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Cranbrook Herald Oct 5, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gbo. A. Cox, Presicltnt. B. E. Wuiti, 0.n. M>n.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
j  A General Banking; Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
.J. *•»♦••••••••♦♦•* • • 99 9 ♦ •♦*>♦<•)*•■•• * 9-9
DD/illllj        Itpaystotradewithhim
Thc finest stock of stationery in Kootenay.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus ol North Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Great Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
VI. Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
Oocstg Comfort ■ Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
"The S Emporium"
Sherlock & Bremner.
Miss Cardiff, our dress maker, has arrived, and
will be pleased to see any who wish her services.
We can confidently recommend her to give entire satisfaction to all who may entrust her with
their work.
NEW GOODS constantly arriving. Ladies and
childrens' Underwear.   A fine line of Ladies'
Kid Gloves and Gents' Gloves in all qualities.
For a good tea try Tortan, Ram Lal or Kolona.
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
l-irst-class Dining room and best ol Cigars and Liquors,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Rates, $2.oo per day.
Short orders day and night.
In Car Load Lots
Wc have just received several carloads
of groceries, glassware, and china-ware.
These goods have been bought right and
will be sold right. Call in and see them.
They will do your heart good.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook a* Fort Steele *» Wardner
The Work Tells
the Tale   jt   *t
Greer & Co.
Estimates given nn nil cIrbscs nf woik
In our line. If ynu Intent] tn build, Bee
ub.    It mny pay you.
Ji   Jt   B.C.
i. L. Parker Appointed Superintendent
of the North Star Mine.
St. Marys Gold Mining and Milling; Company to Commence
Ill)' mlnt-timi 111
iiUi Crude Movements |
Engagement and Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse Sets, Etc	
Work ami linads Ciiarantoed
til Hive SiltisfiicliiUl.
W. F. Tate
Cranhrook ...JEWELER
Official Walcli Inspector fnr Crows Nest lirnncli
Promptly Attended to.
»P1   o
ra a
or* m
Do you take
The Herald?
If not, why not?
It gives the news
Of East Kootenay
New North Star Superintendent.
The Rossland Miner hns this to sny of
Mr, J. 1.. Parker, the new superintendent of the Nortli Star mine, who arrived
in Cranhrook last Monday :
Mr. J. I,. Paiker, M. IC, hns heen requested liy the representatives of Messrs.
MeKenzie and Mann to accept the
superintendence of the famous North
Stat mine, in East Kootenny, and
leaves for Kast Kooleiiay today.
The North Slar has over $i,oco,oco worth
of ore in sight, and is to Kast Kooteuay
what the Le Roi is to West Koolcnay.
The position is, therefore, one of great
respon nihil ity. and the owners are to be
congratulated on bavin-*, made so good a
selection. Mr. Parker is a mining engineer of twenty years' experience, and
hns probably seen as much of the mines
of this section of country aa anyone of
his profession residing in the province.
He has beeu a resident of Rossland for
the past four years, during which time
he has made many frieuds, and has
achieved a well-earned reputation in his
Pay Roll Gold Mining ind Milling Company.
Tbe Crst block of 100,000shares iu this
company has been sold outright by
Messrs, McViltie and Hutchison in a
week. This shows plainly the great confidence the public has in the future of
the mine. Wc hear that the crown patents will be applitd for at once and
active mining inaugurated ou the property so that trial shipments may be made
early iu the winter. The foreman of the
work will probably be sent over from
the Yuiir camp, where some of* thc directors of Pay Roll have already large
mining interests. A large block of this
company's stock will at once be offered
in Paris and Loudon, and tbe promotets
feel confident of bavin,-* »i ***»**» ♦•jn.nnn
in the treasury before soring, so that
-■inn operations can be carried on in a
thorough and comprehensive manner.
St. Marys Oold Mining and Milling Company.
The memorandum of association of
this company has been signed and the
application for charter forwarded to Vic
toria. The head office will be at Rossland, H. Ch but the company bas beeu
orgauized for the special purpose of
developing a group of claims on St.
Marys prairie known as tbe Carrie Lee
group. The group consists of three
claims showing sevetal well defined
ledges which give good assays In gold,
silver, copper and lead. On the Carrie
Lee claim considerable work bas beeu
done. A shaft some sixty feet in depth
follows one ofthe walls of the ledge and
in in good ore at the bottom. Tbe ore is
a high grade galena carrying gold and
silver. The principal ledge 011 tbe Hob-
sou assays $200 iu gold, which is carried
in telluride.. The region is rich in cop*
per-bearing ledges, and thorough development work on the Carrie Lee will
be of inestimable benefit to tbe adjoining claims as showing what is to be expected as depth is gained. The Sweepstake, which adjoins the Carrie Lee
group, shows many strong ledges, but no
woik has been done. The Annex, to the
north, has a remarkably strong showing
of copper ore, but not sufficient work has
been done to enable an opinion to he
formed of the direction of the ledge.
In the same neighborhood are the
Dlack Hills group and the James Laidlaw claims on which deep shafts are being sunk with very satisfactory results,
all leading to the inevitable conclusion
that the St. Marys prairie will be an important mining camp.
Celebrated Entertainer Coming.
Miss Mariella LaDell, It. ti. , an honor
graduate of Philadelphia School of Oratory, will give one of ber charming
entertainments in Cranbrook 011 the
evening of Wednesday, October 18. under the auspices of tiie Presbyterian
Ladles1 Aid. Miss LaDell, who is well
and favorably known throughout the
west, is returning east to Toronto and
bas beeu secured for an evening that
Cranbrook people may have the opportunity of listening to thia clever artiste.
The Victoria Colonist says of her recent
appearance there; "Miss LaDell cap*
lured the audience with her first selection, 'The Wind and the Moon,' aud
moved many to tears by her wonderful
Impersonation from 'Childhood of lhe
Dead Pussy Cat." 'The Chariot Race,'
from Ben Hur, was never better rendered
before a Victoria audience, while 'The
Stately Minuet' aud 'The Delsarteau
PosingB of Human Emotions' displayed
the talent of this beautifully graceful
artiste. The versatility of this practiced
entertainer was displayed In the sadly
tragic masterpiece of M O. Lewis, 'The
Captive,* and 'Sand)'a Courtship' Iu
imitation of childhood Miss LaDell
could hardly be excelled. A return date
ia already advertised,"
will be remembered, was in Fort Steele
a couple of weeks ostensibly to look over
the country, It will be seen, however,
that he was uot idle,
One of the moat important deals iu
mining property in the St. Marys country w-is made a few days ago wheu
George Uiqnhart gave a bond on bis
properties situated on the west fork of
the St. Marys, four miles south of Saw
yers pass, lo Thomas O. Holt, of Vancouver. The consideration was £30,000,
payable as follows:    «■;.- u on March 12,
1900; |xo,oo3 September u; and $15,000
Match 12, hm. According to the terms
ol the bond, work must common- e on 01
before lhe 15th day of October, 1899, anil
to continue until the first payment is
made 011 the nth of March, iquu. The
property consists of the Welcome, lluru-
side uud Forest mining claims.
R. O. Jennings was on the North Star
hill last week. He reports doing .some
work on the Dean uud AH Over.
A. W. Illeasdell was up to Weaver
creek a few days ago doing assessment
woik on some mineral claims in which
he is interested.
Work 011 the Tontine group has beeu
suspended for the present, or until the
trails arc in better condidion,
A. Demers, secretary of the Little
Chief Miniug company, left Ottawa for
Fort Steele ou Thursday last.
James Mills aad Charles Craiae the
Mining Notes.
McVittie & Hutchison with C. M. Edwards have au option 011 the Excess
mineral claim in Isador canyon, and it is
probable tbat a strung compauy will be
at once funned to work ibis ground,
Tbe contract for the North Star tramway will soon be let, lt will be a little
more than a mile in length and it will
take about three mouths lo complete It.
A special cable will have to be munu
factured (or it,
A tangible proof of the prosperity of
Cranbrook lies in the fact that the townspeople bought all of the 100,000 shares
of Pay Roll with the exception of one
solitary thousand, which an enterprising
citizen of Fort Steele snapped up.
Last Sunday a party made up of Jntnes
Ryan, John Leask, T, T. Richards, A.
W. McVittie, John Hutchison, John Mc-
Duff, Dr. King, George Walts and F. ti.
Simpson took a ride to St. Marys prairie
to look at several of the promising mineral properties iu that section.
E. Frozer, M. ti., of Silverton, B. C,
is up Perry creek looking over several
gold properties in that camp. Mr.
Frazer, who is a mining engineer of considerable experience, proposes looking
nvttr n.ii.il.<..[| of ».iu.u6 lilUilbnl   In   llilM
district   in   the interests of large operators. _
I. 0. 0. P.   BANQUET.
Twelve Feet of Ore.
Moyie Leader: The ledge in thc No.
t tunnel of the Lake Shore mine widened out to twelve feet this week, and the
ore la ns fine as a man ever laid eyes on.
Tbe Increased width of the ledge in the
lower tunnel clearly demonstrates that
this ledge is constantly gaining in width
Ith depth, Tbere is now plenty of ore
in all the workings, aud the Lake Shore
mine Is turning out to be a bonanza,
W. R. Jvffrey. consulting engineer for
the Canadian Gold Fields syndicate,
stopped off at Moyie the first of lhe I
week on his way east, and with Manager
Drewry thoroughly inspected lhe mine.
He was much elated over the looks of
the property and the maimer in which
tbe work had been done. Arrangements
have been made whereby Mr. Jeffrey
will inspect the property ouce each
month. Ore shipments will soon begin
and tbe first lot will probably leave
about Monday. 	
Across tbe River,
Fort Steele Prosi-eetnr.
William Millicaii and Hugh McCool
have giveu a bond on the Enterprise
mineral claim to David W. Moore, of
Trail. This claim is located on the west
fork of the St. Marys, About live milea
south of Sawyers pass, in the immediate
vcinity of the claims, of George Urqu-
hart, Tbe consideration is $30,000, payments to be made na follows: $5000
March ta, 1900, $5000 September to; and
$10,000 March 15, 1901.   Mr, Moore, it
The  Local  Members Do  Honor to  Tbeir
Distinguished Visitors.
Last Friday evening was a gala night
for the Odd Fellows of Cranbrook.
