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Cranbrook Herald Jul 2, 1914

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Array "*'lr.
THURSDAY, JULY 2nd, 1914
Pupils  of Miss Alice Pye Entertain Parents And
Friends in Third Annual Recital
' j Marion   MacKinnon  might  be  mink*,
ut 10.30 u.m. Then) ._. . ,.    ...
.   i These   numbers   were   exceptionally
Tlie third recital by the pupils or, Miss   Wanda   und   Master    Vincent
Miss  Alice   Pye   w**«  iWen  at tho j pink, Mies Kdith Casluko and  Miss
Masonic  hull   last. Tuesday  morning,
Juno 30th, LU14,
was u large attendance or the parol
and   friends   of   lhe   pupils   present | w«» rendered and pleuslng.
and   the   program.   Which   contained     Special prizes were given by MM
over  thirty  numbors,   required  two  W tor rewards of exceptional merit
hours   to   render.     Tin*   pupils   all | •»«"•   diligence   in   practicing.
allowed careful attention tn detail und
every number  was greeted  with     a
round of applause.
The program opened with the work
of  the   youngest   pupils ,und   ended
in practicing, frizes
were awarded to MIhh Annettu Hrnult
and Miss Muriel Uuxter, second
prizes to Miss Muy Hrniubuugh and
M-fctor John Woods und specluls to
Muster Verne Woodman, Miss Wanda
with selections from tho old masters *»nd Master Vincent Pink.
given   hy  older   pupils      Among   the
more (InlHlieil renditions mention of
The following wus the program ron
ih red:
tliem all information likely to be of
use or Interest.
I'uder Instructions of the association
Messrs. Parks ami Flumerfelt are now
to kin a comprehensive trip throughout
Western Canada with u view of setting tli>   board together, adding to the
membership list and/ generally creating Interest In the plans and aspirations or tin* association, in conclusion we may State that, although tlle
association is. as yet. still quite
youthful, the support it lias received
to date Is most gratifying. Tht* list
of those who have agreed to act on its
board contains Uie nanus of district
Industrial commissioners, mayors,
reeves ami other prominent citizens,
Pioneer llesldenl of llie I'll) Stricken
With Henri Failure thing Only
Ken .Moments
l'AKT I.
Reigeu (Circle Dance)   Schumann
Misses Ruth and Faith Kendall
L'Hirondelle  (The Swallow) Gohbaerts
Miss Annette Brault
Call of Posthorn, Op. 575, No. 22	
Miss Edith Murgatroyd
The Bells —
Uoatr.ee,  the   beloved   wife  of  Mr.
W. H. Greaves, of this city, died very
suddenly lust Monday night of acute
heart failure.    Mr. Greaves, who ls a
conductor on the C.P.R., was away on
tils regular passenger run and did
.Behr I not reach the city until Tuesday noon.
i She had been feeling lu the best of
 I health,    and    accompanied    by    her
First Waltz
Galop Op. 82.
Miss Marjorie Burton     ■ ' df»,B,lter' «»■" Delia Greaves, wus
Prlere du Matin (Morning Prayer) Streabbog i visiting a neighbor Mrs. t. 0. Arm-
Miss Faith Kendall . Htr«»«- ln tIll! ovenln*   Ju8t ft* H,'e!
Two Nurserv Rhvines   rtarted   homo   she    commenced   to
iwo wursery nuyinen ••••••• puggy Cftt  puggy Cftt; cmigI, Hl|gllt-y but tnmight „0thlng of |
 Taffy  Wafl  a  Welshman ' that and proceeded on her way home, j
 Master Warren Bowness »'»" *■'<* ™f<* "J'1"™ ntu. ,***''.
smss.   «l        *      ai   . k ».„],».., Kootenay Telephone oflice she sudden-
The Charming Shepherded ...^. ^ ]y ^J^ ^ ^ np hw ,wml8
Plenlc Dance .' Splndler tailing on the walk, ,
Miss Marlon Drummond I   Her cry was heard st the doctor b ;
 Schmoll i office across thc street und Hhe wan j
Master OttO Glil    " '. hurriedly sent to the St. Eugene hos- |
9 _ Webb   pltal wliere she succumbed to the sll-
 Master John Woods : ™l messenger a few minutes later ,
Sine Rnliin Sine     Tl"! "cws "' *"* mMpa ''cutl1 camt '
6  jl'isB Eunice Parrett" '' I *">«' ■> »h»ik '° l,or mm» Me<"'*'
m.iotto On  272 No 1  Duvernod . some of whom had seen her In appar-
Biueue, up. ut,      .Misg. ^.gB|. WoMman Mll g01ld „„„,, llml Sllll.,ts the day
The Pair, Op. 101, No. 8 Ourlltt | betore.
Master Frank Bridges j    Mr. anil Mrs. aroavoa are among thc
Dorothy (an old English Dance) S-nlth pioneer residents of the city, having
M|g8 Ruth Kendall : resided here first about fourteen years |
gchottislie Webb ago.   They came here from Fort Wil-
Miss Mabel Cameron
In Rank and Kile, Op. 249, No. 1 I*a>ige
Master Verne Woodman
March of Little Sages	
Miss Ethel Clapp
Slumbe*- Song, Op. 101, No. 6. , OurliU
Master Eric MacKinnon
A Dream aus "Tansend und elne Nachte"..
Miss Marlon MacKinnon
Variations. No. Hi (original) Mozart
Miss Edith Caslake
Bauernmarscli (Peasant's March) Op. 77. No. 14 Relnccke
Miss May Branibaugh
Spinning Song    ■•••••••••; Ellmenreich
F Miss Muriel Baxter
Wachterlled Chant du gardien Grieg
Miss Bertha Olll
Eclat de Rire (In Merry Mood) Op. 49, No. 3 Tarenghi
Miss Helen Bridges
May Bells Ringing. Op. 67 Siewerl
Miss Bernadette Doyle
The Waler Nymph. Op, 13, No. 3. >*><'"'
Miss Wanda Pink
Miss Krancis Noble
ill   xo. 3 Ilorvath
Miss Dora Pye
Miss llerl Cameron
.     „.  Thome
La Slrent'  :'."."', *
Miss Lottie Leask
Xo. 14 Mendellsohn
'Muster Vincent Pink
 Herwtth w
Mr. Wiifred Dallas
•***•'" s;"1;,...;.. a s va^t ax ""
I ranbrook    HVII    Represented   und
Carried oil'  Mail)   lienor** In
Program of Sport Events
Kernie was en fete for the occasion of the celebration oi Dominion
day on Wednesday and provided an
excellent prugruui til' sports and entertainment for everyone. ,\ very
large number of dranbrook citizens
including many members of the fair
box made the trip to enjoy the good
time, and Incidentally tliey brought
iiome some bf tlie honors on the program of sports.
The lacrosse and baseball teams
won their respective games, although
It waa hinted that the visitors were
somewhat Inelcy. Anyway the boys
worked hard and are to be congratulated. Thr* weather was perfeet for
the occasion wltli good warm sunshine.
lu the sports M. Murray took the
100 yards dash (open I wltli ease and
won second place In the high Jump
with four feet eleven Inches. Lee
Sims ran away from the other married men lit the 100 yard dash finishing In grand style.
Dave Moore nnd !•.. A. Lutes won
the wood sawing contest, cutting a
:'.l Inch log in 1 minute 10 seconds. Tn
the wood chopping competition D.
Moore was lirst and 10. A. Lutes
Krancis, the Mission Indian, won
the pony relay race   All the events
one, two .three order iu the remaining innings.
The Oranbrook infield composed of;
Adaui-on. Mclnnes. Burr and Sullivan
played groat ball, and hit like fiends,
while the outlield, with Crowe, Cry-!
demon, und Sims kept up to the,
standard. Crlsler and E. Crowe
worked well together and had the
Kernie hitters at tlieir mercy throughout.
and  Crowe;    Pernie,   Hoffman    and
The teams play a return match on
Wednesday, .inly 8th.
Score by Innings—
Pornle   01002000 o—;i
Cranbrook .... 04 hoooo x—5
Methodists Arranging to Again Hold Ten Days Session, August 4th to 14th,
Special preparations are being made I been placed on the program. The
by Itev. \V. B. Dunham, who has ! object of this summer school is two-
The batteries, Cranbrook: Crlsler charge of the Methodist summer , fold, being to stimulate, educate and
school, which will be held at Moyle , enthuse the workers of the church as
lake ngain this season. The school j well as providing an enjoyable ten
will be held from August 4th to 14th j days' outing and picnic,
and several leading workers in the j The following is the daily program
church will be in attendance and have i which has been outlined:
7.30 a.m.—The call to awake.
8.00 a.m.—Breakfast.
9.00 a.m. to 11' noon—Study period.
1—Bible Study, Dr. Sanford and Dr. Thomas
2—Missions, Dr. White, Dr. Thomas and Uev. D. M.
Perley, B.A.
3—Religious Education, Hev. J. P. West man and Dr.
4—Social Service. Dr. Thomas and Uev. J. P. West man
One speaker for each subject each day.
2 p.m. to ti p.m.—Recreation.   A good time for everybody.
ti p.m.—Dinner.
8 p.m.—Public gathering on the Lake Shore.
Addresses, Lantern Pictures, Stories and Camp Fire.
10.30 p.m.—Good night.
WHAT   TO   BRING—Goodcheer.   friends   and    bedding.
1,0X0 WALK roit
Nugusakl   Correspondent   Travelling
From Vancouver to Toronto
od Foot
J. Miya (lawn, a Japanese correspondent for the Nagasaki Press, an .
Ijngltsh paper published In Nagasaki,
Japan, at rived In Cranbrook last Sa-
turday on one of the most unique I "
tours of the country ever made by a j -
newspaper man. Mr. Qawa left Vancouver on March 26th, and Is walking
from there to Toronto, thence to New
This tour ou foot is made in the In
terest of tlie newspaper which he co-
presents as well as for the purpose 0ft Nothing more needed.   If you have not any of the above we will
gathering data for publishing a book | BUpply yon.
which wlll be printed In both Knglish
and Japanese languages. He expects
to reach Toronto In a few months and
were well contested and Kernie took ' wlll then walk to New York.     After
Everybody is expected to lend
the entire outing one groat big picnic,
ii  helping hand  lo make
a fair share of the prizes, and there
was not a dull moment during the
entire afternoon.
After the program of sports there
was a real Indian pow-wow, in which
about three hundred Indians took
part participated In by the Stony Indians from Montana, and from the
Mission and Tobacco Plains.
reaching New York Mr. (lawu wlll return to Japan by way of Sun Fran-
To provide a means of combining a pleasant holiday outing
with healthy, stimulating study for the workers of the Church.
cisco, visiting the big fair before re- j Our problem is to secure efficient leadership.    We ask you to
turning  home.    He expects to ride | unite with us iu lhe solving of our problem.
tliis part of the Journey.
lie was educated iu the United
States and has acted us correspondent
on various papers both In Japan and
iu Cunadu.    He has resided in  Vie-
The Fernie band ployed splendidly ' torln since 1907.
111am, and resided in tills place about
, four years, going then to Medicine
Hat, and then returning here about
three years ago. They have beeu mar*
riel for tlie past .'! years. Besides
the sorrowing husband, two children
are left to mourn ber loss. Tliey are
. . . .Relnecke James and Delia, both residents of tht
Funeral   services   were   held   from
, tlie Catholic church witli requiem high
: both afternoon and evening und en-
I livened things considerably.
In the evening tlie boxing contest
, between Weeks and (Tvunnl was won
' by Weeks, who administered the
sleeping potion to his husky opponent
' In the second round.
The  Lacrosse dlaiue
I The teams were evenly matched and
I put U)> a tine exhibition. The Femle
; hoys are showing considerable lm-
i provement In form und the locals are
looking for a warm contest when
, they meet next In Cruubrook on July
: l^th.    The game was u tie at the end
muss ut !t.::u this (Thursday) morning,   of time and they decide tti play un
Push in Hoots..
Der Acrobat, Op.
Lleder obue Worte.
gong of tbe Brook.
conducted by Kev. Father Plainoudmi
The pall bearers were T. C. Armstrong, P. O'Hara, Fd. Shackieton,
Dan Burton, Joe Jackson and A. Genest. A great profusion of floral offerings were showered over tlie remains,
.nternu'iit was made in the Roman
Catholic cemetery.
St. F.m.'1-iH- Nurses and Friend*. Have
Enjoyable  l'lrntr  Pur >   Last
additional live minutes, Crnnbrook
scoring the winning goal on a well
directed shot hy Matthews, after four
minutes and forty seconds, winning
the game ll—4.
ln the lirst quarter Cranbrook secured the first goal by McMillan In
four minutes und three seconds. Ferule scored in nine minutes and thlr-
l> seconds by Borland.
Tlie third goal was mnde In tlie
second quarter by Ctode for Fernie,
in thirty seconds.
In  the third  period  Manahan  scored lor Cruubrook In 1.0 seconds and
l-turland  for   Ferule  in  five
ilfty seconds.
When he arrivcil in Cranbrook Mr.
Qawa wore a battered straw ,hat
which had evidently seen considerable
rough weather. He speaks Knglish
fluently und states that he had a very
pleasant journey so fnr. He has sen-red much information and feels,
able to write u very comprehensive
description of British Columbia. Id
tills district he was especially interested In the lumbering Industry and
remarked on the vast amount of Idle
land thut looked good for farming
purposes. He came through the
Boundary country, where he visited
the various mines and smelters. At
Creston he was much interested In
the fruit orchards. He left Sunday
for Fernie, which he expected to
make ln three days. With his various
stops he Is only uhle to make about
twenty miles per day.
Hev. J. II. White. IU).. Superintendent of Missions
Uev. A. M. Sanford, D.D., Principal of Columbian College
Uev. I). K. Thomas, Ph.D.. Edmonton. Alia.
Rev. J. P. Weatman, Calgary. Aha.
Leaving Cranbrook Thursday Evening
and Kpturnlntr Saturday Mora-
lag Week of Chahko Mika
J. I*. Fink, Esq., Sec. Cranbrook Board
of Trade, Cranbrook, B.C.
Dear Sir: We have arranged with
the C.P.R. for a special train to leave
('ranbrook at 7 p.m. on Thursday, July
16th, the boat to meet It at Kootenay
landing, and bring you in to Nelson
and tie up at the wharf. The passengers can sleep on the boat and have
breakfast there.
The return trip would leave Nelson
at about 1 a.m. on Saturday morning
after the boxing contest was over and
would get you back to Cranbrook, If
you so wish, by 8 a.m. Saturday. The
fare for the round trip would be $5.55.
This, however, does not include berth
.......     .      „.,  .. . ..    t*   m on the boat, which would be extra.
Control Centered oi "Abolish tbe Bar"
llculflng In Election of 83 l'«i-     j    T!,e tlcket wouW al*° ■" »™ilable
-mathem 9ft Liberal* aid :t0 return on *** re*u,ar traln on s"
t Independents turday, Sunday or Monday.
We hope that you will find this con-
throush marketing many bad, and inferior eggs. Investigation iuto this
phase of the poultry Industry evinced
the fact that while the wholesalers
were not themselves directly responsible for the losses und shrinkage,
they had at their disposal the most
effective means tor improvement,
vii: The making of a difference, not
only between the prices paid for good
and bad eggs, but also between tun
prices paid for the various grades of
good eggs. The object of this pamphlet are to encourage tlie grading of
eggs, which can only be done by the
use of an egg tester; ti'e payment of
eggs according to quality, thus placing a premium on first class eggB, and
tae adoption of a uniform system of
marketing, which would protect not
enly the producer anJ the consumer
but also the merchant. Copies of this
pamphlet may be obtined upon application to the Publications Branch,
Department of Agriculture. Ottawa.
