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Cranbrook Herald Apr 13, 1911

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Array tl V "—«.-..    ^O'S,
We are well equipped to
turnout the heeU-liiBu
of work
/fl//Piil 31-ij
''''■'?"Z' ^" ly
In the Herald Pays—Try
Our   Local   Column*
10e. a line
NO.   8
Setting up of Windermere Valley
Strong Syndicate of Calgary and Vancouver Capitalists Organized for this Purpose
A iliiainial sy nd lea lo has been
formed undei the uninu ul "Tlie West
ern Agencies uiiil RoVclopmuill Com
I>aii\," witli head office In Cnlgnry,
llie object, uf whieli is in pruvldu Ihr
liieiilis ||y  which    BUllIld WPHlUfll    pm
jit is may obtain Hie ineniia tiny ro
quire in piani Litem upon a dividend
paying basis. The new concent will
ael. as a parent companj for a
var let) of subsidiary concerns, nmong
wlilcli maj he mentioned as a starter
The Alberta Sugar Uo., Ltd,, Iho
Alberta lloini' Builders, Ltd , n
large Innii and trust company foi
Alberta, a laml company fur the
settlement nf a largo trad ol land
in the Windermere valley, known as
the Columbia Valley Irrigated Lands,
Ltd., the Central Kootenny Laml Development Company, and tha cbn-
Btructton ol a largo tourist hotel at
The opening up "f immense tracts
nf laud along tbo Columbia Iti-er
valley will provide homes for thousands nf British settlers who aro
now preparing to mine tti British
Columbia, It is proposed tn put i'i
adequate Irrigation Tai Hit iis, plant
fruit trees, prepare ihe ground u>r
cultivation, provide    railway   trans
portation fiii-ililifs, unit, in fact, lo
fully develop (be tracts which tbey
have served,
President i>f the company is Mr. ,1.
s Detuils, president of the Canadian
Irrigation ami Colonization Co., Ltd,
ami manager nl the Irrigation de
parlment of tlio C.P.R. ut Calgary,
Vice-president, Mr .lames W lluv-
lilson, president nf the Crown Lumbei Co., Ltd., Calgory.
Directors, K. A. Realty, general
solicitor, CD.K., Montreal; It. Mur-
polc, general executive assistant, C,
IMI., Vancouver; Charles S. Mackenzie, banister, New Vork City; C. II.
Davidson, jr., hanker and capitalist,
Minneapolis; ('. J. Wciser, hanker ami
capitalist, Chicago; K. Randolph
Hruce, K.K., vice-president Columbia
Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands, Ltd.,
Wilmer, B.C.; H. B, Bennett, K.C
M.I'.IV, Calgary; A. Price, genera
superintendent western division Cl*.
IL, Calgary; A. K, Cross, president
Calgary Brewing and Malt inn Co.,
Calgary; George Lane, fancy stuck
breeder and rancher, Calgary; Dr. T.
II. Blow, capitalist, Calgary.
Premier McBride is   also interested
in the company,
.1. (i. McCallum returned Tuesday
evening frnm Vancouver.
The public school will close tomorrow ami remain rinsed until Tuesday
next for the Easter holidays.
W. 11. Ilaldanc, nf Nelson, C.P.R.
district freight agent, was In town
during lhe week nn a business nip.
Mr. and   Mrs. Qeorge IL Thompson
11 nil
is nway li
and    will
R B. Bcnrdi!
bridge on busin
this week end.
(i. L. Pedlar, edltoi -if   the
Free Press,   returned   home nn
day afler several days spent  in
mountains prospecting.
.1. c. Patmore, nf Patmorc Bros.,
is in Wardner this week Installing
the plumbing fixtures in Mr, v* it.
Wilson's new residence
W II. (Irilliths. uf the Adolph
Lumber company, Baynes Laki. wai
in town mi Saturday lasl mi business.
On Kaster
will Ik
Alex   B   !■'   Lloyd, «f iln- Bank
Commerce stall
Mondaj evening there
invitation dance at Die
commencing    ,,i    B 10
tn Hew
nt Wasa
ll     ■
has been transferred
instel 11 E llpie.l
nod tin- staf    n
,   loll
ne        camp
has    nu>\
the   position
operation   al
c     r
at       Skookumchuck,
edinto   town    lo   fill
<•( chtel clerk in Mi
\ sawmill is now
the St, Eugene Mission, turning oui
lfi,000 feci iui diem The hulk ol
this product Is ai presenl being turn
rd in local uses Extensive Irriga
tion operations are underway, whieh
will add ine .i. ij •• to llie Mission
p  I/und. ol Wardner, Otis Staples,
-ns an- Justly 0
0    Cranbrook
0 proud ol theli new public school 0
0 building ii is certainly nne nt 0
0 iiu tm.'i substantial and hand- 0
0 sonicsl structum ol Ihi kind In 0
0 tin- province it standi In 0
0 spacious grounds, whleb, an ft** 0
0 have received no attention it is 0
0 writ known thai the cosl ol 0
0 school maintenance this yeai •
0 will Impose a prett) heavj lax 0
0 upon the ratepayers, and that 0
0 the estimates lot tho currenl •
0 vein, heavj though ihey He, 0
0 contain nn appropriation toi 0
0 laying nni the grounds properly. 0
0 The I In.ilii believes tbat if the 0
0 matter be taken up vigorously 0
0 then- would he un great dilli- 0
0 cully iii securing voluntary con- 0
0 tributlbns, in cash, labor and 0
0 kind, that, if Intelligently ap-0
0 plied, would result in making 0
0 these grounds one nf the beauty 0
0 spots nf the city and nn lu- 0
0 spl rat Ion lo the youngsters. 0
0 Now Is the time In make the 0
0 start. The board of school 0
0 trustees   might   profitably con- 0
0 stitute themselves a c mitten 0
0 lo organize a public school 0
0 grounds bee. (let busy' It's a 0
0 good thing! Shove It alongI •
• •
nf Wycliffe, aud W. A. Anstie, id
Nelson, secretary ,of tbe Mountain
Lumbermen's association, left (or
Winnipeg lasl Saturday. They will
return next week.
Rev. C. (). Main held services at
Baynes Lake and Waldo last Sunday.
The annual conference nf the British Columbia Teachers' Institute
takes place in Victoria next week. A
programme, extending over three
days, has been arranged fnr tbe occasion, Including addresses by Premier
McBride and Minister nf Education
Voung. None . of the Cranhronk
leaching start intend taking in this
Little and Atchison have practically reconstructed their store nn Arm-
slrniig avenue. A new front, Including large plate glass windows, has
been put in. Partitinns have been
removed and the store greatly enlarged Business is good and
Messrs. Little and Atchison believe
in keeping up with the times.
The contract fnr the C.P.R. Waldo
branch has been let and construction
h ill be pushed rapidly ahead frnm
now j'ii The construction nf this
short breach means a great deal toi
thc country smith nf Klko. Settlers
aie already pouring Into the Baynes
Lake district ami with easier means
,-i access the Waldo, Roosvlllc .md
(lateway sections will soon be shar
mg in the Influx There is good
laml m all these sections, which
will he quickly taken up
\n unfortunate aecldenl oo urred
at tin- Staples mill at Wyclille last
Friday morning, which has put the
mil) nut nf business fnr a couple of
weeks Happilj ii" ,f"11 wns serlonslj
injured The cylinder head of the
engine slipped ofl. with the result
thai one side ol the engine was emu
pletel) wrecked The engine was
limit at Kan Claire, Wis , and has
been sent there toi repairs, in the
meantime the mill is closed down
However, onlj a few men have heen
laid oil, mosl ol them being found
work outside tie mill.
Word lias been received at Kernie
that the Dominion government propose appointing a royal commission
tn Investigate Ute coal strike situation So far as can he judged the
men appear quite willing to (ace
sin h au Inquiry, hut they have asked
that the appointment of it be deferred until after a mass meeting tn
tie held   this evening.
The operators also appear to mtirt
investigation. In a telegram to
lion, Mckenzie King, minister of
labor, the operators say:
"We have always been willing and
eager (or any board that would assist a settlement or make the public
fnlly aware nf the real situation, yet
considering the proposition we have
already made, offering full arbitration, we are of lhe opinion that we
have gone as far as we can in the
"Should the miners make application fnr a hoard we would welcome
tie same, (ailing their doing so we
Court the fullest investigation hy
any hoard you may appoint."
All is quiet along thr Crow. There
has been and will be no dlnordcr on
tlw part of the men
English Colony at Baynes Lake
Large Number of Well-to-do Settlers
Taking up Land===New Comers
Entirely Satisfied with Outlook.
Some few weeks back the Herald
published a Montreal despatch to the
effect thut a party of well lo-do
Englishmen had passed through that
city en route lo Baynes Lake, where
they bad purchased fruit lands, and
that this party was but tho forerunner of a large number nf Englishmen
of the same class, who intended to
Bottle in that section of British Columbia. Subsequently reports
reached this office that these Kng-
lishmeu were dissatisfied wirh the
land at Baynes Lake and felt tbat
tbey had beeu grossly misled by
those through whose agency tbey had
been induced In make investments
These reports were more or less
detailed and were of such a character that tbe Herald decided It would
be in the public interest tn mnke a
careful Investigation of the facts.
Accordingly a Herald representative
paid a visit to Baynes Lake last
Week end and interviewed a large
number of the I-'.nglislimen in question.
It is with unqualified satisfaction
that he can report that there was
not the slightest foundation for the
reports referred to. Without exception, those interviewed expressed entire satisfaction with the manner
they had been treated and perfect
confidence in the future of their investments .As one ot them, a typical Knglish farmer, emphatically put
"How can there he any talk of
misrepresentation or fraud in our
case'1 Ihir agreement was lhat we
should have a month in which to Investigate the land and the possibilities of the district, and, in lhe event
of our nni being satisfied mir money
was to be refunded. One of our
party did express dissatisfaction, after a very cursory survey of thc
situation and bis money was refunded him "
The Herald man drove out to
Uayncs Lake fmm Blko on Saturdaj
evening Ipnii his arrival there he
was taken tn lhe club bouse, a act*
building erected to accommodate a
large numbei ol thc newly arrived
Englishmen, pending thc erection ol
then own bouses on their respective
trails of fruil lands At the club
house he found some twenty **r thirty of these new settb-rs enjoying an
aftei supper smoke and listening lo
the strains of a gramaphone, Intr***-
luctions Immediately ensued and he
quick!) found himself esconced in a
..in.unable ihair listening tn the
lories these men had to tell ol their
experiences At the outset the
I let aid representative was forcibly
impressed by the class of men he was
interviewing They were clearly
not of the "remittance men" type
The hulk of those wltl'. whom be bad
tin- pleasure n( conversing were ob-
vfousl) men nf the world; men whose
experience might not have ineluded
pioneer work in tin- west, but certalnl) had given Ihem a broad view
and a keen appreciation of (he dilli
cullies reasonably tn be anticipated
in it change trom Knuland tn Kast
Kootenay, B.C one and all discussed the siiu.itmu with eharming
frankness and an entire absence ol
Insularity," characteristic ol the
travelled Englishman
The Herald man, after lighting his
pipe ami exchanging a few complimentary remarks, briefly made known
tbe object nf bis mission Hr stated
quite plainly that he had heard reports tO the effect that tie) were
dissatisfied with their enterprise,
that they felt tbey had been bilked,
that the land they had purchased
was not what it bad been represented to Im-, and that generally speaking   tiny were   heartily sick ol Bay-
1 Lake in particular and of Canada
as a whole, lie asked them to speak
quite unreservedly, as the only purpose the Ilerafd had to serve was to
safeguard Knglish settlers or investors (rom fraudulent misrepresentations. The Herald was not interested tn any sense in the promoters of
the company which had sold them
the lands and wns fully prepared to
expose anything of a fraudulent na
tare that might have been perpetrated al their expense. He was able
to inform them that he had Investigated several other presumably similar cases and bad hecu the means
of necuring restitution to those who
wbo bad heen victimized by real   es
tate and   mining brokei . of ihe "gel
rich quick" variety
lu response In this appeal for a
straight heart to hear I talk, assur
ances lhat the reports referred lo
were wholly and utterly unfounded
were emphatic and universal. Colonel Gavin, of nf the seniors nl the
party, wished ii to be understood
that fnr his part he hail no word nf
complaint to utter. Kvery representation made tn him had heen full)
borne out and be had nothing hut
tbe kindliest sent) ments towards
those who bad Induced bim tn migrate to British Columbia He
frankly admitted thai he could not
at this time speak with any author
ity as to the possibilities of llie laud
in the way nf fruit production, time
alone could establish thai point, hul
from all he had seen and learned, he
had every reason lo believe thai
their investments would prove profitable and so far as he was concerned
he was perfectly satisfied
Captain Austen Smith was equally
pronounced in his views. One re
mark he made was: "Sn satisfied am
I wilh the outlook here lhat 1 have
ia ves ted every cent I own in ilu
world in this localllj " i\ Captain
Messiter endorsed the other speakers
and added several complimentary expressions eulogistic ol those who
had negotiated the deals whereby be
and his companions were now* citizens of British Columbia. It would
Ih- mere repetition to quote more of
those who expre^pd their views.
Suffice it to say that without exception ibis party of Englishmen are
thoroughly satisfied with their treatment to date and confidently antici
pate the best ot results from theli
investments. In addition to those
mentioned above, others who gave
their opinions freely and frnnkl)
Major W, Cyprian Bridge, K. A B
Champain, the well known Gloucestershire cricketer, and formerly oi
Cheltenham College teaching stall.
W K. Wilkinson, a former Durham
school boy and a noted athlete;
Lieutenant Blackmail, IL N , K 0.
Voss, and .lames Lea, the typical
farmer spoken ot above. Who hails
from Cheshire Altogether this par
ty numbers unwatds of fifty splendid specimens of Knglish manhdod,
men who ure reasonably sure to succeed in this counlry and who will
make an Invaluable addition to Brit
i-.li Columbia's population,
After discussing the subject under
investigation verj thoroughly and
frankly, the Herald man retired to
continue nis Investigations, by interviewing Mr Ernest IL A mott, the
British Columbia manager for the
British Empire Agency, Ltd , ol
London, Kngland. the agencj respon
Bible for the sab- nl tho Baynes Lake
property to these Englishmen Ml
Arnott is well known to many lier
aid readers Poi several years he
resided at Korl Steele and latcl) become associated In 'in- operations ol
the British Empire Agency, «>f which
he is at the present time a dlrd toi
aud the British Columbia mans ■ i
The British Empln Vgcnej does nol
confine its activities, to British Co
lumbla, hm coven th.- rnllro British
Empire lis advisory committee In
eludes such well known men as Lord
Alwym- Compton, Vrthm Orenfell, a
son-in-law ol Earl Orey, and su
Cornihwaite Rason, late premier ol
Western Australia. Its objects
briefly summarised arc :is follow*
l. To bring lo the notice ol the
British public the innumerable opportunities offering In our ovei sea Dom
Inlons to their eapital and lahoi
J,   To saleguard   tbe Interests    <•'.
intending emigrant   to our colonies,
to assist them in making new homes,
and to ensure llieii   falling Into    i«
liable bands on arrival overseas   .
S. To Influence emigration as much
as possible within the empire, and to
divert the stream from foreign countries and the United States to oui
own possessions
I. Conducting commercial bualnesi
throughout the British empire on
strong imperial lines.
ft, To he the center for Imperial
movements ot all kinds
To afford this Information lo Ihose
who require tt. the agon. \ has agents
in every important center throughout
lhe King's dominions, whose bustnras
It is to collect ami    forward all In
jiliisiii.il opportunities iu their neigh
| hnihnnil, and llu-se are tabulated und
I |Kihllshed hy them and available im
; ihe use nf Interested parties
1 To Mr* Arnott the Herald man
frankly slated the object of his mis
[ slon, Informing him that he had en-
I joyed a very pleasant conversation
with the allegedly "bilked" Knglish
men and had found them entirely
satisiied wilh the status quo,
Mr Arnott expressed surprise thai
anyone should have attempted li
"knock" their enterprise and was
pleased that the Herald had undei
taken au independent Investigation in
10 Ihe situation.      He  was  onl)     loil
glad tn huve such an Invesllgatiui
made, his company Included men •>
Ihe very highest standing in Ilu
Loudon financial world, men win
could uni afford to he associated
wiiii any doubtful undertakings, Tins
British Columbia transaction was mu
nf many similar ones In all parts ol
lhe empire.
Mr. Arnott went on tn say that lu
had recently disposed ot upwards ol
lsmi acres of land in the Baynes
Lake district, in lots nf live, ten and
twenty acres, aud iu a few eases oi
roily acres, and in one case of two
hundred and fifty acres. The British
Empire Agency had exercised the ut
most discretion in placing these
lands, endeavoring lo select men who
would prove mutually agreeable and
who could tide over the period lliat
must elapse before their orchards be
came remunerative, comfortably. Ai
a mat ler of fact the average Income
of thc men who have purchased these
lands, rnn from $8,000 to $15,000 pel
annum. The company had nn desire
to mislead any person inln making
unprofitable investments, their aim
was to promote a good class of
settlement in every portion nf thi
empire in which they operated.
As indicating the entirely satisfavion nature of the Baynes Laki
transactions, Mr. Arnott drew attention to the fact that a subsldlarj
company was in course of organlza
linn among the men to whom tin
land had been sold, entitled tie
"Valley View Compan), Ltd," for
the purpose of building two residential club bouses (or the use of res!
dents ou the Baym-s Lake estate
wliere all the conveniences nf life will
he provided and, in addition, to open
and operate stores to supply all tin
necessaries, This company, organU
ed bj Mr. Arnott, for which the cap
ital has been fully subscribed by thi
Incoming settlers themselves, will acquire stump pullers, well drills, etc
for use ou co-operative lines and
generally do everything that will
benefit the residents and al the same
time provide profits for thc company
In order to provide accommodation
foi so large a party din' second) In
■tractions were sent out irom London
to build an annex to the then exl il
mg i-1'.ib house and within four weeki
twenty-three hedmnms were added
which are all now occupied Just
before llie part) arrived, the people
who were in run the establishment
lefl and in order that the new comers should be comfortably quartered
thr lidns of the first party, undei
thc general  supervision ol   Mis  K
11 Arnott, with her sistei in law in
charge oi the kitchen, took rhargi
•iml apparent!) Ihe  sltuatlan Is    all
that    could      Im-  desired  h)   lhe mall
members, notwithstanding that then
is ., crowd ol about sixty to can
Vnother member ol thc rompan)
with whom the Herald man enjoyed s
pleasant that was Mi ■' l> Aye
win. has charge of the operations ol
the company on the big Baynes Lake
estate. Mr Aye is superintending
lhe installation of an Irrigation s\S
tern and the clearing of the land
When Mr Aye was Informed thai the
"knocker" was busy, he laughed
heartily and told ol his personal
feeling in the matter. He said he
had worked in all parts id Oregon
and Washington upon similar under
takings to that al Baynes Lake and
was so thoroughly satisfied with the
outlook at Baynes Lake and its pos
slblllttcs as a fruit growing district,
(hat he had purchased forty aires,
built a home on his properly aud de
termlned to locate there permanent
Iv, moreover, he was investing ever)
Ings, recognising that he could mak.
(Continued «* page eight)
Will Purchase Grounds on Hill
Decision   Reached Last   Night by Agricultural
Associaliun-Committee Appointed to Raise
AI *• largi I. attended meeting uf
the Agrh Iural assoi lotion held last
evening ■>< ■■.. [I --.: i ranbrook com
mit tec !■• ■. . and aftei prolonged
dim uxsloi . ii ■ ilnall) decided to
purchase the Park association 'a
grounds, nn tin hill for exhibition
purposes \ committee was ap
pointed (n interview lhe provincial
government will to seeming
financial a ■ i ..■ * and lo enquire
Into probuble co I of putting lhe
grounds into shape and repairing
building i, etc., eti Whilst the
meeting last,-.: an undul) long tune
and there was mm li irrelevant dts
mission, ii w as i\ lite obi ious tbat
everj in.it: pn very much
in earnesi a lu ul wearing suitable
grounds In i esskil exhibi
Hon tins year, and ftom the view -
expressed there is ever) reason to
anticipate that the bulk oi oui leading i il i ens     w ::i hi n III)  pi rate
iu making  I ear's i xhibition    an
unqualifli il
Mi 'I'lu Ci president ,.i lhe
assoi ial Im , nd allei  some
pr. |)i li ..'..■■■ *    lory remat
the    com intimated
thai  i he    .> t. uld   » i un
ground ■ t nl    the
city, I beyond l C.P.H coat
dump,   nn uf a bh ■'-.   ol twen
t) * ■   ■ '•'.:■ \
sile   ". ii!' |
well died to Ibe purposes of thc
.i * tioi ■ bait man invited a gi I the propositus
Mr IJ i i ■ ■ al ng on behalf of the Pari * said
that that bodj tecid
a   tbe   hill
to the   Ag
rence    to
any other   part; H        -1   I   I I
be ilistincl "..it      the
Pi re nnt beggin*
put in fli
foi  the land '              es, bul
...... ....
to give   i -   lai
the    opi lecuring   1
grounds at
Mi ■
the Ag
assist that every way
ng      tbi
gro '       t
entailed : .
VS. B.     Mel
opinion tbal
mosl protltahli    I      Ih     '    and  I
the  \gricultu
on the bill or tl
le?      Mr   Ben ed in fav
or <ff the bill ■ I put for
ward in- M    McFai
lune aent
;,. * [tb acquiring
clthei -I'- .■■-•!. Ltioni
made be    . tbat 'he
:<-... aad
put in first-cla
pu p WW     The
first ""ltd     he
$5350, and
ii I   by Di   Hail
"That t1 . ;. in h is.     the
land on tl ' snge   toi
the neti
Mayor Hunt
"   * shibl*
action if tl
■. .
;.  prairie
.  ■ ition ol
veil      to
ii v.
tbat tl
tract      a
road • ■    * ip to the hi
ve one    a
. -...it location
He felt tbat It ■:■■• ratlve   Uml
an early ih• ^"n be reached in th*'
mattei oi gro n 1- and Ihen everj rl
fori pul foi lb to secure the net <■>
nrj nnaw - i he dalei ■-( Cran-
brook exhibit.' n tin- yeai had been
M-i f..i : gfltl
VV   Hamilton tl i n n d      a*-   an
amendment th I lhe Vgricultoral
naaoi lai lot purchasi ,l •■ Park11 ,i *
u . iation* ■ ii da and appoint a
committee to interview-    the govern
ment srith a   ■ ■■ a  ' iftng      an
that put pose
\ general    discussion ensued, with
ihe result   that   Hamilton withdrew
Ins amendmi i    ■■• il M Farlane's   mo
Hon w.i   pul .•• i
Moi i ral dl •• m Ion followed,
,,ji. > whh ii Hamilton's original
amend mm I ws pul as a motion, t«>
which Mi MjK.iil.mt' at fust offered
an amendment, afterwards wlthdraa
Ing ii in the Intercata ol detpatcn ol
business      The motion on lieing pm
carried unanimous!)
