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Cranbrook Herald May 14, 1914

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THCIISDAY, MAY 14th, 1914
Twenty-five Cars Carry Complement of Passengers
Twenty-six Miles to Wasa Where The
Third   Annual  Meeting
Was Held
Search for Bodies of David I,. Au-
utile and J. Thompson  Con.
Hniu". at I'ort Humniouil
N. Hanson Provides Sumptuous Banquet,    Dance
Proves a Pleasant Diversion at Popular Kootenay Resort
Monday     afternoon   at    3   o'clock j burn wore signed up for the coining
forty-live   automobiles   belonging   to   year.
members  of  the  Cranbrook  District |    The    secretary    reported    having
Kootenay Orchards Families Petition
Board for School Closer to
Their Homes
Hoard of School Trustees met at
the city hall last Friday evening at
8 o'clock, those present being Chairman White, Clerk T. M. Roberts and
Trustees Fink. Quain and Laurie.
Minutes of previous meeting was
read und approved.
Resignation of Miss Darkls to take
effect at the end of the term was received und accepted and her request that Mrs. Racklyeft be allowed [ort j" b«ln< «■£• _** ^•-J*"£
to substitute for her from June 15th
wan accepted.
Applications for positions wore received from Mrs. Mury Emily LeeB,
city; Miss Jessie Kennedy, of Kimberley, and MIbs Josephine Matthews,
of Wetasklwln, Alberta. The secretary was Instructed to acknowledge
receipt of applications and to notify
School    hardening    Classes
Started ln the City of
Automobile association assembled in j written    tho    Winnipeg    Industrialj applicants that board would act on
front ot the government building In | Bureau requesting that their delega-
Cranbrook, where photos were taken, | tion of seventy-five business men, who
A procession headed by the Cran-i will arrive In Cranbrook by special
brook city band started up Baker j train on next Wednesday morning,
street, a lino of amateur photograph-! May 23rd, arrange for a two-hour so-
applications   whenever   necessary  to
fill vacancies.
The finance committee reported the
following accounts being correct and
they were passed and ordered paid:
Port Hummond, B.C.. May tl.—Up
to date the search for tbe bodies of
J. Thompson and David L. Auvache,
who were drowned on Friday last,
May first, while fishing In u little
lake nortli of Fort Hu.nmond, B.C..
have not been recovered. Every ef-
Hammond ami Haney, assisted by the
government officials to raise the
bodies. At the present time the government road Rung is engaged ln cutting
o:.t a road so us to be able to brlnjt
out the bodies when recovered.
The party of three, consisting of
the two missing men and a Mr. Newton, all of Hammond left for tlie
lake which is 1400 feet above Hammond early on Thursday. Auvache
arose very early, got bis breakfast
and took a cup of tea up to his
mother. He said to her; "Don't you
worry, mother,  I'll be all right and
er. taking  »nn,.»  along the route.! Journ ho that the board ot trade and j _    .     ,     ,   , „ M.    I «"» * ,,onlci|°" ™*** "'f' 9Ur<;'"
The procession stopped In front of the I the Automobile association may take i Teaeto.  salarlee  J1.2C7.60 : and   hen as though to emphasize the
, . ^«„_ ..... I. D „i a .„ I.. „„  „  .„,„   .,.„ ^ta».t«t i., I "ealth officer        41.95 I fact he left a pencil note on the break'
Secretary          25.00  fast    table
Janitor ,     126.00  same words.
post office where It was planned to j them on a trip over the district In
have another photograph taken, but j cars.
as some of Uie cars were Impatient The secretary reported having or-
to be on the road to Wasa the pro- j dered two hundred Klaxon danger
cession waa broken. The band pro-1 signs, which will be put up through-
ceeded to the C.P.R. station, where a j out the district and add to the pro-
selection was rendered and then em-1 tection of tourists, one being placed
barked In cars for Wasa, where the | at each sharp turn,
principal scenea of the third annual: A deputation wlll wait on the city
meeting was laid. j council ot Cranbrook aBking that tlie ,
Twenty-live   cars   made the   trip i crossings on Main street' bo levelled     * 8,a        .?'."' ',''""
to Wasa  from Cranbrook carrying j up. !   tS        TeleI"lone   "*■«■
114 people, wliere they were tendered |    Messrs.   Dan   McNelsh   and   John 	
a banquet by Mr. N. Hanson. Tlu | Reid, government road superintend-
band and the Cranbrook orchestra j ents, and J. Tetter and Frank Top-
accompanied the crowd. A band' ham, C.P.R. roadmasters, were made
stand had been provided and the honorary members of the assochi-
band welcomed the cars as they nr- j tion.
rived, with lively tunes.   The hotel      C.  Hungerford (Pollen,  for  many lp "". w'  *'*'	
was  gayly  decorated  for  the  occa-1 years   president  of  the  K.C.R.  rail- luranor0011 **■*■ & •>»' <'o**
sion with evergreens, red, white and' way, offered tree site and lumber to
blue bunting and Union Jacks. the  association   for  the   purpose  of
The guests were kept busy in thc  maintaining a   club   house   on   the
banqueting    hall    until    about    ten | -ak,i shore at Wasa, which offer will j    The   secretary   was   instructed   to
bearing    almost     the
Mr. John Cholditeh bas granted
Mr. A. H, Webb, as secretary of the
Fanners' Institute, the use of some
two acres of laud just beyond St.
Joseph's Creek, south-west of the
city. This will be divided Into plots
Of 1-10 acre each, and the boys of
Junior IV, together with a few others will be instructed In the art of
gardening by Mr. Webb, the Manual
Training teacher, who bus bud previous experience in this line of work.
Potatoes will he grown at tlie Dominion fair at Victoria In the fall. The
plots will be inspected by a department expert some time during the
growing season, and a carefully compiled list of questions will have to
be answered by each pupil, giving a
correct record of all work done on the
plot and all expenses and profits thus
Involved. Part of thc crop has to be
sold in the opeu market hy an agent
at 11 6 per cent commlssion.Twenty
pupils are now enrolled, ln order to
By-Law to be Introduced Calling for the Vote of the <
Citizens on the  Raising of $110,000 for
Purpose   of  Rebuilding
-   Water System
Negotiations for Purchase of Electric Light Plant Cancelled—Street Grade to be Changed—J.
C. Glenday City Engineer
City council met at the city hall
on Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock
those present being Mayor Taylor,
Clerk T. M. Roberts, Engineer J. C.
Glenday .and Aldermen Horie, LeaBk,
Cameron, Campbell and Hickenbotham.
Mr. W. S. Santo was present and
lessen the expense for the lirst year  on   mo.tlon   tlmtne  be  heurd   bein*
tu nuisance ground. There was no
expense to the city iu connection
with this beyond levelling cinders
and cutting brush. Stones were
picked uii un Cranbrook street and
Kootenay street by school and used
for till on Agnes street by Powell's
cleaning works.
Mr.  Webb  would  be  pleased  to
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.,..
Cranbrook Steam baundry ..
Cranbrook Electric Light Co.
i Cranbrook Drug & Book Co.
Pink Mercantile Co., Ltd..
1 Patmore Bros.
I Parks & Co.
14.951    According to Newton, on  arriving
.85   on   the   lake   tliey   fished   along   the
bank that day with excellent sue
1,001 and   then   rafted   a   dugout   canoe,
that niny be owned and not earning
its keep. Hand it to a youngster to
curry to school and we can assuio
you such tools wlll have a strenuous
summer's work ahead of them. An
| experimental   farm   bus   long   been
City Transfer Co      27 611 which, after camping all night they *l8l*ed r»r "? our citizens  Here wo
1.65 ! Proceeded to use next morning. Next j £« ™,^.°1,enititm _nnd Wlth   "
7.00 ; day, about ten o'clock Newton return-
2,io ; ed to camp and the last he say/ of \
: the missing men they were crossing
360 ': 'rom *-ne nor;-h H,,-e ul t*>c l*1'*'' ■*■ t1"''
1 35 I canoe which  was rendered perfectly
34 00   ii'dIe Dy ll"'lll,s of ll double outrigger, \
McCreery Bros         2 66   wnlcn exten('t'<' beyond both sides of
I Raworth Bros.
Cranbrook Cartage & Trans
g qq | the canoe.
curried Mr. Santo presented a  peti<
celve any spade, fork] hoe or rake tion from tl,e residents and property
owners on Garden avenue asking
thut some work be done on that
avenue as as to make It more passable for vehicles and automobiles. On
motion by Campbell nnd Cameron the ™" bp completed
petition was referred to the board of
Mr. Santo also asked for a formal
passage of the amount which had
been provided for in tlie estimates
for the Cranbrook Agricultural association. Moved by Hickenbotham
and Campbell that a grunt of S-f>0 he
made to tlie Cranbrook Agricultural
association.    Carried.
John   Martin  appeared  before  the
Senerage Depart* eat
No construction wbrk was done
during tlu* month, bul a small quantity of pipe was ordered so that the
balance  of sewer.  SI.!!  feet,  in  city.
little judicious encouragement much
may grow from It. Mr. Dexter, principal of the public school, has allowed of pupils to take up the work
und the school trustees are so far Interested thut not only wcre they
witling to allow the use of their own
private lots this year, if need be, hut        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
„    . , , .      ...... I they are about to clear and break n   council in regard to securing water
Newton stayed in camp hourly ex- \
Mouth   Wurd   ut the property of C
fer  Co "" ir,n   pectlng thc others to return in read!-i ft!W  freB  i,rm,"d   U"
       .}«■*■ ">r the homeward Journey,  J"!*"1 m a* to ll8Vfl ll ,lnc P|eca »f wh Jh «■ •««* tlie elt>" «•»*■■
4  5!the trail Is very arduous. When night  "anion R">und ln readiness for 1015. motion   by   Cameron   and   Campbell
No child can put in and care for a that no non-residents of the city   be
I Ward & Harris
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_   fell he became anxious, but thought
Total   11592 72'tney    m-B*lt   llttV(i   camped   for   the
o'clock, after which the dining room
was cleared and dancing commenced.
The Cranbrook orchestra furnished
the music and this diversion entertained a large number until about
one o'clock.
At nine o'clock the president, Mr.
V. Hyde Baker, called the business
meeting to order. The financial report was presented, which showed a
membership of thirty and a balance
on hand of $99.45. Following the
adoption of the report a five-minute
recess was called und forty-five mem-
Special Prize-* are Offered for Contest to he Held at the Hangc oi
MontUy, May Sith.
night atthe other end of jln* lake,
which Is about a mile long. As soon
aa morning broke, he started out lu
      notify the Waste & Disenfectant Co.       ,_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^.^
| that confirmation of order was  left   search of his companions, and soon
1914  were  elected  as '. over. I tomQ the empty canoe floating on tlie
The matter of application of fam- ] water. In it was Auvache's rod, und
; illes residing In
crop under the conditions set forth   supplied until such time as the city
most likely be accepted by tlie executive.
Officers for ^^^^^^^
Hon. President—N. Hanson. , Illes residing in    Kootenay Orchards I Thompson's bag of fish.   Thompson's
President—V.   Hyde  Baker. j for a school was discussed and the I hat wos floating nearby und his rod
Vice-President—Dr.   J.   H.  King,    j petitioners were notified that the pet- j was close beside the canoe, the hook
Sec.-Treas.—W.  H.  Wilson. ition would receive the attention of I having caught ln tlie outrigger.
R-wutlve—O. F,. Stevenson, A. C.' the board. Petitioners reported four- ] Newton met two Vancouver men
Bowness, R. J. McCreery, H. E. j teen chidlren who were unable to at- j fishing and left the search to them
Beattie, E. A. Hill, Geo. Hoggarth, j tend school on account of the dls- i while he headed for town for help.
Dr. F. W. Green. , tance.    The board will take up the j At Fraser*s house he telephoned the
A hearty vote of thanks was ten- j matter of establishing a school In the j news to Hammond, and Rev. F. W.
dered to the honorary president, Mr. south en(1 o( tI)e cjty in the near fy,: Auvacne immediately started for the
Hanson, for his kind hospitality, and ■ ture ; lakp whic(.  he reaohed at nightfall,
-banquet, when all rose and sang Mr. A, H. Webb appeared before the ; guided by Mr. Hedge. It was too
"For He's n Jolly Good Fellow." Also Doar(j as secretary of the Farmers' dark to do anything and camp was I
a hearty vote of thanks was accord-   institute, in   regard    to    the potato | made n'utll morning.   Since that time j
ed to the secretary. Mr. W. H. Wil-  competition which is being conducted , a number of search parties liave been | BUILD STEEL BRIDGES
son, who. It was agreed the principal   bv   the   proVincial   government  He ] dragging,  and  blasting  continuously
association   had  fallen   stntetj thut „   number 0{ boj-j,   j,ad   without success in the hope of recov-
by thc agricultural department, and
not have received quite an insight
into the life study of the potato, but
also a real up-to-date training in the
business end of farming, as Illustrated in the balance sheet for the
year. As a city, Cranbrook stands
to benefit by the advertisement gained when each of the two score pupils
has an exhibit of 20 ths. of potatoes
ut the Victoria fair.
The committee In charge of tlie
work consists of A. B, Smith, president Farmers' Institute; Harry White,
chairman school trustees; F. Dexter*
principal public school; B, Palmer,
farmer; "E. H. McPhee, ex-secretary
school board; A. H. Webb, secretary
Farmers' Institute.
water system has been Improved,
was carried.
Minutes of the previous meetings
were head and approved.
The   finance   committee   presented
Early in the month it was decided
to go ahead und do necessary work at
disposal works, viz, take dirty gravel
out of primary filter and renew same,
clean off Bludge bod and remove siding around primary inter for summer
months. This wark was started on
Tuesday. April "th. aud was com*
pitted ou Monday, April 20th. To per-
forjn this work It was necessary to re-
move all the distributary trays, which
entailed a oonsiderable amount ot
laborious work; after trays were removed and gravel was wheeled to
the north end of the filter and rolled
down a chute into barrows below and
then wheeled onto a dump; after all
the dirty gravel was removed It was
covered with earth to keep files and
mosquitoes from settling on it. The
clean  gravel,  which  was   picked up
the  following  accounts   which were alongside the Fort Steele road, was
ordered paid: wheeled over top of the sedimentation
Bulman Bros., Ltd t 50.00 tank to a chute and rolled down into
Beattie-Murphy Co.,  Ltd  4.50 barrows  and  spread  over the  filter
City Livery   11.00 bed, trays being then put back Into
Cranbrook Cartage ft Trans- place   after   having   been   scrubbed
fer Co  S5.00 clean.   The total number of trays ia
work  of
.tgniflcd   their   willingness  to  enter | erlng the bodies.
Cranbrook Foundry &. Machine Shops  	
Cranbrook Drug & Book Cm,
Cranbrook Sash & Door Co,
City Transfer & Warehouse
Cranbrook Electric Light Co,
Cranbrook Garage Co., Ltd...
Fink Mercantile Co.
Those in attendance at the meeting | competltlon  but   that some   of   the
then swelled the attendance in tht
ball room, where all enjoyed themselves till the early hours of the
morning, when all agreed tluit they
had spent one of the most enjoyable
The    following    car    owners    anil
The    bereaved    relatives
KINGSGATE,   B.C..   May   10.—Tlie   Hill, E. A       ?.9.00
cannot | Ford Construction company, of Cald-, Herald Publishing Co      13.50
126, each tray   being   held in place
4.S0  with 22-Si by 1 inch bolts. In each
14 :•)  tray there are 833 drip points which
makes a total of 104,959 drip points,
39.W  which bad to be put back ta plaee.
(Continued on page two).
448.00     —
The Cranbrook Civilian Rifle association arc holding a prlie shoot on
Monday, May 2nth. A cup given by
V. Hyde Baker wlll be shot for In the
morning, open  to all members who  Mends  were In  attendance:
will not hnve made 70 or over out of      Alex.   Taylor.   Miss   Taylor,
a possible 105 during the season. This  Kennedy and
cup is to be awarded to the member  berley.
boys did not have   plots   of   ground j speak  too  highly  of  the*  wonderful! well, Ida., has a gang of men working   Kootenay    Telephone    Lines,
available.   The members of the board I kindness of the people of the district
personally stood sponsor for a few \ or of the government officlnls and po-
tracts aud stated that they would do '. lice whose efforts have been untiring
everything in their power to encourage tbe boys in their work.
Ronrd adjourned.
Council, of Kini-
whn makes the highest aggregate
score ut three shoots to be held on
May 25th, June 27th and July 25th,
with seven shots and one sighting
shot at 500 nnd 600 yards, on the
dates mentioned- Entries for this
competition win close at 9.80 Monday
In the afternoon Mr, G. W. F. Carter litis offered a first prize to the
vulue uf ten dollars and a second to
the vulue of five dollars for the highest aggregate score at two, five and
six hundred yards. Also a prise for
the best hoc re at each of these ranges
und a consolation prise given by
Mr, A. C, Howness, Messrs. Fink Mercantile company, Mr. J. 1). Mi-Bride,
Messrs. Parks tb Co., and the Cranbrook Jobbers. Entries for this competition close at 13,30. Members taking part will be required to pay an I
entrance fee of twenty-live cents to
COVer cost of ammunition ut euch
range, and u marker's fee of twenty-
five cents to cover the day's shooting.
