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Cranbrook Herald Feb 8, 1917

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IIIUTISII I ii|,| nun
THURSDAY, FEB. 8th, 1917
A Brief Resume nf tlie Work In 'Ibis District Ihirinu the Fast Year-
fidenee Sliomn In the Future Development of Our Mineral
Ambassador Handed hi** Pass*
irts aud American Diplomats
Recalled   No DecloraUon
in' War Yet
in~tead of the Regular Services
in the Methodlsl and Presbyterian
Churches I'nion Sen ices ,\il! he
conducted in lhe Presbyterian
Church at 11 a.m. aud in tin* Methodlsl Church nt 7.30.
Hev. The-. Koy wortii "ill preach
nt Imlh services.
\ Consolidated
'a management
Is drawing  a
i, und the ton-
The mining season id' 1010, altlio'
Bbowlng a very decided Improvement
in the milling iiosllion, will not go
down in history us a record breaker
for tliis dlalrk'l In poinl of number of
properties bolng opened up, hut it
hus onnondored a fooling of confluence
thut win talie expression In 1017 in
continued exploration and development.
The   success   of   tin
Mining ti Smelling Co
of the Sullivan  Mine
groat deal of attilitloi
nnge BblppeU being steadily on the increase is proving a first class advor-,
tisenieitt; it will not be long before j
ihis property ships one hundred thousand Ion per nnniini. in the Spring!
the extra high water put the compres-
sor out of husiness for a tlmo, so that.
the work of pushing the main tunnel
had to be abandoned for a short time:
this trouble was rectified, n new wag-.
on road built, new hunk house erected '
and many other Improvements Inaugurated, so thut now it Is a well equip-
ped mine with a great many years of!
ore reserves established, There are
over -00 men on the pay list at present
and the force is being increased as .
fast us possible.
The St. Marys country did not
receive the attention that it deserves;
tiie want of transportation evidently
militating against its progress; the;
p-iytneers who have examined one on
two of the properties liave signified
their intention of returning and one :
property wus taken up under bond'
and is turning out fairly well. This
ls the Park Group at Marysville.
Some interest was taken in Perry'
Creek, the free milling gold quartz
camp, but the results were somewhat
disappointing; this, of course, Is uot
to be wondered at as properties of,
this description require special treatment in the hands of someone familiar
with that kind of ore; it is an entirely ,
different proposition to properties;
carrying smelting ore. The lurge In-
ttlal cost of building a mill before any .
icIuium ihu be obtained nraKo eugtn»H
eers very chary of committing them-1
selves unless they are fully acquainted
wltll whal is n Bpeclal otudy, A successful oporator ot n low grado free
milling properly must he u specialist
tn tin* Fori Stoolo district tho owners of the Victor Oroup are st.-ndlly
going uhead Willi the development uu I
by spring expect to havo a largo
amount of tonnage In sight and on the
L'ump; tiiis propnrty should become a
regular shipper ns s -on as the weather
penults the construction or l road;
the me is silver 'i: (1 currying a small
.erci'iita ;e or :*.ii.c
North of Elko is situated tho Burton Oroup, which is being developed
by Mr. A. T. Caldwell and from which
two car loads of ore iiave heen shipped with satisfactory results; this is
a copper property aud should become
a. consistent shipper.
The Qunntrell property on the North
Star Hill 1ms nlso shipped two car
loads of ore with good results. This
is a clear, silver lead ore and as such
Is in great demand at smelters; the
development work Is shewing up well
and it is hoped tn Include this property in  the list  of regular shippers.
Tho Stemwinder property between
the North Star and Sullivan properties
has been the subject ot an examination for the Federal Mining & Smelting Company and report* says that
the examination was entirely snlis-
factory; the taking over of this property by such a company ns the Federal would certainly be an item of
moment, us the ore being apparently
too low grade to ship. Is In sueh quantity as to warrant the erection of a
mill or concentrator, e. highly advantageous ncsct to the community.
The Moyie district has been very
quiet; tho St. Eugene has shipped
under lcare a few hundred tons of ore.
but the Aurora nnd Society Girl are
shut down. The Empire on Bridge
Creek lias heen developed a little this
year  witb   very  satisfactory  results.
It is the intention or tho Cpneoll-
dated Mining Sr Smelting Company tn
install an experimental concentrator
in the St, Kugene buildincs for tbe
purpose of finding an efficient method
nf bundling part of the Sullivan ore.
which in its present condition pres-
nts some slight difficulty.
Wnablngton, Feb. 3rd, Diplomatic
i. latluns with Oeinany havi u- ■ n bro-
I,. n i ,mut Von Horn t"in ban boen
i,,11,11 ii . , i i-il i d \m:Im ador
Gerard ban been ordi n d from •'•■ r*
Notice ni ih.- hn ak ■■-..■ outlln d in
a dctalli il addreBi   bj   President Wilson to n joint session of congress at
two o'clock tlii-- afternoon.   Dicl lon
in break was reached alter the president' ■   conference   with   the  cabinet
and mombers of the senate on Friday.
The president by thoso conferences
1 came lo the conclusion that the coun-
| try wo tld Btand wildly behind him in
I breaking off diplomatic relations with
, (iermany.
Mnj   Wreak  Willi  Austria
j    Whether thc break  with Germany
1 would   lie    accompanied  by    similar
| break wltll Austria-Hungary could not
: be learned definitely.    Inasmuch as
■ Austria is understood to have endorsed  tbo action of (iermany.  however,
I this action Is expected to follow if it
■ has not already been taken.
| Breaking off diplomatic relations
! witli Germany does not mean war,
i but easily may lead to war. It is an
; net of protest characterized in tbe
; usage of nations ns the "measure
: short of war."
lu  Regard to   Tbeir Miner 1'hlldreii-
Hear Splendid Iddresa prom
Mlsfl   Hrkil. i   .ii  HocUi
Service >\ «n i».
Hns at Lnsl Come Into lhe Open and
Admits Her Disregard for nil
Laws »i' Civilisation or
Washington, D.C, .Ian. 31, -Qi ri mny
has declared unrestricted warfare A
starvation blockade or England and n
reign  of  ruthlossnc *s  aud  savagery
such   ns   Ibe   world   hns   never   seen,
Including thn sinking of hocpltnl ship.*-,
will in* attempted hy Qermany, commencing on February first, according
to notea delivered to American Ambus-1
sudor Gerard  lu   Berlin  nnd to   the
state rjepnrti it hi re b> Connl von
On cv( rj side Qormany's drastic
measure i. bin rprelcd ae an open ,
conrosBlon of the offcctlvonesi • t the
English feed blockade II Ib regarded us ;i determination to Btrlke back
in  kind
Qormnn olllclnl in the Unltod
stales estimate tbe food supply on tlu*
British l-l - fflll lnsl a month.
Admittedly, tbe plan is to carry starvation to tbe .im-1- of England with
Hwtrt. staggering strokoo, us n fulfill-
in.nl oi Qormany's announced deter
ralnatlon to use ovi rj woapou uud ng-
en.'v ui hor command to * mi the war
quickly, Bhe counts on the operation
or an unb. ard of nuiubi r of submarines to deliver blows to bring England
to ber knees within sixty days. Osie
Oormnn olllrlul horo predicted today
thlit  tllC  War  WOUld  be ever wltbtll  11
Convoyed tn tbe world as her answer in the refusal of the Entente
Allies to talk peace, Qormany's latest
warning suys:
"From February 1. 1917, within bar
red tones around Qreal Britain,
Franco, Italy, nnd in tl astern Mediterranean, nil boo traffic forthwith
will be opposed."
It virtually is n renewal and an extern-don of tiie celobrated submarine
blockade of ihe British isles proclaimed on February 4, 1016, and which became effective February 18, 11)15,
Under it. ships wero mink without
wurjiliiK until (ierumiiy abandoned llie
practice and kuvo her assurance In
the Sussex case, to abide by International Inv:. The Utsltnnln, Fatabn,
und scores or other ships wore sunk
under the decree.
American cttlaons and Amorlcan
ships are wnrned from entering the
war zones, although cortnln precautionary mensures are suggested for
distinguishing contrabrand according
to the Gorman Hut. These- conditions
in almost the snme form were rejected
when proponed by Germany early In
tbo negotiations over the l.usltuntn.
Al that tlmo Germany  proponed tn
guarantee immunity from attack to
specified passenger ships sailing on
prescribed courses with agreed distinguishing marks and carrying no
contrabrand. President Wilson rejected tlie proposal promptly on the
grounds tiiat the United states was
contending only for its rights.
The new Qerman proclamation
brushes aside all the perplexing collateral issues which have surrounded
the BUbtnnrtne controversy and brings
it back to the point when  it was left
(Spoclal to the Herald)
Waldo,     Feb,    tl.    The    suspension
bridge across the Kootena)   ht re was
the   scene   of   a   very   narrow   OSCapl
on   Sunday   hist       Davo,    McNeill,   n
teamster iu tbe employ of tbe Ross-
Saskatoon Lumber Company, wob tak
ini; a loud of lumber ncross the brldgi.
and liis Blolgll in some manner skidded
and rim Into the fence knocking part
of tlii- same down, and the whole outfit wus all but participated int. the
rlvor This caused tb,- bridge *,. assume a very dangerous angl . and
several anxious minutes were spenl
getting   the:   ten in   nnd   load   orf   tbe
brldgo, which was accomplished without any further damage being done
Wi' presume some daj tin- Government
will wake up uud endeavor lo pnl in
a decent bridge.
Scare s-l In I'm or of Local Buys—
Oood Hockey in first Game of
the Season.
| It. was ii good game of hockey Saturday night between Kimberley and
Cranhrook   aud   spectators   got  their
\,money's worth. Tie- Kimberley lads
are a husky bunch Imt an* handicapped by tbe fact of having only a small
open-air rink lo practice upon, hut des-
pite that tbey put up a lUmnious game
and nt no time allowed the local hoys
j to take it easy. The game resulted In
a win by Crnnbrook with a margin of
; eight lo four, one goal by Kimberley
i going through the nets, aud not hav-
| lng bei n counted at tin- time.
Tiie game was remarkably free from
roughness, only one player being
penalized, though one of the Kimberley players was guilty of very unsportsmanlike conduct iu slashing an
opposing player over tbe legs on one
occasion utter tin* puck luul passed.
Tbis wns the only featme to mar the
I good feeling and gontlemanly conduct
jot" the Vlaltlng team     For Kimberley
■ Newman  at cover-point and Helntz-
muii  at  centro  played a  star game
] while for Cranbrook Mcllwalne star-
1 red in individual plays.   Cus Kay also
put  up a snappy game nud has the
makings or nn effectivo player.   Both
teams wero weak on combination play
I nnd.  particularly on  tbe part of the
; Craubrook team, it was largely a name
1 of individual rushes.
This was the first appearance of the
ook team en local ice ngainst
mi ontsldi team ami tlieir showing
v.ns a matter ol pli asant i urprlse, In-
* are all rood,
and witb more team work and combination play they could put up a gume
thai « old hav-' all comers unossing.
It is to hi* hoped they v ill arrange
another match bi ton thc season closes
hut   those  young   ladies   wbo   Were  so
heavy on the strong-arm work with
the Btlcks could add vory materially
to the onjoymenl of the nexl game by
cutting out n little or tin b dlnm tbey
The line up !■  ns follows:    Kitnher-
The Paris!. Hall was crowded to its
capacity tn Tuesday afternoon when
the Women's Jnjiiic • held their reg-
u ,ir meeting Incidentally -ecuring a
star attraction in the person of Mist
Beatrice Brlgden, A. s. C. E. Over a
hundred ladies were present at tbe
opening when the Maple Leaf wus
sung, Mrs. lra Manning kindly acting
as pianist for tlio day. Subsequent to
tin* business part muny others came
and In all 175 were present, 37 new
members joining the Institute. Printed programmes of the yeur's work
were distributed and with the membership standing already at 107 a very
active and successful year is anticipated. After the disposal of ihe minutes and other business two resolutions were put through to be submitted
to the local M. I' .1'. iu order to urge
liis Influence upon the subjects.
