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Cranbrook Herald Feb 25, 1904

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Array ',
'■■■'.':'■.., ii    y
^ *■*■-__      ^**r
ni vMinooK,  itiiiTisii COLUMBIA, TiiiRsnvv, lKitni Ain   25, hum
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
linn. GR... A. Cnx, Freiiiteut.
Pilil lli   Capital. 	
Total Kixuric. Mav. JO. 'tl
. Mat.
II. K. Wa-.kkk, Qe
  .',(iiu.iwo no
 ».'.• oo.uiki 1*1
D'pcs.ls Received,   liciteral KankiiiJ* Business Transacted
S.VINIIS BANK BKPAIT.HR*.!   lltpaalli l*«cl,e<1- laleret.1 Allowed.
IIANKIN.j uv M Ml.-|i,-|,4,»it-,„;,v 1 |,.,U„| vrlihilmwi. l.y mnll,
nm ni imui 11, 11-1, (,,. ,.,.,.„. nitontioii, 1'iiuui,um,.,1 , ;i,iiin—,.,1
10 till- llUllllli;,T Ol III.-('llllllll.K,I.  llllll,,.ll niM   r ill. lllllll, 1.1 Hlllllll	
5 Capital, Paid Up               $2,9S3,8»b                      S
5 Rest                                     $2,636,312                       *
Z T. R. Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
J   *
J A general banking business transacted. Dralts sold availa- *
j ble in every part ol Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
$ attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     8
%*««»»»»»»*»»»»»»**. t-rtttlftf ********************* l?
Born few days we will offer tho following startlingprices
Currants, 2 lb tins, regular prico 25c, Iwrgnin price *t for 50c
Clnm Chowder, 1 lli tins, reg 20c, bargain price, '2 fur 2fto
Mackerel. 1 Hi tins, regular price 20c, bargain price 2 for 2<w
Roast Beef, 2 Hi tins, reg price Sloe, Itargiiin price 2 for .0
Roast Mutton. 2 Hi tins, regular -t-V. bargain price 2 for (lue
Tigs Feet. 2 Il> tins, reg price H-V, bargain price 2 for l(3c
Roast Rabbit. 2tl> tins, regular line, bargain price 2 for Hoe
Macaroni antl Cheese, 1 11» tins. reg 20c. bargain 2 for 25c
Kvii|Mir;in*it Vegetables* 2 lb tiny, reg Otic. bargain 2 for One
J tuns, assorted, 1 lb. glass, reg 25c, bargain price 2 for 25c
Olives, large littles, reg price 75c, bargain price 2 for '.IV
-Stuffed Poppers.'Jnrgo Iwttles, reg SI. Iwirguin 2 for $1,23
Stuffed Ha a goes, large bottles, rug 41, bargain 2 for $1,25
ntontli only.
* these
are  for the balane
Ft. Steele Mercantile Co.     I|
\\\ East Kootenay's Big Mail Order House.
a) i a) | * i • i * i « I * I * I * I » I * I * I «- I  I « [ A I A | A I * I a I <*• I A I A I ,.*. I A - - , *•
•iX* i <•■ I * I '-1 -*' I ■•' I **• I i-1 *. <*• I •-■ ■ »■; I -j I -f I -;' I * I * I * i *■ i ■•■ I -. i •': I I -J ' •'■
Tin- companies represented by Benle « Klwell ff
lost SIX MU.I.KIN. POUR  HI'MlHKIl ;n„l -ff
Iin-.   Only tin* strongest   i-uinpanies i.in stand
such a less, atul tha n.-t-.-wsiiv of u large- reserve * -
fli.nl iu ch-nrly ih-liiunstrali-il.      Iiisutv with tin- Yf
-.trou*-.-N(  .-..inpnni.-H  n-prt-si-titi-il   ttv   Beale &
Klvrnll, Crnnbrook, 11. ('. ff
WANTED   Sn.ith African s.-rit. Il
(f *i
POIl    SAl.lv     'I'lVU   sllllstnlltial    I* Bill.- S   nil jl
linker hill.     Apply at o  I" ILalc .V* hlllvr-ll, *;
War    Englo,
While lli-ar. Faini.-u ami Centre Stir.
I • I <** I **H # I ? 141 ? 11111 -PI f I |«l«l*l*l«>|*l* I 4) I « I «4 | «■ | ,i
I J-l-i I-,- I -* I ■'■!■•-!-i l*l*l-f-l H Iti* l»l*l*|4>|«|$| -I-- l-. |4
Wu chili
to U' just as good .-is any of lhe lurge eastern jewelry linns. If
you buy an article from Wilson. In* it a WUtull, a piece of jewelry or silverware, you cnn Imuk on its lining ns reliable and
up-to-date aa anything brought from the east. Wc keep mi
shop-worn goodB,    Our guarantee statute Ix-hind everything
We sell.
in MBaBaoaosooQciiifaiso®©®©©©
Washing Machines
Make Washing
a Pleasure
This is lhe best
ami it is sold by
Call and see them
Ou Friday, Febnuiry  I2lh, the thf dlnvton for the exoelleut wotk I
('rows Nesi Coul company held its lie has occouiplised.
iiiiiiiial   itiei linu.      The auditor's     ('nl.   I'»-ll.itt.   in seconding  tin*!
ug   the
n*l m ut showed I lie  net   i
the  year  at   $.fU0.4US3
i|u.ii*ierlv dividends wen
21, |H'r relit.
Senator Cox,   iu   ma
adoption of the   auditor
re ferret 1 to the  following  interest
(ug features;
The coal produced
year 100.1 amounted t<
tons, as compared witli
tons in P.M12. of this tounuge
270,H0*J were sent t<> the coke ovens
and produced 107,989 tons of coke,
as against 121,(H)t) tons made in
1002, while the balance, 1181,784
tons (with the e.\eeptioii of 22.H2:!
tons constinieil Ullder tlie buil.Tsi
wereilispo-ii.il of as inerehautalile
The new iniue.s oponoil during
the year were at Coal Creek H, at
Michel 2 and ftt Morrissey 2.
The construction of -IH2 ovens
was commenced during I'.KKI 2~>2
at Michel and 210 at Morrissoy,
Ol these 108 at Michel and IIN In
Morrissey were completed adding
a total of -8*1-7 ovens to the company's
coking plant and bringing the total
Handler of the ovens now eon.
struetetl up to.182. Tho remainder
of the ovens wilt be completed
early this spring.
The net profits as n result of the
year's operations, amount to Solo..
402.28, of which #!0.t,7|7,.Jli was
paid out in dividends, n'lid there
was received for premium on calls
paid ou new stock during the
year U»lH,52rt.£5. This enables
a carrying forward to the
credit of profit and loss ot »1,H70.
Si;i.i:i, of which 8145,078.18 is
undistributed profits and 81.72-V
785,00 premium received ou stock.
On the 1st of May the new town
site of Morrissoy Mines was put ou
the market, and sales made amounting to &tO,000, which have Btnce
been increased to $85,71200.
It has been found desirable to
acquire the branch railroad Ir»-
tween the main line of the Crows
Xest Southern at Morrissey June.
tion and the company s mines, a
length of .iIkhiI -live miles, for
which a charter was obtained from
the llritisli Columbin legislnture
last year,
Mr, Rogers having been obliged
I., resign lhe position of managing
direct >r, the board have transferred the duties of that office
to the office of third vice.
president, and Mr. Idndsoy has
fulfilled the duties: ami 1 desire
lo express lhe high appreciation of
ilits for adoption "f the   repoH   spoke at
Four!some length.   II   poh I  I on) that
paid ul thc company ptficthudlj  owwl no
liabilitiesoxoopl to its Btinreholders
ami (liiil tli<< iii-lu   iu   the   assets
mines, real  estate,  plan I   and  <le-
vi*lupuieut. amounting to 16,418,*
1485,5]   really   ivpres.ni.tl actual
luring the I cash pul into plant, devtilopmeal
hu|,it8jand machinery,
W2,04U | property of the
This utnguiflceni
conijiiiny.  850,000
acres is extent, wealthy in eoal and
timber, and full of possibilities as
to now town sites and farms, was
therefore not taken into account at
all in this item, He gave a good
illustration of what a 8,000 daily
tonnage meant by pointing out
that jt (ook I oo ordinary railroad
cars, each of ItO tons capacity, to
transport this much Win!, and illustrated how much machinery it took
to keep this moving by explaining
that not one pound of coal ever
stops movjng from the moment it
leaves the working face until it
finds Itself In a milrod car,
The compauy has Installed three
excellent water works systems, sufficient electric lighting plants and
a telephone system, and has found
it prudent toowu the branch lim- of
railway running to its mines at
Morrissey, which it is now operating.
Tiiere never has lieen .' time in
Ihc history of the company when
tlm directors uipi look forward with
so much confidence to a steadily
increasing tonnage as now, ami
they can fairly expect from the
large amount of development work
carried ou during the lasl two years
a very tolling cited on tin* quantity
of coal mined ami tlu? cos! of production.
The report was unanimously
The following gentlemen were
elected directors for the ensuing
Hon. Ceorgo A. Cox, Uolx-rt
.lall'ray. biciit.-Col. II. M. IVIIatt.
William fcVi'iilo,.T. A- Cletutuill, J.
A. Gemini!!, J, I). Clupman, David
.Morris, li. li Woo.!. Thomas
Uahusley. Lieut.-Col. James ^f»-
soii. Frederic N'ieholls. (i. ti. S.
Lindsay, K, C.,und CO. Dalton.
The meetiug ihen ailjounied.
At a subseipieiil meeting of the
shareholders, llou. (Icoi'^e A. Cox
was elected president for the ensuing year, and Mr. Roller! Jaffray, first vice-president i Col. H.
M. I'ellatl. second vice-president;
(i. (J. S. Liudsey, K. ('.. third
vice-president, and K. K. Wood,
BY TIIK Ol.t) M \N
*•*» MMM MUM* t*t- -35 }•* 9 ^^
V. Ii-i. pApl |inl*, lib |<i|i**.-i
All' Ink.' ni** .in Ini Ln,',',
I kin,m I,.* ft «„t II Nl.iiy.
'I l.ut he MnniM 0. 'I'll I., i
I I'lll   Mtv lllllll. illl.uu,I In-, |i
>tu baf Iiiiii Mniii nn'tm
II.- unitii. it Hml -
Tli,ir-i,Ui,VHm,,l.-in I
hi t
A CarpenterH Unlmi.
The carpenters and allied trades,
men of Craubrook aud vicinity:
have taken steps to organize themselves ns a local branch of lhe
I'nited Brotherhood of Carpenters
ami Joiners of America. The\
feel thai il is about time Craubrook
should come up to the level of the
other towns iu the Koolcnays iu
regard lo the number of hours that
shall constitute a day's work and
also the rate of pay for same,
Craubrook has boon behind iu this
respect for years but it is the in*
leution of. the car pun tors to introduce the nine hour day ami the
regular wage schedule at an early
The AY, H.ofC. & J. of America
is composed of carpenters! joiners, stairbuilders, cabinetmakers,
planer-men and millwrights and a
strong local branch will be formed,
Coroner's Jury on Clallam Disaster.
Vielorin. Fob, 20, Mimslntlglitor
isuliiirgiHlngiiiiistOiiijtjilii Robortti,
uuisi.-r ol tint I'lifii-t Hound Nitvi-
Ki.ti.ii. Compiiny's Btonmor Oliillnm,
whirl. Eoundercl lietween Sinitli
Islatttl ninl Dtttlgoneaa Spit tin the
i-iirly morning of Jnntuiry S, 1(104,
with tin- loss of over forty lives,
Tlio Coroner's jury, wlii.-lt lnul
Ih-i-ii Hitting on the ,*,,».- in thiseity
fnr weeks imst., this morning
lil-oiight in ils venliel. Tile fiml-
ing wns one of iniitisliiiigliU-i'
iigiiinat Cnptiliil KolHtrts,iin.1 Chief
Engineer Seott A. Delniinny of lhe
CIiiIIiiiii w.-.s Iiuiiiii guilty nf neglj.
Tho Culgnry Dully 11.-r.il.l snys:
Qoiierernl StiiK-riiitendpiit .finnie-
son hns reliirneil from Winnipeg
whore lie lins Ih-i-ii for Bt-venil days
in eoiiferein-e with Vice President
Whyte in I'el'i'i'eii.'i. lo llin improve*
iiii-iith to Is- ninile on th.. Western
division during thi- eomiiig Bummer, ll is understood tlmt n very
lurge sum ol' money is to Ih- H-M-nt
mi lr.-i.-k lliiprovomeiits. A new
sti.fion lnul gi-nernl iil't'ii-i-H will In*
(-iiiistrnete.l tit ('nlgnry (it n cost of
$50,000, nnd SMI,IKK) will Im spent
on tin- ereetion of it new Hl.ili.in ul
Meili.-ine lll.l.
