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Cranbrook Herald Nov 4, 1920

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Array .       *&
./!'(/, Jl
NUMBER    37
Name of A. K. Leitch Is Also
Brought Forward — Choice
Becomes Unanimous
There waB no mistaking tlie tplril
of earnestness and determination pervading the nominating convention of
the dlBtrict Conservative convention
held In the Edison Thea're on Wednesday night ot this week. Every
portion of the district was represented either ln person or by proxy, and
tlie utmost harmony and unanimity
Dr. Rutledge, president of the local
association presided at the meeting,
and A. Shankland acted as secretary.
Twenty-eight votes were cast In the
actual balloting for a candidate, but
a good many more persons attended
to watch the proceeding*.
Wluen the business of Inspecting
credentials and other preliminaries
had been disposed of, the president
called for nominations of candidates
to contest the riding In the Interests
ot the Conservative party. Two names were brought forward, that of
Mr. Thos. Caven being proposed by
W. D. Hill, and seconded by WI. F,
Cameron, and A. K. Leitch, ot Jaffray, proposed by W. P. Attrldge and
seconded by Mr. Caven. Mra. E-
Staples also spoke briefly dn behalf of
Mr. Leitch. On a ballot being taken
it was found Chat by a vote otf 18-10
Mr. Caven was the choice of tba convention. Dr. Rutledge announced
this result amid considerable enthusiasm. Mr. Attrldge thereupon withdrew the nomination of Mr. Leitch
and moved the nomination of Mr. <k-
ven be made unanimous. It
emphasized that bringing forward tha
names of more than one candidate did
not mean a division In the ranks of
the party, but merely showed a determination to bring out the right man.
All present pledged their -wholehearted support to the candidate who
proved the choice of the convention.
Mr. Caven made a short speech ln
acknowledging the nomination. He
reviewed briefly the circumstances of
the last election, declaring tbat the
Liberals had gone in on a poMcy of
retrenchment and the abolition of
patronage, and had not lived up to
either. He referred to his past record as member for this district, sod
predHctfcd that the province wae ready
to again swing back to a Conservative regime. He urged that everyone line up In a united effort, when
there would be Tittle* doubt as to the
A little mlscollaneoua business waa
also trnnsiicted nt the meeting, the
matter of adding some ladles to tbe
local e&ocutlvp being brought up by
Mr. Shankland. On a motion, It was
decided to add Mra. Staples and Mrs
Dr. Oreen to the executive.
At tho suggestion of Mr. Caven himself tho matter of securing a district
organizer wan considered, and Mr
Duncan McFarlane was chosen to act
In this caimcUy.
Tlu> chairman announced that lt
wiih probable the Arot party meeting
WOUld probably be held next wsek,
when Mr. Lome Campbell would be
n speaker. Mr. Campbell le coming
:o the city on business, and an effort
will tie made to have a meeting at
that ttme.
Amongst the delegates from outside
points present nt the nominating convent inn were he following: E. Col-
vtllo, Klngsgate; A. HIgglns and R.
Drew, Kimberley; A. James, Marysvllle. Mr. and MrB. E. Staples, Wycllffe, Den Riley, Vahk, and Mr. Jackson, of Wardnor. Westport, Mission,
Sullivan Mine, Wattsburg and Moyie
were represented by proxy.
An entertainment of a unique character will be given in the Methodist
Church on Wednesday next, November
10th. Tiie artiste on tlUs occasion
will be Miss Prances Nlckawa, a Cree
Indian lady, wlio will givo a recital
of Paulino Johnson's Indian logends.
and other poems, dramatic and humorous. Miss Nlckawa 1s no Becond
rate artiste, but stands out as one of
the most brilliant personalities on Uio
platform. She has given rocituls lu
moat of tho large Canadian cities, and
tho rulo ln every case hus been a
crowded house, whicli showered
round after round of upi-luiise upon
tliis young Indian genius.
IC can well be seen that no program
of greater merit can be desired by an
audience, The leading newsi>a])crs
In Uie Dominion aro loud In their
praises of Miss Nlckawa. The public are Invited to "taste for themselves" on Wednesday next, In the Methodist Church, at 8 p.m. The charge
for admission will be 50 cents for adults and 25 cents for young people.
"Ruckle In" Is Word the Leaders Hand Out to the. Fellows Still Out In Cold
Victoria, B.C.,
October 25.
The vote on the referendum haB
enlivened things around tbe parliament buildings in that the hungry
office-seeking Liberals who were left
out In the cold when the election
was at an end and the present government went Into offlce, now see a possible chance (In the event the government ls returned) of holding the politicians to their word, when scores
were promised easy bertha in the event a change took place ln 1916.
The government has another element to deal with that looms large
and dark on the political horizon—
those electors who voted on the referendum for moderation who were of
the opinion they were to be given a
chance to vote as to whether or not
shipments would continue to be per-
mited Into British Columbia from
other provinces. "This was only to
be the case in the event the Prohibitionists won," they are now told.
Also, the government has been un
usalty active of late In all constituencies at great cost, in an attempt
to hood-wink the electors with promises of work being done that haB been
.promised for years, and now when lt
could not be carried out.
The resignation of Public Works
Engineer Foreman Is looked upon as
another indication tbat the bold
attempt at deceiving on the part of
the government ln making these unheard of promises everywhere and
using the heads of departments as a
buffer when a show down comes
with the electors, will not hold.
Try as hard as they may to keep
down the rumors of trobules within
thetr ranks will not stand, and every clay there are reports of clashes
with civil servants over these matters.
What the platform of the Oliver
govornment will be remains to be announced for It is understood here that
the liquor Interests will demand an
act which will stagger the government. •
These Interests contend that the
overwhelming vote meant the people
want a wide-open province but how
far their demands will go In the making of the policy of the government
■—•■*—■■ j upon which the government will ap-
A proposal ia on foot to reorganize Pin I is the puzzler.    The platform at-
dhe  Cranbrook  District   Agricultural   torney-goneral Farris had worked out
Elect Officers
Old Officers Re-Elected and Delegates Named to Select
a Standard Bearer
Cranbrook Conservatives met last
Friday evening In the Edison theatre
for the purpose of organizing for the
forthcoming provincial campaign and
electing officers for the year.
The attendance was good, which
would indicate that the Conservatives
see ahead of them more than a fighting chance to win out this time.
Dr. J. W. Rutledge, president, occupied the chrflr and Secretary Shankland recorded the proceedings.
Tbe election of officers resulted in
the following being chosen.
Honorary Presidents—Premier Melghen and Mr. W. J. Bowser, leader of
the Conservative party In the Province.
President—Dr. J. W, autledge.
Secretary—A. Shankland.
Executive Committee—Messrs. Dr.
MacKinnon, Dr. Oreen, Lester Clapp,
F. H. Dezall, W. P. Cameron and
Alderman Jones.
Delegates to tbe nominating convention were named, as follows:
Meson. Dr. MacKinnon. Cavln, Cameron, Balment, Martin, Rutledge, Arnold, Burton, E, A. and W. D. Hill,
Attrldge, Hut ley and Marshall.
It la the Intention of the organization to put up a stiff fight In behalf
of the Conservative candidate.
In connection with the recent re-)
organization of the local branch of'
the. Navy League, tt ls proposed to
go ahead with the work of forming a
boys' naval brigade, ll ls proposed
lu recruit at tlie start thirty boys, and
carry on with that number flor a
time. J f it is found that the interest ot the boys and the public generally la behind the movement, there
te every possibility that the size of
the boys' brigade will be increased,
but it is felt Miser to commence with
tlie smaller number to thoroughly try
out the Idea. No official commanding
officer has yel been named for the
brigade, but the following have consented to give some help in the matter of drilling and Instructing tlie
boys, Messrs. J. F. Morris, II. L. Harrison. J. M. Clark and A. E. Leaf k.
Arrangements are pending, according
to Lieut. H. P. Heimsing, Navy League organizer, who has been in the
city this week, to obtain the use of
the Parish Hall for one evening tf
week to be used as headquarters for
carrying on the brigade. The provincial body make provision for supplying uniforms for tbe local brig'
At a recent reorganization of the
Navy League, Cranbrook Branch, Ma*
jor Hicks was appointed chairman,
Mr. N. A. Walllnger vice-chairman,
and Mr. Martin Harris secretary-treasurer. An executive committee has
yet to be named by the local branch,
to comprise no fixed number. Although no real drive for membership
has yet been put on, Lieut. Heimsing
reported before he left that about
$240 had been paid into the treasury
in membership fees. A little later It
it proposed to conduct a membership
campaign, and possibly hold a tag
On Wednesday evening of this
week Lieut. Heimsing was announced
to give an illustrated lecture entitled "Peeps at the British Navy," at
the Parish Hall. Probably owing to
other conflicting even's It waa not
largely attended, though a dance following was accorded fairly good pat-
ronago, snd there will be a balance
available from thla source to help
Bwell the funds of the local branch.
who waa tho choice of tho Conservative convention last
night to make the race for a scat in the Provincial Legislature? nt the forthcoming elections, December let, to represent Cranbrook constituency.
Tho extensive improvement program of tho C.P.R. liero is progress
Ing favorably, notwithstanding the
arrival of chilly weather.
Such good progress has been made
with th© foundation work of the new
Icehouse that work can be undertaken
on construction if favorable weather
ls experienced
Association, and in such an event tho
new body would try to secure a charter and assume a new name.
It te proposed to secure moro advantageous grounds than those which
hare boen used by tho old association
ln past years.
At the meeting of the police commissioners which was held ln the!
olty hall Tuesday evening, there
were present Mayor Genest nnd Commissioners Shankland and Balment.
Nothing of an unusual nature transpired alt the meeting.
The commissioners decided to Increase the salary of Chief of Police
Percy Adams from >160 to |200 per
motttsti. and that of the two patrolmen, Messrs. Johnson and Roberts,
trom 1120 do IMD.
These salaries are mire in keeping
with those paid In otlwr plane comparable ta Craakraek.
Hossland Conservatives were tho
first to place a candldato In the Held
for the forthcoming Provincial elect
Ions, Mr. William K, Ksllng. for over
twenty-five years a resident of Ihe pioneer mining town nnd a former well
known uwspaper num. being named
ar tht standard Iwaier of the Condor*
vntlvi-i In that rldlnp before the elfct-
lon wns announced. City Clerk J A.
McLeod has been named us (government candidate, W. D. Wlllson, the
■present member, who had announced
he would run as a candldato on tho
Farmer-Labor ticket, losing out tn the
Liberal convention, all-hough he was
present and placed In nomination.
In Trail James H. Schofleld. M.L.A.,
wm tke unanimous choice of Uio Conservatives.
It Is understood that J. S. Deech-
arnpe, the Rossland lumberman, who
was to have been the government candidate ln his home riding, but could
not "make the riffle," will oppose Mr.