Grand Master Welch, of New Westminster, and Grand Chaplain Clements, of
Nelsou. arrived on the morning train
from the west and were met at the depot
by a local committee who escorted them
to tbe Cranbrook hotel. Tbe day wns
spent by the visitors in getting acquainted and looking over the town. At 8
o'clock that evening the work at the
lodge room was taken up, and the session lasted until 12 o'clock. The members and their guests then adjourned to
the Cranbrook hotel, where a number
not members of the order were in
waiting to join in the lunch prepared for
tbe occasion. About fifty sat down to
two long tables and an hour was spent in
doing justice to one of the best spreads
ever laid in Cranbrook. When the
cigars were lighted, there followed a
feast of reason and wit that was thoroughly enjoyed by all. R. ti. Beattie
and F. E. Simpson officiated as toast
masters, and toasts were proposed as
follows, coupled with the names giveu:
The Queen—W. S. Keay.
The Sovereign Grand Lodge—B. W.
Our Guests—A H.Clements.
Railroading—F. M. Medhurst and L
M, Mansfield.
Learned Professions—W- F. Gurd, Dr.
J. II. King and Dr. Hell.
Miniug Interests—John Hutchison and
James Ryan.
Mercantile Interests—J. II, Fink and
C. Maggi.
Banking Busine-is—J  W. II. Smythe.
Lumbering—J, \V, Robinson nnd Geo.
North Stnr Branch—W. L. MeKenzie
and Mr. Shoppnrd.
The Press—David Scott, Winnipeg.
Ladies—F. C. Rankin and William
OddfellowBhlp-W. F.Tate.
Mine Host—G. II. Miner and James
Army and Navy—George Wales.
After singing "Au|d Lang Syne" the
guests dispersed, each one feeling tbat
the event had heen a most happy oue.
The  Real Cause of  the  Premature Explosion Will Never
Be Known.
Moyie, B. C, Oct. 4— James Mills anil
Charles Cruine, two miners, were killed
by a blast rn tbe No. 1 tunnel of the
Lnke Shore mine Tuesday evening at
about 11 o'clock. Mills and Craiue bad
put in a round of holes aud were ready
to shoot, pieparatory lo going off shift.
It is supposed they had difficulty in
''spitting" one of. the fuse and that the
other shots went off before they had a
chance to get out ol the way. The bodies were found by ti. Wergin, a mucker,
who was going on shift. Tbey were
about fifty feet bnck from the face of the
drift,     Huth bodies were badly mangled
James Mills was ubout 38 years of age,
and unmarried. Ile has a brother, Wil*
liuiu Mills, living in Moyie, and a sister,
Mrs, Jennings, in Fernie. He is an old
timer here, aud worked in the St. Eugene mine during its eurly stages of development.
Charles Crane was in Moyie only a
few days, and came from Libby, Mout ,
though be has lived iu the Couer
d'Aleucs for some time. He has a wife
living iu Michigan.
Tbe lidllors of thc Northwest to Celebrate
in Spokane.
The Herald editor leaves for Spokane
this evening to visit the exposition and
participate in the entertainment tbat is
being prepared tor the editor! lor next
Saturday. The exposition management,
assisted by 'be Spokane Press club, are
making extraordinary dibits to give the
visiting ipiill drivers a good lime on that
lay. Headquarters for the press men
have been established on the exposition
grouuds, where there will be committee*
of the press club to welcome aud receive
the visitors.   Committees will also meet
ing comfortable quarters. At 10 o'clock
there will be a trolley ride about the
city. In the afternoon a special committee will show tbe editors all the
features of the exposition, and the Grand
Army band, of Cautou, Ohio, will play
"A Hot Time" every other number. Refreshments will be served through the
day at the headquarters, In the afternoon there will be a parade of the Spokane Press club and tbe visiting editors,
beaded by tbe Grand Army band. In
the evening those wbo desire can visit
the Auditorium and the others can take
in the exposition again. At 10 o'clock
all the visiting editors will go to Davenport's restaurant, where they will be
given by the exposition management
such a banquet as tbey have not had for
many a day. This will be a stag party
At 12 o'clock there will be a High Jinks
entertainment giveu in Eagles' hall.
The Spokane committee in charge has
absolutely refused to give any intimation
of what tbis will be, but it is expected to
be an event. We expect to return next
week, and our one hope at this time is
that we may survive the lavish hoapi
tality of the Spokane Press club and exposition management,
Visitors Are All Favorably Impressed With
tbe Tows.
' I see your town continues to grow,"
said Mr. Clements, of Nelson, who at
tended the I. O. O. F. banquet last
week. "When I was here last April I
said then you had tbe making of a good
town, and your growth since tbat time
demonstrates that I am right. I can remember when Rossland and Nelson hnd
ouly a few people, and tbat was just a
few years ago. Craubrook seems to
have the tight kind of people, and I
never hear ihem say a word against any
other town iu the district."
Another Globe Trotler.
M. K.Creelman, of Pruro, N.S, arrived in Cranbrook Wednesday night on
his way around the world on a bicycle.
He left Pruro on May ti, and came by
the w..y of Chicago, St. Paul, Winnipeg
and the Crows Nest Pass route. He is
making fair time and is in good health.
He expects to reach Paris in time to attend the exposition next year.
A File Register.
R. H. Beattie has placed a flue register
hi the Royal hotel, Tbe following advertisers have their announcements on
the yages: W. R. McForlane, W. ti.
Tale, London & Liverpool company,
George Geary, Fort Slede Mercantile
j company, Sherlock it Bremner, G. R.
Leask and G. H. Miner.
My, How Sbe Urowil
Editor Smyth, of the Moyie Leader,
was in town Monday, aud while here
took a walk over the city. "My, how
she grows! " be said to The Herald man.
"Cranhrook is all right. The t< wn is
moving tight along, and you might add
that Moyie is rapidly becoming one of
the best towns in the Kootenays."
Again tbe Vtchls Filled to Finish in tbe
Time Limit.
New Vork, Oct. 5.-11 a. m.—Both
yachts now on their course with Shamrock in the lead about too yards, but
tbey are goiog so slow that she is
probably twenty or thirty seconds
ahead. Both boats are carrying spinaker
baloon jibs, mainsails and club topsails.
Later—Shamrock gaining.
12:15 P- tu.—Both boats nearly out of
sight and sailing about eveu. Breeze
very light.
12:55—Shamrock about half tt mile in
tbe lead.
1:35—Just turned together: on stretch
for buoy.
2:30—Both running to lightships before wind and very close together.
3:03—The two ya- hts more plainly
seen, nud now le.ul'ng boat appears
quarter mile ahead. They will seemingly have no difficulty in finishing withiu
time limit.
3:01 —Stem boat looks like Shamrock.
If so, Columbia is leading by about a
quarter mile.
Na Rice.
Owing to tbe light breeze the yachts
failed to make the trip within Ihe time
limit, and the contest was declared no
Cbaife li Sipcrlnteadcits.
The change in superintendents of this
division has taken place. M. H. MacLeod, who has held tbat position since
the Crows Nest branch was taken over
by the compauv, has been assigned to
other important work, and J. A. Cameron is appointed in his place. The official circular announcing tbe change
states tbat Mr. Cameron will have charge
from Dunmore Junction to Kootenay
Landing, ami that bis office will be in
The people of Cranbrook hope that
Mr. MacLeod's new duties will still keep
him in Soulh E-ist Kootenay. During
his residence in Cranbrook be has won
tbe esteem and high regard of all the
people, who would sincerely regret to
see him leave.
Lest Two Filters aid Thumb.
Victor Rollins, who has been in the
station at night for some time, made bis
first trip as a brakeman Friday. While
making a coupling at Fernie tbat night
bis hand was caught and smashed ao
tbat he lost a portion of his thumb and
two finger*. He •»■• Kr2*?Ht hurt io.
cmiiuro-oK and ts now under the care ot
Dr. King. 	
Railroad Notes.
The railroad bridge on the branch it
the St. Marys is ia course of construe
tion.    Piles  are   being   driven for tbe
temporary structure.
The Toronto Globe in an Ottawa dispatch says that MeKenzie & Mann will
shortly acquire the Edmonton, Yukon 8t
Pacific charter from tbe present owners.
This is the successor of the Edmonton
district railway charter.
D. D- Minn is back from China and ii
not enamoured of the prospects. He
finds business arrangements ao unsatisfactory and so much corruption in high
places that he has abandoned the idea
of seeking any contracts in ''the flowery
Wellaii ft Hircl Will Celebrate tbe Eveit
Tomorrow Night.
Wellman & Hurel's new hotel at Kimberley will be opened next Friday evening with a grand ball. Free conveyances
will leave Fort Steele and Cranhrook
Friday aft or noon al 1 o'clock, and it ia
expected that a large crowd will go from
both places and give the proprietors a
good send-off.
Following is the menu for the feast
that the proprietors will spread for the
enjoyment of tbeir guests tbat evening:
Coaanmirie TrlnUnler
RoaU Huf*ar Cored Ham, Cbarnpagu* Hance
larnti * li'.i'i a la K :■ -r;••■■■
Api'lR I ilti-i*. ('luce* aa Ktrtrti
Ito A IT
Sirloin of lif-t .-.llli Krairal PotttOM
Chli-ken wtlli I in ■•.ilu n
vitfiKTA 111.10*
ItollM ami .tinsIn-1 I'Pt-Uim
I^ttnre SuUit   Krencli l'i*ai  ( antl Hu wer 1
Hiliiit Hi-: 1 tn
Oram A Mile he   Mince Tie
KnxlUli limn I'li'lilln**, Biuce<i»j-.n*i(-
Tnitll Frnlttl fre cream   AWtrted Oakfl
Cheese  r'rulit
Tea CuSre
A Great Location.
J. L I'urker, the new superintendent
of the North Star mine, who arrived
Mouday moruiug, was most favorably
impressed with tbe appearance of Cranhrook and the beauty of its location.
"Thc developmen t of ibis district should
make thia a great town," be said. "Vou
have the location all right."
Something lor tbe Ladles.
The ladies should see the plain and
decorated crepe paper just received at R.
E. beattie's. Tbere is nothing prettier
for decorating around the home.
New Millinery Stock.
Miss  O'Dell,   milliner,  of  Medicine
Hat, is at the Cosmopolitan, and will be
pleased to have the ladies of Cranbrook
call and sec her stock.
DlMilroui Fire it Cascade.
Last Friday night a fire destroyed
most of the business part of Cascade, resulting in the death of Alex Arvaill, a
man who worked for' C. J. Eckstorm in
the Railroad Headquarters hotel. The
total loss Is estimated at $33,000, with
$4400 insurance. Among the hotela
burned waa the Railroad Headquarters,
owned by C. J. Eckstorm, formerly of
Wardner, and the Scandla house, owned
by Oscar Stent ttrom, formerly of Coal
Creek. Eckstorm, who did not own the
building, had $1000 on atock and personal effects. Stentstrom lost $3500 witb
no insurance.
Ne Paperi to tbe Yukon.