Popular Cranbrook People Married In
Oar Lady of l-nurdi-* Church,
Two of Cranbrook's most popular
young people have been successfully
snared by that
er busy little rogue,
DOtl Cupid, with the result that this
morning, Thursday. Jyly 8. -"H* MiHH
Alice C McDonald and Mr, William K.
Gllno were led before Hymen's ultar
In Our Udy ol Uurdes Church,
Bpokune. Wash, nnd united In the
holy bonds or matrimony.
The bride has I n teaching In the
public school for the poet two years. |
Miss Darkle, another teacher, was
bridesmaid, Mr. Tripp was groomsman. The bride .hus a wide circle of
devoted friends in tlie city and the
groom has served the O.P.R. In the
official capacity ns chief train des-
patcher for u long term of years and
la widely known throughout the district.
Mr. find Mrs. A. 1*. McDermot and
little daughter Patricia accompanied
Mr. CHne to Spokane on Tuesday and
were tho only other guests ut the
wedding ceremony.
The happy young couple left Spokane immediately for u three months'
honeymoon trip. They will salt from
Boston on July llth for Burope and
on tlieir return from thc old country
wlll make un extended tour of the
United Stntes nnd Canada,
Panama Publicity  Association Interesting Western Canada In
1'anama C\i>o*!lloii
At a time when we are wondering
What tbat cbanco ot tho age, tbe
l'uuamu Exposition. Is going to do for
Western Canada, it Is Interesting to
learn that Mr. W. 8. Parks and Mr.
W, K. Flumerfelt will bo In our city
shortly In connection with the concerns of the Panama Kxposltton Pub-
Hetty association of Western Cannda ,|mH(, Wn„
It should be noted tbat this orgnnlv,-: advantage
At the invitation of the nurses of
St. Eugene hospital the following were
asked lo join them in a picnic to m the fourth quarter Crowe scored greaHjp redu{W the Confie„atIve ma. j
Fish Lakes on Monday, June Nth; for Cranbrook in four minutes ten | JorHy *n ^ |egtalatttre( 0P w$a ^
Miss   Williams,  Miss  Shank,  Messrs. , seconds. ' Into power, failed today.   What made i
11. W. Supple. H. I.. McCreery. Q. H. |    fnv  winning   soul   for   Cranbrook
McCreery. Dr. Davis. R. W. Henry, C.   ww Ht.„rpj |„ 4 40 uy Matthews.
Draper.  Ed.  Doolan and O. Drls-      Thfl  toHow|||g  W(W  tUe  ||np.up  of
tow, making up four nutomoblle loads,   .^   (W() t)1(im(|.
whicli were kindly loaned by Messrs.        (ii)i Cranbrook
Mrs. King and Green. McCreery Bros,
R. E. Beattie and N. Hanson.
Fish Lake wns reached at l-'.-'lO.
when lunch wus served, after whicli
fishing and boating were indulged in i
Toronto, June M-After one of the venlen| ttd thftt we will have a very  n<ll||r(of- D„ shwt WoB „, visitor,
mluutoi  WttOTMt SPBteete in the history of,On-  Urfe representation from Cranbrook
1 tarlo politics, the herculean effort on I at mir ,.arnival.
the part of the Libera) opposition to j
for an hour or so, when it was de-1
elded that some of the party should:
proceed to Bull Hiver Falls and prepare  supper,  to  ho  Jolnod  later  by
ation  Is no  private  concern  but
wished to remain to take
of the fishing.
pper was served at the falls at
.   , jlock, after which the time, till
public enterprise, being chartered by  ^ mxm jouniov W0H taKen „p (n
the provincial government under the   viewing the fulls.
Benevolent Societies Act.    In regard '    The Journey out was without tnls-
to Its work It has a two-fold objec- j hap but on the return, one ear was
Unfortunately      delayed      somewhat
tlve* ! with blowouts.
ln the first place It wlll leave no      ^ ^^ |t§eK ^ ft V(1|iy mv.
stone unturned to interest those visit-. ^-^ ^ im) a|J f(i)t grat(tfH* for
Hovuii       McKay
Black   ' Scott
Cover point
Smythe    McPhee
First   Defense
Kirkpatrlck      Duff
Second defense
Collins       Hathie
Third defense
Cody   Leitch
: the contest so heated was the issue
i which was the slogan of the Liberals,;
I "Abolish the bar." By Insistence on
tlu* fact that the prohibition of the
! liquor traffic In Ontario was the su-
; preme Issue In the campaign, the parties were actually aligned as for or
ugulnst the prohibition of the retail
trude In liquor In the province (only
: federal legislation can  prohibit    the
Yours truly,
H. W. Rust,
Nelson Carnival Co., Ltd.
B.C.. July I'Tth. 1914.
b>  the Narrow Marvin of
Eight Points
manufacture of liquor).
As a result of today's voting, which
was very heavy,   more   especially lu
The semi-annual election of officers
of the Onward Bible class took place
on July 1st.
In the afternoon the class went for
a ramble, returning to the Bible class
room at six o'clock. Mr. Rendall,
convenor of the social committee, and
his able staff of workers, including
Mrs. Chas. Patmore, Mrs. (J. Patmore,
The range of the Cranbrook Civilian
Rfn> association wa.- a popular place
on Wednesday. The second shoot for
the Baker cup was held in the morning and was won by C. GUI with a
Lister being second with
the  rural  consituencles, the  Liberal   Mrs. W. E. Dunham. Miss Quance and
opposition gained thirteen seats In
the new legislature, the Conservatives
gained nine seats, and the Independents two,   Tlie new house will be com-
Waldlo  .7.7.'  CHnmben |'""""' ,"""•."' " <'™»t'r™'l"»
Liberals and J Independents.
Sir   James   Whitney,   the
Third home
Todhuntcr       Crowe
Second home
MeDougall       McMIIInn
First bomo
Wilson      < 'alahan
Outside hoim
premier of the province, and the
leader of the government party, had
his majority in lunulas reduced by
nearly ."on. Hon. Dr. Rheaume, former
minister of public works, was the only
Ing the exposition in tlie great possi- j t||r ,Avamnt timfl 8,)imt unmT „„(.],! nupl)(m| ' ^   ' '      Manahan 'member "' th< 'urn|,r «*!•»■* to **
bllltles and resources of Western Can
ada and to pave the way for the investment of foreign money ln our In
dustrles. It will also collect and tabu
late Information likely to prove use
ful and generally do all It can to pro
mote the material well-being of Can
ada's two moBt westerly provinces.
Secondly, the association will main
fain " '     "'"'
; ideal weather.
Inside home
Referee— M. a. Kastner.
Timekeeper—F.  Ryekman
One of the largest crowds of the: Thr  Mii-elisll  l-stnc
present season turned out to listen to i    fhe baseball contest between Fertile concert given by the Cranbrook j nie an(j cranbrook resulted In a vlc-
, city bund last Sunday evening.    The  |orj* tor   the   latter   after    a    hard
down-town   bureau   in   San , new H0(ltH werfl wen *\\\6n and several \ fought,   exciting   struggle,   by   the
defeated.    A   three-cornered   contest
Matthews Iln Wln,,'*,,r rpM''tftd in his elimination
1 and the election of Rev. J. C. Tolrale,
a Liberal, who Is the Presbyterian mln-
! Ister of thc town.
N. W. Rowell, leader of the Liberals,
was elected In his riding. North Ox-}
ford, with a majority of 98.
Francisco and wlll, therefore, bo In u
most advantageous position for advising and extending a helping hand to
visitors from Western Canada. These
can hardly fall to appreciate the advantage of having somewhere to meet
friends, have letters addressed, learn
of reputable lodgings, etc.. etc.
The affairs of the association will be
under the management ot a board of
directors, which will be composed of
Influential members from every district of British Columbia and Alberta.
In this way tho Interests of each and
every locality wilt be effectually
guarded* The association, too. will do
everything In Its power to help the
work of the local boards of trade and
publicity aeseclalloas hy forwarding to
people were still on thc walks.
The following program will be rendered next Sunday evening, commencing ut AM o'clock:
March—Oolden  Dome   Taylor
Overture—The Golden Crescent   ..
Waltzes—Southern    Dreams. .Lincoln
Medley—Selection     Ijimpe
Serenade—Moonlight In Venice....
March -Wedding  iFeast Taylor
Cod Save the King
James Austin, Bandmaster.
score of fl—5.   It was the second game
of the year for Craubrook. and Jtldg-
McVItttc,   beloved   wife   of
Ing by the game put up by them It (Thomas T. McVittle.of Fort Steele,
will take u team of much more thai:
average ability    to lower the colors
of tiie local boys.
Fernie started the scoring by
crossing the plate ln their half of the
second, but Cranbrook by some
heavy artillery work, put four runs
across. Pernio came buck with two
ln tlie fourth on n hit, a pass and two
errors, hut Cranhrook made sure of
the gume by putting one across in
the fifth.   From then until the ninth,
Miss Bird had an excellent spread
ready for the hungry ramblers on
• heir arrival.
Afterwards the report! of the half
vear were given.
Mr. It. Hockey, retiring president,
In a few well chosen words, thanked
the officers and members of the clans
for the support they had given him
during the past six months. The re*
jHirt of the secretary was then read
and adopted, Tiie report of the treasurer showed a favorable balance in
Then followed the election of officers, which are as followu:
C. W. Rendall—Hon. President.
M. T. Harris—President.
A. Ashworth—Vice-President.
Kev. W. E. Dunham-—Teacher.
K. M. Spencer—Secretary,
Miss Bgger—Treasurer.
After au exceptionally good vocal
und Instrumental program, of which
Mr. C, P. Nidd and Mr. It. Hockey were
the prominent numbers, games were
Indulged In and the singing of Auld
l-ang Syne brought a most enjoyable
day to u close.
in tbe afternoon the contest with
Pernie was held, the visitors arriving
in automobiles late In the afternoon.
Fernie captured the 200 and 600
yard events and Cranbrook took the
000 yard event. The total scores
were Cranbrook, hs7; Perhle, s»5.
Mln ton, of Fernie was hi|-h man. with
96, and P. Bean was second with 90 for
the three ranges. The weather was
ideal for good shooting, and the COO-
te*t was very interesting throughout
The following is the complete score
of the shoot:
died at the Royal Jubilee hospital,
Victoria, B.C., on Thursday, Jane
2tith. Funeral took place on Saturday at 10.no o'clock from the B.C.
Funeral Chapel, where service was
conducted, and Interment made In the
Koss Bay cemetery.
Mrs. McVittie was recently taken to
the coast to undergo an operation and
she was reported convalescing after
the operation, when the news came of  Brown, J. II. Hare and W. II. Ault.
her sudden death.    The family have This pamphlet points out thnt an a re-
n   on i resided In this district for many years  suit uf the "flat rate" or "case count
"The Payment for Kggs According
to Quality" Is the subject of pamphlet | Sadler
No, ll of the Poultry division of the
Live Slock brunch, prepared by W. A.
>-d». T'l
Minion   ....
...    'Ml
31    9f,
1"   ll.an   ...
...    Vj
Uiwe   ......
...    ':,'!
U    hs
Wallace   —
U   ^
Bleudale   .
F. Bi-on    ••
Bscbwlg   ...
....   M
Mitchell  ...
....    2C
! Muter   	
....    32
i Tisdale    ....
....    29
McKenzlP   ..
....    29
C. (illl   	
....    31
....    27
..    30
....    2f.
Sadler   ....
....    26
313      303
71 8S7
Mra. It. Argue left laat Tuesday for although  tho  winner*  had
a short vIhIi to Montreal, from whence I baaea lu every Inning they failed to | and the aymiiathy of a host of friends system of uurcheslng. Canadian' farm
she will k" to Vuncouver and other score,  due to   hard luck
points. . I base  running.    Kernie  went out
and   poor I la extended to Mr. McVittie lu his aud-1 ers, during the past ten years, h«ve
ont out In'den bereavement. 'lost annually Urge sunu of money
Mrs. K. J, Deane left Monday for
H|H>knne, wliere she wlll undent"
treatment nt the Bpokanc general hospital under the well known oculist
and surgeon. Dr. Harvey. PAGE TWO
THURSDAY, JULY 2nd, 1914 —
W. E. WODDEM, Pcop'r
66  PHONE  66
Dry Slab Wood
Rick Wood
Baggage Transfer
Sand and Gravel Supplied
Giant Powder
Moving Pianos a Specialty
Furniture and Baggage
I. R. TIIOMI'SUS. Mllor and Hanaj-cr
Supscrlptlun Hales
One   Year     $200
Six Months          1.00
Three Mouths    50
Advertising Kates
Oiaplay   Advertlsiue.   25   cents   per
Column Inch.
Heading Notices or C'lusslllcd Ads. 10
cents per lino. '
('ranbrook, 1U', Jul} 2nd. IHU
J. MILNE, Manager
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
Howard Ht. and Trent Ave.
a nevTand
A noderu equipped Cafe at moderate
Rate. 11.00 and up per day
Our luie meeta all train!
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB QOETZ, President
HARRY F. BAER, Secretary
A.K 4o»m T.J. Dims
I'fimi. :lR<t PllOtl. lui
ll,,. 1 test
Jones & Doris
Contractors and Builders
l.ft u* Qu.lit* V'«i PrlcM Man
Yim Build
Hi*** ua hIiduI, *inur Ctitiprttt Mil
UuaftUPiit Work
The store with h Refutation
Kootenay's Greatest DruJ
and BooK Store
The Beattie-Murphy
Co., Ltd.
Wliere It Vnyn tn Drill
A teacher of 15 years European practice wishes to give
lesBons in French. First pupils
$4.00 a month; eight lessons.
He uses the most modern
method of teaching.
Box Nl Phone 405
1 Ladles and grntlonicn'H hats, any
style or material, renovated, remodelled or rebloeked.
1Re«t of work and HattH faction guar-
IS Fenwklt Ave. I'lione 20*4
Builder and Contractor
P.O. Box ly* Cranbrook, B.C.
lUnufacturer    of    Cement    Blocks
Chimney Blocks and Porch
Concrete Work a Specialty
Prices Right
It is with Uie deepest regret tlmt
the loyal subjects ot His Majesty In
British Columbia view the alarming
Americanization ot London, That this
Iwldtous attempt to the annexation cf
the source of imperialism is being'
carried on under the very none of the
government In made manifest by re-
cent startling revelations to the effect
tliat WlUiam Randolph Hearst hus
purchased the Pall Mall Gazetto. it
will be seen frum this that the rumor
of annexation has Its foundation in
the most solemn and fear-In spiring
truth, for Mr. Hearst Is already the
owner of Nash's Magazine and the
London Hudget.
The lirst attempt to Americanize
London was when the Cecil hotel established an American bar. Thin Innovation, while regarded as dangerous, was not felt to be part of a deliberate campaign. Most of the menace
was taken from the Invasion by the
employment of London bartenders
who do not know the difference between a Bronx cocktail and a Horse's
Neck, But It was not to stop there.
With machiavellian astuteness the
American government employed thousands of wealthy tourists to make an
annual pilgrimage to London, stopping at the best hotels and educating
the lift boys to speak of elevators.
This resulted hi the introduction of
bath rooms In connection with the
rooms, au Innovation which can only
be regarded as a smart Yankee
These patent evidences of an American Invasion are sufficient to prove
the grave danger Into which the British empire has been Involved. Then,
like ii holt out of a blue sky, Mr.