Schofleld.    '
Nelson Liberals have nominated Jas.
O'Shee, a Nelson barrister, who will
undoubtedly te opposed by Dr. I,. O.
Rose at present the sitting member, a
Local Liberals will nominate a candidate tonight, It being understood that
Hon. Dr. King, at present Minister of
Works In the Oliver government, will
receive tho nomination.
Three- and tour-cornered lights In
many rfdtngs are likely
is said to have been ditched long ago.
That tho government never anticipated such nn overwhelming defeat
for tho dry question is generally believed, and had hoped to be able to
play "both ends against the middle"
bad tho wets met defeat by saying to
the Moderationists wo gave you the
"try-out" now we expect you to support ub In tho fight whon the elect-
Ion lakes placo. But llko nil governments that havo dared to meddle
in tho liquor gamo and got caught,
the Oliver government ls now looking for a loopbolo which Is bard to
The Oranbrook Women's Institute
met Tuesday afternoon ln -the Parish
Hall, when a sale of cooking and
fancy articles was conducted by the
ladles, resulting ln a substantial sum
being realized.
There was a good attendance of
the members and others and tea was
sorved during the afternoon.
Mrs. James Coutts rendered a vocal
solo which was greatly enjoyed by
those present.
Rev. R. E. Pow Goes to Edmon-
ton to Resume Work Along
Former Lines This Week
Close Upon a Hundred in Masquerade Participate in Affair^
on r'riaay Evening Last
The teachers and students of the
High School held a very enjoyable
Hallowe'en party on Friday evening:
last in the assembly hall of the High
School, the guests of honor being the
teachers' wives and ex-students of the
The hall, In koeplng with the occasion, waB tastefully decorated with the
Hallowe'en colors, black and yellow,
and also witches, cats, pumpkins, lanterns, evergreens, etc.
The first part of the evening took
the form of a masquerade, about ninety-five persons being masked. Mesdames Shields, Morris, Robertson and
Principal Armstrong acted as Judges,
and expressed the opinion that on account of lite number of beautiful and
varied costumes their task was not
an easy one. Those winning prizes
Ladies' best costume, Margaret
Home, a witch.
Gentleman's best costume, Reginald
Parrett, the groom.
Ladles' comic costume, Nellie Lewis, a negreas.
(Figures represent percentages)
First tear
Hazel Llmbocker "2. Reene Parker
71, Jean Wilson 69, Clyde MacKinnon
67, Claire Morrow 61. Reg. Parrett 61.
Raymond St. Eloi 60, Evelyn Ander-
ton 59, Lena Brogan 59. Angus McDonald 59, Gertie Chalender 58, Nellie Lewis 68. Charles Musser 56. James Logan 54, Olive Simpson 53, Marg.
Home 53, Gordon Armstrong 52, Ethel Williams 18, Lenore Little 48. Robert Beaton 48. Myrtle-Gordon 15, Albert Grady 14, Alfred Fisher 11, Gordon Woodman 10.
Second Vear
Norman Beech 80, George Hunter
74, Jessie Baynes 69, Vivian Kummer
62, Dorothy Hodgson 55,  Lee Davis
Tiio annual Rally Day Service* of
tho Methodist Church Sunday School
will bo held on Sunday next. The
program for thc day Is an Interesting
After three years of service as Genera! Secretary of the Railway Y.M.C.
A. here, Rev. R. E. Pow retired at the
end of October, having introduced his
successor, Mr. J. M. Clark, Into the
Inner workings of the association.
Mr. Pow leaves the association in
splendid condition financially, having
tided It safely over the later years of
the war, and raised lt from an Indebtedness ot about $2000 to a credit balance of about the same amount.
The rooms are all full and there ls
waiting list,    and there has been
considerable renewal   and   Improvement of equipment.
Besides the general supervision of
the association there has been promotion of checkers, billiards and bowl-
Ing; also boys' baseball and men's
football. There have also been committee meetings, social gatherings and
religious, one boys' conference, one
earn and give campaign and one S.
O. 8. campaign.
Two Red Triangle drives and one
Gentleman's comic costume, Robert M' WInnifred Lippett 54. Leonard
Beaton, a tramp. I Burton 52. Pearl Hopkins 52, Isabelle
The following are deserving of spe-1 Parker 50, Donald Morrison 18, Bun-
clal mention: Jean Wilson, Irma : -c8 Parrett 12, Vera Baxter 11, Verne
Ward and Harold Kummer. | Woodman 10, Muriel Reade 40.
The remainder of the evening was ]    Percentages below 40 not listed,
spent In games, contests and a short j Junior Matriculation
program was rendered by the follow- I Otto GUI 73, Jennie Hopkins 69, Cling: Leonard Burton, violin solo, Jos- Ive Langtnn 69, Margaret Morrison 63,
s!e Baynes, reading; George Hunter Warren Spence 64, Ruth Simpson 53,
(Professor Dumflumasky, graduate of Alma Sarvls 52, Bessie Woodman 51,
Wycliffe Conservatory-of Music). John Moffatt 61, Lenore Hill 50, Era
A novel entertainment was provld-i Molr 48, Marion Drummond 48, Eric
ed In the way of fortune telling by MacKinnon 15, John Woods 11, Mal-
Mlsses Muriel Reade, Dorothy Hodg-' colm Bolsnger 10, Arthur Gill 32.
son and Marian Drummond. Senior Matriculation
At the close of the evening daintyi Irma Ward 77, Edith Cummlngs 73,
refreshments were served, consisting Marlon Mackinnon 73.
of coffee, sandwiches,    pumpkin pie .   *-•-. 1—
and whipped cream. }    Business    in the pollco court has
The party broke up at the bewitch- been quiet this week, only a few
Ing hour of midnight with the sing-
ono,, and a good time Is oxpected.    A I membership drive were bIbo conducted
Mg   rally   of   "Church and Sunday imi ]„,, April tho membership stood
School" will be held at 11 a.m., w*en|at a]mMt big*,.,-.-*, mark,
tho service will be conducted by thej   j-, g^ ms tlATt, w)Ul » gooi
pastor, and addresses given by Mr.
J. Morrison Clark, general secretary
of (he Y. M. C. A., and Mr. O. T.
At 12 noon the regular session of
the Sabbath School will be held.
In the evening at 7.30 p.m., the Rev.
R. W. Lee will glvo. an address npon
"Mission Work Amongst the Indiana
of B.C." This lecture will be Illustrated by over a hundred beautiful
colored views. -
A hearty Invitation ls extended to
she public to attend any of'these services.
opportunity to put across the various
programmes of activities for which
we believe he ls gifted.
Mr. Pow expects to leave by the local Thursday morning for Edmonton,
Alberta, where he takes up the work
of the ministry under the ansplces of
the Presbyterian church.
plain drunks being ou tho docket.
These unfortunates wero assessed the
usual fines.
The case of Archie Fnrquharson vs.
the Great Northern Railway, heard at
Fernle some timo ago before JuBtice
Morrison has been decided by Judg-
Cranbrook Liberals will nominate
a candidate at a convention to bt held
this evening after the meeting to be
addressed by Premier Oliver and Dr.
J. H. King. It seems fairly car-
tain that! Dr. King will again be offered the nomination. Tlie Premier
and Dr. King addressed a meeting In
Nomination day Is aet lor Uw 10th ofj Fernle laat night, and arrival In th*
esttr tmtm today aa ttsm mesom ttttm.
On Wednesday evening of this week,
November 3rd, Miss Violet Evelyn
Simmons, of Saskatoon, Sask., waa
united In marriage to Mr. Arthur William Bird, of Wycllffe, son of Mr,
and Mrs. O. W. Bird. The ceremony
took place at 6 o'clock, at the residence of Rev. R. Erskine Pow, Bur
well Avenue, Mr. Pow officiating. The
groom has nsen resident at Wycllffe
for about two years past, and his parentis war* present at tba marriage ear
ing of "Auld Long Syne," and everyone went away feeling that Hallowe'en
was still the same as of yore, and had
not lost any of Its spirit of mirth nor
Its promise of a good time.
Following Ib a Hat of the costumes:
Eva Molr,    Arthur GUI,    Leonard
Burton, Oeorge Hunter,     pelrrots; j ment being handed down at the coast
Margaret Morrison and Gertie Hop- j in favor of tho plaintiff for 18000.   It
kins, Night; Gertrude Chalender and , is not known  whether the decision
Winnie Lippett, fairies; Jean Wilson,! covers both actions brought nt the
Donna Argue,     Lem.ro Hill,     Irma ! time or not.   If It Is the entire award
Ward, Isabelle Parker, Bessie Wood* j It Is stated the case will be appealed,
man, old-fashioned girls; Jennie Hop-j _
kins, Spanish girl; Donald Morrison,! The .program of the recently or-
Spanlard; Ruth Simpson, Autumn; ganiztd Young People's Society in
Olive Langton, Marian MacKinnon,' connection with tho Baptist Church
Annie Molr, Jessie Baynes, Hallowee'n calls for a social meeting once a
Spirits; Eric MacKinnon, a sheriff; month, and on Tuesday evening about
Verne Woodman, Otto GUI, Warren i forty members and friends of the or-
Spence, ghosts; Jimmy Logan, a lit-j ganlzatlon met at the Church to en-
tle girl, Mabel Finley, Freddie Brlggs, ■ Joy a program mapped out along
Pierrots; Jack Stevens, a clown; Do-'these lines. Miss Alexander, presi-
rothy Hodgson, Marian Drummond, | dent of the Boclety, presided, and am-
Hgyptlan Indies, Ethel Williams, a gip- Jong ths items on the program were:
sy girl, John Woods, cowboy; Don- Reading, Mrs. Woodman; Recitation,
aid Dallas, papermnn; Gordon Wood- Miss Alexander; Quartette, Mr. and
man, desperado; Annie Wirth', Hal-! Mrs. H. R. Hlnton, Mrs. Kuhnert), Mr.
lowe'en Spirit; Bert Grady, soldier; | j. L. Palmer;    Duct, Mr. and Mrs.
Miss Shields, Hazel Llmbocker, Olive
Simpson, nurses; Nellie Lewis, neg-
ress; Margaret Home, witch; Lenore
Llttlo, gipsy: J. Tnylor, a sailor; Eunice and Reginald Parrett, brldo and
groom; Marian Kummer, Turkish lady; Harold Kummer, old lady; Chan.
