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Cranbrook Herald Dec 15, 1898

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1     The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
!    Hon. Gao. A, Cox, President.                         B. li. Walker, Gen. Man- J
!             PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00, •
i    Accounts of   Corpora lions,   Merchants   nml    Individuals J
I                             reoelvod  on   favorable  terms, I
SAVTNGS   DEPARTMENT—Doposita of   $1,00 ami Upward I
received and current rates of interest allowed. J
t    Drafts anil credits insula, payable at all points.    Exchange t
|    CRANuKook' IIRANCH.               J. W. H, SMYTHE, Manager. |
I eonard's Restaurant
•iiti'p'PnnwufPmin    <p
.... THE ONLY ....
First Class Place to Dine in the City.
On the Crows Nest Railway, B. C.
J. M. LEONARD, Prop.
Hitlis.iii .Hi'lUli'.
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock 1   It includes the best of everything,    j
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   It will pay them
Royal Cafe and Bakery
F. B. VAN DECAR, Prop.
Meals Served at all hours.
Regular Meals,  -JC^,
The Bcsl Ihe Markcl Allords OOlet
Fine Line of Cigars'and Tobaccos, Canned Goods, Confectionary .ind Soft Drinks.
cranhruok street. Read the Big Sign.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
e Carry Complete &  *£ j
.... Lines of I
Dry Goods. H Hardware, |j
Groceries.       ;   Sash and Doors.
Hay and Oats
^yines, Liquors and Cigars
Everything at Lowest Prices.
Free Delivery III nn) pnil ol Cily. ry
Cranbrook,    -    -    Fort Steele,    -    -    Wardner. g
j Crows Nest Pass
i $5 ton Coal g Coke
| Agent for Fast Kootenay.
Cranbrook, 15. C
New Goods at
Prices that will Please.
a complete siock of Light and heavy shoes,
Rcany made Clothing that will pit and uk the iibbt matehiai.,
Staple and Pancy Groceries, **«•« and the debt oiub-n.
Wu avo.horo i» ilo business, antl our prioo will convlnco you. ('nil before yuu buy.
Spend it With ihe People Who Spend it
With You.
There te a prevailing Idea among some
people living in western towns that ii te
to their interest to trade with Uie large
department stores in Toronto. Tins Is a
Berlousmistake, It is possible that in
some eases a slight reduction on tlie
prices charged by the luciil merchant
may be secured, yet it is to the interest
of every man, woman uml child to keep
tlte trade at home. 'Hie merchant is at
large expense and every dollat of money
he expends tlmt w iy ilit* people of Craubrook net a direct or indirect benefit
Towns me not built on the money sent
away, nor is business Increased Jaud
prosperity secured by the peupk- patronizing eastern Institutions. Tin. Hek-
ai.d believes that the in an who makes
his money in Cranbrook should spend it
here. It is supposed Unit he is doing
better here thuu he would elsewhere or
he would not he here. The least he or
hia family can do is patronize home
merchants. This is business, and it is
right. Thk Herald publishers have
never sent u dollar oul of the town for
anything that could be bought here.
They have paid a greater price at times,
and they are glad of it, for the money
was spent with the people who contribute to the sttppoit of Tin. Herald.
Il is a mighty mean man who will insist on western prices for hia labor aud
eastern prices for his purchases. Fortunately there are very few of lhat kind in
Cranbrook, and those few should stop.
It will soon be the tlrst of Jutmary, aud
that is a good time for making resolutions. Let every man or woman in
Cranbrook start out with the resolve to
patronize home merchants aud home
people. It is a policy that will win
every time.
Crows Nest Contractors Have a New
Scheme at Macleod.
There never was a better crowd of
men than those engaged in contracting
on the Crows Nest road the past year
and a half. Wherever known they are
liked, nnd it goes without saying that
when they congregate the people generally know they are there. For the past
few weeks quite a number of them have
been stopping at Macleod, aud the towu
has beeu more lively it) consequence.
C. li. D. Wood, editor of the Macleod
Gazette, one of the best fellows in the
business, in a recent issue of his paper
has the following on lhe Crows Nest
"hoys" that will be appreciated by lhe
nailers of Tin- Hekai.ii:
it is rumored fiat tho Crow** Most contractors
who have Incli iiuUiuK In llie |ui t couple ol
montlis awaiting a nual nettlt-monl with llio eon
struct inn ile. arum nt, intend to organize a Joint
slock cotupnns uoii t ike over the Macleod hotel
ot oonr.-o. tho details havo not as yet been
worked out, bul it Is pari or thoplau that tin'
company shall bo caj.iuli*.et to t e extent ofthe
board bills of tin* members! At t >c meeting
whleh win no doubt tako placo after organisation ts .-ii in plet i'. tho member of tho company
who has the iil'ge.t board bill will no elected
iranager. Billy IteU will manage the bar, reserving all perquisites, anJ the right to drink
every time anyon * comes in. Major Bowie* will
havo charge of the dlnhiR room, lie »ni also
meet all creditors nt the door ami talk thein into
thinking that their bins wer.- paid long ago. Ilia
editor of Uu Unwu-j will help Why Held, Tlio
newoompanyshould bi a great Institution, it
ts expected that a third story will have to ho
added to accommodate tli" niomberi or tli • company. Charlie Wellman has been retained hi a
largo solar) ta Keep order among the members,
The opcnitli m ot tho new company may bo ex-
ten edloluclude thc purchase ol Boh Wbltuey's
wholesale liquor store,
For First-Class Job Work
Call at Thc Herald Office-
Me Mas Been (iiven Charge ol the Calgary
The following from the Macleod Gazette, relative to the move of Inspector
Sanders und his probable promotion,
will be heartily approved by his mauy
friends and admirers in South Hast Kootenay:
Inspector Sandori. with his family, i 'ft yaiter •
.lay fo onig iry. whero lie will tukc a immnnd of
tliu mounted polloo In the Calgary district. In*
ipretor ganders h thc senior inspector ol tin*
force, uml if loug, folthful and otnalent service
count for anything) we shall expect to see hlm
promoted to tlio rank of superintendent in Hid
very near futnro Mr danders his boon mnny
years ln the Macleod district ami during that
t.inr in< tins earned the esteem uml respect of all
with whom ho has oomo In contact, onicluily.
no moro obliging or cm item is oHhwr ims ever
been stationed in Mncleod, and certainly nmio
hii.' ever been more eltlrlent in tin* pi'itoriniuicu
of ids duties, As ii mtfglstrnto Mr, sunders has
itindoft vory enviable reputa'ton fur himself- ami
the manner iii which be has carried uu: bis
unties ni tins rasped h quite worthy ol a higher
eonri. uii nt tiie construction ot iiii! Grows
Nest rnltway was commenced. Mr. Bantlnrs wm
nabeiiii :o. Uo' vory diinanit duty or t imand*
im; the i» Ileadotaelunents diiailod to keeper*
der along tho line, Witch it h oonsldered that
;k man) uh oooo or more men have been ut work
ai ou<'tune, tlmt mine of tiiu roughest char
inter* in America congregated along this work,'
and that most ol the lorlnui police duty look
puee in the iloplli of winter,, Hi* work per-
formed by (nipectnr Sander* ami his men is
i uu- short of (nmiv.'ioiis. i hut n grent public
work iii a wild ami uninhabited count y ami in
close proxlinlti to the bound-try line wast i.
plotnd witli a record of ortme us luskntllonnt as
Ibis is duo alone to Inspector Bnndors mil the
i i wbo so u ly nssiiteii.   Socially, Inspector
ami Mis. Sumleis will lie very miieli ItllUOll,
Diulna their stay ut Maeleo:! thoy bavomaje
many warm friends; and with these we unite lu
expressions at sincere regret ut their iteparturo
and best wishes fnr their ruturo hnppiuess and
Dance Tomorrow Night.
The arrangements for lhe dance to be
given tomorrow night at the Purdue
block have been completed, and the
event promises to he a pleasant one in
every respect. The Fort Steele baud
will be present, a fact that will be greatly
appreciated liy the people of Cranbrook.
Messrs. McVittie aud Beule, lhe Fort
Steele aids, assure the local committee
that there will he quite a party from
thai town.
Thc Chinese iu the Slocan district
have been told to "go west," or any old
place, by the miners of that district.
The celestials took the cue and tarried
nol Ior further orders.
At last a regular service weft from
Cranbrook lo Kootenay lake has been
inaugurated, The first train left Toes-
day morning, but did not carry passengers, asnoinstrurtionshad been received
to that effect. The second train left this
morning nnd will be run regularly here
after every Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday morning. People coming from
tbe west, going east, or vice versa, will
stop in Cranbrook over night ami get"
train the next morning. The train for
the east will leave hs usual at 8 n. m.,
but the train for the west will depart ;il
; a. m. The schedule time for the west
end service is eight hours.
i     LOCAL   NOTES     J
e *
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Freight Kates.
F. W. Peters, district ft eight agent for
llie C. P. R., with headquarters at Nelson, has announced that the rales over
the Crows Nest road to Nelson and common points would he as follows: From
Sherbrooke, Quebec, westward, covering all Ontario points, to Nelson and
common points: First class rates, $4
per hundred; Becond class, $350; third,
J2 yo: fourth, $3.40; fifth, $1.90; sixth,
fi.So; seventh, $t.60; eighth, $[.45; and
tenth* $1 20, Thia is a reduction from 5
cenls to 10 cents per ioo. Commodity
rates have been correspondingly reduced,
Sir William Van Home's Dream.
From Montreal conies the report that
the C. P. R. company has finally decided
upon taking a hand in the fast Atlantic
mail service, and the probabilities now
are that a Hue of fast steamships ou the
Atlantic and Pacific and accelerated railway service across the Atlantic wilt result, thus realizing the dream of Sir
William Van H« rne concerning closer
relations between the Client and the
The' New Depot Ready.
The office rooms in the new depot
building are now ready and the office
force have already taken possession, although they are not as comfortably arranged as they will be in a few days
more. The boys take to their new quarters kindly, and aro now happy.
Railroad Notes.
Mr. MeKenzie, who has had a gang of
men at work near Warduer, relumed to
Macleod this week.
Conductor Pushee has charge of the
east end passenger run. and Conductor
Drowulee ofthe west end.
Fred Newman was in the wreck ofthe
Ainswoith, lit ~v»*s he has seen a good
mauy railroad smashups in his lime, aud
between tbe two he prefers a wreck on
the road.
Large quantities of material for the
construction ofthe Nelson & Bedlingtoti
railway are now coming in from the
west over the Crows Nest line to Sidar,
the junction of the two roads.
Nelson Miner: Foley Bros., Larsen &
llalversou, who, as already stated iu the
Miner, have the contract for the construction of the British Columbia end of
the Nelsot -Bedlington railway, have
awarded the sub-contract for the grading. The successful bidders are McLean
Bros., Breckenridge & Limn, Mc Heath
& Peters, and Gus Carlson. These contracts do not include the timber work,
which is not yet let.
Golden Ural For the first time in the
history ol the C. P. R. cars will be run
through to St. John, N. B„ and Halifax
without change. The Canadian Atlantic
liners now make these two cities their
home ports for the winter and for the
accommodation of westerners through
tourist cars will leave Vancouver every
Thursday for these points and will make
close connections with the steamer.
. . Mr. Whyte aays of the changes being effected by the C. P, R , tbat owing
to the great amount of work still to be
done iu connection with the changes it
would be spring before tbe divisional
officials and their staff were moved to
Calgary. . . Mr. Krickson, who has
been track master of the Rocky Mountain
section of the C. P. R., has been appointed to the charge of the permanent
way of tbe Crows Nest road, and left
Field this week to enter on his new
duties, lie will make Cranbrook his
headquarters. Mr, Krickson has proved
au efficient aud capable officer and we
wish him all success iu his new location. . . H. C. Killeen, who has been
assistant track master at Field, bas beeu
promoted to the position vacated hy Mr.
Krickson and will have charge of the
permanent way between Donald and
Can more,
Very Few Like Frew.
The lecture delivered last Monday
evening at the Presbyterian church by
Uev. P. W. Frew, of Nelson, was an unqualified success. The gentleman was
introduced by Rev, Duncan, of Fort
Sleele. The lecture was upon the subject, "Europe Revisited," and from the
very beginning to tbe last Scotch story
at the end was most interesting. Rev.
Frew possesses a quaint sense of humor
and has a happy way of giving it expression. His descriptions were vivid,
aud he carried the listener from the sublime to the ridiculous, from smiles to
tears, and back from shadow to sunshine with an ease that left a most favorable impiession upon all. As a story
teller he is superb, and the people of
Cranbrook hope that tbey may have the
pleasure of hearing him again.