Tho resolutlona were as follows:*
(a) Resolved: That we, the Women's.
Institute, of Craubrook. B. C, do urge
the Provincial Government to remove
the present unjust disabilities under
which the British Columbia mother
suffers In regard lo the guardianship
of her child. And. to further enact
such laws as will place both parents
upon an equality us to rights, powers,
duties, and responsibilities in regard
to tbeir minor children.
(b) Resolved: That we do urge for
a law to be enacted to provide for tho
maintenance of sick :*r indigent persons by their nenr relatives,
Both resolutions were curried hy a
lurge majority there being not one dissentient. On account of so large a
concourse of mothers a visitors' vote
was taken apart from members and the
results were: Visitors 64— Members
A vote of thanks was passed to Mra.
R. W. Russell for her untiring energy
in promoting and superintending the
library movement for the past two and
a half years. The President regretted
the loss to the Institute of Mrs. Russell, who is shortly leaving for Maclcod. Mrs. Sarvis handed in $4.00
sale of cook books ami members were
reminded tiiere are still a number on
hand the entire proceeds of which will
be devoted to patriotic work. Eight
pnir of socks were also contributed
during the afternoon. Immediately
after tlo* business Mrs, Thos. Key-
worth relieved tlie pressure with a
splendid solo in vivacious style entitled "Rest Old Flag On Earth."
In  introducing  Miss  Rrigden, Mrs.
McFarlane expressed her great pleus-
uro at being able to secure such an
eloquent and engnging lady for that
afternoon.    Miss Brigden who occupied tlie stage for an hour held her
audience  with   every  word  and   the
subject she dealt with in so masterly
a fashion, "Life's Story." for mothers,
must   have    solved  many    problems
1 which continually harass a maternal
' mind  regarding  ber  children.    The
; beauty  of  expression   and   purity  of
I thought as expounded by Miss Brlgden
I upon such a difficult subject for which
; mothers are responsible could not but
; fail to impress ber hearers how ter-
! rlhly sacred is the human body, the
■ temple of God's wonderful Spirit.
I    At the conclusion of the address Mrs
Shaw moved and Mrs  Beech seconded
| a very hearty vote of thanks to be es-
j tended   to  Miss   Brlgden   which   wns
1 unanimously    given.      Refreshments
I were then served and a short discus-
I sion followed upon arrangements for
' the Valentino social  to he held  next
i Wed., Feb.  Wth, at  the  Parish  Hall.
Would Sooner be  Burned In a Shell-
hule In Prance Than Hine Those
German Swine ther [Is- French
Canadians are Great Flghton*,
W. A. Rollins, un old t'ranbrook boy
who was wounded in thfl righting cn
tin- Son,me, in nn Interesting lelt r l<
Judge   Thompson,   says:
Dear iluoge:   Olid lo ret oivj ypn •
letter so ■ iiml* ago, ll.n ■ more time
to white now as I am lying In a bed
here In Birmingham Hospital. We
wen* down on the Nomine and I
thought I was going to come through
It 0, K.' It was our 60th day then* and
we were soon going onl. as our battery
was pretty well cut up. We had a
fairly easy time and not many casualties down at Ypres. Went through
St. Hlot and Hooge fights, but when
we went to the Homme It wus just
plain hell. It Is ns much as a mau
can do to stand it. but we do.
You can take my word for It. Judge.
the British men wherever they come
from nre groat, wonderful, mnn to
man they are better than Fritz. Just
think of boys marching over to take
his trenches and dozens of machine
guns trained on them, shells, bomb'-,
and anything else hell can Invent be
ing used against them, und still tliey
stroll over with pipes going, and when
they get tiiere Fritz generally gives up.
I was up the day we took Reglna
trench and held it, The Kssex wore
goiiif-, over there just the same as going for a stroll.
Saw Hurry Cody and Martin uud was
Kolng down to look up the other boys
I knew when I wus hurt. Fritz bad
beeu throwing gas shells at us all
nlglit. I just stepped out or my dugout and that Is all I remember. Woke
up three duys nrterwards in Rouen
with a compound fracluie of the skull.
tho helmet nlone saving my life.
Well, Judge, I wish it were over.
Do not like a soldier's life—there is
not one single good feature about it
The dirt, filth, etc., nearly drives you
crazy, but 1 would sooner be burled
In a shell-hole In France than have
those Oerman swine over us. I am
Kind 1 had enough man iu me to try
and do my best, but a:: I tell yon
Judge, 1 detest the whole thing. Fritz
never showed much mercy to our boys
when he had the best of it. but wants
mercy when we have the best of it.
The French Canadians are tlie boys
to show them what war is. Tlie day
we took Courcellette they were "mop-
pers up," that is. cleaning out tlie dugouts und deep hiding places. Fritz
got liis that day. Frank Anjoie. who
used to live, there, is with them, and
they certainly are dandy fighters.
The B. C. Battalions all have great'
names out here and are second to
W. A. Rollins
New Goods Now
Arriving jggjb- «
All Trimmed Hats
Regular Values up to S10.00
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Ladies' Coats & Suits
to clear at HALF PRICE
All Men's Overcoats
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
-lly J. II. Cassel In tho Detroit Kre
• ll-IMIO.
)   I'ress.
I ley—4—Goal, T. Chonoweth; point. P.
Drlscoll; cover-point, A, (i. Newman;
I rover, A. J. Newmnn, Captain; centre,
j \V, Heintzmnn; right wing, A, Frivaldt
i left wing, R. Smith; spare, D. M'Kaeh-
I ern.
i    Cranbrook—8—Goal, B.  Hamilton;
! point, S. Morris; cover-point, H. A.
Mcllwalne. Captain; rover, Gus Kny;
centre, II. Huff; right wing. H, R. Hin-
ton; left wing. D. Somervllle; spnre,
R. St. Eloi.
Reforee—A. h. McDermott.
Timekeepers—R, Wiseman, Kimberley; W, Hopkins, Crnnbrook.
(loul Umpire?- -J. 1.. Holland. Kimberley;   Jos   9chcll.  Crunbrook.
Score Card First period, Cranbiook
ft minutes; Kimberley 6 minutes;
crnnhrook 2 minutes; Crnnbrook l
minute Second period. Cranhrook I".
minutes; Cranhrook It minutes; Kimberley It minutes; Cranhrook 1 minute. Third period, Cranbrook fi minutes; Kimberley 7 mtntttos; cranhrook
1 minuie; Kimberley 1 minute.
PonaltloH D. Romorvlllo, ('runbrtmk
■'. minutes.
Meet! nits are Well Attended and Much
Interest Has Been Aroused.
Speaking to crowded audiences on
each occasion. Miss Beatrice Brieden
who came to this city last Saturday.]
hus fairly captured the people of Cran- ■
We ought certainly to congratulate
ourselves as citizens that we have
been favored to have such a visit from
such a  worker as Miss Brlgden.
Working under the direction of The
Department of Social Service and
Evangelism of The Methodist Church
of Canada. Miss Brigden has earned a
well merited reputation as one of the
ablest exponent of those principles
and methods that are for the social up-
j lift and moral emancipation of the
' moss of the cosmopolitan population
! of onr Dominion Especially is she
adapted to the dealing with those
I problems that are affecting so ier-
lously onr young women and ulrl**
whlle she bas remarkable ability along
j the line of enlisting and directing
those forces that are too sndiy latent
in the motherhood of our country.
Which once brought Into opt ration will
menn a great blessing to the ri, lng
After speaking tn a crowded church
twlee lust Sunday there was absolutely
no doubt as to matter of audiences
during the week. From lip to lip the
news spread and on ench occasion
thnt Miss Drtgden appeared ujion tlie
platform a capacity house listened
with rapt attention to everything she
had to say. and often times tbe building was inadequate for those who
wonted to hear her,
Kspeclally was her recital, whicb
was glevn last Monday evening In Tlie
Methodist Church, a pronounced success, while not one whit behtnd was
her address to mothers before the Wo*
mens Institute on Tuesday afternoon
The recital was a rcmarknblo por-
formanco in so far as Miss Brlgden
wns able to pul before the audience
In such nn entertaining mrnner some
of thoso problems that are profoundly
affecting our nutlonal life, In such
an instructive manner an tn awaken
ncw thoughtn and nr-w roRponslhlMtics
For SKIN and SCALP Diseases
D.D.D. Prescription
Not a Smeary Salve, but a Pi netrating, yet Mild and Soothing Liquid;
a wonderful run.- for i pped ■■.:.:■ ind all diseases ol the Bksln
and acalp. Exclusivi Ag nl
Cranbrook Drug Si Book Co.
\\. .1. All lUMeN. KGB.
Prescriptions n Specialty. " Prompt M-rvIc,** Our .Meittee
Men Wanted for the Navy
The Royal Naval Canadian Voluntcei
Reserve, ".vants men for immediate service Overseas, in
the Imperial Navy u
Cundidotc   must   he   Inun **
l8to36ynriofs*|esad toni
Of natural horn BritUb
p\ V $1 10 per dsy and upwards, I ree Kit.
* •** l  Separation allowance, 120.00 month!)
Experienced men (mm .*;■*• ti. 4?, und hn>s Inon IF to 1*
nre wanted lor the CANADIAN NAVAL I'.Vl ROLS.
Apelv td
The Nearcht Nainl lUcrultlng Station or to the
Department of Na*. al Sen ice, OTT A W A.
n tb" mind "f her In ■•■• r ll .;
writable college course i;i sociology
Mid ethics of society studded all over
with a humor thai r.evi r failed not
i.nly to amuse but to Irive leu;, *' ith
Irresistible force thc *hafl ot tr .r::
and conviction.
Ini r-p"is<'d between tin* five number! '.f Miss Brlgdnn'i* were musical
numbers of a high ord< r by Mrs. Mac-
I'ner on,. Miss Kobe rts, Mrs Manning
, ud Prof. Cbns. P. Nidd orgoni t of
the church.
It la i;. fe to say thai
urn n high clasi  recll I been staged
beforo a Cranbrook nnd   m
.;. Brlgdon has bim h n i vh il
i   td) I- f< ro tho pup i \ ■'"'■"
ichool ;md wlll do ••• ■ gain I	
Tl e final address will be glvi i In
The Methodist Church oi Prldai i vi n-
Ing   When   the   topic   fflll   he  "Social
nquency.     The 1 eet-
■  wlll i Dromi nt ■■ at ■ Ighl o'clock
i [nt tenei    should go early
If I n y ;■   ni to gel ■■■ seat wliere thoy
would tiki it.
li i .   ild I*- Bald that utmost all the
i tlcns ol the town co-oporated
to make the event a success    The
lm al branch of ti..   W  C   T. U   will
servo refreshment ■ at tho close <>f the
Friday evening's lecture.
Mr. and Mrs Malcolm Gillis and
llttlo daughter leave tomorrow for a
few week- visit to Calgary, Nanton
..nd Maeleod.
a . ougar waa shot at Kitchener last
wi ek, the fit I In two year**.
Th<' Trull Smelter refines 17 tOM Of
conpor dully. PAGE TWO
nn riiAMiitooK iii;it,w,i»
.mil   Week!)   li.   The   ('ranbrook!
!1,, e,I.I. Llnilled.
'I', ll. Kite. Editor eieiil Manager
I IMS I    tlttlUN
por lb.  15c
or 8 lbs i'or ... 91,80
It lbs. lot' ...    $1.10
Craubrook, it. p.. Februarj sth, lin:
One feature about the entrnnce of
the I'nited States into the big fight
will he the problem created for those
military ellglbles who wish to escape
from any possibility of conscription,
and who heretofore huve been flocking
across the border. Willi the States
raising a large army of their own
sons tbey will nm be pulte so profuse
in their welcome to yellow-livered
■ u--r ■ v lm run away from tlieir native
country to escape their responslblll-
Per Dozen .. 55c
Mi* will lmvo a lull
assortment to tuki*
ciiri* ol' your Tiicsdll)'
ami I'riilny orders.
