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Cranbrook Herald Mar 27, 1902

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Array m
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
11. K Wai.ekr, Gen. Men-
I    Hon. tlKs). A.Cssx, President.
I'-lsl Up   Cupllal    K.,MMM.M
Kent  2.00U.IMM) 00
TtUI Rwourcei       6*.tMW,ooo.ou
A General Banking Business Transacted
Deposits Received.
t  London Agents—The Hank of Scotland
(•■ * _»-• ••••*•-,••
I HI IMI •-•{|\»>-» *■**-♦
To accommodate our rapidly increasing trade
■we ere building another big store, two stories, the upper floor to be used entirely for FURNITURE. This
triples the size of our present premises.
Low Expenses, Large Sales
We can sell the cheapest
Two cars unloaded in the last few days. Another o
vehicles to arrive any time. We sell only first-class
Hotel s &
Nearest to railroad mid depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook,
 Proprietor      \\
In order to make room for spring: stock I am offering a LIBERAL
REDUCTION on Stoves for the next two weeks. Just a few prices on
Box stoves:
ii inch, $5.25   25 inch, $0.25    28 inch, $7.00   31 Inch, 8.75
A carload of McLaughlin's Carriages will arrive about the 20th.   We
will have just thc rig you want and harness to match.
Pioneer Hardware Store. VoPiKrER
Successor to
I will conliiiiie lo keep a complete stock ol hardware, stoves,
tinware, in Ind everything in my line to meet lhe trade ol this
district,   Call in or write when wantiiiR anything.
J. I). ricBRIDE.
We are getting new goods every week. Our
stock of white goods and spring novelties is
unequalled in East Ksotenay. Call in and
and see the many pretty things we have.
j   HILL & CO.
From im? Moyie Lender
Ttios. \V. I'urley, "Hutch'*'  *l'le partner In Uranbrook,   was   in  Miyle for a
few hours last Wednesday,
Messrs. (Jrant and Bbeady are Agar
Ing on some rallroid work on tlie uialr-
Ies tills aprlug. If they accept it tiry
will move llielr horses and grading out
Mrs. Parrel), mother of tbe Parrell
brothers, accidentally fe.l In a hole in
the street near her horn.* Ia«l Wedoea-
day evening   and   spraiued   cue of Iter
Hide* quite badly.
Park, Mitchell & Co. have a big He
coutract on band. They expect to gel
out upwards of 80,000 lien during the
coming summer. Messrs. Hiwke Al
Breutnn havca aub contract foras many
as tbey can take oui. Tin y are operating near Aldrldge.
From the Ferula t-'r-e Press.
Dr. Wilson audhts bride returned from
their honeymoon on Saturday evening.
Tney have taken up  their residence at
Geo. Murray, C. P. It. yanlinaster here,
has been succeeded by Kobt. Neeriug.
Murray left for North Bay on Monday
last, where he expects to receive a situation under Mr, Bury, who was lately
placed in charge of that dlvlilon,
J. W Riblnaon, of Cranbrook, Is tn
town getting some machinery lor thc
new mill,
Mr, II Praser moved hla family and
houihold effects to Elko on Tuesday of
thla   week,
W. MartlH, who plays point on the
Fernie Hockey team, received a bad
knock lathe face from the puck, while
pratlclng at the rink on Thursday evening. The flesh was cut to the bone,
necessitating medical assistance It took
Ave atitchea to close tbe wound.
Craobreok Looks (loud to lilm
A. U, Mc Ken-tie and wife of Trail,
were among the passeng rs on the delayed train last Saturday, and embraced
the opportunity to see a number of Cranbrook friends. Mr. McKenzie, spealriug
of Cranbrook, said: "Th:s ia the prettiest townsite in British Columbia and
your business houses neem In catry tint.
large stocks, while your residential portion is built up with beautiful homes
I camped on this townsite nine years
ago and I bave always been interested
in Cranbrook since it started. This is
evidently the center of tbe distiict, and
you must necessarily draw a lug trade
fiom the surrounding country."
Pint Pong Is Hard Work
The editor ot tbis moral sheet has
succumbed to tbe craze and played tWO
games o( ping pong, nml he wants to say
right here that tbe game is tint arranged
ith a proper co list deration of a tuna's
physical welfare. Tbe playing is all
right, but when it comes tu puking up
the balls—well, a man cannot chase one
ol tbofe linle devils around under tub
Ies, chairs and couches and remain h
consistent christian. Talk about tht
Irishman's flea! It is uot to be coin-
pared with one of those little celluloid
arrangements. Just when yon think
you have bold of it, yon see il taking on
new life and calmly rolling out of reach.
It a man had a lubber neck, a rubber
hack and s rubber abdomen, be might
play the game wiih less discomfort,
But for hu Ordinary Individual In play, it
means suffering intense ami woes untold,
Ping pong la a great game—to look at.
"Mines are MaJI. Not Found."
Occasionally, as the saying Is a mine
pays from tbe "grass roots", This is a
very rare exception, says the Black
Hills Minlug Review. Thc records of
the largest rallies of today allshow lhat
many thousands, and lu some cases,
millions of dollars were expended for
machinery and labor to open up th<: ore
bodies, sufficiently fur their economical
ami profitable working.before the mints
paid expenses and dividends. Every
one ltiiii.vstii.il time and mouey mini be
put into large undertakings in every
other business, before the profits can
be expected; and it Is eqnilly so In
mining. But the ultimate profits lu
mining are many times greater than
the prittts In any other business.
Cranbrook Board of Trad-: Takes Hold
of the Matter
The People of thc Northern Coon-
try are Entitled to Better
Mail Facilities.
The question of establishing a mail
route from Peterborough lo Port Steele
or Cranbrook was discussed al length
last evening before the executive committee of the board of trade. C K. Est-
mere of Peterborough, was present, aud
explained in detail what tbe people of
tbat section wanted in way of mail con
nections with tbis part of the district.
Last December tin* mail roule between
Windermere and Port Steele wns cut oui
leaving that section with no meant* of
communication lo the south. As the
route bad been established for 15 years,
aud conditions adjusted accordingly,
naturally the change worked a great
hardship. Now, to better facilitate business the people ol the Windermere
country wnnt to see a new route established to run through to Crnnhrook, so
us to give them direct connection with a
point 011 the ruilroad.
The members of the board present expressed a willingness to du all iu their
power tu assist the Windermere people
in their efforts, und informed Mr. Kst-
mere that already they had taken action
iu this matter. They thought, however,
that to ask for a route through to Fort
Steele, with a daily mail already running
from Port Steele to the junction, would
prove a handicap to the whole proposition, and therefore were iu favor of asking for the route to Fort Steele only.
Then, it lay in tbe bauds ofthe Fort
Steele people to change their mail route
so that the people of the northern country would secure what tbey wanted, and
the people uf Port Steele would enjoy
belter advantages by changing direct lo
Cranbrook from the junction.
After discussing a few other matters
tne committee adjourned.
Executive Committee ol Ihe Board ul Trade
llurd at Work
On Wednesday nighl of list week the
executive committee of tbe board of
trade met at the Cranbrook hotel and
discussed n number of mutters of importance lo the people of Cranbrook. It
was one of tbe beat meetings ever held
in Cranbrook and should be productive
ot much good to the town.
The new officers are taking bold of the
work in a most energetic manner, and it
they keep up the gait for a year they
will make a record that they will have
reason to be proud of.
Ping Pond In Alberta.
High River Eye Opener High Ulver
has decided nol to go In for plug pong,
seven-tip being considered good enough
for a while longer yet. We see there
arc ping-pong clubs started and running
full blast at Macleod, Kdwonton and
(liod save us from all sorrow) Innisfall!
They have taken ll up not because they
like the game, (It being a kind of lawn
tennis played on a tabic), but because
tbe newspapers have Instructed them
tbat It ls the fashionable and correct
thing. Down in their own hearts they
know that they prefer craps. Lit tbe
newspapers publish a cablegram or two
tbat the craze has dropped In London
and you will see the Macleod, Kdmon-
ton aad Innisfall clubs fade like suckers
In a brace game. Wc congratulate
11 gti Rivet on lur determination to
remain loyal to seven up.
from the prospector,
It was rumored around town on Friday
that parties,  representing eastern capital, were trying to secure an option on
a big Iron property   on Dibble Creek.
Preparations are being made to oper-
te hydraulic mines on Wild Horse creek
at an early date, love Griffllh has received from Vancouver several new two
Inch noz/les, ball bearing, wbicb are
well recommended.
Messrs. Thompson, Banks and Voss
left for Fairmont Hut Springs, on Thursday last. They go to take a course of
baths at the springs and will remain
there for a fortnight. These springs aie
becoming very famous for ihelr curative properties and visitors are found
ihire dally.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry McVittie, Cran-
orook, were visiting ai Steele Tuesday.
T.T. McVittie P, L. S., will leave
on Monday for the Bull river country,
where be will survey several mineral
claims owned by D. Griffith.
Mr. McConnell, Cranbrook, recently
purchased from George Geary a large
band of hi rses, which he la now shipping
10 Pincher Creek.
Craabrook Would Like to See Some Public
Funds lixpeaded Here.
On Hanson avenue between the Cranbrook hotel and tbe postolfice, a street
that is used for te-itns aa much, If not
more, than any one in town, there is a
pile of rocks and boulders that renders
it impassable, except for a narrow pa? -
sage fixed by James Ryan with saw dust
at the time be had his ice house cleaned.
Most of the rocks were thrown there by
government road men, aud there they
remain, an eyesore to the town, and a
lasting reproach to the officials iu charge
of public roads in this district. Mr.
Armstrong should give this .matter his
attention. Such a condition of affairs
does not exist in any other towu In tbe
Aud while he Is doing that he might
give some attention to the sidewalks in
this town that are in need of repair.
Cranbrook people have built Cranbrook
sidewalks by private subscriptions, and
it seems that the government should at
least keep them In repair.
Cranbrook people are not kickers.
They would like to see this town get a
fair shakedown In the distribution of
official favors. It is the second largest
town in the district, und yet there is
hardly a camp that has uot had more
government funds expended for im'
provementa than Cranbrook.
The Lead Situation Is the Absorbing Topic.
Items of Interest Regarding South
East Kootenay's Mineral
Will Travel From Montreal te Vancouver li
Three Days
It is Bald the niangement of the C. P.
R. are perfecting arrangements for placing in service on June 1, what Is claimed
to be the fastest overland train on the
continent. The schedule time for this
train for the run from Montreal to Vancouver, a distance 2,906 miles Is 73 hours
or three days. This Is one day better
than the time made by their through
train during tbe summer season. For
such a run the average time, Including
atops is a fraction over 40 miles per hour.
To make this through time, however, a
speed of65 miles an hour will have ti
he maintained over certain sections of
the line.
Tbe feasibility of the plan is said to
have been proved last summer by trial
runs over different portions of tbe road
covering all but about 600 miles of the
distance. A large amount of road work
has been done recently and improvements are still in progress to get the
track in condition to stand the high
speed ofthe heavy trains. A iri weekly
service is proposed to leave either end of
the line on Tuesdays, Thursdays and
Saturdays. These trains will be run In
n idulon to the daily service now given
wilder the old schedule.