Musser aad Paul MeNtfU, attttttst
Hlnton. Games and contests wero
also among the diversions of tho er-
basoball players; Vora Bailor, Ireland; Irma McNoill, Bower girl; Helen Leolere, clown; Muriel Read,   Bg-
Full Lists From Public School
Grades Throughout the
Entire District
The school reports of tho various
Institutions of learning covering the
month of October have been prepared
as follows:
Division One— Name* in order of
merit— Absence from examinations
means Iocs of rank. Delia Baxter,
Norma Home, Dorothy McKowan. Hosier Thompson, Hope Taylor. 1-oretta
lxcltrc, Loulso Kelsey. BdRh Clarke,
Marion Henderson. Mildred Clarke,
Joseph Belanger. Trilby Rebel. Norma
Walllnger, Ernest South. Alex Cassldy. Florence Bradley. Connie Bas-
iett. Earl Fennessy, Murrny McFarlane. Eustice Lee. Willie Selbv. Mar-
orlo Burton. Alex. Nlsbet, Wlnton
Manning, John Lancaster, Dorothy
Bassett. Harold Dow. Catherine
Blaine, equal. Wllbert Mlddleton.
Hoy HIH. Edward Spence, equal, Les-
!e Sneddon. Mamie Washington. Wallace Crowe. Douglas Thompson. Margaret Johnson, Nora Finley.
Perfect attendance, 14.
Ulil-ion 2—Class List for October.
First class above 75 per cent.
Marion Atchison, 84.54; Annie Bag-
y. S3.64; Joe Brogan. 82.54; Esther
Challender. S1.16;    Chester   Roberts,
SO.00; Amy WUlioms 79.36; Jean Vs-
Sey 7S.90; Lillian Jackson, 72.11.
Second class—60 per cent—75 per
Norms Parker. "4.45; Daisy Whittaker. 74.18;  Rita McBurney, 74.17;
Arthur   Shankland,   74.09;   Margaret
Horie. 73.63. Henry Godderis 73.18;
Bennie Murgatroyd, 71.09; Marguerite
Starritt.   70.27;   Gertrude   Patmore,
■;5.3; Wilhelmlne Woodman and Frank
Hawkesworth equal, 69.27; Jean Ward,
69.17;    Jimmy Malone, 67.09; Archie
Finley 66.63; Frank Roy, 66.15, Doris
Haynes, 66; Melville Leask, 65.36; Pat
Kennedy, 63.90; Meryl Carson, 63.27;
Edward White, 61.90; Andy Cassldy,    •
61.27; Clifford Fenneeey, 60.81.
Third Class — 50% to 60%.
Ua Slye, 59.S1;    Malcolm   Brogan,
59.45; Bll.ie Taylor, 53.83; Jack Dig-
on. 50.90.
Fourth Class — below 50%. —
Alice Manning, 44.00; Jack Harper,
Absent from examination — Annie
Laurie, Helen Mueller.
No. enrolled, 41.
Division 8.—Class 1, 76% and over.
Cyrus Pow, Kathleen Dallas, Florence Binning, Marguerite MacDonald,
Eileen McQuaid, Vaughn Roy, Jessie
Mclnnls, Philemon Belanger, Kenneth
Parrett, Suma Maigawa, Kenneth
Campbell, Kathleen Strachan, Robert
Class II, 60% to 76%. — Raymond
Beech. I. Dezall, Marguerite Godderis,
WInnifred Beale, Alleyne Walllnger,
Irene Mueller, Lillian St. Eloi. Alble
Gammage, Pearl Prltchard, Jean Walllnger, Efflle Charbooeau, Marguerite
Caven. Julia Frost, Beatrice Blaine,
Lorraine Jordan, Mary Beattie, Billy
Class III. — 60% to 60%. — Dorothy
Towusend, Samuel Shaw, Robert Taylor. Frank Tito. I. Sanderson. Edith
Johnson, Elvln Leask, Ernest Laurie,
Harry Kimball, Albert Johnson, Ethel
Atchison. Lucy Pascuzzo.
Class IV — below 60%.—John Drew.
Sandy Pascuzzo, present only fonr
No. enrolled 11; perfect attendance
33. M. E. 8TAPLES.
DITI8I0S IV. — Perfect attendance
— Ralph Bagley, Jean Beattie, Evelyn Bowley, Jessie Brown, Donald Burton, Graham Dale, David Frame, Jack
Genest, Allan GUI, Malcolm Harris,
Sherman Harris, Catherine Harrison,
Itonnlo Haynes, Arnold Holdener, Netty Johnson, Cyril Lee, Willie McDonald, Tom Marshall, Marlon Miles, Melville Reade, Hllllard Simpson, Ethel
Si-ecru. Willie Spence, Jack Swan, El-
Mo Willis, Madeline Woodman.
Class Standing. First Class. — Jack
c.onest 80.7; Arnold Holdener 79.8,
Tom Marshall 78.7, Leng Lee 77.6, Jim
Robson 76.4, Ronnie Haynes 76.1.
Second Class. — Marlon Miles 74.3,
David Frame 73.7, Evelyn Bowley 734,
Omham Dale 73.3, Donald Burton 72.5,
Willie McDonald 72.4, Ray Brown 70.8,
Ethel Speers 70.7, Catherine Harrison
68.5, Evelyn Ward M.7, Hllllard Slmp-
Kkatlaaa*-ae Page rtar) Tkml    twt
Thursday, November 4th, 1930
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Cbt Cranbrook BeraTd
Pabli-hed Iv.rr Thursday by
r. A.  WILLIAMS Assistant Mgr.
SubserlpUen l'rlc*, |MU a leu
aabscrlpUon Price. UA. W-M a Hear
-With a  Mljwleai  U'itb.ul  a  Maiele"
| Tsrt.Xss* fcy  galea Laher
No l.tt.r. to tb. .tutor will b. insert-
Ml .ao.pt ov.r th. proper signature
and .dctree. ot the writer. The rule
admits or no exception.
Advertising Rates on Application.
Changee Xor Advertising MUST be In
this offlce lV.dn.sUay noon th. curr.nl
week to secure attention.
Board of Commerce
There is reason to suspect the accuracy of the report that the members of the Federal Board ot Commerce ware asked by the government for thtlr resignations. It Is
not reasonable to expect that there
would be any occasion for such a request. Voluntary resignation of the
commissioners might be expected
within a short time after the statement of the Premier concerning the
order of the board. Chairman White
took occasion to sny that no communication had taken place between
the ministers and tho board bofore
the order was given. Tho Promlor
mado a similar statement, and show*
ed what tho ministers would liavo
said If lt had boon ln order for thorn
to Intervene.        While thoro  was uo
communication between tho commissioners ond tho Premlor boforo
tho ordor a brief and doclsivo communication from the board would be
due after the Premier hud axprussod
his opinion of tbo order and tliu government had cancelled It. That communication has beon sent.—Vancouver Province.
Women Voters
The outstanding feature of tbe
Maine returns, as lt seoms to us, ts
the indicated tendency of the women
to display Independence ln political
linos, and to sldo with tholr husbandB
and brothers and fathers and sons.
Thus the normal Republican majority
In Maine has boen proportionately
increased by the enfranchisement of
the Maine womon, pretty much regardless of the lssuo at stake, and
appeals to the feminine voters to disregard party lines and support the
principles enlisting tholr sympathies.
Whether the women of other states
will follow the lead of their sisters In
Maine remains to bo seen.—New
Orleans Times-Picayune.
Before the Oliver Government plunged Itself Into the
turmoil of an election, a number of matters were laid before
the Minister of Mines in the
interests of outside capitalists,
wbo are being sought to provide the means to develop the
province's mining resources.
It was suggested that an allowance be made for the depletion of ore taken from a mine,
and relief from taxation for capital employed in mining development, wherever its origin,
was also sought. Only three
weeks or so ago the Propect-
ors' Association decided to
bring to the attention of the
government other matters ln
connection with mining development, looking at things
more from the angle of the
These are matters of moment in the welfare of this district, but they are not likely to
get much consideration at this
time with all the governmental
energies concentrated on electioneering. Nevertheless, they
should not be dropped. The
candidates for both parties who
are going to stand for election
should have these matters put
up to them, and their stand in
regard to them ascertained.
It Ib the business of a local representative to look into things b-,cn a**0*1 » careor as should wlu
of this nature and see that at h°"or ln Kny Isnri'   And on "■""•••a.'
least Bome consideration ls given to well thought out suggestions. Prospective members of
the Legislature should not be
passed In merely on a record of
blind allegiance to a party leader, but on the measure of service to be rendered to the community they seek to represent,
Mining matters have not received any too sympathetic
treatment in the past. In view
of the vast changes In the industry that the war has been
responsible for, turning values
topsy-turvy, and sending operating costs up, It does not appear that mining in this province has been over-generously
dealt with. Yet If B.C. is to keep
ln the van of mining progress
steps must be devised to render some measure of assistance
In the opening up of new properties, testing ore values, and
by other means that will make
the business attractive without
destroying the alluring Incentive that the man with Initiative feelB.
Put these things up to the
candidates, and make them
feel that they must get next to
the needs of the district In such
matters as these. It Is not so
much abstract assertions that
one party's program Is a failure on general principles that
the electors are looking for,
but definite and concrete Instances as to how the Interests
ot the district are going to be
Fools and Their Money
A vast amount of weath was accumulated during tho war. Some of
lt went to those accustomed to handling great sums and fitted to do so
wisely. Much of It wont to persons
of a directly opposite typo. it is
thoso who aro putting il back into
circulation wllh dazzling rapidity,
nnd the sooner they mako a complete
Job of It the better, for It is the way
to more normal distribution. After
all, tho old Scriptural saying about
the fool and his money Is not so
much a warning as a promise. So
long as a fool has his gold, ho ls
dangerous, and his wealth a menace
but the minute ho begins to part wltb
It, there Is a chance that some of it,
at least, will fall Into wiser hands.—
Tacoma News-Tribune.
Packaflc Is
flerm proof
The ends are seated
by clectricltv-so that all
the goodness andflavour
are retained for you.
Wa. Rom, ot Fort Steele, wu In
town today.
M. A. Beale has been a Cranbrook
visitor two or three times this week.
The work ot getting the poles ln
shape tor the electric light plant la
Hill & Co-, ln ordor to make room
for their Increasing business, have had
a large addition mnde to Oiolr store.
It Is reported that J. D. McBride of
Port Steelo will roinovo to Cranbrook
and ougage In tlie liardwaro business.
V. Lund und funtlly tiuvo moved to
tho bouso vncated by D. Murphy,
where they will remain this wlntor.
Free Speech ln New York
Oeorge Haven Putnam Ib the head
of an American publishing bouse of
nighty years' standing. Ho ls the
great-grand-nephew of the revolutionary General Israel Putnam; member of a numerous family which has
for many generations contributed
loaders ot distinction to American
public life. His title of major was
won ln the civil war; he faced not
only the perils of the Hold but suffered Imprisonment in Danville and
in the Libby prison. In peace as In
war he has taken the duties ot American citizenship seriously, and has
been untiring In good works, when
lazier men took their ease.    His has
night this patriotic American, ot purest breed and most distinguished
Bervice.was howled down by hyphen
ated Americans, In the attempt to
make an address In a public school
building, under the auspices of the
Board ot Education. To this pass
has coem the preclouB boon of free
speech ln the metropolis of thu Am-
ercan republic.—New York World.