Kntrles may be made any time with
either the captain or the secretary.
The Cranbrook Farmers' Institute
will meet on Thursday, May 21st at
8.00 p.m. ln the old gym. All farmers
desirous of making a show for Cranbrook are requested to send In their
names and 50c. so as to qualify for
the competition In potato growing or
in nn oat crop. Cranbrook needs to
keep a front place as a potato and
out producing center, The boys of
the city are entering a similar competition and the farmers should set
the pace for tho youngsters.
Subjects for discussion:
1.   The   offers   of   department   re
stud antmals.
I.   The  best crops to put In on
virgin Kast Kootenay soli, such as j Manning and wife.
has been recently pre-empted. .    Fred   Cooper,
H. W. Drew, Kimberley; Miss
Handley, Mrs. McMnhon, Marysville,
Jas. Martin, J. 11. Henderson.
It. E .Beattie and wife, Dr. F. B.
Miles and wife, It. S. Garrett.
W. H. Wilson and wife, H. A. McKowan and wife, John Martin
Dr. J. H. King and wife.
V. Hyde Baker. Percy Sims, J. M.
Christie and wife, H. W. Supple.
Dr .W .J. Rutledge und wife, I). A
Burton and wife.
N. Hanson, Jas. Austin, Mrs. Donahue, Mrs. Dickson, Miss Johnson.
Dr. F. \V. Green and wife, A. C
.Nelson and wife, F. M. Christian and
John   Reid,   N.   T.  Gardner.  F.   A.
Geo. Hoggarth nnd wife, Miss Well-
man, 11, 11. Bourne and wife,
Jas. UHiilnw. M. A. Benle and wife,
Mrs. P. E. Wilson.
J. D. McBride and wife. Miss
| Edith McBride, Miss Jamleson, of
Calgary, Alta.; Miss Watts, of Wattsburg. C. A. McCowan, H. Palmer.
A. C. Bowness and wlfo, Mrs. G. H.
Thompson, W. J. Atchison and wife,
Ed. Doolan, Miss Whitehead.
Mayor Simon Taylor, Walter
Walsh, W. O. Morton an wife.
W. B .McFarlane and wife, Mrs.
Jas. Woodman, J. D. Gilmour, Mr.
Van dew sou,
Robert McCreery, Geo. McCreery,
Martin McCreery and wife, Miss
J, P. Fink and wife, Ed. Paterson
and wife.
Ed. Hill and wife, Miss Sleeves,
Fred Coffey.
P. Matheson, F. Swlnton.
C. H. Pollen and wife, Mrs. N. A.
Wallinger, Mrs. Edmondson.
Ray Armstrong and the City band
members, Q. Chenuz, R. Chenuz, II.
Chenus, J. W. Kettrlngham, T. Ket-
trlngham, A. Toltcy, Mm. Tolloy, Joo
Kennedy, N.  Thompson.
Webster  Burton  and  wife,
JanraO Finlay has returned from a
visit tn the coast where he was called
in connection with his hotel at Shaw-
nlgan l^ake, B.C.
on two steel bridges across the Moyle
river, just south of the International
boundary line here. The completion
of these two bridges will be the final
connecting link of a road from the
prairie through the Crows Nest pass
and through Idaho and Washington,
the road In British Columbia through
the puss being tn excellent condition
it will prove a boon to automobile  gci100j payroll
II. U Douglas Brought Back to This
City From Lethbridge to
Answer Charge
The first ense to be heard ln this
; city under the ncw act which pro-
Itects hotel keepers came before Mag-
| Istrute Arnold last Friday morning,
\ the action being brought by Wm.
i Steward, proprietor of the Royal
, Hotel, against H. L. Douglas, of Leth-
J bridge.
Thc action charged that the defendant hud fraudulently obtained board
and lodging to the extent of $25.00
und hud disappeared from the city
without any settlement or explanation. A warrant was Issued by Mr,
Steward and the defendant was apprehended in Lethbridge and brought
| back to the city.
After taking the evidence In the
case tlie magistrate assessed a fine of
120.00 and costs or sixty days Imprisonment.
Mr. Steward states that he brought
this nctlon as a test case under the
new act, as occurrences of this kind
were becoming too common in the
city, and all of the hotels were suffering from the deadbeata who make
a practice of not paying their ac*
counts before departing. It Is his Intention to prosecute all offenders un*
der this act In the future.
and sympathy most genuine and sincere.
Mr. Thompson wus a man of about
45 years ot age and much respected
throughout the community. He leaves
a wife and family to cherish his memory. Auvache is the son of the
Baptist minister at Hammond, and
was formerly pastor of the Baptist
church at Cranbrook.
Fred Auvache, u brother of the
late David L. Auvache, was for a
time In the employ of the Cranbrook
Herald  stnff,  as  a  compositor.  The   	
Herald extends sincere sympathy to [ 0wiiai (:|ub »-||| Hold Third An-
Lajoie, Medley 	
Manning. Ira  	
Mussens Limited —
41 Meat Market Co.
McBride, J. D. 	
McCreery Bros	
Neptune Meter Co	
Niblock, Geo.
the bereaved
relatives   in   their sad i
Men Suspected nf Two Murders Are
Found to he  Walking Arsenals
When Caught at the Line
P. A. Ard, and another man named
Sheridan, have been arrested by Immigration officers ut Kingsgate, B.C.,
and are held as suspects responsible
for the murder of ('. O'Hannessen, Interpreter for the Great Northern extra gang at Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
When placed under arrest the pair
had revolvers and 125 rounds of am- i
muntlon. The sectionmen of the G.N.
railway found O'Hannessen lying on |
the tracks, shot through the stomach,
and took htm to the bunk house where
he died.
Ard and Sheridan are supposed also to be responsible for the robbery
and murder of a man at Hllyard,
Wash., the day previous, and answer
closely to the description of the men
wanted by the C.P.R. In connection
with a murder ami robbery near
Moose Jaw about April 28th. They
are held tn jail at Sand Point, and
will be charged with murder.
nual  Kmplrt Day Dance on
Monday, May 2.1th.
i The Overseas club are arranging
I for their third annual Empire Day
! celebrutlon, which will be held on
May 25th., Inviting all thc school
; and other small children of the city,
, to gather together at the government
I building at 1.30 p.m., when patriotic
! addresses wlll be delivered to them
by some of the best speakers In the
district. After which the children
will be marched to the ilex theatre,
when n free patriotic picture show
will be given.
Mr. Johnson, the manager of this
theatre, has gone to considerable
trouble in getting patriotic pictures
for that day.
Candies, oranges, etc., will be given each child as they leave the
theatre, by the ladles committee.
In thc evening a dance will be given
In the Auditorium. Tickets $1.00 per
couple and 50c. for single ladles.
Light refreshments wlll be served.
The music wlll be supplied by the
Cranbrook orchestra. Dancing will
commence at 21.30k.
It Is noped that nil citizens will
patronize this dance, as It Is being
Engineer's payroll    1031.05
City officials      225.00
Police department       355.00
Fire department       287.50
Patmore Bros	
Parrett, T. N 	
Comptroller of Water Rights
Parks, F. & Co	
Nelson gaol   	
Quain Electric Co	
Selby, W. J	
Ward & Harris 	
Hanson   Garage   	
Mr. and Mrs. Miller, of Vancouver,
havo arrived In the city and are stopping at the Cranbrook hotel. Mr. Miller has been transferred to this city
H. 'to relieve Mr. C. G. Bennett, of the
Canadian Bank of Commerce who
George   Leask   nnd I has been promoted to the position of
1   Irrigation  vs.  aon-lrrlgatlon.    [wlfo, Vincent  Llddlcoutt and wife.    Lmanager at Crestou
nd  hi
>.    Ln
Total $4931.00
The city engineer's report for the
month of April was received and filed
which In part was us follows:
Public IVtirk- Department
Work was started on Tuesday
uornhig, April Slat, ln East Garden
lune behind Mr. Santo's house. It was
necessary to move u large amount of
illrt here, which was partly used for
till ln the Hume lane in hlock 8ti and
balance made fill on Edward street
by block 42. A culvert was put In at
the end of this lane at Urn is street
to carry off surface water and a two
foot culvert about fifty feet long was
placed at the southern boundary of
l-ouis street and Garden avenue.
Martin avenue was graded and
rocks hauled off, as also wcre East
Fenwick lane, blocks 24 and 41; East
Hanson lane, block 27 and East Durlck lane, block 88. East Armstrong
lane in block 26 was graded and considerable eut made, spoil being used
for fill on Edward street.
Will be Taken ua Two Hoar Tear ef
the District bj AatoaehOe As*
MxlatloB aad Beard of Trade
Seventy-five of Winnipeg's leading
business men, members of the Winnipeg Industrial Bureau, will arrive lo
Cranbrook on Wednesday morning,
May 23rd,, wltli a special train and
are Invited to stop off here for at
least two hours, as the guests of the
('rai,brook board of trade and the
Cranbrook District Automobile association, for a tour of the country by
autos. The members of the Auto
club are arranging for enough cars
to be on hand to take the entire
party at once. They expect to visit
the Mission and return by way of
This jaunt of the Winnipeg business
men is an annual affair and this year
they are travelling through to the
coast by the way of the Crows Nest
Pass and It Is the first opportunity
many or them have had to visit this
city and district. Their visit will be
one of tbe very bent advertisements
that the city can secure and every
effort should be made to make their
stay   pleasant and  profitable.
While their stay will necessarily be
short here they can be shown the
possibilities of the district and the
little auto tour should prove both
pleasing from a xcenlc standpoint as
well us enlightening in regard to the
industries which form the backbone
of the city. Some of the best orchards and gardens are to be seen
at the Mission and the Staples Lumber company at Wycliffe can show
the distinguished visitors the largo
lumber   manufacturing  plant.
The Literary and Debating Society
of   Knox  Presbyterian   chnrch    wlll
^L*m^k\\\\\mm\wmw.^L\\\\m                             i    Work    was    started    on    Edward ...           .                    -....»«_
put on to help defray thc «pep.c» ,            b    „,,„ „    rpc         ,„ „„, hoW •.,.,«„, part, on Mondty, MW
of   entertaining   thc   children   that,,        „()w„ ,0      „        „ be|     u8fd th. »t the realdcncc of Mr Tl«tal.
day                                                     .   .,,1,        „   i   ..         ,       u   ., formerly  the   rea dence   of   B.   H.
°B''                                                         to Oil large dip In the roadway by the '....„,
„                   ■ -    ,              .        . .  ,               „ Short) on Armatrong avenue.
{Qualn property and bring a portion
Rev.  E.  P.  Klewelllng. of Chriat i of Kdward atrcct to grade. Tl|p lawn» *ill be opened at 4.30
church haa entertained a number of     llrldgea at Ilakcr atrcct, Armatrong f-m and continue ao until late In the
Coroner Pr. J. H. M. Bell wm called
to Wardner last Monday afternoon to
hold an Inqueal over tho bady of Mary ,      ^.^^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^w       -
Palethorpe, who wan uoeldcntly visitors during the pant week, among avenue and Norbury avenue wore re- evening,
drowned In n pond near V. I.und'a (which were Lord Blnhiip De 1'cnclor, paired, it being necesary to attend to A sale of flower* and confectionery
houee. The jury returned a verdict of New Westminster: Itev. A. B.itha Armstrong avenue bridge on tlie will bc held in connection, and tha
of accidental downing, thoro being no i Une, of Wycliffe; llcv. 11  Holly, of  night of Sunday, April 12th. . acrvires of  tho  Y.M.C.A,   orcheatm
evidence of suicide.   Diseased waa 3D | Humnierland ud Mr.  Wells, of   Bt,    Fill waa made on Kootenay slreet i have been secured.
Ijreua al age i Mark's Theological Hall, V.uumv.r .with alndera, Instead of being hauled [   All are welcom* __ THE CRANBROOK HERALD
J. B. THOMPSON, Editor and Manager ritAlSLS  L AJA-UU H
'   ■ ■ "*"~     Best  For Stiffness and  Sprains
Snpscrlption Bates
One   Year
Six MontUs.
Three Month*
«2oo<..Aa   an'"embrocation   for   stiffened
100 muscles,   sprains,   rheumatism,   etc,
50; there Is nothing  like Zam-Buk.  lu
penetrating powers aro so great that
Advertising Kates it gives almost instant relief. Mr. D.
Display   Advertising,   25   cents   per H. Opurlwr, of Messrs. Gourlay, -win-
Column inch ter & ***ei-,u*lng, Hie well-known piano
manufacturers of Tornoto, used Zam-
Reading Notices or Classified Ads. 101 Buk, and this is his experience'  '"
cents per line.
Cranbrook, B.C
May HthTWH
A by-law will he submitted to thc,
people In the near future, according
to the present plans of the city coun-1
ell, asking that -Sliu.uou hi! voted for
the purpose of building a new dam
and reservoir und replacing the pipe
from the dam to the city and throughout the water system with steel pipe.
The question of improvement of the
water works hus been agitating the
minds of councillors for thc past two
years and the present council have
had an engineer go over the system
and prepare an estimate of the coat.
They have decided that it ls a foolish
waste ot money to continually make
small repairs or small Improvement!)
have much pleasure In stating that
two applications of Zam-Buk entirely
cured me of u very Bevere strain of
the hack. While not given to the indiscriminate use uf or belief hi, patent medicines, 1 can conscientiously
recommend Zam-Buk."
Zam-Buk is used hy tlie world's
famous athletes. Why not give It a
trial. Price 5Uc, per box at ull druggists and stores. Zam-Buk is also
best for eczema, cuts, sores,
bruises, ulcers, lilies, ami nil skin
injuries and diseases.
Ittle graft In public services. Nev-1
■TthelcsB, many cf our best public-
sts believe thnt graft and corrup-1
ion are growing and that a deter-:
ninod effort must be made to awnk- i
jn the public conscience as to its !
.lungers.—Canadian Courier.
obtains, hi  long  will there  be  petty
graft in our political life.
Our laws against graft nnd corruption urc strict, but they nre not enforced. If u public olllchil is found
gruftii.fi, he is seldom or never punished. He Is scurccly ever deprived
ot his ollice. He may be suspended
for a month or t-.vu, or In- may he
transferred to some other Job, but he
is never sent to Jail. So in election
corruption,    the      crooked    election
Brother ui IJuecn .Mary Appointed to
Succeed Duke of Connaught as
UovernoMieiicnil of Canada
^^^^^^      London, May 7.—l'rlnco Alexander
the rancher who took the I of Teck, third son of Uie late- Duke
worker goes unpunished. Neither
to the system. There is plenty of |,Qrty desires to punish the corrupt
water available for a city many times j 0Il t)ie otllcr sflje_ Therc !ti a Bort oi
the size of Cranbrook, tlie only (jusa- ! ,uutiml understanding that political
tion being the establishment of a per- corruption in elections in to be tol-
manont and sound system of water j erated tor mutual advantage.
Craft will continue so long as our
service. The by-law which will be
introduced ut the next meeting of the
council will provide for the laying of
a fourteen iuch main from the dam to
tlie city, 8-inch mains on most of the
principal streets, and steel pipe
throughout. The tjuestton for thq
electors to decide wlll bc whether to
make a permanent improvement at
this time or leave thc Bystem in Its
present state, which, according to all
reports is in u bud condition from
leaks throughout the whole system
and especially from the dam to the
Graft hus not been a national crime
in Cuuuda, but graft hus existed and
does exist. Most of it Is petty. In all
the departments of government small
things are done which are Ignoble
and sordid. These are seldom done
for personal gain, but rather for
party advantage. Padding pay-lists
to secure money for political expenses seems to he common.
An ex-member of the house of commons tells of un aunt of his who was
much opposed to liquor. If her husband or her sons ever brought a flask
or a bottle around, she would rise in
righteous wrath und demand that the
vile stuff bo emptied upon the
ground, where It would do no harm.
Yet she was Interested In her
nephew's  election  und  knew  that it
ministers of justice, our attorney-
generals and our crown attorneys
wink at It. There is no ono to prosecute. The men whose business it Is
to enforce the law are u part of the
political machinery which benefits
hy the misuse ol government patronage und public moneys. The reform
must begin ut the lop, in a higher
sense or morality among those entrusted with the enforcement of tlie
ln every political election in this
country there is corruption. Kvery
member of parliament or legislature
is more or less u party to it. He
knows that several thousand dollars
are spent on his election iu ways
which are not justifiable, But he must
either shut his eyes to this sort lof
thing or retire from the game. There
can be no Improvement, until "saw-
offs" nro prohibited and the election
laws enforced by boards of judges
specially   entrusted   With   this   duty.
(Continued from page one)
In cleaning thc sludge bed, the
sludge, which was just wet enough to
make good shovelling, was wheeled
out from the lagoon and dumped Into
a pile; it was all hauled away by a
rancher named Oodderls for use us a
fertilizer and it will be Interesting to
watch how crops from this fertilizer
grows, because us this district grows
there will he a demand for all kinds
or fertilizer ami this can be made a
source of income for the city.
There was no appropriation for
cleaning the secondary filter, but
wlille working It was advisable to
aklm off the growth over the gravel,
this wus done und same was hauled
■away hy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
All sewers in the city were Hushed
out during the month.