Tin- following   were appointed       a
iitiee ii    interview the govern
ment ie funds and   to make
j ther
M .Kuril     11
W 1!
ii   Wilson
d      lo defci
membership fee until
nn     finances had pre
Vere    Hunt,
lane,     R     T
Short and H
li was decid
slon re annual
tbo j ommfttee
pared theii report
The Agricultural association has
until Wednesdaj next to come to a
decision ,i> to whether or not it
will be possfbh to complete the
pui base ol thi l*ark association's
l \ geneies nl lime ami apace neces-
sttati  ,i greatl)  curtailed report     ol
Ihis meeting       The foregoing covers
■ ssential facts        It is Interest
■ -ic. however, that    members
id the Park association, present     at
the meeting,   expressed   tbeti   Intention "( allowing then  stock in    ihal
Lion to remain aa pari ol   the
prii ■'. bo that the   amounl
■    raised bj the  Agricultural   nail ■  would be reduced to       the
extern   ol tin li     holdings       Vmong
who   so   expressed   themselves
wen- P   Matbeson,   A   I.   McDermol
and 11   E,   Beattie and they Intimat-
d   tl al    tbi re      wete     othels who
aiviM follow their lead
Miss    Service     visited    Wardncr
last week end
A despateh   from Calgary says    A
large number   of    Canadian   Pacific
passengei conductora In Alberta,    including some nn the Crows Nest run,
have been pulled from their runs owing        thi  ■*. irk of   an    outfit      ol
rs"   who have bet-n busy     in
irince   for   some time.    These
onductors   were tailed ofi and order-
*    ->p;"ar a* Montreal for investi-
1 '■ ■ j   ■ :' teed  to go and    the
railway   company has m-dcrcd   their
dismissal,   it i* said, on the cmund!'
rdination      The men   rlatm
thai the) are inn went of the charges
laid hy the "spotters" and it  is     on
'hat they are refusing
. ■ ■ ■ . •'.-   .:. • lUgation      It     Is
: lahat the  Order of   Railway
tors il rakitiH the matter   up
frith the C P II  officials here and   at
Montr i si
K< i P WesUnan, formerly pastor of the Methodist church in this
eit) bai been appointed field secre-
■.i: '.•■  Alberta and British Co
in--.     Mr   West-
mar, El «n    present   paM-ni nf Trinity
Metl di ■   burch tn     Nelson      Born
In Ontario    and    educated at public
sn * tl     Victoria  university,
Ti ronto  Rev   Mi   Westman uraduai-
lli  ipenl his probation*
ary life In London conference and was
n    fane,    IMI        Coming
west Immediately,    be was stationed
at OoMen    f<-r one   year   and    was
tbei  moved   by the conference      to
Where    be     worked f'"r two
yean    Rei   Mr   Westman was   then
invito) to take charge of tbe Centennial eborefc at      Victoria, and    alter
threi  yeai   .i* the capital was moved
t.- Cranbrook,   where be spent    two
yeai       His nasi pastorate was that
id Mount P '■ si o iver, which
be t.-ld fnr three years before moving
to Nelson last lune a-* successor to
Rei   K  Newton Powell
• •
• K1KST  AID •
•   •
• K '■ UcTnvlsb, M I> . "I Vic- •
9 Hon -- <-t the it C •
0 Prolinei.it Council, hats vrritten #
0 Hi J If knot, ol 'his city, •
0 reqneatlni   hr*  co-operation  m 0
• tin-   work ol  eatabllsbinf local 0
• ceoten for .lass,- ,.i "First Ald0
0 to the Injured " lt is propot- 0
0 ed io establish a meal center in 0
0 this citv with branches at Port 0
0 Steele, Uoyte, Kimberley, Cres 0
0 ton and Wardner. Dr McTaV- 0
0 tsfa points out the importance 0
0 of securing a Iim- secret an and 0
0 .olds    that  ail   supplies will he 0
0 forwarded Irom Victoria as 0
0 needed 0
0 fir King has written I): Mr- 0
0 Tavist) to notify him nl his wil- 0
0 lingncss to CO-opernte in every 0
0 waj possible il*- bas already 0
0 opened up eorreapondence with 0
0 ihe points mentioned and will 0
0 Msit mkIi as desire to inaiigu- 0
0 tate a class At an early dale 0
0 steps will be taken to orKam/e 0
0 in ihis nu 0
• •
00000000000000000000*0 THK   CRANHROOK    HKKALD
Found to be a Good Investment
Verdict of C.P.R. Offcials in Reference to the Y.
M.C.A.—Vice-President Wm. White's Strong
Tin- banquet lasi Thursday evening
in the new "i M V. \ building, Uj
commemorate the formal opening ol
ihe excellent Institution, was well
attended and proved n verj enjoyable
Among those present were several
C 1' It. ullieials, Including Oem ral
Superintendent A. Price, ol ( algarj.
and ;i large number ot V MCA* sec
ret ar les from all over lhu west
Mayor Hum presided
Tl,c ^quel  wa- well served     ami
comprised all   the delicacies ol     lhe
season, for which thank* arc due   i
the ladles,   whn look full .charge    ol
this feature ol lhe eiiierTainmenl
After ample [ustlec hnd been dm -
lo the good things to eal, evei i
hours were profltnbl) and pleasant!)
passed iu listening lo nddrw ■•■ In
notabilities presenl.
In a few very appropriate Intro
■ ductory remarks, Mayor Hunt pn
sen led Mr. A. Price, whose remark*
were eminently practical. In the
course nl his address Mr Price gavi
encouraging assurances of lhe earl)
addition lo Iho presenl convenlei ce
of ilic V.M.C.A of ho 1.11 a swimming
pool nnd ;i gymnasium. Me put the
mallei quite plainly IT CrnnliriHik
young men show that Ihej nppreelati
the advantages ni a well appointei
V.M V A the Improvements mention
cd will undoubtedly be provided al
an earl) date. \- an old railroad
man, Mi Price added his inede id
praise to lhe good work being ac
cnmplishcl by the V.M.C.A Ll roi I
out the world, ami more particular!)
among railroad men.
\t the   c 'lush f    Mi   Price*
forceful   remarks,   which were hear!
ily applauded, .Mayor llunl  introdm
cd Mr.   Dudley, general manu ;ei
the railway   department ot the   ^ M
C..\ , win. he Intimated would     lake
charge of proceedings for a few tnlnu
tea.     Mr. Dudley's duty was lo   In
trod nee the several visiting \ M.C '.
secretaries   and    regulate lhe length
ol their addresses       This he      did
by   limiting   Ihem     to two   minutes
each nnd strict!) enforcing the rule
The tnsi m the visiting icetetai
ies called upon was Mr V \ Mat
er, of Winnipeg, who created a ver)
favorable Impression. Ills nil to ■
brief addressing being a strikingly
vigorous i.inline of the true work ol
the V M C A which ho chnnu terl ed
as "Service."
Mr. Dudley then rend   the following
leit.-i ii    Win    Whyle, mj j- i id
enl oi the C.IUt.
Dear Mi   Dudley:—
It is ,i great regret to me ihal
owing to m\ business arrangements
the pleasure nl being pri sent on the
occasion of ihe   tnrmal npenin
the Railroad   V ig Men's Christian
association building al   Cranbrook is
denied me.
The building   itsell    I have    never
seen, hut from lhe plans nl Hu- build
mi! I know th.it ii is a handsome,
commodious and well bid out building ami 1 Bincerelj trust that lhe nb
Jccls soiighl in bo obtained through
the medium oi this building Ik thi
V.M.C.A., the Canadian Pacific llnil
way company and .ill othei - who arc
Interested In the welfare ol nun may
he realized
The Voung Men's Christian i I
atimi has as its aim and object tlu
betlermenl nl mankind and m lhe he
lief   th.it   Willi   Mn-   bud)   in     ,i     j lean.
health) condition the mind . - In ■■
bet lei condition to receive and dl
gesl secular, moral ami piritual
food, the members ol tho association
are provided with means fnr clean,
healthy amusement, n > real loi an
with athletic   games    nnd exercises,
and with access tn u R 1 llbrnrj ol
honks and t-he   leading p< riodieals ol
lhe d.iv
The ^ num. Men's l in i-ii.ui wow i.i
tion has demonstrated, in mv   mind
al all events, that  they i
powei ami   Influence fui lhe uplifting
oi humanity, and   rallwaj
and othei   corporations, who emplo;
large numbera   ol nice, have reallred
that it is a   good Invealmi nl
scribe towarda   tin- buildin
ing and    maihtenam • ol
the Voung    Mi ■     ■
tion, and it i    iv. iarm I hope that
this Institution ma] hi
mm h benefit In tl - nu mbei i b) mak
ing better    i ill en
Uierrb) benefitting the cemmunilj  ir
which they live, and
employees better and safer men
The railroad    service, to my mud.
Is one. ir not, the most Important ol
nil businesses,   and having spenl thc
whole nl my tm nu- • careei   In   the
railroad service, starting whin In my
teen and very close to the lowest
rune, of the ladder, I am In fl !'"-i
tion io sav that thc railroad service
Is exacting by reason ol lhe attention and application necessarj to
mci'i the requirements ol well mnnag
ed, up to dote rj stems. ,uul the
young man oi clean habll -. iki
king the qualltj nf application and
reliability is the man who is hound
to succeed, even though he hni n
Celved nothing beyond n fail educa-
tion I aa) a fan education, because
the young man pn. iea In - these mial
Dies and the      ambition   to   iiceecd
will nlsa liml lime to Improve his
nilmii realizing Uml this is necessary
lh mdei i" reach the higher and
highest positions. At the same
time lhe Held Tor ndvnnccmcnl in lhe
railroad service is larger and mon'
open limn in, 1 believe, oil) oilier
commercial pursuit.
The Canadian Pacific Itailway emu
pnnj has expended n considerable
nmounl ol monej In providing thlf
building, but no mallet how much
maj be spenl on lhe architectural
,n., I* ol ih, building ni the fnelli
lh * foi comfort and amusement, "
the management is nol ol lhe propel
liilld   it   Will       UOl   lie   ,i     success.    Tin
Mines- .,i ihis Institution depend!
upon the management ol it nnd In ot
di i in have il properly managed tlu
management must have lhe confidence
and supporl of tlto members of the
association. An) members having
complaints should make them known
lo ihe secretary or to the' executive
laying the ease clearly belore    them
and ol there is    g 1 ground       f"i'
complaint the management) 1 feel
certain, will remove it. I make this
remark because I know thc harm
i nrping criticism mn) do lo llic Institution bj nny ol its members airing llieii complaints aloud In the
street to iill and sundry.
I sincerely trust thnt the manage
lueiil of this institution will nl nn
lime he weal) In well-doing bul will
colli llllle from  the evidences oj        tilt
g I results    lo carry on the   g 1
work with renewed energy and inter-
r   '
l trust thai   Uie members ol    thc
Cranl k Voung     Men's    Christian
a neiuI ion will take full advantage
ol and derive the utmost benefit frou
lhe facilities for amusement, recreation and education provided for them
,i' d I may add lhat a swimming
hath and gymnasium may he provided loi this building n little laler on,
ti it is found that the members nre
t„king hold nf tin- thing in the right
spirit, appreciating the desire to
provide them with tin- means for
■ lean and healthy amusement ami
idinu that Hie establishment ol a
Railroad Voung Men's Christian as
social ion building at Cranbrook is
not ,i waste nl money.
Again regretting thai I am not
personal)) to have the pleasure ol
being present al the opening nud
with my heart fell wishes for the i
j. - of the Railroad Voung Men's
Christian association in Cranhrook.
Hellevo me,
Vours sincerely,
W   Whyte,
Winnipeg,   \piil  llh, 1011
Vflei tho applause that greeted
' Ids communication had subsided
Mi Dudley proceeded to Introduce
tbe other visiting secretaries, each iu
turn sating a few words: .1. M. Oraham, general secretary, Vancouver;
tt Anderson, general secretary. Nelson, .1. W. Ward, general secretory,
Kdmonlon; II. Italian!ync, general
secretary, Calgary; K. M Thomas
sou, general secretary, Lethbridge;
l\ .1. Chegwln, general secretary,
Moose .law. ('. Hobson, general see
retnry, Regina; V IV Patton, general secretary, Winnipeg; and .1. S
'i'iel. lie popular local secretary,
whu took advantage of the occasion
tn announce the early opening ol a
new membership campaign.
following the addresses ol tie V
M>' \ men came some brief remarks
b) local men. Including Mr. Wcls
broil, Mr  Wanlcss, and Mr  Drymner
Ml        -I.       It       McMillan,     the  well
known telegraph superintendent oi
Calgary, also made a lew remarks,
apprd lallvc ol thc work of the V
M C A .
Tbe last apeaket ol tho owning was
Superintendent I ren, who displayed
.in oratorical gift nl exceptional poa
\ii<i a hearty rote nf thanks    in
tlir ladies,   p filing! chiM-d     wilh
prayer by Ret   Robl   Hughes
Miss Tuiiiih.iu.sei
... Miss Cameron
The visiting > M.C.A secretaries
mei in conference nn Kriday morning
'.ni for discussion was: *■ \
Definite and an Kltieient Policy for
Western 1'anada." and the dtSCUSSlOh
'..ii carried out as follows.
\ ■ regards'
l. Kqiiipmeiii—C. Robson, Regina;
H Rallantync, Calgary.
1 Internal development—W, .1
Oreen, Brandon; .1 M. Oraham,
t Extension—T. I). Patton, Winnipeg; I-;   .1. ChegWln, Moose .law
t Other organizations—.1. W
Ward. Edmonton; E. M Thomasson.
Tomorrow evening the roomers in
the V.M.C \ building will bob) nn
Informal social) to which every
young man iu lown is extended nn
The flrsl ot lhe series id Bible
i I.i       Indies   will he held on Wednes
dai evening nest,   conducted M   Dr
Connolly, when the subject (or    ills I
Might Nave   Had    a 0 1 Head     nf
The man who wears a toupee does
not like it, hut has the courage oi
his convictions.
Nature never intended that the
top of the head should he left entirely without protection. A bald head
is very susceptible to contraction of
colds and neuralgia. Wearing nil artificial top piece counteracts this
tendency! nnd, aside   from the
since, is amply justified.
How much better It would have
been had the man. now chronically
bald and wearing u lonpce, but real
i/i'il earlier in life the approaching
danger and devoted a little regular
uttenntton in his
have saved it
There is a remedy which will     al
so hi lei y prevent  baldness,  Loss      i
hair m nine cases mil of ten is     un
necessary, being due lo damlrull   nnd     SAILORS.—Gordon Walling*
the genu that   causes it.   This germ  ford Carson, Frank Campbell
Indian Maiden
Kitty O'Connc
... Mr. Peppers, Mr. lliekenbotham
  Miss Qnsklll, Miss Heattie
2 Spades  II. Donaldson
5 Spades  A. Laeey
7 Spades   11. Fraser
FAIRIES,—Laura Richards, Fairy
(jueen; Bcatrlcu Barclay, Qrma McNabb, Dorothy Wlntinme, Irene
Challerlon, Ethel Dow, Ellen Whit-
mine, Mable Brown, Margaret st
mi. nt ,u the personal"appear- Kl(,i* ^lsio Taylor, Dorothy Tipper,
Henri Cameron, Mayslc Small, Fiances Drummond, Enid GUI, Florence
Lien, l.cla Dow, Pleasant llinkley.
Olive Dow, Florence Hntble, Doris
Wallingcr, Tenn Parks, Lilly Taylor,
Freda Taylor, Gladys Spence, Muriel
which would I 'lohnson, Violet Simpson, Marie
Campbell, Grace McFarlane, Edith
McDonald, Gladys .lohnson, Lottie
Leask, Mary Leask, Muriel Baxter,
lima Pye.
must lie destroyed and the nccumuln Turner, .loe English, Nigel Tbomp-
lions nf dnndruil checked,    Then   the  son.
will imt fall   out,    but Instead;   ELVES.—John    Brake,   Volt (ins
Mi. Terry commenced by Congratulating Uie Cranbrook association mi
the attendance which was the largest
he had had the pleasure ol* addressing
since he commenced liis presenl tout.
lu lhe opening part oi the lecture
Mr. Terry used a number of excellent
lantern slides to illustrate the differences of the various breeds and also
to show several different si vies ol
poultry houses. The lecturer point
ed out the hesl* breeds of birds nml
emphasized the advantages and disad
vantages of each. The longest* hack
birds, In- said, were generally the
best layers. An interesting picture
was of a pair of Indian jungle tow is,
the Adam and Eve nf Hn- presenl dn
mcslic poultry race,
During the course of his address
Mr. Terry advised his hearers lo give
Iheir birds plenty of green food, es
pecially in winlci when the show  was
on lhe g I.    Chickens should also
have lots of   riinlight ami   fresh an.
he said
To Illustrate lhe diseases ol fowls
Mi. Terr) had obtained a couple ol
birds which were also used lo dr
inonslrnto the two best methods of
killing, vi/:   pulling   the   neck   and
eases nl nny time he would hi Iy
loo pleased in answer nny lellei nd
dressed to hm, ;i|. Victoria.
Aftei Hie lecture Mr Terry answered a number of questions on feeding,
diseases, etc.,   to  Ihe complete .satisfaction of the audience.
The proceedings closed about 11.16
p.m. witli a vote of (hanks lo thu
lecturer, proposed by Tims. Gill ami
seconded by C. II. Knocke,
Today's store advertisements pro
bahly contain Information of IMMEDIATE VALUE TO YOU.
will grow naturally and luxuriantly. | kill, Hugh J.  McDonald, .Iou Swain, Blll'kln8 »Hh a knife
Newhro's Herpicide is the remedy, Harry Kuioiner, Wilfrid Kenned)
regular applications of which will doj JAPANESE OWLS.—Muriel Toy-
Ihis. It has long been known as lhe lo,.( Hwe| Taylor, Fay Crisler, Irene
original remedy that kills the (Inn- h^ech, Marv ' Barnhardt, Helen Mill run germ   and is absolutely depend-   herlin,
DOLLS.—Wilma McNabh, Bessie
Woodman, Lizzie Chapman, Mai imi
DltKN.-Eva Conley, Hubert Beaton,
Clinord   St.    Elol, Otto   Gill, Mabel
Camel'      Cecil      Held,     Kathleen
SPADES.—Hector    Donaldson, Al-
So reliable is this preparation lhat
all druggists now sell the one dollar
si/e bottles of Herpicide wilh a binding guarantee to refund money if unsatisfactory.
Herpicide applications may always
be obtained at the belter barber
simps and hair dressing pari
Anyone desiring   to    try  Newhro's   |CI| [ iu.rv   u„K|. ].-..1si.,
Herpleldc hefoie purchasing a    lai
hoi lie will receive a nice sample nnd
I klet hy sending Hie. in postage or
silver to The Herpicide    Co., Dept.
P , Detroit, Mich.
Beattie-Murphy    Co., Ltd., special
cusslnii    will
Thc committee iu charge will meet
on Friday evening lo organize a
campaign for new members, This
campaign will probably take place mi
Tuesday next, when it is hoped Ite
secure one hundred new- members,
During the coming fall, Dr. Brown,
physical director, on the international committee of the V.M.C.A. in
New York, will visit all the western
associations in connection with the
work of his department. Mr. Ritchie, also o[ New York, will also
visit iln> western associations this
fall. Mr. Ritchie is the Boys' Work
specialist of the association.
The lirst. men's Sunday afternoon
meeting held at the Y.M.C.A. last
Sunday, was a greal success. The
halt was lilled with a large, appreciative audience of men. Orchestra
music, and the numbers rendered by
the quartette were greatly enjoyed.
Mr. .1. M. Graham, general secretory Y.M.C.A. Vancouver, was the
speaker, and he gave a st raighl,
helpful, practical talk thai was at
tentlvcly listened to by every man
present. These meetings arc to he
continued for   the next two mouths.
On Sunday, April lflth, Capt. Taylor, of the S. A will give an
address entitled "Wanted, A Man."
All men are cordially invited tn
enme out to these meetings.
The production on Friday ami Sa
tuiday of lust week nt the musical
comedy "Alice in Wondcrlandl"
whilst hardly up to the average of
local amateur performances, was, un
riei the   circumstances, verj credit
ahle, and was witnessed by a     latge
number ol townspeople,    The     facl
thai   the   performance was somewhat
crude,  was   due solely to lhe     shot t
time allowed the youngsters lot   re
hcarsal        However,  notwithstanding
some obvious  shortcomtnp the pro
dm 1 ion, on the     whole, was       most
creditable to all concerned
Those taking part in tin- produc
turn wen-:
Alice      Vein Di.idwin
King  Mr. Randall
Queen Miss Hlckcnhothai
Fairy Queen
Mad Hatter .
March Hare .
(tough Kidcr
Volunteer ...
Cheshire Cat ,
Caterpillar ...
Executioner .
Miss Karrell
... Miss Vanalykea
 Mrs. Fraser
... Laura Richards
  .1. MeCnlliim
 I. Bourgoine
 C.  McKowan
 0. McKowan
 I.. L. Langln
.,. Mr. Armstrong
. C. Ilickcnhothum
 E. Brown
 Mr. Guthrie
 Mr. McCoiitiell \
II  Ilickenhotham
 Mr. .lones
 Mr. .lones
... M. Drumuioud
HELLO GIRLS.—Hazel Hlriz,
Bertha lliekenbotham, Maudlc Short,
May Chapman, flcrllc McDonald,
Ella .lohnson. I
Miss MacEachcrn, Miss Hlckenhoth
nm, Miss (Iill, Miss Leamnn, Miss it
The best remedy for frozen comln
was to soak t he comb lu coal ml
and rub il with vaseline. A swollen
coinh slioulil he piened ami treated
with coal oil. Combs covered with
white scales should he treated within
a week with blue vii ml and the
birds, as well as those the diseased
birds were running with, given op-
sum sails. Canker usually attacked
birds in the mouth or windpipe. Ii
in the latter he advised his audience
lo kill the bird and burn il. If in
the mouth il should he treated with
vllrol, The hesl cure for roup was n
treatment with a solution of one
antiseptic tablet dissolved iu a glass
of waler. The hesl remedy for hrmi
chills was to push a feather dipped
in glycerine down the windpipe.
In cases of acute indigestion or
crop binding ho advised the feeding ol
Macdonald, Miss Bell, Mr. Arm- warm milk and epsom baits. The
strong, Mr. Patmore, Mr. Stevens, salts should he given to poultry fn-
Mr. Broughton, Rolo Crooks, Mr. Uucnlly whether sickness was nppnr-
Fergusson. *■'■>* <* I10t-
ANY OLD TIME OIRLS AND I He though! it Inadvisable to feed
BOYS.—Francis Drummond, Tena birds with fresh barley. Birds
Parks, OrvII Thompsoo, Florence | should not bo led with potatoes, as
lien, Pleasant Binkley, Joe Kng- Ihere was so much starch in the
lish,   Malcolm Campbell, Delia Dow,! food that it produced too   much f.it
Rolo Johnson, Gordon Wallingcr.
INDIAN    BOYS.—Wlltrtil Kennedy,
Joe Swain,   Eddie  Ryan, Veil (fas-
kill, Hugh McDonald.
FLAG DRILL.—Reta Cameron,
Lama Richards, Mabel Passmorc,
Helen West, Floe Baldwin, Vada
Doyter, Violet Deacon, Winnie Deacon, Dorothy McVittic, Vera Crisler.
Neither should too much meat
other rich food he given, as in addition
to producing too much fat it tended
to give the birds indigestion. Frozen
mangolds would also produce Indigestion.
Blackhead usually attacked chick.-ns
when about six weeks old. ll was
frequently     caught    irom     turkeys,
Ooldys   llickciinothain,   Eva Conley,   which    should   be kepi   apart f
Dundee Fraser, Norma Mo
net Drummond.
The large crowd which turned ou!
nn Friday evening last at tho meeting of the Cranhrook Poultry and
Pel Stock association iu Might mi's
tall to listen lo the lecturo given by
Provincial Government Expert .1. It.
Terry, is evidence of the good work
which lhe above association is doing in this district and should encourage the ollieers to redouble their
efforts to increase the membership,
\t tlie same time they should, if
possible, arrange for more lectures
on ibe lines of the one delivered by
Mr. Terry.
The meeting   was   called   to order
ther poultry. Cholera, tuberculosis
and blackhead could lie diagnosed b)
noting the stale of the liver, which
became spotted. The best remedy
was lo kill oil the affected birds,
clear out the houses and whitewash
them thoroughly.
