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Cranbrook Herald Oct 1, 1903

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VOLUME   l!.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Mead Office. Toronto.
Hon. Quo, A. Cox. Prulueat n. B, WAt.iiKi.. Gen. Mbi .
I*ill Hi Capital     srjui.'iminn
Ui*,l      '.* (I.ili I. I
Titiil  Kciiaric'.i   l.'.t ll.t   ft
Ii.-pn-iis Received.   Qeneral Unnkim; Business Transacted
SAVINUS SANK Hi i'tuitiivi   Deooalla Dwelled  Inltml Allowtd,
IIANK1NII   HV   Mill.    |i,.|.,i-.|l- ami-I., in ,.l i.l niili.l. mu I.v il.
Illll u( liillll Hi* Ill •   ill* l*4i*l \  llllllllllllll,    I'nllllllllllli'.ll - 41.1.1 i-i
I.i Ilu- lllilliiluci ul Iln* I' I I, lii.iinl   mil ii>.c!ii-| ul nil,-nli,in.
CRANBROOK llUtNCII. 1*. c. MM.PAS, Manager.
Cull mn!  Bee onr Big Stunk oE
Ties, Collars,
Cuff?, Shirts,
and Hats.
They will pleiiQo yon,
j At 35 and 40 cents
| we are  offering
• two lovely lines of
• ties.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
; East Kootenay's Bis; Mail Order House.
B **• *"•-* ©4*	
«• I <l> I «■ I A I *. I *• I A I J-1 A | A I A I A ! -f* 1  I -J 1,!-! A | .8.1 A | .8. | ,-s | A | A | AI... I ..* I.
*|t» i •!■:•■ I -.-1 -.- . ■-•■. •;• i '!■ i a I >• i -•' I ;■ I I -s I -J* I .?. I« I *5' I * I <•> I >i> I ■•> I * 1 <i< I ♦__,'
if t
^| There is a heavy demand for houses ll
il and rooms. We are daily besieged to Vi
fi supply accommodation. Anyone hav- ll
f f ing a room or a house to rent please f|
leave particulars with ""_
Real Estate Agents, Brokers, Etc.     U
Cranbrook, B. C.
■p? Br.incb Offices Throughout thc District,
! Capital, Paid Up $2,983,896
J Rc-tl $2,636,312
5 T. R. Mcrrltt, Pr**..   D. R. Wllkic, Vice Pres. and Gen. Managei
A grncr.il banking business transacted, Dr.ilis sold avails
bic it. every p.irt oi C.in.id.i, United States and Europe, Spcci
attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, M,in.i-.cr.
i- f
i "
..I -ii
iliJll-llll •iti
Itoilroafc TOatcbce
If you .ire thinking; of pui'chaslnf; a watch
call In and examine the high grade movements we sell for C. P. R. time service.
m, t". Gate
Ciflclal Tililntcb Inspector
I*    0, p. 11., Crows West EM=
CbC 3C\VClCt* !    vision
$)••■••• >M«»M
Getting Into Shape!
I nm getting my liiir.lwiiru stoi-lc into shape ns
rapidly ns possible, I enu supply tho deiniiiuls
iu my lino, no mutter whnt you wnnt. The
largest unit best stock i'i the district.
J. D. flcBRIDE
The liberal pnity held iis last
big nu'i'iiii3 in Cnuibrook Wednesday night, nu 1 il waa an enthusiastic gathering. Tbo hull
waa crowded with admirers und
HiipiKirturs of l>r King und  from
ihr beginillB U) tl ml lln'ir i*n-
Lhuaiusnt him i* faltered. Mr, Me-
Inm', u.is ihr ehairiuan and In*
introduced Dr, *l- II. King ua
liir lirsl speaker. When the
doctor stepiied Eorward the great
crowd present broke forth in rouud
nfler round of applause, evidently
determined to bIiow their appreciation of the iiitni aud liis cundi-
duoy in that way. The doctor
spoke of the campaign and the
iimniu'i* it lnul been carried nn by
tlie opposition. The majority of
people in the province regardless of
party prejudices, wanted a change
tn the government nt Victoria. They
were tired of i olitical mismanagement that had put such a blight
on the province, Mr. Oavon was
asking th;* people to oloct him,
and ns a candidate should bo nbla
to givo the people reasons fur
it. Ho claimed that the labor
pooplo should support him, but he
had plenty of time hi the campaign
but yet he hml never advanced a
single idea aa to liis position on
any issue in this campaign. There
were yet three days before election
and Mr. Caven might possibly
wake up to tin1 situation before
the cloBO and tell the people wliere
lie stands ami why they should
vote for Iiiin. Why should the
labor men support Mr. Cnven
rather than himself? What personal reason was there foi it?
What could he as a representative
cf Mr. McBride offer for the welfare of the laboring man'.'' What
had tho people who he was supporting ever done for the laboring
man of the provinco? Neither Mr,
Caven or the leaders of his party
had given reasons why the government should be returned. Mr.
McBrido visited Crnnbrook, and
lie failed to do so. .Mr. Wilson
ami Mr. Green, l>oth members of
tlie cabinet, hnd visited Cranbrook
early in the campaign, but not one
word about the policy of the government. Mr. Wilson came again,
spoke for one hour ami a half, and
yet fnilid to advance any reason
why tho peoplo should support the
McBride government. He did
giro ono reason that was sufficient
for all tlie people in British Columbia to vote against Mr. McBride
and his followers, and that was
the failure of the party to declare
itself on the Kast Kootenay land
steal. It was tlie duty of any
government when going before the
people to define its policy, su that
the people might know where it
stood on tho vital issues, but Mr.
McBrido and his whole party had
dodged it from the beg nun g of the
campaign to the present. Mr,
Wilson had attempted to ridicule
tho platform of the liberal party,
and the manifesto issued, but he
had uothitlg lo offer in return.
The speaker said that lie was willing to leave it to the people of this
district and to the people of the
province, loava it to their intelligence and sound judgment, and
that he would have no fenr as to
the result ou October 8, in Ihis
district ami throughout tlie province, When Mr. King closed the
people cheered again and again.
Mr. Mncdoiiiieli, of Nelson, was
noxt introduced. He is an enter-
tabling speaker and was well received by the audience, and soon
demonstrated that political repartee
was liis forte. After a few prelim-
iiuuy remarks that placed him in
touch with the audience, Mr, Mnc
donnell took up the liberal platform and by the use of ridicule
brought forth much applause from
the supporters of Mr. Cnven, He
said the liberals had a railway policy that covered the whole province
but that they they had failed to
outline ono on Salt creek, and that
was the one they would need on
October 3. He spoke of the past
votes of some of those in the government, and said that this government was not responsible for the
individual votes of the pnst. He
blamed Mr. Wells for Mr. Me-
Bride's position in  tho Kast Koot-
enay land deal, as he had acted
upon the report submitted by Mr. I
WeiU and then-fore should not Crow
be held responsible, and Mr. Wells
seeiiiei! in have satisfied the people
of North Ensl Kootetmj na he hail
been re-elected by acclamation,
lie thought it strange th it the con-
stirvativea in the government
should ho blamed f'-rall l-ad legislation in the past, while the liberals slu.ulii b ■ credited with all
good legislation nud ye! that was
what the liberals were chdming in
this campaign. Referring to tho
conservative party in the I* mdnion
he said the prosperity of tho couniry was largely due to the sound
foundation laid for the government l>y the conservative party
before the lihernls party cuiue into power. Mr. Macdonnell devoted considerable time tu Joseph
Martain, saying that tho election
of tho liberal party meant the placing of Mr. Martin at tlie head of
affairs in this province, and that
the peoplo were nut willing to nc-
oept M.'irtinism in British Columbia, He had a good word for the
laboring men and said his presence
in this district was evidence of his
desire to repay a debt uf gratitude
to the laboring men by doing what
lie could to advance the candidacy
of one from their ranks. Mr. Macdonnell is at home on the platform
anil he takes well with liis audiences, as ho keeps them in good
humor all the time.
Mr. Gallilier. M. P., closed the
meeting with a short address, confining himself chiefly to the
record of the liliernl party during
the seven years it had been in
power, and claiming for it the
only legislation that had over boon
passed in behalf of laboring mon,
saying that the record uf the party
in tho Dominion was a guarantee
as to what the liberal party in
llritisli Columbia would do when
it was placed iu power, Referiug
to Mr, McBride's connection with
the Kast. Kootenay land deal, he
said thnt it was the business of
any cabinet minister to know tin
facts of an important land deal,
and not lake the report of any colleague, and that Mr. McBride
coidd uot be excused in that way,
aud ns far as lhe liberals uf North
East Kootenay beuig satisfied with
Mr. W. lis. it was evident tlmt the
conservatives were also, since they
had failed to nominate a man
against   Mr.   Wells.    As   to   the
ord of the provincial house, it
was shown that every measure
passed for the benefit of the laboring man had been introduced by a
liberal. As to Joe Martin, he had
noticed that it was the conserve
tive speakers who were worrying
over  that   gentleman,  and    thnt
iry conservative voter dealt with
the question like Mr. Macdonnell.
Pile speaker dosed with a tribute
to Dr. King, saying he was a man
who stood well, not only in South
East Kootenay,'1 but all over the
province where he was known, as a
mau of ability and integrity and
one who would be a credit to his
district as a member of the local
house. Mr. Gnllthor is a forcenbh
speaker and was accorded u fine
hearing nnd generously applauded
throughout, lie was also given
number of boquets by the ladies,
As soon as Mrtialliher had take
his seat, some ono cried, "threo
cheers for Caven," and his supporters iu the house gave the
cheers and when they had liiiished
the chairman announced "God
Save the King," and after singing
that three cheers were called for
King, and they were given with n
whoop and the meeting closed.
Nat Lumber Company Cmfloycs
Viaku a Hit.
The largest and one of the  most
Successful    dailies    ever   lii veil    ill
the distriet uf South Kast Kootenay was the Mnn held last Friday
night at Wanlner by the employes
of Crows Nesl I'ass Lumber company. Kllllv ^"ill people Were present, and from beginning to end.
tin e\i*ut was marked liy Unsociable fooling prevailing and the
total absence of anything that
would tend to mar the success of
the occasion. Nearly seveutylive
people from Craubrook were pre-
-nt. and a huge delegation from
'ort Steele. Arrangements had
been made for a freight to take
lown the Cranbrook people and a
ipecial coach was attached for that
purpose. Another train was to
return about 'A o'clock in the morning, but unfortunately it was delayed, yet this was no fault of the
committee, aa they had used ox-
•nt judgment in every arrangement having spared no effort or
expense to make the dance a credit
to themselves and to the district.
The dance was held in the company's dining hall, a large building
just fitted for taking care of such
large assemblage, The walls
and ceiling were hung with bunting, and flags, and the porah light*
with Chinese lanterns. Musicians from Fernie and Wardner
furnished inspiring strains and by
10 o'clock tlio dance was on and
everybody had a most enjoyable
time until the last note died away
at an early hour in the morning.
About oin! o'clock lunch was served, anil by systematic work everybody was served without confusion.
Aud what a lunch it was. The
lies'* of everything and plenty for
all. Before dancing was resumed
Mr.'Luud. the general manger of
thii company, in a few well chosen
re narks expressed his satisfaction
ov>r the success of enterprise, extending everyone a hearty welcome
oi. part of the compauy, and asking the guests to dance to their
hea.'t's content. Mr Hu-c-iicrott,
on behalf of the employes, thanked
the management for their courtesies, nnd their visitors who had
come from distant points to contribute to tho success of the dance.
The event will be a memorable
one in the history of Wurdner, and
sets a standard that will be difficult for those who have charge of
the annual balls in the future to
The committees that made the
dance a success were composed of
the following people:
Reception committee: Mesdanies
L. C. Teeple. F. W. Penson. H.
Gibson, H. Penson and Miss Har-
graves, Messrs. H. Darling, D.
Brcckenridge. (). Wisuer, A. Mc-
Euchem, T. O. Teeple.
Entertaining committee: Messrs.
Win. Barclay, E. Stone, H. Penson.
W. Kutherford. F. Bowness. F. C,
Lorseit, A. Brown, G. Donahoe.
Conservative Meeting.
The conservatives will close
their campaign in Cranbrook tonight with a final rally at Wentworth hall. John Houston, of
Nelson, is the star speaker, and he
will be assisted by J, A. Harvey
and Mr. Cnven,
The Hon, Robert Grepn, minister of mines, came in from the
west lust Thursday. That night
he and Mr. Caven lield a meeting
at Porry Creek. Mr. Green returned home the next day.
Subscribe for THK  HERAbD
$2.00 a yenr.
Remrnlnjt Officers.
Following is n list of deputy returning ofHcers for Cranbrook
electoral district appointed by K.
Elwell returning officer:
Ryan. Archie K. Leitch.
Moyie,  Arthur  W. Sutherland.
Ithoda. Robert It. Stark,
Perry Creek, Kobert 0, Jetl'
North Star Mine, Neil McL.
Marycville, L. M. Mansfield.
Wasa, Burnlmrt Lundin.
Fort Steele, Richard A. Fraser.
Wardner, Kdward J, Caun,
Craubrook, A-G Edward Elwell;
Craubrcok, H-P Mylos A. Beale.
Cranbrook. t^-Z Jamoi Gill
On Saturday night, Francis, tho
o year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Fred Bryan of scarlet fever. Everything possible was done for the
tho little one, but death had claimed her and the i ml was only a
epiestion of hours. The family
have the sympathy of the entire
community in tlieir 1 erenvenont.
Funeral services wore held Monday forenoon and the remains were
iuterre I in the Crauhrook cemetery.
From ths Roaring King.
