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Cranbrook Herald Mar 15, 1900

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VOLUME   '2.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Olio. A. Cox, PrcaiJent. B. B. WAT.KBR, Oen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received,
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
I. W. H. SMYTHE, ManAger.
First Class Dry Wood,
Fir and Tamarac.
See Sam Mitchell.
Post Office Box 25
And Hie English Troops arc Piling
Up Victories.
lias lit^n.tliu ca»e,li» every engagement
with your ltnnora- troops. Sncu'breacheB
of the recognized angea of war .and the
Geneva contention are a 'liscroce to auy
cMlized jinin-. A Copy of these tele-
grams has l,c,ii"!cnt lo my government
with tho requeil thai it he coramuuica-
>l to all neutral powers."
Mafeking Is Being Hard Pressed
by the Boers—No Peace
Overtures Yet.
ring S Goods
Are on the road and will arrive shortly. A large and well assorted stock of DRY GOODS will be placed in their new store.
A First-Class Milliner
Has been engaged and is now purchasing a spring stock in
Toronto. Hold your purchase for spring goods until you see
our new and up-to-date stock. REID & CO.,
Toronto Clothing Store.
London, March 13—9:55 fl.ltli—The
war office has received a dispatch from
Lord Roberts announcing that C luu eral
French reached Bloemfontelu lust evening, and occupied twu .hills close to the
railway station.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nenrest to railroad nnd depot.    Has nccommodn-
tious fnr the puhlic unequalled in Cranhrook.
From llie Contingent.
The Barracks,
Ottawa, Mar. 5* ty*
Ii is some time now ituce l have m
ten to you.   Wt* recelved-tha two l
of papers O. IC. and you may
lhat the boys
jhem.   Tbey were
them that they
en* delighted un
IO  noxious   lo  re
Id not wait for tne
come in hut opsi
Wk have had l
COttllug here, as
laid up witb coh
ed then
HttU- hard luck tilicc
v« neatly all have been
At present 1 am oil
South East Kootenay in Front Hank as
a Mineral Section.
t.tt Activity at thc St. Eugene-
Work   Across the   River
and Other News.
Drlefonteltt, O. P. S.—Broad wood's
brigade advancing oo Bloemfoiitein unexpectedly found the Boeis in a strong
position in the Driefontein kopjes yesterday. Gen. Kelly-Keimy'rtdlvlslon arriving .severe lighting ensued. The j
Boers resisted stubbornly but were
driven from their central position, leaving a number of dead and forty prisoners. The British force is moving forward today. During tlie fighting, in
which live regiments took part, with artillery, the Boers, though forced from
their center position, clung tenaciously
to the other kopjes, shelling the British
freely with three guns and two Vickers-
Muxims. Tiie British cavalry began to
turn Ihe Boer position, but night fell before the movement was completed. The
Boers retired during lhe night.
A large number of Australians were
engaged yesterday, The First Australian burse brigade, wilh the Scots Greys,
advanced wilhin Soo yards of the Boers
under heavy fire.
The New South Wales mounted infantry joined in pursuit uf the Boers
duly with a Blight allack of llteuuialislii   I
Some of lhe boys can't Bland this five
cent boose feature, and have got the
worst uf.it in consequence,
We have lost Adam Hull as he was
plumed down by tbe regimental doctor,
"You may be sure thai we were very
sor.y to lose biin, and he fell very much
disappointed bimself,
Ike Foster is confined lo bed 111 a
friend's house iu the city, suffering from
a severe attack ol lagrlppe, Jack lions-
field is in bed wiih tbe same complaint
in lhe barracks.
Melton still continues to be a great
ladies' man and is a source of much
amusement lo thc boys and our visitors,
Tlie boys were much pleased and
grateful to ihe ladies of Cranbrook for
their kindness and Ihougblfu'Uess in
providing us with such useful presents
us those "housewives ' are.
I must say good Ire now, with best
regards lo atl.       Yours truly,
W. N. Clarke.
Bremner & Son,
% We have this week opened up a large
Jjj consignment of goods from Glasgow, con-
m*. sisting of
* Carpets, Rugs, Scotch
s      Ginghams,  Zephers,
l Mercerised Qoods,
s Dress Goods, Etc.
]JJ Wi- have also another lot  of Fancy ; Blouses.
m indies' nnd dents' Waterproof, Shirts, Collars, Neck*
■ft tics antl Novelties.   Miss McLcay Is lo arrive this
',£ week with a (ull assortment of up-lo.dale millinery.
m Her excellence asla milliner will be shown by
m her woik.   Portia-idiotic-" [of millinery ooen
JJ |nu will lie given.
Ladles Home Journal.
''The Return o| tbe Business Womnn"
by Edward Bok, "The Anecdotal Side
of Mr. Needier," "College Girls' Larks
and Franki*," "The Modem Son and
Daughter," "Where the Founder ol the
Kindergarten was Bom," aie among tli
notable features of [he March
La die-
Driefontein, March It.—All of yesterday was occupied in fighting. The
Boers maintained a stubborn rear guard
action along a running front of twelve
miles ou very difficult ground. Tbe
British were advancing in three columns.
Gen. Tucker, to the southward, occupied
Petrnsberg unopposed. Gen. Kelly-
Kenny, after following the river bank,
moved iu the direction of Abrahams
At Diiefouteiu, about eight miles
south of Abrahams Kraal, tbe Boers
were found posted in considerable
strength ou the ridges connecting several kopjes, where tbe bad mounted guns.
The action began at 8 a.m. with an ar-
tilleiy duel. Gen. French'*, cavalry and
Gen, Foi lei's brigade supported cur
guns. The Boer artillery was accurately
handled and the British cavalry louud a
task harder tlmn tbey had expected.
Gen. Broad wood moved six miles
Southward trying to find a means to get
round, but the Boers followed behind
rising ground and even tried to outlldiik
him.   Meanwhile the sixth division of
infantry, advancing on lhe Boer left
slowly forced ibe enemy in retire. Had
tbe I o fan try been ableto move faster the
BoetS would have been enveloped. Thc
last --hot was fired at 713O p.m.
This inoiuiiig not a It.ier was seen.
Tbe prisoners belonged to President
Kuigei'sown commando,
Home Journal. "Tbe!t Autobiography of
a Girl," "The Theater and Its People,"
and "The Parson's But lei Ily" are continued, and "Edith and I III Paris," and
''Her Iloston Bxperluiices" are concluded. Howard Chandler Christy contributes the first of his American Girl series of drawings, showing her at church,
and A. II. Frost humorously pictures
"The Country Slore as a Social Center."
An Easier solo and an anthem are timely, und the numerous articles on fash*
ions in women's wear will be a useful
guide juit at this tin* *•», This is but a
hasty glance between the covers of thu
March Journal. By Tbe Curtis Publishing company, Philadelphia. One dollar
a yeai; ten cents n copy.
Big Clearing
A Brief Vacation.
Last  Saturday  Mr.   Ross,
 [who is in
charge of the city schools, was notified
that he mutt vacate the (o/eriitiieu
properly as he did not yet hold a certificate in tbis province, having come from
Alberta. The order was a blow lo the
people as they hail secured Mr. Ross'
services ou the ground that be was a
thoroughly competent teacher, and a
mau with qualifications that entitled
him to a certificate in uny province.
Steps were taken al ouce to have the
difficulty remedied, aud as a result a tel-
egrnui was received Tuesday evening,
announcing that a permit would be
granted und lhat Mr. Ross should resume
bis work, which be did yesterday inoru-
i >K- .
Development ul This District.
Tbe progress made iu mining in Soulh
asl Kooleiiay during lhe past year settles ilie question beyond cavil that ibis
district is hound to be one of the richest
ill Btlliah Columbia. Not only have lhe
levelopmentB shown this to be a fact,
but it hns brought lo tbe front another
•ery Important fact, and ihat is that the
Ich mineral deposits extend over a vast
nea. Fiom the celebrated Sl. Eugene
OH Moyie lake to the wonderfully rich
North Slar to lhe north, the Tracy creek
and Wild Horse properties ou the east,
and Hall river aud Sand creek properties
nu Ihe soulh includes a domain Unit has
brought forth properties already thai
alone would give fame to any district.
Lasl season was the first that any great
amount of money had been expended
aside from three or lour well known
mines, and this money has brought lurih
results that convinces the most skeptical
thut South East Kootenay lias just entered upon an era of great prosperity.
The developments of the past year have
aroused greater interest and created confidence, which means thai capital will
conic more readily into tbe district I ban
ever before.
Take the mines around Moyie. Already arrangements are being made foi
exploring mauy oT Ibe promising pros
peels this season. The sauiu is true hi
the vicinity of Kimberley and the Norlh
Star bill. At Fort Steele deals nre being consummated al this time that means
the Investment of large sums iu the development of thc many rich properties
tributary to tbat town, lu the Sand
Creek district the prospects were never
.liter, while every property in the
Cranbiook district will be woiked this
summer by local companies or outside
This unanimous movement toward development and the readiness wilh which
capital is being invested, means that the
district is forging rapidly to the front,
and that Ihere will be many prospects
developed to the stage of paying mines
within the next fifteen mouths,
Buulh East Kootenny is all right, and
il is growing better every year,
Developing a Prospect.
Thc question of how the initial work
shall   be done ou 11 newly discovered
prospect is frequently a source of much
are now 90 men on the payroll nf tbe
company, but as soou as the mill is in
operation'this number will be doubled,
which will make close to 200 men in
tbeir employ. There is much outside
woik in contemplation, nud perhaps belweeu 40 and 50 men will be employed
at this. A flume will he built from Wilson creek to connect with the St. Eugene flume, which alone will mean several mouths- work, and the employment
of quite a number o*" men. Tbe Lake
Slune compressor Is being taken apart
and moved down to beset up again lieur
ibe one at the St. Hugene. A slight ie-
duCtloil has hem made iu tbe scale of
waves pa iii some ot the miners by the
company. Midline in *n still get $J 50
and muckers fa 00 per day, but hand
men have been reduced to the fj 25
scale, Ibe same as being paid ill tbt
Slocan camps.     Contract work has bten
Development work nn Ibe Auroia
mine on ibe west side of Moyie lake is
going steadily ahead. The tunnel which
is being driven to tap the ore body is
now iu 130 feet. Two shifts are being
worked, aud at the present rate of going
they will not he long in reaching lhe desired point. There is every reason to
believe that the ore deposits on the
west side of lhe lake are as laige as those
on the east side, and if such should
prove to he the case, the owners of the
Aurora, McSSlS, Rader, Johnson and
Sanborn, will soou find themselves in
possession ofa dividend paying mine.
Herald  Started   to Wort   For
Cranbrook and Her People.
And Today It Is In Better Shape
Tnan Ever, With a Bright
To make room tor summer j-oodi
entire slock of
wc will  sell  our
Rubber Foot Wear
These goods were bought early last year before
thc advance in prices. We will give the public the
benefit of these low prices.   We have a full line of
Men's, Women's, Misses' and Boys'
London,   March  12 —Spencer Wilkinson, in the Morning Post, says:
"With IOO dead at Driefontein, the
Uoers must have had 500 wounded. We
may expect Lord Robert! to continue
his march al the rate ol ten miles per
day. The news thai Oen, Kitchener has
gone south shows that the lising in lhe
I'ricskn district is troublesome, but it
will bi* ellci'tuallv suppressed. We need
not believe the Hoci leport that 13,000 !
British nu* near I) el itl nnlter, It is quite
unlikely thai C,en, bullet will make any
decisive movement until his troops are
it •■upended.
London, March 12.—A correspondent
of the Daily Mail nt I.orcuzo Mm (pier.
telegraphtnM Saturday saya:
According to Boer reports the fall of
Mafeking Is certain. There has been
heavy lighting ibi*. week and the linera
have been shelling the town from all the
otttports which lhey have captured,
Col* linden-Powell cleared nil the natives
out of town but tbe Hours drove thein
bnck. The Uoers are preparing for a
final assault with the idea that the capture of Mafeking will raise the drooping
spirits of the hutghers.
A Contemptible Trick.
Some time ago. when the Odd fellows gave their dance at Forrest ball
tbey borrowed a huge Canadian ll ig of
ti. 11. Small to decorate one end ot tbe
hall, When the committee went to lake
down the decoretions it was discovered
that the 11 g had been stolen, nnd as a
Consequence lhe lodge bus ordered
another flag for Mr. Small, Of course
the man who got the ll -g knows be 'Hole
it from the Udd Fellows, and a II1SO who
dd he guilty of such a low, con
temptIble, mesilcy, yellow dog  trick,
'ould rub his mother, malign bis sister
and lick his brother, Bitch Indlvldu a]*
nre errors of lhe Almighty. They hnve
the form of man 1 but the nature and dis-
position ofa coyote.
