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Cranbrook Herald Nov 17, 1898

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Array ,
M .Ml'l'l' 35,
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B. E. WAI.KBR, Gen. Ifhtv
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
Accounts ol   Corporations,   Merohants   and    Individuals
reoeived on  favorable  torms.
SAVINGS   DEPAnTMENT---Dopoaits of   $1.00 and upward
rocoivoil nnd current rates o( intorost allowed.
Drafts nnd credits matted, pnynblo at all points,    Exchancjo
CRANlllioOK BKANCM. J, W. H. S.MYTHE, Manager.
• •*•••••••••••*•*••••• ♦*«y»««a»»»>-^a»^*'>-»^'>»--»*^*>'-*--»-^*»-*><i)
X eonard's Restaurant
HmH«*ip(ftH-HH*      s*.      ay
.... THE ONLY....
First Class Place to Dine In the City.
On thc Crows Nest Railway, B. C.
Pioneer Hardware Store
Headquarters for
Plain and Tarred,
■ iimn iitli'-rn. but nn lt lit
"ie tiiiii-hi'Bt anil iviirm-
twit, ItlBthocheniiorit. It
lathe beat lu tlm world.
Compare It with others
Iji'ftirn buylnn.
Write for free nrimplM.
Stoves and Tinware, Paints, Oils and Qlass.
Building and Shelf
Tinsmithing in Connection. :
a. h. niNER.
..... CRANBROOK, B. C.
. . . .Wholesale and Retail Deilert ll
General Merchandise.
(i)>>»» *r+ag-t>ia-t>+-a-m-a ♦-«^-f-i(»1->«»-
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
\ Lite nf Toronto)
Builder and Contractor,
All kltiilt .*f Jobbing promptly attfndad to.   Pa-
tlmatca furalibftl ou aiipUt-ati, a
T. A. Creighton,
Is too busy to write an ad, but
will have something to tell you
later on.   ,*   **   »*   j*   j»
A complete nml wetl'selected slock of Family Groceries,
Milters' Supplies, etc.Juow arriving.
———ft—       . ■!■     ■ s.si.ss ii- I a——m      ,l     I mmam—^^^mfm—m.
Royal Cafe and Bakery
P. B. VAN DECAR, Prop.
Meals Served m nil hours.
Regular Meals,  ■JC(,
Tha.- West the Market Afford* Wvi
Pine i.ino ol Cigars and Tobaccos, Canned (Iood*, Confectionary and Soft Drinks.
fUANiiuiioi- btrubt, Read the Big Sign.
Crows Nest Pass
Coal and
J. H. LAIDLAW,    •
Agent for East Kootenay.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Oa a Tour  uf  Inspects
New Line.
of  the
§    ABOUT   PEOPLE    |
The   Road   Found   in   Condition
for Immediate Freight and
Passenger Traffic.
OH tbo private car Champlaiu, which
arrived in Cranbrook on Monday night
Hithclint to thu regular train, were
Messrs, W. Whyte, general manager of
lhe western division ut tlie & I'. K ;
Robert Kerr, general traffic manager of
tbe sunn* road; Kngineer M. II. Mcl.eod,
of tlie C. N. P., nnd several ladies. On
Tuesday the C. N. P. road passed into
tbe bands of the upending department,
and these officials were making a hasty
trip over the line to observe its condition for traffic.
The party remained in Cranbrook over
night and left early Tuesday morning by
special train for Kootenay lake landing,
returning to this city on Tuesday night,
remaining but a few hours. A Hkkhi.d
representative had a few moment's talk
witb Engineer Mcl.eod and Traffic Manager Kerr, Mr. Wbyte being still asleep
and beyond the reach of reporters.
Asked as to when regular freight and
passenger service would he established
between Craubrook and Kootenay lauding and how often trains would run, Mr.
McLeod stated that service would be inaugurated in a few days—just as soon as
time tables could be prepared- aud that
trains would be run from Cranbrook
west on the alternate days fiom those
now lu effect on the east end. In other
words, trains will leave here Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays going west, returning Mondays,-Wednesdays and Fridays, requiring a stopover of all through
passengers going either east or west.
In regard to the condition of the road
west and the transfer facilities at Kootenay landing, Mr. Kerr informed the reporter that the road was in pretty fair
shape and would be bettered ftom day
today. The arrangements for transfer
at the lake were about complete, In
fact, the first transfer was made ou Tuesday, nine cars of coal beiug taken
aboard the barges from the slip and
started down the lake to Nelson iu tow
of tbe new steamer Movie. All freight
in carload lots will be handled iu this
manner, while passengers will, of course,
go aboard the steamer, quick connection
being mnde at the landing.
Iu reply to the inquiry of the repottci
as to freight rates, Mr. Kerr staled tbat
thc schedules had nut yet been prepared,
but rates would be given shippers along
the line equally as low as those in effect
on the main line. The proportionate
rate from Macleod to Cranbrook, for instance, will be about the same as tbe
rate for a like distance on the main line.
This will materially lessen the cost lo
shippers from the east, as under the tariff charged by the consume!iun department the rales have been more than
Who Will Be thc Superintendent?
Considerable speculation having been
indulged iu here in Cranbrook as to who
is Hkely to receive the billet of superintendent of the C. X. P. road, lhe reporter asked Mr. Mcl.eod who tbe fortunate gentleman was Hkely to he.   Both
Mr. Method and Mr Kerr stated that
matter bad not been determined fully,
hutTHEHKRAi.ii would know in a few
days. It is pretty generally understood,
however, that Mr. M. II. McLeod is to
be the man, and the prediction is here
made that such will he the fact.
About this time the conductor called
"all aboard." and the special pulled mil
for Macleod.
• ••«>•*•>••* *.*><*)
Pro|reis of Work on the Various Improvements Under Way.
Hngiucer Pratt informs Tin, IIi'kai.ti
that work upon the loundhoust* will be
resumed in n few days, the revised plana
now being in his bands. Notwithstanding the senseless rumor circulated ou
tbe streets during lhe past week thai the
roundhouse was to be reduced to (ive
alalia, it can he slated positively lhat
tbere is nn truth whatever iu the report.
The building will contain ten stalls, as
originally planned. The immense water
tank is Hearing completion and will be
ready for filling before lhe water main is
finished, no doubt. It is worth anyone's
while to take a look at this structure.
The foundation frame for the lank proper
ia a perfect netwurk uf timber and iron
and looks as if it might stand until the
judgment day.
The boiler and steam pump to he used
In forcing the water from the pumping
station on St. Joseph's creek have arrived and will be put in position as soon as
the building ia ready, work upon which is
now in p; ogress. Most of the pipe has
also arrived, as well as lhe lead for tnak
ing tbe joints. The work of laying lhe
pipe will begiu as soon as the pump is
Plasterers are pushing lhat part of the
work on the passenger depot as fast as
possible, and when this is finished ihu
building will be ready for occupancy.
And it may be said here that this
structure is nu ornament lo the city and
a credit lo the railway compauy
Strangers are beard lo remark that it is
equal to the best ou the entire C. P. K.
Gangs of laborers are engaged in laying ralll for sidetracks and putting in
tbe switches.
The Iron work for lhe turntable arrived on Tuesday evening.
It is reported that the Pilot liny
smelter will resume operations as noun
as coal can he supplied from the Crows
Nent coal fields.
living In or Visiting Cranbrook, Whom
We All Know or Should.
Col, Brayton made a trip to Moyie
Lake the fore part of tbe week.
Engineer   Pratt returned  to  the city
from Macleod on Monday night's train,
R <>, Jennings, one of hast Kootenay's
prominent mining men, came over from
Port Steele ou Monday.
I*:. J. Hill, the cloihier, returned to
Craubrook on Monday Irom :i business
trip to Lethbridge and .Macleod.
Alex 1'olson, lhe owner of the Kslellu
mine ami other mineral property ou
TraCJ creek, was iu town Tuesday.
Tin* Hl'KAl.D is pleased to note the
appearance of Dr. Brodie OU Ibe streets
of Craubrook alter a serious illness al
St. l.tigeiie hospital.
Mr. A. Leitch returned lo Cranbrook
Monday evening from a trip to Muc'eod.
Mr. Leitch reports very cold, windy
weather on the prairie.
Mrs. Kennedy and family, wife of
Thomas Kennedy, one of Cranhrook's
enterprising merchants, arrived on last
night's train from Nova Scotia, aud will
reside here permanently.
T. K. Mahaffey, of Wardner, was in
town Monday selecting goods from an
eastern drummer to be shipped to Cascade City, where Mr. Mabaifey proposes
establishing himself in business.
Having successfully taken the Vaii-
Decnr family, from ihe oldest to tbe
youngest, tbtougb a run uf typhoid
fever, iu the capacity of nurse, Mr.
Henry Kundred left for Port Steele on
Sunday last.
Editor Simpson and bride will arrive
in Cranbrook Friday evening. So says
a message from Macleod received Ibis
morning, A wreck somewhere east of
tbat place prevented the home-coming
on Wednesday night.
ti. ll. Iieattie. Cranhrook's physic
compounder, left for Lethbridge this
morning iu search ot a molar extractor.
To he plain, Mr. Beattie has been suffering for several days witb the toothache
and has gone awav to have bis mouth
Dr. S. Archibald, who has been tern
porarily in attendance at tbe St, Kugene
hospital during the absence ol Dr. King,
t rcpects to leave Cranbrook soon. Tlie
doctor has not fully decided where he
will locate aud will most likely look
m,er Wefit Kootenny towns btfure making a choice of location.
M P, Ziudorf, ex-member of the
Kootenay Lumber Co. of Warduer, and
now a resident of Seattle, Wash., is in
Craubrook, but upon what business The
IIi.ku.I) cannot say. He wae in tbe
hands of Col. Brayton Wednesday, and
the colonel will laud the gentleman if
he is on the lookout for town property,
J. Fred Smythe, the versatile editor
and sole owner of the Moyie Leader,
paid bis first visit to Fort Steele oue day
this week, "passing through Cranbrook." Till' Hi'BAi.D hopes the sights
and pleasures enjoyed In Steele were a
sufficient recompense for tbe trip, for a
tie pass and no shoe shop iu sight is bad
medicine for oue who is nearly down to
his "uppers."
Landlord lioggarlh was In lown from
Blk tivcr Monday looking up the matter
of securing lumber for his new hotel,
which he contemplates erecting at that
place. He had iteen informed since
leaving home that a sawmill was enroute for Klk river, which, if true, would
obviate the necessity of transporting
lumber from a distance.
J. H, King, the popular young physi
ciau aud surgeon who left Cranbrook
for Victoria about five weeks ago for the
purpose of taking his professional ex.
amination at the capital, returned to thc
city Ust Thursday. It is. perhaps, need'
less for Till', HiiRAi.ii to say that the
doctor stood a highly creditable exam'
illation before the board and has re
turned to assume charge of patients at
tbe St. Fugene hospital. He will, we
understand, nttend to professional calls
for his services from the general public.
Mr. W. J. Hamilton was in towu from
bis ranch ou Tuesday. W. }, and
brother are in a number of enterprises
since closing work on tbeir mining
claims. Recently they erected a cabin
for Messrs. Pieper St Currie, who propose doing -ome work upon their mining properly soou, and are now engaged
in putting up au ice house, which they
intend to fill Ibis winter. Between
times tbey cut cord wood and expect
soon to be in shape to furnish material
to freeze or thaw out people of Cran-
Pfrst Fire in Cranbrook.
Saturday morning last at about 4
o'clock the office car of Accountant
Slubbs, of thc boarding department of
the C. N. P., which was standing on a
sidetrack in the Cranbrook yards, caught
lire and before anything could be done
to extinguish the (lames all of the house
portion of the eer with its contents was
destroyed. Thn fire is supposed lo have
been caused by gas explosion from the
coal stove. Mr. Stuhhs was sleeping in
the car and got out with only his night
clothes, losing all of his wardrobe, besides Lhe books and papers pertaining to
the business.