It was found necesary to clean several sowers during the month, which
was done nt a cost of 1.035 cents per
lineal  foot.
Wnler Works Department
One new service was Installed during tho month.
Sixteen leaks were repaired during
month at a cost of $49.10, averaging
(3.07 per leak.
J. 0. Olenday,
City Engineer.
Messrs. Pink, Qualn and Chambers
appeared before the council on behalf
of the Cranbrook Lacrosse club in regard to fixing the grounds suitable
lor games. Motion by Campbell that
matter be referred to the board of
works witli power to expend, not to
exceed $100, wns carried.
Mr. Pink addressed the council in
regard to the work being done for the
city by the board of trade and asked
for a formal motion for the grant of
$250, which hnd heen passed In the estimates for the board of trade. Motion
carried that u grant of $250 be given
Going Fishing on Sunday?
Need   a   new   Line,
Leader, or Rod ?
We have the dope
Beat   assortment
Flies in town.
F. Parks & Co.
to the board of trade, ^^^^^^
Motion   by  Campbell   and   Hicken-
botham carried thut the city engineer
be instructed to order twenty 12-foot
Where corruption Is charged hy j benches from tho Cranbrook Sash &
either purty, thiB board of judges j Door Co. to be placed around the
.should be empowered to go into the , hand stand ut the government bulld-
constltuency   und   investigate.    Tbey J ing.
should huve the discretion to over- j    Notice of motion that at the next
ting of the city council a bylaw
look the little things, hut to punish
severely the men who spend large
sums in debauching constituencies.
If ten thousand dollars hus been
spent where the legitimate expenses
should be not more than two or three
thousand, the people who are guilty
wus customary to distribute bottles of j should he punished.   Exposure is not
whiskey to certain classes of voters.
One night, about election time, she
was alone ln tho house when a rap
came ut the door. Going there, she
found a man outside with a horse und
wagon.    He asked for her husband
would be introduced providing for the !
raising of $110,000 for tlie purpose of
Improving the water system, replacing
present pipe with steel pipe and building new dam and reservoir.
Cameron and Campbell presented a
motion which was carried that the
report of Engineer A. A. McCullough
be received and filed.
Motion by Horie and Cameron that
sanitary  inspector  he  instructed  to
appoint an assistant for two months
at a salary of $35 per month. This
motion  was carried after Borne dls-
ty-llve thousand dolIarB openly In an i oussfon of the recent milk bylaw tbe
election without fear of punishment. \ „xtril  man  be*ng thought necessary
If the worst comes to tho worst, he ; for a short tin]e to make & thorough
resigns   on   some   technicality   and { inspection of tlio dairies and cows of
goes through the mock heroics of be-1 i,c dlHtrict.
Ing   elected   by acclamation   If   his
enough. Canada has had plenty of exposure, but very little punishment.
Under our present system, an election protest ls dragged from court to
court until It Is forgotten or "saw-
ed-off."    It Is  pulte  possible for a
und seemed quite perturbed becaUBP | member of parliament to spend twen-
hc was not at home.   Being a clover
woman,   she   gleaned   that   he   had 	
brought two or three "cases" for her I If the worst comes to tho worst, he ;
husband.    Torn  by conflicting emotions she told the man to wait a moment.   She went Into the house, got I Ing   elected   by acclamation   it   ms      Motion by Horie and Campbell that
a lantern, led the man out to the barn j party Is In power. j vny purchase horse, rig and harness
and  Into  the  granary  ,and  said  to '    The  only   force  which   will   ever   from Dr. Bell for $125 was carried.
him, "Put them in there and cover j correct these evils In our public life i    Notice   of   motion   was   presented
thorn up with grain."   At the ensuing | jH public opinion  and a determined ' that at the   next   meeting   a bylaw
election, her nephew got a good ma- j preSB.   In this country, there are few ! would  be introduced which  will be
jurlty in that division. j independent    newspapers    and    not
Many of ub are like thc member's i many of these are strong enough to
aunt.   We have one set of morals for j conduct  investigations  or   exposure.
private conduct and another set for   Hence   public    opinion    bus    little
political  behavior.    What we would'   banco   to  make  itself   felt.   Under
scorn to do for private gain, we will   these  circumstances,  thc wonder  Is
countenance  for  the  party's  ad van-  that our  political  life has  been  us
tage.   Ro long as this double standard  clean as It has, or that there h: so
The thing for the merchants of this
community to do in their own interests is to advertise faithfully, and to
make their printed announcements
interesting and helpful to those
whose trade and favor are desired
The Berlous competitors of the retailers of
this community are the big stores of the big
cities—those that send out catalogues and
have mail-order departments.
The poorest way to offset this competition
is for our local merchants to remain silent.
For them not to "speak up" is to give the
mail-order houses a better chance to get
business from this community.
When you wncl your money out of this community,
you enrich the great shops, nnd Impoverish thin community. Strengthen -not weaken - the merchants of
Ihla community. It will all he returned to you In the
form of heller aervice anil hotter value*.
Be Loyal to Your Own Community
known as a street grade bylaw,
Motion by Campbell and Hickenbotham that J. C. Glenday be appointed city engineer until further
notice.   Carried .
It was moved hy Cameron and
Horie and carried that on account of
the contemplated Improvement to the
wator system tho council was not in
a position to buy the electric light
By-law No. 187, an amendment to
the pound by-law, was reconsidered
and finally read and adopted.
Council adjourned.
of Teck, and Princess Mary Adelaide,
is to succeed tho Duke of Connaught
us governor-general of Canada. Official announcement of this appointment wbb made today.
Prince Alexander of Teck Is forty
years old. He was married In 1904
to her royal highness Princess Alice
of Albany and lias one tion and one
His serene highness, Alexander Augustus Frederick George, Prince of
Tech, G.C.B., grand commander of
the Victorian Order, Knight of Justice, St. John of Jerusalem, ls a
brother to Queen Mary of England
and a man of many titles.
He Is a good soldier and as such
served in the Mutabeleland campaign
and In South Africa for two years,
and to liis other titles Is added that
of the distinguished service order,
which next to the Victoria Cross is
the chief ambition of tlie military
men of Great Brituhi. Ho Is at present major in tlie Second Life
As an administrator lie bas earned
tho respect and tho admiration of
Englishmen by his work of dial, man
nf the. Groat Middlesex hospital. When
his brother, Prince Francis of Teck,
died in 11*1.1, he was engaged tn the
task of freeing this institution from a
big debt and placing it on a sound
linancial basis. This work was immediately taken up by Prince Alexander with great success.
Prince Alexander is known as thc
favorite brother-in-law of the King
and lives lu apartments lu the Henry
III. tower ut Windsor Castle.
The ofilciul announcement of the
appointment of Trlnco Alexander of
Teck as the governor-general of Can
ada came as a sut prise to most'
Anglo-Cunudiuns, though his name
had been mentioned as among the
possible successors Xo the Duke of
The appointment of the Queen's
brother to succeed the King's uncle
Is regarded us a great compliment to
thc Dominion, giving additional proof
that the court as well as the governor-general regard Canada as the
loading state in thc empire,
Prince Alexander of Teck has a delightful personality and a charming
wife and children. Everywhere It Is
agreed that the loss of the Duke of
Connaught could scarcely be better
During the South African war
Prince Alexander saw the relief of
Kimberley and followed operations ln
the Orange Free State, and witnessed
the relief of Mafeking. On service he
never hesitated to "rough It" with the
rank file, to which soldierly characteristic he owea his great popularity
among his comrades .
Thc Dully Mull says:
His manners and outlook on life
aro alike democratic. He will know
how to win Canadian affections. He
will ho accompanied by one of the
most charming princesses whose
presence in Ottawa cannot but
strengthen tlie ties whicli bind the
grout Dominion to the British
The Express says: "Canada ls losing a great man, but finds a worthy
The Morning Post says: "Both tho
Dominion and   the  advisors   of  tho
Sundays—-Low mass at 8:1(0 a.m.,
high mass, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Uosury and Benediction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obligation— Mass at S a.m.
Week days—Mass at fi a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Rev. W. Elson Dunham Pastor.
Preacher at both morning and
evening services .the Rev. W. B. WU-,
Morning service at 11 a.m.
Prelude     Selected
Offertory—Choral Prelude on Mol-
comb   C. H. H. Parry j
Anthem—"I Will Extol Thee"      j
  W. F.. Sudds;
Postlude—Con Grandezza      '
   C. Vincent
Afternoon: Sunday school and On-1
ward Bible class at 3 p.m.
Evening service 7.30 p.m. Musical
and praise service.
Prelude   (a)   No. 1  Berceuse  In
F. .. Gustav Hermann
(b)  Xo. li Berceuse tn    I
D ... Gustav Hermann
Anthem—"O Worship the King"...
Solo  Ml bs Connolly
Lead Kindly Light .... Pughe Evans
Solo     Mra. T. CPhllllps
The Lord is King   Trtmmell :
Solo and quartette—"Bolton Abbey"
Solo      Miss Belau
Quartette—Miss Bechtel, Miss Egger,
Messrs.   Rendall   and   Ashworth
Subject  of  sermon:   "Responsibility," by Rev. W. B. Willan.
Offertory—Offertol re  de  St.  Ceclle
11   Batiste
Postlude—Festal march Calkin
C. F. Nidd, organist and choirmaster.
Organ recital, 8.30 p.m. Monday.
E. II. Slater and family are leaving today for Chilliwack, where Mr.
j Slater hus purchased a live-acre ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
i tract and will engage In thc chicken | crown will he congratulated upon the
i business on a large scale. Mr. Slater ; admirable selection of Prince Alex-
' has been a resident of Cranbrook for ! under of Teck ns governor-general of
! tin; past fourteen years and was one ' Canada."
> of tlio prime movers in the organist- The Graph lc says: "The appolnt-
ation of the Cranbrook Sash & Door merit wlll he universally welcomed.
| company.   Ho hns disposed of all his   It ls a continuance ot tho wise prac-
shurcs ln the company and has sold
his residence property to Wm. Guthrie of tho Fink Mercantile company.
Ho has purchased two Ayrshire cows
from Mr. J. A. Pringle and will devote his whole time to the Improvement of his farm, making a specialty
of high-grade chlckenB. In the removal of Mr. Slater the city loses one
of Its oldest citizens and pioneer
business men and Chilliwack gains
an industrious citizen, who will take
foremost rank ln "the business In
whicli lie intends specializing. Since
ho engaged in the poultry business
tlco of employing members of the
royal family to DU position of dignity
and responsibility In different parts
of the empire."
Tlio appointment ot the Duke of
Connuught as viceroy of India is urged by the Graphic.
Pastor, W. K. Thomson
Morning service, 11 a.m. Captain
Carruthers of the Salvation Army
will preach.
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Rev. W.
K. Thomson, the pastor, will preach.
Selections by choir at morning and
evening service.
Choir Leader—Mrs. E. Paterson.
Organist—Mr. H. Stephens.
Bible Study class Tuesday, 8 p.m.
Knox Debating and Literary Society on Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, pastor
Preaching services, 11.00 a.m. and
7.30 p.m.
Sunday school 3 o'clock.
Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Baptist Young People's Union, Monday, 8.00 p.m. A missionary program
In dialogue.
Weekly prayer service, Wednesday,
8.00 p.m.
Junior B.Y.P.U. Friday, 4.15 p.m.
Week-end prayer meeting Saturday 8.00 p.m.
The topic of the morning discourse
B^^^t iJB
\\\\\f           fm
WW           vim
WC^pK    111
m     fiV\ - 'tcZi'. if wM
f    MfflP^lf    V
■i i
' amWmlltl''f/Vt
Bias Filled
Give you the correct
figure demanded by
present day fashions
They are acknow-
ledged to be the
most Comfortable
Corset made.
We have just received a new shipment at prices ranging from $1.50 to
$4,50 per pair.
Concrete Hog Hoases
aad Feeding Floors
Enable you to raise bigger hogs and
better pork without heavier feeding. A
concrete feeding floor permits the animals to dean up aU the feed without waste, and
eliminates the possibility of your hogl contracting
disease.   To jaw they
Mean Bigger Profit*
Hog houses of concrete are sanitary, easily clesned,
maintain an even temperature and give plenty of
light and air, which tend to better the quality of
pork. Concrete will net rust ot rot. Never need, repair,
or painting. It will outwear any other material for farm
■tructurea. Write for thia beautifully itluilrated free book
"What the Farmer can do with Concrete." It ibowa how
to build Hog Houtet, Feeding Floori and many other
ttunrl tbe fanner necdi.
fssmsssfs Ufemutaen Bureau
CtMtU CtaMtrt Company Limited   ^s^t .\\\
Ut Mar* Midi... M..W..I MlJtSffim
for garden and form ere beat [
for B.C.soil.See Catalogue for
solid duarantee of purity
and germination
Send bow for Copy free
Sutton t Sens.TheKinjVs Soodmen
R«.a>din4 England
Victoria    a.     Vancouver
tisrerrar.        »»7«ranvill*tr.
un aiinti raa .aiTiia comxaiA
fiLadies and gentlemen's hats
renovated, remodelled and re-
blocked, in any style and material.
,mmmmmmnmmmmmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmm_^^_   HBest work and satisfaction
will  be ln the Lord'sPrnyer series guaranteed.
'Deliver Us Prom the Evil." In the
evening tho third I n tlio Berlcs
"Whiit Must I Do To Do Saved?''
"How a Publican Found Salvation."
To all not In regular attendance at
worship elsewhere, u cordial invitation Is extended.
15 Kin wick Ave.      Phono 204
The Annual Meeting of tlio local
Conservative Association will be held
In the Committee Hooms on Hanson
Avenue, on Tuesday evening, May
19th, at 8.30 p.m .
I.  II.  Manning,  President
19-2t J. A. Arnold, Scc-Trons.
Organist    of    the    Methodist
Itccolvcs Pupils for
Organ,  Pianoforte,  Voice
Studio—Methodist Church
on the
flqnUoutan wlm Im** rvHtilfil iiliniwl
uiul iti tlmriDifrlil.V iniivcrctilit Hith
tlm abOTI Iii ii iii it ii k*h,   ili'Mlr*'** ii   '«*»
jirlvnio |iii|i11h I'repnmtimi tur
t-MiiiiH.. etc.— Pnf imttli'iilnrH Apply
Boi 7, Hi-iitiiMuiir.. il 4i
iii ii women cm m
No woman should have poor, thin,
Mr. Slater has captured a number of i scraggy halr.'and no man need become
. . .   .       bald.    Poor hair and final baldness
prizes   ln   various   showa   and   has, are d,le to the dandrufr germ.
greatly  assisted  In  advertising   the j    Newbro's   Herpicide   will    destroy
poultry business In this district and j dandruff and stop the hair from fall*
liis* loss will be keenly felt In poultry
H. E. Wallter, of Walkervllle, Ont,
Hon of Hon. Hiram Walker, tho mil-
Uonalra dliitiller, and J, \v. Ambury,
tlu* Itrltlsh Columbia representative of
Hiram Walker, were in the city last
Tui'uday Visiting tho wholesalers.
Ing. Further evidence of this ls found
In a letter from Mrs. P. Neilson, of
Totnah, Wis. She says; "I fought the
worst kind of dandruff for nine
years. 1 liave been using Herpicide
now one week and ray acalp is heal
thing claimed to be "Just as good" as
Newbro's Herpicide. These off
brands may possibly bo good but why
take chances? The genuine and original dandruff germ destroyer can always be obtained. It stops itching of
the scalp almost Instantly.
Newbro's Herpicide fn 50c. and
$1.00 sizes ls sold by all dealers who
guarantee it to do all that ls clalm-
| ed.    If you are  not satisfied  your
'■ money will be refunded.
thy, the dandruff lias gone and the:    Send 10c. in postage or silver for
itching has  stopped.  It Is the  best; sample and booklet, to   The Herpl-
mmmmmmm'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmamm9m'mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm' -     pept  uti Detroit, Mich
remedy for scalp disease I ever saw,
and I have acen many.
Don't subject yourself to disappoint-
For Round Trip
Si:i,I,IN(. 1IATKS
May 23rd-26tli, 1914
May 27th, 1914
H. Hanson,
Dist. Pass. Agent.
Calgary .Alta.
The lleattlo-Muriihy Co. report they
nre making many friends through thn
ment and expense by aeceptlng suiue- ^Agents.
Applications at good barber shops. I QUICK    benefit    which    Cranbrook
Beattie-Murphy Co.,  Ltd.,  Special | people receive from thn simple mil
'turt of  buckthorn  buk, glycerine,
etc., known as Adler-1-ka. Tills remedy became ruinous by curing appendicitis und It Is tho most thorough
bowel cleanser known, acting on
DOTH the lowol and upper bowel.
JUST ONE DOSB ot Adler-1-ka relieves constipation and (aa on tht
Cranbrook    Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. & A. H.
rteeular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
w ol every mouth.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
H. Hickenbotham, W. M.
J. L. Cranston, Sec.
Cbesuent Lnix.it No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the
Fraternity Hall. ,
(I. Donahue, 0. C.
K. M. Chtiatian, K. ol ll.«S.
P. 0. llox 52a
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited
J. 11. Turnley, W. M. Harris,
N. Q. Sec'y.
DC1UIAM.   KM'AMl'MKM  .MO. .11
Meets first and third Wednesdays lu
each month.
