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Cranbrook Herald Jul 4, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.-
Hon. OKI). A. Cox, President.
Paid Up Capital ...
Total Resources....
B. B. Waikkr, Gen. Man.
.... 2,000,00000
r\ General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
GILPIN Sells Everything
Owing to the late, cold spring we have too much
stock in these lines and offer them at the lowest
price in town:
Dress Qoods and Silks,
Ladies' Blouses ******
A number of odd lines in Shoes or Clothing may be
just what you want.
Our Grocery and   Hardware Stock
We do the FURNITURE BUSINESS right and no-
one can undersell us.
New Qoods
We have them in Men's clothing
We have them in Men's furnishings
We have them in Dry Goods
At prices lhat will please all.
Glass !
...Fruit Jars
We have a large slock of Pints, Quarts
and Half Gallons at very low prices. Call
and see them.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.■**«
J. P. PINK        jt        jt        jt        MANAOER
Harness   Harness
Single and Double Sets, Wool and Rubber Lap Robes.
Clearance Sale of Bicycles
Twelve wheels to be .told at Cost.   Call _
early and secure a bargain
A Great Deal of Work is Being Done
This Season.
The West Side of the River Leads
in the Number of Claims
The report or J. ti. Armstrong to the
minister of mini's shows that during tlle
year closing December 31, 1900, there
were only 154 new mineral locations on
the east lide of the Kootenay river, as
compared wilh 313 on the west .side.
This in what The Herald has maintained
•ml hns been argued ns one of the many
reasons for the government to make
changes regarding the location of the
government oflices.
Mining Statistics.
Following is Mr. Armstrong's report
on mining statistics in South Kast Kooteuay far tbe year 1900:
Miuing claims tecorded     470
Partnership mining claims recorded       2
Placer claims recorded   or  rerecorded  -        1
Partnership placer claims recorded
or rerecorded       4
Certificates of work recorded    704
Payments  In  lien   of  assessment
work..        5
Certificates   of  improvements recorded   -      37
Conveyances and olher documents
of title recorded --   320
Partnership agreements recorded--     12
Abandonments recorded         3
Gold  Commissioners' pertnitB recorded           a
Documents filed —     91
Affidavits filed - 1,048
Record of water grants aud permits     16
Miuing leases issued         I
Mining leases in force —       6
Free miners' certificates, ordinary. 688
Free miners' certificates, companies 10
Free miners' certificates, substituted 1
Free  miners'   certificates,   special
{individual*}        9
Ftee   miners'   certificates,   special
(companies)          1
Revenue   from free   miners'
certificates $ 4,336 95
Revenue from mining receipts
general       5,036 75
Revenue Irom mineral tax.-.    13.570 16
The Iroo Fields.
Those in charge of the work of prospecting the iron deposits near Kitchener
have succeeded in securing the services
of a first class diamond drill man from
Rossland, nnd trnin now on the work
will progress will) greater rapidity, It
is pretty generally conceded that the iron
is there in quality and quantity to make
Kitchener the center of n vnst industry
nnd • few weeks' work with a drill will
tell the slory. The development of a
rich iron property iu Soulh tinat Kootenay will add greatly to lhe mineral prestige of this distiict.
ore is a copper, with sil-vt-r and lend, and
Mr. Hanson ie of tbe ot'nion that they
have a miue.
F. Robbins, manager of the North
Star mine, leturned from Nelson Monday where he attended a Meeting of the
miue owners' association.
Development is what counts. Don't
try to sell a claim that Is -simply staked.
Anybody can stake a claim. If you have
anything that you think is good, do
some work on It and make 11 look belter. If you bave not enough faiih in
your property to work It, don't expect
some one else to bave cnodgh to (nit up
hard cash for it.
John Bremner came -In from Nigger
creek Saturday where In.* ti working on
placer with Maurice Quoin and William
West. He says they have gotten water
on the bar now. and are able to shovel
iuto the sluice lioxes without wheeling.
They have not cleaned ■']> for several
R. O Jennings was In town Friday.
He will return to Windermere at once
where be will have charge of the eon-
at rat: tion of a wagon road aB miles long.
Thomas Star bird, who is manager for a
New York syndicate of a number of val
uahle properties in that section, has the
contract. This road will open to market
a number of mines that are now ready to
become shippers, and have been wailing
for transportation facilities.
There were 1279 claims In thla district
011 December 31,  1900. and 105 crown
The Herald is in receipt of the annual
report of the minister of mines, with the
work of William F. Robertson, provincial mineralogist. It la an exhaustive
review ofthe wouderful resources of this
province, and gives iu cold figures nnd
uncolored facts some idea ofthe marvelous future of British Columbia.
BreckearMfc k Ini Have Bene Heavy
Contracts Oi Ifaad.
Breckenridge & Lund, the well known
contractors, have their bands full these
days. They are building a spur from
Morrlsey to the Crows Nest line, ahout
five miles in length, which ia lu fact the
first work on the Crowa Nest Southern
road. In addition to thla they are
building nearly two miles of aide tracks.
They have 50 men at work on the Loop,
where they are cutting a new bed for the
creek. They have 60 men at Michel,
and 30 men in the stone quarry near
Michel, and aoo meu at Morrlsey, This
week they commence to break ground
for 600 more coke ovens at Morrlsey.
This firm is anxious to secure all the men
they can during the next few weeks, aa
they have all they can do to keep up
their contracts. Siuce the construction
of tbe Crows Nest line the firm of Breckenridge Sl Lund have stood in the frunt
rank in their line of work, and it Is he-
cause they know their business and do
their work right.
lm proving On Nature
Is one oi the (unctions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up (or deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting*
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
Mlalag Notes.
At the annual meeting of tbe North
Star Mining company hehl iu Montreal
on the 261 h of June 1) H M.11111 was reelected president. It waa decided to
continue the policy of reduced output so
long aB the price of lend remained low
and the cost of treatment nnd transportation rcinnined high.
There is a vnsl amount o( good ground
in South 1:list Kooteuay that is as yel
u 11 prospected.
Mr. Mott, who is superintending the
uk 011 tiie I'eklu claim, ul the head of
the Moyie river, wns In town Monday,
He says that the galena is giving nwny
to a line showing of copper, tumbles of
which hnve heen sent nwny for assaying.
Capital Is not being invested in corner
stakes these days. Vou must hnve
proved properties. The heller your
property looks, the more ynu will get
for It and the quicker you will sell tt.
There are few mining districts that
have such mines as thc St. Kugene,
North Star, Society Girl and Sullivan.
This division haa mide a grand showing
lor the lime il haa been worked, nnd in
most cases the properties had to pay the
The ore ia in South East Kootenay and
It is only a question of lime when this
district will be recognized as one of the
best In British Columbia.
Mine owners of lhe Windermere country are anxiously waiting for Captain
Armstrong lo return with the North
Star, as It will give them better shipping
facilities than tbey bad reasou to expect
this season.
N. Hanson snys that work is progressing on the Carbonate King, the Skookumcbuck properly in which he is interested. They bave a tunuel iu ahout 230
feet, and will run ao or 30 leet more,
wben they expect to fiud the lead.   The
A Good We-Hlai Notice.
Moyie Leader: Pete Smyth holds
cases" in the Leader oflice. lie Is also
secretary of the miners' union, and when
not working in the ofiice may be seen
hustling amongst the boys for due.1*-,
transfer cards, etc. Pete has been acting strangely of late. He would set a
few lines of type, and then make a
•'mozy" up town. When we would go
out to look for him we would find him
in some store prlcelng bedsteads, crockery, cook stoves, bedding, etc. Last
Sunday Pete disappeared, and we sized
il up that he had struck for tbe bunch-
grass hills ofthe Palouse. But he dldn'l.
On Wednesday we received the following
telegram from George Batley of Spokane:
"Pete closed deal today at noon. Get
yonr tlu cans ready."
That settled it. Upon looking in the
Spokesman-Review we found that Pete
hnd secured n license to marry Miss Ida
The hnppy bride and groom will return tomorrow, and uexl Monday Pete
will again be seen perched on a stool in
this ofiice.
He and his bride have all the good
wishes lhat the editor of this paper can
A Bicycle Oymkiai.
Last Saturday Mts. V. Hyde Baker
entertained a large number of guests on
the grounds at her home with a bicycle
gymkana, A track waa built for the occasion and a number of exciting and Interesting cr ntesta were Indulged tn and
prizes were awarded to those expert
"iiough to win them. Refreshments
were aerved in the house, Tbe afternoon waa a most enjoyable one, and to
many present the gymkaua was a novel
and Interesting mode of entertainment.
9 *
I News Notes From the Mineral Cily J
9 *
4*4*4*4)*4-l.l*f Ct **********
THK ST.   Htrr.RNK.
As was predicted the output of galena
nt the St. Kugene mine for lhe month of
June was enormous nnd amounted lo
3,800 tons. The mine was running
steadily throughout Iht* month, with lhc
exception of a few days wheu it was
necessary to close down for some shaft
repairs to lhe machinery, Kor the lusl
few days it hns been rumored thnt a shut
down wns to take place, but although a
few men hnve been laid off thc mine is
still steadily running and is likely to
continue. Another rumor has heen
afloat that the St. Kugene had been pur
chased by the American Smelter company, hut this has been denied by the
manager, Mr, Cronin. Thus, although
there are various rumors afloat, the mine
is steadily running and is likely to continue throughout the season.
The people of Moyie celebrated Dominion Day, the ist of July, in a right
roynl fashion. Karly in the day youug
and old repaired to the picnic grounds
across the lake where swings and other
forms of amusement were provided for
the children and a fine dancing platform
erected for those who wished to trip lhe
light fantastic. The day was a perfect
one and everything was of the best, I).
J Kltner being on hnud with all kinds of
refreshments. In the evening dancing
wus in order nud was kept up until the
enrly morning hours when all went home
well satisfied with the day's enjoyment.
The people of Moyie and the neighboring towns are looking forward wilh
eagerness to Saturday evening, July 13,
when John Fitzgerald ol Moyie, aud Kd
Cuff of Fernie, are to meet eich other in
a twenty round glove contest for a purse
of (200 Both of the contestants are
hard at work training and the bout
promises to be one of the most scientific
and keenly contested sparing matches
that have ever taken place iu the Kootenays. The articles ol agreement were
signed last week.
Work on the new sawmill is steadily
progressing, although the work hns heen
held bnck by the machinery strike in the
east preventing tbe machinery from being finished. However, it is expected in
a short time and in a month or six weeks
sawing will commence.
Manager Cronin accompanied by his
wife and son returned from Spokane ou
Saturday last.
Jack Duffy who has been sick for some
time went east last week where he will
take treatment from a specialist.
Peter Smyth, of the Moyie Leader
staff, was married iu Spokane last week
and has brought his bride to Moyie
where tbey wilt in future reside.
Hutch, of Cranbrook, visited Moyie
last week.
Work Is steadily progressing on the
new courthouse and jail and wben completed it will be a fine structure.
Ben Heinmlnger, who was seriously
injured in the Lake Shore fire bas returned to towu quite recovered and is
agniu nt work.
The Kootcaiy furs lure Co.
The Kooteuay Furniture company,
which baa rented the Bremner store,
will be ready for business about August
15. The charter for the company has
been received and thc goods ordered.
The company is composed ofthe following well known citizens: Dr. J II King,
president; W. T. Reid, vice president; J.
P. Piuk, secretary-treasurer nud managing director; M. 11 King and John Hutchison, directors They expect to have a
complete slock of furniture ready lo open
business nnd will maintain a high grade
in the purchase of supplies for Ibis sec*
tluu of the country.
Craabrook a Winer.
Messrs, Ryan, Wellman, Rutley, MeKenzie, Brock, Dickinson nud Rollins
left last Friday for Grand Forks where
they atlended the races Monday and
Tuesday. Wellman took his horse, Koy
Carrulhers, and entered him iu several
of the races.