Hearst steps in and buys up several
Knglish periodicals. The whole dastardly scheme Is exposed. Kngland Is
In the tolls and only prompt action
on the part of the authorities will
free the Motherland from the foreign
yoke. The diabolical cleverness of the
American government, whicli was recently caught trying to*sifp the boun-
ilaryllae a few thousands miles nortli
one stormy night is revealed in the Invasion of London. Had It not been
for the far-seeing wisdom und penetration of the Times correspondent in
Toronto. Sir .lohn Willson. Canada
today might bc u mere adjunct of the
United States, nothing more or less
than Champ Clark's backyard.
Canada and the British empire
stand aghast at the Americanization
of London. The whole world holds Its
breath while awaiting the action of
the Times' correspondents throughout
thc Empire, Will they dash Into the
breach and protect the Empire? Seizing their fountain pens und typewriters and leaving all else behind but a
toothbrush will they make haste to
London and throw themselves Into the
battle? This is their hour of duty.
While they were guarding the outposts of the Empire, the foe has
stolen Into the capital itself. Hasten, hasten, ye valiant correspondents.
Without you all Is lost.—Vancouver
Saturday Sunset
I.M of Promotions ut Central Public i
School, Which Closed
*    Lust  Week.
The public schools of Cranbrook
closed last Friday for the summer
holidays. A goodly number of the
children are already packing up preparatory to moving to tlie country,
where most of them will spend their
ell earned vacation.
The following Is a report of the
pupils attaining perfect attendance
for the month of June, together with
the promotion list:
Division 111.
Oordon Argue
Margaret Davis
May Dunning
Sydney Murgatroyd
Kdwln Malcolm
Alec. Mennle
May Malcolm
Agnes Reekie
Morion Henderson
Candace Henderson
Mary Renex
Alexn Messenger
Velma Patmore.
The Pink of Health
is every woman's right;
but many are troubled
with sallow complexions,
headaches, backaches, low
spirits—until they learn that
sure relief may be found in
Direction*. *t StecUl Vilw la Winn with E«i7 ■*•
Sold -t-.rywb.r-..    lu Mat*, 25 cents
Harold  Haslam
Jennie Hopkins
Ing Wai Hoy
Faith K mdall
RUth Kendall
Wilfred Kennedy
Allan Lacey
Walter Laurie
Harold Leask
Annie MclHruie
Grace McFarlane
Dewey McNeil
Edith Muryntroyd
Dorothy Reed
Doris Sainsbury
Clifford st. Eloi
Eilwurd Turner
David Watson
Barbara Oreen     ,
Alfred Sindall
Crossley Taylor
Division VI.
Merle Bennett
Mary Bartlam
Christine ('arson
Charlie Chapman
Fanny Oartsido
Ralph Oreen
Herman Hollander
Russell Leask
Lily Lancuster
Ella   McOoldrlc
Erie MacKinnon
Alinn Sarvis
Kathleen Snook
Viola Sarvis
Hilph Simpson
John Turner
Freda Taylor
Vivian Fraser
Flossie Robinson
May Lancaster
Donald Dallas
Verne Woodman
Roy Roblchaud
DI pi sion   7
Leonard Burton
Willie Oeorge
Gertrude Hopkins
Ella Kendall
Fred Briggs
Maud Malcolm
Martha Messlnger
Cyril Selby
Maud Scott
Ray Scott
Ruth Simpson
Stun Speers
John Stevens
Garfield Taylor
Norman Wasson
Sam Watson
Bessie Woodman
Division X
Malcolm Brogan
Meryl Carson
Hlng Gun
Alice Hallett
Frank Hawkesworth
Dorothy Henderson
Dorothy Henderson
Oladys Johnson
That Almost Run Themtelvei
Priced from
Get One From
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware and Furniture
Kllllaril   Itciiim  anil  Clirtir
For   n   Quirt   Hum*   of
rocket  Milliard*, or
liilfll-li lllllh.nl,
Nothing stops the stinging,
smarting and Itching like Zam-
Buk. Don't let the children, or
yourself, suffer longer. Apply
Zam-Buk and be "bite-proof I"
50c 4ui. all Draff st, ..J Sums.
Ralph Ladds
Harry Louis
Orey Moseley
Florence Renlx
Eric Stone
Willie Stuart
Irene Taylor
Davie Watson
Willie Inline Woodman
Promoted to Entrance Class
Division IU.
Oordon Argue
Philip Briggs
Celia ('arson
Margaret Davis
William Daniels
Mary Dunnin
Herbert Fyles
Bertha GUI
Merrltt Leask
Bernard Lees
Sydney Murgatroyd
Edwin Malcolm
Alec. Mennle
Mary Malcolm
Oladys Spence
Division IV.
Sr. III. to Jr. IV.
Muriel Baxter (honors)
John Noble (honors)
Hugh Fraser (honors)
Mary Barnhardt m
Willie Atchison
Melville Dallas
Oordon McKenna
Barclay McNeil
Milo Drummond
Josephine Severe
GrenvlBe Musser
Nettle Robinson
Francis Cadwallader
Nellie Marcellals
Charles Armstrng
Fred Swain
Orvll Thompson
Gordon Taylor
Jr. III. to Sr. III.
Evelyn Moore
Mary Mann
Frank Bridges
Division V.
Jr. III. to Sr. III.
Irene Beech
Nina Belanger
Oladys Brooks
Ruby Deacon
Grace Doris
Barbara Green
Harold Haslam
Hattle Hollander
Jennie Hopkins
ing Wal Hoy
Violet Jones
Faith Kendall
Ruth Kendall
Walter Laurie
Harold Leask
" Graco McFarlane
Mabel McGoidrlc
Nellie McKenna
Dewey McNeil
Wltma McNabb
Dorothy Reed
Violet Simpson
Alfred Sindall
Doris Sainsbury
Clifford St. Eloi
Lily Taylor
Edward Turner
David Watson
Irani Ward
Division VII.
Promoted to Jr. 111.
Ruby Appleyurd
Kathleen Atchison
Norman Beech
Herbert Brudley
Danny Daniels
Faith Ewin
Willie George
Ella Kendall
Maud Malcolm
Hugh MacDonald
Annie Parnaby
Maud Scott
Helen Worden
On Trial
Martha Messlnger
Joseph Mueller
Joseph Pattinson
Ray Scott
Garfield Taylor
Roy Leask
Bessie Woodman
Division VIII.
Promoted to Division VII. Sr. Second
Isabel Parker
Patricia McDermot
Vera Baxter
Murray Henderson
Roderick Kennedy
Alfred Jollffe
Lenore Little
Jack Wark
Elizabeth Chapman
Christopher Duckerlng
Gordon Armstrong
Maggie Carr
Howard Brodcn
Louise Kelsey
Eneas Hoggarth
Jimmy Logan
Thomas Hoggarth-
Gerald CHne
Ethel Clapp
Him Hlng
Kitty Rosendale
Charles Musser
On Trial
Stanley Fyles
James George
Promoted to Division 7, Jr. Second
Dorothy Leask
Lena Brogan
Gerald Bartlam
Vivian Kummer
Willie Leask
Freda O Shorne
Donald Morrison
Margaret Leask
Norvel Caslake
Gordon Woodman
Hope Taylor
On Trlnl
James Kemball
Promoted to Division IX. from Division X.
Second Primer
Malcolm Brogan
Hlng Gun
Gladys Johnson
Rovennn McOlnnlss
Grey Moseley
Gertrude Scott
Eric Stone
Sr. First Primer
Mildred Clarke
Harvey Dixon
Jack Dixon
Julia Frost
'Frank Hawkesworth
Ralph Ladds
Madge Johnson
Paddy Kennedy
George Nicholas
I , Tlu- weekly halt-holiday will be In | past few years.   The present move
I vogue In Cranbrook this year during '' here In purely voluntary on the part
the montlis of July nml August. Most I uf the merchants, the Retail Clerk's
! of the larger towns in British Colum-1 association securing the signatures of
bin have Incorporated the weekly half! tlie various business houses to the
holiday Into their civic bylaws in the j agreement us given below:
We, the undersigned merchants of Cranbrook, agree to
close our places of business at 12 o'clock noon on the following
dates: Wednesday, July 8th, July l&th, July 22nd, July 29th;
August 5th. August 12th, August tilth and August 2(lth. (July
1st being a legal holiday we agree to close all day) thus con-
si lluting a Wednesday half holiday during the months of July
■ and August.
Division IV.
Charles Armstrong
Horatio Jecks
John Noble
Nettle Robinson
Kred Swain
Gordon Taylor
Hugh Fraser
Mary Mann
David Heckle
.Margaret Lacey
Ferris lion/an
Frank llrldyes
Division V.
Nina llelunyer
(Ilmlys llrooks
Ilalsall & Co.
V. Hums & Co., Ud.
The Fink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
HI. A. lllll
I. R. Manning
McCreery Bros.
Cranhrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd
T. R Soutli
Cranbrook Trading Co.
Sun Grocery Co.
J. D. McBride
A. C. BowncBS
It. G. Nelson
F. I'arks & Cts.
M.  McLeod
Geo. Ulldllell
W. II. Wilson
Raworth Bros.
R. P, Moltutt
A. H. Bulloch
Little & Atchison
Patmore Bros.
W. W, Kilby
W. P .Doran
C. Kinslle
R. J. Binning
The 41 Market Co.
Stephens Grocery Store
Ward & Harris
Qualn Electric Co., Ltd.
J. Manning
Cranbrook Meat Market
A. L. McDermot
A. R. Webster
Jas. A. Leask & Son
Several (lid   Champion   Professional
Tome Back" and Flay Spee.
atrnlar Lacrosse
Oue of tlie fastest games of lacrosse
ever witnessed In the city was thut
played lust Monday evening between
the "old time professionals" and tlie
younger "would-bo's." From the spectators standpoint It wus some game
and ulthough tho game ended 6—5 was
easily worth tlle admission, though the
matter of the championship Is still In
The young players were there with
the scamper und cliused tlio ball up
and down thc Sold at a lively clip, hut
when they met "Stonewall" Scott on
the defense tliey were usually up
against It, although Thompson In
goal made several sensational stops.
Tiie old timers certainly showed
"class" throughout, especial mention
being deserved by Maurice Qualn, who
chased the ball behind the goal once
und succeeded ln passing it over to
R. P. Moffatt, who retained possession
by killing It on the ground, and was
only prevented from making a spectacular goal from center Held by some
Interfering upstart ot the younger
St. Eloi was ln tlio game all the
time and prevented many threatening
goals from the opposition. Garrett
moved around with a "hospital walk"
most of the time, but showed hursts of
speed at unexpected moments.
Ira Manning mixed It pretty freely
with the youngsters and secured tlie
decision eemral times. Arthur S.
Ward handles the stick like ■ veteran
Cool   Wearing
These hot days make us think of cooler
clothing. We are now showing light weight,
Cotton Dresses and Blouses
that will be comfortable on the hot, humid
days. They are made up in a variety of fine
sheer materials — Lawn, Ratine, Crepe, Marquisette, and Embroidery.
Summer Dresses priced from $3.50 to $20.00
Summer Blouses priced from    75c. to     7.00
Ratine Hats
Another shipment to hand this week. We
have been able to obtain only a limited number ; secure yours at once.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
Our Annual
July Sale
rionday Next, July 6
'   and will continue to the end of
the month
Watch  our Windows   and   the  REX
THEATRE CURTAIN for Special       %
Halsall & Co.
Why Sin Against your Home Town
By Buying Your Clothing Out of Town when you can
Secure Expert Service and Guaranteed Satisfaction at
Prices thut will Command Your Attention in your own
Our Chothes have that Nobby, Dreggy Effect and they
wear longer ami hold their shape better than custom
made clothing, no matter what price yon pay.
We hare a complete stock of English, Scotch and Irish
Cloths to choose from and give you any variety of color, texture or quality,
Ladies' and Gent's Suits from $20.00 up
Special Attention Given to Cleaning, Pressing $ Repairing ladies' and Genfs Goods.
Parisian Cleaning Works
P.ESNOOK, Proprietor
WINNIPEG, JULY 10 T018,1914
"The Meeting Ground and Market Place Moreen East and West''
A Oienl l.iv.<Hr.i, k Kx|iii.ltliiii
H. i»i.llHi' Un. KiiuItii' IJelliutiHI rutins
lliiniililiiii K\|,.-iiun titnl Km in 1'Miilnt
Wnat'jl llinit, *t If'ii-ti rrugniiii
HKAI'HKV, WiirMKuniiiu. A»liiliir,L001'INll.THKL<>nPANI>PI,VINcll!P'<ll>K
Tim Wnadnlul I'.nj Him"
"Tin- Wes* "I l*«M"
Th. Water t'ariil.i.l
Working Moilel tit III. I'iiiiiiiiki Osnul
I7r»,0ll0 fur Premium*, Purwrniiul Attraction.
Hntrlr. 1'Iii.m iluna UUnd.   I'm,' l.i.l. ut, Aepllrttluu
Gel Reedy and Come.   You'll  Be  Interested Every Minute
KltKIl.!.('. COX. Pri'Milenl.
A. » . BBI.I., HrrnUry ■ml Manager.
The HeraJd $2.00 a. year
once lie struck Ills stride and Bob
Aiken* iilnyed Ills nosltton like n professional. Mcl'heo, Manahan, Chambers and Matthews worked several
combinations which resulted ln
Butter & Cream b
Organist    ot    the    Methodist
Receives Pupils for
Organ, Pianoforte, Voice
Studio—Methodist Church
Deliveries Made Promptly When
You Order'
McPhee's Ranch
If your suit does not look fresh
Heiul lt to the new dry cleaning
.and we will make It look like
I new.     ' 24-« PAGB THREE
THURSDAY, JULY 4th, 1914
East Kootenays
Big Fall Fair
Local hfcrnesH race  $7&.00   *r.0,«u   $26.00
liocal running race   50.00     26,00     15.00
Relay  race   (open)    30.00     20.00     10.00
Indian pony raeo   .-  15.00     10.00       E- uu
Hcliuol boys' pony nee*  10.00      6.00
Single delivery or farm work
horse (local) to lie Imr-
nessed,. hitched to delivery rig or similar wagon -
and driven once round thu
track. Breaking to disqualify     26.00     16.00     10,00
Harneea race (open)    100.00 76.00    60.00
Running race (open)     60.00 . 40.00     26.00
Relay race  (open)     30.00 20.00    10.00
Pony race (open)   26.00 16.00    10.00
Squaw pony race    10.00 6.00
Heavy team (local) to be harnessed, hitched to wagon
or lorry and driven round
track at a walk  *... 30.00 20.00    10.00
This list li published early so as to give owners
and trainers a chance to prepare for the several
events. The list may be Improved later If the cooperation of the Cranbrook Turf Association can be
and il.-- whole EUku district offers to
i barrel and' Steele tank factories. We
: huve everything iu this district but
the people and tlie money, but the oil
will bring them.   "Sure Mike."
!    W, C. Lacey, of the customs de-
\ pertinent.  Roosville,  Is    moving  liis
family from  Elko this week.
(By Fred Roo.)
With fihowers. luncheons, pink
teas, picnic parties, the June brides-
elect are having the time of their
lives. Two couples passed through
Elko to spend their honeymoon at
Morrissey, and another couple took
in the Roosville valley, to start their
life sentence. May the blessings of
heaven pour upon them till they are
soaked to the skin.
The Elko Water, Power and Light
company held a directors meeting this
week and decide to put In a large electric plant for the lighting of the
business and residences. There was a
full meeting of the board and considerable business done.
