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Cranbrook Herald Jul 9, 1903

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Array '
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. .la... a. l'o-., I'li-aiilvi.t. B. K. Walkkr, Qen, Ma
Paid Up  C..II.I     W,7M.080.'I«
Kol      J.U00.00U 00
T» r«.    72.tH.MO.-0
Deposits Received,   (ieneral Hankini; Business Transuded
, S.VIN   | RANK lllil'lll MINI    lltpoll, Kiclvc-I-l.lc.c.1 Allowed.
•   ♦ | 4» | *. | .* | «,. | .» | * | .*, | * | *M * !  .- |   |*l-»l-*'l»l*l-*il*l<t'l$l*l-i|i|'t
*()*» 1*1 *l*l* I • i • I .•]••!■•■ w-ih I*i*i*i*i*ii) i-i-1 --I ►1*1*1'*
| Clearing Out Sale p
Remember 70 cents will now buy as
much as one dollar anywhere else.
We have sold an immense amount ot goods        f '■
<ii)        lately and have still a fairly complete slock
left in all lines.   Consult your own interests
by enquiring here first for all wants.
1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1*1 »l I*l*l*i|!*:|*l,*l
l»l*l*l*-l*l*l*l*l*l*l ;*l l«l*l*l«|*|4$|
S Capita1, Paid Up $2,983,896 S
$ Rest   $2,636^12 J
$ T. R. Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
*   •*
-p A general banking: business transacted. Drafts sold availa- *
m ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
Z attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     Jj
%«<<(«*.It .-,»Httttttttt><tttfttftflC( HfUKiifii^'
To the Men
__ m .     £2
In surrounding camps ond mills,    Should your watch need j|*
ivpiiiring wild it to nu1 and   I   will  guamntiv you it tirstclnss ^
job.    Il will receive just as  careful attention  as though you ><■*
brought il yourself.  You'll bo charged for tin- work 1 do only
W. H. Wilson, Jeweler and Optician.
in this
like all
of our
others, we
nothing but
Our prices are
t a nil the
goods are the best
Lead Bonus Means Great Increase of Business
in South East Kootenay.
Tlio II.-ml.I wlltorwinil Bunntor
Turner, oi NpokMto, asking liint
fflllll i-ll't't-l lilt- 1)011118 wuuld have
on tin- Siilliviiu |ii-(i|»-rly. Tin* foi.
lowing iv|ily i\as iii-i-iii-d lust
Spokane, July 8. Cranbrook
Herald. Proposed bonus will enable Sullivan company to start mine
immediately and to complete the
smelter this season.
Geo. Turner.
al will
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House
XLimc Hime
Are you a watch crank? Would ycu
like to have a watch you can depend
upon? Call and see the high grade
movement we sell to C. P. R. employes
who must have accurate watchei.
Che 3ewclcr (""•Dlv"""
Mr. Parker's Views.
Kditor Herald. In answer to
your quory its to my opinion of tin1
effect of tin- promised Ihjuum of -$15
jM-i* ton on lead smelted in Cunailn,
I will stale Unit until tliis is actually on the statute books, it is almost to soon to express an opinion,
for there may lie clauses in tlu* lull
which may make the results not
so gratifying as wo would hope for.
If the bonus is granted for five
years time, which is the expected
relief from tliis government, the
ctfect will not lie nearly so good, as
if the increased duties on lead as
8Uggost«l at Sandon. December
10th last had been imposed. Tho
duties on lead once placed would
require more effort to bo expunged,
or reduced, than the Imhiur, which
will probably be loft to tho judgment of tlie finance minister, i
therefore look upon tho bonus with
mingled feelings of pleasure and
rogrot, for where an uncertain condition prevails tho investing public
have not that measure of confidence in the resources of the country, which  depend  upou  :
tion that may bo changed
by the caprices of n cabinet or ono
cabinet minister,
As long, however, as tin- bonus
lasts, we ma\ o insider thai we will
have u'oi^l times, for the following
1st, Tin' mines that an* in a
shipping condition, hut whicli are
not Bhipping, Mill naturally ship
tlieir ores.
2nd, Those in adevelopingcondition, but not developing, will naturally dovolopo.
.inl. Those properties which
havo a favorable surface miueral
condition, will naturally either have
Home work done on them, or the
owners will find a more favorable
market u\r them than has lieen the
case the past two years.
Ith. ISncouragomont will bogiv-
eu the prospector to hunt for new
finds, prnlialily resulting in the
lator opening up "' a new distriot
or two,
5th«   Tito waga expenditure will
return to ll Id standard of aliout
$2,500,000 per annum instead of
less than $500,000,
Bill, The merchants, who have
been reducing their stock, will re.
pleiiish it, resulting in tin1 merchants oast yetting fresh orders,
uml giving tho railroads moro work<
7th, The smelters will have live
furnaces, instead of dead ones, and
this will givo employment to mora
men. mid through this certain ores
available for fluxes can be used
and purchased by them which
would otherwise have to remain in
the ground. This latter feature is
nn important one, giving employment to more men.
The amount of 1k>uus to be distributed in five years time on the
basis of SIT) per ton, will be about
§2,500,000 and as the mine owners
will spend $10,000,000 more
during the same period, than
they would have done under the
past bad conditions, it will he seen
. that the government aid, although
i tardy, will mean a direct aid to the
'district of   $'J.:.00,000   liesides  an
» **-*U ***•-> A*" **0****^^
Ottawa, July '.. ii-VuuiTli.' Nelson Daily News.) Fielding
today gave notice of a resolution authorising tlie payment of
$500,000 a .war lor five .wars hy way .if 1 utiesto ih<* lend pro-
duci-rs of Uritish Colombia!
Tin* terms of thf resolution are as follows:
1. The govepior-iu-council may authorize the payment of
a bounty of 75 cents por t(H) pounds of lend eontni liu lend-
bearing ores mined iu Canada, provided tlmt the sum to bo paid
OS such bounty *Bball not exiv.il $500,000 in any tiscal year.
Provided also that whon it appears to the satisfaction of the
minister charged with the administration of this act that tin*
standard price of pig lend in Loudon, England, exceeds til 10s
por ton of 2,2440 lbs., such bounty shall be reduced proportionately hy amount of such excess.
2. Payment of said bounty may be made from time to time
to the extent of liO imt cent of the full bounty authorized, subject
to adjustment at the close of each tiscal year. If at the close of
any year it shall appear that during the year the quantity of lead
produced on which the Iwutlty is authorixed, exceeds iitt.BHO
tons of 2,000 lbs. each, tho rate of bounty shall be reduced to
such a sum as will briny the payments for the year within
the limit mentioned in section 1.
S,    If nt any time it .shall appear to the satisfaction of the
govomor-in-council that the charges for transportation "nil treatment of lend ores in Canada are excessive, or that there is any
discrimination which prevents the smolthig of such ores in Canada on fob* and reasonable terms, the governor-ill-council mny
authorize the payment of bounty tit such reduced rate, as may be
doomed just, on lead contained in such ores mined in Canada
and exported for treatment abroad,
-1. Said bounties shall cease und determine on the IJOtlt day
of Juno, 1908,
■fr*********** **********9**M*************************'m\
indirect aid to the amount of $10,-
The    following    will    be   tlie
amounts of bonus   on the different
grades of oro that each grado will
earn i
it) per cent, lead ore, $4.05 per ton
ID per cent, lead ore, $5.40 pet1 ton
Tit) per cent, lead ore, $0,75 per ton
(iO per cent, lead ore, $8.10 per ton
In conclusion, whilst iu common
with the lead miners. I deplore the
fact that by reason of its policy,
the government refuses to increase
the duty ou lead in ores and in]
metal, yet I am plonsed to note
thai it realizes the fact that the
industry must he encouraged, and
if we yet the bonus, tho waiting
for wliich has almost turned the
mine owners hair grey. T will welcome it, hut not so heartily as I
would the increase of the lead duties.
This latter feature, however,
is Kiund to come, so T am prepared   to   accept  that which   the
,'.»ls   may   givo as n   I
yours l-'aillifu'ily.
.1. L
Will Help Itu-iness.
Tin- Nelson Nonvb inlorvlowocl
a iniiiilii'i- of mining nicii rogimling
flu- cll'i-ct of the lioiins ns follows!
"Asked yeslerdity alioul tln-priili-
alili-illlllli iliatc result of tin-lead
bounty-upon the mining industry
in tin- Koiitcntiys. J. J. Caiiiplii-ll.
of tin. Hull Mini's compuny, who
has just rt-ltirut-il from a trip
through Ihc Slocan. said thai lie
nmsidi'ivil tiutl it was too early yet
In express an opinion liey.mil thnl
he considered it would linve n vory
good cll'ccl in stimiilalitig tin- lend
production  of tin- district.    Of
COUl'BO tut official IllllKlUllcelllelll
had lieen made ns yet. as to whnt
the lolal amount of the bonus
would lie, or under what conditions
it would lie distributed, and on
features a good deal depended
However, he believed that it was a
decided move in the right direction
"S. S. Fowler, who returned last
evciiing from Spokmic, tlmt tin
Ikuius would undoubtedly have n
stimulating effect ou mining and
through that to the other industries
of the country, While lie was not
as sanguine as some as to what the
' final results uf the grunting of the
bounty would lie yet he had no hes-
itatiun in saying that is would help
greatly  in   improving conditions
' generally. It would not be of
much benefit to the 'Slocan mines
I 4"
iis the ore there was generally high
grade,   but in  Kast  Kootonny   il
should help malerially.
"Hymn X. White, of tlie Slocan
Star mine who is spending a
couple of days in lhe cily. accompanied by his sun ,lack, staled Ihai
he hud not studied Hie mullet* mil
yet. but from what he had hoard
he believed it In be a very gootl
move on the part of the government. Of course the mines thai
would principally benefit by il
were those that had large bodies of
ore with a lurge percentage uf lend.
Taken in conjunction with the
activity iu /.ini- it ought to result
in a much larger production from
the silver-lead mines uf the
The Output of Late Years.
The output of lead in liriiish
Columbia during the past few years
has been as follows:
1899, 10,931 tuns,
WOO. 81,079 Ions.
1901. 25,791 tens,
1902, 11,2118 tuns.
The bonus will cover un output
of 08,1)33 tuns, and that will no
doubt be reached the lirsl year.
The Official Bnunduries.
Following an* the official
boundaries of the Crunbrook nud
Kernie districts*.
Craubrook district. That tract
of land contained withiu the following boundaries, viz*.
Commencing at n point on tlie
oastorn boundary of the province,
where suidhomiiliiry intersects with
Katianaskis i«iss; thence southwesterly along the southern bound-
nry of Columbia electoral district,
to the southwest comer nf CohlUl-
hia electorial district: thenee
southerly along the eastern bound.
ary of Kaslo ami Vmir electoral
districts to the I1. Ith parallel;
thonce due east along said parallel
to the Kootenay river: thence north
following the Kootenay river to
the mouth of Hull river; thence
following Hull river northerly to
its headwaters; thence northerly
ou a rigid line to the point of coot-
inencenieut. shall constitute one
electoral district, to be designated
■•Cranhrook electorial district."and
shall return one member,
Fernie district. That tract of
land contained within the following
boundaries, viz.:
Commencing at a point in the
Kootenny river where it intersects
the 49th parallel. being the south-
east corner of Cranhrook electoral
district; thence northerly along
the eastern boundary of Craubrook
electoral district to its intersection
with the eastern liouudnry of the
province; thence southeasterly.
following the eastern boundary of
the province to its intersection with
the 49th parallel; thence west along
the 40th parallel to the point of
commencement, shall constitute
one electoral district to lie designated "Fernie electoral district."
and shall return one member.