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Iii   Business  Since  1888
Send  for Price Ust,
Special price paid fur Dara Mnrtli
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218 8th Avenue, Calgary, Alta,
Tin' Hun's so-called new submarine
ockatlo has been in effect over i
■ek now and old England does not
em any nearer starvation than hi
ro The toll of boats Ims uot been
ipreclnbly greater Ihan before, tho'
ia to be expected thut the Huns may
g an occasional big prize in tlu
ape of a big unnrmod neutral mer-
iintniau or passenger ship. While
ite naturally the British admiralty
as inumi us n clam us to thc mcth-
s ihey are using to cope with the
binurlnes, and give no announce'
nts as to tin: number of boats deS'
iyed or captured, one thing is cer-
n that the Hritish watch-dog has
L been caught napping.
At long last the patience of President
Wilson and the American nation has
reached the breaking point with Ger
many, end when Germany served notico of it:; intention to wago rilthle.su
submarine warfare regardless of cou-
equeiiee. President Wilson took tlie
miiy course open to bim to preserve
th<* dignity of the United States ns a
world nation by severing diplomatic
relations with Germany.
The severance of diplomatic relic
lions iu Itcolf is not an net of war but
an net of protest though it is generally
recognized *as the preliminary
to a formal declaration of war. Prest
dent Wilson has intimated to Germany
tlint nny injury to an American citizen
will In- followed by a declaration of
war. The president apparently bus
realized the futility of uny reasoning
but armed force in dealing with an
oul law nation such as Gerniuny, and
active preparations ure being made
across lhe line to cope with any emergency whicb may arise. In thc case of
actual war with Germany it will be
interesting to see how thoso hyphenated pro-Gorman Americans will behave after all tlieir protestations of
loyalty    to    their    adopted    country
Fresh, Healthy,
The proiluet oi local
Ranchers, killed for
the local trnde-
City Meat Market
W\ II. BLACK, Mgr.
i!    DOORS    WEST    OK    OLD
Kor how many ages have women
beeu hampered and inconvenienced by
tho skirts and underskirts of varying
degrees ol' voluiuiiiousuess us dictated
by Dame Fashion, und aro tliey at long
lust to break the chains of fashion and
custom and discard the skirt for something better?
The foregoing tpicstion hus been
raised hy lhe action of thc women
munition workers in tlie old land and
latterly by the women workers in
Canadian munition plants discarding
the skirt nnd donning men's overalls.
it was at tlieir own instigation that
ihey exhibited a desire to take the
places of the men who hud gone to the
war. The women of Kngland are making munitions aud replacing those at
the front iu almost every kind of trade,
uud it is nowadays considered to bo
abreast of the times for the women of
Canada to do a similar work and their
little bit lo help the country iu times
of  need.
A shortage of man labor haB given
the women evejl'y opportunity, and
they have risen to the occuslon. In
the C, P. It. Angus shops at Montreal
the women huve been first wltli the
ambition nf emulating their sisters in
England who are now weurlng ov
ails just like men, and now thoy also
"wear tho breeches." They ure glad
of the change, for the skirts often
hampered their work. The overall
gives them much comfort and him been
tound of considerable convenience,
particularly iu the paint shop. The
overall gives them more confidence in
carrying OUt the work. Witiiout thc
women the Kmpire cannot win tiie
Will the emancipation of women
from skirts be confined to the munition workers or will it extend to women In every wnlk of life. No mere
man will dare to answer that question.
Alcoholic poison impregnates tlio
system of every excessive drinker
causing the craving for liquor, Tho
Neal Treatment drives It out in Just
threo days. Wrlto for booklet, Neal
Institute, ('ranbrook, ll. c.
(Vancouver World)
When   the   Prohibition   movement
'. first gained momentum in this prov-
j men tho liquor Interests, alarmed for
■ their monopoly and their profits, pet-
iti .nod the government not to allow
ci i voice of tho electors to be hoard.
This petition  was said to carry the
names of over r.O per cent of the peo-
1 pie of llrltlsh Columbia,   Investigation
t showed It to be n fake petition—an
insult both to the government to whom
it was presented and to the people for
whom It purported to speak.
When the liquor interests saw that,
ii referendum would he taken in spite
of their efforts, they accumulated a
bilgli campaign fund nud flooded tlie
newspaper press of tbe province with
misrepresentation of tlio proponed
measure und personal ubuso of thoss
advocating it, the whole being cloaked
with   a   virulent   mendacity   Hint    no
political campaign could ovor produce,
This unscrupulous proi dure failed.
The people, hy an onormoiiB majority,
decided that Hie Hquor traffic inui I go,
The soldiers iu camp, despite tin trail
tie efforts of the whiskey men to mislead them, accorded u notable percentage of support.
There   remained   the   soldiers   In
Great Britain and France,    Mere was
the great opportunity! Liberally supplied with nuntey, ready to use it in
any way, troubled by no scruples as to
the legality of their proceeduro, tbe
beneficiaries of tho traffic that is
"worso than the Hun," oxcetted nil
their previous attempts to prevent Unreal will of the citizens being known.
They did not hesitate to prostitute
the soldiers' vote to their own base
ends. Every mother or father who lias
a son at tho front has a right to demand that this shall nol be. And
every soldier has an equal right to
demand punishment for these who by
tbeir lawless methods, liave sought to
render his franchise valueless.
mice.—Albert Bndham, Helen Hrown,
George Baldwin, Orvllle Bliss, Donald
Burton, Andrew Carr, Ivy Dezall David Frame, Hottle Gurd, Edward Hersey, Ernest Kennedy, Harold Ladds,
Aubrey McKowan, Willie McDonald
Tom Marshall, Dale Moseley, Mary
Mitchell. Margaret Stewart, Jack Swan
Lillian St. Eloi, Evelyn Ward, Ernest
Greenwood.     Percentage,   ill' 79.
Division I.
Percentugo of attendance 97.32—
Honor Roll Angle Davis, SO; Mary
Maun. 83; Ada Hrown. SO; Marion
MacKinnon, 7S; Kdith Cummings, 77;
Ivy Bidder, 76. Perfect attendance-
Howard Armstrong, Irene Beech, Ivy
Bidder, Ada Brown, Edith Cummlngs.
James Cassldy, Milo Drummond, Har-jage of attendance—-00.4. Perfect ;
old Haslam, Ann:;he! Hallet, Ida John-! tendance.— Helen Briggs, jes
son, Harold Leash. Mary Mann, Hugh   Brown,   Marlon   Carr,   Alice  Cart
Division ii
Pupils in attendance—41.    Percent-
Takes l'lensui'o in Prosontlng
OABIUEL D'ANNUNZIO'S Spectactular masterpiece of
motlieii picture* all.
. nolol Slim "■. Clifford m
i ro   |oy   "Taylor,   Ir
I     wbrden.
11, **   SlleoUla, ton
it has utmvKii
(Calgary Herald)
Germany's declaration that unrestricted naval warfare will be resumed
een Feb. 1st is neit surprising except
as to tin* elate' of its resumption. Such
a move* has heou anticipated tier senue'
time*. Not only Ims It beeu anticipated, but tlm llritisli admiralty lins boon
making arrangements to deal with il
when It came.
In making announcement of their
intention in yesterday's note to President Wilson the German war lords
uso up much space and ninny words
in an effort to justify tholr action. It
must be remembered they ure talking
to the United Statos president, uml it
Is up to that gentleman to make up his
mind as to whether the* excise they
give is legitimate or not. feo far us the
Allies are concerned the position being tuken by Germany is utterly untenable in International law.
It seems tliai the frightful stage of
the war Is about to arrive—tho stage*
when, witli u desperation born of grim
necessity the enemy proposes to burn
all tho bridges behind hlm nnd, like
a murderer driven from inver and at
hay. turn the world inti, u shambles
before hc yields himself m tlio au-
thoritics. Very well; if it must-lee, it
must be. Tiie Allies have known for
long enough that they had to ileal with
an utterly unprincipled foe and they
are ready to tako tlie chance* in dealing with him. Germany is the madman of l-'uruiie' today and to capture
and restrain him wlll bring heavy toll
in human life anil property, but lt
must be* done in the interests of civilization.
And what does President Wilson intend to do. now Unit Germany lins
spoken, and in speaking brushed aside
us mere senilis of paper ull the promises neaele lo the I'nited states government? It looks as if the moment for
final decision hail arrived lor the
president, and that he would now be
forced lo tuke sides witli une belligerent or the other. However, one can
never tell about Mr. Wilson. For all
we can tell, he may iloeltle to face the
Issue by writing another note.
Mabel Clark, May Cox, Wm. Henry
Ward, j iiiiriuley, Jack Henderson, George
Kemball, Flunk Martin, Mah King,
.Mnli Sum. Strain Mulient'.e. Bertie McDonald, Kathleen McKarlane, Ida Mc-
Orogor, Graco McClure, Doris Owen,
Blrnlo Strachan, Frank Stojack, Mar
inn Williams, Madeline Woodman
Roll of Honor, Class A, George
Kemball, Jessie Hrown, Frank Mnrtln.
Cluss ii.   Maliol Clark, Joan Doattlo,
MiiiU'liiie  Woodi      Class  c,   nu
Mnlgawo, .s a Malgawc, Mali King
Contributions in the Prisoners uf War
Mnrsarel Morrli , Edith   Fun(ll   Novorabor,  j, , mfMri
i $1.06; January, $1,06,
;    Ainiiuni    collected    from    Central
] School   i'or  Prisoners of Wnr Fun,I.
January, 1017.    Division  I, J.1.SG;  2,
t,1; 3, $2.32; 4,$2.15; .,$0.,0; 0, $7 I!-:
7. $8.10; S, illc; 0, *,3.70.   Total $31.21.
II. S. Shields.
v!on.«5cTues.next, Feb. 12 & 13
Division -.
i: ,:i i ii,.i ,,i Mormiui Deoch, 85.5
iei,, i n. H3.M; Margaret Morrison,
, i   .    v.. f.   ie, i ii/. '. 74.42;   Donna
"  in    ■':..;    I aid    Dallas, 71.14;
feel ii' ndaticc     Norman Beech
i   Hi In i tor, Allen Brown, Don-
' Dalluu, M ir   Drummond, dab-
Hi mllton, Hugh Hannah, Erlo
M icKIn	
Murgatroyd, David Heckle Alma Sarvis. Viola Sarvis, Until Simpson, Gur-
fleld Taylor, Kolth Wasson, Evorott
Williams, Morrli Barrow. -Percentago
S4.68.   Prisoners en' Wur Fund, S;:.
A. Woodlnnd, teacher.
I'li'inl'lllillll'l". us follOMHI —
>iaiim:i: mommy m i p.m. simrii
I'ltH'KN    Willis
i i.-i.i l.'.i'
iim: i:vi:mmj show iacii mi'iit vpu*  slmr-i
I'llHis   Wtills Mc|  I hllilreu «lih piiri'iiiMiiiij (oilier.
wise leul itilmille.l)   ;.'»-,
Hi ii-ini, 11.
nil    Muy Brail
84, Lone re
lllll. 7!i: Edith Lewis, 7H: Annie Shaw,
T:',: In ne Linnoll, ~-; .lack Moffatt,
VI; Enrolment 38. Percentage, HO.SU.
Porfccl attendance.- Freddy Briggs,
Leonard Burton, Christine Carson. Arthur dill. Gladys Griffin, Jack Klrk-
land, Harold Kommer, Vivien Kuiniuer
Martha Messenger, .luck Moffatt, Paul
McNeil, Helve Parker, Maud Scott,
Annie slim
Division I.
Perfoct attendance.- Connie Bcssetl,
Joseph Belanger, Phi! Belanger, Florence Bradley. Marie Darr, John Drew,
Archie Flr.lcy, Margarol Horlo, Nettle
Johnson, Ernest Laurie, Hector Linnoll, James Malone, Billie McKenzie,
Roblna Somervllle, Jack | Sam Shaw. Leslie Snc-ddon, Frank
Tlto. Kathleen Tim. Any Williams,
Ethel Williams. Third Render.—Honor Roll.—Connie Bnssett, Murk' Darr I
nnd Ethel Williams, Florence Bradley.