Word has Iwen received that Roy
Carrulhers wns entered in the live eights
uud half mile, aud won both, taking two
purses of $350 each.
FlIiieriM'Call Contest.
On Saturday, July 13, there will he a
hat contest at Moyie belweeu Fitzgerald, of Moyie, aud Cuff, of Fernie. The
contest is attracting considerable attention and no doubt will dtaw a lnrge
crowd, Quite a number will go down
to Moyie from Craubrook lo see Ihe bout
and without a doubt tbey will get their
money's worth.
Card of Thinks.
The members ol the different committees of Ibe Cranbrook Football club
desire to llinuk those who so kindly
uttered prizes for the ntblelic sports held
here on Dominion Day under tbe
auspices uf the club.
Fred Roo sends the editor of The
Herald a most cordial invitation to visit
him in his new home at Roosville, on
the Boundary line. Tbe invitation is
written on a wild goose hide, nicely
tanned, and sets forth some of the advantages of llie place. He promises to
have hem*, deer, moose, ducks, geese
and grouse run down the canyon for us
to shoot at while we sit ou the front
porch of his lintel. The scenery, be
says, rivals tliat of Yellowstone Park,
Glacier Canyon or It mil, tbe climate is
superb, while the social advantages are
ofa nature that will make a man regret
that he does not reside permanently iu
that charming community. He gives as
a guarantee of all he says Messrs. Gurd,
Peltier nnd Bell, who have visited that
ueck of the woods lately. The Herald
mau feels inclined to accept the invitation nl the earliest opportunity.
There is a good story that hails from
Fori Steele. It seems that when the
question of renewing tbe licenses for tbe
hotel for the ensuing year came up in
that lown, three of lhc proprietors
thought it would he well to bave their
license reduced as the town bad decreased iu population The present license is
$200, but if the town did uot have 200
male and female adults, it would be reduced to ^125. These three meu wanted to keep that $75 each, if there were
legal grounds for so doing. With this
idea iu view, Messrs. Stewart, Mathers
aud McN'i'i-h took a census of the town
aud found by stretching the limit to the
utiii'.st tbat there were just 183 adults,
and therefore nude application for the
legal reduction. "But," said one of the
hotel men to The Herald man, "they
told us thut would never do, because if
tbe fact was mnde public lhat Fort
Stc.de had only 1S3 adults the towu
might lose the government offices. We
made the application, nevertheless, but
our friend Grace said Ihe bonrd would
uot consider It. He took tbe voters'
list that included men who have not
lived iu Fort Steele for a year or more,
and by counting iu men from Kimberley, Perry creek, Moyie, Cranbrook,
Klko, Sand Creek, Fernie and other
points, scraped up 232, and shut out our
petitions, and each of us is now $75 out. '
The School Tern Finished Last Friday With
aa Appropriate Program.
The public schools of Cranbrook closed
last Friday with appropriate exercises.
A large number of visitors were present
and at 11 o'clock tbe pupils from the
various departments gathered in Principal Mclntyre's room. Rev. Bowerlng
was selected as chairman. A program
consisting of songs and recitations by
the little ones and short talks by some
of the citizens present was presented.
At ths close the various certificates of
merit were awarded and the schools
closed for the summer vacation.
A Valuable Find.
Victoria Post: The shores of Vancouver Island occasionally yield n; other
treasures than gold, copper, coal and
iron. A gentleman, whose name we are
nol al present permitted to divulge, recently obtained from a West Coast
Indian a lump of queer looking stuff,
wblcb the aborigine had found drifted
ashore at some point up the coast of the
inland. Tlie while man, having a suspicion as to what bis unwholesome prize
consisted of, took It tbis week lo Mr. W.
F, Best, the well known analyst and ss-
Hayer on Broad St. On testing the stuff,
Mr. Hest discovered it to lie a fine lump
of nmbergris, weighing about thirteen
pounds. A> the present New York quotations for this article aie about $50 for
llie black kind anil f.p> tor the grey klud
per ounce, Mr. Best's client has secured
a very tidy little fortune. Now Is the
Iimt- to get out your boats and go hunt-
fur ambergris, Large us the price, the
rn title iB exceedingly scarce, and its
matket   value  has a   steadily   upward
For Real.
Two large plastered rooms on second
Btory, with electric light. Inquire at
Herald office.
A Frilcraal Visit.
Mr, Kngan, representing the Rossland
Daily Miner, spent several dnys in Cranhrook last week. Mr. Kngan Is a veteran
Pacific coast newspaper mau, and is taking a real from the desk l>> traveling
through British Columbia in the interests of Ihe Miner.
What bas become of tbe Cranbrook
fire brigade?
Many   Contests   For  Ibe  HriIsmm
Prizes   Offered.
The Day Was Perfect and Everyone Thoroughly Enjoyed
the Sport.
From tlm < uiitcil-ury Outcrop,
The McDonnld Mines, wbo have been
working continuously since last fall
uuder the management of Mr. Starblrd,
have still a full force of miners employed
ou the Iron Cup, McDonald creek, which
has n magnificent showing of ore. When
the wagon toad is completed they will
Install machinery nud ship a quantity nf
We are Informed that considerable
work is (o be done on the While Cat,
owned hy Messrs. Bruce, McLeod and I
Craig. There in n showing of eighteen :
inches of clean ore and last year severs
tons of tbe ore were brought down to
Ahout 500 tons of Paiadise ore bas
been taken down Columbia river by tbe
Duchess since navigation opened, and
shipped to Ibe smelter. There are still
500 ions at Pelerboro lauding to be
taken down.
C. M. Keep returned from Fort Steele
on Sunday's stage, after a stay of ahout
a month.
The celebration of Dominion day In
Cranbrook under the auspices of tbe
Craubrook Koot Ball club waa all the
auccens that could'be expected uuder Ibe
circumstances. Tbe day waa fine and
the program prtsented was interesting
aud at limes exceedingly exciting.
There was a large si-ted crowd present
throughout the day, and from a sporting
aud financial standpoint the ce.ebrstion
was a success.
The only damper on  lhe day was ibe
failure of the Fernie and North Star foot
ball teams to put in an appearance.   It
bad been understood  lhat  both teams
would be here, but foi some reason tbey
failed to show up.     As a result tbe contest for the Beattie cup could not take
place, as only one game was played, aud
tbat waa between the first and second
elevens, which resulted iu a victory for
the firsts.   What   will  be done  aa  to
further contests is yet to be determine!).
Tbe day opeued with  a football game
between   lhe  youngters  of  tbe  town.
Tbey  played  until both aides weie tired
out, aud failed to score,   making it  necessary to call the game oil
Tbe other events were as follows:
ioo yards boys race.
Frank Murphy. I
Francis McConnell, 2
Boys' boot and shoe race
Francis McConnell, 1
Fred Small, 2
Sack race
Francis McConnell
Joe McConnell
iou yards men's race
Navin, 1
Peltier, 2
McKillop. 3
Broad jump
George Leitch, 1
Robinson, 2
220 yards hurdle rare
Peltier, 1
Leitch, 2
Robinson, 3
Hop, step and jump
McKim, I
McDonal I, 2
One-half mile bicycle race
McKim, 1
Stewart, 2
One-half mile foot race
Navin, 1
Finnessy, 2
Pole vaulting
Jardine, I
Harwood, 2
One mile bicycle rate
McDonald, 1
McKillop, 7
One-fourth mile foot race
Navin, t
Finnessy, 2
Winshy, 3
Married men's race
Peltier, 1
Voung, 2
Bell, 3
Running high Jump
McDonald, l
Leitch. 3
220 yards loot race
Navin, 1
Peltier, 2
The ball game between two local nines
resulted In a score of 14 to 4.
The members of lhe club feel grateful
to lhe public for turning oul and making
the celebration a financial success The
various committees worked hard lo git 0
the beat entertainment possible, and
those present were well satisfied with
tbe events.
Artlillc Work.
To paste paper on the wa'l is not a difficult matter, but to do it in an artistic
manner Is entirety a different proposition. During the past week Pieper &
Currie, the well known pap, r hangers,
have been papering aeveral rooms in R.
K. Beattie's residence, and have done
work lhat will compare favorably wilb
any that can be found In any cily in tbe
land. The combinations of colors are
perfect blends, and the workmanship Is
ofa nature that will bring forth enconl-
urns of praise from tbe most critical Individual. The sidewalls and ceilings are
papered in a manner tbat gives one tbe
impression that tbey are covered wilh
oue solid piece of paper, while the
borders are placed on In a way lhat produces a most pleasing effect. Tbe
beauty is greatly enhanced by the
artistic arrangement of moulding that
sets off the work to the very best advantage.
Pieper & Currie make a specialty of
this kind of woik, and a man wbo hao
his houae papered once by them will
never regret it, because lhe work will remain a thing of beauty and a joy forever.
Editor -mid Proprietor.
Tlie JleniU ilc-tlre* to give the news ur tlie
district, ll ¥uu KU-J-.V auy nb.nu your luwn
yuur nunc or juut people, sead It tf tW< office.
Success depends upon a liberal
patronage of printing offi«s.--John
Jacob Astor.
iiiinli   SENSE.
'fbe Winnipeg Free Hreis in the following eilitorUl, display-* an i mme use
4ni, tii.t of wisdom and c- in mon seuse:
Every once and a while some newspaper coue<i|ioiulelit gets bold Ofa little
11 ig Incident ami endeavors to magnify
it Into the proportions bf an loteninticii-
al event, The BUtborUlfll at Skagway.
rojireminilng the government of the
[Jolted Suies, saw no f**bj**ctlon to the
OinadikQ cm torus oHirer Hying the
Union .Lick above hlsilltr *, but a cranky
Individual frum thc state of Oregon,
who was not even a resident rt Sltap
way, took It into his head to pull down
thc tlig. Tbe misguided anion uf an
Individual ought uot to be magnltled and
made io assume an Importance which
It doe* not tu any way posscHS. Tne
Union .lack and the Stars ami Stripei
th-w ai the summit cf tbe White Pass for
many months almost side by aide lo perfect International amity aud official
concord. Tnere are Individuals lu the
United States wbo wou'd think 1
smart act to haul down the Hiltlsb Itig
and there arc individuals in Canada who
would do the name thing towards the
Stars and Stripes, but tbe great bulk
of the people on both sides of tbe line
have a liking and respect for the llag of
th<! other country, and tbe cranky acts
of individuals here and there which are
recorded now and then, such as tbe
pulling down of the Stars and Stripes
from the i.flice of the American consul
at St. Thomas a few years ago will not
abala the good feeling existing between
Canadians and tbclr American cousins.
Wait for
the new
The .hine output at the St. Eugene
was 8 800 ions on concentrates. Tbat
mine Is n wonder,
A II. Clements, well known In Cran
brook, i lll:lated as one of tbe judges at
the baby show In Nelson last Monday.
Wc have not heard If he survived tbe
ordeal, hut for an old gentleman he
showed a vast amount of nerve.
K a Topping, lhe pi *>ueer resident of
Trail, and onu of the best known mining
men in Iliitlsh Columbia, was elected
the first mayor of that city last week
It was a deserved compliment paid by
an appieciatlve people to a good citizen.
G Q Henderson, founder of the
Pernie Free T'ress has dispctad of his
interests to A. Kirk Cameron, of Ottawa,
and J. R, A. Wallace, of Ferule. Mr.