The nir is full of rumors lo the
i-IV.-.-l thnl the Great Northern will
extend tlieir lirnncli line from
Morrissey -Tmiutloii to Mi.-h.-l litis
yenr. One |-eport Iiiih it llint
Messrs. Kims mid iMiii-doiii-Hnli'endy
hnve the i-iiiifiiii-l for ii portion of
the rond, Aiiothi-r, thut the work
will .'oiittneue... next lliontll nud
thnl it is to In* eoinplnted l.y Sep-
The 0. T. P, Agreement.
(Htnwn, Fell.   III.   The Citliiui-t
met yestenluy nth-moon, nnd put
the finishing touches to the modifications of the (Iniiiil Trunk I'a.-i-
II.. ooiitrnet.   The ngi ment, it is
linderstoo.1, is salisl'iu-tory to the
Government nnd th. tnpaiiy, and
will In- laid before the shareholders
of the tit-ainl Trunk Kailway for
rulili.'iit.ion ul its annual meeting
on Mari-li 8, two .lays In-fore the
ope.iing uf Canadian Parliament.
.I.-.I '/.i.-lly l.iut/ in*.
Mil.,'. Kill ll -Hilly. (Ill mini,,
i Kim nn tiling,, .vou mill Im kill. Hum.-1, fun-,on Hi- |i
,\n' I,. vt,r un.—- otto**,
III,-*,,,,, lllll in fI... H In iiluili.
An- imi-.I. II,™ lln. Jn,
An' Iniilil. ii flro iiji iv r.v .it-glil
Tn lii*H|i the miln.. iiuuy
'1I.--I..I.I il,- iiinr.iin' tiiki*. li
An' HiiiL a -..l/il.,'. ,1 -a
An'. Ili.i4.-m l«nm tor inilaa nn' njll*--.,
All' -ll.llllill    111411   il.'   linn
A! lll.l 111* Kiln Iiji ||  li.,,,
An' Hulk  innii .' nli' 'rniltiil,
All'.lllllllH lli. Illlllllt'l' illl HHIl,',
An' Ili4.ii ih,- I „mi- in mm i|hi,ii.
Siiiii-n tin- '.I'i.*-, Iuk.-at.il ktnf4-
Wiiliuui lll.il .,-...»■
An' Ilii-ti I Mil .ii.i «-|i.v
TIiuI'h 'limit li'l I evi-l* I,.nr
1'ln'ii iii llii- iiiiiriiin' wlii'ii | iiiiki-
An'ttml uiii-i-ll in h il
I git In wn il'iiti' il lln- lii-m-
I. IlllMll,, -,l,-.„l
I li'Qlc i-r Hlli! (, r iliiilit^.
Hll' t:|,.r. ,11,' llilll Hll.V llllnl'l.
An1 .ii t Inlil*,. minM*. l,,n
Pap,tlitl h.git .In-Ii.-i.i""
W -., rt
It. 1,, T. llidbridtli. Port Steele,
writes: The Ih-sI  Iiiii.I  lies nlong
the Kootenay river, bench und bottom Inuils.   Tin- bottom land   is a
rich,   black   loam,   and   ou    the
in-nchi-H the soil is  not  so  heavy,
mnl is well adapted for roots of nil
kinds ntnl fruits.   There is a good
market  at Kiii.l..-rl.v,   Moyie  iiiiiI
Fertile  foi* th"   pfoduots rnist-d;
these ulncpa run 1*,- 1-.-...-I..-.1 by mil.
The I'lvew  iiIhiuiiiIs with lish. nml
there is still a gisnl ileal  of gam.-,
such us mountain   sheep, gouts.
-Ik, I>.*iii- nud  other Iur  hearing
animals,   Aliout tifty families can
get gisnl homes in the valley.   The
laml is held by the ('. P.'it. ami
ti-.iiiy Valleys i-inniiany, whose
agent, resides nl Fort   Stiu-le; tlu-y
are giving lil-eral lernis to settlers.
The ul-ove is an extract from an
article written by our friend 11.  I..
T, Galbraith, of Fort Steele, for
the Uritish Colllll|liil,   Yen*  Hook.
In referring to tin- pupiil itts towns
that iitfunl oxeellont  markets for
agricultural products, the nnnie of
Crnnbrook is left out    Tliis is un-
fortunnte. since it places Mr. Galbraith  iu  an   unfavorable  liglit.
TIiiti' are people who might  say
that it was due tu igniirancn of the
couniry, which  is impossible, as
lie   has watch.il   with   pi-ide tin-
growth of Moyie. t'l'aulii-uok, Fort
Steele,    Klmberley,   Murysville,
Fertile, Wiinluer and other towns
in tin- district of which hi-  is an
honored   pioneer.     Then   again,
titers might Ih- so unkind as tu
intimate thnt the failure  to nntni-
C'raubi-.H.k was due to a feeling of
petty    spite    against    the   town,
Those who know  .Mr. (ialbraitli's
love for South Kast Kootenay as n
whole nn.l ils integral parts, ami
familiar with his work for tin-
development of the disti'iet. also
know  that siu-li n supposition is
as ridiculous as thi-lirst,   No, Mr.
Gosnell, lhe author of the bulk, or
the proofreader in tin- government
printing ..HI.-.* is surely responsible
for such a glaring error,  not  .Mr.
Galbraith, nnd tin* latter gentle,
man has every reason to feel chagrined ov< r (In- mistake.    Wo call
attention to this mutter to prevent
thoughtless individuals from arriving nl n to;, hasty ciini'liisitin. thus
perhaps placing upon an Innocent
head the bla.no for an act fm-which
In- is iu no wise responsibile,
The Herald bnnntni orchard is
lin-king line.      The   climate this
year has proven so mild   thnl  we
feel encouraged to undertake die
cultivation of lemons and oranges,
i,'. -.-. li
A pound of radium is worth $1.-
000,000,   We haven't hoard of any
Britisli Columbia newspaper men
buying any lip to date.
"Sally"   McKenzie    lias    been
assessed -J500 on his income.     As-
London, Feb, -I l'un nflrn.ed
reports state that tin- llussinns sue-
(-ceded in siitkim- four hattli-sliip.
..II  l'..rl Arthur.
Loudon,Feb.81.   Tin-I'l l'.»,
i-iii-ii*sp.itii|.'nt of tin* Morning PobI
under yi-Hti-nluy's date says 40,060
11101*0 .la|iani-si- have lainliil at
Chemulpo nud that In-had received
confirmation of iln- report thnt
sunn-   .l.-ipaiu-si-   luni   landed nt
Pigeon hay. others at Tnlieu Wan,
and thai an engagement occurred
mi tin- nigh! ul' February l-'lh.
Tliocorrcspoudenf nt Seoulof the
Daily Mail reports a pnnioat Ping
Vnng. Korea, whicli is ri-gnrdi-il ns
heralding tin- approach of tl..-
opposil'H ni-iuii's,
Acconiiug io the SUiudurd's
t-iiri-i-spiiuileut at Seoul, t).e.la|-nn-
i*si* iHiiuliardeil Port Arthur at in-
lervals lietween lie- 8tll and the
l-lflt of Fi-liriiiry. Iiirllotilig, lew-
ever, lint slight injury. The report ia confirmed, tie- correspond
i-iil continues that 70 miles uf rail
rond track ami sonic important
bridges have been destroyed I.--
tweou Harbin and Vliulivostock.
is known lu ha badly supplied and
il therefore could not loug n-sist a
.lap.uiese attack. There is still
however, no news of actual up-Tn-
lions of any Mud,
Spocinl dispatches trotu St. Pe.
tersburg give various Beiisatioital
reports ot a political nature, th.-
Teh-graphi fur iiwtauce, says the
Russian government  lias onlercd
its aiulii-issailiil-   at   Colistuntilioplo
to obtain tin* p.-riuisiion of the
porn* fur tin- .-\it uf tli- Black s.-n
Heet, hut M. Stiii,,ii.||'. tin- ainlms-
sadur.di'i-liiicil tu make this rii'iii'st
and was ..iiniili' to give the Russian
foreign office conclusive reasons
for his refusal.
tu a ilispntoh fruui Tukio a cor-
r.'s|-undi-iit uf tin- Titiiis says sotna
hundreds uf Cossacks reached
rltonjii. DO iniles Bouth of the Vnlu
river on thc nftt-i-iunin of Fcbrtuiry
20th.   Thirlv troopm* crossed the
V.-iltt rivt-rat Kazan thesaltn-ev.-u-
inil. thus arriviin- within In iniles
of Ping Vain.-. Korea.
It is imiliTslu «l tin- .lap.nest-
diet will meet th > middle of .March
fur tin-   Intrudneti
Thore is a rum.
| siau   Yladi'
again put t4
A corresp
Wei Hlli W
nil ll.e  el
Dalny .-..nl
.-I' tlii-
l.at llllllll! Inn
indent uf the Times ut
■i says he hears that
anics at Port Arthur,
Vladivostok  nre Chi
nese and tlutt it is Impossible for
the Russians tu repair their dam-
agul warships.
Imporianl  Movements lnau(urated Easl Aa Imporlaol   t-k-eiin/r nf Ilie Boara* ol
Th.-n* is to In- n
Cmubrook H >-*. r-1
Tuesday night al
hall at 8 u'.*lu*k.
intiTi-st iii tit* town, 1
If yon do uot. 1,*
town progress don't attend. If yon
i don't want to s.*»* the population
1 iuorease, don't attend. If yuu don't
; want your property made mon.
valuable don't attend. If you are
Ise ami don't
.ling uf the
Trade next
1.(1.(1. F.
, at hav.. no
1. di
.a'l attend,
i- to
1.. see the
..I Ihe Koolenay,
Furl Steele, Feb. iX l'.«J4.    ,
Preparations art-   lieing   made
fur i-xtensive uiiniiiL' operations un
Wild  llursi-   tin- coining season.
Tin-   llui.g (fining  company  will'
wurk   the  gruiini! abandoned  by
hy (he Thompson company un the
uld Invicta claiui.   To du this properly is (ptite an undertaking. Tin-
bank   is  about one hundred feet
high, nud must of the pay is  u'-ou
liedrock.    To bottom this leavesI working for some.
but Iittl** fall fur the sluices.   nndiwaut tu see ln-tt.
eunseipieiitly   little   dunip.     To opened up in Cranbrook, don't nt-
ul.viatc the ilitHculty a upper line | tend,   if yon don't care tu see a
uf sluices-vill l.e put in t.. run qff strong rueiitic. inHiii-ntinl or-
the surfuce. will,  fall  uml dnnip ganizntion   don't  nttend,   If you
thai will greatly clienpen the wurk, ;,,,„„• t„ s,,. ,|„. ,,,„■„ sli„„i stlll or
(Im- ut- twu years will lie occupied j go lu,,|*wanl don't attend,   lu fact,
uf this, thou the line of sluices willj jfj-o,, ,iri. „ .I,,,,,.  .,,„]  bnve no
he lowered to work out the ilotto*n I interest   in   tie*  welfare   of your
of the pit and clean up,   Tin-Imt- ,„«*„  „r yourselft   don't  can-  a
..uu uf the uit is In-arty abive the continental what happens, yuu had
lied of the creek and to work tliel better sv..;.* -.way.   1 in  thi* other
•hole bank from this level is vc^Uawl, if you have n lun* !.„ soi,r
xpensive.   Tlie Chinese innnagerjtown and fur yunr own  prosperity,
.f liu- Willi Horse mines hns wurk- hf yuu have cnergy.aud snap in you;
d the placers of the creek for sev- jf y„u an* uut   fossilized, be sure
sessor Nelsoi
face when In
1 knows n
sees it.
4, it 1,
o,Cal„ I-'.
San Francisco, Cal./Fob. 25, '0i.
Old Man Siiii|is<>ii. Can't hold
Kdwanlsdown. Etc wants to buy
au orange grove and a stnb'e of
nice-horses, and neglects his duly
au secretin')'. Vic Kollius.
ral years and is tlibughly acquainted witli the situation. Tho Chinese
patience as well na enterprise in
theso matters is somewhat remarkable.
Piftytwo thousand feet ot lumber
has been (lurchascd to make the
necessary improvements, deary
& Doyle Iiiih the contract for haul-
!ng it from Cranbrook to the
Much importance is attached to
the interest manifest about the
Kstellii mine It is very generally
understood that a strong company
are almiit to lake hold of it and
tinder take its dovelopainout by
mining methotls, The property
has recently been exam imi I by j
several capable men. and they Imvc j
expressed themselves us having!
greal faith iu the property. This
iu connection with other circumstances uJves rise to the hope that
something practical and substantia! will be done. If the property
is worked, one of the Hrst things
will be ti plant for saving Imth the
lead and zinc contents.
A project is also on foot to extend the telephone line from this
place,to Wasa, Nils Hanson of
Wasa is figuring pu the coat, and
will probably take an interest in
the enterprise.