Second Reader.—Hector Lionel]. Archie Finley. Kathleen Tito, Lucy P.i.;-
cuzzo. First Reader.—Phil Belanger,
Winnie .Malum,, Dorothy Hailing. Owen
51.  E.  Lee'    '
lis. Norman Wasson, May Lum
E. M. Bechtel, teacher.
The following verses were found in
the pocket-hook nf a dead Canadian
soldier ul St. Eloi lust August, hy a
Granville patient:
1 wish to heaven you could sec two
men In my platoon.
I watched them from my ilug-iiiil,
working all the afternoon;
I thought of all the men nt home,
whose agees e-oine' between
This due old mini of fifty-four, tiiis
child of seventeen.
The ruin came down lu
didn't seem to mind;
They  walked al i  :.
for any wooil Uml lluy ci
Tliey    laughed,   ami   j.
whistled, and each one took
At lighting up tlieir llttl
quite refiiseel in burn.
Their patience nnd tlioii
ness while working  in  tlie tiiiul.
Well, somehow Hcetncd in drive n
mad, and make mo tlilrsl for blood,
Of nll the llllii.ilr-nc.il wlii, still r
muln ut home* uml shirk.
While fifty-four ami seventeen con
hero to do their wmk.
—"Canadian  Hnspltal  News." Ram
lid Iiml.
i turn
Division I.
Honor Roll.—Bessie Hallet, Cort-
rttde Hopkins, Stella Johnson, Eunice
Parrot, Stanley Moffatt, Muck Kirkland.   Percentago of attendance, S9.70.
Perfect attendance.—Gordon Armstrong. Elsie Black, Vera Baxter, Bes-
ie Hallett, Stella Johnson, Wilfred
jollffe, Helen Leclerc, Lenore Little.
Clyde MacKinnon, Donald Morrison,
Thomas Reekie, Agnes Somervllle,
Gordon Woodman.
Amount collected for Prisoners of
War Bread Fund—$2.15.
S. ll. White, lonelier.
Division 5.
11,uuir Roll. -Margarel Carr, Delia
Baxter, Reginald Parret, Eva Cadwal-
';,il ir, Alex Cassidy, Uoxla Messenger.
Perfect attendance.- Delhi Baxter,
Margaret Carr, Edith Clarke. Mildred
Clarke, Nnru Finley, Stanley Fyles.
kny Hill. Wong Hum, Marlon Henderson, Leonard Jecks, Louise Kelsey,
Lauretta Leclerc, Alexin Messenger,
Rosa Pascuzzo. (Hive Simpson. Helen
Somervllle, Mary Somervllle, Ernest
South, Hope Taylor, James A. Taylor.
Camlllo Tito, Helen Mueller, Alex Cns-
aidy, Jack Cassidy, Norval Caslake,
Adeline Harrows. Evelyn Greenwood.
Percentage. D3.45.
Prisoners of Wnr Fund: December.
sr,; January, $1.50.
M. L. Cartwright, teacher.
Division II.
Perfect attendance.—Eva Armstrong
Dorothy Dufour, Marjorie Dufour,
Florence Card, Lillian Jackson. Dorothy McKowan, Doris Parker, Jean
Wilson. Grace Barrett, Alwuy Uliss,
Eddlo Bliss. Malcolm lirognn. Jack
i Dixon, Frank Hawkesworth, Edwla
•leeks, Ralph Ladds, Melville Leask,
Cyril   Lees,    Angus   McDonald,    Guy
I Moseley, Norman Parker, Frank Roy,
ouglas Russell, Willie Taylor, Doug-
s Thompson, Edward White.
Honor Roll.—Angus McDonald, Deer-
,hy McKowan, Jean Wilson, Doris
iirker. Cyril Lees. Willie Stewart.
|    Percentage attendance, 97.70.
:    Prisoners uf Wur Fund: November,
| S3.61; December, $4.00; January, $2.20.
Division 7.
Perfect attendance.—Brlnloy Blayney. Clifford Blayney, Kathlene Dpllas,
Bertie George, Margaret Godderis,
Rosle Gormley, .las. Gormley, Theodora Huclicroft, Hazel Jnckson, Loran
Jordan, Kenneth Jollffe, Donovan
Jecks, Harry Kemball, John Mitchell,
that j Margaret McDonald, Vaughn Buy. Ar
ilnir Shankland, Ruben Taylor. Elsie
Willis. Friil sinjiick, Robert Pclton,
.Inch Barrett, Aggregate attendance,
036; percentage, 00.45.
Honor   Roll,   cluss   A.      Arthur
Shnnliliind,      Margaret
Henry dodder,*., Margarol  dodderls,
Class B.   Theodora Huclicroft, Kathleen Dallas, Elsie Willis, Evelyn Bow-
Is; they
Division '-'.
Perfect attendance.- Kenneth  Bnssett,     Jessie   Cnssells,    Julius   Drew,
Clara Hailing. Jack Horie, Muck Horie
Frank Malone, Margarel .Mnl  Put
McDonald, Samo Pascuzzo, Willie Taylor, Jessie Tito. Elmer Orr. Honor
Roll—First Reader—Santo Pascuzzo,
Bessie Eakln, Elmer Orr. Edith Johnson. First Primer-Willie Taylor.
Clara Balling. Kennetli Hassell. First
Primer. II. Class—Jessie Tim, Bert
Laurie.   Florence   Finlay,   Frank   Ma-
.1. M. Deane, teacher.
I     SI ^ ii tt   k
War Savings €e
$ 25.00   fok
ao.oo    "
100.OO      "
p£21 .CO
JAN.  9.   19)7
Foodstuffs nr Articles of ClotltJug Will
not Im* Forwarded from Cumuli, -
llnw to Send .Honor.
Tlio Post Offlco Depnrtment is in
receipt of it cablegram from (lit* British authorities stating tliat no parcels
containing food-stuffs or articles of
clothing should In* forwarded in tuture from Canada for Prisoners of War
in Germany.
Tlu* British authorities represent
that it Is absolutely necessary tliat the
above regulation should in* complied
with. Therefore, on ami from tin* 1st
February, 1917. tlie Post Office Department will refuse to accept any
such parcels for prisoners of war in
Germany. The Department is advised
by tin' English authorities that such
parcels cannot be accepted for transmission to the prisoners, und could
not get through.
Tiie Canadian Hed Cross Society
through Its London Office uiulertnlies
that every Canadian prisoner bliall receive adequate relier in rood aud cloth-
ing, sending one parcel every work to
each prisoner. Therefore, existing
Organizations should continue their
work of collecting funds to be scut to
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Ollice. Smelting and Refining Department
S 31 E L T E li 8   AMI   It U FI N K It S
Purchasers ot' Gold, Silver* Copper uml Lead Ores
. **m*m*$irt*m mnwn
Detailed regulations respecting communication with Prisoners of War are
being Issued to the Postal Service generally, ami lull Information may be obtained by making application to any
Enquiries from Ottawa as lo the
number of public buildings in this
province suitable for convalescent
bonus i- taken to indicate a probability that the federal government contemplates caring for as large a number of returned soldiers as possible
on ini^ coast, Instend of in the more
rigorous eastern climate. Buildings
owned by tho government and now
vacant are tho jail at Nanaimo and
Hie drill hall iu Victoria.
! The Creat Northern Railway lias set
| aside a million dollars to endow a pen-
I sion fund for veteran employees. The
appropriation will be invested In bonds
I interest on which will be used for pen-
| slons, but if the fund thus created
■ proves Insufficient the dericit will be      Grand Forks trustees are arranging
, paid out of earnings and included in   to purchase 3% acres at $2500 for new
operating  expenses.    Employees aro school premises to be erected In HUS
i to be retired at 70, but may voluntar-   possibly.
lly retire at 0"> and receive pensions. 	
Tho system will take iu employeoes     A. M. Johnson, a Nelson lawyer, has
who liave been continuously in service   been  appointed deputy-attorney gen-
■ for -0 years or more. , eral for li. C.
■ but few women nowadays
the Canadian Red Cross Society; and  bu' lmv" ;| ,r"ll*,imI bunc1' °r Pe«cll
it is most desirable that they should  wrUt0" lottera fr°In tI"'"' me" nt M"'i
bail ling permits went
than $26,000 in 191G to
il  last   year.
not relax tlieir efforts in ill
front or in camp.   But many of tho
■ addition.!
I letters,   ibiiiicli   only
few i
Persons desiring to lm
food or supplies seul to a ,*:iIll,(|i;i„ ! """'ths ago, are already fading.   Ilerej
Prisoner should send money for that ,8 iL 8lniI>,° P«8orvntlvo for  pencil I    ||li(i|| ;;,,..v.,,.„:i wilh M„, Motiiodls.
purpose to the Prisoners of War De- wr,tteu ,eUerB:   Mix ono part of skim-   .'i,,..,.!, wU, ,,ot ,,.,,,,„. ,,, (llt. ,.,,.„.
partmont, Canadian Red CrosB Society. raofl m,lk wltl1 ono part °r wator'and  i,-.,,.,,,,,  , i ,, , ■   j„  n1(.  ,„.,,■„(„,;  *,•
A letter containing a remittance nnd  w,th " ,'i"1"'1 ■«*•■■'unisli palnl tin* mix-   n „ m  ,ull! ,., IMl)1 m0thodlrfi (fturch
asking the Prisoners of War Depart-1 ""'" ovor ""' l»noll1od sheet, spread-   ..,   7 _;„   (, „,      |,„v    T|l0(.    |»eyHorl|,
' ing on a flat board to dry. „_■■[ .,,■,.;,, |,
ment, Canadian Hi-i\ Cross Society, to
send food or other articles lo a prison*
or of war should he addressed to the
McDonald,! Prisoners of War Dopartmont, Canadian   Red   Cross   Society,  ami   should
,    Prisoners of War Fundi November,
I $4; December and January, $S.10.
!■:. McK. Fisher, teacher.
This colli touch und the occasional ;
snow  flurries aro causes  for  smiles IMvIslon 8.
with the fuel dealers and the lumber- Honor RolL CIftBfl A,_"Jean RuB"
men. At tbe present time the Canyon B0»* wim° McDonald. Irene Mueller,
City Lumber Co., has 26 teams and the cla8B B-Tom Marshall, Jessie Mc-
eataplllar engine at work at log haul-   [nnca' Mil,'-V Fo8ter'   porfect :itten(1"
lng, and are bringing in close to 100, | _.  .
000 feet a day.—Creston Review.
A new ice house of :!00 ton capacil
is being erected by the Cranbrooh Bu
ter Co., so thai tbey may liave an an
pie supply of ice for their use durln
tbe summer. Tbe method of storln
the ice is however somewhat of an h
novation. Instead of cutting tin- u
from a lake or pond aud hauling it |
the usual way thc management nr
making their fee In the Icehouse ii, ,,;.
solid block, freezing layer upon lay.*
and when tho warm weather conn
will saw It out block hy block as tin
need it. It is a more economical w**
and Is nuld to bo quite satisfactory
Although they have no pastor sinco
Inst July the Baptists nt Nelson keep
Iim orlng away wltl) a membership
of only 42.   fU08 all told was raised
outaiu  information  m    he  m owing   , '
last year.
Made Strong- and Well by Vinol
'iM. [utter [troves there Is nothing
equal to Vlnol to create strength for
weak, run-down conditions.
\V,!;ii Centre, N. V.—"1 am a farmer , 1 years of ago and got Into a
weak, run-down condition us u result,
ni i;..- tlrinpe. Our druggjst suggested
\ iihl to build un* up and 1 noticed
nn Improvement anon after taking it.
and it has restored my strength so I
can now do a -nod day's work. My
wife has also taken Vinol for n rundown condition with splendid'results."