Frank Williams, who has beon
in charge of the work at the Roar-
King on l'erry creok, is down from
the mine, ami yives a somewhat
flattering account of thiiiL's up that
way. During the season Work was
confined mostly tu prospecting the
outcrops of the vein aud making
oxeavatiouB in which to setup a
diamond core drill    At a numlwr
nf these places   some excellent ure
was uncovered and altogether excellent conditions developed.   The
niiiierali/.atinii at places is very extensive, and nt other places then-
is some unusually rich ore. At
one place there is a considerable
pmntity of tilluriuin uf the same
character as mined at Cripple
Creek. Col. On this blisters of
gold can be raised on the ore by
throwing it into a camp fire. At
one place, while making a trail, a
stringer of ore was uncovered, aud
itherwisea great deal of information
obtained, which indicates that it is
an ore-bearing region likely to
equal anything in the west.. One
of its disadvantages *s the lack of
tunnel site for preliiuiuary prospecting, and it is the intention uf the
management to prospect the ground
with a core drill, before undertnk-
iug its development.
Another shaft will be sunk to
hinlrock on Perry Creek. The new
enterprise is being promoted by
(Jus Theis and John Sherwood. It
if their intention to sink to U-d-
ruek on the flat mar the hotel at
Old Town. Messrs. Thies and
Sherwood are the pioneers of the
creek and have Ih en very successful in all their undertakings. Mr.
Sherwoixl located the Red Mountain and Badger claims, the first
located upon the oreek, and developed them to a value of Sl'2.000.
Mr. Thies was one of the promoters of the hydraulic mine now being equipped by a large syndicate.
He and Jack Thompson first conceived the idea of pay on bedrock
Inflow the falls and runk a shaft
and equipped it with waterpower
hoist and pump, and in which they
also got excellent result.*?. Mr.
[2tf.Hr*. .,1bo mvna the lease of the
creek whero the BteambWrcl *a «&
work. In these operations and experiences he hns gained a great
deal of knowledge of the creek, all
which leads him to the belief that
the best pay i' the creek is on
bedrock In-low the falls. It was
here that the best pay wns taken
off the surface in early days, and
it was always believed thut the
bedrock was rich, but the depth
and the amount of water to be
handled with crude appliances deterred the undertaking. It was
fouud in the shaft above thnt the
bedrock was very smooth and steep
and not suited to hold -u'old also
that the best pay was found down
stream from the shaft, ami Mr.
Theis' theory is that the creek being wider lielow nnd the bedrock
rougher aud flatter better pay
lodged there. Several shafts with
steam hoist and pump will lie sunk
during the winter,	
On Tuesday, September 20. at
high noon, at the home of tin*
bride's parents. Mr* I), A. Burton
and Miss Ethel Rycknian. Rev,
Boaoham officiating.
After the ceremony the small
party of relatives present sat down
to a wedding dinner] and *t;ood
wishes were extended to the happy
couple. Miss Ryckmuu is well
known in Cranbrook and has a
host of friends iu the social circles,
while Mr, Burton is one of the
best known conductors on the
Crow. The young people-
left that afternoon for Mr.
Burton's former home in Nova
Scotin, and will be absent about
six weeks. On their return they
will occupy the handsome home
that Mr. Burton has purchased on
Baker hill. The Herald extends
congratulations and best wishes
for a life of prosperity and happiness.
Cecil Prest Tells What He Saw While
In tbe East.
Cecil  Prest. of the  Prest Photo
0 inipauy, returned the first of tin-
week from an extended tour, lasting about nine weeks, to the principal cities uf the east. .Mr. Prest
made the trip with a double object,
to take ii vacation and nt the same
time study tin- latest methods in
vogue by the leading photographers uf tlie east. His mother.
Mrs. I'rest. s-peut considerable
time last winter hi a modern school
uf the photographic art in the
states, liesides visiting the leading
studios. As a result she introduced in their work here the latest
improvements known in the art,
ami has lieen producing a class ami
style of photography unsurpassed
ou tin- coast or iu the east.
S|H';ikini: of the result of his observations. Mr. Prest said that he
was suriiris.il to find many of the
photographers he met iu his travels who were not using the improved methods that hail brought
forth so much praise fur their stu-
di i. Even in some of tin' cities
they were unable to produce the
light and shade effects that had
made their work so popular. "But
in Winnipeg, Toronto. Buffalo and
other cities I found studios usim.r
improvements that characterize
the proirressive photographer, and
naturally made myself familiar
with them, and they will be introduced into our work here. The
studios that were using modern
methods I found charging prices
much higher than we charge for
the same style and class of work.
We will make some imprjvements
that will give us still better facilities. We believe in progressive
photography, and that the people
of South East Kootenay are entitled to the lx*st. There is nothing
nicer than an artistic photograph
and nothing worse than a poor one.
1 had to hurn* home so as to Ix**
ready for the Christmas rush.
People who want to be sun; of pictures for the holidays give in their
orders early, and that work is al-
ib-Ouj Ouuiiiiig ■■'" -
The people of this district will
heartily agree with what Mr. Prest
says regarding photography, and
Cranbrook is fortunate in having a
firm like the Preat Photo company.
They have spent large sums of
money to perfect themselves in the
art and to secure the latest and
best in the way of appliances. As
a result one is able to secure just
as fine a piece of work as can be
had in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, or any large city.
Mrs. Crai.', wife of Mr. Sinclair
Craig, of Windermero died on
Tuesilay morning. Tho deceased
lady was usistcrof Krnest Morfit,
ail employe of 0t, T. Rogers.
Mr. QUI Explains.
Cranbrook. Sept. 28th 1903,
Editor Herald: In the communication of the 21st. I was accused
of inferring that members of tho
B. of Ij. K. are opposed to Mr.
The writer swing to havo no
consideration for the truth or does
not understand common English.
A short time ago some citizen of
Cranbrook circulated stories that
the B. of L. K. had met and passed
resolutions endorsing Mr .Cnven
and also wrote the Moyie Leader
that the labour unions of Cranbrook had met in convention and
had uot elected a delegate because
Mr. Gavin was acceptable to them;
and also wrote on the 19th that
the B. of L. Ei was represented at
this convention,
The teachings of the B. of L. E.
prevent us from taking sides as a
body with nny political party.
We were not represented at the
convention, nor were resolutions
passed or Mr. Caverns name ever
mentioned in any meeting of the
B. of L. E, I was theouly authorized officer of the division to reply
to those false and misleading
The letter in the last issue of
The Herald, headed "From
Engineers" is n politicul hash,
bearing the trade mark of the
writer of the previous articles.
Only teu of the names signed are
B. of L. E. men two of these have
no vote. It does not represent tho
majority cf the men n<r their
private convictions.
Your* Tiuly
T.S.Gill. thi: ciJAMiiioo;*: herald
Editor and Proprietor.
Ths llcmM Utitrei to gtw the news at iln
d.ttiiou   it jou Kiuiv ii,.y about yuur lowi
LUUriUtUe .)> >-.l in..'lr. m-iiU U L. lllh ..III-■'.
•mVt-H"-;'; " * "' * r-i-^-j-
Copyrtghti tooti fay i*. Kdi/nr
Thu city of ludore lies In tin* central
uruvhicti nf iniiin, on thu northern iltlo
of tin* viiniya mountains, nnd distant
■ from Bombay about .b)o miles. Among
Un; foothills of tlio mountains nre tlio
ruins of what was ouco tin; largest
temple In India. Thoae rnliiH woro
known to ntnl visited hy British nol
tilers loiij{ before tho ([rent mutiny, but
It '.tiii not until about tho yenr 1800,
when the Kntfllsh bud :i tlpn grip on
tbo country a pi in, tliat vagDO rumors
of bhliloii troasuro lu-camo kmi
How it started no one could recall, hut
tt was Ketierally belli-ved tlmt u rajah
bud BPcrotod u vast store of Boms iu
tbu ruins during the mutiny. An ho
*wim among the slain the' gems still lay
bidden where bis own hands had
Idawid them.
A yenr after the mutiny bad been
quelled tho government sent out n
■earthing pnrty nfter this wealth, but
•ftvr spending a month among tho
ruins lt gave up the quest, Then nroc-
lauiiitloii was mude offering half to the
Under, but no oue cuiue forward. HI ill
later a Byndiento was formed \o prosecute the search, and a Ittfge mini oT
money was spent without satisfactory
results. Every English ollhvr slationcd
nt Indole bad dreams of this treasure,
■aid to be worth ut least $4,00(1,1100,
and occasionally one got leave of nh-
Bonco only to spend weeks ln the
sonrch. It ivns worse than looking for
■ needlo ln n haystack. About five
teres of debris were to be overhauled.
Id some places tbe great stone blocks
■were piled twenty feet high und overgrown with vines nnd bushes, and the
■mallest of them could hot be moved
without the strength of three or four
men. It wns n rare hiding place,
whether the goms had been secreted' In
nn underground chamber or only dropped Into nn Interstice between two
In tho year 1ST1 there was a fresh
•tory out alimit the ruins. For years
aad yeara no tiger bud been seen In
KAVB-JUltOl'i'IKU tt Ell V A NT.
tbat neighborhood, but the presence of
one wns now reported, lie had boon
■eeu on the outskirts of the ruins by
natives and soldiers alike. It Was
(Whispered among the unlives that the
■plrlt of the dead rajiih, IVnrlng that
tbu trensuru would nt length be discovered by his haled enemies, had sent Lhe
tiger to guard It. The Idea was ridiculed by ull white men, of course, yet
tbey bad to nek now luil go tlmt there
was something queer nhout the appear-
■nee of a tiger lu thut neighborhood.
Those who had seen him pronounced
tilm a tremendous animal, lie did not
range away from the ruins. Neither
did he attack people passing along tlie
Idgtiwny or the ryots tending tlieir cattle oa the grazing grounds close by.
Aa (won us It was an established fact
tbat a tiger had taken up bis quartern
■mid tbu ruins u dozen olllccrs planned
• bunt for him. In tbe course of a couple of weeks he was aeon several times;
tut, though ho wns fired upon at point
blank runge, be wus not hit Then he
turned about and became the hunter.
In two days ho killed two otllccia und
two gun bearers. These men were
•eeklng hlra among tbo ruins, and be
ambushed tbem. Tbo bodies, strangely
•snougb, were not mutilated. If thc tiger did not kill cattle nor devour his
tiuman victims, what did be subsist on'.*
All thia gossip about tbe ruins and
tbe ferns and the tiger was told a guest
one evening by the commissioner on
the veranda of his bungalow. He had
•II faith In tho story of the treasure.
He had Investigated lt until bo wns
■ure the gems were still there. Quecr-
lf enough, be also took stock In the
[tifsr atory-that la, lie half agreed with
th* -natives that the beast had been sent
•a a further protection, but there wns
bo doubt that be would eoon lie killed
rfff. Then ho told his dream about tlie
.treasure. Ho hud aecu u strong box
Ida cave ln the midst of the ruins, nud
«• soon ob the tiger Iiml been killed or
driven away be iwuiut Lo look Tor the
**«.    |      f
; i Ityrhpg the commlsslonor'a talk line
of tils servants hung about when there
(wae no need of his services, listening
lfa*>t (o all tbat waa wild. Millions
or Hollars in treftsuro was secreted by
natives during the mutiny, aud lu no
Instance was u utorehouse ever betrayed to tbo llritisb. Tbo natives
either entered into possession or kept
the secret. Wine had loosened the
commissioner's tongue* nmi in contempt for his "niKK«'c" lie made no secret of liis hopes und intentions. A
word or tWO of warning was of no
avail. The native was abject and servile to a contemptible degree, nnd the
Idea of his crossing bis master's path
was uot U) be dreamed ot.
During! the next two weeks the tiger
killed another officer and two beaters,
and then of a sudden he was to be seen
no more. The ruins were beateu up
half n dozen times lu vain. This left
the commissioner free to work ills plan.
Two days later, accompanied by two
of his civil employees, the commissioner proceeded to the ruins. Ills visit,
though Intended to be secret, luu! to be
made by daylight In the middle of
lhe ruins, where the blocks were piled
the highest nud the tangle was the
greatest, ho uncovered a cave. Strictly
speaking, it had uncovered itself by
tlie Bltdlng down of a block of stone,
but of all the peoplo who had wan*
ill-red over the ruins none bad noticed
it. Tiiere was every evidence thut the
tiger tiad made this spot his lair, but
on the limn' was a strong box which
had been buttered open, while scattered about were half a dozen gems.
Some one had discovered and borne
away the rajah's treasure. Who thut
somo one was the commissioner soon
discovered. As he was making bis way
out of the ruins he came across the
il.'iid body of his eavesdropping servant and not far away the bloated cur*
eass of the tiger. The beast was truly
tho largest of his species, and his enormous teeth and claws were in good
working order. Beside tbe corpso of
the servant was n leather bng, but lt
was torn and empty. Tbe man had
started to carry the gems away, but
the tiger, still lurking in the ruins, had
sprung upon and killed bim. And yet
how came the beast dead? Where had
tho gems gone!
Tho commissioner raised no ulnrin,
but upon his return he related the particulars to a few intimate friends, it
was queer talk, und as n matter of fact
ids friends began to believe tlie man
daft or joking. Nevertheless they nug-
gcbted that the tiger must have swallowed the treasure, which had proved
loo much for him. He received the remarks In earnest, nnd, sure enough,
they did solve the mystery. It wns not
to his benellt, however, nor to that of
the government Next day he returned
to the ruins to llml thnt tlie carcass of
the tiger had been dissected. One single ruby had been left in tho stomach,
and only one. There must hnve been
more than one native in thc plot, hut
their Idelittty hns never been discovered. Only those who turned them Into
cash can tell, hut doubtless It was
thousands and thousands of dollars.
Perhaps somu of the rarest stones to
be found lu England, France or America today came from thut collection.
