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Cranbrook Herald Nov 20, 1902

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NUMBEB   »(.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
.....** **'i.
Head Office, Toronto.
ttoN. tlK.i. A.Cux. Prcalilettt.
II. lv W'ai.kisk. Oett. M..11.
Paid Up   Cnnltal     SS.IKIII.IWII.IIII
Real  2,000,000 Oil
Tnial Re.ourcei    oS.iliin.iiilil.illl
Deposits Received.   Qeneral ItmikitiK Business Transacted.
SAVINIIS HANI. MilMV MliNf   DepMlll Received   Inlcrcul Allowed.
CRANHItOOk BRANCH,' F. C. MM-fAS, Manager.
A lol o( CL0THIN0 of thc
kind that lit:', anil wears.
A splendid nssorlincnl oi
Hoys' CloHiing from
$2 per Suit
New Goods arriving
fast in all lints. '"3*.**-
We don't scil for cost, but a varied hill of supplies from
here will cost you less lhan anywhere else.
1 OR 1
will kill two birds with one stone pS
by milking ibe eii^>:i<->eiiieiit ring (^_*5
the Xmas present; aud the wise C'\
young woman will commend his >/
economy.     We have a very fiue ^
selection  of  engagement  rings i^Sj
and   we'll cut   tbem  to   fit  any J's*
finger  the same day you  make £^|
the  purchase,     Have  one   laid C%
aside for Xmis *f*
Heating Stoves
Cook Stoves
Coal Stoves
Wood Stoves
Box Stoves
Sheet Iron Stoves
Hot Blast Stoves
Air Tight Stoves
In fact ...- .in' completely "stos.-.l
up" nml 'in- prepared l.i .ell vou n
.ingle alove ..i .i .-ni l.i ..I ofatovea
of iiiiv nul fill virlt-lii's nt piii-es
so low al t s pleaae ills- must eco-
iii.iiiis-.iI buyers.
Jeweler ami iipiitiau     t
i»is>*>**«> •> *>s»"> •><>*>->
Iiif Original and flr-niilna
» U
is tin. man thut buys 1 [a id ware "i ik
That tic does SO proves blS Intelligent*.
iii the tliMt place and five years of trad
nig where the Quality  of the goods is of
rhe highest ami the pious fmr has educated him up ton true knowledge nf value
House Furnishings, Tools, elc , of super*
lor quality are offered at modern te prices,
Also huge line uf heating and cooking
Plumbing and lliisnillliliii In Connection.
I    i     \
Select private boarding school for
boya. Modern methods. Accomplished
masters. Kxeelleiil table. Hume care.
Ki filling Influences. Large, airy bed*
poms. Specially liuilt chips rooms,
Cricket, football, limiting, swimming,
military drill. Patronized by ihe best.
Highest refeiencea. Prospectus. Kev.
C.J, Brt-nlon, M. A , Vancouver, D. C,
Reference the Kev  II   Ueacbam.
The Photographer*.1 busy season
is from nnw till Christmas. This
and the fact that we are out of
town at times mnke il necessary
for us io ask our patrons to kindly nuke appointments for sittings.
->»SiW8>fi)fl9S SSK-e-i-ti-tt-frti-ttf-*^
The netve of suuu* publications is pasi
human understanding, and the gullibility of some publisher.-, of weekly news
payers is surprising to say llie lenil
The Herald received a request ihe past
week from u f.isliion magazine to publish
a mil ice tor which they sent their
Christ nt in number. The magazine COStl
j,S cents, while their notice Bt the regular
rales charged tiy The Herald would have
amounted to fs 53.   tt Is needless to say
that The Herald passed up Ibe proposition, vel we see thul   a   iniuiticr   of our
exchanges eargerly grasped the oppor
tiiuiiy to give S| or $5 in advertising
for a   35 cent magazine.     No wonder
some editors are tu the Iml :.
The Pincher Creek Echo publishes n
long elltortat under ths caption, ''As
We See Ourselves " ll wou tl take more
courage to publish nu article entitled,
"As Our Renders See Us."
Tne other day a stranger registered
at tbe Crauhrook holel from New York
City. Turning lo Mr K lokes, the genial
clerk he said:
"I represent a mining syndicate of
New York aud am here lo look np some
property in this neighborhood I suppose you have a mining recorder here."
"N*, but we have a deputy recorder,"
replied the clerk.
"That will do as well. I can go over
the records at his oflice."
"No, the records are kept at Port
"Oh, then I will have to leave nn the
train this atternouu for that town, ll in
the first station east is it not?"
"No, that is the junction. You will
have to take the stage there."
"Oo you niein to tell me that the seat
of government for this district is located
at a point off the railway."
"That is the size of it"
"Ho* far will I have to ride by
"About eight miles "
"And there is no way of getting nt tbe
records except by going to a town eight
miles oil the railway."
"Notanytnatl know of," answered
Mr. Rookes.
"Well, well, I think I m'ght ns well
go back to New York, A couutry lhat
will permit of such a condition is too
slow tor me,"
D 'it it
Maurice Qjainc received a bootc from
his si -ter in Ottawa tbe other day, aud
be was startled to open it up and see on
the title page "Maurice Q lain," printed
in large type, which was the title uf the
book, and the name of the hero, Il was
a Coincidence that tew people meet with
tn this world.
We got .1 notice this week from a cer-
1 aiu subscriber to slop sending The
Herald to him because be bad no time
to reatl. We would suggest ibal be
take lime. It will do blm good. It is
not necessary that he should read The
Herultl, although if he wants the news,
he must read this paper. Hut it la
necessary to read something. Igroram-e
O a crime in tlm age nml day. wheu it
can be easily overcome by reading. Aud
I the particular in ui read more, lie
vou 1.1 know that no gentleman will
order a paper stopped so long as be Is in
arrears on subscription Reading won't
imrl that kind of a man.
The  uew   King   Bdward  quarter is
floating  around  iiii*   section   nt   the
country. They are a pretty Coin and
we hope every man who owes lor liis
subtcrlpttou to Tbe Herald will send in
eight ol them. We want them 1 >r
lottvenlrsi and have hml a strong chest
built to bold litem.
Attorney Roll was in town Monday
and while here served the stake holders
in the Nov Ins-Mitchell fool race with
the blue pipers. The alleged sports of
I'ii me want llit-n 1110110*)   buck   nud   ntU
going io biw in then attempt to get it.
Think nf ist A bunch nl chaps that
i-une iu to it,\in in ibe morning like n
lot ol Comanche Indians, yelling for
beta wiih money In their lists, and going out in the evening tike cajoles with
iheir   tails   between   their   legs.       No
wonder tbe people of Fernie are roasting them.
to to to
And ia this connection it might be
well to give publicity tu a story that per*
chance explains the intense desiie of
the Peruie men to get up their money,
A lew days before the race, bo it is told,
a stranger dropped into Cranbrook and
in course of lime talked in a disinterested way ofthe coming foot race about the
hotel offices. When Nevin weut up to
the track wiih some of his backers, the
deslnterested stranger arrived upon tbe
scene. Nevin proposed to show what
he could do, but several of the crowd
were suspicious of the stranger, and a
job was put up. A false signal was
given and wben Nevin started it waa
observed lhat the stranger had a watch
iu bis hand. It was afler the strangers
returned to i'ernie that rumors began to
float down the Crow as to what a cluch
Mitchell had. This is the alory as told,
aud It may explain why the Peruie
spurts were so anxious to bel, and after*
ward so anxious to draw down their
money,    A cinch sp.nt Is   a   pooi   linn,-,
Mr. Hull Says Thai It Will he Cum-
Shortage of Coke Handicaps Mining In thc Boundary
It has been some lime since anything
lias been said regarding ihe Mnrysville
Mueller nml the following from the
Spokesman-Review will he read with
George Hull of Ohio, representing the
eastern Black holders nf the Sullivan
Group Mining company, is iu the city
for a few days.    He sny*-:
"The mine nnd construction work ou
the proposed smeller have been closed
down until next spring. Tbe only men
retained on tbe payroll arc two watch*
men, one for the mine and one for the
"There will be nn difficulty nbout securing sulllcictil capitul to complete the
smelter plant when the pro >er time
couies.    lu the meantime we shall   look
around fnr a competent smcllermau to
take charge of the work  and complete
Ihe smeller plant."
Mr. Hull will return In Marysville in
a week or io days, and after a few days
nt the mines will leave for tbe east. He
expects, however, to spend a greater
part ol the winter in the west.
Coke Shortage Hurts,
Gratid Porks, B, C. Nov. 17 —The coal
miners'strike at Michel, n C, bas already had the effect of restricting shipments of coke to the smelters of tbe
boundary district and the reserve supply
at lhe smelters is limited, The Grauby
plant, which fur weeks past, owing to
low w«t»r, bas been running only two
furnaces, will blow in two additional fur*
ua cen on Wednesday ur iliurslay iiexl
provided the t;oal miners resume work
la the meautiine.
A portion of coke used in the lOuudary
comes frt.m Michel. However, tbe biggest tonnage is from Pernie, The battery of ovens at Morrissey Is uncompleted
and, besides, the mines there ure only
tapped by the Ureat Northern, which
does not yet enjoy direct connection
with the Granby smelter. Recently tbe
Canadian Pacific railway cuuld uut effect an arrangement with its rival respecting Interchanging of traffic at Morrissey.
The transformers for the substation of
the Cascade Power company at the
U.ianby plant have arrived from Phoenix
and are being Installed with all possible
speed. The work will be completed
early next week to enable the entire
plant to be operated provided cuke is
forthcoming.    The   renewed   activity
here means the edition of about lou
men to the smelter payroll, nud to provide the increase tunnage au additional
800 mcu will also be added to lhe payroll uf the  Granby  mines at Phoenix.
There is nu actual scarcity of labor both
bete and at Phoenix, many skilled men
having left lhe couutry during the dull
Jay P. Graves, general manager of the
O.tanby Mining company, arrived here
today from Spokane un a trip of Inspection.    He will alio visit I'hoeuix, where
Porter Bros., the contractors, have just
completed the Initial task of snipping
the ledge on   ihe surface  of the   Knob
UUI preparatory to opening up new ore
li is understood that Mr, Graves is
Inking sleps lo oid-.r two additional furnaces foi lhe Granby sm.elter, thus 111*
creasing the number of furnaces to six.
wllh a total capacity for uoo tuns daily.
World's Output nl Hold and Sliver.
Washington, Nov. 16,—George K
Roberts, the director uf the mint, hu-.
completed his report on the production
uf ihe precious metals for tbe calendar
year 1901. The linul figures place the
world's output as $26,3.374.7°° of gold
and $104 999.luo ol silver. Tne principal producing countries of the world
show the following outputs:
Gold. Silver.
United States,...$78,666,700   $33,218,100
Mexico, 10,284,800     34.593 900
Cunada,    4,128.500       3,145,600
Africa,    9,089500
Australia,  76,880,300      7.8**9.5°o
Mr, Roberts says that the industrial
consumption uf the precious metals In
the world is estimated iu round numbers
at $80,003,000 guid and 357,000,000
silver. After allowing for industrial
consumption the increase in tbe gold
slocks of the principal countries of the
world during the calendar year 1901 are
estimated to have been approximately
as follows: United Suites $63,800,1*00;
Great Britain 8l7,000,0C0,    France $411,-
400,000, Gei many 841 700,000,
K Rumour That   They  Will   Build Up   Ibe
The Information has reached here tbat
a croporatiou known as the "Kooienay
Southern" will ask both the provincial
mi dominion governments lor a charter
to build a railroad from some point near
Port Steele Junction to Golden, From
the best that cau be learned it is supposed that the C. P. R is back of the
project anil it is regarded ai a move by
it tu checkmate any intentions Jim Hill
iniiy have tu make connection with his
Jennings brunch at Klko, by a Hue up
Uie valley, which is considered C. P.
K.'s exclusive territory.
The news, although meBger, is regarded as favorable lo the early construction
of tbe mad. How tbis will affect the
old charter belilby local people is not
yet known. It is probable that the new
chinler will be granted wllh provisions
tu begin al an early date. And lhat the
people asking for it are amply able to
build tbe road. This will be good news
for tbe people of Port Steele,
Railway Work at Frank.