II. \V, Usteii,
Crnnbrook  Drug fi Hook Co., Cran-,,
hrook. B.C.. also at tlie best druggists   ■•"■"•"■i, England,   to bo   forwarded
in all British Columbia towns. ■ after they hnve been COnBored,
No. 12346 Prlvnte A. c. Robinson,
-isth Highlanders,
Canadian Contingent, B  13, P..
Canadian   Prisoner ol'  War.  tlol-
tingen, Qermany,
Co Prisoners of War Department,
Canadian Red Cross Society.
Tbo remittance Bhould bo iu tho
form of a Post Office Money Order
drawn In favor of lhe Prisoners of
War Department, Canadian Red Cross
Society, for the Prisoners of War in
Any person wishing to send a remittance direct to a Prisoner of War may
do so by means of a Post Office Money
Order, which Is Issued free of Commission. Instructions as to bow to proceed can be obtained from Postmasters
of Accounting  Post  Offices.
Parcels for prisoners of war containing articles whicli are not prohibited, may be sent fully nddrossod
to the place of destination ia Hie form
above care of prisoners of Wnr Do-
pnrtment, Canadian Red Cross Socieiv.
There was close to S.rillll fl of lumlni
iu a load brought to tbe Canyon Clly
siding  from  tlu
Mill  recently by ,|,
Ml NI01HHT rill IM II
Pastor; Itev, Thos   Keyworth
I           Organist!  prof  C   P  Nidd
M nr rVrvleo wlll lie n Union
■erVlCi!    in   thl    Presbyterian   Clinch
I   II  fl i.i      liven I MR  service  u*.  IISIUll
t 7.110 ! i Methodlsl Church    Pastor
illl  pre:   h I,,  both services.
Relieve Your Liver
When your liver is out of order, your head, stomach,
bile and bowels suffer with it. That is why a bilious
attack is often serious. Ward it off with a few doses of
which gently arouse a sluggish liver, and renew (he activities to
necessary to good health. They never produce any disagreeable
alter -effects. Their prompt use is beneficial to the system, and will
Prevent Bilious Attacks
Worlb a Guinea a Box
PnaaanJ tsmlf hr Tloaaaa Br.ch.m, Si. ll.lraa,Un.aahln.Emlaaeal.
SsldssssssWSSmmmGsMSTStlujU.S.Amarica.  Inboaaa.aacwto. THURSDAY, PUB. Sill, 1S17
A Dainty
Bracelet Watch
—the height of convenience,
and a prized posesaton.
We have a particularly attractive selection ot these pretty
little time-pieces, both iu solid
gold and gold filled. The movements nro of tlie highest grade
ni' workmanship, eacli watch
having inun 15 to 17 jowels.
Prices range from ¥16.00 upwards. Oilier models with leather straps al prices appreciably
W. If. Wilson
.ii m;i.i:i(
H»VN topics
Kilby names pictures.
.Miss Florence Baylo, of Rugby, SaBk
is  visiting her aunt,  Mrs.  A.  Slater.
|    Mr. ami Mr;-, w. A. Nisbet returned
>' stcrday from Toronto.
Mr. .1 T, Luldlaw le bach from a six
week mcaUoii spent in Toronto ami
other ca I rn i oints.
[    Word hua been received from Nigel
Modern  cottage  to  let.    Apply  to  Thorn]        I ■ ■ .. ted  witb
Beale & Elwell. |t,ll! M '  "'  Calgary and  will  he j
_____ j membi r ng to tliat
Phone -i7tJ for dry tamarac wood.   Battalion     !!■■ Is expected un u visit
H, Corbett. B-St   home in a few dayi
worth uud Brown, waa
nn et witli tlie Hoard of '
rlcultural Association
aud endeavour '.<i
matter. The meeting \
at the cull of the cbal
action of tbe committei
appointed t<
'radc and A«
to discusf
irrango tin
as adjourne.
pending tin
When   Bain   cleans
Phone 1"»7 or 58.
It,   it's   clean.
8      PHONE     8
Did You See
■ Sli'
Alberta's best?  We*
aro killing tliem tor
SEE 'I'lll-:  BEEP
AT 'nil':
All   Choice   Quality
Com* along and see
fur   yourself.
IN TUB MATTER of the "Land Registry Act" and IX THK MATTER of
Lot 5, Block :!:;. of Lot Llii, tlrotp
1, Kootenay District, Province of
British Columbia, Map 1181.
We are carrying a Lill line of hoots
and shoes. Crunbrook Exchange,
'\rmstroiig Ave.
Miss Vivian (iili of Banff, wbo hah
I i visiting hor father, Mr. Thos, H.
dill, returned in ber homo on Tuesday.
Oranges sweet and Juicy, -0 and ur.
cents a dozen and lip, $4.50 a case.
Cranbrook Trading i'o.   t
Mr ami Mrs. .1. Carter left Thursdaj
last lor Calgary whore they will ro-
side in future.
Wood! Phone 1 s:i for quick delivery on good stove wood. Cranbrook Trading i'o.
Bt blaze In the rear of tiie
i    . ■      ii ■     ■   . . it 3ome i n-
cli ,. ■ il •!■ nd i) .'■ n ■ m bul quick
.-. ii* ii !.'. tin ii' > il artmenl pn trent-
i ii   I'M iu   d ni !   ■   flro Btarted
from the chlmuey, bul there will be
little i*.    * >,    11 tl bj Bmoki
ami water in the pari affi  ti il
\ tali has 1 ■ '■   by  the
i ongregatlon ol Kt t'ri byter'tan
Church to '-■ ■■ II Wrl* I ol Pin*
eher fm I,, Ml,-]- ■ IL \ i; i: Pow,
ut i'i-, inn. (hi Moderator appointed
during the vacant y, wa presi ni al
the congn gational mi ■ ting mi Monday
nlghl when ii waH n- ided to extend ;i
call to Mr. Wright.
Air. ll. W. Russell lias purchased a
business in Maclcod and will be leaving fnr Unit town Hi" end of February.
Mr.  Russell  Ims  been  leader of tlie
Cranbrook I3and since it; organization,
is alsn choirmaster of Knox Presby-
( terlan   Church   and  hi.-   loss   will   be
j keenly felt in tun leal circles in the
When   Haiti   cleans  it,  it's  clean.  c]ty generally,
Phone 157 or 58.  ,
•--■■ ■- I    A meeting of the Executive of the
Miss Florence Hathie left on Thursday for ber homo neur Creston, after
a prolonged slay in town.
We are carrying a full line of boots
tnd Hhoes— Cranbrook Exchange,
Armstrong Ave.
Hoard of Trade
Tlie chief buslnei
endorsatlon of tl
ciliated   to  com
I  yesterday.
d to was the
i being clr-
Mrs. Ralph Whebel! and family re-   ciliated   to  connect   East   and   West
turned from tho coast on Monday after Kootonay by the construction  of a
spending the winter tiiere. j trunk highway through tlm St.Marys
■  Valley  ami   Rose   Fobs.    Boards  of
Apples—Creston.   Jonathans,   Wag-j Trade in tlm adjoining municipalities
ners,  und  Spys  $1.86 a  box.
brook Trading Co.
Harry It. Mott of New Westminster
arrived It. tbe city last week, and is
now connected with tbe Kootonay Garage.
Everything in Poultry Supplies,
straw, beef scraps, oy:;ter shell, corn,
International Poultry Food, etc. —
Cranbrook Trading Co.
will als
lie  asked  to take  the  same
Miss Agnes White, wbo waa confined to iier bed with pleuriay. is now*
convalescent and progressing favorably.
TAKE NOTICE that an Application,
No. 4396-1, ims been made to register
Richard C Barrett as owner fu fee
simple of the above lots under a Conveyance to hlm from Haynes Lake
Laml Company Limited et al. dated
25th July 191C and tliat unless within
30 days from tlie date of tbe first publication lu r*uf you file in this office
a caveat or Certificate of Lis Pendens
1 shall register the said Richard C.
Barrett as owner in fee.
Dated at tin* Land Registry Office,
Nelson, tiiis 15th day »f January 1917.    . .
Samuel   It.   Roe,   Districl   H.^istrar. 1 rirtk-tlu^tost iK tr,nfnK in -.ompar.^.n
Tor.il to whom it maycoiccrn i;"! •■•*':' A '"w  :; '"'   - '■   '■■■'•'
Hate of first publicntion tlie twenty-
Mrs. Bent entertained the nurses of
tlie St. Eugene Hospital to a delightful little luncheon at her home yesterday afternoon.
non't neglect your fire insurance;
no one can afford to carry tbeir own
fifth day of Jam
IN THt: MATTER of lin* "Land Registry Act" ami IN THE MATTER of
Lot 4, Block 71 and I.ol 1, Hlock 7S
of Lot 132, Group 1 Kootenay Dlst-
rlct, Province of Hritish Columbia,
Map 1181.
Shakespeare's plays are not often
performed in Cranbrook. so do not
miss tbe "Midsummer Night's Dream"
at the Auditorium on Feb. 1M1. at
S p.m.
"Oberon" and "Titanln'' with tlieir
attendant train of fairies will sing aud
TAKE NOTICE that nn Application, ,
No. 4322-1, has bun made tn r*>>:i-ter dance 'hiring ihe performance of tho
Mary Scrafield Bridge ns owner to fee "Midsummer  Night's   Dream" at  the
simple of the abovi ini-- under a Con- Auditorium on Felt. 15th at s p.m.
voyance    to    her from Baynes Lake 	
Laird Compr.ny  Limited  et  al, dated      Remember the meeting of the Farm-
r,^^f,;;:;n;e:.:';:.':,i\:^-v^,:;;:;..',:;r --' Hi.ti,„tl* .,„ ^t.raeo ilft.*r,1o„„
the flrsi i iibllcntlon I   rent yoll tile in •" 'h'' cl<>' UM    T1",,v w,u '"' '"''
nils office  ii rnvwii   er CertlflcnU* of Important papers gl'*en, one on B. C.
1,1s Pendens 1 shall register tbo Baid potatoes mnl the other on the Care of
Mary Sernfli'ld Bridge* as owner iee fee. ,■,..,„.
Dated ne Hie Ui id Registry Otflee,
Nelson, this l*!tli tint ot Januarv 1917. 	
Samuel   II    Hoe,   District   Rogsitrar.      Three recruits for tlie Forestry Bal
To all to evlioin it may concern tallon at Creston being mobilized by
Dnto ot firsl publication the twenty- Major Mallandaine have been paaaed
flfili elny ni January I'.'iT i it i,, rjr r>roen a„j |,.ft ,■„,. thai town
ni',' John Yarovitch, .ndro Zar
IN TIIK Ji \ ri'i'ii ,,| i!-, ■ Und lt.'Cls-
lev ,ct" anil IN Till: MATTER ot
l.nti:  '-'  mi I   I.   Illock   7s  nl   l.nl   132,
nrnuii 1, Kootenav District, Province
,.r HrlllBli Coltimbln, Map 11S1
TAKE S'OTII i: i1 :ii in Vppllcallon,
Nn i:::'-: i Inn bee i mmi i lo register
Wllllnni Cyprian Drld-je ai  owner In
foe Blmple ol II o i b eve lots  Inr n
Conveyance in blm from Bnyne Lake
1 ,i,,,,l Compnn) Limited el nl. dated
2nd line  nr Dee  mber  I91B nml tlial
Itllloss   within   30  daj     linen  the elate
nf iim ih- i publication horeof ynu (lie
lu llilee office n caveal or Certificate nf
|,|s Ponilcns I ; ball n gl ti e tho Bald
Wllllnni Cyprian Bridge mi ownor In
Hum,! ill Ibe Und Registry Office,
Nnlson, Ibis llllh day nf January, 1917,
Bamnel ll Roe, Dlitrlcl RcglBtror.
Tn iiil in « bom ii m i* concern
Dale ol firsl publication, tho twenty-
fifth elny nr January 1917.
, lie
ni Varovitcl
;k Edwards
Trail Hide Dealer
mhiiI*. i'ur lop cash prior, f.o.b. Trail
11. C., (.IMIN SM.T Cl'RRO COW
andSTIlli IIIIHS  I7C per lb.