Coul Output fur June,
The coal output for the month
of .June was as follows: Coal Creek
24,580; Morrissey. 18,124; Michel.
2.S,r>4.'in total of 71,253 tons,
The coke shipped during the
month wits 6,608 tons from Fernie
and 0,057 from Michel, total. 18,288
Tho disposition of the coke was:
Canadian Smelting works. Trail.
a,14fl tons; M. 0. Copper Co.,
Groonwood, 1,902 tons; Gtnnby
company, .iriind Forks. 4,799 tons;
Hall Mines. Nelson, .[ii:! tons;
Montreal A Boston company,
Boundary Falls, 1,771; Northport
smelter. 1,24-i tons.
It is expected that the total coal
shipments for July will be in the
neighborhood of 85,000 tons, aud
the coke tonnage will also lie
largely increased,
At Morrissey 48 of the new coke
ovens ure now in brick, while all
tlie stone work on the whole batch
has been completed, It will be
the first of September lx-fore all
will be ready for work, hot it is
intended to start the ovens up as
fast ns completed, The same will
be done with the new ovens at
Michel, where already sixty are in
brick, and the balance have the
stone work done. At Fernie, for
the first time, all the ovens in the
place were worked during tbo latter
port of tho month, n total of 122.
and these will he run steadily now.
Another Member for British Columbia.
The Dominion parliament, in its
redistribution bill recently passed,
gives another member to British
Columbia, the large Yale-Kootenay:
Cariboo district lieing divided into
two. One, called Kootenay. em.
braces all east of Arrowhead lake
including Nelson and Rossland
The remainder including tlu
Boundary country, lickings to
Yiile-Carilnjo with the exception of
the village of Hope and Yah? which
are tacked on to Westminster district. The act. in a measure*.
relieves the injustice that litis long
been inHicted upou the electors
residing in this immense electoral
conservative nomination for the
Craiilirook district. Tin* Covin
contingent will hnve to keep their
eyes open,
Morrissey  Despatch:  The new
voters'list for this district, which
is now being prepared, shows it
very fair sprinkling of names from
Morrissey Mines. The list is to
he seen on the   door   of   ilie  court
house itt Fernie. the new names being added each day. The new
list for the whole district is increasing very slowuig there being only
about 150 names on up to the time
of writing. Among those who
have registered Michel names op-
poor to bo portieulorly few. there
b dug only a handful of these in the
whole list. Elko is also bookword.
It seems strange that when the
riyistrit on act m ikes i- so simple
to secure the privilege of the
franchise so very mony neglect to
make application. The very free*
nesB and ease with which a name
can U' n'^istenil appears to lesson
its ioiportance to the average man.
By lite present indications Morrissey Mines will make a very cn-dit-
able showing on the new list.
It is mmonxl that Thomas
Whalon, of Fernie, may !*■ the
lalior candidate for that district.
The socialists of (irand Forks
district have nominated John
Riardan as their candidate for the
The Morrissey Despatch says
that Thomas Covin will likely
receive the conservative nomination for Cranbrook.
An independent movement lias
started iit Rossland and 160 voters
hove signed the roll. The lnemlnTS
pledge themselves to support a
candidate independent of either of
tlie old parlies.
The Morrissey Mines Despatch
says tlutt E, C. Smith, appears to
have any strong following and
there is no doubt he would get a
Btrong liheral support from this
constituency. Some doubts exist,
however, as to his willingness to
seek re-election.
J, A. Harvey, the well knowi
barrister of Fort Steele, was in
Craubrook Friday evening to attend the conservative mooting.
Mr. Harvey is not saying much
theso days, but it is pretty well
understood   that he  is after   the
If we had been in charge of the
weather the i«ist month, we would
have furnished a little more sunshine and a little less rain. And,
yet, if this had been the case,
some kicker, as bit: a crank as our-
self, would have bad something to
say against it. so it is just as well
to let Jiui (iill remain in charge as
weather cl-*rk. A newspaper man
hears enough kicks without going
off his regular beat to Hnd them.
The ruins have shown up Cranbrook in all h.-r beauty, and given
the best of reasons why the town
should In- known as "Beautiful
Cranbrook." If any mau. woman
or child will stop and ltjok over the
town and the sur.'oundiiiL's. they
must lx- impressed with tin* magnificent beauty of the scene presented. In the early summer time
Cranbrook puts on her tfarb of
beauty, when tin- gross is green,
the Cottonwood and the tamarack
have come out in new dress, the
pine and fir assume a bright hue,
and the woods an* brilliant with
their tloral growth. Iu the even-
iugtide, its the sun is disappearing
beyond tlie Selkirks. the crimson
■ays bathe the snow capped peaks
)f the Koekies in irridesceut hues,
transforming them into (inures
carved from pure white marble
or delicately tinted alabaster. To
stand on the the fair ground hill to
the west at such a time, ond drink
in the beauty of the whole scene,
is to enjoy a si-^lit that will Im
remembered to one's dying day.
"Beautiful Cnmbrookl" Its name
was an inspiration of the writer
wlu-n there was little more hens
than grand mountains and the
pretty prairie Hat, lieforo progress
and pros|**er.ty had added handsome homes and a thriving business street. Beautiful it was then,
and still more beautiful is it now,
with the handiwork of man combined with the lavish ^ifts of nature.
Beautiful to the eye. beautiful in
sentiment, beautiful to the materialist in the peaceful contentment
and pleasing prosperity it affordBto
all who live within its confines. It
is no wonder that the inhabitants
love the town, and it is not strange
that those who visit the place, have
only solids of praise to sing ofter
they leave. A prettier town, a
letter climate, a more congenial
people, a brighter prospect cannot
lie found iu oil of this glorious
northwest. That is why Cranbrook is growing and that is why
she will continue to prow. Till*.   CUANIHtOOK   HERALD
F.litoi* ana Proiirletor.
Tin lloralJ il«t««ti
ii„i,i.i.   1' >»"1 *-
4,.,l[lt.lll.-..l   .-'.'HI
{[Kellie iterant
iv abuit. >'"'" l
„.,l,.. ..-ii.l ti lo ll.l- "in.
Tlu' niu:. from i Miiiivii iniinuitii*
ill*! till' l.l'lll**- Of ill.' Ic.'l.l 1...lilts,   i
clieerin-i to  tliu  |»-..|.l.* of S.nill
l';.*.l K.i.il.-ieiy.     Tlio  .imi. t   tl
Ih> .mid is %\i\ per tun ot lend, lhe
Iiinil |»-r I.."' is
iii-riiiini-iiu'iil ia lo
jr-uo.ooo, mid ih.
ci-nsi) nftt't Hi'"
.,„„,    Tin' imyim-nt ot tlita Ivamis
----ill-Bill" n-vivnl of tlie IllllllllK
im in tliroiiKl.imUlii'Koot"iiii}'B
;,lilie.*lll.*e   to
r |hia  district, who
I,.,,,. | n |||,-   Mlll.-riTS   I'i'""'   i'"'
.•toning ilown of tlu- uiiueB.  Aslitia
1 n bIiowii in nn oxii-lU-iit i"l''r-
lii-u .villi .1. I., IVkor, iiiiiiii.K*'"'
of llio Nortll Sl.ir mine, which lip-
[,!.,„-*. on th" Hrsl imr" of thiB Ibbi i
ll,;., .,,41,-1- -nl   iii'l   t
The fi.lli.iiin.-' Uitti-riBotiiiti-n-Bt
il ii[iihis.s tho opinions mlviini-
,,1 l,y must el'lh.- It-nil inineri i'i
KiHileniiy. nnd is wrilten to tin
Xelson N. ws Ly Roiiu.il C. Cimi
lilicll-lohiisiin. Iln- wi II kuuwi
Slucan iiiiiiini** i'ii>:iiii<l';
The canso of th" st«iK""l*>°" '■
ihe Kootenny lend Industry "■ «
liimiiiiL'ques!inn IB th" wclfnn- "l
all iis inlinbitnnts is nl stako. i'on
siimiKStnl thnl |.erha|*s lhe 1k.iii.1b
of trndiMind iiowsi-np is un' Imrk
lug up tlw wrong Hi-" in tl"' *■»■'■ *
tiou   of  lhe    |.|-..l.l.-lll.    Wlll'll    lhe.
s.-ek togol ll higlior ti.rill' illllK)B.-d,
l'|.  Iii   lllll Ij   c..ni|iai-isi.iis
liclivi'.-ll lhe   pfulils   llllllll-  Ly   -1"
Aincricait lend tmsl and those t I
lh.. Cnnndiiin BinoltorB have I .-.-n
pul I'urivanl. tlio  lll-tlllll   costfl   nol
hllvillH heell ipiotlll.       'Hi.*    pml'ltH
I* ih.* tniiiBportntiou i-oiiiimiiii'.,
iv niei'iicil witli iln* tn-nlmeiil
rules quoted In ll"' mini' niiiijuei*8
nrelv our llllll is Ihai 111" I'i""1
*'!'.' ruln.-e nur costs iv
r .:*a loworingof tii" turilt
ve lllUSl nsl;
I-I ll" "II   BUp-
ii    in-   then
i-ih.-r turilt
-   lli.niinit.il
iltllli-   tu..IV
y inforiiii.il
I .it ItDVtlllOkB, St'lit.1
industry i
vas! s s
•ins the expenditure nl'
i a section that has the
ti fust of lend properties, hut owing
io the im fortunate conditions of
the lead market has been iptiet for
several years. Mines that are
idle will reopen, mines that hav*
„ lieen doing nothing but pros-
el ami de\el..|ie for the last few
yi'urs, will put mi full forces and
. ommeuce lo ship. The Nortl
Star, lhe St. Rugetie antl the Sullivan will again become scenes of
artivily. ami many minor proper
ties lhat give good promise will
be developed as rapidly as dipt til
ami nun can accomplish the work.
Moyie, Marysville and Kimberley
will lake nu new life, and business
will go ahead liy leaps and bounds
Ami Iln* increase of bushiest
throughout the district will iitttur
idly bring greater prosperity to
Cranbrook, ll is a dawn of tt new
era I'ni* this district, and The
Herald takes the opportunity ot
ct.ngratulating the people on the
gootl times that, are coming, ami
fop which  we   have waited   so long.
Kast Kootenay is all right.
James Dnnstnuir sold 50,000
ncres of timber land on Vancouver
Island Inst week to an American
syndicate for $1,000,000 cash. This
l.iiul was donated to the DmiSUUlir
estate as part of a subsidy given
for the building of the Island rail-
rond.   When-do the people como
Tho editor of the Kernie Free
Press does not believe in printing
political news. The Herald does,
linth papers are privileged to follow their respective courses. The
Ilerald is independent and is not
afraid lo give the news, ns no party
or individual a side from the editor'
is hi a position to dictate its policy.
That makes it easier for The
llentM and better for its readers,
as they have a chance to read the
news. And political gossip is
always good news.
The bonus on lend will undoubtedly cause the Sullivan people t
push   forwiml  the   completion t
their smell.-i* at Marysville.
Smith Kast Kootenny looks good
to   US.
With  the lumber business
creasing,  the   conl output going
ahead, nnd ilie mines opening up.
business will be booming iu South
Kasl Kootenay the next few years,
a wise politician that know
i backers.