■uired amount of money in ao short a
time. Tbe syndicate asked fur an ex*
tension of time, but this was refused by
Hie owners of ihe property.   Tbe mine
can now easily be bonded for a figure
much above the former price, nnd it
will not be long until another deal is
made —Movie Leader.
jW» et tt-m *
SALAD   and A
Any person living iu London, Rng-
land, on November 9II1 in any year wil
find the central part of lhe city and the
west end en fete. It is Lord Mayor's
day. Early if) the day thousands upon
thousands of people throng into the city
from all parts of suburban Loudon to gee
the lord mayor's show. The windows of
tin- stores doing business on the Streets
along which the procession is to pass aie
fixed up with seats aud there is a great
demand for such excellent accommodation. Fortunate are those who are on
terms of friendship wiih the proprietors
of these stores. Jt is astonishing how-
many friends a busiuess man discovers
on such an occasion, or rather, who discover him. All along the route of lhe
procession there is a great display of
flags and bunting, Arches are erected at
the more ptomiueiit places. Iu fact, the
work of decoration begins fully two
weeks before the event is to take place,
so elaborate are the decorations. Then
at night, particularly iu lhe West Kud,
there are all kinds of fantastic illuminations, tbe fronts of some of ibe large
business houses being literally covered
with electric lights or gas ji-ts. Sometimes a motto appropriate tu the occasion is blazed out iu flaming gas {els.
Sometimes an emblem is artistically arranged with colored electric lights.
Many thousands of people tramp the
streets for an hour iu the evening to see
the illuminations,
The procession leaves the Guildhall
am] is mnde up of soldiers, sailors, firemen with their engines, civic and
political dignitaries, and usually come
specially emblematic cars to bring to
mind events of great importance. This
year the friendly feeling that exists between the United States and Britain was
fittingly represented, and also the recent brilliant achievement of General
Kitchener in tbe Soudan. After traversing a number of streets and calling at
the law courts for the swearing-in part
of the proceedings, the procession re-
ttirna to the Guildhall and the guests
then arrive for the great reception and
But tbe lord mayor's banquet is more
than a friendly gathering of the chief
magistrate of London and his friends.
The next morning there is a great demand for newspapers, the public being
eager to discover what political revelations have been made, for the prime
minister of Great Britain is the principal
speaker and is supposed lo give the public a good idea as to tbe state of the foreign relations of the nation and indicate
in a general way the policy of Britain.
It can easily he imagined that the speech
of the premier was specially important
this year on account of tbe recent
strained relations between Britain and
France, but very little had transpired
since Lord Salisbury's utterances at the
banquet given to General Kitchener.
Tbere seemed to be an undertone of Insecurity discoverable in the prime minister's speech. While immediate danger
is past, all is not yet as it should I.e.
Lord Salisbury attached great weight to
the appearance of the -United Stntes
as a factor iu Asiatic affairs, aud possibly
iu European diplomacy. He said that
this is a "grave and serious event which
may not conduce to the interests of
peace, though in any event it is likely
to conduce to the interest uf Great
The premier referred to tiie invitation
ofthe czar to a congress to provide for
the discrmament of lhe world, and said
that "while we offer our heartiest tribute*
to hts motives and are willing to assist
and sympathize In every way until the
happy day wben bis aspirations are
crowned with success, we must still provide precautions needful to counteract
tbe dangers surrounding us." This does
not sound like confidence that Ihe congress proposed hy the czar will bring
about the much-lo-be-desited disarmament, but it may help to produce a hitter feeling among the nations aud thus
conduce to peace.
Bond Was Not Taken Up.
The bond on the Moyie and Queen of
tbe Hills mine, which was held hy the
Fort Sleele Development Syndicate of
London, was not taken up. The last
payment of $125,000, which was to have
been made on the first of the mouth, was
not put up on account, it Is said, of the
syndicate being unable lo raise the re-
Four or five gravel trains are engaged
in ballasting tbe track of the C. N. 1'.
along Elk river.
It is reported that contracts are soon
to be let hy the C. P. R. Co, for the cutting of 100,000 ties along the C. N. P.
road this winter.
Steam shovels are busily at work
along tlie line to tbe east cutting down
tbe high banks. This class of work will
continue throughout the winter. One
steam shovel passed through Cranbrook
last week and will be put into service ou
tbe west end.
Through traffic 0:1 the C. P, R. was delayed several hours on the 6th inst. by
the burning of a trestle bridge two miles
and a half east of Margach. The bridge
caught fire some lime between 10 nud 11
o'clock 011 Saturday evening and wns
totally destroy! d.
John Twohey, who is interested in the
contract for the building of part of the
Robion-Penticlon line between Robsoti
aud Brooklyn, snys tbat the greater part
of the Rohsou-llrooklyii section will he
completed by the middle ofthe mouth,
There is a scarcity uf men around the
eastern end of the work, as laborers
have beeu rushing to t. e front, Iu consequence the contractors at the western
end have had little difficulty in getting
Manager M, J. Haney, of the C. N. P ,
whose headquarters have been at Macleod during the time of construction, left
lhat place for bis home in .Montreal on
Monday lust, having completed his
work and turned over lhe road lo the
railway company.
Hugh Minn, contractor, who is constructing the Pipestone extension of the
C, I'. R from Ueiton west, and H.J
Lamb, engineer of the line, were in
Winnipeg the other day and reported
that the work of grading had been completed and material for track laying was
on lliegionnd readv for lhat part of the
Application will be made next session
for authority to build a railway from the
Slicklne river to Teslin lake and Dawson City, and from the Slickine river
southerly to an ocean port iu British
Columbia; from Lynn canal to Dawson
City, and branch lines of railway along
or near any creek or water course in
Yukon district.
A gentleman who returned from Macleod last Saturday reports thai town as
booming. The place was full of railroad contractors gathered Ihere for the
purpose of having final settlement wllb
the construction depart ment before its
going out of existence. The in Icallons
would seem to warrant the supposition
lhat there had been a satisfactory adjustment made between contractors and
Uie management, as wine and champagne were (lowing freely and there was
a ''hot time in the old town that night."
Another casualty has occuned ou the
construction line uf the Robsoti 1'entic-
lon branch of lhe Columbia K: Western
railway, and, like all the others, uu one
was to blame but the unfortunate man
who lost nte life. The accident occurred
at the camp of Rod Cameron, one of the
sub-contractors, wbofc work is ;,: miles
or more from Brooklyn, A premature
blast went off, and Otto Anderson, a
young Swede, was h'own into eternity.
Willi his brother, Gust Anderson, he
was employed at station work near the
locality mentioned when lhe calamity
occurred. The remains were taken to
Cascade, and after the coronet's inquest
were given interment.
W. F, AnderfOll, traveling passenger
agent fur the Canadian Pacific railway,
wlih headquarters iu Nelsou, says thai
the Canadian Pacific's new passenger
tariff for Pacific ccait points among
others contains the following: The passenger rate from Kossland to New Whatcom, Vancouver and New Westminster
is $21.50; from Kossland to Nanaimo
and Victoria, $24; from Rossland lo Port
Townsend, via Seattle. $2;,; from Rosslaud to Tacoma and Seattle. $22.95; from
Rossland to San Francisco via steamer
from Victoria, $38 first-class and **,-
second-clasi: by rail first-class $42 93 and
$39-15 second class, Passenger trans
portation on the great lakes has virtually
been suspended. Tbe C. P. R. is running its boats, but not regularly, between Fort William and Owen Sound.
J. V. Farrell, part owner of the steam
boat of that name which bad such a
disastrous fate on tbe Kootenay river
this season and who was recently reported to nave secured the contract for
the construction of the Kootenay Valley
railway, has struck a new streak of luck.
A late issue of the Spokane Spokesman-
Review contains the information that
Mr. Farrell was elected president in
New Vork the other day of lhe Pacific
Coast Company, which is the successor
of the old Oregon Improvement Company. The news came as a surprise, as
it was not known that such an honor
awailed Mr. Farrell. It is regarded as a
splendid recognition of his ability as a
railroad man, and is considered especially Important, as it is not often that a
western mail who has come up fiom the
ranks, and is therefore a practical railroad man, is chosen a president of a corporation which is otherwise officered
entirely by the heavyweights of Wall
slreet. The officers of the company
elected iu New Vork, as reported hy the
Associated Press, are; Henry W. Cannon, chairman of tbe board; J. 1). Farrell, president; John Kean, treasurer;
II. If. iMirand, secrctnrj; executive
board, II. \V, Cannon, !•'.. II. Ilnrriman.
P. 8. L-imout. T. J. Coolldge, Jr., and
M. H. Schley. Tbe Pacific Coast Company, before reorgaliiz itlor.   known   as
ihe Oregon Improvement Company, is
successor Iu interest to all the properly
of lhe old company. This property included tbe Newcastle and Franklin conl
mines in Washington, some 30 miles of
broad-gauge railroad from Seattle to
Franklin, ccnl bunkers and lwo large
wharves iu Seattle, all of lhe stock of
the Port Townsend .Southern railroad.
of which pDrtloni have been built from
both Olympla and Port Townsend; all of
the stock of the Seattle Northern railroad, the load from Anacoites lo Ilamil
ton, on Skagit river; all of tbe steamers
formerly belonging to the Pacific Coast
Steamship company, which includes
those plying on routes from San Fran-
cisco to the sound, to Portland and to San
Diego, as well as those plying between
Seattle and Alaskan points, and two
laige colliers. The company practically
monopolizes the entire coast steamship
trade. In addition to this it owns a few
miles of rallioad In California and scattering properties elsewhere.
The I'rci-hyicrian Church.
The Presbyterian church is rapidly
Hearing a condition which will permit
the congregation meeting there for pub-
lie worship. Mr. Grant is pushing the
work to a completion as fast as possible,
aud in all probability tiie first service
will be held there on the first Sabbath
in December, although ilie formal opening of the church will not take* place unlit later oil.
Bold Parlies Arc Claiming a Small
Col.   Roosvelt    Chosen   Governor
of New York State-
Other News-
NBW YORK, Nov. 9.—The Herald pub*
lisbes the following statement from Colonel Roosevelt, nude afler his election
wasassmed; "I appreciate the honor of
my election very deeply aud appreciate
even more deeply the responsibility in*
vol veil in this honor. I shall do all in
my power to redeem every promise I
made, expressed or implied."
Washington*, D C.,Nov. 9.—At 8:30
o'clock this morning, just before the
headquarters of the republican congressional committee were closed for the
night. Chairman Babcock made the following statement: An aualysis of conditions in all of tbe congressional districts of the country indicated before the
election that 139 of thom were surely re-
publican and 11S surely democratic or
fusiou. Returns received up to this
hour show that theie has been no change
in any of these districts from the figures
we made before the election. One hundred districts in the country were lefl 111
doubt, and these are the oiks we are
anxious to hear from. Out of that 100
we have had   definite returns  from jj.
Nineteen went republican and i_i democratic. This leaves 63districts in doubt.
No very definite advices have been received from the states west of the
Missouri river, except Wyoming, which
we carried. With the advices now- at
hand I cannot figure a republican majority In the next house of representatives
of less than ;s to } \ We have made a
gain over the republican membership in
tbe present house of one in Wyoming,
two in South Dakota, tw.i in Nebraska,
four in Kansas and two in California.
At this hour the indications are that we
shall have iuS republicans in the next
house, distributed as follows; Alabama
r, California 5. Connecticut 4, Delaware
1, Illinois ij, Indiana 9, Iowa 11, Kansas 9. Kentucky 2. Maine 4. Maryland'4,
Massachusetts 12, Michigan 12. Miune-
' sota 6, Missouri 3. Nebraska 4, New
Hampshire 2, New Jersey 6. New York
2», Noith Cstolina 2. North Dakota 1,
Ohio iS. 'iregon :. Penusyl-vanta, 14,
Rhode Island 2. South Dakota 2, Tennessee 2. Texas :, Vermont 2, Virginia 1,
Washington 2, West Virginia 4. Wisconsin 9. Wyoming r. The greatest possible losses from the figures that we
sustain would be 1 from Alabama, 1
from California, 1 from Illinois, 2 from
Indiana, 1 from Massachusetts, 1 from
Michigan, 1 from Minnesota, 2 from
Missouri, 1 from Nebraska. 1 from New
Jersey. 1 from New Vork. 2 from Pennsylvania, and 2 from Washington. This
would be 17 arM would still leave us 17
rare republican members or 5 majority.