(ireen Salt Cured CAM' SKINS un.
der 15 pounds  20c lo 28c per Ib.
(ireen Sail Cured HI 1,1,N STACKS
and OXI'N'S   12c per lb.
HUM'S and FH0ZKN IIIRKS 2c lo 4c
er lh. less Ihan Salt Cured.
  2flc In 95c per Ih.
Owing tn the immense popularity
ot Mis-* Brlgden'a lectures, the Bap-
ii i l.aeli.'s have postponed their mission circle until next Thursday, Fob.
16th, at :i p.m., at tlie home oi Mra
John Leaak.
Chris) Church Library Is now open
to the public, Tiiere are alioul 400
books. Including nn amount of modern
fiction   ami   a    number   ol   standard
works, Tin* library in open on Wednesday afternoons from :! lo 5, nud
Saturday evening from 7 to it p.m.
Mr. \V. R, Qlbbs, local breeder of
Silver C: lupine.-, has jusl received
certificate ef winnings at tlu* Alberta
Provincial Poultry Show held at Medicine Hat, recently, winning 1st pullet. 3rd lien and 3rd cockerel. Lasl
month we announced tin* breeder as
winning 1st ami :;r<7 pullet at lho B.C.
Provincial show and to still further
improve his stock he Is now purchasing a cock hinl which won first
at Kdmonton. Calgary and Lethbridge.
Tiie partnership existing between
Dr. King and Dr. Green since 190;: lias
recently been dissolved uu account
uf Dr. King's departure from the city,
and a new partnership formed between Dr. Oreen and Dr. MacKinnon.
While there is sincere regret in the
• ity over Dr. Kind's Jobs, at tlie same
linn- the wants* nf tin* district in a
medical way will be well looked after
by Dra, (.ireen and MacKinnon. No
Introduction on the part ol the Herald
i neceBaary for either of these gentlemen, Dr. (.ireen is known t<" practically every man. woman and child
in tiie community . nd is deservedly
popular in all quarters, while Dr. MacKinnon during Ids six years in Craii-
liiiioli lias made a host of friend- ami
i- recognized aa a clever medica!
practitioner of much more ihan average ability.
Six ("ranbrook young ladies. Hie
Misses Grundy, Kershaw, N. Terrace,
M, Terrace, J. Drummond und Mrs,
Howard, were hostesses ai a unique
and enjoyable ball last Tuesday evening ut tbe Maple Mall. The affair was
arranged and the entire expense borne
by the young ladies, and took tbe form
of a Black and White .Novelty Hall.
The costumes, both ladies and gentlemen, were ull of black nnd white,
tiie hostesses being garbed iu black
Pleretto costumes with white tassels.
The hall looked very pretty with black
ami white decorations, and the novel
programs were in themselves a work
of art. made of black hearts printed
In white ink. No pain.*; were spared
to give the guests one of the most delightful evcniiiRs possible, and by appearances they certainly succeeded.
Dancing commenced ut nine-thirty
with supper nt twelve, tables being
laid and a very dainty supper served
Iiy the ladles. The music was supplied
by tlie Kootenay Orchestra, and tho
floor was in splendid condition fur
dancing. About thirty-five couples
were preoont, and everybody being in
black and white it was a pleasing
spectacle. Miss Grundy officiated as,
floor-manager and certainly made a
very capable one, The party broke up
at two-thirty witli everyone joining
hands nml singing "For Auld Lang
the Military Hospitals Commission
havi' kindly consented to give information and assistance to those wishing to
write direct to the Hoard of Pension
Commissioners. These societies have
offices in certain localities throughout Canada.
In   addition,   in   order   lo  facilitate
tho granting of pensions, the Hoard is
opening Brancii pension offices in
Vancouver. Calgary, Kdmonton, Roglna
Winnipeg. London, Hamilton, Toronto,
Barrlc, Kingston, Ottawa. Montreal,
Quebec, St. John's ami Halifax. All
information witli rcKiird to pensions
may be obtained   from   those offices.
A.   Hull
UK. will
HS.   1
charged trom the
3th n
S   llli'il
unfit, nili
r se-rvln
'  1
ir ee
ren me
haa opom
ll 111. 11
H ml
nir all
• I, In
tlm stand
iiii Am
mnrly en
. Ni
Willi     i'l'
n   mil
was a lne
il ranch
conduct the
Star Slid
Shop nl
a Inn
It;,sis.   trie
iiu:  firs
In- ■
rn: |
• snl-
Iiitu a trl
,! ■„;. n
ll nml
nf sill
o ro-
pairing 0
[ any el
•i |.l in
Tin* Military Cross, which several
officers from this district have won
recently, wa- instltul d in 1915 "for
confirm-*nt on captains, commissioned offlci ■■ I colonial or Indian military fere, s." li i on ii t. of a cross of
silver, having I rown on
each arm and the letl r "'• R I " In
the centre. It must be worn on the
left broD " 1" fore all decorationi and
nu dais, v ■ the es '■■■ n ot tin* V. C,
ami after ail orders. It bangs from
a white ribbon witb a purple stripe.
Though it confers no Individual pre-
dem tlon after tin' re-
rd< d   as   a
mark ot dlstii   tion .md is only
awarded ■ ry notable s-r-
\*. ■
\ general m<x ting of tlie Retail Mer-
■ so   'linn   was  held  in  the
City Hall on 'Vie'-.lay evening to con-
siiiei' the matter ut" re-orgnnlzlng nnd
election i en     A proposal
to approach thc Bonrd ■■■> Trade and
the \ ne ultural ^soclatlon with a
view to combining in ti'" hiring nf
a nisi el m man to a< l as Secretary
fm- the thr r- inizatloti   was looked
upon wiih favor hy the meeting and a
committee ef throe, Messrs. Kink, Ra-
The Dominion Government has appointed u Board of Pension Commissioners for Canada witli ofl'mcs In Ottawa. As this Hoard wish to cause as
little delay as possible in dealing witli
communications wltli regard to pensions, tbey wish the public to correspond directly witli the Hoard of Pension Commissioners, Ottawa.
A great deal of delay may be caused
by communications being sent through
oilier Departments of tbe Government.
The Patriotic Fund Association and
Will.   111:   WORTH   SI IIM..
Those  who  witnessed  the nieritor-i
ions und plenslng performance of tin
King Kdward's School a year as will
in* sure to take advantage of the opportunity of seeing the children put ]
on "Tlie Midsummer Night's Dream"
nexl week, Thursday, Pob, 16th, und
those who did not see them last ycur
should make it a point to do so this
time. Tin- annual entertainments put
nu by the King Edward's School differ very radically from the ord'nary
school concerl and tlie recitation m
children's "pieces". The various char-
actors of the play are all elahi rati !>
costumed and the children go at their
wurk with u zest und earnestness
which m: kes their presentation v-ry
lifelike. In addition tliey give a number of fancy costume dances In a fi.i-
IsheC uud artistic manner. The Herald takes great pleasure in heartily
recommending Its reader:: to take ia
the entertainment given by this ecui i !
next Thursday,
Only one of the Grand Porks hotels
failed to take oui a license Lir t.ie first
six months of UM 7.
There i-- said to be sufficient pulp
wood limb* r tributary to lioim**r.s
Perry in keep a paper mill kou\k 20
years   consumins   50  million   feet   n
Made Slron<; and Well By Vinol
Waynesboro, I'.i. ' I was all run down
after a hard spell nf bronchitis ■>" it wis
hard '"i me to keep about I had pains
m i'i. chest mid t.»>k cold easilv. A
friend asked me to try Vlnol. I did. »d
it littill in.' up se. I nm mronj: and well
uml f :im ah!., to do my housework which
I ii.nl mi ii.m. for three months h*?for**
takii Vlnol.' Mr- V !: Hobrouoh,
\\ .      .'   ■      i*,
Vh I rn it - ,i" ,m : - •■■„. it-Ji di****<t-
tion, makes jmr** blood aud • rmi"*
atmiylh,    Vour iiiou<.y back i! it fails.
Cranbrook Drug a- Book Co. Cranbrook, D C . ..i-.i at tbe best druggists
in nil Bi iii- It Columbia towns.
Can you think of any rraaon why
there should not bt one in your
Safety First
S'c'.hiiut ii m:i.'tinp^r'L»ni to the Fur
Sfcit-fer thin doing buiinen with an
Fur Heiuie.
"Ship to Shubert"
the !».*f **■"'. booMta '.*.*\Vur'(l dentine
excltuive!** in AraericaB Raw Fun,
iMn j'Ji vill «l*.r» rtt*.** an Accurate
atdUl-rai Asaor.r.(*:t thaH*-*.•*>t Market
Y- :s* a- : tre DMH "ShnfMf-1" £ Sic lent,
i-l-r-.d). Ceunroui Mrvtca.
ffr*.* tor tb« HtMt •ditiM of "Itir
•bnb-n •tipper" cor.:»■ tinf valuable
Va-nat i&* si-ma-.too jou nuat ha*C.
BCUIIDCDT   1 *-■•*•■" W^51" AUSTIN   AVE.
. SnUtJLK I, Inc. D.Dt ci&t,,Chicago,u.s.a.
After Every Meal
The Flavor Lasts
por word for first wcclt. and 10 per
word tor each week after.
Ilmi'l     forgol   tllO    valctUlm
Wctlneidi'v. February Hth, al Pariah
■ lull There will bo ii splendid program nf music and souks toltowed
by a dunce Refreshments will bc
served, AdmlSBlon r.o cents. Come
and havo u good time.
Captain Lckson ot Winnipeg) will
conduct a meeting In tho Salvation
Army Hall on Tuesday, Feb. i:uh. at
s o'clock, ('apt. Lokson in a Norwegian and a splendid guitar tmlolst. All
Bcandlnavtann cordially Invited, Ito-
freslimentH will be nerved. Admission
15 cents.
The weather for the lasl week has
been more like April than February
and the snow is practically all gone.
j While H freezes lip at nlgllt the wen
i on BENT   Modern bungalow- Uirec
r ns and both,  Appl) P 0, Box 428,
Cranbrook. B-tf,
\\ Wn.H   Man ami Wife t» work
on farm.   Apply to Canadian Hotel.
PO Iti I TOl'HINti nil for Sule. —
Guaranteed to be In first class repair.
$300,   Tho Kootenay Oarage,
im; s\i,i \u,h\ slotgli (new),
baby buggy, flat top kitchen cabinet,
enamel bed and Bprlngfl, will be snld
cheap, owner leaving city.   Phono 272.
FOK   SAI.K   (illiAP-
i.arue   lluebee
hontor almost new, ly]
iwrttor In good
condition, high chair e
c.   Apply Mer
,.\V,\*,'TIIII   ley rcnlilcnl WitiiliTiiim
Will liny IVIIi. Wool, 01,1 Itnlilier | tlepr tlurlns Uio eloy Is very nillel nnil   ,„,      ',,„,!,„ .,,,.    ,, '., "'I',,,.,.
"«••»   *""'    l!l" '  **|"1";s, K',V \ ""Jeeveilile* nml  la  e,*rl„lnly  golns  a   \ ,"
nml lin.es Scr.i|.B„„,l oil hlmlsof turn. .^ my tmvunls s„„rt„„|„B „,„ wlll
A, IIUIMIKIM, Trail, II.C    tor nml roiluclng tlio lilol lillln.
That Big Genuine Sale at
C.C Store is Still Going Strong
This will probably be the last add that will appear in this paper       We are only waiting
for our building to be vacaed when we intend moving this stock as fast as possible.
Two strny roil anil wl,It,* yearling
Wllllo ploying lieiiliiey ill  tlie* rink
ono nlgllt lneet wooh Hob Unroll won
strueek III tin* Inii'k wltll tlie* mirk.   Tlio
liolfors In Inn foil nml cnrotl for nn my! Rh0, wn, „ \m,\ nm* but nt Hue tlmo
promlnoa.   No   onr   mark   or   lirnml f |t wnB „„i tlionglil that tin* hurt win,
Ownor run got iinmie ley
oltor, Oolden, D. C.