This district wants a capable
iiiiii as representative, one who
will know whnt to do as a legislator,
broad minded enough to appreciate
that class distinction is a detriment
and that what is gootl for tlie district as a whole is good for the individual. He must Im* a man who
will connnnnd tho respect nnd con-
lidett if   Ins   fellow  legislators.
else he will be powerless to accomplish any good for the district.
Political parties should nominate
men who can ha elected, nnd when
elected who will be a credit lo the
party Hint, nominated them, tuu\
the district they represent.
imy should produce all lhe lead.
silver, gold ami copper thai slu
i dig out with an unfetteri d
rket in the world for its sale,
one not curtailed by Cmindu's consumption alone.
Professor 11. 0. FtotTmim can
certainly be taken as an uubiused
authority on the costs of lead
metallurgy. Let everyone refer lo
his statements.
First comes the cost of sampling
an ore. Whether done by hand or
an automatic machine, no one cnn
claim that it- costs more than one
dollar ($1) |M-r ton. including the
pro rntil share of management ami
Then comes the calcining of n
sulphide ore. to be fused a 1 the lasl
in the furnace and so give a higher
average in lend and Bilver later in
the slags, or to be drawn when de-
sulplieri-/cd partly and britpietled
for the cupoln furnace. Can nny-
one cavil at $2.50 per Ion as loo
low for roasting by the most approved automatic calciuers; with :
50 cents per ton [added for cos I ..I
hriipiftting   with   lime   ready   foi
smelting?     Curb ties   and   -In
ores do uot require roasting and
I in quetting. Next comes the
smelting costs in a water-jucketcd
furnace, though the improved
Swansea'reverberutory furunce can
be used by a mine with a small
daily output. Is nol $-.1.50 per lou
au ample charge to cover all expenses?
Till now we liuve said nothing ol
the a mount of lend contents ot the
mixture of ore used. Thirty |ier
cent lead is a good average fm* the
charge antl mixture in a custom
smelter. The lend now. as far as
as we have followed it. is in the
state of lend bullion currying the
gold and silver, the slag containing
less loss in lead, silver and gold
than was deducted for this purpose
from the parcel of ore. has been
.lisgarded. The utmost cost ol
desilverisiug a ton of lead bullion
by tne Parkes process can be put
at $12 per ton treated, but n ton
of lead bullion represents ->), tons
of.(() percent lead oivs neglecting'
smelter losses. Therefore refining
charges an a Ion of   ore  are  now
Now summarizing all these costs
we have the extreme cost oi: smelling a ton of HO per cent lend ore hi
Britisli Coliunbin us follows:
Sampling 8 1.00
Calcining sulphide ore 8 2.50
Briquetting same        50
Smelting S l..'iii
Refining S'l.oU
Totalcost 81*2. fo
Now comes the question of what
is a Ifgitnato profit to the smellers.
Then when freight  and  treatment
ar mjointly quoted what are thi
transportation companies getting,
By concentrating ores up to 110
Imt cent lead, our costs are im-
mensi'ly reduced per toil of ore
mined. Our capabilities of competing in the world's market (excluding the United States) with
fair freight rates are apparent to
any thinking man. A Btuleiuent
published before tlitl! 11 toil of lead
here cnn be mined, concentrated,
smelted nnd refilled ill a self-owned
plant, per ton for $80, equal to
alnnit £(J, has not been publicly
disputed, and this leaves tin* silver
nnd gold content*} a clear profit,
Wo all watch the London -,,,'itc
of lead, that iH the world's market
price, plus the cost of freight, to
i,-S   Used.        HOW    11
lead?    lias  uot   th
ivermneul seen tho
■ally than the wron*
Changes tit lhe Post Office.
There nre several changes at the
post ullice. Ml*. McKeii/.ie. the
leputy, will lea\e iii li few Weeks
for Philadelphia to take a course
in dentistry. "Mao" will bemissed
by the patrons of the ollice as he
wiih always accommodating aud
attended sfrietlj to business, Ufa
place will he tilled by Mis- Tnnn-
linn .'I' of Kort Steele, who hasl
iiad several years ex|H»rieuce in j
pus! ollice work, ami is thoruuglll)
c impotent in even way. M is-
tlougeon the assistant, resigned
this week, nnd Iht ph.ee has bee,,
lake,, bj Mh,- Ward. This will
give ihe ollice a competent forei
and ulthough two good people go
IWll imnv ell'leiellt ones    take   theit
luce.      Mr.   Beattie   believes  ii
■ epiug up   the slnudiml of tin
ut UtU, aw.*)
mi uu- potior
in ui-- luiurr-i <>i tti.-Miift.--i n«U
l„. „oi.-i*'.ii!> mil  ilTol ut nil
,..l,-,......ein.-.'U-l ilu- auil.iiltm.-il
i i.i,. iiro-flucu iu l.ti'l li-'wn iii Oi"
 li-l tin tot....i-i*. is:"-. wllltlll li »■*
i-ivai.i null.' iiins.iiiiti.nl i>r trails
l,.. -.lll.l.-. ,-|..,.*-il pttl'llillis ut the 1*1*-
li>- t'lni'liti-' nt provincial trunk tu.nl-.
i .ti-- Miii-i)'.-,"-.ut government own*
ii iv i - iii i,i Iur .1-. iiii-i'l..'iim»":iii-1>
,-, ew.l1 nliMl.iui.lim- ;i.i..iia..ti ..r
I,.,,) it ii.i i i-. -tHiui-l l>'i;r..titi-il tt>
, ...:n|.ui\ it In-li iln-*. not ui.e tin*
im.- an.l until Uf nil!
.iv.sietl. giving Ireedwi
lllllll     l-.'llillll   .l(.|.|,.H'-l
ii tlio avail-Ill Hi--- lias tr-
- i.miv.n .-..iistin-'l	
Timber Notice
Notice b hereby itvoo thai thirty dtiymit-
"Ur Jiili'1 illti'inl lo upply  I.i lli.-t'lii.-t Viitii
inisnii)iierol I.iiihIh ntnl W.nkn ul   Vi -Iuriti
tor a H|n*i*iiii Ileum to cut and entry awajl
Umber Iron tho following de-scribed laml*. in
tit«> northeast ot Uarytvllle, ia Booth Bail
Cuntiii'ii' im; ni ii |,..-t planted abnnl tin
■ ImiiiH   fr.nii   tlu- ntirllivvftit .'..rinf  nf  l.oi
2949, Group um., thenco north 4n chains,
theNco oeot  itiu chain*, then» eooth -W
i-tiuiiiM, tin tui> 1'itMt   UIU rliuiim tn placo ol
.. Illl III.-IH,-Ult'l.t
Dated nt Mai\--viil.'. June 5th, 1003,
lil s.s. Uanohan, l-itcator,
Land Notice
Criobrook loi_t, No. J4
A. F. k A. M.
Rrgutar mettlnp »» l|"'
tliinl   llmrMlay ul UlO
liu lllll.
visiuugiir iiuiii welcomed,
M. A. BltALl, Seo'jr,
OFICR llorR*^:
u itt ia it tn.
i ii) i; p. in.
1 lo 8 |i  tu-
,11 lllll
rutliiu mul ttiai Hi.'i's
iteiieritl nroscrniUiin "i
mi hid w.utefnl ilualrnt
Killed on tlie Track.
I'hillips.     H    tailor
know.I about .Macleod and Lotli-
liri.l.'e. and for a short time tin
employe of MeSw.-yu & tirilKth,
in this town, was struck by the
wesi bound passenger lust Friday
forenoon near Uyan. and badly
injured. lie wns lying on the
grade with his bond aud nrms on
lhe rail and apparently fast asleep.
I hie arm was badly mangled and
the skull crushed, ' lb* was taken
wesl until the east bound train
was met. ami then brouglil to St,
l-higene hospital.   There was little
na t.-i.ii boiler icrim 'a tho way
;i|iiu'.i|.ii.iii.as for llio provinco
naily i-ri'-s.-.l ii|i-iiilln- liiuiiiiiii.il
tit siiv.'ili'ail liiiliislil.-si.fUii' ('in
l.-n-.l .nui n ii--.nr.iui'il l>y tin- lai|ui'-l-
ivum'.I oiitl H   tii les mi li-ail mul
utu |liUHirii-.l Int.. Ciiui'lii, ami Unit
na lu* ini'talitiis nf tlm Im nlnnni
I'U'i'il to Mi|.|n.il any ainlluii liiti'iHliiu
■si mil
ilsiiiiti-t alainst Inviii'l
ml ininiy t-tii to thf
•il ami tn ilu- intbtte, 104-
1 in iHiiuili- iii.'an- tor
ii ot mum illipiiies be*
Noi'i'i- |e iiri-ii.i niven tlmt 00 days after
ilutt-1 im.-ml i„ npply |o Ihe chlel commie
fioiu-r ol LiuhIh iiml worke lor |iermln*'un to
purt'haea tin-  followlaii d**ecribe«l  laml in
Smilli KtlKl Knot, ll ll:
r.iiuiiH'iii'iiiK at a iHiat   ptnntihl at tin- .
 bweHte-merutl.nl. N0.8HTI, Or  I, (i. ||. THOMPSON
theilC li Illi liuiiiH. tla-no-wt-hl lOiliaiiih i
lionco  wm tii   io ilitiii.it,   il wonel  40
ImiiiH u> |iiin'i- u| 1,,'niniiiiin. coulnltiloti 100
Why you should buy
Because It is tl>. ____»] quality
Because it I. the .n..**.. in.ii..*, ch.w
Because »i» ih. Imimi Wjii *!'«i'e
14, III  ...4*  | ill*.
BeCail5e III. l.ii>s ai,- valui,l,'e   f„f
|t,t*iiiliiins unlil Jaa. I, IVm
Because »« intnuilf. ev«r> pluK
Because rout .i.-i.i.-. i-. :.im...r.j.-.i io
llarrislcr, Sulicilor,
,  , ,41.1.4
oil, Juno III.. 111011,
TII44H    M,4),,44k.
Timber Notice
.1.4.4    I
ll,,'   144.111.
TiiltonottD. .im. llil.ty.lnya ...
I li,...|.|,i.vi„ii...rin.'i.........
i.uii.Ik ami  Work*, nt vii*..iiii -
i,,-4'i4M4-,,. cut iiiiiI t-arry .....i.v in
Ilia fullo.Ins ilea.rllnii lunda <
4.4-1 olHaryaviilaIn« I. Eual K....t.-i.u.r
.'uiiiiii.'iii-iti-i a. il,,- aontliwi-al cornor c
1.4,1 9948, Qrni.p olio, lli.'ii.'f i..-*.! 80 cbuln
tl mil-lit80clinlna lli.-t..-. al 80 il.niti
.Iiiii.-.. hoiiiIi SOcltnlna t>. [.in..- ..I i-.itiitii.-in-.
i.iii.ii ni Miir.iaviii,'. iinn'.ml. mnn,
111 Mlir.lHVill,. l.lllllll.Tt'll . I.I I ,   414,1-11.44
.lie maiiufao*
.4nii'i, ...tl..'lii-m 4-within
,,s |ir.ti-ll4-;ili... I'l  ll.|.:4iis ot
iill i.nv liroiluclB. Slllij".,!  1.1
iii ..inili- in- |mrl ivliciinitintl*
If El
dm r.
postponed pending
mnni n;
in luve
Cunatla's [tnmigraltun.
The iimuigrntioii returns for the
yetir ending Juno JlOtll last shows
l^t.li'i'i arrivals, a marvelous
growth, being 57.270 over last
Uy    nationalities     lhe    niTivjil*
i'niti.l Stales 1,1,080
British isles 11,281
Coiitinentnl liurope Bl.ttttt
The hoiueslend entries for the
yenr were 1*1],illo, nu increase ovei
last year of |(1,710, In 1811(1 till
entries were 1,857.