. Postmaster Beattie haa received directions from the department, to the effect
that until next spring no newspaper
mail will be taken to the Yukon or At-
lln country. It If going to lie a hard
winter up there for about 1000 Herald
siibtcrihcrs who will lie unable to get
their papers. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY.       ■      OCT. 5. 1899
]'. K  SIMI'SIIN, Bltttor n.l.l Manager.
Tlie llcrilU itoitres to give tlm no** ot tlie
district. H ymi know any nbout your town
y.i.ir lulu,' or y.mr people, senil It to this ottk-e.
Do you want
Good Job Work?
If you do come to The Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.   Try us and see.
Every man In town organized himself
into a Ure laddie, and splendid work was
done iu many Instances Wiih no water
supply and no fire-fighting appliances it
was a foregone conclusion hs to the re*
suit when the flames were fairly started
No human Ingenuity could save the fated
Mock. .Murk Tracy, with his water
wagon, did excellent service, continual*
ly refilling it at the river as fast hs the
bucket brigade emptied it.
The above is from the account of the
disastrous lire in Cascade, published iu
the Record, of that city. And if a fire
ever started in any of the buildings on
the main street of Cranbrook, The Herald would have to print a similar state-
in-, nt.
The present conditions in Cranhrook
leave the people absolutely helpleBS in
case of a fire. Nothing could be done
except lo stand and watch the property
burn. Unlike Cascade, there is a water
main on the main street with the water
flowing through il at a pressure strong
enough to thorw a stream over any
building on the street. Yet, it ts practically useless, ns there is no apparatm
with which a fire could be fought. The
non-action of the people in this mallei
Is serious, and may result in a conflagration that will prove disastrous in the extreme.
What is to he done ? Is there no mun
or set of men to take lhe initiative in
tliis work? Already there is a small
neuclus on which to work, and by proper
action being taken, the town could.
without u doubt, secure an appropriation
from lhe government of $15" to (350 for
lire purposes. Winter is coming, and
the danger fiom fire increases. Of
course those living in large and expensive buildings naturally exercise greater
care with fire, but there are those living
in small shacks, with little or nothing to
lose, who are^careless to au extent that
is almost criminal at times. Yet, a fire
originating in a shack, mny get a start
that would reach larger buildings and
destroy the lown.
The Herald would like to see something done. The people of Cruubrook
have too much ut stake to sit quietly
dowu and wait for results. They should
get a move on themselves, and the best
time to act is now.
Provide fire protection.
Tbe only store left in Brooklyn was
burned last week.
Sir Thomas Liptou has proven l.im
self to be a gentleman as well as a
Tbe district of South Kast Kootenay
is going to be oue of the best in British
Cranhrook is all right. Her people
took up 100,000 shares of Pay Roll stock
in'a few days.
It takes a strong head to resist all the
flattery that is being hi aped upon Admiral Dewey these days.
The Herald is under obligations to
Editor Smyth, of Moyie, for an account
of lhe accident iu the Lake Shore mine.
The government oflices should be ut a
central point and on the railroad.
Everyone must admit that if they are
honest in their expression of opinion,
The Trail Creek News wants to know
if Trail is dead, and suggests that those
people who have nothing to do but talk
about burying it, had belter pack up
nnd leave the town.
The killing of two miners at Moyie
last Sunday hy a premature explosion
was most unfortunate. The miner takes
many chances with his life, besides
working hard lor tbe money he receives,
Thc people of Moyie, Wnrdner, Per*
nle, Kimberley, Marysville and Cranbrook sny that the government oflices
should he on the railroad, and what they
nil say wi.l pretty near go wben the
lime comes,
The Nelson Tribune says that licensed
gambling in a town is far better than
crooked games run on the sly, and adds:
"Une honest laboring man and his fain
ily is worth more to a town than a dozen
tiuhoi 11 gamblers and sure thing fakirs."
Fernie is going to ask for $1500 to be
expended iu uud around Fernie. That
is right, Fernie is entitled to some of
the government improvement funds, and
she'll get it with a change of government, Fernie voted for Col. Baker, and
the powers that be at Victoria experience
considerable difficulty in finding Fernie
on the map, And there are other towns
in the district iu the same position.
The Herald is satisfied to do all il can
for this district, regardless of the petty
Jealousy displayed by newspapers or
people In other towns. Tbe Herald believes in the district as a whole, ami is
laboring for Lhe district as a whole, and
Cranbrook in particular. This paper
bus neither the time or inclination to
persist in mud throwing. It is pleased
wilh the grand outlook for Cranhrook
nud South Fast Kootenay aud feels contented and happy.
I've been out to if.v madder, wife, to sue
John's new machine
A-eutiti.' outs an' binduV 'em—the like
I've never wen.
It test beats nil creation, the work that
thiiiK 'ii (hi;
tt urns tin* oats ui*.' binds 'em up In bundles straight and true.
1 feel a nit downhearted, though, mat
kinder out o' dale,
with all the k'*mi Improvement*oomln' on
1 think ">' my old oradle; 1 suppose it'a
hangttV mill
jet1 where 1 left It—yonder ln the old barn
• forty years ar*
1 Die liill.
An'  I look 1-ni'k
Die ulil time* v, liwi,
Willi  llmtr old cradle tan-gliY tUit-ru, 1 Iwl
11 crowd i>' men,
Yea, forty years havo passed, dear wife,
since you on' l were young;
An', lookln' backward now, they aoem Jtn'
Hki> a song Unit's sung.
Our John waa Jes' a-totldlln' 'round un-
gittin' uvt-rywhvr-j,
with Hull- blua etieok dress-os you made
fer him lo wear,
Do you remember thom, dear wife? Ah,
yea, I know you do
Remember ov'rytinlng lie wore, ifown tu
each stubby .-.hoe.
1 used to love tu havu dim 'round, 'most always in the way,
An' hoggin* me to toss lb lm uphlghoneaeh
loud o' hay.
Uut—forty year;*; an' baby John anlalwart
iinaTi hu:; Brown;
A kind an' true an' l0v.1V one, with children ot his own.
They're Tnlgti-ty CUle, those children ure,
an' smart aa they can he;
'Twos nice In John an' Nell to namo the
twins fer you an' me.
They're kind an' true, are Jtflltl an' Nell,
an' Jes' ua good aa sold;
I only wish Unit all might have audi children when they're old.
Our home in nice an* pleasant; we're never
lu tlm wny.
John always comes fer my advice 'bout gittin' In the hay
An' things like that; an' them again I've
often noticed, too,
Nell's mire to como to you to llnd the way
you used lo do.
Yoa, I'm mindful of our merelcs.an'I try to
he content;
Hut when I think how old I've grown, an'
see how thin, un' bent—
In spile of ull tlml I ean do the shadows
sometimes full
Hur when the clouds an' mlstscome down
an' nather over all-,
I always aeem to we u light ihat shines
from hills afar,
An'  I  git lo lookln' went ward, where the
aunset glories are,
An' when I see Die rod an' gold a-llamln' in
the skk'H,
An'   a-coyerii.'  all  the  heavens with  the
rainbow tints and dy
I  mind   in-* of Ood'a -irombses about Ills
place o' rest.
An' a blessed sense o' comfort comes homo
to my uld lireatft,
Then,  when   ihe sunset glories fade an'
darken Into nfg-ht,
I kiwiw there'll corn*.- a dawnln' soon of
God's eternal light;
An' we H-hall m-e lilt* i!a<,vMii', wife, we're
lookin' o'er the way.        „,
n.i  no.ii.iii  tc. iO tJmerTm on Hla um-n-nn*
We'll know the wondrous Workman Dien;
we'll see i'he Master Hand
That om of Heaven's crucible can form the
sunset Brand
An,' all thc dark an1 gloomy ways shall
open to our ey
Por with His understand!n' wonhall know
Hla my merles.
An' we will not he moumlnf herean'grlev-
ln' Johnian' Nell,
Because we know fer certain tlhat thoy love
the old folks well;
An'  when our eyes are closed, dear wife,
to ev'ry earthly scene,
They'll   keep  the grasses growln', dear,
alitivu us, fresh an* green.
And—there, that's Johua-tximin'!  He's got
the oats all hound
That   new mautvlne beats ev'ry thing the
hull iTtnatloni 'round.
I'll git my Bluff an' help him, fer he always makes lt seem
As If he loved to have me'round toiholpun
hitch Dm team.
-Sheldon   C.   Hteddard, in Country Gen
THERE is a (.-nmmnndment against
coveting, but none against borrowing, whieh i-s practically helping
oneself to -what one covets, and the fur
more serious evil of the two.
But so long us there'is no commandment, or even n civil law to the effect
thut "thou shall neither borrow nor
lend," it should be lhe maxim of every
household and aipnrt ofthe brt-cdingor
every boy iwid girl to respect the property of their neighbor, even if that
neighbor is "only n brother, or sister, n
mother, or 11 father."
There nre so many types of borrowers
nnd some of them are so charming that
It. is rather a (II flic lilt task to lay plnns
for their wholesale undoing. There is
the -,-iil. affectionate, lovable and kind-
hearted, who really regards it ns a good
joke thnt she hns kept a borrowed
article so long that the owner iu turn
borrows it of ber, nud there    is   tli"
beauty who borrows nnythtngshc looks
well in, regardless of the feelings of the
possibly plain owner; there is the
truly generous girl who borrows her
friend's 111 lisle and books, and is so cureless about her own stock that she never
thinks to return those that have been
loaned her. and the girl who Ims unquestionably a lot of common sense,
and who is actually the mainstay of the
family, wbo rejoices because ber
mother, sister nnd herself are all the
same si/e und can wear one another's
Asa rule, it is not so much the family,
who have grown accustomed to their
own bud habit, who feel the Inconvenience as tbe visitor, or ehiuiee
friend, who although she may possess
a sufficient fund of misplaced generosity to lend, cuiinot bring herself to borrow in return, nnd soon suffers from a
sadly depleted wardrobe, Aind even If
borrowed wearing iippnrel is returned,
iis freshness is gone niid Us Individuality too, for the owner tins gotten in th->
way of associating It wiih another person,
A very charming woman, who possessed n conscience nbout borrowing.
and who was compelled fo reside for
.Mime time wilh un otherwise delightful
fnrrtlly, whn were ono mnl nil ntltllctetl
to the borrowing habit, Ims written
mofrt feelingly of her exponlonee there
in, and uf the manner In which one pretty girl was reformed.
"1 really," tu quote her exact *.vord<j
"never saw such a houseful of inisl'ils
in my life, mother andidaughters ull
decked nut in one another's clothes, :t
portion of ettoh wardrobe having been
purchased for some one else. To bi
sure, these charming people (Were ready
in lend me i-v -ything they hnd, but
tinfortuntttely 1 mueh preferred wearing iny ow n clothes, which were almost
Invariably scattered ull over the home.