It has h.vu learned that the
(\ V. K. survey who went up the
Kootonny rivor some.time ago did
so to Btraightfiu out a mistake
made iu one nf the lines. It seems
lhat the line us run made tho bU-k
too small by two miles. Since
then parties have stukel the two
mile strip for timlier, which they
will lose, also much of the advantage of (lie adjoining limits: and
much dissatisfaction ia expressed
i i consctptcm.'c.
and lie then- anil Bay a wprd for
the cause. Remember the hour,
and don't say to yourself. "Oh I'm
busy tonight'1 or remain away to
get a chance to make fifty cents or
a dollar, when perhaps matters
mny In* .pending that may mean
hundreds to yon. Be a loyal citizon
Tuesilay night and attend the
meeting, and in the meantime urge
others to Im' present.
The Only Way
Owing to tin* fnct that no janitor
had been secured for the schools
Tuesday, on onler of the li-unnl of
directors. Mr. King, the principal,
dosed  them    f"i*   tie'   day.     Tlie
government only allows s20 a
month for janitor work iu four
school rooms, ami in consequence
it is impossible to keep the rooms
in a sanitary condition It is a
shame to pen uii Ml) to ilu children
in a room that is nol ihorou^hly
cleaned each day. for it is in this
way that much sickness is caused.
Inspector Wilson promised a sufficient increase iu the janitor fund
but it has not been forthcoming,
and the closing of the school may
prove au emphatic reminder.
Literary Program.
The literary society will meet
next Friday night. It is U> Ima
Longfellow night and the various
numbers will boar upon that subject.   Following is the program:
Woll call, quotations from Longfellow.
Hong, Mr. McLeod,
Recitation, Mr. Terry.
■Song, Mr. Worthinglon,
Life or Longfellow. Mr. TI o n.ij
Souk. Mr. Bryinner,
Current Events, Mr,GhA Kin; iiii: chanbrook iii*:iiai.u
ws£; /1Z^^*A^*^*\
Fiiitur and Proprietor.
Even' citizeu in British Columbia shuitlil he interested in nn
houest and fair disposition ot the
coid aud ..il lands in iln- Flathead
Valley. There an* lands there
worth inilliuns ui'diillars. anil the
.-ves of greed have been mi them
for tin- past iw>' ur three veins.
Hen- in South Easl Kootenny tho
people an* desirous uf seeing the
■.'iivermiicnl play ll I'nir ninn.-. They
arc nui askitiK for any  favors but
thev iv
-d  want  un
even  i
h  the
of   thi
re   p.*.
ll  Nd-
.4111.1   1
a- It
wlm ta
same [JOS
ask a t
md nu
-.    Am
yet   then
rumors nl
1    favorites
a favor-
ill feu
• lu
v.* llu
uf th.
id    III!
1   Hi
-n- ar.
moves on that will make immense
fortunes I'm- those lucky enough le
In- in the i-iii.!. As n*as sl.tl.il last
week The Herald hus nn interest
in any uf tin- lands nr any of the
companies formed In take up lands
in that section, ll does have
interest, however, in an hones!
ih-iii fur tin- province lllltl the people, ntnl will leave m. slum- unturned tu promote such a distribution
uf lumls tlutt mean su much to th.
future of this province uml its
present liiiiincial condition, Whei
millions an- at stake, tin- temptation is great, ami many men forget
everything but personal gre.il.
The Herald desires only to see au
lu hi. -mi iii-al. and lln- people as a
whole stand with il on this very
Craahr-i.-k Labor  Uiioi,  Exprcses  It's
\t a meeting of the Cranbrook
Lnlior Union ou February 111, the
following resolutions, expressing
the appreciation of the members
for the amendment introduced by
Dr. .1. H. King. M. I.. A. at the
ut session, providing tor official
inspection nf logging, Inmlicr nml
mining camps, was unanimiously
Whereas, Tin- objects of this
iinii... an- the education and social
clevatiun nf Ihi- laboring class and
and we an- endeavoring tn secure
legislation tending towards the
bettering nf onr eniiditiotiK nnd.
Whereas. The provincial legta*
lutive has amended the Health Act
liy inserting the following ns sec-
linn Jl lh.ni.fi
;i. Station HO ..I oltspter nl nf revU-
nt statutes ol British Columbtsla here-
In- Liiii-iiili'il l<y iniili.I*.- the following Btih-
aeclion there tot
(1.)   Till- lii-iiltti 4illii-i-i   of nny  iiiimi*
.■ipulity lii-iiltli district nf outlying ilia-
trii-t niniil ia every yi-ur, in the iiuinllis
of April or May visit nil lo*---iii**, lumber
liiiliviiy. -nivalin uml mining ramp, in
tlu-ir illatrlot nml examine Into tho
-unitary conditlona thereof, ninl niniil
nlsoexHmi •> tin- witter Bttpply nf sntil
• 1»*"
And as it is rarely the case that
the laboring class of this province
has occasion tn Ih- thankful fnr
anything in this line, then-fore, be
Kt-Holvtil, That this union express its appreciation of such
legislation l.y a vote of thanks to
the legislutttre of this province.
anil furthermore be it.
Resi.lv.il. Thnt a copy of thi.
resolution Ih- publislt.il iu th.
Cranbrook Herald and each In
sent to Premier M.-Rride antl tin
mover of the amendment to tin
Health Aet Dr. .1. H. King, M
I.. A.
The system of
iiveniu-s of public
t'liliiniliiu is niai-vi
graft ii
life iu
lulls lulu
D. B. Bugle lias snld his paper
the Victoria Truth, tu Charles H.
Lugrin. 11 is tn In- hoped tlutt
Mr. Bogle will nol leave Britisli
Columbia, lh- is an able writer
nnd a strong thinker, and his departure from Ilu- province would
prove it serious loss to Britisli Col-
uuibia jout'tialism.
The Hernld docs not believe in
public graft, It holds that a man
elected lu an office should discharge the duties of that ollice iu
a iiiuiiiii-!-thai will give the people
a sifll.-il'e deal.
Some dny there will he n tire on
tin- Main Htreel in Cranbrook im-l
then thi' pi'otili. -.ll I'liuii.* tliem-
■si-lvi-s fur being su cureless, The
government authorities should enforce lite lire regulations, nnd this
cnu only be done liy an inspection
nf the various places nt least twice
u month,       	
If it ninn is tno careless tn protect his own property he should
not be allowed to jeopardize the
property of his neighbors.
There is bonud tu be a great
activity in every  industry in tint.
districl iln tiling season,   South
Enst Kootenuy will make grent
progress the next twelve months.
The k't-iitcncy Central.
Vancouver World: Dr. Hugh
Watt, Presidenl ul' ilu- Kootenay
Central Railroad company, left flu-
city today fur   Ids   home in  Fort
■Steele.     Hi- lins 1 II iu  the Capi-
Iiii for u short time trying tn itn-
pn-ss tho government with tho need
uf assistance fm- tin- proposed line.
While hesi'i-uri'd nothing tangible,
he was given a pi Ise tlmt if liny
roads whatever received aid, his
would I in- uf litem,
The Kootenay Central lias already a dominion charter and subsidy, Imt in addition to this it
needs provincial oticonrngemont.
The couipuuy is backed by English cnpital, says the doctor, and
us booh as assurance of sunn- satisfactory arraitgenienl is given, work
will I nninn-ui-i'il.
In conversation Doctor Watt
referred tu tin- fact thai Kamloops
is eppnsed tu the establishment1 of
a sanitarium in flu- vicinity uf thnt
"Let them come to South East
Kootenuy," said he "and we will
give I In-in a climate erpially as good
ami n site Ino."
The doctor is n ivell-known jM*r-
HOIiuge iu lhe province, having
served flu* constituency of Cariboo
ii. the provincial legislature some
(en years ago.
Dr. .1.   11. King
T. Buy..
.1. .I.Miller. Kec.-Si
Two Fernie Mine Victims.
Fernie Free Pn-ss: Two Ixidies.
victims of the explosion uf Mny
22nd. 11)02, were found near the
face in main west level parallel
of No. 2 mine last evening, A
lurge cave in lnul occurred in this
level nnd it out had been drive]
around this to get nt the face.
The bodies wen- in a fair state
of preservation, One was identified as thut of W. ,1. Davis l.y lh.
number of the lamp found liesidi
Iiiiii. The other is believed Io b.
(.'lure Ellyn. the clothing being
identified ns resembling the description given bythe widow. It
is reasonably certain that this
that of Mr. Ellyn.
This level wus not being worked
at the time of the explosion and it
wus not supposed thnt nny men
were neur thut plnce. Mr. Davis
was a l.rattiee man and his work
took him ull through the mini
Mr. Ellyn wus Ik»s driver.
The m.ilicnl authorities ordered
the ludies to be buried without
bringing thein to the town. For
although they lire in n fair state
now owing to the climatic conditions in the mines they would di
compose very rapidly in the out.
side air. They were eoulin.il i
the mines nud brought down ou
the I p. in, train todny opposite
the cemetery where the funeral
took pla.-e. liev, (.union officiated nt the grnve of Mr. Ellyn und
liev. Kulisiin lmri.il Mr. Davis.
Many friends were present including the widow of Mr. Davis.
.Mrs. Ellyn who is t.ow residing in
Alberta has been wired the news
of the recovery of her husl-uttd's
body, The company management
bore the cost of the luirials, uml
did everything possible to hnve it
don.- respectably.
These Isidies complete the list
of the victims, so fur as is known,
of the explosion tlmt oecurr.il 21
in.mills ago. The list now numbers 128. The management made
a close estimate on the dny following the disaster when they placed
it at 180,
The good, old fashioned Scotch. Honestly pure
—mellowed bv ago—smooth ns velvet. " Peter
Dawson's " means Scotland's finest,
"Extra Special"
Old Scotch Whisky
Coal and Petroleum Notices,  p
ittt.-iiil  i
..[   I.-iii.Ij-
nltn -Ji
I ** num-i-**-!,. -
Incini' in (irnt.
ih.* In-Hutting dim-tib**] l.m
Soul|| KlUl Kim'i-ii.i.v:
1    C..miu.'inui«..l ji 1...-.I,
fill.- rititlimil Hv.-r iiii.I in
lnt.Ttitlli.imil  Ihiiiii.Ihm,   III
durtbuit 1'imiHi- |.M-*i, iii-
] iiiiiin**. thtnre went 80 chain
| 80 i-liiiiiiK. thfltice .'ii-i mi flu,
k, ,'>'iit*t ni.,** nm „.
tlmt Ilm I.v .lnvtt
llppt.V to Hi.' t-b'wi
till-I Wi.rlN -'"■ -i
I ninl |n*i| .1,-11 in mi
I.i mln, -.itn.it,,I   in
a vi
it tliu
V   <l..[.|.
M llllll        Hll
in,- north
■ i-l I
I I |i..M  *
i- ii.>rlli **
I li<>
1  i li.'iliiH.  Ilii-iii<
I l.-cimiui-i,,.,!!
iroa for t
ili> mi Armstrong
II. A  Lnwy.
t. of Kitalo, is in
Ari'lulriirnii I1
tin' i-ity.
Mrs. K. ET.-Smnll nud Imty Wl
yesterday for Klko forn short visit
with Mrs. Gpo. Hoggnrth, .Miss
Alice WVlliiiiiu, ii sister nrrived
there yesterdny from W i n nip< *li
for nn extended visit.
Tlu* Anrou Johnson Opern
company will uppenrnt Wentworth
Hull Siitunlny night, Pel). 21 nt
whloh time they will produce the
popular ilniinii "cluck of Diamonds'1
n gtmrnnteecl nttmction, Tickets
on suit-nt Hfitttii-'s. Popular prices.
Constable H. H. Hoskins, of
Fernie, hns Ireen appointed as assistant to Conbtable Morris, and
will assume the duties of his new
position the Hrst of March, The
growth of Craubrook lias rendered
another officer necessary, although
the town enjoys th*' reputation of
1H*iiiti mu* ol' tlm most law abiding
places of its si/.i- in British
T. T. McVittie returned from
the Ksti'IIii mini' last week
Naturally he is feeling grlevei
uver the necident to his surveying
party tlmt resulted iu thedeatl:
Mr. Reyiner. Hu took his party
mul made n thorough search for
tin1 body ami failing in this returned with the men to Fort Steele.
He snid that after the slide it was
OangerouB to continue wurk at that
H. li. Durrani, of Perry Creek,
snys that the operations on the
shaft in tin' placer claims owned
hy himself, li. (I. Jennings, (iust
Theis. .1. A. Harvey, and Mr
Carruihers has been suspends
temporarily Imt will lie resumei
soon. They hnve reached a depth
of H0_ feet. No shaft Ims
built yet. and none will he until
they are sure of their ground, and
the weather is right for outsich*
Greenwood Times: Dr. J. H.