A  cordial   Invitation   extended   to
visiting brothers.
R. W. Russell, Chief Patriarch
H. White, Scribe.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
352 Richards St.,
(Sttceeaaurto «'. K. Qintn)
Barrister, Solicitor, and Notary
ivo. n„x 850
Barristers, Solicitors and
Money In I .nun
Physicians and Surgeons
IsWsos at  Residence,   Arui.troug   tv.
Forenoons - - - -1.00 to 10.00
Afternoons - - - 3.00 to   4.00
Evenings - . - - 7.30 to   8.30
Practical Nurie
Phone 1ST    Oranbrook, B.C.
Strawberry Plants
Manly   Northern  yrown  ■tnck of
lending varietlei propagated from
the K. M. K- lli^-ii etrain nl padi*
trict* plant*.
1'iiii'pi'r Thousand Planta.ftO.b.
I.*-..*, $7.50.
10U I'lantu, poMl|iaid, for SI.25.
Catalogue lent on rpijueci
MonradWigen, Wynndel, B.C.
Co-operation has been found to put
fresh heart into agriculture where
let-lining, und to carry remunerative
cultivation into previously neglected
parts, ln land settlement, it is most
ln  Europe   especially,   the   rural
portion of the countrler affected by
HtiiliU'r and Contractor
P.O. llox is:: Cranhrook. H.C. i
Manufacturer    of    Cement    Mocks, >
Chimney Blocks anil I'nrtli
Concrete Work a Specialty
Prices Right
.Sundays - - -
.80 to   4.90
h   »   a. o
No. It.
Meets every second and  fourth Wed
nesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially In
Sis. Ida Baxter, N (',.
Sis. Ada Htckenhotham, Ree, See
Meet! in Maple Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ot eacb month at i
p.m. sharp.
J. Bird, C.R.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 018.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in   Maple Hall 2nd   and 4*4,
Tuesday every month at 8p.m.
Membership opea to British cltl
E. Y. Brake, L. Pearron,
Pres, Sec
Box 618
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook Lodge
No. 1019
Meeta every Wednesday
nt 8 p.m. in llnyal Blink
Knights'   Hall,    Buki'i
Wm.  Matthews, Dictator
Frank Carlson, 8ec„ Box 756.
Pride ot Cranbrook   Circle, No. 153,
Companions ot tne Forest.
Meets in Carmen's Hall 1st aad 3rd
Wednesday ol eacb month at
eight p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, C. C.
Mra. A. E, Shaw, Secretar,
P. O. Box 441.
Visiting Companions cordially wri
• to 12 a.m.
1 to   t p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office la Hanson Block.
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application
Phone 2511 Matron
P.O. Box 845 Garden Ave.
J. TAYLOR., Proprietor
Hns just purchased a car ot
High Grade Cows
j       (All Tuberculin Tested)
j  Milk and Cream twice daily
i     Buttermilk twice a week
Just ordered a Clarifying
i?.,Vo°^8 Cranbrook,B.C. j
Civil aad Mining Engineers
British Columbia Land Surveyors
B. C.
W. B, Boftttr, Funeral Dlrecto.
Cranbrook B. C.
Phone 34ii P.O. Box 586
Norbury Ave., neit lo City Hal!
Dav Phone 2.13
Nlghl Phone 861
Frank Provenzano
Genaral Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C,
LODOE, No. 1871
Meets 1st ihd8tt] Tliurs-
tejjjig     days at B p.m. in Royal
•"■»     BlackKnia-lilsof Ireland
Hall, Baker Street.
It. S. fi.VHIIKTT, W.M.
W.'O.OuMTAlii Roc. Sec.
Meets ln the Carmen's Hall, 1st
Tuesday afternoon ol every month at
3 p.m. and the fancy work class
meets on 3rd Friday evening ia the
same plate at 8 p.m,
Mrs. E, II. Unman, Pres.
Mrs. J, Khaw, Sec. Treas
P. O, Boj 412
All Ladles cordiallyy lnvltril.
I'rMiilflht: A. B. Smith
Mm'U tv-giiliirly the Unit Friday evening each
Information on Poultry mutter* supplied
Addmw the Secretary,
W. W. Itt-liRKGOR, P. O, Drawer 400
Porwardlng ami J)itf.
tributihg Agent for
(liven prompt attention
PHONE (>,t
{star cleaning!
floods I'ullwl fornml delivered, «>
flood work only.   Prompt
Telephone No. 4051
P. O. Box 708
Works : Armstrong Ave.
(Yrtlllcute of Improvement
St. Mary's and Cobalt Fractional
niin nil claim, situate In tlie Kort
Steele mining division of Kast Kootenay District.
Wliere located: On Luke creek,
about 1*4 miles no.'thea-tt of Meller-
mid'a ranch.
Take notice that .1, T. Laldlaw, Free ;
Miner's Certilieate No. 40,473 B, intend, sixty days from date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Hecorder for a
Certificate of Improvements, for the i
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant i
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action,
under section RT, must be commenced
before the issue of such Certificate of
Dated this 14th day of April, A. D.,
J OH. 16-9t:
Certificate of  Improvement*.
Moyie Fractional, Ben Fractional,
Trail Fractional, Eric, Pine, Annie, Ken, Winnie Fractional, X.
L. Fractional, Liny Fraction 1,
Korl. Mineral Claims, situate in!
the Fort Steele Mining Division!
of Kast Kootenay  District.
Where located: On Sullivan Kill,
near Kimberley, B.C.
TAKE NOTICE that The Consolidated Mining & Smelting Company of
Canada, Limited, per C. H. MeDougall,
Agent. F.M.C. No. 61262B., Free Miner's Certificate No. 61267B., Intend,
sixty days from date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
of   Improvements.
Dated tills 30t!i day of March, A.D.
1014. 14-9t
President: A. B. Smith
Secretary: Ami, H, Whiih
> For Information regarding lands
■ and  agriculture   applv   to the
1 Becretary. Oranbrook, B. O.
Meeting—The 3rd Tliurnlay of J
1 each mo^th, at old Gym. ,8p.m.   f
Oppoalte C.P.R. Htatiou
THB    I'LAui    TO     OUT    ft
The Home Bakery
Robert Frame, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pies, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbo-y Avo.      Opp. City Hall
tVi'illlrutr of Improvement,.
Ouindon, Perrobe nnd Alice Traction
Mlnorel Claims, Hitimte in tlie Fort
Steele Mining Division of Kast Kootenny Dlstrlot.
Wliere located—West side of Lower
Moylo Lake.
TAKE NOTIi'K that Frank Gulndon, F.M.C, No. MF.oili, acting for
myself and ns agent for Joseph Qosae-
Un, F.M.C. No. Kir.ur.ll, David Fortln,
F.M.C. No. r,:ir,or,u, Alphonae Demers,
F.M.C. No. r,:ir,()7lt. Joseph Montpelller,
F.M.C. No. 6724411, Adelia Montpelller,
F.M.C. Nn. 5332113, Intend, slity days
from date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate ot Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Certificate
lof Improvements.
i    Dated this 20th day ot March, A.D.
13-Ut Frank Ouindon.
Shorlhaid, Stenograph-/. Bort-keeflig
Headquarters for all  kinds of
Satisfaction Uuarantetd
Tbe Bhoo Specialist
('(immfrrinl Cnonn   -
Hiifh Hnhimll'iHirM*
Reboot Cnum
I'rlvntt* l.nmi'ii*
Pur wMk
•      $.100
* *       -         Jt.J.0
* •    -     *j,no
* •    •     i nn
■     •     •       1.00
Hi'inlinUtrwi*: Mir* V
agriculture co-operation I
transformed und raised i
productive efficiency. The
tural classes und tlie entip
have grown the richer.
Co-operative Agricultural societies
can minister to almost every distinct
want of agriculture, buying, Belling,
converting produce into more marketable shape, storing grain, improving breeds of live stock, insuring
farmers' property against almost
every variety of risk and furnishing
money wherewith to stock and improve farms.
The organization of the Farmers'.'
Institute movement in British Colum-:
tola on Uk present basts wus tha re-1
Bultlng Issue of the passing of the
"Farmers' Institute and Co-operation
Act" in 1807 by the provincial legislature.
On the 19th of July in thai year,
the deputy minister of ugric ilture,
subsequent to communication with the
leading farmers In the provlnc, held
a conference, the result being a recommendation to seek the services of
some person experienced In the working of Farmers' Institutes in Ontario,
who would come to tlie province for
the purpose of organizing similar
bodies, explain methods of working,
etc., and Mr. T. F. Paterson of O. A.
C, Ouelph, was despatched hy the Ontario government, arriving on the
29th of September, 1897.
In the meantime, the tlrst petition
to form an Institute had been received from Richmond, this being closely
followed by thc Surrey-Langley district.
Meetings were then conducted hy
the department at many points on
the Lower Mainland, Upper Country,
Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands;
the result being that by March, 1898,
twelve institutes were organized with
a membership of 528.
From this date, tho movement lias
gone steadily on; ifi 1900 twenty Institutes with a membership of 1031
were Incorporated, whilst a decade
later, in 1910, there were 49 institutes
with 5226 members.
In 1911 the Agricultural Associations Act was passed, this being a
revision and u consolidation of previous legislation affecting institutes,
agricultural societies, etc.
At the close of the institute year
31st December, 1912, the departmental registers showed 77 institutes
with a membership of 0895, the total
of the cash balances to the credit ot
the institutes ln the hands of the secretary-treasurers, curried forward to
the new year, being $5941.63; whilst
at the time of writing there are 94
institutes with an estimated membership of 8000.
It wlll thus be seen tliat the movement begun so modestly sixteen years
ago has developed, until the very
large majority 6f districts wliere agriculture is the main pursuit now has
its local institute.
The successful farmer of today Is
invariably the man who has studied
the various causes whicli aftefct plant
and animal life, the most approved
methods of manufacturing products,
the Incidentals pertaining to his occupation, and who nets in a conformity with the teachings thus acquired,
hence of necessity a successful practical farmer Is a scientific farmer, and
to acquire this knowledge In the easiest and most direct manner Is what
all should aim at.
The co-operation side of the question ls also of great Importance, farmers as a whole arc not imbued with
those business instincts inherent
amongst commercial people, and In
attempting to obtain single-handed
handed those advantages to which
they are entitled they arc often
Many of the Institutes In B. C. at
the present moment through co-operation are obtaining flour, feed, fertilizers, Implements, nnd other necessaries at special rates, whilst
transportation facilities and extended markets are further results,
Aa stated further in tlte Agricultural Associations Act, the object of
these associations shall be generally
to promote the progress of agriculture, horticulture, and arboriculture
by Importing or otherwise procuring
seeds, plants and pedigree animals of
new or valuable kinds; by offering
prizes for essays on questions relating to agriculture, etc.; by promoting
the circulation of literature on these
matters; by holding meetings for discussion and securing the delivery of
lectures on subjects connected with
agriculture and horticulture, and by
co-operation for carrying on any industry or for any purpose relating to
agriculture within the province,
For a number of years past the department has furnished lectures for
spring and fall meetings; these generally comprise the whole of the outdoor stall', together with a selected
number of speakers from provincial
centres and also leading authorities
from Washington and Oregon points.
Each Institute has the option of
horticultural, live stock, or mixed
farming subjects, morning, afternoon
and fvenlng sessions being held, and
in the case ot scuttered institute areas
two centers being visited.
Kvening lectures are Illustrated by
lantern views from specially taken
photographs, thus materially increasing the interest aud educative value.
Demonstration work is also undertaken, the horticultural branch in
particular, having specialized fn demonstrations of pruning, spraying.
grafting aud budding.
The theory anil practice of fruit
and vegetable growing, dairying und
breeding of stock, crop rotation, etc.,
is gone into more thoroughly at these
course:* than can he done at the ordinary meetings aud they have been
growing in favor of recent years and
are likely to be specialized for 1914
j work.
si; rted under the direction of the
horticultural branch four years ago.
iliisi schools an* now worked in connection with Inalituti b, the secretaries being responsible for local organization.
Fprty schools were held at 35 centres tn the winter of 1912-1913, and
proved very popular, Dlling a great
need In tbe districts iu whicb they
were placed; a high average proficiency being attained and it being estimated In 1912 that 80 per cent of the
Trait sold that year was packed by
pupils of departmental schools,
These competitions were first inaugurated In 1912, the department being assisted financially from Ottawa
as regards prize money; tho production and use of good seed, the eradication of weeds, the raising of fodder
crops and the application of good cultural methods being the main objects
of these competitions. $75.(10 is offered in cash prizes for eacb kind of
crop, tlie first being $20.00 down to
14.00 for the seventh. Twenty-one
institutes have entered for the 1914
For some years past the department has maintained the policy of
tiding members of Institutes to clear
and develop their own lands by supplying them With powder at the
reduced price of $5.00 per case
f.o.b. the factory, and have also obtained a concession from the C.P.H of
single first-class rates In connection
This year the department amplified
this scheme by arranging to supply
one hundred case orders to Institutes
prepaid, on the understanding that as
sales are effected to members, repayments be made to the powder
Safety fuse and blasting caps are
now also supplied at proportionately
reduced prices through the intervention of the department.
Arrangements have been made tills
year whereby Institutes may secure;
pure-bred stock for the use of members, payments to bc extended over
three years. Bulls being sold as follows:- one third of purchase price on
delivery, one third at one year, and
one third at two years from date of
delivery. No interest charged efeept
on overdue payments, when th* rate
will be 10%. Boars and Hams are
sold on the same conditions, except
that the period is two years; all transportation charges being paid by th.*
Selection of the breed ls according
to the majority vote of the members,
but a permanent policy should be
carefully considered. Until all the
payments have been made, the Institute agrees to abide by Instructions
from the department as to care and
management of the animals.
Every Institute Is entitled to send
one delegate to what Is called the
"Farmers' Parliament" at Victoria.
The convention being held late In .lanuary as a rule. Resolutions, which
have been submitted by the various
Institutes during the year, are fully
threshed out and the net results submitted to the executive with recommendations*, from thc department.
For further information apply to
the Secretary of the local Farmers'
Institute or the Department of Agriculture, Victoria, B.C.
\  Ten  Suggestions  Given  by  (he
Poultf)   HI vision. experimental
Farm, Ottawa
hi. mil tceil too mioii! When the
chick is hatched it lias a sufficient
supply of nourishment in the yolk of
the egg tn last it for several days.
What the chick requires for the first
few day*- i** not feed but warmth and
A litlle sum) or grit first. When the
chicks arc removed to tbeir brooding
quarters there should ba some coarse
sand or fine chick grit scattered
wliere they can have free access to it.
Tbey should then be left until tliey
•■bow positive signs of hunger, whicli
should be between the second and
third day after batching. They may
then ')*' given some bread crumbs
tbat have been tory -liuhtlj moistened with milk; this may be scatter*
ed on clean sand or chick grit if being brooded by a h.-u she will see
that no food is allowed to lie around.
but If in a brooder tlmt part of the
food that tiie chicks do not pick up
lu a few minutes should be removed
'as nothing iu feeding causes so much
trouble as leaving food of that nature
around until it is sour.
iced fur Ihe Hist fen ur twelve
days.    The  following daily  ration  of
| live feeds given about two and a
half hours apart anil continued from
the time tlie chicks are two to three
days out of the shell until ten to
twelve day.-* of age may be altered or
j adopted  to  suit  conditions:
j First feed: Dry bread crumbs
slightly moistened with milk,
i     Second  feed;   Finely cracked mixed
t grains or commercial chick feed.
|     Tbird feed:  Rolled oats.
|    Fourth   feed;     Dry   bread crumbs
! moistened with milk.
Fifth   feed:   Finely   cracked   mixed
i grains.
! In addition to tho above give the
; chicks daily a Utile green food such
|us grass, lettuce, sprouted oats, etc,
j Do not have the moistened bread
I sloppy but iu a crumbly state and
; during tills period let the chicks onto
j fresh soil or grass every day |( *,.,,*-
'■■ slblo.
Feed   afler   len    or   twelve   ila> s.
After the chicks are ten days to two
; weeks old, coarser foods may be allowed.    Tbe   infertile   eggs   may   be
j boiled and mixed with the mash food
and the bread and milk discontinued.
Hoppers   in    which   is   put   cracked
grains and  dry mash or rolled oats
: may he placed wliere the chicks   can
: 'lave free access tu them.   As soon as
1 they become accustomed to tbe hoppers all hand feeding except the mash
may be discontinued,    if the chicks
j are on  range  it  will be found that
i after  a  time  they  will  get  careless
about coming  when called, at which
time the mash may be dropped  and
dependance   placed   entirely   on   the
hopper feeding.
Place grit and water, also a dish of
■■our milk tf possible where the chicks
wlll have free access to them. Nothing provides animal food in better
form than dies milk the chicks like
it and thrive on it
\c»   luveutlon h>   Frenchman Will
Give  Terrific  Speed ami  Cut
Costs ul  Ian- and  \ re It: tit
Condon. May u The Standard and
the Express devote considerable room
to describing "the latest miracle of
science." Smile Bachelat, an old
Frenchman, is said to have produced
a railway system permitting of a
speed of three hundred miles an hour.