"DrenB should reveal the soul," says
Bernard Shaw, but, Bernard, old
chap, don't you know there seems to
be such a difference of opinion as to
where the soul is located.
At the regular meeting of the Mutual Admiration Society this week,
the question came up, and caused
considerable discussion about the
disgraceful conduct of the militant
sucragettes, and although we believe
In woman sucrage, we certainly
don't approve of the destruction these
people are causing throughout Great
Britain. Jim Thistlebeak was called
on to think of some remedy, and the
old boaster said he would strongly recommend the British government to
ahlp them out to India, and use them
for baiting tigers with and tske Lloyd
George along. Needless to say this
broke up the meeting and Jim Is
having a hard time of it explaining
matters with Mrs. Jim.
As we go to press there ls no forest
tires In the Klko district, and the
heavy Scotch mists we have been enjoying the last two days has opened up
Mr. Hill, of the Vancouver Pipe
Co., was the guest of honor at an Ice
cream social given by the directors of
the water works this week.
Mrs. McDonald, of Edmonton, Us
visiting her brother, Mr. Joseph Austin, general passenger agent for the
C.P.R. this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Knifton and Miss
Queenle have taken up their residence
on Riverside avenue. Mr. Knifton Is
In charge of the new abbatolr and
■laughter house on Squeal avenue,
Strawberry Flats.
Several travellers called on the
merchants this week, but non i or
them took a look at their samples.
The woi Id-famous Teddy Roosevelt
ta back at Oyster Bay, and was tendered a big reception, and we suppose
Instead of the Star Spangled Banner,
the baud played "Shall We Gather at
the River."
Kansas Johnny, an old timer from
Fort Steele, passed through Elko on
his way to the Flathead oil fields, on
the hurricane deck of a wild cayuse,
going In via the South Fork trail.
A herd of Cranbrook Moose was ln
Elko this week looking up a pasture
Cor August 3rd.
A jolly party of friends were entertained at the home ot Mrs. H. Hard-
nun, The guest of honor was Miss
Taylor, Elko's popular teacher, who,
we are very sorry to say, Is leaving at
the end of the school term for Kaslo,
B.C. Games were enjoyed and songs
were sung and a really good time was
With the Dominion and Provincial
elections drawing near Its about time
something was moving. It would help
teme If the government would build
the big dam that's being talked about
for the last ten years, and enable us
with apologies to "Bassano," to write
of Elko by u "dam site."
There's a- -good;;opening in Elko
j for a resident doctor, one who could
tiike a thistle out of a baby's foot
without killing the baby preferred.
I). Doty, of the Remington Typewriter Co., of Nelson, was In Elko this
T. Boyce, of the Kootenay Telephone Lines, was in Elko this week
on u tour of Inspection.
If you visit Elko once you will
come again. R. E. Oreen, M.P., Vlc-
I toria, Jim Schoneld, M.P.P., Trail and
j A. Carney, of Kaslo, expect to visit
; Elko some time in July.
) Mrs. Boss and daughters, of River-
1 side Park, left for Nova Scotia and
i expert to he away until Christmas.
j Mrs. C. E. Ayre and Muriel left for
} Neshit. Man., and will vote for the re-
j turn of the Roblln government.
j And now the sucragettes want the
| name   of   Petticoat   Lane  changed   to
Pcttlcoatloss Lane, Why not call it
Seymour avenue. Sylvia?
The British polo team take the cup
back to Kngland. near Yorkshire, and
anyone who thinks it Isn't a perilous
and thrilling pastime liave only to invest a couple of hundred thousand dollars, in a stable of ivory handled mustangs and attach a mallet tn the end of
a clothesprop and try it. We found
it more exciting than COW pasture
Large bunds of Indians are passing
through Klko on their way to Fernie
to take part lu the Dominion day
sports, Three Weasels, Three Bears.
Medicine Owl. Big Top, White Calf
Fish Wolf. Lazy Boy, Miss Long Time
Sleopt whose beauty would make Lillian RUSSell look like a Swede cook,
and a galaxy Of grace and beauty thai
will thrill Ferule on Dominion day,
Since they started killing nt the new
slaughter bouse a great, many travellers have ventured into the old historic
burg. Jack Tanner, wilh his Chahka
Mika hand shake; "Hyas Kull spose
inamook," our currants and rafsens
are done up In pound packages, the
Victoria Cross showing on both sides,
one case free tu carload lots; L. D.
Stevenson, who never saw u snw
working on his whole trip, not even a
bucksaw; O'Henry, of Vancouver- no
relation to O'lienry, author of "To
Him Who Waits." with community hII-
ver and wire bird cages; Stanley
Pratt, like a bolt from tbe blue, with
all-day suckers and other kinds of
canned fish; Marshall aud Connolly,
of Calgary, whose friendship would
make a cornfield pumpkin vine turn
green with envy; Billy Vosmlt, of
Chicago, witli crinolines and trowser-
ettes and Just us funny ns watching
a one armed grocer do up cranberries
in paper bags; Cup Carruthers, one of
the princes of the road, Hyas Closhe.
Several parties arc down the valley
staking for oil on both sides of the
boundary line., A party of Eureka
business men have staked a big
stretch of country around Flagstone.
Cranbrook and Elko people havo
staked tlie Scott1 ranch at Roosville
and the'Roosville valley from the
boundary. Hue to Fruitlands ranch.
Jim Thistlebeak'says the oil and gasoline Is so plentiful tn the Hooaevllle
valley that It Is dangerous to start a
camp fire and in some places to even
strike a match for fear of setting tho
whole valley on (Ire. We expect to see
In the next Ishiic of Industrial Progress, Vancouver, a strong editorial
on the advantages tha Roosville valley
(Special correspondence)
The  following  is  a  report of the
Moyie public school for June:
Division 1.
■     Miss V, Martin, teacher
Number attending    21,
Total actual attendance 360.05
Average attendance  18.94
.Those perfect In attendance during
the month of June are as follows:
Mary Bates
Jean Blackburn
Alma Desoulntera
Victor Desaulnlers
Flnsol Dlmock
Albert Swing,
Douglas Home
Julia Home
Charles McFarlane
llllnier Nordman
Those receiving honor rolls for perfect attendance during the year:
Mary Bates
Alma Desaulnlers
Honor roll for proficiency:
Doris Smith.
Honor roll for deportment:
Julia Home
The following prizes were also
For regularity:
Douglas Home
For spelling:
Class IV.—Kathleen Home
Class III.—Doris Smith
Class II.—Charles McKarlane
Division II.
Miss Florence McLean, teacher
Number attending     26.
Total actual attendance   44:1.00
Average   attendance     23.31
Those perfect in attendance during
June were:
Albert Besegh
John Bramner
Gertrude Conrad
Helen Dlmock
Emily Dlmock
Louis Desoulnlers
Emllic Desaulnlers
Domlulc Feroglia
Myrtle Garden
Louis Home
Walter Martin
Esther Nordman
Harold Nordine
Ida Pearson
Cleland Parkin
Honor rollH for perfeet attendance
during the year:
Helen Dlmock
Louis Home
Honor loll for proficiency:
Ida Pearson
Honor roll for deportment:
Esther Nordman
A large number of parents and
friends were present at the closing
exercises held In both divisions of the
school on Friday last.
Mrs. C. A. Foote went to Cranhrook
on Wednesday.
!On Friday the government road
men. of whom Mr. Dan Macintosh ls
foreman, were making Improvements
In the Immediate vicinity of Moyle.
Mrs, Otis Herritt and daughter returned from Creston on Friday,
Mrs. II. Martin and little daughter
Gertrude arrived on Wednesday from
Vancouver, to visit with ber mother,
Mrs. J. Blackburn.
Mrs. lliggens (formerly Miss L.
Crowo, of Mojdet and little son Kd
mum) arrived from Vancouver on
Wednesday to visit friends here.
On Friday afternoon E. A. Hill and
family motored to Moyle from Cranbrook, rt turning homo on Saturday
Miss V. Martin went to Wardner on
Friday, when* she expects to spend
i portion or her vacation.
Miss Kate Ewlngs went to Wardner
in Friday to attend the baseball
dance. •   v
Miss Fltfonce McLean, one of the
local teachers of Moyle, left on Sunday for Hossland.
I   fi,-: .iu •fr-J-'f **-..; J.l.iY^s'-^fimhsVfjgJp
(Special  correspondence).
Miss Alice Corrall, who bus been
the guest of Mrs. Wm. Crosby for
the pusi month, left Wednesday for
her future home in Elko.
The friends of "Kelly," as ho Is
commonly called, win be glad to
learn that he is slowly recovering
from his severe Illness of several
months, and It is hoped wlll be out of
ihe hospital at Crnnbrook soon.
Dominion day was observed by the
people In general In Wycliffe In a
fitting manner by a trip to Kimberley.
The Staples mill was closed on that
day, and arrangements were made to
take several wagon loads and auto
loads up the line. A flue program of
sports and special attractions, as well
as a big dance were prepared by thc
Kimberley people, who are not slow
when It cornea to anything of this
kind. The Wycliffe baseball team and
the Kimberley team played a cracking
good game of baseball, which proved
amusing to lovers of that sport.
Mr. John Bennett was taken quite
seriously 111 last week, and ft was
found necesary to take him to the hospital at Cranbrook, where an operation was performed. The last report
Is that he Is recovering very rapidly,
which will be good news to his many
friends In tills part of the country.
Mrs. Gilbert Davis and Mrs. Ar-
mund drove to ('ranbrook Saturday.
It was expected that there would be
a change tn the minister of thc Methn-
Three Reasons Why You Should
Buy Stock in
Lumbermen's Consolidated
Oil Fields, Limited
1. The holdings were carefully picked and are all located
in the proven fields *•■ 2400 acres.
2. The Capital is small — only $400,000.   The shares
are selling at par value $1.00 each; This gives
more money for development purposes than the
Company selling for less than par, and means
larger dividends.
3. The Directors are all responsible business men --
They will protect your interests by giving a square
Make Your Reservations to HAROLD J. SCOTT, Agent
Cranbrook; B. C.
Box 396
Phone 178
Charles Knight, Calgary, Alberta'
Oeo. H. Sadler, Cranbrook,
K.   T.   Crltchley,   Calgary,   Albertn
.1. A. Edgecumbe,   Calgary,
II.   I).   McKamey,   Calgary,   Alberta
11. s. Whaley, Calgary, Albc
Dr. J.  11.  King, Cranbrook,  B.  C.
C.   J.   Williams,   Calgary,
dist church here, Rev. Mr. Herdman
leaving to take the work on another
field, but Mr. Evans who wus to take
his place could not be secured, and It
hus been decided by the bishop to
leave Mr. Herdman at this place until
the middle of September. This arrangement Is very acceptable to our
people, us Mr. Herdman has made
many frieuds during his stay here.
The public entertainment and examination by the children of the school
on Thursday evening was well attended, the pupils doing very creditable work In their tests, as well as
the dialogues and songs which followed. School closed Friday for the
regular summer vacation of two
Word hus been received from thc
Rev. A. 11. Lane to the effect that he
arrived safely In London, England,
having tiad a very pleasant voyage
across tbe pond, and that he Is enjoying his much needed vacation.
All the residents ot our little vll-
laye turned out en masse last Friday
evening, when they tendered Miss
Cora Mabee, our former teacher, n
surprise party at the club house, lt
being ladies' night at the gymnasium. Miss Mabee went to the club as
usual to play basket-ball, and great
was her surprise to find the club
rooms filled with her friends, who had
come to show their appreciation of
her good work here, not only ln the
school room but In the church societies. The evening was happily spent
In games and dancing, music being
furnished by Mrs. Dickson. Delicious
refreshments were served, after
whicli Rev. Herdman made a very
witty little speech, in which he
thanked Miss Mabee for the help she
hus rendered during her stay here.
Mr. Wells then took up the theme and
nn behalf of thc people of Wycliffe
presented Miss Mabee with a purse of
silver. Miss Mabee responded, expressing her surprise and thanks and
her regret at leaving her many
friends here. She left Saturday nf-
ternoou for a week's visit ln Vancouver, after which she wlll reside fn
Los Angeles.
This section of the country was
blessed with the finest rain of thc season last week, when there was a
steady downpour tor fiver twenty-
four hours duration. The crops were
needing rain badly, It coming Just
when needed. It Is thought now that
the craps are assured.
(Special correspondence).
Here Is a case that illustrates the"
saying that "Justice ls blind as well
as lame sometimes." Last week a
local man accidentally came across a
young fawn, apparently strayed from
Its mother. Thinking It was hurt he
examined, it but found no wound. He
brought It home and asked the police*
man tu get him u permit to keep It. In
no way did he hide his action. The
policeman    consulted    the    resident
game waiden ut Klko. Result: The
man was served with a summons, and
on Tuesday wus fined $25.00 and ordered to puy the costs of the court.
The "delinquent" had not even time to
procure u lawyer to defend him. Surely the judgment Is not in keeping
with the spirit of Hritish law? Many
people here ure Indignant at the
treatment meted out to the Waldon-
lan, who Is a hard-working, honest
man doing his best to rear a small
family. A little power, like a little
wisdom, Is a dangerous thing.
Dramatis persona: Mr. Hickman,
"law-breaker"; Mr. Joule, magistrate;
Mr. Collins, policeman; J. Lewis,
game warden.
l-ust Thursday In Waldo school tin-
scholars presented Mr. James Hyslcp,
teacher, with a beautiful inkstand In
appreciation of his work for them.
One of the senior pupils made the
presentation, and Mr. Hyslop thanked
tin* donors in fitting terms.
A very sucessful social and concert
wus given by the Ladies' Society of
Waldo Presbyterian church* In Ross
hall on June 27th. Despite the fact
of rain throughout the entire day till
late in the evening, a large number
wus present Many came from Klko
and Haynes. Chairman, Rev. C. L.
Cowan. The following program was
excellently rendered:
Solo Mr. o. McParlow
Mandolin solo  Mr. J. Gould
Solo  Mr. V. Divers
Reading   Mr. James Hyslop
Instrumental   Mrs. Erickson
Itlcltation   Mrs. C. L. Cowan
Duet   Mr. and Mrs. Divers
Instrumental     Mr. G. Shipmau
Solo   Mrs. V. Divers
 Mrs. Saunter und Miss Turner
Duet    Mr. and Mrs. Verhoef
Accompanist Mr. R. F. Milne
An Important meeting of lumbermen
was held at the Kast Kootenay mill on
Monday last. A discussion of the present depression In the lumber business took place, All tin* local lumber
barons attended.
Mr. Hales 11. Ross went to Swift
Current this week on business.
Mrs. Tupper, of Ottawa, whit hus
been visiting her mother for th** last
few months, returned home last Friday.
Mr. Donald Mcl'herson had a nasty
jar in consequence of slipping the
I other day. He broke u rib, am) got
some severe bruises.
Mrs. David McNeil is visiting In
We have* so many amateur gardeners
In Wnldo and district that we cannot
refrain from asking the editor to reprint the following cutting:
For Amateur (ianlener-
The thing to plant In your hot bed
Is, of course, peppers
To have cucumbers early, order
tbem In llini' for the grocer's first delivery.
You can avoid backache from gar-
The Kootenay Telephone
Lines, Ltd.
ANNOUNCE THE TERMINATION of the Agreement with The Great North
Western and Western Union
Telegraph Companies effective July 1st. 1914 and alter
that date cannot accept Telegraph Business for transmission over these lines.
