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Cranbrook Herald Sep 20, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce,     j
Hon. Gso. A. Cox, President. B. K. Wai.kkr, Oen. Man-    »
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A General Banking; Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
You are respectfully
invited to attend
Friday and Saturday
Reid & Coo's
Grand Fall S
Millinery Opening
September 21st-22nd
THE Newest Styles irt New York, London and Paris Millinery Will be on Exhibition.       j*       **       **
J| Cranbrook
Hotel 33
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad anil depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
POINTS without number. Big
points, little points, sharp  business
points, points of advantage.
For cooler weather we have many
thing's you need and have them
where you can see them. Have
you seen the children's Flannelette
Underwear and Eider down coats?
Come in and look around.
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
Wc arc-now in position to show you as nice and cheap
a line of Shoes as can be found in East Kootenay. Gall
and examine them and be convinced	
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd.
»Bai1 Kootenay'i Dig Mall Order House"
Great Discount Sale
25 Per cent olf all Dress Goods, Silks and Men's Clothing.
Call early and secure best selection. Our stock in these lines,
the besl In Cfaiibfook.
G. ti. GILPIN.
fi H Miner  The Pioneer
\jita   lit    1T1111V1       HARDWARE STORE
...Three Gents' Wheels at Cost...
STOVES—Just received a carload.
All kinds of Builders' Hardware. Paints, Oils and Glass.
ROOFING.   Tin and painted metal.
Ea vest rough and Furnace work.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.   ;
Cranbrook and floyle
A Floe Bit ot Uridtoi Hai Made It  So—A
Few Suggestion*.
Tbe grading of Baker street bas been
completed, and Its present appearance
is a credit to Cranhrook, and would he
to nny town twice Ha size. It te also
creditable to MeBsrs Breckinridge and
Lund, lhe contractors who did the Job
so quickly nnd nicely. The street at
present presents n very handsome appearance, and wilh people-going through
on the trains will inspire n belief tlmt
tbe citizens of Cranbrook are enterprising, energetic atul above all particular
to bave their streets nud avenues attractive in looks.
lt might not be well to encourage that
belief however, as the traveling public
would be apt to make comparisons elsewhere which would Induce people contemplating a change of residence to come
to Cranbrook to make their future
homes, Thia possibility can be easily
defeated by our merchants. If tbe street
was to retain its present neat and attractive appearance some might say "Cranbrook is doing no business; you don't
Bee boxes, barrels, refuse paper, and a
hundred and one olber articles piled up
on tbe streets." So it might be well for
the merchants, ou Baker street espec
tally, to stack np all the old packing
boxes possible iu front of tbeir stores,
take all tbe packing paper, excelsior,
etc., that comes with the goods packed
and throw tbem out in the streets—it
saves the unnecessary labor of removing
tbem to the back alley. Besides, if you
do not do so people may really think no
busiuess ia being done in Craubrook.
Of course, from an esthetic point of
view, the attractiveness of the street will
not be improved, but it will be a proof
to many that goods are beiug received
iu Craubrook, aud besides will save five
or teu minutes work iti moving them to
tbe rear. By all means stack all this
stuff and rubbish on Baker street in front
of your stores.
It Was (liven at the Presbyterian Church
Monday Night.
As announced, the concert to tie given
at tbe 1'resbyterian church Monday
evening, by T. J. Scott, assisted by local
talent, look place. The audience wasof
a fair size, and the entertainment quite
Mr. Scott is a tenor singer of considerable ability nnd also possessed of a large
(uud of Scottish anecdotes and jokes-,
which be relates witu a strong Scott* &
accent proving very interesting aud
amusing to his audience.
Aiuoug the local contributors several
were well-known young ladies who
rendered musical numbers in a very acceptable manner. The elecultonary
number by Miss Jardine wasof a difficult
nature, requiring much skill to successfully render; it might I** termed a uitdly
starting with 'Toe's Raven," then suddenly breaking off into a recitation of
the charge of the "Light Brigade," tbeu
into llie ridiculous and comic, The extreme changes in the nature of the recitation requiring considerable control of
facial as well aa vocal expression, which
weie well done.
The "stai" of the evening, of course
was Mr, Scott, wilh his strong, rich
tenor voice, although the pastor him
self proved himself a singer in no small
Mrs. Costigan was the accompanist nt
the piano; her work and ability is so
well known that comment would be
The program was as follows:
i.   "Uhbs o'Miue       -      -     -      Scott
a.    Instrumental , piano i   Rhoda Leitch
3. "Hlnhlandman'sToast"   -   .   Scotl
4. Violin Solo - ■ Pansy Miner
5 "Admiral's Broom" • - - Scotl
0. Reading - - Miss Jnnline
7     "Rory Darling"    ■    -    -     -    Scott
8, Instrumental    -    Miss Kdilh ,-tlcGee
9. "Green Grows the Rnshls, '0" Scotl
io   "line Ye Mind 'U'  Lang, Lung
Syne?"     -     -     -     Rev. Fortune
ii    "Kings ofthe Rorid"    •   j-    Scott
13 Instrumental ■ ■ Mrs Costigan
],*,   Recitation  "Cuddle Doon"     Scolt
14 Sung, "My Boy Tommy"   -   Scott,
The Herald  $2.00 Per
About Freight Rated.
General 1'ieigbt Agent Maclnnes, of
Winnipeg, and P, M, Peters, distrtcl
freight agent w.'th headquarters at Nelson, lor the Ci l*. R., were in town re-
ct*nily to investigate charges of excessive
freight rates preferred, it was supposed,
by Cranbrook merchants through llle
board of trnde. Tbe result of their visit
was tbnt but oue merchant could be
found that would come forward and reg
later a kick, so In the matter of reduced
rates the mountain bas labored without
bringing forth even tbe traditional
The fact of the matter Ib tbat the C.
P. R. treat*! its patrons as well as does
any blher .road the business men along
its route.        • ...
Better Tfet-t -Paying Rent.
G, II. Gilpin haa purchased tbe Pen-
wick lot on Cranbrook street, and Contractor Grant is building a warehouse
thereon for tbat gentleman. The building will be 20x48 when completed, and
several carloads of goods are awaiting Its
completion, with more en route,
Although Mr. Gilpin hu been in business here for some time, this Ib his first
investment in Cranbrook realty; heretofore, like many others, be feared Cranbrook would not be permanent; now be
is submitting to the inevitable.
Strayed or Stale a.
Twenty-four bogs and pigs; -were last
beard of near (he Mission, about three
weeks ago. A liberal reward for their
return or Information leading to tbeir
recovery. Van Decar St Son.
Development Shows Great Quantities
Rich in Silver and Lead
South   East   Kootenay  Is  a  Vast  Depository
of Various Precious Metals, and Is
Surprising the World.
That South East Kootenay, in a very short time, will be
one of the greatest producers of mineral wealth on the continent is now a fact undeniable, as its shipments of silver-lead
ores and coal products daily are sufficient to furnish ample
business for the Crow's Nest Pass Railroad, a branch of the
C. P. R. nearly three hundred and fifty miles in length.
Although scarcely three years old ln development, the
comparatively small district southwest and northwest of
Cranbrook furnishes three of the greatest silver-lead mines on
the continent, with the prospect bf, in a few months, -being
unequalled,'individually or collectively, by any other mines of
the same nature on earth.
The Herald refers to the St. Eugene, Sullivan and North
Star mines, whose present monthly output, with the Sullivan
shipping development ore, the North Star for a considerable
time simply cleaning up the bins and levels, and the St.
Eugene shipping concentrates from a mill now equal to no
more than one-half of the mine's outputtlng capacity, far
more than equalling the entire tonnage of the justly celebrated Slocan country during the first half of the present
ycm. jum mink 01 it—tne tonnage or tnree mines scarcely
three years old, producing more than six times as much as
that of a country for eight years famous for Its silver-lead
mines. .
And yet this is but a "starter." These shipments are
being rapidly increased by the.mines mentioned. In addition,
there are many prospects in the North Star-Sullivan and St.
Eugene camps which are awaiting but moderate Investments
to become shipping and' paying'mines. As a matter of fact
some of them are already beginning to ship, and It Is highly
probable that the Society Girl, ai Hoyie, as well as one or
two others in the same camp, will need no new Investment of
capital for their development, as they already have shipping
ore in considerable quantities.
It is only a question Of a reasonable length of time—as
mine development goes—when the country within a radius of
25 miles southwest and northwest of Cranbrook will become
the greatest-silver-lead producing district on the continent,
with the possible exception of the great Coeur d' Alene district In Idaho.' Indeed, so far as it has been developed, It Is
now far superiur to that famous region, the grade of ores being richer, and the quality regarding the necessities for concentration surpassing greatly that great lead producer,
whose output exceeds $1,500,000 per month.
The St. riary's region is also a country that should receive the immediate attention of mining investors. The great
mining magnates of the world have, almost without exception,
made their money out of --pro$pects"--the only place to Invest
money If you can do su intelligently. In both copper and lead
the St.' riary's region offers grand surface showings; surface
showings do not,-by a long way, always make mines; the best
of them require more ur less digging, both Into the earth and
Into the pocket.
No field of investment affords as great returns for money
as mining for prechus minerals, and it is a mistake to think
that more money is lost in that way than in other avenues of
business as a reference to the bankrupts' column of liabilities
for any decade will show more money lost in commercial
transactions than in mining during the same time—including
all the swindles of the latter.
In coal South East Kootenay is showing measures unsurpassed In magnitude and quality by any other known district
In the world/ Already there is a lack of cars to convey the
products of these mines to the various markets anxious to secure them. The coke of Fernie is unsurpassed by that of the
famous Connellsvllle region In Pennsylvania, and in demand
by all the smelters of the great west, as Is the coal by all of
the railroads.
A wonderful country is this South East Kootenay. Its
timber resources are also very great, of which more extended
mention will be made at some future time.
No better place ln the land exists for the Intelligent and
profitable investment of capital than South East Kootenay,
and especially In the territory Immediately adjacent to Cranbrook.
A Letter From "Will" Edwards Gives Details
ot Ibe Sad Affair.
All bave been familiar with the fact
for some lime that Captain Parker, of
the S-rathcoria Horse, was killed several
weeks ago iu an engagement with the
Uoers. An extract from a letter under
date of August 4. regarding the event,
written to ti. Small by " Wall" Hd-
wards, will doubtless prove interesting
reading.   It is as follows:
" . . . Well, old boy, we bad a
very sad affair happen since I last wrote
you Sergeant (or Captain Parker, as
you knew bim) was killed last Monday
—sbot right through tlie heart—and private Arnold, from Pernie, was badly
wounded in the leg; in fact be is liable
to lose It, Filleeii ot us went to bring
in about 30 Boers; they wauted to turret) ■
der; it was about six miles from camp,
and there were five houses close together
all Hying the white flag, und the Boers
were all around iu the creek bottom; so
tbey let us get withiu too to .00 yards
from tbem, then fired on us from three
sides. Say! you ought to see us go, and
tbe Uoers chasing us for two miles, I
don't see how it was we weren't all
killed, as the bullets flew all around us.
Hut, say! We gave 'em all the 'high
ball.1 Parker and Arnold were about
400yards to the ri-^ht of us, und when
they retreated they made over toward
the rest of the troop to j ltd them,
but they ran right into the Uoers, evidently mistaking them for us, as tbey
were dressed in khaki also. They told
Arnold tbat if be and Parker hnd held
up their hands when they told them to
tbey would never have sbot thein. They
went out in the afternoon and got Parker's body, but they could not find Arnold.
The lioers took him into tbe house that
night, and be says tbey used bttn fine
. . . Well, old boy, I will tell you
bow all the hoys are getting along. Hub
Shaw is in the hospital at Standerton
witb rheumatism aud feeling pretty
badly; Harry Mellon ia still in tbe hospital; Ike Poster is slill at Dunbar, aud
I don't kuow how he is getting along,
all the rest uf tbe lads are feeling fine;
. , . Hest respects to yourself and all
the hoys. From Old Ned."