Prank Sentinel: TheC P. R. has called (or tenders fur the grading of tbe
1'iftiik railway yards, the work to he
done at once, and the big railroad contracting firms operating In this section
have most of them put in a bid for the
work. Among the firms who are figuring on this piece of work are Fuss &
McDonald, Ponpore St McVeigh and
llreckenridge Si I.uud, all of whom are
anxious to secure Ibis len miles of railroad work.
The work as laid out, will necessitate
tbe building of oue roadbed, sixty feet
wide aud oue mile long, to hold four
tracks; sidetracks tu the coal pockets,
where engines will be coaled; oue main
sidetrack to tbe tipple with four sidings,
and local freight siding ami other small
sidings und switches. Allot this work
will be confined to the yards proper,
aud does not include tbe Ave miles of a
cut off or change in the main line.
It Is one of the largest pieces of railroad work in sight In this section, and
as it is a very desirable piece of work,
from the contractors point of view, competition to secure thc contract is keen.
Wilson-Jobs 100.
A very pretty, though quiet wedding
was celebrated laat Wcducatlr*.]* Nov. la,
at 9:30 p. in , at the residence of Mr.
Hungerford, locomotive foreman of the
i\ p. St., uncle ofthe groom. The contracting parties were William Heniy
Wilson, and Miss Kuiily Amelia Johnson, of Kuuwltun, tjue. Tbe bride who
was becomingly dresed In a light figured
silk gown was given away by Mr.
Hungei ford. The knot waa tied by Rev.
S J. Thompson of the Methodist church.
After the ceremony, congratulations
were showered upon the happy young
conple after which the guests sat down
to a very tasty supper served by Mrs.
Hungerford with graceful hospitality.
We understand that the bride was
a favorite in her home, iu church and
social circles, and will rapidly make
friends In Cranbrook. Mr. Wilson is
well known as a jeweler and optician,
aud has won for himself an enviable
position among the business men of tbe
town. The Herald wishes the happy
couple nil kinds of joy and prosperity.
Mrs. Wilson will be at home in their
pariments Nov. 27 and 281b.
Increase la Railway Waxes.
Indications point to a general increase
uf wages of railroad employes all over
the country. According to the New
York Kvcuiiig Post the railroad presidents of trunk lines have agreed to an
increase in wages within reasonable limits rather than invite a general strike at
this time by refusing to make any concessions.
Tbis policy has heen adopted hy the
presidents of the roads of tbe middle
west, as Indicated by recent press dis
patches, Tbe transcontinental lines
have also taken tbe initiative in granting au advance to switchmen aud telegraph operators, Tl.e Northern Pacific
nnd Great N irthern'a recent advance to
switchmen has been followed by a like
advance bv the Burlington, The Santa
l-'e is now considering Ihe matter wllh
what It believed to be favorabe results
to operatives in lhe trausportaltou department, and other lines are expected
to follow suit.
Sounds Itesioaable la These Parts.
The Greenwood correspondent of the
Nelsou News say*:
H. C. Killeen, Inspector of roads, ia
paying a long-promised visit to Ihe Wesl
Fork of Kettle river, to look into the
matter of completing tbe road to Beaver-
dell. It is atated tbat nothing will be
done iu the way of work on tbe road
until next spring, but since tbe government has already taken about three
years over the construction ot this road,
a few months more or less will not matter very much now that nearly all those
who settled In the West Fork district
have given up hope and left for other
About the same condition of affairs
prevail in South Kast Kooteuay, but
like the section referred to, this district
has to congratulate It sel Iupou the fact
that il has enjoyed lhe bunoi of • visit
fiom Mr. Klllttu.
It Is Ad Important Une In This District.
Many Million Feet of Logs Will be
Cut This Season for Use
Next Year.
There will be quite a number of log-
glug camps throughout tilts district during the coming winter, and a vast number of logs will be cut for use nexl
The Kast Kootenay Lumber company
have several tie camps, and are arranging for a number of logging camps on
their different limits. They expect to
get out 25 000 000 feet.
Carlln and Doyle are putting in logging camps ou their limits aud will
furnish 4 O00,ooo feet of logs for tbe
Crow's Nest Pass Lumber company al
Wardner. llreckeu ridge Si l.utul will
take our lo.uoo.ouu feet fur tbe same
company. This company Is offering to
buy all logs placed on convenient landings on the banks of the Kooteuay or
St. Marys rivers.
The King mill will get ont from between 5,111,111,1 Hkj to 6,000,000 feet.
The Kobinson-McKenzte Lumber
company will get uui over 7,000,000
Leask tic Slater, Laurie Lumber company, and Pinch St Jones will swell tbe
total to 15,000,000 lo 18,000,000 feel
This is evidence of the fact that the
lumber industry ofthe district bas made
rapid progress the past year, and is uow
one ol tbe leading lines of business in
the district. Hundreds of men will be
employed around Craubrook in tbe various camps tbis winter which will mean
the placing of ■ large amount ot tuuney
in circulation.
Mill Notes.
\ The Crows Nest Pass Lumber company will spend  several  thousand dollars
tbis winter improving the Kooteuay rivei >u.l   t.iitutorifi.   fnr  lha  liai-dluii* of
The Crows Nest Pass Lumber company li expending an immense amount of
money at Wardner on their mill site
and dam.
The East Kooteuay Lumber company
Is arranging for the removal of tbe mill
from Moyie to Yak.
A. Leltch, general mauager of tbe
Kast Kootenay Lumber company returned from Winnipeg last week. He
saya everything in the Territories and
Manitoba la booming.
Leask St Sister have leased their factory
to an co-operative association formed of
several employes of the institution. Tbe
parties Interested iu the factory under
the new arrangement are M. Johnson,
10 Slater, II. McCowen and C. Giskill,
Leask St Slater will devote their time
In the future to their saw mill.
Ths Eitit Noas Club.
The Kntre Nous club committee met
last Tuesday evening at the residence of
R. R. Jamieson aud arranged for an organization for the coming winter season.
Tha dances will be held alternate Fridays. Dancing is to comtueuce promptly at 9 o'clock ind close at 12 o'clock
sharp, and this rule will be strictly n.i
bered to, except on special occasion-.,
when tbe club gives receptions and has
Tbe first dance of tbe season will be
given this, Thursday evening, as the
hall Is engaged this week for Friday
Tbe series of dances given by ibe club
lnt year were ■ pronounced success,
aud tbis ycir everything points to many
moat enjoyable evenings.
British Colunbla News.
Rose, the murderer of Cole, will  haug
at Nelson on November 29,
The British Columbia government bis
floated a loau of $3,500,000. liven that
much money would noi save tha iiinn-
muir government if they went to tht
The charge against T. A. Manly, of
Grand Forks, of being implicated fn tbe
burning of the Columbia hotel at Columbia three years igo, has beeu wiih
drawn and the defendant discharged.
No evidence waa produced at tbe hearing. Mr. Manly is a progressive
ciiixeu, and bis arrest looks lo an outsider as a piece of persecution,
Kelps the tlespilal.
The secretary of lhe Hospital Ladles
Aid society reports Ibe amount realized
from lhe ball was Siy; expenses $25.
A cheque for S165 has beeu handed to
Ihe Sisters of the St. Kugene hospital.
The society thanks mosl cordially tbe
members and fiieuds who aa-.i-.ted In
making the event a success,
Morrlssey's First Church.
Morrissey Miner : Morrissey is to
have a church. The Methodist are to be
lhe pioneers iu the building of gospel
edifices in tbis town. Audit might be
well to offer a liltle advice at this point.
The Miner is not a Methodist. As to
what patlcular denomination the pencil
pushers 011 tbis paper lean, is not for
publication, since it is of no interest to
lhe public Hut since lhe Methodists
have taken the initiative ami golleu in
ou lhe first floor, The Miner will be
Methodist until the town has grown
enough to warrant thc building of a
second church. We believe Christiana
should display their Christian spirit in
cases of tins kind, and get together and
worship with the Methodists, regardless
of their previous religious a [filiations.
The God of every church Is lhe same
God, so what mutters tbe name of tbe
church In which you worship. Get
duwu un your marrow boues and be
thankful ihat you are to have a church,
aud don't go around in a few weeks aud
try to cut duwu ihe support of this
church with an endeavor to start another. Ifyouwaut divine service, all
of you stand together and show yuu aie
Christaius by pa>iug your minister a
living wage, Instead uf expecting him lu
exist on psalms and hot air talks of tbe
good work be is doing. And wheu you
attend service, pay (ur it like a man.
Don't sit near the door, so you cau sneak
t wheu tbe hat Is passed, And don't
drop a uickle in and try to make it
sound like a silver dollar Yuu may
fool a few people, but you cau'l foul the
Lord. If you ate going to be a Chiistalu
be u Chiislaiu ami don't chub If a
minister is trying to save your soul from
eterual damnation, pay him what It Is
worth. He may nol be able to save you,
but bis labor is worth something, Vou
are to have a church m Morrissey—
stand pat on the proposition aud make
tbe chimb a success.
A Ureat District.
J. A. Harvey, ol Fort Steele, while
talking tu The Herald man Tuesday uf
the future of this district said: "It may
be tbat I take too roseate a view uf tbt
future of this distiict, but I don't believe
tbat I do, when conditions are taken in*
to consideration. Tbe coal areas are
such as lu insure a great industry trotu
Klko to Michel, and in tbis part of tbe
district, tbe Improvement in tbe treatment of ores will make many lively
camps. I am satisfied thai lhe next five
Tears will make ■ great district out of
South Hast Kootenay- Tbe resources
are here and there nil! tie plenty of
Capital to develop*; ihem "
-Addition to Si-hoof Hoise.
Secretary Ho'chison uf the school
board has been notified by ibe Lands
and Works department that work will
soon commence on a two story addition
to the school home giving iwo mora
rooms, making five in all. The department has also increased the allowance
for incidentals $50 per year.
The addition of two more rooms will
give the additional facilities 90 badlr
needed by the inceased population, aud
tend to give both teachers and pupils a
better opportunity fur doing good work.
Headquarters tor Tays.
It. I. Beatlie, tbe druggist has secured a large sample room ol James Ryan
of the Cranbrook hotel, in which he will
have his toy stock for Chrislmas. Thts
department will be in charge of Miss
Atwood, and us this arrangement will
give ample room for displaying (bt
goods, it will be a pleasure to look at
tbe interesting creations designed for
tbe little ones this >ear.
From lhe feruie n*-e PrStt
Mr. J. II. Tonkin took a tramp up the
valley for a  hum  Ian Saturday aad
came back with a fine large buck weighing BIS lbs.
The Westbound express on Tuesday
morning ran Into a hunch of five hones
near Morrissey Junction, killing two
and so badly woui.dmg the third tbat
tbe trainmen knocked It In the bead.
It Is reported thai sixteen men com
roamed work In No H Mine, Michel, on
Thursday morning and thirty on Friday morning and thai lhe number will
tit so Increased by Monday as to enable
tbe tipple to be worked.
Dr. C. P. Higgles has moved toto ibe
handaa-ne new residence on tbe corner
of Smith and Blakemore Streets, fit I
vacating bis quarters In ibe Hill block
as he has had offices fitted up tn bis
house, which he will receive bis
Mrs. C. M. Henretta and Mtss Emma
Heuretta left on Tuesday evening for
Ohio where they will spend tbe winter
with relatives, Mr. Henretta expects
to go to the coast ueii week and return
to Ohio via Montreal.
Aboul fifteen miles of tbe track at
I'lncher Creek ls lu a very sbakv condition and strict orders have been issued to tbe train officials to run over It
a very slow schedule. Tbis fact
aloug with the usual wait for connections at Medicine Hat has made onr
tralo service more wreched than usual
thla week, the morning express seldom
gtlllng here much before noon. CRANBROOK  HERALD
l£~  /COl^^-y
Editor .itui Proprietor.
TEtUlS "I --1 l.-l'lllfllONi
'the tlernl.l .ti-.lrs's t.i -Ive tin- new. of the
sintrkt. it you kiio« any about torn town
jour nun., or jour |.cople, sentl 11 to tills ofllee.
