house adjourns. Judging from present indications, there will be au election
this summer, and it promises to be a
warm oue,        	
The Cranbrook Herald is more widely
read than any other paper published iu
South East Kootenay.
Real Estate for Sale by " Hutch
house and Lot nu Baker Ilill, Six Room.*;
$650 cash, balance easy terms
Mouse and  Lot,   Six   Rooms and Stable,
S.inn cash, balance easy terms
Mouse  and   Lot, Six   Rooms, $000  cash
All Snaps.    Pirst Come, First Served
It Pays to "HUTCH."
8-<frH&-fSHIHMHi^^ <^>^-e>-®^^-®-^>-®-®-®~ ®-
"Amber" Plug Smokln
winning  on   its merits,
tried it"
The showing made on revenues nnd
appropriations in the ridings of North
and South Kant Kootenay illustrates the
fact that a cabinet officer Is a good thing
far any district.
Tbe British Columbia parliament
ahould get Dunsmuir's resignation when
he ia given his check for coronation expenses. That would be n good bargain
for the province.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary  Public.
Cranhrnuk und Marysvllle, It. C.
Morgan received as his fee lor promoting the steamship combine, j^n.nofi.ooo
in stock. ThBt is not bad for 30 days'
Last week a deputation of Victoria
citizens called upon Mr. McPhillips,
member from Unit city, and insisted
that he should support the Canadian
Northern railway bill. Mr. McPhillips
showed that be did not curry a wet rag
for a backbone whet, he emphatically
deeliued to be bull dozed, but declared
tbat be would do all In his power to prevent the government passing a bill that
would be a detriment to the province.
Good for McPhillips. British Columbia
stands iu ueed of such legislators these
E-C. Smith of this district, is standing pat against the Canadian Northern
deal. It is impossible to coerce him or
coax him. He is of the opinion that the
bill is a rank imposition upon the people and he will fight it to the lust ditch.
The day has gone by when British Columbia should give principalities tc railway companies for building roads. The
Canadian Northern contract with lhe
government shows the Italian ham) o
the railway lawyer In every line. The
government is giving millions, and yel
there is not a clause in the whole contract that any business man would accept as a fair deal to both parties—it is
all for the railway company.
From the Marysvllle Trliniin
Mrs. E, II. Small and Miss Wellman
ls visiting Mrs. McKenzie this week.
Mlaa Ethel Bennett In visiting her
•later Mrs. Hope of Moyie, for a few
A party consisting of Mrs. McKenzie
Mrs. McMillan, Mrs. Iv II Small, Miss
Wellman, Mr. Saunders and .Um Warren
visited the Sullivan mine on Friday.
M, W. Shilling of Perry Creek placer
diggings visited town this week. He
says tbat everything Is bright aud prosper oui looking. The Omenloa Intend
to sink tbelr shaft loo feet this summer.
Hugh McQoald, who was well known
In the boom days of Port Steele, aB a
newspaper correspondent and all round
good fellow, died recently of apoplexy
In his hotel In Helena. Ills death will
be sad new* to many in this district.
The liberals of Marysville held a
meeting last Wednesday evening and
Indulged In a love feast. Ur. Watt, of
Fort Steele, was present, and delivered
an address. It Is rumored that the
doctor would not be averse to having
his name presented in this district fn
event of an election.
Report On C. P. R. Coal.
Maryavlle Tribune
[Ottawa, AprO eg —The minister of
ihe Interior has submitted to Parliament the report of Colonel Taylor, of
Pittsburg, who, at Mr. Sifton's request,
examined last summer tbe Crow's Neat
Pais Coal company's Held In order lo
determine the best place to select tlie
50,000 acres of coal lands to which the
government Is entitled, such lands to
be of an average value of the entire
coalfield. The expert made a careful
examination of the coal developed at
the mines of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal company at Michel Creek, Coai
Creek, aud Morrissey Creek, anil also
examined It where developed by the C
P.E, company on Michel Creek, near
Marten Creek. Prom the development
now made he judges the best part of
litis coaliOlililiotli In regard to thickness
of seams and ease with which they may
be worked), lies between Michel Creek,
where Marten Creek enters It, and
Morrissey Creek, where Crow's Nest
Pass Coal company are now operating
their mines.
He recommends . "That all the coal
lying between Morrissey Creek and
the outcropping of the seams on Lodge-
pole Creek, be selected, and that a
dividing line be drawn frcm a point at 1
the junction of the north atd south
branch of Morrissey Creek near where-
present openings are being made by
the Crows Nest Pass Coal company;
from this point due north until It Intersects with a line running east and
west through the most southern side of
the property, now owned by the Crow's.
Nest Pass Coal company on Marten
Creek, and that the gteater pan of the
60,000 acres be selected to the east and
south of these two linen. With a proper
division made of the coal selected as
above described at Morrissey Creek
there might be two separate operations
made In ihi*. cicek, one ol which ccu'u
operate in the territory directly south
of the creek, and the other could worli
In the territory east and north. Tht
uext available place would be on Michel
Creek aud Marten Creek. This territory could be_so divided as to accommodate two operations. These are tl'i
only two available places for opera
lions, that I saw, and I would classify li,
relative merits the operation on Morrissey Creek as No. 1, and that on
Marten Creek and Mictiel Creek as No,
'£. In recommending tbe selection of a
continuous territory from Morrissey
Creek to Michel Creek I had In iny mlud
llie fact that If a smaller Held were
selected at Morrissey Creek and another similar held at Michel Creek and
Marten Creek, that the intervening
territory between these two Balds
would be worthless, as it would be lu-
accessible from any other points.
And 1 am of the opinion that the centre
of tbe field lying between the two
points above mentioned will be found
lo contain the best coal, Tbe distance
across the Held measured between these
two points is but nine or ten miles, anil
It is perfectly practicable to mine hall
way from each aide. That would give
a maximum underground haulage ot
the coal of four or live miles, which Ik
uot au Impractlcible distance. I wish
to especially recommend to yon the
selection of thc Held at Morrissey Creek
as ttie present developments Indicate
that the coal Is here at Its maximum
tnlckuesB, and lies In thc mountain in
such a way that It can be economically
moved aud operated, and there will be
twj main lines of railway easily accessible from this point."
A Secret.
A Wonderful District.
Marysvllle Tribune.
A district which ha**, not only coal,
iron and mineral, to buck It up, but also
timber and agricultural industries, a
magnlllcent climate and good people In
ll Is needed iu a lucky district. Such a
district Is South Kast Kootenay. Within the limits of tbis section we have
coal, yes coal *'to burn", thousands and
thousands of acres of coal. We have
limber, many thousands of acres of
timber. We have mines, among others
thc St. Rugene which has perhaps the
largest deposit of sliver lead ore on the
North American continent. The North
Star another silver lead properly ofgreat
mint and a steady dividend payer. Ttie
Sullivan another silver lead property
with 860,000 tons of ore blocked out and
which Is now preparing to treat Us own
ore and Is building a smelter for that
purpose at our own town of Marysvllle.
We have agricultural and ranching
lands In various parts ofthe district.