Rheumatism was usually shown b)
a swelling on the hock of the knee
The swelling should lie rubbed wilh a
liniment and ihe bird given ;, quinine
tablet, (iiit given to fowls should
contain plenty of lime.
For the treatment of scaly leg he
advised washing with hot water and
the application ol corhollzed vaseline.
Bumblefoot was usually mused b)
jumping loo great a distance from a
high roost or from local tuberculosis
The remedy was to cut the foor open
at the affected part, wash and apply
Mr. Terry   closed   a very able and
Thc Corporation of thc
City of Cranbrook
I'i 111,1(1   NOTK'R    IS   IIKItKIIY
tll\ UN Uml Uio '' icll liovo ilreiil
i'il im! in .,it,mil :i "Hncclnl I 'li*.,ii
Ing I p Day" thin year ns in |ni*\inu*
v,-i>,h. ami will mil iimlril.ilu* Iln
expense nl providing mm anil vehicles
rm lIml purpose, Iml Dial nil yards
nml prrml8cH musl In* Uiornnglil)
I'lrnni't) anil plnccil in n sniillniy i*iin-
ililinn I))   Iln* owners   nr innl|lli-ls iii
siiili yards in premises In-fnii* M.i*.
15111 next, nlli'i iiiiui ilnli* Iln* Son
ii.iiy Iniiprclor will proceed In
siiiiily cnlorcu Un* provisions ni llic
T, lit. ROBERTS,
(ily Clerk.
Doled iIn* Illl day ol Aprll'llHI.
Crnnhrook, ll.c. s-ll
TAKE NOTICE ili.ii Wllhcraliu
Muss, ni Cranbrook, B.r , nccupnlloi
Kpinslcr, inlrml lo apply lot pennis
si.ni in purchase llic lollowing dr*.
cribed lands:
Commencing nl a posl planted nt
Iln* Boiitbeasl corner ol l.ol 0801
Qroup One, thenco bouUi 2ti chalm
more or less, in tin* nortb boundar
nt I in 1831; theme westerly along
Haul boundary seventeen (IT) chains,
innii* or less, lo llic west boundary
ol l.ol 8111. ihence northerly along
said west boundary a distance
twenty (2d) chains, thence easl
enteen (IT) chains, more or less,
tin* point ni commencement, containing thtrly-ilvo (35) aires, moro
Wllhcmlnn Muss, Locator.
Per .1. Walsh, Agcat.
Dated April lib, Uil. '  '
liM-tU. oi/nn os veahs*
! v.Ti>' E-xPEniEiaCr.
Uraticti OOMt *?£ V BU WaUhlOftOO. D -J.
UlAiNbHUUh   1.....I'   l'i.->M.u 1.
TAKE N UTI Lb mal 1, Harry    b,
ii.iiuuie, ui   Kiiooeriey, ii. *,
aboul 8.80 by W.  .1. Atcblaon, prral- Interesting   a ess by saying    that ,l"""u"'. ul   -*••">-.'**0. "■ *■■* <•--•*-
ileal „l the aasoclatlon, who Intro- il anv members ol ihe ass,,,*iaii..n I'-"'""* Mue »««uui, wuiM w »p
diiccd llic lecturer iu a few well cbos- required lurtber enlightenment on ''">' "" l"*"'""J-"f '*• purchase tne
,,, n-marks. poultry or assistance in treating ills- ««"'•>«">■* Hwcriiiea louo.:
^ _^ '. beginning at a  post planted     on
 .    .     ■       — '      ■ .  —  nortb boundary oi I.ut Hu-13, and    un
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦<>♦♦♦   .-west boiindaiy ol Timber License Nu
I St 1-1.32, tbcoce north thitty-ttvo chains
mi iuity-Mx liuKb  iSH.'iu} iu south-
i   iiu   boundary  uf Lul   -1U6U;   Ineuee
Zj.visleily live chains aud twenty linlta
HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO J '!■'■-») along southern boundary     ol
5 ' i.ut 1080; thenco south-westerly 01-
f jiceu chains and fifty links (1S.S0) lol-
4 [lowing thu   eastern boundary uf   the
♦ ' Umpire mineral claim, thenco north-
J westerly nineteen chains and fill) nu-
• ! links, lollowing southern boundary ol
♦ Kinpire Mineral claim lo the N, i:.
a corner ol  Lot 3012; thenee lollowing
* east    boundary  ut Lot 3012 twenty
,      __                                  j  ^ ^    chains mnl  seventy three links
AcoouDti   of   Oorpomttons,   .Miinieipalitii's.    Morohmita, Z (32.78)    lo the 8, ... corner ol Lol
Furit.orH.ni.l Private: Itnliviilmils In vital. S .iiu^( ihence westerly, lollowing son
Drafts ami Letters of Orwltl Issued available In any iwtrt of I ll    boundarj  ol   Lol stna (out
tin' worl I. f  chains   ninl ten    links It.10); them
SAVIMiS OKPAJITMBNT    s, Ial   ntlontlo., • aaU"ih ,ollow",« nmthm ' '"
Iven t" Havings Dank Aooonnts.    Doposils «>f ^i.tht  ninl
1 Imperial Bank of Canada I
♦          CAPITAL AUTHORIZED - $10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     - - 5.575,000.00
RESERVE FUND         - - 5,575000 00
n. It. wii.kik. PrtHldent,
HON. KODKKT JAPFKAV, Vi.-.-.1>.a—i.l.-i,t
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A n-liiilile 1'ieiicli reffulotoi
pills nro oxccotllualv iioworl
Inlls, These
i:u:.iiiiii! lhe
l!i-ut-tiiiivi- [.'.innii in in,' i*iii ut' ByilOm,     l<L-(ll!-t!
nil clieii|> hnilMlunis. Hr. ilu Vun'u mc sulil at
»fi;i U<>\, rn Uu.'i- hn (111. Miiik-d oiiinv iiiMruss.
Ill* Si:obi>ll Drug Co., Nt. •'iitlnti'lui-*. "'it
For mile   nt,   IJealie,   Murphy   tt   Co.,
Oppmiti O.r.ll. siiiii.ni
TIIE    PLACE    TO      OKI'    A
llfiiiilqiinrliTfl fm* nil   kinilH nj
Snlinrm-linn (iiifinillti'i',1
Tho SI,,,.. Hpitoliillal
Provcnzano & Sacco
Gonertal Merchants
Employment Arjcnts
CRANBROOK      -      B. C.
P.O. B0K l!14 PHONE ?■»■»
It yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it  to
Speriiil prices (or limiily work.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
llOiMIIB Willi lllllll*..     Tliono 111
every room
llnrlier Bliopon the |,remi*et
TlmroiiKlily up-to-dnte.
Rates, S2.00 a day and up.
UEO. P. WEI.i.s, Proprietor
11. TOM KIN, Manager
Kn.ilih'H traders throughout the world
to communicate direct with   Kugllsh
in each ulasfl i»f goods, ItenUles heing
n complete commercial guide iu Lon*
dou and it- Biiburbi, tin- directory
contains HaU "f
with   tin-   ll I-   ili.-plii}.. and    ile
t'nluuiiil ami   Koroign Markets limy
arranged under the Ports to which they
suit, mil Indicating tin' appioxtinate
uf loading Uunufiicturers, Morchnnia,
i'ti-.,in tho principal provincial towns
mnl Industrial centres ol the United
A copy *>i tlie current edition «111 he
(orwuidctl, freight paid, on receipt ot
Postal Order lot 20s,
Dealers seeking 'gencles can ndvi*r-
tlte their trade cards (or 20s., <•. largte
uilvi-rii-i ments (nun 00s.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
IS Ahthurch Une, laiiJin, B.C.
lipwariln n-i'iMVi'i) mnl iiitiTist ul In \vii I from dateol ilrpn.sii
Cran I K Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
• •I i.ut 8032 eight chains (H..ui) t
wesl hountlary ol Comet Mineral
claim; ilium- northerly following
west boundary uf Comet Mineral
claim nine chains (t'.ntt) to N. \V,
corner ot same; thenco .easterly   lol-
♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦»   lowing tin- norlh boundary of Comet
Mineral claim twenty two chains uml
-—     ■ Mveiity-thiee   links Vii.T-.) to      the
\. I!, corner ol  same; thenco south-
4'.i>******0000***************** ************ ,,,, l0i|0w|ng ,..Kl , ,„■„,,. 0| ,.,„„.
ci Mineral   clnlm Iwonty-lwo chains
KltllV,.   ul    llrarla ..II-   lllrkrlilii.tllillii
While Rabbit (I, Mann
Fish v. Swain
KinR     1*1,1   Hrown'
Mniiiii (inns,*  v.,*., Conley
It is the Sninc I'lnco
Tho Plui'i* thnt in I'i>|iulnr
liiiii.|   118  tllO   lll'ftt
Bettor iiiiui tlu* li.si
The Cosmopolitan
If you iomo once,
Ycm will ooino again.
1*1. II. SMALL. I'llii BTOB
i-rnlj Ihrco links t„ ihr S, 1*1
irni'i* ol lame; thenco easterly lol*
' i lowing northorn honndnry oi , i„>
'' Mis|inii   Mineral claim Hvo     chains
(B.nO) In wrsl boumlnry nl Lot 2iii:t;
tlH'iirc northerly InllnwiiiK weal
;r, bonatlary ol Lot son iwclvo chains
; |  (12Ml to the \. W. rornr-r of samr;
ilti'iicp   rasipiiy following  northern
• > boundary ol Lol 2Un twelve chains
',', and fivr* links (IJ.0S) to place oi
, i bcftlnnlng, containing elghty-thrco
'' acres (R.t.firi) ninri* or loss,
♦ llnrry S. (lnmhle,
IJ.ilcd Mnrrh ISIh, 111], Mt
N*'.*-*iAP * * ' 1fe .*'
Any available DomiiTimi I .anils
within thc K.uKvay Belt iu British
Columbia, may he hiiinesk-aili'U hy
any person who is the sole heail ol a
family, or nny male out 18 yiars ot
age, to the extent ol oiie-i.ii.uti-r
suction ol ItiO ncros, mote or less
l-.ntry must he inaile personally ut
the toeal laml ofllco foi the distriet
in whieh the laml is situate. Entry
hy proxy may, howover, he made on
certain condltloni hy the father,
mother, ion, (laughter, brother oi
ilstei uf an Intending homostcatlcr.
The homesteader is required to per-
for, thu ooodttlons conneotcd thoro-
with    undei   one   nl the   following
(I). At least sli months1 residence
upon and cultivation oi ihe land in
each year fm three (rears.
fi).   II Lhu lather (or  ther,    if
the  father   is  dOCOflttd),        ul the
lioinesteodoi resides upon a lorm tu
lhu Vicinity ul the land catered fui',
llii- rei]tiiiemiiiis iis tu rostdonco may
he satisiieii hy such person residing
with the [athor or mother.
(.i). U the settler has his permanent residence upon farming laml owned hy him in the Vicinity of his
homestead, the requirements as to
residence maj he satisfied hy resid*
enco upon thu said land.
.six months' notice In writing
slioulil hu given to thu Commissioner ui Dominion Lands nt Ottawa nf
Intention to apply for patent.
COAL.—Coal mining lights may hu
leased for n period of twenty onu
years at nn anuiiul rental of JI pur
aire. Not more Ihnn 2,570 acres
shall he h-aseii to our Individual or
Company. A royalty nfc the rate of
flvo cents per ton shall he collected
on the miTchiintahlc C08l mined
Deputy ot the Minister Ol thu Interior. 29 uut TIIK   GBAXRUOOK.    llEKALU
(From the Fruit Magazlno).
Great national and International
movements usually disturb existing
conditions more or less, hut usually
wilh some beneficial results.
While the ratification of the pro
posed reciprocity agreement between
the United Stales nnd Canada tunj
cause the fruit growers on both sides
of the line tu re adjtisl themselves
anil their methods to some extent,
the result should nol hu without
compensating nd vantages, and thu
Canadian [ruitlticli should rise lo the
occasion uud organ 1?.l' in kiicIi a man
Opponents uf the proposed reciprocity agreement seem lo be wonderfully exercised over the probable ol-
feet upon mir transcontinental mil
ways running east and wesl. Ilui su
long as Monlrenl is su mini, ncarei
Liverpool than New Vork, Canadian
mules will always hnve Ihr prefer-
nice, Even wiih ihe iiiiui wall
thorn was muri' wheal Khlpped from
Montreal lasi yeai than rrom mi)
othei Atlantic port, and since lhu
reciprocity negotiation* have heen in
progress the V V It   slocks have   ad
as to tetain a lull    shun- of   lhe   Miami (rum 208 lu 31113
control of markel* un the American
contitienl This ipiesiiiui slioulil nol
he viewed from imv political part)
hi Industrial or commerclnl class
standpoint, hul from n broad nation
nl aspect, having in mind Hu- wel
(are of lhu whole people
Canada has (he mill, climate and
the men lo produce us high grade
fiuit (of the varieties suitable to
northern latitude*)   as   anv counlry,
and si Id Invade the l lilted Slates
markets ai every vulnerable polnl.
To say thai the young orchard* til
Hritish Columbia cannol compete
with ilu- older plantations ol Oregon
and Washington is ahout as reasonable as to say that Hritish Columbia
cannol compete with thc old orchards ol Ontario, Quebec and the
Maritime provinces. Prices are nol
likely to he reduced, but a higher
standard ol fruil and mure careful
grading and packing will he required, which arc much needed. The
Dominion and Provincial Kruit Inspection Acts should also be more
rigidly enforced, The prairie market would then be regulated by the
standnrdc of fruit offered tor sale,
because the I'nited States iruit
grower is nol going to sell his fruil
in Canada fur less than lie can get at
home, and the high class fruil brings
fully as good a price south ol thc
line as north, as the lollowing example* will show:
From u five-acre trad 0. W, Rich,
of Kcnwlck, Wash., sold in IfllO, 100
crates ol strawberries for WfiO; !""
crates ol cherries for J200; 50(1
boxes of peaches Ior vi'ui, 200 boxes
of llartlet pears f,n $300; 000 boxes
ol Tokay grapes for W00; apples,
apricots, prunes, etc., $100; garden
truck, MUli; total, $1,500; ol which
SaOli was paid out in expenses, lew
ing a net protit of SI.mm
In 1908 from 200 tcn-ycnr-old winter apple trees un two acres of    laml
S. E. Hartal, ol Entlat, Wash.,
sold 1800 boxes fui $1.25 a box. Hi*
expense was $-150, leaving a net profit of $1800.
lu 1008 .1. II Blake, ol Wenatchee,
Wash.. sold irom Ofi ten yeai old
trees on   une     acre    Dflfl boxes        nl
Winisap apples iui an average price
of Vi in   pei box.       His   estimated
expense was $00(1, ami his net profit $17111).
Hlaikmaii Hro* . ol ilu same place
and in the same year, Irom -\s,;"
eight yeai old trees, eoverin. ':''
acres, sold 18,000 boxes ol apple* al
an average pi ice - i vi 52 pet box
Their expense amounted to tfi.noo
leaving then nei profil * II,	
Tbe cost of (nnt labor in both
countries is vprj much lhe same, al
though Oregon is about 15 pet cenl
lowel than in British Columbia
There  b
as much sense  in   this er) ns   Ihere
was  iu  lhe  tear     Ihal   lhe building ul
ihe fl.T P and C N, rallwaj
wuuld cripple Hie C P \\ , and thai
ilu- iise ui Prince Ituperl would kill
the growth and prosperity ol Van
miner The annexation cry is hard
ly worth mentioning again because
ni its absurdity, hut wc venture tbe
assertion Ihal Ihere nre more people
iu the territory uf Alaska alum- who
want to become annexed lo Canada
than ihere are in the whole Dominion who would he willing in he annexed lo the United .Statu*.
And how can thesi' imperial federa-
llonlsts, whose loyalty is an ignoble
selfishness, over expect to bind an
empire together with the treacherous
cords of artificial trade arrange
ments hy forcing the mother counts)'
tu tax her people against all the
rest ui the world for our benefit,
when wc remember Hint Canada
stands eighth in the list of (ileal
Britain's trade customers' and as
the I'nited Slates is her best customer, surely we should he justified
in reaching out Ior some of that
trade which thc mother country
linds so profitable (ireat Britain
buys annually from thc I'nited
states $000,000,000 and sells her
$300,000,000; she buys from Germany
$300,000,000 aud sells her $250,000,-
000; from France she buys $225,000,-
000 and sells her $100,000,000; she
buys from Russia $200,000,000 and
sells her $100,000,000^ from Argentina $105,000,000, and sells her
$100,000,000; from India $200,000,000
ami sells her $260,000,000; from Australia $105,000,000 and sells her
$110,000,000; from Canada she buys
$1:10,000,000, and Canada buys    frum
the t •lited     Kingdom    $95,000, i.
(iieat Britain's total imports ol
fruit is ahout $60,000,000 annually,
ni which  Canada supplies $4,000, I
Notwithstanding tarifl walls Canada sells to the I'nitcd States about
$111,000,000 annually, and buys irom
the I nited Status about  $250, l.OOfl
against $05,000,000 irom Oreat But
We believe In strengthening thc tics
ih.it hind Canada to the motherland,
hul not the brand of imperial led
oration whose strength is measured
and limited hv commercial advanl
ages True loyalty is nol bough!
and sold foi dollars and cents
The ideals fur whuh Wc should
strive arc thc highest national de
vclopmenl ol the Dominion ol Can
nda, tho fraternal unity of the
British empire, nnd the peace *>\ the
Wilt 111.
ii seems a pit) lhat a subjeel
fraught with such tremendous possi
bilities for lhe promotion 11 peai i
nnd the   advancmenl    *n civilization
An- a valuable and nu
live fruit, owing lu iin
ciiial principal.
contain iln* active principal ul KIliK,
combined witli other valuable nirtliii-
ini'iils, iinii arc   guaranteed   t-i   cure
years,   during which   period he lui
nlshed   Europe with practlcall)     nil
it,   reliable   Information al i thai
1|U.U- country, Outside pi h
work, Mi lli'll hail v
concerning Egyptian alia
Ur. Bell was a big, In
man, not stoul, bul npp
powerfully built. In 11
was* eighteen   years    uld
WEAK BLADDER,     LAME    BACK gave him sis months ii> lit
ami all   KIDNEY,    LIVER,   K'l'oM-  day Lord Northcllito was In
ATI! and BOWEL DISORDERS.   At   said, "I weiil "11 to Egypi
nil dealers 29c    pel  box, or The Pig   "s raging there."
Pill fu, SI   Tl ins, Onl. |    "Then why choose Egypi
Sold and    recommended     In    The  once asked,
ri.iiilii.ii.I, Drug anil Book Co., Ltd.,|    "Well, I   thoughl I miitln
Druggists, | 'I I   cholera as  consuinpi
 ,, s,» wenl inin business then
Referring lo   tbe Soudai
in ihe western hemisphere slioulil   be   he said:
Watch ior the
"I would ban* gone hul ■
leg I was in iii* hospital
(ember, ikki, in Januar)
mn Sep
brought Into     tin*  sphere   nf parly
Tin* ratification   ol   Hn* reciprocal.
ngreement. will   nol     mean knocking .,   compound   fracture an      had   tn
the bottom oul   "l  Canadian nation have  twcnly-oi perallm      Even
l I, Iml Ibal ih,*   nn has set      on luall) thc ankle bone it	
tin* dm nf high laiiii   walls between rendering me   lame loi Hn
 lern civilized nations, and      thai my days      Iliad    Hu nl.
llie streams ol   commerce  will grad Into a head tor m] wnlkli
null) lind   Hun level through       tin* thai you   bcc II silll    iuppiuti   nu
courses ol least resistance | Some ol my friends suRgesicd ihal   1
The rcclproeltj   agree nl   . places had bettei   have 11 madi  inio a clj
Hu* Canadian statesmen who negotla areltc holder,    bul    I feared people
led il in   ilia innii   rank ol Interna might sat    Ihal     whenetei  I opened
limial ili|iliiiiials.   ami     proves that my mouth 1 put my looi in II "
ih<> day has gone lit when Canadian
interests musl In* sacrificed in order
lu curry favor .villi the I'niliil
Slates in nnt limit rise.
Tin* mini   count   in    Ilu*
voting on Iln-    reciprocity
pad ear-
lied mi lit ihe Canadian Fa
in nf To
iiiiiiu was as herewith sliown:
In favor.
\gsl Mai
Ililaiin   GII2
.'il 1     1 IS
(Juebec   32
II       IS
N'ew Brunswick  1 is
llli     53
Nova Scotia  IM
:,i    so
Prince Edward Is
land   Till
2     6.1
Manitoba  122
2S     II1
Saskatchewan  till
Uil   ir,s
Mbertn  ln2
:il   158
British Columbia  2it
.", 1     38
\ddiess unknown  21
in     11
lb- Is   survived bj two   huh     and
three daughters.      An ■ hi      besl
known publications an-: "Khedlven
uiul Pashas," "Kgyptian Finance,"
and "From Pliaroali lu 1-YUali "
1.E88 HHl 7 IK
It is only a siiaw but il shows
how the wind is blowing in thc
country districts. ICverj test which
lias been made uf rural opinion has
shown a substantial preponderance
in favor ol reciprocity
\l\\ \ill\i;  DIRECTOR III*'
Charles Frederic Moberley Bell,
managing director ol iln* London
Tutu's since 1008, died suddenly at
his office lasi t\,*,*K ,if heart disease
lb- tt.is limn in April, 1817, and in
!>:.", married lhe daughter ol the
late Rev. .lames (Tiattiay He ttas
lhe corresnondenl ol the Tions in
Egypt Irom 1605, a pnsl which he
secured by a bold sunk,* ol reportor-
lal enterprise Some negotiations ol
international    importance were   pro-
, ling nl   Vlexandrla, and Bell,   re-
cognl Ing the iini- value, cabled tin*
romplete tlratl ol the treaty to Tlu*
Times on liis own authority, giving
his   personal   security tor the   cable
tolls in ia i a refusal     The slult
proved lo be a greal "scoop" loi
The Thunderer, and Bell received In
return a check lor B100 and the oBbr
ol ,i position as resident correspondent
Mi Bell continued to represent
Thi  Times in   Egypi lol  twcnty-flvc
IffffiffiHBffiffiffiffiffiBBffiffij&fflffia £} SB BBBBBaHBBSBBBVBBB
Hoot Mon!
Look who will be with us
Wednesday, April 19
Alick   Lauder
Brother oi the Famous Harry Lauder.
Karly Sunday morning Insl young
Robert Walsh, who had recent 1) un
tlcrgotic an operation for appendicitis
at thc St. Kugene hospital, passed
nway. peritonitis having sel in. The
young man, who wns in liis twentieth year, was the eldesl sou uf
Provincial Constable Joseph Walsh,
uf Port Steele.
The opctallon, wlilcli tnok place un
Thursday afternoon last, passed nit
very satisfactorily and H w.e< hoped
that Iln- young man would make
speedy recovery.
The body was removed from Ihe
hospital tu Kurt Steele on Sumlaj
md Iln- funeral took place there
mi Monday afternoon,
Widespread sympathy with thc h-
reaved parents, who arc well known
and highly esteemed old timers, is
expressed, in which (he Herald sin
i-ly participates,
The lillttereiipK have  lieen  blooming
up on Fred Roo'b place, jusl across
iln- boundary line, for thc past three
weeks. There js a qulel little nook
up there ilium! the luus! mil.-, laughing Phillips Kalis that seems tu gel
mure than it's share uf nature's
bounty.        Il  seems a  favorite result
tor the warm chinook whieh coaxes
frum their hiding the lirst early llnwers of springtime, and as a plan- of
beauty there are few in thc famous
Glacier National Park that ean com
pare with its matchless waterfalls
It would he a fitting place for Fred
Roo to retire and write an epic
poem «r build an asylum for Hill
Coulter and Pave Hoover to repaii
fui their afternoon beauty sleep—Tin
Eureka (Montana) Journal.
of the
Faultless Flour
'J Particular people who want a particular flour
can'i help buying SEAL OF ALBERTA.