King, M, Ij. A,, tor (Vnubrook.
came iu this week with our member, J, H. Brown, from Victoria,
when* they had been In attendance
ut the recent session of the legislature, The doctor thought ns
loiitf as he was in good compnny
he would run over into the Boundary nnd see what the country looked like in these latter days, Iu
eompiuiy with Walter Keith he
visitetl the Greenwood und Boundary Falls smelters und the Mother
Lode mine,
BuuRht The Plant.
Fred (iillier. who is to Iw mi
ngcr of the new brewer)*, retnri
from the must yesterdny necompn-
I by Mrs. (iillier. Mr. (iillier
purchttsedo complete brewing out fi I
while nt the const, nud also a
dew ice machine, Work ou the
the new brewery  will   In-   pushed
forward us rapidly ns possible,
A Small Blaze.
Lust Mondny the smnll shuck iu
ie rear of J, D. McBride residence
was burned tothe nrouud. nnd for
u short time created considerable
excitement. The lire was caused
by children playing with matches.
J, Gregory, a clerk for Mr. McBride. lost nit his clothing iu Ilnti re.
Sparring Match,
There'will lien Bpiirriug match nt
the   Wentworoh     Hall.    Tuesdn
nighl for 7."* uud 23 per <
gate receipts, between J-
and Billy Burrows.
ent of tlie
Ml llllllll
i'l I Hi  Sll,-I	
I uiii,nm <•in i
I      I'lUcl .It I I.V.'. llllll.
__ S Cl.i|.|.. Ii.i-i
"^ ■inm.''. Cameron,
,1    Com mooring ul n poal mur
Clapp niirlliroil cmii.-ri.,.ieii* tii<> t>
in- niriinrof s. i liipp'ni<.. itloti tlit-nro i
j I rllillllM, Ilifii-.' Hi-Hi st) i*lmiii».  Ilii'iii
nl l„-m
IIH,  ill 'IK.' 1*1-, t   tO Hlllllll i<>  Illl'    pi.I'
I* |l1|f, ...lllllil.lllK lilli tll'l.'r. ol lllllll
Mi try - iimii.
W ili|t|,. loi'iih.r
In nt iiniiroii. tm.-nt.
- 11 inu   i.t   ii   (IO-.I   iimtki-it   "
...nti.it.ni i*urnor" lii'iii'1 tin' .-.miiii.'ii
•iis. (lu|>i>'rt I. imi. th. nu
i if, iii>-ii'i- iiul su clinlitn, Hun
Imit u, i
lli.< 1'iml.   iiii
Klit.v Hm
IW, tlleint* iv
ol beginning,
tin ini*
.■iBl. I.v
iglltj    .ll
>llit> [da
bated Juuuarj t. 1004.
I: (iui.1. locator,
■i mi-- cameron, agent,
111. FOUtUeUclns "I il   pUHl   ii.iirkt'il   w,   l'-
i-ui',1 ii.iniiu.i4i rorner being ilit* wnthweat
nor of K. M. oard'a location, lh#n« rati
eiuliiy iliaiii-. iIihuu eoutli eighty iimii.*..
thenn »,'..i tjghtjr chain*, tlu*nii»   north
t'iiiiii.v chalna to ihS place uf btStiiiilag, con
tnlntug nin n"r,*H ni inml.
nutxl innuarj 1.100*1,
w t, Diinl, l.ii'utor,
i.imi'ti raueron, ageut
immenrlti]] nt n poal m tk*A "I-  M
uthweel ihi" being il.,- eoulhetut
f I i. inr.|iiiinr locution, llience eoal
gtiljr chulnn, M n north elghtji chalia,
ii'ii.*.' hchi ,-i-jiii i, chaliw, i tit'ii-i' whu ii
ighty cliulna to tha plan* ul hegtunliig, run
ilnlug ii m uerea ol luml.
mnl h
oru.'i* i
i. inm
i; m.
Iiml, locator.
.IIIK'loll. nut-.lt
King Mercantile Company Limited
N ■eUlmrely m run thai Ihe Klrni J
H, Llll'l
'i*t HO-•hn'.iiti io il..
 I'm*  limit.*-!
<i-ji< llii'liiuu.'of Hi,.
.in i Mill*-, I .Iur I
I (hi*. lNili,,|ii> i.l Jitiiiijtrv   llml
W. V (Innl
Soii.ii,H fm ii ompnn
plica of tiegl
Huli',1 -luu mi
5,   r-iliMin'M-iiiK
Clnpp north am	
dim, r uf W. t'lnp,,
80 chulua, i'ii'ii.*.'..j
SOclitiliie, lli-iii',' it
ulli uniiiim'. nitiiii
llnteil Jniinury $
i hliuiii
.  l.iMl
A .riupp.l-
nm t. ('nui,-t.i
1   ii   poet   mill'
icr" Uiitig then,
locnllun, them
(IMIctll.ill-i lli.'l
i: cinpp, lucti.
.Inin •
it tu n pii*«i innrke.1 *
Business Block for Sale.
As T intentl to erect n new office
building for The Hernlil on the
Main street. I will sell the one now
occupied by thepnper. It is in n
tine location, plastered throughout,
two stories, with n full lot,
F, K, Simpson,
"i    rotnim*
I'lu),p" wont lii'in
of Hi.' Hniitlieimt lo.ni'
location,  ilu'i if lorll
weul   mi  chalna,  then
tl emit ml liuiiii-1
ning, contiiliilngOlO m
ll.itfil .lunil iiv 3. in
MA lli|
.Inm. i- mu
7. comtliencllig ul ii im-l u
Ui.'i'ii eoiitliwiHl i'-tiu'i" iii-ii'u
cliulna, t hence eiiel su clin'n«.
•Mi.'liiiius, llii'ii.'*' who 8(11Iinii
nf lH>gllilllllg, i' illlivllling IM'I u
imt'il January d, loot.
A I>. il	
. i'n
I Sle1
uiiiiii.'ii.iug;ii i
i-i imrtli ii tmi*
ir eioIM.
Synapsis of Regulations for dlspasal of Mln
erala on Dominion Landa la Manitoba'
th: Northwett Territories and tbe Vukon
Coal, Coal In in I.t mav lir puri'liui-fri lit *-*|n
iliTi'lui will .'.iiiiuiii 9J0 fn* ii'itliriit'llt'. \,it
more than ;y uoratcn i luarq iire.i l.y mm iti
iliiiiliial in coin pan V. l.ijaiiy nt Die rut.' ol
I'lnenis porloj nf 3,"Q0 pmiuJs stiull lie collect-
■' I mi lhe uitms output,
ijuiiri/. Persons .,f f^lit.-mi.'.'io-- „„ i nv.-i
uml lolut itm,*. u...,,|inii c-i linldinu fui' iiuni'i'•■
I'lTiniciti'*. mu> oinain riiti'i iur a in.iili _ I. .-ii
A frei'in'iur'*. ci'iUllrali' n mnutril for mn
or iiiori'yt'iu*;, imti'\i'i'«.llii4 ft,c n,m\ lnyuifiil
pi mivnnee uf *>;..vi pfi* iiii'iiini (or an in llvlijiial,
iiii.t fnuii tim to -un per iilltlUIII (ur a miuijiany.
ace ii ilmi,' to capital,
Afrt-u iii I nt* i, having illsfuu-it'il mineral in
place,  um)'  locale h c'altn IfitHxifiui reel by
mirkiuii onl tin1 name wiiii i «u li'ital |'-i*i>, baiir-
Iiii! I 'I'lithui intllcc* oin- ai eiifh .'ml on lh.- lln ■
nr thf luil.'or vein.
llii' claim Shall In re* u-ilcl ..illiln iifii-,-ii
dav*. if kfith'tl iiilliin ti'ti linie. ol a minim!
lei'imlciV . Ilk'.', one a.lililliuial itay iilloueil (or
every ii.uiiuomil (an mile*, ur frautiuii. The fee
fur reuorillilK a claim is $\
At leasi liUUIiilist lii-rxpemlt'il on* Ihe i-laiui
earn y-'itr «r paitl lo tlie in llin-; rt'corile: in lieu
lliereof. Whim #.'*IH) h.slie"ii e\p mie.1 m* i<ait1
Ilu; locat.u* may ii-hi i Iuiviui* ii survey inaile. ami
upuu I'l'iniiiyiiii! wiui other reipilreinutits pur
t'luine lhe land al SI.iki an Here.
IVinil-tl ni mav lie L-p'.n ■■•' '•) «ii« Aiiiusler of
the liiinii'- ..'("calf , 1 nm,-contalniii*.'Irtui anil
mica, il'io co|it>er. in tlie • oiom Teirllory, o( iiii
area not exceeahr-i too acres.
Tin* patent f ramiuln location aliall provide
for the puyinciituf raj aity at tliu rate of ail i er
PIn-ur Mlnlna.-ManUiibaanil the N, w. T..
e\««plti)|,'ilit' Vukon Te.Mlo'j.-i Im-er iiiiriin
,*i,tims j-eni-rally lira lllll feel si|iiiirc; enlry  fee.
\\\ renewable, vcm|,\   Oa the North Biskat-
ehcwnii ri\.'r claims arc Plther luir.ir licucli, (In
former liciiu mn tcet Idiik and entcml'iiii lu*-
twccii lutfli ami low waicr murk. Thdiit'er in
I'lmleHhar illiininns, tint eUeii'ls Imuk to Ilu:
l>ane or ilie hill nr bank, Imt not exceed I mi i,u»»
feet. Wli re liti'tun i«iwi r li llied, claims Jm
fed wlile may he olituincd.
nretlutng)u the rlvera of .Mnnitn'm and tin
n. w. t., erfcepilag the \ui,.ui ivrntory->,1
freo miner may obtain only iwo leases or |lvt
iiilesiMcli fovii |-rm of twenty years, reneiv
able tu the iliaoietluii ofthe Sllnlifar of the in
'lhe lessee's riahl is cotilincl (o the IUblll< CH
eilied or litis ui th.. riv.-l' lielow I,nv watci
inr . and sutij*i-i in the rights nl all pcrmilis
who have, ur wno muy reci-iye entries lor liar
dim.iKsoi' I, iii-n claims, p\.*u|it mi Uie Sankai-
cheivaii rlv.r, wliere the lessee may ilrfiijic to
lut'li water mark on each iiliernati* leasi-liolu.
The Icssfc nl|ull have a drctlge In operation
within one sen mn froinlhe 'init* of Uie least' for
each live ti lien luit where a person or foinpany
huts ulniilned more Iiuui < lie lease one <in-ih>,-
i.ii* t'lifli llficii m.les or ir-it-lloii lssulllfl.nl
lieiuiil. flu |ter umiiim for eacli mile of rive,
leased.    Itoya tyal Uu. rule .if tun and u  liali
per i I ni Icf.ed on the oui put aflcr It c\eecils
IJreilg'nalntha Vukon Tarrliory.  si\ leugei
uf live miles each   mil)' >>c Kiuiltedto a live
iiuici fora lennor twenty year*, also renew*
aide. •
'i'lie lessee's llvlll in coillltli'd to the sulmiei'li-
ed lied or liais is ill* rlv r beloW low watef
ma,k. tlmt liimmlnry tope lhe i uy |u lmsltloi
mi tin'isi din "f Au-ii-i in the wat of the diile
nf the lease.
the lessee shall liiiV ' one dred'-'e-ln oiieriilloii
Hlllllll two \eais Irom Ilu- date of the li'.-tse. im-l
■ 1 i died'.'ii for eaoh Dvainilus uilliln six years
llolll such dille. Iteiillll. **1(<L> p'l mile roi* Ilrsl
year, ami MU' per mile foreaehsuliseiiiu'iity
Channe of Hour.
On Tuesday Murch the lirsl. lln
, .. ,       ,'       hi ,,       tin)ii ly xiuneis |d i it milling
public Ht'hoiil   Will   commence   Ilie'    |*iai-«r Mlnliiic Inliie Vuknii Terrllor
sessions nl nine o'clock instead o
hnlf-pnst-niue the hour during th
winter months,
ei.iii.-i. i
s.   llience   M.
lortli SO clinlne, tlienei
iii the place ol lieglnnliig, i
litres of Inml,
ll.ilei] .Inllll'ir.v*.'. llllll.
J a mm Cm
!)    i.immemiiu' nt n po-it r
I'l llM
i roll
llience pniit'i stl alinli
lheme millh ftOelltltl
to the plnce  ul   ln*nli
ai'iesnf I ui I,
Dalptl .Inannry 9, unu.
P. W   (in
, lllPtli
ni. ngoiir,
c] "I hui!e*
lhe Miulll
ion, thenc
, np'iil.
d "P.   W
wcel SO.linim
Olltllllllllg  <iH
Coal and Petroleum Notices.
h lieri-b.y  glvui
we ilileti-l  to apply  1
i-iet ot IuiiiIh ll'ld w.
[iio.pccl lor coul nml p.
i iK ilei-ei ilieil lomli. in  t
Items of interesl.