The Largest Force In tbe History ot lhe Plait
Is Now There Employed.
There are now 41 men employed in and
around tbe C. P. R roundhouse and
shops Ht Cranbrook. This is about a 25
per cent, larger force than ever before
employed tbere, and will probably be
Increased rather than diminished in
months to come. There is a large
amount of repair work upou engines already in sight, without looking to the
future for work—a condition induced,
probably, by lhe strike.
. Tbe large boiler used for beating purposes and supplying hot water his been
removed to tbe main building, where it
will be more convenient and tbe attachments less liable to be affected by the
cold weather of winter.
More moguls are being brought over
on tbe branch, and tbe amount of business done is limited only hy tbe car supply; this is more especially the case regarding can for coal
May Be Ibe Ammonia Lake.
Canterbury Outcrop: While prospecting about 40 miles up the North Fork
of Horse Thtef creek, Frank Stockdale
discovered a lake of bot water about
S.ooo feet above tbe sea level. He states
tbat the water is fo hot tbat he could
not bathe in it. This lake is situated on
tbe summit of tbe range of mountains
which divide Horse Thief and. Number
Two creeks, and it is the uppermost one
of three lakes. The other two are cold
water and each are about a quarter of a
mile below the hot one which is on the
very top of the divide. Tbe day be was
there it seemed to be much higher than
usual as around the edge there was grass
for about ten feet out in tbe water. He
said tbe lake appeared to be very deep
in tbe center aud the water a very dark
blue very similar to that ol Lake Superior and Ontario. Mr. Stock laie is very
much interested in bis discovery which
is certainly verging on the phenomenal
to be found at so high an altitude.
A Third Amputation.
William Ilolven, tbe railroad man who
lost a poitioti of his hand at Fernie
about 10 days ago, is having a very serious time. The wound was not properly
eared hr in the first place, and when he
finally came to Cranbrook to have Dr.
King attend to it, it was in a serious conditiou. Tbe doctor performed one amputation, eudeavoring to save a portion
ofthe band, but blood poisoning ensued, followed by a second and third
amputation until near tbe-shoulder. It
is to be hoped that this will prove sufficient.
Mr. Finis, who lost a hand in tbe
yards a few days since, is getting along
nicely, although still suffering considerable pain. [
Inspcctlaf Ibe Country.
Mr. J. C. Drewry, the well-known mim
Ing promoter of Moyie, accompanied by
Messrs, H, R. Wagner of New York, W
R, Maclnnes of Winnipeg and W. M.
Peters of Nelson took a special train up
to Kimberley a few days since. Mr.
Drewry 1ms been showing the party tbe
mines of South K.ist Kootenay and con*
vlnciug tbem that this is one of the
greatest silver-lead regions on eattb.
Miy Operate Here.
Thomas Proctor, the well-known mine
and townsite promoter may conclude to
operate in and about Crailbrook. It Is
reported that there are two 01 three
propositions under consideration wblcb
only need a good pushers attention lo
make mines of.
Reported That the Ore Body Has Been
Caught by a Winze.
The Society Girl,  at  Moyie, Has
Ten Carloads of Ore On
the Dump.
It is authentically reported thnt last
Monday night  the  winze in   the  lower
orkings ofthe Sullivan mine had penetrated the ore body. The extent ot the
ore or its value is unstated, but there is
no reason to believe that it is Inferior in
any respect to ihat where extraction has
been going ou.
The grent feature connected with the
encountering of ore in the winze is the
demonstration of the fact, which many
were in doubt about, tbat the ore goes
lown nnd is nol •.-•eisistenl in blanket
The Sullivan will Indeed become one
of the noted mines of lhe world.
This New Producer No* Has Ten Carloads
ol Ore Oa tbe Dump.
Charlie Parrel! is undoubtedly "in it"
again. George Johnson returned yester-
lay morning from a trip to Moyie with
the Society Girl as tbe objective point of
his visit. He says there are teu carloads
of ore on the dump that will net ficoo
per car, and in the bottom of tbe bole
from whence tbis ore was taken tbe ore
body ti eight feet wide. Tbe ore is in
the nature of solid silver-lead aud carbonates, some of the latter of which are
rare and beautiful, especially the bard
white carbouates.
Probably no mine in the country has
made such a magnificent showing at tbe
same stage of development
Tbe Rldfe*i>. at Movie Falls, Which Was lhe
Death of Its Owner and Namesake.
Several years ago a man by the name
of Ridgeway was working placer ground
near the fall, of ihe Movie, a considerable distance above Moyie lake Tbe
grouod is what is known as drifting diggings, and history teils tbat it paid $400
per week to the four men workingtbere.
But one day misfortune came to
Ridgeway, and while working in the
600-foot tunnel that had been drove
through the era vet, it caved, probably
through earless timbering, and Ridgeway waa caught and lost his lift before
being extricated; since lhat time the
claim bas laid idle, no one apparently
careing to tackle it. Finally Messrs
West, Wolf, Quern, Miller and Sim Palmer arrived at tbe conclusion tbat tbe
mine can be reopened and worked as
successfully as before, bave relocated tl,
and will start in this week wilh a new
tunnel, and see if it will yield as richly
as before.   	
Tbe Frailer Mine.
Nelson Tribune: William Mowat,ex-
president of the Nelson Miners* t'nion,
is in from the Paller mine in Bast Kootenay for a day or two, and states that
the property is looking particularly well.
It is located on Whitefish creek, I5 miles
from Marysville* and is being operated
by Charles A McKay of Nelson, who
represents the Chicago capitalists who
hold the bond.
The Paller is a copper and gold property, having an average of 20 per cent
copper and enough gold to pay for mining, transportation and treatment. Six
men are at work, and the development
to date consists ot 400 feet of tunnelling
and ioo feet of shall. The lead is four
feet in width and is now being tapped at
a depth of 900 feet.
Tbe owners contemplate putting in on
electric tram to transport their ore eight
and a half miles to a point where tlie
new government road, now under way,
will be reached A report it circulated
too, that the C. P. R. will build a sj ur
through Sawyer's pass next year which
will give the St. Mary's country fnst-
class transportation facilities.
Tbe Electric Llffat Co.
The electricians for tbis company are
busily engaged in wiring residences and
business houses, in all parts of the town
and, the public generally is patronizing
the modern illuminator.
The C. P. R. depot, offices and shops
are to be illuminated by tbe company,
and it is probable arc lights will be
placed in the yatds. See rBtcs elsewhere.
A flood Move.
Word has been received from Gold
Commissioner Armstrong tbat he will
comply with tbe request made by the
Board of Trade regarding the construction of the two plank sidewalk from tbe
corner of the Royal hotel to the school
house; also as to building the cut-off
road frof-i Cranbrook to Perry Creek.
Tenders Warded.
Tenders are invited for the construction of tbe Baptist church, Cranbrook.
Plans and specifications to In- seen at the
residence of Rev. Holford on Monday,
The right to reject any or all bids la reserved. CRANBROOK  HERALD
The HoraW dcstros t.i ulvc tlio nows nl tho
illstrloU ir .uu kuow nny about ;your lown
yuur iiiluu in your i»eoiilo, sornl it to this ollice,
There is an industry, hitherto unconsidered, that hud ought to thrive in
Cranbrook — that is breeding goats.
There is a most excellent range for tbis
useful animal right in town, as the alleys
abound in a choice crop of tin cans, old
shoes, and other delicacies so dear to the
palate of the well-bred goat,
A. W. M-VITTIB, D.L.S., P.L.S. JOHN HUTCHISON, -Notary Public
McVittie & Hutchison
...Dealers in...
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
Mines and Lands Surveyed
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Money to Loan
1. 0. O. F. Block Cranbrook, B. C.
The handwriting on the wall plainly
snys that this vicinity will be tb • scene
of 11 great mining boom during the ensuing year, and it will not be a wild-cot
or unhealthy boom, either. The prospects tbnt make mines are here, as it
has already beeu demonstrated that tbe
greatest ol mines are developed from
prospects in this vicinity.
New Denver Ledge: Rev, T. DeWitt
Tulmflge sagely observen lhat "a newspaper whose columns overflow with ad-
vertisements of business men has mere
Influence in attracting attention than
any olher agency that can be employed,
People go where there is business.
Capital and labor will locate where there
ia *un enterprising community. No
power on earth is so strong to build up a
town as a newspaper well patronized,
and its power should he appreciated."
Thc war, as a war, is over in South
Africa, but troubles are still iiumiueut
iu China, We in South Kast Kootenay,
however, care more fur the acquisition
of mines than of territory, anil the development of our timber and agricultural
resources than the promotion of the so-
called "white man's burden" theory,
which is nice enough for the poet and
destroyer of races. If tbere is such a
Creator as wc nre taught to believe in,
the while man is simply denying the
wiseness of His acts and seeking to undo
His work.
*;■" '   [Freo Press, .Sept. u]
Government Agent Armstrong gives
notice that a Court of Revision will be
held on November 5th to determine as
to whnt names shall remain on the
voters' list.
We are sorry to have to report that
Mr. W, H. Whimater is still conGned to
his bed. Last week it was thought that
be would soon be able to be around
again, but on Sunday be su Ill-red a relapse and has been quite ill ever since.
The many friends of Mr. A. McPhall,
who has been Master Mechanic for the
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company ever
since active operations were commenced
at the Coal Creek Mines, will be sorry to
learn tbat he has banded in his resignation, to take effect October 5U1,
Mr. Win. McHattie, cutter for Mclnnes & Co., had a very narrow escape
from a violent death one afternoon last
week. He was eugaged in killing a beef
at the slaughterhouse, and as usual abot
the steer, Sometimes more than one
shot is needed to down a big steer, so
this time Mr. McHattie placed another
shell in the chamber and set the rifle
nway already loaded and cocked. Shortly after, while looking for a knife, he ac-
cidently knocked a cleaver over, the
handle of which struck the hammer of
the rifle causing It to go off. Mr. McHattie was -Hooping slightly at the time,
and had his face almost over the muzzle
ofthe rifle, the ball froui which only
missed his forehead by an inch or so.
Naturally such a narrow escape unnerved
him for a time, and little wonder.
Endured Death's Agonlea.
Only a roaring lire enabled J. M, Gar-
rettson, of San Antonio, Tex,, to He
down when attacked by Asthma, from
which he suffered for years. He writes
his misery was often so great that it
seemed he endured the ugouics of death;
but Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption wholly cured him. This marvelous medicine is the only known cure
for Asthma as well as Consumption,
Coughs nud Colds, and all Throat, Chest
and Lung troubles. Price 50c and $1.00.
Guaranteed. Trial bottles free ut Beal-
lie's Drug Store.
S. S. North Star.
We learn from Capt. Armstrong that
the North Star, one ol the finest river
boats alloat, is to be added to the Upper
Columbia Navigation St Tramway Co.'s
Heel next year. The company is to be
congratulated on securing such a fine
Steamer, It also shows tbe faith that the
management have In the future of this
country.—Canterbury Outcrop.
The Bravery ot a Woman.
Was grandly shown by Mrs. John
Howling of Itutler, Pa., in a three years'
struggle with a malignant stomach
trouble that caused distressing attacks
of nausea nml indigestion, All remedies
failed to relieve her until she tried Rlec-
iric Hitters. Afler taking it two months
she wrote: "I am uow wholly cured
nnd enn eat anything. It is truly a
grand tonic for tbe whole system as I
gained weight and feel much stronger
since using it." It aids digestion, cures
dyspepsia, improves appetite, gives new
life. Only 50c. Guaranteed, at Beattie's
drug store,
Notice Is lifiraby given thai oue month arier
date l Intend to apply tn tin* olitpf (-oiiimisniuuer
of limits umi works at Victoria for permission 10
purchase tin following itoserlbed lands, that ts
tn say; Commencing nt a post planted forty
1'iiaiin wesi ot tin* northwest corner of h W.