Clean Vour Back Yards.
Constable Morris has been looking
tlle back yards throughout the town,
und announces lhat it is time now foi the
people to clean up their premises. He
will give the people a reasonable lime to
clean up, and if this is not done, tie
guilty ones will be arrested and fined
uuder the sanitary- act.
Hen's Heavy Mackinaw Goods,
Will all go the same way.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co
Ci'.mbrook and Fort Steele.
London, Mnrch 11.—The war ofiice
has received the following dispatch from
Lord Roberts dated Drielouteiu, Sunday
March (I*
"The following telegram has heen addressed to the their honors, the presidents of the Orange Free Stale aud
tlte South African Republi :
Auolher instance having occurred of
gross abuse of thc white flag or the si-j-
nn) of holding up hands in token of surrender, it is my duty to inform vou that
if such abuse occurs again 1 shall most
reluctantly lie compelled to order my
troops to disregard the white flag entirely.
"The instant occurred on a kopje east
of Driefontein farm yesterday, aud win
-.witnessed by some of my own stall officers and myself, nud resulted in the
wounding of several of my ollicers and
"A Urge quantity of explosive bullets
of three dilferent kinds whs found In
Commandant OronJe's laager nud (his
A Peculiar Coincidence.
Kxactly a year ago The Herald alt-
nouueed that the C V. R. otlicials were
in town, lhat the C. P. R. ice house hnd
been filled With Ice and that Constable
Morris wanted lhe yards cleaned. This
week the same announcements are made,
Brotherhood of Railway Brldgcmcn.
On March 4, at Macleod, the Crows
Nest Bass division, Lodge No. 3, under a
charter ofthe International Brotherhood
of Railroad Jlrldgemen (wood nml iron),
was formally opened and the officers ir-
stalled hy G D. Stamper, international
organizer. The lodge starts in with a
good charter membership. The ollicers
are as follows: Master Foreman, W. A.
McKiintoii; Foreman, M. McFadyen;
Past Muster Foreman, J. J. Kennedy;
Record Keeper, J C.iroml; Financial Receiver, W 0. Miller; Treasurer, R. M.
Rvstts; Chaplain, M.J Cox; Warden, W.
McPhce; Inner Wnlelinmu, W. McMar*
mid: Outer Watchman, R. Sinclair;
Trustees, W. McPbee and J. J. Ken11e.lv;
Auditors, j. Oil-owl and W. A. Me-
Kin mm .
otislderallon, though perhaps often the
work is started without any consideration whatever, most miners being saturated  witb the idea thnt tlte one thing
needful is depth,   but to accomplish the
be-t results with lhe least money, thc
best   rule is   "follow   the ore.'!    From
that  tide  there should be 110 variation,
whatever the nature of the ledge, unless
ater absolutely   forces a change.    Follow the ore, wherever it may go, no mat-
ler how crooked thc shape of lhe developments may  be, as it is only by so doing that the shape and character of the
1 re deposits may be determined.    This
plan has the advantage also of building
up a dump o| ore which will at once add
value to tlie property nnd may be rich.
edougb to ship nnd so help pay for the
development     Then, again, such  shipments or such n dump attract the attention of mining operators and may be the
mope of securing a sale or help in the
wa? of ex'ra capital, for capital ts always
looking for ore, nnd a good pile on the
dump is very attractive.   The occurnnce
of water In fl sbnft mny of course modify
nil the plans of operations and compel a
remit to other methods, such as a rrom-*.
cut tnnti'-l, wben n tunnel in lhc vein is
not possible,    Iu al] explorations of the
vein   underground   thc   importance   of
proper crosscutting must not be over
looked.   No ore bodies maintain their
width unvaryingly,  Tbey may be wavy
nnd   constantly   changing   in  sue nud
■haps, nr they mny ?tg/.ig nnd   he difli
cull to follow, no I most careful observation and  work   are necess-ry to avoid
missing sometimes the best ore in ihe
mine, livery bit of work done oil n location should be the result of n regularly
planned scheme of operation, and Ihis
applies strongly to assessment work. It
should be borne in mind that only by
pulling good work iuto a mining prospect can it be made a saleable proposf
tion, and cnielessly done assessment
work often leaves n property looking
worse thau If nothing at all bad been
Theo (bid-Copper Mines.
A general meeting of lhe shareholders
of this company was held yesterday
afternoon at V*. Hyde Baker's oflice,
which bas beeu the temporary office of
the company. The ollicers of ibe coin*
pniiy elected for tbe ensuing year are st
follows: President, M. Mclnnes; Vict
president, George Bremnet; Directors
J. H King. M.1>,L B. VanDecar, John
Hutchison, G II. Miner, C. M. Bdwardi
R. O Jennings, A. W. McVittle; John
Hutchison was made secretary-treasurer
and W. F. Gurd appointed as solicitor.
Arrangements nre being made for hoisting machinery aud wheu thai is in place
a contract will probably be entered into
for the sinking of the shaft to the
bundled foot level. The ore at ibe bottom of the present sll*ft (about sixty
feet below the surface) is a perfect concentrating ore, the ledge matter beiug
thickly empregnaled with copper pyrites
wilh occasionally a Utile grey copper
tarrying high values in gold and silver,
tt wns decided at the meeting to immediately prepare and issue a printed prospectus setting forth the fact-; in connection with the property and we recon**.-
mend investors lo look carefully through
that statement when it is Issued, Shares
purchased in a carefully managed min
ing concern are nlways a good venture
Across the River.
Fori Steele Prospector—
Work on lhe Big Chief will be resumed
iu a short time on a large scale, and the
property will be fully developed,
A small force is at present engaged in
developing the Dupont. While but little
can he learned, it is stated thai it is
looking remarkably well.
J. T. Kesler, who is at present in California, will be here in a few weeks to
commence active work on the Star
group of mines. These mines are located on Bull river, just across tbe divide
irom Boulder creeic,
There v ill also he n vast amount of
work done on the claims iu the vicinity
of Wasa creek; and the belief is general
that the work wilt show the camp to l>e
one of the besl 111 Soulh Bast Kootenay.
There is considerable activity in the
mines about Tracy   aud   Lewis   creek**,
nd as the season advances tbis activity
will increase. A full force of men will
be employed on the John L. nnd other
claims in Mint vicinity. The force at tbe
Bstella will probably be increased. At
tbe Minnie M. and Tiger lhe owneis
will still develope the propcrty-
Kootenay & Algoma.
As Soon as the snow has disappeared
ibe Kootenay & Algoma company will
resume active operations on the Pedro
mineral claim. It is proposed lo sink a
shaft ami at the same time try the values
at considerable depth wilh a diamond
drill. Ily this method lhe ore can be
sampled nl a depth ol 900 feel al a cost
to the company of not mote than $400,
whereas the sinking of a shaft lo tbat
depth   would cost iu   lhe  neighborhood
of $4000 and probably would necessitate
pumping machinery iu addition.
Business Brisk at the St. Eugene.
Moyie Leader-
James Cronin, managing director of
the St. Eugene Consolidated company, ;
returned to Moyie last Wednesday from
southern California where be and his
family were spending lhe winter. Tbe
saluhiloua climate of the golden slate
hns had an exhilarating effect upon him.
Noi only this, but the work going 011 in
the mine during his absence has been
most BOttsfaotpiy, which nalnia-ly puts
Id III ju good Spirits, When asked regarding the future operations of Hie
company, he said itjwaa their Intention
to start the concentrator as soon as tlte
work of enlarging was completed, which
would he about the 151I1 of April'   Tiler*
Mining Notes.
Ninth Star shares sold al j* 1 ao on th
Toronto met ket last Saturday.
The capacity of the North Star train
way is to be im reased. At present there
are Iwenty two buckets and the number
is to be increased tu thirty. Kach bucket raiiies 600 pounds aud makes a
round trip in forly minutes, One day
last week wilh the twenty-two buckets,
ninety tons were placed in the ore sheds
The work is being blocked now by tbe
amount of ore iu the sheds increasing
faster thuu it is being taken away by the
C, P. R., which is causing some trouble.
This issue nf The Herald closes its
second yenr and next week will insu-
gurnte the third year of Its publication.
A casual glance over the past two years
will convince lliose who were here when
the town started, tint Craubtook haa
made progress lhat should satisfy even
the mosl exacting. One year ago lhe
people were confident that Cranbrook
bad passed the crucial stage, and would
advance steadily in the future. At that
time there was quite a pood deal of
building in every line, and there were
those who said, "When these buildings
ire completed that will end the building
in Cranbrook " lint it did not. On the
contrary thousands of dollars have been
invested in the town siuce tbat lime,
and for the past year there It • uot been
a month lhat there has not beeu several
buibbngi in course of construction. And
now, at the opening of a third year for
The Herald, and a third year for the
town, for this paper came with the pioneers, there is more building under
headway than nl any other lime in thc
town I history, and plans arc being prepared for fully as much more as is now
under contract.
The people ol Cranbrook have reason
to feel proud of her past, aud gloriously
happy over ber future. Nowhere iu the'
great and prosperous province of British
Columbia is there a lo»n that bas made
more rapid progress or one that has a
brighter future, and tbat is saying n
greet deal fot Cranbrook. Thioiightout
ihe district, and with all who are familiar with the conditions in South Kast
Kootenay, Cranbrook is now tbe recognised center, and the business of the
district is shaping itself on this basis
more aud more each month.
During the pact year tbere have been
several change** of importance that have
been of greet benefit to Cranbroek. One
of these is the building ofthe North Star
branch, which clinches the proposition
of making Cr.ir * • <.k the railroad center
ot South Hast Kuotenay, and gives to
this city tbe prestige that folluws such a
A year ago Cranbrook only received
three mails a week. Now the town has
a daily mail f.-oai both east and west,
and is the diitributing mail center for
lhe whole district.
A year SgO it was necessary for all
prospectors and mining men working in
the territory tributary to Cranbrook to
hire teams and drhe to Fort Steele In
record claims. This has been remedied
by giving a (sub-recrder to Cranbrook*
which ii a step tti the direction of centering all official work in this town.
As to the business in the town, that
has been steady aud most satisfactory lo
the merchants. The payroll of the railroad and tbe vast amount of business
coming naturally to this town as the
easiest point of general access in lhe district, has encouraged the merchants and
enabled them to 'carry larger ai.d l*lter
stocks than is lhe rule in towns of this
The population of the town has steadily increased, and today there is a permanent population of over 12-/1. And
to meet ihis increase there has been a
constant Increase in the uumlier of residences, until now Cranbrook has become
a great residential renicr as well ai a
thriving business point,
As to the growth of the town and the
work of The Herald, we will quote whal
we said just a year ago,   wheh fits now
, well as then :
Thus it can be seen Cranbrook has
made rapid and substantial strides
forward. JAI no time in its brief
ciireer ha* it faltered, but lo tbe surprise of its most emhu-ttastic supporter-* it has gone ahead throunh
out the entire winter, and now, at
tbe Opening of another year, it has
biighier prospects than ever before.
And during the past year, week
after week, The Herald has faithfully chronicled the events of the place
nnd lab-red for the advancement of
the lown and beat interest* of the
people, ll has endeavored to t*
fair and impartial at all l-uies. No
man has beeu permitted to use ita
columns for the Injury of his neigh-
l-or, and anything that savored of
peliy spite or meanness has never
been countenanced. The publishers
have felt lhat they had a respnnti-
blltty—Indeed they have never failed
to discharge lhat responsibility for
the good of all, according to their
besl judgment.
A Labor Meeting.
An Impromptu political meeting, consisting of representatives of various labor organizations was held at Odd Pel*
tows hall last Saturday night for the
purpose of general discussion. Barney
McOoulrick wnsin the chair and Thomas
Cavln officiated as secretary. Short addresses were made by several of those
present, the tenor of the remarks being
a dlscUS-don of fl plan for the labor element in the district to follow in securing
a representative convention prior to the
holding ol a provincial election.
Whal a Fire Means.
A fire in Cranbrook means disaster
and ruin to many. Would you prevent
il? Ifso.be sure to attend the general
meeting al Forrest hall Monday evening
aud assist in forming the fire brigade.
Don't forget this, or say you haven't
time. It Is Important to every business
man and bcuseholder.   Let it be a hot
J. P. Pink,
Chief Pile Brigade.
R. I*. Beattie,
Vice Pus. IImnl ol Trnde.