The ears are made of steel with al-
uniuum base This metal, suffering
magnetic repulsion by electric magnates, which are situated under the
track, holdts the 'ar suspended In the
air A si rlea of tunnel-shaped solenoids along the track, Which are successively electrically magnetised, pull
the suspended cars at terrific speed.
This typ*. of car is intended for
freight and mail traffic, Bachelat
claiming the cobI of transportation
for three hundred miles being one
cent per pound. The cost of laying
tlu track would be $25,000 a mile plus
(oo.uiio for power houses nt each
one hundred miles. The passenger
cars would be fitted with propellers
and meters similar to leroplanes.
The Inventor suggests that tt
would be i-ossibie to do the present
journ*.\ from London to Manchester
tn 48 minutes, instead o ffour hours,
while the eight and a half Journey
from lxmdon to Glasgow could be
reduced to one hour and fifteen minutes. Tiie experiments with large-
sized models yesterday so impressed
railway experts that Bachalet was offered the use of a circuit within five
miles on London to try and practically test the invention, which represents twenty years of experiments.
A  ■■*!   l«t*.i  BlmalalltM
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard St. and Trent Ave.
There lias been Issued by the Department of Agriculture at Ottawa a
remarkably well executed folder, Farmers Circular No. 4, entitled "Potato
Diseases transmitted by use of unsound tubers," showing in natural
colors, representations of specimens
of diseased potatoes. Diseases and
other blemishes represented are potato canker, powdery scab, hollow potato. Internal brown streak, little potato disease, dry rot, wet rot, common
potato scab and stem end rot. Special
reference is made to potato canker
and powdery scab, the latter of which
occurs already In Canada and should
be carefully avoided. The folder
points out that, under the destructive
Insect and I'est Act of Canada, any
person using for seed potatoes Infected by potato canker or powdery scab
ls. liable to prosecution. Potato growers who suspect the presence of either
nf the latter diseases are requested
to send specimens to the Dominion
Botanist, Central experimental Farm
Ottawa. This folder, prepared by Mr.
II. T. (iusEow, Dominion Botanist,
will be sent free to those who apply
for It to tlie Publications Branch nf
the Department of Agriculture at Ot-
A modern equipped Cafe at moderate
Katefl |1.<H) ami up per di y
Our hus meeti nil trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAB0B OOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
II fOU   wi-it  satisfaction with
your wishing und
Hpecial prices for family work.
W. E. W0RDEV Prop'r
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Sand and Gravel Supplied
Oiant Powder
Moving Pianos a Specially
Furniture and Baggage
J. MILNE, Manager
Dr. Kelley Cures Diseases of Men
Bj- Modern M«hodY
Hy motto: Quick, lotting cum gnorantwd ui moderate
pricei, Eiftfii midleal Mamlnanon Im Km uanln-
tinn of urine wiifii nimuaiy, Ooniuit mc-ln-» Don'1
deliy, |hk*i« iin* dannroni. Call or nrriti Prtu book-
lit, Rrcrytnlng confldiRtlal. Koart: Bo.rn.to Bp.m,
Rundayi, in i m to 1 n.tn.
(From our own correspondent).
lalt'St English  provincial fashions in
; riding breeches and yellow leggings.
Tlie band is putting in some hard
Prank Putnam, of Erickson,  who  practice ami will play In public on
shipped 2000 crates ot tomatoes last   Victoria duy.
year, wlll set out about 14,0(lu plants      cjuite  n   number   uf   land   seekers
this year. from tlie prairie provinces aro arriv-
The   local   ludians   are   becoming  Ing in the Creston valley looking tor
highly civilized.   Some of tbem car
be seen on our streets sporting tin
News of the District
Written by Bright Correspondents
t   Indli
itloiiy    point
********************** **********************ii
' Imperial Bank ol Canada j
bumper cherry crop this year.
Born- At Kitchener on May 8th.
in Mr. and .Mrs. Clem Payette, a son.
William Burton and Stanley
Gwynne left on Tuesday for Prince
Albert, Sask. Before leaving Mr.
Burton disposed of lii.s rancli near
Alice Siding to J. Pendray, a late arrival from  England,
Thoroughbred hulls arived last
week for Campbell Blair and Charles
Satellite. The animals were prizewinners :.t tlie recent Calgary stock
(By Fred ltoo.)
1). R.
WII.KIK, President.
ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
The gi
ing thlr
walk t,>
rntneut road gang is
itreet anil building g
0 new post office.
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants *
Fanners and Private Individuals invited. *
Drafts am! Lotturs of Oredil issued available in any part of *J
tlie world. J
SAVINUS DEPARTMENT-Special   attention *
t  given to Savings Bonk Aooounts,    Deposits o! $1.1)0   ami ♦
* upwards received and interest allowed from date of deposit. I
[   Cranbrook Branch: !i. W. SUPPLE, Mgr. :
*********************** *********************°
In so far us the social world of the
old historic city was concerned thlB
week was a gay one both for young
and old for there were functions
without number. The Ayre's of'
.North Star Park have been giving
moonlight excursions wltli their i
Pord touring ear anil they can
a-Ford to do It with a Ford you
know. (Ireat interest was centered
lu the greut Bluff game between tho
city lathers. The water meeting bud I
to bu postponed on account of the
low pressure. Two hall games, both
ivon by Elko; several dog lights; big
lance; board of railway commissioners entertained by the board of
trade. Afternoon tea with the rector, several lee cream parties; Tom
'Prentice passing through tbe city
stogie you could ;
pull stumps with; the C.P.K. Waldo
Pick -em - Flowers - by - tho - way-
last  train arriving twice on time; the for-
An Edison concert in your home
is truer to life than you could imagine. It makes
no difference whether you play the wonderful
four-minute Blue Amberol Records on the improved cylinder instrument, or whether you let
the new Disc Phonograph sing for you. The tone
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in range. In presenting the
New Edison Diamond Disc
wilh ils powerful, steady motor and
Mr. Edison offers his final perfection
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Phonographs combine to make your
Edison choice absolutely infallible.
You can have whichever you prefer.
A visit to an Edison store will make
up your mind for you. Isn't it worth
while to satisfy a natural curiosity ?
You'll be welcomed heartily. „ ?.'*• •»•■••"«*
Catiint-t in ni»t>oaai*-r.
Driw-rroorn (o-36r«-
will. Equit'ifd wilh •u,o-
matic il«p, diamond-pi'int
jas.    £\   * reproducer •nil puwrrful
. i i  2*At*.t*m* iprtns motor with wuiio-
A complete line ol Ediion Plionographi ind Recordi will be found it
*********************************** **********
A Good   Home
is what is dear to every man,   A borne
is whore Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
* and Plenty is found.   Thnt is the reason
men throughout Hritish Columbia, when
"Oranbrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault bas made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel I
John Blackburn drove to Cranbrook cm business Wednesday! returning home on Thursday.
Alex. McFarlane and C. O. Peterson
went ftsliing In the vicinity oC Watts- [smoking a Feml
burg  on    Thursday    and     returned
home with n good string of fish
.1,   McLaren   visited   Glenlily
week nml then took a trip east as
us Bull River.
No service was held in the local
Methodist church Inst Sunday and
mmo wlll be held next week, us W.
It. Willan is occupying the pulpit of
tho Rev. W. E. Dunham, of Cranbrook. The latter left last Saturday
for Kamloops, where the yearly conference of tlie Methodist church is
now in session.
| of B.C. would get the fruit bug out of
i their nuts and [follow our advice, :
' there would be more prosperity In
1 our fair province and less imports ,
: from New Zealand and Australia. '
■ You don't only want to swat the fly |
i but tlie fruit bug us well. Wo see j
lots of land advertised, us fruit land
that would raise better mutton.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thompson, of the ,
Columbia hotel, are visiting relatives
at Fassburg, Altu.
Mrs ,C. D. McNab, of Waldo, mot- ,
ored to Elko this week und thu way [
she handles a cur makes most chauffeur's look like grindstone artists.
The Flagstone Debuting society
met iust Saturday night In the school
house, and It wus resolved that a
good wife wns worth fur more to a
rancher than two Collie dogs. Mr.
Younger acted as judge to tho satisfaction of everyone present, Mr.
Younger is a new arrival and father
of a largo family. A pleasant time
wus spent.
Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Hoss, of White-
prison, because he couldn's live six
months-—that was several years ago
, —seems to have grown tired of wait-
: Ing for his mansion in the skies, as
New York papers state that he has
! purchased one of the most magnificent estates on Long Island, the other
> week.
Blessed are the mirth makers.
(From our own correspondent).
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McDonald were
Cranbrook visitors a couple of days
lust  week.
ster, at Christ church, Cranbrook, on
Sunday, the 10th instant. Mr. Lane
studied in the Divinity School, Trinity College, Dublin, and eventually
came to Canada In 1910 and acted us
assistant to the Rev. C. Reed, late of
Proctor, now vicar of Enderly. Completing his studies at St. Mark's hall,
Vancouver, he was ordained a deacon
in May, 1913, and sent to Wycliffe.
Mr. Lane lias obtained leave of absence and departs shortly for a three
monthe trip to the old country. Mr.
Wells, of St. Mark's Hall, will act lu
his place. It is proposed to consolidate Wycliffe, Marysville, Kimberley
and thn Sullivan mine into a parish,
With  representations to Synod.    Tlie
Mrs. Gilbert Davis and two children I success of the scheme depends on tho
I'm* tunate overturning of an automobile , mouth
on tho big hill whicli prevented an
elopement. All forgiven and sweet
peace reigns once more; the Cranbrook string band; tlie Right Rev.
Lord Bishop of New Westminster;
several government road gangs outfitting for repairing the automobile
boulevards east and west of the city;
Manitoba, wcre Elko and
Roosville visitors this week.
Frank Downs, of Claresholm, Alta.,
Is visiting Flagstone this week.
Mrs. J. Stocks, Roosville; Mrs. C.
Sinclair and Mrs. McGuire, Roosville
Valley, were .Fernie visitors this
Spring and early summer has been
Park; a bunch of tourists from Vic-
W. P. Scott returned from Loth- j torlu; Doc. Foster, the popular gov-
bridgo on Thursday. j eminent vet; Gateway with his new
.!. Parker returned to Moyie on touring car (Bradford City); large
Thursday after a brief absence. , crowds from Baynes and Waldo at-
On   Saturday  night  D.  Robertson  tending Hie confirmation services In
returned from Bull River, where ho  Holy Trinity church;  Beveral  whist
hnd been playing for a dance, which I drives and fishing parties galore,
wus held in Dreamer's hall. It.   Amberman,   of   tlie   provincial
Elliott Crowe was a town visitor police, who Is stationed at Klko
on Saturday. while M. Gorman, the human ferret,
Saturday was payday at tho St. Is attending the assizes in Fernie,
Eugene mine. arrested John Gilpin  (no relation of
Rev. Father John was in town the follow tliat rode Into London on a
holding services this week. Ivory-handled    Mustang)    for    being
Mrs. R. A. Smith made a trip to minus any visible means of support,
Cranbrook on Sunday to visit her son and looking like a piece of cheese,
George, who Is still in tho hospital was given fifteen days by the "beak."
with a broken arm. I    Wee Gerald  Hardman, who is as
Tlu* Misses Irene und Esther Nord- tough as a stone dog, fell out of a
man accompanied Mrs. Smith to wagon Thursday morning about 10
Cranbrook on Sunday. u.m. and broke his collar bone. Made
.lohn Rudd, one of the old timers no complaints other than a small
of Moyle, was in town on Monday cry and not until his mother was gfv-
from his ranch at Bellovue, Alta.       lag him his  bath,  saw the  bruises
Mrs. John Wills was a Cranbrook  and heard the bone grating, when she
Mrs. Shooting Star's supper, Canyon ; almmt a month late ,n !irriving, but   Sumhv
Phi*lc    ii   hiitifh   nl*   t mi Hut»   frrnii   Vie  _.....        .......    i ouuu**V
of North Yakima, Wash., arrived the
lirst part of the week for an extended
visit at thc home of II. W .Davis.
A charming party which claimed
Mrs. Hugh Buchanan and Miss
.Mabce as,hostesses, was given Saturday afternoon at the homo of thu
former, to celebrate the birthdays of
the ladles und MrH. Buchanan's little
daughter, Yvonne. Twenty-fivo ladles were present, and the time
passed ull too quickly In playing humorous games, causing much merriment and In guessing contests, which
tested the Ingenuity und gray matter of those present. The rooms
were tastefully decorated lu a profusion of spring Rowers, currying out a
yellow color scheme, Prizes in the
different contests were won by Mes-
dames Albertson, Clark, Anderson
and Granville. A dainty course
luncheon was served, the deft assistants being Mesdamcs Clark, Dixon
and Blthell.
Axel Sundeen and Dan McCarthy
visited   friends   In   Cranbrook   over
co-operation of the Inhabitants of tlio
Great preparations are being made
for tin* big dance which comes till' on
Tuesday of this week. Over a hundred people are expected out from
A very pleasing entertainment was
given Monday evening under tiie auspices of the Methodist Ladies Aid
Hodety, in (he hall of the club
house. A programme of some nine
numbers, consisting of music unci recitations was given, followed hy
guessing contests. We would consume too much space In mentioning
each number individually, but it is
needless to say that each person wus
particularly good In their number,
and it Is well known that Wycliffe
Is fortunate ln having somo real talent In musical and literary lines,
whom It Is always a pleasure to hear.
The prizes in the guessing contests
were won by Mr. Clark and Miss -Albertson. Most delicious refreshments
vere served by the ladles, whose culinary arts are well known iu this
part of the country.
A neat sum from thc entertainment
was realized.
Below Is the program:
Piano solo—"Silvery Waves"	
i         Mrs.   Dickson
1 Recitation—"Entertaining    Sister's
j    Beau"    Florence Chalmers
Vocal   duet—"I   Would   That   My
!     I x>vc". Mesdatnes Heath aud Blthell
and  was dragged by the frightenedj Maypole drill   School children
horses   for  some  distance,  bruising i Heading—"The Yukon  Egg"   	
his face badly and injuring a blood          Mr. Herdman
vessel In his neck.   He Is at present j Song~-"Fairy Tale"   ..Mae Glanvllle
confined to ills bed, under a physi- j Recitation—"The   Day   After   tlie
Wave   Brown,   deputy   sheriff   of | clan's care.   It ls hoped there are no |    Night Before" R. E. H. Trow
Licoln County, Montana, was iu Elko  internal injuries.   * ! Vocal solo—"The Outpost Vigil"..
this week. ;     Tue Rev  A   B   j^^ was ordained j      Mr.   Dickson
Ex-Banker Charles W. Morse who, to the priesthood by the Right Rev. ! Recitation—"The Widow"   	
was    pardoned    from    the    federal   the Lord  Bishop of New Westmln-1        Mrs.  Clark
winter, like a Grit federal offlce hold
er, was finally forced to let go. Two
ball teams in full swing, tlie tennis
grounds nearly ready, and a dozen
other attractions are keeping the
burg going some .
"Keep your mouth shut while
asleep," advises a Vancouver doctor, "and you will have better
health." It would be far healthier,
says Jim Thistlebeak. for a whole
lot of people if they'd keep tlieir
mouths shut when they ure not
Mrs. Tom Roberts and daughter are
visiting friends at Flagstone this
Albert Hall was a visitor at the
John Dickson home on Monday. Mr.
Hall will soon go out with a geographical survey party and be away
during the summer months up in the
Harry Edwards, proprietor of the
hotel, met with quite a serious accident last week. He was driving a
party of men up to camp, and In some
manner the rig upset, throwing tbem
out.   Mr. Edwards held to the reins
visitor Monday.
Mr, Parker, government inspector
of weights and measures, was in
town on Sunday and Monday.
On Saturday the Ladies Altar society of tlte Catholic church held a
sale of ice cream In tho Farrell
T. Farrell. of Alnsworth, arrived
in Moyie on Sunday to visit relatives.
On Sunday night. Bete Morrow,
section foreman at Jerome, travelling
from Moyie toward that place on a
speeder,  was accidentally  killed  by
immediately 'phoned for Dr. Saunders of Baynes, and learned the above
Miss Blanche Goodyear, of Cranbrook, is spending the week-end with
Miss E. May Roo, Elko.
Mrs. James, of Cranbrook, is visiting with Mrs. R. Joyce, Riverside
Park, for a month.
Well our prediction came true. The
prediction was that if you could show
R. F. Green, our member, .that If a
government ollicial wus needed ln a
place, he would have one put there
an cast bound freight train. The body iino* jie dtd ,nnd W. C. Lacey got the
was taken to Cranbrook. appointment.  It's  the  biggest boost
Mr. aud Mrs. J. T. Browning went Mr< Gr0GI1 ever got in tho district,
to Kingsgate on Monday, returning t]mt always delivers tho goodB. No
home on Tuesday. coke oven gas about Elko.