Mil, lulls pro-Qlilplloi)   near   St, .Vlmys   rlvtir,
tiii'iii-i- north fmiy chains, tltonca west elghtf
olmlns, then i* ninth forty chains, manna nut
i'ii'iiii olmlns to tin< place nf --(iiiiuiftiimimnlL
Dated at Cranhrook, H. ()„ the Olh day of August, vm :*i* 1. W. I.i*-*.*.!.
Table-   in  Which There  Ia  So Per-
cent-M-i-v  for  --.Btltaeat. I
There are few sentimental allusions
in any ot the reports which emanate
from tbe government printing office in
Washington under authority ot the
commissioner of labor, lt may be no
surprise, therefore, to muny to know
that the eleventh annual report ofthe
commissioner of labor contains in tabulated form, reduced to exact percentages, a statement allowing thc occupations of divorced women.
The bureau of the statistical expert In
charge of tabulation divides the female
population of the United States often
years or upward Into four general
classes, First there are the married,
who number 13,16 per cent, Then there
ure tbe widows, who number 1*8.10 per
cent. Third is the class of the "single
and unknown;" these number li'J.S-i per
cent, Finally there are the divorced,
who constitute nine-tenths of one per
cent, of the female population of ten
years of age or.over In the United Stntes,
and they are distributed throughout
various occupations, whieh the statistical experts have endeavored to state
with undevtatlng exactness. Of the
total number of divorced women employed, it seems that ..1 per cent, are
bookbinders, .US are shoemakers and
,60 arc corset makers, A much smaller
proportion, .42, are saleswomen, while
6P are telegraph and telephone operators. Stenographers and typewriters
nuke up ,67 per cent., and .in arc mill
The otliHal statisticians at Washing-
.on look neither to the right nor to thc
eft in tbeir tabulation and It need be
no surprise, therefore, to know that
t .i'i of the divorced women of the I'nlted
states who have anv business occupation are merchants, io-i arc carpet makers, and .40 are hat and cap makers.
Milliners come under a separate division, their percentage of divorced
women being 1.112. Of seamstresses
there are 1,35, and of clerks and copyists
.51. Moreover, .20 are boxmakers, .68
printers, .31 cigarette and tobacco makers, .64 in the confectionery business,
1,43 dressmaker*. .46 paper mill operators, and .13 In silk mills.
Thc professions have a considerable
number of divorced women, 1.84 being
music teachers and 1.18 teachers of art*.-
There are 3.33 per cent, described as
hotel, restaurant and saloon keepers
and barkeepers and a somewhat larger
proportion as boarding or lodging house
keepers; 1.62 aa laundresses; 1.80 as
iiiirsi-H, und .51 aa agricultural laborers.
In one particular, however, the report
of the commissioner of labor seems to
be pretty nearly exact, for 3.28 of the
total number of divorced women are
put down as agents and it Is a matter of
very general observation that divorced
women make excellent agents where
persistence and volubility arc required.
—X. Y. Sun.	
It •Utrnr II* Boiled In Cider or Baked la
Cider will soon be very cheap, and a
gallon can be put to no better use than
to help in producing the perfection of
boiled hams. Choose n medium-sized
ham, wash, scrub, weigh und soak in
plenty of oold water for 24 hours; wipe
dry and simmer iu the cider, allowing
15 minutes tu each pound. Allow- it
to stand over night to cool in tbe liquor,
then peel off the itkln and wipe with a
soft cloth until the surface ia dry from
moist fut. Garnish with aspic jelly and
boiled vegetables cut in fancy shapes.
A very savory meat jelly may be quickly made for garnishing when aspic is
not at hand, by making clear bouillon
from chopped beef or beef paste, color
witb sliced unions fried very brown in
butter, and pour a pint boiling hot on
quarter of a box of gelatine suaked for
a few minutes in a. Httlt* cold broth
Salt and pepper to taste, strain and put
away to net,
A luiiiu tHikvd In a paste is another
delicious change, and mice tbis recipe,
tl'ougb slightly extra trouble, is tried
the ordinary one will be laid aside, tire-
pare the ham as directed above, mix
up ubout a quart of Hour with enough
cold wuter to muke a .tiff paste. Cover
the tlckli side with this. Put in a moderate oven; while the cniM is still soft
begin to baste with sherry wine; do
tbis every ten minutes until a large
cupful is used; after tbut there will be
■ilHicient gravy in the pan to continue.
Ten mniitr.-. more must be allowed for
each [smhkI in cooking, as the paste protects the meat. When done the crust
and skin are lo be peeled off, the luitu
sprinkled with crisp bread crumbs and
Bunt to table gamiithed us above.   The
busting is troublesome, but with cooler
autumn duys should not be minded.
Ilarbceued haan may be served by help
of a little sherry. I'm a large slice of
the baked bam in the hot frying pan;
season with pepper, salt and mixed
in 11 .itunl; add a touspoon of vinegar; it
will brown quickly on one side; keep
tbe pan on a hot placet turn the slice,
sprinkle in a very little Ktigar and a
wineglass of sherry; bring to the boil
and serve. Tbe sugar Is not noticeable,
but does sway with the acidity of the
vinegar and brings out the tlavor.---San
Francisco Chronicle.
." Hip Natural lnfereace.
Mrs. Hoon (looking up from her
newspaper)—I have just been reading
of a pretty widow who has sued a man,
who broke two of her ribs while hugging her, for $5,000 damages. The
wretch ought to have to pay heavily for
Injuring her so, hadn't he?
Old Hoon—Aw, I don't know! Most
likely she is suing him for not breaking the rest of 'cm.—N. Y. Journal.
Mplcrd 1*1 mu a.
For several pounds of plums take
•_Yi pounds of brown-sugar, one pint of
vinegar and one ounce each of cloves,
-llsplco aud mace nnd two ounces of
slnnamon, putting the spices iu a muslin bag. Place the ingredients in a preferring kettle and cook slowly until the
lulce is a thick sirup when cold. This
s a relish to nerve, with all kind-s of
meat—Boston Budget,   t,i_L^~
Dtt-ii of Heroism ia tk« Wreck ol the
T-cao-uia.   OA  -tabal  Penlauisia.
To the brief announcement from Australia of the wreck of the steamer Tasmania with heavy loss of life, mall advices from New* Zealand add stirring
Wheu the steamer left Auckland on
July US she hud on board -5 saloon ami
33 steerage passeti^eii-s, including a
mimber booked through from Sydney.
The place where the vessel was lost i.s
off the extreme northern point of the
Mahal pentusula-, between Utaborne ami
Napier, where Hat rooks, awash at high
tide, extend seaward a mile ft-om the
shore. I it dirty weather and on a dark
night the steamer, in charge of the
third officer, ran nearer into lund than
was consistent with safety. The captain, aroused  too iat-e,  wus unable to j
avert the danger, and the vessel struck
even as the order was given to bring
her head out to sen.
It is satisfactory to know that all on
board, passengers and crew, exhibited
courage and common sense. There was
no sign of panic, and it was apparently
v ith good intent, though In apparent
bravado, that one -man set himself to
play the piano In order to keep up the
women's spirit*, The boats were got
jut quickly and the transfer, despite a
heavy sea, made without much dMH-
cttlty. Two hours after striking the
steamer went down, bows Hrst, and thc
boat* made the best of their way to
The loss of life occurred in landing.
I'he larger boats, containing nearly ull
thc passengers, came through safely,
but the dingy, in which were eight men,
turned turtle In the-surf aud two of the
occupants were drowned. The chief
steward's boat ts also supposed to have
capsized, and It is feared that its occupants are drowned. Six bodies have
been washed ashore and the loss of life
altogether is put at 13, including two
men who perished in an attempt to
An old Maori saw the steward's boat
trying to effect a landing at How Harbor In a very heavy surf. They appeared to have only one oar pulling and
a ete-er oar. The boat capsized In the
surf, and every man swam to the beach.
Has just received a large
and complete line of
Which he Is selling al Ihe
Mne price, liked li Ibe
Cameras for $1.50 to $150
Come in and see them **
Electric §eov*****
1 have a stork of Klectrlc Hoods on
the road and have in stock now
l-Ueclrlc Bells for door bells, or
hotels and private houses. 1 will
carry a stock nfchnndlcrs and closed
globes fot electric lights. Call and
give mc an order.
P. W. Rookes.
Piper St Currle's old place.
Notice is hereby given that the partnership heretofore existing between
Thomas Wellman and Julius Hurel, doing business under tbe firm name of
Wellman & Hurel haa this day been dis*
solved by mutual consent. Thomas Well-
man will pay all bills against, and collect all accounts due the Hotel Manitoba   of   Cranhrook.   B.   C.  and Julius
Hurel will pay all bills against, aud collect all accounts due the Kimberley
Hotel, of Kimberly, B. C.
Signed,  Thomas Wellman,
Julius Hurel.
Dated Cranbrook, B. C.  Sept. 6, 1900.
Notice U hereby given tliat V. Hjite Itaker
Intends u]>|i))tnKfurMi»lth tu the -tiler Com-
m bull mer of iJimts unit Winks for a H|>eclal
license to cut timber on the fallowing ttSkcrltieit
lauds; comnienelttK at the Initial post planted
ulioiu i-.j eliulni nurtli uf McDougail* Umber
least' on Elk river and a lia'f a mile oast of the
Hartley trail to Hull river, thence went ttu chains
thence simili luu chains, llience west ^chains,
thence Hoiitti '-U chain*, thence easl attnjf Me*
Uougal|-_ north limit and that limit produced
i-ii chains, ttisiaw north hh elialns, thsnee west
40 chains, thenco north in chains to place of bo*
Klnnlou. V.HYU1.UAKKH,
August aim, 1000.
Notice i» hereby given that A. W. McVittle
latendi applying forthwith to the Chief Com
missioner of LhbiU and Works for a special
license to cul timber on the following described
lauds* commencing at the; Initial post planted
ubout i'-u chains aorth of Me_>ougall> timber
lease on t Ik river and halt a mile east of the
Hartley trail to Bull river, thence nor h IW
chains, thence wenl SO chains, thence Couth luu
chains, ilieucu He-it -_u cliulus, thence Mirth no
chains, thence east IW cli'ilas to place ot beginning. A, W. MC VMT1K.
A'iiKiist-1, 1 wo.
Notice is hereby given thai .lulw Hutchlwiu
intends applyliy foitlmlth to the Chief Com-
inlssimiui* of Uuds suit Works for a special
license to cul timber on llie tullowltig described
hunts; commencing at the initial post iiluuted
about a hundred yards to the east uf the Hartley iratl to Hull river about four and a half miles
up the trail from Elk river, titmice north CO
chiiius, thence wesi 40 chains, thence uetth tu
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence uortli 'JO
chuliii, thence west Wcliulus, thence south So
chains, thenco uut _u chalus, thence south SO
chains, llience east 100 chains to place of begin*
August .'.1, l!M0.
Notice li hereby glvwi that ft llutcliliwri In-
tends within DO days from date to apply lo the
chii-f Commissioner nf Units and Works for a
I't-urolmim lease uf the following lauds In Hunt h
Kast Kootenay; commencing si the Initial post
Iiluuted near the left bunk of Aklmlus creek
where crossed by the trull about throe miles
from the tiuntidary, hence north one mile,
thenoo west one mile, Ihen-se south one mile,
tlienOO Bust one mile. C, H-UTCIlltfuN,
Annual -1. 1W0.
Notice Is hereby given that 11. II. McVittie In-
lends within fl.j days from date to apply lo Ihe
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
ivti'i ileum lease nf the followlug lands In t-nut it
Kasl Koolcnay; commencing at Ihe Initial post
planted on the Akhuinsereek trail about four
and a half miles from the boundary, theaoe east
one mile, thence soutli one mile, theuoe west
one mile, theuce north one mile.
August 81, l!N«. II, H, MC VMTIE,
Notice Is hereby given that A, K. Watt Intends
within 00 dnys from date tu apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a Petroleum lease of the following lands In Mouth Easl
Kootenay; commencing at the Initial pnst
planted near the left bank nf Aklmlna creek
where cruised by the trail about three miles
from the boundary, (hence east one mile, thence
south one mile, tlienue west one mile, thenoo
uortli oue mile, ,, a. K. WATT.