The Valley of the Kooienay river la
doited from its source lo the boun'lry
line willi farms which would be a credit
to any country, The St. Marys pralr'e
and thc upper St, Marys countTy are
a'so good farming sections and to Is ihe
conn y around the towns of Cranbrook
and Marysvllle.
A country with all these natural advantages cannot stay iu the background
long. Capital is looking for countries
ihat have a prosperous future before
tbem and South Gist Kootenay Is without a shadow of a doubt one of these.
UuUlte many other mining countries,
South I'Ust Kootenay Is not a country
with only one resource as has been
shown above.
Another point in which our district Is
superior to many others Is In the matter of its natural advantages for manufacturing, At many points In the district the cheapest kind of power,
water, can be used and where this advantage does not exist coal and coke
n be obtained more cheaply than In
other sections owing to our huge coal
Hence, as we have said before and
shall say again, South East Kooienay ls
a good country to tie np to. We have
tied up to it and we have never regret
ted It.
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
j Carriage Repairing and
(icncral Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended to.
Surveys *,
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made hy contract,
I>. 0. Port Sleele, It. C.
and Builder  .*
All wnrk guaranteed,   Sec us hefnre
you build.   II will pay ynu.
Cranbrook, B C
The fifth annual meeting ot thc shareholders id lha Crow's Nest Pass Coal
company wai held in forouto on March
The net profli nf itn- year nfter paving all operating expanses and all
charges of every liliid, a mounted to
8307.UIS 311. Alter paying a dividend
at the rale of ion per cut per annum
n balance of -■■-. 1 ID vi wns carried forward to Uie credit ul protlt and loss.
Tlih Company's   ashclS ire their roal
mines ami the townsile of Pernie, Pour
years ago this company had no tram
portatlon facilities, am! their stock sold
as low as eleven uenta per  share.    Tc
day their sinck Is Belling at (00.00.
ii in her, Waier Power, Agricultural ami llm
liuillunil 1.11 ml, Cily Water Works, Electric
l.iRlii Plant and the Townsile uf Ashnola,
surrounded by the followlt g resources:
Hold, Copper, Silver, Lend, Iron, Lime, Fire
Clay, Platinum, and a Pine Stock Muisin*-.
Country, ami it is the smelling center 1 1"
lite Similkameen Valley with a climate
all that could bo asked. Today yau
can secure au option on this company's
stock by paving ten cents per share
down and len cents per month until
fullv paid, with nou*forfeltnre clause.
This pile Is subj-ct to a twenty-live
cent advance without notice, or as soon
as transportation is atsured. The present price Is 81.10 per share, Di not
wall until It Is too late, but get In en
the ground Door and make a handsome
prollt. A purchaser of 100 share* now
may gain a profit of 88,000.00, Crow's
Nest shares as an example. This would
he a fair profit on an Investment nf SH)
per mcuth for eleven months. We iu*
vile the fullest Inspection if the company's affrirs by intending purchasers.
For further Information apply to the
Similkameen Valley Coal Company Limited, Head Olllce, Nelson. B, C. Room
"A," K. W. C, Block, Nelson, D, C.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
The work of preparing for the installing the new boilers nt the St. Eugene
compressor la progressing favorably.
Two mammoth boilers are cxpected-
dally. They are coming all the way
from Scotland. The two old boilers
wilt be remodeled and reinstalled, which
will make a battery of four boilers In
all. All indications now seem to point
to a resumption of operations at the
mine and mill before any great length
Of tine.
Mnrysvlle Tribune
The following secret of the Newspaper Press association Is revealed by
au exchange. We trust our brothers of
the forth estate will not expel us. however we take all risk -
The entire sign consists of three
kicks on the sanctum door, which should
be given with deliberation. Oa entering you will kindly remove your hat
and advance to tbe center of the room.
Place your right hand laside your pants
pocket, thumb and finger tightly clasping two silver dollars Into the palm of
the editor and at the same time say :
■Send your paper to me." The editor
In response ahould mm'mer i "Thank
you," after which you will be seated
and tell him all the news. If it should
happen that you are without silver
dollars, try paper ones. It might
answer the purpose just as well.—
L.i.leau lilagle.
The Lumber Combine.
Marysvllle Tribune
The Rosa'and Miner says : Recent
arrivals in Rissland from East Kootenay are responsible for the statement
that the big lumber combination which
has been projected for some months is
uow completed. Archie Leltch, the
Craubrook lumber magnate, having
reached home alter a lengthy visit In
the eiist, during which the final steps
In the amalgamation were taken. The
combination includes Ave of the largest
mills In Kist Kootenav, and report has
It that tbe combination has secured almost Invaluable privileges In form of a
tlve year contract to supply the Canadian Pacific wltb material and cutting
concession on railroad reserve for an
equal period. The latter feature will
permit of lumbering operations on
ground that Is covered with the most
magnificent timber in the country, but
which has aa yet been untouched by the
logging camps.
Negotiations looking to the formation
of such a combination have be; 11 u-ulcr
.. ay for some Ume, in fact, It Is well
known that the principal promoters
have had the scheme In mind for a vear
or more. The lumber induttrv In Bast
Kootenay h as assumed such proportions
as to necessitate the employment of
large capital, and the competition
engendc red among the big plants began
to b.; felt, al though the present year Is
exceptional, inasmuch as It Is stated on
excellent authority, that every mill In
tlie country has orders for Its entire
winter cut of logs. The theory of combining the mills, wiping out much of
the competition that was beginning to
crop np. and substantially lowering the
costs of office management and selling
finished miterial In the Territories,
which Is the natural market for the
product, appeared to be attractive, and
It Is now stated that the proposition has
been closed up.
The effect of such commercial combinations Is usually to close down some
of tbe plants Interested, but this will
certainly uot be the case iu Hast Kootenay this yeir for obvious reasons.
The mills are scattered somewhrt, and
thc ordinary complement of superintendents and foreman will have to bo
retained while the crews of sawyers
and loggers will tin of course, be re-
Undertaking And
Grsiitiinte of Champion college of U. S
Oflire nml store, Aiken Mock,
near Can.-idinn Hank or Commerce, Crnnlirook, 11. C.
Upholstering and (lencral Furniture Repairing
Will atlenil to any work in the [listrict
....Dealers in....
Physician and Surgeon.
Office al Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   ■   •   ■   ■   WO to II
Allernooos   ■   •   ■   •   1:30 lo 3:30
Evenings    •   •   ■   •    7.30 to 8:30
CRANIIROOK,    -.   :   :        :   :    B.
m \*/    PIEPER & CURRIE,
Paints, Oils^Varnishes, Brushes,
& ty
It Wall s Paper,
As       riouldings, Etc.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephartl R'y Co.,
}ed    Mountain    Railway   Co
%V Paper Hangers and Decorators, m
i 1
§P. Burns &Co|
Wholesale and Retail St1
E§: The only all mil mute between all
^= |     points IJtiat, West and .South to ...