Tbe UorneMinstrels -Aillaoou be here. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY. -  MARCH 15, 1900
One year $2.00
Six mouths t.00
Tlio Herald desires to «ive the news ot the
district. If yuu know any about Jfour town
your mine or your people* send It to tins otlk-e.
We've all been up to church to-day and
used the same old new,
We've set together once agin, Jest as we
used to do
Afore the Klrls was married off and when
the boys was here,
Afore th»-y went nway to make their llvln'
fur an' near.
We've heard the came old parson preach—
he'* pretty prosy now—
We've had  <i  rnivliiy happy time, we old
folks,   anyhow.
We're Hctiln* here Jest at we used on Sunday afternoons;
Come,   mart   the   old molodeon up, ws'H
ding the Gospel tUnCS,
Vou can't begin to know our Joy to ie*»
eaeh loving face,
To huve you children home agin around
the dear old place,
Some brlngln' children of your own—why
goodness, grtolotli me!
When 1 think that's our Mary's child,
»uems If tt couldn't be,
And yet 1 oner realise our Juurney'i nearly done,
For mother's almost sixty-nine and I'm
nigh seventy-one.
nut I guess lovtn' hearts'll change  P«-
cemlier** Into Junes,
So let's do as wu used to do, and sing the
Gospel tunes.
There, mother, don't that put you back one
solid thirty year!
Jest hoar them voices lifted up in muaic
high and clear;
The  old melodeon'e kinder cracked    and
nqueaky In the throat,
She feels her age like us, 1 guess, a-trytng
for a note.
There, that's the song lhat Ebcn loved.
Remember,.how he sang
That Sunday 'fore his vessel sailed, until
tin- parlor rung?
Poor hoy!   (hey think his ship waa lost in
one of tin rn typhoom.
I'm sure hh sperrlt'a With us, though, to
hear the Gospel tunes.
Ah me, how mnny times I've heard that solemn, sacred air;
I'vo heerd lt when the sky was black and
earth was Jest despair.
I've heerd It sung hy childish lips, ao tender, soft and sweet,
And knelt and prayed to God for strength
to work thai they might cat.
Through sim and cloud, through rain and
shine, tle'a fetched me on my way,
And now Ills klndnesB lets me live to see
this happy day.
I Thank Thee, Lord, who grantest me this
h'-Hi of iill Thy boons.
To hear their precious voice-*- sing once
A    more the Gospel tunes.
'%   _joe Lincoln, In b. A. W. Bulletin.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
Q   0   Cranbrook, B. C.
I managing Women, i
WHILE the evening colony at the
Alfalfa European hotel was fixing the market price of wheat the bonk
agent came out frum the hotel, lie wns
very warm, undoubtedly, fnr hla (ace
waa moist with perspiration and he
bad loosened his black siring necktie.
But when he looked up uud down tho
street and sighed it was not. the nigU
ot one who Buffered from Hie heat, but
of one who sullererl at the henrt,
"Wnnt a chair?" aaked the freckled boy,
hooking his foot iu a, chair and eliding
It over toward the book agent.
"No, no, thitnk you," was the reply,
end the book ugent turned und went
sauntering nwny.
"What's he K"1 a grouch about'.'"
asked the freckled boy,
"He's in trouble, und 1 feel sorry for
him, too," '■mbl the lightning dentist.
"His wife has sued htm for a divorce."
"The one that used U> make him ail
up ull night und rub her buck nnd then
kick because he didn't rub the right
place?" asked the 'iush."
"That's the one," replied the dentist,
"He waa telling mc some more nlr-out
Iter the other night. "I gUCBS I'm the
only one around here that he talks to
much ubout It. She's u spiritualist, n
vegetarian, a faith enre, a theophist—"
"Theosophlst," corrected "Doe"
"What's that?" naked the freckled
"Hhe thinks this isn't our first time
on earth," suld the "luah."
"Why does he object to her procuring
a divorce'.'" nsked Doc. "He hasn't
lived with her for over a year, and I
understand that he stands In dread of
her. Hhe hud him arrested for larceny
nr-*n ilMn't •he'l"
f -"Tie doesn't object to thc divorce so
much," said the dentist, "bul he hates
to plead guilt)*, Ut what she charges hlm
With. He's n very sensitive fellow, ynu
konw, and doesn't understand thnt it's
mt disgrace to be charged with cruelty,
desertion, harsh nud abusive language
and failure to provide. That's what she
charges him « Ith in ber application for
a divorce,   lie wnn telling me Inst, night
thut he was absolutely Innocent, und
thut he didn't leave her house until she
mado it no tint for him that he couldn't
remain another day."
"Is she ju good looker'.'" naked tbe
freckled boy.
"She's a sight." snid the dentist. "I
saw her the day she caught hlm here
nt the hotel and gave bim that horrible
roast. I'd like to know why In the
world lie ever married her."
"I suppose the Iwok business wan
nlow," said the "lush." "She has some
money, hasn't she?"
"She's got money now that she hnd
before the war. He says that he nearly
starved to death while he wuh living
with her. Vegeturinn, you know. Out-
meul ond prunes for breakfast, brown
bread and potatoes for dinner. You
ought to get him lo tell yon about It."
"I)o you know what I'd do if I hnd
that kind of u wife?" asked tbe freckled
hoy. "I don't believe in bein* rough
with a lndy as long ns she is one, but if
she'd ever try any of that funny work
with me I'd call her down if I had to
swing on her."
"Oh, woll, I don't know," remarked
the "lush." "It Isn't a very proper
thing to do—to slug n perfect ludy. I'd
simply go abend antl run the house In
my own wny nnd pay no attention to
anything she said. Vou see, ufter a
woman talks herself black hi the fttOO
without getting an argument she has to
"It's ton bad tbut our friend did not
confer with you gentlemen before he
left his wife," -aid "Doc," with u Half-
restrained smile. "Vou know how tu
manage women und eould have given
him some valuable advice."
"Well, I've, never beeu parried, but
I've always known one thing." snid the
dentist, "A man bus got to nsBert his
independence In his own house, tf ho
lets his wife think thai sho con order
hi in around and l lent him liken schoolboy he might us well give up nil hope
of having any liberty of his own. [don't
say that a man ought to be harsh with
a woman, but be ought to give ber to
understand thai ho cau come and go
once iu awhile without nuking her permission."
"That's right," suid the "lush." If
ibis book agent friend of ours had gum1
out and got drunk the night In* married
the tiitl girl ami then eninc home and
chased her around the house with n
hati-het she'd have had sonic respect
for him, I km w n man once whu chased
his wife with a hatchet ut least once
■ a month,    lie loved hei* ull right, and
wouldn't have harmed hor for anything
1 in the world, but he claimed thnt ho
i luul to make this hatchet demonstration
I at. least onco a month In tinier to main*
I tain his rights.   After ovory outbreak
she'd be pleasant and attentive for sev-
I oral weeks.   Then her respect for bis
; rights would begin to weaken nnd be
would   have   to   get  out   his   hatchet
"Seriously speaking. 1 dun't believe
a woman has much rcgartl fnr a mnn
who allows himself to be tied to her
apron strings." sunt the denlist.
"Why. of course not!" exclntmed the
freckled boy, with nn Indlfforcnl gesture, to show that be was an expert.
"I'll win out in ten minutes where nne
of those easy, polite guys wouldn't
moke a showin* in an hour. You've
got to make a woman think Mini you're
the reol stuff nnd know what she wants
better than she knows it herself."
"dentlemen," begun "Doe" Home,
gazing critically nt ids i-ignr os he
rolled it between his thumb nnd second finger. "Gentlemen, I went into
a store in Ohio one dny and listened
fnr an hour while three men discussed
the fine points of navigation. They
had beautiful themes as to thehiindlinc*
of vessels nnd some new ideas in shipbuilding, I learned afterward tliat md
one of thc three had ever been within
Sfld miles nf salt water, or had ever
seen about .more than 30 feet long. Vour
learned opinions regarding matrimony
nnd the management nf wives reminds
mc of that tnik on navigation."
"That is what is culled on upper-cut,*'
snid the "lush."
"Doc. I don't see nny medals on you
for getting married," remarked the
freckled boy, with a wink at the dentist.
"And ynu bave not heard me telling
of the rights nnd privileges of a hi;
band, either." said "Doc," turning ■
tho freckled hoy nnd speaking with
unusual earnestness. "Why. gentlemen, it. amuses me to hear ynu young
gentlemen sit here rind talk nbout women ond matrimony as If you bad studied
them for years. Don't yon know Hint
womnn hns been the puzzle of all figea
because Ihere were never two women
alike? How enn you puss judgment
on a liusbnnd when you know nothing
of the conditlona surrounding u married mnn? It's very easy to sit bere
and tell what ynu would do or you
would not do if you were n husband.
You seem lo forget that millions of
yonng men hnve talked in the same
moiiner, only to learn Inter thai theories count for little when applied to
actual experience, Somo of you may
learn, some dny, that the wise hits-
bond simply gets along with us Utile
friction ns possible, preferring compromise lo open buttles. Vnu have
spoken, half seriously, of the propriety
of a husband taming and managing a
wife ns he would a domestic animal.
Don't you know it is the brutal husband,
rather than the complaining wife, whn
mokes mnrried life n bell In so many
houses? Furthermore, you young men
who are accustomed to the skylarking
and irregular life of a hotel seem to
think It is unreasonable tlmt a woman
should attempt to Interfere wiih a hns-
bund's going or coming, or complain
If be arrives home at all hours of the
night, Here yon sit and consider the
ease of a married mnn from the standpoint of a bachelor. You're like so
many raw colts not yet broken to ride
and drive. Ynu can toll how ynu will
kick up and smash things If they ever
saddle nr bridle you uml dun* to touch
you wilh the whip, bul all or ynu will
become good old  family imgs in time
if the right trainers got hold of you,"
"Where enn I gets Copy nf the lecture,'L)oc,'" naked ilie freckled boy,
"And what yoit need." continued
"Doc," "is u large wnimm with a mind
nf her own, whn will keep ynu nt work
six days u week uml colled yuur pay
hSaturday. I'd like to meet you, young
man, nbout two years nfter your marriage  and find out  if (hero has been
nny change In your views."—Chtoago
Tn the Point,
Africa always bus been afflicted with
drought, and among tho Moors prayers
are regularly offered up—Usually when
the drought already has begim—for
relief from this evil, and Hu-author of
"Ou Veldt and Farm" tolls a story of a
pastor who pointed out the futility of
assisting people who would not assist
themselves. A Presbyterian congregation onee pointed out to the minister
that, in view of the impending drought,
it were well lo approach the Almighty
on the subject of the rainfall. "I will
not insult the Almighty," replied the
sturdy Sent, "by asking sneb a favor
of Him, after the way in whieh you
hnve let His past mfercles run away
from you." The rebuke wus leveled at
the Inadequacy of the Water storage,
und it Is to lie hoped wus not without
due effect.—Youth's Companion.
-The violence of the wind on the
ftrnmpinn hills Is so great Hint on several occasions it linR brought tn a standstill trains traveling frum Perth to the
Arc you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to furnish plans
nml specifications For nil kinds
oi building.
See us for Prices.
jt   J.   B.C.
Lain of Tiirmito
Contractor •«■ Builder
Thoso foiiti'tn'.'al'iiK IhiIIiIIiik will ilo w«l! tn lot
nit' llguro ou tliu cimtnids.
Crnnbrook, British Columbia
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct r.ervice from
To all points
East and West.
First-Class Sleepers on sll Trains
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat, daily for
Si, Paul, Sundays and Wednesdays
fnr Toronto, FHdajB for Montreal
and Iloston.
Lv 9:10 a m    Crnnbrook   Lv 13:01 p tn
C'Mined ion tri-weekly at McLeod  for
C lg ry and  Edmonton, and daily at
l\ ed en e Hat fer all points Kast.   Con
nectton daily at KooteHay Lauding for
all points iu Vest Kootenny, Slocan and
Mouiid-iry Dishicts, and for Pacific Coast
and Mjiin Line pwints via Hcvelstoke,
Through Tickets Issued and Bag*
gage Checked to Destination.
l*'or rates and full infoitnation address
nearest local agent, or
F. M. MEDHURST, Agt., Cranbrook
\v, P, AnilerBon, T.P.A., Nelson, R. 0.
D K, .1. iiiylo, A.ll.l'.A , Vans liver, II. U.