H-niderson has been unfortunate In some
aspects wiiili: living lu Fernie. He has
worked hard for the town, aud yet be
has not been able to get next to the
people j ist light. Perhaps he mistook
bis mission and wanted to do too much
for cnu mau In the way of rt farming tbe
people, or maybe he did not understand
those with whom he lived. At any rate
ho seemed tu make enemies easier thin
friends. Thc Herald wishes hlm good
luck in his new Held, and hopes the new
editor, who pa its h'.s name ln the middle,
will accpiire riches and fame In Is new
The Fertile Free Press says that one
of the ministers of that town receives
Jfv.i per month. II that Is all that he receives in way of salary, ne would belter
quit preaching and goto work on the
section. He could get a steady jib
these days.      	
Thc Methodist conference of Toronto
bas barred Kipling's books, on account
of thc cuss words used,
Nulla* la Pre Emptors of Crown Lands.
Tbe attention of I're-ciuplurs of crown
lands is hereby railed to an ninetidnient
to the "land act," passed nt the Inst
session of the legislature, which provides
an follows, vi/*—
"y l-re-euipiorn of crown lands,
whether in iirutusin payment of inslal
meiits of purchase money or not, who at
the Lime of coming into force of Ibis net
have obtained reiiilicaten of improve
ment. or who shall have obtained
certificates or improvement within
twelve months thereafter, shall
conforming with the provisions of
tbe "land art," except na hereby
filtered, be entitled to obtain crown
grants of their pre-emption claims upon
completing payments of purchase money
at llle rate Of seventy-five cents per ncre,
and crown grant fees, which payments
may be made as follows:
"Twenty-five cents per acre on or before the 31st day of December, 1901;
''Twenty-five cenls per ncre on or be*
fore the 36t.l1 day of June, igia;
"and the remaining—
"Twenty-five cents per acre on or before tlie 31st day of December, 1902. nnd
without any farther payment of interest
or arrents of interest."
Deputy commissioner ol lands nnd works.
I,mnl*- nnd v inks dc* nrltiient,
Victoria, B. C„ ist June, 1901
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain   Railway  Co.
Will give!
The only all rail route between all
points East, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
'Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Great Northern, Northern Paclllc
and 0. R. & N. Company.
Nelson  with  Steamer (or  Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Palls with Stage Dally lor
Republic, and
Connects dully
At    Bossburg    Stage   Dally   for
Qrand Forks and (Ireenwood,
II. A. JACKSON, Oen. Pail. Agt.
Tako notice tlmt I liavi) applied t» tlie clil-ercmi
ii-issii.ii<*r or lands nud works, si Victoria, h. C,
(ur n spcclni license to cut ami carry away tlm-
Imr mi mul hum llie [ullnwItiK ilesciib* il vacant
crown limits in llie district of Snutli Kust Kootenay, It. Ci Commencing uta post planted nn
tlm west lints of Lot aill, 4-irutip 1, Kimtemiy Dis*
lilii, nml nliuiit une mile smith uf the northwest corner of tba su'it lot, ami wbloh post is
marked "Alex. MolTatt'i S. K. corner," thence
west tfiHiiiiiis mint* or less, thence north about
4i> i-ii«iiis to tne south nhle <>I the Klk river,
thence north-eastrrly, fuiimvinu the smith tide
of thc Mill river ahout vn chaini tu a point due
north of the snid nnrlli-wflst corner oftlje 1 hi
lot, thence south about l-.Mcliuliiii tothe place of
beginning, containing 10 0 acres more or less.
Dated the .i--ili day of .May, A. I). I'JQl.
Take notice that 1 have madn application to
the chief coiniiilsiloi.fi* of lands ami Works, at
Victoria, B. C, for a sueclal license to cut and
carry away timher on and fiom the rolluwtiiK
dcsi'iihcd viiciiit mown lamls in the (tlstrlol of
Sou It hu t Koolcnay, II, C. .* Coiiuiienctni{ ut a
pust planted uhoul om- mile south or the -toutli
bank of tlie Klk river. In the sstiu district, and
tltiOHl one imd oue half ml'et from the mouth
nf the enld river, and which post It marked
'Tory How's N. \V,I Corner." thence east si
elialns, theuce south so chains, theuce m-.t +j
chains, thence uortli Wchaliiilo the alter, ot
lieiflniiluu, cnntftlnlllR fi-tu acres more or 1**11.
I-a *c.l tli:,ni,Ji*l,iy »l Ma*. A. I). 1001,,
'lake notice that I have ftpplletf tothe chief
com m Is doner of lands aud works at Tlttorla, II.
(J., for a special license to cut und cany uway
timher on anil from llie tolloi-ilax described
varum crown lands In tht district of Houth Kust
Kootenny, ll. Ci Commencing ut a post plant,
ed on the south hank of the Klk river lo the said
dlsirlct, about ono and one-half miles from the
mouth of the mid river, uml wideb iighi Is marked "K. II. Morris's N. K. corner," tlienee smith
*.'• olialns, llience ivc-t KQ chulns, thence noith Wl
chains, llience east BO chains lo the place of tie-
fihinhiK, oontaing cm acres more or less.
Dated Ihe ;mii day of May, A. D. iimi.
V. It. HOItltltl.
Land Notice.
Ihlrty days afterdate 1 lulead to apply to
Clilcr Commissioner of Laml* and Works for
permission in purchase the folluwlair ilescrlhed
l.iml: Commencing at lhe north east eoriK ol
Tlioi. l-eask's pre-empllon on I'eiry Creek, inning oasl ll) chaini, ilii'uct. south aoehalui, thenni
wosl 40 chains thniice nor, h no chains to polnl of
1 hfsler MeAitam.
Perry - Creek
Oliver Burge   ■   •   Proprietor
Good accommodations for thc public Best of liquors and cigars.
Come and see the famous Perry
creek district. Quartz and placer
mining.  8 miles from Cranbrook.
Direct route to all
East ■ West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent. Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily West daily 16:10
WO  " East u     7j50
J 3:00 Kimberley I860
Kimberley trains  on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays.
For time tables and lull Information, call 01
or address nearest local agent.
A. 0. P. A. Agent,
Vancouver, B.C. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
Land Acl Notice.
Take notleo that I have applied to ihe chief
commissioner of lands anil works ht Victoria, II,
0„ for a special license to but and caity nway
ilmher on nnd trnin the following described
vacant crown lands, in the district of South Kast
Kootenayi It, 0, Cominonclnti nt a (Hist planted
at ilio nortli wist oorner of lot ;tr,*.«, group 1,
Kootenay district; nml wiiMi pom Is marked
"l-Mward Oalilil's 8, W. corner post," llience
riortlt 12B elialns, tlienco oast no t'lialns, tlienee
soutli ISS iluutis, llicnce weat BO elialns, tn place
of beginning containing iuwi notes more or less,
Dated Ute 2nd day of .May, A. I). 1001,
Land Act Notice.
lake notice Unit I Imve applied to the clilarcom-
mlBiloilor ol lamls and works at VtctortA, 11. 0,,
for a ipi-i'lal iir'list* to nut and carry away llm-
hei on and from the follow! iir described vacant
iirpwn lands m tliu illatrlct of Houth Lust Kootenay, li. i'. Commencing »t a post pluut^l on
the north side or Telegraph trail, about three
miles southeast of the crossing of the Klk river
by tlio aald trail, In the uUd district and which
post u marked '•<:.r. < 'Kelly's s. w. corner
ixist," llience north i.f* chains, tlienoe east 80
clialus, thcuco soutli 1*20 chains, thence west 80
chains to place of beginning, contaluiuK lOOO
aorea more or Isu,
Daled ihe "nd day nt May, 1'JOl.
0. 1'. OKKI.I.Y.
Chas. Estmere
Real Estate and Mines
Kimberley, B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hank of Comniqrcfl BUg, CllANBROOK
Land Act Notice.
Take notice that 1 liave'applleit to the chief
commissioner of lands and works at Victoria,
Ii.!'., for a sjieeiai license to out a A carry away
timher on and rrom lhe following desorlhed
vacant crown lauds In the district of Month Kast
Kootenay, ll, 0, Commencing at a post pliiau*d
on llie norlh side of Telegraph trail, ahout three
miles southeast or the croulng ol tlm Klk river
hy the miM hall In (lie suld district, and which
post is mark, d *•(., IMoaoll N. W. corner ihmI,"
tlieni'ii lOlltli luflcliniiis, thence easl hi clialus,
Iheuce uo 11-. \n dm In*, tlteiica west SO chains to
place of iieginniiig, eoiiialaing iisioacrea more or
Dated the gtlil day of .May, IDOI.
Land Acl Nolice.
Tuke notice that I have applied lo the elite!
commissioner or lands and works at Victoria,
ll. t'., for a special license to cul and carry away
timher on and from Die following described
vacant omwn lands, lu llu* district or South
Bait Kootenny, Commenting at a post p'anted
on the south side of Teltgi ,i|>li Trail, ahout one
half mile south or the cros-lng nf the Klk river
liy the said trail, in the said district, and which
post Is market! "W. W, nnhle's N. B, corner
jiost,' thence soiitli  I'.T, chains, tbence west so
chains, llieneo north 190 chains, thence oust so
chains to llm place of beginning, containing iww
acres moro or less.
Dated the nth day or Mny, A. I). 1001.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Paclllc Railway Company control a large area ot the choicest farming and ranching lands
In the Kootenay District. The prices range irom $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The iffrtfite imount ol principal and lnt rest, eicepl in the
ciae .1 lands under S2.N an acre, Is divided into ten instalments as
shown In the table below; the Ilrst to be paid at the time ol purchase, tne second one year from date ol the purchase, tbe third in
Iwo years and so on.
The following table shows the amouni ol the annual Instalment*
on IU acres al different prices under the above conditions:
IU acri at $2.5(1 per acr, Isl Instalment $.W.»5
3.00     »           » 71.90
3.50     «           •< MM
t.OO     "           m ,5.115
4.50     •>           >• 107.85
5.00     •>           •• 10.85
9 equal Inlal'ts at $50.00
11 60.110
» 80.00
•• 90 00
K imhprl-PV is tlm business and shipping point for the
rviiuuci aty No|1h SJar and Su||jvan mjncs
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is '■"- *v'8iona' P°in' of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and furiher inlormation apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre arc sold
on shorter time.
II Ihe land is paid lor in lull al thc
lime ol purchase, a reduction Irom Ihe
price will be allowed equal to len per
cent on the amount paid In execs* of lhc
usual ca*h Inslalmenl.
Interest at «ix per cent will be
charted In over due instalments,
Thc Company has also lot* fur sale
In the following town sites In Easl Kool-
cnay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kilch.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
Thc terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and thc balance In six and twelve
Timber Nolice.
Notice I. liereliy Rlvon Unit I linve n|>]illeil to
the clilcr comm'srioncr oi laml, ami Korku for
ln'nnhsl.iu to(.111 ntul .any Away timber rrom
the rnlloivliiK ilc.rrlhoil limits 111 Koitlh Hast
Knotenay. Cot'imcnolnii al a i>o*i miirkoil .1. ll.
MoMl'lHn's Wnlll cast t-orne, i.lanteil near l'alm
or. llareioek ntul the 1'iiyrn'l Mllilns Company
wagon road, tlipimo north l0! eliHln., thrm-e
iM'-t -" otllltll., tliem a Himth I3fi chain... I Iibiii e
cist sn plinlng ,0 Jilnoo .a in'.-l'iiilii,. coiilaliiln't
11 lincri'* more nr less.
Dateii at craubrook, B. C, this r.th day ol
May. noi. J. II. .Vc.vtll.l.lN.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Notice li liereby plven tlmt ive havo mnde application to tlif chief ciininil-tsioner of lands and
works, at Vhtorn, for a si*eclnl license to cut
and curry away timber from the following described vacant crown lands la the district of
Smith Kits'. Kootenny, n.i.: Commencing Ua
post planted at Hugh 1). McMillans south-east
corner, and about half a mile above the junction
of Little an t Hii! Sand creeks, commencing at a
post marked The McNab Lumber Coy's,, (ltd.)
north-east earner uotit, thence south 50 chains,
thenco west tflO chains, thence north loo chalus,
tlienee east 40 chains, Iheuce south so chains,
thence east 120 chains to place of beginning,
containing 1000 acres more or less.