Licensed Provincial Assayer
Uta analytical chemist nud cdntrot assayer t<>
tin- North star Mm ii - i-niiiiinuy.il
Every Description nf Mineral Analysis,
Prompt Attention tn Samples hy Mall and
Office and l.iilioratnry:
Kooienay St., Nelson, R. C.
I.O.O.I*.    Key City Lodge
No. 4*),    Meets every F
ilny nlflhl nt their imii mi
linker street,   Sojourning
Dally Invited.
8 Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh   |
Fish, Game and Poultry.        |
****** &
We supply only Ihe best.    Your
trade is solicited,
S. J Morrow,
\ Islllus
A f,. McDermot,
(.rnntimiik Lodge, No. 31
A. F. & A. M.
Ha-iiliir i HUBS '"I 'I'"
third Thursday or lho
lllcra wolcolnril,
en... A. l.tsiTi'ii. Sec'y.
I ti-i
Horry Mcintosh
A Continuous Show
First Class Cafe and
Rooms in Connection
"Always on Shift"
W. 1-. GURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Drink Home Beei
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes mode new.   Ail kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
Intermediate I'umls.
Connecting nt
SFOKANR svitlitlic-
Orent Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. es N. Company.
Nelson  with   Steamer for  Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls witli Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Cnlllll'CtH llllilV
At    Itossbui'K   Stage   llally   fir
firand Porks and llricnw.iod
II. A. JACKSON, Urn. I'ass. Agl.
I have (food wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsile oflice receive prompt attention*
Richard Stewart
There.arc a few poinls lo
be considered in building.
Good  work.   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have you talked wllh anyone about hiilldlnit?
Came and sec mc or let me sec you. ll may
do ur both Kood.
Contractor. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
Go The Herald Office
a      By Homer i.oc sniiih       a
ft    r..|.yrl|,l.l. mnl, l.V'V.S. Kli'lntrilH.iii   tt
Ainmu'. llic Cubntifl who wore ready
to i'< Iv<< Ilu' hiiiiiIII.uk hi' mil- as llic
sicniiH'i' wns I'tu'i.i'il iii ii lint.' eovu al
mlilnlKhl   lifter   Mi.- .siiill.v   ilinli Inn
llic Spnnlali mini tn mis lhc uillcnst.
11,. was nn Atnorlcnil llllll, Ihoniill m
mgiieil iiiiii'i.i'iii nn.l lun inn ii iltorep
llllilill'   loilk,    SVlls   DVl.1l.llt1)     IllllCll    IV
apcctCll 1.)' lie r.'l'.'ls. lie mis in
.'liai's!.'  ..!'   llic   pni'ly   nnl.i.i.Imii   Hi.'
mms nml liml tin orgy ..1 alx nnil-
limy moil, Wli,.ii llic hoxim ss.'iv -al'i"
l.v llshiil'c, In- sin,l i.. ih,. ii.,. ,.f us who
liml rolniiloQi-c.il fur lho Oolinn non-loo:
"Now*, boys, uuni,. uin-ml. If iuii lm,I
known wlml ymi were boIiib Into, ..mi
wouldn't In- hero. As il is. you'll hnvo
to uiiilio llic best of It. 'I'lii' I'nl.niis
want help, Iml Ihoy won't gtvo nn out-
shlor il fu iv show, nml If nny nf you
happens to bo taken prls r I'll guar-
nntce tlmt yuu won't live ten minutes.
There's soiiiii llttlo patriotism iilu.nl il.
enough to mnko ynu wnul in shoot
straight, but llic "huh' thing is n family row. nml nue cnn'l sn)' cilougli hml
things about cither shlo. My uaino's
Chips, Just Chips, nn.l 1 cninu over
hero simply in gel shot."
Chips wns u si nnt. n spy nml a shnrp-
sliooter nnil hml lliii.- in .In with Um
rank nml fllo. lie colllil have given
nny Cuban general spmtos and enrils
on how to conduct u campaign, lis-
wns thoroughly disgusted wiih the
style of lighting niul thc cruelty practiced on prisoners, but lie offered no
It wns n month I.croro I gut his story.
Wo liml IiiiiI two ur three skirmishes
with the Spanish nml hn.l been amazed
nt the reckless manner In which he exposed his life,    lie sens n dead shot
anil perfectly  Indifferent lu the c	
my's hullets.llllil I  honestly believe Unit
Iii the yenr In- wns .villi iiie Cubans
he Inlllclc.l nt lenst hull' Uie less suffered hy the Spanish. 1 IiiiiI heard him
coughing ut night in a wny In innlse
mc wonder if consumption had not
token n tii'in hold "ii lilm, nml I
couldn't help Inn notice how thin he
wns nml how llttlo appetite he hml. it
wus one dn.v while sve wore scouting
within a mile of tin- Spanish lines nnd
were lying in n thicket, wiih llie limit
crabs nipping nt our clothing nml lhe
mosquitoes hovering about us in
clouds, Uml be said!
"Yes. there's n story behind nil (liis-.
hut 1 ilnn't enre lu rake it up.-   Vnn nil
me   feeling   of   mere)-   toward  a
rebel timn for n rut lu the gutter, und   \Ip|c/vn • TV lit •  'lii'l
he proceeded to try ns by court mar-   nslfw" •   1 will . tlllU
other  officer. I
r.ndlt'Sa! Awning : Factory
llr  I'lilh'tl   in   no other  offloi
ivns n sin in I i n l' i
i take no prise
oil only by ncckloiit.   A court'
nni'tlul wns merely tin* preface to lm*!
Int:   Rliol   uml   was  ho   undoratood   by
ii wns u bountiful morning un we
were ilniwn  ii|i In Hue before nu old
Biignr I ion no which bud boon turned
inin ;i iii'nii<|uiirti-H und the Spanish
KOIloral begun bllflllieHB. Wo were disarmed, imi not bound. The enemy
wero ti'ii In mn' uml hi'iiiini'd uh Iu on
three Bides. Tlio first mini on lhe right
• 'I t>iii' Inn' was ibe Hist oui' cilllod lie*
r.uv iiii- "court." inside of thirty Bee*
mills bt> hud boon uhnrgeil, tried, con*;
vi, it'll, Bcnlonceil uml led away to be
shot, iii' was hardly out of our Bight
before he was a dend num. The general wits no niul) to dully. lie went
tlit'oiiRli with It US bo would a drill,1
uml ii was not long before our line bnd
Blint'teiied up In ten men. The live'
Americans of us were on the left, «!• j
bows touching, mul not n mnn of ua
bnd tin- slightest hope In bis breast
when chips uttered his first word. j
"Boys," snld bo hi a low voice, but
plainly nudlble t<> every one of us, "the
general is sending smils to kingdom
coiuo by express, but 1 am going to lu-
terriipt his little game. Now, pay
strict attention tn whnt I say nnd mnke
no comments or suggestions.
lust Culiuii Is railed in I nm going to
mnke n tlnsh for tho cnptnln directly
Draying and
I'i.iiKU) Moving a Specialty.