Boatmen ou the Kootenay lake declare Lhat they have seeu tbe steamer
Alnsworth passing along the regular
route after sbe was sunk. No information is given as to the brand of whiskey
tiBed there.
See V. Hyde Baker for insurance.
V. Hyde Baker has residences, rooms
and store buildings for lent.
V. Hyde linker places insurance at
reasonable rates. See him before insuring.
Don't send out for your suits before
you call 011 John LKASK and gel his
pt ices.
Miss h.llu Grant has been regularly in.
stalled as assistant to Postmaster
McVittie iS: Hutchison do the largest
fire insurance business in South Fust
|.i is a common sii) ing that "the clothes
make the man." John I4tCA.SK makes
the clothes.
Sleighing is now fine in this neighborhood, and many are enjoying the pleasure of rapid rides,
Hamilton it Trent are building icehouses just north of towu aud will put
up a large amount of ice this season.
W. T. Kaake has placed some handsome mirrors on the bar of the Commercial hotel aud otherwise improved the
Au interest in the well-known Babylon
group ut Palmer mountain was sold to
Mr. Bleasdell, of Fort Steele, lasl week,
through McVittie & Hutchison.
The stationary busiuess which has
been heretofore carried ou by Messrs.
Palmer & Oliver, was sold to Mr. Legg-
through McViltie St Hutchison.
A lot ou Baker street, next to the
Canadian Bank of Commerce, wus sold
last week to VV. H. Hughes, of Boston,
U.S. A., through McVittie St Ilutchi
Ryan & Morrison, of the Cranbrook
hotel, have had n force of men at work
this week enlarging the dining room
aud making other improvements about
the premises.
Moyie has been a given a postoffice at
last. F. I. Moore has been named as
postmaster. The rate for carrying the
mail between Cranbrook and Moyie is
$2.50 for the round trip.
The Fort Steele baud will give a dance
on the evening of the 33d. The baud
boys never fail to give thc best of entertainments, and in consequence they always have a good attendance.
The Fort Steele club haa set Dec. 29
as the date for their annual hop. This
organization hns au enviable reputation
for giving enjoyable dancing parties,
and those who expect to go anticipate a
most pleasant time,
Mr. Ball, pastor of lhe Presbyterian
church, wishes to thank all those who
have in any way contributed to the successful opening of the church, and desires to say that as soon as funds are iu
sight further improvement will be made
in the building. An organ is badly
needed and a special fund will be instituted at once with a view to purchasing
one as soon as possible.
Next Saturday evening the many
friends of F. P. Norbury will unite in
giving that gentleman a complimentary
dinner at N. Hanson's well-known place
at Wasa. Mr. Norbury will leave the
latter part of the month for England,
and his friends desire in this way to
show their high esteem and good will
toward him. It goes without saying that
the dinner will be a success.
It is rumored that a Fernie visitor got
iuto a friendly game of poker one night
last week and lost a few hundred to a
local sport. The loser immediately protected himself, however, by warning tbe
bank here and at Fernie not to pay the
checks issued. Auy man who loses his
coin in a square game is iu mighty little
business to crawl out of the hole in that
way. It is better not to gamble, but if
you do and lose, be a man or a long-
tailed rat.
Cold Weather Does Not Prevent Cranbrook
Moving Forward.
The work on A. Moffat's new residence
is progressing rapidly.
Tbe new residence of R. Sleeves, train
dispatcher, has been Irauied nud will he
ready for occupancy in a short time.
Thomns Kennedy has been making
some improvements on his st( re building.
The Ross & Herchmer lot on Cranbrook avenue hns been sold to Boston
parties, who sent their order to McViltie
& Hutchison by telegraph. An jflice
building will probably be put upon the
properly in the spring.
There will he a vast amount of building in Cranbrook early next spring.
Plans are being prepared for many uew
Hon. J. H. Turner cabled frnru England for lhe purchase of valuable property facing the railroad and located near
Baker street. The property is for the
well-known firm of Turner, Beeton &
Co., and will te improved early in tbe
The new residence built by N. Hanson
on Cranbrook street is now completed
and will be occupied January t.
The interior of lhe second story of the
Sherlock block has been finished and
Dr. King has taken possession of his new
office rooms.
Mr. Willis' new store building on
Durick avenue will be completed by the
first of the month.
Living In or Visiting Cranbrook, Whom
We All Know or Should.
A. L. McDeruiot visited Steele Sun-
Voting Bert Vaudecar is having a siege
with the fever.
A. McVittie 1*. under lhe weather
wilh throat trouble.
G Bremner is expected to return from [
l.elhbiidge tomorrow.
Dr, Bonnell, of Fernie, was a Cruubrook visitor Tuesday. |
Constable Linilsey, of Moyie, was a1
Cranbrook visitor Wednesday.
F. I. Moore, the new postmaster at
Moyie, was in town yesterday.
Dr. Brodie has recovered from his long
siege of illness and resumed his practice.
Mr. Hall, telegraph agent at Tobacco
Plains, was in town Monday and Tuesday.
Rev. Ball went lo Nelson Friday to fill
the pulpit of Rev. Frew, returning Tuesday.
Fred Frith, of the Cranbrook hotel,
has been laid up with quinsy the past
J. F. McGilvary has charge of W. T.
Reid's store during that gentleman's
Mat Rockendorf, of Thk Hkrai.d
stall, expects to return from Moyie
Walter Walrott cattle over from Steele
Tuesday, where he has been living the
past few mouths,
Julius Iiuile, of the Royal hotel, has
beeu confined to his room by sickness
the past ten days.
Tom Wellman left for his old home in
Winnipeg Tuesday morning. He will be
absent two or three weeks.
W. Tierney, of Fast Kootenay, more
recently of Moyie. is assistant dispenser
al the Craubrook hotel.
Rev. Duncan, pastor of the Presbyterian church nt Fort Steele, was a
Cruubrook visitor Monday and Tuesday.
James Cronin, ofthe St. Eugene mine,
was in towu several days last week. Mr.
Cronin has many friends in Cranbrook
wbo are always glad to see him.
George Nelion returned from Mac
leod Monday night. He left for Nelson
today, and shipped most of his contracting outfit to the eighth siding.
James Ryan, of the Cranbrook hotel,
leaves this week for a iriu to Winnipeg
aud his old home in New Brunswick.
He expects to be gone about six weeks
W, T. Reid received a telegram last
week from his wife to the effect lhat
their little boy was seriously ill. He
left on Friday's traiu for his home al
Portage La Prairie.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Oliver expect to
leave here tomorrow for their new
home at Nelson. They made many
friends during their brief residence in
Cranbrook who will regret to see them
H. T. Brown, busiuess manager of
The Herai.d, left last Friday for his
home in Spokane. His health has not
been good the past few weeks, aud he
will remain until he has fully recovered.
John Monilaw, of Duluth, Minn., arrived last week aud will make his home
in Craubrook. Mr. Monilaw is a nephew
of A. D. Grant, and will work at the
carpenter business. At oue time be was
a printer, but he escaped several years
R. Randolph Bruce, representing the
Hardman mining interests, has been in
Cranbrook the past few days. He is on
his way to Nelson, and was accompanied
by H. Monteyanbert, of Rossland, and
T. Tye Smith, of Nelson. The party
speak very highly of the Windermere
mining district.
Formal Dedication Took Place Last Sunday
The Presbyterian church, the sills of
which were laid only six weeks ago, was
opened last Sunday by Rev. Robert
Frew, of Nelson, who preached both
morning and evening and addressed the
first Sabba'h school meeting held iu
Cranbrook in lhe afternoon. It is gratifying lo all who arc interested iu the
work of the church lo have a suitable
building in wh ch the various departments of church work can be carried on.
The formal dedication of the church
took place at the morning service. Mr.
Frew made a few appropriate remarks,
offered a dedicatory prayer and presented
the key of the building to A, Moffat, as
representing the board of managers, in
the name of the Presbyterian church in
The evening sermon was upon the subject of "Prayer," aud the church was
well filled. Mr. Frew, in again referring
to the building, congratulated the peo
pie of Cranbrook in having erected and
dedicated a Presbyterian church so early
in the history of the town, and thanked
those who by their subscriptions made
this possible. He appealed for furiher
support to enable the managers to put on
the finishing touches.
***** ta
SALAD  and.*
The West Kootenay excursionists, who
arrived in Cranbrook Wednesday of last
week and were entertained by the busiuess men of Craubrook, left the next
day for Fernie, where they met with a
royal recepliou at the hands of the
Crows Nest Coal Company. They were
given a luncheon aud sbown the coke
oveus, lhe mines aud the great siwiiiill,
aud oue and all were most favorably impressed with tbe bright prospects of lhat
town. Returning from Fernie to Doris,
the switch at tbe nearest point on the
railroad to Fort Steele, they were met
by sleighs from onr neighboring town
uud taken to the origiuul town of South
Fast Kootenay, where they were wined
and dined to their hearts' content at the
Vi-nosta restaurant, a most elegant
spread having been prepared for Ihem
in Harry Reiueuiau's best style. Toasts
were prepared and responded to by the
visitors and residents of Fort Steele.
R. L. T. Gtdhraith gave an eutertainiug
account of Fort Steele from the time
Noah bought pelts froui the Kootenay
Indians. "Little Willie" Ress extended
a cordial welcome to the guests with
that seductive smih of his, and assured
them that Fort Steele was the coming
metropolis of Canada. Dr. Watt, iu his
ex-legislative tone and winning manner,
jollied the visitors, West Kootenay as a
whole, Fust Kootenay, the Dominion,
aud said a good word on the side for
Divine Providence. The doctor, as an
artistic jollier, cannot be equalled. J. T,
Harvey, with bis soiior-ous voice nnd
lignitied mien, as chairman, spoke often
and spoke well, und each time the fame
of Fort Steele grew greater aud the town
larger until it appeared like a cheese iu
wire case—tbe whole thing. There
were two eloquent speeches that embodied tbe good feeling tbat existed between the towns of South Hast Kootenay;
speeches that were thrilling as well me
interesting, tilled wilh brotherly love
and neighborly kindness, but they were
not delivered for the reason that neither
}. W. H. Smythe or Judge Hutchison,
who represented Cranbrook at the banquet, were called upon.
ii    is     tt
Both at Feruie and Fort Steele the
visitors were loud in their praise of East
Kootenay and the people of Craubrook,
and when tbey returned to Craubrook
they had many words of praise for the
treatment they had received at Fort
Steele. But one remark that caused
The Herald man to feel good that he
lived in Cranbrook was made by a Nelson man. Speaking of the tnp, be said:
"I noticed at the Cranbrook banquet
your people had liltle to say of Cranbrook. In tact, you scarcely mentioned
it. Vou all talked for Bast Kootenay aa
a whole, and at uo time htld up Cranbrook as tbe best town. That speaks
well fer your town and your people.
Vou left us to judge for ourselves, and
the visitors noticed this. Cranbrook
made a host of friends by the manner in
which the people entertained tbeir
visitor**." Tbat expresses the spirit of
Cranbrook. There is nothing small
about the town or her people. Tbey are
for East Kootenay as a whole, aud are
perfectly willing to take tbeir chances
in the growth of this valley without saying anything that would tend to injure
any other town in the same section.
it     it     ii
Among the visitors from West Kootenay was F. ti. Archer, one of tbe prominent business men of Kaslo aud a
member of the city council. He wasa
pleasant visitor to The Herald office,
and had many good things to say of
Cranbrook end her bright future.
Speaking of the pending by-law giving
a salary to the mayor and aldermen of
Kaslo, Mr. Archer said that Mr. Harlin
with himself opposed the measure from
tbe start, sad he hor ed they would be
able to defeat it.
The excursionists left on their special
about ten o'clock, stopping in Moyie ■□
hour or more. When the train reached
Kootenay lake the party presented Mr.
Hunt, the conductor, with $20, and the
engineer, fireman and rest of the crew
were also remembered, Friday night
they all arrived at Nelson safely, and
Saturday Messrs. Peters. MeKenzie and
Gutelius, the C P. R, officials who bad
charge of the excursion, were summoned
before the party at the Phair hotel. Mr,
Peters was presented with a handsome
silver punch bowl, Colonel Topping
making the presentation. Mr. Guteliut
was given a pretty piano limp, Mr.
Buchanan doing the honors. Mr. Mc-
Kenzie received a glass silver-mounted
pocket flask and match box, Mr. Hoag,
of Revelstoke, acting as spokesman.
The recipients were very much surprised and thanked the excursionists for
the evidence of appreciation of their
efforts to give all a pleasant time.
Hot Air Cabinets Are Here
W. B. McFarlane has received his hot
air bath cabinets and placed them ready
for use in his barber shop. A hot air
bath is a health-giving institution. It
will cure colds, relieve lung trouble, cure
rheumatism and make any person feel
like a new person. Come in aud try
Copper Id South East Kootenay.