The anion t of ore from various
sources shipped to the smelter of the
Consolidated Mining and Smelting
Company of Canada Limited, at Trail,
for thc week ending October 31st,
shows a large Inciease over recent receipts, over 12,000 tons being received
from all sources as follows:
Mine and Location Gross Tont
Bluebell, Klondel       185
•ftmerald, Salmo  c     88
Granby Cons, Grand Forks      91
Joule,   Rossland       228
Monarch, Field  c     33
North Star, Klmberley      169
Paradise, Lake Windermere ....     35
Ruth, Cedar Creek 63
Skyline, Cedar Creek       65
Waterloo,   Edgewood           8
Company MtOM   11230
departure of spring and the melting of
tlie snow. On the lowlands of the
lowlands of the province snow Is absent and the high water of the rivers
comes later in the summer when the
fierce sun haa had the time ta melt
Hie glaciers high in the hills Inland.
PVKN trifle-H ln|urles, unless prop.
erly treated, are likely lo start
festering and poisoned sores. Keep
Zam-Buk always handy. It heals like
nia^ic in cuts, bums, and scalds. In
loresandold wo nuts it cures thoroughly by driving out poison and disease.
' Zam-Buk is .< uniiiue healing substance derived from a scientific Wending anil concentrullonof certain hcrba
oils and essences of high medicinal
value in skin affections, Zam-Buk
contains no tr.u-c of animal fat, nor
of any mineral like zinc, mercury, etc.,
found in ordinary ointments.
So inn, end refined!* Kent Kuk,that,It pel);
In spite ot Uie (act that the province of Biltlah Columbia Is confined
largely between the mountains and
the sea and so bus a comparatively
■small depth, lt has some splendid
water courses. In fact, the streams
of the province bave estimated water-
power resources ot about 3,000,000
liorso power or almost one-third ot
the computed value ot the river powers of the Dominion. Ot this, how-
over, only about one-tenth has been
developed yet.
The Columbia river drains an area of
about 39,300 square miles, and the
Kraser, tbe great stream named after
one of the hardy pioneers 91,700
square miles. The Fraser begins near
the summit of the Yellow Head Pass,
at an altitude ot 3,710 feat, and In tba
lirst 60 miles It falls several hundred
feet on Its way to the ocean. Tills Is
a specimen of all (ha water courses
for Ihelr progress seaward and downward la teal and, aa a result, In places
man, ot them are raging rapids. On
Vancouver Island the rivers are, ot
necessity, much shorter but their Journey to the Pacific Is even mora rapid
than on the mainland. Then, too,
ihere are numerous small lakes In the
interior ot the Island which would afford splendid storage ponds tt the
water powers now running to waat*
were developed and turned Into the
paths of commerce.
Unlike most place, high water ln
British Columbia does not follow tbe
(Form F.)
•Betty Fr.", "Seaton Fr.", "Robert
C. Fr.", "Lillle", "Yi»reB", "Oram'
"Vlmy",   "Hooge",    "Locre", "Menl
Fr.",   "Roulers   Fr.",   "Arras   Vr.n,
"Wulau Fr.", "Plummer Fr.", "Pershing Fr.". "Foch", "Halg", "Petals'
"Byng",   "Jessie   Fr."   "Iran*  Fr.",
Eileen Fr.", "Red Devil", "Roaring
Bill",   "Norman",   "Douglas",   "M1I-
ilretl",  "Lake Fi",  "Millar", "Roaa-
lantl",    "Summit",    "Mosquito",    "J.
Y. A.", "Enough".
Mineral Claims situate In th* Fort
Steele Mining Division of Kootenay
Where located:—
On Sullivan Hill, at Ktmb*rl*y, B.C,
TAKE NOTICE that E. O. Mont-
gomery, F.M.C. 35009-C, acting aa
Agent for the Consolidated Mining
and Smelting Company ot Cans
Limited, Free miner's Certificate No.
27500-c, Intends sluty daya tram th*
date hereof to apply to th* Mining
Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvements, for th* purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 87, muat b* commenced
before the Issuance ot auch CertlBcat*
ot Improvements.
Dated this fourth day of October, A,
d., isao.
Bitraot* from th* Cranbrook
Herald ot thia date, 1900
Oflelale thermometer readings at
Max. Uui
October 27     47 12
October 28     60 21
October 29       11 21
October 30      39 12
October 31     37 6
November 1      38 6.
November 2     41 12
The Joint Savings Account ii the most practical arrangement for conducting tho financial
business of the home.
Should the husband be away, sick, or find it
inconvenient to get to the bank, his wife can
make deposits or withdrawals without any
trouble. in
Cranbrook Branch,
W. R. Crubbe, Manage*.
Sub-Agency at Kimberley.
Readers    of    Canada's     national
sportsmen's monthly, "Rod and Gun
ln Canada," will look forward with
interest to the November lssuo which
will contain among other Interesting
stories and articles, "Where the Amber River Flows," a story of the north
country written    by   that    premier
sportsman,    Robert     G.    Hodgson.
"Lobslcring    In Nova Scotia" is the
title of Bonnycustle Dale's instrructive
contribution to tliis issue.     The annual tunrnament of tho Nova Scotia
..uidee' Association is fully reported
and Illustrated In two articles.     The
sportsmons'     departments,     fishing, j
guns, conservation and kenuel, aro up
to tlieir usual high standard,    ln  ad- '
dition to tliese interesting stories and
departments, A. Bryan Williams, the;
noted big game hunter of British Columbia gives an Intelesting account of.
a big game hunt in Hie mountains of
the Pacific province.    "Rod and Gun
In Canada" is published monthly by I
W. J. Taylor,  Limited,     Woodstock, I
Drop'. Prices
Timothy and
Alfalfa Hay .. $26 down
Oats $25 down
Wheat, 2 weeks. .$40 down
Flour $26 down
Only by Quantity Baying
and   Seasonable Requirements ean tow Prices
be obtained.
A niiii|iloto course In Hliort-
littml, Typewriting, Itoukkeep-
ItiK mnl IViinii!ii*lil|i, tmiler the
tuition of a practical teaching
Nil, IT.
For particulars) apply
O. \V. TYI.KIl, Principal,
llox 14, Nob-on, B.C.
Montana Restaurant
Heals at AU Boars
Cigars, Cigarettes nl Caadf
-ippeslU die Bask ot Commerce
Frame's Bread Is GOOD
His Pies, Cakes and Pastry ar*
made In a tasty manner which
Invites  the most exacting parson to call again, at
I'hone 87      -      Norbury At*.
Storm Sash
Order your Storm
Sash and Doors
Telephone 86 Ltd.
Lumber S Building Material
Private Nursing tttmt
Licensed by Provincial  Govt
Maternity and General Narshf
Massage and Rest Cure, Highest
Roforencea, terms moderate.
Apply Mrs. A. Crawford, Matron
Phono 259 P. O. Boi SM
Address. Garden Ave. Cranbrook
HEPATOLA removes Gall Stocw
corrects Appendicitis ln 24 hours
without pain. Registered under
Pure Food and Drug Act  $6.00
Sole Manufacturer
MRS.   GEO.   8.   ALMAS
Box 1073 280 4th At*, ft.
Saskatoon, Sagju	
If you were told of
anew discover; ror ihe
treatment of coughs,
colds and bronchitis, ns certain in iis
action on nll chest troubles as antitoxin is on n.iilitl.rri.t.ur vi-fri....* i-!i on
small-pox, wouldn't you feel likeifiv;ii.?
it a trial?
Peps is the discovery I
Peps are little tal^els, containing
certain medicinal ingredients, which,
when placed upon the tongue. Immediately turn into vapour, and arc at . nc*
breathed down the air passngi.--, tu ihe
lungs. On their journey, they soothe
the inflamed and irritated membranes
of tbe bronchial tubes, lie delicate walls
of the air passages, and ilm.ll.v enter
and carry relief and hea.ingtotlie lungs.
In a word, wbiU no liquid cr buiid
uangettothe lung? and air pasi-agcs,
these Peps fumes get there direct, and
at once commence their work of Leauug.
fREE TRIAL  Cut out this
■*■■■--» eM\\mmm%\\\\\mm article, write
across it the name and date of Ibis paper,
and mail it (with 1c. stamp to pay return
postage) to Peps Co., Toronto, A tree,
trial packet will then be sent you, Ail
druggists and stores sell Peps, BOc. box,
Here ls one hotcake recipe, Miss
Walker sent it In.
Mix and sift together 8 cups ot flour,
IH tablespoons of baking powder, 1
teaspoon of salt, % cup or sugar.
Beat one egg, and add one cup of Pacific Milk, and one cup or more of water to thin. Pour this slowly Into
first mixture.
Beat together and add two tablespoons ot melted butter.
We've tried them and they are lovely.
mca.riiie for nil P>mnlc Complaint, jh a box,
or three for $10, at drug stores, Mailed toany
nddrcBSr.n reetijit nf j.Hf*\ Tun Rcohi.ll Dmjo
Co., St. CntJitiritirn, OtilnrK
Factories at
for Nerv* nnd Brain. Increnics "city matter"!
n Tonic will build you up, fin Sox, or two for
IB, ntilnifiKlorrs or M- n.r.i1nnt.»c.-lj.l of price.
THRRroiittf.r.nin'iiC.i .M Cntlinrinf^ Omrino
Sold by Cranbrook Book A Drue O*
■enn as
Why suffer with one ot the worst
allmenta that could attack youf Get
rid of lt. Vital Tableta ar* guaranteed to remove the cans* aad build
you up. A great tonic aad builder.
Price BOc a box, at all drat atorae or
by mall. Bcobell Drag Os., Montreal.
Crmabrook Drag * Beak Oa., lu.,
Diversion aai Ci*
TAKE NOTICE that A. B. Cuehlng,
whose address ls Canal Flat, B.C
will apply for a license to lata and
use IM Diner's Inches of water out
of I.nvlnnton Creek, also known
South Fork FIndlay, which Bows
North West and drains Into FIndlay
Creek, about i miles North trom N.D.
corner Lot 661°. Tha water will b*
diverted from the stream at a point
about 1 mile South ot S.E. corner Lot
5618 and will be used tor Irrigation
purposes upon the land described aa
Lota 6511, 6516, 39, Block 4506, Hap
No. 4 O, Wldermer*. Thla notice waa
posted on the ground on tha 4th day
of October, 1020. A copy ot tha notice
and application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water Act 1014," will be filed
ln the olllce of the Water Recorder at
Wilmer, B.C. Objections to tha application may ba Died with the aald
Water Recorder or wtth the Comptroller ot Water Rights, Parliament
Bulldlnga, Victoria, B.C., within fifty
daya attar th* first appearance ot thii
notice In a local newspaper.