The policy ol llie   IliitiMnuIr  »oven -
meot seems io be lo uorrosv a  auillcls  t
amount to cover lhe uniinal .letlcll.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is worth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
limber Notice
nl In apply tn t
.'. 'ti**.'ti
. mo r() lowlni
MgHNEItDgtg)»IOtflt|^ W
A poster announcing a series ot boxing contests at V ctorla closes with
"God Save Uie King."
British Columbia is paying $450,000
tor tbe privilege ol borrowing 83800,-
UUO. Tnls Is On* plain-it demonstration
ot what Inquiry n pool government can
do a province Out has ever baen presented in Canada I'he Idea that the
great province oi llritish Columbia
must submit to such a discount on Its
debentures is - mply preposterous. It
should sel lhe people thinking.
Premier Ross has a in j oily of one In
Ontario. That beats u minority all
Arrangements aie being made to
run lhe street cars In Winnipeg on Sun
day. This la right 0 is easy for ihe
man with a carriage to hold up his
hands In holy horror at such sacrlllge,
but to the poor man antl liis laml.y, ll
will prove to be a greal boom. Tlie
street car Is tiie pom mun'a carriage,
and as Sunday W the only day lie is not
laboring, it will give lilm and his family
au opportunity to enjoy the beauties of
nature, as Gotl Intel (led that ttiey
It seems that ihe reports bo strenuous
ly denied regarding Premier Laurie's
111 health, have some foundation, since
ll is given nut that lie wi 1 go to Hot
Springs. Virginia to recuperate before
he undertakes the strain ot the coming
session All uf Canada, regardless of
party views, wish thc Illustrious premier a safe ri*nii ii to vigorous health.
The mori* one sees nf Cranbrook, the
more one is convinced ihat It is a permanent, prosperous, delightful place,
with a niagnlllceut climate and ample
opportunities fur business
.Monl-.sc) Miliar
A Mniz of lhe Port S eele Brewing
company ol Ferule, was In towrn yesterday, In the Interest of Ins pouular beverage. Mr. Mums brewery Is turning
out a qualiiy nt beer ihat is fast taking
the place nf 111" Milwaukee article with
the boozolnglsts nl this dlsltiot.
Last Monday the gr >ti d was covered
with snow to a depth nt fully ll Inches,
and the tirsi of tl.e ween the roach
were In magnificent condition for logging and sleighing, hit the warm
weather ofthe past two days has hll
tbe snow a solar plexus blow, and rubber boots are again the order of the
S J. Thompson has been appointed
agenl on the Oreat Northern at this
point, ami assumed his duties last week.
He ts no stranger in this part of the
country, as he formerly occupied a similar position with the C. r, li aL Klko.
He expects, hi] wife to j iin him as soon
as the living rooms In the new station
building are completed,
One of the miners, while walking
along the river batik last Tuesday,
came across a duck vainly attempting
to extricate Its foot, which had beet
frozen In thc Ice. The man brought the
duck up town and gave it to II L
.Stephen, and that night as he and a
Miner man were picking the tendei
meal from the bones, their hearts wen
tilled with joy. knowing that ihc Lorn
looks after his children.
William!) Hearnc of Cranbrook, wa?
In towu th s week circulating a petitloi
asking that tie be appointed constahb
In ibis town. Ui seemed the name ot
almost every nun In the lown, and
Thursday went to Pernio IP present thi
petition to t'tileI Constable Porbes,
"Fish" would make a good olll *.er, anil
It la to be bopjd he geii the appoint
tt, I) McMillan ami wife of Marysvllle, were passengers ou ibe east bound
train Wednesday evening, cn-rnntc It
Cowley, Alia. Mr. McMillan has beet
running the Itoyal hotel at Mirysvlib
Ior the pasi year, but the cessation cl
work on the smelter at that place ha«
made It neefssay for him lo ihnl u new
location, and a short time ago he put
chased a half Interest lu the Ujwley
hotel, where he will in future resltlc
Mr. McMillan Is a good hotel mm, antl
has many friends along tht Crow win
will be pleased lo hear of his success In
bis new location.
Having Fun Witli Hla Name.
After all, it is Ernest Seton-
Thoiiipsnii. The mime will be kopt
as u itoin He plume, Mo bus ten
brotbei's, and Ovetiiv yours ngo they
til agreed to cluuige tliolr mime by
process of Inw, Thnj wen- srnltcrod
throughout  i be world, und for some
reason  llie step  Wus mil   lukt'U.
"That In Hie miiiio iiniler which 1
am known, und, ullhnilgli Solon is
the correct name, I hove no objection to Seton-'riinmpHon Tbo bright
buys iu the nnwapnpci'H can havo
their fun, but I mu -.nil with thu
■'wild animals I Imvo known ' "
I Bagging a |
I Husband
'By Charles Curtz Hahn §
Copyright, 1008, by ;j{
a. s. Mcciurn Company  &
"I am going to hnve it huabniid If I
hnve to bring 0118 to bis  Knees ill   Mm1
point of u rovolvor. Some -.-iris nro
ashamed tu sny tbey wish to get married, but I acknowledge tlinl l do and
thut I am not going to die un obi nm Id
unless all nu-ii are bt'flVGr thint 1 tllllll.
they are."
A merry peal of laughter greeted this
Bally, for tlm speaker, Mny Wilding,
was a favorite with the girls us well
as men. Her auditors wero n group of
young women who hml arrived Unit
day for a visit with tliolr college classmate, Gertie Menders.
"Wt shitl! hem* of your prowling
through the woods next with Dick's
rifle over yuur shoulder, looking Tor a
nun, I suppose/' Kuld Gertie. 'Hut to
come down to realities, girls. It Is tlmo
we were In bed If we Intend picnicking lu tbe morning." Ami tho matrimonial discussion wus closed by a
scattering of guests to their different
"You never would guoss where I
ahull put yuu tonight," Gertie remarked to Muy us sho ushered hor down tho
hall. "Dick bus in  away ull summer, and ns we are just n little crowded 1 am going to put yuu lu bis room.
It has been well fumigated, so tlmt it
does not smell of tobacco or guns,
But t forgot—you aro u buntreas your*
"Yes," laughed Muy; "I can lilt tho
target, although I never won n prlzo
by my shooting. By the wny, Gertie,
let mt show you something." And,
opening her trunk, she took from it nn
old fashioned revolver minus u look
rusty old gun wns pointed at his lieaa
and a feminine volco culled:
"Don't move or 1 will shoot! Throw
up your hands! I've hit u smaller object tliiin ynu many u time,"
The burglar paused, but did not
throw up his bauds, und the girl in
the bed, renlizing the uselessuoss of I Tor (letting n  Beautiful   Wntch
her weapon, begun to weaken and wish 	
she wore not so entirely at bis mercy.       nnd chnln Free,"No Money Re-
"1 beg yuur purduu"- came frum the ,    quired.-livery   Mini,   Woman,
burglar. J '
"Oh, he's one of the poiitu kind!" .    Boy, or fllrl has ihe snmo Op-
groimed the girl.
i beg your pardon, but I did not
, know this room was occupied.   Excuse
me nml 1 wilt leave, although I don't
liko to wake up tlio folks In the house."
"li would bo rather interesting for
you if you dill." nut the burglar did
not seem to cotcb the drift of her sarcasm uud continued, "1 assure you i
liml uo Idea uuy ouu wns lu tho
"I  do not doubt your word In  tho
•'Ami so. If you will excuse me, I
will leave uml hunt up mother or Ger-
".Mother or Gertie! How do you
know Gertie's name?"
"Because I happen to bo her brother," wus the amused reply,
"Her brother!   Dick!"
"Yes. Dick, at your service. And
now, us I hnve snid once or twice before, If you will excuse me 1 will go
and hunt them." lie passed swiftly
through the bathroom, and a moment
later slm hoard him feeling his way
along tho bull tn Mrs. Mnndera' room.
port unity under our System.
In order to have 1.1 r. Arnold's Rug I Ish
I'oxln Pills placed In the hands of all
persons differing irnm bad health we
make the lollnwlng mosl liberal t ITeri
lf\ou will semi us your name ami
iddress ai .1 agree to sell for ns twelve
mixes of   lu.   Arnold's   Bngllsh Toxin
Pills ai Tn*. per box, wo will give yon
uhsulnlely I ret* a beautiful Wan h mul Chain
In tliliei 1,idles or Cuts size, or ytmr
choice rf twenty other premiums such
us line se s of Jewelry, Wings, V.olli.s,
Mandolins, Tea Ssts, Sateen Skirts,
Cameras, etc. Remember we don't
want any money until after yon *eli the
P.iis am! yoil don't have to sell any
more lhan 12 boxes to get the premiums.
Tnis Is a bona ilde offer from a reliable
concern that has given thousands ol
dollars worth rf pn in urns to agents all
over the conuiit. Itimembar al.o thai
I).-. Arnoli's lOgdsh Toxin Pills ate a
well known remedy ior all  diseases i f
sini'itnt Iii tin- .listiie? i.r Knsl Kontenay, i	
inuuclug n( a pusl plimted about iu clialns soul
iUIio sutHliwest oomer nf "nl :.•.:;, llienee i
ilmhiss li, iht'iiiv so chains we-t. llienee >
ihalus niiiiii, theneebu chains easl to place i
io in men cement.
1 iileil lliis Mill -lay ot Beplfmber, lt'O .
-lames Cramp,
:,i by Pan Hayes, A&ent,
limber Notice
Nol If!
tints 1 n
Lauds j
anil eai
lieri'hy given that thirty il
U-py lutlinrhk'! Cummin
Wurss fm-a **| ia! liei'M
v.t. tlmtioi irom iliefnllo-
Sil mil
i Ilio   distil 1   .if   Kast   li
"Cnn It bo Dlclt, or ought I to glra the kidney ami uliililer, Uriahs.'--.
nn nlnriiiV" Before Klio enmo to a do-1 .li.ease, dlabeloa, ilicuinatB-in, neivini-
i-lsliin slio limird Mrs. Miinsk.is exclaim-   lro„blel| anu tcm]|,, complaints, ami
'"-: I arc for sale by all llrsl class ilinnei-ls
"Wily, Dlckl   Wlint do you menu by
anil dealers In medic
i ill par1
i inst Inline nt tbis time of night?,
Wo nil thought ynu would remain in !lhe TOO'"   h"c  ""'>',  ,° fi0"
,,     , . * ,, „ I them to ss-ll lli.-i.i.    Wnait   nol  ..If. I
Montnnn for another month." ,     aomcthlng  thnt  tl.e people don't
"Quito   nu    otlvontlirc,"    murmured Kn°ow.   o.ir   svalohea  are  Hie  rcrsulai
Mn'y as slie dropped to sleep half an s-iamtaui a a. for Lisliea or Cjiu'emen
hour later.  "But to think that I threat- in Nickel  or  (inn  Meiai  Cases win.
ened to shoot tlie mnn Gertie la BO handsome Illuminated dials afitl reliable
niixlniis for me to inniTv!"                    | tlme-keepera, wi.icii.-s snen as no lads
„,,      ,   ,   , , ".Hi,  I  nm  so Bind that you  like or Bentleman need be ashamed to carrt
-oufo'rr | mk[   wns Ogle's greeting the next
"To acare awny  burglars  when  I
and with only tlie stub of n tt'lgg
und the; will  be sent  absolutely  I-
to all   who sill   only   twelve   boxes nl
ihosessoiiiK-ihil I'oxln i-illa.    Willc ai
meet them"  renlknl  Muv   dlanlnvlnr. "'"  lll,"!    Wlmt d0  ym mean!" : once an.l be the lirst in Ymir locality tn
tl,» Innonen, ™™ „   ' ',       '    '    8   I"1'""'1 ""•' ''"vil.lered girl. , earn one af those beantillll watches ami
w!!.? ,       ' ii , I ' "".'"."      "Wh!', didn't you try to bring him   chain.     A, soon a,   we   receive ,o„,
brother bad dropped nn» a joke while   ,,,,„■„ will, vmir revolver, tbe wny you   letter or peat  caul we  will semi you
•fxvn'?,"    ?''','"   C'   . ,      Bald you intend,.,! to get your bus- 'post I >• tl lm Ive bom, together will,
Well,there Is no danger of your be,   ,„„„,.,, (;t.,.tl0 „sla,,, wlth oflne „„. onr lllnatrated Catalogue and beam-
Lw ho"t«s Inusbefl   6u,.iPtlon of lnnocei.ee.    "I naturally   """colorel1	
"One never knows," said May, with
a pout and a shrug of her shoulder
ilth y in name and aJ-
.   .   dress on as our authorized agent,   a at
supposed It wns a case of love at lirst   In mlad ,hat you will unt be llsket| t.,
Bight. | se|| any more than ii.e 12 boxes and  we
„.,.,. , , ,      Never during the following weeks  don't wantany money until afterjou have
as she bade her good night and tossed WOi*e Maj and Dick togelber tbat Ger- sold in, m, w« uear all the expense
tua antiquated relic earolessly on the tle th{1 tactless, did not appear wltb and are only making ihis liberal ctrei
, some senseless remark ubout guns and   a* a meihod of •adveiltslng Dr. Arnold's
Threa hours later, when tlio whole   aRtao utltil ,„.,. mi,mi boaon fairly t«   English   Toxir,   Pills.      I> n't   delay.