H'ntii** In lhe Kongo,
The natives ore not heavy meat enters. The domestic fowl—that marvelous combination of skin, bones mid
feathers—the old friend of nil African
travelers, and the Inevitable bleating
goat are common to nil districts. There
are also some slice]) to be had. Hut
the darling pet of n Kdngo man is his
pig. Vou can treat his wife and children as you like, but if you touch his
pjg beware' t- Aiu n man's pig that
uu-iiiis through your fence and digs up
your vegetable garden is to commit the
un pa nl una ble slu, und tbe owner never
forgives you. Hog's flesh Is equally
dear to him. Game In some parts Is
plentiful, but mure especially In Zom-
bo. There we have several kinds of
deer, antelopes and wild hares. The
only difficulty Is to bng thom. Guinea
fowls, partridges and pigeons abound,
and there are some pheasants, and in
the swampy valleys we Und wild duckB
and many other birds. Eagles, vultures
it ml other birds of prey are common
and very annoying, while the wood**.
ire resplendent with the gorgeous
plumage of the birds. Elephants, buffaloes nud leopards ure to be found,
but must be sought for in the more
sparsely populated districts. —Geographical Journal.
llin Qneatloncra,
'We all hnve our troubles," said the
colored philosopher who runs the elevator In the pnstnlllee, "but the worst
of It la that wo think no one has nny
but ourselves. My greatest trouble Is
answering fool questions, uud I get a
good many of them In the course of
the day.
"Yesterday there was a hung jury,
und one of them asked mo If we had
gootl beds for jurymen who weru kept
overnight! I told bill) I hadn't seen
any yet, and I'd been here a good
while. Today the wenther buruau
hung Its Rlgn, ns usual, ln thc elevator. It said 'Fair,' and that's ull, same
us It often dues, It hadn't been there
live minutes when n man from up the
stale came lu ami asked me, 'Where's
this yer fair atV I told him It was In
the circuit court room If It was anywhere. 'Waal,' *ny*B he. i can't take
It In.   I've got to go to the theater.'
"And that's lhe way I got Viu right
along."—Philadelphia Telegraph.
(Adoptedat |JeveMol.c. Sei-lemtiet (Wi, nm.)
. Tiiat llii'. ooiiveulioil leiUtiruij lh<* jwl'cy
In* (Miiy nt tllO IH'iliTt* nl  t*r-*vinn.i' .-."W
(-.lal/unii mln,.U'.i iii'Yi'iin-r. iM» .
wlili li !*-. a
'•Tit actively aU In dia ronstruc
ini of trull
liruiiabout theiiuilevdnmjii p..tun
i, ..f llii* no
.iiii*f anil tin' Ifivunugw |ii'i»vm.*i.
uituK mul
if imliilo ueces-uy.
"Iinulii'il Uii* iirlii.-ni.es nt tfOVe
anient own
L'islilp ut lalm.i-M"-.i" li"* »•* im-'
. Llllll DUlll.T
nrtlH'ii-oviiiiv wil ailmil,Willi ni''
mtouilnu ti
In-1 ni'i-i'.l*.* iii.it im Ipt'im-i Niiiii'iil
--•ur-iuiiM t
uiy riilLvrt) rniuiMtiy win li ii.it'-.
ml K|\a Uf
■i ii i*i n hum a ..r Hi*' l nii'i* tiiiili'*-
iii rat pi ova
line liuiinsi-il, iii-i'iliiT w.in iht* t
idou nr i-iii
elm e.
•■ lu notlve'V titsUti hy aiato ski I
tin- iip\ iini
iiuiii nr iin- iuriiiiil.ur.il i'.-.iiiiu-i'
-. ui im- iin
j. 'nmi lu iln- meantime imi
way iwilcy nhuvenui rwrllieuu n
a ni'iical mi way ml be |M*iMil, l
lucunstru t railways nn-itr o»rt
If-jlllilllDUS, lllllllUtlH-i HI Iill' S\-*ll
Illl- I uili'il Sl UU,   Witli lUlUUUll
iihaiita;*.- t
inula imil ounimerco
-lUhai -
-..b..*. id
■hat in
1 in- mail
1 .n'la..i
shy -.i.i
if lor
Iln* It
la'iti leim
NlllIK   llllll
tuTal I'll'-*
I till) 'v.isl
t innvis
Uiu  i,t
'I'Vil. lllll
inl dual
liuii Ui.'
.1*1' Ml..II
iiiii Biiven
in mli i-n.
lll'lll nr
M'lll IDI1 I
lll.il till'
..nh an,
r ui t
' inr (prill
hns tut   Ii
f.i i.|.,.a III
In Unu
M.i i
ml i
I111M-.1' lie urged i" -i'i'i"'i'i any iihuIuii iiitm
uii fur -.iii'li a inti'ni>*,!'.
in. 'i lift.-s imiuBii'iul iiitimti'.s almost in-
aliiv nsiiiL iiiyii'-.t lu».nanil injury i«tu tn
(larllfH il'ri'Ully I'liiiOfflfil anil lo dlf imlilli'.
is',,Iiiiii nlionln Im pilSHUll Iii |H'i>
iiii Htnu-alilf n ijn-iiiiii-iil ill -,iif
In run i']ll|'lny.'fs iiiiiI einiiliiyi's.
It. 'I'liitt lllsiunisalili-iiiiiiKlfrtliii in
tureiil llltt niw mn.iiiets ot Hit- lirovilMH
tlm i.ru\met'nt tar,h |iriinlii'iU)ie i>_, m
(IliCUlJOU in 1|1U sun I   law 'iiiiiliiclM. Mill
ri'imtitnr llin sniiif ui wlinii* nr iiiiii wiit-i
liiL'Uiieit iii IliitUli l .iiiimi.lii,
Tn tlu> Electors ot 111 HI
Vaiifiuiviroii Iln- Ulli .
V.iO-3, lli.-In luwinn |.!i
t. Thf iill Uiuliil tn
f iiwIiliit'tiiii'M ill the pin vi lire on li
piipn'alioii hul llltoivhlg ii -mul
ppiililullou per weal hit' Ilie out
Inlil at II It j-pi
il 7t.h ot I'Vliriiiiiy
liHlriliiiliiiii nt Iln
Fortune Tcllltifr br Plnupr Sulla,
Fortune telling by means of thu dupe r nails, otiychoimtucy, ns it wus called, wns common In niicl-frit times. The
practice was to rub the nails wltb oil
and soot or wax and to hold up tho
nntls thus prepared against tho sun,
nnd upon the transparent horny Bub*
stance were supposed to appear figures
or chnracters which gave the answer
required, in more recent times people hnve beon fouud predicting by
means of the nails of the lingers nnd
telling tho dispositions of persons with
certain descriptions of the nulls.
Slock Quotations.
Furnished by Benle, Hutchison
& Elwell, brokers, Cnuibrook B. 0.
V.ir'li   Star	
SI. ilitff	
....      •   17
iVnr Kiln*,* l'o |liliil*.,l	
I'm*   lli.il	
■|'iiii-a Ni'al. runt	
.. f'liui.nn
HI Kim Ml. M.ii.-h	
;aii. Uii and Conl MUiub Ltd	
2, (IovPMiini.-nt oiun i>!iip. Pttniiiiiuii.iirn-
vini'iul ami miiiilriiml.nl puhllii servlfiw ol
utililii's U f-niiiiil uml niniil nl be i-iui-iiil nulla liiiliHliCDiiml-i.L
II, Uliuuld it lif inlvi-.al.il> ;it any firm* to
■jranl niil In ft niil way eompiuiy hticll tjliitll
in-hi fiisli ami mil in Inml ami no hoiiIIH of
ii»y kind hliall hn given wl lii nui dullntU'uiul
i.ff,*fiivf iiu'iinM lining fukeii to Bllfi'gliulil I liu
iiili'ii'HiB ul tlie pruviniv in ilie aiiniitpi'iiii'iil
nf tin- iiuui. iiiiiMul of llif freight nml |UIB*
Bungii'r mil's, uiu) provision nindci agi|ins|i
►unit niiliviiy buvillg nny liiilulily ugulilst
It ixi'i'pt foriiclualioMt.
4.    Immi'iliiile ftiiit.|ii]ftit>Ti  ol tiloTOlti't-!
Koolenay Hdlwayi tliu Cariboo rulhviwi""'
fxtfiisiou of I Iii! laliintl milwny; n railway
from Alhi'inl ton pulut on tlie mill must of
the inland; a mini in tlie noriheri p'irt nf
tliu proviiii'e from ilia count to ll'-' eiistrni
hoiimbiry Hiii an t'ltouWm fo lhe northern
liomiibiry: the ruilwny (rom Vernot lo Midway hy uortii l-'ork ol KHtln river; *'illi line*
e-fiiry hramh Iluni, fun ha uiuleniiieitthins,
B. Tlifi'lilorfftiiflit nl iheiii'l mih III lorco
compel inn tho wtdiiiK "I logs b.v nmerilient
it.   Tlmt.Miicli legislationBliohlil Inoniifti'il
w will result in tunking the lulijls IiipIjiiIIbiI
in ihe viiriuiiH dyking areas nyiufaWu for
cutilvafi ' nnit-klv -ih I'OHsIlil .md Hi-fiire
prompt payment ol nsB^Btaautti when due,
7. That llif Kovfitiiafiit shouhl keep in
touch with thu conditions In rbii'tilclihii willi
miilihg, protVoting mill industry aguhist
ciimliini'H aud trusts ami if iiprpuBary Iur tliu
purpose Iniilil ami operate Hiat'ltcru atul re-
thiprifs. No nnlii'iil i-liutiftn pliiiiild be lamlu
iu the mining lawn wil Imui full notico tit ull
parlies hiti-renM-d. giving lull opportunity
fur iliwiin,--;i*ii am) i-ritii-inm.
H, Ah tlio proviui-.it t-jin only iiilniin-e by
tln'Hftlli-mfiit williiu iin honlers uf thrifty
ami j i row | it'll iuh i*iti^i'iiH, ami uh Prlfllll ills
iifvi*r l.i'i-uiuf fitixfim mi uny prti|n<r t-ni.-it' of
thu wonl. we ilu. hiiti It lu hf tin- duty uf tliu
gov fin un ul lu iliscoiiruge Oriental Iminigru-
iinn und fiuployiiifiit hy oyoiy iiifiiim nitliin
within its power, nml \vo appal tu our fellow
Htiei'ulH llnoiigtioiit the Uoiniiiluii to aid uh
lu nur efforts tn protect utirwivi'H iigtiliist
Ilie ruinous cot(Miat)l(()i! ol pieu Iinving
utiiiiihnd of <|f ciu'y and coaifort. Imifieiipely
ht-low tlmt oi i*ivili/i'i| peoples, and wlin
sliitk every duly uml oliligtiliuu ofoitlkeH-
Htilji wliifli the law mil nllow them toijitHipe,
ti. TheKovurliuieiit ought in piwi-tit iln-
waste uml fiifl'fiing I'uitHi'il hy ntriki-M mul
lin'k-mitH, and ua tftiriicat ('(Tort unghl to hn
ituulf lu pruvldf Mime uhiiiik ul prfveiil.iag
hih'Ii HirikvH ua J |ui,-koiiiH, uml wu appi-ovd
llic iiilnplioii ufi tiiii|.iilni.iy iiibitluliiiii.
HI. Tint ll Witli Hj'ati'itl ut Iln- pruvimf
hIiiuiIh ia iiri'tl uf ifvioinii. Tiiiiiliini «liuultl
hear upon privilegn iiiIIht lima unnii luililS'
try, uml tm udiliituu nliuiilil briamle lu llif
ilflii ut Mm pruvhicu fxivpL lor public wuiks
propurly clitirgutihlu to cupitul.
II. TliernloiiiiiiK ot tlie r.i-niiici'H u( llif
pi'tiviiuv iu an iiH-ifti fur llit> lii'm 111 ul llif
(M-upleund taking egfittve ItleUdiirflA to lire
veiil (hi-alifiiatiiiu of tlm pul.iii. iluiniiin ei*
ceptlorai'iinti Iniiin. tell* bueliii'ss orliiijuii
Iiiul |lllr|IOMfH, piiUing uu nml to (.liu prim-
tin. nl HjM'i'ii tm iug in I'oiiiii'L'iiiiin Willi tlu-
I'i,   TliPi'uiiHliiti'liuii nnd iMiiiulfiiui I
ci in i In lliruilgliu.il Ihu pruv i lo uhl III llif
ilevvlupniflif uf llif iiiiii-ug ami ugiu'iiliuini
Tin. IIihI plunk td Ilm nhove phiironii n-ffin
toiiHllhjifl w Imli. I liniinlinnl. a live inHilf limV
wus ho wlii'ii llif pliitfurai wiih adopted In
IIijh pint ler Ilie riulite ol iln> tH'nplullllVU h'fii
NilbHiiilKiully i-Hiiii'ii  liy   llif  i*ll11it«  ul   li
liiiiuliitl oMii'iTid iiiftuhi'iH who, lioiijiug Hi*1
luiliit I power ihirifig i|n> H'lt-inii nt illUU,
fttiiiiiflleil uu iiiitt'thig uiliiMiiii'f.riilifia tu
j.in-h iln* pnwut IhiliKirlliiiiioii Aid.