Copper mining is to be revived in tbe
Northern Hills of South Dakota. The
propositions discovered there carry
values ranging from 2 to 25 per cent, but
(ar more below 2$ per cent than up to
that mark. South Kast Kootenay offers
the best field for capital today for copper
miuing. The positive values presented
are sufficient to guarantee magnificent
returns, aud what is more, they are
located in easy reach of transportation.
South Fast Kootenny. when more fully
developed in a mineral way, will prove
to be a ureat copper district. Exports
who have been over the ground all
agree on this point.
job work at this ollice and the beat. CRANBROOK  HERALD
■rrKM-.ur BimsciuiTtOS:
It begins to look as if it wns impossible to start a railway in Bast Kootenay
without having Cranbrook as the starting or ending point. The latest application is tint of Messrs. Fell and Gregory.
solicitors, ot Victoria, wbo ask for a
charter to build a Hue from Cranbrook
to tbe Noith Star nine, St. Mary's
river, Kootenay and Upper Arrow lakes.
Men with capital to invest iu Kast
Kootenay recognize Craubrook as ibe
central point and the natural dis
tiibuting center for this entire district
Within five years Craubrook will have a
population equal lo nny city iu the
Kootenay-;, If not much larger. Events
nre rapidly lending in that direction.
The Herald
Dave King, for years identitkd with
tlie Kaslo Kootenaian as editor and publisher, has deserted the editorial tripod
mil i*. now representing the Great Falls
smeller in the Kootenays. It will seem
strange to the people of Kaslo to see
other men iu Dave King's place oil the
Kootenaian. lie made it oue of thc best
weekly papers in Canada, and ih rough
its columns spread the fame and name
Kaslo and West Kootenay over two continents. Much of tbe progress of Kaslo
and the investment of capital in that
city aud tributary territory is due to his
'Units through the Kootenaian. He
demonstrated what a live newspnpei
man can ilo toward promoting the best
interests of a community, and without a
doubt gave material assistance toward
bringing wealth to many people, und
perhaps made nothing himself. That is
generally the result wilh the publishers
of pioneer newspapers. They are energetic and patriotic, aid being thoroughly
imbued with local patriotism nml pride,
they give to their town the best paper,
the best plant, the most costly equip'
ment iu every wny. The people like il
because it speaks well for a town, aud
too often causes the publisher to succumb lo the pressing ".entreaties of the
As a rule the people of British Columbia
appreciate the worth of a newspaper and
show tbeir appreciation iu a material
way. They know that the local paper is
a persistent worker iu their behalf; that
it never ceases to push forward the besl
interests of llle to All; lhat it is al ways
bringing people in to investigate, and
causes many to remain and invest their
money. The majority of the people of
Cranbrook take this view of the matter,
and believe that the labor bf lhe news
paper publisher is worthy of its hire.
Now and then tbere will be a man of
different stripe, but tlle people all know
him, for llie sum _• sprit that causes him
lo deny any support whatever to his
local newspaper will reveal his true
nature to the public. Aud such mm are
not public favorites aind find it bard lo
maintain trade iu auy community,
The Kamloops Standard has ceased to
print a semi-weekly and returned to the
once-a-weel; form of publication. Theie
are several other papers iu British Columbia tbnt have done likewise, nnd a few
Hint fllldllld dn so as quick as thc Lord
and their foolish pride will let thein.
The Hekai.d, at the time the Standard
was changed into a semi-weekly, predicted .. failuie, and with good reason.
A good weekly beats a poor sumi-weekly
and costs less, while lhe revenue from
the latter is no more. Tbe semi-weekly
fad is a fraud. It robs the publisher,
displeases tbe reader, dissatisfies the advertiser, and raises hades all along the
line. The best thing to do with a semi
weekly is lo quit it.
Hon. J. H. Turner will leave London
on the 21 illi for Victoria nud will be iu
his place as leader of the Opposi.lon
when lhe legislature meets.
There is a discussion going on at til
present time regarding the question of
tlle members of church congregations
giving closer attention to what thc
preacher says. If n preacher says anything woith heaiiug he is generally
given close attention, There are preachers and preachers, and some are all righ1
ns preachers, while others of Hie cloth
would do much belter ns farmers, black
smiths, punters, anything, in fact, but
preaching the gospel of Cluist and Him
crucified. But there la one consolation
in this mailer—mistakes are found in
every profession and branch of business.
The laie tlitlbci'regulations will i-ventu
ally kill off all tbe suia'ler sawmills In
the Province, It seems now that ii i-i
impossible for the owner of a mill in get
further concessions iu this line. If thii
policy is pursued it will do much toward
retarding progress iu newly settled ci
A I'ort Steele correspondent of the
Winnipeg Free Press, under dale
December i, speaks of Fort Steele nnd
Cranbrook as rivals, with "war lo tlle
knife" as their niollo, TllE Hiuiai,!*
would take exceptions to such a statement. Cranbiook bus no rival in blast
Kootenny. and entertains for all towns
in Ibis district the most friendly fuli ig
Cranbrook can afford lo do this, for the
advancement of any neighboring town
means advancement for Cranbiook, the
business center of this whole district.
A protest has been filed against the
low rale allow, d to the postmasters if
this province as compared with ilie cost
of living Tlie job of gate keeper it
hades would hu far p'easniiler than the
lot of the average postmaster in British
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first=class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact.
Ueauttrul   IrUb   Uarpi to  Ue tht Vogue
This £**»bou.
There is a fashion in musical iustru*
meuts so far us the English young woman ia concerned which compels changes
as sudden und sweeping ns those wbieli
lake place in.regiird to the same youu-J
women's bonnet:, and hate. Of course
all of them who have pretensions to being* considered what is vaguely termer,
"musical" reckon among* their ncoom-
pllshtneuta the ability to pluy the
piano, und Ihey du not disdain to tie*
vote tho surplus of thelrmuatcat ability
lo instruments-of n more portable kind
For ii time ii was llie linn jo, then tb'
mandolin, then, taking a tli ■■■lit upward
tin- violin Itself was degraded into ihe
position of .1 "fashionable" iiistrumenl
dividing Its claims with tho violoncello.
We are sai'l to be now on the eve ot
ordiug to Music
Is to bo in vogue
ish burp, which
belonging to the
nre snid lo Ik' al*
striously practicing. It i.*1
not the large and rut her unwieldy thing
wo are wont to sec in the street orchestras, but ubi'iiut.ii'ully finished and dee*
istrument, some 30 Inch*
nd about the weight of a
ii fact, tlie article which
boy sin tig behind   him
ith bis father's sword girded
>t. forth on Hint bellicose expo*
f which the ballads   tell   us,
nnother change. Ac
the instrument whlc
this winter is the I
many young women
very smnrlest BOolet.'
orated little \
■s in height,
banjo. It te,
the. minstrel
when, with 1
on, he !
ditlon ■
The tone of the Irish harp Is SO id do bt
particularly sweet, tJiough a little thin
ghe l'clt Sorry f,,r ■ Unity Who Had No
TBlfl stockings had been hung up nnd
the llf'talo onen ;riit.hei't'd around the
learlh to hear mniuinn toll Hu* story
jf the Babe of Bethlehem, says rhe
Sew Vork World. Their small faces
■jcpreeBed profound  sympathy   when
Lbey  henrd  li-ow  the .Son of God  WHS
born in u stable, how lie lay on abed
if wt.niw, how He shivered In the cool
December night, nud how His life was
ii dniiger from f,1ic wlpkwl Herod. Little Bessie seemed to lie particularly lm-
U'l'ssed. She snid nothing, but. ono
■ould see that she was thinking hard.
When, half an hour later, nuimniu
•■line t*i Bcsslo's bed to kiss her good
light, sha found iho child pressing her
lull to her bospffl and gating ttt it with
.inuUeini.bli- affection, As she stooj>e»l
iver the bed Bessie looked up and
isked, earnestly! "Mamma, ain't God's
Kiby got any dolly?"
"No," replied tlie mother, smiling.
BcsbIo looked nt her doll again and
uigged It. Then conlHcting emotions
showed themselves on the little face.
vftoi* u long silence the child raised
ier eyes, which luul nut*h an expression
i-'. those of the martyrsmusthaveworn
it the stake, and said, thinly: "Take
t to llim, uininma."
Closing her eve-, tight Bessie laid the
loll In Iut mother's hands and buried
ier fnee in tne pillow to try to forget
he great sacrifice she had inside,
tt Oven-am**)   the   Wrath of ma I'nf sell tig
The following pretty story is taken
'rom the New York Mull and Express,
uul is good enougr- to stand by Itself-
lie was only an Kalian fruit-vender,
riicr was nothing about him ut all like-
y tn inspire thc beholder with feeling,
me wny or another, lie was not
•ugged enough to call for especial sym
jnihy, nor unkempt enough to provoke
ilsgust, Vet to the policeman on his
jeut he was undoubtedly tha objeel of
considerable aversion, This wiiskIiowii
iy the unrelcnilng vigor with which
.lie fruit-seller was pursued from corner to corner by the zealous guardian of
the law.
The other dny, in a too hurried re-
tponse to the everlasting order to
'move on," the peddler'seart wus upset,
ind his peaches and pears were scat*
ered over the ground and across thu
itreet, ear track. The enraged policeman could barely restrain the Impulse
to use his club.
"The dirty loafer." ho exclaimed,
'lie did it on purpose—just trying to
jxcltc sympathy!"
"lie Iiiih succeeded, I hen." .-aid a soft
.oice at the ollieei's elbow, und a neat
ittle woman stooped uml began to
father up the scattered fruit.
The officer's face reddened, lie hesitated n moment, and then In', too,
joined in the work of restoration,
Ut-iminour- Substance Bpreiul on Gal-ran-
I/,i>ii Inni  ViiIj.
"The first successful substitute for
ifbiHH," snys uu architect in the Washington Times, "is leetoiium, a gelatin-
>us com post tlon. lt has not nppeared
hi this country at nil, as yet, but is
being Introduced in Kurope.
"This gelatinous stilwtaoce is given
rigidity by being spread on a galvanized iron web, which holds the sheet
in nny desired shape, but doit* not obstruct the passage of light. His translucent, but not transparent, and can bo
itnlncd in such n maimer ns to exactly
Imitate stained glass.
"It carjnot be broken nor softened by
t ie rays of the sun, but te flexible and
■ttslly bent into nny desired shape.
When unstained It nt Ilrst is yellow,
but on exposure to the sun it. turns
white, at the same limi'lM'eoming hard*
it nnd more durable.
"Like glass, it is n poor conductor of
bent. It Is lighter than gifts*), and ou
ibis account is well adnpted for roofs.
Unless it enn bo mnde transparent it
can never hope tn entirely supersede
glass, but lis cheapness und superiority to glass in other directions are securing for it extensive sales
for factory windows, skylights for hothouses, roofing and like piirpo-KCfi."
Iti'.l Flii-J* iui'1  Hull.
Tied Irritate.'- oxen because It Is the
complementary color to green, and thc
eyes of cattle being fixed so much on
herboge, anything fed Impresses their
right with hugely Increased intensity.
He s-.aWd bfer.efttb ihe flaring lights.
Hia clothea were thin and uld,
The wlmt upon the avenue
That night wns piercing cold;
He tried io sell his papers,
But tliw people would not buy;
And while he shivered on the stones
A lear stood in his eye.
' What wir you do when you're a man?"
a stranger kindly said;
The boy a moment set mod to smile.
And than he shook hia head!
• I cannot tilt yuu, sir," said ho,
And brushed a lear awayi
■ iim mother nays Bho hopes that i
May rule iiii-i land someday."
a laiy fair upon whoso hand       1
A diamond Unshod i.s light
A moment stopped beforo the lad
Tbat cold and stormy night;
Hit dainty lingers drew lier purse,
And la liis l.'.nd HO colli
Shu dropped, with Just hor swectOBt smile.
Borne bright and shining gold,
■ When you'ro :i man what will yuu du?"
The wealthy lady cried;
• in pay you bach a hundredfold,"
i Tho little boy replied;
" i ino littlo room wo call our home
Amid ihu shadows gray;
But motiior aaya hIiu hopes that I
May rule this land some day,"
Beneath the starry (lui*; that floats
With pride from »i-a to sea
A ragged coat la no disgrace.
For hore all men aru tree;
The little boy who shivers, in
Hla garments old ar.d poor,
May Open, aa tho president,
Some day, tho while house door,
Wo cannot east the horoscope
Of overy boy wu im-tt
And jostle- aa wo hasten down
The over-crowded sircet;
For a rnothor'a prayers ftre answered In
A region far nway;
And hu who wears ii ragged com
.May rule our land somo day.
—t. c, Harbaugh, in Ohio Parmer.