Dated the 6th day of May, 1 WH
Land Acl Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that I bave made application to the chief commissioner of lands and
worksat Victoria, It, (!., for a special license to
cut and carry away limber on and from the following described vacant crown lands In the district of South Kast Kootenay, I). ('. commenc*
Ing at a post planted on the south Hide of Tele*
Kniph trail about one- halt mile ftom the cross-
In,' of the Klk river by the said trail, in the said
district, and which jiost Is marked "-Malcolm
Mclnm-s' 8. \V. corner post," theuce norlh I2B
chains, tbence east m chains, thence south 125
chains, tnence west 8o Ciains to place of beginning, containing 1000 acres more or less.
Dated Cranbrook, B. C, May 2nd, tool,
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
P. 0. Fort Steele. B. C.
»*■ Builder dt
•.■■■.■Cranbrook, B C
Inspector's Districts.
The Inspectors of metalliferous mines are
hereby assigned the followingaslln-lr respective
lnspectlvcdistricts with headquarters aa noted,
such assignment t»take place from June 1Mb,
10Jl, until ruither notice,
Headquarters, cranbrook, office of deputy
mining recorder.
Inspection district shall comprise all of East
Kootenay and also Hoat River Mining Division
of West Kootenay,
In Addition to the duties of Inspector of metal-
Uf emus mines, Mr. Dick will also act as Inspector
or coal mlues within the same district.
JAMKH McUBKdOB, Inspector.
Headquarters, ofllce of Mining Recorder,
inspection district shall comprise all of West
Kootenay, except   Hoat Itiver mmnm division, and also lho (irand Forks and Kettle Itiver
mining divisions of Vale district,
THOMAS MOltGAN, Inspector.
Headquarters, government building, Nanaimo.
Inspection district, Vancouver Island and
Coast district.
Mr. Morgan Is also Inspector nf coal mines for
this district.
Notice Is hereby (ilveu of such Inspection districts and that ln accordance with the "InspM.
lion of Metalliferous Mines Act, iso;,-- and
Amending Acts, notice of nc litems toemnloyees
happening within any of such district must be
promptly reported I ml It tothe Inspeoioror such
district and alio to the Minister of Mines,
In mines not Included In tlte above districts
managers Will report, In duplicate, to Hie Minister of Mines direct, who, If he considers It
necessary, will assign an Inspector to specially
Blank forms upon which to make reports of
such accidents rany lie obtained from the Inspector of the district, from the Mining Iteco, iler, or upon application to this ofltcc
KICHAltl) MctlltlDK,
Minister of Mines,
Department of Mines,
Hit June, 1001,
2 Bs
Beauty and Bargains
In Oil Paintins framed
...At Prest's
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Craabrook, British Columbia
Tommy's City Bakery
Husbands Rive your wife a rest after
tbe spring cleaning. Let us call on you
with bread. It'i not as good as she
mokes but yon could stand It while she
rests. We have the best in town and
ship to all parts of B. C. We can supply
all demauds.   "Attention" is our motto,
Thomas J, Hay hurst
\*r °m
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Have yon talked wilh anyone aboul building?
Cone •■< aee ne or lei me iee you. II nay
d. ui both food.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU,   KINDS   OF	
Rough and
Dressed Lumber.
1 Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
Do You Sell Liquor????
II so. doo't buy   nnl   Tl Dp   The Only Wholesale Liquor Dealer In
South I'ast Koolcnay.    Write tor Prlcea
Cranbrook, B. C. -t- «■* -O-
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
pire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work In the brick line call on
Geo. H. Taylor.
First clans line of Jewelry, Clocks,
aod Silverware always la stock, ::
W. F. Tate, !!"..Jew«ler
Winnipeg, March 88.—The 0. P. H.
pusBeng-ar department tiimouiictis the
iba foliowlug ctmages iu thu passenger rates:
Ou and after Thursday, March 21,
a round trip rate will be introduced
for local points throughout Manitoba
and the Northwest. The rate will
be a fare and two-thirds or the present rate and will be good for onu
month from tliu date of issue. Tho
Bame rates are now in etlect in Ontario and Quebec.
It Ib understood that on April 1 &
cut of 20 per cent will be made in
rates on tho Paclllc division, and
round trip rates also introduced in
British Columbia,
Commercial travellers tickets, went
of Camuore and Macleod, will bu reduced on April 1 to :i cetitu per
RtiKartlintf the reductions in rutin*
lo  tho  Pun-Aliierlcan exhibition,   for
which   onqutrtos   ure hoard, nu an*
nount'einenl will bo umde |>y Ihe end
of this week. A meeting is now ou
in St. Louis, wlieu the Western I'iih-
DOffOr iissm-iiition Will fix ou the
rat iti from Manitoba and the North-
west, Mr. Robt, Konf, trulllc manager of thu 0, P. R. ia attending Use
meet lug.
I cured a horso ol thu nuiiigu wilh
liu Un iiih le.
1 curod a horao badly torn by
pitch fork, with MINAHHH LINIMENT.
at. Potor'a, 0. B.
I cured a horse of a bad swelling
Bat hurst, N. B.
"They aro accusing you of trying
to tako money out of thu public
treasury and givo it away..'
"Now, isn't that nonsense!" exclaimed thc cold-blooded politician,
Anybody who knows me knows that
if I could get money out of the public treasury I wouldn't givo it away.
I'd hang on to it."
Be for* aud After
This is a year before marriage. H-s
Is making her a call. He Is at the
front door ringing for her. lie haa
been thinking all day of her. These
are his boots newly blacked, collar
spotless, liis form ditto outside, liis
gloves drawn on for the first time,
his hair newly parted and oiled, his
face newly shuven. liis heart palpitates for her. His nerves are nervous for her. He fears she may be
out or that her parents may object
or, worse than that, some other fellow may be there with hor. Tlie
door opens. She i.s there and alone.
He Is happy.
This is a year after nmrringe. He
is ringing at the door. His face Is
unshaven, liis collar much worn, his
boots unbhu'keticd, Ute hair un brushed. He rings ntieSn, iu exactly ten
seconds. Ik gives the bell n short,
petulant pull. Ho te thinking other.
He Ib grumbling tlml she doesn't answer it sooner. Ho has uot been
thinking uf her all day. lie has
gone further maybe, und fared Worse.
Now she opens il. lie pushes past
her and remarks, "Takes you forever
to answer that bell."
His unbrushed boots sound sullen
as he ascends the stairs. She follows meekly after. He dashes into
the room and around the house and
sings out, "Isn't dinner ready yot?"
She bids him to bo patient for a
moment, but he won't—because dinner isn't ready within one minute
after ho gets home; because this is
the ouo year after ninrriuge; because
the bloom is olT the ryo, tlie down
rubbed ofT tho peach and various
other considerations; because its tlio
Way Of tho world, of man. of matrimony. () temporal 0 Moses! ()
matrimony!—Pearson's  Weekly,
Mr.  Ito-rk-nft'll-rr'r* live Minima.
John D. Rockefeller, lho "Oil
King," whose wealth touches the
»l2fi;000,000 mark, won bis first
start in a business way by working
on u New York furni, twelve hours
out of the twenty-four, for twenty-
five cents a duy. He has einiutl lm
position    uh a multi-millionaire     by
adhering to tho principles of thu following live nuixinis:
1. It Bhould bo every man's duty
to get nil i he money ho can, keep
all In1 run. uml gtvo mvuy nil he cau,
2. Duy only what can tn* pnid for,
nml look upon debt as an ogre that
lirst   paralyzes atul then kills.
II. Live within your menus, and
don'l think too much of your neighbor's good fortune.
■4. Keep a record of nil expenditure* nnd ivceipls. so thut at the end
o( Oftcll year you run tell whei Imi*
you are Saving enough money lo pro
vuie   aguiust    the Inevitable   iniu>
duy.    Any ouo cuu make money, ((-v,
can Nave il.
fi,   Live as though OV" ry   jict    ul
yours was under the scrutiny ol youi
bit Iciest onOBU ■        [
Men nev-nr got   too    old to nequir*
la Rheumatism of tho barb
Tha cause b Uric Acid
la the blood. If tha kid-
naya did llielr work there
would bo no Uric Acid and
no Lumbago. Make the
kidneys do their work. Ths
•ure, positive and only
cur* for Lumbago to
' W---*-*-*>*i-v€C:-*-<**3 •<•-:•:•.■/•>•-•.•; 9 : *.
I LOOTED     }
iii f«ontdt V—f iwi i-aiMil
Cbanulng Barnes, desperado atul out-
I»v, has met the fato thnt souner or
later ovcrtnkes nil ot his class aud
died with Ids boots on, us it was his
frequent honst that be would. Tracked to a BWltjUp near New Orlonps by
United Stales ollicers for lil-i last crime,
ihut or robbing a trnin, he bad turned
liis knife, to often reiuly to slay other;;,
upon himself und perished by bis own
hnud rather timu submit to capture,
lie bud been wounded by bis punmcri,
iiml, rcnllxliig Unit egrnpo was Impossible,  he ended Ids e-treer.     lie  Wits   i
cool man, of oxivaordluAl-y nerve, an :
would uot have iMuiinltli'd salt murder
from any oilier motlVO than that ol
dnuutloss defiance, He had sworn in
die fighting ami novor tu la* laketi
No crltnliuil was ever mon** eagerly
mu to eniill In a mau bunt than
Barnes after the Btjirtllng robbery nf
the Obtoclo State Imnk, in bos Art-
gules cot.nl;, Cal. This itslotflsblag
piece of criminal work was accomplish
ed In January, I8JKS,
Shortly bel'iire (loot! Iwo men entered
ihe bauk nud Mopped nt the paying
teller's window. The cashier, Fred D.
Sianim, was {tn.IV (*lotu\ tbo president
being in Los Angeles nml the other
employees beiug away nt lunch. Cash
Ier Btauim was working ou his ledger,
and when lie looked np to see who bis
customers were he encountered the
barrels uf two large revolvers nnd Instinctively obeyed Ibe commaud,
"Mumls up!"
Keeping bim covered, ono of tbe robbers sealed llie railing and without it
assistance, tried io ■■■ ie;i-c him sin mm
abouted the euuihiiiiitlun through ihe
heavy steel doors, nud afler u sboH
time Sibley opt'Ued thi in and released
the prisoner
Tin* rubbers had hnlf nu hour's start
before the alarm was given, und men
■started in every direction iu search of
(hem. The dlreetloU they had taken
was toward tbe ilfuenn hills, a wild
country lu which it was Impossible
to follow a nail, und lor n time nil
trace of them was lost.
For nearly three weeks the efforts
were of no nvnil. All trace of the robbers wus lost.
One day during the following January a stranger appeared nt Fullerton
and began speudlng money lavishly,
buying really and oiher things uot fo
valuable, His actlouB caused suspicion, and he was traced lo San Francisco, where be was captured. Ho
wus sentenced to six years in Snn
It wus a short time after bis release
tfifit nt* committed the train robbery
Unit re-nlted iii ills undoing.
Tho Chicago in.iU iiiiwi ou the llll-
nols Central was beld up lu a most
luring manner. Conductor Kennabraw
was wounded, and a large number of
registered packages were taken. The
conductor's watch wns run ml on
Barnes1 body when the Inttqr was dis-
covered by tb" detectives and, Willi
the dead man's mm WQteu. waa running iu perfect time.
it Is a matter of relief to southern
California that Barnes has committed
his final deed of \ loleliee, hns looted
liis last train. It was theru thai he
began his criminal career, a career
that hus caused detectives und Bhorlffs
tho country over to regret tho flay that
BO elusive n bnndit was born.
word dealt Mr. Stamm a blow ou the
bead with a sandbag, knocking him to
the Door almosl unconscious, The two
robbers tbeu proceeded to rlllo the
trays on tbe bank counter and  Ibo
ash bo.ves lu the vault, emptying lhe
money Into n large valise carried by
ono nf them. They secured $-I.S7">
They hnd nbout completed their work
when Mr. Stamm recovered conscious
ness, nud the bnntllls forced Iilm Into
the vault nud locked It.