Tliecxirillivi'of the llriiisli (ollll)ihi|i lilli*
oral AnHofiaiiun desire tu mil your ull llfii-
iiuii tu tliu following:
Tlm prmime in u.i the eve of u general
i-lt-i'lion, uud fur tin- Ili't-L lime iu ilbliislory
I hi'cunl it, Is to hu L-umliii'Uii iii.ua ptll'tj
lliilii-iiu emit <ti In the province luivp
In I'll luiiii'il uu hfiwi-ea uggri'glltloiis Iniiiiiil
lugf t'M'i- iniilil' hy in ler it lliuu hy priimiplf,
by jiiivntt; iirriuigeiiieiit nil Iht thmi by puli-
|ie(to|isalii-Tiilii)iis. lu the |iiih|. tUeiloaiimilil
inllui'Drcn in ll'f HCVeiul guvi'inuieniu uf Un*
pniviwiehaiw bflfin tobjiwyujtye.' Tim Prior,
Uuiiaanilr, Tunu-r and pjrviofjin'j.Hveriiuieiiic*
have li'i'ii iilmoat eiitirrly cpmpfiHi'd of con-
HfivativeH. The prtsunt. g lyiuiinieiit, of
wliii-li thu iloniirahlo ltiebiinl U'dhiile js
picmier, is tlm milunil huci-chhdi- hi trndltiou
nud polities of thut. mlsuhevloiis set.es uf
pfrHoti;dgoi'f|iiuifiilH wiiiiii liiiH^iitiile thin
pruiiut'f, iiU\iimn.rr H-i- rielifHt ol iiii.y in nul-
llflll ii'SiiiirtCH, tin* Jim*', p if ih pern iln ill I hit
lluiuiiaoii. » ith uur vn it. iiiiiif/nj my) BpMF.
ie-uureiHllif progress ill our ilByefo|it)ipiill
haw In en flmv ami eiiilntly uiisud fe'i'Ltiry,
I luitim* legislation, pi [ue] pally in tint
ItititvMl, ol Hpei'iihitiuii, mil. of iudiiHtry.
roapoiislhlut  o u vuy large extent tor thi
i Huliliiin uf llifilim. The puUU RBWta, vnl
ii ih'i*Iiuiii iiiM'rt nul iiuim>|.u!l<-», lmvi* brim
giit'ti ow.iy t" liivuriU' pBraoua mid i-orponi*
tiinin, intiit-ud uf bfifti; Ut(li«Hl tot l In* In ni'tlt
ul tht>pfiiplf ai lunge, ami iIiih Inmlweu going on Inr mi long a liitu- tiuif Ilinl Hip pro-
viuif now thiili* Itaall i-olii|ifllfil tu ex tut
fiuiii iiidiiMlty that i-i-v-pune wliiili. hud mir
uflulra beeu wiaely eotnliuitil, could eunily
lmvi* lift'ii^titaiitfil hu in our *-i|iiuiidenil
IfriltiKf.    ~
I li-I mt i-uiiF-frviiiivf government, owing
toils lauliitluunintiiiliou til tha puhlie ufluira
ot the province, wns, tliruigh thf etiortH
jiiiitt i|nill,v ol tt Minill lunil uf litteral*', die-
in r-hfil bom iitlltf, iiiiiI  ii eidiiil  mid tlii'ili-
troductluu ul pnrty Iuhh bua pluml auotber
initHfi-viitivf utivet-iiiiifiit iii power- iiiiii hus
phii-fil iu tin- lund ut tluil guy eminent a
ninn iiiin hiii* Iiui Olily mi urileul Hiipporler
uli|iiir.i enuHfrvaiivf iiiluiiuiHlriiliuue, hut
was liilQlell ii ineiiili. r of utia o( ilieui, nml
i-liiiifil lully iu il m\ Piliiliiy nl uu attempt OU lhe pari uf Unit govern ueiit In
uiveiiniiy  lu it,  i ui Uny iiiijiorutiuli. In di-
r.i-i iiiiiiiiii'f ut ihe leglaliiinn' ui exprtaaeil
by atniutu, two im).;,* hiinlta ol enorumnaly
vikliuibla eo'd mid ml landa in Koulenuy.
It jh the mm nr iin* iii>. ini party to placo
ill the Hilt! ill Ilm t-OIUiUg elfftioii Ilieil
|llltdgvd to leiiieily the t'Viln (ruin wlueli we
llllVU all loug Hlllfe.p.1,
Aiiioiil' tlie initii-i'H leipiiriug iiompilinle
atMni|luu niv tlie following:
civil sKitvu i: liRKOUM—(a) Bjtaktng
euro that the atall ul utUelala bliull uut Ih
iiiiiiiitiuiieil heyond Un* ml mil ivipiiiviueiiU
iilUmn>rvi*f; (h)hy tunking guu.l fiiudiift
and i-ltli'ifiey tin- fuiidiliiuiH ul tfiiiiri'n ot-
tlie; (e) lltm-HH, but tavurilaill, to giiviiu up-
FISCAL   tlBFOItM-(a) nv ktieplng
|ieudiiai-f within ri'Vfiiof. borrowing munfy
il nl til only Iur wurU properly linirkeil
lu eapi inl; |h) win- mid prnvlilelil ndmii
1 ralluii t tlie mn und rielifHof Uie pi-ovlii
ho ns lo I i.ng Into the tiftiHiiry llml revi-i
whi.li hhuiild hi'ili-iived horn out-great,ii
vuiii'd n-HoiinvH; w(> duehlre our t'oilvhjtluu
liuii} tliu proper tuxes, n-ntH, uud royalllea,
<i Hid uiiglil to be, Ifvied ami eullft-teii in
Hinli ii Wuy un toeiieoii ruga industry, uml at
t lie mi til" 11 im* provide Hiilllek'lit ifvi-liue and
eimlile I In- guvvt'iiuifiit lo repeal in whole or
in purl eertutn fuxtD wliich uow bumper iu-
uiiHii*'/,, arreat duVuloptuaiit, und createdla*
Hlllittfut'tlOll llllloilg Ulf |ieo|>lu. (c) lu thi
i-Diiiiei-tiuii lue tiixulinii uf niluea will reeeiv
llml eoiiHlilfratiuu wlntli tbu hupoittiiici* uf
Uif mhilng fiiduatry lotbuproylui-ndetltuudal
It;« imi flu lined by tlitiHuetigugi-d iu tuiuing
ihnl tlieir pruiierty slmiild bo exempt from
taxutioii, hul ttiey d.) claim Unit tjiepiea*
ent Hynifiii it tiixutinii in lliif.nr, uud tctida
In ilhculiriigU the invest ment uf uupltal nud
Ilieflupluyuieitt -uf hilini- iu millingeuter-
price, tliii-i nut only rutuI'illllg Ihe develep-
im-tii nf uu'r mineral rl'shikrceai Imt ulnu im-
pfiling i lie prospi'i-ily ol tbu luitiing eoui-
miiiiily, mid pioveiUiug tlio enlargement
of KiiiineHuf ivveiiue to the pfovlnue'ltaell,
Tlie pif.-eiil hvi-Iiiji jiapimeH a tux na wugen
as well UK un prulitH, and hCioiiIiJ hn remljiiat*
ed ho nn iu hear upuu imitlt only.
—[tij   Woduiiotinniabaulutuly tbo(couaurira*
live pulley nl 'tllltl gnititH hy way nf  tiniiiiH
iu railways, und a Ihu tboreservatioaul huge
iruftH of loud wliiili bus uhtuiltod iu the
[inst pi] tt'u ilei I ue it to tie our policy tu
iiui.i itie public huidain tniat for tlie promotion of hi> lli'iii eat, nntl einoii ni(*f me ut ol iu-
■jiiHtry.  In llio vusu ut ngiiculturul lonlH,
we favor Ilei! lionifHleaCn under eiiiulnjo.ia
wliii'hblialleffeirl-nll-,' necum tliu laud to (|c-
liial Biittlura. [e] Full uud fsurt Information
ipi to Ul| pulllle InUilH til lor Ht'tllelliflit
blioilhl h|!uliti|ini!il h,V thofjoverumi'iir, inni
iiui.leuvailahle jit eyery governmunt Ujflctj
for lhe Information o| the people.
Till'. KVUMINU 1M)|I8THV-[h] Rucog*
piling Mill iiiipoit'MUH! id ngrifiilluie iu tlitl
provuin', we nix- hi fuvoi* of ptueiiig ilie ngr|,
iillltural departlueiitot tlio gnVemnieuton u
tlitiiuiiglily piai-ticiil ami efficiout bliala,
[!)J The bail luiilliiguiueat uiul luetHctetlcy nf
the gdvorntnent bave imptuteil upuu tin
ownem of the dyked IumIh a much heavier
huiileii Iluni they Humid have limit ealhil
upou to bear, \Vu would enuet legiHliition
making Uie himU Included iu Um vuriouH
dyking nh-ju UVulluhle fur ciiliivaliuu aa
ipii"kiy an podBiiilf. Tlii*t whole iJQeatioii
nulls tor prompt attention und suttlpmeut
upon a baals wblub hludl he at uneejunt in
the owaara ot t'lt-aa luudaatid fair to tbs Ui*
wuyara ol tbu province an a wbolo. (cj In
theiulfii'hL of ugltuulture in what Is commonly know.i as the dry belt, the question
ol tlm proper uii istltluii ol the water supply
for irrigation purposes demnuds and muni
receive prompt attention from the govern*
(lO.Vlid- lif |i)*tHfnt Igpk qf syn|cm of
popSfrufitliig uud muiatalulug fflada and
I riiilj* jh pi|iilu(:(i>e i|I a Hei'ii.i.M wuute uf pllll*
uonev, and in this euiiiieetlou more can
hi- done lo open up m-w ilistrtula where roads
are iiii'deil, aud at Ut-H coat than what haa
biia duuu iu the punt, uuder thu wit-jteful
uiul corrupt syatem whicli Ims beeu hu long
til V.lgllf.
ri'ld.li' IIK.M.TII-The Health Aft
kIiiiiiI.I ||e uaifudeil ray an )o ja»\ l||e growing ii-i|iiiM'iiieiiiN of iHiiui-iirpiiruttiii ilisiritita
ill ri'Hpi'it of Hiilliloliun uud iaolullou, aa to
which uo adequate provjelon is now fun ml
in tlu-miiiiiti'H.
I'll >VIMI.\I, HKHlTM-lbgiii'dlcBa of ull
iplfntiuii id party alHIiulioii, tbe right*
llif piuviaif nmhr ilie i-uiintitiitiuu eliouhl
hujeulotialy guhrdt'd, White, from the point
ul view uf I'lJiiiiitiiiii politics, welieurtilyHiip-
purl Uif ■■uviri.iuei.t i,uw iu power ut Ottu-
wu, we aha 11 at ihe sulilu liiue itiHiHt moHt
lii inly ujiuti Uie pruteetiuu of our people hy
tliu'i xuhiaiou of Urluiitul lubur, and weHbull
alHii itidicl ii|iuii Ilie right ig the province to
make hu h pruvislum ua It hIiuII m» fit lu ull
eoiiiiiiil.-, -.raiilH. and IvtiHCfl under proviu-
t'lill eulil lot. Ue hIiiiII IiIho htreliliiiiiHl.v
pl-flila Upon the I'ouiiuiun guverument ure-
n.lj ihiiniiit of uur lliiaiK'hd relatiuns, and
ttet-liiiiu the lull I'lijnyiiietiti of ull righlH
given Uh h|i jlie |l|Ii-j' uud apiri) of t||ecoip
Ill 1'iiiiiliinloii, we uppoal to ull piitllotie
vot'IH in llrilinh I oliiliihiti lo HellO the op-
puiliii.il.v now j r n'lileil to Ilie in to lid lhe
provlltcu of lllllll illeulniH nhifli IniH In-ell Hi
dlsiiat on.-, iu Ilu piugii'Hx, and lo Heeure
mi in-. piugieHHive and atuhlllgovernment by
plufug tuulibeiula in iiowerat Vifloilu,
Stiiaii HeiitleiHoii, rrealdeut.
T. is. Uillter, 8een-tm*y.
Vancouver, Hcptumher 4th, llio:t.
New Dairy
\V. B. Bi.nlm-tt hns i*oiiii- to Cnm- \°f Kuliowst-wdlBiiyinit^d,
.O.F. Key Cily Loilse
„. .... Unu i-it-iy 11,411-
ny niniil ul ilit.lt li til mt
lirook with ii Iini-lim-nl'nilli-li comI
unit will open n ilniry. Thos.' lie.
sirin*,' tirst-,-l:.sa milk Bnonltl Bee I
llilll.    He will suit you.
I. Manulug,
A lii-lli itlu.a |iiii*nti. Iiiini-iliti-^ aul I Ini
liii.iaiiliillii-ii-..   Ili..n|.i.| 4i s.| 1.1...,- iiiii,
SlliillSl-llllii.l I I„-|.       l-.Hi ,  ,| I,,. 	
I"*-*. IllllltlilH.       'I III* .llllllll   Il.i. llllll |..|||,'ll|,ll
Iill- Mili-ifi*.. nail ii Iiiiiu Ii.i ,,I"|I|,| II,,v.'- „,,
IIIIW IHIllUilK'lll.  ill   llllll'|.|.llil.,   Imui,'..   In,
till* Illtn.V. tin* ilnv.v. Ill,* Civil .i-liii- Iiii
llii-i-iiiuilli-ri'inl Hurlil.   Aim,iiii;  Ilu- lialnili,
anil i, I'-K-ti... in l'iiiii-<iiii-i.r an*:
Tin' I mli I1.-.1...,. „| N, ,i 1V...I „ii,i.|„r
'I'lu' V ,nlil.. K   s   IV. IVim I, li li
Ari-lnli-iiii Hiiliiiiiliiii
'I'lii'Ilmi. II. M. Hi<ii|n. I'i laml It r
It Mnriiiit.-.I-:.,, .I'tiiiihsn,,! ,,iiii,.r i- ii
1.1  14.1 T. .-. Iliii.iH
i.i.ui ii.i iv .Hutu
Urbulnralllli -lit Imm |.*,i. In lino nn
tiiiiinlt-il In ili-M-i i mu In,,. |.-,,t i,!,,,,, ..i 4,-
llllllll.. till.
RtV. c J. RKli.NTON. M, A, iiuiii Mailer,
11.4.1-ki ii,-rulli ,1,, mini, ,.... t .-■-..., .11
Iiuiiiii Ilka Iln* ilium, nml i,nui   I, .UMI
I lim
ml un
ml V.I In mv niniil.***-
t.-|.iii,-il I,, '
l p.:
FORT Sllil-LI:
|W. P. QURD,
Barrister. Solicttort Etc.