Public notlen Is ht-reby given unit montlnKso
io Commission issued to W. II. llulloi*k-Wi*h*
it, Kki*,, »r Nelson, tn hold mi Inquiry into the
lmii,lstrftUr.ii of ilm *'J.ii|iior l.taciice Art tiHxi"
As the In the Port Steele hlcecee District, will lie he'd
i follows:
At Moyloonaoth May, 1KB!, nt io o'clock n. in.
At Klko mi JTIll .Mil), I'll'.', nt
.\t Mill
nine on end June, we, at 10 o'cloi
it of me.   I'll roach blm In three At Pernie, du -'.'Hi -May. I002,nt to o'clock
jumps, nml before he can straighten AtCrnnbinokonaist May, mu.ut
up I'll have his sword and drive It
through him.   Then I'll put my buck
ngainst that tree and die ns I hnve "mi' Klmberley nn 4th .lime, 1002, at to o'clock
been hoping to.   I won't last long, of '• ■•••
course, but I'll got two or three more At P«t st««1e,
of them. 'or Hiiiob alt jirrsoni In create I are hereby ro*
Ono of ibe two remaining Cubnnt ipitrod totake 11 I loo anil t-overn ihemsalves
wus taken, ami as he entered the house ncoordlngiy,
with n prayer on bis lips Chips con-
1 nn .imii',
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canudiun Pacific Railway Company control a larste area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, thc latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate am I iii principal and Inl rest, except  in  the
case ul lands iiiulcr $2,50 an acre, is divided into len instalments as
shown in lhc tabic below; the first lu he paid at lhc lime of pur*
chase, tne second une .ear from dule ot lhe purchase, Ihe third in
two year- and sn on,
The following lablc shows Ihe amount of the annual instalments
nn Ian aires ai different prices under Ihe abuve condilions:
160 acn al 12,50 per acr, 1st Instalment S.M.9S
.l.llll     •■ .1
3.50     •■ •
f.llll ■•
t.50 »
5.00     " "
enl $59.95
9 equal
intal'ts at $50.00
90 00
Kimherlev is thu business and shipping point for thc
■xiiiii-ti icj N|)rlh S|ar a|)() Su|Hvan m,ncs
BEAL & GLLWELL, Townsilc Agents.
Cranbrook is "lc u'vis'ona' P0'"'(lf -'le Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of  Ft nth
East Kootenay,
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
Far further iatiirmiiliiin apply la ngcals as above or lu
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If the land Is paid lor in lull at the
time of purchase, a reduction from lhe
price wilt be allowed equal tu len per
cent on the amount paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will he
charged in over due instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale.
in the following town sites in Past Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kitchener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and ^twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to thc White
tlrousc copper fields.   J. I. BURQESS,
Townsite Agent.
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
"Steady, now, nnd don't miss a word.
Nobody is to follow me. There on tbe
right Hank their line is the thinnest
ami the Jungle thlekflst.   As I make
LKSTOCK li. i''i>i-i'.i:s.
Honremry to tlie L'oiniiilsiloi
Khnherloy, 11.11, lull May, 1002.
Sol Ice I?
■by f-lreii that thirty dnyi
my rush for the captain you rush tot 'l'lt' ' >»'"■""» '■'»■" »i>i'ii'*"ti"n to tlio
,.*„..       ,    ,, , ,  .  , (,oiiunl'.^nii*,r of Lanils mnl Works fur a h
the tlauk, break through nnd take to i0 prospect fK i
cover  iii  tho junglo.    You'll nil get lauds
nwny.   Get ready 1" |   (.'omiiieuclng nl ajo.t marked "Tho-. ll, Muf*!
Ml" )ill.I
ill) lill o
ml on lln' in !■
"liul we"—- I began, wben be inter- tatit*. W. e*
hank of Yiiri
""'len "icwitli. orly .llrcetl .n rrol
"Silence, fooll   Haven't I told you I |,osi: iiicnic ii .nil so aliahim
want In ilic?  Thero is no use throwing chains; tbetmo smith gochala,;
other lives nivn.v.   If one of you dares chain, to tho lilnsic sit WMiIng,
In follow tne, I'll turn tho sword on
him Instead of tho captain,   Tlioy are
coining for the last Cuban now.   Fetch
n  long breath and  when you mov.
mnko n  regular football rush of it    stotlc-ls hereby given tin
Km,  then  lini-rili'"                                 ilnte 1 lulenil tc make »|.p li
.\ii\s, iiiiii. nmtnii. ,,,,„ M|0ne| „, lamK | ,
Chips sprain: forward, nml we wheel- to pn
cl to llic right nml ninth' our rush.   It lands:
wns n complete success.   Heforc the cotiiuicniihig at.a pout
soldiers nt "pnrndo rest" conhl bring
up their muskets we wore upon and
over thorn, and, though n shower of tlis'iici
luillcls followed us Inlo the Jungle, no theUM
one wns hit.
Even ns wc ruslicil wo knew that
Chips Innl won his lirst stroke, for th.
olli.'or Bcrentncd out ns the steel wna Xotlco Is liereli. Riven
wrenched from his linnil ami found till data l inn-. .1 to maka a
heart. commissions! of i.m.is
11 was months Inter liefore we knew jninwecl tor coal on
all, licf.ii'.. ll wns lolil us that our coin-    JJJ,^ „,,„.,,  „,,,.,
rnde sim.il with his bnek to the tree iuuus.lt post ' plan
nml iniil about lilm till he hml killed lllcliclcrockfioilhlorl
Is...   (.lint's   nml    W01lll:lc:l   four.     II. »al I 'l"''s w Hi "'-   '"-
mi. fairly rlddletl with bullets heforc
In-  wenl  .loss ii  nml the cheer on hi.
lips turned to n death rattle lu hi. Mate
tlii.iiit.   Could his weeping mother and     1UUM l8,h A',nl- "
siccn hearted father hut know they
would say tlinl the outcast son had r.-
.'tiii.ilitiiic.l himself,
lako II Hint 1 cniiic from n good rant-
iiv.   hnve   Innl   nil   the   advantages   of
wealth and educn i, nud Ibal It's my
fault (Iml I nm today a finally outcast.    I'm  mu   I'liiiiiliig motlicr  tlod
lill.BR her   nml  I'm  not  bin t  finor
old ilml. tl's nil niv rotilt. Thoy rnn't
know whether I'm living or dead, Iiut
I l„.]>,. (hcy hnvo done grieving tor mc.
I was n foot nud worse. Now it's too
into to lull, of reconciliation.   Camp
life hns l.l'.iili.'lil  oil .'..iisiiihiili.nl, ami
m.v ilays me numbered,   li would ouly
ho going homo i o, and I'd sootier
do Ihnl  lioro.    1  mint' over here for
reckless adventure, nml I'm n g io
|.|is ii to ihe end.   All I'm afraid of
is liml I shall lie Ini.I up llie In-! Iliree
ir four weeks ..f my life uml .lie like
ii dog Iii his I.mi,.'l lustend nf putting
up ii ilecciil linisli."