"if u daughter of the houso was in
my room when a caller waannnouineod,
or when lhe rilnnetMiour wits Imminent,
that daughter picked up lite Ilrst collar
or belt she could Iny her hands on nnd
donned ii ns rendlly as if it were her
own. lt did not Improve tho cnBe that
tin- borrower was quite willing for the
same liberties to be taken wlih her
own belongings, And 1 could not but
perceive Ihnt lhe lnrger purt of thi
family jars occurring in this amiabl
household were traceable to the borrowing habit. Yot they thought that
not to lend nnd borrow freely w
evidence of selfishness and a restriction
upon the privilege and right of relation
ship anil friendship.
"One day, however, I hnd the chance
nf get'tling in a good -word with Kute,
the elder -daughter, which eventually
cured her of the borrowing hubit. An
oxqtiiBlte gown had come home for her:
it hnd been spread nut upon tbe bod.
and the mother nnd family had boon
called in and allowed to look upon Its
beauties. Kate's sweetheart was coming next <lay, nnd this gown was to delight his eyes when she appeared before
him in it. While she was out walking
Die unexpected happened, and her lover
arrived a dny ahead of time. He wont
after hor, met her. and the two walked
home together, nnd, as H wns the din
nor liour, straight on Into the dining
room, expecting In make apologies to
the mother for lack of preparation. In
that dlnling-room whnt sight should
overwhelm Kate, but thai of Maud, her
younger sister, sitting nt the table,
arrayed in all trie glory of Iho new-
gown! Maud's beloved had come nnd
she, 1no, had coveted to appear in new
Mid wonderful apparel. 'You Be*, Kate,
she said apologetically, 'I didn't know
you were expecting Herbert.   I didn't
known! nil whal you had this gown for
—you didn't tell me, And 1 didn't
ihitik you would cure—I thought you
would be glad under the circumstances
for me to take It. Nobody told nii
Herbert wns here. Jack came, nnd I
Inidn'l a thought about anything else.
And everybody—you, too, Kate—has
worn my chillies until they ure pulled
all out ot snapc; innl I cume In licit in
look fnr something to wear, and you
were out, nnd I hnd In take the gown
without consulting ynu. I had no
ilonbi hut it -would be all right.'
'"I believe,' said Kate to me after
dinner, 'your way of not borrowing nor
lending is best—although, at times, I
have thought it wus 11 dreadfully selfish way.'
"Then I found time for the lesson,
'My dear,' said f, 'the spirit which is
back of tho freedom with which you
lend and borrow with each other, is so
luauMfiil that I hardly feel it is for me
to criticise tbis particular form of its
expression, yet indiscriminate borrowing seems to hip communism to ihe
point of lawlessness. A higher expression .would be in carefully respecting
iho rights and property of each other.
And in the point of convenience, it
would have many advantages over your
present custom. Whenever nny of you
wnnl to go nut, there is great confusion
here in matching your gowns with the
trimmings which belong with them;
much time iis Inst, nnd, ns you kmow
yourself, much composure of spirit
Your mother, for instance, who does
more lending nml less borrowing thnn
the rest of you, bus become quito discouraged in her nttempls to go out,
verily, as 1 beliovo, from the difficulties
which lie in the wny nf maiding 11 satis
factory toilet In the time at her command." •
" 'J hndn't thought of it in Hint wny,'
Kate replied, softly. '1 believe that I
see, with ynu lhat the less selfish way is
not to borrow, Hut I do not know how I
shall cense tn lend.'
, '"That will come of itself. If you
cease to borrow ynu will soon cense tn
lend. People who respect themselves
will nnt ask it; people who do not re
spect themselves, yon will llnd courage
to refuse. The question of private,per*
BOnnl   rights,   of  justice, should coiiie
before that of generosity.   There are
times when one shnulil lend, times when
nne should borrow, times when one
Bhould give; times, when in mir own
Interest and In the Interest of others,
one Should do none of these things.
Wo should neither give nor lend becnuse others think we Bhould, but only
lis our own will mnl wisdom direct."
Another Woman, who is an nuthority
on these tittle things In life which mute
people agreeable to nne another, said
recently to the writer: "I should always rather give my things thnn lend
them. 1 l*,ive ti friend who is a dear,
charming woman, but whose visits  I
dread. She carries away nrmftlls of
honks, anil when she brings them back
they are worn nnd badly used—authors whom I handle with love and
Every person who borrows freely
runs the risk of making himself or herself n nuisance to thc friends who love
tliom; overy person who lends freely
runs the risk of having previous treasures abused by careless hands nnd
of entertaining Ul thoughts in consequence. Lend liberally, give liberally.
In response to acttinl noed and in accordance with your judgment and eon-
science, but do not abuse the liij-l* privilege of giving nnd lending by using It
heedlessly, And hy nn means borrow
heedlessly, remembering that there is
a law in nature which makes us pay for
everything wo got to thc uttermost
farthing.—Demo vest's Magazine,
-Last yenr wns unusually fatal to
United States pensioners; .1i,ucn of
them died.
Corner linker street J.
ami llniiHtiu avenue tjfo
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Sunlight te good  for everything bnt
Awny with hangings, either above or
below the bed,
Du uut fail to provide some means for
ventilation during the night.
Beware or a dusty, musty carpat; bot*
ter sweetness mnl a bare floor.
Keen the heud cool while sleeping, hut
uul by a drnft ot cold sir falling upon it.
If ii foliliut; bed must In: used contrive
tome way to keep It aired nml wholesome.
Let the pillow lio high enough to living
tlie lieuil In 11 natural position] no mum
ui less,
A dark, out of tha wny, unwholesome
COruer Is no more titled for u (deeping
loom tlmn for 11 parlor.
Thoroughly   nir   tho   sleeping   room
every dny; placo tllQ beds iiml bedding
outsfuo us often as possible.
The coolest thing lu tlm wny of trust*)
Is a eonibluatlon which takos In nil the
ley Imsiness in til stales.-- ('Union Age,
'1'ln' grocers who are organising n whisky eompany to corauota with tho whl»ky
trust proposo lo light thu trust devil with
tire ivnter.—St, Louis Post-Dlspatcti.
Ten HtlltOB are said (o he in llie grip of
a liiigu leo trust. It U possible to ha
"froze In" all the year roil lid in these
dnys or lee combines.—Boston Globe,
Now the New Jersey supreme eourl hus
rendered n decision in favor of a trust,
whlew may bo culled it new method of
protecting homo industries. — Tiieumq
Thu solution or Um trust qnesiloo
Would lie grent ly Blmplllled if iliti other
41 Hnles in  the  Union could devise no
effective quni-niiline ngulust New Jersey.
Minimi'* Liniment Cures Burns, etc.
Huw a Drunken   Hnabnnil Wai Made a
Suliei- Mitn  by » l>t>tevillineil Wife.
She writes:—"I had for a loug time
beeu thinking of try iut? the Samaria
Prescription treatment ou my husband
for his drinking habits, but I waa
afraid he would discover that I was
giving him medicine und the thought
unnerved me. I hesitated for nearly a
week, but one day when he came home
very much intoxicated aud his week's
salary nearly aU spent, I threw off all
four uml dt'termiued to make au effort
to save our home from thu ruin I saw
comiuf*, at all hazards. I sent for yonr
Samaria Prescription and put it iu his
coffee ns directed next moruiug and
watched and prayed for thc result. At
noon I gave him more and also at sup*
per. He never suspected a thing, aud
I theu boldly kept right ou giving it
regularly as I had discovered something
that set every uervo in my body tingling with hope and huppiness, aud I
could see a bright future spread out before me—a peaceful, happy home, a
shave m the good things of life, au at
tent ive. loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to n woman's
heart, for my husband had told me that
whiskey was vile stuff and he wus taking a dislike to it. It was only too
true, for before I had given him the
fnll course lie had stopped drinking altogether, bnt I kept giving tbe medioiue till it was gone, aud then seut for
another lot to have on hand if he
Bhould relapse, as he had done from his
promises liefore. He never has, and I
am writing yon this letter to tell you
how thankful I am. I honestly believe
it will cure tho worst cases."
We will send our pamphlet free, giving testimonials and all full information with directions how to take or administer Samaria Prescription . Correspondence considered sacredly confidential. Address The Saiunria Remedy
Oot, Jordan street, Toronto, Out.
li-ii ii" oqnnl lor-ore nlnnililera
(wyswntinKorofQroenwiy rami
i A Clever Little nog.
A curious Illustration of cnnliie* Intel-
Itgenee—nnd its 11 in I iut Ions—was oh-
BuTVod liy ii writer iu The Outlook a
few days ngo. Pftsslug down a street
hu saw a line Airedale lerrler lying
down nnd with both foropuwa and
tnumsletl nose scriibl-inj: the surfnee Of
nu Iimi grating with n bone, ns If to
bring it to n high slate of polish. The
owner snw ami explained. Tbe muting Is Just over n ivlliir III which the
terrier aloeprf. Ills nuinjHO prevents
hlin from' iittiieKliig liduc's to iidviui-
tttgu by dny, bo lie brings ilia bones of
bis llnd Ing to thu grating, boplug to
push thein through and gnaw luxuriously wben un muzzled nt night. Hut
llie Utile elmp had but the vaguest
Ideas of the |llO limits of the grating,
nud, ns the ordinary sizes or bones go,
he must have had at least two failures
to ovory success. Yet, with real terrier Ingenuity, UO Untied even his fall-
lire lo account, for after vigorously
trying every hole lu the grating he
would t-uletly stop, lick the entire
grating clean of the grease ntul meat
juice rubbed oil the bone, then rub off
nuother Inyer nml repent the licking.
M(mini's i.iuimeiu Uei lev pn Neuralgia
A Practical JoZtm.
A busiuess man from Baltimore
found himself In a peculiar predicament one day, says the New York
Press. He visits New York about once
a, mouth. He sleeps with his glass eye
In a tumbler, aud there a frleud found
It oue moruiug. The sight suggested
a practical joke—put the eye iu Mr. X.'s
overcoat pocket. Done! W ben the
friend departed, being short of money
for the moment, he pawued his own
overcoat for $10. In the afteruoou
there came an urgeut telegram to Mr.
X., who had been unable to leave his
room ou account of the missing eye
and whose frame of mind was all distorted and warped. The friend frankly coufesied:
"bill, I ineuut It ouly as a simple
Joke. You will find your eyo lu your
overcoat pocket." But It was not there.
"It must be, becnuse I put it there
myself," »rged the Joker. The coat was
held up tiy thu tall and shaken.
"Hy thunder! I wonder If I could
have put it In my own coat?"
"Where's your coat?"
"I've pawned It. I didn't want to
borrow and needed a tew dollars."