J. T. Martin took a business trip to pfsbing was never better In the
Cranbrook Tuesday. five streams surrounding Elko than
—■    — ■■■ i ...  ■ —  ut this writing, and we have just re-
DR.DeVAN'S FRENCH PILLS &?&. ce-ved another carload of fishing
I'll! for Women, $6 a box or three (pr | tackle—our celebrated catch-em-all-
brand—and a large   consignment of
5li'. .-<>l'l at nil Drag Stores, or mailed to any '
nddrwwon receipt of i>rlee. tmk scoheli. imin i
Cn , flt CatlmrlneB, Ontario. -	
Vitality! for Ncrvo and Brain: Increases "grey
matter': a Tonlo—wlll build vou up. (a n box, or
tWO Cor j... at ■ 1 r.iu- More**, of l>v mail on receipt
ofprii'i'    Tlu: HcGUt:i.l. bKCU Co., St. Catharines, 1
•a bunkist
Every member of the family
should eat Sunkist Oranges just he-
fore retiring nt night. Eat them
:it meals and between meals. For
no other fruit ever belter insured
tfood health.
1 leavy with lusi ioua juice, sweet
and delicious. Theyare free-peeling
and so   tender-meated  vou can
cat them whole without losing
any juice.
Sunkist are tree-ripened, glove-
picked, tissue wrappea,and shipped
right from the tree, so are always
fresh and full flavored.
Will you buy merely "oranges,"
or will you get "Sunkist?"
Prices are low. Get a dozen now.
Sunkist Lemons, madam, are the equal
Sunkist Oranges in quality—practically seedless, juicy and richly flavored. Serve them
with fish und moats—thoy are the best
looking lemons. Try tiling their
juice wherever you now use vine-
gar, See what you're mi.-
ing by going without the
Sunkist Brand.
Fruit Growers
105 Kin* St., Eut, cor. Church
Toronto, Ont
Mail ns this coupon nnd we will
Bond you our complimentary 40-page
^ recipe book, showing over 110 ways of using
Sunkist Oranges and Lemons. You will also
iceive uur Illustrated premium book, which tells
how d> trade Sunk!fit wrappers for beautiful
/er.    Just send this coupon or call at lho
ticklc-em-nll salts, which Is selling
fast. You just sprinkle a little on the
water when tho fish refuse to take
the tiles, and then when the fish
come up to sneeze, just lasso them.
It makes fishing like heaven with the
cream left on.
Mrs. Leo and daughter, of Baynes !
Lake, drove in and left on the C.P. |
U. for England, near Yorkshire.
Jim Thistlebeak says that J. H.
Hamilton, editor of tho Industrial
Progress and Commercial Record,
Vancouver, II.C, may spend a couple
or months In Elko this summer.
A Winnipeg wholesaler passing
through thu Kootenays tho other
week told a bunch of travellers that
he knew a dozen men, who, If they
could fool people as easily in business
as they do in politics, would be millionaires. Doubtless the same
wholesaler must also know many
hundreds moro who, if they wero as
dense und boncbeuded ln business as
they arc ln politics, would be In tho
poor house.
Mr. Hawthorne, of tho water
branch, department of lands, ls at
Itoosville putting in a weir below the
Roosville Kails.
The Rev. Billy Sunday told tho
people in New York they were fast
going to It—1, If the war with Mexico goes on there'll be a lot come to
Canada "Iiilly old socks."
Mr. Smith, of the lands department,
Victoria, was In Elko this week. It
was his first visit to the old historic
burg, and he sure saw things and
heard things, and when he returns
to the coast he will be able to tell I
them a few things, especially that
they can't take a shirt off a naked
Mr. MiddMon, of the agricultural |
department, A'lctorla, fruit expert for
the district, was ln Elko and Baynes I
this week, nnd Is a credit to his de- j
partment. He ls very popular in
this district and always willing to do
his best for everybody, even to pruning strawberries, or grafting spring
onions. Now, we go In for bogs,
heel, alfalfa and timothy ourselves,
butter and poultry, nnd if tht people
Some Tasks are Hard and
Some Tasks are Easy for
While Few Indeed are Impossible
The easy advertising tasks are usually
accomplished through ONE PUBLICATION of the advertisement. The
hard advertising tasks may require REPEATED PUBLICATIONS of the
advertising — sometimes growing into
the dignity of " advertising campaigns."
And, while purely " transient" advertising may not complete the task set for
it, an "advertising campaign" does not
fail if sensible persistence is used. This
means that such difficult advertising
tasks as that of finding ONE BEST
BUYER for your property, or the man
who will be glad to invest in your enterprise, or the best possible tenant for that
store or business property, are SURE
enter upon suitable advertising campaigns.
You Are Business-Like in Most Things, and Yet Not an Ad. Reader 1
If you'll take the trouble to read the
advertisements carefully, interestedly, in
this anl future issues of the " Herald,"
you'll decide that you've been using poor
basln:ss judgment in overlooking them
in the past. You'll find.even in your
reading of the advertisements, buying
opportunities — clues to business opportunities that should be followed up —
money-saving and money-makng 'Facts. THI CRANBROOK HERALD
The More with i Reputation
Kootenay's Greatest Drug
ind Book Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Wham It Paya to Deal
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Jones* Doris
Contractors and Builders
Ut iih ()ii*tt* You I'rii'M fir-fore
You Hulld
Me** in nlimil ynur Concret* sod
HoMtment Work
E   have   just
received a nice
assortment of
Beads in ft great
variety of
Prices ranging from
$1.75 to $4.50
Beads are very much in favor
just at present, therefore, if
you want the latest in neckwear, come in and look at our
displny. We also have some
very nice Cut Amber Beads,
which are also very much in
vogue, It will give us a great
deal of pleasure to show
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
Meet me at Bob's Place.
Big line grass chairs at Fink's.
Rev. Mr. Davis, vicar of Elko, Is in
the city today.
Mrs. Rumsey will not receive again
formally this season.
Houses to let.   See Beale & Elwell.
F.  R.  Morris  was attending the
Fernie assizes this week .
2c per word for firm wwk, and lc per
word for each week after
ron all roRins or
hnt.Ua     I    Bight away—the first day you
DOBsr.—   ttkeRHE^*A_thetiricAci-J poison to
■■■■■■»—■■._; gins to dissolve and leave the sore joints
WANTKl>.-Work   hy   day   or   hoir.   -"^ muscles.   Its action is little less than
Mrs.   Elliott,   Box   E„   Herald of-  maM~]
FOR RENT—A  flte-rooi
Mrs. J. S. Brake.
Farewell services conducted by
start to C&Ptata and Mrs. Carruthers wlll
be held in the Solvation Army hall
tills week-end. Saturday, 8 p.m.
Sunday, '■'. and 8 p.m. The captain
has been lu charge uf the local work
    -   —   - ,„   .. _   for  the   past  eighteen   months,  and
«-ANTEI».-By young latly, rh.W of. wittout.*S±^g^™g&*   during   this   time   considerable   has
50 cents a bottl*.—guaranteed.
Judge Barhorst of Ft. Loralme, Ohio,
snys: "After treatment by three doctors |
YO U will find
every kind at this
store. Set1 our sci-
entiticnlly constructed oye-nlnsses, which enable
you to see as well at a distance as close at hand, bifocal glasses. Don't ruin your
eves — lxiware of clienp
Kinases. Conic ami have a
confidential talk It will cost
you nothing.
Next to the PoilDili™
CRANIA00K, B, 0.
children; mornings or afternoons.
Write Box 667, city. 19—t*
eggs for Hale; $1.50 per setting;
Jtft.00 per hundred. Mrs. J. FuHsee,
Waldo, B.C. 20-2t»
e of Rhr<«-iatismt by using two bottles
health the owner Is compelled to
sell tobacco and cigar business familiarly known aB Bob's Place.  Apply
at store.
Brattle-Murphy Co. Ltd., Agents
Meet me at Bob's Place.
See  Fink's special shoe ad.
H.   Caldwell,   of   Wycliffe,   was
KOll    RENT    CHEAP.—Four-roomed
cottage with bath and all modern
conveniences: range and heater;
fenced. Apply 140 Armstrong Ave.
or 'phone .'117,
Catarrh, Hay Fever, Sore Throat,
Headache, Piles, Eczema and all in-
19 I city visitor last Monday, registering
! at the Cosmopolitan hotel .
Itlpe tooutoes,
barb, radishes, etc.,
al Ward  &
Mrs. Agnes Heed and Mrs. J. Woodman  will   receive   for   the  lust time
llnmmatlonR.    By mall 50c. Stamps'this season at the letter's residence
been accomplished.   The soldiers roll
has been doubled and the attendance
___ ut the meetings has been much improved. Over $300.00 debt has been
, cleared  off,  local  expenses  met and
Back ; $150 raised for social and rescue
| work. Over four hundred garments
have heen given to the poor, a large
number of free meals have also been
given. Gospel services have been
bold In nil the camps Id this district
during this last winter.
The captain wishes to thank the
citizens of Cranhrook for their kindness and help during his command
of Cranbrook corps.
„. opted.—Vlto-Vlgor     Co,,     1200
Clayton St.,San Francisco. Cal.
ou Wednesday, .May thn 20th.
Meet me ut Bob's Pluce.
George Walsh, of Marysville, wns a
city visitor last Monday.
Mrs. Byron McFarlane will not receive Friday, May 15th, nor again this
WANTED   AT ONCE.—To real for
two or throe months, furnished
cottage, situated on hill; no children und furniture wlll be well looked after.    Apply  Box  M.,  Herald
office. ilO-lt*
TO KENT.—Eour-rooned cottage to
rent with bathroom and all modern
conveniences; connected with sewer; no unsanitary cesspool; partially or entirely furnished, or un-
Strawberries, cherries, tomatoes
and all kinds of green vegetables in
Stock now.—Cranbrook Trading Co.   I
Frank Murphy left on tlie flyer
Wednesday evening for Calgary on a
vhort. business trip.
Mrs. T. Walton Is leaving the latter
end of the   week   tor   a   visit   with
Charles Burton, of Springhill, N.S.,! blends in Eastern Canada, where she
died suddenly on May 7th, leaving a ' »•» spend the summer montlm.
furnished.    Apply Herald offlce or  of bereavement.
'phone 1117.
wife and family of ten children. Deceased was a brother of D. A. Burton
of this city, who has the sympathy
of the entire community in this hour
Beale  ft  Elwell   still  have
safety deposit boxes to let.
Mrs. D. E. Murphy will not receive
Thursday, May 21st, nor again this
FOR SALE.—Young mare harness
and buggy. Apply Box 1, HertW
Offlce. -HI
very cheap, suitable for warehouse,
dry, electric light.   Apply Herald.
P. E. Wilson is in Fernie this week
prosecuting ln the Assize court for   t'OK
the crown.
RENT  CHEAP—Four rooMf
PHONE W— Mac's Auto Service
or Night.
Big tine grass chairs ut Fink's.
Dr. J. H. Bell has purchased a new
5-passenger   touring   car,   which   he!
has  placed In charge of Mr. Frank
Clifford, who will run the car in the
city for hire.
PHONE 8-Fresh killed, grain fed
cottegewUh" bath7 Phone, electrts I killed, choice stock, and our meats are
light, large cordwood Bhed, kitchen j the best to be bad.   Give ua a trial —
range  and    heater,  good  location,  -^ at the Cranbrook Meat Market,
fenced.    Three minutes walk from
P.O. Furnished or unfurnished. Ap-
Ply pll°"e 317' ^!Ti unable   to hold   their   meeting this
The Woman's   Musical  club
     „„„„,,    „_,  _   their
Jurymen to tbe Fernie assizes from  ~~ I "*"T"' .*" '",»"," i„ ..,„  „„,.,. f„t,,m
this week, who have been attending FOB SALE-New Democrat, cost *1B6.; ***, but   wil   In th.  ■««"•■
(or sale »90.   Apply Herald.      «• '»rther announcement of which will
       be made next week.
this week are: C. A. Cock, J. M. McCreery, Lester Clapp, It. P. Moffatt
F. Deacon and A. A. Macklnlon.
Sewlng by the day at your residence. Phono 330 or apply 212 Armstrong avenue. 17-3t*
Until. L0T8.-Sinall price, $1<XU)0|  ■
cash or terms;  oft Watt Avenue.     Fresh  strawberries arriving  daily
Compare these with others. Apply, at Ward _ Harris.
Guy Russell, opposite Billy Neale's 	
residence, P.O.    Box,    Cranbrook, i    The  woman's  Musical  club  post-
BC-         | poned   their   meeting   last   Monday
~ ! afternoon  on  account of the  Motor
The painting of the post ollice
fence Is nearing completion and ls
adding materially to tho appearance
of the building and grounds.
The Loyal Order of Moose arc
planning on a picnic at Elko In July
In connection wltli the Femle lodge.
A number of local creditors are
bewailing the departure of Joe
Uvanni and the closing of tlie Koote-
nay Grill.
Save money. You can get your
trunk and sultcose cheapest at the
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Halsall have moved Into the Miller residence on Burwell avenue, recently vacated by Mr.
and Mrs. Harold Darling.
Beale & Elwell
through to Europe.
Dominion Lines.
will   book   you
White Star and
Judgment has been rendered by
Judge Thompson in the case of Bobby
Pye vs. H. H. McClure for $100 and
! costs for the plaintiff. In the summer of 1912 Bobby Pye won a Shetland pony and rig ln a newspaper
circulation competition and ln the fall
of that year placed the animal on thc
ranch of H. H. McClure to be
pastured and fed there during the
Miss Baker, near Leask's store.   IMC I    P|Dre rugs just t„e th|n- for Bn_, I winter.   In February, 1913, the pony
 i mer use nt Fink's. was    found   dead.       The   plaintiff
  I charged that pony died by reason of
T. S. Olll ran a nail Into his foot   neglect  and  the  defendant  claimed
  «   .....v.,          .v..        t  .i.ipfi    aiiwawa    UU    UV.VU„„.   U.    .....    ».ww.
R. A. Racklyeft, the painter, Is re- IIKESSMAKIM.     AMI     LAMES, ^ mMt      ^ wl|, |ioM ^ Bam„
touching  the  front of the store  of TA1I.0KIN(I.-Ladles  suits    cleans L      wcek8 from ^ Me
Beattie-Murphy Co. with several coats and   presed;   Chicago   experlencs.----
of white enamel, and wlll also paint
the entire building.
Percy Adams, chief of police, left
on Tuesday for Calgary, his marriage In that city today to Miss Att-
wood, of Moyle, having heen announced. They are expected to arrive here
tomorrow. Full particulars next
Big line gross choirs ot Fink's.
PHONE 8-We handle only  fresh-
Craubrook Meat Market.
Beale  *  Elwell  roporl  Increasing
I nctivity In local real ostntc. Tlie fol-
j lowing   recent   transfers   liave   been
Constable Browning, of Moyie, was j made through them: Lot 26. block 39,
a business visitor In the city on Wed-i Sam 1« to N.   Hanson;   residence.
nesday. ' Martin avenue, Armstrong to Hollan-
  | der;   lot on  Clark avenue,
•OR   SALE   CHEAP—Young   mart,:
four years old, very gentle, harness,
buggy, cutter, will work. JUBt ths! during the past week and he is suf- j pony died from some disease it had
thing tor rancher. Apply Herald ferlng from an attack ot rheumatism j previous to being sent to the pasture.
QfDoe. tf*: which has laid him on the shelf for | Mr. T. T. Mecredy appeared for the ■
 i the past few days. 1 plaintiff and Mr. A. B. Macdonald for |
TO REST—Comfortable four roomed j   | the defendant.   The case Is being op-
cottage with bath and all modern j    Noel's   Seville  orange   marmalade; pelllell
conveniences, fenced, use of kitchen j regular   66c.   tins at   66c.   Saturday j 	
rnnge and heater.   $20 per month I only at Ward & Harris. on   next   Tuesday   evening,   May
including water.   Apply Herald.   119th, tho Charity ball to be given ln
The Rev. A. B. Une, of Wycliffe, | M of -   Rlley wU1 De he|d at the
RANCH     TO     RENT - Comfortable bas been granted leave of absence by | Aud,torlum.    The Herald will hope
liouse, stable   for   six   horses,  about
10 acres broken, good grazing land,
plenty wood and water.   Apply Herald Offlce.
the bishop for three months. During
that time he wlll visit England and
Ireland In order to complete some
business unsettled as he was leaving
Ireland three years ago. Mr. Wells,
student of St. Mark's Theological
Hall, Vancouver, wlll carry on Mr.
Lane's work during his absence.
or Night.
-Mac's Auto Service. Day
A. B. Macdonald returned on Wed-1
nesday from attending tlte Fernie assize court.
Tickler's Seville orange marmalade
regular 46c. tins at 36c. Saturday
only at Word & Harris.
Mrs. A. 11. Macdonald went to Spo-
kaue lost week and Is spending a few
days visiting there.
Horn—At tho Cottage hospital, to
Mr .and Mrs. K. P. Elgle. on Monday,
May tlh, a son.
See  Fink's special shoe ad.
Mrs. \V. K. Ilaslam wlll not receive
ou Thursday, the 21st, nor again
during the summer months,
I'llllME a-Fresh choice spring
lamb al the Cranbrook Meat Market
Born—At the Cottage hospital, on
Saturday, May llth, to Mr. and Mrs.
11. Noyce, of this city, a son.
DON'T PAt KKNTv-We wUI band *oi
a house to order, buy the lot and
build to suit you. If you want a
home of your own, drop mo a card.