wrue ui once ami earn a nfjimini   |r.
sent lot yourself for Ohrl'tmas.
hoiiBAhr.t-1 ma wrapped--iu aieep, a   foatho "her" uiifortunato adventure, her
young man walked rapidly^from tho   visit and everything connected with It.   ,,,      ll)Wllllllllll,u.   „   .,
gate to he front entrance o  tbe Man-1 Hor mflnner toJDick became dally u.or. ' Audress AHM 11) MEDICINE tt).. Dept. 116,
ders residence, drew a latchkey from   constrnined and chilly.   Ho was Inl 50 Adelaide St. East Toronto, Oat.
despair ns to bow he eould plenso her.
and nt lust confided In his sister. i „
"So you nro really in love with her ' Timber Notice
nnd   ure  desperate  because  she  will!    NoIIcp Is hereby given that thirty days nft
liuve nothing tu say to you!" wns ber ,ll;"'' "I"1"1",1 *"«imi)M iiuM'ii.et Coininlssloti
,. °,       f.       "..— „  , of bitiul and Wnrks at Vl.-lora for a siwot
consoling exclamation.   "Tell her BOt t t|Ccrisc to cut ntnl cany away i orfromtl
you goosyl" | following ile.-tcrlbcil
Ho acted so promptly on her advice
that Gertie heard tbe welcome news
tlmt  very  night lu a  bedtlmo  cou-
fidonce. I clinlns south thence so chains west, b
"But, oh, Gertie," Mny whispered,   comnienroiiiciit, conlalnln« mo acres
half laughing, half crying, "how could
yon tense mu so all the 111110?"
".My friend," was thu orncular response, "for all your bravery with a
from iii>- northeast
Umber limit near I'I
clinlns nortli, them
iiost planted 80 chains
orner in.-,! nf Frank I
tali ft-lanes'mill, tliei
of October, 1002,
gun I don't believe tlmt you would
have bugged your husband if I had not
made yuu think you did uut want to,"
1 iKt.il 'i
.'ii Unit iiiiii.,   days afte
i|'li tmlie   ASSl imii   t'dlll
nl Works ol iho district a
hu 1 iiief Gonunlssluiicr n
: iloMTilntj lailll Mtuate
ileof tin- I'lallic.id Itlver, the In
llll t ono half inl.es ll of lh
Inlo queer fancies,  A well known pro-   pineiioi Creok trull ami aimul two miles easl n
feasor remembers that when be wus a   tlia boundary II fliieCaindiun I'
Timber Notice
Nol l.i
h in-rebv t-ivi'ii thai thhly days nfloi
nul cai
sun.1 Wuiks im .1 spiiiinl linns in.'ni
j nway tliuher fiutn tho fulluwliig ties
-iilieil 1
ii  ui iin'  iiMiH'i ..1   linsl  Knoieiiny,
'imi ill 11 nisi iiltuiteil ul 1 nsi eluiius
liesoulllHl'SI ll f lol Iim'.', 1 l.eii.'i*. -i'
'lia iin a
lllll, llli IWO »l Vilnius Wfi.it, Itn nee su
linlns 1
!DI in-Ill,                                            1^ .
hlslltlulnj uf Hepteiiiher, 1803.  Z*Z
h> Dan Hayes, Agent,
Timber Notice
Not lee
Is heieliy i-lveu  lhat  lid ty days after
ale! lu
end loiiiiply lot i<- Chief Coin nlsslu li
rof l.ii
ds nml Works for 11 II so luctil nml
an* ■■.)«
iy Unibor from thef llnwlugileiirboi
I'm 11 in
lielllK  at a pnst  pi iiitOll on tin- east
■an. nf
In- Ivooteiiuj  river 111 the dl lllct if
Notice For Tenders.
in no- natter oi 11 mii-u
Oil Wil 1 > Um. I
' hlifliesl
■I. I. AltM.sTltl
iiiiu'iitl Ail mil
Xotlee Is herebyglven that llilrty .hns aftei
dnte I hit ml In tipph In the Asslslant I'nminls
sloner ui Unds ami Works of lln* district 0!
I'asl Kootenay, and the l hlefC Isslouer ••
l.iiii.hiuiil Works Tor a llcenso lo pros 1 i-n
otiai on lhu fullmvliiH ileserllicd lanil, sltuaiei
1 men >rili sidu uf lhe Klutheuil |,|vor, Hi.
itlul post lielilirahmtl nue li.iir mil nth a
s line  iif.li  trail ami atmul two mile-
sl nf the ai. Iiii.'..r lln' Cnn Iimi  ]':>■•
Do railway's irnci nt i.itiu, m ine s-uun unit
if Kast Koote. y illstrlcl, piovune 0
h.ui'.i lh
Tih day nf October, KB?,
■at 11 post alionts.xteenuillt
-I   Mni'iissey being the sum
ui tn the northeast conn
in'suliiiin, thenee su cl.nl u
iim tlie place of hcfflnnli
'.1 an.i fortyitcies,
Martin craliau
by A. Iluckett, Aiteut,
Dolnir Their Arlthmellr.
Children believe so confidently what ' l*ai!,h!".l!1.w",;,,i'i..1."1
they hear that if they do not bear ac- |
curatoly  tbelr minds sometimes rim
.rn the 11
his pocket, opened tlm door und slipped In hu cautiously that he COUld not
have been heard had any one been
awake. Ht paused lu the hull 'a limine ut to hung up his hut and then crept
silently up tim broad enrpotad stairs
sud softly tried the door ur tho room
lu which the buflbnnd hunter was reposing. Suppressing un ejaculation at
finding It locked, the young mail turned away, but paused agalu ut thu bead
of tbe stairs, muttering)
"I forgot thu bathroom. They mny
hare left that unlocked," lie rotraccd
bis steps, passing the barred door und
trying a second one a Utile further
dowu tbe bull. Here he wns successful, and, passing through thu bntli-
rooni, be entered thu room uf thu sleeping girl.
"Queer that door was locked," ho
said aloud n-> he lighted the gas, Then
be sat down lu an easy chair lacing the
window while be unlaced his shoes.
child ho sang "Glory, glory, hnd n new
year!" fur "Glory, glory, halleluiah!"
A story of a similar childish uilsunder*
Btnndlng of sound Is told by a Sunday
school toucher.
Tlio Infant elass was reciting the
Christ inns lesson. Sl."--year-old llurnld
was called upon to toll tbu story uf Ibe
Saviour's birth.
"Well," he began, "Ilio shepherds
wero nut one night doing their arltbiuo-
tio when the angels enmo"—
"But Stop, llurnld/' interrupted tho
puzzled teacher, "and toll mu what you
mean by tlmt."
"Well," replied Hnmld, "I don't seo
how they could do arithmetic in tlm
dark, bul.Hint's whnt they wero doing."
"Now think, llurnld," Mild tho leach*
er, "and leli the story us nearly us yuu
tan In the words of lhu lllble."
So Humid began again: "Ono night
the shepherds wero dividing Iu tbu ' in
field s"-
11 Abiding" bad sounded to his ear like
"dividing," nnd dividing wus "dulng
their arithmetic."
way'* tract or l
l.ast Kootoi
III, Ul     III!
. I'i'
Iiiiini tins nii ilny or October, 1811a,
CnnimeiieiiiK 111 a post ulmiil sixteen miles east
tf the town nf Morrissey, being tlio smitlino-,1
nriiormljuceiiitn tho northwest corner or ll.
.. Htmlions claim, tlieneo i > eluiius east, tinnier*
ifin ■<■
Fraudulent Jewels,
Since solutions of aniline dyes pos-
sess the property of Imparting to gen-
May bad been In a lij-ht Bleep when [ uino jewels as well ns gloss paste a
her door was tried and wus dropping ' deep, rich color If left long enough im-
back loto a dozo when she beard tho   morse'd In them und since tbey possess
bathroom  door open  und steps  Issue   nlso tlio property of Imparting precisely
from It to her own room. | t|,0 characteristic color of a genuine
"Wbe can it be?" she said to herself   |ewei the swindler hus it not only lu bla
snd was about to call Gertie's name   power lo dye cut glass paste, but also
wben the Intruder slrucw a match and   inferior cut gems, of tho color of a
she ssw tbat It was a man, ' ni|,Vi nn emerald or a sapphire, since
"A   burglar!"   she   thought.    "And   fuchsino Is the handsomest ruby red
Gertie said there was no danger!" ' simde, while bleu de Paris Imitates ab-
Then she remembered the revolver   solutely tlmt of the sapphire and aui*
shs bad tossed upon the bed nud for-   line green Hint of the emerald.
gotten to put away.   Softly she slipped j    Such n fraud, however, can be mado
her hnnd down over the bedspread un-   still more complicated by using genuine
til she grasped the weapon. j off colored rubles, sapphires or einer-
"It   wus  lucky   I   forgot  to  put   It   aids and dyeing them with tho cone*
away," sho thought us she saw the   Bpondlng aniline dyes, thereby raising
burglar making himself nt homo.   "He   (heir value tenfold.    It is exceedingly
Intends to tuke off his shoes hero and   dlllicult to recognize this fraud heonuse
then rob the house." tlao color of sueh u well corroded Jewel
As bhu came to lids conclusion the   ouu no longer be washed off even with   ('ma-res eorleas.
burglar aroso and turnpd toward the   Iml water.   Only the bleaching power     (JnuiUruuk nih October, nm
bed.   a look or surprise flashed over  of sunlight ralgbt after a time assist la     :" u. K. MAltcil.
bla face, but before be could move tbo   revealing the swindle.
«o chains soi
hln llie |'l
co of licgilllllllg, eon
iftlnrngsh li
nnlti'il ami
oily ane'.
Dai oil ih
s Kill ihc. 1
r Reptouiber, 1803.
in Crahan,
A, lllleloll, Agont.
rehy given
iiiiii thirty iitivsuftei
lime 1 Intoi.
tllll|.|.l,  tn
ho Chief I'oiniiilssloiiBi
tif 1, Hills   III)
a spiclnl llwenso 10 nil
ii    the   fiillnwliiH
Sll lllll It 1 1.1
if [tlUl Kii.'lellll. ill
m.-liellii! ill a
imi pin 1110
lal 1 |i> eluiius  WO 1
i.riin-s iiuik
est oornor 1
Mnl 033, I lie nee sonll
1 wesl Hi
chains, llieiieu norili
in chiiius, ti
ones e.isl
vi clialns to place ol
com iiieneoiii
Dated tins
.111 lies
si-pMiiii.-r, iiiil1.
v nan llnyos, Agont,
Timber Notice
Nutlet- Is li
rein (riven
1 Iml   llilrty tlnys alter
dale 1 mii'ii.ll..,i|.,.l, tin
ic Ohlor Commissioner
of 1 amis nn
a   ll si-to cut ami
.•any aivay t
liner fnnn
ie folidwlug ilitierlbccl
It   al   llie
iii'thonsl corner |hib!