At the headquarters ofthe Democratic
congressional committee lhe utmostcon-
fidence was expressed that five democrats had carried the house of representatives. Secretary Kerr said: "lam
prepared to increase the figures I gave
you three hours ago. We have elected
192 members of the next house. This to
my mind is beyond doubt. We have
taken nothing for granted, but are figuring on absolute advices. Here is a
statement from men; hers we have elected
from various stales Alabama;), Arkansas f>, California 3, Colorado 2, Florida 2,
Georgia tl, Idaho 1, Illinois Ir, Indiana
6, Iowa 1, Kansas 4, Wyoming 10,
Louisiana fj. Maryland 2, Massachusetts
3, Michigan 3, Minnesota  r. Mississippi
7, Missouri 14, Montana r, Kebrasks 3.
Nevada 1. New Jersey _ New Vork 16,
North Carolina K, Ohio 5, Pennsylvania
8, South Carolina 8, South Dakota 2,
Tennessee B, Texas 12, Virginia 19, Utah
(.Washington}, West Virginia 1. Wisconsin I and Wyoming I. This makes a
total of 192 and I am perfectly satisfied
that there will be little variation from
these figures."
Wired ia the Herald—A  Varictj  of Inter*
estlnjc Subjects.
Winnipho, Nov. 15 — I,ord Miulo
will arrive in Ottawa today
Vancouver complains 01 a lack of bttfl*
ness premises.
Dawson Cily miners ask lor representation iu the commons,
A lire at Dawson Cily destroyed Jy>*„-
000 worth of property,
Aragon demands the decentralization
ofthe Spanish government.
Jane Shields, of Toronto, has be*
rpieathed Urge amounts to charities,
Germany is expelling the Danes,
AustriaiS, Jews and Dutchmen.
Collingwood Schrciber and Miss
Owynee were marrud al Ottawa on
The reciprocity committee of the high
joint commission held a meeting on
General C. Garica is enroute to Washington to interview President McKinley.
Montreal volunteers are preparing n
grand military entertainment to he held
in January.
The propoganda at Rome his issued n
decree governing the burial of Catholic
Free Masons.
London papers declare that Spain
must yield lu the United Slates,
five miles of the Swan River extension of the L, M. R. & C. railway will
be completed at once.
The    Winnipeg    Mbefa]    Association
adopted resolutions indorsing the government's policy and giving praise ty
Mr. Sifion. k
The Herald
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first-class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact.
TKI'MS nl* sl |i CltllTtOXi
The British Columbia legislature will
meet ou January 5.
The Toronto Globe heartily endorses
the Kettle river railway proj et and predicts that the required charter will be
granted at the next session of parliament.
Harold ilolce, who of late has been
editing the Kaslo Kootenaian, has severed his connection wiih that paper,
Dave King again assuming the chair
editorial. It Ins been a mystery to those
acquainted with Uolce how he came to
bury himself iu a place like Kn-dn. He
is one of the brightest writers iu tlie
northwest and can command   a talary
ei'iliil to tlle best.
R. R. Kerr, a barrister of New Denver, gol interviewed in the Nelson Miner
recently. Among other things he slated
lliut there was a labor famine iu tbe
Slocan; lhat every available man was
employed iu tbe mines, carpenters were
not in be had, ami it waa even di ilie tilt
to get men to cut cotllwood at f.3 per
day. A correspondent writing from
SllvertOtl   to the  Nelson Miner contra
diets Mr. Ke
statement and says men
are more plenty than jobs.
Vice President Shaugbuessy of tbe
Cauadinn I'uciflc railroad, speaking of
the recent decision of the supreme
court of lhe United States regarding the
legality of the Joint Trallic Association
said il would have the effect of breaking
up the traflie association in the t'uiled
States thereby leaving each company to
make its own rates and presenting opportunities for toads so disposed lo
wage rate wins, although h« did not
look for nny.
Spokane is terrified bv highwaymen,
burglars and tramps, who are "holding
up" people right and left, with many
acts of violence. The mayor of Spokane
has offered n reward of fooo for the arrest and conviction of any criminals engaged 111 lhe recent oiltrat-.es, and every
person  over 21   years of age. upon the
recommendation of the chief of police,
will be SWOrn as n special policeman,
without pay, will ne allowed to carry
weapons and make arrests.
A private letter received by a gentleman in Nelson from a friend iu England
states that upon the arrival ofthe United
States battleship St. l.ouis in the harbor
of Southampton on October ly, a general holiday was proclaimed in lhe city
and the principal buildings were decorated fur the occasion with Hags and
bunting, a prominent feature of lhe
decorations being the Union Jack and
the Stars and Stripes intertwined. The
Sl. l.ouis was saluted Ily every ship in
the harbor. The reception lo lhe olli-
cers was most enthusiastic.
The East Helena, Montana, smelter
plant ii now being oierated hy an elec-
tiical plant at Cm y m Perry, on lhe
Miasouri liver, about ,10 miles difltolit.
All the machinery that waa formerly
run by steam porter is now being driven
hy electricity. It ia related an an evi*
deuce of the pioiuplness wiih which the
work was done when everything was
mude ready that the blast furnaces were
shut down but four hours while the
ateam power was being cut out and lhe
electricity installed. There are a number of motors, lwo of i7j-hnrst* power
each, Hint three of ino horse power, oue
of 50 I10r.se power, one of 30*horse power
■ lid one of -in horse power.
Tiie pampered egotist who does the
writing    for   the   Rosslaud   Times   has
found something new to kick about.
Hear htm: "What with the salvation
airny and its beastly drum (how cau the
authorities allow inch au instrument of
torture?) these jelling boys and these
yapping curs, life in RossUnd ii getting
absolutely unbearable. Mr. Mayor, cannot you pass an edict that the drum is lo
be silt, Die boys' tongues tied and tbe
dogs killed. As to the latter, I intend
for the future to have a supply of empty
bottles Ht my door and God help those
who come up lb.- hill. The dynamite
explosions alone should be enough for
us going 011 hs they do lhe entire night
through. I never get two hours' sleep,
and as to lhe drum, from 6:45 to y I wi-h
I was 111 my Brave." Wonder if Ihe
good j e iple of Rossland do not echo the
expressed wish?
It is refreshing and assuring to read
that, at a meeting of ScotMiien held recently in one of the Ilritish Columlra
coast cities, an offer was made to the
British government, through the governor-general, to equip a regiment tor
offensive or defensive service in view of
a war with Prance. Such prompt action
is a sure sign ofthe unity of feeling and
interest lhat lives in the breasts of lhe
IIIitish people Ibe world over. It must
tend lo strengthen the hand of the imperial executive to have such offers hs
these come from different par's of the
empire) for, in ihe evert of war, every
city of any considerable s:/.L* would
i-Hgerly follow the example set hy those
InyHl Scotsmen. This H the best kind
of Imperial federation—practical sym- j
pat by between all pails ofthe eillplie in ,
time of common danger nr need, .
When   So Ho na   Will   \\tta>-    W«f    In
l.i-iitl.'iiitiiil}   IVnv,
Derringer Dan laid down the publication Which i-huiice luul 'hion i, in Ids
uny. and gn/eii |tenalvel(V afar. l!e was
80 oblivious to his surround iny* Unl en
Invitation to re fresh meu t« [waned wholly unnoticed, li was ihe resentment
occasioned hy his seeming* dlaeourteay
Mini brought bim to mirth again. IiIh
apologies were piofuw.
-li wouldn't of  tirrt'tl," hi' explained, "et I hndu'i of huppem-d togll
literary, I've henrd ii -aid thai literary
folks iMdwivysnlweul-miiidexl.iiii'seiiH'
my brain drawed a bond on 1 hut ivrilcle
I kin understand whal makes *em bo."
-11 musl have been a powerful fa**-
rjniitiii' yarn." common ted 1'iute Pet**.
" 'TwaHti'l uu yarn w luitaoevor/' wns
the reply,   "ll waa th*' truth."
"Whal was il about?" *-■*■•'
"I've gol no use fur it." uxelalmed
Three-l'tngcr Ham. "O/coursc.aerolety
he/ got tor be pre-teet-ed, Gettln* Un*
dots ou *i man for horse Stcaltll1 nn'
hltobln' him to it tree soVho won't wander nrouiMl and do il no more in a justifiable proeeedin'. Rut wnr is promU-
e'otia au' brutal. This thing o' bhi/iu'
nway nt somebody ye never wnaeven Iti-
trrduced to Is, lo sny lhe lenM of It,
downright anaorlable.'1
"The trouble is," snid Derringer Dan,
"that us fellers was born too soon.
Tlicre ain't any doubt thai war.na practiced up to the pivwiittlnn*, in a mighty
low-down eoyoto game o* gettln' tbo
drop on a total Klrunger. Itul elvllt/a-
tion Ik fulvuncln', an' In the <*our--e u
time It'll Ik- jes- as pnrly a sport as furo
bank of draw -mki-r. 'flu* scheme, iih it
now staoda, in I" sec which side kin du
tho moslklllln'. An* aa soon aa one general glta convinced Unit Uie oilier feller
kin slay more people than he kin, common aeiiw 1'omjn'is him to lay down nnd
wait, fur another deal."
"That's one o' tin* most -scholarly tie-
script Ions I ever henrd." lvm-irked
Dronoho Rob. admiringly.
"These hero inventors hus. iiceord-
,11* to that article, set thclraclves to
work fo improve the Impiomontg of battle, ao there won't be no chance of
ewrtipo when they once git in motion un'
imi limit to their capacity."
"Swiiis to im> that's goin' ter intlUe
war wuhVn ever," observed Ihutlesnnl.i'
I Vie.
"That's whnt 1 thought, llut the article i-niva as how it's goin' to result in
uiukiii" war no deadly that nobody'I I
have anything to do with it."
"It's a fairy story." said  I'lllfe IYti\
I^Mitlvcly. "It's easy enough to whittle a few chips olT a lead pencil an' sit
down .111' tlgger thom things mil. ltut
I'll liH iiiiyl-hin' I've gol thet there's
goin' to li** mlaiwiderHtiiiidlirs between
different! bram-ben of Hie human raco
right along to lhe cmlo* time."
Stt .me nny*'there won't be. Rut
they'll liesettlwl in a mora gentlemanly
way. An fur ob I kill make out, tho
bait!*■ nf tin? futore will 1** kerrled on
in aomethlug like this fnatilom 'Hie
oppoaln' forces will hustle around an'
•wrvlde themselves with nil the de-
s-triieiive cnglne-n they kin lay hands
"Won't there be no soldiers?"
"Certain. Let's 'tipo-ae, fur Inatanee,
thet the United Stale* has a, wiirvvetb
Spain. The two generals gltfl together,
nn' Uie t'niivd Sl«te«general he puUn
certain number of men Into the field.
Then Uie Spanish general he bus a feller play it time on Uie cornel till' sashay
out tu bring au ei-ual number of men
Into tbe Held, rcmarliln', ns is oust-
toman on such occasions! '1 call yer,'
Or, if he he/ the grit, he kin bring oui
a still greater r.nmln-rof men, in which
event he will nay: 'I see ye an' mine
ye,1 or words to tbnt olTeek, Finally is
eotne* to n show-down, un' the I'nited
Slates general says: 'What, ye got V
The Spanish general, who. like as not,
has been bliiflin', looks worried, nn'
siiysi   'I ain't gol nothin1 but a pnlro'
K't-ineli guns, with i'ellulo*se armor on
the side." Tie gol Hint beat easy,'anya
lln* I'nlted States genenii. 'I've gol
three llotehklss gum* an' lwo lorpedo
Imats.' Then the Sptllltr-th general mere
ly savs:   'That's good,' an1 turns over
ef. mueh of his army aa he happened to
risk on  the deal, an' goes oil to raise
a not her.stake.   Of course, it'll lake some
time to regulate the exact value of the
hands ami readjust the rules ho'h In
make 'em 111 tbe occnalons na 1 hey com.'
up,    llut  it's gold' to he a mighty line
game, and I only wish! I could sit Inlo
ii."   Washington Star,     .,
Stephen Montgomery has one ofthe
very best piece-* of com in Williama*
town.    Although '■• yenra ohl he has
piowed for. plniiled and hoed his crops.