Calculation confirmed by experiment has shown thai, weight
for weight, pine wood is stronger
than steel iu both (ruuverse und
tensile strength. It is regarded as
doubtful if uny metal could lie
made into a hollow rial etjaling a
bamboo nnl hi stiffness without
exceeding it in weight. In structures of wood the weak [Miiiits are
always at the joints.
In some pf the French forests [n
platinum wire kepi at a white heat
by  un electric current  hns  been
employed   instead   of  u suw for
felling trees.    It  is claimed  thnt
I by this plan a tree cnu  be  felled
W. It. Wilson the jeweler, re-  l» one-eight of the time  required
ceived the sad intelligence of the by the old  sawing method,    The
death of his mother at Fnruham,  entire absence of sawdust nml  the
Quebec, on Tuesday,   She wus 5fi beneficial etfeot of the slight car-
yeare of age and was stricken with honizntlon of the ends uf the out
paralysis.   Mrs. A. H. Eager, of timber in preserving the wood nre
this city was one of the daughters,  reckoned as decided advantages,     '
Mrs, Am field, mother of Mrs. J,
T. Sarvis and Wm. Arnfield and
Miss Arnfield, died Tuesdny night
of paralysis. Funeral services were
held today at the Methodist church
at il. p. m. Rev. Thompson officiating, and the remains sent this
afternoon to Preston. Out., the
former home of the deceased,
  .,.   Creel,,
,-1 tuiicli. river and nil.. lalms slm I not exceed !Mu
' ' lent In loiiKlh,  ineasun-,1 on the bane tine or
p'tiCNil   dlr.'cllnn   of the creek or mil. |i, the
wltllli lii'iii-; In.m I iHhi to U,UUU feet,    All oilier
1 pltner claims shell lie *-'.'.* feel sipiiru.
Claims are ninrkel hy two le-pll posts, one al
eaiiln-u.l. heiuhiK noiiies,     Kiilry must  l><< oh
(allied wi hin t In,s, if tl mini is wiihlii
Iin miles ut itiifiinu: reel del s oitl.e, one.*\ira
dayalowe.i (or cueh ald.llutiil ten mi es or
The nerson or company stn'. itm a .*liilm musi
liolil a free miner's eerilllcale,
Tliedlseoicrer of a new mine u, etitllled lu a
llllllll of luo feel In leiijjlh, and If the IIHrtl
cousisls of (wo. l,5uo feet all-iL*e her, oil the out
pul of uhieli nn loyalty shall he charued, tie
rest of tlie patty nrdimin . lulnis only.
I ntrr (ec4l(l.   Itoyaltyut the rate of (wo nm
niieluilf iere.-iil nn the vali Mho u«>ul  sliip
pel from lhe Vu on leulloiy to he paid tu ini-
i oniptroller.
No free mliier shall receive a grant of more
than one miiiiiiK claim on each separate riv.-r
("ecu ui imleh, lint the same mlier muy li ild
any milliner of claims hy pun'tiiw, mil Tree
inlu-ri may work iheir claims In pniliiersliip liy
tliluuildtiu.' and puyliiu Tee of *■.. A claim
may ho liamlui) d. nml another ohta'ued oi. lie
same creek, Fpileh or river, uy giving notice au I
pay na a fee,
\\<uk musi lieil'iiieon n claim each year to
(lie value of at least warn.
A en initiate that work has lieen done uiusl lie
ol) ained eai-h year; If nut, the claim shall lie
ili'i'iiiedtuiieafiandniied,ami open io occupation
nud entry liv a free miner,
'I Iih 1 tula lies of a claim may lie.leniie.l nl>.
soltilt'ly hy having a survey iiiadejiiid puhlMiliiu
tiotiecsinihi* Vur.iaomi*iaHln/etl.'. K
, I'etrnlciiiii.    All     iinaiMiro|u|.itei|    I>iitnininn
l.inuls |n Aiunitohn, the Noriliwesl T.-niiories
ami wiiinti um v.ikui Ter.hory nre <>p.-n to
propclln-; for petinlenin. ami Um mini.tvr
■u;ij reserve for ail individual or oompaiiv hav-
tUt.lllHoliltiery on the laml In hi proa] ei ted. an
ireaofiHu tieres. .Sh.ud.l the pros|ii'i'tnr dis
cover ml lu paying ,piautlEii'U, and sutisfactnrllv
cslalili h -.imii dinuoveiy, an area nut exceetlli.L'
nm acres. luehnJIna the oil we I and sueh otin-i-
hi d as may he determflieii, will he sold (o the
dUi'iiver.'ial Ihe lalBof ?l.m' gu acre. snl.J.-i-i
io royalty at sm-h rule as may he upcciilrd hy
oider-lii eouneil.
ne|iarliiietit of the interior. Ottawa* s»(.i .
Hpptity of the Minister nr ihe fnteiti
Notice Is hereby glvan thai thi
nfler ilnt
cjiiimi s
license In
Ki. itetlil
in. rainuinnelnfta* a poBl uunm'l •
it,,* rimii'.id river uml about Ui-lvo milt
north ofthe I .l-in .lion illiuiin 'iiry.iinnki 'I
M A lirit-a vouiiien*.! romor pn.it, t-honc
iiorth ho eliitins. thence weat  HO Hi ilm
thence south 8(11'linlnB, them nst sn luil nis
ti.th' plice of lietflining, contjlning 040
iicitH of luml.
M. A, lire,ui.l.)e„t,,i*.
-II ilnmea Cutneron, agent.
1 I. < milium.-ini: ut n post  murkeil  lv   I:
Comlnir« nnrtlieii-i corner post IicIiir fie
Hiuitliensl eonier of M,   A-   Ore lis Incilnili,
th-nce ami tli SO ctmi. k,  il    w. nl  Hi;
ehnin-'. ih'life mii-.li sn ull'iInn, thence pinl
MU eliuiiis Iii the ptme ol lie^inniiiu, eoiil.lill-
Ingd-tilnn-eflnlln il.
Ii.iieii.laiiuui'.v I. tiiut.
I! R.Ciinilnll,locator,
j tines . ameiiui, ngent,
liJ, commencingutn poal innrlceil M. I..
Nol.1,1 nnrthenal n.irner pna*, niljoinlng M. A.
Orecii's Ificntioii on Iheuoi-ih, ihenee poll III
eighty elinins, llieiice and eighty ehnlna,
theuce   ih ulli   eighty   chniiM,   theme    ens I
olulity I'll ut tifl iii place of beginning, i-nnlnln*
iim UIU ticri'Mo liiii.l.
nnl il.|.,nuiir.v I. -Uill,
M \„ Noble, 'uentor,
.nun s luinerim, agent,
lit, cnramenclng nt n posl mnrlcoil -i  i nnil,ill n,Hill- unI  col', er,  being th-> liorllieast
eonier of M. I.. Nutitn b.enlion. tl,  north
eighty eluiiii*'. ihenee wchi. eighty nhnina,
llience mum li ilglil-yi'linliis.llieiicnenHfelghtv
clin'imtu the plnce,if beginning ntnlnlng
UIU nereis of html.
Itilcd .1.111-1   I'.V I, Uiul.
.i.'umlnll.l |.,r,
■InmeH. aiueron. llgeilU
II rommnnclng nl a poat miik-ii w, |-;,
N'nli'eH'iiithive-i enriier hulllg ihe nnrlheiuu
turner of M I, Nulilu'e lortillon, Mietice nnr.li
ilghty i'IiiiIiih, ili'ti"n crwi eighty ehnlna,
tliuii'.' mmlli   eighly  cliains.   ihenco   west
'i«ht.v cliains lo the pla I  liojlntlllljf coll*
fllltllngfllO iht's iif luml.
n.il.il juiiuary I. 11)01.
tt*. H, Noble, looator,
Jiitnaa Ciimnfln, ng nt,
Ifi, (■(iminemlim ni n poal  mnrkoil J. ll.
I'ur,j>ilmr norlInvest cm ■ h.*ln« lhe iinrlli-
enal enmrrul M I-. NobV-, lucnilou, thence
Hinilli nighty ehiiim-. thenco ennt;eliihtyehniua
llieneo noiili eighly ehnlna, ihenee weat
oiithly i-li iii mm to the ph,'e of h(yiiiniii(i,  oui-
tnining (140 nbrea of luml.
iiuM-Ulini uy 1, I not.
-j, u [''iinpiimr, locator,
j.imoarnmernii ngciit,
111. I-i intuemiiiK   I n post murkeil A. H.
Ut'iieiraa ntli*eetcornirpoal odjoluiug M.
A    (Ireen'H  locnl on,   Ih-nee  norlh   eighty
chains, Optica n.iat.eighty   ehuiun, ihenee
sou'li eighi,v nliulna, tlntico  west, eighty
elinins tu the pbiceot biigiuiilug
(140 acrea ol Inml,
ii.ili'il.i.iiimirv 4, 11104,
A. ll, Oreen, locator,
Jiiini'H iiitiieion, ngont,
oinnieiieiiimit ii pout, marked .1, II.
• liorlhweHt enrner post, iidj-diiing Iv
lull's looution, tin nc eighty limine
th-nceeusl eighty chalna, tlieneo nor h
hi.iim. ihui'e west eightr eliiiiim to
Timber Notice
Notice la hereby given that i Irtyduyaalter
uie, I  iliteli.l  to apply lo the Chief (o«-
itialon >d Lands uml Works for a m iul
eeme lo cut uml  i'l 11'IV   nwny   liflll'iT from
the following de*. tiled lumls.
I'.'tninei Itignl pi i.l pi inlet ul the Nmlh
Kasl corner of b.l itHUI), thence one-hull uide
Weat, t hence one hull mile Nnrt ll. I hem.' one.
Ittl'l mile Kiat, Ihenee uiie-h .If lui eSoiilh   to
place of ri mien ctuenl.
.l.arutintu, locator,
I'nn.l.rook II. t . Pell  1st, 1004 .*',
Timber Notice.
Ui after dul
'ml in apply I--
r ami works ul
cut  ami enrry
Th it.v ih
11 hii f eoniiliis-iiiiii r of Inn
Vi t uiu u i*. fur a license hi
nwny the tlmtortrom the following disci
ed propeit\:
I'liiitneiieiim one half mile Iniilil  und  i
Oii' xt of   mi'e  posl   hi\   of lhe  iniia ii
I'ncill-Mirie.v line   in   Ihe   I!,iht   K.i.teim.v
llienee Sll   , Inins   south,   III. Iui'  Sll ell
east,   lii'in.'  su ehnius   north,   then,-,
el (JUK ive t lo the plnce of lieglllliltlg.
(.' (linn. II   Mo.im
ruii.l.i'ook, ii.c, J.iimirv Ufllll 1004,
Pi-umpl iitti-iitioii niv.-ii tn nl
niiitli-rs uf liiisini-sB. Strictly pri
viiti-. A niiiiilH-r ol' yenrs pj.pe.ri
.-in-.- in |nili«-*■ nnil ilt't.-ctivi- work.
ill iiiiiiiiiiiiii.-,,ti»iis to
BUIi-emorc, Alia.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Rnginccrs
and Surveyors,
J. T. I AIDI AW. M. li.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   flivc me a call.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Water?
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Olil,.* at ri-lilrni-t. Armilraaf Ait.
Foreaooa-,   ....  0;JQ ,0 ||
Alleraooas   ....   I:J0 to3:ja)
Eveaiata   ....    ;.j« |0 H:ja
CRA- DROOK,    t   :   :     :       :    E. C
Aililn-ss i
The Contractor
Who (lets Contracts
If vim wnnt tn Imilil I.-l in.- know
I will Ik- pli-asi-il tn I'nriiisli yot
i-sliiii.-it.-s tuul limy hi-lp ymi nut
with some iili-as ns In plans.
Formerly Hotel Phair
B. TO-IPKIN5, Manager.
I'liis hotel is on.-
Utitisli Columbin
in every respect,
sample rooms.
ill'   tilt-   lirst   ll.
IIII.I    lip-tn-illlti
Woll llglitod
(I wen
K. rm
I III-til	
lit lllllll.
'a** *•* ************* »»..,.{
Proprietor of the <
Candy Kitchen
rarrlea a comittate atoet, „t
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. ot« •, a can
**.,, ** ** ********* 9*^*®
Seattle, Tacoma, Vicliria, Portland.
New Westminster, Vancouver.
*/*r pmwm*rm*rmm99***m9m»9**>m + +
| Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Ocneral Jobbing....
(lulu-lie Orders Proaiatly
Altca-ted lo.
'S*...... ..............i,a**-,
Cranbrook Cartage
and transfer Co.
Perry 4 Fltijerrld, Proo-i.
Agents for Gall Coal.
General freighting for thi*)
part of the district.
Piano and furniture moving a specialty.
Calls answered promptly
Phone 6j
Drink Home Beer
It Is Pure
It is Healthy
It i.s the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
if Ik-glimln^, containing 010
ninn ry I, 111(11.