Instead, onr efforts will be
directed to the improvement
of our Local and Long Distance Service, particularly
the connections with points
on the Alberta Government
and the Pacific Telephone
& Telegraph Systems.
Phone 112 for information
and rates.
Kootenay Telephone Lines
Per S' L. COOP, General Manager
tlciiliw by hiring n rami to tlo tlie SwiIk inn now bi> uurclmspd stuck
work. on  tapes,    If you  plant tlil» kind,
A good place to put fwnH Ih ni-xt to: lujep a careful lookout for tapeworms.
tli" lun,I, chops. You muy procure a few fresh looks
To raise cabbsgos quickly, plaoe j to Huvor your itprlng nulad by boring
thorn on. the dumb waiter And pall thel glmWt holes In the roof during u
rope, i ' shower Boston Transcript.
1 THURSDAY, JULY 4th, 1914
'*■*■'      *   ■ I ~
■ •" aaaa
Rules and Regulations and Partial Prize List
Department 1.—HORSES
Superintendent, J. A. Pringle
Class 1—Heavy draft horses, 1400 arid over.
Class 2—Agricultural horses, 1200 to 1400.
Class 8—Oeneral purpose 900 to 1200.
Cluss 4- Thoroughbreds and roadsters.
Class ,V-standard bred.
Each of the nbove classes wlll be divided Into
seven Beottons with two prises In each section, as
follows :
1st.   2nd.
Sec. 1—Stallion, registered, any age..$20.00 $15.00
Sec. 2—Brood mare with toal at toot .. 10.00     6.00
Sec. a—Team In harness   16.00   10.00
Soc. 4—Single horse or mure io harness 10.00    6.00
Sec. 6—2-year-old lllly or gelding  10.00    6.00
Sec. 0—1-year-old  lllly or gelding  ....    7.50     5.00
Sec. T-Kual o( 11)14      5.00     2.50
1st. 2nd.
See. 1—Saddle horses, 15 hands or over.$10.00 $ 5.00
Sec. 2   Saihlh'   pony,    14% hands   and
under, boy or girl rider     5.00    2.50
Sec. Il—Best gentleman rider     3.00    2.00
Sec. 4—Host  lady  rider       .-..00     2.00
Sec. 5—llest rider in pony class      2.00     1.00
Horses must only be entered ln one class, except
(')ass li, which is opon to all.
Department II.—CATTLE
Superintendent, J. H. McClure
Class * —Registered Holsteins.
Class 8—Registered Ayrshlres.
Class 11- Registered Shorthorns.
Class 10- Any other Registered Breed.
Bach Class will be divided Into sevcu suctions
wltli two prizes lu each section.
1st.   2nd.
Sec. 1—Hull, two years or over $16.00 $10.00
Sec. 2—Bull, over one year and under
two years     10.00     6.00
Sec :i—Hull call, over six months and
under  twelve months      7.50     5.00
Sec. 4—Cow, three years and over .... 16.00 10.00
Soc. 6—Heifer,   two  years  and  under
three  years     12.60     7.50
See. ti—Heifer, one yeur and under two
yours     10.00     6.00
Sec. 7—Heifer calf, over six months and
under  twelve  months       7.50     6.00
1st.   2nd.
Sec. 1—Two typical cowb   $15.00 $10.00
Sec. 2—Typical heifer  (two-year-old)..   5.00     2.00
Sec. 8—Typical one year old heifer ....    6.00    2.50
Sec. 4—Heifer calf under twelve months   3.50    2.00
let.   2nd.
Sec. 1—Two beef cows or steers  $10.00 $ 5.00
Sec. 2—Two-year-old belter or steer .. 6.00 2.60
Sec. 8—One-year-old heifer or steer .. 6.00 2.60
See. 4—Cuif,  heifer or steer under 12
months     3.60    2.M
(Confined to owners of not more than two cows)
1st.   2nd.   3rd.
The best type of dairy cow, (registered or grade)  $12.60   $7.50   $5.00
Department III.—SWINE
Superintendent, J. A. Pringle
Class 14
lit.   2nd.
Two prizes In each suction  $10.00   $5.00
Sec. 1—Registered   boar,  any   age  or  breed,   six
months or over.
Sec. 2—llest sow, uny age or breed, six months or
Sec. 8—Two Butchers' hogs, not less than 160 lbs.
each on foot, most suited to local market.
Sec. 4—Sow with litter.
Department IV.—SHEEP
Superintendent, J, H. McClure
Class 16—Down sheep.
Class Iti- Any other breed.
Bach Class will be divided Into soven sections as
follows :
See. i   Ham. two shears and over ....$ 8.00 $ 6.00
Bee. 2—Ram, shearling     8.00    6.00
See. il    Ham. lamb      7.00     5.00
Sec. 4—Ewe, twn shears und over ....   8.00    0.00
See. r,- -Ewe, shearling     8.00    6.00
see. ii   Ewe lamb     7.00    5.00
See. 7 Pen: tine rum, uny age, one
owe, two sheurs und over; one
ewe   shearling,   and   one   ewe
lamb     16.00   10.00
Class lV-FAl MHEEP
See. 1   Kwe. two shears und over  $7.00   $5.00
Bee. 2—Ewo, shearling      7.00    6.00
Sec. 8—Wether,  lamb      7.00    5.00
See   4    Ewe, lamb      7.00     6.00
Cat sheep funnel show ia any other class.
Depart nl    V.—POULTRY    AND    PET
Superltnendent, W. W. McGregor
Premiums will he nr/arded In each class of
poultry iti tlie following sections :
1st.   2nd.
Sec. 1—Best cock     $1.60      .80
Soc. 2—llest   hen        1.60      .80
8ec. 3—llest cockerel     1.60       .80
Sec. 4—Best  pullet       1.60       .80
Sec. 6—Pen   	
A ribbon will be awarded to the best pen In each
class from 21 to 4'J Inclusive. A pen wilt consist of
s mule atid three females, which may be entered for
liidlvlduul prizes.
Docks and Ornamentals wlll be exhibited In
their classes witli two prizes tn each section :
1st.   2nd.
Soc. 1—Best male   $1.60      .80
Soc. 2-Ilest  female        1.60       .80
Qeosc and Turkeys will also be shown with two
prizes offered Ii) each section :
1st.   2nd.
hoc, 1- llest mule    $2.00   $1.00
Ste. 2-llest (amain        2.00     1.00
It seven entries nre forward In any of tho above
classes a third prize of 50c. wlll be offered.
AM birds mutt Iw provided with leg bands and
the number ol Ihe hand entered oa the entry form.
I'onllr) wlll be led (ree of charge. Thn Superintendent will be In sole charge and exhibits must not
be handled or otherwise Interfered with, without his
21. Brahmas, Cochins and Laugshans
22. Plymouth Rocks, Barred.
23. Plymouth Rocks, White
24. Plymouth Rocks, A.O.V.
25. Wyandottes, White .
26. Wyandottes, Columbian.
27. Wyandottes, Partridge.
2S.    Wyandottes'. A.O.V.
2H.   Reds, Single Comb.
30. Reds. Hose Comb.
31. Orpingtons, White.
32. Orpingtons, Buff.
33. Orpingtons, Black.
34    Uorkltig und A.O.V. English.
35.   Leghorns .White, S.C.
3d.   Leghorns, Brown, S.C.
37. Leghorns, Brown, R.C.
38. Leghorns, A.O.V.
89.   Minorcas and Anconas.
40. Campincs
41. Anduluslsns.
42. Old English or Pit Game.
43. Exhibition Uame.
44. Cornish  Indian Uame.
45. Hooted iiuntams, Brahma and Cochin Bantams,
45.   Any other variety of Bantam.
47. Humburgs, any variety.
48. Polish, Faverolle and Houdan.
49    Any other variety of breed not classified above.
50. Rouen.
51. i'ckln
52. Indian  ilunner.
53. Bucks, A.O.V.
54. Toulouse.
65.   A.O.V. Oeese.
56. Bronze.
57. A.O.V,, Turkeys.
58. Uulnca Fowl.    .
59. Pheasants, Mongolian or Ring Necked.
60. Pheasants, A.O.V.
Poultry must be exhibited undrawn, and feathers
must not be plucked from the head or upper portion
of thc neck. ■ Hlrds with breast bones broken, part
of same removed, or the carcass otherwise tampered with, will be dlsuualWed. All birds must have
been thoroughly tasted and no bird will be allowed
to compete If feed Is in the crop.
All birds must be killed by dislocating tlte neck
or by bleeding through the root ot the mouth. Birds
tttat arc rendered unsightly will not be allowed to
compete .
Two prizes In each section  $ 1.00      .60
Heavy Breeds^ASIATICS
Sec. 1—Best two hens.
Sec. 2—Best t.wo pullets or cockerels.
Sec. 3—Best two hens.
Sec. 4—Best two pullets or cockerels.
Sec. 5—Best two hens.
Sec. 0—Best two pullets.
Sec. 7—Best two liens.
Sec. 8- Best two pullets or cockerels.
Sec. 0—Best two hens.
Sec. 10—Best two pullets or cockerels.
Sec. 11—Best pair ot broilera (under two and one-
half pounds).
Sec. 12—llest pair ot squabs.
Sec. 13 -Best two young ducks.
Sec. 14—Best dozen white eggs,
Soc. 15—Best dozen dark eggs.
Eggs tu be Judged by B.C. Poultry AstaclaUaa
Class 114. -PET STOCK
prizes In each section  $ 1.00      .60
Pigeons, Humors, pair.
Pigeons, Fantnlls, pair.
Pigeons, Tumblers, pair.
Pigeons, A.O.V., pair.
Canaries, Crested, cock.
Canaries, Crested, hen.
Canaries, A.O.V., cock.
Canaries, A.O.V., hen.
Belgian Hares, pair.
-Flemish (Hants, pair.
-Rabbits, A.O.V., pair.
-BeBt cat.
—Best kitten.
Department VL—DOGS
Superintendent, T. B. O'Connell
Cluss 113    Airedales.
Cluss III-Bulldogs.
Class li.",   Hull Terriers.
Class (III-Collies.
Class 11*--Cocker Spaniel.
Cluss 18—Pox Terriers.
Cluss (Ill-Terriers, any other breed.
Class "II-Irish Water Spaniel.
Class 71—Pointers .
Class 73 -Setters.
Class ill- St. Bernards.
Class " I-Any other breed not classified above.
Each class wlll be divided luto three sections.
Sec. 1- Registered dog   $3.(1*   M-00
Soc. 2—Registered bitch     1.00    800
Sec. 8—Dog (open)       tW    •■**
Superintendent, P. Ryekman
1st  2nd.
Plates     $2.00   $1.00
Boxes        5.00     2.00
See. 1—Plate of Wagners.
Sec. 2—Plato of Kings.
Sec. 3—Plate of Jonathans.
Sec. 4   Piute ol Talman's Sweot.
See 5   Plate of Winter Apples, any other variety.
Sec. 6—Box ol Winter Apples, any variety.
Class 70.- FALL APPLES
See ,1—Plato of Duchess.
Soc. 8—Plate of Mcintosh Reds.
Sec. 8—Plate of Wealthy.
Sec. 4- Plate of Alexander.
Sec. 6—Plate ot Snow.
Sec. 0—Pluto of liravcnateln.
Soc. 7—Plate of Full Apples, any other variety.
Sec. 8—Box ot Fall Apples, any variety.
Sec. 1—Piute of Hyslops.
Sec. 2—Plate of Transcendent.
Sec. 3—Plate of Martha.
Sec. 4—Plate of any other variety Crab Apple.
Soc. 5—Box of Crab Apples, any variety.
Class 7*.   PEARS
Sec. 1—Plate of Burtlett.
Sec. 2—Plato of Clapp's Favorite.
Sec. 3—Plate of Flemish Beauty.
Sec. 4— Piute any other variety Pear.
Sec. 5—Box of Pears, any variety.
Debts and Debtors
If we give a merchant our custom,
we have a right to expect him to advertise—to tell us weekly in the columns of the HERALD what he has
for us. Advertising is shop news,
designed to inform us, save our time
and bring to our attention desirable
Every retailer who is alive to the Interests
of his customers has it message—often
many messages—for his customers concerning new goods, special offerings, ami things
ihni we ought to know about, Customers
and non-customers will be attentive anil
responsive to these messages, If ihey are delivered every week in Hit- lorm ot advertisements in the CRANBKOOK IIEUAI.I). Tlm
way lo gel moro business is lo ask for il.
Would VIM liny much or regularly from Units thai
never solicit jour trntlcl Do tint mil say "The
linn iltnl minis my business must come after IU"
Yel some of yen say, lu effect, lo your customers- -
''We're here. If you aunl our goods, come nnd gel
tlteiti. IiiiI ileii'l expect us lo go after you." IPs a
pour rule Ihu; ileesn't work both ways.
Shop Where You Are Invited to Shop
Class ;«. .PLUHS
Sec. 1—Plate of Italian Prunes.
Sec. 2   Plate of Bradshaw Plums.
Sec. 3--Plste of Grand Duke.
Sec. 4—Plate of Lombard.
Sec. 6—Plate of Yellow Egg.
Sec. 6—Plate of Columbia.
Sec. 7—Plate of Burbank.
Sec. 8—Plate of Imperial Gage.
Sec. 9—-Plate of Green Gage.
Sec. 10—Plate of any other variety of Plum.
Sec. 11—Box of Plums, any variety.
Two prizes In ouch section in Fruits.
In each of the following sections two
prizes wlll be offered     1.69      .80
1st.   2nd:
8cc. 1—Potutoes, bushel, any variety .. 13.00   |2.00
Sec. 2—Potatoes,   collection of   named
varieties, five each   12.00   11.00
Sec. 3—Turnips, table, 6.
Sec. 4—Turnips, Swede, 5.
Sec. 5—Carrots, table, 5.
Sec. 6—Carrots, stock, 6.
Sec. 7—Parsnips, 6.
Sec. 8—Cabbage, summer, 2.
See. 9—Cabbage, late, 2.
Sec. 10—Brussels Sprouts, 2 stalks.
Sec. 11—-Cauliflower, *.
Sec. 12—Corn, 5 ears.
Sec. 13—Green kale, 2 heads.
Sec. 14—Cabbage, red, 2.
Sec. 15—Beet, table, 5 round.
Bee. 16—Beet, table, 5 long.
See. 17—Beet, sugar, 5.
Sec. 18—Mangolds, 5.
Sec. 19—Celery, 5 bunches.
Sec. 20—Chard or spinach beet, 6 beads.
Sec. 21—Lettuce, 2 heads, loose.
Sec. 22—Lettuce, 2 heads, ball.
Sec. 23—Raddlsh, 12 long.
Sec. 24—Radish, 12 turnip.
Sec. 26—Squash, 1.
Sec. 26—Pumpkin, 1.
Bee. 27—Cucumber, table, 2.
See. 28—Watermelon, 1.
Sec. 29—Muskmelon or cantaloupe, 1.
Sec. 30—Citron, 1.
Sec. 81—Tomatoes, plate of 5.
Sec. 32—Onions, white or yellow, 12.
Sec. 83—Onions, red, 12.
Sec. 34—Onions, pickling, best plate.
Sec. 36—Peas, 12 pods.
Sec. 36—Dwarf beans plate.
Sec. 37—Beans, Broad or Windsor, plate.
Sec. 38—Kohl Itabl, 5.
Two prizes In each section   $1.60      .60
Sec. 1—Asters, 3 distinct colors.
Sec. 2—Stocks, 3 separate spikes.
Sec. 3—l'anslcs or Violas.
Sec. 4—Sweet peas, 6 distinct varieties, 3 spikes ot
eaclt variety.
