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Cranbrook Herald Oct 11, 1917

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THURSDAY, OCT. llth, 11117
HELP       TO      WIN      THE      WAR
public schoal beport NEED nqj GO TD FERNIE
Kor the Montii of September
HONOR 11111,1.
Division I, Entrance Class Norman ,
Beech, Eric MacKinnon,.Paul McNeil.'
Lonoro lllll and lluy Rabichaud, Del-
phine Bennett.
Division 11 May Lancaster, Everett Williams, Mabel r'lnlay, I nnrd
Hurton, Vivian  Knmmor.   Cliriatln'o
Division Ml. -Donald Morrison,'
Kiinlri, Parrett, Stnnlcje Moffnt, Wll-
ii'i'il Jollffe, Annlo Juhnson, Aitnos
Division  IV   Margarel  Carr, Ethel
Willi;ai.i., Jam™ Taylor, Helen Muol I
lur. I'liylllH Horsey, Joan Wil i
Division V Lily llnwlllns, Ralph
Lndda, Floronco Qaril, Harold Hull
Iiik. Eric Stone, liieri-e Pnrhor.
Division    VI   Allcyiii*    Walllngor,
Arthur Slinnklnnd nud    Fanny Hep j
Chong, Henry CJoddorlB, John Mitchell
Kennoth Jollffo,
Division 7 Senior Plrst; Lillian St.
Biol, Ivy Doull, Irene Mueller; Junior Plrst: Evelyn Ward, Earnest j
(Iroenwood. Orvllle Illiss.
Division 8- Class A: Helen Briggs.
Jiii'k Alelilsoii; Clnss 11: Mali Ulna,
i'ln Mnrgnun Class C: Hcttlo ilnnl,
Earnest Kenneily.
Division 9-II. clnss: Marlon Miles
.lean Manley, Margarel Manley IJutliitl
Benson, Donald Manning; c. Class:
Hurry Roy. Nellie Miller. Margaret
Willis. Teddy Barret.
Tho following telegram nns received  hy  the  Mayor .iust
us ive wore iroinir lo press und should  lie  welcome  news tn
iniiiie rtiui him. been in u stale of uncertainty ns tu tvhut In
dn Iii ri'ituril In millliirj inetliciil examination;
Victoria, ll. C.
The Mayor, Crnnhrook,
Vour telegram of niiilh: no necessity for meii lo
nrocci'd In hemic ul |iresenl unless ul their own
desire. Evpeiled arrailgemcnls 'till lie tun,1. for
medical hoards In visit nil centres where Ihere
nre niimher of men.
A. II. M.S.. II. D. II
The   exemption   tribunals   nre
nun complete, llu- an|iolntmeitts
I'm- tin* Last Koiileiini District are
< raiilji'i.eik   Oil)*   I. I'nee null nml
II. IVIilte,
lilllie    H.   t..    I. '.eill.l'lilli   llllll
Roberl limine*.
Holden- llurold   I.   Kosler    anil
Charles  \. Warren.
Hiiulennere*      r'lflllll    Sleekdnle
nnil J. Luke.
W**s%.****%>   u*s^**s**Jl,ii ssSsfitt   s**^lt*m*sss*s\JmmmssssssjmJmmtt*t*m\Q
Division 1--N. Beech, I), Bennett, N.
Belanger. M. Belanger, J. Brake, P.
Ilrlggs, D. Dallas. J. Dow. M. Drum-
mond. 0. Gill, A. Olll, 0. Hamilton.
L. Hill. H. Kummer, B. Laurie, B.
Lewis.  B.  MacDonald, A.  McBlrnle,
E. McKinnon. P. McNeil. M. Morrison, J. Moffatt. A. Parnaby, W. Phillips, R. Roblchaud, J. Stephens. R.
Simpson, Alma Sarvis. It. Sommer-
vllle, W. Spence. 0. Taylor. K. Wesson, II. Woodman, J. Woods.
Division 2—V. Busier. E. Black. R.
Beaton. C, Carson. M. Finley, O. Hopkins. A. Horie. V. Kummer, M. Lancaster. H. Macdonald, R. Parker, if,
Seott. A. Shaw. E. Taylor. E. Williams,
V. Woodman. No. enrolled 33, percentago 9*1-17.
Division 3.--S. Molfat, D. Morrison,
H. Leclerc. J. Logan. S. Speers. It.
Seott, A. Sommerville, It. St. Eloi.
T. Reekie, (I, Woodman. E. Parrett.
Division 4—D. Baxter. J. Belanger,
w, Bowness. P. Bradley, M. Carr. A.
I'assldv, J. Cassldy, E. Clarke. M.
Clarke, M. Darr. N. Finley, S. Fyles,
M. Henderson. L. Jecks, I.. Kelsey,
J. l_,nenster. L. Leclerc, A. Macilon-
nld. D. McKowan. II. Mueller. L. Snni-
inervllle, M. Sommerville. E. Spence.
Ii. Taylor. J. Taylor. K. Willi; ms.
Percentage ot attendance 91.71: prisoner's bread. fune\ |"..2;>.
Division ft—K. Armstrong, 0. Barret
M. Hrogan. M.Corson, A. Finley. P.
Curd. P. Hawkesworth. M. Horie'. I..
Jackson, P. Kennedy. It. Ladds. J.
Malonl,   11.   Murgatroyd.   11.   Pinker.
F. Rov. W. Stewart. G. Seott. E.
Stone. B. Taylor, .1. Ward. B. White,
II. Whittaker. W. Woodland. E. Bliss.
Percentage Sl",: prisoners of war
fund 86c.
Division 6—E. Atchison, E. Cliar-
bnneau, 11. Godderis, M. Godderis, F
Hep Chong. T. Huclicroft, K, Jolllffe.
L. Jordan, ll. Kelly, s. Kemball, II.
Kombnll. J. Mitchell, M. MacDonald,
I! Patmore, K. Parrett. V. Roy, A.
Shankland It. Taylor. K. Willis. A.
Wallinger, E. Bowley, 11 .laeksein. Sl.
Parr, J. Gormley.
Division 7 1*. Binning, Helen Ilr.iwn
It. Drown. A. Carr. 1. Dezall. S. linens, c. Harrison, ll Udds, ll. Lewi-..
W, Macdonald, s. Manning, T. Marshall. Irene Mueller. I. Sl Eloi. II
Simpson, w Spence, (I. sion,* w
Stone, M. Stewart. .1. Swan.
Division s .1 Atchison, .1 Beattie,
J. Brown, I-:. Bookout, M. Clnrk. M.
Curr. A. Carter. M Carr, It Conge,
11 Curd K. Henderson, .1 llcnde.aon,
M llurrls. E Kenneily. II Keembell,
It Macdonald, I. Miller, K McFar-
lance, E McGlll, a McClure, s Mar* i
amir, p Martin, I' Owon, 0 Pelton,
M Bold. Mile sum. D Stewart. H.
Simpson, M Woodman M. Williams
Pcreentnge 97 73
Division 9 T Barrett, l> ilrake. .1
Hr.e.ile:. c Punning. W punning. I.
Iliiliiiiav, m Kummer M Manley, d
Manning .1 Metcalf, M Mil,*., n
Moffat, ,1  Owon, W  Poooek, M  rtob-
erlson. II   Hoy     Vo enrolled -I-. I'.'l
centnge nf attendance S9.:i
TIE 1.0. D. E.
Accounts Ordered Paid—High School
Assistant**  Appointment
Tie.-  President un
next t..:.-.. iv,ul.] be
ii il.i
-il   Iiml   tin
Soldiers ot Canada"
All*    A,   K
Wuits:  roplied in I
V    l!i
returned Boldlers uu
1  t!i,
ir rolntlvei
lustleefore this ton.lt
*.i ii-
imposed tin
prosidenl  asked llu-
In    sing:
"Tenting to-nlghl  o
lllll   iVilii
Editor tin* Cranbrook Herald,
Dear Sir—It is once more my duty
as Kegenl of tho Kuskanook Chapter
of tlie I. 0. 1). IO. in tills city to make
another and very argent appeal to thr
A meeting of School Trustees waa
held on Friday, October 5th with
Trustee White, chairman, and trustees
generosity of tiie people of Cranbrook, i .Manning, Atchison, Wilson uml lien-
We  have  sent  away  already  during j derson in attendance.   Accounts were
tlio year twenty-one boxes nf goods I ordered paid amotiUng to $1018.29, us
which contained iu addition to surgi-  follows:
cal  robes, surgical  pads, towels,  fo- ■     Teachers' salaries $1217..">0, medical
mentation     wringers,    convalescent i inspector $41.65, secretary $25, jani-
robes, etc.. more than lifiO suits or py-   lors $Klu,    Beattie-Murphy Co.   Ltd.,
jamas, 63 helpless .shirts, 120 hot
ter bottle covers, tiO private property
bag.s, 214 pairs of socks (with a large
number awaiting shipment)  5 large
thick quilts to tlte Belgians and last
_rs   havi
it dislin
that, o
In proposing the I';
unteer Soldi, rs of Cm
Watts   said:   "Madam
ladies and returned \
Mil*  Conference  man
been   Ij 'stowed,  Inn   t
gulslied   honor  falls
proposing tho health uiul expreasliiR
your wishes for th,. ivolfarc ami victorious return of tho Volunteer Soldiers of Canada.   Vour delegates from
all parts of British Columbia have reported the magnificent work done by
$12.05, Carr.  R,  C... $5,40. Cranhrook j your Institutes to help thos.. fighting
Sash & Door $11.40, C. P. It. Freight ! not for Britain alone, bul for llu* anl-
$S2.88, Corbln Coat   and   Coke   Co.Nation  of  the  liberties of mankind.
$235.20. Fink Mercentale Co., Ltd. $4.: Ai the roll call of your delegates when
.1. Gilpin $6.75, Geo. M. Hendry Co. ! each  one  expressed   licraclf so  dls-
weok we forwarded 288 pounds of as-1 Ud., $28.60, E. N. Moyer Co., Ud. $11.-  tlnctly  and  definitely,  thai   ihe  in-
sorted  jam. overseas.    To  send  out j 56. R. P. Moffatt $44.1)5, Ira. R Man-   fhience of the Womotl's Institutes wlll
work at this rate requires liberal help j nlng, Ltd. 50c. J. I). McBride 80c. V. ■ be used for national good irrespective
and Cranhrook has been so generous j Parks & Co. $8.35, Cranbrook Electric ' of the above  pany  politics, demon-
and so open handed that I feel sure  Light Co, $2.00, Kootenay Telephone I strata.! that women hav,. a sagacious
this appeal will not be made in vain.' Lines $3.60. nnd true conception of what Is cutis-
The Red Cross Society in Toronto | The chnirman reported as to the 'ing the shameful dls/ttption In Can-
last week received a cable which has steps he had taken to obtain an as- ada. The whole trouble lies iu the
been forwarded to us from headn.uar-sis.ant teacher for the High School I extreme selfishness of pnrtlzuim who
ters asking for 20.000 stretcher caps ami that on the advice of Mr. Long ' desire that their party shall rule at
as (illicitly as possible, for personal he had engaged Miss Fallows.
property bags of which 20,000 are us- Miss Fallows was appointed assisted monthly (and I may note here the ant in the High School at a salary of
remark of a nurse who came out with , $110 per month from September 1Mb
some patients that the moral effect of and the secretary was instructed to
these bags was incalculable), house- write Miss Fallows to this effect re-
inesting her to confirm the appolnt-
The Medical Board at Fcrnie have
examined 97 men up to Wednesday
p.m., 57 of which ure in Class A.