"How much Is It n tor?"
"Ten dollars."
Mr. X. produced $10 und the cout was
redeemed. Tho eye was lu tho Inside
pocket He carefully washed It, slipped it Into place and walked out after
11! hours of solitary coutluemeiit.
Odd Thln-ci lm Whlibr HUklng.
"Thero are lota of queer things about
the whisky business," said an export
the other night, "and one of the queerest Is the peculiar qualltr that a distillery, for no apparent cause, will lend
to Its output The tblug baa never
been explalued, but nevertheless, It'*
to undeniable fact I knew a distiller
who sold his old plant aud moved to a
more desirable locality, where he tried
to put up an exact duplicate. He even
went so far as to Biuash a couple of
windows that happened to be broken
in the old establishment but It was
no go; he couldn't make the same kiud
of whisky to save his soul.
"This samo difficulty has destroyed
tbe usefulness of mauy a valuable
brand. Another singular phenomenon
is the Impossibility of making a good
Bourbon whisky east of Kentucky as
a good rye west of the Allegbanies.
I speak In broad terms. Apparently
the feat has been accomplished
a few times, but Investigation
bas alwaye developed tbe fact thnt
the makers of seaboard Bourbon were
of blue grass origin and the chaps who
succeeded In turning out an Inland
rye were aliens from the east A real
Kentucky colonel will not touch rye.
He considers It almost os deleterious
as water,"—New Orleans Times-Democrat
A Sititrtlnii Phrase.
"Johnson has quit playing poker, I
"Yes; he snid his wife cried about It
bo thai he gtive It up"
"Ah! I sec. ililinc called on account
of raiu."
I<* or elm tilled.
'*1 dou't see what wo want with al!
those little Islands," snid one German
"You just willt," answered the other.
"Possibly there will be nu cnrthqimko
une of these dnys which will push
dome territory to ihe surface that Is
really worth building a towu on."—
Washington Stnr.	
Ml nurd's Mniment fot Haleeverywhere
Almost Got Its Rant,
Communication had been established
at last with Mara. The man at tbe Interplanetary telephone called out:
"Hello!" came tbe answer back.
"Am 1 speaking to Mars?"
"To whom!" ,
"Try again. I don't understand you.
Stand a little farther away from the
'phone, please,"
"I say—bear me any better uow?"
"Is this Mars?"
"Mars—fourth planet ln order of distance from the suu—Mercury, Venus,
Knrth-thls Is the Earth—Mars. That's
you, you know."
"No, Blr. You are away off. You
haven't got tho names of any of them
right This is the fourth planet from
the sun, but Its name is not Mars, lt
(liut the world is not ripe for this
knowledge yet.)
1.1-KktnlBc Roda.
There was n time when every house
bud a lightning rod. It was believed
thnt every good mini thus protected
his wife uud children and bis home.
It Is uow known there Is uotblug In
the lightning rod theory; a lightning
rod Is no protection against lightning,
and there was never nny danger from
lightning, anyhow.
ltut a lot of other fool theories are
atlll accepted. If we have at last acquired a littlo Bcuse lu the lightning
roil particular, why uot iu other respects? Why continue to accept other
silly notions? Why advertise ourselves as fools by accepting thy prejudices of fools?—Atchison Globe.
Aa Irrllrttltitj Phrase,
"Are you seriously 111?" asked tbe
well meaning friend.
"Oh, uo," answered tbe dyspeptic
wl(h n jarring, sarcastic laugh. "I
hurt all over and dou't care whether
the suu rises tomorrow or not Uut
I'm not seriously 111. I'm Jocosely,
flippantly aud farcically 111. I'm going
through all tlie symptoms, but I don't
menu ouu of tbem."—Washington
One Eieeptlon.
"1 am reduced from alHuenco to beggary!" be faltered.
In as few words as possible she
broke their engagement
"1 wish to show," she observed
haughtily, "that women, contrary to
general report do not necessarily care
for things Just because lhey are reduced!"—Detroit Journal.
Natarallr I*.
The Albino—The ossified girl la altogether too proud.
The India Rubber Man—Yes. I never
aaw anybody as stiff with her friends
as she is.—Kansas City Independent
On life's highway everybody Is not
only willing but anxious to take the
rich man's duBt—Little Kalis Herald.
frog's skin, though one of tbe thinnest, Is also one of the toughest leathers tanned.
■vldentlr t'onseleatloas.
"That typewriter girl told mo frank*
ly she waa afraid of work aud didn't
like long hours."
"Did you take her T
"Yes; I knew sho would come early,
bustle and get through."—Chicago Record,
Em Business.
"How's tho treasury?" asked one
Spanish official.
"Protty low," answered tho other.
"Well, get on your hat aud«out nnd
ask tho powers If they dou't want
some   nice,   warm   lslauds  today."—
Don't Waste
Your Money on
Catarrh Cures.
mid l< tha
The proprietor**, of Japanese OstarrhCnrj »■"<-■
dailv rwHivinu iimnj letters of mtltnde from
lhdi'iitiirrli;iitiiiinl In ull purls "f Ci-.nt.dn.
I nn ini* '
ovor ilu
tree dun-nod fret
ipereeiil.uf ih-- casest
even tho-mialltooiple lu
titan many dollars' wnr
Jii-iiineM-t'illiinli I'uri' It
MTiptinn perfected hy
study hy tme ot Amei
specialists in treating i
■ ni- prepared from at
Iodine ami 'Essential -
iiiiturul beat of iin* bod)
tarrlml ihwfuess,
•.old liy till il!~**gglsUi
... mi-try   Wfl  (
■ sample boxes,
Ix-iieople Ml
is dono tbem m
ami in
i* thai
m good
(■Mult  uf a   lire-
ut ekperimenul
mott ■uoceasful
Dot   The-r   Were   Nut    tha   Klud   He
Smukeil lllmaelf.
"Speaking of cigars*" Bald n New Or*
tonus lawyer to some frieailn at lhe tobacconist's on the corner. "I'll tell you
a little story whieh is uot without u
morn I.
"One or my dents in uu old planter up
the river, mul on several iiiU'erent occasions 1 have fouml it nocessfiry to
visit him nt his home. Thu old tnun te n
great smoker, ami 1ms always Insisted
un my accepting eomQ uf hte cigars,
whieh were peculiarly villainous, After
my lit'.-! experience witli ihem I took the
precaution, when I paid him a visit, of
lurrying a few choice lluviiiuis for my
private consumption nnd 11 lew of an
entirely different brand to present to my
Ims!. [ M-lri iiul ns nearly us possible
the kind he luul given me, unit don't
think I missed it very fur, although 1
must confess I never saw liim smoke
them. 'I believe 1 would prefer iny
own,' he would sny, and put them in his
"Well, a few dnys ago 1 learned accidentally tlmt It wns his birthday, nml
not being able to think of anything else,
concluded to send him a box of cigars.
'I'll strike his taste this time,* I suid to
myself, nud stepping iuto a store neiir
ray oflice I told the proprietor to give me
a box ot the strongest and rankest 5
centers he hnd in -stock. 'I wnnt them
for old Major So-nnd-so,' I said, 'to send
as a little birthday present.' 'Then
you'd belter change your order,' replied
the tobacconist. 'The major hus bought
bis cigars here for years and Im thoroughly familiar with his favorites.' 'But
I know exactly whnt he smokes,' I protested; 'in fuet I have one or two now.'
'You may know whut he gives nwny,'
saiil the denier, smiling, 'hut 1 enn assure you he smokes none but the best
himself.' I bought n box of beautiful
Cuban weeds und wrote the major a
note,-suggesting thnt we stop fooling
eneli other. I suppose his opinion of my
taste wns identical of my opinion of his,
ami both were bused on exactly the same
evidence."—New Orleans Times-Democrat. 	
Ia ths Year SOftO.
It wus 11 very different meal from a
Victorian breakfast. The rude masses
of bread needing to be carved aud
smeared over with animal fat before
tbey could be made pulutuble. tbe sill)
recognisable fragments of recently
killed animals, hideously charred imd
hacked, the eggs toru ruthlessly from
beneath some protesting ben—such
things us these, though they constituted the ordinary tare of Victorian times.
would have awakened only horror and
disgust in the rettnod minds of tbe people of these latter days
I nut etui were [wistes uml cakes of
agreeable uml vurleguied dcslgii, with
out auy suggestion iu color ur form of
the uufurtuuate unimuls irom whieb
their substance uu.l Juki** were derived lhey iippi-ntvd on Utile dishes
Blldluguut upon ii 111II riuinn little box
BI cue Hide   if  Ihe table
Tin* Hiif-nv ol ihe table, 10 Judge by
touch ami eye, would liuveappeared to
11 inn
1 Ih'
■• tie  Could  Not   Sympathise With
the Victim uf Hard Lack.
"Are you the editor?" lie suld ns ho
walked solemnly hut fearlessly into the
bu net um sanctorum without snylng good
morning or observing uny other of thu
usual amenities.
"I nm," responded the editor pretty
much us if ho were N. Bonaparte cross-
lug the Alps.
"Well, they told me down stairs you
wns the man 1 wauted to see."
"If it is the editor you want, I'm the
mnn.   Whnt is it you will have?"
'i'he visitor sat down.
"Pid you ever think you loved a woman
harder than n mule can kick?" lie iu*
quired in a maimer which indicated that
the editor wouldn't hesitate to answer.
"Well," said the editor smiling, "1
don't kuow tlmt '.t is auy of your business."
"Of courso It ain't," the visitor responded i-uite unrutlled. "But you must
have. Yoa look like n man thnt Imd the
right feelings iu hint. I guess every limn
bus, that is any kind of a man nt nil,
don'l you?"
The visitor's manner wns irresistible.
"Granted that 1 hnve." suid the editor,
"whut has that got to do with what you
tre here for'.'"
"Did you ever marry n wldder with
'leven children?" continued the visitor
without explanation.
"1 never did," said the editor heartily.
"Don't know nothin about that sort of
thing, do yoa?" *
"Nothing whatever."
The visitor rose to go.
"Them people dowu stuirs wns utis-
taken." lie said briefly.
"Whut do you mean?" Inquired the
puzzled editor.
"They suid I wanted to see the editor."
"Well, don't you?"
"No, sir. I'm lookln for the mun that's
got a feller feeliu mul ean sympathize
with me. Vou dou't know lhe fust principles, Good moruin," nud ho walked
Out witli ns little ceremony ns he had
como in.
mk, but this
let til lie mu
"1  insiaiiil
hundreds of
tallies   in   llie  hall,  uml
in were ul her Inner day 1
1   in   lu   groups     And   hh
ed himself In-fore his olo*
1   ih.-   Invisible   orchestra,
beeu resting during nu hi-
 I uud tilled lhe ulr wilh
1 Mull Magazine.
un ii-ai fresh or old w »i*in
llllil "I' Ui'iist     ll Iim ilu t-'iul
Han Wants IjuI  l.lllle.