"Talking of the prices of bird**, I've
seen nn ostrich that-cost C 300," said
ihu taxidermist, recalling luls youth of
travel.   'Thret* hundred pounds!"
Hp looked at nu* over his spectacles.
"I've seen unmVr tbut was refused ut
"Xo," hf snid, "it wasn't nny fancy
■joints. They wus just plain ostriches,
A little olT dolor, too—owing to dietary.
And there wasn't iniy particular re-
itrictlon of hhe demand, either, You'd
have thought live ostriches would have
ruled cheap on an Eost Inhuman. Hut
the point wuh, one of'em had swallowed
n diamond.
"The chap it. pot it off wns Sir
Mohinl I'lulishuh, it tremendous swell
—-a Piccadilly swell, you n&go* say, up
io the neck of hlm, and then nn ugly
bluek bend and n Whooping 1 urban, with
ibis diamond in ill, The blessed bird
pecked suddenly and had il, and when
the chap mnde u. fuss it realized it hnd
alone wrong, I suppose, and went and
mixed itself with Mm* ethers to preserve
its Incog. Ii all happened In ll minute.
[ was among the tlrst to arrive, and
there was this heathen going over his
[rods, nud two sudors ond the man who
bad cliarge of tbe birds laughing fit
to split, ii woe rt ninipiy way of losing
a jewel, come to think of it. Thu man
i-i 'charge hadn't been about jnst at the
moment, so tilitoil he didn't-know which
bird it was. Olefin lost, yuu see. I
didn't, feel half sorry, lo tell you the
truth. The beggar bad been swaggering over his blessed tliijimniiii ever since
he oamc aboard,
"A thing Ilko that goes from stem to
stern of u ship in no time. Everyone
was talking about it. Padishah went
below to bide his feelings. At dinner—
be pigged nt a table by himself, hlm and
two oilier Hindoos—the captain kind
of jeered at him ubout if, .and be got
very excited. He turned round and
talked Iuto ray cnr. lie would not buy
the birds; he would have his diajnond,
lie demanded Msrightsasn British subject. Ilia diamond1 must lie. found. lie
was firm upon thnt. He. would appeal
lo   the   house   of   lords,    'i'he mail in
ohargo of tlie birds was one of those
wooden-headed clui**, you can't get. n
new idea into nnywny. lie refused any
proposal to Interfere with the birds
by way of medicine. His Instructions
were, to feed them so-and-so and treat
them BO-nnd-so, nml it was as mueh
as bis ptuoe was worth not to feed them
Mi-nnd-so and treat thom flo-n»nil-J».
Padishah luul wonted a stomach pump
-though vou can't do that to n bird,
you know."   This I'lulUhuh was full of
imd law, like mosl of (hoseblessed Ben-
galls, nud talked of having it llfltl "lithe
birds, iiml so forth, Rut an old boy,
who said his son wasa London barrister,
argued that whnt n bird swallowed l**-
camo i|wo facto part ofthe bird, and
i lint, Padishah's only remedy lay In
an notion for damages, and even then
it might bo possible to show i tributary negligence, lie hadn't nny plifht
of way ubout uu OStrlcll that, didn't
belong to him. That upset Padishah
extremely, tho mite so ns most, of us
impressed uu opinion Hint Hint won the
reasonable *. lew, There wasn't any Inn •
ver nboard '.« settle the matter, so we
all talked pretty free, At last, aftor
Vden, ii appears that he came round to
lhe general opinion, and went privately
to the uiiin iu charge anil made un oitor
for all five ostriches.
"The next morning there was a tine
shindy at breakfast. The man hadn't
any authority to deal with tlie birds,
ami nothing on earth would Induce him
to sell; but it seems he told Padishah
thut a Eurasian named Potter luul til-
rendy made him (ill offer, und on that
Padishah denounced Potter before us
all. But I think lhe mostof ua thought
it. rather smart of Potter, ami I know
that wlicu Potter said Hint, he'd wired
at Aden to London to buy Hue blttls,
and would huve an answer nt, .Suez, 1
cursed prt-lly richly nt a, lost opportunity,
"At Suez. Padishah gnvo way to tears
—act unl wet tears-—when Pol ter became
the owner of the birds, and offered liim
lilt) right olT for the five, being more
than BOO por cent, on whnt Potior had
given. Potter wild he'd be, hanged if
bu parted with a feather of them—tlmt
ho meant to kill them off one by one.
uud tlml thvdlnnioiul; but afterwards.
thinking it over, he relented1 a little.
He was a gambling hound, was this
Potter, a little queer at card-**., and thia
kind of prize-packet business must have
suited hhn down to the ground. Anyhow, he offered, for a lark, to sell the
birds separately to sejarute people by
auction at a starting price of £.80 for U
bird. Hut one of them, he said, he
meant ta keep for luck,
"Vou must uiidt'i'st'ind this diamond
wns h valuable one—a little Jew cbnp,
a diamond merchant, who was witli us,
had put it ut threo or four thousand
when Padishah luid shown it to him -
and   this   idea of an   o-slrich   gamble
caught on. Now it happened that I'd
been having n few talks on geaiornl
subjects with the man who looked of Ier
these ostriches, und quite incidentally
he'd suid one of the birds was ailing,
and he fancied it hud Indigestion. It
luul one fentlierfl in its tail almost all
white, by which 1 knew it, nud so when,
next day, the unction stalled with it,
1 capped Padishah's 85 by 00. I fancy 1
W*as a bit too sure and eager with my
bid, and some of the others spotted the
fuet thnt. I wuh lu the know, Ami Par
dlshahwent for thnt particular bird like
nn irresponsible lunatic. At last the
Jew diiumond merchant got It for
i* I To, and Padishah sold £180 just
nftor Hie hammer came down—so Pot-
tor declared. At any rate the Jew mer-
chant secured it-, and there and then
he. got a gun mid shot it. Potter made
n hades of u fuss because he said it
would injure the {.ale of Vhe other three,
and Padishah, of course, behaved like
nu Idiot; but alt of us were very much
excited. I can tell you 1 was precious
glad when that dissection wus over,
and no diamond had turned up—pre-
clous glad. I'd gone to one-forty on that
particular bird myself.
"The littlo Jew wns like most Jews-
he didn't make any great fuss over Imd
luckjbut Potter declined to go ou with
the auction until it was understood
that the goods could not be delivered
until the sale was over. Tho little Jew
wanted to argue that the ease was exceptional, and as the discussion ran
pretty even, the thing wns postponed
until the next morning, We had a lively dinner-table that evening, I enn toll
you, but in the end. Potter got bis way.
since il would stand to reason he would
be safer if he stuck to all the birds, and
that we owed him some consideration
for his sportsman-like behavior. Aud
the old gentleman whose .son was a lawyer said he'd been thinking thc thing
over and that it was very doubtful if,
when n bird bad been opened and the
diamond recovered, it ought not to be
bunded buck to thc proper owner. 1 remember 1 suggested It came under the
laws of the treasure-trove—which was
really the truth of the matter. There
wns a hot argument, and we settled it
was certainly foolish to kill the bird on
hoard the ship, fjiprj (he old gentleman, going at large through his legal
talk, tried to make out the sule wus n
lottery ami illegal, and appealed to the
captain: but Potter said he sold the
birds us ostriches. He didn't want to
sell any diamonds, lm said, ami didn't
offer that as ail inducement. The three
birds he put up, to the best of his
knowledge nnd l>elief, did not contain
a diamond. It was in the one he kept—
so be hoped,
"Prices ruled high next dny ull the
same. The fact that uow there were
four chances instead of five of course
caused a ltev. The blessed birds
averaged two hundred nnd twenty-
seven, nnd, oddly enough, this Padtsha
didn't secure one of 'em—not one. He
made too much shindy, and when he
ought to have been biding he wns talking about liens, and, besides, Potter was
a bit down on him. One fell to n quiet
little otlicer chap, another to the little
Jew, and the third was syndicated hy
the engineers. And then Potter seemed
suddenly sorry for having sold them,
and said he'd flung away a clear £ 1,000,
und that very likely he'd draw n blank,
and that he always hnd been a fool; but
when 1 went and hud a bit of a talk to
hlm, with the Idea of getting him to
hedge on his lust chance, l found he'd
already sold the bird he'd reserved to
a jiolitieal chap that was on .board—a
chap who'd been studying Indian morals .and social questions in his vacation.
That hist was the £300bird. Well, they
landed three of the blessed creatures
at Br India!—though the old gentleman
said it was n breach of the customs
regulations—and Potter and Padishah
lauded too. The Hindoo seemed half
mud as he saw his blessed diamond going this tvuy antl (hat, so to speak. He
kept on saying he'd get un Injunction
— be luul Injunction on the brain—nnd
giving his name and address to the
■ ■Iiii-HN who'd bought the birds, so that
they'd know where to send the diamond, Noimi t»f t lu'Tii" wanted his
name and address and none of
them would give their own. It
was a fine row, 1 enn tell you—on the
platform'. Thoy all went off by different i ruitn-, I cume on io Southampton,
and there I saw the lust of the birds,
na I ca tne ashore; It was the one the
engineers Imught, and it wus standing
up near the bridge, in a kind of crate,
and looking us leggy utid silly a setting
for a valuable dinmond as ever you saw
-—if it was a setting for a valuable diamond.
"How did it end? Oh! like that.
Well—perhaps. Yes, there's one more
thing Hint may throw light on it. A
week or so after landing I was down
Kegeut street doing a bit of shopping.
und who should I see nrm-in-imn and
having a purple time of lt but Padishah
nnd Potter.   If you come to think of It—
"Yea. I've thought that. Only, you
see, there's no doubt the dhimond was
real. And Padishah wuh nn eminent
Hindoo. I've seen Ids nume In the papers—often, Hut whether the bird
swallowed the diamond certainly Is another matter, as you say."—San Francisco Argonaut,
Great drop in prices of Suits, &c, to
make room for
Spring Importation S s
We have the largest stock of Suits, Pants,
Shirts, Ties, Hats and Caps ever brought
to East Kootenay.
In January and February*we visit the^Eastern
markets for the purpose of pickinj>£up novelties and bargains. REID & CO.
„.,,,,, CRANBROOK, B. C.
. . . AVhull*sale aad Ih-lall Dealers In
General Merchandise.
Contractor and
Plans ami specifications uunislitd on
application. Estimates made on huild-
inss. Our woik will be satisfactory in
every respect. That is better for you
and belter fur me. Call nnd see uie if
you are fic.miite, on building,
uaillircel,. . B. C.
Wood and Freight.
IIIAMlltllUli, II. 0.
Is Prepared lo Furnish Wood
noil Deliver Same Promptly on
order. Well seasoned and cot
tu stove length.
Or nil kinds will receive prompt
Sage's Commission
Hali-marlMe TeleR-rapti Cablr*.
It (fllto-H Wt niiooially-confltriicteil nnd
equipped stt-iijut'i-N t«> k<-v|i tin* Mil*-
marine telegraph cithlexif the wori.l In
Hotel s s
Quests Comfort a Specially
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railionil and depot.    lias accommodations for tlie public unequalled in Cranbrook.
mm®   Sn
Pioneer Hardware Store
5T0VES in East Kootenay.
Coal and Wood Heaters,
Cook Stoves and Ranges.
The Prices are Right.        ■      ■       Call and see lhe Stock
Keep your Eye^on^> jt
. ®-^®-®-®Xfh®-®-^HS
'|a)l(.-|. *. .> ■«.«';•■>':.■> .."I i.-,'®\®-®-
The New Townsite of East Kootenay.
t......ty*>m*).*yt>*y.*t,.ay. »(*)(*>•> • ♦ •->
^ X Mi ('iiliiiiililu. sitntiti! on tin* Main Lint* of Um irrnvs Nest 1'ass Itnlln.iv, mily l.*
Y lilllcs fiMin thB liirj,'i',st ( nal Mini's In llir (•nuntry, llnt-st  Walfii* I'mvi-r In last
■k KootOtiny, tin* natural iit!v.int:ii'i"-iil' lln* |-!.nv»iv such tint ;ill wlnt take iliu trmililt* In '
-1 ItlVtltluRtehaw DO doubt of Hit* un-at iir.is-'i'niy ant grmvtli that must ovi'iitnally ,
cnine to this place.   "Klku" In lightly nn*l hi-aulirn]. situate nn a li jrli ami level ■•tiilean. <
There are s*iiits here nml llien* In tlii! wurlil  where the eyes ofthe stranuer nieel snr-
l-rlse ntul revel lu Oeniily* where lln-siml isi-liarme.l anil tin* liiiini^siiins recelveil luiiji '
renirto tlieineiuery with iMiuiit.   itnenf thei.' spnts m "V.l,Kn," tliuuu'li n very small ,
portion ofthe people llvinc in Ivnolenay knaw of lis veal lieun y.   Somo want pulil
Some want silver.   I'nt almost evenl-nik will want lots In the  New Town or "Klku,'
bo anno Ihey are ami always will be a staple commodity., an I aro profit yloldlog.