The classes an*:
A.    Fit  for any service overseas.
is Fit tor work on lines of communication overseas, in camps, forestry, railway construction, etc.
C.    Fit  for service in  Canada.
I)     To  report   for  future oxamitia-
E. Unfit i'or any service,
1 Th,- board consists of Capt .1. A
I'niuliart of Victoria, president. Captain Corsan and Captain Watson recenl ly returned from Salonika, a*
LOCAL   BRANCII   OK   tt.  (. T.  I'.
11,- ft over rrom last weeki
The local branch of the W. C. T. V.
held a very successful'meeting at the
Home of Mrs.  F. Dezall lust Friday,
afternoon when a very representative
•Vol- j company  turned   out.    The  regular,
I  In 11
da" Mr, A. K. I routine business was gotten through
la President, i lin'' "'en the program for the winter's
rrlors  during | work was discussed and planned,
A circular letter was read from lh
wives, butter cloth, handkerchiefs,
suriieoji's (jner.tUuir rnwii.. bed sock*-
and face cloths. All these are especially needed at the present time in addition to regular shipments of pyjamas and socks of which an increasing   ventlon  to be held ut  Nanaimo next
all costs, which fills all decent people with scorn and contempt. Vou
have with you tonight us guests some
of the returned soldiers, survivors
who have escaped ihe awful carnage
with wounds, one of tbem Mr. George,
well known to many of you us "Jimmy-" who has a Inr^e family and a
small wl!',., he is one of the many who
Secretary of the B. C. School Trustees | li ft ('ranbrook and this district, which
Association in reference iu   their con*
supply is always in demand.
Sir. Crnnbrooif recently spent. 1
understand, over $1125 on the Chautauqua for entertainment and amusement Surely then. Wo may safely
ask as we mean to do on tlie ISth inst
when   we   hnve   our   house   to   house
canvass for at least $600 to spend on
necessities for our sick and wounded.
Prices of all the commodities we use
have pone up so that I would ask eacli
and all to help us to the uttermost ot YV
their power, remembering pi
"Our   children   pave   themselves   lhat   Ol
enjoys tbe proud distinction of having
son, more volunteers ihan any other
month. * i,lirt °f Canada in  proportion to its
Tlio Secretary wns Instructed to or- Population. Mr. George left Crnn-
der the articles as required for the brook with the 54th Battalion and was
Central and High Schools. The prln-United to the 2nd Canadian Buttallon
clpal of the school was instructed to j 0I> tho field at Y| res. when, the storm
have the vegetables pulled and dlspos-1 ot German stiol and shell was furious,
cd of to the best advantage. constantly  tearing  up  tho trenches.
  ' Mr.  George  with   150 comrades were
rXITED   TEMPERANCE   MEETING   told off at  10.30 one nlghl to rccon-
 . ; struct a   portion  of the trenches, all
Mra.  C,  Spofforb president of the   onl   10  were  wiped out  before thoy
1 It was reported that Soiitll's Home
of Vancouver Is simply crowded to
the doors and that they were in core
need of help of every description in
order to cope with the demands that
are being made upon thorn, In view
of lhe fact that this Institution has
befriended many children of this city
ml dislrict, it was decided to do nll
within the power of the society to help
this needy cause. To this end Mrs.
G. K. Kennedy was appointed convenor of 11 sowing circle to remake
garments to lie sent to Smith's Home
: Will any friends having garments that
) could be cut down or even repaired
j for this purpose communicate either
with Mrs. Kennedy or the President.
Mrs. Keyworth or the Secretary, Mrs.
,f  Woodman.
A letter from headquarters was read
calling all ent ion to lhe importance
of the devotional and evangelistic fide
of the work of the union and iu order
to emphasize tills phase of work Mrs.
Rev. Illllis Wright wus appointed
Plans were made for tlie visit of
the Provincial President. Mrs. C, Spof-
ford which is to take place on Friday
afternoon. Oetober 12th when lt was
decided to hold u law and open par
lor meeting to whicli all interested are
invited. This meeting will be held at
The .Methodist Parsonage and a goodly crowd is anticipated. The meeting
will commence at 3 o'clock.
—^WeaL-irs   ..      ^-   '   : ,
."       -'
■ ' ,       '
I*    *        ******,
Ileum,nil inn Coals Arriving eBcli woek in Tweeds
Vol ours nud Cheviots, mail] different
styles, no tun garments Uh* same ul
$14.00 to j
alors uml
Pretty Afternoon ItrrvM**. mnde ot' «r*»*».1 qtinlltj
TmiVlti uud Georgette Crepe nit It head nnd embroider) trtriiiitinu. Thti eome in tan. myrtle,
nnw and res Ida at $12.50 to >'>.uit null
Men's Suits
Men's Suit*, in imvj. green, leromi ami lilark, up i.>
the minute models nt 125.00 In #Kii<i
T. U. eef British Columbia "ill
I'll   IMIill S{ 11(101
Division I Soulier Second: 11 Me-
Durnlo, A Wllllnma. It Aakoy;   .iieie-
Inr Se'.*(»ieel    S   PaiCIIUO,  lv .l.'tiee-.ne.
n   llalllni:    Pint;   l>   Htynes,   It
Kakin, w Tnylor
iii*.i*.Ii.ii '.'  Bocond Primer: n Tlto,
II   ll.'.ili... II   Liellll.*. V. I'lllle*)*;    Mrs!
Primer: s <>•*..». P McQernle, It
Haley, I: Btn-k n PIom il wn
lliun*., 11 Parker. K \\.i...is. .1 Pn§.
Perfect  Ktendenee
HI.i I..11 I M A-Kry. Phil lliliin
•eor. ,1 I)ri"v. It. Bakln. K. Jolnteon.
It M.-lieriil.'. I' McDonald, K. Orr.
s. Bliaw, I*' Tlto, A. Wltllnme, ll.
ttiiyncs. W, Taylor,
Dlvlalon -' J llolfaro, D, Deano,
!■'. Klnliiy. V. Mnlone, M. Malono, S.
MllXro. J. MieKI'ie. .1. Marapodi, CI M*l**ei
1.. Russell, II. Tltee. .1. TItO, It. l.'iuHi
Unhurt lee'liliiil iiu* thunder of th
Is li su areal .i thintt that «*
A  littli- froni  nnr  store tu Bervfi
..ur  *ihi."
v..ms very truly.
Regent Kuskanook Chapter I 0 n E
e'i'ln* following is tin- communion*
titen mentioned above   i
Toronto. Sept  "th, 1911    Dear Mu
dam:    An appoal has como hy cabli
to   tin*   C.*lltl*;ll    lt.*.i   Cross   llllll    llu*
Canadian   War  Contingent   Assocln-
■ached their objective, lie i
give nn address In the Baptlsh Church I out with .vonnds nml loft In
on Friday evening at s odock.   Mrs i hole.   Tin* r.tui* I soldiers am su
i* Spofforli is a well known lecturer j modest, they will not t.*ll of tlieir ox-
aiiil tlo* .*Iiiii*i*Iii.s are uniling tie give P'oits nml ll is ilifflcllll to obtain 'I.*-
her   u   very   hearty   welcome.     Her . tails
iiouhl   topic will 1 rh.* Price of Victory."     "•*■''■ (il,s*** nh" ls "''"' "a tonight.
Everybody welcome. i'''" Cranhrook with tin* *.4th Battalion
,1 was dratted tei tin* 10th Battalion,
tlon, ami tin* needs
1 ! av.* been nsked to keep the n.uiiile-
iers nf the Kiniiire fully informed,   1
know Mini I have a ni I > to bring tliem
en ymir notice t.. ensure your prompt
anil hearty response,  or course snrk.-.
ire alway   needed and nll the   otlier      An np
articles mentioned In    "War  Work"   tli.   Hull
ni    wanted, lent It happens Him    tin*
following i.ttliles un* especially nenl-
.'.1 ai t'ie i resent time:
III   .VI.   -lur   e-nps   mi,,1.-   ol   ilo1,
-ir -i i*i> . iii wlih flannelette with
onr>flaps, nattorn to he obtalnod at
ihe head olllco eef th.* Red rn.ss.
twonly tiiieiisnnii  wanted as quickly
lis possible
i2i Personal property bags; fully
llu 'I'll.'..lay of tills week Patrick,
Frances Phillips ami Qrogory were
charged with stealing a heifer belonging to Hi,. Sisters of Charity, w. A.
Nisieet appeared for tiie Prosecution,
nml Geo .1 Spreull appeared for Patrick. Phillips nml Gregory pleaded
urgenl ileal   guilty nml Patrick pleaded nol guilty.
\fter legal argument  th.
idjourned for a week.
1*11 Sl*    WUS
Mil IllllfS' ( OM TOUTS
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
mmsysftssitllfsH   df/lmB   lifts*   tr\*s.ss   t*\fm**s
The Annual Tennis Tournament of
the Cranbrook Tennis Club lens heen
cooipleted for another year, after
many hard fought buttles. The following Is the results in tlie respective
Ladies' Singles—Miss Edith McDon-
Men's Singles—N. A. Wallinger.
Ijielics Doubles— Miss A. Woodland
and Miss E. McDonald.
Mixed Double's- Miss Dora Py
Mi*. Burgess.
M.n's   Doubles    1*.     liarrett
Saturday   Special
Paper Covered Books
II; sucli iunion* uritir- m*- I liurle-s (tarrU, Ralph < "liter. Mr-. Hull*
Kfrford. HaroiiPr- tlrczj. Kidenfll l iilluuu UelaJtlf Row lands,
Horlce t.fnml. B, fl. Rpomim. etc.
Saturday Only, 3 for 50 cents
I'rrM'rliill'in* a S|i->-riull*.
rromjit Serf Ice Our M«Ho,
Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
IT. J. ATnilSO.N. Manager.
ni hii« boon received from
tr Military Saiminrlum fur
ar.OO bulbil to in- nlnnted thin autumn
uml tlit* Suporlnlendenl SnldU*rs fom-
furts, ",1" I'nlt, wlll bo Kind to r**-
colvo donntlonB *>r bulbs, nr proini^s-s
tlmi they shull ba forwarded to Balfour, so thut tlw* entire number may
bo Bunplled,
Th.' following i« -< copy ot   tin*
requont:    500 tulip, doublo,   white;
."itio tulip, «liiKle. red; 400 daffodils,
dOflortbed nn page 's of "War Work",   double;    400 daffodils. sIiirIp, tniin-
Cauadlan Scottish, then in the field
near the famous HM 00, on the Vpres
front, where tho linns poured u (''instant storm of *-h**]|s from .lune* liiid
tu tin* 13th, 1910.    10.000 casualties
occured   in   1'^  day**.,  three  lines  of
trenches each 5,000 yards in length
wore scattered ami torn npt ami the
German host in tens of thousands nd*
vnnced in a resistless wave and captured tlio i^r.-nmi.    Mr, ..<*.-- nnd hli
comrades won* called t" charge at the I
doubto nulck, throwing overcoats and;
kit away thoy ndvanced tn Bupporl |
the 15th  Battalion, and to stem the
advance ot' tho Qerman li<**-ts. history '■
win  record tin* acts or valor ner-
formed. and here onr friend Mr Qobb
became a casualty, one of tin* survivors who llvos to toll Hn* -tory.''
"We also have with ip Kr Mac*
dougal und Sorgt, Dexal. an old warrior who wlll speak for the other boys
These heroes aro not talkers, hut
fiKliti'rs who havo done "their bit".