1 naked Chips no Inipertlnout qncs-
llnng, Iml I thought II out I", inyself-
a rich mini's noil, Vale or liur.ui'.l,
lollta,   ri'1'i s.   ili-li.nioi-iil.Ie   inlnli'B,
lisurnce nnd pxiuil.lon. Tbnl svus
probably the worst ami only wlni has
i L'fnllon inuiii' ii lining iitnn. Cldps
inlghl Ims.' done mulish things, mad
hums. dlsllollOt'ullla lliilic.. lull lie ivns
nit a criminal. He was above Hint I
didn't even try to deceive blm ns to his
siule of health, He wus n doomed
inin. uml fully renllzod ii. Words of
cheer or sympnthy would hnve been
useless, lln.l he iiiiii me nothing I
could bavo known from liis reckless
scouting Unit due Hint he wanted lo
lie lho il.'uiii of n soldier lustend of nn
AttOttier week passed, nnd twenty-
live of uh were sent to break through
lhc Spanish lines nnil bring up inure
ammunition. Chips wns looking giuint
nml feeble,but he responded wiih nine-
"Ity. Ho realized the danger nud perhaps Intended lo make It his lust light.
It wns cnllrcly tbo fniilt of lho
Cuban colonel who commanded the do*
laclimont Hint wo wore led inlo n trap
and the entire command made prisoners without having n clinnco lo lire a
gun.   It wita n i t stroke ot business
on lhe part of lho Spanish, nml they rejoiced over It for hull' all liom I then
prepared to roup tlio fruits—Hint In, wo
were brought before a general who hud
I'ltlhcr ...  Wi.il.'r.i  .l.irl.|ir...l.'nc..
Louis 1V wus practically tho founder
of modern Jurisprudence.   About the
yenr Ull he noticed lhe abuses which   **.'"t  *i'l."-',',-<-'
ssere caused in I'niin'c by men taking J.'n.m'is. ti,uuc
ind. their own blinds the work of re-  ehnlliata tin'
dressing their own wrongs uml pub-
ll.hcd a proclamation establishing tin,
■ piui'iiiiiiiu- iiii rol.   This forbade prl-
vnie redress foe wrongs for lhe spue.
ol fulls sluts niter the Injury was eoui-
ir.ili. <l     liming thul lime the Injured
person must seek redress and solisfnc-  to priispeet for
linn  In the king's court,  nml If hi.  inn.Wi
wrong wire mil righted nt tho end of
i.iiis days he might then take Its roe-
llllinlii.il Into hln own hnilils.
'ihis    proclamation    made   Justlc.  i laryoft
speeily nml tnlcriibl.v sure, although, ot   itallB Ik™" '
course,   lis nilmitiistriitinii was In a
luiiiili ami ready way, nnd unless Ilia
1 tils nre nt  fntllt some law of till.
Liml provnlled In Louisiana nt the ilmo
is lien Missouri was ll part of th.
French king's possoaalona.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber, 1
Shingles and I
riouldings. |
;**♦*♦»,»v»,,,,,»»*„»*.»*#-*i ♦♦♦♦♦*+************^**»^
t llial 110
Nollee la hereby givi*
data Uie untlersiKned will apply
Commissioner of OuOr ami ivoi
lor ii.-rinKsli)ii to purohnso the
scribed 1andai ConimenolnB at i
on the wrst bnnk of (lock Orcek,
oi sou ii Knst Kootenny, ll. C .
west nt Klko. on tin- soulh side
Ni'st I'nss Railway) running wi
IIipuco south sn elialns, thence
thence north 80 chnlni i» the p
months nfter
to ttii< i iitO
hi at Victoria
followlns de-
post plnnted
lu theillfttrici
aiiniit Indies
ofthe crows
lit so chnlns,
•ji-ii -ii clinlns,
iliitu I
i o
i r i
given tint Hi irtl dnyantto
alto iippii'iitinii io tin'eh,i1
jiiidamid,Works torn llcons
tl on ih-' rollowlnirdescribe
A   ll.i.l   Drink.
"The forelguota up In the eonl re-   N W),imiii1|ii1  v	
rjlons," anya n writer In tho Phllndol*   ^iiiiiei
liliiii   Record,   "drink   potlnsky,   niul \ ic.ii-n from M, !.(■
tbut'8 why su ninny storied of horrible i,;!,>l.*sild!
erliuea come from there.   Pollnaky la
i mn
1 W. sl *>
lo ilie
I. A.
Notice la hereby given that Ihlrl
iliito I Inti'iid to make nutillealla
Coiuml-isluai'r of UiiiUiid Wnr
inl on Hit* [nun
s after
Bhnlilsi tiif
ut ilu' bottom of every riot nnil much | '"lilTtml imh April,
murder, n is simply u mixture of beer
niul buil whisky, usually blended fn a
wusbtiil) nml seasoned wllh spices. At
every wedding, christening, wake or
other gathering of n Boelal nature there mupp7s'poct'tor
is nlwnys a tub of pollnsky. In one hnndu
hour nil bands will be drunk, Jn two ioiiiinenctii«iitn posl nurked ^:S||J™JJ
boom thero will be a free fight, nnd, &3KSU5E 3> » &£$&
imli'ss ilio police Interfere, in threo ,.,,,,,!,,„ from o, Mclim-s H, It,-corner post j
hours there will bo a. murder. In the j ttioncc noriii hu ctttuns; tinuico west su chains]
thickly   popnlnti'il   eommunltlos   tinmen south hi elmiiw: them
In lltt'Cl
torn lloci
ni* ileaorll
riiiiin-. ti
Diiii-a -.'.-iiii Mari-h, mi.
BlffneilfrETKH LUND.
,tf tttttfttttn-)**!-)-1-1-1-3*4i>.>
| HOTEL... |
•li CRANBROOK, B. C. 2
4 immiimHiKi""!1 *
J PfiTF.R MATtlliSiiN. Proprietor, *
JJ ummmKiifssfii"1 u.
** when you nre hungry and ..ant ^
-i a goo'l meni go to the Raat f-
-. Kooienay. JJ
2 When you  are tired anil wnul n v
1,1 goml rest go to the Kast Koo- *i
** tcnay. S
J When you are thirsty ami want a ,,,
"a nnijii ilrink   go   to llle   Hunt a.
IP Kootenay. Jjj
4 In fact whi ti you are in Crauhrook .,
JH slop nt the East Kootenay. 1»
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New York
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
II ao. don't buy    QP|  XI PD   Tke O.I) Wbol.ule Ll.uir De.lcr I.
"CL I I CK   South tail kooteiu).    Mrlte (sir Prlcl
until you see,
Cranbrook, B. C «• * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point (or South East Kootenay.
One nf the Most C'iniforttble
Hotels in Hast Kootenay,
Refitted Through nut
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. 1-1 gytU p I
Crauhrook, B.C. ... 1   1 \J LCI
the pollco try fo break up these pollnnky
parties hi (heir Incipient stnges, but
tbey don't always succeed."
Ford Me.
Sonic of tho Into Lord Randolph
Churchill's friends ouee tried to have
T.ot-d Salisbury relnstato IiIb erratic
Itoutonnnt. Salisbury listened to them
pntlontly and*, then naked, "Have uny
nf you ever liml it tiirbunrle on the
back of your neck?"