Notice is hereby Blven tlmt the pnrt entilty
heretofore existing lictwo-Jn 1 olierl K, Kherli
uf Lfiihiiriii to, Alberta, nml Hearse Itremunr, ot
Prniitiroolc, 11. 0., iltilmi imMnesi muter tlm in in
unmeet fllierlnok& Hreiwior, u ih'j day <lb
siiiveil ity mutual consent,
'llie ImtlnOSH "Hi   '■<'  continued   l>y  lJi'-»r«i!
llreinnor & Hon, lo whom mi aoeoimtsnre lo im
[Hlltl, anility whom all llahllliloi will be fettled,
Witness It It, Himrlnek,
A, McKftoheru. tlflO, Un-liuier.
Dated tlili iRl day of March. I'M,
* Niiin-e is hereby glvci*, tlmt I, T.O, Proctor,
imi y days alter data Intend to apply to the
1 hi r i oriiiiiKslniier of ijimis nn 1 WorKl ror n
BUyotrs lease nt 100-ner - or land situate abon
ruur miles west of Wnrilnor on the Crows Nest
I'iihh nillrn.'iil. Commencing nl a post mirkoil
i. p., s. ft gorfitfr,
(Signed)    T. ii. Proctor.
Dated Mnreli Tth, iwu,
Notice l« liercny given tlml tlilrly days after
dnte I Intend to mitko ap|*lloatlon to tin* Chef
Comiiii-ulonor o( hands and Works fnr nortnli-
rIihi to purchase six hundred nm] forty Aores of
mil, omiinionnltig at a im-l limrkt'il il. H, wesi
of ll„ river, mnl mnn tig north elulily H ml iih.
tlionoe westalglity eluiln 1, tln-nra south uiuhty
t-iiiiui-j, thence east eighty etinini lo Iho point oi
Onion at Penile January so, toon,
Notice is liereliy given tlmt thirty dnys aftor
tlato Unload to make jaiiiiireattoii to the Chief
Coinmisslouca of Lands nnd Works for permission to |ilirohn*e KlX hundred and foity acres nf
laml, co lonolng at a |> sl marked H. |i„ nbout
Hires miles west of i<:ik river, nml running north
eighty (-luu 111. therioe weal einiity olialns, thence
smith eighty chains, tlienee east eighty chains
io -min of commencement,
Doled Fertile, It, C., January 3D, iihmk
JOHN. I-. J All VIS.
Tnkn notice that om- inonihnftor time 1 Intend
ioii|i|iiy tolhoOhlofCommlaslonorof Uipisaud
w hi i, ■ far permission to piir-nlMna tli'* todon inn
described lands 1 Commencing al pnst planted
'.ni yards north nf tin* tails nn tin* rfmu bank of
the-lipiier Moyie river, near Nigger ek-eok
ilionQo east in chains, tlioaco north 411 chains,
iiii-me west mHi'iiiis, itii-iu-i! south 10 olinlns tn
ilu* nincnof beginning ami containing 100Horos
more or less.
Dnte) ihis30th da, or I'chrimry,ipoo.
^■***«*««**Mft***#****#'$«* ¥I********** *** ************;
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
I        Saw and Planing Mills
-Al.l.   KINI'S   Ol'-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and j
1 riouldings.
Fort Steele Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Kihberley Hotel
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
■»■»■»■»■»■»■»♦■»■»■»»• ■»■>♦■*■•>■>♦♦♦♦•>»♦ »■»■»•■>»■>
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The hoiHewllc and the bachelor should dell witb bim,   It will pay Ihem,
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
W. F. GURD, B. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Crinbrook, British Columbia
II. I.. Cummins, C. E.
Fort Steele, B. C.
Teams And drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   jt   Jt
W. It. llnaa. II. W. lUtnc'UMKii
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Solicitor, Etc.
liiink of Comiliorco m<lR. I'llANBItOOK
House and Lot in Cranbrook
Five room.1*, pantry, cellar nnd large
shedj for rent. J12 per month, or for
sale, $550, $35 cash, balance $15 per
month. Advertiser will rent honse." or
stores 111 Cranhrook, Moyie. Fernie, Fort
Steele or Kimhcrley, for rent or purcliane
nn easy terms. Apply, P.O. boi 115,
Canhroolt, 11. C.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
t    •»%£*•<?*.•..    rioneer ** m
iteSK1      s'°re
Often Imitated,
Never Equalled.  .
Evory Stovo Warranted     '
lli».-i Conkm, BtrotiBMl Honlei
Luttonaut Dm Unit Pnol.       d
Mailnniilyby I
M1LNB CO., lilmltoa,
Pioneer »•** Hardware
lhc liirnlst stuck In Bast Kootenay.
The place to buy stoves.
The place to buy tinware.
The place to buy granitewai-e.
The place lo buy met.-il rooting.
Q. H. Miner.
Refittcil riirongliout
due of tlie Most CiMufrntii'ili*
Hotels in linat Kooleiiay.
Newly Furiitsluil
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Craubrook, D, C.
When in'Cranbrook
Stop at the   :   :   :
Forrest House,
Proprietor.   :   :
Commercial HoteL..
....J. F. & Q. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines   and   Liquors  at  the  Bar
The Beit Slock, llie Most SHItflclory Prices, and
First-Class  Work.      Repairing Neatly Executed.
I East Kootenay fiti„J
Proprietor  ::: ,*
3 Hotel 3
Tlilfl liotel lm.-. beon reflttetl and refiirnlBlied.   tlie lolile
is the beat;   Sntiafnclory rates given regular boarderi, ,y
I Baker Street       :-:       :-:        :-:        Ganbrook, B. C   |
Promptly Attended to. I
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
M l'i: XNI'.HDOK,   C. 0,
Ami   Won!iin*i   Por   ih*>   World   Ao*
Liko nn Idiot,
"My dear," j?ai*l tho j'ouug tntber,
"there is one request I wnnt tn make
of you."
"What is it, dear?"
"1 wUli, deal*, Unit ymi wouldn't tnltt
this baby talk to onr child. It's nb*
Btird. The idea or snylng 'kltcliy-
kltchy-kee1 and 'whose whsalcuns te
'noi' m ii human being Is tittle less
limn h-ii'i'-irmis. Don't you let Un*
nulghbora do ll, either."
"I'll try ma 1... deiir," sin* -unwind,
putlcutly. "But 11 Beema lo nmn no
Dorjy bo much."
•■I'nii't pull liim 'Uorjy.' ellher, It'i
positively Idiotic. Ills immoVUoorgo,1
nml thorn's uo u-o of HtnrllUH Idm nut
in mv wlih n vocabulary Ilko n I'oly-
lu'ntnn 1111 tio 11111 hymn."
"Hnl in-'s ii null* rrutfttl today and
"Thoro mi* iiiiit-iiai wnys nr nuius*
In- n chill)     Nnu run BlUR tu llllil."
■ 1 havu been singing tn bim."
"Well, glvo liim 1.1 nm, nml I'll sing
to liim n wlillo,"
si,I* [mused tbe baby ovor, nml ho
proceeded ta dn his best with (tin
t.-n-miur's aoiig nnd the Bedouin lovo
Mm*,' mul various other selections,
Thi* baby persisted In whimpering. He
continued to slug, nml presently llio
inn- 0 begnn to smile.   In n little
while It was hist asleep.
"V«m hnvu unleted him bonuli Cully,"
tlm mother admitted. "Hy thu wny,
whnt wns that Bong ynu Bang over nml
over iiBiiln? tt seemed so tuneful nml
"Haven't ynu heard thnt';" ho rpic-
rled in astonishment, "it's from tbe
lnlesl comic opora, nnd It's a corker.
The ononis goes:
. anil amy we gol
"I  only  remember the chorus, but
I'm going tu buy it nml lenrn tho wholt
thing by heart."
Doing Pertnuco Tor Sinn.
In For-mcr times persons guilty of
grievous nml notorious offenses wore
required tn tiinico open confession nnd,
further, lo make siitlsftieiioii I'm* iho
senuditl given hy thoir Imd osiimplu by
doing 1 >m 1 a 1100 publicly iu 11 whito sheet
in ilioii* parish church, The sheet wns
used tn show olenvly to every one
width wns ilie offender.
'Iho Inst time thai public penance
wns dune lu an tingllsb church was
nu Sunday evening, July 80,1882, when
11 mnn named Unit roe, in lhe church of
All Snlnls, East Clevodou, made nn
upon confession of Immorality aud
promised to perform tho pennuca thus
Imposed un him by the vicar.
No whito shoot wns used on this or-
cnslon. The last enso in whioh one
was used appeal's to hnve boon ono lu
St. Bridget's church, ChcBter, In 1851.
Hut on that occaslou the nominee was
not publio, tbe church door being
In tho previous yenr, however, pub*
Ik* penance In n white shoot was done
In n country church in ICssex, nnd a
similar thing occurred lu Dillon church
uenr Cambridge tn 1840.—Stray Btorles.
An oiu Fashion Revived,
"Tlioy seem to be reviving nn old
fnshIon in feminine apparel over in the
"What's that?"
"Yes. They wore & round the Imr-
rols ihat held Mrs. Agulnnldo'fl captured frocks aud thlngs/'-Cleveland
l'lnln Dealer.	
A Well-Known
Toronto Traveller
Cored of Catarrh
Alter Eight
Years' Suffering*.
Mr. R. E, Firming, Uie well-known and
popular Toronto representative of Messrs.
E wing 4 Sons, Oork Mniiufaotnrera, Montreal.
wrltos: "I have boons constant »offer«r from
i-iitiirriiofaBev-.il' (ind dlsagre-sablu type for
eight years, whioh beoatno worsa each winter,
m unif.- nf tin* Iniiiilivil- ..t (Minn 1 sjnmi with
l,*l.1n']is--i<i-|nlUi-':t*i'l niiitiv  r.*iiii*<lii">. which
 viiff»rili*itti'iii|iuriirvr<*U*?r. I tried Japanese
i'um 1 h Cure 11h1.nl  mn* year ago, mnl un«
DomtlothiB tlili treatment have not felt tho
I. n-4| s\>nplintisof mv I'm r IphiIiI.*.    A tew
•■■„iiMi"« bro I 1VC.111,m.*ii 1 i...i 11 10 .1 friend
iiuii iriv nffootwl. .mn ho is now pomiilotelj
* ""l-i- ' --I It   In unV
 nliiL-lilv it nm-.nillt   In
ion trouhlod with ihlx
Jauonou Catarrh Curu rollovoi oold In the
h.*riif In inn- mli.iit.*.    Snlil  l.v all ili'iiirnl-w.
Prioo win-Hi",   v tree ~iih|iIi*'hiii tm mn tn
any porioii 1 tilwl with i-ntarrh,   Knoloao
Wi*m "lump.   Adilrvrw, dm livinnii* ft Moo*
■iln-r»im Co., 191 ' lumli Itruol  'IWiHiln
it. riiH.ii to Troiil ii Pn i hnl inni Hv
llfiTlv.'il MU i'<*<-.
"I used in think 1 was u |n i'l l.v wise
guv." Miid  Will  McConoick, tba Non
York   stngo   kit,   tn  a   New   Ymi
Triogrnpli roimrler, "but slneo a Utile
exporionca I Imd rccontly 1   willing
to throw np mv Iin mis mul humbly con*
tea Ihnl I am nut 'il' in nny Beano at tlio
wnrd. As 1 left (he door <>f th" theater
I nut a yonntf Woman standing oulsidc
wim was crying with pnln. I naked her
what ilu* trouble was, nml sho replied sho
had suddenly boon taken ill ami contd
ni>! walk homo.  Sho told mo sho lived la
West   l'oil,v-i*ii,'hlh street, and   1   vuliin*
teorod in iiccoinpnuy hor.
"Sho led mo t» it flathouso and lo bor
ronin  in  tli«* rear,  when; sho  Coll to  tin
Boor and begnn Bcronmlng for uie to no
to the front room ami get u doctor. 1
wnnt lo tlio apartment sho designated,
rapped on tlm door, nnd a young man
camo out and askod what I wanted.
"'Aro you  a physician?' I askod.
"'Yoa,' he replied calmly.
" 'Weill' 1 snid, Voiiib to tlio bank
room; thore is a yonng woman thero don*
gerously 111,'
"llo grabbed a Httlo satchel and followed  mc to tlio room.    When  wo got
there, bo leaned over tho womnn, foit her
pulse and said she was suffering from
henrt failure. He was a little slow, nnd
I naked Idm why lio did not minister to
her wants.