August '.l, I'JOO.
Notice ts hereby given that James Haker Intends within 60 days from date to apply lo the
Chief Commissioner of Unit* and Worls ror
a rolrohuim lease of the following lands In
Houth East Kootenay, commencing at the Initial |Hist planted on lhe Ak mlna creek trail
about four and a half miles from tho boundary,
thence -sunt oue tulle, Iheuce north one mile,
thence west one mile, iheuce south one mile.
AUglht 21, IW», JAAIKH ItAKEIt,
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S,
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B C.
Upholiterlni ud (leneral Furolture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
Furnished or
Inquire of..,
Durick ave.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,   :   :   : 1   B. C,
Saddle and**
Pack Horses
....Por Silt or Rial
Armstrong ave., Opp. McConnell'a Store
Notice tt hereby given that one nmithafter
-date 1 Intend ta apply to the chief commlastnner
of lands and works at Victoria for permission to
purchase the following described lands, that Is
to say: Commencing at a post marked John
Slater's southeast -sorner post, planted at lhe
northeast corner of Mitchell's pre-emutlon i Ilea-
ord number t.si) near Ht. Marys riven thence
nortli forty chains, Iheuce west eighty chains,
iheuce south forty chains, thence east eighty
cluln* to the place of commencement,
Dated at Cranbrook, 11. t'„ the u. h i'ay of Aug-
utt, two, rt John Slater,
Notice li hereby given that E, ],. McVittie Intends within 60 days from date to apply to the
Chief CouimUiloner of Lands and Works Tor a
f'elroleum lease or the fot owing land In Houth
Kasl Kootenay, commencing at the Initial post
planted on a knoll about ioo yards west of the
old trail up Wage creek about nine miles from
Ihe International boundary, llience west one
mile, thence south one mile, thence east one
mile, thence north one mtie to place of beginning B. L. M(J VITT1E.
August -ai, ISW.
Notice Is hereby given that John Hutchison
luteuds within 60 days from date to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a Petroleum lease of the following lands In
"South East Kootenay, commend ng at the Initial post plunled near lhe old trail up Huge creek
abuot teu miles from the International boundary, iheuce east one mile, theuce nortli one
mile, theuce west one mile, Iheuce soutli one
mile to plaue of beginning.
Notice Is hereby given lhat V, 11. Haker ln-
tcndi within fl) days from date to apply lo the
Chief Commissioner of lauds and Works fur a
Petroleum leiwe of the following land in Houth
Kasl Kootenay, commencing at the initial post
planted near the old trait up sage creek about
ten miles from the International boumtary,
Iheuce east one mile, thenco south one tulle,
Iheuce went one mile, theuce uortli one mile lo
place of beilnnlng. V. 11. ItAKEIt,
AUgURt 90, WO,
Nntlce is hereby given that A. W. McVittle
Intends within ou days from date to apply to llie
chieflommlsilonerof 1-audsand Works for a
1'etroleum lease In Houth 1 a-it Kootenay, commencing at the lidllul post planted near the old
trail up Hage creek about ten miles frum the
International boundary; thcu-w weal one mile,
ttienct* south one mile, thence east one mllo,
thence north one mile lo the place of beginning.
Augu*.l*jQ, HUH. A. W. MC Vl'-TIB,
Notice Is hereby given lhat I. Baker Intends
wllblu eo days from date lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of lauds and Works for a t'e-
Iroleiim lease of the following lands la South
Kast Kootenay; commencing at the Initial post
planted near the left bauk of Aklmlna creek
where crossed by the trail aboul three miles
from the boundary • thence east one mile, thence
north one mile, thence weal one mile, thence
■outhone mile, I. UAKE1L
August 21,1900.
Notice la hereby given thai W, F. third Intends within oo days rrom-date to apply io the
Chetf Commissioner of I .audi and Works for a
1'etroleum lease of the following Ian ds la Houth
Bast Kootenay, commencing at the Initial poet
planted Bear the left hank of Aklmlna creek
where orossed by the trail about Ihree miles
from the boundary, theuce west oue mile, theme
south one mile, theuce fast one mllo, thenca
north one mile, w. F. -tll'ltu,
August 91, HMO,
Renowned and Unequalled
EAST-Fast Daily Train-WEST
With direct connecting service
to and (ram East Kootenay
country. First-class sleepers on
all trains. Tourist cars pass
Medicine Hat daily ior St.
Paul, Saturdays {or Montreal
and Boston, Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto.
Westward-Daily Train-Eastward
17:25   lv. Cranbrook Iv.  9i35
Connects at Macleod for Calgary and Edmonton and at
Medicine .Hat (or all points
east. Connects at Kootenay
landing for all points in west
Kootenay. Slocan and Boundary districts, and (or PacKic
coast, Main line points via.Rev-
elstolce. For rates, tickets and
(ull information apply to agent
Cranbrook or
A. Q. P. A. T. P. A.
Vincouvtr, B.C. Nelion, B.C.
Are you going to build?
Greer & Co,
Are prepared to furnish plana
ami apeclScatlona for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
ji   Jt   B.C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Craabrook, British Columbia
Solicitor, Etc.
lunik of Commerco CUa.        UI1ANBI1O0K
W, It. Il«)»a 11. W. lUtKCIIMM
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
cravbroob Cranbrook offl*a
asi' Fort Hiaai.a.      15 and ta llanaon Mock
Promptly Attended to.
Oo leliloi your cooiracl
until you hive icei
Late of Toronto
Contractor ••< Builder
Those contemplating building will do wall to lot
me lluure on the contracts,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
"The Early Bird Catches the Worm " i
The " Early Closing " Storekeeper K
Should Catch Your Patronage jt.-t s|
We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" 4§
you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early _\
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
One of the Must Comfortable
HoU'lh iu Kast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
Refitted Throughout
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
*************************************************** j
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AM.   K1NB8   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
I Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
1 ***************************************************
Contractor and Builder
At present tn bull-lng Ihe new SI. Hugene
hospital tea l number ol lwo story lad olher
Cranbrook, B. C
G. Johnson....
W Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Fort Steele Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
orahbhook, b. c.
horses haa uot
us it hns this
The demand tor saddl-
been so brisk for yeati
John Kiuui'j* is going to train the Penn
Volley stud campaigning Btvlug nt the
Belmont tracks, Philadelphia, this sprlug,
A slater tu Nlco, 2:08)4, Waa recently
foaled ou .1. Malcolm Forbes' farm, nml
those who huvo seen her sny she la
Kuud oue iu every way.
Tho trotter Kit* ttoynt, M:Vd\\. te being
worked ut a puce over tho Jowettvllli
covered track aud Bhowa grant speed. II*
wns turwerly in the fluudiu stable,
(in-ill Morris of Now Vork, who hns
mnde numerous entries iu hhigllsh nn
anys ho will tako n Biunll stable ovor u
full, [H'ovldod his Btablo races up In
1)1.1 s>
.  I'itr-Klu  .1
or Bthcl A,
lllll 8CI180)
with ih<*
1 Mr
Hatty Doll, BtSOU, hy It
bus u miy u( lutieh promise
uIx Moth form, alruil by V
8:07W,   The young Ililuira
hose record of
i* wua u :t .vi'iir
b lo In- out this
added to ln*r
n* now he
Tin-   ltiin-.li
,wn Wilkes,
nl llu< I'liu*
iiliain Penn,
ii iho form
: juggei
< fo
iiidiiiil price paid by tut!
.■ul l.v
1 f i:. t
US   ll*
duvv  Inolil
1,11   Hell.-  I
rem I i
in k|))i
bring Hum
li.) .
n.v coses ns high
t Bpi'itillng three
IliiiniUtflilinnTa nt
mi. Ky., recently
Ills hum-s uro
it ho snys ho will
ilurlng tlio (mn-
Bertdook,  Juno 11. 1897.
0. 0. RICHARDS & 00.
ts my remeoy  for  NEURALGIA.   It
relievo,*! at ouce.
a. s. Mcdonald.
IMiiek ltiiln.
The first case of black rain which
cornea uuder review occurred nt -firri-
hamstowu and tho surrounding district in August, isss, nml it oxtdiutcii
ovor an area of nu loss than 800 square
miles, snys Chambers' Journal. Since
then thore have huppeued several
showers of n similar description, but
...ss pronounced lu tbolr sable character. Other showers of black rain have
boon recorded lu Ireland, one of which
was felt over an area of 400 Square
in lies.
No one seems to have microscopically
examined tlio wnter wblcb fell at Om*
bamstowu, but It was noted tbat the
liquid gradually cleared wben placed
. lu a suitable vessel, and a block pre-
■ cl pi into fell from It. In the latter cases
referred to the deposit hns been carefully examined and wus fouud to consist of microscopic organisms; which
averaged about tliu twelve thousand
live hundredth part uf au'inch In
length, umi which were identified with
tbe same fungoid organisms that ore
responsible for blight In the plants
which they Infest and subsequently
for smut, tulldOW uud rust In wheat
ami barley.
The writer sums up his remarks
thus: "Humidity is known to contribute largely to tho copious production
of fungi, and 11111*111': protracted drought
tlio regions affected thereby will remain comparatively bare of fungi, but
during ihe seasons of frequent rainfalls tin* production of a fungoid vegetation is largely Increased."
V,.ie,   llaw-iT«r,
Tlm London Dally Mall says thai
horeafter there will ba 110 thin inline. 11 will bo u thin line <>f mini
Working duys, fighting days, ordi
nary every duys, the British SOtdltil
will be clothed in that ugly neutral
tint thut dues uot bIiow itself ogalual
the rock or the burnt grass oi tin
veldt in South Africa wlicu there is 0
kopje to bo carried, Khaki is the color o( the future.
Tli.- Dally Mail bus Ihe highest an*
itatlng that the uniform
will I.e khaki. All arniB,
ind    drngaoiiB, artillery
thorlly for
of iho future
horse, foot
— Hit
are oil to
oOlcer and v
went     that
At the sn mc time thu
lo lose its butterfly tinti
w..uhl ho a nniWnl niii
chock to thu recruiting <
dustry il llio red broadcl
ho wholly a vanishing qi
Wnr Ollice reollKos    to 1
value of 1 i splash pf
black mated crowd nl
■truet Ho u..- Hohlfur'8
hi have a two fold i-xlsti
■ hiy-iills 01
Llllli      lit       ,U,\
lllt.'ll.ll-ll       III
Miu  nrmy
iiiiilnriii   with
in     11 i.s khal-U
ami holUltti'ti
flhelv  frog
willed tlum
tod, ti
elul purposos-
Khakl, nlso
the future, an
ol .
•v.   Hut for -
-^ill   tbe khaki
.9     to be  tbo
. to
Cypa unknown in history. No
moro nor less than a khaki billy-
nick hat is the \Vyr Ollice answer lo
tlu* disaster at Aider-shot last week.
Tummy in a billycock hot Will bo u
feature of the London strcots as soon
as Lord Roberta hns put an end to
the South African campaign. Also the
billycock is likely to curry wflh il n
species of awning, carried on whalebone rafters ami project inn* from tho
novel helmet.     That, of courso,    is
il**,   for  (leld-doya nnd days of ex-
gstire to tho sun. But, when lhe
new methods develop, it may bo taken ns certain iimt there will be no
more field-days of fatalities,
Tlio present war In Smith Africa is
showing tho nearest apinnach the
British army hns ever made ta ru-
tlonul dross in tbo field. It seems utmost Incredible in those duys of easy
nnd serviceable khaki, for Instance,
that the Life ftffards fought at Waterloo in scarlet coatees, light blue
overalls with gold stripes down the
sides, and heavy bra/en helmets of
obi lloman pattern, with a black
bearskin crest and a red, yellow nnd
blue "hackle feather."
Cuirasses, which are now only worn
for show, were introduced some timo
nfter, being first worn ut the curona-
if King Cleorgo the Fourth.
Llul.in   to   Develop   Strongly   "Tlien
Hu-   tnltunl  I"   VI.um-,1.