® i ® I ® 1 ® I ®1 ® I Ml ®1 ® I ® I®1©I (?) I   I ® I ■* I <t> I ♦ I *» I <?> I $> I $> I <$> I ® I * I * I $
Quand vous pensez a
L'assurance vous pensez a Hutch.
<s>f Insurance in all languages.
i% 1AI * IAI ft I Al aIA11* I $ I ♦! ♦1 -S*®-^®-®-®-^
14 r-t f *» 1 #1 • f *f 1 ♦ 1 ♦ 1* 1* 1 ♦ !♦ 1 ♦ 1 ♦! <n-in ♦! ♦! ♦
Has Tra I Smelter Beta Said.
Rosslaud. B. C, March P.).—Trail Is
all agog with the rumor that the Canadian Smelting works, located ihere, has
been purchased from Us present owner*,
a ssbaldtary company of ihe Canadian
Pacific railroad, by the (looderbam •
B.ackatock lntereata, controlling the
Center Sar and the War Kigle mines
at Roasland Manager Aldrldge is lu the
east and Mr. Klrby, manager of the
mines could not be located, hence no
statement can be procured as to the
faots. The syndicate had au option on
the smelter last year, but the deal was
not consummated, In Trail the report
of tbe deal has received wide crcdencu.
Stealing Must Cense
The  Individual or Individuals  who
have been stealing wood from The Herald (.Hire all winter would better cense,
for tbey may get into trouble.    We have
bought t-nongh wood to run thla office
and several families, and we're tired of it.
We might add lhat we are weary lur-
nisliing fresh eggs Irom prize chickens
for either Chinamen or white men.
There are people who evidently imagine
Old Man Simpson is easy when it comes
tn stealing wood, coat and eggs. Maybe
he ia, but the limit has been reached.
Easter Holiday Rates.
Canadian Pacific Railway Easter holiday return rates, fare and one third, on
sale March 87tta, 93lh, and 3iuh, good to
retuiu till April :!*id. For rates and
full information apply to nearest local
agent, J.S Carter, D. P. A. Nelson, 13,
J, Coyle, A.G.P A., Vancouver.
Piano lulling
H J    Clarry   piano  Inner  of Toronto
will pay his nununl visit  to Cranbrook
Tbe   Ferule   Baseball   team   has organized for the season, and tbey claim
tn have the makings of a swift aggiegn- j about the first week in April and orders
tion. What'a the matter with the Cran- | for tuning may be left bI W, T. Reid &
brook fans getting together, I Co.'s stoie,
lletcral News
R. I*;. Skelly of Prank, Alta., took a
mouthful of aiiiiiinnia for witch hazel
the other day. Skelly is a former Chi-
csgo democrat, and consequently escaped any injury from even as hot a
drink as that.
Prank, Alta,, claims 50a inhabitants.
It is a gotid town now and ia hound to
be a hummer in time.
J J. Young, proprietor ofthe Calgary
lie.aid is one of two parties wbo recently bought the Silver Cup mine in
the Lardeau country for $500,000. That
is not bad foi a newspaper editor.
The energy displayed by the Kamloops
Standard in pushing lhat town as the
outfitting point for the Horsefly diggings
savors very much of a commercial boom
for the store keepers.
Grand Forks '.* trying to drive out the
Kaslo Ik 1   have a drill shed.
Marysvllle Is feeling good o«er the
fa'' that plug pong haa struck the
smelter city.
Nelson has taken the initiation in
forming a tourists' association. Such sn
organls 'ion should prove benertcial to
the whole province, and lhe people
sho 1 I give il a hearty support.
Victoria, B. C, March at.—An Ottawa
special says the delegates from llritish
Columbia waited on the Premier, Fielding and Senator Templeman in the
Premier's office today. The delegates
were lluchanau, representing lhe Associated Boards of Trade of the province;
W, H. Aldrldge, representing the smelt
ing interests, and James Cronin the
mining industry. In the first place the
delegation asked that the bounty of $100,
OOO, which was arranged lor last year by
the Dominion government lo tie paid at
$5 per ton 011 the production of relined
lead, be paid even if the production oj
lust year has not exceeded 14,000 tons.
At present there iB no prospect ofthe
30.000tons' production. Iu other words,
they want $100,000 paid over for production "' tO-,000 tons, or   about $7 per ton
The delegates also asked that the
duty on pig lead be Increased from 15
percent to 20 per cent uud on paint fiom
five to eight per cent. The delegates in
addition asked that the government deal
with the 50,000 acres of coal lands tbey
have and put them in the bauds ol an
independent company, and place a limit
on the price of $3 50 per ton ou cuke sud
$1.75 for screen coal.
A resolution was also presented by the
delegates asking that an additional
member for the Dominion parliament be
given Yale and Cariboo dislrict, west of
the Columbia river.
The members of the government promised to give the matter their best consideration.       	
Tbe Lead Situation
The Federal government has announced that there will be no change in
lhe tariff at the present session of parliament. There should be a departure
from this determination so far as tbe
tariff on lead is concerned and it should
be raised sufficiently to keep out the for
eign product. The import duty levied
otr lead is only 15 per cent ad valorem
i and on some of the products of lead, and
notably white lead, it is even smaller.
At least two lead refineries are to be
constructed in tbe Kootenays and before
they embark in busiuess should be protected by an increase in the duty to a
large enough figure to ensure them a
monopoly of Ihe home market, which is
a growing one and which already consumes between 13,000 ahd 13,000 tons of
lead and its products per annum. Those
behind the lead refineries do not feel
much like going ahead with them until
tbey are assured that they will be protected from foreign competition. This
protection should be accorded tbem by
the Federal government and at once. It
has been stated that tbe government did
not care to raiie the tariff on lead until
some pig lead had been turned out in
Canada. Tbe government virtually says
that it would not be equitable to place
an additional burden on lhe Iei.d users
of Canada until the refiners of lead are
in a position to supply the home market
If the government does not desire to immediately impose tbe increased duty, a
measurecould be adopted providing that
at any time by an order-iu-couucil the
duty can be raised to a figure fixed by
parliament, but sufficiently high to keep
out tbe foieign product. Tbis should be
satisfactory to those who purpose embarking in the lead refining business.
Simple Test for Copper Ores
My observations in the field concern
iug the needs and difficulties of prospectors in relat-on lo lhe copper ores which
they ao frequently encounter, and to
which so many luve recently turned especial attention, leads me to suggest for
their benefit a simple method of determining the presence and approximate
amount of copper in an ore sample.
If the prospector will provide himself
with a bottle of niiric acid, and a bottle
of ammonia, and two or three good-sized
test tubes, he can easily learn bow to
test ore for copper. Pulverize a small
portion of tbe ore to be tested iu a mor-
tar or between two flat stones. Put
about a half teaspotiful of the pulverized
ore iu the test-tube and carefully add
nitric acid, a few drops at a time at first,
so tbat iu case violent action should take
place it would not throw the contents of
the tube out. After the ore iu the tube
has been covered with the nitric acid,
warm the tube over the llame of a candle
until the metallic portion of the ore has
been dissolved. Of course the quartz
will not enter into solution. Solution
will take place in n few minutes. Then
dilute the solution with water until tbe
tube is about three quarters full, then
add ammonia  cautiously, diop hy diup.
If copper be present lu the ore, the so*
lution will become rolored blue, A large
percentage of cupper will give *■ very
deep Opaque blue—one per cent ol copper will given much   tainler shade.    A
few testa made Iu the above manner,
compared »iih the assay results "i the
ore, will educate the prOSpOCtOI to judge
y closely as to the amount of copper   con Kit ned   in   his  samples.—I,   C.
East kootena) In Lively
Nelson Miner: It. A 0. McNlliy,
Dgent for the.lames Cooper Man.) far lining Co., in the Kootenays nnd Yale, ii
at the 1'halr. He his just rcturne t from
Gist Kootenay. lie reports lhat the
grading on the Crow's Nest S mthern
railway Is almost completed from the
bound-iry us far as Ferule, A large
force Is at work anil trains sboutd be
running bv the end cf Juue or the beginning ot July.
He visited ttio North Star mine and
reports that Manager Parker has 2 force
of .ii men at worn and Is adding to the
number at Inteivais. The develo] meat
work is being pushed   at present,
He also visited the imeltei at Marys-
vllk. which is being constructed dv the
Sullivan Co. Work is in progress ou
tbe installation of tbe roasters. At
Fernie there is a sort of boom on Woik
ou the coat mines Is being pushed in
anticipation uf the completion of lhe
Crow's N-rst railway. A large number
of men are employed and u is anil [•
pated within a shoit time that tt:.* output of coal will be considerably Increased
Mr. McN-illy leaves tor Roasland llus
evening. __
Mining News
It is good news that cornea from the
North Star. It tnt lead encountered tie-
low the 6o-foot level proves to be a good
our, it will lie a great thing lor Hi!.*, celebrated properly, aod a feather In the
cap of the new superintendent, Mr. Parker. The force of men on the star is
being Increased, which augnra well, ami
ibis 111 itself will mean a benefit for this
part 01 the district.
It looks uow as if ibe Sullivan will put
on a force of rneu iu a short time and begin to get out ore preparatory to tbe
blowing in of tbe Marysvllle smelter,
Throughout the district tilde U & genera' desire to see the St Eugene resume
work. This is one ut tbe largest lead
mines on tbe continent, and resumption
of work to its full capacity would mean
a lot to the district as a whole, and
everything to the town of M »yle,
Arrangements are being made for a
vast amount of work on Perry creek this
summer. There will be a large amount
of machinery instilled and such prcsreaS
will be made as to fully demonstrate ibe
richnes* of lb-it creek, both is to placer
and quarts,
There is renewed activity in placer
work on Lamb creek near Moyie. No
one has gone to bed rock yet, but '.hose
interested propose to give the creek a
fair test by sinking without farther
The Herald editor fell in conversation
with a miner on lIk* train las: week, who
had ju*-t returned from the much advertised Horsefly digging'. II-; had been
induced io go in by the flattering reports
circulated as to the wonderful richness
of that section. He sail) lhat so far as
he was concerned and frum repoits of
others right on lhe ground, lhe whole
thing was a take, pure and sinirjle, and
that many a poor devil was caught there
dead broke.
There will be some development up
the St. Marys valley this season, that is
going to surprise even tbuse who have
faith in that district.
Three galloi,-, ol water per minute will
run through 1300 feet of >i-inch horizontal pipe under 50 fret head.