"'Becnuse,' lio replied coolly, i did
onoo and 1 havo novel- been paid for the
"As it wns only n matter of |8 1 told
liim I did not caro to see the girl die,
and, reaching Into my pocket, pulled out
llio required sum ami handed it to the
physician. Uo gave tlie patient some
sort of powder, uml In live minutes she
was as well as any woman I ever snw iu
my life. She thanked iii" for my kind*
ness, and I lott the house, feeling I Imd
performed a good night's work ia Buvlng
a Woman's lifo, The next dny I saw her
walking down Broadway with tlio same
physician, I tuid the story of my good
deed to n friend beside WO and pointed
nut Ihe woman.
" 'I never thought yuu were sucll a good
thing, Mao.' lie said. 'That man with
hor is hei* husband, and she has boon
working Unit same gnme for five years io
my knowledge.'"
Some  Conditions that   Induce
Similar  Consequences.
Toronto, Deo,   BT—A   ballot in a
iimn'N heart OAtlMI doalb. Bo dues it
grail) ot hitinl. Oi anything ol«o tbnt
should md bn thoro, So with the
othor argons nf the human body,
Take tbe bladdor for Instance- Xhoui*
nmls nf persons suffer from thedlmuM
known u« ''Stono in tlio Bladder-,"
whilo a lingering death endi theasouy
of thonnuidi morn.
That Ibis nnnd mil be in  proved  by
tlm following lettert—
sn Qneon Ht. Kast,
Toronto, Nov. 24, 1899.
Dear Sirs,—Fivo montlm ngo, nnd
for threo years previous io that date,
I wns enduring Bufferings ns sovcre as
nmn enn benr. 1 endured tortures
Bnoll as I cannot describe, or you can-
\ not understand. My trouble was
Stone in tbo Bladder, I used ono
kind of medicine nfter another, but
without getting the slight oat relief. I
thought I oould never bo cured, end
deuth wonld hnvo been prefernblo to
my agony. I wns persuaded, however,
to try Dr. Arnold's Kuglish Toxin
rills. Boforo I hnd used threo boxes
tho stono wuh dissolved and expelled
without tho least pain. I nm uow
thoroughly cured, thanks lo Dr. Arnold's Knglisli Toxin Pills, whioh did
whnt no nt her modiolus iu tho world
could do for me!
A. Stiniou.
Dr. Arnold's Knglisli Toxin Pills,
the only medioine on unrth that euros
disease by killing tho norma that cause
it, nro sold by nil (lniggisli at Tim. a
Ims; snmplo size, ''.>., or sent postpaid ou roeoipt of price, by Tho Ar-
nold Ohomical Co., Limited, Canada
Lifo Building, i'i King Street West,
Toronto.      •
And Mk-avrlse Spoil*--] the Inn of tlie
< i'i,ii iii i--.il iiih Jnoklos,
A iiiililiuy university president who
wim formerly n naval officer recently told
the story of an nuiustng experience which
fell lo the lot of Admiral Dewey while
he wns serving as executive officer of the
L'oldttido at the close of tlie civil war:
"A now officer on hoard n sblp," paid
llie professor, "is pnt through a 'course
nf Sprouts'   hy    thn    'jailiios'—tlle   ooni-
niuii »ailors—who nre pretty skillful at
that sort of hnxtng. It is often disagree*
able and embarrassing tor tho new oiii-
cer, but the sailors usually manage it so
cleverly tlmt thoy keep within tbe regulations.
"Dm* of the rules mi board ship Is thai
tlm men shall not carry matches, A Ian*
lorn Is kepi burning fnr the convenience
ol smokers.
"As yonng Dewey came on deck early
one uidiiiin*;, one of the Colorado's
roughest characters said to n shipmate
who was confined with liim in the 'twig,'
or shin's prison, in a tone Unid enough
tor Dewey ta boari
'"Bill, I've gol some mstches lo my
pocket, aad I'vo n blamed good notion in
barn this oltotllp under his feet.'
"Dewey diuu'l soy a wnnl, but immediately turned on his heel nml rang the
tin* bell, nt the same time calling out,
■Fir-son tbe brig!'
"Such nn iiiann. so early iu tlio nioin
in*.', before the men had tumbled out nf
their quarters! wan unwelcome, bm in n
feu seconds the decks iwnnncd witli
half dressed Bailors, who manned tha
four powerful Ore nossles whieh protected the brig,
"Of course Dewey, as oxecutlre officer,
directed the itroains, and in a few nm
moots tWO very wei, very eold, very
mueh disgusted and half drowned sailors
were howling for mercy,
"Ilewey shoutcdi 'Firo out!  Mai..* so*
fan*!' Thou he lur I to the dripping
■nllors and said, '1 --uess those matches
ot ,1 i me tm, wot in dn mueh damage
now.'"—Voutb's Companion.
iu- auoMfd iti
"Permit mo to suggest, miss, llial you
era mn looking your boat," snid the pho*
togr r,
"l know ii." she replied.
"The  WH)  yon  have  used  llie powder
nml ilu- pencil gives you n rather ghnsllj
"1 Know it." she snid again, "ami when
you touch It np. If you enn in like the
cllCeks look sunken and lln* eyes listless,
1 wouldn't iiiind paying you something
"Ves, yes, uf course," he returned, lie-
giiiuitiK lo comprehend. "Itnvogei of
blighted affection ami all that. When
dues your breach of promise case come
up for trlnlt"—Chicago I'oat.
Wrong motives fnr action bring ruin in
their tm in; ri^hl motlroB cannot fnll to
bring success, "night for right's sake" is
the only safe guide for our children, as
tur ourselves. And it is n sufficient'one.
Contrary to the accepted Idcn of many
grown people, a child ean grasp it. 1 ntn
nut suro hat that ofton a child can grasp
tliis truth much more clearly than nu
adult, because the youthful mind is leu
befogged l>y worldly wisdom.—Ladies'
Home Journal.	
Tli mm- Miili-n.
"Genernl Whlto snys tbey hnven't a
trace of thoso ninuwny mules."
"No, of course not. They took the
tmcca With tlio rest of tbe Iiiu'uohh."-
Clevelnnd l'lnln Dealer.
O-yerlienrtl In it C'row-i.
Lisping Lovi'i'—Thullle, if you don't
lovo ino, thny llio*. but, If you do love
ine nnd don't like lo thny tlio,
thn pent he mv handthl—TibBlts,
IWs Liniment Cure! DiUMi
Won, |
dlvei        :
libilm Sli
Oil  In
with  ilo
New  Yu
Tlml   .
h lit
sider a inseal In lie a rasrnl until i   nlen
heele.| j.i-n.'i* [ins nvnri ikei i is In I
pnrlmi* state.    I'lilhnh Iphbi h ll
iniinit...    I'l I - -1 -11 -1. -.  I., .l..-.'i
A nidengu impel hpeakt-i wiih no nb of
snUsractlun »l  ihe iloi Iim* uf the 	
mam »f New Vorli city.    Bill) n city
which i"i! up $40,000,000 tvorili nf hud.I
IT IS A LlVl.lt ]'1LI..--Mni.y of the
iitlim-ntH thai man h is tu oontend wilh
have   their  oj'lgln In a di-i.i-.ieii-U   llvo.*,
whiiih ts a doll ua te organ, puoullurly suk-
eeptihie tu bho dliturbnnees that, oome
Iruni Irvfgulnr haiiiis or look of care tu
eating nnn drinking This nooounta for
the [treat, many liver regulators now
pressed ou thu attention of sufferers uf
tihe--e there is none superior to Pnruieleo's
Vegetable [Mis. Their operation though
gentle Is effective, nud t.u most delicate
can use them.
Could Still Sny llo WAI  In  the Fifty
Dollnr Cluss,
A euitnln writer, entirely unkuown
in tbu literary world, wrote a very
spirited poem nnd, more in .lost than
otherwise, marked $50 na the price of
it, inclosed it tu' nu editor und calmly
a waited Its return.
To his grout surprise the editor replied. Ihcloslng n check for $50, "Vou
come high, but we iuu»l imve youl"
Of course lhe writer thought ids for-
tiuiL' wns made. If bo got $50 for that
piirtiouhu' pouin, why not $50 for un*
uthur'.' Ih* would keep up the price,
nud he did.
llul Uu- editors dldn'l!
I'm* six umnths lm labeled Ids pro-
dni-ilmi-* "$50," luu thuy citiue bnck to
Idm wiih painful regularity, liven the
editor whu ilrst paid bim thai price
didn't try ll uu ngnin.
lie had framed tin* cheek for .inst the
sit'.lsfacilou nf looking at ii dccnslon*
ally, llut finally lie wns compelled to
.■ash it lu order tu satisfy the grocery*
iiiiiii. wlm had uo literary leanings.
But he got oven ul Inst, lie sent off
ten poems n< different publications,
marking Ihem $5 eneli._ And ho sold
tho ten at thai price.
-it's ii .■ome dowu." lm Bald, "n falling wiih u dull (luul. tun mn times
live is 50. I'm sii|| in tbe $50 clhss!"-
A t In mn L'onstlilillou.
Whs* Mi* Bnillcs,
Tin iniili' lliut wienllif* my fa<*-o it not
Tti* mil It ol one whn won
Tin l*i*i- Iir made election day]
l ttnlli' lm itiK ihe Min
Hail- tn v.   -.'....; lollltn ot ths icar
Wlirn f-.i*:<Ko li tha Rtune,
Anil to tilt lni-.il.ta-a laUr, loi
t\n buckwhctl ctkN Iihtb rtmo.
—Onltimorc Newi.
APlLLl'OlHiKNi'.milS EATER3.-
Tbora nre many pora ms of healthy appe*
t- te nnd poor digi uttunwho.aftut a hearty
meal, art* subjeol tu uiUO i nufforlng, The
food of whioh iinv hnve partaken li>*s like
lend iu iheir itomachs. lleidaehc do-
piessloii, a smothering fei ling follow.
Om su iitlluted is until (ur hu>iuo*fi or
work of nny kind In this condition
Pamioleo's Vfgotable fills will hring relief, 'llu-y will ,■..*. si tbe •s-imlhtinn ol
the sll ment, an i u-e ' according to direction will restore boalthy tUge-iuon
llwnyi tin* u riiuu ThhtB.
"'riiere's a li'.i-l iniw tn COUtrO] the
output of peanuts."
"Well, whal we need is a trust to
■rnnli'i'l ihe oulfltlt of peanut shells."-
Chlcago liceoid
Poetry Bill fori nnO l'm-li Bsoe|tt«tl,
A mnn musl be pnt lent with every
burn whn cniucs III. for lhe leilsun I list
the mnn mny some day have fi to
spend with htm.-Atchlson Ulobe,
Don I on l lnliim-n.
Fogg—The lOlJK ;M  lhe ellHi are rath
er r-eveie on Morton Tltcy say lie has
mom mo no j limn brnlns.
Bn-M I Should Mill Huil n CO 111 pi I*
nioin frum their polni of view. Thoy
could posslblj have uo use tor a umn
Willi brains,   Host an Tinuseripi.
Serious Conditions that Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills can
Readily Cure.
Ono of the Indtoatlona of urlous heart
Iroiiblo is tlm itinsatlon of weakness or
ftlnlnoH th'd oomes on nt limcu-
Bometlmei it is simply a dlasy feeling
Iimt piuMI ofT, nr it mny boa hlntouf Ull-
with bunds nud, fool ould
and countenance
ghastly pnlo.
TIiomi hytnp-
toms  ludiufilo  a
weakened heart.
They aro unniis-
of tlie engine of
life brooking
Now there's
only one rclinble
remedy for restoring strength nnd vitality
to weakened hearts and relieving nil the
distressing symptoms. It Ib Milburn's
Uonrt nnd Norve Pills.
The case of Mrs. A. Strntton, Frederio-
ton, N.&., amply proves this. Here ts
hor elntomen':
"I Suffered very much from nn impoverished condition of the blood, coupled
with extreme nervousness. A dizzy sensation on arlBlng qutokly or coming down
stairs, often troubled mo, and my breath
wits so short that I could not walk up
stairs. Tho least exertion caused my
heart to duller and palpitate violently,
nnd I sometimes felt a smothering sensation on going to sleep.
I doctored back and forth for my weakness, but I got no relief from any medicine
until I tried Milburn's Henrt nnd Ncrvo
Pills, nud I can Bny that thoy helped mc
wonderfully, fiometlmofi my face and
anus would swo'.l and puff, but till theso
troubles speedily yielded to the reHinring
influences of Milburn's Heart ond Norvo
I'i I Is, and I am now strung nnd well. I
iid not use thOlll long until I regained tho
ilessinu of healthful, refreshing sleep and
it will always lie u. pleasure to me to
recommeud thom to othors,"
Bakers' Bad
We little know ihe toil and
hardship that thoso who make
thn ' * Staff of Lite'' undergo.