Actually we wash every kernel of the wheat
it is made from. It is cleaned by separators—
that is done at most mills—then it is dry
scoured, but even that isn't enough. So we
actually wash it to remove any possibility of
irr-purities from the grain. This cannot be
done at the ordinary mill. It takes too much
power. It is too great an expense. That is
another reason why SEAL OF ALBERTA
i i a purer, better flour.
(1| Now tlie wheat is washed in warm water.
That enables us to bring it to the right
temperature before milling, and the milling
process can be carried along better with the
wheal ;it a certain temperature. That's another
reason why you should say "SEAL OF
ALBERTA, PLEASE," when ordering flour.
TJCaW*.     *•**. *-*%*,-■'■=,.■-»»-« •
l.lljl Illl ACT,  Uill).
(atattaaii X ELBOW PARK
NOTICE    I.s   HBIIEIV     CI1VKS t '"   L°"'' ,,,,   ",; iff'" ''''",'.''■    ,»'"  **})  '"  l1*'™'
.... ,  .    „ ♦ ( usll,   liiilani-i* .1. l. ,iinl '.I months
ilmtoi,  tin* 31th  .lay o! April next, • «n//T*W   rjl RJOV
indication will in* mmlo in iln* Siiii- ♦ ViV/,' "- ^'r^mfl" y
rrintendent  o! Provincial l'..lin*   Im t "   Lols'   uu"'k   "', 1"     ''"     , *    '" S('"  '"  -''"r!,
Hip transfer ol Hip HcotlSo Im Iiu ♦ „„ * (,f •>" l"'**'""' ■' ■"■'• » IJlOlltllB.
salp   ol liquor l,v retail In ami i,  J ' •"' ;ir" ™'"?"tJaJla?,5en]I-a,«, -a,.,
tlioprcmto   known   as   ll„*   Pall, X P,N«HA%0f,&ACL£0°
View    Hotel,   situate at Marysville*, 1 T 604 CENTRE ST. CALGARY, ALTA.
liritisli Columbia,   Irom Charles    K **********************************************
1'iinli in Evan Thomas Crowley,    ol
.Maiysvilli*. British Columbia.
Dated   Ihis    22ml   ilaj ol   Mareh,
C. E. Flncli
Holder nl  l.ir.'lisp.
E. 'I'. Crowley
I AppliPant Im* Trnnslcr.
Nervous Exhaustion
Heredity isone of the main causes
of nervous exhaustion. Children
whose minds give way in school,
girls lacking i u nerve stamina, and
young men exhausted by ordinary
business cares, prove this. Occasional treatment with "ASAYA-
X.-xkai.j.'' is their salvation. It
feeds the nerves, induces sleep,
improves the appetite and digestion, and restores full nerve power. $1.50 a bottle.   Local agent.
CAPITAL,- $10,000,000 WSI. - $7,000,000
The Money Or.Lr< of The Canadian Bank of Commerce are a safe,
convenient and economical method ,*t remitting small sum*, of monev.
'I I uy are payable without charge at e* c:> brunch ol a chartered bank in
Canada (except in the Vukon Territory) anj in lhe principal cities of
the United Slat, -.
The Orders and full information regarding them mav be obtained
on application at the Hank.
In the event of loss of a Money Order the Hank will, on receipt of
a satisfactory guarantee, make arrangements to retund the amount oi
the lost OrJer. ,3i
\i. T. Brymner, Manager Cranbrook Branch
I        Tickets on Sale at Beattie-Murphy Drug Store.
m =====
ttttttttitttttts&g&atttttttt tt a ttttflttttttttBttttttttttttttattttatt
Prices: $1.00, 75c., 50c.
Phone No. II and secure choice seals.
London, April in -General Booth,
head ol the Salvation Army, celebrated liis eight) second birthday lasi
Monday niRhi by addressing a huge
meeting nf his followers Im* an hour,
lit* spoke witli energy and brilliancy
ul the luture ol the organimtion <"
whuh lu* is Hu* commander, lit* said
In* hoped alter his coming tour
through Hu* United States and L'nn
ada. In have a calami t operated on
in the lull and thai In* would then be
young again.
 4 _-
.1 11 Cully, presldenl ol the local
branch ol tho Brollu rhood ol liail-
wa\ Trainmen, who, some lime ago
sustained serious Injuries, whereby he
Insl an arm, purposes leaving Cranbrooh (rn* his old lu'iiii* in New
lliiinswiek shortly
ilis brother railroadmen prnpnae in
murk 1lu*ir appreciation nt his lalth
lul services ns a brotherhood olllcei
by holding a hall in i is honor al thc
Auditorium on Kriday evening,
\piil 21m. the proceeds ..1 which "ill
be iiirneil over in lhe ism-st ol the
evening. The Ouerard orchestra has
been engaged lor   tt ccaslon
When a medicine musl be itiven to
young children n should bo plcasanl
in lake. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Is made from loal sugar, and ilu
rnnls used Iii Its preparation glvo i'
a flavor .similar to maple syrup, mak
ing II pleasant to lake lt 1ms lu
superior lnr colds, croup and whoop
mi; cough. Fnr sale by all deal
ers. Mt
(JiiU'k Mi-i-viii-. lt.i-.int'1-.itM
Lunch.  Opan Huv wnl Nijrtu.
"AT II HERE SlltCE l*K>:
We wmt everj/onelo tai<M'
Apt we arc payiiii-, *
c-4% lutein
peraimum cre3itci mTUr
onsavinto Jepo9it3(*1°-n
*. S upwartVJauujcd loWitli-
drauol br cheq.ue Sr -
Wc invest monty fordienta
in firot mwlJaJesS ooa
,Hfiicui\ IfnaiKial tusincsiv
We won't Your saving .icent
& iPyou are nol aavin-) -
tvatmatitilv', *•*•*■-
Commence NOW Willi US.
Dcpositsly mail ^^^
*<-■.* casilj'lianileS —
WPaiiaeiio by liraft,
Potf Olficc * Cjiprras
Order or RcJislerecT^^
Letter \ withdrawal:'-
can be made **• * * * *
♦ ♦ajy way you wish.
"Weare Rciyoiwible
Rcfertif^* + » *
or To anyone in *
Write us about it toJay
Do it now!!!!!
DuivIraseha Ci Ltd
321 Cambie Street.
Vai\cejMver B.C.*;?
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J Now is the Time to buy
i   We still have a stock on hand which
X      we will sell AT COST to clear.
1 P. BURNS CO., Ltd.
********************** *********.!
A  Good  Home
is what is •h-iiT to every man.   A home
is where Peaoe, Comfort, Contentment,
and I'l'-nty is found.   That is the reason
♦ men throughout British Columbia, when
t "CranbrooE*1 is mentioned think of the
w provisions -los. Brault 1ms made toi an
J ideal home al the
| Canadian Hotel
♦ InrarporaM tBSfl
^ Capital Paid Up $6,aoo.ooo Res-erve S6,-vou,<mju
**. lotal Assets, Over *»>,■>.t**tu,t*M,
** 11   8   HUl.T, l'nuident     K. I. PEASE, Osnsral Manajtr
4 A mi CorjiorsUonsaad Indlflduls solicfisdf
4 om ui lown lm>* in en receives every sttentlon.
♦ SAVING DKPARTURKT   Dsposlttol $1.00 and onwsrdl rfceived
x itii-l Ini -i a I loved at oorrent rate,   No (orniHiity or delay In
X will"!:..'
T v (ieneral hUnklng Business transacted.
♦ Cranhrook Hranch: D. D. McLAWS, .Vanaxer
Will Iill prompt.;
Illl nnliTS for:
Small I'miis
:   RoBes uiul Flowering Shrubs
Alsn Fruit Trees,
j 0-51 f
aUHIHiPii*!..!.* ■'.•'       * . ** .'Wi-Vmi
Mrs. Arnold Wallingcr
Terms on ni.plicati„i>.
Aildresi p. o nir GRANBKOOK HICK ALU
By tbe Herald   Publishing Company,
K. J, Deanc, Managing Kihtm.
CHANBROOK, B.C., April 13,1911
Thai    pestilential   nuisance,
"Knocker," lias been verj  bus)
Inti' endeavoring to spi'eud abroad an
cntirel) false   Impression   ol  tin   - n
lurpriso of certain peoplu in (..-curing
a large Influx   ol   well to do   cttlei
Into iln-   Daynes   Lake ilistrict,     II
WHI i„. recalled tbat some weeks ago
Hi,-   l-lcrald   11 iblisbcd   a press    tics
pateb from    Montreal    to   tin   i ilfei I
thai n      large   part) «*i    well to-do
.Englishmen had just   passed Ibrougb
Ihal eit)  i'ii route lo Hritish Pulum
liiu in lakf up   null lands m        the
Hay lira Lake dislriel ol Ka I   Kaoti
ua)    Shortl)      .nu i"..iui.     runnti
were in    circulation Hi.it   I
ui Englishmen were [really cl
with lhe treatment   Ibe;   hail   i eel
ed at the bands ol tin  parth       wh ■
had Induced tli.-n, to Invert in       lhe
Itaynra Lake dlstrh I; thut the) Ii.kI.
in lact, been bilked    and would uuil
tbe province   as Kpeedll)   »
and advise theii     frli ml   In Kn laml
iu hare nothing    lo iln with llrltls]
(Nilmnbin     Tin i1 ru ■    were hard
lo trace lo lhe originators, hul
[|itiel Invesligaiinii led In the Litter
,.,,* Uml  lli<'> emaiintcil tnun a ilu
app led member   nl Ibe in  '   part)
,,i Englishmen hroughl mil to llaynes
l.iikr ..ml bad been eulai ;ed iipun   h\
certain parlies,   who   viewed      wnl
jealotin eyes   tbe   apparent    n   I
time ■■! lhe Oaym    l.al .■ ill irlcl
persistent were     Ibese   i ium
the Hi raid decided it would he      in
the public intoresl tu mt. iii .,■,   Lli
iiiiiii i.i   otherwise    ol them.      Ac
cordlngly .i   represenlalive   *i      Ihi
pn|ier went mil  Ih Ba) lies l.al e   la I
Saturday and Interviewed, Itrsl
Knglish immigrants, and   ei nnd,   I In
men responsible (oi  loraling litem i
lhe II,i\Hi's Lake dislrii I
I-: ite i.. Baynes Ukc mn      re
piesentiiiive gathered certain inform
alion thai     strengthened 'In- preeou
eelvitl idea Ihai tin- Knglishmen   Ilu!
been bilked,     lie was Informed    liml
ihr land sold to them was held     by
an  \mcrican outfll, who did no) i nn
a cenl  wbetbci   nt  not t( cil cost nni
ers wen- satislled and « bn i lu- rfutl
gave mil  tbe mosl    mlsleadii
malion regarding llteii  lai il   .
capabilities,    lie was fitrlln i inform
ed that the laml Hold lo tlu   i      I.:,
lisiiieii was unsulted fnr fruil mishit!
From another source be learni d Itui
our member nl Hns pat I) ol Kng
lish men, a markel gaidcnet. hit
qulckl) tumbled to lhe
•and, alter   rnundl) di iinttni t 11
agents, bail shook thc dust
Baynes Lake dislriel from his boot
and journeyed "ii tn S'elsmi Several
similar ami cot robnrati' e utorie'
ruute in ln>. notice, so thai In tlu
time he reached Baynes l.al <■ he
was prepared In lind ;i hum b nl In
furl a teil Kiiglishtnen, in a wild stale
•>r anxiet) In ret back tn Hn- old
i pon Ins arrival   al Buyncf    Lake
be was immediate!) token   (a      the
l-lub I se,   where these [Englishmen
wen- staying, pending the erection ol
houses on then respective plot -.j
hind lie was in trod need it. .-. tai
of thrill ami in once made knnu n tlir
object nf hi', mission Foi the nexl
two hours he listened in (In i*.t. ■ :, |
men's side ot Hu- ease. Without u
dissenting i nice iill ol Ihem es
presse.1 unqualilled satisfaction wilh
lhe Ireatnieal thev liml ri reived, nnd,
as sei im ib full) m Ibe reporl ol bis
trip, appearing els.•whet.- mi iln
issue, Bpokc tu terms ol warmest ap
preclalion ol iln- men responsible for
theli migration lo British I'oluml In
In a word, om  representative   foumi
thai ihe  t*rs he   wai <i< lolled   In
Investigate had absolutely no foiiml.i
tinu in fin t li was simply another
rase nf tho    ktintker    and   I is      little
hammer, Aftei hearing Hie Kng
11 slim en's side <>l Iho cn «, lhe Hei
aid representative    lnt<w h •■■■■ il     ll
man actually   res| ifbk   foi      I i
sett lemon I ol   Ihesc   men In   llrlti b
Columbia,  Mi    Ernes!   II    Vrnoll
Mi    \iiuitt tv ii ill rei tor and Mi Itish
Columbia  rnanngei   ot   the    Hrlllsb
Kmpire Agency, nn Knglish
whosi opi ration      i nvei    Ihe  entire
British  empire, .md   whose tlirei tni
nre men of the ver)  I il
in London flnani Ial clrc-1      Tl i  Ian I
sold by this  ageni v   to ilu  '    [itsi
men was [ormerlj the property      nl
tbi'   Kootenay   River Lunri i      ian;
in which    Spokane men wen
Interested, hul   the    latter rompan)
hnd nothing whatever to do with  the
sales, which   were handled   by     the
British Kmpire   Agency through  Mi
Arnott personally.    This dls|     of
thc statement tl.it Spokane men un
loaded the property upon tho Englishmen The terms of Bale were
unquestionably fair Everj purebas
er was given one month atlei his at
rival un the spot to flnollj rteetdi
whether or nnt he was satisfied witli
in< ui extreme Impoi'tnueii. British
t'uiuini.ia cannol afford to eountoii
,. ythiug ol the nature of fraud
i Uilu
j Is
Kngllsh Investors. Mad llie rumors
referred lu proved lo he well founded
Hie Herald wuuld have huslened to
, spnse ihe whole business and lu us
sist ihe victims ni these misrepresentations lo secure lhe refund o(
iheir   money,       On the other baud,
Electric Restorer for Men
ery nerve in tlie body
vim mil vitality, rrei	
ivcnlctiCM  iiviiiuil nt oiu p.    Ptiu*plioDol will
maku vmi ii new mini.   Ciitu |8aboi[iOrlwo l»r
tr..   Mailed t*> nnvinlilr*•>•«.   The s.ulwll Drug
Co,, Nt. CnUinii'luei.. Ont.
fiif   sal.-   at   Ileulle,   Murphy   .*.   Co.,
"Prelude in K   Minor" I.einare
Anthem—"As    it   Began to Dawn.*1
Soloist, Mrs.  i:   I'aleiM.n
Oflcrtory—"Offertolrc A Flat" 	
 t  Batiste
bis purchase.     In lhe event of    Ids'Post lude — Transcription  — "Jesus
eareful Investigation having proved
iheii tiller lalslly, tlte Herald lakes
pleasure in giving publfclt) to thc
actual facts. It can fairly be
slated lhat these Kngllshincti have
l,een treated willi scrupulous lair
ness, nud ralhel more limn usual
consideration. One uf the alleged
objei ts fi the British Kmpire \gencj
i thus sel forth: "To safeguard the
interests of Intending emigrants lu
nur colonies, lo assist item In
in.ikiiiu new homes, and lo ensure
tlit'ii lulling Into reliable hands nn
Hun arrival Overseas," and, In su
iai as   the emigrants In niieslioii nre
e vini'il. ihis object has been liillll
hill) kepi in vh w Baynes Lake
di t'ricl, in particular, and llritisb
I'olimibin as a whole, nre lo be con
grolulntrd upon lhe arrival in theli
inidsl ot so splendid a bod) • f men
at Ilicse   new   settlers    undouhtedl)
■ I'eddy" Boosevell was In Spokane lasl  wiik end and pul in a char
aeterislicall)  sire us lime, Ile was
given a ver) remarkable popular re
ceplion In the course of a long
, lies ol spccchcB, Teddy nine ul
teranee to manv wise saws and mod
em Instances,    hm     to our thinking
in   remarks on g I citizenship were
most to the point On this subject
i,, aid ••Th.- llrsl place lur a no.nl
citizen to show his citizenship is
n.hl   in  his    own    home. II lie is
the kind ol a man whose wife and
children never reel really comfortable
unless lu- is oul of the house then he
has gol the elementaly duties ol
|riHid ' II l/enshlp to learn "
The V M.C.A. banquet last Thins
da; evening uill undoubtedly have
-i 11 ed a usi iui purpose, over and
above Hu- social feature of lhe occasion Cranbrook business and rail
road men were nITorded an opportunlt, ui meeting a number ol reprc
sentnlire V.M C.A. workers rrom all
sections of lhe west and were able
t.i she them up at close quarters,
Certainly several illusions must have
been exploded h\ this experience. The
common idea throughout ilu- west
thai \ M C \. secretaries were ol
Ibe "Sissy" type, was emphatically
knocked in lhe head. A more virile
bnni li oi men il would he- difficult lo
select from anj  trad - calling     in
Uu Dominion Physically ami
nientnll) the V.M.C.A. secretaries,
wli.- look pait in Ibe banquet, were
iiu exceptionally line body oi men
In Ibeh addresses, too, Ihese wnrk
ei in tbe cause of the brotherhood
i man. showed a breadth of view and
balanced judgmenl thai was eminent
lj noteworthy. Krom this point ol
view the banquet was a greal sue
if - and will have served a very
useful purpose, The unqualified rn
dorsement ol llie V.M.C.A 's aims
rn objects, by practical railway
men, like Superintendents Price aud
I ren, will also have its effect in dis
.busing llie minds nf those who have
been prejudiced against Hu- association We may therefore look forward with assurance lo a tapid in
tease In Hn- local membership and a
ipeedy realization of iht- plans for
i>j rensed accommodation, in I the
shape or swimming pool and gymnas
[mn Next week ii campaign for new
members wilt he stalled and we hope
ami e.vpeet to he abb- to upon an
enlireh successful outcome thereof
Quartette—"(tod su I.jivViI Ibe World'
  Sir .1. Stuiner
Mesdames Paterson, Sutherland.
Messrs. Paterson,  Ingrain.
Offertory—"With    Verdure      Clad"
from "The Creation"   Haydn
\nlhem—"Jesus is Klsen" 	
  P. A. Schueck'er
Soloist, Mrs. Sutherland
Solo—Selected      Mr. Thompson
Posllude—Chorus "Hallelujah"  	
("Messiah")   Handel
Morning    sermon    subject:    "The
Credlbillt)  ol tbo Kaster Message."
Kvening subject: "Tho Significance
of Kaster tor Present Living."
The congregation arc asked lo    bo
prompt   as these services aro    qnllo
('. (). Main,
Christ Church
Llol) communion—8 am
Malms   and    holy   communion—11
a in
Children's service—3 p.m.
Evensong—7 30 p.m,
Kaster hymns, Easter Anthems.
\i Matins Dykes "To Deum "
Hood Kriday Services:
Isl evensong—3.30,
2nd evensong—8.
Addresses at each service.
HAPTIST flit UKll,
On Sunday thc Resurrection of our
Redeemer ami Lord will ho commemorated in special Easter smig and
sermon, also by tho ordinance of
baptism at the evening service.
Theme for 11 a.m. service: "Hesnr
tt-j tion Assurances," for 1'in p.m.:
"The Young Man in While."
Hible school with Baraca and
Phllethen classes for young men and
young women, 3 p.m.
\ cordial Christian welcome la
nil to join in making this a day ol
joj ami thanksgiving.
Sundays—Low mass at s :tu a.m.
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday schoo
from 2 to :t p.m.; Rosary and Bene
in"inn at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obllga
tion—Mass at X a m.
Woek days—Man al 6 a tn at the
EASTEH Ml sir.
i        M.j IS in I-'
Soprano soloists—Mrs .1 E Ken
m iii. Miss   M   Kenned). Mrs  Rouen
\!ln   HOlotst—MUl   .l.n t|UCI
it nor -soloist—Mr  K DeRlemer
'■■i     tnlolat—Mr   \ I,   \t« |).-im..t
Vi in   -Mi     \ Id Wallingcr and
Mi   Ouerard
Father Plamondon,
Parish Priest
i\Mi\ nn ucii
Special Easter Music,  \prll l(llll
(Easter Sunday, April liith).
The services throughout the day
will lie in keeping with ihis great
festival of the Christina church. A
speeial consignment of Easter lillies
has been ordered for the occasion
and those having pot plants an
asked to kindly bring them to iln
painonage on Saturday.
The morning service will be o
speeial interest tu tbe ehildren as
the following programme will show
the patents are also especially invit
Hymn   171:   "He is    Nol  Here But
is Risen"    Haydn
Scripture Lesson
Chorus  "Sweet  Easier  Hells."
By the (iirls Choir.
Recitation—"Lessons     From     thc
Klowers"   ny Mabel Brown
Soh.     ...   .,.  By Eva Conley
Recitation—"Down   iu    the Lillicd
Oarden"   By Ormn McNabb
Hymn 175—"Come   Ye Saints Look
Here and Wonder"   Smart
Recitation and Solo   "The Lily"
By Florence I irn
Short  Address
Recitation—"An   Easier Long Aro"
Gladys Hlckenbothain
Chorus—"Tho Joy ol Easter Morning" .  By the (iirls Choir
(hum    I i-i—"Christ    The   Lord is
Risen Today"   Carey
Organ Voluntary
Hymn 176—"Come Ve Saints Look
Here and Wonder"   Small
Hymn    171—'Christ     The   Lord is
Risen Today"   Corey
Scripture Lesson
Anthem—"The   Resurrection   Mom "
Trio, Solo and Kull Chorus
S.do-"The Llghl    «d the    World."
By Mt. (i. Hougham
Offering and Voluntary.
Anthem —  "His   Universal   Reign "
Full Chorus
Solo—"The  Resurrection Morn "  .
Mrs   p.  F   Welshto.l
Hymn  17ft—**lle   Mm, the Friend
nl Sinners Dies."     Oliver
(In Tuesday evening next at s, the
Epwoith League will hold a box sot
ial in the gymnasium.    An Interest
Ing program will be rendered, by all
liriiiKiug s.urit' humorous nit tinu front
magaxlno or newspaper,   a pri/e to
tie given lor the besl an red ole. All
arc invited.
(in Thursday evening nt 8, the
usual devotional and social hour.
The pastor requests thai missionary subscriptions Im kindly paid la
by Sundav, 83rd
s s conference held m Washington,
lie., last May He succeeded m
bringing in Cranbrook considerable
of the enthusiasm and religious uplift of that wonder fed convention. He
gave brief but vivid reports ot sov-i
oral addresses delivered there by |
world-famed Sunday school hadeis
and uthcr famous men, among whom
were Dr. F. B. Meyer, Marion Lawrence, President Tall, etc. Ho
spoke ui (he magillilcenl parade ou
the .streets of Washington six thousand strong, among whom were men
of such calibre as .lohn Wammmaker
and Dr. Brown, nl Philadelphia, carrying such mottoes as "Train Up a
Child iu the Way He Should Co and
Co Thnt Way   Voufsolf," etc,
On Wednesdn) evening Mr. Knott
^ave a splemlul address on that
most wonderful movement, lhe Adult
Bible class, Wtei Ibis au Interesting conference was in id on ,\. B, C,
lu organizing tho district R. s
Carroll wus chosen president, (i W
Patmore, vice president nnd S
Hrown secret an treasurer
iiu Tuesday Rvoning a largo crowd
turned nut iii wntcli Ut Pink Mercantile company Icam ilclcnl the
iciiin representing tlampbell anil
Manning, in a friendly game, Tlie
gamr was brim lull ul excitement
and fun from start In liuish uiul Uu*
Kink team were declared winners liy
a score nf 2 In I.