.lusl as the robbers were lenvlng lite
Imnk 11. i*. Sibley entered and wns ut
onee covcrtd witli the guns of Ihe
robbers, Both of Ihom assaulted him.
beating Iilm Into Insensibility with
tbeir revolvers and leaving Idm lying
mi the Boor, They then left the build
ing. entered a buggy at the door nnd
drove off lu the direction of China.
Twenty minutes Inter Sibley recover
e-tl caplc|QUBUCS| and, bearing the lui
prisoned cashier In the vault crying for
Dunns Exploit* of Soutli  America'*
Hoat Noted Origami,
Ton thousand pesos Is the price placed on tho hend of Maduro, generalissimo of tbo South American bandits, by
thn goverument of Peru.   Formerly It
was not so large, but has boon raised
since be robbed the audience assembled
in the Opera House of Huachlro.
On that occasion ho had rung up tho
curtain ut (he Plaza theater with a
score of bandits on the stage, their
rides aimed at the richly jeweled audience of tho tlrst fashion. Then ho
had directed four stanch brigands to
"lake up the collection" of money and
diamonds, the people to remain quiet
the whilo nl the peril of their lives.
This done, he thanked the audience for
their kind attention nnd disappeared.
Uuw cold u fecla. though tiie nui »tiii «'i!t*tf ou
your tare m data nickel
I im slippinc Into iho Silent Hice, Wain I dull
nol wo you, love;
. must villi ilon* through Hid gttte ot At-aih to
the InnJ wo do not know.
I>o not wwp lor ine  wlu-n  Utc?  lay ids down
when Hit cypres* (reel bend low.
IVi nrt  weep  (or me  whin  I   lie  i-leop,  for my
iir*»ni* limit Li of lliee;
I nhill m Uiitio eyes. 1 dull feel thy touch, fl
will cheer *n<] hearten ire.
Though   wo  do  nut   km iy  »lial   ihli  death   RWJ
mem. yet I ihall not go wiih dread.
Though I walk alone in the Silent Und, lor my
love will not ba dead.
TbrtUfh my dreadful |]«cp I iliall drcim of thee,
and thine eye* ahull ll|ht Hie gtark',
IValh can never tukc from tbi lonelr one the love
lhat living Ka»e.
I -l-vl leel thy k,  < When '1 *-' wlnUa Mow soft In
thc cypres* tree* above |
1 -ihall drtatn ot thee through tho long, long year*,
nor grow weary drettnlng, lovel
-Uirgan-t S. Clark in Qood Wonts.
Bnekblte-Dlgby Is n fool.
llilkiiid—lie sntA tlio unius of yotl,
Itnekl.ite-WhatV   He's a liar!
Hllkiiis-Rxncil)* wlmt ho called you
when I toltl him yen snid he wna a fooL
Dear um, hat you fellows aro Kkcpiicall—
Ohio Statu JuuruaL
Dr. Chase Makes Friends
of Hosts of Women
By Curing Their Peculiar Ills   Dr. Chase's Nerve Food
a Surprising Restorative for Pale, Weak.
Nervous Women.
nervca. I would take shaking spells,
und a dizzy, swimming feeling would
como over nn*. Night after night I
would nover closo my oyes, and my
heud would acho as though It would
burst. At last I had to koop to my
bod, and though my doctor attended
ma from fall until spring, his modi-
cinq did not help me. I havo now
taken five boxes ot Dr. Chase's Nerve
Food, and it hns dono mo wore good
than I over bolioved a medicine could
do. Worda fall to express my gratl-
tudo for the wonderful cure brought
about by thla treatment."
Mrs. Margaret Iron, Tower Hilt, N.*
D., writes: "Dr. Chase's Nervo Food
has dono mo a world of good. I was
ao weak that I could not walk twice
the length of tho houso. Since using
Dr. Chase's Norvo Food I havo been
completely restored. I can walk a
mllo without any Inconvenience.
Though 76 years old and quito fleshy,
I do my own housework, and considerable Bowing, knitting and reading
besides. Dr. Chaso's Nervo Food has
proved of Inestimable valuo to mo."
Dr. Chase's Nervo Food, fiO cents a
box, at all dealers, or Eduianaon,
BatM ft Co., Toronto.
Aa a result of much conllnement
within (luura, and tlu; conscquint
luck of frt.sh air and lu "ill luul oxer*
ciae, most women not ouly Iohu nm-h
lu figure and    complexion, but also
BUflter more or less from serious bodily derangements ub the result of thin,
Watery blood uud exhausted nervous
More than nine-ten tha of tho coses
of diseases peculiar to women ure directly due to a weakened condition of
the nerves, und can be cured thoroughly and permanently by taking
mild outdoor exercise, breathing
plenty of pure, fresh air and using
Dr. Chase's Nervo Food to form new
blood and revitalize tho depleted nervous system.
It takes timo to build up lho nya-
tem anew, to fill tho shrivelled arteries with now, rich blood, restore tho
wasted nerve cellB, and renew the activities of the bodily organs, but the
persistent use of Dr. Chase'B Nervo
Food will accomplish thoso results
and bring health and happluess to
weak, nervous and Buffering women.
Mra. Chas. II. Jones, Flcrceton,
Quo., writes: "Foi years I havo boon
» groat suffurer with my heart   and
Hla first Aa-l-gnui-tnt, Whkh lie
Tuuk Wilb i.r: in DcU-i-mi tnut ton.
BMHtfhl Hlm Fume lu More Wuyn
•ill.in On. -Bnt) rural Hint Hla POBl-
White chatting about the oddities of re-
portbrlal life u Pmlrfdelphfa.newspaper
man. who spent n Any in the city l»>t
week, told a queer story of a midnight Interview. "It occurred yenrs ago," he
said, "when 1 was holding down my first
regular Job on the local stuff. Like nil
cnbfl 1 hnd Uevti told nt tlm outset to simply bang around the office within cull uf
tli" city editor, if he Bhould happen to
mnl me; imt, do! understanding the necessity ut having ii reserve of that kind,
I ehnfed terribly nutter the Inaction and
thought vaguely that I must Im* in di»-
gntcc of some Bort.
"So ynu may imngine my eagerness
nml I'Htli'ishisui win n I was called over
t.i the desk one night and told hurriedly
t*j go "in nml gel an Interview with a
proipiueot lawyer wbo wna lehdlng a elt-
liens1 anilviee crossdo that luu) recently
l*..ii alerted among tin* chronic reform-
iis This lawyer—call hlm Thompson
tor oonvcnlenco- wus fmderstood to ba
planning a bitter otlacli on the police,
nml l)«< Iin luul |uat (-nine in that hi* in
tended to open tue next dny. 'It's now
nearly midnight/ laid lho city editor,
'mnl lie's probably beeu In bed for hums,
hut I'll depend nu ymi t.i route him out
ami gel some kind uf q lull;. Km* ii.-in ■
i ii'-, sake, dun't let hi; i utnnil you off!1
•ill gel liim, Kir,' 1 repll d fervently, "if 1
hnve i<i drag hlm out by the feut.' I
roalined prptty fully wlmt the Interview
tiH'tiut nol only to the paper, hut to my
iiwti future prospects, nnd ns I hurried
i.i'.Minl the residential section I deter-
miui'd to make Thompson talk or perish
In lln- attempt.
"I found |ila house without much tlitli-
I'uiiy—it wns a Omk, gloomy looking mnn-
slott in ii quiet side street-—and was about
tu pull the lell when ilu* door opened suddenly nml a mau appeared on the tlnc-di-
uld. IU- had on hi- bat nnd overcoat,
and, while I hnd never met lho lawyer,
bis gpncral appearance was about what 1
hml expected. We both started back in
biirprlsc, but lie wns the first to recover
himself, 'What do you wont?* he ABkbd,
•I'm it reporter for The —.' I replied,
'and 1 pri sunie you are Mr. Thompson.'
'I Bin,' he said curtly, 'and 1 ask yuu
again wlmt you wjnitV That wns n hail
beginning, and I hastened to tell him
hiii'dy the nature of my errand, 'Il-tn-m.'
he grunted, stopping outside nnd closing
tin* door. 'This Is n most unearthly hour
tu disturb a man fu: au Interview.' 'lhit
you seem about to po out, sir,' 1 suggested. Tcrhnps you will let mo accompany
you a little way and talk ns we go.' i
was going to propose it,' he replied. 'My
wife is sick, nml I have been silting up
with ber. In fact, 1 wns on tbe point nf
going ont for a short walk and some fresh
air when you enme.'
"I wns overjoyed ut this lucky turn of
events," continued the story teller, "and
nn wo walked together up the street I
proceeded to souml him ns to his contemplated onslaught on the police force, tie
was brusque nud reticent at first, but
presently he warmed lo the subject nnd
began io talk In a way that promised a
ranting good article.
" 'The only police protection we have ia
the city at present,' be said, 'is the protection given to lawbreakers ut an much
a month, uud tbe citizen and taxpayer
have to look out for themselves. Il Is
mite chance nnd luck thnt keep my residence in town from being looted. If lhc
police made a determined effort to stop
burglnHeli, they would shut off the revenue of the very gentlemen who are helping to buy tbem hrend ami meat aud
champagne.' He rambled on lu tbis vi-
tacloua vein, denouncing the chief ns a
fm headed Incompetent nnd charncteriz-
[tivlhedclectirps as a lot of blackmailing
imbeciles until I wus really obliged to put
on the brakes for fear 1 would be too
hue with my 'copy.'
"I thanked him heartily for the interview, whieh was, In fact, a mere monologue, bade him good night ou the next
corner nml sprinted back to the office nt
tlio top of my speed. 1 dashed "l> l'1*' st nits
rourSteps at a time, grabbed a pud uf paper and began lo write like mail. When
the city editor glanced ovei the first few
pages, his eyes stuck out of their sock-
its. 'Why. this Is the hottest stuff oh tec*
nn!!' he exclaimed, '1 never knew Thompson to turn louse in nny such style! Are
yon sure yuu ate quoting liim correctly?'
'Pun! certnln.' 1 replied. '1 was surprised at him myself uud took particular
pains to IU his exact expressions on my
mind.' 'All right, then.' said the ciiy ed-
hur. grinning. 'We'll double lead tliis! It
will wake up the town.'
"My story, ns nearly ns I remember.
covered nbonl a column, nnd when I went
liome after tinning in the Inst sheets I
bad a plen-sant premonition tbat the
Olght'fl work would make mv peculiarly
Build with tlte paper. I gol up lu a happy frame of mlml next morning and went
lo the office somewhat earlier than usual,
BO as nut to mis- any stray congest illations uu my big hll. To my astonishment
1 found llie managing editor and city editor In excited conference and several
Btrimgbra standing around, nil talking at
once. 'Here lie Isl' yelled Ibe city editor
in. soon as be snw me. 'What In thunder
does this mean, sir''' "Whnt doea what
nieanV I itammeredi scared half out of
my whn. 'Why, this fake!' be bawled.
'This blankety blanked fairy stury you
ran hi nu us lust uightl' And **v shook
the paper uuder my nose, with my nrti-
cle on lhe unisldo fold.   'That Is no fake!'
I retorted Indignantly* 'Mr, Thompson
snid every word I wrote,' 'The — he
did!' he screamed. 'Why, you Infernnl
fakir, here la Mr. Thompson right now,
ami lie snys he never IDW you Iti his life!'