Por S:i!r Cycle M figg liienliolor,
Olel True.ly. 160 egg,• Incubntor, nml
Alnilelin lump. All in good ordor,
Apply. .1. I*'. Drongliton, Cranbrook, II.
KOI.IIIMi litllMMi ItOA Iili
I'overeel with lit'nvy ,anvHss. ,-xi, ii.-iien
nrni leer prORBing, lleRlilnr IG.00. Sill,*
prle'e*   M.SII
Sometblng tbat never leakn. always
.■te'iin nnil boalthy, Regular nOe'. sale
prli-i:   ,'l.'„'
Aluo a number of LIlllY'S WOOD.
KN ItUCKKTS, two Iron Imnies, well
flntsbed,   Regular 40c, snlo prlie . *i,*i,'
buck i:na»i:i,i:ii ikon
(DAI, nous
Willie they last    lite
Thoao  nr,-  tin* average  sly.,*,  jn^l
rlgbt feer a woman.
Ill II Hi:II KMVR8 from 'Joe op In *l.
liAI.VAM/lll    IKON
COAL  lion
Meielliiin si/.. wl lli they last, reg
priro sue. sale iirteo   Mc
HASH   Tilts
TliiTei is still a number of medium
si-/.,-il gatzanUed Iron evnsii tubs left,
regular tl.60, while thoy lanl       8,*,c
Yi's anil iome eef thoae celebrated
size**. Medium J1.60, Bali price $1.00
Urge, re'i*. •*-111'. Bale price .... (IJ!.",
Vou no ilmilit know whal thc celebrated Prince Washing Machine
stanelH for quality ami 'Inrnliility -
fitted with lueili lever mnl crank; a
rlillil ran operate n     Rog. f 13.00.
He, 1.. price   Kim
There lfl si ill a f,w ol thofie b**auti-
fil l^imps le*ft, stantl and tianBlup.
rannlng In prk.• Irom. We tee »».im
Regular SOc  to ft, 00.
Titer,' . e still Rome* of the Crockery
and Ola ware left at practically half
Suninicr Is coming you will surely
waul one of those Hatnocks for your
veranda. Regular from J.1.00 to js.oo.
Sale price   I1.S0 to W'Kl
Tlie're Is still a fe-w of those apeclal
Ilre-sse-r and Wash Stands, Oak finish, mlror 12 x 22. re(t. WM Sale-
price  »lojm
Identifying ami iniyliii; tor Ihis adding „„ rmi»niiinR n iloctor It  wuri („,„.
nnd oaro and food of thorn,   .1. R I tound* llull |„.„ rii,H we're, brokon and
DrldgOS, Hiiiiilnieril FlatB, Kort Steele, | |n otmsaqtioneo Hob will have to give
I'lll! SAI.i:   al ii baruiilti. ',  riiiiin
rlotiB.   However the following even-j (,„„, , ■• |0| , g i condition, good
tor and Boworngc connect.
Cranbrook Co-operative Stores
n. c.
hockey a rest for a while
cil. ownor leaving town. Por lorma
apply It. W, RiibboH, Cranbrook, lie,
box 112, phone 493, PAGE FOUR
THURSDAY, FEB. 8th, 1917
i. o. o. v.
E. 11.
«g*S> .         Meets   every
KajK \*\     Monday night
^Zy*Xm*    at Fraternity
Sojourning    Oddfellows
lly Invited.
MCPHEE,        S. FYLES,
N. a.
t'ranbrook, B. C.
Meets every TueBday at 8 p.m. In
the Fraternity Hall
R. C. Carr, C. C.
P. de Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. 0. Box 522
Visiting  brethren   cordially   invited to attend.
Meets in Maple Hull second
Tuesday of every month ot 8
p. m.
Membership open to British
Visiting members cordially
E. Y. Brake,        J. F. Lower.
President. Secretary
Meets in tha
Parish Hnll
Hrst Tuesday
afternoon of
every montii
at 3 p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
B.   McFarlane,
Secy, Mrs. J. \V. Burton, P. 0. BOX 621.
All ladies cordially invited.
Tbo Shoe Specialist
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Headquarters for all kinds of
Reilet. Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cukes, I'ies
uml Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.       Opp  City Hall
mi tiie
Coal mining rights of the Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan ami
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-Wost Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may bo leased for a term of
twentr-one years at an annual rental
of $1 an aero. No moro than -.500
acres will be leased to one applicant,
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent ol the district in which tin* rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land must
be descrihed by sections, of legal subdivisions of s.clions. and in unsurvey-
ed territory the tract applied for shall
be staked out by the applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by it fee of $r> which wlll be
refunded ir the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output nl the mine al. the rate
nf five cents per ton.
The ,■■ rson operating the mine shall
furnish Uie Agent with sworn returns
accounting f<>r tin* full quantity or
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least onco
a year.
The lease will Include the coal mining rights only, but the losee may be
permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered
necessary for tlie working of thn mine
at the rate of 110.00 an acre.
Por full Information application
should bo made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands,
Deputy Minister of tho Interior.
N. B.—Unauthorised publication of
thir> advertisement win not be paid
Barristers, Etc*
IV. i. Gurd        <.. J. Spreull
Drs. Green * MacKinnon
Physicians nud Surgeon**.
Office   at   residence,  Armstrong
OFFICE nouns
Forenoons   9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons 2.00 :o   4 00
EvenlngB  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays   2.30 to   4.30
r-uitttiut; I'lll for v/unum. fAabox ortHroefor'
IIU   .«n,il nt nil I'niK Mom, r,r miiihmI Ixtotv
n-hlr* *>•*•'■> i fptt 1 prico    THS BfiOalU I'Hi'n
Co ,Bt tStiliitrlni"!,Oti( -ot-
Vim Mt v: for   Noire nml Drain; lnrm*m''BW
nmtioi   .1- rm ii ron in- (I '• jox.nr
twoTnr 11 mrtrm iu** <■< *'J mnl] Mtr^nl
BJfpriee   PasBooliLi Unco Co .->.OUurinw
Offlce In Hanson Block
9 to 12 n.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
Mali, um i.i.l tieneral Nursing
Garden Ave.
Te»ms on Application
MRS, A. SALMON, Matron
Phono 259 P. O. Box 845
Miss Ida Perrson visited friends iu
Yahk Saturday.
II. I. Hills of the Couer D'Alene district Inspected some of the mining
properties last week near Moyie. with
the Intention ot purchasing.
J. P. Farrell returned irom Bonners
Ferry, Friday.
Oliver Reese who lias been electrician at tlu> concentrator, left for
Kimberley Saturday, tl. It, Watklns
of Frank has taken the position hero.
A number of men are employed
building the ore bins al concentrator.
The much needed repair work  wav;
completed this week on the flume and
sidewalks. Many thanks to the present Provincial  Qovernment,
Ceo. Garden left for Rossland Tuesday. He expects to return with Mrs.
Garden and children and will occupy
their resilience here again.
st  where they
lit    tWO    weeks,
is visiting with
Civil und Mining Engineers
H. ('. Land Surveyors
Bay Phone 233, Night Phone 85
Norbnry Ave, next to City Hall
Q this
Mr. Mateo, trom Essex, Monl .
Burned the duties ot Agont with
Q.  N.  Rly., here this week,
Mr. aud Mrs. II. 11. Hoss returnee
Tuesday   from   the
were   vlsltfng   l'nr   i
Miss Grace Hockley is
relatives in Klko this wee!
Mr. Bradbury of Boynec
business visitor to Feruli
Miss Mclntyre of Fernie i
with  her parents this week
Frank Joule and Major Gray returned home to Haynes ihis week from
New Westminster. They were members of thc 82Bth Battn.. and failed to
pass the final medical examination
before that unit lefl for overseas,
Mr. W. Badgley and Miss Agnoe
Crowley both of Flagstone were joined tn the holy hands of matrimony on
Monday In Eureka,
Mrs. I>. McNeill returned this weel,
from the hospital in Fernie where she
had been an  Inmate for some time.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas, McNab and family have returned from the coast where
they were visiting for several week.-;
Phone 111 P. O. Box 33
Professor of Music
Studio: IOU Armstrong Ave.
In useless experiments with ordinary anil out-of-date olntmenU. If
you leave nny Bkln trouble whatever, use Zam-Buk In lhe Ilrst place,
and Bare yourself needless suffering
and unnecessary expense.
For two years Mr. B. E. Oardlnor.
of Marquis, Sask., Buffered with salt
rheum. Then ho usee! Zam-Buk and
was cured.   He writes:—
" I had salt rheum on my feet tor
two years, and the pain I suffered
at times was indescribable. 1 tried
all kinds ot so-called remedies, but
nothing brought mo relief until 1
used Zam-Buk. After tho flrst few
applications I noticed a distinct
Improvement, and afler porsever-
aeeee.Zum-Hukcompleie ly oured me."
Zam-Buk ls afceo unequalled for
ringworm, scalp sore's, old wounils.
abscesses, boils, pimple's, blood-poisoning, pile*, scalels, burns, cuts, and
all skin tnjurlos. All druggists and
.store*, or Zam-Buk Co., Toronto.
50c. box, il for $1,25,
lng  the
gowns i
celvod ;
[rom M
the rere.
Itcel Cro
Mr.  K.
brook he
larger  garments, dressing-
'le-.,  leer hospital  use'.
Attrco, Sec-Treas., has ro-
i letter eel acknowledgement
ss M. I'lnkhniu at Calgary of
Ipt of $10 sent by Fort Stoelo
ess Society towards filling of
Brander is ill eet the Crim-
sitital with Erysipelas and an
iie liis ear. He is recovering
ml expected hemic in about a
Kootenai' llaiu'c Orchestra
I'lano - Mrs. II. W, Kdmondson
Violin - - W. Thompson
Drums - - A. J. Parker
Phone 220 P. O. Box 289
If vou want satisfaction
with vour washlne
send it to
Snecial nrices for family
Forweerdlng  and  Distributing
Agent for
l.etlilirldge Coal
Xl-lte Powder
Imperial Oil Co.
Dmying anil Transferring
Given prompt attention
Phone 03
General Merchant
Employment Agent
P. O. Box 108 Phone 244
Spokane, Washington
Thi* liouso Ims the
happy distinction ot bolus tbo favorite 8top-
liliig place in Spokane
for tlio pooplo of British
Columbia We appreciate
tliis putrouagn and do
everything In our power
to niftkt* you comfortable
The temperature which was down as
low as twenty-eight below zero here
last week, lias again taken a long ami
sudden leap upward. As a result the
people of Wycliffe an* enjoying a series of mild sunny days whieh are fast
vanquishing the snow from llie roads
and door-yards.
Rev. Mr. Bridge of Cranbrook held
the regular monthly service lu tbe
Knglish Church on January 30th, but
owing to the severe cold, not as largo
a congregation as is customary attended.
Mr. Elmore Staples and family arrived back from Detroit last week,
where they liave been spending a vacation for some time.
Some of the young men of the town
attended a dance at Marysville last
Saturday evening and reporl a very
pleasant time.
Messrs. Jack Braithwalte and ('has
Tyler spent tlie week-end in ('ran
brook with friends.
A number of the young gallants of
the village are planning to attend a
dance in Cranbrook, given by the
Young Women's Club on Tuesday
night, Feb. (Ith. They expect a merry
following Fori \Steclites attended tiie Cranhrook Carnival Friday
last: Mr, and Mrs. A. B .Fenwick.
Miss til la Fenwick, Miss I,. Walsh, Mr.
and Mrs. C. It. Akers.
II. J. Kills of Kellogg. Ida., was in
town last week-end and is at present
at tho Victor Mine.
Mrs. Cretney of Sheep Creek is visiting in town, also Mrs. h, Clarke of
Thc school ttendanee is much improved as the children have recuperated from the severe colds which were
rampant In January.
Onr location Is excellent —
close to Great Northern Station
and O. W. H. & N Milwaukee
terminal, and within a minute's
walk from the principal business
houses and places of amusement.