1 lil,-i'lill">if tllO PXO'HlfVQ Of UlO ri'.ivilli'llll
fiv.ilio' A-siu-iati.. i. li -1.1 ai \ atu'iiivcr, tlie
i- m:i-.I v..l.'.liiil..livi- .llUsltnis tin* nr-
'at na tiliri'Uit-r Iln- Kmit-iiiiy-llimiiiliiry
imi i, tnaili- niiur tlu' rnlliwiilK I'Mvlncllll
im ilMi'ir!-.- i:i-ii>lsioki',e.'liuiilila, l-'ernlc
iln-,i..I; \niir. Hasl'i. Sni'iiii, liranil Knrkn,
iim-1,1, ih.'tiiviil ll.issi.ii.laiilllii'i'ity nt
,.ii.   Al llii! sain.- inert nit- Uil- f.illi.wla«  ru-
nn al ills rii-ts, iiiii'drli'Katct. r
n-a ni nf ll:v vi>.t*s 1'nilel al
■iinn in i.i in' iik. i, ami It Uie
. withl-.tli ■|ii'ii|iiii*U.'ii»f ill-it'-
nl sh;i!l In- liasL'l »n llu-| vote
nlnt Ha' liiet tininli'liml ileu*
iitiiml il slrk-U, nao ilolojiito
Hu, ii.,n nl liilj viiirs I'.iil-'.l at
clli n ln-til in inn, tin'ileli'pl't'n
tn iiollliiu , lui't's. or ns i.i'iir
imr In Iln.' viiti-i'sof tlie il.Hor*
tif ileteantos simll lii» ftt piibttc
aili'Miiiiatt'ili-fntiiil |»iii!it III
I hi. nr 11 i ath wur.l  111 i-lty
s ir tin- city ia iitvitk-ii min
I iii.ll - iin'i'tiiiKs only those win.
s l i v.ite lor tliu 1'jHl liilllle or
i .a tho nominating aouveutloii
nil' t 1
ling rniuotitfo
111  Still |S1   MI-
< ilny
l sure in in-cWt.il.
n -.1 mil lie lii'il In
ivsarti'i* the ilay
i-lri-ii'i. anil In nlliei- el
!a -ulli'i'.   Atlaoiilnallonti
nii'i'til uitoi.t a .leiilg.
ae.i-lii'le (.iraltlistrlcl.ttiiil
, ..r ihe ii.iti-nf nuWo nipetliig!
■ Ilie t-:i'-_'t n.i ..f ili'li-j-itlu-i in I, iinnialln.' eiin
iiiiii. s, lit,- aj>iioil.uiilil lit nf ileli'j-attfi. am
-liar-anil <1ot«* nl inniiiiiallii: fiiiufiiUnu-
sr\.-|*ali'l'l.:iP|'iil fllSlrlUti slltlll   lit'   lll'l'lltlll'il
Hi" liit."l'..r .h-.-\ei'i|il\eiir Uie iliusii.ii
ulilfli IhiM-leetiiritlillstilelH are slltiati', ami
iin.1. vtn-1.ii> iiaineinf president ami sucre*
.-.Iti i.il Cunsei",alive Assuo'Htloil,
Timber Notic:
Notiee in hereby given tlmt llilrly i1hj*b utter dnte I luteud to opfily to UioCliti ll'om-
nitmlonerof l.mnlf nml Wuiks at Vlelorio.
lor n HiiiK'lnl lifi'iiMit tn tut   and  iiirry hwii.v
timber from ibo lollowtng deeerilmd liu.ds,
ttuttte in s.iuili Kant Kootenny:
Commouolng ut npoM |duntnl i>> t h. nonth*
lOBtrornorot Lot 424 In group one; Ihenee
eoutb DO cbottie nloug the weet line of lot
125)   group   one;   ihenee   H*c*)t   80  ili.tins,
thence north ho ehatna to m.i.) lot -i-Jl,
tbencecnit BOcliatuecloiig tlieeonth lino o[
lot i*-' t ti) tbe place ol begluning.
Dated 1.1th, June, 1003,
14 Thomne Young.
Notary  Public.
Sulkllor for ihe Imperial Henk ol Caioda
Ilu-Ciiliiuial InH'ntim-ni and l.oao Company
CraiiliHMik, It. C.
and Builder  *>
All work fiariRlecd.   See nt belore
you builJ.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
Tuke notiee tlmt t\xty ilnys n'ter dote I intend to upply to His Honor, (tie Moutenant
Governor in L'ounpjl, under wet ion 7 of i In.
"llivem nnilStrenillH Aft, IMiil," f l-'l nml
17, totli'iiti obstntellotiH, lunMera, log jamn,
niiauf. etc., ttoni lhe lie.) ami lianks uf
M.-iiil.nv creek, ensl Kootenny, Irom iin
Bonrce to moitlli, uml to niuke Biii'liollntr
tiuproveinenleuH mny 1»' ueeceenry tor llio
dilviugothige; lo construct aurting Imnrne
at itn moiilli: ulso to collect tollmifl I lit- judge
ol the county court mny t\%.
Crnnbrook, S K. Kootouay, Mn.v HO, tana.
11 (1,(1. KINti.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C.
Fruit = Vegetables
ni'li   Kiwi    K....L*
- [or n iiml I.r.
in   Hi.
New Brewery.
Tii.1 Grows  X.-iii   I'iisr liri'ivi-i.v
il .M"i-!-issi'.v iii now i-cnily I'lirl.iisi-
Mi"iS. Illl,]  l\i||    !„,i»||    ll.-IVi'    ils    [ll'C-
tlui'l on Hit' iniii-ki't, Tlu- lu'i'wi'i.v
ling ;i i':i|i;nii.v uf illl lini-ri'ls n ilny,
mul jiiil(,'ini. Ii.iii. llio lirsl l.i-.-t
tiii'ii..il out, whicli is never lis gootl
,i, lliiil wlik-li follows, tlm new
lir.'ivci-.v is i'.|iii|i|K*.l I., givo iln-
lieer ili'iiikiii|> |iulilii. n lii'st-i-lnss
iii-tiele, The men in i-hiii-ge
llinn.ui.'lily iinilersliinil Ilieil- liusi-
>f Hi
lll.l Will   sunn   llllllll!
hie iiiiiii-ession liy tin
il' Ill-mill. I.
in y u
A iii'i'-.in.iirtli ■ |,n., ii.'iiil t-\i'i'titlv*.*iill 1)0
i-i] ;.t V;,- ,<i,:i,i-i „nlnn a illi, anil Ilu*'lain
il In.l. I inilMn. 1 iinaii;:atiii.: 4,4iivi-iili.nl-. will
lli'tl In-Ill.'.I. .InllN U-.l-slttN.
I ri-slil-iit ..nil.- I'niiIn.'liil
t-.iiis-ivaihi* AaSDcllltlotl.
4*1-1,011, .llllto Bill, 1MB.
I!   Of.    .-OI.MUII.J itil'.l.        Hi  IV
milch of tin. iliir.'ivn,',' hetmeii
onr foals mill tit.- sellliiR pi-iee is In
he given its tliviileutls lo Iln- filini'e.
hi.l.lils in ..lit' mill.:.. in..I how
li.     Ihr     Ii'iini'iwiliilii ii
l-'i-.im III-I'  I'l-  ia,
MissC'iii-lei-of Crauhrook wns the
IIiichI of Miss  M.-..-.1 1.1, of lhe
h.,H|iiliil, litis week, Slm lefl on
Thui'stlny eveuillg for New lll'lllls-
Mr. A,  V.  I,„i,m of Frank k
in llii.  eelehi-ntloi Weilneiiilny.
Mr, Ijimg ri-|i..rls lliings lire lioom-
iit'-r  in   l''l'llllk.    lh'  s.iys  tlllll   iu
in., n ihs iln- lown will I..- ns
■rooil iis over,
Mrs, riiivnsseurof Pineher Creek
was in l-Vruio thia week, the guesl
of lhe Alherla hotel Mrs. LnviiB.
s-iii-   s|ii-iit   the   winlt'i'    in   Ni-w
llr iwiek Inil after being ao niiiiiy
years ill llic wesl she does nol care
for the .'.'isl nnil lins ileciileil to
inula- hei- homo nl   Plnclmr Creek.
l-'ni- some linie past the New Ox-
1,-y Ranch company have boon con-
templiilliig Iho s;ile of their large
r.in.-liing iiileresls In Southern Al-
li.'il.'i. This week they I'liiupletetl
the ileal l.y which \V. 11. Hull of
Calgary iir.piires the properly mill
stuck, HV iiiiilerstnuil the pur-
chase price iiinoiiiitnil to Ilie lilinil-
si.iiii* sum nl'S:! lll.l It 10.
Timbtr Notic.4
Tuko nolle, tiiut tlilrt *• illl J. tifti-r ilalo 1
Itltettd I.i .'['i-l.i 1*. II... I'lili.l Contntiaalaucr
..I lun,]. nml iviii'k*, tin- apcolal lltwiao to cut
ntnl ,'tin.v airny ttnilwr Inuu tlio lnlliMiitiu
■loicHbeii laittla:
I'liiinin'iii'lng ut n iii.hI nit Hi,* .iiii-l lit*,).!
i*,,rii,.puf Kiin*. l-'.4>U--44 iii.'-i'iii|j|i..ii No .-Un
thence cual tin i-lutiiiN to Hi,- wcbI i l.i.iin.l
111')' of lul l.'.ll *, u'".l|' 1. li. I)., thenco Him.Ii
80nli.in.to lot 077. |iro..|....inlliencemwl
IT.-liiiin-i iti llrlllah L'oln-nlili. s., itln-i-ii right
I nu.v, Ihenca .ii.rtliHi.li-t'l.** ntottg aalil
ritiiitiil nny lo |)lii.*.. ..I bcitiiltliiB, cotitiiln.
Ins ant) in ivh mora ,.t-1.'...
Di.le.Uuue IIHliil, 11)03.
14 William ll.lliillllli.
# ttitocB, ijrt'i'u jn'tis, beans,     #
w      otc,    Pino   t'rcsli   fruit.     »
# A Pine Line of Glassware S
Armstrong Aromto ♦
nil' nol MtUfli it
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   Alt kinds
of repairing.   Qivc mc a call.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,   U'tir,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
I have a tint' assortment
alwnystin llllllll. New _».»-
ttitoes, green pens, liet.ns,
otc,    Fine   fresh   fruit.
i Arms
Por Sale.
iln   resilience  o
ii    llaker
ill. fiirn
UTS.    ,\
111-43     llllll      Wflli'l
Pin. i..ii. \v.r
*    ClUIVl'tl-
iiluioru. 7
Headquarters for Clothing for
Prices Were Never So Low
Nolii'.. in lirrib.v ifivi-iiihnt Hire tnnn I Iin tit-
I- I* ll.i'ili.li- In Ifiil Hit ii|.i.liin1:iiliHilllii'lll:.ili'
i.'iln- i.i.ui.niiiii (li viiniii* ut Vlntorioto
i-liiHifji. Un-1 iiiiii- ultlii' I.nunc l.uiiilii'i' ('mil-
imiiy, Limit..1. to "Si. Wars'* K.verLumber
t'liini'iui.v, l.iinitiil."
Dtlli'iliil O.iiilMink, 11. ('-, tliiit-ltliil.iy ul
July, 10118.