A good leather belt will resist a continuous strain of 340 pounds per square
inch of section I-ong belts are more
effective than short ones for transmitting
power. A belt will transmit 30 per cent
more power with the same tension when
llie grain 1 smooth 1 side is turned toward the pulley than when the fl-.sh
side is turned in, Belts draw better on
smooth pulleys than on rough ones, and
is about 50 per cent greater on a leather
covered pulley than on a polished iron
one. Belts should not be permitted to
become bard and dry. This may be prevented by thc occasional  use of tallow,
Charles Pstmtre came down from lhe
Windermere country this week In behalf
of the northern mail route scheme, He
spoke in a very enthusiastic manner of
the mining outlook in that section, nnd
said that if they had railway transportation il would only be a short time before
that district would have many large
Drill points can be tempered rendered
very hard by the use of lhe following
composition: Six onncrs carbonate of
ammoula, six ounces nltrtate of potash,
four ounces Aoap and tifleen gallons of
soft water. These Ingredients should
be thoroughly mixed by agitation The
tool polms, while still red hot, must be
ssbmerged In the Liquid only so far as
the tempering Is wanted, and supported
In this position until cooled and hardened sufficiently.
Marble time bus arrived, and now ihe
youngsters may be seen counting their
agates,   tliibn   and   alleys.    The marble
bcHsoii is a sure sign of spring. CRANBROOK  HERALD
a Proprietor
ilv-rtM-- "I   SUMSOWfTiUNi
The Iterant deslrei to ntvu the uawj i
iiiHrk't. ir v.iu know aav about youi
ytnir nunc ui youi people, wad ll to tin*, ol
The Urdeau Bugle editor hns ■■
into trouble bv telling the truth i
some niiniug companies opera Hi
thatdiilrict, and now a few oftltosi
could nol use ililli as a tool, have
luted ii law suit uguitisi the paper
are all right Pettlptece, Van uin]
a dollar ur two just now. but yi
milking a name lor yourself mid
paper that will be worth BOHietlll
tbe future, nml at the same time ai
ing the best thing for tlm district,
Wheu Joe .Martin starts lhat la
gatton on ilu* s mill   Rast Kooteu
cense question,    there   will   ben
tune in this neck of woods.
South I'.ast Kootenay has lieeil with
nul license com in las loners and a llceiis
inspector sluce Jauuary I What is Hi
uiattei' Why are not Ihe old llleillh i
reappointed? Is there any reason wh
this district shun tl he neglected? 1
there any leason why the old ineinl er
of the board or ilu- former license In
spector should not hold office again
The columns i>[ The Herald me open fo
communications on tins subject.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is -vorth $10.00, It costs only $2,00
All roads in So
nth Oi
it Kc
to Cianbrook,   u
ml   all
pie  WO
nt s.
have closer bnsii
tess  re
as wilb
towu    Crunbroi
>k   bus
veil tit
stage whete her
influence and   In
is! ness
be more rapid in
ibe   future
,    Tin-
pie of the distrlc
t  are
gether in that w
o> in in mi is un The llci
Moyle I.sadei i
The C
By Anna Steeie
form, or the Hon. stiffening his tufted
tuil, should leap straight over the
beads of the gaping spectators, Jim
would fly after them on his Arabian
Uut   when
Copyright, 10OI,byA.S. ttloha
has entered upon the liltli u*-ir uflt
publication. P. 13. Simpson, Itsedltoi
aud publisher, is getting out nue uf (In*
very best weekly papers In Canada ai il
through its colaini J tl tiring the past 'oui
years have beeu spiead the name anil
fame of Oranbrook ami South Ka t
Kootenay. Simpson la a good man foi
the district, and it Is the earnest hop.
of the Leader that The Herald will set
many yta s of prosperity.
Slocan Drill: The Oranbrook Herald
has entered Its tlfili year. Like wine
tl Improves with age.
Lirdeau Eagle; The Oranbrook Hei
aid has passed the four-year mile post
and editor Simpson enters tlie fifth will
more energy and enthusiasm than evel
which Is saying a good deal If 'in
Herald Is a reflector of Cianbrook thai
town Is strictly all right.
New Denver Ledge:   The Granbrool
Herald is four years old. ami its edltoi
has a bank account
Frank S-ntinel: F 13, Simpson, whe
edits the brightest paper In l-Ost IO ou-
nay, The Cranbrook Herald, swapper
lies with our editor last Siturday Aftei
strolling around the bouli-vardi and
dodging the troftlc for hall a day In
grudgingly admitted thai there wen
"other1 places than "lOaiuidil Crau
brook.1' We would hnve li.sl.al on
more, but he had a cane, which wc hit vi
reason lo believe was loaded.
Phoenix Pioneer The Cranbrook
Herald has eniered upon tin* tlilth yeat
of Its tisefulues*, and continues to ne an
Indisputable evidence il prosperity—
which means that it is appreciated bj
the people of I'.ast Kootenay.
Trail News: The Cranbrook Meruit*
has entered its tilth year ami tbe people
of Easl K totenay have evsry reason U
appreciate Its t fTorls. The 1 ler alii'-
news columns are always Interesting
and Its editorial utterances fearlcs-
and to the point. May prosperity a •
tend Its progress.
Thnt wns whnt overy oue called him. j
There wus nothing striking nbout .llm. I
I it- seemed to reach nn uninteresting
medium in all things, from his family j
circle, where ho wus fifth of nine chtl- ^
drcii. to tlm village sports, whore he
never distinguished himself,
Ik- was not lull for lus ago liko Tlm,
his oldest brother, wbo wns already a
skilled apprentice to lho blacksmith at'
Bergen Mills, not* had ho ever been
such n jolly, moon faced brownlo as
Billy, whom tho city folks always
stopped to nm lie upon with such expressions its "Now isn't hi* tbu cutest
llttlo clinpl" or "Palmer Cos ought
really to boo that boy!"
At school J lm uovor reached the head
of his class nor did ho ever drop with
n sickening thutl to lis rout. As ids
toucher expressed it, bo did his work :
Just about three-quarters. When snd-
•li'ii catastrophe forced his playmates
to accept Liliu us it substitute In the
baseball nine, he was ibo object of con-
stunt attention ut the bauds of tho cnptnln, und piny us hard ns lm might thut
"chesty" Individual wns Incessantly
culling, "Play ball, .lliiiiny, piny ball!"
Even when tho big bobsled Weill to
pieces on Beeuicr'B bill, and lutlf ibe
buys wore taken to tbo hospital, .llm
trudged home afoot, uud bis mother
"Well, thank goodnesB, It waa Jos'
Jim! If Ifd been Tlm or Fred, now,
he'd 'a' broken a lug, It nocked out Ida
teeth or hud Ids bud; broke fur life,
but Jtm"-
Sim paused eloquently. As usual
Jim had struck the medium,   Three
cula on his I'liee, u Bpmlliod linger und
nn ugly brulso on one itnea completed
Ids Injuries, so n physlclnn was not
culled, und the usual mnternnl remedies were administered with oarnest
objurgations to refrain from "bobbing"
In thu future.
Itui ul! these things happened wheu
Jim wus young, very young, und before n party of capitalists disco vend
tbat tbu  take beyond   Bergen  Mllla
id wll
in  the
Tor tin
lor the
Under ami by vlrture of the powers
contained in a certain mortgage which
will be produced at the time of sale, there
will be offered for sale by public auction,
by John Hutchison, Auctioneer, at his
office in Baker Street, Cranbrook, II,C,
on Saturday, the twenty -ninth day of
March, 1902,at tbe hour of twelve o'clock,
noon, the following property: Lot
thirteen (13) In Block eighty-seven 1*7),
according lo a plan of tbe townsite of
Cranbrook, British Columbia, deposited
in tbi* Und Registrar Ollice at the Cily
of Nelson, and numbered six hundred
■nd Bitty nine (669). said Lot being
situate on the east side of Fenwick Avenue
in Cranbrook aforesaid. On tlie property
are a six roomed dwelling house and
outbuildings, The properly is subject
to a prior mortgage the amount due upon
which, aud the terms whereof will be
announced at the lime of sale, or can be
learned on application to the undersigned.
For further particulars, the terms of
sale etc , apply to
linker Street, Cranbrook, B.C.
SolicUor for the Mortgagee,
August came punting
not 11 matter of fairy
sea, but just one princess who
lion every afternoon, with a
ul mold seated in tho chariot
her, .Iim felt thut their post-
hotiltl be reversed.. The colored
turban and carrying
r should mount the lion, while
111-ess, nil in Bpnngied white with
iug wings should nit enthroned
golden chariot Jim told tho
11 charger nil nbout it, too, uud
t tbat astute animal to be ready
call lo arms nt nny moment.
Ono day while hurrying back to the
carrousel from dinner lie bnd worked
himself up to a line pitch of enthusiasm over the thrilling situation when
ho wns roused from his reveries by
frightened screams and the hoof beats
of 11 galloping hoi-.se. Ho run into the
dusty street, to face a plunging horse.
Huuglng on to the reins in the phaeton
was the colored maid! The princess
wus not to bo seen. Probably she wna
crouching in terror at the feet of her
servant. Could he do it without tbo
Arabian ehurgorV All this passed
through bis mind In a flush. The next
Instant bo wus clinging to the bridle
of tbe maddened horse—then darkness!
When he woke, he wna lying In a
strange room with n whlto capped
nurse bonding over him, She felt his
forehead with her cool bund and gave
him something to drink, something cold
and dellclotis. Next came the doctor,
who asked blm many tiresome questions, nnd liia mother, wlio cried a
groat deal nnd said very little, which
proceeding puzzled Jim greatly. After
tbey hud gone he und the nurse had a
long tullt, and then he recalled It all—
the priucess, the black servant and the
plunging   horse.     And   be   understood
better why his back ached so.
Somehow the ache never stopped
night or day, und Jim was beginning
to weary of It. One day hu astonished
his nurse by exclaiming:
"Say! I'm kind of sorry I made up
that play, 1 thought It would be fun
lo ride the Arabian charger and save
{be prim-ess, but it's lusting such a
lung time."
At Bret the nurse thought he wns
delirious again, but when she bnd asked 11 few questions she understood tt
nil. Outer in the day she paid a visit
to the suporlutoiideiit of the hospital
nnd told   blm ull nbout the princess,
the servant and the Arabian charger,
The very next day the princess with
her father came to the hospital. Shu
was u serious young maiden, which
wus well, because sbine day she would
hnvo a large estate to manage. Sho
listened very quietly while the super-j
Intetideut nud tho nurse talked, Tho
latter said, us tbey rose to leave tho
"Now, remember, whatever else you
say he must not kuow that It wns only
the colored girl be saved. 1 think it-it
would break his heart."
Tb.' prlncosa nodded her bead wisely
mnl forced back thc tents. She did not
know why she felt like crying, except
tlinl she bud seen smiir-thing like tears
hi 1 lie nurse's eyes, ami even her father
had turned away bis head once or
twiee during the conference,
.Iim almost shouted with delight
when be snw her. She wore the dress
he liked best uf all—whlto lawn with
lace that showed her pretty shoulders
and arms, blue ribbons and n rose
trimmed but. They talked it all over,
nud when she rose to go he snld chcerl*
ai tit-
Backed by the Payrolls of Two Gigantic Coal Companies
it and the Copper and Kennedy Mountain Mines	
The Wentworth Hotel
\ Vroom & Dczall
I 1
I     Horse Shoeing
j Carriage Repairing and
J General Jobbing....
I (lulsl.1- Orders Promptly
! Attended Iss.