Tho mule is thought i" bo an Pieced
burly dull and unappreeiatlve heart, bul
there te one un ihe Weal Side thai is neither dull nm' unapprecialive, II di - 1
belabored bltn unmercifully for uot pu i
iiiK u loud that was heavy enough for
two mules i" haul. The man pouuded
und swore and pounded again; but, do
his host, the mule could nol budge the
wngon, and after several attempts be
quII trying.
That exasperated the driver more than
ever, fnr he tl ght tin* mule wns "playing off," nn.l ho fell tn beiiting hlm harder thnn over. Meanwhile th£ mule would
turn his bead toward tin* driver as if
trying to see what the next form of punishment would he. hut subsequent events
showed that his mulish mind was figuring on revenge agnlnst the driver.
Doubtless be got tho Idea of whut he
would do fiom ihe careless wny ia which
the driver fooled about his hind legs.
But anywny his muleshlp seemed very
mUCh  pleased   when   he found   llO  wa- to
be release.)  from the wag   even  if it
wnn to give the driver a freer hand with
his club,    In n f<w minutes tin* mule
found  himself tied (o one of the wheels
of the wngon nml fell tin* heavy blows of
the club, hut he tnok things philosophically nnd kept one eye on tho driver.
Presently the driver got in the position
the mule was  waiting  for,  wln-n,  like A
Hush of lightning, lwo heels struck tbo
driver, and wln-n they pick,*,] him up it
wan found an iiiuhiilance would he needed to tuke him home.
The mule seemed to glory in his work,
or kiek, rather, and perhaps iho by-
stonder who Inughed to see the driver
punished fm* hh brutAl treatment ot tho
muli) only Imagined it, hut ho felt sure
the mule Jbincd In the laugh; for his eyes
seemed to sny that he wus Immensely
pleased over the play he had made with
Ids heels,   put, be that as it way, when
the bystander approached tlie mule ho
was met with marked demonstrations of
friendship, tliff nude going bo fur ns to
try tn rub ids nose nguinst the bystander's face. When tlie nmbulapco came,
the initio watched thein put his driver
Into it, and as It drove nwny he raised his
voice in 11 deafening bray nnd pranced
uhout as if tno happy to enjoy even a
pood inonl of outs, corn nnd bny. The
bystander wont nway firmly of the belief
that mules know a whole lot.—Chicago
A hug.* bearskin
worn by the footgl
twice as big—was
Household -CUvnlry
William IV. This
llie present potterII
earlv reign of Queei
At hist we have •
of common sense.
we inifht with ben.
mail's uniform of a
vp—like that now
irds, In
if In
ot, to Hie I'll tme p-Uli.*
it copy the 1
.■enturv ago,
that date v
iften    practtc
1,'.   IViIWI  Oil
of glory thc
oudlv wear, ti
she c.ml.l  not
hud lllgi
she may
fnl.     Vol
with tho
< .1 ir
<>l Snrnl
iiiih Atl.
ilU How lie
, 1 limns
Mr. William Wilton, who Is well
known to tho citizens of Snrnia. Onl,
writes: "It nfforda tne much pleasure
to be able to ni'.d mv testimony tn* tlio
grent benefit tlml 1 have derived from
yonr famous Dr. Williams' rink rills.
It is now a Httlo more timu two yonrs
since 1 became nilliclcd wiih uimenim,
During that time 1 havo received nl-
lniiHt ooiilimii'us Irealuioiit from nii'ili-
oal men of the highest rank in their
profession, yet iippnr. ntly deriving no
benefit. Indeed 1 continued tn grow
worse until l became uuable to walk.
1 eniuo to tho ciuiclnsion that 1 wiih deriving no lieuotlt from the treatment
nud decided lo give it op, It tbeu wus
the question, what -hull 1 try? Having
rend the testimony of BO many who hud
suffered hi a similar manner nnd wbo
had received great benetlt from your
Dr. Williams1 Pink Tills, I decided to
give thotn u fair trial
It Ih UOW about three month* llnOQ I
uld.     It
cl.* Ilu
coiniitencoil to lake your pi lln mid today j hunt V'
I feol almost completely rcHtored.   Two
WOOkl after 1 begun to lake  tho  pilln I i
fait   a   divided  improvement.    Throu |
lUOUtlll ago when I began  to t ike your
pills my Mesh looked like wax, and my
face, feet and logs were badly swollen.
ThcSO conditions have  all  disappeared
and today my color is  natural  and my
blood vokhoIh full of good   rich   blood,
It will nil.ad  uie   pleasure   to  recommend Ur. WillhniiH' IMnk I'ills to nny
ono HUlTerlng from anaemia ur kiudred
Hr. Williams' Pink Tills nro praised
omougst tlm highest in the land, us a
strong!henlng and tonio medicine,
whether for men, women or children,
They uro not liko other medicines, nor
can Ihey be imitated, ns it soinetiiuos
dishonestly pretended by dealers who
offer substitutes. Soo that the package
bears tho full nnme, Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People, and In case
of doubt send direct to Dr. WUUanis'
Medicine tio,, Brockville, Out., wbo
will supply the pills post paid at BOo.
per box or $3,_Q for six boxes. These
pills oure ull disorders whieh arise
from impoverished hlood,such as ninn-
onlar wonkneBS, Iohs of appetite, shortness of breath, pains in the baok, nerv-
ons headache, early decay, all forms
of female weakness, hysteria,paralysis,
locomotor ataxia, rheumatism and
■out lea.
Hunting in Hie Wert,
lie wns :i young mun from the enst
with line.* gUUS, two revolvers, a III]lit
ing knife nnd it valet, ami ns the Union
Piieltic train drew up at n mountain
Htoliou the (Hit111 won unlondcd, nun
lhe young man begun to talk ubout
oiks uud gti/.-'.Ucs. 1 sow un old Imnie
and guide sluing him up from tup lu
loo, ami by nml by 1 got around to In-
"Is  Iho youug  fellow going on a
he's waiting f<
was the reply.
"And lio*!! gel grlszll-
"l.nr', but don't you know how
things work?" laughed the ,old mnn.
".Mm Will Sleet* hlm up 111*11 Inst 11 prairie dog village uml get >G<J lor n week's
sho..1 lug, ami if the youug cub is disappointed about claws and horns,Iim will
lell bim it's shedding season uud make
it all right!"
A l-'n-ink Confeailon,
An old Ulster woman who hnd made
money by selling whisky In a village
on fair ond market dnys wus visited
when she lay dying by a minister, to
whom sho spoko about her temporal ns
woll as bor spiritual affairs.
"And so, Molly," said tho minister,
"you toll uie you are worth all that
"Indeed, minister, I am," replied Molly.
"And you tell uie," continued the
minister seriously, "that you made It
by lllllng the noggin?"
"No, nn, min Is tor," exclaimed tho dying womnn; "I mado malst of lt by not
fill lis tho noggin!"
Coffee    and    Kelialt    Sclleri,
Mucks mid Barber*,
Tiie Turkish cafu jl, or coffco seller, is
tn omnipresent feature of oriental life,
and one has hut to cry out "Cafe ji!"
without even taking the trouble to turn
his head, nnd in a trice a liny cup of
Turkish coffee, black and full of sediment, in, mnokiug hot. before him. At
noon business Is particularly brisk, for
every clerk and every wayfarer desires to
supplement his luncheon of bread and
cheese or bread and lettuce or garlic
with the beloved beverage.
If nt any time you desire to supplement your coffee with a morsel of delicious fish or n tender, juicy kebab, strung
on a spit and broiled over n charcoal brn-
slcr In thc open nir, give but the word,
end the wandering kebab ji will he only
too glnd to turn un honest penny nnd
cook your dinner in the sight of nil men.
The shoeblacks nre perhaps the most
persistent of nil the street criers. If one
hns n stationary position, he contents
himself with heating a perpetual tattoo
on his nrunte brass stand, culling lustily
mean while, "Lustrnd ji, lustrnd ji!" Hut
if he is a rover he follows a prospective
customer for streets, imploring the public to look at those shoos so sadly in need
of his attention,
Lastly, but not least in this kaleidoscopic procession of business meu, conies
the Turkish barber, whose repertory includes also the offices of chiropodist, den-
list ami leech,   Setting up liis umbrella
Iii the shade of seine friendly tree, he is
soon ready to attend to the needs nf his
patrons, Surrounded by an Interested
crowd of street gamins, he pulls teeth
vi et nrtnis, applies the wily leech with
an enthusiasm beautiful to see or rubs,
hit hers nud scrapes his customer, who
sils humbly on a stool, holding a brass
bowl by both hands under his chin. If
the latter is a Turk nnd wishes his bond
shaved, the barber is careful to leave a
tuft of hair unmolested on tho top of
his pnte long enough for tho death nngel
to grasp htm by on his ascent to para-
disc, while if he is to be shaved or havi
his nails cut the clippings nro carefully
preserved to bo sent to frieuds as tails*
mans.—Self Culture Magaxtne,
The VV-nmlt-trful IHcture Machine Will IU-
Sei 11 nl 11..- Gran l Theatre During
l ihibltlou Week,
The Biograpb is certainly one of tlio
marvels of tiie nge, aud it must be seen
to be appreciated, Visitors to tbe exhibition will do well to take iu this
wonderful entertainment. Just imagine
thirty tbouFand pictures shewn nt every
performance, with all the life nud um-
tiou ju*-t as tbe scenes actually appeared
at the time. The BiographbaB bad two
staffs at work in Houth Africa, and
some of the best nml most Interesting
moving pictures will be Bbewn, direct
from the seat of wnr. "Firing the big
guns nt Colenso," '"The surrender at
Paardeberg," "The relief of Lady
smith," "the BerotB ot the War,"
"Tummy Atkins* fu all hi.-f'fjlory," Will
be seen at each exhibition- Some of
the funniest pictures that have ever
bein put on oanvas will nlso I e shewn.
AU the pictures are absolutely genuine,
The Biograpb is tin* only perfect moving picture mai hine uml none but the
b st tilms of any event of importance
an* shewn "Ottawa after tho big
lire" is nne of the latest additions to
ths Biograpb'a complement ol lilms.
The Qraod theatre h jusi off Main
street on McDermot street, opposite the
post ollice, handy to all street oars.
Two or ihree performances will be given daily in order to accommodate ilie
Immense crowds tbat ale-rays attend
tluse exhibitions Go curly in tbe
week, for ynu will want to go a mcoikI
time sure. Mr. Owen Smiley, Canada's leading eloc-utioiiitfH*,-- wril not as
lecturer uml entertainer. He is a host
in himself.	
An    I lie hi en I    Slniivlnu    Uie   l'n?leHii-
iit*M*t uf I'ei'tniii   MniMi   Term-.
If by the use of fl bit of slang you
can express En one word what 11 would
otherwise require ten words pf plain
English to sny. why. then, say I. by all
moans use the slum,', for it saves time,
ami, witli tho exception of the favored
few whose whole purpose in living Is to
kill liiiie, we urn all bent ou saving ull
Iho Utile we cau. The nidi* slun^ I object to is the slang thnt replaces one
word by nuother precisely as long and
nut u whit easier to say. My objections have already been made privately
to n woman who went shopping wilh
me Unit hot dny we had: during tho
week. I forget which day it was. She
Is m'w to the town, so 1 had to show
hor nbout the shops,   | woro my foot
to the linne Unit till}'.    Slie dragged llio
from the ribbon counter in'iho bargain
counter, from the art needlework do-
part ment buck ngnin to the place
where thoy sell phis nml dress braid
und Iron waxets and patent ciH'l papers. When I thought 1 hat one liiero
mortal could endure no more, she said
"Now, just one thing more. 1 must
have ti plain lid."
1 led Un* way in tin- bouse furnishing
department, und 1 personally explained
her desire lo Iho salesman.
"This lndy wants to seo somo plnln
lids." I explained. The lady wns some
dislnnce behind me. but she arrived beside me just aa tlio salesman said
"Lids, madam.   What kind, please?"