JllncQ lull Hm
tt'PSl linllll
iryuf ll. T. Ariioi.is
1 'H'"11"
iiiil one h
If mite   south  nf Ills
niiriliwesi cu
ner post, ri
11111111: so eh s uesi.
the -Mi eli:
ns smith, 1
teiicu Mi ehalns cnst,
Illi'lll ("■sll I'lll
11-north to
Ihc pnlltt nf roiiuiieilf-
Intr, wo acres
mora 01 Irs
nii ociobi*
, 1003.
Timber Notice
lake Nulli'
lhal llilrly
lays 11 f|or  diito 1  In
lend in appl) in lho Chief Coiiimlsslonrr of
I.mils ami Wmks ror 11 special llcenso lo cut
aim curry in*, ny Hmbcr from the following ties*
cill.t.l lands
Cmninenehiunl slie northwest corner past,
I'lneoilnl lliosniuhwestrornernf H T. Arnold's
|ire-cm|Hlou riiiiiilng  in dIihIiis sontli, thsneo
Um eh..Ins .■; s , thonee 'in chains noi'l ll, tin	
UK)chains west lo the |olllt of coitum-liOu..
(Il'l Ui
S'otlca Is hsrohy given tint thirty days after
•i.iic 1 iiiteii'i tn npply to the Assistant commls
Blonerof Limls niul Wor-ts or the dlstrlcl ol
ICast Knoicnny, ami the Chief fi uisslmicr of
Umls ami Works for license tn prosjieol for
■■iml mi the full.mini- desorlhed laud, sltuateil
mi the soutn side or the Plalhoml Itlver, tlio
initial post being about one hall indesouili nl ihe
I luclier 1 reek trail an 1 about two mil. s easl of
Hie 1 nlnry Hue of the Canadl a Paclflc mil*
wajs's irnct uflaiul, in die sontli east portion
nf Kast Ko iteiiny, provlnao nf llritish Colum*
Dated II1J1 Tth .lay nf (iejoher, innj.
Commenclag at a post ahonl ilxteen in las
east or Iho town or Morrissey, IicIiir the north
»est corner a.ijnceiit tn tint northeast curiioriit
I'liomasCnihna'soliilin, lho.iou mi chains cast,
Utli |£) IllC place nr I C'llilii
i-niitaiiiiin- sh hundred an I forty acres,
Dated (his loth day nf September, iftH,
II. I.. Hlepliens,
hy A. HnoltCtt, Audit
Nnilcels hereby given thai llilrly iluys^tifter
lie 1 Intend to apniy in tho Asslsianl ('oiimih*
nii.'i of I.11I11K iiiiii  Works or tlm ilKlnct of
:isi l,i>oiciuiy. nn.l llic < hii-l Ci nunissit.iiei  or
amis and Works rant lleoeso i<> 1 pet for
soulh side of llie I I lit I It'll ll llltor, llie lull al plIBt
bfillltl nlioul nue half mile south of Hie J'iri.-lM-r
ruck trail ami ilbnul two miles cast nf the
liniuiiinry lino nl tin* camuii m I'ai'lllo railway's
liacl nflaud, III thu s.iitlicusl imii Imi  of Kast
l.oi'.enay illstrlcl, pioiuici'of llrlllsll Columbia,
Dated litis Till ilny ol oolnlier, 1003.
C'niiiineiiclUB nt 11   msl al 1  slxloeu miles
east of tin- lOWIIlif Mousses brltlR   tli
i-nsl cornerrtiljnconl tnthe northwest eiirnor of
II. l.,.Sti>)liein Ulllllll, llU'i.ee-ii chain.  ROIIlll,
iiiciiiosichains wesi, 1 ioiiOj su olialiu iinrtli,
llli'll.'e Ml chains .-ail Inlhn lilm I  lnTlMlllll|-,
coolnluliiR six iiua (veil nud rurlj ucres.
luiii-ii iins iiiiii ilny nl Sei'temlior, lOOD,
Tlmiiini I'niiian,
80 Iiy A, Ilu kctt, AKClit,
Timber Notice
rhSs Guarantee Label"
which is placed
in lhe Beit hand
pocket of the coat
or overcoat in
Royal Brand-
"Royal Brand"
is not there for Ornament.
[t is ti guarantee that " Royal Brand" Clothing
is—Tniloi'-inatle, inaiiufftcturcd under the roof oi
E. A. Sinsill .Si Co., iis owners.
Tin1 I.iIh'. nlso serves to distinguish this
clothing from other makers, nnd prevents your
purchasing Inferior Clothing oft times sold as
" Tnilor-niftde, "
Siish Clothing, hns 11 "sightly appear-
ranee " but is of little value, iufcrioi worknianship
and poor materials being employed ill its construction, ii therefore dues nut hold its shape, nor
give satisfaction.
Ai a Safe-guard look for the Royal Erand label in Ihe pocket.
keitl tS: Co. Agents For Cranbrook.
Il talks! Sings, Comic, Sacred ami Sentimental Songs. Plays lite a
full Band ur Orchestra. Von can understand every words ii speaks. It is
ilio greatest entertainer over made. It uses the Hard Flat Disc Records
which last fur years.
The Grmn-o-phone is made in Canada. A live years written guarantee with each machine,    Write for Catalogues—free.
PRICES   $16.50 AND UP.
Sold on Easy Monthly Payments* if desired.
. . . MANLMi: 1 LHI.D BV . . .
E. BERLINER, 2315-2319 St. Catherine St., MONTREAL.
EMAJiVEL HLOVT, General Manager far Canada.
R. E. Beattie. Agent.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
all raliiiseaiiil touristSlr-eiieni
! an I lliilli't Rninltliig l.llirury Car
l-*..i- Itiit.--.. l-'ii:.l.-,-s mnl lull Jul..una lun
call mi •>■' ailiiri's-,
H. T. I.AN11RCK, Agent,
(i. W. p, A., Si'itltle, Wash.
Timber Notice
.Ti-l.y i-l.un Mint llilrty
Mliialnu ill's.-ill. il In
i' 11111 ai  Ilia
|ill il   lull inin. .
.lui  11, can
tliulii  li, ia.. .1.
us-1 lili'fl tu s.i .nm
nival iiiul..'! r  tha
inrilianal  cnnni   |hi.I
.llll nl II.   I,    Mairl.'s
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
Timber Notice
No'ldP-lsbpreuy glvon iiiai tlilily'ilnysafler
(lutn 1 luli-inl lo   apply tn llto < inn nan
mis-luiM"* nf   Lamis am!    Works at   Virl.nlu
foraspiHi'n lloonsn ta cul nmt rmry 1uv.1v tlm- wticr
ti.'i (inin t)i<> rolimvlnii iirsiTiiii'ii lamis 1 i|;ikj i imoi
CnmnionoliiK at tlio nnjlluvosl tnrnor post, erot Ijiiulsnnl \\'a
|ila:oil al iim snutliwed cnruorofl.nl wa, ourrj uwuy ilmlior rrom tlio fallowing dosorllioil
ruiinlugcaitiweliiiliismnriinrlosii tn tin- wost lamia:
lioiiinliiry of l.o: Mil. (Inn w mi eluiius iii.l (!< minonolng at Ilio nnrlliwosl corner |Hist,
ilii'iiccMi.-iiniiis ivi-hi ininoor loss 10 tbo bo I- |i|icod|»iio hair mlln south or <i. K, Miirob's
an ofliOtiBli iiii'iin- imiili so oliittiis to Hie ii'iilliwu.steornor Nn, a rlaliii.riiniiliigsu. linlns
iiiiii of oitinniPUfjoiiii'iit, in' iinrosiiioru or lass,   sniitli, thoi Hiiolintns ivrsi, iiini 11 nn clialns
ironic,October, llth, im)'. north, tlie-iccsnolialascaul tnlliopnlnl ..r com*
Y. M. M \ia it.
Timber Notice
Xotli'i)isliercliygiven thai tlility daysuficr
Into 1 inteml lo npply lo iho Chlof Commission*
or nf Umls mul Works at Victoria r*«r a special
is.'in cut ami oarry nwny limber rrom tha
following ilrBorlbod hinds;
n uiiiirii'
t uiii ui'i.ii
W.  I'. MAIU'II.
Timber Notice
Notlco la In-roily glvon tlinl thirty days after
itiiin 1 mii-iiii inuiipiyln 1 in'ciiit'K iiinm sslnn-
uiiuii hu- at tiie i.oriiiwi'si corner post cmf Lunh mnl Works ftir n llcons- tnoiil
pliiced <m ilu' ousl linmuliiry of itin uml nuo lulls anil carry uway tbubur irom tlm fnllowlng ilea.
from my No, 1 olnlm nnftlitycsl post, running  crllied hmilsi
lOOchnbi-icastmnraorlrsstiitlift w.;-t I-     coiiiiuoiiclaB 111 n posl miirkod "M. i~ Trltes'
l>' n'MI° tl 0 in cliiiltis smith, iiienca 100  ^ w. eornor,' plautcil at smith wesl corner n.
thaw w.'si 1 ■■• nr loss in tbo easl lion 11I1 ri nf  A, Trltfs1 Umber mall; llionoo oust mi ohnlns,
11  r, Arnold's |ir-'-aiii|ilinii ami 1 niloil 011 Uin  ttioitca soulh *u clmlns, Die)  wmt mi clialns,
Physician and Surgeon.
nm.i* al kV-dilcnti. Aruisirnai Ave.
OH'ICH liiiiiws
rorcnoons,   •   •   ■   •   i.m to II
A lie r n.ma k   -   *   *   -   i:.tm..,|,it)
livcnlnis    *    *    •    •     M» in h .in
OKA' HKtlDK,    :   :   :        ! ' 1    ft.' C
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
(icncral Jobbing....
Oulalde Order* Promptly
Attended lo.
vcsl Uy
lores inoro nr i.-ks,
Cianbrook, Oololie
llll    lillll-k   -ill,  I
■rill 80 clmln-ii to Uu* iilnce
mil.niiiiii,' Miu.-ri
ir (in-
""'•TjLMAHOlI.   I   i'ayS..,l,Si„!,iayulA„„„.t|„,,
-\1. 1. TltllKS.
I. ran brook l.od|e, No. 31
A. P, ft A. M.
Itt-Kiiliir iiioetltigs ou'tb
iiiini Tburiilay uf tlm
\i*illiiiglii.ilit;ni welcoimd.
lit.... A. LKITCH, Mcc'jr. I
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customersgive your order
TojThe Herald Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
Among Wl.Ii.i tho KucibI ur Tribal Origin
is Tric*d  11..ouih   tn* Tuibtr, and
AiutiMg ludlkus liiiuiigii in. Holder
lb. T.tru   ••(ttuttdl.u'*  I. li.ti l»  !)••
■ «!• lt>ua. Hint Hit** CltltSOSllIp ut   »
Hums Iu H>. tuuuttr.
A  bulletin  i--ii.ii  iin. uther     tiny
tjlu-H Um ceiiaiiB nf Cunmln hj oritflim
nnd   nAllQIIiilltlUK,   giuiil't'd   i>y    |>i.u
hires nnd tei'i*llories   A in tvliitu*
tlm racial or tribal origin Is iracml
thi.iiiKh tlm inili.i'  i nun nig     'll
ttlatia tlirougb tbu nmtbei A poi-aou
whose father la English nml whoso
mother is Scotch, Irish or Kronch, is
thorofora class in I ns English in origin, but n |iei*son ol mixed while
and n-i bln.nl, commonly kn.iwn us u
"breed," u clasBth) ns liullnn, with u
auli-des'.Ti|iti.ln of his while origin in
denote the breed. The term "I'nni-
dlan" is used as descriptive of ovtry
person whose homo is in the country und who has iic(|iilretl rlghla of
citizenship in it. A parson who wns
born in the United States or Prance
or Germany, or other foreign countries, but whoso home is in Oniula,
and win. is a niituralfzid cltliun. Is
clas-iud us a Ciiimdlnll{ so nlso is every person born in iho United Kinj-
dom or any „f its colonies whose
residence in Canada is not merely
temporary. Aliens Hying in the
country ore classified by natlmalt-
ties according to the country of their
birth or the country to which Uny
profess to owe ulleginn e. The following table gives tii-.- population of
Ontario unit Cnnuila by origins;
Arinenian     .
Indian,   English
breed ...  ...
JLithiiunian    Rus
si tin     ,
Polish Austrian
Polish Gorman .