Ily lhe way, II would bediflieull to duplicate ihe Montgomery settlement in
this or any other region, Stephen and
Ida wife llvo just HOU III of tl Id sawmill. Their youngest daughter l-'nnnic,
with her hushuiid, -Herbert   Itlce, Is
110X1   door,    (lose  l.y  are Kdwnrd. tlle
youngest son. nml his family.
Nevt are Albert und bis wife and 111 tie
girl, -lust Mow Albert are his sot*
Kiveman and wife. Opposite the sehool-
hoiifiu is Kiueline, the eldest (laughter,
with her husband. Tlbu (loodall, while |
nearly opposlle the last-named house ]
l.ve  Mieir daughter,   Mamie,   und her I
husband, H. c.  Lee, and their little1
girl.     Here, surely,    is    a    seven-fold
(.•onl; the grandparents, the four children, and Hie only lwo adult grand- |
1 biidreii and iheir families, four generations, l-i persunst in nil. living within
hailing distance of each other.—North
Adams   (Mnss.)   Transcript. I
fn these days of electricity It. is not
essential to have somebody turn oui the
liglii**.. Time, switches lire made which
can be nl Inched Ion clock nml made in
inni oui electric lights at Miy desired
hour.   Suppose, for instanee, the lights
nre in ii allow window, and it is desired
io put. ihem out at midnight, At thai
hour the clock closesn circuit, permit-
ling the passing of an eleelrie current
to the switch, whleh, thus released,
cuts oh* the electric light and so puis
-ill*, tho lights.—tS,   m   •*■"'■
1 «<Hi^>«<M>«MIO(>0i30»8»e«i;»
Under the Trolley Wires.
Ily Charles W. Harwood.     5
TIM', sharp ringing of a hell sounded
clear above lhe 111 mult of Hamilton
I nrncr. wher- the bllslcat thorough-
fares of Winchester meet. ChiBeill hand
came a lake ear, and .Inn Connolly,
HblfHul il
fiirwai'il  wilh his iron  rod,
around Ibe curve Into Center
swilebboy   for the Kleetri
■oiupaiiy. 'ills p»si was ih
inldille of the Hi reel, w here all dnj long
he dodged  teams ami liirued eleetrie
cms Inward their variousdesllnnlioiis,
It was laie nflerunOll now*. .Hin was
Ured  and   rather   It ly,   ami    as   he
glanced it bo til for some iiequn! lllll neu
IiIh eyes lighted un Ted Casey Htniidhig,
with bin I, lo him, on the curbstone
near by. A bundle of afternoon papers
was t ii'eked under Ted's arm, hut he wns
staring idly at 11 fantastic poster.
The op] ior I unity was Irresistible Jim
ipiickly looked four ways, and seeing
lhat lhe corner was now free frum ears
he darled over behind Ted and seized
bim by the collar.
"Aw, le' mc be!" cried Ted, deeply aggrieved. Tbon, Uvlsling around, be
ciiughl sight of his captor, and grinned
111 him iu a friendly way.
"Why dou't you sell papers*.'" demanded the older boy, releasing him.
■•The lasl edition will come oul before
loug, nml you'll get stuck."
"(loin1 ter." asserted Ted, stoutly.
"Sny. .fiumiie, whul's Hint in your
pocket'."1 With sudden curiosity he
snatched al a queer object which protruded from the Inside of his friend's
"he" go!" Jim struck down the venturesome hand, "That's my life-preserver. Wnnt to see It?" And with nil
of mi inventor's prMc he drew out a
peculiar sort of clnmp which he always
curried about.
It was formed of two pine sticks rudely whittled intf. shape nnd hinged together lit one • ltd. On Hie inner side lis
jaws were faced with strips of heavy
glass, whose use wns nol at once apparent.
"What's it for?" asked Ted.
"Tn handle live win-K with. The glass
is proof against electricity," explained
Ted eyed thesirange instrument with
increased res* t.   "Did any live wires
ever gel loose round here?" he asked,
eagerly. "Say, Jiintuie, Ie1 me try ll if
they do?"
"Tbey might break nny lime," Jim
replied, sagaciously. "You go nud tend
to your papers; you haven't any business with Ihe power." Ile dropped the
clamp into a pocket, and, grinning alg-
iiil'ieanlly, raised his switehrod as if to
strike the newsboy's leg.
llut Ted glanced cunningly down the
street. "Aw, there's u ear!" he cried,
and forthwith seized the chance todart
nwny nnd yell back derisively nt his
"They might break nt any time," he
repealed, quite seriously.   Once be had
ventured to question Officer Wayne:
"What would you do If a wire broke?"
"Live wire?    I'll clear the street und
send for Illgglus." Illggins was foreman of the repair gang, "If it dropped
onto anybody I'd have to ring up the
ambulance, of COIU'SC."
With a hearty respeel for the force
which kept all these ears in motion,
dim had picked up. from motorineii,
linemen and engineers, a store of prne-
thai knowledge which he was eager lo
put into use.
Ills opportunity had been long in coming, nnd this dny promised to be tm
monotonous as nny oilier, ltut t;> minutes later Ihe long-expected accident
A car from Hie west side ciiiue out of
Pleasant sl reel ami slarled norlh. As It
swung ti round  the curve  iis  trolley
Slipped Off llllil Ctlllghl between the copper wires, snapping one of them near
Iheir junction.
The wire dropped into the street, und
for a moment there watt Indescribable
confusion ns it bounded and writhed
among frightened horses mid scattering
I pie. The corner wns quickly cleared,
nml nt a safe distance 11 ring of spectators formed to watch lhe wire spitting out blue nud green Humes on the
Down on his (enler slrccl switches
Jill) bad been Startled by 11 quick, jnr-
I'lllg ling of Hie wires, lie did mil need
lhe cries ami commotion, lhe rush of
people and the slopping of earn to lell
him what had happened, Instantly lie
saw Ihnl his elm nee luul come, and running np he broke through the ring just
nl IHlleer Wayne's elbow.
"Live wire!" he gasped, plunging a
bund into his conl pocket. "I can Ih
it I"
He had slnrted forward impetuously,
but Wayne enugiil him by lhe ll I'm and
pulled him hack, understanding only
Unit the ho.*, meant lo rim Intnilanger.
"Stiiiul buck!" wild lhe officer, sharp-
Iv. "Don'l vou know n live wire when
you sec it.1" If .Mill touch Hint, you'll
never know whal hurl you!"
"ll woii'l hurt me!" cried the struggling boy, in tl hut rage at Ibis Opposition. "I've got something to handle
it  with." I
Hut Way ltd would not argue.   "Vou .
stay here!"   he gruffly   commanded.
"Mequiei now!   If you make any mon* 1
tumble  I'll arrest you!"
Indignant as Jim wns, he luul loo !
much sense to contend longer with
Ihe policeman. Hut be felt ihat he rep- |
reseuled lhe "roud," nnd he was not
yet defeated, Slipping buck in the
crowd, be ran around its outer edge
and worked through at another point,
whence he mnde a sudden dush for the
wire. 1
A sharp, warning ery arose, for the
bystanders looked (n see hlm Instantly
killed. Wayne nml others sprang forward, bul before Ihey could reach Jim
be bad seized tin.' -scintillating wire with
hin clamp, Ile raised it from the pavement, and lo! the live thing- became
tame and apparently harmless. lie
bore il to ibe comer of Pleasant street.
Hie ring of people broke and followed
him excitedly. It was a moment of
peril for the heedless crowd, and Ofllcel'
Wayne, seeing now that Ihe hoy knew
bis business, turned back to guard the
sagging wire.
Jim glared with open contempt at
the people who pressed about him.
"folks are Tools about electricity!" he
grow led.    "dust  beeiiuse thc wire isn't
spluttering, tjiey think it's dead!"
• "Can you hold it Huil way a few min-
ules?" naked Wayne, looking doubtfully ut Hie blockade of vehicles ou all
"Of course l can!" said dim. impatiently. "I could hold It all day. Why
dou't you move your teams? Have you
sent fm- Illgglus yet?"
"We've telephoned."
Ily Hiis time Hie oilier policemen had
come lo Wayne's nssislauee, and the
corner was rapidly cleared. On the
further track curs began loniove north;
ihe motortnen started them slowly and
passed cautiously under the hanging
wire, which Jim had straightened as
much as possible, and only lhe southbound curs lay helpless iu a long line
on Main street.
"What cuu he done, with these?" asked
Wayne.   "Nolhiug?"
"There's a switch on Main si reel a
hundred yards away," answered Jim.
"llun bind, lo the switch and take ihe
left track!" he shouted to the nearest
As a general rule, a Bwltcliboy does
not give orders to a conductor; hut
Officer Wayne stood beside dim and
Imperatively seconded his commands.
Word was passed along*, and the line
of cara moved back to return on the
other rails.
The first inotormau looked to Jim for
further directions,
"Klin to the switch In fro-it of the
city hall, and shift back to the right
track." Jim turned to Officer Wayne,
"flint's nil," be said. "Keep 'em moving, and tell 'em to mind their own
switches.   I've got my hands full here."
Ou ihe corner nearby stood u group
of people who annoyed Jim witii idle
quest ions am) comments upon his courage in holding the wlii*. Courage? He
had not thought of it, (hough he was
proud that he knew how lo handle the
But no one spoke of his part letJlir invention until IHggins arrived, chid in
rubber bonis and glove,* which protected him from electric shocks.
"Have you got tbe wire, hoy?" he
asked. '.'What's that you're holding it
with?     Ily   (leorge,   you'll do!"   he
 Inlmcd, taking note of thc glass in,-
h lors. "Itul why didn't you ground
the wire-touch il down to the rails?"
Jim laughed. "And stop Hie ears!"
was his terse comment,
IHggins cast him a shrewd glance,
and t iirncd to bis man. "Here, Jones,"
he said, "catch hold of this "contrivance.
Now. boy, we'll manage tbe rest of il.
(iet hack to your switches."
•Tie hud grit," some one remarked, a.1
dim mn off. "Thai was a risky thing
tt> do, wasn't it?"
"We have to take chances," IHggins
briefly answered. "The lad knew what
he was nbout."
[tut though he said lilHe. he was
tiwnre thai this young employe of the
rond hnd acted quite beyond his own
line of duty, l-'nr this reason he reported Un* whole affair to the superintendent, and dim wna summoned to appear at Hie office afler his day's work.
Ted heard the message, for,alncothe
episode uf the broken wire he had hung
ii round his friend continually,
"Whiil'll Ihey give you, Jimmy?" he
asked, in hopeful excitement.
"Oh, maybe n hundred shares of
sU-ck and a special ear."
This reply was designed lo lav the
newsboy's credulity, for Jim only
wanted 11 chance to display his invention.    And like ninny another Inventor,
he forgot that its work could he easily
done in a different wny.
The superintendent was reading' bis
evening paper wheu .llm entered the
ollice. Common report among the employ's luul made hlm a mun of strict
rules uml penalties; yet he did not seem
ns 11 ustere as Jim luul imagined. "I wns
ordered to report here," i-mld Jim, ml -
valuing tu the desk,
".la uies Connolly, switchman at Hamilton corner?" asked the superintend.
cut. ,
"Tlmi's my name."      F
"How old are you?"
<"lliggiiis says yon managed Hint
break pretty well this afternoon.   And
you kept I he cars moving, Howtlhlyou
hanilli- ihe wire?"
"Witb this." Jim hnd expected *hc
quustlon, nnd iu quiet   triumph   tie
passed  his damp over lhe desk.   The
superintendent smiled qiuwrly aft lie ex*
iltiliiil'll ii.