Box ABC, Herald offlce, 18-tt
Mrs. D. M .Stokes and family left
on Sunday to visit relatives ln Spokane, Walla Walla and Seattle.
Fibre rugs, Just the thing tor summer use at Fink's.
A. A. Ward, the game, warden, and
Mr. Garbutt left this week for a two
weeks trip through the mountains.
Don't neglect your lire Insurance.
Bee Beale & Elwell.
Fred W. Adolph, a prominent lumberman from the Baynes Lake district, waa a buslnoss visitor In the city
Miss Dumbleton, of Victoria, has
arrived In the city for an extended
visit with her slater, Mrs. C. Hunger-
lord Pollen.
Beale  &
Klwell to Peterson: lot on Pooley
ovenue, Chapman to King; lot 16,
Mountain View addition, Beale & Elwell to Vance; residence, Burwell
avenue, Smalt to Adams.
A social dance is to be given
under the auspices and In aid ot the
Cranbrook Lacrosse club at the
Auditorium on Friday evening. May
15th. The Cranbrook orchestra will
furnish the music and dancing will
commence at 9.45 p.m. The following
committee hnve the dance in charge:
Misses 11. Drummond, Laflcur, Whitehead, Van Slyke and Kennedy and
Messrs. R. E. Beattie, Watson Hall,
W. Chambers. W. T. Matthews and
llobt. Flndlay. Tlie lady patronesses
are Meidamea R. K. Beattic, Watson
Hall, Ed. Paterson, R. Adamson, w.
T. Matthews, R. 0, Nelson and A. I..
Fibre rugs, Just the thing tor summer use at Fink's.
1 latching    eggs trom    pure    bred.
Single Comb White  Leghorns;  good!    See Fink's special shoe od.
laying strain. $1.50 per 13; $7.00 per page.
llntrhing   eggs  from
to report at the conclusion of WP
dance that sufficient funds have been
raised to give Mr. Riley a proper
start after his unfortunate experience
which resulted In the loss ot both >
legs. This case Is certainly one deserving of your charity and the citizens surely do not want it said that
Cranbrook would do nothing for such
a case. The committee which have
the dance In charge have completed
arrangements and everything Is in
readiness for a good time. Several ot
good  laying!    Mr.  Charles O.  Bennett,  who has
. ,, ,,    ,-,. i,„  ti an _ in-  been connected with the local branch
.train of Pekin Ducks, $1.60 per 10,  ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ Co__er(,e I tne committee are selling tickets and
$10 00 per 100. br„d!for the past several years, has re-• the Herald is   receiving   donations.
Hatching eggs from„ E»«"B* b"d j celved „ e aplralntment of manager  Mr. Rlley will soon be able to leave
Indian Runner Ducks; limited number. JJJ ^ ^n „ Crc8ton and _,„ , t„e hospital and let's give him a little
leave for the new location as soon as' necessary aid for a start along the
he   Is   relieved   here.     His   many  road to self support,
friends In thc city are extending their
.'.00 per 10.
congratulations over his well deserved SPECIAL SERVICES
An alarm of Ore was turned In at
4 a.m. last Tuesday morning by C. S.
Parker, who discovered the fence at
the rear of his born on Durlck avenue page
on nro. Somo ashes had been thrown
near the fence and then the lawn had     puoNE 8
promotion.    Mrs. Bennett  will  Join
: him shortly after he Is established.
' PHONE It—Mac's Auto Service. Day
or Night.
i    The monthly business meeting of
I the Overseas club was held In the
Lord   Bishop   of   New   Westminster
Ordains Rev. A. B. Lane aad Administers Rite ot fonllrnutllnn
ea Eight Candidates
The Ut. Rev. A. A. DePencler, Lord
Bishop of the diocese of New West-
Maple Leaf hall on May 12th, when a  minster, as administrator of the dio-
\ good number of the members turned Ccse of Kootenay, arrived in Cron-
out. A whist drive followed the business, and light refreshments were served. The winners of the whist drive
were Mrs. Tisdale and Mr. B. Weath-
erhlll. Songs were contributed dur-
- Ing the evening by the  following:
brook on Saturday last by the west
bound train.
On Sunday morning at Christ
church His Lordship ordained to the
priesthood of the Anglican church,
the Rev. A. 11. Lane, who for the past
Fresh   sausages   dally,
been raked over tho ashes and It hod  Wc nmkc, them on the premises and
See Fink's special shoe ad. Back ; Mra. Dr. Kennedy, Mr. O. Houghom, i tfM hM „,,,,,„„„, to ,„, pcaple „,
and Mr. J. Sims. Thc singing was j WycmiC| Marysville and Kimberley.
very much appreciated by all pre-1 T,1(, canala,u, WBS |ircsentc(1 by the
sent. The committee In charge were rec, „„ „_ E ,, n,w«lllBf.
Mr. and Mrs.   Whlttoker,   who   dls
and by a most solemn ceremony wus
evidently been smoldering for some
time last Tuesday morning by 0. S.
when It was discovered by Mr. Parker. The fire waB extinguished with
buckets, with only a portion of the
fence being dlstroyed. The close proximity ot Mr. Parker's stable and horses, would have resulted very likely,
in a disastrous Are had It not been
discovered In time.
eon    recommend
Meat Market.
cranbrook """^ ,h"'r '"""'" 'n ",C,r l""""  ordaln.d to the priesthood.
Mr. Fred Russell, who has charge
of the Free Information office of the
Cranbrook Board of Trade, reports
thnt about 126 pre-emptors have already taken advantage of the opening
ot lands In the Cranbrook district and
there nre very few entries left to be
PHONE W-Moc's Auto Service. Day : mad= ttnd P«P>« »™ c™,n«J.VI!?r
or Night.
Teacher of Dancing
Hesitation Waltz
One Step
A Tango Class Wednesday at
8 p.m. at Masonic Hall.
For further particulars apply
Box MS Phone 157
day looking for land.   The local gov
eminent offlce has been beselged with
Inquiries near and far, and from all
appearances the government wlll have
,i open some more of the lands of
this district to take euro ot the home-
seekers.   Several of those who were f0re they struck him.
! successful In securing entries have al-
' reody gone to work to Improve their
properties.   The district has received
: more ncw people than over before In
Its history In a single year and many
of them are the kind that wlll make
good manner.
Big line grass chairs at Fink's.
Pasquale Morro, section foreman a*.
Jerome, was killed by a C.P.R. freight
train about one mile west of Jerome
last Sunday night. He had heen visiting his brother, John Morro. of
Aldrlgde, at Moyle during Sunday
and was retiming home In the evening on a speeder. Just as he passed
the mile post west of Jernmi the
through freight ran over him killing
Mm Instantly. The accident occurred
on a shape curve and the enginemen
only had a glimpse of the man be-
The funeral
The bishop's address was a most
impressive one setting forth the
meaning of the ceremony, and the
nature of the duties to be undertaken
by the candidate.
After prayer and lntercession,and
the singing of the "Venl Creator" the
candidate was set apart for his new
duties by the Laying on of Hands of
the Bishop; the rector also laying
on hands.
In thc evening at 7..10 after full
choral evensong, the apostolic rite
was administered to eight candidates
by His Lordship the Archbishop.
The address by His tardshlp was
full of valuable Instruction, prescnt-
"'"'. "V'jT. «Th. uJI'mj.I^.'m I lag the argument from scripture for
was conducted from thc Macpherson     * " *
the Rite of Laying on of Hands   and
Dainty White
We are proud of the splendid assortment
of the white dresses that we are now showing.
They come in a big variety of materials—
Crepes. Ratines, Pique, Bedford Cards, Sheen
Lawn with beautiful embroidery, etc. The
prices run from $4.50 to $25.00.
We Want You to See Them
White Shoes
See the remarkable lasts we are showing
in White Buck Boots and Pumps. White
Shoes will be more popular than ever this
year.   $4.00 and $5.00.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stored
Neal Treatment
is the Help
tie Needs
Ethical AM Whicli Takes
Away liquor Appetite
—Given at the
Neal Institute
Cranbrook Electric Light Company, Limited
New Rates for Users of Motors, Electric Irons, Toasters,
Stoves, Heaters, Etc.:
First 400 h.-p. at 6c. per h.-p. hour.
Second 400 h.-p. at te. per h.-p. hour.
Over 800 h.-p. ss iyic per h.-p. hour.
These rates apply to electricity consumed between the hoars of 7 B.B.
and 7 p.m. from the 1st of March to the 1st of September; nnd from 9 ss.ss.
to 5 p.m. the remainder of the year.
On motors there will be a charge of per h.-p. capacity in addition Ss
these rates, as—
On motor! from I to 15 h.-p—Up to 50h.p. consumed, 11.00 per h.-p. per month.
100   " .50
200   " '• .25
Over 200 h.-p. consumed no charge per h.-p.
On motors over 15 h.-p.—Up to 100 h.-p. consumed, 50c. per h.-p. per month.
200   :■ "       25e.
Over 200 h.-p. consumed, no charge per h.-p.
You are cordially invited to the demonstration at our office between the
Ird and 15th of next month.
Methodist Church, Cranhrook,    B. ('.
To be gtven by
Charles F. Nidd
(Organist  and t'hairmoater)
On Monday. Mar ISth, 1914, >t M0 p.m.
Voca lint :
Mr. K. Ii'iuula- lamfron
OHcrtoIre dc St. C'ecile No. IV    Hatlite
Pilgrim's Chorus from •'Tannhauser'-    r    Wagner
Canzonctta       Halaey
Vocal solo: "Thou'rt Passing Hence My Brother"   Sullivan
Mr.  R,  I). Comeron
Overture:   "1S12"      Tschallkowaliy
This  Overture  represents   NnpolOOO'l march from Parle to
Moscow und retreat.    It Is founded on the French "Marseillaise" and tlie Russia ti  National Anthem
Irish   Phantasy       Wolntenholme
Urgo from Xerxes     Handel
Sonittu No, 2     Mendeleaohn
lu)  Grave (el Allegro meatoso
ibi  Adagio (di Allegro moderato
Phantalse de Concert: "II Trovotore"       Verdl-Knabel
(Hy reouest)
Vocal solo:  "The  Deathless Army     Trotere
Mr. It. I)  Cameron
Caprice     Sturtes
"Soblller—March"       Meyerbeer
Composed for the Festival given at Paris ln 1659 In honor
of the Centenary  of the birth of Schiller
Berceuse     Gaston de Lille
Fantusle sur deux Melodies Anglalses       Oullmant
Doxo logy
I'ollertlun In aid of Choir and Organ !'•■•
undertaking parlors to tho Roman
Catholic church on Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Fibre rugs, Just the thing for sum-
mm us* at Flak's.
setting forth the manner ot life that
should follow the reception of thc
holy rite.
His Lordship was greatly pleased
with his visit here.    Ha gave a spec
ial commendation to the organist and
choir for the music at both morning
and evening services.
He made reference to the fact that
he had succeeded tho rectors of the
parish both at Brandon, Manitoba,
and at St. Paul's, Vancouver; and
spoke of pleasant associations with
the rector In tho work ot tho Synod
\ of tbs Ploceoe, Ihe rector having act
ed nlso as his chaplain on several
It ought to be mentioned here, that
Christ church, Cranbrook, has now
been twice honored by having the
"Ordaining of a Priest" within Its
sanutuary. Such honor is frequently
confined tn the cathedral, or to a
church In the See City of Ibe
diocese «v
Library  for Sale
By the Set on Booksellers' Terms
The following is a Partial List ot the Catalonia of Books belonging
to the estate of the late F. J. Deane, which will be sold by the
Set, or Separate Volume not In Sets.    Anyone
Interested ean secure further Information
by applying at Herald Office
Americanization of the World, The—Author. W. T, Stead; cloth binding;
publisher, Horace Markley, N.Y. and London.
American, Tlie Making ot—Author, Jacob A. nils; cloth binding; publisher,
Macmillan & Co., London, 1902.
Adventures, Perilous—Author, H. A, Davenport; 2 vols; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
American Adventures by hand aud Sea—PuMllher, A. L. Fowle. N.Y., 1900.
America, S., Wanderings in—Author, Charles Waterton; cloth binding; 1830.
Administration-Author, Theodore Uoosevelt; Part II; linen binding; publisher, u. R. Putnam, N.Y., 1900.
Audubon. John James—Edited by his widow; cloth binding; publisher, ti, H,
Putnam, Knickerbocker Press. N.V., 1900.
American Wit and Humor—Fivo vols; cloth binding; publisher, Review of
Reviews, N.Y., 1907.
Adventures of Don Sylvls de Kosulva, The—(Early Novelists edited by
Baker); author, 0, M. Wielaud; linen binding; publisher, Geo. Routledge
& Sons. N.Y,, 1904.
Autour de la Lune—Author, Jules Verne; French edition; Cloth binding;
publisher, J. HeUel & Co., Paris.
Africa, South, Us People, Progress und Problems—Authors, W. P. Purvis aud
Leonard Biggs; doth binding; publisher, Chapman & Hall.
Agussiz, Louis, His Life and Correspondence—Edited by Ella. Cary Agassi/.;
cloth binding; publisher, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston and N.Y.
Aristotle, On Government—Translated by William Ellis, MA.; cloth binding;
publisher, Routledge & Sons. N.Y .and Undon.
Angel In tlie House—Author, Coventry Patmore; leather binding; publisher,
O. Routledge & Sons, N.Y. and London.
Alata Reuo Le Dernier—Author, Chateaubriand; leather binding; publisher,
Dent & Co., Loudon, 1907.
America, British—(Empire series); linen binding; publisher, Funk & Wag-
nells, Kcgan Paul, 1900.
Art, What Is?—Tolstoi; cloth binding; publisher, T. Y. Crowell & Co., N.Y.
American Revolution, The—Author, John Fiske; 2 vols; cloth binding; publisher, Houghton, Miffln Co., N.Y.
America, Tlie Dutch and Quaker Colonies In—Author, John Fiske; 2 vols;
cloth binding; publisher, Houghton, Miffln Co., Boston und N.Y.
America, The Discovery Of—Author, John Fiske; 2 vols; cloth binding;
publisher, Houghton, Miffln Co., Boston and N.Y.
An Apostle of the North—Author, Bishop Bompas; publisher. Musson Co..
American Addresses—Author, J. H. Huxley; cloth binding; publisher, Macmillan Co., London, 1877.
American Negro, Tlie Future of The—Author, Booker T. Washington; cloth
binding; publisher, Small Maynard, 1900.
Advertising, Tlie New Way In—Cloth binding; publisher, Lord & Thomas,
American History, The Critical Period of—Author, John Fiske; publisher.
Houghton, Mlilln Co,
Asiatic Danger of the Colonies, Tin-Author, L. E. Nearae; publisher, O.
Routledge & Sons.
Author's Digest—20 vols; literary experts, Rossiter Johnson, etc; autumn
leaf Spanish leather binding.
Ancient Monarchies—Author, Rowlhison; .1 vols; half cloth binding; publisher, Chirk & Co.
America, History of U.S.A.—Author, Elsou; illustrated edition; publisher,
Macmillan & Co., N.Y.
American  Press Administration—Morocco    and    linen  binding;   publisher,
Funk & Wagnells,
Angel In the House, The, Wltli the Victories of Love—Author, Coventry Put-
more; leather binding; publisher, O. Routledge & Sons, London.
Apologia—Author, Cardinal Newman; cloth binding.
Biographical Sketches-—Author, Harriet Martineau; cloth binding; publisher,
John R. Alden, N.Y.
Ballon*. Les—Author, Fulgence Marion; cloth binding; publisher, Hachette et
C'/e, Paris, 1881.
Beside Stitl Waters—Author, A. C. Benson; cloth binding; publisher, Putnam, N.Y.
Business Man's Eucyclopeediu, The—Author, W.D.P.;  2 vols; cloth binding.
Boer Fight for Freedom, The—Author, Michael Davltt; cloth binding; publisher, Funk & Wagnalls, Ltd., N.Y. and London.
Benedict, Arnold—Author, U. C. Hill; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Burt,
Britain, Greater—Author, Dtlke; publisher, Harper Bros., N.Y.
Business Correspondence Library—3 vols.
Burns, Robert, Poems—Cloth binding; publisher, Ward, Lock & Co.
British Colonies, Geography Of—Author, Dawson und Sutherland; cloth
binding; publisher, Mocmlllan & Co., N.Y.
Black Rock— Author, Ralph Connor; linen binding.
Bampfyld Moore, Carew—Card binding; publisher, Crosby & Co., London.
Bismarck, Some Secret Pages of History—A dlory kept by Dr. Morltz Busch;
cloth binding; publisher, Copp Clark Co.
British Empire, Tlie—Author, Sir Charles Dtlke; new edition; linen binding;
publisher, Chaltu & Wlndus, 1899.
Burns, Poetical Works of—Publisher, Ward, Lock & Co., London.
Brown, John—Author, William Elsey Connelly; linen binding; publisher.
Crane & Co., Kansus, 1900.
Brown. Frank—Author, Frank T. Buller, F.R.G.S.; cloth binding; publisher,
Copp, Clarke & Co., Toronto.
Butler, Sir William—Author. Sir W. F. Butler; cloth binding; publisher, Constable & Co., London, 1911.
Byron's Works—Publisher, P. F. Collier, N.Y.