Th* tat* ot tk* Unt publication at
this aetlM I* OaWkar Mi, MM.
The New OVERLAND Light Four
An Interesting test of the mileage efficiency per gallon ot gasoline haa '
made In Cranbrook with on* ot th* New Overland Fours, lt being desired to aaa Juat
what th* car would do per mil* ln th* consumption ot gasolln*.
Draining th* tank dry of fuel, a gallon only of gaa waa placed ln th* tank ant
oft towarda the Mission want tba little car. Over th* moat difficult roads hnaatxrata
sh* kept up the pace and when th* angina refused to function longer lt was found that
exactly 01% miles waa the dlstanc* covered.
A demonstration of tha many good qualttl** ot thla popular car can be had
any Urn* at——
DEZALL'S GARAGE - Cranbrook. B.C. I     h Thursday, November 4th, UM
The Provincial L-oglslatiire hus been (Unsolved, and an election
will be held on Wednesday, October 1, 1920.
The Liberal administration appeals to the electorate (or re-election in the firm confidence that the record of tho past four years of safe,
sane and progressive administration of the affairs of British Columbia
has met with tbe approval of every man and woman wbo has the best
Interest! of the province at heart.
The future policy of the Oliver Government will be to continue its
progressive work in every department with the idea of developing the
vast natural resources of British Columbia for the general benefit of
the people.
Brs. flreea it MacKlaaea
Ptyslelaas aad Sargeeas
Olios at residence, Armstrong
forenoon.   IM te M.M
Afternoon.   IM te   4.M
(vsnlngs  7.10 1*   IJ*
■unaars   IM to   4.M
Basilar Heeling
■•■tk at « p.M- la the Clt; B*U
Offlce In Hansen Block
I te 11. a.as.
I to   I ».*>.
Ml-.ll... BNOIWI1B
Th* (3. M. Faaattt On., Ina.
■nghuars, Mstanurglate
Chemist*. Assarer*
Uboratorv Supplies
Quaker Jam
Is Healthy
It's freshly picked, ripe atrawber-
rloa cooked with pure cane sugar,
whllo tho borrles are still full of flavor.
Is delicious in Its clean, healthy, fresh
fruity taete.
The natural tonic put In by th* aun-
ahlne and good soil Is a body and
nerve builder.
Dominion Canaan B. C, Ltd-,
Vancouver, B. 0,
Eooteaay Qranlte A Mra*
■■•■Ul Co, LU.
Oaatral Itaa* Contracters and
HaauaMaaal Wuna
Hi,IabM  r.«.taiMI
Meets In ths
Parish Hsll
first Tuesday
afternoon of
every month
at 3 p.m.
        Pres. Mrs. E.
H. Leaman
r. Mr*. J. W. Barton, P. 0. Boi Ml
All ladles cordially Invited.
The Militia Department has a number of 1914-16 Stars on band undelivered, these being returned by th*
] postal authorities as being unclaimed
j through failure to deliver at th* ad-
< dress gtven. Any ez-memb*r of the
Canadian Expeditionary Forces who
j is entitled to the 1914-16 Star and haa
| not yet received same Is requested to
I forward hia name and address to the
Director of Records, Militia Depart*
ment. Ottawa, when the matter of hia
application will be investigated and
lie will be notified by that Directorate.
Cnaknek, B. C
■Mia avwr Taaaday at I p.m. In
tk* fraternity Ball
C O. Bergetrom, C. C.
Ol & (Mitna. K. R. A 8
Ttalttag .return cordially Invited te attend.
^etsmtifAmmk^      Meets   every
eaKWfm.   MoD(.„D„b,
W9W    at  Fr.lerullj
■all.     Moaning   Oddfellows
Mrdlally Invited.
NoM* Orand,        Raa. Mc.,
1. H. Cameron       W. M. Harris
WO. 13 DAILY—To Nelson, Vancouver, Spokane, etc. Arrive 12.10 p.
tu.; leav* 12.20 p.m.
WO. M DAILY—To Fernle, Leth-
bridga, Medicine Hat, Calgary, etc.
Arrive 4.10 p.m.; leave 4.20 p.m.
t'ranbroek, lernle, Letbbrldire, Card-
•tea Service:
WO. M—L*av* 6.46 a.m.; WO. (13—
arrlva 8.30 pjn. Connection at
Macleod to and from Calgsry; connection at Lethbrldge to and from
Medietas Rat
Cranbreek, WycUOe, Klmberley Ser-
WO. m-Uar* 7.06 a.m.; NO. 6»l-
arrtv* 1.10 pjn.
Cranbrook, lake Windermere and
Golden Serlrccr
Monday and Thursday, each week
—WO. Ml, laav* I a.m     Wednonday
aad   Saturday—WO. 812. arrlva   1.30
Tot farthar particulars apply to
any ticket agent,
Hatiiet Paaaaagar Ageet, Calgary.
WINNIPEG. — Definite announcement thao a general election will be
held in the near future waa made by
the Hon. J. A. Calder at a mass meeting held here on October 26th. The
announcement was received with
cheers by the tour thousand present.
There was a heckling disturbing element while Mr. Calder spoke but llttlo In evidence during Premier Melghen 's address, ln which he featured the
defence of the government's course
over the past ttiree years and attacked
on what ho termed "political Jig dancing" of Mackenzie King in hia present
western tour, and hia statments on
the government's tariff policy.
Hye right! Don't rUk
your material. Each pack-
age of "Diaiiiund Dyen con-
iniiiH directions no simple
V-int any woman can
diamond-dye a new, rich
color into old garments,
1 / ' .,iT«lrttpi?ricH covering*, every-
\ I j j j] tuing, whether Wool, sIIk,
11 i/l "nan- c'ntto,• or mixed poods.
) I'll Buy "Diamond Dyen"—no
.' //' other kind—then perfect re-
*ultH nre gunrttntecd even if
you have never dyed before.
Ifruupist haa "Diamond Dyen
Color Card"—10 rich colon.
Phone No. 401
Cranbrook,   ,    .    . B. C.
Forwarding and Distributing
Agent for
-Utkbrtdgie Ml GreeiUU Coal
iBperlal Oil C».
Distribution Can a Specialty.
Braying and Traiiferrliff
Glfan Prompt Attontio.
::   FvooU  tt
Whiskey Runners Operating on
Large Scale on Klngsgate ■
Line, Says Coast Report
The Vancouver Sun recently ran
the following as an undated item In
its columns:
A new peril is added to railroading. Train crews plying across
tho British Columbia - Washington
"boundary have now to face not only
tho hazard of winter conditions*, but
also the attentions of whiskey runners o-perating on a large scale. Condlilona have grown bo had, particularly in the eastern part of the province, that tbe C. P. R. has been farced to take strenuous measures to
protect its trains and their crews.
Extra detachments of provincial po-
Kce have been ruBtied from Vancouver within the lam two weeks, and uni
impression is already being made, for'
the news reached Vancouver yesterday that one of the men believed to
have been Involved ln a raid on a
('. P. It. train at Klngsgate in which
titers was gun play had been apprehended. Tlie man was Identified as
one who had pulled a gun, and was
committed for trial.
The reason for nll this is the tremendous thirst of bone-dry Washington. Hundreds of men from Spokane
and the neighboring district of British Columbia set themselves assiduously to allaw this thirst. Roads
are few and so can be comparatively
well watched. The slow method of
packing bottles or cases across the
boundary at unfrequented spots would
not keep the market supplied and the
rum runner looked to the railways.
Coal trains are their special interest, for a long line of fuel cars offers
wonderful possibilities for concealment and much Impediment Do efficient search. Forty or fifty caseB can
be hidden fn one carload of coal in a
train of forty cars or so, and it would
take a corps of searchers a week to
find it unless luck favored. Cars
carry numbers and lt Is an easy matter for a certain car to be identified
as the one carrying the load of liquor. Ordinary freight cars are utilized, too. The liquor dealers simply
select one on a siding, break the seal,
fill up aB much apace as possiblo with
cases and crawl in tremselves, while
confederates keep track of the car.
At first the train crews were able
to "shoo" the bootleggers away when
they caught them. Then the latter
became bolder as the demand for the
liquor Increased, and they fell upon
Isolated brakemen and mauled them
when interfered with. Then the train
crews began to work ln groups when
on the search for bootleggers, and the
bootleggers aame back with bigger
gangs. Finally and recently the matter resolved Itself Into open warfare
with the trainmen trying to keep the
liquor off their trains and tbe bootleggers determined to get it across
the line to the voters of Washington.
Recently runners began to carry
guns and the trainmen asked for protection. The climax was reached in
the affair on Monday of last week,
when there was a general melee with
shooting after the train crew had
found a car with a broken seal and Investigated. Bootleggers piled out of
the car, from underneath cars, from
car roofs, and from oat of the bash.
They used clubs and put the trainmen
hors de combat. There were a few
shots, but no one was hurt. This
brought tho hurry call for reinforcements and an attempt was made tb
clean up the situation.
Thus runs the story in the Vancouver Sun. As will be noted It roc-
tains a few passages that savor a
little of the imaginative, and lt ls not
surprising, therefore, that denials and
contradictions were soon forthcoming
In connection with the story. E. L.
Cardie, traffic manager of the Spokane International Railway comes out
with a flat denial that whiskey runners from across the Canadian line
are interrupting the movement of
freight over his line, or that armed
guards have been sent to protect the
freight cars from their attacks. Mr.
Oardie brands as false a statement of
W. L. Stauffer, chief special agent of
th same road, declaring that large
importations of liquor were being
made across the border ln freight cars
of the company.
Cut Brier
More Tobacco lbr the Money
Tiblett  without   "Bayer Crou"
•re not Aspirin it ill
Get gurain. "Jtayer T.bleU of Aiplrta*
in • 'Butt" niin, pUi.lr muked
wltti th. Hfitj "B.»r knss?
Th. "B.jer Cm'' ii your oily w»y
of knowing thtt you ore getting gnnbw
Aipirin, piMerilwo. by phjmieiu. for
nineteen ytut ud prone, uf. hy million, for Hmdwhe, Neunlgi., Oold.,
Rheum.ti.ni, Lvmbago, Neuritis, ud for
P.in gei.nlly.   Mat., in Cu.tU.
Handy til bona of li tahlrtt—obo
limr .ind "Biyor" piekogH.
iiplri* It tht ind. rn.ri (rtgtatand
ii Cuudil, if Biytr HuofMnn if
MonouttftMldttttrof S.licylicMJd.