Lonjr hours in superheated
and poorly ventilated workrooms is bard nnthe system,
gives tbo Kidneys more -work than thoy
can properly do, throws poison into the
system that should bo carried off by these
delicate filters.  Thon the back gets bad—
Not much use applying liniments and
plasters. You mast reach the Kidneys to
euro tho back, 1>0AN'S Kidney Pills
euro atl kinds of Bod Hacks by restoring
the Kidneys tn healthy action.
Mr. Walter Huohunnn, who hns conducted a bakery in Strait, Out., for thi
paat 15 years, nays;
" Fur a man! it nf ypuri iir*v,im-i to UlctSS
Dii'iii'l Kliliipy t'llli I •oifT.-r.-i) » great <l.t\\ Irum
wuii* I'lnu* uito-j* iliomnall of my i*n<*k, vilin in
thi I'.i - i f my i\m_\, ill'ill'I'll, wmry l-willli'- mnl
j"tn>ri»l ilii'iilily. Krnin thn flnit Ivor d»i>-xi nf
[Jflin'l Ki-lii* V I'illi I 'inniiii'in-i-d in iiiiiirn-re. nnj
I havo cnnttnuiHl until I um to-dajr u w-ull man.
I huve not U"t -*• I>.il*i "r n"'"' al—m nn* My ln-ml li
llsarl Hie urinary ilifiliullks nil sonal my Utfptl
iHri-*lilug and ur ;i<-.:ti.  UUiu* unit li.aufor
.So rapidly docs lung Irritation t-prend
and deepen, tlmt often lu u few weeks a
ilmnle cough enltuin>t*a tn tuboraolar
oonsumpttun.   (ii*.e heed to «   euui*!i,
there ts always dnuifer In delay, ytel n
hot tlu of {Sickle's AotbConsumptlve
tiyrup, and cure younelf, lt is » medioine Unsurpassed for ull thront mid   Iumj*
troubles, lt te oiiupnundou trom leveral
herbs, eaoh ono of wblon Btnuda nt the
head uf tbe list ob exerting a wonderful
Infinenoe ln curing oonsninptlon and ull
IllUg dlKOILSO!!.
[Sure cure tur Iniomala     Commit to mttuoT]
! jud repeat over, tapiillj, i\Uliaul hii'Mtliiiij-. until
I vou gn ii> iltcp i.i r
! He traveled aver Florida, mil lb* map hail beeu
1 Ou hit many nieiiiai tablets. I't'inacoia iu Kej
| .-ui-d  yuu couldn't  doubt   hla  knowledge,  tor  tie
It-re'i* Imd tbe tiilli
I On  the names cl al)   tbe   pUcti (rom   Vulee to
Saddle Hunch.
| lint he mich to It in ronnantlr, and lie taurod
(lie Mau- so long
I That he itnilned his cerebellum, and bli tired
Itntii Went wrung.
I fntil  now. Mt Cliattaboocliee. caged wilhin Ihe
(lidded lells.
Prom early dawn till  laie at night be tragkallj
AlaDa, Muannjiv. Panaufflieffi Boi ■.
■ i-^.A-m.,, VVacalioota, Utone, Klnliollowa-f,
|*a| ng Bala, i matllia, * ■ *■  ami Kelero bay.
Tallaha*M.-c, K umIui. t* kti k ■. Usual *.
I'madrna, r- nrjiii^i., I'lculatu, Utieka ■
All aboard tor Ukaliumfiha, IVtthlacoodice, Koca
Ve'll Juki lake a trip to Joppa, Ulaaocultta anil
.i-.ii ii ..I mi i •■■ -. i hi] toot a, ii-**' and n&l toi tl
'u k; -i- iIkIi to Jupiti r, !(■ nwo i*^ Ju li ttt
nlTlailii'ii,  llypoluxo,  l.in'ihfi ami 1,-iiiarli,
lomgnna. laagora, l ■ lUnl and uroni    I'a
ahi- In Jackaonvllli  i**. doyli||lil *m\ "..', aftei
hangfl tun, here i"i Kucliee Annai il ranger, havi
'u l.urni.'ili,'-*, tk Ma wa ha, Injunbanmr, Nnv ll,*r
*o  Thonotoaam,   Qoehen,   IVewahilehka  or   iu
u^Us -ieMd etwtu. ft/nttr .
 7J/imu$Ofoti.fiw dbtfiJttvotmA,
HIU «»»BI   PlOWl,   IEEDKB JMtHllll,
r.rrUt—-.   n^ou.,   II.in.».. WlDdmllUl
tO.   riKKilltlT  I'l.ilff OO., Hluulper
nil kinii.
\\f ti mi ii hhurlliaad, all Bnalnoaa >ui>.
IVflti   nnd   Til.cmiiliy       No   BolltlRyi   «t
Xiuaa   i u.iii.u iiiHtnuturn.  Students
limy outer nt nny lime,   Qet Partlcnlara,
0« W. DONALD, Bee,
Wi V 0.
n,1 Nm
oil ml IliUmlum HI
tc, Vh<>
When vour birds have bowel ills-
ooeo, ohanso tho food for a few days
mid at the Bairio time change the grit.
■'Swelled bond," or excessive self-
assurance is ofton, according to Dr.
Campboll, in Tho British Medical
.Iniininl, it syiniitoin uf tbo incipient
Biago of goui'rul paralysis.
A GrovoKond (Eng.) T. P., wl-i will
i-i'li'iiruto his iiiuotioib birthday in
Jiunmiy noxt, commeucod to riuo h
bicyclo laat yenr, mul continues to do
wo without llm least nervousness.
Dr. Tboinus' Kuleotrlo OU abould be used
by 'persons trnublcd witb affections of ths
throat or lungs, sores upon the skin,
rlieunifttlo tialn, corns, bunions, or external InJtirW The reasons are, that It
Is speedy, pure nnd unobjeetlonable,
whether tnken Internally or applied outwardly.
Numr-Mii From Go-nr-ffln,
When the dollar rings, there Is always u rush to open the door.
Tlioro is gold iu the land, but we enjoy It most wheu tbo other fellow digs
for it.
Take timo by the forelock. It Is nlso
wise to take the mule there.
You can't get on tbe sunny side by
wait tug for the world to turn round.
Men who live in the stars generally
think tills Is a hard world wben they
come tumbling dowu.—Atlanta Constitution.      	
Croup Promptly  Relieved.
Mrs. J, Slmms, Mt. Pleasant, Vancouver, B. C, writes; "One of our children
has been (Object to croup almost slnuo Us
birth. We Iiml Griffith's Menthol Liniment always to give prompt rullof, and
would not be without It ln our homo. Aa
n liniment we do not think It has any
"qua).   AU drugglstB, 20uts.
Seemed Qu|to rruiiniii-i*.
"Sold my Btory, old muu," exclaimed
the writer joyfully.
"Well, do you know; 1 thought from
!tn Item 1 snw In the paper that very
likely you bad been successful," returned tlie cynic.   "When did you sell
Last Monday."
Just hh I thought According to the
ier a innganlne editor waa commit*
io an asylum for the feeble minded
esday."—Chicago Tost.
( niii.-. ■■ l.lttle Joke.
Sum 11 nnd Norvoils (ieut-IOr-are
you quite sure, cabman, Hint your
horse won't bolt?
l'lieetlous Cobby—Lor', yus! Why,
wk all your Weight In (lie keh, 'e could
not bolt tor save "is 11 foi—Judy,
Miiiard's Liniment Cores Colls. Etc.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
Privrie Wire Connection wl h a'l Leading
Mttrkets. Grain andRecurltlea Bought, Sold and
C irrled on Marg ns. 0 i r.'Siiondence t-Jollolted.
Private Cypher Code Furnished u|>on Aplilti-a*
148 Princess St., Winnipeg, Man.
1*. O. DUAWKU 1987.
Pay In SORJP for Dominion Land, ttt
Save 20 per Cent. Discount.
For (ull iDfonniitloQ ii'iply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any offico of the MERCHANTS' BANS
CANADA ln Mknitube or Um Wmi.
t I (
!n- ilo
inl I
tiiudrn.iN unt,
Ami I Ihot-Klil 1 would add to ll. Imi regrel u
su.v l inn'l,
For BopeliO|ipj' uml  Kirn ('nllfe woro ilu* ucx
nurt.es on Hit* list,
Then Ocliiico mnl Ocklochh-eo— pleaH esriuo me-
I desist.
— I'd win 1>. I.nnilnit'lii In Tltripi 'I'Iiik**.
Win.- us for full Informal!
Real Estate And Financial Brokers,
375 Main St., Winnipeg.
Um STEELE ft %-:.ml   i ir«i. t.m
Vapetx.net tmteeettee     fcfclftgSa,
f till II. H-4iolM-.il,Out.      —KM B.hplcM
NA11KS, lumiNsON
111.At I
Tliv IIiiMiik  I'llN-*Ion.
Tlio cUn'gyninu iiml llnlshetl, nml the
ot'gnn wus iH'filiiijj; forth the Honoi'otis
riipliirc uf thu MiMitlcissoiiti maivli
"One niuiiiciit, Ocorgc," snlil the rn-
iliiint brhlc, mnl fiicliiK the nutlliutrc
she ml.Hi'il lipp i<M|iilKlii'l,v bniiuil.
tliOligli sunii-wlmt Inilk.v. |ir;iyi>i' book
in Iht iliiluilly Klnveil hiinils nml |)0lllt*
eil li directly nl ihe bi-illhiut iiiiillclicu.
There wna n sliiir|i elicit.
"All rlfflit, Ueni'Ke," snlil llie hrltle;
"(•nine nlullK."
Ami ns ll:i-,v tunrcllPfl i low ii the iilslo
she Hhowed hlin iimt Hte Hiip|mnt-tl
lifii.vet* boult wnsn't u innjer bonl-* nl
nil.    h wns tt euini'i-ii.
"It's my own lileii, llcorffc," bIio
wliisjiet'eil. *'t'ii*vi*i*, isn't UT-Olovo*
iiiii'l I'lniu henler.
During the year the sinro devoted
to advertising MINARD'S LINIMEwT
will column expressions of uo uncurtain sonml from peo-ule wbo speuk
irom personal expetienoe aa to tbe
merit! of tbis bent of Household Remedies.
Kin* Wnim-il to Hi* Si*i*ii.
ExIlHlJiH'ilIt'll Old (leiillcmnii ito lady
in frou| nf Imtu- I'aciim* im>. Iliiiiliilii,
but tu,v scut co**I ine 10 shillings, tlml I
wnnl tn see.    Your Imt—
The l.ii.ly-Mj* htll hns cost me IU
Ktiitteas, sir, umJ I wnnt to he soonl-
riiutb.  .
Will fit Wiih 8 ii (tom Jul.
"I'oni- old Sluilihii*; Tlie Cl'ltlCS ripped
hlm lip (lie bnck, 11 run nu need his book
it rulg-nr prntlticiinn unlit lo he rend"—
"And theu Skiihhii' knew u good tlllllK
when he wiw ll"—
"And wrote ituiitber une.   Exactly."--
Ualliiuort* News.
Hiiari's Liniment Cores Distemper.
The Monument ot tlie Soiitf.
"These songs of ihe sen are very
Impressive," she exclaimed when tlie
full chested baritone hml censed wnr*
"Ves," answered lhe youug mun who
lacks poetry, "but they'iu misleading
Vou get nu idea that after n mini hns
been In the unvy awhile he goes nrouud
singing iilmiii ids home on the rolllug
deep when everybody knows thai If hits lucky bis lionic will he right here in
Washington."— Washington Star.
Tom Cnrwln'it "111111111.
Tom L'oi'iviii inni uu enormous
month, Ue ome wild he had been lu-
sulted hy Deacon Smith. i'he gnml
brother a-sked tor I ml her explanation.
"Well," snid Corwlu. "when I stood
tip in the lecture room lo relate my
QXperlenoo ami I opened my inotilli,
Dcaeoii Smith rose up in front and
said. 'Will some brother please close
thnt window ntul keep li elosedV"'-
Siin l-'rnncisco Argonaut.
A S|ii>i-liurn at C-DOknO**   lluiiiiir.