Timber Notice
Notice la lierehy given lhat III
dale I inleiiil lu upply i,, ||„. |'lii,-I L'o mill In
Mime ml I. ud i« I Win Unt VI lorth lu   11
H|M'i*iul li etiHi'tn ini nmi entry awny ii nin i
Irom theriilhMviiig;(iiM<iihid Itiude ultuiiu >
ilitli'ilihlrietnlKuHl Ko.ilili.i.i:
r.iUlineiiiilig nt ll punt plniiled nn lli,
liuiinilary ul lliiti-.li t'olU Illliill S in Ini u
nH.-rve near Iln-nnrt WihI inriifi* id \V, II
llriulfiird'HNu 'Jtimher Hwuhp, Hi.-in* ca-jlHC,
I'll,I UHllllllf ur ll-HH lU llif   HUUtlllM'Mt   l-llllll'l
if W. II. Hindi iid'H   Nn.   I   ii -• I,,,,,,,,,
tlieiit'i'uurlli  along fit «*o I I Uny ,.
Hiiid limlH-r liffiiH» lu I In- SI. Mnrv- liver
theuce t Mowing thf St. Mini, river We le
ly to the U-ltfeh Coluiiihhi Suutlieru hpjiiid
ary, tin-life rulltuviiig Miid h ilinilary hunt It
111 point Uf llegillllillg,
Ihited S7lhduy td AngiiHi, lunji.
Uu Ag.lfrl i:i.-.  II.
CRANBR001C,   Iti'lTlslI   COL0MDIA
lll-ll'i; lllll'US:
1> Iii III u in.
I lo n p, in.
7 lo .1 p. iii.
Timber Notice
Tiiki- niilii'ti :to .lavs nlli-i- .into I iuli-inl
npply to Hio Chii-f Ciiiiiiiiinsiinii'r of
Uuiila mul Worka nl JYltitni-ln lorn s|ii*-
i'ii.1 lii-t'iifii' to i-ttl iiiiili'iiiiy iiuui- ijinliu*.
frum Ilu1 (blloH'Iilu ill's nln it inn,ti, in
South Kuat KiHiti-n'w:
l.'oiiiiui'iiiin*! nl ii imst pliinteil iiiiuiii
'4 of ...iiiii'fioni llin rani Imiikiif 1'iiirv
Cii-i-k nml iilini_i niil*, .1. Tli,ini|,s,.ii-'„
iiiltiul post tlieuce,oust 8Ui.liiiina, tli-nu-ii
uorlli wl I'liniiiH, tlii-iuv ivi'st 80 tilitihiai
the..*.*!, -nuilli Nil i-tiniiis  to il
ll.ilt'.ISi.pli..|nlH.i-.rilli 1(103.
Sl l.i-ivis 11. I
0. H. THOril>SON.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor far tin* Imperial Hank ol Canada
Toe Colonial lavc.ln.i-al nail Loan Company.
Cranbrook, li. C.
■ pi.
Land Notice
Nul'i'oia liiTi'li.v given tlini nil ilny
llllli' 1 lllti-liil In n|i|il,v in il ||i|i| (.i
Hii.ii.-r nt l.iiiniH mul ivoika nl Vii-lm
IH.rnii.Kiua tn |inii<liiiM. ih.. rnlloivlni
..rilx-il laml in Smuli l-in.l Koiili-nni:
lolnniiiui-in*. nl n puat pllinll'll on tin- I'ti.t
.illl. uf 11 t-rpi'k 1 lllllliil-. inln tin* tinrlli [ink ,,l
Mli-lipl ureal*, niiunt tlirii- nml n linll inili-
lioi.li ol tlie init.rmi-liiiii uf tlie mntli
lioiilntiuy ulini   .(.is.,  niniiii 1.  witli tlie
.niil nnrili lurk „| Mieliel .-ii i-i, tlii-ni',' iiiiiiIi
UU ull., Iin, llieiii'ii enst NU nll.ltr.Fl, tlll-llio
boh I Ii 80 t'linilia, ttii.iii-tt ileal No ulinina tn
the plm-li ol lli'uitlliil H, i-iintiijiiilii; Iill) ni-ri.
Iimre or luaa.
Ull M. M.tin.,*.-
and Builder .*
All work guaranteed.   See ua before
you build.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, 111
I   John Ellenberg,  |
I J; Pioneer in the business and 5
« his work always rank*? with $
-t- thc best.    Call and see him. *
S Repairing- boots of all descrip- 5
«; tiops, (rom a cork sole to a V
S lady's finest slipper. J
<  UV?l.-*V'.'i'''VVVV'lVV»»»»»**f*>1>
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   liivc na* a call.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Cliampagn cs,   'i'ur,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Otli.e al Residence, Armstrong Ave.
i'ltr.'nin.iis.    ....   i*m*(| |0 ||
Altcrnoons   ....   I:,10 loJ-JQ
livcnlniii    ....    UO |o 6:31)
CRANHROOK,    :   :   :    :       :    B. C
Surveys „	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C.
Notice la lioroby glvon llml tondora
will Ih> tt'i'i'ivfil fu'r tlio purclmto of Lot
;io liliwk 4;t, Crnnbrook, on which tlleru
ia urwteil ii ••■mull frame dwelling luni.-i*.
IVrniB will 1h> eitnli,   inynl'li'  ttpotl  ll»'
completion of tlio Male. Tendon nmv bo
left with W. F, Gurd, Bollcitor for'ilie
utiaerelanotl, Raker street, Crnnbrook,
and will Uo received up to the tliinl duv
of September liH);l.
22 Official Administrator,
Timber Notice
Talte nut lit- that tlilrly JtiyB nfter ilntol
inlKii.l n.n|i|.l,v to tho UhlcfOAmtiiisBioiior td
LtamlH and WnrkH (oi- a iqit-riiil li"i*nsi> in
1'Ut.itiidnirr*.-nuiiy t.mliiT Inuu tlio follow*
ingileecrilittii liui>ln inSnntli KtMt Kiiutnmy:
l.'oniuii'iiiinn ut ii (Hint plantotl on llio fiiM
lnuik of IVrrv eryek at X. B.,8ldJoii'« iniiinl
|ioHt, MiMice wi'Ht HI) clininn, tlionco Bnutli HO
liulliH, tlii'iice ctiHt -HO ill ni UH, (lii'iuij lU'i'l h
80 I'tltijUH |o tliu |ilti|t> m1' ri|li|i||i'iit'i'tiii'iil,
l'i|li(Hi||Itm li |ll iii-ivs uf hind.
Dtttml |Htl, H,|i|'.alu'r, llllCl,
Ull J. I). I'iiri|iiliai*.
Tim be
I hih'tiil iiiim dun
llii' t'liii-F ('iniiin iiiiii
at Viiti.ii..,n. r , f.n-i
uwuy il.t'ilN.liu iron
ruiumotiolinjnl iln
lot IUH IIIIMI Kotllftll
iln r ilule Id ii'ipl.v to
i'i-1 I.iiihIh ami Wnrkl
to Im 451)
siniili-Hi'Ht corner o
■ lii»iiii't,ilu'iiri'nnit
IDilmiiis immt or Itw
ill 1110i-lmljiH, ilit<	
pulut  id llllll
I' lot. to
iliiot.k.Si'jt.iitlHT Im
1II -*1
It. Viiiih.'i
Jimfcer Notice
Nutii'ii iH In-rt-liy Ki*,«i tlmt l||lrtj d\\3t
nltfir iln(i) 1 jntenil tiia|inl,v |u |lm(:iiii*f Vo\\\-
iiiiHuiuijiTof |.ii|idH mill Wflrltu n| Vif-tqri|t
foiui-[Mi:iii| lii*|niH« (u c||f (mil i:iir|*V QWTliy
litnliiT fruit) tlie lOllnVlnlt ilt'Hi'rilii'ii laiulii
fiiuiiii* in l-iiiHt, Kootenay:
ri'iiiiin fii'int: nt a jiimt "iilimtctl 40 irlmltiH
t'Ht-t tif 11 if 4Mt mile |H'Ht on I lie C. 1'. It. mir-
vey line iinuiiii),' Month from Fort Htm-ln
•liliirtioii. 11n-nee eum. Ml ehaiim, tliencciiortli
Ml) i-lniiiiH, tlieni'R we»t UO eliuiuH, tlienee
nuilli NO  i-luiiiiH lu   tin- puul iif I'lituint'iice*
ment, cotitulning 040 ncrca,
Duti'ii lllth day otHcpiemlier, IDOU.
27 .l»Hr|ili Bambrick.
Timber Notice
T'lkenoliiv Unit tlilrly ila.iH from iilUo I
intiuit to a|i|i'.v to illoUlitef Comralt-Htuijur of
Luinlri und Work** ut Vit-'o-ia for it k| inl
liri'nM1 lo out am) curry mvny lim Iiui* Irom
tlie following iliHi-riht'il IuiiiIh, nl i   Unci)
mil * iiortlit'imt uf Mnrynville. Ill HOUlli ioi
Commi'tiririKiii rt float |ltniihtil nlunil 400
.vhhJh M-fHi. ol Mat iiiiitliHt-Kt. iiiiiti'i* of l.oi
No. *J2-IM,lir.iii|, l.lln-ni',. MlillllllK liorl<ioiii<-
ludf mile, tlieiu e wint two uiili-M, Hii-uii>huii1]i
otm-liiilf imli', tlieiiee taut twu aiilfn tu [ilme
of iH-tthiiiing.
Hnpti'llilier fOli, HlDif.
'2i\ a. H. Maiialiua.
Timber Notice
Tn'iO'iiollie lhat llilrly iIii.vm Irum .lull* I
Int I lo ii|i|ily to lhe Ullllil fuiuiiilfhiiiin'r uf
I.iiihIh ami Worku at Virloila lor llt*|ncial
llit'iiHi' tui'iitaml enrry uwuy timlier (rum
tllO following ili'M.-rllM'.l IiuiiIh, ulioul. twu ami
one linlf ailli'rt North-Kiwi of Mai'i'BVlllu in
Snutli Kuril Koulenuy.
(.'iimuii'iu'lugiil .i jiomI jiluiili'ilmn'mill'insl
of tlll'HUllIll WI'Ml   I'lH'lllT uf Illl   '33 iH,   t lll'll.i,'
running north one mile, tl'i'iii'f ivehj uiu*milt.',
thi'iii'i'itiiiitli oiiii mi|iMlivnn'''(l"l "ll" mill', lo
th|i ulaw ('if itiuining;
friilMRttiTUtli im-ii,
iH\ U. 1''. Wiillme.
"lllaeUwiili'h",   "liliukwatei",   "Malu-
ehite i*i "Eiiu'' uiinenil eliutus.
Situated in the Fort Steelo mining division of Ku-U Kootenuv iliHtriet.
Whoro located-": (in tbo 8t. Mans
rivor, on the enst side, flhovo the
south fork forth
Take notice tlmt I, Fraueia .1. O'Rollly
of  Nelson,   It. 0., lis ngont for lleiuv
Uronghtoii Thomson, freo miners' certf-
linite Nn.   II TlMStl,   intetiil, fixtv dava
from tho tlnto hereof, to apply "to the
mining rivorilor for cortifictltofl nf ini-
nrovomontB, for iho imrpose of obtain*
inji erown grants ol the [iboyo elniins,
And fnnlier tnke iltilico thnt nelloti.
niitler st'i'iiun  B7| iniisl  he  eoiiiilieneeil
bofoio the issuance of aneli bortilicuteB
of Improvements,
hilled Ihis 1st .hivof ,lnlv\A. II. 1003.
Com mi
Timber Notir;
Tultoiiotict'ihai thirty ila|M nfler dale, I
ititcutl to ajiply tu thu Chief ('oiniuh--ioiiei' of
I.iuhIh anil WurkH nt Victoria fui* n h|m t-inl
licetiiui tu OUt anil enrry nway liiulnii* fi'.im
tho following ili-Hcrdicil IuiiiIh iu Hun Hi Kust
('iimiiicnciiinul it [itisl [ilunii-ii on the east
hank of l'erry t.'reok nhajg-iilc K. L. t'lnnl-
Ittigh's iuitiul posh uml al Ilm uoiUi-wi'mI
eonier of K. 1.. (Ihutllciglt'a timlu-r limh:
Iheneoeust KOchuina, tlieuce not Hi HOi-haiim
thonce He*<i HO ehuiiiB, tliorn'OButilliSOflinliia
to the point uf i-otiiiiii.iiii'iiii'iil.
Si'iJti'iuli.r lu ititin.
'J)! W, K.t'iiiip,
Timber Notice.
Xflljcf? m lierehy glvon tjiat -wjthifi thirty
InyH fn,m dn|p* 1 Intend to «ppl>' 'ft tllO
Chlrt I'limmfusioner pf kanilii and Workfl, Notlc^
iitVli-ioi'iu.foritBppuiiil liiicnue to nut nnd     „»,*..,    .     ,      ', * „ ,,    ,
mv nwiiv tinilicrfrom   the following-Job-      Notire Ib hond.y Bivoiithat t,hrc monlliaid-
■IIihI   lnmla,   nliont   one   mllo   north   of   ter the.h.lHhe.oof nil applitatlon tt.lMic.iia.lc
MaryHvillc In South KubI Kootenny: (tothe Lnuliiiunt QoVeHior at V|i.to|'lrtio
immi'iiiiug at a post planted at tho ehaago tlmnutiHi of tlm Imuilo l.imilier (nia-
IiortlicaMi ctiraerof.l. P. riiihli'Bpro-emptlon pany, Limitnl, to "rit. Slury's Ihverl.aiuher
themiii'iiiiiiitittiioittiHllchiiiiiP, tfnnmti wLt   Cimpany, Idmit.nl."
yo chains, thenee hoii)||  HU f'hftUiB, Hieiiim      Duied at (Vnntirnok, II. T., this 4Di day of
ensl BOi'haiiiB lo plain of hcgiiiiiimr. i July, IMM.