"Crude, but effeclive--nnd scientific,"
he commented to himself, Then aloud:
"Illgglus has another method of protecting himsell which yotl will perhaps
find mine generally eouvenieiil."
He delected a look of disappointment
on Ibe hoy's face, and milledi "This
is certainly ingenious. Uow did you
happen to have the thing hi your
"Didn't happen," salrt Jim, bluntly,
"1 always carry It; I mnde it u-pur-
"Por just such an emergency? Yuu
seem to understand lhe power."
"I know yon can niannge It, but you
can't fool with il.'1
"Thai's so," the superintendenl assented, pleasantly. "It doesn't slop to
joke. Well, your knowledge of Unit
fact is more valuable than your In-
vciiHoii. There are oilier hoys whoenn
I urn switches, nnd IHggins needs a
helper, lie asked for you. To-morrow
you will instruct the lad whom I shall
send you, mnl on Monday you will rc-
porl I" Mr. Ulgglns. You are promoted
lo lhe repair gang."—Youth's Companion,
Contractor and
Another Large Arrival of::
Suits, Pants, Shirts and	
Woolen Wear	
Just a few uf those
(tC g^f. Suits Left.
«PO.UU Q0od value at $12.00
Plana ami specifications furnished on
application. Esttmalea made on Imild-
iii|;s. Onr work will lie satisfactory In
every respect. That is better for you
and better for me. Call and see ine if
you are figuring on building.
Cranbrook, - B. C.
October has exceeded our most sanguine expectations in business.    OUR   VALUES   ARE   RIGHT.    Come and see us.
*^REID & CO.
Pieper & Currie
j   dt Painters, Paper Hangers
I       and Decorators ** dt
Sign Writing a Specialty.
Estimates given on all work.
Wood and Freight.
CltANltltOOK, It. C.
Is Prepared lo Furnish Wood
and Deliver Same Promptly on
order. Well seasoned and cul
lo stove length.
Of nil kinds will receive prompt
Sage's Commission
Hotel S S
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad nnd tlepct.    Kits accommodations for tlie public mi equal U-il  in Crnnbrook.
.a ......... .a%   (..«
manual ii.
East Kootenay Hotel
CRANBROOK, B. C. McQuiston & Burge,
Enlarged. Refilled and Furnished.
Best ol accommodations lor Travelers.
thk UK T nr WineS) Liquors a„d Cigars .alAVAvs|jN|srn(K
Feed and Livery Stables .n connection with the Hotel.
@} •■**-• m+ * *■• mmttammttaymm. »,»■»,+^ 11 a>ma a * * a • a aa 9-a ♦•••••♦••
Goods sold on Commission.
Second Hand Goods bought and
sold.   Bargains every day.
Hanson Ave,, south of Cranbrook lintel.
Alley . .
T. LOVE, Prop.
Nenr Cranbrook Hotel,
('inni' in -tint IttercUe y<iur inn-iuli's ; it wil! nut
nost yuu iniu-li.
»t®- ®~®<!>- ®~®-®-^® -®-®-®-®-*i-®-®-®-®-c.'. (•><*; ®-®--®x&&-
X® X
'u Keep your Eye on jt jt
The New Townsite of East Kootenay.
****>** -*-»•»-*■♦♦ •••♦♦♦♦♦»»»^»®(jjV»^-»^>»»»^»->-»-»^->^.»^^»»^<
X    Isli C0I11111 IiIh. siliiiitt* mi tin- Main I Ine 1 if iji<> ( iiiwm St'st  I'.iss l.-ullw.-iv. only )■> !
liiilti-tfmiiitlie larui-st t i-al Mhu-s In lln- .-mnitiy, llin-sl  \Viili*i   IWi-i* in Fust
hootenny.il -itiiral m!v.tiit wi t.r tliu [I'm*.* an* sm-n out -hi ivhn laV tint imiilili' tn <
liiv stlcati- luiva im iloiilil nf tin' j:n>al im.s|irriiv ant grmvlli llial imi-sL evi-ntually
rntm* In tills ■ilitci'.   "Klku" is sUluly nml lii-nniifiii. situate un u li «li nml level lilHlnan. '
llii-rr are MimN hero unit Hutu in tin* mnlil wlu-i,; llie I'y.-i nf Uu* striuiHi-r im-ol siir-
., 1 rise anil revel lo Ui'Miiy, wlieri* the soul Ih elianm-il aim the im-iie-simis nei-heil Iiitik (
V rei nr li» tin-liiPin.-rv witli ili'lluht.   One nf llii'i-* snnl-* is ••ICLKn." tl l-Ii a very small
A imrtlnn nf the lif-nnle llvinn m hontetiay kn.tw of lis leal beau v.   Sniim want tfiilil, (
Y Kniiic mini Milvt-r,   I'M almost t*wr>1iinlv will want lots In llie  New   I'nwn of "Klku." ,
be mine iliey nre ami alwayn will be a stttplo comitimllt)*. aa l tiro profit yiclilltiu.
H • *<S®« * ■» ■ * * * ■>■»■» »»i
Choice Business ind Residence Lois, 30x100 feet, with 20 foot Alley,
$50.00 to $200.00 Each.
1 Easy Payments Title Guaranteed %
I'M Maim ami further |t,irtlcillnri ii|>|i1y tu [('
1 HKA1I OFFICE   •   ■   ■   NELSON, B. C. Jt Qt PROCTER _
ii OHloem Manager &
I B,'K0' fi5SX,ffly.l'fl,,T The Kootenay Valleys Co- wd. a
j. c. BROWN
New Jewelry Store
Watches and Clocks Repaired
Jewelry, Silverware,
Watches and Clocks
WILL HE CAlilllKl).
Now Mo e.     —   -     Anuatrnng Ave,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co. s &\
Saw and Planing Mills       1
Promptly Attended tc.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
Tbe .nly rail rout, without change ol car.
between Nelson and Rossland and
Spokane and Ros.land.
l.niv. 0120 n. Hi. NKI.SON Arrive .1::,! it.
*■ I2:"S " ltn.HHI.ANI> " ll.'.'it '
••      ..;!! II. in.   Sl'IIKASK ".IO l».
'> I mill Hi:.t  It'll....  Nnlsoil IU IUL.I il. Ill   Inakes
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I'u.srnusr. fnr Kett'fl lllvor nml lliiiitnliiir
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r. li. DIXON. <l. I', fc T. .v..
S|i iltnn*. Unsli.
IIV. Agt.,
*cl ll. f.
-Al.l.   KINliS   OI'-
|$ Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber, |
Shingles and
Canadian Pacific Railway
The New and Direct Route from
Fast Kootenay
— TO	
Toronto, Iloston,
Montreal, New York,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
St. Paul, Chicago
...AND Al.l....
Bastern and European Points.
Pacllc  Co.st, China, J.pin and Au.lr.ll.
Tourist Cnr.s leave Coast Daily lo St.
Dally u'xei'iit Tuesday) io Kasiorn Point.,
Tnes. Ihiirs. Mraid. Weil.
7 .1. M,  I.SHVS.,
C'onnootlnii Irom Komenny i^.k.- imlnta dally
sxfi'lil Siiliilay.
I'nr ratoa, mail., etc., anil rut) iiifiiriiiallnn
cull nn nr nililn-ss
Tra.i'lliiu l'us.-iik-1'r akphi.
nki.siin, It, 0.
H, .1. ruYl.l', in.l. I'Hssiiiia.r Ant..
Vuaunnv.r, H. I'. THE   HERALD.
^W"^0 li'
When tlio dinner Loll Mint,', iiri-tru-.lt-
HaiiilltiHi started, sim hnd not thought
it was bo lute. She know hoc father
would nut lu' pleased it she were nut
As uiio entered the library, Mr. Van
Drlseol) rose hurriedly to his feet to greet
hor. Thu hmi'li uf that Httlo hand which
Uv for an instant In lilts olasp act his
heart beattug and every pulse tliroliblng
us lm thought ilmi one tiny lhat littlo
hand might ho his own. His love wns so
groat that It never occurred to lilin tliat
Miss Hamilton was only ordinarily
polite, sho sonrcely heard what he was
tsayiiig; her thoughts were elsewhere,
At last dinner was announced, and
they wont to the dining-room. To tier-
trnde tho meal seemed unusunlly Ion;;
and tedious, while to James Van Driscoll
it passed liko a lleeting dreum. Ho eould
hove sut forever watching tho lovely girl
opposite him, whoso dainty hands toyed
to restlessly with the gleaming silver. As
his glnnco met hers from timo to time,
the color would rise to his face, his lips
would tremble, for the strong, earnest
man was hardly master of himself. Ho
did not notice thut sho never voluntarily
addressed him, except wheu her position
as hostess obliged her to do so, and thut
lt wus her father who kept up the conversation so briskly.
Gertrude did not neglect ono trivial
act of courtesy; yet, when they rose from
dinner, Van Driscoll felt somehow thut
it would bo no easy tusk to win tho
proud, beautiful girl on whom hu hud
get his heart.
As they entered the drawing-room they
heard a loud voice in tho corridor without,
"It Is Dick," said Gertrude, looking
at her father in great embarrassment.
The old gentleman's face burdened instantly into a deep frown of annoyance
and dismay, as the sound of Dick's unsteady steps were heard advancing toward the drawing-room.
Van Driscoll undersood what It meant.
He knew well by the sound of the boisterous voice that Gertrude's brother wus
under tho influence of wine. Before Mr.
Hamilton could reach the door, his handsome seupegraco son Btradu Into the
"How aro you, Governor, and you,
Van!" he esclaimed, advancing very unsteadily, his hand extended toward the
The old gentleman mado no answer;
Van Drtscoll bowed.
"You intend to freeze me—mo-—out—
eh!" ho hiccoughed. "Well, by George I
it's too—too—had when a fellow Isn't
welcome in liis own home. You're (Had
to See your brother, even If he is a graceless scamp, aren't you, Qertf" adding:
"Especially as I—I haven't been here for
a week."
And with thnt he advanced to his sister's side, threw his iirnis about her, and
attempted to kiss her pure lips with his
liquor-besotted ones.
lt was as much us Van Driscoll oould
do to restrain himself frdiu hurling him
kick and administering to hlm a sound
thrashing, which lie richly deserved, ami
he could hardly contain himself when the
young fellow contumeil, In a thick,
maudlin voice:—
"You wouldn't shrink hack If they
were Van Driscoll's arms, I fancy, Hal
ha I ha! Ity Hie IStorwUI never saw a
follow so deeply in love us lie Is with
vou, Gert."
By this time Mr. Hamilton had reached
his sou's side, and too enraged to give
vent before nny one tn words, had grasped his arm with an Iron hand, fairly
dragging htm train the room, the heavy,
carved oaken door closing after ihem
with a dooldod bang, mid James Van
DrtfOOll and Gerlnnte were lefl standing
faco In faoe with each other.
He Unshed wlih  Imrnuuiiiont;   she,
|iule as death, humiliated, tears ami imiii-
poniro striving vainly for tho mastery,
trembling like nn napon leaf, clutching
hard at the hack nt a chilli* lo keup from
railing to Dm Iloor In a swoon.
"MllS Hamilton- Geriruile," laid Vail
Driscoll, approaching, "ilo not agitate
yourself   so   pitifully  over    what    your
brother has said, Won't you he seated) i
■   I    waul,   to   lalk   to   (Oil.       Please lie
rented," he beaooched, "I-I onn not sny
Htm word while you stand there looking
al mo With such .-[allied eyes."
Uertrodo sunk into tho nearest seat.
Van DiUcoll taking the ono opposite her
"1 lm.1 hoped lo tell you what 1 have
to nay   under different auspices)  hut,
undor the olro tnncoa, I  think u wis
ust nud best to iponk now. Your brother's
woids have force,!   the   tmlh   from   my
lips. I—I hardly know what language I
Bhould uso to clothe my words. I have
always been a stern man of law, little
used to sentiment, so 1 will muke uso of
tho plainest words. To me they aro tho
most eloquent. What I wish to say is: 1
—do love you, Aliss Hamilton—Gertrude,''
Then he, who was braver than most
men, was quite at a loss what to suy
next. He had spent hours in tlio dead
watohes of the night thinking whnt ho
should say to her at such a time. Ho hud
gone over It u thousand time.'*, and In his
fancy he wus always pouring out Hoods
of eloquent words. Now, the reality for
which he longed wus Ids, and he sat before her in utter silence, the words
trembling on his lips, and his heart beating with an uukuown fear, a strange
awe upon hlm, for the gleam in the eyes
Into which lio looked completely overpowered him.