I slured lifltpj-DMly at the group, and a
flolciuti looking gentleman slepped fur*
ward.   'One moment, please,' In* suld to
the olliers. 'Now, Ihen,' he continued,
addressing himself to me, 'will yuu kindly
describe the exact circuinstances of thnt
liiiei tIpwT
"t did «n as well ns I could In my rattled conditiou, nud tie smiled fnintly as I
concluded my narrative. 'I think I see
th rough it. geiiilein, n.' snid lie. 'My real
deuce was liurglnrlwd last night, nnd ihe
-ir—persnii thin young mail met at ihe
dour was evldrnlly the our who dd lln
woik.    His views nn the pnllec aie t|"ll
tu I crest Ing-' he added lilnudty    li uit
seme lime before I got nnmlur Job " fit
lhe ucwspiijii i  mnn in I'uiu Iimi* i|
(net, I'm on (lie blink list of th it ■ ;i
alar office to thin day!"—Hew   u.i a.
■ibues Dtmocrnt.
Tbo  l>,vx|ie|Hle'i   View.
"Since this l.'iiiiiese trouble there Ims
been n lot of talk nliout 'lho yellow
peril,'" reutnrk!d the Inquisitive hoarder,   "Now, what is *tiie yellow peril?'"
"A pumpkin pie." grunted the dyspeptic laimi'.er. - i'liibidelphin Becord,
Mother F.ve ney hrve liivinti'd  ■
osiiy, but she is Die milv ivi.i/mii m
oui who never luiti.it nrultli '■ "■ -*e   »
the oilier woman I,* il on,
Tlloro Is nlways hope In n nmn
actually nml enrucsily wnrha. It-
m>hi atone te t' <« nei-prinal de-p-vlr,
4 m\Mo SI'lllll
HE    TELLS    HOW    MLS    SON    HL-
BSd Ui. Spine Injure.!, itud tor liv.
\ «>.*t" Wh» fiuttbla lo ilu nny Woik
hiiiI lur  Itott   ot   lhe lime   WmS Coo.
(1,1    .1   In   tilt-    H.,,1.. .
Mr. Yf*. iD'Entremont, a well kuowu
farmer living at West Pubnico, N, B.,
writes : "1 believo it is only rigiit
tlmt t should let you know the benefit your medicine — Dr. Williams'
Pink PUIb— liu\e been to my son,
Constant, Rixiit-n years uf age. For
s-avQral yours he waa almost a constant invalid, the result of nn injury
to hi.** spine while working with his
brothers ou the farm.   Ho grew weak
uud lUtloss, hull Uu appetite, uud for
two years wus unable t.i work und
wns im tin- iiiu.se uf tho turn* confined tu thu bouse, und for a part ut
thu lime tu his bed, lie suffered considerably (VOW punts iu i hi* buck;
his legs wero went, ami Uu had fro*
ipient headaches. At dlflurent times
he wus attendod bj two doctors, but
got im bosjofll Hum the treatment,
Then l procured an electric bek for
liim, bin. It was simply money wasted ub it did nut du him a particle uf
good. One dny while my sun wus
reading a newspnper ho cume across
uu article telling uf a euro iu a somewhat similar case through the use of
Dr, Williams' Pink Pills, and he then
decided tu givo them a trial. After
the second box was tnken there was
a marked improvement in his condition. He continued the use of the
[nils until be hnd taken olght boxes,
and lhey have restored him to health.
ilia appetite has  returned;   tho pain
hun left his back; ho has gained flesh;
is able to rido a bicycle, enjoys life
and is able to do a day's work as
well us any one of bis ago. This letter is given gladly bo that, others
may learn the nierits of Dr. Williams'
I'ink I'ills, and liud a cure if ailing."
Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills euro such
cases as the one noted above becauso
lhey create now, rich, red blood, thus
streugtheniug weak und shattered
nerves. They do not purge und weaken like other medicines, but strengthen from the lirst iIoho Lo the lusl.
Sold by all dealers In    medicine    or
sunt post [laid at no cents a box or
six boxes fnr $51.50 by addressing the
IV.Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville,
INlerltn*r.>   Iti  Miner j*.
Major t'otiifl I'enlliiiiiiil von Wnlali
Ksierbiixy. wlm llgiired so prominent I;
in ilie i'reyfus cm-e uud who wns di
ii'ium-id liy Maihieti Dreyriis tin belli;
Hn* ivrili'i ut' lln* famous liordenii.
Whleh  bruil-glll   Jllaitll   the   lWi>  ctllivh
ilt.us of Cnpliilti Allied Dri-yliiH on lln
i iiarge of li'i'i'iHon, Ims suiitt lulu lit lei
misery Ulmllvof-rVd wiiV'-ssuit ugjilnm
her uiotlmi', the Muniuiso de Betiin
t-iturt. for nn ullowiinee on the groitmb
ihnl she Is iu profound distress und uu
able to Hllppbft or n I unite lier youm
(liuigliterH Ims iirotigiit rortb the f 1
lowing letter, wrliieii by the major tu
bis wife nnd dated London, Nov. I. "I
have lieeii nimble to write to toy ibil
dri'ti leeiiiily, mu having tlie money h
buy n pusliigc stamp I nm nl Hu- lum
i*xt:eiiili,v of RtK'iigtb, t'ournge and re
FOtirci'M I imve not enten for hv
■la.vM iiuiil tills moruiug lu the worl
house. I have no clothes, nm slilvct'lii;
wiili eold nud .-nu compelled to wnnt
myself by entering churches nml mu
There never wus, and never will be, a
universal panacea, in one remedy, for all ills
to which Jl hh Ib heir—the very nature of
many curatives being such thai were ttio
germs of other and differently seated (lis-
caeofl rooted in tho system ol the patient—
what would relievo one ill In turn wonld aggravate the other. Wo have, however, in
Quinine Wine, whon obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated state, a remedy for many and
grievous ills. By Its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems are led into convalescence and -strength by tho influence which
Quinine exerts on naturo'a own restorntivui.
It -relieves tbe drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state uf morbid despondency and lack of internet in life is a disease,
and, by tranqullizlng the nerves, disposes to
sound and refreshing sleeii—imparts vigor
to the action of the blood, which, being
■tlmulated, courses throughout tho vein-,
strengthening tho hen thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
necessary result, strengthening the finmo,
and giving life lo the digestive organs, which
naturally demand increased subfltance—ro-
suit, improved api-eiitc. Northrop & Lyman,
of Toronto havo given to the public llielr
superior Quinine Wine at the ueunl rate, ard,
ganged by tbo opinion of scientist*, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of nny In
tbe market.   All druggists sell it.
U'hj* fii-orm* the Porter lt-Marneil ta
ills Job,
"1 bad a colored man working for
me iu a warehouse nt •■?-') per month."
salt) the Pittsburg mun, "und u few
weeks ugo he cnum to mu uml sab1.
"'Mars Phillips, i alu't dun -satUUed.
ami I'ze gwlne to strike fur higher
wngcK. I wntiiH smh n mouth, or out
I goes.'
'"Look here, George,' 1 wild In reply.
'I am also dlssatlplled nml qui going io
strike. 1 don't think you arc worth
¥*') a mouth, uud 11 yon won't lake
{15 you cnu go.'
"Ue went nwny und thought It over
for awhile am) then returned lo Miy:
"'Look here. Mars Phillip,*). Mcbbo
I hain't got dis yere litmiuca.i right.'
"'As to how'/' I nsked.
""Bout do Hiriktii.'
'"That wns ul> right. Vou a.ruck
for s:\i\ a mouth.'
'"Snrtln I did, bm you turned right
nrouud and struck for Sl.".'
"'Ves, and that wnn all right too.
Didn't you know that thero were two
Bides to a strike?4
"'I nebbur, uebber did, ruIi. Just
thought' dere wns one side and It was
tilt mine. Tea i'h like I bad got nil
muddled up, and I want to du mm-
■"Well, what Is it?*
"fl want to call my strike off. and
1 wnnt you to call your Btriko ofT, nud
I wnnt to go to work ag'in for $*J0 a
uionih and Jest break my ole bnck
tb'iiplti dem bftr'ls ov lime nround do
wit rehouse.'
"I agreed to the proposal, and he te
working fur mo nt the old wages ami
whlEtllug In contentment."
M. Ql'AD.
Next tn doing lho thing» that,
should in* dono la leaving undono thu
things that -should not be done.
fi/faw Wu/ JiLmmA' Mjtwffw/ tots
He—You know  tbe.v* say  a   "woman
iib'i keep a. secrel,
She— Tlmt'a u libel.   A womnn cau
keep  it   secret us easily  ns |l   itiini  enn
-all but two kinds. There are se-
lets ihnt aren't worth keeping and
thorB that are too good to keep
PAQOBD   OUT.—Nona but lho«   who
bnvo become fugged  out  know what ti ile-
Ereswii, miserable f i ling it is. All strength
igune.iind desiHiiidi-ncy Ins ttikeu holaof
the Mifferott, lln*y feel U thuiigli there :a
nothing lo live fur. '1 hen*, however, Is a
our*.—one box of Parmolee's vegetable l'i is
will do wonders In roBtorlag health uud
Strength. Mandraki* und bund lion are two
of the articles entering inlo the oompotltioa
mi 1'iiriie leu's I'ilU.
Evory ninn is ull right iu his waj
but a lot  of  tbem un*  right   lu    tin
v of others.
Pont talk ui. random. MakoeVoti
thing you any hit tho murk or >a\
your ammunition.
"Sre  the  littlo girl  run."   we said
to ibe mountaineer, "She fairly darts
in nnd out."
"Yes," suid tho honest fellow, his
face   glowing    with paternal prid«.
she's my darter."
Sun or Ohio, Cm or Totroo, i,.
FiiASK J, i ill.SKY in  l;.*t .nitli lint hf In   lie
wiiiur imitiiiTi.f tin' iimi of v. J. OnnatT *
Co., iln.t g btula-SM in tli» Cttv of Vpndo,
County uid8Ut«afaroMld. ud tlmt -m-l Arm
Mill inr Un- Mint of *>NK Hl'MiKKD l»"L-
l.AI!-. h-r .-neit Hialeverv euw-.-f i.lHrrll tbtl
mnnot becurou by tbe useof Hall'ICai auhh
t.Olia. HJANK .1 i HK.NKV.
Bwern to baton in.* ud nnwibed In my
prwonodi lab otli day of uottt rol*r. \. i>., ten
, — , a. W.OLEAbO.V,
JURAL f iVHOlf fiiNir,
Ball'i Catarrh Oan i* tt—ta lateraallyand
iu'l8 illrt*;-il\ im the I1*.<mI anil mi,eons -.urfftotM
ot tbamtnn.  Bend for t-aptbaonUb, (r,'t*.
F.J CHENEY k00.,Toledo 0.
sold by Drnggbtt.no.
IU1U Vutnilv l'iiU*ir,*lht-l-e«t
I A "TfKCANA " «ei.iance cigar
LA      lUaWUl/l,     KAOTOKY, Montreal
The nmn who btiustti of paying ns
ho goes is usually slow abu>n mnking u start.
The female student in chemiatr
diottld tm ablo analyze ho own con
Htuii'i Llilmeat Cores fiarsel ii Cows.
Nature made a inistiikc In Creating
men who live for thomsolvea uluno
Muny ii woman is forced lo atand
ip for lu*r rights in n crowded aire i
Mr. Thomua  Ballard. Syrnoose,  N. Y.,
writeii "1 huvo boon afflteted for nearly a
y-a,ir with tbut uioot-to-lw dreiid-id d B ti-c
dynpoprtin, and ut time! worn out with i»nn
and want of sleep, and, ufter trying nlmo-t
everything recouiuieiid-^d, 1 tried one bv\ ot
FarmoleeTe Vegetable I'ills. I nm now neatly
well, and believe thuy will cure mo, I would
not be without llu in fur uny muuey.