27 1). M.'l'>rlan<i.    | W. F.<»illl>,
Merysylllo, September, 10th, ll'tlU. 1« Solicitor fur tbo Appllca -Ih
Timber Notice
notico that thirty ilnya afier
inleiiil lu apply to Hie Chief
sioiier uf l.iiinls mul Works, al
'ia, fui* a special license lo put ami
a ny limner from the following
lied IiuiiIh in Soiilli Enst Kontujhiy;
Unliilnoncing al a post planted tiuar
Ilie sninliui'Ht corner tifl.nl h5S2, and
al nit '3\ i'liains west of Ini 'JSI1I -,'i'oop I,
llieiici'nuitli Sii i'lmins; llii'tn-e wiwl Sn
ehiiiiisiilu.nci'H.nliiSii cli.tiiis; llience
enslKUelmlns to iln- plan- ul lieglplng,
eontnlnlng niu Ktlresmore nr less.
2. Cotimtpiit'liig   at u   post   planlc
neur   l|io   millhwesl   coiner   of  A.   I'
bull's   pro etnpiioii   No.   777,   lltenc
west KlhliaiiiH; llo-iit'e  lh SO ehaiiis
tlioili-o tmsl KOi'liaiiis; Ihenee Spill It  M'
cliains to   the   place of   heyiniun, '""•
tninlilg 1140 aeics moro or less;
lintiil ai 0 run brook, tlio liMh, day of
Angusl tniKi.
.12  WutUbiu'M l.iiintier Coni|iany, Idtl.
JEmornlil", ami "I'lumak", mineral tleiais.
Siluutcil in llu> Pott Hi ato milling division
of   El)H|   Knutciiay    iHptrict.      Whiro
loiatcil; On Mm st, MtiryB rlvor.
Take noiite that I. A. II. Ilcylantl of KubIo
p, IJ., as ngont fnr M. J, llulptn. fie,! miners'
i-cilillcaleNo. It OOflOC iliteiid. sixty iln.VB
from the date hereof, to niiplv to the mining
I* .unler (or ceiliHi'uteuf iaiprovementH, for
tho pm-poHo of ohtale!n« t-tfowu grunts of
thuulmvo I'lailllB, ,; _f
And farther Toko imi ice thnt action, ninier
ircHnn flji >oasi. lie commenced lu'fore the
«mii'*iie id f*Ui'h scuilli-ntm (,t imjiuive-
nii ul i, |
Dated lh; i 30th .lay ol An,-, isl, A. I). lOdll
■G, A. II. lleyhnul, Ageut.    I
Undertaking And
Grndnnte of Chauipion college of   U. S
Bilice nnd store, Aiken block,
near Cuu.-iilian Hank uf Commerce, Cnuibrook, IJ. C.
Upholstering and Qeneral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
Agent for Ihc Brandon Marble snd Granite
Worka.   Tombstones, Headstones etc
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling;
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole A.n'cnls in Cranbrook for
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Land Notice.
Nnlirc   Ih   hi'.rhy   (jiicii   thai    sivly duyr*
iifii'i-ilntc l Iii hml in apply tu |ho Ohio!
''uinmJM*iiiiii<r ul Inmls uml works for per*
inissiiin iu piiri'liusc my pii'-cinpliiiii, NoBflft,
fomttidiring al iho AW rnrnornfrkl. Wail's
Imui. Hicrcuii SH'cliaias liriilli, .hereon -10
i liuins H-ft. Iln-inm N't eliuiiis Htiiilh. tiiere
on 40 I'luiins in point ol coinitienromi'iil<
' uiiiaitiitiu :i'.'() iini'H.
'33 Hlg I. i' .1, Ariimlrnni:.
Iniiil'iuok. Align Hi lilih, lllllll.
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
1 liriiii-.'li I'liliii-i. ami Tourist 8teaner8
HI..Ini; nn.l llnJTet BmnhlllH l.ilirtir, cata.
Q. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash. I 'WIK   CltANBKDOlv    IIiatAl.l)
********** HH*MMtM*tMM*M*MMU**MI*MM*MM
Mc Invite tbe Xabics of Cranbrook 1
anb vicinity to our |
i 0van6 !
* »
[/fcillincrv opening
to be bclB
j Jrtba^ anb S>aturba\>, ©ct. 2 anb 31
;      Conic nno bc« tbe finest MoiMny. of new,      §
nrttotic iinD blob flrnt-e bencwenr
ever shown In Cranbrooh
j IRefo & Company |
»**4>,»».»»44.»»,*y*»4»»#4ll***»U4,.** + »+*-|i *********,****** *
|    c
^  Trade papers announce au advance of SSc per barrel on Flour
*0 ami | relict a still higher price.     We sell only OGIIiVIES' ^
jgj and at the old figure, 82,00 WM SACK FOR HUNGARIAN <£
8| l-'iincy ni'il Stmili- (iron-i-ii-s. Cnmlirook, b. 0. ffl
w I*
Cosmopolitan Hotel
Cranbrook, B. C.
|      J. R. Downes, Proprietor      $
<£> Firstclass House, Centrally Situated A
i Commodious, Well Lighted Sample Kg
i Rooms gj
5 W,-li,- I,.
In tin- pi-oi
~     w *  •  i
.li* nl CriinbrooK mul vicinity J
X llml ti.- ur
J DfltgS and Drus Sundries. Panel (ioods an! Stationery     »
j    --14.it Kill 1 [.I'll In Hu, public I
I Wednesday, October 7, loo,?                   I
*' t'i4in,'iin.i ii'..j'1-.-t 44111-^i,4,-1,            Wi'seriptidii work 11 specialty ■■>
I Chas. E. Reid & Co.,          1
t Thr.\i-.i lil.ul.                                          Cnuibrook, ll.C. |
\ *******:. *.*<.*vv*****.^** A *****,*********************
| l-'.ir iln- i4iv.-,i.iii j. 11 will   liuil im'  in   ilu' ttil|iin ImililiiiK ni"sl
* i!...i*  ii.  lli.*   Mi.-,-4 mn.II   ruriiiiiiri-  i-iiiii|i.'iiiv.    I lmvi- ll Ini-go t
!  i.i.nl, ..I -Imi ii:,-t.*il    huiul un.l nm  |i.t>|im-i'il In tin nil kiiulH 1
J nl shut  iiiiitnl tlnll,. iultliiiiL; mul  pluiuliiiig.   Blower piping, t
I nlit-tiliri.il htovt-tt liiiniliiimlc .-i..-..-j,.'iu-s. ,-ti-.    Roofing, ncnling I
,» in il u i.iilniii :i.    A :,ln| iiuui ul iMi-t'liirj'tt iilnvi-it mi tin-way. I
' ®
Tho Secret of Success
ft Wi- nllribiili' our Inrgc ntnl iiir.-.-n-tiiii; Btilit of Biiunilgo lo tlio fm-t *
T  ilmi v..- iiiii' nothing lull nlisuiiitcly [rcBli iiti-ut uiul llio Ih-hI. quill- jj
'ttllill;*-l.lltitilinl.ii-,   Kllili Wl'l'li uill* Wiles exceed lIll'HIlll'H   *.
?! iiy
ji uiilu'|iii\ ii'im wri'lt.   'lli in itpi-uka I'm-ilBt-lf, Ni.v.-r iiiiuel whero <t
}. yuu lui.i your other meals, buy llnrris iv, Jollittu'a Bi.usngc, 2
1       HARRIS & JOLLIFFE       I
II        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
i j None Better In the District
If Rates $i and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
II served in any style Irom 8 p. m. too a. ni.
* J        The t.ibL*. is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean
fig liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the belt brand
B of liquors and cigars.
gg LB. VANDECAR, Prop.
"""-"- "n®f¥5nf-)QP)iQ«iar''"
Picked Up About the Cily  by Asking
Questitinit ot Many People.
A, .1. Mutt, ul' l-'i-riiii*. tins in
town Tuesday,
Judge Furiii. of Nelson wns in
town Hiituriluy. ,-..      - m
Mrs. ,1. lirt-.-ki'iiriilisi. is viaif-
in iit-thliriilg this \vcpk.
P. .1. Cuhill, of Moyie; wus a
Cruiibroo'i visitor this week.
A, MolTnt returned ttidiiy froi|i
his hunting trip to Lethbriclgo,
New Drug store. New lil.ii-k
Criiulirook.      C. E. Ki-itl & Co.
Mr. anil Mrs. Mi-Penk liuve re.
turned frum their trip to Chicago.
For .Suit- - (liunl piano, cheap
for cash. Apply X, Hernlil
Mr. nnil Mrs. (I. T, Rogers,
visited severnl ilnys iu Sitlur tliis
Rev. Fortune hns gone ti Vnncouver to attend tlio Prosbyteritdi
0. Bsttnoro camo in lust week
from ii trip through the coal fields
of Alberta.
Mrs. .1. H. Wolf relumed lust
week frum her visit to llnlcyun
Hot Springs,
\V. F. Morley. the sulicilur. is
building nn ollice iipi-m-itc the
Ciiiinilinn hotel.
Mrs. F. C. Mnlpus nml children
linve returned from tlu-ir sujiuirii
lu Furt Steele,
Rev, MeKillop, of l„-ilil.ri,li3..
sUipiMil in tuwn Monday oti his
wuy to (lie coast
"Sandy" MoDougal, the well
known mill man, came down fruui
Fernie Tuesday,
I). K. (irittith. proprietor uf the
lliitTinnn house al Elko, was in
town this week.
VV, 0. Johnson, uf tho Cruiadinju
Bunk uf Commerce, lins returned
front his trip to tin- enst.
Mrs. Hon. Clurke. uf Mnnnliik.
Ont., mother of W. N. Clurke. is
the guest of Mrs. A. Leitch.
Harris & Joltiffa ure excavntiti^
nu a let near their market, uud
will erert u large warellituse.
liust Itrown lentlier pui-ket
la.ik. 11..|h.i-i.-ini private papers.
Please li-tivt- ul lleralil office.
U. Wey, uf Vane mver, repre.-ti-iit.
ing llrailst reel's Cuiiiuieri-iiil
agency, wus in tuwn this week.
Thomas Benven uml Willium
Vnn Arsilulin, uf Furl Steele.
Visited CrnnlirtHik Weiliu siluy,
Vi. H. Wilson, jeweller hns just
received tl nice line of Furl Sttlele
im.) Murysville suuveiiir 8|ii»ili8.'
W. F. Wilson; the jeweler, is
prcpuiriug In move into his new
store room in the Hnzell block. *
Lost-A locket on trail between
Crnnbrook and RIhkIu. Finiler
please leave Bonie ut Herald office.
Mrs. Carter, of St. ,Tohii, N. B.
arrived Tiii-mliiy to Bixnul tlie
winter with her daughter, Mrs. M.
B. King.        	
Mrs. M. Mclimes huB siifliclo'iitly
recovereil from her recent illness
to leave the hospital. She ia improving nicely.
Dr. F. E. King, the dentist, has
moved, his offices over R, E.'
Beattie*B drug store. I He has a1
lino suit of rooms now.
: ... ■-; ■, I    -
Conductor Sam Hiiyea who. is, at
present running out of Mcdic]i|o
Hut wus iu Crnnbrook tliis wtl-ok
renewing old utJquaintunces,      I
.Mr. and Mrs. P. luim.l. of
.--inllir. left Sunilny fu.* a month's
mention lu visit friends anil relatives iu Vancouver tin 1 Victoria.
A .-ar Inml uf horses were
brought into Cranbrook lust Sntur.
-ilay. ami the mill men ' ave la-en
in\.-t.uim tu a i-uiisiiit'rul'li' extent.
Bert Ku6S, of 1'Vruic. spent a
few .lays iu town this week. Bert
has ii   big  luiiii'li  of  friends  iu
I'ruulinaik whn ar.* ulttays glud to
*.,,- Iiiin.
I'rest & ('.... have been inking
-Sinn., pictures ui' iln- Indian ehil-
ilr.n-il th,. Mission llml uill Ih*
used in tin- |)f.iniiii..ii reports oni
luiiiiiii affairs,
Mr-,. W, I-' Tate and Jon Erie,
r.-lurjiiil. Suii'liiy frmn a trip to
'I'tinilit*). -N'l.rtli liny, and oilier
i-itstern iHiints. Eric luu. improved
very miit-li in heiilth.
T, Love wns TH yenrs old today,
ruid wns receiving the i-uiigralulu-
tiuus of liis iiuuiv frleudi in Oran*
lirtaik. He is the youugest man
fur his uge in the district.
Ri II. Pilling, of Cardston, wns
in town Fridny. He lins u boy
llli.Mlt -'1 years uf uge tvliu liesteil
ii profesaionul wrestler ut Curdslon
a couple of weeks ugu.
■ -.-Prthuer Bur. has bis.u given a
post office; It will be located at
the office of tlio Wnttslmrg Lumber
company. Thia will prove a great
convenience tu tlie people of thut
Brei-kenridge & Lund hnve the
eoiitrnel to straighten severnl bud
curves between Crnnliruok nud
Kootenny Lauding, They liuve
a ciiuip established near liout
Willie Oreer has gone to Calgnry to uttenil the college there.
Fruuk Murphy expects to go thia
week. Thut will make live lioya
from Crnnbrook attending the
The Cosmopolitan liolel has a
tine apeeiinen uf end. tipples rnised
ut St. Eugene Mission, six miles
frum Crnnbrook. The bunch on
exhibition ia u practical demon-
striiliun uf the fruit puaBibilities of
thia country.