Portuguese ... .
Roumanian  ... .
Norwegian     ...
S| uiiish    	
Various origins
Ontario. Canada.
118 1 15
17 34
1,040 10,211
184 a.oaa
138 87U
701.532 l,268,57ri
" '782
1,225 2,602
:V2 824
158,698  1,649,852
1 H!
Total  ... 2,162,947   (1.871.051
In Ontario there an* 7.780  \merl
cans, 10 Arabians. 0 Argentine, 710
AiistiolluiiK.il s.   in Melgians,     5
Brazilians, 2,1(15,355 Cnnndlnus 639
Chinese, 2 Cubans, 18 Hutch, t::.
Danish, 2 Egyptians, 317 I'rench,
•2 180 German :■* Grtoks -' 571
Italians.    0    Japanese   2 Mexicans
iu8   Norwegian,       33 Rom i.m
1,855     Russians,     in .Spanish.  154
Swedish, '."7 S«bs. 801 Turks. aid
814  of  Utlipcrlfllll   inilititiality In
the Dominion the various nntlonall
tu's are representoil In ihe follow ng
numbers American 18 30H \i ihiuu
io Argentine, 7; Auslro lluimarlaii
lit 807; He in nm ' ""■ llntilll in
7, HulgHilHii. 8 Canadians, 5.280,
100;     Chilian      11    * Inin H.'    10,370;
Cuban, 0 . Dutch, 188 Danish, 2
927. Bgyptlnu, 7, French, 8,028;
German, 6,480; Grerlan, ltd. Italian,
fl 1H0, Japanese. 3 inc. Mexican, 25;
NorfogUn, I.9AB; Peruvian, 0 1'nrt-
ugueM. 27   Roumanian, 752;     Kus
■fan, 20,014; Servian   2, Sin so, I;
Spanish, Hii; Swedish, 2,062; Swiss.
aflfl. Turkish,  i.n-V unspecified. <■.-
In Ontario the following foreigners
have    taken the oath of allegiance:
Americans,   1,146;   Arabians,   1;   AllS-
tro-Hungailans, 40, Chinese, 4; Danish, 1, French, 7; German, 107; Hal-
tun. 261; Norwegian, 4; Roumanians,
7;   Russians,  44;  Swedes,   14; Turks,
19; unspecified, 20.
For the whole Dominion the numbers who have become naturalized
citizens ure us follows: American,
028; Arabian, li Auslro-Hungtirliin,
1,244; Belgian. 27; Chinese, 0; Mulch,
12; Danish, 1511; French, 04; (:■•■■-
mnn, 278; Italian, 327; Japanese,
18; Norwegian, 80; Portuguese 1;
Roumanian, 37. Russian, 1,082;
Spanish, 1; Swedish. 218; Swiss, 18:
Turkish, 25; unspoclfled, 40.
A  New   Edition   of   "My   Hind  to   Men
KiiUJ.l.nn  IS."
Opening the door, 1 found him,
Silting      with   his   loot   ou   Uu-    desk,
Ins chair tilled, aml his eyes gazing
mil. s.niie far-away hind lie was
a busy man, uml when bu told mo
thai ovotj dnj bo Biiatchod a few
minutes    to dream, I knew    belter
it'll) il wn-. Ins Iiie Was mi strong,
So   hupp)    and   lull      ,.f   h<i|>e.       Ilu   is
u lawyer,   .md   when 1 walked    Into
ihe privac)  of the i 1 ..io,- 1 hud
brought 1  to eisi-th  from a crowd*
ctl muiiim  where beforo    learned
Judgo und learned nu> he threaded
the iiiiite     mazes ot the law with
elo.,..,-n.v   mil   power,
Take time  lo ilteiilu.
nut lives may in- narrowed tu the
round ol dally doing, Wa muy
kuow    bul  the beaten path to    ihe
Shop  uml   bnek   and   tli,n      lu       bed.
11   may  bu but an existence,      bul
l.nnl nt our TllOUglllS Wu ma) dream
of tho day when wo will open a
shop of our own, or possess a
And. il we are Hue In ourselves.
wv will work to accomplish the gospel of the dream.
We diviini of the Spring and in
fancy live iu balmy days aSuln,
The birds sing, and nature awakening to the glad music Ims clothed
himself anew. And as we dream
on winter seems less thill and the
wind    less searching than it     was
Take time to dream, for by fancy's vision one may live above the
clouds, Wi* may become great or
rich 01* young or old, or we may he
the peer of the mighty or the companion of the lowly, because for the
time we are what we dream we are.
Cultivate the Imagination. Treasure
It ns a priceless gift. Let not age
blight, nor folly destroy, f0l* It
is the Ego. the master gift of tiod.
Take time lo dream, for dreaming
shapes our ends and moulds our
wills, So dream thnt when lhc
doo'r is opened and wo puss
through to inhabit the great un-
Known, the realm of shade, we
may leave a. noble name. Dream
on the lofty things in life, for it is
the lofty peaks tbut cat h thu
early morning ray, it ts the
peaks that are bright long after
thc foothills slumber wrapped in
the folds of night. Dream on tho
bright side ol life, on the certainty of reward for good, and the ultimate triumph    of right.
Take time to dream, nnd as you
do. your soul will widen. friends
will seem friendlier ami hope happier, and your whole life wiTl have
received u new* Joy.
Take time to dream. The ureal
men of life dream much.— Toronto
Borne Initr.itin-- lalui nitiiuu Abuut 1 ho*.
I lie.. Dr.'McLean, ol Carman, Man.,
in a recent talk on oui Northwest
Indians fluid that when he uibtwent
west he hud mo mustered the Indian
language so tu speak the Gospel he
had io emplo)  au Inlerprelei,   This
u negro uud nn Indian, demanded a
dollar un hour When his hum wus
tip hu would turn lo Dr. Mi Lean and
ihe sermon wus at an end,
Dr, ".IVI.eaii (ells of the .-ll.-u  ul the
climate upon thu Indian. Along tlie
rugged coast ul British Columbia thu
redmnii was s u.t ... biaturu and
vigorous in aetiun, with strong utu-
ihe Indentations in the .oust aru
greatest then- reside the more rugged
und the more literate. The coast Indian was contrasted with the hig-
bodied inland Indian, with his undeveloped bruin. The Indian who lived
inland was too lazy to either wurk or
Tiie languages of tin- different lares
of   the   Indians  wen.    spoken    uf     !.\
Dr. McLean, who probably has mastered moro of ihe languages than
any other white man iu th,- west,
Indeed, it has been said thut Ur. McLean could speak every Indian hin-
gunge. He however, did not claim
any such at hieu-tnetit, for be told
those present ut lhe talk there went
1,51)0 languages ami if he could BpHalc
them  ull,   then    he guessed  lie  might
be admitted to a professorship in
Victoria  University,
In the mind of Dr. McLean the
Cree language is just us beautiful hm
the Oreek.    The struggles of Hi*. Me-
I.eun in mastering the language wero
told in u must interesting Way. Thu
speaker did not think there wus a
dialect or language on the face of
the earth that did nut have beautiful laws. God hud made ull laws or
language as real as the laws of nature, lie believed there was a connect ion between religion und language, ami said thut the language of
mankind showed the Divine hand.
Next Dr. McLean dealt with the history of the Indian missions of the
Northwest, The wnrk' was begun
in 1840 at Nut way liouse, wben
Jutues Evuus tramped out to that
point. AssoeiuU'd with him us missionaries were George Burnley, Robert Rundell and William Mason.
Now Barnley Is living in England,
while .Vinson went over to the English church and is a clergyman. Mason traveled to Norway House to
assist Evans in lhe translation of
the niblo into free. A printing press
could not be ta' eti Into that country
because of ihe opposition of the Hudson    nay    Company,       Evans   mads
Tha Hero ot ill*   Night   Attack at Stone)
li'F.k, 1813.
Sh John Harvey, ihe hero of the
nighl attack at Stone) Creek in
1813. Was bom m 1778 and diol
March 22. 1852 lie was a distinguished soldier when he came to
Canada in On* winter of 1812-13 to
assu      the pnst  of Deputy     Adju-
IlllllCt      in  Ilu,!
st   1
a    I nm
in      I'm
pltlCO,     1
id fn
ith  lhe extreui
deipinte force  then  nt  Sir   1
disposal,    he      retpiested    frn
lltvrve\     Ins opinion ami ndvin
in      lln-     best      1,mil,,     nt       de
Tlie auswei   w„s  bllel  .nul       pr,
"First    b\   in.- net* n rn lo   Intelll
ol Oi,' do-ilgns and movemrnts of tlie
enemy,  lo bo procured nt an)   price
And.  se. nniily,   !,>.   a   -..•!.,..,  ol      1 o'tl
nselt in'
Ibe     nmbi   attack     at   J
when    seven    hundred
' tie
thrown upon
nest    exn-m
nnpnie.11 was
lono) Creek,
nu da* hod
Itousnnd live
1, 1 wl men, completely demoralized
lhe whole force, wid cnpt unci iwo
nrlgadlci Generals nml foui iruns
So- James C*y inlrhael-Smyth, tu his
■ iv.-tis of Oif Wars In Cnnuda."
n-nuiiU "'llie preservation   of  the
\l;,r,,r.i    diStrfl t.       innl    of    KlllffatOIt,
inn) with lhe slrli test histlrc be
fas.ii Ij ..it' Ibutod 10 tin' attack
upon ih- «n.no.    nt Stmiey   Crook,
I ho  n.n iiv ni   On' wm'  BCl'UlB  In hnve
1 banged aftei   ihnl  mosl  11 nn1)  and
energetic    nfTnli     mul lhe   c pai-m
on   thul   fi. 11* 0-r     terminal! d   In    lhe
i.iini iv .if iiii- ,\ Iran sn. nmiold
(Fort Niagara), and Um dcatiuc-
ti,.11 nf .01 theii loan** ai d villagos,
together with the stores, provisions
nnil ordnance whhh thoy hml rot-
In i.ti m iiiai pai 1 nf iiie country
foi   ilu- further prosecution    of   the
While watting for the
Chambers tho other 11
The Hamilton   Times,
ll IU.   sa
ne   lawve
On   the  o
H* Wouldn't Seed II.
Friend: Yes, I like the house very
much, but It's a idly there's no
bathroom. Mr. Lowonsteln (from
Poland): Ilalhiuom' my lu.ir hoy,
I've only taken thu houth for iwo
•f su th I —Moonshine.
u conversation mi the old
Peter Hamilton mortgage, a, d other
mortgages The) finally drfttod to
chattel mortgages, and one nf the
barristers, lb member of a prominent
legal firm lu the city, mid nf a
Btl'angU one An o'd soldier, who
had lost his leg In wur uml had
a "peg" on the stump, confldo:! to
him one duy thut he was In love
wilb a wiilnw who had a litlle
money, lie wauled tu gel u cork
leg, to put on style, but he had not
llm price. What be needed wns
$75. Tin* lawyer Paid he wo' hi hnd
it tn hrin If he would give a lhattol
mortgage on the leg,     This       was
agr 1 to. ami,   niol*o in fi n U'an in
earnest, tin- mortgage was drawn
up, but not registered, Anyway,
the soldier got llm leu uud won the
widow. When iim couple wero married the lawyer's gift to the bride
was the mortgage on the     groom's
..I fl-l
and cut types out of wood. These
tt*»irn -tfnmied in the Indian h...K*<»!-.«
on birch burk. Evnns, und not Mason, wns the (list man to translate
the Bible into Cree syllabic characters. The Esquimax uow had a syllabic system of wrltijig similar to
Unit invented by Evans.
li was George McDougall who
stinted the mission iu the ••Devil's
Playground, close to tin- Old Ainu's
I.Ivor in Alberta, where previous to
Ihe  eiuhlies   lhe    bliffalo   rouiin-d     in
great numbers McDougall was frozen to death during a snow storm it
l-Cn,  returning from a buffalo hunt
The   hull.ins  of  lhe  west   had  throe
kinds of schools-dav schools, hoarding school and industrial schools.