When those hoys lefl amidst tin* "hnr- j
rails" of all. We |iroinist*d in ^-iiiM-ori ;
Women's Institute desir_ to
express their sincere thanks to those!
who kindly loaned motors for the use
of delegates at the recent conference.
to those wiio assisted the choir, nnd to
all who helped to make tho conference
a complete success. 41-lt
i,\\<.i>  prnviiER
<>*i Sept, 24th, rn Medicine Hat,
Mln., by Rov it t; Blundoll ot the'
Plrst Baptist Church, Medicine Hat,
Curtis T l.ani'.lii of the Baxter and
Uniln Lumber Co., of Fort Steele,
was united In marriage to Miss Gertrude V. Fowler of Ht. John, N   B
The bride was a member of the St i
.lohn teaching staff for the past few
years. After Bpendlng u few days ot
Pincher Creek, Alto.. Mr. and Mrs
i.ani'in mme to Crnnbr ok and ore
residing on Burwell Ave
I.   From Hit*. A inieiiii i of Business Done,
I.   Hj Siuiliii. |u your S nil llu* ll.il, Httiiiiniiit! Del 15
Knriinir Ort. 80th.
An) l.«<l> or OnfN Suit. Except  IVIiJtc
French Dry Cleaned and? ressed for Sl.50
(iK'l (II T I'll Al  WIVTK It Sill   uiul   (.in    ||   ei    Xc-
l.cilse nn I.ill*.
.ruMmm*   Auime
(IMMtlMHth. K. ( .
v,lth   to  thank   tl.e   ladies  for
Itr.ndkerchlefs :
see Wnr Worli,
twenty thousand per montii aro neoti-
I ed.   They can be made of scraps of
i cretonne, chintz or gingham.
I     CI)  Housewives;  see "Wnr Work".
K. Woods, K. Owen. R Owen, H. Wil- I jmRn m
Hams, II. Parker, .I. Parker. (<|    Buttoro|otIl
                 j iif-tnmed;  I:' by \.
IIA ItItV McVITTIK IHKM AT ■nn«p lfl , „     ,   ,  .,
IM/.II.TON     II, C*\    tr,) SlirK,1,,l,s' operating gowns; see  ynlescent Hospital. Vancouver
' Wnr Work page 14.
Tho  sudden  death  of  Mr.   Hurry       <(it "ed Socks, knitted or like huge
McVittie. postmaster at Hntolton, or-   boots of tweed or serge, lined   with,
ourreti on October 2nd.   Mr. McVlt-1 flannelette,
tie had been In this northern country j     (7)   Par
pet shaped; 400 N'orclssua; 700 Cro-
cusses; i!0fl Snowdrops; 10 Cloy
Plower pots. 4.«", .1.7'*. ::.S"; l bushel
lawn grass seed.
Those willing to contribute will
please communicate with The Superintendent Soldiers Comforts, "J" Unit,
M. ll. c. Command,  Shaughnessy Con
them with our lust man and Inst doi- backing tip the boy-. In tho trenches
lar; have We kept our promise? Lei \ ami for the many comforts they siip«
the politicians answer, ami amend, piled, w_ also wish to thank you for
their ways". Lthla splendid entertolnmenl and also
"I   now  ask  yon  to drink  in  thc   the Choir for the beautiful music."
henlth  of  the   Volunteer  Soldiers  of      The President. Mrs. Macfarlane, said
Cnnadn,    coupled  with    wishes and ' that it was a great encouragcmentVor
prayers for their victorious return."      the Institute to know that he soldlert
Sergeant Deznl's reply; received the things sent and thai they
"I have been til the front ami in the : appreciated them. It would Induce
trenches nnd it is Impossible for one members to work the harder nnd to
to fully realize what tlie boysOtove  keep up a continuous supply  which
——— , -     . .,_ !    »■'      .■■•..-        ■ •            ,    ".-,-       ■.,	
"Should   welcome   regular  supplies j to go through.   We want to thank thej was much needed
maple sugar nnd Canadian smoking J ladies for the ninny things they sent She asked If some of the    other
and chewing tobacco.   Remember wo j for our comfort, and .especially the soldiers would like to speak,
have large number met look after."    underwear and socks, and I must say Sergt. Dezal said "the boys asked
Cloth;-;  wanted Immedl-1    Contributions of those supplies   or! we wen* made as comfortoblo as pos- him  m act as spokesman, they had
for many years and was well known, j ntely In very large numbers;  either  money to purchase same will he grate '■ nlhlo under the circumstances," lost their tongues in Prance and an-
He waa engaged in surveying when he I knitted or mude of Turkish towelling.! fully received.   Contributions of mn-1    "] have seen thro,, ye; rs of service other thing, he believed they  voted
name north and about five years ago   o by »; see War Work, page 19.           I ney to he sent In Mrs. John nrure. j and though!  I  would be a Urlgndlcr against the women's franchise and felt
wa« appointed postmaster in Hazel-;    All hold Comforto no mentioned In I fit) Church  St., Toronto. Treasurer   General time I gol back, bul  I am , guilty."
ton. ' He had two brothers, survey-   tbe C. W. C A. pamphlet recently dls-, t\ \\\ 0. A.. Canada.                              alright    Wo   niusi    look   after   tho Solo hy Mr. Toombs "Mother Mo-
patehed are needed, but tho following             Sincerely yours,                        boys at the front, and wo need to oh roo,"
cablj from Mr. J. O. Colmor, Honorary I                      Mary it. (looderham.     look after the soldiers' mothers »•■. Mrs. Howe of Noloon and Mro, Ashby
1 Rpcretary, speaks for Itself:                                                              President,   well as the sons (ContlftUtd on pagt tour)
ors nlso, Mr. Archibald MeVlttle, or
Vlctorln, nnd Mr. Tnm McVittie of
Fnrt  Rtfflt.
Tlll'IISHAY. OCT. lllli. Illl"
11 Mutters \»t Whal Vour
Itll'llilTtlll'llls HIT  ill
lie* nre nl ways nl your
.Si-ri ii't*
\\t- im) Hn* Choicest licet
from tin* I.oiiil Itnnelicrs,
liiiKS Till*:
Yon tire using hear
'X)ha Signofthe Shamrock'
—  i nil methods aro
under rovlow by
There s na beller way nl choosing
silver plate ol beauty ami quality llian ht
lank lor Ihe mark "1847 ROGERS BROS."
liis known us "Silver Plate thatWears. "    j
We have  a  complete  line, affording    [
a wide choice.     !i  is  the  original   ',
Rogers  Brollie.j   '.■/are,   the  favorite   i
i'IIom: 10
"(Junlil.v «V Servlee."
P. BURNS & Co.
%. "SS*
jj                  ai.knts
1         BROS
Nl'Vl III till. I'OSl lllli,.,.
s.iiii nt  -.ilverllsoil I'rlees
particularly roquootod that
[torusted in Lhe mining Indira-
UM si nti to Uh* Herald short
:t ,'iiy new discovery or now
occuring in tlit* District.
These noto! v ill be carefully written
up nn i v ill appear in this column.)
Tlu* si. Mu-rys l-i*kt» Ituad
An Injustice Is being done to the
St. -Marys Valley by the present condition ot" thc road between Marysville
ami the foot ot the Lake, especially
by tin* pari wliere tho divergence is
mado from tho situ of the old rond to
carry tiround hy the Matthew Creek
bridge This pari la : bout three miles
in length and is in nu almost imposs-
l'll Jl CUAMIIMi.f-K   llll.VI.ll
M. A. Uii), Manager.
H, \. Ilea I e, Si'crottirj  mid  Kditor
(rnnhr.Mik, It. t.. Ocluber Illh, Mil'
1   V.
v,. n. tiKtcc
Hours ii a.m. to 8 p.m.
Huncr & Short Orders
asonable Prlceo
! s
Table   for   Ladies.
HnltL Frame, Prop.
Krcsli Itn-uil, Cakes, Ties
nml Pastry
Phone 37
Norbury Ave.      Opp City Hall
Meets   every
Monday night
at Fraternity
Hall.     Sojourning   Oddfellows
cordially invited.
13, II. McPhee      W, C. Adlard
Se,cy. N. Q.
-f'ruiihrmik, B. (!.
Heetfl every Tuesday at 8 p.m. In
thn Fraternity Hall
It. C. Carr, C. C.
P, de Vere Hunt, K. R. & S.
P. O. Box 622
Visiting brethren  cordially Invited to attend.
Meeta In Mnplu Hall second
Tuexday of every month at 8
p, m.
Membership open  to  British
Visiting   membori  cordloily
E. V. Ilrake.        J. F. Lower,
President. Secretary
Meets 111 the
Parish Hall
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every montii
at '.I p.m.
Pres., Mrs. W.
B, McFarlane.
Secy, Mrs. J, W. Burton, P. O. Box 021.
All ladles cordially Invited.
Cgnsidornblo disappointment lias
been generally expressed that the -Military authorities have nol seen fit to
appoint a Military Medical Hoard for
This omission Is causing much In-
convenience and expense to those who
are now liable to call under the Military Service Act.    it necessitates   ti
trip in Kernie, being the nearest Medical Board.
The city authorities and the Board
of Trad.' liave taken the matter up
energetically with the Deputy Minister of Justice tin- Medical Hoard nl
Ottawa and with Col. tackle, H. 0. 10.
nt Victoria
The Cily clerk, having occasion to
visit Fornle mi Wednesday took llio
matter up with Capt. Urquart, President or the Medical Hoard Ihere, pointing oul nol only the injustice to tlie
citizens of Crnnhrook, but also the
additional hardship placed thereby in
the men al Klmborloy and WyclilTe.
who it' compelled to go to Fernie
would lose from tliree to four days
Cnpt. Urquhart kindly promised to
use his influence to have either u hoard
appointed al rranbrook or to have
authorization for himself to come to
Crnnhrook for a certain stated period.
No more appropriate name could
have been selected for the new National War Loan which is shortly to
be. flouted.
It goes witiiout saying that the
Fourth Domestic War Loan to be
known ne the "Victory Loan" will bo
Immediately successful. Money i* urgently iiocossnry to ensure victory to
our arms which is daily becoming
more certain, Ihe victory lea.lim; to
an abiding pence. The Loan is required to meet the Increasing cost of
maintaining tin1 Canadian Expeditionary Forces, to supply additional credits In Canada to enable Great Britain   and   tho   Allies     to     purchase
Agricultural products, munitions and
other war supplies in Canada.
The money market of the United
States nnd drool Brnltoln are now
practically closed to Canada and the
Qovernment cannot count on tho large
outside subscriptions thai were oe-
citretl iu the preceding Loon, so it is
fairly up to tlie people of Canada to
foot tlie bill.
To enable as wide a distribution ss
possible it  is hoped every family In
Canada   will   make  preparations    to
purchase n Bond.   Fult particulars of
the new Loan will be announced shortly     In  the  meantime  let us all    he
prepared to pay a llttlo more than we
! can afford, regarding it as a patriotic
; privilege  and  a  sacred  duty to sub-
j scribe to tho Vii n.ry Loan when it h
issued, thereby Insuring it aglganttc
success.     It Is the price of freedom.
j Prepare to subscribe to tlie new
Victory War Loan.
Every dollar subscribed to the now
War 1.0nn helps to protect our boys
) at the fronl.
.    Tiie Imporotlvo noed of re*lnforce*
I ment  of the  Canadian   forcOB at  the
I front is glaringly shown by the nol
{ shrinkage during  ity-    pasl    otghl
I montlis which Is placed al  .2,(138.