Whlli It il well kiown {bit Aapirli
e.n. Btrtr auufieturt, to luiat '
Biyir aimfutnra, to luiat Uu
•flint imitation., tht T.bleU of
stasia tSmmmsmj, Ui., will bo eUuped
•4 o* mmm mt w*T£
Canada's best buy-
the ECONOMY Package
A correspondent of the Financial
Times of Canada, writing to his paper from Montreal regarding th^ro-i
cont HUgnr crisis says:
"When a Oovernment whose life
is in the hands or a public to whom
an appeal for n 'new lease' Is soon to
be mado, takes sueh an unpopular
course with the great bulk of the voters as did the Melghen cabinet in
placing an embargo against IrnpurM
of American sugar- it muy be accepted that'thero was a reuson—a atronit
reason, There Is a growing convict-
Ion lu business circlea that thi whole
affair constitutes a rather damning
Indictment of bungling on tha oart
of tho Board of Commerce, it needed
it does not provide au Irrulutttblo
argument against the pra-.Ua>. \t not
the prfnciplo, of the board Usui.
"Had they not hoen fl-ttijeol tc tn.e
control of the board in tho past couple of years thc refiners would nol
have had a shadow of ivi exi.ii.io for
an appeal for Govornment in'cfer-
ence to stay tho ordinary courso of
the inexorable law of supply am' demand. They would havo piled up
profits under exceptionally favorable
conditions, and hy shrewdness In
buying that compelled the envy as
well as the admiration of many ot
the leading America*, refiners.
Then when the market slumped they
would have bad to take their medicine, but they would have been ln a
position to do bo. Now they art not.
They were fettered in the selling
price of their product; forced to Fell
in Canada refined sugar for months
far below the ruling prico across tbe
border, with extra charges of duty,
freight rates and exchange tbat altogether have been running from three
to four cents above the costa to the
United States refiners.
"The Board of Commerce, with
that gentle request that bcomes a
royal command, forced them to load
up with raws, not at the peak, but
far above prefient prices, and then
refused them the privilege of unloading at a profit ln tbe United States
market when the 'going was good,'
refused also to let them sell refined
sugar outside of Canada when they
could bave done so at a good profit.
This crude interference with ordinary commercial transactions has re
sulted in the refiners being the victims of present conditions; thoy wero
shorn of their strength, financially:
shorn of thoir power to tlgftt, ami
now they find themselves tossed, unarmed, among the 'beasts of Eiphe-
bus' from across the border.
Outside of leather it is probable
that no other commodity as yet has
Been the slump that raw BUgara have.
After selling two yenrs ago around
5V4 cents, and many years before
around 2 cents, thoy advanced as
high as 17 and IS cents and gave
every promise of going higher. Cuban
planters holding several hundred
thousand tous at a prico of 2T> cents
—that never came. Now they are
soiling in New York for around 1
cents, and refined sugar Is offered—
In small quantities—around 11 cents.
For months the Canadian price for
refined sugar was below ihe New
Jork price for raws. Today the official price of Canadian refined is
$19.50 per cwt., Montreal basis.
"The whole sugar situation constitutes a stinging lesson against excessive prices. Advantage was taken of the world scarcity of Cuban
growers, and prices that finally become exhorbltant demanded. The
stuatlon changed, lt reversed tslelf,
as it always will under similar conditions. Over night the demand
dropped below supply, for every outside producer of raws and refined began to unload In tbe gilded marketplace of the I'.S.    The market  be
gan to sag, just a little; then more,
and finally it slumped. And no out
alive can predict with certainty what
the new Cuban raws will Bell at."
Fbiu IM
Horkiry Art, ml to City Bill
When  In  Spoktne Make
It tke
The Hotel With a Personality.
Convenient to Everything
Very Moderate Ratei
(Jet up and get out if you've got any
doubt about Canada.
If  you don't  like lt  here,  why tbe
ocean Is clear;
There's a boat going bome every dny.
NoWi  we don't  want  to  brag,  but
there's only one tlag—
The Dag that will never fall;
Lay your life down for that; if you
don't, hore'B your hat;
Just get up and get out, that's all.
Vancouver Liberals have named the
follawing ticket to contest the six
?eats In that city for the provincial
legislature: Mrs. Ralph Smith, Attorney-General J. W. deB. Farris, M.
A. Macdonald, K.C., Capt. Ian MacKenzIe. Alderman Jas. Ramsay, and
J. P. Dougherty. Conservative candidates were to be named on Tuesday evening.
Three candidates have been named
also by the federated labor party,
Tom Richardson, ex-British M. P.,
wt»o has withdrawn from the federal
bontesl in Yale, J. S. 'Woodsworth,
formerly of Winnipeg, and W. R.
"Beauty is
Skin Deep"
but a beautiful skin is possible only when the liver
and kidneys are active, and the bowels functionate
properly. The secret of beauty as well as of health
is to maintain perfect digestion and elimination.
Beecham's Pills
help to preserve beauty and maintain health, because
they influence liver, kidneys, skin and stomach to
functionate in harmony and efficiently.
Worth a Guinea a box.
S.'.eV--7»k<t.bC-MeV bbeA2Sc.,Stc
fdtthooiit CfmrcJ)
11 a.m. — BIO RALLY, of Church and Sunday School
Addresses by Mr. J. M. Clark, Y.M.C.A. secretary, and Mr. G. T. Molr.
12 noon. — School Session.
7.30 p.m. — Divine Service. — Subject, "Among the
Indians of B.C. Illustrated by over 100 beautiful colored slIdeB.
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
ol Canada Limited
Offices, Smelting and Refining Department
Parthasert of Gold, Silver, Copper aad Leal Ores
Prodaeert of Oold, Silver, Copper, BlnestOM, Pig Lead and
Zlae •■TADANAC'' Braid.
A Pleasant Drink
FERNIE BEER ll the best beverage made, for business
professional men, for weak persons, everybody,
everywhere, tbis beer is bale refreshment for wholesome thirst
Fernie-Fort Steele Brewing  Co.
Manager    -    FERNIE, aa PA8B   ,3
Thursday, November 4th, 1*20
ow m cm zm
Insure wlUi Beale * Blw.ll.
+   +   +
Marathon Oak Heaters
No. VI    82300
No. ie Iiio.m
While they laat, as we are clearing
out tills stock.
Cranbrook Exchence
Our low prices win every time.
+   +   +
la the Hat of returning officers (or
the  iurlhcoming Provincial  election,
seve.al  ctiungos  are noted over the
list used .u lhe recent plebiscite election, cranbrook's returning officer being Charles R.  W.rd.
+   +   +
For Sale — 40 acre, near Kimberley. Improved, good house with three
beurooms.     Spring water and crook
(or irrigation.       th, acre, claured.
Only ICOU.    Apply to Beale & Elweli,
Cranbrook, B.C.
+   +   +
A special meeting ot the Methodist
Ladles' Aid will be held at 4 o'clock
oa  Thursday,  November 4th,  ln  the
church veeu-y.
+   +   +
Tung.t.n Lam*., 40w. We
Tunguan lamp., Mw. Mc
Oranbrook Exchange
Oar low price, win every Haw.
+   +   +
Don't forget the Methodist ohureh
Ladlae'  Aid bazaar  Saturday  after.
noon, November 6th, at 3 p.m., In the
Gym.   Fancy and useful article, will
be  on  eale   that   will  make pretty
Xmas   gifts.   Come   and   get   your
XmaB presents early.     Home cooking and candy will be eold and afternoon tea wll be .erred.
+   +   +
Apples —- Delicious, Mcintosh, Qra-
venstolns, Snows, Wealthy, Jonathan,
Wagner, Spy, Pippins, etc.     Soe our
prices, from |2.60 up.
Oranbrrook Trading Co.
+   +   +
Mason ft Illaoh pianoforte In splendid condition, (or ul. cheap.    Star
Second Band Store.
+   +   +
Local agents for Templeton's Rheumatic and Asthma remedies, Bealtle-
Noble, Ltd., drg store.   Como ln and
get a free trial package.
+   1-   +
Complete Line ol Ladles and Gentlemen's Handkerchiefs
ln attractive Xmas boxes now on display.     Select your XmaB gifts early.
MofTatt'a Variety Store.
+   +   +
The regular meeting of the Cranbrook Board of School Trustees will
be held jn the council chamber iu the
city hall on Priday evening. Thla will
be the firet full meeting of the trustees held for some time, owing to tho
absence of at leaBt two members from
the city.
+   +   +
Dry Wood, IS.OO for 2 ricks.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
W. Q. Wllmot,
thla week.
L. H. Jackson,
city yesterday.
George Shape,
Jaffray, waa here
Trail, waa ia the
Fernle,   waa here
George Schupe, of Fernle,
the city thla week.
The walla of the new C. P. R. Icehouse are going up now, the mild
weather favoring speedy prosecution
of the wtork by th* contractor.
Mr. Taber, head of the Taber Confectionery Co., Medicine Hat, haa
been In the city this week oa business
connected with his Arm.
K'Mvb for Well Dressed Men I
. Buy Clothes That
Are Guaranteed
It coats do more to buy clothes that are GUARANTEED than
any other kind.
The name DreaSwell on the
Inside iff our coats Is a DOUBLE Guarantee — they are guaranteed by the makers and guaranteed by me to be absolutely
right In every particular, or we
wouldn't eell them.
P:W. Willis,
Ladles' and Gentlemen's
New Store • Norbnrjr Are.
Customers' Own Material Made
Clothes are Hand-Tailored
to Your Measure at
$30.oo to $85.oo
Suit or Overcoat
We Make and Trim Ladles'
Suits, any style, from
Ladles' AU Wool Sweaters
lu all shade*.   Latest styles, $10.00.
Moffatl's Variety Store.
+   +   +
10 Grade Luioluinii, $1.50 per square
yard.     Crnubntok Bxohange.
Our low prices win every time.
+    +    (
Oats |66.00 ton, Timothy Hay *4B.OO
ton, Alfalfa (4100 ton,  Wheat $ti
cwt.,  Aran $2.75,  Shorts  $11.00.      A
car of corn to arrive. $4.00 cwt., next
weok. Cranbrook Trading Co.
+ + +
Tlie "Teen Age" Olrls" Mission Circle of tho Methodist Church will meet
In the Church l'arlor Friday after,
noon, November 6th, at 4 p.m. A
full nttondanco Is requested.
+   +   +
Ili'Ulllifiil  Assortment of Hand diluted Nippon China
now   on   display;  vory suitable for
Christmas gifts.
Moffatt's Variety Store.
+ + +
The regular meeting of the Methodist Church Ladles' Aid Society will
be held at the homo of Mrs. T. C.
Phillips, Tuesday afternoon, November 9th, at 3 pjn.
+   +   +
Boys' Underweur
ed lined, sizes 24 to 32.       $1.00 per
od lined, sizeB 2 4to 32.      $1.00 per
piece, or $1.90 .per suit.
Moffatt's Variety Store.
+ + +
Spuds — $2.70 cwt. 6 sack lots. Onions $3.60 cwt'. Dluo Hlbbon Tea 66c
lb. Shelled Walnuts, Shelled Almonds, No. 1 quality, SOc lb. Lemon
and Orange Peel 60c lb.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
+ + +
Servico Hoar— During the month of
Novembor, I will have at my premises
A. J. Miller's Yorkshire boar, from
the Saskatoon Agricultural College.