W. !•'. au ||D,
Hi Rjlieilor for tlio Ap|ilioanla.
Timber Notice
T.ikf noliii'llniL thirty ihljH utter ilnl • 1
title it to n|i|'l.v to thi< Cliiff ColliidIshU'Iii r
ol I.iiihIh mul VViirku lit Vlctorln fnr 11 licpllW)
torut uiul I'liuy uwuy timber (nun llio lot*
lowinglii'Hiiil.i'.l lundfi;
Cotfimcni'ing ut n pout ptiuiteil on tlm
minttii'tiHt rorner ot tut -ui, urotip one,
tlu'iii.'imrtli ill) I'liuitiH along Ibo east lltio
of huIiI lot434, tlit'iiivHiHt KiitiniiiH to Hie
HotitliciiHt cornor nr VV, Ciirliii'H timber
iiiviifte, tbi'iii'i' niH'tli 40 iliaiiiN, (bonce Ptwl
■Ul timiiiH. tliHtico Hoiitti tun rlniiiiH io tbe
nmtli liuoolaatd lot 435, tlionco went along
mtiil iiorili line of tnl. 425, flighty flluthw Id
ilm place of begitiuing, conlaltiitig 0J0 ticron
more of lew. i
DuleOtliin IStli.oIJiinoil)(lil,
14 Mitltlieiv Ilnvkenrtilge.
Timber Notic:
lliirty iltiyHiifli'riiny I intciiil to npply lo
tin'CMef Ootmntuluticr of Laiiila ntnl WyrkH
Inr ii Hpi-i-iiii lii'i'iiHn to cut ami curry away
liiulii'r from tlio following ilcHcribeil Iiiii.Ih iu
Smith Buht Kootenny;
('i)iiiiiii-iii'iug nt a ikii-I pliinti'il on Ibe nest
mile of tbe frown Meet Puna railway rigbi ut
way oppoalto mileage970,about two mllcM
went ol Ittick creek in Kuhi. Kootenny, lliMice
ivi'Hi Nt) nbaitiBi ttiini'e hoiiiIi hi) chnlns,
tlieneo east Ht) clmlni, tUeneonorlb hu cbatus
to lhe plute of lii-niiming, rontuiiiing (ill)
acroa more or less,
Datolat Cranbrook, 25th, ol June lflflfl,
15 rimili-H Lunbrry,
Timber Notice.
Notice la hereby given tlmt thirty tlnya
lifter date I Ititi-ud lu upply to the tiii.i
I'mniiiit-Hintier of IiiihIh an.l work* for per*
iiiiHi-ioii incut ami carry uwuy tlmlior Irom
the fnllnwinir ili'Hii ihiil IuiiiIh:
-Tommi'ticlng nt u poal |itant«l neur tin*
N.i.i h Kust .comer ol hu l»*J llienno wist IU
chuiiiH, thence imrlli lllll chaii n, MiOHi'O rnat
40 clmiiiH, thi-iire miiiiIi ino chuiiiH to the
plnce nl inlil nii'lii'i'tiii'iil.
Diilcl lliiH'.'ii.l.lny nl.liil.v, mon,
,1. W.  Ittililimni.
If *************A****9*****Jf.
I  John Hllenberg,
J  Pioneer in the business and
* his work always ranks with
Ji the best. Call and see him.
J Repairing; boots ol all descrip-
* tiops, (rom a cork sole to a
S lady's finest slipper.
J. H. K1NQ
Physician and Surgeon.
Ofllee at Residence. Araltroaf Ave.
Fort.o.0,.   ....   «:10 I. II
Alte.noons   ■   •   ■   •   1:30 lo 3:3*
Evening    ....    7.J0 to »:J0
CRA!* BROOK,    :   :   :    t      :    E. C
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention
Richard Stewart
Notice in In reliy iii v. n Unit I, M. |*. Atiiiu.
liiu, Intend iiiljiiii llic linie |ii"-cijhi>d by h w
In npplv i<) I bu Chief Coinmisi«loiior of Lnnitp
ami iVoek-i of tlm Provinco of Hiiii.-ti Colum-
liiu for a lic.-iiHc I n [ii'iiMpci't for coal uud pi'i-
i ml. uiu on i in- full living deaci'Ibotl Inudai
Itcgtii Ingnl u plat mnrkoil M, E, Anna*
hli-'it luilinl SoiiUuii-t 1'okI, Coul ami Pu-
t-iolnittn I'itUuii then w 80 t'litiiiMenut, tlienno
hu ehuins niiii'i, ilif.'iii'i. ho chains went,
thi'iio-SO .-lmiiin MHilli Id p.tut nf I'limmeiie-
ini;: sttiiul • 15 miles Irom Pitgoprook ami ml-
i ..-i.i to I). I>. KiiiVruinrlli.-iiHU er,
M, K. ANNAHM'., l.neat-or,
Dii'ed June Uth, iiiti;i lo
Land Notice
Notice Ih lu re niven Unit nitty ilnys ull.i
dale 1 inl 1 to Upply to  lhi> thief i-otlimiH
Hioner of (inds nmi works for permission lo
purchiiHc llic following ilcHcrihi-il IuiiiIh iu
Sunth KiihI Koiiti'ililj:
Commenting ul u post marked "II. Morrison's northeast corner" planted nt the
northwest corner ol V, Lund b pitrchnso at
Ruck creek, I hence weat HO chains, llienie
aoulli .'U chains to Iho northwest curuer of
Lot IH, group one, Knot nay (Hal Hot, llience
eust 81) tliniiiH theuce north Nl) clinins to
ibe placo of beginning, cotitutnlng 040 m-rca
more or leaa.
Dated the 25 li, ilny of Juno 100,1.
15 11, Morrison.
Notice in hi rehy given  thut I, James Ales*
audi'rCi.-idi'iuiun, intend within tbo time pre-
icribed by law to upply lo the Chief Commts-
ilonor ol Landa ntnl Works of tlie Province
of British Coliiuiliin for n license to pros|iect
furii ul uiul pe|roll.mn upou thelaudahere*
inalltir tlcbi'iilicil;
Co in mi lieing nt a, post marked J. A, Cry.
ileriutiii'H N'nilluviml Coin- r Post; tlieuce 8(1
chtiiliH Miiilli, tlnmcc HI) clmiliH eust, tlieuce
NOchniim north, thence HI) ebnillB west 1
poet uf i!oinii)iiiiL'i-tui'iit;i-l mile 15 milct. fiimi
in.ml li of Huge i reek udj iceltt 11> IV I'. KtuicV
mn I licitiit corner.
J.A.CUYIlI'MtMAN, l.ocnl.i
Diilud .Inuu iuh. 1110-.I, 10
Undertaking And
Qraduate of Chautplou college of  U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
lit-iu Canadian Bank of Commerce, Craubrook, B. C.
llpholBlcrinn aad Oeaeral Puralture Repalrlag
Will attend to any work In the district
Agent for Ihe Rrioiloo Marble aid Granite
Woika.   Tombstones, Headatonca etc
Land Notice
Notico  In  tiei'cliy given th nt hiit-y   days
alter tluto I intend to apply to the chief com -
rolsaloncr of landa nml works for peimiHHinn
in  purt'llllBO tin- following ilcucrihed   IiiiiiIm
in Snutli Kut-i Kootonay:
Commencing at a punt marked "-John
AnderBou's nnrllicast corner" plaiii.il one
mite ensl ol the northeast corner ot Lot. .Uh,
in group niu' Koolenay dtatilct, theme wist
BOcbatua to Hui.i Lot HI8, ii •<• aouth
along (he ca 1 limit ot r-lljil t.ot. ;iih, ho
chains; llieucoMit.1 hu elinitiH to the snutli.
wesl   corner  of  Wi I,    Dnt'liliK's piir-huse,
thenee north HOfhalualu the plnce nl lipgtii.
ning. contnluing040 ttcrca more or leas,
llnteil llio itntb, Of illlltO 1000.
|."l .lllllll  Alllll'tMlll.
Land Notice
Notice is hereby   given lhat nIxI.v du
after dato, 1 Intend to apply to I ho chlel
commissioner nt 1,-mi.Ih ami wnikn (or per*
mifhioit lo puichat-e the fnllowlng ilenciihcil
hunt-, ia Snutli Kuat Kootonay:
Commoucing ut a pnst, marked "A,
Oourtey'anortheffstcorner" plantid at the
bou lli west enrner of W. I,, Darling's purchase
at Itock creek, tlit'licewe-it. HO chains  to lhe
to the ensl   Until of Lot 'MH group one,
Kootenuy district; tlieneo south HO ehulus,
theme east HO chaiiH, llieticit north HO I
the place of beginning, containing (140 acre
more or less,
Dated tho 25th, day cf.Tunc 1(108,
15 A. (loiiiley.
Land Notice
Notico is lierehy given Unit «lsty days
afterdate, 1 will apply to Uiu chief coinniit-t
alonur ollanda and works for permission In
piirchnse lhe foltonlng described lumis iu
Smith Lust Kooh nay
Commencing nt a post marked John Hill'**
southeast corner planted at K. Camptiell's
southwest corner, mid one mile north ol the
iioi'thcnst cornel* ol l.ut 'MH, group one,
Kootenuy district, ihenee north 80 th ins,
thence west HO ehuins, Ihein-n south 80
chains, thltieuftisl 80 oIiiiIiib to tlm place of
beginning, coiituti-lng U-lo uciea inure or
C. Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It id the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
I.UlF.1 Ill's'.'Mil.'ll,  nl .1,111,. Illll.'l.
li Juliu lllll.
St. Paul, Diiluth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
Tlir,iii-;li I'liliu-o anil Totirbt Hlcaitera
Dinliit,' an.l lliifl*.! Htiiiikliig Library t'ur.
For Utiles. l-i-Mem anil l-'ull llltluritia Ion
cull tin or uu.trQ.fl,
H. T. LANDECK, Agent,
Q. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. THE  i r.ANl.KDOK   HERALD
.•«##♦**».**»*»♦*•» !**♦♦«*>♦♦♦ «■»*«******#***********«•*♦*_
i *
August Number .lust Received.   Also
Call anil lie) One.
* Soap Coinage >
In parts of Mexico bars 44I' s..,i|) ni-4' usi-il iis li.-j.il currency. ^T
K.ir tlllll purpose il will novi.t l»- popular l.t't'i' liiil as n neces. I"
sary adjunct to cleanliness it will always have its pliu
Five Bars for 25 Cents
Nice assortment t>f l).*st toilets.
Fancy and Staple Grocery Store,
Cranbrook, B. C.
w,* <>
I Cosmopolitan Hotel|
Cranbrook, B. C.
J. R. Downes, Proprietor
Firstclass House, Centrally Situated <$
1 Commodious, Well Lighted Sample 1
Rooms *
• •>•••■••••• *»*»•*♦ • • • ♦♦
Get that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The goods wilt suit win
The uut will suit yuu
The making will suit you
The price w ill suit you
Manufacturer ot
Tents, Awnings and Mattresses
Upholstering and Qeneral Repairing ot Furniture
Leave Orders at Sage's Second-Hand Store
,<>♦■»■»♦♦»♦■►-»-•-»♦♦■»"»♦■»*>->♦■ »■»-*» ♦♦>♦ »*»-»*^^-**-4*>^-'»■»♦■•»■••>■♦♦■»-♦♦-■*>-*»-^Q
Though our line Parlor
Furniture has not yet ar
rived we h&V-i some spec"
lal values in
Hardwood Bedsr
Iron Beds,
Chairs and
The Macconnell
Furniture Co.,
Armstrong;  Ave.