Ho saw his words had taken Gertrude
by complete surprise. Sim was looking at
hint in wonder. There wns no sudden
blush, no drooping ot the proud, bright
eyas, no quiver of the lips, no beating of
the quiet heart. Was hu blind that he did
not notice Hi1
After a moment he went ont—
"Havo you never guessed lu,w much I
loved you, Gerlrudef"
"No," sho answered, faintly, drawing
back froiu hlm as he bent nearer.
"1 wonder at that,   for girls nro qulek
enough in such matters, Them have
Ih-i'Ii times when I huvo gone nwny from
this house, after spending tho evening
with your ful her, half mud with tho torture of my lovo for you, aud because It
wai bo hard to control It whenever tou
were about,    Gertrude,   huvo  yo.i never
known about It?1'
"No," sho answered again'; more faintly than before,
In a moment ho had caught hor hands
In his, and was telling her In eloquent,
Impassioned words tho story of his love,
and those wards would huvo burned their
way into any other woman's heart, for
his soul was in then), had there not been
nuother man's Image enshrined In her
She looked so white, so startled, he
was -sure she was gulag to faint. He did
uot attempt to touch tin- hands again
which sho hud drawn so suddenly from
his clasp.
"I havo hem too abrupt, Gertrude,"
ho cried. "Vou must think tho mutter
over. 1 will take no answer yet, neither
'yes'nor'no.' Think It over. I will come
to-morrow afternoon for the answer that
will mean either lifo or death for mo.
No, uo; do uot misunderstand me. 1 do
not mean that I would kill myself If you
rejected mc—no ono but a coward would
do thut—but I mean It would be the
death of all the happiness tbo future
might havo had In store for me If you
refuse. I would llvo my life quietly out
to tho end, never looking with kindly
eyes on any other womuns faoe. I will
bo true to my lovo for you. Gertrude, If
your heart snys one word In my fnvor,
listen to It. I must go now. Please say
good-night to your father for me."
Ho bent his handsome head and kissed
tho white* hand which he hud raised to
his lips with reverential tenderness. Another moment and she was alone.
It had nil happened so quickly thnt for
a short time Gertrude Hamilton sat
Where ho had left her, quite stunned and
bewildered. Thus hur father found her
when ho re-entered the drawing-room.
"Oh, father!" puutod Gertrude, springing to her feot and flinging herself iuto
his arms In a pHSslon of tears. "How
cruelly Dick has disgraced us!"
"Has Van Driscoll   gone?" nBked  her
father, entering at once on tho subject
that held tbo most interest for him; adding; "Ho  did   not remain long after I
left him here with you,  It seems. I hope
I you did not refuse hlm, my dear."
I     "Oh, pupa! bow could you know   that
Mr. Driscoll hod proposed  to me?" she
I cried, looking  at  him   lu utter umuze-
I moot.
:    " Bcouuso he asked my permission to
! do so before you camo down to  dinner,"
, ho answered,   promptly]   adding: "Your
; scapegrace brother's blunder made   mutters u trillo awkward   for   both you uud
: him.   I  hopo,   Gertrude," he repeated,
; unxlously, "that you looked  with  favor
' Upon his suit, nud gave him u   favorable
answer. I am sure lie lores my little girl,
I and the love of such   a   man   Is   beyond
price.   I will not live always,   Gertrude,
dear.   Thnt old pain  in  my heart is
| troubling me   very   much   again, and it
makes mo thoughtful  of the   future,   1
could rest content if I could see you the
' wife of a man like .lames   Vnn  Driscoll
. before I pass nway. Did you accept hltu?"
he asked, eagerly.
Uortrudo had   drawn   nway   from   his
clasp, looking at him with wide,  dilated
: eyes.
"HushI do not speak of It, nap-v"
she answered. "1 do not lovo Mr. Van
Driscoll.   I never could."
"I suppose If left to select o husband
for yourself you would choose a popinjay
like Harry Weber or Stuart Aldrloh, or
some one of simitar caliber, and 1 should
have no ond of trouble breaklug It off. I
(•ball select the husband whom you will
"Would you not consent to a betrothal
: of that kind, pftpa!" asked Gertrude, her
heart sinking, the breath coming and going In struggling gospa through her
whlto, parted lips.
"Certainly not," ho responded, promj**-
' ly. "Such men as those wbo do not know
how to earn money; thoy only know how
to spend it, nnd ten to one, when they
come Into their inheritance, they won't
have their fortune a year. 'Money whioh
conies easy, goea easy,' Is a very trite but
true saying. Young Aldrloh, for Instenoo,
is n Rival spendthrift and a tllrt, thoy
sny. A coquet to Is bnd enough, but a
male lllrt—bfthl"
The lust sentence stopped the words
Gcrtrudo was about to uttor. A male
Qlrt I Where could her father havo got
such an IdonT Wiiut grounds had he for
Imaging It? All of her young ludy friends
liked Stuart. She well knew that he
ctiulil have any one of ihein for tho ask
lug; but tliu thought of Httinrt flirting
with any one of them shocked her lieyond
mOMUre.    Sin- said to herself she   would
prove it ou tho morrow by bis refusal to
go driving with his mother's pretty
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Vos, thnt would bu proof dokHIvo to ber
that bor futhur'a opinion of Stuart, her
lover, woe unjust—ay, cruel,
Ily a great effort Gertrude collected
her scattered sensua to llsleu to what ber
father was suyiug-
"1 want to kuow what poi-sed between
James Vnu Driscoll and yourself, my
dear," he said, laying hts hand on her
bead, "for thli* matter luterests tue very
" Ho—he asked me to marry hlm, but
added that he would not accept an an-
Bwer of either 'yes' or m,' until 1 Imd
had timo to think the   matter over; and
saying that  he  would cull to-morrow
afternoon fur my decision, hu took u
busty departure."
"Thut te quite like him, the noble,
geuerous fellow," Bald Mr. Hamilton,
warmly. "Retire now, my daughter, ami
go to sleep, that the roses may Iw hack
in your cheeks again by to-morrow. 1
in Us them from your fate to night, Ami,
Gertrude, if you wish to please  me—uy,
to mako me very happy, yoll will say
'yes' to Van Driscoll when he calls tomorrow."
lie kissed lier and led her to the door,
lt was well that he did not look out Inlo
the corridor after her, or he would have
Keen her (*rope Iut wnv along Ilku one
suddenly strloken blind.
Ah she passed her brother's door on
tho corridor abovo, Bho heard the m-uud
of au angry voice, He wan talking with
his valut. She did not, mean to listen,
but sho COUld not help hearing a frug-
mont of tlm conversation.
"Whero in he now!'" she hoard her
brother ask, ln thick, enraged touefl.
"At the area-gate, sir," thu valet replied, "Ho has beeu thoro every night
fur tho post three nights, Ho bid mo say
to you unless ho receives tho monoy hy
to-morrow night It would not be well for
you—ho would uot be put off by promises
uny longer."
"Curse tho Idlotl I will go down uud
seo him for myself 1" bo cried, "Hand
me my coat and hat."
A few moments later Gertrude beard
her brother's footsteps going unsteadily
down tho rear stairway, his valet following and entreating him lu a low voice,
"Attend to your own affairs, and let
mlue alone," she heard her brother say,
angrily. "How* daro you—my servant—-
attempt to dictute to moi-"
Looklug from her window, Gertrude
saw her brother and a shabbily dressed
stranger walk halfway dowu tho block
and pause there, the faint echo of u
wordy altercation floating back to her.
Sho saw, too, that John Norton, her
brother's valet, followed ut a little distance.
Poor Dick! how reckless he was growing of late 1 She wondered If her father
was doing right to cut him down to suoh
a trilling allowance each week, and If he
would be very angry at her if he was to
discover tbat she was giving her brother
all her pin-money to keep hlm from running in debt.
Ouly two dnys liefore Dick hud come
to her telling her she must help bim
raise a thousand dollars somehow. He
must have It, or disgrace from debt
would overtake bim.
To her surprise, her father gavo her
tbe amount she wanted without asking
uny questions. She thought by that be
must huve surmised what she wauted tbo
money for.
Dick bad promised faithfully when sbe
handed him the money that he would
turn over a new leaf. All her hopes bad
been dashed completely when he entered
the house that evenihg decidedly the
worse for imbibing too much wine, und
as Bhe beheld him, she theught of her
father's words:—
"Dick is beyond the pale of redemption, I fear. A libertine, a drunkard, or
a scapegrace will not reform."
Gertrude's head had barely touched thy
pillow ere tbe sound of the firing ol a
revolver close at hand startled her.
Springing quickly from her couch, she
hastened to tlie window, looking fearfully out. At that momt-ut a man came
quickly up the street, and turned toward
the area-gate with great haste. His fuce
was turned fully toward her fur uu in-
Btant, and as tlie moon's clear rays fell
upon it, she plainly recogulzed her
brother Richard,
(To bo font limed.)
Iloclte.1 T.ilh on UurMtk
The follovfiug from Halifax may ha
an object losson to dealers in horses and
admirers of docked tulli, An officer
reoontly arrived wanted a charger, nnd
a citizen undertook to provide one. He
produced a very Jlne mnro at a cost of
I'JOO, with n cortltlcate as to soundness.
On being taken to thn officer the dealer
was astonished by his saying it will not
suit. "Why not?' ho asked. "It Is a
■plendld animal." '* Vos," laid the officer,
"hut Its tall is docked, and tho Queen s
regu).i*hns prevent us from using It. Her
Majesty's orders aro thnt horses with
docked tails are not to be ui.nl In tho
service." Tho result Was, ns Hultgonluns
are not admirers ot docked tails, the
mare Wi.n eventualIv nohl for $au, ;, *,,,.,,
to the diuler of $14(1.
A Quirk   Wilt*.I   H,.|..|.t.
One of the candidate* for tho Stats
Senate down In Jefferson County, Ala.,
was a prominent Ihtptlst, and ho expect,
ed hi* follow ehiirchiucn to holp push
him along. The story goo* that lm was
campaigning on a country boat and had
tno good fortune to fall in with a wholo
congregation of Baptists. Whether a
prayer mooting had just boon hold or
what the OOOailon of the giithorlng was
Is not known. About this time a light
Shower enme up, and tho candidate at
onco raised a largo umbrella which he
was carry inn.
"You nro not afraid of this little
■howor, aro you, Drothor f" remarked one good Baptist, kuiiuIIiik near.
"Not at all," rdspoiided the quick
wilted candidate, "hut you know I am
oppoRed to all forms of 'sprinkling' " He
carried thnt heat solidly.
Another problem   has   been handed Id
for mathematicians to struggle with. No
answers watittxt at this office. Wo havu
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met. a friend and sold him tho pawn
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Ho thus had two tlfty-uent plucea— tl, In
fact—with which he paid his debt. Was
unybody out uud how inuuh?"
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Who Is tho busty
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"And bis wife}"
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nn exception. That shrlekiug professional
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Dr. Williams' Medicine Ou., Brock*
ville, Unt. Do not be persuaded to
tuke some substitute.
One Is the Oldest, tlm Oilier the Smallest
lu  i.it-iteiK-e.