"No," wu.s tbo reply.
"Well, I hnve," retorted hll lordship,
"and I don't want another,"- ***_**■_ J
Hit pinc of hoitlnnlng,
liatett uiili April. 100a.
Nollea Is hereby Rlvon that thlny days atn
ihile I Itilonil to make npnllaatloii to tlio Chief
Coiunilaaloner of 1-nnda and Works tor n lleenso
t„ prospi'dt for coal on the followlns ileiorlboil
ionnnonolnj'ul n nbst inarkeil ■'('. \V. (Irnltia
S W. i-nriii'i'|"**l" I'lanti'il mi the went hank ol
Michel oreek Immnrtlatoly adjoining I. a. Mof- .
fat'* n. -V- corner |iostt ihoneo iinrth bocIiiiIiib;
iiit!iu?iM'ii->tMi ,-iiiiins; tiii'ti I- smith soohn'nsi
lioncc west f 0 chtum to tho iilnoeol in'i-iiiiiiiu;.
IJ, W.liltAlNM.
Datoil 10th April, mu.1, I
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
oda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
St. Paul Chicago and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
East, leave Dunmore Jet, daily
Lv Koolcaay Laading Friday
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
West, leave Revelstoke   daily
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
.Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
A. (I. P. A , AlCBl,
V'aiilmii.L'r. Craabrook
J. S. CAKTIilt, D. P, A., N.I.OB, B. C.
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
• J|. V/ The best of accomodations
LeaCllllg   X lor the traveling public.
Hf»f4--I McHAHON  BROS..
1 IV" IV. I Proprietor!.
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Teams ami tlrlvera fiirni.hed for any
lioinl in the ili.lrii-t.
Manager   Jt   Jt   Jt
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor ,.-v-ir--(i>-ffl^(B-®-<!)-ls>-®--®--®--®-®--®-« -•
•   •    ■'■-s..Ji..)-S!V®-^-®-«--®--<!Hs)-®-®-l!l-
We are receiving new goods
daily. See our new Waists.
See the latest in Hats. Our
prices are always right. <£ *#
n    ...    ,... .^^^.^^^
We have a fine selection of Spring
and Summer Suitings. The patterns
are the latest and best and our prices
are satisfactory to ali.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B, C
Steamboat Excursion
Monday, May 19,1902
This will be an opportunity for a glor
ions outing.    Leave Cranbrook 7:30  by
vehicle and Fort Steele by boat at 10, re
turning to Cranbrook at 9 p. m.
Fare, Round Trip, $2.50
Children, Free
i. ot Intel lm- or exterior ol sour home an to *
t| Amateur work will receive our best attcn »
^      inm. Nonresident wnrk solicited      -jy
In Old Camcrion Motel Building
l hnve recently opened this hotel nnd am
ready to take boarders by the ilny, wool* or
men!, t have im ll(|llor license nml it Is my intention to run a strictly first class boarding
For Fire Insurance
at Equitable Rates
in Reliable Companies
See US.  we can
save you money.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Proprietor of the*
Candy Kitchen
Carries a <■<....j.iet.. stock nt
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Olve as a call
t     LOCAL  NOTES     I
41 t»
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
The man who whispers down a well
Aliont the goods helms to sell,
Won't reap the gleatnitljt, (.olden dollars
Like one who cliinhs atrerand hollers.
Miirai.—Advertise your ijooils in The
A good Watch Is a necessity al sis ili/alii n
Among High lirade Railroad Watches THE
WAL1HAM holds lis owe. Come In aad see
our selection.
Official Witch Inspector lor
Crows Nest divlefon C. P. k.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
Freali (lower seeds »t Beattle'a-
AI. I!   I-Iinj- visited Macleod this week.
Charley McNab came up from JniTray
1). J.   Kliuer of Moyie, was ill town
ibis week.
Archie Leltch   visiicd   Frank, Alta.,
over .Sunday.
George Johnson came down Irom I'ernie yesterday,
p Don't forget the excursion to Wasa
next Monday.
Charles Reid came down from Marysville this week.
Very best dairy butter,  25*: per pound
atG. T. Rogers'.
Four fresh milch cows for sate.   Apply
to P. McConnell.
J. I). McBride is having the front of
his store painted,
P, Lund and fatuity have moved into
their uew residence.
A. Dick,   inspector of mines,   visited
the Sullivan mine last week.
A paying investment—a summer suit
made by McSweyn & Griffith.
William Carlin, the Fort Sleele merchant, was in town this week.
Mr. nud Mrs. Mclliide have taken n
room ui s. Richards' residence.
Go to Beattle'a fur your flower seeda.
Drop in ut Mrs. McCounell's uud try
one of those elegant milk shakes.
Flelschmann'S compressed yeast, 3
packages lor mc at ft. T. Rogers'.
Ice cream, the best, will now be fouud
ut Mrs. P. McCouueH's. Will sell by
J ish or gallon.
Mrs K.J Peltier is now doing nicely
at the hospital, ami will in a short time
be fully recovered
Mr. and Mrs. McKenzie, Mr. Saunders
ami Mrs, McMillan drove dowu from
Marysvllle Sunday.
A large amount of work is being done
in the way of improving the C. P. R
yards in Cranbrook,
N. Iliinson ofWaia, was in town yes
lerrlay,    He reports the  Kootenay liver
as rising very rapidly.
James Hunter, A   K. Watt and Tom
Turley tell Tuesday for St. Marys lake
for au outing of a week.
J. P. Fink and Fred Iliuen attended
the dunce at Ibe Royal hotel iu Marys
ville last Monday night.
our customers say Brandon creamery
butter is the choicest they ever got.
30c per pound ot G T. Rogers'.
Kev. Bowering preached in the Methodic church ol Nelson last Wednesday
on the parable ofthe Prodigal son.
Cull   anil   examine  our  stock      Fo
trouble to show goods and ijuote prices
McSweyn & Griffith.
W. W. Doble returned Tuesday from
his regular monthly inspection of the
P Bums & Co.'s brandies iu this section.
W. P, Tate, tbe jeweler, is showing
an elegant line of gold, gold filled (10
year guarantee) and nlcklespectacle and
eye glass frames.
Tom Rookes left yesterday for Halcyon Hot Springs where be will meet
Mrs. Rookes who is reluming from her
sojourn in California.
Peter Mallieson ofthe Kast Kootenny
hotel, has secured an ex'ension of his
'ease, and is now making many iitiprov
metits about llle premises,
Cranbrook has too many dogs of the
cur variety. They have become a veritable nuisance. A shot gun raid would
be n good thing for the community.
Summer is here to stay, ami you can't
keep cool in that winter suit.     Come in
and have a look at our summer suitings,
McSweyn & Griffith.