Tbelady turned ns red as tho poppy
flOWet*. '■* .';>   *
"Well, of nil the gtimps." she sold to
me with the brutal frnnkuvss of an old
and tried friend. "You certainly arc
dense. 1 don't want hardware. I want
n bat."
Now, by the shade of everything
shadowy, what conceivable sense Is
there in calling ti lint 11 ltd? However,
I revenged myself. 1 persuaded her to
buy a bat thnt add.*-* ten years to her
age and n whole coil to her complexion.
Washington Post
20th Century Fair
23rd to 28tlt July, 11)00.
L_ni- ly Increased Prise List.
Four full day- Racing.
FincM Platform Attractions
ever hi-iii h. the Wut,
The presidential ofllce mnv be cast to
fill,   but   i> ly   will   deny   that   it   ib
rather  bard  to  get.—ttricheatcr   Demo*
Tho   enudiibite   frequently   Qxei   his
femes, but inviiriulil.v it is the.Voter who *)*\
does the rail epliitiuy.--*Atlanta Const! ft
tution. £J
People should be careful nbuut throw- ' M
ini,' stoues  promiscuously.    They  might r
bit a vice presidential candidate.—Chlca- I £]
go Record. m
The voters of the United Stntes are h
growing increasingly ludepeudenl at mu- h
niclpal elections.    The disease isn't oue H
thut should be cured.-Hart(ord Post. _
Martini  Ian   liiu
(**.|*-*   Souk ,    11"
ne'  1 pfeit able '"
1 t*en i"«»*«■ .nti'I    a
1..1,1.Iel|'..I   ■,   iim rltlo
uialul   1 '   ■■'■ Aar,
UiiTft-sf.ANA »'i;ki iami*: cidar
IU_SW/\ll/\,    KAl/TOKV.Muritr-***!
Grand Pyro Military Drama
Battle of Paardebe
■     Al-H.LFolt'iKNEUnrs EATERS,
Ihere are in-iny i»-rs-)Us of   healthy appe*
* te aud poor dTgi
meal, are subject t*
fOOd 'if which they I
lead In their ftott
presslon, a Fiuoth
um so ullli.led   b
_t WbO.after a hearty M
inuci sulferliiR.   The JJ
iva part ik.ui lies like H
u:li-    Headache, do- h
;_na  reeling fulluw. u
unlit tor I
Surrender of General Crmijo.
Prl_e Uats
ind Programme* free on ap-
work nf any kind. Ia tliis conditiou
Parmelee's vegetable Pllla will bring roller 'liny will assist the assimilation ot
the aliment, and UIO(l according tn direction will restore healthy dlgBttlon.
and so would  m 11 ny a fount)
1\ W. Ill-:t IIACH, lleniTHl Mhiihkoi*.
Win nil*en,  Mnnitob**..
If ive git down
Ami count Ilia
Then we miy count
Rut 11 through *U 1
nt -if cun
thlRRl Iimt we have done
i-i in t, one word
heart i>l him who h-ttrd.
noat kind
tuniUtn-a where it went,
-fount llie duy well H|*etit.
> llvtlonit .lay
Wo'vo cnicd no henrt hy )**u ur nay,
II UiroiiKli it nil
We've nothing dorio tlmt we can trace
Tliat brought Hi.* sun thine to a face,
No act moil tmall
Tlmt |ie)|KKl tome bouI ami nothing cott,
Then count that day us worse than lost,
Richest Author—W. W. Attar.
most cheerful  author—Samuel
Old FnaMoned Dinners the Dctt,
Mnny people who nre constantly trying
to concoct now nn.l tempting dishes overstep the mark. People who eat lnrge
quantities of the various preserved foods
nro not nlways the strongest. The old
fashioned meal of rousted or boiled beef
served with Us own juices, with two
plain vegetables nml a podding, wns far
more wholesome thnn the eight course
dinner which is served nowadays. I'ew
peoplo know the truo flavor of potatoes
or rice. In this country seasoning loo
often menus salt nnd pepper only. People in the eastern countries, especially
the  Turks,  muke  most   delightful  stows
nud soups by using a combination of
TCgctablcS) cooking ihem slowly enough
to draw out the flavor. Extracts and
sauces prcpnred chemically and mustard
nnd horse radish may be tnken now and
then, perhaps to advantage; bnt, ns n
rule, tilings Of lhl« kind should be availed or used sparingly.—LadIob' Homo
Fort anal a Indeed.
"Well. Maggie," nsked n teacher of a
little girl, "how In i| you nre so Into In
coming to school todnyr'
"Ploase, ulr," was Iho reply, "there wns
n woo bairn cam' lo uu 1* house Ihis inoru-
"Ah!" Bald the teacher, wilh a smile.
"And wasn't your father very pleased
Willi Ibe new bnbyV"
"No, Kir; my fuither Is nwa' In Kdln-
burgh ilu- non, mi dlunn keil about il yet.
Bul it wns it gull] thing my niither wns
at banie, for gin she luul been nwn* I
wndmi hue Itont whnt tutu dne wi't."*—
Kt. Andrews GniettC.
Ami Ile Conld Hnve Tarried Her.
"I shull never spenk lo him nuain," sha
declared vehemently.
"Why not?" her ehimi nsked.
"When wo wore nt that concert the
other night I told liim if ho didn't take
me out of ihe crowd I would faint, nnd
ho would hnve to carry ine nwny."
"Woll, you'd have thought his life depended on getting mo out of thore in a
Uurfyi"—Chicago Tlinos-Hefald,
Do Not
Pay Cash_->
A vory largo saving can be mado.   Wo can
furnish tha oiaot amount for any puyment.
Writo for particulars and prioo.
The Klr-»t at tlie Seaion.
The .im m now lirtdn-J lu croka
Upon thu verdant lot,
And ninn, itc lung, will follow cult     ^^
•*«. 1,.- Mmii 1 All0WAY 4 0HAMp|0N| mmu
The Idol's Kye, Wang,nnd the Fencing
-Master, by the Huston Lyric-.
The coming engagement of tbo Boston Lyrics in Winnipeg ut tbe Wiuui
neu Theatre for Exhibition week will
he 11 nuiable event. It will be tho ap-
pearance of a great company of artists
in three royalty operas tlmt will appeal
io every tasto.
Tho Idols eye is one of the most expensive compositions in the musical
market. It is. however,well worth the
price paid, as it has 11 strong attractive
commercial value.
The party of Abel Conn played by
John Henderson is this comedian'.
arcnt'St work. Mr. Kunkel piny,
"hoot mon boot;" Miss Stanton,
Damayanti, Miss Bertha DaviB, Mara-
i-nita; Miss Sara Carr, the high priestess, and Henry Hallmn, Ned Winner,
The opera is lilted with grand
chorus?-* nud supnrli marches by the
daughters of tlio soldiers in Natty Huz-
zar uniforms.	
A at arr of Amos Cummlnffs.
Ono summer n number of yenrs ago
Amos Cummlngs passed two weeks
on n [dlot boat nnd took Ernest .lar
told, the author of "Mickey Finn
Idylls," with him for e-iliipany. One
day a grent storm arose, nud tlie pilot
bout was tossed about on tbe waves
Ilko n chip. Every minute a wave
would dash over the deck and threaten
to carry everything away nud swamp
the boat. OummlngS und .larruhl wore
In ibo little cabin, the former lying
in n bunk Intently road lug a book on
tbo I'rencb revolution. Jiirrobl linked
his head out to look nt lhe storm,
wlicu a mounfcilii of sea water fell
with n boom un tbo deck nnd filled his
eyes with spray. Tbe boat gnvo a
fearful lurch unit careened until It
seemed tbnt she must turn completely
"This is awful, Amos," suld .!nrrold.
"Pin going to put ou a life preserver,
for I dou't think tlie boat can stand
it many minutes longer."
"Oh, keep quiet, and let mo rend,
Mickey," said Cummlngs, never lirtlni*
his oyes from tho pago. "The men
on this boat draw n regular salary to
keep her alloat."-Salurday Livening
Tbe noisiest author— Howells.
Tin- tallest author—Longfellow.
Tin* most [lowery author—Hawthorne.
Tho most amusing author—Thomas
Tbo happiest nut hor- Goy.
Tbo most fiery author—Burns.
Tbo most talkative author—Chatter-
Tlio most distressed author—Aiken*
side.-Cblciigii Tinios-llorald.
It may be only a trilling eold, but neglect lb and lt will fasten ItH fangs in your
lungs, and you will soon bo carried to an
untimely grave, ln tilts country wo have
midden changes and must expect to bave
coughs and colds. Wo cannot avoid thom
bul we cau effect a cure by using Ilicklu's
Anti-Consumptive Syrup, thu medioiue
that bas never been known to fall In curing coughs, colds, bronchitis and all
affections of the throat, lungs aud chest,
An Expression of Revr-st,
"Did you found the town that they
named after you?" wus asked of the
western mini who bad been bragging
of tho honor. '   .
"Well, no," bo slowly roplied. "No;
I wasn't tbo first senior."
"Presented it with public parks, perhaps?"
"Oli, no; tbere were parks enough. 1
didn't hnve to do anything nt all. The
vigilance com ml Hoc hung my brother-
in-law for horse stealing and then turned nrouud and named the town ufter
me to express ibclr sympathy In my
hour of berenvementl"
"      It Imt., Hi.' ■ Ic:.. »■ .n.i.-'iillv -ti B
ind 're 11   i-i Is I aim frnitr ucc ii ex-
H   ,r,'""''> l'1, *'--■■* H
H            iii-tvai-0 ot Imitation*. H
->4                     MONTREAL. M
Another ideal Bit tit tered.
Jones—Don't you love lo think of
tho dear lllile old trundle bed you slept
in when n boy?
Brown—No. My two elder brothers
slept in a big lied, and tbey wero always fulling out ou mo.—Indianapolis
"My daughter Is in love with an Impossible young.niau, and I'm taking her
to Europe to cure ber," suid Mra. Ster-
"Trying tho absent treatment, eh?"
replied Mrs. WllberfofCO.—Detroit Tree
MONEY SAVED and pain relieved hy
bho leading household remedy, DH.
quunblty of which usually sullloos to enre
a oough, heal a sore, out, bruise or sprain,
relieve lumbago, rheumatism, neuralgia,
exoorlat-od nipples, or lnllamcd breast.
llnw l.iti-B Wu
10 was tio* tw
[ghlh day of till
■A   1 .1-1.
> hundred
Well, Tli-nt'N lllls)-,
Dyspcpllc-hocior, do you Ihlnk that
automobile riding in ihe country would
do ino any good?
Doctor—If you get one tbat will run
ubout live miles out nm) then break
down,—Chicago Itecord.
photographer—] 1 ow sliftll I finish
your photographs, uiudiun?
Minium-Well, retouch hnlf of tbem
to look ton years younger thnn I am.
I want those to send out of town.-Chh
cago Hecord.
with tl
urs "f  '.
ON APl'KTl'i'l*' -To havo the sb nnach
well is to have ihu nervous system well.
Very dolloate aro ihu digestive organs.
In some s» eonsltlvo nr,* tnoy itiat atmospheric charges affect tbem. When tbey
ueooiitu disarranged no better regulator Is
iirociitabid than Pitrinelee's Vegetable
Pills They will assist the dlgestlou so
that the hearty enter will sutler no in *on-
ventence and will derive all tho bun.>llts
of his food.
'iimi Bellied it.
Passcugor (io old Bait)—Can yuu tell
me, my good mnn, iho name of that
lino bird hovering about?
old Stilt—That's a Imlbntross, sir.
Pusseugur—Dear mo! Quite a raw
avis, is ti m>(?
Old Salt—Dnnno, sir. I've nlways
beard IL called a balbalross.
Passenger—Yes, yes, my good fellow,
but I cull that a rura nvls Just as 1 call
vou a (■onus homo,
Old Salt (Inillgiltihtlyj-Oh, then I
'■alls Hint a Imlbntross Just the same us
I culls vou n liur.-Tlt-ints.
i Hin. Am.
E.ILO0 a.
Muntrniil.  Kre
, P. 11.60 up.   E.