Mrl.cml am! .lolinson lied fur liiiOi
singles with Ial, Iml Johnston man
aged In pull ahead in tlu- aggregate,
scoring 427,
McLeod ... .
Corbett ... .
McSweyn ...
..IS I 119 152- 125
fill 129 llli— U2B
.105 7!l ion— 2110
.131 HI 130- 3117
..1211 135 111- 108
Yon want the
most   sanitary
wall coating.
Then   take   a
pail of water,
add  Alabastine,   stir a
few moments
• ••••••••••••• ••••• ••••■••••••
No disease ncrms or insects
can exist on a wall covered with
Alabastine. And Alabastine,
from te$ts, lias proven it allows
air to circulate through the
walls, thui keeping air
in room pure and ,
healthful. '
Ir-iS'^fip'V   A      s I'- v'-'-i-
-all (
na ary
for only 50c
iii2  r.jii  tiis-isiii
Illl     07- 2711
123   108— 371
05   118— 331,
111   132- 127
121   111- 333
f,7!l   51111-1713
not being satisfied his money will be
refunded, in one instance Ibis bas
already b^n done
We have referred   lo Ibis mallei .it
considerable length, believing ii     to
« tin t i. llnil Today"    s.-vmou
I'i.'IihIi—"Cuius       Amman'
"Siabai Martyr" 	
Hie Sunday BChool convent itm lu-i-l
litis weel, by Itev. .1. W, Williamson,
general secretary, and Mr. II. .1
Knott iu llie Presbyterian and Hap
list chlirchra was most enjoyable and
from   I profitable.    In the first session    Mr.
ItoKsini  Williamson gave n   very t'.i.ipliu-   and' luenl passenger nnd   mixed, Mat, loo
[ inspiring  det-irriplinn    o( the World's   lo IH; eastern    division  locals. 800
new. Apply I. W. Kdmonds, Bos
271. i 1
Folding go carts, $0.25.—C, ('. S.
Ft )H    S A LE.—T ransposing    scale
lleint/man and Co. piano, worth new
t000.00. Sale priee $300.00, See Win.
(iuerard, Opera House. 5-lf
Folding go carts, $0.35.-0. v. s.
SITUATION WANTED by experienced lady stenographer. Apply
Box 30, Fernle. B.C. .3-51*
Folding *uo carts, $6.25.-0. c. s.
Hume made randy 21c. Hi. Saturday
only al The Palm.
The It. c. government lias set aside
$35,000 for a big bridge across tlie
Kootenay river, just above the International boundary line above Gateway, This will open up a line rich
counlry across tbe Kootenay on
but it tbe American and Canadian
side, says the Eureka (Mont). Journal. Rd. Demers. of Kureka, bas a
biii: ranch just across the Kootenay
from Gateway, of several hundred
acres, aud fartber down the river C
A Young, ot Kalispel), bas a" fine
stuck ranch, besides several other
parties of tins county owning property in thai locality. It will open up
a new rich piece of country tributary
to Kureka Besides this llie It. C
government is building a flue 10-fooi
wide wagon toad from Klkn tn Gate-
a at Tlie Tobacco Valley and Kike
B.C. section bids fair to become
•tie id the best districts in tbe
northwest, tributary as they arc to
the big Fernie mines and the bin;
sawmills of this new region.
Choice eating and cooking apples.—
Campbell uml Maiming.
Folding go carta, $0.25.—C. C. S.
FOB SA Liv—Transposing scale
lleitil/mait and Cn. piano, worth new
$600.00, Sale price $3011 00, See Wm.
Ouerard, Opein House. 5 tf
Folding m> carts, $0.29.—C, c. s.
m-w Applv J. W. Edmonds, Box
271. 7 M
Folding no iarts, $6.25.—C   v. s.
Given away Ini'—Kitchen cabinet.
See nur     window     foi    pal lit uluis —
Kasi   Kootenay Produce ami provision Co,
Epworth League Box Social'
Tuesday next. Prize given (or
best anecdote.
We make   prompt deliveries and  shipments.
F. Paris
(McCallum's Old Stand)
Hardware Merchants
Cranbrook, B.C.
to 509; Ontaclo division locals, B00
to 700; Lake Superior locals, sun to
SHH, inter-divisional fast freights,
east, 001 to D60; and the same class
west, 051 to 070.
Vou think of the price when you
are buying foodstuffs, Imi uut think
ol thc quality when ynu are eating
tln-m. (vitality is ihe first consid
eration in Fink's Pure Food Grocer,)'
Folding go .carts, $6.25.—U. C. s.
FOB SALK-One Belgian bare and
seven hall bred Belgian hares. Apply
Percy Bardgett. tilt
Folding go carts, $0.25.—C. C. S
new. Apply J, VV. Edmonds, Box
271. T-lt
The first case to tie sel down for
trial at tbe spring sittings nt the
supreme court iu Nelson, which open
on May 8, is lhat of Slater vs
Walls, the famous whipping case
which was tried there last spring
ami which was ordered to he retried
by Chief Justice Macdonald of the
appeltate court of British Columbia
Thc action is [nr au unstated amounl
which the plaintiff, Win. Slat-cr, is
claiming, on hehalf nf his son. Roy
Slater, who was Whipped by Mr. A
E. Watts, of Wattsburg. Eckstein
aud McTaggart represent Iho plain till
ami M. A. Macdonald is solicitor fot
Joseph Ryan
SANCA directly on tho cii.t Bhore of Kootenay Luke,
oue ot thu must beautiful situations iu thu
Kootenay country, 52 aores of prime fruit
land, olose by Myrtle Creek. Very little
clearing. Feu simple title. A hur^'iiu ut
$100 (10 au acre will sell at $115.00.
CRESTON. Seven acres oleared. About four and*
if half acres were crop Kralsl hist season' All
ready for fruit planting; Fenced with four
rows of barbed wire Btrung on oedar posts.
Nice little shack with Btove, cl,*. Well partly
sunk. Pee simple title. Tho greatest bargain
iu lhu market ami au uilmiruhlu  investment,
London And Lancashire Life Assurance Co.
Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation
Accident, Health, Plait Glass, Automobile Assurance
Why not Insure against sickness?
Raworth Block,
Baker St, Cranbrook.
j   ••■-•-—- ■■--, *
'-"""""': HEATING KijPu*.      t
High (ir  I'rra '8 niUcntlnu    *
AND Vanillin 8*
I'imnl.il.*- VimiirSvi
PLUMBING niUi'iiiLiiM,,*:.
P. 0.  BOX 831
Sjatam. 0
'lltillllillK'  SV-.1.1I1    !     *
..1 Wnli'l' *-.**■ I -   |    ♦
.1    ♦
X  Do you want a 20 JfJ investment  X
rrty we offered last week fo
old this week.    Price is n
$700.00  Only
»   The property we offered last week for $750.00
»   must be sold this week.    Price is reduced to
Is rented for $16 a month. 5 rooms, water,
electric light, sink. This splendid offer is only
good for one week.
Wi* iilHi have a 21 story House, Stable, and Ibree l,.ts
fur sail*
Price $1050.00
IVrins cftn be (irrntjfjeil,   If you art- looking for a home or
investment don't miss these splemlul opportunities,
Mi  Churlca Murphy, genera] supcr-
intrmit-nt <>f transportation on thr
c P.it., stairs iiiat a new system «»f
train numbering, to do nway with
tin- duplication ot numbers of ailfer-
I'ttl divisions, will lie adopted short
Iv ltri:iiiiii.ii: .him- I nexl, s|»ri,il
numbers will he ullotcd fnr each
class of 1 rains. Through passenger
trains over eastern and wrst-t-rn lim-s
from coast tn ■ oast nil! be nuniltcml
from I in No. 14, the old familiar
Nu. 7 hemming No. 1. Numbers IS
to fill will Ih> user) for passenger
trains running through more than
ont' division on tbe eastern lines, ami
iniiiilH-rs fit to 70, tor the same class
Western tines. Dead nr slow
Freight, cast    are  allotted 71 to 00;
• \V,. run uITit tin* coniervn-
iiv,< investor for a ihorl while
iiulv au opportnnilj ol nine-
iiiK hi* siirpliiH fai ■■•Ih iu n
hiu'li-flfiss security bearings
ral,- nf Intorostof t,*n percent.
•Only a 150 nf those Convertible Debentures nl a par
valno of $100, each, available.
' l)i> not gnmblo iu Sloiks.
shares or other tonus nf
speonlntlon Imt INVEST
where your principal ami in.
terest seeurea.
• Wrilu for further pnrtlen.
hirsoftliif, linn.I tssne which
is particularly nltmetivn to
investors. I'rninpt application is ni*ces8ai-y ua number
is limited.
vmksuvm mmcv MNCOUVER, B.C.
In* dclencr     Thc N'elson agents    ol i **********************
Eckstein ami   McTnirnait uu* o'SIum ;«),.   ..    . . *
anil Karris.   Tin* new tiial will
heard liy a sinrial jury.
All kinds ot fresh   rcgctahles    aad \9 Conttailom for all khuli of Cello
funis   al   market    prices.—Campbell' 11 ))'"'!'•  Cesspools, Foni.dall„iia
T Wells,   I'lpo    l.iivii.*.   mnl imv
n-ork ni tinu deaciiptinn.
;:Baldwin & Lancaster**
Wowlen Pips  l.miii*.'
ami Manniag.
KuliliiiR cn rarls, JII.25.—C. ('. S.
TO KENT CHEAP.—Largo warehouse.    Apply Itnx 1. Herald ollice.    ,,
Koldlag cn carta, .0.35.-0. c. s.    i >
TO KENT.—Large basement, conl
unl dry.    Apply Bos i. Herald   ifl ■* MDUESS: P.O. BOX 142 CRANBROOK, B.C.
Wi- guarantee   everythiag   we send
ul. Money refunded nr -.ninls replaced tbat iln nnt elect with yuar
approval. Tbis guaranieo and nur;
prompt delivery system is tin* inelh-.
mt liy which wr propose lo increase
uur business.—Campbell and Man* j
m-w. Apply .1. w. Edmonds, Hn\
371. 7 If
TO Ki:.\T.-( il     stable   lnr (our
horses willi    large hay b»lt and oul
bin.   Apply Bos 3, Herald olllco;
In rases nf rheumatism reliel Irom
pain makes sleep ami rest possible.
Ibis muy be   obtained   by applying
'■■"••■■br.lain's Linimenl.   fnr s  by S(JRT DRINKS  DRAW  US
nil dealers. a-tr
if you (tppmrintti n iiurp
Bparklliifi beverage 'I \iotv
is uol Milliliter linui'l la Woll
I. Ill iU || iis
*-o\ + m*%p> + *p**o\ Afb-* #
* ♦
« IT IS            •
« TO              -»
* SEE MY STOCK      *
O linfiin* Huniliiiu your inonoy *
* in outside points, uml run- *>
* nlug the risk nf your ,irili*rn ft*
* being other than what you *
4 really wanted. ,,r boln« de* .>
* liiynil nu lhu mail.    When I 0
4 nan supply ynu .»
^wiih   AXY'I'IIIXII    in   tho*
* Music or m
4 Musical Instruments ,>
* TRY IT .IIST (1XCE.    ♦
* P.O. BOI 114 PHONES 305, lit *
« SMI »
■»•»■# *******0*0*
lilt  DINKS
Ynu inny iir,l,-r any llnvor
ymi like, ..in* u. i ipuilk   ns
a I uu another,    If  yon
hnvo nover taHl,-,l iiur
llriiil.M. ynu aii* tuni ly
tosinxfl treat. J Jnim* to dny
East Kootenay Bottling
Dr. H. E. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown unci Bridge Worli
a Bpeoialiy.
Phone No. 200     Armstrong Ave.
Easter Novelties
Our Stock is new and up-to-date.
Have you seen the new Easter Seals?
Full line of Post Cards.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Tin' Prescription Druggists
uni.in: it I'AVH if I'KAI.
British Columbia
Ginghams Saturday Be.—C, C. s.
Mrs. Oreen, of Wardner, is visiting
in town....
Pretzels al Kink's Pm,- Food Grocery.
New shiiuiii-iii ui prints—C. ('. s.
I-:. Home ami it iii- were up Irom
.lufTi.iy loday,
Sec mir Kaster (lowers.—Campbell
uml Manning.
Ni-w shipment ol prints—1\ ('. S.
.1. iv Kink is leaving fnr Uayncs
Lake tomorrow.
Just arrived.—Fresh lettuce, ripe
tomatoes, celery, etc.—East Kootenay Produce ami Provision Co.
New .shipment ol prints—C. ('. S.
liiiph Stewart lias gone down to
Ihr   coast on tt slwit  visit.
Kaster lilies and enl llowers [or
Kaster.—Campbell and Manning,
New shipment oi prints—C   C, S,
\ B. Macdonald has gone down tn
Victoria ami uill he mil of town Ior
several days.
Folding go cart*, Iff 25 —C r. s
Patmorc Bros, have erected a iteal
electric sign, wbicb gives Armstrong
avenue quite a metropolitan appearance.
Knglish Mite baby carriagi 18 l>0
—C. ('. S.
I)   .1      McSweyn and ffatson Hall
have ret timed    Irom Kat ilmi
Nptt Ui'sttiiiiistii
ti   u   Donahoi        M i   was In
town um.mI.u
Just arrived —Fresh lettuce, ripe
tomatoes, * elen . eti -1'. ist Koote
nay I'rniliii p and
Niw shipment "f prlhts—*'  v  s
I I' Kekstein, the will koowi
Femie lawyer, was In town i"jt.i\ on
lege) iin*.iin^^
\li I AUghlla buj   j      .leroori tl     di
livery    wttgpm       th
Cranhrnoli Trading Co
New. Hhlpment
T ii Proctor, th.' Sel ■" real pi
late man. passed through !t«<iii Klko
today -tin his way home.
The Fink Mercantile Co. arc show-
inn a variety ol dates, never equalled
Ior quality.    See display.
I*. M. Robertson, formerly of thc
Heattie-Murpby city staff, bas gone
up to Klko to take charge of that
company's branch store, which was
opened uu Monday ol this week.
Knglish style hahv carriages $25.00
-C. C. S.
The Fink Mercantile Co. attribute
ihe constant increase uf patronage in
their Pure Food Grocery tu lhe high
standard nf goods they handle ami
wish tu thank their many customers
ini being su appreciative of their
efforts ami exemplifying their loyalty
io Ihem.
Wash   prints .Saturday 10c—C.C.S
Thursday anil Friday, May ith and
"tIt. have been settled upon as the
dates uf ibe production uf tbe
Geisha at the Auditorium.
ret t, French avenue.
Wash   prints Saturday 10c.—C.C.S
His Honor Judge Wilson opened
county court this morning, ami nrtci
disposing uf some minor cases rourl
was adjourned until Tuesday,
IStl, ai 10.M a.m
Inst   at rived.—Fresh    lettUCi
tomatoes,   celery,   etc—Kast Koote
naj Produce and Provision Vo
Wash   prints Saturday lOc.—C.C.S
The popular Fernle .Salvation Army
. Itndel band Is   billed Un three     ol
1 hei!    popular    instntnuntal ioatrrls
eit] on   April --. -'I      and
J l
Ketnembel the little ones or Kastei
Sunday See oui novelties —Campbell and Manning
Wash  prints Saturday 10c —C P 9
MissDIck's class In the putitn
ichool carried oil the Nelson prhw,
awarded (oi Ihe higbcsl percentage ol
i t, mi,un i in the month uf Match
Given away Iree.—Kitchen cabinet
See oui window for particular!."
I'.tst    Kootenav   Ptodncr ami   Ptmi-
W>- have in-*t received the largest and
mosl up-to-date stock of L. S. Starred
Company's look ever shown in East
Every Tool Warranted
We especially invite each mechanic to
inspect Ihis complete stock.
I    J. D. McBRIDE    I
Large Assortment
Just Arrived
Hat 1'ins frum T."n*. to $5.00,
Fobs from $1,00 lo $10.00.
Belt Pins mnl BuolleB 75o,
to $5.11(1.
Gold   Hrooi*lies from $2,00.
Jewelers nnd Opticians.
miui Co.
Wash  prints Saturday 10c.—C.C.S.
a Iloggarth was down to Spokane
to meet Toddy Roosevelt and return-
eil not at all struck by the reception
tendered the hit; slick wlelder
Whipping cream at Kink's Pure
Food (Irocerv.
Wash  prints Saturday 10c.—C.C.S,
• I K. Armstrong, government
agent, returned front a business trip
to Pernio this affcMiot.n. He Intimates that a feeling prevails in the
coal town that an early settlement
uf the coal strike i.s imminent, although no definite .statement could
he  secured Irom any person.
English style hahv carriages $25.00
-c. c. s.
Wc have just received 50,000 postcards, made in Germany and Scotland. Scenes ol Cranhrook and vicinity.—Cranhrook Drug and Bonk Co.
English style hahy carriages J2ft,Oil
-c. c. s.
lu the appeal case of Webster vs
Caven, heard at Victoria, thc verdict of Judge Wilson in Coven's favor was reversed, and Thos. Caven
has to pay Webster the commission
of WOO originally sued for.
Flower Citv marsh mallows ai The
Ginghams .Saturday 9c—C. C. S.
H. lt. Sharpe, the graduate ol the
University ol New Brunswick, who
bad been invited tn succeed Rev. Mr.
King in (he pastorale ol the local
Haptist church, has been obliged to
decline the offer aud the church man
agers are now in correspondence with
another man for tbe position.
Patmorc Bros, have erected an artistic metallic celling in their store,
ami now have one of the neatest
business places in town.
Ginghams .'Saturday Be.—C. C. S.
Kobt E. Thompson, well known ir
athletic circles ben- ami in Nelson
has decided to become a permanent
resilient of Cranbrook and hai
started up in business as a painting
contractor. Ho Is a spcci.ilist rl
paper hanging, kolsominlng ami in
side finishing Telephone No, 303
will catch him
Premium sliced breakfast bacon and
new laid eggs, i;«nhI enough Ior roj
alt] at Campbell and Manning's
Ginghams Saturdaj Be.—C  C. s.
Tin- annual meeting ol tbe share
holders of the Hojrtc Telephone and
Klectric Lighl companj was held last
Week, The auditor's report showed
ttie company to he on a firm footing
financial!) The following hoard ol
directors wete elected IV F. .lohn
president; V. Dcsaulnfer, vice
president; F ■' Smj tb, treasurer;
.1 W Pitch and Philip Conrad, sr
Philip Conrad, tr. was ro appointed
set rotary ol thc companv.
McVittic and Price's "Hodyroad"
biscuits (something particular!) nice)
fresb this week .it Pink's I ■   F I
Folding go carts, Si. 25.—C. ('. s.
The v pit B. and II gang is engaged in putting down a m-w plat-
i.hi.i at the depot. Several other
Improvements arc to bo carried out,
Including the enlargement of the
baggage room, the installation of
new offices over same, the erection
id new general freight ollices and tbe
transformation of the present freight
office itiin ,i storehouse for perishable
Given    awaj  (in-—Kitchen cabinet
Bee our window for particulars.—
Bast Kootenay Produce and . Provision Oo
Ginghams Saturday 0C.—C C s
it is reported from Ottawa that
when Hon Mi Borden tours the
west next siiitiuii't he will he accompanied liv <i II Pciley, a mil
lioiuiitc of Ottawa, ll li Ames, financier of Montreal, ami Ex-Judge
Doherly, Montreal, all high protectionists, The report is causing anxiety to western Conservatives, who
say the personnel must ne changed,
as western farmers will not consent
to take their political ten him; on a
matter so closely aOectfng their interests from eastern capitalists aud
financiers, wbo have been seltlshly
Opposed to the reciprocity proposals
Pophnm's big chocolates at The
Qlnghami Saturday Oc.—C. c. s.
NOTICE—Cellarm   pumped   on!.
CfsHiiitoift   mnl   Trenches l'hit.
Hack Y.ii'l" Hnd   I,- •*  Cleared,
W.Cft.   ami    GeSSPOOll    emptied.
alio garileitintt done by w. .1.
PelbT, city  Beavennr,  PHONE
f0. 358- Opposite S,i«|i ami Door
artory 7-41
rt  Easter Wearables
Easter is one of the brightest days in the calendar. Nearly everybody is enthusiastic about having something new to wear at Easter.
We thought of this many months ago and now our big stock is fully
equipped lo supply the right thing for everyone.
"t\k College"
Stylish Clothing for Boys
We will surprise you with the
nobby line we carry. Our Prices
Are Right.
Boys Buster Suits
All colors styles and patterns
$3.50 to $4.75,
Boys' and Youths1 Suits
In Fancy Tweeds and Blue Series.
very dressy patterns in all colors
Double and single breasted coats in
Norfolk and plain styles also plain
styles with bloomer pants and bell
$4.50 to $8.50,
Odd Pants
A great variety of patterns made in
bloomer and plain styles.
50c. to $1.35.
The finest and most approved models of Dame
Fashion are to be found
here. Our special show-
ing o I E A S T E R
STYLES surpasses any
former season.
You can depend upon
lhe quality and economy
of our millinery
Here you will fl ml tlm lni*gosl Blouks, Ik-bI styles nml lieweBl
lusts in
Wo hnve " lust the shut You're Lmkinu I'm!'
Sole Agency tor Sinter, Regnl nml Twentictli Century Makes,
* IWk SzM. or ''.: rn::
^'    *m
4****.' ">-*m
$3.50 to $10.00
Do'nt Forget we have
the special agency for
the Original Chippewa
Hand Made Boots.
I**,*-- fr.tin winch vre Bsk >>.ii
I,, muke lit** Sflectiou ,.f your Sprii ,* Hat
nre bo varied thai you will be highly
|ili*,*iHi*il if y,ui i-onii* t,, this store All
tin* newosl Btyles in soft and still shapes.
with wiile nml narrow lirims. All colors
nml shinies. Different makes Stetson's,
Mallory's, Battersby. Thoroughbred, and
iniiiy other n
$1 50      S2.50      $3.00      % '
*• $4.50       $5.00
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores.
u**.*'. 5a a a
. **...) ••
|*4»n ^ t
K     i^^fli:   fri    a *'•-** ***3-*j —.
You Are Ooins To Build
The    proper   seleclinii   of your
Bath Koom Fixtures
is as important ns lhe need of ihe
room itself Tin* preservation uf
home health is,lir* i v the lesull
of home sanitation. This is not
possible without minit, ry i Rieiency
of the highest ortli Our work
is ,|iioi,.,l as tin* "Standard of
Quality " all over Ilu* district.
I.KT IS BHTIMATI   roll  Mil .
Plumbing  and   Mealing
Adttmi Wagons ol all s':ct.
Cock shutt Implemenl • Harrows,
plows, scrapers, etc. Our car has
arrived. Come and see them.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Messrs Armoui and Kruncdy have
opened the cluh, ,1 joint cigar -store
and lulli.ii'l parlor, in thr premises
adjoining tlir Hotel t'ranbrook, for
formerly occupied b) \ ' I've. This
liiniiiises to become quit, a populai
resort, boittn well equlppnl and conveniently situated Rotli the new
proprietors nre well known to everybody in Cranbrook. Mt Kennedy is
a lormer citizen who has Concluded
that there is nn place like ('ran
brook and has decided tu make hii
home here permanent h
Ktiglish style baby carriages 125.00
-O. C. R
"Greal Men and Famous Women,"
« vols, lllux., leather bound, flue
walnut bookcase, etc , lot ale. Phono
2H1. »
lltil sheets, (nil si/e. 7"» -C c. s,
City Solldtoi Thompson, on     his
return from Victoria, wliere he wenl
verv carefully into the Vi vote ques
tion, intimated that in his opinion it
was tt» the legislature that an ap
peal must be made tn alter thc
franchise, not to the Municipal Conn
ii! The policy nf the lmslaturr, he
savs, l:as been to extend tlie Iran
chlfifi ami the Municipal Council can
not thwart the intention of tin
legislature. A Municipal Council
cannot establish a franchise dis
tlncl from that granted by tlie Ael
i>r tlie legislature.