J. ll, l.ri'i'ii, local or,
jiiiiifM iniiicnni, ngent,
'" -''IK'"' npiiHtmnrkr.l K (innl
rorner poni n ij bilngi, u, flrion-i)
Throuuli Dlneri, PbIicc aid Tourlit Sleepers
Vin Sou Van, Routn
Sl, I'niil ('IiIcoko St Louis
S. S. Service Irom Vancouver
Alaska, Ililwai, China, Australia,
Japan.   ...r
Tltraugli liook'jngB to KnglatVl nml the
Continent via all Atlantic S. S. linen.
Po" Time Tables, Uali-s, Tjctelfl, nml
full iiil'orinaliuii njiplv tu liiciit ngpnls
(1E0 IIIILIhR. A,l. CnibrHk,
J.S. Carter, H. J.Csyle,
NvIiur Vancouver, i
Arnold & Roberts
Monthly Payments.
—♦.♦.♦- —
A Large Stock in Caskets arid
Robes.   „*   c*«
Phone night and day 77
1* i»   CO'Y.
CRANBROOK, B.C.    « THE   CBANBROOK   ili:i!\l.li
t *********************************************** *
*********************************************** *
i >
Tor ibe Boys...      j1
New Suils and
New Boots
4 .*
Wi- li.-iv.' just i-i.-isi-it into jji
stork a tint- Iin.- nf "Little ,►
(i.-ntV Clothing in wonted J:{
iiml tweeds. Tin- popular J*
makes an* "Tlm Norfolk," a,.
•Th.- Cluiuipion" mnl Tin J J
1 a
; *
A Large Consignment of
• ti—l Received.     We have litem
a iPcrfcct timepiece | BIG BOOK SALE
u.-H ."
Hoys' SpriiiK Footwear
< im- nin
ugo of hoyaj' ilnnililii }»
llhitH.-iir Ims never Ih-i-ii ho , .
complete.      'I'lu-   styles   nn- }»
roomy nml eusy tittinu. lln- **
li-.'illii-i-s |ili,-ilili- .-nnl iviiti-i- it-   * »
l-» — sistiiu*.   I'l-iiviiSI liiiuSJ J., JJ
I     REID   &   COMPANY     I
tt jj
I *
*       Coldstream  Apples       %
We have slill several hundred boxes of Spys, Baldwins, Rus- j_
sets. Greenings and Manns. Call in and see our apple display. 0
Every apple a beauty, all sound and the price still $2.00 for 0
W,  nuni tin- patronage "I tl..- -(jjirti.-li
...mi" wlm tinii-s his wntoll lij tl,, Bi,,
li.-niil. (inr repair ivm-k will pleats,' lii
H- will l»- interested in .-in stock nf
*tjb Crate flCorctitcnts
g i
2 :
Will   pill   Illl
:i Iin-; titles
ll* Ji.i.i- . .1"
•il-- ln-<l  S.-itinil.ii   150 Cloth   Bound  Hooks of
nud will clear up the Ini,,,-!, ,,. ,|,.. :l,, |illLr|v
iii all sizes and shies and en '%    ,„    ,
i*L    cpntcial uiaKh liwpectot 0. p.U., drown t,en Bia'tion
ameled in Ihc laicsl colon,       i €L .
IU. jf. Zntc, tbe Jeweler |
-■ti in British Coluutbia,    Hut
5   N.. .-I.;,. lik- tl,in has I II 4
Jj I pie know that
Phone No. 77
Spys and Bale wins and $1.85 for the others.
W     Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
at-, Cranbrook, B. C.
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.    Wc arc on deck 25 hours g
out ol Ihe 21 -']
* i«-1 ■?■ i ♦ i *> i -?■ i ♦ i *? i •*» i ♦11> i * i s-1 I« U l * I * I <S> I -i-1 * l ■:• 111 ■•■ i• i -i i ■•;
Is doing the business.     People are buying goods
ol us at prices never belore heard of in E.isl
,.,., Kootenay.   We need the money and we are
S® getting it, because we are giving the people the
S® bargains they are looking for.
»"i• i*i#i*i♦ i*i♦ i«i*;*i*i»J; *;! j*.1',*.: *.*.''' *  '';.':
r*t«)i«r(*'t-»ri*-i*i*i-*'i*i<isi*i*i'ti*i-»i*H i- -
,»*.SIK(l*.U AVE.
Slab Wood and Pence Posts
Heating, and Cooking Stoves
Hoots, Shoes and Clolhin<-
Ymi nui buy nl my [Men ns
I'lii'iiply ns yon win in Montmiu,
a. ii. moriPsoN.
Ilarrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Sallillar tar Ik. laiacrlal Raaa al Caaada
TIm lalaalal lo-olmtal anil Laaa Compaay.
Cranbrook, II. C.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
In 1924 You Will See How
You Looked in 1904.
1 <let your picture tnken ,-.t oncn ,-it
Prest Photo Co. Studio
Kf,   Clt) I «J<c
**,■... 13,   Meets I'vt'fj Mon
Inj nlgtil iii I heir Imli nn
11-tkfi Hlieel.    KnJ Illtf
\\    It  \l l J.i t ni -
l mnbni-iih I nJf.*   Nn. .It
A. P. -ft A. «.
M   A   Ill-All. K.-t-'v.
THK   A. I.. U.  Nl) ..A7
M,-!,.   „i.,ii   Bnliiriliii
144   I   o   o   I     linll
Vl-.lt.nt Brclhrtn cur-Hall) Imlled to alteinl
Citiimusi' Liuiiii*: No, Hii
Crunhrouk, II. C,
M .-Juil I ..li Tni-mlny in U |i   i	
I. O. II. .'. hull.
,1   I  Allium. K. It. S
T. Iliintiia. n. I*.
ViHit 11.'Ili.-llil'i'linirilliill.v illllllil In 'HI--ll,I
Cranbrook Collage Hospital,
.•iiui AlliiMiiili*- 111.-um- unit Lenin SI
I'n.- full pnrtictlara Ap|.ly in
Diss Mom, - Matron,
iii.nliniii- ..I si.  I.ukii-s llosnllal, Vim-
i-om-i-i, II.O,
FRIDAY MARCH 4,1, 1904
TIIU "(II.KKI-'ltl, I'l.lJM'I'I'liK"
rf       GIVE  US A MINUTE       £ 1
ll uill i.nlv l.iki-;i iiiiimii. ti, think.     Wu nmii  ybu tt. lliink   if-
.'limit- thia lilt.'.      Kl'Xl   Mumini   «.-  ..ill 4,|h-i,  our  mil   i.    %'■   gj
uilh ii Iii-li lim* nf Fruit, ('.inl'i-i-lh.iii'iy. Tolm.-i-o, i-l.-.    UV
uill ',1'i-ji lln-U*sl Uutxlg, llllll  till' prii'i-s will suit mn.     Cull  -. | ,
'    mill mi- lln* i,l. nl,. s.-i- liMiml gol tin- lil*i.*i*s      That's Illl Wo  Jf C-
i 1
•ly oocu|iIm1 I..V Mrs. II. .1. Ll y                Tup pi
Vou Need a New Suit
U tlllll i*. llli-.-nsi*. ymi shmilil  Ik- onri-hll in lln
s,-li-i-tiiin.    Wu ..nn -.Jvoy ii- llml will I..- -4,t
isfni-liii-v   in   i|ii,-ility,   iviii*kni;iiislii|i  .in.l   prii-.-,
I'l-'l'    ill    lllltl   U If   stork.       I Im i-lnll
innili- in Craiilirook by Craubrook -ii-.i-.l,*.   Tl
nli- suits ihnl suit.
Al lln
ul I'n
i i
Will Rollins lins Im-ii .'mill 11    S,   Willi,,,.,.   mw   ,|„„ „   |*,,,IH
to his room with tirlptl.c |mst w.-<-k MnryBvllIn TupbIiij*, Mi* snys tlml
Inil is iir.ii.ml in-'iiiii llin* Mnrysvlll,!  LiiiiiIh*. (-oinpiiny
Mra, Sopor, of Ki..il..-t-1-y ;B [will Bulali ita lnfq*t»K by Hnlnhlny
vtaitiiiR hor ilnttgliU-r Mm. V. .1
Leask & Henderson
ll.V  dim.    II.    Illml.lllllim.    4,44414,41   III   'Wil
lli>| I.ii, " "'l-lii-IVi-.ni-iMi-.
WilKlii-'ini- air
I'lllll-      111.    ill      lllll    S,!ll|.'.-I|.|    Tlllllll
I lllll.
Inm-   iiiinitliH    nt    lln-   Miiillmin   Si,nmi, ,,,„
T tin' Hm- York, I
Iiin'i|.i4 1 liv n.-iiiiiii.iii.v nlMi.ii'ii|iiillinii wl.i-i-i- thoy will In- III Iiinni- lo lli.-tr
|ilii.vrm, imili*. iln* iitiiiiiiiM<iin<iii nt Mr, t*. t*. . .      ,
Wnllii-r. nlil,,. Whii,i|.,.it, 111,1.1 llimtliw, \ fl'li-n.ls.
PRICES: Sl.00 and 73o.
MuMiihon, ol' .Moyii*.   .
lli-iil A- Co.. Iiiivt'jusl i-.-i-.-iivil n
now lim-of l.-nlii-s silk i-ojils iii lh.-
Inti-sl silk. "Hiihiliir."
Kliul \V. li. Hnilty's ml this
wook. lli- is -iiviiinvil lo niv.- nil
iiii.l(>rtiikitig prompt nttoiillon,
Cul. lli-ii.lorsiiti. ,-iinl wifo i-iitui'
up from his t-nu.-li Moiuluy I'm- .-.
ilny's visit with lYniiln-ook Eriomls,
Mr. iiiul Mrs, Titllock htivo tnken
ovt-i-C. E. lii'i.l & Co's store
9 A. I.. ricDermot A. c. Bowneu 9
ItiKllt. niial ll.a.y l„.v.. -l.tHHMMMi F.-«-I    $ MeDERMOT'®.   BOWNESS.
ii-nily for tin
We nre in tweipl of n lollor
fiMin K. .1, Peltier, Formerly "I' ihis
■ity. but now PtiKnutil   III  the .hy
,'.K«ls liusiiii'ss iu   Chiitl,,*,,,!,  Iiui,     <fc>
wlii-n In- is  vi-i-y  siii-ci-ssliil,     ll,.|   <^
I Direct from England)
The Most Meritorious Vocalists
and Instrumentalists ol the
North of England.
the veteran vocalist, for 32 consecutive seasons before, the
British  public.
A very extensive reperloire of
liii-li .-l.-isH i...-nl ,-,,,i[ insll-nnii'iititl
tniisii- is i-ni-rii-il. Illnsti'iiti'il
smius nml stories with still ninl
iiioi Eng pii-tui'i's.
Si-nts on snle nt llenttlc'Si
Picked  Up Abuul Ilie Cily  hy  Anlilni
Ouei.lli.na ol  Many  People.
£Jii*nil iilritit Bonnie's book snle.
II. A Lnvy's now I'l-siili-iii-i- is
ni-.-ii'ly i-mnpli-ti-il.
Id-v. lli-iii-li.-iin is t-xppcletl Iioiiii-
nlnn! tin- lirsl i.r March.
.1. M, Cnrr.il, ol' K'uiilint-ley,
spettl si*vi't-;il ilnys in town this
Dr. J, II. Kim.-. M, L, A., iv-
Ini- I   Inst    Snliiiihiy   IV     tin*
Miss    -liuiiii-     Iiii-l,,-ii'ils   i'liuii'
ilown from Elko to s|h<...1 Hiimlny
nt lionn-.
Mrs. Georgo Oloitgcoil hns Ihioii
ill the pnst week but is 111 ill' to In-
mil ngnlni
Vlu Rollins nml Wnll Edwill-ds
left Insl l-'riil.iy fur Sun Vittiii'lsco,
where tlu-y will enjoy tlio'slnllts for
n few weeks.
If yon wnnt n iiiiintlc clock  now
is the Iin nl Tub', tlm j.-wlcr, is
selling nl n linrgiiiii for ensh. Drop
in mnl see Iht-lll.
Sinn llniiiiiiuiiil who hns been
with lite llnycs liiiiiibi'i- coiiipiiny
for sonic lime returned In Crnnbrook Insl Tuesdny,
The Smilh Kust Koolciiny dim-
nli  Ims I n  llilot-uiilliil   tliu  pnst
few months.   A liner winter one
could nol wish tor.
Li. II Vnii.lccir hns opened tin-
uuw pnrtj of lh-- Roynl hotel,
Tlici-i- is nothing liner between
\'i omvr mnl Winnipeg.
Rev. Fortune nUeiuIeTI it meeting of tin* Presbytery nl Nelson
Insl week mid left for lhe t'oi.Bt on
Moiuluy i" nlli'iul the ayuotl,
Wniiii.l.scl 1 Icnch.-r ni North
Stnr.    Apply nt  ''• '"
N. MuLt-od Currnn,
Noith Stnr, B. I'.