The Rod cms; workers are In ur-
| treat need of supplies for onr wounded
I soldiers, Tlie knowledge of the f:ict Is
j all that is necessary to ensure a lib-
; eral response from the citizens of
j cranhrook
a l'l
mute for ii  motor
nine iii.- prico of ii ;.
nroucross tills now v
tiy Road in Dublin,
1 of
1   i
IE   1
'I a
Marysville side ot i
enough, imi il". lint
la ii torror,   Nolhlni
II' 1
I 111
JO   1
. l'ii
ill i
I'llOIICSH    run    lee*    I'll
ricl    Why nils seal
in 1
eiTnlslcnllv  nogloeioil
Is 1
sllily  II  may   In*  tlio
II   <e
i-iiiiil nuthoritios tee re>
nt i
ii* iilil rond anil restor
i. Ih
< le
I't* ii   ought  III Tn*. th
tt is
, II
Id site. Certainly something should
if done. Either iiie present section
should bo surfaced anil rendered passable for people going ill to examine
mineral properties in the uilliy. or
else tlie old road should be restored.
Any one familiar wltll mining matters
knows how essential it is to malic
smooth tlie roads and tlie trails to the
loot of the man wltli the money, Me
is tho man wlm, if lie has to rough it,
wishes to rough it as smoothly -as lie
'■au, Thu means of his doing so Is
a tip tup Investment for tlie Province.
It is om* thing for a mining man tn
see  a   property   when   lie   feels   i'resh
.mil i
a red,
oil   gO
■r for him to see it when lie is
lagged and worn out witli bod
and bad roods, It is the pros-
cm! claim owner who pay tiie
very important refractory ma-
called   mngneslte   should   be
between   Eagor    Siding  ond
This ls a carbonate of mug-
Licensed by Prov. Government.
3poclal  attention given to Nervous and Rheumatism vnttnn by
Vlolcl Itai Treatment
Hulld   up   the   system   nnd
steady lho nerves through Electric Vibration, Internal Exorcise
Violet Hay and Ozone, a perfectly natural piocesM,
London, Oct, 8—General Sir Arthur
Currier told a Canadian newspaperman today that the troops in the field
want more men whether tbey be
raised by conscription or by voluntary
"So far the morale of the Canadian
troops lias been well maintained."
stated tlie general, "by knowledge that
reinforcements nre always forthcoming.
"In tlie last action onr casualties
were only one-third of the (ierman
losses as we had accounted for sixty-
nine of their battalions. The enemy
has lately retaliated hy numerous
counter attacks but these have been
successfully uct by new plans."
lesito, pure and whlto i ncolor. but
hading Into brown where iron is
■ ■resent, und iron Is generally present
iwlng to the percolation of iron oxide
hrough the waters which find their
'.vuy Into the minutest cracks and
crevices iu the rocks. Magneslte is
,iow being very carefully prospected
for all over the Province. It If always found in connection with serpentine rocks and, ns pointed out iu
these Notes some weeks ago, the serpentines aro very well represented indeed between Kagar and Wardner. It
s heavier than quartz and looks some-
.vliat like limestone, it is used exten-
dvely for the manufacture of wood
■nilp and also  for  tlie floors of the
pen hearths used in the making of
open hearth steel. Magneslte is almost Infusible and bricks manufactured from it arc used for thg bridge
.vails of furnaces where exceptionally high temperatures are encountered. The area mentioned would psy
well for prospecting both for asbestos
.md magneslte. The recent discovery
of magneslte near Allln Lake In the
extreme north west corner of the
Province hns attracted a deal of valuable attention to that district.
The materia) called tripollte is an
other for which men who live In tin
open should keep their eyes upon, lt
is always a pure white and looks very
like common chalk. To the feel it
is a little bit harsh and dry. like quick
lime it is remarkable for its lightness. It Is used quite extensively for
tin* making of scouring soaps like Old
Dutch Cleanser and others of that
type. Another most important use
which lias been found for it Is In the
manufacture of brick for preventing
heat radiation from steam boilers and
for this reason It is used 'm the radiators of the l)oble Steam .Motor Car
which is now attracting bo much attention. A brick can lie heated to
whiienesj on one side and the heat on
Hi., other wlll not he sufficient to
llghl n match. Tliis stuff will probably be found  where a  stream has
• Ul Its way through the lied of some
old, dried up lake. Tin* points to
keep  lu   view   are   ils   whiteness,   ils
lightness aud the peculiar dry feeling
it glvon to Lho fingers whon rubbed,
it is quite soft and easily crumbled in
tha hand,
It  Is slated  I lin!   the   I'nited  States
have placed  an   embargo ou   the  ex-
portatlon of iheir sulphur, giving as a
ground for Mint decision thnt they
require tlie horn* product for tlie production of munitions needed in the
war. At any rate, there appears to ba
a demand for sulphur nt present. We
have none of It In the pure, or native
form near Cranhrook, but it is snld to
occur lu quite extensive beds not I
from the South Fork of the Old Man .>
River, near Old Man's Lake, a little
enst of Crows Nest Station on tlie C.
P. It. It should be sought for on the
norih and nortli east side of the lino,
Tliis occurrence is not recorded in any
of tlie books dealing with minerals lu
Canada, but is a matter of common
knowledge amongst all tlio old-timers
who used the trails through the Crows
Nest Posh between ll. ('. and Alherta
hi the pre-rallroad days,
I'laflii-uil Petroleum Company
The (''Inlhcad Petroleum Company
which was operating along Sago creek
and Kislianeeiia Creek In tho South
end of tho Flathead Valley, appears to
have fallen on wil nays.    It* flnun
the authorities lu the states. The
Company had quite n few Investors in
Crnnbrook und Us vicinity. Time was
when the malls wen* cluiaked with
literature from Spokane about this
concern which was under the wing of
the Spokane Oil Exchange ami thc
control of Messrs. M. D. Couch and W.
E. Maun. These men appear to have
dropped out and the t'ompany is now
in tlie hands of a new batch of directors. The old board sold shares producing over $200,000. Their assets
consist, mainly, of two oil drilling outfits which are said to liave cost about
$30,000. The discrepancy is said to
have arisen from the cost of selling
shares, costs of transportation of supplies and so ou. As specimens of the
lithographic nrl the share certificates
are ItttOI'OBtlng, but. for financial purposes their usefulness has to be demonstrated, I'uli! that is done tin
money tliey cost can he charged up !<'
om* Experience Account where plenty I
of good money went before
'ltnillNSON ntl'HOE' HERE IMT. \hl
in  nfrorlng   his super musical ox-
trnvagansa,  "Robinson   Crusoo", for
Hie approbation of the Canadian and
American   thoatro-golng   public, Mir.
I-'.   Stuart   Whyte  does   so   with     tlie
substantiated belief Hint light enter-
tntnmonl is what the people want and
need in stirring times like these. In
order to provide for thnl need lie has
mnde   the   production   of   Crusoe     fl
thing of beauty with lights, laughter,
love and lilting melodies.
The following lines, which appear at
tiie head of the program, aptly convey tho spirit in which the entertainment is offered:
it shall not make the image lade.
Thai   fills ihe yearning heart,
Nor make our sorrow masquerade
In sonic unworthy part.
Pbe brightest scene, the sweetest song
The gayest jest, shall he
Only to  help the hour along
Prom Now io Victory.
Who help the waiting hours along
Twlxt Now and Victory?
Our laughter In a world of less.
hi time and lune is set.
Willi they who laugh their way across
The shattered parapet,
o happy soldiers, is it wrong
To sing iM ii laugh, as we
Since tiie beginn'.ni; of the prisenl
wm, Mr. White has h'MU fourteen wn
from his company to the front anti
has given countless benefits for lho
patriotic and Red Cross funds.
The members of the "Robinson Crusoe" company are all honorably exempt from military service.
The first three American blackface comedians whom Mr, Whyte iiad
engaged for the part of Man Friday
were either drafted into or joined the
U. S. army before rehearsals started.
However, he finally secured an old
minstrel mnn for the part and the
show goes on.
"Robinson Crusoe" will be offering al
the Auditorium Theatre for one night
only. Thursday. Oct. 8611).
I   liave been coiidm
campaign In Southcri
the last year, endeavoring ti
prairie farmers nnd entile ni
ested in grazing lands, etc.
Kootenay.     There   is   no  del
large tracts al present, bul
number of people who are a
procure a ploco of
mountain district  vv
of raising live stock can hi
In.    I am in a  position to assist nny
one in East Kootenny wishing to dispose of their land at a price that will
justify its purchase for grazing purposes.—Address    P. 1.uml.   Mux ISO,
.ethhridge. Alberta.
Coal milling rights of tbe Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Vlberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-West Territories and in a portion of tlii! Province of Hritish Columbia, may be leased for a term of
twenty-one years renewable for a further term of LM years nt an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more
than 2,500 acres will be leased to one
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant iu person to
lho Agent or Sub-Agent nf the district in whicli tlie rights applied for
ire situated.
Iii surveyed territory the land must
Iiu described by sections, of legal subdivisions of sections, and In unsurvey-
•■d territory tlie tract applied for shall
he staked out by tlie applicant himself.
Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate
of five cents per ton.
Tlie person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coal mining
rights are not being operated such returns should be furnished at least once
a year.
The lease will Include tbe coal mining rights only.
For f ill information application
should be made to the Secretary of
thn Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or tn any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister ot the Interior.
X. B.~Unauthorized publication of
'his advertisement wlll not be paid
Pure Blood
You can keep your blood in
good condition—have a clear
skin, and bright eyes, by taking
lawtaai Sal* of Any Medlcino in Ihe World.
Said ...rrwhere.   In boact, 25c.
. n 1.1 i. 11 >
i dlirlna
gel tho
ill     K-l ll
mini   I'm*
sinus to
,1 in the
engage .i
in Canada
For lliii'iy-iit'.'' years Giant
Powders hav*.* been made in
Canada. They >.•••- .he first high
explosive:, ,. . •*'.'■.. in the
For years the Giant chemists studied the
needs of British Columbia land clearm
They prepared an explosive especially
for stump blasting—-Giant Stumping
Powder, the first cf ils eilass. Hundred,
of tons of this improved explosive are
used every year by Bii'ish Columbia
farmers, lumbermen, and contractors.
Be sure to get thi* genuine
which suea furihct pnd bre^Kb
up ihe stumps better thun
ordinary explosives,
■■The larmei * iya P of. O. Ii.
Bailey, '■' »h " *'; ne an .'-.plosive
prepared eep**! inlly tor his work;
tints thnt i-.tunda Bll ordinary shocks
of handlinB and iraneportation and
easily trctie, ' *
Thousands ol formers hav« taken \
tliis   advk-e  and   liave   luund   that •
Giant  Stumping  Powder always .
saves then money! time and tabor, j
sent free
Mark and mail the coupon today and we will
tf nil you our valuable
illustrated book which
shows how to cut down
the cost of netting out
the slumps.
Free Book
Vancouver, B. C.
«'*i,l nr nv.*r book, "lleuer Fit mine
tit Ciini Stomping t'ou-det."  I »m
Idle lied in thr .ubjeni which l have
ttked -\;
D Stump Blftitinr
1 I Boulder Bltitinf |
Li Rood Ma kin.. 100 ■
□ Tree Bed Btaiting I
| 'J Ditch Blaiting I
■ C Mininr-Quarryini ■
I ■__,  |
Oct. 25
jj The Biggest .Musical Show of the Year
Prices $1.50, $100
Children 50c
St'itts  new  iiii  Stile ill
- * Sl/ftCP ■ MUSIS'A l Ex TR/l VAC A NZA
The Mo^h
Fa son at imc i/irsion Ever Stacco
and a Company of Fifty People
two acts i:i.i:vi:\ si i:m:s      sososgihts
In tin. K-leili- nt' tin. Int). Iliiilil I..