Picked Up About the Cily  by Asking
Question, of Many  People.
Mrs. Donahue relumed In t'itl-
(jiuy Insl Sun,l,*i\.
Minn Lt-.\i«> ,Mi-l<!,-n-lit-!'ii is visil
ing friends in Lclhbridge,
Rev. Anvnclio mul sun Fred 1,-t
Siitunlny tor n trip to llio const.
The Central Lnla.i- Dillon hold n
Inrgo mooting lust Siitunlny ni-url't.
Engiiioor Bimioy has gum- to
Sii-tlni* for ii low weeks with it work
The Cnniuliilii Bank of C'om-
iiiorco will erect n I'l'iiin.. Imilding
tt tin- new town ol Morrissey
Mr. nntl Mrs, Mnusllold, of
Mnrysvillo, woro Crnnbrook visitors
Mrs. .Ttiluis Sclimitll. of Virdon,
.Mint., is visiting hor sinter. Mrs,
Miss Aiinii- Mni'Lt'iiii. of Leth-
bridge, is tho gui'sl of Mrs. Fortune
this weok.
Tin- tri'stlt's on the prairio just
ist of town   nre being filled  in
for snfoty.
Mr..in.l Mrs. CM. Honrcttn, of
Cnlgnry, were Crnnbrook visitors
lust Snturdnv,
W.-.lii r Edwards und Ernie .lohn McLean, ono of th.. l.-i
Browuli-fl for Calgary Saturday j known residents ..f South East
to attend to some business tor the tCooteuay, enuie up from .liitfruy
11. of It. K.'-.ti'l II. of L. !'. 1-ist n,*,'k I..t* ;t few days .-a.*nti..ii
C, \  Watkiiis,of the Caiiadian "Mac" has" '"' ", w,*ii,1b i!|l"n'-
lin.ik and they .-ir.- always glatl  to
-.-■I- him.
...... .i-
Itiink nf Commence Btaff, has l..-.-n
confined in the hospital for the
past thr'-- weeks by illness,
Wanted   Mill hands and  bush-
Bealcn by Their Sin* I.
in.-1,   Highest vrngt-s paid to good     Tin* N".*]s ,n  N'.-ws speaking "I
men.    WutLbnrg Saw Mills, mu* the   ,!ri 11in■_;  contest   iu lli.il town
ill ■ cast of Shod-,, ,-i Btation,
Mr- A. Leitch left for Oak Luke
Insl «*,-,-k. has ihis to Bay;
Tlie first even! was nn open on,
Man., lasl    Fridny,   having  heen for idl i-oiners double drill, fifteen
i-rdled there by the B.ckucss of her minuk-s. $300 for first, and S5U fo;
ihnmhter, Miss Lou Leitch, """'"'■
s;Tliiv.-   I.,mis  entered and  the    [J
• LONDON, ENG.                           Liailltd tt
«. ! .  J J
j; Ihis company offers for sale several parcels of the choicest J t
;; PARniNO, uRAZINu and TIMBER LANDS in the Valley of jt
if the-Kouteuay.   j.  Adjacent to RAIL and WATER TRANS- [j
; J PORTAT10N.   j»   liood Local Markets.   v4    Easy Terms. »',
',',   For All Particulars and Intormation Apply to j j
::     T. Q. PROCTOR. Tlanager,     jj
;{ V. HYDE BAKER, Cranbrook Agent. NELSON   15. C.  *♦
'••*■••*>••••••*•••*•*••*•••+*•••••••+•••*>••**•* + •*+• +
ia>*> * »*>">"> ••*■•■■*.■'>■*■■■>, 4.4.*4.TttltTttttTtt,tttttttt<< 9ta
Sny   iii-iuliUtiir  Imvu  you  irii*d
lirsl tn   -ji-t   t.i   wm!,   wc
"v "'   "''■"   -'"If*""1   "'""'  lr"IM   Muni It I
\   Mitlillivtny ..I    jjK' „ |„,iti,.„.
■It. the Hood ul.l Su
I in.l be uilh.iii  mt
■ & Siddo
Iln- I liu.n .lit,-k iiiiii,-. Vniir. Mai       ,$' l> i."   .     /-» » .....    ... ■ j**-
i ,,ai.i is  ,i i [.,„, ii _} Beattie s Cream of Witch Hazel §
T WVllmim's stable of horses is inches, and  powerfully  Imill  und    _f Ri'iniinililj-« I for relieving and healing BUiiburn.  Splendid ~
clenniiig   up  everythiiig   on   the lie delighted lit" i-n.».l  uiih il..-'   ■&' [''."' fninyiin; lau and freckles.  S |i,.s and relieves moaipiito _\
,„„sl.    Las. week l.e took  all  the workman like wny l.edid liis share    •#   "Il'd, , Tl '"'/'"'V1'"'/"-'     '■ ftU'iisntid » thos «
,    , , c   ...        ii*        ,*.i    i-i,-       m     i :  ^L '"'-'' I'-'1'1""'-  "ten ,lry. harsh Bi»ts; adds in restoring BE
leading races nl Scuttle and  \un. of tho dnllmg.    I hunges were|  # th lor to faded chocks tuul when used nro.K-rlv is very ben. af
0 t.ficiid in clearing the skin of i.imples ami l.lackii. ads. ' Price «.
mu 25 cents iK.r bottle at
Kiank McClibt', tin-   ffi
Kast   Kimiriiiiy   ptuneer,   was
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the       |1
None Better In the District
Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served In any style irom 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for cleanliness and comfort and thc bar is supplied with the best brands
of liquors and clears. £"j
L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        - *
Areliie Li'iti-li nntl sister, Miss
Jessie Leitch, have gone to Cnlgu-
ry for the Etiir,
S, V. Murlry returned Sunilny
from a prolonged visit with friends
iii tho const,
J. Mc my,'vn lift Siitunlny for
Cnlgnry   to  nttend   the fair nnd
visit friends,
11. T, Ceperley of Vnncouor, thc
well known iusurnucc ngent, vrns in
town Sntuitlny,
Miss Pettet nnd Miss Cousins
visited Kt. Steele Junction Sntur-
dny niu! Sundny.
Thc Missrs Cnrtwrighl took thc
scliool   tenchers'   examination   nl
Nelson lust week,
li, Mnrshnll.n brother .-I' .Mrs.
V. II. Ikker, nrrivwl from ling.
land Insl week.
Por Sale A talking parrot,
tnquire of Mrs, VV. li, bntinslmry,
or Tisdnle'B store.
C, .\l. I'llhv.tr,Is returned Inst
week from n pro] mged visit with
relntivcs in Englnnd,
Mnurice Nevin iu tho now lelo-
grapli tnessengor nl tin- ('. I', 1{.
depot, tuul liu makes n good mn1,
Fur good vjiltti1 in Hour, oatmeal,
brim, Shorts, chopped hnrley nml
nuts go tu       Lanrio iV Siddons,
Sti-ve Clancoy is enrrying hit*
It'll limit] in splints ns the result nf
tin* lacrosse name nt Pernio last
Miss Ritchie returned on Fridny
Inst from Nelson, where she hnd
been   visiting   former    Winnipeg
Mrs. Barber returned to her
home in Fernie last week, after a
plensntit visit with Mrs. J. D.
J. F. Armstrong and daughters.
Mrs. Nelson nnd Miss Watson, of
Fort Steele were Cranbrook visitors
last Saturday,
Mr. Chartraud. the baker, is confined in tlie hospital by sickness,'
Mr. Wilson will take over bis busi-'
quickly aud nently made as a rule
mlj mul elicileil l'rei|tii'ii| chirrs from
.; iln* spectators, Almosl Immediate-
Cm nbrook visitor Tuesdny Ho W ftftor atiirting, the pair made ,*,
snys thnl ilu* mosquitoes keep lnvftk »wl lo8t mnw viihmWo timo
l.usynl Wnnbier. ,H'''olv ,,l,'*v   RO*   in  swi,1R J«n*«-
At the cud of tho fifteen  minutes
For Kent or Snle.   Tho (i. II. it w;is mmonneu(1 thai they had
.Miner warehouse, near Bast Kootenny hotel, A bargain for cash, or
tt i-eiisoiinlilc rent, Apply nl the
Constable Morris snys that here-
nf'ter, when there nre tennis on the
street, anyone persisting in shooting firecrackers will get into
Harris * Jollitfo havo been
making some oxtciiBlvo improvements in their meat mnrket, which
hns added very much to ils np-
norn. to Mr. ntnl Mrs. 0, M
Keep of Kendrick, Idaho, .Inly 7.
a girl. Mrs. Keep will be remein-
bcred ns Miss Nellie Ryan, sister
of Jtinii's Ryan,
Mnrrricd, nt the maiiso, Crnnbrook, on Saturday July 4th, by
tin- Rev. W. ti. W. Fortune.
Henry Pearson, of Jaffray, to Alice
Elizabeth Carnell, of Moyie.
Mrs. Brown nnd Miss Ritchie
left for Winnipeg today. Mrs.
Brown intends spending a few
weeks lit the Lake of the Woods
for llic benelit of her health before
returning to Crnnbrook.
The Macconnell Furniture company has n pretty front on its
store An artistic awning has just
been completed for them by contractor Xosbit. which makes the
building an attractive one.
F. C, Malpns, manager of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce, has
moved into the house formally
occupied by Mrs. Rowlnudson on
Baker Itill. It lins been refitted,
and is now a handsome home.
I.nsl Friday Mr. Lund took Mrs,
Lund to Spokane, her serious condition rendering it iiecessnry. The
children accompanied thom, Mrs.
Lund's many friends iu Craubrook
hope that she may speedily recover.
Rov.J. 0. llcrdinaii. D. 1).. of
Calgaryi superintendent of mis-
sions iu British Columbia passed
through Cranbrook on Monday
morning enroute to drawl Forks,
where he will attend a mooting of
the Kootenny Presbytery.
Georgo Wales, the well known
Yankee of English decent, came
down from Crows Nest Saturday
to celebrate tho fourth of July in
Cranbrook. Georgo always enjoys
a visit in Craubrook for the reason
that he has a host of good friends
Postmaster Beattie hns put iu
two more rows of Vale boxes iu lite
post ollice. Mr. Beutlie is always
progressive, and is ever ready to
keep paco with the growth of the
lown. As a result he lias one of
the liest equipped post offices in
the Kootenays,
W. 1). Hill an.l family left for
the east Tuesday, to be absent
about six weeks. Two of the
children will visit witli an aunt iu
Raymond. Mrs. Hill nnd the
other two will visit relatives iu
Eastern Canada, and Mr. Hill wili
go to Chicago, New York. Montreal and Toronto to see the latest
and best on tlie markets for the
winter trade.