Surveys *,,	
Land Purchases,
Pre-Empt ions,
Mining Claims,
lite, made by contract.
I'. 0. Furl Steele, li. C.
nnil Builder  *
All worts guaranteed.   Sec it* before
...si tiuild.   ll will |.tis you.
Crauhrook, B c
Surrounded hy
Ihe fiillus.iii"...
Aad fine Agricultural
Country. Large herds ol
A CT-J]^(~\T A is owned and backed by tlie payroll of the Slmllkameen Valley
Coal Company, Limited, which is a guarantee In its self
of its success. The equipment and development ol their
coal mines, installing ol water, electric li"jit and power
plants are already arranged for. The development ol the
Ashnola Coal Company's Mines by thc Eastern capitalists, who have established their payroll at Ashnola, make
•it the coming city of the interior of British Columbia.
Lots in Ashnola are Safe Investments
In abundance with a climate almost Sniiiliern
and all thai could be
In blocks 1 to 4 and 13 to 20 the price will be advanced
25 per cent, per month until May \. 1902, and to 10 per
cent, in the remaining blocks. The present price is from
$50 to $225, 25 per cent, cash* 3, 6 and 9 months without interest.
Arrangements are already completed for 8 buildings Including
cottages for the employees of the company at Ashnola. This
work will tc under full headway by May 1st. The company's
stock is now selling at $1, 10 per cent, down, balance in 9 equal
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Pjblie.
.Creobronk ind Msryivllle, II- C.
oni! rnotoBBs wipi noon rvkux avtsr- ,
would make a charmlug stttutnor resort. With tho city visitors enmo a
gorgeous carrousel, with superb lions,
haughty ostriches aud glittorlng char-
lots, Jim lOBt oil Interest 111 other
things, and every spare moment was
spent In watching the Kiddy whirls or
the merry go rouud mnl Uh patrons.
Then t'liuie the duy nf days, when the
youth wbo collected fares on the carrousel announced that he wns tired uf
country life und wns golug back It) tbo
city. Dismay wus pictured on the face
of tho proprietor of tho corrousol, but
Joy tilled the heart of Jim, who stood
by, watching tbo daily polishing of tbe
gulden chariots. Al)d, best of llll, It
was vacation sensual
Drawing on a supply uf Intent energy
which he did not ilreum lie possessed,
JI in approached tlio proprietor.
"Say, If yon want u boy, I'd tike that
Job. 1 can rub up tbo animals und the
chariots, and collect the tickets, and
hold on tho llttlo ones that's afraid,
Uls list of accomplishments came to
an abrupt end. Tbu mnn studied blm
with shrewd but not unkindly eyes.
"Yes, I've noticed yuu bunging round
bore pretty steady, and I guess you'll
do !f your folks nre willing and won't
pull you off to do Jobs around homo.
The uniform will fit you pretty well
And so did Jim spring suddenly Into
tho very limelight of Bergen Mills
publicity. Doforo the first week hud
elapsed, be titled Into bis uook ns until rally as If bo hml been in the show
business nil bis life, lie could lenn
with easy nonchalance against the
rods of tho cnrroiisol ns It whirled
round at a mud pace. lie bud n name
for every animal In tbo circle And his
mother bud cleaned the red nnd gold
uniform and polished tbo buttons till
they looked like new.
The dizzy existence bo led might
have cniiaad it, but, somehow, Jim commenced to dream dream's and to see
visluns. The churlols wore ridden by
fairy princesses, dnlnty creatures in
whlto frocks, Howor trimmed lints and
gay ribbons, who enmo with tho summer victors. And Jim will always the
knfgbt who would some day rescue
tbem, when the ostrich should stretch
bin long legs nnd spring from tlio pint-
i buck to the can-ousel very
think tho Arabian charger
Undertaking And
znllrge of U.  S
> ol Chnnif
ice and al
Aiken block,
linn Hunk uf Commerce, Crnuhrook, It C
Upholstering and Qeneral Furniture Kepnlrlnu
Will attend In any work in the district
"I'll In
soon.     1
must miss mo!"
Then tho princess louked ut tho
luu-ve and stinted In bravely:
"Vou aren't going buck to the enr-
rouscl—for awhile. My papa la going
to take you tu tuwn with us—to another—another hospital where they keep
buys with hurt backs. There's tho
loveliest doctor there. I know htm,
nnd he's golug to put your baek In a
plaster pai'ls case, und I'm coming to
sen you every single day. It's right
close to uur bouse."
Jini hud growu strangely quiet, and
now he turned tu her wistfully:
"Will 1 hnvo to Btay this—this way
very much longer?" i
The priucess took u fresh grip on the
Bowers she Btlll held.
"The doctors hope uot, but you won't
mind, will you, If 1 corao every alugle
day and bring yuu buuks and dowers
and things':" |
Jim looked yearningly toward the
window and the warm September ami- j
shine, il(* understood now why the
nurse had so skillfully parried questions ou this subject Then he turned
tu the princess. There were tours In
tier eyes. Could they be for him? Ilo
pulled himself together like it young
soldier, nnd groped for ber hand.
"No, I shan't mind It—nt all."
Then tho priucess forget how stately
a story book princess should be. Sbo
forgot flint her father was president of
n hank nnd thnt Jim's futber was only }
n fireman lu the Bergen mills. She
dropped her Unworn und, bending over
the cut. kissed lilm proudly,
"You're n regularly brave prince,
Jimmy, and I'm glad I'm your princess,
Indeed I am."
Physician and Surgeon.
Office m Residence, Armstrong Ave,
Fore a ouu «,
AlUriiiiiHH     '
Evening    -
'i-Jti to 11
1:30 td 3:30
T.Jfl to 8:30
Licensed Provincial Assayer
bine analytical clu-mlst mid rnntrnl assayer ti
iin* n.ittii star Miii iin ciiiii|"iny, limited,
livery [>c?crip(ttm of Mineral Analgia.
Prompt Attention to Samples by Mall and
O.l.ce ami I nlinruhiryi
ktioteuaj St., Nelson, R. C.
For lime luliles and full Information, call oti
or address nearest local agent-
Four years ago the Crow's Nest shares could be bought and were sold at 11 cents.
Today they arc quoted at $80.00.   With the advent of transportation	
can be delivered at any point in West Kootenay or Yale as cheaply as by any other company in Canada.   For further information apply to	
Similkanieen Valley Coal Company, Limited
Nelson, British Columbia.
'*X ....Dealers in....
^( Wall s Paper,
f%\ Paper Hangers and Decorators
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
riouldings, Etc.
Spokane Fails &
Northern R'} Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sliephard R'y Co.,
Red    .Mountain    Railway   Co
in all the  «
Towns in
A. 11. I'. A.
Vait.siuver. B.C.
J. S. CAKTtlt, I). P. A., NeI-oii, B. C.
I.II.II.F. Key City Loslj-
No. 42. Moetsovory IV
.lisy i.is'lit til lltctr l.iill on
linker "tract. tJnJniintltiR
ttslil t'clinss-s aor.1l.Uly Invited.
S. J  Morrow, H. rnrsotm,
N. ti, Hoc'v.
P. Burns & Col
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants 1
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh   a
Fish, Game and Poultry.       1
We supply only thu best.   Your        £»;
trade is solicited. Sp
Scotch Ii»(ilc.
A Seotcll minister wns startled Iiy
llie orlgitin! views of a not very skill-
ful plowman whom do hud just hired,
lie noticed tlinl llie furrows were far
from straight and snld:
"John, yor drills nre un near atrauelit
nvn—that Is, nu like Tnmtiite's wnrk,"
Tiimmle lining tho person wlio had
previously [ilowotl the {flob&
in io did tin ken Ms wnrk," obit llie uuin coolly as lie turned hla
about, "Ve see, when the drills
miiii (lie sun |[Ota lu on u' sides,
) yu pet enrlv tuttii-i."
Crnnlirooli lodge, Nn. 34
A. P, & A. M.
mcctlngH mi tlio
riiuiBday nf ilu*
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live mc a call.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Notice la lier
Uiiuii't" tin1 I'
Mmlon for mi
mm l.Jiii--ay
y Oven iluit applliatloii Will 1)1)
liiiiiK-iu nf ranaila ui Itsnefct
.■I lUltliorlxllIK tin- St. iVury'n
iti|.iinv in f mlinet ii liiiiiiOi
if us railway frmn fame phliiton
npamN presoiit line of railway tlieiuxi
ly nml wt'sti'ily Iiy tlm Nortll Kiwtt'niiy
  a pnlnt un iim Knotanny Itlvi-r in ItrllWi
I'nlnmliln liptwowi Wnrdiie-' nail Mu1 Internal
iii.iiiii boundary, with authority also t > construct
branplnu from nny i olntx mi Ilia prqpOHOtl linn
not nxcoodinR in any nun ciu-p bo mlij's in li-oullii
wiiii (inwir ulun to construct, own mil opernte
ti-ii'i'iiii'ii and tclcpliono linns fnr tlio asa ut iin-
imlillo, nml tu RQiu-raie, transmit nml deal in
Dlcflirb'l y uml oil'.': rir paver,
Utitii Dooomlier l.nii, iimi.
Walter liar wick,
-t'-i-'J Eollnltor for Applicant.
l'li'1'l-lt MATIIHSIIN, I'roprlclor. £
Wtiettyoti nre- Iitttigty nutl ..nnt JJJ
i. Rooil mi-ill lt(. to tits- Isn-t i*
Kootenny. *•
When yon nre tirs-sl ami want n JJJ
tirtosl rctst ^o to llle 1'lnsil Koo- -s
tetiny. JJJ
Wllcn yon nre thirsty nns] svntlt n JJJ
rfi L-ooil .1,,nlc   s:i.   to the  Ivssl i*
%        Kootenny. 1J
Jjj   In fuel whs ti yon nre It, Crnuhrook 2J
-, stsip nt the Knsl Kootenny. *s
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
The only nil i.sil mills- lietlveen nil
points Stint, W.st niul South to ...
Intermediate Poinls.
Connecting nt
SrOKANB .villi the
slrent Northern, Northern I'-icitlc
and 0. K. & N. Company.
Conm-sts nl
Nelson  with  .-.te.iniir  for  Kttslo
.ind All Kootenny   Lake  I'nliiU.
Connocla nt
Myers l-nlls witli StflffQ  Dally for
Republic, nnil
Connects tlnllv
At   Bossburg   stitt-e  Dally  lor
lirtind Porks nn.I liri'.-nw.Hid.
II. A. JACKSON, Hen. Pan, All.
1 have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have you talked with anyone aboul hulldlnn?
Conic find sec mc nr lei mc see ynu.   ll may
do UH tlillll KilCld.
Contractor. I •
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
) By C. M, Stovnns
Copyright, 1001, iij <-. Mi stti-funn
HlK Foot Drury wns admitted to bo
the must Ungainly es well as Hie most
accomplished man hunter thai ever
brought criminals Into Port Smith. He
was u continuous vaudeville long bo«
foro that variety mine had ever been
though! of by the theatrical managers.