NOTICE is liorol)}* -llve-ii tluit BMllc-ll
tollUom '-'111 lee* rocoiVQll ley tin? m.cier-
. nlgnoil.   Iloimlil  Hownt,  nrriclal  Ail-
! lllllll.trill, r  illl* tho ItbOVO e.-etiite', met
! Intor linn, noon mi tho ir.ili day eel
'. Octobor, A  I)  11117. i'i i* tlio puroiime
eit 111,4111,  tool    eu'   morolinntnblo
tlmbor consisting oltioflj nt nino nnil
flr trom the following ilooorlbotl lamia
I    N.w.', ol B.W.M ot l.en r.li.
.\.|.;.', if l.nl ilf.S.
x.'.j nf s.i*:.', nf Leu :ir,s.
'    \V."j of Loi BBO.
I    Tho abovo iantia aro Bituntotl in tlio
vicinity nf Dorr, 13, C,  Two i'it yonrn
win le,. nllowoii for tha romovni eef the
nbove  timbor.   Terms:   Cash,    The*
liiKlie'*-! eei nny lender not necessarily
* ncoc[Hot1.
Itoimiii Hewat,
orriclnl Administrator,
fcrnie Electoral District.
there will be offered fen* enlle Iiy enili-
lie- miction nt tlio North Slur Hotel,
nt Klmborloy, n. ('.. on Mondny tlie
ir, dny of October, 1»17. nt R.80 o'e*loe*li
in 'lie afternoon, certain lots In the
Townslte of Kimberley, list und nlnn
of which enn Ite seen at the Government Office, Crnnbrook. n. ,', mil nt
the North Slur Hotel, Klmli'l'l-y, n. C.
Terms: One Itnlf ensli nnd tlio bslnneu
te twelve, months, with Interns; ni
<i'. per nniitim.
Crown (Irani Pee $10.00.
Haled nl Crnnb-oi It n. i'.. Bnnlem-
 • iSth, 11117.
N. A. Wnlllnger.
C.iv.rnnier.t Agent.
Theje Men Will Help You Decide
Are you liable to be selected (or
service under the Military Service Ad?
The answer to this question it
being made readily available (or you.
Remember that the first class to be
called includes only men between the
ages of 20 and 34, both inclusive,
who are unmarried or widowers without children, those married after
July 6, 1917, being deemed single
for the purposes of the Act.
Medical Boards are now being
established throughout Canada.These
Boards will examine, (ree of charge
and obligation.all men who wish to be
examined as to their physical fitness
for military service. They will tell you
in a very short time whether your
physical condition absolves you from
the call or makes you liable for
_ It is important that you obtain
this information as soon as possible.
A certificate of unfitness from a
Medical Board will secure for you
freedom (rom responsibility under the
Military Service Act Irom any Exemption Tribunal. A certificate of fitness
will not preclude an appeal (or
exemption on any ground.
In order that you may be able to
BIan your future with certainty, visit a
ledical Board as soon as possible and
find out if you are liable lo be selected.
Your family and your employer are
interested as well as yourself.
htu.d by
Ths Military Seruice Council.    I3t THURSDAY, OCT. lllli, 1917
Eyeglass Wearers
Appreciate the firm but comfortable cling of our Eye Glass
Tliey always qeep your lenses
in optically correct position, anil
wlll not tilt, slip or fall off.
If you have had difficulty with
your present mountings, or have
been lold your nnse "is not
adapted to eyeglasses." come In
and try on one of our mountings,
Your present lenses can lie
put in one or our mountings at
a small cost.
W. H. Wilson
Outlasts 50 Brooms
We have a complete
stock, including:
Hardware & Mill Supplies
Cranbrook     -     B.C.
Kilby frames pictures.
Miss Dorothy Webb ot Bull River
evns n Craubrook visite.l* tliis week,
Mr. iiiiiI Mrs. ti. c. lliill and daughter Itlt tor Medicine Hal een Monday
uiul will reside tiiere iu tuture
Mrs. A. A. Ward nnd family and
Miss Margaret Hurry lefl em Tuesday
for Nelson for a visit,
Mr. And Mrs. C. A. itnldwln and
ami Miss K. Jackson, vvere visit
in tlie city ou Monday.
pleasant evening ivn speui, The degree was ii 1.1 >• oonfcrred on   candidate.   Tho Hebe ■ outerta  llie
President al a tea al llie ae of Mr
Boxtor mi  Wedue d.-.j  aftemi	
In order to have n complete list fur
sending Christmas parcels to Cranhrook boys serviug overbeas, llu* Women's Institute will appreciate tin*
notification of i hnngi * of address ami
al • nauieB and addresses of hoys ,,n-
iisted cince, or not included in the
batch of parcels aenl last May. Phone
215 or write the secretary, Mrs. .1, W.
Burton, box 621.
Mr. Ili'ii .1. I{ili*y. I
proprtotpr ot Yahk,
Hn* city mi Tuosday.
Mr   W   8, |.'ostor
Iransaciliu > Inoss
ndergarten  classeie at  King  Ed-
Iml-  Mini    evorj   aiitolsl    should "'•"''''*   Scl1°o1   fl'"!"    "' '" '- '■""
kin.ee.    C'nrliiiurold   pul.  the  ti  '*' ng. Writing, Arithmetic, Sewing,
eeei'iilnr hotel   ra-ee   , Kllniluntes I'm*     Morc "•'"*'".-.   S'OB'nii   »»d   llrl"     ■•"<"'*
i. visitor in   1'niror.    llorc Mileage.   For -ah* he *r''" *' l"on"1 ''"''' ,c use of books,
I'niiiiiiri* Urn*.. stationery and need
.if Calgary wn
in  tlio Cll)   In-I
Mr   Han  Gralinni,  Barrister
Q. Uarrett, i dvalu
agent lor
s nm- nf Pernie and n former re :    *•>  K K",;"'1 "W" bl* '"'"' '""■*'
Crnnbrook,    was    vh Iting
iw  ""lli.liliisun Crusoe"
Inui   rim,!
i turned lnsl ovo
ii Hi,' Wlndori
ul Mrs. i'l
i; from ,i in
ie Vii lluy
Mr   H   K   Hlgnian  of  Vancouver
n.     ropn loiitntlvo ol Smith. David 	
*,.-,,   Wright,   wholesale  stationers,  in   In
iiu- .-ity thls-week drumming up busl
ui'ss in the iniorests n\ tils firm
Homo innilo ennd)   nili In-  lold ut
iln- Itox Theatre un October Iflth by
tlio si. John Ambulance.
Mr. I**, i'. rt'obor uf Beuttle, \Vn»h„
wns n visitor iu tlie city Inst Saturday
nml ngain mi Tnesdny.
tr - in  ti„* clly un Sunday and   ,:"' '"•   '  '"   "'"'' ™»MiU arrange*
W 'O currying a full line of boots   Mundny '■"''■'    '■"'   ''"   ai'l'ourouce  of  this
mil   bIioob,     Cranbrook    -xoliange,  , lu.w ul the Auditorium on tho nlghl
'""strong Avo, „..   „   „     .   „f Thursday. On   26th    Mr. Oarrett
says lhat Mr, Stuart Whylo's policy
im always been lo jeiv,* something
a lltth bigger mnl heller each year,
t,in thai thli year he Ims reachod the
plnaacle and sel a standard, in the
Miitnrlslsl    (iirliiiuiiiid  oltmlntitosj l>roitm-U if   "Robinson   Crusoe"
curb   'IV) it In iiuir gasoline.   In-  "'''''' ■"- himself wl" "'"l dirticult to
creases jimr nilloitgc» provcnls hack-   eclipse,
firing.   I'ur .uie li) I'iiIiiiiii'i* lire's.
  Mr. I-:. Hnrdaker and Mr, M. Black-
Mr. \V, A, M ly of Vancouver, re-   lord, the two gentlcnion who nn* tnk-
presenting Wood, Vnllanco nml Log-   lng over tho ninnngcnicnt of the Audi-
October lOtli, don't forgol tin* dnlo,   Wit. wholosnlc hardware morclinats,  torluni Tlioatr  the list inst, have:
The St. John Ambulance, Rex theatre,   ls  '"   ""' ,'il*v  ,llis  Wl'''*i soliciting   been  very  fortunate in securing I'm*
nnd "Tha Woman Alone,'.'   Octoher Id.   business   from   tin*  local    hardware)*their opening bill P. Stuart Whyto's
i dealors, ! big musical oxtrnvngaimi "Robinson
Mi*. Oeo. E, Handera if Spoknno,   j Crusoe"  ac wledgod   by   all   wbo
Wash, was a visitor In llio city Tues-     »'r. ''"'"■ Hognrtli, proprietor eef the   have seen ii to ho tho clusslcet inusl-1
elny. a f*m.*st at uio Ccieurook Hotel,   i-'runbrook Hotel, loft for Calgary oo I cal comedy  travelling tlio Cniindiun
  j Friday to spend Thanksgiving  with   circuit   lo-dny,   nml   hooked   tee   np-
Mr. T. P. Uiiwiinsim, a Knight of' his'"''" s{"1*'* Enena and Thomas, who I penr at the Auditorium on Thursday,
tho (Irip, from Toronto, was trims-   are'  attending  the  Western  Canada   Oct. 2(lth,    Tin* Winnipeg Telegram
acting hus ss In the city on Wodnes-   College. Ims   following  tu Buy u t    ii
ilay. ■	
_____ '    Tine St. John Ambulance have nr-
Expert piano and organ tuning, re- ] rnnged tee take over the Rex Theatre
pairing ami regulating.   13. A. Parker, i "■' Tuesday   nftornoon and evening,
plione 811, P. o. llox f.2s, Cranhrook. i October lilth. The famous picture fi- -
  ] Luring Alice Brndy and entitled "The
IVe  "III  receive onlj  u  fen
moro shipments «>f
ieer Pickling, see order early nml
avoid iilsnppiiiutiuenl.
im practical
tier ilia:: onr 1917 Baryp! ■ ;ii
ly .Mokes b;ni conneettoni. gooi
room wltli you. distance no man
hearing tlie use of tlio telepliom
message simultaneously. Alwaj
free inv annotntloua during tlu*
phone ii*-*!**'*- Founded and base
er imt guaranteed Eor i years.  £
ul ■
n y [i
tho bouii I wnnderful-
"'t.uver. aiiona a i 'M Unci ai In .)■<■ same
All iifii-... excluded \lloi *- the hard
Permits 1' persons nr more tn hear u
idj listed and ready. Lenv . the hand
ll   tele-
on scientific principles    Lasting long-
by  Insured mail  for *: nnd  tilts ail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.   Particulars free
Agents Wanted  Everywhere
The Baryphone Co. 174 Front St. Portland, Ore
He used a pebble to
keep his mouth moist—
.-**.. *_2>3*_____
Can you think ol any reason why
th.'rc sli.mill not he one In your
home l
The He'Kiil Film Co. are very kindly
donating the films tee lee, shown by the
St. John Ambulance on October lllth,
"The Woman Alone", nlso n comedy.