Mhdam Graphd accurately tells
character and disposition from
handwriting. From the llllllll she
will tell yuu wl.at ailments yuu are
liable to suffer frum and in mauy
inattuu't's can state what occupation
yuu ought to follow. Craubrook
hotel mum 1-i.   Fee $1.00,
ll. W, Piitmnre, since he has
entered into business for himself,
has found himself bu rushed with
urtlers that it wns iiet-etBiiry for
Iiiin to arrange for Ilia brother E.
11. Patmore, uf Fernie. to locate
here pcrmuiit'iitly nud assist him,
Both men ure practical, up-to-date
tinsmiths nnd phunlicrs, nnd their
work will Ih- first class in every
Trainmaster McKenzie was al
Medicine Hal last week.
Agent !. H. Wilson, Wanlner,
was in Maeleotl Wednesday,
J, Canlton, director of the C. P.
R. iu car Metapedia went over tin'
Crow Saturday visiting Lethbridge.
Assistant to president W White
£      Big Bargains in Brooms
I sell ioo 25 cent whisk broo.i s for 15 cents
each, two for 25 cents.   The sale will not last
nnl party
in official
oar E
•'lllll*      l>\l
r  th.*  (
row 1
1   Nu. 3
J, 11. (
r;iin1,   uii.
Itt   up
•rntur at
Ferute   i-
at   pn
Ageul Iv
<. Coussei
B lit It
Villi. Willi
is east (in
Beattie the Druggist
A Novel Wedding Tour.
A novel wedding tuur wns thut
uf E, F. and Sirs. Rlllicll, who
were united in marriage at Wilmer
Ensl Kuutenny. the uther tiny by
E. .1. Scuvil, J. P. They Bturted
ull' witli 11 big baud uf burses tu tlie
Northwest Territories. They rode
over the summit of the Rocky
Mountains, a journey no other
newly married couple hud ever
uudertiiketi. With them na guideB
went .1. S. Barber nnd .lue. Lovuo,
The guides saw the happy couple
ncrusa the summit and then left.
Mr. and Mra. Kaucli continued
with the Inn-set. nud ilispusi'd nf
them lu the farmers, Thus pleas-
ure nnd lnmines8 were well euiibiu-
ed. iib the honeymoon netted 11 good
profit. Tlie marriage camo iu tlie
nature nf n surprise to tlie friends
uf thu contracting parties and
letters are atill received nt tlie
Wilmer i-ost-otfice addressed to
Miss E. Payne, whioh wub the
bride's name before she tindertuok
the double miitrimouiul-horse dealing journey,
Literary Society.
The renders of the Herald would
notice in lust week's iBsue 1111 item
regarding the forniiitiun uf a literary BOciety,
Since then many have expressed
themselves in favor of the movement nnd n meeting for organization will be called for next week
,as the political work on Hand
iiiuki-B this week impossible,
Cranbrook has so many literary
Indies'and gentlemen that an enthusiastic und large gathering ia
-.hoped fur, bu the organization
'may be a su aa.
Superintendent .1. (i. Taylor
made an official trip with his pri-
vate oar No. HI up iln* North Star
branch un Thursday laat.
Conductor I'. Milieu uml Brake-
men .1. ('. O'Duiincll iiiiiI P. F.
Breokenridgo left fur Medicine
Hut uu l-'ritliiy. wliere they hnve
beeu permanently IniiiBferriil.
Lurd Lyvodon anila party of tlie
members ofthe Eugliah pnrliiiuii-iit
iu car Nipiiuu went through un
Nn. -1 Friday, Thoy wen- returning frum a trip through Canada
Mr. Cuinptun, clerk in Qeneral
Superintendent Bury'a office nt
North Buy has been transferred to
Saperintenclent Taylor's office, aa
successor to G, A. Mason, who
resigned some time ugo.
E. N. Bender, general purchasing agent of tin- C, P. R. went
through ou Nn. *l Fridny. Mr.
Bender luia been making un ulliciid
trip of the 0, P. R. system nnd ia
just returning tn Montreal.
A special train witli about one
hundred members nf tin- Canadian
Manufacturer association uf Can-
nila nnd tlieir wives will arrive here
ou October 6th, on their return
from 11 trip through the west.
E. Bunlette nnd wife arrival
here frum Everett, Wis., on Tuesday. Mr. Bunlette is tu lie Itrd
trick dispatcher here, vice Roy
Suiithwurth, resigned. Mr. South-
worth leaves for Cleveland in the
course of 11 few duys.
Mr. A. L. Couzens, agent nt
Ryan loft for the east. Friday to
spend liis vacation ut his home in
Chatham, Ont, Mr. Couzens has
been on the Cruw fur about twu
yettrB. this being his first visit
homo Binee coming out.
Engineer Thomas Driiminond
and wife returned Thursday from
the east wliere they have been
spending their vacation. Mr.
Druiuinoiul resumed liis old nm on
the passenger between Cranbrook
tuul Macleod on Monday.
Many of tlie railway employees
and their wives took in the first
annual ball of the Crows Neat
Pass Lumber company ut Wurdner.
They all speak very highly of the
hospitality extended them by the
committee who had the affair in
charge and also of Mr. Lund the
general manager,
The Shnmrock lacrosse team of
Montreal champion lacrosse
players of the world, in private car
Camanlstiquo, went through
Thursday on their wny to Nelson
where they played 11 match with
tlie Nelson lacrosse team
during tin- exhibition, The
Shamrocks nfter playing with
Nelson went tu New Westminster nnd Vancouver where they
will play three gullies during exhibition week nt New Westminster.
White Laundry.
Laundry work nnd plain sewing
uud mending uf nil kinds.    Reai.
douce in  cottage opposite school
house.    Prices reasonable,
Mrs, Bourgoine
Next Week
to the
Hazell Block
near the
Manitoba Hotel
- We  hnve opened our new slure in the liilpin store room on i
- Bnker street.   Wo will carry a general line of 5
I Fancy Groceries, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes,      •
® Kf.-.   niiriiuuils will Ik* uf ti„. beat, and the prices the lowest t
® We invite yuu tn cull.                                                                       ^
1 MANNINC & LACEY        s
<M *: -M * 1 ♦ 1
A. L. flcDermot a. C. Bownes*.
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants
Schllii Beer       1 The Highest Brands 1 The Laneel ■■<
ol SCOTCH and .' b"<  Aiiortrieil
I af Home,Ik
I Ltqaora
A complete stock of Cigars, consisting of the
"Pharaoh," "LaFortuna," "Irving," --liar-
rister," "Monument," "Hilda"  and others.
Mall Orders Promptly Attended to. Telephone 17
Write for Prices. CRANBROOK, B. C.
Agents for T. Lebel & Co., Hay and Urain.
Ferule Beer j
uJlnVe'a Slout    j IRIS»     WHISKII-S
Manufacturers of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Hills at Cranbrook, B. C.
Orders will receive prompt attention.
Not how big the suit is,
but how well it is made!
This is the question that people are mostly interested in, and is
the magnet that is drawing them to our store, to a live and modern tailor shop, it's the store that saves you money. It's where
you get value for your dollars.
Cranbrook Block
Cranbrook, B. C
Sl* •**** ****-9 .... ♦-»
4> *4^ ({J * . 44 . . •-•
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comlort 1 Specialty
(iood Stabling in Connection
Neareat lo rallioatl anil tlepot.    tins arrnnimoila-
tinna for the public utiei|nnlli*.l in  Ciiuilitook.
Hot and Cold Baths
...... ***®Q*** .....tn.
in all the
Towns in
1 P. Burns & Co
Wholesale ... Retail
Meat Merchants5
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade Is solicited. TIIE   CUAMIl'iOOK   11 KHALI*
egg ■**& •«
'     ' ,'       ■- ■      -J?
- j      f^r-*A
1  il   Vnll   W
I Kivt' vour
uvoid mvh'n n   I yv. r in nml ywir out wive us a will nml wo can -show you not only how U
v. hul [ml you in tlto wny o£ uittkiiig u gootl invrsttm»iit.
]!..i- 4       il for richness ami purity- Keeps perfectly
, ., .    -■ '!'■';    i 1 4 nil .-,*.: lehold purposes.
\  ECTOR Crand,
.,. d ,J Milk Co., Charlottetown, P- E. I,
i   -.■-■..' &
' Tl*&'*t^?T!Jr3TC,!7:''*&M™"■'■(■■i^B"- B
i I  You Need a New Suit
,..   .. *. .a nli mill lit' careful in llin
\*t.-. mi'niv. yuu on.' Hml will In. fui*
j.; ii,    | ■ litv.  workmanship ami  price,
: i  , ,       v-,,|  -   ■ ..in- -.- ink.    Our clotlii-a m-n
i , (',;,:-,. ,l. In Criiubroolt people.  Tlu-y
Leask & Henderson   g
li vi..; nr: In irn l il    ■■ i»l
nny way or■    ■ '
,       ,,;,.,,. .   '     - - .....   PHI]
our cugine in
ting «r nccilf
;i toK? pilfllp
:: Mails ol en
.'i.i.ii!; rljliial
'   j.p [>A1 . i.N.M      :.,. CrjnbMok, B.C.
*) A*a*».< ■ * y* ' -■■' ■'■■" *' " '""■'*■'••'-■'■• ftfrj •>
i I
| liable Cafe j
S        .:.'-•' .' Paqiiiii, Prop. *
•'• Morrissey Mines, B. C.       »
The bc;t restaurant in |
i           Soulh East Koolenay. j
1            When   you   V it   the j
:.             (own be iurc and Iry il ,
-.-                                               ■ t
*l ;****V -. *. -. V . '■  - -  -  M'.'WV.t.*.!'
We luve a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chi nncys, fire
pla * *-, boilers 11 icd, or any iob
wor!; in thc '-rick line call or.
Geo. R. Tnylor
1'     .     .   ITS  -.'*•   •*■*■   ■.*'
T .ins ntnl
il   . ■-. rurulabcd for any
JIOi.it ill  till.'
Manager   „•«  ..*   **
Feed m.&
nt it, th.-
I.,    !. .
:       ry  n full
-j,, ...
..*.* and Eggs
My |).*ic ■• lire llllVUJ-fl till' f-1-.■*.-- n
nml Hi... thu In st.
Formerly Hotel Plialr
B. TOdPK :-- -, Manager.
'IV. hull-! ii
I.--.       I'd   ■.
ill   r       t     -i    ■
Bump -- I'Oown.
i.'.-i 111
Iranbroolt Lodge, No,
A. F, & A. M.
UiHiilur meeting)
tliinl Tlimuln:
in* mli,
If yon wish lo s:: ihc lincst hold
tjiiiin_; room in  E.isl Kootenny
i com-; lo and slay al 'lie
This is the big hotel at'the Junction.
Everything comfortable. It is the
place to step.
r> * it .*. * * * * * ft.-. ft * <-,,; 4> .> * * * * 4". *> *-■ * e.
j    For „|,.i„.,l„i.. poo-iloU what, tlm  |
niiti nt tlmt It H.-i.   James Fiu'ny onuie clown from
•vrt'k wits ono _,     .. „. .       -.t    i       •
(thi'   bi'l'iviiii   uiilu'    Muiitliiy   in
jin-li i.l' rnUiurs.  Tin' uiiun is still
Tho bin drill
ft'  ill   Nl'lUOl
tin* ktiiliiiK Ewtlurea "I tin Eniv
d resultiHl in lh.' Yin'.i'li'tii.i wil
,.,- Tho S1000 on iln--iiii-I..-- sliipiriugore to the Hulls Mint's
11 ii UiuYiiiivli iiuui "1 Mt''' i'nti'smelter nt Nelson, having Bhipped
.1 'ili'iit!.'.'.-. of tl-.' N .rlli Slur, over "iini tons shiee they started,
is not put up its ilie Ymir team j _Mjt. Fin'ny snys that they will
ii' I l" uinl.e '.. ■.-! i'i." It sl lliuu- conltiitio work sink Ing their No. 5
i -i-'.i i ". i-!11'1 lo ll N.'.i,. .'Ln'.silai'tt whii-li is now down (ill feet,
11..mi.   The X. n i ■"   r lio,Mi lost aud thoy will put it ddwn fifty feel
The Herald Oivos llic News.   \ 1"'2J^L\' lo ., hundii-np![ ""nu North Star Btarted shipping
will (jive von,   We
liin-i in Curl -
i> llii'
.-,..-.■, v-'* .' 4. 4.".-V'-'V WW V V, ', V V
STEAM IVlTtR inl (iASOLINI;        J
Mill Machinery   j
J. L. NEILSON & CO.   \
:*      flarnage      |
;' Y.-....-iiiil the CITY   l!AK- I
b KKY in Iln- pliieotogel ll nii-e T
,, wi'dding eako Jind oi-tiiuneiils t
( in Un* lull's! slylf.   Wi.ysi'iul -J
1 your onler tne   of town  and fi)
? |i.-rli;i|i-i linve the ieoitigliroli- i
•■ 414 by shipping.  Prices right. I
J) I'liinic .11          (Jppt'silc Al. li. Cliiinli J
•     C . W. WILSON,
before the  Ymir team started oro HiIbwi ek to the Trail stni'lter.
Lo drill, nnil a •        Tin-W'ist'tnisiii sMitlit'iite thnt is
i-i     wti ..In1"' I" ins nu I  '   -i    ,i
.'.''       , . „.    , hnitting iu tho tour nme Hume on
,,"•   C ,', Pen-y Civek has about forty men
w-orking.   Tin-saw mill that has
been located on Suw Mill creek, is
" to he moved about a mile furtlit>r
ilimn   iln- crook, so to have the
liiiulii't' num. convenient for con-
Btruclion work on the flume.   A
hen.y cable IB to bo put over tlie
gulley   lo amy   over the lumber
mid men,
-J lhe Ymir teiitu.