Folding go carts, $0.25.—C. C s. [
Constipation brings many ailments
in its train uml is the primary cause j
of much sickness. Keep your bowels
regular, madam, and you will escape;
many of the ailments to v-vbich wo
men are subject, Constipation is a
mtv simple thing, bat like many
simple tilings, it may lead tn serious
consequences. Nature often needs a
little assistance and when Chamberlain's Tablets are given at tbe Unl
Indication, much distress ami suffer
ing may be avoided, Sold by all
dealers" '   7-tf
Bed sheets, full si/e, 75c.—C. C. S
s.\i,K.     J2.00    per   load delivered
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd , phone
i:, P. O. Box Y. ii n
Bed shirts, full si/e, TV— C C S
Tin-re is a scene of activity on
Van Ilnrne street today, R. S Mc
\*-ii having started excavation wort
mi ihe basement for the Crjmbrook
.lubbers big warehouse building The
warehouse will   have a (ronMfe    ol
lift;, feel nn Van Home street, and
a depth of l;lii feet The Imsetiutil
will Im- the full SIlC ol thr building
and ten feel in depth       Tin- dirt ei
ravated is   bung used in  ballasting
the spin that will be run from the
main Itne ol tht C I' R to the build
mg    Whilst McNeil   is busv With
excavation work; ff K Worden Is
working alongside,  removlug nnothei
of W. R.   Heatty's shacks, which has
lieen sold to .). McLean
Folding go carts, $6.25.—C. c  s
Rldgway's five o'clock tea—so dlf-
(eient from the common package
teas The Fink Mercantile Co are
agents for Hidgway's 5 o'clock tea.
Bed sheets, full site, T.V-c  C. s.
Miss Orace Watts, a daughter «.(
the well known lumberman, \ '■
Watts, of Wattsburg, was the winner
of the grand pri/e of 12500 in thc
Nelson News circulation contest. The
winner of tbis pli/e also was award
ed a >:VH) piano, which she has requested to have donated to Miss An
nie Cockbum, who assisted hei In
the canvass,    J, Mon, ol this city,
wntt the third district prl/e, a piano
IM sheets, full the, 7Be.-C. C. s
Our china ...i    ■■*       pa l
ment has been replenished by several
new shipments.—Campbell and Man-
Bed ihi ■" . . .:"—'■
A meetii - Cranbrook Liber
al assoi lath led loi tomorroa
(Friday) evening al ■ 10 ■'- lock in
thc Mj-t'-l Cranbrook committee
rooms,     A lull ■  ol Liber
als is tet\ president
and secretarj thi      Kootenai
Boundarj LH n will   be
present from N I
Knglish Bt) le
_r   C   S
h is    time | *. I '    ' ■■ ■'"■ ■
bib-     Have ■ i-   ! Sii
plieity,  speed       :.-l;.i!.iliH.
;(u     lu.i S pi     ag<
X*\"     \ .-:.•■■■■, Cranbrook : a .
President : T. h. Gill
Secretary: S. Michoulo
For lofonnatlon re«arJiri({ Isruls ,
■ snd   agriculture   applv
' Bacretary, Cranbrook, ri. C
io the "
Erery second WViJnetd»v
We  use   nothing but the
Genuine  English
TbotiuUa a   ■* th wi H-fi-, fAK*_
(paUrnl«ti> «b»' !,■*!.   BrOwOUU **»J»r fr'.tn tun-
ntn» in »l lli* ' J -M'ifr,nl. Ail. for
Ih- FUh Brand ': ' - I I \ .,».-,
.   ba-tt-I
Soi.ii r\ i n-,i-.iiF.Rr.
Toronto, Canada. Ill
"SCENES OF VENICE."   Von ilioul,
-..*!'    -
Guarantee Results
B.   H.   SHORT
The Painter and Decorator
Armstrong Ave.
I>. O. Boa 33 I'hone III
Millmen Take Note.
.\ Big Block of
Bu been received al
Frank  Dezall's
where repatra <A nil kinds urt*
■piickly hii'1 iHi-'ii-ntly
TAKE NOTICK that I, .lohn J.
Johnston, ot Fort Steele. M. ('., oc*
cupatlofl Partner, intend to apply (or
pennluion to purcbt-M the m.l.wih-;
ili-Kiiiheil lands:
Commoielni at a poll pluntcd nt
the north oast cornet ol Lot No
mm, thence 20 chatni '-.t■*. thesce
10 'hains lotith, theme in rhainn
west, thence 10 cbilni north to yu*-**.
of cotntnencement,
.lohn J, ..uliiM.ii.
DlM  Fehruiirv  7th.   I'll I     M-ll* THIC   ORANBROOK   HERALD
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents and Gleaned Irom Newspapers
(Special coiii'SiiGiiilrai'i*).
Tin* sink,* has iml wi been sritluil
nml   men .in*  leaving Un* ell)       In
■loams       Nearly    n   llmusaiiil   men
have gf    awa)   since    llie  iliifi
ni April Ist. However, everyone i*
lioplng thai we will nol have n verv
lung  siege anil    thai   men mil very
Boon lie once again able  nm in	
In thru laboi than Irom Hi,* union
Managing riprrnlm Ishworlli has n
signnl, anil Is In   be sueeeeil
iiiiiii un liis iluiies again* |    -J'*".   N* Hanson   wns In Cranhrook
Wi* notice In Inst    week's Herald's  on business Inst week.
j((],   for   iln*'   Notices   inviting   tenders  for mall
lU[s |,|       in,*   service'between Cranbrook and Hold*
reporl ol the appr
improvements ol t
Cranbrook dislriel   Unit the      Fori   en have been   received al the    Wasu
The tenders cnll tm* n
weekly ns well as semi weekly service,
Team nller team with Iniliiins (rom
Wiiiileiinen*   nml other points   north
,,,„!   iinii nivei ronils appor-  posl "lli*
w.is   twentv-tlve   bundreil
which is verj ara-plablc    as
plenty ol room lor       im
im,\,■nicnls iii Ilii'sr parts.
\   Boyle and Fred Bcnmnrc     were
visitors nl  «l'll|l Insl   Sninlav      This
I here
'lining Mr. Heiimore's Ilrsi null
Hull lllvei since lhe beginning
mprovements, In* was greatly
W   II   Wilson     Mi   W'lls ins    oi   lto„ish(,(li ,,, Krc. lhl, „,„ounl ol work
1 thai has ln*,*n    done here, anil       tin
in.mn,*i     in which   il is sn »,*ll '■*..*
cupled tin- position bei  anil
well know  I*',*f  and will       u
wel ied    back,   while      Mr   Uh i   l(.(|
worth's   departure will l, ■ sorel)   i ■
The   Premier   Conl and Coke com
pany  i one evening lasl week   nnd I 	
elected Iheli     olUcers    as    lollows (Special correal lencc).
President, Mayoi llleasdell, hi I vii*,*- Mi    \   .lohnson, o| the Crows N,*sf
president,    .1    1*    Mclntyre,   ■■ *t Pass    Lumbei     company's    general
vice-president, Thus   Heck;   lary, store, left loi Spokane, Wash,      on
p. <■   Law,*, treasurer,    II. *l    lohn Saturday evening lasi, where he will
son; directors,   a" lhe above togelh spend a lew days.
<s   Falconer,    M    \
McBonnld ami   \   I
Mrs nit,, Wisner lell mi Saturday
moriiing for Cranbrook, when* she
will,.spenl a lew dins with [rieliils
before going mi In \rismi I,, join
Mi   IVIsner.
Miss Minnie Service, ,,i Crnnhrook,
spenl Slilidn) al tin* lininc ot Mr
mid Mis. II    \. Oreen
Mi \nniiaii Moore was in Cran
brook Inst  Monday on business.
Mi II. II llolinrl was in Waldo
! i I Monday on business.
Mr   I In/in, uf Toronto, spent Mon-
nli'is from ilu*      chiel dnj last  witli friends in lown
Hn*    Cl.    X   Railwa)      Mi   .hums Davis and Ininlly,   win.
Kasl ii,*i
\l,s c Vi Smith is in lown Ihis
week Mi Smith 1ms severed Ins
connection   wit! Un* Western Canada
Wholesale    * pany, and is handling
real estate in Medicine Hal    We wish
loin ever)    nieces   iu liis new  ler
Coal Inspector IVoin lias gone in
.Seat tin
i',,l   McKnj 1,11 mi Wednesday   lor
Sent11,* mi
ini'l    agent
\'**i*  I i.n i      '.nil       In*  ia  hen*     a     few months ago, lefl
inaile by tin* rallwaj  conipuii)    wilh  low i Wednesday last
tin*   coal mines ol    Northern Status     M,   C.   IV     tlrlllln, ol Lethbridge,
and Ilu* genial   colonel will !"■ local    was lining business in town last Weil
ed ai anothci plnee i sped      lhe   ne lav.
eoal producl thai is delivered to  tin* i   Hilly   Montgomery,    nf CrnnbrooW,
(i   s Irenewiil nld   aeqiininlnners in    lown
Tin* Knglish capitalists visilcd Ki-i    lasi Saturday
nil* last week and looked ovei tin
mines In.lh Inn* ami al Michel The)
seemed verj much plensed with lhe
Sn     Kdwnrd   Tennnnl    ami pari)
were gllesls al Un   Park llmis	
Thinsilai cu*
The weekly lentell lea m 'I"* Ch.ri i
churcli 1,ailns'   (Iiiiiii wn   held      nl
the I • nl Mis   I'r.u ion on Wednes
iluy allcrnoon.
The ladles ol Kmri churcli held    .,
sale nf f king   ami lain i  goods     tn
the basemen I ni iln* clnirrh mi Tlmrs-
day, tin* lith. Ml Hie laud was
hnine made and was gladt)  snalcheil
up by  llinse win, "hai, I," 01   Inly    S
much baker's supplies.
Miss Margarel t'relghlnn has ten
ilered her resiglialiiui as nrganfsl nf
llic Knox Presbyterian ' liurcli and
intends leaving town neni Hie inn
of May
The District Sunday School ennven-
tion lni-t in l*'e * mi Monday,  tprll
loth       S,-ivues   wel.* held   in tlie
morning, nlternoon ami evening The
evening meeting was specially well
attended, and greatly en|oyed In
those presenl
Rei   M   Wilkinson, f iii paslni
nl Uu* Uapiisi church lun. ipenl Un
week end ill town anil occupied Ilu*
pulpu nl tin* llaptisl church both
morning ami evening
Mi    Wils I   llnsinei Presbyter
inn iliunli. was in lown ..n Monda]
Mi     Willis Ross    ami Ins mother,
Mrs   Ji   X. Hns*. i,in I in Kernie
on Saturday     Willi. I,a- been  itudj
ing   com i    tenngraph)    in    f In' *iu**
ilui llm the witit, I  Iii,mill-        ami    his
innUi, i has spenl Un* winter with
Iriends In Ontnrin
\rc i.ailni.s so scarce uil thraugli
Hi* province? IVinii* Is li.ulh In
iu*,*d ul a tcaciici tn commence ilutli
al Kaster, Imi as yel no nppllen
linns lune been received Tl"* Pel
im* school board pai a liberal iolar)
lint even al thai Ihey have Ironble
t,, sunt.* tin* desired numbei
Mi I' I.und leli Insl Saturday
nflernoon iui Winnipeg mi business.
Mi*,  I1  I.und nrrlved    iiome    last
Thursdn) niter in nftei   spending a
few dais uiili hei brother, Mr. A.
Coll/ens, at   M.itUien  Creek
M, p Hani/, ni ilu* King Kdwnrd
lintel, was in Cranbrooh hist Tuesday
mi business
Mi I Downey, photographer, i-
Imsl these dins gelling his studio in
■dial',* Im  picture making
A very plcasanl   time was spent  at
Un   in,, I     Mr. and Mrs   P.  I.und
ini Saturday evening last. the
occasion being Ilu* birthday nf    Miss
Kiiythe I.unit       Tl veiling        was
pleasantly spenl in games and dancing ami niter tin* selling nf refrcsh-
ments ilu* company dispersed.
Tin* provincial road gang ale veil
bus'   tin-  week, gravelling Iht*     new
i hen* hale guile tlirnllgll Wasa llie
lasl few days nu their wai In tho
Mission, where ihey spend ilu* Kaster
Um, Sliira. win, (ui llie past couple
u[ weeks bus heen working his mining property at Tracy, intends to
commence wprk un his claim al
Wolf deck in a few days. Tills Ial
tei propert) is a galena proposition
uf grenl value uud one nt llie best iu
lhe counlry.
Wasa is the ideal spol for tourists.
Tlie roads frum Cranbrook mid .fori
Steele are iu good condition nnd will
lu* bellci since several thousand dol
la rs have been appropriated for road
work in this dislriel. We expeel a
large automobile traffic hen* this
summer and    everything    has   been
il • tu   properly care fnr and    nc
inuu late   visitors    ul   lhe  Wasu
(Special correspondence)
Messrs. I'oeocl. ami Wnddell, two
ul Hn- party oi englishmen, whieli
recently arrived hen-, afler » careful
Inspection of the laud and a thorough
enquiry into the possibilities of fiuit
farming in this locality, haw pur
chased blocks of laml.
These gentlemen, whilst members of
tin- large party that came out here
under tin- auspices nl the llritisb
l-linpiii- Agency, bad not bough I land
before leaving England, preferring to
investigate before purchasing, That
lie. should have decided tu invest
after making careful enquiries is the
best answer to recent attempts to
"knock" this district.
road    extending
tin*   wagon
,S|,,i ial * orrespamle i
Harry llcndei nn wenl '■■■ Str-ile
via Wardnei la-' week on bushics.
pertaining to lhe work here
Mrs niendrnnlng and Mi- llenedli'
went t,, u.iiili,, 1 1.1 il rhursdaj 11 '
lor 11 hub* recreation
Mtei Uu..* i.ai * .a Inllhlul .. i* i*.
K c, Henderson liaa 11 i'i red hli
Connection with lhe powi t company,
ami departed loi Portland, " ■ 11,
to join Ins I.null), .iln. preeeileil Ium
several weeks ago
K.   *l    Wesline.   win,   pit 111      the
wlntei trapping, reports ilu catch im
being very sttllslactory, ami will nn»*
sunn resume work on in- placet
.1. II. Nelson, wl mis a    placci
claim up Hull lllver, and spenl thc
winlei at Spokane, Wash . has re
turned and is busy preparing fm
work 011 bis holdings
.loe llorliiig has about completed
his contracl tut clearing ami rleanlna
up a lire break   lillv (eel uni'*       ""
either side ol Hu* flume, Irom 01 ml
to the other, nnd now we leel well
protected Irom am dangei in lhe
tiiiine by mountain iin*s
Charlie    French, ilu*   V. I- 11   11	
packer, win, hns been visiting lus
Iniuili ai Creston Im several weeks,
bridge across iln* Koolcnny lllver t'
II 1.1   singe rand        This.       uliei
completed, will be Ilu* Insl piece   0
road in Hiis pan ul Hn* co-lain
(Special correspondence).
Mt   c   it  Winter, manager ol    the
Hank fi   Montreal at Hosmer, passed
tin..nub Wasa    last   week nn his  w.ty
tu Windermere and returned on thc
.i.r'  Saturdaj
Iiui,.nd K Ople, son "I Dr K A
Opie, ol Wasa, has joined the stall id
ilu* Canadian Bank nf Commerce in
The Crows Nest Cass Lumber company's log drive has tn he postponed
f>n account ni iiu- verj low walei In
iiu Kootenay. The drive will rom
uuil'.* as soon ae ibe water rises
■itllii i.-itth   l«. gel all the logs in.
Prank Campbell, foreman at the
C l' 1; camp .it Skookumchuck, win.
enjoyed a couple nf weeks vacation,
returned tn camp il thei dav
li .1 Brady, time keeper In the
< i' 1: comp ai Skookumchuck, has
been transferred to the C r it ofllce
iti Cranbrook .mil was succeeded in
1; 1 .uuiii 1.1, ol Calnarj Mi Brady,
who has spenl several months In the
1 amp, 1 .uni ilnwn  11.>mi there a   lew
laj      i  'f ami Wenl   t" 1'ianhlnnk    In
lake 'ip lus new position
Tlir plans nf the new llaitsnn block,
which is in in- erected in Cranbrook,
..11 now reatij Thej »how a three
»torj brick struct ure In pi.nn. hut
-.ii attractive architecture Mr
Hanson Intends to commence building
at an Immediate date and push the
work .is ien.mis have been secured
In 1 ih* iiiiite building. The contracl lor the construction ni tho
Foundation, etc , lias lieen Riven to
<;   1:  Leask, ol Cranbrook.
Messrs (; Ericsson, R Mnllan
dalne, ol Cranhrook, and 0, Skead,
nf Wardner, were Wasa visitors the
end n{ lasl week l-'nun here the
party made a trip In the C.l'.lt.
company's lo^nim; camp,
Mi C Murphy and parly arrived
Irom Fairmont Springs tm Thursday
lasl week aud   were miests al   Wasa
Mi it (I Hamilton, ol Wilmer,
wenl through Wasa nn bis way homo
fmiii Cranbrook Frnm here be
made Hi.- trip lo Shrcp Creek in
Mt   Illrteh's automobile
\li and Mrs Blrtch spenl Hie
neck end   witb    Iriends in       dan
eturned lasl    Saturdaj  and       hns  inunk
At the Opera House
I'HODUCTION        OF       Till:
"GEISHA"    -  AL1CK
Till'.  MOULIN
Tbe forthcoming production of this
favorite comic opera bids fair to be
the musical event of the season. Al
though being put on by local talent
entirely, nothing will he lacking in
any detail, as a glance over the
cast reveals a number nl very tai
iiiiiii ladies and gentlemen taking
(ireal care has been taken in al
lotting the principal parts to people
thoroughly capable nf rendering them
ami ibe cboriis of ahoiil fifty voices,
well balanced, aud equally well
trained, will insure a musical treat.
probably unexcelled in the city's
The orchestra will also be a special feature, as ten of Cranbrook's
mosl talented musicians are bard at
work, and from the results already
achieved, give promise nf some really
line orchestral music
The opera itself is a delightful,
tuneful, extremely witty opera, and
ibe details uf production ate being
sn careful!) entered Into, that nothing will be overlooked which would
tend io make ibe production a success
The Cranhrook Amateur Operatic
society is purely a Cranbrook organ*
i/alioii, and deserves every loyal
citizens hearty support. Alter the
two performances have been given
here, it is the Intention ol the society tn give a couple iii performances
at Nelson, and pmhably at Ferine
aud Creston. The date nf produc
tion hero will he about ibe end nf
April, and   advertising mattei   will
he posted  carlj   nexl   week    Any  pro
i mils accruing after all expenses
have heen defrayed, will be banded
over in some deserving charitable In-
llllulioh, s<. make up your mind In
attend  these   peicurntaiiccs and I si
Mutt ejty Tins will in- something
lealty worth whib>
The definite    cast    nf    (ii.n.i* lers
taking pari is as follows:
n Mimosa San, chief (liesba .
 Mrs. e Paterson
Juliette, (a French girl—Tea house
Interpreter) Mrs. Bouchard
Kami, an Attendant 	
  Miss Delia Drummond
Chrysanthemum (fieisha (liil) 	
  Miss Iim Williams
Blossom (fieisha Girl) 	
 Miss Ella Leitch
Golden Harp (fieisha Girl) 	
  Miss Marion Service
Little Vlolel (Geisha Olel)	
  Miss Green
Lady Constance  Wynne (an English
visitor iu Japan, travelling in her
yacht) Mrs. Ingram
Miss  Marie    Worthington, English
la'lv, guest of Ladr Constance......
 Mrs. it, A  Macdonald
Miss   Ethel   Hurst,    English lady,
tines I ni Lady Constance 	
  Miss Finals
Miss Mabel   Grant,     English lady,
guest of Latly Constance 	
  ... Mrs, a. U. Raworth
Miss Louie IMiiiuploii, English lath,
guest of Lady Constance 	
 Mrs   A. I,. McDermol
Miss Molly Seamore Miss Henley
Reginald Fairfax, Ollicer nf H.M.S.
"Turtle"    ll. T. Urymnct'
Dick Cunningham, Officer of 11.M.S.
"Turtle"   D. -1. McSweyn
Arthur    Cuddy,   oihcer of 11.M.S.
"Turtle" ...     F. I. Paterson
George Grlmstoit, OlTtcei of IIM S
"Turtle" \. L. McDermol
Tommy Stanley, Midshipman 	
 Miss Margarel Kennedy
Captain   Katan i,   Captain of (loi
ernor's Guard   F   Uraj
Takemiiie,     Sergt,   "f   Governor's
Guard Harold Dniilag
Wun lli,   Chinaman,     Prop   of Tea
House Vrchlu Raworth
Marquis Itimri, llm  of Province and Chief of Police 	
    M.  V Macdonald
Coolies, Attendants, MoiiHines.
Guards, etc
ACT l.-Tbe Ten House i.f Ten
Thousand .laps.
act II.-a Chrysantliomum Fete
in tbe Palace Gardens.
Time—The P resell I
The action of thc piny takes place
in Japan outside the Treaty limits.
Dr. Mallei's Female Pills1
Prescribed uiul ri'riiiiniH'iiilril fur wo j
mull's llilnii'lits, a scientifically pro- :
pared remedy nf proven worth. Tho I
result [loin their use is quick anil |
permanent. Km sale al nil drug
stores. :i luliel.-i
** **
1- Illl'
... lien.
ll. Ingram
|.'irsl  \
first   \
    Will.   (tlUTllllI
See 1
Violin ...
W   11
Mr. Pratt
dml dute 	
. ...li.  R.   Ilelieilii 1
See 1
dilte ...
.    ... M
. Thomson
'renin* '
. ... W.
11. Wilson
Mass '1'
.  .1.   II.
A. (Il'ellier
Plnno .
Mrs.  1
n Manning
President  ... ll. T   Brymner
See.-Treas   D. -1- McSweyn
Musical Director   Geo, I). Ingram
Stage Manager   Geo. D   Ingram
Conductor  Geo. D. Ingrain
Mr. Alick Lauder who visits here
on Wednesday evening, April 10th, is
Hie younger brother of the famous
Harry Lauder, who has made the
name popular all mer the world.
Around the mining district nf llaunl
ton. .Scotland, the l.ainler family
have always had a reputation for
song, story and comedy, Harry and
A lick's services always being In
great demand uu all festive occasions In feature and style they re
seinhle each other, and there is no
doubt that Harry owes much of his
earlier success to the coaching of
his younger brother Alick, wlm help
iii him iu many ways, supplying him
on many occasions with original
Scotch drolleries, which afterwards
stood him in good stead, .lust at
the time Harry finally decided t"
adnpi ihe static as a profession,
Alick received a tempting offer iron.
a Loudon firm to go gold prospect
ing, and although be had a vent to.
wards the profession also, be accepted tbe offer, fnr as he said: "A bird
in llie hand   is woth two in the
bush." and be .spent two years in
the Soudan and Gold coast, aud
amongst the Arabs ami Soudanese.
The many dangers and humorous experiences encountered during his mining days would Iill a hook of itself,
and after many novel and exciting
experiences in other parts nf the
world, he eventually na\c up thc
mining and roving life, and took to
his lirst li.ve, the concert and music
ball, and though only tour years tu
the work, he has made a name for
himself in the London music halls,
and is looked upon as second only to
his brother Harry. As a Smitisb
comedian and entertainer tn beat
bim in bis character studies and es
peeially bis liiirlesipie acting nf the
wishing well and his hemic storj "t
bow he gained the nld age pension
but escaped llie income lax. is really
a work tn he seen and heard.