Mr, Bert Heard lefl on Monday tor
Jaffray where lie lias taken ovor n
position witli iln* Lumber Comimny
Tin* Bterling Burvol which is hcins
lireaentoil to Mr. nml Mrs. J. .M. Chris-
lie, tuny now ho se,*n in llnworth
Urns',  window.
nn Alone" will In* sin
Fm* this season F. si *t Whyte li
assembled a cast and chorus and pi*
in ken
Itev. Thos. Keyworth, pnstot
Services nt 11 a.m. and 7,::o p.m
nir production Unit    1ms  both of those services tho Ilov. J. faint! a i- ortunto tu   >'■'■'■■ !'  O- ox-pros nt "f the   B, C.
havo i*ci|iiii*i*il infinite care mid alto
tion tu il,'lull unt tu mention expun
nini ri prct ont [he besl work nf n
.Mr.   Fred   I,.  Archer,  Hi.-  popular  litotes
anchor  of  Canal   Flats, .is   visiting    Amer
friends in llu* c-it
week. tloscrlbo   lhe   lieuvi
Mr. Fred Burhrjdge of Wallace, I possible task, howo
Idaho, wns a guest at tin* Cranbrook | mire while lit,, ladie
Hotel nn Monday.
Methodlsl Conforonco, will prouch.
Sunday School k Adult t'lnss :: p. tn.
(la Monday ovonlng Dr. Calvert will
deliver an illustfali.il lecture entitled
ISuropo and   Anstralln, I'nlcstliu. nml llrltlsh Col-
mnn in try tn   umbiu, commencing nt s o'clock. Cot-
gowns   nml ' lection.
lltl   he*  nn   iln-	
Wo  mny  ml-       | IIIMUMIOK BAI'TIST 111111(11
ill!!: Ill' TIIA.NKN
S|ee<-hll Silllehl)  livening Sen iee-,
I'lie Methodist Ladles Aid wlll liielil I Sermons fm- ihe Peoplo   Plain Talks
nl Bazaar on the nftornoon      Mrs, Wnlkley wishes te. thank tin* "" |,|!li" Totilcts.
doors opon  at  ' Lietnbere of tlie Motliotllm Ladltui'Aid Aeleln*ss II   October U. 7.30.   Topic!
fnr tin* flowers sn kindly sent  tier •■what   Cranbrook  Needs."
nf November 171
  Owing lo in., st   Joobn Ambulance   "llM" '" "'" ll""1 '
Mi*. Noel WaHlngor and Mr. Percy   Aa.,„.*.„•„„ *,„,,,,„,. ., ,,,.„„,,, „,g*„ ,t;
.. I'arker led on,Tjipsulpy for Calgijry   ,|K,  -ieJ  Theatre no  ti
nn n business trip, returning in Crnnbrook by car,
\ddress   III   Oct.   21,  7.:iii.    Topic:
"Lf Cranbrook Came to chrlsi"
'■■<■■     '   'lllll illl   Mil    III .u.iii.f'imol Address   IV.-Oet.  28. 1.30,    Topic:
'Cranbrook aftor tli,* Creat War'
Morning Topi,* on Sunday first: 'Hoes
October Milt, tin* regular meeting I
l"v stponed until   the   following| jlmn   „,,„   |.,,„.|, „,„,   i,,.,,,,,,   Vl.,v
l'ii.*, ilny. October 23rd.
of Mrs 11 *
silny.  Oct.
.Mi--   Annie June
hns  le
Phillips tills
nt   Kilteiimtn
Tli.' Junior ll.il fro
Bell nuiiiy . *..:. :-I
Loog tor th glrlj .in.!
from tin-in.
Mr. .I,.lm ie Cnverhll
popular representative
leitl lllll! CO . evil,, in tin
Interviewing hi- many
■i.'ly will
.I.   13th.
Ill-  I'SIIll**
tlnn place,   Mrs  T
.*i! th,- ceremony.
Lloyd Hughes of
C. I'llllllps ii 1 * cute-1
Slnmliii'il in' llinllii in (amp
*-mi |.*i,.|,| It Pay to bp a Christian?"
'    Ottawa, tlit. lilth.- That the aver- Preacher, itev. James Dunlop.
;e iienlthy  man  grows quickly  iu	
ijny  milltnry catnp  life  lens   been Casey   Flnnegnn got Itis lolfo   in-
gives us a wholesome, antiseptic, refreshing confection
to take the place of the cave
man's pebble.
We help teeth, breath, appetite,
digestion and deliriously soothe
mouth and throat with this welcome sweetmeat.
Chew h after every meal
The  Flavour
proved tip tn the hilt since Canada
I will sell „„■ property. The Maple  ,,„„  ,„,„.,,„   „„„.„ ||„.UU]V ,lft(,r
of Wl*..,,,   tlie    Ha"' """ "V* '" "'"•■■"i""*' »'h1'" , ...ring tl,, n
,f w   II. Mat*   h"! '''"" ''"'"" '"""''"''' '""' p'""' "'•  been before,
lm*. cheap tor cash or terms nrrnnged.
iri'i] lust .linn* nn he's ,!>-,,.1 so .|ni,-k
entered the wnr.   Tin* outdoor oxer-     t'asslily-shure*. he must ln,v   luul
rises afford Bcope inr niiicli athletic  » I'ull wltl de Insurance company,
enjoyment, sn tlmt tunny men become	
ll posts little Imt gives a loi of comfort and refreshment. Not
only a long-lasting confection Inn a nerve-steadier, a thirst-
quencher, a pick-me-up. Every i'hri--e*,:a.- paree should contain some WRIGLEY'S GUM.
than thoy havi. evi r
Agt, IV. r'. ll.iran. Ciaiilie -w.k Firlmnge
inpnh. Nevada
tj   !.i** Sal
brook Hotel
Little Davenport
:: i:\is at a i.i. HOURS
Toliie in tin* i. i). iifior
the Shun.
dny  guests ;u th,
Mrs   .1   Bathlc .mil dntlgbter Flor-
- n I Wynndel, arrived In tin* cit)
I.i i rii,i.i.. for ,i sltorl ei ,i »iili Mrs
Waldron McKay „f Burwell Ate',
\i'|ily t., ll. \V Edmondson, Cranbroolt
Mr. am! Mrs s Taylor nini ilattgh-
:- ;■ Mabel, and Mr und Mrs ,1. Henderson nini.eri.d in Lethbridge, nn.]
other points. Mrs Henderson is vi -
King ni Banff and Mrs. Taylor nt Suf-
tlel i wl il,- Mr Henderson Ims returned to tin* city,
Snlilli-rs must In- hcnltlty, and mi'*
i:' t'n .iim- of military training pending service nt tin* from is to brine
tlio men up tn tin* highest stage nt
bodily health.
Mr. It. A, Chlsholm nf Fori st
arrived in 'lie city Tuosday ami
We nr,. ,*,„*rvi,,e „ full lino of boots   """ •'""•"""" r"r l1*™' s<"""'*   '""-■
mil   shoes      Cranbrook    Eicbange,   where Iib wlll .pend the winter with
Irmstroug Ave. Mrs.   Chlsholm,   wlin   Ims   1.0.-11   visit
ine   friends and   relatives there  for
Mr  U   I1"-. f Fish Ukes was   ,,,„,,. nm,
in llii- clly nn Tuesday visielnr. hie
daiiel.L. i Nnrnl, whu i- nlli'mlina
lv in t* Kdward School.
liani'h,   nml    Mr*  'Cnmpboll-Smltli,
i,n>,  iiTi-ivi'ii word nf tl nth nf ,      KOll THK IIOI'MI TRIP
i   mn, .Mr    lm Mnnniiic. ... . t*    Iholr Uncle Mr. Jonntha   II. P. Ferris, 	
led I...   Mr    llyrltmnn mil '    I:    "  "'" known resident nf Kingston.
,-, motored U llu  in., in   -■■ "nt*. »l;" died m 1,1s home Ulydalo | Tlekol.1 mi Suit* Ofl. ."> I" 8
i*   s !n, il   I
i ■ .1.1,1,. i.lp.
"Keys In ll I Health ami lune Life
SN'l'liulll liliuililiiiK Itlmiil limiclililK
elves tn wi'iiln'iiril. run-down poo-
pie tho vury support and Btrengtli
If lie runnot supply you, send ONK
nOti._An, and u lurnR Iwttlo will ho
Hcnt post paid.
Write for n copy of "How lo Kat
und Wlmt to Eat . Snnt lo any ml-
dri'ss In Canada FHKE.
lllll) Homer Street       \ ,\< (II Vill,
llnlh   Itniui  nt   tin*  ndvanced
I olnhty-four years.   Mr. Ferris
i iir.'iil  [irili'-trlnli nml continued \
Don'l mi-- s.'.ini' ii,,   famous pie-   his long walks nnd wns Itnlo and honr-
t....  "The Wm.'i i,  Hone" nt Hi.* Rex   1) up i" a feu hours uf his dentil.
Tin aire  Oi lob r Utli    I'rlees   nfter ' ——.
n  shoa   in   .nni 20c, and IB I      Hnlnrlsls! ,1'sti Cnrbnnvnlil III your
"it lu nvi'iih*;    N'n war Ioj wisoIIiip,  liicrenseil I'teuer, perleel lir.
  iiiili.ii. iiuii'nriii rnniltlisllon nml ureal.
i'n im i i.t  .1   ll, nf I- 'erolvotl   cr    uiilctu."'.    Kor -ah* at    I'litiiieerc
ntiplicntion and exemption forms fm-  llros,
iln- Miiltnr) Bervlco Acl tlii- weok and	
thoy mn)  In- obtained rrom lilm      Mr. J, II Allen of Calgary, the hust-
nppllcntton. lf"R young reprosentntivo nf tin* l*'n-
linens  i'lnynrs  ISxcIiangO,  wns  in  tin*
Mr. nml Mrs. Geo, F. Slcvonson nf ''">' "l's weok making arrangements
N'.'lsnn arrived in th,. iiiy Friday nm! "i"1 lho new managers of tin* Audl-
tltn nexl dny proceeded, vin motor car. torluni Theatre, to supply them "itlt I
mi in tlm Winder ro Vnlley whore  spectal   feature  films  fm* the  liiisli I
they will spend somo time holidaying,   elnss progrnm they pn-iiose tu offer
 , to the moving picture fans of t'ran-
[.arge rooming botiBO on Armstrong  brook.
Avenue tee lei;  ruomcrs tuny bo re- *—*—
tiiltiiii  if ink.n  nv.r beforo i'iiiI nf      Mr. O. P. Brown o( Winnipeg, ropro-
monlh.—Apply to Renin * Blwoll,        sonling llie Porklnj Electric t'n. wns
                       I in the city Inst wcei; Interviewing Mr.
Tlte Junior llenl Croso Society will Hnrdaltoi', ono ot the new managers ot
soil  enndy  me   Saturday,  Oct,   13th,   tho Auditorium Theatre, with n vlow
I k for tho gtrls nnd buy your candy  to installing now euttlpmont in    llu.
rrom llii'tit. tlie'iilrn as soon as they take posses-
iou of Ihe place which will he aboul
I'll tn ■■ I.hull tlii. III. IIIIT
Travel by "The World's Orentcsl
Highway." Tickets, run* und full Information  fi i nny C,  1'   Agont.
II    li'U'sitlN,
Distriei Passenger Agent,
Sliortlmnd, Typewriting nud Bookkeeping at King Edwnrd's School.—Ail
day nttendnnco tin.on it month! Evening classes, Mondays and Thursdays
from 7 lo 9 ii.m., 10.00 a montll! Dally
and evening ntlendanca $l*!.oo u month
ioelivliliin! tuition.    I'l'lvnte lessuus by!
Iln. 1 Till lnsl.
Mrs K. lv Simpson, president of the
Rebi'linli Assembly visited Mnplo Leaf
Lodge Nn. Ill nllii'inlly em Wednesdu)'.