Goust Is the smuMest republic as to
area, but Tuvolura U the smallest, republic us tu population. Gaunt Is only ono
milt* iu urea. It is located on tho Hut tap
of a mountain lu thu Pyrenees, between
Franco and .Spain, and Is recognlzt'd by
bath of thoso countries. It is governed by
u President and a Council of IB. It was
established ln 1048 and has 1IJU inhabitant*. Tho President Is Tax Collector,
Assessor and Judge. Uoust has no
church, clergyrauit or cemetery. The
people worship lu a church outside of
their own territory, and tho dead bodies
are slid down to a cumetery in the valley
below. In that valley all tho baptisms
and marriages are performed. Tavu'ara
Is twelve miles northeast of Sardinia, lt
Is un Island live miles loug by a half
mile wide. Its total population consists
of 55 men, women and children. The
women go to the palls with the meu and
elect every year u President and Council
of six, all serving without pay. The
inhabitants support themselves by fishing
und raising fruit and vegetables. The
republic has no army and no navy.
The Nerves Never ilroir Old.
Commenting on tho common causes of
nervous disorders. Professor w. H.
Thompson says: Tho mossuge of modern
science about the nervous system Is more
hopeful than over. It tolls us that the
nervous system has a grouter storo of
resorvo vitality than ull thojjther bodily
systems put together. It is the only texture that is found not to have lost weight
after death by starvation, as well as
after death by any causo. It Is the last
to grow old; and as to tho mind, it need
not  grow   old   at  nil,   provided  it   bo
Steadily applied with that mighty
spiritual element In us whleh wo cull
interest. Kvon the muscular system enn
bo wonderfully mstuined by interest; for
should u man attempt tho same muscular
work on a treadmill which he lightly
endures along tha mountain brook after
a trout, he would faint doad away. But
thn mind will hy interest grow steadily,
even whilo bone uud sinew are wasting
through age.
Suffering from palpitation of the heart,
dizzy or faint tpelb, watery blood,
etc., can be readily cured.
A Manitoba Lady Tells About Her Case.
There is no need whatever for so many
women to be the subject of faint spells,
heart and nerve weakness, anaemia, or
any of those health destroying ailments
peculiar to her box. Mil-
burn's Heart and Nerve
1'ills regulate the heart
beat aim make it strong
and full, tone the
nerves, enrich the blood,
and relieve the pain
and weakness from
which so many -women
Mrs. Alexander Setter, of
Pigeon Bluff,
Man., writes au
account of ber
ease as follows i
"I have great
pleasure in giving my experience ofMillitiru'i
Heart and Nerve
Pills. For about
ten years I was troubled with throbbing
and fluttering of tbe heart, I tried five
doctors and several remedies but none of
them did tne much good. Lately I beard
of Mllburu's Heart and Nerve Fills and
bought two boxes. Before I started using
them I eould not do my bouse work and
gave myself up to die, as I thought I would
never be cured. Now I feel really splendid
sinco taking the pills, do my work, enjoy
my meals and fool ae if there was something in life worth living fer."
MMbiirn'a Heart and Nerve Pills, sold
by all druggists at 50c. a box or & boxes
forlMlfl. T. MilbiiMi.K'o., Toronto, Ont.
Laia-Uv.r Pllta our* BIIUuanai|*9l
Haidaaha, Oon til pat ion *->-S Oyi
A Berlin Lady Tells
How to Get Rid or It.
Doan's Kidney Pills
The Remedy.
Mrs. Eliza Reitz, 33 Wellington St.,
Berlin, Ont., says, " For ten vears 1 have
been afflicted with kidney and back trouble, suffering greatly from dizziness, nervousness, weak eyeslgHt, loss of sleep,
and appetite, and an almost constant
tired, weak feeling*, In Februan* last I
got a box of Doan's Kidney Pills and
received so much benefit from them that
I continued their uso until I bad taken
three boxes in all, and was completely
cured. Tbey removed every Vestige of
pain, dizziness and nervousness, and enabled me to get restful sleep* so that
from being a sick woman 1 am now
strong and well again."
Doan'a Kidney Pills are the '"*st rented)* In
the world fur itrixlit'u Disease, I>inl>iM->ii,
Dro|»y, Hue kudu*, liiuvel, Scdniit-nt in tho
Urine, and nil Kidney uud Bladder Diseases.
Sola by dniKk'ist'i, or m-ut by mall on receipt
ot price, 50 cents a box or 1 boxes tur tt.jj.
Tht Dunn Kidney i'ill Co., Toronto, Out
When people lm\ Monsoon ll.,''),.,1 Tea i/'.s frum choice—
because Monqpon 'ia'' the qualities which they prefer, But
some dealers prefer t<> sell something else—not because it is
better—o/1 even us good—but because they have some
thing else in stock. People who have once tried Monsoon
Tea have*good reattotw of their own for declining any
other teas that the dealer may offer.
Made Iu Ur«at Vmli-ty ttnd l-icil Iu Enormous Nuiiibt-n,
Wooden meat sbowers are mado almost
exclusively of hlokory, mid, Ilko ninny other manufactures of wood, they aro made
in factories located in proximity to tho.
forests whence tho wood of which they uro
made In taken. WoodoU skewers nro miulo
mostly In tho went. Tbey aro produced in
groat numbers In Tonncsaeo aud Ohio.
Hickory skewers aro made In various
lengths—4Hi al-i, 0 uud 7 Inolies unit up
to ghint Bkowera in Inches long, ami all
but tho i'-t inch skewer, which is inadu uf
a gauge or diameter of live-thirty -seconds
of uu Inch, nn1 mud.! in two or moru
gaUgOS, Thus tho 0 Inch skewer is made
In gauges of seven -thirty -seconds, fifteen*
sixty-fourths und four-sixteenths of au
inch. So Hint, tdmplu a thing as a meat
skewer mny scorn to be, it is in reality an
article that Is made iu lurgu variety.
Tho skewers are made wholly by machinery and aro suld very cheap. They aru put
up ln bundles that vary In tho number uf
skewers contained, according to tho si/o of
the skowers, mid thoy are packed In canes
that vary likowlso, Thus tho smallest
skewers aro put Up 900 In a bundlo and
80,000 In n case. Of 8 inch ekewers, sli-
slxtcciiths gauge, thoro uro packed l',U00
In a caso and so on. Skowers aro used for
other purposos than skuwurlng meat tu-
gother. Ureat numbers uf tho smallest
size are used in markets in tagging meat
for delivery, Many larger skewers are
used in securing bugging put uround quarters of beef for transportation.
Skewers uf tho smaller sizes oro thoso
most used. Thu total cunsumptluti uf
skewers In this country amounts tu bll
lions annually. Lurgu numbers ot American skowers aro exported, tho greater
number uf tbosu exported being of tho
larger sizes. Wo send hickory skewers to
England, South Africa, Sutith America
uud Australia.—-New York Sun.
IJOVRIL   in Tms .,.,. »„.!,,
De«lcated and Dried Potato.* a.i
ulli.T Vog»tab]M.
Aud other   preparation* of condensed
food specially suited for 1 rospeoton, sur-
voyors and explorers, and f'-r
London, j, . .
27 Si. IVu-r St..
Tho closed mouth catches no Insects.
.Many a so called saint is merely a sinner's understudy.
Actions don't spuak louder thuu iKJiue
golf stockings look.
The race is hut always to thu swift, and
lt Is never tu the loafer.
Tho wiso man  knows how littlo ho
knows of what may be known.
Adtitu hud ble foibles, but bo nover related anci'iluU'b of his buyhood days.
Lovo may not bu  classed as  a disease,
but it la frequently of a rush nature.	
Baking Powder
Health Coffey
Are all the rage.
Have you tried them ?
The following is compiled from figures i i 1897 furnished the Insurani i ami Finance Chronicli by the
several companies:
Nimeol Company       liu-i
Ureal IVest 1.1 Tt- ,... 88
Ontario Mutual	
Dominion Lifo	
North American	
ion Written
3,061,8 .
4.81 x:-i
2,008.85 i
1 169,2 -
5 1,1 ;-.
S3 : a
Temperance .v General
As great emphasis is—very properly—given by all
the companies to the percentageof "gain in business"
"lo business written," it is gratifying to find that, as
in su many other respects, its friends will still have
reason to be proud of
The Great West Life Assurance Co,
As a diiiik is not surpasneil iu
healthful qualities, A tlecideil
beneiit to the system.
Including the 22, or 2% paye SATURDAY
to auy address in Manitoba, Northwest
Territories, BritUhCohimMa and ail poiuts
per Annum.
ASK VOUII   tilKll'KH   Hill   A   PACK.
THB GbOBB, Toronto, Canada.
rAjjenli wanted in every vtirtjiTttttited diitricl.
'""One Day's Work«
mVttel Out! '. CI ■'" *
kmewtotei ua. j
That should be found
in every well regulated
Choico Stouk Alo,     Extra Porter.
Canadian I'il-rn'i Lager,
A tin.-Iiv-lit lif.-c )
Gulden Key llrand Aerated Water
Imperial Table Sauco, I 2h?!00
> Table
iiuhft chutney. J Hellilieii
Manufacturer * im nor ier,
Secure in doing the leading
Trade nf your town.    If not, handle
Stylish full value k'oods and secure contented rest.
We give thU due '
watch, cliain and ,
thari*--, for selling iw.)
ii.,,. Levkr Collar '
Buttons, ai ten en. I
f.'icJj.    Send your tail'
dress and we lot wad 1
ihelluiions.-jusipail, I
ami nut Fiemiun
List.    No money ir- (
quired, Sell the lim- |
Ions   oniony   y.,1.1 .
friend*,   ttUttii   die f
money, and we send ■
tlie  wa'' li,  pie-mid. ,
A icnulna Amfrican I
w&trli,    k'""*>'•<red,  |
iVl.i lew In Ml, '■■.'(, Ik.     .
Mention llm -japcr I
wli-n *iilii.,'- I
30 Adelaide At, ll, \
Tarunlo, Unt.
_. rjr-^i ia**.»   \M~JkW*
JUBILEE BRAND BUILDINB PAPER.   Sur. i——» oa..     ,
- rUiB-ud Tarred. Ban torn A^uranco Go,      \
ItL-0«t»B.llttlfTJHirr'thllQ ^mmmWSma\ n      1 oi        t „
■ouieotliaTH, but ha It In ____W_e9_a, IJUIiWC   1* I re   II - MI il T. ■ ■. ■ i.'.[,: pauy.
»t.itJy."S*t"-r« H^SflkN !•<». '"" ar.,1 Unruhiro Lifo In,. Oo
&'£WW!? SK |^m   Briti9h »*"1 1,'"reiS" •'••<'•*•'>« •■"• *■"•
"%*.'■'&.. ..mpk.. ■ilSlS- UoFd's Hla-., Insuranco Company,
  . . ■- General Agent,
With cur stiiH'llriiiiKt uM.id lass.   Wa mauu
faotiire all hlndii of SUnrlU, Key Oil celt ■    '_ rrsSLSSr —J—— jr^J— •_
lllll) I'l'l-l.i-l- Sunn |i». nm 1 -i,]i|,n Ilik'l uixl
Hru-ahi*. f<r tin- Mini • : ali-oN-ali*, Haters, Num- I
berers, eto, Prlna Unt on application. Alwnyn
Write uriti-r-- lotrlbly uml give UH nn uli-n nr si/.- I
nml ptyle ol Ititto-inii rwiulrwi.    oki-M'!,
t^t nisi v ..a    mi'i   »t.....   •_.   tn i.... i......
W, N U.
sti*i'"»'.V l;0m 503 Wui Ht7vrinhi\,eu't
Daring thu alego of Paris no fewer
tlmn 112,000,000 lottorflBallod out of tlie ; THE LADRONE3,
city in tho 5-1 balloons dispatched ho- j 	
twwu thn I Oth of September, itiTu, und '     For goTornor of tlm Ladronui Sown
Ibe 88th of Jamwry, 1671. gootl Ohio mnn who hns no objection to
going nwny from homo nnd staying In nt
only American
Ht. Lonli hns one ohqroh to 9,800 of    "'^"^"''i'!?!.!" '!""!
population, New Vork one to 9,408,
Chu'UK'j one to ■.*,"■*■], iloston one to
Ltiuu und Aliiiiii-itpoh-i ouo to l.UM,
tlm  IsU'lriuii"
wiih made governor, In this cue the Dlhce
undoubtedly had losook tin- man.—Cincinnati Commercial Tribune, rfcC-
CRANBROOK : : : British Columbia.