"My poor mnn, take a little of this
pie—me own make—I'm sure It will digest."
"It molght, lndy, but If It's all the
en mo ter you, let me die-jest 'ere wid-
out It."—Ally Sloper.
KYi.S.—• Among the many good qualities
whioh Parmelee's Vegetable PdU possess, he.-ltles regulating t e dlgostlvu
urgaus, is their eflloaoy in reducing Inflammation of ihu eyes It has called
fort 1 nnny letters of recommendation
from tnoae who were atlllotod with this
complaint and found a cure In the pills.
They affect the nerve centers and the
blood in a surprisingly active way, and
the result is almost liumudlutely m-i-ii.
At Her Second Wedding-.
"And so sbe poisoned her husband!
Ab, how could she do It? She Ib bo
sweet looking and so beautiful."
"That's Just the reason. She knew
she would have a cinch with the Jury."
-Chicago Times-Herald.
Illdn't Care Fnr the Slock,
When Tom Johnson, son nf Hcrschcl
V. Johnson of Georgia, was collector of
customs at Savannah, nn acquaintance
called one morning 10 ask Iris opinion on
(Vnimi railroad stock.
"Why do yon wnnt to know?" snid
Tom. "Got nny of it?"
"Yes, 1 hnve, nnd I'd like to know
whether It's worth holding on to or uot.
Whnt's your honest opinion?"
"See Unit old colored mammy sit linn
out there on the sidewalk with lier little
stock of goobers uud chestnuts? She's
blind. This moruiug I passed her, nnd
she held out her huml for something, nnd
ns I wus feeling sorter blue 1 gnvo her a
piece of paper I happened to huve lu my
lingers. She crumbled it ap, end, discovering it wasn't n hank note, snid, 'Mars
Johnson, whnt Is dis yo's gibln de ole
mummy?' I told her It wns 100 shares of
Gcoi'ghl Central railroad stock, mid she
hnuded it bnck, snylng, 'Mars Johnson,
dis ain't no time fo' jokiu; please, sail,
take dis bnck uml gluune a nickel.' "—At-
lanla Constitution.
lie Whn Muni ne Obeyed.
"But iii'M-i* you luid knocked down tbe
two Or three policemen who had cornered you, aud could hnve escaped by
running form the flat you were trylug
to roh," Inquired the magistrate, bent
on getting at the facts In the case,
"how did It happen that you surrendered ho tamely to this undersized ofllcer lu citizen's clothes?"
"I thought he was tho janitor," snid
the captured burglar.-Cblcago Tribune.        _______
An Oppurtnnll-r Necleeled.
"Goodness! i wish 1 bud gono to
"Why, Henry?"
"Woll, here's Dowoy going to get n
present of 92110,000, nnd I have to
scramble like mad for street car fare,'
—Detroit Free Press,
He Dleadvantage,
"I don't value success in life as highly as 1 used to."
"Why uot?"
"After people have won fame they
have nothing to look forward to."—
Chicago Record.	
A face covered with pimples Is unsightly.
It tliu of intei'iinl liregului-ltles which
should long since have bet 11 corrected.
The liver und tho kidneys are not performing thoir functions In thu healthy
way thi'y should, and theso pimples ure
to let vou know that the blood protests.
Pannelee'i V. go table Pills will drive
thom all away, and will leave the skin
olear and cleau. Try them, and there will
he another witness to their cxcellenod.
A Little Bit of Salt.
Every child ueeds a little bit of salt,
and lu almost every food It Is well to
put some, not only for tho taste, but
for its value in digesting the food. It
Is u notable fact that all animals welcome salt occasionally, and, like human beings, pine when there Is a lack
of it. lu Holland, some generations
ago, it Is said to have been the custom
to punish criminals by allowing no
food but bread without salt. The con-
sequence was the blood became depraved, they became Infested with
wo rum and died miserably. Blood
contains a large percentage of salt, uud
no one can be healthy without it An
experienced physician hns stated that
if ti strong .solution of salt nud water
be Injected into the veins of a person
dying with cholera lhe patient will be
lo used from his stupor, nud occasion
ally ll bus led to recovery.—Ledger
Should take witb them a supply
of Dr. Fowler's Ext. of
Wild Strawberry.
Those who Intend
going camping this
summer should take
With them Dr. Fowler's
Extraclof Wild Strawberry.
Getting wet, catching cold, drinking water lhat is not nlways
pure, or eat ing Iood lhat
disagrees, amy bring
.011 an attack of Colic,
Cramps and Diarrhoea.
Prompt treatment
with Dr. Fowler's
Strawberry in such
'cases relieves the pain,
[checks the diarrhoea
and    prevents   serious
•oaajiConsequences. Don't
^■jv^'take chances of spoil-
—*■—**iii)** a whole summer's
outing through neglect of putting a bottle
ot this great dlarrhcsn doctor In wilh your
Supplies. But .see ihat il's the genutni
Dr. Fowler's Extraci of Wild Strawberry
as most of the Imitations arc highly dan
Very ift A%ndj <&i/ Af7t^^7ucc^:
TU* White M:iu In tlm Tiopiei.
The attempt to acclimatise rhe white
muu in the tropica must he recognised
to be a blunder of the tirst magnitude.
All experiments bused upon the Idea
nre mere Idle and empty enterprises,
foredoomed to failure. Excepting only
the deportation of the African races
under the situation of slavery, probabty
im other idea which 1ms held the mlml
of our civilisation during the hist three
hundred years Ins led to m mueh physical nnd moral suffering and degradation or litis strewn the world wilh the
un-.!-,* of so many gigantic enterprises*
In the troiiles n white man lives uml
works under water, Alike in H morul,
lu an ethical aud in a |iollUcnl sense,
the atmosphere he breathes must he
that of another region than thai which
produced hlm nn.l u, whi.h he belongs.
Neither physically, morally nor pulitl
enlly enn lie lie itecllmntli'.ed in the Lro
pink—Benjamin s. KUhl.
Tlie He-it Family Liniment Known.
Grlfllths' Menthol Liniment Is tho
greatest pain reliever of thu present day.
It rootl.es the painful purls thu minute
applhil, and is u complete modicum ohest
lu Itself I'so it for .Scald?-, Burns,
Bruises, Sure Throv, Cult! on the Chest,
and all forms uf swelling and lntlnnima-
thui.   All drugglstx, '-'-> cents,
■avlna" n Druivnliia; Mnn.
Magistrate--You are accused of
striking a drowning muu a fatal blow
with a hummer.
PrlBoner—01 was trylu to save his
loife, y'r honor. Sure didn't Ul sehwlui
out to help hlm?
"Hul you took n hammer along am)
killed htm with It."
"Yls, sor. If ye don't kill 'om they'll
grab ye Ivery totme, y'r honor."—.Exchange.
0. 0. RICHARDSON & 00.
Dear Sir.-*,—-I have great faith iu
MINAHD'S LINIMENT, iw last year
I cured a horse of itiug-lioue, wi'li live
It blistered the horse hut in u mouth
there wus no ring bone uud uo lameness. DANIEL MUKUHISON.
Four Falls, N.B.
Cure of Ganoer.
Some t welve years
ago Mrs, Elizabeth
Oilhula, wife of tba
poalmaster of Bun-
ton, Ont., was taken
ill wlih an obscure
stomach trouble
which ber physU
cians pronounced
cancer of the stomach and Informed
her that her tease ol
lite would be short,
MRS. OILHULA. 0n the advice of
friends she commenced taking Burdock
Blood Bitters. The results that followed
wero little short of marvellous. Her
strength and vigor returned and in a short
time she was completely cured. Mrs,
Oilhula is to-day In the full enjoyment ol
good health, and In all these ye**,rs there has
not been the slightest return of llie trouble.
Here is the letter Mrs. Gilhula wrote at
the time of her cure:
" Abri.-t four years ago I was taken sick
with stomach trouble and consulted several
of the leading physicians here, all of whom
pronounced tne disease to be cancer of the
stomach of an incurable nature, and told
mo that it was hardly to be expected that
I could live long. Afterward the two doctors
who were attending me gave me up to die.
" By the advice of some of my friendi,
who knew of the virtues of Burdock Blood
Bitters, I was Induced to try It, and I am
now happy to say that after using part ol
the first bottle I felt so much better I was
able to get up. I am thankful to state that
I am completely cured ofthe disease by tha
use of B.B.B., although it had baffled the
doctors for a long time. I am firmly convinced that Burdock Blood Bitters saved
my life."
Here it the letter received f ram her a short
time ago,
" I am still in good health. 'I thank
Burdock Blood Bitlem for saving my life
twelve years ago, and highly recommend
it to other sufferers from atnnmch troubles
of any klud."        Emzabkth Oilhula.
Tbe Department l.nbj rlmh.
"Where are you going to spend your
vacutlou?" called tho girl ut the safety
plu counter to the charmer at the soil
ed ribbon table.
"I guess I'll take It out in traveling."
"Where nre you going to travel?"
"Well, I'm golug to visit every department In this store If it takes me a
whole week to do it.  Ych'ui; what size,
please'/"—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
I Must have the
cenainc, The
imitations look
very nice, but they
hurt my delicate SKIN •
Tin AutATToiurSfl*** Cov. C
W. N\ D.   888
i.Kvr vou 1-OItGKT, 1  in.-ii we buy
Buttor, Cheeso and Fnali gggt for export that
we handle Gas iim- Bnglnaaand Horse Powers
mnl tlmt otir ■•AIi'MiiiiIi-h" .mil -M.-iniit,"
Orcnin Separators are Ihe best [n the world,
Corrutpon-jjuoe mUelted.
ft. &Av*&;Z<
Importeri of Groceries !'•??•* S'-S??**'**".
_, ., „ i..s.Jt 11.Bxtraeti
Willis lis. ii>uniii-jii,n-it. 1..S.A aspleee
llltlTANMA,   lil'WI.It   unit   HllFAI.O
are tlie lliient    wi-j packed.   Put
I111ll111u.il Ceylon   I LAS up by
i:i*i Hi '-i   f'nml   At til*
TIhim! Wil om N«'trt
-ementa   llepr.