A lari*e tiienila.ii* of sisters turned oul
lie  gre<t   ties   President  anal  s.  vary
rrice £5 cts. JicrkHn'
— LIMlTCr. — ■•*
l*s.;i8l8ft*a   vk.&i*.    ?%'
Get  Behind the Wheel
of a Ford and Drive
TRY it just once! Ask your friend to lei you "pilot" l.i-e car on an
open Htretch. You'll like it, anti will lie surprised how '-usi':.* tha
Ford is handled and driven.
If you have never felt the thrill of driving your own far. there is some-
thing Kood in .tore for you. It is vastly different from j .st riding being
a passenger.   And especially so if you drive a Ford.
Young boys, girls, women and even grandfathers --thousands of them -
are driving Ford cars and enjoying it. A Ford slops and starts in traffic,
with exceptional ease and smoothness, while on country roads and hilU
its strength and power show to advantage.
Buy a Ford and you will want to be behind "the wheel" constantly.
Runabout • $475
Touring   -   • $495
Coupelet   - $695
THE UNIVERSAL CAR    Sedan     -   - $890
Hanson Garage, Dealer, Cranbrook, B.C. PAGE KOUTt
THURSDAY, OCT. llth, 1017
Barristers! lite,
IV. I'. Ourd 11. J. Spreull
TOUT STIlil.t:
lit.  Fie*
inerely a tvomnti who   hn
uu ii onco too soldoni,
i.uls  will   increase  henltti
. ,-,|,nniiuti. rollglon, mora
ni     Victoria papers pleat
I'.iivs tin* town, to hnsti'i
prey, whore automobiles
runts tu en nut tu gn sum
a- tori o
Ill's. Green * MacKinnon
Physicians und Surgeons
Ollice at  residence,  Armstrong
Forenoons  9.00 to 10.00
Afternoons -00   0   4 00
Evenings  7.30 to   8.30
Sundays  230 to   4.30
ship tlle S. S. i 1„
I in the Irish
n  Ills sister, n,
Mrs. ll. I.. T. Galgrslth nt the Agenc.v. „|
Mr, Langley, M   !■:., made a can*-: ,„
ful inspection of the Victor Mine last, et  	
week and made u report to the Mln- question Uie veracity ot either stale- Positive—Convincing   Proof
Ing  Department  on tlte progress of ment. w« -„mi.*, »_, i»-i,ia nt Vinol
the road lo the mine which is now \n* and Mrs. Cooper of College Ave. ,„ ™« Publish, the fomula of Vinol
almost completed. „„,',, Grand Forks. II. C. this week ° »"™ ■**** " *» *•
Sister Justinian  ot the  Industrlnl Contractor Jl. Edmunds and family ''""" \°"at\ _",n_.       .
.,.!,,. .1   !.,„„ ,.,,  i,,    ,, . ...ii.,  , I; Cod L ver .nd Beef PeptoBM, Inta
helu.nl is making favourable progress motored to Fernie last week. ty ,„dManj.naa.p***-ton.t,..,iro-.ad
to recuperation. Mrs ,1. Cnrintchel nnd daughter nnd Ammonium citrate, Lim. taod a.d.
Mrs. .1. T. ilnlbrnitii hns returned two ladv friends from Ferule visited. QiyceropimplistM,Carat-la.
im, Russell declares thai tbe
is nn ornament. Llphardt, Fer-
expert optician, says a roaming
is the hardest nose to fit glnss-
,. nml we have mi reason to
i,m lhe veracity of either stnle-
1)11. F. II. MILES
Olllco in Hanson Block
!e tii in um.
1 lu   5 p.m.
Licensed ley Provincial Govt.
Muturwi) l.i.l lienerul SnrslnL
Mactago nnd Resi Cure, Highest
l(,l,*i*eiii*i-s.   fair   terms.   Apply
MRS. a. SALMON. Matron.
I' o 200 1'. 0, Ren 840
Addrcss.Onrdcn Ave. Cranbroolt
I,Mill,AW  *.  DEWOLF
(Iili nnil .Mining Engineers
II. C. lui"! Surveyors
Mine lAaniimitltens nml Itepurts
.1.  I,.  I* A It li I. It
Hilling Engineer
208-209   lleruld  Pig.,   Calvary,
nml Elko, It. C.
!•'. M
v I'lione '2:
'1.  Night I'lieeie .'IS
next to Clly Hnll
in Portland, Ore., where she «
the winter.
The Rev, Father Lainbont, wlm i,
conllned in tin* st. ulugene Hospital,
Cranbrook, Is raid,lly recovering from
liis sickness.
Miss M. Simislor nni! Miss E. Willi
como si t the weolt-end nml Tlinnki
giving Hay Willi Mr. uml Mrs A. .1.
M\ 111 SVI 1,1,1
Mr Qoo 11,11, I" r,-it ,1 llu- 1! I' public
win-Its depnrtmenl "ns in town mi
Messrs, I'yin ami Sanderson, oiilclals
i,t iln- l-'uresi ilrnncb, wen* in town
mi Monday  Illclal business.
William Irvine, wlm hns fnr tin*
lasi three years lieen loentetl nn
Ronch 111110, lotl em Monday feer lhe
Lnsi wliere lie will In future reside.
Mr. iiiiiI .Mrs. Lea ,, nt' Cranbrook
motored oui lo the Broad View ranch
un   S Inv  nnd  spent   the  day  wltit
.Mr. uml Mrs. Bennett.
Miss Hnl, I, Tibbetts nl' llu* Snlllvnn
Mine boarding house staff, Is homo
sutforing from n rather sever, attack of lilenresy.
Mrs. W. Meat-hen ul* St. Marys Luke
s|,t'tit n tew days litis week llle eetmsl
of Mrs. Handley al lite Control lintel
also visited friends at  Cranhrook.
Tho ltie*al 'Farmers' InsUtute will
meet iiii Saturday at s p.m. nl the
Central Hotel.
Tlm Rev. Tims. Keyworth held ser-
vIcob al tlu* Methodlsl Church on
Siindny. tu u largo congregation.
EI.KO MITES 111   ntllll  llllll
|    Tin. C, I', ll. trains nre sn Beldoin
nil time sinee the new time enril Cllllle
. Into effect  Hint  tlu*  Elko  Board    ul
Trudo u arranging tn holsl llm ring
nn College Avenue when Hie trniti  i
nn  lieeee'.
Jim 'I'liistlelieiik snys lie never lias
I tu sit up ni nlghl iii poiiltlco his con*
iclenee nml asks how nbout yourself
>     When   the   whole     l.lnineil     world
gone   tn   mi.   ami   business
I un tlie bum, a two-Tent grin anel n
Ifted   chin,  helps  snme.    by   gosh,
Teacher eef rlnneeforte
Crnnbrook, 11. C. Box im
lie makes nee fr'nuuls who neve
mado a tm*. In tin* tnennllme lim
anybody Itorc seen tlu* new game wm
petid   tin* lllk Canyon and tails lnsl week.
Tlte announcement thnt tin* price of
boots nnd slums Is tn li,. advanced BOc
... : ni-- reminds us, snys .llm Thlstle-
boak, thnl there Is nothing like lonther
According "e Toronto pnpora lnsl
sn,.,in.- em* uf the prominent preachers took for ills !>•>:( "Is a young man
■ill',**, nml -lim Tliistlehenk snys he
probably is us lung as he stays lu
li. n nre plentiful around Elko this
Autumn. 'I'ln* otlier day severnl wore
seen browsing along Drtrtwood Tei*
Germany seems tu he having troubles nf her own Jusl now. but In the
words uf ibe Trench Poet, "the worsl
I *. jet   tll come. Oil  let   It   be .-.ei'll."
The Government road crow is work
Ing mi tin* Burton Mine Itntiil. Tlu'.'
ilhl snme needed Improvements on tin
mu  River grade,
Tho Indiana are reluming from
I ard  wut,'rs „t tlu*  Elk  nnil  going
:, ■  in Heir  i'.-s"i've un  Tobacco
Plains. At ut Hm charming visiters In llle uiii Historic Burg this Week
wus .Miss Hotty-Holo-lii-hor-Stocklng
who wus tiie guest n! Sit*, and Mrs.
Rhooiing star who were camped nt
Hm Government BrMge. Hetty is one
,i t'.p finest bond end buckskin workers uu Tobacco Plains and captured
i' , diploma at tin- last !l. e.svllle
, .,'nlliy Flower Show uiul tile boys sal
tier   i umpltlll   I'ies hill them  it"  J*(inil
i,-,   i.iiii her hard boiled cuts   -in*t
lie Ileal.
Contractor .1. Br .ley nl' Viciorln I-
n.tik'ng bit* Improvements a! tin* Sun-
i*--> Orchards this full.
\     \ yew York Surgeon clnlme t i lm"*
,,n*. edeil in vrnftlns hair m. ;. laid
in :ul     .lim Thlsllelieal;  sav.i  tin ex
i..in   ul  unoccupied   spuee  a.'iiilnb.ie
1 for experimental purposes cn*i ':* vet
i i .Granted
Miap K. 11. Paterson, Miss Myrn Run
nml I'. Rim. jr.. Roosvlllo, motored t"
!*l!liu Sunday uiul  visited  with  Miss
l !■:.  Mnv  linn.
Mr  nml Mrs.   Sam   Graham   nml
daughter uf the 11 Meat Markel mo-
i inred tn Elko Sunday,
Ml*, nnil Mrs. .1. Hurl nt Fertile spenl
Thanksgiving with Hie Letchora nt
the Square Deal ranch, Roosvlllo
Any woman who buys a bottle ot
Vinol for a weak, run-down, nervout
.otedition and finds after giving it ■
lair trial it did not help her, will
have her money returned.
You see, there is no guess work
rbout Vinol. Its formula proves
there is nothing like it for all weak,
run-down, overworked, nervous men
nnd women and for feeble old people
: mi delicate children. Try it once
and be convinced*
Crnnbrook Drug St Book t'n. Cran
brook I'., i'.. ulso nl lite besl druggists ill nil B, C  lowns.
il'se and Sleernge)
TAKK NOTICE mnl Hnller Lumber
iv, wine.,- oddross Is Waldo, ll. CI,
wlll nn;il) tut* n licence to take ami
use eight i ul et.* ie t per second and
tn store ten uere foot uf wnter oul ni
Pluinbob Crook, which flows onstorl)
nnd ilr.iim. iiitu tin* Koolcnay River
The storoge-dnm will he loentetl n-
bout south wesl rorncr nt' lm 01070.
The capacity .if the reservoir in bu
i r.'iii.ii i., nboul ten acre (eel, uml il
will flood nboul five acres nf Innd.
The wuter will lie diverted from lhe
*lr. um nt n poinl nbout lite tenth
>'i-t corner loi C1G7B1 nail wlll he IIS-
i 1 ror iTi*n'*i\* 11,-.   'i liis im'.i . i*. s
l*e-led on  Hi'  .:  : ■ li  the ti t •i-v
nf October,  l'ii".     \ copy nf iliis notice   iiiiiI   un   application   pursuant,
thereto und in Hie "Water Aet, 1911"
will be [Red in the eellii t the Water
Recorder ut Cranbrook. Objections tn
tlte application may lee filed with lite
sun! Water  Recorder or  with    Hie
Comptroller of Wnter Rights, Purlin-1
menl Bultllngs, Victoria, B.C., within i
thirty duys after tin* first appearnnco
uf this notico in a leeeal newspaper,    :
Baker Lumber fn. Applicant,
A.   II.   DeWolf, Agent.
Tlle elate uf llle first  pilbllcntlnn nf
this notice is October llth. 191".
These cigars must
please or we pay
for the smokes
We simply invite you to try El Sidelo Cigars.