A. B. Smith.
+ + +
Small farm for sale at Glenlily,
soutlh ot Yahk, on Moyle Hlver. 15
acres, 3 acres cleared, apples and
small fruits. 4 roomed house and outbuildings, all fenced. Trice $1,100
Apply to Beale & Elweli, Cranbrook
+    +    +
Boys* Pullover Sweaters
In navy and brown, (rom $3.00 to
$4.00 each, all wool,
Moffatt's Variety Store.
+   +   +
Sugar dropping agalo,   $20.50 cwt
20 lb. sack $4.15,     10 lb. sack $2.10
22o lb. Cranbrook Trading Co.
+   +   +
Tho court of appeal has dismissed
the charge against Conductor Wm. r.
Cameron of this city, who was convicted somo time ago at Nelson on the
charge, of theft of fares from tho Canadian Pacltlc Railway Company.
+   +   +
97 Piece Dinner Sets
Pacific pattern in colonial shapes.
See our window display.   $68.00 per
set. Moffatt's Variety Store.
+   +   +
The Christ church Qulld will hold
Its   annual   bazaar   on   Wednesday,
November 24th In tbe Parish hall.
+   +   +
Come In and look over onr Games
now on display.     We have tlie famous indoor Hocketto In stock,    and
hundreds of other amusing games.
Moffatt'. Variety store.
+   +   +
The postponed annual meeting of
the Cranlrook Curling Club will be
held on Tuesday evening next, Novembor 9th, at tho City Hall, at 8 p.m.
A large gathering of all Interested
In curling Ib requested for ilie purpose of reorganization.
A ■ Hfj
Grand Dramatic Recital
will be given by
Miss Frances Nickawa
on Wednesday, November 10th,
at 8.00 p.m., at tbe
Adults 50 cents ■  ADMISSION ■  Youn? People 2S cents
J. McCarthy and wife were here thia
week from Bull River.
It. Crow, Ferule, waa u guest ln
the city thla week.
I.. O. Daniels was' among the visitors iu the city tbis week.
0. Burgoss aud wife wero here trom
Waldo last week-end.
G. 0, 11, Cokaiau, of Windermere,
wus here over tlie week-end.
C. Leask and wife, of Waldo, were
last week-end guests ln the city,
J, B. C. Morris, Seattle, waa among
the business arrivals thla week.
.Mrs. L. Hilton, Watusburg, wns t
visitor In the city thla week.
\V. O. Hill, who ha* ben at Hossland on business, haa returned to the
Charles and 10. W. Evans, mining
men of Marysvllle, arrived ln the city
last week-end.
Kev. Mr. Phillips, of Baynes Lake,
occupied the pulpit at Knox Church
on Sunday last.
Kenneth Singer of Hossland has accepted a position with the Dominion
Express Company here.
Stanley Hill of the clerical staff of
I*. A. Hill's store, ls confined fo the
hospital with Illness.
.Mrs. A. E. Leagh has been confined
to tbe hospital for the past week or
so, underglng a surgical operation.
A. Kingsley, of the circulation department ot the Calgary Albertan ls
.in the city In connection with the interests of his paper.
Mr. and Mrs. F. V. Woods of Fernle, have arrived ln the city and will
locate here as soon as they can secure
a suitable residence.
Mrs. C. L. Bidder who has been on
an extended visit to the Old Country
|-has arrived home. airs. Bidder was
eleven days In making the Joruncy.
Lieut. H. F. Heimsing has been ln
the city for a few days thla week ln
the Interest, of the work of the Navy
League.    He left for Fernle today.
Mr. and Mrs. "Cy" Young were ln
the city over last week-end, Mr. Young
being here on his regular rounds as
a commercial traveller.
Manager Spence of the Cranbrook
Agency, who haa been at Coast points
on business, arrived home the first of
the week. Mr. Spence made a bus!
ness call at Creston en route home.
A. Bruce Ritchie or the Consolidated
Mining and Smelting Company's en.
glneering staff, arrived here Monday
en route to the Sullivan mine at) Klmberley.
James Coutts who left about ten
days ago for Calgary where he haa
taken a position will be Joined shortly
by Mrs. Coutts, and the family will
take up residence In the prairie metropolis.
Sheriff T. J. Armstrong of New
Westminster, accompanied by C. R.
Allen, a Vancouver capitalist, waa a
guest In the olty tbe first of the week.
They departed on Tuesday tor point.
In the Boundary country.
I.. E. McDonald of Fernle, waa ln
the city the first of the week.
Mrs. Oeorge Hoggarth'a Mend, will
be delighted to know that she is recovering rapidly from the recent serious Injuries she sustained when she
accidentally fell from > balcony at
her home at the Cranbrook hotel.
A little excitement was caused In
the C. P. R. yard, laat Saturday morning when the tender of an Incoming
freight engine god off the rails at a
switch and chewed up"a few ties. It
wns not long, however, before the
mishap was rectified.
The congregation of Knox Presbyterian Church haa formally declared
Itself ready to consider extendi"! a
call to the vacant pastorate of the
church. In the meantime It i. understood that Rev. A. Rannle of Calgary hns been Invited to supply for a
a period of six month* or to.
Rer. R. E. Pow left today for
Brule, Alberta, a point ln the Jasper
Park area, where he will take up the
pastorate ot tbe Presbyterian Church.
Extensive development of coal deposits Is being undertaken In the vicinity, and Mr. Pow la expecting that
there will be a considerable amount
of social activity to organise ln Uw
community. He baa many friends
here who will wish him tb* beat auo-
ces. In his new* work. Mi». Pow and
family will r«tatn ken tor tb* w4»-
•*•  . J   i   A.   t A
Ou tlieir way from the 01
to the Old Country, Mr. and Mrs. A.
B. Williams epent two days In tlie
city at the end ot last week visiting
at lho home ot Air. and Mrs. F. A.
Williams. They left on Sunday's
train going through to Montreal.
Kenneth Singer, who has boen undertaking the delivery work for the
Dominion hhcjireas Company, lias
been sporting a brand new wagon on
the Job that umkua a real smart outfit.
Tliu .Herald wati in receipt this week
ot a communication from hlugland enquiring au to a report there to tho
effect that Mr. James Kin lay ot this
city had passed to the great beyond.
Ol course the Herald informed the
enquiring friend tlmt the Cranbrook
t x-mayor was quite well and as sj>ry
as ever.
Choosing a Gift
for the Bride
Half the pleasure ot giving lies in. the ease ot
choosing the gift; ln the
knowledge that you havo
chosen something beautiful, distinctive and individual, that will delight
the recipient and te of
lasting value*
Every brlclo counts her
wedding silver amongst
her most prized jioissos-
Rltins. Charming gifts
that last mny bo had hero
Bitch as cako basket's,
sandwich trays, com pot-
lores, flower baskets, etc.
Como in and boo our
Bllvorwaro display.
(Continued from Pag. One)
son and Hherman Harris 66, Jessie
Brown 65.2, Jack Swan 65.1, Harry
Lewis 64.1, Harold Rellly 64, Boy Cor-
bett nnd Malcojm Harris 63.7, Cyril
Harrison 618, Selina Dixon 60.6.
Third Class. — Lillian Lewis 59.7,
Cyril Ue 69.5, N. Johnson 59.1, Hilda Steward and Gwen Worthlngton 69,
Madeline Woodman 5S.4, Jean Home
58.1', Edwin Jecks 58.1, Willie Spence
56.2, Elsie Willis 56, Melville Reade
55.5, Allan QUI 53.2, Ralph Bagley 52.
Fourth Class — Gwen Slye 49.8, Jean
Beattie 45.1.
Absent for examinations. — Helen
Brlggs, Hazel McCoy, Jimmy McFarlane, Aubrey McKowan.
Division V. — Honor Roll, First
Clasp, over 75%. -— Fanny Hepchong,
Marian Kummer, Margaret Willis,
Geo. Fanning, Phyllis Thompson, Elizabeth Miller.
Second Class, over 607c—Dan Brake,
Nancy Nlsbet, Jean Bagley, Lorraine
Crone, Colvin McBurney, Margaret
Eye, Elm McGlll, Blrnle Strachnn, Elizabeth Carpenter, Harry Heise, John
Metcalf, Mabel Clarke, Jean McPhee,
Harriet Home, Queenle Duncan, Marlam Williams, Blrthell Benson, Margaret Mclnnls.
Third Class, over 40%. — Marlon
Carr, Merrll Rkiiardson, Ronald Moffatt, Frank Martin, Mary Genest, Dorothy Shaw, Gordon Ranklns, Allan
Shaw, Grace McClure, Jock Atchison,
Walter Fanning, Ruth Chalender,
Kathleen Henderson, George Kemball,
Naomi Pow, Scphle MacGregor, George
Pelton, Joe Little, Robert Willis.
Fourth Class, under 40%. —■ Bertie
Tlmbermon, $6.25; Miners, $5.76;
Muckers, $6.25, and four horse Team-
tor, $6.25 per day. Board $1.60 per
ilny, good cook, modern hotel bunk
house, steam heat, electric light,
bath, hot and cold water. Bring
your blankets. No. O. B. TJ. need
apply. UM-St
We per the beat prieee loin* lor all
klRdi of furniture. Wt bur anything from a mouM trap to as aato
store, post office and implement agency In small country town ln
southern Alberta. Located.ln Irrigated territory Thickly settled
community. Stock about $5,000.00.
No local opposition. Address P.
Lund, Box 189, Lethbrldge, Alto.
STRAYED. — A black cocker spaniel Ht rayed with mo from Cranbrook
on Saturday last, October 23, and
is now at East Kootenay Camp No.
17, Jaffray, B.C., wherre Its owner
may get in touch with me. Ole
Olson. 28-10-2tp
Iota, well cured, and first class
quality. Apply Keith Bell Hay ft
Grain Co., Klrkhain Block, Lethbrldge. Reference Union Bank,
FOUND. — Last week ln city, email
engraved locket. Owner may have
same at Herald Offlce by .paying for
this ad.
Choice of cowe, helfen Md young
bulla. On* ft magnificent bull oalf,
will make a show animal Extended
pedigrees on application. All from
splendid milking strain. Prices from
$50.00 to $600.00. Alio some grade
m. ckThivkm won,
Mi.Donuld, Isulu*. Fruinu.
Perfect attendance. — Jack Atchison, Jean Bagley, Blrthell IJonBon, Dan
Brake,'Marion Carr, Ruth Chaloudor,
Ix>rrulno Crane, Margaret Eye, George
Fanning. Walter Fanning, Mary Gen-
out, Harry J it Iho, Kathleen Henderson,
Fanny Hepchong, Hairlet Home, Marlon Kummer, Joe Little, Colvin McBurney, Graco McClure, Etta McGlll, Sophie MacGregor, Margarot Mclnnls,
Elizabeth Miller, Ronald Moffat,
Nancy Nlsbet, Goorge Pelton,
Naomi Pow, Gordon Rankins, Bir-
nie Strachnn, Marlam Williams, Mar-
gnret Willis, Robert Willis.