I.mlii-s When you cull, nsk lo
sn-mn- mw Empln* eorset'. straight
front, ilip hip. ll is spccinl nt 7n
cents. Reld & (
The winter lins been nil i.lctil
one I'm- tin- lumber men, nnd tient-
ly every mill Ims ils supply of logs
ilriiwii in rendy for lhe Benson's
Al the Inst communion of the
I'resbyli-rinu church lliere were 15
nilililions to tlientciiihcrsliip. 7 liy
profession of I'nilli uud H by ccrti-
E, (I. llnzi-l hns sold through
llenle Sl Elwell liis linker street
block to (i. S. McTuvisli. Also
his linker residence properly lo S,
II. Hoskitis.
Phillip Skitilli, the pniuter, l«-t-
2^ Wholesale Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants
H> Schltli lla*. Th*; Hi-rhest ttrunds            Th,* Urjeil and
U k-r„k*lla*.        ( of SCOTCH and
9 llnlnne aSlaal    I 'WSH    WHISKIES
hist   l-sunmenl
uf llniiii'-lli
I Iqnon
A complete stock of Cigars, consisting .-I the 1?
••Pharaoh," "LaFortuna," ••Irving;," "Bar- -*J>
rlster," "Monument," --Hildu'' and  others. au
Telephone 17 *fo
sends his regiirds lo Ids Criinliro.il,, *p Mail Orders Promptly Attended to.
friends. j 4j, Write for Prices.
•i.i,        .-.    . & Agents lor T. Lebel & Co., Hoy and (".rain.
Wutiincr. '"lie n','-',-i"ve,l'.'insi' Tne's" I **$9*******0.**************
luy, nntl  is  the  youtigt-sl son  ol'l
1       THE MINISTER SAID       o
9 "Di'i'irly beloved brethren, I'm going to stop thi
>S lien*.  I l.m-.-nu I prcneh whon two-thinls of thii
 nit-hint- their liemls off?     1 enrnoslly oomim-iid you beta Clins. i*.'. I.',-i.l A Oo. nn.l
 '"J" o
!■■ -J.llll-l.    iK
><  fore nexl Su
f-,-. ior.1 nexl  niiinmy comes t'
>,, provi'lc y. uii selves with their t'liiuinis 'Cough Queuchor.'which
JS; costi Inil in cents n bottle, nml cures it col! like tin, toueh of _,
m mtigic.   Th ngrogntibii is dismtssod." ^x
I'onsfnble Dow sttys ho will not lip
uf much nssistni for n lew veins,!
but  Hint   In-  is ,*i very wol	
visitor just tlio suiil,',
,\', Mniison, of Wnsn, wns in town I
several ilnys this week. II,. lik,,H,
Crunlirook nud snys thnl ho feels
nt hiiiiii- in this lown. lie hus
lllnillt IIKJ.IKX) feel of lugs in his
lioonl lit Wiibii llllll tuny slnil his
suw mill next summer.
Messrs. Dnwson nml Webb will
open ii fruit uml confectionery store
in the building now occupied by-
Mrs, II. A. Lnct-y, nboul llin lirsl
of the month, The young men
nre well mid favorably known in
this community, nml will du n good
Rev. (lei. E, Smith. Ihc lirst pns-
tur of the Methodisl church, now
of Morrisoy, will preach in lln*
Methodist church n.-xl Sunday
morning nud evening, All olil
friends of Mr. Smith will be glud
of the. opportunity lo In-nr him
mice tlii ire.
Mrs, L, II. VntiDecnr hml n let-
let- frum Mrs. (I, II. Miner tl..-
oilier dav- The latter is well pleased with Pomona, Cul., nud snys
they hnve hml n fine visit with
Mr. anil Mrs. .1. Ryan, Harry
Fairfield lins U.ught n large livery
business in Pomona nud will loente
there permanently,
The Hernld is In receipt of tl
cunl from Col. A. tl, Rnynolils.
of Rillc.li. New Mexico, who will
l-ori-iut'inl-ered by till!early settlers
of ('mnltook ns nne of tin-pioneers.   -^.
The Colonel wns one of the lirsl    ~  ~
propory   owners in tin-tuwn, mnl:  }^*********************t******»********************
\        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        G
() None Better In the District
0 Rates Si and up.    Short Orders and Oysters
1 "j served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
Sal The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpas«d for clean
B liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
f~) of liquors and cigars.
Q      " L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.
-aV ■»/£ ^-O ••♦-*>♦**•••»*
Hotel 3 3
Quests Coratorl a Specialty
fiood Stabling in Connection
Nearest lo railioail und ilepot.    Has acroiiimo.li-
ti..ns fur the public iiinrtjimlle-l jd Cranbrook.
Hut and Cnlil Baths
a **»» ■-•«.«iai ■ m m A A *t » AA* *.m)*ytla)i**-»
No man in the Cranbrook
district should be without
The Herald, It costs only
$2.00 a year.
The ni-wcst cir.'ots ill style mid let- known ns -Shorty." died Sun.
coloring In Indies silk blouses nl,ilny night nl the hospital and was
Reid .-.-Co.'s
Chief McM nlliii i-.-inii-iluwii I'iiiiii
Pernio Tuewlny to attend to some
olttclnl business.
.billies Sli.'ickleloii t.nti sister li-ft
Tuesday for tlu-ir former homo in
West Mill. Out.
1,,-idies   Reid   .t  Co.'s  Kuipiri
corset, straight fruui, dip hip,
I In cents is n lender.
buried Tuesday frmn   McConn.
undertaking rooms.
Any Indies having lost any plates
nt nny of the dances will  call at
at the Fori Steele Mercantile company's store mid identify siiine antl
tlu-y will be relumed.
The   llnyi-s   Lumber  compnny
llt have sold Iheir mill and limits to
Messrs.   Triton   and    Woods,   of
.Fcrtiio.   Mr. Wnrilrop. of Fernie,
W. F. Tate, the   jeweler nii.de  is •„ ]„. *|l(, ,„.„• m lunger,
his    regular    inspection   trip   t
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
IUkII Block Cranbrook, B. C.
Fertile tho week
VV, R. Stone nml wife, of Movie,
R. 10. Beattie is figuring on a
largo addition to his store building
lllltl other   interior   improvements
Stock Quotations.
Furnished by lli-iile, &  Elwell.
brokers, Crunlirook 11. 0,
Nnrtli   Slur  (
Snlliviin         ■"•"
St.. I'liltinni* ....
I'il.i in-	
Wnr I'. i|*V l'oilM.ll.l..t.'4l.„,
I'ny   lt.,11..,	
Alll'-rlrflll Ilny ■	
HI KiiK"ni.Ul. Mil--  , I i    i
Uiiii.o.li e MIihmMiI        un      Mr. nn.l Mrs. T. T. McVillie, of chililren will rciunni III  the ('ran-  rcutovcil tin
s„i iviu, (ln,ii|. Miniii-- i*.i, i.niilH ti in -,,()rt   st(,1,ll,    vl9ita|   cranbrook brook 1  n'niler the care ot Airs, J come that there is evory hope pf
Iii!'it,.e!mimniiV,k,iZZ^-'I.   IJI.50  tri.-ii.ls on Saturday. J. !•'. Fonwiek, speedy r .very.
,._,  visited  friends iu  Cranbrook the ,*,„- w*** Kivc ],!,„ I)lu, „f tho finest
111  first of lhe week. [.|ol.|, Mm. ;„ Western Ciiniida.
„'    II. W. Hackle nud wife, of Vic-      JJl-s. ?„ Timid left |unday for
is  lorin. ri-gisler.'d at; the Craubrook «,„,*.„,,,,   ...i.,.,.
■-♦■UM.".*   I I In.l M„„,l,„. SpoRttll..
hotel Inst Monday
for  tin
he will remain
st  two months,'   The
weeks    *f
miiilc ll.c mistake of his  life wl
he sold out his holdings mnl lefl l'o
the south.
.lohn King Black, hrolher of A
Black, of this city, nrriveil fi-.ui
Belfast, Iii-l.-iiiil. nbout Iw
ago. antl will mnki- Ci-nnbi-ink his
|H-i'iuiiiii'!it home, He will cugngc
iu the .-loll.iug nml gent's furnishing business in the Crauhroukl 1
Imti'l I.I.H-k. nml expects to linve
his store rendy for busiiioss by lln*
lirst of the mouth,
Tlu-re ure quite ii lot of Crauhrook peoplo in Cnliforuin just
now. At I'otiiiino. theie me Mr.
nn.IMrs.li. II. Miner, Mrs. WWW
llublc nnd children, Harry Fair-
field and F. I-'tirn-lI, while al San
Francisco nro Tom Wellinnn, Geo.
Wenlworlli. Mr. nml Mrs. Jumps
Rynn, Mr. nnd Mrs, ('. II. Keep,
Vie Rollins ntnl Wall Edwards,
Mr. .Initios Fuwlor, head snwyer
for the Crnnbrook Snsh and Door
Fnelory, mot with nu unfortunate
accident Inst week. Mr. Fowler
was driving a nail in n piece of
frozen luuilier when if sprung out
nml struck bim in thu eye. II
was advised by Doctors King anil
Green to visit un eye specialist al
Calgary.   He left  for thnl pli	
Insl Siitunlny.   The specialist   hns
ntnl   wniil   has
We aro still in business mnl unu .pi .to you lowest *>
prices for Timothy. Jfewluw liny. Bunch Grass, Onto, »
Bran. Shot-Is, Wheal and < Igilvies Flour J
The Calgary Cattle Company,
^ For fine Boots and Shoes, go to (tanning
" & Laceyi our name is a guarantee of
§       satisfaction with everything we sell.
In this line we can supply you with everything from a lady's fine shoe to lumber*
*       men's heavy boots,       Prices are right.
%.!■•'I |.|-»l i l*l-l-S-l'll't-l*S.|*l-8>l-*i*l»l»l«'l«l*l<8>l*l*l1'l*l'S l»T.
'L   ^, TllK   CHAM'.IiOOK    Ill-:i!AUI
ll ymi pay nn exhorliitiuil price tor a suit PART of your
n y is wiist, .1. no matter how gootl the garments utu.    If von
pay over so small a price for a bail suit ALL your money is
wasted. If you buy a goal Bait you must puy at lettlfl n fuir
price mnl tlmt is nil ymi will pay torn suit mode by
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.
Thr. results of las s year's bookings, for one ol our companies,- The Anglo-American is now to hand
and amply bears out our previous statments, that we work at EQUITABLE and ADEQUATE rates,
sufficient to give us a REASONABLE working profit. Last year their INCREASE in Income amounted
to nc.irl-.tA7.OOP.00 and they declared paid their USUAL DIVIDEND OF 7 PER CENT.
Phone   99
Crunbrooh. B. C.
in all the
Towns in
Wh.it,Ml, aid Retail
| P. Burns & Co
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Vour
trade is solicited.
Saw Mill riachineiy
Planing 1*1111 Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery tor all Purposes
All of very bsst makes.
J. L. Neilson 4. Co.,
Ml Mala St., Wlnulptj
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
* 44 • . « • ••*•••• ****** ***■**.
Have Vou Auy Painting tu be Dune?
Oa Anv ul Your Bourns Need Paperlns?
Estimates given on large contracts. \V<- don't want the
earth, We want (••■ please
you will! tlio work nud receive
j reasonable pay.
1 Royal liolel, Crnnbrook
V.-s. ami tin- CITY BAK-
IOHY is the place to get It nice
wedding cake and ornaments
in the latest style Why send
yunr order out of town nnd
■-crimps linve tin- icetugbroken by shipping.  Prices right.
Khune ... Opposite M. E. Church
CRANBROOK,    -     -     -     B. I
The Herald Gives the News
Cranbrook Methodist Church.
Corner ol II in ion Avenue lid Louli Street
Sum luy Purview!
Oiviiin Womlilp it a. m,
Biinihiytieliool lip. H,
lilviii.' \Vin*Hlii|i 7slK> i: m.
TiitiHiluy:    KpHtii'ili   Lhiikii.'  nl  Christ Inn
I'lml.'iivi'i* H r. M.
Tlmwilrty;   Wwkl.v Priiyr-r MiHitiii(f.,..8 i«, \i.
A   fu nl in I  Invitation in i>Nti'ii<ti>.| io thi'
PiiHtfir, 8, J, Tliom|iHoii.
C ran brook Baptist Church.
T tie folio
lean la-l.l
uk in *• lint «f 'lie
in lln> Iliij.liNt Chllhili:
Slimfiiy 11 n. m. Will 7:;to p
.Siitiilnj- Si-lnml :i p. m
Vimiiik IVojili'H H ji. m. Tui'Htlny
I'rn.Vi'i* Moi-lliiK S [i.tn. WwIiipmIii.v
The pnblla are oot-iliullj Invited to attorn)
nil mputinipi.