A mun BOldom docs his best unlei
to iH working for himself.
Loafers    seem     to    huvo a grtidg-
•guinst nil men who ure busy
Some pictures taken from life in.li
c»to thut the artist ought to bo.
Kliart's Liniment Cores Distemper.
As a rule old nge applauds the pnst
And condemns the present.
Fortune is usually seen in the
pany of  industry  nnd charity
Love   never   finds    a   burden    too
heavy for it to tackle
fade, but young lives endangered by *>■ :■.■
cougha and ciilds may be preserred by Dr.
Thomas' Eclectrle Oil, Croup, whooping-
cough, broachitle—in short, all affections of
tbo throat und lung? are relieved by ■'•,'?.
sterling preparation, which alio n-riu-i ..-
rhcumidic pains, BOTi *-, tiruisos, pile^.kidory
difficulty, and te in*>-*- cconomio.
"That   paper railroad of yours.bow
does it progrosa?"
Weil, its still stationery,"
Minard's Liniment Cures Colts, Etc.
A woman's socond husband is BUp*
posed tn believe that bis prodecossor
was the Ih-st inan  ihut  ever lived.
Someone has snid     "You can iu»vi r
tall what   a    jur>   or a    woman will
do."   Any f<»oi Jury ought ta know
that it woman will   talk.
Free and enty exi rctoration immediately
relieves nnd frees th" thr-uit nnd lung* from
fiscid phlegm, nn I a mrdicirp that promotes this ia thc ■■•■-! medioine to use for
rough-, c il-ds, itiflnii.iuiit.on of the lungs
and all affections of ih< thrcmt and etnet.
Ihis is precisely what Biokln Anti-Con-
luinpttve Syrup Is a speolBo for. and where,
ever nssd .t ha* gtv n u* te-w A d s,itisfae-
tiou.   Cbildau like it beososs it if pleasant.
iault- like it Sviutt tt rvlictes and cures
the dieitisc.
.•Wl   the  world's a st ngo—und most
of the occupants arc supers who plsy
thinking parts
A girl may know her own weigh'-.
but she never knows how long she
may have to wait for a proposal.
Miaari's Liniment Cures Dip'&tteria.
Solomon gnvo to posterity much
excellent ad* we—probably becanse
i lie rather numerous Mrs. Soloinou
wouldn't take any of it.
Tin;   mo.-t     of our    mistakes come
from being in a hurry.
Men   Inherit their own pasi  and   da
vis..* thoir own future.
uli-n n fool ports with his money
the chances arc that some other tool
gets iiart of it.
There Is still believed m be plenty
gold In Alaska. Tho estimated ontpot t
1001 la put at 915,000,000. *-
Iron barred windows in residences n     *
oo lunger peculiar to Spain.  Tbey h**   i
appeared in A.inericau matisinns since il *
kidnaper began operations,
.Inpnn is taking n t-.rw M.*p le nppn ■■-■
-acsleru civili/iiliiin and   -irlthdrnu'   f   :
Chinese traditions by requiring nffleln
tbut   (lie   Japanese   language   fliall   hv
taught in schools by  nmiins of It in
letlcrs and no IdUger by the syllabic sjTU
A New Yorker who crossed ilu ocean
Inst Mininier threw two bnttli*s nrerboard.
having placed in paeh une n curd bearing
bii mime ami offering ¥5 reward if re
turned to bim. One of (jie cards Uns hem
fi,rwin<lid from I'm nee, and a check lias
beoti sent to thc timlcr.
Tunis, the fnuioui black bona which
fiemril Itoulanger rode nt Ihe review la
ISistJ. ha** died. Before hla deilth tlm former uduteler of war consigned the animal
to tba charge of bis friend, M Louts Bar
bier, who sent it to iin ftlroiids to end iis
days in peaco. It has Iwen decided to send
the nnlrnal'i tail m, u present to M. Henri
A collection of blotting pRpen in the
iiosMs«ioii of an American cltlxen is e.*ti-
Dialed lo be of great value, liflch shesl
COntR'Ins lho bbitled impression of the
litimlwiifing of n presidenti nnd nil the
clib'/a <<f n n* public vluee IMI are rep<-
setited. Due -beit la thai on which Piv-i
drill  l.iiM-olu hint till a lette- nn the da)
uf Ida murder.
Brass Band
I   ertimprii, Drums, Volforms, Em.
Lowes** pr'.cca srer qooted. Fine ealslofas
SO lila-itrtttotu naOsd fre«. Writs u far ur
tfalnf In Mmlt or Mail* at lastr-nm-MM.
WttltJ Eoyc. 4 Oo., 'lv3K*&i;'SiL
Sore Lungs
mean weakened lunjs™-all
caused by a cold and oough,
Weak lungs sooner or later
mean consumption.
will heal and strengthen the
lungs, cure cold and stop the
Mr. Joliiw.ii, Manager C. Dinted A Ct.,
King fit. Slot*, Toronlo, Myi i " We uV. i i
of Sniloh and we recommend ii. too, I Imi * '
aevere aii.n.ic cl I'neunionu which I'd me!
with mire lungi and n bid c*uch. Shiloh com* i
pleiely cured me.    bhiloh t. all rtxht."
Rhllub'a Onii-nitn-jiHon Car-B ll mil-l liy nil .
drugglatS In CRimil« nud Vnlt-r<! SlMinn at:
Sl'*. sen, • l.Oll m Itiittl-n. Ia <lr-nftt Hi n..lti !
nt Ik, UH., Si. .1*1., nml 4a. flit. A primed (
f asfsUts• g-*** will*. a*ary tmtllr If ynu <
■ro not uaiuile-.l ga to your ilrucglat mnl
ffl jniir tnounj Imrk.
Wrlle fur illuitraied bo.ilt an Con-i'imi'tion Sttu |
wiih*.ut coai to ftn\,   S. 0. Wa iu ft Oo., Tofosta,     *
price li."! of rew and -seeond-nand wheels.
Special diacoant to dt-nien. We ilio want
poqi repair work. S---.-J rc-pain in now be*
fore th- rn U. We gtee »r*cial and proin^
attention to country orders. Andre Anns
t (iyete Co., ■■** -r.-. i*.-^*. Sacceuora to Hye-
lop Broe,
United States Cream
. Separators.
Perfect ik mmcri, Light running aaS SSStsSI
towaah.   Wiil  outlaat  two of almoat all com-
Eetltort. All round tha moat aervlcasble aaS
eat value. Everything needed la tha Salry
kept. Write for cataloguaa. SUpmaata ef
freah butter wanted.
Will.   OtULl,       WINNIPEO.
WHEELER A WILSON icwim machiru
Rapidity. Saw- about OH day In iiir**.
Villain* m .inddurability without ti'.iae or tw.
',literal utility.   Heat f»r all Itindaof work.
241 Portafe Are., WinM; -«.
to aend your ordera targe or ameU te
PAUL SAL* "i.? Wlm, LUi.n
WiBnipcg, Man., US Mala Street.
r-.it Ntiifi Fort (m \t__, I> H 9*i pi-, fo*
Om* Wkiiker. U u ti h ,* i*> t*i. tA tl**. tt
Wanted typhi* in r.vi;itv town )U
('anuria to sell our
Everything for the
W. N. IJ. U17. * ll Pay, lo Deal Wilh Seattle "
Get a Camera
....and be a fiend.   It's fun.
All styles and prices, of
R. E. Beattie, J?ue
The Eminence
of Excellence !
We aim at keeping
in fancy and staple
Qroccries     jt     jt
....G. T. ROGERS
Wc have just finished opening and placing on our shelves our
lately arrived car of groceries, and are offering a rare variety at
reasonable prices.    Among our great assortment we might mention
Shelled almonds, Symington's extract coffee, dessicated
cocoanut, shredded cocoanut, canned turkey, chicken
and lunch tongue. Every variety of toilet soap made
by John Taylor, bottling bluing, household ammonia,&c
Don't forget we handle the best creamery
butter at ,v> cents per pound at
Prices and Values
Always in Harmony.
the Grocer.
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice i'.
How can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
aa........ *j*jt*t****m*m***A     Mr.  Smilh,   one ol the Port Steele
2 r Ar**AT      H.t/**lT"J**Q ****  *,',,l"°'   teacher,,   celebrated   Dominion
day in Cranbrook.
j      LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up About tke City  by Askisf
Questions of Many  People.
Wait for the new furniture company.
ti. Dei-osier, of Jaffray, was in town
Lost—bunch of keys.   Pleise return  to
J. P  I'ink.
OgilvleiS flour, bran, ahorti tnd chaff
■t G. T. Roger's.
A. McVittie returned lilt Saturday
from Blairmore.
Miss Davidson, of Cowley, is -visiting
Mrfl  Henry Parker.
Milk shake, lhe great summer drink,
at Mrs. McConuell's.
A. Ii. Fenwick came down from Jaf-
fray to spend Sunday.
MIbbJ ckfjon visited hei former home
at Nelson on Dominion day.
Charles and Tmi Parrell. of Moyie,
visited Cranhrook last week.
J. Urault has just completed a line
vemnda iu front of his hotel,
W. R Hoss and Alex Watson came
over from Fort Steele Friday.
The wrecked engine and tender have
been sent to the shops for repairs*.
Dr. Hell has returned from the boundary where he went on ollicial busiuess.
Ladies' white waists. An elegant line
just in hy express.   Gilpin's, of course.
Wait for the uew furniture company,
Charles McN'ati, of the McNab I,umber
romyany, came up from Jaffray jester
II. Pollard haa returned to his home
iu Moyie after a short siege In the hospital.
California new potatoes, cabbage, turnips, onions, etc , at Gilpin's—Cheaper
II. Haines, manager of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, spent Monday in
P*esh strawberries. Leave your orders
for a crate. Piice this week, $3.35. G.
T. Rogeis.
Government creamery butler is the
hest in Canada. Thirty cents a pound
ct Gilpin's,
Harry O'Hagan had two front teeth
knocked out while playing lacrosse one
day last week,
M**, Mtewart, oue of Fort Steele's
pioneer hotel keepers, waa a Craobrook
visitor Monday.
Mrs, G, H. Gilpin went to Fenwick
ranch yesterday where a number are to
picnic today.
W. A. Miner came down from lllaii
more Sunday to spend Dominion day
with bis Jam ily.
Conductor Corey and family have
moved inlo their handsome new home
on Garden avenue,
Rev. Holford leaves next Saturday for
Vancouver to attend a meeting of the
Baptist convention.
N. Hanson, m lyor of Wasa ami poo-
hah ofthe upoer Kootenay, was in town
Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Thompson, of Winnipeg, visited with friends iu Craubrook
several days this week.
Mis. Donahue has gone to Calgary to
join her husband, and will make that
town her home in the future.
There will be an installation of ollicers
at the Udd Fellows lodge Friday uight.
A full attendance is required.
Frank Johnston and John Murphy,
two ol Moyie's good looking citizens,
visited Cranbrook last Friday.
Mr, Nation, who now resides In Moyie,
spent several days iu town this week the
guest of his friend Mr, Morley.
P. Navin, wbo haa several large contracts at Pincher Creek, spent a couple
of days at home Ibis week.
Give Laycock'a creamery butter a trial
and you will be satisfied that you bave
the heat article ou the market.
Fruits in endless Variety, including
apricots, peaches cherries, strawberries,
plums, etc. at P. McConneli's.
A complete new line of choice confectionery made hy Lang, of Moutreal,
just received at P. McConneli's.
h. McKiiiKlrey and wile and J Wat-
sou and wife, of Ihe North Star mine,
were Cranbiook visitors Tueiday.