Sec. 6—Sunflower, 1 head, on full length atom.
Sec. 6—Geranium, 1 plant.
Sec. 7—Any other variety flowerlnf plant.
Sec. 8—Fern, 1 plant.
Sec. 9—Any other variety of foliage plant.
Sec. 10—Bouquet cut flowers.
Sec. 11—Bouquet wild flowers and foliage.
Superintendent, Wm. Hamilton
Glut 88. One sheat or bunch not less than six
Inches in diameter to bo shown In eaeb
section (except 15). Two prliee Is **eh
section    18.00   (I.M
Bee 1—Rye.
•ee. 8—Winter wheat.
•tc. 8—Spring wheat.
Sec, 4—Beardless barley.
Sec. 6—Bearded barley.
gee. 6—Black oats.
gee. 7—White oats.
gee. 8—Field peas.
Bee. »—Millet (Hungarian).
gee. 10—Millet, any other kind.
Bee. 11—Flax.
Sec. 12—Vetch, any kind,
Bee. 13—Timothy.
Bee. 14—Clover, any kind.
Sec. 16—Field corn, t stalks.
Bee. 16—Alfalfa   	
A Good Home
is what is dear lo every than. A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Contentment
and Plenty is found. That is lhe reason
men throughout British Columbia, when
"Cranhrook" is mentioned think of the
provisions Jos. Brault has made for an
ideal home at the
Canadian Hotel
Imperial Bank oi Canada
Capital Authorized  #
Capital Paid I'p
Reserve and Undivided Profits    8,866,000.00
D. R. WILKIE, President
HON.  ROBERT- J AFFRAY,  Vice-President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants,
Farmers and Private Individuals.invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit Issued available in any
part of the world.
SAVINGS HEVARTMENT—Special attention given lo
SavingB Bank Accounts. Deposits of $1.00 and upwards
received and interest allowed from date of deposit.
is the Latest, Most
Three Day
Drink Habit
In tbe world to-day,
It is Superior
to All Others
InQuloli Action and
THE NEAl INSTITUTE Permanency ot
The Natural Way to Health
EXPERIENCE proves that Hesllh by-Cumin," i. belter
thi,., Health by Furcmf. A Mild Remedy ia alwaye
§ni,crii>r lo a Hanrdoui Force.
Eno'i '■ Fruit Sett" prevent! und rrlievea by Natural Mmn.
•II functional derangemenU ol the Liver, Temporary Con.
geition nriiint! irom the il.e ol alcoholic bever-
 fc        uyc,  Errora in Diet, Biliouancr,, Sich
Headache, etc. It acta according lo the
quantity taken, either a. a relieving
•gent or aa ■ cooling and rrireihing
bevetage, and gemly etimulatee without
■ny weakening after-eflecta.
rrtpar.rl only by
J. C. CIO, Ltd., "Frail Salt" Walk,, Laadae,
SoldiMlllhaprlBciprJtown.aadcitie.ol Canada
Amt.f.rC.uii: H.ieU t. Slusi. t
to, Lsmtrst, It ■<C»I It., TOMRTO
MM  It.**
It Qnlrkly Itcmine* Dandruff
Just hecaus your hair Ir full ot
dandruff, thin, streaky, dull and never
wlll do up to look pretty, do not des-
Hpalr. llcautlfill hair, thick, fluffy,
lustrous and absolutely trco from
dandruff la only a matter ot care.
Parisian   Sage   frequently  applied
will work womlorH.   Juat one appli
cation Ktoim Itchlne head, rcmovos
dandruff nnd all excessive oil. It
goes right to the hnlr roots and furn-
i Ishcs the nourishment needed—thc hnlr
becomes soft, fluffy, abundant and radiant with llfo.
1 Parisian Sage not only saves the
huir hut stimulates It to Brow long
and heavy. Oct a r,o-cent bottle
trom tho ilcaltlo-Mtirphy Co., I.td,, at
once. There Is no other "Just-us-
tood." THURSDAY, JULY 2nd, 1914    "> ar* Vx'
Kill'tlte i^laru. Does the
glare of tho sun strain
your eyes ? Do you get
headaches after being put
in the sunlight ? Are
your eyes more restful
on a dull day than u
bright dny 1
ALTO lenses reduce
the glafi' nml iimk'' out-
door journeys on sunshiny llllJ'B II pll'IIHIirV.
Can be ground to your
spii-iitl proscription,
W. II. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
MA N Y shrew*.' persons
nave their money by
buying ilia moud •* net
in ' riugH, pins, Hint
oilier art.den of jewel*
iv. Yon can always HnlUfliuiuoinl
at a (air profit- it ynu buy right.
Puichasllig tl in mom In Kill not
only, lliutejore, en hum « your
lioiHnnal appearance, but mive
your minify ittul bring you h
reaanunMt* iirutH,
t'tiint* In -tint hnve »look liver
mir Iwrtiitifiil rtvln'iitin.  Kvcry
Miirl. itiw ami Wf*i|*lil tn RUlt nil
Next to tba I'o.l Otflca
1    Meet me at Bob's Place.
Nlbtocks, cleaners and tallora, will
occupy No, "i Norbury avenue, us
their place of business on nod after
jjuiy  Ural,    i'lione ;J7u. :'7-4t
i DON'T PAY Kt.3T.--Wi> nil) build ynu
i u house to order, buy the lot aud
1    build to suit you.    If you want a
Hume of your owu, drop me a card.
Box A.B.C., Herald office. 18-tI
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. Mecredy and
Jos Kynn lift Tuesday for Yahk,
wliere they spent Dominion duy fishing in tin* many streams of that aec-
i tion.
. Miss Ethel Adam, of Loco, left yes-.
j terday afternoon for Lethbridge,
I when* she will remain for the rent of
thti summer with her sister. Mrs. It.
J li. Birth.
Little Bents" suits—C- C. S.
I Alpto Campbell, of the linn of
Christian fi   Campbell,   contractorsi
i left mi si niiny for Oranby Buy. B.C..
I tu Louder ou Borne construction work.
|ilr expects to bo away for the summer.
| Boys nnd Mtllo gents' suits C.C.S
I corner store.
(Formerly of Crnnbrook. Knm-
loops and Victoria)
General Broker
"People iflin know me"
Queen's Mel Block
Calgary, - . llherla
I would be pleased to
handle any commissions .
for my friends and others
who desire to transact,
business in the Oil Fields
of Alberta. The chances
are good lor legitimate
speculative profit, but
every well will not b« a
gusher. II will be our endeavor to handle those
stocks issued by companies
with reputable directorates
and whose holdings are of
a nature that give reason
for success. Following
this policy, the chances
may bc good, but it is always a chance—a chance
to lose and a chance to
win—lilie every other business one might enter. Hy
Investing now, when companies ate honestly working, it is a chance for the
rich and the poor. Hut
when oil lias lieen struck
on a well, or there arc good
properties neal a well of
thai character, the stock
of those companies are for
the man wilh plenty of
money to spare.
A mt HUM'S'
Don't luiy oil, SHARKS when
you tovii tlie money for home,
Don't borrow money to buy
Don't buy Oil. SHAKES uiul
stand oii your local merchants.
Don't be euro you urc a rich
tuiiu win n vou have bought
Oil, SUAlilS.
Don't fall to boat In n,in.l
tlmt In evory till Ifioltl shares
'have boon from ton routs to
twenty-live dollars, and dropped
to nothing; itilil ou tin' oilier
hand, thoy have gone up to
hundreds o! thousands of dol-
■ lurs. Stocks Hli" U"' Monarch,
once ono dollar, now forty: the
Dlngtnan, once one dollar, now
eight)-live; tlte Southern Al-
bertu, onio one dollar, now
eight dollars; the much Diamond, once one dollar, now bIx
and ii halt dollars! the Btokes-
Stophensi once twonty-iivo
cents, now forty-two cents. TltlH
lllustratos tlie chahceB, but tlte
failures aro to bo atBO taken Into consideration, It is an investment pure and simple, In
which the element ot chance
largely predominates, but If
you win you generally have uu
opportunity ot winning big. lt
you can afford to Invest, yon
can uffoi\l.lo take u chance—
if you cannot alTord to take u
chance, you cannot afford to Invest. I want your business, but
I want it on the s'quaro,
FOR SAI.K—Yearling hens, fattened,
lBc. per m. olive t.o.b. Moyle;
freight paid on live or ovor. 18c. per
Ib. dressed f.o.b. Moylo.—W. 0. Bllo-
Oeld, Moyle, DC. 2W
Meet uie at Hob's Mace.
I     "Wco"   McOregor  |b  wearing   the
] smile   that   wont   come   off   these
i days.
;    L|ttlo gents' suits—C. C. S.
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. McTavish were in
trom Bull ilivcr ou Tuesday.
Tlio regular mooting of the
Women's Institute wlll ho hold in tlie
Maple lut 11 ut :; p.m. on Tuesday,
July 7th. Subject: "A Tulk on Sandwiches," by Mrs. U. I'almer und recipes given.
Miss Laura llichards wishes tu
thank her many friends In the city; !
also in Wardner und Ixico tor their
kind support so generously given In
the recent "Chahko Mika" Princess j
eom petition.
chas. Pye, who has been working
with tlie Hock Creek  Lumber com-'
! pany ut Waldo for the past year, was
Like any solid business must Stand Investigation
Canada Crude Oil Co.
Bom—To Mr. and Mrs. H. Clayton   visiting in Uie city last week tor a '
I in this city on Saturday, June 27th. | tow (Jays, going to Calgary where lie,
intends locating.
J.  It.  Doyle, of London,  Kiigl.nl,
representing Jas.  Buchaniin  &  Son, j
distillers   of   the   famous   Black   &
White  Scotch   whiskey, accompanied |
by D. o. HoUbin, of Toronto, Canadian j
representative lor the firm, was u visitor In  the city  last Thursday and
Several automobile loads of local |
members of thc Masonic lodge will j
drive to Windermere on Saturday
for a visit with Columbia lodge in thej
evening. About four curs with mem-:
hers are expected to make the trip.
William Utinstan severed Ills con-,
nection with the firm of Ward &. Harris the lirst of the month and left
Tuesday for the east. - He has resided
In the city for the pust several years,
being lirst with the grocery depart- j
ment of the Fink Mercantile Co. He
expects to visit Chicago and friends
I at Hustings, Mich., going from there
I to Toronto nnd then to his old home
1 at Creamore, Ontario.
'    Little gents' suits—C. C. S.
a daughter,
Boys and little gents' BttltH—C.C.S.
corner store.
Try our dry cleaning department.—
Cranbrook Steam Laundry.
Born—At the Cottage hospital today, July 2nd, to Mr. and Mrs. J. H.
McClure, a son.
There will be no meeting of the
Cranbrook Poultry association during
July and August.
Beta Cameron ls home from school
at the coast vlsitiug with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Cameron.
Grant repairs harness. Phone 166.—
Cranbrook Exchange. 25-3t
R. E. Safe has returned from an oil
stock selling campaign through the
Crow, having heen away for the past
ten days.
Martin Burrell, minister of agriculture, passed through the city Wednesday in his private car on Ills way
to the coast.
_..  ^ Several   members   of   the   Young
Big shipment boys suits Just arrived. [1(i)Mil)>h. SovMy ()f the pret,byterlan
—c. c. s. comer Btore. |churcli held a picnic party at a lake.
tr Wattsburg on Wednesday after**
A big wagon was pressed Into
Head Office:   ALBEWTA LOAN BUILUINQ   CALOARY,    Alberta
Invites Thorough Investigation Before Buying
12,000 Acres,     Crown Granted Holdings     No Leases
Situated Geologically Correct on Asymmetrical Dome Formation
Reported upon by Dr. John A. Allan, Master of Geology, University of Alberta, Edmonton.
Get his Full Report in Prospectus at
W. E. Worden's Office
Baker Street     =     Cranbrook
Where the Selling Agents of this Company will be on Saturday,
July 4th, ONE DAY ONLY to meet investors
STOCK $1.00, PAR
Meet me at Bobs Place.
The monthly whist drive and social
of the Overseas Club will be held on
Tuesday, July 7th. Special efforts
iire being put fortli to make this a
big ntght, aud an extremely Interest-
lug program Is prepared.
Mr. and Mrs. Alb. H. Webb left on
last Saturday    to   join   the   "Handa jown.
club at  Winnipeg | service for the occasion and was appropriately   decorated   with   bunting
C. C
eed   worsted   and   serge
S. corner store.
Across   the   Sea"
for their ten weeks' trip to Englaud,
J. P. Kink was at Bull River this
week looking after his branch store
which opened there for business about
two weeks ago. The new business is
going along very nicely according to
Mr. Pink,
mil tings. A miniature orchestra wus
along, picnic lunch was served and
the party drove Into the city in tlte
evening reporting a very enjoyable
Mr, (!. F. Dexter has resigned his
position as principal of the Cran- j
In another column will be found an : brook public BOhool, having accepted
advertisement for the Lumbermen's ] the prlocipatshlp of the public school i
Consolidated Oil Melds. Ltd.. two j at Oak Hay. Victoria, His new posl-
meiubers of the board of directors be- J tion carries an Increase in salary and
Ing Dr. J. H. King aud Geo, H, Sad- Mr. ami Mrs. Dexter left the first of
ler. of Crunbrook. the week for their new location. Mr.
Dexter has been with the Cranbrook
schools for the past year and proved |
his ability to llll the position to the |
satisfaction of everyone.
Try our dry cleaning department
Cranhrook Steam Laundry.
Tlte ofllceru ami directors of tlte
Women's Institute are invited to
spend tomorrow with Mrs. Norman
McClure at her ranch. The ladles will
betaken out in the nutos of Merrs,
(illl and McKarlau.
At the end of the month, June 30th,
the Koten.iy Telephone Lines, Ltd..
terminate their agreement with the
(Ireat North Western and Western
Ciiloti Telegraph companies, and cannot after that date accept telegraph
business for transmission over these
lines. *!*'»*2t
Beale iii. Klwell have received Instructions to sell lot £849, situate BV4
miles H. W. nf tlie city In 4fl acre lot
at *Lir».iHl per ncre, There Is no better laud In the district. Kor further
particulars apply to Beale & Klwell,
*  Sold
on the
Bcltool  closed  last  Friday and the
, various   teachers   are  now  enjoying
their holidays.    Mr. and Mrs. Dexter i
■ have   gone    to   the   coast.     Misses |
| Woodland, Richards and Suttahy are
* attending (he summer training school
for teachers at Victoria.   Miss Bech-
tel Is visiting her old home In Ontario.   Miss Cartwright wlll spend her
vacation with her parents at Creston.
Miss Faulkner Is spending her vacation  at  Vancouver and  other coast
I'.ys and little gents' suits—C.C.S.
corner store.
Miss Delia Drummond was elected
prlncoss to represent ('ranbrook at
the Chahko Mika at Nelson this
month. Her total votes were 1104(1,
Miss Itleliards running a close second
with 8791, Both young ladles worked
hard for the coveted honor and their
friends rallied to their rescue with
the result that a large number ot the
post cards with the voting coupon
were sold in tho last few days ot the
contest. Miss Drummond has a host
of friends who nre congratulating
her on her success.
Eric Sparr, a native of Sweden, was
accidentally killed near Camp 7, Bull
Rtver, on Tuesday. June 30th, a falling tree striking him on the head,
denth being Instantaneous. Coroner
Wilkes, of Pernie, held an Inquest on
Wednesday, the Jury returning a verdict of accidental death. A large tree
wns being felled aud Sparr was standing near with several other men and
they were all told to run. Sparr could
not understand Knglish,) and stood
still, although some of his countrymen
warned hfm In his own language.