Smoke them critically from tip to butt. Note
their mild delicate flavor, their rich fragrance, their even burning. Then if they
please  you,   well and good,   if not, we  pay.
Here is our guarantee
Buy SOc worth of El Sidelo Cigars (Chesterfield or
- Club House Size). Smoke them. Criticise them.
Then if you are not satisfied with the cigars and the
value given, return the bands to us and get your
money back.
el Sidel
P*      r_TOAT_L
CHESTERFIELD Size, 4 for 50c
LILY Size, 4 for 50c
CLUB HOUSE Size,      6 for 50c
Made from selected Havana Leaf
For sale at first-class cigar stores
McLeod, Nolan & Co., London, Ontario, Canada
Memiiiiiii Itcsliiurinil
Meals ut All Hours
Cluurs, Cigarette! nnd I'unilj
Opposite tlte Bach of Commerce
.lim Sherlock, B. f. advnncc aeon!
j fur   tl.e  Oordon,   Ironsides  „   Faros,
■ long clenr biu-nn nnd summer suns- , of O
, nee Comedy Company,   was   hillinu      Th
Elkn ami Kootenny River points Ibis   splendid Men" followed ley a solo by
'An uld in.lid. Mabel" snys Jim Thistle
Tlle toast tii Relatives nf Hnys at
tlie Front, proposed by Kev. Mr. Key-
worth. "I confess to being somewhat
nonplussed und find It difficult tn understand why il is I huve been called ll|iuli in make thin toast, 1 dee met
tut* ;i moment minimise the mighty
part of the men who have gone   to
iw 1 made brief speeches.     Flanders, und I (In nut take any praise
hnlr   sang   "Hnd     Save     uur    from tin in, lull  il it   were not for tlle
it the war eould not go on, so
(Continued from page onej
irtll   nsslsteil by tlle cluiir.   to-nlghl   I In
■ pleasure iu proposing
elatives uf Hoys at lite
If vou want satisfaction
with vour waslilpp-
neiid it to
Sneclal uriceu for familv
Tin* tniist tii the Women's Institute u,
was proposed by Professor Davidson. Front.
He  said  In* very  much  appreciated      Mr. Wnllinger, responding, said: "I
the hospitality of ihe Women's lnsl!- d it  suppose anyone e*nn realize
lure from Hn' 'itm' he arrived until wlmt tlie strain is upon those who
nnw    It gave bint great pleasure tu have relatives at tlte front.   Anyone
do this although It was his first toasl can g 'ountl witli a smiting face
and  against   Ids  principles.    He  In'- iml Hie thought is ulwnys there,  audi
lloved llu* Institute had between three when we see a telegraph hoy. we feel
and four thousand mombors nud thoy moro comfortnble when we see him I
could get many more.    One    thing going tlie otlier wny.   Tlie only thing
needed was education.   It is lewiitg tn wc enn du is hope.   Tills is nf value
'    llllll, WtMlll   I'm gi eal I se*.i tlie way lite woman have done things in Hie li    which hns sent boys to j
I work, good wages.* Apply to Mrs. Vi. j lhal limy gol llio franchise. He thought the front.   I nm very much impressed
E, Worden, Armstrong Avenuo.   30-tf.   '.he educational campaign wus one eel: by Hie Women's Institute In their work
  . the most valuable things in tite pro- I'm* tin* betterment uf tlte home. What-'
I    I.O.ST   1 einn King Kdwurel's School i vinee. over  iiiiulitientlnii   we get as Cana-
siimll long-haired tabby cat.   name, I    The toast was rospontletl to by Mrs. dlana depends upon  the women.    I
2c per word for first week, aud lc per
word for ouch week after.
nil! SAI.i: Itrclvr Crossbred pullets from selected layers. Apply at
lieralel  Ollice.
Fluff.     Kinder  rewarded.
(HAS. S.  l'AKKKIt
Forwarding  und   Distributing
Agent for
Lethbridge and llretnblll Coal
Imperial nil Co.
lUstibiitliiti Cars a Specialty.
Dint ini* nml Truiisfi-rriiiK
Otvnn prompt atteutton
I'lione 63
SUV KM.Ill \1 AMI li. ii.r cire uiul
saws.   Apply Manager   King'
Valik, II. C,
If you have any
Furniture to Sell
send me full particulars and lowest cash price.
Frank Waddington,
Auctioneer, Lethbridge, Alta.
Johnstone, wlm said "I was jus! think-, hope the women's evork will keep on
ing wlmt ii wonderful time wo have   su nur iiit'ti  will have something to
been having ami how   thankful   wo | come back to aftor the war.
Mill,   ought lo be. to lie living in sucli   un      Tin   choir sung    "Keep the Home
It,   age,   When I Hiitik of tlm olel iiuy-   Fires Burning", led by Mrs. Kennedy.    _        _
 i when ytea would nol gel it motor ride,   Mrs, Johnstone closed tlie much en-        -'- -'■ ■ a|
IIXI'IIIIIM 111  SftlN'OtillAI'IIKItl like we hud this nftornoon, and wnuld  joyed progrnm wilh a few well favored i * *	
wants position.   Apply Herald Olllco. I tint havo the soft electric lights like : remarks, and with tin* singing of tlio ; forence, as described by Hie Suporin-
(l-lt-Mi i we hnve to-night, ot* Hm tolophunes   National Anthem nnd Ood Save Our! tendent of Institutes, which hail over!
 j „|„| „ eroits other things, Wo might 1 Splendid Men lints ended Ihe besl con-1 been held in tlto Province.
Gonoral iionliniii
Koipleeynieut Agent
'. O   Hoi  108 Plione 214
'iiie* sheet. Specialist
Siillsfnetleeti lliiitrnnteeil
Headquarter! for all kinds of
Spokane, Washington
This liouso has the
happy distinction of being tho favorite stopping placo in Spokane
for tlle people of llrltlsli
Columbia We appreciate
this patronngu and do
everything In our power
to make you comfortable.
Our   location   Is   excellent   —
ctnwo lo Qroat Northorn Station
nml o. W. R. H N-- Milwaukee
lertniual, and within a minute,
walk from Hie principal business
houses uml place! of ainnseuie>ut
Nun   Sli'iiiimliln   nn   Ittitef
WANTED tee Ileal Small furnished I tee be thankful lu !»■ living iu such a
bouse, best or litre taken, fall or | time even 111 spile nf tlte war. Every-
t.huiie Dominion Exprons Co.. C.P.R. thing Is electrified, even tin* women.
Depot. 41-11" I It liegtiu wlili the formation nl' tin*
   i Women's Institute.   When ynu huve n
IVAXTKll   Second huml lypenriler! groat deal uf electricity, ymi have lo
Underwood    preferred,   apply    Miss I lmvo a power house, uud Hint power
.Harrington,  King   Uilward   School,   house is Hie Women's Institute,
phont. 290, 41-lt      Conference choir und solo by Mrs.
 _  ! Vdlnrd, "Thoro's a Long, Long Trail".
I'llll SAI.i: Berkshire Hour. Ill ! Toasl to Farmer's Institute by Mr*
months old, also Iteo bran nnd shot* j Sponoo, Vice President Women's lltstl-
.nclis, cheap, Oeo, Jamoi, M.ii-yRVll.i I tut'*, who said it was with great ideu
it c. 41-2t*  sure site proposed it   tewse   tei   tin*
 _ . ) Farmer's Institute   Tin* fnrmors are
I'llll SAI.K Organ, lliimlnlnn orgun * th- tollors ol tin* earth uiul will help
i'o.   piano  shape,  In   splendid  cun    win tho war.    Mr. Mcl'hoo, president
I ditlon, ll Hops, -i ki  swells, cost   nf Hn- Farmers' Instil -apoiided.
. lllll); fur ipi|i it sale »4.r..   Apply Kilby   Ha  cuiiBrtiliiliil.'il   Hm   ladle!  nf  lhe
Armstrong Avenue ni! if   Women's Instltutoon llio splendid lean
quel provided anel said ihey luul been
I,imi Hill HAH   l,ui ms;. Haute   i grenl liolp in tlio fnrmori ami ho
I, Kootonay Dlstrlcl lululng 560  wished tho vory proeporlty,
iu ri . located Ihroo miles west of Solo by Mrs. Aminermtin, "Rickety
Cranbrook, D, C, rallronil runs thru Coo Moans You", whicli wus warmly
one corner of the properly, Tlu* land applauded ami encored,
i adjoins that on Which lite Ens! Koule- . Mrs. Mllllngtun nf Kaslo snld, "Wo
nny Suw* Mill is located, Tins is ex ! huve nil enjoyed oursolvu sn much
' cellcnt grazing uud agricultural land.: and we extend an Invitation tn yon nt
witli plenty of open rang IJolning.   come In Kaslo for your next oinifer*
1 To settle up nn entitle. I offer a clear I once. Our town is stnnli, bu! we will
j title fo this land for $3,110 por acre. ' endeavor to give yon n gonel tlmo. Mrs.
Cash, if you wnnt graxlng litnel, ull MacFarlane thanked hor warmly for
I you hnve lo do is In go nnd look at   the invitation,
It nnd yon will buy it.   p.. Lund, Box  	
1 uo, Lethbridge, or w  P, Burgees,
.'■■■anhrook. b. c. 33-tf. Famous  Wash
It is manufactured
tobacco in its purest
It hai a pleasing
It is tobacco scientifically prepared
for man's use.
Heals Skin
  ]     D.D.I).,  llie  greatest   of  skin   reni-
19 MII.K COWS, sume freshened nud ; edles will romovo thoso skin affile-
some line to freshen tenon; seven of \ He'll* "'"1 lit"'* made your life* a lute*
  den      'iiml   intnlerii lie   Iteb lie.  hum
them pure bred Ayrshlres.
I pure bred heifer 2 yenrs old
I pure bred heifer 1 week old
1 pure itreul imil 2 weeks old,
1 pure bred hull 2 years old.
I Democrat.
1 lioggy.
2 Hlolghs.
John Anderson.
Ili'll,*    linn    it.i i '     iiiii'ii     .inn     iiii-   ii    uiii-
den, Thnl Intolernblo Itching, luim-
lng uiul dlBcomfort will disappear under tin* magic of tlila remedy. It Ims
cured ninny cases pronounced Incurable and will reach yonr case. Wo
guarantee the first bottle 'n brliu' relief,
I Tlie Licr
arson, | T|l< ,.,.„„•„.„„*, ,„„. ft „„„-, Co ,,1(1
West Ifornle. Craubrook, n. C.
A "l! in T Shna Polish* h mn*!a for every nae. For Black Shoes.
"2 in I Black" (pu-ite) nm! "2 in 1 Block Combination" (paateand
liquid)! lor White Cleits. "2 in 1 White CaUe"Jcoli*..) and
"2 ie I White 1 Iquld" (liquid); for Tan Shoeo, "2 in lTan" (paate)
and "2 in 1 I no Combination" (paste and liquid).
lOc Black-White-Tan 10c
F.F.DALLEY CO. OF CANADA LTD.,   ■     Hamilton, Can.
Ladies' Misses' and
Children's Woollens
These frosty mornings and cool
evenings remind one that warmer clothing is required.
We are shawiag a large assortment of Ladies' Sweater Coats
and Sits, consisting of Sweater,
Cap and S:arf in all the newest
weaves and colors.
Chilbren's Sweater Coats, pull
over Sweater and suits consisting of Sweater. Cap, and Pants.
Also large range of Mitts and
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of Canada. Limited
Olllco, .melting and Refining Deinrttnont


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