The band sland erected opposite tbe
Cranbrook hotel was the source of great
attraction last Saturday night. Many
people enjoyed the concert giveu by the
Al Murphy, a miner at lhe North Star,
fell down au upraise last week ami got
himself badly bruised JIc canie down
to the St. Kugene hospital Saturday
M, Mclnnes, who was lying quite ill
last week, has greatly improved nnd is
rapid'y recovering. "Mac's" many
friends will be pleased to learn of this
The people of Cranbrood are making
greal progress in the way of improving
their premises. There are very few
towns nl tbe size of Cranbrook that have
as many pretty homes,
The miners of the North Star have
voted to pay their hospital feeB into the
St. Eugene hospital hereafter, instead of
the Fort Steele, as the St. Kugene is
much more convenient to that property.
W. Sherratl is at the bank acting a»
relief while some of the members of the
force take their annual vacatiou. He
keeps traveling for Ibis purpose and his
appearance is always greeted with joy
by tbe hoys in the bank.
G. P. Tisdale, proprietor of the Cranbrook Candy kitchen, has purchased the
(inn a tit stock on Front street, and took
possession lasl Monday. He will carry
a full stock of candy, fruit, etc., aud
have ice cream regularly.
H. I. Slepbeus and Thomas Crahan
of tbe Melbourne hotel at Klko, were in
town Monday. The gentlemen say that
every arrangement Is being made to give
Klko a rousing time ou the 74th, and
that there will be all kinds of fun.
If you suffer with head ache or dizziness, it is generally due to eye strain.
If so a properly fitted pair of glasses
will relieve it. Consult W, F. Tate, the
jeweler.   No charge for examination.
The local members ot the brotherhood
nf Locomotive Firemen met Monday
night to arrange matters relative to tin*
death "f W. T, Peters iu South Africa.
The hall wns draped in mourning and
the engines nn the  Crow will be draped
in memory of the departed one.
A h. McDermot, customs officer for
Ibis district, hns been appointed collec
tor of Inland revenue, which augments
liis salary as well as increases his duties
Mr. McDermot, by bis efficiency and
close attention to business, is being rapidly advanced by the government.
Walter Johnson and Daniel 0'Con ne] I
were brought to Cranbrook Sunday
night by Constable Forbes of Kimberley.
TIip men were charged with an attempt
to hold up James McBride on lhe roatl
between Kimberley and the North Star
Sunday afternoon. The men were ar
raigned before A. Leitcb, J. P., Monday
and remanded until Thursday.
Miss Ryan, who haa been visit'tig her
brother James Ryan for the past winter,
returned to her eastern borne last Monday. She was accompanied by little
Earl Ryan, a nephew, who bas been ruling the roost about the hotel since
his arrival, Miss Ryan expects
lo return to Cranbrook home time
this summer. Tbe station platform was
crowded wllh the many Cranbrook
friends who had gathered to say good
Alfred Pllkey is making a Urst class
paper out of tbe Lardeau Eagle.
F. J. Deane, who recently look charge
of the Nelson Miner and changed the
name to the News, is giving Nelson nu
np-to-dale dally, aud at the same time
seeuis to be runuiug it ou a business
Fred Smyth oi the Moyle Leader, has
cut down Hie home print ul bis paper
one page. That was good business, nnd
be is iu better shape thau ever to
give the people a better paper.
Brother Grace ol ibe Fort Sleele Prospector, has at lasl taken lhc bull hy the
horns nml cut down the size of bis paper
by two pages. Thla was a sensible iimve
•ililt.utgli il should have been done long
ago. The present size of lhe paper
meets with the requirements ol the
The Phoenix Pioneer continues to
publish the he-a printed weekly papei iu
llritish Columbia. Brotlmr Wllcoa deserves the success be is enjoying.
A Time!) Suggestion.
Editor Cranbrook Herald:
Dear Sir—Would you allow uie space
in your columns to suggest lo the man*
iigeiuent of tbe Cranbiook Turf and
Athletic association that the events advertised for May 24th he brought off
harp ou lime, and that, particularly
with regard to the horse races, they will
arrange so us to prevent long waits between events, ihere is nothing so annoying to the visiting public as to have
to wait a long time g'izing into space.
This is from one who wishes the association and Craubrook every success,
71936; Uermany, 27,302? Italy, 6,83a;
Russia, 31,226; Scandinavia, 1^,399*
United Stales, 127,691; other foreign
countries, 52,184; nut given, 14,859,
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning on its metits, "Have ycu
tried il?"
to'®b<k.toO®t t®*>&$iOto.tfy<rto.*$®&»ji>A $
The Fort Steele   1
Mercantile Co.     $
Do You Swim?
Editor Craubrook Herald:
Dear Sir—Willi the approach of warm
weather tbe thoughts of a good many
people revert to the '"swiminin' hole"
on the ctd homestead, The people of
Crnuhrook are noted for their enterprise
and the writer feels sure that enough enthusiasm could be worked up to organize a swimming batb. The expense
would not be great and if started now
and in running order before lhe hot
Weather commences would be well patronized. There are veiy few men and
boys who would forego the pleasure of a
refreshing swim for the nominal sum
which would admit them to an established natntciriutii. Swimmer.
ikuiii ui uiiiini.i Parker.
Charles and Henry Parker received
word last week of the death of their
father, at the home of a brother iu Quebec. The Montreal Gazette hus the following regarding tbe deceased;
"Another or the old landmarks bus
been removed in lhe person of Captain
William Edward Parker, who died on
the i.Hih instant, nt his son's residence
near Lennoxville, (Juelr.ec, in his Sist
year, Tbe deceased came to Canada
with bis father, a half pay naval officer,
In 1836, aud served with lhe volunteers
during the rebellion of 1837, nnil the
four tallowing years, after which period
be was for some lime well and favorably
known as a commander of the royal
mail packets sailing bet ween Montrenl
nnd Kingston, He wns educated In
Prance, principally, was equally ctnversa 111 will) French and English, and well
versed in classical literature. Captain
Parker was the descendent of an .old English family, well known and distinguish'
ed in the annals of the British navy, lu
1S52 he married the da Ugh lei ofthe late
Doctor Wilson, formerly ol Kugland
Captain and Mrs Parker bad just passed
llie anniversary of their golden wedding.
In 1854 he purchased u farm near Wat-
ervllle, where they lived to bring up a
large family who are all living, except
one. The captain was highly respected
in tbe community an I acted for many
years as a justice of the peace. He was
u genial and hospitable spirit, whose
kindness would extend itself to those
"less finely touched." He endeavored
to bring up his family with that Integrity and honorable pride that was lifted
above snobbishness, and iu the limits of
his small circle he will be missed as one
of those of the old school, wbo seem lo
posses as their heritage that spirit of
sensibility and Ideality, that will not
sink them beneath ibe waters of ihelr
material workaday existence, but help
to sweeten and temper tbe bard realities
of life." 	
"Amber" Ting Smoking Tobacco is
winning on its merits. "Have you
tried  ii?"
assorted stuck ol
Hats, Shoes and
A Ureal Paper.
The Free Press, Winnipeg, bas distributed over 9400 thermometers and
barometers as premiums to their Weejc-
1y subscribers throughout Manitoba and
the territories since last fall.