I The TERHINUS of the
I     Crows Nest Pass Ry.
!     Is now at Cranbrook.
! The Construction Headquarters
| Will be in Cranbrook until the road j
Or iii
| is completed to Kootenay Lake, th<; |
f terminus for a year or more.
f^:£3-s^Wli*J=4l=*'*>-t*-*^^ -e-8-'!
A strong point in favor of Cranbrook is the fact J
(that wholesale houses of the east and west recognize j
[this place as the distributing point of East Kootenay j
[and are locating their branch houses here. <
^4t.4t_JJ-4l :&-4L-&* <t- &3e^4t.-&&*tz&&4S-4t--&4t4t--2S--$-&-SxS--g--i
The C. P. R. are putting up better buildings in
Cranbrook than at any other place on the Crows
Nest line.
•afSES; -i'*i:' IS fi.' SfaV^'-f-i-»a¥«-aV^*i-V^?*-*ii4^'.*fc'tUftl-tH &!-?!£•
Cranbrook is already the financial center of East
| Kootenay, and has more banking capital interested
[than any other town in the district.   And there is
more coming.
For furiher information, maps and prices of lots apply to
Victoria and Vancouver.
t<»> r •-<■ -.'T/.ii -
*■L® -®-®-®-®-®~®
C. P. R. Land Commissioner, Winnipeg, Man.
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent, Cranbrook, B. C.
* *'
Picked  Up About thc City   by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Mrs. 1 In-tili McMillan has removed her
dressmaking parlors from Uie Hanson to '
the Aiken block,
Tm-; Hkiiai.d is pleased In annoitme
that Mr. Hyde Maker ia rapidly recovering from Uie buck-set experienced last
week and is now considered <>"t of
tinier your Thanksgiving plea ami
cakes at Wilson's.
Doctor Archibald reports the number '
of patients at ihe St. Eugene hospital as
on the decrease since tbe advent of
freezing weather.
Host Ryan has occupied the new barroom 111 the hotel aniiev, greatly to the
convenience of himself an 1 patrons of
the bouse.
McVittie it Hutchison .still have some ;
funds to loan for building purposes.
The machinery of the Leask Uros.
planing mill having been put in plncr, it |
is expected fite will be started under the j
boiler this week.
Tenuis commenced llie delivery of tbe
pipe for the railroad water works main
on Monday morning last, several carloads of which bad previously arrived at
the yards.
Insure now with McVittie & Hutchison.    Hire, life and accident insurance.
Tbe painters and paper hangers are
hiving tbeir bands full these dajs in
Cranbrook, notwithstanding there are n
goodly number of ihem.
In Tiik Hkhalu's report of new
buildings und r construction 'ust week
mention was lint made of two structures
on Malson-de-joie avenue, on the south
side of town.
Insurance Unit insures, protection that j
protects your properly and family. See
McVittie & Hutchison.
Cranbrook is rijttlt lip to date ill all
things that go lo make up a town run oil I
metropolitan lines. The Commercial;
hotel has just Installed one of tbe latest
improved iilckel-ni tbe slot musical Instruments,
I have opened rooms for dressmaking |
in the Aiken block, and shall lie pirated
to  have tbe ladies of Cranbrook cull,
Mns. Huc.n McMillan.
George Geary has been digging a well
near bis stables on Hum on avenue.
Water wns struck at n depth i I about t«s I
feet, and from appearances there is i
plenty of it, nr will be when the hole is 1
put dowu a foot nr two furiher.
It looks as if the railroad company'
were "standing in" with the lintels of j
Tranbrook. Anyhow, llie hotels will be I
"strictly in it" so long as lhe schedule
for arrival and departure of trains continues in effect, as indicated liy the p:o j
posed lime card.
In addition to titling and making i
dresses I will bIso attend to all kinds of I
plain   sewing.     Aiken block, up stairs i
Mkh. Hugh McMillan.
According to instructions received
from Mr. h. A Hamilton, land coram is
sloner of the C. V. It,, llie name of tlie I
new town at the foot of Moyie lake is
changed i«> Moyelle, pronoiiured Moytrl,:
wiih the accent on the ln-,1 sylable.
Contractor Ceo. A. I.eask desbes Till,
Hkrai.d to announce that having finished Lip Uie work oil several large jobs
on which lie lias been engage,! for the'
past month that be is now prepared to
enter into contract   for  lhe erection of
buildings or any other t-vcrk in his liue.
The usual services will be held in connection with the Presbyterian church
next Sabbath at 4 o'clock. The Perdue
block will be the place of meeting, instead of the North Star restaurant. The
building will be healed and comfortably
Cull aud see some of my Scotch
tweeds.   J. Leask.
Crauurookltes can now indulge in the
luxury of a steaming hot bath, independent or a clothes tub, Mr. W. V.
McFarlane has, in connection wiih hit
barber shop on Armstrong avenue, installed a complete apparatus lor serving
hot and water and vapor baths.
ll'sheginning to tell. All ibe bachelors buying bread and pastry from Wilson look fat and sleek.
J. M. Leonard, fur several years connected with the dining cur set vice on
the C. P. R., I as opened a lUst-class
restaurant on Hanson avenue. Cranbrook. There is no question as to .Mr.
Leonard's abilities as a cook and caterer,
while .Mrs. Leonard is equally at home
iu the dining room.
As per announcement in Tin; Hkr*
\i.d last week, the public school opened
in Cranbrook on Wednesday with Miss
Maud Keay as teacher. The attendance
was light, there being less than a dozen
present. There are upwards of 20
children here of school age and parents
should see lhat ihey attend school.
Theyfare much better there than in the
A case of assault was tried on Monday
before Messrs Norbury and Hutchison
in which a colored woman, a white
woman and a degraded specimen of the
male sex were the leading characters.
Tbe result of the case, which turned on
the firt of lhe man having two strings
to his bow, was that the.colored woman
was fined %.•$ and costs and that tbe
while woman ami her male attache left
town the next morning.
'lhe preliminary examination of C. A.
Slroug, charged with forging and uttering a lime check, was concluded on
Saturday before Commissioner Armstrong. No plea was entered by the
prisoner. A great deal of evidence was
introduced, the examination lasting two
days. The prisoner was committed for
Ihe next assizes and allowed b.iil in
-fioc.o; fijOn of ihe amount being in his
own recogni/iuce and two other sureties
off 350 eacii.
Commissioner Armstrong was in Cran*
brook or, legal liUMiirss last Saturday.
and according to promise, iu company
with Sicretsiy of the hoard of Trade
McVittle, went over .the ground for tbe
purpose of locating a new road in the
direction of Palmer liar and also a site
fur a bridge over Jim Smith creek on
the road leading to Mojie The coin
missiiiner gave Mr. McVittle to uudei-
stuild thut both ol these needed improvements would becanied out al aiieailv
W. B. McPherson.
On board tbe special train which left
Craubrook Wednesday morning was the
body of W. It, McPherson, which was
being taken lo the home of his people iu
.Montreal. It seems that McPherson
was employed in some capacity on construction work 011 the C. N. P., mid
abont a month ago disappeared from a
camp at Russell creek. Notwllhstaiid-
ii.g diligent seaich was made and inquiry
sent ou', nothing could be learned of
him until last Sunday, when an Indian
came into camp an I reported llie finding of a dead body. The rem a ttio were
round only a short distance from the
ramp and with 110 evidences to determine
lhe cause of death. The body was placed
in a rude cotllu and put aboard Mr.
Whyle's special train when ii reached
R jewel I creek Tnofday night,   The won
der is that the remains should have laid
so long and not been devoured by wild
Over 2co men are employed ill tlie
mines adjacent lo Silvcrton.
The building of the Rosslaud club
house has been suspended until spring.
The Rossland .Miner repot Is) hat 'here
is a chance fot packers and teams at
Billy Sanders, of Kaslo, and P. J.
O'Reilly, are slatting a paper in Cascade
Inspector Irwin, N. W. M. P. or Ro-
gina, will replace Inspector Sandeis at
The citizens of Rossland, through its
board of trade, are agitating the project
of building a road from Rossland north
to tap the Brooklyn-Cascade wagon road.
The city council of Grand Forks bus
accepted lhe bid of Richard Armstrong,
of yo cents on the dollar, for Jig.OOOClty
bonds. Tliis is tbe second issue made
by lhe city. The money is used for
street improvements.
Captain Armstrong returned a few
days ngo looking well after his experiences in the north, snys tbe Golden lira.
lie thinks highly of tbe future of the
Stickine and vicinity and of the new
gold finds at Atlin lake. The captain
met with a hearty welcome from bis old
friends on his return, nnd he will probably remain in Golden during lhe winter
Both the Bank of British North
America and ihe Bank of Commerce
have opened up iu Greenwood, Tbe
Hank of British North America is doing
business in a billiard ball, while the
Bank of Commerce leased a restaurant,
using the tables for a counter. The
provincial managers of both banks are
there and are acting us cashier and accountant for tbeir respective banks.
Nol kc m hereby RifonUa thiity days after
date I Intend iimpi'ly tn tliu (I lill!oiiiiiilsn!itiiflr
nr tiie illslrli't nf ninth Kiwi Kunieiuiy fur a
tin-jitsc tn srll lli'linrit! iotn.1 nn mv |-emhins
in Uu' tmv  Miiyulln, iii ilu' 11111:111-' illvlMtin
nt Kits' limlt'i'iiy. It, I',
At,   |)OYI,l'„
Dated 1:1 li X'-v<<iiili 1. I81M.
Commercial Hotel...
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors  at  the  Bar
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
We Carry Complete S S
T  «n»e   r\r
Dry Goods,
.... Lines of.....
I Hardware,
Sash and Doors, f
Hay and Oats
^yines, Liquors and Cigars
Everything at Lowest Prices.
Free Delivery lo lay fur! ol Cily.
Cranbrook,    -    -    Fort Steele,    -    -    Wardner.
Fori Steele and
Dry Goods,
Ladies' and (kilts'
Furnishings, Footwear,
Paints and Wall Paper.
Large Car of Furniture
on sale at Cranbrook
Till about October 37th.
Goods and Prices Right.
J  QRICE, I). D. S.
Human COI,UMBfa
a. W. "iloVmiK, .ions- Hutchison,
II. I. S., I'. I„ 1. Notary I'lilill,..
McVittie & Hutchison,
llAKKtl SlIIUKT,       ■       - CHANIIIlllllK.
-'Miliar. 111-
Mines and Real Estate.
.   .   .   Insurance Agents.
VY, II. Iliiss. II. W. ilKUCliaiitll.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Queen's Hotel
E. C. Clarke, Proprietor.
(Llle ol Royal Hotel, Ciliary.)
A Modern Hotel,
Ami I'rovlilml wiih every convenience.
John J.ensk is now ready lo ilo tailor*
iiiH bit si n rail opposite tlie Ku-jinmy
The Palace
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables ...
KOJinuilY avi:m:i;,
NVur Kooloony Hotel,
flood Double and Single Turnouts and
Saddle Horses.
I'rmiiiit atlon paid to trnuiloiil iirvri.
Qeo. Geary,
llelievlnn In tiie nronl future uf Criipbrpirt. 1ms
ii-ipupiI 11 inn.'-- unit wi-il tissorlwl uloult ot
Patent Medicines,
Stationery and Pipes,
Toilet Articles.
Special attention given to mail and
out of town orders.
"SH*5l'*3i^*'*aHS*'faHai ?-s ?■: -sms -A*^tti^^i&«tv*KtmAu«itt*»m
This is the name of the
new Town at the foot of
Moyie Lake,
The Townsite Agent
Is too busy to prepare a descriptive advertisement for this issue,
but one will appear next week.
The Great
Clothing Sale »j& *£
Will continue a short time yet at Hill's. Call
and get one of his Nobby Suits. The prices
are marked to suit you. jt Jt J- J> J* J* J*
dt dt Hill, the Clothier
A part of llie Commercial Hotel building, Cranbrook,
All Night Restaurant,
This restuarant is located opposite to
the depot. The best is always served.
Call and be convinced.


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