Sung "vri' I ni
Where Cnetom PsHla,
ln Paraguay a gentleman is eujulned
hy the taws of gooO society to kiss every
huh* tu whom lie is Illtl'oJlKi'd. Thin
sounds alluring unless yuu happen tu
nave met a ludy iu htriiguuy.—Iloston
It may be only a triMng cold, but neglect It aud It will fasten its fangs In yuur
lungs, and you will snoti be eurrled to an
untimely grave, lu this country we nave
sudden changes and must expect tu have
raagbs and colds. Wu cannot avoid them
but we can effect a euro by using Sickle's
Autl-Uotisumptive Syrup, the mediolno
that has never been known to fall In curing coughs, colds, bronchitis and all
affections of (be throat, lungs and chest.
Tlie I'lt-r of It.
Ethel—How harmonious the color cf
everything iu this church 1st
Margaret—Yes, excepting the sexton,
Why doesn't he wear stained glasses?
-Harlem Life.
Doiiiiiful Aiinui the Met hnd.
II Is hardly fioKKllile to out the trustl
to death tit a hunt-net.— Memphis Coin
Uiei'clul Appeal
"It was wonderful to seo tbat young
American   lndy   'leading   the   mob,'"
said one Tarlslan.
"What was wonderful about It?"
"Why, the fact that we could understand her French."-Washington Star.
Records of Tito Old Families.
"Your grandfather used to saw wood
for my grandfather."
"Yes; I've heard hlin tell how your
grandfather bent bim down ou ids
price and a half the time didn't pay
hiin."—Chicago Record.
Not m Hero it era em he red.
"I used to think Burgess had considerable patriotism, but I was mistaken.
There's a mnn who is not to be l rusted
He tins no real love for his country."
"What makes you think ttuitV"
"Hasn't he gone and named his trip
lets Henry, Albert nnd Francis'/"—I'M
cago Times-Herald.
Father—What Is ihe meaulng of that
black eye, my sou?
Johnny—Oh, that's merely a mark of
esteem, father,
Father—How ro?
Johnny—I estcetned myself u bolter
boxer  than Tommy  Jones.-Chicago
Miiiard's Liniment Cures liaodruff.
"Next to tlio iirt of living justly nnd
klntlly with onr fellows nomas the art of
main Gaining n life of happiness and Iran*
nullity,'- writes Rev. Hr. Newell Dwlght
mills, of "ihePoorefcsof u Happy Mfe."
lu Tho liadtos1 Homu Journal. "For the
sou]  wns made tor joy and good  cheer.
Life is a school; Inuor   nnd   sorrow,   vi. ■
tory and defeat toll together as teachers,
hut bapplnosa is life's aim ami praduat-
Ing point, Ni'.u to thu duty of self-donla]
comes the duty of delight. Whal ripeness
i.s to an orange, what song is to the lurk,
whnt oolturu and refinement are to the
Intellect, that happiness Is to rln- soul.
As vulgarity and lunomneu betoken a
ttogleotod mind, 10 unhapplness and
mlsory proclaim the neglected heart
The normal nature will keep strong and
fredi Mn- chords thnt vibrate joy. Depression und worry take ihf nerve ont Qf
man's nnu. take iho keen edge from bis
mlml. roh life of its victory. Fur unhap-
plnaas wins no battles, -.-loom Invents no
tool, wretchednusa writes no drama.
Knrth's gnat achievements represent
tiiosa whose hearts sang over tlm tasks.
To nu-Pt storm with nalm, defeat with
faith, Ingratitude with charity, is not an
ea*v thing Nothing requires -jj much
wl«lo.n. prncthwnml skill m learning
hew in Hva habitually nbove the dis*
temj-ornturi-s of life*"
THE UK is NOTnmoredangerousolass
of disorders tlnn those widen affect ihe
breathing organs. Nullify Hits danger
wi ti Hr. I'nomas* ISidect-Ma OU—a pui-
monlo of acknowledged tflloaey. It ojivs
lameness and sorenejs when applied et-
ternnlly, as well na swell-il neck and
crick In the back; and, a- an inward sj-e-
clllc, possesses mo-it substant ai claima to
public confidence.
Whittier Color mi ait.
Mr. Whitney greatly surprised uie hy
confessing thai he wns ■■i;i;>- inlur blind
(If exempli lied his timdilioii hy wi ii ._•
llm! if I eame in Amesburj I should l-e
HcnudatlXed hy one of his rnriwl* it
appeared llial lie wns never |n>nitittcd by
lhe gtiai-ilhiu nudiless uf hia henrth tu go
"shopping" fui himself, bill Ihnl once, being In KoHloli nud need lui* a inijiit. lie
bud ventured lo go to 11 store nud buy
what lie ihnUglll In he 11 verj nice, quiet
article, precisely Bulled In ndnrn a Quaker bmmi. When It arrived -,- Anicsbury,
there wus n uiilvi-huil sin-ui nf horror, for
what had struck Mr. Whiitit-r ns n particularly soft coinhlnntlnn of browns nnd
grays proved to honhnl eyes to he n loud
pattern of bright red ruses on n Held of
the erinh'st cahhagu green When he hnd
told me this, ii wns Ihen easy lu ntiwrre
Unit the fullm-ss mid brilliancy of his
wonderful eyes hnd suineihlng which wns
not entirely nor uut I aboul ihem.—tlusse
in Bookman.'	
Theie never was, and never will lie, a
univiT.-.tl panacea, In one remedy, for all
ills to which flesh Is heir—the very nature
ot many curatives being such   that  were
the germs of other and differently  seated
diseases routed in tbe system  of  tho pa-1
tlont— what would relieve one HI in tnrn
would nggmvute the other.     We  hnve, j
however, tn Quinine Wine, whon obtainable In a Round,   unadulterated  state,   a
remedy for many and grievous Ills. Hy Its 1
gradual and judicious use the frailest riys-1
terns   are   led   Into    convali-t-cence    and
strength bv the Influence which   Quinine
exerts on Nature's own   restor^ativiis,   It
relieves the drooping spirits of those with 1
whom a chmntc state of inorhtd despond- I
cnuy and lack of interest In life  Is a dis- |
ease, and, hy   tniin-iiili/ing   the  nerves,
disposes to sound and  refreshing sleep— j
imparts vigor to the action of tho hlood,
Which, being stimulated, courses through- 1
out the veins, strengthening the healthy ;
animal functions ot tbe  system,   thereby}
making   activity   a    necessary    result,
Urengtnenlng tho frame, and giving life
to the digestive organs,   which   naturally)
demand Increased substance—result,   lm-
proved appetite. Northrop and Lyman, of
Toronto, have given to thu   publio  their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual yto,
and, gauged by the opinion of  scientist!*,
this wine approauhes nenrost perfection
of any In the market.    All druggists sell
" What's in n hum ."   A rose by any
other name would smell as sweet"
Tiint means ■ -pianuitee of riKirv
Isevarywltare in in
It U m ninth
ml ry.   Unci- u*ed
1 favorite.
TRY    IT.
for the pR|NTER
iyi/Q Mai. lv_t)... MMr»t*l Urn
1 of Anil & Wiborg.
The litest and best.
New*. Miscellany,
S-nals, etc.   Best ia
the world.
Cast by the "Gat-
civ plant of   the
kind in Canada.
Of all makes and
kinds—new and se-
coad hand.
Unequalled by any other la
Canada, in matter, paper and
All Kinds for Printers
175   OWEN   STREET,
Head Ofllce:   Toronto.
:    Pacific Coast Braneht  (20 Cordera
j Street, Vancouver.
; ♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Curr111 ra,   -»»■.'■•!■■.   Ilarn>w-i, Wltiduiina;
*e.   COCKSHVTT FLOW CO., Winnipeg.
 '!■.. ! -■■..   . ■****-----*e--gr»
Ttic Hornet'* I liiirKt.
Mr. Ilorvy Laney. in Tlio Sclotlfic
Amorlcan, doscrlhos the way hornets df-
fcml their bomes. There la nlwayd a
sentinel on wutch ut tlie entrance, und
when 11 stone is thrown nt the host "tlie
limn) tlmt threw it hus been marked ua
sure os the sun shines, and before the ut-
tacking party can possibly turn the heud
In? will feci a stunning btow in tlio forehead innl possibly tirnji to tlie earth with
pftln, fur tin,- liornet Hies with snch velocity tlml the human body in nut swlfl
enough in movement to get uut uf the
In making such a charge, .Mr. Lnnoy
says, the hornet Hies "with bead umi lull
together*," and the Sting Is driven deep,
lint if Ihe buy gets behind u tree or
bush and throws from shelter he is likely t<> escape, been use the hornet scums
to possess tittle power of locnlfng the
enemy bj sight. When lhe delivery of
11 Moiie   is   foi lu will   hy   a   successful
•I.:n;'r.   Mr.   Ul10)   Hlilll.H,   it   is  h-fUIIKil
Llm   In-met    possi I    "llie   fnenlty   of
marking   Uu-   direction   of   u   inlssllo
thrown ut tbo m-.t."
He knows,
His patron knows,
and, everybody   knows
that this can contains
the  purest,  best, and
most  delicious   Coffee
that expert buyers can
procure.   It's
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
that's the reason. The Pay Roll
Of Cranbrook, British Columbia.
The first block of 100,000 shares has been sold for 5 cents
and the price is now 10 cents till further notice.
The St. Marys Gold Mining & Milling company, with
properties on St. Marys Prairie, will be the next. j» Look Out
For It.
McVittie & Hutchison,
Manager Canadian Bank Commerce,
Finest Bftlll  Rooms in  Kn3t Kootenny
Don't (let Bald
Try His Dandruff Cure.   It Cures.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public.
ni Teaming
Wood and   Ice  For Sale
Crailbrook. Drlttsli Columbia
Malls r*r despatch ure closed as folio wu
Km-  i-'iHl.'in   points at  •y-.'M n. in.,  Tut"»itu>'s,
I'lim-.ii.tV'iaiiii Saiunliiys,
I'm- nficrii iiniiits at -1:3(1 p. m., Mondays,
Wi'iliiositiiyMvnii T'liilays,
For St. KlU-GllO Mhslini at 10 a. til.. Siilur.lii>s
Minlsiirrl-.lnii.it Hits iilllf-ari! itno iis fOllUWH'
Frm sti-in (mints at f--::u *■, in., aoiiil::ys,
Wi'iliii'tihivs anil l-'rliltiy-*.
l'r,iin wi'stt'i'ii -mints at h::ki a. in., Tuesdays,
'llmrsilaysaml Saturdays.
I'm it m. i:ii;"iif Ml-siin ul io ii. in., satiinluy-t.
It. IC. Ill-Ami'', V. M.
l-nitotllcniitrrnnhniuli, tt. c, June 22,1809,
I.O.O.F.   Key City Lodge
No, vi. Meets overy tfii
dny ntffbt a- Iheir trnil on
linker street,   8oJoiirnlnn
Odd Fellows eordlnlly Invited.
P. li, Mni'iaon, F. 0. Rankin,
N.II. Sec'y.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up About the City by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Prank Hughes ia sick with the fever.