'lhe lamentations of a squaw whoi
she ln-.es her papoose were nanated
l.v Dr. McLean Once he met a
Kp.uw   Win,  had  burled  ber  baby  by
' eiiii;   it   up  111 the  cleft   ni  a  tree,
She was very scantily clothed,on this
mo urn ful occasion, while the day b«-
foiv  sh.'  hail  been     Well   clothed  and
had plent) of beads, Her lower
limbs were cut and bleeding, and she
h.i.l cut a linger oil with a knife.
sh,, went abo.it wailing, "Come
back1 Oh, come hack.'" All of tho
Indian finery which she had discarded she believed vvmihl gn lo the happy hunting grounds with the papoose
Oi M.l,-an said tlmt civilization
wus finding Us way among tlie n-d-
meil lie had inlluenccd un Indian
Chlel   Io    bury  his  son     The   Indian.
however, would only have ihe body
plnced a foot under ground,
She;    And   you  hnve nf>  illusions ?
He: None. Intellectually, I mu u
bankrupt, She: Uudist barged, I
pnmuiuuV — Judv.
Ckaisd io « *t«ih.r Rear.
On one occasion Alex Treinbluy,
lhe Party Sound hunt it und trapper,
tool, a number of traps out io sel
district Leaving his muski-i and aval a Hinnll lako, In iho Pnrry Sound
them ut various points 011 Mu* Bhoros
.1 \ thin 1 bm naps nnd a tomahawk
in ih canoe, lie went nshore, nud
was reiurn ng after setting Ins   last
Imp, uli. 11 he saw a bear cub running around In un open    patch    ol
Kio iml lie .Mill inwards it, am)
ihe llttlo piiiinul seeing Iiiiii. climbed
nii a tree, and siuiiillcd ou a bralioll
about twenty feet abovo ihogrotnd
gravoly regarding its pursuer. Mr.
lYomblay cut H pole some eighteen or
twenty m lies in length) attached  h
slip cord to it, and duii**led il tu
front of the cub. The latter at hist
sniffed suspiciously at the connivance, but unable to resist tha
temptation attempted to hit the
dangling loop with one of its little
laws. The next moment the paw-
was caught, and the cub was gently
lowered to the ground, protesting
against the Indignity with faint
squeaKlngs. The loop was quickly
unfastened, Ml*. Tremblay took the
cub in his arms and started In walk
leisurely towards his canoe. Then lhu
squeak of the little captive was suddenly nnswered by a deeper cry, The
In nter turned, saw the mother ofthe
liear coining toward him at full
speed. "Then lice's (1) run," says
Mr. Tremblay -vh-u telling the story,
"never so fust in hco's life," Straight
to tbe canoe he ran, threw the cub
into ilu* craft, seize;! his musket,
tm md   und shot the m ol Inr    bear,
whi h was within len puces of hiui.
'1 h • culi Ih-OVo iu captivity, und
was afterwards sold to a Hudson
Hay factor, Wh u askod why he did
not throw the cub away as soon as
the ihuse commenced, he answered
smilingly, "lice's not tiuk abuut dat
until   eels all dime,"
lhc Canadian Pacilic Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible hy the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
Tht* uisi;rs's':iii amoiinl of principal anil inl rest, except in the
ease tif lands under S2..SII an acre, is di.ided inin len instalments as
shown in lhe lahle below; lhe firsl In he paid al Ihe lime .if purchase, lue second line >eni from dale of Ihe purchase, Ihe third in
two years and so on.
Thc lulliissnn' mills' shows lite .iiiHioni of the annual instalments
on toll acres al different prices under the above condilions:
lull .icr- al S2..SU per acr, Isl Instalment SS'i.'b o equal intuits al 55IMHI
.VIM     •■           ■■               7I.M               •■ 40.00
.1.511     ••           ••               83.90               " 70.00
..IHI     ■■           •■               U5.H5               " 80.00
..511     ■■           ••               I07.8S               " WIlO
.vim    ■■         "             has             " 100.00
Kimberley is the business and shipping point for thc
•   North Star antl Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook 's ""■' (''v<s'ona' P°'n' "',nc Crows Nest Pass
Railway and thc commercial centre of Fcuth
Easl Kootenay.
V. HYDE HAKER, Townsile Agent.
Per further infnriiuiliiui apply la agents as ahnve nr In
A, TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under $2.5ft per acre arc sold
nn shnrlcr time.
mscnrsT ior cash
If the land is paid (nr in full at lhe
lime uf purchase, a reduction from thc
price will be allowed equal lo ten per
cent nn the umoiinl paid in excess of thc
usual cash insialmcnl.
Inlercsl al siv per cent will be
chiirifcil in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots fur sale
in lhc follow ini; lown sites in Easl Koot<
enay: llku. Cranbrnok, Mnu'lle, Kikli.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of pavmcni arc one-third
cash, aud the balance in six ami twelve
Kitchener is in the center of (he great
Iron range ami ihe gateway lo the White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
and lUiifdci    *.*
Ml work guaranteed.   Sec us liclnrr
ynu build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, li C
l************< >*****iiiiiiiii
| HOTEL...             1
* 4
* iilDlllllllltllllHttli   aV
i PETEB MATHES0N, Proprltlar.      *
J When you  lire llllligry an.l ..nnt  S
*t n goal meal gn to ihe Eaat *j»
J Kmiletiiiy                                          jj
£ When yon  nre tirt-il nml want h  **
-t good rest go tn the ttasl Koo-  *t
** tenay.                                         J
I When ynu nre  thirsty ami want a   Jj,
if. gootl ilrink   gn   tu  the   ICast   ■<
J Ki.ott'llny.                                     **
J In fact when you nre lit Craubrook  "j|
wi stop nl tin- llnat Kootenny.       ■»
(i. H. THOriPSON,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary I'uhlic.
Cranhronls'and Marjavllle, II. ll.
Tl" Empire Restaurant
Memfanics Shaw A Cainphrll, Praps.
Meals and Lunches al all Hours
Home Made Bread, white
and Brown. Buns and
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
pok;i ne Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railway   Co
The only nil mil route between nil
poiuta tstst. west anst South to ...
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
tirc-nt Northern, Northern Pacific
and tl. R. & N. Company.
Nelson  with Steamer tor  Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Calls with .Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Conneeta (1h.1v
At    llosshurg   Stage   daily   for
Grand Porks and flreenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, ilea. Paaa. Aft.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co!
Wholesal! aad Kelall
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Your
.r.-.,t." i. fci.li.it.J.
I'riiprleiorof tin*
Candy Kitchen
mrrlea aeonii.le.tealr.e1. nt
Candies, Mruils, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. oh*.«»> «H
1,11.(1.1'.    Key Cily Lod|e
No. .'.'.   M.'.'lm's'1'iy Mini
ilny nlalit at llielr l.iilln ..
itnisi'i Ktiiii't.   Hojniiilng
Otlrl fctlnws oaiillally InvlWil.
A,l*lloli,Jr.. X. I". Hilling),
N. II. ' »■«*•'
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Refute.1 Throughout
One nf the Most Comfortatil.
Hotels in KaM Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
Sl. John
New York
San Francisco
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crunlirook, II. C.
Upper Lake Steamers
l.v. Hurl William, Sua , Tsie , Iri.
ST.   PAUL,  llULltrtl, CIIICAUO
Lea.e lliinmiire .Itiaslliin dally (nr Sl. Paal
Leave Knutenay I anslinn Taetsda. nnil Salar
day for Toronto and all sailera points
Leave Revelaloke dally lur Stallle. Vancouver
and coast elites
Thrnunh llcketa tn Burop. .la all .Haaili
l.laca.   Prepaid llckcln It "" I'"11"' "
leweil rates,   for lull parll.Mlara appl) In
local Buenta.
A. II. P. A , *l"li
Vancouver. cranbrouk
Livery  S
Proprietors * * *
We have a stock ol
Common llrick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tilt
Those wanting: chimneys, lire
Teams ami drivers furnished fot any places, boilers lined, or any job
point in the district. I work j„ thc brkk ylnt caI| „„
Manager   J   J    .4
Surveys „,
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
lite, made hy contract.
P, 0. Pari Steele, B. C.
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion collfge of V. s
Office niul stun*, Ailct-n block,
neni Cnuaillaii HunV nf Com-
mcrce, Cranbrook, U C.
(Iptiolnlerlni! and litncril iMralluraKa*Mlrli|
Will iitli-ii.l In uuy work in tbt dlMrkt
Afeni lor Hie  Hrindiia Marble aid Urania
Wurki.   Tuinbiloaci, tlcaditaiaa, ale. -ffis-SS W. .- -   IS
M-SHW-vl 9   ••   •
,.., ,.   .   .  ..  i.  ,.  ..   ,.   -.   .  IS
J-®-®-®-®-®  :-   -   - --   -'
Er Beautiful Designs in
Battenberg and
Linen Novelties
An enormous assortment of  latest designs in hand j
made linen and battenberg novelties just passed into Ti
stock.    These goods are manufactured in Japan and fu,
_, give evidence ol lhc best material and finest workman- fs
f| ship.    The lollowing variety of pieces in different de- '* i
signs: i'j»
Center Pieces,
Tray Cloths,
Side Board Covers,
(sT Five o'clock Tea Table Covers and Doylies.   See our fcj>
(If window display ol  these  goods.   It will please you. fs?
Reasonable prices.
-,.-. . . •
$ •*>
to there is no gainsaying a good thing.    Most  people <^
to know a good thing when they get it and appreciate it <^
to accordingly.   We have a shop full of good things and ^
to while we appreciate your orders sent by mail or given ^
to at your doors, we  like our customers to some times ^
to come and choose lor themselves. 0
X many things you want but don't think of when order- Y
H ing at home and we take a pleasure in displaying for Y
■■ your inspection of quality any of the many choice edi- «
bles we carry in stock.
we will have on display a new lot of fancy crockery. O.
This, added to our already large stock, will provide O
atpple assortment for any who wish to replenish their O
table dishes or add to their collection on the side board 0
or in the china cupboard. Little things neat and natty O
yet useful in Royal Worcester, Kobalt, Wedgewood, O
Hungarian Iris, Limoges, etc., or the more ordinary <^
w|«ie in tea and dinner sets and odd pieces. O,
-'Mail orders carefully packed and promptly shipped. 0.
Fancy and Staple Grocery and Crockery Store <$
.Just a little worn, ch? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cast too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a line selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon thc quality.
Leask & Henderson
The loth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
A Word to the Ladies
H*iv.e you scon our new fall goods? We
have sonic exquisite patterns and latest
novelties in ladies' wear. Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy you in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
We have iust received two car loads of Al potatoes.   We  O
want to turn these into money quickly so shall sell at Q
*J They won't last long: at this price so leave your orders early to D
avoid disappointment. Ours is the NEW MEAT MARKET Q
on Armstrong avenue. Q
1 MAYCOCK & HARRIS.        0
We also carry large  slock  of  HAY AND GRAIN,     q
■D60Q0C) 0)00000000000000000
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Qf aJI kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda watfcr in* -siphons*    The most
gnomical Way tu handle fl.
Mind Your Own Business
is and old saying* pone wrong-.
It is every man's to insure and
it is, therefore, our business to
look alter yours.
Perfect Protection,
Low Rates and
Prompt Settlements
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Picked   Up Aboul (he  City   by  Asking
Oiifsiiiuis of Many  People.
Piug pong lm*. started iti Crautirc-ul*..
Five weeks Irom unlay   in Christmas,
W. K. Ross, of Fernie,  was in town
J. A. Harvey, Fort Steele waa in town
this week.
J. I.al.llaw ot Fort Steele was in town
last week.
Dr. llonnell of Fernie wan a Cranbrook
visitor Tuesday.
Coal am) wood cook atoves at cost ul
G. II. Miner1*
Paul ll.iiulU'v, of Ki tuber ley, was in
town last Friday.
Vic Deslauuler, of Moyie, was in town
st? ver ul days tltis week.
Mrs. l.oiby, of Sidar, visited Mrs.  ft
ll. Breiuner last week.
11. Keisliaw and wife of Fott Steele,
visited Crauhrook last Friday.
II \V. Rois came over from Fort Steele
Monday lor a few hours stay.
Him Hayes, the 1-lk Mouth mill man,
was in town Munilay ou husiuess.