Kiifions deputy marshals claimed
Ithat the renegades were simply overcome by the power of his elocution. In
nny event his prisoners accounted for
their capturo in ho many Instances ns
n result or his olocutlontiry overporaua-
nl.hi Hint it became u generally accepted fact thnt Drury's mouth was o£
more iidvunttige to the court than tils
In the spring; of 1ST7 lie was sent
down Into the territory ou u search for
Jim Powell, wanted In Cincinnati. Unable to thid any trace of his man, be
decided to report at Topeka.   A hut
wind was pouring over tho plains from
the southwest as he jogged along over
tho sandy hills Just south of the Kansas line. He was looking for a stream
of water where be might rest nnd refresh his horse, wheu his keen eyes I
caught sight of two horsemen coming
at full speed over a hill about two
miles away,
Knowing that he had not hcen seen,
he contrived to meet them unexpectedly In a narrow valley just beyond.
"Hello, boys!" he called out in the
bantering tone of a cowboy to cow- -
boys. "What'fl the matter? Yuu seem
tu be trying to get there ahead of
"Keep a civil tongue In your head, ;
stranger," growled one of the men ns
they reined In their fatigued horses by ]
bis side.   "Don't mnke the mistake of
meddling In other people's business."    ;
"No use getting sassy nimut It,"
Drury replied. ".My business Is everybody's business, and sometimes other
people's business Is mine. For instance, you hnve no honest business
to ride your horses l»> death as you are
"I reckon they're our burses," replied
the other iiiini In n surly tone, "nud If
we want to ride them to death It don't
rust you nothing"
In the midst of this reply the man
hunter hud seen a Significant thing
through n narrow line of valleys that
stretched nwny between Hie hills to
the northwest. Half n doieit horse*
men hud erussed the Hue, going hard.
As near as ho could Judge they were
abuut three ur four tulles nwny. If ho
could cause these two men fn dismount, uml be abb* to hold them thirty
minutes, the half down horsemen
would reach the top of tho hill less
than n hundred yards nwny before tho
cowboys could see them. Thut then
two men were attempting to escape
Justice appeared more certain from the
sharp lookout both of thorn kept over
the valleys und hills to theii' rear.
Tho moment the two men stopped
the horSUB put down tllOlr heads und
bo'/itn tu bit* off huge mouthfuls of
grAsij an If It hud beeu long since they
hud beeTi proiuiily fed,
"No OflfenflO, boys," snld tho man
hunler hi a conciliatory tone, "but It's
n sluiiuu If yuu don't let those poor
flitters rest nml ent n bit. M.v (lorso
don't need It a fourth as much us yours,
hut I'm gOlllg to set a good example."
tlw alighted mul pushed his horse out
Into the rich grass,
Ouu Of the iiu'ii drew n flask from
lilt saddle pouch, This among the
cowliuya was IlkO tho Indian's pipe of,
"Well, sti-nnger," said the man with
ihe flask as both men alighted nnd
turned their burses Into the grass,
'yuur advice Is party good, and us you
rtiM'in tu hu n good hntured, harmless
mirt of a cues suppose ynu take a nip
wllh us."
Drury took the proffered article of
"Hero'H to friendship In n flask of
good old whisky," he snld holding It
nlui't, While ho recited a bit of verse.
.The boys forgot themselves as tbey listened.
|,.      "0)9 Mm Btronj- drink until he wink,
' Turn's ifi.hli.t! in ili'»iinlr,
For li<|iior's i;uitl in ilro the t>hilt|,
'  ,.      That's pri'il wl' until unj cam, |
'"Then let lilm lirouw awl drop enroww,
. *        Wlc bumpflM flowing o'er,
Till lia .urif-'U till l-.vi-s and debt* „*-    ■
And mlnda liis grief* nu more."
Each took n drink,
Drury reached ngnln for tho flask
and It was returned to blm.
''Hero's to the Ihiuur Hint makes us
kings, our horses thrones und our guns
iceptors of death fo our enemies.   Uut
he warned tbat more thuu enough hns
been tun much for many a poor devil
uf the plains."
One drink made Ham Fling friendly,
Willi the third be was confidential, at
I the ilfih ho wus Inclined to argue, as
the seventh went down lis began to
buss the much, when the ninth arrived
he pulled his gun aud lie didn't last «
minute, It was of this that the poet
Spoke when he exclaimed:
"At the punch IidwI'i brink
l..i lha iini-ii)' ihink
What Um pviiplf uy In Japan
Klul, lit* man like* * drink,
Neit, lha drink tikaa ■ tlilnk.
Thon thu drink tikii the him"
An niicomfurtnble thought Just then
tingled through him. What If the puma
of angry cltlBons whom ha knew to be
rapidly approaching ou the trail of
these men should suddenly appear over
the hill nud upon nu indiscriminate
lire thut would Include the entertainer
ns well us the audience? A bit of sandstone rock Jutted out from a blow out
iu the hill a few steps away and he
suw a chance to make a distinction between speaker and hearers that might
he recognised by the coming avengers.
"Drink, gentlemen, to our fortunate
meeting," he suit), passing the bottle
uroumi, "and 1 will mount this natural
stage ami give you a toueh of the most
realistic and elegant poetry that ever
poet spun. My pardner wrote It on
the wall of his cell with a bit of crayon
that a schoolboy throw st him. Ills
Jailer wus so taken with It that he
copied It and handed it around to his
friends to show what a rare bird he
wns hont-dlng. I saw oue of the copies
of the poem, recognized the handwriting, nud for the first time In mouths
of weary seurch learned whore my beloved friend was sojourning. That
night he raised the window and came
out Into my arms. I can never forget
the noble words of his Immortal verse.
I will now repeat It for your entertainment nud enlightenment."
Drury mounted tho rock and the cowboys seated themselves In the grass.
"Lifu ll but a game ol cinli
Which each one hu to learn.
Each ihufflei, cuta md deals a pack.
And each a trump doth turn.
Some turn a high card et the top.
White others turn a low;
Some hold a hand quite full ot trump*,
Wbllo others none can itiow.
When, last ot all, a spade le turneS
By the hoary hand of time,
It always closes up the same.
In every land end dime. (  |!
No matter what a man rosy win      ' *
Or what a man may save,
Tlie dreaded spade turns up at laat
And dlge the player1! jrave."
The boys hod forgotten their peril
nnd they wanted another drink. The
man hunter, desiring to keep bis present distance from tbem, swung the
thisk over his bead and tossed It to
them, saying. "Here's to the man who
can catch aud drink while the other
Ilis keenly practiced ears had caught
tlie nlmoHt imperceptible sound of distant horse hoofs beating the earth in
rhythmic measure. With dramatic gesture and Intonation of voice, he sought
to hold their attention a little longer.
"Hero's api-iln to (he fearless «i»o
Who ring* Hie plain through etom end rati,
With Irien.lihlp true In the reuse the? kold
Thty guard their trust a> men guard gold."
One of tho men, who wns turning the
nlmost empty flask over his mouth,
paused nn Instant Then he sprswled
out upon the grass with bis enr pressed closely to the ground, But tbe earth
wns no longer needed to convey the
sounds of beating hoofs. The air bora
I lie in on like tho rnpld strokes of a
fevered heart upon the human chest,
"Listen1.'' cried the elocutionist. "I'm
drawing n crowd. Thank goodness,
there Is not much of our good whisky
left for them."
The men sprnng up with an oath aud
run for their horses.
"Say, boys," Drury cried. Both men
turned to look Into the muzzles of two
revolvers. "This harmless good natur-
ed cuss ulu't quite ready yet to let that
good whisky get awny. It's not polite
to leave a friend In such a hurry."
The hands of oue of the meu flew to
his belt.
"Stop It or I'll drop you," came the
command re-enforced with a revolver
whose unerring aim was between the
cowboy's eyes.
The men stood bs If dated at the on-
expected attitude.
"Up with your hands!" came the
command, "No foollngl" Four bauds
went up in*! ns six horsemen appeared
at the top of the hill.
The posse understood the situation
at once ami the marshal recognised the
mini hunter, As they came down the
bill tbey gave a rousing cheer.
Mexican Fred, marshal of Engle-
wood, Kan,, soon hod the desperadoes
handcuffed and on their way back to
the town where they bad provoked •
tight and killed a man.
The mnn hunter went on his way to
Ashlnnd concocting new rhymes for
tin* next occasion.
A lUc.at OflUlal i sneue Bulletin Shuws
• Dcoltf.4 ll***iBBMt I'ruwi ibe Suburbia Caatrae uf population la This
rravlaaa, bat la the 1'roTluc. of Munl-
taba tba Aavurs* le lrua.
A recent ofllclul bullotln contains
u statement showing tin* urban ami
iiiini population of Out alia .mil
Muiiiiniiii by census districts us enumerated nt tlie census nnd compared wiih that of 1801, Ontario's to-
tul population Is 2,182,043, of which
1,247,100 tire located In rural and
080,702 in urban districts, in 1801
the total wus 2,114,821, made up
of 1,200,828 rural mid HiH.u.-B urban. The rural population of the
province hus, therefore, lessened by
48,188 In the last decade, whilst tlio
urban population Increased by llii,-
7-r>4, leuving a net lueruuse in population of 0H,ti21. Manitoba's population, uu tlie other hand, was 204,-
047, to which number tUt. rural districts contributed 1K4.714 and the
urban districts 70,288, This is uu
Increase of 711,216 in rural population, uud of 20,225 in urban population, compared with 1801. The following tuble will serve to show tho
drift of population in the counties of
Ontnrio since the last census:
AililhiKttin   ...
ll-'tllMI-ll      ..      .
llllllll    S.Hllll    ,
Droi'kvllle .. .
Ilnii'i.' Kast .,
Bruce Nu rili
Brace West .
Cuiiln ell .. .
Carlutou   ..   .
O-rritttill      um
Hlonnont   ...
Diii'ltiiiu ICnst
DurliHiii Went
Klithi l.ust ..
Kliclu West .
Kntwz North
EMei Huutli .
Fronti-iiin* ...
Hu nil.
.  U.H.,11
IS.a 17
. unci
. 1JI.773
. 14,010
. 14. !i.U
. O.tttO
U!,«ii5   14..MI.I    111.178   13.54*1
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Paciilc Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and rat-chins lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    I hese lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The oggrt-gnte arnttunl of principal and inl rest, except in the
case ut Inn sis under .2.5(1 an acre, is divided into ten instalments as
shown In the table below; ihe first to he paid al llie lime of pur*
chase, Ine second one year from date of thc purchase, the third in
two years and so 011.
The following tahli- shows lhe amount nf the annual instalments
on Itil) acres al different prices tinder the above ennditions:
Itsll tiers al 12.50 per acr, 1st Instalment S5W5 0 equal inlal'ls at $50.00
3.00     ••          ••               71.90               " MI.OO
3.50     "          »               83,90               '■ 70.00
t.llll     '•          ••               95.85               » 80.00
4.50     •'          ••               107.85               » 9000
5.00     »          •■                19.85               " 100.00
KilTlberleV is "ll; Dusmcss -*,Ml shipping point for the
J North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsile Agents.