I'liMor, F. W. Anvaclic
Crabrook Presbyterian Church.
Sulilnitli S-rviwB: 11 a. in. unit 7.80 p. m
Sunilny .Si Imui nml nll.le hIiikm .'1 p. ui
i ln-intian Endeavor, Tuemlaj* 8 p. tn,
Tin'pnblii* ui*h I'.urfliiil.v invite.) in mt.-ml
nil llii' iii'i'tiii'.'H.
1'nntnr, \V, 0, V. (1. ForlunoH. a
Any kind of mill work promptly
itt.-nded to. Also lwiler repairing
at u low cost right nt your mill. A
Irinl solicited.
unci! noun's;
I. lo 12 a ni,
1 to .1 p. n>.
7 lo S p   111.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Site Horses.   Good Rigs.   Comfortable
Accommodations.   Drivers and Rigs
for any part of District.
Paul Handley, ■ Prop,
Now ri^s, good driving
mul Buddie Inn-sen at
rciiHoiiiiblc rate. Our
iiim]\vill lie to givo good
cars to nil horses Htii-
1 led witli im.
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.    I u,
Livery 3
The Aiistrnlinn Hotel
you ure in town. Tli
tho right plnce.
.tin-plnce to put up when
-liiu Whit,- Hotel."•Ti..
Morrissey Junction, B. C
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
II. 1.. Stephens. J. I'. Stephens. J. I.auson. M. Roikciidorf
Play Ball
Alexandra   Hotel
Stephens Hms. & Co ,
Owners and Proprietors
Thc Canadian Pacific Railway Company
owns large areas of choice agricultural lands
in the Kootenay and Boundary Districts of
Southern British Columbia which are offered
for sale at from
$1 to $5 per Acre
on easy terms of payment, s Timber leases
can also be obtained on reasonable conditions.
i  tin
Proprietors ******
Teams aud drlve're furnlahed for any
point la the district.
Manager   j.  j>   ji
■■*————■._. .....   .;;     -
Cwlcrtaker and Etpbaltrter
CiisltetS trimmed and eliipped at short
notice and reasonable prices
Will re i'i ve nnd hold remains in Chapel
at n small cost.
Solo agent in  the  Kootetiayp,  for
the latest and
heal dihitifcctfliit known to whence,   It
will   nut   burin   lhe diiintint  fabric   or
hlneken the finest instrument.    No ap-
iIiih required tn use it.
$2.00 A BOTTLE—
nru iilwnyn ivudy Ihiy nr Nigh I
("rom (hit MflVie l*M«!«
A son wns bom to Mr. mul
H. M. Pnlleiton in Nelson o
nth. -
Rev. Thompson, <>t' Crnnbrook
hrlil scrviri* in thi' Mi'thoilisi
church Momlny i-voning.
Mrs. John Blackburn nnd
ohildren hnve enme down from the
North Slur mine and will reside
Tin- Hernld suggests thnt the
debating societies of Crnnbrook
nud Moyir hold a joint debate tliis
winter. Ths Lender seconds the
Thr carload of machinery, which
wns ordered pome timo ngo by the
St. Eugene compnny* i* duily ok-
pected to arrive. The machinery
will be used in the new slimes
saving plant.
Mrs. J,)'. Farrell returned home
Tue-sday from Boatott, when' slie
has been for the past three months
visiting relatives. Mrs. Fanvll
had mi exeelleut trip. Imt nevertheless was glad to gi*t back to
Mr. and Mrs. Pollock returnet
on Sunday from n month's trip U
the eastern provinces.
The lumber lor the new hotel
arrived at Michel this week from
the S par wood   mill and is being
unloaded,   The work will l>e pusl:
<h1 to completion,
Mra. Lncey lias sold her hotel
at Gateway to Mr. Carroll.of Montana who will also open up a general store. Mrs. Lncey intends going to Saskatchewan where she
will build an hotel ou the line of
the Grand Trunk Pacific.
Wm. hlschwig bought a lot and
n small fraction of anotlie- recently
in West Fernie from L. M. Proctor. The property is on the river
bank just north of J, Turner's and
the price was in the neighborhood
of $400, Mr. Ksehwig intends to
use this as a site for a new
A. Joyce is taking around two
petitions for the (ward of trade.
Both are to lie sent to the
goveriiinent. One is to urge the
immediate construction of a wagon
road from Fernie into the Flathead and the other is to secure a
grant of $250.00 for the lire pro-
tection fund. it is needless to
state that both are receiving every
eligible signature
John Ryan, hotel keeper at
Wanlner, was relieved of $(J00 one
evening of last week in one of the
hotels of Fernie. On his way to
Fernie he got a lot of time checks
cashed nt Crnnbrook and had the
itbove sum in his inside pocket.
He indulged iu more or less drinking iu town though he was not
entirely under its influence. He
believes that the money was taken
from his pocket by a sneak thief
while lie was dozing in a chair.
Mr. Kyan at once took what step*-
he could to have the thief located.
Fhe police are working on the case.
The loss iH a heavy oile and it is
ho|icd that, the eowardly thief may
be brought to justice.
From tlie I'roitiuilor.
P, H.  Mnrsh, malinger o£ il
lnilH-riiil hunk, Crnnbronk-. wns
St.-i-li- visitor Siiiulii.v Insl.
•Ini-k Stunniirt i'iiiiii- up
Littlo Bull river Wednesduy
reports considerable snow it
Mr. ntnl Mrs. 1'- •'• Dickenson,
ntnl Mrs. Clnry, Critnliraok, were
guests nt the Imperial on Snndny
11. T. Breyiuuer, J. Diu-k. (i. li.
Mnsou, .1. A, Motherwell; nml -I.
Netterfield, took ailvnntn-j-o of tho
splendid sleighing nml drove over
from Cranhrook Sunilny.
Although wi- hnve hml so littlo
suow iit tin- vicinity at Steele, it
I.ns lieen snowing pretty steadily
in Ihi* mountains, nnd there is now,
so trnppoi-8 snj'i tibout tin- nvernge
iimoiiiit of snow for this time of
tht' yeur.
Court of Forresters al Wardner.
Wiirdin*!*. II. (.'.. Fell. 20, 1(104.
liditnr Hernld t   On Weduesdny
tin- ltlth inst. Henry K.-rslutw Sr..
1,8 " ,<>f Fort Steele hnd tin- pleasure of
[organizing a court of tin- C'nundinii
from (Order of Forresters, nt  Wanlner
I'iiiiii Uh- Wiliner lluli-i-np.
Mrs. .1. Quinlivnii nntl hor throo
hoys left on the Crauhrook stngi-
for their home on Tuesday- l....'i..fl;
visitnl .Mrs. W, Chnmlierlaiii a fi-w
While at Fort Steele Fruuk (.'.
St.ickdi.le Ih'I ji lmx of cigars with
Kditor tlrace of the Prospector
that construction of the Kootenay
Central railway wonld not ln-stnrt-
etl within !K) days. It is to In-
hoped tin- editor will prove the
winner Frank will In- pleased to
loose liis hel.
A. R, Vales antl F. ('. Stockdnle
returned from Crnnbrook ami Fort
Steele on Fridny. whore Ihey went
on Masonic business no one has
reported seeing n new goat. They
report having had a iroo.1 time,
though the snow was deep uml the
weitthei 1.1. anil they had to wnlk
from Fairmont to Windermere,
their Iimj-h.- played out.
which lins beon taken nl
by unite a number
there being twenty.two c
for iiiiliution at the  lirst
ami n number rendy to  i
f residents,
the next general meeting.
Immediately upon tlie close of
the initation ceremony the following  members ivei -.pointed to
L ('. Teeple.Cliief Ranger:Wm.
Barclay, Vice Chief Ranger; T. W.
Walker. Jr.. Pnst Chief RnngeriH,
Rnrling, Fiuuncsnl Secretin**.: C.
Mis. Reconling Secrotaryj T, Hall'-
ney. Trensiii-er: .1. Lurrigun, Chnp.
Inin: .1. A. Carlson. Senior WoihI-
wut-il: WardDopew, -Tiniior Wood-
ward; (1. W. Donnhoe, Senior lien,
die: .1. A. l-'rieksou. Juiilor Beadle;
II. It. .lamicsou. Auditor; li. II.
Boluirt. Conductor; S. K. Hut-VBy,
M. I).. Curl I'liysiciun.
Speeches were llllllll- by the newly appointed officers, nfter which n
lie...-ty 4411c of tllnnks wns teuilereil
Mr. Korshnw for ilu- keen interesl
In-hail taken tin- organizntion of
the curt, which wns very cordially
responded to. together witli an in-
vitntion to supper that Mr. Kershaw had reserved to surprise liis
guests till thi' hitler part of the
evening. Tin- evening was very
much eiijoyi-il by all anil the broth-
ei-hood nre enthusiastic over the
results, Tlie order will shortly occupy Ilu* olil Intei'tiiitioiiul printing
office,which is being suitably fitted
up for its meetings.
Hay lor Sale.
The undersigned hns In
No. 1 upland prairie liny
ul 87 --cr ton uml four cnn
timothy nl **i:i  por ton.
I Ions of
For  snle
of go
British Columbia Note*.
The .laps of Vancouver raised
$2,500 for the .lapnni'He  war fund,
Ur. Uiggs. of Vancouvor, secur.
ed some milium to use iu the trout-
ment of u cancer case,
Times ure improving iu Ross-
llevelstoke is growing ambitious
nml lu-r liunril of trade is asking
for distributing rutes of tin* 0,
I'. 11.
.1. .1. Nickson & Co. of Vancouver, si-cured the million dollar
contract for digging tlu- twenty
mile canal for the C. I*. R. iu Ibe
Calgary district, It will take two
years to complete the work.
Vancouver is having trouble
over the social evil question,
James Breon, the well known
smelter iitati, is reported as preparing to Iniilil a smelter in lhe
Boundary country.
Conservative Meeting.
Then- will bo n meeting of the
Crnnbrook Liberal -Conservative
Association Monday evening, at
■CM p. in. at iliy office, Important
I.l. II. Thompson, Sec'y.
F. t). B„.
-ai-sal Olds. Alliertu.
Win. He-	
Position Wanted.
By a first-class ougiiiooi
besl of pupcrsi    Apply by
to   "l-uigii r."
*. holil
*, Locals in this column will be $
J charged at the rate of 5 cents J
Z per line each issue. £
* **
Mr*! Cartwrlglit is |>rt-|tiiroil Imi
Inanblo tlreaaiankltig nl  hor resi
Aflli.itmil-.- HM'tllli-. -It!
Dickons' l-ooks
will your |iliiil-i lu-
I'i-i-si'h Slltillo.
trill- In life.   S
*nu -,-iit it I ken n
If ymi wnnt innili-
modern printers,
i Jul, wink
Illl   .it   Hi.'
lime liy
Morrow A M Pt.rli.no nro going In
In,v.* n vi-iy nttritctive stni-.-. They linvo
:i Inrgtistmtk nn Ilu- wny, innl will lie
rosily fnr business llic lirst nf ttost
Wiintml—(Ion.1 rellnlile ImlioB to take
iirili-rs in- mn- .nltnr iiinil.- pltii-tH illlil
-kii-l Hii|i|ititi-i-s. .Inml i-iinmii.Hsinn.
Write now iinil-.'1't Fni..|ttos Inr the spring
Iiiiininiiiii liitrmonl Cn.,
■lit 1)0x21)11  Quelpli,   uut
Por Maps snd further parllculars apply lo Ihe lollowinf Local Land A-jeots:
V. Hyde Bnker. Cnuibrook, I'.. C.    11. & M. Bin), Nelson. It. C.
R. R, Bruce, Wilmer, II. C, .1. A. MuCnllum, Grand Forks.B.C.
I. II. Wilson. Wanlner, It. C. K. Miillnhdnine, Jr.. Creston, 11. C.
W. M. Frost. Gateway, Mont.
Or J. S. DENNIS, British Columbia, Land Commissioner, C.
P. R„ at Calgary, Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lo*r
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
• •ffi|S>«4
Sawl Planing Mills
Miiiiiifju'tiii'i'ris of Huii^li nnd Di'i'Kisril
«>♦-•.*>-••-•-• ♦♦»»■»-.-.^-.oo »»«■)« »ffi®**>**>*+ ♦-»-• ♦■>♦■»♦ *» *»■»-■•«-♦ * ♦ • • • * • •
®a> * »4 •**•••* • ♦-♦ • • * AA'A ♦•-•-•® {?)•-•-•-*»♦* *♦• • •-• ♦ • ■»■»'• *-• •-• • • A
We do all kinds of scavenger work, such
as cleaning privy vaults, cesspools, and
carting away rafuse matter in yards.
Satiefaction guaranteed. Office at Wentworth Hotel.
Cranbrook Scavenger Co.
D. H. ricDonald, Mgi*.


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