Choice Business and Residence Lots, 30x100 feet, with 20 toot Alley,
$50.00 to $200.00 Each.
f Easy Payments Title Guaranteed '
Por Maps ami further particulars apply to
f HEAD OFFICE   •   ■   •   NELSON, B. C. f % Qt PROCTER
hratich unices; Manager
} E'""'' KSfffla"""    -"he Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd.
|i©: tTflfTl I »7®TiT®T®Tl i i i iii
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co. s & I
Saw and Planing Mills
-Al.l.   KINliS   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Goods sold on Commission,
Second Hand Goods bought and
sold,   liargnins every day.
Hanson Ave., south of Craubrook hotel.
Alley . . .
T. LOVR, Prop.
Near Cranhrooh Hotel,
"uiiii' in antl l*.\i*ivi"i' y mr iiiih..-!in ; il will not
New Jewelry Store
Watches and Clocks Repaired
Jewelry, Silverware,
Watches and Clocks
wu.i. m: CA'tiMKD.
Now &to:e,     —  -    Armstrong Avo.
..... . .........li
Promptly Attended tc.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fori Shcppnrd Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
Tbe only mil route without change ol cars
between Nelson mid Kosslanil and
Spokane and Kossland.
I.PUVI' tl.m a. tn.   NKI.MtN     Arrlvo 5i30 n. Ill
"    l-l-M    '•    ItOHHI.AM)      •'      ll.'.n   "
"      R.:lJ 11. Ill,   SIVkAM: li.ll> |>. Ill
Tralnihnl lenvc. Kolaonnl0.Q0n.in innkei
olos .-tii.ua in Mimkano for all   i'notne
I'iui.i imlut..
Canadian Pacific Railway
- Wil
The New and Hired Route from
liiisi Kootenay
— TO—•
Toronto, Iloston,
Montreal, New York,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
St. Paul, Chicago
.. ANU Al.l...
liiistmi nnd Duropcnn Points.
Pacifc  Coasl, China, Japan aad Australia
 First'class nnd Tourist Sleepers	
-Tllltouaii  I'llOM-
|.'or lilt.'., mnna, etc., nml lull hifortnnllon
rail on or ntUlrosa
TrnvolllIU I'li'SH-iiT AR6UI,
MBMON, ll. L'.
ll. ,1. COYI.I', lil.l. l'!l'S"nui!l' Ant.,
V; iiim-r, II. I'. THE   HERALD.
v>    -■ r
Vim Diim-hII left, tint
ii lio walki'il slowly
Hit   illil   nut turn Ills
fill-    li IVv.T
When .I'm
Ilainlltu uiisli
UoWU tliu   hltvi't.
BtOpB luuiii-wiii'il,
-.yuii upon liim, I low I ii a u i Uul tln> nif-'iit
war I   now bright tliu stars, anil tha lull
white moou that, hiu'ti sni-h a silvery
radiance over tlio trees mid green eortli
trnil Bleoptug flowers I lie frit that hu
muat walk on nml on until thu throbbing
nl Ute htiii't should cease, Ho wanted tn
ti* itlone—to think of Gertrude, imd to
ponder, too, over u strange  thi ug that
t ml iH-.iirml. in thn midst of his doctor*
utlon of lave to Gertrude, and while lie
wns waiting in sui'h ttnxlety for the
words thnt would fnll from her lips,
thero flashed noross his vision another
face—white, storo, and terrible in Its
hard, set expression as ho had Been It
Inst in thu crowded court-room, ami he
fould hear u wild voice crying out:—
••If you :■ i iy fm her to prison,
heaven will om . ..on for it! Every joy
will turn to Dead .Sea fruit on your Up,
every hope fail as you grasp it, and In
that hour remember iny father—and met"
The district attorney shuddered, a cold
chill passing over him as ho recalled It.
How strange it was in the hour which
bhould be tho beginning of a life of happiness nnd love, ho should recall Jessy
Carr, the old photographer's daughter,
and her prediction I
He walked up ono street ami down another, smoking one cigar after another,
until midnight sounded from some (Ub*
taut belfry. Then ho went homo to the
palatini mansion to which ho hoped
some day to bring fair Gertrude ns his
bride. He could not rest after ho had
entered tlio house, so for an hour or so
ho sat by the open window lost In con-
tlii-tlng thoughts.
Ho would certainly bo an equal match
fwr beautiful Gertrude ns far as n money
view of it went. The grand mansion in
which he sut wns his. So were the row
of mansions on both sides of the street
as far as his ryes could reach, also valuable lands along the river front. Every
one knew the story of his life. It had
iit'i.ii a strangely thrilling and romantic
OW. Ho thought of it as the moon be-
CAlbd obscured behind dark, heavy,
threatening clouds, and one by one the
stars died, tho wind rose, rocking tlie
trees, nnd presaging a heavy storm. On
just such a night, years Imfore, nn ocean
steamer was heading toward port. Tlm
one prayer of both captain nnd crew was,
to pass the llght-houso tn safety, thereby
escaped the bidden reefs that lay in the
way. It was long alter midnight when
tho terrible slorm broke at last. The I
hissing of tiie witid roso into a scream, '
the sullen   waters   dashed   the   Steamer
The reeky clouds seemed to fnll on tho
sea, pouring down a deluge of water. It
had broken in all its fury. The thunder
roared* tho lightning flashed; it was one
of theso terrible storms that carry destruction everywhere. At ilrst It was ;
wonderful, then it became alarming, and
nl Inst frightful.
The old light house that had stood for
a score or more of years—a signal fot the
mariner*—went down In the gale, leaving the great waste of waters to the inky
darkness, save for tbe vivid Hashes of
lightning tbat lighted up the heavens for
a moment with n red glare,  then died
out, leaving the   mighty   waves and tlie
steamer to God's will.
Over tlie wild fury of lhe storm   theme
on shore heard a sound Lhnt tilted their
hearts with terror-the tiring of lhe minute gun, whtah denoted that a ship was
iu distress at sea.
They llStOllod With strained ears. Over
tha wild hlBSlng of (lie storm Ihey Could j
bear the cries Of the passengers a nd crew.
Th0U the steamer struck Ihe rocks and '
there was a mighty crash. The ship was
so near now thai those on the shore, listening wilh strained ears and bated
breath, could hear tlie wild cries aud
prayers »r the drowning, and mi* between ■
llio Hashes ihe high waves tailing dark I
objects about. When the gray dawn '
broke, tbey found a little babe, unclothed
and half ifrowuod, wedged iu between
two broken spare, close by the water's
Ibmgh men raised  It    tenderly,   while
great icut'i  rolled!  down   tbeir weather-*
I they   whispered   one to
t the
i bless the mi li
lt Is (lie only Hi Ing creature saved   from
tlie terrible wivck'"
All, save the lmU\ had  gone   down iu
the storm,
Thu wiiincu Un\f the child from Ih ,
Saying tliat tt would be almost a miracle
If iw survived,     ilie story of the dreadful
dtsttster filled all the papers the following
morning, and thousands flocked to tlio
llsheruian's cottage, when tho babe had
boon taken, to view tho little one whom
God had decreed should he saved when
•ill else perished,
It was soou ascertained that tho only
babe among tlie list of passengers was
that of .Mr. James Drtscoll and his young
wife. They had been traveling abroad
during the nasi two years; but when
their little one was u   few   months   old,
the importuning of the grandparents to
bring tbe little ono mer, that llu-y might
behold their wonderful grandson, became
so urgent with every letter, there was
nothing else to do but to gratify their
earnest wishes, nud, full of hope, ihey
embarked on the Ill-fated Bteamer.
Among the flrst to learn the dread
news from tho   ''extras11   was  Honitlo
Van Driscoll, the   grandfather,    lie   had
proceeded with scarcely a dozen lines ere
he turned to his wife wilh   the   bitterest
cry that sho had ever beard fall from bli
"Marulil!" liu cried, "como here anil
rend Ihls to no-. I am hliimii.il. Great
Qodl tell me that 1 have not read ailuhl.
Mnwla," lie Wlllsporod, In an awful
voice, "It   says   (hat   "i'he   Lufly ISlglu'
has p lown. HIlO was to have b < In
port todnv with our OUly son. Ill, wife.
ami Hick-   Utile   child.       Kwul it to me,
Mnrola. 'the Hues swim boforo my eyos.
'I'm- halv Klgln' has gone down wiih
all on board, except a  Utile child.   Tell
llie ll Is not true, or 1 shall go tnait1"
lb- forgot that the  grief  of his wlft
was ns gn-at as his.
Kor an instant ihu darkness uf dentil
swept over her.     II. I' heart   stopped heat
tug, bor senses began lo red; thon,
with ii mighty—uy, a superhuman effort,
she controlled herself and   attempted tt
comfort llllil.
"1 can not say'(iod's will Ito done,'
Macria," hemonind. "Thoroaroso mam
others in tlie world who are tired of life,
aud who are [irayiug for death,that cuulil
better lie spared, If I had beeu taken li:
his place it would not havu been so pitiful. When the old die it Is just, It tl
when the young die that we cry out tint'
heaven is not merciful.''
When they had controlled themselves
sufficiently to read all tlio long colonics
through, they learned of the little child,
.lames Van Driscoll's babe, which tht
waves bad cast up without taking from
It its feeble, fluttering life.
They lost no time In going to Iho fisherman's cottage for the little one, their
tears falling like rain when they saw it
sleeping so contentedly on tho breast ot
the woman who was nursing it,
They lavished a world of love on thb
bright little fellow who grew up in thelt
home, becoming tlio sunshine of thelt
lives, tho delight of their old age, He
received as flue an education ns wealth
could provide and a quick, brilliant mind
retain. There wns but ono drawback tn
thc old folks' complete peace of mind.
They desired the young man to study foi
tho ministry—to see him a Methodist
minister was the one ambition of tbeli
lives. But, for the iimt time, he rebelled
gently but firmly.
'My heart goes out to the law," he
said. "I can not Ih1 a minister, for my
soul would net be ln my work. 1 feel
that 1 could, In time, l>ccnmo a lawyer
whom my fellow-men would look upon
with honor. I believe that I could some
day do great service to tho community In
making laws that would go a great way
in bunting dowu criminals and stamping
out crime. An Inward monitor tells me
that is my mission in life,"
"Mnrola, it is best to let the boy take
his own bead," said tbe old gentleman.
"If be insists on studying law, we shall
have to let it go at that."
"He seems io have such a mania for
hunting down criminals that it seems to
me he should have studied to be a detective instead of a lawyer," declared bis
wife, looking nt James over the r'uns of
her gold glasses. And she went on, slowly: "Like yourself, the dream of my lifo
was to see him a Methodist minister; but
old people, like yon nnd me, live to learn
that it is never wise to build up hopes on
0'ir children, for wo seldom realize them,
They nr,- like the down of the thistle Hying (iff here and there where fancy Willi,
Let .lames follow his own bent; it Is uso*
less to choose a vocation for him that he
does not fancy.'1
So .lames Van Driscoll studio.I law,
and was admitted to the onr. lhinie Fortune bestowed her gifts upon him with n
lavish baud. His very tlrst case turned
out to be a celebrated one. His keen wit,
subtle satire, mid brilliant rhetoric startled tlie people, ami he made his way rapidly toward the front of bis profession.
The crowning triumph Of bis life cauir
when he was elected district attorney bj
a largo majority,   And when be took hit
o:ilh that be would do bis duty by thi
community, the people fi.lt relieved,   lib
wealth was so   great    he   eould    not   be
bribed to shut bis eyes on wrong-doing
when he should bring it to light and
prosecute It.
Criminals trembled and muttered maledictions against hlm, for he was known
to be their deadliest foe.  He showed (hem
no mercy. Hundreds of thein left New-
York, drifting   to   other   places,   rathe.
than bo caught   in   his vicinity and lie
ground iu tie' wheels of Justice bv Ills re
leuttess hand.
Old .Mr. Van Driscoll and bis wife
lived to see the lad Iii whom they had
such great pride become famous. Then
tbey died, leaving hlm all their vast
wealth, aggregating to something like
two millions ol money.     In ihe will  he
made thi-' proviso: If his grandson .lames
should die umv.-ddcd. ho would will all
of lhe possessions which bad been left
htm to the  Methodist  church   he had
Lived so well; If   he    married he   Would
still leave a liberal donation tn 11 when
the time oome for hlm to give up this
world's goods.