See   Stt-aiiisliln  nn   Koo'
G, M, Battersby of the staff of tlie
Selkirk Mining Company, was a visitor
to Kimberley on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wl Bartholomew wore
taken to the St, Kugene Hospital on
Saturday Buffering from  La Grippe
Rev. T, Keyworth occupied tlie pnl
pit at thc Methodist Church on Sunday
James Angus was a Cranbrook visitor on Friday.
Mrs. F. Tibbetts and Mrs. G. Jamrs
visited tbe Sullivan Mine on Tuesday
and were the guests of Mrs, F. Cain.
The Farmers Institute will hold
their monthly meeting on Saturday,
Feb. 10th at 8 p.m. at the Central Hotel.
A masquerade bail Is slated for Mar.
3rd. at thc Falls View Hotel.
The dance which was given on Saturday last at tho Falls View Hole'
was a great success in every way
Outside points represented wero Cranbrook, Wycliffe, Sullivan Mine, Kimberley, Meadow Brook. A dainty hip
supper was served at mtd-night which
about 35 coup'es partook of. *\ collection was taken up and the proceeds
over expenses will be use' by tin*
Marysville branch of Red Cross Work-
eu to purchase wools etc, 'lhe floor
ua usual was Hue, the music was furnished by A. <_',. lames and Hans C.
Lund was Masto: of Ceremonlo-J
Mr, and Mrs. U Clark, Mis. Howard,
Miss ll. Mather, Miss M. Barclny, and
Miss B. Barclay drove lu from Crnnhrook on Saturday to attend the dance.
Mr. and Mrs. Conover, Mrs. Fleming,
Miss .Newman and (ieo, Williams of
Meadow Brook, attended the dattCO on
Hans C, Lund has opened up a
"Smithy" at  Kimberley.
Certificate of improvements,
Grey Eagle Mineral Claim, situate
in the Fort Steele Mining Division of
Kast Kootenay District.
Where    located:-     About 3 miles carload
southwest of Cranbrook,
TAKK NOTHK that John Wright,
Free Miner's Certificate No. 80092B,
Intend, sixty days from tho date hereof, to apply to the Mining Rerorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
of the above claim.
And further take notice thnt action,
under section 85, must he commenced
before tho laatianco of auch Certificate
of Improvements,
Dnted thia 8th dny of January, A. T>.
1917. 2-K.
Patriotic Socfoty subscriptions for
Docembor amounted to |60; following
nre the subscribers H. K, T. Gal-
braith, $r.; A. Doyle. f5; C. Malr. $5;
R, T. Richardson, $3.60; II Kershaw,
93.50; IteK. Baker, $3; <;. Baker 11;
A. J. Grez, $1; Mrs. F. Cann, BOc; MIhd
A. M. Bate, fide: T. T. McVittie and
survey party, (25,
On Jan. 2nd. engine ef train 0076
tfhllfl approaching the station at Har-
rogate, turned over, Ice on the track
making tho swith defective war. tho
cause. No persons woi'o injured but
tlie train wns delayed over '21 hours.
An auxiliary ong'iie wa? brought to
the scene of derailment from Oolden.
Thc derailed engine was picked up.
boosted on to a flat car Mid cent ti tiie
repair shop for a thorough over-tiaul-
During January the following shipments were made to and from Fort
Steele: Shipped out—Sa cars of lumber and limber from Fort Stoeln and
ni*nrliy flag stations. Shipped in--2
of  horses  ,  10 carloads  hi y,  2
E. M. Sandilnnds has been appointed government recorder at Wilmer,
Mr, Sandllands is well known here as
he lived hero for some time before
going tn Queen Charlotte Island
A. J, Tyson, Inspector of Indian
Agoncles nt Vancouver, will shortly
visit Ihis district to recruit a battalion
of half-breeds and Indians for the
Forestry and Hallway Department for
overseas sendee.
The Red Cross meting was hold nn :
Thursday last at tho home of Mm J
Watson.   Tlio members aro busy new
Success is won by service. That's
what made llarmsworth, Lord North-
cliffe, lie gave the people what they
wanted to read, and lots of it.
Can a people who would remember
the Maine forget the Lusltanla or
There's a woman in Coal Creek so
tender hearted she refuses to beat an
egg or whip the cream.
Perrishlng out, Villa to bat. The
gladdest words of tongue or pen to
Mexico.    It might liave beans.
Frost bitten on both cheeks and
nose, hut smiling bis best, I'm-glad-
to-be-back-in-Klko smile, George Henry Miller returns from a three weeks
visit to Saskatchewan points.
The Ontario Government Is shipping a million dollars wo-th of dried
apples to England. Jim Thistlebeak
savs. they might be for the transport
service to be used in 'ho pontoons.
Thai Germany will do her worst wo
knew, but she can hardly surpass her
previous record.
The first war veteran to return te
Klko from the front is Private Billy
Shenfleld, 14th Canadians. He says,
the rat plague can hardly bc exaggerated. They even eat the bone buttons
off vour cardigan jacket and still they
are* more companionable than the
Mr. Stevens of St. Johns. New
Brunswick,  was  in  town  tliis  week.
Four Moons of the Flathead Reserve
Montana, passed through Elko for Alberta points with his trading post
regalia and sleigh bolls this week.
Ernest McKee, C. P. R. fireman .was
visiting bis parents In Elko this week
between shovels.
Ed Clay of Vancouver was in Elko
last week-end and left for Nelson Sunday.
Newton Conner, raneber, Roosville,
lost four sheep last week, killed by
mountain lion. He came back again
and was shot. He was a monster
measuring 11 feet 9 Inches.
(Leftover from Inst week)
A. T. Caldwell. Manager of the Burton Mine was a visitor to Fort Steelo
and Cranbrook tliis weok looking for
more men. Keep your eye on the Burton.
It's bitter to marry a good cook than
it fashion plate If you want the honeymoon to last.
A. T. Davles, school teacher, Roosville Valley, was in Klko for thc week
end  returning Sunday afternoon.
There are some people so selfish
that if they bud a ten gallon keg of
Ice cream and fl strawberry short-cake
as big aa a box car they wouldn't ask
you to sit in with them.
Mr. J. Sawyer, Contractor, left for
Bpokane tor a short visit to his family
and with severnl prospects lo lay bo-
fore Spokane capitalists, which will
opon up the roBourcoa around the old
historic burg like a rose-bud In tbe
Harry lllakcy is working on the Red
Canyon Copper Properties, Roosville
Valli y. and sending out some fine samples of ore.
Pal Foisy. Hush Foreman, was In Ellin Saturday looking for teamsters for
the Rock Creek Lumber Co., Flagstone
(Jen. A. Mclntyre of Winnipeg was
in Klko this week and Kootenay River
points and left ou the west bound for
Mr. Osborne McNeill of Toronto was
in Klko tills week between trains.
W. II, Dobson of Medicine Hat was
in town this week selling a preparation for making angel food, cnslngs
for prune pies, flap-Jacks, hnnnocks
and other household dainties.
The many friends of Mrs. Ray O.
Hirtz will bo pleased to know that she
arrived in Glasgow with her grandmother. Mrs. Mitchell of" Femle, for
New Years'.
Hand Tailored Suits
SPRING suitings are now arriving. We are showing
beautiful patterns and excellent qualities, our price
is still $40 00.
Oar tailors are union men and get union wages and
we guarantee satisfaction in style, fit and workmanship.
We want no bcllor "boost" than a satisfied customer
ask any one of them, we can not publish Iheir names but
will be glad to refer you to some of them if you will write
or call at the store.
We have no FEAR of the BIG CITY men and save
you from $500 to $1500 per suit over their price This is
no idle boast but facts, just investigate and see.
Your Money Baek
il' (iooils nre not as
Principal repayable 1st October, 1919.
Interest payable half-yearly, 1st April anil 1st Oetober by
cheque (free of exchange at any chartered Hank in Canada) at
the rate of live per cent per annum from the date of purchase.
Holders of this Block will liave the privilege of surrendering
at par and accrued interest, as the equivalent of cash, In payment of any allotment made under any future war loan issue in
Canada otlier than an issue of Treasury Bills or other like short
date security.
Proceeds of tiiis stock are for war purposes only.
A commission of one-quarter of one per cent will be allowed
to recognized bond and stock brokers on allotments made in
respect of applications for this stock which bear their stamp.
For application forms apply to thc Deputy Minister of
Finance, Ottawa.
OCTOBER 7th, 1916.
JAN. ». ,1,7
si.iiiiirs   An
I. Ill
TO   vw'Ni;
Issued Iiy Itcalo & Klwell, Cranbrook
Following will be found Hit* current
prices ol mining stocks ot particular
Interest to tills district:
lllel Asked
International I'eeul   I*
I ky Jim   s!Vj
, McOillivray Coal  'r'
I Slocan Shu*  8114
Humbler Oarlboo  m%
Standard silver I.cuil
(Special tee llie' Herald)
Waldo, Feb, 6.—While BOtne children
were st plsy lust Saturday iu the Inside of the linker Lumbor Company's
Mill, u tetnull boy by III,, tlnllle of 1.0-
nius tripped and fell down the Hand
Mill Sllllte, a distance eef Home* eighteen or twenty foot Tho ri*sl eef tlio
children at once raised tin' alarm, nnil
on being picked up by some of the
workmen lt wus teared at first that
he wns dead. However, on bolng ex-
nnitneel by the doctor lie? wns found
to he Buttering from commission of the
brain, having a tent In his head somo
three and a half Inches lonK. He did
not regain consciousness for several
hours ufter, but Is now doing as well
ns can bc expected.
were* \V. Curry and A, MeliiTiuiill,
uml tbo rirlso-wlnnora we're* as follows;
Best dressed gent, o. Thompson, Highbinder; Hest drossod luily. Miss Uellle
Leask, Grandma, Best comic gont, Roy
Leask, Clown; Best comic lady, Miss
Bardgett, Clown; llest dressed child.
Lilly StElol, Indian (Iirl. Tbo band
was In attendanco und skntlug was
enjoyod after the carnival.
IN Till': MATTER of the "Ijind ltegls-
try Act" nnd IN THB MATTER of
Lot 3, Block 74 of Lot 182, (Iroup 1,
Kootenny District, l'rovlneo of British Columbia, Map 1181.
T,he weather on Frlduy nlgllt wns
almost ldcnl for a carnival nnd tho
Ice wns good. There were some* good
costumes on tho Ice but one of the
nmst original, Rocky Mountain Dlok
us the re-lnenrnatlnn i.f eln- genuine-
steery-book hobo, came In loo lute to
compete for tbo prize    The Judges
TAKE NOTICK that an Application,
Nee. 4;i^l-l, hus been mnde to register
LSllzn Almntn Bound, ns owner In fee
simple of the abovo lots under a Con-
vivuncc to her from Baynes Lnke
Lund company Limited et al, dated
2ml day of December 1915 and that unless within 80 days from the dote of
lhe first publication horcof you file In
Ihis office a caveat or Certlflcato of
Lis Pendens I shall loglstcr the sold
Ellzn Almatn Pound os owner lu foe.
Dated nt the land IteglBtry Office,
Nelson this 12th elny of January 11117.
Bnmuol H- I"1", District Registrar.
To all to whom It may concern.
Date of firet publication the twenty-
fifth day ol January 1M7. t-ii.
A Beauty Secret
To nave clear skin, bright eyes
and a healthy appearance, your
digestion must be good-your
bowels and liver kept active
and regular. Assist nature-take
Direction* with Ewrr tloi of Swii-,1 Vili- la W«
S«I4 tnrywUrt.   b ln,.u„ <.j cult.
Jus. O'ShGft lias juat In th appointed
city BO Hc I tor at Nelson at $1,000 a
Gold-n'a Chinese buHlneas mon are
all giving at least ?2 a month to the
I Patriotic Fund.
The ladies hockey team at Phoenix
. has won throe games this season and
j lost none.
400 electric motors from 4 to 1600
I h.p. capacity are In uac at Trail Bmol-
, ter.
Nelson Presbyterian Church took In
15 new memhers last year and paid
oft almost $1000 on the church debt.


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