Division VI. -» Perfect Attendance-
Molly Blaine, Hose Burton, James
Cnrpenter, Ardolle Crane, Lillian Dale,
Kathleen Dezall, Harry Fanning, Simon Front, Tony Frost, Geo. George,
Helen Heise, Elmer Holm, Mary Huchcroft. Margaret Johnson, Molly John-
json, Ernest Kennedy, Margaret Luscombe, Bernice McDonald, Kathleen
McFarlane, Nora Miles, Bud Parker,
Elsie Parker, Wilfred Pocock, Jean
Pow, Graco Prlehard, Mary Rankins,
Harry Roy, Enid Shankland, Norma
Suitees. Ernest Worden.
Standing in Class. — Nora Miles, Ar
delle Craue, Mildred Bridges, Helon
Morrison, Rose Burton, Hazel Simpson, Mary Huchcroft, Norma Surtees
and Nellie Sakaguchi equal, Rita Stra-
chan, Elmer Holm, Clifford Haynea,
Helen Heise, Violet Duncan, Lowell
McCoy, Kathleen McFarlane, Ernest
Worden and Harry Roy equal, Elsie
Parker, Garnet Patmore, Nellie Miller
aud Mary Robertson equal, Margaret
Luscombe, Arthur Sakaguchi, Molly
Johnson, Stanley Porter, Harry Fanning, Wilfrid Pocock,, Tony Frost,
Leitch Paterson, Rupert Porter, Enid
Shankland, Eveard Lewis, Bernice McDonald, Jean Pow, Simon Frost,
George George, Mary Rankins, Billy
Cameron, Molly Blaine, Kathleen Dezall, Grace Prlehard, Bud Pprker, Jean
Niblock, Dorothy Steward, Margaret
Johnston, Ernest Kennedy, James Carpenter, Lillian Dale, Ellen Wilea, William Price, Paul Harrison.
Division VII.— lst Primer—Georgo
Futa, Donald Macdonald, Dobbie Macdonald, Irene-Mclnnls, Helen McGlll,
Margaret Farrel, Winnie Steward,
Eileen Gray, Florence Pattinson, Douglas Patton, Phyllis Jeffreys, Chrissle Charboneau, Jack
Parker, Dayle Richardson and Ella-
worth Ryan equal, Allan Phillips, Alex. Williams, Malcolm McPhee, Jean
Macdonald, Joseph Genest, Alice Tucker, Jack Hall, Lillian Webster, Leslie Kuhnert, Pauline Bowness, Lloyd
Burgess, Jack Farrel, Harold Holdener, Ben Walkley, John Richardson,
Joe Walkley, "Wright Speers, Mike
Frost, Frank Campbell, Allen Downey,
Reginald Shaw.
Albert George was away for the examinations.
Perfect Attendance. — Pauline Bowness, Lloyd Burgess, Frank Campbell, Chrlssio Charbonneau , Allan
Downey, Mike Frost, George Futa,
Margaret Farrel, Jack Farrel, Joseph
Genest, Jack Hall, Gene Ingham,
Phyllis Jeffreys, Helen McGlll, Jean
Macdonald, Donald Macdonald, Dobble
Macdonald, Irene Mclnnls, Jack Parker, Douglas Patton, Florence Pattinson, Ellsworth Ryan, Wright Spoors,
Reginald Shaw, Winnie Steward, Alex
Williams, Alice Lucker.
Division Till. — Perfect Attendance
— Goorge Atchison, Onrnct Blaine,
Dorothy Bridges, James Brookes, Nell
Calder, Billy Crawford, Marion GUI,
Maurice Godderls, James Huchcroft,
Alberta Jones. Eugene Kennedy. Ida
Lancaster, Eddie U-onnrA. Kathorlne
Martin, WInnifred McQunid, Nancy
Miles, Jessie Musser Sheila Paterson,
Bertie Pelton, Georgo Roberts, Hilda
Robinson, Jean Rutledige.
Class Standing. — A Class, Flm
Reader. — JeBsIo Musser, Sheila Paterson, Katherlne Martin, Nancy Miles,
George Roberts, James Brookes, Geo.
Atchison, Eugene Kennedy, Mary Cro-
zler, Ida Lancaster, Marian GUI, Thomas Moore, Barbara Beale.
B Class, lst Reader. — Dorothy
Bridges, Willie Hayward, Kathleen
Nlsbet, Maurice Godderls, Archie
Leitch, Bertie Pelton, Billy Crawford,
Garnet Blaine, Eddie Leonard.
2nd Primer. — Hazel Clapp. WInnifred McQuaid, James Hutchcroft,
Jack Wong, Jean Rutledge, Nell Calder, Berta Jones, Hilda RoblnHon,
Raymond Luscombe, Harvey Molr.
Division IX. — Standing of Claa-
aea. — lat Primer. — Margaret Rttlly,
WmWv Oumtan, n-
are very popular as well as useful
just now.
We are showing a lovely assortment
at reasonable prices.
liott Harris, Arthur Lodge, Robena
.Miller, Hazel Bowley, Kathleen Sheppard, Dorothy Williams, Harry Walk-
ley, Pat Harrison, Robert McGregor,
Florence Jordan, Harold Porter, Harold George, Carry Spence, Jessie Cassldy.
2nd Primer. — William Harrison,
Kaihlecn Edmonson, May Strachan,
Bobby Mulrhead, Kenneth Tucker, Ella Bond, Nancy McCrindle, Madeline
Wise, Donald Mclnnia, Horace Mul-
Iln, Pauline Wise, Gerald Eye, Ban-'ing.
Perfect attendance for October!
First Reader—Beulah Hill, Edwin
Haley, Betty Lunn, John Magro, Lucille Rosllng, May Russell, Emily
Taylor, Henry Taylor, Clifford Grant,
Jessie Grant.
Second Primer—Clarence Barrett,
Sylvia Hill, Rosl Magro, Eunice
Moore, Jose Blefare.
First. Primer—Owen Haley, Angelo
Marapodi, Nora Malone, Thereaa Pi-
stone,  William Plstone, Billy Whit-
lojd Jeffery, Jumee Dixon, Gladys
Burton, Ruth McKowan, Yuel Guthrie, Florence Steward, Cameron McDonald.
Perfect Attendance. — Hazel Bowley, Gladys Burton, Jessy Cassldy,
Wesley chambers, Jlmmle Dixon, Gerald Eye, Ruth Fanning, Yuel Guthrie,
Harold George, Pat Harrison, William
Hnrrlson, Robert) Miller, Horace
Mullln, Donald Mclnnls, Cameron McDonald, Kathleen Sheppard, Carry
Spence, Florence Steward, Harry
Walkley, Florence Jordan.
Division X. — A Class. — Charles
Arch, Gordon Dezall, Mary Fyfe, Sad-
io Glbbs, Helen Gilroy, Leon a Johnson, Mah I.un Ken, Donald MacDonald, Wong Hln Moke, Allen Patmore,
•Melva Parrett, Mary Prlehard, Mary
Roberts, Murray Rombough, Edna
Shaw, Dick Slye, Jessie South, Elva
Turner, Edith Walker, Edgar Offln.
B ClasB. — Catherine Baker, Donald Cameron, Edna Baxter, Francis
Curie, Norman Blaine, Kathleen Parrel, Botty Genest, Cyril Harrison,
Lewis Holm, Mary Loe, Evdyn Holdener, Violet Moore, Bernard Niblock,
Marguerite Walkley, Barbara Patton,
Evyonne Williams, Charles Wiles, Lily
Mattson, Watson Hall.
0 Class. — Marie Collin., Annie
Frost, Florence Johnson, Ethel Lew-
Is, Bobs Luscombe, Prank McClure,
Carl Mullen, Goorge Moore, Sidney
Moore. John Niblock, Jack 1'al.Hnson,
Jack llobefts, Gordon Speers, jack
Tucker, Pearl Walkley, Billy Burton.
Pupils enrolled, 5b-; average attendance 68.14, perfect attendance 32.
Dlrhlon I. — Honor Boll.
Peter Brennan*. Edgar Sanderson,
Frank Brennan, Florence Finley, Josephine Pascuzzo, Hazel Williams,
Mary Macdonald, Kathleen Worthlngton, Alex Dalslel.
Standing In Class—80 per cent, and
over*—Peter Brennan, Josephine Pascuzzo, Hazel Williams, Pearl Saunders, Elsie Wood, Mary Macdonald.
Seventy per cent, and over. — Edgar Sanderson, Frank Brennan, Flor-
Recelvlng Class—Ronald Coleman,
Octavla Hendricks, James Lunn,
Percy North, John Pascuzzo, Clyde
Williams, Dolly Johns.
Ranking for October ln order of
Senior Fourth Reader—Jack Ogden.
Junior Fourth Reader — Dagmar
Anderson, Henry Daniels.
Senior -Third Reader—Mary Daniels, Reggie Lippett.
Junior Third Reader— Refnhard
Ljungqulst, Edith Noyce, EJnar Ericksson, Gladys Stone, Elsie Ericksson and Willie Stone equal, Solvetg
Ljungqulst, Maurice Ruault.
Second Render—Evolyn Gartside.
Second Primer—Mary Richmond,
Vincent Ljungqulst. Eddie Gartside
and Helmer Ericksson.
First Primer—Frank Hern, Roso
Noyce, James semi, Hlppolyto Ruault.
Beglnnors — George Noyce, Marlon Richmond.
Sunday, October tilt.
11 am., Morning Borvloe.
II noon, Bible Sehooi A ClassM.
Ev.nlng at 7.80 p.m.
Tuesday evening al 8 p.m.
Young Peoplo'e Society,
Thunday availing, Prayer Meeting.
Many women will profit by the following statement of one of their own
sex: "I was afraid tb eat on account
of stomach trrouble. Even rice/ did
not agree. - After taking Adler-l-ka I
can eat anything." Adler-l-ka acts on
once Finley, Stephen Magro, Kath-! BOTH upper and lower bowel, remov-
lecn Worthlngton, Alex Dalziel. ling foul matter which poisoned stom-
Slxty per cent, and over — Willie. aeh. EXCELLENT tor gaa on tbe
Taylor, Bert Laurie, Grace Tito, Jes-. stomach or sour stomach. Guard.
Ble Tlto, Pat Macdonald, Kathleen against appendicitis. It bring, out
Haley. polaonoua matter you saver thought
rerfact attandaaee-ll. | was la yoqr irsta-a.
KOTouMi. j      MAfram-xau-* unx


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