So great has been tho demand for this
attractive premium tbat tbe Free Press
has been obliged to extend the oiler
from time to time, ami order additional
supplies. Of tbe last shipment of one
thousand, over four hundred are already
"spoken for." The Free Press announce thai to the first six hundred
sending $1.00 for the Weedly Free Press
they will semi the premium, after which
the offer will be withdrawn. A reliable
thermometer and barometer is an instrument that ought to be found in every
house in the northwest, and as the Free
Press instrument was manufactured expressly to meet climatic conditions in
this country, we would recommend our
readers to avail themselves of the opportunity.       	
No Cause fur Kicking.
Winnipeg Free Press: An article in
yesterday's issue of au evening paper
staled that there was "much indignation
amongst local railway contractors" lie
cause the construction work in western
Canada had heen let indirectly but al*
most entirely to American firms.
Among the local contractors alleged to
have been shut out ofthe work are J.W.
Buchanan. Charles McDougall, C. Well-
man, Hargruve -S: Sou, Ivgau Bros, and
Mr. Brysou.
Concerning this rumor, C. W. Well
man, whose name had been used without
his permission, when seen by the Free
Press last evening, gave it au emphatic
denial in these words:
"Now, speaking in behalf of myself, I
have all the work in sight that I can
pisslbly handle for tbis season, and I
have never henrd of any contractor being Indignant at the possible loss of
work for the year, ns slated In the article mentioned."
The Wellman referred lo is a brother
of Tom Wellman, and a former contractor on the Crow.
Canada's Population,
Ottawa, May S.— The eighth bulletin
of the census department was' issued today, It slums Hint in Canada the native horn constitute 87 per cent, of the
whole population, aud the urban is to
the rural born iu the ratio of three to
oue. Exclusive of the British Island
and possessions, the foreign horn number 278,804 for 19 11; 157,110 for 1S91 nnd
131*083 for 1SS1. The country from
which the largest number of Immigrants
has come is the United States, nnd of
the total of 127891 horn there it appears thnt 84,493 have been naturalized.
In tbe older provinces of Ontario and
Quebec there are 72.580 who were bom
iu the United Stales, aud 52 728 of these
are naturalized citizens. The immigration from the United Kingdom does not
suffice to supply the loss by death among
the British bore in the country, especially among immigrants ol Irish aud
Scottish birth,
The birth places of the population is
as follows: llritish Columbia, 99,612;
Manitoba, 180,850; New Brunswick, 313,*
178; Nova Scotia, 436,172; Ontario,
1,158,788; Prince Edward Island, 90,006;
Quebec. 1,560,170; Northwest Territories,
9'.5.131 Unorganized territories, 33,476;
British Islands; .-911,046: British possessions,  15,837;   China,  17,043;  France,
From tlie Prospector.
11. L. T. Galbralth, Indian agent, went
to Tobacco plains ou Monday.
The Kootenay river is rising and it Is
now nearly three feel above low water
J. A Harvey Is having bis residence
enclosed by a neat fence.
O nee more the Customs tljg Is Hying
over the Customs Olllce at Fort Steele,
V. II Biker and wife, Cranbrook;
Mies Crlckem, Vancouver, Cnarles Cock
Craubrook and C. M. Elwards, Klko,
were passengers on the steamer North
Star, on Friday.
A special convocation of Rocky Mom
tain Cuapter, K A. M. will be held on
May 84th,
At the knob Hill a small force are en
gaged in pushing development work.
Viking and Cresent, Messrs. Williamson and Sliiiirian have a three foot galena lead that is widening out as depth
Is obtained.
At theSllvla which is located on Wasa
creek, active work will commence In a
short time.
Work on the I-Otella ia progressnig
rapidly. The contract for 500 feet of
tunnel will be completed early in June.
About June 1st work on the Djpont
group will commence. C mtracts have
beeu let for the annual assessment woik
on sn claims,
J. McBane has commenced work on a
property in the  vicinity of Sand creek
The big hvilranllc mines on Wild
Horse creek will be In active operation
by June 1st.
Bert Smith Is working on a placer hai
near the canyon on Wild 11 rsc.
Tom Armstrong has struck a nlckle
ledge on his property which Is located
near Brewery creek,
I'nm 1 thu MoyleliOiulor
Paul .1.-iincn Is prospecting on Lamb
creek for placer diggings.
Ttios. Rider is taking a trip through
the Northwest Territories,
P, I. Moore, formerly nf Moyle, ts sec
retary of the Elko celebration coin
Jake Nelson, who had his leg broken
two weeks ago, Is getting along very
well at the Cranbrook hospital.
L. A. Rlckers has moved bit family
from Kalso to Moyle. They are occupy'
Ing the Jensen residence In the south
end of town.
W. I- Kelt! of the firm of Held, Camp
bell Si Co. Is taking a well earned holiday and Is visiting with his sister Mrs.
Divln, In Regina. He will be absent
from Moyle for three or four weeks.
M. A, Beaie and P. J, McMahon hare
been making an extensive trip through
the Kliiuinton country.
J. W, Ribinson, of the firm of Robinson & McKenzie of Cranbrook, was in
Moyie the first of the week. Mrs. Kob*
Inson says their milt Is ready to start
Hnd that they have allthc work on hand
they can handle this summer.
wish to draw lhc attention ^
ul the public to their well    z\
Men's Goods I
in general which will be |H
sold for thc next three ;-*K
weeks .it very low margins   ra
—  I
Call .ind inspect uur stuck ol    <^>
(iroccrics.... ^
Wc carry the largest stock in X"*
Kast Kootenay and therefore f$,
can supply you with thc best    <^*\
Try our goods and you will w
always deal with us -t^
| DO YOU FEEL TIRED?         £
| .<>
1 Take Dr. Scott's Citrate of
to o
4> Iron and Quinine Tonic  %
to <*
..Jams and Jellies..
Many Kinds and All Good.
In 1 lb. glasses,       In 2 and 5 lb fibre       In 7 lb pails
Roayl Shield Jelly Powders have no equal.   2pkts25c
Fancy and  Staple Groceries and Crockery.
The heavy anil ever increasing demand forces us
us lo keep increasing our stock and the result is
our numerous customers arc rccciveing tlie benefit of lhc big turn over.
The more we sell lhc fresher and better our
OROCliRIBS are and thc cheaper wc can sell them.
Our Irsslc has doubled in the lasl six months.    Help us to swell
llto four limes Ihis volume in Ihe nexl six.
Will Renew the Appearand1 ol
Your I'arlor.   Unod Values In
lhc Latest Style can he had <f'
(rntn y
X, Repairing ami Upholstering n Specially, lf
I  ..  ..     .         si)
Cosmopolitan Hotel I
|j ....Special Lines....
Iff! Hcnnessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle     $2 50
f Dunvillc's Old Irish Whiskey, per bottle   ...... 175
fh Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle     2 00
IB Usher's Old Vattcd Glenlivct, per bottle 1 75
W John Dewar's Special, per bottle     175
jk Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle   2 50
fir Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle -  2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints  1 00
j£ Bass Ale, pints  35
Guinness' Stout  35


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