Rev. Stilliiiau, of the Fernie Methodist
church, exchanged pulpits last Sunday
with Rev. Ilowering, of tbis city.
We sell dairy butter with the fresh and
golden character ist it: of a June make
about it,   Try it.   G. T, Rogers.
Mrs. CHugen, who has been spending
the spring witb Mrs. G. T. Rogers, left
t iday for her home in hlkhom, Man.
Mrs. R ti. Beattie returned > ester day
from Creston, where she has been visiting her brother for the past two weeks.
G.H.Miner has added very much to
the appearance of bis home hy extending
the porch on the north side ofthe bouse.
Miss Cardiff bas moved Iter dress
making parlors to the rooms recently
vtcated hy Mr.  aud Mrs, R. ti. Beattie,
Wait for tbe new furniture company.
ti. J. Smith, ofthe Moyie Leader, was
in town yesterday. He says Moyie ia iu
good shape, aud everybody is feeling
D. L. Belcben has returned to South
Ivitst Kootenay after a trip through the
western states. He says this country is
good euough for him aud that nowhere
II you are feeling blu« or meaner
Drop Inlo the Wentworth and eat a Weiaer.
Our Wclncrwursts we do Import,
huh TuesJa) niornlriji from old Frankfort;
They travel In a palate tar,
And arc cooked atul served behind our bar
After 22 o'clock.
did be find limes any better than right
in this district,
At the the i hi of school trustees last
w-?ek, luiii---. .McBride was elected to
succeed W T Reid, whose tera had ex-
P, Lund came down Monday to visit a
few days with his family. He is engaged
at present in building the spur to Mor-
r sey.
Mis. Creech, formerly of Sandon, but
now living in Morrlsey, has been the
guest o( Mrs, Costigan and Mrs Arnold
Hiis week.
Mrs. Juliii Hutchison an ! baby are ex-
pected to return home next week. Mrs.
Hutchison will be acci mpanttd by he;
The I'ort Steele Meicantile company
are exclusive agents for Laycock's cele-
bi.tted Creamery butter. Have you given
tl a trial i
Wait lor the new furniture company.
L'lyco k'a celebrated creamery butter,
made nt Fox Warren, Man , is the best
011 llu* market. Try it. Thirty cents
per pOUtld,
The Fori Sleele Mercantile company
have a shoe bargain counter this week.
Those wanting good shoes at low prices
should call,
Mr, and Mrs. Losby will leave this
week for au extended trip to the east,
and while absent will visit the Buffalo
Horses nnd cattle are looking fine
these days, The glass all over tbe country is better than it bas been for years at
this season.
The Grant brothers, of Moyie, were in
the city last week, They expect to
have the new mill iu operation early
next mouth.
See the Fort Steele Mercantile compnny for a snap in shoes. A big bunch
of children's shoes at prices that will
surprise jou.
James Greer came down from Fernie
to spend Dominion tlay wilh his family
He says lhat  Fernie is doing a lot of
building this year. .
The Methodist and Presbyterian
churches are arranging for a union pic*
uie which is to be given iu about two
weeks ut Wardner.
The Herald is under obligations to J
P. Fink for a file of Dawson papers sent
to him by his brother John, who is in
Dawsou at this time,
Fred Collins, who was sentenced to be
hanged for the killing of a man at Windermere, bas bad the sentence commuted to life imprisonment*.
Mrs. James Findley and daughter, of
Kimberley, were in towu last Friday,
They have gone to Nelsou where Miss
Findley will take the examinations.
J. II McMulliu returns today to
Pomono, Cat., having closed up his bus*
(uess in ibis port of the country. He
ei'joyed his visit here wilh old friends.
Wait for the uew furniture company
J. Leask ami James Henderson took
their families and celebrated In the
woods on Dominion day. There was a
lot of sense in the way tbey spent tbe
John Breckenridge left Suuday for
New Westminster, where he will joio
Mrs. Breckenridge. They will visit relatives in Washington hefore they return.
Mrs. Cann, Mis. Bitimore, Mrs. Han-
itiiigii-n anil daughter, Mr. Hanutngton
Jr., j, T. Liidiaw and Al Doyle were
among the I'ort Steele visitors iu Cranhrook Monday.
Tbe Udd Fellows of Cranbrook are
discussing the feasibility of holding a
picnic some time next mouth at Elko,
and expect to ask the Odd Fellows of
Moyie to join with them.
Capt. Eustace has returned from Moos-
omin. He was accompanied by Messrs.
Reid and Bell, of tbat place. All three
of the gentlemen are interested iu the
Western Supply company.
The ladies of the Guild of Christ
church wilt give a lawn social ed tbe
home of Mrs. Thomas Gill, tonight. Refreshments will be served and a musical
program presented.   All are invited.
Y. R. C. Letter at postofliee. Don't
fall to get it. Tells all about the lm
mense shipments ot furniture expected
at Gilpin's this week, all high clan stuff,
at the lowest prices ever named In tbe
George A. Leitch will leave tlte latter
part of next month for the east hy way
of Minneapolis and Chicago He will
meet his sister, Miss Emma Leltcb, at
Manitou, who will accompany him to
ihe Hu Halo exposition.
W. G. Murphy, an elevator man of
Carberry, Man,, has heen visiting P.
MtConnell this week. While here Mr.
Mutphy bought two car toads of horses
and two car loads of lumber, wblcb he
will ship to Msnitoba.
On:* week from tonight there will be
an opening of the East Kooieuay hotel
under the management of Peter Matheson. Dancing will he the principal feature of the program, and everybody is
invited to go ami have a good time.
j. II. McMullin and George Taylor
have dissolved parlneisldp in the brick
business and Mr. Taylor will continue
ihe business. He is arranging to Increase the capacity of tiie present plant
to meet the additional demand for bis
Mr. and Mrs. Henderson, parents of
Mrs, U. McVittle uud Mrs, W. S. Keay,
I.O.O.F. KeyClyLrigc
No. 42, Meets every Friday nlglit at their hall on
linker street. HoJrmrnlnK
(hhi Fellows cordially Invited.
Matt Uockcnilorr A. I.. McDermot
N. 11. Hee'v.
Craobrook Lodge, No. U
A. F. & A. M.
Iti'gular meetings on tlu*
third  Thursday ot tlie
VlsltlOtf brvUero welcomed,
W. F. OORD.Sec'j.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade
and Builder jt
All work guaranteed.   Sec ui before
you build.   It will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
GEORGE A. LAURIE has secured the sole handling of the firewood on the Cranbrook estate and
is now prepared to take orders for
and deliver stove wood in all sizes.
Orders can be left at Mr. V. Hyde Baker's
arrived from San Francisco last week
accompanied hy Miss Henderson. Mrs
Henderson and Miss Henderson will remain during the summer, having taken
rooms at the Cnmlnoik, Mr. Ilendei
son will ro east to look after some business.
Wait for the new furniture company
\ News   Prom   the   Coal   Metropolis \
<—". [ l'roin tha Free Press |
Surveys tor the new line are now almost completed on the American Bide of
the line and the road will be In the
hands of the contractors Id a few days.
On the Canadian side tbe survey will be
completed in ahout two weeks, aod with*
11 a month building operations will be
going on ns rapidly as possible. A big
effort will be made to complete the work
this foil, but if this is not possible rails
will he laid to connect with the Crows
Nest line, and It will be used from Elko
to Pernie. At alt events, Fernie coal
and coke will be going over the new line
before the first of December.
Miss Fernie, teacher in the public
school, leaves this week for a trip to
Rev. Mr, Dart, who hai occupied the
pulpit of the Church of Kngland here for
several months, leaves for New Westminister next week.
MissMott, of Columbus, Ohio, is the
guest of Mrs. D. V. Mott. Miss Mott,
who has been visiting in Ihe west for tbe
past year, expects to leave for her home
In the enst this week.
The lacrosse trophy donated by Mr,
George Levasseur arrived from tbe
silversmith's today and Is on exhibition
in A. C. Liphardt'fl store. Tbe trophy
Is a magnificent one nnd cost $85. It
stands 22% inches high, and Is probably
one of the finest pieces of silverware of
the kind In the province. It is a trophy
anyone might feel proud of, and Mr.
LevasBeur ceiUlnly deserves the thanks
of every lover ol Canada's national game
In ihis part of the Dominion.
I* nun Fort Kteelt) rroipeetor.
A coii'iderahte amount of prospecting
has lift*ri dune this season In the mountains near Fort Steele, and the probabilities are that some good mines will he
opened up.
A number of men are working on the
Swan group of claims on Dull river,
The Estella can he classed as a pro*
duclng mine, and as there Is over a
thousand tons of ore on the dump, can
become a shipping mine aa soon as
transportation Is afforded,
N- A. Wallinger returned on Wednesday from a prospecting trip in the vicinity of upper Bull river. He reports a
considerable amount of snow in the
mountains in that neighborhood.
Extensive development work has been
doue on the Carbonate group, which la
located on Luke creek. Tbe vein is from
six to eight feet in width, the ore Ian
Mr. and Mrs. Hirtx were in lown Sunday last visiting diends.
Dr. King, of Cranbrook, was In town
on Wednesday.
Hubert Haines, manager of the Bank
of Commerce, was in town on Tuesday.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables -.<* dt
Stable South ot Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
forenoons,   ....   e-.m to ll
Afternoon,   ....   1:30 to3:30
Evealn,«    ....    7.30 lu 8:J0
CRANBROOK,    :   : :   :    B. C*
James Kerrigan & Co
Wbole.ale dealers la
Grain and
Qlven  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   J,   Jt   J,
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Dank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B. C.
Upholstering Md Oeneral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
2*** a J
* "5 6     •
| | Jt*"*
m w JJ W
■ ■ -*" i
s i*a;
* 2 - *=
Vi * S
* °" S
3 f 3 -
5* 3*3
Have you any mining
stocks to sell ?   ,*   **
Do you wish to buy
any mining stocks ?
I can get you the highest market price
in the former case, and the lowest in
the latter. I am the only broker in
East Kootenay who receives regular
telegrams daily from the exchanges in
Toronto and Spokane. Market prices
are posted daily in Cranbrook hotel.
P. S.   Don'l forget lhal insurance you were talkin i* aboii
aaaa^^aaa®   ®a~-a-
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comlorl t Specialty
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranhrook,
Fort Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Wholesale ud Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Vour
trade is solicited.
Refitted Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Bast Kootenny.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, D. C.
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-C Block, Nelion, B. C
Hnlil, Silver .|.enil anil t*i.p|»r Mine. waiiM »t llie KXIIHASIIK. KIIKK Ml 1,1
INU QOI.D nropertle. wanted al imi'e fnr Ku.leru Inventor-. 1'arlle. In,.liu: mi1nu.ii
|irii|>crtr for sale nro r..t|ue.teil to .-nil .amiile. lit llielr ore to the KXt'llANill' Inr or.
lilhlllnii. Wo ile.lrn tn hear Irom proi|MOton wh" Imve -troM'.lni mliiernl olAlini ni-T
Drlll.ll I'lihiiiililn. Hrnipflelori aim mlulnitmeii aio roi-iio,toit to make lho |.:Xt'IIAMI*,C3
"r* Iheir lii-iiili|iiiuli'rM when hi Nol.nii. All uliuiln. .heiilil bo nent lijr ei|ire.ii, l'ioimlil.t -
'   Coiri'Hiinnitenco Ho'ldted*.   Aihlre.. nil coaimnnlealloa. to [
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, II. C.
Talophonfl No. 104.   I*. O. Ilox 71*1. I
Drnk Home Beer
Wm* Matheson, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and is now ready to cater to the
public. First class dining room service. The Jbest ol wines and
liquors at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
The Western Supply  Co.
Ute Hill & Joll
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In...-.
Cattle, Dressed Meats
And Provisions.
Head Office, Crailbrook. E. JAMES, Manager.


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