Tlie brilliant young district attorney
wns considered an Bxoelloul mutch by
mammas who had daughters to marry
off wdl. lu vain ihey guv* little affairs,
and sent hlm Cards, nitd gave their bus
bands, brothers, and sons no peace until
they formed his acquaintance and Invited
llim home to dinner, lie was mi warv n
flsll that he   eluded   all   ball*-;    po   one
To mon Buffering from any Weakness I have a little
book whioh ia sent sealed, Free.   Every young,
middle-aged and old man should read
it.   Address i
could land him.      ii'* refund an   luv.ia
tlons courteously bul peremptorily.
He had no eyes for .tnything but law
books, until ono day, (jiiitu by accident,
he met Gertrude Hamilton,
It had happened in   thla way.    Some
mouths before, just as he was about li
step upon an np-tuwn car, a young man,
rather tlie worse for wine was attempting to cross to the opposite pavement. He
missed his footing In a trice he would
have been lying ground to atoms beneath
the swiftly revolving wheels had not a
sirong  arm  suddenly   reached forward
ami, with the power of SniUMiii, Hung
liim bodily luici;. Tills quick action
saved tho young man's life. Van Driscoll
let the car pass on. Who shall say that it
was nut lute whleh prompted hlm to take
tbe dosed yonng man's  arm  and  lead
hlm home, when he discovered it was
but a few blocks awavV
Tbu following day Mr. Hamilton, accompanied   by   ids  daughter,   came to
thank him fur the great service he had
rendered them. After Van iJrlscoll's
glance tlrst met the tearful eves  of   Miss
Gertrude,   life was  never afterward Uie
same again;   boiuvthlug wcnicd to awake
In his heart) be, who bail been so Indifferent io womankiud, founj blm-wlf
dreaming night mnl tlaj uf a proud,
bwcoi face and a pair of blue eyesdrowu
cd l aw.   His fate iu-1'..-il when   Mr.
Hamilton asked liim tu call, ami tin- ii,
r I union was Becunded by Mlsa Uertrude u
sweet, persuasive "we should be pleased
lo have you com1. '
It has always been said, "the right
OUB" needs uo const tig to bring bim to
thc side of thc one Heaven has Intended
for bim.
'Ibis case proved no exception, He
accepted their Invltatlou with an eagerness that would have maided them imd
they known him Well. Ami in the
months that followed he lost no oppor
tunlty of visiting -Mr. Hamilton's homu
whenever an  occasion   presented  Itself,
and if he caught hut a glimpse of (.ier-
trnde he was content.     Ho even endured
the presence of Mellaril, the scapegrace
brother, for liis sister's sake. Dick saw
at onco how affairs were drifting. Van
Urlscoll was getting more deeply lu lovo
with bis sister Ueitrudo day by day, aud
proceeded to muke capital out of bis
knowledge by calling upon bim now and
then for little loans of money, the demands growing more frci-ucnt and the
sums larger from time to time. Van
Urlscoll, usuairy so stern ami inflexible,
could not say "no" to thc brother of the
woman he loved.
As Van Urlscoll sat by the window
watching the stunn, he wondered what
tbo morrow would bring lor him—■
whether joy or sorrow, happiness or a
life-long weary regret.
fje looked a littlo pile aud careworn ns
he entered liis office tho next morning.
His clerk looked at him anxiously lor a
moment, then turned his gaze thoughtfully out of tlie window, ruminating
".Something Is troubling Mr. Vnn
Driscoll greatly of late. He is hardly tie
same man; bo Is actually nervous aid
absent-minded. I won.ler if he i-i brooding over the hitter curs:* .lossy Carr, tbe
old photographer's if mi ;r liter, hurled at
him when she left this ottlee just before
tho trial: *If you send my Innocent
fattier to prison, Heaven will sand some
terrible curse upon you. Every joy will
turn to Dead Sea fruit on your lips, He-
member my wonls.nnd in th" hour when
it comes to you, think of my father—and
(To be continued.)
"What are tlmy yuinir to shoot tha
man for':"
"Worst ease of insubordination iu
tbo whole army."
"Who was be';"
"A -janitor in a New York fiat."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
HU rmhiitilc licstliiHtnui.
"Have you noticed tbnt tbo sea serpen i has not been working this sum-
"Mhui. I'm looking for hi in to turn
np off M,olo St, Nicholas now tlie wnr
Is over."—Indianapolis Journal.
Wat.   Neduied   in   Weight   Fiom    180   to   iy>
Hounds-Hit Friends Fen.ed That He-
eoveiy Wai. Impo-isible    Now Actively AttenOit--- to His Dutlei,
From the Midland 9n*n Pre**.
Alexander MeKenzie is oue of the
, well known resideuts of Brookholm, |
Ont., where he lias lived tor many'
years. A few years ago it was thought
that nu early grave would be his; ou
the contrary, however, he is nnw stout
and strung, uml the story nf bis re
covery i.s uii tbe lips of almost all the
citizens of that burgh. The writer, ,
while visiting in the village, could not;
fail io hear of his recover)*, and with
the reporter's proverbial uose for news:
decided to put to the proof the gossip
of the village. Tbe reporter visited;
Mr. MeKeuzie's home aud wns Introduced to Mrs, MoKeuzie. Enquiry j
elicited Ihe information that .Mr. MeKeuzie was noi at home, but wheu in-'
formed as to bis mission tin- lady freely
eoiisctiiMi to tell tin' reporter of hi r
husband's case. Her story runs like
Ibis: "Mr, MeKeuzie is 40 years of
ego, an engineer by profession^ ud is I
now uii a boat uu tlle bikes. About
live years ago be begun to feel twinges I
nl rheumatism iu different parts ut' Ins -.
I body nml limbs, Por a time he did |
! not think much of it. but it graudally i
! gut worse ..mil tin- pain was moh Unit I
j he was unable in work, ami 1'iiuhl not ■
j get rest at nights, f would have tu get
up two or three times of a night." said
Mrs. MoKeuzio to try and relieve this
intense suffering. Of course lie consulted n physician who prououueod his
trouble sciatic rheumatism. Thedoctor
did w)iut lie could for him, but without giving any permanent relief. This
went on for seevral years sometimes lie
would be .some bettor and try to work,
then the trouble would come on again
aud be as bad as ever.
He was pulled down from beiug a
stout man of 180 pounds to about IHO,
aud was so thin and miserable that all
who knew him thought it would be
ouly a matter ul' a short time until he
would bo in his grave. For tour years
did lm thus drag along a miserable existence, until in the beginning uf ISilT
some out- recommended Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills. Tired uf medioiue, with
some reluctance ho procured a box and
gave thom a trial. Almost at unco a
chuuge was perceptible aud us he kept
on taking them, the improvement cuu-
tinned, aud ho was soon able to be
about. My the tiuie he bad taken
about a dozen boxes he was free from
(he slightest twinge of rheumatism,
aud as stout ami strong as he had been
before his alHictiou. Ho great is his
faith in Dr. Williams' Pink Pills that
when he left home recently to go up the
lake for the summer, lie took three
boxes with him as a preventative
agai.MSt a itossiblo recurrence of Ihe
trouble. Mrs. MeKenzie was (juite
willing that this story should be made
public, and believes that she owes her
husband's life to Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills for Palo People.
Rheumatism, sciatica, neuralgia,
partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia, nervous headache, nervous prostration,
and diseases depending upon humors in
the blood, suchflsserofuln, elironio erysipelas, etc., all disappear before tl fair
treatment with Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills. They givo a healthy glow to
pale and sallow complexions, Sold by
j all dealers aud post paid at 50u a bo.\
or six boxes for $8,50 by addressing the
Dr. William'sMedioineUo., Brockville,
Unt. Do nol be persuaded to take some
Fnilril In Mo-i  Iiii-iniiittit l'nrt.
"f hail my photogtapb taken with
my bicycle, but bad tit reject it."
"Wasn't it a good oiieV'
•■Yes: mine was all right, bnt it
didn't do my bicycle justice."—Stray
Kntvi.   Hint.
"This," raid Mr. Flitter, "is the
picture of the only girl I ever loved."
"How cleverly,'' said Miss Wyse, as
she lobked at the portrait, "tbey do get
up t bthe composite photographs I"—
It May tt* Bo,
"Why is it tbat geniuses are nearly
always eccentric'.'"
•*l guess it must be because that's
nbout tbe only May iu wblcb genius
cau obtain recognition." — Chicago
Hcavllj Weighted,
Ku mioiv i ins on ''llie Bag"
From wrhein true and brave,
li really fa a wonder
That ine !!ni*'s -.tin on Die wave I
____       Atlanta Gomtltutloa.
A Dtiimville Jeweller's Wife
Mrs. D, ti. Lasalle, Canal Street, Dunn-
ville,   Out,,   whose   husband   keeps   a
jewellery store, and is one of the beat
Clara Thropp is to star next season In
an operatic comedy entitled "Where's Ma
tibial" by Leopold .Ionian.
Henrietta Crosamnn will star noxt season with Charles Dickson in "Mistakes
Will Happen,'l a comedy by Mr. Qrant
Tim Murphy will shortly begin preparations for the production of "The Carpel
bagger.'' a new comedy by Oplu Head ami
Frank S. Plxley.
Another English bund is to visit America next winter. This is the band attached
to the Hondrnhltj Arttllory comnniiy, ol
Which the Pliltco of Wales i.s colonel.
Paul Gil more will produce "The Dawn
of freedom," a naval and military spec-
tado with scenes laid lu Cuba, at the
Fourteenth Street theater, New Vork. on
Scot.  1!».
William .Morris, formerly leading man
ut the Empire theater stock company.
New Vork, ha** been engaged to play Oil
th- Be ra tilt In u special "Under llie lied
Kobe" coiii'iuiiy.
Roland Heed has two new farces for
next season—"A Distinguished Quest,1
adapted from the German by Sydney Ito-
unfold, and an unnamed comedy by Mad
chine Lueotto Hylcy.
Mrs, Annlu 'I'. Conlon, widow of the
fatuous actor, Hilly blorence, has filed
ber ecrtlilcate uf tbo settlement of the
estate with tho register of wills at Washington, placing its value at |(10,IH)0.
The company engaged to present "Casey's Wife,1' Hubert .1. Dannolly's now
play, Includes Mark Murphy, •'■ I'. Bull!
van, litis Vorke, Nick Adams, .lennie
Hcifitrth, Alllo Gilbert, May Donohue and
Maj in Kelso,
known and most progressive citizens of
Dunnvilte, Oat., gives the following description of her recent experience in the
use of Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills:
" I took Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills for weak nerves, dizziness, palpitation of thc heart, smothering spells at
night nnd sleeplessness. Before I used
them I could not get restful steep, and
my nerves were often so unstrung tbat I
would start in alarm at tbe least noise,
and easily worried.
" hast February I commenced taking
this valuable medicine, and it proved the
right remedy for mv weak and shattered
nervous system. Milburn's Heart a-d
Nerve Pills restored my nerves to a
strong and healthy condition, gave regular and normal action of the heart.
" I sleep well now, and am better in
every way, and 1 recommend them
heartily to all who suffer as I did."
Milburn's Heart and Nerve Pills, t-oc.
a box, or .1 for $1.25, at all druggists.
T, MlLBURH A Co.,'Toronto, Ont.	
I.Mxi-l.lvrr Pills cure Conitlpitlon, Sick
Ht-iJiclii*. I)llluusne», Dynpcpaala. livery
pill Kunrintccil perlcct, end tu work with-
uut a uripc er pain. Price 23c, all -Jruggliu.
Thero nro too many people who use their
friends as coaling stations.
When you call on any one ai.d he says,
"Hello, where did you come from--'' bo is
nol glad to see you.
A man Fhould always be BUppllod with
just enough work and truublu to keep his
mlml olT tbo plmplo on his nose.
As poonlo get along lu years the roool-
lection of the price paid remains with t lie in
longer than the recollection of the goud
Don't forget that worry kills us surely
as consumption. The only difference is
that yuu cat) breuk yourself of tho worry
It Ib very creditable, ln ao many women
lu tbo United States taking up Red Cross
work. Tlio costume Isn't becoming to
any one ovor 1(1.
Kverv one must do just so much weeping. Those who uro spanked oftonost
When young have least cause for crying
when grown up.
lt was announced recently that a former
lover of au Atchison girl hnd married ln
another town. Tbo next dny 15 of her
friends called on her to seo "how Bho was
taking lt," llwreneinloB loft hfcr alono.—■
Atchison Globe.
It must bo owned thnt tho Yorkshire
farmer (old styleiapproachedporilonsly
near invoking a malediction on his
daughter's head when, iu respond to her
appeal that be should dceido between
ber two suitors, bo replied:
"Aiii.a, then ma' main Hatha,"—
From Ear
To Jaw.