Cranbrook is 1,,c -,ivisil,nal Poin* °- the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and lite commercial centre of Soulh
East Kooienay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
For further Informntlon apply tu agents as Bbovc or to
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under $2,50 per acre are sold
on shorter lime.
If the land is paid for in full at Ihe
lime of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal to len per
cent on the amount paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cenf will be
charged in over due instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
tn the following town sites in Fast Knot*
enay: Rlko, Cranbrook, Moyelle. Kitch.
ener, Creston and Kimberlc).
The terms uf payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of lhc greal
Iron range aud lhc gateway lo the While
Urousc copper fields.   .1. T. HlKliliSS,
Tnvv nsitt- .Went.
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Ill, 1121
1,084 ,
limivllle St.iuli 6,434
Grey l-HM ....20.788
Orey North ,,,18,276
Orejr Houtli .,.18.405
lUlilliiui.nl «ud
.Monk    m.8,'16
llaltnn    12,(114
Hunting! Kant ,12,761
Hurting! N. ...21,110
Hartlngtt West 4.438
Ilnnin l-.iNt ...12.444
HurtiL 6'iulU ,.18,825
Huron West ...12,000
Kent    20,861
I.amtitiiD   Knat   14,014
Unit) I oil W«l  11,048   11.338   1).!I4:i   11.501  '
Lanark North .14.171     4,002   16,883     "
I.annrk   South  ,11,268    S.234   12,21)1
I.ct-ila and   lirru-
Tllle Nortfc   .. 0.682    7.11H    7,869
I.ci-dt  South   ,.10,274    4.011   17.414
I.runoi    M,h71    8.650   10,087
IJni-olB  and   NU-
,12,600   14.871   12,921
.17.135     H.474   17..V.1
20.888 3.l«i2
1(1.083 18,054 18.409 I
7,001 10,780 7,238
2,009 11.059 2.8S6
3.243 20.133 2,814  '
4,307 9,051 8,878 ,
4.4(12 41,420 4.7.U
8.770 18,84-1 7,497
8,70(1 21,043 2,021) i
4.0H7 10,880 4,027 '
fl.H.11 14.006 7.31(1
4,005 14.712
8,908 20,080
18.834 4.il-ir,
4,828 14.100
3.02.-. ::.
0.705 18,647
11,605 19,964 11,4.
8,431 15.800 8.S79
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.        j
Saw and Planing Mills
.27 432
4.814 18,01
4.503 16.fi
4,704 12.1
6.243 28,276
7,375 14,il84
4.18.1 10.026
4.Ii'. I 18,100
4.23H 10,118
4 893 17.4-M
7.!'iKi 10.488
6,009 13.478
W.42S 10,8112
.1.8-12 10.975
.1.270 11
IS    2.171
B.289 .
5.440  I
3 8i M
3.842 |
4.710 t
0.347 1
3.138 I
2.-..(»\3   I0,7ii8 I
Hll   12.(0 '
« i.urlrar «»-S Good BfaaaSN,
Good manners aro tbo key to ad-
vancement In llfo. The tactful person
makes s study of the character of others and wards off unpleasant words,
iiv..ids argument whirli Is sins to l*ad
beyond the fields of pleasantneBB and
Ir polite nml considerately courteous.
"Manners aim to facilitate life," writes
F.itii'i'suii. "Thuy aid our dealing and
our conversation. These forms very
soon becomo fixed, and a flue sense of
propriety Is cultivated with tbe more
heed thnt It becomes a badge of social
and civil distinction." He also writes
tbat a beautiful bohavlor Is "tho fluent
of thu tins arts." Society demands sn
element "which It significantly terms
guod imt-ure, expressing al| degrees pf
geiieroHlty, from the lowest wlllbiRiieKS
niul faculty to oblige up to tho heights
oi" inn gnu u liu Ity and love,"
Didn't Aet th« fart.
"I wonder If be'g the janitor," laid
the now tenant
"Oh, no," replied his wife. "(lis tone
wasn't In the least dictatorial."---OUI-
cugo Newt        .,..
MlddlfBCI   E.
M1.1dl.-nm N.
Mlddlmi-I 6.
Mldillcaex W.
Mn-koka    and
Pgrrt Sound
Nliilmitiig .. .
Norfolk North
Norfolk South
Nml hn ml.* tU ml
Raat  14.WW    6.0WJ   10,212    0,
Nm-1 hum In rlii it 11
Wi-at   R.SU-
Ontario North 16,207
Oniarlo South . 8.624
Ontario W*« .11.600
Oxford North .16.020
Oxford  South  .15,065
PmI    10.417
r»rth  North   .  18 70S   18.860   14JH7   12.000
PrrtS   Sou.h   ..12.532     B.SBfl   18,888
Petsrhoro  K   ..17,470 4.820 ih.iim
Petorboro W   . 5.760 11.280 o.(«i
rr«roit    30.1 W 6,850 21.129
PrlnM  Bdw*rd.W.R14 4.850 15.047
UPnfraw   North 18.127 6.420 17,768
RMfrew South lii.*« 7 873 17.OT4
Ruuflt    SO.US 4.003 28.606
Blmfot   Fart   ,  W.3IW 12
aimCOS  North   .14.430 12,
|K South   .16.715 B.6B6 8.006
Vti-tfrU  North  14.8!>« 1.3-« 15.301     l.W£
V.-torla South 11.463 8.491 12.609    7.766
WtttrlM   Northl2.78n 14.344 18.890   11.435
WgtrlM   Southl'l.M 14.660 11.904   18.236
ffSlsed   ..   0.12.M-7 13.503 13.085   11.417
Wt "niton 0    lt.88B 1885 J6.TS0    6.657
W>  luiion N   .151151 8.160 17.110    7.887
wSlSJtOD   I!    11.T0*- )-,0o7 13.242   11.131
WftitwortH  ami
lliant   North  -18.717      ILOft   ......
win!worth   R    lH.«3fl 4.7HO 10 013    6^13
TOrt  HSSt   -     .14.250 2O1I0 1.1,:i03   18.785
York  North        16012 8.«W6 1.1.41.     3.8.18
Tort   Wwt   ...15,156 88.583 18,051   22,206
The following is the population of
eltlss,  towns,  and villages situated
in two or more districts)
nuiTio     -..-
North  Toronto
Tilbury  ... —
Smith's Kails .-
According to tlio statement otpop-
Ution for Manitoba the Increases In
ilmi province urn as follows. Rural
nonulatlon - Brandon, LO.aOfij Lw-
Wv ifl.fiOfti Maodonald. H.787|
MurquettT, 19,2981 Provoncbor, 8.-
541; Selkirk, 10,107 Orbnn population - flwuidon, 2,7Dri; Ungar, B,-
■lUi!'     Maodonald, B,B68; Marquette,
1,794: Provenc ■, 82fi; Solklrk, 1,-
160, Winnipeg, 10,710.
A CuoSIbii KIpHng Hosdsrti
We need a Kipling in Canadn more
than one U needed in England, Tho
people over there who make a business ol spurt, wbo live simply for
amusement, have, as a rule, plenty
ot money and can nlTonl to mnke
amusement a business, so fur ns
their finances are concerned- Few
Canadians run afford to llvo any
such UBelogs apd ignoble life. Those
who try generally nmke tlio experiment on their lather's money, or on
the earnings ol their husbands, and
the lunds thus obtained soon come
to an end.
Yes, we need a Kiplinn to rebuke
us for our follies, and to tell us
the honest truth about ourselves.
Cricket nml curling and Home other
games are noble pastimes, and people
are benefited by ongaglllg in them;
Uut Is that nny reason why people
should cany other antunomonta to
exti-omes that ruin tbelr health,
unfit thorn for every kind ol duly
reduce tbelr pockets to luipecunlosity
and their minds to   luibeillliyV ('mi-
adit needs  n   K(pUng.—Kiioxoninn In
The Westminster.
Four tons ot dry Rouweod will pro-
dues a ton ol ckai-etiul, valued at
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, i
Dimension Lumber, |
Shingles and I
riouldings. j
Origin of the ClearlDB House.
In 1775 tbe bankers ot London reDted
a house In Lombard street and fitted It
with tables and desks for tbe use of
their olerks as a place where bills,
notes, drafts and other commercial paper might be exchanged without tbe
trouble of personal visits of employees
to all tbe metropolitan bunks. Transfer tickets were used, and Iiy means ot
tbis simple plan transactions Involving
many millions were settled without a
penny changing bands. The Hank of
England and every other Important
bank In London are members of tbe
Clearing House association. Tbe first
clearing bouse In the United States
wus established by the associated
banks of New York tn 1808,
Her  References.
Mrs. Hiram—And huvu you any references?
Applicant—No, mum; Ol tored 'em
Mrs. Hiram (In surprise)—Tore them
up?  How foollsbl
Applicant—Yez wudn't think so,
mum, If yez bad seen 'em.-From
"Recollections of Mrs. Minnie E. Leo."
An  Indian   Belief,
There ls a belief prevalent Id India
tbat If a man be sleeping, no matter
where, and a Shesh Nag come and sit
beside blia, with a bond spread over
the sleeper's face, the latter Is sure to
be a son of fortune. Popular tradition
assigns the same reason to the rise of
Halda Ali of Mysore from a common
A Wee Drop.
8andy-And will ye tak' a drap o'
whisky afore ye gang hame, Tammas?
Tain mas-Ah, weel, just a wee drap-
Handy—Then say when, laddie.
Tammns-Ntiy, inon; the glass will
say wheu,-
A Ibftrongltbred.
She-Is It true thut when yon proposed to me you didn't know whether
l wns worth a penny?
He— Absolutely.  Uut I always wns
wilting tu laku chnncus.—Detroit Fie*
We.** -..
Fare and a Third
On Sale
March 27, 28
Good to return till
April 2
Home scckeri.' svsiirsl.intlsl.elss on ule we.t
hound March I to April 10.
Thrnu*b bookln|s to liurope via all Atlantic
I'rcpnld ticket, from all  points   at  los.es
A. II. P. A , A,enl.
Vmihiiiivcr. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTER, ll. P. A., Nelson, II. C.
Don't forget   the
Hospital ball.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more, Wc not only m.ikc perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling  at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 30th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
until you aee.
II so, don't buy    |>C|   T|pD    The Only tthotoale Liquor Dealer U
rCul I Civ   South Kast ko->tena>.    Write lor Prices
Cranbrook, B. C. * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point (or South East Kootenay.
Relitte.l Througbout
Our of the Moat t-'.inir-.tuiiie
lintels in l-;*sl K....L-SIHS.
Hewll   Furnished
L.B. VanDecar, Prop. I-I ~-i-^ 1
Cranbrook, 11. C, ...1   1 -Ll Id
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
I  c*nAtnfv   v The best ol accomodations
L,eaQing    X lonhc traveling public.
Hotel    *
McflAHOty  BROS.,
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Tentlti and ilrivera furnlaliesl for any
point in tlie sliitrlrt.
Manager   *  *   J.