Fred Pieper visited Nelson this week.
James I.tiUin went to Spokane Monday.
L. Elliott Danforth visited Moyie last
Mr. Walt, nf Fort Steele, visited Cran
brook Tuesday.
Charles Noble hns been on the sick
list this week.
You cau net hardware and building
pnj>cr nt GlljJin'a.
Constable Morris' family arrived from
Trail this morning.
"Jack" Kennedy returned from Medicine Hat last night.
James Cronin, of the St. Eugene mine,
was iu town Saturday.
Jake Fink and family are moving into
their new house this week.
Harry Cummins came down from the
North Star hill lust Friday.
Mrs. Frith bas goue to Moyie to make
her home with her son Fred.
Carload of new furnitue and upholstery just arrived at Gilpin's.
I^diea coats and capes, an immense
Hue, just opened at Gilpin's.
Mr. ami Mrs. Angus Morrison have returned from iheir visit to Calgary.
Percy Irving, who is now living in
Kaslo, came iu yesterday for a brief visit.
Harry Keinemau and wife, of Fort
Steele, were Craubrook visitors Sunday.
William Lanktre, mayor of Warduer,
enme up Friday for the I, O. O. F. banquet.
Leo McDermott, a brother of Al McDermott, is uow clerking for Maggs St
Hug lies.
Mrs. Morrow gave a very pier sunt
afternoon last week to a number of her
lndy friends.
ti, B, Congtlon, of Macleod, has been
in town tiie past few days. He lelt for
Moyie yesterday,
Government Agetit Armstrong has advertised for tenders for sheds aud fence
around the lockup.
C. R. Lamouri is building a two-story
residence on Durlck avenue, opposite
thc railway station.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Kd Cair, on
Thursday, September 30, 1899, ■ boy,
Weight io>4 pounds.
M. Mclnnes has returned from his tiip
to eastern points, and says he was glad
to get back to Cranbrook.
Fred Ila/en has so far recovered from
bis attack of fever that he was thle to
leave the hospital Sunday.
Car of iron nnd brass bedsteads, feather pillows, celebrated Dominion springs,
mattresses, etc., at Gilpin's,
David Scott, of the Winnipeg Tribune,
left last Monday for the coast, after a
piensant visit in Cranbrook.
G, H. Miner visited Moyie last Friday.
Mr. Miner is doing a big hardware business in that town these days.
Miss Cardiff has arrived from the east
nml is preparing to open dress making
parlors in Sherlock & llrcui tier's store.
J. McNeil has returned from Winnipeg,
lie brought a necktie with him that puts
to shame any thai John Rice ever wore.
A. Leitch, Sr., spent several days last
week in Alberta, and when he returned
he remembered a number of his friends
with ducks.
J. R. Costignn returned from Macleod
Inst wee' accompanied hy his family
Thev will make iheir permanent home
in Craubrook.
Oak Lake News: Mrs. Archie Leitch
expects to join her husband, who is now
nt Crnnbrook, 11. C, in about two weeks
Thus Oak Lake Iorcs one of iis most re
spected residents ami the loss wilt he
felt quite severely, an they were alwa.-s
foremost in auy social ev-nt that took
Mrs. Geo. R. Leask, Mrs G. H Miner,
Mrs. A. il. VanDecar and Mm. J. Mc-
Mullen left Monday night for a week 11
the Spokane exposition.
George R Leask, thc contractor, bad
the misfortune to run a uail in his foot
at Moyie, and is now walking on
crutches iu consequence.
The Moueylaws brothers have gone to
the North S'nr mine, where they will
woik on several new buildings that nre
to be put up there this winter.
The Ilirkbeck Investment St Savings
compauy will probably open a branch in
Cranbrook withiu a short lime. W. F.
Gurd is their representative here.
Neil McLeod Currau, manager of the
North Star mine, spent several days in
Craubrook last week looking after busiuess connected with his property.
Mrs L. M. Mansfield returned from
Moyie Saturday. She was accompanied
by Miss Moore, the teacher of the
schools at Moyie, who visited with Craubrook friends over Sunday.
George Hoggarth, the popular hotel
proprietor of Klko, was In town Friday.
Mr. Hoggarth has moved into hia new
place and is uow ready to give his
patrons the best of sei vice,
James Laronde, of Moyie, is in serious
trouble. It seems that he worke I for
the Hudson Bay company at Lethbridge
before coming to Cranbrook nnd Moyie,
and he was arrested on the charge of
taking goods and sending them to Cranbrook for sale. He had a hearing
Wednesday and w s given four months
in jail. Tbe other brother is in the St,
I'.ugene Hospital.
Mrs, Junes Park arrived in Moyie tea
Sunday evening from Graud Valley,
Ont. She will remain here a month or
six weeks.
G. H. Miner, of the Pioneer hardware
store, Cranbrook, was here this week installing a hot air furnace in the Moyie
hotel, Mr. Miiitr signifies his intention
of establishing a branch store in Moyie
as soon as he can secure a location.
Moyie is to have another clothing
house. The first floor of the McGregor
block has been rented for that purpose,
and the firm name v ill be J. J. Murphy
& Co. Mr, Murphy is uow in towu looking after tbe fitting up of tbe store room.
A large purchase of goods has been mad-;
in the east, snd they are expected to ar
rive Iu a few d-iys. Mr. Murphy, the
manager, is well known hi this part of
tbe country, where he haa extensive
mining interests. The firm ia hound lo
make its new venture a success.
Fori Steele.
It is learned the ladies of Fort Steele
will tender a farewell dance to M, A
Beale before his departure for Kngland
The work of putting the bank build
ing in shape will be completed in a few
days. The bank people will probably
take possession on Monday. October 2,
A, Neidig bas the contract for tbe altera
W. R. Ross, agent of the Canadian
Fire insurance company, of Winnipeg,
made the first payment on the losses by
the International hotel fire. On Wednesday last be received a cheque fnr $1500,
which he immediately turned over to R.
G. Shier.
"Handy Harry.'
Does all kinds of work, Cleans
yards, digs cellars, cuts wood, etc.
Leave word ot McVittie St Hutchison's or The Herald office.
Yours for a full day aud  honest
I liereliy mlve untie-- that I shall forlhw'lti ap
iiiy to ihe Cfinimlastoiier'«r Lands nnd Works
for pi-rmissiim to purchase tho folliiwlnj- tie-
srrlheii nun 'i.>ii*ileil Crown land:
Commencing where thn initial \mt tins iieen
planti'il iilitnit nne-liiiir mile west if tin* south
rnd of Jimmy r-m:th lake, tlieiM* smith in
i-halos, thence wmt 10 cliulns, iln-11 nortli 40
ihalDs, tliiiici* cast 40 chains to place of lirglii-
iiliif*. lOiilatnhiK 100acres,
Dated at 1 raiiiiionit, ii. ('„ Hept. 4, nm,
Solicitor, Etc.
Hank nf ('ijiiimcrn. lil.lii.
G. Johnson....
\h Assayer *nd
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
W. F. QURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranhrook, :       Brill ih Columbia
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd,
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares of 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of Which Will Be Held as Treasury Shares for Working Capital
This company I: now being organized for the purpose of acquiring and working the BLACK BEAR AND MABEL
Development work consists ol various shafts on the vein for a distance of ol 300 leet, all showing ore. The
vein Is 6 feet wide, with 2 feet of solid galL-nn ore,
Samples of ore can be seen at thc City Hotels and Thc Herald Office.      Promoters stock Is now on the market at ]■£
CENTS A SHARE.     For further particulars inquire of
I have a regular milk
•route and deliver night
and morning.
Chas. Estmere...
Rea Estate,
Mining Broker
lllnck Rear... 2^c   Empire,..,  5c
Kimlierley Consolidated, 10c
Kimberley, B. C
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company
Imperial Limited
An Unparalleled Success
Fastest,dd Best Train
Crossing the Continent.
Steamers   Leave  Fort  Williams
Special Rates to the East
and Toronto Exposition
Apply ftiv iiiiitlciilnrs to nnarrst u. r. II. agent
 or tn	
C. E. McPherion,
Ul'tt, Van,. AC'Ilt, \Vltinl|i|.(!.
William Stilt,
As, t flefl. Van, Attunt, Winnipeg.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Shcppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
Tbe only rail route without Jianic of cars
between Nelson aod Rosatand and
Spokane and Rossland.
Lnave H:20 a. m.   NKI.son    Arrive B:M p. m '
"    !2:IS    "    HOSSI.AM)      "      11.20   "
"     8.39 a. in.  SPOKANE 3.10 p. tn
Train that leaves Nolson nt n.2fl a. m. lnn'<ea
close connect tuns nt Spokane for till raulflo'
Coast points.
Passengers for Kfltl'fl Itiver And llnundary
creek connect nt Maiens witli stage dally.
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce,
At the Toronto Clothing: Store
A Snap.   A line of Boy's Suits bought for cash at a sacrifice, will be
sold while they last for
$2.50 a Suit
These suits are well worth $3.50.   Don't miss them.   They can't
last long.
.Reid & Co.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
We carry in stock a
Mule Skin Glove
Which we do not hesitate to guarantee to the
public. It is specially adapted to railroad and
construction use. When you are buying gloves
don't'overlook this one.
Stores at Ganbrook, Pincher Creek and Macleod
Late of Toronto
Contractor «■ Builder
Those contemplation building will do well to let
me figure on tbe oontracta.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
| Planing Mill
il •••Sash and ::
II     Door Factory
...Manufacturer, of...
Sash jt Doors *t Mouldings
jt   Frames   *t
Bind Sawing ** Turning
Pioneer Hardware Store
Three Bicycles at a bargain.
The season is well advanced and you will soon be in
need of HEATING STOVES. We can give you what
you want.
All kinds of HARDWARE constantly on hand.
TINSMITHING of all kinds on short notice.
Roofing, Eve Troughing and Furnace work a specialty
S S G.H. Miner
A-y-T*y--ia/-----a'—■■■/—v---/—v-y-----^'^^ .jj—>2»)—<2*)-ijjr~<Sr~\srTSr~f*r-i*V-
CRANBROOK, I British Columbia.
the Crows
. IHXON.O.P. &T.A„
Spokane, Waini
CD AlVRDnfll-ff I* the divisional point of
-WlV^llDlxV-UlY Nest Pass Railroad.
(^t*5lflht*-nnt^ Has a l0°sta*- round house, large machine
VI dllUl UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook is the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTflENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
No am, I', c.
1,1*1 ]•• l*l®Wi^
-®-®-®-®-^ii-®--®-®-'ii-ir{i,.-iJo-(i)-i^t^-^^-k ■  J	


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