.). W. Barton, formerly Dominion
Express agobt here, died at Creston
last Saturday evening of heart failure. He leaves a wife and nine children to mourn his loss. Funeral services were held In Creston on Wednesday.
Big shipment boys suits Just arrived
-C. C. 8. corner store.
Miss Drummond wishes to thank
her many friends in the city; also In .
Kimberley, Jaffray, Kort Steele, Wy-
clliTc and Lull Ulvcr for their kind
support so gererously given in the recent "Chahko Mika" Princess competition.
Orant repairs harness. Phone 160.—-
t'ranbrook Exchange, 25-3t
Oeo. W. Ladd has disposed of his
interests lu the Cranbrook Trading
Co. to Mr. Harry It. Hlnton, formerly
a druggist at Plucher Creek. .Mr.
Ladd has severed his connection with
the firm, with which lie has been connected for the past several years.
Try our dry cleaning department.—
Craubrook Steam laundry.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Scott, Hiinson
avenue, entertained a number of invited friends to a whist drive last
Monday evening. Those present were
Mr. and Mrs. Dick, Mr. und Mrs.
Smoke. Mr. and Mrs. Messenger. Mr.
aud Mrs. Willis. Mrs. Johnson, Mrs.
Brogan, Mrs, MacDonald, Miss
Chllds, Mr. George Lockhard, Mr.
Tom Trungenno.
Vour boy may need a suit. See our
stock. It is new, and Die price Is
lust what you would expect to pay—
C. C. S.
Win. Woodward, formerly an employee of the Sullivan mine at Kimberley, returned the first of the week
trom an extended trip abroad. Mr.
Woodward spent live weeks in England and then he went to South Africa, where he spent three months In
and around Johannesburg, visiting
the famous Kimberley mines. He
reports bad labor conditions In that
country at present.
(■runt repairs harness. Phone 166,—'
Craubrook Exchange. 25-^t
On Tuesday evening "The Shepherd
of the Hills" was played before a fair
sized audience at tlie Auditorium. This
play is a portrayal of those humble
folk who people the Ozarks In the
south central states, lt was a vivid
drama of the simple habits, tlie primitive instincts, superstitions and beliefs of these children of the hills.
The cast was in callable hands, the
only criticism being that the tragedy
of voice waa n little overdone by one
or two characters. Miss Hltchle in
the part of Sammy lane, carried the
leading role with a simple grace that
won the hearts of the audience.
Thomas Fitzgerald ns the "Shepherd of the Hills," Carl A. Winter-
hoff as Grant Matthews, Sr., and
Hubert Jones as "Preachtn' Bill" were
; the main support.
Sundays—Low mass at S:30 am,
high mass, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School
from - to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Benediction at 7:30. p.m.
Mondays aud holy days of obligation— Mass at ■** a.m.
Week days—Mass at 6 a.m. at the
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Heir Apparent to Austrian Throne and
IU- Consurt* Unrhess of Bo lien*
bnrg, Shot and Killed by
(•hurin Prlnilp
Vienna, Austria, June 28.—Archduke
Fran/. Ferdinand, heir apparent to the
throne of Austria, aud his consort, the
Duchess of Hohcnberg, were assassinated today. The assassin's name was
Qavrlo Prlnzip. He stood on the steps
of the ducal car and fired several
shots at the party. He was immediately arrested.
Pastor W. K. Thomson
Morning service, 11 a.m. The Sacrament of the lord's Supper will be dispensed at this service.
S. S. and Bible class, 3 p.m.
Evening service, 7.30 p.m. Mr. 3.
Walker, of Glasgow, Scotland, will
Musical selections by choir at both
Choir Leader—Mrs. E. Paterson.
Organist—Mr. H. Stephens.
Preparatory communion service on
Friday evening at s p.m. in the church
"It is a good thing to give thanks
unto tlie I-onl. and to sing praises unto
Thy Name, O most High."
2c. per word for first week, and lc. per
word for each week after
FOB SALE—-New democrat, re-t $1."m,
for sale $S0.   Apply Herald.
FOB SALE- Young mare, harne*.** and
buggy.   Apply Box 1, Herald oflice.
A few good dairy cm*, for sale* Apply \V, N. Stewart, Gateway, British
Columbia. 25-2t
private board if desired; centrally
located.     Phone   441. 24-tf
very cheap: suitable for warehouse.
dry, electric light.   Apply Herald.
FOB TBADE.~Haie fcyXNUMi eqult)
in coast property. What have you
to offer? Phone 31S.—Ed. Shackle-
ton. 24-4t-
A SNAP- Beale A* Elwell nre offering a chicken ranche situate on Bnker
HID and consisting of four lots: fenced; a three roomed cottage; a well
equipped chicken house, 75xl.ri feet:
water on property, for $1,000, U0»M
cash, balance In monthly Instalments.
For furtli-r particulars apply to Boalo
and Elwell.
Rev. O. E. Kendall, pastor
Services. 11.00 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday school, 3.00 p.m.
Fellowship Bible class, 3.00 p.m.
Baptist Young People's Colon Monday s.oo p.m.
Saturday night. June 27th, a bright
service will he held; also on Sunday,
At 3 p.m. the Sunday schtiol classes.
Subject: "David Steps to Greatness,"
Night at 8 pin., a Salvation meeting.
AU  are  heartily Invited.
Capt. aud Mrs. Hastier,
keener, ranch or in town; well recommended and experienced. Box
137. 27-lt*
In excellent condition; cheap to itn-
tnediate purchasers. Apply X.Y.Z..
Herald. 26-tf
PIVMl. hut Mit-lilI) un«d; beau Ifnl
rich mahogany finish. Excellent
tone. Will sell at low price. Box
P.Q . Herald ollice, 2i',*4t
BOOMS FOB HINT foi  one or two
ladles; board also if deidn.d; fully
modern house. Mucf'allum. 244
Armstrong  Ave. 20-3t*
WANTED—A nnr*e maid for care of
two children. Duties to begin
at once. Apply in person Mrs.
K   Paterson. Oard'-n   Ave. 2't-tf
orliiK- l-adles    suits    cleaned    and
pressed;     Chicago     experience
Miss Maker, near Leask's store, uttf
WANTED- Orders for nuttfig up
fruit; Canning, Jams, Jellies, spiced
fruit.-. Fresh fruits can be supplied.    Apply P, O. Box 47-j. 27-lt*
tweed    worsted   and   serge
:. C. fl. corner store.
KiilHllnii Cill (ur Wuiiini. ft) a box or tlirw for
flu,  t*m>) at all l>ruc store*, or truUnt to an*/
uoiewoniomlptoi pflof Thb seomi. Diun
Co..Bi Cathsnn-a, OnUrm, ,   ., .
Vlt«Uty;t„r Hens ami Hvmtn; tttorraM."Kra,
matter :,tT,,nlc -wlllt'ttlla ydll up. I, aticn.nr
two I'T ,',. Ht <l.i, at'ir... nr l,v Ulati mi r..,ct|,l
of |,rW 1 tlK HCQBRLt, I'm ,1 C0.| Ht. fktb.rlo,..
Willie there are no thrills In the
narrutlun of Mr«. V. T. Nichols, 623
Broad St., Delolt, Wis., her story Is
nevertheless one ot aniuzlng Interest.
"Stricken with neuralgia and erysipelas I lost all my hair. My doctor recommended Newbro's Herpicide. I
used six or eight bottles and now
have a line head ot slightly curly light
brown hair. Not a gray hair In my
bead. This Is the more remarkable
as 1 am ltliddle-agod."
While the results which follow the
use of Newbro's llerpieiile are always
more or less astonishing tliey -are always natural. Herpicide destroys the
dandruff, stimulates tlie flow tit
blood to thn bair lolllcles and keeps
the scalp perfectly healthy. It makes
possible   a   natural   and   luxuriant
j growth   of  hair,  except  In   cases  of
! chronic baldness.
While remedies said to be "every bit
as good" as Newbro's Herpicide are
frequently offered one should insist
upon huvlng "the original germ des-
troyer," Herpicide,   This Is genuine.
■ It stops Itching of the scalp almost In-,
| Btantly.
I    Newbro's   Herpicide   In   ,i0c.   and;
! $1.00 sizes Is sold by all dealers who
guarantee It to do all that Is claimed, j
It you are not mtlifled your money
will  be refunded.
Applications may be obtained al
good barber shops. Send 10c. In postage for sulliple to The Herpicide Ct>„
Dept. It., Detroit. Mich.
Heatlle-Murphy Co., Ltd., Special
KOll   SH.t:   I'HRAI'   V' tt   ttiiirc.
four yean old. very gentle, will
work; harness, buggy, cutter. Juet
tlie thing for rancher Apply Herald
HfSINKSS FOB SAU:.-Owiog to Ill-
health the owner is compelled to
sell tobacco and cigar business familiarly known as Bob's Place. Apply
at store. 1&
FOB S.UK- H eatifd plg». progeny of
mature parents; also three brood
sows and a thoroughbred Berkshire
hog. Address t'. I.. Beihtel. WaBB,
Uf. ".'i-lit'
1UMH    FOB    BEST—Comfortable
house, stable for six hor.-es, about
ten acres broken; good grazing
land, plenty wood and water. Apply Herald office.
FOB SAI.K   Ire cream pnrlori good
location for lunch counter;  In the
best  part  of the city.   'Apply  or
i    write P. O.  llox 296, Pernie, Ht'.
Good reason for selling. 26-4t
Ized Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter  Hay  Saints  residing  In  thc
i   city or district, please write a newly arrived member from Alberta
(leorge W. Winn. Cranbrook, British
I    Columblu. itAV
THURSDAY, JULY 2nd, 1914  W
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. 34
A.F. ft A. H.
Kegular meetings oi,
the   tbird   Thursdat j
w ol every mouta.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
II. Hickenbotham, W. M.
J, L. CraistOD, Soc.
Cbemieht Lodge No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ia the
Fraternity Hall.
0. Donahue, C. C.
K. M. Christian, K. ol R.4S.
P. 0. Box 522
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
lo attend.
Heeta every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. So-
lourning Oddlellowa cordially iiivlUd.
J. H. Turaley, W. M. Harris,
N. O. Sec'y.
Meets first and third Wednesdays in
each montll.
A   cordial   Invitation   extended   to
Tlaltlng brothers.
It. W. llussell. Chief Patrlarclt
H. White, Scribe.
Barrister,   Solicitor,    Etc
'ia'l Richards st
(Successor to W. F. Qurd)
Barrister,   Solicitor   nnd
P. O. Box 859
Kurrlstcrs, Solicitors uiul
Monoy to Loan
Imiierhil  Hank  Itiillillni.'
I'hyslciuiis and  Surgeons
Ofllce nt residence. Armstrong
Forenoons    0.00 to 10.00
Afternoons  2.00 to   4.00
Evenings    7.30 to   8.30
Sundays    2.80 to   4.30
Cranbrook.   B.C.
No. II.
Meets every second ud   lourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekaha  cordially In-
Sis. Ida Baiter, N (S
Sis. Ada Hickenbotham, Ree. Sea.
    in   Maple Hall   Second and
Fourth Thursday of eacb month at *
p.m. sharp
J. Bird, C.R.
I.. Pearron, Sec., Boi 111.
Visiting brethren made welcome
Meets in   Maple Hall lad  and 4%
[raaaday ever, moat* at tp.m.
Membership   open   to British   cltl
E. Y. Brake, W. J. Lower,
president. Secretory.
Box 247
Visiting members cordially welcom
Cranbrook  Lodge
Nn. into
M^eta evary Wadneaday
at. tt p.m. In Royal Slack
Knights' Rail. Knlo-i
Wm. Matthews, Dictator
Frank Carlson, Sec, Box 756.
Ofllce In  Hanson  Block
0 to 12 u.m.
1 to   6 p.ut.
7 to   s n.m.
.Maternity nnd General Nursing
Qard'en Ave.
Tonus on Application
MRS. A. SALMON, Matron
Phone 250 P. O. Box 845
,1. fl. CUMMINGS
Irrigation Kngineer
li,,minimi and  Provincial Land
P. O. Box 218     Telephone 143
I'ivil and llfnine Knglneers
ll. ('. l.uitil Surveyors
Funeral   Director
ne 340 P. 0. Box 585
Pride of Cranbrook Circle, Nii.161
Meets in Carmen's Hail 1st and
3rd    Wednesday    of    each
month at 8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. A. Laurie, OC.
Mra. A. Guthrie, Sec.
P. O. Box 602
Visiting Companions cordially
Undertaker t
Hoy Phone 233 Night I'lione 35
Norbury Ave., next to Ctty Hall
General Merchant
Employments Airenis
P. O. Box 10S i'lione 244
LODOE, No. 1871
Meets latandtlnlTliura'
7<»..     days at 8 p.m. in Royal
'"***      Black Knigliuol helaml
Hall, Bskei Slreet.
K S.llsHBKTr, W.M.
W. O. Dukbtas, Rsc.Sec.
Meets in the Carmen's Hall, 1st
Tuesday alteration of every month at
I p.m. aad the fancy work class
meets on 3rd Friday evening ia the
same place at I p.m.
Mrs. E. H. Leaman, Prea.
Mrs. .1. Sbaw, Sec. Treas.
P. 0, Box 442
All Ladles cordiallyy Invited.
Pn-alrisnt: A 11 smith
AfMta regularly tha flrst Friday availing each
Information un Poultry matter, auppliad
Addneatba He-ret ary,
W. W. HYUIIBQOII, P. O. Drawer 419
President: A. B. Smith
"Secretary: Al.!!, ■■• Webs
j For informal/on regarding lauds .
> and  tgricultu is   apply   to th* <
> Secretary, Cranhrook. R. O. <
' Meeting—The 3rd Thurodsy of '
1 each month, at old Gym , 8 p.iu,   '
Opposite n.P.R m«,ti.,n
ITHE    I'UAiTli    fo     OKI     I
oonn wru.    .
k. •UOMH EU ■Mil.
CHAS. S. 1'AltKEIt
Forwarding    and    DlHtrlbutlnR
Agent for
l.t'llihrldue   Colli
Xl.lte Piivvtler
Imperial (lfl Co,
Drayini: anil Transt'errlnir
(liven  prompt attention
I'lione 08
*      STAB      *
floods culled for ami delivered,
oiioii ninth ii)ii,i'
Prompt Service
P. O. llox 798
Works: Armstrong Ave.
Knlil. Frame. Prop.
Krev.li  Hrcnil, Cakes, I'lev.
antl I'tiHlry
Phone 87
Norbury Ave.      Opp. city Hall
Headquarters  for  all  kinds
Satisfaction  l.iiiirunleeil
The Shoe Specialist
Shorthand,    Stcniitrrnphy,
Kills KilHiinl's Sclitiiil
Cranhrook, B.C.
1'er  week
Cotiinierclal course    $3,00
High Hcluiol course      8.60
School  course       u.iill
Klndergarton      i.:ir,
Private lessons       l.llll
Miss V. M. f herriltgtiili
Phone 2f><>
If  you   want  salisfacliou
with your washing
send it to
Special  prices  for family
.!. Taylor,  Proprietor
I las just purchased a car of
(All Tuberculin Tested)
Milk and m-ani twice daily
Buttermilk twice a week
The only clarified milk in
We   guarantee  to   I'lease
Gentleman wlio lias resided
abroad and is thoroughly conversant with the above languages, desires a Eow private
pupils. Preparation for exams,
etc. Kor particulars apply Box
7. Herald ofllce.
(Section 48).
ou the 6th day of July next application   will  be  made  to  the  Superintendent of Provincial Police for the
transfer of the license for tho sale of
liquor by retail and upon the premises known as the Wasa hotel, situate
at Wasa, British Columbia, from Peter
Jensen,  Agent for  the Unionist Investment Co., Ltd., to Ernest H.  L.