J A. Harvey and wife of Fort Sleele
were Cianbrook visitors Tuesday,
Fur rent, a four-r. om cottage in west
part uf town.    luijtilre ut this ollice.
James Balfour, the well known railway
insurance man, is lu town this week.
I1. McConnell is improving the louks
of bis premises hy erecting u stable.
Two comfortably furnished bed tooms
heated) for rent. I*. McConnell.
J. F. Armstrong, gold commissioner,
of Foit Steele, was in town thia week,
Geo. Leitcb, of JafTray, was up ou a
short visit to his parents here ou Sinday
Harry Drew of Kimberley. was down
this week attending the Filler and Camp*
bell trial.
Rev. S- J Thompson is visiting Kim-
berly and North Star on a preaching and
lecturing trip.
Skating was quite tbe go during the
later part of last week on tbe small pond
north of town.
Mrs. G. II. nremuer was called to
Lethbridge this week by the illness of
Mrs. McKillop,
Mrs. W. R. Ross of Fort Steele, was
the guest of Mrs. C. M, I-Mward. several
tlays this week.
C. Farrell ofthe North Star Mine at
Kimberley, was iu town tbis week on
his way to Moyie,
This is tbe time of tbe year that the
Sundav schools begin to fill np Christ
mas trees are in sight.
Mr. Campbell, of Kimh-rUy, was in
iuwu tUls week viiiting his brother who
is sick iu the hospital.
Do you want o bargain. See G. II.
Miner's coal and wood cook stoves. lie
is selling them at cost.
Mrs, John McDonald, of Marysville,
left on Friday last for High River on a
visit to relatives there.
Chas. Finch of Finch & Tones, lumber
dealers at Marysville visited Cranbrook
and Fort Steele tbis week.
I). V. Molt, of Fernie, the well known
lumber magnate, of that town, was a
Cranbrook visitor Tuesday.
The Baptist cbarcb will hold its Christmas eutertaitiment and tree iu the
church on Christmas night.
Mr. Miller, of Skooklimcuck, was In
town last week with a load of vegetables
which he easily disposed of.
Several of the merchants have had
their windows decorated with porcelain
letters during the past week.
To rent on December ist, a first class
house, rent $25.
lleale, Hutchison & Klwell,
Mrs. W. T. ami C. K. Reld, entertained s large number of friends last Friday at the former's borne on Baker Hill.
See those Christmas cards at Beattie's
and get nn early choice. If >ou send
them very far you don't want  to delay.
Frank McCabe of Wardner was in
town last week. Frank is as happy
looking as ever and full of jokes aud
K. 10 Beattie, the druggest, has hail
issued from The Herald office a neat cir*
nilnr telling the people about bis great
stock of toys.
Mrs. I,acey of Gateway was in Cranhrook Tuesday. Mrs. I.acey has the
only hotel in that town aud Is meeting
with great success.
II. I,. Stephens, ot the Australian
hotel of Morrissey was in town last
Saturday arranging for a car load of
uml hire for his hotel.
The Herald would ruggest that the
merchants get ready for their Chrislmas
ids, The Uld Man will be around to
!o see you Friday or Saturday.
Those   wishing   any   printing before
Christmas will do well to advise this
ollice in time, as there will be a rush
ere during the next four weeks.
1 have secured a supply of fresh tultch
cows and am in a position to furnish
milk to the public as wanted,
P. McConnell,
Tlie many friends of Mrs, P. f.und will
be pleased to learn that she has recovered Irom her recent illness and expects
id return from Spokane next Monday,
The concert and dance to be given by
theUdies Guild of Cbiist church, ou
Nov. .■■;,   promises to  be a   big success,
The prtceedsare for tbe building fund.
comes but once a year and it is nearly here
now. Come in and look at our stock being
opened up every day. Bigger, better, brighter than ever before. You don't need to buy.
Just come and look and we will be satisfied.
This week wc arc showing a large range of
Xmas Calendars suitable for Old Country
We have secured the service ol a first
class coat maker also a punt maker uud
nre uow prepared to turn out orders on
short notice.
McSweyn & Griffith.
Cranbrook merchants aie preparing
for a big trade during tbe holidays.
They are laying in Immense stocks,
which were never so good or large before.
A tlrst class cook stove at cost. That
is worth considering. G. II. Miner is
selling his coal anil wood cook stoves at
a big barguin, See him before it is too
The cafe of Hank Hller, charged with
attacking a man named Campbell at
Kimbeiley a few weeks ago, was heard
last Thursday aud Mr. Filer was held
lor trial.
Neil McLeod Curran, financial agenl
for the Nonh Star Mining company, was
in towu Saturday to meet his wife and
little girl, who relumed that day fiom
a visit iu lhe east.
Nortuau B raw ley. the well known con*
iraitjr ol Morrissey, was in town last
Saturday. Mr, Bruwley is u bustler aud
nas met with great success siuce coming
io South Kast Kootenay.
George Hoggarth, proprietor o( tbt
Elk holel at Kiko was in towu Tuesday,
George is one of the pioneers ot South
Fast KbOleuay aud a chap with a big
ut-aii aud u host uf friends.
The services ut the Methodist chinch
next Sundav at. lha usual hums. Tht
pusior will preach on "The n^bi kind
ofaboy, luiue evening. StiuugeiK *"
towu uie cordiully invited.
Charles Bell, C. I', It. auditor, who
lias beeu routined at the hospuul iu Ferule lor lUe pusl two weeks with pneumonia, is recoveilug uud expects to be
able to get out in a shori tune.
The Ladies' Aid of the Methodist
church will hold their handkerchief sale
December li  uud u Japanese  social iu
llie evening. It will be nil opportunity
for bargains and a pleasant time.
Xmas. Is lust approaching aud you
need a new suit. Now id the lime to have
a nice selection to choose trout. We uie
always pleused to show goods,
McSweyn Si GrilVnti.
Frank Rulley, engineer, has resigned
from lhe C, 1'. It, uud will go to Sun
Francisco io tuke a suiilar position on
the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe.
■'Rut" is a greut favorite ou the Crow,
aud he will ue greatly missed.
G, T. Rogers received a letter from
"Scotly" Honey in un, who is now in his
old home ut St. Boswells, Scotland,
"Scott)" wus confined in one of the
hospitalB there for several months, but
has recoveretl and is uow feeling all
right again.
Harry Faiilield had thc misfortune to
have his foot iu tbe wrong place when
oue of his hoises stepped out with one
of his front feet, and as a result a sharp
shoe calk passed through Harry's shoe
aud inlo his foot. Dr. King dressed it
and aside from a alight limp Harry is
doing well.
A man by lhe mime of Graiiicr, while
working with Hie road gang ou (he
Wild Horse road, met with u most serious injury. While Cutting a bar of
Steele, a small piece struck   him   in   the
eye, destroying the sight,     lie was
brought to the St. Eugene hospital uml
operated upon by Dr, King.
S. K. Bolton, barrister, of Toronto,
has arrived in the city to associate himself with W. F. Gurd iu ihe practice of
law. Mr. Bolton comes to Craubrook
with strong recommendations from the
bar of Toronto, aud will meet wiih a
hearty reception In this district. In associating with Mr. Gurd. he Is fortunate
as tbat gentleman stands high In Sou h
Kast Kootenny as a most successful prac
Prof. iC:iiiil icli,greatest of all conjurers
will give two performances at the opera
house commencing Friday, Nov. at. He
is the mnn you want lo see. Tbereisno
fake about the entertainments given by
Ibis great magician. He is neat and
clean in bis work and a most clever exponent of the magic art. Prof. SSatnloch
introduces new and original features,
giving a [it-rformance throughout lhal
positively cnn be surpassed by uone in
bis profession.
British Columbia News.
Il is nil (ll" with the Nelson city council. Dnve Carley of the Economist is
referring to tbem ns "creatures,"
Walter Willis, who shot itBb A lams
in Rowland over $1.75, used to study
hole cards in Sandou.
There should be room for a hardware
store in the Slocan. Ne'son and Vancouver are too lar away for easy trading
on this line of goods,
G. O. Buchanan is moving his Duncan
City mill to Creston. He is one of the
pioneer sawmill men of Kootenay and
his many friends would be pleased to
see G 0. make a pile of money.
Win. Edwards, a Camp McKinney
miner, was burned to death in his cab n
on Whiskey hill on the night of October
30th. He had been on a protracted
spr.e, and was alone with n bottle of
whiskey when lhe cabin took fire.
From lhe .Movie Leader
Mrs. Cronin and Miss Linden  return*
ed from a visit to Portland yesterday,
Mr. and Mrs. Mills left Tuesday for
Pernie, where they will remain for the
Miss Annie Attwood, who has been In
the Cranbrook hospital for some time
returned home Thursday.
J. Red mon, a mining man of Denver
LOluuiIu,  »ao be re   I hla    week   ot.J    1
spected the workings of the St. Eugene
The two claims on tbe west side of
the take, which were held by Chas. and
Fred Mitchell, were restakad last week
by John McDonald and Lawis Thomson.
The claim had ruu out.
From tlie Prospector,
Ned Bray left Monday for Victoria
where be will spend tbe winter.
F, G. Lucas, wbo haa been stud Ing
law with Barrister Harvey for the past
two years, left for tbe coast Friday.
A. Grez has a contract for cutting
100,ono feet of sawlogs.
A dancing school was opened at
Masonic hall Wednesday evening.
A progressive whist party was held
at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. J A
Harvey Thursday evening. Miss Watson, captured first priz; for ladles, and
U Little gathered In the prize for
Charles Chapman, with a small force,
left for Fin ley creek Thursday, where
he will operate a placer claim during
the winter. Thla claim Is situs ed
about eight miles up Klnley creek from
the Kootenay river. Prospecting shafts
have been sunk ani pay gravel fouid.
The winter's work will be devoted to
running a tunnel on bed-rock, with the
Intention of tapping an old channel.
A comfortable cabin has been erected,
and provisions and supplies sufficient
foi* sli months are now on their way
10 the mine.
Mining property carrying zinc.   Send
full particulate to Beale, Hutchison &
Klwell, CrnuhrcoK,   II, C.      Principals
only treated with.
Why you should buy
Because It la tlie tint quality
Because It Is the mini laming chew
Because It Is the largest high grade
5 or toe [slug
Because the lag; are valuable for
premiums until Jan. 1,1904
liOCclll.se «e guarantee every plug,
Because yourilenlerlaaiilhorl;.|.ilto
relsinil your ntntley 'I you
art, not Hitisfi .1 I
|    Hello Boys!    1
to Our Wolsey Underwear lias arrived.   We can fit you
to in four different shades.     These goods are absolutely
0 unshrinkable so you are sure of getting a fit that will
<*■ be a fit.  * The finest line of
to ever shown in East Kootenay, in a dozen different
•$> styles. •.-*. Those Stub Proof Rubbers are a poor thing
^ It ihey keep going this way there will be a rubber
0 mine wanted before spring.
Winter Caps
Ft. Steele
Mercantile Co.
J. P. PINK, /Manager.
you musl begin with his dress. Dress puts man on
an equal footing. The footing is oftimes mighty slippery without tailor made garments. They smooth the
way to social and business life.     Call and get them at
Cranbrook Block - Cranbrook, B. C.
"FORCE" S s s s
We have the exclusive agency for the celebrated cereal ''Force"
It is thc whole of the wheat scientifically combined with barley
malt.   Only 20 cents per package.    Try one.
We are today discharging the eleventh car within a month
of Flour, Oats, Vegetables, Feed, Hay and Apples. Our car
of groceries is to arrive during this week when we shall have
every variety of canned goods made from this year's pick and
the best on the market.
Have You a Set of Books
You want looked after?    We are in that busi- ®
I ness.     Headquarters for Insurance.     We write
<f business In any part of the district.
Head Office Cranbrook, li. C.
TlillNtail   ?S
Hotel s &
Quests Comfort i Specially
flood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranhrook.
Dealer in.
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, perbottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle  I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  1 75
"J; Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  150 -tt
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle - 2 50 \  »
Jamaica Rum, proof strengths per bottle  I 75 I
Ji Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00 *■**
Claret—Chateau-Clossman, pints  1 00
Bass Ale, pints  25
Guinness' Stout  25


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