Not since the days of "The Prime
nf Risen" luis there been a musical
corned) witb a score so populai as
that <ii "The Queen ot iiii- Moulin
Rouge" which comes to the Auditor
im  Thursday, Aprl 89th.  There
an twenty four numbers m it and
t-M-M one appears in appeal in     tin
Individual   taste    nf  some  pnllmu     Ol
the audience The composer, John
T Hall, has made a fortune In
royalties (mm ins work. Kvery
note, sav,- the "Tabs of Hodman"
used in "L'Amottr de IWpachc," is
Written bj this brtlllanl American,
who seem* t,. have grasped thc sec
te} of writing musician!)' ami at
the same lime popular, airs Mr
Hall is a stickler for the proper Interpretation of his work, for thai
reason local playgoers will hear
many instruments rarely seen in the
orchestra pit of the theatre,
"Shy Little Violet Blue" is just
tbe sort nf thing a young Innocent
School Kill would delight in sing.
The theme of score and verse is as
delicate and fragrant as the breath I
of the south Wind o'er a bank ot
Violets. It appeals to Ibe gentle and
delicate in us. '
in contradistinction in it is the1
mllickiiiii "Painting Puree," which
was obviously written lo meet and
supply the demand (nr n numbei
which would appl.mi li lhe lotirlst'sj
Idea of tbat   portion of Purls, which
is an exhibition to satisfy llic dut
sires and expectations of the Strang I
er, .iusi as Chinatown, with ils
"joints" is inaile [ur tin- occupnnl |
of a "rubberneck" wagon.
A l-'icnchnian abhors water-)for uti I
purpose, and as he has a horror    >t
typhoid, does      uol    llunl'.    H.   Th
drinking son^, rendered by a it in,
typically   Parisian,    both     in senll
ment, (un ami hnrmou),     It Is    nn
of those haunting ineloilleH,      whb
once heard, keeps cropping     In     lh
musical lobes of lhe brain
('•niiineiiiai Kurope abounds in
small principalities which have iml
Hie population uf an American cltj
of llie Bccoml class. Oreaitia is one
of these. In a ilashltig, whirling)
verse, wilh a whirlwind musical sel
ling, the foibles ol the laml nnd' Us
Inhabitants are brought tn the notice
uf (be audience in a laughuhle way
"When Cm All Vlniie Willi Vou,"
is mil a lover's lament, rather a
promise and iis melodious, dreamy
.selling is bound tu catch the sensibilities ol those whose sentiments in
cline Inwards a certain party, to the
exclusion of tin- rest  of mankind.
The score contains a wonderful variety of numbers calculated in please
all tastes, through the theme uf all
is that dainty French [raininess s.
marked in the works of modern
French composers. This is nut In
be wondered tit, since Mr, Hall
completed bis musical education in
That exceltelii comedy "The Siptaw
Man" is booked for Wednesday, Maj
▼ w
jj Is the buying
For your home
Intelligently ?
♦ <
♦ *
♦ ♦
Some housewives, harrassed to
the verge of nervous breakdown
by trivial annoyances, devote no    ♦♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
The following programme will be
rendered by the pianoforte pupils id
Miss Mabel Wellman iu tin- Masonic
Temple ou   Wednesday evening, April
10th,   at   K..1II o'cloek. The pupils
will be assisted by Mrs. A mold Wai
linger and Messrs. Dry inner an.I
Cue ranl:
Duet—"Cavalry Parade"	
  Henry Parkct
Masters Gordon Wallingcr ami Teddj
"The Firefly"    Forsyth
Miss Kva Conley
"Squirrel's Frolic"       Krnsl Simon
Master Rainsfonl Parks
(a) "The Hustle uf Spring" 	
(b) "Hark1 Hark! the Lark!" 	
 Schubert Liszt
Miss Katherine W 1
Mr. K. T. Brymner
"Gondolier!"   Ncvin
Miss Louise Klmer.
"Le Rove"   (ioliiiii.inii
Mrs. Arnold Wallingcr.
"Ziniska Russian hancc" 	
Master .lack Haslam
"Mazurka"   „. Goldbeck
Miss Bcrnlcc Fraser,
(a)   ".spinning Song" ... Mendelssohn
(li)   "May Has Come"   ,.    ...   Holm
Miss .lulia llraull
Mrs       Arnold     Walliager   anti    Mi
(Hi April 1 there were two hundred
nud seventy local unions In Alberta
of the Called Farmers of Alberta.
The average membership of tin- lo
cals will he between forty and tu'iy
which will represent a membership
of over 13,000 furmers in Alberta
who me united to advance the Intel
ests of the agriculturists of ihe piw
E. •' Fieam, secretary of the
association, is very busy compiling
the resolutions passed by Ibe local
unions and will forward them to Ottawa in a few days Mr Frcani
states thai fully Iwu hundred unions
will pass resolutions favoring recip
The resolution passed in iiu- farm
ers leave nn doubl as In theli j
position im the rcclproclt) agiw
ment ami the representatives of Ihe
agricultural sections uf Alberta in'
tte Dominion house will take uot ice I
of ihe resolutions passed.
-r,       8
to the " buying" problem.   They    %X
buy when they HAVE TO-    XX
perhaps at " the nearest place" ---    Xi
when, very likely, better values    XX
and lower prices are advertised by    «
three or four different stores. The
housewife who does not give as
much attention to a
Study of the
as she gives to other things in the
daily routine that are of half as
much importance, will never find
any real interest in the business of
In cases of ilieumalism relief from
pain makes sleep and lest possible
This may he obtained by apply im.
Chamberlain's Liniment, l-'or sale by
all dealers. 7 tf
She knows her " market" as well
as any broker or merchant knows
his. And she will never stop to
tell you how "hard it is to find
anything in the stores nowadays
that one wants and can still afford
to buy." For, to an ad-reader,
that is not such a hard task !
********************* >
'Baldwins Lancaster.;
Contractor? for till klmlf of Cellar , ■
Work,  d'h-puni--,  Foundations,
Wells,   Pipe    Laying  ami any
work of tlmt description.
Wooden Pipe  Laying
ADDMSS: P.O. I0X 142 CRANBItOOK, t.C. • |
ll    Herald Ads.
^ Make Profitable
< *
W. F. (IURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Money tn loan un favorable torinB.
Hvory care mnl corolort
A liouio Irom I i..
Hpaaial attoiitlon in euros ol
Maternity, llliouinallsiii
nud I'noiimonln
Tonus  > I I**
MRS. li. BENT, Mslron,
I'll   llm I'I  U7II
Physicians and Surgeons.
Illtl.. al   llaanlraii.   Arnialiinil   Aaa
Forenoons - ■ - - mm to 10 nn
Afternoons - - - 21111 in   \ 1111
Evenings .... 7 ;ui to  h :iii
Sundays ... - J 311 to   4..'Ill
ORANBROOK *,    :i    *'■    '•     H  I'
,1. \v.  im tu.ix.k
Qratl'inln   <>f   Onlarlo   Vaterlniira
I*,.II.**...., T,,r.*li|[i  in  IH1IS
(IrniluntonmlMwlalllal *.! IteKllllp-i
Votorlim:    "
I .11 MniiIIoIu,
Office—neat d.nr la Put Dili"
Phone 139     ■     I'*"* Box ISI
Klglll .*.ill-H  II. Short's IMd	
I lo 12 a.m.
I to   C p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office In new Held Ulock
I'RANRROOK -       -       - B. C.
Omnbrook anil Fort Steole
J. (i. CUMMINQS    X
*r.i0NO?i«S Cranhrook. B.C.
B.    C.   f-nd   Surveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B   C.
Asi Tor Halcyon LITHIA fATH
Por family iih   1 *■ ■■ 1- '.'•■* ing
■Atl     wll   llfalfl I      •■'      Illl"-      Llli tXCYON  LITHIA  \1
^i———w—        "       er
iNtttfH \Ni"l.   v\n   UK \\    '
Mil N l
II 1- I :.. ■ 11 '    1 fm      I      	
1,. \ 11 iln   .   • ■   ■   ■ , * ■ iloor
tn I'.i'-i    *.
W   P. Bmtt)   1 ■   ■ .' U
I'tx.li-V ll 0
■ I
li R 0 0 EIII E 8
P R 0 VI S ! 0 fi S
• a>a>>>>>>BIMa>>>BafaaBa>>aaaBaBa
Okebuent Lodge No, ilii
Cranbrook, U. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at II p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
J. M. Boyeo, C.C.
V. M, Christian, K. R. & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at   Now Fraternity   Hall.    So-
J.iiiriiiiii; Olldleltowi conllully Invited
E. II. I'litiniiii* IV. M. Harris
N. (1. Seo'y.
i\'iCV Cinnliriiiilt     I.iid*.e,
• ■)Wl''"' No. m
«a- ImmKw»        A F.  A A.  M.
*V*'-Ty/%*   lli.Riiliir nicnllngi on
v *K}}t\      "nf   third   Thursday
'•'V' ol ffieiv inontli.
Visiting hri'tlnen woloomod.
a. 0, Sliankland, wm.
E. W. Connolly, Secretary.
No.  ID.
Meets every second and   tourtli Wed-
iicsdny at Fraternity Hall.
.Sojourning   Kthckabi cordially Invited.
Miss E. Johnston, N. II.
Miss Iliclicnbotham, Seo'y.
Meets In   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Eraser, E. C.
M. MacKinnon, M. It* and 0.
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at 6
p.in. sharp.
Win. Anderson, Chief Ranger.
L. Rent. Secretary.
YlBiting brethren made welcome.
Meels in Carmen's Hall first aad
third Thursday o[ each month at
1 p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu Haywarrt,  lire. Sec.
IV, II. McFarlane, ('hid Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
I Presbyterian €burcb T
* Sunday morning service at  11
♦ o'clock
* Sunday   evening    service   at '
♦ 7 30 o'clock J
f Sunday      School   and     Bible \
Class at i o'clock
I'lcsLvtcrlan    Guild. Tursilav,
at II oVI aa
H 10-lt I
1* SI ■ 11
j Baptist Cburcb \
* *
t Ptltor,  Chailes »'.   King. *
* I'niaoiingi'.  Norbury Avenue.      a)
* 'Phone, U4.      P. 0. Boi iti   '
Itogulai Si*iiii*i*a:—Sunday. 11 ',
a m. and 7.30 p.m.; llllilc 1
School 1,1*1, Young ladles' 1
I'ulMlifa and Voung Men's '
Bible Plats, 3 p.m.
Monday,    Voung Peoples',    I
|f tn
WedneadaT, Itld-Wtri Meetlnt,
\ cordial    ClirUllan aelronie '
» to all.
SI WI.H TKMIKKS, inlin fi 1
Ihr Poatmaatei General, \( ill bi ri
until at Ottawa until noon, on Frl-
flay,   Hm Mth   Vprlt,    IOU, Ini thi
convi'..uitr  ol      Mis    Miiiistv's Malls
.■ti a   proposed    contra i   foi    four
years, often 01    twtcq pei weeh   each
wee In 1 we. 11 Ciiiiilini'ik mnl (ini
ilen via Wfua, Thunder Hill, Pali
tiiinit Springs, Windermere, -AUtei
ih, Wilmer, Sinclair, BrlKO, Gal
1 mi. Heard Creek ami HcMurdo, from
the Postmaster General's pleasure. 1
Printed notices containing lurthc
Information ns to conditions nl pim-
posctl contracl may be seen nml
■Inbuilt fiinns of tender mny lie oh
lalncd ai tin- Post Offices ol Cran-
.brook, Wasa, Thundor Hill, Fair
Imont Springs, Athalmer, Wilmer
I Windermere, Sinclair, Brlsco, Oalena,
AND CIIEMIST.-Cliargci: (lold,
silver, coppot and hnd, II each;
gold-silver, 11.60; ullvci lend, 11.80;
golri-flilvor, will, copper or lend,
12.10- title, *i, silver Irnd-i-inc, 13.
I'rlces for olhcr luclals on a|i|ilicii-
tlon. I', f). But (.'.II, IIIIH, Nelson, II. 0, (IIII
Board Crock, McMurdo and    Ooldcn
nnd nt    lhe olllrc  of the l'ost Olllco
l'ost Olllco Inspector's Olllco,
17th March lllll.
! I). A. Brine,
7 31 Post Ofllce Inspector.
The job department nl this paper Is
equipped with the most up-to-date
faces nl type. You get what you
wool when you want It tt tk* ller-
\ Train ol Ills
J ollnvvs Neglected Colds.
nnla. and Con*
Ihlswsy, Col.la
r„aen Ilia atiallty
pManaiL ■nd   le»»e   one
..-jj| -nicfptlblfe    to   tiii
iiwcufljagl iff mil of aiit.«-ns-a- uf
JnoJ^i sllkladi
of Tar and
Cod  Liver Oil
■lODI llir col<t Dl
-nee. ii doei more,
II **-> forllfiM Bn.l
(treogtliettl the
whole liodllv ■ 'gun
lorn timt it becomci
|ir»Lilcally lliintiilie
Urge bollltfflJcenU, rrom »i! ilf«l»«r»
J I   Hsllilrii In.. 1'nii-'»    Shftotookt. tat
liisiiiiuiii.i-, (nt  Wcitorn Canada
l'iil,i;'i     itiiiis    IvAltSON    & Cl
Winnipeg,   Kilinotitnn,  Vancouvci,
Tlio cxtcullvo commltlco ot Hid
King lvhvai.1 National Mo
mortal fiiiul lias decided thai tlio
memorial sliall bo erected in si
■ lames' Talk, nn a site facing Mail-
borough Gate, The memorial will
consist ol a largo seated figure of
"Peace," some 1- It, in height, ami
lacing the Mull, with, behind, two
processional groups advancing towards a central ligiirr. On the center pedestal will be a bronze statue
of King Edward, 11 tt, high, while
al the bach of the pedestal nnd facing st, James' Park there will iif a
figure of "Britannia," tn balance thc
figure of "Peace." The monument
will lower lo a height of 50 ft. On
either side there will bo a paced terrace leading towards a new bridge
across tho lake. Mr. Bertram Mack-
canal, A.HA, tin* famous Australian
sculptor, is the sculptor suggested
by tlie executive committee lo undertake tin- work mi iln- memorial, ami
associated with bim ns architcci oi
the new bridge will be Mr. Edwin 1..
The grcatesl race in the annuals ol
aerial navigation will take place
from .luiii' llh tu 30th tl will he
called tho European Aviation circuit,
and prizes amounting in more ithan
£20,000 will bo offered. Many famous
.1 vi.uurs have already made known
their Intention of competing. The
race, which is being organized by
"Tho Standard" newspaper, in cooperation with "Lo .Journal," of
Paris, iih' "Berliner Kcitung," ol
Berlin, and "Lo Petti Bleu," ol
Brussels, will be .. sort ol .ieti.il
potnt-to-poini race for fccavler-thaa-
,iii machines — from Paris tu Berlin, Berlin to Brussels, Brussels to
London, and so back again to Paris
"The Standard," with the Continental organs named, Is guaranteeing
Li".nun in prizes, in addition to or-
ganlsiag tbis greal aviation eveat.
One ol the most Interesting features ot the race will !"■ that aviators
will bave opportunitien ot winning
prizes at every stopping place along
*! e route Two kinds ol stops will
take place during the ran- One will
consist ol stages defined as points oi
arrival foi each day*s journey, where
lhe aviators will remain until thc
signal for their departure is given
by tin- officials \. the othet stopping places competitors will be com
polled to alight, but mil bo able to
resume their iouracy immediately afterwards Kni Instance, the first
real stage nl the circuit is irom
Paris i" Liege; bcl ween these two
towns an Rheims and Charlevlllc,
where thc machine will slmpl) have
it> touch tin- ground
Majoi von Parseval, tho famous
rnnstruetoi ol dirigible balloons, ami
one ol Mn organI; pi r ol the race in
<;. imam, states in a letter to "The
Standard"- "The announcement of
the enterprise In which ■The Standard' is taking part has made a ureal
Impression l-Jvery one is talking
about ii ahiMih i am convinced
ibat tins contest win be a revelation \ decisive attempl Is made to
iiini|uii iln- an I.ti ns, therefore,
si-i ourselves to win this battle
against the elements, for it will be
one of those events which Inscribe
themselves In the hlstorj "f progress " Tin- "Journal," referring to lhe collaboration oi "The
Standard," says: "Kvery Frenchman
is acquainted with 'The Standard.'
li is significant that It presents tho
European Aviation circuit to its
readers as ono of tho great events
in the history of social progress."
"Tho Standard" pri/e will be given
to tbo first competitor, whatever Ms
nationality may be, reaching London.
The young daughter of Mrs. T s
Uougall, 623 Mora Avenue, Winnipeg,
was arranging ber doll's washli on
a clothes    rack, beside     tho
when she fell, .mil lier band ci ■   in
contact wiiii tho hot stove. she
sustained a serious burn and her
screams brought her mother quickly
lu the spot
"I sent to the druggist toi I lir
best remedy ho bad for burns," sin-
■says, "and In- scut back a box uf
Zam Huk, lit- Bald thai there wa
nothing to equal II I applied this,
ami it soothed tin- pain so i|iiii kl\
ili.ii Un- child laughed through . ,
tears, I bound up tho hand ii '/m ,
link, ami each day applied > I h
frequently ami llberallj, until Unburn was quite iiiiiii
"Tho Utile one was s  able    to
go un with her plaj, and we had   i ■
trouble witli bet during tlir i
buiii was being healed "
Zam-Buk Soap  should also
b) all mothers for baby's bath    ami
i-i] skin   it.nihil- ,    rashei,
VII druggists and   stores sell /.mn
link at lifu cents hox; and Soap   nl
35c, tablet.   Post free from /am link
Co , Toronto,     for   price
harmful Imllallons.
(187-0 .SI), ami in tin- expedition I..
Egypt (1883), lie raised the Kgy
lilluii Army (18811), nn.l served in
the Nile expedition (18UI 5).
north. Tin' committee recommended
that for England, Ireland ami Wall ■
a detonating rocket Bhould, be sent
from any principal heigh I at H 55 lo
call attention; lhat at ten o'clock a
magnesium star rocket should hi- bred, to be followed by other rockets,
Hu- bonfires In- lighted, ami the Nn
llonal Antliem sung, Where pos
Bible, the hills Bhould be spedallj ll
laminated at ihr same time with
red, white ami him- colored fires AI
cloven o'clock, when all bonfires will
be alight, il is hoped that a ITnuquet
of rockets will bo sen! up and tin-
National Anthem lie again sung.
one of the most striking features
of the national coronation celebrations will he the host of bonfires
which will bla/e from over 20U0
mountain und hill tops from Land's
End in -inlin O'Groats and from
Dublin to ('oiiiiemara, on the nlghl
of tho great    ceremony.      The   plan
suggested is thai I Urea shall be lit
simiiltai usly al IOU p.m. in England, Ireland, and Wales on corona-
linn nlghl, and lo-'10 p.m. in Scotland, owing to tbe long light in    the
One of the musl memorable events
of the coming coronation season will
undoubtedly he the Shakespeare ball,
fixed for .lune 30 al tho Albert Hall.
Every character in every piny h\
Shakespeare will bave its living re
prescntative, ami in thc sotting of a
stately Tudor garden Ihey will dance.
Thc success of the carnival is al
ready assured, for the first 1500
tickets issued at 30s, cadi, to in
elude supper, were almost all sold
before any public intimation was
made, and remarkable prices have
been offered for boxes. Four thousand tickets will lie issued altogeth
er, and the prices will he from |gs
lo 5gs, after the lirst 1500 have been
sold. Every guest will have t<> weal
a Shakesperian costume, Tbo ob
iect of the ball is to draw the attention of the public in the question of
a national theatre as a memorial to
II has heen stated thai the new P
and O. liner Medina, whieli has just
been launched al Missis Calrd's
shipbuilding yard un iln- Clyde, is to
take tbe King and Queen oul in India for the coronation durbar al
IVlhi. The Medina will be among
tho largest and lines! nf the famous
P and 0, licet; 570 ft long, and wilh
a beam of 63 ft , she will have a
displacement ol 18,700 tons. The engines Will be quadruple expansion ol
11,000 horse power, which will give
thc new liner a speed of 18 knots an
hour A very powerful wireless telegraph apparatus will tic installed on
board, so that His atajestj win be
abb- to maiatain direct communication with the empire capital, The
ship will be lilted to accommodate,
when iu ordinary use, 160 first ami
230 second class passengers,
Speaking al a meeting nf the na-
tloaal committee which is making arrangements lor ibe Investiture of the
Price of Wales at CarvarvoB Castle
on July 13, the E.ul ol Plymouth
said tl-at the ceremony would take
place at i SO p.m., and that the
Queen would bo presenl.       The  King
will perform Iho ceremonj. and p
religious service will he conducted by
the Bishop of Bangor, and by a representative ministei nl ii"- Nonconformist churches. Steps will be
taken to obtain a bank holiday ami
sehool holidays through* ■■ Wales and
Monmouthshire on July ' ■ A na
llonal appeal will be madt t<- defra;
the cost ol tho ceremony, Including
tho insignia which will be presented
in the Prlnco Irom thi people ol
Wales within the Castle o( Cornai
uni Mr. John ..'u-'j-mb.. U A , is
In design the mantle, nm:, stall, snd
ebaplet, and the precedent ol King
Henry IV , when he Invested King
Henry V. will be followed as closelj
us possible.
Field Marshall Sir Henry Evelyn
Wood, V.O., has been oppotatcd con-
itablo ol tbo Tower of London, In
succession to the late General Sir
V. V. A. Stephenson. Sir Evelyn
Wood, who is 7.i years ol ace, has
bad a remarkable career, lie entered the   navy   in 1852—when   he was
fourteen—and served with the naval
brigade in the Crimea trom October,
1854, until .lune the following year,
when he wns seriously wounded while
carrying n Bcnllng ladder lie Joined
tho Mth Light- Dragoons tbfl same
year, nnd ibree years later Bcrved
with llie nth Lancers In tlw Indian
Mutiny, being twice mentioned in
despatches, He gained lhe Victoria
Cross in llecember. 1SV He sub
Ki-qneiilly took part In lhe Ashiinli.
Kafflr,  /nlil, and Transvaal       war a
HECfPHOCITV       KINDS       M\\\
The anti-reciprocity element is bj
no means supreme, even In Iii tic-bound
Tor j Ontario. Al reecnl publh
meetings in Ontario and Gait, re ■•>'.
| utlons have   been   adopted    hcartih
endorsing the reciprocity agreemenl
j    Al a mass meeting   held in Toron
I i". Hn- oilier day, lhe following    n
solution was adopted:
"That this meeting heart Ity en
dorses thc trade agreement negotlnt
ed bj the Hon. Messrs Fielding nnd
Paterson with Ihe government id lhe
j I lilted States, ami   trusts Uml     tin
ary legislation to bring M intu
force Will speedily  he passed   by  boll
■ parliament ami congress.