Books and Heading—Compiled by Gaige & Harcourt; cloth binding; publisher, Baker & Taylor Co., 1908.
Balzac—IR vols; translated by George Sainsbury; half morocco nnd linen
publisher. Gobble Publishing Co.. Philadelphia, 1899.
Burns, Robert, and Mra. Dunlop—Author, William Wallace; 2 vols; linen
binding; publisher, Dodd, Mead h Co., NY., 1898.
Canada, Tercentenary History of—Author, Frank Basil Tracy; 3 vols; cloth
binding; publisher, Macmillan & Co., Ltd., 1908.
Canada, Sixty Years of Protection in—Author, Edward Porrltt; cloth binding;
publisher, Macmillan & Co., 1908.
Canada and tlie Empire—Authors, Edwin S. Montague or.d Brou Herbert:
linen binding; publisher, P. S. King & Son, Ixn'don, 1904.
Canada, Royal Tour In—Author, Joseph Pope, C.M.G.; linen binding; 2 vols;
publisher, S. E. Dawson, Ottawa, 1902.
Canudian Literature, Handbook of—Author, Archibald MacMurchy, M.A.;
cloth binding; publisher, W. Briggs, Toronto.
Coming of tlie Friars, Tlie—Author, Kev. Augustus Jessopp, D.D.; card binding; publisher, T. Fisher Unwln, London, 1898.
Canadian War of 1812—Author, C. P. Lucas, C.R.; cloth binding; publisher,
The Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1908.
Canadian Annual Review, The- Author, Castell Hopkins; ninth year edition;
publisher, Annual Review Publishing Co., Toronto, 1909.
Cashel Byron's Profession—Author, George Bernard Shaw; cloth binding;
publisher, Brentanos.N.Y., 1907.
Canada, The Makers of-Editlon de luxe, limited to 400, of which this Is 110;
publisher, George N. Morang & Co., Ltd., Toronto, 1903.
Classics, Thc World's Great—Revised edition; linen binding; publisher, The
Colonial Press, N.Y. and London.
Cunada, 3800 Miles Across—Author, J. W. C. Haldane; illustrated edition;
cloth binding; publisher, Slmpkin, Marshall, London, 1900.
Civilization, Western—Author, Benjamin Kidd; cloth binding; publisher, Geo.
N. Morang; Toronto, 1902.
Canadian Almanac for 1909.
Cromwell, Oliver—Author, Theodore noosevelt; illustrated edition; cloth
binding; publisher, CharleB Scrlbner, N.Y., 1901.
Chamberlain, Joseph- Author, Arthur Mec; cloth binding; publisher, Partridge & Co., London, 1901.
Canada ls Governed, How—Author, J. G. Bourlnot; fifth edition; cloth binding; publisher, Copp Clarke Co., Toronto, 1895.
Consuelo—Author, George Sand; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Burt, N.Y.
Clolstor and the Hearth, The—Author, Charles Reade; new edition; publisher, Bradbury Evans, London, 1868.
Chivalry, The History Of—Author, O. P. R. James; Criterion Library; cloth
binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
Confession** of au Opium Eater—Author, De Qulncy; linen binding; publisher, Waiter flcntt, tandem, IflMt.
Culture of the Intellect, Tbe-*-Author, J. Stuart Blackle.
Cilminal Code of Canada, 1897—Half leather.
Canadian Annuel Review of Public Affairs—6 vols; silk cloth binding.
Church of Rome, Fifty Years in the—Author, Father Chlnlquy; forty-third
edition; cloth binding; publisher, Brentanos, N.Y.
Cartoon, History of a—Author, Albert Shaw; illustrated by 630 contemporary
cartoonists and other pictures.
Conservatism—Author, Lord Hugh Cecil; publisher, Halt & Co., N.Y.
Canuck, Janey, In the West—Author, Emily Ferguson; illustrated edition;
cloth binding; publisher, Cassel & Co., N.Y., 1910.
Confessions of St. Augustin—Author, E. B. Pusey; leather binding; publisher, Dutton & Co.. N.Y. ,
Chinook Manual—Author, Right Rev. P. Durlen, M.A.; paper binding; publisher, Kamloops, 1896.
Civilization iu England, Introduction to History of—Author, Buckle Henry
Thomas; new and revised edition; linen binding; publisher, Routledge &
Sons, N.Y., 1904.
Canadian, Journal of tlio—Vol. XL
Cnrlyle, Jane Welsh, New Letters aud Memorials of—Linen binding; publisher, John Lane, Tlie Bodley Head, London and N.Y.. 1904.
Capital—Author, Karl Marx-  translated from third German  edition;  cloth
binding; publisher, The/Humboldt Publishing Co., N.Y,
: Capital, Flee Trade 111—Authors, A. Egmont Unite and O, E. WeHHlau; cloth
binding; publisher. Remington & Co., London, 1890.
I Communistic Societies of thc United states, Thi' -Author, Charles Nardhoft;
Cloth binding; publisher. Harper Bros., N.\ . 1875,
Civilization and Decay, Tlie Law of—Author, Brooks Adams; cloth binding;
publisher, Macmillan & Co., N.Y.. 1896.
Commonwealth of Oceana, Tlie—Author, James Harlugton; cloth binding;
publisher, Geo. Houtledge, N.Y., 1887.
Confoslons of an English Opium Enter—Author, De Qulncy; publisher, Mac-
niiiiau & Co., London, 1901.
j Coleridge, H. Taylor, Poetical Works of—Half calf binding;   publisher, D.
Appleton & Co., N.Y., 1867.
i Connectives of English Speech—Author, James C. Femald;  linen binding;
publisher, Funk & Wagnalls Co., N.Y.
Christion Science—Author, Mark Twain; cloth binding; publisher, Harper
Bros., N.Y,, 1907.
Canada, Hooks On—17 vols; including life of Francis Parkman, by Charles
Huight Farnham.
Canada and Ontario, The Lieutenant Governor Of—Author, D. B. Read, Q.C.;
cloth binding; publisher, W. Briggs, Toronto.
Canada Under the Administration of Lord Lome—Author, J. E. Collins; publisher, Rose Publishing Co., Toronto, 1884.
Canadian Rebellion of 1837, The—Author, D. B. Read, Q.C.; cloth binding;
publisher, C. Blackett Robinson, 1896.
Criminal Libel
Democracy, Unforeseen Tendencies of—Author, Edwin L. Godkin, M.A.; linen
binding; publisher, Houghton, Mifflin & Co., N.Y., 1898.
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I Dante, Works of—Translated by H. F. Cary, M.A.; publisher, American Book
I        Exchange, 1880.
I Dickens Dictionary, Tlie—Author, Gilbert A. Pierce; illustrated; cloth binding; publisher, Chapman & Hall, London.
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i Dictionary Standard of tlie English Language—2 vols; leather binding.
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' Dickens' London—Author, Francis Milton; publisher, L. E. Page & Co., London and N.Y.
; Damnation of Thcron Ware, The—Author, Harold Frederick; Chicago and N.Y*
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publisher, Ward, Lock & Co., London,
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Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio-—Translated by J. M. Rlgg; buckram binding; publisher, E. P. Dutton & Co.
: Dictionary, Standard of the English Language.
! Dictionary, Gage's Student, cloth.
i Dictionary of Quotations—Author Rev. James Wood; 30,000 references; publisher, Warner & Co.
Disneli,   Benjamin—4   vols;   (Conlngsby,   Sybil,   Tancred,   Vivian,   Grey;)
Young England edition; silk cloth binding; publisher, Page & Co., Bos-
|       ton.
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Fight, The Groat—Author, W. H. Drummond; cloth binding; publisher, Putnam, N.Y.
From A College Widow—Author, A. C. Benson; linen binding; publisher, Putnam, N.Y. „
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Every Pair ot these Oxfords arrived since March
First and are, therefore, Newest Styles and include
Patents, Tan Calf, Gun Metal, Black Kids and Brown
See Our Window
Forest Protection in Canada—Author, Clyde Leavltt; cloth binding; publisher, Bryant Press, Toronto. ■ v    ,
Forestry, Economics of—Author, B. E. Furnow; third edition; cloth binding;
publisher, T. Y. Crowell ft Co., N.Y.
Fielding, Henry—Ehltion de luxe; cloth and leather binding; publisher,
Eighteenth Century Club.
Fielding, Henry—12 vols; cloth binding; publisher, J. M. Dent ft Co.. London.
Gesta Romanorum— (Early Novelists edited by Baker); author, Charles
Swan; linen binding; publisher, George Routledge, N.Y.
George Henry, Life of—Author, Henry George, jr.; cloth binding; publisher,
Daublcday ft McClure Co., N.Y., 1800.
Great Englishmen of the 16th Century—Author, Sidney Lee; cloth binding;
publisher, Constable & Co.. London, 1904.
Goethe, Autobiography ot—Translated by John Oxenford; Illustrated sterling
edition; cloth binding; publisher, Dana Estes Co., Boston.
Gardening, A. B. C. of—Author, Walter P. Wright; cloth binding; publisher,
CaBsells ft Co., London, 1908.
George the Fourth—Author, Rev. George Croly; Criterion Library; cloth
binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle. N.Y., 1900.
Government, The Study ot City—Author, Delos F. Wilcox; cloth binding;
publisher, Macmillan & Co., N.Y., 1897.
Gerald Massey, Poet, etc.—Author. Ii. O. Flower; cloth binding; publisher,
Arena Publishing Co., Boston, 1S95.
Gladstone, Wm.—Author,  Sydney Buxton;   linen  binding
Murray, London, 1901.
Golden Girl, The Quest of the—Author, Richard Le Galllenne; linen binding;
publisher, Fennp & Co., N.Y., 1903.
Greek Thinkers, History of Ancient Philosophy—Author, Theodore Gomprey;
3 vols; authorized edition; cloth binding, publisher, John Murray, London.
Government, The New City—Author, Bruere; silk cloth binding.
International Conference of lily Planning—Draft of Proposed Town.
Planning Art
That the town-plaufng movement
ln Canada has come to stay and will
have to be reckoned with In the future
ls demonstrated by the fact that it hus
already engaged the attention of several of our provincial legislatures.
,The year 1912 saw comprehensive
town-planing acts passed In New
Brunswlrk and Nova Scotia, and, last
yeur, A.berta led the way for the
Western provinces. Ontario also has
an act applicable to cities with a population of 60,000 and upwards.
At the forthcoming International
Conference on City Planning, Toronto
on May 25-27, a draft town-planning
act, which It is hoped will be a model
for all Canadian provinces, will be
I submitted to the delegates present by
publisher, John ; a special committee appointed by the
Commission of Conservation. Frank
criticism and fut) discussion of this
proposed act will be Invited. After
being amended in accordance witb the
resolutions of the Conference, copies
will be sent to each provincial government, urging them to enact iegisla-
Great Events by Famous Historians, Tbe—Author, Rossiter Johns, editor-In- j tion along the lines proposed.
chief; edition de luxe; set 455; cloth and silk binding; publisher, Nu-1    As now drafted, the Bill provides
tional Alumni. ; for thc preparing and carrying out of
History, the Economic Interpretation of—Author, James E. Thorald Rogers;   town-planning   projects   by  a   Local
2 vols; fourth edition; linen binding; publisher, T. Fisher Unwln, London, 1898.
History of England, The Industrial and Commercial—Author, James E. Thorald Rogers; 2 vols; publisher, T. Fisher Unwln.
History, A Short, of British Colonial Policy—Author, Hugh Edward Eger-
ton, MA.; cloth binding; publisher, Methuen ft Co., London, 1897,
History of the War in South Africa, 1899-1900, The Times—Edited by L. S.
Amery; 2 vols; publisher, Sampson Low, Marston ft Co., London, 1900.
Boord ln each city or town, subject to
thc approval of a Central Town-Plnn-
nlng Board for the wholo province.
Projects will apply chiefly to land
likely to be used for building purposes, but may, in certain circumstances, include land already built
upon or land unsuitable for building.
Half Hours With the Best Authors, Library of—Author, Charles Knight; 6 j Provision is made for compensation
of private owners If Injuriously affected and for the local authority recovering half of tho unearned Increment
If property values ure Increased.
The Central Board may act on Its own
Initiative If the local board falls to do
its duty or if no local hoard exists.
Under such an act, the growtli of
every town will be regulated so that
streets may be ot adequate width and
In accord with the general plnn of the
town; housing congestion wlll not bo
permitted; sufficient open spnees wlll
bo reserved for parks, squares and
other municipal purposes; nnd health,
amenity and convenience wlll bo given duo consideration In all new building areas and, so far as possible, In
vols; linen binding; publisher, John C, Winston Co., Philadelphia.
History of Our Own Times, A—Author, Justin McCarthy; 2 vols; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Burt, N.Y.
History of Our Own Times—Author, Justin McCarthy; cloth binding; publisher, Harper Bros., N.Y., 1897.
History of Rise and Influence of Rationalism In Europe—Author, W. E. H.
Lecky; cloth binding. ,
History, Speeches and Dispatches Relating to Canadian Constitutional-
Authors, ll. E. Egerton, W. L. Grant; cloth binding; publisher, Musson
Book Co., Toronto.
History of Canada, The—Author, John Mcrcler McMullen; cloth binding;
publisher, McMullen ft Co., 1892.
History of the I Unisons Bay t'ompany—Author, George Bryce, M.A., LL.D.;
second edition; cloth binding; publisher, William Briggs, 1944.
History of the American People—Author, Woodrow Wilson; 5 vols; cloth
binding; publisher, Harper Bros., N.Y, and London, 1908.
History of Civilization in Europe—Author, Gulzot; cloth binding; publisher,
Hooper, Clarke & Co., Chicago.
Hudson Bay Co.'s Land Tcnues, The—Author, Archer Martin, Esq.; cloth | old ones.
binding; publisher, William Clowes * Sons, Ltd., London, 1889.
History of France—Author. M. Uulzot; 8 vols; leather and linen binding;
publisher, The Continental Press, N.Y.
History of Napoleon Bonaparte—Author, J. G. lxckhurt; 2 vols; Criterion
Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. 1,. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
History, Populur, of the Reformation—Author, T. llettany; cloth binding;
publisher, Ward, l,oel; ft llowdcn, 1895.
Historic Side Lights—Author, Howard Pnyson Arnold; cloth binding; publisher, Harper Bros, N.Y. and London, 1899.
History of the Transvaal, The- Author, H. Rider Haggard; linen binding;
publisher, New Amsterdam Book Co., N.Y.
History of tho American Revolution, A Short—Author, Everett Tomllnson;
cloth binding; publisher, Doubleduy, Page ft Co., N.Y., 1901.
History of the Protestants of France—Author, G. de Felice; cloth binding;
publisher, Geo. Routledge ft Co., London, 1863.
Hymns, Sunday School, No.
Usher, Tiilhir-Morodllh
Parisian Nairo  Makes Thin  Lifeless
Hair Nofl and Abundant
Beautiful huir, thick, soft, Huffy,
lustrous, and free from dandruff, is
ono of woman's greatest charms, yet
do many have streaked, thin mid life.
less hair and think there Is no remedy. Pretty hair Is largely a mailer
of care.
Frequent  applications  of   Parisian
Sage well ruliheil Into II Dalp Is all
that Is needed-It acta like mogle.
Try It tonight—you wlll really he surprised with tlio result. Not only wlll
the hair become soft. Huffy, radiant
Edited hy Meredith, etc.; cloth binding; pub-1 with life and really doubly beautiful,
but ull  dandruff  disappears,  falling
History ot the Civil War, Tho photographic —(Seml-Centcnnlal Memorial);
10 vols; half morocco and linen binding; publisher, Review of Reviews.
History of England—Author, T. B. Macaulay; 6 vols; morocco and linen;
publisher, Continental, N.Y.
Helmet of Navarre, The—Author, Bertha Runkle; linen binding; publisher,
Copp, Clarke, Toronto, 1901.
History ot Charlemagne—Author, G. P. R. James; Criterion Library; cloth
binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
History of Emperor Charles V—Author, William Robertson; Criterion Library; cloth binding; publisher, A. L. Fowle, N.Y., 1900.
History of the English People—Author, John Richard Green; 5 vols; buck-
rum binding; publisher, International Co., N.Y., 1899.
History of English Literature—Author, H. A. Talne; cloth binding; publisher, John Wurtale, Lovoll, N.Y.
Horace Greeley—Author, W. A. Linn; Illustrated edition! cloth binding;
publisher, D. Appleton ft Co., N.Y., 1903.
History of Italian Lit rature—Edited by Rossiter Johnson, etc.; edition de
luxe; Illustrated; Italian binding ot 16th contury; edition limited to 600
vols; set No. 312.
Historians History of tbe World, The—25 vols; linen binding; publisher,
The Outlook Co., N.Y., The History Association, London, UM, 1
hair and  Itching  sculp cease—your
head feels line.
All druggists sell n large bottle of
Parisian Sago for fifty cents. Gut It
from the Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.,
they will refund thc money If you aro
not satisfied.
Don't Put Off
•Mlting relief from the illnesses
causedby defective action of tlie organs of digestion. Most serious sicknesses got their a tar tin troubles of
the stomach, liver, bowels—troubles
quickly, eafely, aurely relieved by
Ml •»•»*•**hat*. htiaii.M—|ffc -


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