.  4> A. L. ricDermot ,\. C. Bowneaa <$
■ would .mt i... beaten ^ MeDERMOT m* BOWNESS. 4
v "Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants H
V schiiu Beer       | The Highest Brands [The Largest and ju]
of SCOTCH and b«!   *\«orttnent -^
drilled -il U-*J inches and plenty of
money   was   iminedintely   offered
that the dop
by the other teams,
"The Norlh Star miners,Stanley
McLennan and Harry Thomey,
who won first prize on Wednesday
with .il 1-1 inches were the second
team to compete, They had plenty
of backers and started iu strong
favorites luit thoy were handicapped from tho start by their steel,
Tbey had bad their steel dulled in
the previous day's contest, re-tempered here and piece after piece
was thrown aside during yesterday's straggle, as practically useless. The men fought on gamely
till time was culled but both they
ami their friends who stood by tho
platform knew that, thoy were
practically out of it, and they
evinced but little surprise when
the announcement was made that
they had dfiled 'Si inches, or ~i\
inches less than their record on Ihe
previous day in the same piece of
Big Stanloy McLennan and his
partner had hard luck with their
steel. It was the same set used
by them on the previous day. re-
sharpened and it proved just so
much lead, tho edge going to pieces
in some instances after a blow or
Naturally tho boys feel n little
sore over the results, ns their
defeat was not due to any fault of
their own. Their steel tells the
story. The points, without exception, are turned like so much
pewler. They did a great piece of
work the Hrst day, und had their
steel sharpened for the second in
Nelson. That is where they suffered for they gave every evidence
of their ability to have won with a
fair shako.
Beattie'S   Where it Pays to Deal
^..> Fernie Beer        I
__-,-  linss Ale
"V  liui'inc s Smut     J
-.I Domestic a;
Liquors <J*.
V             A complete stock ot Cigars, consisting of the <$
gS              "Pharaoh," "LaFortuna," "Irving," "Bar- -*).
4jJ>              rister," "Monument," "Hilda" and others. (%
£), Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.                    Telephone 17 «fc
^ Write for Prices.                                      CRANHROOK, ti. C -
Agents for T. Lebel & Co., Hay and drain.
. . » . • ".'jl
15). ........ ...... ...4
This week strawberries will be thebt st and cheapest   for  |
preserving.   We have a big lot coming every day, fresh  from
the vine.   Book your orders for a crate and get th'* l)cst.    All
kinds of berries and fruitjfor eating antl preserving as thc sen
son advances,
;     King flercantile Co.
Not how big the suit is,
but how well it is made!
This is the question that people are mostly ir.teresteJ in, ar.d is
the magnet that is drawing them to our store, to a live and modern tailor shop, it's the store that saves you money. It's where
you get value for your dollars. •
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.   *
The Clara Malhcs Co.
Crnnbrook has had some good
theatrical companies visit here.
but none thnt surpassed tho Clara
M,*itlies combination. Monday ami
Tuesday nights this well known
actress was al the Wentworth hall
with a company that was well
balanced, and displaying much
individual merit. •■The Royal
Spy" wtis presented the first night.
but owing to the weather the house
was small. The second night
"Nell (iwynne" was the lull, and
never was an audience so enthusiastic iu Cnuibrook. Miss Malhes
raptured the bouse by  her clever  [
Proprietors. ||l
M, .T. Halpin mot with n little
liunl liu-k in tlio surveying of his
i-lniins on tin- St. Marys rivor.
His  surveyor,  Mr.  McKay, was
„., i . inkt'ii ill iust before tlu-y had coni-
ii.'ss until lu- recovers, , ,  , ., ,       , ,, ,
plt'ti'd the work, and was compelled
.lohn Hutchison  visit.il Fernie  to quit and return to Kaslo.     Mr.
last Siitunlny,   Ho snys the celo- Halpin secured the services of Mr.
lir.ition of the  Ith of July Uiore Oiimmiiigs  of   Port   Steelo,   nnd
wns a grent success, ' coinplotctl the work,
Hotel 3 3
*»*»-»<£ R.-»-*»» ».)**■ **-♦■• •-»■•>■» » •>■» tout *»®
(iuois Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to raUtonri ami ilepot.    Hits nccotutuoda*
tioiis  for  the public unei.ualle.l   iti   Cranbrook.
artistic and   feeling  interpivlalioi
of this   famous   character.     Her
support was excellent, and made il
possible  for her   to   presold  ihis
bistroilie   gem in a most pleasing
manner.   The company will return
iu November, and  Ihey will meet
with one great draw back.   No hall
in Cranbrook. is large enough  to
accommodate tho people who will
want to see them.     The vaudeville _„ .„,„. „_
sm-cinUii-s l-tvm... n.-ts «,,-, „f ,*, MSM^MS^MklMWI!M^Ei3!B^SBE^^ISi
Hot ind Colli Baths
•■♦-• 4,® *{>4V«-4, .4-44 •
 Proprietor       j j
high dnss nnd mot with the hearty fg
approval .»f all,
Stock Quotations.
Furnished l.y Benlb, Hutchison
& Elwell. brokers, Cranbrook 11. ('., -,
Norlh   Slur  lUMilISi
Siilllviiii  11
St, Kup'ii..  ir,
Pojlli-  11114
Wor Eagle Cotiaollilatcd  II-
l'ny  lloll  1
American lli.y  r.
Oolconilo  801
Crawa .\'™i Coul Mod.on'
Bt. Eugene. ML Mine.  1(1
Can. Oil and Coal Hi.iul.td  SU
Alliortu Conl.indi'iite  S'l.r.n
I'lnat Crotra n.*hi r.-ul  7.-4
% P. Burns & Co
|W WholcMlc and Retail
I Meat Merchants
,**»   Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
A      Fish, Game and Poultry.
A,        Wc supply only thc best.   Vour
j[        trade is solicited.
in all the
Towns in
i***)* n**** Till:   CKAMSROOK   fpmtAT.Tl
In i'.p     Wiil. il..Victor Brand el Evaporated Cream
ill t-llt      the miner i" his camp ami lhe lumbermen in his    p
•.Timing   (ll..nk that wouW bo possjbll! wi,i, ., ]ersey cow   I
I r»n>.3       ia .Uo outfit.*-- Por purity, richness and keeping   *
1       qualities "Victor" is unequalled,
Snld by all Grocers, Dealers and Outfitters.
MU-byTh. C.l.,1...'
4104.44 Coadtaud 1.4:1 Co.
Ch»!l4.itcl°wn- P. F.. 1.
Accountants and Auditors.
Books kept at moderate charges.
General Insurance Agents
Phone W
Cranbrook, B. C,
•"-, The foot bridge is now completed over Elk -8
,cv river at norrissey and we are strictly in it M
% again.   You can't keep a rustler down. %■
i'l?' SK
iff ft
is still the "BIQ" hotel
Morrissey, B. C,
H. L. STEPHENS, Proprietor.
*.  J
■! »
.' »
• *.-.-.-.VV-.V*. *.-.,,»,»4.**T«4.4<T*.*<.-.**•.<.<.«**..<'1>.I1'>''I
It's Coming!       It's Coming! ||
A BEER that will please all.    It \ \
is pure, healthful and delicious to \ \
the tasete.   Manufactured by the % \
** 1
Crows Nest Brewing Co., fj
Morrissey, British Columbia \ \
< I
A.*. VI &&*m*A*4A*A****m****V + ***4L,A*A***ik<k**A*A&*&AA* -
(*i*j _
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Best of Dining
Room Service. A comfortable place to stop in the
cenlei- of the town.
■***-4*» •(-)-»-S-!-J
-IS) Is) -is. 1SJ-I2JH
-,.^,^5)-*>(-)-ff*- ®-® -® -®- i-HiS-i
- .(,K.>*!rt- <s>-® - w-w-c*.*- <•>-c*>-®- a
»" *■.• 4.4*.****»***»4»4.#4.*.4.»fR4»»»»tyt».»»»4»»» + 4.**»4*A*»Vl
I Big Bargains in
!   Hardware.
Must close out at once
. If ynu want anything in thc hardware line J.
« at your own price call and take advantage of this j
3 closing out sale. J;
j    The G.H.MINER Store    I
1 I
Livery  3
Proprietors «s» .** J*
Teams :ni.l iliivc-rR furnished lor nny
Imiiil in tin* district,
Mniiflgcr   .*  .*   .-.i
I.O.O.F. Key Illy Lotls*.
Nn. 42, Meats every .11..n-
.lay lliiilit nt llii'li- hull on
linker street, si.jin!...-,'
iil.l Fellows I'onliiilly Invited,
I-'. II.  .11,.ir M. 0,11IIII..BS.
N.   li. sou v.
i nii'i Fisheries nf iln- Couniry
Have Large Representation
l',\ 1.... i- Linn i:.
1.. ...i,..  Mont., June  IH,
.In    uill  take  purl   in thu
lllllll |nii'i-liast-  (>\|H,sitiiiii   as
n until
■ii."   Mueli wtifl lli.- utiBWer
We have a stock of
jCommon Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
jThose wanting chimneys, fire
places, toilers lined, or any job
Iworlc in the trick line call or,
Geo. R. Taylor
..-ivi'ii hy   Sir  Wilfrid   Lnirirr. "I
I'amulii, from Ilia Ht-nl in iln* lionmi
(if .'. .'lllll'.::,;. 1>< illl iliqiliry lli.'ul.' In
Iln-   L;.ivi'i'iiitit-iil    liy   mn'  nl'   Iln*
Ciiii;iili;in iNiiiilii'i-s of |):iiiiitnu'iit.
Tin' -jTi'.'ii   **sil\i*r lim^ril"   iii.ni
..I  Cnmuln   im-mil  whul  hn suitl
Tlif ni'ws just  tiTiivi'.l from <>i-
tuwn, ih'-  Bi'iit   of  lli.* Cumuli-tin
ovcM'imiPitl is in Hi.- i-ir.'.*!  ihut
stt'lisivo   |)i'i'|iiii-;itii)iis  tivi'  boing
imido to allow lu tin1 world Ilu- hn-
mi'tisi' I'l'S'iui't'i's possessed  l»y  tin-
.ijrhbovs in tin' north.
Camuln lias grown and prospered
imli'i'l'iilly during the Into ilociulo.
'a trade lias inereimecl tu pnorni-
ia |iroportiona.    lis crops havo
Ik-imi bucIi aa tu mevil   for Canada
■un.l thu titlr ul'-granary ..I' tho
world."    lis mines and oro  fields
ptirticiiliirly those of Nova  Scotia
and Cap.'  Breton,  have boon de-
Vflopril in surli  a   \v;iy   as   to  si>t
dreaming llic moaf -pessimistic and
il is now generally  coneotlod  lhat
tho fineat jewel of Great Britain's
Brown win  more than  supply  ils
Imiiu' market for minerals whilo it
exports tinniiiilly millions worth of
irrain. fish, lumber and timber,
()l' tlu> industries bused upon
natural roaonrcea tho fisheries rank
Boeond in Cantulu. This country
Ims over nfiOO miles of sea coast.
in addition to inland suns, innumerable lakes, and n great numbor oE rivers. Tho oxvjorts of the
fishery products in 18i)7 amounted
to §22,78;J,5-i(i, Tht' homo cou-
saniption is eatiinatod at a value of
§15,000,000, giving a total yield
from tin* fisheries nt nearly S:>S,-
000,000 mmually, exclusive ul' tlie
catch liy foreign fishermen.
Tin* Pacific coast fisheries furnish halibut. 1 lack cud. oulnchnn,
anchovy, herring, smell, und muny
species uf salmon and trout. The
salmon of Britisli Columbia are
worth over §5,000.000 nummlly,
tuul tho total yield uf (lie fisheries
nl' thai provinceoxcooda-30,000,000.
Lumbering ranks third among
tlie extractive industries ul' Cantulu
uutl lhe I'oresl wealth is very groat,
ll is sliil.d that lli.i species ul
trees gmw in flint country, Ul ur.
curing oaal id' ihe Rocky mountains
nnil lMuh tin- Pnciliii coast,    The
I'nrest belt extendi-, :i distllllCO uf
libntil 1,000 miles eust and west,
witli a breadth nf some 7i») miles.