I    "Thai access to a   market of   02,
I ,UHII   people   In   lhe   SOIllll   nl   lis   l>ii
our surplus   natural    products     w ill
mid hi the   prosperity   nf nil classes
in ihis country, anil lead lu thi- ii '
rapid development of nut    u iciipled
lands, bulb   in   Ontario   ami      lllie
"Tbal the increased purchasing
power of the people and thc growth
ol m-w settlements whieli will be Unnatural consequence of the trade
agreemenl will give a new Impetus
to tin- manufacturing industries of
Canada, aud thereby benefit both the
manufacturer ami the workliigmau "
Electors of Call at a mass meeting
ilopled this    resolution al the closi
f an enthusiastic public meeting, nl
(ended hunch  by many of Ibe repre
sen la live manufacturers or Uu- city: I
"Whereas all political parties in
'annda have been seeking reclprocih
wilh lhe United States in Hn- nnliii
il products of both countries for Die
last half century; and whereas the
I'nited States through President Tall
recently negotiated with Messrs
Eleldlng and Paterson such n mens
un- of reciprocity as wc reqpeslcd,
manufacturing industries being exhaled, it is therefore the opinion oi
this largo and intelligent meeting ol
ibe citizens of Gait and vicinity:
"(1) That thc proposed reciprocity
agreement would greatly enlarge and
improve our Canadian markets fot
all our natural products;
"CI) That il would stlmutate and
jrently benefit our immense agrlcul
tmal interests, our lumbering, inlu
ing, fishing and similar industries;
['■i) That it would not retard the
expansion of our rising Canadlai
manufacturers, while enhancing 'l"
prosperity of our farming and Indus
l rial classes;
"(1) And that, In shnrt, trci i
irade would Increase the commercial
prosperity of both Canada and '!»
I'nited States, cement still furthei
tile friendly relations so long existing between the Republic and Great
Britain, and in no wise docrca&o the
love and loyalty which our Canadian
federation has ever felt for the motherland and whieh was never stronger
than at the present time."
Better Now Than Later
\/OU can select your Spring Suits and Overcoats just as advantageously now as later.
In fact, you can make better selections NOW
because many patterns are going daily.
HE Styles ate settled.    We are showing what you
will see men wearing on the Streets at Easter-time.
CHOOSE your Spring Suits and
Overcoals  now while all the
novelties and exclusive effeds are
Sole Agents in Cratibtouk.
Editor The Herald:
Sir: Wc are desirous of securing an
exhibit of ores for our exhibition
that will Ih.- a credit to the province
Tin- rallroada have consented to aid
in this matter, and il you could bcv
your way to co-operate with us t*>
the extent of giving the matter pub
llclty, and allowing your office tu )<
used as a point for collection ol thc
ores, ii would be a favor esteemed
by uk and would tend to li\ attention on your community ns a mining
We intend to give tho exhibit a
prominent position and make it a
meeting place for all Interested ii
mining. We want this exhibit to be
bulked tu us headquarters for ,01
mining people visiting this 1 in
Their mail can be delivered al tin
exhibition grounds, a desk with
stationery will be at 'hen disposal
and wilh regis'j r 't Un 11 ftddn
while in the city.
lie ores for the exhibit, we would
like ii. -how the average that will
apply to tie propert]. and al
same time show samples ol the hlgl
grado ore Single specimens can 1 ■
in flftj pounds, and band spe> in ■ 1
size, ,i> large size as convenient,
Wt- time made airangemenl
iore .md ti'Mni <j( an) rare ai I
uable samples ol  ore and will      In
pleased to   answer any Inqulrj along
Hns line.
It is our intention in connct 'i"1
with mir permanent forestrj exhibit
to have an ore showing ihal will In
second to none in the province, om
collection will he added to from yeai
{to year, and being in charge of 0
custodian familiar with the 11111,1:1.'
conditions, will bo of benefit to al
Interested In the mining Industry
Any largo specimens ol special In
terest to the mining public, wc will
he pleased to arrange, fur that Could
be donated tor permanent exhibit
We will arrange for the boxing    ol
ibe on-s and transportation, so     at
'not to   cause you any Inconvenlcnci
' during thc gathering period
We have not yet dendi-d whal Wl
will oiler in prizes for this rln^s, but
we can ossute you that WC will glvi
Milistantial   prl/rs well  worth    com
The Wonderful Cure
Kin lh 1,'- Speclflcor ■•HOfl" is lhe only soeclflc
-.Uncovered tu rare blood poison c|ufckii snd
tv-Muliy.    Hi- have lecuied thi* remarnble
; c • iHWM whi. b haa beenfultj tested and proved
ea POSITIVE euro fur the terrifying i pec i lir
disease.     "' 1 *■"  is  now   In   use   in oui
imtory,   UememU'  "608" has 1 urod llioutai »li*
ien in Europe; most of ihem were cured aftei
treatment.     We   sre   experience*!  medical
■ it-. ;uul know bow to dtagoose your ease, using
1 Dtiugern'i Blood Test.
Write  for  Information.
Special   treatment   for   all   oilier   diseases   of   men.    Ncmom
Weakness   Varicose  \ein*.  Hydrocele,  BlooJ   md    Skin   Disorders.
Sores,     I leers,    kid no.     Htaitiler   and    BctUI   Disorder*.   Eu..   aid
ContrS'.Ud   -.ilmeim
Boat Anatomical Museum iu the North-west.
Dr.   Kelley's   Museum
2io Howard Street. Spokane, Wash.
..-•',' v   . .
**********************  **********************
H. !.. STKPHES8, I'rop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation**
You'll get your Money's Worth.
us ji. taki     tl     mattei
11 s Hoist
■  :     -     .■
. B.C.,  \prll \ mu
Vn    Ott
lions nri
Easter recess      In
:..!■< ial and cot*
an handling
■     ■■■■■ tiimrM
..'■   tbi
thi      I ■ I"   '   .j'
i .1 n)       t,
rhi   KOtern
tactics wni
I ittj     recognizing
e ai an etnent     ie
I.ii.. i.il Icadci
1 ■ ■!   in   Immense
rton    last week,
when   tie' resolution    was      passed
unanlmoiu lj upproi ing of thc govern
trade    policy in all details
Mr.    M.i* Kay   made    Ihe itatcmcnl
that    Ontario farmers   and ai titans
were  overwhelmingly in favor of re
Uon   Sydney Eiahei   nnd
Mi   Martin, of Regina, addressed    s
meeting al (i.ili where .1 simllai resolution was adopted,
Stories  arc    current   to ihe pflcci
lome of   the bic manufactui
concert     En eastern cities, rtn
ployees are being compelled to    sign
pet 11 ions .1 calm 1 rw Iproclty on    the
pain ol losing theli positions  To ofl
net this j ompnl ilon various labor j>i
Ionization   aro    passing  retolutlom
in favoi "f Hi.- pact with n view   to
placing ibe desires of Canadian woii,
iy before the gOVem-
A striking evidence of the trend   of
public opinion is given by the      lact
three    Ontario    Consrrvative
.    .     !.-..   tome out  in    favor
renuni uti proposals
!■ is  rumored   that the opposition
to reciprocity Is planning to so delay
. loo  as to   prevent Bit Wilfrid Laurier's trip to England      and
lea ■ '■.ir.-i'ia unrepresented    ai
• fen The rumor
IndignaUon among
;■ :■ 1 ountrj      before
.:    Bit trl   Ri ' rei *
PHOSPHONOL    restores     every
nerve in the body to its normal tension.
Kerves ibat bave been dormant for
yeara will vibrato once mote vith
vigor. Two bom of PHOSPHONOL have been known to make weak
men (eel as they did al bigbteea
v......... s is conviit'-d into strength
when- PHOSPHONOL 1^ used; pre-
tnature decay is Impossible; sexual
weakness is converted Into strong
manhood, both physically and men
PHOSPHONOL is y.mr medicine,
regardless ol your condition or age.
PHOSPHONOL IS a new remedy,
prepared   upon   purely scientific prln-
iph's, hy expert chemists, lt pro*
times results.
PHOSPHONOL promptly dispels
.ill forms of nerve weakness, such as
laek nl control, twitching of nerves
and muscles, despondence, mental
worry, blues, indecision, weak heart
.md Impoverished blood
Price: $,'I.M a box, or two hnxes
fot 18.00, We will mall this to miy
address under separate oovet nn re-
reipt of price THE PHOSPHONOL DRUG co, st Catharines, Out
ui i
"' • *,
11 o
- o
• 0
0  "|,i*:t     wki.i.      i". I  •
* .LOSE." Oi
• ©
* " 'Let well enougli .. I * ,.-
S) never   been    Iln*    ll
ty Dominion   ui Cnnuila.
# times pasl. i*.in  ivllen  111'
■ hail a prosperous   toiiilitini
C affairs, when mi iirrilreessu
9 olliee were able In   make si
« ments,   perhaps   Imnll) so
0 a- thai wliich ii is nn plea
« tu make today, Iml nevrrth
a In.i»'Inl   ami   enci urn li
a ments—when the*  '  d
a iliii'ni    they   were
a I" lei    well   enough alum*,
a why    should   they preach thai O
a doctrine lo us today'! II m* uie 0
a to   ndopl     Ihal   polii •
a abolish   ,-"i    steamships   lines, O
a eul "il    in.*                               •
a and cease In   lend            i    i    •
a in i in«   c i11" 9
a Reeking   new    mntkeli •
a where; our steamshl all a
a countries,   man- n- 0
a il*.  subsidized;    we M O
a mn trade agenl
a H'ed world; we an
a thing Ihal Is   inconslsli nt ivilli a
a Un* pollcj   ..(   -I. i  wi!! . :*
a al.in.'.' because when *  0
a going iavi,inlili Hull is noI a a
a reason i<>i doing nolhin is O
a ratbei a reason Im l» li l.n. •
a i" .nail   ourselves "I olbei     *  tl
a porl lei.     **   need        mar  a
a ti*i*. in all 'li"1 lions, need Ihem 0
a loi Un* surplu   I Im Is ni I       a
a *i'l.i as il is I."lai. *iii*l IVI III ii a
a need Ihem in even a nreatei ih* a
a nn*.*   lor Hn*   vaslei    ni|ilii       «
a Canadian   proilm i * lo i * In O
a u** ii  Hn* '*"''' in 'I"' O
a near lullire. •
a "Koi Ibese reason * have a
a fiiileuvored lo .■nl." * mn mai 0
a kets in   all    in- lion , C
a dm * in*I seem li. In* vi a
a ui' an' sendlni! ngcnl * In  '
a .m.i ''lima and iln* '1
a "I Hi.' World, l*.   cln.se mil i
a in H iiporlunllii rh t
a Hi-urn I '   Ini*| thai I dn        ■
a uisl ntei    ti I
a proBPecl fin t'anailn todai is a
a Iiiiiii ami Impelul    Wilh : I
a .iml   progress ami ; pi iln  al •
a home,    with thr Iricndlii -i  n   a
a lallons mill  Iln* una'   Hei li" 0
a lying alongside m ns. wilh lhe a
a annul"! attachment In lhe a
a grenl empire ol whi' ii wi ■ f
a proud in lorm a pari Uti i ii r?
a nndian   people i  •■ innl il «
a i" iln* fniin.' *'. ith ever; pi C
a ami ever) conlldei * Kron #
a II.*n     Mi       Kii'ldli ■   <7
• s di •
• •
I'l.AXS VNU si-i*;i il'ir \ I III
m: I'iHtHMliit.u I i:'"i rn
I'oatmaalei it   1    llenllli
m,tin.il ii.nn Ottawa tbal
ami *|irrilii-aliniis lit]   the
Industrial sit I al    tbe SI    I     *  *
Mission an* complete ami will
warded tn him immcdlatel*  Im
convenience   nl    eonlrai ton  mule
plating tendering on tin*
ni im
. in 111*
page nm*.)
Inn   lallll     lllllll
II   in.ll        III
Intuit, has also
iui'h acres in
Is in build      a
Hint M
itcliased a block
Is <>*lain add in
nm* thereon.
In llm mnl.  in  wlilcli  Mi     !>''     is
gaged In* is giving employment   in
i*  ami   all m' Un* new settlors who
ii* in lake advantage ol il, ami In*
i-   ilmi a   large  number   ol    the
iigliatimeii   an* now   working under
hi    supervision,   ami working    tight
heal nli, ton.   Tin* new cornel's    are
:!iik given a   chance In earn       lllell
Iiiiiii; e\|n*lises iilnlsl  waiting fm* the
erection i.i houses mi their property,
getting an Inslghl Into working
methods thai uill be Invaluable In
tin in Inter mi.
The    land    bundled In tin* lliiiislt
I. . pin.  Vgiiicj ni Hnyiics l.al..*   mis
ii |;    owned    In Hn* Koolennj'
Land  iponj. ti Spokane sin
in which   Mi   .1   A   Tormey,
nriiicrli     laspeel I public schools
il,' stale "I Washlnglon, Is large
I-  interested,       \li   Tormey n-siiles
Ua; lies    Lake nml Ih i    Um
I'tithm insllc   cbaitiplons nf    its
piitenliulilics     Mr, Torniey is an ex-
,   I.iml   In.Iilet, being interested
large block   ni laml  in Hie  Sal.
■■alley, a   Inmoiis   Iruit growing
ilii trict      Uni In* prefers ilu* Baynes
ill,*ii. i ami lias decided lo   re
ii!   there permanently    Mr  Tonne)*,
mill whom   Hn* Herald enjoyed only
i .rn.  brief   iliat. i«   an Interesting
■mulit). ratbei i - concerned iu
establishing a settlement nf thorough
ii eonlented, prosperous fi'iil growers tliaii in gel rich quick real es-
ut, icheroes Mis attitude in Hns
regard was well exemplified in a
red iii transaction. One "I the new
i-ttlers expressed dlssntlslnction al
lie | im* asked mi tin* laml Mi
,   I'ormey ai once advised   Mr    \rnoll
 innii Iii in tin* nn v iilreailv paid
nl  Hm block   selected     fnr    him,
which wus iliui'*, and the same block
, .1,1 ilu* billowing dny.
In Hn* necessarily hurried Hip
made by lhe Herald man it was Initio it.ti' in en earefiilli Into mon*
mailers nf Interest   in iln* organlzo-
 I    sueb a   settlcnienl us Ihal
* .i ■ nml.r nav nl lliniiis Lake, hm
,1, Herald man was able to sntlsl)
ii thoroughly l.y personal talk
with iln* men directly concerned,
liml there was absnlni.-li nol      Hu
*   *     l .inula! Inn     lnr  the  st.uie*.
tilat,.I '.*   Hi.* elTecl Ihal a bunch
,*i Kngllsl *n liad bent lleeeed.
'   a mallei   nf Indisputable   Inci
'I i   Englishmen, upon Huir nun   ad
mission, have lieen fairly treated anil
in. mi a consideration uncommon   in
mu .1 coses i.i Ibis kind
Wlmi the lulure has iii store      f"i
elllcmeni   remains   to In* seen,
lint mu* ciui quite easily imagine that
in Hie near Inline Baylies Lake    will
In   ..ue ill the slum districts nf Smith
:;.i*.!  Kootenay, Hu* center nf as line
■ * lemenl as Ihere is in the Dom
li "i ''lunula
A  lil.ire desirable     class nl settlers
' nol lie asked (nr ami  Ibe Her-
aid sincerely hopes    Uiul Ihey     uill
in  .: hnve  occasion In regret   theii
otion Iiiiiii the old land  In Hlil
S   I 'nllllllhiil.
I'tllMI —A sum nf llinllel  mi    "*.' ;
between l-'orl Steele ami \\ i*
limn i   in.n n*. ovei   ■*' .
propert} .mil paying exp n *      II li
lloi II. Wilmer, in'
"(lnr Iiiiiii*   erics lor ' 'hum! ei Iain's
t'ougb lleinedy,"    mil*       Mi      ',    I'*
im Monday nlghl last Uu* Fink
Mercantile Cn. team delighted their
supporters by lakin** mn* gnine irom
Iln* si mug team representing Baker
si. North.
Tlie final senre was i tn I in favor
nf Baker St. North. Henri* was
high mail fnr tin* singles Willi a
score ol 1*8.1, whilst McLenil ran up
171 (nr the three strings.
Mel I  ...
Eiillmi ....
Corbet I  ...
...1711 Illl 111- I7*|
.. IIS 10(1 lil— 3411
...Illl 11:1 III- 372
., US 117 IM- :isi
...132 ion lis- 330
USI   till   532— IUM
Thompson ...
Biiehnrd ....
Woods     ,..
127 liil 197— Ils
1117 Hill Lin-  172
Lli 13. 178-  II
Illl III I2S- 31
IIUI tSal LSI-  Uill
Iln I'Tidai lasl Hn- Simps
inniiancil tn nm the lirst
ami 3rd guiiies. leaving the second
game lo ihe V.M C.A.
Tin* luck ol (he game seemed to he
null Un* simps all evening, as tliey
hnd a great run nu strikes, whilst
till* \ MCA. could lint gel nil to the
inn i.f Hu* alloy.
Tyler was high man fnr the singles
with 18fi, whilst Sinclair look Un
aggregate with isu lnr three strings
 123   138
152— I3H
Crniistmi  .
 IM   118
103— 113
 Lli    ITM
IW— Uill
 ill    III!
IM- Ml
 12(1   LIU
12:1— :IXK
11211   701
1' It. SHOPS,
 157    168
Illl-  177
Sliankland .
 I2H   150
III- :istl
 137    117
171- 157
 IM   llli
17.1- ISI!
 180   Hid
131- 17.1
' I' Noble, formerly nf Mon*
has    joined Uu- local BtaH    ol
.   Beallie Mm phy company.
Latin- siimihli'i is nearly always
due tn rheumatism nf Hu* muscles,
iml quickly yields In Hn* [in- application   nl   Chamberlain's    Liniment,
Kcndriek, ltnsnen i; For sale liy alt dealers                7-11
besl rough reined- on Hie mm el lot      t *., .,,,,* |ini, ..    mien „( u,,. valley,
coughs, colds ami croup."   Fi      ile carnations, it, , nl Fink's |>urc F I
In* nil dealers lorocerv
772   758   754—2281
Tin* V.M.C.A. and Baker St.
South played a very close game last
evening ami although Baker Si
South wiiii by 3 games tn fl, lhe
total number of [uns separating Ibe
liiu was only Iii. .lones was high
man in tlie singles with 211 nlsn in
the aggregate wilh 517.
Milne  137    12(1   12(1- 305
Myers  122   117    III- 353
.limes  183   150   211- 51
Johnston J5I  ir.i  131- Iln
I've  125   108   153- III!
721 72S 741—2100
V   M. C. A.
Cranston  Hi 185 131- Ilu
Hall  IUI 128 131- 10.1
Teel    101 lull Illl- 517
Mam  115 115 12(1- 380
tlallaglter  IUI 112 150- T
HOT   70(1   717-212.1
Are Strong at this Store
In connection witli th,* meeting ol
the Odd Fellows grand lodge id II
C, >i> tbis cily in .lune. the Moyie
Leader says: At tlie last meeting nl
Hie Moyio lodge H. J. Lowes, .las
Roberta and A. (I. Monkhoiisc were
appointed tu work In conjunction
with the Cranbrook committee. On
one ol tbe evenings during lhe ses
slon Ihere will be a oumsler bun
quel, and mi   tbe opening   day     the
>C( O 9 ?» I
S usual Sir, you'll be apt lo
lind llic Spring Shoes that
please you best rijjht here.
No matter whal sorl of Shoes
you wear-- high or low cut—
you'll surely lind here Ihe sorl of
Shoes you'll take pleasure in
5hues   l-'or   All   Men 1
For lliisini'ss Min. (ur Professional Men.
for Herts, fur College Men. Slioes fur
business, fur dross, nml fur outing. Kvery
.Mini's particular requirement can In* lilh-l
witli Ilu* best of Slmes. iiiiui,. in just the
riitlil model, width nml si/.,..
Shoes nt S^.oo, $4.50, Ss.ui,. 15.50, to$7.00
The Man, who invests anything in the appearance of his
Shoes, will find it profitable to
make this his place for buying
all his Footwear.
A.   C.   PYE
The Shoe Man.
Fink's Special="Stetson and Hawes, Von=Gal Hats
These names make an impression; the goods sustain il.   Here you see
the product of three of the best makers in Ihe world.    Quality is a certainty.    Choosing is a pleasure;   we  show   the   variety  of styles.    For   (.
novelties in Young Men's Hats, see our line $2.50 to $5,00
Easter Furnishings Are Here in Great Variety
Ties, Collars, Shirts, Gloves, Hosiery and
Fancy Vests
This store enjoys the reputation of having one of the largest and mosl
up-to-date Men's Furnishing Departments iu Western Canada, If it's
the newest thing you want, you will lind it here.
I N DI N G the right place to buy clothes
is a highly important matter to men just
now : First, to get correct styles, new,
handsome and honest fabrics, thorough
tailoring, and clothes that you are absolutely
certain of having been made in a thoroughly
clean and hygienic factory. Second: The
matter of cost. For the first, CAMPBELL'S
CLOTHING is foremost in every point of excellence. Campbell's factory, which makes
most of our clothing, is notably ideal in the
conditions around and throughout.
HAT "Sterling' is lo silver, what "Bessemer" is to steel, the
names ol "Harll" and "Invictus" are lo shoes. They are the identification marks of shoes of matchless quality and exclusive styles.
They stand as an assurance to you that every penny you spend for either
•' HARTT " or "INVICTUS" SHOES will he well spent. We are sole agents
O store in the West gives more thought
than we lo proper clothing for men.
Wc use nothing but the besl imported
materials and our tailors are all experts in
Iheir particular lines. We guarantee perfect
satisfaction. Call and see the beautifu
clolhes to select from.
r;A*-.*:,  *.-■-. ->.
delegates will In*   Riven n 11 i|> cltlici   ********************** 1
ti, Moyie or lo Klko
Tin* irRiilar meeting nl Msplo Leaf
Rcbekali lodge, No. in, ivus held lasl
night. (Hie new member was initio
ini llic lodge appointed a com
mltee tu arrange lot 11 social In
honoi oi thou who assisted in pul *
ling mi iim  recent performance     ot
.■Alice iii Wonderland."    All   n 1
bets .rn* requested lo lie al the   de
gree practice    nexl Wednesdaj al   ■* i
0 in
Ontii  my   promises,   ono J
Buckskin Pony, I white fai '■ *
up  to   kiifi'S.   white   fin'.* ♦
branded TT on lefl shoulder. *,
1 iivm-r mo.) havo same on e>
\ uayuteut ofexpousi * Incurred T
■ tn dote, iii.iiy is I'liiiini'il a>
August Olson,      *.
Worthier. II.C. !
I* I   z
*.*•'   I'ABRCTT, T. N Hesl	
:i;:    PARKS, I*'  . Kealdi	
Jlvi   MIEN t IUM*. rn K. ol. ii'-
*.).*,',-)®®®®®®»Cii»(«»®||lft*p| fApiir n'AI.HU>    Nes'lr erery   store   1 irlisemrot
* Easl Kootenay      Ir^J^Z!^^- ""
SpoKanc, Wash.
Butcher Co. :
_____________     ^
- 18)
I .fillers   In tai
Fresh nnd Cured (a)
Ments. (a)
Poultry, Hume  nml Fish   ■••
in Sens!ni. ®
_ ®
(I1VE   118   A   THIAI.        I
® 9 ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® til ® ® 1*1 ®
East Kootenay
Butcher Co. :
The Old P. Wood's
A modern equipped Oste ut modsrate
lt.it,-- tl.oOiiml up per day
Coiner ol Howard St. mnl Fiont Ave.
Onr Inn. moels nil trains
I body els,* ean decide loi n.i iiiiui ml
il 1 -in in iiiiui nm* it holds in..In
(or you.
«♦♦♦ •>«««> «>a>*»*>«*>«>a>»a>4>a>a>«>
I Seeds and Seed ing 1!
The Central   Meal
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J .C Callahan, Mgr.
* niii-
.1 liv
Alfalfa I
.1 1.(10	
t 'rnikeatiin
Raps        Millet
UledrilM Post
tiiiiini Rets     Turnips     Ciirrolp
Beans Onions
Flower Soe.la Ilri.ine llni..a
Bond Vetches      Bprlng live
X Cranbrook   Trading Co. |,
Went,. I kiiu:onlerafor
Rose Comb Rhode
Island Ked Liggs
for hatching.
Price $2.00 per selling
Kroiu   l*it   pri/e    wiiitierM   nt
Cranbrook Jigrienllnrol sln.«.
A. .inline. Proprietor,


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