We have a stock of
Common llrick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
a iid Tile
Thostc wanting chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick llr/' call on
Geo. R. Taylor. -4MfHfM5--<!p®--«)^^ •   •
II W-: arc opening up our new
| Spring S Millinery
And will show the nicest goods ever shown
in Cranbrook.   Our opening will be on
Thursday, March 27th,
Day before tiood Friday
Saturday, March 29th
^7^ 7&?2> 4GH& -SS-H-t
New Blouse Goods Just In,
Miss Koltmcier, of Toronto, has charge of
the dressmaking room.
Son it.«t King returned tu Ottawa Us*
week, after n pleasant visit with his two
hodb, Doctor niul M H King He was
very much unproved in health nnd hia
stay in Cninbronk was a most enjoyable
1 It'll) Dowsley, oue of Cranbrook O
bent hockey players, plaved defeuse on
lhc Ferule leum In their recent game
wiih tlie Medicine Hat boya, mid the
Free Pie-" ape-iks  highly ot hll wu.L ou
. 0'-'.11-,-  wurk at the Odd
ni Friday evening uud a
Ms desired, This a ditty
jwes to the lodge, aud
$-&-©-€M2M&' -
ol Intell..r ..I oxtwlnr nl .our Is en- I"   J
S Amisn.li. work will r Ivo our best ait™ «
•5,      tli.lt.  f-nitreslsletit wnrk -...1 u-.t.-.l       -,
tn Uld Catnerlon Hotel Building
1 this
1 inn
l have recently
ready in lake boarders Uy tin* ility, week or
meal. I tuivi- nn liquor lluonso mul li is my Intention to run a slrli'tly liml alius lnnmlliig
liouse. .1. IL IlKNUUltKNT
j a. P. T1SDALE,
J'rojirleior of tlio
♦ ♦<•
Candy Kitchen
Carries acoiiiplelnntDah of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
I Biscuits, Pipes and
I  TobaCCOS. Olve us ■ cill
Draying and
Picked  Up Aboul the City   by Asking
Question* of Many  People.
Next Sunday is Easter.
Wardner has a  ping pong club and Q
water lank.
D. J.   Kliner nf Movie,
was in  town
Planao Moving a Specialty.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
Thoroughbred Barred
Plymouth Rocks
E. B. Thompson's
"Ringlet" strain.
6 Cockerels at $5 each.
Eggs, $3 tor 13.
Cash must accompany each order. L. W. PATMORE,
51 Fort Steele, B. C.
Per month paid monthly
secures to you
Per month  during  sickness from ANY disease
or accident.
C. R. Palmer,
Manufacturer's Agent.
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Saturday night.
Have you purchased your ball ticket?
11" not, it is time.
Special programs hnve been prepared
for nil the churches next Sunday.
Robert Johnson and Mr. Orln of Klko,
were Crauhrook visitors Monday.
The Masons held their regular month
ly meeting last Thursday evening.
Mrs, Dr. O'Hagan, who has been very
ill in Lelhbridge, is much improved.
Contractor Leask has commenced
work 011 1'eler Lund's new residence.
John A. Smith of Lnckuow, Ont, has
taken a position in  Reid & Go.'a store.
For Sale—Settings front White Leg
horn prize chickens, $2 50,  P.K'.SImpsou
Tbe townsile oflice has been greatly
improved hy the addition of a neat veranda,
Whistle" Winsby, junior at the bank.
has returned from a vacation trip to the
Lost, in or around the round lions'', a
silver watch, Finder plejse return to
Herald office.
\V. R Ross of Fernie and Fort Steele,
has been elected president of the Ferule
board of trade.
fiet your fishing tackle ready. The
time for raising the speckled beauties
will soon he here.
Alex Leitch, one of the leading merchants of Frank, Alta., was in lown between trains Tuesday.
Invitations will be issued iu a few lays
for the Masonic ball, which Is lo take
place on the 15th of April.
Lee Johu, the Chinese watch umlcei
who formerly lived in Cranbrook, died a
few weeks ago at Hong Kong.
Mr, Gordon, book keeper for Guthrie
Si Co. at IClko, is confined in the St ]
liugene hospital hy sickness.
tinnge Johnson, who has been working on the road with EuglneerGauvreuu,
ia back in Cranbrook for 11 Lime.
Claude Mansfield will come to Cranbrook to live. He bus been given a
position lu the dispatcher's office.
Mrs Bertram was called lo Macleod
Tuesday, as an operation is to be per
. formed on her little daughter Pearl,
N. It Gativreau came in from Fer-
( nie last Sunday where he has been engaged in engineering woik for the C.
' P. R.
There is a bargain tn two lots across
the creek. There is a house and bum on
tbem aud the properly will he sold for
N. Hanson of Wasa, was iu town last
week, Mr. Hanson is more favorably
impressed with Cranbrook each time be
visits It.
A   number of cars were ditched near
the ice.
There will bl
Fellows lodge
large atteudaui
each member
every member living in towu should be
there.    Get next.
There will he a meeting nt the Crau*
brook hotel tbis evening for the purpose
of forming a rille association, Every
young man who can see a »-ght ou the
end of a title barrel is Invited to be present ami uke pan iu ibe organization.
A musical and literary social will be
given at the Manse on Thursday evening
April 3, beginning at s o'clock. During
the evening a collection will be taken up
to be ilevoied lo the musical part of tlie
church work. All are cordially invited
to be present,
Fred Pieper came into the ollice last
Monday, smiling aud showing every in
dilation ot feeling good. "Spring 1;
not far off now," said he, "I saw lilm
birds this morning, and they weie singing 'Beautiful Cranbrook,1 with two roll
ins coining in oil the chorus."
Charles V1 Oman, proprietor of the
Weutworth hotel, is making extensive
improvements nlioul bis place. He is
purt 1 Honing llie lar».e room over the
opera house into bed rooms, ami has
greatly enlarged his dining room, which
will hereafter be run day and night
William Hamilton has been raising
fruit in ibis valley for several years, nud
Is now satisfied as to what can he done
In cons queue.*- be is planting 600 berry
bushes nml 300 plum trees ou hi., ranch
just west of town. He now has one of
lhe best ranches in lhe disuict.
; watches   are not
The works in thc
; jeweled and will
official   inspector.
-1   of tho road are.
tlm   order,   tor the
reason that It will put them to a heavy
xpeoseto   discard   their old watches
ud purchase  ue-v cues.
tion that stem settb
reliable time keepei
new natch must h*
be supplied by the
Many of the employ
protesting aga
A    iiii.ilili'.I-
Wi- stand Id say good
mul us, all Die si
tenpe lit"*,
Above, 11 leaden sky, •
Dull red ami saftroi
daylight dies,
.su dies, ami euds 1
happy days,
Hits Is tlm last, last tl
natter, only menu
or gorgeous simmici
one last, long kiss, .1
silent prayer, tog
lingering glauc
lesllte Ilierro/i'ii lake'
viapii'il. WluLiy littitl-
■jppl l'iw lu lha west,
streaks, iimt  show Hi
comradeship tiinmRii
■iliar we may meet.
1 ui absent faoOs loved,
lories tied, bin oh, sn
look, deep 1 loving
or, lo nur (toil on iiiuh
uoiiini tho welMcuowt
A rliiii.mj: llAIM-Olasp, last.     Ami su, lit
Prom tha MiryaWllo Tribune
ur. Laurie and sons liave puichised
the saw mill of the smeller company,
and will operate It hereafter, They
have also secured the Belanger Umber
ilmll adjoining Mirysvllie, and expect
to put a force ot men at work wlihln a
short time,
"Hob" Shaw, Cranbrook's popular
nigni pollcemar, visited Marysvllle ou
AfteT all our talk Ping Pong has at
last struck Marysvllle. It seems that we
cannot escape the epidemic.
Hughle McMillan the genial proprietor of the Royal liotel has been suffering wiih a sprained ankle fur some
Fred Burden, B, A , and late of Mc-
QUI university, Montreal, has been lu
charge of C. E. Reld & Co.'s drug store,
d iring Mr. Raid's absenceat Cranbrook.
working man and a population of working men Is by far the best population
lo havo in any town. Tlie reason ot
this is not hatd to rtnd. The working
man drawing regular wages month by
month spend* his money In the town
In which he draws bis wages, Again
he, In nine cases out of ten,has a family
which have to he supported and as a
general rule the working man of ti,is
country keeps hli Ijuiily vicll and ih's
all tends largely to the geueml ptoa-
perlty of the community,
There have been many doubts
in the winds of some people as
to the future of Marys-Mile,
These duubls, as those who have really
studied the ipiesllou kuew, were unfounded, and 10-day the people of British CJluinbla known that Marysvllle Is
all light. The people of Canada know
lhat Marysvllle ts all right and the
people of the United Sates know that
Marysvllle ts all right. How can It be
otherwise. A town with a smelter, a
refinery and the prospect of lead manu-
(aclurles and a town thai has the mines
10 supply the raw material lu Its Immediate vicinity and a town lhat has
tlie unbounded prospects that the St.
Mary's Valley shows, can be nothing
but all right.
The prosperity nf any town or any
coinmiiuliy depends a greal deal on tne
people who go to make up the popula-
ton of the lown, therefore we would
urge upon the business men, the mer*
hauts aud lu fact upon all who have the
ii,leu**1** of our lown at heart, to do all
In their power to make the prospects of
Marysvllle known to the outside werld.
This can be accomplished by talking
abjut Marysvllle on the outside, by telling tlielr friends iu the cast and elsi
where, when writing, of Marvelous
Marysvllle and Its resources, and dou't
forget when talking about the town to
speak also about the distiict.
The great thing Is for all hands to
pull to-gethet for the general wellfare
of the town; If this Is doue there ls no
iloubL but that Marysville will long re-
laln the name ste has won for herself.
It is an I
The Jeweler.
I keep a Urge and varied
stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
If you buy of Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Qlllclal Wstch Inspector (or
Crows Nesl dlvirf.m C. P. ti.
Morrissey last Saturday am! ill consequence the east bound express was held
at Cranbrook for 12 hours.
Next Tuesday is April I, If you see a
hat on the walk that day, you may feel
like kicking it. Don't do it. There ii
sure to be a rock under it.
Reid & Co. have a {150.00 trimmed
hat on display iu their window. It's a
100 to 1 shot that the hut will never
ailoin the head of any of lhe editors'
wives In this distiict.
Rheo, the palmist, has been holding
forth in Crnuhrook the past week, and it
is safe to say thut the percentage nf
clean hands in the town has been great
ly increased during tbat time,
N. B, Gauvrenu, one of the orlgilla
engineers on the Crow construction, left
for Winnipeg last Tuesduy and may not
return. He Is an efficient man and hi:
services are always In demand.
Don't forget tlie hospital dance next
Monday. Ii you have not purchased n
ticket, do so without deluy. It is I, .
humanity's sake, and to assist out.' uf the
best Institutions hi British Columbia.