Tic trees cniisist principally uf I
following spi'cies; black uud white
Fiprnoe, bunkHimi pine, white pine,
red pine, lurch, bnlsuni fir, l«ilstuu
popular, aspen, ennoo birch, bird
eht try, while cedur, Black ash
uud mountain is'ioe-m* spuringly
in Iho southern purl of this bolt.
British Columbia is lh night lu
posBOBB flic grontosl compncl
reservo uf timber in ihe world.
Th<* wooded (iron is estimated at
2K."),00Q sipiuro utiles and includes
many kinds uf timber. The
DoughiB is the show tree uf British Columbia mid indeed uf Can-
In 18110 lhe cnpitul invested in
lhe pulp mills uf Canada alone was
,-it nut $15,000,001 Thi' capacity
df tho mills wns ovor 1200 tons per
day. The value of the forest products exporte 1 in 1001 was nearly
8;-j;j,000,000, un.l thoir total must
have 1 ecu ;it least three times that
Mr. Wm. Hutchison, the Can-
udiiin commissioner is now actively
engaged in making preparations
fur the World's fair at Ht. Louis.
On his way homo, from Vancouver
lo Ottawa lie made preliminary
arrangements for n thoroughly
representative exhibit of the timber, fisheries and mining industries
ui Cmindn. British Columbin will
furnish the forest monster und an
l'ort will 1k» nmde to obtain the
largest and longest piece nf
Douglas fir ever shown.
The salmon running industry of
the Pacific coast and the iininber-
I.-bs kiiidn of fish from the Marline
provinces will lie well  tepivsetiled
;il llic exposition in Sl. Louis.
Canada iu second to none in her
unlurul resources and her showing
■\l \e;n* will well prove it,
excessive si'i-xuution
Qeneral Mtiiuigcr of Hank of Commerce
(lives Warning.
M.ilifi.N. N. S„ .lun.- 15, B. IS,
Walker, gouoml mtuuigor of ihr
Canadian Bank of Commerce, who
is in this cily iu connection with
Bunk of Commerce interests, when
asked if he believed the present
prosperity oE Canada would kcrp
up fur any length of timo, suitl:
"Two or three factors an* to Ih*
taken into consideration in viewing
this matter. One very important
one is the Iiiimi* situation us regards
strikes. Such events brin-^ tbo
cost of production up very high
and cannot tako placo without
checking prosperity. There is at
present, however, uo sign of a
diminution of goods or u docrenso
in lhe crop yield, und these are
both necessary in order to bring
about bad times."
When asked for liis opinion on
the labor situation, Mr. Walker,
after somo hesitation, declared that
il was almost impossible to form
any opinion, but he added: "If
unions were entirely reeogni'zetl
the price of labor would bo placed
so high that the world's output
would diminish um! a check to
prosperity would follow. But
after all the unrest of thr past
your, we muy huve a period of
prace now.
"All the reports which we hav*
hail from Ontario and thr west announce Ljood crops, and there is uo
reason why we should havo bad
times in the mar future. Money
is not so tight, but there is an idea
prevalent that wo should exercise
a little conservatism during thr
summer over the monetary situa.
lion. If we were not cautious now
wu would probably havr trouble it
the autumn.
"The country has very littlt
more money to give to industrial
enterprises. The limit has about
been reached, and thi' banks luivi
not much more to give to industries.
"The great check in prices on
thr slock exchange was vory necessary to thr country, although very
painful to individuals. Thr volume
of speculation everywhere was
excessive, nnd tlie slump whieh
followod was the only way to bring
about a normal condition,
"Thore were fur more poopl
speculating than at any previous
time in the history of the country,
If is uuwholsoine tit any time, and
sooner or later a check as the present one occurs.
"Caiiiidians have boon fools time
Mini time again iu sending money
into the corn nnd wheat markets
of the United States, They had
more money the liist time and made
a bigger spread, but 1 think they
have been taught a lesson. There
is altogether too much stork speculation in all Canadian cities."
Land Notice
Notice la hereby given Dial mi.v doors
uii,-i*dato I Uiii-ii.l i.. ui>|.iy tn ii..-ei.1.1 Com
liiiHHHiiit-r ul LiiiiiIk iiiiiI Wink* til Vi.l..rtii
ir [nriiiiw-iiini tn |itnrlnim- llu< follttWtug
iHiril-i'il Iiinil in Sniiili Kiixt kuiiti-tiny
riiiiiiiii'iifiiiiU ul a |'.ii-t mi ii'.i Mi- .ii-i rm
iii-riitK rmV*> i>iv i'iii|ilntii 1 lii-iiii- nuilli
nlnn)* wotl I it hi n< I ii r.v <>l blink -I.V HI, Tl1
i-liniiiH liinri'.ir lea lolODtll li.niiiiliir-. til lot
490, til v irral iilmitf mill Im" IA rliatiu
iiuiii' or I.'i-h |,i I'luiN Vhiiiik'-. |.n- PUlplluii
in-HHItti VOi'liHIlis III H, Kii.iI.'h ii..rlli
limit, tlii-liri. i-umI  |A illlllllH tn |iliiii-1)| I'lgin
n« .nuialulog *ieu in ii-H iiiiiii-nr I.hm.
1 IIUli .In-.'nl MitV. 101)11,
8-Ut H.-jtiiil. THANK Iil7..\l.l.
Sole of Government l.ols al Morrissey
Despatch: Tho government sale
of lown lots took plnce ut thr office
of K. M. McLeod, barrister, on
Thursday morning. There were
about fifty prrseiitatthe sale, but
nearly nil scorned to Ix- of th
opinion Unit upsot prico was too
high, it bring in nearly evory case
from fifty to onr hundred dollars
higher than asked by the com-
pany. Mr. McLeod, after explaining tlu; four lots on block 10 viz,
12 to 15, were reserved for the
government offices, opened tho
sale with lots on block 88j tho upset price ranging from threo to
four hundred dollars, From iiB he
weut to 28, 25 and 11, but they
woro evidently considered too fur
from thr businrsB portion. Iu
block 10 all thr lots facing Third
street were Bold at reasonul>r
prices. Thr corner opposite the
Windsor which was purchased by
Newman & Onie, of Rossland,
brought $510 and J. J. Murphy
secured thr corner opposite the
Alexandria hotel u,r §550, The
intervening lots which weffl sold
for $450 ouch were secured by E.
II. Binl, Thus. Cralian, John
I'askey, Kfowry Vres, nnd New-
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Fur iip-to-iliiti1 iu'0|ili- is what till'   *
will-give yow,   We.mf.KO the vory *»
latt'dt in Carbon, ami I'liitltiuma   *
Y.-s, nml tin. CITY 1UK-
KKY is the placo to get n nico
wedding .-iik.- nnd oniftniento
in tin- lntt-st style, Why si'iiil
your onl.-r out uf town uiul
perlinpB linve the teeing lirok-
i-n liy Blilpping, rri.-i-s riuht.
•> fhoeSl Oppcalle M. E. Church
•>      C. W. WILSON,
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Pacific Railway company control u lur^r urea of the
choicest farming Mill ranching lands in tin1 Elk. Kootrnay, C'oluuibiu
nnd Slocan valleys in the Kootenay district and iu tlu* Kettlr river uud
(>knnagan valleys in the Boundary district. A large majority of these
lands are n-udily nrrrssihlr by railway.
The ae.txh'uate uiiiount of principal and interest, except iu thr case
of liimls under $2.50 |ht acre, is divided into ten Instalments as shown
by the table below; the first to be [Mild at the time uf purchase, the second ono year from date of purchase, the tliinl two years, and so on,
The following table shows the amounl of the annual instalments ou
pio acres nt diUVtvni prices under the above conditions:
MH)ne.at$2.50poruc. 1st instalment $ 5,l.«,l|.«»eipiul inslal'tsof S 5o,u>
liiOac.at  :t.ui|H'i*ae. |Kt Instalment    7UK)tUoqunl histid'tsof    IK).0U
HiO.ir.lll    IMWpuruC 1st ilistalmetil      tilt.UU, U LH|Ulv1 instal'lsof      70.00
UN)iu*.til   l.00|K*rac. Isl inslidmenl    HB.K5,UequalInitnLHsof 80.00
UWnc.al    l.-.O |m f ;n-  1st inslalui.-nt    |07.K5,«etpial iustul'tsuf .10.00
L00nu.nl  5,00 |«*rae. 1st instaliurnt   UU.Hfi,»ri|iial Instnl'tsof ItHMNI
Lands under $2.50 |h-i* acre ute Bold on shorter lime,
If laud is paid for in lull at the time of purchase, a reduction from
the price will U- allowed equal to teu |ier cent on the amount [mid iu
0X0088 of the usual rash instalment. Interest at six per cent will Imi
hnrged on ovenlliu instalments.
The company is also interested in the following towttsHos: Elko,
Crnnbrook, Kimborly, Aldridge, ICitchener, Creston, Proctor, Nelson,
(lerrnrd, Lentonton. Castlrgar, Casctule City, Grand Forks. Kindt,
Greenwood, Midway. Nakusp. Arrowhead, ttrvclstukr, Donald and
Kamloops. Terms of payment are onr-lhinl etish and thr lialanre in
six and twelve months, with intrrest.
For further particulars apply to the following locnl agents:
\V. M. Frost, iiatrwity. Montana'     .1. A. McCnlhuil, (Irand Forks.LLC.
R. It. Bruce. Wilmer; H. C. (1. A. Rendell, Eholt, B, 0.
V. Hyde Baker, Cranbrook, B, ('.    A. Fergu-son, Greenwood, B. 0,
,T, T, Burgess, Kitchener. B. C.       J. 1». iSbbuld, Rovolstoko, B. 0.
E, Mallamhiine, .Ir.. Creston, H. 0, Thomas Aim el, Nakusp. IL 0.
(J, K. Stocker, Cascade, B. C. F. J, Fulton, Knudoops, B. 0.
F. 0, Elliot, Trout Lake City. B. C.
Or to ALEX. TAYLOR, District Land Agent at Nelson, B. C.
Or J. S. DENNIS, Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....
Oal.lde Orders Prumpll)
Attended lo.
tj. ... » ........... a ..... .• . • .
Proprietor of tlio
Candy Kitchen
Carrie, u comi'let*! si,„*k of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. oiv..». on
I Eagle Cafe
| George Paquin, Prop. ►
| Morrissey Mines, B. C.
The best restaurant in }
South East Kootenay. >
When you visit the *.
town be sure and try it *
Mill .Machinery
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain,
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lo-v
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
>l-SII(SI'S>|4iSlce>l'S9|4rSltS>t'S>|iS>l 4®>J 4tSll4443|4S%je^|(SI-s-|(449i'-9j'rSl<Sl44SI'®l4lS>l'S
♦ I«. I •«> I «> I *«» I «• I -^ l «• i •* i •*,& i -»i * i -j* I ■*> 14> i * i -s-1 •* i -* I -i> i ■*-1 -s-1 -i-1 -i-T i!> J
5* Hot Weather is here.
Everything is Dry. 5®
Look out for
Better Insure Today
Phone 20, Cranbrook, B. C.
'T <*. I * I * I A I A I <, I * I * I A I A I A I A I A • ,.  I ... I A I ... I
.) I (•) I 9 11-> 11*11
|.i.|„.|.*. Id, l-kldl.
1919191 w 1»' 1
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
B. Tompkins, Manager.
Tin. Lending Hotel of tho Koot-
oiinya. (I.kxI S'nniplo Rooms
Si»..*iiil liiit.'D U) C'otnuiercml Men
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.


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