The record of th
V.-I-! ns follotvsi
Ymir, 11'-,,
Mcf'lel'nu  i' -:
Rossland. illi.
llossl I.'2'..j.
liu ■!■ ami V.'iilt..-. (Son]
, ^*^J*jL3*^ifii^^^^^A^^^^ &
I, ■>
■£ ii vim want »
1 Fresh Fruits,        |
J Confectionery, etc. I
4- t»
* Iin I., !'
« kill 1.1 ..j
t- Onr prices nhvnyfl ronsontiblc        &
fi >
• ,V*tV»»V»'i'VTfVV¥m»»VM*l'.;'
[  Dave Vim Any Pointing to !)■.' Hoi'-?
t  Do Any of Vour Rooms Need Papof'-ili?
l-isiiii-ni. *t given "ii In -1' con-
tructs.    Wi* don'l tv.-nl  the
l.II ill. i'l'    W'llllt      111    1,1.-1,1-4. ■
mhi villi Uie wi. Iiiimi i- co'.vii
..■;.-,,mli,-I i.y.
Rot.il lit ilei, Craubrook
i............ .... .♦.*•..-
. .  . . ... . 4>«-«-44-*-4> 9^*.. ... ***+{.
The Hernlil is giving prizes
for those who giiesi! the closest 1" the vote enst in South
Ensl Kootenuy tliis full.
The lirsl, prize is u Bel of
dishes tm exhibition nt tin-
Port Steele Mercantile com-
Tin* lit'ci-.ii'l js n camera, to 1
I ['I'll  111   lll'i'.ltil-'li. I
'■;..- thlnl istwo v.-.-ir.',' t-nli. |
 ipliott to Tlm Hernld. j
li M.I tin* ml. mi   Um inside |
pn ...    II will  I. II you   nil
nboul il. |
Nets. ... 25.
Messrs. I3n.-rii.itl Wu'le
I'.i.ii- steel l«':.'.' wil ell mvouiils
for their low- rivo-ii. Both oflhei
North Star tenuis, in It-sis Hindu1
[he two dnys"pre\'oas 1 pub-
lie contest, in ll"' i|ii;i'*.t' where
i here the granite block c.ime* 'oui,
: mile from 11*1 I" S3S inches.
It isipiite probable that a ir.,tt li
mny yel be nm «1  In-twe- -i tne
Ymir and North SI..:' ' i fi, n'i'l
il ii in it will In- nn troulilo to mlse
s|ilt)i) In I  --It i'i" No ihSI   'I    'ii.
The Nelson  Ne*vs gave il».* fo'
lowimr account of the contest i
\X. Robertson, provincial miner-
.logist, wns iu town Inst week.   Hi
lad just returned from  the. Flat-
lie' head .-onl nnd oil fields.
Timber Notice
Notico Is lii'M'i'.v Riven tlmt Wnty rtnyn
nfiiT ilnli-. we lutein] to npply in r<> Cli'ul
CommlBflloner of Lands nml Worka Vlctorln,
Inr |H>ntli Silt Oil t" fill mul riirry tiu.'iv Hilllll i
from tlie followinfftloscrlbei] lumls in Smuli
Bust Kontonuj!
Ttmlwr limit .No.l enstslilonl aoutli fork
Oulil Creek coutinmteliiB ul u |iii*t murked
Iiuiiiii' & K'lliiih' tinrtliiiiHi 1'iirinT jiost run-
nlnjf 81) iihalns south, (limiru RO eliiilii** euBt,
thence HI) ub tilts north, tlieuce 8.) ilni'im
«i'-it (o plueo <il FOtutueticetuent,
No, U, ComitieneiiiB ul a post iiimki'il
lliiiliio i Kiilius' south weal cornorposl eml
runiiiiiK Hi) (iliulni enst, llu'iice iSi) rlioltis
north, tlietne 8*0 ulini lis west*, thence sn
chulua south ti> plnco ul coinmoiiuempnl".
28 .    Untitle Ji K-Httis.
Timber Notice
Notice in lioroby given lhat thirty dnys
iiliir ilule I In lent! toapply to Hielhlel
Coiiiiiiirhiuiii'i- ot I.iiihIh atld Wi rks, Vlctoi ,\
rorpornilssion to cut uml tuny uwuy timber
Irom tliefotloiviitgileaerlbed binds in South
Kiict Kootenai.
Tim er limit It. Kit,in u,M Mtlo ol tin
hoiiiIi fork of (lohl I'i'iik, iibont two mllf**
llbovi' fii|-kn.f<ilililiciit'il:(,'nt ii   post   liiiuk.il
lt. Eukhi northoiiil norner pnsl andStleliu
wast, Ihenee HO clmhtR houIIi, iliuuee
clialus etiafc, tliem i 80 eluilu-i ■ niili to pi;
of comniciir. nii'i.1. Coiilniiibig (ill) n-'i'if-
nil m ire or I m*>.
28 II. Kukit
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Pacific Railway comi»iii) control u hirgo area of the
choices! running nml ranching lands in the Klk. Kootonay, Columbia
:t"l Slocan valleys in the Kootenny dislrii-l and in the Kettle river and
i' ,iii,'i_'ii.i valleys in the Boundary district.   A largo uiaiority of thesu
lui.'ls.'iri' n-nilily ni-i-rssilili-l.y n.ilttn.v. '      '
The nggregule iinioiuit of principal and iuteiest, oxcepl in the ciibu
nf Inntls until i* s-J.."iti |«*r aere, IB divitlitl  inln leu insluli Is as shown
It thu table bulowj the litsi to la* paid ill llio time ot purcliiiBo, Hie see.
i ml inie yt'.-ii' from ilule ol' iiurehiise, the third two years, uutl bo on,
The fiillowiiiu table slums llio i tint of ll..- iiniiltul iiisliiimenlsoil
liiu .'lins nl .Iill. nnl |.i i, is iiiiiin- tin* nln,i,. i-ouilitiiiiiBi
IIK) ac.at $2.50 per lie, Isl liiBltilnicnl t fill.lll.lleqnal iiiBlal'lsof $ -Ml.lM)
hiii m*. nl   :i.inipi>riii'. lul inst.iliiii ul    71.110,11 equal itiBUil'lsot    (10.00
liiu ne.at  ILiillporite. Isl instill nl    HH.U0.IIi-tpml iiwlul'laof    70.00
i Hill in*, ul   1,00 poruc. 1st iuslnl nl    llj.Kii, IIeipinl Inslni'lBof    B0.00
|i'.Uiie.nl   l.*"til|..*rni*. Isl inslnlinenl   I07.H5, ileqnal iiislal'tBof    110,00
in  nl   5.00 per nc. Isl iuslnl nl   1111.85,1) equal liul-il'laof   HKl.till
Lands nnder $9,50 per nero are Bold on shorter lime,
if Inml is paid for in full nl the time of purchase, n reduction lYun.
ilu- prieu will In- allowed equal tu ten |»-i- eenl on Iho amounl paid in
excess of the usunl null instalment, li.lorcal nt sis pen-e tl will lie
chnrgi-d on ovenluo iustalmeuta,
The company is nlso lnlorcBfa.il in thu following townsitcBi Elko,
I'l'iiulirniili. Kiuilii-rly. Aldridgo, Kitchener, Creston, Proctor, Nelson.
Gorrnrd, Lemonton, Castlegnr, Cnscndo City, Grand Forks, 101u.lt,
Greenwood, Midway. Nakusp, Arrowhead, llevelstoke, Donald nml
Kamloops, Terms uf payment are oiie-tliinl cash anil the balnnco in
six nntl twelve mouths, with interest.
For further particulars apply to tho following local agontBi
W. M. Frost, Gateway, Montana     ,T, A, McCulluni, Grand Forks.B.C.
K. II. r.ini'e. Wilmer, II. ('. II. .\. Rcndell, Klu.lt. II. C.
V. Ilvilt- linker. Craubrook, B. C.    A, Ferguson, Greenwood, B. 0.
.1. T. Burgess, Kiteheiier, B. ('.      .1. D. Sibbnkl, Revelsloke, B. ('.
E. Mallniidnine, Jr., Creston, II. ('. Thomas Abriel, Nakusp, I'.. C.
G. K. Stocker, Ciucndo, B. C, 1'. .1. Fidtou, Kamloops, I!. C.
F. C. Elliot. Trout Lake City, B.C,
Or J. S. DENNIS. Land Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
This is un exact cut of n lino ol
Clothing we are ngeulB (or, und
tliis line can only bo found iu one
store in Crnnbrook, Hill & Co.'s
Mammoth alothiug House.
St. Eugene
I'rjni iho Deapatch.
•I. A. Bn.ley, of Fernie, wns ill
town on Thursday looking over
tho plans for tho new school here.
This wurk will commence us soon
nil the tenders nre in. When
completed our school will be one
..I'ihr largest in Kootonay. It will
Icosl between seven uud eight
thousand dollars.
.Ininis Mnthesoii,  nu old time
prospector ol' Craubrook and West
Koolenay, wns iu town this week.
Mr, Miitheaon was on his wny tu
the  Flathead  country  where   he
expects to winter, milking Morris-
sey  Mines his headquarters.     It
wns liis lirst visit to this town, and
us is   lhe  cjiso   with other uew-
icomers,   In*   wns   most   favorably
inch, iti-illing .W' inches.     llin , ,..,,,       , ,  *.
Ii;,-,i,u-,, nl lim   „i:ies toi-'lwit't  impressed with the plnce nnd .ts
around the biggrniiite block pl.t.
: ir the drilling contests, mid s ood
* hours  in thu heavy  nr.u uv .
i p mud  wuli.-hiiig llif  b:\iw ■>'
miners s'.i-.i::-.!.- for the prize.
There were Beven  leums enl .-.-ed
rom Vjnir.  Rossland. Gn     '.-oo:1
.1 the N.ji'11)  Star m'.iie.    *
I, ,.,-s cuptui't !   liMi   lliouey by lhe
very iinrrow* iniii-gin ol It ciiin ter o
I'd.     Ti:.'
,lllll' 1    '-'! '
iiL'.i, inches mid i i - of 111.   ''■'-    li
Sun-1< inns wus i    tl :"'l '• n '■
with ■'- inches la  heir en il t.
Tin-   colltl   4   wu .   fi-.   l*lt       :i -
will lie seen front llii-SJ li|
liis! lour i -eil- nil '"
 ineli oft . 'li .'I1"'.'-
Th innittj ■■■ i i '-li  '   ■ mi
14-   li   lhe   null.'sl    with     I'
ability, and there yreru no i - ■   .
Iii-n-.'. ii tlie events.   No t    -
mum il   ii:-' '■ en nu:-.d   ..
withoul exceplion thi •■
gootl liiel. "iiii Iln ir s
i-i.iiii-slnir..-. theniBelvi'S "''
fill men und in first-cliisu -1
soil can be truly said thut
li ,i wns the iiiicsl exhil
,1 i'liiiL-ever seen in the Koi
i in Tuesday morning those on
IjoukI the express got a scarce nt
Flunk,   The rumbling which occasionally break out on llie.-rinul.-
ling iniiiiuiuiii were very severe that
mui'iiiugiiiiiI Ilie Irniti wus backed
,. up fin- a giffo distance and delayed
". [jr nu hour,   As the lri|in was tin
:i ■', tiit-..- ilml morning pitch darkness
ij     prevailed    when   the   train  went
I,*1"..through, but the nluniiiiig riunb-
:,,!.' ir.gs of rocks tumbling doWn the
•un-1 inuu.iiuiii   side    intensified    the
dangers which euulj) not be seen.
The Cimndiun Bunk of Com-
ni.-hi- will go idiend with the erec-'
lion of their local branch here this
lull. The pines liuve been altered
v loo tliiil the'building will not cost
over fifteen ur sixteen thopipid
]t!ul!ui*s. We understand that the
contract will be let this week.
Notice is hi 'obygivei  thai  tl
i,n ...s of the .'ii-t-Hsil.-i hi' l'
i'i,.- ■n.i*.Si'lccii'i-i for n  repi
se.ll dive, nl the!. .if.'fli.ivo as eui-
liiv. for the Ci'ii'ilii'ttuli electoj'inl
(list 4 let 111' ns followsi
A-vent .'.- Tlionms Donald One of th,e iiijner,-) hero swears
Cavcii Gioi-guHarbi-rt Thompson posilively tp having s'l0! H Siwlv
ofCv,  ibrootB.C. '"ii ll"'  niuiintuiii just across the
A , ,il for .lames Horace King railway Irnek, that mensured ten
.»', M-nili"' Moduli of Ci'iinbi'oolt, feel in' length, one day UlIS Week,
|i (• ' As In* lefl the trophy in the hills il,
I inl- ,1 iiii t llllli tiny uf Seplem- is slill a guess with his friends us
l„ ,. |.i i;.. Edwii'il Elwell     to whul pniticulnr branch of niois-
Kclin'eing officer. \ tiuc lie is addicted.
l'l'(j|irletur nf llin
Candy Kitchen
Carries a coini.tetc Block nf
Candics/Frpils, Nuls,
BiscuiU, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. aiic ill a call
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing anl
General Jobbing....
Outside Orders ['mni'-lly
Alleodctl lo.
1. ......................4
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock Io-v
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=lVlcKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in B
Poultry, Fish and Oyslcrs in Season.
c,\. .)■ m*.-^»m*.)-«--S)-c.)-jsw-.i-
- -to-®-®-®-®-®-®-®--®-®-®-®-®
■   >-C.>-tsMf>^*-l!M!>-tJi)-lSI
New Hotel, Newly Furnished, Best of Dining
y?   Rcom Service.    A ccmfortable F^e to slop in th:
I i    enter of the town.
[. :,,i-<a-®-®-ta-®*<i.>-»--(i)-si-<!!-<!)—®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-S-gHJ-J
tt.-*ii--s*~ta.-is'--ji-^-la-ia-w—it-ia-®--® ta-ia-ia-ia-® ta-® ®- ia-fa '-/-ta


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