Spmilsh-Ainoriean war will 1
iibered, among other reason!
u extreme brevity, for begun on
_!1, 1H0H, it was over ami done
on July HC, in tho same year—
rt, sharp tli roc-months' struggle.
/.iiln wur lusted eight  months,
Jan. 11 In Hcpt. B, l«7!t.
Cbino-Jnimneso  war occupied
July    25,
only    n Ino   moiitliK-
L8V4, to April  17,  I
....;, 11
-from Api
■il   _l,
lo Mu
ll   WOI
. li
iiRorcil lo
,r   two
li .
21,   l.S.-il,
,'i'n cl\
wnr hon
the un-
lo di>tii
lm Hin; 1
,ooii by
fm' iho Iohl'i
•sl   in'
in Intii-r
I,., ir oi
llio Ol
It 1.
 ii  Ap
iii   18,
mid |„.
,iro  \V,
lull  rosli
roil un-
lil Mi
In   I
IV lift,
li.. pro
no ro,*
onl   o.
I'lliL'll   ill
Will  III,is
or wni •
I likely
,,,.  ,	
0      IH
nu    c
111!*.*    ill   1
tllO  OM.'
Iho Mil
e iim-
era monts of Monaco und San Marino,
which spends lum for military purposes than Sw luurlaiul. 'llie annual  cost  ol  lis arm;,   is only  about
£.300,000, mnl yet, in ense of necessity, a can put into Uu* field wilhin
tuu days 100,000    trained    soldiers
und retain at   the same inn.- another
100,000 as reserves In   addition    lo
Its militia, numbering 1170,000 men-
In Switzerland young men uru
trained to be...me good rifle shots,
and tb.-i-e is not n hamlel in tho
country without a volunteer association formed for this purpose. .Military servjie is also compulsory from
lhe 32nd to tlm MUnd year, -If* days'
service being required during tho ilrst
year and 10 during every subsequent
year. Tbe soldiors keep their weapons and uniforms nt their own
homos nnd are hold responsible for
thom by th.* -flovernmont, which inspects them carefully once a year.
$100  REWARD,   $100.
Tbe readers o( ihls paper will l*e iilem-xi to
Icira thnt thero Is nl lci-mt one dreaded iii-*'n«c
that BOleaea in- been ■ !*■<■ ta <■< r? In nil it-.
dliiRi'M, nnd tlml 1-. I'-itnrrh.    Hall's  Catarrh
Carets the only poalltira enn. known to the
modioli f-aii-ri.il v.   Catarrh ln-luif n comtltu-
tlomd iiii. use, roqnires a conitltutlonal treat-
im-nt.   H-iU'nt'atorrh cun* te tnken liitt-nudly.
aetinu dlreolly opon the blood and muooui cur-
fariw .if th.' lyitem, thereby destroying the
foundation nf llnwli-vltue, nn.l Kivli g tllO l.'itjfint
«:n-i'i'!ii L\ i mldii ■_ ii|i 111.* i ii'iinii-.u and
Hi-fi*!inK nnture In d- ir g Itl work, Tin1 ),r -
1-rletoiH have no mncli fnlth jn  Uh rnratlr,'
poweri thui tin*y offer onu Etondred Dollars for
nny ■■■•.-■■:Jut it fidl-i to cure. Bend for IIM uf
Aibln-HH,    K. J. f'HKNKV A CU., Tolodo, 0.
Hold liy llmfrrtlete, T.'e.
Ball'i family PUU are tha Uit
At Cbnlfont, St. t;iio3, England,
stands a remarkable monument, erected by Sir Hugh Palliser to bis
frleud, Captain C'oolt, tbe celebrated
navigator, Une of the most singular
visits to this monument occurred
In 1S05 wheu Queen Kmina of the
Sndwlcb Islands went In compauy
with Bishop Wllberttrce. People In
tlie district still recall, with amusement, how the village baud, wishing ic
greet ber majesty with an appropriate
tune ami not kuowlng tlie Sandwich
Islands notional anthem, tootled forth
"The King of the Cannibal Islands."
Klnanri Ltnimeat Cures Garget ii Con
Heroic Hetnedy.
"Ilo you hnve any trouble kcopfi
"Nope. l'i.i married to her."—Chlca
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
NothInk  left.
The Old Party—Well, my Httlo man.
wiiut do you want to be when you are
old euough to work?
Tbo HeveD-year-old— Oh, all de good
jobs is gone. I ain't got no more ambitions since "Iteildy" Smith went to
Souib Africa.- Philadelphia North
is UNmvAteo ros wwt(*>
itiiifniii iOfTiHonnwi^?
rou Mtn -mot-i m cm twuuawN"
mot pitiMKt titi r*(ui( (ikiimt i\
Highest Cash Prioo paid (or Butler and
Eggs, All miiil orders for fruit promptly
otieuded.  SallsXaotloa guaranterd,
Money to Loan
Apply to
Brass Band
li.tti-uiornt*. Urmii*. t'ntfoTin-. Etc.
■st price* evi-r qa tod „Fbw catalogue
WU1.7 Boy« * Co., -R****S{_d%__L
_I.innf»ctaP€d   by THOS. LEE, 11*18nip**
Catholic Prayer _5__52__?
_l_.r». H-tlipoia ElcterM BtataatT, unj Cbarob
Qrr.azi.r.:.-._. BdtW-ltocu-l worfcl Iimi. orderi r*
Ml-riprompt•r.tn-.io*- l,m\ Si.l.fTkC8.,I:iTT8tI
linart'i Liniment Cure Colli, Etc.
One TIiIhk FnlliMV-i Another.
"Well, dotior, 1 BUpposo jou ure not
EO busy  now  thnt   tin* (,'rlp period  is
"Oh, yosi there's ihe enrly golf son-
poo. you know."—Chicago Iteconl.
Hs Liniment Cores Diphtheria.  :
An Bim 'I'liltikH, J
"1 seo tlml n wotntm doctor up In   *
Chicago wiys tbnt only one womnn lu   J
1,000 Is tit io brio- up children." 1
"I'll   bet   she's  000 "f   iho OIKS."- IJ
Cleveland l'lnln Hen Ier. *.
Thoro never was, nnd never will bf, a unl- J
■fcrmd panacea, In ono remedy, for nil Hla to ^
which fli'tili Is heir—the vory uuture of muny   (
ournlfraa being mch that were the gernu ol   i
other und ditlerently wilted dleOOMl rnot-d I
in the ny-stem of thu ji.iti* nt—what would j
relieve ono ill in turn would amravate the J
other.   Wc huvo, however, in Quinine Wine- ^
when ohhiiniible in u Hound, unndiiltenited \
itato, a remedy lot mnny nnd grlerotu Ilia. I
By Ita gradual und jndtolotu uaa lln frailest j
lycb-niH nre lid into convu'ewenee nnd J
linngth by tho Influence whieh QolnlntOS* 7
ertnon natnre'aown resiorutiv.-. it rellerii   e
the droopiDK -[..ni-* of t|m-o with whom n i,
i hum.e -luti- of morbid d< i*[M-nileney mid £
luck of interi'Mt in life i.*" u diwu-e, und, by , -l
tranqolllttag the nerr-aa, dlepowa to i-ound i J
and rcfrerfhmK aleep—in.i-oiit» -rigor to th.'   j
tiou of the blood,whloh.balng-tlmnlated, i Jj
eooiwa throughoat the -reini, tireogthonlnB  ft
the lieidthy unlmul functlonn of thu system- t
thereby mnking nctivity a neee.-wury result, | j
I    -*^-l:0R THE PRINTER i
\     We keep a Inrgi- Sux-k alvaya on     S
] hand of *
Wo ean fit out Daily or Weekly
Papers or -JobOntfita on a
few hours notice. ,
We also supply KKAUY-l'KISTH.    *
iU i
strengthening the frnme. nnd Riving life to
mund rneronsed uubi-tiinei—malt, Improved
•stive organs, which naturally d.*.
appetite, Northrop <fc Lyinnn, of Toronti
hnve given to the public thoir HUjierior Qui
ne H mi'ut tlie u-iiid rule, und, gauged by
tho opinion of scienthit-, this wino B>
uronelier- nearest perfection of any ia the
market.   All druggist- cell it.
W. N. D. 281.
t%fi*&yu?-h Jit, fLMAntJ/ y ».***.*...*..**************
I      LOCAL   NOTES     jj
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Hoys' suits from (a up; a large line, at
Oil pin's,
Shuck for rent. Enquire of \V. B.
A number of large mining deals are
ic progress.
John Fink returned recently from his
trip to Spokane.
John Hutchison made a trip over to
Perry creek Sunday.
Furnished Rooms—Neat aud comfortable at Mrs. Udell's.
1). Lay, assistant assayer at the North
Star mine, is off for ft vacation.
J. ti Graham, Winnipeg, a C. P, R.
attache, was iu lown this week.
T J. Scott, the Winnipeg vocalist, was
a guest of the Cranbrook Monday.
B reck en ridge \ hund have a contract
for a big irrigation ditch at Calgary.
Dr. Barber has arrived and will make
bis home iu Cranbrook in the future.
James Ryan aud Contractor McNab
were visitors to Fort Steele yesterday.
Carload of timothy hay for sale; quality lirst class and price right.
J. McConnell.
A bargain—7-roomed house, good cellar.    Apply A. EC, Watt, townsite office.
Snap—$550 buys a good house on
Durick avenue.   A. K. Watt, Townslte
building and general Improvement
around homes continue steadily In Cranhrook,
Contractor John Breckinridge loaded
himself on tbe train Friday for a trip to
I.ady wishes employment hy the day.
Inquire at rooms in Aiken block, over
the school.
N C. McKinstry, one of Kimherley's
energetic citizens and miniug men, was
down recently.
Miss Maggie Hackett has returned
from Fernie and will resume her position with Hill Bros.
0, I'. Lawson, connected witb the C
P, R,, registered from Toronto at tbe
Cranbrook recently
The Cranbrook Lumber Company's
upper mill is working a double shift,
running uight and day.
For sale cheap—j-roomed house in
course of construction. Apply to A. E.
Watt, townsite office.
Prayer and Bible study service at the
home of Rev. Holford this evening, to
which all are invited.
Locomotive No, 364 went off the track
near the coal chutes yesterday morning
breaking off ber pilot,
Jatnes T. Laidlaw, the Fort Steele
mine promoter, was in town this morning, enroute to Periy creek.
Charlie Parker, the water king, returned Sunday evening from a trip to
Calgary with the rest of the sports.
J, M. Hedley, assistant manager of the
Canadian Bauk of Commerce at Fort
Steele, was a recent visitor to Cranbrook.
Some Chinamen were in Tuesday from
the Moyie placers with several ounces
each of coarse gold to sell to the bank.
Paul Rookes went up to Kimberley
Tuesday to wires residence,electrically,
putting in sh bells and an annunciator.
J. Walsh, of Fort Steele, has gone up
to Weaver creek to do assessment work
on some of the prospects in that vicln-
Mr. snd Mrs, Fred Frith, accompanied
by their daughter, Miss Frith, departed
fur their home at Moyie Saturday eveuing.
Mrs. W. B. McFarlane fa slowly recov*
eiiug from »n etlended period of illness
and is now able to be up and around the
Attorney W. F. Gurd went to Fort
Steele yesterday morning to be in attendance at the session of court there be*
ing held.
Enoch Johnson and Robert Little arrived from Fort Sleele last night, and
will proceed to Perry creek to do development work.
The very best stoves and ranges for
either cooking and heating are McCla-
ry'a " Famous;" a straight carload jnst
received Ht Gilpin's.
ti. P., I'. P. aud J. R. lloylesand A. O.
Green, of Spokane arrived in townTues-
day morning, departing for Kimberley
on tbe nfternoou train.
Baptist church service will be held In
Wentworth ball Sunday evening at 7:30.
Subject: "What is Life aud What Are
We."   All are invited.
George Johnson relumed Sunday from
an outing at Cameron St O'Neil's camp,
near Palmer's bar, George had a pleasant time with his hosts,
A pretty room looks incomplete with*
out a liberal supply of cushions; a splendid line in feather or down, saline or
silk coverings, at Gilpin's.