Attree, Agent for Unionist Investment
Company, Ltd., of British Columbia.
Dated this 20th day of May, 1914.
Peter Jensen,
Agent  for  Unionist  Investment  Co.,
Ltd., Holder of License.
Ernest H. L. Attree
Agent  for  Unionist  Investment  Co.,
Ltd., Applicant for Transfer. 2HJ
01 Location »f Claim No. 1
30 days after date I intend to apply to
the ' Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
in the District of Southeast Kootenay. British Columbia, In Block 4598:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the S.E. corner of C. L. 1708.
and being tlie <S. W. corner post of
the T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains to a point of commencement, making (!40 acres, more
or less.
Located thin 14th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T.   C.   Witherspoon,   Locator.
Witness. __    23-Bt
(Special correspondence)
Last week there were three cases
In police court, before local Justices.
Crown vs. John Wlckman, unlawful
possession of live fawn, lined $25.00
und costs; Crown vs. Santa un Singh,
Sikh contravention of health act,
discharged with caution; Crown vs.
Fred Buker, vagrancy, thirty days on
suspended sentence.
Colonel Aplin, D.S.O., returned to j
tils ranch near Baynes after a long
Visit to the Old Country. The colonel}
Bays tha' things are too strenuous at j
home i nd Canada seems good enough |
for him.
Mrs. W. Schedule, of Eureka, has
rented tho old club house for the summer. She and her family arrived last j
Tuesday. .Mr. Schedule is sawyer at
tlie the Adolph mill.
The heavy rains of the past few
days wen* very welcome Gardens and
crops now look splendid.
The closing exercises of the Bnynos
Lake school took place on Friday. A
large number of purents and friends
of the pupils were present. Uufor-
tunatoly the llerald representative
wns unable to obtain prize lists, promotions, etc., lu time for this week's
Mr. Nutt, teacher, Is leaving at the
end of his school term.
On Friday a number of our young
people attended a dance at Elko, given
by tlie baseball boys, tn aid of Mrs.
Smith, an old lady resident of Elko.
Tiie stork visited the home of Mr.
Jim Welsby. Another little daughter
now makes music.
Mrs. Williamson paid a professional
visit to Elko.
Miss Cecely Little returned home
from Yale for her vacation.
Muster Wyndham Madden returned
homo from Bishop Plnkhara College,
Calgary, loaded with honors—scholastic and athletic. . His stater Rachel
captured several honors, scholastic
and otherwise at St. Hilda's College,
Mr. Little, who has acted as lay
reader for some years, ls away on a
vacation nt one of the health resorts.
Rev. A. Bruce held service at
Adolph hall on Sunday morning. Next
Sunday the Rev. gentleman will
preach his farewell sermon, as he has
accepted a curacy in the old land.
A dance will be given on Tuesday
night by the Entre Nous club for the
health of the young people and to cele
jffbjffathc "First of Canada."
^A^g'picnic Is talked of for the
Mr. W. (Billy) White arrived at
Baynes on an up-to-date bicycle. He
has beat) on a visit to the Old Country. He also thinks Canada is good
Of Location of Claim No. 2
30 days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
nrospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
In tbe District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near the S. E, corner of C, L.
1708 aud being the N. W. corner post
of the T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence
south 80 chains; thence cast 80
chains; thence north 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains, to a point of commencement, making (140 acres, more
or less.
Located this 14th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T.  C.  Witherspoon,   Locator.
Witness. 23-5t
(By fClerk")
(est In Religion
"Neither will I offer unto the Lord
that which doth cost me nothing."—
2 Sum. 24:24.
lu almost every shade of religion
whether among the ancient Babylonians or Persians, Jews or South Sea
Islanders or among the devotees of
Zornstrianlsm, tlie old veric religions,
Hm humanism, Buddhism or Crhtstlan-
Ity, worship Js associated with ccst-
sacrltlce, or unselfish giving. This ls
hut. right, for a careful analysis will
show that that which costs nothing
means nothing, Is productive of noth
lug, culminates In nothing In the religious sphere! David felt the truth of
this, When Araunah offered as a gift
'o him his thresherfloor and oxen for
sacrifice to God, David refused, saying: ".Nay, 1 will surely buy it of thee
at a price. Neither will I offer unto
the Lord my God of that which cost
mc nothing/' In the light of this I,
again repeat that that which costs
nothing means nothing In the realm of
religion I
Two lessons nre conveyed in the
1. True religion sets Ood on an
exulted plane. "I will not offer unto
the Lord of that which cost me nothing." To get the true Idea, emphasize
the word "I.-ord." A low conception of
Uod results In a low morality. Read
of the Imaginary gods of Homer and
Vergil. They were drunken roistering
bacchanalian gods. They were openly
sensuous und grossly licentious. They
wcre Indicative, Intriguing, mendac
Ions gods. What was the effect of
this conception upon the people? They
too, In turn, were drunken, sensuous
and Intriguing. On the other hand;
our belief In God us "a spirit, Infinite,
eternal, In His being, wisdom, power,
holiness, Justice, goodness and truth,"
has the effect of checking our passions and constrains us to be holy, to
love justice, to seek after truth. It
has always been so—a misty or
blighted Idea of God results In gross
and utterly unlikely conceptions of
worship, und vice versa. Our ideas
affect our actions as ia Been ln the
case of David, who would not offer
unto the Lord of that which cost him
I, Religion has Its cost since It
oen res In a transcendent Lord, We
dare not offer to the Lord of Hosts
lust what our whims prompt tn lieu
of what He commands. Winston
Churchill, In "The Inside of tho Cup,"
llustrates this aptly. Eldon Parr, a
member of a fashionable church, and a
man of Immense wealth, has hy his
crooked financial dealings blasted
many lives and homes, He attempts a
left-handed" reparation to God by
building chapels and Institutions for
the poor. But the Rev, John Hodder
in very blunt speech tells htm thut bo-
....,   fore his offering could be acceptable
iwttar1';Alton.*-willImlMyon up. |MbOf,«f   *„  *i,-   Ai-^i.hi.   »**>lti*.tlnn   mu.i  »,„
**»."■■ ^■i^.w*^w>wA,r»»1L™-wipi»t0 thn Alwllthtj, restitution must bo
A liberal reward will he paid for
Information leading to the return of
one Sorrel guiding about twelve
years old; branded 72 on left thigh;
smull white strip In fuce, scar on
right leg between ankle and knee;
weight about SOO.
Address Charles Len wood,
2C-lt Gatewuy, B.C.
Thirty days after date I will apply
to Comptroller of water for license
to divert the aniont allowed by
Water Board, I.e., 804 acre feet, to be
taken from Emily Creek for Irrigation und dnmcHtlc use upon Lot 42, In
tills district.
Ed. T. Johnson.
Duted at Canal Flats, B.C., June
ir.lli.  1914. 25-4t
Of Location of Claim >o. 3
30 days after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands und Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
tbe following described lands, situate
In the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at or
near 1 mile euBt of the S. E. corner
of C. L. 1708 and being the S. W. corner post of the T. C. Witherspoon
claim; thence nortli 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains to
a point of commencement, mnktng
640 acres, more or less.
Located this 14th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T. 0, Wltherspooii, Locator.
Witness. 28-6t
5umuua 1'JI! (ur Uunitn. y- u Im* or tlirrutur
111.   Soiil At Hli ItrilK Btors
iddnuon rttttlhtoi ■.•rift*.
Cn , St. I ullm ruii-ii, in.nrm
Vitality)foi NcrvB nml nra.ni lnoteuas',giey
nutter':* Tonic will Imllil yon tip. 11 a l-ui.nr
Iwu tor pi. nt iIciik HtnreN, er hy mull nn receipt
•f |irlv«    Tin Houiiu. Dhiju Co., St CWbariM*.
Large Assortment
Ladies' Summer
In White and Colors.   All sizes
AT        5S2**4'0 SEE WINDOW
made to those he had wronged, otlier-!
wise, his charities were an abomination, a cloak covering his sin!
Has. your religion cost you anything ? We only get out of it what we
put in. Interest only accrues from investment. Have you given time to
the work of God? Have you sacrificed
any pleasures? Have you invested in
prayers, in iove, in an exemplary life,
in a cross? Christianity calls for
"living sacrifices," for cross-bearers,
for cost. What hus tt cost you? Anything?
Toduy in the Old Land, there Is a
besodden wretch who will do almost
anything to obtain liquor. That mau
was once my S. S. teacher. On the
Sunday he taught our class; on the
Monday lie sold the fiery liquid, to
which he finally became a slave. In a
childish way 1 often wondered at the
inconsistency of liis life compared
with his teaching. It becomes us,
therefore, to regard what Paul says to
Timothy: "Take heed to thyself, and
to thy teaching." The question Is not
so much, 'is my doctrine orthodox?*
but 'is my life u safe example for my
scholars to copy?" In a great measure the old proverb Is true: "Like
teacher, like scholar." Some of yju
will remeber two lines in Herrick's
"Examples lead us, and we likely sec;
Such as the prince will his people be."
Substitute "teacher" for "prince"
and "pupils" for "people." and you
li ive the thought. Hemembcr the
Divine order, "thyself," and then "thy
teaching." Teacher, be a star to your
"He niakelh His sun to rise on tho
evil and the good, und sendetb rain
on the just and the unjust."—Matt, fi:
tr. (R.v).
There are no hard words to explain
in our text today, boys and girls, so I
will at once proceed to explain It.
First, Ood recognizes two classes—
the evil and tlie good. Wc, too, know
them and can point them out. Our
communities recognize them for we
have Jails, judges, and police to punish und restrain the bad. Our
churches are also aware of them for
the ministers preach to thc good to
make them better, und to the had to
convert them from evil.
Second, Uod bas no respect to persons In the greut gifts or nature. The
rain and the sun are for the Just and
the unjust alike. Does this not prove
the lurgt'-heurtedni'SH of our Father?
Dooa It not make him a (lod more to
he loved thut in spile of men's sins
He should be good to them? Should tt
not draw tbe evil men to Himself?
Love knows no mean or measure.—
The world is all gates, all opportunities, strings of tension waiting to
be struck.—Emerson.
Wherever   God    erects   a   house   of
The   devil   always   builds   a   chapel
And 'twill be  found  upon  examination.
The latter has the largest congregation.
Thoughtfulnes for others, generosity, modesty and self-respect nre the
qunlltlcs which make u real gentleman or lady, as distinguished from tho
veneered article which commonly goew
by that name.—Huxley.
Alrln E. Perkins, of Vancouver, IM'.
Professional piano and organ tuner
with highest [possible recommendations from Helntzman Piano Co.,
Gourlay Piano Co., Morris nnd Kara
Co., Dominion Piano Co., Newcomhe
& Co., Gerhard Helntzman Piano
House, Vancouver, guarantees the
finest workmanship, and will make
regular trips. Tuning and regulating a piano Is not u trilling piece of
work if you have regard for your
piano. Mr. Perkins will be in the
city some time during August. Orders may he left at this office.
Of Locution of Claim No, 4
30 days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal nnd petroleum on
the following descrihed lands, situate
in the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing nt a post planted at
or near 1 mile east of the S. E. corner of C. L. 1708, und being the N. W.
corner post of the T. C. Witherspoon
claim; thence south 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains; thence north 80
chains; thence west SO chains to a
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less.
Located this 14th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T.  C.  Witherspoon,  Locator.
Witness. 23-Bt
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day uf April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T.  C.  Witherspoon,  Locator.
Witness. 23-5t
Of Location of Claim No. 8
30 days after date I Intend to apply to
the Hon. chief Commissioner of
Lauds and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following desciibed lands, situate
in the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, ln Block 4G93:
Commencing at a post planted at or
near 2 miles east of the S. E. corner
of C. L. 1710, and being tbe S. W.
corner post of the T. C. Witherspoon
claim; thence north 80 chains; thence
east 80 chains; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; to a
point of commencement, making 640
acres, more or less,
Located this 15th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator.
Witness. 23-Bt
Of Location of Claim No. 5
30 days after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coat and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
In the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, fn Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at or
near the N. E. corner post of C. L.
1708 and being the s. W. corner post
of the T. C. Witherspoon claim; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains; thence BOUtli 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains, to a point ot
commencement, muklng ti40 acres
more or less.
Ucatcd this 14th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T.   C.   Witherspoon,   Locator.
Witness. 23-fit
Of Location of Claim No. tt
I 30 days uftcr date I Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief CoinmlHsloner of
Unds and Works tor a license to
prospect, for coal and petroleum on
thu following described lands, situate
tn the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block 4593:
Commencing ut a post planted ut
or near 2 miles cui't of thn H. K. corner of C. L. 1710 and being the N. E.
corner pant of the T. C. Witherspoon
claim; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chnlns; t'.ieni-e north 80
chains; thence east 80 chains to a
point ot commencement, muklng 640
acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T. 0. Witherspoon, locator.
Witness. . 23-5t
Of Location of Claim No. 9
30 days after date I intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
in the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at or
near 2 miles east, then 1 mile south
of tlie S. E. corner of C. L. 1710, and
being the N. E. corner post of T. C.
Witherspoon claim; thence south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains; thence
north 80 chains; thence east 80
chains to a point of commencement,
making 640 acres, more or less.
Located this 15th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T. C. Witherspoon, Locator.
Witness. 23-5t
Of Location^ Claim No. 10
20 days after date 1 Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
In the District of Southeast Kootenay, British Columbia, In Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at or
near two miles east, then 1 mile
south of the S. E. corner ot C. L.
1710, and being the north west corner post of T. 0, Witherspoon claim;
thence south 80 chains; thence east
80 chains; thence north 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains; to u point ot
commencement, making 640 ucres,
more or less.
Located this 15th day of April, 1914.
John Virgo, Agent for
T.   C.   Witherspoon,   l-onitor.
Witness. 23-fit
Of Location of Claim No. 7
30 days.after date I Intend to apply to
the Hon. Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal nnd petroleum on
the following described lands, situate
In the District ot Southeast Kootenav, British Columbia, In Block 4593:
Oommtnctng at a post planted at or
near 2 miles east of the S. E. comer
of C.L. 1710, and being the N. W. corner post of tbe T. C. Witherspoon
claim; thence south 80 chains; thenco
east 80 chains; thoace north 80
chains; thence west 80x chains; to a
Nollcr of Application for Approval ef
Plans of Works
TAKE NOTICE that tho Crow's
Nest Push Electric Light and Power
{Company, Limited, will apply to tho
■Comptroller of Water Rights for tho
I approval of the plans of tho works
to be constructed for the utilisation
of the water from Elk River, which
the applicant Is, by Hoard Order No.
953 authorised to take, store and uso
for the generation of electrical
energy. ,    ,
The plans and particulars required
by Section 79, and subsections thereof, of the Water Act have been filed
with the Comptroller of Water Right)
at Victoria, with copies thereof for
filing with the Water Recorders of
every district affected.
The territory within which the Company desires to exercise the powers
conferred by the said Board Order as
In the Fernie and Cranbrook Water
Objections to the application may be
filed with the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Dated at Femle, B.C., this 27th day
of May, 1914.
COMPANY. Limited.
ft. H. Yomi. Secretary. t


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