" I have been for years mine or le***-
subject to eruptions on my skin. The left
side of my face from the top ol iny ear lu
half way down my jaw was in u very
bad state —being almost raw, making
-shaving very painful. 1 was advised lo
try Burdock Hlood Bitters, One bottle
perfectly cured me. I can honestly re-
commend B,B.B. to all who seller from
any skin disease." O WHITE,'Carle-
vale, N.W.T.
Bi B.B. cures Salt Rheum, Eczema,
Tetter,  Shingles, Boils, Pimples,
Sores,    Ulcers,    and   all    forms
of Skin Diseases and
Eruptions, from the
smallest   pimple   to
tho worst scrofulous
pll In,the Chicago Harp collogo when sha
won first iii'1/.e.
Mra, Marie Kobtnsoti Wright, whoso
buok, ''Picturesque Mexico," was pro-
nounced by l'realdeut 1 Ha/ihe must instructive work ou bis cotuiliy, will boon
start on a lour of Jupau.
A., a general rule, Mine. Harah Bernhardt holds that au actor or actress should
•retire from lhe BtagU lit the tlgu of 5U, although  she confesses  that   she has  seen
inaiiy who Bhould have disappeared a! the
ago uf 25.
A collection of patch boxes and snutt-
boxes ts absolutely essential tol
who desires to be up to dale. Mrs. Leon
Marie of New Vork has a number of these
relics of hygono times as well as buiuc
Louis XVI ivory miniatures.
Mrs. Haehcl Mott Smith, an aged woman of Wayne, Mich., is one of thu oldest
Inhabitants of that state, where she settled
about UU years ngo. Mrs. Smith, though
lookiitHdowii upou flvo generations, promises to round OUI the century,
Miss Feloolto Oglesby, tho daughter of
ex-liovernor Oglosby of Illinois, recently
created a sensation In the camp of tlie
First Illinois cavalry, at C'ntnp Thomas,
by rttllng on a vicious government mule
several hands higher than thu ordinary
Mrs. Evelyn S. Tome of Elk ton, Md.,
enjoys the distinction of being tbo only
woman In thc html who is president u( twu
national banks. Several days aau she was
elected tu the presidency of tho National
Hank of Klkton, ami for several months
she has been president of the ('ceil National Dank of Port Deposit.
Mother liiekerdyke's eighty Ilrst birthday was rccontly celebrated by many veterans of lliii civil war, Tbe famous old
nursa Is living with berohildreii at Bunker
lllll, Kan. Ono of the many stories lold
of her Is of her lorn Ing the army on a furlough once when the sick boys were mueh
iu need of milk, going to Iowa and return
ing driving :*o cows.
Mrs, Klla Knowles Ilaskill, tho woman
lawyer of Montana who fan for tbe ufllce
of attornev general of Montana ou the
Populist ticket, and, falling to get It.
married her successful competitor un the
Republican ticket, becoming thereby the
"nsslstaut attorney general," thinks a
woman murderer should receive tho same
punishment as n man murderer.
Mis:< Kntharlue Agnes Ctullok, tho young
Japanese whu was disowned by her adop'
cd parents for embracing the Catholic
faith, has finished ber studies In Cincinnati and will appear ou the stago next
year. Miss Oullok is tho daughter of
Count IIoiijo and Miss Knilllll Tyler, who
wero married In Philadelphia during the
MoilSOOll tijfc  Tea is so absolutely wholesome and
refreshing that physicians generally permit its use by
iitraiitls, A)i hinniu to [disturb digestion or affect the
nerves, and no (idaltera tils to hurt your health. Its purity
is shown in the clear, sparkling infusion in the pot, the ab
sence of foreign sediment in the cup. and the delicious
"hruHti" which its flavor leavesinthe mouth.
Is a condensed food, capable of preserv*
iug physical strength
Through Any Physical Strain
Aiel ii equally valuably to those rn-uir.
it.*' to use
It has no equal tor giving
Strength to the Invalid
Aud  it  Mill  agree witb  the   weakest
stomachs,     lit-l it from your druggist or gn-cer aud test
iLs value,
Canada's Toronto—^
Including the 24 or 28 page SATURDAY
to any address in Manitoba, Northwest
Territories,BritishColutubiauud all p<'iuti
$2.00 per Annum.
TUB GLOBE, Toronto, Canada.
JWAfftnt* w»i-t(d in fiery (inreprt«ertt*J dkUiCt
There arcKany
imitations* They
all lack ihe remarkable qualities of the
G> Ttt i   ItKTCCtT SfttfCfV.     r
There huvo novor been more than threo
oontomnorary European queens—In fact, I
tho miinluT who hnve occupied the ttiruue
tn uieillievul and modern tinn* is com pur
atlvoly Biimll, England lieadBtho list with
live, Hussiu can (joaat of lour, Imt tho total conies to considerably under !tl) ulto
J'pliom In Fowl,
Decomposition in nnitiutl product-) often develops poisonous nlkuleid**, and
caaeaof illness from eating caunod goods
are usually traced to thia murca. Thon
is also au element of danger in salts
(hat mny hu formed by tho net imi of tba
contents of the can. Huth these sources
of danger have been reduced tu a mini-
miiui by improved methude of eumiiug,
but it is idle to deny thut they exist,
and they demand reasonable precaution
lu purchasing uud using cauued goods.
TrtsLaxfttlTe Bromo Quinine Tabluti. Al'
ilruL'KlatH refund the money If tt tail* to cart-
"One Day's Work#
'•-1  , i-rTfE-nt-. m
. ■   1  I --r:-.!.. Li.*,     fit  i
«i   m-iaim*. Ih*   l-Tri-:^r *M
«• 11« IWldi. I^'"*4 nlf^j   Ml     .
.--..-.■• '■'-■■•§
--  AttttJU-.  "■'•.*<.- pur**-irti a   T
Mn-fac  •-■■■ • -■ -!>■•*■       _
pitSptdaH-fCi boVTct*»*USt.TtftBtt *r
Secure in doing the leading
Tr.ide of your town.   If not, handle
Stylish full value goods and secure contented n-.-,i.
That should be found
in every well regulated
Choice Stock Ale,    Extra Portoi
Canadian Pilsner Lager,
-A 1l-H-!u-),t Iimt  1
Oolllon Key Brand Aeratml Watet
Imperial Table Sauce, I Ohojw
■ 1 able
Sun Insurance Ottice. j
Eastern A-uurat-co Co,      \
Quoboc Firo Insurance Company,
London and Lancasbire Lifo !:■•*. (V
British and Foreign Marine Ins, Co.
Llord'i Glass Insurance Compauy.
Uonerul A-xt-ni,
w. n r.    i"
In'tia Cliutocy.
I Kulislici.
Slmiiiliutimr A Iiii|)i>rt«r,
We r-ive lliii fine
avnicli, clinin ana
' '...u:i. f'.i "il:' K'.vts
dot. Lbvbk Cm LAH
liu 1 ions Bt ten cm,
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drtnantl we fottrntd I
lheUulton*l[wtpnIi]l 1
and our Premium '
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quired. Sell dm Bui. |
luns   among   your  ,
friends,   **lurn   ihe  |
money, and we seid  ■
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A Renuine American
wall li,    e''*'antred,   ,
f.r a |.:w)„.i.r.>-■•:*.
Mention ilii-t  |iaper  I
wben wiiiir.t*. '
20 Adelaide St. B,
-flPgrft*tr ja -eeNart-w — ttrjcy*
* TO WEALTH ■     -.
me! true economy consists lu
buying the best for tin*
Ka-»t tnMiey.
l, without a peer iu
[ti Iin,-.
II.'I.i.iaiii, ami POOL 1 '.Hl.l:s.
nowLi a ai.i.mh
AXDMll"!'! !:t.   I.
"1: 1:1:111 Ui...., : ■■: KIiu'Vmi Toi ...t-
Is n healthful, inrUjorftllng drlnh
r,r tjtcolletit HsTor.
••Ot  TRY  IT.  ••••
The Dyson (jibson Co.
Call nr writs for my list,
Apply to
SI0.!'O]tii(i«'|,\v,.(oi-. Main M.,
Bynnex—So you lovo Wins Sugar* !
Swcesa—I tio.
Symii-x—You lnvo lier booauso Rhe
loves yoti, nuil Bhe loves you bocanso you
lovo lier.   Hull!  That amounts to tbo
samo thing »h ouch of you being In love |
will. Tnnrwlf.— Bolton. Trmiucript.
Ami *■» Bteutnstly i.»c**ii."» iii.tnjv it.
Every ons puts oft as much work for j
tomorrow uk if ho eipcotod tbo <iny to i
(\i a week long.—Atchison Globe,
Sen  lHtcu.it .If.Ur,
"1 wonder Wbftt tlmt tramp meant,"
Haiti the young wife us *hu camo baoh
to tin- tliiinir tifiiir from tho back door.
"Mosul by what?" asked hubby.
"Why, lio wanted to know if I could
tell bim whero some old married people
live and saltl lm was starvlug. .still,
ho uover asked me for a thing to eat."
Ami hubby, uh lm tackled another
bulletproof biscuit, grunted, "liu
known," mid then added to himself<
"All tramps nro not fools.1'—Philadelphia Press. <*V(. wvv.v
e-   ......  .
: : : British Coin
fs 3 5 3 s i a a _., .jj » j j -g -, ^ ■; g | g *j 3 9 > s 5 j * 5 3 3 ; 5 e. g. |-;(-:;trHr(t*t((Hfttfe^H(E(t
1     A r\l
Is the headquarters of the \ r;^
Crows Nest Pass Ry. i
I Round House. Repair Shops and Exten- j
%      sive Yards are being located here.
•-*-J-J-5-3-5 2-3-5-S-3-2-3-i-3-3-2-J*l-S*3?*l-J*3*J l-3*3C-J*i-29*5*&£ fff f fia-f ttf * f firf if f 5J& f f Sf f f f-P
wmmmmmmmmmmmmm^k^m'mmm^mm^^^m %
■Ji. Z- ^12XS-^^&&.&&^&-&-$:JS--8-13-Jr-lS~li-&& S--E; t^£-Jr--f- 3
Ttt t
Stands today in better favor than any
other town in South Hast Kootenay, with
all classes of people. j?
(^lB:lS--S. -S-S.^-^J_S~S_s_S-g^S.-^! 4J-^-S--Jt-!J--S.4*-*-<*--S-lt4*--S-4--S^
CRANBROOK   dt   dt
Is the recognized Center of South East Koot- m
enay in   Mining, Commercial and   Railway fc
} matters, and this fact is fully appreciated by {>
| wholesale dealers, brokers and financial men. f
CRANBROOK      „•«      at      „•*      .*♦
Offers the best field for business men, builders, contrac-'
tors, manufacturers and trades people,   (iood opportunities at present time for shoemakers and saddlers.
We have stores and office rooms, in good locations, for
For further information, maps and prices of lots apply to
Victoria and Vancouver.
;> -®^^>-^-®-<i^®-J^®-^-®~^®^--®^^.i^^-®^-®yj®-®-
C. P. R. Land Commissioner, Winnipeg, Man.
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent, Cranbrook, B. C.
5 i The C 1'. R. is iii;ikinn astrotig hid to
handle the .Moyie City urt*s nt the Trnil
Thirteen hotels are doing lnis.iie.--s iu
Cascade City, Oilier lines ate well
15, C, Smith, nf the Rossland Record,
has heen arrested for criminal libeling
C. E. Race, i.f llie Miner.
Prizes, to tlie value ur Jijoo :irc lo he
awjirileil for rock ilrillitij; sit llit* ltoss-
iiiuil luidvviuler carnival.
Tin* townslte of Oratid Furies lint
x has been going mi (or some time.; pusst-il iut" the hands of an enstetu sjn-
1'mir stupes go out every il iv luaded ; dicatr, who paM fcjj.ooo fash for it.
with passengers, besides n great many j T A Greg(, jf. |)ow ,h(1 KootciIB)*
private rigs,   The rush is enormous. representative   nf   the  Winnipeg   Free
Truss, wi !i headquarters at Nelson.
Thc litigation over the Le Roi mine    ., , ,    ,      , ,
cost about fo5.«». L   tbe R"S,Sli""1  '°:'"1 "f *nW*? "rU 'SS";
1 ing ii handsomely 'goUen-up history ot
TheBriUsh-Americati corporation now  their city for 1898.   It is lavishly tllus-
has control of the Le Rot stock ami will j trntt,(|
float it on the Loudon mm kel ,-it once at , ,
ncapUalfeatfonoUi.oooooo. It is pre- "; *■ My-ton, who was manager of
dieted that Block bought at par on this! «ie Hank ol linn-.,,. .mi.-.Ii,, at .s.,,,,1-.,,,
basis will pay 25 per cent per iinmim.
A R1t-.l1 to Greenwood.