It enuslsis uiciely In Iguqrlug Ihu liu
lllile tu- u-aglc side or a runny iiln
thin. Everybody knows tha old iloi
or Uie cockney Inugblllg Rftor tt Hr
" Mump, yer silly fooll' i snys, 'Mc t
my mite's got a blanketI' An u d
j inn'l), un there warn't uo iiluuKei, i
'0 broke 'Is blonmln neckl l.inighV
nvon't huiglied so much!" — Hine
Algeria since the year I**1'"- has in-
creii-ed its railway sysiem by no lets
(huti I.DS1 miles.   New llui'a nre under
i Btrtielltiii, Works mi the tln-tti Sidmra
liue Intro also been sinrittl.
A now tj|ie ul eleelrii railway cur is
being nseil In Llnisseli, lite Dbjeet nf
which Is io mince ulr resistance    Tbe
the i trailer uml mutnrmati Ik'Iih; its'
tiuiiul iu the angle.
AmniiB tin- cnrlivitii-s in ih» new it nil*
tion prluteil hi is;;:'i warniiig [..tssi-ngers
Unit ti'tiaks ciiiumi he forwarded iiiiIcm
lhey are bruugln lo tbe sutilmi ul least
an hour before he departure of tin* num.
Thsto never was, und novor will be,  a
uulvorsal pnuaoea, lu oue remedy! for all
ilu in wliloh flesh is heir—the very n»tun
it many omntlvea neiiiK luoh thut wt*r«
iim gnrins of Dthet nnd differently »<*«t«*il
diseases rooted lu the systom o( the p»-
tlom— what woul I relieve oue til In turn
would aggmvota th* other. We have.
however, In <J unii;-- fflne, when obtaln-
ihle In rt BQuiut, unadulterated stwe, a
remedy fot many nnd grievous tils. Hy lu
iradual nud judielous use the frailest sys*
tBtiiH urn led Into con villi-see nee and
itrengtb hv the Influenoe which (jumlne
exerts on Naturo's own restoratives, It
relieves tin* drooping Bpirlti of tbon with
whom ii ohronio Btnte of morbid despond-
4Doy and laok of Interest la llfia is » dis*
■ase, uml- by tiiimpiiliziuh the nerves,
llsposea tn soiind and refreshinR ileep—
Imparts vigor t*i the notion of t-he blood,
which, being stimulated, courses through-
■mt the veins, sttengthentng the healthy
animal lunations of tba sy-item, th-^reijy
making aotlvlty a necessary result,
■tnngtneatDg the frame, nnd uivlng life
to the digestive organs, which naturally
demand inoreaseo lulut&nn—resnlt, lm*
proved appetite. Northrop nnd Lyman, of
Toronto, hnvo given tn the public their
mperlor Quinine wine at the nsual rate.
tnd, g;tiig*-'il liy the opinion of -selecttits,
this wlno approaches nearest perf-*ctlon
of any in the market.    AIL druggiits sell
Tlie German Servants' Ordeat.
The young pet-son who tills so im-
[loi'lnnl a place In om* domestic nr
mugementa ns honaomald, pa riorum la
ol* ''getiet-nl" often euougli lakes a
pride In her nppeurnoce, which, though
entirety natural, la sometimes Irritot-
lug io ilie less reasonable lyiie of mis
lri'88, Whnt would she ihlnk if it
were necessary fm* her, as ii apparently is In Germany, before inking a pbice
ns domestic servant to provide lierwU
With a special passbook ia which a full
description of her nppenronce must bej
Tliis description of the German mnbl-.
servant is entered by ilie [wllce of her
native district mul te sometimes die*
tnted more by candor thnn cblvnlry.
The color nf the eyes and hair and ihe
shape of the nose nre all duly chroo-l
leled, nml If the constable is of opln*
Ion thnt any of these features are!
"ugly" lie has no hesitation in say*
lug so,
What possibilities bucIi a system
suggests] Imagine Iho young person
aboul m stnrt n enreer us con!; present*
Ing herself before the local eoosmbie
lo nwult his verdict on her uoso uud
lips!—Loudon St. .Iqinca Gazette. i
Sbe Prefers Musinehes,
"Delia,  are  you   foi   I vug In ml  or the'
"The l-higlhdi near Nidi* nliUkers, nod
ihe Iti.-i*. -.niii ■ inn wbisUers/'-liidlaa* i
.l|. ill- .b.Utlld
luiiiiit- ii  w R«ted,
A Chicago lady who Is the Wife of a
wealthy ami Influential citisen imd a
great deal of trouble recently with 1 ot
domestics. She hud discharged her
cook and seeom| girl nnd for a few
days was obliged to do ber owu cooking,
it was ou one of these mornings tbnt
a peremptory knock sounded on the
kitchen door. She wiped her hands
on tbo apron ami found nl tlte door a
low browed, insolent looking mau. wuh
a small satchel swung over Ids shoulder.
"Go nnd tell your mistress I want to
s.*c her, Bridget." be said, with a
wave -jf the baud. Madnui surveyed
hlm in silence n moment and theu replied stiitiy, ''l don'l choose to."
■*ub, yon don't, eb? Well. now. trot
along, my dear, ur I'll have you Bred,"
he returned, with n vicious glance.
Mn. Blank was backing within. To
be so Insulted on Imr own doorstep was
snch a heinous crime tbnt ber resources
failed her. Hut in a moment sbe bit
upon a plan thai would bring ihis
piece of insolence to abject humility.
Drawing her stately Qgure up to thc
full uml Qxlng ou liim a gaze of Imperious disdain, she said in measured,
frigid tones; "I mu ibe lady of the
Did he quail? Ob.no:
"Aa* youl" be rejoiued quickly.
"Why didn't you say so and uot keep
mc wailing ail this lime? I got some
soap here thai you want, and"-
lle was staring at the door while ibe
bang echoed out over bis shoulders iuto the yard-—Chicago News.
The Dancer of Mode**t> in Politics,
Tbe chairman of the Elate committee glanced at the latest batch of returns and sighed wearily. His look
was the look of n man who had no
hoiie. who saw an nbyss at his feet and
km-v that lie must plunge Into It.
-Why, what's tlie matter?" his chief
assistant asked.   "You look ill."
"I am." tbe chairman replied. "Have
you seen those latest figures'*"
'■Yes. but surely tbere is nothing in
them to discourage you. They only
add to tbe glorious victory we have
won. Our plurality keeps petting
greater and -greater as the distant
counties are beard from."
"Yes," groaned tbe chairman, "that's
tlie trouble. My career as a campaign
manager is ended. After this 1 shall
be shelved. The party managers will
never repose auy confidence iti mo
again. Our vote will be at least 8,000
above my highest claim! I bave al-
trays been afraid that my accursed
modesty would ruin ine, and now tbo
worst has come."—Chicago Times-Herald.
I40n--alli.il   ol   I,OTC,
"i wonder," be said, "if I ought to be
■What's happened?" asked bis friend.
"Why, 1 went to ber father and baid
that, because of my deep love for bis
daughter, I wanted to marry her."
"Well, ho said that, because of his
deep hive for bis daughter, he wouldn't
permit it. Now, do you think that 1
ought to be mad or Jnst disappointed r"
-Chicago Post.
A girl should never throw away her
old slippers. They win come lu handy
nt her wedding—and much handler in
after years.—Chicago News.
The secret of success in life Is for a
man to be ready for his opportunity
when It comes.
Hrl.-rn Krom Illllvllle.
Tlie market reports lell us there is
great activity iu money. Fact Is, It's
so active we llnd It Impossible to catch
up with it.
Admiral Schley is a whole sotlled fellow, with a streak or human nature In
bim as hip ns a hunt door.
The Blllvlllo fair was u great success. The mules rati no fast over the
race course they shook oft ull the limit-
Aceordlnii tn statistics.
No vouni*. woman over c..fii
Tn rime
Drif-iiliig w li h In i nidi ■ nimt
Ai Uo'iur.
■—t*Mtaipi 'IVIIjud*.
Hturl'i Uitntit Cira GiriEi U Cm
Winter is a trying time f<ir most
pc Iple— especially so for delicate
ones. Colds, la grippe and pneumonia find them easy victims.
Do you catch cold easily ? lt
shows that your system is not in a
condition to resist disease. You
will be fortunate if you escape
Nature is always fighting against
disease.    The right kind of medicine is the kind that helps Nature by toning up the system and
enabling it lo resist disease.   Such a tonic is only found in Dr,
Williams' I'ink Pills for Pale People. By building up thc blood
and strengthening the nerves these pills reach the root of disease, restore health, and make people bright, active and strong.
Mrs. K, Do-ceej Gruveuhnrsl, Out., writOB:~"I believe that
Dc WillUm,' Pink 1-illa mred my life.   Wheu 1 began their um I
wiis io wciik that I wa. eeareely abln io b« cut t*t my bud, and
»)lo*-.td ever. n>miiii,m of pitm: intu a deolinn.    I was paio, emaoi-
fttt-rt, h*.1T.-i ."i Irom headacht-K and mnvo exhatmlon.    I used Dr.
Wllllamm' Pink I'.lls for a coupln of montha, and they havo coin,
ploit-ly rctoied me."
Sold by all dealers or post paid at 50 cents a box, or six
boxes for $2.50, by addressing the Dr. Williams' Medicine
Co,, Brockville. I.O.O.F.   Kc> City Lodga
No, l-i   MooUovery Krt*
ii;»y ntuiit iii llielr hull on
Uakor street.   soloimUiig
hi Follow-j cordially UivitctL
lines nnu.     J. I'. I'ink,   A. 1.. MoDormot
V, (».
i*c y.
Books, etc.
Beattie's Drug Store,
Post Office Building.
Picked  Up About the Cily  by Askln*
Questions uf Many  People.
Wuii for thc UouteMltiBlreU
Sandy McDqugnl is iu town a^-iin.
Concert »i Forrest hall S.iinrd*-y night.
George Hoggarth came np from 1
Inst Priday.
I*. J Smyth, of tbe Moyie Leader, was
n visitor Monday.
It is rumored tbnt a saw mill is to be
put tip nt W.liillli'l.
Don't forget the Cnthnllc concert nl
Forrest hull Snlunlay night.
Don't forget the Jubilee Siegtrs al the
Me tho til at church ou tbe aSib.
Churles ICiiuif.tiiin,  of Movie, talks of
j-oiiin to tbt* Philippine Islands.
P I Moore ntul J. M MeCracken, of
Hloyic, wt;re in town last Friday.
A. Leitch, wife nud sou expect to re
turn home a week from Saltwlny,
IV. II- Rosi nnd Alex Watson enme
over from Fort Steele Inst SHlutclsy.
The C, ti- K-- iee liousc hns been filled
tins week with tee from Moyie lake.
D. J. Elmer, of Moyie, wns a visitor in
Crnnbrook last Friday and Saturday.
C, Woodford, of lhe liitemationnl
hotel of Wardner, was iu town today
Two frerb n.tlk cows nnd 2oo liens for
sfile. Apply to V, McCi nil -11
\V. P. Gurd, the solicitor, is having a
handsome office fitted up in the townsii
Charley Armstrong 1ms returned to
l-'ort Steele after a prolonged visit in
J. T. Laidlaw, of Port Steele, passed
thron-Lili the cily yesterday enroute to
To lei—one unfurnished and two fur*
nlslled rooms, apply opposite McPar*
lane's shop.
Oeruiau Soy, Rubbers mul Msckinaws
going hi cost, at the Porl Steele Metcan
tile compauy,
Mr. nnd Mrs. LeUgh Mmisfield enme
up from Moyie SnUinlny Un a brief visit
between trains.
Tbe bicycle livery building thnt is be*
ing erected by Ilobart W. l'arrolt, i;
nearly enclosed.
Messro. McParlntie and Dickerson are
busy getliiiK llieir new barber shop and
bulb rooms in shape.
Hurry McViltie came over from Port
Steele yesterday to look alter some business lor tbe brewery.
\V. T. Reid nnd wife went to Fori
Steele yesterday to nllelid a concert
Hiven there Inst night.
The Port Steele Mercantile company
nre selling Rubbers, Muckinnws nnd
German Sucks nt cost.
There will be plenty of fun at Forrest
ball Saturday eveninn. Songs, etc., gu-
lore.   He sore mwl attend.
A cost sale of Rubbers, Oerninn Sox
and Miukinnws mnv on at the Port
Steele Merc-iutUe company.
1*:. II. Small has a pair nf line Kngllsh
pheasants iu bis window thai are nllnict-
inn !l I!"'1,1 ■■*■''■• ol" attention.
Tom Pri^tor, of Nelson, is tulked of
ns one oi the cundidates in the Nelson
riding for the provincial house.
The Home Minstrels will play for the
benefit ol the fire department, and tbere
ia no gUU-tanteQ feature about it.
O, Mel* Hrown, executive ngent for
the C, IV-Ri with heaiU|iiarlers at Vancouver, wns iu llie cllv this week.