Mr. Edward Watt's family arrived last
Friday evening from England, going
through on tbe train to Swansea to Mr,
Walt's ranch home at that place.
Harry Drew came dowu from Kimberley Tuesday evening, going over to Fort
Steele yesterday morning In order to attend the session of court at that place.
Archie McVittie went over to the territories early in the week ou a surveying
trip, enjoying the advantages of being
both a provincial and dominion surveyor.
The announcement is made  lhat the
mineral exhibits fiom any point iu tlie
Kootenays to Nelson, 80 OS to connect
with the Spokane Fulls & Northern,
0 Erlckson, thc genial C. P, R, roadmaster, left yesterday morning for Winnipeg, where he will meet Mrs. Krickson aud his children returning from
Mr. aud Mrs Grace, of Fort Steele,
Were visitors in Cranbrook last Monday,
the pioueer editor of Smith East Kootenay also making a brief call at ibe Herald office.
John Theias, of tbe Fort Steele Mercantile company, ts visiting tbe various
places in Suuth East Kooteoav in which
he is ioteresttd. He was in Kimberley
The thealre company which was
booked here during the proposed fair,
were Instructed that the exhibition was
off, but they ssy they will play here iu
the near future.
Horace E Butler, Barber—Shampooing and cutting ladies' and children's
hair a specialty; hair dyed or bleached;
will call at residence if desired. Shop in
Atken block, Craubrook.
Frank Villeueuve wus down from his
Perry Creek claims Sunday and Monday;
be brought some samples down for
assay which gave good returns, Tuesday he returned to renew work.
A letter received Monday from Fied
Simpson, bearing a Tacoma date, stated
that he was then en route for Denver,
Cripple Creek, theuce possibly to Chicago aud Winnipeg, ou business matters.
One of the workmen engaged in wiring the buildings in towu for the Electric Light compauy, fell through a ceiling in Engineer Murphy's house one
day this week. No injuries except to
the ceiling.
Manager Wolf, of the Sullivan, returned fiom Spokane and Seattle on
Saturday last. Mr. Wolf says that politics are getting warm on the other side,
and that William J. Bryan will he tbe
next president.
The Shay locomotive which passed
through here nearly two weeks ago, is
saiil to be proving a great success on tbe
Trail hill, near Rossland, taking up a
load nearly equal to that of three ordinary locomotives.
Julius Hurel aud Thomas Wellman,
formerly partners iu the ownership of
the Manitoba hotel in Cranbrook and
the Kimberley hotel at Kimberley, have
dissolved partnership, Tom taking the
Manitoba and Julius the Kimberley.
Jack O'Neil met with a painful accident a few days ago, being thrown from
a cayuse near his camp west of here, aud
dislocating his wrist. George Johnson
was with him aud pulled it back again,
but the injured member was useless for
several day s.
Van Decar St Son are out of luck, hav
ing lost 34 hogs and pigs—strayed or
stolen. The Indians, spurred on by a
reward, have searched in vain. Van,
guess the bears and coyotes have been
feeding on your meat without having
a ticket to punch.
" Uncle Jim" Ryan and Arch. Leitch
arrived home from Calgary Sunday evening. They report that a snowstorm prevailed during their slay there, which ne
cessltaled the postponement of the races,
and that altogether the weather wns so
wretched that tbe fair was partially a
Ross Palmer bas received a sample
from a new galena strike on the Moyie
river, in which he is interested. It is
almost clean ore—clean enough to ship,
was found at tbe grass-roots and can
be traced a distance of 50 feet, Tbe
width Is unknown at ihis time, but it
shows strong on the surface.
I.O.O.P.    Key Cl ) laige
. I**,
* I'll
lay ulght .it their hall un
■taker *-tny t.   Sojourning
II) tnvttcd,
\V V. Gurd
Cranbrook Lodge, No. J-t
v. p, a \ tt.
Wbo Have Beta Dolif Business la  Cran-
brtok This Week.
J. B. Eager, Toronto,
L. B. Forsyth, Montreal,
John G. Wilson, flour, Nelson.
H. T. Tilley, dry goodB, Toronto.
R. J. Salisbury, cigars, Winnipeg.
B. Redmond, bats ami caps, Montreal.
P. Ross, drugs and stationery, Hamilton.
William Hargraves, hardware, Winnipeg-
William Holden, insurance, Vancouver.
Kaslo Is enforcing lhe law regarding
slgus projecting over walks.
Tbe provincial fair will be held at New
Westminster Oct, 2, 3, 1 and 5.
A black shark eight feet Umi" was re
cently captured nenr Vancouver.
TheJapRnese consul to British Colutu
bin is making ii tour of tbe province.
" Tack fiends" are causing iniu'h de-
BtrtlCttOII BUlOUg bicycle tires at Vancou-
Typhoid fever cases nte developing nl
Rossland, attributed to impute water
f. om wells.
Thomas McLeary, night foreman of
the Hall mines smelter, bas been mysteriously missing for two weeks.
Gardeners of New Denver, it is said,
are raising all varieties ol fruits and vegetables produced on the coast.
Robert Fisher, manager of the Alexandria coal mine, near Victoria, and four
men were killed in a ruilroad collision
last Sulurday.
By the explosion of a tank iti which
asphalt was being boiled for use on the
stieetsoi" Vancouver receutty, three men
were seriously injured.
A Jap, supposed to bave been drunk
aud to hnve fallen asleep ou the track,
wns decnpitaled by a work train at Vancouver on the ioth itist.
Nearly 300 Scotchmen, from the collieries of tbeir native land, are to be
brought lo British Columbia to take ihe
place of Chinamen fu the Dunsmuir
Another accident in the I.e Roi mine
occurred at Rossland last week. The
big skip fell from the 30 font level to tbe
800, where three men were working iu a
winze.   All weie seriously injured.
The government is closing up the factories which have been mnking britisb
subjects out or newly-arrived Japs, A
Vancouver notary is iu trouble over the
A Slocan cnyuse packed with a load,
bucked over a hill twice, rolling down
150 feet in tbe first instance, und 250 feet
tbe second lime. It was thought he was
killed the second lime, but he wus dis
covered on his feet all right, grazing,
The pack was readjusted to suitbis taste
—tbe want of which bad been lhe source
of bis kick—and he preceded without
further objections,
Heated by hot air throughout,
rhe dining room is first class.
■Every convenience fur travelers.
Frame, lumber, etc.,   Virden,
J.  F.
W. D, Ramsay, confectionery. Brant-
M, Warren, baking powders, Snn Francisco.
It. B. Oravlin, boots and shoes, Toronto.
George F. Motion, cigars and liquors,
K. L   Thomas, cigars and tobaccos,
Quiraillae laspector.
Mr. John Hutchison has received n
commission as quarantine officer iu the
case of all kinds of fruits shipped to
British Columbia from the east, also
fruit trees, bushes, etc. livery carload
of apples, and other fruits, if any, passing through here to Nelwm or other
points, will have to be sidetracked and
inspected before proceeding further,
Rates for Electric Llfbls.
bo. of liBlitii   Husk lo in   All night
Mores, of-    1 a   $110  ,,..$140
tli! 1:1, Hot els, 6 Ift         0*     ... I.S
I'.iu. 10 and upward     nu  .... 1 10
1'rlfats Houses «0c for 10 candle power.
-       "       ,60o for 8 candle power.
Caih discount ot 10 per cenl from above amounts.
A Flsh Story.
II. S. Pelletler writes the Rcho, at
Pincher Creek, from Blairmore,
Canadian Pacific haa communicated | that he "caught a trout at the footbridge
witb the executive committee of the that weighed i3>-_ pounds wilh a liny
Spikane Industrial Exposition, slating fork," but falls to slate how much lt
thai   it   will   handle   free of charge all   weighed without a hay fork.
[Prom the Mojle header, Sept. 1.1.]
Tim burrell went to Trail this week to
make  arrangements   witb   the   smelter
management  fur tbe treatment  of the
Society Girl ore.
Late reports from the Society Girl
property nre to the effect that the big
showing still continues to bold its own
and now seems to be permanent,
P. J. McMahon relumed to Moyie
Irom Cape Nome last Sunday. He was
accompanied by bis wife from Spokane.
Mr. McMahon was well pleased with his
trip to the land ofthe midnight sun and
bas strong faith in the future of tbat
Chiu Ying, usually n well behaved and
law biding Chinaman, happened to get
his skin full of "red licker" last Monday
afternoon and then started out to do the
lown up right. He ran up against
several susga and then against Constable
Lindsay, who after considerable dilli-
CUlty, placed him on ice where be could
cool off and meditate.
Tbe frame work for Mojie's uew rail
way station is up and a good portico of
the building is boarded in. The upstairs
will be fitted fur living apartments. A
200 foot plalform will be built in front,
the portion in ftout uf the station to be
16 feet, the balance eight feel. Mr.
Mansfield, lhe agent, expects to be able
to move in about one mouth from now.
The August payroll of the St. Eugene
Consolidated Mining Co, was the largest
sum yet paid out by ihat coiilpuny to
its employees III n single month. The
nmouui was $.7 323, distributed amongst
266 men. With the various smiillei payrolls about town, it is safe to estimate
that during the mouth of August at least
(30,000 was paid out
A. Sleplieiisen, a local contractor, met
with a serious accident last Saturday
afternoon. Hu wns working ou the roof
of llie new brewery when he lost his
fooling, slid down, striking the scaffold
nud fell to the ground a distance of fully
20 feet, lie was picked Up ami taken
to bis home. Il was found that be bad
his right arm broken in two places and
was otherwise more or less bruised and
Injured by tbe fall.
House I Sign Painters
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ol liquors (it the bar.
All the rooms neatly tiirnlshed.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
•••*♦■»••♦■»•>••••• •< ■
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Julius Hurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every,
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
aaa-aatS   ®——'
Kimberley is Relieved
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now Is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Lots from $125=$400
APP'y    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
Buy early, buy often
But buy, buy, buy.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Paper Hangers
You can tell our work
in which
by the modern manner
it is done.
The Lion Brewery
•xvRos.--.land, BC
The la-ttHt and fluent equipped
brewery In lirillsh Culumbl*
Tlieir RUDWRISRK DBER (bollletl)
is eqitnl u, any imported article,
ABtUTBD WATERS of nil lirniiils t
lie liar) «1 all llotcll in Wesi nml Km,
James Kerrigan & Co,
Wholesale Giocer
ami Selling Agent.
Craabrook, B. C
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Tennis and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt   Jt   jt
For Developed
- SiIver=Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning,
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
•jyrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda waUr in -(Iphons.   The most
economical way lo handle it.
A nice selection of "Meriden Britannia" silverware constantly in
stock. Choice designs in A 1
goods       Jt       jt       jt       jt
High grade movements in the
best quality of gold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       Jt       Jt        jt
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Walcb laspector lor C P. R.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       *t       ji
Made by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ollice of McViltie & llulcblson
Cranbrook, B. C.
Prest & Co.,
£flTThree doors east of Postofliee.
•"> Builder dt
::-:-Crai brook, R c
Taking Out Cowan Coal.
Nelson Miner: The Co wnn Coal Co,
has commenced operations on their
property at the eastern end of Ihe Crow's
Nest Pass and are now working three
eight hour shifts. Machinery is also being put in place. Marketable coal is being taken from wilhin ten feet of the
Burface and all indications point to remarkably good deposits, The company
lias opened negotiations with the C. P,
R. wilh a view of the road using their
coal for steam purposes until the mine
is opened up in such shape that shipments can be made in large ipiantities to
the outside market. Mr, Maynard IJ.
Cowan is on the ground superintending
-i*_--w-w-«r-*«ri*^^ (g)-(
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
rOA \IR Drink" Is the divisional point of the Crows
VK/\1^0KWUIV Nest Pass Railroad.
ClVf. tlhtV_f_1--f  ^as a I0°sta" round house, large machine
^* ClllUI •U'UiX. shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Carnbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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