Rossland -Miner: John II. Stone, the
well known contractor for mine timbers,
returned to town yesterday. Me -stateil
ton .Miner reporter that the nish into
Greenwood was something wonderful.
Yesterday 120 people, on their way tn
lhe new Mecca, dined nt Ilossbnig, 107
imi Friday ond 11_ on Thursday, and this
The Le Roi, after a shut down of a few
il ivs pending the completion of tlie deal
between the minority and majority
nlockholders, has resumed operations.
A force of 25a men will be employed nnd
nbout 200 tons a day will be shipped lo
Denver Ledge: The mineral resources
ofthe province arc attracting an ever*
Increasing amount of attention in Great
llritolll, and where formerly the subject
was disposed of wilh a slum paragraph,
it now takes special correspondents and
columns of news matter to satisfy lhe
public demand. Education iu mining
matters is rapidly progressing in the
spots where capitalists most do congregate. In a recent number of the Mining
World & Engineering Record, of London, is a three column leader upon
llritish Columbian Mining, which is hr
accurate and fair-minded ns it is concise
nnd interesting, his a tending authority and its remarks will hear much fruit.
The main point 111 the article is that
'llritish   Columbia   is   steadily   going
Imi been appointed to a similar position
at Rosblatid,
Rossland and Victoria bonst of 300
ful leu women each. A word nbout their
male popula'ion might be appropriate
under the circumstnuces.
A man by the name of Burns contemplates revivillg the defunct Kaslo
News. lie will probably have a belter
understanding of the liue meaning of
his name after he fingers with thai
venture for awhile.
A Kootenay pioneer society has been
formed at Nelson. Anvoue who came
lo Hast or West Kootenny prior lo
December 31, 1890, and has n Jiu note lo
plank down, is eligible to membership.
Robsoti is growing. It now boasts a
temperance hotel, harbor shop, restau*
rant aud several new shacks, in addition
lo its former buildings. The main street
has been Birnlglilciied np nnd presents
qui'e an imposing a* pearance,
Cascade Maple Leaf: A wagon load
of egj^s is  upset OH   the  road   between
ihe remainder ofthe distance.
Until] Lynn's Stroke of Itiz.
here and Hossburg. If they are any*
..head as a mining ..'i.titrv,'anil UiatTtl lhl"B 1!ke tlie ,,',cs w hfl(1 fo1 ■-icukfasl
hns in it all the essentials of permanent | '!"** other umming they are able lo walk
progress and prosperity." Warning u
given investors to be on their guard I
against the sharks, who are numerous [
ami the hope is expressed that the Hrll- Wlint*n 1 >ie nutter. "il yon sny,slronnoi? (lues!
iih public will lake a more active inter-, ,u-s\ tins iiuimln".-   *."•*. 1 limine yer, 1 will I iki1
eat in the well established   provincial |,. '■'•'■*■ ""> .	
.   . ,,        , , .   m  1  Wi-Hynr .11.1 *hmvshestnrtcu uverlhem
nniU'rlnkings    Indued    and    contiolled        IM   jn Mli-U s l I   a-
ll(Jlll London. Ah ||n>wtf««"" vwhn' iiuiHione.eiliiplu' ..1111
lively in	
I,an(i limit twelve in cnnif.i 11 it.iuiger, novel
Denver Ledge: An indication ofthe
wave of prosperity that ii rapidly approaching British Columbia may be seen
in the marvelous rapidity with which
the chartered batiks of Canada are opening branches throughout the various
districts. No lown of any present or
future Importance is overlooked. The
hanker is supposed to hive full grasp of
the situation, consequently the belief
and hope approaches n certainty thai
capital is coming in. The present is a
Ureal contrast to what obtained three
years ago.
Notice h ii reby fdvwi tlmt 1 shall annivt,
till'   H-il 1   lllllltinssi'HI-'l*   111]'   a    IMU'Hi'i    111    11.v
lll'i'll'.e 111 Lt ill ,1'iiin]' 1111 tin- 1'iviii.M'S Ulimvn as
tint 1 ■ '-ri-ial lm .'I, 1 ranlitW.. II. r.
Da eil this It tli tlay i>r December, iws.
N'OTICB IS DltltBliY 1.1,'I.N THAT  I'l',
su nit tn tiMrwinir
unit itn lull I'oi'itnii
In-  1.1-1:1  Ita. I.eet
Uu mn
olt/of Vh
i» iv.tr.-ii
mile wis;
till- llllil.
laml reils'r.' utllee la I
1 hi. iiruitteiiiid bot
li:, 111 lu west i» ttio i>
sim, 1,1 Knsk. 1101k, It
ISiM.  No.twali.
rian, inn lit* ami bo ik «>f refcrcofo from the
1'Hsl.iii tn.jiitil.irv nt llit I,u in nm :,|a, «■ st-rlj
tlna ilnpn-lli'il Jilh S(*|tteiiilit-r, l,si**.   .mi r-.SC.
ri.in, [iii.ile ant liinn nf n-n-ri-ri**' fnnn :,i
nillfs w.stnf i-asii'ialnitiiiilaryi,r linllsli ,'n|,nii
li|;t. westerly In t.ie iimIi line al l ratilir.iok.
it. c.ia* us-i-iii j. tb .Sin i-itihi'i-, 1-us Nn, Mij.n
D.ileilitb Hei- 111 MT, IMUS.
tjjilt-llors tor the Duioaltor-i.
Nntn-i'is liereliy nlvi'ii tbat slxtv ilnyi after
.lute 1 iiili'ti-l tu -'|M- y t ithet'lilef i eiitlli.ssl.itii'r
nt Unl. mnl Wniltif.T |n'iinls> t'i)it reliusi*
llie ftlll.iWIm; ileseiil.cil lanitsi   Ileum.illljj Its a
linsl |i1iiiHeil
>U ;
t fot
liatik nf tlm ,M<
(lli'tiee wi-sl su ilin.iH. liien e -mull   lu elllllllS
iiiniv nr iss iii tin- Mjylu river ihrnoo cast
al ma tin- Mnyte fiver i„ tin-1.1 - nt t e-liiiilnn,
antl -t itat.' in Hie nlstiirl .,(    last  Kooleiiay,
iin.lf\ee|»:li.K tli- rli-lit nf wny uf tliu  Itrit sit
I'•'linn hla Sunt Iii-iii ran wai, mi it,mil a- ;Ll>iii'i< s
uf laml *  l.-s
Dated llils si ti tl iv of July im.
k ■•>;
VV+-/*m+* + -mm*a>***mV*m*+**m,
ill  J i
, All
[MllllVII ililll'1
>tba f He s
boy a I lul m
s-illll  will,   Ii
The cuilersof Nelson have oii*ani/.cd. I All 111
The fire loss at Rowland it: November j Wei1.
was Jyoo. | -ltl ,|
The curfew bell will ring in Nelson
All Rosslaud stores will close at 7 p. in.
the lest of the winter.
Nelson, Rossland, Sandon  anil  Kaslo j'    ktnu-*: 1
will foim a hockey league. 1 "■" ',.llt'''
Du ivaltiH over mnl - is down
liked bim i-iitjlif,imi jd!i lei
tin.   I) tbe feller, lie Iiml
m-nioil llhc lils'n, 1
Dm ilecks.
r ults two li'« Mn;
o-l 1
arcs   strnngi r lit llitlll
hh chips In: Itudil, lie
mono* wiili a 11 em .tar-
es over, |'ii s his laml
•ard a or, ".Makes three
bold on, ntranger, I Ma
j. II. McArthur is the new president of Tl,pJ«,,,£ft *AB" I™1'*** *"in 0I" 1VU ll,'i«mi^
the Rosslaud board of trad.*. l"]Jiitnl**ii|il nil now," taut tho straoKon-'ilontrs
Mr. J. J>- Beaton hasasBiimed editorial [ We'l.ih ■ boys wasuii8twiK*cthrati*tlio tlrangor
control ol thc Nelson Miner. Ualet Kffis'all 11
1 It-Ill H    til
stian ■'■[■.
11 ifllt'l'.
Ml; ut clic
f, A. Turner succeeds Mr. Dennis as
gold commissioner at .Nelson.
None of lhe bodies lost on lhe steamer
Alnsworth have been recovered.
A branch nf the Merchants'Hank  of VVh0"i,
Halifax has been opened at Grand Works.   Un ■. h"
t 'in
Jack McCulloch, the chiimpii n skater,  au' w n
will be at the Rossland winter cnrnlvol.   |tHiV 1 wns
The Rcfs'ond by-law providing for a g0.!},,,!JlnV'tinvv nil
salary for the aldermen and mayor failed I     lowo'sa'l ins
to pe«. I     tleingiioihtroi
monoy, slowly Imok 11'
lot tender, nevr scan
ll.t-litn'ti'ittiiiil ru'.lod
itr.uiKor's min ivoren't Idle  I'll an-
fi r li tired
Ih ■ |-iiiis a hitrlilir, hut 'Ivan only
11 in tin- slionldoVi * rannor ;t"i it in
ll tiny dour mill Tne his body
• an' l i>iit his kmn it|', but I.e
iiiil.rsiiliniiiiiioi1 an* today llio
i' ll nr
nl In/,
mt r
W H. M,
liile 1 laiPiid 1
il the  lllltrll't
liy Klvi-iiDa ihiity dny* an
ll|l|ll)   tllttlH <ill|.|l'l)lllllltss<ll
ul  smith   lliisl   K itiiv  Tut
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
3?iS3i3«353i323S-!i5Ji-:3».9-?J:C-&f5fr£S>Ste i*t*Z-*tltitt*t*
.............a. «-..
East Kootenay Hotel
CRANBROOK, B. C. McQuiston & Burge,
j    Enlarged, Refitted and Furnished.
i Best ot accommodations for Travelers.
Feed and Livery Stables in connection with the Hotel.
Next! Next!
The Only First-clans, up-to-date
Shop In East Kootenay.
Everything New. Give me a call.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Hotel 1 nuiliiiHili. CKAKlinooK, I'.. 0.
J. li. MUSURAVE, Prop.
You'r :::::::: Next I
Dated ITtll N vettilicr. 18W,
.1. H. KINQ
Physician and Surgeon.
I'l'l'l. I!  HIIKIII'I li   lll.UI'K,
CRANBUOOK,    ::::::     11. C
«'. II. linss. II. W. IIKIII'IDIKII.
Barristers, Solicitors.
Notaries Public,
Try "Ii 77"
It is the only	
Specially prepared for
Kootenny Roughs antl Kolds.
PnstiilVice Bllillltllg.
oi' Tin-
North Star Bakery,
Hens to tlmiik liis rii.'ixis nml llio public iw tlie
lllmial  liutrnnii',. lie pnsi   six   months	
wlslios to Itllorm lliem Uml In' lllls inoieil!.. lus
new Imlnllnit ii),|h>.sIii. tl 1.1 s;:ilnl. where lie
will  a ■ in Blvo lhe I.est mine fir tlie
money, ns llerotiifon'.
Iluiilni; fur euiitluiii'.l fnwi s lie lelnnllis
.Yours for
Qood Weight and Good Quality,
iLilenl Toronto)
Builder and Contractor,
Ail kinils el .lolililna proinplly nttomlml lo.  l'i
lliiinies rm-nlslinil on u|i|.llentii u
11. 1.. Cummins, C. E.
*ll l rn.ll.Mitl.v
J# ORICE, D. D. S.
ilrmlniito Plillnilolpltln
llelllnl I olleues.
i-'okt STi'Ki.ic.   -  British Columbia
IV Is.*., I*. L.9.
John Hutchison,
Notary i-ntiiie.
McVittie & Hutchison,
llAKRH Sl'ni'.KT,      -      -      -      CltAMIKiirtK.
-Dt'itinrs In—
Alines and Real Estate.
.    .    .    Insurance Agents.
The Palace
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables ...
Null Kimleliny lintel,
flood Double ond Single Turnouts nml
Saddle Horses.
t'rotlllll lllla-li lltllll tut I'll lislel.t tll-vel.
Geo. Oeary,
Queen's Hotel
E. C. Clarke, Proprietor.
(Late ol Royal Motel. Calgary.)
BAKER STREET,    I   :   :   NELSON, I). C.
This is the name of the
new Town at the foot of
Moyie Lake.
Lots are being sold rapidly, and
arrangements have been completed
for a number of new buildings that
will be erected without delay.
Lumber is on the ground for depot buildings.
For prices and terms see
Townsite Agent.
A Modern Hotel,
And I'rovlilstl Willi every convenience.
Pieper & Currie
dt Painters, Paper Hangers
and Decorators dt dt
Sis*;n Writing a Specialty. |   satisfaction
Estimates given on all work. guaranteed
Commercial Hotel...
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors at  the  Bar


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