Tweutysloiehogs foi sale, five months
old.   Filce J7.00 to tio.oo each.
1'. MeCounell.
Neil Mcl.eod Cnrrnu, nl the Noitb
Star Mining company, wns in the city
\Ute week ou business connected with
lhe mine.
ll II. C.ilpiu bus his flore nnd wine
rooms in line shape now, and lias nn Op-
pnrtuulty lo'dwploy hi" hir^c slock to
nu advantage.
J. R. Cosli^nu went lo Crows Nest this
week In defend a mint Charged witb taking coal from the C. F, R., and secured
his nci|iiittal.
MiasMcI.eay, of Lelhbridge, hns arrived in lhc city aud taken climge of the
millinery depaitment nt Ibe store of
Uremner & Son.
W. T. Reid St Co. will move into their
now storeroom next week, Tbey will
have one of the finest storetoonis 111 the
Contents of a furnished bouse for
sale. Will he sacrificed Also n piano
und cabinet sewing machine.   Apply,
Postofliee box 127, Crnnbrook.
James Kerrigan, Ibe wholesale grocer
nud liquor denier, is getliny bis establishment in sb.ipe to embark in llie bottling business ou a more extensive scale.
William Stewart, lhe hotel owner,
mine owner nud genefnl rustler of Sam!
creek, was iu town lasl week mid report*
ed everything looking well iu that district.
Col. Topping, of Trnil, one ofthe best
known milling operntom in British Col*
umbia, was a passenger on the train Prl*
...Reserved for..
Leask & Rankin
29 Particulars next week.
■ -   M—mnassm 1 ■*—*—■*—■■■■
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
Pour Inis nortli of the Methodist church,
Wholesale and retail -dealers
In all kinds of   ...   .
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Pish and Game in Season.
j^l^Orders culled (or mid proiup'ly delivered.
dnv enroute to Montreal and New Yoik
tu close up a big deal he has on hand.
R, 1*;. lleattle received ihis week a
great many new lines of stationery and
stationery novelties,
Owing to a washout on the main line
near Banff, the passenger train was sent
bv way of Crnnbrook last Monday.
There were seven conches and tno engines.
Nurse llearle, formeily of tbis cily,
but of late assistant to Dr. 1,-illati in
Nelson, is ill, mnl has been sent to the
detention house 10 await tbe development of ber symptoms.
Avaloll note and envelopes are the
correct thll'g,    Al IK-ntti**-'.-).
J. C. Slater, of Waieidown, Ont., has
arrived in the city nml will take charge
of the inside work at I.'ask's sash and
door factory. Mr. Leask will devote
more time to outside business.
George Milliard has returned from an
extended visit in Toionto and bis old
home. He is looking line ami feeling
well, and will arrange nt ouce to lake
charge of his business in tliis city.
Pisk's Jubilee Singers will appear nt
lhe Methodist chinch on the evening of
the 38th. Tbis organization bas a reputation of many years standing, aud its
entertainments nre always first class.
The Webb-Hodadon recital at the
Presbyterian church March 22 promises
to be n rare treat.
Mr. Fisher, for eleven mouths superintendent at the Pernie mines, bas led
there mid gone lo the coast lo take
charge of tbe Dunsmuir mines. Mr.
Fisher is a practical man in liis business,
mid did great work in tbe Pernie mines.
The Giant Powder company have decided to locate n warehouse in Cranhrook
nnd make ibis luwn their distributing
point for South Kast Kootenay. J. H,
I'ink, of Ihe l-'ort Sieek* Mercantile company, is looking af-.er the company's interests hete,
It is not often thai the people of Cranbrook have nu opportunity to hear two
such celebrities as Miss Kthel Webb and
Mr. W. Graham Hodbdun. Tbey will be
at the Presbyterian church on March 22.
Jas Gill, of Revelsioke, has arrived
in tbe city to lake charge of the Gilpin
store. Mt. Gill is a man of varied experience in a business line, ami comes
well recommended. He is well pleased
with Cranhrook nnd thinks she has a
great future.
A. W. McVittle, while coming in from
the Pay Roll last week, was severely
kicked by a lunse. The calk oi the uul-
nial's shoe struck Mr. McVittle between
the shoulders, cutting through all of his
clothing. Portunatelytaside from 11 bud
bruise, 110 other damage was done.
Waghorn's Guide fur March is out,
am! lhe lime tables, steam ship sailings,
post oflices, etc, ate all tip-lo-duie.
Among the new features ofthe guide aie
ilu* barristers lists of N W. T. and western OutUtio ami a new cily map, showing electric car lines and cati limits. Tbe
latter will he found very useful lo tttiuug-
ers visiting Winnipeg.
master mechanic; E. j. Coyle, Vancouver, assistant general passenger agent:
Thomas Tait, manager of lines east of
Winnipeg, bis secretary, W. P. Cnllen,
mul G. S. Ceutler, superintendent of the
C. P. R. car service.
Mr, Whyte expressed himself as well
pleased wilh tbe appearance of Cranbrook, commenting 011 the great growth
since bis last visit.
What's Vour Face Worth?
Sometimes n fortune, but never, if you
have a sallow complexion, a jaundiced
look, moth patches and blotches on the
skin—all signs of Liver Trouble. But
Dr. King's New Life Pills give clear skin,
rosy cheeks, rich complexion. Only 25
cents at Heattie's drug idore.
To  the  Shareholders ol the Black
Mining Company, Limited, of
Kimberley, II. C.
A general meeting of the shareholders
will he held at S p 111.. on the I5lh day of
Ma'cli, lyoc, nt lhe Cranhrook hotel,
CranlinoK, II. C.
Chas, Estmere,
Itl uk licar Mining Company, Limited.
Mining Recorder for Ferule.
Robert Biilllck hns been appointed  n
deputy milling recorder for the neighborhood of Pernie.
He Fooled The Surgeons.
All doctors lold Renick Hamilton, of
West Jefferson, O., after suffering 18
mouths from Rectal Fistula, he would
die unless a costly operation was performed; hut he cured himself with
Bucklen's Arnica Salve, the best iu the
World. Surest Pile cure on Karth. 25c
a box, nt Heattie's drug stole.
For Real.
A six room bouse, with cellar and
wood shed, fur a term of mouths.   See
P. E. Simpson,
or McVittie St Hutchison.
Pursuant to "Creditors Trust Deeds Act.'
A New Firm.
J. II  Sibnlield, manager of the Lou-
c otloo l« liereliy Riven tliat ('lenisnt MnRR»
anil l-'rank \V. Hughes, trailing under tin* nnme,
style mi I llrtn at Maun-. & ||il;)ii*.s, in the towns
or Cranbrook nml Miiyle, jii tlieprovlneu nr lu-li-
Ish < '(iliunhiii, have liy deed hearing date the mIi
day ot February, A, U, MUD, ii-tiiKiied alljtlieir
persunal estate, credit-* and effects, wiileimmy
he seized ami sold titular execution, and ull their
renl estate, tn William It. Itiiss, or the town of
l-'ort stewle,in Ilia snid irovlaei-or UritisbCol*
umlila, l-arrl-iter-Ht-luw, In tniHt for tlie* Koucrtil
iii-iiiiiii of (their oreihtii s. The mid deed wan
L'\i'i*iiti"i by Um mill assignor on (be hth day of
IVhiii'iry, iihhi, nnd t>y the snid ns-dgnea m, the
Ivtli day of ivt.niitry. ion», au twrsiiiili, Arms
nnd corporation! luiving damn inwiusi the Raid
Maggs A Hughes arc reijttlrs I lo tiinvnnl to the
undersltincd full pirtloiilant ut their cl'iiims, duly
verilled. ami tlm inilliro or the luotirltli-'*, If uny,
lie.il nn or lirfoip.tli.! :tu.h ilny «r Marcli, WW),
And uollaoli hereby given tlmt ufiar ihe said
notli dny or Marcli, vi\ tin* lUiUnao win pro
ceod to (imiriiiuic the iwicis nt tlie entiite among
tin* I'uitfu* I'liiiticii ilieti'iii, having regard only
to Hie cliiiiH of WllIOll the snlil aiitnaeeshall
hnve Iiml Unties, anil 1i1.it Ui>* said att-ilgnee
1 win not in* responsible (or tin* aueti, or nny
Ion & Liverpool sioie iti this city, was I part thereof, 11 dirtritHtfad mauy per-tuu nr
in lown ibis week cloving upnogotls-! pertion-t. Drill nr ror|toniilmia or whoie debt or
tious wlih John Lbofk ami I'muk Ran-1 •W* !»JMi,'Mi'**L!!S*g t""1 mir
kin, who Iinv
 1, ...„. ,,„. ..... 1 ,llfi I   A meeting of ihe eredhon ntul Hie uld as-
purciioieu the hock nnd ^nor wilt Ca held at Ilia oflkenf CM. Kdwardi
will cf'Uliuuc the Ininitiess.    Mr. K.Mikin
In the mid lown tf nrniibrook on Raturday tha
will go east in a  few days to purchase I lUll d ty of Ki'innary, IDOO, nl Jlo'CIOuh In tlm
addiliumil slock,  and  they propose lo
keep what the people want and sell at
pi ices Hint will -iiovc al tractive. Mr.
Leask will move bis merchant tailoring
establishment into the --nuic building,
The Herald is pleased to see these two
gentlemen engage in hush-ess and pie-
diet for tbem  their share of the patron-
Mr. MacLeod Ooei Hast.
M. H. MacLeod, the civil engineer
who had charge of tbe construction ob
lhe Crows Nest branch uud also on tbe
Nortli Star brancb, left last Pridny for
the east. He will probably be given
charge of some extensive nud important
work 011 the main line near Gulden ihis
Mr. MacLeod's departure Is n source
of grent regiet to the people of Cran
brook, as be bus foi mod many strong
friendships, aud bas left behind bim ii:
this community golden opinions of himself.
Visiting Railroad Officials.
A party of prominent railroad officials
arrived in Crnnbrook Priday front the
west on their regular inspection tour.
It consisted of Willia.n Whyte, super)n*
temledt of lines west of Winnipeg; I).
P, Coyle, secretary; R. Marpole, superintendent 1'ucific division; A. P, Aiiui
stead, secretary; J. Combie, resident engineer at Vnncoiivei; P. P. Oiiteliiu*, recently nppoiulcd engineer of Much iu the
Kootenays;  T. ti, llohbs, UeveHtoke,
hnii'iltblH Ut Inlay ut Feliriiary, lOnn.Q
j. 11. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    ::::::    B.
G. Johnson.,..
W Assayer ***
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
ricMullin & Taylor,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Contract, for nil kimls of brick work
bivt-n prompt attention. llrick for .ale.
ThoNc In ni'cil of lui, k or -Aork .honlil
Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce
Carries complete lines of
Dry Goods, Hen's Furnishings,
House Furnishings, Hardware,
Crockery, Groceries and
Lines complete In all departments,
—-     *■» i **» ■> e*.	
dt dt Special Notice, dt dt
Having recently received a car load of furniture we are in a
position to supply any demand.
Kimberley is Relieved
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
IS|^l^n' Lotsfroin $I2S=$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is tlrst class.
Every convenience lor travelers.
Hotel  S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best oi liquors at thc bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, S2.00 per day.
James Kerrigan
Wholesale Grocer
General Agent
Produce Ej;gs Butler
Whiskey     Wines     licer
Ale   Stout
Kossland Beer in Kegs
T. W. L1:ASK
Planing Mill
••<! Sash and ::
Door Factory
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all k|ttds.
Vrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it.
...Manufacturers of...
Doors jt
jt   Frames
Band Sawing  .-*
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
llliick Pear... 3|4c   Umpire	
Kinilierley Consolidated, loe
Kimberley, B.
Via Craobrook
New Stand
New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
Picture ironies in stock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock of moulding to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest & Co.,
fflFThrct*, doors enst of Postofliee.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Walcli Inspector lor C. |>, R,
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value oi your
money in paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who Understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, oi course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, sec
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Belter Subscribe!   $ 2.00.
British Columbia.
Is the divisional point of the Crows
Nest Pass Railroad.
Has a io-stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South Ea**-t
Cranbrook 's **ie headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
V ®-®-®-
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
H^-gAM)-'-'"!'- 9-® ■*   (!>-»)  ®  '*  ® ® ®-®--<!!>-®-®-&-®-^-®-®-®-®-^^~®-®^^-®
«T4>T«T-! I-, i .-.I.i>i■-(il
-®-fiws-®-ia -®-*u [


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