•Sam Jackson, well known in Cran-
broik us a traveler for an eastern tailoring house, received a telegram Monday
announcing that his sitter, who was a
trained muse a Brockvllle, Out., had
t.iken a dose of poison by mistake, and
died immediately, Mr. Jackson left that
evening for Hroekville,
The effects of the Cranbrook Cigar
htore were sold at public auction ou
Monday evening to satisfy a lien for
tent. "Hutch" was the auctioneer and
his clarion tones nml seductive smile
cast an hypnotic spell over the crowd,
wig soon evince'! tin uncontrollable de
si:e lo bid early aud often.
Leask & Henderson are prepared to
lit out anyone with ibe latest In spring
suits. They carry tbe best of suitings,
the latest styles and what is more the
money you pay Iliem does not go into
some eastern sweat shop. If you want
to get jour money's worth, keep your
money al home and d.soourage sweat
A. D. Grant, formerly of Cranbrook,
but now living in Frank, Alia., has secured the contract for building the big
addition to R Sleeves' hotel in that
town. The addition will he 30 by 70
feet, two stories, nnd finished in first
felass shape. The contract also calls for
many important changes in tbe original
Tile Uneeii ol Hayti company of colored performers which showed in the
opera liouse last Friday night, put up
one of the beat entertainments yel seen
in the town. The music and singing
was catchy, the dancing good, and the
hoop rolling specialty is one ol the best
ever seen, ami was alone well worth the
price of admission.
Fernie and Macleod papers are talking
about tbe good skating iu their respective rinks. Skating! Why don't
you come down into lhe baiintia belt?
Here the children are chasing grasshoppers and butterflies, the grass is taking
on a St Patrick line, 'he lemon trees are
in bud an I the bananas are ripe enough
to fill from the branches.
The Herald departs from iis rule this
week regnrdiug thc printing of anything
sent In without the writer's name hi-
tached, A poem under lhe caption of
"A Goodbye" lias been received, and is
printed because it is aitistic aud possesses merit. The Herald trusts that U
may be favored ugiiu, and thai the
writer will sign the next time.
Robert Mathers nud I'eler Boyle of
Fort Steele, weie in Cranbrook Tuesday
While talking to The Herald man, Mr.
rtlnthers soldi "I don't know how long
Boyle ha*! been in the country. He wa:
here when 1 came, nnd Ihnl wns 30 yeai
ago." Jusi then Tom Love joined ibe
crowd and u transpired lliat he bad
known the gentlemen lor many years.
It was a reunion iu a small way, uud
when thnt crowd got through talking
The Herald man felt like n tenderfoot.
Indisputable Fact
That the firm doing the largest business can live on the
smallest profits.
Ii is generally conceded that wc dothe
largest business in East Kootenay. Get
in line and get your goods at the BIGGEST store where thc BIGGEST business is done on thc very SMALLEST
profits. We guarantee our goods to be
the best, and we will give the best service.
I Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd
4 J- - FINK, Manager. H
Mrs, J. Lindsay ami uiss Daisy Jacq-
uish have leas■■-. 11 thc restaurant aud
rooms of Handley A Wolfe aim will
have charge of the place hereafter. Mr.
Bryant will be In charge of the business,
N. Hanson expects to put In a saw
mill on the timber limit east of town,
belonging to W. Carlln and Al. Doyle.
This will give Hirysvllle three saw
O.W, Hull talked with a Tribune man
before he left for Spokane on Tuesday.
He slid : "I have nothing to say at present except thai woik will be pushed
as fast as men and money can push It.'1
Abmt forty men are now at work on
the North Star mine and ns many more
will be put lo work as soon as   possible.
Thc CIrantirook board of trade has
taken up the question of the short road
to Marysvlle with vigor. A petition Is
now In circulation urging lhe government to build this road which wilt
shorten tbe distance between the two
towns by at least eight miles.
It is time that the clti/.rns of Marysville got together aud petitioned the
department of education for a school.
We believe lhat there are a sufficient
number of children of school age In
town at tbe present time to warrant a
school.   Get together.
Easter Novelties
Call in and look at the
Cards,   Souvenirs,   Etc.
Don't forget your garden seeds
At Beattie's
Ked 1st rlbu lion
The redistribution bill divides this district on   the   Kootenuy   river   and Hull
river, nnd if tbe  bill goes through tbis
division will probably prevail.
Death of Irs Finch.
Marysville Tribune
Ira Pinch, brother of Charles Finch
died yesterday afternoon of pneumonia
after an Illness of nearly two weeks,
ageil r,l years. He contracted a severe
cold, which rapidly developed luto
pneumonia. Everything possible tn the
way of careful nursing and medical
attendance was done for him, but nothing coul I stop the progress of the dread
dKeise, and at last death came to his
Undertaker Oatn'pbell, of Cranbrook
came after the remains last night, and
arranged for forwarding them to tbe
former home of tbe deceased in Michigan where he lias a wife. Olen Fincn
ihe sou, will accompany the remains
The deceased came to South iOst
Kootenay from uujitana. and has beeu
engaged in the saw milt bflslness wltn
his brother since that time. Ilia friends
were leglou, andthtuiigliunt tbis parlof
tbe district where he was known, his
death will be universally mourned.
Work Kt-sunicd on Smeller.
Prom tho Marysvllle Till.nue.
Work has been resumed on the smelter. All the bib 1; layers thai could be
obtained In the uti^hborhood have
beeu set to work on the roaster buildings and the company have telegraphed
fur ten more, who will arrive as soon
as trains can bring ihcni here.
Spiltig has arrived In Marysvllle
with every prospect, indeed wllh an
assurance, that a busy summer Is in
store for the Smelter Gity of South
Kast Kootenay. Never, In tbe history
ol British Columbia, did a town start lu
on the bcglnlng of a year with such a
magnlllct,nt prospect. Never did
town have, so much to look forward to,
Within a veiy few weeks MarveloiiB
Marysvllle will be the home of a large
and flouilsblng populatou, the home of
Hard On   The Mca a greal number of workmen and their
of   the   most  sweeping  orders families which   constitute   the   brawn
er Issued by the   lilo Grande railway and backbone   of all prosperous com-
company h?s just   been   made.   Bv its munitles.    Whenever Industries spring
mis all the employes of the railroad up in this province, or for'tjiit matter,
wliile engaged In running trains mnsl, anywhere else, a large and prosperous
on the r>-h of this month, discard stem population springs up also, and the fac*
setting watches, no matter how valu- lhat Marysvllle will he distinctly an In-
able the timepiece may be. Watches dustrlal town proves conclusively that
nustpass master by an official Inspector she win have a prosperous and large
and must be purchased  by all employes population.
In the operating department. Tne order The population of Marysvllle will not
air. cts conductors,   engineers, tlremen, consist of what the New York American
brakemen  or any employe   whose duty calls   the   "Silk   Htocltlng Set,"   but
mlei.icall   him   to   Hag   a train.   The that matters not. It will consist of what   chief producers,   when
officials of tho company take   the poil. the people ol  this  country call the   loaded, or so.neil.lag over l.r.00 tons,
Interesting Items,
Ore shipments from Sandon for the
mouth of February were CM tons.
A strike of uoo ounces silver ore In
reported from iheUath, lu ibe Slocan.
Tho Neepawa mine, In the slocan,
expects to ship 1UU ions of o.e per
month here alter.
'Die Bosun on Lake S'ocao, shipped
140 tons of ore In January, the smelter
returns of which were $5,HO.
J. M. Kellle, ex-M, P. P., proposes
visiting Horsefly at early date to Investigate the gold strike reported the last
The. Sunset mine, near Sandon, has
decbired Uh tilth dividend, making a
total of SLID (1(10 distributed by the mine
to Us owners.
The Hastings, (B C.) Kuploratlon
Syndicate has declared a dividend of 5
percent. It was payable on March l
The company owns the Vermont Diy
and Eureka groups of mines which are
situated on Huckleberry Hill between
the North Star and Sullivan mines. The
ore values are silver aud lead.—Fort
Steele Prospector.
The Victoria semi-weekly Colonist
contains an Interview with D. U. Ker,
of the Rracktnan-Ker Co., on the C. N.
it extension to Bute Inlet. The Issue
contains cuts of the elevators of the
Brackman-Ker Co. at Strathcon, Red
Deer, Lacombe, and Wetasklwlnof the
mills and warehouses at Victoria.
A dispatch from Victoria states that
the provincial government has received
telegraphic advices from Toronto March
13th, to the effect lhat MacKenzie and
Mann have signed the contract for the
conduction of a railway from Yellow
Pass to tbe coast, where it will connect
with ih . Vancouver Island and termln
ate at Victoria.—Victoria Colonist.
The Father Pat memorial fund has
nearly reached the Sunn mark.
William m. Brewer Is a man of vast
experience In mining, and one whose
opinion Is entirely reliable. Ue recent
iy visited the Boundary mine*, and la
an Interview with the Nelson Miner
said that he was convinced tbat the
mines of the Boundary could mine aud
treat ore for three dollars a ton This
might not pay interest on the Investment, but It wonld make an allowance
for wear and tear, Asked If this was
unusally low, he said he believed It was
the lowest cost at which any metalll
ferous mines of the world were worked,
with the possible exception of the Iron
ml'ies of Alabama, and there colored
labor Is used (I dng further into de
talis, he said that the ore bodies wen_
so large, the quantity of timber required so small, and the ore was such a
perfect llux tn itself that these remits
could be obtained. By the system
mining now adopted pan of the ore Is
left tn fill up thc stope until It Is worked out to the surface, so thut the drill
may be set on it. When one stope is
tln-scd this loose ore will be taken out,
and when ail In a single stope Is con*
Odered he thought that the cost would
be about as he had stated. In two
mines he bad seen ore blocked rut tbat
was 180 fecteacn way. Uehad thought
that when copper went down to L) or
11 cents that It wmild be all off with the
Boundary, but now he believed tbat ll
could stand ten-cent or possibly nine-
cent topper.— Western Mining World.
Thc second furnace of the Mother
Lode smelter Is expected to be ready to
be blown In the course of about two
Foreman  Drimody,  nf the Granby
mine*, Is authority  for the statement
that on March 18th, was a record for
oni- day'* shipment from the Boundary's
1  cars were
T   T   T
Ask for a sample of our own new
special blend of slak Tea. Popu=
lar verdict proclaims it perfect.
Price, 50 Cts. 5 pound lots, 45
cents per pound.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Christy's Biscuits are the Best.
We have the greatest variety to be found anywhere in tfiwn.
They are fresh from the makers. Don't overlook thi.7 fact.
Our stock of fruit is always the best on sale. Those apples
that every one has been buying and talking about are nearly
gone.   Place your orders early.
House Cleaning Talk.
"Mrs. Smith, art yew cleaning house?"
"Yes, such lovely weather. Could not wait longer. And I
have found several chairs that need repairing badly. What
shall I do with them Mrs. Jones?"
"Why, Mrs. SmithI Really, I thought everyone knew that
the Kootenay Furniture Company does just lovely work. Send
them word and they will call Ior the chairs and return them when
finished, and not charge a cent, onlp (or the work."
Thorns. SU-vcrtBoo
lliirr* M.lnlo-ll
&*&&&& A Continuous Show
"Always on Shift"      STEVENSON & MclNTOSH
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.


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